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Future Shocks

Posted on February 27, 2016 by


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  1. 27 02 16 07:45

    Future Shocks | Speymouth

87 to “Future Shocks”

  1. On the nail again, hopefully there will be a sequel “hair today, gone tomorrow”

  2. MajorBloodnok says:

    Some Barnett formula that.

  3. Auld Rock says:

    Bad hair day!!! Or Buffoon and Chump day.

  4. The Isolator says:

    As they say over the pond, “Pray Big”.
    The stuff of nightmares FFS.Chilling just so chilling.

  5. Gary45% says:

    Looks like a bad dose of hairpiece!
    MajorBloodnok@7.07, you beat me to that one.

  6. Robert Kerr says:

    At least Trump can tie a Windsor Knot.

    Lessons needed at Bullington Club though.


  7. Nuada says:

    @Major Bloodnok

    “Some Barnett formula, that”.

    That’s it, thread’s over, MajorBloodnok wins.

  8. JLT says:

    Possible future leaders of the Western World.

    Though you would think they are cut from the same cloth, I wonder how well would they get on? My own personal view is that Boris would become exasperated with Trump. Sick of the weird outbursts, the stage pantomime entrances and having a right open opinion on absolutely everything without any sensitivity being taken into consideration.
    In another way …Boris likes to play the buffoon; Trump is the buffoon without realising it.

    And the thing is …it would be absolute irony for Boris. For I can see David Cameron saying at somepoint in the future if both of those men became their elected leaders saying, ‘Well, there you go Boris …now you know what it feels like! This is the sort of nonsense that we had to contend with whenever you appeared.

  9. Tackety Beets says:

    Archie MacPherson’s global influence ?

  10. heedtracker says:

    The end of the world as we know. BBC certainly absolutely in love with Bojo, Mr Johnson to you, his name shall ring out across their lands and you will vote for him.

  11. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Boris was born in the US, in New York I think.

    They look like a tag team.

    Makes me wonder.

  12. Wee Jonny says:

    ‘Future Shocks’ fuck that’s frightening!

    Just had a wee look at your site Chris as I’ve no looked for a wee while. Disnay half bring back some (good and sad) memories lookin at your prints.

    There’s no one bad one there but my ultimate fave is ‘oh, yeah?’ we Wee Hamish standing nonchalantly as J.B. thinks it’s gemm over.

    I see that and picture Wee Hamish sayin ‘Eh yi fuckin hink so!” (If he was Dundonian like ken). As I’m pretty sure that’s how most of us think, well eh do.

    Great stuff as per Chris.

  13. heedtracker says:

    Trump said he’d bring 6000+ jobs to Aberdeen with his greatest golf club in the world, he hasn’t. Trump Balmedie is still a temp club house and car park, a decade later.

    President Trump will go after renewable energy in the US but tories like Bojo, sorry, Mr Johnson, have destroyed renewable energy in England and Scotland, reneging entirely on their Carbon Capture at Peterhead vote NO lies and both of their 2010 and 3015 election manifesto fraud and so on.

    SLab say Alex Salmond did it.

  14. call me dave says:

    Ach all the joke quiffs are gone already! 🙂

    Nice cartoon.

    Murdo Fraser positively salivating at the prospect of the SNP government now being responsible for future income tax on radio Scotland.

    Fabiani being realist in stating that the powers are limited and that money will still be tight due to Barnett an the Tories who are in power cutting budgets etc.

    Naw! implies Fraser your feart, put up the taxes, that’ll teach you and shut up!

    SNP x 2

  15. Andrew Mclean says:

    Two spoiled toffs who have the wit to hide their darkness under a blond bushel and stupidity.
    Then one day you wake up and find the bumbling baffon, is a bumbling baffon no longer, laughing wouldn’t help you then!

    That said, round of applause for Major Bloodnoc, best post of the year so far!

  16. Murray McCallum says:

    A hair-raising prospect. They would likely gel together though.

