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Unicorns over Cowcaddens

Posted on September 13, 2014 by

The below appears to be Magnus Gardham’s column in today’s Herald.


Braveheart will not be shown on TV until after the referendum, and thank heavens for small mercies.

Star and director Mel Gibson himself notes that the film is a “historical fantasy” and shouldn’t be taken as the accurate portrayal of Wallace’s life. And it isn’t even as an accurate barometer for Scottish independence, it’s a movie not a history lesson. And the battle today is about the future.

I was glad to see Ed Miliband and David Cameron looking more and more like Matt McGinn’s Two Heided Man. It might convince any Labour voters out there they would just be getting more of the same. It started with Thatcher, then the betrayal of New Labour, which brought us here in the first place.

In 1979 we had the chance of change. We voted yes and not only got nothing, but our industries were forced to close and the privatisation of our services started. Electric and gas suppliers. Phone. Prison service. Bus and train services. The Royal Mail. And don’t forget the 6,000sq nautical miles of Scottish waters now are under Westminster control. All done without the consultation or permission of the people of Scotland. And don’t even get me started on the fracking licence for Loch Lomond that’s lurking ominously in the shadows.

Now we have the political parties down south asking the populace to “phone a friend”, this is the new gameshow for MPs. “We want to stay millionaires”, and the media are in cahoots down here , asking people to make the democratic choice for their Scottish friends by phoning them up and telling them to vote No! If this is love-bombing, I’d hate to see them bare their fangs.

Better Together claiming the NHS is safe reflects the last line of Animal Farm, as they all have their snouts in the trough. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Mind you, as Johann Lamont, leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, has already stated: “Scots are not genetically programmed to make political decisions.”

The UK is set to lose £1,600 billion from Scotland’s larder per year. That is why they want to keep us, and keep us in our place.

And Dave, it’s not an election, it’s a referendum. We know what a referendum is. Scotland has been talking about it for about three years more than you have. And many of us know that the result is for ever, so we can kick the “Effing Tories” as you said so patronisingly in your speech, delivered to your slavering sycophantic supporters, and not the real people in the street.

It’s a chance to live in a country whose politics reflect the will of the people of that country. And William Hague admitted at PMQ’s that same day: “Giving Scotland more powers if it votes no is not Government policy”.

Gordon Brown says proposals, proposals, proposals. He can propose all he likes, but he can provide NOTHING. At least the timetable at my local train station tells me when the train is coming.

Do these proposals also include a promise to an end to boom and bust? If not, why not ?

Yet again, jam tomorrow: no idea what size of jar, no idea what flavour, but history tells us it will leave a bad taste in the mouth.

How many more vulnerable people are going to commit suicide due to welfare cuts?

How many more foodbanks are going to be opened?

How many more people are going to have to decide this winter between heating or eating?

How many more illegal wars are we going to be dragged into?

How many more of us are going to just ignore it and stay in a zombified trance?

How many more of us are starting to realise “It doesn’t have to be like this in Scotland?”

When a Westminster Government has barefaced lied and lied to us for generations, why would they expect us to believe more lies?

If I was non-British living in this country I’d be upset about Better Together and Westminster’s use of the term “foreigner” all the time. As if being “foreign” is an awful thing. And wanting to put borders up too. Disgraceful.

All day on the news, Labour politicians have been saying the SNP are going to promise the world. They seem so out of touch. Every day out campaigning, speaking to people about the referendum and independence for Scotland, no-one in the Yes campaign talks about the SNP. They are not mentioned.

The people of Scotland understand, what Labour cannot grasp, that this is not about one political party it is about independence for Scotland.

Scotland is a country in its own right but we do not have full powers to run it ourselves. This is a democratic process and the people have the right to vote for or against staying under Westminster rule, and abide by their legislation. At least 50 per cent of the electorate in Scotland want to be Independent which shows 50 per cent plus are unhappy being part of the United Kingdom.

It is not just SNP supporters but Labour, LibDems, Greens and people from all walks of life, doctors, teachers, business people and so on who want this. Let Scotland go in peace if that is what we decide. People who have felt disenfranchised for years have woken up, there has been voter registrations all over the schemes of Scotland, queues stretching around the block of people wanting to have their say. People who haven’t even bothered with politics for generations, they are waking up, they are questioning WHY are we like this, is this as good as it gets? How can we change it?

It is a referendum for No to lose, not for Yes to win. And No hopefully have lost it with its arrogance, cynicism, scaremongering, negativity and pure laziness.

The scare stories are getting ridiculous. Next thing it will be “Asteroid hits Earth if Scotland votes for Independence” or “IS to base HQ in Drumchapel if Scotland votes Yes”. We are not children, stop trying to frighten us.

This has been the most negative, fear-driven and insulting political campaign in modern history, and should be treated with nothing other than the total contempt it so richly deserves. The Scots have long memories. And the main culprits, no matter the result, shall suffer.

An entire nation has been rising to its feet before the world and your actions may make them whimper “Sorry! We can’t do it!” before sitting mutely and meekly back down to be a global laughing stock.

What effect did the Cameron/Miliband/Clegg/Prescott jaunt to Scotland achieve for the Yes campaign on Facebook?

Exactly 24 hours ago before the four horsemen of the Nawpocalypse arrived there were 263,087 followers on Yes Scotland. There were 5,333 more, at 5pm that evening, while the NO Thanks page had lost members. More people, when they find out the facts, are switching to a Yes. Inform and spread a positive message, hope always wins over fear.

