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The Howling

Posted on January 09, 2021 by

You know everything’s definitely going swimmingly for Nicola Sturgeon when the white knight riding heroically to her defence is… [checks notes twice] Duncan Hothersall.

We’re very excited to find out what our secret plan is.

(We must apologise to readers at this point for the late arrival of this week’s typically splendid Chris Cairns cartoon, which in fact arrived entirely on time from our hard-working crayonist but which we’ve put on hold for a bit while we cover last night’s major breaking story and its immediate aftermath. Now on with the show.)

Onlookers can only speculate as to why such a frenzied Unionist as Hothersall would be so keen to keep the First Minister in office. But as this site has spent much of the last year pointing out, there’s no need to believe either Alex Salmond or ourselves if you want to know the truth about the Scottish Government’s failed stitch-up of the former SNP leader. You can see it for yourself at the click of a mouse button.

Because the Scottish Government itself has already published the evidence which proves Nicola Sturgeon definitely lied to Parliament about what she knew and when. She repeatedly insisted in the Holyrood chamber and in the press that she knew nothing until an April 2018 meeting with Salmond at her private home in Glasgow, and the Scottish Government was still sticking doggedly to that story in FOI requests as recently as a few weeks ago.

Yet the Scottish Government has also published the fact that in reality Sturgeon knew days before that, from a meeting that took place not at her home but at her office in the Scottish Parliament (and which she comically claimed to have forgotten, despite its earth-shattering revelations about her friend, colleague and mentor of over 20 years).

There is nothing to believe or disbelieve in these facts. They simply ARE the facts, as agreed by all sides in the dispute and written in the public record. What Sturgeon told Parliament was not true, and she knew it wasn’t true.

(And it’s not a trivial matter of getting a date wrong. The initial lie was told to cover up another breach of the Ministerial Code, which was itself done to conceal a conspiracy and protect the identity of a conspirator. The problem with lies is that you have to tell two more lies to hide the first one, then four more lies to hide those two, and so on until pretty much everything you’re saying is a lie and none of it matches up.)

Something else that’s written in the public record is that Alex Salmond was found innocent of every single charge of misconduct against him by a judge and jury of his peers. Yet you wouldn’t know that from the Twitter accounts of some SNP MPs today.

But the reality is that no women were “abused” by Alex Salmond and nor did he ever “admit” such a thing. The mostly-female jury found all of the women’s allegations to be false. It takes no “bravery” at all to tell lies from behind a shield of anonymity, knowing that you’ll be protected no matter what the verdict.

We do agree wholeheartedly with Blackman that they shouldn’t be “shushed”, though. They should be made to answer for their false allegations from the dock of a perjury trial, and Blackman should face a defamation suit.

Other SNP figures had a different explanation for events.

Ah, but of course. It’s all bEcAuSe pEoPle HaTe WiMmIn! (Though we should note in passing that we’re pleased Cllr Hunter at least acknowledges the existence of women as a concept again.)

It might have been better if her tweet from this morning had ended on the word “objective”, because sensible readers might feel the second part was a self-evidently absurd line to take against a man who mentored Nicola Sturgeon for the role of First Minister for years, and people who supported and defended her in that position for a long time. But it’s the one you’re being asked to swallow all the same.

Some other stupid people took even dumber angles on the same spiel.

Hmm, yes. Scottish Tories hate female leaders. Makes sense. We presume that must be the reason why the Scottish Conservatives have only been led by women for 14 out of the past 15 years, and also why every female Prime Minister the UK has ever had has been a Tory – one of whom most of the party still worships as a goddess 30 years after she left office and eight years after she died.

Pension Pete had his 2p-worth, of course (though we’d want change from that 2p):

Now that’s a particularly strange contribution. Who could he mean by “someone else”? Alex Salmond was acquitted in court of any improper behaviour and is now merely co-operating with a Scottish Government inquiry like any good citizen, so it can’t be him.

And even the normally sharp-witted academic Aileen McHarg had dismayingly sunk to Wishart’s level, on the same theme.

If Nicola Sturgeon is brought down in relation to any of this it’ll be expressly because SHE engaged in a conspiracy to imprison an innocent man and SHE lied to Parliament about it. Nobody else made her do those things. There is no “injustice” here. Alex Salmond was held accountable to the allegations against him, by a jury who (unlike McHarg) heard all the evidence, and they acquitted him. The rules should be the same for Sturgeon. If she’s done nothing wrong she shouldn’t fear the truth coming out, and she and her government should stop obstructing it.

And it probably goes without saying that Scottish political Twitter wouldn’t be Scottish political Twitter if we weren’t somehow to blame for everything.

And obviously the transactivists tried to make it all about them, as always, because nothing has ever happened in human history that wasn’t really about trans people:

(Nobody EVER asked Sturgeon to “protect” Salmond from anything. She was warned, correctly, that an investigation was being conducted in a totally unlawful manner, and was offered several alternative routes to addressing the complaints, none of which would in any way have prevented the women from subsequently going to the police.)

But the most common refrain from the intellectually sub-par was this one:

And that’s idiotic because of course, it wasn’t Alex Salmond who instigated either of the current inquiries. Both of them were the sole creation of Nicola Sturgeon, and Alex Salmond can only provide responses to them when he’s asked to.

Both inquiries are required to produce their findings before the election, for blindingly obvious reasons, so asking him to somehow withhold his evidence until afterwards takes an extra-special level of stupid, yet it was still all over the dumber regions of social media last night and this morning from people whose brains are even now sprinting in a desperate and forlorn attempt to catch up with their typing fingers.

We could spend all day quoting moronic reactions like the above to last night’s news, and we still wouldn’t have scratched the surface of it. But we can tell you this much: get used to it, folks, because the storm has barely even begun.

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    116 to “The Howling”

    1. Al-Stuart says:

      THAT idiot is one of the reasons I left Labour and started voting SNP.

      Duncan Hothershall is a good recruiting corporal for Scottish Independence.

      Yes Rev, he is an utter HOWLER.

    2. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Last night was so exciting that I scoffed all the cans I was meant to keep for tonight. That means I’ll have to go out and get more.

      I blame that Alek Sammin…

    3. Bob Mack says:

      The distress is palpable. They blame everybody but the instigator of the whole thing. Blame Alex for being accused and acquitted. Blame Wings for printing unacceptable facts.

      Blame everybody who wont shut up

      What next? Oppression? Smash your windows? How far will they go tobprotect their idol?

      Evil only thrives because good men do nothing. It was ever so.

      We have good men and they are doing something.

    4. Garrion says:

      Woah. Duncan grew a beard. That’s about the only successful thing I’ve ever seen him do. Good for him!

    5. Hugh Jarse says:

      Mony’s a heart sinking the day, watching cosy careers, a place at the trough, going down with the captain.

      Me? I’m not sure what the fecks going on, schadenfreude and hggye are going toe to toe.

    6. Mr C M Howie says:

      I sometimes feel like you’re the only sane one left Stuart, well one of a small number.

