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What Nicola Says

Posted on May 05, 2021 by

…about women’s rights after she wins the election:

And what the truth is:

Just hold it in, girls.

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    1. Market Force says:

      “Vote SNP 1 and ALBA 2 so child molesters and Chicks with Dicks get access to female changing rooms and toilets.”

      “This will lead to women and young girls being sexually assaulted in places that were once women only spaces.”

      There, sorted that for you crazy, dyed in the wool Sturgeonistas….

      The Rev Stu says:-

      “So we’re making a plea from the heart. Spoil your constituency paper, readers. For children, for women, for gay people, for Scotland and for kindness”.

    2. jason kennedy says:

      To be fair, given what goes on in men’s public toilets, particularly those near parks, many men have already been holding it in for years or preferring to go against a wall.

    3. Stuart Campbell says:

      Women all over Scotland should start using mens toilets en-mass as a protest and keep doing it until this stupidity is dropped.

    4. Tony Hay says:

      I’ve always thought of myself as a “liberal” minded individual,but this gender pish is just right out of order.

    5. ianmc says:

      To be blunt I’m not too keen on having to use gender neutral bogs neither. This ain’t just about the wimmin.

    6. Doug says:

      Wait Edinburgh is only going to remove women’s toilets and make them mixed-sex.

      Why not leave the women’s alone and make the Gents mixed-sex instead? I’ve always said the true equality is allowing everyone to use the gents.

    7. Caledonia says:

      They are making it so easy to see their hypocrisy.

    8. ken hunter says:

      nice secluded toilets under trees. i am disgusted by this.

    9. Robert says:

      The big problem with public toilets is that there are too few of them. Never mind equality, first priority should be “enought”. Those most in need of toilets are elderly gentlement, particularly those with prostrate issues.

    10. Davie170 says:

      Rev Stu says:-

      “Just hold it in, girls.”

      That has to be one of the saddest and most honest quotes of the Sturgeon legacy.

      Because it sums up the reality of the situation.

      You’re going to get female woman and girls running from toilets and changing rooms from all around Scotland in utter fear, after they witnessed some Perverted creep enter their very own private spaces.

      That is what is coming down the line with a Sturgeon majority.

      Think before you vote.

      Don’t Vote SNP.

    11. Dave R says:

      NS speak with forked tongue – haud the front page!

    12. Robert says:

      Plenty of otrher countries have special provision for men in this category – Amsterdam is one. This provision is such as to make loitering impossible – there’s room for someone having a wee, that’s all – and that’s what’s needed.

    13. Doug says:

      Portaloo propaganda.

      She’ll happily talk about anything other than independence.

      Independence, first and foremost.

    14. LindyLoo2020 says:

      What about mens toilets? Are they being replaced with gender neutral loos too? If not, why not. Smacks of sexual discrimination.

    15. Thistle's Bristles says:

      Looks like Edinburgh needs a new council.
      How will a policy of “no females’ toilets” suit not only residents but visitors and Festival/Fringe/Hogmanay tourists? Stupidity, and an unwelcoming deterrent.

      Public protest surely justified.
      Something to collar candidates about, this election.

    16. Livionian says:

      Remember that the SNP don’t have a majority on Edinburgh City council. They are in a minority coalition with Labour. So for this to pass, it has to have the support of three or four parties by my calculations. I’d be interested to see how many councilors if any voted against this idea.

      This is a problem that is not unique to the SNP. Parties from across the political spectrum support this shit. It’s systemic. Yes attack Nicola Sturgeon, but this problem goes so much wider than just the SNP

    17. Russhobbs says:

      No No No No , this is so wrong stop this nonsense . I don’t want to go in a public toilet and some beardy bloke with lipstick and a rug on his heid ogling my privates .

    18. katherine hamilton says:

      Is it only the “Women” side of the toilets that’s being made mixed sex whilst retaining the “Gents” side, giving men 2 goes at the p*****g and s*****g. Or are all the bogs to be for both (or 3, of course).

      Quite appropriate this initiative is about a load of shite.

    19. Doug says:

      Here’s something perverse as well: the better SNP does in the constituency vote the better Alba will do in the List vote.

      Sad but true. Sales of clothes pegs rocket.

      Do what’s best for Scotland’s fight for independence. Over the centuries men and women in Scotland have made greater sacrifices than voting SNP/ALBA. Think yourselves lucky you don’t have to die to make such sacrifices.

    20. Neil Mackenzie says:

      Soon we’re going to need official translators to go around interpreting truth and honest expression into legally acceptable alternative terms. The pronoun police got a promotion.

      Yesterday, the SNP Twitter posted a video of a ‘celebrity’ quite clearly NOT saying “make it both votes SNP on Thursday” under a hard graphic banner unambiguously stating “Martin Compston says make it both votes SNP on Thursday.”

      It would be exactly as true and legitimate to banner the video with “Martin Compston says make it ALBA on the list on Thursday.” which he also didn’t say.

      It’s becoming a strange world where things that are simply not true are presented as indisputable facts right next to the physical evidence that they are indisputably false. There was once a time when such delusional interpretation was limited to comedic satire. It might be a bit funny if it weren’t so serious.

    21. montfleury says:

      I checked. The toilets will have no shared space. They’ll be unisex rather than ‘gender neutral’ like the Sanisettes in Paris.

