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Three years and a month

Posted on July 23, 2019 by

29 June 2016. Don’t say we don’t warn you, readers.

And this was February of the same year, when Barack Obama and David Cameron were still in charge of their respective nations:

You’ll always read it here first, folks. Even when you don’t want to.

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203 to “Three years and a month”

  1. Jim Thomson says:

    Enjoy the bear suppression walk Stuart

  2. Al-Stuart says:

    Boris will last 3 months and 1 day.

    I bet a fiver.

    He loathes Scotland.

    He is our key for Scottish Independence.

  3. Welsh Sion says:

    Ballot results

    Boris Johnson – 92,153

    Jeremy Hunt – 46,656

  4. Betty Boop says:

    Why don’t they just listen to you, Stu? Too many folk sleep-walking. What a midden.

  5. Famous15 says:

    And may the Lord have mercy on our souls!

    Please all vote YES.

  6. Al-Stuart says:

    Just watched all the pomp, circumstance and massive build up to Boris Johnson’s election by 157,000 Tories as Prime Minister. Listened to his penultimate speech. Just three words…

    Was that it!

    I suspect that will be Boris’ political epitaph in 3 months when he is turfed out of office by a proper general election.

  7. Mac says:

    If we don’t get independence now… We never will!!!

  8. IZZIE says:

    The ego has landed. I look forward to seeing how RUTH AND fluffy square this circle.

  9. Merkin Scot says:

    Simply unbelievable but true, unfortunately.
    First bus to Buchanan St for me.

  10. Effijy says:

    Bojo the Clown voted Scotland’s Prime Minister with rousing majority of filthy rich, purple rinse, London Based Tories.

    Yes you have got a leader you never voted for who doesn’t know how to use a comb or what size he takes in a suit jacket.

    The man who would put Scots in a Ghetto and exterminate them.
    A man always ready to invest in England before Scotland.

    He has mange to insult most countries before being kicked out of the foreign office but now new doors have been opened for him.

    He and Trump can ensure fake news is replaced with their own fake news, global warming doesn’t exists and by blaming everything on immigrants and going to war with any oil rich country we can all be great again. OMG.

    One of Bojo’s promises was to his friends in Turkey where he offered to show them the way in to join the EU.
    I’m sure he can do this while simultaneously pulling the UK out of the EU.

    Its 1984 Scotland is living in now. It doesn’t have to make sense

  11. Proud Cybernat says:

    UK now with 3 PMs in 3 years.

    Says it all really.

  12. Big Del says:

    Surely this is another nail in the Union coffin…

  13. HandandShrimp says:

    If we don’t grasp our future with this set of cards we never will.

  14. schrodingers cat says:

    BREAKING: Boris Johnson will be the UK’s next Prime Minister after winning the Tory leadership contest in a landslide victory.


    told ya a no dealer would become pm

  15. John Alexander Ferguson says:

    Surely it can be no surprise. Didn’t anyone notice the regime change when The Donald was visiting Liz? not a shot fired and the anointing of Boris as DTs man in GBUSA.

  16. Alabaman says:

    Slightly O/T,
    I did not think for a second that ” The Mooth” could be toppled, Ruth was supreme,or seemed to be, but now she’s lost her crown to a much bigger “Mooth” that of Jo Swindon,
    They maybe a small party, but when you have Wullie Rennie, and the new Mooth =J.Swinton, determined to deny a second referendum on independence, in effect doing a Joseph Goebbels determined to make some of their shit stick.
    They need countered.

  17. Den Cairns says:

    A mind this post Stu and in this respect you were bang on. I concur BoJo may be the best thing to springboard Mr Milngavie et al to Indy, but to do a deal with the Devil is still gonnae be a throat sticker – especially as I’d wager he won’t be around long enough…

  18. Hamish100 says:

    in my work– “..I like Joe Swinson”” -female, “Cant stand burnie” (Nicola Sturgeon)- male, others ” we need to get rid of Corbyn”.

    All agree Johnston is a disaster.

    Me – I said ” how many times do you need to be kicked before you wake up..”

    Nobodies taking to me now!!

    More work to be done I think.

  19. Welsh Sion says:

    Scots Wha Hae – Reprise

    Scots, wha hae wi’ Salmond bled,
    Scots, wham Sturgeon has aften led,
    Welcome tae yer gory bed
    Or tae destiny.

    Now’s the day, an’ now’s the hour:
    Seize oor chance a’ last fir power.
    See the fearties start tae cower.
    Scotland will be free!

    Wha will be as cruel as Tojo?
    Wha will bow tae Lunnon’s BoJo?
    Wha sae base as loose his mojo?
    Let him turn an’ flee.

    Wha fir Scotland’s Pride an’ Aw’
    Freedom’s sword will strongly draw?
    Bondsman stand or Freeman fa’:
    Let him follow me.

    By th’ oppressive woes and pains,
    Of oor sons in servile chains,
    We will drain oor dearest veins
    But we shall be free!

    Lay Westminster oh so low.
    Traitors fall – like every foe.
    Liberty’s oors wi’ every blow!
    Let us vote fir SNP!

    [With acknowledgements]

    Songs for the New Politics
    23 July 2019

  20. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Handandshrimp (12.29) –

    If we don’t grasp our future with this set of cards we never will.

    Set of cads more like.

    What a carry on!


  21. Hamish100 says:

    David Mundell supports Boris Johnston
    No Integrity, no conscience,- the lowest of the low. Hello Tory.

  22. Republicofscotland says:

    Here Fluffy lauds BoJo, a man he said he couldn’t serve under, what a little shit Fluffy is.

  23. Welsh Sion says:

    The choice facing the English electorate:

    BoJo, Jojo, Jezzo or Farago.

    Jeezo, it almost makes you want to sympathise with them. Almost.

  24. Dorothy Devine says:

    Welsh Sion , Bravo!

  25. Effijy says:

    Boris is an anagram of I Robs.

    Scotland will be his first port of call.

  26. Brian says:

    I’m wondering if we can get a shift on with Indy because I don’t know how much longer I can wait for a comet to hit us…

  27. HYUFD says:

    Given the Brexit Party came second and beat the Tories in Scotland in the European Parliament elections with the Tories coming 4th behind the SNP, Brexit Party and LDs (though still ahead of Labour), Boris should ensure the Tories regain second place

  28. manandboy says:

    Some perspective. Nothing has changed, except the name on the Captain’s cabin. This is the same ship. The UK is still in Titanic mode. On June 23, 2016, we struck the iceberg called the EU Referendum No Vote. The UK is sinking. The business and monied class passengers are already in their chosen lifeboats, heading for Ireland or somewhere on the European mainland. Scotland simply has to save itself now by getting on board the Independence lifeboat.

    This way, please, women & children first. Mind how you go.

  29. HandandShrimp says:

    Fluffy Muddle’s shameless self serving toadying is hilarious. I wonder if Boris will give the job to Thomson who has been his No 1 fan before May stepped down. Boris may if course despise both of them.

    The Boris cabinet is likely to be something quite disturbing.

  30. Terry callachan says:

    Are they trying to persuade Labour voters in Scotland to vote instead for Swinson
    Are they trying to persuade Tory voters who want to remain in the EU to vote for Swinson
    Are they trying to persuade Tory voters who don’t like Boris to vote for Swinson

    That’s a fair bunch when added to the Lib Dem’s in Orkney Shetland Sutherland Fife Dunbartonshire

    Giving the britnats who hate Scotland someone to vote for
    The BBC and newspapers will be glorifying Swanson as the new hope and future first minister of Scotland

    Those who fell for the lie first time round with Davidson will fall for the same trick again I think

  31. galamcennalath says:

    I wonder how long it will be before Boris has to say something truthful?

    Or, is his plan to continue with the unicorns, magic beans, and fairytales until the Hallowe’en cliff jump? If it is, can anyone stop him?

  32. fillofficer says:

    heh 😉
    that’s been my default position since 19 sep 2014
    & one just missed us last year too

  33. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 23 July, 2019 at 1:26 pm:

    ” … is his plan to continue with the unicorns, magic beans, and fairytales until the Hallowe’en cliff jump? If it is, can anyone stop him?”

    To hell with stopping him – let the whole bus load of them hit the bottom under the Brexit clift.

  34. Davy says:

    MASSIVE SHOCK – Mundell has not resigned.

    But if he is replaced, will cry and cry until their is no more tears left in the world. aah.

  35. manandboy says:

    If my reading is correct of the above analysis by Prof. Colin Talbot, who is co-director of Cambridge Policy Labs and Emeritus Professor of Government at the University of Manchester, then with Westminster’s summer recess starting on Wednesday and followed immediately by the 3 week long Party Conference season, nothing is going to happen on the domestic front of UK politics for quite some time – as in the next eight weeks.

  36. HYUFD says:

    Manandboy More Scots voted to Leave the EU in the 2016 referendum than voted SNP at the last general election

  37. Martin says:

    “Proud Cybernat says:

    23 July, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    UK now with 3 PMs in 3 years.

    Says it all really.”

    Strong and stable.

  38. Artyhetty says:

    Yes you were right once again Stuart, and Boris the Horice is now POTUK. A US passport holder, bestie’s with terrifying tRump, what could possibly go wrong.

    Run for your lives Scotland, take no notice of minor celebs next time, and ignore ignorant ‘philosophers’ like A. C. Grayling telling us all how spiffing the ‘union’ is now.

    There are only two ways things can now go for Scotland.

  39. Bill Hume says:

    The Holy Trinity……Johnson, Corbyn and Swinson.
    Let us hope it brings about a Scottish epiphany.

  40. “And where are the clowns
    Quick send in the clowns
    Don’t bother they’re here.”

  41. Footsoldier says:

    SNP – do or say something!

  42. Republicofscotland says:

    Ross Thomson (Who wouldn’t look out of place on a serial killer wanted poster with those eyes), lauding BoJo on STV news, as the saviour of the union.

    He’s pitching for a cabinet position I think.