The rest of the UK can also look to these actions and stand up and be counted as well. We shall be there for them, Scotland will not let them stand alone if we leave the Union. They are still our friends and neighbours and we can show them the way to change is through following example.

Scotland will be doing the whole of the UK a big favour by voting yes if it brings to an end the political cartel that has been governing us for the last few decades.

The Saltire is now flying over 10 Downing Street (and even the flag protested!), If it’s a No vote it will be folded up and put back in its box. Just like Scotland.

Which form of governance do you trust more with your future?Westminster politics or one you can have a hand and a voice in shaping for yourself?

If it’s a Yes vote, we may have shot ourselves in the foot for a short while before we re-emerge stronger.

If it’s a No, the bullet will be straight through the head and fired by Westminster.

We’re going out in a few minutes. But as we write this there’s no sign that the Herald has accidentally put the wrong byline on an Ian Bell piece or something. If not, wow.

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137 to “Unicorns over Cowcaddens”

  1. heedtracker says:

    Its a YES mole in the Herald, one of many.

  2. Brian Powell says:

    Maybe its iain McWhirter.

  3. Roboscot says:

    That is NOT Gardham’s column in the print edition.

  4. N Mackenzie says:

    It is an editorial botch-up as much of this is A Mcghee’s column later in the online edition.

    As much chance of Gardham writing this as Cameron calling for the slaughter of the first-born. Oh, wait…

  5. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    Someone has seen something and it seems to have rattled him. I think this is a good sign.

  6. R-type Grunt says:

    We really are down the rabbit hole now. Geez!

  7. heedtracker says:

    “It is a referendum for No to lose, not for Yes to win. And No hopefully have lost it with its arrogance, cynicism, scaremongering, negativity and pure laziness.”

    Gardham really penned this. Ha Ha. Still a historic UKOK mess though for the Great History of Scotland book’s footnotes.

  8. heedtracker says:

    Or this
    “Scotland will be doing the whole of the UK a big favour by voting yes if it brings to an end the political cartel that has been governing us for the last few decades.”

    Gardham takes his place as one of many UKOK shills and liggers. Next up, a BBC in Scotland news broadcast via dear old Jacky Bird or whatsherface Magnason, that actually is unbiased and neutral.

  9. handclapping says:

    I suspect cock-up rather than conspiracy and yes I have checked the date!

  10. Grizzle McPuss says:

    Someone get me a paper-bag, I’m hyper-ventilating with shock.

    Has the ‘groat’ finally dropped?

  11. Craig P says:

    That won’t be Gardham. I’d be flabbergasted if he’s ever heard of Matt McGinn.

  12. Dcanmore says:

    Herald has confirmed on Twitter there was a mix up.

  13. Big Jock says:

    Msm know what we all suspect the narrow no lead is a sham to rallie the no troops.I tell you Yes are going to take 9% off no on the day.The polls just can’t quantify the new voters and undecideds who are actually yesers.Otherwise why is Cameron briefing Asda its desperate.But still they don’t get us.We don’t care about Cameron ,Asda,London Labour,RBS. This is our time not theirs.We will not be bullied any longer this is a revolution of the common people.

  14. McHaggis says:

    Gardham is said to be recovering well after waking this morning and reading his online opinion piece. Medics tried to re-start his heart, but on finding he didn’t actually have one, resorted to a jump start from the ambulance battery.

    Seriously, its a piece that sums up why we will win.

    Just a shame for the Herald given I would have taken a subscription today if Gardham had actually written that piece.

  15. Brian Powell says:

    It is worrying that people from the Party who will lose 55 MPs, prestige and power are in charge of the Voting arrangements. Ordering 120% of postal vote forms, in case some get lost, they said.

    They have proven form in cheating the votes , with legal prosecutions and sentencing.

    The judge who presided at the trial in Birmingham, made 16 recommendations to tighten up the procedure, but only one has been put in place. He said, Birmingham was like a banana republic in the way it used the voting system.

  16. thorbor says:

    It has to be some mistake

  17. Grizzle McPuss says:

    Excuse my naivety, but who penned the original article…and why?

    Still, a useful script to refer to (by ‘Anon’)

  18. heedtracker says: because we’re so close, BBC top Vote Bettertogether campaigner’s Scotland, completely devoid of any actual native types. Strange days in UKOK media.

  19. alexicon says:

    Gardham is on moderating lockdown these days, don’t want nothing to rock HMS Britannia

    M&S has a Facebook page, about time we let them know how we feel.
    Don’t let them off with it or they’ll just keep coming

  20. galamcennalath says:

    @Big Jock

    Derek Bateman pointed out that there are 300,000 additional voters and 120,000 registered in the final month. He suggests they aren’t likely to want to vote No to save the Union.

    Those two figures represent something like 10% and 3% of the probable turnout!

    I also think there’s a chunk of Yes vote under the radar.

  21. JWil says:

    “Braveheart will not be shown…”

    The events of the last few days have turned this into a modern day Battle of Bannockburn with all the vengeance of the English establishment being turned on Scots.

    They unionists cannot be allowed to win this battle

  22. heedtracker says:

    Normal Herald ProjectFear service resumes.

    How does a scrounger region of Greater England voting YES for democracy kick off a second Great Depression Germany?

