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The own goal

Posted on March 12, 2021 by

Last week we warned you to beware of poll questions containing the formulation “Does [X] make you more or less likely to vote in a certain way?”, and this evening Survation have provided us with an example of why.

According to those numbers, the conflict between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon has caused a staggering 47% of Scots to change their likelihood of voting Yes in an independence referendum. And the bulk of those – 37% – say it’s made them MUCH more or MUCH less likely to vote Yes.

Those numbers break by more than 2 to 1 (23% to 11%) in favour of “much less likely”, which is a margin of change (12 points) bigger than almost any Yes majority that’s ever been recorded in a poll.

In other words, if the poll is to be believed, Nicola Sturgeon’s attempt to neutralise Alex Salmond as a threat to her personal political power has almost definitely turned a Yes vote into a No vote as people have started paying attention to it.

Now, for the reasons we noted before, we doubt that 12-point shift is literally true. The idea, for one thing, that nearly a fifth of Scots have watched the unfolding clusterfiasco of corruption and incompetence and thought “Wow, now I want independence!” is a frankly idiotic proposition.

But the size of the swing is so big that even with a substantial margin of error factored in, given the current state of polling it may very well be enough to have turned Yes to No, and we haven’t even had the inquiries’ verdicts yet.

More than anything else, the botched attempt to get Salmond looks like the reason for the loss of a long streak of Yes leads. And the blame for that lies only at one door.

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132 to “The own goal”

  1. Garavelli Princip says:

    The game’s a bogey!. Sturrell must go!

  2. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Like many others I have recently left the Party and joined another ( the one may other ex-SNP have chosen). The level of denial by the remaining members of the SNP can only be described as irrational. They must have attended similar branch meetings as me. They must have seen colleagues of many years resign.

    The destruction of democracy within the Party is complete and it is now a private organisation (A family business). I think many will stay loyal on the constituency vote but I hope conversations between old friends will swing the second vote to the list.

    My deepest regret is that I will not see Independence in my lifetime now.

  3. Mark Boyle says:

    Or in other words, you didn’t bloody listen to Stu because he was outside of your echo chamber, and now you’re paying the price.

    Question is, will they learn from it? The smart money says “no”, but maybe a miracle will occur?

  4. John H. says:

    She knows fine well what she’s doing.

  5. John Cleary says:

    This election is quite similar to the General Election of 2005. Blair had invaded Iraq two years previously and no “weapons of mass destruction” had been found. The british Establishment had been exposed as large scale murderers of the innocent based on false pretenses.

    The Guardian crew implored us to vote Labour (by that point the “New” prefix had been dropped as no longer helpful). Toynbee’s sage advice was to wear a nose peg and vote Labour (because we can’t let the Tories in)

    Sufficient of the electorate followed this advice to return Blair for his third victory.

    The Guardian recruited David Cameron as its new star columnist. You can trust Dave with the NHS because Ivan.

    It’s been a highway to hell ever since.

    Now, imagine the people had done the right thing and punished those who had betrayed them.

    The Tories would have been in power and the war criminals would be chased through the courts.

    When the great crash came along it would be the Tories whose reputation would be destroyed.

    It is unarguable that the UK and constituents thereof would be in a better place. Probably still in the EU.

    And that is how it must be. If you want a healthy democracy you cannot countenance High Crimes.

  6. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    No shocks for me to be honest. It’s certainly making me think.That along with HCB & GRA. IT’S just a dream, be nice but a dream.

  7. Nancy Gunn says:

    Let’s hope the polls are right. I know
    Among people I know Nicola is not popular. It is all the hiding information and convenient memory loss. She has taken us down a bad path with this hate crime bill, which is shameful to see. This has to be repealed. I think the corruption has been seen and Scots hate being conned.

  8. President Xiden says:

    No idea what this says. Doesn’t matter. It’s a squirrel main question , Did Sturgeon LIE?

  9. Ryan says:

    I’m not trying to be funny here, but as a strong independence supporter I’ve always lent my vote to the SNP. This debacle is making me reconsider.

    Who else can I vote for that isn’t going to try and make out that my vote is for the union?


  10. need to change my name so that i don't get investigated by humza says:

    I cannot in all honesty vote SNP 1. For us it would infer an acceptance of their dishonesty. lies, deceit, HCB, GR, financial irregularities etc
    This is not a Scotland under NS (or any other sturgeonite wokey never had a real job) that we can vote for in all conscience.
    I want a better Scotland for my kids and grandkids (yes I’m a granny, so what)
    SNP under this lot are killing their future. Creating a future with no hope, no aspiration and most of all no opinion unless it fits with the woke narrative. A world where you fear what your kids/grandkids might hear mummy and daddy having an argument, mentioning it to teacher, and kaboom!! here come the boys in blue to jail you
    Not in my name (time for that to come back maybe?)

  11. John Martini says:

    The amount of ‘I’ve changed my minds about indy’ who still vote snp is concealing some of the drop in support for yes.

    I don’t yet think it is 12 points but believe it is a growing trend.

  12. Glasgow racer says:

    I’ll get the blame for this poll, Stu will get the blame, Craig Murray will get the blame.

    The Sturgeon Ultras will blame everybody but the Murrells.

  13. Milady says:

    Funnily enough I got polled by Survation yesterday (online) but it didn’t ask this particular question. It did ask voting intention for Holyrood though and it asked the Indy question. I’m imagining the one I did yesterday will be published either Sunday or next week sometime.

  14. David Lyon says:

    When is James Hamilton’s report being published?

  15. Liz says:

    Was speaking today to a pro indy/ SNP friend, I hadn’t seen in a while.

    She doesn’t read much about politics but brought up the Salmond / Sturgeon situation and asked me what I thought.

    Told her about the stitch up etc.
    She thought NS had been right, AS wasn’t a saint, never trusted him, number of accusations etc etc.

    After telling her what I knew, she said why, I said AS wasn’t happy about lack of progress re indy, she thought NS had been really pushing indy.

    This is what the casual voter sees, hears cos the MSM now give NS an easy time.

  16. Tannadice Boy says:

    Stu doesn’t surprise me either. We had a competent SG under Alex Salmond. We now have a dysfunctional SG under our Nicola. Taking a chainsaw to the house and none of the SNP MSPs have stopped her. Lots of Michael Portillo moments coming up. They abused the electorate and that is unforgivable.

  17. Terry says:

    It’s death by a thousand redactions.

    Plus all the keech is coming out now. Some of the stories of sleaze and nicola sharing platforms with “undesirables” are emerging at the right time to inflict maximum damage. And I expect there will be a lot more to come so that £3 million bung might just have been wasted.

    Up to the individual how you vote but it’s always good to vote. And spoiled ballots are noticed by party volunteers at the count. Plus there are indy options on the list.

    Maybe the darkest hour is just before the dawn though.

  18. Ian M says:

    She’s spent nearly all her political capital on a failed and ruinously expensive court case, to absolutely no avail. Not to mention forcing through the HCB just before she loses her majority. The former steel plated invincibility is corroding, as the public realise she is just another politician whose machinations conceal an agenda she is not keen to share. Once that goes, it doesn’t come back.

    For the last three years she could have laid the ground for an overwhelming Indy vote in May – by opposing brexit and the Johnson/May disaster, explaining the way forward, reassuring doubters and painting an inspiring vision of a free Scotland, ensuring the debate was centred on one overriding priority. Instead she has played it down, banned conference debates and branch motions, while neutering dissent, squandering millions and pushing through policies with no mandate.

