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The mess we’re in

Posted on August 18, 2022 by

News update: Alexandria Adamson has been suspended from the SNP and his Twitter account is gone after our article on Tuesday. But in case anyone thought sanity had broken out in the party, this person, and many more like him, are still on its payroll.

And you really should be worried about that.

Not just because Kiehlmann is a nasty misogynist creep.

But because if that’s the standard of “research” going on in the party, we should probably have extremely low expectations of any material it might produce to try to win over voters to the merits of independence.

This, as everyone on Earth knows, is what the word “female” means:

No part of that definition includes, has ever included, or will ever include, transwomen. Transwomen do not produce eggs and cannot bear young, because they simply do not belong to the sex which does that. (Old or infertile women still do. To put it crudely, they have the equipment but it’s not functioning.)

Kiehlmann’s claim that transwomen are LEGALLY women is also flatly untrue in almost all cases. The only males who are legally women in any sense whatsoever (and even then it’s a qualified one) are those with a Gender Recognition Certificate, which is at the absolute most around 5% of transwomen. The law is absolutely plain that the 95% or more who don’t have a GRC remain legally as well as biologically male.

There are also precisely NO ways in which transwomen are “medically” female. See the definition above. No surgery makes a male able to produce eggs or bear young. The crude gouging of a cavity into a man’s pelvis does not create a vagina, which is a passage from the vulva to the uterus – two things males do not possess.

(It merely creates a wound, which the body constantly tries to heal and which must be forcibly kept open with implements called “dilators”. At the very, very most, transwomen become cosmetically female, and cosmetics are not medicine.)

These definitions are not “contentious”. They’ve been in usage, univerally understood and unchallenged, for literally thousands of years, since words themselves were first invented. They define the process by which every single human life in all of history was created, formed as we all were from the cells of exactly one male and one female and entirely irrespective of the “gender identity” of anyone involved.

The fact that certain organisations with desperately feeble leaderships who ought to know better have allowed themselves to be bullied and threatened into pretending otherwise is a dismaying but temporary blip in human civilisation, like Nazism was.

The Nazis were also biology deniers, pretending and legislating the idea that Jewish people were not humans, but however many laws they passed, biology remained unaltered and outlasted their brief ideological fad as it has outlasted every other one.

(It’s not only in their no-debate, no-dissent intimidation tactics that gender identity theorists resemble fascists. The core ideas about rewriting biological reality are almost identical, as is the fondness for conducting cruel medical experiments on children. Indeed, the entire idea that men can be women is a textbook example of the Big Lie.)

The first definition on this page is taken for illustrative purposes from Merriam Webster, an embarrassing joke publication masquerading in the USA as a dictionary. So “woke” is MW that under a barrage of harassment from transactivists it recently (it wasn’t there two years ago) added an extra line to its definition of “female”:

We better see what the definition of “male” is, then.

Oh. Oh dear. We hear all the other dictionaries (none of whom have followed suit with a “gender identity” definition) point and laugh at Merriam Webster staff at parties.

We could write a 2000-word article on all the problems with that “definition” – not least musing on the concept of “opposite” genders when the last time we counted there were nearly 200 different ones – but that’ll have to wait for another day.

The point is that Jonny Kiehlmann isn’t just another psychopathic woman-hating nutter on Twitter (where he’s gathered under 850 followers in 14 years, which is about one a week). Just like Alexandria Adamson was until two days ago, he’s a person actively employed by the SNP to shape its policies, despite speaking for almost nobody.

(We’re certain it’s no coincidence that the Twitler Youth try so frantically to get Wings accounts banned from the social media platform, since whenever we make a new one it usually only takes us a couple of hours to outstrip the numbers of followers most of them have accumulated in a decade or more.)

We don’t know whether there’s a connection between the growing influence of such people and the SNP’s startling declared loss of 16,000 members between May and December last year alone (one in seven of its members in just seven months).

That’s partly because we’re quite disinclined to take anything the party says about its membership figures at face value any more, but nevertheless that’s what it claims in its own accounts. (2020 document on top, 2021 below.)

And we can’t even be bothered to raise the subject of the mysterious “Referendum Appeal Fund” any more while police investigations remain ongoing, save to note that the party’s bank balance is now just £145,000.

(So many perplexing questions arise from the party’s financial statements now that we really feel we should leave the matter to a trained accountant.)

There has been a coup in the SNP. Barely remarked upon by the media (because the party’s self-inflicted destruction suits the media’s agenda in every way), a once-sane political party has been taken over by demented, science-denying, arithmetic-denying, woman-hating fundamentalists.

If you want to know what the SNP of 2022 looks like, look into the faces of Jonny Kiehlmann and Alexandria Adamson, because they are its true soul.

And ask yourself if these are the people you trust to win our independence.

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107 to “The mess we’re in”

  1. Calum says:

    I’m old enough to remember when it was Scottish Labour who lied about their membership numbers. Sigh…

  2. Fairliered says:

    Keep going, Stuart. I you can expose one SNP woke extremist per day, eventually someone might notice.

  3. Effigy says:

    Can Percy Sledge still sing about “When a man loves a Woman”?
    Or Will it need to be recorded as if a penis says SHE loves a vagina that is shaped like a penis
    Can’t keep his mind on who does what where.
    He’d trade the world to know what she/he wants.

    Get ready for when 2 + 2 makes 5 cause they said it.


  4. Shug says:

    Was watching the James Cook thing in Perth again. He absolutely came over to canvas that response and to he crowd fell for it.

    Nationalists should always support him and all his work as it was the BBC that undermines the trust. encourage cook to make more fake news and the more members the cause will gain.

    Having read the above right enough I don’t know why. Who appointed these people.

  5. Andrew says:

    Kiehlman clearly has not read the legal position articulated by the court, or is deliberately lying about the definitions of sex for his own perverse reasons.

  6. Cath says:

    This is why I hate when people use the word “woke” to describe these people. They’re as far from woke or progressive as it’s possible to be. They are regressive misogynists. But they are also infiltrators, whose job has been to gut the party, remove its best people, remove sanity and put in place policies deliberately designed to divide, create toxic culture wars and push people away from independence- especially those we most need to win over, ie women and older voters. MI5 and the U.K. state have played a blinder in Scotland since the Brexit vote. And all while we’re not even campaigning. If or when people outside this corrupted she’ll of an SNP start a campaign proper, God alone knows what they’ll start on. One thing’s for sure, yessers need to get a whole lot less bloody stupid and stop falling for everything the unionist media and its corrupted SNP pals are telling them.

  7. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Must be a seriously shite mathematician.
    2 + 2 = four is an invalid, outmoded concept imposed by a capitalist, LGBTQI+ phobic, paternalistic elite.

  8. Mary Gordon says:

    Jonny harrassed me in my dms demanding I remove mention of his banning from the House of Commons on my twitter account.

  9. John Main says:

    This nonsense is all over Europe and the west, not just in Scotland.

    It will stop when ordinary, decent, rational people develop the balls (and ovaries) to standup and say “enough is enough”.

