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Tidying up

Posted on September 28, 2021 by

Right, as promised, one last piece of admin. (This post will be removed in due time.)

We left yesterday’s piece and the associated poll up for two full days to make sure the people who don’t read Wings at weekends saw it and had the chance to vote in it too. But in truth it was pretty obvious how the vote would go from about 20 minutes in.

Like, that’s not even a little bit close.

So the remainder of the Wings Fighting Fund will be used to commission occasional opinion polls until it runs out or until (ha) a second indyref becomes a reality, whichever happens first. However, almost everyone who gave a reason for voting “Oppose” (and quite a few who voted “Support”) said they did so because they wanted me to keep the money for myself.

That wasn’t offered as an option in the poll, because I’m not the SNP or Kezia Dugdale – that money was donated and meant to be used to in some way further the cause of independence, not buy me Lamborghinis (at the time of writing my 17-year-old Mini is still doing stellar service) or country cottages.

However, lots of people in the comments also expressed a desire for a final fundraiser to mark the closure of Wings Over Scotland as a politics blog, as a sort of redundancy package. It IS traditional to give a retiring employee a carriage clock or a gold watch or some such, and as it happens there’s a thing I really want but haven’t bought because the price is so absurdly extravagant, so if readers would like to get it as a farewell gift gesture that’d be very lovely.

It’s this hilariously high-tech jacket. It’s got graphene and electric heaters and stealth pockets and all sorts of nonsense, so it’d be ideal for staying toasty while out feeding the swans and squirrels in the fast-approaching winter.

(The three families of swan babies are nearly all fully-grown now and they’re always hungry, while the patter of tiny squirrel paws is imminent if this pic from the park last week is anything to go by.)

Any excess cash raised will go, as always, on crisps, Sherbet Dip-Dabs, fruity gins, and badger food for these goons.

And of course on the foxes (currently six).

And this magical vanishing dick, who bangs on the glass with his beak at teatime if there are no suet pellets on the ledge, or knocks stuff over if the window’s open.

And lastly and absolutely leastly, these complete arses.

Click the pic below, or the poll one at the top of the page, to go to the fundraiser if you want to kick in a few quid for the going-away present. Don’t worry if you don’t – people usually donate in expectation of a good or service, not for one they’ve already had or just to buy somebody some ludicrous parkwear. I have other coats.

And that’s about it. It’s been quite a ride, gang. Hopefully we’ll meet again one day, in the future of a better land where the Wicked Witch is no more and there might actually be a chance at independence. Until then, eh?

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    2851 to “Tidying up”

    1. Dorothy Devine says:

      Loved it DJ and just great to see the abundant saltires as accompaniment!

    2. DJ says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      19 October, 2021 at 9:24 am
      Loved it DJ and just great to see the abundant saltires as accompaniment!

      Thank you Dorothy for listening and commenting! It’s also thanks to All Under One Banner who kindly allowed us to use all the video footage.

    3. I see the SNP`s Kirsty Blackman is still trying to eradicate Joanna Cherry,

      some noname misogyinist tweeted,`… when will the SNP actually do something about Joanna Cherry?

      SNP MP Kirsty Blackman answered/tweeted in reply,

      `Good question. I wish I knew the answer.`

      An MP recently murdered and Joanna having threats on her life and Kirsty Blackman MP comes out with that answer.

      And silence from the Transcult Reichstag at Holyrood.

    4. Republicofscotland says:

      Boris Johnson’s government ordered to reveal the 47 fast tracked VIP companies that made an absolute fortune out of PPE contracts dished out by his chumocracy minded government.

    5. robbo says:

      Well done DJ on the video. Keep it up!

    6. robbo says:

      Scot Finlayson says:
      19 October, 2021 at 9:40 am
      I see the SNP`s Kirsty Blackman is still trying to eradicate Joanna Cherry,


      Kirsty Blackman is a hypocrite. Do we think anything will happen to her regarding constant tweets /digs at JC? Probably not cos she’s part of the SNP gender woo hoo Taliban.

    7. sarah says:

      Re Kirsty Blackman – my OH has emailed Ian Blackford asking him “When are you going to do something about Kirsty Blackman?”.

      Looking forward to IB’s reply!

    8. Robert Graham says:

      Just after the failed and intrusive VAX pass we now have Facial Recognition being introduced in Primary Schools in Ayrshire .
      To speed up the dinner lines
      Aye intrusive implementation of way over the top surveillance of children and the excuse is ,
      To speed up dinner lines
      What’s the problem is there a serious hold up in Ayrshire primary school’s dinner lines that requires such major technical infrastructure to return it to , well who knows
      A email to my SNP MSP questioning the VAX pass was returned with lots of information mostly government speak and totally failing to understand and answer my simple question what is it for because it serves no medical issues or problems it’s simply surveillance because it doesn’t stop or solve any problem with transmission.
      I was assured this is a temporary measure ,aye ok how long is temporary and what’s to stop this being widened to encompass other areas apart from nightclubs and large gatherings.
      I urge people to read the emergency powers that the SNP government has in place , the end date or a sunshine clause is in place until September next year with the option of a extension without prior consent or indeed any kind of scrutiny in parliament, that means these emergency powers can be extended indefinitely and the mug public can’t object because it’s emergency legislation.

    9. James Che. says:


      Just catching up,

      My family are musical, and have played with some big names in their day, from Andy Stewart to joe brown,
      They write some of their own song as well.

      All I can say to you and you’re other half.

      Well done, I loved you’re song, the music it’s purpose and video.

    10. James Che. says:

      Robert Graham.

      Until the Scottish people realise THEY are sovereign,



    11. sarah says:

      @ Robert Graham: “facial recognition for primary school dinner queue”

      Once again, a terrifying abuse of government – if they will even contemplate facial recognition in a primary school, what chance for any other civil liberty?

      Please will some SNP members at least try to challenge the leader – get several people to apply to stand as leader. The window is now open for applications as the Annual Conference is the end of November – just ask SNP Nat Sec for a form – but there will be a cut off date well before the Conference so you must act now.

      I have emailed a couple of parliamentarians asking them to stand or to organise for some other applications but I don’t expect them to keep me informed. If anyone reading this has some contacts in the SNP or is a member who sees the obstruction that the current leadership is putting on independence, please please act. It is the only way to get movement on independence.

    12. DJ says:

      James Che. says:
      19 October, 2021 at 12:01 pm

      Thank you James for your very kind words. They are very much appreciated.

    13. James Che. says:

      The snp have had 7 years to stop the rot, the corruption,
      Sadly it is them that are forwarding this draconian new Scotland,
      It’s is also the snp that monitor new candidates and stop any with alternative views in the snp coming through. As we can see from the manner they deal with other snp members like JC.

      Until The present cult leaders are out the picture the rest follow like zombies.

    14. Chas says:


      The only positive thing that will come out of the meeting will be the great and the good leaving and thinking ‘what an arse hole that Boris Johnston is’.
      The negatives will be that the senior executives, who did not get to the positions they are in today by being nice, realising that there is even more opportunities to carve up Britain to their respective Company’s advantage.
      At least Mrs Murrell is not attending which would embarrass us further!

    15. James Che. says:

      Does anyone think the new laws Priti Patel is talking about bringing in to safe guard MPs from hate speech and terrorism will stop the Tories telling Scottish MPs to go home?

    16. There should be a report sent to Commons Select Committee on Standards about Kirsty Blackman`s actions against a fellow MP,

      Kirsty Blackman is putting a fellow MP in a potentially dangerous position,

      Kirsty Blackman needs suspended by Commons Select Committee on Standards for 10 sitting days,

      and then The Recall of MPs Act 2015 an act of the Parliament that makes provision for constituents to be able to recall their Member of Parliament and call a by-election,

      and then the voters of her constituancy vote her out,

      and she can join the Scottish Green Party where she would be most welcome for her views on doing away with all woman`s hard won rights to placate a few misogynist men.

    17. Robert Hughes says:

      @ Robert Graham

      Yip Hapless Humza stumbling from one fiasco to another , consistent if nothing else . The Holyweird Dorkocracy permanently stuck in reverse gear in just about every dept .

      The vaxxport scheme easily circumvented by the not very complicated means of simply sharing a QR code . Wowza , who saw THAT one coming ? Not HH anyway .

      And who knew the primary school dinner queues were in such crisis !! Somebody call Bill Gates

    18. Effigy says:

      Very interested to read in the Torygraph that Boris
      insists that the U.K. will be the Quatar of Hydrogen power?

      Although the technology isn’t viable he has made a fund £450 million
      sound like much but in fact that wouldn’t install 90,000 homes.

      Most interestingly the Boiler replacement scheme is due to start in
      England and Wales next April.

      N Ireland has has £1 Billion sent for them to burn pellets in empty barns
      as another back door payment to the Unionist there.

      Scotland, the coldest country in the U.K. with a higher proportion of pensioners
      gets- – – Eh Stuffed.

      Is that outrage I hear from SNP. No it isn’t! Why would they? Their pay is just the same.

    19. Robert Hughes says:

      …..or appoint a School Dinner Queue Czar . Maybe Kirsty Blackperson could take time out from her main job of hounding J Cherry and step up to the dinner plate .

      Good song and video DJ . Keep ’em coming : we could all do with a bit of positivity in these benighted times

    20. DJ says:

      Robert Hughes says:

      Good song and video DJ . Keep ’em coming : we could all do with a bit of positivity in these benighted times

      Robert, thank you for your kind words of support. I really appreciate them.

    21. Confused says:

      remember to hit the LIKE button on DJ’s vid

    22. DJ says:

      Confused says:
      19 October, 2021 at 1:37 pm
      remember to hit the LIKE button on DJ’s vid

      Thanks for that Confused!

    23. Ron Maclean says:

      From a comment btl on this site about a year ago –

      ‘As First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is not obliged to obtain independence for the people of Scotland. As Leader of the SNP and a member of the Party she must endorse the Aims of the Party and accept its Constitution, Rules and Standing Orders. The primary aim of the SNP is to achieve independence for the people of Scotland. The primary aim of the First Minister is tae dae fit she’s telt by Westminster. These aims cannot be reconciled. Ms Sturgeon is an obedient but uninspiring First Minister. These are not qualities which will ever take us to independence. She could stay on as First Minister but we need a new leader for the SNP with the necessary attributes.

      The conflict of interest between leadership of the SNP and the position of First Minister is obvious and should have been resolved by now. Why hasn’t it? Is it because there isn’t anyone in the SNP who could lead us to independence. We need an answer to that question.’

    24. James Che. says:

      The snp make you wonder whom owns sovereignty in Scotland.

      They seem to be of the same opinion as Westminster’s Parliament, whom claims that parliament is sovereign.

      The Scottish devolved government is not sovereign at all, it is a Scottish branch office given permission to exist by Westminster’s ok.

      But here in Scotland even Westminster admit the Scots people are sovereign and have the to choose a new government any time they like.

      The snp and Green Party are overstepping the line with their totalitarian new laws they are bringing in, that effects every part of our Scottish families lives.

      Sovereignty lies with the people in Scotland,
      Why do we sit back and allow them pretend draconian sovereignty.

      Perhaps some banners or stickers should say as much during the climate meeting.

      The Scottish people are sovereign.
      The Scottish Parliament is not.

    25. Chas says:

      James Che

      I could be in a minority of one but I doubt it.

      Do you really have to submit umpteen posts, every day, concerning Sovereignty? I suspect that 99% of Scots have no real interest!
      Find another subject please.
      Thank you.

    26. Robert Hughes says:

      ” I suspect that 99% of Scots have no real interest! ”

      Maybe because 99% of Scots have never been taught about it

    27. James Che. says:

      That is the purpose,

      For those that do not know,
      The marches fulfill the same reasoning.
      Others Scottish bloggers mostly aim with reasoning.
      To spread the word, that what they have been told is not the truth with regards their sovereignty or the treaty of the union in the past.

      For those that are unaware,
      For those that have had decades of the other type of MSM rubbish.
      For those that do not realise their legal position in Scotland

      And because most of those opposing the people of Scotland gaining any legal foothold for independence would like to brush this information under the carpet.

      So I challenge anyone to to point out where Scots joined the treaty of the union in a democratic vote in 1707.
      If they can’t find the vote put to the Scots in 1707, we simply did not join.

    28. James Che. says:

      Robert Hughes,

      Well returned.

    29. Hugh Jarse says:

      V droll Dave.

      Hammer doun on the Sovereign status of Scots* then guys.

      *Whoever they/we are.

    30. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Chas says: at 2:50 pm

      James Che

      I could be in a minority of one but I doubt it.

      Do you really have to submit umpteen posts, every day, concerning Sovereignty? I suspect that 99% of Scots have no real interest!
      Find another subject please.

      The Brit Nats would just love it if the word SOVEREIGNTY was never mentioned again. I suspect the SNP too.

      The word terrifies them, because a Scottish population that is educated and realises the power that emits from them being Sovereign, is able to make its own decisions as to whether it wants to continue in a “Partnership” which does nothing to improve their lives but just plunders the resources of Scotland for England/WM.

      So as Breeks, James Che, Robert Louis, Dan, BDTT and many others here have understood, Sovereignty should be at the very forefront of our Independence Movement.

      Using it is our weapon to freedom.

      NOT a discredited Referendum.

    31. James Che. says:

      Graf Midgehunter.
      Robert Hughes,
      Robert Louis.
      And to the many that recognise the sovereignty status of the Scots,

      It is an important aspect to our legal and verbal armaments that the Scots have more than one avenue to gain our independence.
      I am quite happy to have many aspects to the independence yes movement. And to realise that learning one method does not necessarily cancel out others, but merely adds to the legal structure.
      All branches are important to a sapling if it is to grow into a tree.

      Many others of you are better educated than I on many subjects, and I feel humbled by the many subjects you all bring up. And the links to news and other bloggers.
      You have been the starting point for the lack of Scottish history actually taught in our/ my education system.

      For to presume that only my school in Scotland took this approach is naive, so there must be many Scots in Scotland that that do not know the full extent of their sovereignty and what it means in relation to themselves, and the rest of Scotland.
      Nor that any Scots has ever voted to join the treaty of the union in 1707 to present day.

      I am doggedly determined that as many Scots know these facts as the rest of you are in supporting yes for independent Scotland in you’re own persistant efforts.
      And I enjoy nit picking legal facts from jargon.

      And the treaty of the union has plenty of jargon.
      Thanks to you all for you’re support in my efforts to thwart the propaganda around this issue,

    32. Spotted this on BBC Red Button politics the Welsh Labour Government have set up a commission to look at all aspects of Wales relationship with the rest of the UK including Independence for Wales. And best wishes to everyone affected by the explosion in Ayr and what a job the emergency services did.

    33. Chas says:

      Jesus wept. Still banging on about Sovereignty. Why don’t all those interested, the whole 5 or 6 of you take Westminster/Hollyrood/EU or whoever to court and bore them all to death with stuff that happened hundreds of years ago.

    34. Republicofscotland says:

      So Michael Gove was chased through the streets of London today by protestors, pity he got away I say.

    35. sarah says:

      @ Chas: this site is for people who want Scotland to regain independence.

      At the moment the procedure to regain independence is being framed in terms of, or rather deliberately confined to, the referendum route by the SNP and the MSM. That is the problem.

      Unless the message gets out that sovereignty means we do not need a referendum, and that the referendum route that was a safe and sensible choice in 2014, is now a disastrous method, we are trapped.

      Have you got any ideas to help?

    36. Republicofscotland says:

      Sovereignty, sovereignty, sovereignty, you want independence sooner than later if at all, then get a million Scots to surround Holyrood and push home their point, otherwise Sturgeon will just continue to carry out her own agenda, ignoring AUOB marches as she goes.

      From the declaration of Arbroath, in which the paragraph below sets out, our, the peoples sovereignty, and that we will remove our (king) if he/she fails to defend our sovereignty.

      “Yet if he should give up what he has begun, seeking to make us or our kingdom subject to the King of England or the English, we should exert ourselves at once to drive him out as our enemy and a subverter of his own right and ours, and make some other man who was well able to defend us our King.”

    37. Stu,

      someone doing a wee poll on twitter regarding the nefarious transcult and when you (that`s me) first became aware there was a problem that was the transcult,

      lot of folk sayin it was when JKR got involved,

      but you were on this topic way before that,

      can you remember the date of your first post on WOS regarding the trans issue,

      i`m sure it seems a couple of years ago,


    38. Chas says:


      I want an honest, workable Independence for Scotland.

      If Scots want Independence they have to vote for it. They did not the last time around.
      If a 2nd referendum ever takes place the SNP/Alba or whoever will have to present the financial/economic case to the people of Scotland for scrutiny. Something they have spectacularly failed to do. Difficult questions will be asked and resolutions will have to found. Currency/Central Bank/borrowings etc etc. I absolve Alba from this, given that they have only recently formed, but the SNP have a lot to answer for.
      What would an Independent Scotland look like? If anyone thinks Sturgeon, Swinney, Useless et al will simply go away-job done-you will be sadly mistaken. Once power is obtained it is almost impossible to give it up willingly.
      All this nonsense that the powers that be, wherever they are, will simply tear up some agreement that took place hundreds of years ago is, at best, naïve.
      Would any sane, educated Scot want to live in a Scotland ruled by the current crop of troughers that exist within the SNP.
      I have said it before and will say it again, there is no hope for Independence until Sturgeon and her acolytes are removed. This can either take place at the ballot box or through the internal machinations of the Party. Both look unlikely at present but as someone once said ‘a week is a long time in politics’. The problem then lies in who replaces them?
      Meanwhile Bozo and the clowns at Westminster lead us into almost daily crisis, similar to the incompetents in Holyrood.
      It is not looking good for Scotland at this time. A population who. on the whole, are unable to think for themselves does not help.

    39. Saffron Robe says:

      “History is not the past. It is the present.”

      James Baldwin

    40. Breeks says:

      Chas says:
      19 October, 2021 at 6:00 pm
      Jesus wept. Still banging on about Sovereignty.

      Please explain what “Independence” literally means to you then Chas.

    41. robbo says:

      Chas says:
      19 October, 2021 at 7:24 pm

      I want an honest, workable Independence for Scotland.

      If a 2nd referendum ever takes place the SNP/Alba or whoever will have to present the financial/economic case to the people of Scotland for scrutiny. Something they have spectacularly failed to do. Difficult questions will be asked and resolutions will have to found. Currency/Central Bank/borrowings etc etc.


      Aye so ye dae

    42. robbo says:

      That’s the typical unionist pile of crap we’ve heard for years Chas.

      Off You trot. We can use whatever currency we want- get it!

    43. Ayeright says:

      I thought No voters were also sovereign in Scotland? Or is sovereignty reserved solely for those that support Independence?

    44. sarah says:

      @ Chas at 7.24: there is a lot in what you say about the current SNP leadership and the lack of preparation for running an independent Scotland. Also about the lack of rational thought amongst the general population.

      The issues you raise have been answered in the document recently published and sent to all MSPs and Scottish MPs on 9th October. I think you will find it interesting and reassuring.

      It explains that a mandate exists now for independence; that it should be implemented first by a motion in Holyrood and then the nuts and bolts by a National Assembly comprising parliamentarians and representatives from civic Scotland including business people; that a confirmatory referendum would be held after a two year period.

      The document was published on the blog Yours for Scotland on 10th October.

    45. Ayeright says:


      A recently published document eh?

      “We, the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group (SSRG hereafter)”

      By the SSRG no less I gave up there.

    46. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Sarah 10:21pm
      Great Sarah. The epitome of why we shouldn’t go for IndyRef2 now. An excuse for the legislation that’s about to become. I am defending the women in my life. Its sad you are towing the party line. A woman giving away her rights. It’s OK you will get a party position. But you have betrayed your sex.

    47. James Che. says:

      It would make interesting reading for those that follow the good old referendum policy to put forward new ideas,

      Scotland has grown and changed beyond recognition since 2014.
      Many things have altered and not for the better .
      We have one man in prison, another dodgy attempt made for imprisoning a ex FM.
      We have Brexit.
      Umpteen mandates given to the snp,
      Missed children’s education.
      And more people out of work,
      Climate change.
      Insincere inquires.
      Etc etc.

      We have to change with the times as the vision of Scotland that was, disappears on the horizon and into Scotch mist……

      It is not always backward thinking to want to hang on to all you hold dear,
      But we must be forward thinking in how many different ways independence can be achieve.
      The marches are good, barrheadboys ideas are good, links to other bloggers are good, keeping people’s spirits up with cheer and song is good, grousebeater s wisdom is good,
      There are many positives,

      It’s just that sometimes we get the people kicking any new ideas into the ball park before they have spread their wings and grown,
      They scream and moan, but provide nothing new, no new avenues or ideas to help.

      do not let those psychological instances deter us. Recognise it for the reason it’s put there, as an obstacle. 🙂

    48. James Che. says:


      Women’s rights are being taken away, as is the idea of a female mother parent.
      The state wants to sex educate our children on serious gender issues that should belong in the domain of a parent.
      And tell our children not to consult with their parents,
      Why would any western state government want to take over the roll of any parent except if you lived in one of the countries our country always wants to go to war with, because they think the regime or wrong. And needs changing.

      So why is Scotland and the snp green coalition hell bent on copying that regime.

    49. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Ayeright says: at 10:49 pm


      “A recently published document eh?

      “We, the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group (SSRG hereafter)”

      By the SSRG no less I gave up there.”

      Yea, there it goes again, Scottish Sovereignty. Scares the s**t out of you and your other Brit Nat pals.

      It’s not like a referendum where you and your cronies at WM can jump in and “mould” it to your required result.

      Scottish Sovereignty is something the people have as a birthright, something you have no control over, you can only try to silence it.

      So you can take your Referendum and stuff it up BoJo’s ar*e.

    50. Hatuey says:

      “A Brazilian congressional panel is set to recommend mass homicide charges against President Jair Bolsonaro, asserting that he intentionally let the coronavirus rip through the country and kill hundreds of thousands in a failed bid to achieve herd immunity…”

      That’s right, “homicide”.

      And you’re right again, it’s exactly what happened here (Scotland).

    51. twathater says:

      At Ayeright 9.49pm you wrote
      “I thought No voters were also sovereign in Scotland? Or is sovereignty reserved solely for those that support Independence?”

      Is anyone here or on any other indy blogs saying that NO Scottish voters are NOT sovereign , there is no one disputing that but what you and your fellow unionists fail to see or are too stupid to see is that by WM and Bozo the clown denying agreement on a sect 30 order they are not only disrespecting and denigrating indy supporters but also yoonionist supporters after all an agreed sect 30 for a ref allows yoonionist supporters to PROVE that remaining in the union is the best option , no one knows what the outcome would be or are you like the rest of the yoonionists too feart to find out

      They have also done the same thing with NI yoonionists they have ignored their feelings and thrown them to the dogs , the difference with NI is they don’t care about NI because they subsidise them , they do care about Scotland because Scotland subsidises england and that would be shown to be the truth VERY QUICKLY

    52. robbo says:

      I think this guy must give off some heavy duty pheromones’ here. Is it just nuts their after or his nuts?

      Gid wee vid if you wait till after annoying ads before it loads.

    53. Breeks says:

      SNP absolutely determined to fire on 0 cylinders.

    54. Robert Hughes says:

      ” Mr Blackford added: “”I am concerned that there is a toxicity in our politics. ”

      Aye Blackfraud , how about detoxing your own Party as a priority ?

      Nothing toxic about trying to imprison a man who done more for the cause of Independence than the likes of you have ever or will ever achieve , and having failed miserably ( only through the good sense of a jury of * ordinary * men and women ) in that attempt ( like in everything else your Party turns it’s baleful gaze upon ) – * succeeded * only in putting that man through 3 years of hell- your glorious moral paragon of a * leader* continued spreading her poison about him after he had been found innocent of all charges .

      ” Toxic ” doesn’t even come close to describing this whole disgusting conspiracy , one for which not a single conspirator has faced any consequence

      The neglect of care and complicity in the hounding of J Cherry you have displayed is , like the entirety of the upper echelons of the hollowed-out shell of the once honourable SNP , beyond contempt

    55. Ottomanboi says:

      Scots seem like the English, get the foreigners to stump up the €€€.—england/
      The total indifference to who gets the slices of the cake appears not to matter.
      The Scots in their unimaginative utilitarianism are so very «British».
      For sale one country. Last sale completed 1707.
      Que porra é essa….as they say in Portugal.

    56. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Breeks.

      Blackford is woefully ignorant if he believes that we want a campaign for a referendum.
      What we want to see is the SNP campaigning for INDEPENDENCE!

    57. Chas says:


      ‘Off You trot. We can use whatever currency we want- get it!’

      I really should not respond to an individual who, how can I say it politely, lacks knowledge! I would say that do you really want an Independent Scotland to be held to the whims of another country’s fiscal policy? Do you understand what that means?


      ‘Please explain what “Independence” literally means to you then Chas’.

      That question is so stupid I will not dignify it with a response.


      The document you refer to is mince.

      In life it is important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them think they are right. Even when they are wrong. Life is too short!

    58. Brent Crude at over $85 per barrel,

      $15pb operating costs,

      that leaves $70,000,000 per day that should be used and invested in Scotland.

    59. Alf Baird says:

      Ayeright @ 9:49 pm

      “I thought No voters were also sovereign in Scotland?”

      No voters gave Scottish sovereignty away in 2014. Without sovereignty ‘a nation perishes’.

    60. Republicofscotland says:

      So Westminster has snubbed Peterhead’s fourth bid to set up a carbon capture facility, the technology to capture carbon was invented in Aberdeen. Projects in Humber and Liverpool have been chosen for the UK’s storage of carbon.

      Meanwhile Malcolm Offord whose now a Scotland office minister after being soundly rejected by the electorate in Scotland, but made a lord by Johnson, has said he welcomes the “good” news that Aberdeen has been overlooked by the Tory government.

      When are enough Scots going wake up and realise that they just don’t matter in this onesided union.

    61. Republicofscotland says:

      Well said that man, but for the love of God, tell your bosses at the SNP to act on it.

    62. Breeks says:

      I want to say I’m looking forward to the SNP being humiliated at the polls the way Labour was, and for pretty much the same noxious reasons, but the problem is the SNP has trashed YES and Scottish Independence in the process, while setting dangerous unconstitutional principles which you can bet Westminster will seize upon like a limpit.

      I’m in two minds about Cozyfeet Pete blaming ALBA for everything and anything. He’s very much “wank” rather than “good guy” these days, to use his own parlance, but the visceral hatred he has for ALBA is kinda weird frankly. He’s not going to convince anybody that ALBA is the reason the SNP have proven to be such dismal failures, but it’s perhaps an indication of how badly the SNP need a scapegoat.

      I very much like this article below by Mia. I take it it’s the same Mia who used to comment here regularly before she kept getting stalked by trolls, If you still drop in Mia, big thumbs up from me.

      I don’t know if I’m heartened or disheartened any more. The SNP seem more and more moribund and forlorn, and that might come back to haunt us. A reformed and refocused SNP would be infinitely more useful to Scotland than a party fractured into acrimonious factions. But this dysfunctional, corrupt, and utterly bewildering re-invention of the SNP feels more and more like a yoke round our necks and a monumental liability to the cause.

      I am greatly heartened however that both Barrheadboy and Ian Lawson, who are both team ALBA players, being augmented by Alf Baird and Mia, are now putting Constitutional Sovereignty at the heart of the debate, where it should have been, but wasn’t, from the outset.

      If you study how Unionists (and doubters), react to being confronted by the Constitutional arguments, they have no counter argument. They have nothing to set against the Declaration of Arbroath. They have nothing to defeat the Claim of Right. All they have in their arsenal is denial, as if it’s merely your word against theirs. Let this one sided argument be the theme of our Campaign, like challenging a Unionist to provide a positive case for the Union was back in 2014.

      I think there was a time when the status of Holyrood was ambiguous, and at that time, a timely Constitutional drive to enshrine the Sovereignty of the Scottish people into the very fabric of Holyrood would have set up Holyrood as the Government in Waiting for an Independent Scotland.

      Instead, particularly under Sturgeon, the very reverse has happened, and of all people, it is Sturgeon who has emasculated Holyrood and embraced the Westminster Parliament as it’s Constitutional superior. That is the biggest unholy precedent she has set, and that’s the crossing of the Rubicon which makes Holyrood “theirs” rather than “ours”.

      Accordingly, I think Holyrood will now be peripheral to Constitutional battle that lies ahead, when a Scottish Grand Convention / Committee / Senate whatever you want to call it, enters the fray, and uses this concept of a Plebiscite General Election to end the Union Treaty. I don’t actually think it needs the democratic mandate, the Union Treaty is breached and but our hand is greatly enhanced by having it.

      If I’m correct in my beliefs, with General Salmond steering the strategy, I actually believe a Plebiscite Election will just be the coup de grace for the Union Treaty, which when the time comes, will just be a miserable critter which everybody agrees needs to be put out of its misery.

      As for us footsoldiers… keep the faith with ALBA. Wishart cannot put enough venom and contempt into his description of us as ALBAists, but being an ALBAist will be like the wearing of a blue bunnet. Wear it with pride.

    63. Breeks says:

      Alf Baird says:
      20 October, 2021 at 9:55 am
      Ayeright @ 9:49 pm

      “I thought No voters were also sovereign in Scotland?”

      No voters gave Scottish sovereignty away in 2014. Without sovereignty ‘a nation perishes’.

      I disagree Alf.

      A No vote was just as sovereign as a YES vote. It just affirmed the sovereign will of Scotland was to stay in the Union. It did not forfeit that Sovereignty.

    64. robbo says:

      Chas says:
      20 October, 2021 at 9:39 am

      ‘Off You trot. We can use whatever currency we want- get it!’

      I really should not respond to an individual who, how can I say it politely, lacks knowledge! I would say that do you really want an Independent Scotland to be held to the whims of another country’s fiscal policy? Do you understand what that means?

      I really should not respond to an individual who, how can I say it politely, lacks knowledge!

      You really shouldn’t then .

      Hmmm- I would say that do you really want an Independent Scotland to be held to the whims of another country’s fiscal policy?

      This is an independence forum and kind of the whole point- NO.

      Follow your heart not your head- The head is fickle. The heart or gut feeling tends to lead to a better outcome.

      Get yir big boy pants on Chas. If you’re not up to the fight- butt out. What will be will be.


    65. Republicofscotland says:

      Breeks @ 10.51am.

      Breeks Alf didn’t say no voters aren’t sovereign.

      Breeks you wrote, “It did not forfeit that Sovereignty.” with everything that’s happened post 2014, Brexit etc, it certainly feels that way.

    66. Hatuey says:

      Scot Finlayson says:
      20 October, 2021 at 9:45 am
      Brent Crude at over $85 per barrel,

      $15pb operating costs,

      that leaves $70,000,000 per day that should be used and invested in Scotland.


      I’m sick of the boom and bust nature of oil and energy generally. Time to nationalise the lot, wind, gas, oil, everything. Energy has intrinsic value and usefulness, regardless of market value, and it’s too important to be left in the claws of vultures.

      If the country belongs to the people, and it does, then the resources do too.

      It’s beyond absurd that in an energy rich country like Scotland, many people need to choose between heating and feeding their kids.

      That’s the stuff we should be talking about. I’m sick hearing about this woke crap and about the claim of right. People don’t give a fuck about any of it, and they’re right not to give a fuck.

    67. James Che. says:

      Our sovereignty had been included in a discussion between myself and old labour snp members in 2017,

      The snp thought back then that Scots sovereignty should lye with the snp and the Scottish government,

      One of those snp whom believed this was a mr Stevenson.
      Himself and the ex – labour snp lady accompanying him both disagreed with my spouse and I that it should remain as it had been for hundreds of years, WITH THE SCOTS.

      With that knowledge in mind, it seems to be emerging with the latest politics from the Scottish government that if they cannot own legal they are attempting to steal it.

      When it seemed like I might be crazy over the covid issue a few months ago,
      At the forefront of my mind had been our Scottish sovereignty.
      At the beginning of the pandenic Nicola Sturgeon had said in a interview that lock down could only be advisory in Scotland as the people were sovereign.

      However by this year not only had the Scottish government stopped spouting “ it can only be advisory in Scotland “, she had taken it upon herself to become a tzar of covid and imposed police action or finds, now she on full mode of control of Scots sovereignty by bringing in vaccines passports, injections for young people. And the list continues.

