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A Family Of Nations

Posted on March 15, 2014 by













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57 to “A Family Of Nations”

  1. Appleby says:

    Well…it’ll take some mind bleach to remove that stain.

  2. AnneDon says:

    I love the wee tweak to the Scots Tory logo in the background!

  3. Les Wilson says:

    Oddly it is not far from the truth, the puppet master becoming the puppet!

  4. stan says:

    Vote YES!!!!…….GO!!!!

    English taxpayer.

  5. Proud Cybernat says:

    That’s a double-cross in the Scottish Tory logo. More Devo? Well, we can’t say we weren’t warned.

  6. Bruce Wallace says:

    ‘Cough’ ‘splutter’ ya fecker I need to dry the tea from the keyboard and monitor now, “My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard” am buckled PMSL Keep spoiling us with these cartoons, I’m saving a lot of them to put in frame’s to brighten up the staircase and entrance in my hoose.

  7. David says:


  8. Greg, once more we are humbled.

  9. JLT says:


    After 3 weeks of perpetual studying, work and overtime, I’ve come here for a breather …and what do I get …the best comic strip in years!

    And it is ‘oh so true’ …fantastic!

    Brilliant, Mr Moodie

  10. Marcia says:

    The scissors tweek of the logo is very good indeed.

    ‘Headlines’ to be axed from Radio Scotland. Too off message?

  11. sionnach says:

    Brilliant, Mr Moodie – keep em coming!

  12. Juteman says:

    Madness. 🙂

  13. turnbull drier says:

    Outstanding Mr Moodie..

    Rev, with both of these efforts today, you are really spoiling us…

  14. Croompenstein says:

    We fucking hate you – please don’t leave us

  15. JLT says:

    I know this is off topic, but with this ‘referendum’ in the Crimea tomorrow (and we all know it is going to be a vote for Crimea to rejoin Russia), but why do I get this weird feeling that on the 19th of September should it be a ‘Yes’ vote, that Russia will be screaming ‘Recognition! Recognition for Scotland!’

    With the US and UK having backed Kosovo (against Russia’s wishes), and now Russia’s going to back the Crimea (against the US and UK’s wishes) …why do I get the feeling that half of the Security Council will be bricking themselves come the 19th of September…

    Makes me wonder as it seems we live in strange times…

  16. heedtracker says:

    Tory twerps twerking, twerking tory twerps. Future PM Bojo wont like this. Actually I probably could watch Ruthie babes twerking.

  17. seanair says:

    JLT and others
    I have to admit that at the time USSR was dissolving into separate nation states I was not paying much attention to the mechanics of the change, although there was a general feeling in UK that this was “a good thing”. Can anyone summarise how easily this major operation was carried out. For example did USSR tell their previous acquisitions that they couldn’t become independent because they were TWTP etc, and try to influence any referendums, or did they give every encouragement to Estonia, Latvia etc to leave the fold?
    Just want to compare the situation then with the Westminster attitude now. Thanks in advance.

  18. call me dave says:

    ‘Headlines’ taken off the air in the interests of complying with the BBC ensuring no political bias. Aye right!

    Forgive me, I’ll only mention this once ‘don’t mention the rugby’ please.

    On another note, it is pleasure to watch all of these YES events and the more telling head to head YES v NO debates. Thanks to everyone posting them here.

  19. Croompenstein says:

    Another cracker Greg but you missed GCU on Dave’s lectern

  20. Clootie says:

    The options we face after a NO vote a too scary to contemplate.

    This or the Two Eds – jesus!

    I actually think the two Eds could be the worst choice.

    Then I remember the good part – it will be a YES in September and we can leave them to it.

  21. Grouse Beater says:

    Almost compensation for our “molication” at the hands of a superior Wales. We need new management!

  22. JLT says:


    Can’t really remember what happened post USSR, but if I remember rightly, the CIS was created within Russia, but many ‘states’ decided to go their own way (ie Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, etc).
    Bizarrely …the UK and Russia, are probably on very similar ground here. Both are UN Security Council members; both want to have an arc of influence throughout the world; both want a controlling influence within their own spheres; both abhor the breakup of their ‘union’; both try to influence the Middle East; both are not quite the players like the US and China …and yet, both seem to antagonise the other given the chance. That is why I believe September the 19th will be very interesting if it is a ‘Yes’ vote.

  23. call me dave says:

    Oil and gas prices can go down as well as up. But I reckon in the middle of next week the only way is up if the USA an EU attempt to impose any pressure on the Russians.