  23. Capella says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself! Amazingly succinct summary of the Independence message. Congratulations Mr Gardham.

  24. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    You gotta laugh at this 🙂 What intrigues me is this, if Gardham did not write this then who did? I was looking at the style and it has the hallmarks of Mr Bateman. No offence Derek!

  25. bookie from hell says:

    The scare stories are getting ridiculous. Next thing it will be “Asteroid hits Earth

    this quote is funny because article was written before sat papers came out,and they are WORSE

    can’t wait for the SUNDAYS

    ( : > )

  26. heedtracker says:

    Its still online
    The boys are all over in Edinburgh sliding into the sash, warming up the flutes.

    “Today, tens of thousands of Orange Order marchers are due in Edinburgh to show their support for the Union; the death of the former Democratic Unionist leader Ian Paisley is likely to make the event more poignant.”

  27. heedtracker says: Good day to say hello to Scotland’s future Prime Minister too.

  28. Free Scotland says:

    I submitted a comment on the Herald page, basically telling Magnus Gardham I loved him, and “welcome on board, brother etc.,” when the article was pulled and a wee message popped up saying the article was an error blah blah. It has been replaced by the usual gardham guff.

    But the Rev was smart enough to make a screen-grab.

  29. bookie from hell says:

    the police helicopter over Edinburgh refuelling as I type

  30. November13 says:

    Orange Order are good because they show Scots what we are fighting to cast off.Mother England and her majestys royal Britanic sycophants.

  31. Pentland Firth says:

    The Herald’s hilarious misattribution of this excellent piece to Magnus Gardham gave me the best laugh since the First Minister exposed Nick Robinson and the BBC to the world’s press as propaganda tools of the British state on Thursday. Keep it up, guys. We’re winning, and they are losing the plot.

  32. Murray McCallum says:

    Ha ha ha. What a good start to a Saturday morning. Great botch-up by the Herald. Mr Gardham still safe in his box with no windows.

  33. Big Jock says:

    The helicopter is so the police can pelt them with eggs and claim a big bird dropped them.Not likely to be Jackie though!

  34. galamcennalath says:

    So, are we concluding that this article was a ‘spoof’ of some description?

    ‘Spoof’ isn’t quite the right word because the rest of the Herald content would read more like a spoof and this article a vision of reality!

  35. rab dickson says:

    Screw up….it’s an Alan McGhee piece.

  36. fred blogger says:

    we’re going for it.
    we’re seizing the day, it stopped being about the snp a long time ago.
    this is a popular grassroots movement, the no camp have no answers for or to.
    we have proved we all want what’s best for each other.
    we have seen who we are, creative , hearty, passionate, generous, caring, honest, inventive, and rock solid.
    those given our vote’s will cherish, and respect, the great honour bestowed upon them.
    we have tasted indy, there is no taste like, it is energizing.
    the devil we know?, no! the natural state of a nation.
    they try to keep us frozen in the past.
    we have defrosted, we now create our own past, by shaping our own futures.
    we make our own mistakes, choose our own unions or pacts with other countries, dissolve borders to democracy.
    have our own unopened wage packet, bank a/c and cheque book.
    we spend our money on our infrastructure, feeding and housing our own people.
    as in denmark, no one too rich, no one too poor.
    we drink from the well of freedom, it is ours.
    no more subsiding the wealthy, no more wealthfare.
    bye bye WM, we can’t say it’s been a pleasure, cos it hasn’t.
    to the normal people of, we salute you.
    we know the difference between a tree and the shadow it casts.

  37. This article certainly reads a lot more like an Ian Macwhirter piece than a Magnus Gardham one.

    I would reckon some trainee sub has simply put-up the wrong story. Shit happens.

    However, that this appeared shows = somewhere within the Herald system this article lives. The question now is: will it ever appear in the print edition?

    IF, as I suspect, it was written by Iain Macwhirter – it certainly will.

    It might have been written by someone else and, given the tenor, could yet appear in tomorrow’s Sunday Herald.

    But, we know it is out there, it will be interesting to see what becomes of it.

    Remember – Shane Warne would struggle to get a job in the British media, he doesn’t spin things enough.

  38. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

    Just seen that the Herald have said that the articel was a mistake. Boo! It was awesome. Well done whoever it was that “mistakenly” accredited it to MG. I would have loved to have seen his face!

    O/T The new National Trust membership cards have just come through and they have gone with Bannockburn as this year’s design. Think I will forgive them for the hike in subscriptions for that alone. 🙂

  39. HandandShrimp says:

    Fantastic screw up though, a few of the No worthies may be in E&R after reading it 🙂

  40. Fiona says:

    I see that Osborne and Carney have changed plans to attend the G20 summit in Australia so they can be in the UK for the result

    Does anyone understand the point of that decision?

  41. JWil says:

    “And don’t even get me started on the fracking licence for Loch Lomond that’s lurking ominously in the shadows.”

    No doubt with Ian Wood getting first refusal on the licence in return for his grateful compliance.

  42. Kaspar says:

    Have just seen Jim Sillars wiping the floor with Maxine Mawhinney on the BBC news channel.
    They obviously thought they would get what they thought was some poor old duffer to make a fool of himself only to have the tables totally turned.It was actually laugh out loud stuff as she tried to get her propaganda sorry point across.

