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What lives under rocks

Posted on January 24, 2014 by

When someone sent us a collection of tweets in the immediate aftermath of the Clutha tragedy late last year, we decided not to use them. It wasn’t for any great moral reason – we’ve previously highlighted despicable No-camp scumbags making political capital out of the deaths of innocent people – but we were just too sickened and sad (as most Scots were) to waste a moment’s thought on such human dregs.

As the Daily Mail ploughs on with its crusade against “vile cybernats”, though, it seemed worth pointing out for the record just what sort of a place the internet really is, and how pathetic its catalogue of mild swearwords and distaste is in that context.

Stop reading now if you’re easily upset.

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We suppose we should at least be grateful that BBC Labour pundit Ian Smart kept his mouth shut this time. Maybe to him it’s only unthinkable to try to use a tragedy to score political points against Alex Salmond if innocent people from Glasgow lose their lives in a dreadful helicopter accident, but it’s okay when it’s just a bunch of teuchters north of Dumbarton. We’re not sure what other rational explanation there could be.

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    95 to “What lives under rocks”

    1. desimond says:

      Some fine measured thoughtful posts there. The weather here in my alternative universe is warm and sunny.

    2. Alan Mackintosh says:

      I’m lost for words,

    3. Suzanne K says:

      Wow! The ‘Tommy’ tweet sums up how England still believes they subsidize Scotland!
      The rest is just utter vileness.(Is that a word?)

    4. Ken500 says:

      The minority shame Scotland.

      UK Health and Safety Laws are not being enforced by Westminster in Scotland. That is why people are dying needlessly and tragically in Scotland.

    5. Stuart Black says:

      We’re not too wee, we’re not too poor, but at times like this I wonder if we are, perhaps, too stupit.

    6. HandandShrimp says:


      Perhaps I am inured as I used to do battle on the old Yahoo troll boards where a jolly American chap threatened to put a cap on my ass simply because I disproved his figures but I really can’t get upset about the white noise of sad ranters on Twitter. However, that rather lengthy list is evidence, if any were needed, that the traffic is very much two way on this street and if anything the bulk is travelling in the opposite direction from the route we are taking.

    7. Ken500 says:

      Tweeters their minute of fame. They have certainly got it.

    8. Macart says:

      @Stuart Black

      When reading stuff like that you sometimes wonder if we deserve the right to govern ourselves.

      Just unbelievable.

    9. Pedro says:

      Some utterly sickening comments there.

    10. steviecosmic says:

      I think that rather well worn Orwellian analogy needs mentioning again. The instruments of the British state (the Daily Wail, BBC et al) are constantly and consistently telling us the precise opposite of what is actually happening, like an orchestrated horde of wee Winston Smiths.

    11. Ken500 says:

      Maybe Jim Murphy should have a word.

    12. desimond says:

      Anyone else feel that sense of WTF? when they see utter bile being sent yet the avatar picture is some smiling girl in a selfie.

    13. William Duguid says:

      Wow. Just wow.

    14. Craig M says:

      What this shows, is clear evidence that we really, really need Independence. Any of the above tweets or individuals highlights the intense lack of education and community among some segments of Scottish society. The bile and ignorance on display can all be tracked back to the negative aspects of the Union. We should feel sorry for them. I do. They are unfortunates, living in a poisonous bubble world. These tweets and the sentiment that they display should strengthen and encourage all right minded people to go the extra mile for Independence. This is Union bitterness on display. Independence will sweeten it away.

    15. Robert Louis says:

      Lots of abuse from what appears to be mainly pro unionist anti independence people – I hope Alistair Darling is proud.

      I demand that David Cameron tells these cyberbrits to stop being offensive and abusive, as they are damaging what would otherwise be a civilised debate.

      Tell you what though, it is a mark of the fact that Alex Salmond is a much better man than any of these online cyberbrit unionist cry babies, that you do not hear him complaining. Some of the nonsense and the depravity of the vile abuse that has been directed at our First Minister of Scotland, fair takes the breath away.