      I was well aware that the snp wanted our ( the people’s ) sovereignty for parliament and had that in mind since early 2017, and I knew the steal would happen by devious methods after what I saw what happened to AS and CM,
      I am left in NO doubt that the SNP think they are the owners of our sovereignty.

      It was time to speak out.

      It has become a driving force to make sure the Scots know they own their sovereignty, not the Scottish government, not the snp, not the treaty of the union nor BJ,

      When we see NS and green goblins enforcing damaging legislation on the Scots in Scotland including hate speech, gender issues, and taken over controlling the freedoms of sovereign Scots Through Westminster covid rules,
      It worries me no end that the snp no longer say, “ In Scotland it can be only advisory “

    68. sarah says:

      @ Tannadice Boy at 10.57 “I am defending the women in my life.. pity to see you toeing the party line…”.

      Eh? Nothing could be further from the truth. I tried to educate my SNP branch on the gender issue, but failed. I have donated to many of the fundraisers opened for the women who have been attacked for their adherence to biological reality e.g. Sarah Phillimore and Marion Millar.

      I don’t know what I said that would make you think otherwise! My btl post was about the document that lays out the easy steps that can be taken right now to regain independence!!

    69. James Che. says:

      At what point do we become owned by the snp,
      At what point do we realise that the singular most important right we have is sovereignty.
      Sovereignty, It appears to be extremely important.

      Enough for the Scottish government to want to own it for the Scottish parliament,
      And important enough for the “ No “ side to want us to shut up about it.

      So a big issue, it is important to every Scot should know they own it, before it is stolen.

    70. James Che. says:


      At least you have tried to make the snp listen, well done.

    71. James Che. says:


      Although like many others here I no longer have faith in waiting for abstract manipulated referendum that is arranged by Westminster or the snp whom are willing to use detrimental legislation against the Scots.

    72. Robert Graham says:

      Patel is asking for update on jabbing by needle outbreaks

      I guess the Irony has passed her and the reporters bye

      I guess there is going to be a worldwide shortage of needles due to the amount being used, to solve this shortage I guess a quick wash will do the trick Ha Ha

    73. James Che. says:

      Not so many posts back I mentioned that I thought there would eventually only be one of two methods for Westminster to deal with the Scots wanting independence.
      They would either have to do BJ agreeing thoughts to exterminate the Scots or allow a fixed referendum.

      I think the referendum will happen as they look better and have more control of the outcome.
      I see the mirror running a story about a referendum in connection with the climate change meetings in Glasgow.
      I suspect they will try keep all cameras away from Scots flags and banners on that day.
      So the mirror may have forwarded the establishment.

    74. James Che. says:

      “So the mirror may have for warned the establishment.”

    75. sarah says:

      @ James Che: thanks for the moral support!

      Re having no faith in a referendum: I agree and had a letter on that subject printed by The National some months ago.

      The referendum included in the Research Group’s Plan of Action is a confirmatory one, two years after the declaration of independence. I see on Crossgate Centre’s twitter that the SNP 1997 manifesto took the same view i.e. a majority of MPs would mean immediate negotiations with Westminster for transition – they expected it would take 6-12 months, followed by a vote.

    76. James Che. says:

      We need to support each other if we have the one aim, Scottish independence.
      As I was trying to say but maybe messed it up,

      Not many people have any faith left in the snp, for a fair referendum or for them to negotiate on our behalf as they have displayed over the last few years animosity and bias towards their own people in Scotland.

      From a personal point of view I stopped believing in their motives when they argued that sovereignty should lye with the Scottish Parliament rather than the Scots themselves.

      That does not take away the appreciation for the likes of yourself whom is still fighting for our rights from a different platform,
      We are all on the same sea, just in different boats.

    77. Republicofscotland says:

      The anti-Scottish hostile entity, and staging post, the Scotland Office, of which just about anyone whose anti-Scottish independence can be parachuted into at a moments notice, which allows them a say on Scotland, has new Lead Non-Executive Director in the shape of former Labour MP Tom Harris.

    78. sarah says:

      @ James Che: it’s my day for not making myself clear! I have had no faith in SNP for some time – the manipulation of the party’s internal democracy, the failure to accept that SNP 1 and 2 was clearly wrong – and no faith in NS due to the continual blocks being put by her on giving the voters a chance to express their view on independence.

      I stuck in the party to try to change things from the inside but it became obvious that they are getting worse so I resigned before the election so that I could campaign for a Super-Max majority i.e. second vote for Alba.

    79. Breeks says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      20 October, 2021 at 1:30 pm

      Breeks you wrote, “It did not forfeit that Sovereignty.” with everything that’s happened post 2014, Brexit etc, it certainly feels that way.

      Forced to agree, but it does my head in. If you don’t stand firm in defence of your sovereignty, then colonial governments like Westminster will take you to the cleaners. They’re not going to piss about while you take forever to get your act together.

      I’ve said it before… They whole unconstitutional dogs breakfast of Devolution was proof that Scotland’s Constitutional guardians, whoever they were, had taken their eye off the ball, and allowed foreign doctrines of Parliamentary sovereignty to encroach in areas where they formerly had no jurisdiction and establish a colonial beachhead in Edinburgh. Westminster has been quietly turning that screw since 1998, and Scotland’s “Governments” have been dumb enough, docile enough, or compliant enough, to go along with the fallacy.

      We’re not losing sovereignty, we’re giving it away without knowing what we’re doing, because we’re led by Constitutionally illiterate charlatans like Sturgeon, who are fully indoctrinated to believe the Unionist narrative, and surprise, surprise, it’s led us to Section 30, a minor clause in the small ‘c’ constitution of a minor devolved assembly, but it’s being allowed to overrule the Sovereign Constitutional Rights of Scotland. Generation upon generation of Scottish ancestors who stood and fought for Scotland’s right to exist must be turning in their graves.

      The saving grace however, I think, is that Scotland’s Constitutional status as Sovereign is not alterable by either Westminster, or Westminster’s puppet Assembly, Holyrood, nor any troop of imbeciles contained therein.

      It also touches upon what Alf Baird was saying earlier… you cannot vote away your sovereignty. One generation of Scots cannot vote away the Constitutional birthright to all future generations of Scots.

      Robert Peffers once commented about sovereignty when either king died or abdicated the sovereignty, the sovereignty was unaltered, but it instantaneously jumped to the next in line so that the instant the sovereign abdicated sovereignty they were no longer sovereign but someone else was.

      It’s all contained in the English expression, “The king is dead. Long live the King”.

      So there are now two arguments to contend with… Could the population of Scotland vote to abdicate it’s sovereignty? Well no, because even if there’s a debate to be had about whether a No vote is still sovereign, you can be certain every YES voter hasn’t renounced their sovereignty, and the Scottish Constitution declares for so long as there a hundred of us less alive, the sovereign Nation of Scotland is quorate.

      So worst case scenario, if you vote NO, arguably (I don’t agree you are), but say you’re voting away your sovereignty, you’re not voting away mine.

    80. Republicofscotland says:

      Excerpts (historical etc) that prove beyond doubt that Scotland is a nation within a union, and that its people (Scots) are sovereign.,subject%20to%20the%20consent%20of%20the%20people.%20%5B15%5D

      Also the GRA allows Northern Ireland to hold a reunification referendum every seven years. Westminster cannot stop NI uniting with the RoI, if people vote for it, just as they can’t stop Scotland from leaving the union.

    81. Republicofscotland says:

      On Scottish sovereignty which there has been much debate about, I hope this puts it to bed once and for all.

      “2012 – The Claim of Right was debated in the Scottish Parliament to allow MSPs to re-endorse the claims of the sovereignty of the Scottish people. At the time the then Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called on all parties to “recommit” to its principles.”

      “2018 – Westminster debates Scotland’s Claim of Right and the motion is resolved unopposed.”

    82. James Che. says:


      Like I mentioned, we are on the same sea in different boats heading for the same destination and shore,
      No one of us is identical, which is a good thing.
      And there are more of us than the opposition let on. Although they have tried to fracture us,
      We are still here 300 years on.

    83. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Breeks says: at 3:34 pm

      Republicofscotland says:
      20 October, 2021 at 1:30 pm

      “Breeks you wrote, “It did not forfeit that Sovereignty.” with everything that’s happened post 2014, Brexit etc, it certainly feels that way.
      The saving grace however, I think, is that Scotland’s Constitutional status as Sovereign is not alterable by either Westminster, or Westminster’s puppet Assembly, Holyrood, nor any troop of imbeciles contained therein.

      It also touches upon what Alf Baird was saying earlier… you cannot vote away your sovereignty. One generation of Scots cannot vote away the Constitutional birthright to all future generations of Scots.”

      This is the crux of Sovereignty. The people have it and cannot give it away.

      A Scot is born with a birthright and retains it until he/she dies. It is the one thing that WM or the SG/SNP has no control over.

      The SG/SNP are only the representatives of the people by virtue of an election.

      King Wilhelm of Orange was accepted as King of England only when he agreed to lend his God given, Divine Right of Sovereignty to the English Parliament.

      He didn’t lose it because he couldn’t sign or give it away, he loaned it out. Betty is the Sovereign but doesn’t use it (At least not openly as we’ve found out in recent years).

    84. James Che. says:


      The links are appreciated, as I like a few others are not wizards of the computer,
      And we in a better place with the backup of connective links.

      Sovereignty as a Scot is the underlying Principle and sound foundation that all human rights,

    85. James Che. says:

      Whoops darn dyslexia and trusting spell checkers sometimes make the conversation just as bad,

      Hope the gist of it came through.

    86. James Che. says:

      Graf Midgehunterhunter.

      Indeed it is a generational birthright and cannot be given away

      However the snp had said in 2017 to my spouse and I that the snp would like that individual Scots sovereignty to be transferred to Scottish Parliament.

      I have no doubt that if we let it happen by deceit of the snp and green coalition we can kiss goodbye to any and all rights as human beings , as men, women, parents and children. To justice and open juries,

      We will become under the state and state owned, state education for our children in an idealogical context.

      Recognising our right of sovereignty above parliamentary sovereignty here in Scotland for the Scots will decide how draconian or totalitarian Scotland will or will not become in the near future.

      The Scots having and realising the meaning of their sovereignty puts brakes on any totalitarian government in Scotland, it also means we have the right to choose a new government if the one sitting acts against our people’s best interests.

    87. Breeks says:

      Graf Midgehunter says:
      20 October, 2021 at 4:46 pm

      This is the crux of Sovereignty. The people have it and cannot give it away.

      It’s also why Brexit was, is, and will be so important, because the unwritten convention of UK Parliamentary Sovereignty relies on the principle that the Union is a consensual Union, where Scotland has indeed “leant” it’s sovereignty. But Brexit, and Scotland’s unconstitutional subjugation contrary to the emphatic will of the sovereign people, blows the myth of sovereignty by consensus out the water.

      Brexit destroys the Treaty of Union, and Independence was there for the taking in 2016.

    88. Scott says:

      Breeks says:
      20 October, 2021 at 10:44 am

      I very much like this article below by Mia. I take it it’s the same Mia who used to comment here regularly before she kept getting stalked by trolls, If you still drop in Mia, big thumbs up from me.

      Totally agree about the quality of Mia’s article.

      Further to the Claim of Right Act 1689 mentioned within, there’s a clause contained within it that makes BoJo’s position as PM untenable, because he is a Catholic.

      “That by the law of this Kingdome no papist can be King or Queen of this realme nor bear any office whatsomever therin nor can any protestant successor exercise the regall power untill he or she swear the Coronation Oath”

      None of this Act of the Scottish Parliament has been repealed or amended, unlike the Union with England Act 1707.

      None of the amending legislation is viewable online as they aren’t currently available in a web-publishable format. Can’t think why that would be. lol

    89. Breeks says:

      Sorry, I meant to say Brexit destroys the Treaty of Union, and Scotland’s subjugation destroys the unwritten convention of sovereignty by consent.

    90. James Che. says:


      And just to clear the air, sovereign people cannot be in any shape or form accused of UDI, if they decide to set up a different parliament or vote as sovereign people on independence for their country.

      The two legal issues of a devolved parliament under the auspices of Westminster have been deliberately confused,
      The devolved parliament swore fealty to the queen.
      And therefore could be accused of UDI.

      The sovereign Scot however did not swear fealty to the queen or Westminster devolved government.
      We did not vote to join the treaty of the union in 1707 and have still not had a vote on wether to join the treaty of the union in present day,
      And the question should be avoided at all costs as it would be England’s Parliament trying to correct a serious error they made in 1707.
      The loophole by which Scotland avoided becoming signed into the treaty of the union.

      And yet we see Westminster let us the Scots remain and retain our sovereignty in the vote in 2018 going uncontested.

      Because Westminster knows that the Scots are still sovereign as Lord Cooper pointed out from England’s parliament which they have built their whole empire on.

      So by default everything about Britain since 1707 has been maintained through falsehoods, bluster and propaganda.

    91. twathater says:

      The problem we have is that we have temporarily invested our SOVEREIGNTY through a supposed democratic election in a shower of liars , incompetents ,frauds and self servers which has been the truth for decades , with apparently only one way to wrest it back from those self servers , and that is to hold another election which unfortunately we have no control over the timing of , unless someone knows a legal method we can utilise , (HELP us and Scotland lawyers)

      We on WOS have been pointing out and SHOUTING OUT for years that a ref is NOT essential for gaining independence , as sovereign Scots there are other avenues that can be pursued and won BUT the problem is not just lazy arse politicians who are ignorant and duplicitous it encompasses the MAJORITY of the population who have never LEARNED or been EDUCATED about it , and NO POLITICIAN will advertise the power we hold over them

    92. sarah says:

      O/T a fundraiser on Scot Goes Pop to reimburse him for some costs he has incurred in commissioning a new poll on GRA plus some independence questions.

      It looks like a good cause IMO.

    93. Dorothy Devine says:

      I have just been told that the new Superman cartoon/film is to feature a bisexual Superman – can anyone confirm this particular
      bend in the road?

    94. Dan says:

      @ Dorothy Devine

      I noticed that trending a week back but couldn’t be arsed checking it out as was really hoping the new Superman / personthing would be a Tesla driving vegan dressed in eco-friendly farmed hemp clothing.
      Coz if one is really super and concerned with saving the world then those things are more important than what you’re shagging.

    95. James Che. says:


      Just like all those before me, That was the point of my trying to to disintangle the fiction of the treaty of the union.
      The problem I have is I am not on any social media platform at all, neither is my spouse, to spread this to a wider audience.
      I am hoping those that can will,

      It must be pointed out to as many as possible that ( the three estates ) in 1707 did not have freedom of untrammelled sovereignty to act on behave on behalf of the whole of Scotland when it agreed to the signing the treaty of the union.

      And that Scots never voted to join the treaty of the union in 1707,
      Nor have they ever been asked to vote to join the treaty of the union to this day,

      The outcome of all these legalities is that the Scots are not in the treaty of the union at all and never have been,
      That the Scots and Scotland remain sovereign as a separate entity from the union with England.

      However those that supposedly signed Scotland away illegally and received financial rewards for signing the treaty are beholden to the old English parliament for falsely doing so. For falsely claiming to be in complete ownership of Scotland and its sovereign people in 1707.

    96. James Che. says:

      Invested our sovereignty in a democratic vote ?

      How real is sovereignty when acted upon.

      Well I suppose it comes down to,

      If we vote a group of people in to act on our behalf in the best interests of all the people Scotland and we have given them more than one mandate for our country to become independent and to do this for a number of years,

      Then we the people can claim they the group have not acted in the way we asked for, they are acting independently from the wishes of the majority, and not followed the reason we voted them in for.
      They have also bought in laws that we did not vote them in for.
      They have also joined in a coalition with the Green Party, which we the Scots did not vote for.
      Non of the above reasons were on their ( the SNPs) manifesto before the election.

      They have entered as into the election by deceit.
      They are not acting in accordance with the Scottish populations vote

      This is where being sovereign above parliament courts.

      We have the democratic right to dismiss them.
      And hold a new vote/ election.

      As sovereign Scots with the claim of right, to choose a new government.

      It is up to the people to arrange this.

    97. robbo says:


      Re superman thinghy. Yes it was on news few days ago. I saw the clip of Christopher Biggins saying it was madness and of corse that chube of a man Richard Madley had a go at him on GMT.

    98. Dan says:

      Hatuey says: at 2:10 pm

      I’m sick of the boom and bust nature of oil and energy generally. Time to nationalise the lot, wind, gas, oil, everything. Energy has intrinsic value and usefulness, regardless of market value, and it’s too important to be left in the claws of vultures.

      If the country belongs to the people, and it does, then the resources do too.

      It’s beyond absurd that in an energy rich country like Scotland, many people need to choose between heating and feeding their kids.

      That’s the stuff we should be talking about…

      Aye, it would be grand to hear folk’s views on this. I happened to be driving with the radio yesterday and caught 30 seconds of some incentives being put up for folk to fit heat pumps to their houses.
      It’s like groundhog day with this tinkering around the edges of the issues.
      Just like when solar was launched, there were FIT payments to make it more “viable” for well off homeowners to fit panels to their houses.
      At least solar panels were silent. Individual heatpumps on houses can create a load of noise with the resonance of the fans blowing, thus creating noise where it was once silent, and neighbour antagonism because of it.

      I pointed out previously that all these households taking on the responsibility for a eco device means they also have to deal with ongoing servicing and maintenance costs.
      Why the heck can’t we embrace the economies of scale and remove all this faffing about with these numerous installations with associated incentive grant costs and administration, and just supply all households with silent, reasonably priced leccy generated by the abundance of renewables we have here in Scotland.

    99. Robert Hughes says:

      ” Why the heck can’t we embrace the economies of scale and remove all this faffing about with these numerous installations with associated incentive grant costs and administration, and just supply all households with silent, reasonably priced leccy generated by the abundance of renewables we have here in Scotland.”

      Because of the hegemony of Neo Liberal/Capitalism .

      There must always be some Private Corporation/Business making fat profits , thereby reducing the amount of money that could – should – be used for it’s notional purpose ie to improve the lives of citizens .

      A system so obviously flawed and skewed to enrich a tiny % and one NSNP have embraced unquestioningly


    100. Dan says:

      @ Robert Hughes

      Aye, but do we really not have any politicians who have the ability to see beyond the current setup and make political capital out of the situation.
      So many properties are unsuitable to fit solar panels or heat pumps to for numerous reasons.
      If those in power were really serious about making a significant impact on reducing emissions, a strategy that made it easier for far more households to be included would make more sense.
      Here’s too wee Scotland, jist powering itself and still managing to export more than we are using.

    101. Robert Hughes says:


      We seem to be moving further away from it – to an ever more centralised concentration of power – but a true devolution of power to local communities is the only answer to the questions you pose .

      People – generally – know what’s best for the communities they live in , but rarely have the means to create them : or the power to resist what gets imposed on them

    102. John Main says:

      Dan – 20 October, 2021 at 7:26 pm

      “If the country belongs to the people, and it does, then the resources do too.”

      The reality is that some people representing themselves, companies, trusts, etc. have pieces of paper proving ownership of these resources, plus funds to employ armies of smart lawyers who will stop any attempt to take those ownership rights away.

      I am pretty sure that some kind of statute of limitations rule is pragmatically applied, AKA sanity. A lawyer can prove legal transfer of title from the previous owner. The previous owner will have legal transfer of title from the owner before that. And so on, back for a couple of hundred years until everybody loses interest and the case is thrown out. Nobody is ever going to go back to 1707 and argue that every title or deed of ownership in Scotland since that date is by definition illegal because that treaty was illegal.

      You can shoot the messenger if you like, but I would much rather if you could describe some plausible, feasible policy or process by which these ownership rights could be rescinded and transferred to some kind of not-for-profit holding organisation that would manage these resources for the benefit of the Scots.

      Wishful thinking won’t cut it.

    103. Dorothy Devine says:

      Dan,and there was me thinking all super heroes were asexual.

    104. Tommo says:

      That is largely due to the tight underwear

    105. Dorothy Devine says:

      Thanks Tommo!

    106. Hatuey says:

      Daft guy: “You can shoot the messenger if you like”

      I have no interest in shooting the messenger; I find his stupidity mildly amusing which counts for a lot on here these days.

      I also have no interest in overturning established laws when it comes to property rights and would suggest that the government makes it a goal to buy back those assets at a fair price, as has happened in countless other countries (and here in the UK too) when industries were nationalised.

      I have no idea where you got the idea that I was proposing anything other than the above. It’s the standard way of doing it outside of taking over companies in distress.

      That said, we all know that the Government can play hardball — through licensing, regulation, and even taxation — if there’s a lack of cooperation exhibited, although I don’t know why there would be.

      Do at least try to be intelligent in the things you type here.

    107. Hatuey says:

      Robert Hughes: “There must always be some Private Corporation/Business making fat profits , thereby reducing the amount of money that could – should – be used for it’s notional purpose ie to improve the lives of citizens .”

      I have nothing against the free market. I actually like a lot of what it does, but you’d need to be nuts to leave energy to the free market.

      The fact is the free market hasn’t worked when it comes to energy. Look at the number of gas companies that just died, leaving millions totally screwed going into the winter.

      Nuclear power is totally dependent on tax payer subsidies, as is renewables when you get right into it; the private sector only gets involved after the tax payer has done all the work and taken all the risks — it’s the old story, ‘public costs and private profits’.

      Oil is the most costly and tax-payer dependent of them all when you factor in the wars and mayhem that the industry causes, not to mention the environmental damage.

      There’s nothing free about a market that depends on bombing and robbing people.

      It’s time the world grew up when it comes to this stuff. And the time is right. Scotland could lead the way.

    108. robbo says:

      Rhona Grant is the thickest politician next to Oliver Mundell

      Debate Night clown

    109. James Che. says:

      I do not think we will have to worry about any of these things like power supplies or water supplies, housing once our world leaders have all agreed to use covid lockdowns and climate change and re-wild the globe to collapse our economies around the world.

      They already have a plan in place.
      To build back better.

      With most people being controlled with ID passports, face recognition, energy powered smart homes built to be stacked up in tiny spaces in cities and towns around the world.

      Your travel ability will be points based and controlled remotely by government.

      You will all work or live on the same minimum wage.
      And just like with covid, if you do not comply you will lose you’re low paid job and you’re state owned home, and face penalties an fines.

      The country side will be of limits to the city and town dwellers, and the circumference you will be allowed to travel away from home will be limited to you’re work hours.
      You will own nothing.
      And children will be raised by the state as sex toys and future slaves.

      You’re medical care will depend on you’re compliance with the state. And a points based system.
      Working towards a pension will be a fruitless effort, because the state will exterminate non contributing humans as they did in care homes around the world recently.

      Before “ BUILD BACK BETTER “ can happen in the future for the super rich and landowners in of the new world
      First they have to collapse the old system,
      the old businesses,
      The old family networks
      The police.
      The fire brigades.
      The NHS.
      The communities,
      The interaction between people.
      Local shops.
      Private access to the internet.
      Restrict freedom of speech.
      Limit and ban protests.
      No face to face personal link or access to local authorities and local amenities except by remote permission.
      Dis-gender individuals and produce laboratory children.
      All surround protection for leaders to separate from the commoner.

      For those that think I am being sarcastic or just joking,
      Tic of the ones that sound familiar to you in Scotland.
      Then tic of the ones that you are aware of around the world.

    110. Robert Hughes says:

      Hatuey .

      Agreed .

      That ” could ” is a source of hope – and deep frustration that it isn’t

    111. Robert Hughes says:


      The future you depict is a plausible POTENTIAL one .

      Nothing is inevitable .

      Having nothing might be ok . If everyone has nothing .

      I agree the trends are * concerning * . It’s all to do with power : who has it , and what are they doing with it .

      ” Same as it ever was ”

      ” Remain in light “

    112. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Just a reminder to everyone from a small, cold Nation of football giants. 🙂 (Not forgetting G.B. of course.)

      If your sovereign, why are you waiting for something to happen?

    113. robbo says:

      The city that black gold built. It’s not Aberdeen!

    114. Ottomanboi says:

      Glasgow welcomes the world, well almost, at COCKUP26.
      Hope the visitors get the genuine third world vibe.
      On the menu deep fried cigs washed down with tonic, the wine that is, a good coughing session and a zoom consultation with some GP, if s/he is not otherwise engaged.
      Glasgow desperately needs infrastructural investment, the sort that London (and Palestine) take as normative, so hope the begging bowl is well placed.
      Just like home…..alms for the love of allah!
      The SNP authority rules!
      LOL, LOL, LOL….

    115. Hatuey says:

      The sick thing, otto, is that they’re going to use Glasgow as some sort of post-industrial success story. The delegates will only get to see the 4 square feet of the city that has WiFi and a Costa.

      Maybe that’s for the best. An honest account of Glasgow’s crime, unemployment, and poor health wouldn’t inspire anyone to try and save the planet. The truth of Glasgow drives most people to drugs, drink, and nihilism, not environmentalism.

      But it’s the ‘London effect’ that I want to tell them about, not the fabled ‘Glasgow effect’. A decade of transformational Thatcherism was all it took to invert the city’s 300 years of industrial and engineering success.

      Who will be first to tell them the city’s name means ‘dear green place’ in Gaelic? Nicola? Boris? Or some authentic Glaswegian asswipe with a “like me, like me” west end accent?

      Can anyone imagine a more negative motto for a city than;


      If we are going to be morbid assholes, we should at least update it. Here’s my suggestion for a new motto;

      “Here’s the father that never worked, here’s the son that’s truly fucked, here’s the daughter that never hoped, here’s the mum that never coped…”

      Welcome to Glasgow.

    116. Republicofscotland says:

      “Can anyone imagine a more negative motto for a city than;”



      Believe it or not Hatuey the above are siad to be the miracles of St Kentigern or as he was better known in Glasgow, (once called Cathures) St Mungo or just Mungo who’s crypt can be found in High Kirk, near the main Necorpolis in Glasgow.

      A wee bit of info.

      “St Mungo is the patron saint of Glasgow. Ever since he settled there in the 6th century, stories of his life give him a mythical status. He brought a robin back to life, brought a fire to life from a hazel tree branch, and was gifted a handbell by the Pope. His most famous legend is the ring and the fish. A Queen formed a close relationship with a knight, and gifted her ring given to her by the King. The King found out, and while out hunting, removed ring as the knight was sleeping, and threw it into the River Clyde. Back at the castle, the King demanded the ring from his Queen, threatening her life. She pleaded for ring back from the knight – but of course this was impossible. The desperate Queen confessed to St Mungo, who sent one of his monks to go fishing, and to bring back the first fish caught. He did so and St Mungo took the lost ring from the fish’s mouth, saving the Queen’s life and marriage.”

      “Today, the miracles of St Mungo can be seen on the Glasgow coat of arms, and all around the city.”

    117. Dan says:

      @ ROS

      St Mungo’s skills were of the era.
      In the late 20th century in a world full of numpties you could obtain legend status if you were able to revive a drill by holding the dark art skills of being able to clean up the commutator and install a replacement pair of brushes in a Black n Decker, or beat the spring and correctly fit a new pull cord into the recoil starter mechanism of a Briggs n Stratton mower engine.
      Being able to tune a carburetor properly with the myriad jet options also elevates one to Superthang status.
      The Pretenders even had a song about the latter… Got Brass in Pocket.

      Of course those internal combustion related skills are now being pressurised into being bad and redundant by the Thunderberg zealots, who think they can fix everything and even cut grass using a laptop or smartphone.

      But now, in the early 21st century, legend status can be obtained by managing to change your sex simply by using the power of thought, and sort out whatever the fuck the latest Windoes “upgrade” has done to you computer…

    118. Cenchos says:

      Glasgow’s actual motto is ‘Let Glasgow Flourish,’ which is pretty apt for a climate conference.

    119. James Che. says:

      And the road we choose to walk is our choice,

    120. James Che. says:


      Lack of self believe, lack of confidence, lack of an organiser,
      Is the answer.

    121. James Che. says:


      For a moment in time, for a specific event it may be apt,

      But for the rest of the year, or the disinfranchised. The poor, the homeless the food banks, the unemployed no so.

    122. Hatuey says:

      I’m vaguely familiar with all that, RoS. But it resonates in a deeply negative way, regardless.

      I go between east and west a lot in central Scotland, usually once or twice per week, and it’s apparent to me that Glasgow and most of the surrounding areas are deeply deprived and lacking economically, in both relative and objective terms.

      Even so, I prefer the west and Glasgow. Does anyone like Edinburgh? I can’t stand the place.

    123. Cenchos says:

      COP26 is simply a greenwashed lobbying bukake-fest for the elite to ejaculate their smug virtue onto the face of Mother Earth. Again.

    124. Breeks says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      21 October, 2021 at 11:16 am

      ….He brought brought a fire to life from a hazel tree branch…

      That bit actually has more resonance than you might think.

      Back in medieval times, people believed that bad luck or disease was caused by bad air or miasma. I don’t know the full details of the folklore, but one way to ward of this “evil” was to extinguish every fire in the village or settlement, and set a new “clean” fire made from scratch, such as rubbing two sticks together. Then every household would take a light from this new fire back to their own hearths.

      It was a kind of pagan tradition that Scotland shared with other parts of Europe, and called need-fire or neat-fire.,in%20the%20Scottish%20Highlands%20until%20a%20recent%20date.

      People think that “purification” by fire means burning everything to a crisp and starting over, but I think the origins of the purification comes from Pagan beliefs and superstition.

      But getting back to St Mungo rekindling a fire from hazel wood… it’s quite probable / possible this was Christianity doing what Christianity typically did with Pagan traditions… the same way they’d build their chapels on Pagan shrines etc.

    125. James Che. says:


      I like you’re assentment of the puppet manovrued NS, and in general whose side are the snp on.
      Of the the many times that the treaty of the union is not only in tatters, broken beyond it original agreement.
      but used as convenient hold over Scotland only when the Westminster parliament need a club to beat Scotland,

      The interference from a monarch that is not supposed to interfere.
      And the abuse of Scots laws being under the England’s Supreme Court as over seer that is a broken treaty.

      For me the treaty of the union today is farce, a one sided treaty that does not hold any water in the legal sense.
      But also the actual legal position in its origins is null and void to Scotland, Scots and its country.
      For We the sovereign Scot did not vote for our people or country to join the treaty of the union in 1707,
      Not then or now,
      It has been a presumption acted upon of the Three Estates and the Commissioners in 1707 that they were sovereign over all of Scotland at that time,
      As Lord Cooper pointed out in the court of sessions 1953 this was not the reality of their position at that time to even incorporate Scotland into the treaty of the union.

      Changing the subject,
      I am glad you are still writing and commenting such a good peace as this,
      You may have had to change venues due to the bullying of the trolls WOS towards yourself.

      It just proves the point of why they wanted to shut you down.
      You have written a good well articulated piece on the broken treaty of the union, and I am happy you did not give up.

    126. Republicofscotland says:

      Breeks @ 1.32pm.

      Indeed, I think you’ll find that some so called miracles often attributed to saints in the past could not possibly be explained, even events from the bible such as the Burning Bush, could be in reality be a natural occurrence.

      During Jacobite wars for the heart of Scotland the Marquis of Tullibardine, saw what he called the king of birds, the Golden Eagle, hover over the arriving ship of Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) he saw that as a good omen.

      On the otherside of that coin, when the Highlanders under Prince Charlie crossed over into England, (They thought England bad luck) to a man unprompted they swung round 180 degrees and drew their swords pointing them towards Scotland as if in a salute, Atholl who led a detachment, nicked his finger on drawing his sword, and it was seen as bad luck.

      Good or bad omens can often influence the outcome of events, the church and the saints have built their foundations and reputations on such omens and so called miracles.

    127. vlad (not that one) says:

      Suggesting priorities of the day:
      (a) Get Craig Murray out.
      (b) Get Nicola out.
      In any order.

      Keith Brown could do (a) at a stroke of the pen.

    128. Republicofscotland says:

      Dan @11.47am.

      Yes Dan, having the skills especially in ancient times to accomplish what would have been seen as impossible could I suppose be seen in a divine fashion.

    129. Ron Maclean says:

      Interesting post “That Franchise” by Mia on

    130. Breeks says:

      Given the number of blogs we have, given the burgeoning new media we have, where we have articles like Through a Scottish prism, isn’t there something missing?

