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The writing on the wall

Posted on March 13, 2021 by

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167 to “The writing on the wall”

  1. Bob Costello says:

    So, so true and it has been happening incrementally since Sturgeon was made leader

  2. Scozzie says:

    And a big fat ‘squandered mandates’ need to go on the wall too

  3. Hugh Jarse says:

    V good CC.
    Like the Lord Darling reference.

  4. Cath says:

    Also “squandered the chance pre Brexit to challenge the constitution, choosing instead to attack independence supporters, including the finest legal mind we have instead” but I guess that’s a bit long for a spray painted slogan.

  5. Cath says:

    I like the fact he’s swearing a snorkel and flippers though. That suggests he’s at least prepared.

  6. Lindy says:

    Brilliant Chris.

  7. Captain Yossarian says:

    Re the Salmond Inquiry….may it be the case that Alex is leaving things be as they are? He has given his evidence and Sturgeon has given her evidence.

    The Inquiry has been held-up 50 or 60 times by John Swinney’s refusal to provide evidence and refusal to sanction witness appearances. In my opinion, his conduct disgraces us all.

    James Hamilton is an experienced High Court Judge and has heard it all before. He already has all the information he needs including, I believe, Geoff Aberdein’s statement. That’s all he needs.

    Anything more at this stage just adds time and needless complexity.

    I made my mind-up a week ago that Alex Salmond was truthful and honest and Sturgeon was a liar, but we’ll leave it to James Hamilton.

  8. Morgatron says:

    Do we have enough fingers left to plug it?
    Fantastic toon Chris, but it’s left me so down as it is so true.

  9. dramfineday says:

    Yes, indeed

  10. Milady says:

    Spot. On.

  11. Boyd says:

    I know of one ex SNP member, there are plenty more I know, who cancelled their membership of 50 years. When people like that, who have gone through all the mudslinging and stall standing and pavement pounding, door chappin and internal politics rap their hand in , it’s because of the rot. And they don’t want the stench of it on their clothes. What a waste.

  12. Ottomanboi says:

    Pro independence majority, ouch, ouch..
    Gotta play this one by ear.
    Any wiggle room darlings?
    « N » doesn’t have a window at the moment.

  13. sarah says:

    So very sad and so obvious to us. Poor Hamish, poor Scotland.

    Brilliantly expressed, Chris. You must have wept while you worked on it.

    Please God that there is some plan being prepared that will give us hope.

  14. Alf Baird says:

    Well ‘said’ Chris.

    The pampered bourgeoisie elite in the dominant national party has made its own ‘accommodation with colonialism’.

    What we see from Holyrood and the SG is oppressive laws, inaction on independence, the use of state powers to unlawfully attack and smear independence campaigners, all amidst a general disinterest and inability to properly develop and advance the nation and its people. This is colonialism in which the colonizer and those who ally with it have, as we see, immunity from prosecution.

    The SNP is now the colonial wall we need to clammer ower, which requires a shift to genuine ‘national’ parties.

  15. Ayemachrihanish says:

    Yes, Scotland is still very much part of the U.K. and is very much under unionist control.

    That is a fact – accept it!

    But independence is coming closer which has caused this now situation

    The plot against Alex Salmond has been made through and by the SNP. Why?

    Colonialism today in the UK is about damaging the stable and strong independence support. Desatabilise that from ‘within’ is 100% what this is all about.

    Soviet Union

    What today shows us – is the same as every other democtatic post ex – Soviet Union State. Fact. Scottish institutions are full of unionist influence and placemen so they do need that root and branch clear out and fundamental reform to make independence work.

    That was always going to be the case – and still is.

    But – eyes wide open – that need for fundamental reform of state institutions and the SNP has been exposed.

    We can see reforms needed and players corruptly abusing state (and SNP party) poewr

    And those institutions and the SNP may(?) or may not be sound. That has to be decided.

    But no one can ignore or miss that the currently very exposed unionist influence placemen/ woman – are just that ‘ very exposed.

    So thank you Alex Salmond … he’s caught them and called them out.

    And we stand behind him and justice. The justice he seeks to ensure the wellbeing of the iScottish Nation.

    So we see you – we are calling out injustice – wherever we see it SNP or Institutions.

    We see you – we see those corrupted!

    And we are on the move…

    Thank you Alex Salmond..

  16. Frank Gillougley says:

    Thank you Chris. Both a dam about to burst and a seemingly insurmountable ‘Berlin’ / Hadrian’s wall to overcome.

  17. kapelmeister says:

    A damning indictment of Sturgeon in pictorial form.

  18. Frank Gillougley says:

    Whatever it is, this wall is about containment.

  19. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘So thank you Alex Salmond … he’s caught them and called them out.’ If you’re talking about Leslie Evans here, she was selected by Sturgeon and her husband is an SNP activist. James Wolffe was selected personally by Sturgeon too. They are not Unionists – they are very far from it. This is SNP corruption from start to finish. No use blaming Unionists and I’m sure Alex is not doing that.

  20. Grahame Case says:

    Succinctly put and a powerful image Chris, the dam holding back all this is fatally compromised, the cleansing waters need to be released, but it’s going to be a tumultuous period for the independence movement.

  21. Tackety Beets says:

    Ayemachrihanish @ 9.51

    You missed a trick there …..smiley Fing………AyemachriHamish

    Excellent as always Mr C

  22. Robert Graham says:

    Ha ha very good

    Anyone familiar with Pink Floyd ” The Wall ” will not be able to repeat any of the lyrics

    Particularly the song that includes ” put them up against the wall ”

    Aye well you will have had your rock culture then because it’s now a criminal offence , don’t think it , don’t speak it ,and don’t even think of passing it on , it’s all banned by the Machine .

    A vigil to commemorate the death of that poor girl down south has been banned due to plague restrictions , the right of assembly has been quietly removed and most people didn’t raise a question it’s ok remove all our rights Because we won’t object , Wakey fkn Wakey people .

  23. Tommo says:

    This is probably old news to most on here but I was surprised by it; I found a ‘Blog’called A Diary of Justice and Injustice-Scotland.
    So far as I understand it the current FM was found to be guilty of three counts of ‘misconduct’ in the law firm where she then worked – this was in 1998. The findings were made by a lady who is now a Judge but who was then an investigator for the Scottish Law Society The conducts were essentially of failing to do anything; misleading her client and failing to consider the clients financial situation. The client was a domestic abuse complainant. The case came to light after the FM left the law firm ‘suddenly’.
    It is unclear to me whether the Law Society overruled their own investigator and cleared the FM or simply chose not to take any action.
    Ms Sturgeon then ‘stepped aside’ and left the legal profession, turning to politics.
    The lady Judge seemingly forgot about the finding-presumably one of many cases she dealt with
    Since that time a ‘Register of Interests’ for Judges has been suggested but fiercely opposed by the Scottish Government-presumably at least in part since it would include the ‘Finding’ in the Judge’s entry. The blog also suggests at least one newspaper has been given the story but has buried it.
    Plus ca change, eh?-if true, of course
    There’s a lot more but if anyone is bothered its available online

  24. Kenny says:

    For me, that wall represents Sturgeon’s bloated, shite-infested body, barely able to support her own accumulated evil – how the hell can one person walk upright whilst carrying such grotesque and weighty lies?
    No chance of Scottish independence, I now look forward to the whole charade being uncovered, the malicious SNP empire brought down and BURST by the good in Scotland – I only wish the good would hurry-up and get their stupid, dopey fingers out.. jeez – I mean, what the f*ck does it really take?

    Good work, Chris.

  25. Ayemachrihanish says:

    Captain Yossarian try reading my post with your glasses on… what bot of…

    “The plot against Alex Salmond has been made through and by the SNP. Why?”

  26. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Ayemachrahanish – I have my glasses on Sir – I’ll give you another line from your post, shall I: ‘But no one can ignore or miss that the currently very exposed unionist influence placemen/ woman – are just that ‘ very exposed.’

    If you’re blaming Unionists for this, then all I am saying is that Alex Salmond isn’t doing that. Agreed?