  17. Breeks says:

    Trump governing America, Boris governing the UK, and the BBC governing Scotland.

  18. Croompenstein says:

    Think they may need some syrup of figs 🙂

  19. Susan Macdiarmid says:

    Splendid caricature of BawJaws!

  20. ScottieDog says:

    It is truly frightening.
    A Sanders/Corbyn combo would be the antidote but sadly the majority see this as too extreme in the other direction. This is of course due to the brainwashing by MSM.

  21. Chiterinlicht says:

    But did Tharg predict this?

  22. Effijy says:

    Gideon and the Tories promised to clear the country’s dept during the last term in government, then with yet another round of cuts
    he promised to do it this term.

    He obviously has no idea about economic projections and so he is
    looking to make still further cuts.

    Thank goodness its ordinary hard working people who can pay for political and financial incompetence.

    I would hate to see RBS and the other casino bankers having to pay for their own mismanaged greed, or Google having to pay Tax at 3%, or even £Billion companies like Amazon have to pay any Tax.

    “Vote Westminster and remove all your money worries!”
    They will take it all from you and help out the rich.

  23. Wuffing Dug says:

    Fantastic drawing of the two megalomaniac clowns.

    Remember the Donald Trump meme ‘There will be hell toupee’?

  24. galamcennalath says:

    I don’t like Boris’s politics, but he is not a stupid as he looks.

    I don’t like Trump’s politics, and he is.

  25. David says:

    @callmedave Scot gov could always ‘save’ money by giving control of council taxes to councils whilst maintaining their contributions at current levels. They’d be giving Labour and Greens what they have been calling for (when it suits them) whilst giving councils the same choice the UK government has given them.

    The Scot Gov wouldn’t be raising the tax it would be the council. Would also give the Tories the chance to lower tax without reducing services and the only ones they’d be able to blame (in a real world not UKOKBC land) if it went pear shaped would be themselves.

  26. Clootie says:

    …and both will probably win 🙁

  27. Quentin Quale says:

    Proof that the plural of bouffant is buffoons.

  28. Andrew Mclean says:

    I was going to write to the DG of the BBC to give support to the Scottish 6, then I thought, the BBC is the best recruiting Sargent we have. Now I am in pondering what to do next?

    An hour of propaganda from the BBC might be great if you a a brain dead UKOK baffon, as the standard of buffoonery writing in so far, as evidenced by the revs Twitter feed links to the newspapers. For me it just fills me with dread.

    GB is a struggle sometimes, the very week when cover up and criminal conspiracy is evidenced in the BBC, we get, “oh the BBC is not biased”. We live in a nation where 50% of the population want to leave Westminster control and we have no voice on the broadcasting media. Instead we have a PM who meets with broadcasting executives to limit individual programs, really how many times has this happened?

    Honestly the 6 is a sop, an irrelevant distraction, crumbs from the table are now an insult, stick your 6, and stick you political wing, political journalists my arse, propaganda merchants more like, up you jumpers.

    We need to control our own broadcasting system, if we don’t get that then the calls for a complete boycott of the license fee in Scotland will be inevitable, and justified!

    Now that’s a letter we should all write to the DG of the BBC.

  29. ronnie anderson says:

    The Shocks wie the Locks

    Captured they,re likeness to a T Chris, is Goofyness ah word lol.

  30. louis.b.argyll says:

    Hair today, gone tomorrow.

    Somewhere in the middle, a sense of ‘dread’.

  31. Another Union Dividend says:

    Andrew McLean

    There is an organised Unionist campaign against Scottish Six

    Wingers should write to The Scotsman countering this Scottish Six polemic from Brian Wilson

    We should counter this and the serial SNPbaaad letter writers who dominate the print edition by emailing letters page at including your address and phone number.

    We can’t allow those with no ambition for Scotland to win the propaganda battle.

  32. louis.b.argyll says:

    On the bbc’s ‘newswatch’ (half a) programme, earlier…

    ..Mention of proposed ‘scottish six’..

