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The system’s revenge

Posted on July 29, 2021 by

Please note the below press release regarding the impending incarceration of former UK Ambassador Craig Murray

[29/07/2021; 15:52 pm; Edinburgh]

Legal precedent will be set tomorrow as Craig Murray will be the first person to be imprisoned on the charge of jigsaw identification in the UK, and indeed in the entire world. Scotland’s second most senior judge, Lady Dorrian, sentenced Murray to 8 months of incarceration following a contempt of court charge for ‘jigsaw identification’ relating to the trial against Alex Salmond.

In May Lady Dorrian said that in her view Murray had intended to release identities of Salmond’s accusers. Mr Murray has always denied any intent to identify and that anybody was actually identified. Murray had not directly identified any of the accusers in the Salmond trial, but Dorrian argued identification may be possible if his reporting of the case was read in connection with other materials in the public domain.

No one aside from Murray was charged with jigsaw identification in connection with the Salmond case, despite the fact that 81% of respondents in a Panelbase survey who believed that had learned identities, gave mainstream media as the source of their knowledge. Lady Dorrian specifically stated that bloggers and mainstream media should be treated differently, as mainstream media are self-regulated.

Murray is the first person to be imprisoned in the UK for a media contempt for over 50 years, and in Scotland for over 70 years.

Murray’s imprisonment comes after an announcement from the UK Supreme Court that it will not hear his appeal. Former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray will surrender himself to Police shortly and begin to serve the custodial sentence handed to him. A public protest against Murrays’ incarceration is planned. Murray’s wife and mother of their 5 month and 12 year old sons Nadira has written an open letter asking for “active and outspoken solidarity from anyone concerned about the loss of freedom of speech and equality before the law”.

Murray had recently been called as a witness in a case brought by Spanish state prosecutors against UC Global for allegedly acting on behalf of the CIA in covertly spying on Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy.  Material before the Spanish court includes several hours of covert surveillance video of Murray in private conversation with Assange on the future of Assange and Wikileaks. The Scottish court removed Murray’s passport expressly to prevent him traveling to Spain to testify.

Craig Murray commented:

“I go to jail with a clean conscience after a Kafkaesque trial. I genuinely do not know who I am supposed to have identified or which phrases I published are said to have identified them, in combination with what other information in the public domain. This judgement will have a chilling effect on reporting of the defence case at trials, to the detriment of justice, and the different treatment of bloggers and approved media is sinister.

I carefully protect the identities of the accusers in my reports.

I believe this is actually the state’s long sought revenge for my whistleblowing on security service collusion with torture and my long term collaboration with Wikileaks and other whistleblowers. Unfortunately important free speech issues are collateral damage.”

Murray and the Craig Murray Justice committee have both signalled their intention to continue to resist the penalty handed to him by continuing to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights via all routes required. They are particularly concerned that in her opinion Lady Dorrian implied that bloggers and public commentators like Murray ought to be punished more severely than mainstream journalists for the same offense.

Ellen Joelle Dalzell, coordinator of the Craig Murray Justice campaign group stated:

“The sentence handed to Craig Murray not only sets legal precedent in terms of a custodial sentence for the charge of jigsaw identification, it represents an attack on free speech in general, and a tangible threat to the free reporting of legal trials in particular.

The judgement is excessively punitive, is likely to have severe implications for Murray’s poor health and represents a dangerous precedent for journalists and other writers who seek to fairly report or comment on matters of public law.”

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189 to “The system’s revenge”

  1. Margaret Lindsay says:

    We now live in a fascist state. My sympathies to Mr Murray and his family.

  2. faolie says:

    Beyond dreadful

  3. Patsy Millar says:

    Bloody hell!

  4. Rookiescot says:

    An absolute travesty of justice.
    This is what happens when one of “their own” turns upon them because of the lies and deceit the UK state is famous for.
    Punished because of his exposure of what the UK state is.
    Bloody disgrace.

  5. turnbuldrier says:

    I honestly don’t know where to start with this.

    The implications are terrifying. I’m sure justice was supposed to be blind, handed out without fear or favor.

    I guess that’s not true anymore (if it ever was).

  6. Skip_NC says:

    Lady Dorrian identified one of the accusers for me when she suggested an amendment to her order during the Spectator case. It was a one-piece jigsaw. For her to then jail someone who maybe provided one piece of a larger jigsaw to those who probably already knew the identities of the accusers is perverse.

    I am relieved to be sitting in North Carolina, where I have a degree of free speech.

  7. David McCloskey says:

    Sturgeon now has her very own Roland Freisler and her very own Judicial system. This is fascism, there is no other word for it, fascism and we now have the honour of watching a fascist state imprison a man who did nothing other than tell the truth, it is way beyond time for the people to rise up and depose those who have taken control of what is left of our democracy, if there is any left worth fighting for. If we had known Sturgeon was of this nature would anyone have had anything to do with her or her damn party of ("Tractor" - Ed)s

  8. Jim Arnott says:

    Bring on the Crowdfunder to support Craig’s appeal to the European Court of Justice. Will be donating when it’s up and running.

  9. sarah says:

    Unbelievable and appalling. I think we should all be emailing our MSPs to let them know how wrong this is, and that we blame the SNP ones for letting it happen.

  10. Hatuey says:

    Utterly disgraceful.

  11. Jim Arnott says:

    When will Lady Dorian be charged with jigsaw identification?

  12. P says:

    I want to see all the others – MSM – in court too

  13. ian foulds says:

    No words, just anger.

    May all the political and legal toadies along with, no doubt, the covert organisations, rot sooner than later.

  14. robertknight says:

    Angry isn’t sufficient to sum up my feelings.

    We haven’t spend years of hard work, sweat, tears and not insignificant sums of cash, in trying to better the country we live in for all of us, in order to put up with this shit.

    The only ones who should be going to jail are Sturgeon and her SNP lackies in the Scottish Government.

    As for the lickspittles in the judiciary, they should be in the stocks on the High Street in Edinburgh getting horse manure tipped over their sorry heads.

    Utterly shameful state of affairs.

    Scotland, eh? Some state!

    Every time I hear the letters S N P I have an overwhelming desire to spit.

  15. Bob Costello says:

    It we had sought and carried out a successful independence referendum any time after September 2014. There is a good chance that Nicola Sturgeon would now be running an independent Scotland.
    There is absolutely no question in my mind that we would now be ruled by an absolute dictatorship. One that would make North Korea look like the mother of all democracy’s

  16. Peter Barclay says:

    This is disgusting, never in my life would I have believed this would happen in Scotland, yet here we are. What do we do now though. This could be anyone. Dangerous times.

  17. Not anger, just pure unadulterated rage. I am not in Scotland and no prospect of being there in the foreseeable future. What can I do? Have copied this to friends in Scotland, not that they will do anything. I already donate monthly to Craig but will willingly donate to a new specific crowdfunder.
    Please Mr Campbell, do not desert us now. We need your voice literally more than ever.
    But watch your own back. They are ruthless and merciless.

  18. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Jigsaw identification, my arse!This has everything to do with CM’s connection with Julian Assange and the dead-hand of the US State Department in UK affairs.

  19. Alison Brown says:

    Words fail me! I simply cannot believe this can be happening in my country. We should be ashamed of our judiciary.

  20. Nally Anders says:

    Bob Costello
    You are so right. I never thought we’d have political prisoners in Scotland.
    If Craig is doing the time maybe he should now do the crime.
    I am so Fk’n angry.

  21. James Barr Gardner says:

    Here’s freedom to them that wad read,
    Here’s freedom to them that wad write!
    There’s nane ever fear’d that the truth should be heard,
    But they whom the truth would indite.

  22. Anonymoose says:

    This is shocking news, although expected – Craigs’ contempt charge was presided over by the same judge who presided over the criminal trial he was reporting on, which is a complete lack of impartiality by the judiciary which is in itself a miscarriage of justice, Lady Dorian should have stood aside and let a judge with no connection to the criminal trial preside over the contempt charge.

    This is the same judge, Lady Dorian, who has recommended in her own review of the court process on trials of a sexual nature to Nicola Sturgeon the scrapping of jury trials and the scrapping of the not-proven verdict for trials involving charges of a sexual nature in Scotland – to increase conviction rates by leaving the verdict up to a single judge and not a jury of peers.

    A single person, even an educated & respected judge, can and will be succeptable to getting a verdict wrong for any number of reasons, including by their own bias.

    For justice to be done it needs to be seen to be done, and without jury trials this will not happen, the state will have free reign to attempt to imprison individuals in trials which may be closed to the public at the whim of a single judge.

    It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to realise that this is wide open to corruption no matter who the judge is.

  23. Jan Cowan says:

    “S.S. collusion with torture”. The British State wants the world to believe that it is lily-white though it never has been and never will be. But Scotland we thought was different. Nicola Sturgeon has a lot to answer for. What a corrupt, evil crew she has gathered around her! We MUST find a way to dispense with her and her low-life partners.

  24. pa_broon74 says:

    Just to add my absolute dismay.

    I am utterly lost with the current Scottish government and the corrupt joke which tries to pass for a judiciary.

    I cannot believe it has come to this.

  25. Captain Yossarian says:

    To any parents thinking about sending their kids to a Scottish University to study law, I’ll give you a quite synopsis of the way the law works here: Nicola Sturgeon tells John Swinney what result she wants….John Swinney tells the Lord Advocate and the Lord Advocate delivers. It works every time.

  26. Louise Hogg says:

    So what and where is the protest? This despotic corruption disgusts me.

  27. LaingB French says:

    It proves that we now live in a dystopian George Orwellian society where judges can interpret the law to their liking, cops can become sound engineers and interpret sound from noise, act on their powers on covid policy yet struggle to catch real criminals and blame it on bureaucracy.
    Why I think this his happening, to condone governmental MASS control, gluttony profit and corruption. lets face it if Boris can lie his fkn head off and get away with it and anyone contests it they are sent home.
    Then Dorian cant act like a egotistical tyrant and ignore the newspapers blatantly breaking the laws by the supposedly official true press yet pick on a private blogger who simply tells the truth and irritates the elite points out how weak spineless and who’s side she’s really cheering for.
    not a nice person but then you don’t have to be nice just to be a CNT!