  43. JWil says:

    “Non- British foreigners”. They are talking about my son. I am offended.

  44. Ann says:

    Braveheart may have been a work of fiction, but the Defenders of Scotland William Wallace, Robert Bruce, the Bishop of St Andrews and others were not.

    They fought and won the Wars of Indepence against a vastly superior foe and we will do the same.

    The “wee folk” will once more win the day.

    …………… and I have never watched the film as the though of a titchy Mel Gibson playing the giant Wallace and blue painted faces, well just Doh!.

  45. Arabs for Independence says:

    O/T This puzzles me. Carol Craig has just been on Radio Scotland and I remember her trying to sell her courses and presentations on improving confidence amongst Scottish people. Her blog states:
    “Carol Craig is the Chief Executive of the Centre for Confidence and Well Being. She is author of The Scots’ Crisis of Confidence, Creating Confidence: A Handbook for Professionals Working with Young People and The Tears that Made the Clyde: Well-being in Glasgow. Carol blogs on confidence, well-being, inequality, every day life and some of the great challenges of our time.
    What puzzles me is why she went on the radio to tell everyone she was voting No – so much for improving the self confidence of Scots then Carol

  46. Greannach says:

    I wonder if we’ll be seeing much of the Better Together Orange Lodgers on TV today. Probably not, because for some reason they’re deemed more embarrassing than 100 Labour MP’s on an all-expenses-paid away day trip from London or a cuckoo claim from Deutsche Bank about democracy and the Great Depression.

  47. JWil says:

    Maxine Mawhinney. That must be the daughter of the politician. Wheels within wheels. Back scratching is everywhere. One more manifestation of corruption.

  48. Neil MacKenzie says:

    “Editor’s note: the original online version of this article was incorrect. We apologise for the confusion.”

    Is this an editorial version of “You’ve been fraped.”

  49. @Kaspar – is there a link to Jim Sillars sorting her out?

  50. Just caught a spokesman from someone involved in the money markets advising people to stick with their investments, no need to change their plans.

    Now that is a different rhetoric from what we’ve been getting.

  51. Ann says:

    Oh! and a brilliant piece… is that a Gardham changeling that wrote than? So not him.

    I think some thing is afoot.

  52. Kaspar says:

    @James Caithness-It was on the news channel at around 10.15.It would be good if someone could get a link to it as I doubt the BBC will be that keen on re-broadcasting it.Jim Sillars was on great form.

  53. macart763m says:

    That’s just got to be an editorial screw up. Or someone in pre press with an outstanding sense of humour. 🙂

    Either way, whoever penned the piece… 🙂

    Nae Fear.

  54. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

    Those loyal Scottish unionist’s are obviously comfortable with the idea of a part of England permanently positioned in the heart of Scotland. Because that’s what’s going to happen post a no outcome. England will not take a chance on any more threats to Falsane by declaring it and as much land and sea access around it they desire as a sovereign territory of the UK ( read England). Something they could never do in the whole of our history is lay permanent claim to any part of Scotland.
    How do you feel about that Scotland?
    Or are you really Scottish? you know like your ancestors that defied the scenario that you are so comfortable to embrace.
    Where do I resign my Scottish birth right?
    Pass me a sick bag please.

  55. Midgehunter says:

    So so, Nigel Fartrage came to the “Northern Territories” yesterday. He came, was hardly seen and scurried off.

    Hopefuly he’ll be the last of the intelectual giants to adorn the Scottish shores before the vote. 😉

    We still have to suffer the activities of the OO flea circus, they seek attention. Turn your backs on them, ignore them and let them fade away into history.

    ** Anyone know where I can buy a Saltire with YES in black contures on it. I’ve seen lots of them in the pictures but I can’find any to buy anywhere. I live abroad…!**

  56. Dennis Smith says:

    Not too soon to go O/T, I hope.

    The English health minister Earl Howe has announced that, for the sake of the UK pharmaceutical industry, TTIP talks “must not exclude healthcare”. See

    Vote No if you want to privatise the NHS in both England and Scotland and to boost the profits of Big Pharma.

  57. heedtracker says:

    Arabs for Independence, saw her in action too. She’s actual a deeply corrupt character for just trying to fear monger Scotland with this Graun attack alone-

    “Would that Fred Goodwin at the Royal Bank of Scotland, egged on by Scotland’s first minister, had heeded that advice as he drove RBS through an orgy of bank takeovers on to the rocks, leaving it 80% owned by the UK state. Would that the SNP might remember Seligman’s dictum when it tries to rubbish Sir Ian Wood’s cautious assessment of the scale of oil reserves still to be recovered from the North Sea.”

    This shill trying to pin the blame for one the most corupt banking structures ever created and all under Labour and Conservative government in London is just disgraceful or perfectly sensible. It all depends doesnt it but if this women is being paid to boost teenage self confidence using ferocious UKOK propaganda, well its just another day in quango land teamGB.

    Scottish economy, nearly 200 bn euro, Scotland sits on approx 3 trillion euro oil and gas, but then we have to contend with the City, Westminster and ofcouse UKOK propaganda merchants like Craig.

  58. Helena Brown says:

    Haven’t read all of the comments yet, but have to say if stuff like this is lying about at the Herald which then got posted, good on the person who ahem, made the mistake.
    Pity they did not realise they are in the toilet with their stance, but hey who cares, they will all be remembered for their stance on Democracy and will never be forgiven or forgotten because I am sure history will not be kind to them.