  27. Arjay says:

    Illustrated perfectly, as ever. Such a tragic waste of all our hard work and energy over the past years. Depressing.

  28. 100%Yes says:

    She said, judge me on my record, the only trouble is Sturgeon isn’t the one who’ll be judged and she won’t be the one to suffer it’ll be Scotland and its people. Narrow minded little woman by the time she does’t get a chance to look over the wall it’ll be to late for all of us.

  29. Alf Baird says:

    Captain Yossarian

    “They are not Unionists – they are very far from it.”

    Not quite on the ball, are you. The bourgeoisie in any colony will tend “to mimick the colonizer” and serve the latter’s interests (Albert Memmi).

    As JP Sartre wrote: “Here, the mother country is satisfied to keep some feudal rulers in her pay; there, dividing and ruling she has created a native bourgeoisie, sham from beginning to end; elsewhere she has played a double game: the colony is planted with settlers and exploited at the same time.”

    And, the remedy Sartre proposes:

    “..after a striking initial success (the independence movement) loses momentum..and if it has to start again, the peasants must throw their bourgeoisie overboard.”

  30. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I guess that’s a bit long for a spray painted slogan.”

    They’re cracks! Paint doesn’t make walls fall down!

  31. Ayemachrihanish says:

    Hey, delude yourself all day – but no one can ignore or miss that the currently very exposed unionist influence placemen/ woman – are just that ‘ very exposed. AND They were already there. Planted. NS choose Evens from a short list presented by the UK prime minister. All other candidates were unionist male copies of ‘the boris’. SURPRISE: SURPRISE – NS chooses the only woman. The only women who’s husband is the Ex DG of MI5.

    So no planting there…

    So yes, thank you Alex Salmond … he’s caught them and called them out.

    And we stand behind him and justice. The justice he seeks to ensure the wellbeing of the iScottish Nation.

    So we see you – because of a trial – a jury and Jackie Baillie – we are calling out injustice – wherever we see it SNP or Institutions.

    So we see those corrupted!

    And we are on the move… but that – for now – dont stop the trolls and their campaigning of woke and squirrel disinformation – we see you..

    So aye, thank you Alex Salmond..

  32. willie says:

    For me Chris Cairns the cartoon made me think of the Berlin Wall and Eric Honecher.

    The Berlin Wall fell as we all know, and Eric Honecher, the party chief had to flee and seek sanctuary in Russia. Your wall drawing reminds me so much of Sturgeon and the party that crumbles around her.

    History repeats.

  33. Astonished says:

    Great Cartoon – Any chance of buying the original ?

    I think it will be the missing monies that will do for them. I cannot believe how many cowards we have as SNP MSPs. I have stopped grieving for the SNP and joined Yes Scotland.

    I remain a SNP member but that hangs in the balance.

    “While the star of hope she leaves him” – Remember Honeker’s East Germany fell because a sergeant would not/could not stop East Berlinners getting to the wall. Hope remains but sadly I no longer think that the SNP is a route to independence.

  34. Astonished says:

    Willie – ” great minds…..fools seldom….” Take yir pick ?

  35. Strathy says:

    Another cracker, Chris.

    The water is lapping over the top now.

    On the Hate Crime Bill, Kevin McKenna: –

    ‘The Hate Crime legislation follows a pattern of crude authoritarianism by which the Government can keep its eye on the masses. The SNP harbours a curious contempt for a large part of the population. In the last few years we’ve had the absurd Named Persons scheme; minimum alcohol pricing and the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.’

  36. Bob Mack says:

    That wall is going to go.The internet is jumping with women getting organised to take on this injustice with everything they have.

    An angry group of Scots women is no small matter especially when they feel their families are threatened. Resistance is growing.

    Even Frances Lumsden has stated this is not acceptable. Us guys on here and elsewhere must back them all the way

  37. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Alf – they were both hand-selected by Nicola Sturgeon (Evans and Wolffe, that is). Both come with impeccable SNP credentials. This is an SNP feck-up entirely. Why do you think John Swinney looks so worried just now? It looks like he hasn’t slept in a fortnight. If he could have blamed the Unionists then he would have done so. The truth is, Salmond, MacAskill, Sillars etc are blaming him.

  38. Baxter says:

    Excellent again Chris.

    Speaking to folk and more importantly listening to them suggests to me that more and more SNP supporters are waking up to what a disaster Swinney and Sturgeon are for Scotland and Independence. I notice that a friend’s neighbours flag was missing from their garden, I guessed that they had had the flag stolen yet again but was told they were sickened by Sturgeon and no longer supported the SNP. 40+ years of membership gone because of GRA, HCB and the way Alex Salmond had been treated doesn’t bode well for May if many others follow their example.

  39. Kenny says:
    13 March, 2021 at 10:14 am
    For me, that wall represents Sturgeon’s bloated, shite-infested body, barely able to support her own accumulated evil – how the hell can one person walk upright whilst carrying such grotesque and weighty lies?

    Oh FFS

    Too many drama queens on here.

    She’s not Hitler or Pol Pot.

    There is a tragic lack of perspective.

    Either that or the place has been infested with tabloid headline writers.

  40. Great cartoon btw Chris.

  41. Edward MacD says:

    The problem is , the SNP are just like bored wee kids playing politics. They have no real powers due to the set up by Westminster, so they have to appear to be the real thing and get carried away with their “Power”.

    What we need is less governmental interference. The SG should be getting rid of the way too many daft laws, rules, and regulations which are an encumberment to advancing Scotland. What they’re doing is the exact opposite. The SNP are aiming for more government, bigger government, more control over everyone’s everyday life. Pathetic really.

  42. MorvenM says:

    Great cartoon, Chris. Hope you enjoyed your birthday and had plenty of consolation cake.

  43. Cenchos says:


    Still advertising call girls and guns on your site?

  44. Ayemachrihanish says:

    Captain Yossarian says:they were both hand-selected by Nicola Sturgeon


    So why Leslie Evans? See

    How come Leslie Evans?

    Well the fact is – The UK Civil Service Commissioner 100% chairs and controls the selection panels for all external recruitment competitions at Permanent Secretary level.

    So aye… The First Minister of Scotland makes the final decision.

    BUT and BUT only following consultation – where she is told her very limited and strict choices by the Head of the UK Civil Service and the UK First Civil Service Commissioner.

    Like a garden centre – she can choose a plan…

    And like UK Treasury compiled GERS… it’s FM here are the figures – publish them..

  45. robertknight says:

    Mr Cairns.

    I believe there’s room for one other…


  46. John Digsby says:


    So why after this Salmond cockup did Sturgeon choose to extend Evans’ contract when she didn’t have to?

  47. Captain Yossarian says:

    Is there more vexing balding gangster Swinney just now than just Salmond? Could there be more and could it be even more damaging to Sturgeon and Swinney than Salmond? Could a few of his £500/hour lawyers have told him to feck-off, they’ve had enough Swinney shite?

  48. Dan says:

    @ Edward MacD

    Re. The Scottish Government Administration not having any real powers.
    I understand they do have the ability to significantly modify existing, or develop new policies and structures that would better serve Scottish interests, but they chose not to step up and take on the responsibility.

    Here’s an excerpt from article linked to below.
    The main news story concerning Somerville’s department since her appointment has been its repeated failure to take over welfare responsibilities from the UK Department of Work and Pensions on schedule (originally due to be next year).

  49. Mark Boyle says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says: 13 March, 2021 at 10:36 am

    “They’re cracks! Paint doesn’t make walls fall down!”

    You sure about that Rev?

    Every time Banksy spraypaints a wall the whole structure appears to mysteriously vanish within a week and mysteriously reassemble in Southebys or some rich bastard’s home.

  50. stuart mctavish says:

    Cath @ 9:32
    Looks like he’s a surfboard short of getting free of being made to mourn once and for all.. the only question being whether the golf clubs, rugby mates, footballing pals, etc. are on other side of the wall, right there behind him, or more as likely, a big chunk of both.

