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Under construction

Posted on February 28, 2013 by

NOTICE: We’ll be doing a bit of an internet flit this evening – any comments posted from 12 midnight to around 6am may find themselves going astray in the process. Everything should be better than normal by the morning. As you were.

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    15 to “Under construction”

    1. Boorach says:

      Aye, and we all know why folk do a moonlit flit!

    2. scottish_skier says:

      Aye, Rev’s off tae Rio with all oor donations.

    3. Robert Kerr says:

      More likely he is moving fast to avoid the Secret police !

    4. Yesitis says:

      Rev, if you do decide to split with the bread, I hear Denmark`s lovely this time of year.
      Maybe you could say hello to Reporting Scotland`s Raymond Buchanan? I hear he is over there doing some Labour Party broadcasts or something? Anyways, just don`t buy any second hand cars from him, he`s a pure chancer so he is.

    5. Indion says:

      Bon voyage!
      And pity the poor sod being splitterred (vented spleen twittered) if it doesn’t go well!

    6. Albert Herring says:

      Was going to chuck in another tenner…. better wait till tomorrow!

    7. Richie says:

      Sorry this is OT but I noticed a lot of Absolutely fans on an earlier thread and thought they wouldn’t want to miss this 
      You can watch all episodes of Absolutely on Channel 4 od here

      Mr Don and Mr George
      As you were.

    8. Erchie says:

      Did you figure out what a database is yet?

    9. Ally says:

      Everything should be better than normal by the morning. 
      I saw on the telly there was someting about an “election” – thought it was 18 months away yet? – hohum Everything should be better than normal by the morning. 

    10. scottish_skier says:

      Incidentally, a search for ‘Scottish politics’ has WoS now just behind the guardian on google and ahead of the BBC…

      Also, a search for ‘Scottish independence’ yields YesScotland on the first page and ever closer to the top.

      In contrast, no sign of better together on the first couple of pages. In fact that lovely site ‘British unity’ crops up first.

      Maybe I should have searched for ‘Scottish separation’?

      Oh tried that and seems its not an effective keyword.

    11. scottish_skier says: 
      28 February, 2013 at 10:37 pm

      Incidentally, a search for ‘Scottish politics’ has WoS now just behind the guardian on google and ahead of the BBC
      ??  Not for me.

    12. K Mackay says:

      I’m not getting the same results as Scottish Skier either for either search, can’t see WoS anywhere on first few pages 🙁 but at least NNS is in first few results.
       Could this be because google is doing alot more to ‘personalize’ our search results based on things it thinks we like? Think I saw a TED Talk on that theme and that it was potentially quite a bad thing as it means when we search a subject we’re only exposed to what we already know and don’t see others points of view.
      Anyone with a knowledge of these things got any insight? If that is the case it could be quite a set back in terms of using the net to get to undecideds. Maybe I’m way off mark with this but does kind of concern me a bit.

    13. Richie says:

      @K Mackay
      That’s what I thought. I think Google somehow builds up a knowledge of the sites and type of sites you look at and gives you search results based on that knowledge.
      I think you could maybe delete all your cookies or install a new browser and make the first search for one of Skier’s suggestions then it would give you a more random result.
      I installed the Opera browser, did a search for Scottish Politics and Wings came in 29th.
      I think the best thing for a site’s google ranking is to have lots of links from lots of other sites. I’m not sure how Facebook/Twitter work but blogs and news sites should be good.

    14. kininvie says:

      Rev, I’m sure you’ll get round to it, but the link on your twitter profile currently takes me to ‘We own splendour’. It sounds suitably biblical, but not quite what I’m looking for! 🙂

    15. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      That’s because there was a snarl-up last night and the transfer has been postponed for a day. It’s actually a good sign – it means the domain move has propagated 🙂

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