    7. Wulls says:

      “And tremble, false Whigs, in the midst of your glee,
      You have not seen the last of my bonnet and me!”

      Seldom were more prophetic words spoken.

    8. Muscleguy says:

      I’m @wingsoverecosse on twitter. I was accused as the result of one such discussion with a blinkered Sturgeonite of having ‘hijacked’ the wings name. When of course I was just one of those givng the twitler youth some whack-a-mole target hoping you could sneak back on under our cover.

      I have amassed over 800 followers since March including English Tory councillors and a couple of senior hacks. I keep getting attacked by people with less than 30 followers despite being on twitter for months. It’s like being savaged by a mouse. BTW having been bitten lots of times by mice they don’t have the power to break the skin. You need a rat for that. Been there too.

    9. Effijy says:

      Thanks Duncan the Pedigree Chump.

      Why if we trusted people like Salmond and Campbell we could
      end up a sovereign nation with no say in our future.
      Our resources could all be stollen.
      We could be dragged out of the EU against our will.
      We could be denied democracy.
      We could have a Tory Government we have never voted for.

      Thank God Duncan had saved us from all that?

      A dogs dinner.for a brain!

    10. Kenny says:

      It really is frightening to see the types of people in public office and running for public office.

      Trying to put someone in prison for something they did not do and then telling endless lies is simply wrong. It does not matter who is the intended victim.

      If it were the Dalai Lama telling lies about Donald Trump which, if uncovered, would prevent the Second Coming and The Rapture, you must still go along with right, the truth and the letter of the law.

      Not even Scottish independence is worth it. If Salmond or anyone, Sturgeon, George Galloway, Ruth “postal votes” Davidson, were to spend one day in prison after being set up through DELIBERATE PERJURY for a crime they did not commit, 1000 years of Scottish independence would NOT be a price worth paying…

    11. Willie says:

      When you read the crap that people like Hunter, Wishart and their ilk pump out you realise how thoroughly despicable they are.

      They know the game is up. They know that the extent of thuggery extant at the heart of the party is now exposed. Rotten apples rotting the entire barrel there is no illegality that the would not condemn.

      Moreover, many of their comments are hateful, spiteful and defamatory. And do Police Scotland have anything to say or do about such inciteful commentary. Incitement to hate someone is supposed to be a crime.

      Indeed, if I said wrongly that Ailleen Hunter was a paedophile who abused children such commentary could well invite some folk to take direct action against her.

      These people know what they’re doing and quite frankly they are deliberately trying to stoke hatred against an innocent man.

    12. Fairliered says:

      Garrion. He was trying to grow a moustache.

    13. Andrew F says:

      I referred to this in the “redactions” post, but I thought I’d try to spell it out a bit more explicitly.

      The reason Counsel threatened to “quit” was not because the case was unstateable (in my opinion), but because their client – the SG – was intending to mislead the Court.

      What they were saying was basically: Either you tell the truth or we will tell the world that you refuse to, but we’re not carrying the can for you deliberately misleading the Court.

    14. Kate says:

      Thank god we have you to debunk these stupid peoples words/posts.

      Just before the referendum we had a membership of around 25,000 when Nicola took over that membership jumped to 125,000 so popular was/is she.. However since 2019/20 we have LOST 50,000 members, I am one of those, as is all of my family. WHY? Because we have voted since the 70’s for the SNP to get our INDEPENDENCE, we were among the 25,000 original SNP members.. Every conference was Delight. Members were recognised & heard, & allowed to vote on any amendments being put forward..

      The STURGEON led Party, with such a HUGE membership, became distant, ignoring members, it was a closed shop… No longer the honest transparent party it was under Alex Salmond.. Alex was Marmite yes, I hate Marmite, but I love & trust Alex Salmond… I used to love & trust Sturgeon too, now I wouldn’t trust her as far I could throw her..

    15. Dave Llewellyn says:

      I notice Petes blaming all those bloggers that nobody reads again, of organising a pile-on.

    16. Sharny Dubs says:

      It’s a fare chave keeping up with it all.

      Late night last night/this morning still in my pj’s the now.

      Raised a glass for Alex,

      Raised another for Stu.

      Both malt!

      The dream shall never die.

    17. twathater says:

      As you say, that hotdogstall is supporting Sturgeon tells you all you need to know , And as for Blackman what a disgraceful accusation to level on an innocent man , so the Scottish electorate according to these associated clowns should just suck up the LIES and CORRUPTION carried out against an innocent member of the public just to keep Saint Nicola in power

      All Hail Saint Nicola and her lying cabal

    18. Cenchos says:

      I see the clones are on twitter bleating ‘misogyny’ while keeping up their bullying and hateful attack on the verdict of Lady Dorrian and the female-dominated jury. Psychological projection at its most pathetic.

      Sturgeon, Blackman and cronies, you need a new playbook.

    19. I had a debate with a woman called Alison Macafferty on twitter. I had to mute her.

      The things she wrote was unbelievable, All of it was following a tweet Alex put out himself. She is another one that said enough to warrant being sued.

    20. Meg says:

      “If an injury is to be done to a man, it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.” – Machiavelli

      This is exactly what they have tried to do.

    21. Mchaggis69 says:

      Been battling against all these zoomers all this morning on Twitter.

      The levels of blindness to actual facts is astonishing.

      One point you haven’t covered Rev is how ‘we must keep Nicola because she’s done so weel during the pandemic’.

      I didn’t vote for the SNP because their manifesto said ‘oh we’ll be good in a pandemic’
      I have had zero answers to the following questions –

      Why has Nicola Sturgeon taken over complete control of the pandemic
      Why has Nicola Sturgeon not allocated ‘independence’ to a competent Minister
      Why did the SNP not take matters forward on independence in the run up to January 2020 *when the UK left the EU* and there was no pandemic?
      Why is independence the only SNP policy that has been stalled due to the pandemic?

      Not an answer to any of them. Just repeated garbage that indy is on hold due to the pandemic… d’uh!

    22. Lady Lyon says:

      Seems his reputation wasn’t ruined enough so now blaming him for giving a requested submission to an enquiry set up to get answers for their bungled mess. The tweets fail to mention this but as Cosy feet Pete says they can only beat themselves. I suggest a good wake up slap

    23. Al-Stuart says:

      Kirsty Blackman states she doesn’t care if she is getting personal abuse.

      Her byline says she “Stands against Hate”..

      Yet she wades in, a loyal lieutenant, defending Nicola Sturgeon with her willful blindness. Blackman should know of the dark cloud hanging over Sturgeon. Yet she defends her new boss whilst maligning her old boss. Blackman conveniently IGNORES the fact the main reason Nicola Sturgeon is the current first minister is because of the support, mentorship and TRUST that MAN Alex Salmond had in Sturgeon.

      Kitsty Blackman is a disgrace. She seeks to tar a man found innocent by a majority female jury and female judge. She does this for political gain. Disgusting.

      Blackman is a justice-denier, as she seeks to ignore and distract from the emerging facts her idol, Wokeist Sturgeon is sinking in a legal quagmire of her own making.

