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The Hackneyed Empire

Posted on August 12, 2020 by

It is our grave and solemn duty to inform readers that there’s been another entrant in the New Act Of Union Of The Year competition. (This is an extremely niche joke.)

The details of this one, which is arguably even more bonkers than the last one, needn’t concern us here. But they’re a reminder of something we DO need to remember.

Because as this site has pointed out before, Boris Johnson has a mandate too. He was elected, and has a huge effective majority (as he’s also supported by Labour, the Lib Dems and the DUP), on a clear platform of flatly rejecting another indyref.

Scottish voters, who delivered just six seats of that majority, have no leverage over Johnson. They can do nothing to either hurt or help him, and are therefore of zero interest to him. He is concerned with the views of the people in England who elected him, and they would regard his concession of another referendum as a total betrayal by the man who campaigned as “Minister Of The Union”.

So as the Yes movement congratulates itself on another poll showing a slender lead for independence, accompanied still by no credible plan whatsoever for securing an actual vote on the subject, it should keep reminding itself that there are two teams on the pitch and two sets of fans in the stands here, not just ours. And it’s an away match.

The other side has all the actual power, and its supporters are increasingly reminding it pointedly that granting MORE powers and MORE concessions to Holyrood has done them no good at all and only made the SNP stronger, and that they might prefer things to in fact start moving in the opposite direction. And while we’re just a slightly irritating buzzing noise in the far corner to him, Johnson cares what the home crowd thinks.

Labour and the Tories may have slightly differing views on the route, but they agree on the destination – a Holyrood stripped of any kind of ability to act on the constitution. If we don’t come up with a more credible gameplan than “yet more empty puffed-up appeals to the UK government’s sense of fair play” pretty soon, we might find that events have overtaken us.

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    1. defo says:

      Howling at the moon Stu.

      You have to try though.
      At least you have a voice.

    2. Margaret says:

      lets be honest the tories didn’t build that new government hub in Edinburgh for nothing!

    3. Doug says:

      The SNP/SG continues to play by Westminster’s anti-Scottish rules while English/British nationalists use every dirty undemocratic trick in the book.

      It’s that bloody rabbit hole again.

    4. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      I think you are right. Due to inaction on the Yes side with the SNP seemingly completely loosing interest in independence the regime is free to make its moves without effective challenge.

      You can’t really blame them without Scotland England is in a mess they need to be able to continue the theft of Scottish wealth to survive.

      The end of this is near we either make a break soon or it’s all over.

      My kids are looking at moving abroad I am probably too old to move so I can stay here looking forward to the lowest pension in Europe.

    5. Bob Mack says:

      Time is now of the essence. Johnson will make his move after trade talks with the EU are over,deal of no deal.

      It is absolutely necessary for Johnson to control Health, fishing, and farming to sell on a UK platform. He will require UK wide regulations and controls.

      People get angry when I criticise Nicola and point to the lead in the polls. They mean nothing.

      Johnson is beyond the influence of the SNP and has been for some time.

      Plebiscites , political pressure, democracy. All window dressing. Once the Tory Prime Minister makes up his mind then that is what will happen.

      People won’t listen. They think Nicola has this in the bag so to speak, but she really doesnt.

      We are sleepwalking into obscurity.

      My only hope is the court action of a renewed challenge about the Sovereignty of each Scot. It is the only exit soon to be left. I will never forgive Me Sturgeon if our freedom is lost to false belief of a Prime Minister who backed by Cummings will capitulate and roll over.

      Ask yourself honextly.Is Boris that type?

      Why cant people see this coming?

    6. Awizgonny says:

      Seeing that so much of our unwritten “constitution” is based on precedent, I think it may be time to look at how much the agreement to a Referendum by Cameron may have confirmed the right in principle for Scotland to choose to leave and to have a Referendum to make that choice. It may then enable a legal challenge to force the UK government to allow it.

      Only problem is that it would probably require clear evidence that the Scottish electorate would want to make that choice again, and opinion polls ain’t gonna swing that even if they were consistently in the 60%+ range for a Yes. It would need to be based on gaining large majorities in elections in both Holyrood and the Scottish contingent in Westminster ON THE SOLE TICKET OF INDEPENDENCE.

      But it wouldn’t hurt to at least assess the possible validity of such a future legal challenge.

    7. Al-Stuart says:

      Grim reading.

      Am just holding on for Alex Salmond’s book and all that shall flow from it.

      All the rest is like supporting the Scotland Football team for the World Cup.

      When we do (rarely) get past the starting line, you just know we are gonnae be in for a gubbing.

      Ironic, because sports metaphor asides, Scotland has ALWAYS punched above its weight on the World stage, whether that be engineering, science, invention, politics, social saftey network and a plethora of good things from our country.

      Boris, Nicola and their British Empire really are determined to keep Scotland held prisoner.

    8. Robert Graham says:

      Oh dear funny if so many people in Scotland support Bawjaws government and Tory policies what’s the problem ? ,Why are the Tory mob getting so excited I mean very few folk really want to part from dear old Blighty so why are they getting their pants in a twist , The good folk of Scotland are eternally grateful for the riches bestowed on them by a benevolent English government.

      Aye believe that load of pish if you like , I would support any opposing team or person that were playing England be it tiddlywinks or bloody ludo , aye wore a Brazil top for football & French top for the Rugby anything to see the Duckers squirming

      They want a new act of union aye right the first one would need to be dissolved first ha ha Game Set and ducking match Bawjaws , your move pal don’t take to long now we are itching for you to tear up the Act come on man hurry up , ok will we do it for you yah fat English turd ,

      The sentiments of the poster do not reflect the views of the management,

      Aye ducking right they do and with bloody bells on ,
      up yours bawjaws

    9. holymacmoses says:


      Allow your opposition the perception of victory

      Give your opposition someone to blame for their troubles

    10. schrodingers cat says:

      I hate to say this but what you say is correct.

      the rise in support for yes/snp are welcome but still disappointing we are not further ahead.

      but it is true, regardless of how we vote in an election or a referendum, bojo can still say no

      and nothing or no one can do anything about it, not even a new wings list party.

      only plan i can see is to convert the support in opinion polls into an actual plebisite, whether that be by referendum or election isnt that important.

      but on the otherside of such a vote, a no could still await.

      i hope not but that is a bridge we will need cross if and when we get to it.

    11. Vivian O'Blivion says:

      ” … slender lead for independence.” The YouGov poll has a 6% margin of victory, but polling started for 18 year olds only. Correcting to include 16 & 17 year olds (a tiresome exercise involving data mining from the Population pyramid spreadsheets on the nrscotland website) produces a margin of victory of 8%. This being the same margin of victory as the last two Panelbase polls.
      But, YouGov are not a “Yes friendly” outfit. Also, foreign nationals resident in Scotland are highly unlikely to have been included (and it would be extremely difficult to sample this category in a representative manner if you wished to include them). While foreign nationals resident in Scotland would (probably) have been inclined to vote No in 2014, “… ’cause that’s the best way to stay in the EU.”, using this logic, they would be dead cert Yes voters.
      All said the current split is probably 55:45, an exact reversal of the 2014 result.

    12. Corrado Mella says:

      I have long time given up on the pipe dream of Independence via a referendum.

      Those obsessing over it are simply enemies or ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s trying to delay the inevitable.

      It’s inevitable, because every day one more old fart dies and one fresh mind joins the independents.

      Demographics will see an ever growing majority in favour of independence, until the ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s and ca’canny fearties will be swatted away like annoying flies.

      All the while, the BritNazi Establishment will have continually (ab)used Scottish riches to finance their never-ending oil wars all over the planet, stolen all the monies they can, impoverished and polluted everything and everyone.

      Why don’t we stop this?

      It’s so damn easy.

      Stand up in the Scottish Parliament and Westminster at the same time, and say “We declare Scotland an Independent Country.”, leave Westminster, end early the current Scottish parliament and call for new Scottish elections on a pure proportional method.

      Who’s got the balls?

      Come on, you feckless sheep.
      Do something useful, or shut up forever.
      I’m done with grievance and pouting.

    13. Polly says:

      We knew this was coming from the Westminster crowd eventually since the Scottish tories, have been squealing this kind of thing for ages. We knew they were coming for Holyrood for a while too, it was just a matter of time. I remember some of Alan Bissett’s speeches before indyref and how prophetic his words were too, he was almost as good as your writing on it. But though Labour or LibDems would be happy curtailing powers on constitutional matters I don’t believe they’ll go all out as the tories in Holyrood will. From self interest they will have to show some fight against it, after all they keep claiming it was their baby, and know quite a number of their own voters would support independence.

      The display of tories north and south of the border today talking of taking control, looking like they’re in charge and guiding recovery efforts for that terrible train derailment was sickening. Sickening at any time of course and something they’ll do more and more, but today with that news and they use it to promote themselves and their agenda was just disgusting and infuriating. And as you say we’re no further forward yet the party who should be doing something keep trying to make everyone happy with poll numbers. But then being kept happy and upbeat seems to be what a lot of yessers want.

    14. P says:

      You’re right again

    15. PaddyT says:

      Good luck with begging the English for your freedom, you will be waiting some time then.

      “Apostles of Freedom are ever idolized when dead, but crucified when alive.” – James Connolly

    16. schrodingers cat says:

      btw stu

      regardless of the laws

      might is right, if we get to that point, and wm decides to get belligerent

      you could well be one of the 1st to feel the effects of this. take care stu, you have few friends in westminster

    17. Breeks says:

      Events already have overtaken us. Scotland’s “Government” voluntarily capitulated to Scotland’s unconstitutional subjugation and the overruling of Scotland’s sovereign democracy.

      We should all feel properly aggrieved about that, because it has set a very dangerous precedent, which the aggressive colonialism of Westminster will undoubtedly fully embrace to Scotland’s lasting and permanent constitutional injury.

      It is possible the only effective remedy to undo this dangerous precedent will be to disavow Scotland’s devolved assembly, replace this failed parliament with a new sovereign Scottish Parliament, and see Holyrood condemned or impeached for failing to respect or defend the constitutional principle of Scotland’s popular sovereignty.

      We are now in the precarious position that in order to progress from here, Scotland will have to rewind, go back and retrace it’s steps and revisit the subjugation of Scotland’s constitution and the unlawful act of forcing Brexit upon Scotland.

      It is my personal opinion that the SNP’s conduct in allegedly defending Scotland’s interests has been indefensible and is nothing short of a scandalous disgrace. If only, if only, if only Scotland had defended it’s constitutional sovereignty, and fashioned it into a Constitutional Backstop which enshrined Scotland’s Sovereignty in law, then Scotland could have stayed in Europe and been recognised as EU citizens just like Northern Ireland.

      Heads should roll for the dismal failure to secure a Scottish backstop when we had all the time in the world to do it but did less than nothing, while Ireland, Northern Ireland and the EU were leading the way, and showing how Scotland might have protected it’s interests.

      To get out of this mess, Scotland MUST revisit our unlawful subjugation and contest the matter. I would rather we didn’t trust the SNP to do it on our behalf.