    Posts above from Calum, Fairliered, Effigy, Shug, Andrew, Cath and Vivian O’Blivian.

    Little sign of anybody willing to standup and be counted as of yet.

  10. Ruby says:

    And ask yourself if these are the people you trust to win our independence.

    That’s like asking if you think it would be a good idea if the lunatics took over the asylum.

  11. Robert Graham says:

    Have a pretend referendum without a prospectus or plan of what a Independent Scotland could look like to encourage previous NO voters to change their minds , sell a vision of a Scotland we all could back and support.

    Any of the above been done , NOPE .

    That’s why I said a pretend referendum it looks like it’s being set up to fail from the outset, it could however be the final nail in the independence coffin , this one act would cripple the hope of a independent Scotland and set it back 50 years , giving the English government a chance to change the law so it would be illegal to hold one in the future.

    Our ancestors left Scotland a way of protecting its people ,the claim of right and the distinct difference between Scottish and English Law in perpetuity was not a afterthought it was our defence against a bigger hostile neighbour.

    Sturgeon has committed Treason by ignoring the claim of right and is refusing to defend the people of this country, a country that could outperform every other country in Europe , but she has allowed the English government to drain this country of its natural resources for a pittance ,

    You couldn’t find a better Crown Agent than Princess Nicola she’s fooled most people into believing she’s on our side her actions are lower than a snake and the verminous twisted crack heads she surrounds herself with.

  12. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    18 August, 2022 at 2:31 pm

    Little sign of anybody willing to standup and be counted as of yet.

    Why don’t you lead by example? Too afraid of ‘The Rainbow Saltire Inquisition’?

  13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    What exactly are you asking him to do, Ruby? He has both a first name and a surname, you only have one of those.

  14. Andy Ellis says:

    I don’t think even New Labour were quite as hopelessly captured by nutters as Sturgeon’s SNP seems to be.

    At this rate the SNP will soon be about as popular as Turkish UAV’s at one of Vlad’s military parades.

  15. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Well, the SNP have at least published accounts of some kind. The same can’t be said for Kezia Dugdale’s sinister influencing op, the John Smith Centre for Public Service. They’ve never published accounts in any meaningful sense. Their last submission to the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator for year end 31/03/19 went into a limbo state of “documents being processed” on 10/02/20.
    There’s no general pandemic backlog at the OSCR website. Odd that only the accounts for the JSCfPS should fall down the back of the filing cabinet. So, who’s financing this neo-con, Atlantacist outfit?
    My money’s on Foggy Bottom, run through various front organisations.
    An excellent candidate for Stu’s forensic investigative skills.

  16. Ruby says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    18 August, 2022 at 2:43 pm

    What exactly are you asking him to do, Ruby? He has both a first name and a surname, you only have one of those.

    I thought that was pretty clear what I was asking him to do. Basically I was asking him to show us how to go about standing up to be counted ‘cos I cant see a way.

    I’ve been thinking of all sorts of ways. Spent quite a lot of time thinking about slogans on T-shirts. See earlier posts.

    How about Tuesday as a surname here on Wings?

  17. Ryan says:

    “Contentious view some people wish to establish”
    – eh pal, I think you’ll find it is who you is seeking to establish something outwith the norm.

  18. John Main says:

    If you are into science-fiction (or quasi-religious dogma), Rev Stu’s “gender primer” above is well worth study.

    Each of us will find their own personal favourite delusion in there, but I am going to pick out two:

    When two genders overlap creating an entirely new gender; like a Venn diagram. [Yup folks, the forward-thinking compilers of this primer have ensured that an infinite number of genders can be assembled from the “atomic” genders. One day, each of us will have a personal gender that is as unique to us as our own DNA].

    [I can’t be bothered to repeat its definition – look it up yourself if interested. But I am confident this gender will go down a storm with kids of that certain age where they are obsessed by dinosaurs. Maybes that’s the point – hook them while they are young].

  19. Robert Graham says:

    A bit off topic but relevant.

    Now the Tavistock Clinic has been closed and multiple legal actions have begun against the Hospital trust and staff employed ,the same actions word have been expected from the Scottish government .

    Nothing , not happening the silence is deafening.

    However Joanna Cherry has spoken out and urged action be taken let’s see if she’s listened to , there were calls for this clinic in Glasgow to be closed long before the English equivalent entered the news , which begs the question .

    What the FK have you been doing to protect vulnerable children Nicola ?

  20. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    18 August, 2022 at 2:31 pm

    This nonsense is all over Europe and the west, not just in Scotland.

    It will stop when ordinary, decent, rational people develop the balls (and ovaries) to standup and say “enough is enough”.

    Posts above from Calum, Fairliered, Effigy, Shug, Andrew, Cath and Vivian O’Blivian.

    Little sign of anybody willing to standup and be counted as of yet.

    What about
    Women Won’t Wheesht, Marion Miller & friends, JK Rowling, Joanna Cherry, Alison Bailey, Kathleen Stock, Stuart Campbell, The Alba Party etc?

  21. Luigi says:

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Those old enough may remember how Neil Kinnock faced up to and effectively dealt with Militant at a Labour Party conference all those years ago. It was brutal but it worked. Public humiliation. This is the only way the trans fanatics could be sorted out in the SNP. However, does Nicola Sturgeon the great leader have the courage or indeed the inclination to do this? No need to answer.

  22. StuartM says:

    SNP: “All of those lowering or cancelling their membership payments listed the pandemic as the reason.”

    Well that’s an outright lie for a start. I recall a number of commenters here stating that they had written to the SNP cancelling their membership and telling them it was because of the actions of Sturgeon and Murrell and dissatisfaction with the way the party was being run.

    Oh and number of members dropped because of economic hardship resulting from the pandemic but membership revenue mysteriously went up. Maybe it was because you were begging members to pay their subs 3 months early so you’ve been booking 2021 revenue as 2020 earnings. In reality you haven’t increased revenue at all, you’ve just fiddled the books and created a hole in 2021’s revenue.

    Anyone remember when the first of those begging letters went out? Are they still in 2022 begging members to renew early?

  23. lothianlad says:

    Sturgeon is out to wreck the SNP. By so doing independence will be affected. This is the plan she has and is working toward. The brit media will throw all the shit caused back at her.
    When the referendum is lost, or doesn’t happen, she will stand outside the old royal high school with a grinning puss and a banner stating.. MISSION ACOMPLISHED!

    Her handlers will be so pleased!

  24. Ruby says:

    I’ve missed loads of important folk off my list of those willing to standup and be counted

    Kellie-Jay Keen, Sharron Davies, Martina Navratilova, Matt Walsh, Caitlyn Jenner

  25. Tommo says:

    One of your contributors recently cited the relatively high turnout at the Perth unpleasantness as evidence of increased support for independence; in fact it is clear from photos in the press that a significant part of the crowd was a standard Rent-a-Rabble, with the No Borders lot prominent and no doubt the usual collection of leftists, losers and loonies who always attach themselves to any protest organisation.
    In this case however they seem to have found an open-hearted (And handed) welcome among like minds in the SNP- they have, in short, found their spiritual home-and a little earner to boot.