  59. Has anyone seen the ”new” statement that ASDA was supposed to have put out after being bombarded with shoppers withdrawing future custom.

    In our independent country I hope that one of the first pieces of legislation will be to ban the Orange Order.

  60. Indy_Scot says:

    Okay, what have you done with the real Magnus, and who is this imposter.

  61. James123 says:

    Wish someone had recorded Sky News paper review last night, Bonnie Greer got shouted down by both the presenter and other guest for daring to suggest there should be more balance in the newspapers when it comes to the subject of Scottish independence. It really was extraordinary.

  62. wingman 2020 says:

    Magnus Gardham had an epiphany of sorts?

    What the hell?

  63. chic mcgregor says:

    Absolutely no surprise re Carol Craig whatsoever. Her studious blaming of Scot’s lack of self confidence on themselves and ignoring the effect of the drip drip onslaught on Scottish culture and identity from the media which began with a ruthless cull of press and tv professionals in the late70s and early 80s which, IMV, resulted in a doubling of relative suicide rates in Scotland over the last 40 years, made her position clear. At least to me. I’ve had many a ‘discussion’ with fellow indies who didn’t get that though it did eventually click for some.

  64. cearc says:



    there were 10,000 made from crowd-fund. I think you would be very lucky indeed to find one now.

  65. Helena Brown says:

    Jast wanted to say I have come from Dunfermline Station, was passed by two young men who I would surmise are off to the OO parade given the tiny and I do mean tiny No thanks badge one had on. Now normally Saturday is busy at the station but not this morning. After walking the dog came back and the ticket inspector was scraping off a BT sticker off the ticket machine, it could only be one of them as I saw red white and blue on it.

  66. Indy_Scot says:

    A quote from twitter,

    “300 years is time enough to demonstrate that Scotland is a valued part of UK. Begging now, a week before #indyref is embarrassing. Stop it.”

    I wish I had wrote that.

  67. macart763m says:


    Here’s hoping that’s the only incident today. Whatever else happens people need to steer the hell clear of that march. Take fuel away from the fire and let it burn itself out.

    They came
    They marched
    They made no impact

    That kinda thing. 🙂

  68. liz says:

    Just read a few comments on the Rev’s twitter about some folk saying they have more than one postal vote – this is what terrifies me.

    The EC are toothless,

    The postal votes should be collected separately, then if it’s 90% No from them only it would flag up.

    Someone suggesting a deliberate ‘hanging chards’ in the US when Bush got in,

  69. Midgehunter says:

    @ CEARC


    there were 10,000 made from crowd-fund. I think you would be very lucky indeed to find one now.”

    Thanks for the info – maybe they’ll do a celebratory version soon …! 😉

  70. @icyspark – thank you for that. Good to hear Jim.

  71. Juteman says:

    If anyone is wondering why the Deutsche Bank made their statement, Craig Murray has a blog post up that might help answer that.

  72. Welsh and envious says:

    One of the authors of the Deutsche Bank report has a bit of a history of sensationalism. Bilal needs to rein himself in.

  73. john king says:

    What? what happened?
    did I miss something?
    Someone said Marcus Gardham has come out for yes?

    Please tell me its not true,
    My wife asked who is that man on the telly and I told her its Marcus Gardham he’s a unionist,
    do you lot know how long its taken me to get the wife to beleive I dont actually talk total pish,

    only for this git to switch sides, no Im sorry its not on he’ll have to go back and re write that with a bias no slant! 😉

  74. fred blogger says:

    what a great human being.
    i listened to the radio and the interviewer was trawling an economist from the USA to say anything negative about indy.
    like what will be the affects of indy on economy, “none!” he said, “the scottish economy is too small to make any difference”. see also their facebook page

  75. James123 says:



  76. Midgehunter says:

    As the OO flea circus is in town today, for fun I thought a german joke, which you all probably know anyway, might be appropriate.

    It’s actually a joke about Germans, from a German who lives in Poland and has his own show there.

    “Why do german men need two Viagra pills at one go?

    “The first one is for the right arm…?!! 😉

  77. Luigi says:

    Maybe Guardham heard about the latest academic report of the opinions of readers of various newspapers to Scottish independence:

    Daily Record 50% yes
    Sun 50% yes
    Mail 80% no (no surprises there)!
    Herald 75% yes (shocking, isn’t it)?

    Perhaps he has finally concluded that most of his readers don’t agree with him.

  78. Grouse Beater says:

    I love the way the Deutche Bank put forward their spokesperson with the most immaculate English accent for interview – and was duly given complete freedom to say anything he wishes without challenge.

    We are hearing the self-same screaming as blasted at us for the last two years, recycled but using loudhailers.

    Companies are NOT individuals.

    They DO NOT have the rights of individuals.

    They are one man with many individual staff, NOT one single, united voice.

  79. caledonia says:

    What i do not like either is that the bitter together can go on all day with the scaremongering and its not challenged but as soon as sillers said anything they all jump on it..

  80. Ann says:

    That was a really good show by Jim Sillars. He certainly didn’t miss the reporter.

    Such a pity that there was a rift between him and Alex.

    By the way, where has the BEEB put is Scottish Reporters? They seem to be few and far between just now.

  81. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

    Reads like Bateman – his phrases.

    Pity it is not for real.
    Let’s get it out there though.