      Where are all the interviews with all the flat tyres in the SNP? Are they being approached for comment and interviews? Are they being asked and declining, or not being asked?

      Do we, the people, need to attend hustings just to see a flop from the SNP exposed to rigorous questions?

      The BritNat media isn’t going to press the languid SNP for answers. Why aren’t we doing it? Get these charlatans in front of a video camera and ask them what the fk they’re playing at.

      There’s Barrheadboy, with three belting guest articles by Mia. Brilliant. So where is the reaction from the SNP to the issues raised? We should be pressing the SNP for a formal reaction, not just Twitter reactions, I mean formal statements, or all Hell to pay if our so-called Government shuns the interaction.

    131. James Che. says:

      Ron Maclean.

      Very interesting and well articulated. And recommended reading.

      Mia raises many valid points, and

      I for one no longer believe that a referendum on “do we want to remain in the treaty of the union” is the correct way to go forward for Scottish independence,
      Nor a valid question or method run by the same parliaments that have ignored the facts of and reneged on that treaty if it ever existed for the Scots.

      Or with/by the monarchs approvel of a referendum by the same said monarchs that have interfered and help break the treaty of the union articles.

      I am more inclined than ever to think that we the Scots are not in a treaty with England since 1707.
      I am also of the opinion that if Westminster continue to contrive we were, they themselves have demolished it legal context and meaning from its original.
      For if it is a treaty between TWO countries, that Westminster wished to abide by as a legal reason for Britain to exist.
      Why does Westminster think it inherited both sides of the treaty.
      It did not.
      But thinks it did.
      The reflection on Westminster parliament and politicians to suppose it owns both treaty’s, The Scots side of the treaty and England’s side of the is based on arrogance. Rather than reality.
      For if it purely belong to England they would not have needed to agree to a treaty with Scotland in the first instance.
      The treaty if exists is legal for both Scotland and England kingdoms of old, except for one small hiccup.
      The monarch of Scotland did not sign over his kingdom into a treaty with England in 1707.

      1) because the Scottish monarch had fled out of the country, so did not agree to it.

      2) because the Three Estates and the commissioners were not sovereign in 1707.

      3) The monarchy had signed its sovereignty over to the Scots as a people and a nation under the Declaration of Arbroath, which has never been retracted.

      4) it cannot be retracted unless the Scots wish to hand their legal sovereignty back personally as individuals..

    132. Breeks says:

      James Che. says:
      21 October, 2021 at 3:14 pm

      3) The monarchy had signed its sovereignty over to the Scots as a people and a nation under the Declaration of Arbroath, which has never been retracted…

      Not exactly disagreeing with you, but back in 2014 I was picked up for saying something similar, and it was pointed out to me that Scotland’s kings didn’t have a history of typical sovereignty, but rather they had always been put into office and kept there by the will of the people. There’s a word for it he used, but I just can’t remember what it was.

      Scotland was never part of the fold which suddenly deviated from convention and chose a different path, things here had always been done differently. The Declaration of Arbroath didn’t invent the principle, but simply got it right for the way it was.

    133. James Che. says:

      The closet answer I can supply is that the snp avoid the “ yes” movement and deep questioning like we have the recent virus, like the yes movement are scum or dirt.

      They have a deep fear of being found out for wearing the wrong coat. So far as they can they avoid being questioned by the real public.
      If they were on the same trench as the rest of us they would not have disassociated themselves from their membership and blocked us as Mr Murrells did.

      We know they are not with us, we know we are no longer able to protest at Holyrude when the public do not agree,
      We know they have cordoned themselves off from the Scots nation and country,
      We therefore know they are not going to Do interviews.

      We would be better calling them out in public on social media until it gets their goat,
      We can also mount a champeign for “ The Sovereign Scots say SNP/ greens coalition OUT” on social Media. Seeing as that was not the result of our last election vote.

      There are many good bloggers, with excellent well articulated articles and facts.
      These need to be shared and reposted to as many as possible, as that is the option media available to us.

      If anyone here can give advise to those of us not computer literate how to post, copy and paste and submit, how to join twitter or Facebook and spread the real message further.
      For it is us by helping each other, by supporting each other, by writing articles that will eventually bypass the MSM media obstacles and the the SNPs revulsion to being interviewed by the Yes movement.

      When they become aware how tenuous their position actually is with the public.
      For at the present the MSM is protecting them from any verbal comments or opinions of the YES movement.

    134. James Che. says:


      You’re point may be more accurate and I would cheeky enough to ask that it is more historically put into context for myself and many others here to understand.

      However as you say the result got it right for the Scottish people.

      Unless you think that may be wrong too.
      I am always willing to learn.

    135. Scott says:

      James Che. says:
      21 October, 2021 at 3:57 pm

      If anyone here can give advise to those of us not computer literate how to post, copy and paste and submit, how to join twitter or Facebook and spread the real message further.

      Joining twatter or facefuck is easy, so not sure why you need advice…

    136. Jamie says:

      Could this be a useful tool in getting out controversial messages that twitter will ban?

    137. Breeks says:

      James Che. says:
      21 October, 2021 at 4:06 pm

      You’re point may be more accurate and I would cheeky enough to ask that it is more historically put into context for myself and many others here to understand.

      I can’t as such. There’s nothing I can refer you to, but the discussion as I remember it was that Scotland didn’t have a sovereign as such, because nobody got to the “top” as such without the support of the various clans and clan chieftains, and similar factions in the church.

      In essence, that’s probably the predecessor of the three Estates concept, – rather than any ethereal or divine “appointment by God” principle, (as was common elsewhere), if you didn’t have the terrestrial support of particular people, you weren’t going to be king very long.

      An English King was sovereign with only God above him. A Scottish King was more like a managing director, and answerable to the shareholders, thus making the shareholders technically sovereign.

    138. James Che. says:

      Thanks for the explanation.
      So we can presume that shareholders = actually originally meant people,

      And as to the outcome of the Declaration of Arbroath for the Scots, Where does that place the sovereignty we are discussing.

    139. Republicofscotland says:

      “In essence, that’s probably the predecessor of the three Estates concept, – rather than any ethereal or divine “appointment by God” principle, (as was common elsewhere), if you didn’t have the terrestrial support of particular people, you weren’t going to be king very long.

      An English King was sovereign with only God above him. A Scottish King was more like a managing director, and answerable to the shareholders, thus making the shareholders technically sovereign.”

      Breeks @5.19pm.

      Yes, the church played a major rule in supporting the monarch of the day, in days gone by in Scotland, the church in Scotland supported Robert the Bruce to the throne, more in self preservation than in favour, especially when the Bruce all but finished of John Comyn in a church, that aside the king of England Edward Ist tried to replace the Scots clergy with an English one so the Bruce received their support.

      As for your second paragraph, that wasn’t always the case, kings were chosen on merit prior to William the Conquerer who was crowned king on Christmas Day.

      Incidentally the Bruce like William the Conqueror, is of Norman descent.

    140. Benhope says:

      Scotland`s cricket team beat Oman to reach the last 12 in the T20 world cup for the first time.
      Well done to the team and let`s have some more victories against the big guns.

    141. twathater says:

      @ Breeks 3.11pm regarding your comment that the bloggers are not getting the SNP planks in the room to interview them , or my preference INTERROGATE them for their lies and corruption

      I posted a comment asking Iain Lawson to set up and lead a committee of bloggers who we all support and frequent to DEMAND a meeting with Sturgeon to CHALLENGE her on why she REFUSES to use our SOVEREIGNTY to dissolve the treaty or why she refuses to set out a plebiscite election , even if she refuses a meeting it would inform others of her contempt for independence supporters and may even result in drawing attention from the meeja

      Iain responded that it may not be advantageous to do it now because we don’t all agree with each other re the direction of travel or how to get there , in other words some bloggers disagree with other bloggers exposing Sturgeon and her crew of frauds as frauds

      I responded to Iain with reasons why we NEEDED to do it , if you or anyone else is interested in reading the response it is on his blog

      I put forward a proposal a year ago , to produce a pro forma document that everyone could download and sign individually , to threaten Sturgeon and her SNP cowards that if she did NOT consent to a plebiscite election and shelve the GRA and HCB we the people would NOT vote for her ,naebody was interested I even asked the Rev to support the idea (silence)

      MAY 2021 Sturgeon both votes SNP won the election and has SHIT on everybody ever since , the ONLY way we will win anything is to get rid of her OR FORCE HER TO ACT and the only way we can do that is through pressure of numbers

      Iain Lawson and Roddy barrheadboy McLeod have PROVEN the PRISM WORKS and is educational , the guest bloggers they have on are stalwart indy supporters , there is NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN by DEMANDING an audience , we HAVE to do something , marches are just ignored by her and the/her media

    142. James Che. says:

      The connections between Christianity and kings in Scotland goes further back,
      For it was incoming early Christians from the likes of Ireland that approached smaller clan chieftains and small kingdoms in Scotland asking for a piece of land to set up Christian sites

      Most early churches were built here with the permission of these kings, often on sites already worshipped by locals as their version of their god or dieties,

      Thus the relationship between Christianity, kings chieftains and churches resulted relatively early in Scotland.
      Today I still visit these places from early Scots history, that can be found by the descriptive explanatory place names,
      And I enjoy looking for the lost ones in history.

    143. John Main says:

      @Hatuey – 20 Oct 9:56 pm

      “I would suggest that the government makes it a goal to buy back those [renewable] assets at a fair price”

      So what would a fair price be? We are talking about all the renewable resources of Scotland, which is blessed with so much of these (allegedly) that it can be self-sufficient in energy and have so much surplus to export that we all be rich (allegedly). And this cornucopia will be limitless and endless as long as the wind blows. What’s this fair price then? What currency is it paid in? Who is it borrowed from and over what period?

      I asked for a plausible, feasible process. You tell me you have a suggestion for a goal. Don’t tell me you are channeling your inner Martin Luther King here Hatuey: “I have a suggestion for a goal!”. With firebrand ideas like that, you obviously missed your true vocation.

      “If there’s a lack of cooperation exhibited …”

      There may just be Hatuey, don’t you think? The owners of resources which are inexhaustible and therefore arguably of infinite value may well think their interests are best served by holding onto them.

      “Do at least try to be intelligent in the things you type here.”

      I am so sorry Hatuey, but tell you what. You go ahead and show us how it is done. I’m waiting but no rush, you take your time.

    144. Tannadice Boy says:

      @John Main 8:30pm
      Alex Salmond: Scotland is the Saudi Arabia of renewables. We never followed it through. A gross lack of engineering skills but more importantly a lack of political will. Little investment, little understanding of what needed to be done. A missed opportunity. Is it still there?. Yes it is but I wouldn’t hold out much hope. The structural and political outlook is adverse. We have failed policies deciding policy. A current FM who has the strategic vision of Mr MacGoo.

    145. Fireproofjim says:


    146. Effigy says:

      On renewables, at Indy ref one there was among the many lies that
      made up the Vow a promise of £3 Billion for Scottish renewable investment.

      That of course was soon cancelled and now Europe’s largest renewables project is
      Off shore in the North East of England.

      The company who won the project are Norwegian.
      Norway won its independence, gets to keep all of its
      vast oil wealth for its people and now gets the profits
      from these wind farm projects.

      I presume there were no available Tory donor companies capable
      of taking on the contract that will aid England with Scotland chipping in 10% of the cost

      New Bojo trade deal with New Zealand.
      Who thinks importing their lamb will bankrupt U.K. farmers?
      Will the lamb be as fresh after sailing across 12,000 miles.
      Is all that diesel fuel for a trip half way around the globe carbon friendly?
      How can it be NZ farmers can pay such massive transport costs and under cut U.K. prices.
      When U.K. farmers pack up, will NZ lamb go up substantially in price?

    147. Hatuey says:

      An angry simpleton in the cheap seats shouts: “So what would a fair price be?”

      There are reasonably well defined ways of determining the value of a company. Go Google it.

      “I asked for a plausible, feasible process.”

      You didn’t actually.

    148. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Effigy 10:25pm
      I am confident you have never made a living out of renewables. I have because I am an engineer. A degree in engineering, conditions you to retrain. Of course we failed. This has nothing to do with England. Nothing to do with the Union. The solution was in our hands. We failed to capitalise on the resources we had to hand. And policies that were designed to destroy the renewable momentum eg BiFab workers. I know it doesn’t fit the narrative. I could present solutions. Strategic and operational solutions but why should I?. When the SG can’t tell me who my aunt or uncle are?. We will never be an Independent country until we are capable of Independent thought.

    149. Robert Hughes says:

      ” When U.K. farmers pack up, will NZ lamb go up substantially in price? ”

      Yes , it will .

      A further question ….

      What will happen with the land * freed-up * when farming joins the other industries destroyed by * Free * Market economics ?

      On the eve of COPout 26 ( back in the kitchen Sturgeon , get that tea made ) we’re being told to hail the * success * of a trade deal involving importing produce from about as far away as possible , at the expense of our locally sourced produce .

      Green wash + Brain wash = White wash

    150. willie says:

      Harsh words Tannadice Boy.

      But oh so absolutely true. As for our engineering base, our manufacturing base, well why would you want to be an engineer when you can aspire to work in retail, KFC, McDonalds.

      Ah, who is like us. We are world champions, top of the league, best educated, free and of independent mind.

      And it shows.

    151. wull says:

      Tom @ 8.53: That piece by Robin McAlpine is devastating. Should we all copy, paste and send it to our local MSP and MP? Or indeed to every MSP in Holyrood, and every Scottish MP in Westminster. Of whatever Party…

      Then watch, to see if there is any take-up, and pursuance of the matter, by any of them. If SNP members of either chamber do not take it up, let’s keep asking them why they are not doing something about it.

      And if your MSP (whether constituency or list) and/or MP belongs to one of the other Parties, keep asking them why they are not doing their job. Why, on such an important issue, are they protecting Sturgeon and the SNP? Such ‘protection’ on their part does not make sense (it is neither in their interest, nor, as opponents of the SNP, what they were elected or chosen for).

      I know such a strategy will seem to many a sort of disloyalty to the SNP. But this is an issue which goes far beyond Party politics, or loyalties. Especially if you have a relative who died of COVID 19 in a care home in Scotland. Or, indeed, a relative who resides in one, and ought to have been provided with the proper degree of care and protection that she or he needs, and deserves.

      This simply isn’t good enough from the Government of Scotland, and if its Executive is involved in a cover-up of it, it is above all up to the Opposition MSPs and MPs to expose it.

      At the same time, it is also up to SNP MSPs and MPs to stand up for their constituents if or when the Executive fails in its duty, misbehaves, lies or obfuscates in order to hide its malice or incompetence. They were not elected to defend the indefensible. Let them know that we want proper accountability to be exercised. Put pressure on them.

      There certainly needs to be pressure put on Sturgeon, from all sides. The more the opposition piles it on to her, and scores tangible hits which (eventually!) the media cannot fail to report, the more her position will become untenable, even within her own Party.

      If you will forgive the Dutch analogy, you only need to breach the dyke a little bit, and then a little bit more and then – all of a sudden – the whole dyke will come crumbling down. The better the opposition does its job in regard to the current leader the more the forces trying to keep the dyke up and in place will lose strength, begin to wobble and, after one or two desert, finally give up. The more they begin to realise their own jobs – their own cushey numbers – are going to threatened by her maintaining her position, the faster and sooner they themselves will ditch her.

    152. Why did the golfer changes his socks?

      Because he got a hole in one!

      (Thanks Alexa!)

    153. Breeks says:

      wull says:
      22 October, 2021 at 10:21 am
      Tom @ 8.53: That piece by Robin McAlpine is devastating. Should we all copy, paste and send it to our local MSP and MP? Or indeed to every MSP in Holyrood, and every Scottish MP in Westminster. Of whatever Party…

      I can’t lie, I find myself glazing over just at the mention of Covid.

      Make a sentence which contains the words SNP, COVID and Inquiry, and I’m already running for the door, and knocking grannies and children out of the way to get there.

      It’s not that Covid isn’t or wasn’t important, but I feel there are monumentally bigger grievances we should be having with Sturgeon besides her starring role in the COVID soap opera.

      Scotland’s Brexit, unconstitutional subjugation, the undermining of sovereignty, the undermining of Salmond, the tawdry conspiracy, the squandered mandates, the crap Joanna Cherry has had to deal with, the Trans Nutter Infestation, the disappearing fighting fund, the jailing of Craig Murray, the Ferries fiasco, the Renewables fiasco, the Stonewall fiasco, the Schools fiasco, (which one?), and we’ve not even got to any super injunctions ye, and of course the absolute betrayal of Scottish Independence when it was right there for the taking… Ah but Covid?

      If we’d addressed her feckless incompetence and dismal leadership at a critical time in 2016, she wouldn’t have been in Office to bungle COVID19. We have all that we need to get the impeachment ball rolling, without listening to another inquiry and an Oscar winning performance from the Betrayer in Chief.

      We also have a Nation to hold together, and a Constitution to defend. And Sturgeon will find that publicity and exposure much less to her liking.

    154. Hatuey says:

      Wull: “But this is an issue which goes far beyond Party politics, or loyalties.”

      I concur. And anyone who says an issue like this shouldn’t be politicised is actually politicising it.

      Robin McAlpine could have gone further. It is alleged that Sturgeon broke the ministerial code over the Nike conference cover-up. If what Robin is saying is true, she possibly done so to protect the commercial interests of the hotel involved, putting those interests above the health of the Scottish people.

      The herd immunity strategy was insane and cost thousands of lives in Scotland. Many said so at the time and, like those who advised a more honest response to the Nike conference outbreak, were ignored.

      Sturgeon wanted to grandstand and take the credit personally for managing the pandemic. That was the priority from the start and it blinded her to the insanity of the UK government approach which she followed to the letter. Thousands died as a result.

      If she thinks she can now blame that UK approach for the failings and deaths, when it was her personal decision to follow that approach in lockstep, she is treating us with the same sociopathic levels of contempt that caused all the deaths in the first place.

      But you’re right, Wull, it isn’t political. It’s much bigger than that.

    155. Hatuey says:

      Breeks: “Ah but Covid?”

      It’s bizarre to me that some people think things like the transgender rights debate could be more important than covid. I won’t ask you to try and justify that since we both know it isn’t possible using any sort of normal yardstick.

      I have to wonder what people in the future will think when they look back at this madness.

    156. Robert Graham says:

      Sturgeon 24th of April 2020

      Life will never be the same again.

      A very dramatic statement just weeks after this pantomime started , how could she have been so sure this was a life changing event.

      The Scottish government has acquired powers all on its own without reference to the public who have elected this current government

      Did you a SNP voter vote for a deranged Green Party ? , were you aware that this SNP government in enacting emergency powers effectively has binned democracy and are doing what they want or what they are being told to do , also were you aware that they approached Patel to assist them enact a legal barrier between the public and our access to our parliament special powers were needed to do this , and the trusted SNP government pretends it was the will of the Scottish Parliament and nothing to do with them ,

      These emergency powers are due for review in September next year with the option of a extension without further consent being required and given the majority they enjoy with the Greens being bribed a vote of no confidence is off the agenda , how long is this farce going to continue ? Well who knows because democracy is now suspended,

      All this for your own good and well-being you understand so just shut up and don’t even think of complaining and if you do complain who is going to listen ? That’s of course if you can track down someone to complain to in the first place , all this is too clever to come from Sturgeon and her little band of weirdos , so who’s pulling the strings because it’s certainly not her .

    157. Breeks says:

      I’d sign up to this.

      For pure devilment, I might even go a stage further… make Scotland’s part of the Union to be as “voluntary” as it’s described, and have it renewed voluntarily, – annually by subscription and a fresh democratic mandate that’s basically a twelve month Constitutional M.O.T. for the Union.

      Every election is a plebiscite, and there’s a referendum on the Union every year… which they have to win, every year, in perpetuity. If it’s not renewed, the default is that it’s ended and Scotland no longer subscribes to being a signatory.

      Make frustrating Scotland’s Sovereign Independence a three dimensional whack-a-mole game for Westminster, and a game where they cannot afford to lose, even once, but a game which Scotland can win at it’s leisure, and only needs to win once.

      I’d make every Bill which Westminster proposes require verification, and be approved by the Sovereign people of Scotland, because Scotland’s “consent” can no longer be “presumed” by “expedient” unwritten convention, but must be demonstrated, each and every time, with Scotland naturally having the right of veto, just like sovereign Nations in the EU.

      I’d revel in all of this, but devilment can wait. I’d settle in a heartbeat for the demise of the Union by the shortest practicable route. “Get it done”, to quote the Great Oaf of our time.

    158. Breeks says:

      Hatuey says:
      22 October, 2021 at 1:46 pm
      Breeks: “Ah but Covid?”

      It’s bizarre to me that some people think things like the transgender rights debate could be more important than covid.

      What I find a little bizarre is your convoluted interpretation of what I said.

    159. Robert Hughes says:

      ” I have to wonder what people in the future will think when they look back at this madness. ”

      Aye , me too mate , me too .

      Not just Sturgeon’s culpable stupidity though .

      The entire gamut of Covid-related madness

    160. With the NHS and care services at breaking point will someone please explain to me why we are risking a covid disaster by letting Cop to take place .Can it not be done online. Also Joanna Cherry has said that she nearly left politics over the endless abuse she and her staff get. And I believe the UK Gov are looking at ways to end online anonymity .

    161. James Che. says:

      Nothing will be the same again. And they pretty much knew it.

      Today I have chased around all morning for my hospital results for an MRI scan I had weeks ago,

      A repeat of what I did on Monday, when I was told to phone on Friday,…..

      No contact available with my own doctor, receptionist told me she was the only person there.and could check the records.

      So I phoned the MRI hospital direct , and got an answer machine stating the receptionist was not in until the 25 of Oct.

      So I phone the the inquiries line and got an answer machine saying if it was an emergency phone someone else number or alternatively phone this other number,
      Which I did.

      No one answered, a machine told me to use re-dial and there was a charge for this, .

      So still no one answered.

      It is not that the hospital are over run, or extremely busy,
      When I got my scan, I was the only one in the waiting room, and I sat for a while in a room with seats spaced out,
      The corridors were empty and devoid of people or hustle and bustle.
      You could hear the silence.

      The gentle man who took my scan said I could remove my mask, I asked if this was ok,
      He said he had been working in Germany and England during Covid and they did not follow the mask wearing procedure that Scotland was following any longer.
      And he said it was like stepping back in time when he started working in Scotland 5 weeks ago.

      It is simple a case of staff being told to take time of, or cutting hours, or take holidays.
      It’s crazy and a certainly would lead to nothing being the same again,
      If it is not being ran as a busy hospital like it was before covid.
      I can only presume the insanity of pretending the hospitals are extremely busy is a deliberate attempt to collapse the NHS system and build back better.

      Everything is closing and collapsing at a hurried pace,

      Meanwhile Jacob Rhys-Mogg tells the opposition benches that Tories in Westminster do not need to wear masks while in Westminster because their all friends,
      And the MSM have photographs af Boris and Carrie having relatives and friends over last Christmas while we were all banned from doing so.

      Do I believe that covid virus is being used politically to change Britain and cause failure to our old structures and way of life. YES.

      It also tallies with NS and BJ allowing certain selective groups to march and protest during Covid lockdowns, while the rest of us were being policed if we didn’t stay at home, No sitting on park benches or carrying a coffee cup allowed,
      if we wanted to visit loved ones or our elderly in care homes which were treated abominable with no protection or relative allowed anywhere near them to stand up for them. While covid patents were. And their human rights taken away from them.

      The whole covid virus is extremism and propaganda at its best, even the Tories think you don’t need to wears masks while at Cornwall BBQs or stop travelling to test your eyesight.

      It seems the politicians do not take it as seriously as they think we should.
      They continue life as normal, providing they can dodge the cameras. Mogg thought so, and joked about it this week in Parliament.

      Nothing will be the same again because the politicians want to change the system, and manage a crashed economy to build back better.

      Judging by those whom are suffering for this ideology, the build back better will not benefit the ordinary people.

    162. Robert Hughes says:

      James Che

      My local GP Surgery is STILL like Fort Knox . They hand things like prescriptions out through a side window . My friend ( a musician like myself ) has been unable to see a doctor to determine a hand/arm condition that is making it impossible to play his instrument : only phone consultations are available .

      At least his condition is not life-threatening . Think of all the other people unable to receive the diagnoses and treatment they urgently require . Because of the utter lunacy of the all-pervading Covid hysteria

      This autumn and winter – the perfectly normal seasonal cold/flu period – will determine if the lunatics have indeed overran the asylum .

      Judging by the ship of fools in positions of authority/control the prognosis is pretty grim

    163. Republicofscotland says:

      It looks like the vile creatures Laura Kuenssberg and Sarah Smith will be leaving their posts at the British state propaganda machine, the BBC, Kuenssberg is likely to go to Radio 4, whilst Salmond hating Smith, looks set to end up in the USA.

    164. Republicofscotland says:

      Another nail in the coffin of Scottish meat farming as Johnson agrees a trade deal with New Zealand that Scotland had no say in whatsoever.

      Secretary of State Against Scotland Alister Jack welcomed the deal, even though the Scottish government had absolutely no input in the sixteen- months it took to work the trade deal out with New Zealand.

      These New Zealand meat producers work on a a massive scale, they will flood Scotland with their inferior standards produce, putting many farms in Scotland out of business, and Johnson and Jack know this fine well.

      Also, I think the COP26 is a waste of time, a prime example must be New Zealand exporting its meat half way around the globe when we have top quality beef, pork and lamb in Scotland, again Johnson knows this but he doesn’t care about the CFC, GHG emissions bringing this inferior produce to the UK’s shores from New Zealand.

    165. Republicofscotland says:

      Meanwhile Boris Johnsons new secretive Union Strategy Committee has met for the first time, its remit to save the union by any means possible.

      Michael Gove has said no details will be released on the committee, though its thought he, Rishi Sunak, Alister Jack and Boris Johnson are members of the secretive committee.

    166. Republicofscotland says:

      Beaver culling in Scotland has been brought to a halt as a Scottish judge has ruled that licences to kill Beavers, issued via a Scottish government ran body have been found to be illegal.

      If I recall correctly at least eighty Beavers have been culled in recent years via these licences. In my opinion the Scottish government are woefully guilty of not protecting Scottish wildlife, from the allowing of the mass culling of Mountain Hares, to the slaughter of Ravens, and the allowing Grousing estates to kill thousands upon thousands of creatures such as Hedgehogs, Foxes, all types of raptors, Moles, Weasels, Stoats, and any other wildlife that threatens the Grouse chick or adult bird, on thousands of acres of land in Scotland every year.

    167. James Che. says:

      Robert Hughes.

      I can well believe what you say,

      I have a damaged liver due to a blood clot, which in turn was due to a delayed gallbladder operation, that swelled up so much it effected the organs around and caused these serious secondary problems with my liver.
      Covid policy of shutting everything for patients.

      I have a right to be angry, it was covid lockdown that caused myself to have a damaged liver,
      And yet here we are watching the politicians living life to the full when they think no one is watching.

      We had three funerals in our family last month, every one of them had been double vaccinated,
      And a forth one seriously Ill, whom has also had both vaccines,

      My mum has not been vaccinated as she is in the last stages of cancer,
      And I have not been vaccinated due to my liver condition, and yet here we are going to their funerals.

      I would like more than ever to see the statistics for the people whom dyed of influenza in 2020 and 2021.
      I bet you they have suddenly dropped since the statistics for 2017/18,
      To be replaced with covid deaths.
      Especially as some of the care workers I know say their patients dyed of other previous long term illnesses, but it was registered as Covid.


    168. Robert Graham says:

      9 Countries , Spain being the latest that have had requests to provide a isolated sample of the plague and not one has complied.

      Every single country has been unable to provide proof this plague actually exists ,the hysterical restrictions imposed are therefore bogus and the tests are fraudulent , because to run a test you must have something to look for don’t you ?

      AND THEY CANNOT PROVIDE PROOF so what are they fkn testing for ?

    169. Aunty Flo says:

      Have I got this right?

      The protected have to be protected from the unprotected by giving the unprotected the protection that hasn’t protected the protected?

    170. Republicofscotland says:

      Tom @8.52am.

      Thanks tom for the link.

      Its interesting that Sturgeon’s Scottish government suspended FOI’s on Covid in Scotland in the early stages, when no other country in the world has.

      Looking back on Sturgeons governments machinations and the Inquiry where Sturgeon couldn’t recall much to the best of her knowledge, it reasonable to assume that the carehome deaths disaster due to Covid in Scotland will receive a similar treatment to that of the Inquiry.

    171. Hatuey says:

      Breeks, it’s anything but convoluted. You explained in detail how you simply switch off when covid comes up. And you provided a list of things that you consider more important, transgenderism being one of them.

      I was tempted to go through that list and write-off almost every item. It’s a list of battles lost and essentially dead issues as far as challenging Sturgeon is concerned. The one issue that’s live, the ring-fenced funds issue, will be flicked aside in due course like all the rest.

      Thousands died in questionable circumstances. The explanations given don’t wash. The NHS which absorbs about a third of expenditure was found woefully unprepared and has essentially collapsed; we simply don’t have a health system today by standards considered normal just 2 years ago.

      I don’t see how anyone can claim to be moral or political in Scotland today whilst ignoring all of that. It’s bizarre. Time to calibrate your moral compass…

    172. James Che. says:

      Auntie Flo.

      You said right.
      It is absolutely insane as a policy,

      But how else will they bring in the new order of surveillance to monitor you’re medical records through supposed hackers,
      Monitor where you move to and from, monitor what you buy where you shop
      Where you’re children are. And how the state will consider you a fit parent or grandparent if you are not vaccinated.

      Because as far as I can tell in my large extended family, vaccines are not protecting them, and vaccine passport do not protect anyone either as they are a non- medical intervention.

    173. James Che. says:


      Mean while under cover of government policies and agreement, in Scotland hedgehogs have been culled instead of transferring them,
      Foxes are culled, badgers are culled.
      Deer are culled, rabbits and hares are culled.
      Grey squirrels are culled.
      And Scottish wild cats are being captured with no statistics for the amount released back into the wild. Or wether they have been nurtured.

      Funny old world where you try to eliminate the natural existing species in Scotland at present to make to make way for species that perhaps existed thousands of years ago in Scotland,
      All about priorities and finances.

      Of course we the population of Scotland are not consulted. As it is a global policy to rewild the globe.
      Not a Scottish one,

      In fact the MSM has reported that BJ has recent spoken on how he would like dinosaurs again. If genetically possible.

      Now where do the farmers, the crofters, and the people fit into the picture.
      they don’t
      I suspect the people in care homes may already have been culled,
      Perhaps they will save us as frozen meat when they introduce the carnivores to Scotland whom will have nothing else to eat that already hasn’t been culled. 😉

    174. Robert Hughes says:

      James Che

      Sorry to learn of your personal situation and that of your family : I believe it is being replicated all over the country .

      I hope you are able to get the treatment you require ASAP and go on to make a full recovery .

      The Covid * debate * raged here ( and elsewhere ) for months as you know . No minds were changed , on either side , so I stopped commenting on it as it wasn’t getting us anywhere .

      Suffice to say , the eventual collateral damage will prove to far outweigh that of the virus . Not only physically , also in terms of the detrimental societal changes and State interference in people’s lives too many people are content to dismiss as * Conspiracy Theorising * despite the palpable evidence all around them .

    175. James Che. says:

      The ideology of re- wilding Scotland at the expense of existing wild life in just that, an idealistic money earner.

      The ideology of covid being a mainstream killer pandemic does not seem realistic when we see politicians wandering around carrying on life as normal behind the scenes.

      The ideology that wind turbines are eco friendly, when they are transported by fossil fuel boats from China,
      And that marine life is being affected,
      Crabs are at present sitting facing the new under water power lines in their thousands, they have stopped their migration and have stopped eating,
      America are reporting a very similar problem with crayfish at the under water power lines.

      And going green means trade deals with the other side of the world to bring meat to our tables that ecologically could be produced right here.
      None of these policies are making sense when we look at the larger picture.

      Everything from banks to the NHS is closing in our communities businesses and structures are set to fail,
      And without doubt this will bring about a financial crash if the lockdown policy is continued.
      Which seems the deliberate intention if they already knew it would not be the same afterwards and they had a predetermined plan to build back better afterwards, like BJ and NS said.

