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Tidying up

Posted on September 28, 2021 by

Right, as promised, one last piece of admin. (This post will be removed in due time.)

We left yesterday’s piece and the associated poll up for two full days to make sure the people who don’t read Wings at weekends saw it and had the chance to vote in it too. But in truth it was pretty obvious how the vote would go from about 20 minutes in.

Like, that’s not even a little bit close.

So the remainder of the Wings Fighting Fund will be used to commission occasional opinion polls until it runs out or until (ha) a second indyref becomes a reality, whichever happens first. However, almost everyone who gave a reason for voting “Oppose” (and quite a few who voted “Support”) said they did so because they wanted me to keep the money for myself.

That wasn’t offered as an option in the poll, because I’m not the SNP or Kezia Dugdale – that money was donated and meant to be used to in some way further the cause of independence, not buy me Lamborghinis (at the time of writing my 17-year-old Mini is still doing stellar service) or country cottages.

However, lots of people in the comments also expressed a desire for a final fundraiser to mark the closure of Wings Over Scotland as a politics blog, as a sort of redundancy package. It IS traditional to give a retiring employee a carriage clock or a gold watch or some such, and as it happens there’s a thing I really want but haven’t bought because the price is so absurdly extravagant, so if readers would like to get it as a farewell gift gesture that’d be very lovely.

It’s this hilariously high-tech jacket. It’s got graphene and electric heaters and stealth pockets and all sorts of nonsense, so it’d be ideal for staying toasty while out feeding the swans and squirrels in the fast-approaching winter.

(The three families of swan babies are nearly all fully-grown now and they’re always hungry, while the patter of tiny squirrel paws is imminent if this pic from the park last week is anything to go by.)

Any excess cash raised will go, as always, on crisps, Sherbet Dip-Dabs, fruity gins, and badger food for these goons.

And of course on the foxes (currently six).

And this magical vanishing dick, who bangs on the glass with his beak at teatime if there are no suet pellets on the ledge, or knocks stuff over if the window’s open.

And lastly and absolutely leastly, these complete arses.

Click the pic below, or the poll one at the top of the page, to go to the fundraiser if you want to kick in a few quid for the going-away present. Don’t worry if you don’t – people usually donate in expectation of a good or service, not for one they’ve already had or just to buy somebody some ludicrous parkwear. I have other coats.

And that’s about it. It’s been quite a ride, gang. Hopefully we’ll meet again one day, in the future of a better land where the Wicked Witch is no more and there might actually be a chance at independence. Until then, eh?

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2851 to “Tidying up”

  1. Dan says:

    Derek says: at 6:05 pm

    “Ooh, we could fall out over this…

    It was just words typed on the internet so it’s pretty much a given these days that a fallout or even a hate crime could be engineered if folk really wanted to make that happen.
    My point in the post was that so much could be done to create what we need in our own back yard if the will to change our behaviour was there.
    And the indigenous folk of a specific area probably have significantly more accrued experience and knowledge developed over generations than those new to the area or the “elite” globalists punting their new fangled generic one world woowoo.
    It’s why we have specific local traditions, culture, and heritage built over time.
    The rampant consumerism of superflous throwaway crap so many folk seem to covet and think is essential to their existance is an issue due to the massive amount of resources and energy it consumes to keep it going.
    A more simple and sustainable existance can be immensely rewarding if folk can manage to shake the addiction of what they have been become accustomed to.

  2. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Andy Ellis 9:51pm
    There is no wrong type of Nationalist. Put your cross on the paper and you are in.

    I thought from your posts you were instrumental in the Independence recovery. As you are not standing then you have no power or influence. I have no ill wind against you. Some of your posts without the rhetoric stand up to scrutiny. I have to stand myself or leave Scotland. Pringle wrote an article today in the Sunday Times. I am not willing to give up my granddaughters to his confected solution to GRA. Are there no Scottish men standing up for their women’s rights?. And don’t get me started on Nicola taking foster children. My wife had a miscarriage and never speaks about it. It was a nightmare.

  3. Hatuey says:

    I miss the days when comments were dominated by Cameron B Brodie.

    Robert Hughes, you ask why I thought your analysis was bizarre above. I actually assumed you were taking the piss.

    I know a lot of business-oriented people and have never met one who talked in terms of increasing the population in order to profit from more customers. As I said, lol…

  4. Alec Lomax says:

    Tannadice Boy – bye, bye !

  5. Tannadice Boy says:

    Alex Lomax 11:13pm
    I haven’t noticed you commenting before. I will decide when I am going not you. If nothing else if I stay around to annoy the SNP sycophants then that’s worth it. Want to talk about Nicola and the book fiasco or her wish to foster children? The last person in Scotland I would want anywhere near children is Nicola. But then I am a real parent and grandparent.

  6. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    There are people contributing here who do not recognise that a community has built up, the only common factor in that community being that the members have been reading, or contributing, to WOS since the early days.

    I have had many ‘eyeballs’ with Wingers over the past seven years, at rallies and get-togethers all over Scotland, from Aberdeen to Ayr, from Galashiels to Helensburgh. We even had women coming to the WOS stall (particularly at Edinburgh and Glasgow rallies), asking for “Proud Lurker” badges.

    I suppose it’s a heritage/legacy thing. That community exists and will exist for a while, even if Rev Stu decides to shut the doors.

    Ronnie Anderson is the guy who has gazillions of contact details so Wingers can get in touch with each other.

    I don’t see Wingers retreating into the woodwork. There are a lot of WOS flags out there (I had mine at Glasgow on Saturday). The ethos of WOS will carry on, as long as Wingers are there to support it.

    I said to my son on Saturday, “That’s the last march for me ’till the spring” (the climate in Glasgow was atrocious).

    Hopefully, the spirit of the WOS community will come out of hibernation around March/April next year, and we’ll all have ‘eyeballs’ wherever the Friends of WOS stall sets up.

    Keep the faith!

  7. Derek says:

    It was more that precipitates fall out of solutions after time.

  8. Tannadice Boy says:

    @BDDT 12:52pm
    That’s fine. I am talking Gordon Wilson days. When WOS hadn’t been created. When nobody voted SNP. When it was dangerous to be associated with the SNP. Can I contribute to WOS now? Or is it a new thing like lurkers and new badges?. I am from Fintry you should know what that means. We never give up. Dundee lost today but they are in a better position now.I welcome your contribution.

  9. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tannadice Boy.

    My experience of Fintry is limited to a short-term girlfriend I had from Finavon Place, the outpourings of Jake Reid, ex-Scots Guards, who was a prominent 3Jayser, and general loudmouth, and the People’s Journal reporting of what people said on the Fintry bus.

    Methinks, if Friend of Wings comes back in the spring at rallies, it will be the same as before – approach the stall, announce your username, then wait for the smiles of welcome.

    It’s been a blast since the first WOS rally I was at – August 2014 at Arbroath Seafest, where I was inducted into The Order Of The Hairy String.

    There are a lot of WOS stalwarts who no longer post comments but still turn up at the stall for a blether. Although C-a-c-t-u-s (now known as “the prickly one” to get round Rev Stu’s anti C-a-c-t-u-s filter) was working that day, he still turned up at the WOS stall in George Square recently.

    We will prevail!

    BTW: tough $h!† Saturday. We Dundonians all have our crosses to bear. The fitba teams beings two of them…

  10. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 1:43pm
    Goodness me. That’s too close for comfort. Finavon Street. But lots of good guys doing well out of that street. Brian Cox was from the posh part of Fintry. From memory Finlarig?. A posher!. Yes Dundee teams are a whirlwind but I think both will stay up.

  11. Breeks says:

    twathater says:
    6 November, 2021 at 1:55 am

    I wrote this to my MP on the 15th Oct in the wake of the SSRG post…

    The other thing I might have replied to your MP was to present the Constitutional SSRG approach as an ultimatum.

    If he wants Scottish Independence on a purely democratic ticket, he needs to stop all the indolent prevarication, get off his arse, and make it happen. Of course, we all no the SNP has no such intention.

    I hope the SSRG has the next UK General Election as its target objective. Your MP has those few months to 2 May 2024 according to the fixed term parliaments act, but hopefully if Boris’s government collapses, it will come around sooner, as his window.

    The last thing the SSRG should do is take their foot off the gas just because the SNP are whining about a timescale.

    That ultimatum is double barrelled too.. It will hold the bone idle SNP to account, but it will also sharply focus the mind of Westminster, which might ironically help the SNP out the quagmire it’s made for itself.

  12. Breeks says:

    I’m sure the Westminster Government would prefer negotiating a Referendum with a lame and impotent SNP where Westminster dictates the franchise and leads the indoctrination, rather than open up the Pandora’s box of fallacies and Unwritten Conventions which the SSRG approach will show to an International / UN audience, don’t hold any water.

    That’s the only way the SNP will ever get a referendum, and who are we kidding to have that scenario masquerading as democracy?

  13. Dan says:

    @ Derek at 1:09 am

    Ach, that’s not worth a couple of keen composters falling out over. It was always going to be risky territory suggesting “solutions” to issues in the same post as using the terms blood and soil.
    But on the subject of precipitates, I’ve just started building a centrifuge out of recycled parts to clean / filter a liquid because some low particle weight debris doesn’t fall out of the solution over time as it’s kept in suspension due to the viscosity of the liquid.
    More eco points accrued for me from Greta and COP26 for using an old beer barrel and the torque converter out of a V8 Jaguar.

  14. Robert Hughes says:

    ” I know a lot of business-oriented people and have never met one who talked in terms of increasing the population in order to profit from more customers. As I said, lol… ”

    Hatuey . I’m done arguing with people , here and anywhere else , but what I find ” bizarre ” is your interpretation of my comment .

    LOL . Indeed .

    I too know a lot of business-oriented people and most of them couldn’t give a fuck about anything other than making more money to spend on bigger , newer , better toys and gadgets .

    I never said such people talk about ” increasing the population in order to profit from more customers. ” , but they’re sure as hell quite happy about the prospect and couldn’t care less about the impact on local people and their communities or the implications of dramatic demographic changes for the prospect of Independence

  15. Dan says:

    Huge majority of Scottish public believe that if a woman suffers a sexual assault, she should have the right to ask to be examined by a doctor who has been biologically female since birth

  16. Was trying to remember if there was any voting restrictions on the EU referendum,

    being a referendum i assume it was open to all residents of UK,

    and not just limited to UK citizens.

  17. Andy Ellis says:

    @Scott Finlayson 9.08 am

    There right to vote in the EU referendum was basically the same as the franchise for General Elections per the Representation of the People Acts 1983 & 2000. Members of the House of Lords were specifically added as they aren’t eligible to vote in GE’s.

    This meant EU citizens were excluded unless they were Irish, Maltese or Cypriot citizens who are allowed to vote in UK GE’s because *Empire*! Basically all UK and Gibraltar residents who were British, Irish or Commonwealth citizens could vote, as could UK nationals living overseas for less than 15 years.

  18. Betty Boop says:

    @ Dan 8:49am

    Your link prompts me to post the fundraiser link below. I actually thought this had been resolved and that the university had backed down over this lassie’s right state her opinions. I never thought in 2014 that within a few years donating to fundraisers would become more about defending rights and malicious prosecutions than putting Scotland on the map through independence. It’s on the map right enough, but, for all the wrong reasons.

  19. Betty Boop says:

    @ BDDT

    Hi Brian, I guess I am one of those who rarely posts these days but still here.

    I’ll never forget the Arbroath Seafest 2-day gig with the Wings stall where some of us met face to face for the first time (it wasn’t the first stall though) and have carried on since. It still amazes me that we took a rather large printer to the stall and printed out indy info for folk. The highlight was your induction, on bended knee with a hairy string dangling over your head LOL. Trusted friends were made via the Wings stall and we have seen each other through the headier, hopeful times as well as the recent years. We are missing seeing all our FOW pals in the past couple of years.

    The atmosphere at the stall was always great, folk crowding round even if just to say hello, aye and lots of folk who simply identified themselves as “lurkers”, folk wanting to feel that community which has built up online.

    So, yes, Wings has built a community over the years and it has helped to keep us going. FOW stall will be there again I am sure . Keep the flag flying Brian !

  20. `This meant EU citizens were excluded`

    even if they had lived in UK for years they were excluded in a referendum ?

    is that normal in a referendum,

    i know it happens in National elections,

    but to limit the voting franchise in a referendum,

    jeezo basterts.

  21. Hatuey says:

    I genuinely thought the comment was meant as a joke, Robert. No biggy but I didn’t maliciously twist it. I agree with the revised version that most businesses tend not to give a fuck.

    Doing business in Scotland is a minefield though, not just with the Indy question but “football” too, and not getting involved in such debates is highly advisable.

    If there’s one aspect of the debate that does interest a lot of businesses as far as immigration goes, it’s labour supply. Most are quite honest about it, unlike politicians, and are happy to frame the debate in terms of costs and economics rather than pretend it’s simply about principle. I am too.

    A steady supply of immigrant labour is, as a matter of economic fact and not opinion, good for the economy as a whole; not just in terms of suppressing wages at the lower end of the employment market, in other ways too.

    Immigration has always been a politically sensitive subject, not just in Scotland; most European countries struggle with it, as do others. It’s all confounded by the historical hypocrisy of Europeans who want free access to other countries whilst, at the same time, want to stop others from freely accessing theirs.

  22. sarah says:

    @ BDTT and Tannadice Boy: Dundee football teams “will both stay up”.

    Have you no heart? What about we Ross County supporters? Or is there another candidate for the drop?

  23. Dorothy Devine says:

    BDTT, thanks for the hairy string reminder!

    It also brought to mind a prickly plant and Ian B hingin’ on to ropes for dear life to prevent a swift exit of the Wings marquee.

    It has left me with a warm glow for those good natured , mellow marches.

  24. @sarah,

    `Have you no heart?`

    dinnae mention hearts 🙂

  25. Andy Ellis says:

    @Scott Finlayson 11.03 pm

    Indeed….tho’ your view on the morality and wisdom of limiting franchises in referendums appears not to be too popular with certain BTL contributors here Scott. 🙂

    Presumably whether they think it was bad to exclude EU citizens from the brexit referendum, but OK to exclude a proportion of “New Scots” from any future indyref vote, depends on whether they are in favour of the EU anyway? There seems to be a pretty strong overlap between those who want to change the 2014 indyref franchise and those opposed to the EU, tho’ it’s probably not an exact overlap.

    From memory around 30% of SNP voters were in favour of brexit?

  26. Robert Hughes says:


    Fair enough .

    Just wonder though why Scotland would have to RELY on imported labour and why suppressing wages at the lower end of the employment market is good for the economy .

    Good for employers maybe .

    Is historic low wages in the UK not at least part of reason why the German model of high wage/high productivity/quality has proven vastly superior ?

  27. Derek says:

    Dan says:
    8 November, 2021 at 8:27 am

    More eco points accrued for me


  28. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    8 November, 2021 at 8:39 am

    ….I too know a lot of business-oriented people and most of them couldn’t give a fuck about anything other than making more money to spend on bigger , newer , better toys and gadgets .

    I ran my own business for 20 years, and I’m sorry to say, I don’t hold Scotland’s business community in very high regard at all. However, the grievous things I believe are wrong with Scottish businesses are not their fault. To a very large extent, they are just dealing with the rather grubby chips they’ve been dealt.

    I believe I have, or at least had, a good perspective from which to judge, because I had friends running their businesses in the English Midlands, and near Bristol, and I have to say I was deeply, deeply envious how supportive their support services actually were, and actually tried to help businesses stay afloat.

    My first introduction to Scottish Enterprise for example, was to arrange a meeting where I could see what support there might be to help get my business up and running… if I decided to go for it. The response from Scottish Enterprise was for them to jump straight on the phone to my employer with all the juicy gossip of a new competitor arriving on his doorstep. Eye watering disbelief I know, but I swear it happened. Worse still, in my years of experience since, I have no reason to hold the “professionalism” of Scottish Enterprise in any higher regard.

    Local Authorities in my experience are extremely hostile to small businesses, jealous for their pals to have first shout on any contracts going, and I’m pretty sure attend the same school of professionalism as Scottish Enterprise.

    Instead of using their myriad of rules and regulations to build an assault course for any sucker stupid enough to set up a business in their locality, a Local Authority should be going out of it’s way to brief that new business, even take it under it’s wing for a few weeks / months and make sure it’s name is appearing where it should be appearing, and it’s eligibility for contract work is properly and honestly assessed.

    The UK Tax set up is also a disgrace, with a ludicrous “fine now, discuss later” philosophy which allows a well paid civil servant in a cushy job to bring down untold hardship and misery on a business owner who knows his own business backwards, but struggles with his book keeping or cash flow. Just imagine if the fine they imposed was actually spent of helping that poor sod get his books sorted out and back on the rails rather than compounding his problems with yet more burden on his cash flow, grovelling time at the bank, and crushed credit ratings.

    You will find too, that ALL of the above organisations have a partner in crime in the Court System, which rubber stamps warrants and judgements on nothing more than a nod of head from the Council or Government Department.

    You think we’re in trouble because the Court System wants to do away with Juries? I’ve got to tell you in my experience the Court System has already dispensed with it’s reliance upon evidence. Warrants, sequestration, seizures can and are handed down to wreck the lives and businesses based upon contrived and false assertions from some faceless civil servant, with or without the knowledge or involvement of the poor sod who has fallen foul of their system. Such a pity again that Government Department’s vigour and enthusiasm didn’t extend to helping the business rather than grinding it into the dust.

    The costs on businesses are prohibitive too. Nine times out of ten a new business will need to find property, alter that property, probably change the use of that property, and advertise his presence in that property, thus incurring thousands of pounds in costs and weeks of delay before he’s opened his door to his first customer.

    But, but, but, we’ll 0% charge his rates! Oh yeah. Whoopty-do.

    I’m telling you folks, Scotland is a HOSTILE place to set up your own business, where you will find precious little in the way of help, and what help there is will come at a price, and only then if your face fits.

    I take it people know my views and aspirations for Scottish Independence, but despite such prejudices I hold, I have to say that England’s attitudes towards Entrepreneurship and small businesses are light years ahead of Scotland. Scotland is weird. It has a kind on business cringe for want of a better description. It will suffer prejudice, discrimination, costs and ruination with such stoicism you wonder how there are ANY businesses left. Every business feels it’s them against the big bad world, and the sad bit is, they’ve pretty much got that bit exactly right.

    To a lesser extent, believe it not, I would say the same about housing. Housing, like business, faces a babtism of fire just getting started with ludicrous land prices, ludicrous planning and Building Warrant costs, and hurdle after hurdle put in their way.

    Take for example the building regulations for U-values. Now ok, yes, I get the message that new property needs to be thermally efficient, I get that! But at the same time, generation after generation of us grew up in stone built tenements or cottages with single glazing and no electricity. Heads up people, Scotland is failing dismally to provide enough of these high quality modern homes which poor people or young families can get access to.

    I’m NOT advocating that poor people be housed in unheated shanty towns, but there MUST be a better way to bring Scotland’s vacant stone properties back into use. By all means, insulate them to the extent you can, but don’t forget there are five or six generations of people who somehow fought off the polar bears and hypothermia to raise a family in those very properties.

    GET THE PEOPLE HOMES TO LIVE IN, and then start worrying about improvements.

    If I wanted to encapsulate all of the above into one bubble, Scotland needs to make it much easier for Scotland’s people to help themselves. Don’t clobber them with costs and permissions, and standards which only rich people can afford. When people are so constrained by poverty or lack of opportunity, you’ve got to be flexible and let the people help themselves, because otherwise, you are just creating a burden which consumes everything thrown at it, but is discouraged from using it’s own enterprise. You make trying pointless, when trying is what should be rewarded.

    Find a way to make Planning Permission and Building Warrants Fees token payments rather that £1000’s. Let people put their money into the business, not the Council coffers. Take your money out the business later, once it’s running, making money, in profit, not floundering on the beach gasping for breath.

  29. James Che. says:

    Ideology education, progressive climate change, progressive genders, cult, progressive pronouns snp after 2014, shrinking the economy, and dictatorship,

    Not my cup of tea either.

  30. James Che. says:

    When I first started my business my council tax for the business was higher than my fist incomes,
    So had to change premises,
    This eventually increased beyond early earning as well, and especially if you rented a unit from the council as well,
    And paying the normal house tax as well.
    Meanwhile my polish friends living in Scotland at that time were surprised I payed the full blown charges as they did not,
    They had so much help up the ladder they bought their council house and had a very luxurious life in comparison,
    They have recently moved back to Poland and sold up their Scottish council house.
    I eventually diversified to stay afloat.
    However my partner had a trade, and was time served and qualified, after 40 years had to sequester his business after 2008 crash, with no help.
    A lot needs to be done to alien Scottish businesses, rather than an ideology of if your face fits.
    Or where you come from.

  31. James Che. says:


    Read, align, not alien,
    Although alienate might be appropriate for Scots businesses,

  32. sarah says:

    @ Scot Finlayson: 🙂

  33. James Che. says:

    Even the property market.

    The snp had the chance to do this with land tax.
    But they listened to big businesses, estates, charities and trusts instead of common sense and solving housing and ownership problems
    Another snp failure.

  34. Dan says:

    @ Derek

    TBH these days it’s not difficult being an eco-warrior accruing a high points score.
    Other serious players who have the power to seriously compete against me haven’t got their A game shit together.
    Take yon loon Biden at COP26. He is President of a country that is still currently selling Dodge Ram pickups with a 6.2 litre supercharged V8 Hemi putting out 700hp. And Jeep are making the Wrangler Rubicon with the same engine but without a supercharger but putting out 470hp.
    As an individual that even saves and grinds down my egg shells to feed to the worms in my compost heap, which is then added to my kail yard to enhance yield, I get the distinct impression that some aren’t really making much of an effort…

  35. Republicofscotland says:

    Breeks @8.14am.


    That’s exactly what will happen when Sturgeon’s hand is finally forced into a indyref. She’ll hold an indyref full of caveats and give the vote to everyone and their granny who have set foot in Scotland knowing fine well that yes will lose, however the perverse and twisted who fawn over this approach will be singing from the rooftops that we held a progressive indyref, and that Scotland is beacon of light when it comes to constitutional matters, Sturgeon’s massive ego will have been stroked as well, Johnson or whoever is PM at the time will bel relieved that its all over, and the real yes movement will have been conned out of independence.

    The above scenario is a very real possibility under Sturgeon’s tenure as FM, for she simply will not entertain any form of Plan B, and she certainly won’t entertain the indy winning SSRG route that’s for sure.

  36. Republicofscotland says:

    As the Tory Environment minister George Eustice, desperately tries to downplay the the latest Tory sleaze at Westminster the Owen Paterson debacle, it has come to light that every Tory Treasurer in the past seven years has been bumped up to the undemocratic, unelected House of Lords after contributing £3 million quid to the party’s coffers.

    Of course in reality you don’t even need to contribute that much to worm your way into the HoL gravy train, such as in the case of Malcolm Offord, the Tory completely and utterly rejected by the Scottish electorate at the last Scottish elections in May, only to be bumped up to the HoL by the English PM, and into the anti-Scotland Office in the process, where this rejected Tory has a say on Scotland.

  37. Republicofscotland says:

    Isn’t it fascinating to watch Sturgeon meet and greet leaders and faith leaders from all walks of life around the globe during the COP26, as she acts so stateswoman like.

    Then you realise that Sturgeon plays the roll of our leader of our state Scotland, but that she’s unwilling to do what it takes to free Scotland from this union and allow it to flourish on the international stage, it would appear that Sturgeon’s gigantic fragile ego comes before the very important matter of allowing our country to have a seat at the table.

  38. Robert Hughes says:


    Not had much experience – thankfully – with local councils in the way you have but it certainly sounds like a vale of tears for anyone trying to set-up or maintain their own business , and I do recognise that nitpicking and punitive mentality that seems to pervade many Scottish authorities .

    I fear all this is going to be significantly exacerbated by new Climate related strictures and specs – red tape extended by green tape – ultimately falling hardest of those who can least afford the costs of rules made by those who can afford it

  39. robertknight says:

    RoS @3:30

    “Then you realise that Sturgeon plays the roll of our leader of our state Scotland, but that she’s unwilling to do what it takes to free Scotland from this union”


    She’s done a number on us all, that’s for sure:

    The greatest trick that Sturgeon ever pulled was convincing the SNP she/her favoured Independence.