  26. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main

    Little sign of anybody willing to standup and be counted as of yet.

    It was instructive – and depressing – to see some of the reactions to two recent events in particular: the attack on Salman Rushdie and the cancellation of Jerry Sadowitz’s show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Many in “the establishment” find it much easier to either stay silent, or pay lip service, to the protection of freedom of speech than to stand up and be counted.

    How many writers and conspicuous figures really supported Rushdie over 30 years, or tackled islamo-fascists and religious extremists attempts to close down things they regarded as blasphemous? It’s hard not to agree with some of the commentary over the weekend that in a sense those who set out to silence Rushdie have won: It’s unlikely Satanic Verses would be published today, and Rushdie’s experiences over 30 years have already had a profoundly chilling effect.

    Similarly, the ideological extremists driving the TRA’s, othering those who oppose them, and their ideological stable mates cancelling those they hold as being beyond the pale like Sadowitz, aren’t being tackled by those who should be doing the heavy lifting whether in politics, the media or in entertainment industries.

    Where were all the expressions of support from comedians, actors, venue management and staff for Sadowitz for example?

    The battle lines are clear, and we ALL need to stand up and be counted. Being an anonymous voice – here or anywhere else – shouting for everyone else to do something isn’t going to cut it. Either you’re part of the solution, or……?

  27. Jan Cowan says:

    Just watched Sarah Smith attempt to bully the highly intelligent creator of “Father Ted”. I thought she had the odd brain cell. Seemingly not. What’s wrong with these people? They can’t possibly believe the rubbish they spout! Everyone knows it takes a male and a female animal – human or otherwise to create offspring. End of.

  28. Stephen Smith says:

    It’s sad to see a once great party so diminished by the craziness of Saint Nicola!
    2014 brought so much hope and confidence to Scotland. The only mistake Alex ever made was resigning and handing the reigns to Nicola ????

  29. Dickie says:

    One down. Cllr Joji next?

  30. Andy Ellis says:


    One down. Cllr Joji next?

    Rev Stu could do a regular feature: Rainbow Roaster of the Week….?

    Mind you, there’s enough material from the ranks of the Candy Floss Haired Praetorian Guard to last years.

    I’m sure alert readers can nominate the most “deserving” candidates for the consideration of AIM’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith?

    Doubtless their Twitter feeds will be bung fu’ with abuse and othering of those they regard as heretics to hoist many on their own petards.

  31. Scott says:

    “those who should be doing the heavy lifting whether in politics, the media or in entertainment industries.”

    3 cheeks of the same arsehole these days, innit.

    Professional artists who led the masses in revolution include Hitler, Reagan, Clinton, Blair and the living Bush.

    But the humanities, etc…

  32. Lorna Campbell says:

    This is a cracking piece, Stuart Campbell. It is the breath-taking illegality of all the shite that Stonewall and its Scottish arms spout daily. In the name of the wee man, the SNP is out the door with lawyers, yet, that party continues to allow law-breaking to be sanctioned. The 2010 Equality Act covers Scotland, too, but you would not think it to read of some of the blatant illegalities that are taking place. The Stonewall Diversity Champions, for God’s sake, tutors police officers and they never question the illegality of what they are being trained in. It beggars belief!

    Cath: we know, most of us that ‘woke’ started in the black American protest culture and was very apposite then. Most of us use it to express our disgust at its hi-jacking by these deviants and creeps.

    Ruby: yes, many good people are standing up to these bullies, but they are being attacked and harmed in their jobs and social lives for so doing. What is required is a concerted and organised protest during Pride Month/Year/Decade, whatever. The comedian and health specialist, (Elaine?) Miller has been targeted at the Fringe, as have many other comedians at different times, including Jerry Sadowitz, Terry Gilliam, Graham Linehan and many others. I can understand how people, not as strong as the Rev here or Posie Parker, cave in. Fear is a great motivator to keep silent.

    The SNP is a cess pit of its own making, and, to be honest, I am finding it increasingly difficult to defend it in any sense at all. The “feminist to my fingertips” seems quite happy for deeply misogynistic, woman-hating men (and that, at bottom, if you’ll pardon the pun, is precisely what they are) to populate the party of which she, a woman, is leader. These people (and, particularly their enablers among the MPs and MSPs, and the hateful , vile activists) deliberately targeted the SNP as the party in power in Scotland, as they saw Scotland as the soft underbelly of the UK. Yes, the security services and the British State might well be making hay with it to undermine independence, but this is entirely a Scottish problem, albeit it is at saturation point in the West. We allowed these b******s to take over the party, and too many, mainly men, but also many women, who are members and/or supporters have been happy to sacrifice all Scottish women and girls and children for the deluded promise of independence which has been designed by the SNP government to fail because too many of them want devolution to continue, the short money it supplies and the fat pensions.

  33. Shug says:

    It is all over Europe

    Do you think cook walked over knowing the reaction deliberately to get a headline to distract from 2 appalling candidates

  34. Daisy Walker says:

    Thanks for that Rev.

    And thanks for warning us of this impending insanity a few years ago…. though I do wish sometimes you got it wrong.

    Ah well, still standing, still fighting the good fight.

  35. Craig says:

    I thought at first it was a photo of Kezia and I thought to myself “What has she done now?”.

    Thankfully I looked again and realised it wasn’t, and saved me from making a very awkward comment.

  36. Henry Wood says:

    “The point is […]” to quote our excellent and never-tiring host. Such factual news as the Rev Stu reports never seems to reach the MSM. I am sure that they are aware of it, but unlike our host, they are “frit” to even approach the subject.

    I have been a longtime subscriber to The Spectator magazine[*] and have frequently pointed reader commentators of that mag from BTL (Below The Line of an article) to WoS, then the cries of astonishment at what is going on in this land is truly unbelievable. Not many citizens of the other countries in this “Union” seem to know what is going on just over their doorstep.
    Many then dismiss it as, “Who cares?”, though lately they are becoming fewer.
    Others cry, “Let them go!”, though frequently this view is shot down by both Scottish and other readers.

    All-in-all, it is a great big mess up here, “North of the Border”, and I personally have no idea of how to clean up the mess, *except* to send another few bawbies to WoS for Percy Veering and continuing his thankless task. More power to your pen, Rev.

    [*] Cancelled Spectator subs a while ago and my subscription ended today.

  37. Gavin Barrie says:

    Just to further reinforce the meaning of men and Women in law, here is an excellent summary of the @forwomenscot victory earlier this year preventing transwomen from being included in the category of Women, for the purposes of equality of representation on company boards.

    The pertinent and important point Is this …

    “But what is beyond any doubt now is that in Scotland biological males who have not obtained a gender recognition certificate, and who are in the process of gender reassignment, do not possess the protected characteristic of “woman” for the purposes of the Equality Act.

