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The Bullshitter

Posted on December 31, 2021 by

We’ve had no takers from any Nicola Sturgeon loyalists for this yet, so let’s narrow our focus a bit and see if we can get some joy from the payroll vote.

The quote pictured below is an absolutely unequivocal statement, with no qualifiers or conditions, made during and with full knowledge of a major peak in the COVID-19 pandemic. The halfway point of the current Scottish Parliament is 9 November 2023.

So: I bet Pete Wishart £5,000 that he’s a liar.

I have the money, and on the £100K-a-year-plus-expenses wage he’s been stealing for most of the last 20 years (and let’s not forget the juicy £50,000-a-year Westminster pension he’s built up over two decades of totally failing to deliver the only thing he’s ever been elected to do), we damn sure know that HE has the money.

My bet is simply that there will NOT be a second indyref on or before that date.

Please, everyone reading this with a Twitter account, tweet this to Pete Wishart until he takes five seconds off from attacking real independence campaigners and gives us all his answer, and let’s see if he’s prepared to put a tiny little fraction of his money where his endlessly bloviating mouth is.

Because if he isn’t, we’ll all know why.

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    1257 to “The Bullshitter”

    1. Effigy says:

      Listening to LBC Radio I’m gobsmacked at the number of
      contributors supporting Boris regardless of the facts?

      Even though an angry young woman on TV this morning explained
      the horror of her healthy 55 year old Dad dying of Covid alone while
      Boris broke his own rules by having drinks in his garden for up to 100 people.

      The young woman couldn’t meet more than one family member at a time outside.
      She couldn’t have all the family or close friends at the funeral due to Bojo’s restrictions
      that seen others arrested and or fined for being in a group of 3.

      I don’t know Sue Gray who is investigating but why if the police are not as corrupt as the Tories not investigating this illegal act with a view to prosecute?

      Can you hear anyone at SNP rattling this latest nail in the UK’s coffin?
      No. Me neither.

    2. Dan says:

      Push back to overreach?

      The response of the senior Scottish judiciary to the Government’s consultation on Legal Services Regulation Reform has now been published.

    3. Republicofscotland says:

      The lying wretch of a woman Sturgeon is now going from there will be an indyref in 2023 to I’ll do everything in my power to hold one.

      I’m 100% sure than none of her gutless and spineless MSPs will speak out and say you must hold an indyref by any means possible.

    4. Ebok says:

      Big Jock says:
      10 January, 2022 at 8:23 pm
      ‘Chas- To be fair. There isn’t any functioning independence movement to talk about just now. The SNP have abandoned it. It’s why people on here drift onto other topics.
      You can’t really discuss football if the games are cancelled, and the clubs no longer want to play it.’

      It’s worse than that BJ. The game IS still in play, but we’re 1-0 down going into added on time and we’re pussy footing around playing pretty passes in mid-field when we should be in all-out-attack mode.

      Like Robbo, ‘I’m not a learned man just a simple common man of no status’, but you don’t have to be a genius to know the system is taking you for a ride.
      Since Blair, uni’s have been flooded by middle-class no hopers embarking on a career in politics and journalism. These patsies don’t have a clue and simply parrot whatever their masters say.

      I don’t want careerists whose principles are formed by their politics.
      I want leaders whose politics are formed by their principles. Until they emerge, or re-emerge, these pages, like Indy, will remain in limbo.

    5. Republicofscotland says:

      SNP MP Alan Brown bitching in the SNP fanzine the National that Scots will have to pay huge amounts of cash when the Tories Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill is passed which will see Scots taxed to pay for the building of nuclear power stations in England.

      Brown add that independence is the only way forward for Scotland.

      Don’t tell us Brown, tell your boss Sturgeon who disagrees with you.

    6. Robert Hughes says:

      ” The lying wretch of a woman Sturgeon is now going from there will be an indyref in 2023 to I’ll do everything in my power to hold one. ”

      Even before Craig Murray’s recent prediction of how things will most likely pan-out viz Sturgeon’s fatuous * strategy * some of us were predicting the exact same , namely , she’ll fanny about till * towards the end of 2023 ” , the * requested * S30 will be – predictably – refused , ScotGov will instigate a legal challenge , this will be – equally predictably – lost , by which time …” UK G.E imminent , now is not the time , but vote SNP , again ” ……” oh look S.E imminent vote SNP X 2 , again ” and so on ad nauseam .

      This recent totally unconvincing ” everything in my power ” spiel is the Fraud preparing the ground for the next period of abject failure .

      One other scenario is plausible, the fatal one , the one that signals the end of any possibility of Independence … the * granting * of an IndyRef , but only with the exact same franchise as 2014 and the additional ruse of a 3rd Devo-Max option , which would in all likelihood win .

      The players leave the stage , the curtain closes . The End .

    7. James Che. says:

      What is the Scottish libertarian group about and its background?

    8. James Che. says:

      I do not foresee a snp referendum as the way forward even without the “into the future carrot dangling dates” that have moving goal posts on wheels.

      And I would not trust them to negotiate any terms for us if a miracle dodgy referendum did happen.

      It would be 1707 all over again.

    9. James Che. says:


      Don’t forget the bring your own bottle 100 people attendees party held by Elizabeth in which Boris and Carrie attended while we were all restricted to two people during lockdown.

    10. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi James Che.

      Have you heard of Google?

    11. Sarah says:

      Is anyone else about to shoot themselves? This “I intend to..” “within my power..” is the ultimate betrayal by NS and her crew. What on earth are the decent SNP MSPs/MPs thinking now – or doing?

    12. robertknight says:


      “What on earth are the decent SNP MSPs/MPs thinking now – or doing?”

      I’ve come to the sad conclusion that there are none left in the SNP… they either retired or jumped ship to ALBA.

      All who remain concern themselves with salaries, expenses, and keeping the gullible fed on jam/Indyref2 tomorrow, as per She/Her’s command. They have therefore ceased being “decent” and have morphed into the troughers and lobby-fodder they once themselves despised.

      The tartan piggies are walking on their hind legs, smoking cigars, drinking whisky and playing poker, whilst the likes of you and I look on from outside, wondering how the hell did it come to this…

    13. Dorothy Devine says:

      Sarah , I have to agree with Robert – the SNP politicians are as self interested and lacking in integrity as those we condemn in Westminster.

      I used to argue with those that said they are all the same , I argued that the SNP were not like the others in politics , that it was the media trying to tar them all with the same brush – I have stopped the defensive argument.

    14. Robert Hughes says:

      Correct Robert

      You can’t be * decent * ie strive to fulfil the aspirations of the people who elected you whilst staying silent when those aspirations are being deliberately sabotaged : anyone who thinks this is not deliberate needs to wake the fuck up .

      Indeed Dorothy , it wasn’t so long ago I too had such exchanges with people who were saying ” they’re all the same ” .

      That I actually once stood-up for people like Mhairi Black , believing she was a breath of fresh air ,a down-to-earth , committed advocate of and fighter for Independence only adds to the anger I feel towards her and the entire party of worthless , careerist shitebags .

      I can’t stand to see or hear any of them now and will never forgive their spineless betrayal of our hopes and dreams

    15. Ruby says:

      “I don’t know what’s so difficult to understand. There will be a referendum in the first half of this Parliament. We were elected with the biggest vote ever in a Scottish Parliament election with that commitment and that is exactly what we are going to do.” Pete Wishart

      Do you feel as if you have been conned?

    16. Ruby says:

      “The Scottish first minister used a keynote speech at the Scottish National Party Conference to make the case for her goal of an independent Scotland, while reassuring her party faithful they would have the opportunity to vote for it in a second referendum by the end of 2023.”

      Perhaps it’s unfair to be too hard on Pete Wishart after all Sturgeon promised him there would be a 2nd IndyRef.

    17. Sarah says:

      @ robertknight, Dorothy Devine, Robert Hughes, Ruby: I do agree and feel the same as you.

      One of the Desmond Tutu quotes recently seems suitable: “I am not an optimist. I am a prisoner of hope.”