  51. Ayemachrihanish says:

    John Digsby says:

    So why after this Salmond cockup did Sturgeon choose to extend Evans’ contract when she didn’t have to?

    Exactly. Why? For the benifit of iScotland?

    Or have the MET got a wee NS investigation unit? Where her past behaviours are well documented. She will be toast (i) when she is of no further use to UK unionists needs. Or (ii) Jackie Baillie – and the truth dose come out.

  52. akenaton says:

    I’m relatively new here and agree 100% on the corruption and wokery at the heart of the Sturgeon administration. I’ve also always supported Alex Salmond as inspirational and Jim Sillars as eminently sensible, but one thing troubles me about those of you who want to see a really independent Scotland, why oh why do you all seem to want Scotland to be re admitted to the European Union, where we would be no more free than under Westminster or under the treat of the Sturgeon witches broomstick?
    The EU is in the process of disintegration and I am certain that re-joining will be more of a vote loser than winner come the referendum.

  53. sarah says:

    It’s not a wall – it’s a dam. Water lapping at the top, and seeping out of cracks, and Hamish wearing flippers and snorkel.

  54. Edward MacD says:

    akenaton, I certainly do not want to rejoin the EU. Big government is just more expense which means higher taxes and lots of stealth taxes too. The EU is as useless as any other organziation. We should forge links via free trade. All this I’ll do this if you do that is regressive nonsense. The EU have proven itself to be a self interested monster without any humanity whatsoever.

  55. You forgot the highly illegal `positive discrimination` which has promoted the inept instead of the competent in Scottish politics and culture.

  56. Ayemachrihanish says:

    swinney = squirrel
    EU membership = more squirrel

    Why – because the needs of trolls is protect, for now, the UK unionists need. The current union complient regime

    Focus on the ‘stalin sisters’

  57. Edward MacD says:

    dan, yep I’m aware that the SNP declined to take over the Social Security and pensions. Why I do not know, as it should be obvious to all now more than ever that Scotland needs its own. Too many of us have been left without financial support during the past year, burning through our savings.

  58. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Hamish is at the ready regardless. Brave wee lion! Thanks Chris.

    Just a question off topic. Can anyone advise me regarding VPN?

    I would also like to get back onto Twatter, would this help?


  59. @ akenaton at 11.36am: You seem to have forgotten that 62% of Scots voted to remain in the EU. Scotland’s removal from the EU is a travesty of democracy and yet another example of Scotland being treated with utter contempt by Westminster. Indeed, many on this site have said that it amounts to the breaking of the Treaty of Union. Certainly, it is one of the biggest reasons for public support for Scottish independence.

  60. Dan says:

    @ Edward MacD at 11:54 am

    I guess when certain folk choose to blow ridiculous amounts of both elected and non-elected Officials’ time and huge amounts of taxpayers’ monies over many years whilst attempting to implement and defend a flawed policy to take out a political opponent, something has to give…

  61. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    The denial of internal Party democracy was the enabler for everything that followed. The membership mattered less and less as the Westminstet short money flowed in.

    You need only compare the Party with 2014 and Now. Chris has made it easy for us by capturing it in one handy cartoon.

  62. Alf Baird says:

    Captain Yossarian @ 10:52 am

    “they were both hand-selected by Nicola Sturgeon (Evans and Wolffe, that is).”

    These senior civil servants are no more Scottish ‘nationalist’ than Ruth Davidson or Willie Rennie. A major failing of all SNP Holyrood ‘administrations’ is they left a mostly privileged unionist meritocracy to run all of Scotland’s institutions. We can see where that has got us. And that same privileged unionist meritocracy is still running the show. Even if the SNP get re-elected, the privileged unionist meritocracy will still run the show. Why? Because the SNP don’t have the good sense or the courage to replace every single leader of Scotland’s institutions with Scottish nationalists, which is what being ‘in power’ actually means. The SNP may ‘think’ they are ‘in power’, but in reality how can they be when our institutions continue to be run by a privileged unionist meritocracy.

    Fowk cannae ser twa maisters!

  63. kapelmeister says:

    ScotsRenewables @11:07

    “She’s not Hitler or Pol Pot.”

    Indeed not. She’s Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon. That name now suffices on its own as an historic manifestation of villainy.

  64. @ Captain Yossarian at 10:00 am:

    “If you’re talking about Leslie Evans here, she was selected by Sturgeon and her husband is an SNP activist. James Wolffe was selected personally by Sturgeon too. They are not Unionists – they are very far from it. This is SNP corruption from start to finish. No use blaming Unionists and I’m sure Alex is not doing that.”

    What makes you think Sturgeon and her acolytes aren’t unionists? What have they done in the last six years to advance the cause of independence? Sturgeon is embarrassed to even say the word, and does that annoying smirk and snigger on the rare occasions she considers it expedient to mention it.

  65. Glasgow racer says:

    After this is all finished, one way or another, Sturgeon is going to be needing security guards for the rest of her life.

    Because she sure as fuck has noised up an awful lot of Scots.

    Hounded for the rest of her stinkin life.

  66. Tom says:

    I posted this over at Scot Goes Pop yesterday. It appeared for about 5 minutes, and was then removed. (Did Chris Cairns maybe see it prior to removal?(!)) :

    “James – I don’t know why you think anything you say will change Stuart’s mind. Equally, I doubt anything he says will change yours. So maybe it’s best that you leave one another alone, and let all the individuals out here make up their own minds about how to vote in the election.

    “My own view is that indy is done for, and done for by the present SNP. The SNP has no credible plan to further the cause of indy if it wins in May. Even if I’m wrong about that, it’s already too late. Devolution, let alone indy, is being attacked all round, and there is nothing, nothing, that can be done about it, even if the SNP/Greens win big in May.

    “But even if I had faith that the SNP could deliver indy, or halt the relentless unionist attacks on the devolution settlement, I’d find it very difficult to vote for the political crooks currently running the party. Of course it would be a dilemma for me if I thought they might still deliver, but it isn’t, because they won’t.

    “I know this view will infuriate many, but here’s a prediction: many SNP ‘loyalists’ (for want of a better collective description), furious with Wings and others on that ‘wing’ of Scottish politics, will eventually find a more legitimate target for their fury, and it will be the leadership of the SNP for their abject failure to deliver for Scotland.

    “Disagree by all means, but the idea that a disagreement between bloggers and their followers can be resolved one way or the other is for the birds. Views are entrenched (I admit mine are, but only after endless consideration) and that’s just the way it is.”

  67. Robert Graham says:

    Alex was right when he pointed out Scottish institutions haven’t failed the leadership has failed.

    We have been lacking in leadership since Alex left the stage , his preferred understudy has failed not just failed she and her government have spectacularly failed if they hadn’t we would not be arguing and arguing with people we once called our friends, we were in the same club most of us wanted to go in the same direction ,

    Now its civil war , look what they are doing , look what they said , the management are guilty of severe dereliction of duty , at this point in time does anyone trust any of our appointed representatives to have any kind of vision of the future that’s agreed on by a majority of people who live here.

    Most members and supporters of the SNP overlooked their failings , we gave them a real bit of latitude we swallowed the excuses when stuff went tits up we allowed them to gloss over their failures , I think a lot of people are starting to look a little more critically no point in deluding ourselves if it’s going wrong admit it and don’t make the same mistakes again , just now it’s coverup and it wasn’t me , criminal acts have been carried out to cover up these failures , that’s not acceptable not something anyone should be comfortable with just because these people are in our club ,

    Right now we are not in a position to run a successful country , where is the plan ? Where is the constitution of this emerging country , has there been work done is it in progress , if not,why not,what the fk have our representatives been doing ,

    Most people I believe are sick to the back teeth about going over the same arguments the same ground , going round in endless circles and getting more annoyed and crabby because we are going backwards not just stopped in full speed reverse gear, and some people continue to say we are doing ok stick with it , NO FKN CHANCE I and most of the people here will be dead before this SNP get off their arses ,

    This SNP are the problem not a guy who runs a blogsite he is simply the messenger uncovering the stuff this SNP wants to keep hidden , is that ok with the people who still support this SNP ?