    In other words, in the law of Scotland as it stands today, and with the possible exception only of those with a gender recognition certificate, “transwomen” are not women.”

  38. JGedd says:

    Anyone who hasn’t already done so should pop over to Gordon Dangerfield’s site where he sets out the unanimous opinion of the Court of Session sought by For Women Scotland in their case versus The Lord Advocate and Scottish Ministers. He then goes on to explain admirably his clarification of the ramifications of this opinion (which would be educational for the likes of the deluded Jonny Kiehlmann, not to mention the whole of the SNP and what remains of the membership.)

    He also helpfully points out for those in Scottish politics and the media still ‘confused’ about the Equality Act of 2010, ‘that as far as the law is concerned, once a court of the highest authority tells you what the law is, then that is what the law has always been.’

    Also, ‘Every previous decision of an inferior court, every Code or instruction or piece of guidance which, implicitly or explicitly, proceeded from a different definition from that now provided in For Women Scotland is simply wrong.’

    It also appears from the English Attorney General’s clarifying remarks on the Equality Act, that they are entirely in agreement with the Court of Session’s legal opinion. It looks as if England intends to embark on an entirely different path from what is happening in Scotland to the rights of women and children ( since she also helpfully restates the legal position of schools in relation to the rights of girls to ‘privacy, dignity and safety’ and reminds local authorities in England and Wales that they could be held to be in breach of their duty of care by pursuing Stonewall implemented agendas.)

    Oh dear, it looks as if there might be squeaky bums on seats in local authorities now – at least in England and Wales. Well, they had been warned where their reckless and foolish abandonment pf common sense would lead.

  39. Gill says:

    According to someone who knew him as a student at St Andrews Kiehlmann is, or at least was, an autistic gay man in strong denial about his sexuality, so we know why he’s desperate to think trans identified men are women – he can kid himself he’s not fucking a man.

  40. Ruby says:

    Lorna Campbell says:

    Ruby: yes, many good people are standing up to these bullies, but they are being attacked and harmed in their jobs and social lives for so doing. What is required is a concerted and organised protest during Pride Month/Year/Decade, whatever. The comedian and health specialist, (Elaine?) Miller has been targeted at the Fringe, as have many other comedians at different times, including Jerry Sadowitz, Terry Gilliam, Graham Linehan and many others. I can understand how people, not as strong as the Rev here or Posie Parker, cave in. Fear is a great motivator to keep silent.

    Would all these protesters at the Pride Month/Year/Decade, whatever not also be a risk? Would it not be best if we all wore masks. Not anything sinister like ‘The Black Pampers’ just something whereby we could remain anonymous. Your old Covid Mask with a matching or not matching Lone Ranger type mask.

    Pensioners with a bus pass & no need of a job or their computers etc for survival would be the ones least at risk. They could probably go maskless and wear their real name identity tags.

    It’s very easy to lose clients if they don’t like your political beliefs. Would you shop at the Kevin Hague Pet Store, buy a holiday from Barrhead Travel or give a job to someone with totally opposing political views who expressed them openly online.

    I’m all for remaining anonymous can’t see why a person posting anonymously has any less value than someone posting using their real name or something that looks like a real name.

    You can post anonymously online and still contribute. Your ordinary punter doesn’t have much power. My contribution lately has been to donate to crowd funders, vote Alba, request a paper copy of census and fill in ‘believer in biology’ read Wings & generally try to be aware not sure what else is safe to do.

    Do you think we will every hear about the number of ‘Believers in Biology’ there are in Scotland and if there has been a huge increase since the last census?

  41. msdidi says:

    Cook smuggly entered the space between the barriers. I watched him do it and wondered what he was up to. Once he got a reaction that he could make a fuss about he walked along in front of the crowd filming us (with his phone….he had no camara or microphone so his intention was not to interview protestors) and smiling as he visualised the headline he had just created.
    *The police had stern words with one (1!) person – a teenage lad
    That was it – no arrests
    *One egg thrown at a big area of empty road (by the young
    *Some name-calling (Tories out/scum)
    *Some naughty words on banners eg scum, fanny
    *One small group in a stage-managed advance on the concert hall
    for the cameras (Scottish Sociaist workers?)
    *Two women took advantage of the breech of the barrier to enter
    the space and sit down with their banner “Use the Claim Of
    Right” .The police allowed them to sit for a while. They were
    not causing trouble and were obviously no threat to the
    attending tories.
    *One loud PA system – curtesy of Perth Against Racism
    *A Tory Woman claimed to have been spat at but considering we
    were all miles away, separated by a row of police
    sandwiched between two rows of barriers, I don’t believe that
    Interesting report here I think their estimate of attendees is too high – I’d have said 500/600.
    Much larger police presence than 3 years ago when the last Tory Hustings was held for BJ and JH. I wonder why do they choose Perth. Maybe they expected a red carpet reception?

  42. Ruby says:

    Lorna Campbell

    Meant to say great post as always.


  43. Ruby says:

    msdidi says:
    18 August, 2022 at 6:04 pm

    Cook smuggly entered the space between the barriers. I watched him do it and wondered what he was up to. Once he got a reaction that he could make a fuss about he walked along in front of the crowd filming us (with his phone….he had no camara or microphone so his intention was not to interview protestors) and smiling as he visualised the headline he had just created

    The Jim Murphy walking into a placard technique?

  44. rogueslr says:

    The Blessed Saint Nikla is more than happy for the SNP to implode, just as long as she’s exited stage right. She knows the Supreme Court is going to kick indyref2 into the long grass and any pretendy ref will fail to produce anything approaching independence.

    She’ll wring her hands and walk off into a cushy sunset before all the chickens come home to roost. She’ll stand around as the SNP burns and claim ‘see what a great leader I was, as soon as I’ve gone it all goes to hell in a handbasket.’

  45. Republicofscotland says:

    The mess we’re in, must surely be attributed to Sturgeon she has allowed this to happen, did she know that by allowing folk like those above obtain important roles within the party it would setback and divide the indy movement and is that the plan, I say yes to both questions.

    In my opinion the SNP is now a corporatist leaning party pandering to big business, and its leader our beloved FM has made an agreement with the Westminster government formal or not, that if they are mostly left alone to run Scotland in the fashion that suits them, and not us, who elected them, then the Tory government will not slate them too much.

    Sturgeon has used very effect methods to divide the indy movement, whilst feigning that she wants an indyref, and adding that Westminster is the stumbling block to this when in reality its Sturgeon who is the road block to indy.

    We’re going nowhere and the indy movement will remain divided until Sturgeon is booted out of Bute house.

  46. wee monkey says:

    Dee Daw dee daw or not 🙂

    £20 million to buy polis electric cars [net zero ‘natch] but NO CHARGING STATIONS INSTALLED.

    Guess what happened within two shifts?

    Now the secret here isn’t the cars going flat. It’s the thought process of Scot Guv not thinking Hey they need charging.

  47. Dorothy Devine says:

    It is with regret that I have decided to leave the party.