    It would be surprising if her numbers didn’t go down. Hubris is a cruel mistress. And the Indy bloggers all think it is nothing to do with her and her small circle of acolytes but the sole fault of one man and his blog. That tells its own story about free and frank debate. It’s not wheesht for Indy, it’s turn a blind eye to corruption for Indy. Not a winning slogan or persuasive argument.

  19. Gregor says:

    I’m becoming more convinced that this whole shenanigans is a deliberate act of SNP sabotage/mass destruction.

    It’s the strategically deranged timing: from a golden point of political/national opportunity (re. Westmonster is eating itself alive, with no effective political opposition), and context (throw in a highly contentious policy/law in the midst of pandemic/national turmoil, before an election) of various SNP engineered and driven events (Witch Hunts; diversionary tactics; propaganda assaults; kangaroo inquiries etc), and SNP’s evident priorities (independence/biological women last; minority lifestyle choice group #lgbt first), and its overtly contemptuous, obstructive and divisive public attitude (our personal view is right/the evidence/the law: suck it up plebs – we don’t wannna have an open and informed, facts and evidence driven adult discussion; if SNP fail it’s all your fault!) that drive my suspicion.

    I’m 100% convinced ‘this SNP’ (hierarchy) has no intention of mitigating such problem (extremely toxic & imperative) issues, otherwise the public would see it (something positive): anything (pin-drop ‘SNP Spine’)…

    Most importantly, Scotland needs to know WHY ???

  20. bookie from hell says:

    heres a poll

    who wants independence less ? neil oliver or wings ?

  21. rob says:

    As the rest of the UK goes ape shit about women’s safety from men, following the murder of Sarah Everard, Sturgeon takes away the rights of women in Scotland and allows Men to freely enter their safe spaces unfettered. Words fail me, how can any person contemplate voting SNP, knowing full well they are risking the safety of our women folk. I for one , will not be voting for them. The safety of my daughters and grand daughters are paramount and I will do everything within my power to stop any SNP candidate from being elected and if that means voting Tory, then so be it!.

  22. rob says:

    bookie from hell says:
    12 March, 2021 at 11:25 pm
    heres a poll

    who wants independence less ? neil oliver or wings ?

    No one with half a brain wants Indy with the SNP in control.

  23. Sandra says:

    How do we get Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell to resign? There should be plans for demos at Holyrood before they break up for the election! If it’s not a demo to get them to resign it’s got to be one to make them put independence first, calling the election a plebiscite and or officially launching #indyref2 and a date as soon as possible this year. The people need to speak up and make her do what she promised us, she has several mandates and no excuses! If she does trigger Indy then she might just save the party and herself but Murrell must resign ASAP

  24. Ian M says:

    When the polls show high support for independence but a declining SNP support maybe the penny will drop.

  25. Balaaargh says:

    You should have scrolled along for the screenshot, Rev. As you mentioned last week, tory and labour diehards will always say less likely in favour of anything SNP and they make up half of that total.

    I think the more interesting number is the 14% who said they voted yes but would now vote no because of it. If that number is true then you’re right. We’re gonna need empty supermarket shelves thanks to Brexit to get the message through that this union is not fit for purpose.

  26. Derek says:

    On the face of it, yes; 18% more likely for/29% more likely against – which is 47% either for or against, tending towards against.

    There are 6% of don’t knows and 46% of unchanged opinion, though; what are those unchanged opinions? It’s not noted whether they’re unchanged either for or against. It could be that one side has held its vote share better than the other; which, though?

    There’s also a 1% of – I suspect – rounded outs.

  27. Anonymoose says:

    Ryan says:
    12 March, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    I’m not trying to be funny here, but as a strong independence supporter I’ve always lent my vote to the SNP. This debacle is making me reconsider.

    Who else can I vote for that isn’t going to try and make out that my vote is for the union?


    If you are reconsidering the SNP then the Greens are the next worst party if not the worst party to vote for in all of Scotland.

    They are fully behind HCB and GRA, they are an identity politics focussed party green credentials & independence be damned.

    The Greens, much like the NewSNP, only have independence near their manifesto to keep them in parliament and in power, it’s a false flag.

    Patrick Harvie is also one evil little bastard, especially after what he said during the HCB debate this week.

    You might even say the Scottish Greens were the prototype party for the current SNP.

    I’ll be spoiling my constituency ballot and voting ISP or AFI on the list.

    oh and fwiw, I’m an ex-snp member, the party left me and thousands of others when the leaders switched the partys’ priorities from Scottish independence to being a pro-devolution identity polics focussed party, all without consulting the members.

    They didn’t settle up, they settled in!

  28. Willie says:

    Interesting analysis Rev Stu.

    Sturgeon through her Machiavellian behaviours and undoubted participations in an attempt to destroy her political opponent has without doubt shifted public opinion against independence. Her governance has been an utter disaster. No progress on independence but plenty on absolutely woke policies that the majority of folks don’t want.

    She gas moreover in her dismantling of the SNP party mechanisms in favour of a clique brought the SNP party to its knees. Over half the members have left, with many of those remaining totally demoralised and not far from leaving themselves. And the party finances, well that’s easy, the party is just about bust.

    And now right on cue, after the exposure of the rotten governance and attempts to destroy Salmond through means most foul, the vote for independence starts to collapse. But does Sturgeon care, of course not. She will ride the party to destruction. Of that there is no doubt.

    But we should have known. Her behaviour as now exposed goes back to her early days as a solicitor when she had three very serious malpractice identified against before she thereafter chucked in her job to a few months later become an MSP.

    Yes the December 1998 law society report might have been damning of her conduct as a solicitor, but all these years on, it maybe shines a light onto her later conduct as a First Minister, and party leader. Leopards and spots and all that.

    These polls therefore come as no surprise. Nicola Sturgeon and her coterie of control are electorally toxic and she is destroying not just the SNPs vote but the independence vote too…….and that vote destruction is only going to get worse.

  29. Hatuey says:

    Ah but you’re forgetting all the trans-whatevers they’ve won over. Then there’s the incredibly thick people that think she has handled coronavirus well. Then there’s those WGD types that think everything is down to MI5 – they seem to be keener than ever.

    Careful not to count the same people twice, or even thrice, I know, got it, but when you add it all up, process all the costs and benefits of Nicola’s vibe, you’re drawn inescapably to the conclusion that… mankind is finished.

  30. Ian M says:

    If the Greens campaigned seriously on climate change, land reform and rewilding, all urgent issues in Scotland, then they would provide a very necessary service in a coalition. Instead, like the Libdems, they are more interested in power which sees them endorse the ruling party’s obsessions. Whatever happened to the core principles of both these parties?

  31. need to change my name so that i don't get investigated by humza says:

    Uh Oh!! I feel another ” the dog ate my homework” moment

  32. iain mhor says:

    My feeling is there may be a record number of spoiled ballots/low turnout.
    I expect the usual and the SNP will be returned to power – but (and it’s a big but and I cannot lie) all votes across the board will be reduced.

    The Tories, Labour et-al will crow about ‘gains’, but it will be tempered as percentage of turnout/ballots cast – overall they will all see a reduction of electoral mandate. Whither democracy then?

    Won’t stop ’em. They could all squabble over 1000 total votes and we’d still have a government and opposition. There is no such thing as minimum votes for mandating a *cough democratic government – you’re getting one whether you like it or not.

    Frankly, I think most are tired of every politician and political party. Nature abhors a vacuum though and the disenfranchised will turn to the first rabble rouser who promises to (no, I won’t use the ‘glauber’ phrase) have a guid ‘rid oot’

    Inevitably it will be reactionary right wing – cos ‘history’.
    Oh wait, that’s already global *sigh

    Sometimes it would be better to just identify as an uninformed windae licker and not care.