  82. Fiona says:

    It is curious. Neoliberals. who put business people on a pedestal as the fount of all wisdom, often do so because they believe that those same business people have easily seen motivations and are upfront about them. They are intent on making profit for themselves and there is no confusion.

    That being so why should we listen to them as if they had some other aim? We know that bankers will happily impoverish us all in the pursuit of personal gain. We know that supermarkets have ripped us all off for decades, making excess profit through high prices and constituting a cartel to ensure that is unchallenged

    We are now to believe that they are worried WE might get poorer if we vote yes? I don’t think that is very plausible, do you?

  83. Croompenstein says:

    Just in, what’s on the box well knock me doon wae a feather.. a programme with Great British in the title 😀

  84. Seepy says:

    Carol Craig makes a living off people with low esteem and confidence. Of course she’s voting for the Union to continue

  85. fred blogger says:

    see wales for yes, post code map!

  86. Kaspar says:

    Ann-Re. Jim Sillars interview. I did particularly enjoy the slap down to Maxine Mawhinney at the end of the interview which was done in an extremely polite manner.

  87. Snode1965 says:

    Just seen Jim Sillars on BBC news. Made me proud to be Scottish! They just don’t get it do they? Could see someone feeding her questions. Sums up the uk state, unprepared and clueless! Can’t wait till PQ tomorrow!

  88. call me dave says:


    Thanks for the link to Mr Sillars. Enjoyed that a lot. Not a word wasted, concise and also stating the bleeding obvious for the hard of thinking! Taxi for Maxine (there’s a rhyme there somewhere)


  89. themadmurph says:

    HO! Ian Bell, get off Gardham’s computer! He’ll be raging if you get crumbs on his desk!

  90. JWil says:

    @fred blogger “…the scottish economy is too small to make any difference”

    Henry Kissinger, the greatest diplomat in the world, said something similar on Newsnight a couple of nights ago about the effect on rUKs international status if Scotland goes independent. He said, if England play it right it will have no effect.

    I don’t exactly know what he had in mind, but on the face of it have England ever played it right? The UK government are so incompetent in other matters that it’s very unlikely the will play it right on this one.

    The catastrophe they tell us, that Scottish independence will bring to the World, is just too ridiculous to give it any traction.

  91. Bugger [the Panda] says:

    The only thing that worries me is Voter Fraud.

    It has been mentioned elsewhere of a potential registered uptake of registration of over 90%?

    Embet the clown Prescot, who thinks we should have a united football team to beat the Germans, was the man who designed the postal vote system which hAs been so enthusiaztically used by Labour. Cf Tower Hamlets and Glenrothes.

  92. JWil says:

    Great interview with Jim Sillars, but it was obvious that the lady who interviewed him is hardwired into the unionist cause like many others in the media.

    Does they really think that the perception of the Scottish people is that this debate is all clean and above board?

  93. liz says:

    @Bugger the Panda, I know. I’ve mentioned it probably too many times – what can we do about, probably nothing.

    My daughter got a postal vote cos she was going to be on holiday and when it came through, it said on the front – if this is not addressed to you, don’t open it as it will be a criminal offence.

    What a joke – postal votes should either be banned or the system should be tightened up.

    Too late for this one, we will have to hope all is going to be OK.

  94. john king says:

    Help needed,
    the local street sweepers carts have no stickers all over them according to a post on facebook, this in spite of councils refusing to allow the YES campaign to use council property to hold meetings,

    Now surely this is a breach, who would be the best people to complain to? (cosla?)
    it would seem complaints have already been received by Fife council but I do not want to let these people off the hook by allowing them to self police, this should be addressed by a body who can/must take sanctions against this council!

  95. Do you think some ‘cybernat’ sub at the Herald did this for a wee laugh, imagining how Gardham was going to square this away with his Labour / No campaign controllers?

    Now this is out in cyberworld Gardham’s shredded reputation is now in complete tatters. What if he did write this as a mea culpa which was never supposed to see the light of day?

    Yes supporters can have a field day with this, questioning his true loyalties in the face of Gardham’s denials and his pro-Union reporting.

  96. JWil says:

    Not sure if it was my suggestion, but the Herald seem to have taken down their pay wall (I think).

  97. call me dave says:

    YES in the Glenrothes town centre folk queueing to ask & get their stickers. The Yesser’s could hardly lay out their stall and open their boxes before they were approached. Some WBB’s on display too although they have been going like hot cakes and supplies low.

    Was told that at the local college YES were a big hit, with badges and WBB’s being most popular. ‘No’, who were also there, had little traffic in comparison and their goodies were sparse.

    Hard ask in Fife to win, but YES is doing well, a good showing in the vote will hold the line as other places do much better.

    More new YES stickers on two near neighbours cars this morning.

  98. HenBroon says:

    Fiona said:

    “I see that Osborne and Carney have changed plans to attend the G20 summit in Australia so they can be in the UK for the result

    Does anyone understand the point of that decision?”

    I would call that contingency planning, if as we pray the Yes vote romps home, there will be immediate work to be done to contain the earthquake that will result. Neogtiations will begin at once. They are not expecting a No vote, or they would have gone away secure in the knowledge that their ratsd nerst in Westminster was secure for another generation. God help us if the vote is No.