    18. Republicofscotland says:

      Ruby @4.14pm.


      There’s not a snowballs chance in hell of an indyref in 2023, even the die-hard Politics show host Martin Geissler, who asked Ian Blackford why there was no indyref mentioned in the SNPs business for 2022, seemed stunned when Blackford could only waffle and cough and attempt sidetrack away from the question several weeks back on the show.

    19. Ruby says:

      This is an interesting tweet from

      ‘Craig Murray –
      I have some sympathy for those who want Scottish street names changed to remove links to slavery – eg Jamaica St, Dundas St.
      But stunned at the denial of our own colonial oppression. What about Cumberland St, Hanover St, George St FFS?’

      I wonder if James Che has any info on the origin of street names.

      Union Street was the one that came to mind when I read Craig’s tweet. That in turn made me think of Iain Gray

      Any suggestion for new name for Union Street. Should it be something connected with Iain Gray’s escape from Clerkin?

    20. Hatuey says:

      Did anyone think we’d still be waiting on progress on indref2 almost 6 years after England decided to Brexit? Think about that. In the summer of 2016, the mandate for indyref2 was cast-iron. Our hand couldn’t have been stronger.

      And here we are. Nothing. Actually, we are much worse off and further from indyref2 than we were in June 2016 — Sturgeon has destroyed the SNP as a vehicle for independence, destroyed the indy movement because she saw it as a threat to her leadership, and (by stating that the route to independence was through a section 30) massively damaged the argument. If she had simply done nothing, we’d be okay.

      You know how this plays out because you’ve seen it all before. She leaves and they replace her with someone that tells you everything is going to change, indyref2 is just around the corner, it’s a fresh start, and then, after another few years are wasted, we realise we were ripped off again.

      People are struggling to accept that the SNP is a lost cause; it’s rotten to its core. It can’t be fixed. While we were all drooling and dreaming about indyref2, Sturgeon was gutting the party and filling it with her type of people. They don’t give a fuck about independence.

      Here’s my advice. Forget independence for now. Focus on hitting these two-faced troughing scumbags where it hurts, at the ballot box. Get right behind Alba, but not because you want independence, that’s a 10 year project at best. Get behind Alba because you want revenge.

    21. Ruby says:

      Origin of street names is fascinating

      Rose Street was built from 1770 to 1781 as a secondary street running east to west from St Andrew Square to Charlotte Square on the south side of George Street. Its name “Rose” represents England as Thistle Street represents Scotland.

      Princes Street is part of the New Town plan designed by James Craig in 1767, and took its name from the sons of King George III.

      Sauchiehall Street is actually a corruption of the Scots word ‘sauchiehaugh’. ‘Haugh’ means a meadow or valley and ‘sauchie’ refers to the type of trees that grew there, so Sauchiehall roughly translates to Willow Grove

      Sauchiehall Street can stay.

      Albert Street
      It was named after Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria of England.

      Does anyone know the names of the ‘parcel of rogues’ who
      ‘sold for English gold”. Do they have streets named after them?

    22. John Main says:

      @Hatuey says: 10 January, 2022 at 7:26 pm

      “Read what I said more carefully. Try addressing what I actually say.”

      He says that, just after saying the following:

      “With all the lockdowns and measures that you and people like you said were too harsh and unnecessary, around 200 thousand people in the UK have died.”

      Latest ONS figure is 150,069 UK deaths within 28 days of a positive test, so you are out by 50,000 deaths Hatuey.

      In addressing what you actually said there, I wonder why you need to inflate your numbers by 50,000 in order to make your point.

      But here’s something interesting for you to ponder Hatuey. A growing number of epidemiologists are concluding that the lockdowns killed more people than they saved. They start from the realisation that an infection that is spread by people forced into close contact in enclosed spaces is best reduced by encouraging people to get out into the open air. They back that up with the stats that now show that countries with the most stringent lockdowns are topping the lists of countries with the highest deaths.

    23. Ruby says:

      Hautey says forget independence for the next ten years &
      just vote for Alba if you want revenge.

      Anyone suspect Hautey might be one of the ‘cozy slippers’ or is he just totally bonkers!

      ‘Cozy slippers’ is how I refer to every single one of the SNP politicians not just gullible Pete.

    24. twathater says:

      What angers me so much is that the ordinary people who are not really interested in politics don’t even stop to wonder why, if Scotland is producing energy enough to have an excess boasted about endlessly by the nsnp wtf are we paying such exorbitant prices for our energy , why when the arsehole publicly announced at the 2017 snp jamboree to much fervour and exaltation by the assembled carrot eaters why has there NOT been open revolt in the membership and office bearers to her blase’ cancelling of a public energy company

      Politics is in dire straits and unfortunately looking into the future it will remain so unless people say enough is enough and do something about it

      We have a WM govt that believes it is untouchable , it brings in laws to restrict public movement under the auspices that if not adhered too THE pandemic will overwhelm the health services and lead to its collapse , those laws were backed up by police action and the prosecution service by penalising and prosecuting ANY members of the public who broke those laws , YET we have a PM and members of his family alongside a host of civil servants and politicians breaking those same laws that ordinary people are penalised and prosecuted for and the MET goes looking for a hole to hide in

      I watched the clown bozo being interviewed on the news about the parties???? he just adopted the not at all priti patel SMIRK and waffled as usual

      The ONE thing that WM and HR corruption , lies , and ineptitude has in common is a bigger corrupt and lying inept Broadcast and MSM , IF they were doing their jobs properly and had ANY integrity they would EXPOSE the cesspits of WM and HR , the public would maybe then realise just how incompetent these clowns really are

    25. Hatuey says:

      John Main, I didn’t base the 200 thousand deaths on the ONS data that you refer to. Try looking at data based on covid being mentioned on death certificates, from memory about 180k, and make the reasonable assumption that many died without being diagnosed.

      You then create another flawed argument when you talk about the costs of locking down versus not locking down. But I’m arguing for neither. After the initial lockdown we had very nearly eradicated covid in Scotland. I argued that we shouldn’t let it back in, intensify track and trace, and avoid lockdowns and deaths permanently.

      The initial lockdown was only necessary after they messed up. I was against that too and believe it could easily have been avoided.

      Suicidal ideas like yours caused the lockdowns, just as they caused the deaths. I’ve been against suicidal ideas, deaths, and lockdowns since the start.

    26. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      The “cozy slippers” in whom I am most disappointed is Chris Law.
      During the campaign in 2014, he was a bit of a maverick, undertaking his tour of Scotland in the “Spirit Of Independence” ‘green goddess’ fire engine.
      That fire engine was converted in Bob Costello’s workshop (Bob was the man behind “Team YES Bus”). Bob also provided the ‘Business For Scotland’ battlebus.
      The feeling that is growing within members of the YES movement is that former YESSERS, once elected, forgot who had voted for them in 2015.

      IT WAS US! We who want independence!

      Ms Sturgeon and her @®$€lickers have let us all down.

      But what can we do?

      As others have typed, the SNP need a good kick in the €®$€ in this year’s council elections. We must persuade Labour voters (like Brian Cox, see video below), who have lent their votes to the SNP, to vote for ALBA, instead of the ‘independence lite’ SNP, to make a point that, we, the voters, can’t be taken for granted.
      BTW: there’s quite a number of now ALBA members to be seen in that video.

    27. Republicofscotland says:

      “What angers me so much is that the ordinary people who are not really interested in politics don’t even stop to wonder why”


      A lot of folk are too busy trying to make ends meet, to take areal interest in actually what’s going on with Scotland as part of this rancid union, and the media do there best not to awaken Scots to what the situation is in Scotland.

      Things will not get any better as long as we’re part of this union.