    See the happy moron,
    He doesn’t give a damn,
    I wish I were a moron,
    My God! perhaps I am!

  33. Balaaargh says:

    Apologies for going OT so quickly but for Al-Stuart and the WGD lurkers out there:

    Two UK Broadband ISPs Trial New Internet Snooping System

    Does everyone have a fresh Tails USB stick…? 😀

  34. Hatuey says:

    I’m with you, rob @ 11.25

    The election has got nothing to do with what you think about independence. If everybody in Scotland voted for them, we wouldn’t get an inch closer to independence.

    This election is about regime change.

  35. kapelmeister says:

    You wouldn’t buy a car from someone you know to be a serial fraudster, so why even consider voting for the serial fraudster Sturgeon?

    Spoil your 1st ballot & foil the fake nats by voting ISP 2.

    Spoil & Foil.

  36. Saffron Robe says:

    Is it any wonder? Conspiring to gaol an innocent man is hardly a vote winning technique.

    And such a corrupt party is not fit to lead a devolved administration, let alone an independent nation. What terrible havoc would they wreak with the full reins of statehood in their grasp?

    The House of (disre)Bute!

  37. Beaker says:

    This is before the the election campaign proper begins. You can bet that women’s rights are going to be front and centre of the message.

    It’s going to get worse.

  38. holymacmoses says:

    I think I’d like to see the questions:

    Would you be more or less likely to vote for Scottish

    Would you be more or less likely to vote for the SNP?

  39. somerled says:

    Balaaargh -I am one of those who voted Yes in 2014 and am now a firm No. There are a number of obvious reasons – GRA, HCB, Salmond stitch up, failed education, Derek Mackay, WM useless MPs. I dont see that the SNP have done much good for Scotland except lining their own pockets.

    In addition – I was never a Hate the English type or hate GB flag person. Ive been shocked at the number of Indy voters who are like that, hate Army, Monarchy etc. It appears many have an Irish background and want a Republic.

    There are problems with Westminster and Monarchy of course but improvements could be made in time if Scotland had better WM politicians, especially Labour ones. I believe the British Empire only became successful at the time because Scots were in it, in Army, Civil Service, Trading etc.

    I am in NE Fife and will vote Tory and George Galloways List party on I want rid of Willie Rennie and SNP and all politicians who threw women under a bus. This is about Now and the Rights of Women and children and that is more important than grievance against England, WM, Boris, Thatcher and Tories.

    Thousands of jobs have been created in North England after Brexit but Sturgeon and the Scottish Government don’t care about jobs, health, poverty. They only care about men’s rights to use pronouns and enter spaces that should be exclusively for biological women.

  40. AwakeNotWoke says:

    @rob @ 11:25
    This is exactly where I am. Constituency vote going to party most likely to damage SNP…so that’s 3 votes (likely more to follow after some family chat over weekend) from my immediate family now Tory/ISP. I mean FFS…we have no option!

  41. Lost says:

    Don’t think the SNP realise that the Indy Ref created a generation of switched on, motivated and interested public that are now actually interested in politics and watching what the elected are doing.

    The time between the 2 Indy Refs was supposed to build up trust that we could run our own affairs and go it alone and swing those dithering no voters to yes.

    Instead we’ve got a laughing stock of a government and parliament, a man accused of crimes he didn’t commit, a badly handled inquiry where the main characters didn’t know, couldn’t recollect, ignored legal advice and at the same time having GRA and the Hate Crime Bill foisted on them.

    Why would you now want to put your future in the hands of these chancers.

    My prediction is that there will be a large number of spoiled votes, (people who would normally vote SNP just can’t and can’t vote for anyone else), SNP will still be the largest party, but the Tories and Labour will grab more seats.

  42. kapelmeister says:


    How is aspiring to independence a grievance? Idiot.

  43. ScotsRenewables says:

    Jesus H. Christ, now people on this blog are advocating voting for George Galloway.

    Where’s the Vogon Constructor Fleet?

  44. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Scotsrenewables –

    Well, at least here, you can see what people have posted *before* they’re hoofed.

  45. Mark Boyle says:

    @Liz – “This is what the casual voter sees, hears cos the MSM now give NS an easy time.”

    It is too easy for people to forget that for all they may snarl at the “too wee” dismissal of unionists, the fact is in comparison to the rest of Britain put together, Scotland IS wee in terms of population.

    But because for every 3 square miles of Scotland there’s 5 square miles of England, we think we’re on an equal footing. It’s a dangerous trap to fall into.

    5,463,300 out of a population of 67,886,011 people – and that UK population has shot up by almost 5 million since 2011 – enough not to notice our loss, only our resorts. Let that sink in.

    We have only two “serious” national newspapers – The Herald and The Scotman (the Press & Journal appears to be making a stab at a wider distribution, but until it’s less parochial it’s got a long way to go).

    The bigger of the two is so dependent on outside finance to survive, it is openly printing daily puff pieces for a football club whose business model is based on appealing to sectarian bigotry, to the extent it has a dedicated Senior Writer for it. If it is that easily bought, what do you think it is willing to print – and not to print – on the behalf of those in charge of Holyrood, or local councils, of property speculators and any crooked bastard whose advertising revenue or bulk buying of copies for their hotels or business premises is significant to their bottom line?

    When your target market is only somewhere within five million people, not sixty seven million, you are far more open to being “compromised”.

    What applies to The Herald, applies to the rest of Scotland’s media outlets. Except more acutely so.

    By way of comparison, London’s population is 9,304,000. It’s biggest newspaper, The Standard, only survives by being given away for free for over the last ten years. In some ways it’s a miracle we even have two “serious” regionals left.

    As to the British media giving Sturgeon a easy time, it’s simply because they largely don’t care a flying fuck. Why should they? It’s only of interest 99% of the time to 8% of the population at best. When you’re in a competitive media market, focussing on issues of interest less than 10% will care about from the start is commercial suicide. They’re not giving Sturgeon an easy ride because they’re c**ts. They’re doing it because they’re pragmatic. Look at Wales – who get mentioned once a lunar month at best.

  46. Robert Graham says:

    Pretty well agree with your comments it’s not that hard to follow what’s happening
    I think we have went from the undecided to the seriously pissed off , what is so surprising is how quickly it happened
    We have MPs that shouldn’t be out on their own and watched carefully to protect us from them that’s not how democracy was intended to operate

  47. Holder of suspicions says:

    “Ryan says:
    12 March, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    Who else can I vote for that isn’t going to try and make out that my vote is for the union? Greens?”

    If we can get just 1 ISP MSP elected via the list they’ll have a very good chance of taking the kingmaker’s role which the Greens have so often used to gain leverage over the SNP. Apart from the Murrels’ caprice and egomania that leverage has done the most to transform the SNP into out of touch train wreck it is now, where it apparently competes for the votes of the most cosmopolitan 5% of the population and takes Yes supporters who happen to be real people for granted. The only way forward is to use the same strategy to crowbar it in the other direction.

  48. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mark Boyle (12.29) –

    I hope your comment is noticed, hence this wee reminder for anyone ‘dropping in’.


  49. Beaker says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says:
    13 March, 2021 at 12:28 am
    @Scotsrenewables –
    “Well, at least here, you can see what people have posted *before* they’re hoofed.”

    I think you win the prize for Retort of the Week 🙂

  50. Arminius says:

    He was talking about Celtic FC.

