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The women you mustn’t believe

Posted on March 29, 2020 by

It will come as little surprise to any observer of the Scottish media for the last decade that the trial of Alex Salmond is to continue indefinitely after the actual court case that cleared him of all charges.

With very occasional honourable exceptions, including some from rather unexpected sources, the Scottish press has been – even by its own spectacularly low standards – an absolute sewer for the past week. Wings has taken the decision not to link to any of the most disgusting articles, even as archives, because frankly in the current stressful situation none of us needs any extra poison in our headspace.

Scotland’s political journalists have been unable to contain their seething fury at being robbed of the head on a pike that they were all expecting and salivating about like Pavlov’s dogs. But scumbags are gonna scumbag, and that’s not news. What’s far more alarming is something in today’s papers that they didn’t write.

Most have run with a statement issued by Rape Crisis Scotland last night on behalf of the nine accusers in the case, all nine still hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. The statement itself – which we assume they all collaborated on using the same WhatsApp group they “discussed” their complaints in before bringing the case – is a tissue-thin outpouring of self-pity and hypocritical hand-wringing piety, skirting as close as it can to defamation without quite stepping across the line.

It calls for unspecified “changes” to unspecified “procedures” in order to “achieve justice”. But what happened in the highest court in Scotland this month if not “justice”?

The evidence (such as it was) was heard at great length after a wide-ranging police investigation, it was weighed by a mostly-female jury under the direction of a female judge, and a verdict of innocence was reached. The accused walked out of the court a free man. In what way are we to conclude that this was not “just”?

The only possible interpretation of the statement is that the jury should not be believed, and that the seven female witnesses who gave evidence for the defence – none with the benefit of hiding behind a screen, and some of whom risked their careers to do so – must not be believed either.

Apparently THOSE women are the wrong type of women, uniquely unworthy of belief. For reasons and motivations unexplained, we are not to trust them.

Rape Crisis Scotland is mostly funded by the Scottish Government, with less than 1% of its income coming from donations. It spends over £600,000 a year on staff wages. The accusers, readers will recall, are all (either current or former) Scottish Government or SNP staff or civil servants working for the Scottish Government.

In publishing the statement, therefore, Rape Crisis Scotland (whose board includes embittered former political opponents of Alex Salmond like Margaret Curran) is in effect using its position to serve as a paid propaganda arm of the Scottish Government.

So the government is basically paying what amount to its own employees to issue statements in the (redacted) name of some of its other employees, and to defend the government (including those employees) against allegations of wrongdoing, but while ostensibly pretending to be an impartial external body.

In doing so it seeks to undermine not only the verdict of a serious criminal trial, but a current live inquiry about the conduct of that same Scottish Government, over a matter in which the government has already been found by an independent court to have acted unlawfully and with serious bias, imperilling a man’s freedom, jeopardising a criminal trial and ruining him financially despite his proven innocence.

The accusers of Alex Salmond, who a jury declined to believe after listening intently and dutifully to their accusations for two weeks, are already suspected of being part of a political conspiracy orchestrated by the Scottish Government to imprison an innocent man for political reasons. It is an act of spectacular ill judgement on the part of Rape Crisis Scotland to double down on those disproven claims.

It betrays the women who gave evidence for the defence. It betrays the women of the jury. It betrays the woman who presided over the trial. But perhaps more than any of those, it betrays the victims of rape and sexual assault, by implying to them that they can expect no justice and therefore that it’s hopeless to raise their cases.

None of the anonymous accusers of Alex Salmond – who that same mainly-female jury decided had NOT been sexually assaulted – appear to care about women who really have been raped and assaulted. If they did, they would not have put their (fake) names to a document which tells those women that the legal system will not protect them.

And that, more even than the failed attempt to imprison an innocent man, is a shame and a disgrace that will stick to those who perpetrated it forever.

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384 to “The women you mustn’t believe”

  1. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Excellent summation of this filthy affair, and its potential ramifications across the board.

  2. admiral says:

    It’s just mud slinging at an innocent man – who it must be remembered has now gone through TWO court cases and won both.

    Whatever happened to Leveson?

    Whatever happened to contempt of court laws?

  3. Sharny Dubs says:

    Hear hear!

    I wish I had said that!

    You have a way with words young Stu! And a sharp mind to boot.

  4. Dave Beveridge says:

    From The National:

    “Be brave, be loud, be heard.”

    Signed, Woman A, Woman B, Woman C, Woman D, Woman F, Woman, G, Woman H, Woman J, Woman K

    Anybody see what’s wrong with this picture?

  5. Republicofscotland says:

    Excellent article Stu, the witch hunt of an innocent man continues, at what point can the acquitted seek compensation from those unwilling to comply with the verdict.

    Also it smells to high heaven that Rape Crisis Scotland mainly funded by the Scottish government, are making all the noises on this, the second (allegedly) conspired to have Salmond imprisoned for a very long time.

  6. ahundredthidiot says:

    Margaret Curran

    Enough said.

  7. Morgatron says:

    Terrific article Stu, another week of groundhog day headlines about an innocent man. They will try everything now to get him and smear and damage.They are the ones along with these invisible accusers and government officials who need to be in the dock now. Rape crisis scotland have not only shot themselves in the foot, the have blown their fucking legs off.

  8. GeeH says:

    Sandy Brindley, Chief Exec of Rape Crisis in Scotland is a huge supporter of the “trans women are women” movement and has campaigned for male bodied “trans women” to get access to rape crisis centres. She has publicly defended a male-born trans woman who runs a Scottish rape crisis centre. The coven of witches at the top of the Scottish Government, who fund rape crisis, are all pushing to make it easy for all men to legally become women just by their say so.

    Can you see the pattern yet?

  9. PRJ says:

    Firstly, Our government is under attack.
    2nd, Our NHS is under attack
    3rd, Our Schools are under attack
    4th, Our police are under attack
    5th, Our Local authorities are under attack
    6th, Our legal system is now under attack

    Scotland consistently undermined, obviously better together is working.

  10. PhilM says:

    Masterly headline there…points both ways…bravo!!!

  11. John Moss says:

    Well, I’m astonished to find that Rape Crisis is for want of a better way of putting it a “department” of my Government.

    Effectively, I’m footing the bill for people to play fast and loose with other people’s lives under the guise of a moral duty to protect vulnerable and abused people.

    I find that to be evil and perhaps it’s time we started to look more closely where our hard-earned money is being spent and to start asking some hard questions about what we are getting in return.

    It is clear that our failure lies in not looking, inspecting and questioning the things that are done in our name. If we did, then politicians, civil servants and others would not be free to take the piss in such an arrogant and open fashion.

    I think this is a lesson to us all.

  12. Thomas Potter says:

    The whole set up stinks to high heaven.
    Time for heads to roll. Nicola “we must respect the verdict” Sturgeon and her 9 character assassins should be the 1st to go-
    something I would never have contemplated in a million years- tragic.

  13. John Higgins says:

    If Alex Salmond needs financial help I for one would be happy to contribute. I don’t understand why he wasn’t recompensed by the court after being found not guilty.

  14. R McAllister says:

    Excellent article, Stu.
    These women who clearly had political motivations to put themselves in this situation whereby they were “using” Alex Salmond by luring him into a false sense of security that they were ever his friends, have just slapped in the face every single REAL victim of brutal rapes and sexual assaults across Scotland.

  15. Frank Waring says:

    How many subscriptions did the National lose to-day?

  16. The Gillies says:

    Can’t express how angry I am about this statement put out by Rape crisis Scotland.Well written and how well you express the facts as they are.

  17. Bob Costello says:

    Extremely well put, and this is all the more reason that Salmond should press ahead with an action against both the Scottish government and against any individual who lied at the trial. If this came from the top then they are doing Scotland a great disservice by remaining in their posts, I think it is time to name names as when the public see the women involved and their closeness to the leadership then a lot of things will become very clear.
    There should be an immediate investigation into Rape Crisis Scotland as under their present management they are obviously not fit for purpose.

  18. Patsy says:

    How many subscriptions did the National lose to-day? Well me for one!

  19. Ayeright says:

    No matter which political party was in power the Scottish Government would still include these very people that accused Alex Salmond. They are not party political appointments but Westminster ones.

    Their ultimate boss is head of the Civil Service, Sir Mark Sedwill, who is also the Prime Minister’s most senior policy adviser.

    We shouldn’t forget that, keep in mind who the real enemy are.

  20. J Galt says:

    Salmond did the right thing and would not lower himself to comment.

    I was never taken in by the “National”, particularly when I saw their line on foreign affairs.

    Just ask yourself, who owns the “National”?

  21. jackie says:

    This is definitely turning into a straight forward war between the “I love Nicola” brigade and the “Nicola must resign immediately” brigade.

    Let the battle commence.

    No fence sitting allowed in this battle,,,you are either on one side or the other.

  22. Marie Clark says:

    Aye, I’ll just bet that these women are devastated. Devastated that their scheme didn’t work.

    The man has been put through two years of hell by these scheming women, and they were scheming, that mush was established in the court case. I was amazed at some of the charges, why were they even in court? But, they were all either afraid of Mr Salmond, or of losing their jobs. When I was a lassie, (long time ago now) we had a boss in our office who had a habit of pinging the bra straps of the girls in the office. Great fun eh? NOT. I was only seventeen, but believe me he did not get away with it from me, job or no job. No one needs to put up with bad behaviour.

    So now here we are, they’re having another go at Mr Salmond, still trying to prevent him from making a political comeback, or are they trying to get another strike before the man comes after them. Because I’m quite sure he will have is revenge.

    Any woman who has been genuinely sexually assaulted shouldn’t be afraid to come forward and say so. But, a jury with nine women on it, a female judge, who heard all of the evidence that we were not permitted to hear, have found him not guilty. That should be the end of of it. No, not for this lot.

    I agree with John Higgins, if there is to be a crowdfunder for Mr Salmond, I’m in, as I was the last time.

    This absolutely stinks to high heaven, and I’ surprised at rape crisis. Makes me look at them in a different light now too.

  23. Keith Smith says:

    Brilliant summing up of a putrid conspiracy. The anonymously signed correspondence does absolutely nothing but serve as a pathetic cloak of invisibility that does a serious disservice to women who have been sexually assaulted

  24. Terry says:

    100% on the money. This woman applauds you.

    They really, really fear Alex. They really, really don’t care about (nor I suspect even want) independence. This is a disgraceful and despicable episode. An innocent man who is entirely justified in clearing his name stood on those steps outside the court and said pretty much the priority was the Covid crisis – to coin a phrase “now is not the time”. Meanwhile these women don’t give a chuff about the crisis and immediately attempt to further smear an innocent man with the help and support of rape crisis.

    It could turn out that Nicola is to the snp what Tony Blair turned out to be the Labour Party. Time shall tell on that.

    Thanks again stu for your efforts in getting the truth out there.

  25. jackie says:

    Sleazy Unionist bastard Sturgeon has all the answers.

  26. One_Scot says:

    Yoons clearly wanting to cause a division in the SNP and destroy the Independence movement. We see you. #FuckWits

  27. Frazerio says:

    Disgusting, cowardly, predictable. Disgusting because he’s been cleared by the highest vourt in the land. Cowardly because they continue to exploit their anonymity while the innocent has none. Predictable because of the MSM orchestration.
    Probably the saddest aspect of the whole rotten shambles is the damage this is doing to genuine victims. The lack of self awareness of these anonymous accusers is remarkable.
    Something else given little attention so far in this is the definitions, legally and in ‘common understanding’ of sexual assault. What most people would call “rape”.
    The Salmond rap sheet included some charges which to put it bluntly, lacked credibility (is putting your hand on someones knee after a few drinks really SEXUAL ASSAULT?) right up to what few would disagree is serious assault (attempted rape).
    There are pitfalls in ‘grading’ sexual assault, its obviously a very emotive subject, but the seriousness of what most people would agree is ‘sexual assault’ is denigrated when compared on an even basis with a pat on the bum or a wolf whistle. The Salmond ‘rap sheet’, designed to fling enough mud so that some would surely stick, did this. Using sexual assault and the laws surrounding it in this way is horrific.

  28. Fran says:

    Certain persons within the SGov are fighting for their political lives and will now frantically try anyway possible to maintain their accustomed life styles and future plumb corporate positions.

  29. dandydons1903 says:

    I hope Alex goes to town on these agents of perfidious albion led by Nikla Turgid.

  30. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Indecent assault, rape and all other crimes of violence against women are an outrage and should be punished severely.

    Competent investigations should take place and the outcome of such investigations should be passed to the Procurator Fiscal.
    If the Procurator Fiscal is satisfied that there is a sufficiency of evidence the information should then be passed to “specialist” solicitors at Crown Office to again scrutinise the allegation and to review the evidence.

    A fair trial should take place to determine guilt.

    If convicted the accused must be punished.

    If the crown are unable to prove the case to the jury the accused is innocent.

    The system works well and has done so over many years.

    During the investigation and trial if a witness is suspected of lying the above process should be applied to them.

    I may be wrong but I understand this is what occurred during the investigation and trial of Mr Salmond.

    Mr Salmond is now innocent.

    The process has still to be applied to his accusers.

  31. meg merrilees says:

    Very astute article Stu. rapier sharp and to the point – as usual.

  32. Allium says:

    Strategically its a desperate move, whether it works or not. Feels like there must be panic at the top.

  33. Astonished says:

    Excellent piece – the anonymous ‘alphabet accusers’ should be ashamed of themselves. But they wont be.

    The National has taken London’s shilling and should be prepared for the consequences. I wont buy the paper again.

    I am looking forward to the whirlwind.

    P.S. Could someone tell Patel that it might be an idea to check passengers flying into London from viral hotspots for the virus. Patel obviously does shouting, she seems incapable of thinking.

  34. Glenn says:


    I agree. The real, hidden enemy is the British state. Its hand is at work here.

  35. Slackshoe says:

    Salmond’s own QC described him as a “sex pest” and “bully” when he thought nobody was listening. Salmond and his disciples like Wings are now kryptonite to the independence movement. His politcal career is over and it should stay that way.

  36. jackie says:

    Since Sturgeon became leader of the SNP/Yes Movement, how many times has she been on our screens rebutting Unionist lies and propaganda?

    How many town hall meeting has Sturgeon attended to raise the profile of the Independence movenent?

    How many marches/rallies has Sturgeon attended?

    Any true leader of the Independence movenent would have been front and centre of these rallies, rallying the troops from the stage, appearing on TV correcting all the wrongs the BBC Scotland and STV news rooms feed us on a daily basis.

    Sturgeon had been absent by choice.

    She is a Unionist Devolutionist.

    She likes the lifestyle

    She likes the salary

    She likes the Union

    She has now overstayed her time as our so called leader.

    Time for change, time for fresh blood and fresh ideas.

    I believe people like Joanna Cherry have what it takes to lead us to Independence, surrounded by people like Alex Salmond and many others.

    There is a new team out there waiting in the Wings.

    They must be given there chance to shine.

    No more time wasters.

    For the sake of Scotland’s future, Sturgeon must resign immediately.

  37. Capella says:

    R*pe Crisis Scotland, as a charity, is obliged to fulfill its charitable purposes. OSCR will have an entry describing what their charitable purposes are. If they are undermining the rights of women and girls to protection from r*pe and sexual assault, as Stu alleges, then they are failing in their duty. They are acting against their duty. A complaint to OSCR is in order.

  38. Ayeright says:

    “No fence sitting allowed in this battle,,,you are either on one side or the other.”

    Trying to create division? Not me Guv!

  39. Breeks says:

    Slackshoe says:
    29 March, 2020 at 12:42 pm
    Salmond’s own QC described him as a “sex pest” and “bully” when he thought nobody was listening. Salmond and his disciples like Wings are now kryptonite to the independence movement. His politcal career is over and it should stay that way.

    Oh no he didn’t.

  40. ian macdiarmid says:

    Jackie you are such a bore and a pretty unpleasant one at that.I like most will decide who’s guilty of what when all the facts are out there.

  41. TheItalianJob says:

    Excellent article again Stu.

    Shows what we are up against.

  42. jackie says:

    We don’t need Sturgeon as leader at this moment in time, we are being told what to do from London.

    So Sturgeon should resign and a new leader appointed.

    They would be well advised to appoint someone like Joanna Cherry.

    And not a Sturgeon stooge.

    Do you know who Sturgeon had lined up as her successor???

    Non other than Derek Mackay.

    Says it all really,,,he would have continued on the same Unionist Devolutionist road as Sturgeon.

  43. lothianlad says:


    Rape crisis Scotland has been exposed as a mouth piece for the SNPs unionist brigade. The careerist devolutionists have let a country down, but how disgusting the depths to which they have fallen in trying to frame an innocent man and get him jailed!

    SNP members must now organise to have this cabal removed from the SNP and have a Scottish Government worthy of the Name!

    I know this cabal will be reading this blog….justice is coming…
    Be Afraid!! Be very AFRAID!!

  44. jackie says:

    ian macdiarmid

    You are obviously a STURGEONITE

    Scotland can do without people like you, we will move forward without you, thanks very much!!!

  45. SOG says:

    I’m just hoping to be a small part of the World’s Biggest Crowdfund, so Alex can start legal actions. A crowdfund that is way bigger than the Carmichael appeal.

    And perhaps one action at a time, so the media cave and offer settlement after one or two cases.

    And afterwards, a renewed IPCC with new rules. One can but hope.

  46. Merkin Scot says:

    Salmond was aquitted on all charges – we should all remember that – because the Jury saw through the conspiracy, I am sure.
    The Alphabet Squad are taking the line of Nikki’s heroine Clinton and refusing to accept that they lost.

  47. mogabee says:

    Thanks Stu.

    Jackie…stop being an idiot and row back with the shite. I suspect you are here just to cause trouble.

  48. Keith says:


    I’m very much in favour of a robust criminal system where evidence is tested to a high standard (beyond reasonable doubt) and guilt determined by a jury, regardless of whether this is for rape or for a non-sexual offence. Not sure what your issue is with this statement from the complainers though. I dont see any criticisms of the criminal findings in what they said and they make many valid points.

    They make a wider point that AS’s behaviour should not be accepted. His own defence remarked that his behaviour was at times not appropriate. He was in a position of power and when acting inappropriately, and when complaints were made, the people in the positions of power failed to progress adequately (if at all).

    As a supporter of the SNP, I have no issue with their statement and would agree that some of them appear to have been let down by their employer.

    AS’s behaviour was not held to be criminal; he is not guilty of any offence and due process has been followed within our criminal courts. However, the actions of AS fell well below what many might accept as appropriate as First Minuster and an employer.