    But baseball cap Hague is a master in these delicate situations. Volatile stuf that oil and gas. I see the power generation tariffs have been posponed util 2015 that’s twice now they have been delayed.

  24. JLT says:


    ‘I actually think the two Eds could be the worst choice.’

    Mate …you are not wrong there. Those two are like the political version of the ‘Chuckle Brothers …to you, to me.’

    It’s actually frightening! How do you go from Blair, Brown, Cameron and Osborne to those two halfwits.

    Seriously …can you imagine those two in the company of Obama, Merkel or Putin and having them negotiate. It would be truly embarrassing.

    Maybe we should have a double poster. One portraying Cameron and Osborne, and one with Miliband and Balls. Post them on every advertising board. The penny will drop, and folk really will wonder if Independence isn’t such a bad thing after all…

  25. Alba4Eva says:

    The Nigel Farrage garage session…

  26. scottish_skier says:

    Dear Agony Auntie

    See this whole ‘UK family’ thing…

    Is it like brothers? Sisters? Cousins? Is one nation mum or dad? Do e.g. two share the same bed or is Scotland sleeping on the couch? If we are brothers / sisters / cousins, is the marriage analogy that’s often used not a bit weird?

    Ok, so maybe it’s a couple which why independence = ‘separation’ and/or ‘divorce’. Which home nations are male and which female? Maybe with recent legislation this doesn’t matter and things are more, ahem, ‘modern’?

    But then, irrespective of that, there’s 4 of us. I thought polygamy wasn’t the done thing? Were we, you know.. gettin it on and group style? I’d have thought I’d have noticed that.

    I suppose I briefly dated a nice Lancashire lass at uni – maybe this is relevant somehow? But then I married a French woman in the end. Is this some form of infidelity?

    Yours, very confused S_S.

  27. john king says:

    That aint kelis
    we want our money back

  28. Macart says:

    That’s brilliant and so true to life. 😀 ROFLMAO

  29. SquareHaggis says:

    Is that a subliminal message standin right oot on that logo?

    Looks like a pair O spoons offerin Jam the morra.

  30. Alba4Eva says:

    SquareHaggis… it looks like a pair o’ scissors, ready to cut the union ties 🙂

  31. scottish_skier says:

    As Rev just retweeted.

    The English national party (aka UKIP) taking poll position south of the Border for the coming EU elections.

    For the first time UKIP takes the lead in a poll for the May Euro elections

  32. Murray McCallum says:

    Secretary of State for Scotland, Nigel Forage.

    How does that sound?

  33. SquareHaggis says:

    Feck Me it’s meant tae represent the saltire


  34. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    New promotion – Wings Scottish Foot Spa. Sponge down those tired feet with an inhouse visit from our resident Rev.

    Talk about gobsmacked when a Yahoo search for foot spas turned up this. Is my PC infected with pics of Rev Stu? Is Yahoo infected with the same? I was just looking for photos of a foot spa for a private project and buggah me this is what I got. I love it.

  35. Ken500 says:

    PR outfit

    Cameron had on the tweeds for Scotland, instead of the usual Tory banker blue for Westminster.

    Would anyone buy an insurance policy for that man?

    Haste ye back for more YES votes.

  36. Jim T says:


    Watch out for his expenses claim. Bet he doesn’t own them, that would be anathema. He’ll have hired them. D’ye think Stairheid will rumble on about HIS “foreign” travel jaunt expenses?

  37. Croompenstein says:

    @Archie[not Erchie] – LOL how the fuck does the Rev turn up on a foot spa search, maybe it’s because the establishment want to stick it’s foot up his erse..

  38. call me dave says:

    Loss leaders on the table says Herald. Jam next week perhaps or squealing pigs in pokes.

    “GEORGE Osborne is set to present a “Budget for the Union” next week, with speculation mounting that he will announce a plan to devolve Air Passenger Duty (APD) to Holyrood and scrap the controversial whisky duty escalator.”

    Would not put it past them, and it will confirm in my mind that they are indeed suffering from squeaky bum syndrome.

  39. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    bath is a spa town.

  40. Croompenstein says:

    @Findlay Farquaharson – tenuous links indeed, just to test i put in a search for ‘a bastard’ but Thatcher never appeared!

  41. kininvie says:

    @Archie [not Erchie}
    Obviously the Rev should move out of Bath Spa to somewhere less likely to be referenced by moronic Google web crawlers. Penistone (Yorks) maybe?