  28. Dorothy Devine says:

    It is utterly despicable – ready to add to any fund raiser that will help Craig and bring the weight of world justice on Scottish ‘justice’.

  29. David Gray says:

    Now that he’s been jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, he should now commit the crime. You’ve been damned, now publish.

  30. sarah says:

    @ Louise Hogg: the protest is at St Leonards police station, Edinburgh tomorrow at 3.00, per tweets on Mark Hirst and Bridges for Indy.

  31. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    What a difference a few centuries makes.

    Voltaire who gave us one of the most inspiring quotes to describe Scotland in the Age of Enlightenment, “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilization”

    Yet today Craig Murray must look to the Europe Court for justice!

    So under Scots Law we now have the following precedents:

    You can commit defamation and avoid paying damages by claiming to be thick if you support the Union and the person you defame is an Independence supporter.

    You can commit perjury at the High Court and face no repercussions

    You can identify anonymous witnesses on social media during a High Court trail and face no consequences if you work for the MSM

    You can commit jigsaw identification of anonymous witnesses and not be sanctioned if you don’t report the defence case if you work for the MSM


    Accurately reporting the defence case at a high profile political show trial = jail time!

    Craig Murray is Innocent!

    Questions for the Craig Murray Justice committee:

    Will there be organised demonstrations outside Bute House and Holyrood with lots of “Free Scotlands Political Prisoner” placards?

    Will there be a campaign of email, letter writing, online posts etc. to those leaders and organisations who plan to attend COP26 to highlight this a abhorrent sentence, the facts behind it etc.?

    I will not be the only one BTL that would be happy to assist Craig in any way I can.

  32. Alex Stone says:

    I wonder what the new head of the Crown Office will do about this.

    We’ve heard she’s an allegedly honest person, who believes in integrity in the justice system. Jo Cherry said she was a person of integrity.

    Now’s her chance to prove herself.

    Then we will find out exactly who she is.

  33. Gary45% says:

    Its a very sad day.
    Just think, we have a clown sitting in No10 who has(along with his WM accomplices) caused more more heartache and damage to the electorate than Mr Murray (an innocent man). SG not looking too clever either.
    A wee word of caution Stu, the establishment don’t like “upstarts” who hold the mirror up to the establishments misdoings, watch your back.
    There’s a long history of decent citizens trying to take them on and suffering the consequences.

    At this point I would suggest to all on here, at the next election, write No Thanks across the ballot paper, then again it would be easy pickings for the Yoon parties if we did, as they are also morally bankrupt.
    Do we take to the streets? if so, would it be peaceful? or would the establishment
    rent-a-neds be bussed in to give them an excuse to shut down legitimate protest?
    Totally Scunnered.
    Nail on head.

  34. Pixywine says:

    We do indeed live in a Tyranny.

  35. crazycat says:

    @ Anonymoose at 5.33

    My understanding – which could be wrong because I’m not a lawyer and have not been able to find anything online to confirm or deny – is that Dorrian presided over Craig’s trial precisely because it was “her” court he was allegedly in contempt of.

    It was her two side-kicks who should have provided balance/impartiality. I think I read somewhere that one of them is married to the new Lord Advocate.

  36. Robert Graham says:

    Aye under Sturgeon we have entered a bright new world , a world inhabited by creeps and bent as a two quid note legal system and Lawyers who would say anything even if it sounds ridiculous I doubt if anyone in the establishment is capable of actually telling the truth , they play follow the leader and that is Sturgeon and her bent inner circle , what’s not to like eh .

    Anyone been sacked , resigned after the bogus Holyrood Inquiry that landed us with a bill that’s yet to be presented to a Gullible Public who seems to swallow anything they are told .

    I wonder if it’s possible for Kenny McKaskle to name every one of the Alphabet conspirators under Parliamentary Privilege as David Davis stopped just short of doing recently , as Alex’s lawyer said the whole thing stinks , even stupid people must realise the fact that the police have had to resort to getting warrants to prise the truth from people directly connected to Sturgeon and the SNP .

    Sturgeon and her inner circle are enjoying the protection of the British State , well until they serve their usefulness , it’s that blatant it’s fkn embarrassing and the whole of the media in Scotland are complicit they either have been bought or are to scared of their future to go after her and the total Liars she surrounds herself with they are all looking after each other’s arses .

  37. Al Ba says:

    Not impressed with this, Scotland. MSM allowed to publish what they want – truth or otherwise, and if you’re lucky, usually a tiny retraction later buried in their papers/websites.

    Had thought we were better than this. Not sure about relocating (returning) here, at least not until a new broom’s in charge of the SNP/SG.

  38. Graham Lamont says:

    This is a shocking and terrible moment for our country and democracy. Sturgeon has turned into a monster, rapacious and corrupt. Even under Thatcher never have I felt so low, so fcuking angry.

    I fear for Craig’s safety and hope he comes out of this with his life and family intact

  39. kapelmeister says:

    The UK state is jailing one of its former ambassadors on a trumped up charge. We used to think such things only happened in South America or wherever.

  40. Prasad says:

    Nally Anders says:
    29 July, 2021 at 5:14 pm
    ‘If Craig is doing the time maybe he should now do the crime.’

    Good point although it would show that the press statement is a lie. Surely now someone from abroad will spill all the beans.

  41. Gary45% says:

    And also tell the parents if they want to send their kids to attend an English Uni, look at the outcome in Johnson and co for honesty and integrity.
    Britain a right-wing media run state.

  42. Cath says:

    To me this case proves beyond all doubt the SNP government are enabling the UK to act with absolute impunity in Scotland to destroy the independence movement, along with any other threats or annoyances to the UK state. I have no idea what do to with this information other than be in complete despair. How the hell are so many SNP members and apologist not at least beginning to wake up to what they’re doing?

  43. Pixywine says:

    People who would take away your right to speak would also take your life if the political culture allowed it. This along with the draconian legislation being passed on the SNP nod in both Parliaments fills me with horror for this countries future. I wonder what prison the scum will send him to. Sturgeons a pure animal.

  44. Black Joan says:

    And we are expressing our outrage and disbelief on the website that has done more than anyone to promote independence and illuminate all that is rotten in Sturgeon’s Scotland.

    If Craig’s sentence is halved for “good” behaviour he may be freed (in as much as there is any freedom on Tory Plague Island) around the time WoS shuts down for all time. And “they” will have won, thanks, in large part, to NewSNP.

  45. Republicofscotland says:

    “In May Lady Dorrian said that in her view Murray had intended to release identities of Salmond’s accusers.”

    That’s all it was, there was absolutely no evidence that Craig Murray jigsaw identified any of the complainers. Dorrian’s twisted interpretation of events will see Murray banged up, whilst MSM journalist did jigsaw identify, and name certain complainers, yet they remain at large, and we all know why.

  46. Corrado Mella says:

    All this shit is happening because we’re cowering under the threat of a virus that we’re all vaccinated or already immune against.
    It’s one year and a half after the first infections.
    Anyone that has been anywhere has been infected.
    If you had any “flu like” symptoms after January 2020, that was COVID. There has been NO flu last year.
    And no, it wasn’t because we were careful and washed our hands.
    It was for viral interference. If you don’t know what it is, please don’t comment: you’ll show your ignorance.
    More to the point: the measures to contain the pandemic are now completely unnecessary and are being abused to keep you from protesting in the streets for the fascist crimes most governments are committing.
    They have free reign, the sociopaths have won.
    Happy now?
    I’ve been preaching to the wind for years from this pages.
    Nobody understood the dangers that were spitting in their faces.
    It’s too late now.
    There will be a massive, mindbogglingly big bloodshed to return to a democracy, if it will ever happen.
    If it doesn’t, enjoy your dystopia.
    You’re all expendables.

  47. JGedd says:

    This country is a tin pot dictatorship and how easily it was subverted. It isn’t only Sturgeon and her clique obviously. This goes deeper and wider. The US obviously regards the UK in the same way as it does South America, as part of its jurisdiction. Now can we guess where Sturgeon’s utter confidence and lack of fear of accountability comes from.

    It’s as if there has been a virtual coup. Undermining democracies in South America were long term projects and involved assassination and violence with willing collaborators within those states. But Scotland is a wee country – just a branch office in the Atlantic imperium: easier to bring about a more genteel coup and subvert its democracy with willing, small-time collaborators and no bloodshed. I’ll bet it didn’t take much sophistication or effort.

    Assange’s trial, too, was a travesty of justice and there, too, we had the interference of the US and the eager collusion of those who are supposed to administer English justice. Scottish justice is just as accommodating to Atlanticist requirements it seems.

  48. Breeks says:

    This doesn’t just call for protest, but a Calton Hill type vigil protest outside Bute House until Craig is released. Rattle her cage for as long as Craig has to listen to the rattle of his.

    Shame on you Sturgeon and your crooks. Shame on you Wolffe. Shame on all Scottish Law, and global shame an embarrassment heaped upon Scotland.

    Scotland needs a Bastille Day. Craig Murray out, Sturgeon in, then throw away the fkg key.

  49. Mist001 says:

    It’s simply a matter of time before they get The Rev. He has to start taking his position seriously and start making provisions.

  50. Saffron Robe says:

    “Justice, once violated, demolishes itself; if preserved, it preserves; therefore justice must not be transgressed lest violated justice should annihilate us.”

    Manu Smriti

  51. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    29 July, 2021 at 6:17 pm
    “In May Lady Dorrian said that in her view Murray had intended to release identities of Salmond’s accusers.”

    There you have it. Thoughtcrime already on the statute books Scotland with a custodial tariff, and “guilt” arbitrarily determined by a single person’s subjective opinion, with the victim denied the right of appeal.

    Scottish Justice, – the oxymoron.

  52. Ian M says:

    What a travesty. This is Sturgeon’s Scotland, the one she rules absolutely, with no separation between her and the legal system. It is merely arm of her autocracy.