    It would be helpful for people to acknowledge that a person can be sexually harassed and not be the victim of a criminal offence. To argue otherwise only serves to polarise the issue.

    The handling of the non-criminal complaint appears to be a cluster and hopefully in time, the full story surrounding can be aired, as like you, I would say I’m dissatisfied with the transparency surrounding it.

  49. Effijy says:

    Great piece of journalism yet again Rev.

    My most vivid memory of Margaret Curren is when she lost her Shettleston seat to SNP.

    She attacked the electorate there and accused them for being ungrateful for all
    That She and Labour had done for them?

    At the time the Shettleston constituency was known as the Sick Man of Europe.
    They also had one of the countries highest rates of unemployment.

    Yes Margaret they did know just what you had done for them.

    Did Margaret ever get her knives back from Mrs Lamont?

    Another useless article given an important role in an important body.

    Why do we put up with this?

  50. jackie says:


    You are obviously another STURGEONITE..

    Nuff said.

    Please get off the road,,,you are blocking our March to Independence.

  51. jackie says:


    Another obvious STURGEONITE

  52. Ian Foulds says:

    Excellent Stu.

    Excellent riposte by Breeks to Slackshoe.

    Also excellent comment by most to date.


  53. Bob Mack says:

    Thanks Stu, it had to be said. The disservice they have done to many women is incalculable.This whole thing is now being collated and orchestrated by someone in a position to contact these women and journalists to produce the story in all the written media on one particular day.

    I believe in coincidence,but this is a step too far.

    They are trying to destroy Alex Salmond by inference rather than evidence. The evidence failed the test of guilt in the highest criminal court.

    I shall tonight cancel my National subscription which has been running since its inception. No regrets.

  54. Josef Ó Luain says:

    @ Slackshoe

    Without any evidence being offered in substantiation of your assertion regarding Salmond’s QC, your comment must stand as a quite priceless example of pique-inflamed garbage.

  55. Chris Downie says:

    I have a few friends in England who refer to Sturgeon as Krankie MacMerkel, due to her seeming obsession with interfering in the democratic choice of England and Wales, and the prioritising of “stop Brexit” over independence. Given everything that has transpired, how can I refute this?

    Whatever Wings readers think of her at this point, the cold, hard fact is that the Sturgeon and Murrell dynasty has done absolutely fuck all to advance independence in their allocated time of five and a half years. They were not given multiple mandates to be colonial governors, they were elected to push for independence.

    They must go – and fast!

  56. John says:

    Sling your hook , what are you 77th brigade !

  57. callmedave says:

    Read that article in The National a wee while ago and it’s a big misstep especially punting that ‘r*p* crisis’ statement.

    Yesterday’s edition pleading for more support and a higher return from some readership fall off. Coronavirus cited as the cause.

    Today’s article wont do them any favours.

    I was going to sign up for the digital edition I had at the beginning now they have sorted out the glitches but seriously reconsidering that. 🙁

    Margaret Curran on the board… involved in ‘r*p* crisis’ and Scot Gov funding most of the money.

    Not a good look for the FM! Enquiry needs to be called.

    I’ll repost two comments I made when the jury gave it’s verdict.

    callmedave says:
    23 March, 2020 at 3:08 pm
    Excellent news! ?

    callmedave says:
    25 March, 2020 at 6:11 pm
    I think Mr Salmond is re-reading The Count of Monte Cristo first, honing his strategy and making a little list.

    Then it will begin!

  58. Effijy says:

    Can we apply the innocent until proven guilty rule on the First Munistef
    Until a full public enquiry is held?

    The verdict will have to wait until we get this virus under control.

    I think we all know the purpose of the UK Media is to split and disarm
    The SNP and the quest for Independence.

    No limit on resources to achieve such a goal.

    With the facts, we can make our own conclusions and pass any judgements with any of them.

  59. Mist001 says:

    Alex Salmond displayed a remarkable level of magnanimity and restraint when he walked as a free man from the high court in Edinburgh.

    Many people are champing at the bit and can barely hide their excitement and anticipation of the revenge of Alex Salmond, should it come.

    It’s distasteful and maybe people should show the same level of restraint and dignity that he did.

    Remember, he was the man with his life on the line. Nobody could have blamed him if he’d walked out of that court and started shouting the odds.

    But he didn’t. If he can display that level of dignity after all he’d endured, I’m pretty sure most people on here can too.

  60. winifred mccartney says:

    Why bother with a court case at all – we can just have trial by media and if the court goes against you just ramp up the vitriol plenty of msm willing to print.

    For every person out there who has had a fumble or more at a works/office party etc and every person who is or has been involved in an work/office affair and every man of a certain generation who told sexist jokes etc are you all guilty.

    I feel so sorry for the women who have been raped because every time false allegations come forward it makes it so much more difficult for women who have been raped or abused by others.

  61. jackie says:

    Like Union Jack McConnell. Sturgeon has been overcome by her lust for power.

    But also like McConnell and the Scottish Labour Party, it will be her downfall.

  62. jackie says:


    Another obvious STURGEONITE

    Is the truth hard to accept John???

  63. Mike d says:

    Rape crisis Scotland not doing genuine complainants any favours here.

  64. robertknight says:

    Appears that certain individuals who couldn’t have foreseen the outcome of the trial are desperate to throw more mud in the direction of AS in the hope that some sticks.

    Colleagues and friends of mine who are not Indy/SNP supporters are all of the opinion now, and they certainly weren’t before, that AS was subject to a concerted effort by his opponents in the SNP/British Establishment, (Hard to tell apart these days), to finish him off politically. For the accusers to release this statement simply supports that impression; the ladies doth protest too much, methinks.

    As for the SNP, a shit-storm is brewing and it may be better to get the blood letting out of the way sooner rather than later.

    Given that, the prospects for IndyRef2 anytime soon aren’t great. It was 15 years between referenda in Quebec, and with nearly 6 years since the last here it can easily be imagined that it’ll be another 9 before the SNP gets its house back in order; bins both Salmond and Sturgeon, removes the other carpetbaggers and devolutionists, finds a leadership which we can all get behind and again becomes the party that I was once proud to be an active member of and which will secure Scottish Independence.

  65. dakk says:

    Excellent article Stuart.

    The verdict in the Alex Salmond trial should give fair minded people slightly more confidence in the justice system.

    Although it should never even have gone to trial on the flimsy allegations, at least the correct verdict was arrived at.

    Even from the early leaked ‘evidence’ in the gutter press, it always sounded like a’takes two to tango’situation(dates were false in any case) on the two most serious charges, and tittle tattle on the other charges.

    I say slightly more confidence(in justice system) because Alex Salmond had good legal representation.

    Without that perhaps an innocent man would have been convicted.

  66. I have come to the belief that Sturgeon was recruited by MI5, while she was a university and injected into the SNP as a sleeper operator. No doubt she has thrown away golden opportunities and ignored 4 mandates now.

    Regarding the women who conspired to make false allegations. They should now me named, their anonymity removed.

    I would like to see someone in Holyrood use parliamentary privilege and name every last one of them.

  67. Effijy says:

    Tomorrow Italy will announce that they have over 100,000 positive tests for Corona Virus.
    Spain will overtake the Chinese figure if 81,000 confirmed cases.

    Italy who is roughly 2 weeks ahead of the UK Curves, have announced that they
    Don’t expect any slow down for around 10 days.

    If you dare to imagine where that’s takes Italy it’s what you can expect in Boris’ in it together land.

  68. jackie says:

    One day,,, hopefully soon,,,the STURGEONITES will see the light.

    They will have that lightbulb moment when it suddenly becomes clear that Sturgeon has taken them for mugs.

    Labour Party members had a similar moment with Tony Blair.

  69. SilverDarling says:

    Oh my goodness if there was ever a time to stop digging for these women it is now. They do not want to be defined by this episode – well it’s a bit late now.

    They know that mud sticks as it was their motivation for this action in the first place. That they are not considering an appeal and are trying to throw the mud around to makes the whole thing even more repulsive.

    They know their names will come out eventually and every action they took will be under scrutiny like never before. What absolute grubby amateurs.

    What’s that great quote? ‘If you come at the king, you had better not miss’?

  70. lothianlad says:

    How can it be possible that with the number mandates the SNP has been given and the huge levels of support the party has, that we are not Independent already?

    Answer – Sturgeon!!

  71. JGedd says:

    These so-called feminists will alienate quite a lot of women, including other feminists. The cult-like behaviour of these women, some of whom are at the top of the SNP, is disturbing. They appear to be doubling down on their dissembling.

    AyeRight, though there is obviously an intersection of loyalties in the peculiar set-up of the devolved government in having to accept the civil service administration of Westminster that does not mean that is the whole explanation in this case.

    There has been a blurring at the edges and an ambiguous relationship existing in the shadows by the appointment of SPADs having a civil service position while not actually being career civil servants. SPADs are Scottish Government appointees who interact with the civil service and are given civil service status. This is not a healthy relationship for Scottish democracy.

  72. jfngw says:

    The National think they have a scoop when in fact they have just purchased a coffin.

  73. Giving Goose says:

    Contrary to what some state, I have noticed NS & her medical team having greater exposure in a positive light on British TV & radio. Dr Mary Black was on Radio 2 this morning. I’ve been surprised at their profile. It’s almost as though NS is being “normalised” for some reason.

  74. Helen Yates says:

    It gets more obvious by the day that not only those who planned this stitch up but the state itself is now in a complete panic, they know that since their great plan has failed an actual real threat to the union is once again possible, Nicola was the chosen one to keep the union in tact while at the same time giving the movement false hope, unless Alex Salmond returns to the party I hope and pray that it is completely destroyed at the next election, nothing short of Alex being involved in the party could make me ever again vote for this rotten corrupt leadership and I pray I survive to see their downfall which I will celebrate, never have I been so angry in all my life.Alex isn’t the only voice they want silenced and I believe they will leave no stone unturned in achieving their goal, we must all wake up and see what is really going on here, they must not be allowed to win.

  75. susan says:

    Incisive article again Stu, this whole situation sickens me. The rot in the SNP has to be cut out and soon, before it poisons Indy. Nevermind waiting for covid19 to pass, there will always be a reason not to proceed and that’s just not good enough. We need answers and we need action. As for the National, I gave it up because of it’s woke shit, I have been further confirmed in my decision. To hell with it!

  76. Stonky says:

    I see the alphabet soup are heroically declaring that they “will not be defined by this court case!”

    Given that they are also heroically preserving their anonymity, doesn’t that qualify as a statement of the bleeding obvious?

  77. robertknight says:

    GG @ 1:40

    “It’s almost as though NS is being “normalised” for some reason.”

    Not “for some reason”, but for a specific reason… Keeping the lid on Scotland.

    Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

  78. Dorothy Devine says:

    Rev, excellent article and take care of you as I have no doubt the powers that be would be delighted to silence you.

    And might I remind the press and broadcasters that when trust has gone like the soul to the body it never returns.

  79. Breeks says:

    I just see a picture beginning to emerge of just how much the conspirators and the rotten media, especially the Herald, had invested of themselves in seeing Alex Salmond found guilty. It’s not a very edifying spectacle.

    In their dribbling haste to see the man damaged, they have probably shot themselves in the bank account, some of them might find themselves behind bars, and best irony of all, their own rotten conspiracy might very well have resurrected Alex Salmond as the untouchable leader of a revitalised and vibrant Independence Campaign, which this time around, will not be taking prisoners.

    Icing on the cake? I think the Desperados are just beginning to realise what they’ve done.

  80. It looks like the unionists are wining the SNP are being held in disgrace and the National is being dropped by a lot of people we will have to rebuild again and learn from our past mistakes and this has all come about by the betrayal of the hard working and honest members of the party but as the anthem says in freedoms name we will rise again and as for A.S. The unionists fear him because he tells the truth and that is like holding a crusifix up to a vampire to them sheer terror go get them Alex,.

  81. jackie says:

    Why am I so angry with Sturgeon?

    I am angry with Sturgeon because I blame her for me losing my European Citizenship.
    I am angry with Sturgeon because I am now in a political no man’s land.

    I am without a Party.

    I have no centre to form round.

    I am rudderless.

    I am just drifting with no purpose.

    I am in Limbo

    I desperately need a Party that fullfils my Political needs.

    This has all been brought on by the mind numbing inactivity of Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP “inner circle”

    And to throw people like me onto the streets without a care in the world, will come back and haunt you.

    I will now fight for new leadership and a new team to take our cause forward.

  82. Newburghgowfer says:

    Personally would like to see the supporters of Alex within the Party to break ranks and form a New Party. Their isnt a cat in hells chance of me ever voting again for the SNP. The list of rogues within for me is enough for me to not bother voting at all. So when and if I go up to the booth I will be looking for none of the above Party!!

  83. lothianlad says:

    I joined the SNP just before sturgeon as a 16 year old and watched her rise through the SNP with breath-taking speed.

    I first remember her prominence when she was an SNP representative on an STV political panel in 1991.

    I noticed then, that she was driven by personal ambition, from the YSN, through to hanging of Rosanna Cunningham’s dress in the 1995 Perth and Kinross by-election.

    Actually ‘Driven’ doesn’t really cover it, she was consumed by personal ambition and was aiming for the top from an early age.

    It became clear to me then that Nicola Sturgeon had an almost unhealthy drive for power/prominence. her enthusiasm and drive was intimidating. She has dedicated her life to it.

    I used to think that it was a dedication to the cause of Scottish independence, but as time passes and events unfold, I see that she is utterly ruthless!!

    Alex Salmond, was always keen in my view to develop the talents of new and younger SNP members to carry the torch for freedom, however, few of us could have foresaw how ruthless Sturgeon would become.

    A ruthless drive and ambition can achieve things, but also, people are now asking if there was a degree of help that may have come from the brit secret service.

    Before people dismiss this thought, its worth pointing out again that the Brit secret service infiltrated and influenced the highest levels of the IRA, the highest levels!! It would be naïve to suggest that the SNP hasn’t been similarly influenced.

    The evidence perhaps is that with 6 mandates in 5 years for the SNP and an entire focus shifted from Independence to ‘stop brexit’, a golden opportunity is passing Scotland by to regain our freedom!

    The sturgeon strategy of going cap in hand to the british prime minister for a section 30 order, and utterly ignoring Scotlands national sovereignty leaves as much questions as frustration with the gradualist approach!

    The disgusting way Alex salmond has been treated by those whom he helped along the way and the current constitutional road block Scotland now faces, means SNP members had better move quickly to rid the party of those willing to destroy it from within.

    But for the great work by Stu, Craig Murray and those like them, any dissenting voices on strategy would be shut down.

    So why are we Not independent?

    Why indeed?!

  84. Frank Gillougley says:

    As ever – follow the money.

  85. Golfnut says:

    I think the venom and malice directed at Nicola Sturgeon by the press and Westminster makes nonsense of the idea that she is somehow Westminsters women in Scotland. A target to be brought down, yes. A cipher for westminster never. Time and Alex will tell and I hope tell us soon.

  86. jfngw says:

    I can only assume that these changes of procedure relate to not allowing the defendant the right to present any evidence in court. That collusion through social media should be accepted as corroboration and witnesses should be allowed whose only knowledge of the case is information given to them by the accusers. Now i think that would produce the type of verdict they want, but to be honest in this case I’m not even sure if that would do it, some of the stuff was laughable.

  87. robertknight says:

    Made it as far as page 3 of today’s National. No further. Into the green Wheely it goes.

  88. Arabs for Independence says:

    Unsubscribed from National today.

  89. Confused says:

    The essence of WOS – the Rev directly, straightforwardly, energetically, setting-about people with facts and logic, the overall effect quite crushing … and this another fine example.

    No wonder they hate him. The substance of all this surprises no-one, I expect.

    Disappointed with the national, but I had my misgivings about it long ago – now its true colours are shown.

    The free reign given to the greens, bella-twats and dodgy bloggers in the pages was always jarring. The “tell” was them saying, up front, “we support independence” – why even do that? Why not just report, impartially, and let people make their mind up? Just saying it puts off the NO-people anyway, which is the group you should be trying to influence.

    When all of this started there was a torrent of speculation in the comments – now it turns out to be exactly “what you thought to begin with”. A good reason to trust our intuitions.

    In the future, we can change the court procedures –

    All “rap-artists” are evil and thus rejected by pure things. Thus to determine guilt

    – throw the accused into a pond; if they float they are guilty and vice versa

    or examine the body with a needle, pricking it to find the “devils mark”

  90. To spy on a senior advocate and Queen`s Council during a major trial is an assault on the whole Scottish legal system,

    how much more spying,surveillance, filming and phonetaping was going on before during and after this trial,

    they new this trial had no foundation and was built on inuendo,gossip and character assasination so they would have been desperate to pick up any small thing,

    journalists and spads are not above the law and need to be sent to prison if found guilty of breaking it.

  91. JGedd says:

    robertkinght @ 1.19pm

    I am also of the opinion that though Alex Salmond might still have a tale to tell, his accusers will have ensured that he can’t realistically – for better or worse – return to front line politics.

    Another leadership untainted by any of these events might be the way forward. Or a new version of an independence party perhaps? There is obviously too much bad blood at the centre of the SNP for the party, as it stands, to continue in this way. Those loyalists who still adhere to Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership will have to accept that sadly, the SNP movement is split.

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. These cracks cannot be papered over by asking people to be silent and just serve. No matter the ultimate truth of this particular matter and its ramifications, the independence movement will have to rebuild.

    Again it is a tragedy for Scotland that the independence referendum was lost in 2014. Now we would simply be looking at the perhaps, inevitable, fragmenting of one party in the new politics of a new Scotland. It would not have had the power to derail independence, just a realignment of Scottish politics which would probably happened anyway.

  92. Capella says:

    Now that so many upthread have cancelled their SNP membership – again – cancelled their National subscription – again – and called for Nicola Sturgeon to resign – again, I thought it might be useful for you to actually read what The National says. Try not to shoot the messenger:

  93. jfngw says:

    @Scott Finlayson

    Looks like journos have been following him around recording him, is this legal? Who else would happen to record him, how many members of the public would even know who he was, unless he had defended them in the past.

  94. Dorothy Devine says:

    I think only in the eyes , ears and witterings of the media does this have the power to derail independence .

    All along we have said that the SNP was the catalyst but not the be all and end all.

    All along we have said Independence support was from a broad church – those of one political persuasion or another and those with none.

    All along we have said the Yes movement contained scots born here and those who chose Scotland as home.

    That has not changed.