    16. Ericmac says:

      It would be interesting to do an analysis of these people.
      How many are in Scotland or Glasgow?
      How many are educated?
      How many are British Army?
      How many are affiliated or support some Red Hand of Ulster type organisation?

      Any guesses?

    17. Jimbo says:

      These tweets are the result of the demonisation of Alex Salmond by the Labour loving press.

    18. Training Day says:

      Anyone else sensing (apart of course from the usual Unionist suspects) a core BT demographic emerging of under 25’s who may or may not be poorly educated and/or have little experience of life? Was noticeable at the Greenock debate too.

      Anyway, I blame the vile cybernat running this website for a transparent attempt to discredit the entire BT movement (which has millions of people attending its rallies) on the basis of a few rogue individuals. We need legislation to ban him!

    19. Ericmac says:

      Religious bigots.
      Uninformed, yet opinionated.
      The Brainwashed.
      Not intelligent enough to understand UK political reality.
      Unconscious incompetents.
      Sand lice
      More rocks

    20. Doug Daniel says:

      I remember at the time a lot of people thinking the talk of “Scottish Resilience” was Salmond trying to be nationalistic, when in actual fact it was the actual fucking name of the police’s emergency response operation. Fucking idiots.

      I’m baffled. You can understand why people have such hate for the warmongering Blair or various Tory prime ministers who punish the poor for the mistakes of the rich, but the way these morons talk about Salmond is inexcusable.

      Just goes to show how visceral unionism is for these people. Independence will make them feel like they’ve lost a part of their identity – and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

      How can people be SO attached to the idea that their country is too shit to run its own affairs that they feel so much hate for people who say “actually, we’d be fine on our own”?

    21. Marion says:

      Truly depressing to think that people could be so horrible and so misinformed. These tweeters are not going to be changed by reasonable debate in the months remaining so I’m not going to waste a minute more on them, but I do agree that it is infinitely sad that they think and tweet such vileness.

    22. IainGraysSubwayLament says:

      It was certainly not limited to twitter.

      On outwardly ‘respectable’ political and betting sites that should really know better, there were posters laughing away and making vile jokes as the bodies were still being pulled out of the ruins. Those type of sick comments caused those who run those sites no discomfort whatsoever and instead they acted to silence anyone who found them beyond the pale. It is a mindset and a pretty disgusting one.

      It’s also the likes of the Daily Mail, the Times and the Telegraph are where some of the worst, sickest and most bigoted commentators can be found plying their repugnant hate speech.

    23. desimond says:

      Jimbo…well said.

      Ive lost counts the number of times, when someone has said “I cannae go that Salmond” and I ask “Why?”, they stare blankly and say “Err, just cause”

      When you start to list his policy achievements, protecting Universal Benefits etc, they nod in appreciation but then end by saying “I dunno, just something about him, I cannae go”

      That leads into the “Its not about Salmond or even the SNP” point but again, most of the time they just shrug or lose interest.

    24. HandandShrimp says:

      If Johann just said the word these people would stop. These sort of comments are precisely because she will not make them stop.

    25. Ericmac says:


      There is a new class emerging below working class, they are poorly educated, out of work and completely disenfranchised.

      It’s harsh but true. (thats not to say that all these twitters above fall into that category)

    26. handyandy says:

      wow that is some vial comments. i couldn’t even make it all they way down before being disgusted. How anyone can say things about another person like this no matter who they are.

    27. Taranaich says:

      Are these people seriously saying that “expecting casualties” is needlessly negative scaremongering when A HELICOPTER CRASHED INTO A CROWDED BAR!?! That isn’t scaremongering, that’s realistic. It would’ve been a miracle if nobody WAS killed.