    28. North chiel says:

      “Twathater says @0547 pm “ couldn’t agree more with your recent post . However, the way I “ read this” is that Bojo couldn’t care less about his “ antics” in office . He was brought in by the Tory hierarchy to get the “ English” government out of the EU at any price ( and we are paying now ) . Job done . He is “ working” his way out now & true to form the Tories will engineer their usual “ internal coup” & depose him ( probably already agreed with him) and a “ new Tory front person for the thugs in charge” will be appointed . Thereafter the Tory controlled media outlets will do the necessary to propagate the “ new messiah” . However, if necessary and if the Tory hierarchy deem it necessary, the 2nd eleven establishment government under the “ pro Israeli “ Labour leadership will be “ fine for 2 or 3 years “to sort out the Brexit shambles & the financial “ fallout” from both the pandemic & Brexit
      The Tories will have it all figured out ( long term) as usual . Meanwhile the “ numpties” at Holyrood can’t see past the “ end of their nose” ? Outmanoeuvred as usual)

    29. Hatuey says:

      Clearly there’s differences of opinion amongst YES voters with regards to the question of how we build momentum for independence and the ability or seriousness of the SNP in respect of that goal.

      If you are an SNP loyalist who simply wants to see the SNP doing more towards independence, there’s a simple way to force the issue — support Alba.

      If you are losing confidence in the SNP and want to fix the party before it’s too late, there’s a simple solution — support Alba.

      If you feel the SNP is a lost cause and simply want a new party to take the lead in pursuing independence — support Alba.

      If you want to punish SNP politicians like Sturgeon who think you’re a mug — support Alba.

      It’s as simple and logical as that. As Alba grows in strength, pressure on the SNP grows too.

    30. Dorothy Devine says:

      Forgive me for being underwhelmed by your statement , Hatuey.

      Most if not all of us had already reached the conclusion that our hopes are pinned on ALBA and a fully involved and aware Scottish electorate – the latter being the fly in the ointment.

    31. Ruby says:

      There will need to be a lot of street name changes (& hospitals) when Scotland becomes a republic.

      Sturgeon Street, Ormiston?

      If you won that house in a raffle would you live in Sturgeon Street or sell it?

    32. robbo says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      11 January, 2022 at 7:58 pm
      Forgive me for being underwhelmed by your statement , Hatuey.

      Most if not all of us had already reached the conclusion that our hopes are pinned on ALBA and a fully involved and aware Scottish electorate – the latter being the fly in the ointment.


      Exactly Dorothy.

      The phrase – “no shit sherlock Hatuey” comes to mind.

      Anyhow- where were we?

    33. Ruby says:

      I definitely don’t think we should just sit around doing nothing except voting for Alba for the next 10 years.

      I thought the carrot protest was very good. It wasn’t much but it did attract media attention & pissed off gullible Pete.

      My suggestion is there should be more protests. At least one a week.

      Nothing too cumbersome & difficult to organise. Just a few local people protesting outside the offices of the local ‘cozy slippers’ Labour & Tory politicians. Protests should be filmed and put up on Twitter Gettr etc.
      Keep in mind the media get most of their ‘news’ from Twitter.

      These protests should be fun something that would attract the attention of the people who are too busy for politics.

      I wonder if people are too busy for politics or they just don’t see the point in getting involved.

      More street names

      Anyone live in
      Bellenden Gardens?

    34. Hatuey says:

      Dorothy: “Most if not all of us had already reached the conclusion that our hopes are pinned on ALBA “

      Really? So, who do you think voted the SNP last May?

      The point I’m making is that we need to think of Alba as something more than a protest group that only appeals to more radical elements or pro-Salmond types in the party.

      If Alba is to succeed, it needs to have broad appeal across all sectors of the YES movement, even those that remain broadly happy with the SNP.

    35. robbo says:

      In the spirit of the playful and poetic way.

      A wee birdy told me that a an SNP representative lived at no 1 Bellenden Gardens.
      I wonder who ?

      Of course that’ll be SNPphobic these days. Fun has been abolished.

    36. Derek says:

      “Hatuey says:
      11 January, 2022 at 5:15 pm
      Here’s my advice. Forget independence for now.”

      Eh…. naw.

    37. Effigy says:

      The independent reports on Downing St staff being
      Instructed to clean up their phones.

      Perverting the course of justice is what they used to call it.

      Now why would the innocent be concerned about what might be on mobile phones?

      Arrest all the staff and all the phones now.
      Start with the person puting out the instruction

    38. Hatuey says:

      Derek: “Eh…. naw.”

      A fantastically defiant tone, but do you have an equally fantastic means of achieving independence in the next 5 years that doesn’t involve the SNP?

      I guess that’s that fantastic conversation over…

      Once you accept that the SNP are going to do nothing except let you down, you move on to a whole new timescale, and that new timescale depends entirely on Alba.

    39. twathater says:

      @ North Chiel 7.01pm TBQH if I were one of the people who unfortunately lost their loved ones during the pandemic and was not allowed to have a proper funeral with restrictions placed on mourners numbers , or people who lost parents in care homes and weren’t allowed to visit them due to the LEGISLATION passed by these scumbags I would seriously be looking to source and unite fellow mourners to take on a class action private prosecution of the attendees to these government and civil service parties including bozo , that may wipe the SMIRK off his face

      I would also pursue and include the inept and corrupt head of the MET police force because it is totally unbelievable that the police officers at Downing St did not know that these parties were happening and the number of attendees and who they were at these events , these officers know everything that is happening for security reasons , but while they will gleefully charge and prosecute ordinary people for breaking the covid laws , they adopt the see ,hear ,speak no evil position for the establishment

    40. Dorothy Devine says:

      hatuey , your point is already made by many , you are instructing no-one.

    41. Ruby says:

      Nicola Sturgeon promised us something that is not within her power to deliver.

      She conned us.

      We need to call for her resignation.

      Nicola OUT OUT OUT.

    42. Ruby says:

      All the bloody ‘cozy slippers’ went along with Nicola’s con.

      These bloody ‘cozy slippers’ are the ones who should be protesting.

      Surely Joanna Cherry should have advised us that Nicola was promising us something she did not have the power to deliver?

      Every SNP politician is a ‘cozy slipper’ no exceptions not even for Joanna Cherry or Angus Brendan MacNeil.

      Time for all the ‘cozy slippers’ to get a wake up call.

    43. Ruby says:

      If you think we should forget about independence don’t bother reading this post. Just go back to sleep or join Pamela in SIU.

      When we have finished calling for Cozy Slipper Sturgeon’s resignation and given all the Cozy Slippers a wake up call we can move on to the Unionists.

      A protest outside Douglas Ross’ office asking him why he wants to keep us prisoners in the Union? Does he like being a colonial master? Remind him that ‘Scots lives matter’

      Same for Sarwar.

      Being that the’Cozy Slippers’ at Westminster are doing nothing we might have to take a trip to Westminster and protest there.

    44. Ruby says:

      Benjamin A Boyce has done a number of interviews with de-transitioners.

      Tragic stories. They suggest mentally ill people are being taken advantage of.

      ‘Cozy Slipper Sturgeon’ might want to watch these videos.

    45. Republicofscotland says:

      Well the three ringed circus has sprung into action especially in the Sturgeon fanzine the National newspaper, in which it calls for Johnson to resign, the crux of the matter being what difference would it make to Scots and independence, as the Westminster parties are against Scottish independence period.

      Johnson fate is just another sideshow that Blackford and Sturgeon are exploiting to fool the indy masses in Scotland.

    46. Fionan says:

      I tried to follow the Boyce interview from the link posted by Ruby but tbh, he was drunk as a skunk, and in the time I endured his slurred questions, drinkers flushed face, bloodshot eyes and swaying in his seat, there was only one very brief mention of transitioning. Maybe there was more interesting chat later on, but how much irrelevant chitchat would have to be listened to first?