  40. Tannadice Boy says:

    Sarah 11:33pm
    So I also have a soft spot for The Coonty as my wife’s cousins are season ticket holders there. Somebody has to go down and I am not going to incur the wrath of wingers by suggesting a team. I am not that brave.

  41. Fireproofjim says:

    Not commented for a while. I too am missing the joyful cameraderie of the rallies and marches, and
    saying hello at the WOS tent. Meeting Ian Brotherhood and The Italian Job. A time of optimism thrown away by cowardly No voters in 2014.
    It can come again and we will be starting from a much higher base and with a much more corrupt and vulnerable opposition.
    I also miss Stuart Campbell every day. If you are reading this, Stuart, it would be nice to get a wee heads up on your adventures in bear country, if nothing else.

  42. Republicofscotland says:

    Barack Obama spoke today at the COP26 conference, this is the man who as POTUS holds the unenviable record as POTUS longest at war, his entire two tenures as POTUS to be precise, of which I’m sure left an immense carbon footprint as well as a huge pile of dead innocent bodies.

    Yet this warhawk, speaks at COP26 of the danger to island communities posed to them by climate change. Obama obviously doesn’t care that much for island communities or he would’ve handed back the Chagos island to the people that the English government, menaced, threatened, killed their livestock and eventually evicted them by force from their island home, to allow a US airbase to move in.

  43. Republicofscotland says:

    As the utterly oppressed Palestinians see their COP26 delegates denied a visa to attend the climate conference, the Israeli PM has rejected the re-opening of the US diplomatic mission in Jerusalem for the Palestinian people, the mission has acted for years as a embassy to the Palestinians, it was closed by President Trump.

    Israelis don’t want the mission to re-open as it could be seen as a challenge to the sovereignty of Jerusalem, in which Israel sees the city as Israeli. However East Jerusalem has always been seen as Palestinian, and in 1948, the UN gave Jerusalem International City status via General Assembly Resolution 194. Nevertheless, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on 28 October 2009 that Jerusalem must be the capital of both Israel and Palestine.

    The occupying oppressive apartheid military force known as Israel wants the Mission moved to Ramallah in the West Bank, the Palestinians have rightly rejected this idea as it undermines their claim to Jerusalem, specifically East Jerusalem.

  44. Republicofscotland says:

    Good article over on Barrhead Boy in which the author calls for the Alba party to remove its MPs from Westminster, it would get the ball rolling in the right direction I think, and shame those SNP MP’s (including Pete Wishart, though I doubt he has any shame) who have become completely embedded at Westminster.

    Of course I suppose the great and the good within the Alba party would need to first consult Mr Ellis to get his “wise” opinion on the matter, just incase we disenfranchised anyone on the planet in the process.

  45. Alec Lomax says:

    Robbo – not a squeak from the 1.6% party.

  46. robbo says:

    Alec Lomax says:
    8 November, 2021 at 5:35 pm
    Robbo – not a squeak from the 1.6% party.

    Haw Lomax . Not a squeak from Pishfart at the time either was there becos he wis too busy dissing another indy party.

    There fixed that fur ye

  47. twathater says:

    @ Breeks 8.06am , The reason I posted the SNP MP’S response was to do a wording comparison for anyone else who received a response from their SNP MP re the SSRG proposals , as there has been no replies to my post it is obvious that either no one was interested enough to contact their SNP MP or they had done so but never received a reply as so so often happens

    You and others will be aware that group responses to certain enquiries or questions are usually provided by the heed orifice to ensure that no one goes off the reservation as we can’t possibly rely on these troughers to stick to the message from the Messiah

    I also sent him another email last night indicating that I agreed and supported his stated FACT that Scots are indeed SOVEREIGN and only LEND their sovereignty to our elected representatives .

    I informed him that I also agreed with his assertion that our independence will be won by a free and fair vote at the ballot box to encourage acceptance from countries internationally but I strongly disagreed with his narrowing the options to a referendum , as a plebiscite election had the same validity and authority as a referendum with the whole electorate in SCOTLAND having the free and fair ability to vote for independence even the unionist parties and their supporters had the free and fair opportunity to vote against independence if that was their preference
    That free and fair ballot would also be acceptable to the international community as it encompassed all voters in SCOTLAND

    I await his response (sarcasm)

  48. sarah says:

    @ Tannadice Boy: good to hear that you have kindly feelings for poor old Staggies. It is a miracle really that they have managed to stay with the rich boys and other big clubs for several seasons.

    Talking of rich, how is it possible that NewRangers are allowed to be £23 million in debt? I thought there were rules about that kind of thing. Oh silly me – rules are for other people…

  49. Andy Ellis says:

    @RoS 5.34 pm

    Unlike the SNP, Alba is a democratic party. If there is a proposal to withdraw Alba MPs from Westminster and/or adopt a Sinn Feinn style abstentionist policy then it should be up to the membership to decide.

    For the record I think it’s a good idea and would support it if there was such a vote. I see no merit in legitimising the Westminster parliament.

  50. Hatuey says:

    Robert Hughes: “Just wonder though why Scotland would have to RELY on imported labour and why suppressing wages at the lower end of the employment market is good for the economy.”

    We didn’t and don’t need to rely on it. We could choose to be content with low and falling productivity, inflation, falling living standards, longer waiting times in hospitals and restaurants, higher taxes, reduced public spending, and a general lack of dynamism, etc.

    In making such choices, it should be remembered that the difference between a first world country and a third world country can be explained by those things, and all of them benefit from a steady supply of migrant labour.

    That’s always been the case; it was migrant labour that essentially built the infrastructure of Scotland’s old industrial heartlands, primarily Irish labour. I can reference respected economists who believe that every economic boom in modern history can be explained in terms of the availability of migrant labour, and that includes the rise of the US as an economic giant.

    You make the mistake of using Germany as a comparison and suppose that they did or do things differently and in a better way. It’s not true. Germany has always depended on migrant labour, in the 1950s from Italy and Eastern Europe and in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, mostly from Turkey. I guess today they depend more on labour from other places within the expanded European free movement area.

    If there’s a difference, it’s in the way German brought in migrant labour through the use of temporary visas; allowing them to send labour home when the economy cooled. We didn’t and don’t do that, and I don’t agree with doing that.

    Wages and living standards are higher in Germany today because of the Rhur Valley. It’s a vast industrial heartland that has been the engine of continental European engineering and manufacturing since the 19th century.

    Successive German governments have always protected their engineering and manufacturing base — not by blocking migrant labour access, which they know would be suicidal, but by making sure it’s there when they need it and giving unions a say in industrial policy alongside bankers and big business.

    You’d struggle to find examples of an economy that has benefited from locking out migrant labor. I can’t think of one. It’s a political decision, not an economic decision.

  51. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Sarah 6:10pm
    It would appear New Rangers haven’t learn the lessons of the past. An unsustainable financial position but hey ho it will be their problem. Aye the Staggies and the Cup Final against Dundee United. Cost me over 200 hundred picking up the dinner bill for the cousins after the game. We were on different sides of Hampden but met after the game to settle up. A real family final that was. No trouble or angst on the streets at all.

  52. Can any citizen of Scotland or resident of Scotland vote on Alba matters,

    or is the voting franchise restricted to members only.

  53. John Main says:

    @Andy Ellis – 7 November, 2021 at 4:11 pm

    Apologies for my late reply. Under the terms of my release license, my internet access is strictly timed and monitored.

    I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to deal with all of your points, besides, shouting at each other from our respective silos is futile. But one of your statements really stood out. In a class of its own in fact:

    “I find it particularly telling you or anyone else who really believes in democracy would be defending the Hungarian or Polish populist governments.”

    So not only do you believe in the myth of Progressivism, you don’t believe that democratically elected governments should pursue the policies on which they were mandated to govern by the voters.

  54. robbo says:

    Scot Finlayson says:
    8 November, 2021 at 6:26 pm
    Can any citizen of Scotland or resident of Scotland vote on Alba matters,

    or is the voting franchise restricted to members only.


    Did you seriously just post that! Oh fuck ,he did.

  55. I see our woke virtue signalling councilors have been painting zebra crossing all the colours of the transcult rainbow,

    this gets them points from Stonewall,

    turns out guide dogs for the partially sighted and blind were not consulted in the rush for white privillaged councilors to be fricken virtuous,

    guide dogs have not been given Stonewall training in gender fluency,

    it seems the partially sighted and bind are possibly transphobic if they get run down on a rainbow crossing that the driver or guide dog don`t recognise as a pedestrian crossing.

  56. @robbo,

    did you actually think i meant it,

    oh f@ck you actually did 🙂

  57. Dorothy Devine says:

    Police criticised over raid on Glasgow squat housing Cop26 activists
    Officers accused of trying to break into Baile Hoose with battering ram and entering rooms with batons drawn

    Police van outside house
    One activist said police had their batons drawn as they entered rooms, to the distress of many occupants. Photograph: handout
    Jessica Murray and Severin Carrell
    Mon 8 Nov 2021 16.24 GMT

    The occupants of a disused building in Glasgow that was reopened to offer emergency accommodation for climate activists have accused police of trying to break into the site with a battering ram early on Monday morning.

    The activists at Baile Hoose, a former homeless shelter in the Tradeston district, said up to 20 officers from the Metropolitan police and Welsh forces mounted the raid at 3am, claiming to be acting under orders from Scottish police.

    The activists said Police Scotland officers arrived soon afterwards and “calmed the situation. [It] was only then that the Met and Welsh police backed off.”

    One witness to the raid said at least one of the liaison officers from Police Scotland appeared to be shocked at their colleagues’ conduct, and also said that an officer described it as “totally unacceptable” policing. Another activist said police had their batons drawn as they entered rooms, to the distress of many occupants.

    A spokesperson for Police Scotland confirmed that officers went to the building. “Around 3am on Monday 8 November, officers attended at a property on Centre Street, Glasgow, following concerns for the safety and security of those using the building. Officers will continue to engage with those currently in the property,” she said.

    A Baile Hoose spokesperson disputed that explanation. She said they had been occupying the building since 3 November and that the Scottish fire and rescue service had already inspected it, giving them advice about fire safety and battery-operated fire alarms, which were now installed.

    The activists squatted in the building after it emerged that hundreds of Cop26 delegates, including indigenous leaders, were unable to find accommodation for the summit. There were unconfirmed reports of some indigenous activists sleeping rough.

    “Baile Hoose has provided a safe home and meals for hundreds of activists during this summit,” a spokesperson said. “There have been a lot of people who have travelled here from all over the world and the country, and quite often people from marginalised communities are not getting their voices heard.”

    Glasgow city council, which owns the building, said it had asked the activists to leave last week because it was concerned about the safety of its water supply and the possibility that the building could contain asbestos.

    Anybody heard about this?

  58. Robert Hughes says:

    Hatuey .

    I don’t see anything to disagree with in your comment above .

    Good point about Germany’s use of imported workers to help fuel it’s successful economy . I knew about the Turkish % – the “Gastarbeiter”- but was unaware of those from other countries .

    I have no problem with people from other countries coming to work and live in Scotland – I’ve been an immigrant in some of theirs and had no problems – though the numbers will always have to be intelligently assessed ,to avoid negative impacts on jobs , services , housing etc .

    Our situation is so precarious , seems there are many forces arrayed against our ambition : external and internal .

    I don’t think we can afford to be inattentive to the possible negative effects of demographic change

  59. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I read the typing about Germany/Turkey.

    I had the best Haddock and chips in a pub called ‘The Maltman’ on Renfield Street, on Saturday, before joining the march.
    Directly opposite was a food shop, and their sign included the sign, an R in a circle, immediately following the words “German Doner Kebab”, denoting a registered trade mark.
    I remarked to my son, “How can they register the words “Doner Kebab” as a registered trade mark? It’s a generic foodstuff.”
    He replied that it is probably the whole name, ie “German Doner Kebab” that is registered.
    He then went into the story of the number of Turks who have emigrate to Germany over the past couple of decades, hence “German Doner Kebabs”.
    Onnyhoo, if you’re ever in Dundee and fancy a kebab, check out Corfu Kebabs, just along from the bus station in Seagate.
    They are one of the few (if not the only) kebab providers in Dundee who construct their own doners. The rest tend to buy them pre-constructed from the well-known butchers in Dundee so they all taste the same, unlike Corfu’s offering, which is bra’ and distinctive.

  60. The Great and The Good Barrack Obama much loved by the privilaged wokerati in Scotland,

    just called Scotland `The Emerald Isle` in his speech in Glass Gow today,

    not only that but because he was `in the emerald isle` he thought it apropriate to quote from England`s William Shakespear

    what an absolute fricken eejit.

  61. Scott says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    8 November, 2021 at 8:54 pm

    I had the best Haddock and chips in a pub called ‘The Maltman’ on Renfield Street, on Saturday, before joining the march.

    Eating a fish supper from the Blue Lagoon while stood under the Hielanman’s Umbrella not good enough for the tourists these days? *smiley emoji*

    FYI, if you want to ‘sit-in’ when next in La Weege, I recommend the Coronation on the Gallowgate just past the Tron. The best chipp/er/y in the toon. Even Leonardo DiCaprio would wait for his order…apparently he was in Jaconneli’s (Hairymill) last week, placed an order but didn’t go back for it. It’s my local, so can safely say he didn’t miss anything.

  62. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Scott.

    I was well impressed with The Maltman’s haddock and chips. First time I have actually left remnants on the plate. Big and beautifully fried. Able to be cut with the side of the fork.

    Huvnae been up the Gallowgate since the 80s, when I trawled the second hand emporia, when work took me to Glasgow.

  63. Scott says:

    Hi Brian.

    If I was in the Maltman, I’d have 2 main courses…Am no paying £5.99 for a fish finger piece unless it comes with chips n beans.

    I’m off to put the chip pan on now…

  64. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Scott.

    Maltman: haddock, chips and garden peas. A second helping would be aberrant extravagance! There’s no way yid manage it, unless yirra glutton!

    Onnyhoo, when is the tunnel under Great Western Road to be opened up as a tourist destination?

  65. Derek says:

    Scott says:
    8 November, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    “the Coronation on the Gallowgate”

    Seconded. Probably my favourite chippy; I’ve never struggled to finish it. Some places are too batter-y, some too soggy, but the Coronation’s just so.

  66. Derek says:

    Dan says:
    8 November, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    @ Derek

    TBH these days it’s not difficult being an eco-warrior accruing a high points score.

    I struggle with myself a bit; a weakness for the annual 24hr 2CV race and an ongoing love affair with motorbikes are my burdens. I probably still do fewer miles than most folks though, but circuit racing? Its days must be numbered…

  67. Hugh Jarse says:

    You’ll not be surprised to hear that Auntie is keeping quiet on the alleged fraud at HIE and Sturgeons publisher.

    Memory holed.

  68. twathater says:

    @ Dorothy 8.05pm It doesn’t surprise me that the Met would go in heavy handed to anything , it appears to be their hobby and the fact that there will be no comeback from Scots polis or Nicla makes it all the more exciting for them

    The fact that all the WM establishment parties want their associated groups of bully boys to be exempt from prosecution for any misdeeds only encourages recruitment from people who revel in the power of putting the boot in , that is why so many in the HOC adopt the military attitude it makes them feel big

  69. robertknight says:

    Hugh Jarse @2:31

    “You’ll not be surprised to hear that Auntie is keeping quiet on the alleged fraud at HIE and Sturgeons publisher.”

    Who’d have thought that the BritNat Brainwashing Channel, and indeed the rest of the pro-Union MSM, would circle the wagons to protect the political career of someone who should, in theory, be the most clear and present danger to the continuance of the British State.

    As Betty Windsor might say to SNP members:

    “I’m afraid your friend Sturgeon is really…

    …my friend Sturgeon”.

  70. Dorothy Devine says:

    twathater , it looks as though the council had a big hand in it as well and that bothers me a great deal.

    Health and safety my bahookie.

    I would dearly love to know about which police force one group of marchers described as ‘heavy handed’ – every indy march I attended our police were superb and very easy going.
    We have obviously imported a lot of louts from other forces.

  71. Dan says:

    By a 3-1 margin, the Scottish public think women’s sporting events should be reserved for athletes who were born biologically female

  72. Breeks says:

    I dunno… Boris Johnson has courted criticism all his sleazy career and got away with it, but my antennae are hinting things are changing. Even the Tories are angry at Boris ducking out of the sleaze debate, and it’s not that faux outrage Tories are so good at faking. For want of a better comparison, it’s the type of anger that brought down Thatcher. Nobody will wield the knife themselves, …yet, but they’ll quickly find forgiveness in their hearts when somebody else does.

    I couldn’t care less if England tarred and feathered the lot of them frankly, not that they ever will, but somehow, (and this is the foggy bit), these things have a habit of rumbling on and evolving into a General Election.

    Labour is still irrelevant and not providing credible opposition, and very soon, very soon, the Tories are going to need the convenient scapegoat of an out-going former Tory Government to carry the can and take the blame for all the ills of Brexit. “It wasn’t me Gov.”

    Brace yourselves too for “It wasn’t me Gove”, but that’s maybe a long shot, because the same people are weary at the sight of that bad penny too.

    None of that matters to me, except I hope ALBA, ISP, SSRG, and the real YES Movement are ready to brace! Brace! Brace! For the sudden impact of an imminent UK General Election on their Plebiscite Election ambitions, because it’s not unthinkable that it might even come ahead of the Local Council Elections six months away, depending whether the Tories want to fight those Elections under new management. Ok, it is squeaky tight for a snap Election perhaps, but not a new Leadership, and I’m not sure whether General Elections and Local Elections can be held on the same day.

    I think the “alternative” Indy Parties are ready to a degree. I’m watching with interest whether ALBA is going to withdraw it’s MP’s from Westminster. I’m not sure about that yet. (But open to persuasion), but right now it feels like ALBA at least know where the fight will be, but maybe not when, and they’re busy digging pots in the battlefield.

    The SNP? Zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  73. Breeks says:

    Dan says:
    9 November, 2021 at 8:44 am
    “By a 3-1 margin, the Scottish public think women’s sporting events should be reserved for athletes who were born biologically female”

    I am truly stunned that it’s anything like 3-1. Is it a typo for 30-1?

    Where the hell is the “sport” in a biological male out performing a biological female? For that matter, what self respecting sportsman would actually want to? What kind of inadequacy do these biological males suffer from that this kind of “victory” over women competitors means anything besides discrediting “women’s” sport as a farce, and shaming it’s governing body for allowing it?

    Jesus H, when I was a lad, the world of rugby was vexed to it’s core about the unfair advantage which undercover professionalism gave certain teams when playing in an amateur sport. That’s right, being paid to play versus doing it for nothing was considered cheating.

    For women’s rugby to embrace male bodied players is farcical, just farcical, and people, (hint, women), are going to end up disillusioned at best and get physically hurt, some of them seriously hurt.

    This is so obvious it pains me. What the fk is wrong with people? Are brains everywhere suffering some kind of malfunction?

  74. Republicofscotland says:

    Hugh Jarse @2.31am.

    However as the investigation supposedly gets under way on that one, Pete Wishart has written to the Met Chief Cressida Dick prompting her to investigate the sleaze surrounding the Owen Paterson debacle, one could be forgiven for thinking that Wishart the wannabe speaker of the house, is trying to shift attention from his own party’s machinations.

    We have to wonder what else the HIE has been up to lets not forget they are deeply involved in the new space port at Sutherland as well, which will displace tons of carbon storing peat, and the space port is being touted as the world’s first carbon neutral space port, which I find very hard to believe.

  75. Hatuey says:

    “What the fk is wrong with people? Are brains everywhere suffering some kind of malfunction?”

    They’re behaving rationally in an insane context. When people are fearful they go into ‘survival mode’, society becomes atomised, and governments can get away with almost anything.

    You don’t concern yourself with the arrangement of deckchairs when the ship’s sinking.

    The pandemic, climate change, the imminent collapse of the economy, possible war with China, Brexit, etc., etc. They’ve got us all going around like frightened and headless chickens.

    In the old days we worried about World War III. Today there’s a bunch of life-threatening things to worry about and a million people eager to explain why we are all fucked — after you hit the subscribe button, of course.

  76. Hatuey says:

    I see there was quite an interesting exchange with Pete Wishart and Kay Burley on Sky…

    “”I’m just putting it to you that you raised nearly £667,000 since 2017 from your members, supporters, for several independence campaigns… And only admitted £57,000 being spent specifically on that campaign and, as a result, there’s a police investigation. Is that not true?””


  77. sarah says:

    @ Breeks at 10.00: I too am horrified at the Scot goes pop %ages. It should be 100% against men in women’s sport.

  78. Confused says:

    the english and their stunning lack of self awareness, their enormous blindspots (“empire as global bob a job” / “the english are respected around the world”) never fails to amaze; a decent article from the guardian, the first few paras, bang on … who else would they apply to?

    Our oil has been used to facilitate the neoliberal wrecking ball for a half century; better it was never found, for we never had, nor ever will have a drop of it for ourselves.

    – anyway, read the article and just replace Nigeria -> Scotland

    “but .. but … the Barnett Formula … GERS ”

    – fuck off with your dodgy accountancy; explain why Norway is the richest country on earth, and ours fucking well isn’t.

  79. Dan says:

    Hatuey’s and Confused’s links to unionist “newspapers” archived.



  80. Robert Graham says:

    I don’t want to interrupt all you people discussing really important stuff but

    Ethylene Oxide

    Anyone know what it’s used for ?

    Well amongst many things it’s used in the production of Anti Freeze it’s also used to sterilise the swabs that is being stuck up people’s noses in order to perform a test for the plague

    Banned in the EU because it’s widely known as a major cause of cancer it is a poisonous substance and yet it’s being pushed out like free sweets

    Still trust your government ?

    Waterford ,Ireland has the most double jabbed people on that island something like 97% and yet tops the score board as having the highest transmission rate and has the highest rate of infection currently in Ireland and still care home staff are being sacked this Thursday for refusing this Jab to protect the care home residents .

    Any of you intelligent people take the time to find out what’s going on without resorting to the trusted MSM these liars didn’t retire after the 2014 vote they just changed subject it wasn’t difficult because stupidity hasn’t went away in fact it’s growing by the day and they can’t believe their luck

    Now you lot can get back to important stuff like football results and where to get a good fish supper

  81. Republicofscotland says:

    I’m sure our resident Alba guru Mr Ellis will know this, but others may not, Alba MP Kenny MacAskill has launched a scathing attack on the spineless and gutless SNP MP’s.

    The reason for the attack, Joanna Cherry and Dougie Chapman aside, is that the SNP MP’s allowed the secondary legislation revoke date (4th of November) on stopping making Holyrood a designated site on national security grounds, pass without even a whimper against it.

    The move to stop the sovereign people of Scotland protesting outside OUR parliament by the (SPCB) Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body was even opposed at a debate in September at a SNP conference, yet SNP MPs sat silent like little obedient children ( Chapman and Cherry aside) as the the revoke date ran out.

    The SNP are not only NOT the party of independence now, they are also actively trying to suppress the voice of the people especially those for Scottish independence and those who want to demonstrate outside their own parliament.

  82. Graf Midgehunter says:

    sarah says: at 11:43 am

    @ Breeks at 10.00: I too am horrified at the Scot goes pop %ages. It should be 100% against men in women’s sport.

    You have to remember that the Trans gender woo woo isn’t headline news every day and that still a lot of folk have never heard of it or heard of what it actually means in daily life.

    She/her and the cultists tried to keep it under cover and legislate in the dark, spring a trap on the generally docile public if you will. Now that it’s starting to be spotlighted more and more, as well as the consequences for society, I think those figures will change to a wholesale damnation and the SNP is going to be on the spot in a very unpleasant way.

  83. Republicofscotland says:

    I know this won’t invoke passion in many folk, but it does in me the Scottish Battlefield Trust has called for the stopping of building on Scottish battlefields, already sites such as Culloden and Prestonpans have had developments partially built on them, and what’s more the Scottish parliament has rejected a plea for greater protection for them.

