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The eternal opposition

Posted on December 19, 2016 by

The chap in the picture below, holding a placard with his name on it so that he doesn’t forget it, is Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie Greene.


He could probably do with writing a few other things on there too.

That’s because he’s the Tories’ shadow minister for “Technology Connectivity, Digital Economy & Broadcast”, but today he tweeted this:


And those grim stats would all be well and good as an SNP BAD attack – although we can’t find anything called the “Scottish Government Scorecard 2016” anywhere – were it not for one slightly inconvenient fact.

The fact that telecommunications are reserved to Westminster.


So in fact, the eager young would-be minister had in fact launched a stinging rebuke against, er, his own party’s government in London for its abominable performance in bringing modern communications to Scotland.

Under much chortling from Nat types, Greene deleted the tweet shortly afterwards, though not (of course) before alert readers had saved it for posterity.

The young MSP arrived at Holyrood via the list system, having been comprehensively rejected for the constituency seat of Cunninghame North at this year’s election with less than half the vote of the SNP’s Kenny Gibson. He also trailed in a very distant third for the Westminster seat of North Ayrshire and Arran in 2015, where he might have actually been able to have some effect on network coverage.


Fortunately, as the ambitions of Ruth Davidson’s party were limited to running for second place at Holyrood, it doesn’t matter how spectacularly and comically clueless her shadow team are about their responsibilities.


Even so, readers might feel it was a smart idea to equip them with at least the basics about the competencies of the Scottish Parliament before letting them loose on Photoshop and Twitter.

And they might fret that with no credible opposition to the SNP other than a handful of hopelessly-unqualified braying twits on one side and a load of repeatedly-rejected old dinosaurs on the other, in the interests of good governance it wasn’t a good thing for Scotland to be facing a decade when the media’s idiotic wailing about a “one-party state” was – albeit for different reasons – rather closer to the truth than anyone was entirely comfortable with.

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133 to “The eternal opposition”

  1. McDuff says:

    Love it Rev. You don`t miss a thing. Merry Xmas.

  2. Gordon Hay says:

    I’m thinking that the “Scottish Government Scorecard 2016” has the hallmarks of an opposition publicity campaign and perhaps this green MSP has jumped the gun in using it.

  3. iain says:

    Sums up todays tory party,a bunch of losers.

  4. Donald MacKenzie says:

    Ach, poor wee lad.

    Once he grows up he might be able to take part in sensible political dialogue. Mind you …..!

  5. heedtracker says:

    Another tory dope. All I can hear is “Welease Woger,” Python style.

  6. Handandshrimp says:

    The SNP are fortunate in that the eternal opposition are also eternally stupid.

    Young Jamie raises important points about just how crap our Better Together dividend has been at the hands of Westminster though and as such we should thank him for this early Christmas present.


  7. Mike Lothian says:

    He is rather cute for a Tory. I’ll forgive him if he convinces his cohorts in London to either improve telecoms in Scotland or devolve them to us

  8. johnj says:

    Bloody hell.

    As I read it even I new that telecoms is reserved.

  9. HandandShrimp says:

    I also notice that he refers to the UK as a separate entity to Scotland.

    I like that idea 🙂

  10. One_Scot says:

    To be honest, it really is a failure of the Scottish voting system that idiots can become MSPs.

  11. Jim says:

    It’s the post-truth era right enough! “Whatever it is in life you’re dissatisfied with, it’s the bloody SNP’s fault! Down with the narrow nationalists! Don’t they realise their country’s a basket case? Rule brittania. “

  12. Balaaargh says:

    Even assuming that there was anything the SG could do about it, how can Scotland have 24% more notspots than the UK? Wouldn’t our notspots be part of their total?

    Also, anyone shouting about 5G now is wasting their time.

  13. Pentland Firth says:

    I’m looking forward to this risible buffoon’s idiocy being highlighted in the Scottish newspapers and on BBC Scotland tomorrow. (If only!)

  14. HandandShrimp says:

    This is worth a wee read

    A salient point being as a recent 4G availability report by government watchdog the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) found that UK 4G coverage was worse than that in Albania, Peru, Panama, Romania and more – Britain sits just 54th in the world overall, according to the study.

  15. defo says:

    Where’s yon big telly screen that used to be in Festival square ?

    Real time ridicule/debunking would be fab.

  16. heedtracker says:

    His wiki biog is rather adamant.

    Jamie Gillan Greene MSP is a British politician who is a Scottish Conservative and Unionist Member of Scottish Parliament for the West Scotland region

  17. Capella says:

    A palpable hit. Well done Stu. Blog Personality of the Year!

  18. heedtracker says:

    He’s from Canada too. Vile separatist Canada. Never met a Canadian all that keen on being back in the UK union thing.

    Jamie Greene MSP
    15 December at 15:42
    Scotland is now the highest taxed part of the United Kingdom. Taxing families and businesses more will drive growth and investment away from our country. The #SNP are stuck in the past with this #ScottishBudget. A missed opportunity to turn Scotland’s economy around.

  19. mark says:

    Is there a UK government score card? they’d be lucky to get nil

  20. dandy dons 1903 says:

    Another British interloper causing trouble in our Parliament.

  21. Macart says:

    Oh dang! That’s just epic.

