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The Weekend Cartoon

Posted on June 19, 2021 by

Alert readers will have noticed that our quasi-regular crayonsmith Slacky The Holiday Boy is off again this week (and indeed next week), so as a special emergency service we bring you something almost as funny, albeit in a rather darker vein than usual.

The punchline, of course, is the last sentence of paragraph 9.

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    691 to “The Weekend Cartoon”

    1. BuggerlePanda says:

      Swept under the carpet

    2. Bill Fraser says:

      When we get more money we will replace the money we used for purposes other than the stated ringfenced purposes. ( at the very least an apology and resignations would be welcome)

    3. BuggerlePanda says:


      Enjoy the Sabbatical and stay Stu.

    4. Dorothy Devine says:

      I’nt that just dandy?

      Who can possibly query the efficacy and honesty now???

    5. Fionan says:

      Took them an awful long time, an awful lot of complaints and requests for refunds, and a few resignations to come up with this feeble excuse.But I daresay it will keep the sheeples happy, they will even opt to donate more for the 2022 appeals.

    6. BuggerlePanda says:

      They think that nobody outside the SNP has an understanding of company accounts, cash flow and basic economics, greater then the sociological gender studies based woke brigade.

    7. Col says:

      A canny wait for the next critical political watershed.

    8. Douglas says:

      Crystal clear …it exists as an unsecured IOU but there is nothing like that amount in the bank

    9. Janelochleven says:

      I hope you are having a good break. Your skills are sorely missed. Now we don’t know what’s going on behind our backs.

    10. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      They are as clear as mud. They can go whistle with their further fund raising. For the first time in many years they will not get my vote and will not get a penny from me.

      I do believe they think we are daft.

      The time has come for the leadership of the SNP to step down.

      The question asked was where’s the money. The answer is it’s here and there and there’s some there and things.

      What’s that smell?

      Trust you are well Stu missing your aggressive truth telling.

    11. holymacmoses says:

      It’s meaningless claptrap. Sturgeon is an out and out liar and so is her husband. I suspect that many of the side-kicks are simply stupid.

      Kevin McKenna’ article in the Herald is alarmingly commendable.

      It’s good to know you’re still there Mr Wings and I do miss your contributions to my daily political thinking.

      However, if, you’re happier and doing well and considering what to do with your future; and keeping watch; and feeding stray cats – then I don’t begrudge you your time away from here – even if it becomes permanent. Yours has been a long stretch with a great deal of hard labour.
      Best of luck

    12. Eileen Carson says:

      “Creative” Accounting lol

    13. sarah says:

      I think you told us this was the case about 100 years ago, Rev. I expect you will be swamped by requests for interviews by all those very special, strictly IPSO-monitored, MSM journalists. No?

    14. Derek Cameron says:

      They just keep digging. What a crock.

    15. crazycat says:

      Parapagraph 5

      Of course, the SNP is the party of independence and, as such, every penny we spend – directly or indirectly – is in support of winning independence

      Aye, right.

      My donation was not for generalized spending. By refunding it, they’ve acknowledged that.

    16. Glenn says:

      …. Rest assured they’ll be getting F-all from me.

      And I reckon a lot of other people will feel the same, regardless of their ‘explanatory’ word mince.

      As well as hollowing out the party finances, the Murrells have probably seriously damaged its future ability to attract fund raising.

      It’s almost as if it’s all a calculated, many pronged, global action plan to stamp out independence once and for all.

      In another universe, the covid pandemic would be the perfect weapon for climate change activists. No aviation, traffic gone, reduced trade, markets shut down etc.

      In the same universe Sturgeon would be the equivalent weapon for unionists.

      ….. Shit, I’ve run out of tin foil…..

    17. Tam Fae somewhere says:

      How can you spend £600k when the money does not appear to exist in the accounts?

      No more money until all of this is clarified and future funds ring fenced in a separate account.

    18. Alain Mack says:

      Interesting as well Stu that Colin Beattie has been reappointed as Treasurer.
      He and the Murrells are up to their necks in this.Beattie was Treasurer during the Weirs donation. I SMELL **** !!!

    19. Andrew Davidson says:

      So with no campaign, no campaign staff, nothing about independence happening at all they’re going to spend GBP615,000 in the remaining 6 months of this year so that they then need to raise more money next year.

      Uh hu.

      We don’t all zip up the back, SNP.

    20. Shiregirl says:

      Good to here from you, Stu.

      Hope you are fine and keeping well. X

    21. panda paws says:

      Sweet baby Jesus, they have just admitted fraud surely. We’ve got a wee note saying IOU or IOLots circa £600k and we’ll use that for what we raised it for when we raise some more.

      Err naw. It was raised for an indy ref and we’ve not had one but the money is gone but we’ve kept a marker isn’t going to get you off the hook.

      Oh and welcome back.

    22. SophiaPangloss says:

      So all that big weasel really says is “Earmarked is the new woven-through”…

    23. Eileen Carson says:

      Silly me I thought we were getting the DRAFT accounts today …. not the DAFT ACCOUNTS

    24. Elizabeth Hagan says:

      You are sadly missed Rev. The Scottish people need you & your investigative prowess. Please continue watching over us.

    25. Neil H says:

      Is this all in relation to an equivalent ear-marked ring-fence of our money, or the actual ear-marked ring-fenced dosh (neither of which actually exists anyway). Please help. I’m confused.


    26. Sweep says:

      “…donations are all treated in the same way…they are recorded as donations and accounted as such in our books.”

      Donations to a separate online indyref fund have no place being recorded in ANY political party’s books.

      And donors to that fund did not “express a wish” to any party for that party to use the money in that way. The website appeal expressly stated that that was its purpose and solicited donations on that basis.

      Do they seriously think we can’t spot what they *haven’t* written just as clearly as what they *have* written?

    27. sog says:

      I guess I read badly. I didn’t notice the words ‘ring’ and ‘fenced’ anywhere.

    28. Neil MacKenzie says:

      The fundraiser was to be spent on winning a referendum not achieving a referendum

    29. twathater says:

      I commented previously that if people are angry at the deception and insult they should come together as a group and report this creative accounting lies to polis Scotland.

      Now we are faced with more disengenuous excreted bullshit that is an EVEN BIGGER insult to people’s intelligence , all to cover up this blatant misuse of specific RINGFENCED funds , I have now changed my opinion I think people en masse should DEMAND the return of ALL their donations immediately and FORCE these charlatans and spivs to realise that we are not the walking SNP brain dead , we value honesty and integrity and by sturgeon’s and her cohorts actions those actions exposed are neither

    30. Westviews says:

      What they’re really saying is that the electorate are stupid and will continue to finance Murrell’s lifestyle. If they can’t live within their means, how can we trust them with the country’s finances?
      Please come back and hold those charlatans to account. You’re needed more than ever.

    31. Odet says:

      2022 !


    32. ScotsWumman says:

      “Thank you for the donation you made to the Scottish National Party last month. Your donation, along with many more, has been put into a ring-fenced fund to build up a war chest to fight a future Independence Referendum that we all hope is not too far off.“
      This was sent to me in May 2019
      It is explicit.
      This is not now what they are saying.
      I have received my requested refund.

    33. Deryck De McBoomer says:

      I take it that from their statement that they are saying that Douglas Chapman is either an idiot or a shit stirrer.

    34. Alan says:

      “The term has its origins in the ring-fences that are built to keep farm animals in and predators out. In financial accounting, it is used to describe a number of strategies that are employed to protect a portion of assets from being mixed with the rest.”

    35. Hoping upon hope this is an indication of your much needed comeback Stu.

    36. twathater says:

      BTW Stuart I realise the last decade has been monumentally hard on you , your privacy and mental health , the name calling and abuse , but without being disrespectful to any of the other indy bloggers you are the independence SEER , the perfect example is the ringfenced funds , you uncovered and exposed the TRUTH before anyone even had a smell of it ,you pursued it like a terrier after it’s prey (sorry I nearly said rat) and enlightened through your determination the indy movement to the lies and corruption of the leadership

      If you hadn’t done that they would NOT be responding and panicking and people would be none the wiser ,YOU DONE THAT you encouraged people to DEMAND the truth

      The indy movement is WEAKER without you , WE NEED your strength and determination to show these bastards they will NOT win , and BTW I hate waking up to no new WOS posts

    37. Scotrock says:

      I’ve been a member of the SNP since the 70s
      Never have i felt so disillusioned with independence as I do now.
      SNP = old labour. Taking us for granted and our money to do with what they think best, which is not independence for Scotland.
      Nicola PLEASE GO and take Peter with you.

    38. Frank Waring says:

      For this dodge to ‘work’, just to point out the bleedin’ obvious, the party would have to receive in future £600,000 in donations, for which the donors had not specified what it shuld be spent on, and have spent these donations on independence campaigning, etc.
      So the ‘paragraph 9 funds’ — if raised in response to a specific appeal for referendum/independence preparations — should not be used to reduce the earmarked-for-indy ‘Fund’ balance.
      This bears a strong resemblance to a Ponzi scheme: it remains a true fact that the party has spent — on (as yet unrevealed?) purposes — money which was specifically donated for independence campaigning and preparation.

    39. Donald Kerr says:

      I do not believe points 3 and 4.

      Point 5: “Directly” (i.e. on an independence campaign post referendum date announcement) or “indirectly” (i.e. on the SNP) … f’in LOL. “… will go directly to our work to secure a referendum …”, eh? No, no! It was for the independence campaign, not “work to secure a referendum”.

      Point 6: Bollocks.

      Point 7: More bollocks.

      Point 8: Money that does not exist cannot be “earmarked”. Fundraiser for X spent on Y. Some day in the future money that doesn’t yet exist will be spent on X. More bollocks. That, for me, is the definition of a con.

      Point 9: “2022” Whit? “Critical political watersheds” = Bullshit guff. “Further fundraising exercise”. Hahahahahahhaha Nae chance.

      Point 10: “The concern expressed is [what the SNP thinks the concern is]”. The concern actually is that money was taken, I think, under false pretences and spent on something else. The money that was donated no longer actually exists. It’s gone.

    40. PhilM says:

      If everything is so hunkydory with the ring-fenced money, don’t the SNP still have to explain where the money came from to repay the Weirs’loan?
      Have I got that right?

    41. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Hoping upon hope this is an indication of your much needed comeback Stu.”

      Sorry. Just an emergency Cartoon Replacement Service.

    42. Alison says:

      Bet you were absolutely stunned to read this. Not.

    43. Donald Kerr says:

      BTW, if you donated and want your money back then just email Jim Henderson – Party Fundraiser: Jim [dot] Henderson [at] snp [dot] org. I asked last week and got my money back. I still feel as if I’ve been conned. They’ll be getting not a penny more from me.

    44. Carol Neill says:

      Glad to see you back ,even it’s just a temporary replacement

    45. Mia says:

      To the SNP leadership, the expensive SPADs and the communications “gurus” that wrote that embarrassing piece of verbose crap and the useful lackey of the day that agreed to give their name to it:

      “Of course the SNP is the party of Independence”

      Is it?
      Well, you could have knocked me with a feather. I don’t see the leadership of that party lifting a finger to deliver independence. Hell, they don’t even have the backbone to actually respect democracy and deliver the numerous mandates they hoarded with no intention of deliver it seems, not even one.

      I guess that what you mean is the SNP WAS the party of independence but ceased to be so the minute Nicola Sturgeon took the driving seat. Ever since, she appears to be determined to drive the party on to the wall.

      “Every penny we spend, directly or indirectly, is in support of winning independence”

      Prove it.

      Prove it with facts no with embarrassing verbose like this. You can write 100,000 words of deflecting pish if you wish but that will not regain an ounce of credibility or trust. Until the moment you show the fcknig books and we see for ourselves where our donated money has gone to, we will not believe you. And the SNP seriously expects us to trust them with another penny? You cannot be serious. This is like watching the Benny Hill show.

      Where are the actions that demonstrate Nicola Sturgeon and Murrell have not been leading us on since 14 November 2014?
      I see none. I see however a truckload of actions that demonstrate the precise opposite.

      Where are the actions that demonstrate Nicola Sturgeon and Murrell are not dismantling the SNP from within to stop it remaining the party of independence?
      Again, I see none. I see a truckload that points to the opposite.

      Where are the fckng books that demonstrate the moneys spent were “directly or indirectly” linked to independence and not to engorge the bank accounts of gravy train enthusiasts and to brush off a few legal inconveniences at the expense of the donors?
      You tell us. That piece of verbose crap ain’t the books.

      Please stop insulting our intelligence. Your party has done it every single day since Mr Salmond stepped down. That is near
      to SEVEN years. How long do you think you can fool us with crap?

      Here is a summary of the record of “Nicola Sturgeon’s pretend party of ‘independence'”

      Days Nicola Sturgeon has been in control of the SNP: 2,407

      Wasted days of her/she delivering nothing more than vacuous, deflecting waffle and pathetic excuses: 2,407

      Elections Nicola Sturgeon has wasted as opportunities to progress independence: At least FIVE

      Mandates for indyref Nicola Sturgeon has deliberately wasted:
      Lost count

      Money given by supporters to be ringfenced to deliver indyref?

      Outcome of that donation?
      Goodness knows. 5 years on and there is no longer a trace neither of the money or of the promised indyref

      Money actually used to campaign for independence:
      One penny?
      Difficult to tell really because the endemic and chronic lack of transparency under this leadership is so outrageous that the party rather waste the membership’s money writing truckloads of deflecting waffle like the one above than actually opening the fckng books and show us so we can see it for ourselves.

      Days when Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP at Westminster, the MSPs and the MPs actually did something to progress independence:-2407.
      Why negative?
      Because during all that time every single action they have chosen to take has been to ensure Scotland remains in the union, that England’s rulers have a free ride to steal our rights, powers and control of our assets and that we are in no position to see our own democratic mandates being delivered because Nicola Sturgeon’s new sport appears to be burning mandates in one of Bute House’s fireplaces rather than actually act as a democrat and delivering them.

      Apologies offered to the people of Scotland for her incompetence at progressing independence, for making a mockery of our rights, our powers, for undermining our sovereignty, for handing over our powers reverting our autonomy, for laughing at our democracy while brushing our mandates and majorities under the carpet and for using our pro indy votes to preserve this union?


      Some credentials for a so called party of independence and a “leader”, don’t you think?

      You are embarrassing yourselves now. Either piss or get off the pot.
      Sturgeon’s so called SNP has been outrageously wasting our time, our majorities, our mandates and by the look of it, they appear to have wasted our money too in anything but what it was donated for.

      In any other political party such astonishing dishonesty, lack of delivery and astronomical waste of mandates, majorities and opportunities would be followed by an immediate resignation of the incompetent leadership. Sturgeon’s SNP however take it as a licence to continue taking membership and voters for fools. Because if you didn’t you would not need to go to this ridiculous verbal acrobatics to attempt to fool the people who in good faith donated that money FOR INDYREF, not to take us for a ride.

      And the question remains:


    46. Annie 621 says:

      Listen up SNP..My boyfriend’s back and you’re going to be sorry!

    47. OK, here’s the plan we need to kidnap the cartoon guy!

    48. Robert Hughes says:

      Brilliant Mia .

      No one quite nails n lacerates the sheer fuckn dishonesty n uselessness ( if it’s possible to useless n dangerous simultaneously ? ) of New SNP like you do

    49. holymacmoses says:

      twathater says:
      19 June, 2021 at 6:09 pm
      BTW Stuart I realise the last decade has been monumentally hard on you , your privacy and mental health , the name calling and abuse , but without being disrespectful to any of the other indy bloggers you are the independence SEER ,……..

      The indy movement is WEAKER without you , WE NEED your strength and determination to show these bastards they will NOT win , and BTW I hate waking up to no new WOS posts

      Totally agree with you but I really want Wings to become applauded and valued for his excellent talents as a writer and thinker and do fear that these SNP people would really like him not here at all and will do anything in their power to achieve that end. The SNP are mercilessly self-interested deceivers and liars and Stu deserves far, far better.
      BUT I know how you feel:-)

    50. Breeks says:

      crazycat says:
      19 June, 2021 at 5:19 pm
      Parapagraph 5

      Of course, the SNP is the party of independence and, as such, every penny we spend – directly or indirectly – is in support of winning independence

      How strange. Because apparently while Scotland was being unconstitutionally subjugated and forced out of Europe contrary to the emphatic democratic will of the Sovereign Scottish people, throughout that critical eighteen month period, the SNP’s National Executive Committee DIDN’T EVEN DISCUSS Scottish Independence…Neither directly or indirectly.

      The “Leadership” wouldn’t even mention the fkg “I” word.

      It will be very illuminating to reconcile the chronology of this seismic events and injury to Scotland’s interests, with the SNP blowing it’s way through the ring fenced cash of an explicit IndyRef war chest at a time when the SNP was manifestly doing NOTHING.

      Now I really want to see the unredacted accounts.

    51. Republicofscotland says:

      “FORMER Scottish constitution secretary and current National columnist Michael Russell has been appointed as political director at the SNP’s independence unit.”

      Yipeeee! we’re all saved, they must think we all button up the back.

    52. deerhill says:

      If anyone has a rhubarb patch, spread that statement round it and you will have a bumper crop.

      Everyone who donated should request a refund. If enough people do this it will provoke a reaction in the SNP administration.

      Pity there is no legislation requiring political leaders(and their spouses) to publish their tax returns. It could provide interesting reading.

      Hope you are well, Rev. Take your time in deciding how to proceed in future. Perhaps the SNP membership will wake up and smell the manure!

    53. Tom Kane says:

      How to undermine, lead and gaslight a political party all at the same time… co-opting the judiciary, tv news, unionist newspapers and Scotland’s only newspaper supporting independence.

      You are well out of this at the moment, Stu. Scary biscuits.

    54. Dave M says:

      What an utter shambles

    55. Alan says:

      @Frank Waring

      My thoughts as well. Somewhere in hell Bernie Madoff is having a laugh.

    56. Jim says:

      Utter gibberish.

      About as plausible as a ‘business partnership’ proposal from a Nigerian prince, but not as well written.

      Scam, scam, scam.

      Members of the SNP, rise up and put your house in order.

    57. Effigy says:

      If Murrell needs a new suit for independence related interviews
      can we pay for it?
      How about a wee Caribbean cruise to mentally prepare for a section 30 rejection?
      He will need a new car if he had to meet Boris in London.
      Tea bags, they will need them to keep themselves refreshed.

      Yes all those could be paid for from the independence related funds.

    58. Anonymoose says:

      I wonder how much of the missing £600k went towards court orders akin to super-injunctions that we’re not meant to know about.

    59. alan turner says:

      What can be done teflon Nicola, will the worshippers wake up ?

    60. wullie says:

      £600,000. ffs, by how much has Scotland been looted over the last seven or so years.

    61. Annie 621 says:


      Well put!

    62. Saffron Robe says:

      There is one thing that is tangible – the stench of corruption. They have not ring-fenced the money objectively i.e. for the explicit purpose to which it was intended. Instead, they subjectively ring-fenced the money so that they could feed from the trough and all they have left now to show for it is a promissory note. All my life I have tried to make it a matter of principle not to make promises I can’t keep. All the SNP ever do is make promises they have no intention of keeping.

      And ear-marking is not the same as ring-fencing. Ear-marked monies can be used for something else if need be, ring-fenced monies cannot. It seems to me that the SNP are admitting their own culpability – they ear-marked the ring-fenced money, incorrectly implying ownership, and subsequently used the money for purposes other than that to which it was intended.

    63. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Annie 621 at 7:20 pm.

      You typed,
      “Listen up SNP..My boyfriend’s back and you’re going to be sorry!”

      Thank you for reminding me of this cover from 1978.

    64. Mist001 says:

      I can think of a reasonably plausible explanation for the missing £600K and why it’s not in the accounts BUT I can’t say it here because when they read it, I don’t believe they’ve thought of it and I’m not prepared to give them the get out excuse.

    65. Don says:

      Was that work of fiction put together by the “new for old ” treasurer who had been accused of making up two false Lies on this issue already ?

      How are the Wee Ginger Doggers coping with the News or don’t they know yet ?

    66. Don says:

      Mist001 19 June, 2021 at 8:39 pm

      “I can think of a reasonably plausible explanation for the missing £600K and why it’s not in the accounts BUT I can’t say it here because when they read it, I don’t believe they’ve thought of it and I’m not prepared to give them the get out excuse”

      It was called “Ring Fenced” money there are no plausible excuses for it not being there , the SNP are experts in making excuses for the last 7 years they are experts in the field (perhaps the only field they are experts in).
      The only thing for the status quo to be changed is for all to ask for their donations back and force their hand.

    67. stonefree says:

      @ alan turner at 8:09 pm

      “What can be done teflon Nicola”, Sadly and realistically not a lot to her personally,BUT see the end
      “will the worshippers wake up ?”
      Only when they are squealing.
      THE END, should this path. be something THAT IS SOUGHT then it can be done.

    68. Dan says:

      There’s a good chance that with the recent figure of 1.1 million mugs sorry, folk still “intelligent” enough to cast #BothVotesSNP, a future fundraiser would actually still steal sorry, hoover up a significant amount more lucre…

      Johnny Rotten – SNP Fanboi Remix

      Ahh Ha Ha Never get the feeling you’ve been cheated… Goodnight

    69. Cat-Sith says:

      6 stood out to me the most, “independence related” and specifically raised to be used during a referendum campaign are not the same thing.
      I can’t remember the exact total from the two referendum donation campaigns but if any of that admitted £50k spend came from it surely that is already incorrect use.

    70. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Personally, I took the decision on the day after the Alba Party launch. I had emailed my MP and MSP (both SNP) in February, raising my concerns about the the direction and management of the party of which I was a member, the SNP, and received no replies to reassure me.

      Therefore, on that Saturday, I resigned from the SNP and joined Alba. I emailed the secretary of the Dundee West group, as a courtesy, to let her know I had left the party, only to find out on the following Tuesday that she had also left the party and was standing as a list candidate for NE Scotland.

      The upper management are destroying the SNP. The 2015 GE should have been an indicator to what the people of Scotland wanted. We even have people like Bob Costello, a staunch SNP member, who did the conversion work on Chris Law’s “Spirit of Independence” green goddess, supplied the battlebus for “Business For Scotland” and organised “Team YES Bus” raising questions about the direction of the party from 2015 onwards, and he was ridiculed by the Sturgeon sycophants.

      I paste below, what I emailed to Chris Law and Joe Fitzpatrick in February 2021…

      Hi Joe & Chris.

      Once upon a time, the SNP was a political party driven forward by the desire of independence of its ordinary members, through the branches and so on.

      However, I’ve just discovered that the party that used to be a “bottom up” organisation, has become a “top down” organisation.

      I wasn’t happy about your sacking, Joe. The fact that Scottish drugs deaths were not revealed to be recorded differently from other countries should have been mooted in your defence – but your boss threw you under the bus.

      And Chris – I still have the ’Spirit of Independence’ pen you gave me at City Square in early September 2014, which I used to mark “YES” on September 18th.

      It seems that Bob Costello was right all along.

      I will state that a woman is an “adult human female”. A transwoman is a “transwoman”. A transman is a “transman”.

      Spaces reserved for “women” should not be opened up to anyone who decides to self-ID as a “woman”, or fetishists from Aberdeen who are male but like to impose themselves into female toilets and are quite proud that they do and announce it on social media.

      The penultimate nail has just been hammered into my coffin of SNP membership. The only reason I am hanging on (for the moment) is to have a vote in the next leadership election.

      The sacking of Joanna Cherry – and the accusation of her “homophobia” by Nicola’s acolytes – was sheer stupidity.

      The stitch-up Alex Salmond and the resultant cover-up. Anyone remember Watergate? I despair.

      When I saw Blackford state umpteen times in the House of Commons, that “Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU against her will”, I actually believed that the upper echelons of the party had a great plan that would be unveiled at some point.

      Then came Nicola’s speech of January 2020, as we were dragged out of the EU against our will.
      What a disappointment!
      She had spent so much time trying to overturn the democratic vote of England & Wales to leave the EU, attending a rally in London and so on, that she lost the will to see the bigger picture that the “material change” had taken place and that Scotland was being dragged out of the EU “against our will”. The reason for holding a referendum on independence. And she bottled it.

      Then the fact that I was at every march/rally for independence in 2018 and only missed the Oban march/rally in 2019, but NEVER saw Nicola at any of them, although they were attended by SNP MPs, MSPs and councillors. I was even on the Glasgow march in January 2020, walking with Craig Murray for a while. No Nicola. However, she did have the time to be at “gay pride” type marches/rallies.

      Was this supporting the SNP’s raison d’être of independence for Scotland?

      I’m guessing you both read ‘Wings Over Scotland’? You want to read the comments btl, if you want to get a feel for what we, ‘independistas’, are feeling about the state of the party. There are so many leaving the SNP and joining the ISP that it should be worrying the ‘high head yins’.

      The only thing that will save the SNP is if it has in its manifesto that the May Holyrood election is a plebiscite election, like in the old days of the SNP. Along the lines of (I paraphrase slightly from the link)…

      “The Scottish people are sovereign, and we hereby announce our intention to declare Scotland independent and submit that intention to the will of the people in this election for their approval.

      Accordingly, if the Scottish National Party should secure more than 50% of the constituency votes in this election, we will consider that a clear mandate to withdraw from the Treaty Of Union, declare Scotland to once more be an independent state, and seek recognition from the international community on the basis of Chapter 1, Article 1 of the UN Charter, the right of all peoples to self-determination, that self-determination having been expressed by this vote.”

      No more faffin’ about with a ‘roadmap to a referendum’ – what we want is a roadmap to INDEPENDENCE!

      I’m getting’ on… I want to see an independent Scotland before I pop my clogs.

      I thought about making public this email when I send it to you. However, I would prefer to hold it back until I receive replies from you both, affirming that WE, the ordinary members, with your help, can remake our party as a ‘bottoms up’ organisation.

