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The cream of the crop

Posted on December 08, 2014 by

With polls almost all predicting a hung parliament at next year’s UK general election, every seat counts. So the beleaguered Labour Party must have had hopes of securing a constituency like Gordon in Aberdeenshire.

The Lib Dem incumbent Malcolm Bruce is stepping down, almost certainly taking his substantial personal vote with him, and the party’s choice of replacement, ex-BBC journalist Christine Jardine, managed to pull in just 1,940 votes in neighbouring Aberdeen Donside when she stood there for the Scottish Parliament last year.

In 2010 Labour came third in the seat, but just 1,016 votes behind the SNP, and with Scots traditionally inclined to back Labour at Westminster elections Gordon would surely have had to be down as a winnable target for Ed Miliband.


So the Labour candidate selected to contest the seat – before Alex Salmond had declared an intent to stand, making the Nats hot favourites – is quite an eye-opener.

So far as we’re able to ascertain, 22-year-old Braden Davy had never even been to Scotland until 2012. Born and brought up in Northumbria, in 2011 he was still studying at Durham University, during which time local paper the Morpeth Herald revealed that he was active in a campaign for people to enter their nationality as “Northumbrian” rather than “British” in the UK census of that year.


It wasn’t the youngster’s first flirtation with the dreadful evils of nationalism and separatism. The previous year he’d announced his intention to form “a political party dedicated to the North-East” on a local blog. And sure enough, he did just that, using it to fulminate against Labour’s favouritism towards Scottish and Welsh students.


A keen proponent of devolution for the area, he nevertheless wasn’t in favour of the proposed regional assembly that had been resoundingly rejected by the electorate back in 2004, describing it as “a massive white elephant” and the work of “a smarmy Labour government” in a forum post in December 2011.


Still, he evidently got over his complaints about the party (and the desire to set up his own) pretty quickly, as by the very next month he’d left university early and moved to the Aberdeen area to work as a Labour election agent and (unsuccessful) candidate in the local council elections.


After a brief career diversion at McDonalds, he was soon back with the presumably no-longer-smarmy Labour, decamping to London in early 2013 to work at Westminster for Anne Begg, an MP with a fondness for campaigning alongside the National Front.


Of course, youngsters are especially prone to what we believe is politely known in Labour circles as “evolving” their beliefs. For example, in that same Morpeth Herald piece in 2011, Master Davy had noted his strong distaste for the idea that parties should campaign on a “vote for us to keep the other guy out” ticket rather than on the strength of their own policies:


But by the time Labour selected him for Gordon, that view had altered slightly:


Not everyone in the party shares the same opinion, of course. Despite the narrow gap between Labour and the SNP in Gordon and the weak Lib Dem candidate odds-on to lose the seat, former Glasgow Lord Provost and Scotsman columnist Michael Kelly today advised his star-studded Facebook friends list (including such luminaries as former Scottish “leadership” team Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar, ex-First Minister Jack McConnell and shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran) to vote Lib Dem to defeat Salmond, rather than for Braden Davy.


But why bring all this up?

For Labour to have selected such a hapless candidate – an obnoxious young man barely out of short trousers, who’s hardly spent five minutes of his life in Scotland, with an embarrassing internet history – for what was at least nominally a winnable seat suggests that the party’s suffering from a catastrophic shortage of talent far more severe than anyone had previously imagined.


That’s an impression hardly contradicted by other recent misadventures in personnel, like the fiasco of the deeply unpleasant Kathy Wiles – who we exposed earlier this year, leading to her hasty deselection – or indeed today’s news that John McTernan, of all people, fancies himself to take over Alistair Darling’s current seat in Edinburgh.

We’ve been, and remain, sceptical about the more apocalyptic predictions based on recent opinion polls which suggest Labour could find its number of Scottish seats reduced to single figures next May.

But if Braden Davy is the grim calibre of candidate the party is now reduced to putting forward for seats that were by any reasonable definition up for grabs in a super-tight election, perhaps anything is possible.

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254 to “The cream of the crop”

  1. Brotyboy says:

    Is this not the guy who made some spurious complaint to the employer of a Green/SNP PPC about her campaigning during the IndieRef and suggested she should be sacked for it?

  2. Danny says:

    Chancing, obnoxious man that’s barely spent 5 minutes in Scotland. Who does he think he is, Jim Murphy?

  3. Fireproofjim says:

    Great work, Stu.
    In no time you demolish any credibility of one of Alex’s opponents.
    I hope they are listening at SNP headquarters and use this. No more Mr nice guy.

  4. frazer allan whyte says:

    Don’t you mean “cream of the crap”?

  5. Lollysmum says:

    Isn’t this the prat that tried to get Misssy M fired by her employers? Just checked & yes it is.See below

    Seems like he thinks he’s still in school-certainly acts like it.

  6. Kenzie says:

    You have to admit though, that despite their current travails: Murphy, Boyack, Curran, Moribund etc, Labour still has a sense of humour. I mean, this is a joke, right?

  7. Iain B says:

    A party putting up a candidate that young cant be expecting to win, must be treating it as a training exercise?

  8. drawdeaddave says:

    Labour field an apprentice hypocrite, rather than one of their fully fledged hypocrites. Could have saved you a lot of typing Rev…

  9. Murray McCallum says:

    No deep held political convictions, willing and able to change the few principles held, and able to travel.

    Sorry, but this young lad fits in very well within the ranks of the patriotic Scottish but OneNation British Labour Accounting Unit.

  10. RMAC says:

    I would love to see a televised debate with Alex Salmond and this little reptile, it’ll never happen though as it would be a spectacular own goal for the MSM. There is so much you could say about this guy and his extremely flexible morals and ethics. What kind of a guy tries to get someone sacked because they caught him lying and called him out on it.

  11. TYRAN says:

    What’s the betting there will be some dodgy post from this young man lurking on the internet and he has to stand down?

  12. Aucheorn says:


    BOOKMAKERS William Hill have installed Alex Salmond as 1/8 favourite to win the Gordon constituency for the SNP at the General Election – and offer 6/1 that he will go on to become a Minister in the next Government.

    ‘Mr Salmond is a formidable politician who would not take on a constituency he didn’t expect to win, and with the SNP likely to end up with 25 or more seats their chances of being involved in a coalition government are realistic’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

    GORDON CONSTITUENCY: 1/8 SNP; 9/2 LIB DEMS; 25/1 Tories; 33/1 Labour; 100/1 Ukip



    SNP SEATS AT NEXT GENERAL ELECTION; 5/6 26 OR MORE; 3/1 16-20; 7/2 21-25; 6/1 11-15; 12/1 6-10; 33/1 0-5.

  13. Roberto Esquierdo says:

    I wrote on wings two months ago and said there would be a lot of tactical voting to try and limit the number of SNP seats won in the 2015 GE.Politics are dirty and the time has come to fight fire with fire . This is what I asked for in the referendum and was shot down by the SNP and the chocolate fireguard who was in charge of Yes Scotland.We stop being nice

  14. Lesley-Anne says:

    I think the oft used phrase from the referendum campaign is best suited here.

    Labour must surely be scrapping the bottom of the barrel if HE is the best they have to put up against Alex Salmond. 🙂

    As we all found out during the Referendum campaign, Labour has an affinity for standing shoulder to shoulder with the National Front. I gather therefore that when wee Braden boy goes canvassing he’ll be backed up by all those lovely people from the National Front yet again standing shoulder to shoulder with him as they were in September with his current boss! 😉

    No doubt as we all sit around discussing the excellent support wee Braden is getting from Mr. Kelly and co. his new soon to be Lord and Master, none other than Murph the Smurph, will be having a wee quiet word with the likes of Mr. Kelly and *ahem* advising him of the *cough* error of his ways. 😛

  15. BrianW says:

    I did post this originally on story but it really does belong here.

    An indication of Mr Davy’s illustrious Labour musings/career..

    Warning though. The political insight is mind blowing.. Honest!

    Oh and this.. especially the “What makes you angry?” bit. Priceless.

    P.S. This whole thing is a bit reminiscent of Labour supporters being driven up to Scotland in their droves from south of the border in order to help campaign in the referendum.. just saying like.

  16. themadmurph says:

    My father voted Labour, my Grandfather voted Labour! As long as some people still recite that sort of non thinking manta, Labour still stand a chance in Scotland!

  17. Lesley-Anne says:

    I think this is who you are referring to Broty.

  18. Barontorc says:

    Just tickled pink about this news. Still if he doesn’t make it there’s always the Lords. What a monumental mess is the former party known as Labour in Scotland.

  19. Dan Huil says:

    Deliberately a bad candidate to make Labour supporters vote tactically?

  20. Dcanmore says:

    ‘… campaign on a “vote for us to keep the other guy out” ticket rather than on the strength of their own policies’

    That pretty much sums up what is going to happen in the run up to the GE2015. There will be Unionist block voting to try and keep the Westminster seats ‘British’, cue the creepy-crawlies OO BNP SDL NF et al out canvassing for their preferred trougher.

  21. Shibboleth says:

    Ah, the inexperience and arrogance of youth….