      And what relevance has any of the drunken chitchat in the interview to our independence movement and ways to progress? Trans stuff has some relevance given the snp gov is about to impose self id on us and is currently feeding trans propaganda to kids in school, therefore has a bearing on our country now and in the future, but the interview seemed to be about anything except trans stuff and the problems with de-transitioning. Ruby seems determined to divert all btl commenting away from current affairs in the indy sphere, and gives the distinct impression that he/she is pretty much self-absorbed and even narcissistic in his/her puerile witterings. He/she is probably one of the main players in driving sensible commenters away from wings and in shutting down the blog as an indy resource. Along with the other two who indulge with Ruby in their constant playground bickering. Why don’t the three of you go set up a site of your own to hold your verbal pissing contests? Let the rest of us follow and discuss current indy affairs and opinions in peace and in a reasonably intelligent way without the barrage of insults which litter each and every thread now. And no, Ellis, I dont count your self-important, insult-strewn comments as intelligent or interesting in any way, it is nothing more than repetitive self-promotion and attacks on all who disagree with you.

    47. James says:

      Arms Industry Andy (I’m done with this site) Ellis?
      Shurely shome mishtake?

    48. Republicofscotland says:

      Isn’t it interesting to note that some in Johnson’s Tory party are calling for his resignation, yet SNP MSPs keep their mouths firmly shut on the antics of Sturgeon, not a whimper from any of them, and not one single SNP MSP calling for her to resign.

      What a gutless and spineless bunch our SNP MSPs are, too craven to do the right thing for Scotland, lets hit them where it hurts in May’s council election by voting for the Alba party.

    49. Big Jock says:

      Republic- Exactly ‘Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic’. Will not help Scotland’s fate.

      We shouldn’t be relying on third party events to get independence. Sturgeon has used third party events to cancel our democracy. At what point is Scotland going to grow a pair and make it’s own decisions.

    50. Republicofscotland says:

      Christ Almighty! Dennis Canavan, has been sucked into believing in Sturgeon’s 2023 indyref.

      He doesn’t believe her do everything in her power comment, is backtracking.

      Previously she said their will be an indyref in 2023.

    51. Ruby says:

      Let the rest of us follow and discuss current indy affairs and opinions in peace and in a reasonably intelligent way without the barrage of insults which litter each and every thread now.

      Weird that Fionan has just posted a barrage of insults and absolutely nothing about independence.

      I’ll await his/her gems of wisdom as to how we progress to independence.

      Very weird reaction to the Benjamin A Boyce video!

      I just wonder why someone with such a low opinion of me would
      1. Read my posts
      2. Bother to open a video that I posted.

    52. Fionan says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      12 January, 2022 at 11:19 am
      Christ Almighty! Dennis Canavan, has been sucked into believing in Sturgeon’s 2023 indyref.

      Yes, it quite defies belief that so many otherwise intelligent people are so easily sucked in, especially long-time, experienced politicians like Canavan who have seen so many political ‘promises’ in their lifetimes, made to hush the masses for a while if they look like they are getting restless, then to be broken once the masses have forgotten and gone silent again.

      I cant remember who ran courses for independence campaigners in ‘reading between the lines’, or in other words, discourse analysis, or when these took place, (surely not as far back as 2013-4??) but more such courses, informative articles etc really need to be presented,not just to campaigners but to the general public so they can see the way they are being manipulated and hushed by the unionist politicians (including the devolutionist NSNP).

    53. Hatuey says:

      Fionan, I could not agree more with your assessment but if you include myself as one of the three then I think you are mistaken. I very rarely respond to her in any way, despite her continual attempts to bait me. Scroll back and see.

      As for driving people away, yes, it’s tiring and has created a very unpleasant atmosphere.

      Now that you’ve called her out, you can expect her to come back and suck up to certain gullible people, pretend all she ever cared about was independence, and act reasonably normal for about a day… that’s the usual pattern.

      She’ll be right back to obsessing about me and generally needling soon enough, though. It’s a strange definition of a life.

    54. Republicofscotland says:

      This is extremely serious but I can’t find a link to it in the National newspaper.

      The Scottish government are attempting to set up a body that would see the Scottish judicial system accountable to it, lawyers and judges have vowed to fight the proposal as it amounts to interference with the rule of law.

      This answering to the Scottish government would remove the independence of the judiciary in legal matters. The judiciary has said it will resist this with all it strength and any other attempts by the Scottish government or the Holyrood parliament to remove the court regulatory powers.

      Another step in Sturgeon’s plan to turn Scotland into an authoritarian state.

    55. Hatuey says:

      Fionan: “I cant remember who ran courses for independence campaigners in ‘reading between the lines’, or in other words, discourse analysis…”

      Not wishing to appear a blatant sycophant, but Rev Stu did that better than anyone. I know he needs time off and deserves a break, maybe he’s had enough, we couldn’t criticise him for any of that, but you wonder what he’d make of the bullshit that’s unfolding right now.

    56. Ruby says:

      Yes, it quite defies belief that so many otherwise intelligent people are so easily sucked in,

      Not really! It’s all about the money hence the moniker ‘Cozy Slippers’

    57. Ruby says:

      but you wonder what he’d make of the bullshit that’s unfolding right now.

    58. PacMan says:

      An interesting link here about woke in Hollywood:

      The part that caught my eye is as follows:

      We spoke to more than 25 writers, directors, and producers—all of whom identify as liberal, and all of whom described a pervasive fear of running afoul of the new dogma.

      This was the case not just among the high command at companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, but at every level of production.

      How to survive the revolution?

      By becoming its most ardent supporter.

      ‘Best way to defend yourself against the woke is to out-woke everyone, including the woke,’ one writer said.

      I don’t doubt the same has happened in the SNP where the established ones who didn’t want to squeezed out became more woke than the recent woke joiners who is pushing it.

    59. Breeks says:

      Patience please, I’m not familiar with FOI details, but if I’m reading this correctly, the SNP have appointed one, yes one, Civil Servant with other duties and zero support staff, to work on the Detailed Prospectus for Independence.

    60. Hatuey says:

      Watching Boris squirm insincerely in The Commons gives me no satisfaction. These people are trained to lie in public schools from an early age, just as they’re programmed to attach zero value to human life at those same schools, particularly the lives of those defined as “ordinary” people.

      The SNP are conflicted when it comes to Covid handling, despite not going to those same schools. They have been in lockstep with Boris and his government since day one, helping him impose policies on us that resulted in thousands of Scots dying.

      And that’s the context of all these shenanigans in the Commons. Out of around 200 countries in this world, the UK sits comfortably in the top ten worst when it comes to covid deaths. And that’s the tragic truth that nobody, not Boris, Sturgeon, or any fool on here, can ignore.

      If this disease ever mutates in a really serious direction, well, we are fucked, aren’t we…

    61. Republicofscotland says:

      Breeks @12.41pm.

      On the subject of independence.

      Says it all really.

      “ONLY one question about preparations for a second independence referendum was asked in the previous Holyrood term by a SNP MSP.”

    62. Effigy says:

      Boris the Racist, Scot Hating, Bullying, Corrupt, Lying Sex Predator must remain
      in power as the most likely source leading to Scottish Independence!

      Long May he mismanage Covid, the Economy, Brexit and fill the pockets
      of all leading Tory Supporters, their families and Pub Landords!

    63. Republicofscotland says:

      As Sturgeon does nothing on the indyfront (SNP business for 2022 doesn’t include anything on Scottish independence) the Tories are working hard to neuter any attempts of Scottish independence.

      Remind me again how many civil Servants are working hard in Scotland to bring about an indyref or plebiscitary election?

      “According to the UK Government, Gray is responsible for both the Union Directorate – a team of around two dozen Whitehall workers based in the Cabinet Office particularly focused on preventing Scottish independence”—civil-servant-power-scotlands-future%2F

    64. James Che. says:


      Erm ..I had heard awhile ago that there was a team set up to prevent Scottish independence, I believe that Gove was part of that team originally,

    65. James Che. says:

      Uk parliament changed Scots Law on Treason which was to be held to Scotland in the acts of the treaty of the union

    66. James Che. says:


      They will probably just use alex’s White paper, make one or two minor changes and call it their own work .

      The same as roads and bridges they stole credit for latterly.

    67. James Che. says:


      The thing is compared to the vast majority of people in this world, there is only a small minority that are woke,

      They just have extra large media voices,
      For what or where would the be without the help of media pressuring and propagandising their agendas.?
      None of us would have even heard of those that perhaps needed a different kind of help medically.