    BUT WHY.. a program about balance and fair reporting..

    ..ONLY QUOTE ONE ‘VIEWER’ with preference for the status quo?

  33. Proud Cybernat says:

    My twopenceworth –

    “Oh what tangled hair we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

    2 x SNP + 1 x IN

  34. Andrew Mclean says:

    Another Union

    Yes, but the Scotsman is a doyen of nuts. More traction writing to the organisation it’s self, the organ grinder not the monkey.?

    Killing the Scotsman by lack of klickbate is easy.

  35. louis.b.argyll says:

    Indeed, the pro UK media, may win the propaganda battle by definition..

    But deep down… once the mud dries…the truth will always be there.

    Don’t the propagandists realise that, not long from now, forensic archaeologists (real journalists working for the betterment of democratic society) will dig up their lies and lay charges of corruption at their future houses.

    The truth itself has dug in. Come ahead.

  36. Andrew Mclean says:

    In any case cumbs are too little to late, the conversation has moved on to who controls the license fee and expenditure in Scotland where its raised.

    No taxation without representation, now what happened when that tune was last sung?

    Soar Alba

  37. ronnie anderson says:

    Comoan Rev the Merchandise Shop needs new stock.

    Barnett Anti Static Comb, per chancety.

    ( Major Bloodnok gets the credits fur that & a free comb )

  38. The Man in the Jar says:

    “Suicide Blonde” was a hit for the band INXS the opening words are.

    “Don’t you know what you’re doing
    You’ve got a death wish”

    Seems apt!

  39. Ken500 says:

    BBC Scotland showed Rugby instead of ‘Shetland’. It could have been shown on BBC 2.

  40. handclapping says:

    Thanks Chris. I love the way the eyes belie the baby faces.

    The best I’ve heard on Trump is that the US needs immigrants to do the jobs Americans won’t, … like marry Trump!

  41. Capella says:

    They look like they’re auditioning for “The Hunger Games”. I didn’t realise that was a documentary.

  42. Andrew Mclean says:

    Writing to the press, The National excepted, is like a junkie tipping his dealers every time he scores.

  43. farnorthdavie says:

    Shocking waves!

  44. James Barr Gardner says:

    Thanks Chris, like the way you have given Trump a Winsor knot and BoJo a Four-in-hand knot. When I was a youngster Officers and Gentlemen and schoolboys tied their ties using the Four-in-hand knot whereas the military lower ranks used the Winsor knot.

  45. Almannysbunnet says:

    The ten stories about Trump you won’t believe are true.

    The absolute king of shear brass neckery.

  46. Sinky says:

    Andrew Mclean says:27 February, 2016 at 10:09 am
    “Writing to the press, The National excepted, is like a junkie tipping his dealers every time he scores.”

    You are wrong as we do need good men to do something to place doubts in the minds of unionists and those neutrals who only buy The Scotsman for the death notices.

  47. frogesque says:

    Brings a whole new meaning to ‘entanglement’ ‘wormholes’ and ‘tubes’

  48. mike cassidy says:

    Boris was born in America.

    Which makes him eligible to stand for president.

    If only.

  49. carjamtic says:

    Nice one Chris 🙂

    Two woman in the beauty parlour ‘can you bleach our assholes’ ?

  50. Andrew Mclean says:



    So the little trolls salivating over there sticky keyboard, half empty bottle of scotch and a empty pack of cigarettes by their side, waiting for next weeks pension to arrive, salute the queen and type their hatred of their own country and it’s people. Manifesting their own self loathing and disgust into ever line.

    Only stupid old fools racked by their abundance of bile buy the Scotsman, that’s a fact, ask the staff, they know who their readers are. Yesterday’s men, with yesterday’s beliefs.

    Reading the Scottish press is like stepping on shite when walking through a beautiful park, best not linger longer than needs must, then raise your eyes to the panoramic scene ahead and think no more of your unfortunate encounter.