  22. Democracy Reborn says:

    Make mine a Big Mac & fries, Braden. And throw in an ice cream sundae…

  23. heedtracker says:

    It is worth a pop though. I remember gorgeous pouting Nicol Steven entered Westminster as the youngest MP since ever, deputy FM up in their northern region and he’s a Libdem Lord now. Oor Nicol did experience some unpleasantness around his expenses but otherwise, he did nothing much at all and now has that lovely £300 a day unelected job for life in the upper house. Welcome to teamGB. Maybe that’s what our imperial masters like, quiet union jock seat warmers with LLB’s preferably. Are you listening young chappy m’laddy?,_Baron_Stephen

  24. HandandShrimp says:

    It is a remarkable, almost bizarre choice, is it a case of Labour aiming to back the Lib Dems but if Brandon makes a fair showing they will give him an easier seat, like Newcastle East or something next time?

  25. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Danny says:
    8 December, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    Chancing, obnoxious man that’s barely spent 5 minutes in Scotland. Who does he think he is, Jim Murphy?

    or Gordon Brown

  26. BrianW says:

    I love how Drunken Haversack has tweeted that there are Labour folk supporting him and ignore the smears..

    But Duncan. He has to listen.. It makes him angry when politicians don’t listen..

    Read this Dunc.. Refresh your memory..

    What Makes you angry? “When people talk at you, or when people don’t listen to what you have to say and ignore your opinions. This is particularly true when politicians don’t answer the question which was asked”

    Surely he can’t ignore opinion Dunc..

  27. Craig P says:

    Braden, Christine Jardine, and whoever the Tories pick, should meet in the car park round the back of pub and have a Good, Bad, and Ugly style three-way stand-off to determine who stays on as the unionist candidate. The other two should stand aside and campaign for the winner. That’s their best shout of defeating Salmond.

  28. Marcia says:

    My neighbour’s 4 year old Labrador would make a better candidate than him. No life experience for what I can see plus deeply obnoxious in him trying to get someone sacked just because she doesn’t have the same beliefs as him.

  29. donald anderson says:

    His North East Party of course meant Engerland and not Aiberdeenshire where the North East Ethnic Party means NEEP. The EBC North East of Britain references don’t go beyond the Tweed.

    Malcolm Bruce left Labour for the SDLP because Labour was to left wing for him. Says a lot about the nonentity.

  30. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Lollymum

    I suspect MissyM will be “following” him, metaphorically speaking and waiting her chance

    Revenge tastes best when cold.

    I hope so, and she is just the gal to do it.

  31. Chic McGregor says:

    Maybe the SLABaratchik’s plan was always to help a Lib Dem victory by the pact door?

  32. fred blogger says:

    slabs now the skid row of scottish politics.
    but they are in his corner all the way, having painted themselves into it!

  33. think again says:

    In the absence of a referendum I would have said that normal party politics, given the collapse of LibDems, would have meant Alex was a sure thing.

    The Referendum however changed all that and with Labour worthies like Kelly saying vote LibDem the Tories may well do likewise. A No Alliance to save the Union, lend us your tactical vote this time and we can crush these Nationalists once and for all, humiliating Salmond at the same time.

    The Labour candidate must have something going for him other than youth, which is not of itself bad, it is just that I can`t quite see it at the moment.

    It would be a mistake for Alex to treat any of them with kid gloves and I take confidence from his experience and strategic abilities.

  34. Sinky says:

    BBC Radio Scotland reporting that Labour’s North East by election candidate Councillor Willie Young disgracefully accusing SNP MSP Mark McDonald of milking his son’s autism.

    Labour’s whitewash excuse was that they were not responsible for Willie Young’s comments.

    I wonder if this will make front page of the Team GB press?

  35. jimnarlene says:

    Labour are truly stuffed, if this is the calibre of candidates that they can dig up.
    Popcorn at the ready.

  36. A.N.Surgent says:

    Will there be a debate between davy, jardine and Alex. Will it be on tv. Will I p*sh masel laughing thinking of Alex giving them a roasting. 🙂

  37. Morag says:

    “Isn’t this the guy who tried to get MissyM sacked….”


    (Pre-empting Stu, glad to be of service.)

  38. galamcennalath says:

    My guess is there will be some behind the scenes tactical agreement between Lab and Lib. Gordon will be one of the BIGGEST contests anywhere in the UK. Expect anything and everything!

  39. Desimond says:

    Lollysmum wins the “Wind Rev up by not clicking his links” Award of the Week 🙂

    Shouldnt be long before we hear “Labour candidate rudely treated by ex FM” when Alex Salmond calls him son and suggests he go back to his room.

  40. chalks says:

    I know it’s funny to take the piss out of this bloke, but in all seriousness, Labour have no chance of winning this seat, even if Gordon Strachan was standing, they wouldn’t win this seat.

    They only just got two councillors on aberdeenshire council for the first time since god knows when

    The real opposition is the tories

  41. Barontorc says:

    Mind you stranger things have already happened when it comes down to the poll and the count and the final tally and the exit figures and the no-shows and the missing ballots and the….oh, what’s the point, it’s already being stitched up.

  42. Sinky says:

    Willie Young and autism

    Mark McDonald on Willie Young’s tweet

  43. Morag says:

    the chocolate fireguard who was in charge of Yes Scotland

    SO stealing that.

  44. tom says:

    this gentleman was my ex partner and I love what you wrote 100% agree he thinks he knows everything but doesn’t know a awful lot

  45. Helena Brown says:

    Well the present crop are hardly creamy more sour, most people complain that their MP has never held a proper job in their lives, seems with Mr Murphy and this young, very young man Davy that this is true. At least Alex Salmond has had a job outside of politics and has a decent record inside.

  46. tombee says:

    So, haven’t Labour party rules been broken by Curran, Sarwar, McConnell, Lamont and Kelly. By encouraging or inciting their own supporters to vote for a candidate, other than the Labour candidate in a GE.
    Wow!!. What will be done about that by the Labour Branch Office. Ho hum.

  47. No no no...Yes says:

    Just when you think the Labour Party couldn’t get any more stupid, they present this plooky youth to the wise electorate in Gordon. Even funnier is Michael Kelly telling voters to back the Lib Dems. If this was a sketch on TV you would say it was made up.
    The cynic in me thinks that Labour see this seat as a no-hoper and intend to expose wee Braden to a parliamentary campaign to help build his CV. Welcome to the real world!

    Never mind, I sure when big Jim gets the nod he will sort it all out and there will be no more problems before GE2015.

  48. VikingsDottir says:

    The very idea that someone should want separatism for Northumbria is breath taking. That is where the Anglo Saxons put their feet in the 5th Century, after having been invited by the Romans, and began the aggressive expansionism that saw them ultimately rule this whole island. They even took a few trips across the sea to Ireland way back then. They eventually managed to take over the lower half of the island, Britannia Major, and called it after themselves. Brandon appears to have lost none of the arrogance that his forefathers brought with them when they left Angeln and gave the Danes a break. He’s no loss to the good folk of modern Northumbria and I’m sure he’ll face defeat up here. I’m enjoying the next election already.

  49. gillie says:

    So Branden Davy is good at flipping burgers.

    I wonder what his first words will be after May 2015, possibly, “Do you want fries with that?”

    Just goes to show how little talent there is within Labour ranks these days.

  50. Lesley-Anne says:

    Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Lollymum

    I suspect MissyM will be “following” him, metaphorically speaking and waiting her chance

    Revenge tastes best when cold.

    I hope so, and she is just the gal to do it.

    Oh it’s is better than that I think Lolly and BtP.

    If you read Missy’s piece that Stu linked to you’ll see that he is the Labour candidate in HER constituency. Roll on the day HE knocks on HER front door! 😛

    Craig, according to the National the Tory candidate is someone called Colin Clark.

  51. Barontorc says:

    Wasn’t there a post a day or two ago that under labour party membership rules it’s an expulsion offence to support or advocate another political party? But then …Rules? Who for?

  52. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    wee wanker tries to lose people their livelihood. hopefully one day someone will cost him his livelihood, let him see what its like.

  53. A.N.Surgent says:

    This is a link that shows the SNP winning 30 seats with a swing to the SNP from labour of 19% over the last two years.

  54. Kenlike says:

    @dan huil

    Definitely a patsy.

  55. Barry says:

    I’m his ex and this has summed him up in nutshell hope Alex rips him apart

  56. JBS says:

    Stuart Campbell has stirred up a hornet’s nest. Jill Stephenson going daft on twitter trying to persuade Gordon unionists to vote for Jardine. What fun! Pass the popcorn.

  57. macnakamura says:

    It is not unusual for political parties to put apprentice candidates into some constituencies.
    It is a way for candidates to prove themselves and to gain experience.

    It is sign to the candidate that potential has been recognised and that greater things may lie ahead.

    However, it is very unusual for such a candidate to be placed in any seat that is thought to be winnable.
    In some ways, the adoption of such a candidate is an early admission of defeat.

  58. JPFife says:

    It will be interesting to see who they put up to replace Gordon Brown.

  59. Croompenstein says:

    I know where I’ve seen him before…

  60. Craig P says:

    I can see the conversation:

    Labour: would you like to stand for Labour in the North East?