    We should remember how this whole sorry farce started, who was implicated in the plot and why she was so desperate to punish anyone bold enough to point out the malice involved in her plan.

    Dissent is now criminal in Scotland. They provided no evidence against Craig, no proof of identification, other than supposition and wild speculation. There was clear personal animosity against him from Dorrian, who refused to even consider his detailed submission.

    And she made a rule up on the spot, that somehow the MSM can do what he did, but they are exempt. So anyone not under the control of the oligarch press better watch out what they say, or what truths they bring before the public.

    Sturgeon must be proud, here are her principles laid bare. If you want justice don’t expect it in Scotland. What does she think she has achieved here? Comparison with countries like Belarus and Hungary, where despots rule. Well done, Nikla. Now we know what an indy Scotland would be like under you – a broken down autocracy, the police your private army.

  53. 100%Yes says:

    How would Scotland look today if we hadn’t allowed Nicola Sturgeon to just simple walk unopposed into the former First Minster job. I honestly believe that Scotland would be Independent and Craig Murray wouldn’t even be thinking of a prison cell. I’ll tell you one thing Nicola Sturgeon has big plans and it doesn’t involve Scotland or its people.

  54. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Gary15% – Try and give your anti-English bigotry a rest.

  55. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Outrage complete outrage.

    I will attend any protest and contribute to any fundraiser for Craig.

    Scotland 2021 dear god help us.

  56. Velocetteman says:

    This is shameful and appalling treatment of a decent, thoughtful and honest guy who should be revered in Scotland for what he has done and the stand he has taken against establishment dishonesty and corruption, instead of being jailed on trumped up nonsense. On top of this public crucifixion, if Alex Salmond does not now publicly intervene on his behalf by organising major protests in order to help someone who has sacrificed so much by exposing Salmond’s own scandalous mistreatment, he will completely lose my respect and probably my Alba membership. I am shaking with rage, so had better finish now before I explode completely.

  57. twathater says:

    I am so sick of the clowns who voted this arsehole in again defending her
    Alex for the future and defence of Scotland PLEASE expose what you know on RT and shame this cabal of lying monsters

  58. Ruby says:

    Mist001 says:
    29 July, 2021 at 6:38 pm
    It’s simply a matter of time before they get The Rev. He has to start taking his position seriously and start making provisions.


    Would you offer the same advice to ‘The Wee Ginger Dug’ or do you think he’s safe?

  59. Ron Maclean says:

    @sarah 4:52pm

    MSPs, by their silence, condone a corrupt justice system. There’s no hope there.

  60. Skip_NC says:

    Ruby, given that WGD writes the same anodyne post two or three times a week, I think he is pretty safe.

  61. Mist001 says:

    @ Ruby

    I have no idea who the wee ginger dug is, so I don’t really care. I know the material that The Rev has been producing on this site is beyond it’s worth of weight in gold. See the police investigation now into the missing £600,000? That’s directly attributable to The Rev. There are many, many more examples of this kind of investigative journalism on this site.

    The thing is, you don’t get away with doing this kind of thing without making a few enemies along the way and as Craig Murray is finding out, the state is the most devious, vindictive enemy to have.

    That’s why I believe it’s only a matter of time before the state gets him. He’s undoubtedly on their radar so I would suggest that it would be prudent of The Rev to start making provisions now, if he hasn’t already started doing so.

    Always have a plan. It might not always work out, but always have one just in case.

  62. Ruby says:

    Skip_NC says:
    29 July, 2021 at 7:01 pm
    Ruby, given that WGD writes the same anodyne post two or three times a week, I think he is pretty safe.


    Is it not a bit risky to promote the idea of ‘breaking up Britain’?

    I suppose the fact that his actions led to Stu retiring has gained him some brownie points.

    What is it you call it when one accused gives evidence against another accused and gets off?

  63. Skip_NC says:

    We call it turning state’s evidence here.

  64. Dan says:

    From a few days back.

    One ponders if today’s verdict will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and a certain direct debit will finally be getting cancelled…

  65. Skip_NC says:

    As for WGD advocating the break-up of Britain, his moderation policy makes it clear that only support for the SNP will be tolerated. As such support is acceptable to the British state, he is safe.

  66. Ruby says:

    Mist001 says:
    29 July, 2021 at 7:08 pm
    @ Ruby

    I have no idea who the wee ginger dug is, so I don’t really care.

    That’s weird!

    Do you care about Stuart Campbell?

  67. Ruby says:

    Should Craig Murray leave the SNP or wait to be kicked out?

  68. Robert Graham says:

    I usually take predictions with a pinch of Salt the latest load of bullshit from a bought and paid for medical expert Van Tam who says all the efforts of Bawjaws Government have prevented 60 thousand deaths and millions of infections , oh give me fkn strength these clowns really believe everyone’s head zips up the back .

    The push, push ,push , relentless twenty four seven propaganda get jabbed to vaccinate everyone in sight is becoming bloody boring now, the new born will be next on the list including cats and dogs , I know most of the public are not paying attention because if they were they would noticed we reached Heard Immunity months ago so what’s the next Fairy Tale I bet it’s a fkn doozie .

    Sorry that was way off Topic but this Dystopian nightmare ain’t fkn funny anymore .

  69. Scott says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    29 July, 2021 at 6:50 pm

    @Gary15% – Try and give your anti-English bigotry a rest.

    Stop being a narse, you shit-stirrer.

  70. Ruby says:

    Skip_NC says:
    29 July, 2021 at 7:16 pm
    We call it turning state’s evidence here.

    I Googled and found that in the UK it’s called ‘turning Queen’s evidence’.

    Looks as if there might be a lot of that going on in Scotland.

    My next question is ‘What do you call someone who ‘turns state’s/Queen’s evidence’?

  71. Ruby says:


    Oh no is this thread drifting back to Covid?
    Next it’ll be the sinking school.


  72. Athanasius says:

    This is what happens in a woke paradise. For those of you too young to remember the old Eastern bloc, this is what it was like.

  73. Mist001 says:

    @ Ruby

    I have looked at other independence websites and they’re pale imitations of this one. Everyone of them wants to be The Rev.

    So, why accept mediocrity or second best? I don’t visit, read or post on any other independence website, Facebook page or anything, so I don’t know who these people are, so why should I care?

  74. Gary45% says:

    Typical, when the mirror gets held up, you go and take a dump in the sand pit.
    If I’m Anti-English, you must be Anti-Scottish.
    Try starting your ramblings with “Once upon a time there was a sinking school” it would make you much more interesting.
    The End.

  75. Twitter account – Hamish Rasputin! Always inventive, only thing that made me laugh today.

  76. Ruby says:

    Mist001 says:
    29 July, 2021 at 7:43 pm
    @ Ruby

    I have looked at other independence websites and they’re pale imitations of this one. Everyone of them wants to be The Rev.

    So, why accept mediocrity or second best? I don’t visit, read or post on any other independence website, Facebook page or anything, so I don’t know who these people are, so why should I care?


    You seem to have that in common with ‘Sinister Dave’ most others read & post on a whole variety of different independence supporting sites.

  77. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Scott – Both you and Gary should have a go at reading Gordon Dangerfield’s blogs. In one of them he says: The Scottish judiciary are now the legal arm of the SNP. That’s all that anyone is saying here. We’re up to about 70No comments now and has anyone said any different?

  78. Mist001 says:

    @ Ruby

    I can assure you that I don’t. I have better things to do than spend my life arguing with Mrs. Murrell supporters.

  79. Chris says:

    I’ve donated several times to Craig’s fundraisers. Before I donate again, does anyone know if Nadia will be able to draw on such funds to keep the family going while Craig is in jail? If not, how to donate to her?

  80. Ruby says:

    Mist001 says:
    29 July, 2021 at 7:55 pm
    @ Ruby

    I can assure you that I don’t. I have better things to do than spend my life arguing with Mrs. Murrell supporters.


    Which sites are you referring to?

    I don’t know of any site where you could argue with Mrs Murrell’s supporters.

  81. Ian M says:

    Well it didn’t take long for the thread to descend into personal vendettas, ignoring poor Craig.

  82. James Barr Gardner says:

    All True Scottish Patriots will be heading to Embra tomorrow. The Brit state comes for one they will come for ALL of US !

  83. Saffron Robe says:

    First they came for Alex Salmond,
    Then they came for Mark Hirst,
    Then they came for Craig Murray,
    Then they came for Marion Millar,
    And then they came for You and Me.

    “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

    Elie Wiesel

  84. stuart mctavish says:

    With huge empathy for Craig is there perhaps a silver lining in that the supreme court has just set a precedent that it cannot over-rule a Scots kangaroo court in event it gives no leave to appeal – with all that that may imply for an indyref2 bill and anyone too sneaky to bring it and/or approve it in the High Court?

  85. Dan says:

    Is the Supreme Court decision published yet, or are the last two tweets in this thread from James Doleman relevant?

  86. Ruby says:

    Prasad says:
    29 July, 2021 at 6:07 pm
    Surely now someone from abroad will spill all the beans.


    Perhaps the foreign press aren’t interested because the ‘Alphabetties’ might be total nonentities that nobody has ever heard of.

    I would imagine every who is interested and would recognise the names of the ‘Alphabetties’ already know their names.

    Any follow up on the nude picture blackmail story?

  87. Cuilean says:

    When Mr Murray wins his case at the ECHR (nothing to do with the EU, by the way), it will mark a day of shame for our court system. T

    The name Dorrian will forever be a stain on the good name of the legal system of Scotland.

    I hope the compensation finally awarded to Mr Craig will be substantial.

  88. shug says:

    the more Nicola gets drawn into this deceit the more she is on the hook to Westminster.

    They have the whatsapp messages
    They know she did it to delay indyref 2
    They know who she promoted and why, they have the recordings
    They know there was a conspiricy
    They know her husband spent the money in non indy stuff
    They know how they massaged the NEC

    They are giving her a lot or rope

  89. stuart mctavish says:

    Sorry, downgraded “duplicitous” to “sneaky” and it changed the sense without thinking.