    22. Heaver says:

      All due respect to you Stu, and you are due plenty (Wings Over Scotland Pavillion at the very least), the more anyone learns about politics the dirtier it appears. Much of it I’ve learned from your own relentless excavations. But we’re not going to be a thriving independent nation by being principled about getting there. Alba keeps independence right there centre-stage, and the more of us vote

      ALBA X
      SNP. X

      the more we control events.

      Independence gives us full control, and if we have to swim through the sewers to reach our destination, well so be it.

    23. Kingu says:

      “Independence first”, “hold your nose”. I’ve always voted SNP but as I’ve said lots of times. I’m out. I’m spoiling the constituency vote and voting Alba list. We are not getting independence under the SNP which are nothing more than troughing seat warmers. Mandate after mandate asked for and given gladly never to be used, we’ve been well and truly played. Get rid of Sturgeon and we might get somewhere. Mass cancellation of memberships is required, no more money for them to blow. No more of this GRA nonsense.


    24. Morgatron says:

      Wait to they get a guff of one if my farts.the will be nasal neutral.

    25. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I checked. The toilets will have no shared space”

      Where will people wash their hands?

    26. John Moss says:

      Edinburgh City Council is a public service you fund. It’s job is to serve you. What’s wrong with telling them that you pay the bills and to stop wasting your money on this rubbish.

      After all, you are in charge?

    27. Stephen says:

      You can’t even tell if her lips are moving.
      They are too thin

    28. Kev says:

      If these are like the ones in Dundee, each unit has its own sink and dryer, and are secure while locked. Everything is automatically cleaned after use.
      Honestly they seem preferable to open, single sex premises where anyone can just wander in, albeit they are expensive to use. Better for disabled people too I suspect.

    29. DJ says:

      Market Force – copy and paste till the cows come home but it’s still SNP 1 Alba 2. I will never give a unionist my vote. And too many have died for me to ever spoil my vote. And I will listen to Alex Salmond before I will ever listen to you.

    30. Andrea says:

      In all honesty, I can’t get up in arms about it. Mixed facilities are actually just a collection of cubicles. I have seen it at my swimming pool, for example, where the changing area has been mixed for ever (but they do have single sex toilets for some reason).

    31. Jontoscots21 says:

      Just watching Sky Adam Boulton. The horrible little Stoneybridge level former college bureaucrat/enforcer Oswald on Sky using the Covid card to hedge around a referendum. “At the appropriate time” , “we cannot pick out the exact dates in a global pandemic”. That’s the new language. But they have committed themselves to challenging Johnson. Alba need to hold these people to account. Even with odious social climbing numpties like Oswald,vote SNP 1 Alba 2

    32. aulbea1 says:

      It is no coincidence, whatsoever, that the Hate Crime Bill was timed to become law on Friday – 23/04/21- just before the Holyrood, 06/05/21, elections. As more of the people become aware of the betrayal, the powers that be are equipped to deal with “dissent”.

    33. Ottomanboi says:

      The genderist identitarian clique should have the oxygen supply of political power cut off along with the neo-fascist, globalist, corporatist tendency that provides the enabling funds.
      There has never been a better reason for Scots who value their freedom to vote wisely, vote ALBA.
      ALBA, the Rational and Democratic Choice….before reason, democracy and choice are subject to official cancellation.

      «It’s only because of their stupidity that they’re able to be so sure of themselves»
      Franz Kafka
      And as we know, stupidity knows no logical boundaries. .

    34. Stuart MacKay says:

      From the article: maintaining proper privacy and dignity and are cost-effective

      In any high traffic situation, cost-effective and clean are on the opposite ends of the universe. Women will simply avoid them.

      So even if you factor out the politics it’s still a shitty situation (metaphorically speaking).

    35. Ruby says:

      What about all the other toilets?

      Toilets in bars/restaurants/coffee shops/railway stations/shops/offices/factories etc etc etc.

      Will businesses get a tax payer funded grant to renovate their toilets?

      Maybe the SG should wait until the Covid economic crisis is over before thinking about GRA self-id.

    36. Lorna Campbell says:

      The Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre appoints a male CEO just as we are being told that letting trans women into women’s spaces and rights will not affect women. Aye right! Now this. Anyone with half a brain could have seen this coming, yet we are expected to vote for people with no brain at all, evidently, since they didn’t foresee this – supposedly.

      The truth is that of course they did. Stonewall micromanages every step of the campaign, not the stupid politicians. A white male would never have been appointed CEO of a women-only organization, so they choose an Asian man instead, and Bob’s your Uncle. Two no-go areas in one stroke: transgenderism and ethnicity. Hate Crime remember!

      This is going to end badly for the SNP however big a majority they get. Most of the trans women that women are expected to be nice to, are not trans women: they have neither transitioned nor are they women. They know they are not, but they get a kick out of making women feel uncomfortable and unwanted in their own spaces and rights – parasitical, anti human rights don’t cover it at all.

      Real trans women – that is, body dysphoric males who have either fully-transitioned or who wish to live their lives quietly and with dignity and mutual respect – would never invade women’s spaces, except, perhaps, to pee, and even then, they would never wish to hog the stage.

      It will be the autogynephiles and paraphiliacs of all sorts who will gatecrash women’s spaces and rights with delight, determination and demand – the non-women who know perfectly well that they are non-women but who get their rocks off on seeing themselves as women.