    68. James Che. says:

      Did the judge in America just refuse Andy Pandys case for dismissal.

    69. Derek says:

      I’ve bever been a member of a political party, and don’t intend to change that. I will, however, continuw to work towards independence – whoever delivers it. I prefer to be an optimist rather than a pessimist

      James – yes; the judge dismissed his case against the trial. Don’t know details, just seen headlines.

    70. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @2.44pm.

      Yes James this was the unit, I say that, because it ended up in disarray, though I’m sure they are back at plotting our demise as in my 1.41pm comment.

    71. Republicofscotland says:

      Royal parasite to stand trial.

      “PRINCE Andrew will be tried over allegations he sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre when she was underage after a US judge ruled her civil lawsuit can proceed.”

    72. Hatuey says:

      It’s not been a good day for the British establishment.

      Pity there’s no pro-independence party to capitalise.

    73. Republicofscotland says:

      Judge rules unlawful on the Tory fastlane buddy PPE contracts, Judge also rules that the public cannot know how much taxpayers cash was wasted on phoney PPE supplier companies such as Pestfix and Ayanda.

    74. Dorothy Devine says:

      There is a heart wrenching RSPCA advert on right now – please remember that they have 55 million who can contribute or cause the need and Scotland has the SSPCA with only 5 million to contribute or cause.

    75. Dan says:

      @ Republicofscotland at 11:39 am

      I posted a link at the top of this new page in case you missed it. Nobody responded though. 🙁

      “The response of the senior Scottish judiciary to the Government’s consultation on Legal Services Regulation Reform has now been published.”

      Consultation Summary is only a couple of pages.

      For some reason I was looking back at shizzle and found this which seems appropriate…

      Once in a Lifetime – Ian Blackford (Talking Bollox remix)

      And we may find oorselves out of the EU against oor will
      And we may find oorselves living in a smaller world.
      And we may find oorsleves under the heal of an oppressive regime
      And we may find oorselves in a shit house, with compromised a life
      And we may ask oorselves, “Well…how did we get here?”

      Answer = #BothVotesSNP

    76. Dorothy Devine says:

      P.S I have just gone on to the Westminster petitions site to discover so many against Blair getting any reward , award , knighthood etc have been rejected. I am deeply disappointed.

    77. Robert Hughes says:

      Dan @ 4.53

      ” this is not my beautiful Independence Movement , how did I ( we ) get here ? ”

      Aye , those statements bode well for an indication the Legal Profession is going to be VERY resistant to the outrages proposed by GrotGov .

      Let’s see how they react to kickback from a body that carries a bit of clout . My guess is they’ll cave under sustained pressure , or even a little bit of pressure , weasly bawbags that they are

    78. John Main says:

      @Hatuey – 12 January, 2022 at 12:46 pm

      “Out of around 200 countries in this world, the UK sits comfortably in the top ten worst when it comes to covid deaths.”

      Another day, another fucking lie from Hatuey.

      It takes no time at all to find a league table of Covid deaths, just as it takes no time at all to find the latest death totals.

      The UK stands at #26 in the world. UK deaths are 150,125.

      For some time I have been mystified why Hatuey has been peddling this consistent Covid baloney; Covid is “deadly”, 200k people have died in the UK, we are just about the worst in the world, etc. etc.

      My conclusion is that Hatuey wants the current Covid paralysis to endure for as long as possible. He knows that the more doom and gloom he can whip up, the more Scots will be side-tracked and diverted. He believes that the more terrified we all are, the less we will want to rock the boat for other concerns such as Indy, energy supply shortages, WM government corruption, HR government criminality, and getting things back to normal to run the economy and fund the NHS, etc.

      Yup Hatuey, I reckon I have you sussed.

    79. twathater says:

      @ Dan 4.43pm thanks for that link to the conclusions I had looked at your links yesterday which had over 100 pages and started on it but she who must be obeyed demanded something else take priority , as for the conclusions as Robert Hughes said grotgov may find some resistance to their proposals

      It is just a pity that the legal profession have remained omerta when one of their number chose to go rogue and has effectively demeaned and denigrated the Scottish justice system worldwide , all in the name of self promotion and protecting a reviled corrupt deviant and her fellow conspiritors

    80. Robert graham says:

      A free gift for Mr Hatman

      A copy of Robert F Kennedy Jrs book The Real Anthony Fauci currently selling on Amazon for £ 22.62 is yours for the asking

      Just post your address , in your case what Army group are you assigned to this will probably have a PO Box number.

      Go on it’s free what’s not to like eh ? If you want give your address to the Rev Stu and he could probably pass your free copy on to you .

      Have a nice day now .

    81. Benhope says:

      Boris Johnson has been the best recruiting sergeant for Scottish independence for the last two years.Certainly there has been nothing inspiring from the current SNP leadership to fire up the movement.

      Now the SNP demand that he resigns.Surely the longer he stays in post the better.Another major tactical error by the strategy free zombies leading the Scottish Government.

    82. Hatuey says:

      John Main should know better by now; every time he challenges me he makes himself look dumb and dumberer.

      Anyway, the UK, as I said, is comfortably in the top ten worst countries when it comes to covid deaths and if you click the link above you’ll see we currently sit 7th.

      Johns Hopkins agrees;

      Everybody agrees except dumb John.

    83. Big Jock says:

      Hatuey. For a certainty the UK is the worst for Covid deaths in Europe. I would guess at 3rd worst per head of population in the world. Yet the right wing press think the UK has the best approach.

    84. wee monkey says:

      John Main says:
      12 January, 2022 at 5:18 pm
      @Hatuey – 12 January, 2022 at 12:46 pm

      “Out of around 200 countries in this world, the UK sits comfortably in the top ten worst when it comes to covid deaths.”

      Another day, another fucking lie from Hatuey.

      It takes no time at all to find a league table of Covid deaths, just as it takes no time at all to find the latest death totals.

      The UK stands at #26 in the world. UK deaths are 150,125.

      For some time I have been mystified why Hatuey has been peddling this consistent Covid baloney; Covid is “deadly”, 200k people have died in the UK, we are just about the worst in the world, etc. etc.

      My conclusion is that Hatuey wants the current Covid paralysis to endure for as long as possible. He knows that the more doom and gloom he can whip up, the more Scots will be side-tracked and diverted. He believes that the more terrified we all are, the less we will want to rock the boat for other concerns such as Indy, energy supply shortages, WM government corruption, HR government criminality, and getting things back to normal to run the economy and fund the NHS, etc.

      Yup Hatuey, I reckon I have you sussed.

      Yeah I don’t understand the misinformation, what is the point.

    85. Effigy says:

      The U.K. has 15 Million Covid cases recorded.
      With excess deaths the total is over 175,000.

      The only 3 countries with higher numbers has populations 3 to 20 times
      greater. There are over 200 nations on the planet.

      As one of the richest nations on earth are we supposed to be celebrating
      that pro rata we have lower death rates than less affluent or poverty stricken nations?

      The Tories have been mismanaging Covid and the economy both since day one.
      They rack up our debts while filling their pockets.

    86. Republicofscotland says:

      I just can’t over how many folk think the sun shines out of Pete Wishart’s arse, not only that they believe him that Sturgeon will hold an indyref next year.

      “Just look at the state of these Alba clowns. They actually came all the way to Perth to embarrass themselves like this. There will be next to nobody in Perth who will have even the faintest idea who Stuart Campbell is….”

    87. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      This post has a lot of facts that can be respouted to Nicolettes, who can see no wrong.

      Covers her ignominious departure from the legal profession.

    88. Hatuey says:

      That’s right, Effigy, although there’s a few ways of measuring. I’ve used the absolute death toll which doesn’t account for population size, making the UK 7th in world rankings ; when you factor in population size, the position worsens, as you suggest.

      It’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to attack you for saying any of this. And I don’t know why so many people go silent in here and let them away with it.

    89. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Effigy (7.46) is entitled to post incomprehensible rubbish, and you, Hatuey, (9.02) are free to encourage him.