  51. Beaker says:

    @Arminius says:
    13 March, 2021 at 12:49 am
    “He was talking about Celtic FC.”

    I thought he was talking about WGD. It’s late…

  52. Mc says:

    Do u still want independence Stu? Because your recent reply to someone on Twitter was “fuck independence”?

  53. Steve davison says:

    Arminius a little known Germanic Roman militarist and a thinly veiled green swastika next to your name what’s not to like about you

  54. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Beaker –

    Aye, you were right.

    Even I’m not daft enough to make any comment about Celtic.


  55. Bob W says:


    A bit difficult for that to be true, Stu doesn’t have a twitter account. The wokerati managed to get him banned over a year ago.

  56. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You should have scrolled along for the screenshot, Rev. As you mentioned last week, tory and labour diehards will always say less likely in favour of anything SNP and they make up half of that total.”

    You should know by now that not all Labour voters are No voters.

  57. Tony O'Neill says:

    We need a new Indy party asap.Everyone needs to vote for an Indy party on the list. The snp are doomed to be just like labour.

  58. Lothianlad says:

    Sturgeon an murrel and the shameless careerists were out to sabotage the SNP and by so doing, destroy the indy movement.

    This should be no surprise. It has been planned by the dark forces of the british state for years.

    In 2015 when scotland rebelled against the uk government and the unionist parties by sending 56 mps to wastemonster, the first thing sturgeon did was play down independence.

    Even michael forsyth said it would have been a mandate. However, sturgeon squandered several mandates and weakened scotlands constitution and the resolve of the independence movement by her leadership.

    It’s no coincidence that unpopular policies and failure to promote Independence have happened.

    Its heart breaking to see how this hunt and her handlers/ conspirators have managed to wreck the chances of independence.

    The question is how can indy be salvaged??
    The unionist press are holding ther fire just now but will unleash it big time.

    Sturgeon has created such a horrible scenario that true honest indy supporters may not see their dream and tireless work rewarded be cause of her actions and in actions!

    I utterly despise her so much it makes me sick.
    Whilst the careerists line their pockets at the expense of freedom, who would have thought the SNP would be the parcel of rogues?!

  59. Al-Stuart says:


    You have dissected polls forensically and opened the eyes of many here trying to read between the lines.

    I would wager £100 that between now and 6th May 2021 the Mainstream Media will find something juicy to feed off.

    What better press fodder than metaphorically throwing Nicola under a bus?

    Politically decapitating disgraced politicians is great for MSM readership numbers.

    Just think how popular Tony Blair was when he became U.K. Prime Minister.

    Yet once the electorate realised Blair was a devious, lying scumbag, this happened to him, aided by the mainstream media…

    The magnificent actress, Dame Helen Mirren playing HM Queen Elizabeth uttered the very satisfying words…

    Because you saw those headlines and thought that political decapitation might happen to me.

    It will Ms Sturgeon, quite suddenly and without warning”.

    As for the next move in this unfolding Bourach?

    It was just announce tonight as predicted on an earlier post. Boris will be bringing 500 new Whitehall jobs to add to those 3,000 jobs of his new Scotland In The Union Office.

    You bet that whilst Boris is helping Queen Nicola step off the pavement towards the speeding bus in George Square, Glasgow, he will be bringing the promises of thousands of more jobs in press conferences between the end of April and 6th May 2021.

    Boris really does believe he can get a Unionist ConDem “Scottish Executive” elected and installed at Holyrood after 7th May 2021.

    The good news? We WILL DEFINITELY be rid of the lying thieving bunch of crunts that currently masquerade as the government of Scotland. Nicola’s career is very close to being over. Like a poisoned dwarf version of the Orange President Twat Trump who squatted In the American White House, our Bute House squitter will soon be fumigated out of those doors pictured at the top of this page. Anyone care to join me celebrating good riddance to infamous detritus?

    The bad news? We have Douglas Ross as First Minister and Anas Sarwar as Deputy First Minister for four years.

    But those four (or five) years will be precious and VALUABLE to the REAL Pro-Indy movement. We will have the grace to regroup and rebuild an HONEST Scottish Independence Party.

    The average voter is unaware of the stitch up of Alex Salmond many can barely be arsed to vote.

    But what the average voter does care about is jobs. Bill Clinton was elected president twice in America on the basis he would fix “The Economy Stupid”.

    Bumbling Boris loves this bribing electors with jobs. it WORKED already as he captured many Labour seats in the North of England during the last General Election.

    There is still hope. It may take Westminster throwing a ton of money at Scotland in the next 7 weeks and outing Sturgeon as an alleged perjurer to properly get rid of that crooked littl creep. But a price worth paying will be the view of many.

    I reckon the Murrell’s and their coterie of liars are close to the end of their term in power.

  60. Its pretty obvious Alex needs to come back to finish the job he started. NS has used the Yes movement to stay in power and played us like a fiddle. The upsurge in the SNP membership caused panic everywhere. I saw it. It was insecurity. As a real democrat who loves seeing people with ability it was wonderful to see: but the weak shallow careerists crapped their pants and closed ranks. Rockstar Sturgeon took on the status of power and put on the ring of power and was corrupted by it as the weak always are and mimicked the part she acted as Alex’s sidekick but never had the bite to progress the family business towards Indy as she was too busy consolidating and loving power being boot licked by lackies. She needs booted out and to be a citizen again and stay out of politics after turning the dream of others into a charade of glory of riches for herself. PR and little substance in almost all she did with a supine compliant press. Globalism has anaesthetised vitality of debate within Scottish culture and the perverted self declaring Tr’s show globalist gender bending at its worst. If folk cant see NS is a globalist capitulator they need to go to Specsavers!

  61. Arminius says:

    @ steve davison

    What’s not to like about the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

  62. Pixywine says:

    John Cleary. The Tories, under Ian Duncan Smith, wanted the Iraq war more than Tony Blair. The Tories were all for invading Iraq without a UN mandate. Not that a mandate from the UN made it right. Sadly the criminal Blair appears to be ” advising” the current Government on track and trace surveillance.

  63. Pixywine says:

    Ex SNP Councillor. I have a pair of Zeis binoculars and I spotted her as a Globalist shill some time afo. Sturgeon too friendly with Washington Globalist. All Western ” leaders” are taking orders from the criminal banks.

  64. Pixywine says:

    Didn’t spot my spelling mistake though.

  65. Pixywine says:

    I got polled recently. Should have watched where I was going. Silly bugger.

  66. Steve davison says:

    I read recently that an article that NS is a cult leader and with in all cults the followers believe without question. The leader having highlighted The evil enemy that is to blame for all that is wrong IE the English physiologically allows them to both attach there own personnel misfortunes and forgive anything that goes wrong in her tenure.It may also be why the new SNP model is made up of the self proclaimed marginalised not Scottish free thinkers
    It is an interesting idea and may have some legs given that very little is been said about the general job the SNP has done which I believe is shockingly bad and despite the evidence the treatment of AS and others who speak out is ignored and the leaders version of events taken as gospel
    To the extent that the cult faithful cannot even see that no attempt has been made in indie and she can promote any policy she likes without question ,the HCB been one
    This leader will not step down this cult will not care if it shrinks to nothing as a result of its actions anyone who voted SNP who does so thinking that it can be rectified after an election does not see that all Democratic process has been eroded in the party you would be in fact in the cult leaders deranged mind endorsed her lunatic policy

  67. Breeks says:

    I am kinda sad and angry when this mess is described as a conflict between Sturgeon and Salmond.