    This has piqued the interest of the builders, with the likes of Falkirk, Dunbar, Ancrum Moor and Harlaw in Aberdeen all historical battlefields coming onto their radar for development.

    These are important historical sites in Scottish history in my opinion, on which some of these fields we saw historical turning points that were significant to the people of Scotland, it would be a travesty in my opinion if they were turned into housing schemes.

  84. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    We should be careful with the Dihydrogen Monoxide emitters which are being installed in public places.

  85. Scott says:

    Robert Graham says:
    9 November, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    I don’t want to interrupt all you people discussing really important stuff but

    Ethylene Oxide

    Anyone know what it’s used for ?

    Well amongst many things it’s used in the production of Anti Freeze it’s also used to sterilise the swabs that is being stuck up people’s noses in order to perform a test for the plague

    Banned in the EU because it’s widely known as a major cause of cancer it is a poisonous substance and yet it’s being pushed out like free sweets

    Still trust your government ?

    A wee bit more than you based on this attempted hatchet-job.

    Ethylene oxide is banned in food production in EU, not banned outright.

    At the levels used to sterilise test kits, Ethylene Oxide poses little risk to health, and always abide by COSHH when using and storing it.

    Disinformation is Misinformation, ya cheeky basturt.

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    So the EU bigwigs are furious at Belarus for allowing refugees (mainly Kurdish Iraqis) flood over the border into Poland, Poland has since rolled out the razor wire, and stepped up armed patrols as Winter approaches.

    Meanwhile on the EU’s Southern borders refugees flood over the Med and are rescued from their dangerous plight into Europe they are then fed and watered and cared for, which begs the question, what exactly is the difference between the two sets of refugees, that one group makes the EU mad and he other are given succor by the EU.

    Ah yes… the first group are coming from Belarus, an ally of Putin and Russia.

  87. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Robert Graham 1:52pm
    Point taken but remember the Independence movement is also a community. Fish suppers, 1306 kings, fitba etc. Let’s face it where is the visibility of the Independence campaign, not amongst politicians. It took a 75 year old actor to cheer me up on Sunday. An example from today. I received a message that GB news was going to cover the 259k Nicola book shambles. So I switched over and saw the prompter that said the story was about to be covered. I watched it for an hour and a half. I saw nothing, was there an intervention pulling the story?. Plenty of lawyers on the taxpayer book mainly preventing transparency and protecting Nicola from jail. A proper MSM would cover the story. Publish and be..

  88. Republicofscotland says:

    Its interesting to note that as we are in the middle of the COP26 on climate change which sees the real need to reduce our CO2 emissions, that the DRAX power plant in Yorkshire is the UK greatest emitter of CO2 gases.

    This supposed “Green” energy plant has had millions of tons of its emissions taken off the books, it burns wood pellets, produced from pristine carbon capturing forests in Estonia, which are chopped down and exported to the UK. Last year DRAX received £832 million in subsidies from the UK government, and an extra £258 million pounds in carbon tax breaks.

    Yes trees are replanted once the others are cut down, however it takes decades for the replanted trees to reach the carbon capture stage that the cut down trees had already reached.

  89. Republicofscotland says:

    “FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Catalonia’s president Pere Aragones shared an “interesting” half-hour meeting over the weekend, discussing independence, welfare and climate change policy.”

    I wonder if the subject of political prisoners was raised, probably not as it would’ve been far to uncomfortable for Sturgeon with Craig Murray banged up in prison, and her witchfinder generals office aka COPFS hunting down indy bloggers.

  90. Scott says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    9 November, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    I know this won’t invoke passion in many folk

    The whole of Scotland has been a battlefield at some point, so where do you draw the lines? Derby? [I’d happily just annexe Cumbria & Northumbria if I was King]

    As for land use, we need to reclaim fertile land and grow more food as a priority, the corollary being that town planners should stock up on pencils and coffee.

    eg Glasgow’s trees need better companions…compulsory purchase of all the bought hooses to start the ball rolling, there’s plenty of dreich areas with outbreaks of sun crying out for new blood. The whole of Dumfries & Galloway is one such place.

    Also, move the submarines to the Falklands and get the waters put to better use, including a tunnel system under them connecting Argyll to civilisation. Making them from recycled plastic rather than concrete should be viable.

    [Close GLA and build a theme park and get Prestwick & Machrihanish boosted? spaceports should be left to other countries. Scottish airspace would have restrictions placed on it on the whim of somebody fancying launching something…weather dependent.]

  91. Hugh Jarse says:

    If Eck’s publisher was caught up in a fraud/corruption at Taxpayer expense case, would Auntie find this newsworthy?

    They’re probably busy right now, Panorama spesh to come. Too busy for even the slightest hint of impropriety.

    I wonder if COPFS have finally finished the list of questions for Sandstone and HIE they don’t want Plod asking.

  92. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    9 November, 2021 at 3:04 pm

    Yes trees are replanted once the others are cut down, however it takes decades for the replanted trees to reach the carbon capture stage that the cut down trees had already reached.

    Not disagreeing exactly, , and it came as a surprise to me, but the best trees for taking CO2 out the atmosphere are the horrible forestry commission pine forests for the simple reason they grow fast and thus take a lot of CO2 out the atmosphere, and do it faster than mature Rain Forest.

    A slow growing hardwood will take more CO2 out in the long run, but compare the bulk of a 30 year old pine versus a 30 year old hardwood. All that Carbon has come from the atmosphere.

    The downside of the familiar pine forest is that the trees are packed so tight, there’s no light getting to the forest floor, so the biodiversity is much reduced.

    It’s been a few years since I was read up on it, but the best method for getting CO2 turned into organic matter was through algae, and people were trying to develop fast growing algae’s which could also be turned into bio-diesel. The algae could also be grown on the vertical sides of buildings, speculating that we’d be seeing urban farming because the algae would grown wherever there was sunlight and water.

    The big damage from felling virgin rainforest is simply that all that tonnage of carbon is no longer fixed as a living tree, and it’s finding it’s way back into the atmosphere while there are fewer trees to photosynthesise it all back out again.

    The carbon capture graph of new forestry is always very steep in the beginning because the trees grow so fast in the early years, but it slows down as the trees mature and grow more slowly. The forest then changes it’s roll from rapid carbon capture as a new forest to photosynthesis as a mature forest.

  93. Tannadice Boy says:

    I wrote to GB news asking why the story about the 259k book was pulled. No response, might as well written to the BBC. And that’s what we are up against. I suspect an Interim Interdict or some such legal pressure. The story will get out. We can’t depend on the MSM. Left wing, right wing or otherwise. You will be happy to know that’s your taxpayer money they are spending.

  94. Republicofscotland says:

    “The whole of Scotland has been a battlefield at some point, so where do you draw the lines?”


    Well, surely the more notable battlefields deserve some sort of protection, afterall they are part of our history, a history that has been in the most part suppressed within this onesided union. Scots and their children should be able to visit these sites for as long as there is a Scotland in my opinion, to get a sense of what took place at these battles, some of which were crucial in Scottish history.

    “eg Glasgow’s trees need better companions”

    Glasgow is set to lose more than 30,000 of its wonderful trees due the disease Ash Dieback. Glasgow’s magnificent tree cover is a blessing on the city, along with its ninety-parks, and along with Glasgow Green, thought to be the among the first public park in Western Europe.

  95. Republicofscotland says:

    Breeks @4.18pm.

    Interesting comment, I agree on boosting natures way to capture carbon, I find it utterly bizarre though that we are burning the very trees that capture carbon, and burning them produces it, wood isn’t even that dense and long burning as say that of coal.

    Could this be true, if so it turns wood burning on its head.

    “Due to its lower energy density than fossil fuels, wood – the main source of biomass used for generating power in the UK – has to be burned in higher volumes than coal to produce the same amount of energy. This means that burning wood emits more carbon dioxide per kWh of electricity than coal.”

    Is it that burning wood is seen as a cleaner greener fuel than coal is? I feel there’s a lot of greenwashing going on in the corporate world, and a hell of a lot of money to be made from having a greener image, but a peek behind the curtain might surprise us all as to what’s actually going on.

  96. twathater says:

    @ Dorothy 7.53pm from what I read it appeared that GCC initially approved the building being occupied as they are the owners of the building and alternative places to stay were totally unavailable , otherwise how did they gain access and if they FORCED entry surely that would have been mentioned and used to discredit the occupiers

    IMO GCC is now in a worse state and more badly ran than when Tammany hall ran it (maybe not but it must be close) if the cooncillors are on a par with spears
    I think the met and other forces have contempt for Scots polis and their sense of superiority as the chosen ones will not be stopped or challenged

  97. Ebok says:

    Tannadice Boy says:
    ‘We can’t depend on the MSM’

    Yesterday, junk mail day, we received a beautifully presented A3 glossy sheet, folded, which was an update and log of our constituency MP’s activities for a 3-week period during late Aug – early Sept.
    It detailed 13 days of constituency visits, with excellent, clear photographs of meetings with residents and business people. The glossy brochure said the MP met hundreds of people and it included short write-ups of concerns raised and proposals to deal with these concerns, including community hospitals, relocation of post offices and cash points, local policing and police centralisation, bus services, potholes, flood defences, and many other issues.

    This is the second such brochure delivered by this MP since June, though nothing from any other party.
    The problem is that this MP is a Tory. Yet he is doing the kind of things I implore ALBA to undertake. There is no doubt in my mind that the presentation and content of the flyer will impress many at a time when every other politician seems to be in limbo.

    It’s no good us whining on WoS about all the outrageous and clandestine activities of Scotgov, about the non-existence of reports in media if we can’t organise something so simple as delivering leaflets or getting speakers to stand on soap boxes in shopping centres and housing schemes and scream out and TELL THE PEOPLE.
    We have ‘secret’ information and the public need access to it NOW.

  98. Ottomanboi says:

    «Save the planet» and hand over your civil rights.
    Do as Big Brother media tells you.
    This is real 1984 stuff and ScotGov is up to its muzzled face in it.

  99. North chiel says:

    Big “ hoo ha” on both Grumpian /STV & reporting North Britain about staff shortages in both the NHS & care sector . One question . How many EU citizens have left both the NHS & Care sector to go work elsewhere in Europe since 2016 & retain their freedom of movement & EU citizenship .
    Answers please “ BBC reporting North Britain & “ Grumpian / STV .

  100. Dorothy Devine says:

    Twathater , absolutely.

  101. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ebok 6:25pm
    A very good post from you. Natural justice shouldn’t depend on the colour of your representative. In the the part of Scotland we have relocated to both my representatives are SNP so that’s no representation. Unsustainable. I am reduced to asking my wife’s contacts in the Highlands about HIE and the book fiasco. We are making progress but isn’t that the job of an investigative journalist?. Still no news from GBNews. It happened, I saw it they can’t airbrush their programme.

  102. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ebok 6:25pm
    A very good post from you. Natural justice shouldn’t depend on the colour of your representative. In the the part of Scotland we have relocated to both my representatives are SNP so that’s no representation. Unsustainable. I am reduced to asking my wife’s contacts in the Highlands about HIE and the book fiasco. We are making progress but isn’t that the job of an investigative journalist?. Still no response from GBNews. It happened, I saw it they can’t airbrush their programme.

  103. North chiel says:

    “ Breeks 0916 am” . Same old same old Breeks my friend . When the time is right and it might not be too far away with the “ ongoing Tory/ Boris shambles “ then the 2nd eleven government will be called to “ rescue WESTMINSTER rule” . Just look out for the obvious signs of the state propaganda media ( subtlety to begin with ) propagating that pillar of the “ English establishment shining Knight Sir Keir” being ever so slightly being given positive propaganda on the state run tv , radio stations & of course the “ daily drug for the masses” our wonderful impartial newspapers.
    Of course North of the border Sir Keir & his “ scotch lackie “ will be given “ favourable billing”

  104. Hugh Jarse says:

    “An application to commence judicial review proceedings has been made to the Court of Session and HIE intends to defend this robustly.”

    Who made the application?

    “It stated that Keith Charters, managing director of book firm Strident Publishing, wrote to Ms Sturgeon raising concerns over Sandstone.

    It also revealed that his subsequent police complaint, which was now the subject of an investigation, involved allegations of wrongdoing directed at both the publisher and HIE”


    Who is Mr Charters?
    Might he like to share correspondence?

    You know what to do, if you can be arsed.

  105. Hugh Jarse says:

    Sorry, forgot.
    I dont twit, so can’t look at the thread. Not far down timeline

  106. Republicofscotland says:

    Try this one Hugh Jarse.

  107. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Hugh Jarse 7:39pm
    Police Scotland investigating?. The military wing of the SNP.
    Her hubris will end her. She will only go when she is bang to rights. Your are behind the curve. GBNews had the information this morning but pulled out. If Andrew Neil was still there that wouldn’t have happened. Still concerned citizens are progressing. Watch this space.

  108. Republicofscotland says:

    “I wrote to GB news asking why the story about the 259k book was pulled. No response, might as well written to the BBC. And that’s what we are up against.”

    Tannadice Boy.

    Who has the clout to pull a story on GB news a story that could be very damaging to her?

    Who or which body has the power to keep salacious or sleazy stories about Sturgeon’s private life completely out of the news?

    Sturgeon is protected, she’s one of there’s that would explain a lot.

  109. Ebok says:

    It’s a start.
    Should have paid more attention to inbox before my earlier post.

    ALBA Scotland wide Day of Action Saturday 13th Nov
    ‘We have just taken delivery of the first batch of our Recruitment Leaflet and this along with a Women’s Leaflet will be distributed on Saturday.’

  110. Effigy says:

    Let’s see now, how concerned is this Tory Government about the NHS.

    The totally ignored the Cygnus Exercise that proved the NHS couldn’t cope with an epidemic.
    The stopped bursaries for nurses in Training
    They capped pay awards which with inflation gave nurses a 15% pay cut.
    The Tories killed NHS staff due to a lack of PPE Equipment.
    They failed to deliver / distribute the little PPE they had.
    They charged medical staff to park at work.
    They sent medical staff of EU origin packing with Brexit
    They charged none U.K./EU medical staff on temporary permits £1,200 to renew it during Covid
    They suggested the NHS actions during Covid merited a 1% pay rise. Under inflation rates.
    And now they want to remove the human rights of NHS Hero’s who have decided not to vaccinate?
    There is Zero data to prove that none vaccinated staff are any less likely to catch or transmit Covid.
    So why enforce this insanity and see thousands more NHS staff leave the NHS and exacerbate
    the 50,000 staff shortages into a 70,000 shortage?
    The reason is they want to sell the NHS off as they have every other U.K. service like Royal Mail,
    the Railways, Gas, Electricity, BT, The English water companies etc.

    All this and Labour can lay a glove on them and improve their standing in the polls.

  111. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Republic of Scotland 8;05pm
    I am an ordinary Scots guy. Working class made good. And is spending his money on children and grandchildren. No taxation without representation etc. I have no idea who is keeping Sturgeon there. And it doesn’t matter to me. I expect and demand better. She will go and it will be evidence from the Scottish people and not Police Scotland that does it. So where does that leave them?. I saw what I saw today. GBNews running away from a story. And I watched it as someone tipped me off.

  112. Robert Graham says:

    The National reports Honest John has said the Scottish Government are considering expanding the Vaxx Passport to include clubs and pubs ,Surprise Surprise

    The Scottish government are following the template being presently used by the administration in New South Wales in Australia

    These politicians sponsored and told what to do by big pharma their next move will be to include shops and public transport effectively introducing a totally divided country with those who don’t want or can’t submit to this chemical

    Does anyone actually believe this infrastructure has been setup in order to retire it after a few weeks ? remember the words , this measure is only temporary just to flatten the curve , it’s not really a big inconvenience , mission creep in full flow .

    Doctors and nurses all over the world have been silenced and are losing their jobs because they have questioned the approach government’s are taking they are scared to speak does this make you feel comfortable ?

    The information is there if you want to look

  113. Confused says:

    I knew COP26 was just misdirection, but I didn’t know what the evil plan (and there is always an “evil plan”) was going to be.

    – I think this is it, couched in anodyne language; the opague, acronym heavy corporate shit-speak is designed to send you to sleep so you don’t ask what they are actually up to; a basic component seems to be even more powers for financial institutions over nation states.

    Don’t expect it to – save the planet, improve your life.

    If you list the participants, these ARE the people who actually have the power (or are bagmen for those who do) – but to get them to “fix it”, it is not about letting them all get together and making up more rules for the rest of us, rather it should be – locking them together in a room and sharpening your favourite guillotine; the starters comprising car batteries, electrodes, electric drills and DIY dentistry sets.

    – or you can act like a fanny, chaining yourself to a railing, while some fat cop cuts you free with an angle grinder … your mates will get it all on their phones; PURE FACEBOOK GOLD.

    Little Greta might call all this more “blah blah blah”, but the phrase you should be thinking of is :

    “now we gut him (us) like a fish …”

  114. Hatuey says:

    The vaccine passports system is going to be extended, and we all knew it would be at some point, so that you’ll need to show proof of vaccination to go into restaurants and such. Great.

    It’s tempting to say the vaccines haven’t performed as we head full steam into another possible Christmas lockdown. But if you look into it, you’ll find the vaccine is actually doing a lot of heavy lifting and it’s the NHS that’s failing us.

    The truth of the NHS is that we are paying first world prices for a third world service. We should thank Covid for drawing our attention to that.

    Yes, sure, I acknowledge that many in the NHS do a great job and are there for all the right reasons. But others are there simply to line their pockets and at the end of the day it all falls to pieces when a mere couple of hundred Scottish people need intensive care treatment.

    Like everything else Nicola has “managed” over the last ten years, the NHS is collapsing. And that my friends is what happens when your leader is a poser who devotes herself to nothing but spin and selfies.

  115. Breeks says:

    Quick browse of Scotland’s headlines: Douglas Ross, Fitba Referee and Part Time Politician is slagging off politicians for having two jobs, and Scotland’s FM is slagging off the Tories for corruption while her own book deal and publisher seemed to be mired in it’s own corruption.

    “O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!

    How apt that’s a Burns quote from To A Louse.

    Maybe Scotland should make rampant hypocrisy a capital offence, and see if that can weed out these gobshitey waste of space politicians who so routinely humiliate our Nation, squander opportunity and paralyze effective government, and bring our politics into such disrepute.

  116. Breeks says:

    Watching this thread for developments too…

    All those who thought they’d heard the last of Spears and Robertson were perhaps premature in their jubilation. Having wrecked the SNP, it’s now YES that’s in line to get the treatment…

    (Or should I add, “again”, with the SNP’s coloursick wokification of the iconic YES logo already…)

  117. Scott says:

    Breeks says:
    10 November, 2021 at 6:37 am

    The quoted tweet is mince.

  118. robbo says:

    Breeks says:
    10 November, 2021 at 6:51 am
    Watching this thread for developments too…


    What is it that these two odious creatures are trying to do now?

    A lot of us don’t do twatter and sometimes don’t get all the code speak stuff that that platform espouses.

    I fucking hate TWATTER!

  119. Hugh Jarse says:

    Ta RoS.
    That explains so much.
    This passed so many people by, including me.
    The nepotism & endemic corruption of the unco guid writ large here.

  120. `A Scottish anti-independence campaign group was given £46,000 from an obscure organisation that might have breached political fundraising guidelines.

    Scotland Matters, a pro-union group registered with the Electoral Commission, the elections regulator, received two donations of £21,000 and £25,000 earlier this year from a little-known organisation called the Centre for Economic Education and Training (Ceet).`

  121. Hugh Jarse says:

    Cheques & Balances.
    UK PLC

    ‘Corruption’ should have been made Word of the year.
    Maybe the Chumocracy will drag our sorry hordes of troughers down with them, or maybe the voter is so punch drunk from it all they see no difference, constitutionally.
    Yes or No? Why care!

  122. Breeks says:

    robbo says:
    10 November, 2021 at 8:04 am

    What is it that these two odious creatures are trying to do now?

    I don’t know. I thought it was an imminent revelation that this big “YES” Conference organised in Aberdeen, but not inviting anybody except the SNP, is all being organised by the Wokist Wing of the Party.

    Waiting to learn more…

  123. Republicofscotland says:

    So Sturgeon chaired panel on the main stage at COP26 yesterday, her gigantic ego would have been sated on Tuesday, well almost, after talking about climate change and the effects of it, Sturgeon switched to gender equality.

    Citing climate change and women’s rights, yes you read that correctly women’s rights, I wonder if US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who was also in attendance, knows exactly where Sturgeon stands on women’s rights, especially the women of Scotland. Her witchfinder generals office aka the COPFS tried to hunt down Marion Millar, and women’s safe spaces are under threat via Sturgeon’s GRA bill.

    Sturgeon is on a crusade to try and have the eyes of the world focus on her and to hear them say that she’s a progressive and forward thinking leader, the COP26 in Glasgow, has allowed her to showcase her own plan of action, which of course as we all know doesn’t include Scottish independence

  124. robertknight says:

    So, not content with destroying the SNP from within, Sturgeon has her Wokerati stormtroopers turning their attention towards the wider Yes movement?

    I do so wish she/her and associated acolytes would just disappear up their own non-binary a-holes!

  125. Alec Lomax says:

    The Albans getting a wee bit upset this morning.

  126. The planet is f@cked,

    Humza Clownshoe has been seen at COPS26,

    has accused the climate of being racist,

    i don`t know if he/him was on his wee scooter.

  127. sarah says:

    BBC leaving Stonewall!! A BBC statement tweeted by Allie Hodgkins-Brown.

    Sounds good.

  128. Breeks says:

    Alec Lomax says:
    10 November, 2021 at 12:19 pm
    The Albans getting a wee bit upset this morning.

    And what an odious little runt you are to sound so pleased about it.

    ALBA doing it’s level best to get Scotland out of this mess, out of this Union, and get it done before our economy has been irremediably wrecked. What the FUCK has the SNP been doing? FUCK ALL for 7 YEARS except line it’s pockets, sell out Scotland, and sling any auld shite and calamity at true Independence supporters.

    The gutless SNP won’t stand up and walk out of Westminster when Scotland has just been royally shafted for the umpteenth time. Snouts much too deep in the trough for that.

    The only time the spineless wretches in the SNP walk out of Westminster is when Kenny MacAskill gets up to speak on behalf of Scotland. What a fucking disgrace from a bunch of charlatans whom we’re all now scunnered to hear mentioned.

    Take a look at yourself Lomax. Either you’re a dim witted snotty nosed 12 yr old schoolboy with a lot of growing up to do, or a poisonous shit stirrer who doesn’t give a flying fuck about saving Scotland from absolute catastrophe. No wonder you’re so comfortable wearing your SNP smoking jacket and looking down your nose at good people who want to defend Scotland’s rights and interests. You and Wishart, that other bitter waste of space, should get a room and have the country pay for it…

    …One with bars on the window, just like the wee room that corruption Queen Sturgeon so thoroughly deserves.

  129. Hatuey says:

    It’s been a bit frustrating waiting on Alba to get the gloves off and get tore in but I think we have seen a much more combative approach from them lately; if we are to lose Wings and gain an Alba that attacks from a very similar standpoint as Wings, well, we are going to be okay… (gaining a daughter rather than losing a son, as they say)

    All Alba needs to do right now is keep chipping and wait them out. There’s an inevitability about it, with more and more people becoming disillusioned and looking for a political party that’s serious about independence and honest.

    The SNP’s decline and death as a political force will be much more sudden and dramatic than that of Scottish Labour. Unlike the other branch offices in Scotland, the SNP has nobody to turn to. BBC Scotland won’t be able to do a thing about it either, just as they were unable to save SLAB.

    I hope to god Alba don’t advise us to vote SNP with first votes or anything else ever again. The SNP is the enemy of independence. Alba must burn the ships and commit to the fight ahead.

  130. Republicofscotland says:

    Just one of the reasons why Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford won’t want an indyref never mind an indy Scotland.

  131. Republicofscotland says:

    An excellent article on Iain Lawson’s blog from the SSRG, aimed at Sturgeon and other indy parties, showing them the route out of this rancid union that doesn’t include a flawed indyref.

  132. Republicofscotland says:

    The wannabe speaker of the house, badmouthing Alba, well he would, wouldn’t he, Alba that supports Scottish independence threatens his cushy slot at the gravy train.