  68. akenaton says:

    Michael, I know why Sturgeon used support for EU membership as an anti UK prop and it worked! Now the idea of EU membership needs to be abandoned pretty damned quick along with the internal political excesses of the sturgeon cabal.

    If we are to become a proud independent nation, it is time to level with the Scottish people, not continue to use them as pawns for the benefit of a parcel of villains(rogues?)

  69. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Gambling on political outcomes is almost irresistible for politicos; very tempting but best resisted.

    That said, a wee punt might be in order, because I can’t see how that particular dam can possibly hold.

  70. Cenchos says:
    13 March, 2021 at 11:14 am

    Still advertising call girls and guns on your site?

    I suggest you see about getting your meds reviewed, you appear to be hallucinating.

  71. Glasgow racer says:
    13 March, 2021 at 12:19 pm
    After this is all finished, one way or another, Sturgeon is going to be needing security guards for the rest of her life.

    Because she sure as fuck has noised up an awful lot of Scots.

    Hounded for the rest of her stinkin life.

    Ah, Glasgow Liar boosting the reputation of the independence movement by making threats online.

    That’ll help, big man.

  72. Craig Murray says:


    It is not a dam it is a dyke.

  73. Willie Hogg says:

    Craig Murray

    Or perhaps a Coll.

  74. cirsium says:

    It’s not a wall – it’s a dam. Water lapping at the top, and seeping out of cracks, and Hamish wearing flippers and snorkel. (Sarah, 11.48). Agree.

    When the dam goes, is it going to destroy the pro-indy majority? Alternatively, is the dam not the SNP and the water is the pro-indy majority which is going to sweep it away?

  75. robertknight says:


    You can’t say that – it’s hateful to call a dam a dyke.

  76. kapelmeister says:

    Now people, water barriers are not a subject for levee-ty.

  77. Jack Murphy says:

    Craig Murray’s Blog has gone off:

    Error 526

  78. Frank Gillougley says:

    Ever the pedant.

    A wall by its nature tends to be vertical. A dam has a slopy side to counteract the lateral force of the water on the other.

    Nevertheless, wasn’t it Engels or some other bloke who said, THOSE WHO UNLEASH CONTROLLED FORCES, ALSO UNLEASH UNCONTROLLED FORCES.

    SNP beware.

  79. Cenchos says:

    SR 12.37
    ‘I suggest you see about getting your meds reviewed, you appear to be hallucinating.’

    Your Indy ref 2 discussion forum is in need of some attention.

  80. wull says:

    This cartoon is full of hope. The wall is a dam, and the floodwaters are banging hard against the other side of it. The whole thing is cracking, and about to break.

    The water is already beginning to show: it is splashing above some parts of the wall, and seeping beneath other parts.

    Water is an irresistible force. Ye juist cannae stoap it when it’s pressing in on you, over you and under you, like this.

    The folk on the other side of the wall, if there are any, must be in an almighty panic, being tossed around in rafts and on rowing boats, or clutching for dear life to the debris as they try desperately to keep their heads above water. Or else they have already gone. Drookit, drowned and dead, they are either floating corpses, or already held down deep and lifeless in the clutches of Davy Jones’s locker.

    Hamish, by contrast, is upright, fully conscious, pondering the state of the edifice before him. He is quietly biding his time as he surveys the heaving, cracking dam, which he knows will soon come tumbling down. He is fully at the ready for that moment, with his flippers on his feet and his snorkel right in place. There is not the slightest whiff of panic in any part of him, even if he stands alone in the face of the mighty raging waters which are about to engulf the dam and reduce it to a heap of rubble. No sweat: he is calmly waiting for it, well prepared for surviving any eventuality.

    Whichever way the wall crumbles, his snorkel will keep him breathing and his flippers keep him moving. The panic is all on the other side of the wall – not yet visible, but clearly present – and so too is the ever-rising damage. His confidence is restrained but visible, with – a wee touch of class – just the right amount of swagger in his stance. Not too much – just a tiny wee bit, but also just enough – enough to speak volumes.

    Don’t be in despair looking at this wonderful and subtle ‘toon. Or depressed. To the contrary, it’s full of hope. Not mere optimism, which would be superficial, and a lie. Hope takes the seriousness of the situation seriously, and sees all the dark sides of everything that’s happening. It does not shrink from any of these realities, or from the damage they cause. Hope is realistic. At the same time, it is quiet and strong, and unafraid, because it knows that it will.

    Even if he can’t see exactly what’s going on behind the wall, Hamish knows their apparent victories are Pyrrhic, and that they are about to be swept away. Exactly when and how may not yet be clear, but the fact that they surely will be is clear. It is they who are on the verge of extinction, not Hamish. So, let us take heart.

    Do not be fooled by the appearance of impending doom. All is not lost. The hope of Hamish, and his readiness for the next good thing, emerging from whatever flak and rubble might temporarily come down upon us, is well-founded. Steady and sure.

    Many thanks to Chris Cairns.

  81. Willie Hogg says:

    Robert Graham

    I support your analysis 100%, however what we all need is a plan. I will not be voting for the SNP this side of a complete renewal. Devolution was never the objective, so let the sponsoring unionist parties worry about it. What we need is a party which is committed to independence.

    The ISP was set up to play the list system to the benefit of the SNP, not to provide leadership. At the moment the only party willing to stand in constituencies as well as the lists is Scotia Future. However, I am like the rest of us waiting for a big hitter to lead the charge.

  82. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Alf – Scottish education used to be the best in the world. It now ranks alongside Vietnam. Swinney won’t even publish comparisons with other countries now as the comparisons are so poor. It’s Holyrood and so no-one complains about that.

    Michael Forsyth was a Tory Secretary of State for Scotland and he used to run education in his spare time. He used to enjoy doing it as his wife was a teacher.

    It is now run by ‘Education Scotland’ which is an SNP quango. Everything they do is secret and education now is a feckin mess.

    I don’t know if you have been following the Butterstone School case, but Education Scotland come out of it looking very much like one of Jim Sillars’ poisoned SNP public services.

    Believe me, Butterstone School is not an isolated case and it exemplifies the malfaisance which reeks nowadays from Education Scotland and all the rest of our public bodies.

    Even the teaching unions in Scotland have become suddenly useless. Are they afraid that it is so bad they had better not say anything? Are they afraid that people will ask ‘why have you not done anything about this?’

  83. Frazerio says:

    akenation, you are entitled to your opinion;

    “Now the idea of EU membership needs to be abandoned pretty damned quick”.

    But, with respect, thats not your decision to make. Should we apply to rejoin the EU? Should we keep the monarchy? Should we keep the pound, use the Euro or start a Scotpound? What colour should the new Scotland third change football top be? The answer is simple, the same for any question you ask and cuts right to the heart of the whole shebang.

    That is a matter for the Scottish people to decide.

    Its the whole point of independence.

  84. ScotsRenewables says:

    Cenchos says:
    13 March, 2021 at 1:07 pm
    SR 12.37

    Your Indy ref 2 discussion forum is in need of some attention.

    Ah, I see. Thanks for pointing that out.

  85. kapelmeister says:

    Pension Pete has posted a new piece what he wrote on his blog. Didn’t know he had a blog? Neither did I. He mentioned it on twitter. The blog is called Musings and Mutterings from Perthshire. I’m presuming it gets somewhat less traffic than Wings.

    His subject is “the anti-SNP ‘indy’ bloggers”.

    It’s not quite as funny as I’d hoped, though it does have its moments. His opening line gives a good idea of the whole:

    “They’re male, they’re pale, they’re angry and intolerant and by God, they hate the SNP.”

  86. PaulaJ says:

    ScotsRenewables thinks:

    “She’s not Hitler or Pol Pot.”

    You forgot the ‘yet’.

  87. The Isolator says:

    Absolute classic Chris..absolute classic

  88. De Valera says:

    I’ve often heard the statement about Scottish education being the best in the world.