  95. tridentitycrisis says:

    I am saddened that the contributors to this site are doing the work of the Unionists. We are fighting among ourselves. What is the point of vilifying The National? If it goes under, then we are back to having no newspaper supporting independence. How is that helpful? Demanding absolute perfection or else you will oppose a person/institution is the stance of fanatics. It is the hallmark of regimes of the likes of Stalin and Pol Pot, not to mention Donald Trump. You can bet the Unionists are laughing at us. Terms like useful idiots are undoubtedly being bandied about in their gleeful circles.

  96. lothianlad says:

    It does make me wonder how at the height of the SNP popularity and the utter shambles of the Westminster government, why we are not on the brink of Independence.

    It cannot be a coincidence that when the media, and british government and unionist political parties have been so vulnerable, the SNP has been so tame.

    Tame interviewees, who politely answer all the questions and take all the media smears without ever fighting back, meekly asking for section 30 orders and thereby accepting colonial status, The SNP has been a disgrace!

    People should read STU’s article called the betrayer.

    How can we be tearing each other apart in the SNP at this most crucial time?

    The brit secret service have for years divided and ruled. Infiltration to discredit an organisation is their most feared weapon!

    Never has the British state been more likely to break up. The British establishment may never have been more determined to ensure it doesn’t.

    We don’t need a new independence party, WE NEED to take back the SNP from the careerists and infiltrators!!

  97. lothianlad says:

    regarding my last post, Im fully in support of a wings list party though !!

  98. jackie says:

    Do you remember when Sturgeon “accidentally” bowed her head when she greeted Cameron on the steps of Bute House.

    That was no accident.

    She was bowing to greet her paymasters.

    Or when Charlie brought his virus infected body and entarage north to Scotland, did she tell the bastard to take his virus and his entarage back to england?

    No, did she fuck,,,she told him to take care and that the whole of Scotland was thinking of him, and wished him a speedy recovery.

    She is in the pocket of the english establishment.

    I told you before,,,that english blood she has in her will cost Scotland dearly.

    She is a Unionist Patsy, stooge, plant.

    Drop her like a ton of bricks immediately, before it’s too late.

    It is becoming more obvious by the day that she is a Plant

  99. Bill Hume. says:

    Wings BTL is a funny place these days. Funny peculiar I mean.
    Some want the head of Nicola Sturgeon served up on a plate because they ‘think’ she is part of a stitch up against Alex Salmond.
    These are the same people who feign outrage over the articles in The National newspaper.
    These are the same people who are predicting an internal SNP war.
    These are the same people who constantly whinge that the SNP has not held another independence referendum.

    Well, let’s make a few things clear.

    A boycott of the only national newspaper we have (however imperfect) will only please our unionist opponents.

    Fomenting an SNP civil war, will only please our unionist opponents.

    Ousting Nicola Sturgeon will only please our unionist opponents.

    No second Scottish independence referendum? There has never been a time when the chance of winning it has been much over 50 percent.

    I suugest that all

  100. Ian McCubbin says:

    I think you have aptly covered the issue of digging a hole for themselves and Scottish Government.
    The stepping stones of time and events from now will declare this attempt at a witch hunt null and void, in my opinion

  101. Colin Alexander says:

    Talking of the law:

    O/T Re: The UK’s ( And Scotland’s forced) Withdrawal From the EU

    “Treaty on European Union

    Article 2

    The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail”.

    As well as breaching the Treaty of Union is the EU / UK Withdrawal Agreement not in breach of EU Law such as the EU Treaty and EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, as it gives special / preferential treatment to Northern Ireland and so discriminates against Scotland / Scots by placing them at a disadvantage compared to N.I. ?

    So, why not take that to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to have the UK Withdrawal Treaty (with its N.I. backstop) declared unlawful at the CJEU?

    Aye, I know the good reasons how the EU negotiated the backstop. It’s no an argument against N.I. effectively remaining in the EU, it’s that Scotland should not be discriminated against, so should also be allowed to Remain in the EU.

    Anybody up for a legal challenge at the CJEU?

  102. highseastim says:

    I am neither a sturgeonite or anything else, merely a Scottish nationalist who yearns for independence. I haven’t been on the website for a while, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past this jackie character being a unionist plant, trying to split the movement.

  103. Bill Hume. says:

    Shit, wasn’t finished.
    I suggest that all TRUE independence supporters can see the damage these people are trying to inflict on the independence movement.

    So let’s take back Wings BTL comments and remember it’s our high ground, not those who would try to undermine our determination to see Scotland free.

  104. Donda says:

    The accusation of attemoted rape by Woman H was the charge that created most of the lurid headlines and could have seen Alex Salmond spending 8 years in jail.

    It was proven in court that this incident did not happen, the woman was not at the dinner that night and that her testimony was contradictory and unbelievable.

    Yet it is Rape Crisis Scotland that are disgracefully used as a vehicle for this risible letter. The obvious intention is to associate the word rape with AS. The obvious person behind the letter is Woman H.

    Woman H is in big trouble. Knowing that she is using her media and political contacts to try and convince people that the jury was wrong. This is a dangerous game. Alex Salmond is right to expect justice and that means she must pay for her lies.

  105. Republicofscotland says:

    , “I thought it might be useful for you to actually read what The National says. Try not to shoot the messenger:”


    Agreed I’ve found the National a very informative newspaper since its inception, people forget easily what the media was like before we had our own independence voice via the National.

    Remember the National supports Scottish independence but it states it has no political allegiance. If we stop buying it online or the paper version, then we’ll have no voice when the next indyref comes around.

    So keep on purchasing it, it reports the news, unlike some of unionist shitrags that twist and attempt to make the news.

  106. ahundredthidiot says:

    It takes a brave person to admit then they’re wrong. I got there just before Christmas and ditched my membership and have no doubt in my mind, now, that NS – Scotlands Steward while we were dumped out of the EU and did NOTHING – will not go down well in history.

    She is no Tony Blair, however, that’s just madness, that man is a War Criminal, NS is simply allowing her ego to get the better of her.

    Is she a closet Unionist, probably not, is she becoming more establishment with each passing day? – yer damn fckn tootin!

  107. Liz g says:

    ****** Wishaw General Hospital******
    Are asking for perspect safety glasses new or used…
    Can you Wingers help… or spread the word please! X

  108. jackie says:


    You are obviously STURGEONITE

    What am I posting that is so different to other posts on here

    One day you will have your “lightbulb moment” and realise that “Your Nicky” has been taking you for a mug.

  109. Bill Hume. says:

    Another idiot (I know not if he’s the hundredth).
    Cancel your SNP membership because there just has not been enough support for another Scottish independence referendum.

    That’s really going to help us be free.

  110. John says:

    According to you we are all STUREONITES on this page , all except you of course , you are a divider , a Unionist troll, , with a remit to disrupt and divide , your hatred for Nicola Sturgeon is clear , don’t give me guff about mandates or anything else , as I said , sling your hook , your type are not wanted here !.

  111. Republicofscotland says:

    “No second Scottish independence referendum? There has never been a time when the chance of winning it has been much over 50 percent.”

    Oh Bill Hume, you were doing great till you typed the above.

    We’ve had nearly four years of Westminster in turmoil and Christ knows how many mandates for a indyref, yet Sturgeon did absolutely nothing.

    Pray tell Bill, what makes you think Sturgeon will want to leave her comfort zone now, and push for a indyref? Throw in that next year is election year, and even I can see that, at the very least (if the election isn’t postponed till 2021) it will be two years before she needs to take us seriously again on independence.

    Of course inbetween all that Salmond and others will expose Sturgeon and her clique like inner circle for what they really are, eyes are about to be opened.

  112. Alison Brown says:

    Best comment Wings has made for a very long time! Bravo!

  113. BLMac says:

    We live by the rule of law.

    All but one of the accusers of misbehaviour in public places were disbelieved by a jury consisting mainly of women. Some would say they were found to be lying because they had no witnesses to this behaviour, yet there were witnesses that it did not and was not possible to occur.

    Perhaps a perjury investigation should be instituted?

  114. jfngw says:

    I see the letter likes to highlight the verdict was split, but there is no indication of how it was split and they don’t know either. The split could have been not guilt/not proven rather than any guilty verdicts. So unless one of the jury is willing to be prosecuted and release the details we will never know, even then it would only be their word with no corroboration.

  115. Bill Hume. says:

    jackie seems a bit OTT today.
    Must be stressful working for some shady little government organisation……………and getting nowhere.

  116. jackie says:

    Bill June

    You come across as one of those “Gradualist STURGEONITES”

    She has done NOTHING to further the cause of Independence.

    Infact, she has taken us backwards

    I can see the Stugeonites a mile away.

    I don’t know whether to be angry with you,,,or feel sorry for you.

  117. Bill Hume. says:

    Republicofscotland @ 2:58.
    I didn’t say there was no mandate(s) for a referendum, I said there was little above 50% support for independence.

  118. jackie says:

    Bill Hume

    I think you are confusing me with your leader Nicola Sturgeon.

    She is the one holding back Scottish Independence,,not me

    Her and her Westminster backed “inner circle”

  119. jfngw says:

    Uber BritNat journalist Kenny Farq thinks it’s a bad idea for AS to be readmitted to the SNP, so he has over ruled it. That was the point of this who case in the first place, having lost they still want to eat their cake.

  120. ahundredthidiot says:

    Bill Hume at 2:45

    The SNP need sent a message and therefore I would advise people to cancel their SNP membership. I have convinced just about my whole family to do likewise and I am well into double figures, so far.

    NS and the Party are simply not pulling their weight. I grew up in a shit hole where everyone supported Labour, and it got people nowhere. The current SNP is taking Scotland nowhere (except out of the EU).

    In my whole adult life I have voted SNP, so wind your neck in, I directly funded my sitting MP (who’s a loony btw) and I have made sacrifices for voicing my opinion and passion for an Independent Scotland.

    Nicola Sturgeon needs to go. The GRA needs to go. We need conservative minded, business savvy, socially responsible people to lead the Party. Not a bunch of narcissistic, ideological fuckwits.

  121. Merkin Scot says:

    Mr. Salmond was aquitted on all charges.
    Not one…..
    Not two…..
    Not three….
    Not four……

    All of them.
    The Jury did not believe the Alphabet Ladies. Simple.

  122. sandra k says:

    Aslong as westminsters Leslie Evans is in charge , it seems

    she can do as she likes and nobody is prepared to reign her

    in or dismiss her. Surely as long as she is there any

    attempt to leave this useless union will be stamped on

    immediately. If there was a true wish for independence, it

    strikes me that the SNP should root out all the unionist

    plants first. Then there is the possibility of gaining

    independence unhindered, but as things stand we have as

    much chance of independence as a snowball in Hades.

  123. admiral says:

    jfngw says:
    29 March, 2020 at 3:00 pm
    I see the letter likes to highlight the verdict was split, but there is no indication of how it was split and they don’t know either.

    Exactly. Could have been 10 NG, 3 NP, 0 G for all the NG verdicts.

    I am also sure that the split in the jury votes are not officially recorded anywhere so there will be no official record of the exact numbers, just the pronouncement of the verdicts.

  124. Bill Hume. says:

    Jackie, I can see a fifth columnist a mile away……….
    p.s. I certainly don’t need your fake pity.
    I can say with absolute certainty that I have never confused you with Nicola Sturgeon.

    Hope your pay check from whatever tawdry, shadowy organisation you take your pieces of silver from is worth all the effort.

  125. admiral says:

    BLMac says:
    29 March, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    Perhaps a perjury investigation should be instituted?

    I remember, after I had served on a High Court jury in a four week trial with many witnesses called, asking my sister, a solicitor, if witnesses who had obviously lied were charged with perjury. She let out a loud snort of derision and said “if they charged all the witnesses who committed perjury, the courts would be too busy to deal with any other cases”.

  126. Bill Hume. says:

    ahundredth idiot…..sorry, but i don’t do winding my neck in.
    You are of course, entitled to your opinion.
    You are of course, entitled to withdraw your support and membership of the SNP.

    I, of course, am entitled to point out that it is doing a disservice to the cause of Scottish independence.

  127. Bill Hume. says:

    jackie must be packing up ready for the change of shift.

  128. TJenny says:

    The alphabet women give the alphabet a bad name. They are despicable.

    Waiting with bated breath for Alex and Stuey’s next move. Set the truth lasers to malky.

    Could Alex reveal all on his RT show without incurring contempt of court?

    Wallet atwitching for the crowdfunders.

  129. jfngw says:

    BBC still believing they can hid the virus death rate in England, they seem to think the English can’t subtract three number from a total by themselves, that’s one damning verdict on their education system.

    Of course it’s for a different reason, the BBC believes England is the UK so why would they produce that data.

    Sorry not about AS but until he speaks there’s not much else I can say that has not already been covered here, except I now refer to the event as Operation Salem.

  130. CameronB Brodie says:

    Those of a hard-right political outlook, such as Patel, tend to exhibit a neurocognitive impoverishment of empathic capabilities and appear to lack the relevant brain architecture to cope with complexity (see Brexit). This is why Conservatives are often ridged thinkers, hostile to cultural Others, and tend towards political authoritarianism. The more Tory, the more pronounced this biological ‘conditioning’.

  131. Clapper57 says:

    A preemptive strike perhaps ?….from the accusers..supported by the media for now.

    One in which they, the ‘accusers’, collectively hope will not taint them in the inevitable backlash that will ensue when Mr Salmond finally has HIS day/say…post current health crisis.

    If they now try to present themselves as suffering ‘victims’ of a gross injustice and try to persuade the public that they are still suffering ‘victims’ then…. come the inevitable time…when Mr Salmond has HIS day/say they, the accusers, hope the public will already be on their side….thus Mr Salmond will be …once again….the guilty party….this story today is to cast doubt on future revelations.

    So this is not a subtle attack…it is obviously orchestrated and the intended message is not just for this moment

    They, the accusers, have tactically presented their very public and collective status as that of ‘victims’ , presented ‘a’ La media, as a means to try and prevent their complicity being presented by Mr Salmond in the future……the public should be asking why the continuation of such a public condemnation of Mr Salmond when , presented with the facts, testimony of both defence and prosecution witnesses and final summation by both legal teams did a jury NOT find in their, the accusers, favour but very much in favour of Mr Salmond hence the Not Guilty verdict.

    Witch hunt : to CHASE or search for the purpose of CATCHING or killing. to PURSUE with FORCE, HOSTILITY, etc., in order to CAPTURE (often followed by down): They HUNTED him down and hanged him………..well they have not literally hanged him but tis becoming very much like a metaphorically very very public hanging… trial by media ….and unnamed ‘sources’ obvs.

  132. Al-Stuart says:

    Excellent article Stu.,

    Two things can be started to remedy this Hell-Hath-No-Fury mixed with that politically gerrymandered witch hunt of the former First Minister…

    1). Commence measures to have the Office of The Scottish Charity Commissioner investigate and AUDIT the paper trail at the Rape Crisis charity of this offensive, indictable contempt of court. It is contempt. To impugn the judicial system in the way these scorned conspirators have is literally that.

    Start here…

    The complaint to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator I. Dundee will REQUIRE to be from a female person of impeccable credentials as the Coven will try and spin this in the most disgusting of ways.

    In fact the remedy will be achieved by precisely letting the public know that REAL women of sexual harassment and rape are being put at risk by these lowest of the low types corrupting the “WEINSTEIN ME TO” movement for their own, sordid office politic games. Those alleged liars have this very REAL prospect to look forward to…

    For those involved in the failed effort to “fit-up” Alex Salmond, there WILL be women in that group who shall be likely to DO SERIOUS JAIL TIME THEMSELVES. I would bet my house on it.

    2). File a formal complaint with Police Scotland alleging an infraction of the law surrounding:-

    2 (a) Conspiricy to Pevert The Course of Justice, and;

    2 (b) Aiding & Abetting “2 (a)” above to capture those others involved in an effort to jail an innocent man.

    This second complaint element will be to Police Scotland and REQUIRE to be from a female person of impeccable credentials to ensure as much “spin” as possible from the from Coven is removed.

    Stuart (and Craig Murray), I would suggest that NOW is the time to file a formal complaint with Police Scotland as these smears will continue unabated until the legal system triggers sub judice and related legal protocols.

    It may be time to consider a fundraiser to contemporaneously launch a civil action in protecting Alex Salmond and the Scottish legal system from being undermined by the Hell-Hath-No-Fury brigade.

    Otherwise, as you succinctly put it, “Scum are going to scum”.

    Those women and husbands/men that try and manipulate things behind the scenes need to understand that using Whatsapp to get someone the jail when you dislike them politically carries very harsh consequences. Conspiracy to Pervert The Course of Justice contains a LIFE SENTENCE in jail amongst the tariff of sanctions available to the sheriff.

  133. Republicofscotland says:

    “I didn’t say there was no mandate(s) for a referendum, I said there was little above 50% support for independence.”

    And that’s a good thing Bill, its not the indy support I worry about, we’ll keep up our end of the bargain when the time comes.

  134. jfngw says:

    What I have noted now is that we have a number of high level appointees ether in the CS or ScotGov who have given evidence in court and the jury found them totally unreliable. How can these people still be in a position of trust when it has been proven they are untrustworthy. The Salem nine should resign from any governmental positions that depend on trust.

  135. Kevin Macdonald says:

    Sadly from a look at today’s papers Mr Salmond has been found guilty by the UK press despite the verdict. I feel almost sorry for the accusers that they are obviously still being used as political pawns. As someone whose fiancé was abused by her ex husband and charges to most of the offences weren’t pursued by the PF it’s strange that they were in this case. For example I didn’t know touching someone’s arm could be a sexual assault.

    There needs to be a full investigation into this esp the PF decision to pursue this case.

  136. Marie Clark says:

    Folks, I know a lot of us are angry at the treatment of AS and this cabal. But, I’m not a member of the SNP, I haven’t cancelled the National, I’ve only just taken a subscription out as I can’t get out to pick up my print copy.

    All this bickering at the top of the SNP will have to be sorted at some point, but not in the middle of the pandemic. It matters not to me what the SNP bloodletting will do, but, The SNP is NOT the independence movement. I don’t think that it’ll harm the movement at all. The stables certainly need a good clean out, but, when we are able to march and canvas once more I’ll be out there with the rest of us.

    SNP will get their house in order, but let’s just take a breath for a wee bit. Hope the 77th folk are bearing up, they seem to be out in droves just now, wee sowels LOL.

  137. Jan Cowan says:

    I don’t have words to describe how I feel about these disgraceful women. Thankfully Alex has many, many friends who will see that these characters are brought to justice.
    Alex Salmond will lead us to independence in spite of their vile poison.

  138. Morgatron says:

    Your obviously a troll, now take your Sturgeonite shite somewhere else, your a pathetic bore. DONT FEED THE TROLLS.