      If I don’t receive any response with seven days, then, regretfully, I will have to put this email, and lack of response, into the public domain.

      One more thing before I finish.

      At any next election, whether it be Westminster, Holyrood or local council, I will not vote for any individual who feels the need to add to their social media profile, the terms “Pronouns she/her”, or “Pronouns he/him”.

      I act towards people as I find them. I don’t need THEM telling me how to treat them.

      Och, really lastly… I will not be voting SNP for my regional vote in May. There’s no point. Unless the SNP really melts down in the constituency vote – and that doesn’t look likely, going by recent polling. This SNP 1+2 nonsense is just that. Have a look at this:-

      Nah, this is lastly. After a couple of hours snooze, I woke up to find that our party, once proud to fight for independence, has become the butt of the joke. Really, you should read the comments up to midnight, if not further.

      If that’s me expelled from the party, so be it. The ISP beckons…

      Brian Doonthetoon

    71. Pixywine says:

      Charlie Vietch is worth a watch.

    72. Anne Marie D says:

      When at last you see you cannot unsee. It is like those clever visual deceptions in psychology experiments. You can’t go back once you work it out.

      The really really insulting part is that they will spend most of the remainder this year. HOW will they do that? Is the pandemic over? Is Scotland rebuilt? They clearly despise us because any organisation can only blatantly lie like this when they believe there are no credible threats to their power.
      I can hardly believe I am writing this but we are truly now in total farcical times. Will any MP/MSP call this out. Take a fucking stand or fall because it will fall.

    73. Pixywine says:

      Dark Horse goes into the nitty gritty.

    74. Derek says:

      Just in case you didn’t know, this subject is now firmly on the radar of Private Eye.

    75. robertknight says:

      Hey folks!

      I’m currently raising money for a trip to Disneyland for orphans.

      I hope to raise £6000, which will be ringfenced in my current account.

      I’ll be undertaking a fact-finding trip beforehand, with my family, to check arrangements at Disneyland; the suitability of the accommodation, quality of the food; accessibility of the rides, etc. etc.

      The cost of this fact-finding trip will be taken from the ringfenced funds – it is part of the overall purpose of taking the orphans on a trip of a lifetime, so that makes it ok as far as I’m concerned.

      If there is a shortfall as a result of the fact-finding trip, I may run another fundraising event nearer the time.

      Any questions? No? Excellent!

      Cheque books at the ready then?

    76. Merganser says:

      Well well. The elected former treasurer was denied access to the books, giving him no option but to resign. And who was waiting in the wings to take over again, and carry on ‘weaving’ his web?

      Looks like Mr. M. is able to dictate who he wants as treasurer, someone who is willing for this sort of thing to be put out in the treasurer’s name or at least with his acquiescence.

      What did Nicola say recently about the SNP finances being the strongest they have ever been, or something like that?

      An SNP treasurer would seem to need to agree to having lots of strings attached to his arms and legs, not be averse to being dangled, and answer to the name Pinocchio.

    77. Beaker says:

      “There may be a need for a further fund raising exercise”

      I think that sums things up…

    78. paul says:

      What is the stated purpose of the CEO of the SNP?

      Is there as job description?

      Does it include performance based incentives?

      What performance is required to justify his eye watering and ever increasing pay?*

      A member of the party might say:

      increase membership,
      further the stated aims of the party,
      strengthen it’s expression of those aims,
      manage the raging ego’s of those attracted to power,
      deflate confusion regarding government and party,
      defend it from it’s natural antagonists and
      leave the party in better shape than found.

      An apparatchik might say:

      Let us put aside all notions of probity
      Let us decide on what and who is voted for
      If we are divided from our spoils,
      Let us deny them to others.


      Without power you can do nothing!
      (think WM)
      with power, you can do even less
      (think SP)

      (An aside, did NEWSNP ltd furlough any of its almost completely non essential staff 20/21,CEO included,?)

      *I don’t really know if CEO pay has gone up,down or woven, but neither does anyone else.

    79. Dan says:

      Future Fundraising ideas for SNP…

      Next car to be raffled


      Independent Trading Co

      Bute House – France – Helensburgh

      Go for it Lukewarm Dave…

    80. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @pixywine (9.27) –

      Thanks for that link.

      A lot of it goes over my head, but there’s no doubting the sincerity of these people.

      They’re doing their best to warn us.

      Let’s see what kind of turnout there is in London next Saturday – feels like the tide is finally turning.


    81. Hugh Jarse says:

      Shite toon!

      Not pleasant to the aye at all.

      What’s the quote about ‘ending in farce ‘ ?

      The wheeshters will need to dig deeper.

    82. Dan says:

      Doh, that should have been Independence Trading Co

      Wonder who came up with this idea. She / her or Humza “Scrubs” Yousaf.

    83. Lyn Hay says:

      Para 8: In fact the money is “earmarked” … and will be deployed fully through future cash flow.

      “future cash flow” means there is no present cash flow to cover it – he admits here that there is no money.

    84. James Barr Gardner says:

      SNP have sat on Mandates !

      SNP have been given money for IndyRef2 !

      SNP have been given votes (900K squandered) !

      I will not give another penny until I see significant movement towards a referendum !

    85. James Barr Gardner says:

      Has anyone got a proforma letter to request return of donations in regards to towards the SNP donation request for the IndyRef2 ? Please post !

    86. Skip_NC says:

      So now it’s official.

      The money was never ring-fenced.

      SNP leadership has lied.

      By the way, just because you don’t have to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

    87. Effigy says:

      Received a picture of DRoss and Andrew Bowie
      at the Scotland vs England match.
      They got in with Beckham and other English supporters.

      Wonder how they got VIP tickets but not what team they supported.

    88. Skip_NC says:

      Incidentally, for anyone who has ever written, reviewed or received a letter from auditors, how many people do you think wrote the (ahem) explanation above?

    89. Breastplate says:

      Bob Geldof said it better when he said “give ‘s your fuckin’ money.”

    90. Cath says:

      None of the waffle in that has anything to do with accounting or accounting terms. There is no such accounting term as ‘earmarked’, to denote money you were given for a specific purpose then spent on something else but have kind of written a mental IOU for. Even if they were to use genuine accounting terms like “accruals” and “liabilities” they would give themselves a little more credibility, eg “When we totally bottled it in 2017 and decided to maliciously prosecute Alex and hound Joanna out instead of going for indy, we decided to use the money to pay off various helpful parties. However, on the off chance we did ever decide to become a party of independence again, we also noted all such monies in the liabilities column as a debt which would be required to be repaid to that fund.” That would at least give a ring of sincerity.

    91. Breastplate says:

      Effigy, I suppose you can say that they are actually England supporters.

    92. Lorraine Glass says:

      We still don’t know what is paid in wages. Would be suspicious if alphabettys suddenly got big 6 figure jobs given to them …say 3 years ago.

    93. wull says:

      Alan says:
      19 June, 2021 at 6:07 pm
      “The term has its origins in the ring-fences that are built to keep farm animals in and predators out. In financial accounting, it is used to describe a number of strategies that are employed to protect a portion of assets from being mixed with the rest.”

      Ring-a-ring-a-rosies in;
      Wi’ chancers in the middle in
      Wha’ rattled their collection tin
      So a’ thae dafties roon aboot
      Wid gi’e them money… Loads o’ loot
      Tae spen’ awa’ on prosecutions –
      Th’Executive needs executions –

      “Let predators” cry they, “keep oot.
      An’ never mair within set foot!
      So form a ring, for independence
      An mak’ a fence, tae weel defend us!
      Donators are wir human shield,
      Wha’ feed us nicely, in wir field…
      An’ their daft heids are a’ weel beeled!

      So, thus, the inner circle sings its tune
      Wi’ outer members birlin’ roon
      A’ dizzy, till they a’ fa’ doon…
      Wi’ spinnin’ heids an’ unclear mind.
      Until… Awake…! They rudely find
      That a’ that money that they gave,
      Has gone! An’ no’ a penny o’ it saved!

      It’s gone! It winna noo cam back again!
      The Big-Shots thocht it theirs tae spen’
      On projects mad, that were their ain!
      The donors’ wishes didnae coont,
      The sums the ‘Shots’ took soon did moont
      Till a’thing vanished, i’ the storm:
      Th’account wiz empty – it had gone!

      Ca’ the polis, tae investigate
      A crime that’s bigger than fake hate.
      Money’s real, there’s nae debate:
      If it’s no’ there, account for it!
      Ye cannae weave it in thin air!
      Or say it – vaguely – must exist somewhere!
      Failure to produce means prosecution’s fair!

      Ring-a-ring-a-rosies oh!
      A pocket full o’ posers!
      There needs to be exposure, so!
      By Scotlan’s Mighty Polis!
      An’ if there’s no’…? Then is there fraud,
      A-top that Force’s Mighty Squad?
      Most folk will think it very odd…

      If false accounting is acceptable
      In the Ruling Party’s strange Receptacle
      Of funds that were indeed respectable
      When they were given, and received;
      It simply isnae richt for fowk to be deceived
      ‘Bout gifts that they in honesty believed
      Would not be diverted from their purposes, by thieves

      Whose agenda wer’nae theirs, for which they’d naethin’ give.
      For such deception is the work o’ Liar, Louse an’ Spiv:
      Gaining money under false pretence – a crime, it surely is!
      So, some prosecution really ought to follow very quick,
      Afore that Lying Virus spreads like fire tae mak us very sick
      Throughout oor hale society, an’ a’ wir Body Politic…
      Yon Rosey Posie rhyme’s aboot … an epidemic! Think o’ it!


      A tissue, a tissue – We’ve really got an issue:
      The SNP accounts have fallen down.
      They dished the dirt on everyone to trick you, to trick you
      But noo, upon themsel’s, it wull rebound!

      The ring to fence their daughter to protect her frae a slaughter
      Has gone! It’s cracked, an’ soon it will fall down!
      As a king-and-queen she wull go out to fetch a pail of water
      But it’s hersel’, in it, culd drown!

      A tissue, a tissue – We’ve really got an issue!
      The SNP accounts are really down!
      The sturgeon on the steeple keeps singin’ to the people
      But they’re no’ listenin’, noo her smile’s turn’d tae a frown.

      Ring-a-ring-a-rosies, a pocket full of posies, thae pocket-fillin’ posers are aboot tae be undone!
      A tissue, a tissue – There really is an issue: Scotlan’s cause’ll no’ fa’ doon, an’ wull be won!

    94. Pixywine says:

      A case against the Government?

    95. Pixywine says:

      I bet the Scottish fans in London have pissed off Sturgeon no end. She’ll send them all to the “digger”.

    96. Pixywine says:

      Ian. I think you’re right about the tide turning.

    97. Pixywine says:

      Hello I’m a Scottish Princess and I was wondering if you would like to earn a little cash. If so I require your bank account details in order to facilitate a large cash transaction. What can go wrong?

    98. Hatuey says:

      Lol @ “It is worth noting that there are other items of expenditure that it would have been perfectly legitimate for us to apply against this income…”

      In other words, consider yourselves lucky that you’re being fleeced by well-meaning angels. And since everything we do is arguably part of an indyref campaign, we could blow the whole lot and there’s not a thing you could do about it.

      Got it? Good. Now fuck off back to your miserable lives which we just spent 16 months saving for you.

    99. Pixywine says:

      I pray this man is wrong.

    100. Astonished says:

      Stu – hope you are well. And, obviously , I wish you would return to reporting.

      Secondly – do I detect a glint that something huge is about to happen ?

      Thirdly – police Scotland you remain a disgrace. Investigate and arrest those responsible. The longer you delay the worse it will be. See Cressida “trustworthy” Dick.

      Fourthly – Lord woolfe – the truth will out.

    101. Beaker says:

      @Effigy says:
      19 June, 2021 at 10:40 pm
      “Received a picture of DRoss and Andrew Bowie
      at the Scotland vs England match.
      They got in with Beckham and other English supporters.

      Wonder how they got VIP tickets but not what team they supported.”

      Apparently there was a Scot Govt Minister there as well.

    102. LindyLoo2020 says:

      Translation…We Are being assessed for fraud by the Police. Some credible witnesses might give statements. More folk are claiming refunds with evidence of the ring fenced status if the fund. We really don’t want a full scale investigation

    103. Don says:

      Donald Kerr 19 June, 2021 at 6:29 pm

      “I do not believe points 3 and 4.
      Point 5: “Directly” (i.e. on an independence campaign post referendum date announcement) or “indirectly” (i.e. on the SNP) … f’in LOL. “… will go directly to our work to secure a referendum …”, eh? No, no! It was for the independence campaign, not “work to secure a referendum”.
      Point 6: Bollocks.
      Point 7: More bollocks.
      Point 8: Money that does not exist cannot be “earmarked”. Fundraiser for X spent on Y. Some day in the future money that doesn’t yet exist will be spent on X. More bollocks. That, for me, is the definition of a con.
      Point 9: “2022” Whit? “Critical political watersheds” = Bullshit guff. “Further fundraising exercise”. Hahahahahahhaha Nae chance.

      Point 10: “The concern expressed is [what the SNP thinks the concern is]”. The concern actually is that money was taken, I think, under false pretences and spent on something else. The money that was donated no longer actually exists. It’s gone.”

      I predicted about three weeks ago they would make some excuse it was spent on things “pursuing Indy” but not actually on Indy2 itself. It seems just a lot of BS because they know they have been getting away with feeding Scotland nothing but BS for the past 14 years and its worked so far.

      I seem to remember someone else raisng money for a project but the money raised was used to pay out to existing members instead then as more people joined their fundraising went to pay for other needs and so it went on , His name was Bernie Madhoff ..whatever happened to him anyway ?

      Taking money out a ringfenced account then replacing it with IOU’s with a promise to pay the IOU’s with more money raised from other subscibers or even the same subscribers a second time isn’t really that different is it, but if you can’t find enough new subscribers to pay the needed funds to fill the deficit then the pyramid collapses.
      Not exactly the same situation but not too far away from it either. Basically the SNP is going to look for more suckers to replace the missing money from the previous ones, but in the meantime no-one still really knows where it went in the first place.

    104. Hatuey says:

      I’ve enjoyed clicking on those links you generously provide, pixywine, and feel thoroughly entertained.

      Everything you link to suggests we face a bunch of megalomaniacs who have decided to wipe out a significant proportion of human beings using a vaccine that they know to be highly dangerous.

      It must be rather uncomfortable to wake up to that belief. Do you wake up to that? Is that what you believe is going on?

      If that were true and those involved were as powerful, determined, and unscrupulous as is implied, do you think they’d allow people to openly publish videos about it and discuss it on public forums like Youtube?

      Are we to assume Google aren’t in on it?

      You must realise that as far as conspiracy theories go, this is really is the mother of all conspiracies. By comparison, theories surrounding 911, Roswell, Bilderberg, the illuminati, “Hitler ate my hamster”, etc., are like microscopic specs of dust blowing around the base of the highest mountain.

      Of course, as you know, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

      For balance, we might point out that the number of experts who trust and believe in the efficacy of the vaccine also make something of a mountain as compared to the dust-like vaccine-sceptics out there who blow around the base, scaremongering and making names for themselves on Youtube.

      Which beggars the question; why do you ignore the mountain and give so much emphasis to the dust?

      In other words;

      1) why do you ignore the many hundreds of thousands of health experts and scientists who quite clearly don’t share the view that the vaccine is deadly and/or part of some mass human extermination plot?

      2) why do you ignore those expert voices who praise the vaccine and celebrate its apparent efficacy?

      3) most importantly, on what basis do you regard yourself qualified to make such a judgement?

      Thanks in advance.

    105. LeggyPeggy says:

      Just to add to this re the missing money , They are still emailing members two months before their membership expires looking for members to renew their membership early . So they are desperate for funds .

    106. twathater says:

      @ Roddy Macleod 7.27pm NOW Roddy that is a plan that would work and maybe have the support of Mrs Cairns

    107. Hugh Jarse says:

      You think he’s ‘on holiday’ twathater?

      He’s comfortable, and well looked afer.
      Compliance will keep him that way.
      You know what we want!

    108. lawrenceab says:

      “Every penny we spend, directly or indirectly, is in support of winning independence”

      How much did you pay out of party funds to settle Big Daddy Smith’s court case brought against him for stupidly defaming brexiteer Farage? North of £50k I believe.

    109. Luigi says:

      The ponzy scheme holds until a referendum is called. Then it implodes when people realise there is no ring-fenced cash. There never was. That is why a referendum will never be called. That said the chickens will come home to roost. Something will give eventually. Then panic sets in key players realise they are liable start jumping ship and plea bargaining sets off. Seen it all before. Just a matter of time before someone cracks. These are after all not strong characters we are talking about.

    110. Sylvia says:

      “The First Minister claimed in Parliament to have “no concerns” over accusations money donated to a “ring-fenced” fund for fighting a referendum campaign is missing.

      But emails passed to the Sunday Mail written by SNP corporate governance and compliance officer Ian McCann appear to contradict this”.

    111. John McNab says:

      “..a further fundraising exercise..” Should we start calling them the Beggars?

    112. Eileen Carson says:

      Thanks Sylvia! One thing I’ve noticed was that the law changed in 2019 regarding “ring fencing” (due to Investment arms of banks endangering normal banking clients funds) and this may explain why the fundraiser was closed at that point n 2019.
      From Investopedia

      [i] A new British law that went into effect at the start of 2019 requires financial institutions to ring-fence their everyday banking activities from their investment arms.[/i]

      However, the simple fact is the SNP don’t HAVE the £593k funds (ring fenced or not) therefore a fraud has been committed against the donors and SNP cannot make a promise to repay it in future (an IOU) since no administration can know what their future holds. This is just kicking the can down the road and hoping Police Scotland & COPFS swallow it. Nobody gets off with committing a crime by saying they’ll “PUT IT BACK” when you wouldn’t need to replace it if you hadn’t taken it in the first place.

    113. Effigy says:

      The BBC this morning with help from the Telegraph tore the Tory
      Travel traffic light decisions apart.

      10’s of thousands were allowed to travel in from India where their variant was
      rampaging across their continent.
      Boris wanted to keep the door open for them to aid a planned visit there to look for trade deals.

      Hancock told parliament he closed down Pakistan and Bangladesh as rates were 3 times higher than India? Turns out to be yet another Whopper as in one country it was lower and the other
      marginally higher.

      Later when challenged he said the data he used was not updated at the time?

      An expert in the field at the time described the Tories decision not to bolt the door as Insanity.

      Through the situation India’s transmission and Covid death rates pro rata were by far the worst in
      the region but Boris was happy to loose a few more Brits to aid his chances waving any kind of
      paper he could call a trade deal.

      No one ever explained to my why a country like India would consider giving Britain a better trade deal than it would give to the 27 Nations and growing EU?

      After all Westminster robbed, rap*d and murdered India for hundreds of years and Boris is renowned
      for being happy to break trade deals and international law.

      Who on earth would want to give their sweetest trade deal to a country with that history?

    114. J.o.e says:


      Be careful with Charlie Veitch. The guy was a crisis actor before getting into giving opinions on social media.


      What is your take on the difference on the WHO, Public Health England and Kary Mullis advice on the use of PCR versus the way most governments are actually using it?

      If you don’t know the WHO and PHE regard PCR absent any other information as meaningless. So basically all PCR positive results absent symptoms are worthless. That pretty much should put to bed our current situation with the lockdowns and emergency authorisation of vaccines that are still deep in the clinical testing phase. Right?

      Why would governments, that have been found to be playing for the benefits of friends in PCE contracts, want to continue the rollout of still experimental vaccines for which they have given blanket protection to the manufacturers shareholders while ignoring the advice of the WHO and other public health bodies?

    115. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey. You spend a lot of time denying the obvious. Have you taken your “vaccine” yet?

    116. J.o.e says:

      *PPE contracts. Apologies

    117. Pixywine says:

      Effigy. ” Variants” are propaganda. That Government tactic was predicted a year and a half ago.

    118. J.o.e says:

      ‘After all Westminster robbed, rap*d and murdered India for hundreds of years and Boris is renowned
      for being happy to break trade deals and international law.’

      Churchill was probably responsible for the deaths of about 5m Indians in WWII by diverting food away from them.

      It is obviously sheer coincidence that he is on record stating how much he disliked Indians

    119. Pixywine says:

      Bill Gates is making a fortune out of the frightened public.
      Hatuey. You can sign up for the DNA altering gene therapy experiment if you want but no one should be fooled coersed threatened blackmailed or bribed into it.

    120. Pixywine says:

      Was not the 14th Army in Burma made up mostly of Indian troops?

    121. Pixywine says:

      John Mnab. Or the ” borrowers”?

    122. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey. Hundreds of thousands? You make arguments that sound like Government talking points. The one sided nature of the MSM reporting on the virus is highly suspicious. You can’t ignore that while still claiming one sided media in 2014. You know how media works in this country. You’re a condescending bastard aren’t you?

    123. StanStan says:

      According to the Record’s article

      “…Sturgeon said the party operated on a “cash flow” basis and didn’t have separate accounts…” In other words as liabilities fall due (eg salary costs, political advertising etc) they are settled from cash held in the bank account (income from membership and donations etc). The party is able to say it is solvent as it can currently meet its debts as they fall due – should be enough for the auditor and I expect the electoral commission. I’d be surprised if the Electoral Commission could complain or do anything about a political party alledgedly not keeping its promises on future spending.

      In the SNP’s accounts for 2019

      the auditor states that as of 26 June 2020 – “…the National Treasurer has not disclosed in the financial statements any identified material uncertainties that may cast significant doubt about the Party’s ability to continue to adopt the going concern basis of accounting for a period of at least twelve months from the date when the financial statements are authorised for issue….”

      The 2020 accounts must be due for publication quite soon. I wonder to what extent these accounts might disclose a contingent liability to cover off the fact that some disgruntled members have been asking for and receiving refunds of donations previously given, or in plain English, how much more cash does the Treasurer think he will have to continue to refund? If it’s not a material amount it probably won’t impact the auditor’s sign off.

    124. Stoker says:

      Regarding the actual topic at the top of this thread: What a load of bullshit, obfuscation and waffle. Not one bit of this was stated when the appeal for indyref campaign went out. The vast majority, if not all, of that statement is clearly an afterthought. Made up on the hop!

      There’s also the little matter of proven liar Sturgeon stating “the money is there, it has been ringfenced.” Not one reference in that pile of waffle mentions the word “ringfenced”. But we seem to have moved on to the latest word being “earmarked” which is entirely different from “ringfenced.” Earmarked being a roundabout way of saying ‘when we apply for a loan’.

      Meanwhile, keep the pennies coming you pathetic peasants because we need to make sure we have our legal fees to pay and it takes money to promote extreme minority issues. Imagine all the badges we have to get made and then issue. And don’t forget, newspaper injunctions are expensive.

      The SNP achieved the bulk of those donations via deception. Fact! The Murrell’s love playing semantics because they think they’re clever. But they detest it when semantics are used against them.

      In other news, folks, Sturgeon has announced on her personal Twitter feed how “delighted” she is that the SNP NEC have “chosen” her recommendation/proposal for the ‘Director of the Independence Unit’ (Mike Russell). For the campaign towards the end of this parliament. So there you have it folks, it’s official, we’re fucked as far as indy goes. And she’s backtracked on her pre-election announcement of “the first half of the next parliamentary term.”

    125. kapelmeister says:

      Don’t be a doughball and be a donor to the SNP.

      SNP doughnors are folk with more money than sense.

      You don’t need to aim for transparency SNP.

      We see through you no problem.

    126. And Spouse says:

      Well Stu, interesting when you think about it. The big bath wolf has stepped back and the real media are going to have to step up! Ruth Wishart today, in the National, Lesley Riddoch next?
      Interesting what will happen now you have created a vacuum.
      Also note the dug is writing interesting stuff, but not about what’s happening in Holyrood.
      You still our hero.

    127. kapelmeister says:

      Why does the SNP have an “Independence Unit”?

      The party’s raison d’etre has always been independence. The whole party is supposed to be a big independence unit. Nothing gives Sturgeon’s game away more than the existence of this unit.

    128. And Spouse says:

      So if the money wasn’t really ringfenced and has been used. Where exactly was that money spent. Are there any accountants out there who can tell from the various accounts where the money was actually spent?

    129. Stoker says:

      BTW, folks, try and avoid helping to finance and support The Daily Record by clicking on the BritNat ‘Stan Stans’ direct link at 9:54 am. Remember how The DR has constantly waged a 24/7 campaign against Scotland’s right of self-determination, including producing the con that was ‘The Vow’.

      And so-called indy supporters such as ‘Stan Stan’ reward it by promoting it. Is it any wonder we are where we are *and* losing our greatest indy contributors into the bargain. I say “contributors” because we’ve also lost Zarkwan from Twitter. How long before his site is gone too?

      There are those who call themselves indy supporters who are too fuckin lazy to even archive BUM links yet they want folk like Stuart Campbell to continue, his work involving far far far more effort than archiving something yet some can’t even commit to simply archiving.

    130. Gary45% says:

      A wee “heads up” for all the ” Anti- Vax hard of thinking”.
      Bill Gates has just sent me a Bluetooth message, it appeared directly onto the back of my retina, “modern technology is amazing.”
      Message reads.
      Summer solstice is tomorrow, and Cosmic Moon Child is coming to earth to take all the Anti- Vaxxers back to planet Quork 12 in a Galaxy far away, past Mars and in another Milky Way. As you cannot travel by Bluetooth you may experience some Ripples during travel.
      It will be safe for you all to look up at the sun as you are already blinded by stupidity.
      Safe travels, and Big Hugs.xx

    131. stonefree says:

      @ lawrenceab at 6:23 am

      It was Richard Tice who is seriously wealthy, Tice being in charge of Investment Company
      His solicitors stated “Legal firm Wedlake Bell said the comments represent “a direct assault on the integrity of our client and strikes at the heart of his professional and business reputation”.
      Given the last two words, one would think that Smith could have been bankrupted.
      Smith alleded that his company was a “Shell Company” and a “Money Laundering Front”
      Smith being a smarty pants thought He could get away with it because a political could not sue(in this case)and Smith didn’t actually name Tice, but clearly identified him
      It is possible Smith who knew the precedent for the case was set,
      Completely underestimated Tice , and made an complete arse of himself

    132. Stoker says:

      BUM rags that at some stage along the way have put down our beloved Wings Over Scotland. And here we are, losing the number one, by a million miles, indy blogger and so-called indy supporters continue to promote those very rags on this site. Way to fuckin go! What a kick in the balls, tumshies!

