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When history didn’t happen

Posted on January 09, 2015 by

Below is a clip from today’s “Morning Call” on BBC Radio Scotland. Speaking (from 16m 24s on the full show) are SNP MSP Mark McDonald, presenter Kaye Adams and Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald. There are a couple of noteworthy moments.

A caller named “George” had rung in concerned that the SNP might be giving up on their goal of independence, and Adams invited Mark McDonald to set his mind at rest. Here’s what happened in the next three minutes.

After reassuring “George” that independence was still very much a part of the SNP’s long-term agenda, McDonald began to talk about the main subject of the show, his party’s short-term focus on securing the “home rule” promised by Gordon Brown during the lead-up to the infamous “Vow”.

At this point (40 seconds into the clip) Adams interrupts him and says “I don’t think he used the term ‘home rule’, did he?” Lewis Macdonald immediately butts in with “No, of course he didn’t”, and continues to barrack and interrupt over the next 20 seconds insisting that Brown had never said any such thing.

McDonald is clearly a little taken aback by the two-pronged assault, because when you’re doing an interview you don’t expect people to say things of such extreme absurdity. Adams may as well have said “There’s no such person as Gordon Brown, is there?” and it would have been no less ridiculous.

Because the comments weren’t exactly overlooked by the press.

“[Gordon Brown] unveils a fast-track timetable for ‘nothing less than a modern form of Scottish Home Rule’ that has been agreed with David Cameron and Ed Miliband.” (The Telegraph)

“Brown: Scots being offered ‘home rule within UK’ (Channel 4)

“Gordon Brown has set out plans for a timetable towards a ‘modern form of Scottish home rule’ if voters reject independence in next week’s referendum.” (The Scotsman)

“Wavering Scottish voters were told last night that work towards a ‘Home Rule Bill’ would begin the day after next week’s referendum if they back a No vote.” (Daily Mail)

“Gordon Brown promised Scots ‘home rule’ within the UK if they vote No yesterday as panic engulfed Westminster.” (Press & Journal)

We could go on. Note that these are all presented as quotes, in quotation marks, rather than being paraphrases or interpretations. The New Statesman went further, giving a sizeable extract from the full text of the speech including the line:

“The plan for a stronger Scottish Parliament we seek agreement on is for nothing else than a modern form of Scottish Home Rule within the UK.”

But just in case anyone doesn’t trust the media – and who could blame them? – here he is saying it live and in colour on that Channel 4 piece:

In addition to Channel 4’s interview, the BBC broadcast Brown’s entire speech at the Loanhead Miners’ Welfare from which the New Statesman transcript came, live for 50 minutes on its news channel.

Between all of the above, Kaye Adams has no excuse whatsoever for not knowing what Brown said, but she cast groundless doubt on it anyway to try to throw Mark McDonald off his stride. (To his credit, he ploughed on almost undaunted.)

But there was more to come. When McDonald had endured the onslaught on Brown’s comments, Adams then challenged his assertion that the Scottish electorate support the package of powers more often known as “devo-max”, in which everything but defence and foreign affairs are devolved to Holyrood.

Polls have without exception found approximately two-thirds of Scots backing such a settlement for several years, and disputing that fact is almost as mad as pretending Gordon Brown doesn’t exist, but Adams pressed McDonald on it anyway, demanding to know whether the evidence for the claim was “just” opinion polls.

Listeners wondering “as opposed to what?” didn’t have to wait long for the answer, as Adams then gave the floor to McDonald’s near-namesake from Labour, who (from 2m 34s) had this to say:

“Thankfully we’re not governed by opinion polls, and thankfully we don’t make political decisions on the basis of opinion polls. The massive evidence that matters here is what the people of Scotland vote for when they’re offered the opportunity to vote, and as [caller] Ian said on the programme earlier, we had a clear decision last year, that’s done, we now need to look at how we go forward as a country.”

That’s a curious argument. What Lewis Macdonald is saying is that opinion polls mean nothing, only what people actually vote for, and that that seemingly proves Scots DON’T want devo max – even though Macdonald’s party strained every sinew it had to make sure that devo max WASN’T on the ballot paper last year, and so nobody had “the opportunity to vote” on it, and so no “clear decision” on it was arrived at.

(“Ian”, from Perth but with an English accent, had been a braying idiot insisting there was NO evidence that Scottish voters wanted new powers, and that they just hated Alex Salmond. Ironically he accused the former FM of “rewriting history”.

[EDIT 10 January: We gather it was in fact Conservative councillor Ian Campbell, though he wasn’t identified as such.]

It’s plain that the No camp – and many would include the BBC under that umbrella – is deeply uncomfortable at the prospect of being made to deliver what it promised in a panic before the referendum. Today’s “Morning Call” was an extraordinary display of a Labour MSP and a BBC presenter combining to challenge the veracity of things that they and everyone else in Scotland with the slightest interest in politics knew to be true, as a means of derailing a debate and dodging that issue.

We’re struggling to think of a legitimate explanation.

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    242 to “When history didn’t happen”

    1. Stu says:

      They’ve given that idiot Kay Adams more airtime too.

    2. Bob Sinclair says:

      Winston Smith (if he wasn’t fictional) would have been proud of that wee bit of revisionism by the BBC.

    3. Brian Powell says:

      I wrote a complaint this morning to the BBC on this radio programme, Kaye Adams, using the newspaper quotes, dates, pear and quote.

      I also said she should be sacked for lying.

      I wait to see if there is anything other that, the “You won’t be surprised we don’t agree with that”, comment they usually give. I don’t mean about sacking her, I meant on the quotes and her deliberately misinforming, or lying.

    4. no no no...yes says:

      I can think of an illegitimate explanation. Are they are all b*****ds?

    5. Brian Powell says:

      Newspaper rather than pear! Predictive text.

    6. Graeme Doig says:

      ‘We’re struggling to think of a legitimate explanation.’

      I was struggling not to fling my radio out the window as i listened to this nonsense this morning.(I’ve no idea why i put myself through it)

      Cheers for bringing to folks attention Stu. These unionist barstewards are prepared to say and do anything now. Lowlife the lot of them.

      We are in a real fight for our country now people.

    7. Garrion says:

      Not a random caller.

    8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Actually, you’re right – I thought the voices had been different, but it’s Lewis Macdonald, isn’t it? Edited.

    9. Al says:

      And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. “Reality control,” they called it: in Newspeak, “doublethink.”

      George Orwell, 1984

    10. Clootie says:

      Excellent piece – highlights the deceit of Labour and the BBC in one article.

    11. Pedro says:

      Broon also mentions a big change to the British constitution.

      Britain doesnie have a constitution. But of course, he knows that.

    12. Valerie says:

      WTF is wrong with Kaye Adams? Are we to seriously believe she does her job SO badly, that this issue, loudly and proudly trumpeted by Brown, and others, has escaped her?

      Not just what the Rev has gathered here, but we know the phrase has been repeated oft, in the MSM, since September.

      A vile display from Adams. Yes, the caller was rude and boorish at best.

    13. vera says:

      I’m sure that we have MI5 all over us. Including Mr Murphy and John.

    14. Airdrieonian says:

      She toes the party line – one of the BBC Scotland “talent” who have done well by not adhering to such notions as journalistic integrity.

    15. Jimbo says:

      The BBC (claim they) don’t do lies and obfuscation, but if they did…

    16. Lesley-anne says:

      My heart goes out to everyone who finds themselves enduring the garbage and utter s***e that spews forth on a daily basis from Kay with an “E” and others purportedly to be *ahem* balanced debate and discussion. Every one of you deserves a medal. 😛 (thumbs up thingy 😀 )

    17. EdCase says:

      Listening to the BBC is really affecting my health. The brass necked lies that are trotted out relentlessly without challenge is sending my blood pressure through the roof!

    18. mister_rae_guest says:

      Stopped listening to this excuse of a “show” many moons ago.

      Utter garbage.

    19. fred blogger says:

      it’s lab/tory/ukip trick i wasn’t going post this until later in the campaign and notwithstanding look @ the technique murphy used in ayr to avoid answering allison’s question. @ 4.00 mins see what happens when dennis gives an example of labour lies pensions there whole techniques is writ large.
      murphy deflects and talks over dennis constantly, to tries to change the subject and brow beat his opponent dennis.
      and the bbc lets it happen!

    20. Luigi says:

      What the people wanted, and what was promised by the three Amigos, matches exactly what was proposed by the Smith Commission. The Vow has been delivered, the people are now happy. Everybody wants to get back to business as usual.

      That, my friends, is the Gospel according to the BBC.

    21. Kenny says:

      I’ve been saying for a couple of days now -flood them with complaints about every dpdgy thing they do. Remember though, complaints about bias will be dismissed summarily. Complain about “standards of interviewing/presenting.” In this case, point out how ignorant Kaye must be not to know what Brown said and how incompetent to let the conversation run along so inanely.

      At the same time, if you’re listening live then call in and correct them. Try to be polite and have specific facts to hand. Force them to call you a liar then tell them you’ll see them in court.

    22. Lanarkist says:

      This always puzzles me. Unionist No voters always state that No won convincingly, overwhelmingly.

      What I recollect is that the vote was between Yes and Home Rule. Home rule won by 55%.

      If the vote had proceeded with the binary choice of Yes and No only, it might well have been 55% for Yes, that is why they introduced the Vow at such short notice.

      So Scotland voted for Home Rule just ahead of Independence.

      Tried to get on phone in on show today to query these assertions but wasn’t successful, I wanted to ask Kaye if had had time to read the McCrone after denying all knowledge of it in an earlier show from before the Ref. With Crawford Beverage as backup.

      They have previous form on this format, tried tested and now improved for another run into GE15.

      Propaganda Mark2 from the BBC, a station like no other!

    23. Geoff Huijer says:

      The way the BBC reported things up to the referendum would suggest they very much were and are part of the Bettr Together/No Thanks campaign.

    24. ScottieDog says:

      Big Brother Cast.

    25. frazer allan whyte says:

      OT but today is “Ama Sumani” day. On 09.01.2009 dying from cancer in Cardiff, she was dragged off dialysis and deported to her home country Ghana where she lingered on for five months until she died one day after receiving news that well-wishers had collected money to ameliorate her incurable condition.

      The Gold Coast, now Ghana, provided slaves for United Kingdom colonies for about three centuries. After the Ashanti war in the late 1800’s the Empire grabbed the inland areas too.But despite this historic looting of a country’s riches Ama Sumani was too great a burden to the UK to be allowed to die in dignity and reduced pain.

      Nuremberg obviously forgotten, Lin Homer, the civil servant involved in making the decision, whined about it being an example of how difficult it was for civil servants to make such decisions. Obviously the important issue here is that it hurts the feelings of bureaucrats running a rich country to send a helpless woman from a poor country to die in pain.

      In the 2008 Birthday Honours Lin Homer became a Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB). She is now a top civil servant despite a history of being criticized for failure to actually do her job(s) competently.

      This is what the UK represents and this is the kind of person ruling Scotland from London.

      The loss in September was a tragedy – May is the beginning of a second chance – maybe the last one.

    26. Basher says:

      George the Troll

    27. Abaron Nomore says:

      Mark was clearly knocked off stride by the interruption and lost confidence in his belief that Brown had actually said Home Rule.

      The caller taunted him and he failed to stick by what he had said, leaving the caller to contemptuously retort “Exactly…”.

      It is so frustrating when an SNP politician gets an open goal like that and then waffles it past the post so that the ignorant among the listeners remain ignorant and believe that Mark McDonald was wrong or making it up.

      Really hard to remain focused when being harangued from all sides and I know I couldn’t do it but I still get so frustrated when our representatives miss opportunities like that.

    28. helsbels says:

      Kaye later said she had listened to Browns speeches but they were confusing.

    29. M4rkyboy says:

      I avoid the BBC like the plague.

    30. donnywho says:

      Thank god for the internet all their spin and lies are held to account. The fact you can replay their lies real-time allows us to keep our sanity ten years ago they would have got away with rewriting history,not now.

    31. Luigi says:

      I wonder of these BBC presenters were improvising, in favour of the union all the time (if so, it’s pretty impressive), or is there a fat BBC controller lurking in the background?

      Was Kay Adams instructed by a producer to deflect attention from anything on home rule?

      Was Jackie Bird told to mention “devo max” at any opportunity on the eve of the referendum? (“let’s call it devomax?”).

      Did they improvise or were they under precise instructions? I would really like to know.

    32. Murray McCallum says:

      “Scottish” Labour are not interested in any new powers for Scotland according to Lewis Macdonald MSP. They are not interested in opinion polls.

      So what exactly are “Scottish” Labour standing up for then? What was their leader Murphy on about the other day regards standing up for Scotland?

      The host of that show is totally shocking. No attempt at neutrality or getting to the facts.

    33. Chic McGregor says:

      “I wait to see if there is anything other that, the “You won’t be surprised we don’t agree with that”, comment they usually give. I don’t mean about sacking her, I meant on the quotes and her deliberately misinforming, or lying.”

      Aye that is the usual response. Quite stunning when you first encounter it, literally like walking into a brick wall.

      Some years ago I complained about a comment by Nick Robinson (before he became political editor) when he claimed that polls had never shown more 30% support for independence.

      I told them that was wrong and a correction should be made.

      They replied saying it was not wrong.

      I then sent them the results and links to the archived data of pollsters of about a dozen polls which asked Independence Yes Or No type questions from 2000 – 2006 and which averaged 54% Yes 46% No.