    What I meant was there appears to be no legal barrier to Holyrood announcing the date for a second referendum and, pursuant to Dan @8:35, if the legal fraternity are able to rub it in with a bit of nobile officium for Craig, and maybe demand custody of Julian Assange with no leave to appeal while they’re at it, so much the better.

  90. Carol Neill says:

    I don’t post here very much but I do read
    Mist , va te faire foutre
    And I’m not the only one to say so !

  91. Mist001 says:

    @ Carol Neill

    Now everybody knows why you don’t post here very much. Nothing to contribute.

  92. Flower of Scotland says:

    After being an SNP activist for 57 years this year, I absolutely HATE this #NewSNP under Nicola Sturgeon. How bad can this Scottish Government, COPFS, Police Scotland get before people rebel and throw them out of office. Are they so cowed by England and the British that they cannot stand up for their own country and the people who report the truth!

  93. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It wouldn’t be fair to expect Rev Stu, or any other blogger, to go ahead and publish the names of the Alphabetties. They’ve done their bit, and have all paid for it to varying degrees (or sold out to save their skins, which is still, objectively, a pretty serious reaction to the intimidation).

    Social media exists because *we* use it, not because some Silicone Valley billionaire forces us to. They make vast fortunes with these platforms but also insist that we kowtow to diktats from unaccountable woke fanatics who get their orders from the usual suspects. Their editorial leanings tend to be mirrored in Scottish Govt policy. (Lucky auld us, eh?)

    The same laws being twisted to persecute Murray (and whack-a-mole Stuart Campbell every time he reappears on Twitter, wearing the thinnest disguises of all time) will be used against any one of us who dares indulge in doubleplusungood Thought Crime. A well-formed tweet can probably be viewed as a nano-‘blog’, for legal purposes. Twitter certainly seems to think so.

    What’s to stop people(*) from publishing the names simultaneously, across all the biggest platforms? Seriously – how could they stop that? And even if they could, what are they going to do? arrest everyone who happens to ‘like’ or retweet a list of names? Will they have an army of censors watching out for every possible anagram, joke and GIF which hints at the identities? I’ve never been Twitter-banned, but I’d be as well getting hoofed for something worthwhile rather than pointing out that someone with a big hairy nob isn’t actually a woman.

    It’s not my place to suggest an appropriate time to do such a thing. In fact, I’m not advocating such a thing happen at all, but if it does happen, and coincides with Craig Murray actually taking up occupancy of a prison cell, so be it.

    And no, just for the record, I don’t know who the Alphabetties are. Someone showed me a list once, ages ago, and I only recognised two or three names on it. Can’t even remember them now.


    (*) Not ‘us’, obviously.

  94. Hamish Anderson says:

    I consider Craig Murray to be a case for psychiatrists rather than judges (just look at his blog in which he maintains that RN ships sailing past China are ‘warmongering’ yet doesn’t seem to think that Iranian warships sailing past Dover are doing anything wrong). But his jail sentence is wrong. Nevertheless, it’s ironic to see a Scottish nationalist being locked up by a Scottish Natsy judge.

  95. Fishy Wullie says:

    I am utterly devastated, Craig has committed no crime he is a political prisoner and we must never forget who is responsible for his imprisonment.

    Nicola Sturgeon is responsible she is the enemy of the people and we the people must never rest till we take our revenge on that repulsive excuse for a woman

  96. Yona says:

    We live in dangerous times.

  97. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Craig Murray has been a thorn in the side of the ‘British Establishment’ since he blew his whistle over torture.

    The ‘BE” have latched on to the “Jigsaw ID” as a way to ‘get’ Craig Murray. We now look to the European Court of Human Rights.

    We have two establishments – the SNP and the British State – working together to neuter him.

    One because he is pro-independence and the other because he embarrassed the British state.

    He must be supported, in whatever way, by us, the peeps.

  98. BLMac says:

    The great achievement of Sturgeon is that Scotland has now joined the ranks of the banana republics with its very own political prisoner.

  99. Dave M says:

    So we now have political prisoners under Sturgeon’s regime. She needs to go, but she won’t.

  100. Wally Jumblatt says:

    A thought crime indeed -and the Supreme Court says not interested?

    The mainstream media self-regulate?
    I recall CM specifically self-regulated in avoiding jigsaw-identifying these people, and told us so.

    Lady Dorian is obviously more equal than some.

  101. Pixywine says:

    The reason why the Scottish “news” media are going easy on Sturg is because she and Bozo are serving the central banks pharma industry. Sturgeons frequent speeches at LSE gives her away as a Globalist with no interest in Independence. She serves Bill Gates as well. When are the Scottish going to wake up to the bigger picture? There’s people on here who call themselves doctors when they are clearly having a laugh.

  102. WGW says:

    It looks like CRAIG MURRAY will surrender himself to the Police in Edinburgh tomorrow following the refusal of the UK Supreme Case to hear his appeal.

    Atrocious and further proof of the fascist state now emerging in Scotland.

    I have followed Lady Dorrian for several years and thought her a fair judge. I changed my mind after her “instructions” to the jury in the Salmond trial to bear in mind the Moorov Doctrine and her comments about the MSM being “self-regulating” (compared with bloggers etc). Outrageous in both cases.

    So, what’s going to happen? I am re-reading George Orwell dystopian view of the future described in his novel “1984”, written in 1948. Alarming similarities!

    We can blame all the outside forces we want but this is happening today in Scotland with full SNP/SG approval I’m sorry to say.

  103. Effigy says:

    Dorian doyen of Westminster fascism.

    Think we shop drop that Lady crap when talking
    about this dangerous deviant.

    No trace of justice, reason or common sense.
    I’d like to see her imprisoned in an independent Scotland
    but I would have the decency to tell her why.

  104. Robert Louis says:

    This is truly oppressive and a complete abandonement of the principle of free speech. Scotland under NICOLA STURGEON, has seen an innocent fomer First Minister taken to the high court on trumped up charges, and NOW sees an innocent, very old and unwell man sent to prison.

    This is a disgrace. It is clear that Nicola Sturgeon is no friend of Scotland. She is no friend of free speech. She is no different to a tin-pot dictator, locking up those who oppose her. She is the biggest hurdle to independence.

    This is a deliberate effort to wholly undermine and destroy Scots law and legal services, whilst also destroying the SNP.

    Those in the SNP who are sitting watching this go on, after ALL the lies regarding Mr Salmond, need to decide. Are they willing to sit back and let these things continue, or are they going to stand up for the people of Scotland and get rid of Sturgeon and her wicked cabal?

    It is blindingly clear that this trial and the jailing of Craig Murray is political. Craig Murray is a political prisoner. In Scotland, in 2021. He never once identified the accusers. Not once.

    I hope when he wins on appeal in Europe, he takes those responsible to the cleaners.

    The world needs to know what has been done here. All those SNP MSPs and MPs who sit and let this happen should forever hang their heads in utter shame. How dare the point the finger at Boris Johnson, when their very own party and its leader are even more corrupt. Eh, Mr Blackford??

    The SNP, an utter, utter disgrace. A sh*te bigotted, corrupt wee party, with a sh*te leader.

  105. James Horace says:

    In May, Craig Murray asked everyone to keep the faith and vote for Nicola Sturgeon’s New-SNP, didn’t he?

    I wonder if he regrets this now?

  106. John Main says:

    It is up to each of us to ensure that this story is not allowed to grow stale and die.

    Not just on sites like this one. We all need to be writing and emailing to any sites that will publish what we send them. No ranting, no wild theories, just the bare facts of the case.

    The bare facts damn the perpetrators unequivocally. They require no embellishment.

    We need to be prepared to keep this effort up, week after week, till there is nobody who is unaware that this is happening, in Scotland, right now.

    The guilty parties behind this travesty of justice believe we will eventually tire and move on.

    Prove them wrong.

  107. Robert Louis says:

    Shug at 850pm,

    I think you are correct. What a tawdry corrupt party the SNP have become. Meanwhile its coterie of pointless MSPs and MPs choose to rather conveniently look the other way. Each and every single one, culpable. Silence is consent.

    The SNP are finished in Scotland. They, and the murrells will never be forgiven. The indy movement will continue to grow, alongside the ALBA party.

  108. Pixywine says:

    I bet Dorrian has “Common Purpose” connections. The Kapo Soros has been bribing State Prosecutes in America especially Cuomos New York. What a wank stain that man is. The SNP are enamoured of the US Democrats. I followed the American elections on what most here would describe as right wing youtube sites, so lefty snowflakes don’t have to, and there’s no way Biden go 80 million votes. He didn’t leave his damned basement. You didn’t see the video evidence of Democrats closing polling stations and then pulling out boxes of ” mail in” votes all of which were mysteriously cast for Biden with not one for Trupm. Now we agree Trumps an asshole, and part of the game, but he must have some mail in voters. All elections are getting blatantly dodgy and its all under the same Globalist gang.

  109. Pixywine says:

    A year and a half of “emergency powers” with more to come is “truly oppressive” Its all connected. Remember the big cartoon.

  110. Susanne Campbell Crayton says:

    My heart is breaking for Craig and his family. I have followed this from the beginning and always hoped the there would be a moment when someone said stop, enough is enough. Know this Craig, tomorrow I will travel to Edinburgh and I will be standing outside supporting you. When you go through the gates remember you have 1000’s of friends standing by your side. We won’t wheesht this time. Karma is a wonderful thing.

  111. Colin Alexander says:

    Poor Mr Murray. Another victim of the SNP British Establishment.

    What’s left of the independence movement is reaping the bitter harvest of the SNP embracing the UK Establishment for the last 21 years, and in doing so, becoming British Establishment colonial administrators.

    The rot started with Alex Salmond’s SNP embracing devolution administration as their No.1 priorit,y with independence a secondary goal.

    Now, the SNP target the independence movement as their enemies.

  112. Tom Kane says:


    An unlawful and incompetent report compiled by the Scottish Government, on orders of the FM… Rejected by the police, yet accepted by the COPFS and used to open an investigation into an innocent man. Innocent man cleared of criminality. The only true reporter in the room sent to jail. A man who identified no victim… Though he could have.