    133. JimuckMac says:

      And Spouse. The money I believe went to the Weir’s to pay back their loan to the SNP. The ‘ring fenced’ fund was never meant to be spend on Indy, the intention was to use it to pay back the loan. This is what you call common law fraud.

    134. kapelmeister says:

      Colin Beattie
      Call in Beattie

      They call him in whenever no one else wants to be Murrell’s powerless pretend treasurer.

    135. Breastplate says:

      You may categorise all of the reservations about several new vaccines hitting the market at exactly the same time , all equally 100% safe but the fact of the matter is we know that they are not 100% safe.
      Of course, the counter argument is that nothing is 100% safe.
      What you and I or anyone else for that matter don’t know, is how safe or unsafe these new vaccines are.

      I’m sorry if these facts are inconvenient for your argument of any concerns only come from conspiracy theory nutters.

      Instead of puerile attempts to devalue opposing arguments by playing the man and not the ball, why not instead indulge in reasoned debate.

    136. So the reason for the reluctance to have a second referendum, was if they did call one, we would then realise that the money was already spent?
      Does that make sense?

    137. K Campbell says:

      what utter bol..ks
      What is the breakdown of snp members donations to the fund versus non snp members? After all, the snp have been at pains to tell us that no snp members have requested refunds!

      Fairly sure that non-snp members will be very unhappy to know that their money, donated in good faith, to the indy ref fund was used for party business ( and don’t give me that bs about snp being the party of indy, hasn’t been since Alex stepped down)!!
      FRAUD, pure and simple

    138. JimuckMac says:

      Hautey…Presently 5 people a day are dying from the Covid jab in the U.K, that’s 5 more than Covid ever did. Go onto the U.K. Gov’s ‘Yellow Card’ scheme, it’s all there.

    139. McDuff says:

      The National saying Mile Russell to take key roll in Indy campaign.Of course this is merely to keep the faithful happy and with no intention of persuing Indy. It makes you want to vomit when you read the posts trilling at the news.

    140. Hatuey says:

      Joe: “What is your take on the difference on the WHO, Public Health England and Kary Mullis advice on the use of PCR versus the way most governments are actually using it?”

      If I had a take, it would be valueless.

      What I find interesting is that others who apparently know as little as me have a take.

      With some stuff you’ve just got to listen to the experts and hope they’re right. When 99% of them are saying the same thing, that the vaccine is good and more or less safe, you can probably take that to the bank, providing you wear a mask and stay 2 metres apart, etc., just in case.

    141. Gary45% says:

      Who claimed the vaccines were 100% safe?
      Did you read that in the Daily Quork12?
      As far as reasoned debate goes, what’s the point? it won’t be reasoned, you’ve already posted “100% safe”, which is bollocks, hence no debate.
      I’ll away the now, I’ve got to count some blades of grass, then Bluetooth the results to Bill.

    142. Hatuey says:

      Jim, in January around 2000 per day were dying of covid, and that was with half the economy closed down.

    143. chas says:

      Let’s be honest £600k is a drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of millions the SNP have squandered in the last 7 years. I expect that the missing funds will turn up when wee Katie, the financial colossus, with the History degree, is forced into some creative accounting by the Murrell family. This, of course, will never see the light of day in any ‘Government’ accounts.
      Good to have you back Stu, albeit temporarily.

    144. Dan says:

      Scottish Prism broadcast starts at midday.

    145. Breastplate says:

      You can deflect as much as you wish but I suggested that you MAY feel that they are 100% safe if you wish, that does not make them so.

      But we have made progress because you have now verified that you don’t believe they are 100% safe and in this we are in agreement.

      Which leads us to the next question, how safe are these new vaccines? Can we quantify how safe or unsafe they are?
      If we can, I would like to know how this quantifying process works.
      If we can’t, how we can compare various risk factors when deciding to accept a new vaccine?

      But perhaps this isn’t worth troubling your little head with when it’s easier to portray everyone that disagrees with you as loons.

    146. Alf Baird says:

      The ongoing fiction of the SNP accounts, the increasing number of political persecutions, the dominant national party’s bottle job on independence, and much more, reminds us of Frantz Fanon’s mention of the important role of ‘witch-doctors and caids’ in colonial countries, whose role is to mystify the natives with their gobbledygook, in the interest of the colonial power of course – who pays them well. Which is what all colonial institutions do – mystify the natives with gobbledygook – in education, ‘justice’, politics, media, and all else besides.

    147. Breastplate says:

      I think the problem that we all have is that experts disagree.
      This leads to people selecting experts to believe and denouncing other experts.
      It is no surprise that most people believe publicly endorsed experts.
      Perhaps they are right to do so, perhaps not but time will tell.

    148. J.o.e says:

      @Hatuey 11:32am

      Our covid response is down to statistics in death and covid cases. This includes the lockdowns and emergency declaration that is facilitating the roll out of these vaccines whose clinical trials do not end until 2023.

      The majority of those statistics are compiled using a testing method for which the advice of public health bodies have been ignored.

      Lets put the vaccine aside for a minute. Let’s say that it is the healthiest product the world has ever seen. That still does not mitigate the massive effects of lockdowns on mental health, physical health and the economy whose sole excuse came those same flawed and possibly fraudulent statistics.

      If that weren’t enough we have seen a very similar kind of fraud with the swine flu vaccine just over 10 years ago. A vaccine which was ultimately halted and resulted in injuries to thousands – many of them children.

      Have you considered this?

    149. Breastplate says:

      According to the UN, Covid restrictions are expected to plunge an extra 130 million people into starvation, Oxfam are talking about a “hunger pandemic”.

      These are just some of the consequences of the way that the coronavirus has been handled.
      Perhaps black lives don’t matter, after all.

    150. Dorothy Devine says:

      BriabDTT, I do like your letter. I still have many photos of marches on my computer but the photo of you be-badged fair cheers me up!

    151. Breastplate says:

      It’s looking very likely that deaths caused by covid restrictions are going to dwarf victims of covid itself.
      I suppose it’s difficult not to adhere to parochial thinking when the worst of what’s happening isn’t on our tv screens.

    152. Beaker says:

      No vaccine or medicine, or in fact anything you consume, is 100% safe. There are always people who have severe reactions to them. I got hit pretty bad by the 2nd AZ jab and it floored me for over a week. But I got a similar reaction to the live typhoid jab. What I do not want though is compulsory vaccinations, unless there are overwhelming medical reasons in individual cases.

      I agree that the restrictions are going to cause more problems. I think things need to open up as much as possible. Most people will decide whether or not they want to go into pubs, shops, work etc.

    153. crazycat says:

      Here is the Daily Record/Sunday Mail link archived:

      I didn’t need to open the link (give them clicks) to archive it.

      I right-clicked on the link that was pasted here, and then chose “copy link address”, pasted that into, and obtained the link, which already existed. If it hadn’t, I’d have had to wait a short while for it to be created.

      (As BDTT has often told us, there are alternative archiving sites available; I use that one because I can never remember what the others are!)

    154. Breastplate says:

      I believe in essence what you say is right and proper and I agree with you.
      What we will have in reality, which has already begun, is societal pressure to comply to the main stream view of vaccine take up.
      A new class of untermensch is being created right now, although in its infancy, that will be excluded from society because they do not have a vaccine passport.

      Although not physically forced to be vaccinated, the pressure to do so will be overwhelming for many.
      The bigotry and intolerance of the unvaccinated will not only be unquestioned but will be condoned, under the guise of the greater good.

      It doesn’t take a genius to recognise which slippery slope we are on.

      If people are indeed forced to get vaccinated, logic dictates that most of them would like the safest and best one.

    155. Breastplate says:

      That should read ‘the bigotry and intolerance towards the unvaccinated.’

      Which is well evidenced on these pages alone.

    156. Robert Hughes says:

      Breastplate @ 1.46 .

      Personally , I reckon I’ve said enough on this subject and I’m loathe to clog-up the thread with more comments , but your comment above is precisely my central concern of * all this * .

      Covid Apartheid is on it’s way unless we start really applying our attention to what’s being done under the cloak of * Health * .

    157. Dan says:

      HR boss behind botched Alex Salmond probe apologises to cops for being ‘cloak and dagger’

    158. Breeks says:

      I’d give this a special recommendation for folks to listen to this.

      I will also restate my own personal observation that the YES Movement, even the progressive, positive and proactive YES Movement of 2013-14, actually put to sea, and set sail with big hole in the bottom of the boat, because it hadn’t sat down and formally determined the explicit Constitutional details which defined where the finishing line was.

      Virtually everybody hitched their ride on the Democracy wagon, but without first boiling away the superfluous flesh of the 1707 Treaty of Union, and understanding the bare bones of the basic contract signed between the Nations.

      In other words, what change was there afoot to change the status of Scotland from a non-Independent Nation, and to resurrect the Independent “Auld Scotland”?

      My friends, the answer to that question has never been a referendum. The Union is a Legal Contract, (and one of highly dubious foundation), but simply that. It could, for arguments sake be terminated arbitrarily and unilaterally if either Government of either component Nation resolved to do so. The Contract / Treaty would cease to exist.

      While I wouldn’t endorse the arbitrary resiling of the Treaty without good cause, it might nevertheless be perfectly lawful and sound for Scotland to do.

      But who needs an “arbitrary” excuse to terminate the Treaty when we have the screaming justification to cite the Treaty as irredeemably breached and destroyed by Brexit, and Scotland’s brazen and unconstitutional colonial subjugation? The sovereign entity of Scotland is letting itself be subjugated, when it has every legal and Constitutional right to overthrow and reject that subjugation, and deem the Treaty of Union to be already torn up by Westminster’s reckless misadventure.

      Scottish Independence is there, right in the palm of our hands. We have a legal and Constitutional right to walk out of the Treaty of Union, citing Westminster’s colonial misappropriation of Scotland’s Constitutional rights and usurpation of Scottish sovereignty as more than adequate cause.

      We can worry about the Democratic deficit later, after the Treaty is no more, when we can hold a ratification plebiscite, and probably elect our first Independent Scottish Government since 1707.

      We criticise Sturgeon for presenting Boris Johnson with the gift of a veto over Scottish Democracy, when really, we should criticise ourselves, because that’s exactly what we are doing by presenting Sturgeon with the gift of an equally bogus “veto” over Scotland’s Sovereignty.

      If Sturgeon won’t break the Treaty of Union, then we must circumvent Sturgeon. Impeach her, take her out the equation. She has let Scotland down, and thus we can resolve to “drive her out as our enemy”. Ask yourself whether that is any less a stain on Scotland, deposing a corrupt leader who has failed Scotland, than her charge sheet, which includes stitching up her political rivals on trumped up sex charges and trying to jail the journalists who would condemn her for it?

      Create an assembly, literally a gathering type assembly of all Scotland’s elected representatives and have that body assert that it is the formal opinion of Scotland that the Treaty of Union has been breached, the terms broken, and that it exists no more.

      To Hell with Sturgeon’s enigmatic agenda and bewildering “strategy”.

      Take the initiative and end this rotten Union. Once dead, it cannot be resurrected.

      Even just begin to take the initiative, and watch the panic set in down in Westminster.

      And a small footnote… If Charles Edward Stewart, was indeed the legitimate heir to the Scottish throne, then his repeal of the Union In Prestonpans 1745 ought to be recognised as lawful.

    159. Republicofscotland says:

      SNP National Treasurer Colin Beattie speaks, there’s plenty of heat but not much light in my opinion on the missing indyfunds.

    160. Don says:

      Breastplate 20 June, 2021 at 12:22 pm

      “It’s looking very likely that deaths caused by covid restrictions are going to dwarf victims of covid itself”

      What a lot of complete Bullshit. No actual evidence given to support that invented assertion , because none exists. It doesn’t take even a child of over 14 to work out Covid deaths would have been a multiple many times over in the UK without those restrictions recomended by real expert epidemiologists and what qulifications do you have in this field …absolutely none. All you have is access to the Internet and a list of Bookmarked Conspiracy Theory Websites to drool over.
      Have look at the numbers of Deaths in Brazil and India to see the numbers of deaths due to lack of proper intervention and lack of lockdowns.

    161. Southernbystander says:

      Summary: ‘No-one said the ringed fence didn’t have a gate in it, ha ha’.

    162. Hatuey says:

      I’m 100% supportive of vaccine apartheid. Those who refuse the vaccine are a bunch of freeloaders, hoping to benefit from the herd immunity that the rest of us build. I’d have them welded into their little safe spaces, if it was up to me.

      Someone above suggested the experts were divided on the vaccine in terms of how safe it is. True, and by that standard experts are also divided on the theory that the earth is an irregularly shaped ellipsoid.

      The argument that lockdown has done serious damage to lives and the economy should be something that we all acknowledge and agree on. But it isn’t an argument against the vaccine; it’s an argument for it. And if anyone thinks it’s an argument against lockdowns then they are irretrievably stupid since much more damage would have resulted from not locking down.

      The pattern that I identified in August 2020 continues. Like clockwork, when infection and morbidity rates fall, the crackpots appear and tell us we are dumb victims of a scam.

      The history of their arguments is worth recounting; covid-19 doesn’t exist, the tests don’t test for covid and don’t work, doctors were deliberately mis-diagnosing, it’s just like the flu, we have already achieved herd immunity (august 2020), the vaccine is part of a plot to exterminate humans, and today they tell us that the vaccine is actually the virus.


    163. Andrew F says:

      Stu just flicks the wrist filling in for Holiday Boy and it’s worth 1,000 words. Thanks.

      In my mind’s eye I see a cartoon done in Cairns’ style illustrating this post.

      It’s “The Producers” with Murrell as Zero Mostel and Sturgeon as Gene Wilder. Crayon Fella would work out the details, but the tag-line for the movie was:

      “Once upon a time there was a Broadway producer…who met a “creative” but timid accountant. Together they concocted the most outrageous $1,000,000 scheme in the annals of Show Biz.”

    164. Don says:

      @J.o.e 20 June 2021 at 12:12 pm

      “Our covid response is down to statistics in death and covid cases. This includes the lockdowns and emergency declaration that is facilitating the roll out of these vaccines whose clinical trials do not end until 2023.”

      Still banging away at your own invneted conspiracy theorist drivel of the Vaccines being in trial when it can be easily found that they are not in trial at all. Perhaps you are just to thick to be able to read and understand plain english language ?
      “The COVID-19 vaccines currently approved for use in the UK are:
      Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine
      Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine
      Moderna vaccine
      Janssen vaccine (available later this year)”

      Are you incapable of understanding what “approved for use ” means ?

    165. Colin Alexander says:

      More of the same patronising deceit from the SNP.

    166. Bad Peter says:

      This is a statement in mitigation to a charge of embezzlement. It is not a plea of not guilty. Clearly the £600k originally raised has been disbursed. It is ring fenced in the accounts only as a deficit coded to a particular category. It can’t be used for its originally stated purpose before new funds are attracted to meet that deficit.

    167. Andrew F says:

      Hatuey, just saw your last post.

      I’m probably one of those people you hate and would happily weld into a box to prevent me freeloading from you and everyone else who got injected.

      I’m completely supportive of vaccination, but it must be 100% voluntary. There is no place in grown up medicine for forcibly injecting people with these drugs.

      Here in Australia we had a total of 910 deaths labelled COVID.

      For about 4 months we have been injecting people and have now done about 18% of the population.

      303 people have died after getting injected.

      If that rate keeps up more people will have died after getting the injections than died after getting the virus by about Christmas!

      Personally, I don’t like the looks of those odds for a virus with a very high (>99% for most) survival rate.

    168. wull says:

      Stoker says:
      20 June, 2021 at 10:18 am
      …The vast majority, if not all, of that statement is clearly an afterthought. Made up on the hop!

      There’s also the little matter of proven liar Sturgeon stating “the money is there, it has been ringfenced.” Not one reference in that pile of waffle mentions the word “ringfenced”. But we seem to have moved on to the latest word being “earmarked” which is entirely different from “ringfenced.”

      Meanwhile, keep the pennies coming you pathetic peasants because we need to make sure we have our legal fees to pay and it takes money to promote extreme minority issues. …

      The SNP achieved the bulk of those donations via deception.

      In other news, folks, Sturgeon has announced on her personal Twitter feed how “delighted” she is that the SNP NEC have “chosen” her recommendation/proposal for the ‘Director of the Independence Unit’ (Mike Russell). For the campaign towards the end of this parliament. So there you have it folks, it’s official, we’re fucked as far as indy goes. And she’s backtracked on her pre-election announcement of “the first half of the next parliamentary term.”

      Thank you Stoker, especially for that last bit. Amazing how quickly after the election, and how brazenly, she contradicts what she said pre-election in terms of the timing for Indyref2. Like a snake slithering neatly into its second skin.

      Mike Russell is a disgrace. “Snake-on, folks! Charge!” “S T O P Sorry: don’t forget ‘Charge’ is a code-word meaning ‘Slow March!’ Extra-Slow, that is!. Extra-extra very-very-very SLOW! Somewhere between ‘Halt!’ and ‘Reverse, in fact!!!”

    169. Meg merrilees says:

      Republic of Scotland @2.33

      Reading the new SNP treasurer’s statement –

      Just one thought:

      If the SNP had ringfenced £600,000 in 2017 when the money was raised and put that money in an interest earning account how much extra would have accrued in the intervening period?

      Instead, they’ve spent it as they went along on who knows what and when the appointed time comes, I presume they will have to ‘borrow’ the £600,000 from another source???

      Seems a bit daft to me? But then again, if you are short of funds and your donations are drying up then it is too tempting not to dip into those ringfenced funds isn’t it.

      So, basically, they’ve spent the ‘ringfenced’ money on other things but don’t worry because they’ll go to the magic money tree and get some ‘earmarked’ money when we have to, but that won’t be necessary until the latter part of this Parliament. Won’t they have to raise funding for the upcoming General Election then? Hmmm!

    170. Robert Hughes says:

      Breeks @ 2.31 .

      Correct as ever : we need to bin the slavish devotion to Referenda .
      Even assuming Shrek’s love interest Princess Hopeless could deliver a Referendum ( extremely doubtful she could , or even wants to ) we would very likely lose it , thereby putting an end to any possibility of Independence , terminally .

      Hatuey aka ” The Good German ” @ 3.46

      ” And if anyone thinks it’s an argument against lockdowns then they are irretrievably stupid since much more damage would have resulted from not locking down. ”

      Yet countries that didn’t lockdown – yes Sweden , for example – had less fatalities and minimal economic damage relative to the UK

      So if lockdowns are so effective explain this anomaly . If you can without referring to other Scandinavian countries that * done better * , which they did undoubtedly , but there are other causal factors that can account for this .

      You like to characterise this issue as the Science ( whose Science ) followers,the common sensers ( ie You ) versus the anti-vaxx , crackpot , conspiracy theorists ( anyone who doesn’t 100% agree with you ) , as if the whole thing is THAT simple .

      I have no idea if this has all been orchestrated and have never said it was – it doesn’t need to have been for it to have BECOME an opportunity for those with malign agendas .

      What I do see is an awful lot of effort , money , threats , coercion , emotional blackmail being exerted in response to a virus with a 98.7 % survival rate which poses very little risk to those not vulnerable through age , pre-existing conditions , obesity or general bad health .

    171. Hatuey says:

      Andrew F, I was with you all the way until you unilaterally declared your stupidity with this unforced error;

      “If that rate keeps up more people will have died after getting the injections than died after getting the virus by about Christmas!”

      Do I need to go into the depressing detail of Australia’s highly effective strategy for minimising the spread of coronavirus compared to the “keep the beaches open” crap we had forced on us here? We’d be comparing one of the most effective responses against one of the worst, easily and starkly measurable in corpses…

      The choice for Australia with regards to the future is slightly more complicated by the fact that you had a strategy that worked. Lucky you. You can continue with it and lock the world out or you can reluctantly roll your sleeves up for the jag, like the rest of us are doing.

    172. Hatuey says:

      I love the way Sweden is being used as an example again. Using Sweden as an example went out of fashion in the final months of 2020 when infection rates and deaths started to rise and the government introduced social distancing and strategies for protecting the elderly.

      But let’s pretend they did absolutely nothing to mitigate the spread of covid because it’ll help you win a diabolically stupid argument and who knows, maybe a few gullible fools will listen and reject a vaccine that 99% of scientists tell us has saved millions of lives…

    173. Republicofscotland says:

      “Instead, they’ve spent it as they went along on who knows what and when the appointed time comes, I presume they will have to ‘borrow’ the £600,000 from another source???”

      Meg Merrilees.

      The time will never come under Sturgeons tenure, so loaned money to show on the accounts to keep the masses placated, will be handed right back to whoever or whatever company loans it out.

    174. Robert Graham says:

      What’s up hauteyman bored ?
      in need of some sort of company ?
      Or are you Just naturally dumb and stupid or do you need to work at it ?
      Idiots like you believe any old shit that’s tossed in their direction don’t you, take this take that because it’s for your own good ,
      You as dumb as the day you were born and your too stupid to realise it , don’t you get it Governments tell lies , Drug manufacturers hide the truth about their products to fool the public, Chemical companies hide the harm their manufactured products cause and all the aforementioned get away with it because of fkn dummies like you yah fkn dick .

    175. Lothianlad says:

      How long before the SNP rank and file finally wake up and realise they have been had??
      James the pop kelly thinks we should wait till 2024…. MUG!

      How long before the SNP msp gravy train develop a spine??

      How the love of money corrupts!

    176. Effigy says:

      BBC lies and propaganda challenge from Ivan continually interrupted
      and when shot down in flames the BBC web site refuses to admit to lying
      by deleting.

      Every Indy supporter must stick these facts on to every bbc interview.
      They have no interest in the truth or attempting impartiality.

    177. Terry says:

      The murrells get a big fat fail on strategic thinking

      1. She taunted Theresa May that she hadn’t been endorsed by the voters in an election. So Theresa may (who had done her homework) went for an election and gave snp a bloody nose. They knew that brexit was quite popular with some Indy supporters. Of course May boobed over Corbyn. But that election was a fatal blow to snp finances.

      2. Nicola presumed that 62% Eu vote was then 45plus some No votes who were all magically now Indy supporters. So briefly she announced that Indy was on. Big deal. May said “now is not the the time”. Then later on launched the surprise general election. See 1 above.

      3. After the 2017 boob and rumblings against her Nicola then sought to build a praetorian guard round herself. Cue all the TRA activists and identity politics fanatics. The dye was firmly cast.

      4. Then the most stupid plan of all – to fit up Alex salmond. That’s a slow motion car crash and will ramble on for some time. Hell mend them on that.

      5. Wasting so much time , in hindsight deliberately, to keep U.K. in Eu and campaigning against the democratic will of England.

      Of course there’s the gerrymandering, the bullying, the indyref fund the prosecutions of manny sigh, Craig Murray, mark hirst, Marion millar and that poor guy already doing six months.

      It’s a feckin mess. They should be thrown out. It’s a disgrace.

    178. Ian Brotherhood says:

      A word for those who may not be familiar with ‘Hatuey’.

      ‘He’ (?) has been caught, right here, repeatedly distorting fatality stats to suit his pro-jag agenda.

      He ignores sourced data and never provides any to support his own ball-park figures and vindictive generalisations.

      He’s a serial liar and propagandist for the ‘official’ narrative, whatever that happens to be on any given day.

    179. Breeks says:

      Robert Hughes says:
      20 June, 2021 at 4:57 pm

      …..we need to bin the slavish devotion to Referenda .

      Even if the Scottish “Government” just started talking about the Constitutional principle, you would immediately change the whole political landscape and put Westminster on the defensive, and the BritNat Propagandists would go into meltdown. Bring it on!

      Mind you, the amount of Constitutional strength and leverage which Scotland has at it’s disposal is absolutely wasted on a dud, pedestrian “leader” like Sturgeon. Her only strategic acumen is finding a corner to paint herself into.

    180. Meg merrilees says:


      So the SNP is effectively operating a Ponzi scheme with our donations?

    181. Breastplate says:

      It is completely illogical to get a vaccine that you don’t need.

      Your argument of people freeloading on the herd immunity that vaccinated people build up relies on the premise that vaccinated people achieve immunity (they don’t) and that people who have had Covid already need vaccinated against something their body has already successfully dealt with.

      Hatuey, why do you think getting a vaccine against the coronavirus confers immunity when you have already been told that it doesn’t by the people who have made the vaccines?

      We were told that the vulnerable in society needed to get vaccinated, this sounds logical so no argument from me on that.

      Now we are told those who aren’t vulnerable need to be vaccinated, this should seem illogical to most reasonable people, perhaps I’m wrong and you can explain why people that have an immune system that can easily deal with the virus need to get a vaccine to help their immune system deal with the virus?

      Again, why do people who don’t need the vaccine have to be vaccinated.
      Please try to explain without leaning on emotional arguments.

    182. Don says:

      @Effigy 19 June, 2021 at 8:05 pm

      “If Murrell needs a new suit for independence related interviews
      can we pay for it?
      How about a wee Caribbean cruise to mentally prepare for a section 30 rejection?
      He will need a new car if he had to meet Boris in London.
      Tea bags, they will need them to keep themselves refreshed.