      Still no correction.

      Truth is what the Ministry of Truth says it is.

    34. Stoker says:

      Look, once again, the Rev has provided, via another excellent article, all the evidence and support you are ever going to need to make a legitimate and very serious complaint online to the BBC and be prepared to go directly to the BBC Trust with it, and beyond if need be.

      The more people we can get to do this the better chance we have of getting something done about it.

      There is absolutely no point constantly whining about this on here or anywhere else if we’re not prepared to take on the problem.

      This is our country they are destroying and all forms of apathy has to be treated with contempt. If we do nothing it will only get worse, you can bet your shirt on it.

      We can also make sure we attend this protest march:

      btw, Those of you who buy The National could also write to it and see if you can get your letters published or if the paper will take up this story. As i said, all the evidence and backbone to your complaint has been provided here for you.

    35. Anne says:

      Just lodged a complaint too to BBC complaints though won’t hold my breath. I was one of the people who protested outside BBC at Pacific Quay – the only way to make them listen. If today’s Morning Call are a sign of things to come then I suspect there will be more organised protests.

    36. Alex Clark says:

      Just a couple of years ago I was like the majority in Scotland. That is very naive.

      I thought both BBC News and radio reported the facts. I actually admired the likes of Kaye Adams and Kirsty Wark for their intelligence and for the difference they brought to interviewing.

      That, as I say was 2 years ago. Now I still admire them for their intelligence but not for selling their soul.

      If the referendum campaign did anything at all, it did this.

      It exposed those who have been bought and sold by the British establishment. They are fools for believing that the establishment owe them anything. They will be dumped when no longer of use.

      Anyone with a spine in BBC Scotland gets sidelined, it may take a long time but we can wait. In the end, I and the real Scots will have the last laugh.

    37. robert urquhart says:

      Lewis MacDonald is a pompous arrogant twat.

    38. Jim Arnott says:

      BBC Scotland is chock full of Labour supporters and apparatchiks. BBC is obviously prepared to do whatever is required to support Labour in Scotland. This is so disgusting that Scots should make themselves aware of the closeness of BBC Scotland and Labour in Scotland.

      I hope the article below can be shared as widely as possible. Most Scots are unaware of this close connection.

    39. mr thms says:

      The evidence that Scotland wants “Devo Max”‘devo-max’-new-ssa-data-reveals/

      ‘According to the latest SSA findings, 32% of Scots say that their first preference is for the Scottish Parliament to be responsible for everything apart from defence and foreign affairs, a position often dubbed ‘devo max’. 31% say their top preference is for the Scottish Parliament to make the key decisions for Scotland about everything, including defence and foreign affairs, i.e. independence. Meanwhile ScotCen’s research also shows 25% back the status quo with taxation and welfare benefits still mostly be decided by Westminster, while 8% do not want any devolution at all.’

    40. abigdoob says:

      “Ian”, from Perth

      I often wonder if some of these people are from where we’re told they are.
      Presumably there are rigorous checks made by the BBC to ensure veracity.

    41. colin mccartney says:

      I personally know of very few people who listen to BBC Radio Scotlandshire,
      I personally know of ABSOLUTELY NOBODY who listens to BBC Radio Scotlandshire and uses its content to start a discussion,
      Why put yourselves through hell? Their audience figures rank with SLAB membership numbers.
      Since I stopped paying the TV tax, and stopped watching and listening to the shite they produce my life has been immeasurably more enjoyable.
      I hope the SNP government simply stops sending people to these type of programmes and lets them disappear into their self made unionist abyss.

    42. Al says:

      The SNP should have a one month period of Peurder/ non co-operation / silence with BBC Scotland to emphasis their bios to the public. We all should.

    43. Mark Coburn says:

      I have an image of Kaye Adams in my mind which I cannot repeat here on this website. All I’ll say is that she was picking up a package.

    44. Graeme Doig says:

      mr thms

      Nat Centre for social attitudes working for Westminster with stats from a year ago.

      I’ll leave it at that.

    45. mr thms says:

      The evidence that Scotland wants “Devo Max” is provided by figures from Scottish Social Attitudes survey.

      “….61% would back ‘devo max’ and only 39% independence. Equally in a run-off between ‘devo max’ and the status quo, ‘devo max’ would win by 62% to 38%.”

      The next survey results are due in February

    46. Stoker says:

      Kenny says:
      “flood them with complaints about every dodgy thing they do.”

      Agree completely with that, Kenny.

      I also think its about time either the SNP did something about this or some sort of organisation is set up to take on the BBC, and in particular BBC Scotland.

      The BBC has to brought to its corrupt knees.

      We should also be going for the faceless ones behind the presenters and exposing them – they are destroying our countries future.

    47. Squirrel Towers says:

      I can confirm that “Ian” from Perth is actually the local Tory Councillor and was a key local campaigner for Better Together. He has a very distinctive voice!

      He was running stall’s locally with the prospective Lib Dem candidate. Sadly we actually had a local very organised Better Together group run by them. He was actually in the background of that David Cameron speech in Scotland….

    48. ghostly606 says:

      In some ways opinion polls don’t matter. Let’s make May 2015 count.

    49. McDuff says:

      I for one am fed up with some SNP MSP`s wishy washy responses to orchestrated attacks by the likes of Kaye Adams. Mark McDonald should know that he is walking into the lions den when appearing on the BBC and should therefor be primed.
      When Adams questioned whether Brown had mentioned home rule McDonald should have asked her whether she was serious as every one and their auntie in the MSM reported it at the time which would have caused her some embarrassment.
      Is the SNP ever going to assert itself during interviews.

    50. Dan Huil says:

      The BBC in Scotland is beyond redemption. Boycott.

    51. badgerboydarling says:

      Ian was probably phoning in from GCHQ or Brit Labour HQ in London.

    52. Dr Jim says:

      The lying mouth is mightier than the sword and the pen it would appear.
      Just a thought, would it be better if the SNP weren’t available for these kind of programmes, leaving them to slag off our side with no reply thus turning off listeners or viewers because it would just be a bitchfest as opposed to an actual show..

    53. Squirrel Towers says:

      Didn’t ‘Morning Call’ actually run a call in about the promise of Home Rule the week of the Broon promises??

    54. Grant says:

      This is just getting absurd. Most professional bodies could revoke membership for an absolute absence of integrity, but this just goes on with impunity. Even if you believe in a United Kingdom, why leave a great dirty skidmark on the pages of its history Labour?

    55. muttley79 says:

      I don’t for a minute think Kaye Adams actually believes that Gordon Brown did not promise Home Rule. I do not think she is particularly talented, but she is not stupid either. What we are looking at is large scale corruption in the MSM, there are a number of exceptions, but sadly too few. However, I am afraid there have been too many lies broadcast from the MSM, both in print, radio, and TV. These people know exactly what they are doing imo. They are protecting their careers and status.

      One of the reasons that I was most disappointed at the No vote was because I knew the MSM/Unionists would pull this kind of a stunt later. They are trying to rewrite history; Tom Gordon was doing this in his article last Sunday, when he said the SNP demonised Labour throughout the campaign. Of course it was the other way around, the virus accusations, the Nazi/fascists smears, all the dictators Salmond was likened to etc. This is just another episode in the MSM/No campaign’s attempts to rewrite history. They are generally charlatans and corrupt.

    56. Squirrel Towers says:

      badgerboydarling says:

      7:08 pm
      Ian was probably phoning in from GCHQ or Brit Labour HQ in London.

      No he is actually our local Tory MP, I have spoken to him on several occasions. Although I am assuming he didn’t tell the researcher that when he called in… Highland Perthshire ward

    57. badgerboydarling says:

      Boothman and MacQaurrie should be out on there SLAB loving arses along with all the other Labour Unionist fanclub at Pathetic Key. Magnusson/Bird/Renton/Campbell/Fraser/Adams etc. Traitors who rot this countries soul.

    58. Roy says:

      The most I could manage of this programme was 50 minutes although I heard much of what has been quoted in this article above.
      The question that came to mind was:
      Considering that the referendum vote was 55/45(%) in favour of a NO vote (ie to continue the Union) and that was THREE months ago, during which time most of the Unionist parties just want the question to go away and that ‘we all’ move on; a day in which 12 people were killed in Paris by people who by all accounts were aggrieved at satirical images of thier religion-WHY are we having a debate on Scottish homerule and NOT about the more relevant and immediate situation in Paris?
      I am YES voter and will happily chew the Independence fat any time but I’m STILL wondering why ‘Call Kaye’ focused on the wrong thing today.

    59. Stoker says:

      M4rkyboy says:
      “I avoid the BBC like the plague.”

      And that, my friend, is EXACTLY why we are where we are with this filthy corrupt lying propaganda machine.

      Over many years, and many many people with legitimate complaints being fobbed off with bog standard and/or twisted replies, the apathy has well and truly set in – i know because there are few people who detest the BBC more than i do but there are many times when even i think to myself, what’s the point.

      We need to inundate them with genuine concerns and complaints at every opportunity, as Kenny says.

      They lead this corrupt media onslaught against the best interests of our country and it has to be stopped, i don’t know how we could achieve that, but it’ll never happen if we just turn a blind eye to it or wait on them changing their ways.

    60. HandandShrimp says:

      Kaye simply is the Labour Party in fact she is probably more committed than some Labour MPs

    61. Mark J says:

      Just before Christmas 2013, Kate admitted that although her show that morning was all about independence she didn’t’t know what the McCrone report was. Seems like she’s still not up to date with the topics on her show!

    62. Mark J says:


    63. badgerboydarling says:

      Time the SNP took the gloves off nice guys dont win anything. Non compliance ie no press or interviews or debates with the BBC should be just the start, let these scum talk amongst themselves.

    64. After the landslide SNP victory in May, 2011 SPE, there was a Kaye Adams ‘morning call’ with the topic of what had happened to the Labour vote.

      That in itself is interesting in that the focus was not that the SNP had delivered a clear manifesto, popular with the electorate but that Labour had somehow slipped up.

      At one point in the programme, when she was inviting callers to call in she said .. ” this morning we’re looking at the collapse of the Labour vote in the Scottish Parliamentary election, phone in folks with your ideas of where we went wrong”.

      We!!! talk about partisan!

      On the listen again facility it was edited to say “…phone in folks with your ideas of where went wrong”.

      The BBC moves closer each day to being a parody of the wartime broadcaster Germany Calling and Kaye Adams is up there with Lord Haw Haw as a propagandist, not a journalist.


    65. Juteman says:

      Did anyone think that presenters on Pravda during the Soviet era were impartial?
      Why do folk expect impartiality from presenters on the British State broadcaster?

    66. Tam Jardine says:

      Mark McDonald was reasonable in the face of lies and provocation – I would have struggled to keep my temper in the face of the corporations lies.

      Rev – the Bella poster comp leads me to suggest: can we run a comp to design a t-shirt comp for the campaign. I’m sure there are Wingers with far more creativity than me and we need something visible that gets the message across.

      Caz-m, our North Sea tiger hammers on about the unholy self serving trinity of DR, BBC and labour.
      If we can get a slogan out there that highlights the bias and labour’s betrayal of Scotland it could provide a visible reminder to voters that Scotland has been played.

    67. Nana Smith says:

      What’s it going to take for the snp to bite back. Sick of the utter bullshit from the bbc. Public service provider my rear end.

      By the by I’ve not seen Croompenstein post since before Christmas. Hope he is ok.

    68. yesindyref2 says:

      When SNP politicians are on TV they need to have wargamed possible questions and challenges in advance, and be ready with precise answers they’ve learnt in advance.

      In this case Mark should have been able to reply “Yes, Gordon Brown did say ‘Home Rule’, on Channel 4 on X date, at Y time, and also on BBC at X and Y. Check it out, it’s on your website”. If neccessary with some cue cards, with website addresses printed on, and timings.

    69. Joemcg says:

      I’m certain there was a BBC one interview a few days before the vote featuring Alex and Brown both having 20 odd minutes each to state their case individually and Brown uttered home rule umpteen times. I’m sure Dimbleby even opened the show saying “Gordon Brown’s offer of home rule.

    70. gerry parker says:

      Have e mailed this article to relatives in USA (Houston and San Francisco) Australia (Victoria) and Switzerland.
      BBC’s reputation is being exposed all over the world.

    71. Ken500 says:

      Don’t listen to it. No listeners, no programme. Boycott BBC as much as possible. They have already reorganised because of falling listeners.

    72. Andy Nimmo says:

      I’m getting quite nostalgic for these quaint old fashioned values truth, integrity and decency

    73. badgerboydarling says:

      The more the SNP let the BBC play them the worse it looks. They really have to start calling these chumps out and calling them for what they are. BBC impartial? Only them and there friends in the Unionist establishment/parties seem to think so.

    74. Fiona MacInnes says:

      I have complained about this show before – yes keep complainng.This subject itself was picked just to whip up anti SNP ranters, try and discredit Alex Salmond and was yet more of the tedious but dangerous bias of the BBC and sadly alot of folk do listen to this show. The patronising and sneering tone of Kaye says it all about where her (lack of) objectivity lies. The words spoken, simple knowledge of the ‘great’ barnstorming Brown speech should have been elementary – it was wall to wall during the campaign, but apart from that her most dangerous technique is in her radio tone – similar to Jack Bird’s in the early part of the indy campaign on BBC. Bird’s did moderate a bit later, but the accepted ‘silly boy’ tenor was already ingrained by then.Well done Wings for flagging this up and having the quotes to back it all up – such a relief you are always there on the case.