      But neither of you have the right to expect anyone to take you seriously.

    90. Hatuey says:

      Ian, the data I’m quoting is correctly quoted. You might want to take issue with the data itself, but attacking me for referring to it is just shooting the messenger.

      Whether you or anyone else likes it or not, we have official data on covid deaths. And whether you like it or not, based on that data, the UK is comfortably in the top 10 worst when it comes to covid deaths.

      Are we being told that we can’t refer to what most people regard as uncontroversial facts on Wings?

    91. wull says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      12 January, 2022 at 11:39 am
      This is extremely serious but I can’t find a link to it in the National newspaper.

      The Scottish government are attempting to set up a body that would see the Scottish judicial system accountable to it, lawyers and judges have vowed to fight the proposal as it amounts to interference with the rule of law.

      This answering to the Scottish government would remove the independence of the judiciary in legal matters. The judiciary has said it will resist this with all it strength and any other attempts by the Scottish government or the Holyrood parliament to remove the court regulatory powers.

      Another step in Sturgeon’s plan to turn Scotland into an authoritarian state.

      One of the starting-points of this move towards / accomplishment of transforming Scotland into an authoritarian state was the creation of Police Scotland. By amalgamating all of Scotland’s former Police Forces into one, they politicised the new body, making it entirely dependent and accountable to the Executive, the Scottish Government. Previously, if there was any hint of or complaint about serious corruption, or indeed political interference in the operations of one of Scotland’s several Police Forces, the accused force could be investigated by a commission with members from the other forces.

      That was not a perfect system, but simply the fact that such steps could be taken must have discouraged such tendencies (admittedly ever-present), and helped, if not to eliminate them, at least to keep them under control.

      That system was basically destroyed, and the threat it posed to anyone tempted to indulge in such interference or corruption lifted, when there was to be only one Police Force. Monopolies don’t self-regulate, they just avoid regulation. That the top of the Police Force would allow itself to be manipulated or controlled or simply used by politicians, for their own political ends, should have been entirely foreseeable.

      I am not saying that this did not happen before but that now, with the potential and actual curbs lifted, it was bound to increase.

      Surely just as foreseeable as the emergence a police force under the thumb of its political masters was the likelihood of a prosecution service that would willingly collapse itself into the hands of the Executive, and operate according to the whims and desires, needs and commands of its political masters, the Scottish Government. This has already happened, blatantly and shamelessly: it was all over our tv screens and so easy to see, we all know when. And, besides the big one, it is as clear as daylight in all these other malicious prosecutions, the defence of which was the utterly pathetic ‘malicious doesn’t actually mean malicious’.
      Well what does it mean?

      How can you actually operate a legal system, far less implement a law, in which words don’t mean what they say? Where words have no actual meaning, there can be no such thing as ‘the rule of law’. The law becomes a malleable thing which those in power can interpret at whim to mean whatever they want it to mean, suiting their purposes of the moment. If you (whoever ‘you’ is) – i.e. if someone, for instance the government, or the prosecution services or the police or (as the government now wants it) the judges and the law courts, if these people have the power to decide that words mean, whatever the law is they will be able to interpret it and implement it any way they want, even if it suits them in different ways at the same time, and differently for different people.

      And when we have all the above-mentioned individuals or bodies or institutions working together, in a top-down line of command controlled by the government executive (which is fundamentally what is unfolding before our eyes), then the government can prosecute and incarcerate whoever they want to, whenever it suits them.

      And when the government is reduced to one person, surrounded by weak-kneed and servile-minded flunkeys who simply bow down before her, or him, ot it, or whatever pronoun that First person personally prefers, well … I won’t spell it all out (having been so pedantic about it already).

      This is where we are, and now the law profession is beginning to protest about it. Even Roddy Dunlop gave a full-throttle salute to his colleagues therein for beginning to stand up and speak. About time too.

      But how come it took them so long? It’s been obvious this is where we are going from the very beginning of the way the false Salmond accusations were handled, and absolutely glaring in the way that farce of a Holyrood non-Enquiry into it was conducted. And when all that was going on under our and their noses, we didn’t hear at the time a cheep about it from those at the top of the legal profession who should have been raging, not even when the trial and the enquiry were over.

      I am glad they are raging now, and I hope they prove effective, but I fear they may have – probably have – left it too late. Why didn’t they do it earlier, when it was so obviously needed? To many, now that they are so belatedly beginning to speak up. it will look as if they are only protecting their own vested interests in the matter. I don’t suppose any of us will be surprised if or when the Scottish government smears them in that way, with that kind of accusation.

      And since our politicos are so good at slinging mud, and have piles of the stuff on supply in their enormous political storehouse – what else do they think about? – they’ll no doubt get it to stick with constant repetition.

      At the same time, Republicofscotland is absolutely correct: this is ‘extremely serious’ stuff. Civil liberties have been hugely corroded in Scotland in the last seven years, and the juggernaut rushing towards real totalitarianism looks virtually unstoppable now. Whatever we might think personally of our legal profession and the top-dogs in it, they really must win this, for our good and the good of all of us – the whole of Scotland – not just themselves. And we should support them.

      In the end, there is something at stake here that is even more important than independence, and it really needs to be fought. What kind of a society are we becoming under the current misrule? Where will it all end up? Basic human rights, and truthfulness, have to be fought for, steadfastly, against all the fantasists who want to corrupt words in order to twist reality into a giant caricature of their own unreality to the detriment of us all.

      The alternative is to become prisoners in the untruthful world – the negation of all basic reality – which they are inventing for themselves and are so determined to impose on all of us. I fully understand Rev Stuart having had enough of just about everything to do with this, but how I wish he would come back to fight this corner. A Scotland in which a government and its lackeys can trample human rights and basic decency underfoot is not anything any of us should ever wish to see. That goes or should go for all of us: both those of us who are 100% for independence and those who are against it.

    92. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Hatuey –

      Here’s the ‘official’ record of Deaths from Covid-19, ‘with no underlying causes’, covering 2020 and 2021.

      From these figures, I get a total of 17,371.

      What do you get?

    93. Ruby says:

      Where’s Fionan the the self-appointed moderator?
      Should he/she not be telling all these guys posting about Covid that they should be posting about independence?

      I’m getting a very acute feeling of deja-vu!

      Correct me if I’m wrong but has all this Covid stuff not already been done to death.

    94. Ruby says:

      “Hatuey says:
      12 January, 2022 at 11:33 am
      Fionan, I could not agree more with your assessment but if you include myself as one of the three then I think you are mistaken. I very rarely respond to her in any way, despite her continual attempts to bait me. Scroll back and see.

      As for driving people away, yes, it’s tiring and has created a very unpleasant atmosphere.

      Now that you’ve called her out, you can expect her to come back and suck up to certain gullible people, pretend all she ever cared about was independence, and act reasonably normal for about a day… that’s the usual pattern.

      She’ll be right back to obsessing about me and generally needling soon enough, though. It’s a strange definition of a life.”

      This is Hautey sucking up to Fionan. You will note he claims he doesn’t respond to me (which is lie) then he follows with a torrent of abuse.

      Hautey & Fionan – a match made in heaven!

      I’m curious to know who these gullible people are that I suck up to?

    95. Hatuey says:

      Ian, I didn’t click your link as I could work out what you were arguing from the URL.

      I’ve already provided two links to what are widely accepted as official figures. The generally accepted view, as you know, is 150k. If you look at the definition that includes those where covid is mentioned on the death certificate, we go up to around 180k

      Most people I have spoken to think there’s been under-reporting so that a lot of people probably died with covid without it being diagnosed.

      I know your arguments because I took the time to know them. It isn’t just older people or people with underlying problems that have died. There’s barely a day goes by without some tragic story of a young person dying with and because of covid being drawn to our attention.

      Using your definition of attributable death, we need to go back and revise every dark chapter in history to take account of underlying conditions. Two people die in a car crash but one was terminally ill so he doesn’t count? Apply that to World War One, etc.