      So what does build back better actually mean and for Whom?

    176. wull says:

      Breeks, just a question: How are you going to bring down Sturgeon?

      Before you glaze over, try answering that question. In a practical and a feasible way, that really could work.

      It is perfectly obvious that opposition from within the rank and file of the SNP doesn’t touch her, and won’t get rid of her. She’ll only begin to feel the heat when some of her own SNP MPs and MSPs start feeling nervous about her, and begin to turn against her in public.

      I suggested a possible way of helping to make that happen. If you have a better suggestion to make for achieving or promoting the same end – in a practical way that could indeed succeed – I would be more than happy to hear it.

      And, in that case, very happy to ditch my suggestion, and promote and support yours instead.

      So, please tell us: How do we rid of Nicola Sturgeon from her position as First Minister? And when you do, please bear in mind that that requires getting sufficient SNP MPs and MSPs to turn publicly against her.

      So, that first question goes together with a second one: What can we do to get a sufficient number of SNP MPs and MSPs to turn against her? After all, that is the only practical and politically feasible way to remove her from office!

      Incidentally, I do fundamentally agree with you about popular sovereignty and the Scottish constitution, and enjoy many of your posts, without always agreeing with every small detail of them.

    177. James Che. says:

      Robert Hughes,

      Thank for you’re kindness.
      The way I am viewing this is how many other people have become longer term patients due to lockdowns and NHS.
      How many other seriously Ill patients patients have not had medical care continued?
      How many old people had any chance to contact their families regarding their incarceration,
      For that is what it was, a prison sentence with no jury, and no hearing, to see if they agreed.
      It was an attack on the vulnerable physically and mentally. And the vulnerable could have been abused, attacked sexually, verbally and physically during that time period,
      We have no way of questioning what our relatives died of during that time period they were isolated from the community.
      There has been systematic cover ups in care homes before and the same in children’s homes.

      In retrospect were naive to leave our families and children in someone else’s care during lockdowns with no access to see how they were being treated.
      And no investigation afterwards.
      I am having a rant for sure to day.
      But things do not have to be this way.
      Politically We must stop the snp from bringing in further problems to Scotland.

    178. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @6.14pm.


      I’m all for rewilding Scotland with lynx and wolf, but not Brown bear, the lynx and wolf, were natural predators in Scotland at one time, the wolf keeping the red deer in check, allowing more plants to flourish and ergo creating a more biodiverse habitat.

      Scotland’s existing flora and fauna would not really be affected by the introduction of these two environment stablising predators, infact all raptors and members of the crow families would benefit from the predators kills, in a scavaging fashion as would foxes and badgers and smaller carnivores and omnivores.

      Its the Grousing estates that cultivate the land in an unnatural way, sterlising it of any creatures that might pose a threat to the semi-flightless bird. Of course our FM is either too afraid to take on these estates or she really doesn’t care about our flora and fauna, its probably a bit of both if you ask me.

    179. James Che. says:


      I have heard a good way to make deaf politicians like NS is to go on strike perhaps through the council backdoor of MPs,

      Keep all finances in safe keeping, Do not spend any of the money for bills. That way you cannot be accused of none payment.
      But withhold council tax payments until the local snp councillors, labour councillors and Tory councillors listen and and take it all the way to the snp ( NS )at the top.
      This is what I have heard rumbling comments on.

    180. James Che. says:


      Just watching the BELLMARSH TRIBUNAL stream 2 hours ago on YouTube.

      It is on about journalism .

      It mentioned political prisoners like Craig Murray and Julian Assauge.

    181. James Che. says:

      It was well known in or local area after the event that perhaps more than one large black cat had been released into the wild from a rich estate owner, when the ( new) laws at that time came out requiring licensing of wild animals in Britain.

      It was not the deer population that suffered afterwards, it was farmers sheep and lambs, Young calf’s, it was people’s pet dogs and cats that disappeared,

      The local vet had a scary meeting of it crossing the road in front of him while out walking 8 dogs in the local forestry.
      The farmers, the vet, and local gamekeepers all identified it as a big cat, actually by sight and by footprints in mud and snow,
      The way by which the livestocjk was Killed and often carried to a certain location especially in spring and summer,

      The local population of birds decreased, funnily enough it mainly preyed on hand reared birds like pheasant.
      It it is logical that a hand reared large cat is going to hunt easy prey before chasing a deer all the way up the hills and across mountains,
      The last reported sight of it in the locality it had remained in for 15 or so years was in 2013.
      Although the local American still took his baseball bat with him when he walked his dogs in 2015, after he had a previous scare,
      The local farmers had reported it to the police on a number of occasions, but the police had a mild consultation with farmers and really no back up,
      Although the vet had reported it as well.
      I believe there was a photograph taken by a local paper along side the estate wall, carrying a mature black& white cat in its mouth, the wall was a good comparison as the estate wall was and still is 10ft tall.

      I think if a vet of thirty years, gamekeepers and local farmers say it was not a dog attack on those animals I would tend to go with the trained opinion.

    182. Dan says:

      I’ve spoken to the local gamekeeper and arranged a hit on the rogue roe deer that continues to steal veg from my garden.
      It’s days are numbered now and someone sure as hell is going to get some very tasty and sweet venison after a summer of the beast grazing on my strawberries, raspberries, beetroot and beans.
      Tempted to pay for a day’s stalking and take the fucker down myself…

    183. Dan says:

      …Well that’s as long as BDtt doesn’t take me out first for apostrophe crime…

    184. Mike says:

      Life’s been very busy lately so just catching up on this.

      I don’t blame you Stu – I’ve decided to give up on voting. Seriously, what’s the point!

      All the best Stu and hope you find fulfilment in something else. Plenty of other things could use your no-nonsense critique and analysis.


    185. Breeks says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      22 October, 2021 at 7:19 pm

      James Che @6.14pm.


      I’m all for rewilding Scotland with lynx and wolf, but not Brown bear, the lynx and wolf, were natural predators in Scotland at one time, the wolf keeping the red deer in check, allowing more plants to flourish and ergo creating a more biodiverse habitat.

      I get the point about rewilding, and why people are concerned about scary big and dangerous predators.

      The problem I have with it however is people outside of Scotland can make the same arguments about protection for tigers, lions, snow leopards, jaguars, and every other poor critter who has evolved to coincidentally threaten the safety of people. There’s a degree of hypocrisy in expecting other people to save predatorial species when we’re not willing to do it ourselves.

      Rewilding isn’t an act of convenience. This is restoring our planet. It is replacing a natural environment to the way nature intended it to be.

      Yes, bears can be dangerous, and incidentally, Scotland’s bears would be European Brown bears, the biggest species of the lot, same size as American grizzlies, and yes there might be atypical casualties and tragedies while we learned how to interact properly with them nearby.

      But other people around the word can co-exist with these creatures without hounding them to extinction. People have done so for centuries, and they’ve done it without firearms or technology to protect them, or vehicles to retreat to.

      People can also co-exist beside things a lot worse than bears. Cobras, brown snakes, funnel web spiders, Salt water crocodiles, pythons… Scotland would actually get off pretty lightly if it’s only bears we’d have to worry about.

      The whole point of rewilding is resetting the habitat to it’s factory default settings, and whether you like it or not, bears are in the Scottish mix. It’s the wild… its not a garden for human recreation.

      Given time to mature and settle down, in a few decades, that reset timeline should change the way we see our own Scottish habitat, and we will very quickly be proud of our Caledonian bears, and find the prospect of Scotland without bears as unthinkable as Africa without elephants, or Asia without tigers.

      Did you know that Scotland’s Great Caledonian Pine Forest was it’s own mini Galapagos? A species of finch evolved into the Scottish Crossbill which is a species of bird unique to Scotland. How can we know whether Scottish bears, or indeed wolves, were destined to evolve their own idiosyncrasies?

      One last point too, as part of the tropic cascade in Yellowstone Park, the wolves helped the butterflies because the elk and deer started to avoid clearings where they were vulnerable to predation by wolves, and areas of grass formerly grazed were then free to mature unmolested, flower, and renew themselves, and whole wildflower meadows got the chance to grow, providing a food supply for insects and birds in the process.

      Apply that cascade principle to Scottish bears, and maybe the green welly “omnivores” who have overgrazed and emptied Scotland’s rivers of the massive salmon which used to be found there, will be “persuaded” to fish elsewhere to avoid bear predation, in the same way the elk and deer were persuaded to graze elsewhere to avoid wolf predation, and by their absence let the natural habitat recover, mature naturally and manage itself… (if it can avoid the bears that is)…

      Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not advocating bears being reintroduced to a woodland glade near you. We’d have rangers and bear patrols to contain those bears who roam too far where they’re not welcome. But you cannot begin to manage a creature if it isn’t there to need managed.

      And the last, last point, another feature of the Yellowstone Tropic cascade was that it was unexpected and largely unpredictable. 6 wolves changed everything. Who can say what the impact would be of leaving out the bears completely.

    186. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Bring back the brown bear, it could never be as wild, as dangerous and as costly to police as our own Blue Bear – Hunnius Orangus – which roams wild around our football grounds.

    187. Robert Hughes says:

      Breeks . I assume you’re referring to this incredible phenomenon .

      Would something like this not be infinitely preferable to allocating large tracts of our land to the huntin n shootin mob , that not only keep that land unproductive other than to profit a tiny % of landowners and their equally tiny % of workers , also kill our beautiful birds of prey and reduce biodiversity in the process ?

      I say ” allocated ” , inaccurately , it’s not like we were ever given a choice in how our land is owned and used

    188. Dan says:

      The Arbroath Smokie, and the Forfar Bridie are well established delicacies, but could the Alyth Bacon Butty get in on the act…

    189. Yes and lets have lots of snakes and while that’s happening lets have a few of the worlds most deadliest spiders brung into scotland

      What could possibly go fecking run

      T W A T S

    190. Brown bears running about our cities and towns, you’d be going to the chippie and some big hairy brown thing would be going for you, not to mention the other hairy things like pumas and maybe a few gorillas and elephants to make it interesting, and possibly throw a few alligators into the clyde to liven things up as the sharks we introduce would possibly like a little help to mastigate the people out dipping their little tootsies in the water

      What could possibly go wrong

      PS Certainly not have to worry about population control lol

    191. Graf Midgehunter says:

      I’ve been trying for years to get my girlfriend “rewilded” to Scotland, but she says she’s not going until they get the place back to its normal state of independence. 🙂

    192. wull says:

      Is Re-wilding Scotland just another strategy to keep Scotland de-populated?

      They used to pay people to effect their ‘clearances’ policies. Now they will be able to get animals to do it for free!

      Is this the kind of strategy that the new ‘Union Unit’ get to discuss behind their closed doors. You know who I mean – Gove, Jack, Ruth and Boris-on-the-Jon-stone.

      With the Queen failing, not-so-bonny-Prince-Boris probably thinks it’s now his turn to be king. In which case he will be looking forward to sitting on that wobbly wooden throne-chair in Westminster Abbey, with the cludgie-stone underneath it, and Carrie sitting beside him.

      The cludgie-stane which, I am given to understand, he and so many of his predecessors who have ever planked their a*sess down on that rickety old chair, in all their coronated pomp and glory, mistakenly think is the Stone of Destiny.

      Still, if Sid James and his pals were still alive, or had successors, that could have been the occasion for yet another ‘Carry On’ film – probably called, at least in its Scots version, ‘Carrie on Doon the Cludgie’. Which is where the whole of the UK, Scotland included, seems to be heading – if not, sliding.

      Meanwhile, the Union Unit will be continuing with its ‘Re-wilding Scotland’ programme. It won’t even have to lift a finger for it – or spend a penny – since other lobby groups, including supposedly Scottish ones, will do the job nicely for them. Just like the SNP will do the Union Wallahs’ job for them by preventing independence from ever happening, so too the ‘Re-wilders’ will ensure that Scotland’s population never grows. What a happy outcome for everyone that matters: the place – what Edward I called simply ‘the land’ once he stripped John Balliol of his kingship and declared the place no longer a kingdom – i.e. no longer a political entity – in its own right will be doomed yet again to eternal non-existence!

      What was Scotland will remain a lovely holiday home Paradise – ‘Oh isn’t it so beautiful, darling?’ ‘Oh Yes, darling, especially when we only spend two weeks a year here’ – for the great and the good of the people who matter in the one place that matters, Southern Englandshire.

      I’d rather see Scotland filled with ‘wild men’ than ‘wild animals’. ‘Wild men’ who would actually do something about the place – something good for it – rather than pussy-footers who are simply intent on giving it all away to whoever, or whatever latest-fad lobby group wants it, while they footer around doing nothing at all, except lining their own pockets.

      Why do we always shoot ourselves in the foot? Why do we have so many individualised self-servers who seek only their own good, and enrichment, rather than the common good of all Scots and the whole country? Why do we time and again self-destruct just at the moment when victory and, at long last, political liberty are there for the taking, and so nearly in our grasp? Why are we subjected to so much nonsense from everywhere, and especially from enemies who destroy all conviction because they have been subverted from within?

    193. Andy Ellis says:

      @wull 6.46 pm

      At the Alba party AGM for the Edinburgh branch last Wednesday, Neale Hanvey was asked a question from the floor about why he thought no more MPs and MSPs had defected from the SNP to Alba. His response was diplomatic and although he said (to paraphrase) that he knew some former colleagues were unhappy about how things were going inside the party, he could only speak for himself and that they must have stronger stomachs than him to stay.

      However much those of us who have seen through the SNP may dislike it, the majority of the party membership and it seems the wider Scottish electorate are still willing to support the party. I tend to share your scepticism that there is any “cunning plan” which will rid us of the current SNP leadership in the short to medium term. The only things that will deprive the Strugeonistas of power are either an internal palace coup (which everything we’ve seen so far of the craven response from office holders and mainstream members militates against) or some external political or legal crisis that forces them out.

      Those placing their faith in either are misguided in my view, as are those who appear to think change will happen from the bottom up with no party to lead the movement, that some mass uprising of the sovereign people, with no real focus or structure, will somehow magically deliver independence. I’d be more convinced there was any chance of that happening if we regularly saw mass participation in Scotland along the lines of la Diada in Catalonia, or if we had institutions outside political parties like the Catalan Committees for the Defence of the Republic, or cultural organisations like Omnium.

      I honestly don’t see the bulk of the Scottish people lining up behind some yet to be identified group which has any prospect of achieving our aims in a quicker timescale than a party like Alba could. How will some leaderless popular movement aimed at recalling our representatives from Westminster / establishing a convention / annulling the Treaties of Union actually work?

      Parties who have become used to power, whether the SNP now or Labour in the old days, aren’t going to respond to anything but an electoral kicking. Even if the SNP does lose significant support, as we’ve seen with the hollowed out husk of Scottish Labour, there will still be Nicola cultists telling us that hers is the only true path.

    194. John Main says:

      @James Che 3:37 pm

      What you write about Covid and the behaviour of the elites is one explanation, but I have a different one that makes more sense to me.

      I simply believe that the elites have daily tests and fast-track results, meaning that every one of them can be certain before they have finished breakfast and head out into the world that they are Covid-free. Think about it. If you knew each day you were Covid-free, and you knew each day that everybody you would come into contact with is also Covid-free, would you bother with all of the masks, distancing, hand washing palaver? I don’t think so.

      So why doesn’t our brave, independent MSM provide any insights into this obvious “one rule for the rich, a different rule for the poor” story? Maybes because to get the access to the elites they need to do their jobs, they get the same preferential testing regime.

    195. Robert Graham says:

      Just had a look at the most pressing problem on everyone’s mind

      Bears and the re introduction of different types of wildlife into Scotland

      Fk me gently

      Aye totally ignoring the Elephant in the room yeh don’t talk about it and it might just go away

    196. John Main says:

      @wull 10:48

      There may perhaps be a plan to keep Scotland depopulated, but have no fear, it won’t work. Unless the entire Climate Change story is a fable, uncounted millions of people will be heading north over the next few decades, and many of them will end up in Scotland. And before you start, this is not some rant about Scotland being overrun with people of darker hues. History shows that when mass population movements occur, each displaced group displaces another group, which in turn displaces yet another group, etc.

      Most of the immigrants to Scotland will come from south of the border.

    197. John Main says:

      @Andy Ellis 10:53

      Hard to argue with anything in that post.

      I would just add that the political cycle is getting shorter, both in the EU and in the USA, so we can’t rule out new players coming from nowhere and fast. The examples of France, Italy and Trump come to mind.

    198. robbo says:

      Seems thon Alec Baldwin has well and truly set up. With catastrophic consequences for that poor lassie and her family.
      Seems to me some disgruntled employee or someone with a personal vendetta against Baldwin stitched him up.

      Why would anyone load a weapon with live ammo on a film set? Why was live ammo even on a film set- Western or not.

      I’m sure the polis will get to bottom of it because they can trace that live ammo(in most cases) back to where and when it was bought, and by whom unless it was obtained illegally from dodgy crooks .

    199. Andy Ellis says:

      @John Main 11.19 am

      It’d be nice to think that we could see something happen quickly to change things in Scotland, but I still “hae ma doots”? I take your point about the shortening of the political cycles in various places, but locally I don’t see much chance of things happening until the next General Election.

      There’s next to zero prospect of the SNP or Greens doing anything to rock the boat and provoke early Holyrood elections, but I wouldn’t put it past the Tories to call early Westminster elections given the execrable opposition they face from Labour in the UK generally, but also because they know the Scottish independence movement is still stultified by an SNP which is at heart wedded to the devolutionary settlement and has no real fire in its belly to promote independence in ay reasonable timescale.

      The longer the Tories can spin things out, the greater the prospect they can kick independence in to the long grass for a real generation: they fear that the break up of the UK will cause the kind of profound political and societal changes in England which will not be to the advantage of their party or the British nationalist establishment they represent.

      Sadly the current SNP and those still placing their faith in the party are doing the Tories job for them. If the Labour movement in England had any sense it’s be advocating for Scottish independence, but that seems as forlorn a hope as the SNP being reclaimed from the Sturgeonistas by rank and file members.

    200. Hatuey says:

      No assessment of Sturgeon’s standing and ability to survive makes sense if you look at it in isolation of the fact that BBC Scotland and other British State organisations are protecting her and scheming to keep her in place. And the obvious reason for that is that she’s essentially a unionist.

      It follows then that assessments of potential threats to her standing and survival are equally affected by such pro-unionist machinations. If the BBC and others wanted rid of her and were inclined to give her a hard time, she’d be gone in 60 seconds. They’ve got tonnes on her; more than enough a thousand times over.

      Sturgeon understands all this and understands the importance of appealing to what they call the “centre ground” as way of ensuring her survival. Only if she is useful to the British State as a puppet that can keep the rabble in line on their behalf is she of any use to them.

      There’s nothing unusual or uniquely Scottish about any of this incidentally; you can find systems like that in place all over the second and third world. It’s technically a neo-colonial model. It works.

      Where does that leave us? In the absence of some unforeseeable events that change everything, the likelihood is that we are stuck with her for several more years. You can rule out completely any chance of her upsetting the puppet-master by aggressively pushing for independence — it’s not even a remote possibility.

      We are really left waiting for the centre ground to get sick of her and that will eventually happen, despite BBC Scotland’s best efforts. She’s really quite unlikable and useless as a political decision maker, so it could be 4 or 5 years rather than 10.

      I’ve assumed all along that Wings understands the above more clearly than I do, and it’s why he is throwing in the towel. It’s pretty grim. But I’m an optimist, as I have said before, and I’m betting on unforeseeable events…. The b

    201. Hatuey says:

      No assessment of Sturgeon’s standing and ability to survive makes sense if you look at it in isolation of the fact that BBC Scotland and other British State organisations are protecting her and scheming to keep her in place. And the obvious reason for that is that she’s essentially a unionist.

      It follows then that assessments of potential threats to her standing and survival are equally affected by such pro-unionist machinations. If the BBC and others wanted rid of her and were inclined to give her a hard time, she’d be gone in 60 seconds. They’ve got tonnes on her; more than enough a thousand times over.

      Sturgeon understands all this and understands the importance of appealing to what they call the “centre ground” as way of ensuring her survival. Only if she is useful to the British State as a puppet that can keep the rabble in line on their behalf is she of any use to them.

      There’s nothing unusual or uniquely Scottish about any of this incidentally; you can find systems like that in place all over the second and third world. It’s technically a neo-colonial model. It works.

      Where does that leave us? In the absence of some unforeseeable events that change everything, the likelihood is that we are stuck with her for several more years. You can rule out completely any chance of her upsetting the puppet-master by aggressively pushing for independence — it’s not even a remote possibility.

      We are really left waiting for the centre ground to get sick of her and that will eventually happen, despite BBC Scotland’s best efforts. She’s really quite unlikable and useless as a political decision maker, so it could be 4 or 5 years rather than 10.

      I’ve assumed all along that Wings understands the above more clearly than I do, and it’s why he is throwing in the towel. It’s pretty grim. But I’m an optimist, as I have said before, and I’m betting on unforeseeable events…. The best laid plans, and all that.

    202. Hatuey says:

      Apologies for the duplicate… the new iPad hates me.

    203. Hugh Jarse says:

      Approval ratings, or rather plummeting approval ratings are one way to see She/Her off.

      Sending old people with the ‘rona back to homes to cull the inhabitants/free up beds won’t add many % points, for example.

      The MSM can only offer her limited protection, they don’t have full spectrum control of the zeitgeist.

    204. PhilM says:

      There won’t be millions coming to Scotland in any climate change/population migration scenario. Northumberland, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Shropshire etc. are all sparsely populated counties. Why would they ever come to Scotland?
      It’s a lack of knowledge and a failure of the imagination that makes people think this way. Do people honestly believe millions are going to live in tent cities in Perthshire and so on, or are we going to build them hundreds of thousands of prefabs to keep them dry while they exist on their three potatoes a day ration?
      Yes, they’ll all come and we’ll all make do and mend, dig for victory, keep calm and carry on…
      It’s mushroom season about now, isn’t it…

    205. North chiel says:

      “ John main says @1114 am “ The trickle has already started John with many properties in the “ far North” being bought up by “ Southern Britons” . It seems that throughout the Highlands & Islands this is a growing issue with “ locals” being priced out .
      Oh to be an Independent Nation like Norway where you cannot purchase property unless you are a Norwegian National .

    206. North chiel says:

      The “ Russian Bogeyman “ issue being wheeled out again on the government propaganda channel this morning , with of course the usual “ smear” as regards interference ( no evidence produced/ “ doesn’t have it to hand”) in the 2014 referendum . It’s galling that senior SNP politicians such as Stewart Hosie actually “ buy” this guff including the “ Salisbury incident” ( so obviously a dispute involving “ criminal elements from within the Russian mafia” operating principally in London & Home Counties awash with Russian mafia cash ) .
      It seems that strategic “ dullards” within the SNP hierarchy are “ bought& sold “ as regards this “ Russian bogeyman “ propaganda , but shortsightedness probably allows them to see the obvious “ stick” to use against the only “ strategist” the SNP had in recent times . Mr Alex Salmond .

    207. Andrew F says:

      Robbo @ 11:22

      Much more to the point, why the hell was he pointing it at the director of cinematography and pulling the trigger in the first place?

      And how on earth did he manage to shoot two people? She was shot in the chest, I don’t know where the director was hit, but did he shoot twice, or did the same bullet hit both of them?

      Being the USA, we’ll never know the truth but we’ll be fed lots of stories.

    208. John Main says:

      @PhilM 12:21 pm

      “There won’t be millions coming to Scotland in any climate change/population migration scenario.”

      Thanks for clearing that up. We all know the MSM lie so I guess all the predictions are attention seeking, all the evidence is faked and all the video of populations on the move is just Hollywood quality CGI.

      And as for those posters on here, peddling their tales of houses snapped up by incomers, they are lying through their teeth.

      Those vast housing estates, cobbled onto the edge of every town and village in my neck of the woods are either stage sets or are for the indigenous Scots. You know, the ones who allegedly aren’t reproducing enough to maintain the population. Another lie, obviously.

      Phew, that’s a relief. Back to sleep, everybody.

    209. robbo says:

      Andrew F says:
      23 October, 2021 at 1:23 pm
      Robbo @ 11:22

      Much more to the point, why the hell was he pointing it at the director of cinematography and pulling the trigger in the first place?

      And how on earth did he manage to shoot two people? She was shot in the chest, I don’t know where the director was hit, but did he shoot twice, or did the same bullet hit both of them?

      Being the USA, we’ll never know the truth but we’ll be fed lots of stories.


      I’m not sure. Only going by the news reports so far. It hit the lassie first going straight through her and by accounts hit him. It’s all very strange.
      Whoever said that’s a cold gun and handed it to Alec Baldwin who I believe was the same guy who got shot makes it even stranger. Someone else has to be involved here.

    210. Robert Hughes says:

      John Main

      Yes , those people whom I ( thought ) I knew who’ve just recently arrived in Scotland after making a bomb * trading * in abstract money in Hong Kong and bought a £100,000,000+ property near Oban and are in the process of acquiring another 3 properties for Buy-to-let purposes and for which they’ll be asking top * dollar * in rent ( using a local acquaintance of mine as a proxy to circumvent whatever flimsy restrictions exist ) must have been mere holograms

      Damn , I could’ve sworn they were real too . C.ash G.enerated I.nequality of superior quality for sure .

      Let there be no doubt …..the Highlands are the new picturesque ,windswept hunting grounds for aspiring property tycoons , middle class work-from-homers and those seeking to escape urban areas aware their money will go much further – in property terms – than * elsewhere *

      Nothing particularly new in this but the scale is expanding and accelerating rapidly .

      No problem though , Sturgeon has time on her side

      We only have thorns in ours

    211. James Che. says:

      I am reading all the conversations emerging from all the different topics, and the thread that stitches it all to together is how little control, scrutiny or say the Scots are having on many important major topics.

      All the alterations of Scotland are being made by outside global ideas, and NS is supposed to be the gatekeeper of protection and help to make life much better for the people in Scotland.

      The problem is the gate is not only hanging of its hinges, it’s gone, and it is now possible to pass plain brown envelopes back and to.
      we have no protection from globalists that has a main principal idea of how to get rich fast and own every inch of the land,

      If we ever became independent, we are to tie some of our own concerns and logic to the top mast,
      The re-wild Scotland is a good example of pleasure for the rich ideology compared to reality of how Scotland was in the past,
      Before the highland clearances, the introduction of sheep, and economic migration the hills were covered with individual houses, homes and small Croft’s. And many tiny villages.
      The humps and bumps of these can still be found today, and we metal detect these old homesteads of the Scottish population that has gone, trying to imagine the surprising reality of how populated Scotland one was.

      If these populations were to return to the countryside with modern aids and help we would have a healthier population,
      And with encouragement from our government with incentives perhaps generations and their children could return to their homeland,

      But instead we bypass the reset button for a better standard of living for people and want to introduce carnivores that apparently lived here too,
      So the Scottish government place wild animals from other countries before the people Scotland from times past.

      Now from excavation of these old homes and small farms with archaeologists we can see a society that was not only more in tune with nature in their everyday life’s,
      But provided a habitat for species that are now in decline that coincides with with the old methods of farming, prior to artificial feed pellets, prior to slurry spreading, prior to GM crops. Prior to all land being drained with pipes..( which we now want beavers to do) take the drainage pipes out, simple.
      It has been the greed of rich big land owners and estate owners that created the desserts in Scotland,
      Often with their own saw mills on every estate cutting down trees on a large scale for profit without replanting natural trees that were once covering Scotland.

      Who has asked the Scottish people if rather than bringing in wild carnivores, would they like a small piece of land to Croft or farm in an eco friendly manner. Giving rise to a healthy population,
      A food supply, a replanting tree programme and help from the government to create natural ponds and dams,
      A population breathing fresh air and exercising daily.

      But no .
      By pass people in favour for a rich global playground, safari scotland.
      While the population of Scotland are crammed into cities, on long housing waiting lists or homeless creating a drug and alcoholic nation with no hope.

      There was larger areas of grass lands and glades, there

    212. Hatuey says:

      Hugh: “The MSM can only offer her limited protection, they don’t have full spectrum control of the zeitgeist.”

      They don’t need or want total support for her. The sweet spot is to have her weak enough to depend on their help, and at the same time strong enough to prevent any alternatives, thereby blocking any prospect of constitutional change. It’s a balancing act.

      They key thing is that the resources, oil, profits, and taxation continue to flow south. It’s business.

      It’s pretty grim stuff politics, not to be confused with missionary work, etc., but if we are going to be grown up about it all we should remember that all of this goes on in countries that are full fledged sovereign states too. None of it ends with independence.

    213. robbo says:

      Andrew F says:
      23 October, 2021 at 1:23 pm
      Robbo @ 11:22

      Re Balwin case.

      O/T I know but certainly more intriguing than listening or reading the latest covid shite spouted on here daily.

      It was the assistant director who handed him the gun apparently then the unfortunate lassie and the director got shot.

      So assistant director was told it was cold gun. So who gave it to assistant and who loaded it?

    214. Andrew F says:


      Like I said – we’ll never know the truth, being the USA.

      If any of us had pointed a loaded gun at someone and pulled the trigger and shot and killed them, there’s no way in the world we would be still walking free. At the least we would have been arrested and charged with manslaughter, or something like that.

      There’s no way to explain away the difference in treatment between “us” and “them”.

      Baldwin is one of the most “them” there is, so he gets away with…. let’s say “a terrible accident”.

    215. James Che. says:

      The way we approach a global introduction of big companies get rich quick turbines schemes that have power cables that affect marine life, that transport this turbines from other countries on fossil fuel and made with fossil fuels is a government scam on green renewables.
      And of course no mention of what landfill site they will all go to when their lifespan is finished, I suppose it may be the same site as poisonous electric batteries and solar panels at the end of there life cycle.
      The here and now solution to energy is short sighted.

      My brothers made a eight foot windmill that created electricity for their shed, no storage needed,
      No damage to wildlife.
      When the wind was not blowing they used stream power,

      A long time ago before modern technology this was often how early Americans used wind power. Old blacksmiths did the same to lift big hammers,

      Smaller scale windmills along side homes or small groups of houses made of more natural materials is friendlier to the environment, would provide work for electricians and maintenance men,
      Reuse of grey water might be another form of power for water mill electricity.

      We are going the wrong direction when we allow big foreign companies to set the tariff price we pay for electricity here in Scotland, meanwhile transferring excess electricity down south while we pay high prices.

      Nothing the global do in outlook and puts into motion is beneficial for for us.

    216. Andrew F says:


      PS: Sorry to refer it back to covid, but I was amused by a comment I saw along the following lines:

      “We MUST shut down Hollywood immediately, one death is too many!”

      Why not? It might just save the world.

    217. James Che. says:

      I am repeating what I heard at the bus stop while going for my hospital appointment,

      The only way to get a message to NS and the top SNP.
      Is for the public to go on financial strike,
      To put all council tax payments on freeze.
      Hold the money separately in a closed account or at home for the purpose of council tax,
      Start with the snp lead councils.

      How this would work I do not actually Know,
      I lost track of their conversation when the bus came.
      But they were still chatting when I got to the hospital.

    218. James Che. says:


      Two posts above, that was meant to read, they streamed a second back up of electricity from reused water.

    219. Ottomanboi says:

      Tunnock products and associates.
      Totally synthetic, packed with carbs and unionist corporatist junk….yeukkkk!
      Just do not get the Cherry fan club.

    220. GMB have put in for 15 pounds an HR for Carers STV news worth every penny .

    221. Robert Hughes says:


      Looking forward to that committed pro… ooops…. anti-Independence company producing a sickeningly sweet TERFcake .

      You have to wonder what it’s up to – exacerbating division maybe ?

      Yea , Joanna C , admirable and frustrating in equal measure .

      Laughable and oh so predictable comments from the usual suspects .
      Has there ever been a more persecuted group than the TranSisters ? Their suffering and persecution is so harrowing it makes the Holocaust appear like a mild rebuke from the * janny * .

    222. Dan says:

      For posterity when aliens manage to crack the coding to earth’s internet cache sometime in the possibly not too far off future, when they find a hardrive whilst sifting through the smouldering wreckage of what’s left of the planet…

      Stardate 99410.51

      Scotland hosts an event with a load of Climate Change VIPS Wankers, and our own political “elite” are tearing shreds out of each other over the question of biological reality, and somehow managing to bring arguing over biscuits / cakes into the shit they’re throwing around.
      Others denizens of the country are busy discussing Civic Nationalism, which a considerable number of the population think means we aspire to be a nation of Honda hatchback drivers.

