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Quoted for truth #17

Posted on June 07, 2013 by

36 to “Quoted for truth #17”

  1. MajorBloodnok says:

    I like her already.

  2. Aplinal says:

    It is my fervent wish that Scotland votes for Independence and leaves behind the sham democracy we have at present in Westminster.  But in a new Scotland, I hope and expect that a new labour party will arise.  One based on the founding principles that gave people something to believe in. 
    Scotland needs a strong left-of-centre party to keep future Scottish governments true to the beliefs that an Independent Scotland seems to aspire to: Social justice, compassion, respect, support and encouragement to those less well off, an economy for Scotland (not London), a taxation system fit for purpose (transparent, fair, and collectable), a real ethical foreign policy, and so much more.
    How anyone who aspires to even a fraction of this can vote NO, or can support any of the No-Better Together parties remains a complete mystery to me.

  3. Triskelion says:

    Beautiful! Some people still think that if labour is elected they will save them from austerity, glad this will help them dispel that idea!

  4. balgayboy says:

    Well that’s it then, DC has just announced to the Scottish Conservative and UNIONIST party that they need to win the hearts and minds of the Scottish people…oh! he just forgot to mention meanwhile raid their pockets and savings to secure the comfort and profits of his mates back in the City of London tax haven. GTF

  5. ayemachrihanish says:

    Rev, on the day that Gavin McCrone backs a new North Sea oil fund based on Scotland’s Oil – and declares that declining oil wealth can still be conserved!

    We have the Ulster Unionists, in the guise of the political party affiliated with loyalist paramilitary group the Ulster Volunteer Force, joining the Better Together campaign and heading to Scotland!
    Plus, as you say, we Labour and Miliband officially joining the Tories in supporting cuts and abandoning the principle of universal benefits!
    YES Scotland is going to come under fire for what exactly??

  6. Robert Kerr says:

    Cailean Gallagher is a fellow. But like-able anyway
    Know your friends and know your enemies too
    Hail Alba

  7. beachthistle says:

    Very well put by Cailean  – that should be the clear message, and if it reaches the Scottish public then a Yes vote will follow. But it seems that Labour are confident/cynical enough to believe that a combination of Boothman memos and postal voting will be enough to avert these things happening.

  8. Morag says:

    Cailean is Colin, isn’t it?

  9. Luigi says:

    “So people realise austerity is not just a Tory policy, but an inevitability of the Westminster system”.
    And during the next few months, when the penny finally drops, support for Scottish independence will rise.

  10. MajorBloodnok says:

    I still like her.

  11. John H says:

    I’m glad that some Labour supporters are starting to realise the truth. We will win this referendum, of this I am certain. Having said that, there are some people who will never be convinced to vote yes, and we just have to accept this. I met a man I know while out walking my dog this morning. and the conversation turned to politics. I knew he was a tory, but I never expected to hear such drivel coming from him. He seems to have swallowed the Daily Mail line completely.
    Apparently Scotland was bankrupt in 1707, and was only able to trade because the English helped us out. Scots are not fit to run a country, because we always fight among ourselves, etc. I countered every point he made one by one, but he didn’t want to know. At least he didn’t actually say that he thought that we were to wee, too poor, to stupid, but he might as well have.
    So I have to accept that he is a lost cause, but there are several people who I know that I have either persuaded to vote yes, or at least to think about it. You can’t win them all.

  12. Desimond says:

    With Cameron at the ScoTory Conference…anyone else enjoying the Road to Referendum trailer that shows Cameron saying “Its my belief the UK is better off with Scotland in it!”. I bet BT wishes he has said that the other way around!
    I always picture Foulkes spilling another glass of red very time its aired!

  13. Luigi says:

    John H.
    By 2014, the only people who will not vote for independence are the people who would never vote for independence.
    If we can achieve that, we will win, big time!

  14. Luigi says:

    The BT campaign has been a real eye-opener. The Labour party leadership have been forced to come off the fence and show their true colour (blue). The cat is well and truly out of the bag. How far have things changed already? Well, put it this way – Alistair Darling will not look out of place at the Tory conference this Saturday. Who’da thought it?