  139. Terry says:

    Alex could have ended his days in jail.

    If this isn’t courage and leadership I don’t know what is. He put the health of others before himself. Nicola was going to be a witness for the defence. They could have still got her to testify.

    And Alex himself is asthmatic and had pneumonia twice.

  140. Clapper57 says:

    @ Marie Clark @ 3.55pm

    Hi Marie…hope you are well….nice to see a post from you.

    Have a good day…stay safe.

  141. Cumoangerraff says:

    I hope that the women hiding behind the cloak of anonymity get their wish, and that there are ‘changes’ made to ‘procedures’, to ‘achieve justice’. The kind of justice that gives the accused the same right to anonymity as the accusers have enjoyed. And not just for those accused of sexual crimes, but for all those in the Dock, whether it be for murder, theft, or speeding offences, anything. It might also be worth considering whether those who have been found guilty of making false accusations should be named and shamed by the judge, or perhaps that’s taking justice too far.

  142. ahundredthidiot says:

    Bill Hume at 3:18

    Why is it doing a disservice to Scottish Independence?

    My much loved recently expired Uncle was a Rangers supporting 90 minute unionist, a tory voter……and also a Yes voter.

    Please don’t conflate withdrawing financial support for the SNP with not supporting Independence. I want an OUTCOME….and right now, the SNP can’t/won’t give me that. The minute change occurs at the highest level (say, Joanna Cheery with maybe AS as a political adviser) I – and my family – will be right back in there.

    And I will tell you for why….right now, as it stands….Scottish Independence is a DEAD FUCKING DUCK!

  143. Capella says:

    @ Terry – interesting that Nicola Sturgeon was a witness for the defence. She offered to put down a deposition if she couldn’t attend because of the covid19 crisis.

  144. Marie Clark says:

    Clapper57 @4.05, Hi Clapper57, I’m well at the moment thank you. Like everyone else getting a wee bit bored but hey, we’ll get there.

    Hope you and yours are well, keep safe.

  145. Dorothy Devine says:

    Cumoangeraff. I see no reason as to why that might be a step too far – naming and shaming sounds good to me.

    Mind you bringing back the stocks has always appealed too.

  146. Golfnut says:


    Thanks for that Terry, not normally a source I would look at, but very interesting.

  147. Frank Waring says:

    “Capella says:
    29 March, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    R*pe Crisis Scotland, as a charity, is obliged to fulfill its charitable purposes. OSCR will have an entry describing what their charitable purposes are. If they are undermining the rights of women and girls to protection from r*pe and sexual assault, as Stu alleges, then they are failing in their duty. They are acting against their duty. A complaint to OSCR is in order.”
    Please, please don’t let your anger lead you astray. Rape Crisis will have taken legal advice before acting like this. Read their entry on the OSCR database, and you will find that para 5.1 of their charitable purposes might almost have been framed to meet this case, though I’m sure it wasn’t.

  148. Sinky says:

    SNP riding high in opinion polls thanks to Nicola Sturgeon’s statesman like leadership over Covid19.

    As Kevin Pringle wisely says in Sunday Times, the vast majority of the people in the SNP didn’t want to pick and choose between Sturgeon and Salmond, because they have enormous admiration for both.

    The vicious attacks on Nicola Sturgeon by some merely aid the GBOK brigade and hold their fire until they know the facts

  149. Dr Jim says:

    Journalists are gossips with an agenda, but they don’t want to reveal their agenda in case the reader has another so they attempt disguise their writings so as to appear as neutral presenters of the truth

    The game is pick a side but disguise your support for that side by continually claiming what is being presented are facts, which are generally hammered away at before the actual facts are determined by courts or public enquiries

    In other words if someone wants to convince someone else of their facts before other facts are determined they write it down for others to read, and there aren’t very many folk who do that who haven’t picked a side

    In the case of Alex Salmond half of Scotland wanted him condemned guilty or not, the other half hoped that he wouldn’t be and crossed their fingers with little faith in the legal system, but lo and behold a miracle happened and the former FM was cleared, or was he, because the half of Scotland that wanted him comdemned still do and the half that wanted him cleared are still crossing their fingers because the condemning folk are still out to get him

    Some of these tactics on Mr Salmond have worked because we see the evidence from polling is that his numbers are down and not likely to rise to previous pre trial levels, so what to do next to destroy the man who brought Scotland almost to the brink of Independence, well nothing much really except to destroy his party that’s now led by Nicola Sturgeon whose poll ratings are massive and on course for an overwhelming victory in the Scottish parliament with quite probably over 70 MSPs

    Now I really don’t know whether there is a row between the FM and the current FM so until evidence is in the public domain following an enquiry I will believe no one and nothing and it certainly won’t discourage me from voting SNP at the next election because if I didn’t vote SNP how would that help Scotland keep the Unionists out of office or indeed even abolishing my parliament if they chose to

    Alex Salmond Nicola Sturgeon or uncle Tom Cobbley and all or whoever is in government in Scotland are people who are not my personal friends or relatives as long as they do the job I hoped and voted for

    I voted for Alex Salmond hoping Scotland would win its freedom, he lost and so did I, we could argue back and forth all day as to why he lost and there’d be a ton of opinions on that, but here’s one opinion, Scotland wasn’t convinced enough and at the last minute preferred a deal so are some folk really suggesting that we don’t vote SNP if the current FM is in charge, are some folk suggesting before the enquiry is complete we don’t give Nicola Sturgeon the same benefit of doubt and presumption of innocence we gave Alex Salmond because if they are then they’re a funny kind of supporter of Independence let alone the truth

    Next year will be Scotland’s last shot at Independence, it will never be allowed to happen again and we all know it because we know what Westminster will do to prevent it

    Alex Salmond will not be the FM and only a dog gambling madman, a paid assassin or a Unionist would suggest that magnitude of upheaval right now would be good for the party while the current FMs polling is higher than Alex’s could ever get to in any bid to retake possession of that office without the destruction of the party as a result, and the result of that would be definitley no Independence because the no confidence vote by the population would go through the roof and we’d be robbed again

    You know why Scotland’s crap at football?
    We keep listening to the critics with the loudest voices shouting “change the striker” and we know what critics are, people who can’t do but shout loud and F..k it up for the rest of us

  150. Auld Rock says:

    Stu, while these ‘women’ can hide behind a cloak of immunity in Scotland, like all cases this does not extend beyond Scotland. Unfortunately, the current Covid-19 worry is taking-up most newspapers abroad and they probably view this case as a ‘little insignificant local matter’ but somewhere these un-named will be named. Also, and I’m sure that you are gathering up all the detritus as in today’s papers for future reference. Before this lock-down started and living some six miles from a shop selling newspapers and I only ever got to read all newspapers if I took a 32-mile car/bus trip to the Library in Lerwick. As for digital versions I’ve got better things to do with my money!!!

    As for comments about NS above, I fear that she was/is in a ‘frying pan or fire’ type situation and she would have been pilloried if she/Scottish Government openly came out in support of AS, it was/is a delicate ‘tight-rope’.

    But our day will come.

  151. galamcennalath says:

    My understanding (and I have no special legal knowledge) is that the prosecution used the Moorov doctrine. It means something like … cases which are similar, but where each lacks corroborating witnesses, can be lumped together to show a consistent pattern with the alleged offences.

    While this sounds reasonable, surely it can only work where the sole witness in each case is unknown to the others. And, certainly not in communication with each other. When a number of witnesses know each it other, it can’t stand, can it? Questions need to be asked about how the case was put together IMO.

    It looks like there were two serious allegations, then someone went trawling years of times, places, people, and incidents to scrape together supposedly similar situations. While the two main allegations were serious and had to be fully investigated, the additions gathered to try to give an alleged pattern really were clutching at straws.

    Who, why, and motivated by what? The whole episode did indeed ‘stink’.

  152. Ayeright says:

    Q. How will we succeed in convincing enough people that Scotland can be an Independent country?

    A. Eh? By bringing down Nicola Sturgeon and destroying the SNP?

    Bzzzzz Sorry worng answer.

  153. Gary45% says:

    Nice one Stu,
    Keep going with this,just think what the “establishment” did to
    Willie MacRae, they wouldn’t get away with that now, although Dr David Kelly stood up to them, we all know the outcome there.
    The reason for the whole British Establishments hatred for Mr Salmond is he took the SNP and the Scottish Independence movement from the Sunday pub league, to the final of the Champions League, we lost because of a dodgy referee, he should never had stood down when he did, but the chance that he will be back to “guide the Natives” has them “bricking it”.
    Although he is no longer in the SNP, it would have been a show of decency if some of the party had publicly supported him after the “sham case”. (They are only in their current positions because of him).
    This man deserves the support of every Independence supporter, we owe him that.

  154. What i notice in all of this critisisimof the SNP that true to form the party are saying nothing they are completely ignoring the demands of their members they have not the courage to face and answer the members complaints to me it is them showing contempt to us no one has been sacked or demoted I say to N.S. And her civil servants GO in the name of God Go

  155. jackie says:

    Bill Hume

    What can I say?

    You seem oblivious to what is happening right in front of you.

    All we can do with STURGEONITES like yourself is,,, let you find the truth about Sturgeon and her “inner circle” by yourself.

    You will suddenly get that lightbulb moment.

    And then your anger at her will kick in.

  156. Robert Louis says:

    So, a mainly female jury, a female judge, the entire media, including ‘The National’ and blatantly biased BBC, spreading smears against him right throughout the trial, and 13 very serious charges brought against him.

    Against ALL of this, the jury decided to acquit Mr. Salmond of ALL charges. Not one charge was believed. Not one.

    Yet, here we are, today, with a literal orgy of smearing of an INNOCENT man, by the so-called ‘journalists’ of Scotland, and a vile cabal of conspirators, here there and wherever.

    I know who looks bad at the end of today, and it isn’t Mr. Salmond. Very much looking forward to his new book.

    Incidentally, my support for ‘The National’ ended today. I expected better. Just another tawdry rag. Bye, bye National.

  157. Sinky says:

    Panelbase Poll in Sunday Times no doubt commissioned on basis in anticipation of a guilty verdict shows SNP on track to win overall majority with 7O seats. On 51% up 8 percentage points on constituency vote and UP 10 percentage points to 48% on list vote. Indy up 2% to 49%.

    1023 adults surveyed between March 24 and March 26

  158. Jessie says:

    “We lost the battle, but we will win the war.” text message from head civil servant Leslie Evans to the collaborators.

    Can someone please have a word with Leslie “Onoda” Evans and tell her the War is over?

    I’d just like to ask the woman who says Alex Salmond put his hand on her knee whilst her husband sat in the front seat, and a former police officer drove the car, you don’t need anonymity. You were in a position where you had lots of available support if you wanted to kick off & your complaint, if it was to be believed at all in light of the layout of the car, seems of the minor “don’t touch any part of me without my consent” rather than being any sexualised assault.

    Similarly, the woman that says seventeen years ago or whatever, Alex Salmond ran his hands up and down her waist in the middle of a dancefloor, your complaint doesn’t seem so serious that you’d need to hide your identity. Please let us know who you are.

    To the woman that says her bottom was pinched at the flagpole and the woman that said her bottom was smacked as she walked up the stairs, again these are not allegations that require all this anonymity. Women tell each other things like this all the time and don’t demand the secrecy provisions in place for rape and child sexual assault victims.

    To everyone who has wondered why people complain that the Scottish third sector, almost exclusively funded by Scottish Government and Council monies, are not a good thing for our democracy – the use of Rape Crisis Scotland to send out this message is a great example.

    Thank you for attending to your duties the female Judge and Jury members who have been dreadfully smeared.

  159. HYUFD says:

    The same Panelbase poll also had 51% of Scottish voters opposing independence but never mind, Nicola will still be in Bute House!

  160. jackie says:

    Re: Corona virus updates from english ministers on the BBC.

    When they talk about the “country”, which country are they talking of.?

    Are they talking about the country of england, or are they talking about the country that is the UK?

    If they are talking about the country that is the UK, then are they talking about the countries of Scotland Wales N Ireland and engerland?

    If so the latter, then they are talking about the countries within the country.

    Hope you are following these very important public health information broadcasts.

    And still no itemised numbers for the four nations of the UK.

    I wonder why?

  161. Doug says:

    Excellent article from The Rev. Once again the SNP is seen to be losing its focus on the one thing that matters most [even more than the current health crisis]: Scotland’s independence.

    The latest poll shows Scots are still willing to support the SNP. The SNP must use that support to fight for independence – now. The people of Scotland deserve no less.

  162. Mike d says:

    Was going to take out a digital subscription for the national. They can GTF with that now.

  163. Mike d says:

    Exactly doug. The wife and i discussing where we would like our ashes scattered when our time comes. She says,would i like mine scattered back home in Scotland. I’m thinking, might as well be in england, my country is only a region of greater england, so wont make any difference.

  164. jackie says:

    Support for the SNP does not always equate to support for Independence.

    There are many many Unionists who vote SNP,,,for the simple reason that the SNP have morphed into a Devolutionist Unionist Party.

    And in 2021 we should not even have been talking about the devolved government at Holyrood, we should have been having elections for an independent Scotland’s first parliamentary elections.

    But hey ho,,, I forgot that it’s Sturgeon who is running the show.

  165. Mike d says:

    Jackie. I switch off when i hear ‘the country’ sh**e. Was’nt good for my blood pressure.

  166. Rm says:

    The SNP should maybe hold their hand out to AS, what the people want is Independence if the SNP don’t start trying harder and another party does start up people will turn to it, the people are looking for Independence doesn’t matter who brings it, after we get it every party can fight it out in a Scotland that stands alone, people are getting fed up with politicians you can see through most of them. At the same time the SNP have done a good job of looking after the country with limited resources, they should have pushed more for Independence during the brexit fiasco, some kind of civil war will set us back.

  167. Mike d says:

    Dr jim.4.34pm. Agree with your assessment, but once this virus situation sorts itself out. No excuses, before the next holyrood elections, NS needs to take the gloves off and go for the westminster jugular. We can but hope but i wont hold my breath.

  168. robertknight says:

    I suspect that if you were to ask your average SNP career politician if, given a choice of only one scenario, they preferred a 70% showing for the SNP in the polls or a 70% showing for Indy, their answer would disappoint you.

  169. Mist001 says:

    This naming and shaming business is nonsense. Absolute nonsense. It’s just people being nosey, looking for tittle tattle gosip amongst their clique.

    The assorted complainers case failed the test of a court. They had no evidence and Alex Salmond rightly, walked a free man.

    End of story.

    What are you going to do when you find out the names of these women? Go round to their houses and tan their windows in?

    Knowing their names serves no purpose other than something to gossip and snipe about.

    What, if anything, happens next is between Alex and them and that’s all there is to it. It will not make one jot of a difference to your lives.

  170. Gordon McAuslane says:

    I have foot slogged, leafleted, door-knocked and street-canvassed for the SNP for 16 years. I have paid my membership subs and campaign donations, attended rallies and bought the various publications that subsidise the SNP. I want independence for Scotland for two main reasons: For the democracy that we don’t get in the English parliament and to shed the huge overheads that being in the United Kingdom cost Scotland.
    I have not been doing this for myself, (I am 82), but for the generations of Scots following me.
    Right before my eyes, I can see the party disintegrating and it is profoundly depressing. If Alec Salmond carries out his threat to wreak vengeance on the party, I will cease to support it. My monthly membership subscription, my election donations and my direct debit to both of the independence periodicals I buy will all go.
    Alec Salmond became a busted flush when he lost the referendum in 2014 and rightly handed the reins to Nicola Sturgeon, who increased the membership 5-fold. Those who would see Alec back in command better be sure that they can replace the membership and associated funding that will be lost when Sturgeon is deposed. There are no more supporting millionaires.

  171. LYDIA REID says:

    My disgust just knows no bounds
    A man found innocent and decisively so is still hounded by the political cabal that lied to try and convict him
    Ably assisted by MSM and rape crisis Scotland
    Where are the police in this
    Why are they not charging these women and men who lied
    What is more frightening is this
    Although this man is a giant in politics And a man with the integrity to enough to tell the truth This could be any man
    Women in cases over custody do this and hide behind tears
    Women who want more money from a divorce settlement do this and hide behind tears
    Yet still a man is not a man unless he gives up his seat opens doors for them and gives them equal pay when they cannot do the same job
    Their are time when i am so ashamed of women
    To men I would say from now on refuse to be alone with a woman

  172. Habiballah Steele says:

    “Can we apply the innocent until proven guilty rule on the First Munistef
    Until a full public enquiry is held?”

    Alex Salmond has already been acquitted, so a public enquiry will not find the former First Minister guilty.

    The “Alphabet Women”, have been shown in court to have lied, committed perjury. Why were they not prosecuted?

    The Statement by the Rape Crises Centre issued the report by those women as if they were telling the truth. It was, however, clear from the evidence from the witnesses for the defence that they were lying, and the verdict and judgement was that they were lying.The National published the statement from the RCS without a response from Alex Salmond and his defence team. That was wrong. I am seriously considering cancelling my digital subscription.

  173. Effijy says:

    The Corona virus deaths for England appear to be circa 1,150.
    I would have expected Scotland’s figure to be about 10% of that
    At 115 but we have lost 41 valued lives.

    That’s almost one third of what we should have expected so well done to
    Every member of the Scottish Healthcare team.

    We must give credit to the SNP Government for outing the value of our lives
    Before the value of the English Pound.

    If I was in England with triple the chance of dying I’d me asking why England isn’t
    Begging Scotland to share the secret of our success.

    Well I suppose they voted to say they don’t care about the NHS.

    Tory Minister on TV reading out large numbers for the NHS Masks, Gloves and Gowns etc
    They have that free license to lie about the numbers of course as who else can say they counted them differently but no matter how many were dispatched they are way short of what is required.

    They have now proven their claim to have bought a stockpile of equipment that will see us through
    Was an out and out lie.

    They don’t have the required equipment so it can’t be delivered and our health workers are put in danger of their lives and we need these people to save our lives.

    Really there are Doctors and a Nurse who serve as English Tory MPs! FFS

  174. callmedave says:

    Manufacturers cast doubt on ventilator target

  175. jfngw says:

    Will the Boris Johnson letters be personally signed by his corana virus infested hand, maybe he will throw in a free pen like Trump did when signing stuff.

  176. callmedave says:

    FGS! Posted original link instead of archive link!! 🙁

  177. mike cassidy says:

    Alex Salmond trial: First Minister removed from list of defence witnesses citing coronavirus crisis

  178. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    There’s a bunch of anonymous women, and there’s Rape Crisis Scotland apparently convinced that any accusation must be accompanied by a mandatory “guilty” verdict, and there’s Magrit Curran, who gave the world the unique spectacle of being a one-time sour winner, but somehow Stu has to turn this motley miscellany of actors into the “Scottish Government”?