      I have written a letter to The National on the subject of politicians taking responsibility for the decisions they take and make on our behalf. Yes, you Nicola Sturgeon, Christine Jardine, Lorna Slater, et al. You know that the vast majority of the population are opposed to the usurpation of women’s spaces and rights, yet you force this stuff down our throats.

      Okay, put your money where your mouths are, politicians. Guarantee us that no women or children will be harmed, that no women will be sidelined in favour of a trans woman as a woman, that our rights, enshrined in international law, as are those of trans people, are not violated by a minority group, the majority of who are not body dysphoric, not transitioned and not women?

      If any of these thing happen, you, especially you handmaidens, you female politicians, who simper after these conmen, will be met in court by women you have betrayed. If you refuse to sign an undertaking of personal responsibility for your decisions, we will take it that you, yourselves, do not believe this anti biology, anti science nonsense. So, why are you pushing it? To save a bawbee in not having to provide third spaces while you empty the public coffers to fund Stonewall and its arms?

    37. Lost says:

      Take Nicola is OK with changing towels and tampons with men just lingering outside the cubicle then? Sorry to be crass but this is what it boils down to giving people the dignity to toilet as they need to.

      The poor souls at Colinton are losing all toilet facilities just because they can’t be changed to mixed-sexed. That’s logic for you. Even turned down offer of Community buying them.

      “If we can’t have male and females lingering together in toilets, then you can’t have any toilets. Will be replaced with adult nappy dispensers.”

      Better shut up and stop giving them idea’s.

    38. Stephen says:

      Isn’t it ironic that we find Sturgeon pontificating on the politics of the toilet.

    39. Confused says:

      Is this so women, so far cruelly denied, can enjoy the sweet-song of the gay-butt-sex-cottaging going on in the next but one cubicle?

      – will the cubicles have glory-holes?

      It’s not all bad I suppose – in the past you could meet celebrities and politicians like Tom Driberg, George Michael. Joe Orton.

    40. Jontoscots21 says:

      Angela Hackerty on Sky with Tory hipster hack Massie being asked about Ian Mac article. MacWhirter who is actually one of the few journalists who is not a PR hack with Mandy Rhodes and Kevin McKenna. MacWhirter is saying neither the Sturgeonites Greens or yoons actually want a referendum. Hackerty defending Sturgeon and saying that this time sturgeon will deliver a referendum. We’ll see but if you think MacWhirter is right it’s got to be SNP 1Alba 2 whatever you think about trans toilet strategies.

    41. James Che. says:

      One could almost imagine the first court case for hate crime.
      Mr & Mrs Donald versus the Scottish goverment.
      The Charge? Showing distinct Bias that lead to a hate crimes against its citizens.

    42. William Nicoll says:

      Funnily enough, when I was in Belgium once, I went to a public toilet. I was surprised when I found it was mixed. Nobody seemed to be bothered. Mind you that was Belgium 60 years ago.

      I also remember when visiting France about 25 years ago I was told the gents toilets were outside. They were, in the open and against a wall. People just went past not bothering about anything. I think the ladies toilets were cubicles somewhere.

    43. Kev says:

      In any high traffic situation, cost-effective and clean are on the opposite ends of the universe. Women will simply avoid them.

      Again, I’ve seen facilities installed about 3 years ago in Dundee which disprove that as a general rule. Even the one in heavy usage next to the place where taxis wait at Lochee is always spotless because the automatic cleaning seems to actually work. And they are definitely safer for anyone to use than anywhere with a shared space. Higher cost is the trade off.

      So I think this post is a bit hasty until the details are known.

    44. DJ says:

      aulbea1 – Anas Sarwar and Willie Rennie also voted for the Hate Crime Bill, not just SNP.

    45. Sharny Dubs says:

      Anyone who sees this as acceptable need their head looked at, it’s quite odious.

      However I believe NS is trying to throw this election, the prospect of Alba becoming a force to be reckoned with is very real and is feared by both SN and the unionist parties which tells you we have found the Achilles heal.

      Hold the nose and give SNP the constituency then Alba the list.

      I’m betting NS won’t last long in any case and under Cherry (or whoever) all this shit will be addressed, but first we need to put our champion Alba in the ring or we will not have anyone fighting for sanity.

      Stu I respect your opinion and have great admiration for all you have done. Forever in your debt. But sometimes you just have to trust that common sense will prevail.

    46. Ian says:

      Alba Party report SNP and Green Party election candidates to police over alleged ‘threats’ towards female members –

      Green candidate Bradley Booth suggested on April 11th on Twitter that he may go round “punching the fuck out of queerphobes”.

      It seems that after all this he is still a candidate for the Greens.

    47. Davie170 says:

      The gender issue is just one flaw in Sturgeon’s character.

      Please keep reminding yourselves of her track record since she started ruling the roost.

      Failure after failure and wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity.

      What the fuck does she have to do to make make the penny drop amongst the hard of thinking?

      She is a sociopathic phycopath.

      And her gullable followers don’t even see it.

    48. Cadogan Enright says:

      Two things

      STU YOU ARE PROFOUNDLY WRONG – Edinburgh is not SNP controlled – it has been Labour/SNP and LieDems/SNP. Damaging the SNP would still leave Labour and Lie Dems implementing the same looney policy – but without Independence. This abhorrent policy needs to be fought on a civil rights or human rights platform and with direct action. Not by remaining in thrall to a Greater England .

      Secondly, I (reluctantly) asked Alexa to tune in to BBC Radio Scotland and listened to their pre-election summary.