    The judge giving such a vague statement regarding the accusers that even their names could not be mentioned in the Scottish Parliament… Under any circumstances… Same judge decides to pursue CM for contempt of her court.

    Whole sordid story is beneath contempt.

    And wait with baited breath to see if said judge lionised.

  113. Skip_NC says:

    Pixywine, the presidential election was free and fair. The votes were properly counted in accordance with each state’s rules and procedures. Joe Biden got eighty million votes because millions of Republican-leaning moderates, including me, lent him their votes to remove Trump. It really is that simple. There is no conspiracy. Donald Trump lost.

    Here in Wake County NC, Trump got 35.8% of the vote. Republicans in statewide races got around that number – some a percentage point or two higher, some lower. Of course there were exceptions, such as Steve Troxler (Republican) who got about 45% of the county’s vote for Agriculture Commissioner. (He’s popular with a lot of Democrats because he banned guns from the state fair).

    All court challenges to the results have been thrown out and the attorneys bringing them are now facing sanctions for telling lies in court.

    Also remember that many Republicans charged with administering elections refused to play Trump’s games. The Georgia Secretary of State, for instance, refused to help him “find” 12,000 votes. Republicans in Arizona have argued against the “recount” taking place there at the behest of the state senate.

    What I find terrifying is that so many people voted for Donald Trump. Some of them are my clients. How intelligent people cannot see past the Fox News talking points is alarming. I charge by the hour so their rants at tax time were quite profitable.

  114. ronald anderson says:

    I will be at St Leonards police station tomorrow at 3pm with Wee Annie fae dundee in support of Craig Murray

  115. sarah says:

    @ ronald anderson: thank you on behalf of those like myself who can’t get to St Leonards police station tomorrow. I hope you will find many allies there.

  116. Ron Maclean says: – ‘The Crown Came for Craig Murray’

  117. ronald anderson says:

    Sarah its ronnie Ronald is ma sunday name & i dont use it but yes I will find Sovereign compatriots at St Leonards police station , as BDDT said upthread we have to support Craig Murray against the British establishment & the Scottish Govt & Scottish Legal system .

  118. stonefree says:

    Robert Graham at 6:06 pm
    “I wonder if it’s possible for Kenny McAskill to name every one of the Alphabet conspirators under Parliamentary Privilege as David Davis stopped just short of doing recently” ,

    He could , I wonder if that would be wise? so I personally would very wary

    It would be better if one of them spoke out, or even ended up in court be that charged or as a witness

    Republicofscotland at 6:17 pm
    “In May Lady Dorrian said that in her view Murray had intended to release identities of Salmond’s accusers.”

    the problem lies with what she said, and where that information came from, and was it before the court

    If it wasn’t in the court then she had no evidence, Consider a jury is instructed to weigh up the evidence only, not what a man at a bus stop says

    Ruby at 7:28 pm
    Should Craig Murray leave the SNP or wait to be kicked out?

    Wait to be expelled Don’t leave It stand you in a better position should you take them to court.

    But there you have it another court case!!!

    It is a reasonably common thing for the SNP to say a member has resigned , when they have done nothing of the sort
    and then call him all the bastards under the sun

    Re Mr Campbell’s position

    He’s in a terrible position, in that should he say something that offends Sturgeon , all manner of shit will fall, It does him no good.For him to follow AS, MH,CM MM and all

    Until a SNP clique member is in court for some offense it’s going to be “just treading water”

    A wee perjury charge would loosen the bowels, I think

    I do wonder just how many sex harassment type cases the SNP HQ are sitting on

    Any one want to hazard a guess? (don’t name them )

    as for the Dug, ?

    He’s pointless, a nobody , ignore him

  119. Hugh Jarse says:

    3pm at St Leonards tomorrow it is then.
    See youse there.

    Mind and smile to the camera’s.

  120. sarah says:

    @ ronnie – I’ll remember for next time! If you get a chance please let us know how it goes tomorrow.

  121. birnie says:

    This is the most shameful action of the Scottish establishment in living memory. My contempt for the First Minister, the instigator of this affair, is unbounded. I cannot come to terms with the knowledge that she is abetted in this most egregious enterprise by the entire Scottish government, the Scottish legal “profession” and the Scottish police. If the state intimidates its citizens like fascism, prosecutes like fascism and imprisons like fascism, then Scotland is a fascist state – a tragedy that the bulk of the electorate doesn’t realise this yet.

  122. Budgie says:

    Prosecuted in Scotland by the Scottish Criminal Justice system and sentenced to jail for an offence by a senior Scottish Judge – lets be honest this has got bugger all to do with the UK this has the slimy hand of the SNPs increasingly out of control Scottish legal system all over it. What a state we are in now in Scotland under the SNP.

  123. Scott says:

    A very interesting briefing paper from David Weetabix –

    Scottish independence referendum: legal issues

  124. sarah says:

    Protest in Inverness tomorrow at 3.00 p.m. outside the “Justice” Centre on Longman Road, Judith Reid has informed via facebook. [The Centre is where the College used to be.]

  125. Tartanpigsy says:

    Can’t make St Leonard’s but I am planning to be at Holyrood on the 31st to welcome back our MSP’s.
    Everyone should make the effort otherwise we’re looking at another decade before we’ll be in any position to act again.

  126. wull says:

    The judge couldn’t jail Alex Salmond in his criminal case because she had no option but to follow the verdict of the jury. The jury heard the evidence against AS in open court, and came to the conclusion that it did not stand up.

    The (same?) judge could jail Craig Murray without Craig Murray, or anyone else (other than her two side-kicks), even hearing the evidence against him. There was no jury, and no public, to hear or scrutinise that evidence.

    Ever since the verdict in favour of AS, the SNP has been pushing the proposal of having more and more non-jury trials in Scotland.

    Where do you think we are heading? In fact, where are we already?

    Besides which, if the law is not applied equally to everyone, justice is not being done. This becomes even worse if there is suspicion or proof that the selective prosecutions which are pursued are politically motivated.

    The same goes for prosecutors NOT pursuing others who have done, or seem to have done, the same thing(s) as those whom they ARE pursuing. This is inequality before the law – some get prosecuted for doing a supposed crime while others don’t – and such inequality is inherently unjust.

    Justice is not arbitrary, and the application or non-application of the law should not be a matter of whim, far less a means of pursuing political ends.

    Unjust governments always need to be opposed, wherever they arise. Every time they get away with an injustice they are emboldened to go still further the next time.

    The momentum is either halted in its tracks or it becomes the juggernaut that sweeps all before it, doing whatever it wants, when and as it pleases.

    Is Craig Murray’s ‘trial’ just a beginning? Or a further sign of where we are heading? Or even further proof of where we are already?

    The same as we need the separation of powers, we need proper legal processes. These processes have to be free from political interference.

    Otherwise we are not living in a free country.

    That certainly applies to Scotland, but equally to ‘Britain’ or the UK as a whole – including its so-called Supreme Court (even if, as some suppose, it should not actually exist). In fact, doesn’t it apply everywhere?

  127. Beaker says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says:
    29 July, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    Having had a trawl through Twitter tonight, I think some people are going to drop themselves right in it. The more sensible ones are being very careful what they post, but what’s the betting there will be a few who suddenly find themselves up in front of a judge? I’m talking about the complete nutters who think they can post anything, and will blatantly post the wrong thing.

    No idea about Facebook. Dropped off there 10 years ago.

  128. Shocked says:

    I have sympathy for Craig Murray but when I read his statement I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    He seems to blaming that British state and security cervices for his imprisonment while completely ignoring who is actually responsible, Nicola Sturgeon. Of course Craig campaigned and voted for Nicola Sturgeon even though she was trying to jail him. One can only assume that Craig has been so conditioned by New SNP brain washing techniques that he has so to speak, lost his mind.

    If people won’t help themselves or even admit to themselves what the problem is then how the hell are you supposed to help them.

  129. Breeks says:

    Barrheadboy’s blog is becoming quite an asset to the cause. As other lights go out, he seems to burn all the brighter.

    And yes, yes, yes, to more of this…. Read it, digest the meaning, and spread the word.

  130. Mac says:

    Leeona Dorrian is the same bent ‘judge’ who excluded all the evidence revealing the conspiracy amongst all the false accusers to stitch up Salmond during his trial.

    If it was not for the jury Leeona here would have shamelessly fucked over Salmond just as she is shamelessly fucking over Craig Murray.

    God only knows Leeona tried her best with Salmond to get him jailed… and poor Craig seems to be copping it worse now due to her frustrations at not successfully railroading Salmond. Damn those pesky juries eh Leeona. Must be sooooo annoying for you.

    (By the way Craig Murray was singing Leeona’s praises during the trial. Fuck knows why then or now. Another one who is too nice but hey ho…)

    Personally I thought she was a nasty bit of work from what I saw and no better than that hideous soviet show trial judge running the Assange stitch-up. Two absolute establishment attack dogs cut from the same shit covered legal cloth.

    Please please can people stop referring to this piece of shit as “Lady” anything. It gives me the utter boak. (Like ‘Lord’ Hutton. Cunt Hutton would be more accurate.)

    These people do not deserve respect and these false titles like Lady or Lord are the exact opposite of what they are.

    No wonder they are so sensitive to contempt of court because they make you feel nothing but sheer contempt… because they are completely contemptuous.

    You should feel that… in every fibre of your being. It should be screaming at you… fuck these people.

    Leeona is no better than a bent copper nor a bent Lord Advocate and all deserve zero respect. They all deserve our unbridled contempt.

  131. Lulu Bells says:

    I am appaled and ashamed that this has happened in my country, in Scotland. You would think we were not a free country and that we were being ruled by a dictator who has control of everything wouldn’t you.

  132. stuart mctavish says:

    Wally Jumblat @10:02

    Not more equal than all though. My guess is that the Supreme court would have been happy to avoid the case since it touches on the same judicial arrogance assumed in the Tommy Robinson trial(s), where contempt of court powers are spuriously extended beyond the bounds of the courtroom. Murray’s case was brought pursuant to an alleged court order and, at the very least, ought to have been heard by a judge who could not know who the accusers were in advance.