    Alex Salmond has literally done nothing but defend himself, while Sturgeon and her chums, rogues in the Civil Service, rogues in the COPFS, rogues in the Police and rogues in the media have each attempted to dump tipper loads of fabricated lies, smears, and false and/or contrived accusations on top of Alex Salmond’s reputation and legacy.

    How can such a grotesque and unequal hatchet job by a dirty cleek of rogue conspirators abusing every instrument of the State and their professional office with the clear intention of demolishing Alex Salmond’s life and reputation possibly be described as a conflict, never mind a conflict of equals?

    We don’t describe a mugging as a ‘conflict’ between a gang of muggers and their victim. Nor do we describe a lynching as a ‘conflict’ between a seething mob of vigilantes and the poor unfortunate victim they’re butchering. The language matters.

    To me, this is a similar distortion of language as when Fabiani’s Parliamentary inquiry is in appropriately described virtually everywhere as the ‘Salmond’ Inquiry. It ‘frames’ the argument unfairly.

    It is truly a reflection of Mr Salmond’s great strength of character that he has somehow found the strength, composure and tremendous dignity to hold himself together throughout this ordeal, but Jesus H Christ Scotland, what kind of country are we when the rabid jackals of the state can single out an individual, then relentlessly harry and torment that said individual to his ultimate demise? This is NOT acceptable.

    Mr Salmond needs the support and collective defence from us, the decent people of Scotland, and it’s the rabid pack of predators surrounding him which needs to be forcibly restrained. This isn’t a pack of wolves bringing down a Moose in the Canadian wilderness. We are meant to be civilised society where this one sided and relentless should neither happen nor be tolerated.

    Are we serious that the only countermeasure we have defending us from these criminals is James Hamilton’s conclusion??? When the fk does Scottish Justice make a belated appearance? Why the fk does the Scottish Police even HAVE a Salmond Squad of officers? Are we Scots really so anaesthetised, utterly oppressed and subjugated that Scots have no protection from state persecution?

    This ISN’T Scotland. Scotland is the kind of country that reacts when the grasping bastards of the state are trying to destroy the little people. Scotland reacts. Scotland produces Tommy Sheridan’s who bring light into peoples’ darkness when there are barbaric warrant sales dehumanising them and destroying their lives. Scotland produces crowds of angry women who lob stones at the Constables coming to evict them. When you’re alone, undefended or vulnerable, whether you’re Alex Salmond or a poor wee lassie in Gaza, Scotland will stand with you because it’s the right thing to do.

    This farcical litany of hateful injustice and ineptitude under Sturgeon MUST come to an end. She is poisoning our Country from the top down. May you burn in Hell Sturgeon. That’s the place you’ll be living in, once the conscience of Scotland wakens up to what you and your nasty crooks have been doing.

  68. twathater says:

    BRAVO BREEKS I echo and endorse every one of your words

  69. yesbot says:

    Bravo indeed!

    Thank you for your many brilliant inspired posts.

    You have very powerful words; they are cherished.

    How the hell do we rid the midden??

  70. yesbot says:

    Thank you Breeks for your many brilliant inspired posts..

  71. Willie says:

    An excellent commentary Breeks. You bring into sharp focus the absolutely foul deployment of the mechanisms of state in their pursuance and support of malfeasance.

    And today of all days, let us not forget the utter heartbreaking tragedy that was the Dunblane shooting. Let us not forget that it was carried out by a man who should have, and could have had his guns and licences removed. And let us not forget a man who had connections into the establishment and politicians of the time

    And let us not forget also the subsequent 100 year banning order imposed on the release of documents relating to the tragedy. Truly, what secrets would the state want to hide about a tragedy like this.

    And so when we look back on a dark day like 13th March 1996 to thereafter see the aftermath of the secrecy of state, do we realise what an rotten country Scotland is. Is the state’s decisions back then to censor information release any different from today as the Scottish government and processes of state again seeks to censor redact and withhold information. Well, no, it isn’t!

    So maybe today, in the 25 years since the awful tragedy of Dunblane we should reflect on what dark governance truly delivers – and how history can so repeat. Dark behaviour has not gone away. Afar from it. Maybe those currently in governance would care to reflect on this today before many of them pay remorse to the tragedy of 13th March 1996.

    Light should be our guide.

  72. ScottieDog says:

    This reminds me of a rather heated discussion I had with a labour voting friend. His sentiment was that iscotland’s politics and governments would be every bit as corrupt as those of the U.K. I took great exception to this at the time (had a drink in me ). Looks like he was right. This is someone who was very much open to voting YES in a future referendum.

    This will help undecideds make up their mind. The SNP have never created a bright vision of an independent Scotland anyway. All they do is talk about how corrupt and bad London is. They gave us Andrew Wilson and benny Higgins. Why would swing voters choose upheaval for more of the same??

  73. Cag-does-thinking says:

    I rarely applaud a post but the one from Breeks is on the money. The only conflict is going to be in the heads of voters as to whether they vote SNP having watched the main figures in charge lose their credibility throughout this farce. We are seeing that painted by the media as a vote against independence. It is anything but that as those voters desert the SNP on principle.

    If there was a credible pro-independence alternative it would have gained from this loss of confidence in the SNP leadership and organisation.

  74. ScottieDog says:

    Well said breeks.

    Isn’t it a strange coincidence that all those experienced SNP politicians are retiring this year. They know there’s no imminent referendum and have chosen the cowards way out.

  75. Donny says:


    You were NEVER a Yes to begin with,then.

    Oh, btw, meet one of of your pet hates: I detest the Jack, the Monarchy, have links to Ireland and Republicanism. Your whining is sweet tea to me.

  76. Cudneycareless says:

    Lothianlad says:
    13 March, 2021 at 1:43 am

    In 2015 when scotland rebelled against the uk government and the unionist parties by sending 56 mps to wastemonster,

    I’m not sure that the rebellion was successful. By legitimising the UK government the SNP has effectively given it primacy. Also 56 MPs only gives any influence when they can combine with another group to defeat the government .

    The 56 were roped in to the gravy train and don’t want to get off.

  77. Bob Mack says:


    Just magnificent my friend. You restore my belief in our values.

  78. Effigy says:


    This Scottish Education bad seems to me to have gained
    Traction by the Tories and media repeating it.

    It seems we have 95% of our kids leaving school to a
    Positive destination, further education, a job or training.

    If every kid went to University who empties the bins, cleans the streets
    Stacks the shelves, Labour’s on a building site?

    All honest work that should give a decent standard of living that can support a family.

    Radical changes were attempted in education and things like that take time to bed in and some
    aspects seems to work on paper only.

    I can remember we got poor marks from the authorities at one time but how long ago was that?
    Had there been any improvement since?

    Is it like the Tories saying our NHS isn’t functioning well, you deserve better?
    We out perform every other part of the U.K. year after year!
    We haven’t sold of 8% of our NHS like England.
    We don’t want to privatise the NHS like the Tories.
    We give free training to Nurses and better pay.
    England’s Covid deaths almost 50% higher than ours pro rata.

    You work out that crap that Tory England is better? FFS.

    England are long term world leaders in making the rich richer on the backs of the majority.
    They have lied, cheated, fought, killed and stollen right across the globe for hundreds of years.

    Their Empire is over and their grip on Scotland will be ripped apart.

  79. boris says:

    Mindful of the need to keep the natives in North Britain happy the Unionist Parties issued a statement saying: “The Scottish Parliament is a fact and it will remain in place, and it will be able to legislate and implement policies for the newly reduced devolved responsibilities. A Tory government will not interfere with that. It will continue to govern Scotland with respect. Scots will see that and that will consolidate our support in the medium to longer term”.