    18. Contrary says:

      Do people still think Boris Johnstone is going to agree to an indyref? Surely not.

      There is no book, Al-Stuart, Alex Salmond is not writing a book. And any evidence he presents to the Holyrood committe investigating those matters likely won’t be published, because of the blanket ban on revealing anything that might allow ‘jigsaw identification’ of accusers – unless, of course, you publish it in an established newspaper.

      Interestingly, re the Forward as One action that has now been submitted to go ahead, Martin Keatings has said that the Scottish Government has lodged an appeal to withdraw, and to remain neutral. What it actually means in the grand scheme of things, I don’t know, but it certainly chimes with the constant sedentary inaction we see from the SNP on anything pertaining to the constitution.

    19. Indywaspi says:

      Corrado Mella says:
      “It’s inevitable, because every day one more old fart dies and one fresh mind joins the independents.”

      Recent old fart deaths that I know of have included many independence voters – all non woke too. So good luck with your “yoof” run Scotland. Let’s see what science they can deny next – and remember you won’t be able to argue with them – it’s their feelings, you know

    20. Lorna Campbell says:

      There can’t be a new ACT of Union to replace anything because it would require to replace a TREATY. An Act is adjudicated in domestic law and a Treaty on international law. This is a massive con. If they get away with this, they will have us by the short and curlies because they will have swapped international law for domestic law and can decide whatever they like within that domestic law. International law is the only way route out of the Union, in reality; it always was. The ACTS of Union are merely translations of that Treaty, and the TREATY holds the power to free us.

      If the Unionists and rUK residents sell us out on this, I think that real strife will occur. I also believe that Johnson would use force against us if we reneged, secure in the knowledge that he would have the backing of the Scottish Unionists and most of the rUK residents. Was ever a nation so betrayed by its own and sold to the lowest bidder? Stop considering Johnson a buffoon, folks, because he is a dangerous, malevolent imperialist, and he will destroy us if that is what it takes to get England-as-the-UK on its feet after Brexit.

    21. Astonished says:

      I think you are right -Sadly.

      If Blackford utters another meaningless platitude – I may just leave the party and await Scotland’s fate.

      Polls are meaningless – its referenda that count. And we are not getting one soon.


      The SNP better act soon.

    22. johnj says:

      At leat Daisley (Is that really a picture of him?) finally got round to acnowledging the real issue.

      “The decline of the Union would bring indignity, if not humiliation, on the world stage. Brexit would be cast as an act of hubris for which the UK paid the ultimate price and any subsequent increases in support for Welsh separatism and Northern Ireland nationalism would be gloated over fulsomely. Plus, as I have pointed out before, Scottish secession is a threat to Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent.”

      And that last sentence is what this is all about.

      We’d better get ready for some tough times ahead.

    23. Bob Mack says:

      Remember when Boris said that 62% of Scottish voters were only part of the UK and the majority of the UK had spoken to leave, so he would obey that instruction.?

      He will treat a referendum option no differently.

    24. Tom Halliday says:

      With a poll last week showing 49% support for an independent England, maybe we should be directing our efforts in that direction.

    25. Muscleguy says:

      I agree with this the SNP are like rabbits in the headlamps of Bojo’s No just like they were to May’s Now is not the time. Business for Scotland think they are being canny and demonstrating just one more time that Plan A is a non starter before unveiling Plan B in order to win international support. I’m not sure how many No’s from WM will we need before that. How many mandates the SNP need to waste to demonstrate this or whether it is just another propaganda thing that ‘SNP X2 is the only way’ mathematically ignorant twaddle.

      I have utterly given up on Sturgeon’s SNP to get us Indy. The ‘we can’t have an indyref until we have recovered from the Covid economic downturn’ will become: ‘we can’t have an indyref until the No Deal Economic Shock is recovered from’ which both utterly ignore the fact that absent all the powers of an Indy Scotland & all the economic levers in our hands we have feck all influence over our economy without it.

      They are just the SNP’s way of kicking Indy into the long grass as inconvenient. Ignore the noises off from sundry SNP MP’s. They have been given license to ‘manage expectations’ to keep the gullible from getting antsy or decamping to the ISP which I have already done since my heid doenae zip up the back. I’m keep my heid Nicola and thinking seriously of chucking it all in as a bad job & going back to NZ where I grew up and still hold citizenship. Ideally the mandatory 2 week quarantine will have been relaxed by the time I do.

    26. Sharny Dubs says:

      Depressing, depressing, depressing.

      We need to stop playing by their rules, said it before and been poo poo’d, but civil disobedience is one route, not anything that can be combatted by military, but refusing to pay council tax, parking fines etc, overload the system, become ungovernable.

      We did it with the poll tax and the BBC’s illegal tariffs and we can do it again.

      Sticola Nurgeon is not our friend, she is with the forces agains us.

    27. defo says:

      You give BJ too much credit Lorna/SC.
      This is a man effectively subservient to a special adviser.
      He hasn’t got the bottle, & he hasn’t got the wherewithal.
      Will our Polis follow him? Not a chance.
      Would he send English troops? He’s not stupid enough.

      The only thing holding us back is timidity.

    28. Bob Mack says:


      A man who controls ALL the levers of the economy requires no troops or police. He already has the real power to direct and control our lives.

    29. liz says:

      Apparently they’ve started the selection process for Edin Central, even though the process for selection has been suspended and the fact that the barring of Joanna Cherry was unconstitutional.

      I despair more and more by the day.
      So far there’s about 7 wokes standing for selection including the deranged Spears.

      I will be unable to vote SNP 1 or 2 if this continues despite the polls.

    30. Gregor says:

      Polls mean nothing to the status of independence.

      Rotten British unionist overlords aim to quash Scotland’s fundamental Right and democratic will to question itself, and YOUR fundamental Right to self-determination.

      Banana UK Rules Ok…

    31. Jules says:

      Tbh any plans from Johnson or Cummings to try to emasculate Holyrood don’t bother me all that much. It might play to the Tory crowd that you refer to… and it may mean that the route to independence is not via the simple democratic route that we had open to us in 2014. But Holyrood is our parliament. It is Scotland’s institution, whether you support Indy or not. There is a crackpot 10% or so who support its demise, but for mainstream, undecided Scotland, a Boris-led Tory government having a pop at our parliament would be enough… the final straw.

      For me it would make independence wholly inevitable, much more so than it is now. So, in some ways, bring it on.

    32. schrodingers cat says:

      defo says:
      You give BJ too much credit Lorna/SC.

      you misunderstand me. i have no idea what will happen when we get to that point, I merely state that we need to get to that point.

      stu is correct tho’ bojo holds all the cards and if he says no, there isnt much that nicola or any other politician can do. whether he does or not is a different issue

    33. Ottomanboi says:

      This is the hard nosed piece on Britannica about the Union of 1707.
      [Since 1603 England and Scotland had been under the same monarchs. After revolutions in 1688–89 (see Glorious Revolution) and 1702–03, projects for a closer union miscarried, and in 1703–04 international tension provoked a dangerous legislative warfare between the separate parliaments of England and Scotland. On both sides of the border, however, statesmen were beginning to realize that an incorporating union offered the only mutually acceptable solution to a problem that had suddenly become urgent: Scotland’s need for economic security and material assistance and England’s need for political safeguards against French attacks and a possible Jacobite restoration, for which Scotland might serve as a conveniently open back door. England’s bargaining card was freedom of trade; Scotland’s was acquiescence in the Hanoverian succession. Both points were quickly accepted by the commissioners appointed by Queen Anne to discuss union, and within three months they had agreed on a detailed treaty (April–July 1706).
      The two kingdoms were to be united, the Protestant succession was adopted, and trade was to be free and equal throughout Great Britain and its dominions. Subject to certain temporary concessions, taxation, direct and indirect, would also be uniform; and England compensated Scotland for undertaking to share responsibility for England’s national debt by payment of an equivalent of £398,085 10 shillings. Scots law and the law courts were to be preserved. In the united Parliament, Scotland, because of its relative poverty, was given the inadequate representation of 45 commoners and 16 lords. By separate statutes annexed to the treaty, the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and the Episcopal Church of England were secured against change]
      Effectively Scotland and its people were bought ie sold by its ‘leaders’.
      Redemption from this monstrous crime will involve a high degree of ruthlessness no Scottish leader has so far exhibited. The English seem to manage it with consummate ease. Learnt on those playing fields of Eton no doubt.

    34. defo says:

      Elaborate please Bob.
      Will he force, say Tesco, to stop trading in Scotland? He can’t.

      Will he get HMRC to tax us into submission? Aye right, the courts wouldn’t entertain it.

      Can he control the bond markets? Again, not possible.

      How about international banking?

      Feck the cnut. Scupper a couple of Calmac ferrys at the entrance channels to Faslane as we leave, and laugh as the permanent seat is pulled from beneath him.

    35. Gregor says:

      Why can British unionists act at will, while other partners (under the same union) can’t…

    36. Ian says:

      53% after all that’s happened over the past six years. Now the UK has the highest per population Covid death rate and the worst Covid related recession by far of all G7 nations. Maybe it’ll now creep backup to 54%? Beyond belief.

    37. robertknight says:

      They created a constitutional cul-de-sac and called it devolution.

      Then they installed a puppet to keep the peace.

      Then they realised it wasn’t sewn up as tightly as they first thought, but eventually they figured out a way to solve that problem.

      And the people, they wailed and gnashed their teeth and pulled their hair and painted their faces blue and went on marches and voted once every few years.

      But nothing happened, and nothing changed, and the people in London just smiled and carried on, and their lackies in Edinburgh just smiled and carried on, and the people just smiled and carried on being shafted.

      Any ideas, anyone?

    38. Lothianlad says:

      As Always Stu, you are again 100% BANG ON the money with this one!!

      I’ve been posting for ages (since you exposed sturgeon in the post titled the betrayer ), that blindly folliwig the hush for indy crowd is pointless, and that sturgeon has No Intention of arm wrestling the uk gov!

      As the leave side managed to find a cheap slogan to repeat over and over to get its point across, it begs the question why the SNP have utterly body swerved using the dignified word Independence at almost every turn.

      I think we know why!!

    39. Albaman says:

      Dominic Cummings plan is to get Ruth Davidson into the Lords, THEN “award her” by appointing her as Secretary of State for Scotland .
      That’s something she won’t/can’t resist, if it come to pass,
      But it maybe a great mistake, ’cause she’ll probably be looked apron as a modern Maggie Thatcher.

    40. MajorBloodnok says:

      Boris’ mandate is based on the false claim that “Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP promised that the 2014 referendum would be a ‘once in a generation’ vote”. This is untrue and as far as I am concerned voids any mandate he thinks he may have to prevent any further referendum on independence in Scotland.

    41. Big Jock says:

      I think that new government hub says it all.

      You don’t spend millions on a country if you think it’s going to leave.

      My suspicion is that it’s in place to run the council’s, in the event the mps or Holyrood goes on strike.