    75. G H Graham says:

      Don’t pay the TV tax and don’t watch/listen to BBC propaganda.

      Any questions?

    76. Carol Murphy says:

      Kaye Adams back to her old ways, I’ve complained about her numerous times in the past, particularly in the run-up to and during the referendum, and got the same anodyne reply every time that THEY didn’t think she’d done anything wrong. She harangues every nationalist who appears on her show. The woman is an arch unionist and doesn’t mind letting it show. If she had any background in journalism I wouldn’t mind so much, but she doesn’t, she’s an utter boor doing the BBC’s dirty work for them. Sack her!

    77. snode1965 says:

      ian from Perth, in the studio next door with McTernan. This has his signature all over it. Triangulation via Ian McUnion, Adams and Lewis McDonald, the SNP better wise up pronto!

    78. Tony Philpin says:

      I have avoided Kaye for as long as she has had the morning phone in show as she has an awfully patronising manner, a terribly self important radio voice, third rate delivery and I always wondered how she got the job. Her Slab credentials have never been in any doubt. The show’s format is real local radio anyway – a real red top approach to journalism. We deserve so much better from Radio Scotland as a national station, but the impending revamp is probably going to make it even worse.

    79. muttley79 says:

      @Nana Smith

      People in the SNP, elected figures, are as pissed off with Pravda on the Clyde as we are. I am not mentioning any names, but do not think elected folk in the SNP are not very angry at the BBC in Scotland. They have to be professional, and keep getting over the independence (it is obviously Home Rule at the moment) message. Attacking the BBC would be counterproductive, it would divert attention and energy away from trying to get as many elected SNP MPs in May as possible. Remember that Yes almost won last September, despite all the shit from Nick Robinson and co.

    80. Taranaich says:

      This is absolute blazing insanity.

      The entirety of the No Campaign was based on the idea of a No Vote being a vote for Devo Max or Home Rule – or at least “a strong Scottish Parliament” with “more powers” on the way. Now that the SNP is trying to get Devo Max or Home Rule, the No Campaign is steadfastly denying it said or promoted anything of the sort. I suppose since nobody seemed to buy that idiotic “the vow has been delivered” nonsense, they’ve no alternative but to deny things that they’ve said and promoted relentlessly.

      That we’re starting to see more and more people proclaim that Scots didn’t actually want more powers at all is just to be expected. Eventually it’ll come to the point where most Scots don’t even want a Parliament… then we don’t really want to be called Scots…

      @Abaron Nomore: Mark was clearly knocked off stride by the interruption and lost confidence in his belief that Brown had actually said Home Rule.

      The caller taunted him and he failed to stick by what he had said, leaving the caller to contemptuously retort “Exactly…”.

      If he had stuck to his guns, then it would’ve been his word against that of Ms Adams AND Mr Macdonald, leading viewers who don’t remember/know to the conclusion that it’s more likely two people were correct and Mr McDonald was incorrect.

      If you didn’t already know Gordon Brown had, in fact, used those words, then it would be nothing short of scandalous for a journalist to actively collude with a member to present such a profound lie. That’s why Mark was so taken aback: it was such a brazen lie that it would be easy for people not to believe it could have been a lie.

    81. Patrician says:

      @yesindyref2, 7:32

      Spot on, I would say the level of preparedness of some of the SNP people in media interviews over the last year has been woeful. Have the SNP no researchers or media people on the payroll? All of these interviews should be treated and prepared for as being hostile.

    82. @G H Graham says:

      Don’t pay the TV tax and don’t watch/listen to BBC propaganda.

      Any questions?

      What about those of the 55% who do?

    83. badgerboydarling says:

      I think we should all call Kaye in the morning dont you? And let her know our views…………………

    84. Alex Clark says:


      Totally agree. Why is it that yesterday for example at FMQ’s Nicola had ALL the answers?

      I’d guess simply because she had been prepared, any Indy supporter appearing on TV or radio has to be prepared to the same extent.

      Start working hard you people and give us grassroots a lead and sense of purpose.

    85. gerry parker says:

      We should start an award for journalists and journalism based on the cricket “ashes”

      i.e the ashes of truth integrity and decency destroyed by the BBC will this year be awarded to ………

      The contenders for the award were
      Wings over Scotland
      Bella Caledonia
      Newsnet Scotland
      Scottish Statesman.
      Wee Ginger Dug
      The National
      The Sunday Herald
      Mungins republic

      And this years winner is:
      TA DA!

    86. mary vasey says:

      This is why I never listen to radio 4 now, what used to be my favourite. Lying, mendacious twerps, it got so my blood pressure wouldnae take it grrr

    87. badgerboydarling says:

      It does show you doesnt it how much the unionists are cacking themselves having to get Tory placemen like Campbell to phone in and help his Slab/unionist mates out. Campbell has obviously been studying Paul Pots work ie yesterday never happened. Year zero unionist style.

    88. I’ll forgive Lanarkist for the mis-spelling of mine, and William Beveridge’s surname, but I don’t think the great man would be so forgiving, about the Lib/Dems that is, and their present-day policies. At the risk of boring readers of Stuart’s web-site, why, oh why, do we think anything is going to be any different in the run-up to the 7th May, 2015 that is going to be any different to Sept 18, 2014, at least as far as the M.S.M are concerned. This, once again, is a battle that is going to be won, mainly, on the streets of Scotland, and only by returning a sizeable number of S.N.P, M.Ps, can we exert any pressure on whoever forms the next U.K. Government. Bye the way, we did try to canvass today, but I’afraid the inclement weather won.

    89. Bunter says:

      Quite worrying how they are trying to rewrite history. They are all going to lie, omit, smear and deflect all the way to the GE. The NO campaign has never been disbanded. The SNP now need to realise it is going to need all the help it can get from the YES groups if it is to have any hope of making an impact in May. They cannot hope to do this alone.

    90. jim mitchell says:

      The Media went do far into the wrong during the referendum campaign that there is no road back for them, the lies and distortions will not only continue they will get worse, it;s something that should never surprise us and let’s remember all of those unionist MP’s have a real personal interest, because they are now fighting for their own jobs and as those irrelevant opinion polls are showing, struggling for support

    91. Croompenstein says:

      @Nana – What’s it going to take for the snp to bite back. Sick of the utter bullshit from the bbc. Public service provider my rear end

      Totally agree Nana, I’ve been away over the holiday and am fine thanks apart from the onslaught from Project Fear II.

    92. galamcennalath says:

      They only won the referendum by offering Home Rule.

      Now they renege. All of them, BBC, MSM, Unionists, WM, want to pretend it never happened.

      Therein lies their demise, utterly and completely.

      They had an opportunity to save their Union at any point by offering AND DELIVERING Home Rule / DevoMax. They have screwed up totally. Hell mend them!

      The best election broadcast the SNP could possible show for WM2015 would be quotes from all these Unionist heed bummers making their promises … And then ask, why did the lie to you?

    93. James123 says:

      @Tony Philpin

      I have avoided Kaye for as long as she has had the morning phone in show as she has an awfully patronising manner, a terribly self important radio voice, third rate delivery and I always wondered how she got the job.

      I remember watching an interview with Kaye Adams a few years ago where she unequivocally voiced her opposition to independence, that’s how she got the job.

    94. Alex Clark says:


      Welcome back. Hope Nana Smith can relax now 🙂

    95. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I have not been at all happy with the SNP tactic of going in these changed circumstances for delivery of “Home Rule” or Devo Max.

      Neither of these things are defined in any way.
      As they are not defined they cannot be demanded with any certainty – and if we can’t describe them how can we declare we haven’t got them
      Now that we appear to be going for these undefined things nothing will be on the table and the pittance we are offered will be described as what we were promised – and voted for

      We must get back onto promoting independence as the major tactic and preparing for the next referendum.
      That means convincing the Scottish electorate that we are comfortably self supporting (without the oil) and not getting swamped in a morass of obfuscation and deliberate distraction by Home Rule or Devo Max. And I would tell the people we have no interest in it

      I would just ignore the Smith Commission as we eventually ignored the Calman shite

    96. Hector says:

      Don’t know why anyone is surprised by this…appointment of John McTiernan, Blair McDougal, the precedent set by the BBC during the Referendum…….Jim Murphy is clearly following the outlines of a strategy…..they will lie, lie and lie again. Their propaganda is not directed towards those of us who are politically aware…and who follow Wings…(bless Stuart Campbell) but those of our compatriots who will…again….be the decision makers…..! To coin a phrase, we need to Educate, Agitate and Organise… the chosen demographic we missed during the Referendum. We need specific mailshots, leafleting and WBB2 specifically targeted in every community!

    97. Deram Nova says:

      I’m still not quite sure how the Smith Commission is trotted out as the answer to everything. It is a list of recommendations, some of which MAY be introduced by whoever ends up in Parliament.

      It’s like a carrot on a stick, at the end of another carrot on a stick. How stupid do they think the people of Scotland are? “We’ll offer them a load of powers, but won’t say what they are until they’ve voted NO. And then when they’ve voted NO we won’t tell them what powers they’ll actually get till they’ve voted in a new government – which with any luck will just throw the Smith Commission in the bin…”

    98. Malky says:

      Can I just say that Kay Adams is an idiot. Sorry, but she is.

      I listened to this and was gobsmacked at the collusion and lack of integrity from Adams. She is as much a journalist as I am an astronaut. But then, she never claimed to be a journalist. Surely…

    99. Croompenstein says:

      Thanks Alex 🙂

    100. Alex Clark says:


      I don’t know about you but I am just getting ready to get into agitate mode.

      The referendum is over, but get yer chin up as there is much to be done. Time to start talking again folks, let’s not let ourselves down at this stage. Get visible again.

      I agree with what many have said already, no more softly softly. Don’t be shy and get in their face.

      Or lie down and fade away………

    101. Scott Mac says:

      Andrew Neil tried the same “BBC lie” to Mr Salmond on “this week” some time ago…needless to say it didn’t wash with Mr S. who went on to list almost exactly what broon said. MSP Mark McDonald must call in tomorrow to correct the error of Adams and lambast her knowledge and approach. ( he should turn up at the show in person to correct this BBC lie and ask them not to repeat the lie again)

    102. Valerie says:

      Off topic, just read on my RT newsfeed that the UK has had to ask the US for help since the New Year to search for a Russian sub in Scottish waters!

    103. Nana Smith says:

      HAHA Alex…I do worry when some wingers are absent.

      Good to know you’re ok Croopenstein! As Alex says I can now relax.

    104. Kenny says:

      Do any lawyers know – could the BBC be sued for breach of contract? The charter promises impartiality and we pay for the service. It would be utterly fascinating to get this into a court and force all of their lies out into the open. Playing back specific lies and misrepresentations to each journalist, editor and executive and forcing them to justify it, forcing them to reveal numbers of complaints and their responses, even just asking them to reveal their connections to the Labour Party would be pretty powerful. It could be tough because only STV and Sky might have the reach to do meaningful coverage of it, but I think it has to be worth a shot. It could cost a fortune, of course, but if we had a couple of Winger lawyers ready to work pro bono and a few others to do the research plus the whole Yes movement to get behind a crowdfunding effort (and no doubt some other fundraising efforts along the way) then I think it’s viable. After all, the McLibel people managed to survive.

      Who’s up for it?

    105. Stoker says:

      Remember back in December when the BBC Paper Review allowed the 2 ignoramuses, Tim Stanley & Petrie Hosken, to carry out their hate filled lying clap-trap without challenging them?
      This is the complaint and response i received:

      “On Saturday 06.12.14 during the BBC News Paper Review @ 10.30pm, 2 London journalists, while supposedly reviewing the front page of the Sunday Herald, were permitted to launch into a hate-filled personal character assassination of SNP politician Alex Salmond. Their personal rants went relatively unchallenged and Mr.Salmond was given no opportunity to be present or defend himself. The ignorance on display was utterly breathtaking as these two journalists were allowed to voice their utter contempt for Mr.Salmond and spout complete inaccuracies without correction from the shows presenter. This is the offending footage, as shown on Scotland’s most popular blog site the following day Here are just some of the points as this format does not allow me to detail everything; (1)-TS says: I actually find him pretty hateful (that is a form of hatred). (2)-TS says: He’s waging a vendetta against my country (that is a lie). (3)-TS says: He should shrink away and give up (yet again more hatred). (4)-PH says: He wants us to call ourselves English (that is another lie). (5)-TS says: The reason he’s doing this is during the election he made a promise (another lie). There was NO promise made and it was NOT an election. Then these journalists attempt to create a false division between MR.salmond & Nicola Sturgeon, AGAIN unchallenged. A despicable and utter lack of professionalism from the BBC, allowing these 2 to stir hatred in this manner.”

      “I’m sorry to hear you felt The Papers discussion on Alex Salmond running as an SNP candidate in the General Election wasn’t balanced.”
      “The papers allows journalists and political commentators to give their own thoughts and opinions on the next days news agenda. Petrie Hosken and Tim Stanley did that while discussing Alex Salmond’s aspirations in next year’s General Election. Our presenter Tim Willcox directly challenged Tim Stanley on his use of the term “hateful”, remarking that it was quite strong. Tim Willcox also emphasised Mr.Salmond’s charisma and huge personal following in Scotland. This was a brief part of the paper review, and Tim needed to move on to other stories being covered.
      We appreciate that some of the reviewers’ comments may have come across as abrupt, and we were sorry to read of your upset. Please be assured we raised your concerns with senior editorial staff at the BBC News Channel, and they have discussed how items like these can be better structured in future.”