    When did this decline set in? When was the top spot lost?

    Genuine question.

  89. ahundredthidiot says:

    Senator Scott – ‘Woke supremacy as bad a white supremacy’

    Both steeped in racial divide and discrimination.

    Two cheeks of the same arse.

  90. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Willie Hogg @1:08pm

    You just made that crap up!

    The ISP was set up for the long term opposition to the SNP. It cannot stand in the constriruencies until it has established membership and voters. It is not a one election effort. It is a Party who intends to give voters a choice post Independence based on a manifesto. Independence and Women’s Rights top that at the moment.

    It was not set up “to play the list system”. Vote for who you want but don’t lie about the intent of others.

  91. Ayemachrihanish says:

    swinney = squirrel
    EU membership = more squirrel
    education = wow! even more squirrel

    How about… The UK’s teenagers were also found to have among the lowest levels of “life satisfaction”.

    Mmmm, then we have the full BBC’s manipulation of – we are improving at reading!…

    But hey, UK’s teenagers are also found to have among the lowest levels of “life satisfaction”in OECD

    So squirrel alert – lets have a clap-a-thon for?…. UK Improving reading…

  92. sarah says:

    @ wull at 13.07: thank you for this positive post. You are right – Hamish is prepared and will cope with the flood. I feel better now.

    @ Craig Murray: it actually looks more like a sea wall!

  93. Pixywine says:

    I suppose the Kinks ” Lila” is now banned in Scotland. Who runs this country the Taliban?

  94. Pixywine says:


  95. Pixywine says:

    My computers a retard.

  96. ahundredthidiot says:

    The success of this Site is without question.

    Perhaps Rev would consider a podcast to reach further.

  97. Captain Yossarian says:

    De Valera – We invented penicillin, the steam engine, television, telephone. We had the best engineers and doctors in the world. I don’t think anyone in the world would argue too strongly with that assertion. We now have Education Scotland and EIS combo.

  98. Mark Boyle says:

    @kapelmeister says: 13 March, 2021 at 1:19 pm
    “Pension Pete has posted a new piece what he wrote on his blog. Didn’t know he had a blog? Neither did I. He mentioned it on twitter. The blog is called Musings and Mutterings from Perthshire. I’m presuming it gets somewhat less traffic than Wings.

    His subject is “the anti-SNP ‘indy’ bloggers”.”

    You might at least have posted the link so everyone would know what you’re talking about rather than having to root around themselves.

    Dissemination of information and all that.

    I’ll warn anyone who does click on it, that’s at least five minutes of your life you will not get back.

    He rambles so much, I’m tempted to wonder if he’s going for the “Weir’s Way” revival job when it comes up.

  99. akenaton says:

    Frazerio, if we wish to garner support for an Independence Ref in a couple of years, having a return to the already crumbling edifice of the European Union as a plank in our policy is hardly the wisest course of action?
    Especially if the UK makes a success of their withdrawal, the Covid vaccine debacle being a good example.
    The people must be given the unvarnished truth if victory bis going to be worthwhile, Sturgeon/corruption has been exposed next EU pipe dreams.

  100. Pixywine says:

    I’ve believed for some years that we would experience a wave of arrests connected to Independence. I imagined a British Government don’t that not a Scottish Government against its own people. Hey ho.

  101. Pixywine says:

    I’m really getting pissed off with this shit machine I’m forced to use which cannot spell.

  102. akenaton says:

    Its definitely a dam not a dyke, as I’ve had my hands round the stones of many a dyke in my day.
    A sea wall would be back filled where the little lion is standing, but whatever we call it, Its days are numbered.

  103. Bob Mack says:

    Pistol Pete states that for all the bloggers ramblings and rantings very few people are paying attention to them.

    I would like to bet on that.His musings drip of self importance clearly unable to understand why anyone would listen to anybody but those in charge.

    He is actually rather dull.

  104. sarah says:

    AFI conference is online now via Zoom. It is a breath of fresh air – it is for Yessers and Yessers are positive, constructive people.

    If one in 8 SNP list votes switches to AFI candidates, we get 8 list seats. If more switch to AFI then we are looking at 20 or more.

    Please everyone here, spread the word about AFI. It really is a bright spot in the gloom.

  105. Scozzie says:

    I’ve had a quick glance through the 2016, 2017, 2019 SNP manifestos. I don’t see any reference to bringing forward a hate crime bill. I vaguely recall seeing a very ambiguous one sentence along the lines of- we will reform the gender recognition act to make it fairer…but can no longer find it.

    Anyhoo if peeps want some weekend reading on what, if any, pledges the SNP have delivered on in their manifestos, some links below….
    ps: definitely no reference in the manifestos to stitching up former leaders.

  106. Alf Baird says:

    Captain Yossarian @ 1:09 pm

    “Scottish education used to be the best in the world. It now ranks alongside Vietnam.”

    Depends what you mean by ‘Scottish’ education.

    – Today in many areas of Scotland only around half of the teachers are Scottish.

    – In some of Scotland’s ancient universities barely 1 in 10 of the academics are Scottish.

    – State institutions which run Scotland are also led by a privileged Anglophone elite, who refuse even to teach the indigenous population oor ain Scots langage (despite the protest of the Council of Europe minority language group).

    This is a British colonial educational legacy, not a ‘Scottish’ legacy. Which explains why many Scots desire independence, which is decolonisation and freedom from external interference in our affairs. You can’t simply blame Swinney – he’s just another useful idiot to the colonizer.

  107. Saffron Robe says:

    The wall on which the prophets wrote
    Is cracking at the seams…
    Will no one lay the laurel wreath
    When silence drowns the screams?

    Knowledge is a deadly friend
    If no one sets the rules
    The fate of all mankind I see
    Is in the hands of fools

    Confusion will be my epitaph
    As I crawl a cracked and broken path
    But I fear tomorrow I’ll be crying
    Yes, I fear tomorrow I’ll be crying

    King Crimson – Epitaph

  108. Pixywine says:

    By the way Europe a bad idea. I voted to remain in Europe in the hope that the SNP would use our EU vote as leverage and early on I think if Sturgeon had pursued Indepence instead of trying to overturn the English no vote, which was always a hiding to nothing, She might have pulled it off. I don’t like what I’ve seen from Europe lately. And when you consider the, in many opinions, low quality politicos that were sent to Europe you we all know they were hustlers and chances rolling in clover. Fuck useless politicians Fuck Europe.

  109. Pixywine says:

    Saffron. The Court of The Crimson King is a trip

  110. Kiwilassie says:

    Okay! Enough is enough. Time to get a go fund me page for Alex. This has to go to the high court to clear his name,
    I’m living overseas & I’m in for $200 What say you?

  111. Natal XX and proud says:


    This has all been engineered by the British State.
    They could not have got away with doing the same things here that they have done elsewhere but that has not stopped them destroying the Indy movement (or at least setting it back a decade). They have just been much more cunning.
    They definitely have NS in their pockets and we need to find out how?

  112. akenaton says:

    Well said Pixie.

  113. Willie Hogg says:

    The SNP left me

    Look at ISPs website and you will see their manifesto is practically the same social program as the SNP. Their USP is that they will maximise the number of MSPs supporting a joint program. For instance neither manifesto looks at direct ferry links to EU to avoid the SE of England ports. Nor do they explain how they will improve employment via the National Investment Bank or how they will rebalance education away from academia and into vocational.

    The people involved in ISP are the same people who gave us NS. To keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result is madness.

  114. Breastplate says:

    Tom @2:20,
    A perfectly reasonable and polite post so no need for any censorship but the censorship in itself tells us where we are as a Movement.

  115. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Mark Boyle

    I’LL take your word for it and not bother wasting 1 min of my life.

    This is a sitting WM Mp degrading the ACTUAL voters who put him in office .The man has no honour or principles. Two can play at that game.We hold the votes MR Wishart, not you. You enjoy your last tour of duty to WM , because it’ll be your last.