  43. Clootie says:

    If my fellow Scots will still not vote for Independence after the rise of Farage, Brexit and Boris for PM, and a likely No Deal Brexit crash out, then they never will support it

    With the current exchange rate and the likelihood of losing reciprocal pension arrangement it will be a significant challenge to move abroad. However living in a country of willing 2nd class citizens who accept that position will be unbearable.

    Scotland please get off your knees and reject these bigots and build a far better future for the generations to come.

    The warmongering “empire” with their nukes, aircraft carriers and Astute class submarines will become Americas bitch. The NHS will be trashed by Americal companies and food standards will vanish. Holyrood will be a distant memory.

    What will it take? Do we need to let it happen to convince you? You do realise it will be too late once it does?

  44. kapelmeister says:

    BoJo’s premiership will be acronymonious.

    Deliver brexit
    Undermine the economy
    Derail democracy
    Emancipate Scotland

  45. Capella says:

    @ footsoldier – interview with Nicola on R Clyde:

  46. Big Jock says:

    I reckon the SNP have a very small window until November to get us out. If we don’t have our referendum by the end of November, Scotland is over, in terms of devolution at least.

    The authority of Holyrood will be slowly unpicked , until nothing remains but a parish council. After this has been completed ,the only escape for Scotland will be winning a GE and declaring independence. This will not be easy and there is no guarantee that the SNP will be able to achieve it.

    The best time to get out is right now , not next year. We should all be very worried right now if the SNP suggest they can wait until after Brexit.

  47. Capella says:

    @ kapelmeister – Bojo’s premiership will be Titanic.

  48. Golfnut says:

    @ Hyufd.

    What a despicable and dishonest comparison. A yes or no referendum is not and never will be an appropriate measure against a FPtP GE where voters have a choice of 4 party’s.

  49. A C Bruce says:

    Nicola Sturgeon’s statement on Johnson’s accession.

    I don’t think they’re going to be pals!

  50. CameronB Brodie says:

    The full-English Brexit has merely highlighted Scotland’s vulnerability to authoritarian English nationalism. The UK can no longer sustain the outward appearance of liberal democracy, while maintaining the political ‘machinery’ of the 19th century. It is not as if the political science doesn’t exist to achieve a more balanced pluralism, with regard to constitutional matters particularly.

    The fact is, there is simply no will to secede power from Westminster. The ongoing work on re-vamping the British constitution, looks as if it is designed to entrap Scotland permanently in union, with no legal recourse to constitutional change. Then again, racist patriarchies aren’t prone to moral self-assessment. Westminster is a racist patriarchy. Simples.

    Social Movements, Brexit, and Social Policy


    Brexit, similar to Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US presidential elections, is frequently interpreted as a manifestation of the growing anger with the political and economic status quo and a victory for populism. In this article, I examine the relationship between social movements, Brexit and social policy and consider how political and socio-economic developments since the 2008 financial crisis helped create a fertile ground for Brexit. I query the assumption that Brexit was simply a result of the those left behind by globalization and instead explore why and how actors from across the ideological spectrum supported Brexit and examine the sources of discontent which created the conditions from which Brexit emerged.

    To understand the relationship, role and impact of social movements and more widely, civil society, on social policy, I argue that it is important to critically examine how diverse actors within civil society are campaigning for the recognition of unmet needs and challenging systems of redistribution and the ways in which they interact and engage with governance institutions and policy processes.

    Key words: Brexit, populism, social movements, austerity, social policy

    The trouble with neoliberalism

    ….A number of scholars writing about the resilience of neoliberalism argue that civil society actors, and in particular social movements, have an important role to play in articulating challenges against neoliberal ideas and policies (Crouch, 2011, Peck et al., 2012, Thatcher and Schmidt, 2013). Yet critical scholars who have examined the relationship between democracy and neoliberalism, maintain that that democracy will be in crisis until such time as the problems created by capitalism and neoliberalism are addressed (Della Porta, 2015, Crouch, 2011, Keane, 2009, Merkel, 2014, Streeck, 2014).

    While they recognise the importance of movements in challenging prevailing views, they also acknowledge how inequalities of power between movements and market and state institutions may limit their impact (Badiou and Gauchet, 2016, Brown, 2015)….

  51. Petra says:

    BBC presenter in Scotland, Lorna Gordon, stated earlier today that with Boris Johnston as Prime Minister support for an Independent Scotland will be around 60%. Where did she get that figure from? Does the BBC know something that we don’t know, such as the Westminster polling results that are being withheld from the general public? ”Not in the public interest”, they say! However you can bet your bottom dollar that if the results weren’t in our favour they would have been released in a heartbeat.


    ‘Scottish independence: Lidington blocks release of key poll.’

    …”The Cabinet Office’s FOI officer told Sheppard: “I am writing to advise you the requested information is being withheld as it is exempt under section 35(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act), as it relates to the formulation or development of government policy.”

    She added: “Section 35 is a qualified exemption and I have considered the public interest for and against disclosing the information. The Cabinet Office recognises the decisions ministers make may have a significant impact on the lives of people across the UK.

    “These public interests have to be weighed against a strong public interest that policymaking and its implementation are of the highest quality and informed by a full consideration of all the options. For this reason it is important that ministers make high quality decisions informed by full consideration of the available data. Taking into account all the circumstances of this case, I have concluded that the balance of the public interest favours withholding this information.”…

  52. Sarah says:


  53. call me dave says:

    Please miss! Please miss!

    Big Brian frae shortbread tv says that Nicola Sturgeon called Boris a charlatan… please miss…that’s no polite is it?

    Boris says No Bute house tea & scones visit for him in the two easy chairs wie thon pair of Saltires at the fireside. 🙂

    Too hot for more popcorn in Scotland and I see that Stu has done a Titus Oates in Bath…another long walk in the sun! Jings!

  54. Dr Jim says:

    Only the Loyal Queenie brigade the OO and the Rangers bigots left sqealing now and they wouldn’t vote for Independence if Boris threatened to Nuke Scotland

    With rumours leaking out about Independence support at around 60% and rising I think we can safely say, *eh the the tha tha that’s all folks*

  55. Jack Murphy says:

    So King BoJo is coming to Scotland on a Charm Offensive?

    My Great Gran x5 minds well the last time a kilted King came here many years ago, when there was dancing and rejoicing in the streets.

    Some cartoons of the visit with acknowledgement to Google images.

  56. Alabaman says:

    Robert Peffers @ 1:26 (or there abouts!)
    Get yourself up to the Queen Margaret (Duncan Canmore’s Queen!) Hospital, the do an excellent eye job.

  57. cirsium says:

    @Clootie, 2.17pm

    The warmongering “empire” with their nukes, aircraft carriers and Astute class submarines will become Americas bitch.

    It already is.

    Definitely time to go – dissolve the Union.

  58. jfngw says:


    And, using your system, more Scots voted to leave the UK than the combined vote of the unionist parties in 2016, any more bs stats you want to regurgitate.

    Your facts aren’t even correct as combining the constituency & regional vote they received around 2m votes, many more than voted leave.

  59. galamcennalath says:

    Petra says:

    BBC presenter in Scotland, Lorna Gordon, stated earlier today that with Boris Johnston as Prime Minister support for an Independent Scotland will be around 60%. Where did she get that figure from?

    The secret WM polling quite possibly is giving figures like this for ‘what if’ type questions.

    People online have mentioned rumours of near 60% which is what is causing BritNats to be so frenzied.

    My simple analysis would be ~50% are Yes, of the rest, ~30% are ’till death’ Britnats, and ~20% could be pursuaded their best interests would be served by independence. Just suppose some of the ‘what if’ scenarios e.g. Boris and ‘no deal’ were enough to persuade half of the 20% to jump. Voila, ~60%.

    I reckon the BBC have made an educated guess by putting the pieces together.

  60. Balaaargh says:

    We gotta get out of this place.

  61. call me dave says:


    Four flutterbyes in the garden all at once…that’s a while since I saw that.

    Mr Peffers… Hope you are on the road to recovery. 🙂

    Has Ruthie not not spoken up yet about Boris, maybe nursing her wrath since the new ‘kid-on’ on the block was elected yesterday?

  62. galamcennalath says:

    Johnson’s slogan … Deliver, Unite, Defeat …. or very appropriately DUD!

  63. galamcennalath says:

    Michel Barnier … “We look forward to working constructively w/ PM @BorisJohnson when he takes office, to facilitate the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement and achieve an orderly #Brexit. We are ready also to rework the agreed Declaration on a new partnership in line with #EUCO guidelines.”

    Clear as ever, the EU say the Withdrawal Agreement has been agreed and is final, but the accompanying Political Declaration can be tweaked. Nothing new, nothing changed, and nothing about the WA will probably change.

    So Johnson’s only other Brexit deliver option is ‘no deal’.

    But ‘no deal’ is and always was bollocks. It only means leaving under chaotic circumstances then scrambling to make a new deal from a weaker position! Money owned, EU citizen’s rights, and the Irish border are always going to need to be resolved with the EU before trade talks.

    A ‘no deal’ Brexit only injects some pain and suffering into the timeline to no advantage.

    Scotland need to bypass all this crap and move to independence and continued full EU membership asap.

  64. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson says he will not meet Scotland’s elected First Minister as Scotland is wrong to vote SNP and he means to put that right by appointing a *Minister for the Union* to bypass Holyrood with regards to spending plans, and in reference to Holyrood Mr Johnson said “That place is infested with Nationalists”

    See you can have a political point of view that some might agree with or not but to call the people of a country an infestation and to refer to a country’s parliament as *that place* is stepping so far over the line of politics and directly into the realms of provocation

    Boris Johnson will have to go to Northern Ireland and tell them the same thing, now I don’t know what he thinks he has to gain by this behaviour unless it’s opposition of the old fashioned kind that he thinks he might like for all the obvious reasons, but in this modern day and age it probably won’t be and could be something worse

    Boris Johnson is a dangerous idiot playing bluff poker with two countries full of people who don’t like him

  65. jfngw says:

    Operation Arse was not a total failure, but the arse has not ended up being Johnson but Davidson, deserted by all the Ruth Davidson candidates and now grovelling along in their wake.