    My reasons are as follows:

    GRA, ill thought through and pandering to an extreme and overly vocal minority who can insult and threaten with no action taken.

    Hate crime Bill , more ludicrous than OBFA , ill thought out and pandering to goodness knows who but allowing a load of finger pointers to be ‘offended’ and contact the police.

    600,000 ring fenced pounds – time to say EXACTLY where they are

    But mostly the harassment and continuing smearing at all possible opportunities of Alex Salmond – a man found innocent of criminality but presumed guilty by every Tom , Dick and Harry in the Scottish media and it seems in the SNP.

    It also appears that ‘evidence’ has been withheld by the Scottish government – some slow , some hidden That doesn’t fill me with confidence of the honesty of the withholders.

    I want my country independent the sooner the better and as such I believe that the more the merrier is the policy I would understand and not the ‘it’s ma baw and’ you cannae play wi’ it ‘ which now appears to be that of the SNP.’

    My resignation of April 2021. Covid certainly didn’t enter into my thinking.

  48. Ruby says:

    Gordon Dangerfield my hero!

    How could I have forgotten to put him on the list.

  49. Merganser says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 6.29pm

    The commentary in the accounts, like the figures, is a work of fiction and should carry the warning ‘ For Amusement Purposes Only’

  50. Merganser says:

    roguesir @ 6.14pm

    On the head the nail you have hit.

    Sticks out a mile to me as well.

  51. Marjorie Ellis Thompson says:

    ‘They have the equipment buy it’s not functioning’? ‘Old’ or infertile wo.en. hmm whilst I share your view 99% of the time on the gender issue and for an independent Scotland that bugs me. Our bodies still function they just have a time limited period of fecundity. Would you say that an 8 year old girl wasn’t functioning? She will when she goes through puberty be able to bear children and after menopause will not. I hope you get my gist. Or are men’s bodies only ‘functional’ when they ejaculate

  52. laisydaisy says:

    An interesting follow-up to the census. On 9 August I got a follow-up doorstep interview from One of the questions was “What is your sex – Male or Female”. That was it. No mention of gender or any other option. It was categorical.

    I had hoped it heralded a new dawn, that they’d paid attention to the stickered envelopes and comments written on the form, but given the latest developments …

  53. Jim Bo says:

    From your link Stu:

    “Make sure the dilator is clean before dilation and after dilation you can just wash out the dilator with a mild soup and water. “

    Cockaleekie I presume?

  54. Ruby says:

    I had to Google

    What Is an Intangible Asset?

    An intangible asset is an asset that is not physical in nature. Goodwill, brand recognition and intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, are all intangible assets. Intangible assets exist in opposition to tangible assets, which include land, vehicles, equipment, and and inventory.

    I’m still none the wiser.
    SNP have Intangible Assets of £199,620

    Can you help?

    Valuing Intangible Assets

    Businesses can create or acquire intangible assets. For example, a business may create a mailing list of clients or establish a patent

    Is it the brand name SNP or their mailing lists that is worth nearly £200K

  55. Ruby says:

    There is too much happening today!

    My head is spinning & I haven’t had a minute to wonder if Scotland is a colony, about the franchise or which currency we would use.

    laisydaisy – very interesting & weird. Can you remind me if the census is anonymous?

    Jim Bo – it’s No Cockaleekie

    Merganser – I’ve been reading your posts with interest. Too many things going on to comment.

    We are being spoiled today with 100s of brilliant posts.

  56. Astonished says:

    I think Peter Murrell and Nicola Sturgeon identify as an “intangible assets ” for our imperial masters.

    Although, for all we’ve seen of peter/him/her/asset – he may well be sleeping with the fishes.

    What is taking Police Scotland so long to make arrests ?

  57. Geri says:

    How to stop it would be to take any breech of the Equality Act, or any local authority or business who thinks to bend it, back to court.

    The law says transwoman who don’t have a GRC are NOT women. It’s official in law.

    Call the polis if you want Mr!!!

    Jeez, a week or so back a guy was arrested by six, SIX police officers for causing someone on the internet *anxiety* WTAF?

    Knife crime? Murder? *We’re overstretched*

    Inappropriate cavity searches of minors & upsetting a TRa?? *Get the rainbow car, Larry!*

  58. Ruby says:

    I presume the SNP will have access to the census.

    If it is not anonymous (which it can’t be how would they know who to charge for not filling it in) then the value of their £200k intangible asset mailing list will increase dramatically.

    All you ‘Believers in Biology’ will be on the list marked with a B.

    You can all guess what the B will mean to the SNP & whoever might have access to said list.

    All you Bs could be visited by the ‘Rainbow Saltire Inquisition’ pds.

    You have been warned so no claiming nobody expected it.

  59. John Main says:

    @ Ruby says:18 August, 2022 at 8:09 pm

    “We are being spoiled today with 100s of brilliant posts.”


    The total is 55, and I guess this one makes 56.

    12 of that total are from you, Ruby.

    The readers are invited to do the math. I won’t comment on the “brilliant”.

  60. Rab Davis says:

    Another excellent eye-opener Rev

  61. Geri says:


    ‘The SNP is out the door with Lawyers’

    Depends what law they were specialising in. I think the only one who attended law school would be Cherry. She seems the only one who paid attention in class.

    That’s why the TRas hate her & have tried their level best to remove her from the party, from conference, from Holyrood, from Westminster etc

    The other so called lawyers only went to Uni for the lolz.

  62. Jim Bo says:

    @John Mayne I bet you’re a big hit at parties.

  63. Mark Boyle says:

    Jim Bo says:
    18 August, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    @John Mayne I bet you’re a big hit at parties.

    I bet you’re just a wee shit anywhere you are.

  64. Bill Cowan says:

    Don’t forget the 12,500 members that the SNP swore had joined about a year ago. Strangely all had been brought up in the same locality that she had, and most had been in her class at school!

    Oh, how we laughed at the time, but they insisted that the figures were true.

    However now, that would mean a FURTHER net loss of 12,500 in the membership!

  65. George Ferguson says:

    @Dorothy Devine 6:29pm
    My SNP resignation statement in January 2015. Nicola is a wrong un. I started research on the BBC bias because they were supporting the Scot Gov against all failures. Which I noted on here a short while ago. It was going really well with the ultimate goal of a report to Ofcom in 3 months. After Perth I have binned this research. A gift by the 1700 oatcake lot. And a glorious opportunity to engage with James Cook lost. I tried to engage with him on twitter several years ago alas he wasn’t up for it. I despair with the disposition of the movement. Thanks Stu for your persistent campaigning against the Trans discontinuity. The women in my life thank you (and me)

  66. Geri says:

    Here’s a question..

    In a recent murder case, where the guy tortured & raped his victim & admitted he wanted to eat him too..(Full Sutton 2019)

    Was described to the court by medical professionals as having (amongst a list of others) a gender identity *disorder*

    So, if it’s recognised in a court of law as a mental disorder why is everyone outside of court running around instructing governments & institutions that it isn’t mental & bamboozle us with science that it’s normal?