      Kirsten, I DO care about abuse and so should you. Your words state you do NOT care about abuse. You are the very worst example of politician. Not because of gender, but because you tolerate abuse in high office of the justice system.

      I wish you no I’ll will. Just please do democracy, decency, and politics a favour and find another job.

      Unlikely as you have become a Cosy Feet Pete. You like the Westminster money and your generous U.K. pension + expenses + your indirect share of Westminster Short Money is good for your personal bank balance.

      Kirsty, you sold out the very voters who sent you to London.

      Do you remember who said that SNP MPs are going to London Westminster to settle up, not settle down?

      Fortunately REAL brave people, the ones that stood up to Westminster and actually delivered on their promise to hold a referendum in 2014 were found innocent.

      Kirsty, you are no longer an Aberdonian. You are a creature of and for Westminster.

      Worse, by denying any culpability of your boss Nicola Sturgeon breaking the ministerial code, you are aligning yourself with the worst sort of politician.

      Best start filling in your new employment resume. You are not suited to politics. I hear Aberdeen Rep are looking for pantomime villains once the Covid vaccine gets us all back to normal.

      Newsflash Kirsty, you and your ilk are the villains of this piece.

      Women who frame men for rape and try to get men jailed for female personal gain and political purposes are one of the most dangerous things a rape victim can suffer. You weaken the case for genuine sexual assault victims when you are so corrupt a politician and so degenerate a person as support, or fail to take action against those who use/abuse their gender to falsely imprison political opponents.

      Aberdeen should be ashamed of you.

    24. Strathy says:

      Alistair Davidson has been on.

      There’s a typo in his second sentence.

      He meant to put ‘like’, not ‘against’.

    25. newburghgowfer says:

      Hot an outstanding bill today, its okay though I phoned and said it was Alex S fault and they booked the late payment
      The sink is leaking and that’s Alex S fault also
      Couldn’t get the log burner to light but Alex took the blame also.
      Infact he is to blame fir Brexit and starting the riots also in Washington.
      The guy is everywhere, he is a public menace according to Chief SNP dishwasher Wet Pishfart & Krusty Whitegirl !!

    26. You know, I truly do love the open, naked, blatant, hateful manhating spewing from these bitter females, and their plentiful type, these days. The SNP has been taken over by a tiresome chatty clique of educated-beyond-their-intelligence-level manhating middle class women over the last few years, and it’s far beyond time they were run out on a rail.

      And that’s not because they’re women, it’s because they’re arseholes.

      Their self-projection of their bitter hatred of the opposite sex, onto the opposite sex, is mental. Men these days, especially working class white men (cos middle class men have been conquered and castrated), have become a catch-all (literal, liberal) bogeyman for middle class women to whine aboot, and blame everything on the (sigh) ‘patriarchy’ and (double sigh) ‘misogyny’ ‘There is still much to do!’ Nothing is ever a woman’s fault these days, it’s all because of the ‘uneven patriarchal power structure’ we operate in, even if that Scottish political hierarchy is stappit fu of women (and men, to be fair) with nary an intelligent thought troubling their pretty, creased, selfie-obsessed, selfie-serving brows from rainbow-flag-waving morning to minority-fetishising night.

      They will think nothing of spitting on any man, or men as a sex, online, yet whimper in faux-victim horror when pulled up aboot it. Awwww, poor wee princesses, it’s a wee shame, so’n it is! The rancid stink of braindead hypocrisy and manhating from middle class female quarters these days (cos I genuinely do believe working class women have more sense than the ‘strong women’ you will ‘never silence’ you see and hear and read in the media 24/7 365) is overpowering, and utterly hilarious.

      Criticise a female politician and it’s not because she’s utter scum who tried to destroy a man’s life by sending him to prison for the rest of his life with the cynical, inept help a cabal of braindead careerist female clowns…it’s because you’re a (omigod!) misogynist. Incredible horseshit, a convenient way to disregard anything said by a man, and, once again, proof of your own manhating (I hate the word ‘misandry,’ sorry, even though I use it occasionally – it’s one of THEIR words) tendencies.

      Were some of the smarmy lipstick-masticating fruit loops in the post above able to see them as others see them, far away from the blink-inducing show-me-your-policies spotlight…they would be utterly appalled, had they the sensitivity to be so. I personally genuinely believe that a woman can do anything a man can do, and just as well as we can. And that includes shutting up when talking shit, and being told you are doing so. It’s got fuck all to do with hating women, it’s got EVERYTHING to do with hating manhaters who ineptly conspire, with a pack of female supremacist simpering clowns, to destroy the lives of a true patriot and his wife (who is rarely mentioned – solidarity, alphabet sisters!) for political gain, then lying aboot it. Then baselessly smearing the man time and again from cowardly anonymity for disgusting measure.

      Women who think that criticising a woman in power is ‘misogyny’ (what is it when a woman does it? Oh aye, that’s right, ‘internalised misogyny.’ Laughable): SHUT UP. You have clearly not been told this enough in your yammering slanderous vacuous lives. There you go. Take that as misogyny, as you fucking do everything anyway, and run and squeal to your indignant arsehole pals with it to masticate on Twitter, where anybody gives a fuck aboot yer worthless opinions. You people are a total fucking disgrace. I’m not even sure you know you are, which is the sadly and blackly, bleakly funny thing.

    27. newburghgowfer says:

      Sorry red wine gets in the way of predictive text!! It was a gift from Alex !!

    28. Liz says:

      Kate says:
      9 January, 2021 at 3:50 pm

      Just before the referendum we had a membership of around 25,000 when Nicola took over that membership jumped to 125,000 so popular was/is she..

      I would dispute the reason people joined the SNP following the indyref was because of Nicola Sturgeon. The huge increase was a direct result of the loss of the vote, as was the huge increase in numbers of SNP MPs gained at the WM election the following year.

      She certainly became popular and has cultivated that.

    29. Breeks says:

      How much “bravery” does it take to fabricate charges against an innocent man from a position of anonymity, (anonymity which was a deliberate component of the conspiracy), then not only refuse to accept the verdict of a criminal jury trial where their victim was acquitted, but then perpetuate the accusations against him while the State inexplicably defends the anonymity of the conspirators?

      How can we then be accused of ‘shushing’ them, when we aren’t even privileged to know who they are, nor reveal any clue to their identity if we do know who they are?

      What are we supposed to conclude from such an outburst? That the Me-too movement is a modern day Spanish Inquisition presuming people guilty after they’ve been proved innocent in a trial by jury??? Do they trump up accusations which aren’t true too??? What an absolute disgraceful thing to say from Ms Blackman, and an insult to the women who have suffered from genuine abuse, assault and discrimination.

    30. Kenny says:

      What I find both fascinating and very concerning, is that a distant blogger from Bath is both smarter and wilier than the combined intellects of Scotland’s current First Minister and the SNP’s longest serving Parliamentarian.

      Can I buy shares in a blog?

