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UK population found sane

Posted on December 29, 2013 by

We don’t normally post stuff straight out of SNP press releases, but we’re about to have some sort of breakdown today on account of the appalling Windows 8, and this is some powerful polling data, so we hope you’ll forgive us a bit of a cut-and-paste job.


The Nats commissioned a poll this month from Panelbase of 1,011 people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which found overwhelming support for the rest of the UK sharing Sterling and the Common Travel Area with an independent Scotland.

The poll was conducted from 13th to 20th December, among a representative sample of 1,011 people in the rest of the UK. The findings were:

“Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom are among each other’s largest trading partners. Putting aside your own views on whether or not Scotland should become an independent country, if independence does happen do you think that Scotland and the rest of the UK should continue using the pound in an agreed sterling area?”

YES: 71% (Yes, definitely: 46%, Yes, I think so: 25%)

NO: 12% (No, I don’t think so: 7%, Definitely not: 5%)

Not sure: 16%

The breakdown shows 81% of Labour voters in the rest of the UK backing a sterling area, 66% of Conservative voters, and 75% of Liberal Democrat voters.

“A Common Travel Area has existed since the 1920s which provides for freedom of movement throughout the area for citizens of the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Putting aside your own views on whether or not Scotland should become an independent country, if independence does happen do you think that there should continue to be freedom of movement with no passport controls between England and Scotland?”

YES: 75% (Yes, definitely: 55%Yes, I think so: 20%)

NO: 12% (No, I don’t think so: 8%, Definitely not: 4%

Not sure: 12%

The breakdown shows 84% of Labour voters backing continuation of the Common Travel Area, 73% of Conservative voters, and 81% of Liberal Democrat voters.

It’s worth bearing in mind that in an opinion poll you can always get 10% of people to agree to just about anything, including “People who participate in opinion polls should be brutally murdered”, so those are hugely unequivocal numbers.

More to the point, they illustrate something we’ve been highlighting more or less since Wings Over Scotland existed – the only people anywhere in the UK who actually fear Scottish independence are Unionist politicians.

No rational person actually believes that there’ll be border posts or that the rUK would enrage English businesses by refusing a currency union, imposing hundreds of millions of pounds in costs and imperilling untold thousands of jobs. It would be an act of completely pointless political suicide by whoever was in office at Westminster, for no gain whatsoever to anyone.

Both propositions are Project Fear writ large, and no more. The only purpose of the constant scare stories is to frighten Scottish voters with empty threats – the minute Scotland actually votes Yes they’ll evaporate into mist and everyone concerned will get on with the job of making the two countries’ relationship work as smoothly as possible.

The people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland aren’t idiots. Their burden is that the people they elect to speak for them think they are.

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    106 to “UK population found sane”

    1. Jim Watson says:

      You missed Scotland from your list – even though the poll refers to rUK it is still the case that the unionist politicians in this country think the majority are all idiots as well…sinecures R us!
      Good luck with Windows 8…

    2. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      It is axiomatic that the real enemy of the peoples of this failing state is the Westminster political class.

    3. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      ps you can shove Windows 8 where the sun cannot reach.

    4. Edward says:

      I agree regarding windows bloody 8 (as I know call it) Got a new laptop about 6 months ago which came with windows bloody 8 and found it a nightmare from the start. Then the bright(sic) young things at Microsoft knowing that the original issue was a bowl of cack, do a revision upgrade to 8.1, which unsurprisingly is still cack as I have frequent problems with Apps upgrades, which makes things like live mail stop working – I cold rant for ever on windows bloody 8. But I wont as we are supposed to be discussing topic 😉

    5. BuckieBraes says:

      ‘The only purpose of the constant scare stories is to frighten Scottish voters with empty threats – the minute Scotland actually votes Yes they’ll evaporate into mist and everyone concerned will get on with the job of making the two countries’ relationship work as smoothly as possible.’
      I tried to say the same thing in a comment a few weeks ago, but not quite as well. The currency issue, the borders issue, the EU issue; you name it – all these big matters will be settled very quickly. Then, as an independent country, we can decide if that’s the way we want it to stay or not.

    6. PRJ says:

      Iwould suggest changing to Linux, maybe kubuntu or ubuntu as a good choice of operating system, and it’s free.

    7. gordoz says:

      Pretty sure the borders & using the pound thing thing can be put to bed now – if BT bring it up then they are the ‘way-out’ nutters as most of us already know .