  67. Skip_NC says:

    I see a couple of theories about intangible assets above. See Note 17 to the accounts on page 32 of the report. This is a software license and software development. The membership list is not valued in the accounts.

    I gather the intangibles relate to a membership system that is being phased out, but I may be wrong.

    Some interesting stuff catches my eye after a quick look:

    Peter Murrell’s salary as at May 2022 was GBP79,750.

    The auditor’s fee went up from 26,290 to 57,235.

    A new entry this year – Loans from Executive Management 60,000 (Note 22).

    Trade creditors, taxes due at year-end and other creditors take up all but about $30,000 of the year-end cash balance.

  68. John Main says:

    @ Jim Bo says:18 August, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    “John Mayne I bet you’re a big hit at parties”

    Modesty forbids me answering, Jim, but I do like to boast about how good I am at the spelling questions in pub quizzes.

  69. Saffron Robe says:

    Brilliant article, Stuart, if a bit too graphic at times! You would win hands down in a debating contest which is why they are so desparate to silence you. Anyone with basic language and arithmetic skills need not apply to the neo-SNP!

  70. Geri says:


    Don’t forget there will be a great deal in the mix who are organised to be there to discredit Independence.
    Usually Tories hide out in sheds & Tory donor factories. Strange they came out of hiding this time don’t you think?

    I’d doubt you’d get a meeting with Cook or the BBC – they’re not known for listening to *separatists* even elected representatives.

  71. David Hannah says:

    Saw this on twitter. The guy screaming insults such as “scumbag” at James Cook looks like a Unionist agitator.

    I suspect they were all in cahoots with each other.

  72. George Ferguson says:

    @Geri 10:05pm
    My intention was to present a report to Ofcom about the BBC Scotland bias in the sense that they are supporting the Scot Gov without reporting on serious public concerns on governance of the country. I except they were other players involved at Perth buy I doubt they are any Labour activists or SWP that concern themselves with the Claim of Rights 1689. An own goal if there ever there was one.

  73. StuartM says:

    You beat me to it about the Intangibles. Regarding the Cash at Bank vs Creditors I got the distinct impression from the 2020 accounts that they had deliberately held back on paying creditors until after year-end so as to pump up the Bank balance and give the impression to the members that the finances were all fine and dandy. As we used to say in business school – figures don’t lie but liars can figure!

    Tangible Assets are things that can be sold and thus have a market value, whereas Intangibles are not and in the event of liquidation (eg upon bankruptcy) cannot be sold to pay creditors. The SNP apparently purchased a software licence (presumably for a database management software) and then commissioned a computer programming firm to write a custom system to manage their membership records – send out renewals, emails to members etc.

    Software licences are not transferable so cannot be sold to a third party, and a membership system built specifically for the SNP isn’t useful except to another political party, who already have their own systems. However the system has ongoing value to the SNP since it automates what would otherwise be a very labour-intensive and expensive task. It is normal accounting practice to record the cost of the system as an asset and amortize it over a number of years. The 200K in the accounts is the unamortized figure after several years and the details are in Note 17 in the accounts.

  74. Politically Homeless says:

    At what point to we widen the analysis beyond the parochial and start realizing that Sturgeon’s SNP are merely yet another a franchise of the same Davos-headquartered “burger chain” that dominates in Trudeau’s Canada, Arden’s New Zealand, Ireland right now, and also a few other small countries significant enough to have their leaderships corrupted but not significant enough to have truly independent leadership.

    That there exists a WEF aligned-axis of wee plucky loser countries led by preening woke eejits is a conspiracy theory; but oh dear: the “theory” also appears to perfectly fit reality. And until we take Sturgeon’s globe-trotting aspirations as the real motive behind her behaviour this, I’m afraid, is all flinging mud to little effect.

  75. William Habib Steele says:

    Lorna Campbell says:
    ” The ‘feminist to my fingertips’ seems quite happy for deeply misogynistic, woman-hating men (and that, at bottom, if you’ll pardon the pun, is precisely what they are) to populate the party of which she, a woman, is leader.”
    She claims to be unable to define a woman because its too complex. Yet she claims to be a woman and a feminist. She’s been brainwashed, or she’s mentally ill, or she’s lying. If she knows she’s a woman, she can define a woman. If she can’t define a woman she can’t know she’s a woman.

  76. Roger says:

    I’m more interested in ‘Mr Period’. Whatever else it shows, it shows how far nepotism as gone with this lot. They now have all the worst features of SLab.
    He has deleted his twitter and his Linkedin because it fully exposes his dodgy connections and that he is unqualified for the job – part from being one of the powers that be’s toyboys.
    Keep shining a light into these corrupt corners…

  77. Gregory Beekman says:

    If a man is a trans woman, then a penis is a trans vagina.

    If a trans woman is a woman, then a trans vagina is a vagina.

    Therefore, a penis is a vagina!

    Further logic shows…
    If a unionist is a trans separatist, then a trans separatist is a separatist.
    Thus, Nicola Sturgeon is a separatist!

    Now lets all eat a bowl of trans organs of some sort, as we’re usually encouraged to do when we enter this debate. Yum (because yuk is trans yum, and trans yum is yum).


  78. StuartM says:

    Loans from Executive Management 60K. This can only be from Pete Murrell and the reason for him lending money to the SNP (probably not taking his salary in cash) is that the SNP is struggling to pay its bills. If that becomes general knowledge to the membership Murrell would be forced out and lose his cushy job, hence the loan. It also fits with the panic appeals to the members to pay their subs in advance. Deduct the 60K and the creditors and the bank balance is in the red to the tune of 30K. That wouldn’t look good.

    I haven’t had time yet to analyse the accounts but going on what you and others have said there seems to have been an uncharacteristic outbreak of candour in the SNP. Reporting membership numbers and Murrell’s salary? These have previously been closely guarded secrets to protect the guilty. I can only assume the Electoral Commission has given them no option.

  79. Geri says:

    William, She’s mentally ill.

    So true what politically Homeless says re her globe trotting aspirations.

    All this shit started from her UN appearances on the rights of children (Remember her Q&A session on *trans* children being young enough to make their own mind up? Despite evidence they grow out of it?) Even arrogant. She slips into mirroring mode which is a trait of borderline personality disorder. She mirrors for approval. She uses it to advance, same way she mirrored Alex & Indy, until they’re no longer of purpose to her or become a threat – then they’re raged into a frenzy & plot to destroy before moving onto the next unsuspecting idol = in this case the global audience. Only honest thing she’s admitted to-date is feeling like a fraud. She is.

  80. Ruby says:

    StuartM says:

    It is normal accounting practice to record the cost of the system as an asset and amortize it over a number of years. The 200K in the accounts is the unamortized figure after several years and the details are in Note 17 in the accounts.

    Is that right?
    Cheers anyway StuartM thanks for trying to help.
    As far as accountancy goes I reckon I’m a lost cause.