      When a plane crashes NOBODY says expecting casualties is “needlessly causing panic.” When a natural disaster in a highly populated area happens NOBODY says it’s irresponsible to expect casualties without confirmation. If casualties CAN happen, then casualties should be expected.

      What, would you prefer they WEREN’T to expect casualties, and be surprised and unprepared to deal with that eventuality?

      Morons. Complete and utter morons.

    28. Stuart Black says:

      “If Johann just said the word these people would stop. These sort of comments are precisely because she will not make them stop.”

      Lol, when will the bold “Baron” Foulkes go public and condemn these pathetic creatures, cowering in their bedrooms spewing out bile? And Darling? Lamont?

      I won’t be holding my breath. #fuckinghypocrites

    29. Gillie says:

      Send in these comments to the Daily Mail

      news [at] dailymail [dot] co [dot] uk

      The more evidence they have of CyberBrit filth the better.

    30. Seasick Dave says:

      Obviously the Twitter irony filter wasn’t functioning that day.

    31. bunter says:

      Bliar McDougall and Alister Darling must be held to account for these vile cyberBritnats. Lets tell the BBC and Scottish newspapers so that they can inform the public of this outrage.

    32. Onwards says:

      It makes me laugh when you see these ‘Scottish, British and Proud’ logos.

      There actually seems to be a genuine HATE for anything Scottish – from the flag to the football team.. to any concept of self-government.

    33. boglestone says:

      Fucked up. My shit list just quadrupled.

      I hope none of those people plan on visiting Glasgow anytime soon. It wouldn’t be the wisest plan.

    34. Sandy Milne says:

      There is no such thing or someone called a Cybernat. What there definitely is, is CyberBritNats masquerading as CyberNats as part of Project Fear. That is the beauty of the anonymity of the internet.

    35. heedtracker says:

      I think this is pretty tame. For a benchmark, try attending any SPL match, for the last 40 years. There are some horrible people around.

    36. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Up until now I have regularly used the ‘too wee, too poor and too stupid’ jibe as a sort of jibe back at the pro union camp. I’m now thinking that having read that collection of bile Stu I may have to adjust this jibe and say ‘too wee and too poor.’ I don’t think after reading these tweets I can realistically still use the too stupid jibe, think I’d be lying if I used it.

    37. Tamson says:

      Emailing a link to this page to Darling’s constituency office, demanding an apology.

    38. desimond says:

      DO we just call British Cybernats – Brats?

    39. Will any of the above be reported, I think not so good on you Rev, as for Alex Salmond, he is by far the best FM we have had so far and the only FM who has put Scotland first.

      The CyberBritnats really do need help, brainwashed to the extent they think we can’t run our own affairs, to stupid, how can anyone shit all over themselves like that, shout about it and think it’s a good thing?

    40. Morag says:

      I wonder how many of these are actually Scots, though? I’ve seen a lot of seriously nasty anti-Salmond bile from newspapers BTL commentators who were obviously English.

    41. macdoc says:

      British Nationalists know they can’t win the independence debate with arguments, well because they are just wrong!! It is that simple in regards to whether Scotland would be better off independent or not, the evidence is more than overwhelming and it’s about time YES spokespeople start hammering this home. The only thing they have left is to lie, smear and vilify the SNP in particular Salmond with their compliant media and this is the end result.

      I really hope these people take a good hard look at themselves a few years after independence when their is a Pro Scottish Media telling the truth and they realise how completely and utterly brainwashed they were. Unless they are Brit-Nats of course only then they can they be excused for being so virulently anti-independence.

      You have to weep at the level of ignorance that 90% of NO voters going into the polling booth will base their decision on. If only they knew, what a complete bunch of fools they are being taken for.

    42. Atypical_Scot says:


      That’s it!

      End free speech!

    43. desimond says:

      heedtracker… i think if you try any Golf Club outing or Girlie Night Out you will hear variations on the same theme. I don’t think its all foul mouthed ruffian uncouth fitbaw fans up there.