  15. EdinScot says:

    With the very real scenario of Labour wanting to out Tory the Tories and mete out their savage austerity to the people they used to lay claim to caring and workiing for, We will actually witness Alistair Darling a former Labour Chancellor speaking at a Tory party conference (!) and  Cameron the Tory PM calling for the ‘hearts and minds of Scots to be won’, yet the same Scots reject these Tories and their cold heartless and alien policies  time and again , the same man who to his eternal shame hung Scotland out to dry over Lockerbie on the steps of the White House on his very first International engagement on becoming PM.  What an amateur to sell out a part of his so called UK of whom he is meant to represent all the component parts.  A very bad fail from Dave and the ultimate no-no on what not to do on foreign trips.  What a clown.  Better together?   Obviously not when the right wing parties of Westminster dance to a South East tune lurching ever more dangerously to the right, as Scotland chooses a different way with their universalism and social democratic policies. 
    All of the above i mention could be a new sketch for a comedy but thing is its far from funny, its a sick joke and the reality is if we dont vote YES next year this sick joke will be on us and turn into a lving hell and the stuff of nightmares.  Be afraid…and i am, Shitless.

  16. John Hannah says:

    Cailean ca(i)-lean as a boy’s name is pronounced KA-len. or Colin! It’s a he!

    So that was no surprise really. Labour gets in in 2015 (stop laughing up the back) and they blame the previous Tory government for the mess whilst continuing to f*** up the UK some more and retaining Tory policy.

    Oh well, a yes vote will take us away from it all…

  17. ianbrotherhood says:

    Please don’t let them get to you ES – the proverbial is out of the bag now and you can sense they’re preparing themselves for ‘the worst’. Even if we don’t win next year (and I truly don’t think that’ll happen) we’ll keep going until we do.
    No-one can kill an idea whose time has come.

  18. Juteman says:

    If we are ever going to see prominent Labour figures leaving the party, now will be the time.
    Anyone who remains has no principles.
    No sniggering please.

  19. Marcia says:


    Well said Ian, keep right on to the end of the road. Quite a few of us have been at it for decades and we will carry on until we win.

  20. beachthistle says:

    @ Juteman
    No sniggers from me but not many on my shortlist. The only front-line Labour figures who I reckon have principles – or at least don’t come across as being apparatchiks – are Malcolm Chisholm and Mark Lazarowicz.
    I really hope they and others break ranks and leave – after Yes I definitely want, and would probably vote for, a (new) proper Scottish Labour party, one worthy of the name.

  21. MajorBloodnok says:

    @John Hannah, et al.


  22. scottish_skier says:

    Austerity ‘may last until 2020’

    Two influential think tanks have warned that austerity measures in the UK could still be in place when the 2020 election takes place.

    Just so folks ken what a no vote means.

  23. Alastair Naughton says:

    That’s the problem with BritNat lefties like Gorgeous George. They honestly believe that Westminster will reform as long as “Scottish” MPs are there to provide the catalyst for change. They conveniently forget the results of every single General Election since the end of the Second World War, when Scottish MPs have not effected the outcome of any election. They also forget that in an Animal Farm way, Labour and the Tories will back each other up on anything, no matter what, (and that includes a cut in the top rate of income tax for the super rich, and the bedroom tax) to thwart anything the SNP might put forward that might genuinely be in the interests of the Scottish people – the people who they are actually there to serve! 
    I hope he defects. He seems like a decent sort, as does Henry McLeish, who is also expressing reservations about the current direction of Labour policy. Come on – you know you want to! 

  24. EdinScot says:

    Please don’t let them get to you ES
    I sometimes have to implement a device akin to a paper shredder that shreds the fluff and the bollocks, a kind of anti radar bullshit detector if you will and when that fails then my auto shut off safety button is my back up. Listening to the Unionist msm and the reality according to them makes us masters at reading between the lines to make it make sense, jeez, im dead sure i’d cruise obtaining a diploma in it!  I should really practice what i preach and keep the faith and like you, i do have faith in the Scottish people saying YES in big enough numbers next year.  So thanks for the heads up Ian, appreciated 😉

  25. ianbrotherhood says:

    Hey, no probs, We all get down from time to time, and for different reasons.
    In my case it’s a common one – Blair. Every time I see that man being interviewed it makes me want to weep, and there seems no realistic prospect of him receiving his just desserts. For others it’s the vacillations of a George Galloway, or the gibberings of Scotlab gobshites.
    There’s so much to get depressed and angry about, but it’s a sign of sanity – we should all have one of those auto shut-offs you mention, like the big red button Father Dougal couldn’t resist pushing.