      The commentator was ostentatiously pro-Tory taking time to explain how Ross was being bullied by all the other parties and how Tory policy on privatising care of the elderly was actually right.

      Went on to say how embarrassing it was to see Salmond make such a poor showing in the election and how he could be expected to come in a bad last to George Galloway and that claims of media bias were all pish. Reminded me of why I campaign for people to stop paying the licence fee.

      SHAME ON YOU STU . – The blackout of Alba and Salmond is the issue you should have tackled in this election – Alex could have done a lot better with a bit more focus from Wings over Scotland

      Please God, Alex will get a seat tomorrow and leave the BBC eating their hats – and then have a chance to change the policy on Stu’s mono-manic mind

    49. Tommo says:

      Presumably Edinburgh Council will have officials of the Khazi Stasi on duty at each facility who will question you on your issues, feelings and proclivities before ‘assigning’ you a gender and sending you through the appropriate turnstile- 129 turnstiles required at the last count

    50. James says:

      77th Corporal ‘Market Force’ must be on stand-by, first in on BTL.

    51. Davie170 says:

      Can some sharp thinking Sturgeon fanatic please explain to me in easy to understand chunks, just how are the ALBA Party going to force Sturgeon to change the path she is on, or even more importantly, how are Alba going to bring Sturgeon to the Indy table.

      And one word springs to mind when I hear all these brave words, and it’s:-


    52. Cenchos says:

      God, today’s Fife edition of The Courier has a front-page pic of Sturgeon sitting astride a tractor. And it’s not even her husband.

    53. Ruby says:

      Cenchos says:
      5 May, 2021 at 12:15 pm
      God, today’s Fife edition of The Courier has a front-page pic of Sturgeon sitting astride a tractor. And it’s not even her husband.


      Is the Courier subtly suggesting that she is a ("Tractor" - Ed)?

    54. MacLam says:

      The first duty of any society is to protect the weak, the innocent, the vulnerable.
      What about children trying to use these public toilets?
      If we do not have protected seperate spaces for women and children then there is no society, as someone once said.

    55. Market Force says:

      James. 12.12

      Yes, of course James, it’s all my fault, or it’s all the Rev’s fault.

      Nothing is ever Sturgeon’s fault.

      At least my conscience will be clear when the first rape victims start appearing.

      Pity you can’t say the same.

      The Sturgeon fanatics blame everybody except Sturgeon.

      You’re in the “Indy at all costs” camp.

      And the “Wheeshit for Indy” camp.

      I am not.

      And to solve this problem of Sturgeon once and for all, vote Sarwar in the Glasgow Southside Constituency Vote, get rid of Sturgeon at the Polls tomorrow.

    56. Sharny Dubs says:

      Cenchos haha it’s the way you tell em!


    57. James says:

      William Nicoll says:
      5 May, 2021 at 12:04 pm
      “Funnily enough, when I was in Belgium once, I went to a public toilet. I was surprised when I found it was mixed. Nobody seemed to be bothered. Mind you that was Belgium 60 years ago.”

      William, in Belgium it is still the same situation including in bas and restaurants. Urinals for the gents and cubicle(s) for the ladies next to each other with shared hand washing and drying area. Works fine.

    58. James says:

      bars even

    59. Market Force says:

      Honestly, see when I see these words posted, 77th, troll, yoon, Unionist, and so on, I just think,,”what a fuckin wanker”.

      Because it shows you have lost the argument and so you lash out with the lowest common denominator.

      It actually makes me cringe with embarrassment for you.

      So childish and immature.

    60. robbo says:

      Am voting for two pro-Indy parties tomorrow .

      I hope that sticks in the gut of the Davie 170 , Market Force AND the rest of them lol.

      Get it roon ye

      Scotia Future X
      Alba X

    61. MacLam says:

      Nice to see Pirates included!

    62. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Can we presume that NS will make it a priority in the next session to convert all the toilets at Holyrood to single-sex gender ones?

      They need to accommodate IIRC 178 genders of chest-feeding bleeders, cocky-girls and other assorted humans formerly known as “women” or “men”. Each with their own requirements regarding pee velocity and angle…;-(

    63. robbo says:


      Get #AlbaRising and #voteALBA Trending

      By using the #AlbaRising and #voteALBA hashtags, you can help get the message out to potential voters today. So include them with every message and post you make.

      Here are some Alba Party posts to look out for and share today!

      At 4pm – Share the Alba Party’s takeover of Edinburgh Castle, the Defender of the Nation!

      At 6pm – The Alba Party will be beamed across to Stirling Castle.

      At 8pm – See the Caird Hall in Dundee lit up by the Alba Party!

      At 10pm – A final call for all Alba supporters to share tweets, posts, videos, pictures using the #AlbaRising and #voteALBA hashtags. Let’s get Alba trending!

    64. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Cenchos says: at 12:15 pm

      “God, today’s Fife edition of The Courier has a front-page pic of Sturgeon sitting astride a tractor. And it’s not even her husband.”
      Cheapskate – Ruthie at least had a tank at her disposel.

    65. MikeW says:

      It does depend a little how it is done, in there are single units with toilets and handwashing then i would think that might be ok. Though someone said is it just the women’s toilets or the men’s too? anyone know?

      Were I worked there was a unisex toilet that was basically the men’s toilet converted and a female only toilet, I never seen a female in the unisex toilet.