    44. James Kay says:

      I can understand the sentiment behind this thought:

      “When reading stuff like that you sometimes wonder if we deserve the right to govern ourselves.”

      But think on it: if we vote NO, then we will still be in a political unit where these people are among those who choose our governments.

      (Sorry, I don’t seem able to turn off Italics.)

    45. creigs1707repeal says:

      This is the sad truth of the deep-rooted ignorance and tribalism we are up against. On the bright side, by the time most of these sadly misinformed individuals are out of their beds, the polls will have closed.

    46. heedtracker says:

      Hi desimond,take your point but as we can see from far right UK media like the Daily Mail or say Jim Naughty at the BBC, its the way they are used for political attack and gain thats problem for the referendum.

    47. Kenny Campbell says:

      Lot of young folk saying that stuff, not sure if thats a reflection of the idiocy of youth or the demographics of Salmond haters or just Twitter

    48. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Apparently George Foulkes doesn’t believe that anyone who supports the union sends out vile tweets. I read a tweet the other night that he had sent to someone asking them to provide proof of unionists sending vile tweets.

      I have, therefore, taken it upon myself 🙂 to tweet Mr Foulkes a link to this article with the intention that he will read all these non vile tweets and prove that he is right and we are all just imagining these atrocities.

      Hope you don’t mind me tweeting his Lordship the link Stu. 🙂

    49. heedtracker says:

      The first thing this kind of behavior does is deter people from the ref debate and politics in general, so get on it Daily Mail/BetterTogether/BBC etc.

      Also, of you do tweet your YES vote views, who on earth wants to find Daily Mail journalists on their door steps with cameras and personal questions that can be used to attack you in the Daily Mail? It wouldnt matter how polite or patient you are, you know same journalists will do everything they can to damage you, if you’re a YES vote.

    50. Gillie says:

      desimond says: “DO we just call British Cybernats – Brats?”

      The accpeted term is cyberbrit, see story below;

    51. CameronB says:

      Talking of fairness in the debate’s coverage, I am still waiting for acknowledgement of the BBC receiving this e-mail I sent the on Tuesday.

      Fairness in the First Year?

      To roy [dot] templeton [at] bbc [dot] co [dot] uk
      Jan 21 at 4:49 PM

      Dear Mr. Templeton,

      I am writing to ask when BBC Scotland intends reporting the recently published “Fairness in the First Year? BBC and ITV Coverage of the Scottish Referendum Campaign from September 2012 to September 2013”, John Robertson, University of the West of Scotland?


      C. Brodie

    52. desimond says:

      Indeed, I believe the term is “cannon fodder”.

      Im still sitting here shaking my head at the woman ranting “What about me?” on QT regards its unfair ‘they jobless’ are getting childcare aid while working folk dont. She rants for 5 minutes and then she is asked “And do you work?”..”Err well naw I dont, my man does though”. #Facepalm.

    53. desimond says:

      Thanks Gillie

      Will the arrival of Mark Carney, the man from The Bank of England who knows his onions, be known as a cyboe?

    54. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Desimond says:

      Im still sitting here shaking my head at the woman ranting “What about me?” on QT regards its unfair ‘they jobless’ are getting childcare aid while working folk dont. She rants for 5 minutes and then she is asked “And do you work?”..”Err well naw I dont, my man does though”. #Facepalm.

      I think Desimond that she falls into the Lamont grouping of “something for nothing.” 🙂

    55. seoc says:

      Each of these debauched scribblings just underlines the increasing need for Scottish Independence.

    56. bjsalba says:

      A threat to free speech?

      What about the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill 2013-14.

      It is more than a threat – it is about to become law!

    57. Les Wilson says:

      Your list should be sent to Jim Murphy, Lamont, Ruthie, Willie Rennie, Milliband, Clegg, Cameron, etc etc. and ask for their comments!

      I am sure many more lists could be compiled across the MSM and UK press at large, and with stuff they ALLOW!