    BD: I’d love to! As you know, I’ve always wanted to be an MP and in the North East Labour are my best bet.

    Labour: good, you’re in. Btw, it’s the north east of *Scotland*.

    BD: fuck

  61. biggpolmont says:

    Sorry I cannot see the difference between this confused wee laddie and the usual standard of labour candidates. They used to say they could put up a monkey as long as he had a red rosette IT would get elected and some poor sods have .. Eric Joyce
    I will let you draw your on conclusion.
    It is not as if they do anything once elected they could practically represent some areas flat on you back or p***ed as a F**T or even spending all their time in their counting house counting up their expenses or even all three.
    No I think that this pair wee soul should fit right in with their normal standard of candidates the things that have changed is the public has woken up to labours faults and lies and our side can vote tactically too!

  62. Juteman says:

    Lucky they never picked a donkey with a red rosette, or we could be struggling.

  63. Lollysmum says:

    @ Desimond
    Someone has to wind Stu up occasionally-don’t want him getting complacent 🙂

    My turn today that’s all & just in case she isn’t following him I’ve emailed her to make sure 🙂

  64. Lollysmum says:

    Definitely been set up to fail by Labour. Who needs enemies? This boy is disposable election fodder.

  65. Ken500 says:

    Labour or LibDem have absolutely no chance.

    SNP will win by a landslide.

    Willy Young reaches a new low.

  66. Joemcg says:

    Re-Anne Begg why does she burden the taxpayer with very expensive travel to WM regarding accommodating her wheelchair on flights and trains? Why not be an MSP at Holyrood? Surely it’s not the filthy lucre perchance?

  67. No no no...Yes says:

    Poor wee cherub doesn’t know if he is coming or going:

    BBC Tyne interview he says:
    I was born in Bishop Auckland in County Durham and used to live in Spennymoor until I moved to Ashington when I was in first school. I have moved around, but never lived outside the north-east of England.

    Yet on his super duper campaign website he claims to be a local lad:

    I’m a local lad, I worked as a cleaner in Inverurie, as a manager in Bucksburn McDonalds. I’ve struggled to pay my rent, and worried about my sky high energy bills.

    Perhaps he wants the best of both worlds.

  68. Lenny Hartley says:

    donald anderson

    As an ex election agent for the NEEP party, Im glad that somebody remembers our shortlived 30 minutes of fame.

  69. RJM 1314 says:

    This is also the guy who tried to be dishonest & said he had voted yes and he wont be joining the SNP

  70. Bob Sinclair says:

    It shouldn’t be too difficult to put this joker back in his box. I wonder though, is this a ploy cooked up by the pro Unionists. This guy is surely unelectable – are they trying to steer their voters toward tactical voting?

  71. Jim Mitchell says:

    Dan Huil, i think you could well be right, I would love to know who if anybody was up against him in any hustings Labour had.

  72. Lesley-Anne says:

    No no no…Yes says:

    Perhaps he wants the best of both worlds.

    Aye well what he wants and what he gets are, thankfully, two entirely different things No no no. 😛

  73. Kenny says:

    Oh dear. It doesn’t matter how obnoxious and useless this guy is. He’s now got “SNP-sympathising civil servants’ favourite cybernat bogeyman Stuart Campbell” attacking him, keeping up Salmond’s well-kent tactic of getting his vile cybernat army to fight a dirty campaign for him.

    Sometimes it’s better just to let them shoot themselves in the feet. :-/

  74. tombee says:

    No sooner does a piece of good news arrive on these threads, than another even better bit comes along.

  75. Lesley-Anne says:

    No no no…Yes says:

    Poor wee cherub doesn’t know if he is coming or going:

    i>BBC Tyne interview he says:
    I was born in Bishop Auckland in County Durham and used to live in Spennymoor until I moved to Ashington when I was in first school. I have moved around, but never lived outside the north-east of England.

    I’m a local lad, I worked as a cleaner in Inverurie, as a manager in Bucksburn McDonalds. I’ve struggled to pay my rent, and worried about my sky high energy bills.

    I’m thinking that a leaflet with BOTH statements might work quite well for the S.N.P. in Gordon. It might just show the level of two faced hypocritical liars they are faced with in Labour these days. 😉

  76. Dr Jim says:

    Looks like being Blair…Lionel that is

  77. msean says:


  78. Colin Mccartney says:

    They are having to choose from a very small (gene) pool.

    I particularly like his educational history – at university in China – for 7 weeks !!!!!!!

    I believe a 6 month old baby is being lined up for Broon’s seat – a baby kissing the electorate rather than politicians kissing babies – that counts as progressive politics in SLAB’s book.

  79. macnakamura says:

    Joemcg says:
    8 December, 2014 at 5:13 pm
    Re-Anne Begg why does she burden the taxpayer with very expensive travel to WM regarding accommodating her wheelchair on flights and trains? Why not be an MSP at Holyrood? Surely it’s not the filthy lucre perchance?
    If this was one of this blogs which allowed ThumbsUP ThumbsDOWN then I would be giving you TD.

  80. YESGUY says:


    Interesting to see how Labour deal with that bastard Young in Aberdeen. The SNP four where suspended for burning a bit paper Faux outrage , Young should be sacked for his comments then eh ???

    Not bloody likely though . Scum

  81. Onwards says:

    I wonder if some no-hoper was selected deliberately, for tactical reasons, after figuring out that Alex Salmond might stand there.

    The Tories probably have a better chance than the Lib Dems now, so it looks like any anti-SNP vote will be split.

  82. Sinky says:

    joemcg says @ 5.13

    You are coming from the Willie Young school of ethics with this remark.

    While no doubt all good fun at the expense of the poor wee lamb Braden but remember there is only good publicity for a candidate who is in 4th place in any contest.

  83. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    “This picture is from last year”

    So his baws have dropped then?

  84. Dr Jim says:

    I’m Alex Salmond!!.. Sword Please..

  85. Cag-does-thinking says:

    John McTernan could be the greatest asset the SNP has ever had. He must stay at the heart of policy…..

  86. Lollysmum says:

    @ ronnie anderson
    Facebook says ‘This content is not available’. Have you upset him by any chance?

  87. Davy says:

    Mmm, he looks like a young knob impersonating a penis wrapped up in a wet dream, and as much use.

    I certainly hope he enjoys reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Just another red tory waste of time.

  88. ClanDonald says:

    @Joemcg: what are you suggesting? That we abandon any attempts at equal opportunities in case it costs the tax payer a few bob extra? Be off with your nonsense.

  89. CameronB Brodie says:

    It may not be wise to underestimate this youth. He still has dimples, even if his voice his just dropped Conan. 😉

  90. JET JOCKEY says:

    Make no mistake about it, a lot of thought has gone into selecting this guy.There has obviously been cross party consultation and with the help of the non-biased media!!!! don’t be surprised what dirty tricks and at all levels will be used. Everybody be on the alert. Meeting tonight at the Venue Laurencekirk 7.30

  91. Stoker says:

    Slabber candidate for Gordon, Bra Den Lavvy, stated in a recent interview for the Daily Rectum that he was a serious individual with a mature outlook on life.

    He went on to say that he loves nothing more than the rough-and-tumble of politics but on the very rare occasion he manages to get some time off he likes to exercise his pony.

  92. ronnie anderson says:

    Is that Kathy Wiles she that twittered that the Bairns potographed under the Wings Banner were being used Bbc demo 3.

  93. ronnie anderson says:

    Braden Davy theres a busy McDonalds somwhere that needs a quickfryer burger chef,delusional git.

  94. Paula Rose says:

    Ahh – he’s so young and sweet, I’m looking forward to my trip to the Gordon constituency next April.

  95. Joemcg says:

    Well having witnessed the palaver and time consuming inconvenience putting Ms Begg on to a London bound flight it seems crazy,seems to be for personal gain.Balls to the PC brigade on here.

  96. Lesley-Anne says:

    Isn’t it so nice to see all these happy go lucky new members of the Braden Davy fan club coming together for the sake of their big star. 😉

    He will be so proud of us all celebrating his BIG opportunity to put Alic Sammin in his place once and for all! 😛

    I am sure he will be as proud of all of us as we are proud of him. 😀

  97. heraldnomore says:

    FFS Joe. Enough, more than…

  98. fred blogger says:

    ronnie anderson
    i hear there are some good posts in deprived denmark for mcdonalds chip fryers @ $21/hr.
    we can all ‘chip’ in for a row boat, some rollicks and a pair of oars, maybe even throw in a sou’wester, to get him there.
    i’m really glad the UK doesn’t emulated nordic economies now, aren’t you!

  99. Lesley-Anne says:

    I think this might explain a large part of how Labour selects their *ahem* candidates. This has been tweeted by someone who I think works at SNP Central office. 😛

    SNP Central Office just got a call informing us of all the different ways we can vote for Jim Murphy… #oops #WrongNumber

  100. red sunset says:

    O/T –
    The Rutherglen Reformer are holding an online poll of reaction to the Smith Commission proposals. If you’ve got an opinion (and most of you no doubt will), take a minute out and cast your vote.