      What they don’t mention in the reply is how pathetically weak Tim Willcox “challenged” this buffoon, laughing as he did so.

      Nevertheless, it seems like a very small victory was achieved and i’ve never seen or heard of these 2 ignoramuses back on the BBC Papers Review, but i’ve seen her once, since, on the Sky Paper Review.

    106. The Knome says:

      Point and Match to wings:

      Devo max was blocked. So you dont get what you vote for, you get what the politicians allow you.

      That is the summery of it.

      And its true…. At least in Switzerland (we can pick on its policy’s later), if they get 100,000 people on a petition(pretty easy nowadays) they HAVE to hold a referendum.

      That,,, is giving people a choice by vote…. Not by what an MP feels like.

    107. Patrick Roden says:

      I am as annoyed as anyone about disgusting BBC, and pay no propaganda tax as a result,

      But for the SNP to give it to them with both barrels, would be counter-productive at this time.

      What the SNP need is genuine political leverage, in order to negotiate control over our media.

      We will get this leverage if we win enough seats to hold the balance of power…

      or enough seats to declare UDI!

      Let’s do it!!!

    108. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Looks like G.A. Ponsonby will need a sequel for his BBC bias book.

      “How the BBC subverted a democratically elected Scottish Government”

      It is a complete affront to democracy where the tax funded broadcaster is so biased against a democratically elected government. A complete disgrace!

      I have given up watching BBC, listening to the BBC radio and also raising complaints. However there is no escape from this bias so may have to start complaining again just to relieve my blood pressure. It is a complete waste of time though – I am convinced the BBC will never change. The only solution is independence.

      However, it would be good to see Jackie “Devomax” Burd’s face on the news in May 8th when she announces 50 SNP MPs. She may be off sick that day – here’s hoping.

      Prof John Robertson should also do some more work to publish the bias figures post referendum. He has a lot of material to work with.

      I will be up for a BBC demo in March. I will round up my posse and mosie on down to PQ.
      It will be a good day out and I have a couple of ideas for the day…

    109. msean says:

      This seems a bit like creating a new narrative and a reinvention of the past in order to evade electoral decline. After the referendum campaign,the Scots are up to all these political tricks and won’t be falling for them anymore.

    110. heedtracker says:

      They have so much to lose in May. If they lose power in Scotland they will never get it back and they know it. That goes for Slab and the shyst that is the BBC in Scotland.

    111. Alex Clark says:

      @Patrick Roden

      Giving it to them with both barrels is not what I’m saying. Just that they should be “prepared”.

      Don’t let them get away with lies and have the arguments to countenance these lies. Not that hard is it?

    112. Graeme Doig says:

      Copy of my complaint to bbc. Used some of your well researched quotes Stu. Thanks for that.

      ‘This morning on Radio Scotland’s Call Kaye programme Kaye and a caller ‘badgered’ Mark McDonald over Mr McDonald’s claim that it was the Labour party itself who had talked about ‘Home Rule’ before the referendum. Mr McDonald’s claim that Gordon Brown, in fact, used the term ‘Home Rule’ was rebutted by Kaye “I don’t think he (Gordon Brown) used the term ‘home rule’, did he?” Mr McDonald was, as stated, then badgered by Kaye, the caller and by Lewis MacDonald regarding this claim. Now i would expect a presenter/journalist of someone of Kaye’s experience to be a bit better versed in recent political history. Some quotes from the press at the time: “[Gordon Brown] unveils a fast-track timetable for ‘nothing less than a modern form of Scottish Home Rule’ that has been agreed with David Cameron and Ed Miliband.” (The Telegraph) “Brown: Scots being offered ‘home rule within UK’“ (Channel 4) “Gordon Brown has set out plans for a timetable towards a ‘modern form of Scottish home rule’ if voters reject independence in next week’s referendum.” (The Scotsman) “Wavering Scottish voters were told last night that work towards a ‘Home Rule Bill’ would begin the day after next week’s referendum if they back a No vote.” (Daily Mail) I struggle to understand why Kaye Adams failed to have such a basic grasp of the subject she was presenting and allow a guest to be pilloried for stating a fact. I would suggest nothing less than an on air apology would suffice for such shoddy work.’

      Taken your advice Stoker. Might be futile but we really need to get stuck into these bastards somehow.
      Stu you are cordially invited to a wee protest on March 15th.

    113. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      2nd time – They also asked the U.S., Canadians, French and the Norwegians as they all have maritime patrol aircraft. We have none, had had none for years and will not have any for many years to come, as they scrapped all the Nimrods – Rule Britainia.

      I think it is called “punching above our weight” err not quite – may be it is “pooling and sharing”.

      However, it is good to see we now have a base in Bahrain. We can park our two useless aircraft carriers “Queen Elizabeth” and “Prince of Wales” (how appropriate) out there for the next 10 years waiting for the F-35B aircraft to turn up – if we can afford them?!

    114. Ian Brotherhood says:

      No way I’m trawling through that whole show to find the wee snippet I’m thinking of, but I was listening to Kay-with-a-knee this morning.

      At one point (perhaps scanning the texts and e-mails pouring in re her ‘no home rule, surely?’ comments) she declared that, despite what anyone may think, she does actually prepare for her shows, and spent last night reading-up on what had happened in the closing stages of the referendum.

      If I’m misrepresenting her here then I’m sure someone will point out my error, but the point is this – IF she did do some homework last night, and IF it involved the closing stages of the referendum campaign, then it’s well-nigh impossible that she didn’t see – at the very least – bullet-point summaries of the Brown interventions, and The Vow. She’s either exposed her own tardiness and lack of basic research skills, or she’s lying – only under very exceptional circumstances would any employee in a ‘normal’ organisation be permitted to do both and still keep their job.

    115. BrianW says:

      The BBC Ministry of Untruths can’t be good for my blood pressure – I’m at my 20th complaint after Kayes LIES today added another to the total so far..

      Coming on here sends it higher lol. But it makes me feel so much better that I’m not alone is their disgust at the BBC and MSM in general.

      If I lie to friends/family I get caught out and am a dick. If I lie to the police I end up being investigated and end up in court. If I lie in a court of law I end up in contempt or court or on a perjury charge.

      So to get round this I’m thinking about becoming either a journalist or unionist based politician. Seems it’s the only way to let lie after lie after lie pour from your vocal chords these days without being challenged for it.

      What does it take for the BBC to take a step back and realise they aren’t upholding their charter? Or what does it take for those that police the BBC (is it themselves?) to sit up and make changes?

      Been a bad week for the BBC perpetuating lies eh? Become more of a laughing stock every day (I even seen some one report that they had a go at RT news for showing

    116. Graeme Doig says:


      I believe she’s made an understandable ‘mistake’. It must be really hard for her to maintain an impartial stance when onionism is oozing from every pore as she speaks.

    117. BJ says:

      Kaye Adams has “put any talent she has to corrupt use for personal or financial gain”

      Guests to her show can be assured that the truth isn’t a priority they can say anything they like as long as it suits her opinion, she gets paid whatever is said.

      I wonder how many listeners she lost today?

    118. R-type Grunt says:

      I listened to that and it was quite frankly apalling. These bastards despise us!

    119. Alex Clark says:


      Respect for keeping up the good fight!

      I gave in months ago after my first few attempts. But no. you are right. Ready to start sending these emails off again.

      We will not lie down.

    120. Tam Jardine says:

      Stoker 8.47pm

      Snap- I got the same reply, word for word. The countering of the ‘I find him hateful’ was almost indecipherable – it sounded almost like the bbc stooge was agreeing he was hateful, delivered with a laugh.

      I’m thinking

      The BBC are lying to us

      The labour party are lying to us

      The press are lying to us

      Vote for a positive future . Vote SNP.

      Or just UDI? AYE!

    121. Stoker says:

      Good attempt, Graeme, well done, and to all the others who are submitting a complaint. We just can’t do nothing, this has to be stopped.

      I’ll be firing my complaint off in the wee small hours and i’ll be linking directly to this WOS article as all the proof they need. I will also be telling them that should they require any further proof they can listen to their own bloody iplayer.

      Thanks to your idea, Graeme, i will also be demanding an on-air apology from UKay at the peak of her programme, with a stiff warning that this will not be tolerated and will be taken to the BBC Trust if need be.

      On-Air apology, so simple and obvious, good call!

      That’s the spirit, Hoss, lets get the masses to attend this protest march. I know it falls on ‘Mothering Sunday’ but the simple solution to that is for folk to treat the old dears to an
      unusual day out in Glasgow, taking in the demo, as part of their Mothers Day treat. Sorted.

    122. Tam Jardine says:

      Graeme Doig

      Do you mean unionism? Or onionism?

      Whatever it is, Kaye fairly reeks of it. Onionism? Sounds a bit like onanism – letting one’s seed fall on the ground… a bit like voting no, no?

    123. BrianW says:

      @ helsbels 6:32pm

      “Kaye later said she had listened to Browns speeches but they were confusing.”

      OMFG.. did she really say that? She’s worked in media for god knows how long..

      She reported at Lockerbie.. Oh, err.. there was i plane i think.. some suitcases.. there was just so much going on i got confused..

      Presenter of Loose Woman. Standing up for Woman’s Issues. The world from a woman’s perspective. She has built herself an image of a strong no nonsense woman on the telly over the years.

      But yet in one wee statement to back track from lying and letting another guest perpetuate that lie she has just happily put herself in the..

      “oh, I’m just a wee woman from Scotland. I’m just used to cooking ma man’s tea and thinking about kittens, ken. Gordon said so many words, and so quickly i got a wee bit confused.. I nearly put the ice cream in the oven I was that confused.. Oh silly me.. More Typhoo? I know the monkeys on the packet are very funny..”


      Does she believe she’s really married to her husband or did the minster just use too may words that she got so confused and didn’t know what she was agreeing too?

      I’m really starting to wonder I Kaye is in charge/control of her own mind..

    124. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Graeme Doig –


      She sounded much more relaxed in the latter part of her show, when the guests were Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, and Gerry Hassan of Gerry and the Pactmakers.

      ‘Hi Brian!’…

      ‘Salmond fantasy cobblers delusional, deep misery accordion in the never-never milk and ambrosia cloudland of the cyberry natworts, and, naturally, Gordon Bennett as was in the likemost, reminds us all that it’s vital to issue incurable poxyrot to all off-messengers.’

      ‘Gerry here, erm, well, yes, of course, as Brian knows, it’s neither whatnot or thereabouts, and notwithstanding the heretofore we must always muchly consider the upperdownwarding effects of the blerdenbog and halfenstaff…er, I think, therefore…close cover before striking and, er…’

      ‘Splendid! Thanks so much chaps! Cheery-bye!’

    125. jock mc X says:

      Is that not a much more viable opportunity than a tv channel
      or even a newspaper,
      Starting up a radio channel i mean?
      I remember a few years ago when that scotty mclue was at his
      peak, i could walk for two miles from my house and keep track
      of his show from the radio’s in cars and houses being played
      full blast.
      Radio is still a powerful medium i’m sure,..anyone out there with the savvy to get this going?

    126. bookie from hell says:

      Here’s a Blair McDougall yesterday

      To my usual SNP fans: Are you happy with Salmond giving up on fighting General Election on independence & instead arguing for devolution?
      4:01pm – 8 Jan 15

      bfh—labour don’t even know the difference between home rule & devolution

    127. Juan P says:


      If I lie to friends/family I get caught out and am a dick. If I lie to the police I end up being investigated and end up in court. If I lie in a court of law I end up in contempt or court or on a perjury charge.

      This is what concerns me about the BBC. They are funded by the public and should be expected to suffer the same consequences as other public servants if caught brazenly lying to the public or if the standard of service they provide falls far below that expected of them.

      If a social worker, nurse, teacher, dentist etc commits even a minor indiscretion in the course of their work they could be subject to a hearing, sacked and disbarred from working in their chosen profession for years.

      There doesn’t appear to be any regulation or sanction for any staff at the BBC even where they breach the charter.

    128. Graeme Doig says:


      Did indeed mean onionism. Makes my eyes water with rage.

    129. BrianW says:

      @ Alex Clark 9:41pm.

      Thanks. I do it mainly to get it off my chest. I am in no illusion that they will say, yeah, you know what, we did F up there and we’re sorry.

      They just turn it round on to you.. “we’re sorry YOU didn’t agree with our findings.. blah, blah.” There must me some psychosocial terminology for that – they’ll have discussed it during their ThinkTank Meetings

      Oh, i get it. I’m the one that’s at fault because I’m so thick in the head I don’t automatically nod my head with agreement every time i read a BBC story with drool dripping out the corner of my mouth in adulation at it..

      Complaints are collated and stats taken etc. They probably wipe their arse with the paper they complaints might get printed on and flush it. I’ve had my say and I’m happy with that, and I can’t see me tiring of telling them I think they’re a shower or so and so’s.

      P.S. QI on BBC 2.. I kid you not. Someones buzzer is…

      BIG DIM JIM.. hahahahahahah

    130. Patrician says:

      @ Alex Clark and Patrick Roden,

      Well said Alex, Patrick no one expects the SNP to get down and dirty with the BBC. That is what WOS and it’s readers are here for. In conversations always remember to drop in: “Wasn’t the BBC the place that harboured paedophiles and other perverts?”