    8. Tasmanian says:

      I kind of regretted not taking advantage of the Windows 8 for $40 thing when it was new, as I got more and more stranded on the 32-bit Vista island. Then my housemate’s dad gave me an unwanted Windows 7 licence and all is now rosy.
      For the good of Scotland, Stu, put aside all difficult life choices like installing a new version of Windows or buying anything from iTunes until /after/ September 😉

    9. Murray McCallum says:

      Surely an appropriate and well timed poll. A good start to 2014 demonstrating that common sense prevails over political scaremongering.
      I hope people living in Scotland have the same ability to see through the rhetoric espoused by Carmichael and the media.

    10. Ivan McKee says:

      Slighty O/T , re Polls.
      There is reference to a BT You Gov poll in the Herald today.
      Leads with some nonsense about how much the White Paper cost (not mentioning the far higher costs of the UK govt Scotland Analysis series, IFS reports etc), but I’m assuming they didn’t commission the poll just to ask that, and that the Referendum Question figures in there somewhere.
      So either this finding is from an old poll and being regurgitated (don’t think so), or BT / YouGov are sitting on latest Yes/No numbers and haven’t released them yet.
      I can only think of 1 reason why they would lead with a non-story from the poll and sit on the main event, (possibly to throw it out there when everyone else is on the Bells and not paying much attention). Or am I just being overly optimistic and the festivities are getting the better of me ?
      BTW the last YouGov was early December and was Y 33%; N 52%

      Anyone got any ideas / info ?

    11. sneddon says:

      I’d love to know if it’s the same 12% in each question who voted ‘NO’ just to confirm my own feeling that it is the same 12% and that the 12% are all posters on the Daily Mail online edition 🙂

    12. Erchie says:

      Windows 8 may make for an OK tablet OS, but for a PC, if you stray beyond the basic internet features then it is awful, particularly the way it takes the whole screen for music players etc. Their solution is to go back to keyboard shortcuts of a sort that came before Windows 3.1 (The first usable one)
      I would suggest some form of Linux, but I do believe our host dislikes Linux for unstated reasons

    13. Macart says:

      Oh that’s a beaut Rev.  🙂
      As per usual the populace showing more common sense than their representatives.
      Who knew?

    14. Jimsie says:

      I have no doubt that an independent Scotland will be a more desirable place to live. So much so that we may well have an influx of English people who need to escape the tory/libdems/lab austerity.

    15. Alba4Eva says:

      Easy solution to Windows 8… don’t use it.

    16. Ken500 says:

      The majority of people in the rest of the UK have no problem with Scottish Independence and realise the reasons for the campaign. The majority in the UK voted to protect healthcare/education and the vulnerable. The ConDems reneged.

    17. Heather McLean says:

      “Edward says:
      I agree regarding windows bloody 8 (as I know call it) Got a new laptop about 6 months ago which came with windows bloody 8 and found it a nightmare from the start. Then the bright(sic) young things at Microsoft knowing that the original issue was a bowl of cack, do a revision upgrade to 8.1, which unsurprisingly is still cack as I have frequent problems with Apps upgrades, which makes things like live mail stop working – I cold rant for ever on windows bloody 8. But I wont as we are supposed to be discussing topic ”
      Amen to that!! I thought it was just me being a computer Numpty!! Seems that nobody else likes it either!

    18. Brian Powell says:

      You might want to hold this post until there are more comments; but the info from the twitter on this page, on an unofficial poll in Berwick-on-Tweed, points to other signs sanity of among south of the border voters.
      6 out of 10 in an unofficial poll in B-on-T wanted to join with an Independent Scotland for the better public services we have.
      OK it is in the Mail, but still useful to see.
      To me what makes this interesting is that the Unionist politicians in Scotland want us to vote No, and then go down a road that will lead to the chances of keeping those ‘better public services’ much, much smaller.
      Reminder to voters on this; Westminster control the block grant to Scotland and they are reducing it all the time.
      Other info in the article LibDems from that area not happy with the B-on-T inhabitants wanting to join Scotland. And we would only want the town because it would bring extra sea area to Scotland.

      So Bitterness among the LibDems not confined to Willie Rennie and Alistair Carmichael. Funny thing is that Berick-on-Tweed doen’t get any benefit from the oil and fishing off their coast, and say they don’t get a fair share of funds from Westminster!