    Rutherglen Central and North councillor, Gordon Clark had the following to say:

    “In many ways the build up to the release of this document was like waiting on the release of a new movie. The trailer looks good but when you see the full length feature you are left wondering what all the fuss was about. We have learned over last weekend that a lot of interesting stuff was left on the cutting room floor at the behest of the Westminster parties who decided that while Scots could have a say on road signs, we could have no say on Universal Credit. While any new powers are welcome the report in no way reflects the promises that were made by the unionist parties pre-referendum. It remains to be seen how things develop as these recommendations pass through both Parliament and the Lords but I suspect that even more will be chipped away before any new bill is given assent.”

    Poll and article here :

  101. manandboy says:

    This is all Punch & Judy stuff.

    Watching this might be entertaining – but does it help the Indy movement.

    I’d want to know who is behind the curtain controlling these puppets – and why.

    Where is McTernan?

    Who else is on the Labour/Unionist PR/Strategy team.

    Can we suss out the Labour GE15 tactics yet?

  102. fred blogger says:

    gotta keep warm on a cold december day somehow.

  103. ronnie anderson says:

    braden Davy makes ah good case for Psychiatric Evaluation of election candidates,muppets we do not need.I would recomend my Psycoligist but he would give declare him a fit person to stand.

  104. ronnie anderson says:

    @ red sunset 6.55. KLIK Bait for the Daily Retard Dont Use folks.

  105. Gallowglass says:

    That’s what I call being skewered!

    I imagine that you will come under even more reputational attacks for posting that, so well done Stuart & Co very impressive investigative work that our largely unionist media were only seconds away from completing themselves….surely?


  106. ronnie anderson says:

    @ fred blogger ah wud make young Mr Davy ah Corical tae get him there,but they,rs ah knack tae manouvering ah Corical it takes Balance wie wan oar,sadly lacking wie young Braden.

  107. Helpmaboab says:

    We’ve grown used to referring to Alistair Darling as ‘flipper’ thanks to his creative accounting skills.

    The nickname needs to be re-assigned to Davy in honour of his extensive work in the field of hamburgerology.

    “Mister speaker! Does the right honourable gentleman want fries with that?”

  108. Duncan says:

    could this be a fall guy intended to tear votes away from labour and simultaneously run a pro LibDem campaign to stear the votes that way? Desperate, but this is labour we’re talking about

  109. Balaaargh says:

    This guy has not been selected because he would be a good MP now but because they think he will be a good MP in 10 years time.

    Get ’em in young before they’ve had any life experience. That way they’re easier to indoctrinate with the BLAB propaganda. Teach him what it’s like to fail and give him the hunger to screw over his opponents down the line.

    It’s possible BLAB have seen recent events coming down the line and picked him rather than expend the effort on someone experienced.

    Regardless, Eck and the local branches are more than capable of leaving Davy outsmarted, outthought, outnumbered, out of sight and out of mind.

    NEXT! 🙂

  110. fred blogger says:

    ronnie anderson
    yes, a bit of skulling would him good.
    he seems to be well practiced @ going round in circles, he wouldn’t get dizzy.

  111. thesnake says:

    You’d think he would have the common sense to delete his old Bebo account.

    “Girl your making me really hot, I wanna put my ballot in your slot”

    Gordon deserves better than this!

  112. RJF says:

    Why should it matter how long he’s lived in Scotland? It’s interestibg to see the Nats abandoning their commitment to inclusive civic nationalism at the drop of a hat. Also, unlike The Venerable Campbell, he at least has the advantage of living in the country he seeks to influence.

  113. PictAtRandom says:

    Eight weeks before the referendum his mind was taken up with momentous developments:
    Aberdeen was to get a Krispy Kreme.

    Eyes on the prize!

    [and go easy on the kulture]

  114. Early Ball says:

    O.T. The Bank of Scotland is accused of fraud in Northern Ireland. The BBC Scotland gave this prominence earlier today. However the following was a paragraph near the bottom of the article
    “The bank is a major mortgage lender in Northern Ireland under the Halifax brand, and is ultimately owned by the Lloyds Banking Group.”
    Curiously the item did not feature in West Yorkshire (Halifax) or London (Lloyds).

  115. Valerie says:

    @Joemcg, shame on you for rubbishing disability equality rights. It’s nothing to do with cost or palaces as you put it. The woman has been duly elected. My concern with Anne Begg is her friends in the National Front.

  116. Lesley-Anne says:


  117. handclapping says:

    Nah, you don’t win an Alert Reader badge for that. Too easy

  118. X_Sticks says:

    Sorry O/T
    Live Independence broadcasting interview NOW with author and artist Alasdair Gray

    (Though by the time you see the post it might be over)

  119. thomaspotter2014 says:

    If Murphy is the chicken(from THE egg) then this little mini-me must be his hatchling chick.
    He certainly has more than a few of Smurphs dodgy attributes.
    Clone even.LOL

  120. Welsh Sion says:

    From his Twitter account (note also the Union Flag, that our subject is wrapped up in …):

    Parliamentary Assistant @ukparliament. Proud Nothumbian & Scot. @uk_together
    Youth Rep. Centre Left. Economist by training, City youth cllr
    @neyounglabour chair

    Not only has there not been a tweet since July 13, could he tell us what a ‘Nothumbrian’ is? 😉

  121. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    tactical move, the vile scot labour hierarchy believe not even the dumbest of their voters will vote for a kid just out of nappies, or still in them for all i know and their vote will go to the lib dems and keep mr salmond out, i think the vile, disgusting lying thieving cheating individuals who make up scot labour hierarchy might have got it wrong tho.

  122. Grizzle McPuss says:

    I have a son the exact same age as Braden Davy, and if he was to be as presumptuous as this wannabe, I’d lock him in a dark cupboard for a week…without internet access to really show my wrath.

    Mind you, when MP’s are now found to be playing electronic games in the middle of a Commons committee hearing (Conservative MP Nigel Mills playing mobile puzzle game Candy Crush Saga) is it any wonder that the young are attracted to the political life?

  123. cearc says:

    Welsh Sion

    One who has not evolved sufficiently to have opposable thumbs?

  124. Paula Rose says:

    @ Lesley-Anne – time we had another indyref, at least then we get a better quality of troll.

  125. ronnie anderson says:

    Now Now Paula Rose dont get liberal wie yer stroking on that trip tae Gordon.

  126. jacksg says:

    Leslie Anne,

    I spotted the Troll first!


    do i get my alert reader badge now.

  127. Effijy says:

    I feel sorry for this young guy!
    He is still wet behind the ears.
    Labour have told the kid that he’s Captain of the swimming team
    while they only want to feed something to the Shark.
    Will Dud Murphy even put his Trunks on to go up there and support him??

    Red Tory really are a Rotten lot.
    Is there a greater depth to which they could sink?
    Well they could move the Scottish/English Maritime border north of Carnoustie?

  128. Lesley-Anne says:

    handclapping says:

    Nah, you don’t win an Alert Reader badge for that. Too easy

    Oh come on HC you can’t blame a girl for trying, can you? 😛

  129. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Welsh Sion Could be Northumbrian is bagpipes but with less drones, diz that help.

  130. terry says:

    The No campaign were quick to tell Yes supporters to “move on” and that the referendum was over and yet they haven’t moved on as evidenced by them ganging up in Gordon and already promoting an anti SNP colation of unionist parties. Gordon is reltively wealthy and did vote No so it was with some trepidation that I looked online at the Press and Journal’s poll on whether readers would like to see Salmond returning to Westminster. The P and J is bought by many older voters so I feared the worst – and yet 79% at time of posting are in favour of Salmond going back to Westminster. The comments are interesting in that beyond the clear SNP supporters and the as clear Unionist supporters there are some commnets from readers who were no fans of Salmond or the SNP before the referendum but now have clearly warmed to him. They say they can now see how he puts the people of Scotland first – here’s the link to the vote and the comments –

  131. Effijy says:

    There were some comments regarding Anne Begg and her wheel chair.
    I’d like to ask her why her party leader took a year to decide if the bedroom Tax was a good idea?
    81% of those who lost out on benefits due to this heinous Tax
    were disabled.
    Update: Anne and Labour have decided to keep it, should anyone be stupid enough to vote for them in.

  132. Alan Mackintosh says:

    RJF, I guess its more to do with his lie that he is a “local lad”, but never mind the truth getting in the way of a wee smear.

    In other news, he’s not alone. His buddy Barry Black is standing in West Aberdeen and Kincardine.

    Maybe Labour got a BOGOF

  133. Dr Jim says:

    Is’nt it funny how Malcolm Bruce thinks it’s wrong for our former 1st minister to want to be an MP on the grounds of “Why should he be there” as if Democracy is only for those trying to form a Government…Eh hold on, is Alex Salmond not doing exactly what the Lib Dems are doing right now? Trying to influence Government by holding the balance of power, or was Bruce suggesting in any way that the Lib Dems have at any time a cats chance in hell forming their own Government. Even if his suggestion made sense to anyone else they would then have to agree that Plaid Cymru The Greens, The DUP or in fact ANYBODY had no right to be there either, and how can Mr Salmond,lovely man as we all know re-run the Referendum in Westminster anyway. Should old Sir Malky not be sitting in his ermine somewhere sooking on his broth and expenses..I Thank You!