    42. defo says:

      We know it’s a lie MB, nice to see you btw, but even if AS or NS had signed a pledge, it would hold as much sway legally as The Vow. Nil.
      Nobody mandated such a thing, and subsequent governments aren’t bound by previous ones decisions.

    43. Merkin Scot says:

      Presumably, in this game of two halves, Stewart McDonald is the Russian linesman?

    44. Robert Louis says:

      Nicola Sturgeon’s glacially slow approach to independence may well at one time in modern history, have been a solid approach. It may well have worked. Indeed, even now, it coud perhaps work, except, as recent events show us, there isn’t time.

      The notion, held firmly as some kind of virtue by NS, that she is ‘sticking to what she originally said’, is so woefully out of date, that it beggars belief.

      There isn’t time. 2021, following hard brexit, will be too late. The SNP tell us, however, that we should look at their poll lead, and that indy is narrowly in the lead, but so what?? Neither of those things alone will restore Scotland’s independence, and freedom from English colonial rule. It needs action.

      I cannot fathom why the SNP do not seem aware of all of these things. Make no mistake, the current resident of Downing street and his murderous psycopathic ‘advisor’are grade A bast***s. They will close the Scots parliament, with barely a blink of their eye. But, but, but the SNP leadership will say, ‘Boris can’t do that’, which as a notion is right up there with the daft idea that ‘Boris just can’t refuse a section 30’. He did, and he will.

      I truly despair at the dim-witted behavious of the SNP. Considering they ARE the actual Scottish government, it is bizarre they cannot see what most of the rest of us can.

      Still, instead of readying for the fight for Scotland, they busy themselves with silly legislation, that nobody wants, and importantly, they have no electoral mandate for.

      As I and other have been saying regularly for a very long time now, the clock is ticking. This is urgent.

    45. Robert Louis says:

      Gregor at 0831pm,

      Excellent post. THAT is exactly the point. Boris has ripped up the ‘rule book’, yet the SNP are still merrily playing along with how things once were.

      As I have said often, if England wanted to leave the union, they just would. No section 30, no referendum, no ‘asking Scitland or Wales. Yet in Scotland, the Scottish government are feart to even hold a referendum.

      It is pathetic. Utterly, utterly pathetic.

    46. Polly says:

      @ Cat

      ‘he says no, there isnt much that nicola or any other politician can do’

      Yes there is. Stand up and say this is unacceptable. We are having a referendum and we will be independent if the result is yes.

      You kept talking of having such faith in her and in her ‘playing a blinder’, not so sure now are you?

      The only way Sturgeon might be playing a blinder is if she knew brexit actually terrified Westminster and Boris was pushing Scotland as hard as he could, showing so much contempt for us all in order for her to do something like that, so he could then find a way of backing out of leaving the EU rather than breaking up UK. After all he never himself wanted brexit supposedly and everyone knows what a disaster it will be. If that really were the case, he’d look the hero of the UK, we’d still be in EU, lots of people would relax again and many lose interest in independence and she’d lose her one card – since it was she who made such a focus on independence if we were taken out of Europe. We here all feel that we should be independent whatever outcome, but she’s not been using that as an argument since 2016. Staying in EU would take her huge argument away.

      Now do you really think that scenario likely? One person I know does think it might be true but what are the odds really? It could account for the seeming inertia of the party in the face of all the danger coming towards us. So far as I can see that scenario is the only one where we could say she is playing a blinder and holding her nerve to the very last moment in a game of brinkmanship.

    47. Havn`t read the piece by the hack Daisley but should the headline be Treaty of Union not Act of Union,

      there were two Acts of Union one to end the English Parliament and one to suspend the Scottish Parliament,

      they had to end/suspend the parliaments in the Acts so they could procede with uniting the parliaments in the Treaty,

      or that`s my take on it but Mr Peffers would know for sure if he is still out there.

    48. kapelmeister says:

      Sturgeon gave herself away (hardly the sole occasion) when she said recently that she intended serving as FM for the full term of the next Holyrood parliament. Which means she intends leading the SNP into the Holyrood election after the next one. Which also means she isn’t planning for seriously battling for independence and doesn’t envisage Johnson changing his mind over an indyref.

      Sturgeon’s desire for a free Scotland (which desire she doubtless once had) has somewhere along the line transformed itself into a personal outlook that sees her continued First Ministership, her representing Scotland on foreign trips and her championing of woke legislation as surrogate satisfaction of her hopes for her country.

      Obviously her personal ambitions and ego have become horribly mixed up with any ambitions for Scotland and the former are now dominant. This has produced the grotesque events we have witnessed; the atrocious behaviour towards Salmond and Mark McDonald, the crude attempt to keep Cherry from Holyrood and the bottling over Brexit.

      Six years of Sturgeon has led Scotland close to disaster.

    49. Elmac says:

      Re Contary @ 7.42Pm

      “Interestingly, re the Forward as One action that has now been submitted to go ahead, Martin Keatings has said that the Scottish Government has lodged an appeal to withdraw, and to remain neutral. What it actually means in the grand scheme of things, I don’t know, but it certainly chimes with the constant sedentary inaction we see from the SNP on anything pertaining to the constitution.”

      It is worse than that. It is a deliberate spanner in the works. The SNP under Sturgeon has no interest in achieving independence, quite the opposite in fact. Money, influence and power turned their heads a few years back and what we have now is a shell of what once was a party of principle but now has a rotten corrupt core intent on maintaining their own personal income and status. This administration will never bring us independence. They will dangle that carrot on a stick for as long as they can in order to stay on the gravy train. They have long forgotten why they we put them there in the first place and all that matters to them now is themselves, not their nation. In the meantime they will lie, obfuscate, smear and connive to destroy those remaining within their party who still believe in independence. Unless this corruption is lanced in the immediate future the only way forward is for a new party to arise. We need AS, JC and their ilk to come forward and either clean out the old SNP or take us into the future with a new party, one which has independence as its raison d’etre.

      I say this with much regret. Until 31 January this year I was prepared to give Sturgeon & Co the benefit of the doubt despite serious misgivings. But for me that was the day they showed their true colours and the day my long standing membership hit the bin. I fully expected to see Scotland free itself of the vampire that is England before I kick the bucket but I now have doubts I will live to see it. However I have no doubt that day will come and, when it does, I hope that the new Scottish state will remember who did what to whom and act accordingly.

    50. bipod says:

      Off topic but the number of covid deaths has been revised down yet again in England thanks to the incompetent data gathering of PHE. It was 42,072 but is now 36,695.

      Of course the media has already established the narrative that over 40000 people died of covid in England, so its highly unlikely that the media will report this correction.

    51. Polly says:

      ‘Presumably, in this game of two halves, Stewart McDonald is the Russian linesman?’


    52. Jock McDonnell says:

      ‘The UK is a unitary state in which sovereignty rests exclusively with the Crown-in-Parliament at Westminster.’

      If its already true then a new Act is not really required, so why the panic. If its not true, saying it cannot make it so.

    53. Robert Louis says:

      Scott Finlayson at 0910 pm,

      You are absolutely correct. The treaty was agreed to by an act of the English parliament and a separate act from the Scots parliament.

      So, for Westminster to force a new ‘act of union’ ,they would need to end the current treaty of union, but can’t since if they do so, Scotland is immediately independent and Westminster has no say in Scot;and’s affairs from that point on.

      The problem with these clowns from England is simply that every single one of them has zero knowledge of the treaty of union.

      But of course the question remains, if Scotland is the economic basket case that London says it is (hint: it isn’t), then why are they so desperate to cling on to Scotland??

      No, despite their stupidity, Westminster cannot simply force a new union upon Scotland. Indeed such an action would give Scotland a direct legal route to independence, with near immedaite effect. No referendum needed. England or Westminster would have made Scotland independent by their own actions.

      So, in reality, perhaps we should encourage Westminster with their ‘new act of union’ nonsense. It gets us independent very quickly indeed.

    54. Shug says:

      Disley is a paid hack paid to scribble up any puff piece they want. He is clearly incapable of independent thought.
      I find it hard to believe all you feel about nicola but I to await the salmond book
      I think we do need to move before the year end
      Reflection on Ireland the Easter uprising was never intended to win. The purpose was to galvanise the population and the let them see how totally evil London is. The longer nicola waits the more obvious the incompetence of Boris becomes

    55. Republicofscotland says:

      Speaking of the Tories and the branch office in Scotland, it would appear the failed car sales man and mediocre politician Jackson Carlaw has been Salmond-ised, two can play at that games so it seems.

    56. Effijy says:

      Revised Covid death numbers in England.

      As they have one of the world’s worst ratios and worst economic forecast
      The Tories have to play their speciality card of Lying, Cheating and manipulating.

      So why then is their excess death rate through the roof if it isn’t due to the virus?

      Will the UK media ask this question- not on your life!

    57. callmedave says:

      BBC says:

      Coronavirus: England death count review reduces UK toll by 5,000

      WM Government data:

    58. Elmac says:

      Re Shug @ 9.27

      It may have been foolhardy but the rebels definitely intended to win. Many of them died as a result, and probably accepted that death was a likely outcome.

      I do not advocate similar action in Scotland but I just wish someone would get off their ar*e and do something non violent to stir things up rather than accepting all the sh*t that comes from south of the border. Something has to give – it cannot continue like this for much longer, the pressure is building.

    59. Republicofscotland says:

      So the referee is favouring the home side, one of the linesmen, well we know who he is, is waving his flag every time our away team makes a fair tackle, the majority of the fans are hostile, though our side of the stadium is still filling up.

      Their star striker isn’t a fans favourite but has the backing of the majority of the board, our star striker, has a huge backing but hasn’t found the net for some time and our fans might be losing patience with her.

      The game is hanging in the balance, a win for the home team knocks us out of the running, a draws no good either for us, there’s still time for either team to score the winner, but which way will it pan out?

    60. velofello says:

      Try this analogy Rev. – advised to me by my Dad, “carry your own referee son”, meaning in boxing terms, don’t rely on the judges, and the ring referee, carry a knockout punch.

      Many proIndy persons/groups have identified our knockout punch(es),we have several but why absorb the attacks and blows until the final round to counter with our knockout punch?

      Brexit is the final bell of the last round. And beyond Brexit, Westminster, not Queensberry rules, will apply.

      We need to energise the Yes movement, the SNP have troubles of their own, sad to say.

    61. Kenny says:

      Yes, London, wrest Scottish power from us, we want this, it’ll be the reckoning – I mean this.

      Or at least, I’m strangely hoping the London parties attempt to strip the Parliament from us, yes, defo, just to see what our Scottish Govt are made of. Let’s finally find out who in the SNP is for Scotland and who is against.
      I’m so cheesed-off by the whole theatre of inaction, the threats and the insults – and that’s only from some of our own SNP MPs – that I want to know if our Scots champions have the mettle, the guile and the balls to slap the English down when the die is cast.

      As I’ve stated previously; if someone holds a gun to your head, make them pull the trigger.
      What do we have to lose? a country? it’s lost anyway, and I see no plans to fight the foreigners to win it back.
      Yes, go for it, London.