    They’re representing people on a ticket of blind fucking opposition to basically everything, and they haven’t a clue about the competences of the parliament they’re sitting in.

    Outstanding. 😀

  22. Doug McGregor says:

    Lies are twice round the world before the truth gets its boots on. Watch the way it’s reported in our press tomorrow .We really need to find a way to get our messages in there first. You’ve had big success online Rev , care to try other media ? You know we are all waiting for a new challenge , you have the following , either lead or anoint , this reacting all the time is no bloody good.

  23. Jimbo says:

    It always fails to amaze me that these Yoon careerists know very little of the workings of the government they weren’t really elected to – and if Labour had had their way years ago, there’d be no list MSPs not really elected today.

  24. Tam Jardine says:

    He’s written a whole article on the subject without grasping it is reserved.

    He inadvertently makes a good case for this area to be devolved and sharpish. There is much in it I agree with (except the salient point the Rev makes of course).

  25. Bob Mack says:

    Add to the recipe Ruth criticising the Scottish government record on health using English NHS statistics, and you have something special going on.

    A collection of misfits who know nothing about the actual jobs they do other than bleat union ,union. Yet, they want to run the country..

  26. shiregirl says:

    What a fanny.

    You would think he would check what his remit was prior to coming out with belters like that.

  27. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    It is at times like this I am reminded of this classic…

  28. snode1965 says:

    Aye, Westminster control…you cannae get a radio signal, never mind 4G, between Lesmahagow and Carlisle.

  29. msean says:

    Surely,if you are going to stand for any elected position,a candidate must know what powers he may be wielding even if they don’t think they will win. Maybe there should be a some sort of examination before being allowed to stand for election,for all candidates just to be sure you know what you are doing and going to be doing.

  30. Kininvie says:

    Everyone’s missing the point (including the Rev). This is a post-truth era, and it matters not one jot that this infographic is at heart untrue (as its author probably well knew).

    We know how it works, for God’s sake. It was a staple of the BT campaign. Get the lie out and waste everyone’s time refuting it or mocking it, while preparing the next one..

    Summed up for me by this tweet which appeared yesterday:

    Trump: Your going to the camps
    Democrats: ‘You’re’

  31. Fearchar says:

    Back in the Thatcher heyday, the then Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Forsythe, promised universal mobile phone coverage, particularly to help people in the rural Highlands. People there are still waiting. Taiwan, the small mountainous country frozen out of international relations by China’s enmity, manages to have mobile broadband available everywhere.

  32. gala says:

    stupid is as stupid does

  33. galamcennalath says:

    stupid is as stupid does

  34. Richardinho says:

    I’m not an expert on mobile communications but there’s something decidedly whiffy about some of the complaints in that tweet: Scotland has more ‘mobile notspots’ than the rest of the UK? That could be something to do with the fact that Scotland is much less sparsely populated than the UK? And no plans for 5G? Apart from the fact, as Rev has pointed out, that this is a reserved matter, 5G is pretty advanced as far as I know and pretty much nobody has it yet. I stand to be corrected, but even a layman myself isn’t impressed by the attempts of the young politician to dazzle me with his tech wizardry!

  35. One_Scot says:

    You know the annoying thing about these clowns, come tomorrow, they will still be doing the same job, but talking different bollocks.

    In the words of Renton, ‘It’s a shite state of affairs to be in’.

  36. Richardinho says:

    A Scottish Tory really is a particular sort of zoomer. I can’t think of any who aren’t bat shit crazy weirdos. It might not even be possible for them not to be.

  37. galamcennalath says:

    Kininvie says:

    Get the lie out and waste everyone’s time refuting it …

    Nothing new. There are always the gullible who will believe lies then miss the truth later. Perfectly summed up a long ago …“ A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. ” by Mark Twain.

  38. Hamish100 says:

    When Greene and his cronies went on a wine tasting fact finding exercise to Israel did he forget foreign affaires lies with Westminster. The tory zealot Tompkinson was also there if I am not mistaken?

    Maybe the boy is still “foo”?

  39. jimnarlene says:


  40. Taranaich says:

    a load of repeatedly-rejected old dinosaurs

    Yet again you bald apes impugn the illustrious name of the mighty and noble Dinosauria by comparing them to British politicians. When will this injustice end?

    I recall the words of that great Ambassador to the Animal Kingdom, Doctor Doolittle:

    “Why should we say, “treated like a dog,”
    Why should we say, “working like a horse,”
    Why should we say, “eating like a hog,”
    When what we mean is “eating like a man”?
    Don’t we? Of course!

    A man of ill repute is called a “weasel” or a “rat,”
    A woman you dislike becomes a “vixen” or a “cat,”
    A family that is blessed
    With healthy reproductive habits
    Occasions the remark,
    “Well you know them, they “breed like rabbits”!

    “He’s as stubborn as a mule!”
    “He’s as stupid as an ox!”
    “He’s as slimy as a snake!”
    “He’s as crafty as a fox!”

    Remarks like that really get my goat!”

  41. Kevin meina says:

    He also had the audacity to block me on twitter for mentioning his over use of the sunbed.We were at Holyrood last week for budget and he was sitting in front of us with that numpty Fluffyies boy .
    They played on there mobiles for the entire speech .