      Yes all those could be paid for from the independence related funds.”

      £500K to pay off Salmond from Scottish Taxpayers
      50K to coach Inquiry Witnesses
      £1.4Million on ministerial Limos

      The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” Animal Farm : George Orwell

    183. Don says:

      Breastplate 20 June, 2021 at 7:22 pm

      “It is completely illogical to get a vaccine that you don’t need.”

      Wow , what an utterly stupid statement, how stupid do some people have to be to think they can wait until they fall seriously ill before refelecting whether they should have got Vaccinated beforehand after all ? Are you working in some sort of Russian Troll factory doing your best work for Putin ?

    184. Pixywine says:

      Covid doesn’t hurt if you’re rich at Ascot apparently

    185. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Breastplate –

      He won’t answer, because he can’t. He never ever does.

      If the vaccination of children goes ahead there will be fist fights, blood, snotters, tears, hair and spare bits flying all over the place, especially at school gates and vaccination centres.


      But Hatuey and his self-satisfied ilk will be nowhere to be seen – they’ll leave it to the cops to do their dirty work for them.

    186. Don says:

      @Effigy 20 June, 2021 at 6:23 pm

      “BBC lies and propaganda challenge from Ivan continually interruptedand when shot down in flames the BBC web site refuses to admit to lyingby deleting.2

      HahaHa That will be the same Ivan McKee who homslef was part of the Business for Scotland fake propagnda unit before he got elected to Hollyrood off the back of it ? Nobody knows better on how to go about producing fake propaganda than Ivan McKee

    187. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey. You are absolutely lying about Sweden. They did business as usual with no problems. So did Florida South Dakota Japan Belarus.

    188. Robert Louis says:

      So, let me get this right, the treasurer released this with a straight face and the remaining deluded souls still in the SNP cannot see what is wrong?

      In essence, the SNP spent every last penny of the money that folk like myself donated into their ringfenced indyref fund, so the money is gone. However, when the money is required they will hold another fundraiser, and that is ‘ok’????

      Are folk still in the SNP actually swallowing this utter sh*te. At least Tories admit they squander money, whereas the SNP pretend it is virtual money. Mibbes even schrodinger’s money – it neither exists nor doesn’t exist, and the harder we look, the less likely we are to find it.

      Those respnsible for this in the SNP should be put in jail for fraud. They lied to those who donated. Openly brazenly lied. They know it, and are still, despite all the evidence pretending the money exists. Crooks, the whole lot of them.

      This as with everything else done to destroy the indy movement and SNP has been done on Nicola Sturgeon’s watch. Am I alone in thinking it is quite, quite deliberate. I think she is a total fraud.

    189. Pixywine says:

      Don. Fuck off back up Johnson arsehole you Nazi bastard

    190. Pixywine says:

      Re SNP fraud. I’ve known people who went to prison for a long time for stealing less money

    191. Don says:

      Hatuey 20 June, 2021 at 5:13 pm

      “If that rate keeps up more people will have died after getting the injections than died after getting the virus by about Christmas!”

      Complete utter Bullshit.Try and get properly educated

      “Do I need to go into the depressing detail of Australia’s highly effective strategy for minimising the spread of coronavirus compared to the “keep the beaches open” crap we had forced on us here?”
      More Bullshit, Australia is a country approx 2000 miles from any other country , UK is 22 miles from Europe and we know people smuggle themselves across the channel to the UK, do they take Covid Tests first ?
      Australia also has had a closed border policy since March 2020 but yet put a new lockdown in place last month to help try to deal with the current Delta Variant so feel free to explain exactly how Australian policy has “worked” when it clearly hasn’t at all.

    192. Kenneth McDougall says:

      It was better when you didn’t post things
      You said that you wouldn’t

    193. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey. People like you were 100% in support of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. Youre either at the wind up or youre a moron.

    194. Don says:

      Pixywine 20 June, 2021 at 7:41 pm

      ” You are absolutely lying about Sweden. They did business as usual with no problems. ”

      You don’t half spout some rubbish , even the Swedish Prime Minister says you are wrong “Sweden’s prime minister has admitted that the country misjudged its response to the second coronavirus surge, as intensive-care units in the capital Stockholm become overwhelmed with patients”

    195. Don says:

      Pixywine 20 June, 2021 at 7:50 pm

      “Hatuey. People like you were 100% in support of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. ”

      LOL LOL LOL “people like you were in 100% support of the Nazis”

    196. Breastplate says:

      I’m sorry if this is difficult for you to understand but usually if you don’t need something then it follows that it is not necessary.

    197. Pixywine says:

      Don. You come across as very immature all that lol business and your half baked Belingcat talking points

    198. Pixywine says:

      The reason you Government trolls are working your booties off is because you know your Governments are committing criminal acts against the people. Crimes against Humanity.

    199. Pixywine says:

      The Gaurduan is being funded by Bill Gates. You don’t see a conflict of interest Don?

    200. Dan says:

      Pixywine says: at 7:45 pm

      Re SNP fraud. I’ve known people who went to prison for a long time for stealing less money.

      Or even just having to resign over mishandling finances.

    201. Saffron Robe says:

      I watched the video that Pixywine (19 June, 2021 at 11:18 pm) kindly posted the link to, and although it wasn’t anything that I’m not already aware of, it is heartening to see someone in authority speak out so eloquently and diligently. Coincidentally all the points raised against malfeasance in public office in relation to Covid could equally apply to the SNP and the missing ring-fenced money. Particularly the point that the police have a duty to act.

      One thing that stood out for me was the question as to why the “vaccine” is being administered willy-nilly even to those who have/had already developed antibodies. If it was a genuine medical programme then people would be tested for the presence of antibodies before being offered the vaccine. The fact that it is being administered indiscriminately indicates that it is more akin to the Josef Mengele school of medicine than to the preservation of life.

    202. Cenchos says:

      “SNP accounting and referendum funds.”

      It’s an ecumenical matter.

    203. Pixywine says:

      Don. Hatuey Toby Ellwood or whoever you are. You seem to have flushed 200 years of medical knowledge down the toilet.

    204. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Saffron Robe (8.24) –

      One of the biggest alarm bells for anyone who’s trying to be objective about all this is the absence of any ‘control group’.

      Having a control group (i.e. a specified range of citizens who receive placebo instead of the drug being tested) would be an acknowledgement that these things are being trialled in real time.

      So they can’t do that. Instead, those of us who can’t or won’t accept the jags are the ‘de facto’ control group.

    205. Pixywine says:

      Don. Hatuey. Ellwood.This for you

    206. Pixywine says:

      If you want a laugh

    207. Pixywine says:

      Looks like my links aren’t making it to this site now. There’s nothing like fighting with your arms tied behind your back. So much for politics. Fucking shit

    208. stonefree says:

      @ Meg merrilees at 4:55 pm

      Republic of Scotland @2.33

      Reading the new SNP treasurer’s statement –

      Just one thought:

      “If the SNP had ringfenced £600,000 in 2017 when the money was raised and put that money in an interest earning account how much extra would have accrued in the intervening period?”
      a quick use of a spread sheet about 82,000
      More if it was invested with Tice

      There was an earlier post that had the “legal” status of Ringfenced money
      Beattie and earmarked is nothing to with “ringfenced” which is locked, and not flexible as Earmarked is

      To describe what the SNP have done is in very simple term, used all the money coming in and going out ,is via a Current Account
      The Ringfenced money should have been in a stand alone account ,a bit like a “term bond” it stays there and can’t be touched,( this is a very simple explanation) but what appear to be happening was those who had access were utilising the funds in the “current account” and not giving a thought to the fact that it was being “borrowed” and would need to be repaid at somepoint, which would be the referendum Except they have spent the money and there is NO Referendum on the horizon
      Beattie and his statement is a crock of crap,He is either a numpty or he knows how flawed this wondrous set-up is.
      I would suggest what has been set-up in potentially illegal, it certainly looks that way via the theft act
      when you look at the account 2019,there seems to be discrepancies or large variations in Legal Fees and IT costs also the Banking charges again seem a bit on the high side for a firm that employs 21 people
      Beattie defends his not “disclosing Financial aspects” as not required due to the “business status”
      More rubbish, the business is an an “unincorporated association” the power lies with the members, and if there are 50,000 then that outnumbers the 35 ( based on 21 and 14 others

    209. Dan says:

      @ Pixywine

      You just mucked up your links, that’s all.
      Remove the https :// before the www when posting a youtube link and the site will create the correct link when you submit your post.
      If you leave the https :// bit on the actual vid will embed in the comments and Stu gets the hammers out for that.

      Here’s your 1st vid link (3min)

      Here’s your 2nd vid link (10min)

      In other news. Stats still show there’s been more folk shagging than dying. Man and woman mating still beating the virus in the numbers game.

    210. Bill Craig says:

      Thanks for publishing that, Stuart. Stay safe and well. By the way, I’m wondering why there are posts on here about Covid vaccinations. I’m sure the SNP treasurer isn’t responsible for those, but you never know.

      I could weep at what has been happening in the SNP. Apologies to folk who’ve already made some of these points.

      It’s an accident of birth that I happen to be one of those who joined the SNP many years ago, a lifetime ago, to fight for independence. All those years, and it has come to this. I remember the people who came before me, and people of my generation who have given their whole life to the cause of independence through the SNP.
      Bathgate, no more
      Sutherland, no more
      SNP the Party of independence, no more.

      We might have hoped for an honest admission of what had happened to that ring-fenced referendum fund, but with the chief executive being married to the party leader that would have been a foolish and false hope. No large professional organisation, other than a cult, would tolerate having a married couple in those two positions. That fact, alone, raises questions about Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell. When I expressed concerns inside the SNP I was told: “but they’ve been married for a long time” and “I was at their wedding”. Come on down, Homer Simpson!

      We might characterise where we are now as “the lunatics have taken over the asylum”, and that may be part of the problem, but I think it’s more likely that individuals acting for the UK had infiltrated the party in order to undermine it. Objectively, for anyone to succeed in that task they would need to be accepted as genuine (fool most of the people most of the time) in order to maintain their position and be able to influence or control events. As for the lunatics, they may be happy with reflected glory and with whatever power they can seem to have.

      Apart from the two people right at the top of the pyramid, I would not want to cast aspersions against any member of the SNP. Being elected, either internally or externally, possibly for a long time, doesn’t make you a rogue. I’m sure there are still many honourable people left inside the party, although some of those may have become a little too comfortable.

      That long-winded and dishonest document submitted to the NEC is an insult, but it probably couldn’t have been any other once the decision for dishonesty had been taken. It reads as if the treasurer really believes our heids zip up the back. It’s a load of tosh, garbage, crap.

      Some of it is weird:
      “a running total of such expressions of wish (is) recorded.” A running-total of expressions? Aye, right! Gobbledegook.

      “expenditure directly related to the campaign for independence”. Yes, that’s what the SNP is supposed to be all about. Achieving independence. It’s in the constitution.

      HQ told us the money was “ring-fenced”, but now they say it’s “earmarked” and they hope we’ll not see the difference. Dishonest.

      “Treasury Managed cash flow of the party”. Whit? Garbage.

      “While these monies are not separated out, their existence in terms of the commitment as to what they will be spent on is tangible”. Is that like a commitment to buy the kids some Xmas presents?
      Promises, promises, ad infinitum. Garbage.

      “There may be a need for a further fund-raising exercise early in 2022 as we approach critical political watersheds.” Jesus wept. More garbage.

      As for the final point, 10, how many years does it take for some treasurers to get the basics right? That’s an admission of shear incompetence being made as a cover for what looks like straight bloody dishonesty. They promise to do it better next time, but there should be no “next time”.

    211. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Pixiwine.

      Links work here – you didn’t format your comment very well.

      Paste the link on a separate line then delete the “https://”.

      I posted that link without the “https://”. This site adds it in itself.

    212. Elmac says:

      Terry @ 6.36

      I have not posted any comment on here since the HR election. It seemed pointless to fight on since the majority of the Scottish electorate, or at least the independence supporting element, were obviously too stupid to see what was happening. I dip into Wings now and again and the occasional post such as yours does make me realise that some of us still carry the torch. The only part of your comment I would disagree with is the last sentence. They should not be thrown out – they should suffer hefty prison sentences for what they have done to our nation and the injustice they have wreaked on individuals who have only sought to reveal the truth of

    213. Elmac says:

      Terry @ 6.36

      Submitted the comment too early by accident. The rest reads ….. their corruption and lies.

    214. Effigy says:

      Hi Don,

      Give us a few examples of Ivan being better that
      Boris, the Tories, Westminster and the BBC at Fake News.

    215. stonefree says:

      @ Elmac at 9:44 pm

      “They should not be thrown out – they should suffer hefty prison sentences for what they have done to our nation and the injustice they have wreaked on individuals who have only
      sought to reveal the truth of their corruption and lies”

      That is the only thing that can and should be done.
      It is the right thing

      I will have no sympathy when it happens

    216. President Xiden says:

      If I was the cynical type I would be asking myself why did the Queen have to sit alone at her own husbands funeral yet was mingling freely at the G7 knees up and at Royal Ascot? Talking of G7 did you see ALL the main players arriving fully masked and elbow bumping each other yet for the remainder of the week resorted to hugs and handshakes, no masks and no social distancing. This is a very clever virus I tell you.

    217. Luigi says:

      How about a petition to parliament to get em to discuss the “ring-fenced” money scandal.? Now there’s a thought. 🙂

    218. Pixywine says:


    219. Pixywine says:

      Charles Windsor is a Fascist.

    220. Pixywine says:

      Briandoonthetoon. You’re right enough. As far as tech goes I’m a caveman. Thanks.

    221. Hatuey says:

      Brotherhood: “One of the biggest alarm bells for anyone who’s trying to be objective about all this is the absence of any ‘control group’.”

      Not true. Phase I trials put a lot of emphasis on control groups. More than that, control groups are intrinsic to phase I trials.

      Safety and side effects are given emphasis right through all phases, from preclinical to phase IV, after the vaccine goes to market.

      All vaccines currently licensed for use in the UK went through the normal 5 phases in terms of testing and safety, although we are technically still in phase IV now as I understand it.

    222. Breeks says:

      Pixywine says:
      20 June, 2021 at 8:32 pm
      Don. Hatuey Toby Ellwood or whoever you are. You seem to have flushed 200 years of medical knowledge down the toilet.

      I’ve always just pictured Don as Manky Jaikit, Allastair McConnachie, turning up like the proverbial bad penny, and braying his bigoted idiocy down a megaphone.

      99.9% of rational people just walk past and ignore the weirdness, because you never know just how mental he really is.

    223. willie says:

      We bemoan the demise of the SNP as an Independence party as it morphs into a save the Union devolution party.

      We bemoan the electorate who do not see what is happening.

      However, if one reads Brig General Sir Frank Kitson the military man who developed and was responsible for deploying them in countries like Kenya, Aden, Cyprus and Ireland then one will understand why things are going the way they are going.

      Military strategy is to infiltrate, observe, false flag, agent provocateur, issue false information, censor political comment and do all of the things like bribe or blackmail to achieve destruction of the independence movement.

      Using the police, prosecution and courts to selectively jail political leaders and key activists is another key Kitson strategy.

      Kitson’s books, Gangs and Counter Gangs, Low Intensity Opeations, and the Bunch of Five redacted for decades, set the strategies out which were described as everything below symetrical warfare.

      The selective prosecutions of Salmond, Murray, Hirst, Singh, Kelly, and Millar together with the award of punitive costs being sought from Michael Keating – along with the concomitant bias of the MSM are examples of the Dirty War now being waged in Scotland by the establishment.

      But a look at what actually went on in Northern Ireland in the 70,80, and 90s where the military Force Research Unit in conjunction with MI5 and the Special Branch were responsible for around 200 civilian deaths, and where local loyalist thus were armed and directed to take out targets like layers Pat Finucaine and Rosemary Nelson. Or where they killed an innocent pensioner to cover ne of their double agent informers.

      And so, would the establishment do the same here. Well if you think they wouldn’t you should believe in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy.

    224. Meg merrilees says:

      Just been announced on radio-
      Boris Johnson wants all ex-pat Scots in England and Wales, about 800,000 people, to be able to vote in the next Indy ref.
      He also wants to appoint (t)Ruthless to a newly created post of ‘Constitutional Secretary’. As such, she would lead the next Indy ref campaign.

      Funny how the pandemic is not preventing him and the Tories from planning for the next Indy ref yet here, in Sturgeonland, we have done no planning for years.

    225. Anthem says:

      Well said Willie. It’s about time that Indy supporters of all political colours woke up. The SNP conference announcement is a coup d’etat for Sturgeon and her cabal. The SNP needs a clear out, starting with her in court.

    226. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Willie – “These are dark, even dangerous days in Scotland. The stramash between the country’s two most famous politicians, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, has resulted in vital public documents being censored or banned, important information being suppressed, the media cajoled and cowed, the legal system brought into disrepute, the Scottish Parliament neutered and even bloggers being threatened with jail.

      The relentless twists and turns in the Salmond-Sturgeon saga make it hard to follow, not just in the rest of the UK, to which Scotland is increasingly another country, but even north of the border.

      So many have just switched off. But that is a mistake because what is happening in Scotland is a clear and present danger to democratic accountability, the impartial rule of law and a free Press – an integral part of these islands.”

      I’m neither a Unionist or a Nationalist. I’m like the majority of Scots – somewhere in the middle and ready to be persuaded one way or the other. At the moment, I am Unionist.

      Is there any proof that the above situation has been brought about in Scotland by anyone other than the SNP?

      It seems to me that the near total shambles we have in the present day Scottish legal profession is an all-Scottish, all-Holyrood affair.

    227. Breeks says:

      All that’s true Willie, … but it also didn’t work. Even Northern Ireland is failing before the inevitability of a United Ireland. All that bloodshed, every drop, is the catalyst now forging a stronger Ireland.

      The insidious evil you describe is a double edged sword, because once it’s exposed, the revulsion and anger it spawns is more like to provoke a greater backlash against the oppressor than consolidate their tenuous grip.

      Perhaps Sturgeon’s SNP is indeed the bullet magnet for Unionist plots and subversion, but which has inadvertently given us ALBA, light on baggage, pure of heart, and purged of carpetbaggers and charlatans.

      I find it very telling that the SNP’s most vindictive spite is directed towards against ALBA rather than than any disgrace suffered upon Scotland like Brexit or Scotland’s unconstitutional subjugation.

      You could interpret that to mean the creation of ALBA was the moment their plan failed. The Evil Empire may have taken the SNP castle, but the Spirit of Independence eluded capture because it had already gone, …and now it knows the names of it’s betrayers.

    228. Breastplate says:

      Captain Yossarian,
      “I’m neither a Unionist or a Nationalist.”

      Your pejorative term for people seeking self determination tells me you are a British nationalist.

    229. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Hatuey (@12.42) needs to use all his fingers and toes to work out how many months a woman is pregnant and how many months that leaves for trials, testing etc.

      He believes that four separate concoctions can be developed at unprecedented speed and just happen to become market-available within the space of a few weeks.

      He believes that thousands of women worldwide are making up stories about their periods going haywire after ‘vaccination’.

      And it doesn’t matter how many people die with days of getting the jag, because, according to Hatuey ‘the benefits outweigh the risk’.

      Don’t be like Hatuey.

    230. Aunty Flo says:

      Meg merrilees says:
      ‘Funny how the pandemic is not preventing [Boris] and the Tories from planning for the next Indy ref ..’

      Is the following also part of a covert ‘plan’?

      A friend who has her house in a scenic part of the Highlands, has found that 90% of her viewers are from England – I recall a recent comment on this blog about Scottish properties being aggressively marketed in England with a view to ‘diluting’ the demographic here.

      Then a few days ago another friend in a Housing Association property in Moray tells me that, puzzlingly, the last 3 vacancies in the development have been filled by people relocating from England, with few or no ties to the area. Shouldn’t priority be given to locals? A definite policy strategy it seems?

      Well this kind of thing is not unprecedented – just look at the plantation of Ulster!

      Anybody got any similar stories or observations on this?

    231. Aunty Flo says:

      *has her house for sale

    232. Meg merrilees says:

      Aunty Flo
      It has been commented on before but I have been struck this week by the number of times, when listening to Scottish news or news about Scotland, that the radio announcer/interviewer (Scottish accent) goes over to some expert/ person holding a senior management position/ person in influential position for comment who invariably has a non-Scottish- usually English- accent.
      Listen out for yourselves this week. It does seem to be a lot more common than a few years ago.
      With the exception of Jason Leitch!

    233. John Mcgregor says:

      I’ve heard the Odd Couple have (allegedly) enlisted the Lord Advocate tae help oot the polis with their iquirey in’tae the ring fenced woven in spent on something else 600k ffsake # 55

    234. Scotland`s Tom Stoltman wins World`s Strongest Man,

      held in California where he was up against 25 of the strongest men from around the world,

      obviously it`s no ubiquitous fitba and he`s Scottish so our sports media will no cover it.

    235. Cenchos says:

      You can fool some of the people all of the time because they want to be fooled. They are pleading for you to fool them, they need to be fooled. Be it independence, be it gender; things cannot be as they are.

      People have been made to be unhappy in who they are. And gestures are being made to them, and broken promises are being repeated to them; and behind the scenes knowing glances are exchanged as sacks are stuffed with money and loaded into vans.

      This is exploitation of a particularly vicious kind.

    236. J.o.e says:

      I notice the people insulting or calling for violence against those who are skeptical about the efficacy and safety of a set of vaccines who have not undergone normal testing, hence the need for emergency temporary authorisation to use them, are also the ones most likely to ignore the difference in how major health bodies suggest PCR is used versus how it is actually being used by governments to generate the statistics for all our ‘covid response’.

      100% hit rate now.

    237. J.o.e says:


      I have come to the conclusion that a lot of people who have only had TV and newspapers to inform them (big tech getting there) over the decades are so brainwashed that they actually can only maintain a happy mental state while being lied to.

      Any injection of the truth, especially when it is easily observable, hits them like an assault.

      They then fight you to maintain their worldview rather than going through the hard process of relearning.

    238. robertknight says:

      Capt Yossa

      “It seems to me that the near total shambles we have in the present day Scottish legal profession is an all-Scottish, all-Holyrood affair”

      On the surface certainly, but scratch beneath and it’s anything but.

      To believe otherwise is to be naive or willfully ignorant.

    239. Captain Yossarian says:

      robertknight says:
      21 June, 2021 at 9:20 am

      It was Gordon Dangerfield himself who said that the Scottish legal profession were now the ‘lickspittal arm of the Scottish Government’.

    240. Dan says:

      Nicola Sturgeon’s chief of staff Liz Lloyd takes ‘leave of absence’ to be replaced by SNP head of policy

    241. McDuff says:

      Aunty flo
      It’s happening all over Scotland from the islands to the Highlands to the cities down to the borders.
      All tv programs with a Scottish content networked across the UK are wildlife highlighting the Scottish scenery and lack of overcrowding,all designed to encourage English migration.
      Make no mistake it’s all deliberate and amounts to backdoor ethnic clensing. I have watched as Scottish industry has been dismantled,from car manufacturing to supermarkets to shipbuilding, all gone. The land, the media , businesses all foreign owned, our very culture supressed. And what really depresses me is that so many of my fellow Scots either don’t care or support this Anglifying of our country.

    242. Stuart MacKay says:

      I think the Scottish legal profession have an interesting problem on their hands. Hundreds of years of reputation, norms and standards are being put on the line with a real risk of it being thrown away never to return.

      I think they might have to come to terms with the idea that they are more like the Church of England and exist simply to do the bidding of the monarch.

    243. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey you bare faced liar. Completely rewriting History as it happens. You filthy fucking Unionist journalist.

    244. Pixywine says:

      I grew up in Niddrie. Every time I drive past my old street Harewood Drive I feel emotionally assaulted. My old school demolished along with the street in order for local councillors to pocket brown envelopes and socially cleanse the locals. A lot of the people who lived in Niddrie were original inhabitants of the Royal Mile slums. Now they are scattered on the wind like Comanches. My old street where I grew up had perfectly good housing stock. Labour politicians gave up on the area decades ago and largely created its problems of unemployment and deprivation. The Queen used to own a controlling share in the Fort shopping precinct in Newcraighall just a couple miles to the East. The area is now full of carpet baggers who know fuck all about the place

    245. Pixywine says:

      By the way Don Hatuey Tobias Ellwood of the 77th chinless. Comanches means human being and that’s how I view the unvaccinated. Human.

    246. Dan says:

      We can confirm that Billy Gilmour has tested positive for COVID-19

      If the UK’s track and trace, and isolate systems were any good should it not mean the entire Scotland and England teams would need to isolate due to being in close proximity to the lad during the recent game.

    247. Pixywine says:

      Wot? No Tooth Fairy?

    248. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Someone just quipped on Twitter that if Gilmour has to isolate for ten days that means he’ll be nice and fresh for the quarter-finals.


    249. Pixywine says:

      Anti lockdown protest in London right now.

    250. Dan says:

      Hey Pixywine

      Any chance you could add the duration of the vids you’re linking to, and synopsis of what they are about.
      Not everyone in Scotland has unlimited data or lives in well connected areas.

    251. sarah says:

      @ Captain Yossarian at 8.01: “I am like the majority of Scots – somewhere in the middle, waiting to be persuaded. At the moment I am Unionist.”

      A very low percentage of people are neither Yes or No on the question of Scotland regaining its position as an independent country. These people aren’t the majority. Nor are the Noes.

      I don’t understand anyone needing to be “persuaded” about the concept of independent countries. There are 197 or so independent countries in the world and no-one tells them they are wrong.

    252. sarah says:

      Craig Murray tweets that the police say there is no crime by SNP in spending the ring-fenced money on salaries etc.