    31. Graeme Hampton says:

      First class work as ever and I’ll look forward to seeing the work of the excellent Not Holiday boy at a future date.

    32. kapelmeister says:

      Not so much the twitterati as the nitwiteratti.

    33. Aquarius says:

      I do not think Pete Wishart is referreing to Alex Salmond at all. When I read your copy of his tweet I thought he was referring to the people who made the complaint against him. That would at least make more sense.

    34. Liz says:

      If Nicola Sturgeon does go because of this – either of her own accord or because she is forced, and we don’t get indy this year many of Sturgeon’s sheep will blame Alex Salmond and this site. They will ignore the truth that indy under NS was never going to happen anyway because Johnson is never going to grant a Sec 30. I can see them blaming him even if the she stays and SNP win a majority in May but indy doesn’t happen!

    35. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      ““If an injury is to be done to a man, it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.” – Machiavelli”

      The original version of “If you come at the king, you best not miss.”

    36. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Breeks 4:16
      It used to be the case that you were presumed innocent until proven guilty. Nowadays even if you have been found innocent, by a predominantly female jury, your are still guilty. We stand behind the criminal justice system because as a society we believe it to be fair. Otherwise what are we left with? Twitter?. We cannot pick and choose our verdicts. The man is innocent full stop. If Sturgeon keeps tarnishing the reputation of AS, I will need to relay the nine tests of a Sociopath and test them in public!.

    37. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “If Nicola Sturgeon does go because of this – either of her own accord or because she is forced, and we don’t get indy this year many of Sturgeon’s sheep will blame Alex Salmond and this site. They will ignore the truth that indy under NS was never going to happen anyway because Johnson is never going to grant a Sec 30.”

      To be honest a small part of me wants her to survive for that very reason. If she goes, we’ll get the blame and it’ll always be “You blew our hopes of indy” (unless she goes quickly enough to salvage the situation, of course) with no way to prove otherwise.

      Whereas if she stays, and is forced to reveal that she has no plan whatsoever, we get totally vindicated.

      But it’s only a small part, because I’d much rather we got independence by getting rid of her, than be proved right by her staying.

    38. ahundredthidiot says:

      If the SNP has any smart politicians they are easy to spot.

      They will be the ones keeping their distance from Sturgeon…..and quiet.

      She is the condemned, no point going down with Her ship.

    39. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I do not think Pete Wishart is referreing to Alex Salmond at all. When I read your copy of his tweet I thought he was referring to the people who made the complaint against him. That would at least make more sense.”

      Then you really really don’t know Pete Wishart.

    40. Teetering says:

      Has Gerry paid you that tenner yet?

    41. Carol Jardine says:

      Kenny @ 4.18

      Very well said!

    42. Sharny Dubs says:


      Wonder what WM approach will be to that?

      Whoever replaces NS better be savvy

    43. Boaby says:

      There are some slanderous remarks on there against Alex salmond. I thought he was found not guilty.

    44. Republicofscotland says:

      If anyone’s damaged our chances of independence its Sturgeon, not Salmond, he is infact the only FM ever to have given us the chance to leave this union.

      Sturgeon’s lies and deceit have led her to this position, its got nothing to do with Alex Salmond that she’s now on the verge of being exposed for what she is, and what she’s done.

      The trans community are upset that their champion Sturgeon, has been found out, and will soon be gone, that’s why they’re lashing out at an innocent man, who’s now trying to reveal the truth.

    45. stuart mctavish says:

      many of Sturgeons sheep will blame Alex Salmond..

      He certainly picked an interesting time to find his voice, so its a hell of a shame, given the special defence of consent, that it didn’t seem to contain much in the way of humility.

    46. Terry says:

      All these snp politicos know the truth – and they have done for quite some time, I bet. Maybe not in the details that are coming to the fore but enough to know that it’s a stitch up.

      Like the unravelling of Trump support in the USA though the fence sitters will start to shift soon. Those that have spoken out – we all know the good ones – will be joined by the quiet ones, plus a whole heap of rats deserting the sinking Murrell ship.

      Some will go down with the ship – but so far there seem to be precious few – as in Kirsty, mhairi H, Humza. They backed the wrong horse for whatever reason. It will be interesting to see how the others pivot when the game is truly up. Expect Pete Wishart to suddenly remember how wonderful Alex was/is or some such guff. But what matters to Pete isn’t the truth, nor independence, no – its pete’s pishy pension pot.

    47. Boaby says:

      Mchaggis69 4.05, yes they did’nt put the brexit negotiations and withdrawal on hold due to the pandemic, but they expect us to. The murrells and their tractorius pals can GTF.

    48. Kenny says:

      If she goes, we’ll get the blame and it’ll always be “You blew our hopes of indy”

      ..and if there’s anyone who reeks ungracious, ignoble defeat, more than your average, snotty-nosed playground bully, it’s Nicola Sturgeon. Already she’s greetin’ “Covid!” “Covid!” and hiding behind the pandemic whenever anyone points out her inconsistent answers when the questions get round to Salmond stitch-up.
      I mean, what an embarrassing lack of integrity she has, that she has to big herself up when the going gets tough? “I’m doing all this martyring for Scotland”.. Why doesn’t she just… No. She’s not made of that type of right stuff. She’s a coward, the very worst type of “Oh, leave me alone, will you? I have a headache!” mealy-mouthed, non-leader on the planet – a blame-apportioner – and we’re fricken landed with it..

      Will the bookies give odds on the Murrells publicly slating each other when the game’s finally a bogie for them?
      “It was him!”
      “It was her – and she made me do it!”..

    49. Davie Oga says:

      stuart mctavish says:
      9 January, 2021 at 4:55 pm
      many of Sturgeons sheep will blame Alex Salmond..

      “He certainly picked an interesting time to find his voice, so its a hell of a shame, given the special defence of consent, that it didn’t seem to contain much in the way of humility.”

      I though his statement dignified, concise, and on point. The FM, her Chief of Staff, and other members of her inner circle, told a pack of lies in order to try and put him in prison for the rest of his life.

      And your contribution is that he should have been more humble?

    50. Boaby says:

      ‘Expect us to put independence on hold’

    51. Republicofscotland says:

      Playing devils advocate for a moment, what if Sturgeon were to suddenly realise the only way to save her reputation, was if she came out and said that May’s elections will also double up as a plebiscite for independence.

      One would that be enough to keep her in the FM’s position until May, and two, could we trust her to carry it out.

      Just a thought.

    52. kapelmeister says:

      Mhairi Black refrains from tweeting directly about developments but has retweeted Blackman’s “patriarchy and misogyny” tweet without adding comment.

    53. Lothianlad says:

      Given the number of times I have been banned from commenting on so called pro indy sites stating the disgraceful way AS has been treated and the incompetence of NS, this post is especially satisfactory.

      That’s because, when the unionists, and there SNP allies like wee pishart come out in open panic mode about AS, then their agenda has been exposed!.

      Sturgeon and her wokarati are toast!