  42. scottieDog says:

    Absolutely right.

    It takes 10 times longer to disprove the lie. Then you have to factor in a partisan press.
    Very effective.

  43. Legerwood says:

    I can’t even get 3G let alone 5G but at least I know it has nothing to do with the SNP.

  44. Arthur Martin says:

    Well this is what a NO vote got us, a parliament full of useless wasters who couldn’t give a stuff for Scotland or it’s people.

    It’s a sad indictment of the opposition parties when the maintenance of the Union takes precedence over the welfare of the people that they are supposed to be serving. I think you are right Stuart, short of Independence we will be stuck in a rut with these balloons for some time to come.

    Hopefully the Brexit situation, when all eventually becomes clear, will convince enough soft NO’s to change their minds and we can make this country of ours into one that reflects what Scots are all about and that we can justly be very proud of.

  45. Clootie says:

    I’m still in the world of A and B buttons in the phone Box!

    Notspots make me happy and the lack of 5G causes not an additional wrinkle.

    I remember when we laid submarine cables across the seabed into Newfoundland to talk to our Canadian cousins.

    …but I did know that Telecomms was a reserved matter so I’m still ahead of Jamie!

  46. Stoker says:

    dandy dons 1903 wrote on 19 December, 2016 at 9:31 pm:

    “Another British interloper causing trouble in our Parliament.”

    Dual nationality apparently, British/Canadian, or so he claims!

    This is what happens when you have a shitty electoral system. You get turd rate faeces with severe doses of verbal diarrhoea who are very prone to cerebral constipation when it comes to their brief.

    Jamie Greene is just another in a very long line of embarrassing
    FUDs to contaminate and abuse mother natures good Scottish oxygen.

  47. yesindyref2 says:

    I’d like to say he’s not the full shilling but currency is reserved to Westminster.

    He’s probably the wrong type of leaf on the line [1] but Network Rail is reserved.

    He might be zero-rated value added, but VAT is reserved.

    Ah, the poor lad’s foreign relations are sending him too much maple syrup, only to find that’s reserved by Westminster.

    His party are trying to increase their interest rate in Scotland but sadly that’s reserved – to the Bank of England

    [1] I read that’s actually genuine, lime leaves getting crushed by wheels with tonnes of pressure turn to slippery carbon or something like that, and trains have to brake much slower and well before stations in leaf drop season, which is of course variable (late this year). Other leaves are better and NR cut down lime trees and plant other trees instead. Bet Jamie didn’t know that.

  48. Heather says:

    Young Jamie is in my constituency, where we are campaining to keep the Arran ferry running from Brodick to Ardrossan (there is a challenge from ABP to run it from Brodick to Troon). Jamie jumped straight on the case, and put forward his support for a ferry route. The one he supported was Ardrossan to Troon. How we expected to get off Arran Jamie?

  49. Arbroath1320 says:

    Silly question here.

    Is there any document anywhere that can be downloaded or sent direct to all Tories masquerading a politicians at Holyrood? 😉

    I only ask cause I think it might be a good idea to send them all a copy as OUR Xmas gift to them so that they can cut down on their “shooting own foot” incidents. 😀

    On second thoughts just ignore this question and idea. It will be much more hilarious to leave them completely uninformed, as they are apparently all are.

    Let’s face it with clueless idiots like this on the “game” we all know it will only be a matter of time, usually only a few hours, before oor Stu does what he does best … makes utter fools and idiots out of the lot of them. 😀

    Keep on their case Stu. This is why you are the best source of TRUTH in this “post-truth” era.

  50. And to think that I made a promise to myself to stop calling the Unionist List Boys and Girls Third Rate political rejects.
    This goes beyond lampoonery. The Dim But Nice Tory Boy doesn’t even know his own portfolio.
    A resigning matter surely?
    Resign from what, I correct myself?
    What a bunch of useless benchfillers who laugh their fucking heads off on camera as hundreds of thousands of their fellow Scots are trapped in Red Blue and Yellow Tory engineered poverty and penury.
    The Holyrood electoral system needs urgent revision.
    Abject failures like this poltroon,like List Kezia are on £60k a year and ‘live in band D Houses’, yet they were roundly rejected by the electorate, but ushered in the Old Boys back door, to warm their well heeled arses on the benches for four pointless years.
    If he had any dignity of course he would resign. And in the distance the band p can be heard playing ‘believe it if you like’, as pigs flew across the two moons in the sky.
    Well done , Stu.

  51. O/T
    I meant to post this here but posted oonthe last post

    This from an Anglican vicar on the ground in Aleppo. The biggest lie the world has ever been told continues to unravel.
    Check also online 21st Century Wire (from US). There is a growing body of informed people in the US seeing through the lies

  52. birnie says:

    There is an extremely amusing variation on Jamie’s gaffe in the article ‘Own Goal’ on the ‘Munguin’s New Republic’ website!

  53. Swami Backverandah says:

    What does he do all day whilst feeding off the public purse?
    Is he heading up the Department of Clueless?
    Taxpayers should be demanding a refund.

  54. Arbroath1320 says:

    Sorry for going O/T so early.

    Yet again Die Fuhrerin May confirms her party’s ultimate hatred of all WORKING immigrants and its xenophobic approach to everyone not born in the U.K.