      What I do expect in the 21st Century is a media savvyness missing from too many of the SNP spokespersons. It was emphasised to me in the 1980’s that preparation was key to any appearance in the media. If a multi-national company thought that was important to teach a low-to-middle ranking employee (me), how important is it for a political party now?

    131. Karen says:

      Kaye Adams is a wretched patronizing little shrew who is more suited to the less intellectually challenging ‘Loose Women’. What a banshee.

    132. boris says:

      I listened to the broadcast and formed the view the interviewer had not enjoyed a deal of sleep the night before. Seemingly her entire family were in bed together in fear of the high winds.

      There really is no point complaining to BBC Scotland since the entire management team is comprised of labour sympathizers.

      The Trust Chairman might be a better option since the spread of Parties is more evenly spread there and there are already rumblings in the South that the labour view of things is being overplayed.

    133. boris says:

      This is a classic piece of Osborne devilry. As a colleague says: ‘He hopes that although Jo’s presence in Downing Street will wind up Boris, it will make it more difficult for him to criticize the Government.’ But it is a huge gamble that could easily backfire – not merely for political reasons but also because of the fact that family loyalty is a double-edged sword when it comes to the Johnson clan. For not only are they fiercely competitive with the rest of the world, they are fiercely competitive with each other. Indeed, cradle-reared competitiveness has been a hallmark of Johnson family life. So a great danger for Cameron and Osborne is that little Jo’s appointment will consume big brother Boris with jealousy and propel him to even more Machiavellian tactics to muscle his way in to No 10.

    134. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      phone complaint submitted to BBC – 03700100222

      Have not complained to BBC since indyref. Gave up – apart from a long running issue, but you are right – why not complain!

      It is disgraceful how they treat us. We are not some small minority group.

      If nothing more, it will piss them off and make them do some work replying to us.

      But at least it will tell them one thing – We are not going away.

    135. Andrew Haddow says:

      Perhaps Adams ‘misremembered’ Brown’s actual words because she knows fine he was lying his arse off.

    136. muttley79 says:

      The MSM in the UK have been getting more and more right wing in the last 30 years or so. There is parallels here with the USA. Both states’ governments embraced neo-liberal in the 1970s (it is a myth that it began with Thatcher and Reagan, it didn’t, although they were probably the most enthusiastic political cheerleaders for it). Neo-liberal really began with Von Hayek, Rand, Mises, and Milton Freeman, with the Mont Pelerin Society, not sure if this correct name); which was set up to campaign against the welfare state and to promote privatisation. The right set up think tanks, and these heavily promoted and spread their agenda via the MSM to the electorate.

      The BBC have been ignoring, or side lining protests against the privatisation of the NHS in England; you simply do not get an idea of what is really going on in the world by watching this wretched organisation. The same is true of the MSM in Russia and the USA.

      There are a few token lefties still in the MSM in the UK, but most are right wing. Rusbridger has taken the Guardian to the right, so much so that he has described Cameron as a moderate social democrat….

    137. Joemcg says:

      That YouTube clip posted at 6.24pm brought it all back. Made me feel sick watching it. Murphy in full snake mode. What a fucking liar.

    138. Johnny says:

      O/T I realise that this has little to do with the topic, so sorry…..just curious and hope someone who knows more can say for sure. I was watching an interview with someone from that Circle Group that gave control back of a hospital to the NHS in England today. The spokesman appeared to whine at one point that there was a 10.1% funding gap. Is this because they were in debt? Or was it because the government funds it for them from tax and had not made up the gap? If the latter, does this mean that the taxpayer was subsidising it while they creamed off all the profits? Either way, it must mean privitisation does not work! Thanks to anyone who can shine a light on this.

    139. velofello says:

      “These bastards despise us” quoted above.

      No they despise themselves and can see no virtue in others assuming that all others think and act as they do.

    140. Patrician says:

      @boris, 10:15

      I have to disagree on this, please everyone who is complaining to the BBC Trust keep writing those letters and making those phone calls, we all do what we can. In a few years time, no one in the BBC will be able to say “but no one has ever complained about our coverage”.

    141. Wuffing Dug says:

      I am a member of the SNP too and sometimes wonder about their approach. The BBC are our enemy, their hostility towards our self determination is writ large every day. I try not to watch or listen to any of their output but you must never take your eye off your opponent. Have seen this kaye sycophant on the telly, however I couldn’t listen to her ‘show’. Every SNP interview candidate should now be coached and fully prepared for ‘battle’ before engaging with the BBC on any level. As a manager I would never send any of my guys into a difficult situation where they could be compromised in some way without giving them fair warning and the confidence to defend their point of view. They should know what to expect and approach the situation accordingly. Gloves off.

    142. Alex Clark says:


      Nice article, I tried to leave a comment but was unable because have the wordpress password wrong or something.

      Anyway, I learnt a few things. Didn’t know that Boris Johnson already had a brother in No 10!

      Well done you my man, do you know if there are are free dinners in Eton? LOL

    143. shug says:

      even my old mum refers to her show as Tokyo Kay’s call in

      she should start with “London calling, London calling, London calling”

    144. Macart says:

      Or in other words, publicly they are back pedalling on not only the infamous non existent ‘vow’, but on those ‘guarantees’ which Gordon Brown made on behalf of HMG and the union. They ARE literally rewriting recorded, spoken and broadcast history.

      Labour and the BBC in action. A thing of beauty isn’t it? 🙁

    145. Famous15 says:

      Can pay,won’t pay!

      Make sure on getting your rebate if you play by direct debit. If the BBC thugs ask what will you do if your not using their services tell them that you are praying for the immortal soul of Kaye Adams as she has clearly sold out her own people for the pleasures of the devil incarnate.

      They worry that they are dealing with a fundamentalist who demands truth and they can’t handle the truth. On the other hand invite them to to take you to the European Court of Human Rights where you will explain their perfidy.

    146. Grouse Beater says:

      Anybody my passenger in my car as I listened to the bullshit and ignorance uttered and shouted at the dashboard you’d be in stitches laughing – but alas, that’s BBC Scotland.

      If you are treated as if a second-rate country you get a second-rate broadcasting company.

      What else will it do but employ the second-rate? That way it’s comfortable in a sea of low standards.

      Will the BBC apologise for its presenter’s stupidity?

      Remember, she prefaced her piss-poor stewardship with the claim, “I’ve done my homework,” a remark aimed at critical cybernats, no doubt.

      In reality she had done no homework at all.

    147. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      The BBC and it’s westminster masters simply do not care if they are seen as biased. They can act with complete impunity because they are funded by the TV Tax.

      The only thing that will ever change their arrogant attitude and complete disregard for being balanced or impartial when it comes to scottish politics is when there is a strong, vocal and well organised campaign to end the TV Tax.

      That is the one thing the BBC executives fear above all else. An end to their grossly unfair TV Tax ‘license fee’ and finally implementing a subscription based system like so many other TV channels and services use.

      A subscription would not only be fair and far less costly to maintain and implement but it would also ensure that there is maximum accountability. Under a subscription based system if the viewers don’t like what they see they WILL stop paying for it without the absurd, repugnant and barbaric threats of fines and imprisonment that the current TV Tax employs to scare (often the poorest and most vulnerable in society) into paying for it.

    148. Stoker says:

      @ Tam Jardine (9.42pm).

      Aye, i think quite a few of us got the exact same response and i think it was probably down to the sheer volume of strongly worded complaints, on that issue, that there was a wee hint of success.

      That many people complained over that issue they simply couldn’t just sweep it under the carpet as they would most certainly have done had it only been one or two individuals.

      It will be very interesting to see what transpires over this ‘Call UKay’ disgrace.

      It may not be much but we need to do all that we can and we need to do it in large numbers. No point just whining about it.

      Well i’m off to work on my complaint.

      Goodnight, folks.

      Well done, Hoss, i’ll be taking this one all the way to the BBC Trust if i don’t get a satisfactory outcome. It breaks several of their own rules and craps all over ANY notion of “balance.”

    149. Stoker says:

      @ Patrician (10.34pm).

      100% Bang on!

      Night all.

    150. Lenny Hartley says:

      Dave McEwan Hill

      Like you, Im not happy with the change of tactics, however may be the smart move for the GE. If we get 40+ and can deliver devo-max then two things will happen which will make Independence a formality.

      a. People will see that Scotland can run its own affairs and is not an economic basketcase.

      b. They will see how much we are being ripped off for Defence and Foreign Affairs and demand that we do our own thing, QED Indy.

    151. Bob Mack says:

      Wuffing dog Could not agree more.

    152. Effijy says:

      Here we go again with my broken record.
      The petition below is from a group that have made errors but also claimed some substantial victories on the political front.

      They have gathered 86,000 votes demanding a Public Inquiry into BBC Bias, Anther 14,000 signatures guarantees such an Inquiry.
      Please sign it and spread it as far afield as you can.

      I feel certain that they employ a minimum wage worker to delete all complaints and send out one or two template replies of “you must be mistaken, we are correct” Thank you goodbye!

    153. Effijy says:

      Kay Adams main interest is in keeping her UK gravy train running sweetly. If keeping the SNP out pays the mortgage on a £1,000,000 home, cars, exclusive holidays, private schools etc, there is no chance of her considering a fair and impartial approach on her show. If she can perform well enough for the fat cats at the top they might delay their ritual dumping of female presenters who have reach their senior years?
      Oh the BBC denied that one too!
      Just ask Joan Baker and the bus load of others who were “released”

    154. G H Graham says:

      Instead of wasting your time writing to the BBC to complain, why not write a letter to the contractor who collects the license fee & ask them for a refund.

      You’ll actually get some money back instead of photocopied propaganda from the BBC’s complaints department.

      I spent my refund on a bottle of single malt whisky.

    155. Rock says:

      frazer allan whyte,

      “This is what the UK represents and this is the kind of person ruling Scotland from London.”

      We live in a rotten to the core system where the our freedom and right to a decent life have not been eroded by terrorists, but by our own Establishment for centuries.

      Being the plebs we are, we are whipped up into a frenzy about the rights of journalists to publish naked cartoons of someone revered as a prophet by more than a billion people, many of whom live in our own communities.

      The rights of journalists?

      Aren’t these the same journalists who published numerous untruths and ommited to publish numerous truths to defeat us during the referendum campaign?

      I don’t support any terror attacks but this story has been as overblown as the death of Diana, the ‘people’s princess’.

    156. gordon lynn says:

      Just sent her an email. …we shouldo all say something as if we don’t we are condoning her behaviour.

      Dear Ms Adams,

      as a passionate expat residing in Australia for the last 7 years (and still entitled to vote in the next general election) I was frankly dismayed at your recent display of a total lack of journalistic integrity during your “Morning Call” show during the session with SNP MSP Mark McDonald, and Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald.  You clearly portrayed one of two things, a gross lack of appropriate research (or an extremely short memory or both even I remember Gordon Brown talking about home rule and I am on the other side of the world!) Or a singularly obvious bias in your reporting which betrayed your obvious personal political bias or your wish to toe the (very tainted and worthless) BBC line.

      In some respects it matters not which. What does matter is that you have the opportunity and ability to correct the travesty that you proliferated in you collaborative attack on Mark McDonald that you executed with aplomb alongside Lewis McDonald.

      I wonder if you wouldn’t mind directing me towards the public statement and apology that you have since delivered that I am sure any valid journalist with integrity would have made following such a shameful display of bias?

      I look forward to your reply.

      Kindest regards,

      Gordon Lynn


      P.s. I will add that unlike the majority of Scottish people I am not distracted nor fooled by the worthless and destructive white noise churned out by the majority of the MSM in Scotland and in common with many expats are horrified by the disgraceful behaviour of the BBC. Daily your antics fuel a growing belief that the BBC is a circus under the control of the clowns.

      Sent from Samsung tablet

    157. Effijy says:

      With regard to the OKayUK show, would you consider one of 2 organised options?
      1. Nobody Listens, Nobody participates, Nobody comments anywhere about anything they discussed.
      Show just dies with BTG supporters talking about their favourite lie.

      2. We agree on a date where we call en mass, with false stories about what we would like to say, i.e. SNP bad could be a good reason to put you through, and on air repeat exactly what Gordon Brown promise across the whole range of UK media, and inquire why she deliberately lied about it. and badgered a guest who repeated it. Of course you will be cut off, but how nice to have a day full of callers all in agreement that she is a corrupt lier like her employer. PS The BBC log your given name and telephone number along with your location in the filtering interview, so you never get back on with that name or number, if you disagree with the party line.
      We could all do it again with a different name and phone number?
      Does anyone think a couple of hundred Wossers could arrange this?

    158. BrianW says:

      from an old article about Call Kaye:

      Q:- So it will be a show where listeners will have the opportunity to speak about issues that maybe aren’t getting press coverage?

      Kaye Answer:- Definitely. It is going to be a topical show and we are there everyday and we’re live so we hope that we are going to be very up-to-the-minute. But sometimes, although people may think that it is very interesting, the major news story of the day may not have any relevance to their own lives and on those days we would feel quite comfortable ignoring the main news story and discussing a topic that really strikes a chord with listeners.

      If only Wingers could have day like that on the Radio.. Discussing the topics that strike a chord with us..

      Another things is that Yes, the major news stories of the day can be interesting if they are told/reported with some truth Kaye..