    Thanks for the offer lads but the argument of writing into the Scotsman to find a rational conversion is as fruitful as discussing Max Planks relativistic quantum field theory with an inebriated baboon.

  51. Andrew Mclean says:

    Correction relativistic quantum field theory was postulated by Heisenberg, now that’s what you get for being a smart ass! 🙂

  52. Alison Rollo says:

    Seriously ‘Hairy Scary’ !! And I do mean seriously!!!!

  53. cearc says:

    Joined at the hairgrip.

  54. Chic McGregor says:

    Brilliant Chris. Technically one of your best yet.

    As I posted earlier, it doesn’t bode well for male politico hairstyles for the future.

    If it tempts Brillo into politics which party do you think he would go for?

    All the best quips have been claimed already but…

    ‘Neon Nasties’

    ‘Anglo-American Hedge Enema’

  55. Dr Jim says:

    Hallowed are the Ori

    We must convert and follow the path of Origin

    Or they’ll blow us up, at the very least bully us a lot

  56. Chic McGregor says:

    erm,… perhaps more conotationally apropos:

    ‘Blonde leading the blonde’

    ‘Blonde Brothers’

  57. Ken500 says:

    Nae chance. Folk are nae so daft as them.

    It’s great watching them tearing themselves to bit. Lying hypocrites. Soap opera. Dope on a rope.
    Give them enough rope. Self combustion time.

  58. Grouse Beater says:

    Toupee or not toupee … both serial womanisers. There has to be a surfer joke in those waves.

    Your weekend entertainment

    And the winner is:

  59. Jack Murphy says:

    OT but important.
    The Sun UK edition says the Tories are planning MORE cuts for us next month!

    “It followed five years of spending cuts aimed at slashing a massive deficit left by Labour.”

    We didn’t vote for them,and the NO voters must be feeling kind of Bettertogether nauseated. 🙁

    CUE: enter stage right Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale—-they told us we’re Bettertogether and to VOTE NO!!!!!
    On yer bike. 🙁

    Archive link:-

  60. Chic McGregor says:

    A new (un)reality TV show beckons:

    ‘Have I Got Nukes for You to be Fired’

    Featuring a one off ‘and finally’ item.

  61. bugsbunny says:

    They look like a couple of late 18th Century Dandies. If they were about then, no doubt they would be in the Macaroni Club, drinking and gambling. Perhaps followed by an evening in a Molly House?


  62. call me dave says:

    @Grouse Beater

    Aye there is one:

    ‘Surfer’ all the daft voters to come unto me, don’t hinder them for the kingdom of …. Aye right!

    PS: The Sun

    I was filling my partner’s car with petrol this morning at the shell station in Glenrothes (she collects the points) and this young man strides out the shop waxing lyrical to me about his ‘free’ Sun.

    He was genuinely chuffed “You don’t get much for nothing these days” he beamed on the passing.

    “Aye your right there I replied” as I got to the £20 mark (she’s thrifty my partner) and gave him a smile. Off he went in his wee lorry with somebody’s sofa on the back.

    “Did you get your free Sun” I asked her on her return…
    “Who gets the Sun” even if it’s free she said… “anyway how did you know it was free”? …nuff said!

  63. Lollysmum says:

    Livestream from Trident demo in London-streaming live now

  64. NiallD says:

    Both of them are not big fans of TUPE agreements.

  65. Bill Dale says:

    Meanwhile, in our forthcoming Scottish election, we have just received John Scott’s election leaflet. Four pages extolling the work that John has done for the community, including his campaign efforts for Vote No in the indyref.

    Lots of nice shots of John at local events, stats of his contacts with constituents, but the only hint that he is a Conservative candidate is a shot of him with the tank commander.

    John is the current constituency MSP for Ayr. The strategy seems clear, avoid any reference to the Conservative party in any communication with the public.

    Great to be proud of your political beliefs, isn’t it John?