    “When you see anti-SNP tweets come in just now you have to double check whether they are from the Tories or the hate fuelled Alba party. I don’t think it will be long before there will be an anti-SNP alliance between the two of them.”

  133. Republicofscotland says:

    A one on one meeting between Sturgeon and the UNSG, and I bet she didn’t mention Scottish independence and that Westminster is refusing to allow Scots their democratic right to vote on leaving this union.

    Instead, I think Sturgeon would have been bigging up her own stock with the UNSG, trying to make a good impression in the hope of that when she’s finally found out as the charlatan and fraud that we know she is, that a cushy UN job awaits her when she flees Scotland.

  134. sarah says:

    @ Breeks at 2.13: remember the Rev’s advice? “Don’t engage etc..”.

    Those of us whose priority is explaining the truth about Scotland’s false position dating from 1707, and in many ways since 1603, must do what we can to bring about the restoration of independence. We mustn’t waste energy on educating those who WILL not see the truth. 🙂

  135. Hugh Jarse says:

    The PM ‘news’ this evening was interesting.
    NI businesses are booming right now, and the public, orange thru green, are well aware of it.
    Tory bungs, topped up by special EU measures all round.

    Look what you could have won!

    Their piece on the current state of our army was unintentionally illuminating too.

  136. Derek says:

    Alec Lomax says:
    10 November, 2021 at 12:19 pm

    The Albans getting a wee bit upset this morning.

    Aww, poor Damon.

  137. Hatuey says:

    “Keep going folks, you might get Alba up to 2% next election.”

    A bigger priority for me is getting the SNP down to 2%.

    Everything falls into place after that.

  138. Hatuey says:

    Dan, being a scientifically minded sort, what’s your view on carbon capture? I see Robin Mcalpine is ruling it out but it is known that post-combustion CO2 scrubbers work and seem to have potential. I believe they have been using them on submarines for years.

  139. Ebok says:

    Hatuey says ‘I hope to god Alba don’t advise us to vote SNP with first votes or anything else ever again’

    I’ve often wondered since the election about AS’s advice, even though I didn’t take it. As everyone will recall, it sure had Wings in a quandary as the pros and cons were debated.
    With hindsight, it seems to me that ALBA was hardly able to do anything other than contest list seats only, and pre-empted questions about constituency votes.
    I’ve concluded that with so little time before the vote it was a gamble well worth taking, one that could have paid off big-time. There wasn’t really any other strategy available.
    Another important point to bear in mind is that many voters didn’t fully understand the D’Hondt system and how it could be used to great advantage in ridding ourselves of unionists.
    It didn’t work this time, though 1M+ electors now have a better understanding of how they wasted this golden opportunity.

    However, we move on. I’m sure the strategy used for May’s elections was a one-off, and we will never, ever, – tactically or otherwise – devalue our principles again.
    I agree with you that it’s frustrating though, the slow pace, lack of out and out attack with so many open goals available, no leaflets, no public speakers, I just hope that in six months I’ll be saying again, ‘yes, AS had it right all along.’

    As a postscript to your 6.36pm, I was looking at a recently issued ALBA membership card, Membership Number 11,000+.
    I know there was some confusion a couple of months ago regarding the numbers issued, if they reflected the actual membership, but haven’t heard any update?

  140. Hugh Jarse says:

    It’s a wee shame that there isn’t a natural alternative party for those tired of wheeshting, indy genuine political types currently putting all their eggs in She/hers basket.


  141. Republicofscotland says:

    Hatuey @7.01pm.

    According to this carbon capture has been going on for a few years now.

    “Today, there are 43 commercial large-scale carbon capture and storage facilities all over the world. Out of these, 18 are in operation and 16 are industrial.”

    “According to the International Energy Agency, globally more than 30 million tons of CO2 is captured from large scale carbon capture, utilization, and storage facilities every year. Over 70 percent of this is done in North America. However, industrial facilities are capturing less than one percent of the CO2 that is required to meet the Paris agreement targets for 2040, says a 2018 report compiled by the Global CCS Institute.”

  142. Breeks says:

    Scottish Sovereignty Research Group writing an open letter to our illustrious leaders.

    It gets to the point and says the right stuff, but you get the sad feeling the data it contains will meet the same fate as the Voyager Spacecraft… lost forever to the silent vacuum of space on a forlorn lifelong quest looking for intelligent life.

  143. Stuart MacKay says:


    Voyager 1 is still operational and sending back data,

    Perhaps there’s a greater chance of it getting to a nearby star than there is of Nicola declaring a new referendum, but where there’s life there’s hope.

    Live long and prosper.

  144. Hugh Jarse says:

    Make it so Breeks.

  145. Dan says:

    @ Hatuey at 7.01pm

    Re. Carbon Capture. I guess my view is that even though the technology can be made to work, it still comes down to the overall viability of implementing it on a scale that actually makes a worthwhile benefit, or if efforts would be better utlised focusing on reducing humans’ carbon emissions in the first place.
    The global trading modus of shipping massive amounts of products around the planet by air or sea freight is to me crazy when so many of those products could be grown or made locally and creating jobs here too.
    I recently highlighted that over 100 wind turbine bases for an offshore windfarm east of Montrose are being made in China, and due to their size only 5 can fit on a vessel at a time to get to Scotland. So that’s over 20 ship journeys from China to Scotland.
    Some bases were damaged on route and my pal was repairing them in Dundee.

    Robin’s previous article kind of deals with this quandary in questioning humanity just following the same path of excessive consumption and relying on “tech” developments to sort all our ills.

  146. Hatuey says:

    Point taken, Dan, about producing and buying locally. And I’d already read Robin’s article on the unlikelihood, as he sees it, of a technological solution.

    It’s capitalism though. If you can’t come up with a capitalist solution, you can forget it. And if they’re forced to choose between capitalism and torching the world, they’ll torch the world.

    RoS is suggesting they are close to capturing about 1% of what’s required to meet the Paris targets for 2040. To me that simply means they need to do 99 times more.

    I personally wish COP would put more emphasis on pollution, habitat destruction, and saving endangered species, though. Our attitude towards other animals on this planet is shameful and needs to change.

    Conveniently, if we stopped eating their toxic farmed meat, we’d be taking a huge step in the right direction towards reducing carbon emissions.

    Everything’s connected.

  147. Derek says:

    “Point taken, Dan, about producing and buying locally”

    For example, you can grow chillis under glass in Scotland, amongst other things.

    I have kiwi fruit plants – grown outside – but the fruit is small and a bit bitter; could I make chutney with them?

  148. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Capsicums grow on my window cill, direct sunshine from 1am till dusk.

  149. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    That’s behind my kitchen window, in the summer.

  150. Hatuey says:

    “could I make chutney with them?”

    Absolutely. Give it to relatives for christmas…

    I should grow some myself.

  151. Breeks says:

    Hatuey says:
    10 November, 2021 at 10:45 pm

    I personally wish COP would put more emphasis on pollution, habitat destruction, and saving endangered species, though. Our attitude towards other animals on this planet is shameful and needs to change.

    Everything’s connected.

    I agree with that 100%, but it isn’t enough.

    The problem is in your typical human, you have a voracious consumer of resource across the whole, and unprecedented, full spectrum of all possible resource. They are also incredibly efficient consuming resource while paradoxically inefficient at the husbandry of that resource, with truly prolific and unsustainable consumption and waste production. We need to stop pretending otherwise.

    You are not going to change the nature of a locust, nor it’s propensity to swarm periodically and cause utter devastation in it’s path. The best that you can hope for is that destruction is limited by the number of mouths creating it.

    If it is humanity’s innate nature to be a greedy, insatiable but profligate parasite on the planets resources, then the only way to curtail the damage being caused is to control the population numbers, to the extent the resource they plunder has a chance to recover and sustain it’s self.

    I don’t know what the number is, nor how it can be achieved, but with a population of 7.5 billion of us, our planet is screaming out at us in it’s agony that, that number is much too high, and we are already impacting on the welfare and equilibrium of our planet at an unsustainable degree.

    Either we radically modify our behaviour, to become something different from what we are with much greater empathy for our planet, and / or we radically address population expansion, and start living within the our means as a species. Otherwise, the only, and inescapable, conclusion is an unpleasant and uncomfortable downward spiral towards our own demise and extinction, and perhaps the rendering of all life on our planet forevermore unsustainable.

    The planet can cope with an oil consuming, gas guzzling, toxic, pollution producing combustion engine belching out atmospheric pollutants 24 hours a day. It just cannot cope with 1.4 billion of them. We need to do some uncomfortable and profoundly draconian arithmetic before we pass the point of no return. Be afraid, because the numbers are huge.

    If we don’t do it, the matter will be taken out of our hands. We might even already have reached the tipping point already. It won’t be a sudden single tipping point for everybody all at once, it will arrive like a cascade, wrecking the lives of the most vulnerable, but then wrecking the lives of those next to most vulnerable, then those standing beside the next to most vulnerable,.. The tipping point will spread through us like a fire or a contagion. It will displace people, create refugees fleeing famine they way we have become accustomed to seeing people flee war.

    Y’all have a nice day now. 😉

  152. Dan says:

    Successfully growing non-indigenous “exotics” is always going to be harder to achieve decent results when compared to plants that are better suited to our seasons and climate.
    Greenhouses and polytunnels, sometimes with additional heat and light sources, can help as can be seen in Iceland where they harness the geothermal energy which is available when you live on an active volcano.
    I’m content to grow and eat seasonal veg that is actually suited to Scotland’s climate and this saves a load of hassle trying to struggle against the forces of nature, whilst also significantly reducing any personal allocation of the energy expended and packaging used to import food from further way.

  153. Hatuey says:

    Breeks, thinking like that and believing that in itself is counter-productive, justifies all sorts of crap, is paralysing, and is extremely unhelpful. I know because I’ve done it.

    I get the impression people profit from that sort of nihilism. It’s probably good for “consumer confidence” or something. They’ve been scaring the shit out of every generation with stuff like this from the year dot.

    People can change. Regardless of climate change, which will either unleash hell or it won’t, we need to re-calibrate our compasses and give emphasis to the sanctity and value of life in all forms. Make that the new “north”. That’s a good starting point.

    COP could do that instead of being totally useless. Animal experimentation and intensive farming, for starters, should be phased out — not for environmental reasons but because they’re heinous.

    We are all so distracted by the big miserable, intractable, climate picture that we don’t see and address the other much more manageable and solvable problems.

  154. Hugh Jarse says:

    With CO2 currently 0.04% of atmospheric gases, end of the world it isn’t.
    Drop O2 however, from today’s 21% to 18%, and it is for almost all life.

    Best thing about the present hysteria is, as said above, that it might prompt action on the myriad ways we’re screwing nature up.

  155. Dan says:

    Hatuey says: at 10:03 am

    People can change.

    Hmm, well clearly not enough individuals are changing of their own volition, as that would mean they have to shake themselves free of the conditioning they have received to this point.
    And that conditioning that influences how individuals live is basically a result of corporate power pushing their wares for their own gain rather than that of the planet.

    Try keeping a stretch of our countryside clean for a year. You’ll soon find out that litter pickers are significantly outnumbered by those that lob their litter out of their cars.
    Maybe the whole Covid debacle did highlight that forced impositions of change can be implemented on folk and to a degree tolerated by the masses.
    Covid is of course a highly divisive matter, but would enforcing changes on certain “eco” issues be so controversial?
    I am a live and let live kinda of entity, but would anybody really protest if the death penalty was brought in for folk that leave their dug’s shit on the pavement.

  156. James Che. says:

    Depopulation of the planet seems to be the wealthy mans idea of having a more enjoyable life,

    When it is spoken of, this is where you hear it from, the Jeff bezo’s , bill gates, Elon musk, Stanley Johnston etc,

    They would have to deguise the murder of the middle class, elderly and lower classes and enslave a certain young population for future servers for the wealthy,

    Perhaps the easiest way to do this is crash the economy, withdraw health services, and stop the servants from normal activities by keeping them all under tighter control, on a government low wage and withdraw pensions support for those that worked hard and were taxed all their life’s to pay for their older age but are consider of no use to the wealthy anymore,introduce segregation of families and age groups, perhaps children could be brainwashed used for future sexual pleasures for the wealthy. Take away human rights and law and open courts for the middle and lower classes.
    Starting with women as they are the most obvious to protect family life, their children and their parents.
    Implemented in such a manner, murder is not so obviously blamed on governments directly, but by a succession of slow spaced changes from governments.

    It certainly would go under the radar if the slow depopulation of the planet was done in stages and implemented over a period of time from all angles.
    The wealthy have no plans to de- populate their own kind or their own hereditary families and you will never hear them plan to include themselves in this new regime change of build back better.

    They need freedom of movement, air travel, no mask wearing, or restrictions for themselves, holidays, and large land mass to themselves for pleasure, and do not want to rub shoulders on this planet with those they consider to be lower down the evolutionary scale.

    We do not fly of into space for a day trip, using thousands of gallons of fossil fuel,

    Left to our own devices we would not be holders of the great multi cooperations gaining vast finances, but our lives may be more peaceful with out wars and bombing other countries, or perhaps we could grow and sustain ourselves without importing food across from the other side of the world, and no suspicion of chemical warfare on people,
    And justice may be returned to civilisation,

    Perhaps de- population should start at the top end of society where most abuse of the planet is from the rich,

  157. Breeks says:

    Now yes, I know, standards are different, progress and technology has advanced, blah, blah, blah…

    But look at what I takes to build a modern house. All the machine work for foundations, services, drainage, roads and access, then the solum with it’s DPM’s, and insulation, the timber frame costing a five figure sum, all the insulation, then the cladding, the roof, the services, the painting, the finishes, skirtings, doors and facings… and all that “progress”. How many lorry and van loads of “stuff” is all that? And the cost!!! Holy Moly.

    It evolved over a thousand years, but the Highland Blackhouse was built all over the Highlands and Islands by people who fed and dressed themselves, with next to no money, using NOTHING which wasn’t available locally. The stone and earth or peat for the walls came from the ground, no cement or mortar, the wall was capped with puddle clay and turf on top to keep the wall dry, the trusses for the roof were either hand me down timbers, driftwood from the beach, or whale ribs. Turf was laid over the purlins and roof structure, and a thatch of local Marram grass was pushed into the turf to shed the rain, and the thatch itself was held down against storm damage by old fishing nets weighted down.

    This is history, but it isn’t ancient history, they were still building “new” blackhouses just 150 years ago. I recently saw a Tweet from somebody saying there were lots of houses on Tiree with black felt roofs… which judging by the photo, are “moderninsed’ blackhouses still being homes today.

    By all accounts, the thatch didn’t wear well, and had to be repaired annually and redone every 5 years or so, but they managed somehow.

    The point I’m making is that what we find acceptable is very much in our heads. We are far more resilient than we give ourselves credit for, and so much of what we think is important is just an artificial veneer.

    You see all those post apocalyptic movies and games where society is gone, and people emerge from their bunkers fighting in gangs for the last bottle of CocaCola or something daft, and they’re forced to venture into the unknown to find the nearest gun shop, but actually, you might just as easily crawl out your bunker, find a nice spot near a beach with running water and build yourself a Highland Blackhouse and give your family a dry roof over their heads for the next 100 years.

    I’m not saying everybody drops everything, scrubs the Building Regulations and starts knocking down a farmers dyke to build a Blackhouse with it,… but we’re always told how green we are copying the Scandinavian models of timber framed housing… and then you look at the resilience and green credentials of a Scottish Blackhouse, and suddenly, you begin to appreciate it’s actually a beautiful and remarkable thing.

  158. Benhope says:

    Despite all the doom and gloom, I see two chinks of light. New Zealand beat England in the cricket T20 world cup and Steven Gerrard is returning to the biggest football league in the world from the Scottish diddy team, Rangers.

    They say everything comes in threes. I look forward to my third piece of good news !!!!

  159. Ottomanboi says:

    Vaccination has a eugenics motif, improving health, improving the species but at whose expense?
    The «weak» the «unfit» and the genetically or «racially» inferior?
    Gates is up to his neck in this. His father was an advocate of checking population growth by eugenic criteria. Gates has an unhealthy interest in Africa. He’s a buddy of Indian pm Narendra Modi too.
    Colonialism never dies it just shifts the rationale.

  160. James Che. says:


    He is now speaking about chemical warfare on the population via smallpox or some other disease.
    Guaranteed he will be the first to bring forward a patent and own the vaccine conglomerate.

    Three of my family died in September two months average after having taking the vaccine and a forth one seriously ill this month with a small chance of recovery,

    On top of that my mother is in the last stages of cancer and not being admitted to hospital.
    This planned crash for businesses and Heath withdrawal is devistating the population already,

    Been a traumatic time hence fewer posts.
    But the effect can be seen in my family immediately.

  161. Hatuey says:

    “Steven Gerrard is returning to the biggest football league in the world from the Scottish diddy team, Rangers…”

    The accounts suggest that is a very good move for him.

  162. Republicofscotland says:

    The manager of the Tory branch office in Scotland Douglas Ross, who is on record saying that he would have no problem bypassing our Holyrood parliament has been criticised for saying that his Tory branch office in Scotland won’t stop taking donations from an Aberdeen firm mired in a drug dealing scandal that saw a conviction.

    Meanwhile Sturgeon has found her true level at the COP26, in praising US Congress woman Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez on her sampling Irn-Bru. Sturgeon is pictured with the US congress woman holding the soft drink.

    Sturgeon is of course using the COP26 to further her own career, and in the process jumping at the chance for a photo-shoot with anyone of any significance who’ll pose with her.

  163. Dan says:

    Carbon Capture related seeing as the subject was mentioned last night.

    @ James Che

    That’s a rough time for your family for sure. Thoughts are with you.
    Fortunately I’m managing to get a long overdue visit in to see my family at moment. They live hours away from me so barely seen them over past couple of years.

  164. Republicofscotland says:

    The SNP MP’s are so embedded in the Westminster structure, that they’ve given themselves titles, Mhairi Black, who caused outrage for inviting a drag queen with a rather explicit social media account into a primary school, is now the SNPs Shadow Scottish Secretary.

    Its comedy gold if you ask me, instead of finding ways to settle up and exit Westminster these SNP troughers are giving themselves laughable titles as they continue to ride the gravy train instead of doing what we elected them to do, which is to find a way out of this shitty union, which the SSRG has done for them.

  165. Republicofscotland says:

    Two of Sturgeon’s SNP MP lapdogs Drew Hendry and David Linden, are facing accusations of being drunk whilst in Gibraltar on parliamentary business. Linden has the comedy gold title at Westminster of SNP Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. Hendry’s farcical Westminster title is SNP Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade.

    “An unnamed source is quoted in the Telegraph as saying that the MPs were “quite clearly drunk” in the airport before the flight and then “drank heavily on the plane”. They are also alleged to have been rude to staff when Covid passports did not work.”

  166. willie says:

    I see the BBC are effectively blacking the news on the emergency on the Beryl Alpha.

    With the platform being flooded and areas of the platform such as the accommodation areas having been totally submerged to head height, many of the personnel, who had been awake and on muster now for over eighteen hours have been emergency airlift evacuated.

    Maybe not quite a Piper Alpha but this is a major emergency disaster in the North Sea and the BBC are keeping the lid on it.

    Not quite the World image that Great Britain likes to project as a world class country at the forefront of everything there is a huge issue here – as the British media supresses the news.

    It’s like Soviet Russia – as the hapless natives are kept in the dark.

  167. robertknight says:

    Sturgeon’s Nasty Party dug in at Westminster like a Rowardennan tic, and not planning on going anywhere – certainly not up the Great North Road with their bags packed and Scottish Passports in hand.

    Nice to see the Woketorian Guard and assorted troughers getting rewarded for services rendered to the NuSNP, with such meaningless titles.

    What next? Do they each get estates in Yorkshire, including hereditary title? I’ve got other “titles” in mind…

    Blackford – The Fat Controller
    Wishart – Head of Light Entertainment

    I could go on…

  168. Republicofscotland says:

    One wonders how many world leader or delegates cringed or said to themselves aye right, when Boris Johnson stood up in front of them at the COP26 the other day and said that the UK is not even a remotely corrupt country.

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon’s new witchfinder general might look into the legalities surrounding the opening of drug consumption rooms.

    “the question of what is in the public interest” could be re-examined.”

    The current witchfinder generals predecessor, wouldn’t even entertain the idea, and thousands of Scots died under his watch and that of Sturgeons, Scots continue to die of drugs abuse, and will do, until the drug consumption rooms are added to a more comprehensive approach in dealing with drugs abuse.

    A unexpected benefit from adding the drug consumption rooms to the overall process of aiding drug addicted Scots could be the lowering of murders in Scotland.

    However I won’t be holding my breath that Sturgeon and her new witchfinder general will achieve opening DC rooms in Scotland.,more-than-twothirds-of-scotlands-murders-are-drugrelated

    “More than two-thirds of murders in Scotland last year were drug-related, according to the latest report from the chief statistician.”

    “Forty-one people killed in 2020-21 were reported to have been murdered in drug-related homicides, an increase of 10 on the 31 reported in 2019-20.”

  170. Republicofscotland says:

    I wouldn’t normally comment on individual cases, however the poor man from Glasgow who spent five hours sitting on the steps of his tenement close whilst his neighbour phoned for an ambulance on multiple occasions, is shocking especially since the poor chap died whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

    This is totally unacceptable, Deputy FM John Swinney, who only survived two VONC’s due to SNPs woke counterparts the Greens, apologised today at FMQs, for what happened with regards to the lengthy ambulance wait for the man, however that is no comfort to the man or his now grieving family.

    Instead of swanning around at the COP26, peeking in the window, and hoping for photo-shoots with real world leaders, Sturgeon should get her finger out and sort this out.

  171. wull says:

    I seem to remember the Barrs, of Barr’s Irn Bru fame, campaigning vigorously against Scottish independence in 2014.

    What does it mean – or should I say ‘says it all’? – when Nicola wants a photo-op with anyone who’ll drink their drink? Especially someone she thinks might eventually prove useful to her?

    Is that the new slogan of those MSPs and MPs that Scots voted into our parliaments so as to acquire independence? Namely, ‘Don’t walk the walk’ (i.e. the walk towards independence – heavens No!) Don’t even crawl there, not even on wobbly drunken knees.

    The snails are already lapping them.

    Instead, just ‘Drink the drink!’

    As Messers (Yes, what a mess they are) Messers Hendry and Linden seem to have been doing in Gibraltar. Or maybe not only ‘in’, but also before during and after their flight there?

    As indicated by RoS above, @ 2.22 pm.

    RoS @ 2.48 then comes back quite rightly on the urgent ‘drugs rehabilitation rooms’ issue. But, realistically, RoS is not holding any breath, and not hoping any much hope, about it.

    Maybe nothing is being done on drugs rehabilitation because the high-heid yins of our (formerly) beloved SNP are also aware of the need for some ‘drinks rehabilitation rooms’? In particular, perhaps, in those areas and spaces they fill up, or camp out in (literally?), at Westminster and Holyrood?

    If only to spare the good people of Gibraltar and other countries, whenever our unbeloved elected representatives turn up among them, on a parliamentary freebie aimed at achieving nothing. And all of it at the expense – and to the embarrassment – of us all.

  172. Chas says:


    As I am sure you are aware the BBC open up HYS’s on subjects they deem fit. Nothing too controversial mind you. like Tory or SNP sleaze!
    On the Sports pages they regularly open up HYS’s immediately for English or Welsh rugby yet are reluctant to do so for Scotland. Football is taboo for opening a Scottish HYS unless the Scottish team gets hammered.
    I submitted a formal complaint regarding this, together with examples and await a formal response. I am not holding my breath.

  173. Breeks says:

    James Che. says:
    11 November, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    Been a traumatic time hence fewer posts.
    But the effect can be seen in my family immediately.

    Thoughts are with you JC.

  174. Republicofscotland says:

    “I was honoured to speak at @GlasgowAU
    ‘s vigil, supporting those standing up for women’s rights in Afghanistan & against the tyranny of the Taliban.”

    Maybe look at bit closer to home on speaking out for women’s rights. However I doubt that will materialise, because your boss at Holyrood wouldn’t be too pleased at you if you did.