    159. Big Jock says:

      There is no truth in the mainstream media anymore. BBC are the establishment. We were all guilty of inciting a revolution. The establishment thought they won. But Ian McWhirter is correct. They won a referendum but lost Scotland. The BBC thought they could go back to reporting on the golden spirtle and basket weaving in Unst, after the no vote.

      They don’t understand why we are nor back in our boxes yet. They are climaxed! So what now? Well just deny everything that was said and done during the referendum and stand up for Britain.Expect more of the same folks. Let them think they have won!

    160. Alex Clark says:

      Let’s all try and get on tomorrow. One of us might get through.

      Won’t hold my breath though, but definitely will give it a try.

    161. gordoz says:

      Now, if The National does not cover this BBC / Kaye Adams diktat crap then that’s beyond complacency.

      They’ve started they’re bias BBC / establishment coverage of the election from this point.

      What’s the odds of this appearing tomorrow ? Any takers ?

    162. bookie from hell says:

      Daily Record + Sunday Mail biggest sales fall of ‘nationals’ in 2014: DR -14% to 207k SM -16% to 231k(most Scots titles not in ABC stats)1/2

    163. TJenny says:

      gordoz – there isn’t a National on a Saturday. It might be covered in the Sunday Herald though.

    164. David Stevenson says:

      As far as I know, the National doesn’t print on a Saturday.
      Perhaps the Sunday Herald will pick it up. Or maybe Monday. Or maybe they will go with their own editorial.

    165. kininvie says:

      To all those thinking SNP people should be better briefed -Yes, in an ideal world….but

      The way the media works – you get a call at about 4pm saying ‘Can you put someone up for call Kaye?’. Then the media guys scrape around trying to find someone reasonably good who is free and available. There is simply not then time available to sit them down and run through every possible question, even if you knew what they were going to be.

      Add to that the fact that not every MSP you elect is going to be brilliant on the media, and the fact that it takes a big learning curve to be able to deal forcefully and accurately with a hostile environment, and you will see why it isn’t perfect every time.

      Contrast that with FMQs, where everyone knows it’s happening, and Nicola will dedicate a whole morning to absorbing the briefings her civil servants will have prepared. Not saying she has it easy – but in some respects she has it easier than an MSP delegated to survive in an early-morning radio studio.

    166. Christine Sinclair Kabashi says:

      Effijy that sounds perfect. How to arran e such a stunt? Im in. ordon Lynn, where do I send such an email?

    167. Graeme Doig says:

      Gordon Lynn

      Nicely done! 😉

    168. Grendel1970 says:

      Great point Lanarkist. At the end up the vote was between Independence and Home Rule.

    169. drawdeaddave says:

      Yous honestly think a flood of complaints are going to make one iota of difference to the BBC, While your complaining about the presenters/journalists that are shop front, do you not realise that for everyone of them, there are dozens with the same corrupt biased views behind the scenes, from producers and directors to customer service and complaints personal, there not so hidden agenda is inherently rife, and those souls that are not that way persuaded are soon weeded out or forced to comply. By all means continue to complain for the sake of your own sanity, but in the long term we have to make the good honest folk of Scotland question everything they see or read in the MSM before we can move on, and have the TRUE will of the Scottish people represented in the MSM.. EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION…

    170. A Nonny Mouse says:

      @ BrianW

      There’s a form of psychological torture/abuse/interrogation/mind control technique, commonly known as ‘gaslighting’ where the perpetrator undermines the victim’s sense of reality to the point where they no longer trust their own mind. The key is to repeatedly and persistently contradict or deny things which the victim knows to be true. This often includes saying or doing things and then immediately denying it.

      At first the victim may protest and argue, indignant at the blatant injustice or they may be so taken aback they dismiss it. Gradually, with repeated lies, denials and manipulation by the perpetrator, they start to doubt themselves and believe they must be mistaken or that they’re going mad. Eventually they lose all sense of their own reality and fall into depression, believing that the perpetrator’s version of reality must be the truth because it becomes too mentally exhausting to fight back.

      Usually the perpetrator has to be in a position of power already for it to work, otherwise the other person would (quite rightly) tell them to f&*% off and stop being such a lying ba&*^$d.

      The best way to deal with anyone using this tactic is to deny them their position of power, be wise to their trickery and call out their lies and manipulation at every opportunity.

    171. Patrician says:

      @kinivie, 12:39am

      That is an excuse that would have been barely good enough to fly in the later part of the 20th Century, in the the 21st Century it doesn’t even get off the ground.

      I have said before on here the time of the talented amateur is over, we need to present a professional face to the public. Some of the media appearances have been so bad that it would have been better to not put someone up. If the media officials for the SNP don’t know what they are sending their members into, perhaps the SNP should look at replacing their media officers.

    172. Rock says:


      “The way the media works – you get a call at about 4pm saying ‘Can you put someone up for call Kaye?’.”

      Then tell them to purr off.

      Force them to repeat on every programme “We asked the insurgents, we mean the SNP, to reply but they declined”.

    173. Rock says:


      “The way the media works – you get a call at about 4pm saying ‘Can you put someone up for call Kaye?’.”

      Then tell them to purr off.

      Force them to repeat on every programme “We asked the insurgents, we mean the SNP, to reply but they declined”.

      We will not get anywhere as long as we play according to their rules.

    174. Rock says:


      “Can I just say that Kay Adams is an idiot. Sorry, but she is. I listened to this and was gobsmacked at the collusion and lack of integrity from Adams.”

      She doesn’t have any integrity but she is by no means an idiot.

      The same applies to all our opponents.

      They wouldn’t have won if they were idiots, chumps and comedians.

      They are the nastiest and most disgraceful people in Scotland, but they are most certainly not idiots, chumps and comedians.

      If only if we could get that straight, we could give them the fight they deserve. We are too tame to them.

    175. John Moss says:


      Perhaps it’s time we supported online broadcasting.

      Crowdfunding would be a good start.

      Also, let’s have an open “Don’t pay the License Fee” campaing going on a “Can Pay Won’t Pay” basis.

      Stop whining and let’s get some action going!

    176. Gallowglass says:

      Does anyone bother to contact the BBC any longer?

      I think I made a complaint about something not long the ‘English Riots’ and didn’t hear anything beyond the auto response. For the life of me I can’t remember what is was, but I was clear in my complaint. Gave up, I think that was number 6 or 7.

      Would be interesting if you could actually get replies without having to break your balls to get anything back.

      I knew the probable strategy was denial as soon as I heard the ‘Vow’ being banded about. You’d have to have been living under a rock to have missed some of that coverage in the week up to the referendum.

      Let them make idiots of themselves.

      The fact that Yes turned 45% and Glasgow surprised us all is testament to the fact that their influence is declining.

      It will still hold strong in the elderly demographics I imagine, but even my granny surprised me. Still don’t know what she voted, but she was firm No then potential Yes. She commented on how the BBC would change it’s tact entirely from the morning, to the evening, having more time than myself to sit and observe the morphing stories and headlines.

      I think the referendum has genuinely turned everything on it’s head, bollocks to the BBC just don’t pay for it.

    177. thoughtsofascot says:

      SNPs need to start carrying news headlines of Browns referendum speeches with them to bbc interviews. Imagine the damage it could cause by just waving a headline in front of them the moment they try their hand at revisionism.

      Please, for the love of god SNP, don’t wander into the den of the enemy without taking basic precautions.

    178. KennyG says:

      This is exactly the same story as Jim Murphy on TV blatantly lying about party numbers and membership costs. Any self respecting journalist on the planet would be forearmed with the facts in order to credibly challenge any statement made.

      It makes you wonder who is really pulling the strings for these puppets.

    179. john king says:

      complaint raised with BBC Jockland
      on Channel 4 News, 8 September 2014. Gordon Brown can clearly be heard stating “A Scottish parliament with stronger powers, but equally a timetable that delivers it quickly ,now, We are talking about a big change in the British constitution (WHAT?) ITS LIKE HOME RULE WITHIN THE UNITED KINGDOM” Now, he is clearly heard stating home rule he goes on to state this stance in The Scotsman, The Telegraph, the daily Mail, and the Press and Journal, but neither Kaye Adams or indeed anyone in her studio had in fact heard or seen Gordon brown say this, she then allowed Lewis MacDonald to interrupt Mark McDonald for 20 seconds while he stated facts and MacDonald (who has a right to his opinion)said “of course he didn’t you just made that up I’m afraid”, now whilst People guesting on the “show” have a right to an opinion Kaye Adams does not, she is obliged to remain neutral when she clearly wasn’t when she allowed MacDonald to accuse McDonald of “making it up” when in fact there was/is mountainous evidence to the contrary, this leads on to the almost inescapable conclusion that either Kaye Adams and her team are incapable of doing their jobs, or are leading the charge for the labour party,

      WHICH IS IT?

      I of course expect to hear a correction offered by Kaye Adams on the next show.

    180. Mealer says:

      Kaye Adams was very unprofessional either through incompetence or mischievousness.Mark McDonald did OK under very difficult circumstances.He’s a sharp cookie and with a bit more experience,media training etc will excell.

    181. Ken500 says:

      There are 4 million people going into an election in May. The majority remember what was said, and expect it to be delivered. Unfortunately a Tory Councillor, an unelected Labour Unionist and a biased Radio presenters seemed to have forgotten and lie.

    182. davidb says:

      I have repeatedly stated I have given up on the MOT. I think a handful of things should be remembered.

      A hugely popular TV show gets about 20% of the audience nowadays. Most people are not listening to Radio Scotland, and many of us who formerly listened are boycotting. Many of those who still listen are not stupid, and can filter when they perceive bias and misinformation. So the messenger – increasingly mistrusted – is not held as highly in regard as it once was.

      On another note, I have experienced a funny thing in the past. I’ve had the radio signal interfered with as I have driven through some conurbations. Rogue DJ’s and pirate stations made the station I was tuned to unlistenable. I believe it is illegal, so obviously I condemn such disgraceful behaviour. But what would happen to audiences in big cities if the Ministry Of Truth signal was disrupted regularly by these bloody nuisance kids in the weeks before an election?

    183. Dorothy Devine says:

      I have stopped watching or listening to the BBBC news /politics output- I find they endanger all receivers in my house.

      It has been a waste of time complaining in the past but deluging them with complaint is well worth it.

      Agree with those who say any independence spokesperson should be well prepared for a hostile media – for hostile , biased , manipulative and lying it most certainly is.

      Nice though it would be to tell the BBBC to hing as they grow , it would be turned against them in broadcast with weasel words such as ” we asked for comment by the SNP/SSP/Greens et al but they declined” – that looks bad and well they know it.

      Of course they now have that nasty piece of work to help them and I’m sure he’ll feature both behind and front of camera.

      C’mon Scotland and all her people – WAKEY WAKEY to what is being done against you and your country.

    184. Dorothy Devine says:

      P.S I see the Herald has managed to put Murphy’s mug on the front page yet again,at least on the on line copy- I’ll check the stands later .
      Some spurious drivel used as the excuse.
      I don’t think a day has gone by without a photo or silly story about him.

      Big Dim Jim- fab!

    185. john king says:

      Croompenstien says
      “I’ve been away over the holiday and am fine thanks apart from the onslaught from Project Fear II.”

      He’d be away on a Caribbean cruise with the royalties from his appearance in the Greg Moodie strip Nana.
      Oh an before yea ask, a didnae miss yea btw 😉

      mutter curse mutter
      Badgerboydarling says
      “I think we should all call Kaye in the morning dont you? And let her know our views………”
      Ah hahahahah
      good luck with that.
      Gerry Parker
      “And this years winner is:
      TA DA!”

      Malky says
      “she never claimed to be a journalist. Surely…”

      “Adams started her media career as a graduate trainee at Central Television, concentrating on political and news journalism – her first coup was a one-hour interview with Margaret Thatcher. For the next few years, Adams remained focused on hard news when in early 1988 moved to Scottish Television’s nightly news programme, Scotland Today. She was one of the first journalists on the scene of the Lockerbie disaster in 1988. ”
      No excuses I’m afraid.

      Valerie says
      “Off topic, just read on my RT newsfeed that the UK has had to ask the US for help since the New Year to search for a Russian sub in Scottish waters!”

      here’s the original story Valerie
      and these are the planes Cameron pulled the wings off

      Anyone get the feeling that cameron’s destruction of those planes was (belated) payback for Harold Wilson’s crazy destruction of the TSR-2 programme

      Graham Doig @ 9.04

      I cant believe how close our separate complaints were, and I really didn’t read yours before I put mine in honest guv.

      Ian Brotherhood says
      “‘Gerry here, erm, well, yes, of course, as Brian knows, it’s neither whatnot or thereabouts, and notwithstanding the heretofore we must always muchly consider the upperdownwarding effects of the blerdenbog and halfenstaff…er, I think, therefore…close cover before striking and, er…’”

      I just felt the need s’all

      Karen says
      “Kaye Adams is a wretched patronizing little shrew who is more suited to the less intellectually challenging ‘Loose Women’. What a banshee.”

      Wow Im so glad a woman said that, if one of the guys had said it we would be fishing his b***s off the top of a lamppost! OOHH

      Shug says
      “even my old mum refers to her show as Tokyo Kay’s call in

      she should start with “London calling, London calling, London calling””

      HAW HAW!

    186. Meindevon says:

      What worries me is that this website, brilliant as it is, only really preaches to the converted. How do we get the Rev more mainstream? How can we get the Rev on TV more ( assuming he would be happy with that, of course).