    I don’t think she realised she was being talked up by her hero’s down south not because they actually ever really ranked her but as a tool to reduce the SNP seats at WM. She is probably as content with that as Mundell is in his role, Scottish unionist tend to be a sniveling self serving bunch.

  66. Petra says:

    @ Robert at 1:38pm …

    Great to see you back Robert even if only intermittently. Take good care of yourself X


    @ Dr Jim says at 3:25 pm … ”With rumours leaking out about Independence support at around 60% and rising I think we can safely say, *eh the the tha tha that’s all folks*”

    I’ll be happy with that Dr Jim, 60%, and then we’ve got the ‘wee blue book’ going out to a million households, the SNP prospectus an ‘Independent Scotland: Household Guide’ going out to every home in Scotland, the WGD ‘Ginger Book’, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemps Ambassadors and the REST. That should hopefully add another few percentage on again. And even if galamcennalath is right (3:39pm), 60% on the nail, That’ll suit me just fine.

    We know of course that the Establishment have £millions, if not £billions, to spend on sending out their wee book too and the REST. The difference between our books and there’s of course is that there’s will be chockful of lies. Easy peasy for people to check out on the Internet, of course, or get someone else to do it for them.

  67. Footsoldier says:

    capella 2.37pm “interview with Nicola on R Clyde:

    Thank you Capella – Nicola also said today she “would strain every sinew to stop Brexit”.

    I sometimes wish she would accept Brexit and its consequences and strain every sinew for independence.

  68. MaggieC says:

    I see we’ve had the libdum /Tory Swinson on bbc news this afternoon claiming that “ Democracy didn’t end on 23rd June 2016 “ but we’re being told by her that democracy in Scotland ended in September 2014 .
    She’s a two faced bitch , she’s my Mp and we’re working bloody hard to get rid of her whenever the next election is held although I suspect she’ll be selected for Vince Cable’s seat and that solves the votes for EVEL problem .
    It was at 2.35 pm if anyone wants to rewind and watch it .

  69. Les Wilson says:

    Well,the Tories have not elected Flashman,they have elected
    Mr magoo.
    The Tories have lost the plot,simply amazing how a relatively tiny bunch of the wealthiest people in the UK are the ones who had a chance to vote. Phlebs can goto hell,which is exactly what he will create as he mumbles along.

  70. Dr Jim says:


    The FM is being trolled mercilessly by the usual suspects but again when you check almost every one of them have Rangers supporter in their bio or aren’t even from Scotland

    But today there is a slight difference, their are more physical threats and vile sexist just down right dirty comments

    To me that’s a sign of panic in their ranks and whenever that happens their use of violent language increases

    They know they’re losing

  71. Footsoldier says:

    I think this piece by Sarah Smith is accurate and on the ball:

  72. JMD says:

    Clootie 2.17

    “If my fellow Scots will still not vote for Independence after the rise of Farage, Brexit and Boris for PM, and a likely No Deal Brexit crash out, then they never will support it

    With the current exchange rate and the likelihood of losing reciprocal pension arrangement it will be a significant challenge to move abroad. However living in a country of willing 2nd class citizens who accept that position will be unbearable.” (my bold)

    Yeh unbearable alright, I couldn’t stand living in a place where the majority are cringing cretinous cowards either. If I was much younger and worth twice as much I’d have been making contingency plans to move to a real country with real people in it already. Unfortunately for me I’m not much younger and not worth twice as much so am effectively trapped here, so if the SNP and wider Yes movement don’t get their act together and get us out of the uk pdq it’s all over for me.

  73. Muscleguy says:


    Expect Swinson to double down HARD on the Union support by the FibbingDems since her continuing leadership of the UK party is contingent on Scotland remaining in the Union. Unless of course she has a big plan to leave her constituents and jump into a safe English seat. I would not bet against that prospect happening.

  74. Petra says:

    @ call me dave says …”Has Ruthie not not spoken up yet about Boris, maybe nursing her wrath since the new ‘kid-on’ on the block was elected yesterday?”

    She’s congratulated him of course, as has Mundell.

    ..”Ms Davidson congratulated the former London mayor on his victory, despite having backed his rival Jeremy Hunt. She said her priority was to make sure that Mr Johnson “will deliver for Scotland within the UK”.

    Looks as though the hypocritical U-turn ”we’ll resign” kids, Davidson and Mundell, have conveniently forgotten that at LEAST 62% of Scots don’t want to leave the EU. So what exactly is Johnston going to deliver for Scotland? Mars Bars?

    Their, the Operation Ar*e crew’s, days are numbered by the look of it.

  75. manandboy says:

    The Great Hack review – searing exposé of the Cambridge Analytica scandal

    “This chilling documentary lays bare the cynicism and chaos surrounding the data research company that harvested information from millions of Facebook users”

    Promoted as significant in the Trump election, and in the UK EU Referendum 2016. What is being ignored, is that Cambridge Analytica was active at the time of Indy2014, and with it’s close ties to the Conservative Party and given the destructive enormity of a Yes vote to the English Establishment, only those with a PhD in nativity would dismiss Uk Govt involvement in ‘creating’ a No vote, with Cambridge Analytica’s help.

  76. schrodingers cat says:

    so, what happens next?
    as gala points out, the eu is a closed door. the tory mps are rebelling so a ge is almost certain.

    can anyone confirm the 4week time period for westminster to officially reply to the request for a s30? what about the recess?

    im afraid we are approaching a dead end, there is a limit to what the sg can actually do.

    as i said on the last thread, we need to look to ourselves. we need to consider the path of civil disobedience

  77. call me dave says:


    Thanks for the update. All in the fold now then.

    Not yet believing a 62% YES in the population…but intriguing.

  78. manandboy says:

    Naivety, not nativity.

  79. Bobp says:

    Big jock 2.38pm. After a hard brexit jock there will be no Scotland the brave……only Scotland the slave.

  80. Capella says:

    @ footsoldier – well she’s going to strain every sinew to stop BREXIT (in Scotland).

  81. CameronB Brodie says:

    I just watched BoJo’s acceptance speech, which simply oozed dishonesty. He reckons he’s the man to unite “the country”. There’s your first problem, the man believes 300 plus years of political union between Scotland and England, has created one country. Soon to be re-named Brexitania and run exclusively by England, for England’s ill-perceived benefit.

    Forget traditional left and right politics. Your team is now defined by whether you’re a Eurosceptic (white) British nationalist, or a rational liberal. The former is prone to prejudice and self-harm, the latter is prone to ethical reason. And prone to being quick on their toes too, hopefully.

    Trump, Brexit, and the rise of Populism:
    Economic have-nots and cultural backlash


    Rising support for populist parties has disrupted the politics of many Western societies. What explains this phenomenon? Two theories are examined here. Perhaps the most widely-held view of mass support for populism — the economic insecurity perspective — emphasizes the consequences of profound changes transforming the workforce and society in post-industrial economies. Alternatively, the cultural backlash thesis suggests that support can be explained as a retro reaction by once-predominant sectors of the population to progressive value change.

    To consider these arguments, Part I develops the conceptual and theoretical framework. Part II of the study uses the 2014 Chapel Hill Expert Survey (CHES) to identify the ideological location of 268 political parties in 31 European countries. Part III compares the pattern of European party competition at national-level. Part IV uses the pooled European Social Survey 1-6 (2002-2014) to examine the cross-national evidence at individual level for the impact of the economic insecurity and cultural values as predictors of voting for populist parties. Part V summarizes the key findings and considers their implications. Overall, we find the most consistent evidence supporting the cultural backlash thesis.

    Keywords: populist parties and leaders, radical right, elections, democracy, cultural value change,
    economic insecurity

  82. Joe says:

    Any scots complaining should rethink. The bigger the fanny in number 10 the harder it is for the soft no voters to hide from reality.

    Scots should be celebrating.

  83. Petra says:

    @ MaggieC says at 4:21 pm … ”I see we’ve had the libdum /Tory Swinson on bbc news this afternoon claiming that “ Democracy didn’t end on 23rd June 2016 “ but we’re being told by her that democracy in Scotland ended in September 2014 . She’s a two faced bitch , she’s my MP and we’re working bloody hard to get rid of her”…

    Good for you Maggie. Yeah do your utmost to get rid of her. Her two-facedness knows no bounds. She, the wee Tory, was on TV last week bleating on about the SNP losing seats in 2017. Seemingly forgot that her party has been totally wiped out over and over again, for example from 57 seats to 8 in 2015.


    @ Dr Jim says at 4:24 pm … ”Petra – The FM is being trolled mercilessly by the usual suspects but again when you check almost every one of them have Rangers supporter in their bio or aren’t even from Scotland. But today there is a slight difference, their are more physical threats and vile sexist just down right dirty comments. To me that’s a sign of panic in their ranks and whenever that happens their use of violent language increases. They know they’re losing.”

    They know they’re losing alright and I just wonder if the MSM is going to report on the threats? Yes, lol?

    You can also feel the fear emanating from the increasing numbers of ”NO’s”who post on here. Restricted of course to no more than the continual Nicola Sturgeon / SNP Baad comments. Having to ”hold themselves back” must really stick in their craws, lol.

  84. schrodingers cat says:

    : Jeremy Corbyn is set to delay a confidence vote in Boris Johnson until the autumn, sources say

    a ge is coming, this is the positioning as to how it comes about.
    corbyn doesnt want to be seen to bring down the government and defying brexit, he wants the tories to bring down themselves

  85. HYUFD says:

    Jfngw 1 018 322 Scots voted to Leave the EU in the 2016 EU referendum, 977 569 Scots voted SNP in the 2017 Westminster UK general election

  86. Foonurt says:

    Awe fur fuck’s sake.

    Caledonia!, doon wae Albion.