    Whit? Magrit and the SG in “deep state” collusion? It’s so preposterous a notion it’s simultaneously laughable and cringeworthy.

    We can do without reckless and exaggerated mud-slinging on either side of the divide. Especially when it’s driven by nothing more than wounded pride and personal pique.

    At this critical time we need leadership that’s way bigger than that.

  179. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    There’s a bunch of anonymous women, and there’s R.a.p.e Crisis Scotland apparently convinced that any accusation must be accompanied by a mandatory “guilty” verdict, and there’s Magrit Curran, who gave the world the unique spectacle of being a one-time sour winner, but somehow Stu has to turn this motley miscellany of actors into the “Scottish Government”?

    Whit? Magrit and the SG in “deep state” collusion? It’s so preposterous a notion it’s simultaneously laughable and cringeworthy.

    We can do without reckless and exaggerated mud-slinging on either side of the divide. Especially when it’s driven by nothing more than wounded pride and personal pique.

    At this critical time we need leadership that’s way bigger than that.

  180. Pete says:

    Don’t you think that the density of population within England, in particular London, might have something to do with the respective death rates?
    Please use some intelligence before making these daft remarks.

  181. HYUFD says:

    Effijy The largest number of cases in England by far are in London, the largest city in western Europe and one of the biggest cities in the world. Scotland has no city anywhere near London in size, indeed there are more people living in London than the whole of Scotland, hence as the virus spreads fastest in big cities England has more cases and more deaths overall

  182. Republicofscotland says:

    BBC news reporting that Alex Salmond lawyer said derogatory things about him, and that he also named two of the women whilst talking to someone on a train.

    The BBC’s secret video of the event, is very vague, Salmonds lawyer has reported himself to the authorities over it the Law Society I think.

  183. ahundredthidiot says:

    Bill Hume

    where are you?…you disappear and HYFUD shows up…

    ….I’m fucking watching you.

  184. Merkin Scot says:

    Lawyer says his client is a “Sex Pest”? lol Does anyone actually talk like that with the exception of tabloid journalists? Doubt it. There are one or two on this site who betray themselves by pretending to talk ‘like wan ay us’. Laughable.
    One of the reasons the conspiracy was so obvious was that the script looked like it had been written by a Sun journo after a good lunch in the office.

  185. robbo says:

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 5:14 pm
    Re: Corona virus updates from english ministers on the BBC.

    Awaw and shyte ya zoomer.

    Yi wur telt that days ago. Stop trying your pish on us that you’re the phantom of all knowledge.

    We see you yoon!

  186. Dorothy Devine says:

    It seems that loose lips sink ships.

    As for the ladies who cannot accept the verdict their ill advised run to the media threatens their anonymity in my book.

  187. jfngw says:


    Yesterday, I’ve not checked today’s figures, England had 84.4% of the confirmed infected cases that is almost exactly the population proportion of the UK. They have the worst death/infection rate of the UK countries, something is not working in England regarding this outbreak.

  188. Astonished says:

    Cameron Brodie – I agree with your assessment.

    Gordon McAuslane : I have been footslogging for the Nats since the 1980s. Please don’t give up now when we are so near. We are not split or splitting.

    Alex Salmond was found not guilty on all the charges. The ‘alphabet accusers’ were not believed. They think they can continue as before. They can’t.

    The first minister has said nothing and done nothing regarding the verdict. I accept that she may be innocent of any wrongdoing, however her silence is wrong.

    The whirlwind is coming.

  189. robbo says:

    Pete says:
    29 March, 2020 at 6:48 pm

    Percentages and ratios don’t change dimwit. England at these rates will surpass China in 1-2 weeks.

    Good luck wae that.

    Hope my English x survives though!

  190. jfngw says:


    Just to add it could be the infection rate in England is being wildly under reported/estimated and is much worse than people think. After seeing the Cheltenham festival and the London underground that would be explain many things.

  191. Republicofscotland says:

    “Lawyer says his client is a “Sex Pest”

    After watching the BBC sting video, oops I meant fellow passenger who just happened to have their phone out and recording whilst hiding two seats down.

    Jacksons replies especially the “sexual one, is presented out of context.

    Of course a Rape Crisis Scotland official immediately spoke after the video. Lets not forget that one of the complainants (of Sturgeons close inner circle)is directly responsible for issuing the funding to them.

  192. ahundredthidiot says:

    Jackie might be a wee bit shoot fae the hip, but I am at a loss as to why she/he might be a Unionist Troll.

    Happy to accommodate the argument?

  193. ScottieDog says:

    @ HYUFD
    Yes very different situation in big urban centres.

    I was in Crawley a week and a half ago. No choice had to for work. I was gobsmacked how no one seemed to be taking things seriously. Folk in hairdressers, cafes etc. Albeit before the lockdown It was just surreal. When you have an area like Greater London, this is the reason things should have been put in place long before they were. It was deeply disturbing and I feel so sorry for folk down there (including work colleagues).

    I’m on day 7 now self-isolating after showing symptoms on Sunday last week. I’m lucky to be fit and healthy (not so young anymore) but I had an unpleasant week.

  194. Vestas says:

    Gordon McAuslane says:
    29 March, 2020 at 5:53 pm
    “Those who would see Alec back in command better be sure that they can replace the membership and associated funding that will be lost when Sturgeon is deposed.”

    You mean like the “ring-fenced” indy fund which is now where exactly?

    As pointed out by (IIRC) Craig Murray it was roughly the same sum as the salary of the SNP “CEO” – a Mr Murrell. Shurely shome coincidence as Private Eye used to say…..

    The SNP is broke other than short money. Who’s going to contribute their own cash to people who make LibDem politicians look honest and loyal.

  195. robbo says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    29 March, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    He/She’s sitting next to you. Why don’t you’s go for a tea break or sumit

  196. Fireproofjim says:

    Surely no one believes that the “passenger” on the train recording Gordon Jackson’s comments on Alex Salmond was a member of the public.
    It is glaringly obvious he must have been following Jackson for days in the hope of such an unguarded moment and must be either a reporter or, more likely, a government agent equipped with the necessary unobtrusive recording equipment.
    They will do anything to destroy Alex.
    That does not excuse Gordon Jackson for foolishness.
    On the subject of the National, those who say they will cancel their subscription because the National reported on the alphabet women’s snivelling complaint about the trial should consider this. The paper reported truthfully what they said. It did not give it any approval and the paper is otherwise full of sympathetic comment on Alex’s behalf.
    Do these critics only want the National to publish SNP press releases?
    This was a legitimate story and had to be published. It’s a newspaper.

  197. Dr Jim says:

    Johnson in England like Trump in America used controversial populist issues to divide the population of England in order to rule it, the problem with using that method to gain power for powers sake is that 50% of the country you divided hates your guts so it becomes as it is now ungovernable because that percentage of the population will never have respect for anyone who lied to them and the people who did vote for you feel they have to defend a stupid decision after finding out they were conned into making it and become belligerant and intolerant

    Revenge will come at Johnson from all sides when the Corona virus emergency is over and probably led by Theresa May and the great stabber Michael Gove

    I’d put money on England wishing they’d kept big Treeza noo, horrible woman though she is she’d have done a better job of this emergency than Johnson, she’s a knuckle down and get on with it politician, Johnson’s just big mouth promises and hiding with his fingers crossed mentally doing a King Canute, exactly like Trump

    And Dominic Cummings will slip away into the night with his knapsack packed off to his next Nazi party assignment

  198. ahundredthidiot says:


    haha, you really are a dipshit.

    Although, I wouldn’t mind meeting Jackie, she would certainly be more fiery than you, you dipshit, brit loving, establishment loving lackey.

    Go fuck ma bit. Yer rumbled.

  199. ahundredthidiot says:


    I am still waiting for your case against Jackie…please make it…or fuckity fuck offity

  200. Jock McDonnell says:

    I’m with Golfnut – I’m not buying Into any ‘Sturgeon is a unionist’ narrative. She could have done more damage if she was.

    Salmond is a true Independence supporter & I trust his political judgement, I will listen very carefully to what he says when he chooses to speak.

  201. Astonished says:


    The Salmond witches much better than the alphabet accusers.

  202. Fireproofjim says:

    Aye right @4.49
    “How to bring about independence – bring down NS and destroy the SNP- wrong answer”
    How right you are.
    Now, with Inde polls at better than 50%, is the time for reconciliation not a civil war, but some of those poisonous civil servants have got to go. Lesley Evans we are thinking of you.

  203. jfngw says:

    If the death rate in Germany is more accurate as they are testing more thoroughly, and assuming the outcomes are similar between the countries, this would indicate there is closer to 166,000 infected people in the UK rather than the 20,000 reported.

  204. jackie says:


    Prize wanker and a 100% STURGEONITE.

    You are probably one of the Woke members of the SNP who supports men becoming women.

    Is your night time internet name really Robbo Pussy Dick?

    One day you will also have that lightbulb moment Miss Robbo. When you suddenly realise Nicky has been taking you for a mug.

  205. Dr Jim says:

    I keep reading this nonsense that the Scottish government funds R..e Crisis therefore must be responsible or agree with anything they say

    The Scottish government funds endless amounts of organisations they don’t issue doctrine on what they say, if they did they’d be accused of a whole set of other things

  206. jackie says:


    Robbo the Wokist likes the SNP because it means he can now legally use women’s toilets,, unlike before, where he had to creep in and out of female toilets whilst trying to avoid being caught.

    And he really prefers being called Robbo Pussy Dick.

  207. robbo says:

    ahundrethidiot and jackie

    I think you may have tried to insult the wrong robbo Lmao

    You’re a pair right enough- “Craiglang” the place for you two -eegits

  208. jackie says:

    Robbo Pussy Dick

    Is it not time you slipped into that new dress you bought the other day?

    Your internet clients are waiting.

  209. Ayeright says:


    Carstairs might be more suitable and appropriate than Craiglang.

  210. Alan of Neilston says:

    BBC. and Sarah Smith again at it . Will not let A.S. not guilty verdict be sustained!!
    This propaganda war should be resisted particularly on this site.

  211. jackie says:

    Ayeright and Robbo Pussy Dick .

    Two SNP Wokists comforting each other.

    Can either of you two explain what a transexual is?

    Being you two are heavily involved with such things.

  212. Confused says:

    The cabal-who-never-colluded could go for the Tommy Counter –

    – AS is guilty, obviously; but he won at trial, therefore :

    he must have committed perjury!

    now get him done for that.

  213. Steve Haggerty says:

    The fact the unionists and MSM are attacking an innocent man and not investigating Wullie Rennie who supports a man David Steel who covered up for a child rapist Cyril Smith and allowed the rapist to continue to rape children, shows the priorities of the hated unionist establishment

  214. Ayeright says:

    It used to be intelligent and knowledgeable people that read and commented on this site and which made it so popular.

    Now it has jackie as it’s most prolific commenter. Oh dear.

  215. Cmonindy says:

    I wonder if Wee Ginger Dug will keep his close association with the National?

  216. Muscleguy says:

    You should bear in mind that power is a known aphrodisiac for many women. It would be unbelievable if a number of women had NOT thrown themselves at AS whilst he was Leader of the SNP and First Minister.

    It would take the determination of a saint to do NOTHING in response. I also you have never been in a position where a junior female colleague wants something from you and comes over all coquettish when asking. I’ve been there. Fortunately I considered myself a happily married family man at the time who would never betray his wife. But that is me, other people have different sorts of marriages and I do not pretend to know about AS’s.

    Add in the long, high pressure days when these people saw more of each other than of their respective significant others. Again any student of human behaviour would expect at least some ‘inappropriate’ behaviour at least when letting of needed steam.

  217. ahundredthidiot says:


    make your case against Jackie please?

    I am waiting……



  218. pict says:

    the man was found innocent and not guilty of any criminal act being seen as obnoxious is not criminal but these women behind their shield of anonymity and helped by rape crisis appear to have a serious problem in understanding that anonymous allegations against men are not always honest and can be driven by a desire for some type of revenge against perceived injustices in this case there appears to have been some form of collusion between the alleged victims e mail allegedly stating “we may have lost a battle but will win the war”perhaps a civil action by alex salmond could be on the cards I wonder if rape crisis would pick up bill

  219. ahundredthidiot says:

    fuck sake robbo, whats keeping you?

    I am happy to subscribe to Jackie being a Unionist, but please make your case?……or are you a fekn imbecile?

  220. ahundredthidiot says:

    Has Robbos shift finished at 9…or maybe 8pm.

    me thinks so…..

    night night little Brit

  221. Ayeright says:

    Carstairs must be full tonight, unfortunately.

  222. First they ignore you says:

    To the current SNP high heid yins “The Will To Win Is Not Worth Much Unless You Have the Will To Prepare To Win”

  223. Sharny Dubs says:

    There’s a rumour going round that a Mr Murrell has been taken into custody.

    It is believed his is going to be charged with having an offensive person on his weapon.

    Stay safe folks.

  224. ahundredthidiot says:


    aye, full of delusional unionists……would that include you?

  225. Merkin Scot says:

    Wee Ginger Dug is also badly damaged by this for his refusal to acknowledge that there is a problem. More and more he sounds like Ian Blackford.
    If I had a pound for the ‘We will not be dragged…’ meme I would be a rich guy.

  226. ahundredthidiot says:

    Wee Ginger Dug was always going to eat his own shite… was just a matter of time.


  227. Ayeright says:

    Now this site is being used to attack other bloggers, no division here though eh!

  228. jfngw says:

    Seems to be a lot of George W Bush’s here now, with you are either with me or against me, no nuance of position, no deviation from their point of view allowed.

    I follow the principle of independence, I don’t follow leaders, they will never be able to maintain the pinnacle of perfection demand by some here. I don’t care if it’s NS or AS or somebody else that leads us to independence, I just want it to happen before I snuff it.

  229. Someonewhoisnolonger says:

    The media will keep slandering.

    Its not about what is credible. Its about getting shit to stick in just enough peoples minds to nullify him politically.

    The SNP are dead. On one side its Sturgeon. On the other a man who just enough thick people will be put off by. In the middle there’s a high quantity of insufferable feminists, LGBTFC6 types, anti nationalist globalists, EU fetishists and assorted empty vessels with their Guardian papers all desperate to confirm they are nationalists…but in a non-bigoted international and non-nationalist way. There will be a slow but steady trickle of people, hungry for partial sanity and a break from the total hypocrisy, looking to the right.

    But don’t be too hard on those thicko’s who believe or even semi-believe what the establishment voices tell them. Most of you do it on a weekly basis when it comes to outside political figures whose politics you don’t agree with. Something, anything, negative about that person I disagree with? Ill take it.

    As a wise (and ruggedly handsome) former regular to this comments board said several times – identity/victim politics isn’t pushed on you to unite you. Its there to destroy you and any cohesive grass roots movement you would care to establish. Its pure poison and you’ve all let it in because it felt better and more uplifting at the time to seem to be kind than to be smart.

    In other ground breaking (but hardly covered) news: the US Fed is no longer an independent entity and has been absorbed by the Treasury. If that means nothing to you then to put it into perspective its what Kennedy signed an executive order for some months before he was shot. Funnily enough Abe Lincoln was shot for the same reason.

    Its good that someone, somewhere is getting things done 🙂

  230. ahundredthidiot says:


    then you’re just a stick in the river.

    People like you deserve to get caught up in a wake for eternity.

    Indecisive at best, foolish at worst.

  231. jfngw says:


    What a pretentious wanker, ha ha ha.

  232. Gordon Keane says:

    I have been appalled by the way the Scottish Print Media has run certain anti Salmond stories over the weekend.Tho not too surprised.
    Saturday was bad, but today, not any better.
    Basically, they seem intent on disputing the Verdict of the Court here, and also, of trying as best they can, to sow doubt in the minds of the wider public, and of the electorate.
    Stuff like demanding Sturgeon doesn’t stay silent, etc.
    Well, the First Minister didn’t say too much on Monday, for there was had nothing much she could say.I can’t see how they can add anything to more to that
    But I don’t get that line she ought to say more in the face of Alex Salmond being angry etc,, Why should he be angry?
    A lot of us are angry as well over this affair.

  233. ahundredthidiot says:


    perhaps, maybe even yes, but whats your point?

    you don’t have one, do you?

    Take comfort in your indecision…….must be bliss…

  234. Roger says:

    So what to make of it all?
    Were the A-K women lying? Did the women on the jury disbelieve them? Not necessarily. It seems far more likely that the jury believed the allegations but did NOT think they reached the threshold of sexual assault.

    Didn’t Gordon Jackson, AS’s defence QC, concede exactly this point in his summing up? “I’m not dealing with whether [Salmond] could have been a better man because he clearly could have been, but whether it is established he was guilty of serious, sometimes very serious criminal charges.”

    So it’s not quite as black and white as partisans on both sides try to make out. AS is NOT guilty of the criminal charges levelled against him; but his conduct seems to have been not of the highest standards either.

    NS might well be guilty of having been seduced by power and relatively happy with the current set-up, or she might have fallen into the trap of trying to make Scotland, via her government, seem ”worthy’ of indy. Didn’t one of her ministers run off to the Ukraine on a trip paid for by the Ukrainian government, and come back spouting the Ukrainian government line on Russi, the Dombass and the Crimea? (And,whatever about Russia’s flaws, the Ukranian government is riddled with fascists ). And all this gender stuff actually mirrors much the same thing in Norway – a country that an indy Scotland models itself on). NS sometimes seems to be trying to convince the world that an indy Scotland would be something that wouldn’t scare the horses (which, to my mind, means there’s little point to it if nothing much would change except the name of the passports)

    The SNP might be split because of all this, the question is will the discontented simply fade away, will they try retake the party, will they form a new party and would such a party succeed? I don’t know. I think the reality is simply that the leadership of the Indy movement has become centerist and absorbed in US style identity politics because they mistake that for being ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’ – the very term ‘national’ and ‘nationalist’ embarrasses them. They’re morphing into a version of Clintonism, right at the moment that the bankruptcy of Clintonism is there for all the world to see.

  235. ahundredthidiot says:


    You keep saying ‘they’ so you are clearly not one of ‘us’

    now, fuckity fuck off you dim whited bastard.

    do you really think you can come on Scotlands main website and con us?….you dumb schmuck.

    go get troopy a fucking coffee and give us real Scots a break.

  236. Astonished says:

    Roger – It is black and white. Alex Salmond was found not guilty on all charges.