  26. Frances says:

    CynicalHighlander posted this over on Munguin.  Might cheer you up a wee bit about Tony Blair but then again …


  27. EdinScot says:

    @ ianbrotherhood
    Regards  Bliar,  i just couldnt understand why anyone couldnt see him coming with bells on in his quest to become PM.  His greed and thirst for and all the trappings that come with his power lust oozed from every pour on his body.  Iraq will be his haunting, it already is Ian.
    I remember a game show with a trap door on the floor where guests who gave the wrong answers  fell through to their apparant hell.  The perfect answer to the lying liars or democracy deniers.  Ian, now we have the perfect pick me up…our footy team taking on the Croats.  Where theres hope eh…

  28. lumilumi says:

    So, David ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron has been to Scotland to tell the Scotch how to think and vote and having a love-in with Alistair ‘Still-NO-Better-Together’ Darling, the official new Darling of the Tories… A new jump in SNP membership/support for YES coming up?
    DC says that the NO Betters Togethers (and the ones that are NO Better Apart, i.e. Gordon Brown’s lot) have to “win the hearts and minds of the Scots.”
    Hm. Where have I heard that phrase before..?
    Oh yes! “Win the hearts and minds of the Afghanistanis!”
    Is that a new NO Better Together scare story narrative? If Scotland votes YES, Scotland will be another Afghanistan???

  29. lumilumi says:

    @Desimond (1.27pm)
    Road to Referendum trailer that shows Cameron saying “Its my belief the UK is better off with Scotland in it!”
    Oh, priceless!

  30. Krackerman says:

    Yup Cameroons left bonnie Stirling where the Tory conference packed out the Albert Halls. I can only guess there was no suitable phone booth to rent. Anyway he’s off now down to Watford to rub shoulders the great and the good all at our expense to decide our future….
    Meanwhile in the press it’s revealed that via the US PRISM system GCHQ have access to the Hotmail, gmail, facebook, iStore, Skype and youtube content for pretty much every single UK citizen without oversight.
    Better be careful what you post – lists are being drawn up, names noted, you know it’s happening.

  31. Boorach says:

    @ lumilumi
    ‘hearts and minds’ has been the cry of the brits wherever the forces have been involved in a little local difficulty. We used it in Borneo in the sixties which must be one of the few occasions it actually worked. However, with being co-opted into Sukarno’s Indonesia as the alternative…..

  32. ianbrotherhood says:

    @EdinScot –
    Scotland win 1-0 after all, eh?
    As you said, ‘where there’s hope…’
    Proof positive right there.

  33. ianbrotherhood says:

    @Frances re the ‘Telegraph’ link.
    Aye. Thanks. Saw that. Indion posted it on ‘Quarantine’ along with a link to the BBCI-Player broadcast of the first part of the BBC2 Iraq War three-parter. 
    It’s utterly damming stuff. That’s what makes it so galling to see Blair parading around the planet, being presented as some guru, dishing out his ‘advice’ to anyone stupid enough to pay him.
    Wasn’t there talk of Better Together recruiting him at some point? Did I just imagine that? Here’s hoping they do – he could hardly be hired as an ‘advisor’ in relation to the Scottish Problem, and not make a visit.
    Can you imagine the reception he’ll get if he sets foot in Scotland prior to the referendum, representing BT or not? Off the top of me heid I don’t recall the last time he dared come here. 

  34. EdinScot says:

    ianbrotherhood says:
    7 June, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    @EdinScot –
    Scotland win 1-0 after all, eh?
    As you said, ‘where there’s hope…’
    Proof positive right there.
    Yeah nice one!   Just when we are written off with our backs to the wall aka like a wounded beast…we go and prove the doubters wrong.  No task too big. 
    Think there’s a lesson in there somewhere for next year for all of us.  Where there’s a will and all that jazz 😉

  35. Celyn says:

    Cailean Gallagher seems to be proof that not all Labour are robots believing what they are told to believe.
    Good for her!  We need more actual responsible thinker like her.

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