      She should in my opinion move to another public building located in the west of Edinburgh were they dont serve Alphabet soup on a daily basis!!

    54. stuart mctavish says:

      Dave Oga

      Yes, and with better timing.

    55. ScottieDog says:

      What a surreal world.
      Well that’s it, anyone calling for Prti Patel”s head is a misogynist

    56. David R says:

      I’d like to think that the comments from the SNP leadership and their supporters is a surprise however it is unfortunately what is expected from Scotland’s political class. Trying to turn this into a misogynistic attack by the patriarchy is unfortunately nothing surprising either. Symptomatic of identity politics, something that has become the focus of politics in Scotland.

      It’s only since the referendum that I have ever questioned if an independent Scotland would be beneficial to everyone. As the new wave of SNP and pro indy ‘progressive’ politicians become ever bolder it is easier to say no unless new voices and leaders step up.

    57. Subrosa says:

      Pete Wishart stabbing the man who handed him his long career as an MP? No surprise there. I was present when he was selected as the candidate for North Tayside in 2001. None of the delegates knew he was standing, not even the constituency chairman, so he wasn”t even on the printed ballot list given to delegates. Once others had spoken John Swinney brought him into the room. Wishart must have been there with the approval/assistance of Alex Salmond. It was so farcical that some thought he was there to give us a wee tune at the end of a couple of hours of listening to speeches.

    58. Peter S says:

      For goodness’ sake – is any of this getting us any closer to Scottish Independence? Get real, folks, and keep your eyes on the ball!

    59. Andy Ellis says:

      @Peter S

      *WAH* *WAH*


      *WAH* *WAH*

    60. Heaver says:

      “Peter S says:
      9 January, 2021 at 5:45 pm
      For goodness’ sake – is any of this getting us any closer to Scottish Independence? Get real, folks, and keep your eyes on the ball!”

      There’s zero chance of independence under Sturgeon. We’ll be well rid of her.

    61. Thomas says:

      Stu, you at your truly best, loved that piece. As usual, surgical criticism of the First Ministers wrong doing.

    62. Andy in Germany says:

      To be fair, this is fairly similar in tone to any attempt in my field of social care to try and get more help for men or boys, not from my colleagues, but from “campaigners” and government officials.
      The only difference is that in this case they went for a target that could fight back.

    63. Bob Mack says:

      I reallydont understand why Nicola supporters are up in arms about this. This whole business revolves around meetings at which other witnesses were present(apart from one I think).

      They were there. They know what was discussed and by whom.
      They can verify it. Aberdein already did so in court, and so did Murrell at the Inquiry.

      Given that,what do they say Alex is actually lying about?

    64. holymacmoses says:

      There is an article about Mr Salmond and his ‘claims’ against Ms Sturgeon written by Andrew Learmonth and published in The National today; I was struck by the following sentence:

      ‘In January 2019, the Scottish Government conceded its investigation of Mr Salmond had been unlawful AND tainted by bias.’

      I would read that sentence as meaning that there were TWO reasons for the Government concession.

      However, the simple fact that contact took place was enough to knock down the process as a whole. This was the sole point the government conceded on, but it was a fatal one (quote from BBC

      Just because the ‘tainted’ bias was the one the Government conceded on, is it probable that the whole proceedings against Mr Salmond were actually ‘unlawful’ , and that being ‘unlawful’ was the foremost reason for the Government losing the Judicial review, regardless of what they decided to publicly concede on?

      This sort of obfuscation of the truth is a fingerprint of much of what has gone on in this disgraceful affair.

      Surely the very act of leading her Government into a judicial review having been legally advised that ‘investigating’ Mr Salmond in this way was totally unlawful is a complete breach of the Ministerial Code which is why Nicola Sturgeon sticks to the ‘tainted’ lie

    65. James Barr Gardner says:

      Here’s freedom to them that wad read,
      Here’s freedom to them that wad write,

      There’s nane ever fear’d that the truth should be heard,
      But they whom the truth would indite.

      Robert Burns

    66. kapelmeister says:

      Peter S

      “…is any of this getting us any closer to Scottish independence?”

      We might be going parallel to the goal right now, but it has to be done to get us back on the indy road that Sturgeon led us off.

    67. ALANM says:

      I suspect what we’ve seen and heard so far represents the tip of the iceberg. There’s still a chance that when all the facts are eventually brought into the public domain Sturgeon will be hauled before the courts and judged by a jury of her peers for the part she’s played in this whole stinking affair. I’m not holding my breath though.

    68. Davie Oga says:

      Peter S says:
      9 January, 2021 at 5:45 pm
      “For goodness’ sake – is any of this getting us any closer to Scottish Independence? Get real, folks, and keep your eyes on the ball!”

      No. But it’s not taking us further away. The FM said she would do nothing about independence until the economic effects of Covid have been dealt with. That’s not anytime soon by the way. Then again, maybe I’m wrong because you can’t believe anything the FM says.

    69. Nell G says:

      WhoRattledYourCage@ 4:14

      Beautiful rant!

      “And that’s not because they’re women, it’s because they’re arseholes”

      Couldn’t agree more.

    70. ahundredthidiot says:

      Whitehall tonight……’right fellas, time to go to Plan B, we’ve squeezed that asset for all it’s worth and we knew this day was coming, so let’s go, make it count for GREAT BRITAIN!!!’

    71. Strathy says:

      Terry at 5.02pm.

      Absolutely right, Terry.

      The very small number prepared to argue for Sturgeon speaks volumes.

      The rest are staying close to the railing and getting ready to jump.

    72. Desimond says:

      Gerry quoting ‘entitled’…now thats funny!!

    73. Bob Mack says:

      Nicola. ” I want an Inquiry”

      Inquiry__ ” Can we have the paperwork? ”

      Nicola ___ ” Everything ”

      Inquiry____”Were still waiting”

      Inquiry _ ___ ” We want evidence from Alex Salmond”

      Nicola supporters__ ” Alex has picked the wrong time to give

      Inquiry___ ” Nicola were still waiting”

      Nicola_______ “Right everybody remember the misogyny line”

    74. Frazerio says:

      To Peter S, is any of this getting us closer to independence?


      Next question.

    75. ian murray says:

      An innocent man could have been put in jail FFS
      Hell mend those responsible
      but in the meantime
      If you fly with the crows…..

    76. Desimond says:

      Has oor pal Kez posted anything meaningful on this one yet?

    77. Davie Oga says:

      Hopefully the men in grey, backless, split thigh, pvc, dresses have a word with The FM this weekend.

    78. Mark Russell says:

      “…Alex Salmond was acquitted in court of any improper behaviour…”

      Acquitted of all criminal charges, surely? Not sure his wife would consider his behaviour appropriate or proper, even though it doesn’t concern some.

    79. Bob Mack says:

      The stunning arrogance of those who believe a man has no right to put his side of things from his viewpoint especially when asked by an official Inquiry is beyond the pale . More so when he truly believes it was a concerted effort by those in Government and his own party.

      Improbable? Julian Assange might differ.Why is he locked up?