  99. HenBroon says:

    ” ratsd nerst” = rats nest. Swollen finger cause typo, caught in anchor chain mucho sweary words and swallowing of Glenmorangie.

  100. Ann says:

    The Post Code map was very interesting.

    All Red South East of England. Then reds starting to thin out and virtually disappear from the West and then all blue from the North East of England on-wards, well apart from the two red dots in Scotland. Wonder who they were?

    ……. and 40+ years on, I wonder what Jimmy Reid would be thinking of his beloved Glasgow University today being on the side of greed?

    ………… and as for Fife Council a more rabid lot of SNP hating MP’s, MSP’s and Councillors you could not get.

    I keep asking myself “Why, Oh! why do we Fifers continually vote Labour”.

  101. S.McLaughlin says:

    Watched the demo from the bitters in Glasgow on the beeb there ,Seems they have deployed a new tactic ,Get everyone behind them with placards to block out the background ,Camera pans right they all shuffle round .
    I would say its like watching flies round a S**** but thats too nice a comment for the Beeb.

  102. S.McLaughlin says:

    Nae wonder there trying to block oot the background have a look at Buchanan Street .

  103. Nana Smith says:

    Wonder if these clowns are attending the last stand of the union….

  104. Nana Smith says:


    Not able to see your twitter pic. You will have to highlight the link.

  105. Kenny Campbell says:

    His account must have been hacked.

  106. Nana Smith says:


    Fantastic thank you!

  107. Lesley-Anne says:

    Excellent video of Jim Sillars giving Maine Mawhinney a kicking liver on air, in the nicest possible way you understand. 😉

    I see she tried to old sure fire method of interrupting Jim and paying dearly for it in the process. 😛

  108. themadmurph says:

    I noticed one of those in the background was an infamous Rangers fan Dark Mingwall as he is know to us practitioners of spoonerism!

    Also been told most of the rest either Labour or work for BT!

  109. Footsoldier says:

    For one moment I was about to subscribe to The Herald but sorry to learn the truth in time.

    Either the Herald website has been hacked or someone’s jotters are on route.

  110. liz says:

    @S.Mclaughlin – is that today in Buchanan St?

    BTW you can highlight a link and right click – it opens that way as well

  111. Jenny says:

    Protest against anti-independence BBC bias on Sunday 14th September 14:00

  112. Edward says:

    I would hazard a guess from this, that Labour themselves are in a chaotic meltdown.

    We are all very well aware of Magnus Cardham’s ‘style’ of reporting framed in synchronous orbit of the Labour party. Lets say much is based on what must be close sourcing of story’s

    So lets assume for one minute that things are getting a little tetchy in Labourland and the intrepid reporter is getting pulled in different directions from within Labour in order to satisfy the agenda of facing both ways at the same time (working with the Tories and attacking the Tories)

    I would hazard a guess that it really is getting idiotic to the degree that Magnus has had enough and has seen through the bilge is flowing from Labour.

    Fold into this the recent story of an Inverclyde Councillor coming out for Yes and by all accounts had to quit the party. This resulted in Labour not being in overall control, so Labour do what has become second nature in terms of self preservation and went into cooperation with the Tory’s.

    Add to that mix , what is currently just a rumour, that . not one , but two Labour MSP’s are about to ‘go over to the dark side’ and join YES.

    Now perhaps a picture is emerging, as mentioned of Labour in meltdown – actually more like thermo nuclear defcon 1, full 5 alarm meltdown! 🙂

    Also note that Labour doesn’t have much of a network in Scotland, which is why much of the support you’ve seen on the streets has come from England. (cue the Doors ‘This is the End’)

  113. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Wow! Everywhere I’ve been today Yes stalls and flags. Not seen any sign of No thanks except an abandoned jacket where somebody had given up or fled….. Congratulations to those organising what looks like a great street party in Rutherglen Main Street. It looks like the whole nation is out for Yes while the Orangemen are busy in Edinburgh. Even in Barrhead all bedecked by saltires. Jim Murphy will be spinning in his grave errm I mean battle bus.

  114. Capella says:

    @ Juteman 11.16
    You’re right. Craig Murray lays bare the rotten core of the Deutsche Bank apple and it’s chief economist.
    In a recent post, Craig praised the Rev Stu as the man who has done most to advance the YES vote. I think Craig deserves considerable praise himself for uncovering the seedy side of the British State. We will need a Hall of Fame after the 18th!

  115. Camy says:

    I’m seeing a different header on the Herald website…

    From a relaxed walkabout with Charles Kennedy in Glasgow’s west end to Ed Miliband earnestly rallying supporters in an airless community hall in Cumbernauld, from Gordon Brown’s furious denunciation of the Yes campaign in a cramped Labour Party meeting room to a panicky pledge from Johann Lamont, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie to agree further powers for Holyrood, the referendum battle is passing in a blur.

  116. ScottieDog says:

    Anyone fancy a go at this – adapted Tracy Chapman. Sadly I lack the guitar skills and my vocals wouldn’t do it – not without an operation! Feel free to change words 🙂

    Don’t you know they’re talking about devolution
    more than a whisper
    Don’t you know they’re talking about devolution
    More than a whisper

    Now they’re are laughing in The lords this time
    Television beaming propaganda to the nation
    Now we whine disputing what was signed
    Sitting around, waiting for explanations

    Didnt you know they lied about devolution
    Sounds like a whisper

    Why didn’t people wise up and claim their share
    Why didn’t people rise up and take what was there’s.