    Instead of doing your fucking JOB and using the mandates you were already given and telling the voters what you’re ACTUALLY going to do when Boris refuses this S30 malarkey you’d rather attack a section of the indy support instead of trying to ease their fears and actually do something tangible that voters all agree could work.

    But naw it’s all a fucking game to you and Blackford ain’t it? While you’d sit there coining it in we’re left to scratch our arses here back home while you play fucking tiddly winks in the “strangers bar” supping port with the WM lot laughing their fucking heads off at us.

    “Strangers bar” What kind of name is that for a pub anyhow? Strangers my arse, more a “Masonic club”

    What happened to;

    “We’ll not be taken out of the EU against our will” was the cry.

    “The Scottish people will not have this ”

    How did that go?

  116. Kiwilassie says:

    It looks like archive didn’t work. I hope this does.

  117. Andy Ellis says:

    @Natal XX

    I think there’s a more plausible explanation. The current travails of the independence movement – more particularly the poison within that is the current SNP – can be adequately explained by stupidity. The pro-indy Scots people as a whole are to blame, we don’t need to go looking for some deus ex-machina in the form of the UK Secret Services.

    Doubtless history will show that there are some UK assets within the movement: in fact, given the history of the NI conflict it would be something of a surprise if there aren’t such moles within the movement. However, the prime responsibility for the current bùrach lies with the movement itself and particularly a small coterie of ideological zealots in the SNP leadership.

  118. Ottomanboi says:

    British Unionism is essentially a Scottish invention. Paradoxically, In Scottish history there has always been a thread of anglophilia or anglocentrism especially in the Scots speaking southern areas. The 1707 event was just the outcome of an underlying trend among the country’s élite, the fulfilment of that later Stewart fixation with gaining the English throne and taking the high road south.

    Imperialism brought some rewards. Individual Scots exploited the opportunities of conquest and foreign adventure. Many of their descendants, those Proud Scots, still dictate and inform the often heavily sentimentalized, pace Walter Scott, Buchan etc, narrative. Even nationalists are not immune to the seduction of the high romance of the epithet « British »
    The English why welcoming the chance to tame their turbulent neighbour considered Scots opportunists undeservedly benefiting from England’s success and enterprise, its leaders still holding to that perspective

    Scotland, the country, the nation, the cultures do not seriously figure in the British narrative except as a twilight world of shortbread tin icons. Scotland is the nation of yesteryear, Britain the new land of opportunity, North Britain its supine spawn. Cancel culture is not a new notion as in the anglo-centricities of Unionism with its icons and myths of monarchy, kith and kin, island people, shared history and the jingoism of contra mundum, Union Jackery Scotland is an out of focus image.

    This Is maybe, for the 20th century generation, « a cosmopolitan kid » teaching grandmother to ‘suck eggs’ but the failure of the current political régime to intellectually capitalize Scottishness as something dynamic, diverse, exciting, inventive and hopeful leaves a substantial element of the population still seeking comfort in the Unionist nursery.
    There has also been too much rhetoric signaling too many false dawns.

    More is needed and it will require a new perspective, fresh « mindset » to that end.
    The confining shackles of the mind usually shatter only under powerful hammer blows.
    Other peoples in similar straits have had like issues regarding theory, praxis and productiveness.

  119. Kiwilassie says:

    My archive didn’t work I hope this does.

  120. Al says:

    I don’t think MI5 needs to do much work on our politicians beyond:
    Psycological profile + non existant experience = FUBAR
    Let them get on with it, they’ll fuck it up.

  121. Cenchos says:

    So the Harassment Inquiry are leaking to the Guardian now?

  122. Gregor says:

    I cannot believe in today’s civilised world, blogging elected officials are behaving like this…

    “…The simple fact is they (YOU/PUBLIC/’WRONG-BLOGGERS’) have now become a menace and a threat…”


    Should SNP get its way (sounds like a scheming SNP has made plans for ‘The Bloggers’ it opposes re. ‘Just as they think’) and the days of blogs/alternative media comes to an end: SNP will be publicly exposed as a rotten, complicit and duplicitous hypocrite of the highest order (CORRUPT AS HELL FOR ALL TO SEE), however, the public would not ever seek to shut your views/blog down (DESPITE YOUR PITIFUL, GUTTER-LEVEL RHETORIC, THE PUBLIC DOES NOT HATE YOU: IT JUST WILL NOT VOTE FOR ‘THIS SNP’).

    Scotland for Independence…

  123. cyril mitchell says:

    To paraphrase Shakespeare,”will no one rid us of this turbulent goverment?”

  124. Kiwilassie says:

    God my heart goes out to Alex. He just does not deserve this, given he has given his whole life to Scotlands independence.
    I really just want to have a good greet. The cult who can’t see what’s happening I believe are the labour supporters who came on board in 2014. They jumped on the bandwagon, but aren’t SNP of old.
    They’re still of the intelligence of the sheeple they were for decades before, voting for labour.
    It’s these old labour voters that Nicola has been able to manipulate & help bring down the SNP.

    They may have not taken the WM silver of rogues , but they are the very rogues that have thwarted your independence through sheer ignorance in following a corrupt government. Hell mend them.

  125. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Alf – ‘This is a British colonial educational legacy, not a ‘Scottish’ legacy.’ Really Alf?

    John Swinney, Gayle Gorman, Larry Flannigan….they’re in charge and they don’t look colonial to me.

    Do they look colonial to you?

  126. holymacmoses says:

    I’m interested in that wall Mr Cairns. What material is it made of?

  127. Ayemachrihanish says:

    Ottomanboi says:
    13 March, 2021 at 2:24 pm
    British Unionism is essentially a Scottish invention…. troll :-)))


    The first nation colonised was England.

    They then exported the ‘rights and privileges ‘ of the City of Westminster’ at that 1707 – time called London…

    England – like Scotland dose not have the rights and privileges of the ‘olde City of London’..

  128. Tartanpigsy says:

    Posted this on a previous thread but needs seen IMO

    SNP might be c**ts but they’re our c**ts.

    They need voted for on constituency. Hold your fkn nose and do it!!

    It is up to all of us to get off the keyboards and physically demonstrate, blockade and occupy if necessary after May to forward the cause of Scottish Independence.
    We cannot do that with any credibility if a Unionist coalition has control of Holyrood.
    We can hold SNP feet to the fire!
    It’s make or break year coming up very fkn soon people.
    If you want independence any time soon each and every one of us are going to have to get of our arses and make it happen.
    If we don’t the movement could be set back a decade or longer.
    Think very carefully before voting against the pathetic, disgusting mess the SNP leadership has become. There is more than one way to skin this particular cat!
    Cast your mind forward to June.
    A Lab/Tory coalition- what does that give us? We will be framed as the minority and defeated.
    An SNP government- we have the option to rise up and make independence happen.
    It’s either our time or it’s not.
    Free Scotland Now – be the revolution, but realise that means being the revolution, not sitting about pontificating.
    Those days end in May.
    *no actions will be discussed on here or elsewhere
    *no poodles, cats or goldfish will be harmed in the making of this revolution.
    But if you want independence be prepared to act

  129. Ayemachrihanish says:

    As in…

    Even though she is sovereign of the United Kingdom, Her Majesty the Queen is not allowed to enter the City of London

    – the territory of what is now called The City of Westminster’

    without the permission of its ‘Barons’which expressed and granted through their spokesman – The Lord Mayor.

  130. bjsalba says:

    @Scozzie at 2:07 pm

    As far as GRA goes, it was hidden in the 2016 manifesto.

    Page 21 – “We will review and reform gender recognition law, so it’s in line with international best practice for people who are transgender or intersex”

  131. Republicofscotland says:

    Very true Chris, the writing is definitely on the wall, and no one is to blame except the SNP themselves with their very unpopular policies and the vile set up of Alex Salmond.

    So come May we’ll shoot the SNP down because they deserve it, and we’ll feel better because they had it coming.

    But where does that leave us, the folk that long for independence, we’ll have held them to account but we’ll also have knocked indy on the head for five years, but Sturgeon has no intentions of holding an indyref in the next term of office, so we haven’t lost anything because we know what’s going to happen in the next five years, ermm.. don’t we.