      He too was accused of similar.

    80. Lorna Campbell says:

      I’m a woman and a feminist, and, no, I don’t like to see men behave badly in relation to women. The point here is not whether you believe Alex Salmond did anything. The point is that the procedure was flawed and partly illegal; it led to a Judicial Review which the SG lost or folded over because they didn’t have a leg to stand on. Then the whole debacle went to court – on criminal charges, this time – and Mr Salmond was acquitted. What is about being acquitted that these people do not get? Do they want the law to prosecute and convict regardless of evidence? Kangaroo Courts, perhaps or the Twitter wars beloved of the vicious trans lobby against offending menstruators?

      Something other than those women’s complaints – because, quite frankly, I have seen precious little empathy for women anywhere in the SNPG, natal women, that is – triggered the procedure which was retrospective, flawed and illegal in parts. Was this an attempt to keep him out of front-line politics, because I can think of no other trigger that would elicit such a response, that appears to be: get Salmond, however you get him. Something here just does not gel. Let us, for just a moment, ponder on the question of the SG knowing full well that the procedure was believed, by Mr Salmond, to have been flawed and at least partially illegal…why would you then not consult your legal advisers? Why would you continue, single-mindedly, to pursue your allegations through to a Judicial Review, then on to a criminal case, knowing that the case was already lost?

      I would suggest that this mindset is entirely consistent with the mindset on other equally contentious issues: GRA Reform and the Hate Crime Bill. These two went out to consultation, but, when the exercise did not meet the ‘my way or the highway’ criterion, it is the highway for those of us who oppose them. It is a pattern that has shown itself increasingly since 2014: open goals and wasted opportunities. Arbitration would have been the best bet in the Salmond case, but that was eschewed in favour carrying on with a flawed and illegal procedure. A bit like the S30 Order: even though you know you won’t win, you keep on…and on…and on.

      Mr Salmond has been called upon to provide a narrative to the inquiry, and, yes, he was obliged to offer that evidence. It is debatable whether he would have gone for the jugular, however, had the FM shown that she was going for the jugular of the UK. I hope the Rev doesn’t class me in this idiots category, but Mr Salmond never struck me as someone who would take vengeance to the nth degree if it would harm Scotland’s cause – at least, he might have stayed his hand. However, again, the opportunity was not taken, and was lost, so it remains to be seen whether the independence question will go down the tubes at the 11th hour. On the other hand, if the FM does fall – and we can’t assume that she will because Nicola Sturgeon is no pushover – Alex Salmond, Scotland’s Comeback Kid, might be waiting in the wings to fill the void, squaring the circle, as it were.

    81. holymacmoses says:

      Mark Russell

      Acquitted of all criminal charges, surely? Not sure his wife would consider his behaviour appropriate or proper, even though it doesn’t concern some.

      A man’s complete history of misdemeanours lined up in a court of law over a period of a few hours after 43 years of public life – I hope the reprise of your existence (when you’re coming up 70 years) looks half as good as Mr Salmond’s does.

      let he who is without sin cast …

    82. Vestas says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      9 January, 2021 at 4:31 pm

      ““If an injury is to be done to a man, it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.” – Machiavelli”

      The original version of “If you come at the king, you best not miss.”

      “The Prince” is a free download for all sorts of formats (Kindle/ebook/epub/etc).

      Its still an educational read after these many years. If only in some parts because life is cheap.

    83. Duncan Clark says:

      Sixteenth Century Florentine politics were perhaps more honest than today.

      Still remarkable that a book written so long ago is still valid, and that the middle class gradualists who might actually have to do some work after Indy, hate people reading it. But they hate the very thought of working class people being smarter, well read and more experienced than them.

      Can’t have the plebs reading their guidebook!

    84. Polly says:

      Exactly as you state. The other responses you quote above are par for the course to the individuals concerned but I’m hugely disappointed in Aileen McHarg, someone I normally admire greatly and who is usually the last person I would expect to come out with such a disingenuous statement. She doesn’t have the excuse of stupidity or lack of insight, or bias against independence, some others have, and though she may be a feminist and supportive of Sturgeon, she has clear vision when it comes to some of the trans agenda, yet now still holds to the trope the only reason a female leader might be brought down is misogyny. That’s just deeply disappointing in someone of her calibre after everything we’ve learned over the last two years.

    85. ScottieDog says:

      From derek Bateman..
      “ Nobody needs to buy into any specific leader but they have to support the cause. When you have a global leader admired by countries we will need for help, with massive domestic support and all signals flashing green, it sounds like an MI5 plot to bin her.”

      Didn’t think he would get it 180 deg wrong, but there ya go.

    86. Mist001 says:

      So NOW we know why the SNP didn’t have a ‘Plan B’. It was Alex Salmond and The Rev who had it all along!

    87. Bob Mack says:

      Re Derek Bateman,

      I fail to see how M15’or MI6 created this scenario. This was manufactured at Holyrood and Bute House. Whitehall told Evans not to do this. Sturgeon had to agree to it and sign it off.

      Ultimately only one had the power to allow the change. Therefore either she is the Mi5 plant or just incompetent.

    88. shug says:

      So now we have to watch the the SNP leader launch another pack of lies as her attack dogs refer to AS as the offender as we listen to the evidence of the alphabet women without the defense evidence.

      I just don’t see how they are not going to blow their own cover and for what. Advancement in a party that has just shot itself in the foot at the point of victory.

      I can see if Westminster really has dirt on Nicola it will be coming out soon.

      The best quote yet I have seen is “I don’t care about Salmond or Strugeon, I care about independence”.

      So who will be taking us into the election.

      I totally get Sturgeon being against covering up the complaints but actively encouraging them and leaks to the Press – a conspiracy!!!

      For a lawyer to get involved in that beggars belief. Makes Trump look quite sane really.

    89. Big Jock says:

      This narrative really angers me.

      The reason courts exist is to prove people innocent or guilty. Salmond is not guilty. That’s what months of legal evidence proved. There are people out there, who think their opinion on someone is more important than legal facts.

      I just can’t get my head around how bitterly moronic these people are. An innocent man proved his innocence, but they still want to hang the man.

      Sturgeon in the other hand is guilty, but they think that’s not important because she is a female! FFS.

    90. Iain More says:

      That looks like libel by

    91. Iain More says:

      That looks like libel by Blackman. Where was she when the jury threw out all the charges against Salmond.

    92. Iain More says:

      Gerry Hassan is showing once again what a truly poisonous little shit he is. Who is that turd Davidson?

    93. Colin Alexander says:

      Sturgeon and her govt are colonial administrators, not champions of Scottish sovereignty.
      That’s why I want Sturgeon gone ASAP.

      I admire that Salmond EVENTUALLY tried to establish an independent parliament even though it was a crazy idea of a sort of quasi-independent Scotland that would still be ruled by the UK’s economic policies that the Scot Govt White Paper argued for.