    Very glad to have learned that I have intangible assets. I have a few software licences my intangible assets probably total £2k. Hoorah! I feel £2k richer than I was yesterday.

  81. Fairliered says:

    Intangible asets – the donation from Stonewall?

  82. Roger says:


    Thanks for that.

  83. StuartM says:

    Fairliered says:
    18 August, 2022 at 11:52 pm
    Intangible asets – the donation from Stonewall?


    Nope. See my answer above. Suppose you bought a copy of Microsoft Office to use the word processing and spreadsheet functions. You don’t actually own that software, for your money you get a limited licence from Microsoft that allows you to use it yourself but not to copy it or transfer it to anybody else. You are legally prohibited from selling it to a 3rd party, thus it has no resale value. But if you continue to use it, then it has value to you.

    Financial accounts are prepared on what is known as the “going concern” basis, that is the organisation can pay its debts as and when they fall due and will continue in operation. If it goes bankrupt then all bets are off and the assets will only realise a fraction of their book value in a forced sale. Just as if your car is repossessed it won’t sell for enough to cover the debt. Tangible Assets are things which have a physical existence like real estate, office equipment, plant & machinery, vehicles etc that can be sold. Intangible Assets have value to the ongoing business but cannot be sold on liquidation.

  84. Rab Davis says:

    For all of Sturgeon’s efforts to destroy the once united YES MOVEMENT,,,I get the feeling she is failing.
    I personally get the feeling that we are slowly but surely coming back together.

    I have started wearing the wristbands again, which was actually to counter the bluenose Yoons who thought they were on a bit of a march once again in Glasgow.

    And if I stayed in the Highlands area then I for one would be going along to and supporting the AUOB RALLY this Saturday the 20th August in Inverness.

    Don’t let Sturgeon beat us,,,we now have to turn our attention towards getting the word out to our fellow comotose Scots that independence is THE way forward, bypassing the NuSNP, who if they had their way would sit in a devolved Holyrood for ever more.

    Start getting those YES stickers stuck in prominent places once again.
    The average punter in the street is starting to wake up to the arrogance of our English masters.
    They hear Truss telling them “you will NEVER be allowed to leave this Union”.
    We need to exploit that.

    And let’s hope those remaining members who are still within the NuSNP tell her at their October Conference what she can do with her Code of Conduct.

    Let’s hope ALBA have arranged a few prominent members to attend the Inverness Rally.

    I haven’t got a clue how we will REGAIN our Independence,,,,but the options need to be explained to the growing number of Scots who are coming round to our way of thinking.

    Sturgeon’s “slow, slow, dead dead slow ” approach has had its day.

    I think when the two ALBA MPs caused that wee stooshie in Westminster,, and then the wee disruption at Perth gave the Yes Movement that kick up the backside a lot of us needed. It showed us that when certain individuals highlight our problems, it gives the rest of us a much needed boost.
    Now if we can keep that going, then think of the new converts we could bring onboard.

    So get yourself along to Inverness this Saturday if you can.

    The Murrells need to be told in no uncertain terms that their days are numbered.

    And get those YES stickers out and about once again.

  85. Breeks says:

    David Hannah says:
    18 August, 2022 at 10:07 pm

    Saw this on twitter. The guy screaming insults such as “scumbag” at James Cook looks like a Unionist agitator.

    I suspect they were all in cahoots with each other.

    Hmmm… I see the resemblance…

    But I also see a discrepancy (that’s equally ambiguous), because watching the Cook video, the man shouting the abuse would appear to have bare forearms, so he’d either taken his jacket off or rolled up his sleeves, so it’s all getting a bit “grassy knoll”…

    I’m also wondering how the media came by the footage.

    But unless there’s more footage and more abuse, the reaction seems over the top. I’m not condoning abuse, but there are levels to it, and with the BBC, some mitigating factors.

  86. Ruby says:

    He’s not just Mr Period he is also Mr Menopause.
    Can you believe it?

    He might even be Mr Atrophic Vaginitis and Mr Anorgasmia.

    Ask Jason if you don’t know what these words mean.

    He’s definitely Mr Misogynist another one giving a great big fuck you to women.

    They hate us!

    I’m just wondering if these misogynists are aware of how devious & crazy woman can be?
    Did they not see what happened to Alex Salmond and Johnny Depp and they were both totally innocent.

    Sure these were extreme cases as was what happened to poor old John Wayne Bobbitt.

    Lorena got off with it due to temporary insanity & John Wayne not being innocent.

    Not sure as yet the fate of the woman in the Alex Salmond case.

    Once Jason reads his book ‘What to expect when you have PMS or the Menopause’ he’ll discover that temporary insanity is a very common symptom.

    Normally nothing very serious happens she might just scrub the shit off the toilet with your toothbrush, cut your Armani suits to shreds, flush your vintage wine collection down the toilet, put red hot chilli peppers in your boxers, laxative in your coffee & wee silly things like that.

    It’s almost never anything as extreme as what happened to Bobbo in the Fay Weldon novel
    ‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil’ or what happened to John Bobbit, Alex Salmond or Johnny Depp.

    Just sayin’ it’s unusual that women just to do nothing when they are being disrespected.

    Expect a bumpy ride Jason I haven’t got the foggiest notion what it is we taxpayer are paying you to do the whole thing sounds like a huge scam & also quite a bit creepy.

  87. Ottomanboi says:

    Hyponymy and hypernymy,
    too much and it’ll make you go….
    nice nails, nice dress, nice beard. nice straitjacket.
    Tangling the weave.

  88. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    The front page of The National trolls the Yes movement.
    In its feature article concerning Ruth Davidson’s performance in the HoL, it gives prominence to a quote from Pete Wishart; “She fits in with the has-beens and cronies and never intended to push for change.”
    Pure trolling.

  89. Mark Boyle says:


    I’m sorry, but even as someone able to withstand levels of academic jargon considered lethal to most carbon based lifeforms, I could only manage six paragraphs of that article before my brain pulled the “don’t care” trapdoor lever.

  90. Ruby says:

    There’s an app.

    What I’m thinking might be good about this ‘free period products’ malarky is that women are going to need a toilet where they can insert their free period product. Great shortage of toilets in Edinburgh.

    Does this mean I will be able to use the loo in all government buildings & everywhere free products are on offer.

    What are the toilets like in the parliament? Is there nice soap & hand lotion?
    Have they got bidets? Difficult to be dignified when you are menstruating if there is no bidet. Is it open 24/7.

  91. Breastplate says:

    If some people are whinging about other people abusing journalists by shouting at them, I have little sympathy for them.
    I understand that some will believe it portrays the Yes movement in a bad light, we will be portrayed in a bad light by the Unionists no matter what.

    Compare and contrast how other journalists have been treated by the Unionists, Assange is still being tortured in confinement and Craig Murray was incarcerated as quick as you like for being inconvenient journalists.

    If people shout at Establishment lackeys in the media to vent their spleen, it’s no great surprise really.

    Mountain and molehill come to mind.