  42. kininvie says:

    This will never be quite the same again….thanks Greg 🙁

  43. Morag says:

    Stuart did write something recently involving a metaphor about foot spas. Oh no he didn’t, that was Julie. It was published on Wings though. I think. Maybe that’s it?

  44. Patrician says:

    That poll for UKIP is interesting. Do any of the people who bet have any idea what the odds there are on there being no Labour, Conservative or Lib MEPs after the Euro elections this year?

  45. velofello says:

    Aye, no bad Greg Moodie, no bad.

  46. Robert Peffers says:

    Don’t know know many of you noticed the bit about the Grid Connection Charge cuts being delayed … again, among all that Tory Party Conference Hoo! Ha!. So it’s still a charge of over £20 for every kilowatt of power Northern Scottish generators add to the grid and a subsidy of over £3 for those in Southern England. That’s £100 million a year extra that Scotland pays. Disgraceful when the fact is Scotland exported over 26% of her generated power to England last year. We are net exporters of power yet get charged extra for exporting power to England who get subsidised for their power and are net importers of power. Free market economy?
    And they wonder why we demand our independence?
    Cameron’s all mouth and insincerity.

  47. john king says:

    Archie(not erchie)says
    “New promotion – Wings Scottish Foot Spa. Sponge down those tired feet with an inhouse visit from our resident Rev.”

    eeuuchh what the hell is wrong with you, I’m eating my porridge,
    did you see that first picture? lol

  48. john king says:

    “@Findlay Farquaharson – tenuous links indeed, just to test i put in a search for ‘a bastard’ but Thatcher never appeared!”

    He’s right Croompy
    hover over the revs picture and the comment references he’s from Bath and doesn’t have a vote (snigger)
    the link is Bath,

    Penistone? bwahahahaha 🙂

    thank God he’s not fron Pratts Bottom can you imagine what Hothershall would have done with that? 🙂

  49. john king says:

    Btw it does exist (Pratts Bottom) Ive been there,
    not in a biblical sense yea unnerstaun?

  50. john king says:

    “Aye, no bad Greg Moodie, no bad.”

    A bit over the top with the praise there old man, remember us Fifers have a reputation to uphold and your obviously from Cowdenbeath with a hysterical response like that,
    nixt yea’ll waant tae gie him a hug. 🙂

  51. lumilumi says:

    LOL, Greg!

    I loved the Scottish Conservatives scissors logo and the small print beneath it: “Cutting your services”. 😀

    BBC Scotlandshire also did a good take on the Scottish Conservatives logo – and the whole Cameron “life-ending decision” speech.

    Notice the small logo in the front of Davey’s lectern? “Scottish Conservatives – A doublecross for Scotland”. 😀

    Speaking of logos, I think the official YES logo is excellent. Very simple and down to the point, and able to be used in many different ways. I also like the Labour for Indy logo – the generic Labour logo but substituting the red rose with a thistle.

    On the other hand, I think the official SNP logo is just awful. Why yellow and black? And why that weird symbol? OK, I know back in the day they maybe wanted a primary colour different from Labour and Tories so that only leaves yellow. (The only primary colours are red, blue and yellow as all other colours can be mixed from these three.)

  52. Ben says:

    I worry how constructive these types of posts are.

    Don’t get me wrong they are fun for us diehard yes voters. What concerns me is those on shakier ground. Those who come here for constructive disintegration of the latest news.

    Can we perhaps have these sorts of posts filtered out by default. It’s a bit tabloid. I feel like ultimately it weakens our position.

    Its effective sure… I just think the other posts are far more constructive in the long term.

  53. Albert Herring says:


    It’s a stylised thistle.

  54. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I worry how constructive these types of posts are.

    Don’t get me wrong they are fun for us diehard yes voters. What concerns me is those on shakier ground. Those who come here for constructive disintegration of the latest news.”

    Satire serves many purposes, as does this site. As well as spreading sourced facts and serious arguments, one of ours is to give people a wee smile after what’s often been a day of infuriating, dishonest media coverage, so that they don’t kill themselves in despair.

  55. Juteman says:

    “Satire serves many purposes, as does this site. As well as spreading sourced facts and serious arguments, one of ours is to give people a wee smile after what’s often been a day of infuriating, dishonest media coverage, so that they don’t kill themselves in despair.”

    And this site does it well. We all need a wee laugh now and then.

  56. Soloman says:

    No more Jam tomorrow, then it will be Milkshake Tomorrow!

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