      Mark Macdonald seems to have been unable to shoot these eejits down. Why? The Rev makes it look SO simple. Surely by now the Yes folk know what to expect and how to show the lies up. The worry for me is that they appear not to be up to it. If they don’t get their act together soon the GE might go the way of the referendum. God forbid.

    187. Clootie says:

      Meindevon says:
      10 January, 2015 at 8:38 am

      a) Have you looked at the viewing data for the site?
      b) When did you last do an aggresive live TV interview with a biased presenter. I thought Mark did well and remained calm.

      You are sounding like a troll

    188. Monty Faulkman says:

      jock mc X says:

      9 January, 2015 at 9:59 pm

      Is that not a much more viable opportunity than a tv channel
      or even a newspaper,
      Starting up a radio channel i mean?
      I remember a few years ago when that scotty mclue was at his
      peak, i could walk for two miles from my house and keep track
      of his show from the radio’s in cars and houses being played
      full blast.
      Radio is still a powerful medium i’m sure,..anyone out there with the savvy to get this going?


      Yes. Radio/podcasts much cheaper and easier to produce. I can offer voice over and editing/production. I’d say there would be an appetite for something to listen to which doesn’t make the blood boil. There seems to be a void now.

      On a personal,and slightly emotional note, I really miss the days when I thought that I could rely on the beeb. Perhaps it was never impartial or unbiased, but I was naïvely under that impression for so long that I really feel now that I’ve lost a friend. I feel betrayed and disappointed and a little bit afraid that things were not as democratic as they once seemed.

    189. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      I’m told (by someone I know and trust, and a No voter I think) that BBC pays people to phone in to Call Kay(e). I was told this happens if random callers are scarce, but…

    190. Tattie-bogle says:

      The Giant magic carpet that everything gets swept under examples “SNP spent a fortune building that holyrood building and those trams in Edinburgh. Labour done a great job bringing in free prescriptions and school meals and built the M74 extension and the new Southern general” what chance has the average jock and jeannie voter got when these lies fly around all the time

    191. starlaw says:

      KAYE HAW HAW would seem fitting. Mark McDonald seemed to be caught in a well prepared ambush. There is previous form on this. I guessed something was coming when I heard Lewis McDonald (the Willie Bain of the labour party)was also on the show along with the subject matter. Kaye,s show is mince. . I listen as its worth knowing whats doing, but cant abide her voice.

    192. davidb says:

      @ Monty

      Now that is a good idea. Radio Awaz broadcasts in Glasgow to a minority population. I’ve listened a few times and the ads are from Sweety shops and the like. So I’m guessing its not a hugely expensive thing to do. The problem is that its about 117 days til the election. There’s no time.

      Maybe we should be thinking long term. TV stations, newspapers, radio stations. All with long term horizons.

      I suppose its the next indy ref we should concentrate on. a 5 to 10 year plan. Get these elections out of the way but don’t lose sight of the ultimate prize.

    193. Muscleguy says:

      Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

      That is all.

    194. Early Ball says:

      I remember a similar incident with John Smith’s daughter and Douglas Alexander having a tag team verbal assault on a Yes campaigner. Forget the victim but will never forget the depth the BBC sunk to on that “Scotland 2014” programme.

    195. Meindevon says:


      I’m sorry, I can’t understand how you would think I was a troll. I am truly gutted that what I said could be interpreted that way. I live in England, not too far from the rev, and have to put up with a lot of anti Scottish comments and do my best at every opportunity to put folk right on the ‘scroungers’ and ‘English haters’ rubbish.

      It would appear by the comments that I am not the only one to worry about this.

      I don’t make many comments, and maybe now even less.

    196. gordoz says:


      “gordoz – there isn’t a National on a Saturday. It might be covered in the Sunday Herald though”

      — Spotted that after I sent it — So we can expect coverage on Monday ??

      But that raises another question – WHY NO SATURDAY EDITION !! If its going to be a serious contender for continuation, (Advertising etc ??)

    197. donnywho says:

      Don’t complain, there is nothing we can do on that front. When being interviewed make the interviewer the news ask them questions back. Russel brand does it beautifully. Get the bastards in the trenches with you because right now they are snipers for the status quo. Refuse to answer loaded questions without the interviewer justifying their point.

    198. john king says:

      Dont stop posting because of Clootie,
      some people see trolls under every bed
      Gie it a rest Clootie
      Meindevon is no more a troll than you or me and you know it!

    199. Croompenstein says:

      @Meindevon – You are a regular on here and are not in any way a troll. I happen to agree with you that we need folk like Stu on MSM programmes and papers he can only do so much on here it’s us who have to get the word out but it would be good if there were folk like him on these type of shows but there is only one Stu.

      Please don’t stop commenting as your posts are always good and it’s good to get a perspective from the south.

    200. muttley79 says:

      Blaming Mark McDonald for this incident is very harsh, and really beside the point. How was he supposed to know that the presenter was going to make something up in such a ludicrous manner, and then side with the SLAB drone? He simply would not have expected this situation to occur.

    201. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Meindevon Dont be put of with anybodys adverse comments,we know your not a troll,keep on posting your tuppence worth has the same value as with the rest of WE Wingers.

      WOS without BORDERS.

    202. One_Scot says:

      If the referendum coverage and political brainwashing that exists has taught me anything, it is that we now live in a Matrix type world, maybe we always have and it is only now that I see it.

    203. muttley79 says:

      I endorse what John King and Croompenstein have said. Keep posting Meindevon, you have as much right as anyone else.

    204. Calgacus says:

      Och, Meindevon, don’t let anyone get you down, please post as much as you like because you are making good sense.

      The snp gentleman was obviously poorly briefed and I for one am sick of poor performances on tv and radio.

      I also do not agree with dropping independence from the G.E. campaign. It is our “raison d’etre” and if it is dropped I for one will be looking for a party that does have it in their manifesto.

    205. Meindevon says:

      @ john king

      Thank you, John. That means a lot from you. I sometimes feel so alone down here when it comes to Scottish politics. The English are becoming more anti Scottish( a neighbour called across the Tesco aisles to me just before the ref that if it was Yes we Scots would all be rounded up and sent home) and, in their defence, it is because they are fed biased Unionist MSM completely and totally. I have to remind myself quite often it is not really all their fault. That comment from Clootie really floored me.

    206. Effijy says:

      Christine 12.42

      I posted a link earlier for the BBC Bias petition, on 14,000
      more signatures to guarantee a Public Enquiry!

      With regard to a mass phone in to the OkayUK show, we obviously need a respected leader to organise a date, she doesn’t do Saturdays, nor the National.

      We need an Alex Salmond, Rev Stuart to endorse any organised protest. I really believe that if we can fund Full page adverts in Red Top papers, or In the National, who should agree a discount for us as we are their readership, that shows the reality, the lies and deceit of the Labour Oil Fund, the news would then get out to the masses still watching BBC and reading
      the Record.

      Another Wosser mentioned a local Asian Radio Station in Glasgow.
      Perhaps this station and others might be up for us funding a few hours of Air Time? We can broadcast details from our wee blue book and articles from the WOS site, all backed up,
      and free from distortion by the UK elite.

      Rev you do magnificent work, and I don;t know how you find the time for this and hold down a full time job, but we do need someone with your profile to organise our fight.
      People would be happy to send their funds to you and participate in any action that you deem supportive of our cause.
      planned events

    207. crisiscult says:

      does the National cover stories like this i.e. misrepresentations by Unionists in whatever field, or is there a kind of ‘code’ for ‘journalists’ preventing any criticisms of other ‘outlets’?

      PS sorry for the overuse of inverted commas.

    208. Meindevon says:

      Thanks for all the positive messages. Appreciated.

    209. Bill McLean says:

      Meindevon – I was called a “coward” and a “liar” by someone on this site simply because I disagreed. Don’t let this sort of stuff get you down – everyone has bad days!

    210. Wullie B says:

      “Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”

    211. SquareHaggis says:


      Saturday morning sees a lot of wasted trees.

      Had to laugh, Tesco and ASDA both brought in new, smaller news-stands just after The National came out. Coincidence?
      There are eight slots for main titles ONLY whilst everything else needs to be ferreted out from around the sides, The National is usually invisible unless you are actually looking for it.

      Last Saturday some poor, anxious Daily Mail reader was frantically scooting round and round with a shopping troley searching for their preferred choice on said news-stand when she stopped and pleaded “can anyone see the DM?” – someone in the queue piped up ” widnae touch the DM wi a bargepole!” The reply was a pleading “I know it’s rubbish, only buy it for the TV” the retort, “widnae touch the TV wi a bargepole either”.


      As to Call K wi an E, anyone know if they fall under the BCC Charter (snigger)?
      After all, there’s no radio licence fee therefore different “rules” might apply?

    212. Anne says:

      Effijy, petition signed and shared on Facebook and Twitter.

    213. Bill McLean says:

      Wullie B – brilliant! I think!

    214. Paula Rose says:

      Soft soothing strokes for Meindevon.

      The opposite for Clootie.

    215. Molly says:

      Lewis Mcdonald , Jim Murphy , Kezia Dugdale, they all constantly interrupt . Not sure if it’s their media training or just bad manners but watch any programme they are on and that’s how they carry on. They did it during the Referendum and they’ll carry on doing it . No interviewer ever seems to say stop and let so and so speak.

      Yet there was a female caller who came on and quietly made her case which was more effective and recommended a BBC programme of all things( about the rich) than two politicians having a rammy. That programme is on Iplayer and clearly makes the point about Westminsters financial failures .

      What annoyed me more though was the shouty caller from Fife. Nothing works, nae body understands anything and it’s all the SNP fault of course. Not going to change this guys opinion about whose fault it is but to me, this is one of the bigger issues at the back of the Referendum vote. Whether he was a BBC plant or Labour activist or not, there are too many folk Ive met who come out with this kind of guff.

      It’s like they have no say in improving or getting involved with anything going on round about them.just happy to moan about it. They then take whatever their local paper quotes or papers like the Record as gospel . It’s how you get people to link what’s happening at local level to decisions often made at Westminster , whether that be who owns the land, welfare reforms or slashing the budget .

      I’m not saying the Yes campaign covered everything in magic fairy dust but there’s definitely a gap opened where there’s problems but something could / can be done and a negative we’re aw doomed attitude.

    216. Kenneth Shaw says:

      Just another stomach churner from the state broadcaster.
      Brought back memories of the Morning Call show in which a caller asked Jackson ( I’ll be at the barricades )Carlaw his views on the McCrone report. Carlaw stated he was unaware of it’s existence ,a breathtaking admission/ downright lie by a long-standing Tory . The presenter of the show then compounded the fact by stating that they too were not aware of such a document…next caller.

    217. Luigi says:

      muttley79 says:
      10 January, 2015 at 10:20 am

      Blaming Mark McDonald for this incident is very harsh, and really beside the point. How was he supposed to know that the presenter was going to make something up in such a ludicrous manner, and then side with the SLAB drone? He simply would not have expected this situation to occur.

      Agreed. I think Mark did a decent job yesterday.

    218. Chiterinlicht says:

      Apologies if already said above but the saddest part of this programme, which I lsitened to live, was that Kaye Adams bummed herself up by saying she actually spent hours researching this issue the day before.

      Clearly she isnae very good at research or is deliberately lying.

      Cannae believe she is getting more airtime.

    219. thoughtsofascot says:

      With regards to Mark McDonalds performance, i would have thought he would have learned by now Labour and the BBC are if anything, utterly predictable. The vow was a certainty to come up in conversation and it was predictable that they would deny what brown said. It goes against the Smith report, therefore it “never happened”
      I mean no offence to him, but a sharper mind would have sensed that coming.

      Ive noticed that this is a problem with some candidates too. Emails are being sent out about the selection of candidates, but in the emails I’ve recieved so far the candidates have been…shall we say…underwhelming. One talked about how he served the SNP for many years (does he want a medal for this?) while the other guys pitch can be summed up as vote for me because Im a long time member and i can use many buzzwords.

      Theres lots of new blood available. Why settle for uninspiring longtimers?

    220. Croompenstein says:

      Mark was ambushed and was caught on the hop. I went for a train yesterday morning and when I got to the station the trains were all cancelled, your mind starts racing about what to do and it takes a wee while before you come to a rational decision on what to do. This is pretty much how Mark was ambushed he would not have been expecting a two pronged attack about a statement which Brown had obviously made.

    221. Grouse Beater says:

      The BBC mindset is the problem.

      If a presenter who is loyal to Britishness, (whatever that is) and the Union, their natural instinct is to protect their belief, a mental knee-jerk reaction.

      You do that in a ‘balanced’ way by casting doubt on the veracity of the other side’s opinion. I, the presenter, cannot see it, therefore, it does not exist.

      Only it’s NOT opinion.

      It is somebody stating historical fact, so recent that no alternative interpretation can be attached to it. The incident in question is still fresh in the memory, has not been subject to rewrites, mishearings, and glossing down decades or longer until truth is obscured.

      Gordon Brown betrayed his kith and kin by telling them a lie, that ‘Home Rule,’ or as close as damn, would be delivered by Westminster in a timely manner.

      In that respect unquestionably he swayed many thousands to vote No on the understanding Scotland would receive substantial, I repeat, substantial new powers.

      He was in no position to guarantee that, and the weak person he is, took no part in their subsequent discussion and composition.