  87. Robert Peffers says:

    @Sarah says 23 July, 2019 at 3:06 pm:


    Sad to say it is a great strain and I can’t really read the posts. I use that Windows kind of mechanical voice reader. Trouble is it reads everything on the page including things like pictures.

    Then I have problems with the keyboard. Just before the cataracts started my notebook keyboard started to give problems. So I bought a plug-in keyboard but hadn’t time to get used to it before the eye problem. I’m sitting here and have to use a big magnifying glass to see what keys to press.

    I won’t be doing much computer stuff for a while. I was at hospital yesterday and I’m scheduled for a consultation just to measure up for the new lenses to be fitted into the eyes.

    Then they think it will be about 17 weeks before the operation to fit them and they only do one at a time.

    I’ll go mad before then as I’m very limited in how much time I can use the computer. Can you imagine around 20 weeks listening to Radio Jockland all day?

  88. Scotspatriot says:

    Robert Peffers…..brilliant to see you post again !
    Made my day !!

  89. manandboy says:

    If Sarah Smith was an interior decorator, all her work would be in shades of the Butchers Apron. To be more explicit, Ms Smith only ever says anything from a Westminster Establishment point of view. In her world, the Scotland-hating Ruth Davidson can do no wrong, while with Boris Johnson, she’ll be hoping that somehow, Scotland will be held fast in the Union.

    Soon be IndyTime.

  90. Doug says:

    Amazing hearing these British nationalist tories claiming Johnson will “unite the country”. Well, that country certainly isnae Scotland; probably winnae be England either.

    Scotland and England really are two very different countries; the tories just proved it.

  91. gus1940 says:

    How about a crowdfunder to get Old Bob’s cataracts sorted pronto by going private.

  92. Capella says:

    Hi Robert – great to see you post. 17 weeks will fly by. I find radio three the least offensive. England doesn’t have many composers so most of the music is the great European composers. Even the Proms which is on now, Bohemian Rhapsody today.

    keep posting when you can. Take care.

  93. A C Bruce says:

    Nice to see you on here once again Mr Peffers.

    Looking forward to you getting your ops and back posting as you used to. Perhaps an audio book would be more to your liking than Radio Jockland.

    In the meantime, there’s nothing much happening in the world of politics so rest easy!

  94. Capella says:

    More tweets from the front. Ian Blackford interview outside HoC.

  95. Petra says:

    @ gus1940 says at 5:15 pm …. ”How about a crowdfunder to get Old Bob’s cataracts sorted pronto by going private.”

    Great idea and kind thought Gus. I’d be up for that if Robert himself was agreeable.

  96. manandboy says:

    Boris is an intrinsic part of the wedge which has split England. As long as he is in place, and the millions like him, there won’t be any unity in England or in the UK.
    The Union is like a tree whose core is rotten, and has been for a long time. It’s time is up.

  97. Artyhetty says:

    Re; Petra, Maggie @4.50pm

    Yep, Swinson is a conwoman, simple. What with her, and the other Britnats in charge of their Britnat parties, Scotland is in great peril it really bloody is.

  98. Stan Wilson says:

    Petra says:
    23 July, 2019 at 5:25 pm
    @ gus1940 says at 5:15 pm …. ”How about a crowdfunder to get Old Bob’s cataracts sorted pronto by going private.”

    Great idea and kind thought Gus. I’d be up for that if Robert himself was agreeable.

    Same here, if Bob agrees.

  99. robertknight says:

    BawJaws as PM…

    Fuckwittery knows no bounds!

  100. manandboy says:

    “it may not be the details of any Brexit deal that stokes desire for independence – or the character of any individual politician – but a sense that Scotland has different aspirations from the rest of UK, which can’t be reconciled within the current union.” Sarah Smith, BBC

    She got that right. Fair do’s.

  101. potter says:


    13667213 voted Tory in 2017, 16141241 voted remain, and?

  102. ALANM says:

    I’ve just received an email from Nicola Sturgeon.

    Sounds like she’s coming round to my point of view which is very encouraging. She’s even resurrected the 2014 slogan (copyright Alex Salmond) “Scotland’s Future in Scotland’s Hands.”

  103. kapelmeister says:

    So 0.12% of the yookye populace have elected an irresponsible extreme narcissist as leader who would rather have a no deal brexit than have a delay of brexit of 1 day with a deal.

  104. robbo says:

    Like others

    Re Mr P’s cataracts . Yes I would contribute .

    It costs 5-6k to get both done here in Scotland. I got mine done within a week of each other in Germany for 4k euros .

    Massive, massive difference ,like a new pair of eyes!

  105. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @CBBC “Your team is now defined by whether you’re a Eurosceptic (white) British Nationalist, or a rational liberal.”

    Fuck off.

    You’re obviously dodgy, and your continual use of ‘(white)’ as a pejorative is clearly done for some sort of sick effect. You’re the only one who’s going to suffer from it, btw. Nobody else, just you.

  106. jfngw says:


    I see you want to pick and choose the elections to compare, I was using the same year. But if we want to jump years then more Scots voted to leave the UK than leave the EU, by over a stonking 600,000.

    Vote difference for UK 400,000, for EU 600,000, even with a lower EU turnout.

  107. re:
    Petra says:
    23 July, 2019 at 5:25 pm
    @ gus1940 says at 5:15 pm …. ”How about a crowdfunder to get Old Bob’s cataracts sorted pronto by going private.”

    If Mr Peffers is willing, I’d be delighted to join in.

  108. Ahundredthidiot says:

    Boris is now the Devil we must do our deal with.

    19th August Boris’ deal (Mays deal) forward with additional EU ‘assurances’ and SNP MPs in Leith to commemorate Mary Queen Scots return, thereby not voting – in return for Indyref2 on St Andrews day.

    Trade border between Sco and Eng – Irish problem solved.

    Everyone lives happily ever after.

  109. Cactus says:

    Oor east coast of Scotland be bonnie in the sun 🙂

  110. Sarah says:

    @gus1940: crowdfunder for Robert Peffer’s eyes – count me in. robbo’s quote of £5000-6000 for both eyes sounds very doable. My father was amazed at the immediate improvement in vision when he had his done.

  111. Heart of Galloway says:

    And shortbread’s choice of town for reaction to BoJo’s coronation is…Peterhead. Predictably, Brexiteers were wheeled out with their ‘coastal state’ meme. I suspect they are not representative of all in the Blue Toon, FFS

  112. call me dave says:

    Well the eyes have it …the eyes have it!

    If it goes count me in. 🙂

  113. Bill McLean says:

    And me!

  114. kapelmeister says:

    Any truth in the rumour going round that there was such a madcap festive atmosphere at May’s last cabinet that a couple of ministers decided to wedgie David Mundell as the PM and others looked on and laughed?

  115. Dorothy Devine says:

    And me!

  116. ahundredthidiot says:

    Eye, count me in too

  117. call me dave says:

    Very interesting!

  118. Sandy says:

    Is’nt Guffie HYFUD & his Guffie cohorts on this blog getting a bit nervy with we escalating Jocks.

  119. Gordon Anderson says:

    Hi could I have a link for Broadcast Scotland please.

  120. Colin Alexander says:

    How about a crowdfunder as well to establish at the Court of Session:

    1. is the Union Treaty a legally binding document in Scots law or simply a statement of political cooperation?

    2. If it has legal effect, what are the legal methods for Scotland to dissolve the Union?

    When Scottish MPs are outnumbered 10/1 in the Commons and the monarch and Lords are not elected by the people of Scotland would dissolution be by the MPs / Lords and monarch when the people of Scotland are sovereign but in the UK state UK Parliament is regarded as sovereign via (England’s Crown) in Parliament

    3. Is the Treaty an international bi-partite Treaty or a domestic law?

    4. How the assets / debts / responsibilities / obligations of the UK would be divided? Is this a legal matter or political only?

    We all have our opinions, especially Mr Peffers on this matter.

    However, what does the Court say?

    Or is establishing that Stu is not a homophobe a more important issue to crowdfund?

  121. Willie says:

    92,152 votes and it Prime Minister for the UK. This ain’t no

    No election, no majority, where do democrats go from here. Voting ain’t in the frame.

    Fluffy Mundell must I think be concerned about his safety. He and his Conservatives let the animals out of the cage. He and his kind, will reap the whirlwind of the democratic deficit that they callously disregard.

    Shit happens when you encouragr it.I hope not. NI was a horrible mess for similar reasons.

    But we live in hope.

  122. geeo says:


    The court ALREADY HAS established stu is NOT a homophobe.

    Did you not understand the judgement ?

  123. Gordon Anderson says:

    anybudy seen Ronnie & anybody got a link to jeggitts interviewi

  124. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I typed last night,

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    22 July, 2019 at 11:19 pm

    “Hi frogesque at 9:36 pm.

    You typed,
    “Stuff flying about Facebook like turds from a muckspreader.
    WTF is going on with AUOB and the exec?
    Its almost as if somebody somewhere wants to stop the rallys”

    As a volunteer on the WOS stall over the past 5 years, I can confirm that Ronnie Anderson, who was originally involved in the initial organisation of AUOB, had a suspicion that cash from the donation buckets was being misappropriated by individuals.

    That was one of the reasons he ceased involvement with AUOB.

    The WOS stall has only once “donated” any cash to AUOB – all the profits have gone to good causes; Maryhill foodbank, Taught By Muhammed foodbank (Dundee), iScot, WGD, and so on.

    My own opinion is that certain individuals within AUOB have thought themselves untouchable and that mistaken belief is now coming home to roost.

    Watch Broadcasting Scotland tomorrow evening at 7.”

    Just finished watching the discussion with Jason Michael McCann, Carol MacNamara and Neil MacKay. Interesting. Links to organised crime?

    If you missed it, you can watch it here.

  125. Capella says:

    Re Eye fund – I’ll chip in too if Robert is happy with it.

  126. Ottomanboi says:

    Congratulations to BJ, if the SNP fails to skilfully spin his premiership to the service of inevitable Scottish independence then we deserve all the aspirational ‘minister for the union’ can dish up.