      But, Salmond was the gradualist that introduced the indyref policy and binned the policy of of an electoral mandate for independence. He’s the guy that put Sturgeon into power with his ringing endorsement because he wanted to block those with more socialist ideals.

      Under Sturgeon, we get social justice window dressing. The SNP only look good cos the Tories and Labour went Gestapo in their levels of cruelty towards the poor, sick and disabled.

      Sturgeon talks the talk about a fairer society, social justice and land reform. She talks the talk about independence. She talks the talk about green issues. But, it is largely talk and a wee bit of tinkering at the edges.

      The reality is appeasement of the rich and powerful, keeping the middle-class sweet knowing most of the poor won’t vote Tory, whilst forcing an extreme sex based ideology.

      And a govt based on who shares her ideology, or spineless jellyfish politicians who will go along with whatever her agenda is, when her Cabinet should be based on ability and acumen: people who can lead us to freedom from the corrupt rump of British Empire and Crown of England.

      As for indy, that’s only mentioned when it’s election time. Then binned again.

    94. Hatuey says:

      God, Wings, how do you cope with the constant attacks from these twisted bastards? You deserve a medal for your bravery and perseverance. Honestly, we would be at a real loss and these lying pigs would get away with all sorts if you didn’t do this.

      Anyway, it struck me that I overlooked the importance of the legal advice and the requirement that the government acts lawfully at all times. If we imagine that there’s an order of importance when it comes to breaking the ministerial code, failing to act lawfully must be considered the most important requirement of all – otherwise, why would they have a whole department of legal advisors?

      We are starting to piece together the case for a conspiracy at the heart of all this. The question of when Sturgeon found out about the investigation and allegations in respect of Salmond would be an easy question to answer in normal (innocent) circumstances. As I said before though, it’s a bit like asking Brutus when he heard about the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar.

      Everybody who defends this regime is compromised and they are destroying their cherished careers with every syllable of support. Let’s not forget those who are staying silent, though. There’s a lot of them. They know the games up for Sturgeon.

      The scales tipped against Sturgeon in the last 24 hours. I’ve never been so certain of that. Rest assured all of those who hoped that she’d somehow deliver on indyref2; it was never going to happen anyway.

      Some people seem to be able to judge Sturgeon in isolation of the facts of the Salmond scandal, and I couldn’t do that myself, but even if you put this murky business aside, her record on everything from Brexit to covid-19 is abysmal.

      Sturgeon is a failure and a loser for a wide variety of reasons. She’s possibly really damaged our chances of independence too; the argument that we need a section 30 is critically injurious to our position.

      The only thing she has going for her is that she isn’t Boris. The polls are picking up on that but Joanna Cherry isn’t Boris either. Whoever takes over won’t be Boris.

    95. Alf Baird says:

      “the intellectually sub-par”

      That appears to be what we’re dealing with here Rev, and it well explains ‘their’ chaotic confusion and aloof denial of reality, well spotted.

      Some may blame cultural imperialism and with that Scotland’s imposed monolingual Anglophone education system which “introduced a schizoid element into the national psyche” (Purves 1998).

    96. Terry says:

      The Spectator is now running the full version of Alex statement

      Surely the cat is well and truly out of the bag? No doubt the deluded will be screaming Alex is a Tory now or some such drivel cos the Spectator has printed it.

      Nicola’s fans in englandshire don’t possess the same emotional blinkers as the Scots fans so Their reaction will be interesting. Time for the like of James O’Brien to read this site.

    97. Effijy says:

      Separate figures published today by U.K. Statistics Agency
      show that deaths with Covid mentioned on the death certificate
      and additional data deaths (Excess Deaths) add up to more than
      95,000 U.K. Deaths.

      The rate of excess deaths is the highest since 1940 during the war.

      Roll the Tory recording of we are working very hard, we have all we need in place
      we are world leading, great opportunities ahead -Shit.

    98. ScottieDog says:

      So the NS loyals no longer get to wail at the improprieties of Downing Street

    99. paul says:

      Alf at sometime:

      “aloof denial of reality”

      Definite keeper, that one

    100. Astonished says:

      kapelmeister says:
      9 January, 2021 at 5:15 pm
      Mhairi Black refrains from tweeting directly about developments but has retweeted Blackman’s “patriarchy and misogyny” tweet without adding comment.

      How telling.

      Extreme social distancing ? Or et tu, brutus ?

      Mhairi Black by her utter failure to immediately rush to the aid of the leader reveals Nicola is toast.

      And hopefully humza useless , blackford, cosyfeet , daddybear, john nicolson and blackman will all be gone soon.

      P.S. Just found out Daddy Bear was first with an ambigous post. Karma.

    101. Effijy says:

      70,309 households have been made homeless since the start
      of the pandemic despite government pledges to prevent evictions.

      Who would have believed the Tories are just liars who don’t give a damn?

    102. Saffron Robe says:

      Well, I’m not long back from the supermarket and the story’s all over the front pages, although they’re calling it an SNP civil war. Sloppy journalism as usual. Thank goodness for Wings!

      You’re right Stuart, the storm has barely even begun. I have a feeling that the trickle will soon become a flood…

      Talking of supermarkets, there’s quite an appreciable deterioration in the quality and range of products already. Another Brexit bonus no doubt!

      As for all those chirping away at you Stuart they are just a rabble whose leader has been exposed. They are unable to accept the truth of their sequaciousness. (Thanks RobertTheTruth!)

      Does Judge Judy not say that if you are going to lie you need to have a good memory? And therefore to say you forgot is surely the most convenient excuse for a liar!

    103. James Horace says:

      I normally watch rolling news for at least an hour of every day. Sometimes BBC, but normally SKY. I dont rate these news sources above any others, but I view them as a great way of working out what the mainstream thought agenda is.

      In the background, I watched SKY today for approx 1.5 hours, sometime around lunch.

      I did not hear a single mention of the Salmond Inquiry, or a single mention of his update from last night.

      Two things may save Sturgeon as First Minister:

      1. Her popularity. It’s so high, it may be enough to see her through even the worst of storms.

      2. Lack of public interest. Covid, Trump, evil Toarys and all manner of other topics are significantly more important that the Alex Salmond inquiry, to the average man/woman on the street in Scotland today. In the last year, Sturgeon has been on the news and on the telly loads. 90% will be covid briefings. 5% chatting about independence. 4% chatting about books, GRA,and virtue signalling in other ways. 1% of Sturgeon’s time on the news will have been in relation to the Salmond inquiry. The vast majority of people simply do not care about it, or understand its complexities enough to fully comprehend her guilt. For this reason, if a vote of no confidence materialises, the Greens will safely be able to get away with saving her. Her thoughts are broadly aligned to theirs, and they dont stand to lose too much by saving her. Murdo Fraser and Jackie Baillie may be a bit annoyed, but this will be the extent of the reprecussions.

      I have said it before, and I will say it again.

      Sadly, I have full faith in Nicola Sturgeon surviving this.

    104. wee monkey says:

      Effijy says:
      9 January, 2021 at 9:06 pm
      70,309 households have been made homeless since the start
      of the pandemic despite government pledges to prevent evictions.