    19. Paul says:

      We may have to put border post up after all to stop the exodus of R.UK’S subjects from crossing into Scotland to be Scottish citizens and from escaping the R.UK’S austerity.

    20. Paula Rose says:

      @ Paul – we’re already here, and voting Yes.

    21. Marcia says:

      P r o j e c t F e a r lacks Christmas Cheer

    22. Robert Kerr says:

      The SNP should offer a candidate for Berwick at the next election.
      Or perhaps an anschluss post iScotland. Sorry wrong type of Natz.
      Then the border posts can be removed.,_Anschluss_%C3%96sterreich.jpg

    23. SteveW says:

      My Independent Breakfast.
      Got up this morning  Went to have breakfast and the only thing available was dry weatabix. No milk, no bread nothing else in the fridge.
      Called my wife and said “I’m away to the shops to get some bacon, rolls and milk”. She shouts back to me and says “you’re wasting your time, how do you know they’ll sell you the stuff? You’ll probably fall off the kerb and break your leg on the way there.” I said “don’t be daft – of course it’ll be fine”.
      But she says “Steve. You don’t have any guarantees, you’re just making optimistic assertions.  You know how old and stupid you are, even if you did get some bacon, you would probably burn it anyway. The weatabix is perfectly nutritional and there is an old jar of jam somewhere in the cupboard. That’ll be perfectly adequate.”
      I just went anyway, and to my astonishment, got there safely and bought my stuff (at the usual price). I fried the bacon perfectly and had a lovely enjoyable breakfast of nice English breakfast tea and couple of bacon rolls.
      I might just do the same tomorrow.
      (P.S. My wife doesn’t really say these sort of things (except for the old and stupid bit)).

    24. Adrian B says:

      Both of my pcs run Mavericks from Apple 😉 I have windows 7 for gaming only. Suggest that you buy a Windows 7 disc/license and re-install over Windows 8. 

    25. Dick Winchester says:

      I bought a new laptop which used Win8. It lasted less than two hours before I reformatted the disk and loaded Win7 professional.  

    26. Richard Lucas says:

      LinuxMint FTW

    27. Derick faeYell says:

      Oh I DO like my perfectly functioning XP system.  Pity the CD got scratched but there you are, nothing’s perfect.
      the only people anywhere in the UK who actually fear Scottish independence are Unionist politicians.”
      duly incorporated into my vocabulary from now on!

    28. Doug Daniel says:

      Out of interest Stu, how come you don’t like Linux? I’m no Linux fanboi, but I find my laptop starts up and shuts down far quicker on Ubuntu than on Windows 7, which is basically a case of “turn it on then go and do something while it loads up”.
      Obviously the fact I still have a Windows partition implies it’s by no means perfect, but with the exception of a few specific situations, it does the job with with far less hassle and without making the laptop sound like it’s trying to take off during the most basic of tasks.

    29. Les Wilson says:

      Well it shows common sense exists across rUK after all. Whether Westminster listens or not we will see, but not to now ,remove their comments over the thought of border posts, or at least start back sliding on it, would be even greater folly for them.
      If ! no, when, we vote YES the Unionists will be up to their neck in problems, the seed for change will inspire the other Nations in rUK to start looking at something better than they have, and that includes England.
      The ruling elite WILL be panicking now, but will be beside themselves after a YES, which will have wide, but not bad ( for most of the population ) changes across the whole of these Islands. We might even see a “bigger Scotland” start to appear!

    30. Erchie says:

      Windows for me exists for specific pieces of software. For internet, writing, graphics, ripping DVDs and CDs, editing videos I find Linux does the job, and is nicely stable. If I can scrape together the cash a new SSD will make boot up time even faster.

    31. AnneDon says:

      Windows 8 was obviously designed for touch screens. Why they put it onto PCs is beyond me. My OH’s laptop is a nightmare because of it.  If I had the knowledge, I’d put Windows 7 onto it!

    32. Paula Rose says:

      Is this thread about the sanity of the UK’s population or the insanity of computers?

    33. pmcrek says:

      Not sure if this is off topic :S but for any folks struggling with the touchpad based horror that is windows 8, you can tweak Windows 8 to act more like a traditional desktop OS by making it boot to desktop automatically, disable the stupid lock screen and create your own start button that uses the new search functionality. There is also freeware available that installs an old-style start button if you prefer that functionality. There are a few sites easily googled describing how to do this in detail.
      Other than that if you are not using your machine for gaming, as previously mentioned I cant speak highly enough of  Linux Mint 🙂
      Finally, more on topic, its great to know folks in the rest of the UK want to cooperate in event of a yes.