    223. John from Fife says:

      Stewart McDonald Tory

    224. Jim Tadgercock says:

      Holymacmoses it must be satire.

    225. holymacmoses says:

      McDonald says he’s SNP

      It’s an interesting read. He thinks Mr Salmond is a tool of the Russians

    226. Ebok says:

      Hatuey says @ 11.42am

      ‘She’s really quite unlikable and useless as a political decision maker, so it could be 4 or 5 years rather than 10.’

      Who knows? But getting rid of her, or bringing down her party (well, the party she stole from us) has a particular downside for independence that may have been aired before, and if so, I’ve missed it.
      It is this: the SNP ‘brand’ is synonymous with independence. Just like the labour brand identifies with the left and cons identifies with the right. These identities will take a very long time to change in voters’ perceptions, no matter how many times they are told otherwise.

      So, SNP owning the Indy brand, our brand, is likely to mean that mud sticking to Sturgeon or SNP will inevitably attach itself to the Yes movement, and lead to a downturn in support for independence. Perhaps this is the long-term plan of WM aided and abetted by MSM.

      The ‘Indy brand’ being attached to SNP may well be the reason why ALBA has not made the expected breakthrough. The surprisingly low membership of the party does not bode well for the future, especially when you consider that every single politician of every other party has overseen and been responsible for the most damaging and destructive period in our country in living memory. The country is heading blindly into a period where the only question is: how bad can it get?

      I sometimes wonder if I, along with 70,000 others, made the right decision to abandon SNP instead of remaining in MY party, a party I’d supported for 50 years. I wonder if that was taking the cowards way out, to just walk away, like a child having a strop.
      I think of how 70,000 members could have fought from inside the party, harassing our MSP’s in surgeries up and down the country, demanding answers to difficult questions, organising and demonstrating and influencing from within.

      However, what’s done is done. Unfortunately, the way out of this crisis is going to be at great cost to many citizens. And I can see it leading to a seismic shift in politics before very long.
      Everywhere, people are now being affected by and talking about the disastrous policies being inflicted on us.
      Conversations such as that described by James Che @3.17pm will be taking place nationwide as individuals and their families begin to be affected by the NHS (massively), schools, HCB and GRA (yet to sink in with many), policing, free speech, and countless other issues described in other comments.

      The current incompetent lot will have no way in dealing with the waves of discontent about to be unleashed so no telling where this will lead. And when the public waken up to what has been going on, and they will, where will they turn?
      Previously, disenfranchised voters have turned to Farage, Trump, Corbyn, for answers when circumstances were far less serious than now.
      Perhaps we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    227. holymacmoses says:

      It’s a very serious piece of research:-)

    228. Scott says:

      Jesus fuck, Stewart McDonald is a fool, but he’s put it in writing with that utter pile of drivel.

      More than half the world don’t trust their government, according to his figures because they can spot the lies.

      Believe everything your own government says, because the Iranians, Russians, Chinese etc are making elected people say and do stuff is psychotic thinking.

      He’s decided that everyone arrived at the same conclusion (mistrust) via the same route. His thesis fails on that fact alone.

      Ignore him, he’s a balloon.

    229. robbo says:

      Auld Dennis Skinner was right- McDonald is a chube!

    230. Hatuey says:

      The big problem for Stewart McDonald’s and the so-called “Scottish information ecosystem” is that his party and its leadership are the biggest disinformation polluters out there, aided and abetted every inch of the way by BBC Scotland and others who understand that the best way to maintain and protect the union is to maintain and protect Sturgeon.

      It’ll probably take a few years but it is inevitable that at some point we will be sitting up late on election night, watching and cheering when people like Stewart McDonald lose their seats to Alba, just as we watched and cheered when Scottish Labour MPs lost their seats and their grip on the country.

      And I suspect that’s what really motivates Stewart McDonald. He knows his days as a politician are numbered and he’s basically working on his CV.

      Intellectual tadpoles need to plan ahead like everybody else, I suppose.

    231. Hatuey says:

      Ebok, of course, I agree, the corruption of the SNP and its inevitable demise as a party is undoubtedly a massive setback for the independence movement. There’s nothing any of us can do about that except hope to learn from it.

      On a more positive note, I think support for independence is probably stronger than it has ever been and very likely to grow in the next few years as the economy collapses. We’ll see.

      We always tend to see things from our point of view. But from a unionist perspective, they’re always one crisis away from losing Scotland. It wouldn’t take much for support to rise to about 70% and they know it — one honest day of news from BBC Scotland would probably do it, unlikely as that is.

      I like to think of support for indy as a sort of volcano that could erupt at any time. Right now there’s steam coming off the top and occasional tremors from below. No amount of propaganda and politicians will stop it from erupting when it decides to…

    232. holymacmoses says:

      I’m not sure that McDonald is as advanced as a tadpole. I don’t perceive he has the potential growth for that profound metamorphosis. I can only assume that the people he worked for as an assistant before he was voted into parliament were so lacking in self-confidence that they needed someone with the intellectual capacity of a pea in order to perceive themselves as mental giants.
      McDonald has very little truly valuable experience and is even more lacking in academic qualification.
      Imagine how fearful he must be of losing all the cash he has come into . He’s a definite candidate for a Burns Rogue, in my book
      The paper he has written, accusing Mr Salmond of being a tool of the Russian state, among many other stupid assertions is totally banal.

    233. T.C. Nu says:

      Via the usual maze of twisty internet passages, In a conversation regarding past workplace feckwittery, I was pointed in the direction of this little tome as a ‘bit of bed-time reading, and seeing as you’re Scottish…’

      How To Destroy A Man Now (Damn) : A handbook

      (Also available on amazon..)

      A quick skim, and I see what he was getting at, one wonders how many of the streghe dell’alfabeto have copies?

    234. Robert Hughes says:

      holymacmoses says:
      23 October, 2021 at 8:49 pm
      ” McDonald says he’s SNP

      It’s an interesting read. He thinks Mr Salmond is a tool of the Russians ”

      Whereas we know McDonald is just a * tool * .

      How pathetically eager he and the rest of the tools are to display their total compliance with the narrative of an external enemy/existential threat to displace and distract from the unfolding carnage of domestic UK Politics .

      At a time when we’re controlled by the worst Tory Gov in living memory – possibly the worst ever – and should be rejecting everything it stands for – including this transparent attempt to ramp-up the propaganda of Russia and China as the * bad guys * intent on destroying our * freedom * ( W.M + Holyweird are doing a sterling job on that front themselves ) – it’s truly sickening to see * our * representatives colluding in this manner with the very same forces intent on keeping us shackled to the necrotic * Union *

    235. Dan says:

      Hmm, McDonald… One wonders how that new SNP complaints officer is getting on with the workload, and whether they’re looking at historic cases.

    236. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      How’s this for blatant hypocrisy and virtual redaction of what Kirsty Blackman tweeted about Joanne Cherry last week.

      Blackman says,
      “I also think it would help if politicians were more mindful of what they are posting online, if they are being critical of others.
      “It’s not to say they can’t be critical, but when you have such a large profile it can be easy to start a pile-on of someone, even if you don’t mean to.
      “That can then trigger abuse.”

    237. Breeks says:

      Stuart MacKay says:
      24 October, 2021 at 10:47 am

      Short but definitely worth a read,

      If you thought the BBC was biased, well you ain’t seen nothing yet.

      You beat me to it…

      Caltonjock is on fire at the moment. Iain Lawson is also promoting another Caltonjock article detailing the chronology of the Salmond stitch up… Not short, but definitely worth a read too. You’ll learn more than you did from the Fabiani “Inquiry”.

    238. Breeks says:

      Last wee comment… can we PLEASE stop describing Scottish Independence as “seceding”.

      Scottish Independence will NOT be secession from the UK. Independence will be the END of the UK, and despite the BritNat Indoctrination saying otherwise, Independence will NOT see Scotland splintering off as a seceding state from a Continuer UK State. The United Kingdom created by the Treaty of Union will not exist.

      (Cue some halfwit turning up to declare the rump UK can call itself “UK” or whatever it likes, but it’s horse shit. The United Kingdom created by the Treaty of Union will have reverted back into it’s pre-treaty status and component parts; two Kingdoms of EQUAL constitutional status).

      I know many people are just using “secession” as a word, but it’s the wrong word, it’s sloppy, and carries all kinds of unhelpful and erroneous connotations which give succour to those who deliberately want to muddy the Constitutional waters.

    239. James Che. says:


      Where did you see the information about saving the union at any cost, you mentioned the other day,
      The totalitarian snp ) Now the state wish to educate our youth and brain train them in advance of adulthood,
      Perhaps they will turn them in to the equivalent of the nazi Germany youth like world war 2.
      Marching in uniform,

    240. Ottomanboi says:

      Here come those tired old snake oil modellers again.
      Scaaary…..well that American consumerist crap called halloween is coming up.
      On the reliability of models produced by modellers with particular axes to grind.
      Of especial interest to the lemmings attending Cockup26 in Glasgow UK.
      Lies, damned lies and mathematical modelling games.
      Truly, the kings and queens are as naked as the day they were born and as gullible.
      With Great Reset in mind.
      What a tangled counter-democratic web they are weaving…..for us to get trapped in.
      Scottish nationalists really need to wise up.
      The SNP central committee personality cultists are rogue.

    241. James Che. says:


      We have suspected that There has been a rogue government since just after the entered office. And close all connections with the public and started treaty us all like criminals to be shut down.
      When the wanted to educate our children for a different new kind sex project.
      When they want to stymie women and female mothers.
      When they want to control speech within your home at the kitchen table or in you’re living room,

      Were either gonna have to go along with it and wait the time out until the next election,
      Which unionist minded and the slow snp inaction has been carrot dangling in front of us for seven years,
      Or we choose a new government as people.

    242. James Che. says:

      I thought indoctrination of our youth was illegal under the terrorism act. Even by any state.

    243. Ron Maclean says:

      A btl comment from this site about a year ago –

      ‘For over three hundred years our rulers have been enthusiastic participants in the Westminster system. There are 650 MPs at Westminster, 59 from Scotland of whom, an optimist might believe, 48 have Scotland’s best interests at heart. Holyrood is a subsidiary of Westminster so numbers aren’t relevant from an independence point of view but, perhaps because of its impotence, there’s a noticeable eagerness to obtain a seat there too. Yet again we see the unseemly battle to board the gravy train. Why would they ever want to leave?

      I could be wrong of course and the SNP’s keenness to join the British system is only because of a commendable desire to separate from it as soon as possible and meet the main aim of the its constitution. That being the case it’s hard to explain the inaction of the last six years and the lack of any progress towards independence.

      What has been done at Westminster or Holyrood in the last six years to bring us closer to independence? Nothing. Before we worry about international acceptance, UK acceptance or even independence itself we should ensure SNP acceptance of the right of the Scottish people to self-determination, independence if that’s their choice, and the party’s intention always to act accordingly.

      The SNP, even when breaking down, currently provides our only realistic route to independence. We could help put it back on track by supplying all its MPs, MSPs and aspirants with a copy each of ‘Doun-Hauden’ and the SNP constitution. Those who can’t quote both verbatim by 30 November to be immediately deselected.’

      ‘The key to success is action and the essential in action is perseverance.’ Sun Yat- sen – not Nicola Sturgeon

      ‘If at first you don’t secede, try, try, try again’. ‘Rab Bruce’s Spider’ – not Nicola Sturgeon

    244. Confused says:

      – sounds fair enough to me. Did he find the 600K?

      Drunken pranks, a pal of mine once stole a JCB, slowest police “chase” ever.

    245. James Che. says:

      Some form of action has to be the plan.

      What I am determined to reiterate is this should be done with legality rather than the Scots people being beat up and suppressed violently on the street,

      I think those whom enjoyed the poem to “exterminate the Scots” would like nothing better than a violent form of confrontation, and have often egged us on to go down this route,
      You do not have to wonder why when you see whom holds and owns the the riot gear.
      It would be a massacre of beaten up Scots men, women and children,

      It is better that the Scots go on strike in unison, but not on the streets.
      It would be advantageous for us to display “ snp out”. banners and stickers in unison all across the country,

      It would be advantageous for us all to start unindating our local snp with letters rather than just E or G mails which they block or ignore,
      The snp are in an deliberate isolated bubble of their making so as not to be answerable to us, they do not want communication with us, that has to change before the never ending next election. Or the next election. Or the next election.

      We start as one unit at home and staying within the law.

    246. James Che. says:

      The people of Scotland have the legal right to choose a new governing body,

    247. James Che. says:

      No nasty letters or g- mails to the snp, no exciting others to do something illegal, no violence and no threats unless you want to be carried of in the back of a police car,
      Keep this legal, follow the law,

    248. Hugh Jarse says:

      Chants at large sports events in the US of “fuck joe biden” are gaining momentum, especially after within earshot, a msm bot desperately translated it to “lets go Brandon”.

      A Scots refrain might be a ditty such as ‘Sturgeon sook ma boaby’.

    249. Ottomanboi says:

      The political domain is a well known playground for the sociopath.
      Being 100% sceptic and i no longer trust any of the political type.
      In that i possibly speak for my post millennial generation.
      «Covid19» has been a smoke and mirrors exercise revealing how devious and criminal the type is….when left unchallenged.
      We must have an independent Scotland however the current cabal, a well financed international one, should have no part in it.
      A tall order for all who value «the human» over the sick-making synthetic.

    250. Robert Smith my surgery is not even doing that. They will only see patients on an emergency basis and you must phone before 12noon .Prescriptions phone your order in and they will send it to your named chemist. It takes them 5 days to prosses it before they send it on .Its down to extreme staff shortages .For a doctor its phone in before 12 and someone will phone back or go to the practice website.

    251. willie says:

      Trying to a doctor’s appointment is as you say a nightmare David Ritchie.

      The spin by the bag of shit that is Sturgeon is that they are doing well delivering. Well tell that to those trying to get a doctor’s appointment, trying to get surgery, or dying in the back of an ambulance.

      Or what of all the low income low life’s or the old pensioner low life’s – and I use the term low life’s appropriately. How are these poor sods going to heat their houses this year with capped pensions, and soaring fuel prices. Well they wont heat their houses. It’s as simple as that. They are but low raggedy people that this government in truth cares not a jot about.

      So let us use the term low life freely. Call a spade a spade. The old ones and the poor are getting it, and wee Sturgeon gives not a jot, as neither do her comfortable well paid elected SNP.

      You couldn’t make it up, but then again, a million died in Ireland during the famine years when they were actually exporting food from Ireland. But then again, they were poor low life’s too.

    252. President Xiden says:

      Just days away from the great virtue signalling hypocrisy event in Glasgow. We will suffer so the elites attending don’t have to.

    253. Clavie Cheil says:

      re willie at 11.19

      We might not be exporting food if you dont count Partridge Grouse, Non Fish farmed Salmon, Venison and other such luxury foods that us peasants cant afford. Are we not only exporting energy? The SNP sits back like the other Yoon political parties and lets it happen. It churns my stomach.

      But hey as long as I dont call my mother mother or my sister sister in Sturgeons nightmare Land I wont get arrested and jailed.

      I have had three telephone G.P consultations in last three weeks with a voice on the other end I didn’t recognise.

    254. Robert Hughes says:

      Willie @ 11.19

      The view from the ivory tower @ Bute House is extensive , if , paradoxically , limited .

      On a clear day you can almost see the shining citadel wherein reside Queen Kamala , Prince William Gates , the Dauphin Greta and the Stonewall Praetorian Guard .

      Alas, the valleys where the commoners scrape-out their miserable , nasty, British and short existence are obscured by an impenetrable miasma of indifference and relentless platitude storms .

      Fortunately , there is * low life * expectancy amongst the inhabitants of those dank , godforsaken twilight zones .

      More champagne anyone ?

      More real pain everyone

    255. Chas says:

      Defeat is often only a temporary position.
      Giving up is what makes it permanent.

    256. Robert Hughes says:

      Chas says:
      25 October, 2021 at 9:13 am

      ” Defeat is often only a temporary position

      Giving up is what makes it permanent ”

      Indeed .

    257. Republicofscotland says:

      Now we have the foreign English governments Defence Minister Ben Wallace doing a Great Satan (USA) in claiming that Russia and Putin are interfering in the indy debate, and that Russia and Putin wouldn’t respect a independent Scotland.

      Well the English government certainly doesn’t respect Scotland, and has sidelined democracy by telling a sovereign people (Scots) that they can’t leave the union unless the foreign government of England tells them they can.

      Putin as far as I know hasn’t made any threats against Scotland, as the English government did in 2014. As far as I cab see the English government is the enemy of Scotland, and not Putin or Russia.

    258. Tom says:

      Looks like our Great Leader isn’t the draw she thinks she is. See the first chart here ..

    259. Robert Graham says:

      Eh how’s yer Vaxx pass working Nicola ?

      The spokesperson from the entertainment industry has one comment


      Still think your right eh Nicola ? carry on your playing a fkn blinder

    260. Ottomanboi says:

      The low rating for Sturgeon in this is not what the personality cultists wish to see.
      I do wonder if the personality involved, having become accustomed to office, is also resistant to change.
      She and her circle have run their course, time for fresh ideas and considerably more imagination than her administration has shown.

    261. Robert Graham says:

      Explain this people

      Canadian Government website March 2nd 2016 requests for suppliers of Teargas and Teargas grenade launchers .

      Are you a business that can supply the above mentioned products ? Canada needs you for its response to Covid 19 , details GSIN Code N1330B

      Screenshot captured before it disappears This little snippet along with photos of packages of the wonder serum with expiration dates of 2019 a batch that wasn’t destroyed..

      The ones who are behind this pantomime have failed to cover their tracks in their haste to get this show on the road this juggernaut ain’t stopping there is too much invested they are being assisted by the media ,

      Remember the millions given to the Scottish media by sturgeons government ? People were asking questions at the time because it didn’t add up why support the media who are actively working against independence , this media are doing exactly what they are told and that’s keep the mug public in the dark and feed them the shit we tell you to .

      And sturgeon is doing exactly as she is told she’s like a fkn puppet dancing to someone’s else’s tune I wonder what exactly the security service’s has on her and her pretend spouse it must be big .

    262. James Che. says:

      As far as I understand the governments are crashing all the NHS all over Britain,
      And doctors that are paid for on the NHS by public money are wanting to go on strike,
      Because they do not want to see patients face to face.

      My doctors surgery has been reduced to the same as everyone else’s this week. Spoilt doctors on high pay not wanting to see the patients that pay their wage.

      Meanwhile BBC running two part programme of “ Who Owns Scotland “ from a different angle.

      It was trying to find through maps from National Registrar of Scotland which bit of Scotland were not owned or occupied because England has a housing Shortage.

    263. James Che. says:

      It is time for us to choose a new Scottish government.

    264. James Che. says:

      We the people can either legally choose a new Scottish government. Or
      Legally accept we the Scots have never joined the Treaty of the union at any time.
      We have never voted to join in 300 years.

      Either route we would see no devolved government and no NS and snp.
      It really is up to the people to organise the legal route.

      And where are the stupid Scottish lawyers and their families that are going to be effected by this new ideology in Scotland if not themselves then their children and grandchildren will be.

      Anyone know a lawyer?

    265. James Che. says:

      We have no health care,
      We have no fully functioning councils.
      We have had people lockdowns that did not work.
      We have 50% of police not policing by consent of the people.
      We have a strange new education system endoctrinating our children.
      We have invasions of our privacy rights.
      We have bbc looking for Scottish available land.
      We have a devolved government going rogue on the Scots

      And we moan every day with out a plan of action?

    266. Hatuey says:

      “Explain this people”

      No problem. It’s pish.

    267. Republicofscotland says:

      The English Defence minister Ben Wallace has said Scotland cannot keep relying on the army to support Scotland’s NHS, the army is also helping out England’s NHS.

      This a another good reason to why Scotland must leave this union, and take control of our own military, when you leave a foreign country to make decisions for your country that country will always come out second best.

    268. There are 600 men in the world with two penises.
      I have enough to be getting on with, with just the one to worry about.
      Imagine having two of them, and one took a fancy to some sheila and the other was having a kip, I think the one having a doss would not be very happy about being rudely awakened by a full on pincer movement in the pubic hair area
      In fact I would imagine it would have a right sore head at all the heavy breathing and fancy tickling going on

      scroll down a bit

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      he was so shocked he said, well i’ll be a monkeys uncle

    269. James Che. says:

      Basically no government is ensuring anything but a collapsed society,
      With far reaching affects on health and welfare covering every area of our life’s.

      We will be worse of than the big crash at the beginning of the last century so they can build back a better life scenario for the wealthy only, to have more control over the population.

      I suspect that lockdowns was a excellent experimental way of testing how compliant a population would be to extreme change,

      Because as Jacob R Mogg says, Tories don’t have to wear masks as their all friends, and we see many a politician and government being caught not following lockdown rules when they think no camera is near,

      None of the messages coming from our governments adds up.
      We endured Brexit so the British government was able to change human rights,
      to make an erse up of trade deals that go against the climate change mantra……

      we see them going on holidays and having friends visit at Christmas while we were not allowed.
      Visiting family while we were not allowed,

      The our Food supply and Farming is collapsing to make way for a wildlife safari park of big game. Changing our natural Scottish animals and habitat by culling species to make way for extinct species, that report is from farmers.

      We see that marine life is being sabotaged for under water electric power cables, affecting marine life’s eating and migration patterns, that report is from the fishing community.

      The economy is of Scotland is almost beyond recovery. As is Britain s.
      But unlike NS I do not wish to save the world.
      As we cannot be in a position to help anyone if we are unable to put our own country on a sound ecological foundation first , before the unbalanced extremism in climate change that will bring an unrecognisable Scotland to our people.
      We need to supply our own farming food industry, our own fishing, or our own health care. And stop re wilding Scotland at the expense of our existing wildlife.

      We pin our hope on NS being voted out in the next election, but to be honest that would leave us with the limited option we have left, the other parties that are destroying Scotland.

      We pin our hopes on each British election and career from one election after another with no change.

      We can do none of the above without the people in Scotland making a choice to choose a new government before the next election, before Scotland is destroyed.

    270. Dan says:

      James Che. says: at 1:04 pm

      Meanwhile BBC running two part programme of “ Who Owns Scotland “ from a different angle.

      Related BBC article archived from yesterday.

    271. James Che. says:

      We can do this within our legal rights.

    272. James Che. says:


      Thank you for providing the link, I was not sure how to do that, much appreciated,
      Scotland is about to be taken over big time by the sounds of it,

      And I bet they would not be voting for an independent Scotland.

    273. Ebok says:

      Robert Graham @ 12.20pm
      ‘I wonder what exactly the security service’s has on her and her pretend spouse it must be big’

      There may well be extremely damaging info that’s carefully safeguarded for now, but there is enough out there, facts that are known throughout HR and MSM, to destroy a dozen administrations.

      I recall that the Rev said he had information that he couldn’t publish, and I’m sure there are many others who have evidence that they are afraid to disclose or has been gagged by court order. In addition, it’s nearly two years since Alex Salmond said after the botched stitch-up that evidence he had ‘would see the light of day’.

      So, although there might be really incriminating documents in ‘classified’ files, other equally damning evidence is known by groups or individuals, but not yet made public.
      The problem is getting the facts out into the public domain.
      I mean, heavens above, even the stuff being discussed on Wings, and the devastating expose’s published by the brilliant bloggers we follow should be more than enough if everyone was paying attention?

      Nobody who followed the Fabiani farce could be under any illusions about this Scotgov, but unless someone speaks out, and while we have a docile public, obedient backbenchers, an utterly ineffective opposition, and a compliant media, the status quo shall remain.

    274. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @1.17pm.

      James what we need to do, is to find a way to force Sturgeon to make the next election (the GE) a plebiscitary one on Scotland leaving this union.

      That’s what MUST happen.

      We cannot wait until 2026, or beyond which is more likely to hold another indyref. If Sturgeon fails to use the next GE as a plebiscitary one on Scotland ditching this putrid union, again we’ll need to find a way of compelling her to call our MPs back to Holyrood, hold a vote via our MPs and MSPs and declare the union dissolved there and then if its a yes to leave.

      We don’t have the time that Sturgeon thinks we have, I think that’s a stalling tactic she’s using. The foreign government of England will do, and is doing everything it can to undermine our own parliament, slowly but surely this foreign government is chipping away at devolution, in the forms of the Internal Market bill, directly funding councils and bypassing Holyrood in the process, time isn’t on our side.

      How do we compel Sturgeon into action is the key question.

    275. sarah says:

      @ Republic of Scotland “how do we compel Sturgeon into action is the key question”.

      I don’t think it can be done as all her parliamentarians [bar 2 or 3] aren’t strong enough to stand up to the current horror show.

      The only way is to replace her as leader. Can you find a decent pro-urgent independence action member who will stand for leader. NOW IS the TIME as nominations have opened for SNP office posts.
      All they have to do is email the Nat Sec for an application form.

      Better still find several to stand, including high-profile members. This will ensure a wide debate of all the issues.

    276. Robert Graham says:

      Sir Keir Stamer has just shown his Tory allegiance this the latest of many pronouncements that are full on behind this Tory government Labour Tory what’s the difference ?

      He has rounded on people letting parents know of the danger of this serum , children don’t even register on any scale of the possible harm they could come to from this plague and yet they are falling over themselves to jab them in the same way if you stand still some fkr wants to stick a needle in you.

      The ones he’s getting at are pointing out The Drug companies and government’s are immune from prosecution from serious damage caused by this serum

      BUT NURSES and DOCTORS are NOT .

      All you people commenting here enjoy it while you can because censorship is in overdrive and your ability to post your thoughts will end shortly .

    277. Tinto Chiel says:

      @James Che. 2.41: just to add a little to your Brave New World list of woes…….

      I went into the Gents’ in Luss for a Jumping Jack Flash last week and was somewhat surprised to see a full range of female (can I say such a thing?) sanitary products available from a wall dispenser. Never seen this before (though I may have led a sheltered life) so I suspect full-blown Wokery has reached the bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond.

      Factoid: until John Knox and the Reformation, Luss was known as Lust but JK put and end to all that nonsense.

      Not a lot of people know that.

    278. Hatuey says:

      “Nobody who followed the Fabiani farce could be under any illusions about this Scotgov, but unless someone speaks out, and while we have a docile public, obedient backbenchers, an utterly ineffective opposition, and a compliant media, the status quo shall remain.”

      That’s quite a list of conditionals but many are interconnected. The key element is the compliant media; if it wasn’t so compliant, the public wouldn’t be so docile, more people would speak out, and everything else would fall into place.

      It’s worth remembering who they are compliant towards though (Nicola’s boss).

      Sturgeon gets everything wrong. That’s the best indicator that things will change in our favour. Half of the population is resolutely pro-independence and it won’t take much to tip the scales. When that happens, Sturgeon will be brushed aside like fluff. In a few years she’ll represent a boring phase in Scottish politics that very few will care to remember.

      In historical materialism we trust.

    279. Republicofscotland says:

      “The only way is to replace her as leader. Can you find a decent pro-urgent independence action member who will stand for leader. NOW IS the TIME as nominations have opened for SNP office posts.
      All they have to do is email the Nat Sec for an application form.”


      Who do you have in mind?

      I can’t see anyone MP or MSP from the SNP challenging her, the only way I see forward is a huge number of indy minded folk demonstrating outside Holyrood and Bute House, with placards and billboards asking Sturgeon to make the next GE a plebiscitary one, when her supposed 2023 indyref passes us by without any indyref, and it will.

    280. sarah says:

      @Republic of scotland at 6.39: “who do you have in mind?” to stand for SNP Leader.

      It would be ideal if someone with a high profile stood as they would have the best chance of actually winning. I used to think that Philippa Whitford might be a good choice as she has not been embroiled in any internal party rows and she is not a career politician i.e. seems to be someone who is only an MP because she thought it her duty to stand up for Scotland. However I have some worries as she has been silent in public on GRA – not necessarily a bad thing as she may have been working behind the scenes.

      However if a high-profile active person won’t stand then I think it is worthwhile ANY pro-independence-now type member, preferably more than one, standing. This would ensure that at least there would be some open discussion.

      The personality cult is anti-democratic. In my view there should be a debate every year so the leader in office has to argue their case for re-election.

      I have emailed a couple of MPs asking them to stand and/or to organise a slate of applicants but, understandably, have had no reply. I am also trying to encourage some ordinary members to stand via a group I belong to but have had no volunteers yet. What we need is someone who knows somebody gutsy to have a go!

    281. Dan says:

      @ sarah & ROS

      There’s a very useful lever just waiting to be used to force the leadership issue, and it’s one of the Party’s own making due to their dogged pursuit of pushing on with Self ID without a clearly supported mandate from each of those elected politician’s constituents.
      Just ask all elected SNP Councillors, MSPs, and MPs to define what a woman is.
      Inability to concisely answer this simple question in just a few words says all we and their constituents need to know.
      And remember, these elected politicians have to represent all their constituents, not just those that voted for them.

    282. sarah says:

      @ Dan – but that means waiting for another election AND for the broader public to have caught up with our depth of knowledge. If only someone would grasp the thistle [nettle?] and stand for leader at the November Annual Conference, especially someone very well-known and well-respected in the party, the whole process could be speeded up.

      We could be “free at last, free at last”. Bliss.

    283. Robert Hughes says:

      ” In historical materialism we trust. ”

      Didn’t have you down as Marxist H . I suppose we can appreciate much of his thought without necessarily agreeing with his entire worldview . His analyses of the inherent flaws and contradictions of Capitalism for example .

      I don’t think History/Cultures/Politics etc can be understood from a purely Materialist perspective personally .

      The non-material dynamics of the psyche – individual + collective – shape events as much ( I think more ) than external material conditions . The two of course interact , and , at some level , are one and the same .

      It may be the inner conflicts , how she manages them , how she understands her reality – or fails to – that leads to Sturgeon’s eventual fall from grace : rather than any external events .

      Whatever it is , hope to fck it happens sooner than later

    284. Dan says:

      @ sarah

      Not necessarily. Winter and dark nights are fast approaching so ideal conditions to go all Led by McDonkeys and project onto a suitable “canvas” that many can see.

      “If “Name” as your local elected official can’t even define what a woman is, how can you trust their judgement on any other matter.”

      Get this sort of thing trending around the country to further raise awareness amongst the masses and drive in the wedge on the divisive issue their own Party created.

      If none are prepared to break from the ranks and distance themselves from the Party line then so be it. At least it will expose them for what they are. And if some do break rank then it weakens the “Government” Administration to the point it may become untenable.
      All that talk of Scots exercising our sovereignty in the run up to getting elected means fuck all if you’re just going to sit on the gravy train now you’re in office and allow Scots and Scotland to suffer the consequences of your inaction.

    285. 1) Calton Hill
      2) Buachaille Etive Mor
      3) Falkirk Wheel
      4) Glamis Castle
      5) Isle of Skye
      6) Forth Rail Bridge
      7) Portree Harbour
      8) Edinburgh Tattoo
      9) Kilchurn Castle
      10) Glenfinnan Viaduct
      11) Eilean Donan Castle
      12) Rannoch Moor

      Bruce Fummey

      Scottish History Tours

    286. President Xiden says:

      Good to see the implementation of communist Zil lanes in Glasgow for our glorious leaders this week.

    287. President Xiden says:

      Our dear leader is inspired

    288. sarah says:

      @ Dan at 7.13 and 7.39: ask SNP MP/MSPs to define “woman” – then publicise their unsatisfactory answers.

      That is an excellent idea, if we don’t mind losing the SNP’s current mass voter support! Perhaps it is a project to be put to Women won’t Wheesht or similar to organise – it needs a national group to run it.

      To preserve that wide support but alter SNP policy requires a change in the leadership and I would rather it was sooner than later AND didn’t drive the general public away from the independence cause – like it or not the SNP is in the public’s mind the leader of the independence cause. A seemly change at the top needn’t cause any problems with the public’s perception.

      I realise I am an optimist! It is so annoying – it is clear what needs to happen and it is perfectly simple to do. I just wish there was some hint that someone is doing something about it.