    Accordingly this appears to be about legal malpractice arising from procedural failures, a misinterpretation of (common) law, and a defacto failure to protect it by senior judges and prosecutors – and the chain of unfortunate events that inevitably follows. Hopefully Scotland remains a tight community in the positive sense and its all been done in the name of the noble cause stated earlier, but its stretching the imagination to think that Nicola or spouse should be taking flak for any of it either way.

  133. Willie says:

    It is for situations like this where the state and government turn against the people that the Americans introduced the Second Amendment.

    The Police, prosecution and judiciary are weaponised against political opponents. We the ordinary people are not, and what we are seeing with Craig Murray, and all of the others, is the result.

    We ignore this at our very peril.

  134. Willie says:

    Sharpesville in South Africa, Bloody Sunday in Ireland, the parallels as to how apartheid regimes suppress dissent, political difference could not be clearer in the modus operandi of what the police, prosecution and judiciary are now doing.

    They just haven’t used the guns yet. It is truly that grim the spectrum that we are now on. And terrifying that we are allowing it to happen. But maybe like the victims of police oppression in South Africa and Ireland we have no choice.

  135. Willie says:

    Or to use another example. Does anyone remember the Diplock courts in Northern Ireland and internment.

    And the media with ‘ this is the voice of an actor ‘

    Internment of Craig Murray, the attempted internment of Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst, Marion Millar, et al. The actual internment of a Manny Singh march organisers and now the pursuance of the 2019 Aberdeen march organiser Gary Kelly.

    Yes, incarnation, internment is back, and some fools think we live in a democracy with a fair and just police, prosecution and judiciary. Well as the foregoing shows – we most certainly don’t.

  136. Robert Hughes says:

    Stuart @ 7.02

    ” but its stretching the imagination to think that Nicola or spouse should be taking flak for any of it either way.”

    No doubt Jerkoff n Hide would claim they cannot interfere in legal cases ( lol ) but N Sturgeon as the instigator – at the very least acquiescent co-conspirator – and Murrell as an enthusiastic back-stabber in the attempted political assassination of Alex Salmond are just as responsible for what is happening to Craig Murray and the debasing of the Scottish Legal System in general as anyone else.In Sturgeon’s case more so as she had the power to stop the AS case ever becoming a police matter when the internal process was exposed as ” tainted by bias ” . She didn’t

    If this truly wicked ( and surprise , surprise , botched , like everything else they attempt ) plot had not been hatched CM , like the others persecuted for , essentially , ” crimes ” against the ruling junta would not be in the terrible , unjust situation he is and they were

  137. J.o.e says:

    Boris Johnson launches act to imprison journalists:

    The one thing I will say that fills me with confidence is that these same people acting as absolute tyrants clearly also have our health interests at heart.

  138. Fred says:

    ‘He seems to blaming that British state and security cervices for his imprisonment while completely ignoring who is actually responsible, Nicola Sturgeon’

    I would tend to side with Craig Murray’s assumptions. Sturgeon is just an agent of the state and nothing more than a pawn, she is part of the ‘controlled opposition’ that’s meant to give us the illusion that we still live in something akin to a democracy and that we have agency and freedom.
    As we have witnessed in the last year, the process of tightening up state control is happening at breakneck speed and I doubt Craig Murray will be the last.

  139. Robert Hughes says:

    J.O.E @ 7.54

    I love the smell of fresh sarcasm in the morning

    Aye truly , the cup of confidence runneth over knowing Johnson ( and Johnson ) are looking out for us

  140. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ronnie , can’t be there but good on you – let us know how it goes.

  141. Breeks says:

    Craig Murray is the booby prize. The scalp this rotten conspiracy wanted was the head of Alex Salmond, and it only came unstuck at the death because of an honest, diligent Scottish jury who could recognise deceit and conspiracy and quite rightly deplore it. Not the law, not the police, certainly not the media, certainly not the “Government” or the chinless wonders in the SNP. The only reason Alex Salmond didn’t go to jail was the honest integrity of 12 Scottish citizens.

    The spoiled brats of the Conspiracy didn’t get what they wanted, so it’s tantrum time, and all us little people must endure the vengeful, vindictive malice heaped upon the first poor sod in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I don’t know if Sturgeon is a Unionist Stooge, a compromised Patsy, or an all-out vindictive psycho. For all I know she might be all three. Stooge, Compromised, Utterly Mental, let’s just call it SCUM for short.

    But you know the biggest disgrace in this? Go a tour around Twitter and wider social media and look for the disgust and outrage being expressed by the “Champions” of Independence, the “noble” defenders of Scotland who could help but don’t, the gutless charlatans in the SNP.

    How could we ever put our trust, and the fate of our Nation, in the hands of such a sorry bunch of wankers?

    Scotland has the internationally humiliating stigma of holding an innocent man a political prisoner. It’s time to get to work Scotland. It’s time to make those responsible for this atrocity regret the day they parted company with their integrity.

    Whenever and wherever either Westminster, or Bute House dare to pass comment on anybody’s human rights records abroad, let them choke on the name of Craig Murray, Scotland’s Political Prisoner.

    Access to women’s safe spaces you want is it? You just stole a very brave man’s access to outdoors space, so if I have anything to do with it, your deviant, tranny-muck agenda to perv on Scotland’s women and girls just got a whole lot harder.

  142. Tannadice Boy says:

    Breeks 8:35pm
    Spot on. I would add in the role of Police Scotland. The law has been broken in plain view on several counts. They have been slow to react. Though I think it is still not too late for them to act. Otherwise the relationship between the law abiding public and Police Scotland will be permanently damaged.

  143. chas says:

    The sad thing about this is that the brain dead Scots, who currently vote for the Supreme Leader and her acolytes, will hardly be aware or even care about what is happening in Scotland. As long as England is reviled at evet opportunity they are happy.
    Sturgeon is not a friend of Scotland but she does know how to spread hatred and promote division but usually for the wrong reasons.
    Some days I am embarrassed to be Scottish. Today is one of them.

  144. ronald anderson says:

    Nice to hear from U Dorothy I certainly will report back Take Care xxx .

  145. Mac says:

    The ‘security’ services (another mind bending misnomer) were clearly active during the Salmond trial itself.

    The very weird ‘recording’ (again if that is really what it was) of Salmond’s advocate on the train and the shenanigans used to get rid of pro Salmond jurors as the trial progressed.

    That IS them.

    They (or their proxies) clearly were doing every dirty trick they could to get a conviction… yet still the jury saw through it all. You have to also conclude from this that even to ordinary people when you saw all the evidence or complete lack of it and crucially the actual performance of bare faced liars like Woman H on the stand it was very obvious it was a stitch-up. The jury had the exact same response to seeing it all as the judges at the Court of Session. Alex Salmond can’t ‘win’ any better or more conclusively than that… he really can’t, he wiped the floor with them… yet still he is smeared by lying scumbags almost daily.

    If they (the security services) were doing all that during the trial you HAVE to assume they will have been heavily involved in everything leading up to it as well, i.e. orchestrating the stitch-up itself, all the way back.

    If you look at under the right light their fingerprints are everywhere. I think seeing it all now laid out, it is pretty obvious this was an operation and still is.

    They are absolutely going after the independence movement.

    Sturgeon has pretty much destroyed the SNP from within in just 6 years. That is not a coincidence. She misplayed BREXIT and instead (during the exact same time she squandered BREXIT) tried to send Salmond (an icon of 2014) to jail for rape using every dirty trick imaginable.

    Trying to stitch-up Salmond for rape speaks absolute volumes.

    This is different level.

    Again you have to think what really happened in 2014 to provoke this insanity we are seeing in Scotland this last few years now.

    Basically it all started the moment Nicola Sturgeon was handed power by Alex Salmond. That was the green light.

  146. Shocked says:


    Get a grip of yourself, sturgeon is no ones pawn. She is simply a power crazed psychopath who has been driven quite mad by the unquestioning adulation of all the fools who went to the hydro to play homage and gave her their votes and worship without question. The New SNP is a personality cult of Nicola Sturgeon and as with all cults the leader eventually starts to believe they are a living god.

    The Scottish legal system, crown office and civil service are all controlled by Nicola sturgeon. If you don’t believe me then believe Alex salmond because he admitted he is partly to blame for the current situation because he set out to game the system by bringing all the branches of government under direct control without considering what would happen if a psychopath like Nicola sturgeon became FM.

    Craig Murray’s problem is that all along he knew just how power crazed and dangerous Nicola Sturgeon was and blaming the British state gives him a get out card from having to take personal blame for his current situation. He still can’t admit that campaigning for the the SNP last election was a massive mistake. There is also the element of wanting to take some glow from a Julian Assange so he is desperate to be seen in the same league as him, a political prisoner of the British state. Being jailed for contempt of some tawdry sexual a offences stitch up by a wee ned from Dreghorn who he knew all along was corrupt doesn’t have the same ring to it,

  147. Republicofscotland says:

    So Scotland’s colonial government ran by Sturgeon finally gets her man, Craig Murray pulled the curtain back on the Alex Salmond trial (without breaking the law I might add) and what we saw shocked most of us I think. The actions of the Scottish government and its hammer of injustice the COPFS continues to shake us to the core.

    What surprised us even more is that our colonial government has directed its rage and revenge against those who ardently spoke out for Scottish independence.

  148. Hatuey says:

    Stuart mctavish @ 7.02

    “but its stretching the imagination to think that Nicola or spouse should be taking flak for any of it either way.”

    What utter pish.

  149. Mac says:

    Salmond was attacked within months of him being out of public office. That was the moment he became vulnerable.

    I recall reading that this ‘window’ in which he was attacked was the first time in well over 20 years (it was a long time, close to 30 years I think) that AS had been out of public office.

    Curiously that happened when NS totally misplayed her hand in 2017 causing the SNP to lose 21 seats out of the 56 the SNP won in 2015. She called for indyref2 way too early and unsurprisingly the SNP hemorrhaged votes in 2017… At the time it was perplexing how she could play it so badly.

    Guess who one of the sacrificed 21 seats was.

    And in that seat I recall there was weird accusations of tactical voting at the time, it was all very odd.