    34. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I wonder if YouGov use the same people for all their polling. We know they have used groups heavily biased towards Labour in the past.

    35. ronnie anderson says:

      UK population found SANE, when the Fk are they gonna WAKE UP , COMMON SENCE is only fur
      Common People , there,s nae Westminster Politicions / Political Party,can apply that , Their
      collective bar is higher than common sence, GRAVITAS OF THE CONVOLUITED . C MON Berwick
      YOU,S kNOWS it makes SENCE, Ask Scotland & its people, you ll get a Positive YES

    36. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      “The people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland aren’t idiots. Their burden is that the people they elect to speak for them think they are.”
      Neither are the Scots, but that is the essence of trying to remove ourselves from London rule, is it not? The Westminster parliament is treating all of us in the UK as fools. Time to send them all P45s.

    37. yerkitbreeks says:

      After a malicious Trojan three years ago, much to the chagrin of my “Windows” friends who were all doom and gloom I bought an iMac and guess what, absolutely no problems even for a computer numbskull. Seems to do everything seamlessly, but of course it cost three times as much as an equivalent Windows machine.

    38. Chris Knowles says:

      i participated in the BT yougov poll, they did not ask the indyref question but did ask if you supported independence for Scotland

      Would also say that all questions had VERY leading preamble

    39. Derick faeYell says:

      Hey, there was no need for that summary deletion of a wholly innocent recommendation to use XP.

    40. gordoz says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill
      * See comments on Glasgow rally for YES on previous thread

    41. handclapping says:

      I suppose the Definitely Nots are the same ones that consider Westminster the Mother of Parliaments and that their judgements have brought us to this the best of all possible worlds. They just cannot understand why the Nats want to ruin it.
      There are some people for whom care in the community is not appropriate.
      Now I’m rid of Vundo my XP is fine, old and slow like me 🙂

    42. Iain says:

      On topic, interesting poll, digging under the surface of the standard ‘New blow for Yes campaign’ bollox to find out what people are actually thinking (© WoS 🙂 ).

      Any mention of how UKIP voters answer these questions? I get the impression that there’s a fair bit of crossover between them and the ‘they’re bound to fail but glad to see the back of the benefit junky porridge wogs’ brigade.

    43. Richard says:

      I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but I wouldn’t give much credence to the Sunday times headline. In the paper it is split over 2 pages and the main headline on the 2nd page regurgitates the European question with more input from Barosso. The propaganda war is in full swing and I think that the SNP and the YES campaigns are keeping their powder dry. I don’t think the papers need to be neutral until campaigning time do they?
      i do love the survey on currency and CTA.
      on another point, I was a bit pissed of by the medical research charities getting involved. I checked 1 or 2 sets of accounts and noticed that, although they all have Scottish charity numbers, their income figures are not separated out to identify what is raised where in the UK. Having contributed in a number of ways to charities over the years and still being a contributor regularly to 2 medical research charities, I am keen to know whether they endorse the strategy of the association of medical research charities.

    44. Matt Seattle says:

      Windows, Linux – am I the only one using a mac? Whit ither kind o a computer wad ye yaise in Scotland?

    45. Thepnr says:

      “junky porridge wogs’ brigade”
      You forgot to mention the virus we all carry. Sorted for you.

    46. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Hey, there was no need for that summary deletion of a wholly innocent recommendation to use XP.”

      Huh? There’s nothing by you in the Trash bin.

    47. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Les Wilson! You’re on your last flipping warning about paragraph breaks.

    48. CameronB says:

      Will Westminster acknowledge these figures indicate the MSM have been less than credible when reporting the FUD that has been poured over these issues? Will they request independent international oversight?

    49. gerry parker says:

      Les, welcome to the naughty step!

    50. ronnie anderson says:

      C MON Paula Rose , We have a Hard 10mths ahead people need tae make sure their LTs/
      PCs are up to scratch, any one in Lanarkshire in need of Repairs contact  ( LAMH RECYCLE
      01698 264100 ) Refurbished LTs from £120 / PCs cheaper, they will collect/deliver back ,
      total wipe, clean, install , £25, they are a mental health Charity,
      Ive used their services since 1992, no problem guaranteed , an thats before I developed ma
      mental condition, Sanity still has me voteing YES , BT ers would say other , but their Know

    51. Marcia says:

      Another project fear scare –
      Windows 8 will be the only operating systems allowed on computers in an Independent Scotland. 🙂

    52. ronnie anderson says:

      Richard , O S C R site should give you a better insight on Scottish Charity Registar,
      hope that helps.