  127. Simon Curran says:

    It will be interesting to see what his Cabinet looks like, might give us some indication of what happens next.

  128. Robert Louis says:

    Of course, Boris the clown, is an over privileged, pig-ignorant, compulsive lying, deceptive, manipulative Scotland-hating Tory b***ard.

    But their is one politician who is, in my opinion, much, much worse than Boris the clown, and his name is David Mundell. Honestly, if I was his son, I’d be utterly ashamed of him. Mundell denounced Boris the clown ,over and over again, and yet today, within nanoseconds of Boris becoming PM, he tweeted congratulations and how he could work with him. I mean, seriously, I don’t agree with Tories, but honestly, in my opinion, what a craven, pathetic shambles of a human being Mundell is. Not one scintilla of integrity, not one ounce of self respect.

    What an utter pathetic excuse for humanity. I hope Boris the clown sacks him, then calls an election, and Mundell loses his seat.

  129. Petra says:

    So many people willing to help Robert out with a crowdfunder. Fabulous, however how do we let him know? Just keep putting a message, the same message, up in bold print?

    Or is anyone on here in touch with him?

  130. galamcennalath says:

    “Johnson has been described as the British Trump: both are pathological liars and flagrant racists who’ve had at least five children that they know of with multiple women. Their tabloid scandals are legion and both of their hairstyles could be described as roadkill-chic.”

    … this writer certainly has a way with words.

  131. stu mac says:

    @manandboy says:
    23 July, 2019 at 1:05 pm
    Some perspective. Nothing has changed, except the name on the Captain’s cabin. This is the same ship. The UK is still in Titanic mode. On June 23, 2016, we struck the iceberg called the EU Referendum No Vote. The UK is sinking. The business and monied class passengers are already in their chosen lifeboats, heading for Ireland or somewhere on the European mainland. Scotland simply has to save itself now by getting on board the Independence lifeboat.

    Very well said. The bigging up of characters like Johnson hides the fact that they are really just front men for some very nasty forces. Take the case of Johnson: many are making him the reason for Nos to switch to Indy. Yet, if there was a quick GE and he got kicked out (which might happen) the same forces would get behind another equally unpleasant front man (or woman). Bojo gets away with his lies and incompetence etc because these forces promote him. If he didn’t do what they want all he’d be destroyed by them. Whenever an Indy person attacks Bojo they should make sure they tell it like it is – all the others will be the same. Bojo as the big bogeyman is a mistake, it could make folk underestimate how awful his replacement is likely to be.

  132. CameronB Brodie says:

    Reluctant Nationalist
    “You’re obviously dodgy”

    Better than being a thick racist, IMHO.

    Are you claiming to know better that Harvard et al., who identify the full-English Brexit as being a result of cultural conservatism and xenophobia, overlaid upon the economic distress brought about through ideologically driven austerity. The truth hurts eh?

  133. Iain 2 says:

    Always remember that Scotland the only other country in the act of union is entitled to half of the nukes, aircraft carriers, and astute class subs.
    A good bargaining chip.

  134. Confused says:

    anyone done a poll yet

    – support for Scottish Independence
    Boris Johnson PM + “hard”/no-deal brexit?

  135. Golfnut says:


    I’m not sure that’s strictly true. The base is within Scotland’s geographical boundary. When the USSR broke up, the nuclear weapons based in countries like Belarus became theirs. The options open to these countries were to either decommission or return to Russia, it was for them to decide not Russia. I can’t see that the same principal wouldn’t apply to Scotland and England.

  136. CameronB Brodie says:

    Reluctant Nationalist
    So you claim to have a PhD in psychology? I see no evidence to suggest you’re telling the truth, frankly. Are you satisfied with the mess the far-right have made of British democracy? Are you based in Scotland, South Carolina, where pray tell?

    Neoliberalization, uneven development, and Brexit: further reflections on the organic crisis of the British state and society


    Neoliberalization is a variegated series of processes with a core policy set that comprises: liberalization, deregulation, privatization, recommodification, internationalization, reductions in direct taxation, and decriminalization of predatory economic activities. Compared to the era of Atlantic Fordism and Spatial Keynesianism, neoliberalization promotes uneven development in the name of competitiveness and pursues policies that largely neglect its adverse economic, social, and political repercussions.

    Growing inequalities of income, wealth and life-chances have been ascending the political risk agenda and, through works such as Piketty’s Capital in the twenty-first Century, have been ‘conversationalized’. Yet little concrete action occurs to remedy the results of uneven development in societies undergoing neoliberal regime shifts. This contribution relates these issues to Brexit as a symptom of the organic crisis of British society, marked by manifold economic, political and social crises, and the continuing failure to address uneven development.

    The referendum question falsely posited that Brexiting would resolve many of these problems. However, the real issue should have been ‘in’ or ‘out’ of neoliberalism. Failure to deliver the anticipated benefits of Brexit will interact with the continuing crisis of British society to reinforce environmental, economic, social, and political crises and provide further grounds for right-wing populist mobilization.

    Organic crisis, Brexit, financialization, neoliberalization, uneven development, populism

  137. Confused says:

    am thinking, roughly
    hard brexit = +5
    cunt-boris = +5

    – and that takes us over the magical threshold of 60?


    am watching outlander boxset atm
    – thought it would be shit – a tartan bodice ripper
    – and it sortof is … BUT

    very well done

    outlander could do for indyref2, what braveheart did for 2014, maybe with more impact
    – whitabout free netflix coupon for outlander with the wbb2 – how much would that cost?
    – sell it to netflix as free advertising?

  138. Golfnut says:


    Sorry forgot to add, that would apply to all arms and munitions. Could be why they have been keen to move assets south. As far as the upgrades at Faslane and Coulport are concerned, they would hope to bully Scotland into allowing them use of the base even though it was decommissioned as a nuclear facility.

  139. Wullie says:

    The people of Scotland did not elect this piece of excrement or his party.

    The people of Scotland did not vote to come out of the EU.

    What bit of democracy do we not understand. Someone should tell his Governor General Fluffy Mundell about the piece of colonial shit that he is. And whilst this may seem a bit of a rant, you do have to ask what you do with minority parties who wilfully disregard voting sentiment in favour of shitting all over people.

    But yeh, Johnson and his ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s are going to sock it to us, and as Daddy Johnson said some months back …. “ who cares if the Irish shoot each other “ Who cares indeed, and maybe like the USA we should all be tooled up since voting doesn’t work.

    Insanity, of course it is. But when Trump endorses Johnson, a divisive character from a minority party, who has no popular mandate, you realise we are as insane as the USA. And that is why they have guns in the USA. To allow the people protect themselves from governments who turn against them, who would prorogue Parliament, who would disregard the electorate.

    And that is why, in that unhappy province they call NI, the British Security Services now have more undercover special forces operating in the province than they did during the Troubles.

  140. I’ll chip in for Robert’s eye fund. A pleasure to help out.

  141. Scottish Questions at UK parliament tomorrow 11.30 before PMQ`s (May or Boris ?)

    usual house slaves and uncle jocks puting down their own country to great braying and hooting pleasure from their English masters,

    fricken abomination every red,blue and orange MP.

  142. Jock McDonnell says:

    Memo to Swinson – the reason Yes lost was the same reason Remain lost – the winners lied.
    The Vow, EU Membership, ‘Devo-Max’ – all lies.

  143. Dr Jim says:

    It’s all a failure of the English education system or could be a languge translation problem, the definition of *Union* in English dictionaries must be *Owner*

    You know what else they do to confuse themselves, they keep talking about keeping our country together, then they say keep the Union together, then they say we’re one nation, and then they proceed to round off their madness by talking about the four nations of the UK, had enough yet, because there’s more, and it’s the big finish, *Our family of nations* that’s a Doozy isn’t it

    The family of nations one is the best though isn’t it because in most families I ever heard of or knew, arguments occur and during those arguments everybody gets to make their point one way or another, but not in this particular family of nations it doesn’t, this family gets no say whatsoever because one branch of the family has more people in it, so in the opinion of that branch they rule

    See folks, that’s a gang, or if you described the situation and decisions that part of the family makes to the police they’d call it a crime family, and when you look at the record of that branch of *the family* that would be a pretty accurate assessment

    Most of the Unionists that are left in Scotland along with the sectarian bigots are convinced that Independence will mean the Pope will be on the first plane to Scotland to knock down all of their places of worship or some such other terrible fate will befall them, y’know the places they never actually visit for any spiritual purposes, well other than Ibrox

    So we promise faithfully nobody’s ever going to knock down Ibrox, except if they end up doing it themselves

  144. Ken500 says:

    Johnston will not last until October. Losing majority. The Tories going down into oblivion. They will soon be gone. Labour, LibDems are a shambles. Hypocrites and liars. Get rid of the imbeciles. What a joke. What a fool. Unelected by the public. Surprising things can happen. The Tories crowing are toast.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Support rising for Independence all the time. It will happen next time.

    It really is better not watching the ‘news’. Better state of mind.

  145. Ken500 says:

    Outlander books are great. Even better than the series but gets people draw in. Compelling.

  146. CameronB Brodie says:

    Reluctant Nationalist
    Straight question, do you support Brexit. If so, care to share your reasons?

    Brexit dilemmas: New opportunities and tough choices in unsettled times


    Concluding the British Journal of Politics and International Relations’ (BJPIR) Brexit Special Issue, this article seeks to set the unsettled times and unexpected events associated with the Brexit in historic context and tease out the prospects for a ‘bespoke’ UK exit agreement. Drawing on classics of social science history—by Barrington Moore, Gourevitch and Davis—it reflects on ‘suppressed historic choices’ and historical periodisations.

    Three key dilemmas are interrogated: the Brexit dilemma (control of immigration/regaining of sovereignty vs European Union (EU) market access), the Brexiteers’ dilemma (sustaining economic prosperity while restricting immigration) and the Remainers/soft Brexit dilemma (of weakening Parliamentary democracy by staying in the Single Market).