    66. Shocked says:

      When I read articles like this and the comments underneath I wonder how the New SNP fanatics can sleep at night…

      But then I remember these people are fanatics and nothing must come before the party leadership, I dare say even the first rape of a young girl by some pervert laying await in the toilets won’t change them, I realised long ago that the rights and safety of women and girls mean nothing to these people. Nothing but cannon fodder for the party leadership to pursue their agenda.

    67. McDuff says:

      The media are complicent in this attack on women by their deafening silence. Sturgeon should be forced into a tv interview and challenged on her self ID and woke insanity alerting the greater public to her madness.
      And if and when we get Indy the Scottish media in its present state will need to be addressed as we will be unable to govern the country under their relentless attacks.

    68. fraser reid says:

      you get these biker gangs that accompany girls into court when up against an abuser so they do not feel intimidated – maybe some of them could do the same at toilets? Bad idea ? I don’t think that a “woman”(man really) would then try to get into those spaces if they seen the security…..

    69. Liz says:

      Sturgeon lies about everything.
      She said, women’s single sex spaces were safe under the 2010 EQA.
      Then the appointment of Mridul to CEO of Edin Rape Centre.

      This is a fuck you from them to us.
      MW is legally male, no GRC, therefore ERCC is breaching EQA guidelines.

      As far Belgian toilets, I don’t GAF how everyone is fine about it.
      Women want SSS, and those that don’t care can piss in the gents.

      I used to work in a bookies, one toilet, you needed a nose peg and wellies to go in, so no thanks to unisex toilets and changing facilities

    70. Mist001 says:

      Has anybody seen the state of mens toilets? I don’t even use them if I’m out.

      Mixed sex facilities will be unusable by anyone.

    71. Breastplate says:

      Robbo @ 12:44pm
      Well done Robbo, we all need to do our bit and it will be worth posting again later.
      Hopefully the Rev will give Alba a bit of coverage.

    72. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Davie170 says: at 12:15 pm

      “Can some sharp thinking Sturgeon fanatic please explain to me in easy to understand chunks, just how are the ALBA Party going to force Sturgeon to change the path she is on, or even more importantly, how are Alba going to bring Sturgeon to the Indy table.”

      There are plenty of “sharp thinking Sturgeon fanatics” to explain it to you but as you belong to “Sarwars thickest of the thick” donkeys, there would be no point in it. 🙂

      You’ve less than 24 hrs to save yer bosses seats, sweetie pie.

    73. Scozzie says:

      I hope tomorrow gets a great turn-out for Alba. If you know someone still on the fence pick up the phone. Keep campaigning as every vote counts.

      What an amazing campaign Alba have delivered in a few short weeks. And to all those that clocked up the miles up and down streets – a massive hat tip to you all. Alba really is a grassroots movement that’s here to stay.

      Independence campaigners have got their mojo back and something to get behind – keep on keeping on no matter what this election brings.

    74. Edward MacD says:

      What we’ve got to do is continue to be active in pushing for Independence. At least we have another actual Independence Party to back. In 5 years time the SNP shall be cast aside, by Alba or another new Independence Party.

      In the meantime, we’ve got to kick up as much possible to get the SNP to actually fulfil the claims they make in their manifesto. All MSP’s are easily countable. Just point out that we’re sick of them, and their income is on the line. We want results for Scotland from the Billions they get from Westminster.

    75. Ottomanboi says:

      Feeling a wee bit trans and confused?
      Iran has the solution.
      And it wouldn’t cost the council a bean…’s halal too!
      Ma sha’ allah!

    76. Mist001 says:

      It’s believed by some that the British state rigged the referendum of 2014 so that yes would lose.

      If that’s true, then how easy will it be for them to rig the results of tomorrows elections?

      I’ll be surprised if Alba returns more than one seat.

    77. A wiman says:

      Putting the safefy risk for women and girls in mixed facilities aside for a moment, men and boys often piss all over the floor and on the toilet seat. Even at ‘gender neutral’ facilities at home, with a mother/wife to get on their case. Maybe to do with the physiology of it all…

      Women of course, need to sit to relieve themselves. So they will forced to sit or stand in pish. Then there is the dealing of menstrual issues.

      This is the progressive world of ScotGov.

      Do we have to bleed menstrual blood all over the lavvy seats before ScotGov accepts that biological sex is a material reality which cannot be ‘identified’ into?

    78. Confused says:

      this is real funny –

      a war started by feminists, which has blown up in their faces

    79. DJ says:

      Market Force @ 12.23 pm

      For your information – the Hate Crime Bill was supported by Anas Sarwar and Willie Rennie as well as many in the SNP. Work on the Gender Reform Act has been halted because of Covid. Since you feel so concerned about its implications, you will have plenty of time to lobby MSPs when business gets back to normal in Holyrood once the pandemic is over. SNP 1 Alba 2

    80. Ruby says:

      “And one of the other misconceptions at the heart of this is that simplifying the process of gender recognition takes away the protections and the safeguards women have under the equalities act-for example, access to single sex spaces. That is not the case.”

      Depends what you mean by women and by sex.

      Sturgeon believes men can magically change sex just by changing their pronouns.

      Sturgeon & her supporters can chant ‘transwomen are women’ till the cows come home but it’s going to be very difficult for her to get people to believe it.

      I predict trouble ahead for she/her!

      She/her is the weirdest feminist/supporter of women’s rights that I have every come across.