    222. Aidan says:

      Morning Call programme is heavily trolled by ConLab councillors (often from Aberdeen but sometimes other places).
      Wasn’t very much Mark McDonald could do as sorry to say he was being “bullied”. Worse this was by several concurrently (including Kaye Adams). Normally she would be leaping in to silence everybody talking at once yet on this occasion she participated.
      The show has become a mouthpiece for Scottish National Party bashers and can be painful to listen to.

    223. liz says:

      @Effigy – 38 degrees is a waste of everyone’s time.
      They have previously had a petition on BBC bias which gained huge numbers of signatures and then disappeared.

      WM do not have to pay any attention to a private company.

      The only petitions they have to pay attention to are UK.Gov ones.

    224. Faltdubh says:

      Lewis Macdonald is an odious wee toad.

      My only gripe with Mark McDonald in that clip is that he could have mentioned the most recent Devo Max polls from the post-ref and given exact numbers, but he didn’t know it was going to be a 2:1 situaion, but overall he did well.

      I’d love the SNP to sideline the been altogether, but that won’t help us long-term. Even if there bias shines through on near enough every political program, we need SSP, SNP, Green members on there showing that there is an alternative to “Jim Murphy’s Scotland”.

      McTernan’s appointment could be gold for the SNP and SSP on the election campaign. The excellent post on this blog with all McTernan’s interviews and soundbytes, angry e-mails, and general Twattery – will help spurn us on to vote SNP in May.

      Positivity remains. Spoke to a pal last night and he’s still on for May ;)this from someone who’s last vote before Yes in September was in 2001!

      Me – You stil politicaly active?

      Pal – Aye, a bity, but no as much as you. Still not got round to joining the SNP yet, or following as much news as I should be.

      Me – Och well, just hope you don’t go back in your box and to reading only the sports news.

      Pal – No worries about that! Even if I read nothing about politics. I’ll be doon the polling station on the 7th and marking the SNP vote.

    225. Ealasaid says:

      Since learning from this website that the management and many staff at BBC Scotland have held office or are members of the Labour Party, I have taken to mentioning this to people at every opportunity. If anyone mentions the news on BBC I drop this information in and say that I think they are still working for the Labour Party and tell them to listen to the coverage of the news.

      Many people, however they voted, were sick to death of the BBC coverage of the referendum and have not had time to forget. When I mention this I see them stop and take note. Hopefully they will listen more critically from then on.

    226. robertknight says:

      Kaye who?

    227. ClanDonald says:

      No-one promised home rule? But wait, I don’t understand, so how come all the lib-dems are declaring triumphantly that home rule has been delivered? They can’t even get their stories straight.

    228. Grouse Beater says:

      The trick is to cease playing the BBC interviewee’s game.

      Russell Brand knows how to handle it – with anarchy and protest. Bright lights and celebrity status don’t command his behaviour. And in his clapped-out where-did-it-all-go years, so does George Galloway.

      So long as we try to secure viewer respect by stoicism, following unwritten, unspoken rules of interview imposed by broadcasters and precedent, so long will truth get swamped.

      Stop being flattered just because you are the one chosen to participate in the debate!

    229. stepram says:

      What about the federalism / neo federalism comment? I don’t just want watery home rule I want a minimum of full blown Federalism and I though that’s what he ‘promised’

    230. Taranaich says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill: I have not been at all happy with the SNP tactic of going in these changed circumstances for delivery of “Home Rule” or Devo Max.

      I view it as preparation work for the next referendum: get as many powers as we can, show the sky won’t fall on our heads, and point out the duplicity of the Westminster parties. Seeking Home Rule/Devo Max is, I think, an excellent way to prove our abilities to the electorate – and when Westminster refuses to bother, well, then we can get on the path properly.

      @bookie from hell: Here’s a Blair McDougall yesterday
      To my usual SNP fans: Are you happy with Salmond giving up on fighting General Election on independence & instead arguing for devolution?

      As per usual, Mr McDougall cannot help but start with a lie – for Mr Salmond never started fighting this General Election on independence, much less “giving up.” From the start, his priority has been more devolution, even before he announced he was standing officially. How can he give up on a tactic he never adopted in the first place?

      Mr McDougall probably would’ve said something similar when the SNP got into power in 2007 and didn’t immediately declare UDI. “To my usual SNP fans: Are you happy with Salmond giving up on UDI & instead arguing for referendum?”

      @muttley79: Blaming Mark McDonald for this incident is very harsh, and really beside the point. How was he supposed to know that the presenter was going to make something up in such a ludicrous manner, and then side with the SLAB drone? He simply would not have expected this situation to occur.

      The sad thing is it’s going to keep coming. I remember a while back I was debating with someone, and they came up with a magnificent squirrel that took me totally off-guard. It was only two days later that I realise why I was so dumfounded – it was just such a stupid, self-evidently idiotic question that I didn’t realise how stupid it was. Meanwhile, all the Unionists brayed and laughed at the stupid Nat, strutting around the proverbial chessboard like the proverbial pigeon chessmasters.

      @Grouse Beater: Gordon Brown betrayed his kith and kin by telling them a lie, that ‘Home Rule,’ or as close as damn, would be delivered by Westminster in a timely manner.

      Not only that, he betrayed them by giving them his personal assurance that it would be delivered. Instead, he’s decided to retire as MP, and won’t contest his seat for 2015.

      Do people like Brown not realise that history will judge them for their actions? Does he not realise that this is his afterlife he’s talking about – not the religious/spiritual realm, but his legacy. His descendents. His family. Does he know not what he has done?

    231. lochside says:

      ‘Call UKAYE’ has been upgraded with more hours for the sole purpose of attacking the SNP and Independence.

      Kaye Adams is no fool and unless everyone on this site understands that the BBC has never stopped its prime role as State propagandist since 2007 in Scotland, we will lose the 2015 G.E.

      I heard some of Gordon Brewer’s Lunchtime programme and Sandra White had the same treatment, Margaret Curran and Brewer carrying out a twin attack. But it has to be said that White’s performance was shocking for a senior party member, unable to destroy Curran’s burblings and barbed comment about ‘supporting a Labour Gov.’ in reccruting the ‘1000 nurses’ posited by Murphy.

      And herein lies the problem: ostriches on this site who don’t listen or watch the BBC are missing the point, that the BBC are conditioning the 55% NO vote and the wobbly non-SNP YES vote (300,000-500,000?) to question basic facts, such as ‘did Brown actually want HOME Rule’.

      As I and many others on here have stated we are actually living through a ‘1984’ political brainwashing experiment by the ‘Ministry of Truth’ i.e the BBC.

      The SNP, of whom I have become a recent member, cannot allow the same feeble opposition to be utilised that failed the ‘YES’ campaign. They are the only organisation that can fatally wound the BBC. I’ve said before..Alistair Campbell and Labour managed to oust Greg Dyke, why shouldn’t the BBC attck John Boothman who is orchestrating the BBC’s poisonous policy?

      Fear of upsetting the establishment or ‘public opinion”applecart is pointless. This is a fight to the finish. We want and demand knock out punches on the political opposition in the media.

      If the SNP don’t take the fight to the BBC now, I predict the following:

      Murphy and co. obfuscating the campaign with more false and phoney pseudo socialist promises, e.g. more money for NHS, abolishing the football disorder legislation etc.; plus more media suppression of SNP policies and deliberate disinformation about the ‘Smith’, ‘Vow’ AND ‘Home Rule’ making them roll into a hazy unclear mess in Joe Public’s mind; more emphasis on the likelihood of SNP propping up a ‘prospective’ Labour government and by definition diminishing the SNP as a viable political force; following on from this, constant referrals back to ‘1979’ and predictions of a rerun of the ‘Nats’ bringing down the minority Labour party (stabbing in the back) because they didn’t get a deal.

      Please note Curran’s dig at White. They are already planning on setting up a compliant SNP support in Westminster after the GE to shit on them.

      We need unequivocal leadership and policies, with the most immediate of the SNP leadership having no truck with the BBC’s ongoing political bias. Any less and the dream will fade through wall to wall BBC-induced ennui force fed to the unsuspecting voters.

    232. thomaspotter2014 says:

      lochside says

      Spot on lochside .that’s the way it’ll play out if Snp don’t bite back
      No more Mister Nice Guy

    233. Paula Rose says:

      Clootie honey xx

    234. Rock says:


      “What worries me is that this website, brilliant as it is, only really preaches to the converted. How do we get the Rev more mainstream? How can we get the Rev on TV more ( assuming he would be happy with that, of course).

      Mark Macdonald seems to have been unable to shoot these eejits down. Why? The Rev makes it look SO simple. Surely by now the Yes folk know what to expect and how to show the lies up. The worry for me is that they appear not to be up to it. If they don’t get their act together soon the GE might go the way of the referendum. God forbid.”

      Appear to be genuine concerns which I too would and have expressed.

      Absolutely no trolling.

      Keep on posting. This site might be preaching to the converted but it is the best example of an uncensored platform of free speech in the entire country.

    235. william young says:

      preaching to the converted, possibly true but it does need to be hammered home in the hope that the message can be spread about the BBC tactics, on every level. the crap that was laid out by Brown and Darling throughout the referendum campaign has eventually hit the fan and it must be exposed in every way . the establishment have renaiged, end of.

    236. thoughtsofascot says:

      I am glad that I’m not the only one having these reservations about what the future holds if the SNP MSPs and MPs keep falling into these traps. Lochsides pretty much hit it on the head on this.

    237. Grouse Beater says:

      This site might be preaching to the converted

      In one sense, that’ true, but it’s a massive simplification.

      For a start, the site is read by many No voters, plus the keen-to-discover what Yes voters are thinking of the British Establishent. Journalists too are checking where their ‘homework’ needs brushing up.

      For another thing, a great deal of exchanging ideas and solutions are traded. Then there’s spooks and MI5 …

    238. Col says:

      Lets get marching again, George Square to Pacific Quay highlighting Westminster`s and the BBC`s stitch up of the election process and the continued bias shown in output. They want nothing more than for us to lie down and feel powerless. Well if the referendum showed us anything it`s that our voice can be heard despite us being ignored and we can take it right to their doorstep. The fight continues folks

    239. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Here is the BBC response to this issue which I got back today.

      Worth complaining just to put the boot into BBC Scotland as much as possible – they are under-resourced and have a very poor moral. The more complaints into them the better until they stop trying to undermine the democratically elected government of Scotland.

      Reference CAS-3094625-TM0H84

      Thank you for getting in touch regarding Morning Call presented by Kaye Adams which was broadcast on Friday 9th January 2015, and posed the questions: Do you want Home Rule and does the price of oil make a difference?

      We have received a wide range of feedback on this matter so the response below strives to address the majority of those concerns raised but may not address all of the specific points you have mentioned.

      We forwarded your complaint to the Senior Producer of Morning Call, who has responded as follows:

      In no way did Kaye attempt to mislead the audience over Gordon Brown’s stance on Home Rule because either she or the BBC have a particular agenda.

      During the debate with our guests; Mark McDonald, SNP MSP for Aberdeen Donside and Lewis Macdonald MSP, Labour member for North East Scotland, Mark McDonald stated that home rule had been exactly what Gordon Brown had been promising with regards to ‘The Vow’ prior to the Referendum. Kaye at this point asks the question: “I don’t think he used the term Home Rule, did he?”

      Immediately jumping in, Lewis MacDonald says ‘No’ repeatedly, denying that this was said. Mark McDonald then says that what Mr Brown offered was a ‘new federalism’- effectively Home Rule – which again Mr MacDonald denies. The conversation then moves to the support for home rule and from there back to the listeners calling in.

      From listening back to this section it is quite clear that Kaye is probing to clarify and asking a question, which I concede could certainly have been phrased more clearly. Both politicians then give answers of yes, no and also a “version of federalism”. This is not Kaye lying about what was said, nor is it Kaye making a statement that Gordon Brown did not offer home rule. Lewis MacDonald is in fact the person throughout this section who denies it was ever said or offered by the former PM.

      Morning Call is a fast and fluid programme and on that day we received over 70 calls, 18 of which got on air. As ever, the listeners dictate where the conversation goes and as we moved on we discussed; oil price volatility, the continued fallout of the referendum and callers in favour and not of Home Rule.

      Some 40 minutes and five calls later, caller Chris took the opportunity on air to go back to what Lewis MacDonald had said and told Kaye that he was certain that Gordon Brown had used the term, to which Kaye replied that she had found it difficult to get an absolute on it, but that she accepted that was what Chris recalled.

      We fully accept that in the lead up to the referendum, Gordon Brown said of proposed additional powers: “These proposals are radical. And we are putting them forward as a Labour Party. They change not just Scotland, but they change Britain. They move us closer, or as close as possible to Federalism as you can, in a country where 85% of it is one nation; England. They are equivalent of what Keir Hardie was asking for when he called for Home Rule for Scotland. Home Rule for Scotland within the United Kingdom, where we have powers over own affairs in these areas but still we recognise the benefit of pensions, health care, economic decision making, defence and security as part of the United Kingdom.”

      However, as stated above, it is our opinion, that Kaye is not attempting to mislead listeners within this debate. Any indications of bias on the part of Kaye, the programme itself or the BBC due to a particular agenda, are also without substance. That said, we acknowledge you felt differently and your observations have been noted.

      I hope that this goes some way in explaining the situation and that you will continue to listen to the programme in the future.

      Thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact us.

      Kind regards

      Jannine Matthews

      BBC Complaints

    240. BrianW says:

      Exactly the same full of shite reply i got..

    241. Stoker says:

      Ditto – exact same British Bullshit Constipation sent to me.

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