    58. bunter says:

      Nice headline coverage on Real Radio of BAE Systems chief stating that Govan/Scotstoun will stay post indy. Jeez who remembers the wall to wall on all channels about this scare a few months back. Wheres the Chairchoob. Thing is if folk hear this scare debunked so quick, as well as the passport/British thing, surely they will cotton on?

    59. Papadocx says:

      Well GREAT BRITAIN certainly created this lot of mentally challenged sub life. Whatever the MSM BBC decide to vilify next, I’m sure you will find these same reptiles in full support again. Just remember who the cheer leaders are.

    60. desimond says:

      @Les Wilson

      I reckon someone like Alex Thomson at Channel 4 might be interested, he was all over forum abusive posts last week.

    61. bunter says:

      Im also waiting for a response from the same person CameronB. Think it will be long long wait.

    62. CameronB says:

      I’ll send him a copy next Tuesday, and then the next. I’ll be writing to his boss the next week, if I still haven’t received a reply.

      I can see the Daily Heil’s headlines now, “Dastardly Cybernat’s Coordinated Intimidation of BBC Employee”

      Only in Britain.

    63. Thepnr says:

      I agree with other posters who have said that the people posting these tweets above are brainwashed in some way. We all are to some extents a product of our environment.

      A lot of the tweets are sick, some are outrageous but all reveal the mentality of the writer which in the main is poorly educated and ignorant.

      This is just about the best that BT can hope for, to instil fear and hate into people in sufficient numbers that they can spread the message. It would not surprise me in the slightest if any of them who actually make it the voting booth vote Yes. Mainly they are posturing for their mates.

      The Yes campaign has a very high profile online, this much is obvious. They give arguments with a positive message, debunk the lies and generally IMO put across a good message and resist the urge to resort to abuse.

      The Yes campaign has little to fear from the likes of those posting their hatred of AS on twitter but Better Together have a lot to fear from those they have christened Cybernats.

    64. Proadge says:

      @ bunter

      Me too and me too.

    65. Andy-B says:

      Its a complete and utter mine field, with regards to vile comments posted on social media sites. Of course both side of the debate are guilty to a certain extent, of abusing leading politicians, but the no camp, have the backing of the newspapers to highlight the supposedly cybernat abuse, where as the yes camp does not.

      Neither side will admit to their supporters posting abuse, as to do so would virtually be an admission of guilt, in the eyes of the political world. The problem for the yes camp, is how do they get the abuse they receive into the public domain, as easily as the no camp do through the newspapers.

      It seems the only way as you’ve pointed out Rev, is through platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, ironically the places that the problems has arisen from.

    66. Grendel says:

      Clearly its time Johann Lamont reigned these people in.

    67. Johnnypict says:

      Is it me or do some of them not like wee Eck?

    68. Grendel says:

      Predictive text. That should read reined in.

    69. Andy-B says:

      O/T I do apologise.

      Jim Sillars and Dennis Canavan, both spoke at an LFI meeting in Glasgow, stating a vote for independence isn’t a vote for Alex Salmond or the SNP. These two once SLAB stalwarts could, be the making of independence.

      Another pair of Labour stalwarts who’ve given their backing to the independence movement, have a three quarter page spread in the Glasgow Evening Times.
      Alex Mosson and Sir Charles Gray, both spoke at a meeting in Glasgow last night (same meeting as Canavan and Sillars) both men spoke sincerely emphasising that the only way forward for Scotland, and SLAB was if a yes vote prevailed.

    70. Dcanmore says:

      into the heart of darkness … aka Govan

    71. Marcia says:


      Has Jim Sillars being cloned? He wasn’t at the LFI meeting in Glasgow because he was in Dundee doing the BBC’s QT. A poorly written piece by the Record.