    Meanwhile this Tory government is planning to have a presence in the devolved parliaments by shipping up MP’s to sit in the devolved chambers. A 500 staff cabinet is also planned for the city of Glasgow by the Westminster government to combat any further thoughts of Scottish independence.

  132. Mia says:

    “They need voted for on constituency. Hold your fkn nose and do it!!”


    They have gone too far.

  133. Mia says:

    “Do they look colonial to you?”


  134. Ayemachrihanish says:

    Correct mia…

  135. twathater says:

    Chris Cairns , magnificent , so little saying so much

    Ayrshire Rob @ 2.21pm Nail firmly planted in wet pishfart

  136. Dan says:

    @ ROS

    Mogg added further evidence a few months back of Westminster’s intentions with regard to repairing the “constitutional vandalism” he deems the UK has endured.

    Most genuine BTL posters have seen this coming for years, so one has to question the credentials and motives as to why the SNP hasn’t made moves to counter and protect Scotland’s interests from what is coming down the line.

  137. Boudleaux Merkin says:

    holymacmoses @ 2:48pm

    That wall is made of shattered hopes, forlorn dreams and buttressed with blatant lies.

  138. Ayemachrihanish says:

    Why – because this is legal in an English colony – but not legal to a – Scottish Nation

  139. Shocked says:

    @alf baird

    Aye, it’s no Swinney’s fault, he’s no corrupt, neither is Nicola Sturgeon, aye SNP 1 and 2.

    Get a grip of yourself Alf, people like you are the reason Sturgeon and Murrell knew they would get away with it. Ye canned see the truth when it’s right in front of ye. Stop putting party ahead of country.

  140. Ian McCubbin says:

    You could add #ISP for a bit of fun banter.
    Very good cartoon though,Chris.

  141. twathater says:

    @ tartanpigsy 2.56pm the unfortunate thing tartan is how many of the arseholes read WOS and think oh good we have posters urging people to vote SNP irrespective what we do to them and no matter how much shite we throw at them , those posters are doing our work for us , they are threatening these deluded fools that if they don’t vote for us great SNP users and abusers they will be faced with these dastardly unionist fools , so we probably don’t need to do anything let’s just let their fellow posters threaten them with unionists and whilst their distracted we could maybe implement some more shite policies

  142. Willie Jay says:

    It will take too many fingers to plug that dyke.

  143. ScotsRenewables says:

    @tartanpigsy 2.56pm

    You are right. We will deal with Sturgeon and her cabal after the election.

    Unionists in control in Holyrood and it’s all over, and for a lot more than 5 years I fear. We will not be let near the ball again.

  144. Holder of suspicions says:

    Willie Hogg says:
    13 March, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    “The people involved in ISP are the same people who gave us NS. To keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result is madness.”

    A strange assertion indeed. Think I could counter more reasonably that the AFI are mainly the same crew who’ve been dabbling around in the extra-parliamentary left, activism and A->B marching since the SSP imploded and lost their seats in ’07. Is that a source of fresh ideas to rejuvenate Yes? Seriously?

  145. Captain Yossarian says:

    Mia says:
    13 March, 2021 at 3:13 pm
    “Do they look colonial to you?”


    I must say, they look Celtic to me, Mia. Michael Forsyth was Secretary of State for Scotland and he was (probably) Anglo-Saxon. On the other hand, Michael Forsyth was excellent and Scottish education was excellent at the time too.

    These other three are hopless. They just sit in a chair all day taking the money and Scotland’s education is in the grubber as a result.

    You’ll need to stop being anti-English all the time. You’re just anti-English for the sake of it.

  146. Al-Stuart says:


    You have an amazing mind. Thankyou. Seriously Chris, your visual metaphors bring a great comfort of perspective.

    The current Sturgeonite McWoke Scottish Executive will end.

    I lost many friends who were killed by Iain Duncan-Smith and the corrupt ConDem austerity addicted U.K. Government. They are all out of office. They are all gone. They are now impotent. Their legacy dumped. Their reputations are similar in analogy to the once great Tony Blair.

    Sturgeon will be politically impotent soon. The once revered English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was portrayed by Meryl Streep as an elderly pensioner shopping for milk (apt metaphor for “Thatcher The Milk Snatcher”).

    She is queue-jumped by a young Yuppie.

    The portrait is as brilliant as the artwork of Chris Cairns.

    This is the once great Margaret Thatcher who owned the World Stage with American President Ronald Regan (and her more dubious pals such as General Pinochet). All her power gone. She is the very person she despised. An old, crippled woman. I am disabled and use that offensive word in context and rhetorically not prejoratively…

    Just think about this please?

    Margaret Thatcher was removed from office in what is now known as a Portillo Moment.

    What we, and sorry Stuart, I suspect you too need to make sure of as we all go forward keeping our power alive is that we swear a little less; we use ultra polite language, we debate with more eloquence and passion. We win through the power of our words.

    I guarantee you this. All corrupt regimes pass. Injustice, when the disinfectant of daylight is upon it, is strong and true. Those miscreants who currently think that they are in power will soon have their Thatcher legacy moment. All of her illusory power gone. A sad, lonely old woman who is despised by the nation and especially the voters. Sturgeon will soon be an old Thatcher in the local food bank looking for a meal. Ignored by everyone.

    If you doubt my words, I also guarantee you a mysterious change in direction of the current supine Mainstream Media.

    Very soon the MSM will turn in a great show of power over Sturgeon. Instead of giving Nicola and her corrupt crew an easy ride, the MSM will be triggered to viciously attack the misdeeds of Sturgeon. Bluntly? The media will weaponise Alex Salmond against Sturgeon.

    Alex will have no involvement in this. He has kept his own counsel. He has been kind to Nicola Sturgeon, even during that committee session.

    Nope, you will know Sturgeon is finished when the MSM turn.

    You will know this as it will not be subtle.

    The media will eviscerate Sturgeon.

    You will know this because of very high volumes of Senga and Jock McPublic waking up to the news as they are fed it. You’ll never guess what Nicola Sturgeon did to Alex Salmond. I dinae care igpf you hate yon Salmond, what Nicola did to him was unforgivable.

    When you see vast swathes of the Scottish electorate wake up to the Salmond stitch up, you will know we have all been played.

    This is from the Master Statecraft Book of British Empire Colony Retention.

    The aim? To kill off the SNP. To properly get rid of IndyRef2 and to install a Lab/Lib or ConDem Scottish Executive. Even if only for 4 to 5 years.

    I would bet anyone a £1,000 this is the game plan from the British Empire playbook. Classic and sadly for Scotland it works.

  147. Tartanpigsy says:

    @Mia, unfortunately that plays right into the Brit states hands.

  148. Mia says:

    “I must say, they look Celtic to me”

    Well, they look colonial chiefs to me.

  149. Robert Graham says:

    A Question for all the refugees from another site WGD comes to mind ,

    Why are you people so interested in this particular site ? fk all to talk about over there ? .

    Most of the posts including the interventions from the censor in Chief make reference to this site is it disturbing you people ? .

    And Is the instruction ” you better not say anything about the SNP ” still in force ? The site you support is masquerading as pro Indy site and the cult members are acting like one of these religious fundamentalist groups Thow shall not take the leaders name in vane

  150. Mia says:

    “unfortunately that plays right into the Brit states hands

    No, it does not.

    What plays right into the Brit State’s hands is to continue playing their pretend democracy game. This is a cruel game where our real democratic choices have been deliberately taken away from us so we are cajoled into voting for what we don’t want, what we do not need and what will hurt us.

    Sturgeon and Swinney’s SNP may still claim to fly the flag of independence, but the flag is fake because the party was taken over by the British state in November 2014 and has been destroyed as a pro-indy vehicle ever since.

    Voting for the SNP is playing the game the British state wants us to play in order to keep intact the thin veneer of Scotland’s autonomy that keeps alive the illusion the UK, as a unitary state, is still governable and sustainable.

    Well, I got bored of playing that game.