    Everything Sturgeon has done has enabled everything that was done.

    All of this just cant be a co-incidence. It just can’t. This is wall-to-wall.

  150. ronald anderson says:

    Shocked . Craig Murray like a lot of us campaigned & voted SNP for many years , if you had ever spoken to Craig you would pick up how considerate of others he is and is not given to discrediting his accusers , he pertains to the facts in the wording . The british Gomt have been after Craig for a long time now with the help of the Scottish Legal system they have got him , that needs cleaned out on us gaining our Independence .

  151. Allyreid says:

    Craig Murray is generally full of self importance and seems to have his head firmly up his own arse.
    However that is not enough for a jail sentence and neither is the trumped up charges he faced.
    SNP controlled courts are not finished yet

  152. Hatuey says:

    Mac: “She called for indyref2 way too early and unsurprisingly the SNP hemorrhaged votes in 2017… At the time it was perplexing how she could play it so badly.”

    What you’re saying here is at odds with the facts. You either don’t remember what happened back then or you don’t understand it.

    Sturgeon losing seats in 2017 had nothing to do with calling for indyref2 too early. The opposite is closer to the truth. Her General Election campaign was diabolically insane — I literally watched them argue that the election wasn’t about independence because they already had a mandate for it.

    The SNP dominates politics when it puts independence at the top of the agenda. That’s been the case in every election since about 2007. The opposite is also true — when they downplay independence, they lose votes.

    Another corollary is that arguing for independence increases support for (guess what) independence. It isn’t rocket science.

    Sturgeon bottled it in 2017. She put her precious career and self interest before everything in that election of 2017. Salmond wasn’t the only one who thought her election campaign was terrible and likely to cost votes.

    Instead of admitting she had screwed up, Sturgeon moved to neutralise those in the party who were critical. The attempt to stitch Salmond up was the means to that end.

    Sturgeon is rubbish at politics. It took her 8 attempts to win a seat on FPTP terms. Nobody here could name one of her policies that was a success. There’s a catalogue of embarrassing failures, pandemic handling being the latest. Everyone else pays for her failures.

  153. Zander Tait says:

    Our country of Scotland has become a most unpleasant wee country in which to reside.

    Good luck to you, Craig Murray. You are a man of boundless integrity, punished for writing the truth.

    My hope is that the Murrells, Swinney, Wolffe, Evans and all the others will, one day, burn forever in the Hell they believe in.

    As for the SNP, I wouldn’t give them the skin off my keech.

  154. Breeks says:

    Mac says:
    30 July, 2021 at 9:07 am

    …Basically it all started the moment Nicola Sturgeon was handed power by Alex Salmond. That was the green light.

    I’m not so sure.

    Cast your mind back to 2014, and talk that the rabidly Unionist media had “something” on Alex Salmond, some kind of smear, but it never emerged because virtually everyone who knew and worked with Salmond thought the prospect of scandal unimaginable and dismissed the possibility.

    I’m sure I won’t be the only person to remember. Someone tell me I’m not imagining it.

    I cannot remember the chronology, but I think that might have been around the time Sturgeon herself declared Alex Salmond didn’t have a sexist bone in his body. Rather ironic compared to her tone now.

    That wasn’t about this media story of alleged misconduct, as I recall, I think something Alex said was perceived to be sexist by the Tories, (did he call someone a silly woman or something? I don’t recall but it was trivial, and the attacks on Salmond highly opportunistic, but the point is I’m sure I recall a background sense, an appetite, that the media were trying to impune Alex Salmond’s reputation way before 2014-15, and smear by innuendo.

    The “secret” the media were supposed to have, could have been a total bluff of course, but I’m sure that was pre Referendum in 2014.

    I wonder whether the “something” the media had on Salmond was in fact the naissance of what would become the conspiracy to see him jailed. If it was, then that provokes questions about Sturgeon defending Alex Salmond, and somehow skipping all the way over to the other end of the spectrum and turning into his self-styled nemesis.

    The conspiracy theorist’s wet dream… was Nicola Sturgeon “turned”? … because something is not ringing true.

  155. Gary45% says:

    Nail on head.

  156. Dan says:

    @ mac at 9.23am

    Re. Your point about tactical voting to remove Salmond in 2017 GE.
    Indeed there was a fair swing.

    It’s really lucky the Scottish Pro-Indy electorate are so switched on and know how to use tactical voting to progress their cause.
    Just imagine how bad things would be if say 1.1 million dumb arse “Indy supporters” had pissed away their 2nd votes to the SNP at the recent Scottish Parliament elections when there were options to help the Indy cause ratchet up a few notches in our favour…
    Oh fuck!…And I’m back in the room…

  157. stuart mctavish says:

    Hatuey @9:16

    If you are saying what I think you’re saying then I humbly request substantiation 🙂

    Unfortunately my imagination in that regard is limited to:
    (a) the relevant anonymous lady number and a link to supporting links on the dark web that might add substance to the claim that either Nicola or Peter could be one of the accusers, or
    (b) a plausible paper/ receipt/ iou chain that takes 600K of indyref2 funding that can be laundered through something like the Brexit party and transferred back in time to earn enough compounding interest (so presumably not in a bank) to the account(s) of whoever kept the system sweet all the way to where we are now.

  158. Jm says:

    Dorrian has put Scottish justice back into the 17th Century.A contemptuous diabolical travesty of justice.Feisler indeed.

  159. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Radio Scotland news at 10.00am:

    Drugs deaths
    Team GB
    US Fed govt workers to get vaccinated
    Guy convicted in Hong Kong
    Changes to Highway Code in England & Wales
    1 in 6 shops in Scotland lying empty
    Old elm tree dying

    And that’s it.

    Craig Murray going to prison doesn’t make the cut.

  160. McDuff says:

    I hope there comes a time when Dorrian, Wolffe, Sturgeon and the rest are held to account for their actions in the targeted prosecutions of Craig and others. It is outrageous that Dorrian belives that “journalists” are above the law but of course they will be of the unionist breed.
    I will certainly be there at the planned demonstration in support of Craig.

  161. oneliner says:

    Perhaps Craig Murray would fare better if he were homosexual?

    Alex Salmond (hetrosexual) fitted up and edited out
    Mark MacDonald (hetrosexual) hounded out
    Derek Mackay (homosexual) remained in position and drew salary
    Patrick Grady (homosexual) remains in position and draws salary

  162. Breeks says:

    I also have another bell ringing in my ear… a quiet one, but you know, just something not right in the firmament…

    I put the loss of seats and momentum in 2017 down to the SNP’s complacency. They expected Theresa May to get a kicking at the polls, and had taken their eye off the ball about the prospects of themselves getting a tanking instead.

    There’s something inconsistent about Indy support stalling in 2017 because Sturgeon did sweet FA to support Independence, and yet support for Sturgeon being rock solid behind behind the SNP in 2021 when she’s still doing fk all to support Independence, and then, ALBA securing no traction whatsoever.

    I’m thoroughly disappointed, and hold my hands up saying I was wrong, but I thought ALBA was actually going to do very well. I’m fine taking my licks for being wrong, but if you’ll pardon the self indulgence, I don’t usually read things that wrongly. The radar let me down there, badly, but up until then, that radar had been pretty reliable.

    I know, I know, I’m right in the town centre of Conspiracy Theory Tin Hat central, BUT, is it credible, well not credible, (it would be thoroughly incredible), but is there the slightest possibility a highly “efficient” dark money election in 2017 which took the seats of Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson with such remarkable precision, might have had some influence over ALBA doing so poorly?

    I mean, if, IF, they can rig an election to unseat a man, why not a whole party?

    Now, I’m NOT saying that happened, I don’t see any way it could have happened, but there are such strange things happening in Scottish politics right now, and frankly the landscape seems bent out of shape to a remarkable and remarkably artificial degree, like a ship at sea with the deck at 40 degrees and it’s not correcting itself. It’s just hanging there…. wrongly. Lol

    I’m not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but when the “norms” are in chaos, and logic is stood on it’s head, it becomes easy for something ugly and abnormal to slip under the radar. Even if you can’t believe your eyes, sentries need to keep watch, and all shadows must be scanned.

  163. Nana says:

    For those in the Highlands, see below

    Join us and protest Craig Murray’s jailing today after Supreme Court rejected his appeal.


    Inverness Justice Centre, Longman Rd

    Friday 30 July 2020 3pm

    Parking: Rose St Carpark

  164. Breeks says:

    Last thought… Yes, ALBA did poorly, but don’t forget, had ALBA done well, even moderately well… The UK was effectively finished.

    ALBA was a rare thing, a bigger, imminent, existential threat to the Union than Alex Salmond himself… And with half the country pro Independence, “somehow” next to nobody voted for it.

  165. Robert Graham says:

    o/t but Breeks comment caught my eye .

    I agree with what’s been said and that something definitely changed with Sturgeon my feelings at the time were she was warned about the consequences of a successful Indy ref2 vote and was urged against pressing ahead because that might trigger a Ulster situation that would quickly embroil the whole country in a outbreak of violence that the country would never recover from .

    I made this comment on WJD ( that’s at a time when comments were allowed ) and said I thought she was brave ( aye I know ) anyway I said she was probably unable to call Indyref2 because of the threat of disorder from the unionist side , and support support for independence was wafer thin and it wasn’t worth the gamble ,the grip the orange order and Unionist organisations had over councils and indeed the support the security services would offer and get involved in exactly the same way they caused havoc in Northern Ireland I think she’s trapped and is just following instructions , she has the appearance of a very troubled individual with a lot on her mind .

    Anyway just my thoughts I could be way off course just like anyone else it’s all just conjecture on my part because getting the truth out of anyone is like pulling hens teeth just now almost Impossible because you can’t trust anyone anymore just like some of the weird posts on this site .

  166. Pixywine says:

    Stuart Campbell. The Duran link I’ve just put up is mainly for your benifit as real journalists are threatened by Bozos latest attack on free speech. If the Government gets its way we will lose free journalists such as yourself and will be left with useless State functionaries like Garaveli.