    Brexit, dilemmas, historic change, periodisation, UK

  147. Ken500 says:

    Hunt is wanting EU help with Iran. Pompo has told Westminster unionists to look after their own ships. Westminster out of the loop again.

  148. robertknight says:

    Currently enjoying being on holiday outside the Yookaye.

    Really do NOT want to come back…

  149. Ken500 says:

    Mr Peffer’s aye eye fund. Excellent.

  150. CameronB Brodie says:

    Reluctant Nationalist
    I get the impression you’re a right doggy wank, frankly.

    Brexit populism and fantasies of fulfilment


    For Leave voters the Brexit referendum of 23 June 2016 was invested with hopes and dreams, of refound sovereignty and control, freedom and liberty, subjectivity and agency. Brexit was an opportunity for both new beginnings and a reclamation of British essences. Winning, however, has not provided the closure promised, and today Leave supporters often appear decidedly anxious and angry.

    Bringing together literature on ontological security with Lacanian understandings of the (always incomplete) nature of subjectivity, this paper provides an explanation of how it is that ’Brexit’ became invested with such high hopes of fulfilment, but also why the populist ’fantasies’ underpinning Brexit have inevitably fallen short.

    However, while closure around ontological security and subjectivity is impossible, the paper shows how the promise of fulfilment (and its inevitable failure) can be politically seductive and mobilizing, is a central strategy of populist politics, but as such is also one that is only likely to exacerbate the ontological anxieties and insecurities upon which populist politics preys. (full text)

  151. Capella says:

    @ Confused – Outlander is on Amazon Prime, not Netflix. But agree it’s a great series and should have been on terrestrial TV.

  152. uno mas says:

    ” Petra 8.51pm

    Re contacting Robert P. why doesn´t someone just go and chap his door?

    He can´t be hard to find, someone (was it you?) wrote that he lives in South Fife so why don´t we just spend some time pouring over Google Earth till we find the house that´s got the TV detector van outside??

    Laff!! I nearly paid my licence fee!!

  153. Essexexile says:

    Roughly 0.3% of the UK electorate voted to decide whether Boris is suitable for PM and 1 in 3 of them went for the other guy.
    Everything I’ve read about him suggests once he gets what he wants he quickly gets bored and loses interest.
    Expect a lot of bombast and flag waving to appease the Leave cretins but nothing of any substance.
    Come October 31st nothing will even remotely have been agreed and big business will demand that the can is hoofed down the road until deep into next year.
    I honestly can’t see any other scenario happening.

  154. Legerwood says:

    Capella says:
    23 July, 2019 at 10:29 pm
    @ Confused – Outlander is on Amazon Prime, not Netflix. But agree it’s a great series and should have been on terrestrial TV.””

    It is on More 4. Has been for some time.

    Watched 4 episodes then stopped. Did not think it lived up to its advanced billing.

  155. kapelmeister says:

    Being tipped for a cabinet post is one Rishi Sunak MP. Public school, Oxford, MBA from Stanford. Married to the daughter of a billionaire. Voted in the Commons against an investigation into the Iraq War and voted in favour of tougher rules on immigration.

    Sounds just the sort Boris admires and requires.

  156. Phronesis says:

    Boris Trump the last PM to be imposed on Scotland by the 0.2% will soon condescend to visit North Britain from his domain of Kingston to hold court with his pathetic vassals who genuflect and grovel before him. Bring Your Own Bollinger – Scotland won’t be providing any celebration of this individual who has been elevated to high office but lacks charm, is offensive and has not one shred of interest in the progress of Scotland and the well-being of its citizens.

    Citizens who live here know it as Scotland, the country, the nation in waiting, the soon to be independent country whose vast natural resources and economic potential, ethical government, educated and engaged citizenry will forge ahead with progressive polices- away from the psychodrama and self -harm of WM as it decays. Whilst waiting for the inevitable demise of the UK Idea , Scotland should pursue radical policies to fund its own progress. We must all be navigators for independence and move forward as one. Independence for Scotland, do or die.

    ‘Scotland can collect site rents via a Land Value Tax, better described by Adam Smith as an (Annual) Ground Rent (AGR)…With Income Tax, National Insurance and VAT drastically reduced or zeroed, Scotland’s enterprises would thrive not only at the economic centres, but for the first time at the economic periphery. No longer would wealth production be inhibited by an artificially imposed government cap. And the sums people willingly devote to occupying sites (minus the value of improvements) would be returned to where it belongs: the currently starved Public Purse.
    Yes: UK Austerity and inequality are government choices’

    ‘When considering AGR, do bear in mind that the $1tn Norweigian Oil Fund is composed of AGR in the form of oil rents. Just one strand of Annual Ground Rent, the equivalent of which has been sucked out of Scotland to London and the South East within the toxic mechanism called the UK Idea…Such is not the case in the UK today; instead people and resources are sucked out of the periphery and deposited at the economic centre (London and the South East). This socially corrosive process, by which wealth that is produced by others is extracted, unearned, is called Rent Seeking.
    To be clear, what happens today to £1 of tax contributed at the UK margin and invested in a London amenity is this: the benefiting site value is increased by up to 5 times (e.g. sites that benefited from Crossrail). But the £4 returns on the investment do not go back to the margin as would happen in a VALID ‘UK Idea’. The returns are instead pocketed by London site owners’

  157. Robert Peffers says:

    @Alabaman says: 23 July, 2019 at 3:27 pm:

    ” … Robert Peffers @ 1:26 (or there abouts!)
    Get yourself up to the Queen Margaret (Duncan Canmore’s Queen!) Hospital, the do an excellent eye job.”

    Sorry about the late reply. My eye strain cut in so I had to stop trying to use the computer.

    I was at the Queen Margaret clinic yesterday. They were wonderful and very efficient. Just by chance my step-son had his cataract op a couple of months ago and he took me for the appointment. In his case it was only one eye so he wasn’t as blind as the proverbial bat as I am.

  158. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sounds as it Rishi Sunak MP might be afflicted with a touch of the old “Social Dominance Orientation”.

    Reluctant Nationalist
    Here’s some psychology on the full-English Brexit for you, with your PhD and shit. Full text.

    The Relationship between the Brexit Vote and Individual Predictors of Prejudice: Collective Narcissism, Right Wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation

    The Leave campaign in the U.K., which advocated exiting the European Union, emphasized anxiety over immigration and the need to take control of the U.K.’s borders. Citizens who expressed concerns about immigration to the U.K. were more likely to vote to leave. Two correlational studies examined the previously unexplored question of whether the Brexit vote and support for the outcome of the E.U. referendum were linked to individual predictors of prejudice toward foreigners:

    British collective narcissism (a belief in national greatness), right wing authoritarianism, and social dominance orientation. The results converged to indicate that all three variables were independently related to the perceived threat of immigrants and, via this variable, to the Brexit vote and a support for the outcome of the E.U. referendum. These variables explained the variance in the perceived threat of immigrants and support for the Brexit vote over and above other previously examined predictors such as age, education, or ethnicity, as well as, national identification and national attachment.

  159. call me dave says:

    I’m sure Hot Chilli Peffers is a Kelty man from some info in a few posts in months gone by.

    A Cottage! I got the feeling South entrance to Kelty from Cowdenbeath end. Oakfield Street???

    Google mapped it and a few cottages there. No TV detector vans though. No man on electric bike either. 🙂

  160. Capella says:

    @ Legerwood – I forgot about More 4. I started watching in 2015? as soon as Amazon released it.

    Diane Gabaldon was interviewed at the Edinburgh Festival Book Fair in 2014. It’s on Youtube. A very bright lady, scientist to trade. She does a great deal of research for her novels and the sets, costumes and storylines are very authentic.

    There are c 8 novels so more series to come. I enjoy it.

  161. Heart of Galloway says:

    Ian Blackford brilliant against a predictably I’ll-informed Emily Maitliss on Newsnight . Last words.”the choice before the people of Scotland is to become an independent country to save ourselves from the chaos of Brexit.” Right, smack bang on the money, sir. All is changed, and changed utterly.

  162. Breeks says:

    I’m kinda curious precisely how Britain Trump think’s he’s going to strengthen the United Kingston. (… can you imagine how nervous Iraq must be when the Trump Regime threatens to bomb Iran. Is it really war, or a typo?? Best take cover anyway…

    To play Devil’s Advocate, and put myself in ‘any’ UK PM’s shoes, I actually struggle to put together anything cohesive that would help. It ‘feels’ like no easy task to change the trajectory which Scotland is currently on… even if our progress is faltering along on dead-slow setting, there is still only ever one direction of travel.

    I find myself running over 2014 arguments again, and struggling to articulate any progressive case for the Union, and find I am just as stumped trying to come up with ideas to strengthen the Union.

    Then again, why bother? Don’t waste the brain cells. It’s just the latest verbal horse shit from the narcissistic fantasist, now Tory in chief, Boris Johnson, and most rational people would put this Union out of it’s misery rather than seek to resurrect it.

    If the Union didn’t exist, why would you invent it?
    If the Union is knackered, why would you fix it?

    It’s basically the same question.

  163. Bobp says:

    Robertknight10.17pm. If after a hard brexit,farage,tory austerity, boris calling us vermin, and a pound spent in croydon is better than a pound spent in strathclyde.the rise of english extremism, scots treated not only with contempt, but in some cases, naked.hatred. And yet some in Scotland would lie down and accept this.robertknight i think i would be severely tempted to not want to come back as well. But hey those bigots in Scotland would then have won. So i say to any decent no voting waverers, get on board and lets make our nation Scotland OURS. ( wonder what this country is called that boris keeps talking about uniting).

  164. Robert Peffers says:

    Whoa! There Wingers. I’m not really getting the full story as I can’t follow the threads but it seems Wingers are talking about an eye fund for me. Please don’t spend your cash om me. I’m in the best possible hands in our wonderful SNHS. I’m frustrated as hell but I’m getting my problems seen to.