      Who would have believed the Tories are just liars who don’t give a damn?

      Even by your usual standards …..

      Perhaps an indy Scotland could copy the French winter social laws? That’s in full not the usual cherry picking

      Oh did you mean 70k in Scotland??

    105. dakk says:

      So that’s it.

      No secret plan.

      Who knew?

    106. Mc Duff says:

      Rev you are worth your weight in gold. Your tenacity and determination to expose the truth is inspiring.
      Regarding Salmond`s response to the enquiry and specifically Sturgeon`s statements, it came across to me that she was reporting back to someone after contact with AS and basically being told what to say.
      Maybe I`ve read too much into it, and yet….??

    107. Harry mcaye says:

      Scottie Dog – An excellent point. Presumably anyone who ever spoke out against Margaret Thatcher was only motivated by misogyny? Blackman and Black would be stumped if you put that to them. There’s a whiff of men haters about them, which is ironic. I’m taking a break from Twitter. I spent most of the morning thinking, maybe we are too stupid…

    108. TruthForDummies says:

      Thanks Stu for your bravery in exposing all this. And thanks for standing up for justice and truth.

      The #IStandWithFM hashtag is doing very poorly on Twitter #MarkHirstIsInnocent a couple of days ago did a lot better.

      If I Understand the story correctly ….

      Ms H Is thwarted in her attempt to be selected as an MSP candidate.
      Salmond did not support her so she is annoyed with him
      Ms H approaches McCann with her story which turned out to be made up
      McCann says thanks a lot we will keep this to be deployed later

      LATER happens
      Why? Is supposition the story is a bit light on motive here
      Salmond at RT, Salmond backing someone to challenge FM ???

      McCann has told Murrell his boss about the allegation
      So they start a retrospective complaints process so they can use the allegation to knobble Salmond
      They get the civil service to create this process under instruction of NS
      NS hands over accountablity for dealing with harassment breaches of ministerial code to Lesley Evans. So NS can have deniability and tell everyone she wasn’t involved

      They then ‘deploy’ Ms H’s allegation
      Some years b4 a civil servant reported an incident with Salmond which the civil service dealt with satisfactorily at the time. The conspirators include this case.

      Salmond is informed of the allegations and organises a meeting for Aberdein with NS and NS’s chief of staff in Holyrood 29th March to set up a face to face for Salmond and NS.

      At the 29th March meeting it is arranged that NS and Salmond will meet at NS’s home
      This 2nd April meeting took place Included at the meeting was Salmond, Aberdein, NS and NS’s chief of staff.

      *****Why were these meetings Not minuted they were clearly government business as a civil servant was present ***** Breech 1 and 2

      Someone from NS office leaks the details of the allegations to the Record. As previously reported NS chief of staff Liz Lloyd and Davie Clegg are close. Breech 3

      They panic and realise that they haven’t followed proper procedure, by not recording and minuting the March/April meetings, so they try to cover up the first meeting because if the meeting at the house 2nd April was arranged by NS’s chief of staff then that meeting 2nd April was clearly government business. So they try to remove the 29th March meeting from diaries etc and NS lies to parliament Breech 4

      The government are advised they’ll lose the review case but they continue playing for time
      The new plan is to get Salmond charged b4 the review case collapses. If he’s charged then the review won’t happen.

      Motive : They want Salmond charged to prevent losing the judicial review. Bizarrely this is probably the motive jail an innocent man because you bungled an investigative process.

      Both allegations had been known about for years and no one thought them worth going to the police about…till now….

      The conspirators** and Ms H* rustle up more women so the Moorov doctrine will kick in. And no doubt pressure is exerted on the police.

      But the police are too slow so under pressure from their lawyers they have to abandon their case and pay Salmond 500k

      Lesley Evans knows about the police investigation hence the ‘win the war’ text message

      Salmond is Aquitted

      Smears continue calling in favours from government funded orgs such as rape crises.

      And here we are ….


      1. What was the original motive ?
      2. Why weren’t either meeting recorded as government business? If NS had recorded them as government business she might well be home free.
      3. Who are the conspirators ?

      * Text message read out in court regarding remaining annonymous
      ** (Murrell, Roddick WhatsApp about pressurizing the police)

    109. Desimond says:

      Bella on Twitter just went over the wall

      It’s astonishing that the only thing jeopardising a huge pro-indy majority in May should be the fractious ego of one man and a faction of the Yes movement as the SNP stand on historic polling and Yes touches 60% in the polls. The dark irony is that they have NO alternative plan

    110. paul says:

      jamee horace

      Sadly, I have full faith in Nicola Sturgeon surviving this. some frankenstienien bandaged corpse?

      Not a good look for the next interview.

    111. Corrado Mella says:

      “The problem with lies is that you have to tell two more lies to hide the first one, then four more lies to hide those two, and so on until pretty much everything you’re saying is a lie and none of it matches up.”

      Thanks for the reference to my post, Rev.
      The house of cards is falling down.

      I’ve been at the supermarket and there was plenty of bog rolls, but they were out of popcorn.

      Plot twist: Nicola falls out with Peter and supplies evidence she was forced to lie by him, things get uglier, Peter gets a long holiday at Barlinnie.
      Bad guy in the clinker, Nicola resigns clean, Joanna leads pro tempore, everyone happy.

    112. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here’s Marlon Brando with some sage advice for abody in the Yes/Indy movement right now…

    113. twathater says:

      Andrew F says:
      9 January, 2021 at 3:49 pm

      I referred to this in the “redactions” post, but I thought I’d try to spell it out a bit more explicitly.

      The reason Counsel threatened to “quit” was not because the case was unstateable (in my opinion), but because their client – the SG – was intending to mislead the Court.

      What they were saying was basically: Either you tell the truth or we will tell the world that you refuse to, but we’re not carrying the can for you deliberately misleading the Court.

      A very informative comment Andrew from someone who has legal standing and knows the mindset of the legal profession , if that interpretation is actually correct then it presents a whole new perspective of the counsels reasons for withdrawal from the case

    114. lumatrix says:

      There are two defining points that need to be made clear to the Scots people.

      1 The SNP CANNOT hold an indy ref BECAUSE they have not got the money. According to their own accounts they cannot survive another year without WasteMonster’s cash input. EOF Argument.
      (As an aside where is the SNP CEO going to get his mysterious and probably inflated beyond belief salary?)

      2. The deputy First Minister, the investigating officer and Nicola Sturgeon all know that the scope of the prospective investigation into NS is a nonsense. Alex has pointed this out. But the very fact that they all know this points to a ‘No wrong doing’ verdict.

    115. Brian says:

      Stu do you enjoy living rent free in Duncan Horsetail’s head?

    116. Neldo says:

      I mind when Davidson and his pals were “occupying” a building on campus at Glasgow Uni and making noise from the roof while students had their exams. Must be nearly 20 year ago. Middle class “anarchist” and self-important roaster. Age hasn’t improved him or given him any wisdom it seems.

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