    I am sick to the bottom of my stomach over this and all previous similar news stories. How can ANYONE sleep at night knowing they have done THIS?

    It is perfectly obvious that an independent Scotland would NEVER treat people in such a DESPICABLE way!

    We need OUT!

    We need out NOW!

    I don’t care how we do it let’s just get the hell away from Westminster control A.S.A.P. Yesterday is too late now!

    I have reached the end of my tether now. I have been biting my tongue for far too long now. I am ashamed to live in a country that has the title Britain in its name!

  55. Les Wilson says:

    Just another Union dividend, and another valid reason to get
    shot of this pile of shit that is Westminster.
    The Union jack is hanging on a shoogily hook.

  56. stewartb says:

    As one striking example of what a small, independent country in Europe can achieve in terms of digital/telecoms investment and innovation, and also progress towards 5G roll-out, take a look at Estonia, population c. 1.3 million.

    Googling ‘e-Estonia’ and “Estonia and 5G’ will reveal.

  57. Proud Cybernat says:

    “They’re representing people on a ticket of blind fucking opposition to basically everything, and they haven’t a clue about the competences of the parliament they’re sitting in.”

    The wee Tory tollie damn well knows fine. He just hoped no one else did or that anyone would notice his blatant lies. SNP Baaaad even if it’s a pile of steaming keech. Lies, truth and boots and all that. His problem is that we’re all reasonably well connected on WoS and other indy sites to know that he’s talking pish.

    How Yoon buffoons like this must yearn for the good old days when a less connected Scotland meant they could get away with spouting such arrant pish. And it is precisely becasue of the interwebby that the 45% is now around 50% or more–and growing.

  58. Proud Cybernat says:

    “After a decade of the SNP”

    After a decade? After 10 years? Really?

    Let’s count that. The SNP came to power at Holyrood on 3rd May 2007. It is presently 20 December 2016 so by my reckoning that’s a little over 9 years and 6 months. NOT 10 years or AFTER 10 years.

    The blue Tory idiot must have borrowed the Red Tory Jaba’s abacus.

  59. Capella says:

    @ Dave McEwan Hill – good that the message is getting out. Terrible that so much suffering and destruction has been perpetrated in our name. I hope that, when we have our own government, we can end this evil trade. There are so many better things to spend our resources on.

  60. Bill McDermott says:

    Any thoughts about posting this to dear Jamie? He will then know that 300,000 others know of his idiocy.

  61. Liz g says:

    Bill McDermott @ 12.11
    I think it is safe to say….Oh he knows…
    They pretend not to read this site,but you can tell from the way they speak that they clearly do.

  62. Capella says:

    The Exiting the EU Committee held a meeting in Aberdeen this morning. Bertie Armstrong, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, thinks BREXIT is an excellent idea.

    Two short years ago, when we were discussing a vote for independence, he said iScotland would be out of the EU and that would be a terrible idea.

    He’s not very consistent. Seems the opposition are just straws in the wind.

  63. Valerie says:

    Just checked out this incompetent rejected List MSP twitter.

    Never fear that he has deleted his erroneous garbage, because many have helpfully shown they have copies of it.

    Shiregirl beat me to it – what a fanny.

    So depressed at seeing all the evidence confirmed about UK cluster bombs being used in Yemen, but as the Tories continually tell us, there is a strict licensing regime, and the Saudis are invaluable to UK.

    I genuinely feel sick being on the same island as these accessories to murder, called our UK govt. I hope the truth will out in time about UK role in Syria too, because all the focus there is on cluster bombs, so who do they belong to?

    I notice the destruction of those green evacuation buses in Aleppo by those moderate rebels, never made it to the main news items.

  64. Capella says:

    He should read some of his own Government reports such as the National Infrastructure Commission finding that the UK is 54th in the world for connectivity. Published 14th December 2016.

    Britain is 54th in the world for 4G (the typical user can only access 4G 53% of the time), there are too many digital deserts and partial not spots, even within our city centres.

  65. Capella says:

    One last comment from the National Infrastructure Commission:

    Britain is 54th in the world for 4G coverage, and the typical user can only access 4G barely half the time. Our 4G network is worse than Romania and Albania, Panama and Peru. Our roads and railways can feel like digital deserts and even our city centres are plagued by not spots where connectivity is impossible.

    So what are you going to do about that parlous state of affairs Mr Greene?

  66. robertknight says:

    Aye, never let the truth get in the way of a good bit of SNP Bad!

    Our young Tory Yoon must’ve been listening to Pacific Quay’s finest and taken a few top tips from the likes of Hyndland Hannah, Anderston Sally and Tollcross Rose in the art of propaganda

  67. Lenny Hartley says:

    A mate of mine who was pioneer if not inventor of original mobile network told me that a lot of the infrastructure from Scotland has been removed and reinstalled in the South East of England. Apparently it was in original operating licences that x amount of coverage had to be made available, but tories turning blind eye to redeployment of equipment.

  68. defo says:

    O/T A long read, describing how the rich and their corporations are above the law. Lawyers, judging lawyers representing the worst scum going.
    Best not let oor Rock see it, he hates the bastards enough already.
    Not all are obvs. 🙂 Just nearly all.
    To get the gist, scroll to the end,where there’s a 4 min video.