  175. sarah says:

    @ James Che at 12.43: very sorry to hear about your family. Thinking of you.

  176. Republicofscotland says:

    As nurses in Scotland consider going on strike for the first time ever, Sturgeon hits back at those who claim she’s abandoned her Holyrood duties to further her own ambitions at COP26.

    Sturgeon claims that she is showcasing Scotland at the COP26 even though she doesn’t officially have a seat at the table.

    This from Sturgeon kind of sums up her attitude to serious failures now going from bad to worse.

    “Asked if she regrets spending too much time at the conference when issues such as the struggling ambulance service and the expansion of the vaccine passport scheme were brought up at FMQs, she simply responded, “no”.”

    Sturgeon added.

    “And as First Minister, I’ve got a particular responsibility to secure, not secure single-handedly because I can’t do that, but play my part in trying to secure a successful outcome”

    In my opinion this comment shows clearly the extent of Sturgeon’s giant fragile ego, when clearly she has no official part to play at COP26, but believes that she plays a vital part in it.

  177. Republicofscotland says:

    FM Sturgeon is thinking of having Scotland join (BOGA) Beyond Oil and Gas, an alliance of countries that have pledged not to drill for anymore oil or gas.

    A couple of points that spring to mind, currently Scotland has no say on North sea oil and gas, that is reserved to Westminster. Secondly what about the 100,000 jobs linked to the industry, and thirdly Sturgeon has announced a £100 million investment in Blue Hydrogen, which is extracted from fossil fuels mainly gas.

    Speaking to journalists at COP26, the First Minister confirmed that talks were underway for the Scottish Government to join the alliance.

    Sturgeon attempted to cover all the bases by adding, “we do need to move beyond oil and gas as quickly as is feasible”.

  178. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Republicofscotland 6:21pm
    The FM does have a role at COP26. She is an ambassador for Irn Bru. And has won the Guiness Book of Records award for photo bombing. I watch the exchanges about the Ambulance Service, a very serious situation. Made worse by 259k of taxpayers money promoting her book of speeches. A disconnect between the SG and the people of Scotland. Unsustainable in COP terms. Why?. I offer 2 scenarios. Firstly ‘They’ really do have something on her and she has lost it. Secondly the UK state have decided to stand back and watch public services deteriorate beyond redemption. I received my booster jab this week. Administrated by the Army, a nice young man from the Royal Horse Artillery. In the politeness of the exchange I asked him his Regiment of course I knew, I recognised his badge. How bad have things got to get? No wonder the SNP elected members are on the bevy. Perhaps I should join them.

  179. Hatuey says:

    The story about the two SNP MPs being drunk on some jolly sums the whole situation up. What are they even doing in Westminster, never mind Gibraltar?

    Meanwhile, the great leader is hanging about outside The Hydro like some groupie, hoping to secure a few selfies… don’t worry, it’s all for Scotland. Stronger for Scotland.

    In really existing Scotland people are dying as they wait for ambulances and covid is on the march again. Prospects could hardly be bleaker in this humiliated country, dragged out of the EU by the hair and denied a say in its own future.

    It’s all for Scotland. Stronger for Scotland.

    They say the more you pay for a forgery, the less inclined you are to doubt its authenticity. We’ve paid a lot for this bunch of fakes, haven’t we…

  180. Robert Hughes says:

    ” They say the more you pay for a forgery, the less inclined you are to doubt its authenticity. We’ve paid a lot for this bunch of fakes, haven’t we… ”

    That is a perfect simile Hatuey .

    Above all others , WOS ( and the BTL commentary ) has consistently demonstrated the fraudulent provenance of Sturgeon and her spine-free camp-followers within and without NSNP .

    Their day of reckoning is nigh .

    I note when I opened the site this morning the penultimate post of Stu was at the top : is this the prelude to the end of the line ?

  181. robbo says:

    Madeley on ‘I’m a celebrity’ Oh well that should sink their viewer numbers by half at least.

    Fucking clown of a man.

  182. Willie says:

    Fabulous to read of the two SNP MPs Drew Hendry and David Linden off on a Remembrance Day jolly to one of Britain’s last colonies – Gibraltar.

    The symbolism of Gibraltar, the most British of British, is absolutely striking.

    But what is even more striking is the merry ensemble going on the lash in Remembrance of the Dead. One MP, not the SNP ones, was taken off the plane in a wheelchair.

    The stink of stale drink and less than clear heads heads most certainly have been a tribute to the fallen.

    As to picking a last remaining colony to celebrate the fallen I don’t think Messrs Hendry and Linden give two hoots. Settled in, not settled up.

  183. Dan says:

    Guest post by Alf Baird on YFS aboot the ferries.

    Getting quiet in here now and with fewer folk commenting there’s less btl external links of interest, so will drop this link in again which is well worth bookmarking.

  184. Hatuey says:

    84 selfies posted on Twitter in just 11 day, according to The Record.

    I’d honestly be more likely to vote for them if their slogan was “Shit for Scotland”.

  185. Hugh Jarse says:

    So Craig Murray was right about the Democrats and the Steel dossier.
    Not a peep about it in our press, obviously, but when/if it does surface, do look out for names like Skripal and Aunties Mark Urbane.

    Our ‘security ‘ services are up to their necks in the plot.

  186. wullie says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    11 November, 2021 at 6:40 pm
    FM Sturgeon is thinking of having Scotland join (BOGA) Beyond Oil and Gas, an alliance of countries that have pledged not to drill for anymore oil or gas.

    Must ask Nicky. When was Scotland ever in the oil and gas industry, she should join BOGA right now as we have never has anything to do with that resource in our territorial Waters. Maybe she hasn’t notice the over one third of the Scottish population are living in poverty in this stinking resource rich country .
    What a FKN failure

  187. James Che. says:

    As another Scottish blog hits the dust, the wheels and engines of tractors keep turning to ensure that connections, posts and marches are subdued into oblivion by scaring of the commentators, causing disputes and frictions amongst us,
    For many subjects have been discussed on this site, they all have had importance to the health, wealth and wellbeing of future Scotland

    The possibility of gaining independence for the country of Scotland has been incessantly hampered by the “ MY WAY OR NO WAY,” methodology.

    which is interesting politically, for this does very little to help Scotland think outside the box, and tightly controls the narrative to one avenue in which to achieve a independent Scotland. It is restricting and dangerously limiting

    The snp judge that it will be their way and when they choose,
    Rev,Andy and a few others think it should be their way.
    But what of the Scots suffering in Scotland. Whom have not got a wage or latterly come back home with full pockets.
    What about those that have lost their employment as care workers or others that were furloughed only to find they no longer have a employment to return to, what about those now on food banks or with new struggles relating to paying the mortgage on their homes now they are out of work,
    Or those that are ill but have not received treatment in nearly two years of closed nhs .Scotland,
    Or that Scotland has never followed England’s policies in lockdown or mask wearing.
    Or that a hate crime bill restricts Scottish voices.
    And the allowance of certain political marches throughout lockdown while not independence marches until recently.

    It beggars believe to accuse those People of not turning up to marches, as “can’t be bothered”.
    It beggars believe that some are unable to walk in a suppressed nations shoes.
    Then to turn around and say, no support from us unless you do it our way.
    This is just the same politics as the snp, spouted from a different voice.

    At the end of the day,
    All those early years. when the snp first started and developed into a political party, it was not
    The mild uninformed stay at home, do not dare to think outside the box Scots that achieved anything politically.
    It was the blood and soil nationalist, that the modern scotlands political scene now curse,
    And yet here in the present as Scots bloggers fold, and the slow crumble begins of the new insane totalitarian snp,

    It will be the grassroots and the so called and accused blood and soil Scots that keep the home fires burning for the future generations and so others can come back home to a free Scotland.

  188. sarah says:

    @ Dan: the solution to Scotland’s island ferries problem – I’ve shared to Kate Forbes and Ian Blackford’s Facebooks pointing out how much money could be saved and all the ferry shortages solved. Prof Baird says he and the ferry designer have been telling Scot Gov for years – how come they haven’t bought a few of these ferries? Only £15 million each whereas the Ferguson Marine are over £100 million already.

  189. Dan says:

    @ sarah

    Not sure if you or those not on twitter spotted this earlier.

  190. Hugh Jarse says:

    Sarah, i was going to suggest the lack of brown envelope opportunities, but Dan’s link trumps that.

    Maybe if we switch Scotland off, then on again…

  191. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeons two SNP MP lapdogs, who’ve been given comedy gold titles in the House of Commons they are “Shadow” ministers of some sort even though they’ll never be in power at Westminster, and we elected them to get us out of this union, but they’ve chosen to nestle in for good.

    Here they are dressed in British army gear.

  192. James Che. says:

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those whom gave myself some kind words and moral support the other day,
    Both sides of our family have undergone a tough few years and latter months,

    I have no doubt we do not stand on our own in family health and care issues these last few months, and my best wishes go to all the others in way of support that are finding Scotland a terrible place to live since NS snp took over.

    The people are not to blame the politicians are.

  193. robbo says:

    What is the actual point of STV ?

    First game we get highlights of is fecking England game. Absolute disgrace of a TV Station.

  194. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    It was fine when STV concentrated on the central belt, leaving Grampian to cover the NE and Highlands.

    When STV took over Grampian, the rot set in.

    I know, because I taped (audio) programmes back in 1968/69, that Grampian could have had an archive to die for. They produced their own programmes, usually half an hour, of bands who were out touring, promoting their latest stuff.

    I’ve got a recording of The Shy Limbs and Cat’s Eyes – a half hour programme.

    The Shy Limbs (mid-1969) had Greg Lake as a vocalist, before he joined King Crimson. This stuff if it still existed, would be like gold dust.

    When you try to find the archives, they are non-existent.

  195. Hatuey says:

    I see Sturgeon has defended her presence at COP by saying she’s promoting Scottish produce and exports.

    Can anyone else see what’s wrong with using a climate crisis conference to promote international trade?

    I wonder what the COP organisers would make of that. It’s an insult to the core ideals that underpin COP.

  196. Hugh Jarse says:

    Susan Dalgety robbo?

    A quick Google will enlighten.

    Key words.


  197. Breeks says:

    robbo says:
    13 November, 2021 at 6:39 am

    They are all going for it now. She’s getting it from all angles. We all knew media would turn on her…

    I’m not disagreeing with you, but MSN is just quoting stories from Kay Burleigh on Sky, the Daily Express, and Scotsman etc… Friends of Scotland they are not.

    I agree they will turn on Sturgeon, but the Unionist media will always relish whatever opportunity it gets to put the boot in to anything even remotely positive about Scotland.

    What’s her name, Kay Garroway on GMTV is / was another one, seething with contempt for any ” nuisance interference” from perennially ungrateful Scotchland.

    The sector of Unionist media that’s been muted and giving Sturgeon an easy ride has been closer to home, STV, BBC House Jock, Sarah Smith, etc…and it’s often difficult to tell whether its giving Sturgeon and easy ride, or whether Sturgeon is incidental to the UK media’s rabidly unhinged and visceral hatred of Alex Salmond.

    Alex Salmond remember? That nasty horrible man who ran over Kirsty Wark’s fluffy pet kitten when she was skipping to primary school aged 5?…..Oh yeah, allegedly.

    As for the National, we have the bizarre phenomenon of UK media newspaper allegedly backing Independence, but these days I find it’s pro Indy content increasingly nauseating and shallow.

    What a total mess and poor excuse for media we have in Scotland. Either it’s deaf, dumb and paranoid in it’s own padded cocoon, …. or maybe I am.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but the media war on the horizon which I anticipate, is the BritNat media trying to slit ALBA’s gizzard at every opportunity, will likely take the format of the BritNat media airbrushing ALBA out of existence at err,… every opportunity…

    Sturgeon’s SNP will just be “new” flannelers, like the Lib Dems, and ever present on every panel, committee or debate forum, and just there for the predictable garbage you just know they’re gonna spout.

    It’s already happening. These days I’ve as much regard for whatever’s coming out of Ian Blackford’s mouth as whatever used to come out of Willie Rennies. It’s not just white noise, it’s anaemic and anodine white noise. You could listen to it for hours and learn nothing. You’ll get more out of it playing it backwards and listening for ghosts.

    In fact, throw in a few hours sleep deprivation and listening to Iain Blackford speeches, and even those nasty cold war Ruskies would even have Harry Palmer brainwashed and singing like a canary.

  198. Hatuey says:

    Have a look at her 90 or so COP selfies with people like Al Gore and Attenborough ask yourself a simple question: what it is she thinks she is conveying?

    She’s really important? She has friends in high places? She is playing an important part in the world?

    It’s all fantasy. She shouldn’t even be hanging around pestering them and getting in the way.

    The one aspect of this that she did have a part to play in, facilities management, has been criticised left, right, and centre. Everything from catering to policing has been heavily criticised.

    That’s not showcasing Scotland and Scottish produce. She shouldn’t be showcasing anything — trying to reduce this to some sort of platform for self aggrandisement or promoting trade (if you believe that) is to spit in the face of COP.

    A lot of the people at the conference will know and know of Craig Murray. And a lot of them will know exactly what happened there and with Alex Salmond, and they’ll know who was behind it all.

    Showcase that, you timorous wee tadpole.

  199. The Buchan Loony says:

    BDTT @ 11.15pm
    Brian there is a new book out about Grampian TV and all what it did as a television station serving the people in its area, not only about its people at home but filmed all over the world. My own belief is Grampian’s demise was political…it was too Scottish for Westminster and the unionist media.
    The book is called ‘The Way it Was’ and is available on Amazon.

  200. Robert Graham says:

    And what’s your priority today Princess Nicola ?

    Eh our aim is to provide sanitary products in all Mens Toilets yep that’s what is important to Scottish People right now , forget about being unable to access a Ambulance or medical treatment in an emergency.

    Sanitary products for all

    But Princess Nicola Men don’t use woman’s sanitary products.

    I don’t care they will just have to get used to them .

  201. Hugh Jarse says:

    Handy for blocking glory hole’s Robert!
    Of course Peter won’t be pleased, but hey, he’s not wearing the trews in that Union.
    French fancy anyone?

  202. Dan says:

    Not very good for the environment creating a load of oot o date unused fanny pads in the bloke’s lavvy…

  203. Dan says:

    @ Hugh Jarse

    Ha, was just looking at this classic Lukewarm Dave tweet in my history. 😉

  204. James Che. says:

    thinking that a good few of Scottish politicians are showing long term signs of insanity,
    Either that or there is a possibility of drug enhanced warped thinking.

    The cruelty that has been displayed from Scottish politicians, the lack of empathy, the obvious to most corruption, the so called inquiries into so called mishandling of law issues, and on it goes,

    I see 2 council houses that have been sitting empty for longer than two months not far from where I live, I thought there was a shortage of council housing stock,.

    The houses are sitting idle, while people sleep on the street.
    That The council are losing income seems to be deliberate. The houses were given a face lift a while ago,
    Having once been homeless myself, I understand the emergency to home people with the onset of winter.
    How many other Scottish towns villages and cities are experiencing this cruelty to humans.

    Meanwhile the priority is tampons in men’s toilets,

  205. Republicofscotland says:

    Wannabe speaker of the House Pete Wishart appear obsessed with the sleaze at Westminster, first he urges England’s Met chief to probe cash for honours of which the Mets reply basically told Wishart to push off. Wishart again is demanding that Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg stands down with regards to the recent Tory machinations surrounding Owen Paterson.

    How deluded can Wishart get, Wishart has no power at Westminster, the SNP are just there to make up the numbers and give the appearance of democracy. I’m pretty sure Wishart knows this, and that he’s just playing to the gallery back home in Scotland. Not only that but I also think Wishart believes that he truly belongs at Westminster, and that his opinion counts with those English unionist MPs on the green benches.

  206. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile as Mike Russell waffles on about Tory sleaze in the Sturgeon fanzine aka the National newspaper, the real party for Scottish independence the Alba party held a day of action on independence today.

    Alba wants the SNP government to take immediate action on the constitutional issue and not wait two years until 2023. The SSRG, of which the media has totally blanked has a route out of this shit union, that can happen within a few months if Sturgeon would only act on it. However she wants to wait until the English PM grants a S30, something he said he’ll never do.

    Sturgeon is holding an entire nation to ransom to satisfy her own gigantic fragile ego, and in the process she’s implementing policies that are very unpopular such as the GRA. Just as disgusting is that bar one or two SNP MSPs/MPs the rest of them have become the Three Wise Monkeys, the gutless spineless lot are to afraid to speak up for their country and its people incase their snouts are pulled out of the gravy train, what a treacherous bunch of b*stards.

  207. Republicofscotland says:

    This scenario is a real possibility, come 2023 and say there’s one in a million chance that Sturgeon does actually want to hold an indyref in late 2023, Johnson can quite easily thwart this by holding a snap GE in 2023 this would knock Sturgeons supposed 2023 indyref on the head, and give her a great excuse to say well, I wanted to hold an indyref but, this might even be her preferred result, she’s advertised when she wants an indyref years in advance so Johnson has been well forewarned.

    Of course Sturgeon is likely in the spirit of looking good to the rest of the world, enfranchise everyone on the constitutional matter, and again as in the above scenario its a route that will see yes lose, but I think would suit both Johnson and Sturgeon.

    No it would appear to me at least that I don’t actually want Sturgeon to hold an indyref, she cannot be trusted with such a vital constitutional matter. I much prefer the SSRG’s route.

  208. Republicofscotland says:

    So Scottish Transport secretary Michael Matheson has told a British and Irish Council event at COP26 that Brexit may compromise the UK’s ability to tackle climate change.

    I’m sure Matheson realises that Brexit has compromised far more than that in Scotland alone. He knows fine well that Brexit is disastrous to Scotland, as does his boss Sturgeon. Yet you’ll never read or see Matheson speak out against his boss that she needs to secure Scottish independence as soon as possible and re-enter the EU at some level to help grow the economy and alleviate the effects of Brexit.

    This can be said of all of Sturgeon’s ministers, they are all gutless and spineless, they know what needs to be said and done, but they are far to craven to act for fear of being removed from the trough.

  209. Republicofscotland says:

    So the wretch of a man Douglas Ross, whose the Tory branch manager in Scotland, who has no problems with side lining our Holyrood parliament in favour of the foreign parliament that is Westminster, said, he’d no idea why he didn’t declare £28K.

    Ross went on to say that it was an extremely bad error not to have declared the money. This weasel wants us to believe that he forgot £28k just like that, now after being found out he’s trying to worm his way out of it by using a Sturgeon ploy, she famously refused to answer loads of questions at the Holyrood Inquiry citing I can’t remember, and, to the best of my knowledge, and several other lame responses to serious questions.

    Ross should immediately resign from his post as Johnson’s lackey in Scotland, he’s proven himself to be untrustworthy, and besides his loyalties lie South of the Border.

  210. Hugh Jarse says:

    That makes him a perfect fit RoS.
    At least you know where you stand with most Tories.

  211. robbo says:

    What amazes me how he (Ross) even gets paid for it.

  212. Hatuey says:

    Sturgeon got criticised for trying to grandstand with “her” original meagre donation. Here’s the response (on Twitter);

    “Delivering on climate finance is key to success at #COP26
    Scotland’s a small nation but can lead by example.
    Having already committed to doubling our Climate Justice fund, I’m announcing we’ll treble it instead.”

    That’s not leadership.

    She reminds me of Stalin. A lot of people misrepresent Stalin but he was actually a terrible leader, extremely indecisive and a cowardly, paranoid, moron who worried constantly about what others thought. Because of all that, he did terrible things.

  213. Robert Hughes says:

    ” …. a terrible leader, extremely indecisive and a cowardly, paranoid, moron who worried constantly about what others thought.”

    If only Koba The Terrible ( at everything ) had had an IPhone his posthumous reputation may have been less damning : ” here’s me with Comrade Gandhi ”

    Sturgeon’s desperation to project her * Progressive * credentials to the only people whose opinion she REALLY cares about ie the current power players of global politics is an embarrassment to Scotland .

    Trebling the Climate Justice fund …..Bravo St Nicki The Compassionate

    ” Eh what about Glasgow’s less celebrated status as the European capital of drug-related fatalities ? ”

    ” Here’s me handing AOC a can of Irn Bru “

  214. Republicofscotland says:

    For the millionth time Sturgeon says Scotland is more than capable of making it s way in the world as an independent country…sigh.

    I suppose with the COP26 charade ending and Sturgeon getting it in the neck from some quarters, for promoting her own ambitions at the climate conference ahead of of domestic matters, she’s once again turned her attention back the old well used chestnut that Scotland can and will become an independent nation, and the gullible Sturgeonistas are lapping it up once again.

    In the unarchived version, in the comments section Peter A. Bell all but wishes that Stu would get back on the horse again as he and we, miss his valuable contributions.

  215. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    14 November, 2021 at 10:28 am

    ….In the unarchived version, in the comments section Peter A. Bell all but wishes that Stu would get back on the horse again as he and we, miss his valuable contributions…

    Stu is his own man, and while I’m positive we haven’t heard his last contribution to the Indy cause, I don’t see him coming back to the mainstream while the SNP high priests and head shrinkers are on the hunt for scapegoats to blame for the acrimony and division which they themselves are responsible for creating.

    The gender woo-woo brigade like to pretend their proposals aren’t controversial, because controversy spawns debate, and that’s the very last thing they want. That’s why their nonsense is smuggled in under the radar, and hijacks the electoral popularity of Independence to further their aims.

    Engaging in constructive debate obliges the Wokeratti to make rational sense of their deluded fantasies, and is similar to a Creationist being confronted with Science and Evolution. They can’t win the argument. They can only scream heresy and burn the non-believers at the stake.

    Don’t look at the argument. Here be dragons.
    Look instead at the strategy. Here be monsters.

  216. Hatuey says:

    “ Peter A. Bell all but wishes that Stu would get back on the horse again…”

    Energy never dies. I like to think he just changed horses. As they say, ‘horses for courses…’

    For reasons of national interest, I won’t elaborate. The force is telling me that Stu is more engaged than some may think.

    “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist…”

  217. Republicofscotland says:

    “HOLYROOD would have a larger pro independence majority at the next Scottish Parliament election as the SNP and Greens increase their lead over the other parties, according to a new poll.”

    We could’ve had 90+ indy minded MSPs at Holyrood at this years elections if Sturgeon hadn’t shotdown the Alba party’s second vote (list) idea of giving it to Alba on May 6th.

    Its was/is patently obvious that Sturgeon didn’t want a super indy majority at Holyrood, and the reason for that is that she doesn’t want Scottish independence.

    Only the diehard Sturgeonistas believe that Sturgeon actually wants an indy Scotland when the evidence shows she doesn’t.

  218. Hatuey says:

    “Auditor’s ‘going concern’ warning on Rangers FC as cumulative losses reach nearly £80m over six years”

    My understanding of this is that it basically means the accountants are seriously concerned about the company’s ability to pay its way and survive the next 12 months.

    These are really stupendous figures we are dealing with. £23 million overspend in the last year alone…

  219. Republicofscotland says:

    “NICOLA Sturgeon has said “history may well judge” Boris Johnson as she criticised the Prime Minister for a lack of leadership during the COP26 summit.”

    We all know what the Tories are and expect it from them, however Sottish history will surely judge Sturgeon as a treacherous b*stard, for what she’s doing to this country, and for not leading us to independence, instead she has chosen to fulfill her own ambitions ahead of what we elected her to do.

  220. James Che. says:

    The perception of being older. But not dead.

    The super rich Rushi Sunak, “the vampire” sucking the life blood of family finances hits a new low by taxing lower priced houses after a death in the family.

    From women’s pensions, to the higher age of retirement for men and women, withdrawing of free prescriptions, high funeral cost, sacking care workers in homes that look after the elderly, to covid deaths in care homes with no enquiries or investigations, to MSM advertising elderly as being a lost cause other than selling funeral plans and medication for joint pain and so on.

    Is there no angle and no new low that the British government will not steep too that hunts down the elderly in in the last years of their life’s,

    And yet I know elderly that have all their marbles , still do more exercise than most youngsters,
    have more wisdom to forward on to the next generation. And more life skills for surviving tough times than most people now,
    many have looked after their children and now their grand children. And the majority of that generation are not so insanely woke.
    It is also main stream rubbish that in Scotland the elderly do not change who they vote for, if you study the faces in marches, you will see middle age and older faces in great numbers.