    If anyone feels like spending money on eye operations there is an international organisation that sends eye doctors to Third World countries where they don’t have an SNHS. They need it much more than this old cranky Scotsman who can rely upon the best heaths service in the World.

    Believe me I wasn’t slow to tell them how good they were and although I couldn’t see their faces, (drops in the eyes), you could hear the inflection in their voices as they thanked me – they thanked me for thanking them! If I was in their position my moral would be zero but they were, without exception, dedicated professionals.

    Now I’m going to stop straining my eyes as they are telling me I’ve done enough for the time being.

  165. KOF says:

    @Iain2 21:15 and Golfnut 21:31

    Half the nukes, etc? I take it you’re content to take half the debt as well? I think we’ll just take our 8% share.

    The USSR isn’t a very good example either. The USSR was in effect just a new name for the old Russian Empire. Whatever one may think about the UK, it is not an empire, it is merely a treaty between two sovereign kingdoms. The base is ours, the moveable assets however will be divided based on our 8% share.

    AS to the Kingdom of England playing silly buggers with Faslane? Just block of the Gare Loch at Rhu Point. It’s only a few hundred metres across, so should be readily blockable. If they can’t get the subs in and out, then the base is useless and the KoE have no functional submarine launched nukes. In a game of silly buggers, it’ll cost KoE a lot more than it will us.

  166. Heart of Galloway says:

    Ian Blackford brilliant against a predictably ill-informed Emily Maitliss on Newsnight.

    His last words, spoken with quiet assurance, were: “The choice before the people of Scotland is to become an independent country and save ourselves from the chaos of Brexit.”

    Wha daur meddle wi’ us? To paraphrase our anthem, “See the front o battle lour, see approach proud Johnson’s power”..

    But there will be nae chains and slavery for us. The time for holding and waiting is almost over. And this time we will win.

  167. CameronB Brodie says:

    Robert Peffers
    My mum is in the same position Robert, though a bit further down the line than yourself, and is being deal with admirably. Hope everything goes well and all the best for a speedy recovery.

  168. Legerwood says:

    Capella @ 10.57 PM

    I am glad you enjoy it. Many do and it has had a huge effect on tourism. Doune Castle for example. They have turned one of the small rooms into a shop selling Outlander merchandise.

    I believe the company making the show have made a substantial donation to Doune to fund various projects in the village. Probably given money to some of the other locations as well.

  169. Bobp says:

    Robert louis 8.41pm .ah the mundell, yes i wondered how anyone could vote for this sycophantic cnut, but as i stopped of in moffat on saturday on my way back south. The accents told me who votes for him. Terry callachan you aint far off the mark mate.

  170. Dr Jim says:

    I watched the Outlander series and it takes a while to get into but I persevered and you know what, I couldn’t get out of it, the more you watch, the more it works and boy do you get angry, it’s great for that

  171. Confused says:

    @legerwood and etc
    – the high end of the freeview box!

    >watched 4 episodes
    – watch more. I am on series 3 – you get into it.

    aye – the “outlander trail” was one thing that put me off watching it in the first place – all these americans, khaki shorts, galvin green windcheaters and socks with sandals farting around, tracing their heritage because they are 1/1024 “pure highlander” -geeza brek

    spoiler :
    outlander has a shocking, out of the blue, sadistic and too-much-detailed mano-a-mano bumrape as an essential part of the plot – while a useful metaphor for the treatment of scotland by england … it jars

    the richness of our history and culture and its high neglect, despite the money-making opportunity, is a disgrace – outlander is the sort of thing BBC Scotland should be doing, but – no chance

  172. Al-Stuart says:

    The odds of Boris getting his Jotters before the end of this year are high…

    Could be good, could be bad.

    With the “Exterminater of the Scots” in number 10 Dud Street, Scottish IndyRef2 is slightly above 60% YES.

    Mixed emotions about the fascist lying halfwit who believes it is okay to say his balls are “bursting with spunk, so it is okay to commit adultery.”

    Not a nice man. A very dangerous buffoon. At the moment his danger is to the Union which he is killing off. Excellent.

  173. Al-Stuart says:

    Brilliant parody of Boris Johnson. Please don’t watch as the tune and images will be stipuck in your head for days…

  174. Cactus says:

    Three years and a month… has that what it’s been already? It feels like a political generation, it feels like four score and…

    Boris the Johnson is Prime Minister of their UK, ahhhhh ha ha ha

    Ah was sitting down at the harbour earlier, watchin’ the waves…

    The tide was a comin’ in, as the tory tide is gaun out

    To learn

    NB Sittin’ wae ah wee toady, let’s see what happens…

  175. Cactus says:

    Cheers to yee’s G&T, yous guys are the tonic for my soul, Get Back

    Nice to see Brian and HYUFD posting too, s’been Toulon 🙂

    Let’s have a song:

  176. Cactus says:

    SO the Johnson dawns his crown later today… whit ah toady is he

    Countrywide street parties in Scotland, celebrating imminent indy

    The tories quickening to destruction begins… on THIS day

    The Theresa May is a nothing from the yesterdays…

  177. Cactus says:

    Looks like this is the end for the tories in Scotland

    Watch them fall, uno by uno

  178. Cactus says:

    It’s gonna feel SO good when indy comes around:

    Look out for that ever-imminent stormy weather Scotland… tis quiet and overcast ra now on the east coast, the moon is hiding

    Three years, one month and counting…

  179. Let’s define ‘Charm Offensive’.
    They have previous, our Imperial Masters.
    The obsequious Jock MSM will receive the text of Johnson’s speech in advance of his hour long sojourn to some wee Blue Tory company, in a safe wee Jock back water, and the Herald, Scotsman, the Daily Gerrard, the P&J and the Courier will headline the day before with an almost identical ‘will say’ precursor based on their English and US Masters’ Blue Tory Press Release.
    The Headlines will include the usual attacks on the Bad SNP/Nicola Sturgeon, in parenthesis of course, the quotes taken from the Brit Nat bile leaked to the Glenns, Sarahs, Torcuils, and ‘Sevvies, to set the tone, so to speak, 24 hours before this truly idiotic man is ushered in, under heavy security, and filmed tasting designer beer in a Micro Brewery in Morningside, or whatever.
    The headlines on our TV Screens, radio waves, and the following days Dead Tree Scrolls will assure us all that the Union matters to Johnson, and that Brexit will be absolutely wunnerful.
    Job Done by our compliant Hack Pack.
    If we think that the world cannot get any crazier, WM shuts on Thursday 25th July, and reconvenes 3rd September while the poor souls fuck off to their country retreats and Tuscany villas for the thick end of 6 weeks. Bless.

    Well, Davidson will defend Scotland’s interests, of course.
    When are our Fourth Estate going to grow a collective pair?

  180. Bob says:

    Hey Stu,

    Your prediction record is good…apart from this fine prediction with regards to Indyref 2:

    “So to cut a long story short, we’re putting our hard-won prediction record on the line: keep your diaries clear for the first half of 2019, folks.”


    Also, you might want to consider that article because it also says

    “it’s infinitely preferable from everyone’s point of view – Scotland’s, the EU’s and the rUK’s – for Scotland to STAY in the EU rather than to be dragged out then try to JOIN at a later date.

    (Honestly, it’s simply not possible to overstate how much that’s the case. For about a thousand mainly pretty obvious reasons the technicalities of the latter scenario, for all three entities, would by comparison be absolutely insanely complex and costly. It’d be a lot less trouble just to go to war with Russia.)”

    No-one is currently talking about an Indyref 2 before Brexit, or even before a second Brexit referendum. Therefore the best hope for Indy is something that pauses Brexit for a short while but doesn’t stop it – either a 2nd brexit referendum with another Leave win or a General Election with Tory majority. The SNP would still need to get Indyref 2 going before Brexit happened, of course. Otherwise, we will either have no Brexit (and consequently, less justification for Indyref 2) or the problems you listed above.

  181. frogesque says:

    Not normally a night owl but up wi the dug whose shaking out his box wi the thunderstorms. Puir wee shite is terrified!

    Stay safe folks and look after the pets and wains.

  182. manandboy says:


    Former Soviet countries, in Eastern Europe, have experience of this scenario, as the EU Commissioner from Lithuania, Vytenis Andriukaitis explains :

    “… a functioning democracy demands discussion of us. Using WHATEVER means to win political battles just does not fit the bill. Boris Johnson ‘virtuoso’ in democracy is the example of this in action – where priority is given to the objective alone and not the means of obtaining it. On this shaky path almost anything is allowed: cheap promises, simplified visions, blatantly evident incorrect statements on ‘EU imposed’ food safety standards. Can democracy survive this type of politics? My take is that democracy chooses only those principles that derive from it, defend it and legitimize it. The ones that stem from ‘fake’ facts are killing it.

    Almost ironically, without comparing the UK itself with the USSR because it is not comparable, I can’t think of a better golden standard than the USSR in terms of fact distortion, reality falsification and blunt oblivions of reality.

    Then there were the heroes of the perestroika era swearing that they would create a market economy in post-Soviet Russia within 500 days! ‘500 Day Programme’ is history. Like the other the most unrealistic promises at the time, this never became a reality. People paid for these empty and broken promises with impoverishment, inequality and much more. The programme also left one infamous quote: ‘Boris, ti ne prav’ (‘Boris, you are wrong’)!

    It is a different Boris, of course, but there was something in the way of doing politics that was similar: many unrealistic promises, ignoring economic rationales and rational decisions. These decisions led to a new autocratic constitution and finally paved the way to Vladimir Putin. Today in Russia we have oligarchs, a pseudo-market economy, a regulated, governed pseudo-democracy. And, Putin’s authoritarianism. For Boris Yeltsin, the warning came true: “Boris, you are wrong”. Hopefully, it will not be the case for Boris Johnson (if he is elected today.)

    I can only wish him luck in ‘taking back control’, spending more money on the NHS, swiftly concluding new trade agreements.”