  80. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Effigy – Scottish education is now ranked alongside Vietnam. When that comparison was made, Scotland used to participate in world rankings. We don’t do that any longer and so no-one really knows where we stand. What we can say is that we are closer to the bottom than we are to the top. We used to be at the very top. It’s run by ‘Education Scotland’ nowadays which is an SNP quango, full of yes-men and folk who owe John Swinney a favour. Are you happy with that?

  81. kapelmeister says:

    Top notch comment once again Breeks. We must never allow Sturgeon’s supporters and trashy media to successfully spread false narratives about what happened to Alex. It was and is a criminal conspiracy of the most vile kind.

  82. kapelmeister says:

    Haw all you SNP gravy train passengers. We’re lifting some rails ahead of yer Lying Scotsman. Happy landings.

  83. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks my friend , I have no idea who you are , where you live , work , exist , nor do I need to : as others above , I commend your passion ,intelligence and unerring ability to articulate the agony of those of us watching , seemingly helplessly , as a small group of fucking demented ” Identity ” zealots , performing seals , frauds and useless non-entities and their ovine apologist bloggers and btl ostrich-impersonators destroy any possibility of Independence for the foreseeable future whilst turning our country into a land fit for zeros , a laughing stock , an example of how NOT to govern , the embodiment of everything Orwell ( and Huxley ) forewarned us of and which we thought ” could never happen here ” . Yes it can , and will . If not repelled with maximum determination .

  84. Captain Yossarian says:

    Breeks – I was wondering what everyone was talking about and so I read your contribution from earlier and I agree with all of it.

    What occurrs to me is that we have a legal profession in Scotland whose purpose should be to protect the public. That profession has been cooerced in the recent few years into protecting Sturgeon instead.

    We have grown-up with a legal profession in Scotland who we can all trust. That is no longer the case.

    Injunctions are sent-out by Edinburgh lawyers to silence everyone. Andrew Neil complained about it and tried hard to fight back against it, but it is impossible. If you have several million and a few years to fight them then you have a good chance but otherwise it is impossible.

    The Scottish legal profession are now rotten and need to be taken under special measures. Holyrood is not working for Scots.

  85. De Valera says:

    For many posting here now, it’s not the corruption that’s the problem. It’s who is being corrupt.

    Tory/Labour/lib dem good old UK dirty tricks are absolutely fine. More illegal wars, more Assanges, David Kellys and Willie McRaes.

    Trolls used to be up front and declare themselves, now they pretend to be on our side. One recent one in particular who posts under different names caused a lot of friction here recently with one post which then had a few contributors at each others throats. Lit the touch paper and retired as it were.

    I am so saddened by the current situation. The excellent posts by breeks, mia and other genuine independence supporters shine a much needed light in the darkness.

    But for many here, you don’t care about independence. You sense that the movement could fall and are that’s what matters.

  86. Cath says:

    Brilliant post Breeks. Agree with every word. Where *is* the legal profession in all of this? Where are all the people who know precisely what’s happened yet are willing to remain silent? We live in a country where you can do everything right, never fall foul of any law and yet be pursued and hounded by a team of police for years and if they still find nothing, allegations will just be fabricated. It’s worse than Kafka how this has happened and the truth been buried. I only hope Salmond and his lawyers do have ways and means to ensure the truth does come out and some kind of justice is eventually done. But so long as it isn’t, none of us can have any faith in the system, either as victims of crime or someone accused of it (which increasingly seems to cross over, as in the Salmond case).

  87. bjsalba says:

    This is what Leslie Evans was sent up here to achieve.

  88. Cath says:

    Btw, for those saying this means they won’t vote for independence: this is happening in a Scotland which is still very much part of the U.K. union. Arguably it’s the fact independence was coming closer which has caused this now. Yes, the plot against Alex has been made through the SNP, and you can read what you like about Sturgeon, her clique and her new party into that. But colonialism and damaging the strongest independence supporters is 100% what this is all about. So no, it won’t dent my desire for independence. What it shows, if anything, is which institutions need a root and branch clear out and fundamental reform to make independence work.

  89. Captain Yossarian says:

    De Valera – Let me answer your question: The last country to be governed by a husband and wife team was the Phillipines; Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. The county’s lawyers were afraid of them too. In the end, the Marcos family were paid in gold-bullion.

    Independence has been set-back years by the malfeasance of our current leaders. You can tell by the look on John Swinney’s face – he is involved in something which is so rotten it is obscene.

  90. Colin Alexander says:

    Salmond asked permission for a s30 Order. Just like Sturgeon.

    Cameron said aye, because the UK state saw a golden opportunity to crush the independence movement once and for all, with a one-off indyref.

    Salmond also backed the wrong people in the SNP; people who would go on to betray him and the indy movement.

    Salmond’s SNP ran with Donald Dewar’s scam that Holyrood is a real parliament, not a colonial parliament subservient to the unelected House of Lords.

    Worst of all, Salmond’s SNP’s abandoned the: “Vote SNP for independence” policy and replaced it with the failed indyref policy.

  91. alistair x says:

    “The best people renounce all for one goal,the eternal flame of mortals;but most people stuff themselves like cattle”

  92. ScotsRenewables says:


    I have to confess I usually find your posts over-long and overblown, but the one above is a stoater. Well said that man!

    Re. The ISP – what the actual fuck is wrong with it, can’t they at least go out and break a few windaes to get some media attention? Or are they part of the plan, a futile drain for some of the anger?

    Still voting SNP here, for reasons previously stated, but like Craig Murray feeling more nauseated with every passing day.

    Will Alex speak to us, and if so when? He knows how people are feeling, I am sure he reads this every day.

  93. Cudneycareless says:

    O/T : Extract from yesterday’s Guardian about Labour suspending two constituency parties “The email said “significant” irregularities had been found in “new member sign-ups over a sustained period” so a “full audit of the membership” would be launched.”

    Could the SNP have an audit of their membership following the recent surge?

  94. Famous15 says:

    When did Scots Law introduce injunctions ?

    I am very much in favour of independence. Indeed it is the normal state for a country, doncha know?

    When I read fancy words which only conclude in no independence,I smell shite. Shite is a legal term for unripe manure of the bovine kind.

    God save the Queen. Caught ya,sit down Captain and you too Dave!

  95. Captain Yossarian says:

    Famous 15 – ‘Interdict’ then although I think you’ll agree it amounts to the same thing. The English use injunctions reasonably fairly, whereas we use interdicts as a necessary tool of the Junta.

  96. Captain Yossarian says:

    Famous 15 – a few final points for you Sir on this subject – who do you think pays for these interdicts and how much do they cost? are they in the public interest or Sturgeon’s interest? How many are active at the moment? No wonder Mr Swinney wears the expression of a man who knows he is about to be mercilessly harangued by the court of public opinion.

  97. Footsoldier says:

    I was going to post a suggestion but thought better of it in case it got me into trouble with Hate Crime – not that I was going to say anything hateful as my intentions were sincere but I might have to prove that. I therefore apologise for anything I have not said and if necessary will stand in court defending myself from thoughts I had but did not utter out loud.

  98. Shocked says:

    If the SNP was a properly run political party sturgeon and her allies would have been told to resign months ago and we’d have a new cabinet facing the election that had distanced itself from her corruption.

    Instead here we are weeks out and it’s getting worse and worse. Thing is outside of the Twitter bubble your average Joe in the street still isn’t really aware of what’s gone on, when the penny finally drops its game over.