    53. Thepnr says:

      That’s the last straw for me then, No it is 🙂

    54. braco says:

      Sorry, off topic but has anybody heard any more about the Electoral Commission’s supposed ruling on whether both Governmental sides of the Referendum debate (Scotland and UK) have indeed fulfilled their (electoral commission) commitment to the population of Scotland by producing information on the likely constitutional results of both a YES and NO vote.
      It’s just that I thought they were about to report about a week ago, but I have heard nothing since. If anyone has any links or info, I would be very grateful. Thanks

    55. Xander says:

      @Brian, I think that the Mail article on Berwick-upon-Tweed was originally published in Feb 2008, although the story appears to have been republished at various times by different titles. Here’s the BBC version dated Feb 2008:

    56. JLT says:

      Seriously, Stuart. If you’re finding Windows 8 a real pain in the backside (and it is …I detest Windows 8. The new PC I bought last year came with Windows 8, but I wiped it, and re-installed Windows 7, courtesy of a spare 25 Character Code I had from a CD), then mate, get a copy of ‘Windows 7 Premium’ again.

      If you did have Windows 7 before (depending on the edition ie Student, Premium, business, ultimate), and you are not using it on any other PC, then take the old 25 character code, that can be found on a Windows sticker on the old PC that had Windows 7, or from an official Windows 7 CD, reinstall Windows, and enter the 25 character code.

      If you don’t have the CD, but you do have a Windows 7 Premium edition 25 Character Code from the label on your old PC, then drop me an email. I will copy you a new CD, and get it to you.

      Windows 8 is a horrible operating system. It does not allow you to manipulate your PC properly when working with that dreadful operating system. Hopefully Windows 9 will be a vaaaaaaast improvement on the worst OS ever created …and that includes Vista!

    57. Les Wilson says:

      Got YOU REV !

    58. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Four years haven’t made a difference to Windows 8.
      It’s still under construction.

    59. Brian Powell says:

      Thanks, serves me right for reading stuff on Twitter and not noticing the date of the article!
      A lot has probably changed since then, but I wonder how they feel about the situation now. They certainly haven’t been given improved funding since then.

    60. Dal Riata says:

      Sorry, off topic. And talking about the Times:
      Did you know that George Osborne is the Times’ Briton of the Year?

      ‘No! Can’t be! That’s just ridiculous!’ Not if you’re the Times it’s not…
      “For resilience that has set the terms of political debate in Britain in 2013, Mr Osborne is the clear choice as Briton of the Year.”

    61. Xander says:

      @Brian, no worries. I couldn’t find a publication date anywhere on the piece linked to on twitter. It was only because I remembered reading about this some years ago that I went looking. It would be interesting to see the results of a rerun though 🙂

    62. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Excellent reading in the Sunday Herald again today – except rather poor stuff from Macwhirter who is still in denial intermittently. He keeps setting the ball up for a goal and then mishits it. I wonder if he does this to annoy us 

    63. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “get a copy of ‘Windows 7 Premium’ again”

      I’m not laying out another hundred bloody quid at this point. Windows 8.1 looks like it’s finally just about installed, and with McAfee’s shitware removed the laptop’s running about four times as fast, so it should be okay for the occasional backup that it’s intended to be.

    64. Hetty says:

      Good sense will prevail, people are not daft by and large, the media and their masters like to think so however. 
      On the subject of pc operating systems, I now have Linux Ubuntu on pc since having to replace the hard drive, its much quicker, easier to navigate and its free. There are various versions depending on what you are using it for. You can of course have windows as well as Linux on the same computer. 

    65. Ian mor says:

      Risking  yet more Windows 8 advice.  I’ve installed ‘Classic Shell’  for many users. Simple, quick, stable (free) and 100% satisfied customers.  No need to change systems.