    Most of the last generation worked hard and held long term employment all their life’s and payed through the noses to taxes and towards their pensions all their life’s,
    by putting a little something aside for a home nearer the time they would retire. They often did without day to day luxuries.

    They are not now or ever were freeloaders on society

    It is time to change the British assault in age discrimination, where the government of the day steals their hard worked for savings like blood sucking vampires
    Hardly any youngster will stand up for their grandparents as subtle psychological warfare in the way of advertising has been instilled Into their minds.

    Even the games they play through computers are psychological in their attack, for you will not see or find many elderly character heroes, most have the age group of thirty.

    The sad thing is every thirty year old now will be old and considered useless in ten or twenty years time. When they start having health issues or needing help from government.

    The elderly are under attack and human rights being abandoned,
    Do not resuscitate the older generation is appalling abuse of human rights. No inquiries into their deaths in care homes while under covid restrictions.

    It is time that Scotland young are taught no one grows younger, only older, and they are part of that life span.

  221. Effigy says:

    Boris looking to put old Tory pal and right wing extremist in charge of the BBC.

    Please sign up against the latest Tory corruption

  222. Merganser says:

    Goodbye Stuart.

    Sola Virtus Invicta.

  223. Hatuey says:

    Breaking news:

    “SNP activist Willie McRae’s death was state-sanctioned murder’ says ex-police officer…”

    “A former police officer today makes a series of startling accusations against the powers that be, claiming special branch had well-known political activist Willie McRae under surveillance before his death, stole his keys to enter his property … and also labels the mysterious death as a ‘state-sanctioned murder’”

  224. Republicofscotland says:


    It well known that McRae was murdered by Special Branch, the British security services are the enemy of Scotland.

  225. robertknight says:


    “the British security services are the enemy of Scotland.”

    Allow me to fix that for you..

    The British are the enemy of Scotland.

    You’re welcome.

  226. Breeks says:

    Read this about Willie MacRae, written by John McGill, Scotland-UN Committee founder and secretary…

    ”… Once my car, a two-litre double skinned two-tonne Saab, came to a halt I got out to see what had happened, thinking I’d struck something on the road. To cut this story short the police told me I should have remained in the vehicle until help arrived! These were the days before mobile phones. I eventually drove to Newton Mearns to phone Willie McRae from a public phone box. Willie instructed me to drive to Pitt Street Police Station in Glasgow, where I was met by a police officer and two forensic scientists. I became a passenger in my own car being driven to Helen Street Police Laboratory in Govan to be informed there was a bullet hole at the lower end of the car chassis near the rear wheel arch. I’d been shot at.”

    His car was shot at a few days before Willie MacRae’s death.

  227. robertknight says:

    If you can get a copy, this also touches upon MacRae…

  228. Dan says:

    Staying at a hoose with one of them old fangled telly things and even a valid tv license that ye huv tae huv tae use it!
    Wi’ aw this talk o’ carbon and ra climate at COP26, I found the 3 episode series called “H20: The molecule that made us” very interesting.
    It’s on the I Player. The American accented voice narrating grates a bit but it’s well worth a watch to see more of the issues us “brilliant” humans are causing on the planet we live on.

  229. Stoker says:

    RoS typed:
    “Sturgeon is of course using the COP26 to further her own career, and in the process jumping at the chance for a photo-shoot with anyone of any significance who’ll pose with her.”

    Aye, we’ve come a long way indeed, from real indy seekers such as Madame Ecosse we now have Madame Groupie. Absolute shambles she is, more embarrassing than any BritNat could ever dream of being. Turns out she’s a seller of Hey Jimmy hats & tartan tat. Utter embarrassment & nowhere near the same league as the great woman of indy associated with our cause!

    Murrell’s awfy quiet too isn’t he? Focused on working with his handlers to make sure the whereabouts of the missing £600,000 remains a secret. His pathetic bint & sidekick, meanwhile, sent out to COP26 to see some real leaders whilst humiliating Scotland some more and creating that all important distraction from all their failings.

    That “Irn Bru” stunt with the female American politician had me seriously almost reaching for the puke-pail. Got the impression it was more about Sturgeon being “into” her. Either way, her embarrassing exploits of hanging around COP26, like a bad smell, childishly awaiting selfie opportunities should show what she’s all about.

    This also shows the extent of her army of advisors’ intelligence levels or was this all of her own making? It was certainly pre-planned & designed for social media the speed at which she gathered those selfies & had them put into a collage & distributed. And we’re led to believe they just happened to be put together into a collage by a “supporter”. These muppets truly do think we all zip up the back.

    And btw, as far as i’m concerned there are now no decent folk left in the snp. I don’t care what their excuses are, to stay in any organisation (and keep quiet) is to condone & support that organisations actions. And that includes Cherry, who i supported. For those thinking she’s waiting on her opportunity for a leadership contest, PAAALEEEEEASE save me from your drivel, the snp internal machinations have been arranged as such that *NOBODY* will get near that opportunity that Sturgeon doesn’t want near it.

    Then there’s that other coward & fraudster Angus whoever, always deceiving folk he’s trying to get them to take on a “plan-B” etc etc. He knows fine-well that’s *never* going to happen because if Sturgeon isn’t a BritNat turncoat who has been got at she’s very proudly a gradualist/progressive. A position that allows the public to be conned whilst many slight-of-hand moves are pulled off under their noses. And oh how the UK establishment love a “gradualist/progressive”, it’s even better than having one of their own in charge because you can keep a percentage of the restless natives contented – whilst laughing your arses off.

    To all Madame Groupie’s sycophants secretly looking in to WOS:

    IndyRef2023 is a lie & Sturgeon is a fraudster.

  230. Hatuey says:

    RoS: “It well known that McRae was murdered by Special Branch, the British security services are the enemy of Scotland.”

    Yes, well, many suspected. It seems to me that an ex-policeman saying it carries a lot of weight though and represents a development.

    That all said, from memory, I vaguely remember some policeman saying something like that before… zat right?

    Dan: “it’s well worth a watch to see more of the issues us “brilliant” humans are causing on the planet we live on.”

    Oh FFS.

    All this evidence that the planet is screwed provides a great argument for getting to eff into space or something… is that one of those light bulb moments?

    Maybe some sort of apocalyptic “correction” is the solution rather than the problem. I can handle that as long as it’s other people that croak it and not me…

    I’m too special to be wiped out along with the ordinary people.

  231. Breeks says:,incisive%20international%20diplomatic%20campaign%20was%20what%20finally%20

    There’s some great reading and optimism in these links, but sadness too. Sadness that the Independence movement, or at least parts of it, has frequently possessed such focus and determination, but yet time and time again, we seem to start reinventing the wheel.

    People don’t listen. People don’t learn. People lose focus, and then we’ve got to start all over again.

    If they did stay focussed, if every one of us was surefooted, confident and certain when it came to issues of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty, then we wouldn’t blow golden chances like Brexit in 2016, and Scotland’s subsequent unconstitutional subjugation. These events should have broken the back of the Union in 2016/17, and the Treaty of Union should have ceased to exist. Independence was right there, there for the taking in 2016.

    Sturgeon has meant death to Scottish Independence. After demonstrating her dismal cowardice and Constitutional illiteracy, why in god’s name is this charlatan left in charge? Why is the fraud even listened to?

    Twenty years from now, I don’t want to be reading old links to the Scottish Sovereignty Research Groups to remind myself how close we came.

    Scotland must harden it’s expectations, and every aspect of Constitutional principle and the sovereignty of the people must tighten like a cable tie… every click tightens the loop, and what’s held is never relinquished.

    Kill off the Union by any means, declare this utter farce of a Treaty breached and irremediably broken. Once dead, it cannot be resurrected, only renegotiated from scratch,, and no Scottish Government, even one as craven, corrupt and incompetent as Sturgeon’s SNP, could sign up to such a blight upon our Nation.

  232. Robert Hughes says:


    I’m sure you clocked the connection between your question ..viz .. ” why in god’s name is this charlatan left in charge? Why is the fraud even listened to? ” and the article above .

    It’s been fairly obvious for some time the primary malaise of our time is not – just – the abysmal character of our political class but the all-pervading narcissism that underlies it and Western society in general .

    The obsessive focus on the * self * – MY identity , MY * rights * ( to trample those of others ) MY career , MY sexual desires , MY way or the highway , is in the process of fragmenting societies into ever smaller , feverish , exclusive groupings all screaming for their share of the spoils in terms of attention and the opportunity to impose their will on others .

    This phenomenon can be seen in all aspects of contemporary life , including the irrationally risk-averse fear of * contamination * from the new Untermenschen – the unvaccinated – now being taken to an extreme illogicality and outrageous imposition in Austria by the locking-down of the unvaccinated , though they’ll still be * allowed * to leave their house-arrest to go to work . The #Apocalyptic Virus evidently not operative during working hours .

    The sickness at the core of the Sturgeon * led * ( fed ) NSNP is reflective of wider societal trends . Which is not to excuse it – it has to be excised root and branch – but to set in a broader context

  233. Dan says:

    Hatuey says: at 11:01 pm

    All this evidence that the planet is screwed provides a great argument for getting to eff into space or something… is that one of those light bulb moments?

    WTF are you on about. Have you actually watched the programmes?
    I mentioned them because they highlight an issue that is rarely mentioned, yet is important in the scheme of things, especially in the context of climate change and carbon emissions.

  234. Republicofscotland says:

    “Kill off the Union by any means, declare this utter farce of a Treaty breached and irremediably broken. Once dead, it cannot be resurrected,

    This is exactly what needs to happens, according to the SSRG’s route we could be out of this wretched union in months, however Sturgeon won’t act on it.

    We don’t need a flawed indyref to leave this union, many countries have become independent without an indyref, I see no reason why Scotland cannot go down the same route.

    If not thwarted by a snap GE in 2023 Sturgeon has said she wants an indyref in the Autumn of that year, which I find highly unlikely, no ground work or preparations have been done, it more carrots and sticks for the masses.

    We are stuck with Sturgeon until 2026, unless something unexpected happens, even then her handpicked successor will probably continue in the same direction as Sturgeon has which doesn’t include leaving this union.

    We have the route out of the union, but not the FM to take us there.

  235. Hatuey says:

    “Have you actually watched the programmes?”

    Not telling…

  236. Republicofscotland says:

    On the COP26, isn’t very telling that trillions were given to banks to save them in 2008 after the crash, yet the same commitment cannot be given to save the planet.

  237. Ebok says:

    Dan says:
    15 November, 2021 at 11:09 am

    We know that @Mia (among others) has been driven from WoS by a constant barrage from the usual suspects, but it’s encouraging that she, and hopefully the Rev, continues the fight through other avenues.

    For the most part, this site is preaching to the converted, and has identified thousands of irrefutable reasons for Indy, and exposed the frauds at HR and WM.
    Yet there is no channel, no organised method of getting this damning evidence into the public domain. What Mia does in the above article is to offer suggestions of how this may be kick-started, and it is time we not only took on board these suggestions but aligned our own thoughts into coherent action.

    I don’t have academic qualifications or abilities, but some of the easily understood and obvious arguments made in Mia’s commentary are the kind of simplistic viewpoints I’ve put forward previously.
    Are there any ideas out there whereby WoS, our brilliant bloggers, the Yes movement, the ALBA party, the Mia’s and Breeks’ and others, and everyone else who believes in Scotland, can be brought together to become one mean, lean fighting machine?

    We need leaders, and we need them NOW. Come out, wherever you are. Do not leave it to Wings and bloggers and the hounded to deliver us subordinates, crying out for an end to this nightmare.

  238. Republicofscotland says:

    The contrast is startling that refugees heading to the EU are treated as victims of the vile smuggling groups that extort them. However if you’re a refugee coming from Belarus hoping to get into the EU through Poland, we now see the Polish Police and an armed Polish army mustered behind concrete blocks and razor wire to make sure that not one refugee gets across the border.

    Watching events unfold on tv, you can see small refugee children cower and look afraid, as their mothers comfort them as the refugees sit down at the border facing the armed Polish forces through the razor wire.

    A warm EU welcome it is not.

  239. Republicofscotland says:

    A conspiracy nut, a loon, mad as a hatter, that will be my description, however the Liverpool terrorist event is mighty convenient if you ask me, its knocked the Tory sleaze scandal right out of public view, don’t look here, look there is the call if you ask me.

  240. Robert Graham says:

    Quiz Question

    This is primarily directed at the proud badge holders of the booster shot a badge of honour

    What industry tops the list of most financial penalties awarded against ?

    Answer the pharmaceutical industry

    Top of the list GSK GlaxoSmithKline , followed closely by Pfizer

    These companies are owned by Black-rock and Vanguard , who also own Coca-Cola Pepsi and every single News outlet the list of companies and industries is endless these enterprises own 86% of every company on earth including every fact-checking site.

    Still believe you are being told the truth ? About anything .

  241. Breeks says:

    Earlier on, I happened to be browsing through the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties,… (as you do, lol), and in particular Section 60…

    Page 20, Article 60.1 states…

    ” 1.A material breach of a bilateral treaty by one of the parties entitles the other to invoke the breach as a ground for terminating the treaty or suspending its operation in whole or in part”.

    And while I’ve read it a few times, for some reason, this part jumped out at me… …invoke the breach as a ground for terminating the treaty or suspending its operation in whole or in part.

    I didn’t actually realise there was the half-way-house option of suspending a Treaty, in whole or in part.

    Now I know, I know, the Vienna Convention 1969 is much newer than the 1707 Treaty of Union, but can you just imagine Westminster getting in a right royal twist if Scotland merely suspended the Treaty of Union, and by suspending it, not actually ending it, perhaps all Pearl clutchers and courageously challenged SNP gradualists might not spontaneously combust at the prospect….

    Just think of the mischief we might get up to with the Treaty of Union “suspended”.

  242. twathater says:

    @ Breeks 3.42pm over a year ago I posted the same thing on a few blogs including WOS re the Vienna Convention and a possible way to fracture the union as there is PLENTY of evidence that england has been breaching it since its inception
    There were very few responses or replies as usual but someone responded that it cannot be used as the TOU is too old and the VC is only applicable to modern treaties

    Ebok @ 1.23pm I have been going on for yonks that ONE of the biggest problems the yes movement has is it is too fractured with the powerful sections and individuals going their own way and doing their own thing , I appealed to Iain Lawson to form a committee of weel kent and weel read bloggers whose readership is big and has links to twatter faceplook and other social media and to DEMAND a meeting with Sturgeon and illustrate the anger and frustration YES supporters are feeling

    Unfortunately Iain responded that he was pulling back a bit to concentrate on writing a book but he believed Sturgeon would just refuse to meet them , even if she DARED to do so at least it could be used AGAINST her to further expose her inability and outright refusal to adopt any other means apart from a sect 30

    The proposal by Mia that the SSRG should have a website and on that website should be a petition DEMANDING Sturgeon adopt the SSRG’S proposals , that website petition is an absolute NECESSITY at this time and could be motivated and pushed in conjunction with ALL the bloggers and INDEPENDENCE ACTIVISTS

    Sturgeon sycophants and apologists cannot blame ALBA for arranging it as they are not part of the SSRG and if they refuse to sign they will OUT THEMSELVES as NOT REAL indy supporters bur merely Sturgeon groupies

    The PRESSURE HAS TO BE APPLIED otherwise we are just spinning wheels , the MSM are already ignoring the SSRG and will continue to do so UNLESS they make a SPLASH and CHALLENGING STURGEON on her LACK of movement backed up by ALBA , ISP and the dreaded and hated bloggers including one Stuart Campbell

  243. Robert Hughes says:


    I think your – and Ebok’s – ideas are sound , as are Mia’s .

    Gonna be a task breaching the Great Wall of Deception the Cabalists have erected around whole question of Independence and reach the wider Movement , in particular those who are broadly in favour of Independence but are unaware of any alternative views : or that there even are such things as the SSRG .

    It is frustrating that there are so many articulate , perceptive , passionate voices pointing out – shouting out ! the disaster NSNP are making of our cause – and our country – but too disparate to form a concentrated , visible/audible force to challenge the ill-deserved dominance of the SNP .So far !

    Obviously ALBA are aspiring to that position , and we’ll support them in that aspiration , but such support is not unconditional

    They at all costs should not make the same mistakes as NSNP .

    # 1 mistake to avoid is getting bogged-down in sub-groups of various kinds .

    Single focus on how best to achieve our goal .

    Everything else is secondary

  244. Breeks says:

    twathater says:
    15 November, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    There were very few responses or replies as usual but someone responded that it cannot be used as the TOU is too old and the VC is only applicable to modern treaties…

    Yeah I do get that. I’m not a lawyer, but I do understand that a modern protocol would not retrospectively overwrite a Treaty written 300 years previous, but I’m wondering if it would have to.

    I’m thinking that even if the Union was disputed, and breached on it’s own terms, as it clearly is, the dispute would either be won hands down by straightforward interpretation of the Treaty itself, or, if the dispute could not be resolved, the dispute would likely be settled by arbitration. I think that arbitration would base it’s conclusions on existing protocol, or at least, be heavily guided by modern protocol when setting whatever new precedent needed to be set.

    If you think about, given the choice between the Treaty of Union being ended permanently, or alternatively given a stay of execution and suspended, I’m fairly sure that Westminster would opt for the latter option, and provided both signatories to the Union Treaty agreed, then a new protocol might need to be written to bring matters to a conclusion.

  245. Breeks says:

    In fact, when you think about it, there must surely be some convention for dealing with very old legislation which remains extant and lawful, but needs a degree of reinterpretation to bring it up to date. It surely cannot be the first time for such circumstances to arise.

    I don’t think the problem is insurmountable, but the difficulty will depend on the parties’ willingness to agree on a new and expedient protocol.

  246. Andy Ellis says:

    @twathater 5.47 pm & Breeks 3.42 pm

    “There were very few responses or replies as usual but someone responded that it cannot be used as the TOU is too old and the VC is only applicable to modern treaties.”

    In the general scheme of things, isn’t it likely that if there was some “cunning plan” involving the VC that an independence supporting expert would have pointed it out and made a case for it? Scotland’s universities have a fair number of experts on constitutional law: perhaps nobody has asked the question?

    From memory of discussions some time ago however it’s not so much a question of the age of the TOU there is a “statehood question” i.e. the signatories of the VC are independent States. There IS a partial work around solution – they even gave it a name, “the Vienna Formula” – whereby entities not recognised as States (e.g. where there was a dispute as in Kosovo or East Timor, and/or where a permanent UN Security Council member could veto membership) then the UN General Assembly can invite participation from State entities which aren’t covered by the VC via allowing them to participate in specialised agencies.

    The Vienna Formula probably wouldn’t help in the “cunning plan’ scenarios envisaged, because Scotland won’t be accepted as a State for the purposes of the VC until it has a seat in the uN and is a member of the ICJ.

    The fixation with the Treaties of Union (which nobody outside the UK really cares about: it’s the Schleswig Holstein question de nos jours) remains a distraction to the “real work” of building a convincing majority in the here and now using methods everyone knows and understands, which could be either a referendum or plebiscitary elections.

    The SSRG already has a website.

    From memory there was also a proposal by one of it’s leading lights Mark McNaught to get Scots to sign up digitally for aScottish Covenant as part of state building to try and have a provable majority signing up. Sadly that doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere.

    As for the rest of your post, I reckon you’re over estimating the power and influence of bloggers outside a small group of already convinced folk. WoS had recognition not even approached by anyone else, but even then vast swathes of the public just don’t care or are equivocal. The only sure fire way to effect change is via a political party. For all our sakes we better hope Alba reaches escape velocity, or it will be a real generation after 2014 before we see any chance of independence.

  247. robbo says:

    Well done Scotland.

    Winning six games in a row- excellent. Now we’re seeded and in playoff . Lets hope we get decent draw and don’t feck it up!

  248. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Eh, Robbo.

    Looks like the Scottish national team have realised that a policy of ‘grasping defeat from the jaws of victory’ is not a winning formula.

  249. robbo says:

    Aye Brian

    Pity we didn’t beat Denmark in first game as it would have got us there as winners. But hey ho it’s Scotland. We’ll need to do it the hard way as usual.

  250. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Totally O/T…

    Just preparing my breakfast roll for tomorrow – smoked bacon on a buttered roll.
    Can you still buy “margarine”, like Stork? (Not that I would want to.)
    I’m flecked if I know.
    Huvnae seen it advertised for dunkies.

  251. Ayeright says:


    “A conspiracy nut, a loon, mad as a hatter, that will be my description, however the Liverpool terrorist event is mighty convenient if you ask me, its knocked the Tory sleaze scandal right out of public view, don’t look here, look there is the call if you ask me.”

    It’s no surprise that all those with good sense bailed out from posting on Wings long ago with lunatics like you posting crap like that.

  252. Effigy says:

    I see the Tory Chancellor’s wife invested heavily in
    a print company before Sunak gave it a government contract.

    I see Hancock gave a £14 million PPE contract to a lady constituent
    who put £5K in his election campaign fund.

    Boris HS2 rail promise to the condescendingly called Northern Powerhouse
    is to be abandoned but the Southern section will be built.

    Levelling up anyone?

    Scottish Tory leader forgets to declare second job earnings and the latest
    Poll shows 49% Independence support Vs 51% against.

    All this scares the hell out of me more than a Stephen King novel.
    Brain dead apathy our Union’s greatest resource.

  253. Ayeright says:


    If you want Independence then you’d better get behind the SNP. If you want to sit around moaning and groaning then you’re in the right place.

  254. Hatuey says:

    “It’s no surprise that all those with good sense bailed out from posting on Wings long”

    So why are you here, asswipe?

  255. Ayeright says:


    To wind up arseholes like you fucking prick hahaha

  256. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Ayeright – you are doing yourself no favours and betraying your common sense.

    Blind Faith was a fine band but the concept does you no favours. Your relationship, as Nikla might sing…

    That’s you, that is…

  257. Hatuey says:

    “To wind up arseholes like you”

    It’s not my fault Gerrard fucked off…

  258. twathater says:

    The number of twats like ayeright and lomax who come on WOS to bait and denigrate REAL INDEPENDENCE SUPPORTERS is woeful , the fact that their saviour has been polishing the same sect 30 turd for 7 years shows the stupidity which is obviously endemic to the remaining Sturgeon apologist sycophantic SNP members

    YOU are worse than the unionists , at least they support THEIR version of the UK , YOU support a fake craven coward who has DELIBERATELY AVOIDED any move towards independence and has LIED REPEATEDLY about a referendum whilst subverting the democracy in YOUR political party whilst YOU are still paying for it , NOW ask yourself who is STUPID

    So revel in your stupidity rather than look at things objectively and ask yourself , HAS Sturgeon been honest about her pronouncements , has she lied about holding a ref since 2015 and will she really really hold one in 2023 when she has done NOTHING ,NADA , ZILCH in 7 YEARS to educate or convince no voters and undecided voters of the benefits of independence

  259. Breeks says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    15 November, 2021 at 9:41 pm

    …The Vienna Formula probably wouldn’t help in the “cunning plan’ scenarios envisaged, because Scotland won’t be accepted as a State for the purposes of the VC until it has a seat in the uN and is a member of the ICJ.

    I note your heavy reliance on the word “probably”.

    I don’t disagree the Vienna Convention might be irrelevant in a direct and literal sense, (though as I said, I think it might inform the nature of an expedient framework all parties might consent to), but personally, I would be much bolder in my strategy, and test out “probably” until the handles broke off.

    There are four specific issues in our favour….

    1) The UN / International Community will not accommodate the precedent of a Treaty which empowers one signatory to breach the Treaty with impunity, while the other signatory is held bound by the same Treaty. The Treaty of Union predates the UN itself, but the Union wouldn’t survive a UN Resolution which recognised the legitimacy of Scottish Sovereignty.

    2) Irrespective of whether the Vienna Convention is or isn’t applicable, Scotland’s Brexit, contrary to an express, unequivocal and emphatic Remain mandate from Scotland’s Sovereign people is an act of colonial subjugation, and that definitely is contrary to International Law.