    On the grounds that a leopard cannot change his spots, Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister, is going to be the same Boris Johnson he has been all his adult life. But apparently, that doesn’t matter a toss to the English Ruling Class. Simply because he is one of theirs, and he is going to take the UK out of the EU, while stopping Jeremy Corbyn from becoming PM, and that’s all that counts to them. The rest of us? They don’t give a toss about us either. Tory policies over the past eight years, like Austerity and Tax cuts for the wealthy, make that crystal clear, even to the large swathe of the UK electorate who habitually suffer short term memory loss about the kind of people who make up the British Ruling Class.

  183. manandboy says:

    I sometimes feel like a wife who has gradually become aware of the true extent of her husband’s carefully orchestrated and systematic theft and abuse, and his attempts to cover it all up with lies and deceipt, and who is then told by her lawyer that she will have to endure the situation a while longer, because the lawyer has a lot on his plate.
    It can be hard to think straight sometimes, and the thought of a lifetime lived in Scotland, in what is effectively a British Colony under English control, doesn’t help. It also gives me a sick feeling deep down, which doesn’t help either.
    How I long for Independence for Scotland.

  184. manandboy says:

    BORIS IS AT IT ALREADY – doesn’t augur well does it.

    “Boris Johnson’s claims that crashing out of the EU with no deal would be less painful because of a series of “side deals” that the UK has already done with Brussels have been dismissed as rubbish by the EU.

    Johnson made the assertion several times during his campaign to be the new leader of the Conservative party and EU officials are now concerned that this was being spun as a new post-Theresa May “truth” after the claims were repeated by supporters in recent days.

    Iain Duncan Smith referred to 17 side deals on the table while the former chancellor Norman Lamont told Sky News hours after Johnson won the Tory leadership contest that “there is no such thing as no deal” as there were “all sorts of side deals that were done”.

    A senior EU official described the claims of side deals as “pure rubbish”, pointing out that the so-called deals are unilateral positions taken by the EU alone to keep the basics functioning on their side of the border.”

  185. Iain 2 says:

    The point is Scotland owns half of all uk assets eg the bank of England, the Brittish Royal naval,the Raf, the army, the pound sterling etc.
    Half of the uk assets are ours.
    There a only two countries on the act of union.

  186. Golfnut says:

    @ KOF.

    You missed the point of my comment, so here goes.
    Debt and assets cancel each other out.

    The UK state is the registered holder of Nuclear weapons.
    It’s the UK which is signed up to all contracts pertaining to Nuclear weapons.
    The UK State will cease to exist as we know it in legal terms when Scotland dissolves the Union. The various internal Acts of Union are irrelevant against the Treaty of Union.
    Which is why England seeks to be recognized as the successor State. That’s not a done deal by any means. The UN may or may not recognise either, particularly if England continues its decent into chaos. So either the UN agrees to the transfer to England see Russia, or Scotland will decommission them.

  187. Iain 2 says:

    The end of the uk is happening, we should get ready for it.

  188. Iain 2 says:

    About nuclear weapons,point taken.
    Of the rest half is ours.

  189. Breeks says:

    Bobp says:
    23 July, 2019 at 11:11 pm
    Robertknight10.17pm. If after a hard brexit,farage,tory austerity, boris calling us vermin, and a pound spent in croydon is better than a pound spent in strathclyde.the rise of english extremism, scots treated not only with contempt, but in some cases, naked.hatred…

    Underneath the propaganda and manipulated agenda, the 2014 Referendum was still a test of how many people believed in Independence.

    In the next referendum, if it is a referendum which ends this, the test will be how many Unionists can still stomach the lies of the “British” fantasy and still sleep at night.

    Personally, I hope for something faster than a hopelessly compromised referendum. My hopes lie in an emergency Constitutional interdiction which either ends the Union by itself, or at least leaves it untenable and it’s collapse inevitable. Brexit seems the perfect suicide capsule for the Union, but we cannot let the vapours affect us.

    I do believe in democracy. But when a nation is subjugated like Scotland is, our news and political discourse is stage managed by a foreign broadcaster and our people are indoctrinated with lies and distorted truths, both from that media and a pageant of one rancid, glove puppet, anti-democratic, political Dictator after another, then at some point beneath all that muck and puss, it ceases to be a democracy.

    So yes, I’m perfectly fine about Scotland using a Constitutional State of Emergency to throw a draconian defensive perimeter around Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty, and then defend it the hilt. We can address a democratic ratification of our Constitutional integrity later, once we have undone the stranglehold which throttles our political discourse, currently imposed on us by the BBC, the BritNat Establishment, and all it’s orcs, trolls and minions.

    What troubles me however, is that a fight more often than not, is won by the side which most wants to win. Step back from a democratic route to Independence, and suddenly our ardour for Independence seems deflated, and riven by confusion and argument. The time for such luxury has run out. We now need a much more aggressive and uncompromising attitude to emerge from our own Government. For the next 100 days, we need the dial cranked up to 9, where 10 is all out war. Right now the dial feels stuck around 2. Raising the volume to 5 or 6 won’t be enough. It needs to be 9 and it needs to be now.

  190. Dr Jim says:

    The media never lie they tell us

    Yet they start off the day telling the biggest lies going about how the new Prime Minister has to be OKd by the Queen and that is not true, not one bit, the Queen has no power whatsoever to appoint or not to appoint anybody to or out of the House of Commons, the Queen signs the conventional bits of paper she’s told to sign that are designed to pretend to the population that *their* monarchy has some importance and affect on *The country*

    It’s a lie, the Queen is a puppet, a piece of window dressing put there to focus the minds of the simple on a more glorious and historical past greatness that never really was in the real sense of the meaning of the word *Great*

    The Queen has as much power and authority as Andy Pandy so to our faces the media lie about a giant pretence, and it’s not really a good lie like Santa Clause where eventually the kids grow up and learn the truth but it’s OK because at least they got presents

    The Queen doesn’t give anybody presents she’s used to suck money from the simple and divert attention from governments

    The media lie about that so how do they expect anyone to believe anything they say about anything

    Like being a Privy councillor isn’t about giving council to the Queen, it’s about being told secret information you’re not allowed to tell the people who elected you or you don’t get the job of Prime Minister or First Minister or Party leaders,in other words blackmail, the Queen has sod all to do with it

  191. Breeks says:

    Iain 2 says:
    24 July, 2019 at 7:56 am
    About nuclear weapons,point taken.
    Of the rest half is ours.

    It doesn’t work like that.

    Scotland has 1/3 of the UK land mass. We cannot lay claim to half, but revert to the recognised Borders before the Union.

    Scotland’s territorial waters are determined by International maritime conventions, not a 50/50 UK split.

    A 50/50 split would give England half of Scotland’s oil, an improvement on the current 100% I grant you, but it’s 96% ours.

    A 50/50 split would give Scotland half of UK debt, and OK, half of UK assets to set against it, but a fairer apportioning might be based on the relative economies of 1707.

    Dismantling the Union will be a lengthy negotiation process. Like Brexit, it will need a formal preamble quite similar to the Brexit negotiations just to set out the protocols for discussion, a transitional stage (Withdrawal Agreement by another name), which allows both Nations to function with a degree of normality, continuity and gradual adjustment, while the long term settlement is worked out in detail.

    It won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick, unless we’re prepared to forfeit complex entitlements for the sake of expediency… which, on occasion, might be exactly the right thing to do.

  192. Davosa says:

    Time to man the barricades is nearly upon us.

  193. Abulhaq says:

    Brexit is Scotland’s opportunity. No deals with Labor or LibDems. Snp must not attempt to repair the broken ‘UK’. Smash It.
    The Snp is not a British party.

  194. We should all watch Scottish Questions today before PMQ’s see what happens…I think it will be good

  195. Famous15 says:

    Dr Jim you are undercooking the position of a Constitutional Monarch in the UK.

    He/she in Parliament is sovereign . See Dicey that great English constitutionalist.

    So the Queen has the power to call any parliamentarians (from Lords or Commons) who she thinks has the confidence of the House,to form a government. That is a real power,but if she gets it wrong,then crisis and there are Dominion examples of that crisis.

    Of course Dicey never give a thought to Scotland where the people are sovereign and the whole establishment follow Dicey and that is why,since the 1950’s I have supported the ending of the Treaty of Union.

  196. hackalumpoff says:

    See Nan’s links here;

  197. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Breeks at 8.29

    Not correct. Scotland’s territorial waters are already identified by international protocol. This is a consequence of us having a separate legal system. Some Scottish waters off our east coast that were described as English a few years ago was an internal UK arrangement and will be Scottish on our independence.
    WGD did a very good explanation of this some time ago.

    Scottisah territorial waters

  198. Breeks says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    24 July, 2019 at 9:25 am
    Breeks at 8.29

    Not correct. Scotland’s territorial waters are already identified by international protocol.

    I meant any dispute or argument about territorial waters, such as an arbitrary 50% claim on them.

  199. McBoxheid says:

    Terry callachan says:
    23 July, 2019 at 1:26 pm

    The BBC and newspapers will be glorifying Swanson as the new hope and future first minister of Scotland

    You missed the g at the end of her name, Terry.
    If Libdems do another coalition with….ehm, whoever will talk to them, then it will be their Swansong indeed!

  200. geeo says:


    And again, already defined so not disputable in any way.

    We will also regain the ‘stolen’ 6000sq miles back as well, upon independence.

  201. Les Wilson says:

    Craig Murray is an expert in sea law, having work in many sea disputes. He has a long list of those he worked with in the settlement of disputes.Did a piece on Scotland’s position in International law. Should be somewhere in his archives.

  202. Les Wilson says:

    Having watched Boris’s speech,Not a word on Scotland.
    But, he did not fail with the many promises of how he will make the “Nation” great again.
    All to the clapping of his office staff hanging around,and of course the BBC cameras.

    Think all this great stuff ain’t going to work out well, I wonder if he has asked the treasury for the money to pay for it all. He will have costed all he promised, I am sure, but, there again it is Boris.

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