  69. Artyhetty says:

    And these people are paid not an insignificant sum, £60k+, to lie to the electorate. Makes my blood boil, when their disgusting party policy is to attack the poorest and most vulnerable in our country.
    Just criminal, to attack your own vulnerable people, while taking a wage yourself from the public purse, that most people could only dream of.

    Read about the New York couple with top rate B n B being deported out of Scotland by UKOK tory government. They are clearly deliberately targeting those with successful businesses, who employ people in Scotland, and who contribute to Scotland in many ways. Unionist criminals doing down Scotland, attempting to put off anyone wishing to come here at the same time. The no voters have a lot to answer for.

  70. Breeks says:

    Can anybody spot the world Tory or Conservative in their literature? These goons are taking us all for idiots and misrepresenting themselves before they’re even elected.
    Is that the plan eh? Drop the word conservative and hope Scotland doesn’t connect you with wilful destruction of Scotland heavy industry and treating the Scottish population like guinea pigs?

    Have a fecken look at yourselves. You’re standing for something even you’re afraid to mention you bunch of creeps. I mean it. Get yourself in front of a mirror and ask yourself why Conservative is such a toxic and dirty word in Scottish culture.

    Only sociopaths could stand as Tories but hope they’re not recognised for being Tory. Take your shite somewhere else. Scotland doesn’t forgive or forget you bunch of shit stirring tossers and all the lives and communities you ruined.

  71. Arbroath1320 says:

    No doubt oor wee Jamie agrees 100% with his compatriot from dan suff here. 😀

    At least we finally find out what the “C” stands for and it is NOT conservative but CORRUPT! 😀

  72. Ken500 says:

    A London/NY resident overpaid, unresearched, multimillionaire BBC employee is claiming to fund unemployment in Scotland. Scotland pays it’s own welfare benefits bill. Arguing about £Millions when Scotland has lost £Billions to the Union. Illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion.

    It raises the most tax revenues pro rata in the UK but ends up poorer. The Barnett Formula. Scotland has lost £Billions in Oil revenues because Osbourne had been taxing the Oil & Gas sector at 60% to 80% when the price had fallen 75%. Losing thousands of jobs. Scotland will lose £Billions out of the EU. The fishing industry should have been using larger nets years ago. No throw backs. No discards.

    Westminster is trying to throw people, running a successful business out of Scotland, Scotland is half empty because of Westminster policies. How dare they try and throw people out of Scotland. The Tories are a disgrace. How anyone can vote for them is a mystery.

  73. Ian Brotherhood says:

    While Andrew Neil continues to thrash around like a toddler who’s ODed on Sunny Delight, here’s a wee reminder of his ‘honest’ take on the indy debate, from 2012.

    He’s addressing ‘friends’ (I presume his asides to ‘Brian’ were to Brian Taylor?) so let’s take it at face value – he relies on the Darien/bailout myth (9mins) as his big punchline. Either his history is just rank (nae Alien Act, Andra?) or he’s giving the BBC in-house audience the crucial notes they’ll be needing for the perilous traipse ahead.

  74. Malky says:

    I’ve run out of laughs as far as “the opposition” are concerned. His sub-lieutenant has seen this and ordered him to “pull it forthwith!” and he has obeyed. However, it betrays the underlying truth that these people have nothing of substance to complain about, and so they find weaknesses where none are.

  75. Ken500 says:

    Andrew Neil is just another lying Tory hypocrite. He has been lying for years. Giving false report about Scotland. Rejoicing in poverty and deprivation in Scotland. When Thatcher was illegally and secretly taking the equivalent of £Billions in resources from Scotland. Andrew Neil is a disgrace. Shameful. He has an migrant wife. When is she getting chucked out? He got a totally free Scottish Education but now expects others to pay. Hypocrite. Does he tax evade? Does he get illegally paid as a company with public money. Yet Lord Hall says the BBC is unbiased. Most of them should get put in jail.

  76. mealer says:

    I wonder what flashed through Jamie Greene MSPs mind when his error was pointed out to him.Did he think….”Why the hell is Westminster responsible for telecoms?” or did he think “I’ve just made a complete and utter fool of myself”?

  77. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The Tomkins is on GMS!

  78. Nope. Checked the Dead Tree Scrolls this morning. No mention of this Idiotic nonsense. I wonder why?
    Imagine if it were an SNP gaffe?
    Demands would be made for a resignation. The SNP would be under fire, Sturgeon would be held to account, and Willie Rennie would blame the £15 billion non existent deficit.
    Why isn’t Kezia Dugdale roundly condemning this Dim But Nice LisTory Boy?
    It’s the Winter Solstice tomorrow, 21st December.
    The shortest day, and the longest darkest night of the British Tories.
    Traditionally winter food stocks were checked to ensure that they would last the winter, animals mated, surplus livestock were slaughtered, to save feeding them, and ahem, rumpy pumpy was rife. (How many friends/relatives do you have whose birthdays fall between 23rd and 29th of September?)
    Does this Tory Boy deserve to be saved or slaughtered? Can Ruth afford to feed surplus livestock all winter?