    81. JGedd says:

      Stuart Campbell:
      Women all over Scotland should start using mens toilets en-mass as a protest and keep doing it until this stupidity is dropped.

      Um, seriously Rev? You must have used men’s facilities. I have it on good authority that men are um, not always very hygienic and some can take take offence at doors and other fittings and want them off their hinges for some reason.

      Speaking as someone who can’t even bring themselves to use women’s facilities – which are generally unvandalized and quite hygienic – I might have some difficulty using men’s toilets. I use women’s facilities rarely and strictly only in cases of desperate need and…have you ever seen someone trying to open and close doors with their elbows? That would be me.

      ‘Holding it in’ it will have to be for me then but I will be cursing Sturgeon and her regiment of Woke Harpies.

    82. The Oui Coupar says:

      Morgatron @11.25
      Best laugh I ever had this year….nasal neutral.
      Have launched my new Zoom pronouns today
      “Coq / baws”

    83. Stuart MacKay says:

      The need for nose pegs are yet another great example of science denial.

      Men don’t need to pee all over the floor to make unisex toilets unpleasant for women to use,

    84. winifred mccartney says:

      The transgender person that is CEO of Edinburgh Rape Crisis should be sacked for misrepresentation and the person/s who interviewed her should be sacked as well – what due diligence/ background checking did they do. Very occasionally someone can slip through the net but once discovered action is taken – why has this been allowed to go on.

    85. Cath says:

      The crazy thing about this is it’s always, always more ladies provision that’s needed. Women take longer, need stalls, often have kids with them, have periods etc to deal with. Which is why there’s always a queue at the ladies but never at the gents. So why the fuck is it always, always, the women’s toilets that are removed to make “gender neutral” provision? Why not remove the gents instead?

    86. winifred mccartney says:

      Nicola’s solution to the problem – just remove all the single sex places for women – what problem – no problem.

    87. Frazerio says:

      Whatever happened to that chap Torrance who was once so prevalent on all things indy? I think he did a book on that unfit for public office chap thats stirring things up again. Why has he popped into my head when beardy men in toilets are being discussed. The brain is one weird organ eh???!!!

    88. Gary45% says:

      Got to feel sorry for women going into a toilet where some numptie has pissed all over the seat.
      Could be a case of “Pishin Impossible”
      Big shout out to the 77th,Yoon,trolls.

    89. JGedd says:


      Any rape or assault on a female that takes place in these facilities will be reported as a female crime. It’s already happening in crime statistics. The media and police have already been captured.

    90. Edinburgh Council is run by uber woke SNP`s Adam McVey,

      Adam McVey is like a mini me Nicola,

      he (i think it is a he/him) is in thrall to a small bunch of nose ringed transcultists and he like Nicola is frightened to cross them,

      even though he is throwing all Scotland`s woman under his rainbow bus.

    91. TheSNPLeftMe says:

      Mist001 doing his usual “waste of time voting”. He really doesn’t want us voting ALBA does he.

    92. Republicofscotland says:

      Right all you lurkers and undecided folk on who to vote for, I say again if you love and value the women in your life, be it, your Granny, sister, your mother, your daughter or your granchildren and great grandchildren, then for the love of God don’t give the Greens any of your two votes, the party is unelectable from top to bottom. What’s more the majority of the party doesn’t even support independence.

      Nor should you give your list vote to the SNP, who are up to their necks in destroying women’s rights, as for SLAB their leader Anas Sarwar couldn’t even bring himself to defend women live on the radio last Sunday, no list vote for them either.

      The Lib/Dems also backed the Hate Crime bill, which has more protection for men in dresses than real women, and anyone railing against men in dresses accessing women’s private spaces could be sent to prison for up to seven years as a hate crime. No list vote for Willie Rennie’s branch office then.

      As for the Tories in Scotland they want to roll back devolution, and Douglas Ross’s boss Boris Johnson penned a poem calling for the extermination of the Scots, so we know what the Tories think about Scots people, no list vote ever for them.

      No give your list vote to the Alba party, which wants to protect women’s rights, and help to create a more prosperous fairer Scotland via Scottish independence. Even if you don’t want independence at least vote Alba to protect your women rights.

    93. Red says:

      This is why I take a shite in the rhododendrons.

      Ruby says: Sturgeon believes men can magically change sex just by changing their pronouns.

      She also believes people magically become Scottish just by moving here. Whether they agree they are or not. She regards our nationality with all the respect and care one would a cheap plastic toy that comes free in a box of Shreddies.

      So we know she’s not a nationalist, because she told us so. I don’t know if Nicola is a “feminist” in any real, objective sense either. I expect Nicola believes in Nicola getting elected, Nicola getting paid, Nicola bossing people around, and Nicola saying whatever words she thinks will help her achieve those goals.

      Fly wumman, so she is.

    94. Shocked says:

      Nonsense Scott F, the snivelling little worm is one of them.

      Why are New SNP fanatics always trying to make excuses for the party leadership? Why do they always claim it’s no Nicola’s fault? Why must get always make excuses to give them another chance ? Why are they so unable to face the truth? Have they been so brainwashed they are beyond help? Or more likely, are they in on it?

      These New SNP fanatics are the true enemies of Scotland, they have stolen the yes movement and turned it into a Nicola Sturgeon cult. Hell mend them.

    95. wee monkey says:

      At 8pm – The Alba Party will be beamed across the Caird Hall.