    289. Scott says:

      sarah, fuck the SNP as it is now.

      You either want that boat rocked or you don’t.

      The SNP isn’t leading the independence cause, the mangling of Scotland by UK Govt while their elected members do next to fuck all to stop that is proof enough.

      The mass support can be found over on the Wee Ginger Ghost/Wee Deid Dug site…leave them to their sycophantic delusions.

      But, good luck with your own leadership bid.

    290. James Che. says:

      Nigel Farage talking on GB news about Boris Johnson’s speech to a bunch of school kids, re- wilding Britain.

      Where apparently he thinks there are to many too many humans,
      He goes on to say, perhaps the humans should be fed to animals,

      I was joking about this earlier on that perhaps they will freeze the humans that have died, when I was feeling exasperated at not getting a doctors appointment,

      But that Boris thought it was a solution to over population is dangerous as a leader of Britain.

      We need to become independent in Scotland faster than the next fixed election. Or before politics over takes the human race.

    291. President Xiden says:

      Our Governors are playing a blinder, cancelling Dr appointments so that the great and the good can get hassle free transport through Glasgow on the way to their woke rest. Not at all like communist Russia. Not at all.

    292. Dan says:

      @ sarah

      Okay, then we use the leverage that threatening to float such a campaign which would widely expose those that won’t or can’t answer the simple question.
      They either get with the program or they’re going to be named and shamed.
      It needn’t / shouldn’t have come to this but for some reason those in control of the Party are hell bent and seemingly committed to causing this ongoing destructive division.
      Sensible heads really should have dealt with this well before now. But that this hasn’t been sorted says much about the leadership and tactical skills of those in control of the Party… unless of course they’re deliberately throwing the game.

      We know that certain elements in the Party won’t tolerate views that aren’t aligned with their own as can be seen by the hounding dished out to Joan McAlpine, Joanna Cherry, and Kate Forbes.

      I’d like to see some of the male SNP politicians (and don’t forget the Councillors in this) step up and answer the question. There’s Local Authority elections next year after all, call it an early part of the hustings process.
      Though that said, personally I think Party politics has no place in Local Authority elections, especially when Scotland’s political situation is so corrupted by the Union / Indy matter.
      Council Wards just require sensible local representation for their specific needs, and local Councillors should not be compromised in representing their constituents by having to follow some bullshit Party line put in place by folk with zero connection the local Wards.

    293. Hatuey says:

      Robert Hughes: “Didn’t have you down as Marxist H”

      I’m a neo-liberal capitalist existentialist with Proudhonian syndicalist leanings, but I like some of what Marx said, particularly on history and dialectics.

      And I think societies do tend to develop in a certain direction, primarily because human beings are naturally disposed to want freedom and justice or something…

      I also think an understanding of the economic base of a given society will give you a good idea of what’s going on there.

      If Marx was alive today, they’d call him a hipster.

      Anyway, I think Scotland is destined to be independent. Britain and the Unionists only have so many fingers to stick in the dam. The water can’t be stopped and will eventually get through — The Barnett formula and Holyrood, in that sense, are pretty crude attempts to regulate the flow.

      On a more spiritual level, as soon as you dominate or impose your will on people, I think you create antagonisms, contradictions, and bad karma. Things don’t always get resolved but they usually do, one way or another.

    294. Effigy says:

      Watched yet another assassination on Glasgow’s new super hospital
      by Unionist STV.
      They broadcast comments from a young woman who was seriously
      I’ll as a child but who then picked up a bug from a source within the hospital.

      She looks well and seems to be thriving but I was astonished when she said
      “ They gave me antibiotics that were like bleach”
      How do you allow a Consultant administer life saving drug to be likened to
      a toilet bowl germ killer by someone with Zero medical qualifications?

      Next they distorted the antibiotic into something nasty because it is also used
      in people with Leprosy and she didn’t have Leprosy?

      If consultants with many years of experience and who has taken the Hippocratic oath deem that
      to be the best course of treatment then it is the best treatment.
      The young woman is here and healthy but it looks to me she has been coached to get compensation
      and for the Unionist media to point score.

      If bacteria was in water supplies or ventilators does anyone think politician in Scotland were acting
      as Architects, Plumbers or Ventilation Engineers?

      The work went to tender and approved bodies carried out the installation in hope of everything going well and building their reputations to gain further works.

      No one set out to make anyone ill here but yes we must know where improvement and mistakes lie.

      There are many NHS England disasters such as the Mid Staff Scandal were there were up to 1,200
      patients died as a result of poor care over a 50 month period.

      Why are Scotland’s woes made greater than this?
      Why is our situation on TV and in newspapers almost daily years after the event when Mid Staffs
      gets buried with their patients?

    295. Robert Hughes says:

      ” On a more spiritual level, as soon as you dominate or impose your will on people, I think you create antagonisms, contradictions, and bad karma. Things don’t always get resolved but they usually do, one way or another.”

      Spot-on H .

      It’s the impositions that cause the problems . That applies equally to the imposition of political dogmas and , as we’re seeing increasingly , social engineering style * Right Think * policing of people’s thoughts and speech on gender and other issues .

      For this reason I lean more towards Anarchism – minus the ” ism ” . Lao Tzu rather than Bakunin – though the latter ( like Proudhon ) had a lot of good ideas .

      Leave people alone . Stop trying to turn them into what * YOU * think they * should * be .

      ” A government can be compared to our lungs. Our lungs are best when we don’t realize they are helping us breathe. It is when we are constantly aware of our lungs that we know they have come down with an illness.”

      Governments these days , lacking trust in natural lung-power , would replace them with bellows only they can operate , by stamping down hard on them

    296. Republicofscotland says:

      So according to the National newspaper Sturgeon demands the English government does a U-Turn on the carbon capture project giving it to the Acorn plant in Aberdeen.

      I don’t know whether its Sturgeons ego at play here, or she’s playing to the Scottish gallery, or she is acting out the part to appease her handlers, but Sturgeon knows fine well the decision has been made to snub Scotland, where carbon capture was virtually invented.

      Of course Sturgeon could’ve saved a lot of heartache in Aberdeen, and the Acorn plant could’ve been the first carbon capture plant in the world to go online, if she’d had taken Scotland out of this farcical union, but she didn’t and now we must pay the consequences for her betrayal.

    297. Republicofscotland says:

      “Watched yet another assassination on Glasgow’s new super hospital
      by Unionist STV.”


      What do you expect from the foreign ran media, STV is no different, STV carries the entire ITV networks output now, if you want to see a years old Scottish programme you need to access it through the STV Player, STV sold out Scotland years ago, infact I’ve read that Scots living on, or near the border with England only get tv from Northern England and not Scottish tv, though in reality there is no Scottish television.

      The Catalan people have their own tv channels and even a small enclave in Moldova has them as well, we invented the tv, among a myriad of other things, yet we don’t even have control of our own tv channels in Scotland, what a sad state of affairs.

    298. Republicofscotland says:

      Meanwhile SNP delegates are demanding an open border between Scotland and England after Scotland leaves this rancid union, Jesus talk about putting the cart before the horse.

      Sturgeon hasn’t even announced a date yet for a indyref, and she probably never will, yet we have SNP delegates, planning what they want to happen post a indyref.

      Still it looks good and sounds good to the gullible masses who still believe that Sturgeon will lead us out of this putrid union.

    299. Robert Hughes says:


      Classic Sturgeon , pantomime feet-stamping after having allowed something happen .

      Nothing is ever her fault , never lifts a finger to prevent damage to Scotland , then parades her faux-outrage to gather plaudits from her devotees and generate yet another ” Sturgeon slams blah blah ” headline in the Notional .

      All that ” slamming ” and the barn door is still wide open

    300. Stuart MacKay says:


      The word “bleach” was there for one reason only – to link the hospital to Trump in the mind of the viewer and undermine the integrity of the medical staff with all the anti-science and negativity that comes with that imagery.

      Gutter journalism or evil plot to bring Scotland down. I think the two positions are quite interchangeable as the results are exactly the same.

    301. Republicofscotland says:

      “All that ” slamming ” and the barn door is still wide open”

      Robert Hughes, yes Robert, its all for the masses and the cameras, look I’m stamping my feet and waving my arms in anger, however I won’t do anything about it.

      Such as in firms in Scotland need to pay a 20% levy to access the National Power Grid, but in England they are paid to access the grid, now the English government has done a deal with a EU country to run a a undersea cable to England from Europe, without connection charges.

      Apparently EU countries do not charge a connection fee to the grid within Europe, it looks like Scotland is the only country that pays to access the UK Power Grid.

    302. Breastplate says:

      My comment is in moderation but a line should read ‘death by a thousand’ rather than ‘of’.

    303. Republicofscotland says:

      The Scottish Labour branch office manager Anas Sarwar, must be quaking in his little treacherous boots right now as former union boss Len McCluskey tells him to back a Scottish indyref. I’m pretty sure McCluskey’s successor a woman of whom I can’t quite recall her name also backs a second indyref.

      Like the spineless weasel that we all know Sarwar is, he’ll go running to his boss at Westminster, and do as Starmer tell him to, the sniveling little shit that he is.

    304. Meg merrilees says:

      Effigy @ 9.18 25th October

      Thanks for the link to that interview with Mike Russell.

      I’m afraid to say I only listened to 3minutes and 17 seconds befiore switching it off.

      Mike Russell is explaining how impossible it was to negotiate with the Westminster Government in the period running up to Brexit.

      If it really was THAT bad, and we are led to believe that the SNP realised how insincere the Tories were about everything, that the WM people would not pay any attention to the views of the devolved nations then Why, oh Why??? did they not just come out with it, tell the people of the devolved nations the truth and go all out for Scottish Independence before the Brexit deal came into effect.
      There will never be a better time.

      Why was there NO campaign, NO SNP MP’s nor MSP’s going from town to town and village to village, on soapboxes telling us that the Union was completely broken, Scotland was about to massively shafted and we had to end the Treaty forthwith.
      The deals that are now being done – farming deals with New Zealand and NO farmers consulted, look at the fishing fiasco, no capacity at out abbattoirs, not enough staff for our care homes, no carbon caprture, no wind generated power because it just isn’t cheap enough and so on….
      these deals will just destroy Scotland and her means of self support even more – which is exactly what the WM gov wants.

      Take away our sources of revenue and we become totally dependent on the largesse of the Union; we have no major ports for our own exports, very little heavy industry, shipbuilding is a shadow of its former self, destroy people’s sense of self worth and you destroy a nation’s self belief.

      Hard to stay positive in Sturgeon’s ‘Lesser England’.
      I can see exactly where the Rev is coming from.

      History will not be kind to Ms. Sturgeon and her oligarcy.
      Scotland will survive but we have a huge mountain to climb now when we thought we were nearly there.

      Waiting for a new leader to come along is doomed – we have to be ready to stand up as a people, in the majority, as a groundswell, an unstoppable surge before we will effect that change. Freedom has to matter more than money.
      I think we are some way away from that point.

    305. James Che. says:

      How many of you watched the GBNews with nigel farage yesterday showing the clip of Boris Johnson suggesting feeding humans to animals as a solution to over population.

      He was telling this to a group of children.
      Wether they are actors or not, like the kalmala Harrison coverage in America is neither here or there.
      The fact that any of our leaders are brainwashing the next generation to a extremism view to depopulate the planet through re- wilding carnivores is not the suggestion of a sane leader of a country.

    306. James Che. says:

      Meg merrilees.

      I caught that interview with mike Russell and came to more or less the same conclusion,
      Horse sh…
      Just snp talk for why us idiots don’t understand the opportunities the snp have missed and why we don’t understand what is taken them so long to gain independence.

      We understand alright. And his interview did not fool us any.

      We should have end the treaty of union they think were in.

    307. Hatuey says:

      Mike Russell is the guy they send out to talk to us when the mask slips; it’s slipping a lot these days, so we are seeing a lot more of him than usual.

      Don’t be fooled by his seemingly pleasant and sincere manner — he knows he’s selling us a pig in a poke as far as indyref2 and independence is concerned.

      They don’t really have anyone else left to send out, though. All the decent people have left or sit quietly marginalised.

      As for the QEU Hospital, I don’t understand why any of you would you want to politicise that issue by tribally defending ScotGov or giving them the benefit of the doubt. You have no obligation to the SNP.

    308. Ottomanboi says:

      The history of Scotland since the beginning of the second millennium has been a struggle against encroaching anglicization, effectively an English cultural land grab. At the beginning of the third millennium the nation has to contend with the false internationalism of the US financed globalists, its fellow travellers and their digital ancillaries.
      At this time Scotland might benefit from an «authentic» ie true to its purpose nationalist party/movement with a broad historic and cultural frame of reference rather than one that has internalized the Zeitgeist with its officious and intrusive rigmarole.

    309. Robert Hughes says:

      ” You have no obligation to the SNP. ” . Correct .

      ” At this time Scotland might benefit from an «authentic» ie true to its purpose nationalist party/movement with a broad historic and cultural frame of reference rather than one that has internalized the Zeitgeist with its officious and intrusive rigmarole. ” . Correct .

    310. Effigy says:

      I enjoyed these comments so much I’d like to see an hour
      Long TV and Radio documentary made about it.
      A 4 page pull out feature on it from everything that claims to be a newspaper.

      Snowballs chance in hell.

    311. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      The world has gone doo-lally!

    312. Chas says:

      Has anyone ever seen a post where Republicofscotland has a good word to say about ANYBODY?

    313. Republicofscotland says:

      This utter uninformed bollocks could’ve come straight out of PayPal Paul’s aka WGD website, such is the arse licking love for the SNP professed in it.

    314. Republicofscotland says:

      Chas @2.16pm.

      I’m sure I can think of something nice to say about you….ah yes, *&^%-OFF.

      Try paying attention as to why I have nothing good to say about the SNP/unionist media etc or the foreign government of England.

    315. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Eh, ROS, That Sturgeon aura must be all-powerful!

      Thank the gods I never got too close…

    316. Ottomanboi says:

      «Nicola Sturgeon gives Covid update in Holyrood»
      What she’s actually saying…We must put even more public money into the deep pockets of private BigPharma.
      Covid19, the best shot in the arm to global capitalism since those mega government bank bail outs.
      Who exactly is pulling your strings FM. London, Washington, Davos….?

    317. Dorothy Devine says:

      RoS, I almost couldn’t believe that was for real.

      How come the National is so keen to print such demeaning ordure?
      (rhetorical question)

      I’m really glad I stopped buying any newspaper.

    318. sarah says:

      @ Dan at 11.13 last night: agree – threaten the MSPs/MPs with exposure if…

      But also as you say, why aren’t many of them speaking up already? The leadership group are clearly lunatic – no normal voter will agree with them and surely all the MP/MSPs can’t be so dim as not to see this?

      O/T apologies for delayed response but my puppy ate my laptop charging lead so I can only get on-line when my OH isn’t using his laptop!

    319. Hatuey says:

      Some day someone will stand up and go through the growing list of policy failures Nicola Sturgeon is responsibility for. It’s worth remembering that she only made it into politics after something like 7 failed attempts and they shoved her name to the list.

      It’s also worth remembering that she was in Health before becoming leader. That raises questions about her role in Scotland’s lack of preparedness when the pandemic broke out. Our Doctors and Nurses couldn’t have been more poorly equipped to deal with the outbreak.

      Now she’s turning her attention to global warming and the world has never been more surely fucked.

    320. Republicofscotland says:


      A couple of things, I’m sure some of the £3 million quid of taxpayers cash allocated by Sturgeon to propping up the mainly unionist press in Scotland will have gone to the National, its ex-editor, Richard Walker stood as an SNP candidate as well, though without much success.

      Also I recall the Alba party’s Twitter feed displaying the 50+ front pages of the National newspaper in which it indicated that a indyref was just around the corner, no doubt that would’ve annoyed Callum Baird is current editor.

      However the National will just say that by printing a broad array of comments that its being fair minded.

    321. Republicofscotland says:

      Its frustrating that Sturgeon has betrayed us either to fulfil her own agenda, or she’s been working for opposition due to being compromised it could be a bit of both.

      Anyway what even more galling is that apart from one or two SNP MPs being outspoken about one wee woman, and her husband holding the country back from growing and prospering, the entire group of SNP MPs and MSPs bar the few I pointed out above, have decided to become the Three Wise Monkeys, and have fallen into self-preservation mode over the wellbeing of an entire nation of people.

      What kind of gutless, spineless cowards (SNP MSPs/MPs allow one wee woman, and her man to hold an entire country to ransom so as not to upset the gravy train. The future of our country and its people and children lies in their hands to speak out and do the right thing, not hide behind the party, peeping over Sturgeons shoulder afraid to stand up for the nation that pays them so handsomely.

      How has it come to this where is the mettle of the our SNP MSPs/MPs, why haven’t any of them blown the whistle on what’s going on within the party, where is the courage of their so called convictions when the country needs it.

    322. Stoker says:

      Scot Finlayson wrote on 19 October, 2021 at 6:46 pm:
      “Stu, someone doing a wee poll on twitter regarding the nefarious transcult and when you (that`s me) first became aware there was a problem that was the transcult, lot of folk sayin it was when JKR got involved, but you were on this topic way before that, can you remember the date of your first post on WOS regarding the trans issue,”

      Quite a bit late to be of any help to you Scot but i’ve only just seen your post. It wouldn’t have been before Salmond left the SNP (Aug2018) because all this started coming to light after he left). This one is the earliest one i can find (from May2019) but there may be others i’ve missed.

      If i recall correctly it was *at least* 6-8 months after that before JK’s name entered the shenanigans. Campbell was long on the ball before Jakey Howlin’. I’d put money on that.

      Other months for this sort of stuff worth checking in the WOS archives are Nov & Dec 2019. Sorry couldn’t be of a help to you sooner.

    323. twathater says:

      I definitely think you’re right stoker , the Rev was way ahead of the curve before ANYONE even the guy Linehan possibly , but what was sickening was the amount of commenters on WOS including a few women who REFUSED to listen alongside men who railed at him to get back to exposing WM and the unionists BLOCKING Indy , when those of us who were NOT Sturgeon apologists or sycophants knew who WERE BLOCKING indy and it wasn’t WM

      I commented at the time that the females should arrange a mass demonstration at Holyrood to show their ANGER but the responses from mostly females said that they were biding their time to see how the GRA progressed and they had to allow Sturgeon a chance to change her mind , funnily enough some of those females are paypal pauls most avid supporters , WOW who would have guessed

      It has been the same thing throughout the perverted deviants tenure where members and supporters have been loath to point out her gross ineptitude because the unionists would have a field day , not only in her imbecillic policies but in her selection of moronic ministers non of whom have succeeded in their positions or created ANYTHING positive for Scotland and Scots , they nearly make liebour look normal (shudder)

    324. Dan says:

      @ sarah

      Your pup gnawing the lappy power lead is reminiscent of Stu’s rats crashing his IT empire! Shocking stuff…

      Re. On the question of why aren’t many of them speaking out?… Well that’s because it would be uncomfortable for them, in that their answers would either not align with their Party’s line, or the views of the electorate.
      They’d need to go into full eel mode to work their way out of that slippery predicament.
      But that is the position they ALL need to be put in because it shakes things up and won’t allow them to continue hiding on this highly divisive issue that needs resolved.

      Maybe this is something that could be picked up by the Women Won’t Weesht group on twitter who have more visibility and clout than us mere btl commeters on here.
      They could @ message the question to all MPs, MSPs, AND Councillors (it’s important to include the Councillors too as see a couple of comments continuing to focus on just MPs and MSPs).
      If all the Party’s elected politicians are put under the spotlight in one concerted campaign, it surely couldn’t have every single one of them all toeing the Party line on this matter as that would look ridiculous.
      It’s a wedge issue so we need to drive the wedge in, as they certainly won’t.

    325. Hatuey says:

      Brrrrrrr! Brrrrrrrr!


      “Awrite mate, are you the guy that done the “STOP BREXIT” sign on our bus?”

      “Ehhhhhh aye, that was me… how?”

      “Well, we were wondering how much it would cost to remove the word “Brexit and change it to “CLIMATE CHANGE”?

      “Ehhhh you still owe me for the “STOP BREXIT” sign…”

      Ca-Click! Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

    326. President Xiden says:

      I see the Thunberg camp are trying to jump on the Council strike bandwagon threatening to upset their wee jolly. Allowing them to be involved will enable them to control the narrative.

    327. @Stoker,

      Cheers for that,

      had forgotten all about the comment,

      would be good to get Stu`s laser like critical analysis on the escalating battle between feminists and the misogynistic transcult.

      anyhoo talking of misogyny,

      the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) women’s conference has rejected a proposal for single sex services for women and girls,

      that`s 250,000 female members of the STUC that they ,for the sake of virtue signalling and fear of the transcult,have thrown under the bus,

      the STUC can get tae f@ck.

    328. Dorothy Devine says:

      The New Binary from August 2015 – that has to be one of the Rev’s first on the cult!

    329. Dan says:

      Greta and the COP26 Masif could take a lesson from my eco and re/up-cycling exploits.
      Today I was setting up one of my hoarded Bosch VE injection pumps scavenged from a rotten old “Best of British” Landrover Discovery TDI.
      The apprentices at the garage didn’t have a scooby what I was doing or working on such is the case with the younger generation.
      It’s getting retro-fitted to a modern VW diesel engine which will allow me to eliminate a myriad electronic fault prone and superflous shite.
      Oldskool simplicity and reliability FTW! 😉
      Going to run it on my stocks of processed sunflower oil drained off almost a decade’s worth of tuna tins!
      I’ll ride out this fuel crisis nae bother noo having had the foresight to harvest and save the oil, rather than pour it doon the drain and create a fatberg in the sewer.

    330. sarah says:

      @ Dan at 7.21: MOH asks “is it April 1st?”. You can’t really have saved tuna oil for 10 years – your neighbourhood would stink to high heaven!

      However we are mightily impressed at the idea that you can overcome electronic gadgetry – our new car sitting idle for 2 weeks ran its battery flat presumably because it was using power talking to itself, and also refused to let us unlock the boot using the manual key provided…

      Puppy chewing computer lead – “shocking stuff” – groan…

      Re Women won’t Wheesht idea – Ok. Will you email them or will I?

    331. Ayeright says:


      I can’t understand why you put up with the abuse you get from posters on here and think it will be different anytime soon. It won’t. Those abusing you do not support independence.

    332. sarah says:

      @ Ayeright: thanks for the kindly comment. I don’t respond to the abuse because it wouldn’t make any difference, and would be more upsetting than just scrolling past. I’m more worried about our cause – how on earth are we going to get independence with the current crew in charge?

      There’s a simple and obvious way to try but we can’t find anyone prepared to give it a go. There must be someone, surely?

    333. Ayeright says:


      The only chance of independence in the foreseeable future is with the independence supporting parties we have in Holyrood right now. That is the SNP and the Greens, they are the only threat to the Union and that’s why there are abusers on here attacking you for saying anything at all in support of the SNP. They are the enemies of independence.

    334. robbo says:

      Ayeright says:
      26 October, 2021 at 10:44 pm

      I can’t understand why you put up with the abuse you get from posters on here and think it will be different anytime soon. It won’t. Those abusing you do not support independence.


      Lmao – you’re a hoot !


    335. Paul McRae says:

      Happy Birthday Stu

    336. twathater says:

      ayeright says

      The only chance of independence in the foreseeable future is with the independence supporting parties we have in Holyrood right now. That is the SNP and the Greens
      Hello is that you Nikla or is it wee paddy or patricia

    337. Dan says:

      @ sarah @ 10.29pm

      I could contact them as I have a line in, but would liked to have seen a bit more input and thoughts from folk on the positive merits or negative connotations of the idea prior to attempting to organise it with an external group.
      This is the rub with so many folk leaving Wings btl discourse and fucking off to Twatter and Arsebook to play around in smaller social bubbles of their own making. It massively diminishes the range, scrutiny and critique of ideas and discussion.

      I’ve seen this same sort of thing happen before with once great forums packed with many diverse folk with great technical insight and knowledge being depleted and effectively wrecked to a dried out husk of what they were because folk couldn’t handle truth and reality, instead preferring to succumb to the fantasy that they would be as equally well served on a shittier platform in a smaller bubble lacking the folk with smarts because they won’t go near the skipfire that is Arsebook.
      FFS, we know it’s used to manipulate and control populations the world over by the collection and use of personal data harvesting and sinister algorithms. But yay, like lemmings running off a cliff, folk are still lured there…

      Off out working for the day so will check in tonight and hope to find some commentary which may help determine the way forward with the idea.

    338. Dan says:

      …And where’s Andy Ellis when you need him… He’s never normally shy of offering critique and input… 🙂

    339. Dorothy Devine says:

      A song for the world, Clearance Clearwater and Bad Moon Rising.

      More shit going into waterways and sees thanks to the Tories.

      Excellent cartoon in the Guardian – the cartoonists seem to be some of the few in the media speaking truth to power.

    340. Breastplate says:

      I agree Dan,
      It’s important to get different perspectives otherwise we’d be as well nodding to ourselves in the mirror

    341. Breastplate says:

      People hoping for a great saviour of Scotland to rise from the ranks of the New SNP, I would have to say are incredibly hopeful or delusional.
      The New SNP have surely done enough to convince anybody with the ability of logical reasoning that they have other priorities and have went out of their way to defer any progress on independence.

      They’ve convinced many people in Scotland that we can only have one shot at independence and we have to follow all the rules and regulations laid down by another country (that doesn’t want Scotland to have self determination) of how we can go about exercising our sovereignty as a nation.
      The New SNP has ensured that many people believe we can only have one stab at an independence referendum and we have to get it right, not only that but we can only vote in a referendum at the ballot box with the caveat that there is no danger of Covid or its effects.
      Of course we can go to the ballot box to ensure our politicians are kept on the gravy train at any other time and at the drop of a hat if necessary.

      No wildcat referendum!
      Gold standard referendum!
      These phrases could so easily have come from the mouths of Unionists, that the party of independence is speaking the same language and fighting their battles for them should speak volumes to anybody that doesn’t frequent the ‘anyone but Alba’ site.
      The “We only have one shot at independence so we must wait until everything is perfect”mantra is absolute Pish!
      At what point in time were we given one last chance at asking for the democratic Will of the People?
      Perhaps a kindly soul can explain that?

      Regarding the New SNP and a new leader, in my opinion the party is lost, it’s gone and can’t be reanimated. Nobody who is Old SNP will be allowed anywhere near the reins lest they be accused of sexual abuse or being anti-Semitic.
      The next leader will be somebody that Nicola will approve of privately if not publicly and they will have no intention of finding any ring-fenced funds or anything else that could be considered illegal or even simply embarrassing.
      So in my opinion, lodging any faith in the New SNP is akin to a death by a thousand referendum promises, but hey, maybe I’m just one of the unlucky ones unable to see the sun shining out of the New SNP’s orifice.

    342. Tackety Beets says:

      Happy Birthday min.

    343. Robert Hughes says:

      Breastplate . 100% .

      The collective hypnosis of a large swathe of the Indy support by the bloodsucking NSNP is a continuing mystery : one partially explained perhaps by the – deliberate – exclusion of any contrary vision of the * how to …* narrative .

      Seems these days people are more susceptible to propaganda of one sort or another than ever .

      Dan , sorry for the lack of comment on your and Sarah’s proposal . Good idea/s n def worth a go ; I have to say though , I share Breastplate’s view that the overwhelming majority of NSNP reps are beyond hope – of leaving their * Gold Standard * / Non-boat-rocking / I’m alright Jock comfort blankets

    344. Republicofscotland says:

      The only person ever to lead us to a indyref, Alex Salmond has said its unlikely that they’ll be a indyref in 2023, speaking from experience in holding one, Salmond knows that the ground work for a indyref has to be done now, not next year, or late 2022 but now.

      Here Salmond, a seasoned campaigner on Scottish independence points out why it doesn’t look like they’ll be an indyref in 2023.

    345. Ebok says:

      @ sarah

      I get your point about change of leadership, but don’t agree. Despite the many despicable actions of this administration, not a single SNP MSP has voiced a single concern, so I can’t have any faith that there is leadership material within these ranks.
      I said previously that a major obstacle is the independence ‘brand’, firmly connected to SNP, and uncoupling the brand from SNP is, for the moment, improbable.
      But finding a viable route to independence from where we are right now is not at all clear.

      If we look back to the pinnacle of input on WoS, it coincided with the launch of ALBA, and in the euphoria during the weeks that followed there was a real sense that changes were on the horizon.
      So, the reality check that came after the May elections when ALBA’s standing in the minds of electors was 1.6%, and though it may have increased since then, it is nowhere near where it needs to be considered influential in any form, let alone the new Indy party.
      This is not a criticism of ALBA. It is a reflection of how difficult it is to get any message across that does not conform to the media’s daily propaganda onslaught.

      Bearing in mind that the method used for HR elections are the most favourable possible for any party to gain seats, the next two elections will be far more difficult. The complex STV local elections may seem to offer a better chance, but even then, around 15% is the approx. minimum requirement for just one council seat. After that, there’s the FPTP general election where just holding the 2 current WM seats will be some achievement.

      So, there are formidable challenges ahead for ALBA to gain any foothold
      And even if they (we) do make remarkable progress it will be at the expense of only one party – SNP. That presents another major problem for the Independence movement because under FPTP at the GE, Indy votes will be split, allowing unionists to sneak in. For instance, in Glasgow NE if around 3000 voters switched from SNP to ALBA, the unionist party gets the seat.
      In a worst-case scenario, if ALBA reached parity with SNP in a GE, then all of Scotland would be represented at WM by unionist MP’s.

      Change will come when citizens are confronted by the reality of their own situation: when the need the NHS; when heating bills zoom; when they can’t afford the sky subscription; when it’s a couple of cans and Netflix on Saturday instead of a night at the local; when it’s a week in a caravan instead of a fortnight in Spain; when filling the car with fuel; when it’s foodbanks instead of Tesco; when it’s charity shops instead of Primark.

      To then find that by protesting, or using the wrong form of words to criticise, or blaming groups or individuals on the proscribed list, it becomes a crime, then we are into uncharted territory.
      It is that this point that we can hope that the demand for independence may become irresistible and see the surge envisaged by @ Hatuey

    346. Republicofscotland says:

      Staying on Salmond and the Alba party for a moment, there’s calls from within the party to appoint Craig Murray to a position in the party on foreign policy and defence, with Craig’s previous experience as a UK ambassador in mind. Murray is expected to be released from prison next month.

      Alba also wants to move away from the SNP’s too closely tied links with the British establishment on defence and foreign policy.

      On Craig Murray Reporters Without Borders has condemned his imprisonment, adding his sentence was/is disproportionate.

    347. Republicofscotland says:

      Meanwhile as the Alba party contemplates new beginnings for an independent Scotland, the SNP are calling on Johnson to hand over £20 billion quid for the new Northern Ireland bridge that won’t be constructed, the party (SNP) is said to have demanded the money.

      Its a pity that the party doesn’t demand a second indyref, or demand that Scots can leave this union. As the party demands £20 billion quid from Johnson, just enough to for the COPFS to pay everyone off, and return the missing ringfenced indyfunds, Horse Box Mike Russell, has a half page in the National newspaper, and he’s yet again prattling on about how unfair the BBC is when reporting on Scotland, something we’ve known for years now, its all very disappointing.

    348. Republicofscotland says:

      You know your FM isn’t up to the task of leading Scotland out of this rancid union, when it takes an ex-Whitehouse economics expert to say that Scotland needs to set up its own Central Bank, for the sake of its own currency.

      These are the words of Claudia Sahm, she gives her opinion on the Scotonomics podcast that’s due to go live tomorrow.

    349. Graf Midgehunter says:

      ayeright says

      “The only chance of independence in the foreseeable future is with the independence supporting parties we have in Holyrood right now. That is the SNP and the Greens”
      ayeright wrong.

    350. Republicofscotland says:

      The wokerati SNP/Green government to mess with the Scottish Census (every ten years) questions to include men and women to declare whatever sex they might feel they are that day, when filling in the census.

    351. Republicofscotland says:

      As England’s rivers and waterways are found to be teeming with raw sewage, Scotland’s rivers and waterways are also badly polluted by sewage.

      It would fit Sturgeon better to have Scottish Water a public body deal with this, instead of her wasting precious time and resources on the woke nonsense that’s infested the once independence minded party.