  79. Pete says:

    Seems like Andrew Neil was correct in his verbal tussle with Derek Mackay on Sunday.
    Appears that the SG got their figures wrong.
    Funds to councils are being reduced.

  80. sinky says:

    Look out for enternal oppostion from Tories and Scott Arthur on Radio Scotland Morning Call at 9 am when they discuss Nicola Stugeon’s proposals on Brexit

    Call 0500 92 95 00. Text 80295.

  81. Macart says:


    A few worrying headlines in that lot Nana. Standouts are the CAP article and the Russian MP. The sooner we see the back of 2016, the better.

    Right about now, the world is looking a decidedly scary place. We could do with a few more people who actually care about human life sitting in the chairs that count. At this point we appear to be seeing way too many empowered zoomers breaking surface and pushing people toward all sorts of bother.

    You’d think, considering humanity’s history and the appalling legacy of the 20th century, we’d have learnt something by this point? But apparently not. The haters all over the globe have a head of steam up. Wonder if we’ll pass the test this time round? Sometimes you wonder if we deserve to?

    Then you see folks give to foodbanks and clothing charities. You see someone hold out a hand to a refugee family, or just treat folks of different faiths or country of origin to some friendly courtesy and respect in everyday life and you get a little faith in the future back.

    I was very proud of our FM the day after the Brexit vote and still am. What she has done in terms of attempting to square an impossible circle has taken some courage and not a little humility. Hell, I’d have called an indyref within five minutes of the result in June. But then, I’m not Scotland’s First Minister and that day job is reserved for someone willing to serve ALL of Scotland’s population, even those who detest her.

    It must have taken a lot of courage to stand out there issuing words of comfort to visitors, new Scots and political opponents alike, when your first instinct in the face of all this madness is to just walk the hell away.

    There’s hope yet. A wee candle.

    I reckon there’s still plenty out there willing to make sure the draughts are kept at bay. 🙂

  82. Stoker says:

    Breeks wrote:
    “Only sociopaths could stand as Tories….”

    I think that’s a disgraceful slur on Sociopaths designed deliberately to tarnish their reputations.

  83. Brian Powell says:


    The funding has gone up.

    Neil wanted to make an issue of one part of the funding but MacKay was correct the funding for services has gone up.

    The simple question is, what is a Government for, the answer is to do what is best for the people of the country. Increasing funding for services for the people means they are succeeding.

    It is not about subsidised TV presenters. They are of bugger all importance for what I want for Scotland.

  84. DerekM says:

    I see the SNPbaditis is spreading as the yoons clutch at the broken pipes of the kitchen sink that is no longer there because they already chucked that at us and have now resorted to flinging their own poop at us.

    Incredible stuff lol

    Oh and Andra gie it up ya zoomer you were so eager to get one over the SNP and vile unemployed cybernats you never checked your facts and got caught bonny for the big tumshie ye are.

  85. clachangowk says:

    Seems lots of folk don’t like the list voting system but never say what they would prefer. I hope not FPTP or even STV.

    I think people are blaming the system rather than poor list candidates

  86. Pete says:

    The Scottish Parliament Information Centre states that council budgets have been cut from £10.3 bn to £9.98 bn.
    Councils can of course raise more cash by increasing council tax by 3% which will, in the end give them more money.
    Maybe someone can correct those figures?
    Just wanting honesty.

  87. Macart says:

    @Brian Powell


    I’ve just come the BBC Scotland pages where they explain that most Scottish councils are set for a cash rise. They go into some detail on the subject too.

  88. Nana says:


    Some days I dread checking the news, today was one of those days. The Russian ambassador’s assassination is chilling and now this

    I’m beginning to believe that warnings of a new world order may not be a conspiracy theory after all.

  89. carjamtic says:

    Yes the dead tree scrolls,have a taste for blood,but not one of their ‘own’,no they simply use them as useful idiots.

    We are all aware,these Tories would ‘steal the holes in our socks’ given half a chance (ably assisted by Jackie Snotter and the gatekeepers of iScotban).

    Why won’t the Scots Government tax things like they are supposed to….(Christmas Stockings,Har,Fiery Swinging Balls,Sporrans,Ceilidh’s).

    In iScot,auld acquaintance’s will not be forgotten,they may throw another thistle onto their fire,to warm themselves,but with WoS and others on the case,this May be the final (free) lick of Moffat Toffee that they enjoy at our expense.

    #seasongreetingswings. ;-j

  90. Fred says:

    The Scottish Government’s pocket- money has been cut year on year, councils get much of this cash, should they not tske a hit also?

    Just wanting honesty!

  91. heedtracker says:

    He’s a tory big beast. Do they still call them big beasts?

    Jamie Greene MSP ?@jamiegreeneUK Dec 15
    Jamie Greene MSP Retweeted ITV News
    Welcome to high tax Scotland. With shortages in skilled teachers, GPs, engineers, NHS consultants, IT developers. SNP answer? Tax them more

  92. Another Union Dividend says:

    Macart says: 20 December, 2016 at 9:11 am

    I’ve just come the BBC Scotland pages where they explain that most Scottish councils are set for a cash rise. They go into some detail on the subject too.

    YES its a good source to confound the yoons

  93. galamcennalath says:

    For ages I’ve been saying there are only two possible Brexits – the deal the EU offer/want and a crash and burn walk away by the UK.