      If they could take a moment to investigate the absolute cluster fuck that is Tayside Corona vaccination program that would be braw…

    96. Garrion says:

      There’s a misconception about Sturgeon – that she’s a good politician. She isn’t. She is a good campaigner, but she is NOT a good politician. As soon as she decided to be a politician is when things went pear shaped.

    97. Robert Graham says:

      Just how much evidence do sane people need , how many times has it to be proved she’s a fkn Liar what she says and what she does are worlds apart ,

      The media used to present her as the most dangerous woman in Britain they got it wrong Bawjaws just ignores her , but in Scotland as first minister she is a real bloody danger and I hope that the electorate gives her and her inner circle a right good bloody fright on Thursday ,

      I know Alex Salmond snp 1 ALBA 2 sorry Alex I can’t vote for this bent twisted bunch of freaks .

    98. boris says: Rennie – should be replaced with a better leader – shouldn’t be that difficult

      Previous leaders have stepped down or have been replaced while retaining the Party share of the vote at around 13%. Rennie took the Party to much lower levels achieving a vote share of about 4%.

    99. Jack Murphy says:

      Frazerio asked at 1:25 pm
      “…Whatever happened to that chap Torrance who was once so prevalent on all things indy?…”

      David Torrance got a real job as a Clerk in the House of Commons library.

    100. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here’s what Nicola tweeted, about an hour ago:

      Nicola Sturgeon
      ? It really is on a knife edge. If you want an @theSNP government and First Minister with the strength and experience to immediately get on with the job of leading Scotland through the crisis and onto recovery, please make it #BothVotesSNP tomorrow ? Folded hands

      Sounds pretty desperate, huh?

      The replies are worth a look.

      Feels like she’s been rumbled, big-time.

      Real anger.

    101. gullaneno4 says:

      Funny how when M&S did this in Ayr about 8 years ago it did not make the Wings headlines.
      Mind you they soon reversed the decision as both sexes felt uncomfortable with it.
      Some of the other sexes might have done as well.

    102. JGedd says:

      This happened in 2017

      Women tried to protest by using the men’s pool but were removed by police. The men’s pool is still exclusive for men. The women’s pool is, of course, still a ‘women only’ pool but you have to accept TWAW now.

      The message is, you can protest all you like, authorities won’t listen.

    103. John McNab says:

      Mist001 at 1.07pm

      “It’s believed by some that the British state rigged the referendum of 2014 so that yes would lose.”

      Other than by the unutterably stupid, it really isn’t.

    104. The Dissident says:

      @Robert Graham

      From my little reading on the dynamics of cults, I have understood that evidence means nothing to their members when laid next to what their leader tells them.

      That is why you cannot argue with them. It is worse than wasting your time because you will just make yourself (or rather let them make you) angry.

      The good news is that most cult members will eventually see the light for themselves and often very unexpectedly. You just have to wait for that moment then watch the various stages of grief play out. In some cases this process ends in the zealotry of the convert.

      Could the anger we are seeing from many during this campaign be part of a mass grieving process?

    105. Luigi says:

      On Saturday morning, how is the SNP going to justify their ridiculous “Both Votes SNP” strategy, when they end up with no list MSPs?

      That’s an awful lot of wasted votes.

      Oh of course I forgot – blame it on ALBA.

    106. Ottomanboi says:

      The Facebook Oversight Board…
      A classic he who pays the piper situation.
      Faux oversight, the way of the brave new world order.
      Global garbage in, global garbage out.,750×1000,075,t.u5.jpg

    107. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Looks like something weird going on with WOS..!!??

      New (OLD) thread from 19 April notified as new by email and also twitter, Kings over Spotland.

      “Living in Oceania”

      Have I been nobbled by the donkeys?
      A demo by the Rev regarding Niclas new Scotland?
      He’s updating his equipment and software?
      We’ve all gone mad. (at least I have) 🙂

    108. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Ian Brotherhood 2:08pm
      A recurring theme by the pollsters and broadcasters. Too close to call an overall majority for the SNP. So say, that would be 65 MSPs plus or minus two. I am an outlier I think 55 MSPs for the SNP. She/Her/Whatever have disenfranchised their traditional support. Some constituency shocks for the SNP sitting MSPs likely. A strange election that could yield unexpected results.

    109. Republicofscotland says:

      Ian Brotherhood @2.08pm.


      Reading some of the comments on Sturgeon the Betrayers twitter feed, I find it utterly bizarre as to lengths some of the Sturgeonistas will go to to defend the indefensible, others when confronted with the truth of which they are oblivious to, immediately go on the defensive.

    110. joolz says:

      Andrea says:
      5 May, 2021 at 11:38 am
      “In all honesty, I can’t get up in arms about it. Mixed facilities are actually just a collection of cubicles.”

      Nice to see you haven’t been filmed over a cubicle wall as you peed like the 10 yo girl in Dunfermline, or looked down while naked and getting dried to see a man’s face squashed in the space under the cubicle wall as I did as a teen.

      A Sunday Times survey showed there are more sexual assaults in unisex areas than single sex – and we all know the sex of the vast majority of victims.

    111. James Che. says:

      It would be nice to see a bit of support for the Alba party on here, at least their fighting for an independent Scotland sooner than later,
      Schrodingers Scotland, to poor to go it alone, but to rich to let go.
      That just about says all you need to know about the unionist position, besides they wouldn’t want to lose face, if the other half of Britain left them alone to face Wales and possibly Ireland wanting to leave them to,
      How likeable can you be as a goverment if every one wants to leave you.
      And that doesn’t count the countries that have already left.