    66. Alba4Eva says:

      UK population found sane?…

    67. Dal Riata says:

      It’s quite something to see the UK’s MSM tie itself into knots trying desperately hard to *not* give any significance to the Scottish independence referendum in September of next year when they do their “What’s important in 2014”, or whatever they want to call it. They either disdainfully dismiss it as of little importance, almost a non-event, as the vote is so obviously and definitely going to be ‘No’, or, they dress it up in their ‘satirical’ view of 2014 as something to be derided and sneered at.
      Within a cartoon in today’s Observer by Chris Riddell, we find:
      JulySlippery Alex Salmond continues to avoid questions about what’s beneath his referendum kilt, although bending over to pick up a plastic Scottish bank note leads to rumours of a large black hole…
      Ha, ‘kin ha! Midly amusing perhaps, but there’s that London metropolitan it’s-bad-to-be-racist-and-xenophobic-but-when-it-comes-to-Scotland-and-the-Scots-anything-still-goes attitude once again. (And why July?) 
      And then we get the following from John Cusick in yesterday’s Independent, which seems to have jumped on the Better Together Project Fear bandwagon with relish:
      What won’t happen: Scotland votes on independence in September with a clear insight into the consequences.
      What should happen: Somewhere in Edinburgh, perhaps hidden in Alex Salmond’s office, you can imagine an unpublished document – ‘Scotland’s Future: the uncertainties’. The OED has a Scottish noun for its likely reception – a stooshie. But there’s no document, and 2014 will pass with marketing replacing facts. Such a democratic deficiency shouldn’t happen. We vote on promises and idealism but when wool this officially thick is pulled over the people’s eyes, it’s difficult to see what’s really out there.
      There you have it – “marketing replacing facts” and “wool […] pulled over the people’s eyes”…
      So it’s, ‘Let’s take the piss out of the whole idea of Scottish independence’, or, ‘They won’t be so stupid as to vote ‘Yes’ anyway, because the people just know that they are being fooled by lies and gibberish from Alex Salmond and the SNP – and especially Alex Salmond!’
      Methinks there is going to be one hell of a lot of questions being asked of the rUK government and its propaganda arm, the MSM, come 19.09.14… “But, but, you told us this (Scottish independence) wasn’t going to happen!” And etc.

    68. Les Wilson says:


    69. The Man in the Jar says:

      On the survey in the article I think that we all know who the 12% against are. And I think that they got the responding answer wrong. It should read “No I dont bloody well think so!”

    70. Training Day says:

      @Dal Riata

      Aye, we’re now into the naked racism phase of the MSM campaign. It will get worse.

      And it’s ok for the Jocks to be abused as long as we’re subjects.

      But if we point out the blindingly obvious about the most immediately noticeable characteristic of every BT footsoldier I and my mates have encountered thus far.. Well, that same racist MSM would have a field day.

      Them’s the terms of battle, I’m afraid.

    71. gordoz says:

      Cracking latest post from Derek Batemen with dig at Martin & Stihler British Labours finest MSP’s

    72. Chic McGregor says:

      My desktop died about 6 weeks ago, after confirming it was mobo rather than psu I made sure I got W7 with the replacement and not w8   🙂  Even though it costs the same as the newer os.
      I have dual booted Micros**t and Linux for many years, since the RedHat early days.  Was loyal to Ubuntu but they messed with it and it destabilised (relatively speaking of course).
      Will be installing Mint over the hols.
      Linux is faster and does not slow with usage due to malware,adware, cookies accrual.
      It is also allows things that are difficult, if not next to impossible on MS, like downloading BBC TV programs san protection.
      There is a large variety of desktop schemes which can be further twaeked to suit individual needs.
      Main downsides are many of the more complex MS based programs, like games and photoshop, do not run or are glitchy when run under the MS emulator (Wine).
      Also video codecs are not as developed in terms of making the best out of your video card’s capabilities, hence high end game issues and even playback of dvd’s can be slicy for panning shots.
      But in terms of security and stability and speed, it is a must have and it is free.

    73. rabb says:

      Well I must have the only working copy of Windows 8 in the world.
      I bought a new HP laptop in the summer (the one I’m using now) with Windows 8 and I’ve found it to be both functional and more stable than the Toshiba Windows 7 laptop I have now passed on to my daughter.
      It’s working well for me 🙂

    74. mmars_attacks says:

      Try Linux Rev – as someone else stated, any of the Ubuntu derivatives would do well. I will suggest Mint Linux as a good introduction as it comes with most codecs and drivers pre installed, which means it just *works* from the get go.

    75. Tasmanian says:

      Linux has the great advantage that if it’s not working the way you like it, you can just delve into the source code, change the undesired behaviour, and recompile the kernal and ta-da! You’ve fixed it.