    352. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 8.37 am

      I’ve been looking in now and then: work and family stuff have intervened, but it’s not as if there’s much to persuade me it’s a good use of my time given the quality and content now. As you said yourself @8.11 am, it’s twilight time for this site now, so increasingly there seems little point: I will give up in due course, doubtless to the satisfaction of many. It’s not as if there is anyone left whose opinion or input I’d really value anymore, which is a shame in comparison with the old days.

      We’re now faced with a “post WoS” political environment, and with planning how that looks and feels. For myself I’ll probably just concentrate on my local Alba branch. Social media is increasingly just a series of folk in ideological bubbles talking past one another: I’m beyond tired of it now.

      I’ll leave the delusional folk who think “something” just has to happen soon because *reasons* [insert delusional hobby horse du jour here] to their tin foil hattery.

      It’s often been a blast over the past few years, and it’s kinda sad to see it go out with a whimper rather than a bang. On reflection it may just have been better to have shut the place down on a given date. I’ll always value what this place gave us for the good it has done however: I shudder to think where we’d be now if we hadn’t had a resource like this.

      Now, I have other more important stuff to do than play whack-a-mole with folk I no longer have any time or (for the most part) any respect for.

    353. Breastplate says:

      I would disagree with you only because I don’t agree that the NSNP are an independence party, as far as I can make out they are Unionists by their action and inaction.

      If I am wrong, there will be an indyref2 just around the corner eagerly anticipated by the NSNP, their members and anybody else who is for Scottish self determination, if I am right, then it is important for the NSNP never to name an exact date but waffle about some indeterminate time in the future and apply caveats that will be nigh on impossible to meet.

      There is also a middle ground where the hierarchy of the NSNP are steered in the direction of independence by outside forces such as Alba merely being in existence and constantly asking why we aren’t at our destination.

      The NSNP will be able to fool the most gullible for an eternity but anyone who has an IQ bigger than their shoe size will realise that their party is doing little or nothing about independence.

      But maybe I’m the one that’s nuts and independence is imminent, yep, anytime now…..

    354. robbo says:

      Looks like the clown Mike Graham ain’t going to live this one down any time soon.

      Seen it other day and thought wtf did you just say moron Jesus wept!

    355. MaggieC says:

      Wishing you a Happy Birthday Stuart and enjoy your day x

    356. Graf Midgehunter says:

      The only time the SNP and/or WM have a REF. is when they are certain that YES will lose.

    357. Ottomanboi says:

      The long days journey into nightmare.
      Multivax with smart chips.

    358. sarah says:

      @ Dan at 8.11: you are right – we need to hear more opinions before acting.

      @ Ebok: thanks for your thoughtful contribution. I don’t say you are wrong about the SNP parliamentarians not being any improvement on the current leader. I just had some hope that there were some who had planned to move to Alba before the May election but AS said to wait.

      I was thinking more likely candidates are members, not parliamentarians e.g. people who are active and expert in various fields. Tim Rideout is one whose name I know. There must be loads of others.

      @ Rev: very best wishes and many happy returns.

    359. Dorothy Devine says:

      Late to the party but Happy Birthday Stu – may you get lots of sweeties!

    360. Republicofscotland says:

      This from Twitter just about sums up the politics on these islands.

      “75% of the political parties in Scotland are ran by, for, and from another country, in a 4 nation state, where 1 of the nations is a partition of a now free state, 3 are subordinates to the more populous nation that has 533 of the 650 seats, thus 100% power.”

    361. Republicofscotland says:

      Now here’s a proclamation that would’ve cleared out all the treacherous detritus (Scottish MPs) at Westminster, pity its not in force today.

    362. Republicofscotland says:

      Turncoat Pete Wishart promoting the Westminster parliament, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, this Judas wants to be the Speaker of the House.

    363. Republicofscotland says:

      And so it begins as Westminster bypasses Holyrood and directly funds projects that Holyrood is meant to deal with.

      Time isn’t on our side.

    364. twathater says:

      Sarah and Dan I echo ebok’s comment, the SNP AFAIC are as polluted as the shit being poured into englands rivers, and with the current host of cringing self serving COWARDS in place NOTHING will change , even if the betrayer went early the scum have such a hold that she would only be replaced by another fake indy supporter, Angus or Alyn the party has a veritable pool of deviants and perverts to choose from

      I mistakenly went on to paypal pauls site looking for a bit of humour, boy was I mistaken it is an even worse horror show, they definitely are putting something in the water surely , it is now not only about Sturgeon sycophancy and adoration they have now also included wee paddy and lorna sycophancy , they and nicky will be the spearhead to rip WM control to shreds

      Unless ALEX destroys these lunatics by exposing the truth we are well fucked and the unionists and WM are loving every minute , the trouble with unionists is that they stupidly celebrate the ineptitude of Sturgeon running Scotland and don’t realise bozo and stammer are just as bad or maybe even worse (surely not)

    365. Dorothy Devine says:

      RoS , so welcome to North Britain – there is no such country as Scotland for which we can thank the spineless SNP and their lack of action on things which matter and their ridiculous action on things that really , really don’t.

      May they vanish up their own fundament never to be seen again.

      C’mon ALBA – spill the beans and destroy those who appear to be destroying Scotland.

    366. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dan & Sarah.

      I think the idea of contacting ALL SNP elected officials – MPs, MSPs and councillors – then publishing their answers, could open a lot of eyes that don’t know about the SNP’s policies on women’s rights, self-ID, the abolition of “Mother” and so on.

      A recognised ‘pro-women’ organisation would be best to organise it (like ‘For Women Scotland’) to get the maximum publicity and media coverage.

    367. Ron Maclean says:


      From The Constitution of the Scottish National Party –

      S2 Aims
      The Aims of the Party are –
      (a) Independence for Scotland; …

      S4.2 Members must –
      (b) endorse the Aims of the Party;
      (d) accept the Constitution, Rules and Standing Orders of the Party; …

      MPs and MSPs will of course be party members and bound by the Party’s Constitution.

      ‘The fact is here we are in the summer of 2019, five years on from the 2014 referendum – tonight will be the first time that I have delivered a speech on independence in five years. The SNP’s not campaigned for independence for five years, the Yes movement has to some extent been on the sidelines.’
      Ian Blackford in an interview with Greg Russell – ‘The National’ – 8 June 2019

      Ian Blackford might have been the SNP’s leader in Westminster but he didn’t make that policy by himself. How many speeches on independence has he made since? How many has Nicola Sturgeon made? Are they too busy keeping us in the European Union, making secret plans, stockpiling dry powder or just plain lotus eating?

      It’s long past time we questioned our SNP MPs and MSPs – all of them. You don’t have to be an SNP member to confront the behaviour of your elected representatives.

      Here’s a start –

      1. Do you endorse the Aims of the Party?
      2. What have you done in the last two years to achieve the Aims of the Party?
      3. Do you think Nicola Sturgeon endorses the Aims of the Party?
      4. What do you think she has done in the last two years to achieve the Aims of the Party?
      5. Do you think Nicola Sturgeon has the qualities necessary to take Scotland to independence?
      6. If she has, why do you think Scotland has made no progress towards independence in the seven years since she took over as First Minister and Leader of the SNP?
      7. How do you equate your taking an Oath of Allegiance to the Queen with your Party’s primary aim of breaking up Britain?
      8. Are you comfortable campaigning for Scotland to secede from the United Kingdom when you have sworn an Oath of Allegiance to the Queen who has sworn to govern Britain?
      9. To MPS; You will always be outnumbered in the House of Commons by at least 10:1. How will you surmount that obstacle?
      10. To MSPs; The Scottish Parliament is a subsidiary of Westminster and any attempts to move towards independence will fall to legal challenge. How will you surmount that obstacle?

      And so on.

      Please note your answers, or lack of them, will be scrutinised in depth and more questions are likely to follow.

      This could be developed further and a proforma letter set out ready for constituents to send to their SNP MPs and MSPs. Maybe the bloggers or Alba branches would help publicise it. Maybe the Daily Record will put it on its front page. It shouldn’t cost much more than sticking ‘Yes’ signs on bus stops and the answers, if any, could provide a few talking points or perhaps even show us the way ahead.

      We should address the dishonesty and corruption underlying our representation.

    368. Republicofscotland says:

      Rishi Sunak cuts flight taxes to ‘strengthen the Union days before COP26, throw in the Cambo oilfield, and its patently obvious that the Tory government are (A) petrified of Scottish independence and (B) They don’t really care about Climate Change.

    369. Republicofscotland says:

      If the Scottish fishing industry thought things were bad, they’ve just gotten a whole lot worse.

    370. Republicofscotland says:

      A real economist, (no not KH the dog biscuit salesman and wannabe economist) Professor Richard Murphy shoots down Rishi Sunak’s Budget, and warns us to prepare for a recession.

    371. sarah says:

      @ twathater, BDTT, Ron Maclean: thanks for the input. The truth is all we ask, isn’t it, but I don’t have much hope of getting it. However there is no harm in asking – you never know it might prod some key person’s conscience.

    372. Rangers 1 Aberdeen 2 30 minutes to go

    373. Rangers 1 Aberdeen 2 30 minutes to go mmmm

    374. Independence

      If it happens it happens, life goes on its merry old way, and the secret to happiness is, don’t think to much about tomorrow or make any serious plans, cause one things for sure, tomorrow ain’t making any plans for us

    375. 16 minutes to go

      Rangers 1 Aberdeen 2

    376. gladbach 5 Bayern 0

      nearly full time

    377. Rangers 2 Aberdeen 2

      7 minutes to go

    378. sarah says:

      @ David C: Dundee 0 – Ross County 5 [five] 🙂

    379. Hatuey says:

      RoS: “A real economist, (no not KH the dog biscuit salesman and wannabe economist) Professor Richard Murphy shoots down Rishi Sunak’s Budget, and warns us to prepare for a recession…”

      He also seems to be warning that the Covid crisis is far from over.

      But from what I’ve heard, the budget was much more stimulating (in the economic sense) than anyone expected. I haven’t looked at any real detail, but I get the impression that it’s a budget designed to win votes; on that basis, it encourages me to think we are heading for a General Election next year.

      Not that any of that really matters to us powerless Scots. The few levers we have over devolved matters are in the hands of Nicola Sturgeon and if she is good at one thing it’s doing nothing. We are at best spectators, a captive audience watching a stage-play that few of us are interested in.

      If Murphy can make predictions, I can too…

      The big recession that’s coming will be a global recession. It’ll be caused by a natural disaster on a scale that nobody — apart from a few visionaries like me — can imagine

      If you’ve got any sense, you’ll prepare to head for the hills.

      Good luck.

    380. Scott says:

      Wonder what the reaction would habe been if the Rev. had asked for a flying bike as a send-off.

      Only £495000.

      Looks the bollocks on BBC Tech page >>

      And fucken hilarious on Youtube. Flying bike indeed…?

      Watch: World’s first flying bike XTURISMO Limited Edition takes wings.

    381. Robert Hughes says:

      Hatuey The Seer ( yet another string to yr bownarra ! ) it’s * their * nostrums that will damn us .

      Did yr tasseomancy reveal the nature of this natural disaster ?

      Will Arthur’s Seat erupt ejecting vast , uncontrollable waves of toxic masculinity ?

      A plague of nihilist TERF locusts descend on the Clyde Valley screaming ” No Lives Matter ” ( aye , these demonic locust can speak , and scream )

      Will this impending End Of Days mean we don’t need to bother putting the clocks back this weekend ?- silver linings y’all .

      The * natural * catastrophe has already happened H .

      It’s called Totalitarian Global Capitalism

    382. Robert Hughes says:


      At least that flying manned drone should help ease the guerrilla war raging twixt motorists n cyclists

    383. Breeks says:

      What she is describing a colonial insurrection of Scotland’s legal system.

      A supine, acquiescent Scottish “Government” going along with any of this MUST BE IMPEACHED. Why is nobody listening???

      It is quite literally treachery manifest in physical form, and Scotland must defend itself or lose even the vestigial remains of once noble sovereign Nation. The SNP’s hands MUST be removed from the steering wheel.

      A thousand years of curses on Sturgeon and her indolent, feckless SNP. Idiocy doesn’t even begin to describe their folly.

    384. Scott says:

      Robert Hughes says:
      28 October, 2021 at 8:17 am


      At least that flying manned drone should help ease the guerrilla war raging twixt motorists n cyclists

      It’s us pedestrians that the cyclists want to worry about…I’ll show them a flying bike. Right into the canal.

      (That’s a joke, btw)

      The sooner they invent a network of pipes to ‘flush’ people between 2 places the better. Then all these speed freaks would finally be happy and out of sight and there’d be none of this flying nonsense.

      (That isn’t, btw)

    385. Breeks@8.42
      Today, the 28th October, is Ochi Day in Greece, anniversary of the day in 1940 when the Greeks said NO to the invading Italian army. The Greek army, woefully ill-equipped, nevertheless stunned the Italian army and beat them. This obliged Hitler to postpone his Barbarossa plan to 1941, in order to come to the aid of his Italian ally and invade Greece in May 1941 (very simplistic resume).
      The Greeks celebrate Ochi Day with great pride,in spite of the terrible reprisals exacted by the German occupation.
      What a contrast with the Scottish Government of today, which acquiesces in every takeover of Scotland’s sovereign rights.

      Today, there will be no mass marches all over Greece because of Covid restrictions. But no one forgets the importance of the 28th October.
      Unlike Scotland, where there may well be marches, but no real will to assert the case for independence.

    386. Dan says:

      Andy Ellis on 27 October, 2021 at 11:43 am

      That was a whole load of waffle you typed when you could have just answered yay or nay on the idea of contacting all SNP elected representatives to expose their positions on the genderwoowoo. Would have thought you could have proffered some input being no fan of the genderwoowoo and what has become of the SNP these days… People aren’t no mark moon howling roasters on every subject ya ken. 😉

      @ Ebok, Breastplate, Robert Hughes, sarah, twathater

      Cheers for responses. As Ebok points out, the differing voting systems and timing of future elections make things difficult.
      But nothing is ever easy, so there’s no point in wasting time and either a start is made now to begin to influence change, or nothing is done and that will leave less time to deal with the issue and raise awareness on the subject at some point in the future.
      Malignancy is best dealt with early rather than allowing it to fester and embed itself.

      A wee reminder that around this time last year there were several campaigns that got purchase in the political sphere such as the Johann Lamont amendment. Plus there were the nominations and election of new SNP NEC members. Obviously the latter efforts didn’t ultimately come to much as the Party was able to stifle them due to the effective coup that has pretty much taken all control in the Party away from the members and is now in the hands of a select few.
      But the Party won’t have that same ability to control or influence a campaign held in the public sphere.

    387. Dan says:

      Whoops, should have included BDtt in that too.

    388. Marion Millar has had all charges dropped against her.

    389. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Prosecutors discontinue ‘hate crime’ case against Scots feminist Marion Millar

    390. sarah says:

      @ Scot F and BDTT: Great news re Marion Millar – thanks for the update.

      Now Joanna will have some spare time on her hands for other matters, I hope…

      @ Dan: Agree with you.

    391. Hatuey says:

      Not enough gets said about the plight of Greece during and immediately after WWII, and that’s a pity. You can learn just about everything you need to know about the post-war world by studying that stuff… it’s hard to find honest material on the subject, largely because Britain, as self appointed official historian of the world, isn’t able to face up to the truth of Churchill’s deplorable exploits there.

      Anyway, not sure about Margaret’s spelling, but happy Ochi Day.

      Standing up to the bastards of the world is important and, as suggested, Scotland has a lot to learn from the brave Greeks in that regard.

    392. Hatuey says:

      Well done to Cherry and Miller.

      It feels like a turning point.

      Scotland has had enough of ScotGov’s pettiness and crackpottery.

    393. Hatuey says:

      On The Hatuey Prophecy and what we should expect…

      Fire, water, hunger, the usual humdrum crap.

      On a more positive note, rising sea levels permitting, soil has nutritional value — about 25 calories per pound.

      Post-apocalyptic beggars can’t be choosers.

      Where’s pixywine these days? Has the anti-vax revolution collapsed? It’s as if they just fell off the edge of the world…

    394. Hugh Jarse says:

      Enjoyed your recent posts Hatuey…except

      When you get your first booster, mind get your ‘passport’ stamped.
      I’ve heard you’ll get a voucher for a night out when you collect six stamps.

    395. Robert Graham says:


      Pixywine probably fed up trying to wake some of the brain dead including you pal , after seeing the football results and releasing brown bears comments I guess he or she has just given up .

    396. James Che. says:

      Good news about Marion millar case.

    397. James Che. says:

      I enjoyed watching this on YouTube, very uplifting for the times we are in.

      Jim Avaiezel.
      “ The Storm is upon us” – The sound of freedom)

    398. wull says:

      Before we get euphoric, my reading of the Marion Miller case is that the Prosecution Services are basically leaving the case pending, and still threatening to resuscitate it at whatever time might suit them, depending on unknown factors which they are not indicating and which we – and, worse, Marion Miller herself, and her defence team – are being left in the dark about. It is as if they are saying to her ‘You can walk free, for now … but, hey-ho, don’t forget: the Sword of Damocles is still dangling over your head, and ready to drop any time.

      That, it seems to me, is no position in which a court – or, presumably more to the point, a Crown Prosecution Service which was so afraid of losing its case it decided not to carry it forward (not for the moment, at least) – should be allowed to leave an accused whom it has failed to convict.

      Does it mean that the Crown Prosecution Service reckoned that if they carried the case forward they would lose? And might even be accused of, or exposed as, having carried out yet another a malicious prosecution?

      Surely not!

      For, if that were the case, it would mean that the Crown Prosecution Service either i) does not want to be publicly exposed in this manner, in such a way that what some may suppose it really been doing to Marion Millar becomes public knowledge, and generally known; or, ii) it wants to make Marion Millar feel she is continuing to be minutely surveyed so that if there ever occurs the slightest suggestion, reason or mere flimsiest excuse on the grounds of which Prosecutors or Police could resuscitate the case against her, they will not fail to do so; or, iii) the same Service wants Marion Millar to be scared of this potential outcome / follow-up for the rest of her life; or, iv) it does not want Marion Millar to be found publicly ‘Not Guilty’, which is what would happen if the case were continued.

      This could even be interpreted – Heaven forbid! – as the instruments of the Law and of Justice not wanting justice ever to be done, and their stymying the possibility of it being seen to be done, when an innocent person falsely accused is declared Not Guilty, because the case concocted against them will not stand up.

      An innocent person could thus continue on being suspected in the public’s eye of not being innocent at all. As if public authorities set up to ensure justice want the suspicion they have helped foster surrounding the person accused that she has done something wrong ought to cling to her, and hang around over her, for ever. This, moreover, although – if not because – the same prosecuting authorities are completely unable to prove that she did anything wrong.

      Indeed, some benighted souls might even suspect that they know very well that she has done nothing wrong at all, but want others – especially the general public, which might often be tempted to jump to rash conclusions – to believe that she has.

      It may not be relevant to this particular case, but it seems reasonable to suppose that when some people are determined to smear someone, they want the face of that person to disappear altogether behind the mud (to put it euphemistically) they threw at it. So that, instead of a person (a human face), only the mud – and the smell of that mud – remains. And that is all that other people will see or smell of that person from then on.

      This is what smearing is about.

      And its objective is plain: they want the person they have smeared to withdraw (or be withdrawn) from every form of public life. Which is always a likely consequence, so that the same nightmare doesn’t get resuscitated, in such a way that it keeps happening to them again and again. There are many ways to keep the threat going, according to which the person falsely accused or castigated – or smeared – is made to know that they live for ever on the brink of the whole thing being revived, and made even worse for them.

      Even though the whole concocted nonsense is false from start to finish.

      Heaven forbid that Scotland would ever have a Crown Prosecution Office, or any other body, that would even consider acting in such a deplorable fashion. Surely, as we must all surely agree, it couldn’t happen here, could it? – And never has done, … has it?

      In any case, congratulations to MM and well done Joanna Cherry and whoever is with her on her team. You may have won a battle rather than the war as such. But every victory prepares the way for further victories, and the trajectory is towards complete victory in the end. Even when it’s only small steps at a time, that can’t be bad when the enemy in question is Lies-and-Injustice.

      These are the forces we are now up against, not just those that oppose independence, some or even many of whom may at least be honourable and perfectly decent people, who stand in honest disagreement with those of us who do want independence. Those who propagate, foster, use and make multiply Lies-and-Injustice are never any of these benign things. They are a different kettle of fish altogether. With Lies and Injustice we can have no truck whatsoever.

    399. James Che. says:

      It used to be that in Scots Law, there were three verdicts. Guilty, Not Guilty,
      Not Proven,

      Apparently now there are Four.

      Guilty, Not Guilty , Not Proven, and Left Hanging in The Air.

    400. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Margaret Eleftheriou says: at 9:20 am

      “The Greeks celebrate Ochi Day with great pride,in spite of the terrible reprisals exacted by the German occupation.
      What a contrast with the Scottish Government of today, which acquiesces in every takeover of Scotland’s sovereign rights.

      Today, there will be no mass marches all over Greece because of Covid restrictions. But no one forgets the importance of the 28th October.

      Unlike Scotland, where there may well be marches, but no real will to assert the case for independence.”
      In some ways I quite like the marches. They’re filled with real Scots having a great day out, flag waving, the pipes, goading the “Manky Jaikits”. The bikers get a nice ride out on their machines through the scenery.

      But, at the end of the day what have they achieved apart from a few blisters.

      Lets be perfectly honest, nothing.

      Every single speech has been the same as the others, same march but different streets.

      The many,many thousands would have been better spread out over the whole city/town centres with stalls, YES tents, info kiosks, indy music groups. Showing presence and educating folk about Scottish topics, Sovereignty, Scottish exports etc..
      A fun day of massive education all rolled into one.

      Do that, one city after another instead of just marching backwards and forwards and you will do a lot more for Scot. Independence than listening to the same old boring speeches.

    401. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 9.40 am

      And yet your reponse provides proof positive of the point I was making. The fact that some moon howlers might be sound as a pound on the issue of gender woo is neither here nor there. Doubtless there are quite a few yoons who feel similarly, or who are aligned on other issues of social policy, but I wouldn’t therefore count them as allies, still less friends.

      If folk really think writing letters to the craven representatives of a busted flush party like the SNP has any value, I have some magic beans to seek them. It’s hardly surprising given the depths some of the commenters BTL here have plumbed in recent months that the best they can come up with is writing a strongly worded letter. Independence by petition. Good grief. What next…tutting loudly and advocating the abandonment of queuing nicely?

      No wonder indy is fucked for a generation.

    402. twathater says:

      @ Wull 1.46pm A comment I posted on Yours For Scotland in ref to the crown reserving the right to review the Miller case

      Would that be a normal condition that the crown would include ( a possible review) in it’s judgement or is that condition reserved to Marion’s case , if it is the latter it is definitely ominous and shows malicious intent which only reinforces the opinion we have a justice system which requires a total clear out and reboot

      And yet the FALSE ACCUSERS suffer NO comeback or recrimination for their spurious malign deliberate intentions to waste police resources and court resources to THREATEN AND BULLY a GC MOTHER for her widely supported views

      The actions of ALL who took part and supported this travesty of justice and caused immense stress and worry to this WOMAN is despicable and hopefully KARMA will have something for you to reflect on

    403. Dan says:

      @ Andy Ellis at 3.30pm

      Ever positive and helpful there Andy…
      The whole point of a concerted and targeted campaign is to raise cross public awareness of a subject that has to this point been pretty well concealed from the public eye.

      Of course folk all hold differing views on a myriad subjects, but it is where those views are in alignment on a Venn diagram which has the potential to gain leverage and exert influence.
      These politicians are after all meant to represent all their constituents, not just their own supporters.

      As you appear to be unwilling to even consider working with anybody that holds views that are not exactly inline with your own, how do you expect to make any influence whatsoever on your own?

    404. Republicofscotland says:

      Good to read in here that the Witchfinder Generals Office, aka the COPFS has dropped the charges against Marion Millar. I wonder which indyblogger or commentor the Salemesque office will go after next.

    405. Hatuey says:

      Forget the irony of these two arguing about rats and have a look at that photo of Sturgeon. It’s literally scary.

      In another paper, Sturgeon’s sister explains how she “was arrested for spitting in ex’s face but ‘could have done so much worse’”.

      It’s all getting rather hairy…

      I guess we all just need to hope that these things don’t distract her from stopping Brexit, securing our country’s freedom, and saving the planet…

    406. Ottomanboi says:

      «While there was a broad consensus against an incorporating union among the Scottish Estates as it entered what proved to be its last session in 1706-07, there was no agreed alternative, with variations ranging from a federal executive to confederal legislatures. Scots were not necessarily committed to a British constitutional settlement any more than they were convinced that parliamentary incorporation was the best guarantee of economic prosperity. In the final analysis, however, political initiative rested with England, not Scotland. The making of the United Kingdom in 1707 was the product of power, control and negotiation. England had the military power to coerce and the fiscal power to persuade. The English ministry was intent on controlling through political incorporation what had become a rogue state in terms of commercial exchange. In return, Scottish manpower, Scottish enterprise and ultimately Scottish intellectual endeavour were harnessed in service of Empire.»

      From Scottish Circumvention of the English Navigation Acts in the American Colonies 1660-1707
      Allan I. Macinnes. University of Strathclyde

      No comment needed.

    407. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 3.58pm

      Sheesh you’re hard work. I neither expect or particularly want everyones views to be exactly aligned with my own, any more than I expect dyed in the wool unionists, or climate denying flat earthers, or anti vaxxers, or Sturgeonista cultists to change.

      People are free to write to their representatives to their hearts content, to attend rallies and man stalls. Doubtless it will change a few minds. Whether it will hasten the coming of independence is open to debate of course.

      Obviously the Yes movement DID manage to change a significant number of people’s minds between 2012-14, but it seems to have been stuck in more of less the same place since. The reasons for that are probably pretty complex, and some if not all of them have been discussed at length both here and elsewhere.

      I’ve definitely given up on the big tent concept. Having the same ultimate goal isn’t enough of a rationale anymore for me to campaign shoulder to shoulder with people I wouldn’t cross the road to piss on if they were on fire, because I’d no sooner want to live in the dystopian Scotland some of them want to create than I want to live in BoJo’s Global Britain.

      People are free to argue that means independence will be delayed longer than it should, but in all honesty I don’t buy it. Nowt much is going to happen for the next few years anyway, no matter how many letters folk write, or AUOB marches they organise. We can *hope* for some external crisis or internal party putsch to destroy Sturgeon and her cabal, or that some sea change in the Scottish political landscape will occur due to the economy, but it seems a forlorn hope.

      Folk will have their own ways to deal with what happens. If hoping for the improbable makes them feel better, good for them. I’m just not buying it. When WoS bites the dust, we’ll all find other stuff to do. Such is life.

    408. Ottomanboi says:

      The «hope» is that the Scots will shift their collective backside and bring down the British State by whatever means to hand, no matter how «disruptive». Scotland has little to lose. England a great deal, prestige, territory, revenue, influence…
      Hoping for something to just «turn up» is daydreaming.
      Surely we have had enough of that from the in situ régime?

    409. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Andy Ellis.

      I think you miss the point of the Dan/Sarah initiative.

      You’ll agree that the associated subjects of self-ID of gender and erosion of women’s rights are not right up there (yet) as topics of conversation on the Fintry bus?

      How is the greater general public, ie those who don’t read blogs every day, to be made aware of the Scottish (SNP) government’s intentions in respect of those subjects?

      The point isn’t just writing to elected SNP officials, the point is to have their replies published to raise awareness. OK, that depends on whether the mainstream media, both press and TV, will keep their bargepole sheathed and actually print “news” of some importance.

      The blanking by the MSM could be the Achilles heel.

    410. Ron Maclean says:

      Many commenters btl on this site have never made a constructive suggestion which might move Scotland closer to independence. Watering down the franchise and juvenile name calling doesn’t count.

      Those unwise enough to make a stronger than Sturgeon suggestion aimed at helping achieve independence run the risk of being immediately accused by a union tainted snowflake of fomenting violence.

      Some, of course, are only here for the sneer.

    411. Scott says:

      The transbian blokes are up in cocksarms again because the BBC allowed lesbians to share their own experiences.

      Good. The more times they demand that “a small percentage” of examples should be ignored the tighter their circular argument gets.

      Enjoyed Mia’s article on Iain Lawson’s blog. The Articles of Union have been repealed/amended by Acts of Parliament in a process that can best be described in simple terms…

      Unlawful. Procedurally unfair. Tainted with apparent bias.

      And you can quote me on that.

      In other news, it’d be nice to win £10000/month for the next 30 years, so I wish all the rest of you with a ticket bad luck for the ‘Set For Life’ draw ce soir.

    412. Dorothy Devine says:

      ‘Now, I have other more important stuff to do than play whack-a-mole with folk I no longer have any time or (for the most part) any respect for’

    413. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Look, I think this is needed at this point.

    414. John Main says:

      @Margaret Eleftheriou 28 October, 2021 at 9:20 am

      Best wishes for Ochi Day.

      I have to say though, Margaret, you are making the same false claims of equivalence with your national heros and heroines that many here make with ours.

      But just like the courageous Scots who fought and sacrificed in 1914 and 1939, plus countless other times throughout history, the Greeks of 1940 are mostly long gone. As with the Scots who spent most of last year behind their closed curtains painting rainbows and clapping, the Greeks of today should have more humility than to claim brotherhood and sisterhood with real heros and heroines who put their lives and livelihoods on the line.

      You don’t agree? Read again what you wrote:

      “Today, there will be no mass marches all over Greece because of Covid restrictions.”

      Do you think the Greeks of 1940 would have stayed home because there was a bad flu about? I don’t for one second believe the Scots of 1939 would have.

      But it’s not all bad news. Once people get it into their heads that they have no real rights to claim comradeship with their historical national heros, it is a short step to the realisation that the people of today have no guilt or responsibility for the historic so-called crimes of their ancestors who are long dead.

    415. Scott says:

      John Main says:
      28 October, 2021 at 8:21 pm

      I have to say though, Margaret, you are making the same false claims of equivalence with your national heros and heroines that many here make with ours.

      That’ll be why you used *checks notes* false equivalence in your workings.

      What’s your view on arbitrary amendement of an international treaty by only one signatory?

    416. Robert Hughes says:

      ” As with the Scots who spent most of last year behind their closed curtains painting rainbows and clapping,…..”

      LOL ! And started cheering n weeping exultantly when the Angel of the Lord ( Astra by name , whisper it hushed tones only ) delivered unto them salvation in the form of wee jaggy thing .

      Really though , are Scots any more passive in the face of being shat on by elites of one sort or another than any other nationality ?

      I stopped after writing the above to ask myself that question .

      Sad to say , the answer is in the affirmative .

      Maybe we’ve just had a longer than average span to adapt to being shat on by others : and our ( supposed ) own . Passivity by unNatural Selection .

      Still , ye never know , the spirit of defiance , of ” fuck this , we’ve had enough ” must still exist in some form in the Scottish Collective Unconscious .

      Might just require a spark to ignite , n we know a few clowns who’re playing around wae matches

    417. Yin for front line Covid workers in this strange wee country. Salute tae yese aw. Been there masel.

    418. Andy Ellis says:

      @Brian 6.46 pm

      It’s possible I’m missing the point, or it’s possible it’s just a well meaning but misguided idea. I very much doubt the SNP’s direction will be changed by the kind of action described: what will make an impact is not voting for them and the prospect of them not regaining their cosy sinecures.

      Some of the general public are probably beginning to become aware of self-ID and gender woo as issues, but it’s just one issue amongst many. Most people don’t base their voting choices or change their minds about major binary issues like independence or brexit based on one topic, hard as it may be for partisans of issues like self ID or anything else to accept.

      It’s folly to expect the MSM to change, but then again if a movement can increase support from the high 20’s % to 45% from 2012-14 with zero MSM support, what value should we place on the influence of the MSM anyway? Some people may change their votes based on hearing more about e.g. self-ID, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be gradual process, and it’ll be achieved electorally by a party like Alba forcing the pace, not some nebulous popular uprising of the sovereign Scots.

      Hard as it might be to hear, it’s the work of years, not months and will in all likelihood need to be pushed at general elections. Those trying to sell some other route are leading folk up a political cul de sac.