  167. Pixywine says:

    There’s a cat stuck up a tree in Holyrood Park and Radio Scotland are not covering it. There was me thinking they were cutting edge News but no…

  168. Alf Baird says:

    Willie @ 7:29 am

    “They just haven’t used the guns yet. It is truly that grim the spectrum that we are now on. And terrifying that we are allowing it to happen. But maybe like the victims of police oppression in South Africa and Ireland….”

    Yes, what we are witnessing is colonialism, which involves prejudice, racism, fascism and, if unchecked can lead to barbarity, where the native cannot expect any justice, and here we are reminded that, according to Aime Cesaire:

    “no one colonizes innocently, that no one colonizes with impunity either; that a nation which colonizes, that a civilization which justifies colonization – and therefore force – is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment.”

    Colonialism is ‘a scourge’, according to the UN, which is ‘a form of punishment’ imposed on ‘a people’ that should be ended, and which can only be ended through independence.

  169. Pixywine says:

    Sturgeon is a Globalist puppet she hasn’t the nous to make her own decisions. She looks like someone in the wrong job. By the way. Joe Biden is suffering from age related rapid cognitive decline. The poor bastards being used as a cypher.

  170. Robert Louis says:

    Breeks at 0835am,

    Exactly. I agree with every word.

    Current (and recent) events in Scotland, remind me of the quote “where the people fear the government, you have tyranny, where the government fear the people, you have liberty“. It now seems we have the first of those options in Scotland. With political prosecutions and the new so-called ‘hate crime’ law, which completely stifles free speech.

    I do not agitate for unrest in any way, but I think today the question does need asked, at what point, would people, with a sense of duty, man the barricades?? Democracy is failing in Scotland, right before our very eyes. Free speech is now stifled by the SNP government. Innocent people are facing ACTUAL political prosecutions, with politically motivated punitive sentencing. Craig Murray, an innocent man, is as of today, an actual political prisoner, IN SCOTLAND.

    The entire Scottish legal and justice system is, as of today, in complete failure. Justice has NOT been done, justice has NOT been seen to be done. The silence from SNP MSP’s and MP’s is deafening. They, by their inaction, are not complicit, rather, they are culpable.

    ‘Failte gu Alba, as the tourist signs might say, welcome to Scotland, the corrupt country, where the SNP Scottish government jails its opponents, on behalf of England (and make no mistake, England’s filthy paws are all over this).

    At what point do we say, ENOUGH!

  171. Pixywine says:

    Jim. Roland Frieseler. I think.

  172. Alf Baird says:

    Jm @ 10:16 am

    “Dorrian has put Scottish justice back into the 17th Century.”

    Scotland already having the largest prison population per head in Western Europe suggests we never moved very far out of the 17th Century.

  173. Pixywine says:

    Skip nc. Thanks for your comments. Do you think CNN are any more trustworthy than Fox News?

  174. X_Sticks says:

    Glad to see the stalwarts are out in support of Craig. If I could be there I would. I will of course be supporting in any other way I can.

    Thanks for keeping the light on Rev.

    The spirit of justice is weeping in Scotland today.

  175. Meg merrilees says:

    Just caught up with the news and I AM BEYOND SHOCKED!!!
    Unfortunately too late to head up to Edinburgh but this is a disgrace.

    I was reading this listening to the Radio Scotland for the one o’clock news.
    Absolutely no mention nor even a hint that this assault against human rights and liberty is about to occur in Scotland in 2021.

    I am ashamed for Scotland and stunned that the Law is being applied so unevenly. Guilty folks will get off Scot-free… maybe that is the true meaning of the phrase… and innocent people, who are prepared to speak out will be silenced.
    Shame on those involved in this decision. You are WRONG.

  176. Breastplate says:

    What has and is happening to Craig Murray is an utter disgrace and the side swipes from a few arseholes on here is completely uncalled for.
    Craig Murray is a whistleblower and a real nuisance for not only the British State but the US and Israeli States also.
    They will not miss any chance at retribution.

    Well done and thanks to anybody protesting today.

  177. JGedd says:

    Funny you should bring that up Breeks @ 9.47am. I had almost forgotten that around the 2014 referendum, someone who is a well-known supporter of the New SNP mentioned to me in the passing, something about a circulating rumour, as if it were common knowledge in those circles. (It had nothing to do with the accusations which later appeared against Alex Salmond.)

    Well, I don’t mix in those circles anyway and I discounted it on the basis that Alex Salmond had been under hostile scrutiny for many years by the media, but I was taken aback since it did suggest that there were some in those circles passing around rumours. Sadly, I thought then, that among ambitious people there is often professional jealousy and destructive rumour mongering is temptingly easy.

    I had also thought foolishly, until then, that the SNP seemed above that kind of thing and their solidarity was strong. How wrong that proved to be; it’s a nest of factionalism and cliques and overweening ambition like a medieval court. As in the old adage, they only hang together now or else they hang separately.

    Political circles interconnect with journalism and other parts of the establishment and rumours, no matter where they originate, can be picked up as useful intelligence by those set to watch over us. They can even be manufactured by them and set running like a firefox. Rival factions within a governing party can be mobilized to sinister purpose. The methodology is as old as hierarchical power structures in human history.

    Scottish politics is such a dark mirror nowadays that those who wish to frustrate us can easily manipulate the power play. It’s like something by Webster or Middleton without the gore – or the wonderful language.

  178. Skip_NC says:

    Pixywine, I don’t know if you’ll see this, given the latest thread but, no, I don’t think CNN is any more trustworthy than Fox. I think it is important to read or watch both though. If nothing else, it is a quick way of knowing what is current in the latest new cycle.

  179. Hatuey says:

    Breeks: “is there the slightest possibility a highly “efficient” dark money election in 2017 which took the seats of Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson with such remarkable precision, might have had some influence over ALBA doing so poorly?”

    Interesting that “dark money” plays the same part as “dark matter” in terms of providing a sort of lazy explanation of things that people don’t understand. The whole UK a economy is essentially dependent on “dark money” though, otherwise known as “the city”, so I don’t know how useful it is.

    Sturgeon’s election strategy in 2017 cost Salmond and several others their seats. People on here seem to struggle with really basic ideas when it comes to the role of the mass media, marketing, and public relations.

    The SNP done poorly in 2017 because they didn’t argue for independence. That’s in line with everything we know about Scottish politics over the last 10 to 15 years. Without independence, the SNP is just another party of lukewarm middle-class wankers on the make.

    Alba done poorly in 2021 because they were denied access to mainstream media platforms; when they did get a slither of media attention, the discussion was dominated by Sturgeon’s insults towards Salmond.

    It’s staggering to see people on here, seemingly intelligent people, neglect the central role played by the media, TV, marketing, advertising, etc., when it comes to politics. Why the fuck do you think businesses spend literally trillions a year sticking adverts in your faces?


  180. wee monkey says:

    Drug deaths up 5%.
    Rehab and de-tox facilities and beds decimated under sturgeon and the SNP.

    But where has the funding money gone??

    Oh and CM put down for 8 months so what’s that, 4 for good behavior?
    Will he last that long though??

    Perhaps the SNP’s “final solution” will have a finale it didn’t expect.

    I sincerely hope not, but they have had plenty of practice to get it right since Mark Meechan was the first to be metaphorically “burnt at the stake” by the Scottish establishment..

  181. Gregor says:

    Don’t forgot Murray and Assange are both key witness to the DNC leak (Fake Russian hacking) saga (re. murdered whistle-blower Seth Rich).

    Assange/Wikileaks offered his key evidence to the Mueller Special Council investigation, but the clown circus show didn’t want it.

  182. Dan says:

    Archived link to wee monkey’s 5.14pm Herald article from 14th December 2020.

  183. stonefree says:

    @ Breeks at 10:42 am

    I for one don’t think you are wrong about rigging elections
    As for ALBA , I have doubts that the party really did so badly, especially with the ISP virually donating their potential votes
    I originally thought the SNP hustings were fixed in 2015,
    If you look at the crap that was elected as candidates plus the money being thrown at them
    It all didn’t stack up

  184. John from Fife says:

    When last year’s drug death figures were announced Nikla said
    at FMQ that she was not involved in the policy but would take personal responsibility to sort out the problem. One year later Nicola has sorted it !!. Meanwhile Dorrian’s jury free trials continue.
    Social Engineering continues apace. Men will soon be second class citizens in Nicola’s brave new world.

  185. Dan says:

    @ stonefree

    Ach, just wait Voter ID gets rolls out and disenfranchises folk.
    Plus there’s also this.

    “Idox partnership to deliver election e-Counting solution to Scottish Government”

    Archived link

  186. McDuff says:

    You are the one who needs to get a grip.
    Although Sturgeon has a willing hand in this there it no doubt the security services are driving the bus. I have dealt with Sturgeon in the past and yes she is nasty but not very bright. Do you seriously believe given the timing and coordination of all the individuals involved in the persecution of Salmond, Murray and Hirst that Sturgeon plotted all this on her own. No, she has acted with all the assurance and arrogance of someone who knows she is protected.
    Think about it. Think about McRae.

  187. Annie 621 says:

    The Stu,
    The whole Stu,
    And nothing but the Stu!

    This crime against Craig Murray is in the sinister hands of Sturgeon.

  188. nevermind says:

    Has my comment from yesterday been scrapped? I hope that many of Craigs supporters will give him a silent support send of at St, Leonards this morning.
    It is vital that we understand that his case goes to the basis of democracy and free speech, he is a political prisoner.
    Whilst Lady Leviathan Dorrian wants to rid the judiciary of pesky juries by our peers, in effect her new proposal to ‘use’ sexual trials as she sees fit, without defendent’s being allowed to question and or provide evidence to defend themselves, is designed to feed US companies running prisons for profit in this country. Soon we will get ‘police targets’ for arrests, as is the state of affairs in the US.
    We all know who will be picked up and criminalised for daring to speak out about their cause/case in public, who will be stopped and searched, its not the comfy and well off but those who cannot afford to defend themselves.
    I wish all of us well, if only, we could get a massive bout of virus called unity, there is too much that can unite us.

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