    One of the FALSE accusations was attempted rape.

    The accusers colluded and lied (I accept some to a more or lesser degree).

    The whirlwind is coming. Wind your britnat neck in.

  237. Elmac says:

    Capella @2.20

    Thanks for the link. Never subscribed to the National but bought the print version virtually every day since inception. The one you link to was the last I will ever buy let alone read.

    By the way I have only ever once resigned from the SNP, that was on 31 January 2020, a day of infamy. I will however continually call for a root and branch clear out of the Sturgeon cabal, failing which I will give my support to the rise of a new party with urgent and undiluted independence as it’s goal.

  238. Roger says:


    You chose you name well, didn’t you?

    If the opposition to where NS is taking the Indy movement comes down to swivel-eyed loons spouting conspiracy theories ranting and swearing…it’s going nowhere.

  239. ahundredthidiot says:

    and btw Roger, it took you 30 minutes to read the thread since you came on shift, I’m half pished and it took me 30 seconds to see through you.

    Consider that.

    You Brit Fucks have no chance.

  240. mike cassidy says:

    Watched ‘Life Of Brian’ for the first time in decades.

    Stunned to find the entire trans debate summed up in this short scene.

  241. Bill Hume. says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    29 March, 2020 at 7:00 pm

    Bill Hume

    where are you?…you disappear and HYFUD shows up…

    ….I’m fucking watching you.

    You can fucking well watch all you like……I was off making dinner for my wife and I.

    Unlike yourself, I don’t hide behind stupid made up names.
    What you see is what you get.
    My name is Bill Hume…..You can find me quite easily on the internet.

    Now, who the fuck are you?

    When I think about it, I really don’t care who the fuck you are…….piss off if you don’t like what I say.

  242. ahundredthidiot says:

    Christ, if every time I had a pound for idiots quoting my name……I’d be a millionaire

  243. Roger says:

    @Mike cassidy

    Funny, I was thinking of exactly that scene earlier. The Life of Brian was really radical and controversial when it came out, but it wouldn’t be shown on TV today – not because it would offend the holy rollers, but because that scene would offend the trans…It just show how much society has changed.

  244. Bill Hume. says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    29 March, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    Christ, if every time I had a pound for idiots quoting my name……I’d be a millionaire

    Poor response even by your low standards.

    Fuck off and stop clogging up BTL here.

  245. John Jones says:

    I just wish all the various conmentators would get their heads sorted.
    the target is Indy no matter who delivers it. I’ve never been a SNP member don’t agree with a lot of their policies nor Msp, Mp’s or supporters views. what I am is a fervent supporter of self rule
    so whats the point of all this infighting splitting the main aim?
    when we get indy then we can sort out what way it will go through the ballot box.
    So get together agree we’ve got differences and start the big push for after this virus mess, nothing else matters.
    All together out loud,,
    (YES WHY NO?)

  246. ahundredthidiot says:

    Bill Hume

    You’re alright… apologies,

    Not getting my name though.


  247. defo says:

    Jackson to NS in a viral free High court.
    “Can you tell us when you first became aware of these allegations, from who did you hear them, and is this the first time you had heard about any impropriety involving your former boss?”
    “Did you know they were to be “sat on”, for potential future use?”

    Downhill thereafter, like a runaway train.

  248. Bill Hume. says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    29 March, 2020 at 10:17 pm

    Bill Hume

    You’re alright… apologies,

    Not getting my name though.


    I know I’m alright….don’t give a fuck what your name is.
    Just piss off.

  249. ahundredthidiot says:

    Bill Hume

    That’s ok man, if you’re for Indy, then your cool with me.

    love you man

    peace, love and cool beans

    (you’re still a wee bit of a dick though)

  250. Milady says:

    Good piece Rev. But I’ve simultaneously slipped into a parallel dimension where Mark Smith wrote a fair article. It’s….disturbing.

  251. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Sarah Smith’s knickers must be soaking tonight. She was positively orgasmic when contributing to the latest let’s kick Alex Salmond piece.

    The bravest women in the long and controversial history of how we prosecute rape cases have been those small numbers of women who have waived anonymity in controversial cases. These nine women would perhaps gain some support if they were to do this.

    To continue to push for action against Alex Salmond, even after the verdict, and to do so with the protection of anonymity, shows them to be self-centred and only interested in revenge.

    The above said, I will vote for Independence, if we ever get Indyref2. But, for as long as the current cabal are running the SNP|, and supporting these discredited women, I will not be voting SNP.

  252. Balaaargh says:

    The existence of the WhatsApp group stinks of collusion.

    Of course, even his own QC knew Salmond was guilty. If you believe the BBC…

  253. Elmac says:

    Mist001 @5.48

    “Knowing their names serves no purpose other than something to gossip and snipe about.” Totally disagree. Making their names public is essential to fairness and balance. Many of them are now proven liars in a very high profile case – why should the public be denied knowledge of who they are when the man they sought to smear is is still subject to snide comments in spite of his vindication in court. What would they have stood to gain from a conviction? Do they have previous form for this kind of thing? More to the point if these women were to be granted anonymity why was the same privilege not extended to the accused from the outset? No names at all is acceptable, names on one side only is an abuse of our justice system and should never happen again.

    That said I am aware that we should not discourage victims of sexual abuse to come forward and appreciate that anonymity is important, but it must be for both sides as underlined by the outcome of this case. Why should one (ultimately proven innocent) party bear the slings, arrows, mud and crap of a biased media whilst the false accusers remain squeaky clean. Their names must be made public now. The Procurator Fiscal must consider whether charges for perjury are appropriate and the SNP and Scottish Government must consider whether these individuals have breached the terms of their employment. Whether or not any of these things happen I have confidence that AS will, in his own time, extract his pound of flesh from these liars.

  254. Ayeright says:

    Trump will save the world, press conference now with all the answers.

  255. jackie says:

    Bill Hume

    You tell the likes of me to fuck off from the Wings website.

    Who would you like left on the site.

    Would you like it filled with the Woke Brigade?

    So you can all wear your dresses without getting abused from scum like me.

    You are a Woke Gradualist STURGEONITE

    Get over it.

  256. ahundredthidiot says:


    the question is not whether Trump CAN save the World, but more IF he COULD save the World….would you subscribe?

    Some people would rather die…..and that is SAD

  257. Elmac says:

    It is becoming a chore to pick my way through the childish mud slinging on this site. Would the children please go back to the nursery and let the adults have a serious conversation on what really matters.

  258. jackie says:

    The site Wokes:

    Bill Hume
    Dr Jim
    Robbo Pussy Dick
    Liz g
    And some other idiot called John

    And the rest of you Wokes and STURGEONITES
    Know who you are

  259. Kenny says:

    I canny be bothered reading all the previous posts but frankly I agree with his QC when he said he was an areshole. He admitted his behaviour was not that of a Scottish First Minster and he jeopardised the cause. You don’t have to be guilty of a crime to be a nuisance.

    As far as I am concerned, he can feck off into obscurity.

    And I never EVER thought I would say this, but Stu, if you want to put him before the cause, so can you.

  260. jackie says:


    All the nurseries are closed

    Do try to keep up

  261. Bill Hume. says:

    Oh dear, I must be getting under jackie’s skin…..what a pity.

    Never mind eh? it’s kept him/her occupied for a bit and when he/she’s occupied insulting me he/she’s not spouting more shite against the independence movement.
    Every cloud etc.
    p.s. I have never worn a dress.
    P.P.S…..I happen to rather like Nicola Sturgeon.
    P.P.P.s. Fuck off.

  262. jackie says:

    Bill Hume

    Please post ANY comments I have made against the Independence movenent

    Any comments

  263. Elmac says:


    Suggest you get back there as soon as they reopen.

  264. jackie says:

    Bill Hume

    I will wait on your reply

  265. jackie says:


    Why have you joined in then???

    Does that not mean you are as bad as the rest of the Woke Brigade

  266. jackie says:

    Bill Hume

    What’s keeping you?

    Got a ladder on your tights?

  267. Elmac says:


    Not worthy of a response. Goodnight and goodbye.

  268. ahundredthidiot says:


    leave Liz G out of this

  269. Gordon Keane says:

    “Elmac says:
    29 March, 2020 at 10:58 pm
    It is becoming a chore to pick my way through the childish mud slinging on this site. Would the children please go back to the nursery and let the adults have a serious conversation on what really matters.”

    Agreed on that point!

  270. jackie says:

    Bill Hume

    Still waiting

  271. jackie says:

    Liz g butted into something that had nothing to do with her.

    Sorry mate, but she should mind her own business

  272. Ayeright says:

    Does anyone believe this character supports Independence 🙂

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    This is definitely turning into a straight forward war between the “I love Nicola” brigade and the “Nicola must resign immediately” brigade.

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 12:24 pm

    Sleazy Unionist bastard Sturgeon has all the answers.

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    Since Sturgeon became leader of the SNP/Yes Movement, how many times has she been on our screens rebutting Unionist lies and propaganda?

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    We don’t need Sturgeon as leader at this moment in time, we are being told what to do from London.

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    ian macdiarmid
    You are obviously a STURGEONITE

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    You are obviously another STURGEONITE..

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    Another obvious STURGEONITE

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 1:17 pm

    Like Union Jack McConnell. Sturgeon has been overcome by her lust for power.

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    Another obvious STURGEONITE

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    One day,,, hopefully soon,,,the STURGEONITES will see the light.

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    Why am I so angry with Sturgeon?
    I am angry with Sturgeon because I blame her for me losing my European Citizenship.

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    Do you remember when Sturgeon “accidentally” bowed her head when she greeted Cameron on the steps of Bute House.

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 2:55 pm

    You are obviously STURGEONITE

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 3:02 pm

    Bill June
    You come across as one of those “Gradualist STURGEONITES”

    jackie says:
    29 March, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Bill Hume
    I think you are confusing me with your leader Nicola Sturgeon.

    Then they changed shifts and the tone changed but the abuse didn’t, check for yourselves LOL

  273. call me dave says:

    Trumps lost it completely now. 🙂

    Caine Mutiny (Humphrey Bogart) stuff

    Accusing the NY Hospitals of stealing & selling masks no less, hence a shortage, in a live press conference just now. FGS!

  274. Ayeright says:

    Nicola Sturgeon was a possible witness for the defence in the Alex Salmond trial. Anyone think there might be a plot to undermine and get rid of the SNP leader?

    Naw, surely the Unionists wouldn’t stoop so low. Would they?

  275. Mist001 says:

    I certainly DO believe that Jackie is a fervent Scottish independence supporter, certainly.

    I’ve been online since 1997 and have participated in many, many blogs and forums over the years. They say that UFO blogs are full of conspiracy theorists and all this, but I’ll tell you this.

    The Rev’s blog is fine, it’s actually good but as for the comments, it’s absolutely RIFE with paranoiacs, conspiracy theorists, the lot, probably even more so than any UFO forums.

    If you criticise Mrs. Murrell, the SNP, point out where the independence movement could do better, guaranteed that you’ll be called one of the following, though not exclusively, a ‘Britnat’, a ‘Yoon’, a ‘British agent’, a ‘fifth columnist’, a ‘deep state operative’, a ’77th Brigade operative’ and many more that I can’t be arsed to think of. I know this, because I get it all the time too.

    People think the SNP and Mrs. Murrell has been infiltrated by MI5, the ‘Deep state’, Mrs. Murrell is a MI5 operative, all the rest.

    Has it never occurred to anybody that she just might be shite at her job?

    Instead, all the paranoiacs come out with whatever their favourite fantasy is at any given moment. It’s fucking ridiculous.

    In my book, Mrs. Murrell deserves all, and more, criticism that she receives and if anyone can’t see that, then it’s YOU that’s causing more harm to the independence movement than anything that MI5 could do!

    I believe that Jackie is 100% independence driven, as am I, and many others on here and whilst I can’t speak for Jackie or anyone else, I can say for myself that I will not be silenced from criticising Mrs. Murrell or the SNP on the strength of a couple of fucking paranoid maniacs who’ve been let loose behind a fucking keyboard.

    Get a grip of yourselves!

  276. Ayeright says:

    Top fans of Wings now.

    Mist001 and jackie, praise indeed from undoubtedly ardent Independence supporters. The Independence movement is lucky to have such smary=t and dedicated people in it’s mists lol

  277. Ayeright says:

    “fervent” was good I liked that, the fervence shines through

  278. Iain More says:

    Cut their funding!!!!! Rape Crises Scotland that is. Give it to another organization that might actually care for victims of Rape and Domestic Abuse because it is clear that rape Crises Scotland doesn’t give a fuck. Rape Crises Scotland is now just a yoon political front and a hotbed of Quizzers.

  279. terence callachan says:

    Kenny….. Jackie…could you two arrange to meet up and keep each other occupied you’re getting on everyone’s nerves

  280. jackie says:


    You actually went through all those posts ,,,then copied and pasted them.

    All those posts prove is that I have caught on to what Sturgeon is all about.

    It certainly had nothing to do with me being against Scottish Independence

    You wasted all that time for nothing.

    Sad woke STURGEONITE bastard

  281. Clive Scott says:

    I used to think Wingers supported Scottish independence but after reading the anti SNP anti Nicola shite on this thread I realise I made a mistake.

  282. jackie says:


    I STILL find that hard to believe what you just done there

    Fuckin hell

    Sad doesn’t even come close

  283. Ayeright says:

    “Sad woke STURGEONITE bastard”

    Another badge of honour to wear with pride. Thank You 🙂

  284. terence callachan says:

    I think AS did not commit crime it was absolutely correct that he be found not guilty

    I think NS probably had no involvement in the legal action against AS its not her that decides whether or not a case reaches court.

    I see where people are coming from in being suspicious about her silence throughout and
    I see where they are coming from in being annoyed she never joins Indy marches


    NS has done a great job as FM

    I believe it possible that Westminster’s propaganda war against Scotland includes setting up the alphabet women and I think their aim was to sink get AS imprisoned and then get NS out of the FM job in the hope that better together British labour could take back control .

    I will not condemn NS there is no evidence against her , only opinions and suggestions

    Let’s wait and see

    And remind ourselves that England’s Westminster wants ASs and NS out of the picture not just AS

  285. jackie says:


    Are you that lunatic Heedracker ???

    He used to do all the same shit you do

  286. jackie says:


    What about that other loonie Cubby,,, are you Cubby???

  287. terence callachan says:

    Hey Mist001…is Jackie in France as well ?

  288. jackie says:


    Or are you geeo???

  289. jackie says:


    Say something constructive,,, then jog on

  290. meg merrilees says:

    Sarah Smith shocked by Gordon Jackson’s shockingly indiscreet behaviour on the train – shock horror.
    He is heard using the word ‘sex-pest’ but we don’t know why or who he has referred to as a sex-pest only that he was heard using the word – so he must have been using it to describe Alex Salmond of course….

    And there is a video of him – I wonder who took that and they just happened to be in the next seat listening in and recording it on their phone – how did that come about? Wasn’t there supposed to be social distancing by that time during the trial?

    Oh, and apparently Gordon Jackson said that he’ had to just put a hint of a smell’ on one of the alphabet plaintiffs – surely he was only able to do that because of her evidence…

    The papers and the BBC really have reached a new low. Sunday Times now gutter press.
    What do you expect though from a business that has called Judges the enemy of the people.

    I’ve used the words ‘murderer’, ‘bomb’ and ‘rhubarb’ during past train journeys – doesn’t mean I’m planning to kill someone or blow up something or eat rhubarb but there again it’s one rule for one and one rule for anyone supporting independence.

    These women are supposedly ‘devastated’ by the outcome of the trial – have they thought for one moment how devastated Alex Salmond and his wife have been by all their lies.

    Now that’s what I call shocking.

  291. Mist001 says:

    No, Jackie is not in France as far as I’m aware. At least, they’re not in my house, I know that much.

    Are you in France?

    More likely, la la land.

  292. Marshall Adair says:

    “Jackie” … your tiresome, infantile and manic behaviour is wrecking this blog.

  293. Mist001 says:

    I read the Gordon Jackson story earlier and to me, my take is this.

    He was talking to someone he knew and very likely, someone in the legal profession.

    You wouldn’t strike up a conversation, start discussing your current case and say these things, call AS an ‘arsehole’ and discuss your defence strategy with a complete random stranger, would you?

    And a lawyer certainly wouldn’t, not without charging you.

    No, Gordon Jackson was speaking to someone that he knew, and knew well enough to discuss confidential matters with them.

  294. Mist001 says:

    @ Marshall Adair

    It’s the paranoiacs that are wrecking this blog. You can’t be critical of Mrs. Murrell or the SNP without being subjected to name calling and accusations as I described above.

    Can anyone explain to me how independence is supposed to progress if you can’t criticise the leadership and strategy?

    That’s precisely why I no longer refer to it as the independence movement.

    Because it doesn’t do any fucking moving.

  295. Ayeright says:

    Maybe Carstairs will have more room tomorrow. Wishful thinking.

  296. CameronB Brodie says:

    Is this what btl on Wings has been like while I’ve been away? I feel for those who have persisted, as the misrepresentation and gas-lighting is out of control.

    I sense a disturbance in the force. 😉

  297. Willie says:

    Sturgeon and her clique need to go and go before they are pushed.

    George Robertson Labour’s ex Secretary of State for Scotland had the current situation in mind when all these years ago he said that ‘ devolution would kill independence stone dead ‘ But it does not need to be like that.

    The SNP under new leadership and an SG actually committed to independence can take us to where we want to be. Sturgeon, her gang and the establishment know that, they know that independence could be close, and that is now being reinforced by continuing to try and continue discrediting Alex Salmond and potential First Minister the excellent Joanna Cherry MP QC.

    And isn’t it interesting that in the case of Joanna Cherry wanting to secure the Hollyrood nomination for Edinburgh Central that Angus Roberson the husband of Jennifer ( nee Dempsie ) an ex SPAD to Alex Salmond, is standing against Cherry when there are other seats becoming vacant in which Angus Roberson could stand instead of Cherry’s home patch.

    The fight to recover the heart and soul of the SNP and restore a leader committed to that is underway. The current leadership know what’s coming.

    Change is underway.

  298. Molly says:

    Terence Callaghan ,
    Might be an unpopular view but totally agree with you .

    Let’s say you have a company you run with your brother . You love him to bits but there are certain aspects of his personality- not so much
    HR come to you and say, a few of the staff are not happy with his behaviour

    Do you think ach he’s my brother , I’ll keep the peace ?


    Do you think – In the best interest of this company this has to be addressed ?


    You ignore , sweep it under the carpet and dread every day waking to a red top headline of their timing ?