  66. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Splendid image of Michael Gove over on WOS Twitter, all kitted-up to Clean For The Queen.


    We can all do our bit – make sure your arse is squeaky clean for Liz and send her photographic proof.

    Moon For Ma’am!

  67. dakk says:

    Fantastic depiction of the two ‘statesmen’ Chris.


  68. Jack Murphy says:

    Lollysmum said at 12:18 pm:-

    “Livestream from Trident demo in London-streaming live now

    Thanks for that—-I searched and couldn’t find it.
    I don’t use BBC! 🙁

  69. jockmcx says:

    If you have netflix,there is an entertaining film called
    django unchained,about a black gunfighter.

    Samuel l jackson appears as the secretary of state for jock-
    land,in a twighlight zone kind of way.

    Or maybe i,m just seeing things……..

  70. gordon ford says:

    Although a three times a day reader of “WINGS” I have never left any comments……
    Putting aside the financial side of the Scotland Bill………Is anything else on the cards EG An official Scottish redduster, the permanence of Holyrood and the right of Scottish Judges to block appeals to the UK Supreme Court…………..etc.
    I Am sure there are many like me who are not aware of the full details of the Bill…….
    Anybody out there who could help me ???????????????

  71. ronnie anderson says:

    Lets Hair it from Ella.

  72. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Gordon Ford –

    Afraid I can’t help you, but welcome aboard all the same.


  73. Stoker says:

    YUP! A very big welcome to any and all newbies, get stuck in, enjoy!

    On the subject of Cairnstoons, this has to be my favourite:

  74. Thepnr says:

    @Gordon Ford

    Come in, take a seat. glad to have you aboard!

    Once you’ve digested the link call me dave posted, let us know.

    There will be questions, multiple choice to start with. Don’t worry about getting them wrong, we don’t know the answers either so naebdy will ken 🙂

  75. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Nice one Chris,

    Looks like 2 cheeks of the same arse

  76. gordon ford says:

    Hi Guys ,thanks for the welcome.
    I have just read the Fiscal Agreement and understand every word of it perfectly (joking of course)
    I read/ heard that there was supposed to be other bribes sorry “goodies” road signs, powers of Scottish courts etc. but haven’t see any evidence of this so far ?????
    Anyway thanks for the welcome. Its good to know that we are one of the most powerful devolved in the World..Well apart from the Australian States, the United States, the German Lander and the Canadian Provence’s.
    Aw ra Best

  77. ahundredthidiot says:


    We need a new name for allowing a team to score immediately after you do.

    I suggest we call it, doing a ‘scotland’.

  78. Chic McGregor says:


    Or 2 arses with the same cheek.

  79. mumsyhugs says:

    Thomaspotter and Chic – or even a couple of cheeky arses! 🙂

    And welcome Gordon! 🙂

  80. ronnie anderson says:

    @Gordon Ford

    We,ve turned many a Lurker into Lurchers,glad to see you,ve found your Bark.

    Cmon Lurkers we dont bite (much.

    As with more notable Wingers I bid You a gid welcome

  81. yesindyref2 says:

    @Gordon Ford

    “63A Permanence of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government

    (1) The Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government are a permanent part of the United Kingdom’s constitutional arrangements.

    (2) The purpose of this section is, with due regard to the other provisions of this Act, to signify the commitment of the Parliament and Government of the United Kingdom to the Scottish Parliamenty and the Scottish Government.

    In view of that commitment it is declared that the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government are not to be abolished except on the basis of a decision of the people of Scotland voting in a referendum.” “

    For the rest of it (it’s long):

  82. yesindyref2 says:

    @Gordon Ford
    Status of the Scotland Bill 2015-16 – it’s home page and links:

  83. Ghillie says:

    Donald Trump’s hair do looks just like that whurley ‘turd’ building design for the St James Centre in Edinburgh!

    So, more like a hair do do!

    (If he gets elected we’ll all be the naughty step)

  84. God Almighty says:

    great grudd on a greenie

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