    This has all happened because the murrell/sturgeon axis of evil has deliberately hollowed out the party and filled it with mindless yes men. Sturgeon is clearly going to try and tough this out and take the country down with her. There is no coming back from this situation, under no circumstances can anyone vote SNP, they need to be gone and either rebuild in opposition or disappear and a new party is needed. Then the wrongs can be out right and things like the sinister hate crime bill can be repealed.

    No doubt the Sturgeon stooge Scots Renewables will be along shortly to tell us that queen Nicola must be protected at all costs.

  99. t42 says:

    Stop digging in the hull Captain.
    Your phishing expedition is over.

  100. The Dissident says:

    Scotrenewables @ 12:26am

    “Where’s the Vogon Constructor Fleet?”

    It tends to be widely distributed in the current climate.

    Best bet is to tune into what some call the weekly meeting of the Scottish Cabinet, usually on a Tuesday morning, where Nikla reads some of her poetry to the assembled acolytes.

    My personal favourite is “Ode to a rump of compliant media reporters I found in my briefing room one Monday morning (covid redux)”

  101. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    @ScotsRenewables 8:43a.m.

    You are putting a lot of effort into running down the ISP. Obviously they have got you worried. If they are as inconsequential, as you say, why are you so agitated?

    ISP Manifesto complete, candidate vetting completed, candidate hustings complete, candidate selection announced. Party conference coming up. The audited election spend period has just began (this week).
    Your mantra seems to focus on voting SNP only.

    You claim the ISP has no profile and yet you have decided to vote SNP despite the clear evidence of corruption.

  102. Terry says:

    @rev Stu

    Breeks post is outstanding – they so often are. Don’t know if you think it would make a good post in itself as many dont read the BTL?

  103. Bill Craig says:

    Someone further up this thread said that spoiled ballot-papers are seen by party volunteers at the count.

    Those folk may see them, but the people who really do see them are the candidates and agents. They get to look closely at them all, and decide which should be rejected.

    Sadly, that’s all happening after the campaign’s over and the voting’s all done.

  104. Terry says:

    @Bill Craig

    That’s true. But it sends them a message. If enough folk wrote on them and the vote went down the message would be loud and clear and the leadership would be changed.

  105. The Dissident says:

    @Colin Alexander

    Salmond DID NOT ask for a Section 30 – he was offered it by Cameron and he took it “to put the legality of the Referendum BEYOND DOUBT”.

    He NEVER ONCE said a Section 30 was required or that he would not proceed without one. I suspect the idea hadn’t even entered his head until Cameron offered it in fact.

    I’ll bet he regrets it now though.

  106. Chas says:

    I write this as an individual who has never voted for the SNP but who would love to see an Independent Scotland free from the Tory mess that is Westminster.
    Independence sounds fantastic but what would this actually mean to ‘normal’ Scots in their everyday lives? I assume that an independent Scotland would take its share of current UK debt. Circa £200b+. There is then the costs of setting up all the institutions we will need. Army, Navy, Embassies abroad etc etc. The list is long and expensive. What currency would we use? We need a Central Bank! Then we have to divvy up the assets and liabilities of the UK-who would do this? Would you trust anyone within the current SG to even attempt this? If not do we hire a team of lawyers on £5/10k a day?
    Assuming this is all sorted out and we end up with borrowings of say, £300b what would be the vehicle for holding this debt? What rate of interest would we have to pay to satisfy any prospective lender to take the risk?
    Until the SNP come forward with a plan, including financials, Independence is simply a pipedream. The rabid faction of the SNP simply wants Independence, at any cost. Only 30% of eligible Scots voted for the SNP in the last General Election. 70% did not. How are you going to convince educated Scots to change?
    Would anyone trust the current SG to hold the reins of an Independent Scotland? If not, who? Top 4 in SG. A failed lawyer as First Minister, a failed Banker, with a history degree, as Finance Minister. Health and Education Ministers who have failed in every job they have had? Are there any rising stars out there who are honest, realistic and competant?
    I can only conclude that the prospect of Independence is years away. There is no point in Independence if we are all going to be worse off. I am not too worried about this for myself but concerned for my kids and grandkids.
    I have posted similar themes to the above in the last week or so but no one has attempted to respond, as far as I can see.
    ‘Everything will be fine’ in an Independent Scotland simply does not wash.

  107. Harry mcaye says:

    Breeks, great post.

    Somerled – I also hate the Jack, monarchy but I have no links to Ireland yet I would like a Scottish Republic. However, were we ever stuck with someone like Sturgeon for a President, I might get misty-eyed for the Saxe-Coburg and Gothas.

    The Joanna Cherry abuser Grant Karte was not mentioned on the STV News last night, saw a bit of Reporting Scotland but no mention, may have missed it though. Still nothing from Sturgeon, no condemnation, no words of support to Joanna. She’s probably too busy cradling Alyn Smith and wiping away his tears.

  108. Terry says:


    I dont see the Americans, Canadians, Irish and so on and so on wanting to come back. I think things are therefore much better for them running their own affairs. Scotland will be no different.

  109. Daisy Walker says:

    I remember the halcyon days after indyref1, when the plan was, ‘don’t frighten the horses, we need to Govern in a completent manner and show folk that we are better being governed by Scotland’.

    Not sure, wheesht for indy and wheesht about the corruption (and the voters won’t notice) and wheesht about the bonkers candidates, and wheesht about GRA and HCB – really meets that criteria anymore.

    Still, ‘look at the polls’, no wait, uhmmm, Covid, Covid, Covid – yawn.

    I will be voting tactically to get rid of Swinney on the Constituency and hoping to vote for an Indy party that stands for Plebiscite Election on the second.

    I cannot vote for a Corrupt, Incompetent Government, that has no intention (and a proven track record of inactivity) of not campaigning for Indy.

    And I really don’t want another 4 years (until GE) of, ‘we need to fix the SNP from within’. Instead of ‘look at what Westminsters/England’s Brexit is doing to destroy Scotland’.

    Fuck the SNP – they are a disgrace.

    And one last thing – if they get back into power (even as the biggest party at H), the corruption has only 2 ways to go – scandal and jail, or even more corruption. And here’s the thing about corruption, as well as attracting greedy bams, it goes hand in hand with attracting incompetent, greedy bams, and more and more corruption is needed to keep the lid on it.

  110. Donald Raymond says:

    Less likely/more likely is not the same as will/will not vote for.

    Is this site still pro independence? Or is it transitioning?

  111. Chas says:

    @ Terry

    You are obviously in the ‘everything will be fine’ camp!

  112. Cenchos says:

    Remember, the counting at this election, as we have already been telt, will happen over the weekend.

    What non-unionist observers will be present?

  113. Cynicus says:

    Steve davison says:
    13 March, 2021 at 1:13 am
    Arminius a little known Germanic Roman militarist and a thinly veiled green swastika ….
    Better known in Calvinist circles is Jacobus Arminius, a Dutch proponent of “soft” Calvinism.

    And, as we all know, every Scot is at heart a Calvinist, even if he is a good Catholic.

  114. Holder of suspicions says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    13 March, 2021 at 8:43 am

    “Re. The ISP – what the actual fuck is wrong with it, can’t they at least go out and break a few windaes to get some media attention?”

    SNP media managers are currently planning an anti-ISP astroturf strategy no doubt, probably beginning with a flat footed smear campaign along the lines of “Ohhh look one of their guys was a bit sweary on Twitter! And too many of them are guys.” Much like breaking windows, that’ll be a nice bit of Streisand Effect for the ISP (ie. the SNP will publicize them by attacking them 😉 But then they can’t avoid falling into the trap. The SNP must attack any rival in the Yes movement that exists outside of its managerialist strictures.