    As you say at the moment it’s all opinions ( including mine) and pre Corona I was as frustrated at the very process driven style of Nicola as the next person but that in itself kind of points to someone who is not going to suddenly risk all for what ?

    Others agendas are another matter, as you say let’s wait and see

  299. Ayeright says:

    Wee Willie Winkie rins through the toon,
    Up stairs an’ doon stairs in his nicht-gown

    The desperation is palpable and the stench overwhelming.

    They are LOSING and they know it. Shitt*ng themselves now.

    Check the latest poll results for the SNP hahaha.

  300. Polly says:

    A great title for your post. The pigs are indeed considered more equal than the other animals. Makes a total nonsense of the ‘meeee tooo’ movement and anyone getting in on the act about any little thing and their slogan ‘believe all women’. Believe all, except female witnesses for the defence who contradicted their statements, and female jurors who disbelieved their testimony.

    Someone above said (god knows who I got lost in the names), they felt let down by Salmond because he hadn’t been more careful at a time during which I suppose the thought was he should have been squeaky clean since thrown mud sticks. My own thoughts changed before, during and after trial. Hearing the charges I thought this can’t be true; at the start his accepting some as consensual acts I agreed ‘how dare he chance papers finding out about even a little out of marriage dalliance during such a time; after all the reported testimony, including the obviously hostile defence witness Alex Bell, who had to still say on oath he saw nothing such as was being claimed, despite hating Salmond with a vengeance (as his newspaper article later gave plenty of proof) I then realised the extent of manipulation used to make all the charges try to conform. More of, indeed.
    My view of other people also made similar shift before, during and after trial in like fashion. With Sturgeon it went from ‘she’s been foolishly manipulated to help them set up Salmond’, to she must be involved in at least some of it, to considering the folk she surrounds herself with and ‘is it really possible she’s just a horrendous judge of character?’ But then that would mean Salmond was a horrendous judge of her character for all those years and I don’t believe that for a minute.
    I was in a quandary who to believe but as someone wrote once,

    “Take your choice, but you must be satisfied with only one. There is but such a quantity of merit between them; just enough to make one good sort of man; and of late it has been shifting about pretty much. For my part, I am inclined to believe it all Mr. Darcy’s, but you shall do as you chuse.”

    Sexes and names are wrong but situation pretty similar. One side smeared the other, that other defended and showed proof with independent witnesses who had nothing to gain, afterwards first side kept trying to play on sympathy and how hard done by they were until they did a despicable thing for all to see. Salmond and Sturgeon can’t both be good in this situation, despite Kevin Pringles’s hopes. Take your choice, what kind of party do you want. Seeing the kind of campaigns they’ve run, the kind of governments they’ve each headed during their different tenors, what kind of Scotland would you prefer?

    For me that made it all crystal clear.

  301. Sinky says:

    It is very difficult to find out the number of Covid19 deaths in Scotland as compared to England in the Scottish press and UK national news. Why is this?

  302. Polly says:

    *tenures, obviously or the tenor of their leaderships. Sorry

  303. Muscleguy says:


    This. Never ascribe to malie that which would best be explained by incompetence. Sturgeon is frit. She’s told us she’s frit. August 2014 was so traumatic for the poor little flower that she cannot countenance another indyref until the polls magically rise to 60% Yes.

    That we can’t get them there absent a proper, formal campaign is apparently not her problem. She has offloaded the effort on us and will brook no excuses.

    This is the problem. The ‘no indyref unless it’s legal’ stuff is a smokescreen, a holding position because she’s still frit. And look at the fallout from the Salmond trial and GRA. These are the folks who are advising her. One said she was only a lukewarm independence supporter and she has the ear of the FM.

    If Sturgeon won’t buck up her ideas and have a clearout she will have to be part of the clearout. No one person, not her, not Alex Salmond, not even the Rev Stu is more imporartant than independence.

    If there needs to be metaphorical blood on the path to freedom then so be it.

  304. Breeks says:

    Sinky says:
    30 March, 2020 at 8:15 am
    It is very difficult to find out the number of Covid19 deaths in Scotland as compared to England in the Scottish press….

  305. Muscleguy says:

    I don’t get the impression any more that Sturgeon’s dearest wish is to be the FM who gets us over the line and leads us to Independence Day.

    The problem is Johnson in No10 is adamant that he doesn’t want to be the PM who loses Scotland. He is nothing if not a keen student of history (whether he draws the right lessons from it?).

    So lukewarm contests with adamant and lukewarm is uses adamant as a reason to be continue to be lukewarm. We should have started a political guerrilla warfare. We should end intergovernment cooperation unless absolutely necessary. We should act like a rebel country and make us too much trouble to continue to govern. That’s what the irish did. It’s what most of the Empire did. It was Gandhi’s modus operandi. It should be ours.

    Stop recognising CRB checks in Scotland. Make PVG the only recognised check. Do that in as many ways that we can. Make Scotland FEEL like a foreign country to English people. Make it stand like a Beacon for the Welsh.

    Ignore the press and get the Chinese to build stuff, like proper deep water container ports.

  306. Muscleguy says:

    Johnson’s move to make himself Minister for the Union was him signalling that he was seriously adamant on that point. It might have looked comical from up here but he was deadly serious and we should not mistake him on that point. He will continue to say NO to a Section 30 unless the polls drop back to 30% again.

  307. Willie says:

    Stinky says it’s very difficult to find out the COVID 19 deaths in Scotland.

    Well that’s not surprising. It’s a secret. A closely guarded secret. So don’t ask Sinky. You have no right to know.

    The Vichy Governor General Sturgeon’s administration doesn’t want you to know..Meanwhile her top team, top civil servant and alphabet conspirators continue to devote their efforts to stop the now exonerated Salmond.

  308. Doug Buchannan says:

    Strange how a short period of time can see a blog probing and highlighting unionism’s lies and contradictions with reasoned and cutting debate –

    – into a

    pro union blog populated by non thinking idiots including SIU trolls using foul and vile language to undermine the most successful party and its leader in these islands!

    You can see the readership of wings has plummeted, wonder why, it’s no longer what it was, the debate is of bbc HYS standard with bile filled insults.

    What are the objectives of wings, no longer Scottish independence, it’s now promoting a mythical party led by someone whose motives and commitment are as clear as mud.

    As far as wings is concerned, job done as far as unionism concerned! What a shame!

  309. Dan says:


    I see Breeks has linked to one source but there’s also.

    CameronB Brodie says: at 1:54 am

    Is this what btl on Wings has been like while I’ve been away?

    No, it has been generally ok Cam, but there does appear to have been an outbreak of Chronicvirus over the weekend.

  310. Willie says:

    And while I’m going on about the ("Quizmaster" - Ed) Sturgeon.

    Does no one find it strange that she and her government have stood resolutely behind Boris Johnson, paying fulsome tribute to the hard work of his Westminster Government.

    Clearly Sturgeon is deliberately oblivious to shortage of face masks, personal protective equipment, ventilators that so many of our doctors and nurses are desperately calling out for. Or what of her silence on Prince Charles fleeing north with an entourage of seventy for then to have NHS Scotland to deploy priority testing for him and his team. Not a word of comment from Governor General Sturgeon on she tells us we all have to work together.

    Or what about all of the self employed. With no financial support from Westminster until June, how do they heat, light and feed themselves and families if they have no emergency savings. Not a word about that from Nicola, but plenty of praise for Boris Johnson and his government.

  311. Dan says:

    Due to these unprecedented circumstances and the cross societal implications, surely there will be a need to rework the recent Scottish budget.
    Monies to be allocated to certain “non-essential” projects or groups could be suspended and diverted to more important areas.

  312. jockmcx says:

    Independance is in the bag (u do know that right?)…’THEY’
    certainly do…

    ‘THEY’ want to decide who negotiates it when it happens, and
    who’s in power after it… like you do know that

  313. Breeks says:

    Ayeright says:
    30 March, 2020 at 2:20 am

    Check the latest poll results for the SNP hahaha….

    The vitriol in your comments and you love/hate preoccupation with Rev Stu’s blog reminds me a lot of Scottish Renewables. You will excuse the SNP from all wrongdoing, inadequacy, underachievement and conspiracy, just as long as it delivers the barest incremental improvement in the polls.

    You equate every vote for the SNP as testimony to the effectiveness of the SNP, but where do I fit in that Venn diagram?

    I am an ardent supporter of Independence, and more radical in that belief than many others. I have precious little regard for the SNP under Sturgeon; too timid, too slow, too pedestrian, too weak, too conciliatory, too ineffective, and much too unambitious. On her watch, Scotland has suffered a colonial assault on it’s constitutional sovereignty and the unconstitutional subjugation of our democracy, which saw us all robbed of our European Citizenship while Sturgeon looked on and did nothing, nothing except acquiesce and surrender one Scottish redoubt after another. Some champion.

    A more visceral critic of Sturgeon than me you would struggle to find in all of Scotland, but in that poll you promote, you would still find me in that poll ardently supporting the SNP. Not because I support or approve of the SNP, but because ardent supporters of Independence like me have nobody else to vote for.

    There is only one show in town, for now, but when you take how I would vote when given a binary choice, and then misrepresent the way I would vote as vindication that all is well with the moribund SNP, I must tell you Ayeright, it feels like abuse. It feels like you are taking a thing that doesn’t belong to you.

    It is people like you who persuade me that Scotland urgently needs an alternative pro Independence Party so that I might accurately express my support for Scottish Independence, yet also register my withering condemnation for the limp and feckless SNP under Sturgeon which I hold directly responsible for the forfeit of my sovereign birthright and European Citizenship.

    You still think it’s hahaha ”funny” that your narrow poll majority might be shored up by other disillusioned, long suffering foot soldiers like me, who would jump this stricken and becalmed ship in a heartbeat and put our faith in a more aggressive and assertive champion of Scotland’s best interests?

    Your Indy poll in these circumstances is just a yardstick for the lesser of two evils. Declare it as a measure of success, and you will upset people like me, and make an alternative YES party not just inevitable, but it’s arrival when it comes will feel like a breath of fresh air.

  314. Famous15 says:


    Back to the 77th classroom for you.You were taught not to overcook the pudding. and you have done a King Alfred. Be more subtle and people will believe you if they are daft enough.

    Problem for you is most people in Scotland now support independence but this virus has to be beaten first.

  315. Andrew Walker says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive.” Well, the alphabet women are continuing in their deceit, lies and attention-seeking manoeuvres and cognitive deficit. Just bide your time Alex, the more they say, the more they’re disbelieved. When you decide the time is right for your “see the light of day” exposure, give it all you’ve got …. not writing from a prison cell, but thankfully as a free man, with all of Scotland support (yes, if need be, count me in to crowdfund).

  316. Golfnut says:

    It’s easy to understand why bawjaws, Cummings and the rest of the incompetent dross, past and present, at Westminster didn’t want Nicola anywhere near negotiations and decision making over Brexit. The latest wheeze is to freeze her out of the Cobra process, because apparently she is upstaging Bawjaws, announcing school closures, restricting numbers of assembly, advising the construction and other industries to close. Not only that, but within the confines of devolution, she and her team have managed to source property, equipment and staff for 50 coronavirus assessments centres covering the whole of Scotland. Channel 4 is the only broadcaster to inform the people of Scotland of this innovative service.
    Please feel free to scroll pass the shit stirring, poison spreaders currently infecting this site.
    The truth is out there.

  317. Rm says:

    If the SNP really want to breakaway from the union they’ll embrace every political hub, try and get everyone together and fix something out before there is civil war between people who are all looking for the same thing, if they don’t hold their hand out there’s something wrong, it’s what the people want not the politicians, it’s the civil servants from down south that are trying and succeeding in causing a split, the sooner every faction gets together the better, if everyone sticks together just now to beat this virus we can stick together to beat anything.

  318. jfngw says:

    Now that phone hacking has been frowned upon (who knows if they still do it but just keep quite about it when leaking the stories) they have moved onto conversation hacking. Illicit recording of conversations in public places and claim it was just a random member of the public that just happened to be recording when a particular discussion took place.

    Do trains not have cctv in the carriages, I’m sure the person recording this could easily be found if required, all it needs is the will. I suspect any recordings will have disappeared.

  319. jackie says:

    I see the BBC have stopped all news updates on their morning news programme.


    Even though it was shite, it was still Scottish shite, now our ruling masters have even deprived us of that.

    The BBC is meant to be a UK wide information service in times of national crisis.

    But as far as I can see and hear, all I get is what is happening in england.

    Why the fuck is the Scottish government sitting back and accepting this?

    Why are they not demanding that there should be MORE Scottish only updates instead of LESS.

    I think I know why, I think it’s because of our little Unionist leader in Scotland doing what she is told by the people in London who rule over us.

    If Nicola Sturgeon was a dick she would suffer from Erectile Disfunction.

    She is as limp as a wet lettuce.

  320. I am an Snp member,i pay my membership every month and i vote Snp at every given turn, but i do not really comment much, but this situation about Alex Salmond and the independence movement is making me seething with anger.
    firstly,Right from the off, the first time i heard about the acusations against Alex Salmond, i thought this is a stitch up and i was right. The most annoying thing about this hole case was the fact that its, ahem, nationilists who are out to get him. The snp has to get rid of these infiltrators and replace them with patriots, not careerists.
    Secondly.Support for independence is about 50%, the snp has a majority government and virtually all of the westminster seats. Qustion for the snp leader ship. What the fuck are yous playing at.The treaty of union is nothing more than a busines arrangement, But you are kissing bojos arse asking for a referendum. Get him telt, we are having a vote when it suits us, not you bawbag. To quote sun tsu, you attack the enmy when they are at the weakist.

  321. Dan says:

    So Mercedes Formula 1 engineers with assistance from some clinicians have managed to create a breathing aid to help treat folk affected by the virus.

    It’s amazing (not really) what can be accomplished if the psychos in power were motivated to fund positive developments for humanity and the planet we live on, as opposed to blowing so much effort and cash on wars and weaponry.

    All those millions of quids worth of missiles, bombs and other warfare equipment bought for “defence” are a fat lot of use when our own health workers still don’t have the proper personal protection clothing to defend themselves, or the medical equipment to defend those suffering from the worst harm the virus can do.

    Is it really asking for too much to elect enough folk with vision that will stand up to affect change and do things a different and better way, rather than them meekly pocketing big dosh and kowtowing into the current same old “system”?

    Fuck it, probably not, so I’m aff to the garden again to wear out the spade on another veg bed as I enter my 3rd week of self-desolation…

  322. callmedave says:

    BBC Ditto in Wales (news)

    S(myth) commission 2015 report.

    SNP outvoted by Sottish Tories and Scottish Labour on the committee they didn’t want it devolved so only a token gesture on Scottish broadcasting. 🙁

    It’s all on wings articles in the archives round about that date if you look for it.

  323. callmedave says:

    Was at three ATM’s this morning all empty.
    Had to use the plastic card to pay.

    Probably try cash back at Lidls or Asda on Wednesday.

    Who replenishes machines and what if you don’t have a card? 🙁

  324. robbo says:

    anaw, the phantom of all knowledge is back for an early shift today. Expect bile, expect same auld stuff stated by many folk days go. As if we somehow don’t see.

  325. John H. says:

    I am the last person to presume that I should tell you how to run this site Stuart. You are the owner. But, as the fight for independence starts to heat up again, as it will, something will surely have to be done to clean this place up if it is to survive in an effective form.

    The personal attacks, both on public personalities and on fellow posters have become vile. Some people who have appeared here recently seem to be determined to outdo each other in vile insults and gutter language. Perhaps they don’t know how to express themselves in any other way, but the site is becoming unreadable, which may well be what some of these people intend, but not all.

    One or two I think really can’t help themselves. They now see Wings as a place where they can go to and let rip at the world with no comeback. They think they can say whatever they like, to anyone they like, about anyone they please.

    One thing is for sure, though your writing is as sharp and effective as ever, I hesitate these days to direct anyone to come here. Please Stuart, do something about this situation.

  326. Dorothy Devine says:

    John H , use the contact form and reprint what you wrote .

    I have already done so.

  327. TheBuchanLoony says:

    Re the trial…Is it not the case that the jury’s verdict could have been unanimous against a verdict of ‘guilty’? In Scotland it is not a binary verdict of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. The ‘majority’ could have been between ‘not guilty’ and ‘not proven’.

  328. Famous15 says:

    John H

    The problem is STu writes these excellent articles but on twitter he is foul mouthed.At school we were taught that foul language was used by people lacking the skill to be emphatic without using foul language. I could not guess why Stu does it when he is such a clever word smith.

    I suppose we all have flaws but self destruction is tragic.

  329. jackie says:


    Did you really have to???

    There are some on here who have become Wings police enforcement officers

    How about a post of what you think of the current Scottish government

    Or are you only interested in the chase to the bottom of the page with people you don’t agree with

  330. jackie says:

    The Sturgeon apologists contribute NOTHING to the site

  331. jfngw says:

    If those in power want the public to stay onboard with the current restriction they will need to cut out the mindless pettiness that is coming to the top. You can understand how some in the police will go over the fore, the type of person that tends to join the police have a tendency to a stasi nature to start with so giving them more power will be a nirvana to them.

    Joined in by the curtain twitchers desperate to find those in contravention of their own personal interpretation of the lockdown rules. Either those at the top need to keep a lid on this or the situation will break down in a few weeks, it needs the acceptance of the public not just the dictatorial statements from a few.

  332. jfngw says:

    Let me correct that sentence (changed the wrong word ).

    If those in power want the public to stay onboard with the current restriction they will need to cut out the mindless pettiness that is coming to the fore. You can understand how some in the police will go over the top, the type of person that tends to join the police have a tendency to a stasi nature to start with so giving them more power will be a nirvana to them.

  333. jackie says:


    “The phantom of all knowledge…”

    I think that should be “fountain” Robbo.

    Sorted that for you numbnut.

  334. Mist001 says:

    Let me get this right, I don’t want to fuck this up but……

    All you people who imagine yourselves to be ‘true Scots’, standing with your chests puffed out proudly as you declare it to people, are whining about a bit of expressive language used on an internet blog……….

    Yet to you, Billy Connolly, who has virtually built his career on the word ‘fuck’, is a hero and completely acceptable?

    LOL!! Talk about fucking hypocritical snowflakes.

  335. Ron Maclean says:

    Her prioritised position as First Minister requires the leader of the SNP to act as Westminster’s vassal. Nicola Sturgeon has perfected that role and adroitly avoids taking any action which might recognise and publicise her conflicting responsibilities, or further the aims of the party she leads.