    72. Big Red Machine says:

      Moral is at an all time low for me. I’ve had two very heated encounters at work this week with a number of NO voters and this is exactly the moronic rhetoric they’re coming away with. For example after trying to explain to two of them that a YES vote is more about democratic accountability and bringing Govt closer to home I was then informed: ‘Oh aye and that fat prick Salmond is gonnae pave the fucking streets wae gold and hand oot coonsil contracts tae workers tae lay the gold up and doon Scotland.Fat wank!’ As they laughed in unison I realised I had no words.

    73. Big Red Machine says:

      Look! I even spelt Morale wrong. I need a drink.

    74. Red Squirrel says:

      This is just sad – I’m all for free speech but have no time for pathetic playground level name-calling. Sorry I couldn’t read all of them, life’s just too short.

      Better to keep quiet and be considered stupid than to tweet and dispel all doubt.

    75. Dal Riata says:

      Those tweets just show the power and influence of the media in the UK. Many of those ignorant and abusive tweets will be from people who got their ‘information’ from the rabid anti-Scottish independence UK media that is still promoting it as being “Alex Salmond’s referendum”, or “Alex Salmond’s independence” (see plenty of this type of headline in the Guardian, for example), and their regular denigrating of Alex Salmond in articles with their “Alex Salmond accused”-type headlines.

      As desimond talks about above, I’ve come across people with an irrational dislike, even hatred for Alex Salmond and a “just because” attitude. I can only presume that it comes from the media and their constant vilification of the man. Where else?

      The print and broadcast media is still where the majority of people in Scotland and the UK get their ‘news’ from which formualtes their opinions, sadly and depressingly. A lie, if told often enough, becomes ‘the truth’. The UK’s media know this only too well. That’s why they do it.

    76. Arbroath 1320 says:

      BRM, perhaps this might cheer you up.

      I’m thinking we should all adopt this song as our anthem. I have already had it added to my phone and it is now my new ringtone. 🙂

    77. Thepnr says:

      @Big Red Machine

      Don’t get too down heartened, I have had similar, first time I raised the issue of Independence in a social club I was told “only a fucking idiot would vote for Independence” I replied saying the opposite was the case.

      This started a small debate amongst the group, didn’t win that day but our time will come.

    78. Graeme McCormick says:

      Time for Alex to invite these scribes to meet him. How many would have the guts to accept the invitation

    79. Papadocx says:

      Vilifying Personal attacks on ECK are the only thing BT can manage. And the give away to the whole sad, pathetic situation is whenever you ask what is the evidence against ECK you get the considered well thought out reply “he’s a wanker”. That tells you all you need to know about your opposition. Find a DK somebody with a higher level of intelligence and logic.

    80. Betsy says:

      I spent an idle hour compiling wee Storify of Britnat nastiness a few weeks back. I didn’t have to labour over it or search very hard for it and I’ve seen worse before and since. I don’t doubt there are some on the Yes side who’d be better staying off Twitter & other social media but for out and out nastiness and bile, it’s really hard to rival the No side.

    81. Jim Mitchell says:

      Rev, for those of us who hadn’t seen those tweets, thank you for posting them, maybe now the neutrals who come on this site can see what is really up happening out there!

    82. Kevin Brown says:

      I hold my hands up here! One of my tweets is listed in the name and shame! Unfortunately what I was trying to do was to quote someone else’s tweet and then I called the tweeter in question a disgrace and a wan….!
      Having re-read what I tweeted it does look like I have said what was said.
      A lesson to us all – Re-read before you tweet!

      Am off to delete the offending comment and if necessary completely eradicate my twitter account!

    83. Papadocx says:

      Why do the ENGLISH press stir up anti Scottish feelings. If they were to do the same thing on race or sexual orientation there would be hell to pay. So they pick the Scottish people to try and sow their poisonous seeds of division for their masters in Tory & labour parties, to gain succour and favour with their pay masters and protectors. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. The tragedy is there are proud Scots who support their attack on their own Country and countrymen.