    62. schrodingers cat says:

      Polly says:
      ‘he says no, there isnt much that nicola or any other politician can do’

      Yes there is. Stand up and say this is unacceptable. We are having a referendum and we will be independent if the result is yes.

      You kept talking of having such faith in her and in her ‘playing a blinder’, not so sure now are you?

      she is playing a blinder, support up to 57%. I believe she will translate this opinion poll support into a vote, either by election or referendum

      however, once we attain this point, i like stu am a realist. if bojo says no, there is nothing any politician in scotland can do.

      we on the other hand are not politicians polly.

    63. Ron Maclean says:

      Playing a blinder?

      Sturgeon’s got tired legs and nothing left in her locker.

    64. defo says:

      More like a ringer Ron.

    65. Ron Maclean says:


      Say it aint so Nicola

    66. Contrary says:

      Elmac @ 9.10pm

      Ditto. And was thinking the very same phrase of giving the SNP the benefit of the doubt up to 31st January not minutes before reading your comment. No doubts after January.

      I actually meant, though, when I said I didn’t know what it meant in the grand scheme of things: specifically in relation to the court case (I’m not sure what effect it will have in that context), that it makes the SNP look like a bunch of snivelling Westminster lackies, there is no doubt. Maybe they are just a bit short of money just now though – but I bet they won’t admit that.

      I have seen zero returns on money I put to their ‘ring fenced’ independence fund all those years ago now, and they have had plenty of opportunity, so they can go sing for any kind of understanding, support or sympathy. They peddled lies about transparency, fairer and more equal society, and an indyref, so now, as far as I’m concerned, they can either step up or step off. And there WILL be alternatives in the future, maybe close enough for your future too.

    67. Confused says:

      dang, posted on the wrong thread …

      – just out of curiosity, what is the going rate for this – slightly above average, gravitas-simulating, piece of “serious journalism”?

      (“30 pieces of silver” IS an acceptable answer in the marking scheme)

      I lived and worked in England for a period, and I must say it “sealed the deal” for me becoming a nationalist, rather than waiting around for, er ? Neil Kinnock? to deliver “real soshalism” (ohmy – the laughter in those days – it never started …)

      – after about 12 months, I was starting to think : the Luftwaffe maybe had a point …

      Sucking up to power at the Spectator, down in that London … I hope being an “intellectual catamite” is worth it for this fat bastard with serial killer eyes.

      BTW : we need to squash this “SCEXIT” meme, its bollocks.

    68. Elmac says:

      Re Contrary @ 9.10pm

      You must be my long lost twin! The “independence” funds have been purloined as you say and I hope they are suffering the severe financial draught they so utterly deserve. They have relied on conning the membership for a long time but also on a few large donors. both sources are drying up. I hope you are correct on the time scale for independence.

    69. robertknight says:

      SC @ 9:54

      she is playing a blinder, support up to 57%. I believe she will translate this opinion poll support into a vote, either by election or referendum

      however, once we attain this point, i like stu am a realist. if bojo says no, there is nothing any politician in scotland can do.”

      Oh dear God, where to begin? Immediately followed by, why bother?

    70. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      As some of you know, I’ve been analysing what would have happened in 2016, if a SINGLE Pro-Indy party had stood for election in the regional elections.

      I’ve now completed the hypothesis for LOTHIAN. What would have happened in 2016 if a SINGLE Pro-Indy party had stood for election in the region.


      Quick summary…
      2016 actual result in the regional vote:-
      Tories 3 MSPs
      Labour 2 MSPs
      Green 2 MSP
      Lib-Dem – 0

      2016, if 25% of SNP regional votes had gone to a Pro-Indy party:-
      Tories – 3
      Labour – 2
      Green – 1
      Pro-Indy – 1
      Lib-Dem – 0
      Lost 1 Green.

      2016, if 40% of SNP regional votes had gone to a Pro-Indy party:-
      Tories – 2
      Pro-Indy – 2
      Labour – 2
      Greens -1
      Lib-Dem – 0
      And we’ve lost 1 Tory and, probably Andy Wightman (Green).

      A Pro-Indy party would have to have taken 17,277 votes from the SNP to have won the last regional seat, replacing the Green. That is 14.57% of the SNP vote or 5.8% of the total regional vote.

    71. Beaker says:

      @liz says:
      12 August, 2020 at 8:19 pm
      “Apparently they’ve started the selection process for Edin Central, even though the process for selection has been suspended and the fact that the barring of Joanna Cherry was unconstitutional.”

      Never mind the MSP selection, the SNP councillors are in turmoil. What is it with these idiots? The SNP took control of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and in both cities there are questions regarding their competence.

      The councillors in the two biggest cities in Scotland are now more interested in fucking power trips and infighting.

    72. Saltire says:

      Stephen Daisley has every right earn a living sharing his opionions, but the quality of his output is woeful, lazy, right wing, sensationalist slop (in my opinion). I can’t believe I bothered to read that rubbish.

      But on reading some of the comments on here, I must be living in an alternate universe where the SNP polling at 57% and Yes at 53% plus seems to be disaster. It’s like asking George Best where it all went so wrong!

      Come on get a grip folks. Get your heads out your arses and don’t blow this.

    73. Big Jock says:

      ” I will be concentrating on the economic impact of Covid-19″

      ” I intend to serve a full term at Holyrood in 2021″

      ” A new independence referendum will be paused , while we concentrate on Covid-19″

      ” Independence will be in our next manifesto”

      ” The Section 30 is the Gold Standard and the only legal route to independence ”

      Thought I would put together a mix tape of Sturgeon’s best quotes.

      Anyone still think she will lead us to independence?

    74. Saltire says:

      Big Jock, I think Nicola Sturgeon will lead us to indpendence.

    75. Big Jock says:

      Saltire. How?

    76. Ottomanboi says:

      An excellent reminder of the backstory to the Scotland-England ‘Union’.
      Plainly a mixture of naivety, the mercenary and downright villainy.
      The English got what they wanted, a Scotland willing to sell its balls.
      In some respects, alas, little has effectively changed.
      The British State still requires Scotland be governed by eunuchs.

    77. Saltire says:

      Big Jock, by winning the next Scottish Parliamentary Election with an overall majority on an Indref2 manifesto, and maintaining a pro indy lead in the polls.

      Her performance this year has been the defining reason for the upturn in support. With an overall majority at Holyrood and majority support for indpendence, many of the options for progress put forward to date have something to back them up post 2021. I also believe AS could have led us there but he’s not in a postion to do that.

      We need to demostrate credibility to the electorate and the world. There is no shortcut, timing is everything and the time is comming, if we don’t act like the People’s Popular Front of Judea!

    78. bipod says:

      In other news the UK is now officially in the biggest recession in living memory:

      The conquences of this disaster, created by boris and nicola, will be felt for years and years to come. I have not seen the Scottish figures but given the more severe nature of lockdown and fear mongering here, compared with the rest of the UK, the economic impact here is likely worse. That means that Scotland has the worst recession in all of Europe.

      If anyone here thinks that the people are going to vote for independence when we are in the grip of such economic uncertainty then they are delusional. Just look at how effective project fear was in 2014 in the closing weeks of the campaign, and now multiply that by 10.

    79. wull says:

      Someone quoted the Britannica above as claiming that ‘staesmen on both sides’ realised that the only solution was ‘an incorporating union’. The well-named Britannica seems to me to be talking pure Brit (-annica) nonsense there. It was not and never has been an incorporating union.

      An ‘incorporating union’ means – as far as I have always understood it – that one entity is incorporated into another. So which was it? Was England incorporated into Scotland? No! Was Scotland incorporated England? No!

      No doubt, that is what Brit – annica wants you to hear: that Scotland was ‘incorporated’ into England. It does not quite say that, but that is the implication it wants you to draw for yourself. On the assumption that the smaller entity (geographically, not by much, but in population terms considerably so) must have been ‘incorporated’ – i.e. absorbed – into the bigger one (Engerland). But that is certainly not what happened, either legally or in fact.

      You could say, I suppose, that in theory both entities ceased to exist and each became a distinct parts of a new entity called the UK. They were distinct in terms of law, religion and education etc., but now belonged together within the one UK. But you cannot call that ‘incorporation’, because you can only be incorporated into an entity that already exists. England already existed and so did Scotland, but neither of them was incorporated into the other.

      Brit-annica’s use of the term ‘incorporating’ is not just inappropriate; it is wrong. It does nevertheless represent what the average English person probably presumes happened, which is not their fault because that is what they have been told. It is the assumption they have been brought up with.

      But that IS the fault of their politicians, and the whole of the establishment, who have peddled that lie mercilessly for generations until they have actually – wilfully and deliberately – come to believe it themselves. Those who want to kid themselves on are arch-deceivers because they deceive even themselves.

      The penchant of our southern neighbours for self-deception has a long, long history. Especially in regard to Scotland – Edward I, the so-called English Justinian, was a master at it. He should have been called the King of Delusional Disingenuousness. He believed whatever he wanted to believe, and once he believed it, the very fact of such belief demonstrated that it was true.

      The truth is that our English-Brit political class, of all stripes and colours, have not the slightest clue about what the UK actually is, or how it was formed, or what the legal foundations on which it rests are. Nor do they care. Because legality means nothing to them; all that matters is power, and they think they can do as they like by that means alone.

      One of the reasons there is no constitution is so that the ruling Party can basically do whatever it likes, unhindered. There are always some legal niceties to get round, but executive power always finds a way to do just that – get around them. Politics in this mentality is not about the rule of law, it is about force. Even law is simply about force (not anything inherent, like rights) – just Brute Force, in order to get whatever you want.

      However, if you believe in the sovereignty of the people as lying at the origin of all government – not just in Scotland, where it is explicit, but everywhere, even in England, despite the fact that it has been continually subverted there – something interesting happens with the famous Treaty of Union of 1707.

      No matter what the politicians of that or later times said about it, and whatever games they played, and no matter how much their own greasy self-interest was involved, the people on both sides of the border were always very clear. Neither the people of Scotland nor the people of England ever believed that their nation – their country – had been dissolved. And they still don’t.

      Try telling any English person that England ceased to exist in 1707, and see what happens. The same with any Scot (even though English propaganda has often enough tried to pretend that such was the case – especially recently, though I don’t think they ever did so in the past. This seems to me like a new gambit, full of fakery and propagating misinformation, which has only really started to gain legs – or try to, at least – in the last few years. Very much a 21st Century phenomenon, as England once again tries to do what Edward I failed to do, and what the Treaty of Union most certainly did not in fact do – that is, obliterate the Scottish nation altogether, removing the country from the map as a genuine and free political entity, reducing it merely to a land (that – such was the pretension – belonged to England or, even more specifically, the English crown).

      Read the 14th Century texts and you will see what I mean. It is incredible that an ignorant English government like Boris Johnson’s (though he did not start it: it was there already, festering away, before he came on the scene, during the past 20 years) is busy resuscitating all this ancient, centuries-old nonsense.