  151. twathater says:

    @ Scotsrenewables, tartanpigsy ,gullane4 and others posting gie the troughers another chance then we will force them out

    OKAY so the plan is to vote for them again , give them a majority in the SP and another 5 years in power , then revolt against them and deselect them or oust them even although they are the majority party in HR and hold ALL the power

    YOU MEMBERS of the SNP have been POWERLESS and TOTALLY INEFFECTUAL against Sturgeon and her sycophantic acolytes in TAKING BACK CONTROL of your party for the past year,twitter is awash with Nicola worshippers lots of them WOMEN even though she has stabbed them in the back and those same people would vote Sturgeon again even if she shit on them

    So GENUINELY if and when we voted the unmentionables back in WHAT are you going to do to convince the acolytes, apologists and worshippers to rid Scotland of Sturgeon

    The problem isn’t independence supporters , the problem is NICOLA STURGEON supporters, most of her supporters only want independence if she gets it and stays in power

    Don’t believe me check out wee ginger dug

  152. holymacmoses says:

    There’s a shortage south of the border – so all is not lost. Just need to get the boulders in to shore up the wall

  153. Mia says:

    “You’ll need to stop being anti-English”

    If you want to continue pretending you support independence and taken seriously, then you are going to have to drop british nationalists’ broken tools like the continuous false accusations and emotional blackmailing. They flag up a massive Union Jack over your comment.

    Sturgeon and Swinney may be Celts, but they act as colonial chiefs.

    I am sure you are familiar with the widespread practice in the British colonies of “indirect rule”.

    “Some British colonies were ruled directly by the Colonial Office in London, while others were ruled indirectly through local rulers who are supervised behind the scenes by British advisors”
    From wikipedia.

    Crown agents, MI5, SPADS and Civil Servants may just be some of those British “advisors”. Don’t you agree?

  154. Liz says:

    Great stuff, Chris

  155. Natal XX and proud says:

    @ Andy Ellis

    Usually I go for cock up theory over conspiracy too. But there have been too many well timed cock ups to be sheer co-incidence.

  156. Natal XX and proud says:

    @ Mia

    ‘Crown agents, MI5, SPADS and Civil Servants may just be some of those British “advisors”. Don’t you agree?’


  157. Alf Baird says:

    Captain Yossarian @ 3:49 pm

    “I must say, they look Celtic to me”

    The reality is that a privileged Anglophone meritocratic elite aye running Scotland also consists of many Scots as well as those coming from rest-UK. Consider for instance the 3% of people who attend private schools in Scotland and who somehow end up running half of our country’s institutions and thus ‘holding positions of power and influence’ over the other 97% of us:

    In terms of language, culture, values and certain other aspects the colonized bourgeoisie “mimick the colonizer” (Albert Memmi) in order to ensure their privileged ‘place’ in colonial society. The Scottish bourgeoisie has been mimicking the colonizer for the past couple of hundred years. What class of people do you think sold out Scotland’s sovereignty in the first place. They are still in place, including at Holyrood and throughout government, as should be expected under continued colonialism.

  158. Andy Ellis says:


    “You are right. We will deal with Sturgeon and her cabal after the election.”

    Nope: not going to happen. The party has had quite a while now to deal with the Sturgeonistas. It has shown remarkably little appetite to do so. The only real signs of life were the St Andrew’s Day 2020 attempt to clear out the NEC and the refusal of MSPs to vote against Lamont’s six little words. Both “victories” have now been rendered moot by the packing of the NEC with many non-elected Sturgeon loyalists, and the vote in favour of the HCB.

    Even if Sturgeon is forced out because she’s found to have lied to Parliament, the poison within the party is too deep. The membership have neither the political smarts nor the courage to reform the party. Anyone staying inside it is complicit.

    “Unionists in control in Holyrood and it’s all over, and for a lot more than 5 years I fear. We will not be let near the ball again.”

    No true nationalist could or should believe this. It’s the dialogue of despair. There is no statute of limitations on self determination. We tell them, they don’t tell us. No self respecting people can ultimately accept that they have to be given permission to exercise their right to decide whether they should become independent.

    If Scots are truly so thoroughly tholed that they accept your argument, they don’t deserve to be an independent nation. Our forebears who asserted the rights of the Scots people to the distant Pope in Rome in the Declaration of Arbroath would be ashamed of how later generations have soiled their legacy.

  159. Shocked says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    13 March, 2021 at 3:48 pm
    @tartanpigsy 2.56pm

    You are right. We will deal with Sturgeon and her cabal after the election.

    Unionists in control in Holyrood and it’s all over, and for a lot more than 5 years I fear. We will not be let near the ball again.


    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read nonsense like this… but then again yer a pro sturgeon troll…

    Let’s get this straight, if sturgeon gets in again it is over. The majority of her next term will be spent burying her crimes, turning Scotland into a dictatorship and putting her knee on the neck of the Scottish people to stamp out all opposition. If she decides to waltz off to bigger and better things then one of her puppets will be appointed and sturgeon and murrell will pull the strings in the background.

    You don’t want to deal with her as you are “team sturgeon” and not “team Scotland” but if you actually believed we could sort sturgeon out if she got in again just how the hell would we sort out a corrupt near dictator who has the courts and justice system in her pocket?

    The fact that murrell and sturgeon have not even been investigated for perjury yet for lying to the committee, when we all know she lied, tells you everything about the country’s chances if she gets in again.

    So give a us a break with yer playing possum nonsense. Your lies aren’t working.

  160. Tannadice Boy says:

    Chris Well done. Exactly where I am. You captured the debate in a cartoon but that doesn’t make it any less painful.

  161. twathater says:
    13 March, 2021 at 4:15 pm
    @ Scotsrenewables, tartanpigsy ,gullane4 and others posting gie the troughers another chance then we will force them out

    OKAY so the plan is to vote for them again , give them a majority in the SP and another 5 years in power , then revolt against them and deselect them or oust them even although they are the majority party in HR and hold ALL the power

    You seem top think I am suggesting the party will deal with her. Well, they might, but I certainly wouldn’t count on it.

    No way is Sturgeon getting another 5 years in power though. Sturgeon will have to progress independence post haste or she will be gone.

    We turn the might of the grassroots on her, 10,000+ AUOB marchers every weekend, marching on Bute House and Holyrood demanding action on independence or Sturgeon out.

  162. Shocked says:
    13 March, 2021 at 5:30 pm
    ScotsRenewables says:
    13 March, 2021 at 3:48 pm
    @tartanpigsy 2.56pm

    Let’s get this straight, if sturgeon gets in again it is over. The majority of her next term will be spent burying her crimes,

    Bollocks. You are saying ordinary Indy supporters are powerless. We are not. Let the Grassroots deal with this, the sovereign Scottish people, because you are correct, the party can’t be trusted.

    Remember the poll tax protests? They would be as nothing compared to the anger of a betrayed Indy movement. Sturgeon would fall to the force of Scottish public opinion if she failed to progress independence.

  163. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Scotsrenewables 6:10pm
    I don’t understand your rationale. If Sturgeon wins a majority then what mechanism is available to oust her?. They have the keys to the castle. Democratically if she wins a majority then she deserves to stay. One million people were on the streets to prevent Tony Blair’s Iraq war. Didn’t stop it though. Power has to be relinquished by a democratic vote. I am the Indy bad boy at the moment but I think the SNP have to go. A grand reset is needed. My grandchildren will benefit not me.

  164. John Jones says:

    not much chance of Hamish being able to stick his finger in the SNP dyke to stop to flood

  165. Shocked says:


    You’re full of it. Blatant pro sturgeon troll.

    Aye let’s vote sturgeon back in with unchecked power and then get rid of her. Just how stupid do you think people are?

    Sturgeon, murrell, Swinney, Yousaf, Wolffe, Evans, Lloyd all need the jail and the last thing Scotland needs is sturgeonites like you playing possum to get the corrupt bastards reelected.

  166. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I remember a story about a guy who stuck a finger in a dyke.

    Should I have been shocked?

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