    419. Derek says:

      Andy Ellis says:
      28 October, 2021 at 5:51 pm

      “…the Yes movement seems to have been stuck in more of less the same place since.

      I’ve definitely given up on the big tent concept.”

      Hi Andy,

      I know what you mean; it feels stagnant. My view is that (a) I’d rather be inside pissing out (assuming that in the tent = pro-indy), and (b) that I quite fancy making a bit of noise when the eyes (and cameras) of the world are here to observe, so I intend to head to Glasgow next weekend for a wee walk…

    420. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ottomanboi 6.44 pm

      The Scots people can’t even stire themselves to bring down something as corrupt morally vacuous as the SNP let alone topple the British nationalist state.

      Perhaps things have to get a good deal worse before slaves who revere their chains decide to throw them off?

    421. Scott says:

      The rabble rousers are online in numbers tonight, just to give a heads-up.

      Plenty seem to be moist at the thought of violent confrontation on the streets, in a country with rapid access to Judicial Review.

      Long live the Crown of Scotland.

    422. Effigy says:

      Disgraceful unionist attack on Glasgow.
      Unionist media show a rat running from a
      Dustbin as bin men attempt to empty it.

      Next on to Glasgow fly tips.

      Can anyone tell me of a U.K. city that had no rats and no fly tips
      in every year for at least the last 50 years?
      No you can’t.

      U.K. wide complaints have been made about reduced numbers of bin collections.
      10 years of Tory austerity has played a major part in that.

      No one bothered to mention Glasgow City having its budget being drained
      through having to pay female council workers a 10 year back dated equal pay settlement
      that the previous Labour controlled council spent fortunes preventing it.

      Today I hear on LBC Show James O’Brian that the government OBR have announced
      that Brexit will double the negative impact on the U.K. economy!

      What a massive, massive statement made by this government body but not one
      U.K. TV News channel bothered to mention it, nor newspaper nor Scottish radio station.

      The truth is no longer available to the general public in corrupt U.K.

    423. Hatuey says:

      Effigy, I don’t think you should politicise the rats out of tribal loyalty to the SNP.

      In situations like this you should listen to those on the front line, in this case the bin men. If they say rats are a problem, rats are a problem.

      Most people here feel they have no obligation to the defend the SNP, yes, even when they’re being attacked by the Unionist media. And there’s very good reasons for that.

      I think you are another that needs to re-calibrate your moral and political compass.

    424. I asked my local council to pick up some hedge cuttings they charged me 24 quid, after that everything went in the wheeled bins which it appears is ok
      If you have a van and a 3 piece suite it costs nothing to dump it in the street, and if you do not satisfy certain conditions they will not let you take it into the council depot to be disposed of
      And the geniuses running our councils wonder why there is fly tipping
      Go out of your way into the country and dump all your tyres there for nothing, or take 10 minutes to take them to the council depot and be charged to dump it there if you hired a guy with a van……………… MADNESS….. its just another council money making scam
      In Greenock they started charging to park in the car parks beside the shopping mall, result the mall is a dead duck, very few shop there as all the big stores have left or will be leaving, most people either shop in the estate in Port Glasgow ( free parking ) or go to glasgow
      Its not rocket science or higher mathmatics, is just common bloody sense, but todays people running our local authorities all seem to be loco, as in stoopid loco

    425. Hatuey says:

      The Unionist media launches an unfair attack on the SNP. Do you;

      A) Ignore and remain neutral…

      B) Defend the SNP, putting aside issues like the unfair imprisonment of Craig Murray, the Salmond scandal, the missing funds, the contempt they show for us and the grassroots generally, the complete failure to delivery indyref2, etc…

      C) Throw the boot in and side with the attackers…

      Some will say it’s a more complicated question than it seems. It isn’t for me. The fact is your answer doesn’t matter, because none of the options above make independence any more likely.

    426. Scott says:

      David Caledonia says:
      28 October, 2021 at 11:22 pm

      I asked my local council to pick up some hedge cuttings they charged me 24 quid

      If everyone in Inverclyde wanted hedge cuttings picked up, how much would it cost the Cooncil?

      It’s not news that people will shop where the ‘big stores’ are (where do you live, the 70’s?) Supply & demand, location etc.

      Pay a garage to change your tyres while you’re at it, ya tightarse.

      And it all is a bit higher mathematics because that’s when set theory became really, really important when I was top in my year…which wasn’t yesterday, but is still true today.

    427. Derek says:

      Edinburgh council charge extra to collect garden rubbish.

      I now have 4 compost bins and a garden shredder tat reduces stuff into shrapnel that the compost bins can process. Haven’t had garden rubbish collected in 2 years (ground floor flat).

    428. I do not give a damn whether scotland becomes independent or not, because here is our basic problem, lets call it the elephant in the room.
      Scotland for a few centuries now has been indoctrinated into unionism by the usual clutch of people in and out of scotland that keep telling us how well off we are, and how poorly we would be on our own
      These people do not conform to the usual way of doing things, they don’t mind lying because the die hard scottish unionist mind does not want the people to hear the truth, they want their own religion and dogma to keep going no matter what the price may be, when the marching bands come out to play just watch how many of the unintelligent and mean spirited come out to see them perform their yearly hate fest.
      It has always concerned me to see people hating each other without knowing or speaking to each other, that’s a very special kind of hatred, your not born with that, you learn it, absorb it and then you end up teaching it to others, usually your own kids, depending which colour you support
      I witness this kind of behaviour all the time, I had a friend who was a bigot, his mother and father where good religious people, so where he got it from I don’t know.
      He went to live in Belfast from the west of scotland, why did he go there, you could have asked him that if he was still alive, one night he was out with his partner, got into a dispute at a taxi rank, got punched fell down banged his head and died.
      So, he left scotland to live amongst his own kind in ireland, and one of his own kind accidently killed him
      When you celebrate St Patrick’s day and ignore anything to do with your country of birth then your not a true scot and that goes for the other side as well

      That elephant is always in the room

    429. Scott says:

      Two bridges have been “washed away” in Dumfries and Galloway just hours after torrential rain led to a major incident declaration in Hawick.

      From BBC leccyweb, archived ici >>

      Over the River Annan, north of the railway is the locus of these ‘road bridges’.

      And that’s all the info provided.

      What a fucking scandalous and dangerous waste of space the BBC is in Scotland.

    430. you cannot say why fly tipping is rife without somebody calling you something or other, where do these people come from as I am not the problem, I do not dump rubbish in a wheeley bin in my local cemetery, yes and its still lying there
      And for future reference I started this year to use all my garden waste and put it back into the garden as feeder for the soil

    431. Some people just like to argue, I can’t be bothered with them, better to keep it impersonal

    432. Hatuey says:

      “And for future reference I started this year to use all my garden waste and put it back into the garden as feeder for the soil”


      You’re basically the William Wallace of garden waste.

    433. Imagine me going into a garage and asking them to change my tyres
      I know what they would say to me
      Sir, for us to change your tyres you would first have to own a car and study higher mathmatics and something called set theory.
      And sir, do yourself a favour stopped reading the crap from people who are on that site WOS, you know its a place where thickos say how good they where at school

    434. Ha Ha Ha………………………..


    435. Hatuey says:

      “When you celebrate St Patrick’s day and ignore anything to do with your country of birth then your not a true scot and that goes for the other side as well… That elephant is always in the room”

      Why is it that the Irish, uniquely amongst a wide variety of immigrant groups, need to give up their anecestry and heritage in order to be regarded as “true” Scots?

      If you went up to an Italian or Indian living here and told them they couldn’t be true Scots unless they stopped celebrating that sort of stuff, you’d probably be guilty of hate crime.

      Nobody in say American or England (or anywhere) gets angry about the Irish celebrating St Patrick’s day. Nobody suggests they are not true Americans or whatever because they do so…

      If there’s an elephant in the room, that’s it right there. And the fact that you and so many others don’t see it is a huge festering problem for Scotland.

    436. Stuart MacKay says:

      Gordon Dangerfield invites you to take the Trans Test,

      It’s very entertaining in a macabre sort of way and will leave you with the impression that someone must be putting LSD in the water supply.

    437. Robert Hughes says:


      ” Reality used to be a friend of mine ”

      Typically astute piece by Gordon Dangerfield , highlighting the politically motivated lunacy that has taken hold of political/social/academic discourse .

      Hard to feel anything other than contempt for the BBC these days, but as GD says , that-long overdue-article may be the turning of the tide against the gender Torquemadas and their useless/ful idiots in Holyrood and elsewhere

    438. Meg merrilees says:

      Dear All,

      Not sure when the Rev will pull out the last plug and turn this site dark so I just want to wish all of you Good Luck, Good Health and hoping we will assemble again soon – mibbe on this site, or mibbe no.
      I’ve had some good blethers and learned a lot, thank you Robert Peffer amongst abody else.
      Here’s tae us!
      Scotland will be free, the Dream will never die!
      Signing off.

    439. Robert Hughes says:

      @ Meg Merrilees .

      Cheers and same to you .

      It does seem like the end of ( this particular ) road .

      The ROAD itself will continue until the destination is reached

    440. Stuart MacKay says:

      Robert Hughes

      I think for a lot of people it’s all been rather abstract. That’s because the type of people who write and espouse the position that transwomen are women are not the ones that are getting assaulted in women’s toilets and shelters or raped in prison. That’s all yucky stuff that the proles do.

      Caroline Lowbridge’s article on the BBC, now that it finally dared to published something that didn’t show the trans issue in a positive, is finally forcing people to face the reality that’s heading in their direction.

      The report, Lesbians At Ground Zero, from Get The L Out UK and linked to in the Dangerfield post is 16 pages and is well produced. It’s probably worth a read.

    441. Some people can’t seem to understand the written word

      I live with the festering problem, and I get accused of not understanding it, only an argumentative kind of mind would come away with something as stoopid as that

    442. Pull the plug, this site is now just a place to disagree just for the sake of it

    443. robbo says:

      David Caledonia says:
      29 October, 2021 at 12:00 pm
      Some people can’t seem to understand the written word


      Get a grip man. You expect the council to come and pick up a couple of bags of hedge clippings from you personally. Are you mad?

      Put them in the compost bin or in my case they go in the brown bin in my area and get picked up in season along with grass cutting, old wood etc.

      It’s not fucking hard!

    444. sarah says:

      @ Meg merrilees: same to you, Meg. Hoping it isn’t too long before we are all chatting together again.

    445. and who said anything about anyone coming to scotland and giving up there heritage

      Its the scots who are born here and think more of St Patricks day than their scots roots, ofc there is a clown on here that twisted that just to disagree with that fact

      The russians celebrate rabbi burns and St Andrew, but thats because they love burns and St Andrew is there patron saint, not because of any dogma they have been taught

    446. I was doing that with the clippings you muppet, I am talking about a lot more from a laurel hedge than normal as it had to be cut down
      My point you idiot is not about the cost, its about why people are fly tipping, what kind of brains have some of you people got, you certainly don’t know how to think some of you.
      And I pay for the council services being a home owner, I get nothing off the council that I don’t pay for, that does not bother me one fecking bit, but fly tipping is a serious problem in my area, when you dump a wheely bin full of crap in a cemetery you know that some people are beyond telling, a short time in a prison cell might be a better learning experience for those types

    447. See what happens, the hard of thinking draw you in with their stupid comments about something you have never written

      Lesson learned again

    448. Republicofscotland says:

      As Sturgeon and the SNP do nothing to move Scottish independence forward, the Alba party will be attending in numbers outside at the COP26 conference to try and push forward on the indyfront.

      The Alba party obtained a few FOI’s to see how far the SNP had moved down the road towards their proposed 2023 indyref, to no ones surprise the FOI’s showed that the SNP has done nothing, no preparations or groundwork for a indyref, these things need to be done well in advance if an indyref is to be held, unless of course you have no real intentions of holding one.

    449. Robert Hughes says:

      Thanks for that Stuart . I’ll check that article out later

    450. Jack Murphy says:

      It’s quiet on Wings today so here’s a Youtube Golden Oldie from 2007 with nearly 2.5 million Hits.

      A DC-10 passenger jet makes emergency landing on a Freeway.

      ENJOY. [smiley thing]

    451. James Che. says:

      More and more across the world we hear of rigged elections, it used to be in foreign countries far away,
      But the seepage has progressed into the western world if the discourse of mainstream media is to be held as genuine,

      America being the last ,

      And following Westminster’s speech that they know the 2014 referendum election was interfered with, but ( WE) Westminster will not give them a re-run to make it fair to the Scottish elections and voters,

      One has to wonder whom is behind the mantra of let’s wait and trust the next Scottish elections to change Scotland,

    452. James Che. says:

      NHS Doctors payed well with public money, taking a back seat but still on good public wages.

      County Councils payed well with public money, taking a back seat but still on good public wages and Council Tax Revenues.

    453. Hatuey says:

      David, you came in here talking about an elephant in the room. I’ve shown that you are that elephant.

      Outside of sectarian bigotry (or anti-Irish racism), there’s no reason for you to be offended by someone celebrating their Irish ancestry or St. Patrick’s Day.

      I’m pretty sure you don’t take issue with people from other countries who celebrate their ancestral and ethnic roots.

      You could, of course, end the argument by showing me an example of you doing just that. But you won’t because there isn’t one.

      You mention people being the victims of dogma. Like you, I often find myself wondering where these anti-Irish ideas come from but, unlike you, I can only guess.

    454. James Che. says:

      Passport mandates is not Scottish or NS or BoJos, they are being forced in globally.
      Everything in Scotland that is failing……is also failing in England, Wales Ireland, America, Poland France, Germany,

      From climate change to covid, from transgender to Blm .

      The titles do not matter, the instruments being used to collapse SOCIETIES Of the world must contain other bigger actors, bigger money and funding, to sneak into all these world governments, to pay for aligned thinking patterns and aligned actions across the world,

      For it is not the people of any countries mentioned that instigated this mess,
      But the leaders of our governments whom are not acting as individual governments of their own countries anymore.

      They are either willing puppets or are coerced into failing their countries.

      This is now a picture of governments against people.
      Of destroying people and the structures that support the health and wealth of any nation. Of control the people when they have nothing to fall back on,

      The world leaders agreement on bringing in a minimum wage is part of that control. It will be your government controlled maximum wage just as much,

      Between passports ID and your minimum/maximum wage you can be cut of from food, Doctors and family if you have your own thought or ideas.

      We need a people’s parliament with no politician or political party party having advantage control over its running,
      So they cannot sell out the people.

      And Scotland still slumbers.

    455. Republicofscotland says:

      Does the rule of law still apply in Scotland?

      Scottish Legal News spoke to former sheriff, Kevin Drummond QC, who said that the Scottish Parliament seems unable to investigate “a relatively uncomplicated issue of management at the heart of government”.

      “The inquiry is tasked with reporting on the actions of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish government officials and special advisers in dealing with complaints about former First Minister, Alex Salmond, who was last year found innocent of various sexual assault charges made against him.
      Sheriff Drummond said that the civil service was being “brought into disrepute” by the whole affair.”

      “He criticised the Crown Office over the fact the unredacted version of Mr Salmond’s evidence was initially published by Crown Office lawyers, apparently without the Lord Advocate’s knowledge, before a redacted version was reissued “all while the Lord Advocate himself is a witness before the same inquiry”.
      The redacted document contains allegations that Ms Sturgeon broke the ministerial code.”

      “Sheriff Drummond questioned the purpose and competence of unpublishing the material. He said: “Presumably it was redacted because of fear of contempt or identification. Once it’s already in the public domain you cannot unpublish it.”

      “It seems to me that the exclusive consequence of that redaction was purely to deprive that witness of being able to refer to that part of the evidence. I don’t see what other result can flow from that sequence of events.”

      “He also drew attention to worries over the rule of law.
      “Concerns have been expressed over a number of years that the rule of law itself was in danger in Scotland. Such views may have seemed to many to be little more than rhetoric but as events have developed it has become clear that our present constitutional arrangements leave much to be desired.”

      “In his book The Justice Factory, which contains a foreword by Lord Hope of Craighead, author Ian Mitchell suggests that Scots are in thrall to a nationalist elite who are blurring the lines between the civil service and the government and who have interfered with at least one appointment to the office of Lord President of the Court of Session.”

      “The QC also expressed grave concerns over the separation of powers. ”

    456. sarah says:

      O/T Rhiannon Spear and Fiona Robertson are not standing for SNP NEC apparently, per Ian Lawson’s twitter/blog comments.

      Happy days!!

    457. James Che. says:


      And still Scotland’s people slumber on.

    458. Republicofscotland says:

      And so it begins, Extinction Rebellion protesters lock themselves onto Glasgow University gates, I think the uni invests in the fossil fuel trade.

    459. Republicofscotland says:

      Two egotistical lying nasty b*stards who don’t give a shit about anything other than themselves I’d say.

      “Boris Johnson’s ‘fragile male ego’ stops him meeting me, says Nicola Sturgeon”

      Oh and Sturgeon admits she gets on great with Michael Gove, a man whose hellbent on crushing devolution and independence.

    460. Republicofscotland says:

      Just 20% of Scots and only 29% of SNP supporters back gender self-ID in Scotland, so why is Sturgeon and her party hellbent on pushing these unpopular reforms in Scotland.

    461. The Budget a Chancellor who does not drink raising a glass. The PM and Dominic Raab on the front bench making daft faces at the opposition. Who might have been doing the same thing .Not a decent speech amongst them schoolkids could do better.

    462. Ebok says:

      @ sarah, @ Meg merrilees,

      So sad, it looks very much like we are in the last throes. Got me thinking, Ah, the good old days, All good things come to an end. Younger folks have no idea what they’ve missed, memories from the past

      notes and coins in your wee brown pay envelope every Friday, a wife wisnae a ‘partner’, freedom, short trousers for boys, brown beer, clause 4, rival newspapers, men only bars, greens were fae parkheid, Rod Laver, the co-op divi, Cassius Clay, half a crown, rag and bone men, cold war, Arnold Palmer, screwtops, conkers, dandy and beano, radio Luxemburg, Law, Baxter, Bremner and Johnston, advocaat, farthings, bookies runners, 45rpm singles, bus conductors, 6-5 special, trannies were radio’s, woodbine, rock n’ roll, hot water bottles, skipping ropes, flower power, 10pm closing, paraffin heaters and coal fires, picture hooses, prefabs, shilling metres, sweetheart stout, outside toilets, the tick mannie, trams, Butlins, 3 channel tv’s, Woolworths, wringers, skiffle, marbles, one and eleven a pint, lino, juke boxes, and some of the other big things going on about then … McMillan, Profumo, Mao, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh, JFK, Khrushchev, De Gaulle, Nasser, Martin Luther King, UDI, apartheid, Vietnam, six day war, Suez, Cuba … is the world a better place now?

    463. Hatuey says:

      “grave concerns over the separation of powers…”

      “Grave” is a word that has a special place in diplomacy and high politics. When foreign ministers, governments, diplomats, etc., use the word “grave”, it sends out an unambiguous signal that goes something like this; we are very serious here and what we are saying should not be confused with the usual political rhetoric…

      Scotland is in a bad place when a QC is saying stuff like that.

    464. So guys only thing to do is vote Labour

    465. Hatuey says:

      Ebok: “is the world a better place now?”

      Yes it is. Much better.

      One of the reasons nostalgia trips are so prominent in the Western politics these days is because countries like China and others are getting a fairer shout.

      It turns out that the rest of the world is better at industry, manufacturing, and capitalism than us.

      It isn’t the past Westerners are yearning for, it’s jobs and the unfair advantage they had in a global economy that provided their jobs.

      Those days are gone forever.

      On a more positive note, we have a comparative advantage when it comes to growing cabbages. That’s where our future lies.

    466. Dan says:

      Hatuey says: at 5:24 pm

      On a more positive note, we have a comparative advantage when it comes to growing cabbages. That’s where our future lies.

      Well only if we can find folk to pick them, and punters to pay a price for the flatulence inducing greenery in the shops that gives those muckle sprout pickers a decent enough wage to actually live in the area where they’re grown.
      Greta and the COP26 Masif won’t be happy if all those brassica pickers are going to run fuckin Teslas to get to work…

    467. twathater says:

      Dan at least we can rely on you to give us a laugh , and Meg look after yourself , I wonder what Peffers would say about his illustrious SNP and woke crew now

    468. robbo says:

      Ebok says:
      29 October, 2021 at 5:11 pm
      @ sarah, @ Meg merrilees,


      You forgot 12 penny caramels(dainties) fur a shilling before we got ripped off with decimalization in 1971 when we only got five(5). Biggest rip off in history!

      Never forget!

    469. Republicofscotland says:

      ” international trade secretary Liz Truss blocked plans to ban imports made to low animal welfare standards.”

      I think we all knew this was coming our shops will be flooded with inferior produce whilst our own produce will either shoot up in price or have to lower its standards to compete.

      Brexit the disaster that just keeps on giving, not forgetting Sturgeon sacrificing Scots businesses to try and save England from itself.

    470. Tommo says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed your post- brought a lot back. However-on beer-when I played rugby the pubs we passed on the coach down in England seemed all to be Watney’s Red Barrel; and in those days the Scottish ale (Was it 50/-? 70/-?) was pretty desperate, too. Maybe that’s why my Uncle Peter in Lochgilphead always took a half and a chaser
      Although I am for the Union I will be sorry to lose this site as I have close ties to Scotland and it’s always interesting to hear another view
      Good luck to all

    471. Confused says:

      those extinction r3tards don’t seem to realise


      chaining yourself to railings, etc, just means – YOU CANNY GET AWAY …

      some neds (“wide-os” for youse edinguggers) are going to PISH on them, while others sing


      “guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children”

      – that’s just Easterhouse.

      and they shouldn’t block the roads, or “cross the march”.

    472. sarah says:

      @ robbo: and potatoes more than doubled in price. I remember going to buy some the next day and was so annoyed at the rip off taking advantage of the currency change and the shopkeeper saying I – I – was being ridiculous!!!

    473. Dan says:

      @ Republicofscotland at 4:39 pm

      Re. Those poll results on Scot Goes Pop.

      Those apparent low numbers of support for Self ID certainly mean the idea of a campaign exposing the elected officials that are pushing (or doing nothing to stop this unmandated policy being implemented) has credence.

    474. Ebok says:

      Robbo, decimilisation came later, though I did forget a big one, BINGO.

      All the best to you too Tommo.

      Hatuey, thanks for your comment. I think though that you’ve looked at just one contributary factor to determine if this is a better place.
      Just like McMillan may have been right to say that ‘most of our people have never had it so good’, but hey, look what had gone down in the previous 40 years for the comparison.

      Like my father and his before, I’m just an averagely intelligent prole, no college papers, no uni degree, never had a well paid job, nevertheless you are absolutely correct, I’m much better off than they were in a materialistic sense. However, my life wasn’t disrupted like grandfather for 4 years to fight WW1, soon to be followed by great depression, or my father for 6 years in WW2, then rebuild the country for years after on little more that hunger rations.

      I get it that the west took advantage of many less advanced countries, but it wasn’t us proles who benefitted. I benefitted from the hardships my parents endured because they were good parents, not because they profited from 3rd world countries, and my kids have benefitted because I taught them the value of education, and they believed me.

      But getting back to the nostalgic bit, all the stuff going on then was cutting edge at the time, it was a whirlwind of new stuff coming out all the time, kids played in large groups in streets and elsewhere, we played loads of games, we had brilliant footballers, swimmers, boxers.

      Isn’t the answer to the question ‘is the world a better place now’ revealed in the comments on Wings about what governments are getting up to the world over and the direction of travel, the new laws, the controls, the data gathering, about how children are glued to phones 24/7, about identity confusion, and the rapid growth in mental illnesses since those nostalgic days?

      And yes, those days ARE gone forever.

    475. Robert Hughes says:


      In retrospect maybe Sturgeon’s futile attempt to save England from itself was more to do with fact that the Brexit result made the case for Scottish Independence – even more – indisputable : she really had nowhere to hide after that .

      Of course , as we have witnessed to our mounting disbelief and anger , she did in fact have several places to hide – waiting until Brexit negotiations had * clarified * the UK’s position vis-a-vis the EU ( a myopic mole could have * clarified * that in 2 secs – fucked ) , the total bollocks that is the entirely made-up * necessity * of a “Gold Standard” Ref as the ONLY route to Independence . And then her most fortuitous escape route – our flexible friend Pan D Emic , a true friend indeed to dissemblers everywhere .

      A get-out clause she’ll extract every advantage from .

      After COPout26 has concluded : obv

    476. John Main says:

      @Scott says 28 October, 2021 at 8:36 pm

      “What’s your view on arbitrary amendement of an international treaty by only one signatory?”

      Can I just start by saying I am glad you asked me that, Scott.

      Haha, just channelling my inner SNP trougher for a mo.

      My view is that it happens all the time. The Germans even have a word for it, “realpolitik”, which means the pursuit of pragmatic policies that benefit ordinary people with ideology very much left out.

      Closer to home, we have the saying, “no government can bind its successors”. This means that things inevitably change, what was good once ceases to be, and only madmen and madwomen should believe they need to be tied by treaties signed by their ancestors.

      It’s important to remember that countries don’t have friends, they have interests. Any politician who fails to put the interests of her country and her people first should be removed from office PDQ.

      Hope this helps.

    477. John Main says:


      The idea that things were better here in the past simply because we were stealing stuff from the third-world is a convenient fig-leaf for pathetic inadequates who can’t face the fact that they are only half the men and women their grandparents were.

    478. robbo says:

      Ebok says:
      29 October, 2021 at 7:26 pm
      Robbo, decimilisation came later, though I did forget a big one, BINGO.


      Aye a ken but was just making the point on a subject close to my heart. It scarred me for life I think. Can’t get it oot o ma head. My auld shop keeper had with the glee in his eyes – an old ticht twat -“ticht as a jucks arse” he was. Used to throw the sweeties at us the old git, hated him.

      We used tae get our own back though on thon git tho. Nicking wisnae a crime in oor toon unless ye goat coaught. Then it wis a clip roon the ear fae dad or the dreaded pit belt!

    479. robbo says:

      sarah says:
      29 October, 2021 at 7:12 pm
      @ robbo: and potatoes more than doubled in price. I remember going to buy some the next day and was so annoyed at the rip off taking advantage of the currency change and the shopkeeper saying I – I – was being ridiculous!!!


      Aye Sarah, the glee in some of the shopkeepers faces that day- D-day they banks I believe called it- twats.

      Ma dad used to grow loads(tatties) in garden tae along wae carrots and onions . After all if you have spuds , carrots and onions AND a bit o bully beef you could feed a family of 10 for a week.

    480. sarah says:

      @ robbo: Dan would feed us all for a year on his surplus veg!

    481. Hatuey says:

      “things were better here in the past simply because we were stealing stuff from the third-world…”

      Not just the third world, women and minorities at home too.

      Not all of the privileged western workers came out of the post-war golden age with pensions and houses, but a lot of them did. By today’s standards they didn’t deserve them.

      If you are an ethnic minority, a women, gay, Chinese, Indian, etc., etc., etc., you might get a bite at a cherry today that you wouldn’t have gotten a sniff at in the past.

      The so-called “woke” did a lot of good, and people are a bit too quick to forget that.

      We live in a much fairer world today.

    482. President Xiden says:

      As you would expect Bowie sums up the current hysteria from the wimin and beta males in our Government perfectly

    483. President Xiden says:

      Dear Nicola. Calm down dear.

    484. Willie says:

      Cop26 shows how absolutely by passed the Scottish Government is.

      The SG has absolutely no part to play in anything. Sidelined, disregarded, the UK government is in total control.

      Shows utterly how absolutely ineffectual our so called devolved parliament is.

      And all Sturgeon can say is Boris won’t meet her because of his masculine bias.

      Aye right Nicola he’s just disregarded you and your so called government like you disregard used toilet roll.

    485. Breeks says:

      Hatuey says:
      29 October, 2021 at 10:24 pm

      The so-called “woke” did a lot of good, and people are a bit too quick to forget that.

      We live in a much fairer world today.

      False equivalence.

      I’m not angry at Wokists for being Wokists. I’m angry at the parasitic hijacking of the electoral popularity of Scottish Independence by a bunch of weirdo fraudsters who want to force their delusional dystopia on all of us, and the disingenuous bastards don’t give a flying fk about wrecking Scotland’s chances to be free of this cursed Union in the process.

      They can’t get a mandate for their toxic misogyny, so they’ll ride piggy back on Scottish Independence and steal ours. Wankers.

    486. Breeks says:

      Willie says:
      30 October, 2021 at 6:11 am
      Cop26 shows how absolutely by passed the Scottish Government is.

      Aye. Maybe ALBA and a Scottish Grand Committee needs to do likewise. Bypass the Holyrood Parish Council altogether, and take our subjugated Constitutional Sovereignty direct to the UN.

    487. Robert Hughes says:

      Spot-on , as ever Breeks .

      Hatuey makes a fair point about the – general – increase in tolerance for formerly prejudiced against groups , the irony now is seeing some of those groups hounding , threatening , censoring anyone they deem not sufficiently on-message or even mildly critical . T’was ever thus . Victims becoming oppressors when the opportunities arise .

      Yes , ALBA would be well advised to abandon Holyweird to the motley assembly of cranks , wanks n mountebanks that warm it’s seats whilst dreaming-up new and exotic ways to fuck-up Scotland and it’s chances of ever becoming Independent .

      The question is whether ALBA has the strength of purpose and will to take an alternate route , one that does not include the – very expensive – student debating hall that Holyrood has become : in reality . has always been .

      We can say with 100% certainty none of the other Smarty Parties will EVER countenance such an original strategy . That would entail the risk of making an actual sacrifice for something greater than their own continuing berth on the luxury gravy train : Destination Nowheresville

    488. robertknight says:

      Robert Hughes @7:57

      “That would entail the risk of making an actual sacrifice for something greater than their own continuing berth on the luxury gravy train : Destination Nowheresville”

      Aye, the cozy-feet Pete’s of the Scottish political class have nothing to gain and everything to lose if the current setup is altered in any way.

      They can’t and won’t risk derailing the gravy train and ending up with a situation where Scottish MP’s and MSPs would be fighting like rats in a sack to get their bums on the seats in an Indy parly.

      Furthermore, if the SNP charlatans think they’ve got financial problems now, they’d be up s*it creek without a paddle if the Westminster cash dried up.

      To paraphrase an auld sang…

      They’re bought and sold for English gold –
      Sic a parcel o rogues in a nation.

    489. wee monkey says:

      Quote:-“Furthermore, if the SNP charlatans think they’ve got financial problems now, they’d be up s*it creek without a paddle if the Westminster cash dried up”

      Oh the SNP would be in trouble would it.

      The whole Indy movement would instantly find itself a pariah if Westminster cut the cash strings; not that you could BLAME THEM for the millions of ££££££ that has disappeared into some SCOT GOV black hole these last 48 months or so…. but some WILL TRY.

    490. wee monkey says:

      Oh and just to put the figurative boot in…

      The Dear Leaders Vogue interview..

      Yes, you read that right, like the Madonna song title, Vogue..

      just to wet your whistles

      “We are sitting on facing couches next to a white marble fireplace with a large rococo mirror above it; looming over us is a vast chandelier said to have been looted from Nazi Germany. There are few pleasantries: we do not bump elbows or shake hands – she says she hopes she never has to shake another hand again, especially not a man’s – and make no small talk; she is ready to get cracking.

      First Minister of Scotland for fractionally under seven years, Sturgeon, 51, has been leader of the Scottish National Party for just as long. In fact, she has been the face of Scottish politics for so many years that it is hard to think about what it must have looked like before she arrived on the scene. She is the most powerful woman in British politics, and one of the most powerful women in Britain, full stop.

      It doesn’t look as if she is on her way out any time soon, either. Following the SNP victory in the Scottish Parliament election in May this year, she is the first-ever First Minister to form a third government, and while her party didn’t quite manage to gain an overall majority in Holyrood, it did win a record number of votes. Hours before our interview, Sturgeon was addressing her party at its annual conference, vehemently arguing that Scotland should be given a new vote on independence in 2023. Clearly, there is much still to achieve”

    491. wee monkey says:

      It’s all been said before, by many, but at close to 2000 replies..


      Now more than ever.

      However, whatever you decide, I wish you the very best.

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