      It looks as if a civil case would be the only route to hold the SNP to account.

    253. Stuart MacKay says:


      I think it’s much more nuanced than fundamentalists on either side would like. Take the following options:

      1. Should Scotland be an independent country?

      2. Should Scotland be an independent country with the SNP in charge for the foreseeable future?

      3. Should Scotland be an independent country with Nicola Sturgeon in charge for the foreseeable future?

      No prizes for guessing you’d get wildly different answers.

      Therein lies the problem for the people saying we need to persuade the “soft noes”, including the Dear Leader her/she self. At no point does anyone bother to ask or even wonder out loud as to why the “soft noes” are the way they are.

    254. Breeks says:

      sarah says:
      21 June, 2021 at 12:12 pm

      I don’t understand anyone needing to be “persuaded” about the concept of independent countries. There are 197 or so independent countries in the world and no-one tells them they are wrong.

      I don’t understand the “waiting to be persuaded” philosophy either, but I do believe Scotland has a massive problem with indoctrination via the Broadcasting monopoly of the British Establishment, and Scots suffer the double blow of active propaganda in the “news” and political debate, and the second blow that is propaganda by omission.

      Give these people access to the truth, let them check it’s authenticity, and let them hold unfettered discussion about the ramifications, and it is then my prediction that very few Scots once adequately informed will need “persuaded” to vote for Independence.

    255. Pixywine says:

      Ha ha. The anti lockdown protesters are throwing tennis balls into Downing Street. Very humorous.

    256. Hugh Jarse says:

      With Cressida at the helm, i don’t think that is a safe move.
      She’s got form as a killer for the imperial masters.

      I lived in Niddrie, Waughhope St for a good few year’s before it was levelled to make room for profits.
      Lots of good people, lots of fucked up people as well.
      Dumped, then Abandoned.

      The dispersal of the bams fucked up many a Midlothian street too.
      Levelling down.

    257. Breastplate says:

      You’re quite right Sarah,
      Captain Yossarian doesn’t seem to understand his own stance.
      In the same comment albeit in a different paragraph, he states he is not a Unionist and in another paragraph he states that he is a Unionist.

      Should he be credited with any intelligence regarding his position on Scotland’s constitution?
      No, is the answer to that.

      He is a British Nationalist with the support of let’s see; The BNP, UKIP, Britain First, NF, EDL, SDL, DUP, Patriotic Alternative, Orange Order, UVF among quite a few others and I’m surprised not to see the KKK and the Daleks on that list too.

    258. Hatuey says:

      Those concerned about the impact of the vaccine on pregnant women will be reassured to hear that a study of around 35 thousand such women in America has found no negative side effects in mothers or babies.

      On the contrary, the evidence suggests that antibodies are naturally and healthily passed on to the children of mothers who were vaccinated during pregnancy.

      At last some good news that we can ALL celebrate.

    259. Don says:

      Hugh Jarse 21 June, 2021 at 1:28 pm

      “I lived in Niddrie, Waughhope St for a good few year’s before it was levelled to make room for profits.
      Lots of good people, lots of fucked up people as well”

      Niddrie was cleared as you well know because the Hi Rises were 60’s built dumps that were literally falling apart, full of damp , disease and a breading ground for crime and drug dealers. New Niddrie now is a far better place for it with its modern low energy low rise green buildings, is there no end to Nationalists pitiful endless self invented greivance mongering ?

    260. Don says:

      Breeks 21 June, 2021 at 12:51 pm

      “I don’t understand anyone needing to be “persuaded” about the concept of independent countries. There are 197 or so independent countries in the world and no-one tells them they are wrong.”

      Then all you have to do to convince Scots that they should vote to make themselves 20% poorer than right now with all the cuts to Benefits and Scotlands other Public Services that brings with it. Why not start doing that right now instead of continuing to cintinually lie about Scottish Economics anytime you like ?,well%20as%20a%20regional%20level.

    261. Don says:

      sarah 21 June, 2021 at 12:33 pm

      “Craig Murray tweets that the police say there is no crime by SNP in spending the ring-fenced money on salaries etc”

      Why in the name of the wee man would you think that the Police would tell Craig Murray anything before the Police would tell anyone else ? 🙂 As Betting odd go though he has a 50/50% of ending up correct but that doesn’t mean he has any actual knowledge. Remember how many months Craig Murray spent telling you Israel was responsible for the Novichock attacks in Salisbury ?

      In other News asset rich man seeks financial help to keep his blog going.

    262. Don says:

      Pixywine 20 June, 2021 at 8:08 pm

      “The Gaurduan is being funded by Bill Gates. You don’t see a conflict of interest Don?”

      FFS That will be another one to add to the list of complete rockets conspiracy theories 🙂

    263. Breastplate says:

      Now you’re getting the hang of it.
      Trials and tests first, then proclamations of safety, not the other way round.
      Keep it up, you’ll get there eventually.

    264. Breastplate says:

      Surely you’re still not expecting to be taken seriously?

    265. Republicofscotland says:

      So the only way they could remove Billy Gilmour was to hit him with a false positive test, says cynical old me. Speaking of cynicism, I see the SNP are to hold their Autumn conference on the same dates as the the Alba party who posted their conference dates first.

      The SNP conference will again be an online affair, much easier to deny and bat away members concerns on a whole host of legitimate questions, that member will probably not get the chance to ask in the first place.

      Look out for the words Scottish independence to be tossed about like confetti at a wedding during the conference by a number of SNP MSPs and Sturgeon the Betrayer.

    266. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Breastplate – “I’m neither a Unionist or a Nationalist. I’m like the majority of Scots – somewhere in the middle and ready to be persuaded one way or the other. At the moment, I am Unionist.”

      I voted Labour last time and I regret it already as they are fairly inept and dishonest, aren’t they.

    267. Republicofscotland says:

      How it works, the Keystone cops aka Police Scotland get a complaint that money (ringfenced indyfunds) are missing from the SNPs accounts (Ref- EC SNP accounts earlier this year).

      Police Scotland, then looks further up their chain of command for a green light to proceed with an investigation, the Chief Constable passes it on to the COPFS and inturn it goes to the Lord Advocate, who sits in on Scottish government (SNP) cabinet meetings, and offers the Scottish government legal advice, the head of the Scottish government is of course Sturgeon.

      Knowing the above the investigation into the missing indyfunds was never going to get off the ground.

    268. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon sees the nonce sense this is?

    269. Republicofscotland says:

      So Hide and Seek films spent two years in Scotland filming for their drug death project on Scotland’s drug death rates, which in 2019 hit a staggering 1264 deaths.

      After speaking to countless Scots over the two years on drug abuse they found that the majority of Scots saw drug addiction as an illness that shouldn’t be treated criminally.

      They also agreed that Westminster did nothing to help the reduce the death rate legal wise such as devolving drug laws to Holyrood.

      What they were astounded with is that Holyrood never once attempted to be a bit more militant or disobedient towards Westminster, in an attempt to save any of those 1264 Scottish lives. The film makers were shocked that Holyrood didn’t tell Westminster to, as they put it, shove it.

      God only knows how many more Scots have died of drug abuse in Scotland since that huge number of deaths in 2019, and still Sturgeon has done nothing to address the multitude of Scots dying from drugs abuse.

      So far only one man with a drug monitoring van has done anything of significance to save the lives of Scots, and even he was cautioned by the Keystone cops aka Police Scotland.

      Sturgeon the Betrayer is a fraud a charlatan.

    270. Republicofscotland says:

      Don’t you just adore the way SNP/MSPS/MPS continue to finger point at Westminster and proclaim from the rooftops that Scots won’t stand for it. This time its Deirdre Brock, striking out at Dougie Ross on the woeful Australian trade deal that will have deep negative impact on Scotland.

      Of course this fingering pointing by SNP/MSPs/MPs is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to adhere the masses in Scotland to the SNP, SNP good, Westminster bad. The latter is of course true, but Scotland would not need to go through another five years of Westminster machinations if Sturgeon had held an indyref over the last five years, or if May’s election had been a plebiscite, which she vehemently opposed.

      Sturgeon is of course not interested in liberating Scots from this rancid union, she cares as much about that as she does about the drug deaths rate in Scotland, and we all know how that’s panning out.

      Sturgeon betrayed us, and now she’s trying to oppress us, HCB, juryless trials, curbs on free speech, targeting specific journalists, and if Craig Murray is imprisoned, Scotland will have a political prisoner.

      Its not Westminster that’s stopping Scotland leaving this union, its the “supposed” party of independence the SNP that’s stopping us.

    271. tolkein says:

      To be clear

      The money has been spent already. They will use future cash flows to spend the money ‘earmarked’.

      You’ve been robbed. What is it they say about a fool and his money?

    272. stonefree says:

      @ sarah at 12:33 pm

      “Craig Murray tweets that the police say there is no crime by SNP in spending the ring-fenced money on salaries etc.”

      Sorry I disagree , salaries are paid out of the “business running costs” those are on-going costs, Ring Fenced is what would be called an extraordinary cost, set aside to pay that cost.
      Also the “Etc” that again doesn’t come into , for example if a member used the funds to pay a personal account,the money leaves Ring Fenced and become for personal use.

      Of course the Police has it’s own agenda, and possibly don’t want to rock the boat.
      So again going back to the member has the money been obtained legally and lawfully? Did they take it or were they given it?
      And yet again the question remains

      While Ring Fencing is being used in this discussion in the context of a business, don’t forget it applies to Divorce and Family Law and there has been enough cases to find a precedent
      Not forgetting the Banking law of 2019
      And Contract Law because the SNP said “donate and the money will be Ring Fenced” You donated and entered a contract with the SNP

    273. stonefree says:

      @ tolkein at 4:21 pm

      That is a clear assessment

    274. twathater says:

      ROS I can’t remember whether it was on here or elsewhere that I read that the SG had NEVER made any approach to WM to ask , cajole, or even DEMAND that broadcasting be devolved to the SG , everyone and their dug knows that if broadcasting were devolved to a competent SG (unfortunately sturgeon’s can’t meet that criteria ) independence would be a certainty

      That exposure merely cements what we already know about sturgeon and her clown show morons , that they are NOT interested in independence and will do everything in their power to AVOID that happening

    275. sarah says:

      @ stonefree: of course I disagree with the police and so does Craig Murray. The issue is – have the SNP leadership got away with it? It seems that they have.

    276. JimuckMac says:

      What a strange leading story the BBC are going with today in regard to the Sturgeon, Burnham debacle. The wise ones know this a diversion from the real story coming out today, and that’s Liz Lloyd’s removal from the Scottish Government.

      Looks like we have our first jail sentence coming.

    277. Alec Lomax says:

      RepublicofScotland. You can always vote Tory.

    278. twathater says:

      Alec Lomax you can always crawl further up sturgeon’s arse

    279. JimuckMac says:

      Apologies, I forgot to clarify that Liz Loyd is Sturgeons Chief of Staff.

    280. Republicofscotland says:

      What’s wrong with this picture?

      Three white guys and a black guy, went to Glasgow Green last Friday to watch the Scotland vs England match, the black guy was searched inside out the Keystone cops aka Police Scotland whilst his three white pals waltzed right into the Green.

      If you said racial profiling give yourself a pat on the back, I’m sure Sheku Bayoh’s family knows how this poor guy felt.

    281. Dan says:

      She / her states: “I have a duty to keep Scotland as safe as possible.

      Aye, but her “safe as possible” is relative though isn’t it.

      Scotland is in no way safe within the UK Union with all significant powers and influence being retained by Westminster Governments, chosen by the larger electorate of England which continues to elect a hue of government that Scotland has consistently rejected.

      Scotland would be far safer if it could control its own destiny.
      “Safe” in the UK context meant we lost our EU membership with all the damaging consequences that entails.
      “Safe” in the UK context means we don’t have full control of our borders which is basically the cause of what she / her is moaning about in the clip.

      Scotland returning to being a self governing country would enable us to have full powers to recovering quicker from both the damaging impacts of losing our EU status, and Covid.

      She / her has been given multiple mandates to be Stronger for Scotland, or for Scotland’s Future in Scotland’s Hands.
      If she / her was serious about her duty to keep Scotland as safe as possible, then she would have cracked on with giving Scotland the opportunity to save ourselves, rather than fuck around with her own personal power games, and pushing divisive policies she has no legitimately clear mandate to implement.

    282. Republicofscotland says:

      twathater @4.33pm.

      After the Salmond fit up and the persecution of pro-indy journalists, the prosecutions of AUOB organisers, and the ongoing attempts to undermine Martin Keatings by the Scottish government/Lord Advocate on whether or not we actually need an S30, and the subsequent, dragging out of the matter to increase Mr Keatings court costs by the Lord Advocate, I now wouldn’t put anything past that lot.

      They are a bunch of self serving shysters posing as socialist government.

    283. Republicofscotland says:

      Alex Lomax @5.59pm.

      It feels like I have, as the SNP are fast morphing into the Tories by another name.

    284. President Xiden says:

      No one in the police would have made that decision without guidance from the Crown Office.

    285. Don says:

      Republicofscotland 21 June, 2021 at 6:24 pm

      “After the Salmond fit up and the persecution of pro-indy journalists, the prosecutions of AUOB organisers, and the ongoing attempts to undermine Martin Keatings by the Scottish government/Lord Advocate on whether or not we actually need an S30, and the subsequent, dragging out of the matter to increase Mr Keatings court costs by the Lord Advocate, I now wouldn’t put anything past that lot.

      What part is it you don’t understand ? You have been told often enough that another Indyref has to be a legitimate one , that means obtaining a section 30 as they did with the first one. Nationalists appear to be very slow on the uptake, the fact some rocket ex MSP’s like Mike Russell feeds you other lies doesn’t mean they are true.,independence-referendum-must-be-legal-and-legitimate-nicola-sturgeon-emphasises-in-brexit-day-speech_15048.htm

      “They are a bunch of self serving shysters posing as socialist government.”

      You thought Nationalism is Socialism ? No, this is how “Socialism” works,well%20as%20a%20regional%20level.

    286. @Don,

      have to agree with you about Niddrie,

      Hunters Hall Housing Co-operative in Niddrie was one of the best run housing associations in Scotland,

      99.2% said they were satisfied with the overall service it provided, compared to the Scottish average of 89.2%.

      sadly i think it has been sold on to a big English housing company.

    287. Breastplate says:

      How often do you need to be told that you are an imbecile?

    288. Republicofscotland says:

      I’m really sick of listening to this Westminster useful idiot SNP MP Stewart McDonald, prattling on about Iran, China and Russia 24/7 that they’re trying to undermine the UK and that the SNP should do something about it.

      Like John Nicolson, and Alyn Smith, and Sturgeon to an extent McDonald, is doing Westminster’s dirty work for them by demonising these countries. We didn’t send these SNP MPs down to Westminster to do a foreign parliaments bidding for them, we sent them down there to do Scotland’s bidding.

      However they and the other SNP MPs have settled in and are now ingrained in the Westminster system, bedded in and well paid, they’ve no intentions of rocking the gravy boat.

    289. Don says:

      @JimuckMac 21 June, 2021 at 5:23 pm

      “What a strange leading story the BBC are going with today in regard to the Sturgeon, Burnham debacle.”

      Its certainly a strange Story as to why Sturgeon isn’t stopping Scots from travelling to Dundee ?

    290. Don says:

      Breastplate 21 June, 2021 at 6:54 pm

      How often do you need to be told that you are an imbecile?”

      Well considering very little else YOU come out with has any small part of truth in them, we can ignore yoiu on that too.
      All people like you can ever produce is conspiracy theories and inventions and after 10 years or so you still don’t even understand the basics of how your own countries economics works. So how dim does that make you exactly ?

    291. Republicofscotland says:

      “Nicola Sturgeon accuses UK Government of ‘trying to rig the rules’ amid push to allow Scots living around the UK to vote in future second Scottish independence referendum”

      The above is a bigger pile of shite than Don’s comment, well.. maybe not.

      This again a woeful attempt by Johnson to try and counter the SNPs Holyrood majority, but Johnson needn’t worry for there’s more chance of Don typing a comment worth reading than Sturgeon holding an indyref. However, Johnson’s inept proposals surrounding an indyref have given Sturgeon another opportunity to finger point, and rally those that don’t know what a snake she is behind her.

    292. Republicofscotland says:

      So Sturgeon the Betrayers numero uno confidante, and chief of staff Liz Lloyd is taking a leave of absence.

      Lloyd served as the head of media for the SNP as well as advisers to MSPs Jim Mather and Alyn Smith previously.

      “She faced calls to resign from opponents over Holyrood committee’s investigation into the botched handling of complaints against Alex Salmond, with the former FM claiming she had shared the name of one of the complainers with his former chief of staff Geoff Aberdein, with claims branded “fundamentally untrue”. ”

      We can only hope the pressure of knowing where the bodies are buried is too much for Lloyd. Prison is too good for this lot, lets hope though that’s her next abode, along with a few others that we know about.

    293. Footsoldier says:

      Boris says England out of lockdown by end of July. Great opportunity for Nicola to do the same and the SNP conference can be physical rather than online. Book a venue now Nicola so you can meet SNP members in the flesh.

      Let’s hope she pushed for this!

    294. Breastplate says:

      Go and find a conspiracy theory belonging to me.

      I may have to change your name to VeryDimDon.

    295. Republicofscotland says:

      Footsoldier @7.29pm.

      Don’t kid yourself, why do you think Sturgeon allowed (and she knew the fans would head to London without a ticket) Scotland fans to head South in their tens of thousands.

      Answer, because she’ll oversee a return to level four, and they’ll be no physical conference, no AUOB marches etc.

    296. Dan says:

      Two England players isolating after coming into contact with Billy Gilmour

      The classic covid two for one tactical tackle plays out.
      Keep your teammates close and your opponents closer…

      Wonder if any of these players have had “the jags”.

    297. Merganser says:

      Republic of Scotland@7.29
      If I recall correctly, the action brought by Alex Salmond against the government ended the day before Lloyd was due to give evidence when the government threw its hand in. Alex has said he was bringing further proceedings, I think against Leslie Evans. Lloyd would also be a key figure in such proceedings.

      Do you know where these proceedings are up to? Could they be the reason for this ‘leave of absence’?

    298. stonefree says:

      @ sarah at 4:34 pm

      “The issue is – have the SNP leadership got away with it? It seems that they have.”
      That is two questions, First one, no they haven’t,
      As it stands the best option would be a Group Action by the SNP members. And they are a bunch of wussies
      The second would be the Non-Aligned Donors taking action.
      The former has slightly more power as they have the rights to information within the association, For example what and who received the IT money and what software did they buy.
      just looking at the accounts as another example , doesn’t show what the money was spent on
      To be clear the information should be made available to all members by right
      There is too much undisclosed, If it was me I’d target McCann.(for court) Beattie knows a fair bit , But McCann gets Murrell
      Seven years ago I never thought I would be typing this, But Sturgeon’s SNP needs to be destroyed and it all exposed for what it is
      Re the members , I’m sure all have noticed that any “whistle-blowers” only complain to the SNP, never the full media

    299. Robert Hughes says:

      Dan says:
      21 June, 2021 at 6:23 pm
      She / her states: “I have a duty to keep Scotland as safe as possible.”

      Couldn’t watch the video Dan – I have developed severe Sturgeon Allergy which causes me to come out in painful red blotches of anger at the sight/hearing of her ( I can feel it stirring even writing her name )

      If you watched Alf Baird speaking on Barrhead Boy the other day you will have heard the demographics laid-out , and the implications are clear

      50,000 a year incomers ( nothing pejorative intended by that word , simply a factual description ) from England , the majority of whom – if 2014 is the precedent – would be , let’s say , unsympathetic to Scottish Independence , this in tandem with the numbers of Scots choosing to look elsewhere for opportunities and the prospect of winning any future Referendum looks less and less likely …..

      She / her states: “I have a duty to keep Scotland as safe as possible.”

    300. Cenchos says:

      Nicola Murrell-Ponzi has a certain ring to it.

    301. J.o.e says:


      I understand your frustration but there is another problem with the SNP which is more fundamental than everything you are actually mentioning.

      This problem is that they are obviously not up to the task of taking Scotland out of the Union and setting us on a sensible initial footing as an independent country

      Even if they were not criminally corrupt and obviously under the influence of outside forces I would have no faith in their abilities anyway.

      They are simply not competent players in the political, financial or even the legal arena.

      But then I look at the Scottish Indy movement and I have to ask – are these people even capable of selecting leaders up to the task, and then holding them responsible, at this point in time?

      It is not my intention to be nasty, but what im observing isn’t promising in that regard.

    302. I see New Zealand have hit defcon 1 in `woke` virtue signaling,

      choosing a male athlete over a female in the woman`s weight lifting,

      this is the end of woman`s sports,

      shame on New Zealand.

    303. Effigy says:

      Just heard about Tory incompetent Dido Harding
      wants to run NHS England?

      Seriously failed in the telecommunications industry and
      then picked up billions for track and trace that turned out to be
      In its back and a disgrace.

      Just how much money can the Tories throw at this imbecile?

      I’m sure Dido has a spelling error in it.

    304. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Hatuey (1.52) tries to cheer us all up by suggesting we should celebrate the great news that pregnant women can take the vaccines, according to National Geographic.

      Who owns National Geographic?

      The Walt Disney company.

      Who owns the Walt Disney Company?

      Here’s the list, with details of their shares.

      Make your own mind up, as and when you’re actually informed.

      Don’t be like Hatuey!

    305. Hugh Jarse says:

      When you comment on things you don’t have a clue about, you might be taken for an arse, and rightly so Don.

      There were no hi flats in Niddrie, that was over the road in Craigmillar.

      And now there’s no Niddrie at all, but it’s name will live forever more, written in millions upon millions of pieces of clay.

    306. wull says:

      Boris Johnson might be digging himself into a bigger hole than he thinks.

      First question: if residence is not to be the criterion qualifying someone to vote in an Indyref2, what alternative criterion replaces it?

      If the answer to that question is that you have to be born in Scotland to vote about Scotland, then you surely exclude all those people living in Scotland who were not born there. In 2014 that would have meant the loss of many ‘No’ votes from English-born people living in Scotland, as well as from Europeans living here, not to mention holiday-homers who did indeed vote (along with all their family members sometimes) even though they don’t live here at all.

      If only Scots-born voters had been allowed to vote in 2014, it is a well-known fact that independence would definitely have won the day. With regard to people who were born outside Scotland but really have taken up permanent residence here, how can they be excluded from the vote?

      What a mass of contradictions the UK government will get itself into if it tries to put up a double criterion,according to which (i) you get a vote if you were born here but don’t live here and, (ii) you still get a vote the other way round, if you live here but were not born here.

      That ‘double criterion’ is actually two self-contradictory criteria, and will be exposed as such. It will mean that some people who live and reside here will be deprived of a vote, while other people who do not live and reside here will be given a vote. There is no way that that makes sense.

      Or, in order to make it make sense, people who were both born here and reside here should claim two votes. One vote for being born here, and another for residing here!

      That sounds daft, but I think it has precedent in Northern Irish politics, where there were criteria which gave some (mainly Unionist) voters two votes. I think it may also have been the case at one time that there were MPs representing universities, in which case students enrolled at these universities were able to vote both for their ‘University MP’ and for the MP in their own home constituency. Presumably, the two places needed to be quite near to each other, to enable them to cast votes in both of them, on the same polling day.

      Anyway, the double criterion is a quagmire, full of contradiction.

      Second question: when has it ever been the case, anywhere in the world, that where you were born was the criterion permitting you to vote – rather than place of residence – either in a referendum or in local or national elections?

      Would such an arrangement not raise difficulties in international law? Such a ‘change of rules’ would surely be regarded as highly dubious, especially if it was imposed on Scotland against the will of Scotland’s elected representatives. not (just) in Holyrood but, above all, in Westminster. If where you were born is the criterion, there will be not a few folk who have been living in Scotland since early childhood, because their parents moved (back) here soon after they were born, who will not be able to vote at all.

      Including people like Michael Russell, who happened to be born in England because his father was working there at the time, but soon afterwards moved back with his family to his (the father’s) native Ayrshire, and was brought up in Troon!

      The leaders of the rest of the world are surely going to see through the motives behind such moves by Boris Johnson and his government. They’ll know the change is a deliberate attempt to gerrymander the result. The UK government will be a democratic laughing-stock.

      And the whole thing could backfire anyway. To make it plausible, not least in international eyes, they would have to restrict the vote to Scottish citizens. And that would raise another can of worms, which might prove to be very interesting indeed. I think Scottish citizenship is a great idea, but I am pretty sure that it is not the kind of spectre that Boris Johnson wants to have haunting him for the rest of his life!

      In fact, isn’t it a great idea? Because only Scottish citizens would be allowed to vote, not citizens of England or Wales or indeed Northern Ireland. Both those born here but are now living furth of Scotland, and people living here but not born here would have to choose: do they want to be Scots, or not?!

      And no, they couldn’t take out double nationality and be both Scots and something else (English? British? Irish? Welsh? (or ‘Conwellian’, or even Mancunian in view of today’s little skirmish, or whatever)! No way! All of us would have to be one thing or the other, otherwise that would defeat the principle on which Boris’s little plan is based, namely a vote on Scotland should be for Scots only.

      So there would be no more place for all these carpet-bagging ‘dopelgangers’ who hung around on the coat-tails of Indyref1, who see themselves (or pretend to see themselves) as ‘Scots’ and yet ‘Not-Scots’ at one and the same time. So, if they don’t take out Scottish citizenship, we would get rid of them from Scotland’s electoral roll, presumably even for good.

      So, Boris, if you want to open this great big can of worms, just go ahead. There is every chance it’ll all backfire on you big-yime – and on your precious Union! It opens so many issues that it will only demonstrate how tentative and tenuous, and very precarious, that Union is. The worms will come out of the sand on which it’s founded, bite you all over, and bring the whole house crashing down.