  134. Taysideterrier says:

    Agree with others, most probably being used by labour to be set up and fail. Encourage voters to vote for libdem and bash the nasty nat dictator at the GE, i mean how dare he do this to their country U-COK land! His young age will perhaps be used to encourage younger voters to labour though?

    He will be all over the tv/daily rags soon enough billed as the wee man that will stand up to big bully eck, The wee guy that saved ucok from extinction ect.

    Its not hard to groom someone into labours way of thinking and speaking there all like the same broken record player, party line, blahblah, SNP BAD, blah blah, progressive, against nukes, blah blah, socialist, blahblah.

    What they mean is the opposite of what they say of course

  135. Johnny says:

    Dr Jim

    Some unionists appear to have read the referendum question as ‘should Alex Salmond be allowed to remain in frontline politics?’ or something similar! The amount of shouting I have seen that he is somehow ‘cheating’ by seeking election is mindboggling.

    In fact, as you imply, by doing so he is doing as they demanded and ‘moving on’ and ‘accepting he lost’ by accepting that going through Westminster is still the way to get many things done. But this isn’t good enough for them either.

    It is clear to me that he was supposed to give up and that neither he nor the Yes movement has gone away is driving some No-ers utterly mental for some reason. Something with not liking democracy as much as they claim, I suspect.

  136. And I thought it was just Wales where the Red Tories parachuted people in from across the border.

  137. Lesley-Anne says:

    Looking at these photos AM I have say that I’m astonished that Labour are now at the point where they are nabbing babies straight out of their prams. Wee Barry Black looks like he is straight oot o nappies for gawd’s sake! 😛

  138. Chitterinlicht says:

    In his favour he has more real time actual work experience than Jim Murphy, spent less time at university and actually got a degree.

    Sure he was the one tried to get Miissy M sacked

    I am also pretty sure he tweeted after ref result that ‘he voted yes but now time to work together ‘ etc pants

  139. john king says:

    I thought you would never do adverts on here Rev?

    Why have we got a Clearasil ad then? 🙁

  140. boris says:

    A biting post Stu. More hard hitting than my effort yesterday’s, “The Best-Laid Plans”. which I am posting again so that other information may be drawn to the attention of others

    Alex Salmond’s opponent in Gordon

    Braden views on himself : I get angry when people talk at me, or when people don’t listen to what I have to say and ignore my opinions. This is particularly true when politicians don’t answer the question which was asked. I am Opinionated, logical and ambitious. Throughout the 2010 election campaign I was being told by Labour that they were going to win in Wansbeck and by the Lib Dems a vote for anyone but them would be wasted as they were the only party who could beat Labour. “I don’t want to be told why I shouldn’t vote for people.

    But his facebook page belies this view. he attacks the SNP with a vengence despite having no historical connection with Scotland. It appears he is content just to be a labour Party mouthpiece which is very sad since he himself is a fervent nationalist supporting the Northumbrian movement at the time he lived in England.

    He never did finish his degree course at Durham University but he claims he got a certificate of attendance which is more than Jim Murphy got after 9 years study at University in Glasgow

  141. ClanDonald says:

    chitterinlicht: did he say he voted in the indyref? Does he even live here? Thought he lives in London? Is he registered to vote here? Does this require some further investigation?

  142. Albalha says:

    Tatler in Scotland on now, BBC 2, how they see us.

  143. john king says:

    Lesley Anne says
    “Wee Barry Black looks like he is straight oot o nappies for gawd’s sake!”

    Cumon lesley Anne
    give the wee guy a break he’ll be near retiring age before he sees the inside o the HOC (other from the strangers gallery) 🙂

  144. Davy says:

    A friend said to me have a check of the red torys (Braden Davys) profile and being a nosy git I did, well its certain full but actually what of ??? though here is his skills section:

    government/ economics/ policy/
    event management/ fund raising/
    research/ campaign strategy/
    negotiation/ volunteer management/
    media relations/ business service/
    politcal campaigns/ public speaking/ project management.

    I did not mention his training in the Navy (14 months) to command and control a P2000 Fast Patrol Boat. As I was too overcome with his fantastic MacDonalds management/work expirence, six months training six months working.

    Education is inspiring:
    Beijing university – 7 wks (maybe).
    Duke university – 3 wks.
    Durham university – ??????

    Just ha a lookie yersels folks and see if you want him to represent the country in westminster.

    OT – perhaps Jim Murphy should stop worrying about eggs hitting his back, he has now got Margarent Curren backing him in his leadership campaign.
    Check with Johann Lamont “Jim” and watch out for sharp objects.

  145. Dunphail says:

    Less than 10% of the vote in 2012 council elections a similar fate awaits him in 2015

  146. cearc says:

    Is Babby Black old enough to vote?

    Were there no other candidates for those two seats or are labour getting them from the work programme to save money?

  147. Lesley-Anne says:

    boris says:

    He never did finish his degree course at Durham University but he claims he got a certificate of attendance which is more than Jim Murphy got after 9 years study at University in Glasgow

    Hmm, is it just me Boris or does the idea of not finishing a university course appear to now be a pre-requisite for Labour grandees and future grandees? 😛

  148. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Alan Mackintosh

    Labour is “blooding” them for after Scotland quits the Union and these battle hardened, seasoned liars will be available to continue hoodwinking the Geordies a Liverpudlians.

  149. Chitterinlicht says:


    Click on link above. The tweet says he voted yes.

  150. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Alan Mackintosh As David Walliams would say Bitty Bitty ah hope she hiz Pampers, all babys need a nappy change after a feed.

  151. Lesley-Anne says:

    john king says:

    Cumon lesley Anne
    give the wee guy a break he’ll be near retiring age before he sees the inside o the HOC (other from the strangers gallery) 🙂


    Well that’s all right then John. 😛

    Come to think about it though, if by some wild weather fluke or something he did manage to get into the HOC before reaching retiral age he would fit right in with all those other nappy wearing babies that currently inhabit there. 😉

  152. Chitterinlicht says:

    You would think that he tweeted ‘”i voted yes..” would make it very hard to stand for the Unionist Labour Party. (See my link above)

    Or he lied which is I suppose is excellent unionist Labour Party grounding.

    Sort of right of passage for future labour leaders


  153. Alan Mackintosh says:

    @ chitterinlicht / Clandonald,

    Re BD voting Yes, Have a look at this. Looks like he was a polling agent for Lab

  154. Chiterinlicht says:

    @ Alan Mackintosh


    This is funny.

    You could not make this up.

    Cannae wait to see who they put in Gordon Browns seat

  155. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Ronnie, there is something of the “Joe 90” about wee Barry. Younger wingers may need to seek clarification on that moniker

  156. Tackety Beets says:

    Really cringey candidate for Labour Party .
    A beebo link on Twitter gives a bit of profile info on Braden Davey

    Forgive my indulgence on his profile , as follows ;
    About Me ,

    Happiest When .
    ” Talking to mates . Eating Sunday roast . When am wiv me lil sis , havin a lie in ”

    Now English was my poorest subject in School , the above illustrates the importance of getting it right or it can result in multi meanings .
    Maybe it’s my sick mind .

  157. john j says:

    Fuck me, the man’s a veritable genius,

    either that or an egocentric self-obsessed narcisistic arsehole with a severe case of Scottish Labour Entitlement syndrome.

    Hope I spelled narcisistic correctly.

  158. heedtracker says:

    john j says:
    8 December, 2014 at 9:59 pm
    Fuck me, the man’s a veritable genius,

    either that or an egocentric self-obsessed narcisistic arsehole with a severe case of Scottish Labour Entitlement syndrome

    He’s 22, a 22 year old gun slinger from out of town, not from round here stranger, or normal. The real freaky creepy show is the Labour gits that put him up for it. Plus UKOK reptiles like Hotherslugdge piling online trying cover up what a few years younger would be called grooming.

  159. ClanDonald says:

    @Tackety Beets: Ahahahahahahahahahahah 🙂

    Definitely your sick mind but it gave me a good laugh nevertheless, lol.

  160. Lesley-Anne says:

    Alan Mackintosh says:

    Ronnie, there is something of the “Joe 90? about wee Barry. Younger wingers may need to seek clarification on that moniker

    For our *ahem* younger viewers! 😛

  161. PictAtRandom says:

    “It appears he is content just to be a labour Party mouthpiece which is very sad since he himself is a fervent nationalist supporting the Northumbrian movement at the time he lived in England.”

    Quite. He could be on the short leet to manage our Northumbrian “franchise”.

    (Now I have visions of him as a hopeful in a Salmondite version of “The Apprentice”.)

  162. ClanDonald says:

    @Chitterinlicht: I think that tweet about voting yes might be just a link to an article with that title.
    Still wondering if he voted at all though and if he got himself on the electoral roll?

  163. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Alan Mackintosh . Braden Davys like Joe 90 aye ah wunner if he,s heard Sandy Shaws Puppet on ah String, an ah dont mean the Curly Hairy String.

  164. robertknight says:

    HEY, YOU!

    YES, YOU!

    The Labour North British Branch person!

    You enjoying reading this?

    I can’t help but LMFAO at the thought of you doing so!