    Had a thought. Suppose the EU want the same deal as the Scottish government will propose for the whole UK, i.e. stayiing in the single market. What would the Brexiteers do then?

  94. Greannach says:

    Another intellectual emerges from the swamp of Conservatism.

  95. All this disinformation and lies coming from the unionists and the MSM to undermine the about the Scottish Government.

    Are the same tactics that have been employed unionists and the right wing press have used to undermine our membership of the EU.reminds

  96. Bill McLean says:

    Pete – “Just wanting honesty” – you live in a union almost completely controlled by Westminster and you want honesty. I want honesty about Scotland’s contribution to the UK economy. I want honesty about UK politicians involved in paedophilia. I want honesty about the Iraq war and almost every other war Britain involved itself in. I want honesty about arms sales to Saudi Arabia. I want honesty about colonial despicable treatment of small countries. I want honesty just as much as you. One thing I do know is that the Scottish Government while not perfect makes Unionist politicians look like what they are “corrupt hangers on” as one of them said in Malta recently. See link above!

  97. heedtracker says:

    It is interesting that he’s totally forgotten telecoms policy has nothing to do with here too.

    According to projections by Deloitte, Scotland is set to lose £9 billion in potential gains over the next 15 years if the Scottish Government does not adopt an entirely more visionary digital strategy. The Scottish Government’s high-speed broadband roll-outs and glossy campaigns to recruit Computing teachers are welcome and have their part to play, but meanwhile the rest of the world has moved on to preparing for the 4th industrial revolution (and no this isn’t a Jeremy Corbyn meme, it’s a real thing)

    It is isnt it.

    “For example, the current efforts by Harvard researchers to 3D-print human tissue.”

    Print your own toryboy.

  98. heedtracker says:

    What an idiot,

    “For policymakers, one of the most exciting things about the digital economy is that advancements in areas like technology, data analysis and computer programming can be used to improve just about every aspect of our lives ? from making the world’s great museums and art galleries accessible through virtual reality, to enabling the public to record incidents of hate crime from their phone.

    But, at the same time, the sheer extent of opportunities for innovation has led to a lethargic kind of policymaking in Scotland that embraces the idea of the digital economy in principle, but provides little in terms of concrete strategic input to develop and position Scotland’s digital economy in the global context.”

    So “a lethargic kind of policymaking in Scotland” can be cured by shaking off another country currently running your own, like what Canada did.

    He’s also inventing his own English language, as in, “policymaking.”

  99. Andrew McLean says:

    I was astounded to hear a conservative complain about the lack of a decent digital infrastructure!
    Margaret thatcher the idol of belzabub and Torrance destroyed any chance of that. The old BT built factory’s in the early 80s to roll out a fibre optics network that could take almost unlimited bandwidth. Thatcher ordered the scheme stoped, saying if their was a demand then the market would provide, AT and T said after a few gifts to the con servitude party they would roll out a limited cheaper system using existing copper cables. As you know AT&T were broken up by the American government, it didn’t mater anyway copper coudnt take the bandwidth anyway.

    Anyway the blokes a dick, sorry that’s the best thing I can say about him

  100. On all the posters that they use, the word “Conservative” seems to be missing!

  101. galamcennalath says:

    From Twitter. The Ruth Davidson U Turn Specialist Party.

    Would she say the same today? If not, why not?

  102. Davy says:

    As most people on here have said or indicated the guy was a dick for not knowing telecoms are a reserved matter to Westminster.

    But the main thing about this is how people who are elected to represent Scotland in a political forum, have no compulsion about lying to the people who voted for them.

    The basic sense of doing your best for your fellow citizens and being honest and fair within the unionist parties is a complete NO NO.

    It has now gotten to level that if you have been caught lying and being dishonest, they don’t give a fuck, as the carryon with libdem Alistair Carmichael has proven. Has this so-called tory MSP ‘Jamie Greene’ even attempted to apologise for his ignorant and dishonest behaviour, not a fucking chance.

    Instead he will stick his head up his earse and pretend it didn’t happen, cowardly prick.

    good work Stu.

  103. Meg merrilees says:


    James Naughtie on BBC R4 this morning trying to sound like an expert on ‘the SNP’s’ proposal to TM today. Mentioned the Treaty of Union – shock , horror, must’ve put some Brigadiers off their cornflakes!
    He suggested that awful woman Nicola Sturgeon is maybe looking for a compromise – nay, even the basis for a new federal settlement. But he did make the point ( to the South Britain audience) that they shouldn’t think for one minute that she is being advised by a council of people who are purely pro-indy, e.g. one of her experts is Lord Kerr, who wrote Article 50 and it would be absurd to think that he was advising her to go for Indy ref 2 at all costs.

    Steven Gethin interviewed afterwards and made a good argument. Didn’t take any nonsense from the EBC and put Scotland’s case strongly. If there is a special deal for NI why not for Scotland? The message is gradually getting across but i don’t imagine that the Westminster lot will be favourable… about 2hours, 36 minutes in.

  104. Gullane No 4 says:

    In golfing terms I think Young Jamie thinks he has posted his best ever round on the scorecard but has been disqualified for forgetting to sign his card.