  336. Famous15 says:


    No! Phantom of all knowledge fits you perfectly. I would say think about i but you are incapable of thought.

    You are so obvious.Sheesh.

  337. jfngw says:

    Things that I was unaware of. Even although the ultra BritNats can’t get their hands on power at Holyrood they have realised they can ensconce themselves in all the power bodies across Scotland that is outwith the control of the public. They are everywhere when you check on who is on the boards, all working against the cause of independence.

  338. Mist001 says:

    “They are everywhere when you check on who is on the boards, all working against the cause of independence.”

    See? There’s the paranoia that I spoke about last night.

    Independence is rife with it and trainee psychiatrists would have a field day with it.

    Maybe if independence was a bit more proactive instead of sitting around whinging with each other like a group of old men sitting round a table in a pub grouching, then all these secret agents wouldn’t be able to infiltrate independence so easily.

    I don’t think they’re infiltrating anything, they’re probably sitting back pissing themselves laughing at the shambles the whole thing has become.

  339. jfngw

    I read yesterday in a ‘reputable’ source that it was a ‘journalist’ who secretly recorded/filmed Gordon Jackson on the train. Whether that knowledge makes it more credible or more despicable is an equal question.
    I repeat my query further up the thread – wasn’t there social distancing by that time during the trial i.e. before the defence started or early on in the defence- in which case should not said journalist have been sitting a further away and then unable to overhear. Looks as if he/she ( most likely a ‘she’ as the ‘fairer sex’ seem to be the ones behaving unfairly) was in the next seat.

    Do we still have double jeopardy in Scotland? they’re obviously pushing for a retrial and a different outcome until they get the justice they want to have.

  340. jfngw says:

    @meg merrilees

    It’s interesting they were following the defence council but not the prosecution, I think that displays what their attitude to the trial was.

    Also all those getting upset that the defence was doing its job by exposing the facts. They had no problem with the prosecution putting a smell on AS (and the closing speech was nothing but putting a smell on him), they are only concerned with how the defence behaved.

  341. jfngw says:


    Play Misty For Me.

  342. Capella says:

    @ jfngw @ meg merrilees – agree. It has always been the case that key positions in the administration of Scotland are occupied by unionist loyalists. The the example of Ian McHarg . He was a Scottish landscape architect who made his name in the University of Pennsylvania where he founded the world famous Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning in 1955. He submitted plans for an innovative housing development in Scotland:

    I submitted the plans to Alex Wylie, chief architect for new towns, who then arranged for me to present the material to the permanent undersecretary, Mr McGuiness, an Irishman with a Scottish accent. Wylie introduced the idea and gave his endorsment. I was asked to add my remarks. I spoke glowingly of the hanging gardens, the morning-golden windows, the beautiful views, access to workplaces on the Clyde, proximity to Glasgow, the beautiful landscape setting and, above all, of the greater economy of this scheme as compared with conventional bulding. There was a long silence.

    “Well.” McGuiness said, “It is certainly revolutionary. There’s no doubt about that, and I am impressed by the arguments about its economy, but we can’t build this in Scotland. Why, they haven’t even built it in England yet.”

    “Sir,” I said. “If the Scots have to wait for the bloody English to build something before we can, this is not the country for me. Good day, sir.”

    Ian McHarg promptly emigrated to the USA.

    This is happening today in public bodies.

  343. Mist001 says:

    @ jfngw

    Mist is actually the first two letters of my first name and the first two letters of my surname. The 001 comes from an old plan that I had years ago that since I would have to have numerous accounts around the place, then I could keep track by naming them Mist001, Mist002, Mist003 and so on. That plan lasted about five minutes.

    It was mildly amusing in the early days because Americans, and it was almost exclusively Americans, automatically assumed that because I called myself Mist, that I was a girl, so would try and ‘hit’ on me. I’d play along until I got bored at which point I’d do the big reveal and give them a few choice Scottish phrases, which i can’t repeat on here in case some snowflake reports me to The Rev!

    And there you have it.

  344. Republicofscotland says:

    There’s a new face at the head of the snake, that’s Scotlands number one enemy, as Ken McCallum takes over from Andrew Parker as the head of MI5.

  345. Effijy says:

    Friend called to say switch on BBC to watch NHS Scotland Health Announcements.

    Just caught Scotland’s health minister speaking and she was cut short to go to
    London for breaking news?

    The Japanese have announced the date for the next Olympic Games would be in July 2021.?

    Can you see the need to leave Scotland’s Health update as we might have missed the start of the games in 15 months time.

    Next urgent London news, the Israeli Prime Minister is. Self isolating as a precaution.
    That has really eased my health concerns for Scotland and changed my plans for the day? FFS

    These duplicitous bastards at the BBC need their arses dragged down to the border and bout as far into it as possible.

    Wipe your feet afterwards.

  346. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile Johnson was furious at Sturgeon for closing schools before he did. To gazump Sturgoen on making any decisions in the future Johnson has orderd his Cobra war cabinet to release information only at the last minute.

    Johnson was also furious that Sturgeon that called for gathering of 500 people to be banned and that the construction industry should cease working for now.

    It’s pretty clear that Scotland needs to make its own decisions on what actions to take over the Coronavirus, and not to listening to the bumbling fool Johnson who indirectly killed God knows hom many folk with his insane herd immunity idea.

    Add in that Johnson has such a hatred for Johnny Foreigner that he refused help on acquiring ventilators from them, instead the inept fool is, or has, purchased 10,000 unproven in the field thrown together “ventilators” from a vaccum cleaning company that moved production to Singapore after Brexit, even though the firm said it wouldn’t.

    The above paints a clear picture among a plethora of other reasons why Scotland must become a independent nation in the coming years.

  347. jfngw says:


    It’s was a song and a film I was referencing, the name just fitted. Maybe I thought you were Clint Eastwood, who knows.

  348. Republicofscotland says:

    “Friend called to say switch on BBC to watch NHS Scotland Health Announcements.

    Just caught Scotland’s health minister speaking and she was cut short to go to
    London for breaking news?”

    Sturgeon said from what I can recall.

    Smear tests postponed, bowel screening postoponed, breast screening postponed, male abdominal screening postponed, retina screening with regards to diabetes postponed.

    The SECC in Glasgow will be prepared and ready for patients within a fortnight firstly with 300 beds, and 1000 beds more if needed.

    That’s all I can remember.

  349. Effijy says:

    Thanks but I found the First Ministers announcement on line.

    I was fuming again as she agreed to take questions from the Daily Hail
    and the Hoots Mon’ fake journalists looking to score
    Political points.

    Never thought I’d say this but NS, follow Bojo and Trumps lead and ignore
    Those you can see are working against you and in this case against Scotland

  350. schrodingers cat says:

    i understand why the alphabet brigade had anonymity during the trial, but the case is now over.

    why does their anonymity continue?

    from reading the various blogs newspaper reports during the trial, it is clear that all the reporters know their identity.

    if that is the case, why have their identities not been leaked?

    who gains from this state of affairs?

  351. jfngw says:

    You can see how the BBC work to hint that AS was a sex pest but word it such they can claim they were only actually reporting what others are claiming, nothing to do with them. It’s their standard practice when attacking the SNP, make it a third person statement without ever revealing who this third person is, or if they actually exist at all.

  352. Republicofscotland says:

    Craig Murray has a very interestingv new thread on the persecution of Alex Salmond.

  353. Pete says:

    Don’t know what you were watching but the wife and I were fuming that the Scottish health announcements seemed to be on both BBC1 and2 at the same time.
    My wife was fuming that she was missing Bargain Hunt.

  354. Dorothy Devine says:

    I watched Bargain Hunt – strange that you and she missed it.

  355. jfngw says:

    The gang of nine are still have the cover of anonymity for the legal case. Those who raised complaints via their employment may not have, this is not covered by the legal proceedings, and to prove this the judge through out evidence from the employment case stating it was not part of the cases being brought.

  356. Colin Alexander says:

    Apologies if already posted, see link at bottom.

    Following exercise Cygnus serious inadequacies were revealed regarding the preparedness of the NHS and the UK state to deal with a major outbreak of respiratory infection.

    The story reports that the conclusions were so alarming that the Cygnus findings were buried and little was done to address the issues identified.

    Anyone willing to do an FOI to the Scottish Govt asking whether Cygnus applied to Scotland or any similar exercise was undertaken in Scotland in its findings?

  357. Bill McLean says:

    Jackie at 1215 – the saying is “the FOUNT of all”. Now I await with bated breath what you’ll decide to call me! This site is being destroyed not by opinion, or fact, but by foul language and unnecessary insult

  358. Confused says:

    the ambassadors latest blogpost is a scorcher – some jaw-dropping stuff; read of the day


    stinks worse than a rotten fish under the floorboards

  359. Robert Louis says:

    Cannot recommend this new article by Craug Murray enough. If you were still in any doubt as to what was really going on, then this article might help you out.

  360. schrodingers cat says:

    I should state that in this article I have, absolutely against my own instincts, deferred to Alex Salmond’s noble but in my view over-generous wish to wait until the Covid-19 virus has passed before giving all the names of those involved and presenting the supporting documents. I have therefore removed several names from this article. Alex Salmond believes that it is wrong to move on this at a time when many people are suffering and grieving, and he has stated that it would indeed be narcissistic to think of his own troubles at this time of wider calamity. I find this extremely upsetting when his enemies are showing absolutely no respect nor restraint whatsoever and are engaged in full-on attack on his reputation. I can assure you this is even more frustrating for me than for you. But while the mills of God grind slowly, they grind exceedingly small.

  361. Mike d says:

    Well well, the man.who said ‘ it does’nt matter if a few pensioners die’ or words to that effect, now apparently has it himself. Oh dear, how sad, to bad never mind.

  362. mike cassidy says:

    Read Craig Murray’s article if you still doubt the involvement of Nicola Sturgeon.

    It is of no comfort to the serious posters on here

    (Yes, I know it will cause another barrage of bilge by the jakey trolls.Just scroll past!)

    “That Leslie Evans is still in post is a national scandal. That Nicola Sturgeon a few weeks ago extended Evans’ tenure by a further two years is an appalling misjudgment.”

  363. jackie says:

    Bill McClean

    I think you will find the words:


    Are all very closely linked.

    The Latin word Fons means spring or fountain.

    Both “font” and “fount” are derived from the Latin fons (a spring or fountain) and its combining form, font-. One figurative meaning of both “font” and “fount” in American dictionaries is a source of something

    It is definitely not Phantom.

  364. Republicofscotland says:

    Former AUOB organiser Manny Singh to be sentenced on Wednesday, his friends told the National newspaper that the SNP ran Glasgow city council are set to make an example of him.

  365. Republicofscotland says:

    After reading Craig Murray’s new thread, its now become painfully obvious at just how rotten the hierarchy of the SNP are.

  366. callmedave says:

    J’Accuse article is really something.

    Excellent stuff!



    Bargain hunt was brought forward this morning!

    It’s the only BBC programme I watch + news. Honest.

    I notice with some no astonishment what so ever the difference from the repeats 2012 onwards to the ‘newer’ post independence editions.

    Hardly any Union Flags…shurely schome mishtake! 🙂

    I used to count them and there were many (highest I counted was 12) in one episode.

    Good old Auntie!

  367. O.T.the latest insult on Scotland from the BBC is their drama The Nest it is set in Scotland but with hardliy any Scots actors I counted 2black 2mixed race 1tiwan I think and 2English one of the English sharing the leading role in the BBC English drama there are very very few Irish Scots or Welsh actors if any the policy seems to be one rule for Scotland and another for England ione actress is supposed to come from Lewis but she is I think Tiwan could they not have had a Scot from Lewis ???no their policy is to try to appear fair they will make some dramas in Scotland but employ as few Scots as possable

  368. Karmanaut says:

    Craig Murray adds some more details on this today.

    If you type “Alex Salmond” and “Edinburgh Airport” into Google, you’ll get endless pages of newspapers running with “sexual assault” accusations, and only now do we discover that the incident was that a female staffer’s high heels had set off the security scanner, and AS made a joke about “killer heels”. That’s it. FFS.

    It highlights so clearly how the media works.

    This conspiracy is absolutely appalling.

  369. Republicofscotland says:

    “O.T.the latest insult on Scotland from the BBC is their drama The Nest it is set in Scotland but with hardliy any Scots actors”

    What do you expect from a country that doesn’t even control its own broadcasting. STV carries ITV programmes the BBC has virtually no Scottish output either, you and your family are being conditioned to take a foreign country’s media output as your own.

    Mentally the English state is absorbing you, whilst physically programming you to believe that what you watch on tv reflects your country’s culture.

    Broadcasting will never be devolved its too powerful a medium in keeping Scots docile through English propaganda.

  370. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon, Murrell, Evans, their hangers on and those who do their dirty work all have a very nice lifestyle as their reward for betraying Scotland. A very comfortable lifestyle indeed.


  371. Breeks says:

    Robert Louis says:
    30 March, 2020 at 2:07 pm
    Cannot recommend this new article by Craug Murray enough. If you were still in any doubt as to what was really going on, then this article might help you out.

    Tune in to this Scotland, and stay tuned in. These events we are watching unfold is raw, first hand history in the making. This emerging scandal just gets bigger and bigger, and might yet be more profound than Nixon’s Watergate. Buckle up and hold on.

    The ramifications are huge, and might yet see Scotland’s government and democracy itself irremediably compromised, which might in turn spawn even greater ramifications for Scottish Independence being achieved by ANY form of ballot or referendum, if the ballot or government it elects is rigged, not what it seems, or is compromised and cannot be trusted.

    This is getting ‘mental’ if you’ll pardon the expression.

    There must be great trepidation in many shady corners about Alex Salmond’s book coming out, and the State didn’t like the idea of Willie MacRae going public with his revelations. I truly wonder whether Alex Salmond would be safer in temporary exile outside the UK, or hidden incognito somewhere in Scotland… just to be on the safe side until his book is published and his full version of events is known.

  372. Golfnut says:

    A conspiracy that encompasses MI5, members of the SNP, the Scottish civil service, Her majesties press Corp, Police and Procurator fiscal office, and they came up with diddleysquat.
    What a mess. I’m away to read it again, I must have missed the bit that said Nicola was a witness for the defence.

  373. Dr Jim says:

    And no mention of the Daily Record £££££

  374. CameronB Brodie says:

    I expected a bit of a yoonfestation following the trial, but I was thinking about that in isolation from the wider context. A fundamental error of judgement, and one that a critical approach to understanding reality would have avoided. I am very, very rusty though.

    I suppose this is what they mean when they say, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. It’s just a pity that some of our lot appear to be falling for it. There still appears to be strong support for placing politics above the law, which is a direct route to a state of totalitarianism.

    Do those living in Scotland possess human rights? If yes, defend them better. If not, submit to Westminster authority. It’s as simple as that. There is ample international public law with which to achieve justice for Scotland. Failure to make recourse to the law, suggests an ideological perspective that is incapable of defending a legal respect for difference.

  375. Bill McLean says:

    Jackie at 0215. Thank you for your response which was at least polite. Why not respond in this way all the time? Your comments would hold more weight with most if you did. Unfortunately your diversion is too obvious – if you want to correct someone’s use of language you must be sure of your fact – regardless of the Latin provenance of the word for a fountain, the saying is “the FOUNT of”. To be fair you did write “I think that should be “”fountain”” Robbo”. Keep up the reasoned responses. Thank you.

  376. crazycat says:

    @ Golfnut at 3.28

    The reference I saw (can’t recall where, unfortunately) about her being a defence witness was that she might have been required to confirm the timing of a meeting in Bute House.

    That is all; it doesn’t not imply that she was “defending” him, and it turned out to be unnecessary.

  377. crazycat says:

    @ me

    “doesn’t imply”, obviously (proof-reading fail).

  378. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Doug Buchannan

    What a load of bollocks. Where are all of these Keith Brown rebuttals of all the media garbage which was promised? Tumbleweed ad infinitum.

  379. Eckle Fechan says:

    I was a bit nonplussed to see the National publishing such a putrid stench. Not worthy of my 48p subscription. OK so they’ve tried to retract the balance with the following day’s WGD/Eck front-page splash. Not sure it’ll survive at this rate – 8 pages of fitba, mainly, out of 40, minus the whole and half-page ads aplenty, loads of letters but scant coverage of business and international, and a tabloid flavour with typos and grammatical errors all too common in the rush to hit the daily deadline – doesn’t leave that much of quality really on a daily basis. Some decent columns now and then, but not enough bite.

  380. Alastair Campbell says:

    Headline for you.
    The innocent man and the guilty party

  381. Gordon McAuslane says:

    In a previous post I threatened to end my 16-year support, both financial and active for the SNP if Alec Salmond wreaked vengeance on the party, causing its disintegration.
    Having read Craig Murray’s detailed description of the trial, the accusers’ false allegations, and their repeating of them after the verdict, I would now encourage him to refute the allegations in the most vigorous way. This is calumny of the worst kind and I hold the incompetent Police Scotland, Procurator Fiscal, and Leslie Evans responsible for bringing this case on such flimsy evidence. They do a disservice to Scotland and Scotland does not need them. This case would have been thrown out by the Crown Prosecution Service in England.
    By all means, Alec, dig out the truth and get to the bottom of this conspiracy. Shine a light on the low-life who tried to fit you up and their collusion in this. Your integrity is more important than my support.
    If it transpires that the plot came from the top of the SNP, I will transfer my allegiance to any other independence party that arises out of this debacle.
    Where you find libel in the press, sue them to extinction. They haven’t far to go in Scotland.
    In any case, Alec, be very careful. The Establishment are known to deploy not just dirty tricks, but very, very dirty tricks as we know from previous experience.

  382. Dave says:

    Im actually starting to believe you’ve been turned by the State. They are holding something over you and this is you now doing their bidding. Margaret Curran working with the Scottish Government really? The Scottish Government working against its own self interests really? All the excellent work you’ve done in the past has gone. You’re now a shill for the UK state. It was bad enough when you were obsessed with trans activists and the meaningless entanglement over an issue that means nothing to the vast majority of people everywhere but this is pure turncoat.
    I bet Alex Salmond himself understands the difference between the Scottish Government and the civil service in Scotland. He should. Salmond will go after Linda Evans and the Civil servants who accused him he will link them to the UK state via the Scotland office as you should be doing and the whole sordid affair will come out no thanks to you.

  383. Maggie says:

    Back in the 80s I recall the shaven-headed dungaree-wearing Sandy (Sandra) Brindley sat behind a desk on our TV screen. It would be interesting to find out how much she personally has coined from this scam. Just how much of this £600,000 a year in staff wages is she pocketing?

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