  92. Socrates MacSporran says:

    If “Ruby” did add “Tuesday” to give her a full name on Wings – might it be a prelude to a goodbye?

  93. robbo says:

    Looking at that picture re the unionist agitator. I’m not convinced myself? The ears are slightly different shape. I know slightly different angles but left picture there’s a sharper angle on ears to the one on the right which is more rounded at top.

    Anymore pics around?

  94. Republicofscotland says:

    What an arrogant pr*ck Frost is leaving this sordid union is for the people of Scotland to decide not f*ckin Frost. This is what his kind thinks of democracy for Scots.

    “THE UK’s former Brexit negotiator and vocal Liz Truss supporter has described the idea of Scottish independence as “morally wrong” and called for devolution to “evolve back”.

    “He includes a plan to make independence “impossible” to achieve, by introducing legislation demanding three-quarters of Holyrood seats are pro-independence over the span of a decade.”

    “Other proposals include changing UK Government language to stop referring to the “four nations” and instead describe the UK as a “unitary state”, and reminding the SNP that the Scottish Government is a “subordinate entity”.

    “Lord Frost adds that the “devolution settlement is not written in stone” – suggesting that as it has evolved since 1999 “it can evolve back, too”.

    “The peer calls for the new prime minister to “police” boundaries between reserved and devolved matters more severely, stopping Holyrood from straying into “foreign relations or immigration”.

    “Lord Frost goes on to offer a plan to stop independence from effectively ever being achieved. . I would suggest 75%b of seats in the Scottish Parliament in favour of independence, over a 10-year period, legally binding. Without that, a referendum should simply be impossible.”

  95. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    19 August, 2022 at 10:22 am

    What an arrogant pr*ck Frost is leaving this sordid union is for the people of Scotland to decide not f*ckin Frost. This is what his kind thinks of democracy for Scots.

    If you’re in any doubt, Frost Tweeted… “Huge congratulations to everyone from the British negotiating team from 2020 who received an honour this New Year. I’m very glad to see proper recognition for those who worked so hard and did such a brilliant job for our country. They really deserve it.”

    What kind of arsehole thinks the Brexit Negotiators did a brilliant job with Brexit?

    They handled it better than Sturgeon’s flunkies right enough, but we’re still very much in barrel scraping territory…

    Just my personal view, but I’d get all these Tory arseholes running on loop 24-7, maybe with some Royal guff thrown in for variety, bereft of irony, like tin-pot dictators preaching to the world about democracy. They’ll recruit more YESSERs than Sturgeon’s Taliban ever will.

  96. Luigi says:

    Things are about to get really nasty and strong leadership will be required. It;s going to be brutal – definitely not for the faint-hearted, but there is also great potential to grasp the indy nettle and do something historic. Is Nicola Sturgeon up for the fight, or is she allergic to nettles, can see the writing on the war and is desperately searching for an exit ramp? We shall find out very soon methinks. No more photo opportunities, no more political posturing. No more “Look how great I am!”, whilst doing nothing. It will no longer cut it. One way or another, something is going to give. Create a vacuum, and eventually someone strong (good or bad) will step in to own it. Just saying. 🙂

  97. David Thomson says:

    I read Craig Murray alleges £200,000 of the missing £600,000 was diverted to Angus Robertson’s Progress Scotland.

  98. Alf Baird says:

    Republicofscotland @ 10:22 am

    “Lord Frost goes on to offer a plan to stop independence from effectively ever being achieved.”

    Yes RoS, much as we can see from such remarks, and as postcolonial theory reminds us, ‘colonialism is force’ and ‘geographic violence’. A fowk dae hiv tae dae whit thair telt, or else!

    Which is why the UN describes colonialism as ‘a scourge’, a form of punishment, which should be ended. Hence the purpose of self-determination-independence, which is decolonisation, and liberation from oppression.

    On the question of what is or is not ‘moral’, we can also see here that colonialism, which we might wish to remember is devoid of any human values, “takes refuge in a hypocrisy which is all the more odious because it is less and less likely to deceive” (Cesaire)

  99. Nally Anders says:

    Women’s Rights Demo, a reminder, please attend if you can.
    Thursday 15th September @ 11.30, Holyrood.

  100. Desimond says:

    Looking at the 2020 and 2021 Finance reports thing that struck ( bar highlighted items)…the removal in 2021 of “All leavers blamed Covid” excuse.

    I was first wondering if the 2020 statement actually meant “All those who actually told us why they left” but then the 2021 lack of such a statement makes me wonder if they no longer liked the answers they were hearing in response to the question.

  101. Ruby says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    19 August, 2022 at 9:13 am

    If “Ruby” did add “Tuesday” to give her a full name on Wings – might it be a prelude to a goodbye?

    Who could hang a name on me?

  102. Big Jock says:

    Breastplate. I agree, the media are best ignored. Nothing good will come from them , no matter what. They are playing Nicola like a fiddle, and she the willing fool.

    They will eat her up and spit her out, once she becomes surplus to requirements. This is a strategy. Divide the movement! We are not divided though. It is only the SNP that has left the movement. Nicola fell into the trap of disowning and condemning her own people.

    She is the lowest of the low, and needs to get out of Dodge.

  103. Muscleguy says:

    My twitter account was 2 years old last May. I got my 2000th follower earlier than that. 2.5kish now. As another Wings account (minted after your first banning). I have only been suspended once. Though I am reply deboosted.

    850 in 14 years makes you a most dull boy.

  104. Willie says:

    The SNP is now for the most part a party of slime balls.

    Not the party I was in for 37 years. Bottom feeders, jobs worth wastes of space and, liberally sprinkled with deviants.

    Mhairi Black of the you can pee beside me campaigner, Josh Mennie of the I like to feel the swish of being in nappies. What kind of people are these who hold this out to be normal behaviour. Is this the type of thinking and focus you want from your elected representatives. Somehow I don’t think so but these are very much the focuses of many within the SNP leadership.

    And all the while the focus of independence has not just disappeared but has turned against independence.

    But now things are changing. SALVO, the SSRG, Alba are coalescing to get the message out that Scotland has a constitution mechanism and an internationally recognisable one at that in th3 Treaty of Union that will allow Scotland to leave the union.

    And this terrifies the Westminster establishment because they know it is not for a Boris Johnson or any other English Map to say that Scots cannot choose, not now, not next year, or not ever. And that was exemplified by Speaker Hoyle when in a hate contorted rage he threw the two Alba MPs out of parliament before they could speak and lodge constitutional points that they had intended to make.

    And so there is a route out. The new English PM Truss can rush out some Referendum Bill to try and frustrate independence through the mechanism of a rigged franchise. But it’s not her shout and the international community will recognise this further breach by what remains of a now busted British Empire.

    The UN has a decolonisation unit and many many countries of the world are fully aware of England’s colonial past. This is the big picture. And as for the shit n pee pygmies they will not even merit a footnote in the history books.

    Salvo, SSRG – look them up.

  105. sarah says:

    @ Willie: can you put this on the next post “This what now?”, please?

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