      It isn’t the way we do it. It isn’t the way we ever done it.

    96. wull says:

      I forgot to say, the word ‘independence’ has now taken on a new meaning. Words aren’t what they used to be – meanings neither!

      It is no longer a matter of Scotland becoming independent from the UK, as a fully-fledged independent nation once again. No, what independence now means is the Scottish government becoming independent from the Scottish people.

      The Scottish people are no longer to control the Scottish Government; their only function is to be controlled by it.

      Edward I would be proud of NS – she is accomplishing exactly what he set out to do, but failed to get.

      ‘Quite a lady, eh, Ned? – But why are you turning so green? Such envy really isn’t worthy of a noble lord like you! You should be lost in admiration for her (the same as she wants all of us – the whole world – to be!).

      Give her (and us) a wee smile, Ned. You have to admit, she’s a woman after your own heart… So much better than that feckless wimp of a son of yours who took over your throne when you died in 1307, that so-called Eddie II. The son who was nothing like you! So adopt NS instead, and rejoice in your daughter!’

      Meanwhile, if she is becoming independent from the people, so are others, along with her (but very much under her, and the wimps she has gathered around herself in her so-called government). Not just MPs and MSPs… Much more important than them, these include the prosecution service, Police Scotland and now the judiciary and the entire legal profession.

      With a straight-down-the-line command system…. What could be better, Nick? The stuff of dreams… (including Ned’s original dream).

      Nick and Ned,
      Wham Scotland bled!

      She must be licking her lips: what could possibly go wrong?

      Meanwhile, we – we, the people – what should we be doing? How are we going to wrest back control? We have a huge task ahead of us, bigger than ever.

    97. wull says:

      Nick and Ned –
      Wha’ Scotland bled!

    98. Hatuey says:

      It’s been one of those horrible days of watching too much news. What a waste of life…

      I’ve noticed when they talk about Andrew that none of them extend a moments thought or an ounce of sympathy to the alleged victim. The focus is squarely on concern for the Queen and how Andrew might wriggle out of all this.

      Britain is run by a rather rancid bunch of people.

      Could the case for independence be any easier to make than it is right now?

    99. Ruby says:

      Aamer Anwar posts about ‘consultation on Legal Services Regulation Reform’ on twitter.

      Someone replies to him by saying ‘but you voted from the SNP over and over’.

      Mike Dailly & Roddy Dunlop also contribute to the debate agreeing with Aamer Anwar.

      Are all these lawyers members of the SNP and will they continue to be?

    100. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Hatuey (10.31)-

      You really are a shameless chancer, eh?

      Ach well, fair play – I’m sure you have your reasons.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    101. Hatuey says:

      Actually, Ian, I’m a pragmatist. Even if I believed what you were saying to be true on covid, I wouldn’t say it. It doesn’t help anyone to hear that stuff, and it certainly doesn’t help the indy cause.

      My professed views, on the other hand, arguably do help the indy cause — by framing the carnage as being a consequence of the diabolical UK response, I’m making a case for indy.

      Anyway, I’m quite bored with this place and the continual attacks and I think it’s time for me to shuffle off and find something better to do. The constant hounding from certain quarters doesn’t hurt, it just bores.

      Wings BTL is now dead as far as I’m concerned. Covid was mentioned on the death certificate but there were other underlying issues. If I ever visit again, it’ll be to see how far this place and tedious bullies (like Ruby) who now dominate have fallen.

      Well done. Victory is yours. Enjoy.

      P.S. I remain optimistic about 2022.

    102. Robert Hughes says:

      Excellent posts Wull .

      “It is no longer a matter of Scotland becoming independent from the UK, as a fully-fledged independent nation once again. No, what independence now means is the Scottish government becoming independent from the Scottish people.”

      ” The Scottish people are no longer to control the Scottish Government; their only function is to be controlled by it ”

      Perfectly put . Exactly right .

      Such hubris has only one , inevitable fate . Nemesis .

      Unclear right now how and when , but it will happen :

      The only question for us is the degree of carnage they will wreak before their demise .

    103. John Main says:

      @Hatuey – 13 January, 2022 at 1:16 am

      “I think it’s time for me to shuffle off and find something better to do.”

      About time, Hatuey, about time.

      Spend your downtime wisely, Hatuey, learn how to read graphs and tables. Learn to make your case for the people of Scotland without lies. Cos here’s the thing Hatuey, the people of Scotland are not the eejits you think we are. We have been lied to forever, so we can smell lies like yours from a mile off.

      Oh, and one other thing Hatuey, if you are going to accuse people of being more than dumb, learn to spell it. It’s “dumber”, not “dumberer”.

    104. Ruby says:

      Wings BTL is now dead as far as I’m concerned. If I ever visit again, it’ll be to see how far this place and tedious bullies (like Ruby) who now dominate have fallen.

      I don’t believe you!

      When you visit again which I predict will be pretty soon here’s a hot tip for you.

      If you don’t want to be continually attacked perhaps you should refrain from attacking people and calling them names. Dah!

      Not all women can be bullied some fight back.
      I reckon that’s been a very hard lesson for you to learn.

      Hasta la vista coño!

    105. Republicofscotland says:

      Wull @10.05pm.

      Good comment Wull, on Police Scotland looking back at Police Scotland’s regulatory body the PIRC and the complaints they’ve investigated I’d say they are pretty toothless.

      On the legal profession, maybe they thought Sturgeon was more friend than foe, she did gift them a public building in Edinburgh, to use as a HQ, though I can’t quite recall the name of the old building.

    106. Republicofscotland says:

      I’m no fan of Douglas Ross and his Tor minions at Holyrood, but he and his London loyal minions at Holyrood are calling for the resignation of Johnson, would you ever see the spineless and gutless SNP MSPs at Holyrood calling for Sturgeon to resign for betraying Scotland?

    107. robertknight says:

      Had to laugh at BawJaws yesterday, he was almost as convincing during yesterday’s PMQs as She/Her was at the Salmond enquiry.

      You will note that I said almost…

    108. Ebok says:

      wull @ 10:05 pm and 10.42 pm

      I am in awe of numerous contributors, including you Wull, who regularly comment here and expose the political reality of life in New Scotland.

      Average citizens such a I would be completely unaware of changes being introduced at HR if not for WoS and the highly committed band of true Scots on these pages.

      What concerns me most about your conclusions of these revelations is the feeble acquiescence, not so much by the ‘opposition’ but of pro Indy groups. If regulars on Wings are aware of these conspiracies, then so to are all insiders: MSM, pundits, opposition MSPs/councillors/, civil servants, WM, and…. Alba and the wider Yes movement?

      Yet last w/e, the Alba focus was on … ‘Alba is starting the campaign to elect Alba Councillors across Scotland. We have taken delivery of our Recruitment Leaflet and this along with a Women’s Leaflet will be distributed on Sunday 9th January’

      Now, I understand the importance of these issues and of getting Alba more widely recognised in local politics, but surely that pales into complete insignificance when compared with the extremely critical dangers there is for the very fabric of democracy.

      In the aftermath of 2026 New Scotland, when we are a one party state, I don’t want to hear whispers (you won’t be able say or print it) that Alba were concerned about hundreds of controls and restrictions on free speech that were in the pipeline, but ‘we were too busy with 2022 local elections, and didn’t want to rock the boat’.

      To those who say that Indy is on the back burner for 10 years, I say FFS, we will be lucky if we have another 10 months to save Indy. Unless we start now, screaming loud and long about this administration, and revealing the EVIDENCE to an oblivious public, it may soon be illegal to even mention the Indy word.

    109. Sarah says:

      The only thing that I can think of to draw attention to the numerous undemocratic, and worse, actions of the Scot Gov is for an umbrella group e.g. Now Scotland [i.e. non-party] to organise petitions to Holyrood [using the Holyrood petition mechanism] on each subject.

      If there were substantial numbers of signatories it might get some reaction from media and MSPs. Currently MSPs and Councillors [in Highland ward 5 at least] ignore emails from constituents or send impersonal responses.