  115. Jontoscots20 says:

    When I read Stu’s piece after the HCB was passed I was sad. When I read that part time Tory chancer and alleged law Prof Tomkins added some legal sophistry which changed not one iota, I allowed myself a bit of mild despair. But when I read the free-thinking decency, humanity and refusal to be silenced I see on here I get my optimism back.

    Breeks you epitomised that. If one of the chancers in our parliamentary industrial career complex had a smidgen of your insight we would be living in a totally different state. It strikes me some of the writing of Stu, Gordon D , Craig Murray and others could be quickly collated and sold to raise funds for a commonweal protest movement. Stay strong all.

  116. Grouser says:

    O/T: I was considering spoiling my ballot paper by writing ‘No Hate Crime Bill and no GRA’ across my ballot paper. However, on the Yours for Scotland website there is a link to a piece on spoiled ballot papers. It is worth a look, especially for all the terminally frustrated people who seem to be thinking about voting Tory or Labour in the May election. (Please – nobody vote Tory or Labour)

  117. Meg merrilees says:

    Congratulations to MI5, Westminster, the Home Office and the Establishment your long term strategy has paid off handsomely.
    Timing is impeccable!

    Well done, you have finally managed to reduce the Indy vote and have contaminated Scottish politics completely.

    Knighthoods on their way I’m sure.

    WE have to be very careful who we vote for at this election.
    Do we REALLY want to let the Tories in? Think long and hard.

    Ruth is rubbing her hands with glee and getting that tank polished up for her campaign – which has already started.

    George Galloway could actually be elected – heaven help us!
    Could Douglas Ross be First Minister, or Jackson Carlaw or Murdo Fraser??? No Indy for another 20 years? Seriously?

    I’ve always been taught that if you want to fight something it’s better to do it ‘from the inside’, keep your horse in the race, stay at the meeting and speak up.
    This is a huge decision with massive ramifications – I am not saying ‘wheesht for Indy’.
    I’m just saying each of us has to think long and hard about who we vote for and the long term implications for Independence.
    Is it better to abstain rather than actually vote for a Tory?

    We are now at the crossroads where WM expressly wants us to be and we must make the right decision.

  118. LaingB French says:

    Sturgeon is either completely incompetent or a MI5 plant. With such a misconceived plan on Alex and continues fk. ups, I fail to see the benefit to Scotland’s future as an independent nation. I have no idea what this mess will bring to the table and I’m certainly not holding my breath after the exposure of the corruption in the Scottish crown office.

  119. Heart of Galloway says:

    And so it continues:

    “Spoil your 1st ballot & foil the fake nats by voting ISP 2.”

    “I’ll be spoiling my constituency ballot and voting ISP or AFI on the list.”

    “I am in NE Fife and will vote Tory and George Galloways List party.”

    “Constituency vote going to party most likely to damage SNP…so that’s 3 votes ) from my immediate family now Tory/ISP. I mean FFS…we have no option!”

    “Spoil & Foil.”

    “There is no coming back from this situation, under no circumstances can anyone vote SNP.”

    Fact: SNP branches up and down the country are seething at the way party democracy has been trashed, indy planning suffocated and good people sidelined.

    Fact: This deplorable process has been mirrored by a similar powerplay at the top of the Scottish government.
    The result has been unlawful activity, malpractice by senior civil servants and the Crown Office, and the withholding, covering up and possibly destruction of key evidence, for which no-one has been sacked/resigned.

    Fact: Somewhat surprisingly given recent events, there has been a significant and nationwide influx of new members to the SNP.
    My inquiries to several branches, including my own, show that these new folk are of genuine intent.
    All are local, including many ‘New Scots’ from countries including England and New Zealand.

    Fact: The principle of popular sovereignty as applied to the governance of both party and country, runs deep and strong among the SNP membership (narcissists and ‘look at me’ types excepted).
    This democratic power will have its day after May 6, and not before time.

    Fact: We are less than eight weeks out from an election. Anything short of an indy majority at Holyrood and it will be open season on Scotland for Johnson and his BritNat hordes.

    To win we need a sense of patrie en danger – not false friends whispering despair and futility in our ear.

    As the great Hamish Henderson said: “Never heed whit the hoodies croak fur doom.”

  120. robertknight says:

    To paraphrase that vermin in ermine George Foulkes, he of “tired and emotional” fame…

    “She’s doing it deliberately”

    Is there such a thing as a “Queen’s Award for Shafting Scotland” ?

    If so, the current SNP are thoroughly deserving of it.

  121. Mark Boyle says:

    @Heart of Galloway says:

    “Fact:” “Fact:” “Fact:” “Fact:” “Fact:”

    Sorry, but I never trust anyone in life who prefixes their statements with “Fact:” – in much the same way I don’t trust people who start sentences with “I’m not racist, but …”

  122. MacLam says:

    I think that there is a difference between a vote for the SNP and a vote for independence.
    What this poll says about that is difficult to divine.
    Will folk be put off the SNP but support independence, r willl they support the SNP but then not vote for independence?

  123. Dan says:

    Leaked footage of recent new SNP membership intake going through induction training.

  124. kapelmeister says:

    Heart of Galloway @11:02

    “Fact:SNP branches up and down the country are seething at the way party democracy has been trashed…”

    Well, if there is no democracy left in the party then what’s the point in staying?

  125. Objection Your Holiness says:

    In 2014 we got to 45% with a lot of help from here. Just wondering what’s going to be in the new Wee Blue Book?

  126. David H says:

    I think Labour will increase their vote substantially that Sarwar will be popular with the Asians. Tories are also going to increase their vote substantially. Its the end game for a generation. The SNP MPs in London have been bought and sold for English gold. They are cut from the same cloth.

    God Save the Cis Gender Queen, Nicola.

    Fly the flag.

  127. Tartanpigsy says:

    I’m posting it here as well stop whining, stop the defeatism and get ready to act!

    SNP might be c**ts but they’re our c**ts.

    They need voted for on constituency. Hold your fkn nose and do it!!

    It is up to all of us to get off the keyboards and physically demonstrate, blockade and occupy if necessary after May to forward the cause of Scottish Independence.
    We cannot do that with any credibility if a Unionist coalition has control of Holyrood.
    We can hold SNP feet to the fire!
    It’s make or break year coming up very fkn soon people.
    If you want independence any time soon each and every one of us are going to have to get of our arses and make it happen.
    If we don’t the movement could be set back a decade or longer.
    Think very carefully before voting against the pathetic, disgusting mess the SNP leadership has become. There is more than one way to skin this particular cat!
    Cast your mind forward to June.
    A Lab/Tory coalition- what does that give us? We will be framed as the minority and defeated.
    An SNP government- we have the option to rise up and make independence happen.
    It’s either our time or it’s not.
    Free Scotland Now – be the revolution, but realise that means being the revolution, not sitting about pontificating.
    Those days end in May.
    *no actions will be discussed on here or elsewhere
    *no poodles, cats or goldfish will be harmed in the making of this revolution.
    But if you want independence be prepared to act

  128. Boaby says:

    So 47% say the rift between alex and sturgeon has increased the likelihood of them not voting yes. So if sturgeon stood down tomorrow and Joanna cherry became FM, what would it be then?. Naw i’m sorry , i cannae vote for indy i jist dinnae like the colour of ms cherry’s glasses, hair style, choice of clothes , whatever. What a fickle argumentative easily divided lot we are.

  129. A jambo says:

    Power corrupts. Spoil paper or vote for any party that will repeal HCB

  130. You can not for Indy says it all!!

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