      By doing so, he and his pals are in fact ripping up the Union. Tearing it into shreds, even while they pretend to be ‘saving’ it. They are not saving it – they are changing it into something quite different from what it has ever been before.

      Do they know they are doing this? That is quite a question. If they do, they are taking a huge gamble. Even from their side, this is all or nothing. And they might really end up with nothing: in trying to remove and end the old Union they might very well end up with no Union at all.

      The bluff they are playing is to pretend that their new union – which will indeed incorporate us into England, and thereby reduce us to complete non-existence, so there will no longer be such a thing as the Scottish nation and people, our obliteration – they are pretending that this is what happened all along. In other words they are confusing the Union of 1707 with the accomplishment of Edward I’s project at the end of the 13th and beginning of the 14th Century.

      Historically, it is complete nonsense. But they are trying to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes, ours especially but also their own, in order to deceive themselves and the whole world that what they are doing is truly the BRITish (BRIT annica) constitution.

      The SNP should have been telling the EU that the whole Brexit fiasco was contrary to the constitution of the UK, and that they (The EU) had no right to negotiate with a government that was acting outwith its powers. If they did it – and maybe they did, who knows? – it must have been very hush hush, because we never heard a thing about it.

      Anyway, I stand to be corrected on any of the above, if I have it wrong. I do think it a telling point that neither the English nor the Scots ever accepted at the popular level – which is what counts – that their countries had ever been abolished. That border remained and still remains as real as can be. I think you could even argue the point legally, based on popular sovereignty all round … but I am not a lawyer.

    80. Big Jock says:

      Saltire:” There are no shortcuts”.

      Right now I would settle for the Trans Siberian Highway Route. It would be quicker than Sturgeon’s, hers leads to a cul-de-sac.

    81. jfngw says:

      I see Lord Hague has a three point plan to save the union, to summarise it.

      1. British Nationalism
      2. More propaganda
      3. Appoint a Westminster overseer

      It’s staggering in its quality, I don’t know how he never won an election. Hold on, yes I do, he was so bad they replaced him with Ian Duncan Smith, enough said.

    82. robertknight says:

      Saltire @10:54

      Don’t worry, like a good many who once thought as you do now, it’ll dawn on you, eventually.

      And when it does, I suggest you avoid all contact with SNP representatives for a few months – I’d hate for you to have your collar felt because some woke-obsessed worshiper of the divine leader challenged your lack of faith and then accused you of some form of gender-related discrimination or hate speech.

      Or have the same such individuals mob you on social media in order to discredit and ultimately silence you. Or have our wonderful legal system fit you up on some trumped up charges. Or have whatever political career opportunities you may have thought you once had, disappear thanks to some rule-tinkering behind closed doors.

      You know – the sort of thing that goes on now…

    83. Big Jock says:

      Blind faith is a terrible affliction.

      You only see what your heart desires,not what your eyes should be seeing.

      Sturgeon is a con artist. She is still kidding some though!

      I don’t do faith , I work on evidence based thinking. The evidence is that we are no closer to Indy ref 2 than 2016.

      That’s fact!

    84. Morgatron says:

      A level outlining of the position Stu.
      Reminds me of the Wire cladsic 2 people in a room. Hopefully not their other classic Single KO. There is hope, but we need to hear & see it.

    85. Walter Jones says:

      Sturgeon is looking all washed up.

      She looks tired, run down and out of ideas.

      Instead of looking like Queen Nicola, she is looking more like “Auld Nick”, in every sense of the word.

      She is turning into a right evel wee bastard.

    86. Robert graham says:

      Nicola here ok all you moaning fekers let’s see how you would do it go on give it yer best shot arsewipes I give you lot about 5 bloody minutes

    87. CameronB Brodie says:

      I appreciate Scots law is merely a stunted minion of British nationalism, and its’ practitioners tend towards the reactionary, but when exactly can Scotland expect her law makers to care about justice? Let alone our human rights. If you consider Brexit compatible with liberal constitutionalism and the international rule-of-law, I’ve a bridge to sell you. ;(

      The legal determinants of health: harnessing the power of law for global health and sustainable development

    88. Awizgonny says:

      So is anybody going to give a shot at how the road to Independence might still be possible? I’ve put forward the suggestion to examine what level of competency (legitimacy) the Scottish Parliament was acknowledged for the 2014 Referendum, whether that principle extended beyond the Section 30, and whether that may give support to a legal challenge in the event of large majorities in an election on the sole issue of a referendum on Independence for the SNP (and other pro-Indy groups) in both Holyrood and the Scottish contingent.

      Anybody got anything practicable to suggest, or are you all just saying we’re buggered? Do we just give up now and just blame it all on Sturgeon?

      Mine’s a long shot and a long haul, but at least it’s something.

    89. CameronB Brodie says:

      Does it not tell you something when residents of former British colonies have more protection of their fundamental rights, than residents of Scotland? It tells me British constitutionalism is well past its’ effective life-span, and is no longer capable of supporting democracy.

      Constitutionalizing Health: Rights, Democracy And The Political Economy Of Health Policy

      In recent decades there has been an increasing trend toward “constitutionalizing” health – identifying health as a right in national constitutions. Today more than half of written constitutions in the world contain such a right. Whether that is good, bad, or immaterial for the production of population health, however, is much debated.

      Does constitutionalization improve wellbeing or might it simply distract from or distort good health policy? This dissertation uses a nested analysis that pairs a large-N statistical analysis of 40 years of global health data with in-depth interviews with over 165 policymakers, activists, elected officials, lawyers, and judges in South Africa, India, Malawi, and Thailand.

      Empirical evidence shows that constitutionalizing health is a significant development in the institutions of health governance and can contribute to improved wellbeing. Over forty years of global health data, we can observe a small but significant health dividend for countries that have adopted the right to health, when controlling for the major alternative explanations of cross-national variation in mortality.

      Tracing health policy issues in South Africa and India reveals a right that operates as a “policy anchor” – tying health to the fundamental national political bargain and providing an innovation in the institutions of governance that helps policy entrepreneurs gain a foothold from which to drive policy to expand health capabilities. Shadow cases in Thailand and Malawi show that this shift can matter even without judicial intervention but depends on sufficient support structure to enable the full institutionalization of health as a right.

      These findings contribute to literature on law and rights, sharpen models of the public policy process, and respond to the need to better understanding the broader set of institutions in the political economy of development that drive improvements in population health. In a broader context, this study suggests that constitution-writing is health policymaking.

      Greater attention to constitutions and the process of institutionalizing rights is warranted for those engaged in global health, with implications for the U.S. and other countries of the global North as well.

    90. schrodingers cat says:

      Awizgonny says:
      13 August, 2020 at 1:04 am
      So is anybody going to give a shot at how the road to Independence might still be possible?
      aye, we pursue this trajectory until we win a 50%+ vote, (5th may 2021)

      if we are refused then politicians, holyrood, even the democratic road, will have run its course.

      we then move into a phase of civil disobedience

    91. Awizgonny says:

      “aye, we pursue this trajectory until we win a 50%+ vote, (5th may 2021)

      if we are refused then politicians, holyrood, even the democratic road, will have run its course.

      we then move into a phase of civil disobedience”

      I’ve no problem with that. But I don’t think it will be enough. It needs to be pursued legally as a Constitutional matter on the basis of the precedent set by the 2014 Referendum, and backed up not just by 50+5 in Holyrood, but 50+% in Westminster. And I know that this already exists in Westminster, but here’s the final thing I think would have to be done: mass resignation of seats and by-elections on a ticket of demanding the Referendum. I have no doubt that Bojo and Co will refuse it – then it goes to the courts.
      Of course this will require a lot more spine than is in evidence at the moment….

    92. Awizgonny says:

      Sorry taht was meant for schrodingers cat, and I meant to type 50+%, not 50+5.

    93. Beaker says:

      @schrodingers cat says:
      13 August, 2020 at 1:55 am
      “we then move into a phase of civil disobedience”

      Doesn’t work. Might get some attention in the beginning, but then someone will fuck things up.

      Look what happened to Extinction Rebellion. Everything was attracting attention then some silly fuckers decided to hijack public transport, and another lot ruined a public garden.

      It won’t work and I doubt very much there is any appetite for it. People have had their lives fucked about for most of this year. The last thing they need is a bunch of nutters joining into protests simply to cause havoc.

    94. twathater says:

      These daisley and fabian proposals have been knocking about for the past 3+ years someone in the house of lards had been pushing it then , it is no secret they WILL try and do it , but what SHOULD be happening and isn’t is buffoon blackford and NS should be highlighting at every opportunity this attempt to DEMOLISH and SUBSUME THE COUNTRY AND NATION OF SCOTLAND

      They should be telling the people of Scotland that their country is about to be ABOLISHED and it is every one of the unionist parties who are collaborating to do it , they should be highlighting ALL these proposals and asking why is a WM govt hub with 3000 civil servants needed in Edinburgh
      TBH in NOT doing so only INCREASES my suspicions of their belief in independence

    95. Breeks says:

      wull says:
      12 August, 2020 at 11:17 pm

      ….Try telling any English person that England ceased to exist in 1707, and see what happens. The same with any Scot (even though English propaganda has often enough tried to pretend that such was the case – especially recently, though I don’t think they ever did so in the past. This seems to me like a new gambit, full of fakery and propagating misinformation, which has only really started to gain legs – or try to, at least – in the last few years…

      I think that’s true. But rather than simple opportunism by Westminster, I think it’s more sinister. They have recognised that the Scottish “Government” has swallowed the colonial Scotland Act hook, line and sinker, and have declared themselves subordinate to the rule of Westminster rather than the sovereign people of Scotland.

      Devolution was a pig in a poke. It was sold as limited emancipation and autonomy for Scotland bestowed on us by Westminster’s goodwill, but the reality was, Devolution was just a beachhead for Westminster’s colonialism, affording the will of Westminster a degree of legitimised authority when before Devolution, there was really nothing to challenge the Scottish Constitution.

      In short, Devolution successfully muddied the constitutional waters, afforded the colonial ambition of Westminster a stronger foothold in Scotland, and just like the Ragman Rolls of 1296, Holyrood was seduced by the promise of power bought for the price of subservience to the English / now UK Government.

      Now that the Scottish government, particularly under Sturgeon, had gone so far above and beyond the call of duty to legitimise the colonial Scotland Act as a political constitution that is superior to Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution, then it is very difficult not to interpret that as a massive green light for Westminster to charge full speed ahead and thoroughly entrench and consolidate the colonial beachhead of the Scotland Act, now that the Scottish Government has fallen for the deception.

      Westminster would be mad if it didn’t exploit the opportunity of a weak and supine Scottish Government which has affectively denied it’s own constitutional sovereignty, and use the opportunity to drive a coach and horses of British Colonial legislation and intractable new protocols through the breach in Scotland’s constitutional ramparts and have it all ‘recognised’ as legitimate by the constitutionally inept Scottish Government.