  165. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah wee song fur Braden listen carfully to the words Braden.

    Someday You will be GONE.

  166. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Lesley Anne, good choice of episode. Is that the Blab indoctrination machine?

  167. snode1965 says:

    Not so sure this boy is a patsy.Just watched Milliband on news at ten promoting Labour’s new ground breaking policy, votes for 16 & 17 year olds!! They are attempting to win the youff votes, as that poll the other day showing the massive SNP majority in this demographic.How many SNP policies do you recon Labour are gona steal in next 6 months?????

  168. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Alan Mackintosh there is a definite conection to Braden & Joe 90, Joe wiz a space cadet tae. Calling starship Enterlies.

  169. Graeme Doig says:


    “Wee Barry Black looks like he is straight oot o nappies for gawd’s sake!”

    Poor wee lad is likely to piss himself just being in the same room as Eck.

    Well he would if he had any awareness of the gravity of the situation he was in. Unfortunately it seems that Labour have a conveyor belt of complete sociopaths.

  170. Croompenstein says:

    Braden and Joe are obviously part of the ‘plethora’ of talent at Slabs disposal as described by Baron FurFoukSake the pavement dancing Lord of the Binge
    The question is what part?

  171. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Anyone fancy a bet that Master Davy will have been withdrawn as the Labour PPC for Gordon by, what, erm, say, Wednesday tea-time?

    (If his Mum/Gran see this thread and/or related Tweets? it will surely be even sooner…)

  172. Edmund says:

    It would be interesting to get an interview with this guy. Someone should ask him why an idealistic young man like he seemed to be has thrown his lot in with the same Labour hypocrites he previously derided, and why he now embraces political tactics that he previously condemned.

    I’m not sure I would survive a trawl through every forum post I have ever made – people’s opinions do change over time.

    But if I was that young man frustrated with politicians that never answer the question, wondering why whole swathes of the country have seemingly been passed over as power is concentrated ever more densely in London, the modern Labour party is the last vehicle I would choose to change things.

    I wonder what happened.

  173. Lesley-Anne says:

    Alan Mackintosh says:

    Lesley Anne, good choice of episode. Is that the Blab indoctrination machine?

    Ah you noticed it then AM. I’m afraid it has been used so often that the name plate it self has fallen off. 😛

    ronnie anderson says:

    @ Alan Mackintosh there is a definite conection to Braden & Joe 90, Joe wiz a space cadet tae. Calling starship Enterlies.

    Just remember Ronnie who the Space Cadet *ahem* leader is … none other than Magrit Curran! 🙂

    Graeme Doig says:


    “Wee Barry Black looks like he is straight oot o nappies for gawd’s sake!”

    Poor wee lad is likely to piss himself just being in the same room as Eck.

    Would that be BEFORE or AFTER he gets Alex Salmond’s autograph Graeme? 😀

  174. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Last time I looked the Record’s poll on the Smith Commission had gone tits up with over 90% not happy about it. I wonder if they will publish it – or perhaps the night time voters will be dug up from the crypts to vote in favour.

    I rather wish I had captured the vote result they had up about an hour and a half ago

  175. John Walsh says:

    Only one thing to say “red rosette on a monkey’s arse” if cllr Willlie Young is backing him we will be able to count the embicille population of Gordon. Who vote for this Cretan .

  176. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Ronnie, it wisnae Braden I was thinking of Joe 90 aboot, twas his mate who’s standing in west Aberdeen and Kincardine.

  177. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for going O/T.

    Baroness Jenkin, married to a Tory M.P. who chairs one committee or another, claims the poor can’t cook and claims to have had porage, or porridge depending your preference, costing 4 pence for breakfast. Let them eat porridge run the headlines! HE is on around £80,000 a year apparently and of course she is on £300 per DAY every time she pops into Westminster to say Hi to hubby!

    I think we should all keep this handy for May 2015.

    Let’s remind everyone EXACTLY what sort of people these Tories are like, and what they REALLY think, when they are NOT reading from pre-prepared scripts!

  178. R-type Grunt says:

    O/T so sorry.

    I have it on good authority that one Michael Connarty MP attended yesterday’s anti-fracking march (good publicity). Today he failed to vote in WM against fracking (no publicity).

    I’ll leave that there.

  179. Tam Jardine says:

    I wonder where the meeting was held where a big map of Scottish constituencies was studied by the Westminster party (red, blue and yellow branches). I’m guessing it was held within the death star.

    Obviously with a sitting lib dem ‘heavyweight’ retiring Gordon has been labelled LD on their map. The Westminster party struggles with members and talent so they have to target seats in this way and marshall their resources.

    This young guy is meant to fail. A clearer picture of the target seats and how they have tried to carve up Scotland and head off the SNP will emerge in time.

    Meanwhile I just pray the Yes parties have had a meeting themselves to work out their own combined strategy. It would be contrary to all I have learned during the referendum for such a carve up to not have taken place. Remember – when it comes to Scotland these 3 branches are allies still.

  180. Morag says:

    I think what Stu is saying is that by any rational carve-up strategy, Labour should have been targeting Gordon. If they can’t take that sort of seat (excluding the Salmond factor because they didn’t know about that when the selection was done), then they have little hope of winning the general election.

  181. Valerie says:

    @cearc, thanks for the alert to the Amazon book, some sterling work on there.

    Also, if you need a proper belly laugh on the subject, go to Wee Ginger Dug, his latest on “Cockring” is brilliant.

  182. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    @Alan Mackintosh

    Hi Bro – perfect with the Joe 90 look a like …

    Is his mate not a bit like Captain Red Tory…Sorry Scarlet?

    Two wee puppets – I wonder who is pulling the strings from London?

    Seriously – is this really the best that SLAB can do?
    Mcternan ? Maybe it is! LOL!

  183. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Daily Record poll on Smith Commission seems to have disappeared

  184. ben madigan says:

    @lesley anne who mentioned a tory lady and porridge
    I have just published a post about this –
    hope you all spread the take home messages around
    best to all

  185. boris says:

    It appears the Labour party are introducing to Scottish politics the, “career politician” which is widely spread over the mainstream parties at Westminster. They poach talented youth direct from University or College and attach them, as research assistants, (paid and unpaid) to MP’s for a time to learn. Those showing best promise are then parachuted into an unwinnable electoral contest to gain campaign experience returning to the care of their sponsor MP afterwards. Next time, if they toe the party line they might be allocated a safe seat and their career takes off. Barry Black and Braden Daly fit the profile. The problem for the Labour branch in Scotland is the West coast where the bulk of sitting MP’s are ex shop stewards, supported by the Cooperative party or some other Union. I expect in time other parties in Scotland will succumb to the career politician .

  186. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Hi Big Brur!

    @ lesley Anne, can I elaborate on your last comment? The baroness Jenkins who can have porridge for 4p also sits on the committee thanks decides on the champagne

    “Tory Baroness who slammed food bank users is on House of Lords committee that spent £250k on Champagne”

    Apparently a bit of a stushie happening in the Lords as the supplier has changed the fizz to one a bit cheaper and this hasnt gone down well with the stoaters.

    O/T it seems InverYESs hub is on with Call Kay with an E in the morning.

  187. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    ref – National front page

    Can I paraphrase what the Brexit report says “We will be completely fucked – even more than we are at the moment. Our economy will be completely destroyed”.

    No wonder they will not publish it.

    Cameron is a twat – but a devious twat – he has no intention of delivering a EU exit referendum – it is just a sop to UKIP.

  188. Clootie says:

    I’m getting old. I remember when socialism was about building a fair society and Labour shared that view. I remember my journeymen talking about socialist values – seldom about party politics.

    I watched LORD Faulds looking sad about food banks tonight and it reminded me just how far Labour have ditched the founding principles. He may even feel a twinge of guilt as he drinks his free champagne with his subsidised luxury meal the next time he clocks in for his daily allowance which tops up his Westminster pension.

    A fair society was on offer this year on the 18th. of September and Labour backed the Tories in order to protect their cosy world. For Labour a Food bank is a photo opportunity. For the Tories it is ideology.

    Take back ownership of Politics and change the balance.

  189. Barontorc says:

    Remember it’s SLAB policy to get the ‘ordinary mum’ to try and make her point – she of course being more into the offical Labour party, than they let on – when you decimate the young aspirant for Gordon.

  190. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    Hi Ally,
    it is a hard life in the HOL. The standard of champagne is slipping badly I hear – that’s austerity for you.

    Any news of Charlie Kennedy and ex-Lord Thurso resigning their seats soon to make a jump for the Lords while the Champagne standard is still relatively high.

    Imagine waiting all that time for some ermine and a seat in the House of Lords and finding out you were sold a pup and the champagne was complete pish.

  191. David Stevenson says:

    Have Labour ever held Gordon constituency? Even when racking up their big majorities under Blair it was held by the Lib Dems. There is no way Gordon is a target seat. Labour have to win in England to form a government. We all know the stats: Labour hasn’t relied on Scottish MPs to form a government since 1974.