      In some places, the appearance of worms is a sure sign that the mighty flood-waters are on their way…

      And these waters are unstoppable… So, bring it on… Get ready to be hoist up high, on your own petard…

    307. chas says:

      As time passes I regret to advise that I am becoming more and more relieved that Scotland voted No in 2014. I genuinely shudder to think of how an independent Scotland would be under an SNP run Government in charge of EVERYTHING.
      If a further referendum ever takes place it should be stated that a separate General Election is held if ‘yes’ wins, within a very short period of time . However looking around at the calibre of politicians in Scotland, from all parties, it is extremely worrying. If nothing else it would be fun watching the SNP MP’s in Westminster fighting to get their snouts in the Holyrood trough!

    308. Mc Duff says:

      If we had won the ref in`14 AS would have been in charge not the Murrells and he would not have allowed a Lord Advocate a place in the government for a start. The SNP government would have been a completely different animal from the seedy cult it has become under Sturgeon.

    309. Alastair Ewen says:

      “Sorry. Just an emergency Cartoon Replacement Service.”

      Looking forward to more badly drawn cartoons then……..

    310. Dan says:

      @ Scot Finlayson

      The epic sport battle soon to be played out will be the Anti-Doping Agency versus the Doping Agency.
      Wonder if they will do a simple piss test at the women’s weightlifting contest, as that might just show a wee (see what I did there) bit more testosterone than the other women competitors.

      Ahh, for simpler times in the good ol’ days when at least Lance Pharmstrong and his fellow male cycling buddies competed man to man whilst doing more drugs than a field full of ravers on a weekender bender.

      And talking of getting a boost…
      The positive case for the hoarding community was bolstered today when a Harley Davidson motorcycle rolled up unannounced requiring some repairs.
      The old US made bike uses imperial bolts and nuts, so a rummage in the shed turned up some 1/4 and 5/16 UNC bolts and nuts to refit the exhaust hanger.
      Threads in the engine casing were chased clean with appropriate taps (also stored in shed) prior to installing bolts.
      All done and dusted in 20 mins due to the power of hoarding. ?

    311. Pixywine says:

      Hey everyone check out the paymaster Gates fully engaged in bribery, corruption and a grand swindle of the public.

    312. Pixywine says:

      Hugh Jarse. Spot on.

    313. Pixywine says:

      Don. If you believe one word from this Government… Geeeezagobble.

    314. Pixywine says:

      Don. You have never known Niddrie. You’re the type that used to speed along Niddrie Mains Road because the people frightened you. You know fuck all you dipshit.

    315. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Pixywine (10.27) –

      Just paused that video to say thanks for linking it, and to urge everyone to at least dip into it at the 11min mark, where there’s an Al-Jazeera feature about Sweden, where people have been happily microchipped as a lifestyle choice, nae bugs involved.

      “Strange, but true!!!”


    316. Pixywine says:

      The High Flats in Craigmillar are still standing and still damp. That goes out to you “experts” such as Don, who seems to be keen to deny everything, who never grew up in Niddrie. The scam of social cleansing has happened all over the UK because it was a Blairite policy.

    317. Pixywine says:

      Don. Hatuey Ellwood Sleeky Pete. I’ll keep you posted on the latest Government Gates Fascism.

    318. Pixywine says:

      Ian Brotherhood. Its always good to follow the money.

    319. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Pixywine –

      Have paused it again, at 24min.

      It seems quite obvious that, in the grand scheme etc, we have no fuckin chance, eh?!

      We really are too ‘wee’. They’ll never let us go. Never.

      But that doesn’t stop us going on about it, because we know we’re right.

      Have to say though, I feel heartened by what I”ve already watched. We certainly have some very seriously talented people on our side. They are real journalists.

    320. Fred says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      21 June, 2021 at 10:46 pm
      @Pixywine (10.27) –

      Just paused that video to say thanks for linking it, and to urge everyone to at least dip into it at the 11min mark

      Ditto from me Pixywine, so glad I’ve held out (until they come for me in the night) Keep up the good work!

    321. MaggieC says:

      An excellent article from George Kerevan ,

      “ Why independent Scotland will need to revamp its legal system “ .

    322. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Pixywine –

      just finished it, after a few interruptions!

      Excellent stuff, thanks again for the link.

      😉 🙂 🙂

    323. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Pixywine –

      The narrator is one of those infuriatingly cool Irish guys, the ones who always seem to ‘get the girl’ at the end of the night.

      He sounds like Terry Wogan announcing his pick that afternoon’s racing.

      Makes what he’s actually saying all the more powerful.


    324. Fred says:

      Again thanks. Now it’s clear why Sweden never went full lockdown- they were already queuing for microchip implants years ago, so didn’t a lockdown and a ‘way out’ to gain their ‘freedom’.

    325. Hatuey says:

      Funny how the covid Illuminati on here are so obsessed with Sweden. There are much better examples of countries that refused to lockdown when the virus arrived on their shores. Brasil stands out — over a half a million people have died with the “little flu” there. That’s what you might call a developing story

      But wait. Both those countries have now desperately embarked on mass vaccination strategies. Where does that leave our enlightened ones? Who cares? Nobody is listening, at least not in the UK where the vaccine uptake and coverage is expected to reach about 95%.

      It’s noteworthy that so many of those who feign concern about useful microchip implants are often the sort of people that get their eyebrows, noses, bellybuttons, and genitalia pierced for no good reason at all. I guess it’s only a contradiction when you forget that we are living in the century of the self and anything goes when it comes to being “interesting”.

    326. Stuart MacKay says:


      > An excellent article from George Kerevan

      Sorry but it’s a crock of shit covering up the role of the Scottish government in the prosecutions and making it look like it’s the work of rogue judges. Why no mention of the Lord Advocate and his position in Nicola Sturgeon’s cabinet?

      Coming soon, The National publishes a series of articles on why juries are susceptible to Tory influence from Westminster or Russia and why they need to be abolished.

    327. Effigy says:

      The Tories are about to spend £200 million to build a royal yacht
      the Queen is against.

      Apparently it will have magical powers sailing to new countries who
      have never heard of the U.K. or forgot their country was invaded and
      robbed under the butchers apron in years gone by.

      Next those poor fools would need to feel it worthwhile to give this Union
      with a sweeter trade deal than it would for the larger EU?

      Yes join Boris with his record of breaking promises, trade deals and international law?

      Perhaps the cast of Downtown Abbey could sail with the ship and pretend to be royals
      or Charlie Boy could wander around with a few hundred yards of gold braid on a uniform with
      loaded with more medals than the Olympics?

      No money or time to compensate the Windrush victims but for a floating Tory cruise line, no problem

    328. Stuart MacKay says:

      Here’s the article that George Kerevan should have written:

    329. Breeks says:

      I’m currently watching Rebellion on Netflix, and gotta admit, while there’s a degree of dramatisation, I’m learning a lot.

      It’s almost impossible to watch the events in Ireland in 1916 and not think of Scotland, with Scotland of course being an anaemic and watered down version of Ireland.

      Without writing an essay on it, I can’t help but compare the Irish Free State, (a degree of autonomy with pledged allegiance to the British Monarch), and Scotland’s Devolution, (a degree of autonomy with pledged allegiance to the British Monarch).

      Therein lay the origins of the Irish Civil War, bitter division between the Irish who would make the pledge of loyalty for what it gave them, the Irish Free State, and those who couldn’t stomach what they perceived as a sell out.

      With the SNP ostensibly caving in to wallow in the mud of Devolution, while ALBA become the torch bearers of full Scottish Independence,…. well, tell me you see the parallels….

      The question now, and the reason this isn’t a longer essay, is whether the striking parallels are coincidence or indicative of deliberate orchestration with Britain’s colonial handbook setting the agenda..

      Remove the bullets, bloodshed and sacrifice from the Irish story, bleach the colour to fade the intensity of the narrative, and suddenly an image of Scotland emerges from the mist.

    330. Dorothy Devine says:

      Stuart MacKay, thanks for that , it really tells it as it is/was/and shall be.

    331. Breeks says:

      Hit the wrong button and posted early…

      I meant to finish,… Scotland seems to be making up it’s path to Independence as it goes along, but the British Government has been sat in the classroom of Ireland this past hundred years.

      Scotland urgently needs to start going to night school just to catch up.

    332. Cherrybank says:

      George Kerevan’s articles are usually featured online.Strangely it seems to be difficult to locate as an online story.

    333. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ian and Pixywine , utterly disturbing – thanks.

    334. Dan says:


      Anybody got IT / Video editing software skills or suggestions that may help Craig.

    335. Breeks says:

      Stuart MacKay says:
      22 June, 2021 at 8:08 am
      Here’s the article that George Kerevan should have written:

      In a parallel (and it must be said “sane”), universe, those revelations would be a scandal, prompting heads to roll from the top down.

      In our universe, it is barely the tip of the iceberg, and heads that are rolling are our people.

    336. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey. What makes you think I’ve got piercings? So someone with piercings should not be taken seriously? What about links that are not the BBC?

    337. Pixywine says:

      How many trillions have been spent on instituting this Fascist surveillance State with restricted “freedoms” and furlough money were all going to have to pay back?

    338. Pixywine says:

      Carl Vernon h been on the covid ball for a year and a half

    339. Pixywine says:

      Didn’t work that time. Time for a fifteen year old Genious to step in

    340. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey do you actually believe Boris Johnson? Is he what you might describe as a reputable character?

    341. Pixywine says:

      Mat Handcock? Does he strike you as honest?

    342. Pixywine says:

      Doesn’t Matt Hancocks sister have a financial interest in covid vaccines? And more to the point perhaps.. He has a sister?

    343. Stuart MacKay says:


      The remarkable thing that is not on display anywhere is, maturity. Sure it must feel great when you can send your opponents to the gas chambers, metaphorically speaking of course, but history shows time and time again that what goes around comes around and sooner rather than later the prosecutors become the prosecuted.

      Democracy and so stability is built on consensus and not on who dominates with each election. If every five years there’s a round of purges and blood-letting then everybody loses. That seems utterly lost on the children who are now in power or are in a position to influence it.

      The country (north and south) has descended into tribal politics and nobody has the gumption to acknowledge it or the balls to do anything about it.

    344. Stuart MacKay says:

      A few more bloggers in the style of Grumpy Scottish Man and the alternative media would be in rude health. There would be no need for the lickspittles over at the Scottish version of Pravda.

    345. Republicofscotland says:

      Y’know, I often wonder if some SNP/MSPs/MPs, know that they partake in double standards and that they just don’t give a f*ck, or that they think we’re completely stupid.

      An example of this is Dougie Chapman the SNP MP for Dunfermline and West Fife, rejoicing at the Spanish presidents announcement that nine political prisoners involved in the Catalan 2017 indyref will be pardoned, whilst here in Scotland we are about to see Craig Murray go to prison for something he didn’t do and there’s not a shred of evidence to prove that he did jigsaw anyone of those so called complainers.

      I don’t recall (maybe I missed it) Chapman, chairing any Westminster all party group for the quashing of Craig Murray’s conviction as he did with the Catalan prisoners. Infact I don’t recall Chapman saying anything in defence of Murray, or Mark Hirst or Stu Campbell or David Llewellyn for that matter.

      As Chapman pats himself on the back for being the vice-chairman of (APPG), which has now borne fruits of it labour, it looks like Scotland will have a political prisoner in Craig Murray, and we know why and we know who wants him banged up.

    346. Republicofscotland says:

      So analysis from the House of Commons library has shown that the UK has the worst inequality in North West Europe, this has been shown as far back as figures were available.

      Oxfam, knew this in 2016 and the IPPR, reported in again in May this year and indeed many folk on the streets knew this, and although my heart goes out to those in other parts of the UK on the levels of poverty, its Scotland I’m mainly concerned about.

      This reaffirmation of the levels of poverty of which Sturgeon the Betrayers surely knew about only rubs salt into the open wound on the betrayal to hold an indyref in the last five years.

      Combine the levels of poverty in Scotland, with the vast amount of drug deaths that the Scottish government did absolutely nothing about (basically they let them die, no disobedience from the Scottish government, on drug laws to save lives at all) and an ugly picture begin to come into focus on what direction Scotland is heading in within this rancid union under Sturgeon the Betrayers tenure.

    347. Hatuey says:

      Nice of you to ask what I think, pixywine. You usually tell me.

      What you’re calling the “fascist surveillance state” existed long before anyone considered inserting microchips under anyone’s skin. And anyone who took the time to read Chapman Pincher will know that it existed well before we all started using the Internet. A mere glance at what Snowden revealed is enough to convince you that the horse has now well and truly bolted. You simply cannot use the Internet, mobile phones, and computers without opening yourself up to eavesdropping.

      I have no idea why you have singled out Boris as an example of a scumbag politician. I’d say about 95% of them were criminally dishonest and corrupt. If you’re in Scotland, you won’t need to look far to find politicians that are every bit as corrupt as Boris.

      But you’re on the same side as Boris as far as covid-19 is concerned. You want to keep the beaches open and watch people die. You should be happy, that’s more or less what they have done.

      Britain right now is lost in the thickest dark clouds of corruption, confusion, and disease. I don’t think things have ever looked so bleak. If there’s one silver lining, one ray of hope, it’s the vaccine, and people like you and others have decided for scientifically baseless reasons to oppose and protest it.

      I guess in a year or two when the apocalyptic predictions about the vaccine prove to be utter crap, you will quietly move on to something else.

      This virus which you and others so casually dismiss as flu-like has truly devastating potential though. We’ve been lucky that the mutations so far seem only to have affected its transmissibility… watch this space.

    348. Dan says:

      @ Republicofscotland at 10:47 am

      But she / her has a duty to keep Scotland as safe as possible…

      Meanwhile, a thread on “sports” athletes.

    349. Dan says:

      I must have missed the results of all those scientific studies that prove wearing a fancy hat stops you catching and spreading covid.

    350. J.o.e says:

      ‘So analysis from the House of Commons library has shown that the UK has the worst inequality in North West Europe, this has been shown as far back as figures were available.

      Oxfam, knew this in 2016 and the IPPR, reported in again in May this year and indeed many folk on the streets knew this, and although my heart goes out to those in other parts of the UK on the levels of poverty, its Scotland I’m mainly concerned about.

      This reaffirmation of the levels of poverty of which Sturgeon the Betrayers surely knew about only rubs salt into the open wound on the betrayal to hold an indyref in the last five years.

      Combine the levels of poverty in Scotland, with the vast amount of drug deaths that the Scottish government did absolutely nothing about (basically they let them die, no disobedience from the Scottish government, on drug laws to save lives at all) and an ugly picture begin to come into focus on what direction Scotland is heading in within this rancid union under Sturgeon the Betrayers tenure.’

      And now we have housing being increasingly taken up by people who arrive here illegally and being financed by the government.

    351. Pixywine says:

      This is a civilised version of the arguments I’ve been making for over a year.

    352. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey. You have no rational argument for gene therapy experiments.So because Oppression has always been with us it makes sense to have more of it? That’s a poor argument for wife beating.

    353. Alf Baird says:

      Breeks @ 9.06

      “In our universe, it is barely the tip of the iceberg, and heads that are rolling are our people.”

      There are clearly features of colonialism in play here, in which ‘the native can expect little from the justice system’ (Albert Memmi). This should not be so surprising given that independence is also about decolonisation.

      Colonialism is of course racism (Fanon), and internal racism theory tells us that in a colonial environment certain sections of the native community will all too readily turn on fellow natives. In this environment the oppressor group (which includes native elements – bourgeoisie, police etc) tends to have immunity from prosecution, much as we can see.

      This why the UN regards colonialism as ‘a scourge’ and a form of punishment, and calls for it to end through self-determination and independence of oppressed peoples.

      The Scots therefore need to better understand what independence is and why it is needed, albeit the increasingly barbaric actions of the oppressor group make this clearer as independence nears.

    354. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey. The ” virus” was downgraded to a flu by the UK Government in April 2020.Whether or not that was a casual airy decision isn’t an issue. The “potential” of the virus is in its fear factor not actual lethality. Time and experience has proven that thus far.
      Do you receive a stipend from the Pharmaceutical industry? You sure are working your ass off for them or just a malicious Troll?

    355. Breastplate says:

      You’re correct when you say that there is a vast amount of information available to corporations and governments and this won’t change, it will only intensify.
      I think what may be concerning to many people is how the information is used or rather misused.

      On Covid, can you explain to me why you believe that vaccinated people are in danger from unvaccinated people?

      Why does a person who is not vulnerable from the effects of the virus need a a vaccine, a person whose immune system deals with the virus better than any vaccine?
      Can you explain that to me , please?

    356. Breeks says:

      Spain to pardon the jailed Catalan Independence Politicians.

      Delighted for the political prisoners, but suspicious of Spains reasons for doing it.

      I wonder whether the EU has been pulling strings, but keeping it unseen…

      If only Sturgeon’s SNP flunkies had a fraction of their integrity and commitment. Sturgeon has more in common with the Spanish Fascists than any Catalonian Freedom Fighter.

    357. Breastplate says:

      I would imagine you are correct.
      My guess is Spain is saving face by doing this now seemingly voluntarily avoiding any embarrassment later.

    358. Hugh Jarse says:

      Blighty’s bombing brown people again.

      When it all kicks off, our mighty Navy will do heroically against the Chinese.
      For about 20 minutes.

    359. Breeks says:

      Totally OT

      I’d never even heard of the Orkney Hood, a completely intact relic from early medieval Scotland… and certainly not lacking in style either.

      I’ve not seen anything like it. It’s a very beautiful thing in it’s own right, nevermind being hundreds of years old. Surely this is undistllled Scottish / Orcadian culture and should be sitting right up there enjoying iconic status beside heavy wool kilts, Harris Tweed and Fair Isle Jumpers… (Please pardon my ignorance if it already is).

    360. Pixywine says:

      Does Nicola Sturgeon ultimately work on behalf of the World Economic Council?

    361. Pixywine says:

      Forum not Council.

    362. Hatuey says:

      Breastplate: “On Covid, can you explain to me why you believe that vaccinated people are in danger from unvaccinated people?”

      Yes. You might have asked a random 5 year old, though, since the mechanics of transmission are so easily understood and explained.

      Simply, the less people that have and spread the virus, the better for us all; needless to say, the more people that are vaccinated, the less the vaccine will spread.

      I know you’ll be poised to hammer that finger against the keyboard right now, but hang on….

      Nobody anywhere has ever argued that the vaccine gives 100% immunity. It does bolster the immune system in terms of being able to resist it though, reduce viral loads, generally reduce the likelihood of transmission, and consequently reduce the number of people needing hospital treatment.

      All of the above points are so basic that they’d fall comfortably into the category of truisms.

      By refusing the vaccine, you not only run an increased risk of catching the virus and spreading it, you risk putting unnecessary pressure on our health system.

      Additionally, doing all that increases the chances of providing conditions for mutations to take place which could prolong this whole miserable chapter for everybody.

      It’s estimated that the vaccine has already saved about 15 thousand lives in the UK and prevented about 40 thousand from becoming very seriously ill. These are conservative estimates, as I see it.

      Anyone that argues against the vaccine is arguing that all those lives don’t matter, that we should have kept the beaches open and let the sharks feast away.

      And you’re doing that from the relative comfort and safety that the rest of us who have been vaccinated have created for you.

    363. Hatuey says:

      BTW pixywine, posting links to Youtube videos doesn’t cut it. Your brethren are prone to doing this, I’ve noticed.

      If you are able to make an argument yourself, please do so — I’ll happily tear it to pieces. But don’t expect me to sit and watch hour long Youtube videos so that I can engage with you on some unfathomable level.

    364. Republicofscotland says:

      Don’t you just love way SNP MPs at Westminster give themselves “titles”, such as the ultra Westminster useful idiot Stewart McDonald, who goes by the ludicrous title of spokesman for defence at Westminster.

      McDonald is calling for the SNP to appoint a disinformation commissioner to tackle fake news, oh the irony is too much to take, for disinformation appears to be the Scottish government/SNPs raison d’être, they’ve certainly done enough of it since Sturgeon the Betrayer took over the reins of both the government and the SNP.

      McDonald is now a lost cause a treacherous b*stard, solely focused on his career in the Den of Iniquity know as Westminster, come 2024, we need to clear out the (embedded ticks) SNP MPs from Westminster, by not voting SNP again.

    365. Pixywine says:

      Hatuey. I merely play you at your own game and now you wish to change the rules.

    366. Republicofscotland says:

      Breeks @12.20pm.

      What do you expect when we are a part of a union that smothers Scottish history/heritage in favour for England’s, mind you Scottish schools don’t teach Scottish history, many Scots haven’t got a clue about their own country’s heritage, or history, I often refer to that how many folk in Scotland know who many wives King Henry the VIIIth had, and how many Scots know how many King Malcolm’s of Scotland there were.

      Scotland has a rich heritage, such as the Ring of Brodgar, and the oldest living thing in Europe the Forthingale Yew, not to mention Scotland’s honours, which are older than England’s, they were rediscovered by Sir Walter Scott, hidden deep within the bowels of a Scottish castle.

    367. Pixywine says:

      I’ve twice tried to post a link whivh has failed to appear here is that how your side wins Hatstand?

    368. Pixywine says:

      Oh well. Max Igan latest talk on Bitchute is worth a watch.

    369. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Effigy – “The Tories are about to spend £200 million to build a royal yacht; the Queen is against.”

      I would relax about that….Holyrood has just spent £200 million on two rusting passenger ferries which are still tied-up, half-finished in Port Glasgow.

      Whoever gets to build the Royal Yacht, if one gets built, it won’t be Fergusons of Port Glasgow, will it.

    370. Stuart MacKay says:

      Between 2000 and 3000 years old. Will it live to see independence? I wish I was joking.

    371. Breastplate says:

      Perhaps I should have asked a 5 year old because you didn’t answer the question.

      I asked you how vaccinated people are in danger from unvaccinated people?

      Maybe you’ll get round to it but meantime I will state once again that I don’t have any reservations about anyone who is considered vulnerable getting a vaccine or anyone else who wants to get the vaccine for that matter.

      You feign concern for the unvaccinated that end up in the NHS at the same time feeling aggrieved that they haven’t helped build your vaccinated Utopian wet dream.

      If unvaccinated people who don’t need the vaccine (because they are not vulnerable and won’t need the NHS) contract the virus their immune system will deal with it organically and will be part of that herd immunity that you think tickets should be issued for.

      You admit that the vaccine helps bolster the immune system yet you believe that people that don’t need their immune system bolstered should be in line nevertheless.

      This virus is not officially endemic yet but if you believe the scientific community it will be.
      What that means is that it is here to stay and it will continue spreading FOREVER.

      It will continue spreading even if every single person on the planet is vaccinated.
      Again, if you people don’t need or want the vaccine, they should not be forced.

      Perhaps you can ask a 5 year old to explain that to you.

    372. Republicofscotland says:

      Stuart Mackay @2.54pm.

      Stuart I try to avoid info on wiki as much as possible Jimmy Wales has allowed a whole army of scribes to edit it, and not in a good way including Phil Cross.

      “The Fortingall Yew is at the geographical heart of Scotland and stands within Fortingall churchyard. It is thought to be between 3,000 and 9,000 years old and has connections to early Christianity in Scotland.”

    373. Stuart MacKay says:


      Let’s leave the possibility of astroturfing by the Swedes over Old Tjikko out of the equation by sticking to photos:

    374. Republicofscotland says:


      There’s also the Birnam Oak and the Robert the Bruce Yew, both are said to have connections in history.

    375. Republicofscotland says:

      Stuart @ 3.07pm.

      Stuart I’m merely pushing Scotland’s corner something that doesn’t happen enough, and there will be folk in Scotland who know nothing of these trees, including the Meikleour Beech Hedge.

    376. Hatuey says:

      I did answer the question, breastplate. You’re aggrieved because I didn’t give the answer you wanted to hear and didn’t give you the opportunity to regurgitate your pre-prepared dogma.

      I’m sort of bored with this, none of your arguments hold water, but be under no illusions; I’m not feigning concern about conspiracy theorists who refuse the vaccine.

      And I agree we can’t force people to take the vaccine. But if it’s your right to refuse it, then it’s society’s right to ostracise you.

      We can all play these games…

    377. Robert Graham says:

      Just noticed another load of tripe from the resident government mouthpiece .

      This Chemical is not a cure if it was it would be all over the MSM

      This Chemical does not stop transmission

      This Chemical does not prevent you contracting it again and again and again ,

      This Chemical might lessen the worst effects of this Sars type infection

      I use the word Chemical because this is not a Vaccine in the accepted sense like Measles Whooping cough etc

      Every comment above is true thats why the Government carefully word their statements omitting the above , and further because Time cannot be compressed most scientists believe its safe but they dont know yet , just look at previous mistakes that the same scientific community thought were safe and turned out to be anything but safe THEY JUST DONT KNOW and thats a fact .

    378. Mist001 says:

      They sell Covid masks on the SNP website. Why does Mrs. Murrell never wear them? She wears masks, just not the SNPs own ones. Why?

    379. Breastplate says:

      If you answered the question perhaps somebody can point it out because I can’t find it.
      I’m not dealing in conspiracy theories, find a conspiracy theory that I’m pushing.

      I’m simply asking you to state the physical adverse effects of an unvaccinated person upon a vaccinated person.
      You haven’t answered it because I want a discussion on how and why these adverse effects manifest themselves.

      I don’t want to hear your get out clause of that your bored and I’m a loony, try to do better.

    380. Stuart MacKay says:


      Thanks for the links. Maybe we could weave Alf Baird’s desire for a restoration of the Scots language with a restoration of the Celts’ reverence for trees – a tree-roots movement if you like.

      Pretty amazing when you think of the history these “creatures” have witnessed.

      Incidentally, does anyone know how much celtic folklore gets taught in schools these days. Probably not much but maybe it would get a boost if the wokeratti realised they could self-id as seals.