    Now we’re never gonna run run run run run run run run run run run run
    No we’re never gonna run run run run run run run run run run run run

    ‘Cause finally the tables are starting to turn, forget about devolution
    ‘Cause finally the tables are starting to turn, forget about devolution, oh yeah
    Forget about devolution,

    Or we’ll be standing in the foodbank lines
    Arming up our children just to crush another nation
    Wasting time in the unemployment lines
    Heading down to London on a notion

    Don’t you know, we don’t need a revolution
    Just a YES vote
    And finally the tables are starting to turn forget about devolution
    Yes, finally the tables are starting to turn, forget about devolution, oh yeah,
    A waste of time devolution, forget about devolution….

  117. Andy-B says:

    I don’t know what to say, has Magnus had a “Road to Damascus” moment, I sincerely hope so, whoever wrote that column, knows that YES, is the way forward.

  118. Andy-B says:

    54% NO

    46% YES
    This is the result of the latest Survation poll carried out by Better Together, do I believe it? NO WAY!

  119. Muscleguy says:


    Gideon and Mr Carney have to be on the ground in London when it’s a Yes vote to quickly issue statements like ‘we will negotiate a CU’ and ‘we will of course support Scotland’s move to stay in the EU’ etc. It will be a feast of schadenfreude for those of us in the Yes campaign and I simply cannot wait. I’m going to have to go into sleep deprivation and make sure I’m up early on the 19th to watch the news channels.

    I intend to chortle the day through.

    Note that all this is entirely their fault (not so much Carney’s he has trodden a careful middle line) in telling a load of porkies in the campaign that are about to come back and force them to eat humble pie.

  120. dorothy devine says:

    Isn’t CarolCraig Mrs Alf Young?

  121. davidb says:

    Wow. Even Guido has one of these spoof things today

    I didn’t bother to read any comments, as the commentariat are usually Scotophobic.

  122. Vronsky says:


    Carol Craig is or was the partner of Alf Wotsisface who wrote Labour tracts for the Herald at one time. Her schtick about Scottish lack of confidence was always a hilarious piece of wishful thinking. Guess she’ll have to find something else now. Oh well, them’s the breaks.

  123. John Thomson says:

    West Minster and her cronies and Lords NO MORE

  124. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

    Too wee, Too poor, Too stupid
    Only if you think so, but let’s hope a real observation is not added, TOO SCARED because it would be true.

  125. Camy says:

    What’s happening? – I pointed out a couple of hours ago that the article actually published online in the Herald IS NOT the one you are quoting above. And contains the line

    Editor’s note: the original online version of this article was incorrect. We apologise for the confusion.

  126. MoJo says:

    Sad to see Carol Craig’s Pollyanna piece
    in the Guardian telling us not to put our head above the parapet -as her excellent Scot’s Crisis of Confidence book did seem to imply that she wanted the best for this nation – Apparently now we can’t cut it and we Scots are entirely to blame for RBS debacle – nothing to do with Westminster or City of London
    Truth is she and her other half just hate the SNP – her politics might become clearer if you read Mr Carol Craig( Alf Young) back in January here looks like he’s already been proved wrong about the ‘constitutional debate failing to ignite’ in Scotland with 97% of the electorate registered to vote and 80+% turnout expected…..

  127. Garve says:

    I kept a copy of the original article. David Leask has said he’s blocked me because of it.

    Conversation here

  128. Croompenstein says:

    @James Dow – Only if you think so, but let’s hope a real observation is not added, TOO SCARED because it would be true.

    If it is a No we are all coming to stay with you James as it will be unbearable to live with countrymen who scittered at the crucial moment

  129. Eric D says:

    Not just the Beeb and the press – but ITV Border too.

    Yesterday on Annan High Street we watched as Joan McAlpine MSP gave an interview to ITV Border. In it she told the truth about the threats being made to Dumfries&Galloway patients that they would NOT be treated at any North Cumbria University hospital (or any English hospital) if we voted Yes.
    She told the interviewer that D&G Health Board pays almost £3 million to those hospitals for the treatment of those sick (and now scared) people, and that those hospitals are £30 million in debt.
    She also said that a recently retired medical Consultant had said that nothing will change, and that reciprocal arrangements are in place all over Europe and other countries.

    Her words were all 100% fact, and the Border team then headed off to interview the Consultant.

    As nothing has been shown so far, we can only assume that Border has binned the interview. It’s just TOO truthful, and exposes the lies (which come from a Carlisle hospital-based Consultant among others)being used to terrify already sick and vulberable people in SW Scotland and the Borders.

  130. E F says:

    I would love to ask the Darling, Lamont & co the next time that they quote the SNP white paper to answer questions if they support all of the aims of the BNP, Orange Order, the Tories and all of the other extemists groups who support the Better Together side. Of coure they would say no.

    Well how dare they then assume that anyone who is in favour of an indepedent Scotland automatically supports all of the aims of the SNP.

  131. Croompenstein. You would be welcome here in OZ. At first you would find it strange surrounded by Scot’s with intact Scottish psyche’s, unlike your present environment. But then we don’t have the BBC here so we are not susceptible to their aim of diminishing Scottish distinctiveness by blending Scot’s into the blandness that is the British state by embracing Anglicisation.
    I would sooner peel my own skin with a blunt knife.

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