    Davy is a sad wee careerist who can’t even point to a background in Labour students like a whole host of current and recent Labour MPs and MSPs like Katy Clark, Sarah Boyack, Susan Deacon, Pauline McNeil, Pat McFadden, Jim Murphy etc. As pointed out, this is a loser contest with the potential for being parachuted into a winnable seat later. Greatrex fits the bill on that one (though I can’t recall him having to fight a loser seat; one of New Labour’s anointed), McAvoy suddenly retiring just before the 2010 GE so that the stitch-up can be effected and the former MP weirdly ending up in the House of Lords at a cost to the people of £300 a day plus expenses.
    Davy might offer some embarrassment to Labour during the campaign. If so, he will find that he can be deemed expendable.

  192. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    p.s. he was not called “Champagne Charlie” for no reason !

    …Taxi for Kennedy.

  193. Karmanaut says:

    I feel sorry for him. He’s just a kid. And that Bebo page is going to haunt him for years.

    Anyway, now he’s the latest in a long line of embarrassments for Labour, it’s only a matter of time until Labour sticks the metaphorical knife in him.

    Labour doesn’t look after their own. They even lie to their own members, for god’s sake.

  194. Cherry says:

    O/T a little! I watched RT earlier and following the news piece on “Let them eat porridge! was this beauty.. The House of Lords are complaining that if the catering is “cut” then the quality of their Champagne will be affected. Apparently they get thru 17,000 bottles at a cost of £250 thousand, presumably it helps in swilling back the £1.3million in food they eat. How can these people sleep at night!!

  195. Macart says:

    @ Clootie

    What you said.

    Every day of the week and twice on Sundays. 🙂

  196. ClanDonald says:

    Folks: gonnae say “Here’s the front page of the National.” rather than “here’s the National front page” which has a bit of an unfortunate ring to it.

  197. Bill says:

    The young man is an outrageous attention whore. Google his name for reams of internet P.R. Wings has added to that and no doubt to his bloated ego. He’s now had his five minutes of fame and it would serve democracy better just to ignore him from now on.

  198. john king says:

    Chiternlicht says
    “Cannae wait to see who they put in Gordon Browns seat”

    Oh dear
    I was waiting for someone to say that! 🙂

  199. donald anderson says:

    Looks like the P & J poll has backfired on them.

    POLL: Are you glad to see Alex Salmond return to UK poli…
    Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond has launched his bid to represent the people of the north east at Westminster in next year’s general elec…

    View on http://www.pressandjournal….

    Preview by Yahoo

  200. john king says:

    Ben Madigan

    I,I don’t know what to say,
    Using written words to express the depths of despair I feel for that poor poor soul feels inadequate,

    That radio recording fill me with disgust for the creatures who put this man into that position, and a deep sense of shame for feeling unhappy with my lot,

    I do a job I don’t particularly like doing but I know this poor chap would kill for my life,
    Every day I get ready for work I will remember that poor soul and thank my lucky stars!

    Is this REALLY what those no voters wanted?

  201. john king says:

    Links not working Donald.

  202. john king says:

    Alan Macintosh @ 11.45

    Which is the AFTER photo?

  203. thoughtsofascot says:


    I believe it does help us. This kid is getting publicity. He was probably picked to be a non-entity to help the lib dems win the seat and give the kid some experience for a challenge in 2020 in England.
    Now that this kid is getting exposure, and while as far as I am aware, despite being an unrepentant liar he hasnt done anything distasteful for a labour party member(remember lying is a requirement)
    This should increase his share of the vote, splitting the unionist vote further.

  204. Gra says:

    I would not surprise me if Alex Salmond did not get the Gordon seat. The full weight of the unionist run media will undermine his efforts at every turn.

  205. Westie7 says:

    Labour in Gordon, dont make me laugh, lucky to hold their deposit here.
    As for Malcolm Bruce, what a joke. He keeps himself to the posh end around Inverurie where house price rises rival Edinburgh. Lived here 19 years and only ever saw one LD canvasser in my estate. Seen Bruce at 2 remembrance parades in 19 yrs and only really got wheeled out by the BBC and MSM in the last two years. This wont be easy for AS some work required as too many toffs here who dont give a shit as long as their money keeps rolling in

  206. Haggis Hunter says:

    He has all the makings of McTernan.
    I read Gillian Martin’s article.
    Brandon Davey is a nasty, manipulative wee boy learning his trade from a nasty manipulative (soon to be) wee party

  207. Haggis Hunter says:

    The wee shite

  208. Mealer says:

    A lot of the comments on here seem to be demonising Mr Davey because of his youth.I realise it’s his maturity that is being called into question by some,but that’s not how it reads.I think it’s good to have people of all ages standing for parliament.Slagging him off for being a “kid” isn’t helpful.I don’t want to see the voting age raised from 18 to 21.

  209. Tam Jardine says:


    I just see labour desperately trying to shore up their current seats rather than pour resources into a seat where they came third. And the lib dems doing exactly the same. If Miliband is to be our next prime minister (gulp) it will not be on the back of significant gains up here. We will see if they change the candidate in Gordon but as it stands he is part of the price for lib dems backing off in labour constituencies as far as I can tell.

  210. McBoxheid says:

    I see in the National that Mauchit Curran is backing Skeletor.
    Must be good for the other candidates.

  211. No no no...Yes says:

    R-type Grunt 11:53pm Connarty Labour MP abstains on fracking vote.
    Wow, what an example of the peoples party in action. Potentially a major issue in the election for every Scottish voter and the Scottish Labour MP’s did not vote!!!

    Here is the wording of what was put forward by the SNP and Plaid Cymru:

    That this House declines to give a second reading to the Infrastructure Bill because it introduces a measure to allow companies involved in hydraulic fracking to drill and to carry out their operations beneath land without the consent of the owners, that it also make a substantial amendment to the law of heritable property in Scotland, which is a devolved matter, without seeking the agreement of the Scottish Parliament, and in so doing breaches the Sewel Convention, and, with regard to such developments in Wales, because it fails to grant any provision for the National Assembly for Wales to impose any condition they deem appropriate on such operations.

    Yet another example of their failure to stand up for Scotland.

  212. MochaChoca says:

    It would be nice, but we can’t bank on Salmond securing 50%+ of the electorate.

    So the problem is that we need the other parties to share the rest of the vote. That includes this lad getting a reasonable share.

    How the hell is that going to happen?

  213. donald anderson says:

    I couldn’t post this last night as it told me I was posting too much and too quickly.

    Sometimes it tells me that I have already said that when I haven’t. Bloody liar. Worse than the P & J.

    Here is the P & J’s anti Salmond poll backfiring on them.

  214. thoughtsofascot says:


    But heres the thing, it is the truth. He is a kid. Name one thing on his resume that says “mature adult”
    The only thing that comes close is his stint in McDonalds.
    Half the teenagers in Glasgow have more life experience than he does.

    You may have heard about the recent incident over at JFK airport involving a 40 year old Korean Air scion(and VP, oh nepotism!) throwing a nutty fit onboard a Korean Air craft as it was about to take off, all over a packed of nuts. At 40 years old, she is still a kid because that is simply her mentality. That of a privilaged brat. This guy is more or less the same. No life experiences. Flys off the handle at the smallest things(we have all been there, but we all associate it with childish behavior because thats the stage of life when we act that way)

  215. thoughtsofascot says:

    @Mocha Choca

    Easy! Keep giving him exposure. Hes likely to cry victim after this, which should earn him some unionist sympathies, which should translate into votes.

  216. mumsyhugs says:

    O/t I see our illustrious state broadcaster is to double its late evening output starting in January in the run up to the GE. This is so it can give greater analysis to the political scene! Hahahahaa – aye that’ll be right. Be prepared folks. Lots of dirty doodoo coming our way soon.

  217. Sinky says:

    No no no…Yes says @ 8.28:

    What was the result of the SNP amendment to stop fracking?

    It does not seem to be reported in the national press or even The National.

  218. heraldnomore says:

    Oh dear, old hotdogstall pouring humbug on Yes memorabilia. Call Louis now…

    I’ve got my calendar and it will be on the office wall for a full 12 months. And if there’s any wee bits of memorabilia in the festive stocking I’ll be chuffed to bits.

    Just waiting for the usual outpouring of scorn coming to you now on radio jockland…

  219. jock mc X says:

    I find it hard to comment on anything labour do,because they
    are not labour they are tories.
    It’s like pontious pilate asking the crowd if they want
    jesus barabbus or jesus barrabus.
    Do you want lying thieving murderers or lying thieving murderers.
    The people are cattle,sheep,the herd…to be used not served,
    this is a very old game folks.

  220. Brian Powell says:


    Labour abstained from vote. SNP, Plaid, greens voted against. Tories for.

  221. Wp says:

    Slightly surprised by the poll from the P&J in support of AS, but even no voters know he will be more influential down there than all the Labour parasites put together. Labour have proved that Scotland’s welfare is not on their agenda.

  222. heedtracker says:

    The National good on EU exit today, also interesting alongside dreary example of Guardian hard core grovelling to UKOK royalty front page, after rancid hypocrites snearing malice towards Scottish democracy possibly coming to London yesterday. Progressive liberal English maybe not be what they pretend to be. No wonder their queen purred. Labour and the BBC in Scotland have a lot of work to do and not much time. No pressure everyone. Keep the Scots in their place.