    76. Dal Riata says:

      @Training Day – “Them’s the terms of battle, I’m afraid.” Indeed they are. Still pishes me off, though!
      Re Win. 8: Okay maybe for touch screens, but for non-touchscreens, if you have the choice… don’t – save yourself the stress and anger that it brings! Unfortunately, Win. 8 comes pre-loaded on many computers. If you can, or if someone can help you out, get Win.7 instead of 8.
      Again, if you can, or if someone can help you do it, give Linux (Mint) a go – it’s fast and it’s free! There can be some downsides, as Chic McGregor mentioned above, but if you mainly use your computer for surfing the web it’s the way to go. And it’s far more secure than Windows, with less chance of getting any nasty viruses or malware to wreck your system.
      If you feel that Windows is a must have along with Linux, you can have both, by partitioning your system to enable a dual-boot capability. 

    77. Chic McGregor says:

      P.S.  Just a cautionary note that when installing most linux systems you do need to know a little bit about partitioning and allocating disk space, otherwise you are likely to bugger up your existing Windows install.  i.e. you could lose all your existing files.  
      However, provided you find and print off clear instructions and, of course, backup everything you need beforehand, you should be OK.
      Ubuntu, being the most popular, is the easiest install, mostly automated, similar to installing Windows.

    78. Jon D says:

      On Topic.
      Welcome, newcomers to Windows Over Scotland.
      Thought there was a referendum to be won? Had questions about how a small western country might manage all the difficult issues independence poses? Concerned about the part you can play and what it might mean to your family?
      Mmmm. Thought so.   Anyway here’s a helpful link

    79. bannock hussler says:

      @ Jon D
      Ha, ha! Perfect.
      Windows Ate the Minister.

    80. Douglas Campbell says:

      Is Windows 8  a metaphor for Westminster Government and  Project Fear?
      Too scared to change in case the next upgrade is even more crap?

    81. handclapping says:

      @Douglas Campbell
      In that case is XP the pre-1707 ex-parliament?
      I have severe doubts about this LinUKs, I’m afraid it will be touted as the successor to Project Fear like the lovebombing.

    82. Hetty says:

      If you need cheering up, check out ‘Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty’ on you tube, or indeed her Christmas message. Gave me a laugh today! But here is one to keep us all on our toes, I hope the link works ok.

    83. Arbroath 1320 says:

      Apologies for going O/T but here is the First Minister’s New Year message.
      Enjoy! :P:

    84. Chic McGregor says:

      OT  Chiels that winna ding.

    85. velofello says:

      Why not have a crowdfund to buy the Rev a Mac?

    86. Harry Shanks says:

      @Arbroath 1320
      I thought Alex had reneged on his diet and suffered a massive relapse until I noticed it was LAST year’s (ie for 2013) New Year Message.

    87. liz says:

      Hope everyone had a happy christmas.
      I see that twat Bell over at the guardian has chosen his ‘Do you think Scotland should go and (insert word) itself’ as one of his 5 favourite cartoons of 2013.
      Racist (insert word).

    88. John Gibson says:

      Why not have a crowdfund to buy the Rev a Mac?”
      Rains a lot in Bath, does it?

    89. ronnie anderson says:

      Dal Riata, as I pointed out on Yes Scot Site, to none Janice whatever, ranting for yes camp to
      stop with the anti english racism, on a open forum, there are no guarantee,s the posters are
      who the claim to be , multi profiles, BT ers, on here we have some knowledge,as to who Yes
      campainers are, its up to us on open forum to shout down all comer,s who abuse our Indy
      site,s & our cause. Religious devision, Celtic / Rangers / Black White / wee ginger dugs wi
      wi pink spots. In other words, the long the short, an the tall, be on guard against them

    90. naebd says:

      Or tranquillisers.

    91. Arbroath 1320 says:

      @ Harry Shanks
      Oops silly me, think I’ve been hitting the hard stuff a wee bit too much and too early, I didn’t notice it was for 2013! Never mind it still makes a good listen I think. :P:

    92. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT I am still recovering from the shock of seeing a UKOK sticker on the rear window of a car in Yoker – could have been  a tourist I suppose – didn’t succeed in overtaking to stick my wee festooned car in front of their eyes.

    93. G H Graham says:

      Bought a new laptop recently with Windows 8 and promptly downloaded Classic Shell which replaces kiddies style tiles with links to shite you never want or need with the original desktop/explorer/IE interface that came with Windows 7 and then makes it customisable ! 
      Oh, scare stories are the only thing left to shout about since all of the Unionist “facts” havce been made up.