      There are some sick worthless people in this world. THINK, JUST THINK

    84. Bill Walters says:

      This is going into dangerous territory in my view. There are idiots on both sides. I don’t believe a substantial percentage of Scots (Yes or No supporters) are braindead scumbags, so whether one side has more or less of them is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. The way to respond to the Daily Mail is to ignore it, not to sink to their level.

    85. Stuart Black says:

      Bear with me folks, as I am working in Norway at present, I am only now just catching up with Question Time on VPN. While I agree with Rev Stu about Sillars having something to contribute to the debate, I was also saddened to note his lack of response when the Action Krankie went into schmooze mode (around 24.50), insinuating that Sillars was telling the truth about things that Salmond was apparently obfuscating; the currency union seemingly being knocked up on the back of a fag packet, etc,etc; utterly unwarranted of course, but he accepted the compliments instead of shooting her down in flames, as she surely deserved. Shameful,IMHO.

      Incidentally, has Foulkes or Darling condemned the Britnat tweets yet, I’m turning blue here with the breath holding thing…

    86. David Smith says:

      Wish I hadn’t read that filth although there is nothing new, surprising or original about any of it. Proof that many in our land are just impressionable little children in adult bodies. I’m not sure I will feel happy sharing my country with such shallow and spiteful individuals.
      Hopefully they will leave for a country whose values more closely reflect their own.

    87. Extreme0 says:

      Alex Salmond did 9/11 to spread the message of Scottish Independence.

      That was easy, when do I get to be in the list Rev?

    88. ronnie anderson says:

      Rev, I was going to say ask Yes Sctland to compile their post,s from that Frid night,it started to take of at 10.05,1st one I read was,Helicopter crashes into a pub in Glasgow,they the (english)would be left with the clean up bill, there were many people posting the night that should have been NAMED & SHAMED & CHARGED.I hope your sending those tweets, to the paper & the press complaint,s commission.

    89. Geo says:

      @ Doug Daniel

      I didn’t know what Scottish Resilience was but I was not helped by Sky’s news anchor that night saying “Alex Salmond tweeted Scottish resilience…whatever that means” in a rather condescending tone.

    90. Greannach says:

      It’s instructive to see all that self-hatred projected on to Alex Salmond. If therapy services were private, there’s a fortune to be made out there treating quite a few people with quite a few problems.

    91. For anybody who wants to gain an understanding of the Scottish ‘cringe’, those tweets should be standard reading. It really does sadden me that so many of our people seem to enjoy wallowing in self loathing of their own country. We sustained 18 years of economic misery under Thatcher’s tories whom we did not elect; Blair and Brown then gave us an illegal war and the biggest economic crash since 1929 followed by yet another recession under a tory/lib coalition we did not elect – yet they want to turn on one of their own who is trying to encourage them to improve their lot. The Scottish psyche takes a lot of understanding. Wha’s like us? Indeed!

    92. cjmasta says:

      These are the symptoms of British divide and rule tactics. The British media have played a big part in this of course. A no vote will split this country for a long time to come and we can only expect to see more extreme British nationalism as a consequence.

    93. ScotsCanuck says:

      After reading that … I don’t think there are any words to describe the verbal vitriol.
      I hope to the Almighty that after this Referendum is over, YES or NO, we have no retribution because to this observer it appears ‘dark forces’ are at work manipulating the feeble minded.

    94. Big Jock says:

      There are some really bad people in this country of ours.They are hopefully the minority.Aggressive anti Scottish,probably anti Catholic,anti Irish. We have all come across them at some point.Ultra Brits.Shameful and embarrassing but brainless so not worth losing sleep over.I just dismiss them as pond life.Murphy,Darling etc are happy to collect their votes though.

    95. It just goes to show that some people’s mentality is well dodgy & the hate toward Salmond, what’s that about?

      Clearly like Big Jock says, these people are anti scottish. I bet they’ll not even look at the white paper.

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