      The sworded question for Scotland’s people need to ask is whether this enthusiasm for selling out of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and grovelling subservience to the colonial Scotland Act is being delivered by accident or design; incompetence or (t)reachery.

      The reality is, whether it’s being achieved by incompetence or (t)reachery is an academic distinction. The point is, it has to stop, and Scotland must now reassert it’s Sovereign Constitution as a superior Constitution above the colonial Scotland Act, or it will henceforth suffer for Holyrood’s tacit recognition of Westminster’s colonial supremacy.

      Devolution has distracted Scotland, eroded it’s faith in its own Constitution, and while our inept Scottish Government has fallen into the trap, Westminster is resolved to formalise Scotland’s capitulation into law which the deluded Scottish Government will sign up to…. As in the case of Sturgeon declaring a Section 30 Agreement being the “Only” legal way to hold a referendum. Or indeed Brexit! – our colonial subjugation in explicit detail, ratified by the Scottish Government’s cowardly acquiescence. What a load of bollocks. Is Nicola Sturgeon Scotland’s First Minister or Westminster’s Gauleiter, who sees it as her responsibility to facilitate the expansion of Westminster’s authority to rule Scotland?

      Defend our National Constitution you blithering idiot, or resign, before we impeach you and your lousy government and throw you out of office, and denounce your legacy of political cowardice as unconstitutional and unlawful.

    96. mr thms says:

      Margaret @ 7:03 pm

      “lets be honest the tories didn’t build that new government hub in Edinburgh for nothing!”

      Is there an equivalent building in the Belfast or Cardiff?

      The only reason I can see for creating a new ‘Whitehall’ in Edinburgh (resplendent with Cabinet Room) is more devolution.

    97. Robert Louis says:

      I just want to point out, that the latest yougov data shows that 79% of voters 25 and under in Scotland, want independence.

      I mean seriously, that is almost 80% (or 8 out of ten) young Scots wanting independence. It must simply be faced, that the ‘british’ generation is dying off. Those who grew up many years ago, amidst tales of second world war bravery and the ‘greatness’ of empire and all that, are the past, in Scotland. The nostalgia generation are the past.

      So, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but our Scottish government and the SNP simply MUST get to grips with upholding the Scottish consitutional settlement. They need to start attacking, instead of defending. Start by listing how many times, Westminster has abused Scotland, and utterly ignored the core elements of the union treaty.

      The SNP/Scotgov, really, simply MUST start to defend Scotland, and stand as a brick wall, defending Scotland’s consitutional rights and the claim of right. Their is simply no point in having Westminster recognise the claim of right, unopposed, and then do nothing with it. In short, they need to set the agenda, instead of just moaning at what Westminster does.

      It needs to start today, not sometime after May 2021. It is urgent.

    98. Juteman says:

      Have you got a Panelbase poll on the go, Stu?
      Just completed one, and alongside the usual Indy questions were a couple asking if a woman can have a penis, and such like.

    99. Oneliner says:

      @Walter Jones

      I am neither an SNP member nor a Nicola Sturgeon apologist.

      I watched FMQ’s yesterday to see how La Davidson was coping with teething /nappy changes etc.

      If you think NS is ‘washed up’ (I thought her performance was top notch) – take a look at yon!

    100. robertknight says:

      RL @ 7:04

      “It must simply be faced, that the ‘british’ generation is dying off.”

      The British Establishment will not stand idly by and allow that to happen.

      A siege mentality that’d make an Ulsterman blush will appear post-January and it’ll be Britain against the world/EU.

      Any branding other than British will be snuffed out. Have you seen supermarket shelves lately? Union-jackery or what!

      Boris will have our kids pledging allegiance to the butcher’s apron and Betty Windsor if we’re not careful.

      Some might think that’s paranoia, but “to know your enemy, you must become your enemy”, (Sun Tzu). Put yourself the shoes of Boris, Minister for the Union, and ask yourself what you would do.

    101. ahundredthidiot says:

      Sturgeon is simply a 21st Century Comyn.

      And I am probably doing Comyn a disservice by making the comparison.

      NS needs to go. She is at the point where she is doing more damage than good. If she goes soon, she will go down as a fine Leader, if not, she’ll be getting the blame for the failure to gain Scotlands Independence.

      Like Blair, her determination to secure her place in history, will be outwith her control.

    102. Oneliner says:

      I rarely visit Edinburgh (a smile; a song; a castle. One out of three’s not bad)
      Can anyone give me the address of the new Civil Service Lubjanka – I take it they’re using toughened glass?

    103. gus1940 says:

      Much play has been made over the new government hub in Edinburgh and that it is a weapon to be used against Indy.

      Is it not he case that it is just a tidying up exercise to bring under one roof all the civil service functions covering non-devolved issues – these civil servants previously scattered in offices all over the city.

      It does, however raise the question of why it had to be situated in the city centre where office accommodation is most expensive.

    104. ahundredthidiot says:

      Robert Knight, says;

      ‘Put yourself the shoes of Boris, Minister for the Union, and ask yourself what you would do.’

      Completely agree, the gloves will be off and even Holyrood will be in the cross-hairs. But given Scotland has somewhere in the region of 60% of Europes oil and serious fishing grounds, would like to think that the EU will also take off their gloves.

      Now, when the EU (ok, still an ‘if’) does start to interfere with UK politics, the SNP need to start spinning that an Independent Scotland rejoining the EU will lead to England re-joining the EU – if the SNP do that, then we will get support from south of the border.

      Remember, we will have an economic travesty on our hands due to COVID, so we might as well use it to our advantage by deploying our own project fear (a winning strategy btw, whether you like it or not).

      The MSM are, by a country mile, unhappy about Brexit. Scotland, could be their route back in and by disarming the MSM (maybe even get them onside or at least remain neutral) we could undermine the UK regimes propaganda campaign.

    105. Bob Mack says:

      I’m not really sure why some are suggesting that if Boris refuses the next step is, or could be, civil disobedience.

      I happen to believe that as a Scot, sovereignty in my country was granted to me a long time ago.

      You either believe that or you dont. It is however an important issue and central to everything happening just now.

      If we can prove that in a legal test, then Johnson becomes powerless over Scotland. There could be no enforcement of anything without the approval of the Scottish people first.
      Remember parliament delegated the authority of sovereignty to the public for the EU referendum.

      It means something even today, but we Scots already have that gift.We must use it.

    106. Ottomanboi says:

      Scotland will be truly on the road to independence when its advocates will stop at nothing to achieve it.
      This is the ‘Scotch hurdle’, too many seem to believe it can be obtained by just talking to it.
      Few politicians bother reading history, however this is one case where all concerned with independence ought to consult the national liberation literature on how to do it.
      It’s a rather messy business. Could even cost respectable reputations. We need those prepared to get down and dirty at the helm.
      No more posing and posturing from the ‘over 25s’,
      Vive l’Écosse!

    107. mr thms says:

      The EU had over 100 devolved powers that will be returning to Scotland.

      I found this article about the Civil Service hub in Edinburgh.

      The following will be moving in..

      “The Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland (OSSS) and the Office of the Advocate General, will be joined in the hub by other UK Government departments and bodies including HMRC, HM Treasury, Cabinet Office, the Office for Statistics Regulation, the Information Commissioner’s Office, and the Government Actuary’s Department. Additional UK government departments are expected to confirm occupancy in the coming months.”

      Will all these departments and the ‘additional UK government departments’ to come be specifically for Scotland?

      Glasgow is also getting a Civil Service hub.

      A future independent Scotland would need to have those departments (and more) in place.

    108. Dogbiscuit says:

      SNP Hate crime policies are a mirror of New Labour policies from around the year 2000 Pure Blair Brown wokism now animating the SNP. We are betrayed by them.

    109. Mialuci says:

      If the unionist twats refuse the scottish voters their Independence then is goodbye and hello UDI
      You cannot stop people from wanting their freedom, especially if its a corrupt imperialist system they are living under.
      American war of Independence, when america had a tea party in Boston and told king george you can kiss my ass lol
      History tells us, there are situations that take care of themselves, and scottish Independence is coming and nothing will stop it, it can be delayed by the imperialists but It can never be stopped, the genie is out the jar, and it cannot be put back in Caesar! Gu Bra

    110. Mialuci says:

      Sorry my eyesight is getting worse, need to check the grammar a bit better before posting

    111. Dogbiscuit says:

      Sadly the Independence movement are now merely treading water singing Roll out the barrel.
      There is no ship on the horizon.

    112. Dogbiscuit says:

      We won’t be seeing the back of Sturgeon any time soon because the rest of the world think she’s wonderful. Her international political profile is everything to FM because out ‘there’ in the international community is where the big dollars will be made. Shithole Scotland is merely a stepping stone for Sturgeons personal ambitions and ideological obsessions.

    113. Dogbiscuit says:

      Awizgawny what a wonderful non solution to our problem. Lost in space.

    114. Big Jock says:

      Being at 53% in the polls, is a bit like being the fastest runner in the world who isn’t allowed to race.


    115. Willie says:

      Couldn’t but help think that the Spectator headline might be more apt as ‘ An Act of Assimilation ‘ because that is the agenda currently being pushed through.

      Nicola might say that she intends to be the First Minister for the next full term of five years but with all of the powers removed from the Scottish Parliament and with the UK Government in Scotland setting up shop to replace the functions of the devolved Scottish state, I can’t think that she, or in fact any self respecting MSP would want to be reduced to the relevance of a Community Councilor.

      Ah well for those that maybe enjoyed election to the short life of the restored Scottish Parliament, at least they will have earned a pension.

      Or will we as a nation resist this attack by a foreign power.

    116. Big Jock says:

      My personal opinion on Swinney’s time as education minister.

      Utterly useless. He was a great finance minister. Nicola moved him to let her crony Mackay take over. Look how that worked out! Her judgement is pretty poor on many things.

      He looked defensive and not apologetic. Like someone caught out and struggling to make a case for their defence.

    117. Willie says:

      And of the 2,900 civil servants being relocated from London to Edinburgh with many in the new hub building for the U.K. Government in Scotland does anyone wonder what allegiance these civil servants and their families will bring to Scotland.

      The cry that the English are coming was never truer than it is today. And it’s the same policy as was implemented in the Plantation of Ulster.

    118. Dogbiscuit says:

      How is this for a plan for Independence first we get sentenced to life imprisonment house arrest then we live our lives by Ministerial fiat then wear a depersonalising face mask then we destroy our children’s educational life chances become soviet style citizens of a crushed soviet style society with currently an economy going down the toilet. We’ll act like a real democracy we can stand in bread lines be growled at by the First Minister we can take state mandated excercise while businesses go bust and mass unemployment runs riot. If anyone remembers 1980s unemployment and you think that was bad wait and experience the controlled demolition of the British economy.
      Who do you think will profit from it all? I almost forgot be blackmailed by your Government into taking a dangerously untested vaccine . Freedom? Ha!

    119. Big Jock says:

      Willie -If the SNP allow the Brexit power grab, and December comes and goes without a fight. Then we know for sure that the SNP intend to roll over and expose their soft underbelly.