    94. ronnie anderson says:

      VeloFello, Well we shelter under his umbrella, what say you REV, do you need another Laptop,
      I would certainly contribute.

    95. CameronB says:

      I reckon it would be hard to find a clearer case of slander and defamation. As the PM does not appear to respect common law, does he in fact stand under any legal constraint?

      Oops, wrong thread.

    96. Chic McGregor says:

      It is the pilfered state of Scotland’s wallet which will be rather more pertinent in the run in to the referendum.

    97. john king says:

      “Iwould suggest changing to Linux, maybe kubuntu or ubuntu as a good choice of operating system, and it’s free.”
      Pray tell?
      how do you do it?

    98. john king says:

      Paula Rose says
      “Paul – we’re already here, and voting Yes.”
      An English rose Paula?

    99. john king says:

      Braco says
      “Sorry, off topic but has anybody heard any more about the Electoral Commission’s supposed ruling
      This is what I received when I emailed them
      Dear Mr King
      Thank you for your email dated 20 December 2013.
      John McCormick, Electoral Commissioner for Scotland has already responded to this issue and here is what he said:
      “During our assessment of the question we found that people wanted impartial information about the referendum before they voted, so we asked both governments to agree a joint position on the process that will follow the referendum. 
      We asked for this to be agreed by 20 December to coincide with the expected timing of Royal Assent of the Referendum Bill so that all the rules about how the referendum is conducted, and what happens afterwards, are clear at the same time.
      Now that we have Royal Assent we would like this clarity to be provided as soon as possible and we understand from both Governments that progress is being made.  In the interests of voters we would ask that every effort is made to reach agreement early in the New Year.”
      Yours sincerely

      Lindsey Hamilton
      Business Support Officer
      The Electoral Commission
      So in short,

    100. john king says:

      John Gibson says
      “Rains a lot in Bath, does it?”
      No but you do get heavy showers 
      Ah’ll get ma raincoat 🙁

    101. Adrian B says:

      John – can I suggest that you also post the Electoral Commission reply to NNS as well. They may wish to follow up on the story in the New Year. 

    102. john king says:

      Good idea Adrian B
      I’ll do it now

    103. Barontorc says:

      @John King re Electoral Commissioner – If he sets a deadline that is deemed important, such as YES and NO sides to publish an agreement with a joint position by 20 December and it’s ignored, what does that say about the same EC’s ability to call up the miscreant behaviour we are all ‘putting the kettle on’ to happen from the NO camp from now on till the last minute?
      Their chorus of 100% demand from the same unionist side for the referendum be under the control of the Electoral Commission rung loud warning bells that a stitch-up could be on the cards; such as this does not bring assurances to me.
      If the EC has teeth it better start showing them – the flood of illegal donations into NO camp coffers is already a huge embarrassment – yet nothing is done about it. The NO camp’s flaunting of Data Protection legislation is yet another problem but brings a silly slap on the wrist with no more to follow.
      Are we just a tad too complacent about this going on in front of our eyes? For example, just what’s in place to prevent ANY instances of POSTAL FRAUD; it has happened and it will happen again so what’s being done to prevent it yet again? Loud and clear messages have to be sent to all concerned – not the pathetic futility of cynical hand-wringing after the event. 
      Wake-up friends!

    104. braco says:

      John King,
      Thanks a lot for that info on the Electoral Commission ‘Deadline’. Very disappointing but not surprising.
      I think we have just gotten far too used to a completely uneven playing field. If we were ever to get equality of coverage and investigation, I do believe Indy politicians and activists would appear superhuman in comparison to their Unionist counterparts. (They already do in some respects FFS!)

      Decades of having to live under 50 times the daily media gravity that our opposition have had to, means we (and they) don’t even recognise it anymore.
      But it’s not working as well as it did. What now? I know, lets make it 100 times greater!
      Fine work getting the response you did John, 10/10. Also a good idea to send this to Newsnet. This is a subject that really needs their, the Revs and anyone else with the time and ability to doggedly, relentlessly chase down, (like the recent BBC story) and then the results spread far and wide!
      Thanks again John. This is why WOS is such an important tool.

    105. Illy says:

      Regarding W8 (I normally pronounce it “wait”), try Fedora.
      Seriously, it’s easier to handle than W8.

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