    381. My granny told me that Pontious Pilate was born under the Fortingall Yew.

    382. Breastplate says:

      Scot Finlayson,
      I’d read years ago about a connection between the Pontius Pilate, the Romans and the Fotingall Yew.
      I don’t know how true it is as some other countries claim that Pontius Pilate grew up in their country.

    383. wee monkey says:

      Meanwhile in the boardroom of the European Union…

    384. @Breastplate,

      The Royal Scots regiment was so old a regiment that they say it was formed as Pontius Pilate`s body guard when he was in Scotland.

    385. twathater says:

      @ ROS 7.27PM 21/6/21 ” Nicola Sturgeon accuses bozo the clown of trying to rig the vote for another referendum ”

      Is that Nicola being annoyed and upset because she believes it is only her who should have the ability to rig anything

      Who adopted the franchise for the 2014 indy ref that allowed and encouraged anyone from everywhere or anywhere to VOTE in a referendum to determine whether Scots wanted their country to leave a treaty which historically was imposed against their will

      Who was it that opened up a consultation to every Tom dick or Harry around the world on a change of gender rules and regulations that would severely and adversely impact female citizens of Scotland , a consultation deliberately designed to encourage participation from organisations and individuals who have vested interests in the proposed changes but are totally unconcerned at the impact those changes will have for our females

      A consultation where the SG have refused to disclose the outcome but have ignored all calls from organisations demanding they do so , and are carrying on with the changes irrespective of the opposition to them

      An attempt at rigging the outcome in their favour which backfired and exemplifies the corruption and hypocrisy of sturgeon and clowns

    386. Confused says:

      remember folks, croatia are too wee, too poor and too stupid to have a football team outwith the pooling and sharing of better together within


      – what currency will they use? toenails!!

      do they have a football factory, can they make strips?

      these are the questions we need to ask.


    387. Dan says:

      Re. Sport and Kickball

      TransWins are Wins

      Simply Self ID a catastrophic loss as an empathetic win, and shriek “BIGOT!” at everyone that disagrees with your delusional pronouncement.

      If you’re an individual that consistently fails to live up to the miserably low standards you set yourself, then embracing this currently acceptable phenomenon of distorting reality to suit your own ends could be just the ticket to increasing your self esteem.

    388. Hatuey says:

      Well, duh, breastplate… no need to repeat your question, and no need to repeat the answer.

      I don’t care either way if you want to go around groping in the dark.

      It’s all pretty moot anyway. Vaccine passports are going to be forced on us,… nobody can stop private companies insisting on them before granting access, then you’ve got the tourist industry and countries like Spain poised to demand them before you’re allowed to travel, etc.

      If it helps we can pretend we are ostracising you for your own good rather than the good of society. Whatever.

    389. bjsalba says:



      Possibly to avoid court proceedings too.

      Right to self determination is in Human Rights.

      It is illegal under Spanish law (from Franco’s time). They might prefer to pardon than to told their law is illegal.

    390. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Pontius Pilate…

      From the first link below:-

      “The Romans arrived in southern Britain in 55BC, but only briefly. They returned to invade what is now England in AD43, and only invaded Scotland for the first time in AD80, reaching the area including Perthshire in about AD83. Against this background, how could a Roman have been born here in, roughly, the decade either side of 20BC, which seems necessary to have allowed him to become Prefect of Judaea in AD26?”

      And from the second link, below:-

      “He said: “Unfortunately for the legend, even though the Romans invaded England about 55BC, the earliest evidence for them being near Fortingall is Gnaeus Julius Agricola’s military campaign of AD86 in which the Caledonians were defeated at the battle of Mons Graupius.”

    391. Dan says:

      BDtt in direct link shocker to DR!

      Here is archived version. 😉

    392. President Xiden says:

      Nicola wants to push back normality until August. Just you do that hen, meanwhile the rest of us are just getting on with our lives.

    393. Breeks says:

      There you have it then. “Woven through” is SNPspeak for “spent”. Hands up who’s surprised.

      Now the focus I suppose changes to “spent on what?” (And I bet that evolves into “whom”).

      Waken up Scotland FFS. Do you really think in your wildest dreams these vindictive, feckless diddies are remotely capable of delivering Scottish Independence?

      With Sturgeon at the helm, all that lies ahead for Scotland is yet more abject humiliation. Their notion of competence comes straight from Scotland’s parochial Local Government, don’t get caught, deny everything, even when you’re caught red handed.

      Integrity? You’re having a laugh.

      Ya Dancer! Scotland just equalised….

    394. Confused says:

      deadpool is a good fillum

      shame I missed half of it …

    395. Tannadice Boy says:

      I have spent the last 15 minutes consoling our youngsters. I have had it for 50 years. Welcome to Scotland. No excuse we were beaten by a better side.

    396. Hatuey says:

      It’s really astonishing that the SNP had to take the ring-fenced money in order to sustain itself. Are we to assume they’d have gone bust without it?

      This is a party without meaningful popular support. They win elections because there’s nobody else to vote for.

      Devolved government with Sturgeon as FM has been reduced to a sort of Steamie. She’s a total “Karen”.

    397. Dan says:

      Public Service Announcement:

      Would Kenny Dalglish, Denis Law, and Archie Gemmill please report to the Roslin Institute…

    398. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tannadice Boy –

      Even within the lifetime of this place we’ve wondered – frequently – whether or not Scotland would make it to any major football finals *ever* again.

      But we did get there, and we gave England a total showing-up.

      The weans may not appreciate that right now, but they will, hopefully, be around 50 years from now, and they’ll understand it perfectly.

      We were 2nd bottom in the rankings pre-tournament? (Can’t confirm that) Oooft. Bit harsh, but the stats don’t lie. And another stat, mibbe immeasurable, is the enjoyment that real football fans get from watching this stuff. Not just their own nation’s team.

      Objectively, Scotland’s games must surely be amongst the most entertaining of the tournament so far, even if they weren’t goalfests. They were good games, and we proived we have a good team

      It’s quite sickening to see headcases on Twitter calling for Clarke to resign.

      It’s been another great wee chapter, and Stevie Clarke worked hard to make it happen. He deserves our support.

    399. Pixywine says:

      Dr Sam Bailey on Odysee is very informed

    400. Pixywine says:

      Ah fuckit.

    401. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Ian Brotherhood 11:06pm
      I have never criticised Steve Clarke I said so on this forum before. It’s not about tactics but technical skills. Other wee er countries have qualified. The bairns love these Scottish players. Yes Sir I can boogie

    402. stonefree says:

      @ Hatuey at 10:11 pm

      “It’s really astonishing that the SNP had to take the ring-fenced money in order to sustain itself. Are we to assume they’d have gone bust without it?”

      I think that would be an accurate assessment,What I find interesting In that it shows what a useless and thick bunch of turd the SNP management are , They have no idea of finance
      If the SNP were a limited company they were Rangers, That is the simplist way to say it, and Beattie was running about looking for a “Craig Whyte” to be the Patsy
      If Smith used SNP (ring-fenced)money to pay Tice ,there is a serious problem on the horizon, that money should have shown up in the most recent accounts
      I would think the money to Tice including Tice’s legal fees would be upwards of 120K to 150K that of course my speculation based on Tice took it personally and he has a good reputation and is wealthy.
      There was also Murrell getting his legal fee paid for by the SNP , Similar amount I believe
      Those two alone equals half the £600,000
      Beattie alleges that such costs need not be disclosed ,I very much doubt the validity (and also legality)of the type of statement
      I would bet on the overpaid staff still raking it in

    403. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tannadice –

      Sorry, crossed wires…wasn’t having a go at all.

      There’s plenty to be positive about.


    404. James says:

      Couldnae win a raffle. Same old.

    405. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Ian Brotherhood 11:27pm
      No worries. I have just consold with my son. He is only 30. We have a long way to go. The bairns had great time. We broke all the Covid rules. A victory in itself. From now on we decide what to do not Nicla.

    406. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tannadice Boy –

      Hear ye, totally.


    407. robertknight says:

      Hautey @10:11

      “t’s really astonishing that the SNP had to take the ring-fenced money in order to sustain itself. Are we to assume they’d have gone bust without it?”

      They should approach all those who appeared on the list of donors to Better Together.

      After all, Sturgeon’s doing a grand job of preserving the Union – perhaps her efforts should be rewarded by those who directly benefit from them.

    408. Pixywine says:

      Jimmy Dores worth keeping up with

    409. David Caledonia says:

      Scotland football team…………. 3 bloody wan

      They mostly stood and watched croatia playing nice football, most of them should have stayed at home and watched it on the telly just like us for all the tactical awareness they had

    410. David Caledonia says:

      Margarine spreads forever, much better than butter !

      Anyway, i’m one of those people that can’t tell talk fae
      mutter lol

    411. David Caledonia says:

      I am bored with the SNP chat, what else is there left to say about them, they are a busted flush and a long wet dream interwoven with a mightmare on elm street lol

    412. Sensible Dave says:

      Hugh Jarse 12:12 pm

      You wrote “When it all kicks off, our mighty Navy will do heroically against the Chinese.
      For about 20 minutes.

      Ignoring the somewhat sinister enjoyment of the notion of our armed forces being defeated by the Chinese, you have missed a rather significant point. It wont “kick off” because of one thing i.e. nuclear weapons & NATO (two things that many here often kick off about).

      Fortunately, you are not in charge of the defense of Scotland and the UK – so you will be fine.

    413. Luigi says:

      Scotland tried very hard but lost to a class team last night. No shame in that. I do think the Croatian defence were there for the taking however. Would a Dalglish or Jordan miss all those half chances last night? That said they didnae get us past the first round either.

    414. Effigy says:

      On the football topic-

      When I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s boys played football every minute they could.
      Before school, playtime, dinner time, as soon as you had your tea.

      I practiced for hours, days and weeks on my own recognising my poor heading ability.

      I played for 3 teams at one time.

      The more you put in the more you got out.

      I couldn’t tell you how many years it must be since I saw football on the street or on a school pitch
      after hours. The kids now need to be in a team or no football. The ones in a team train for a couple of hours and 1 game per week on average.

      We spent that amount of time on football each and every day.
      How could the players today even hope to have honed their craft with so little time on the ball.

      Last night our first touch often gave the ball away while the Croatians looked like they had glue on their boots.

      We need lots of local pitches were kids can walk in without payments or coaches and practice football.

      There are some new build estates near me and one has a Basketball Court on it?
      What percentage of kids want that or ever touched a basketball.

      Others have a kiddies play area built in.
      That becomes a seat for teenage drinking some nights with no else to do.

      If we don’t give easy access to play football we will never be able to compete.

    415. Captain Yossarian says:

      Before the competition started, it was the Czech Republic who were seen as the team with arguably less horsepower than us and so the team we were most likely to beat. No-one was realistically expecting us to beat England or Croatia.

      I think we were unlucky to lose that game 2-0 and we could have come away with a draw. That would have given us two entirely different games against England and Croatia and maybe a different outcome to the group.

    416. Sensible Dave says:


      Like you, when I was a kid, we played football all the time. Evenings after school and most of the day in the holidays. Jumpers for goal posts (I recall that about 50% of shots were claimed by the defense to have hit the post and therefore not a goal!). Attack and defense, 3 and your in, crosses and volleys, etc.

      …I “could’a been a contender” (that’s my version anyway) were it not for a pair of knackered knees by the time I was 22. Two metal knees and 40 odd years later – I’m back playing “walking football” with my contemporaries. Same banter, same cheating, same highs and the delight of scoring a goal- just a bit slower!

    417. Stuart MacKay says:


      It wouldn’t take a lot of money to build decent fields (indoor and outdoor) and facilities but it does need the right attitude, a little bit of thought and a reasonable amount of organisation.

      Here in Portugal, local government spends a lot of money on sport – there are five-a-side and basketball courts everywhere and most small towns have full-size complexes with 25m swimming pools, arenas and several synthetic surface football fields. Mostly this is to give kids that live in the middle of nowhere something to do but it’s also way cheaper to keep adults, particularly the elderly active and out of hospitals.

      An integrated approach would go a long to solving a lot of problems across the board. Alba touched on it in the recent elections but I don’t think they realise the potential. However I think you’d need to beat the typical, feckless, British mindset out of people to get it to work – sa soon as you put any form of gatekeeper in charge you’d kill it.

    418. Robert Hughes says:

      Only teams with genuine self-belief succeed at the highest levels , we still don’t have enough of that quality.

      Nations that succeed have one overriding thing in common – Independence , the capacity to marshal all their resources for the benefit of the citizens of those nations .

      Things are unlikely to improve until that state has been realised .

      That State of Independence

    419. J.o.e says:

      The content and inference of Hatueys comments on the covid ‘vaccines’ are probably the most dangerous ive ever seen on this site.

      Couple this with a straight up refusal to even acknowledge my point on the differences between how our government is using PCR versus the statements made by public health bodies, along with the skirting around of Breastplates question and what you have is a vile, odious c*nt probably under the pay of the type of people that should be up for capital punishment.

      If I ever meet in person someone who is stupid enough to admit to having been employed to push the false corporate/government spin I will have a very, very hard time not thinking of murder.

    420. Dan says:

      @ Effigy

      These days it’s hard for kids to play as much football as we did as youngsters, what with them spending so much time shooting shit up on the X Box, updating their Arsebook, Instagram, and Tiktok feeds.
      Plus they are often physically and emotionally wrecked as they wonder if they are a CSI person with their gender identity in alignment with their actual sex.

      All through secondary school my sister and I had two “days on” a week where we had to do the shopping, prepare and cook the evening meal, and then do the dishes.
      On our days off we still did other chores like hoover the flat, clean the bathroom, sweep and wash the communal stairs, etc.
      I often did chores for neighbours to earn a little extra pocket money so I could buy parts to build my BMX.
      By being brought up this way in our early years it instilled a work ethic and sense of value to our time and possessions, meaning we appreciated and enjoyed our time off, and also looked after our belongings well, knowing how much effort it had taken to obtain them.

      Still managed to spend an awful lot of time playing football too, and played for my primary and secondary schools, moving on to boys and youths teams and eventually played in Edinburgh cup final where I scored and broke my collar bone, the week before my trial for Hibs… 🙁

      Just googled and the clubs I played for are still active and running with what looks like a decent amount of enthusiastic young ones attending so that’s good to see.
      Could it be sporty kids take up different sports which are accessible nowadays, and that creates a dilution of top talent, where as in the past the cream may have just stayed playing football.

    421. Sensible Dave says:

      Dan 9.05

      My claim to fame is that I had a trial with Brentford (now of the Premier League!). I dine out on this indication of my abilities at that time. However, the truth is, Brentford had system where if your club coach sent a recommendation to Brentford then you had a good chance of getting an invite. But lets not dwell on the details! Having played with lads that did go on to professional football though, they had astonishing degrees of talent and an ability to be completely untouchable by mere mortals such as me. If you marked them close then they turned and were gone in the blink of an eye – if you stood off a yard or two, that was all the time they needed to make some devastating pass/cross/shot.

    422. Don says:

      @J.o.e 23 June, 2021 at 9:00 am

      The content and inference of Hatueys comments on the covid ‘vaccines’ are probably the most dangerous ive ever seen on this site”

      Wow, listen to conspiracy theorist and Anti Vaccer you !

      “If I ever meet in person someone who is stupid enough to admit to having been employed to push the false corporate/government spin I will have a very, very hard time not thinking of murder”

      You clearly haev a screw loose inside your head, are your posting here from a Jail Cell or from a little white room in Carstairs ? If not then you likely should be.

    423. Don says:

      Robert Hughes 23 June, 2021 at 8:51 am

      “Nations that succeed have one overriding thing in common – Independence , the capacity to marshal all their resources for the benefit of the citizens of those nations.”

      Hey Daftie, your own Scot Gov Scot Gov already states that it gets ALL its own resources then it gets some more extra ones back on top. Take your time to look over the list of resources your own Government state that they get and tell us which ones you think sre still missing ? I suspect though that even understanding which ones we already get will be too hard for you too do.

    424. Don says:

      @David Caledonia 23 June, 2021 at 1:50 am

      “I am bored with the SNP chat, what else is there left to say about them, they are a busted flush and a long wet dream interwoven with a mightmare on elm street lol”

      Its Indy that is a busted Flush, the problem being that you don’t understand it yet or maybe don’t have the ability to understand real numbers that would help enable that thought process.,well%20as%20a%20regional%20level.

    425. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Tannadice Boy – I’ll give you an update: There was a meeting of the Holyrood Education and Skills Committee on the morning of 14th July 2017 to discuss the safety of this and all of the other Scottish schools. It was in response to the Cole Inquiry Report which was issued in February of that year.

      James Dornan chaired the meeting, but the section on this school was led by Kevin Stewart and he was supported by two senior civil servants; one was in charge of Scottish Building Standards and the other was in charge of the consortium who built the school.

      I have previously met the chap was was in charge of Scottish Building Standards and he could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Personally, I thought he was a liar. He told the meeting: ‘The safety of public buildings is in my DNA and this building is safe’. That was it and all of our Holyrood parliamentarians were satisfied. Minutes of this meeting were available but I cannot find them any longer. I keep asking those at Holyrood to provide me with a copy but they don’t respond.

      There you have it; that appears to be the extent of the Scottish Government checks on this school. That has given everyone at Holyrood the opportunity to say: ‘Everyone that needs to know about this does know about it and no-one agrees with you’ and they have been saying that regularly to me for the past four years. Doesn’t sound very forensic, does it?

      I had to lodge a formal complaint with one of the Engineering Institutions and I did that about 10-days ago. That’s the only way it will be investigated properly and I understand that that is now underway. They will consult with 10No UK experts and we will soon have an answer. That will give us a total of over 50No expert engineering opinions versus the opinions of two Scottish civil-servants who tell us they have the safety of public buildings in their DNA.

      In response to your concern regarding Network Rail; my expert opinions came from engineers who worked on dams, one or two worked on open cast mines, on highways, on piling; many were consultants and one was a Professor of Engineering. So, they came from all backgrounds but they were all specialists in this particular type of engineering. So, in Network Rail we have a similar range of expert opinions, don’t we? Most important of all though, all are free from the politics of Holyrood.

      I suspect we have an answer already as all at Holyrood and the Scottish civil-service are consulting with their lawyers. That’s what they do nowadays, isn’t it?

      By the way, I recommended that all of the Engineering Institutions review their advice to members that it is their ethical duty to be whistle-blowers and that they will be protected. I told them it doesn’t work in Scotland. We’ll see what they do about that.

    426. Don says:

      Effigy 23 June, 2021 at 7:56 am
      “On the football topic-When I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s boys played football every minute they could.
      Before school, playtime, dinner time, as soon as you had your tea.
      I practiced for hours, days and weeks on my own recognising my poor heading ability.The more you put in the more you got out.

      I couldn’t tell you how many years it must be since I saw football on the street or on a school pitch”
      after hours. The kids now need to be in a team or no football.”

      All correct. At least one day every weekend in summer on local sportsfield we had a game of at least 25 a side made up of kids from 15 streets or more and some Girls as well as mostly Boys, the game were complete mayhem but great fun , glued friendships across religons too and most of those playing were absolutely useless football players and always would be but none of that mattered. In time those that could really play ended up playing for local teams or School teams and from there they got spotted if talent existed. Many potential good players nowadays won’t ever kick a football (or run across burning coal bings) those things good and bad are gone forever.

    427. Breastplate says:

      There were a couple of patches of grass when I was younger that all the local kids would play mostly football on for years quite happily.
      The council then decided to make these areas unplayable by planting bushes, trees and creating mounds right through the centre with the intention to stop the local kids playing football on it.

      There is a certain element in middle class society that looks down their nose at football and those who play it, unfortunately many of these people are in a position to make decisions on what sports get funding and which don’t, hence the basketball courts in ares where nobody inclined to play basketball, as Effigy points out.

      Slide tackles on grass were much easier than on red ash, ouch!

    428. Republicofscotland says:

      More rancid hypocrisy from the SNP, this time its MP Stuart McDonald, not the Westminster useful idiot Stewart McDonald.

      McDonald is not happy that the Home office stopped a wee boy coming to Scotland, the wee boy fled Syria to Lebanon but sadly passed away, his grandfather is in Scotland.

      Anyway, McDonald sits, sorry he’s comfortably embedded in the HoC, a house that sanctioned a violent proxy war against Syria that forced the young boy and his family, and another eleven million Syrians to flee the country in the first place, in 2020, 5.5 million Syrian refugees are still registered with the UN High Commission.

    429. Don says:

      Pixywine 22 June, 2021 at 2:03 pm

      “I’ve twice tried to post a link whivh has failed to appear here is that how your side wins Hatstand?”

      No Daftie its because you don’t have the intelligence to understand the Rev has certain URL’s blocked anyway in his spamfilters and that you didn’t leave spaces between the URL’s and your own text. Therefore the issue only lies with you own ignorance and not your invented theories of why your posts didn’t appear.

      As seen here with two obvious errors for posting.

      “Pixywine 23 June, 2021 at 12:32 am
      Jimmy Dores worth keeping up with”

    430. Republicofscotland says:

      It would appear that SAS, who has now moved on to education, made such a complete mess as social Security minister, that, Scotland will not take control of disability benefits until at least 2024, the hand over was due to take place in 2019.

      God help Scottish children now that this dolt is minister for education.

    431. Breastplate says:

      Ex US President Jimmy Carter has been disgusted with US foreign policy for some time, acknowledging them as the most warmongering nation on the planet.

      I think with the exception of Vietnam, the UK has always been the arse end of this particular donkey.

      Unfortunately Don says if we were independent we wouldn’t be able to afford to create millions of homeless globally.
      What a conundrum.

    432. Luigi says:

      Croatia has a population of only 4 million. Obviously they are doing something right. Perhaps the Scottish gov and SFA could learn something from Croatia.

    433. Republicofscotland says:

      Scotland’s new Lord advocate Dorothy Bain was sworn in yesterday, along with Ruth Charteris, who is now the new Solicitor General, lets us now watch carefully in anticipation of their moves and decisions with regards to the Scottish government, and prominent indy bloggers in the near future.

    434. Republicofscotland says:

      Jesus F*cking H Christ, just when will some SNP/MSPs/MPs stop embarrassing not only themselves but Scotland as well.

      A group of cross party MPs have been refused legal permission to take legal action against Johnson for his failure to investigate Russian interference in UK elections. However SNP MP Alyn Smith has said he will continue to pursue the case into a higher court if necessary.

      We didn’t send Smith down to London to pursue an anti-Russian agenda, an agenda for whom, certainly not Scotland.

    435. Republicofscotland says:

      “Ex US President Jimmy Carter has been disgusted with US foreign policy for some time,”


      The Great Satan (USA) has killed millions due to its aggressive foreign policies.

      “Carter was the least violent of American presidents but he did things which I think would certainly fall under Nuremberg provisions,” said Noam Chomsky.”

      The Monroe Doctrine basically says that South America is in the USA’s sphere of control and that old world countries should keep the hell out.

    436. Breastplate says:


      I think they American security services refer to South America as their own backyard.

    437. Pixywine says:

      You’re getting desperate Donderheid. Go fuck your Queen mong

    438. Pixywine says:

      Dorothy Bain is I suspect, another common purpose stool pigeon. We will not be impressed by her performance.

    439. Robert Hughes says:

      Hey Little Donny Scroll-past you’re still labouring under the illusion that anybody here gives a flying fuck about anything you say , except maybe Capn Perma-winge Yossarian and your recent convert Ha ha ha chewy , though at least the latter does comment intelligently sometimes : still waiting for your prediction for Holyrood to meltdown a la Chernobyl ( excellent metaphor BTW ) Hatz

    440. Rikali says:

      Luigi says:

      “Croatia has a population of only 4 million. Obviously they are doing something right.”


      Maybe, because Croatia is not yet ruled by Westminster?

    441. Captain Yossarian says:

      Robert Hughes says:
      23 June, 2021 at 11:28 am

      Thanks in no small part to the help I’ve received on this site, this case is almost over now.

      Have a look at it and ask yourself: “Are these folk at Holyrood honest and accountable, or are they dishonest and unaccountable?”

      That’s about the size of it, Robert.

    442. Rikali says:

      Luigi says:

      “Croatia has a population of only 4 million. Obviously they are doing something right.”


      Maybe it is because Croatia is not yet ruled by Westminster?

    443. Robert Hughes says:

      Capn Y . I honestly have no problem with you and have commended your efforts to do the right thing as you see it : I’ve also remarked on how your personal experience seems to have coloured every aspect of your perception of Scotland as a whole , and when you give encouragement to obvious bad-actors like Donny Sparko it makes me wonder what your objectives here are .

      There is no need to court disapproval of the NSNPG amongst WOS readers , the vast majority are in total agreement

    444. Stuart MacKay says:

      Pretty strong stuff from Peter Bell,

    445. Shocked says:

      So we want to be like Croatia now… can some clown please go learn some bloody history.. when people aim at the ground it is little wonder they shoot themselves in the foot so often.

    446. Shocked says:

      So the bloated old fool Peter Bell doesn’t want scots living in the rest of the UK, like my sister who does NHS research that is only done in England for the whole of the UK, to have a say yet he’s happy for non UK citizens resident in Scotland to have a say, people who could pack their bags and leave tomorrow.

      Perhaps he would be better off turning his ire against the thieves and gangsters who have wrecked the independence movement and stolen peoples money.

    447. Breastplate says:

      People who met a Glaswegian in Blackpool one summer shouldn’t have a vote on Scotland’s future.

      There has to be criteria and lines have to be drawn, it’s as simple as that.

      Of course some people will be upset but that’s just life.

    448. Dan says:

      I think this post of wull’s from the other night re. voter franchise may have been temporarily held in moderation, so some may have missed it.