      December is their last chance to prove they mean what they say. So far it’s all been bombast and rhetoric.

      How often have we heard “Scotland will not stand for this” Then a month later they capitulate.

    120. Dogbiscuit says:

      Oh and collective punishment Aberdeen the football league that’s real Independence.Sure.

    121. Effijy says:

      Bipod 11.12

      I still agree with lockdown as the Scientific projection was for
      Up to 500,000 Covid deaths.
      Boris told us to prepare to lose our loved ones.

      In my case that could include my Mother and Wife.
      No thanks Bipod. There is no price that buys their needless
      Horrible death cloaking as their lungs fill with fluid.

      Your conclusion about Scotland’s economic impact would prevent independence?
      You suggest that sticking with the Tory Party that we have never voted for in 60 years is the right thing to do, stick with Bojo who made it clear he hates Scots and who would always invest in England before Scotland would be the safer bet.
      We must stick with paying for the Billions spent on non disclosure contracts
      Given to Tory supporting countries and of course we should just agree to be ripped
      Out of the EU causing another million job loses.

      Never in a month of Sundays!

      Sooner you are back out Square bashing the better!

    122. Dogbiscuit says:

      ‘Scotland will not stand for this’ No Scotland will make its self comfortable on its knees take the bit and take the dick as always.SNP thank you for the joyless shafting.

    123. Big Jock says:

      Dog – There was no need to stop the Celtic game. The player should be punished , but not the league. The Celtic player tested negative. It was a show of strength.

      Nicola is on her second yellow card..oh isn’t that a Red!

    124. Dogbiscuit says:

      500,000 Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Boo!

    125. Dogbiscuit says:

      Nicola seems to have a carte blanch.

    126. Big Jock says:

      Effijy- Correct.

      This idea that you just let people die is part of Boris Herding Strategy.

      Surely we make people wear seat belts to prevent the death. not the accident. Cars are fairly dangerous things, but we make them safer by taking steps to make us safer in them. Accidents are inevitable , but mass fatalities are not.

    127. ahundredthidiot says:


      And with Sweden a fifth the size of the UK in terms of population they would’ve experienced 100,000 deaths, would they not? – based on your ‘belief’.

      Didn’t happen. Your argument is a busted flush. the virologists in Sweden are on record that they were bamboozled by the SAGE predictions. But for anyone paying attention this was just yet another doomsday predication they got wrong – they’ve previous btw.

      You wouldn’t go back and buy a car from someone who sold you a ringer, would you?.

      The penny will drop for people like you when the letter comes through the door telling you that your pension fund has collapsed and there’s nae money left. – you will need to ‘make other arrangements’……quickly followed by a vastly reduced state pension and needing to be 70 to get it.

    128. Socrates MacSporran says:

      The furore over the Aberdeen and Celtic players being stupid is, yet another, wee diversion away from the failings of our leaders.

      The SFA/SPFL authorities should maybe have acted sooner and handed the guilty players four game suspensions. The two games they would miss from having to self-isolate, plus a further two games for being stupid.

      Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets, then they might learn sense.

    129. ahundredthidiot says:

      Big Jock

      Sorry, Jock, but you are just flat wrong. The comparison is like burning every car to prevent accidents, not fasten a seat belt.

      Arguably, that was what Sweden did (fasten their seat belt) by, albeit belatedly, protecting the vulnerable, encouraging physical distancing and allowing the economy to function while maintaining basic freedoms.

      Mitigate risk – not mitigate life as we know it.

    130. mike cassidy says:

      Ongoing trans issue

      Labour MSP not impressed by NHSLanarkshire’s new trans guidelines

      (killer question, by the way)

      Scottishlabour LGBT in full ‘Red Guard’ mode against Labour MSP

    131. ahundredthidiot says:

      Socrates – spot on.

      And a second serious offence – dock them points.

      That would soon focus their attention.

    132. Polly says:

      @ RobertKnight

      ‘Oh dear God, where to begin? Immediately followed by, why bother?’

      Yes, I felt the same so didn’t bother. He’s beyond help with his playing blinders nonsense.

    133. ahundredthidiot says:

      Bog Jock, you also say;

      ‘Accidents are inevitable , but mass fatalities are not.’

      Again, I would challenge that assumption. If the human race experiences a deadly pandemic virus, tens, possibly hundreds of millions will die – lockdown will have almost zero effect on it.

      Mass Fatalities are inevitable – history teaches us exactly that – which is why we plan accordingly.

      This, Sir, is not a deadly pandemic. In my experience the earlier a confession and an apology the more forgiveness there is forthcoming. Also, in my experience, politicians would rather keep peddling their lies, over and over and over, until we give up.

    134. Breeks says:

      Bob Mack says:
      13 August, 2020 at 8:01 am

      I’m not really sure why some are suggesting that if Boris refuses the next step is, or could be, civil disobedience…

      …You either believe that or you dont. It is however an important issue and central to everything happening just now.

      The real point is whether “the Law” believes that or not. I repeat again, for Joanna Cherry to compell the head of the UK’s “Sovereign” Government to un-prorogue the Westminster Parliament by literal definition of the word “sovereign” means that the UK Parliament CANNOT be sovereign. It was overruled. QED.

      If you disagree with my deduction and reasoning, then I’ll ask you to otherwise explain how Joanna Cherry actually won.

      The lie of the UK Union is thus undone. Joanna Cherry has proved Scot’s Law has greater reach beyond the jurisdiction of the UK’s “Supreme” Court, but that it has sovereignjurisdiction OVER the UK Prime Minister because it can overrule his decision and force its retraction.

      To embrace civil disobedience when Scotland has the Law on it’s side would simply be a gift to the UK Propagandists, who would have a field day trying to discredit the reputation of the YES movement. We should exhaust all legal avenues first. I say “exhaust” but don’t really mean it. One credible Court case will suffice.

      If we do want a public show of strength and frustration, a much more poigniant and effective action in my opinion would be to formally instigate impeachment proceedings against the Scottish Government under Sturgeon for her unconstitutional capitulation to Brexit, and wholesale abandonment of Scotland’s Constitution and the principle of Scotland’s popular Sovereignty.

      How would you address that charge levelled against you Ms Sturgeon? Despair that you can’t get your head around it while you lie awake worrying about COVID19, or just glibly dismiss it as “bonkers”?

      When the Law is on our side, we should be using that law, not flouting the law through Civil disobediance which will actually make it more difficult for the Law to come down on our side.

      As for Nicola’s surging popularity? What of it? Both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have, or at least had, commanding majorities with their respective supporters, yet two more inapproriate, embarrassing and inept National leaders I simply cannot imagine. They are all disasters waiting to happen, simply awaiting the arrival of their Nemesis, at which point their fickle popularity will tail spin and the ordinary people will be left trying to make sense of the wreckage.

      When will you ever learn Scotland? Don’t put your faith in Politicians. Put your trust in Scotland’s Constitution which has stood by us for 700 years, and prior to the SNP’s unforced capitulation on Brexit, proved to be remarkably resilent to Westminster’s colonial ambitions… Incidently, more or less the very reason why Scotland’s wonderful Declaration of Arbroath was actually written in the first place…

    135. Polly says:

      @ Cameron

      Nice to see you’re ok after your absence. I’ve missed Capella’s sensible posts here too.

    136. Polly says:

      As for civil disobedience I agree with Beaker

      ‘Doesn’t work. Might get some attention in the beginning, but then someone will fuck things up.’

      Not necessarily someone on our side but doing that leaves you very open to state agents provocateurs, I remember them being rumbled in Catalonia not to mention other place and other times. The AUOB marches (which Sturgeon on occasion likes to mention as support though she doesn’t go near) were the gold standard way to show opinion and that show of force and support has to be the only way to go for ordinary people. I remember the lights from their phones as darkness came being especially effective.

      Big Jock’s idea on the previous post seemed to me the most intriguing. SNP MPs, MSPs, and councillors could all go on strike and that could gum up the works and definitely make headlines, which many of AUOB didn’t. But would they do it?

    137. Big Jock says:

      Japan has one of the worst earthquake zones in the world.

      Are those advocating just letting the virus run it’s course aware of how many deaths in Japan are prevented by spending billions on infrastructure and contingency.

      Covid – 19 causes unknown long term damage to those that survive it. Scarring on lungs and internal organ damage. The true effects will not be known for years.

      Does anyone fancy getting a wee injection of Covid-19 to test the effects? A wee bit of Russian Roulette! There are some people who just need to stop behaving like silly children.

      It’s bonkers. Covid -19 is a danger to life. Without life there is no point in talking about money.

    138. Walter Jones says:

      Polly 9.57am

      Capella is a Sturgeon fanatic.

      She is a Ravin fuckin lunatic Sturgeonista.

      Are you Capella in disguise???

      Why mention Capella?

      When she disappeared, you magically appeared.

      Capella, Cat, Bungo, Robert Graham, Effijy, and a few other Sturgeon fanatics are a dying breed on Wings.

      Sturgeon is a burnt out, washed up politician,,,a bit like her dwindling Army of fanatics on Wings.

      Times are a changing.

      Scottish politics needs new blood and new ideas.

      We don’t need more Sturgeon, we need less Sturgeon.

      So let her die off, she is finished.

    139. Effijy says:

      Can’t believe I’m reading posts by people proclaiming
      21,000,000 known Covid cases and 750,000 known Covid
      Deaths are to labelled as fake news.

      The long term cost to survivors health and finances are incalculable.

    140. Breeks says:

      Actually, when I think about it, maybe seeing Alex Salmond leading the charge of impeachment proceedings against Nicola Sturgeon might be entirely fitting and appropriate for the Constitutional justice urgently required to save Scotland from the jaws of unconstitutional catastrophe, which might also provide Mr Salmond the satisfying personal vindication and satisfaction of bringing down her political regime as an incidental consequence of defending Scotland’s interests to great and lasting effect, where she singularly failed to act…

      Mr Salmond might be much better just throwing the book at somebody without having to write the damn thing too.

      What about it Mr Salmond? One last evil genius “MoooooHaHaHaHaaa!” for Scotland?

    141. Beaker says:

      @Polly says:
      13 August, 2020 at 10:08 am
      “Big Jock’s idea on the previous post seemed to me the most intriguing. SNP MPs, MSPs, and councillors could all go on strike and that could gum up the works and definitely make headlines, which many of AUOB didn’t. But would they do it?”

      While it would grab headlines, it could also be counter-productive, especially if it causes an impact to public services – look what happened in NI. Public services are already stretched.

    142. schrodingers cat says:

      “Curtice has cautioned the SNP against putting a Plan B route to independence in its Holyrood manifesto warning it could weaken its negotiating position with Johnson to get a section 30 order”

      “If you want to maximise the pressure on the UK Government you don’t want to tell them what your Plan B is,” he said”

    143. ahundredthidiot says:

      Effijy @ 10:24

      you’d do well to listen to facts. That 750k figure is global, is being revised down the way, and in any case, sits around a figure expected of a particularly bad strain of flu. A deadly pandemic would be killing terms of millions per month on a planet of around 7 billion.