    3) The Union is a fallacy shrouded in a myriad of unwritten conventions which only exist because Westminster says they exist, or more often, Westminster presumes what it likes, and does what it likes, because there isn’t a convention which expressly prevents it. Scotland , for once, could simply assume it’s own unwritten convention to justify suspending the Treaty of Union in the style of Article 60 from the Vienna Convention and defy Westminster to overturn it.

    4) Irrespective of whether the Vienna Convention was applicable, there was manifestly a need for such a Convention to exist in 1969, and if there’s a need for a different or updated Convention in 2021, then so be it. Use Scotland’s unique circumstances to create a new Convention, or more simply an expedient Annex to the 1969 Vienna Convention.

    The problem we have is not that Scotland would be “masquerading” as a Nation. Scotland is a Nation, be in no doubt about that.

    The problem is, we have a coven of Constitutionally illiterate clowns and troughers masquerading as a Scottish Government which is content to leave Scotland’s Constitutional interests wholly undefended.

    Sturgeon and her puppets need to be impeached; either by an actual process of impeachment, or by the Grand Scottish Assembly / Convention / Senate (call it what you will)simply ignoring the existence of a meek Holyrood which is embarrassingly subservient to Westminster, and pick up the cudgels of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty to defend Scotland’s interests directly. Screw Holyrood and all who sail in her.

  260. robertknight says:


    There are those who want Independence, and there are those who say they want Independence. Sturgeon etc. constitute the latter.

  261. Breeks says:

    Kinda getting back to the theme of my comment, it wasn’t so much using the 1969 Vienna Convention, but the notion of suspending a Treaty, and having a Constitutional dispute with the Union which suspended the Union before going for the “nuclear” option of ending it.

    I think you would essentially kick over all the same Constitutional hornets nests, but the Indy-Lite Brigade might be persuaded to sit in silence and see how things ran before pouring cold water over everything.

    I’d go fully Indy myself, but the middle step of a suspended Union might bring over some switherers if we can have a Constitutional dry run…

  262. Hatuey says:

    “there was also a proposal by one of it’s leading lights Mark McNaught to get Scots to sign up digitally for aScottish Covenant as part of state building to try and have a provable majority signing up. Sadly that doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere”

    Petitions have never had such little value in politics, and that’s what this proposal sounds like, another petition.

    What we actually need is what we actually have; a party that we can build on and use as a platform to promote the idea, pressure the SNP, and hopefully create majority support with.

    And I agree with what was said earlier, that the Treaty of Union and Claim of Right aren’t perceived as relevant to the modern debate in the minds of ordinary people or international parties. They might serve a purpose in some sort of ideological backdrop but not much more.

    Anything outside of the recognised orthodoxies of elections and referenda that isn’t supported by a clear and measurable majority, is going to be indistinguishable from some sort of coup in the current context.

    Everything hinges on majority support: that’s the horse and it must must come first, before all carts. Alba is destined to ride that horse and lead us to the promised land.

    There is no alternative.

  263. Republicofscotland says:

    Pete Wishart who has the comedy gold title at Westminster of Shadow Leader of the House of Commons is calling for the broken system at Westminster to be fixed with regards to corruption.

    This shows us just how deeply embedded the wannabe speaker of the house is at Westminster. We didn’t send him and his SNP MP troughers down to Westminster to fix it, we send them down there to represent us and to settle up not settle in.

    Wishart referring to the Tories said a fish rots from the head down, well Mr Wishart, you should take a look at your own party’s fish head its has been rotting away for years now.

  264. Republicofscotland says:

    Ayeright @10.47pm.

    Fair enough, however you obviously have no insight as to how the British security service work Abu Hamza being prime example.

  265. Republicofscotland says:

    “If you want Independence then you’d better get behind the SNP. If you want to sit around moaning and groaning then you’re in the right place.”


    And you think I’m nuts, going by your above absurd claim, you’re a complete loonball.

  266. Quite revealing how endemic racism is in all sports,

    On Tuesday 16 November we’re investigating
    ‘s governance following recent allegations. We’re questioning:

    – Azeem Rafiq, former Yorkshire cricketer
    – former & current YCCC officials


    Watch via
    from 9.30am Parliament TV.

  267. Republicofscotland says:

    The MoD has announced that it will be sending UK troops to Poland to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Polish army to stop any refugees entering Europe.

    Boris Johnson said its abhorrent that Belarus is letting the refugees amass on the EU’s borders. However he didn’t say that it was also abhorrent that armed troops and razor wire to stop them were in place.

    EU bigwigs are calling the refugees wanting to enter Europe via Poland a “Hybrid attack” on the bloc.

  268. robertknight says:

    Breeks @8:32

    “I’d go fully Indy myself, but the middle step of a suspended Union might bring over some switherers if we can have a Constitutional dry run”

    The “middle step” as you call it would provide WM with the time and opportunity to nail any constitutional bolt hole for Scotland shut; along Spanish Constitution lines via the UKSC and speedy Royal Assent given to any legislation required to do it, no doubt.

    I wouldn’t trust these B@stards as far as I can spit – and I wouldn’t trust the NuSNP to do anything about it other than wring their grubby little hands…

    “We will not allow Scotland to be dragged blah, de-blah, de-blah…”

  269. Republicofscotland says:

    “I wouldn’t trust these B@stards as far as I can spit – and I wouldn’t trust the NuSNP to do anything about it other than wring their grubby little hands…”

    Very true Robert.

  270. Republicofscotland says:

    As weaponless refugees attempt to cross into Poland and the EU, Polish troops deploy flashbangs and water cannons to stop them, lets not forget UK troops are also in the mix here.

    This has all the ingredients to escalate and lead to the deaths of some of the refugees, what must the world be thinking right now, as it looks on at the inhumane treatment of these vulnerable people. by the EU and the UK.


  271. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    16 November, 2021 at 10:52 am
    “I wouldn’t trust these B@stards as far as I can spit – and I wouldn’t trust the NuSNP to do anything about it other than wring their grubby little hands…”

    Very true Robert.

    I agree too, but however corrupt and dysfunctional the SNP has become, we can write off the Leadership as a pure dead loss, but sooner or later, whatever we do needs to engage that pro Independence majority from the people..

    The most Constitutional of Constitutional strategies will still need to secure some kind of democratic ratification at some stage.

    If Scotland breaks up the UK on a Constitutional ticket, but the electorate won’t subsequently ratify the decision, then we really are into uncharted territory.

    I don’t know what the hell is going on in Sturgeon’s head, but whether or not she’s a Unionist turncoat, she is playing an absolute blinder keeping the Union intact and YES momentum fractured and divided. Worst of all, she is revelling in it.

    Frankly I wonder if the Humbert Wolfe quotation about journalists might be equally applicable to Scottish politicians of the Sturgeon variety…

    ” You cannot hope to bribe or twist
    (thank God!) the British journalist.
    But, seeing what the man will do
    unbribed, there’s no occasion to.”

  272. Breeks says:

    Quote from the Daily Redcoat….

    ” Forecaster for Exact Weather, James Madden, said to the Express : “The cold is likely to win out before the end of November bringing an early taste of winter and the risk of snow.

    “Waning solar activity means chances are high for a ‘little ice age’ winter this year with notable periods of cold and snow.”

    Oh joy! 🙂

  273. robertknight says:


    “I don’t know what the hell is going on…”

    Kompromat, I’d wager.

    As much as I enjoyed Mr Wolfe’s description of hacks being applied to Scottish politicians of the Sturgeon variety, I still prefer that early C18th line which accurately describes them, both then and now…

    “Sic a parcel o rogues in a nation!”

  274. Breeks says:

    Seems the Trans Taliban are having another go getting rid of Joanna Cherry.

    My, what “marvellous” timing.

    Far be it from me to suggest the Gender Woo-Woo nut jobs want to steal the headlines just when the SNP and National have their million pro-Independence newspapers to deliver. They wouldn’t do that would they?

    Oh yeah. Of course they would.

  275. Dan says:

    Had a walk around Eyemouth harbour earlier and noticed the new building under construction since I was last in the area pre-covid.
    Turns out it’s the new operations base for another offshore windfarm which should produce enough leccy to power 375,000 homes.

    Not sure where those 375k homes will be situated though as Scotland is already a net exporter of considerable amounts of power.

  276. Dan says:

    From a couple of days back.

    On the point Craig makes about using planning permission to block development; That aspect may have a workaround as previous oilfields West of Shetland didn’t utlise pipelines to shore, instead using an FPSO (floating, production,storage and offloading) vessels permanently moored above the well.

    Plus other associated work and facilities with any new operation could just be situated in a location that was more favourable to the companies involved, ergo in England, thus reducing the economic benefits and jobs in Scotland.

  277. Republicofscotland says:

    “If Scotland breaks up the UK on a Constitutional ticket, but the electorate won’t subsequently ratify the decision, then we really are into uncharted territory.”

    Breeks @12.16pm.

    Lets break it up first however we can, and see what the electorate has to say about it afterwards, God knows we need to set foot in uncharted territory.

  278. robbo says:

    On last nights TV we had

    1. English TV : England match
    2 .Austria TV : Austria match
    3. Israeli TV: Israeli match
    4. Polish TV: Polish match
    5. Hungarian TV: Hungary match
    6. Albanian TV: Albania match
    7. Scottish TV: England match
    8. SFA – Whatever England needs
    9. Nicola’s Taliban- Whatever the want

    Never forget

  279. Republicofscotland says:

    “A leaked document published by Politico shows the Tory politicians helped 47 firms secure £1.6 billion in public funds.

    “Among them is Tory peer and businesswoman Michelle Mone. She referred Medpro through the VIP channel, a company which went on to win contracts worth £200 million.”

    Anthony Paige, one of Medpro’s director’s, was a former secretary for MGM media – the company that manages Mone’s personal brand.”

    “He is also a director at Knox House Trust, which is part of the Knox Group run by Mone’s husband Douglas Barrowman.”

    Its nice to have friends.

  280. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my 2.20pm comment.

    A link would be nice…duh!

  281. Robert Graham says:

    Just a few weeks to flatten the curve to !


    1930s Nazi Germany MK2

    Look where Australia is presently and you have a indication of what’s about to happen here , our friends in the SNP Stasi are just following orders it’s for your own good and well-being

  282. twathater says:

    @ Breeks 1.34pm I know you and many others regard JC as a possible knight in shining armour which I once did , riding as our saviour to wrest control from the wm arseholes and from the Sturgeon tartan taliban by producing a legal route to exit this misery , unfortunately going by her previous actions in exposing the dangerous threats to her life and safety and NOT challenging or EXPOSING Sturgeon’s deliberate avoidance and notable silence to those threats I hae ma doots

    We all celebrated her showing up of bozo regarding the illegal prorogation of WM but since then there has been nada in relation to ANYTHING to do with independence , IMO she is as ineffective as the rest of the troughers who only want to preserve their salary and pensions , and quite honestly her challenge to bozo’s prorogation ONLY benefitted the UNIONIST PARLIAMENT and the English mp’s

  283. robertknight says:


    I share your concerns re. JC.

    However, in a similar position, I’d be keeping a low profile and doing a sh!t load of constituency work to build up a huge personal vote, so that when I jump/am pushed out, I can be fairly certain that my personal vote will see off any targeted campaign by my ‘former’ party and their Woke-guided missiles.

    I’d also be keeping my powder dry and documenting absolutely everything.

    Of course, that’d be me in that position. Can’t be 110% sure JC would do likewise, but hey – we live in hope!

  284. Breeks says:

    twathater says:
    16 November, 2021 at 5:50 pm

    @ Breeks 1.34pm I know you and many others regard JC as a possible knight in shining armour which I once did , riding as our saviour to wrest control from the wm arseholes…

    Well, I hope you don’t think I’m backtracking, because I do rate JC, but maybe the problem is I don’t think she has leadership aspirations.

    I also didn’t like how eager she was to put Brexit behind us and close the book on it, because Brexit to my mind was a cast iron breach of the Treaty of Union, and furthermore, a cast iron breach of the Union Treaty that was married to an emphatic democratic mandate. That was our golden ticket to Independence.

    Must confess, I don’t understand how she could outsmart the Westminster Establishment, twice, yet not see any purchase in fighting Scotland’s unconstitutional colonial subjugation with Brexit. Come to think of it, nevermind JC, where are all the other Scottish Lawyers who want to defend their Nation from subjugation? Not exactly beating the door down are they?

    I don’t want to be misquoted as an advocate of a police state, but when it comes to the SNP, frankly I would like to sit them down with a light shone in their face, couple of days sleep deprivation standing in a stressed position, and interrogate everyone of them with thumbscrews and icy cold Firehose until we all know what the actual fk is going on.

    I wouldn’t like to give odds on it, but I have no handle on how secure Sturgeon is as leader. I know she appears to be dug in like a tick, but then again, it’s apparently very difficult for anybody to get near her with a direct question, and that screams insecurity and paranoia to me. There’s a bluff or facade which they don’t want people to see through.

    IF Sturgeon’s wee red coat is on a shoogily peg, then when she gets the boot, (hallelujah), there will be a sprint on to stop Angus Robertson taking her place.

    I don’t know who else except Joanna Cherry who could conceivably build worthwhile bridges with ALBA and at the same time prompt a mass exodus of Woke loonies who won’t work under JC. That’s a big win, win scenario.

    But I also don’t know what opinion the rank and file SNP membership has for this Wokist infiltration of the Party. Strikes me they should be a lot angrier than they are, but then you look at a nutcase like Wishart, and you’ve got to wonder whether the SNP is just a dead loss completely, and all that’s worth saving has already been saved and is now in ALBA.

    Maybe it’s time torget any question of resurrecting the SNP, and get used to the idea that it’s ALBA all the way from this point forward.

  285. Andy Ellis says:

    @Breeks 12.16 pm

    “but sooner or later, whatever we do needs to engage that pro Independence majority from the people.. The most Constitutional of Constitutional strategies will still need to secure some kind of democratic ratification at some stage.”

    It seems to me that at present there are two rival “streams” in the movement on the issue you raise above. The more “mainstream” view is as you say that in the end independence will be achieved using pro-indy political parties who represent a majority of voters, who win a referendum or plebiscitary elections.

    The minority stream consists of people who think there is a different route which bypasses the established routes and results in some form of direct democratic “cancellation” for want of a better term of the existing union, with some variation of legal challenges or annulment of the Treaties of Union, withdrawal of Scottish MP’s from Westminster, a constitutional convention or constituent assembly which then regularises the constitutional break by holding a confirmatory referendum or vote in a new independent parliament.

    There aren’t all that many precedents to go on in recent history, and each case has as many differences as they do similarities. Even the Czech/Slovak “Velvet Divorce” isn’t really comparable.

    I have my doubts that any of the various “cunning plans” whether from Craig Murray, the SSRG or others have any prospect of gaining escape velocity in terms of popular support, or indeed that they would result in independence happening sooner. In fact I’m fairly convinced converting the majority of the movement and/or voting public to supporting their chosen scheme will actually take longer than trying to go for plebiscitary elections.

    I can’t see any evidence of an appetite amongst the voters to make the leap required to change stream. If the past few years show us anything it is that we ca’t depend on the public to react quickly or even necessarily how we expect. Given brexit, Covid, the implosion of the SNP and the way Scotland has been treated by the UK, the polls have stayed remarkably consistent. Perhaps people have a “wait and see” attitude and will be more open to a different approach if economic and political conditions worsen, but I stil hae ma doots!

  286. Fionan says:

    Two MPs have now been murdered. Willie MacRae, Jill Dando, both murdered, in what appears to have been state sanctioned assasinations. Even Robin Cook died in somewhat mysterious circumstances. Alex Salmond had someone try to push his car off the road while he was driving, back when he was First Minister, by far the best and most effective FM that Scotland ever had, and while he was the terror of WM (and of Sturgeon, so it turns out).

    JC took on Westminster and she took on the NSNP, and then found herself facing the terrible stress of death threats and online bullying. I for one dont blame her if she feels she doesnt want to take any more risks right now, her very life might well be at stake. The NSNP would make sure she didnt become a martyr for indy, just a forgotten name. I think I would rather she was still around to fight another battle when it becomes feasible – and safe – for her to do so.

  287. Breeks says:

    It will also be telling I think whether this 8 page Newspaper being printed a million times actually has any worthwhile content in it, or whether it’s just a SNP vanity project centered on Sturgeon… “We love Nicola, so you must too”.

    It will also be very telling whether it’s all about Sturgeon’s dead end Section 30 strategy,… and I think we all know the answer to that.

    I don’t actually want another farcical UK sponsored Referendum. I actually want Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty leading the fight, a UK General Election commandeered as a plebiscite on Independence, and if that’s not the strategy on page one, then what a waste of time and trees printing a million editions of hollow words.

  288. Breeks says:

    Typo Fionan… You mean Jo Cox? Jill Dando was a TV Presenter.

  289. Andy Ellis says:

    @Breeks 6.46 pm

    I’d echo your conclusion: the SNP is a lost cause. Even if it could be saved I’m not sure it could be trusted in future. The rank and file membership has utterly failed to save the party from the TRA Taliban or to advance the cause in any meaningful sense in recent years. Be that as it may, the party isn’t just going to disappear, even if they do somehow manage to reclaim it from the Sturgeonistas: a party that large, with the history it has, will be around long term.

    The frustrating thing is that I reckon if Cherry, MacNeil and a good proportion of the party HAD had the courage to defect and join Alba for the last election, I reckon we’d all be in a much better position now. It was a huge missed opportunity. I’ve thought since before Stu Campbell first “popularised” the idea of a new party that in the end there was no short cut: the only plausible alternative strategy is to establish a real alternative, more radical pro-indy party which will attract a significant portion of current SNP voters to defect and be in a position to hold the balance of power.

    I don’t see anything else working, and we have to accept that process is going to take years: the earliest we can expect significant results will be the next general elections for Holyrood and/or Westminster.

  290. Fionan says:

    No, not a typo, maybe not clearly laid out though. Jo Cox was one of the MPS, wasnt another murdered recently in England? Yes Dando was a tv presenter, shot in mysterious circumstances outside her house – rumours at the time suggested she had been investigating the WM/royal parasite family paedophile scandals, and the same was rumoured re Willie McRae after his weird death, though there were also rumours that he had evidence of plans to bury nuclear waste in the highlands but that became common knowledge anyway so was maybe used to take the heat off what he was really about to whistleblow. If I remember correctly, Robin Cook was whistleblowing some major scandal at WM as well, when he had a ‘heart attack’ way out on a moor in ? Perthshire. Maybe I should just look out that old tinfoil hat, but if I was in Cherry’s shoes and getting death threats, I think I would keep a low profile as well.

  291. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi robertknight at 6:37 pm.

    You mentioned,
    “I share your concerns re. JC.

    However, in a similar position, I’d be keeping a low profile and doing a sh!t load of constituency work to build up a huge personal vote, so that when I jump/am pushed out, I can be fairly certain that my personal vote will see off any targeted campaign by my ‘former’ party and their Woke-guided missiles.

    I’d also be keeping my powder dry and documenting absolutely everything.”

    Reads sensible to me. JC, as others have opined, appears to have no leadership ambitions – she strikes me as a “principle” sort of person.

    We can only hope that she finds a principle (independence?) that will carry the majority of Scots with her.

  292. Hugh Jarse says:

    When we’re only looking for potential leader/s from the existing political structures, we’re ruling out anyone else.

  293. twathater says:

    @ Fionan , Breeks and Robert Knight, I take your point re JC and her safety and putting her head above the parapet , I am just so disappointed in the whole troop of them it appears they are all feart of a wee perverted deviant who hasn’t even the courage to come out the cupboard and state her perversions to the electorate (I’m sure they’d forgive her and still support her) or maybe NOT

    I made the mistake of taking a look at that proposed newspaper after my dinner breeks and nearly lost the lot ,OMG the turd polishing is going into overdrive with the head narcissist posing in front of the planet ,oh aye a real world leader , and lorna the canadian green is getting to tell Scotland we need independence when she should be telling Nicla to get her finger oot

  294. Stoker says:

    Archived for future record:

    Browsed through the article once and wasn’t surprised, especially when i read the 5 names mentioned (well, 4 of them, Kate Forbes momentarily aside). A cry of (((PISH!))) went up.

    Raises several questions, not least of which is: Who financed this and at what cost, £600K+? lol How long before the snp claims are all over social media boasting about how they’ve been working for indy? And who the f@ck does GMK think he is telling folk “Make no mistake this publication fires the starting gun on indyref2..”? Who died and made him First Minister & leader of the SNP?

    I want to witness Stasi Sturgeon telling the electorate that, not some sort of self-appointed leader of the indy movement who, in Sturgeon’s mind, is just like everyone else, usable & disposable. It’ll take more than what equates to no more than a Sunday National supplement involving Russell, Kemp, Sturgeon & Slater (ffs, they sound like a company of estate agents) before i’m convinced.

    Oh aye, and how do they identify and “specifically target” those voters who “have not yet made up their minds on the question about Scotland becoming an independent country but remain open to persuasion” with 1 million copies put through randomly chosen doors? For starters, there is nowhere near 1 million voters in that position. Even given the results of 2014 there was nowhere near half-a-million votes, never mind a million, between Yes & No.

    And i know some may find this trivial but i think GMKs terminology is all wrong. “..Scotland becoming an independent country..”? Would it not be better to say Scotland taking back our right to self-determination? For various reasons but mainly to educate that we once were before being sold out. Using that sort of language would also send a serious slap on the face to posh Eton boys who want to pretend (or lie) to the public that Scotland as a country doesn’t exist.

    Either way, their Sunday supplement doesn’t convince me. And nor does 2 SNP self-servers wanting to hold some sort of closely-controlled happy chatty gathering in Aberdeenshire. It all seems kneejerk reactions to us lot calling them out over the past couple of years and the wee matter of council elections coming up just around the corner. COP26 has almost been milked to death, as has Covid, so they’re fast running out of hiding places. Now they need to be seen doing something more than just catering to Stonewall, the organisation everyone is starting to dump.

  295. Breeks says:

    twathater says:
    17 November, 2021 at 4:01 am

    I made the mistake of taking a look at that proposed newspaper after my dinner breeks and nearly lost the lot ,OMG

    I felt exactly the same, but didn’t want influence anybody’s first impressions.

    I’ll wait and see the contents, but for such a large undertaking, there’s been hardly any fanfare or buildup for this coming out. If there was, I missed it. I’m wondering why that might be.

    After the Growth Commission, and Sturgeon’s unbelievably stupid 1984 Big Brother promotion…. Part of me is fearful this is going to be an uncomfortable read that makes you squirm and makes Independence a laughing stock. But part of me, well, doesn’t exactly hope it’s bad, but if it’s a tragedy in print, it might persuade the masses it’s time Sturgeon packed her bags, and that at least will be grounds for celebration.

  296. Robert Hughes says:

    re the forthcoming Believe in Carrots-sponsored Distraction Gazette – hear that sound ? No , me neither . The starting pistol on the # IndyRef must be firing inaudible blanks .

    As others have said …..having already signalled her * intention * to hold a Ref in 2023 , should that unlikely scenario arise the ToryGov will probably decide that is the optimum time to hold a G.E , conveniently giving Nick of Time the excuse to * postpone * it .

    Call me a cynic but all this flurry of sound and fury will almost certainly prove to have signified nothing .

  297. Alf Baird says:

    Stoker @ 6:48 am

    “to educate that we once were before being sold out.”

    On the matter of the Scots being ‘sold out’, and still so:

    “.. the bribes in money and advancement offered by the English and accepted by the Scots, and the manner in which the Scottish commissioners placed their personal gain before both the honour of their nation and the wishes of those whom they were supposed to represent, makes one of the most sordid incidents in the whole history of Scotland. Not less than £20,540 17s. 7d. was necessary to purchase their consent to the proposals; and, while the Duke of Queensberry as Lord High Commissioner received the vast sum of £12,235, it cost only £11 2s. to overcome the scruples of Lord Banff. On April 22nd 1707 the Scottish Parliament adjourned for ever; and immediately Queensberry set out amid the execrations (riots) of the people for London. On his arrival there he was met by a procession of forty coaches and some four hundred gentlemen, who escorted him to his house in Kensington. On the following day he was received by Queen Anne, who thanked him for his services on her behalf and created him Duke of Dover, Marquis of Beverley and Baron Ripon, while the English Parliament voted him an annuity of three thousand pounds.” (Sitwell, S. and Bamford, F. 1948 ‘Edinburgh’. London: Lehmann)

    We really are only held in this mankit deceitfu ‘union’ by the most criminal of Acts, and by the most despicable of people and culture who sold and enslaved the Scottish nation, and continue to do so.