    449. Captain Yossarian says:

      Robert Hughes says:
      23 June, 2021 at 12:04 pm

      This has taken 12 weeks or so on WoS. Holyrood has been looking at it for 6-years. Point number-two is that Holyrood doesn’t seem to me to be any good of managing industry. Just look at the ferries and look at this school. These are not complex projects but they need to be managed with honesty, otherwise they just become a vortex for the disappearance of money and that’s what we are seeing, isn’t it.

      As far as having other motives – do you think all at Holyrood haven’t looked at that already? If they can discredit you, then they will do that. Anyone that writes into these pages will know that’s how the Scottish Government works. It’s not what Holyrood was set-up for, but that’s what they do.

    450. Pixywine says:

      Dr Roger Hodkinsob interviewed on the Richie Allen show

    451. Breeks says:

      Dan says:
      23 June, 2021 at 12:54 pm
      I think this post of wull’s from the other night re. voter franchise may have been temporarily held in moderation…

      Problem solved…

      We terminate the Treaty of Union on Constitutional grounds, and address the Democratic ramifications later, with a ratification plebiscite. The Union is dead, but everybody gets a Democratic say in what happens next.

      With the Union finished, I’m much less concerned about stepping on people’s toes (or not), with the voter franchise.

      The Treaty of Union is a Contract which has been breached. It doesn’t need a Democratic mandate to be pre-approved by the culprits who breached it.

    452. colin lees says:

      the voting public had its say at the last scottish election.a super majority could have been achieved.instead votes were squandered on the list votes for snp.which leaves me to conclude that the population don”t want independance from england(by majority).i think people were content to vote snp because there was,is,no oposition party capable of running the administration.they are all weak on large salaries & content with that.i am also quite certain that when the snp need to raise another (indi)fund there are enough out there that will meet that request.

    453. Republicofscotland says:

      So the Tory government at Westminster has issued, what it calls an extension on an existing licence to begin extracting around 800 million barrels of oil from the Cambo oil filed West of Shetland.

      The bleeding hearts that cry hypocrisy over the removal of the oil in the year COP26 is to be held in Scotland, is mainly just a side show in my opinion, though I agree Global Warming is a very real threat to humanity. Still oil is used to produce a whole host of items that we need, but what irks me more is the profit from this field will go straight into Westminster’s coffers, and not Holyrood’s.

      Its a clear cut case of colonial exploitation, one that could’ve been avoided if Sturgeon the Betrayer had held an indyref post early Brexit.

    454. Stuart MacKay says:


      Yup. Let those who believe in The Union campaign for a new one. I don’t think there will be many takers for that idea.

    455. Republicofscotland says:

      “Michael Gove- “can’t see” Boris Johnson agreeing to another vote before the next general election, adding it is “reckless” to discuss the issue while the country is still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.”

      “Sturgeon said: “Every time we hear that kind of sneering, arrogant condescension from Michael Gove – or whatever UK Government minister it may be – completely refusing to accept Scottish democracy, actually the more they just build support for independence.”

      The woman definitely has no shame when it coms to pointing the finger on whose responsible for stopping an indyref. We know its her but she’s telling us its Johnson.

    456. Willie says:

      Reports are just coming in that the Russians fired warning shots at the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Defender and that Russian war planes dropped four bombs in close proximity after the RN disregarded Russian instruction not to transit into territorial Black Sea waters.

      One has to say that this is real big boy coat trailing by Boris and his advisors. The Russians are not exactly French fishermen who are the usual whipping boys that the RN like to make a show against.

      Of course if they had any balls the RN would have fired back. But you know what, belligerent bully boy Britannia does not rule the waves. And the Russians have just made that clear. And you know what, like the French, they’ve got nukes too.

    457. Republicofscotland says:

      Willie @2.14pm.

      What on earth is a UK naval vessel doing there in the first place, even if it was in International waters. Of course the UK is part of the bully boys club called Nato, who are attempting to surround Russia with Nato bases.

      Maybe Johnson is attempting to have Nato’s Article Five invoked. I’ve read recently that Nato are considering applying the rules of Article Five, if it can be proven that a cyber attack was carried out on one of its members.

    458. Dan says:

      @ Willie

      Has Blighty launched the Williamson in retaliation yet?

      Clearly the vodka swillers haven’t taken on board his last warning from a couple of years back.

      30 second clip of the Williamson in action, the fainthearted may want to look away…

    459. Breastplate says:

      Reading between the diplomatic lines, the UK says the Russians won a game of chicken that they (the UK) weren’t involved in. We were running away from something completely different.

    460. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Willie – The home of the Black Sea Fleet was built by Scotsmen. It became used to smuggle whisky for the workers and is still used today. Russia is under sanctions due to its invasion of Crimea. They cannot even import wheat to make bread and use rye instead, but they can still get almost any type of whisky, thanks to this route which was established 80 or so years ago by Scotsmen.

    461. Breastplate says:

      Captain Yossarian,
      Yes, that’s the Russians dealt with and the Chinese are next for sanctions.
      We won’t allow them in British products like RAC membership, gooseberry jam or Harris tweed underpants.

    462. Liz g says:

      Breeks @ 1.42
      Exactly Breeks… even then the choice offered should be do we want to keep all powers in Holyrood or “”Renegotiate “”” another Treaty of Union.
      It should never be to resume the the terms and conditions of the1707 one as they have turned out to be unenforceable at a practicable level.
      No jiggering about with Acts and Conventions a NEW Treaty to be voted on by both signatory Countries is the price of their Union.
      Then we can discuss Super majorities and a Franchise.
      See how that goes down …and, leave it to Westminister to explain why they cannot make such a Treaty which dilutes their sovereignty.
      OR actually argue that Scots should just give up theirs because … British ?

    463. Breeks says:

      Stuart MacKay says:
      23 June, 2021 at 2:01 pm

      Yup. Let those who believe in The Union campaign for a new one. I don’t think there will be many takers for that idea.

      Problem is, it needs actually done, but it’s barely even being talked about.

      If the Union was formally declared breached, it is ended, and cannot be resurrected. To resurrect what was there before would require a new Union Treaty to be agreed.

      Truth be known, in my opinion, if it was being talked about by a credible Scottish Government, even short of the nuclear option of terminating the Union, there are layers upon layers of ratcheting up the pressure on Westminster, and thereby changing the whole political landscape and Constitutional position.

      Why NONE of this is being done is an absolute scandal and a withering indictment of Scotland’s so called “Government”.

      I said it at the time, but both Scotland and Westminster missed a trick with Brexit. Westminster could have conceded Scottish Independence, thus allowing Scotland to remain in Europe, but for a price, and that price being a Benelux type trade arrangement between what was formerly the UK, thereby creating a new “UK” but a Confederal UK with sovereign Governments, which effectively made Scotland a buffer zone for regulating English / EU / US trade.

      It could have worked, and made Scotland phenomenally wealthy.

      The reality would be such a new “UK” would a pale shadow of the defunct UK, Scotland and England would be Independent sovereign nations again, and “United” in the merest token sense, but the continuance of a vastly emasculated “United Kingdom” in name only, would permit a massive amount of diplomatic face saving for all concerned, with everybody getting pretty much what they wanted. (There’s be no calling for an Indy Scotland to embrace the “NewK”, it could simply ignore the title.

      Sadly, not only must Scotland now await the decline and fall of Sturgeon’s lousy regime, and meantime hope against hope she doesn’t royally fk things up more than she already has, but it may take years of laying the Constitutional groundwork so that the Scottish electorate is braced and ready for the change of pace. That’s what Sturgeon should have been doing since 2015, but she is manifestly useless, gutless, incompetent and Constitutionally illiterate.

      What a curse Scotland has to bear in Nicola Sturgeon.

    464. Effigy says:

      You know Grovelling Gove the £350 million per week to the NHS liar.
      The man conned the Fishermen hook, line and sinker.
      The man who said we are all in it together but forgot when Doctors and Nurses
      couldn’t get Covid tests on the wards he got his daughter tested.

      Well an interesting story was told on radio that a Chelsea fan determined
      to see the Champions league final in Porto sneaked into Portugal with one
      other fan on the flight and his Dad.
      The Dad was Michael Gove.
      Now doubt in it as they had a chat all about it.

      That would be Gove the don’t travel abroad anyone spokesperson.

      Now did he isolate on the way back?
      I don’t think so? or perhaps he was testing his eyes Cummings style but
      this time on a plane. Could he see the ground from up there?
      Could he see the football match?

      Uriah the Creeping Liar Gove!

    465. Hugh Jarse says:


      “Fortunately, you are not in charge of the defense of Scotland and the UK – so you will be fine.”

      Boris Johnson, & colleagues.

    466. Saffron Robe says:

      I agree entirely Breeks. I think it is quite clear that the Treaty of Union is no longer legally extant, and any pretence otherwise is bluff and bluster. Unfortunately we are saddled with a leader who is as much use as a chocolate fireguard and likely to leave just as much mess on the carpet.

    467. Fred says:

      Breastplate says:
      ‘There has to be criteria and lines have to be drawn, it’s as simple as that.’

      I realise I’m risking a pile-on of dissenters here, and I’m just offering another viewpoint- but the break-up of the UK affects every resident of the UK – so there is an argument that every UK resident should get the chance to vote as part of a larger referendum on the independence of Scotland and the future of the UK.
      At least it stops the bickering over what determines the criteria to vote if it’s just left up to ‘the people of Scotland’ – whoever they may be.

    468. Sensibledave says:

      Breeks and Stuart

      You appear to be living in some parallel universe.

      The only way Scotland will become an independent country is if a majority of Scots voters vote for it in referendum. No other route will ever work.

      Whilst you clearly have the right to your opinion and views … so does every other voter in Scotland. When asked, a majority of Scottish voters voted against independence … so that’s it until the next time.

      There is not a cat in hells chance that indyref2 could be won at this time. I know that, Ms Sturgeon knows that .. and you should know that. The simple reason why Ms Sturgeon isn’t pushing for indyref 2 is she knows it can’t be won at this time and none of your bluff and bluster is going to change that for at least year – probably 5.

      All the stuff about the finer points of treaty signed hundreds of years ago is just irrelevant nonsense to Scots today.

      Give us a plan, a vision, a currency, economic reality, a plan to join the EU, how you are going to manage the debt, the deficit, the tax raising, austerity, etc …. but please stop wittering on about treaties that no one, other than about 5 people here on wings, knows or cares about.

    469. Republicofscotland says:

      Dave @6.57pm.


      Craig Murray lays it out here, as to why Scotland doesn’t need a foreign governments (Westminster) consent to hold an indyref or even go straight to declaring independence.

      “McHarg and McCorkindale are quite right on UK Constitutional Law, which is where their expertise lies. They know very little about public international law and still less about international politics.”

      “The truth is that UK Constitutional Law is as irrelevant to Scottish Independence as Soviet Constitutional Law was to the question of Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian Independence. The UK is disintegrating and not the smirk of Johnson, the frippery of the UK Supreme Court nor the witterings of lawyers can hold it together.”

      “Independence is not a matter of domestic law. It is a matter of international law alone. Independence is the existence of a state in relation to other states. It is gained not by any internal process- internal process is utterly irrelevant, and in 95% of cases does not involve a referendum – but by recognition of other states, formalised through the General Assembly of the United Nations.”

    470. Stuart MacKay says:


      I’m afraid all the things in your shopping list at the end aren’t on Nicola’s todo list. So, now what? More sitting around, waiting?

    471. Daisy Walker says:

      Very interesting to see and hear Alf Baird over on Barrheadboy.

      Firstly Alf doesn’t have a beard, isn’t smoking a pipe, and is not over 70 years of age! Who knew?

      Deeply important to listen to the informed information he imparted though, in particular with regards changing demographics.

      If his research is correct and the next census shows that English ‘white flight’ immigration to Scotland has gone from around 1/2 a million in 2014 to over 1 million now… god help our young people, for this type of tory will take all the well paid jobs, hire others with the same accent, join every community council, housing association, local council and – in the nicest possible way – fuck us all the way over.

      Why that is making Indy impossible is this:

      We are not getting another Indy Ref.

      Which means our only route to Indy is via a General Election… and if Alba are serious, they need to voice that now, and work on that now, otherwise we are once again being asked to put party before country.

      If they stand on a plebiscite Indy GE mandate, with a confirmationary Indy Ref to be held thereafter – then, and only than (as far as I can see) will it be possible to exclude the English immigrants from voting in it.

      But right just now, the Yes Movement is hindered as much by Alba, as by the SNP. And its really not good enough for them to say they are waiting until after September for their first Conference.

      Scotland doesn’t have that much time (high summer time also) to waste.

      And it’s not OK for them to argue, slowly, slowly catchie monkey/don’t frighten the horses…. we have that option to vote for with the SNP.

    472. Liz g says:

      Sensible Dave @ 6.57
      Yer fooling nobody Dave, I know you know it’s that Auld Treaty that’s holding us in this accursed Union
      A Parliament that’s respecting every ancient document it can put its hands on and tries to hide that ONE Treaty behind Acts knows it too.
      The only Parliament I know of that hides its beginnings so obsessively.

      Exploring the Treaty is just the route we haven’t gone down yet, but it is and always has been an option.
      Not the best one for England to be sure, but they can take that up with their own establishment , “after”.
      This shopping list you keep regurgitating ,that’s been asked and answered on here a million times, is ,not, the ground we are on anymore …. as much as you seem to want it to be.
      Brexit saw to that.

      The only document that’s had its day and served its purpose is the Edinburgh Agreement .
      And a referendum on Treaty change is not beyond the understanding of Scots.
      Why would it be ?
      Wasn’t that much same thing as the Brexit Referendum…. David Cameron’s changes to the EU Treaty or No Treaty at all ?
      People didn’t used to be all that interested in the Maastricht Treaty Dave, and a fair few decided to turn out to vote on it !
      Treaty dumping even with no much detail is defiantly a thing now Dave 🙂

    473. J.o.e says:


      After a proper trial I would simply love to be the guy who gets to trip that latch open for the people who have deliberately lied to the public about the covid situation.

      Not only that it would be random rope lengths. No adjusting for weight of criminal. If they take 2 minutes to choke to death or if their head comes off then more amusement for everyone.

      It would be great to take a cheerful selfie beside Hancock with a noose round his neck 5 seconds before I merrily send the little fuck to hell.

    474. Meg merrilees says:

      Colin lees @ 1.43pm

      Sadly the majority of the Sottish voters are actually sheep. They think that they have a good leaderine in NS.
      Because she keeps saying that there will be an Indy ref, they believe her enough not to worry about when that will be.
      They trust her and think she has a ‘cunning plan’.
      Sadly they are being misled.

      If NS was serious about indy she would be building a case for it. She would be teaching the people of Scotland about how they could have a better deal, a better life if we had control. She would be building a hunger for an Independent Scotland. Creating the demand – mounting a campaign even.

      But this is not happening.
      It suits most folk not to have to think about it because they believe she is doing all the thinking and planning. They expect to get the call at some point to vote YES but it will never come.
      It wont happen until ‘the people’ really want it and long for it themselves.
      We will need to take to the streets as they did in Catalonia, Ukraine and other places turning out en masse in every town, city and village demanding our independence before it will happen.

    475. Mist001 says:

      As an independence supporter, I don’t think independence is likely for the foreseeable future, regardless of Mrs. Murrell, a section 30 order or the UK government standing in the way. For me, these are not unsurmountable problems.

      The reason why I don’t think that independence is likely for the foreseeable future is quite simply, there is no plan. Nobody has one, not even the people who we think are capable of delivering independence.

      There is no infrastructure in terms of currency, central bank, international trading agreements, nothing at all.

      What has become the stock answer when these questions are asked is ‘Well, we’ll sort that out after independence’.

      Unless people are seriously advocating a Pol Pot Year Zero approach to the future of Scotland starting from scratch, then plans have to be made and announced, a strategy has to be developed and a series of steps have to be taken because it’s a journey.

      Anyone who says ‘Oh, we’ll sort all that out once we get independence’ is fooling themselves and hindering the approach to independence. They don’t need the SNP to be pulling the wool over their eyes because evidently, these people are quite capable of pulling the wool over their own eyes.

      As far as I can see, there is no plan and without a plan, there will be no independence for Scotland.

      And that’s the way it is for me at least.

    476. Confused says:


      I will have to buy furniture, carpets and choose an internet service provider.

      – that I don’t know what colour curtains to get means I must live in SOMEONE ELSE’S ATTIC forever

      Some see problems, others see opportunities.

      Other countries have currency, central bank, trading agreements – therefore it is not impossible for these things to exist, therefore there must be a procedure to obtain these things. Therefore, even if WE ARE THE STUPIDEST CUNTS ON EARTH – we can solve the problem by …


      – otherwise you suggest Scots are uniquely incompetent people, which is offensive.

      GTF you fucking FUD merchant. We have seen it all before and you are not even that good at it.

      And don’t slag off Pol Pot – he at least knew how to deal with fucking students and speccy bastards. One week’s worth of maoism would do a lot for land reform in this theme-park.

    477. Sensibledave says:

      RoS 6.19

      You wrote “

      Craig Murray lays it out here, as to why Scotland doesn’t need a foreign governments (Westminster) consent to hold an indyref or even go straight to declaring independence.”

      Sigh. You miss the point. You are not the people of Scotland. You have no right or mandate to overturn the result of a democratic referendum by the people of Scotland. Only another vote can do that … or it will not be accepted by anybody but the nut jobs.

      You have to hold a referendum, win a referendum then that is the will of the people of Scotland. Anything else is just a coup.

      Who do you think you are to determine the “will of the people of Scotland” without asking the bloody question in vote!!! I repeat, you cannot win an independence vote at this time … and, for the hard of thinking, that is the reason the SNP isn’t pushing for one. Wake up!

    478. Sensibledave says:


      … yes all those things are possible. Just produce a manifesto that explains the plan. If the plan is perceived to be a good one, then perhaps people will vote for it. But pretending they don’t matter at this time and can be addressed after independence is just bull crap.

      Until there is a plan which addresses project fear 2 … indyref2 is a non starter.

    479. colin lees says:

      colin lees-meg merrilees i believe it has all faded away.(the ultimate goal).covid has put paid to it all.the population are now more interested in their & their family well being,getting life back to how it was,quality of life,jobs,education,health. a feeling of security.most of the above was almost considered a given.independance is way down the pecking order for the forseable future.

    480. Cenchos says:

      BBC defence correspondent Jonathon Beale just happens to be on the deck of HMS Defender in the Black Sea as it is ‘harassed by Russia’s military’…

    481. Breastplate says:

      You miss the point again and again.
      It’s not the decisions that are important, it is the people who make them.

      If we make bad decisions which I’m sure we will, we can fix them.
      If we make good decisions which I’m sure we will, then good for us.
      We would be making these decisions with us as the priority.

      We will never be a priority with another country making decisions for us.

      You don’t need to be a genius to recognise this but you have to be an imbecile not to see it.

    482. North chiel says:

      Entirely agree with Liz @ 0855 pm . Additionally, how on earth can a supposed United Kingdom Parliament ( Union of 2 only kingdoms / Scotland & England) , “ devolve” a subsidiary Parliament with certain devolved powers to One of the “ United Kingdom’s” without devolving an exactly similar Parliament to the other signatory Kingdom , with the same proportional system of elected members ? This very “ devolved “ Scotland Act 1998 ? ALONE should have rendered the 1707 Treaty of Union Defacto terminated .
      I ask again “ Where is the “ devolved “ English PR Parliament ?? With exactly the same devolved powers ??

    483. Saffron Robe says:

      There is undoubtedly an ongoing Westminster policy of Anglo resettlement in Scotland in a bid to alter demographics and voting patterns. That is why the constitutional route to independence is the correct one (i.e. via the Treaty of Union) because it nullifies this attempt to alter Scotland’s demographics and make Scots a minority in their homeland. And for anyone who doubts this is happening, the parallels with the plantation of Ulster are clear.

      By recognising that the Treaty of Union has been irrevocably broken by Westminster, then there is no need for a democratic plebiscite, by the same token that the Treaty was established without a democratic plebiscite. What would be required, however, would be a democratic plebiscite or referendum to ratify a new Treaty of Union and all the terms and acts of such a treaty would need to be renegotiated and redrawn. But, as the last 300 years have taught us, there are no terms which would be more beneficial (or acceptable) to us than our independence.

    484. J.o.e says:


      Since you have broken the ice in regards to sifting the good and the bad from dictators then the constructive aspects of National Socialism has far more to offer Scotland, or any nation for that matter, than anything else.

      There is a reason it is frowned on so heavily on so that even logical analysis is forbidden – because it sends the shits up the masonic corporate establishment who have spent the last 75 years controlling what we know about it.

      And before any screeching bedwetter berates me – if we can speak positives for Mao and Polt Pot we can do the same for anyone.

    485. J.o.e says:

      @saffron Robe

      Slow soft warfare by demographic change is being forced on England as well, along with the rest of Europe.

      Our masters intend to turn us eventually into a small despised minority in our own country where there are so many outsiders that national cohesion is impossible.

      Try explaining that without getting called a xenophobe however

    486. Hatuey says:

      “Try explaining that without getting called a xenophobe however”

      It worse than xenophobic. It’s xenophobic and hypocritical.

      Europe and Britain essentially defined settler colonialism. How do you think places like Australia came to be under the rule of white Europeans? Scottish people played a huge part in the British colonial project, as we all know.

      A more obscure fact, though, is that the English King who imposed the Plantation on Ireland, James I, was also Scottish. And the “planters” he sent across the Irish sea were predominantly Scottish too.

      It would be hard to resist a decision to only allow people born in Scotland to vote in any future referendum. The British Government certainly couldn’t resist it, having provided us with the ultimate precedent.

      But this road people are talking about going down, with its emphasis on “us” and “them”, it’s a road that some of the worst scumbags in human history merrily trotted down; and the thought of following in their footsteps should fill healthy hearts and minds with unease.

      I’m not convinced there’s evidence to support the central argument here, that Scotland is being overrun by settlers. Maybe Alf can share his sources…

    487. Breeks says:

      Hatuey says:
      24 June, 2021 at 2:59 am

      …. the thought of following in their footsteps should fill healthy hearts and minds with unease.

      I’m not convinced there’s evidence to support the central argument here, that Scotland is being overrun by settlers. Maybe Alf can share his sources…

      I believe he said he was using census data,… but with some interpretation of ‘trend’ in the absence of fully up to date census data.

      While I think you do have a point Hatuey about the principle of barring settlers from the vote, there is an equal “unease” and false equivalence about Westminster’s continual gerrymandering of Scottish democracy, (like everything from our “Parliament” rigged to frustrate majority government through to a Section 30 agreement), and furthermore, the continual colonial encroachment over Scotland’s sovereign Constitution. They impose their will over Scotland with impunity, and scant regard for any frivolity of convenience like xenophobia.

      The media too is a similar instrument of the British Establishment which enjoys a state monopoly and routinely abuses Scotland by manipulating the political narrative and denying Scotland the opportunity to support it’s own indigenous Broadcasting to dispute the indoctrination.

      The false equivalence is the presumption that Scotland should forfeit it’s Constitutional rights and defences so as not to appear a little bit “xenophobic”, while Westminster and the rabid UK “media” remain free to interfere and manipulate Scotland’s political landscape without consequence or rebuke.

      “IF” it was a sin for Scotland to adopt a “xenophobic” voting franchise, and I’m not conceding it would be xenophobic, there would seem to be a degree of inherent “self defence” of Scotland’s integrity providing due cause. There are any number of times and occasions when a Nation puts it’s National interests first. Isn’t that after all, the whole point of beingsovereign?

      And a second reason to doubt this “xenophobic” voter franchise is to look at it from a different perspective. If I was emigrate to a foreign country, say Spain for example, would I consider it xenophobic to be denied a vote over Catalonian Independence? Of course not. I would be neither a Spanish nor Catalonian National, so why would I expect to have a vote, and where does the “xenophobia” of not having a vote have it’s origin?

      Even if they were generous enough to afford me a vote, I most likely wouldn’t use it, because morally, it isn’t a matter for an outsider like me to determine. That isn’t xenophobia. It’s a Nation’s constitution being determined by the nationals whom it affects. It isn’t xenophobia to exclude outsiders from that decision.

    488. Shocked says:


      That’s a ridiculous comment. We are not talking about people like that. If you are Scottish born and live elsewhere in the UK you should have a say. If you are living in Scotland and are not a UK citizen you should not, Scotland being independent is none of your business.

      I’m for independence as much as the next man but if the people don’t want it then ot shouldn’t happen. Gerrymandering a result “just because” could lead to a civil war. The support for independence is not there just now and the people to blame for that are the New SNP.

      How that corrupt bastard sturgeon is still walking the streets instead of being locked up in cornton vale makes my blood boil. We all know what she did, as do the media, the opposition the police, the crown office and the courts and yet not a fucking thing has been done. As for Alex Salmond I’ve come to the conclusion he has been bought off somehow, he claimed to have a enough dirt to finish her and yet now it total silence and he still hasn’t worked out that Alba has died on its area and will never be a force until he removes Sturgeon from politics for good.

    489. Shocked says:


      Give the colonial bullshit a rest, 1314 was over 700 bloody years ago for christ sake and I see you still have not got a single clue about the legal reality of the UK.

    490. Breeks says:

      Shocked says:
      24 June, 2021 at 6:00 am

      How that corrupt bastard sturgeon is still walking the streets instead of being locked up in cornton vale makes my blood boil. We all know what she did…..

      …. and I see you still have not got a single clue about the legal reality of the UK…

      Better clue than you do… clearly.

    491. Breeks says:

      But you’ve got my attention Shocked…

      Please go ahead and enlighten us all with your version of “the legal reality of the UK”.

      Let’s see it written down in black and white so we can all marvel at your insight, and of course, source your references so we can double check you’re not making it up.

      Over to you…. I’m all ears.

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