      We were warned about Aussie Flu middle of last year. We were told it would bring our NHS close to exceeding capacity and that is exactly what happened.

      Get on with your life. Be free. Be happy.

    144. schrodingers cat says:

      Polly says:
      He’s beyond help …….

      sobs 🙁

    145. schrodingers cat says:

      There are some unconfirmed news that Lukashenko left the country. #Belarus

    146. schrodingers cat says:

      Long-standing Tory Brexiteer MP Edward Leigh made the claim on Twitter, suggesting that the English and French return to the border arrangements of the late 16th century.

      Calais was under English rule for 200 years until it was lost to France in 1558 under Mary I.

      He tweeted: “Problem with cross-Channel migrants? We should never have lost Calais in 1588. Why not take it back?”

    147. Republicofscotland says:

      ahundredthidiot says:
      13 August, 2020 at 7:44 am
      Sturgeon is simply a 21st Century Comyn.

      And I am probably doing a disservice to Comyn.

      Lets not forget the Bruce did Edward the 1sts bidding at one time as well, before switching his allegiance.

    148. mr thms says:

      The Scottish Conservatives intend to support a motion of no confidence in John Swinney. Yet their own party’s, in government in Westminster, Secretary of State for Education for England, Gavin Williamson would appear to have committed a worse misdemeanor under his watch, with 36% of students having had a lower grade than teachers predicted.

    149. mike cassidy says:

      Well this is one way of loking at the SQA affair.

      I’m sure our resident feline would approve if it were true.

    150. schrodingers cat says:

      the spectator calling for bojo to shut down holyrood

    151. schrodingers cat says:

      yaahhh Mike


    152. Republicofscotland says:

      So Westminster gave 36 minutes notice that no representative would attend a Holyrood evidence giving session on the plans to take powers in devolved areas back to Westminster post Brexit.

      In fact the Tory government were so disrespectful that they wouldn’t confirm either way whether or not they’d actually attend the meeting beforehand, instead choosing to palm off or ignore responses from the Holyrood session board with no answers at all on many occasions.

      This highlights the complete and utter disregard that Westminster has for Scotland, we are seen as an after thought a golden goose to be asset stripped and our lands and people to used as however Johnson feels fit to do so.

      The Tory Internal Market bill will ride roughshod over Holyrood’s devolved powers. It will severely weaken our parliaments authority in many areas, our food standards will drop dramatically, any product with Scottish branding will probably be seen as a barrier to free trade within the UK, and deemed illegal, all this and more will be forced upon us against our will in this terrible union so that Johnson and Trump can carve up a trade deal with the USA.

      We must exit this horrendous union or face the dire consequences, not just for us but for our children and their children and so on.

    153. Polly says:

      @ Walter or is that Walt Disney with fairy tales?

      ‘When she disappeared, you magically appeared.’

      No she was still posting when I first started. I agreed with her on many things but not belief in Sturgeon any longer, so I was more like her a few years ago than I am now. I mentioned her since I liked reading her posts and the comments miss her style of contribution. Don’t try to start on me with your puerile, infantile invective for I am not like Capella at all. With some of the abuse she got with posts like yours I’m unsurprised she chose to absent herself for a while, I hope not permanently.

    154. Republicofscotland says:

      Chaos reigns over exam results in England, as Westminsters Fifth Column parties at Holyrood get ready to vote down Swinney.

      The absurdity that is the union laid bare for all to see.

    155. Polly says:

      @ Cat


      Dry your tears pussy, I’ll chase your arguments down again soon enough, as soon as you make a decent one.

    156. Polly says:

      @ Beaker

      Indeed, but it did bring them to the table eventually and as far as I can see has wounded the unionists over there and they have the same demographic change. When push comes to shove something must be done and in my opinion it’s best being done by officials not we plebs. When officials do it it would never be considered mob violence. And if we did the same type of thing, Sturgeon would be the first to condemn us. They’re our representatives and leaders, they should lead.

    157. Ottomanboi says:

      Asking London for anything makes you a petitioner, a disadvantageous situation to be in.
      The very act of asking exposes weakness and relegates to the rank of supplicant.
      Sometime there must be a showdown between Edinburgh and London.
      At that point the legalist chit chat will stop and the arts and skills of leadership unleashed.
      Plan B ought to be concerned with making certain we have those arts and skills well honed.
      Cometh the hour, cometh the leadership, or so one hopes.

    158. stuart mctavish says:

      The football analogy seems particularly apt in a week that saw Real Madrid go to Manchester whilst Celtic and Aberdeen got grounded by Holyrood simply because one or two of their players did nothing out of the ordinary.

    159. mike cassidy says:

      Stuart McTavish.


      We Fifers are regularly flying to Spain and flying back the next day

    160. Dogbiscuit says:

      Socrates maybe we should all stop buying into the psychological warfare operation covid 19 ?

    161. mike cassidy says:

      Maybe the idea above that the SQA affair was a bit of clever politicing by the SNP is correct.

      Cos the John Swinney of England says he’s not for u-turning

    162. Dogbiscuit says:

      Big Jock most people who have had covid 19 have survived with no ill effects .
      The fact that you focus on zero in on if you like the few people who actually suffer ‘suffer’ debilitating illness as opposed to the 98% who are untroubled by it makes you sound like a BBC news reader. The tactic of homing in on the worst possible scenario to the exclusion of the fact that most people have no ill effects of the virus puts a heavy slant on reality.
      The narrative against Government covid lies is growing.
      The rules being imposed upon the public seem increasingly irrational except as an exercise to disorientate the public confuse and confound a form of flustering to achieve compliance.
      The arguments over projected death figures are a red herring as it’s clear they have been over hyped.
      I cannot believe how deeply in denial the Scottish people are sunk.
      For good journalism try Brees media.

    163. Dogbiscuit says:

      For good science try the Electric Universe hypotheses.

    164. Dogbiscuit says:

      If a cloth mask can stop a virus does that mean a sock can prevent AIDS?

    165. Dogbiscuit says:

      A wee tartan sock for extra protection?

    166. Dogbiscuit says:

      Just askin Ken?

    167. Dogbiscuit says:

      It could be a cheap life saving option.

    168. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The YouGov poll has a 6% margin of victory, but polling started for 18 year olds only. Correcting to include 16 & 17 year olds (a tiresome exercise involving data mining from the Population pyramid spreadsheets on the nrscotland website) produces a margin of victory of 8%.”

      So a lead the smallest possible amount beyond the margin of error, or “slender”.

      Also, 53-47 is arithmetically a lead of 6 points, but really it’s only a lead of 3, because you don’t need to change 6% of minds to wipe it out, you need to change 3%.

    169. Dogbiscuit says:

      Gavin Williamson presents the appearance of a dangerous madman .

    170. Dogbiscuit says:

      For those interested in what’s actually happening in Australia and New Zealand check out Tony Heller on YouTube.

    171. Awizgonny says:

      Well seeing that this website now seems happy to allow a fuckstick like arsebiscuit – sorry, “dogbiscuit” – to make any semblance of discourse impossible by blatant trolling and pointless, drooling meanderings, after seven years I have to say I am the fuck outtahere.


    172. Big Jock says:

      Dog biscuit. The virus has affected people for exactly 9 months. It’s a brand new virus.

      Yet you proclaim that there are no lasting ill effects! I repeat 9 months! You cannot seriously suggest that is enough time to measure the long term effects on the human body.

      I am sorry but you are just denying that the virus is dangerous and killing people. It’s absurd. Have you seen what is happening in the US. You are right up there with Trump on your beliefs on this.

      You are bonkers!

    173. J Galt says:


      Tony Heller

      Yes his videos are very informative and full of interesting checkable facts unlike most of the pro-lockdown guff!

    174. J Galt says:


      Isn’t it funny that the people who scream shout about the MSM lies and propaganda against Scottish Independence try to scream and shout down anybody who questions the information we are being fed by the selfsame MSM regarding this event we are living through?

    175. Big Jock says:

      Dog and Galt – Which one of you is Murdo Fraser and which one Adam Tomkins? Who knows what goes on in the crevices of the minds of two great thinkers of our time!

    176. FiferJP says:

      SNP should jump on this. Nicola should be saying, “OK Boris, repeal the Act of Union and let’s talk about a new one.” Scotland becomes independent on repeal and Nicola says, “Aye, we’ll put joining in a union with England to a vote in a referendum. Need to wait thirty years or so before we can have a referendum though, once in a generation and all that. Have a nice life Boris.”

    177. CameronB Brodie says:

      Thanks for your concern, though I’m fine and didn’t really had anything to contribute to the last couple of topics. I see there are those who lack respect for the law but are still trying to tell us all what’s what. There’s a full assortment of distractions btl, but a rejection of legal realism appears to be a popular theme.

      Trust the FM’s judgement? Only if you aspire to being lead by the parochially minded and incompetent.

      Bioethics and Human Rights in the
      Constitutional Formation of Global Health

      “Global health” is an increasingly important area of research and practice, concerned with the profound implications of globalisation for individual and communal health (particularly in developing countries) and focused on achieving health equity for all people worldwide. As such, it is often viewed as overlapping with public health and, thus, conceptually distinct from the field of biomedicine and bioethics.

      Both fields bear an uneasy relationship with the field of human rights, which remains largely unexplored. The paper constructively utilises insight derived from theories of global legal pluralism and global constitutionalism to argue, perhaps controversially, that recent developments in international biomedical law and bioethics, constitute an important phase in the constitutional construction of a global health law system. In doing so, the paper analyses the role of human rights in the growing constitutional autonomy and organization of global health.

      global health; international law; transnational law; WHO; constitution

    178. FiferJP says:

      What’s sauce for the goose – why shouldn’t Nicola do a new act of Union too? With France.

    179. robertknight says:

      FiferJP @ 3:41

      “What’s sauce for the goose – why shouldn’t Nicola do a new act of Union too? With France.”

      Why stop at France? Why not the whole EU? Now there’s an idea…

    180. robertknight says:

      What an @rse!

      I just read my last…

      It was fine, until I remembered who “Nicola” is. In the words of Captain Mainwaring – “Stupid boy”

    181. twathater says:

      @ Mike cassidy 9.46am do you think j marra and Co are trying to find a way to get SNP females to return to the liebour fold or is this just another fence sitting exercise to try to damage snp support , even though the SNP are doing it to themselves , but there again we all know that liebour and other unionist parties have been captured by the genderwoowoo nutters so jenny is wasting her time

    182. stuart mctavish says:

      @Mike Cassidy
      Delighted to hear it – or did you mean that, excluding the exceedingly happily retired, Ryan air must be working miracles to keep prices affordable..

      One bright side regardless (especially for fifers) might be that, if the new laws to punish teams for doing nothing out of the ordinary are to be applied universally, Rovers may yet find themselves bullied into rediscovering the form that brought about their very own Bavarian festival – & eventually at least some of those trips you speak of (visa permitting) could incorporate a football related excuse in addition to the warm water surf, wine run, and quick round of golf etc.

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