  298. robertknight says:

    Is a starting gun supposed to sound like a wet fart?

    What are the chances that, at the end of the day, the whole exercise costs, oh, let me think… £600,000, give or take?

    Wouldn’t that be a happy coincidence?

    A £600k bottle of Snake-oil Embrocation, specially formulated for those SNP members agonising over the absence of an Indy strategy – nothing more, nothing less.

  299. Republicofscotland says:

    The union loving Alex Salmond hating vile creature Sarah Smith, has been appointed as the BBC’s political correspondent in the USA.

    The John Smith building (named after her father) in the University of Glasgow contains a nest of unionist vipers.

  300. Graf Midgehunter says:

    As we all know the 600,000 had “walked away” a long time ago and the coffers of the SNP were empty, so the newspaper malarky does sound a bit like desperation of a cornered animal.

    1. “Where’s the money Nicla?”, that hasn’t gone away, it’s sticking like s**t to her shoe and she with chubby hubby can’t lie it away.

    It won’t cost so much but we’ll declare it as soooo expensive and being used for the Indy campaign..!

    2. To get through the last Holyrood election loads of promises about Indyref2 had to be made.

    That opened a Pandora’s box of high expectations from the cult leaders followers.

    How do we lie enough to keep the mugs on board and our cushy jobs safe?

    ALBA was the invisible jumbo in the room.

    3. COP26 didn’t bring home the goods, NS sidelined before and during the great show, nothing left but to roam the halls looking for selfies with anyone too slow to run away.

    Otherwise there would be nothing to feed the empty SNP PR machine.

    So what do we do…? Who was it who said something about a noospaper…….

  301. Republicofscotland says:

    Jack McConnell says Scotland is worse than its ever been, that’s rich from the Lord McConnell who sold Scotland out, and handed back £1.5 billion of Scotland’s cash to Westminster because he couldn’t think of anything to use it for.

    One could say that treacherous act against Scotland, (one of many) secured this die-hard unionist his peerage in England’s unelected, undemocratic House of Lords.,jack-mcconnell-scotland-is-worse-than-it-has-ever-been

  302. Breeks says:

    I find this bizarre…

    To quote a bit…
    Firstly, it quickly became apparent that the one million figure was going to be hit by the SNP branches alone. We didn’t want to double up on copies – SNP branches can co-ordinate with each other, but a Yes group will often cover an area that has an SNP branch. We didn’t want the eight-pager going through the same person’s letterbox twice. It would be inefficient and potentially annoy them!

    So first, the SNP branches are doing the distribution. Ok. Obvious question, how many newspapers can you fit in a horse box?

    But the bit that jumped out at me was the SNP snubbed the wider YES Community and other Independence Parties on the basis they didn’t want two of their 8 page Supplement being delivered twice to the same address. Oh yeah??? That’s the real reason is it?

    Compare and contrast that whole entire philosophy with 2014 distribution of the Wee Blue Book. Having two Wee Blue Books was a disaster too, because it meant you were nearly out and you needed two dozen more. But if and when you did run out, you just printed more. No big deal.

    And funny enough, I don’t remember a single Unionist bleating about receiving two copies. (Because half of them found the WBB pretty informative too). You’d also find WBB’s in waiting rooms, on news stands, on people’s desks, and while you didn’t actually see them everywhere, you weren’t at all surprised to see them popping up anywhere.

  303. Stuart MacKay says:

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. Well, they can and are…

    Scottish ministers urged to invest £9m to save journalism

    I hear a certain Dr. Victor Fankenstein will do it for less.

  304. Breeks says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    17 November, 2021 at 12:28 pm

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. Well, they can and are…

    Scottish ministers urged to invest £9m to save journalism.

    Save journalism? Sturgeon’s the one locking them up.

  305. Dan says:

    @ Stuart MacKay

    Extract from the article.
    Scottish Government Public Interest Journalism Working Group

    It is essential that open societies find ways of supporting genuine journalistic activity that keep the public properly informed.

    Well furnishing Craig Murray with rather restricted board and lodgings is certainly a rather innovative way of “supporting” journalistic activity that keeps the public informed…

  306. Republicofscotland says:

    So Afghan judges have been given refugee status and are now living in the UK for fear of reprisal from the new Taliban government.

    AS these UK/US friendly judges waltz into the UK, UK troops are on the frontline at the Polish border with Belarus standing behind the razor wire and concrete blocks, as teargas, flashbangs and water cannons are used on refugees seeking to enter the EU via Poland.

  307. Republicofscotland says:

    Stuart McKay @12.28pm.

    The Scottish taxpayer via Sturgeon has already given them £3 million quid, now there are calls for what looks like a Ministry of Truth to be set up costing the Scottish taxpayer a whopping £9 million quid.

    I’ve noticed of late that SNP spokespersons when briefing the press, are more and more likely to turn to the Daily Record as an outlet.

    We pay the BBC to lie and deceive us, the paper media is all but opposed to Scottish independence, but Sturgeon gave them our cash anyway, now they want us give them another £9 million quid, Scots should not be funding poor and biased journalism.

  308. Stoker says:

    Material needed!

    Does anyone have, near to hand, the picture that appeared on WOS several years ago with all the big brands who use wings (bird wings that is, not WOS) as part of their organisations logo?

    Need it to counter halfwits attempting to associate WOS with Nazis.

    Always felt it was the only thing missing from the 2 Wee books. Would have been nice to have had it shown as the first or second page on opening them, opposite a page of explanation & condemnation.

    I did have it at one time but i’ve got that much stuff on file i’ve no idea where i’ve stored it.

  309. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Stoker.

    Can you make use of this?

  310. Stoker says:

    Yeah, i’ve been through all that but i specifically want the one that appeared on WOS as there’s far more on it, including ‘the paras’ etc and the WOS one is in among them too. But thanks anyway Brian.

  311. Republicofscotland says:

    Inchgreen dry dock in Greenock one of the biggest in Europe, won’t be used for constructing ships, instead it will be used as a breakers yard, it has deep water access, finally somewhere for the UK government to break down their rusting nuclear subs, and pollute the area, a measly one-hundred jobs will be created by the English firm that will be doing the breaking.

    Its another nail in the coffin for Scottish shipbuilding.

  312. Republicofscotland says:

    The knives are out for Joanna Cherry, she should defect to the Alba party.

    “SNP’s LGBT and student wings call for leadership to remove whip from Joanna Cherry. Two official wings of the SNP have called on the party leadership to effectively expel high-profile MP Joanna Cherry over comments she made around conversion therapy.”

    I’m pretty sure Sturgeon would like to see the back of her, as would the comedy gold titled Shadow Leader of the House Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford.

  313. Republicofscotland says:

    UK Defence minister Ben Wallace flogging the old 2014 chestnut that Russia is taking notice in the drive for Scottish independence. Wallace who says that Russia interfered in the 2014 indyref, without actually proving it, is the Defence minister at Westminster which has interfered in many countries elections the most notable and well known is that of Kenya’s.

    Wallace goes on to spout the usual BS that Scotland would be vulnerable in the big wide world, and that we’re better off in the union, yeah right.

  314. Republicofscotland says:

    Shrewd Lukashenko premier of Belarus cuts off the oil supply to the EU, claiming the pipeline which originates in Russia needs repairs done to it, that could last till the weekend. No doubt Putin gave him the nod to do so, the EU gets its gas from Russia as well, and this also flows through Belarus.

    Brussels better be careful or many EU countries might have a colder Winter than it needs to be, the Polish border situation needs to be rectified sooner than later.

  315. Hatuey says:

    “I’m pretty sure Sturgeon would like to see the back of her, as would the comedy gold titled Shadow Leader of the House Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford.”

    Sturgeon is scared of Cherry and can’t touch her. One ill-considered move and they have an unfair dismissal case hands on their hands that would probably cost over £1 million.

    Cherry could probably make that case now and win. But staying rather than joining Alba was a very shrewd move.

    Cherry is a classy genius, by any standard — next to Sturgeon she’s an omniscient Goddess.

  316. twathater says:

    It’s amazing our MSP’S always seem excited and delighted to hand out our hard earned public tax payer cash to capitalist profit driven companies , a few years ago it was Hyslop who gifted an events company df concerts who were well in profit £150,000 to re-locate T in the park to a new venue , do ALL these companies who employ people but are threatened by insolvency or bankruptcy not deserve help to keep employing people rather than a company who are making very good profit but are moving to increase their profit

    Sturgeon handed out £3 million of public funds to a shower of tax exiles and avoiders and these deluded twats want to give another £9 million to these liars and truth manipulators, they maintain they are supposed to hold power and government to account but the evidence over the last 20 years proves that they are DELIBERATELY failing or they are incompetent or compromised ,the ONLY true media is the free media all the rest are presstitutes and I HOPE they fail

  317. Hatuey says:

    On the situation in Poland, there’s clearly much more to all of this than the plight of a few refugees.

    Note that Russian troops are currently concentrated on the Ukrainian border;

    And just a week or so ago, The head of the UK’s Armed Forces, General Sir Nick Carter, warned that the military will need to be ready for a war with Russia, adding that there’s “a greater risk of accidental conflict breaking out with Russia than at any time since the Cold War…”

    In the background, of course, Ukraine wants to join NATO and the West generally is giving encouragement. It’s a terrible idea that everybody knows Russia will never countenance;

    “Recently declassified U.S. government documents provide evidence supporting the Soviet/Russian position. Although no non-expansion pledge was ever codified, U.S. policymakers presented their Soviet counterparts with implicit and informal assurances in 1990 strongly suggesting that NATO would not expand in post–Cold War Europe if the Soviet Union consented to German reunification.”

    Lost in that debate is the argument that NATO itself should have been disbanded in 1990, since the primary reason given for its formation (the so-called Soviet threat) essentially ceased to exist.

    All of this might be resolved if the EU established its own unified defence force, independent of the US and Britain who would happily watch the continent go up in smoke for the sake of a few arms deals.

  318. twathater says:

    I also meant to say I thought the capitalist doctrine was that the FREE MARKET decides who succeeds and who fails , if your product is unwanted or unprofitable you deserve to fail , WHY is taxpayers money being freely given to unprofitable unwanted lying businesses when we could be rid of them and their lies

  319. twathater says:

    ROS what are the Poles supposed to do sit back and let their country be overwhelmed by supposed refugees.

    Have the Poles been engaging in actively destabilising all the warring countries causing the influx of refugees or is that accolade to be left at the UK and US door ably assisted by persons of interest

    As usual according to what is presented on the news the vast majority of asylum seekers or refugees appear to be males predominately young males , also when you look at the recent reports of asylum seekers in the channel the pictures in the news reports showing the dinghies the vast majority are again predominately young males with very few females with children

    According to today’s news the head of the refugee council says that the majority of refugee and asylum seekers are coming from Syria , Afghanistan , Ethiopia and others is it maybe a coincidence that ALL these countries are involved in conflict within and without their countries

  320. robbo says:

    Nae need to collect yer ginger or Bucky empties or your Irn bru cans folks. Apparently they aren’t ready yet according to Lorna Slater and Scot government.

    Feck is there anything simple scheme this lot can get done these days?

  321. Stoker says:

    ((((( FOUND IT! )))))

    I remembered it was in response to ‘The Dogfood Salesman’ so done a Google search of his name and the word Nazi and hey presto. FFS, after about 2 hours flying through the archives, and i was over 4 years out because i thought it appeared on WOS *before* 2014IndyRef.

  322. Republicofscotland says:

    Twathater @6.01pm.

    I’m pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of the EU, that refugees are catered for when they reach an EU country, however as I’ve already stated these refugees mainly Syrian and Iraqi are coming through Belarus, which is allied to Russia, so razor wire, concrete blocks, flashbangs, teargas and water cannons are the order of the day.

    Worryingly Brussels bigwigs appear to be okay with this treatment, and furthermore they’ve applied sanctions to Belarus, and will add more soon.

    So what’s causing this you may ask, well a US sponsored colour revolution almost deposed the Belarussian premier, and Lukashenko the president of Belarus is allowing refugees through Belarus to enter the EU via Poland.

    Of course the refugees are fleeing their war torn countries, countries that the EU/UK and the US razed to the ground, whilst also backing proxy fighter in their countries to cause murder and mayhem, and folk like you wonder why they want to live in Europe, we caused the mass exodus.

    Lukashenko has given the EU (Angela Merkel) two conditions to stop the influx of refugees amassing on Poland’s borders, one, to recognise his victory at the polls as the legitimate premier and two, to roll back sanctions against the country.

  323. Republicofscotland says:


    Nato’s remit has long since expired, now Nato is nothing more than a world bully headed up by the USA, with its current anti-Russian mouthpiece Jens Stoltenberg renewing calls for more containment of Russia.

    As for an EU army its been touted for years, and talk of it has been reignited by France’s premier Emmanuel Macron, possible in the wake of the backstabbing by the US on the Aussie subs deal.

    The situation on the Polish border wouldn’t have occurred if the refugees were coming from another country, but because they are coming from Belarus which is aligned with Russia its another matter.

    Things could of course escalate, and already the oil pipeline that carries oil to EU countries via Belarus has been cut-off the excuse is that it needs repaired the gas pipeline to Europe could be next.

  324. Robert Hughes says:

    Twathater 6.01

    Yes , that’s pretty much what I was thinking about the situation on the Polish border .

    The images we’ve seen ( selectively ? ) showing not only young men ( I agree it’s always predominantly young men , though maybe that’s because they’re the most mobile , fit and less vulnerable than women ) also women and children are pitiful and * you * wouldn’t want to be in such a grim situation yourself, or wish it on others .

    Where do you draw the line though , is Poland expected to open it’s country to potentially many thousands of people from radically different cultures ?

    And is this being orchestrated ?

    Yr man J.O.E – and others – had the idea that there is a deliberate policy going on to * flood * Europe with people from , in particular Islamic , countries . It’s never been clear to me who the * They * were/are that are doing the supposed orchestrating and what the ultimate aim of it would be . To dilute any sense of national identities ? If so , to what end ?

    You do have to wonder though .As increasing numbers of people appear to be attempting to enter Europe – inc UK – can it all be attributed to the calamitous effects of * internal * conflicts ?

  325. Republicofscotland says:

    I find somewhat amusing on reading people (not in here as such) defend Poland’s strong arm tactics against refugees trying to enter Poland and ultimately Europe. The reason for my thinking is that when Hungary put up razor wire and used the Hungarian army to man the borders to stop refugees entering the country, the EU and world condemned the country’s PM Viktor Orban for doing so.

    like I said the hypocrisy from the EU bigwigs is breathtaking.

  326. Fireproofjim says:

    ROS. if I lived in one of these Middle East hellholes, racked by religious strife, I too would do my best to get to the EU which must be a heaven of law and order in comparison, but the newly opened route sanctioned and encouraged by Belarus is clearly designed simply to put pressure on the EU.
    You spend your time criticising the EU and defending the Stalinist regime of Belarus. You blame the EU for their sanctions, which Lukaschenko invited by forcing down an Ryanair airliner and arresting a critic of his foul regime. The Poles and the EU are by no means perfect but it is certain that the poor refugees don’t want to spend a minute longer than possible in Belarus, the last European dictatorship.

  327. Breeks says:

    The National now joining the witch-hunt to bully Joanna Cherry.

    Aye. Go ahead and bring your poxy 8 page SNP junk mail to my door.

  328. Breeks says:

    Would Sir like more gravy on that?

    No Independence Plan B on the “Conference” agenda, but more cake and truffles for Councillors? Fuck yeah! Get that on the agenda.

  329. Republicofscotland says:

    “You spend your time criticising the EU and defending the Stalinist regime of Belarus. You blame the EU for their sanctions, which Lukaschenko invited by forcing down an Ryanair airliner and arresting a critic of his foul regime. The Poles and the EU are by no means perfect but it is certain that the poor refugees don’t want to spend a minute longer than possible in Belarus, the last European dictatorship.”

    Fireproofjim @12.04am.

    I do wish folk would do some homework before commenting as in the above.

    Roman Protasevich, was backed by the US in the colour revolution in Belarus, he was arrested and taken into custody by Belarussian forces was also an active member of the anti-Russian, Ukranian Azov battalion.

    As for the bringing down of the jet, the US forcibly grounded Evo Morales jet the president of Venezuela, and then there’s this as well among many other incidents, The Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, imprisoned for trying to buy humanitarian supplies from Iran in legal international trade but in violation of illegal US sanctions, is facing extradition to the US.

    Try looking at things not just from a Western point of view now and again.,political%20sponsors%20in%20Western%20capitals%20have%20conveniently%20overlooked.

  330. Hatuey says:

    It looks like the old aggrieved and abused wife analogy is no longer applicable, and Scotland over the last few years has become contented.

    The new fitted kitchen we call Holyrood, with its high gloss veneer and under-lights, might not entirely make up for the black eyes ‘of the past’ but it certainly distracts them — “top of the range, I’ll have you know…”

    There’s more than a kitchen to unpack here.

    Nobody is confusing this Holyrood relationship with the sort you might find in Hollywood, but there is love in this house and it’s not all one-way.

    That’s as some would have it. Others aren’t as convinced.

    For starters, the house is in ‘his’ name. The fancy kitchen, and much else besides, was bought and paid for with Scotland’s own money. Managing that kitchen might in some sense be construed as autonomy, but as you wash those dishes you must know that he could, if he so wished, appear at any moment and smash the place up.

    Moreover, if he really has mellowed and hung up his string vest, why has he locked all the windows and doors so that we cannot leave?

  331. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile SNP MP Alison Thewliss has the chutzpah to say that the Tory government should get its finger out over the rising costs of just about everything. Its the SNP and Sturgeon that should’ve gotten the finger out years ago and secured our exit from this shit union.

    The finger pointing from Sturgeon’s Westminster troughers is astonishing, they continue to blame a foreign country’s government for the state that Scotland’s in, when they know fine well that they should’ve and still can remove us from this union, they’ve let mandate after mandate slip away, and did nothing on the indy front except finger point that Johnson won’t give them the S30.

    This nonsense will be repeated in the so called eight page leaflet or flyer to be sent out to a million households, inside Finance secretary Kate Forbes regurgitates the need for independence.

    The SSRG has an excellent route out of this union and they’ve written to our MSP’s and MP’s explaining it and are waiting on the replies from them. Though I for one won’t be holding my breath that they get a decent reply.

  332. Republicofscotland says:

    The SNP conference later this month won’t hear about a Plan B on getting us out of this union, however on the agenda is a substantial wage rise for councillors. Conference will say that councillors should be treated with the same esteem as parliamentarians, MSP’s currently receive £64,470 and MP’s £81,932 per annum.

    Jesus no wonder Pete Wishart doesn’t want to be dragged out of the House of Commons, he’ll need to be removed kicking and screaming to get him and his other SNP MP troughers out when the time comes.

  333. Republicofscotland says:

    Why did Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford waste his PMQ question on Westminster sleaze, is it not apparent to everyone that Westminster can’t change, indeed won’t change as there’s far too much cash to be make via sleaze for some.

    Blackford should be using PMQ’s to engineer a way out of this union we didn’t vote the SNP MP’s into office to spend their time finger pointing at sleaze which we all know exists in spade loads in Westminster.

    Blackford is probably chuffed to bits at his performance yesterday, though he wouldn’t have liked Johnson retort on the missing 600K.

    The SNP MP’s are just going through the motions at the daily pantomime known as PMQ’s for our benefit.

  334. Hatuey says:

    The language of “plans” and such phrases as “sticking to plan A” makes it sound like they are determined and resolute when in reality they are simply money-grubbing losers; a confederation of those who have consciously sold their country out and cowards, both concerned above all else that they might be deprived of their share of Westminster’s kickbacks.

    If “Plan A” means anything, it means doing fuck all; and doing fuck all doesn’t require a plan.

    For all of those reasons, today I’m formally calling on Sturgeon to step down so that someone with a plan for Scottish Independence can come forward.

    That should do it…

  335. Breeks says:

    I back the SSRG approach on the whole, I really do, but there’s a big question mark about writing to the Holyrood MSP’s.

    It goes back to my red / white / raspberry ripple Sovereignty.

    The SSRG’s approach will draw all it’s strength and legitimacy from Scotland’s “red” Popular Sovereignty. There won’t be ANY white, pink nor raspberry ripple Sovereignty borrowed from Westminster.

    So unless Holyrood comes over all brave and pledges it’s allegiance to the Sovereign people of Scotland, (the Constitutional imperative it conspicuously failed to honour over Brexit), then there is almost an identical argument for removing Scotland’s MSP’s from Holyrood that there is for removing Scotland’s MP’s from Westminster.

    Scotland’s Sovereign House of Representatives, Constitution Assembly, Grand Committee whatever you want to call it, will not be running cap in hand to Holyrood for it’s legitimacy.

    Holyrood could be ignored, ostracised or impeached. So who actually cares about Sturgeon as the hapless coxswain in the Up Shit Creek Canoe?

  336. Ron Maclean says:

    A comment from btl this sit about a year ago;

    ‘She could have made history. Instead she made mistakes, enemies and money. It’s probably too late to make amends. That leaves a gap.

    Who’s going to fill it? New parties are forming but so far there’s nothing to suggest their leaders have learned anything from the errors of the SNP. Surely we can do better than just relying on different people boarding the gravy train by, for instance, exploiting the D’Hondt system and the Regional vote.

    What should be the main aims of the SNP have not changed. For example its constitution prioritises independence for Scotland and it still has removal of WMDs from Scotland as a policy. I have lost confidence in the party because of its bizarre preferences and leadership failure but that is repairable by the right people, if they exist. First the current leadership team must go or be removed.

    The SNP, for the moment, remain our main hope for independence but is it really achievable by a party tainted by accusations of malicious misconduct, improbity, incompetence, lassitude and inaction? No-one with the power or inclination to effect change has come forward, no-one has spoken out and no-one has challenged the leadership. Perhaps because there is no-one with the fortitude, integrity, determination and toughness to lead the party’s recovery.

    I don’t want to see progress towards an independent Scotland if it might be governed by people who neither understand nor practise the concepts of truth, integrity, honesty and justice.

    More than three hundred years of Union should have taught us that there’s nothing less impressive than Scots on the make.’

  337. sarah says:

    @ Ron Maclean: “don’t want to progress towards independence if it might be governed by people who neither understand nor practice …truth, integrity, honesty and justice.”

    We are between a rock and a hard place – there’s no-one like that in Westminster either.

    So we must regain independence and then sort out our own cess pit.

  338. Fireproofjim says:

    ROS @ 9.49
    I gather from the above that you wholeheartedly approve of the forcing down, by the disgusting Belorussian regime, of the Ryanair airliner with over 100 people on board, so that their monomaniac president can force a critic into jail.
    You then try to justify this internationally condemned act by quoting the approval of “The Gray Zone” which is well known and notorious as a propaganda arm of the Kremlin and which tried to blame the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine on western fighters.
    Any protests against the Belorussian regime are ruthlessly crushed and all opposition leaders are in jail or in exile. No criticism is tolerated.
    You appear to be part of their propaganda arm.

  339. Republicofscotland says:


    Not propaganda Jim, I see you completely body swerved the US forcing down a presidential jet and having a man arrest in a African country at the behest of the US, that’s obviously not disgusting to you, it would appear Jim that the US can do what it wants but Belarus cannot arrest a US sponsored agitator.

    As for the Grayzone, Wikipedia decreed that The Grayzone was an unreliable source after a difference of opinion about Venezuela, that’s good enough for me to see that at least its not following the Western narrative.

    As for the downing of flight MH17, there’s no proof that Russia shot it down infact the BUK missile system that shot the jet down is the same system used by the Ukrainian forces, and we all know who backs them.

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