  223. No no no...Yes says:

    sinky 9:32am
    SNP/Plaid Cymru amendment vote

    The amendment was rejected and the bill is to get a second reading as it stands:

    Ayes 276 Noes 10
    Not a single Scottish Labour Party MP even voted, they all abstained. Scandalous!

  224. Lollysmum says:

    @ sinky says

    ‘Not a single Scottish Labour Party MP even voted, they all abstained. Scandalous!’

    Weapon for the SNP, greens then

    Every little helps & you sure are helping.

  225. donald anderson says:

    We must not mock the Labour Yoof pigmy candidate because of his age: more because of hims elf.

  226. Lollysmum says:

    Sorry last post should have read No no no…yes says

  227. Jim McIntosh says:


    Re Cochrane’s Amazon reviews, thanks for that. My fav is the 5 star rating

    “I predict big things from this exciting new author, shines a light on the dark and twisted mind of one of the most egotistical narcissistic individuals around in Britain today. Also has a few mentions of Alex Salmond. Not suitable for the feeble minded, animals, children or those easily offended by dull, vapid prose. An ideal gift for those that have a door to wedge open or have a wobbly table leg.”


  228. Fred says:

    Pacific Quay getting its Xmas knickers in a twist this morning over the issue of YES merchandise being given as Xmas presents, shock horror!
    Meantime back at the foodbanks, particularly those sited near Europe’s biggest concentration of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

  229. Morag says:

    I think anyone who is seriously attempting to become an MP at the age of 21 has to be absolutely exceptional. This boy is not. He’s only exceptional in having sniffed out the location of the gravy train at an unusually young age and figured out the route to getting on it.

    There are people on Twitter criticising Stu for linking to embarrassing juvenalia produced by the kid four or five years ago, on the grounds that “he was just a child when he wrote that”. Uh, yes, that means he was a clueless immature child only four or five years ago. How much is he likely to have matured in such a short time? This isn’t like dredging up embarrassing things Alex Salmond wrote in 1976. (By all acounts Alex Salmond had twice the maturity and good sense of Braden Davy when he was 21.)

    More importantly, all that stuff is still on the web, or was when Stu linked to it. If he’d dredged the pages out of the depths of the Wayback Machine, the criticism would have been entirely justified. But he didn’t. The stuff was all still there, undeleted. Crucially, the pages are all things that appear to be within Mr. Davy’s control. They’re not old Daily Mail smears that he can’t do anything about, they’re his Bebo page and web sites he seems to own and so on.

    If you’re doing to stand for parliament, the first thing you need to do if you have any sense is delete any old internet crap you have lying around that someone might use against you. If you’ve deleted it, at least you’ve made the effort and acknowledged that this is material you no longer wish to be associated with. This kid hasn’t even had the sense to do that, or not until it was already being used against him.

    I have no sympathy. Have at him.

  230. No no no...Yes says:

    Fred 10:12am
    Presumably Yes merchandise subject is on BBC radio Moaning call with Kay(e) Adams?
    Is so, I hope they are impartial and remind listeners that merchandise for No voters is also available!

    Your comment is spot on, they will discuss anything but what are the really important subjects of the day.

  231. Haggis Hunter says:

    I’ve met 10 year kids with more balanced and honest minds than this ‘kid’

  232. donald anderson says:

    Cochrane’s wee red white and blue book will be an excellent Xmas gift for my Alf Garnett bother in law. Does it come with colouring in pencils?

  233. Devorgilla says:

    @No, no, no.

    Many thanks for that link.

    I note the two kippers Carswell and Reckless were not among the 246 Ayes, neither was lone Scots Tory David Mundell, but Malcom Bruce was.

  234. Devorgilla says:

    Re Davy: I guess he was selected by the London Labour establishment.

    He is such a hopeless candidate that Labour voters will have to vote Lib Dem.

  235. chalks says:

    I don’t understand the fascination with this pillock.

    You can tell folk on here obviously don’t live in the North East as Labour apart from in the city, do not exist. It’s the tories that are the ones to watch out for. Large farming estates, lots of influence in their communities. As mentioned, Inverurie is a rich area, but the yes vote in inverurie wasn’t that bad, Salmond did very well in the referendum and gained a lot of new fans, some that hated him before. Everyone in gordon will be out trumpeting for devo max, the unionists will be talking about independence, we’ll see who wins.

    The only thing I find quite funny is the people online and self confessed ‘politico’s’ saying labour voters would vote tory, I know a couple of labour voters and there is no way on earth they would vote tory.

  236. Taranaich says:

    I really think a few people need to get a bit of perspective about Braden Davy. Yes, he’s a boy – but he’s looking to represent New Labour in Scotland.

    What did New Labour do for us most recently, in regards to the Infrastructure Bill which brings fracking every closer to Scotland?

    Let’s get some perspective. The best thing we can do for Davy is get him deselected before the fight even begins. Better that than being responsible for all the votes – or lack thereof – which could bring ruin to the people of his constituency and beyond.

  237. donald anderson says:

    Down here lots of Labourites would vote Tory to get at the SNP.

    Incidentally, Inverurie is where a Jacobite Lowland force defeated a Highland Hanoverian force in the ’45. So Eck can do it yet.

  238. CameronB Brodie says:

    ben madigan
    I’m only 46, yet can still remember when benefits and welfare were called social security. Quite scarey how 35 years of neo-liberal government can re-frame a central responsibility of government as ‘charity’.

    Cherry said:
    O/T a little! I watched RT earlier and following the news piece on “Let them eat porridge! was this beauty.. The House of Lords are complaining that if the catering is “cut” then the quality of their Champagne will be affected. Apparently they get thru 17,000 bottles at a cost of £250 thousand, presumably it helps in swilling back the £1.3million in food they eat. How can these people sleep at night!!

    On a full belly? Quite well, I would imagine.

    Have any of these leeches ever gone hungry for more than a day? Ever tried to fall asleep trying to forget the gnawing in their belly? Knowing it will most probably be the same deal the next night and possibly the next night and the next night and the night after that and the night after that and the night after that. Somehow, I doubt it.

  239. Haggis Hunter says:

    @chalks says:
    9 December, 2014 at 10:42 amI don’t understand the fascination with this pillock.

    You can tell folk on here obviously don’t live in the North East as Labour apart from in the city, do not exist. It’s the tories that are the ones to watch out for

    The whole point is that Labour have put this guy in, because they want their vote to go to the Libs.
    Its obvious they are all discussing what seats they will carve up, and where they can put the most resources in to keep the SNP out.
    Its called the SlabberServatice and Dem BritNat alliance

  240. chalks says:

    @Haggis Hunter

    Even if all Labour voters went to the Lib Dems, they still wouldn’t win.

    It’s between the tories and the snp

    The fact that Jardine and messrs Young and Kelly are not willing to admit that tells us all we need to know about what will happen across the country.

    Unionist vote split.

  241. Hazel says:

    From this article in the P&J, Alex Salmond sees the Tories as his opposition in Gordon

    Which makes sense – the countryside vote usually goes right, not left and the Liberal Democrat vote is about to collapse everywhere after the disastrous coalition. Malcolm Bruce probably thought it was the right time to get out and not lose his seat.

    The Labour party has obviously put this obnoxious stripling in to make sure there’s no vote split and that any wayward votes go to the Tories. Aberdeenshire voted 60% No in the referendum, and the SNP were only the second party Gordon at the 2010 General Election with 22% of the vote. Salmond has got a fight on his hands, but it’s not with Labour or the Lib Dems.

  242. Jack Murphy says:

    donald anderson at 8:49am speaking about the Press and Journal [P&J].
    This is a Tory Bettertogether daily newspaper,PRINTED and OWNED by D.C. Thomson in Dundee who also publish The Courier.
    The Courier has ‘previous’ during the dark days of apartheid in South Africa,and also at the time of the illegal white supremacist Ian Smith regime [Unilateral Declaration of Independence] in Southern Rhodesia.
    Sup with a long spoon.
    My Gran has the Couriers—-with their Editorials.

  243. chalks says:


    He better learn how to spell lose.

  244. Andy-B says:

    Maybe this young whippersnapper has been thrown to the lions, because no other in the Labour party has the gumpton to stand against majestic Alex.

    In other words they’re aw fearties.

  245. Greannach says:

    This is the little guy who had a twitter account masquerading as a Yes supporter converting to No, then he tried to provoke a fight in Aberdeen City Centre between a Yes and a No stall (failed). I know Labour are desperate, but is it this bad?

  246. Flora Scarabello says:

    I’m a Tory, so you probably won’t care what I have to say, but I think it really unfortunate that the nats feel the need to abuse and defame well-meaning people. By all means, put across your points of view; but abusing people is unwarranted and somewhat pathetic. @FloraScarabello

  247. donald anderson says:

    Flora Scarabello says:
    19 April, 2015 at 3:20 pm
    I’m a Tory, so you probably won’t care what I have to say, but I think it really unfortunate that the nats feel the need to abuse and defame well-meaning people. By all means, put across your points of view; but abusing people is unwarranted and somewhat pathetic. @FloraScarabello

    Doe you read the onluine comments in the Unionist papers?

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