    112. PaulaJ says:

      “elderly gentlement, particularly those with prostrate issues.”

      Does that mean they have to pee lying face down?

    113. Mikey d says:

      The toilet wall graffiti artists will have a field day.

    114. Mikey d says:

      James che. Spot on.

    115. Merganser says:

      Mikey d@ 4.47

      Do you have in mind those immortal lines:

      ‘It’s no use standing on the seat the crabs in here can jump six feet.

      ‘And if you think that that is high, then go next door – the buggers fly’

    116. Elmac says:

      Anybody with any intelligence who supports independence cannot possibly vote for a Sturgeon party candidate on the constituency ballot. Look at yourselves in the mirror before you vote,

    117. gullaneno4 says:

      BBC Laura has just renewed my faith in he BBC.
      ‘Have a look at the Stunts’ she said as Boris and a lackie cycle their bikes in a photo shoot.

    118. Don says:

      @Mist001 5 May, 2021 at 1:07 pm

      “It’s believed by some that the British state rigged the referendum of 2014 so that yes would lose.If that’s true, then how easy will it be for them to rig the results of tomorrows elections?”

      Will these sort of BS Conspiracy Theories ever stop ? 🙂

    119. Don says:

      John McNab 5 May, 2021 at 2:14 pm

      “It’s believed by some that the British state rigged the referendum of 2014 so that yes would lose.”
      “Other than by the unutterably stupid, it really isn’t.”

      Whoops 😉

    120. gullaneno4 says:

      I think the BBC staffers are ‘avin a laugh’ with bullshit bingo.
      We have Laura talknig about Boris’s Stunts’ and Gary squeezing a carefully worded Crankie into recent reports.

    121. paul says:

      I am old enough to remember that 5mill was a lot of dough.
      I have also been around to see the PFS blow twenty times that out of spite and malice.

      Let’s all have a good thursday the 6th.

    122. Paula Kelly says:

      Why not just build Trans toilets then ? and put a single trans toilet in pubs and restaurants etc. like they did with disabled toilets. There, everybody happy. Why should women’s toilets be compromised in any way ?

    123. Derek says:

      Those that are left. Edinburgh council have been busy closing and selling off public bogs.

      There’s a development going on on the site of an old NHS property between Ardmillan Terrace and Gorgie Road, as part of which the public bog built into the wall has gone. Another by-product of this; how’re the Tynecastle programme-sellers going to keep their wares dry?

    124. Derek says:

      @PaulaJ says:
      5 May, 2021 at 3:26 pm
      “elderly gentlement, particularly those with prostrate issues.”

      Does that mean they have to pee lying face down?


    125. John Martini says:

      The daughter of the cat catches mice

    126. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Back in the day, 70s and 80s, a pub on Dundee’s Hawkhill, called Frew’s, had what was called a “unisex toilet”. That is, there was one toilet. Used by men and, with another woman on sentry duty at the door, women. The system worked for years.

    127. PaulaJ says:

      “In July 1932, the Nazi Party became the largest political party in the Reichstag…”

      And we all know how that story ended.

      I’m afraid there’s not a clothes-peg large or strong enough to help me vote SNP in the constituency. If they get a majority, the current spineless lot will be superseded by even more woke and gender-extreme types and the new Scotland will be unlivable.

      Vote ALBA and pray for deliverance.

    128. PaulaJ says:

      “BBC Laura has just renewed my faith in he BBC.
      ‘Have a look at the Stunts’ she said as Boris and a lackie cycle their bikes in a photo shoot.”

      Yet she couldn’t bring herself to describe thus a couple of Labour types (Starmer and Rayner) exploiting the photo-opportunity to take the knee for BLM.

      I lost faith in BBC impartiality some years ago and haven’t renewed my licence since then. There’s plenty else to watch other than ‘live’ (there’s a misnomer) TV.

    129. PaulaJ says:

      RepublicofScotland says:

      “Reading some of the comments on Sturgeon the Betrayers twitter feed, I find it utterly bizarre as to lengths some of the Sturgeonistas will go to to defend the indefensible.”

      Amazing and disturbing at the same time, isn’t it?
      Cognitive dissonance is alive and well in Scotland 2021.

    130. PaulaJ says:

      A wiman says:

      “Women of course, need to sit to relieve themselves.”

      But, since men already pee all over the toilet floor (and seat), what difference would it make if we decided to pee while standing (other than ruining our best shoes)?

    131. stonefree says:

      Thinking about this stuff, it does occur to me this buggers up those with a penchant for ladies toilets

    132. David A. says:

      You can almost sympathise with the plight of people who have to do the practical stuff of building facilities. What do they do? Make a toilet for every one of the 200+ and growing genders? The government at the top and the media and corporate classes pressure them to accept this stuff so all they can do is make universal toilets. I’d imagine they could just eventually remove them or have a pit or trench dig and let people have at it.

      Alternatively they could have lots of small single booth types like those portable ones but fixed. All of this is pandering, of course.

      If you’ve ever had the pleasure of running a pub you’d know women make a fine mess of toilets too, though. So I don’t know why the men are being singled out. I know I’ve seen shit smeared up the walls, toilet roll holders covered in filth, piss everywhere, vomit everywhere, etc. Public toilets often end up just as bad or worse as the druggies and weirdos tend to flock around them unless the location really scares them off.

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