  105. geeo says:

    O/T but yet another indicator of MSM selective ‘politicised’ editing.

    3 terrible things happened in the last 48 hours.

    1. A Russian Ambassador was Assassinated on a live feed from an Art gallery.

    2. A Lorry was seemingly used as a weapon to kill and maim innocent people at a christmas market.

    3. A shooter entered a Prayer Room at an Islamist centre in Zurich and opened fire on praying muslims killing several people.

    ONE of these events seem to have been airbrushed from history by the BBC News and Sky News websites, can you guess which one ?

    Sorry but no prizes available.

  106. Capella says:

    @ Meg Merilees – thanks for the link. I thought James Naughtie was subtly trying to sow discord by saying that Nicola Sturgeon can’t afford to win another Indyref (too poor) and can’t afford to lose (disaster). So she’s secretly touting for federalism.

    That should get the Nats infighting like cats in a sack! Look forward to the concern trolls urging more action from the SNP otherwise they will vote NO.

  107. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Kininvie

    Lies always get a head start before the Truth has its boots on. We know we’re fighting a uphill battle.

  108. Morgatron says:

    What a wee Bag & Baw, not necessarily in that order!

  109. heedtracker says:

    Trying to follow FM Sturgeon Brexit plan speech via good old Rancid Graun update thingee, look! a squirrel. Good old Farage, panto villain for teamGB hackdom. He’s behind you…

    1m ago
    Hope Not Hate suggests it is considering suing Farage over his ‘outrageous’ accusation

    Turning back to Nigel Farage for a moment, Hope Not Hate has issued a response. It said in a statement:

    We are aware of a serious and potentially libellous statement made about Hope Not Hate by Nigel Farage on LBC radio this morning.

  110. dakk says:

    10.28 Davy says :

    ‘But the main thing about this is how people who are elected to represent Scotland in a political forum, have no compulsion about lying to the people who voted for them’

    Well said,and it is now plain to see that this trait is a prerequisite to be a Scottish Unionist politician.

    This guy Jamie Greene can go far,maybe all the way to Prime Ministership.

    As long as he’s not a ‘Kaflik’, that is !

  111. Brian Fleming says:

    Jamie Greene: “Technology Connectivity, Digital Economy & Broadcast”

    I must be getting old. I read it at first as “Technology Connectivity, Digital Economy & Breakfast”. 🙂

  112. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Nana Thanks for the Nicola Utube link .

  113. Brian Fleming says:

    And anyway, what does “Shadow Minister for…..Broadcast” actually mean? Is it meant to be broadcasting, broadband, or…?

  114. schrodingers cat says:

    very clever positioning by nicola wrt brexit, the ball is now firmly in theresa’s court, reject nicola’s proposalss and indyref2 is back on the menu

    btw, scotlands position in the eu is being outlined, ie, a norway type settlement, this will also be the snp’s position DURING indyref2

  115. osakisushi says:

    The level of inappropriate images above bothers me.

    This is supposed to be a political site, yet there are pictures of a complete prick plus a right tit.

    C’mon Rev, keep it clean.

  116. Toby says:

    Was talking to two Romanian guys. You know, the nasty foreigner people who come over here and leech off our generous benefit system. Well they were both working 6/7 days a week for a contractor to BT installing fibre optic cables to improve our telecommunications. Working from Inverness to the Borders. One told me, what has surprised him most, was that he was being asked to install the same technology here that he had installed in Romania 20 yrs ago. Obviously I cannot verify his assertion, but why would he lie. Better in which Union ?

  117. Dan Huil says:

    The bbc will believe every word the britnat eejit says.

  118. Dubai_scot says:

    I can just see Richard Keen QC becoming very familiar with the old “face palm” LOL!

  119. Ross says:

    I see he’s still at it too. What a puddin.

  120. Wulls says:

    Best laugh this year since mundell said he knew fuck all about frenchgate

  121. Robert Peffers says:

    As usual this episode is like a sketch from the Goon Show. Perhaps BBC Scotland could help reduce their ever reducing audience figures by getting some top script writers to work on some episodes of, “The Yoon Loon Goon Show”.

    You honestly couldn’t make this stuff up.

  122. Broch Landers says:

    Were this young blade in the SNP I would expect the TV and press media to demonstrate the seriousness of his wrongdoing.

    But as it is, we can rest assured this was an innocent mistake and there’s nothing to report here.

  123. Greannach says:

    Interesting to try and work out how many braincells there are shared among the characters in the photo above the item. Not many, I’d say, but more than if 1950s Gents’ Outfitter, Murdo Fraser, had been present.n

  124. Davosa says:

    What a fuckin stupid twat that Greene guy is. He is probably over-qualified for the Conservatives mind you .

  125. Fred says:

    This business of a list sub for a dead MSP is a disgrace. As Tony Benn said “How do we get rid of you?” answer, you don’t! the Gorgon has many heads.

  126. Greannach says:

    1. Strange that the writing on the storefront in the picture of the clutch of oddballs at the top if the item is back to front. Does this mean that the MSP and his familiars live in a parallel reality where everything is back to front and upside down?
    2. Has this political giant been attending Neil Findlay’s tweeting seminars?
    3. Who is this MSP with the no longer trendy and barely visible goatee?

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