    110. Republicofscotland says:

      A staged question on FMQs by a SNP MSP on Scottish independence answered by Sturgeon, saw the clapping seals behind her, SNP MSPs cheer.

      No doubt this carrot dangled whilst the cameras are focused on the FM will have the Sturgeonistas salivating like Pavlov’s Dog, thinking the 2023 indyref is a dead cert.

      There’s not a hope in hell that anyone of those SNP MSPs will grow a backbone anytime soon and call out Sturgeon.

    111. Breeks says:

      wull says:
      12 January, 2022 at 10:05 pm

      Another step in Sturgeon’s plan to turn Scotland into an authoritarian state…

      It might be Wull, but Sturgeon hasn’t the strategic acumen to be the brains behind it.

      Rather than setting up an authoritarian state, I think the agenda is to surreptitiously dismantle more and more of the vestigial remains of the old Scottish State pre-Union.

      The Independence of Scots Law is being eroded until it becomes virtually indistinguishable from UK Law.

      More and more, I see Holyrood as less and less Scotland’s Parliament, but a Trojan Horse which we were all meant to take into our hearts, but which was actually a colonial beachhead for the encroachment of Westminster’s Authority. Witness Article 30 of the Scotland being used to silence an d subjugate Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty.

      Because Scotland fell for it, and set aside it’s own Sovereign Constitutional principles in order to embrace a “half-way house Parliament”, on the grounds something is better than nothing, Westminster has recognised Scotland’s Constitutional naivety, (because here in Scotland we ARE asleep at the wheel in Constitutional terms), and ever since Holyrood opened its doors, Westminster has been playing the long game to perniciously deconstruct the vestigial remnants of the auld Scottish state.

      Our Sovereignty is under attack from an unwritten Convention and a bogus “parliament”.
      Our Legal System is under attack from a UK Supreme Court and now Holyrood trying to wrestle control over Scots Law.
      Our Democracy is under attack from Section 30 of the Colonial Scotland Act which empowers Westminster to dictate when and Scotland’s people can express their opinion.

      Westminster is embedding itself deeper in Scotland’s Institutions so that it can work against Independence from within, and it would take very, very little to convince that that Sturgeon is either in on it, or so dumb and compliant that she doesn’t know she’s having her strings pulled.

      With her history being kicked out the Legal Profession, perhaps its a petty vindictiveness she is even enjoying.

      Sturgeon has got to go. She is a complete liability, and the jury (while Scots still have juries), is out on whether Holyrood needs to go too, and be replaced by a Constitutional Grand Assembly.

    112. robertknight says:


      I too have felt for some time that Sturgeon is merely the British State’s ‘Useful Idiot’ in Scotland.

      If the salacious stories are to be believed, there’s Kompromat a’plenty where She/Her is concerned.

      Why wouldn’t the British State use such as leverage to behave in Scotland as it once did in those now independent, sovereign States, who were at one time or other trying to shake of the chains of the British Empire.

      Absolutely no reason not to.

      Take a step back. Look where we are today. How we got here. Who’s calling the shots.

      Difficult to ignore the bigger picture once all the pieces in the jigsaw have fallen into place…

      Quite depressing really – which is exactly the effect hoped for by those responsible.

    113. Jack Murphy says:

      “Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Scottish Tory leader a ‘lightweight'”

      We have known that for ages.

      BBC Scotland on-line:

    114. Sarah says:

      @ Republic, Breeks, wull, robertknight: any ideas as to how we solve this problem that is NS and “clapping seals”?

      I have none, I’m afraid, apart from the one above, and independence parties standing in English by-elections in order to air Scotland’s issue – no-one I have suggested this latter to has liked it, sadly.

    115. Ruby says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      13 January, 2022 at 9:45 am
      I’m no fan of Douglas Ross and his Tor minions at Holyrood, but he and his London loyal minions at Holyrood are calling for the resignation of Johnson,

      Douglas Ross, Ruth Davidson & David Mundell are all talk and no action.

      The ran ‘operation arse’ but trotted down to London like good little boys & girls and did what they were told by Boris Johnson.

      Ruth even acceptable a place in the House of Lords from Johnson.

      This is nothing but ‘self preservation’ on the part of Ross.
      In the event of Johnson not resigning he’ll be down at Westminster being a good little boy again doing what he’s told.

    116. wull says:

      I like your idea, Sarah. So you do have some support, even if I can’t do much about it.

      Several years ago, in fact, when the SNP were still clearly genuinely Scottish and genuinely seeking independence, I suggested on the btl comments on this website that the SNP should do precisely what you suggest. Now, alas, it will no doubt have to be left to others, beginning with Alba, but maybe including some ‘Independents for Independence’, especially if some high-profile people would agree to put their hat in the ring.

      My original suggestion was in view of elections to Holyrood and Westminster, but there is no reason why it could not be expanded to local elections. I also suggested to target some high profile places in England where the idea would certainly gain some attention – for instance Corby Town, and south-of-the-Tweed Berwick.

      Maybe, however, you were thinking of other places – Can’t say where, but I wonder if Bath, for instance, springs to mind?

    117. Republicofscotland says:

      Sarah@ 12.55pm.

      I have no idea how we remove Sturgeon and get indy back on track, and in any case I’m pretty sure that Sturgeon would just be replaced with the likes of Angus Robertson, in which case things would remain the same, as I doubt SNP MSPs/MPs would rock the boat, and risk their snout being cut-off from the gravy train which could happen via a indyref or plebiscitary election.

      I guess all we can do for now, until something arises is to vote for the Alba party beginning in May’s council elections.

      Its worth noting that even the vile Tories in London have a 1922 Committee that can remove the party’s leader, I don’t even know if there is a way for the SNP party to remove Sturgeon, its irrelevant though, for as long as the party is winning the majority of seats in Scotland under Sturgeon’s tenure she’ll remain in power.

    118. Republicofscotland says:

      AUOB holding an emergency demo in Glasgow on the 22nd of January, the main point is to call for Johnson’s resignation but indy will also be on the agenda, I guess its a good way to get more folk on the streets, organisers are expecting at least 5,000 folk to attend.

      “Neil Mackay, from AUOB, said public feeling was so strong about Johnson’s Downing Street party that the group did not have time to give authorities the required 28 days’ notice.”

      Oops, I foresee Glasgow City Council (SNP) knocking the march on the head, or a possible Manni Singh scenario in the offing.

    119. Ruby says:

      Sarah says:
      13 January, 2022 at 12:01 pm
      The only thing that I can think of to draw attention to the numerous undemocratic, and worse, actions of the Scot Gov is for an umbrella group e.g. Now Scotland [i.e. non-party] to organise petitions to Holyrood [using the Holyrood petition mechanism] on each subject.

      I think these large protests are

      1. Just ignored
      2. Don’t happen often enough.
      3. Take too much organising.

      My suggestion is small protests on a regular basis.
      At least one a week.

      Not just outside the offices of the ‘Cozy Slippers’ but also outside the offices of Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar, Iain Murray and all the Unionists who support Boris Johnsons position vis a vis ‘NO IndyRef2’

      I was wondering what these lawyers Mike Dailly, Roddy Dunlop & Aamer Anwar who are so in incensed by the SG’s actions might do.

    120. wull says:

      Can’t disagree with any of what you say there, Breeks @ 12.33. Except maybe to say that what they are dismantling is not simply the vestiges of what remains of pre-1707 Scotland, but even the principles and guarantees built into the 1707 Act(s) of Union. Arguably, these did effectively recognise the national status of Scotland, by the way it defined the Union. This too is going by the board at the moment: they are smashing up the Union as it originally was (legally speaking) and turning what happened then (in 1707) into what England had always wanted to happen (since Edward I’s time and even before). Namely, the extinction of the Scottish nation, in the cause of Engerland uber Alles…

      Plus ca change, plus ca resye la meme chose … !

      And, with benefit of hindsight, we have to admit that Sturgeon always looked like the quintessentially parochial and insular Brit-nat British politician that she has indeed turned out to be.

    121. James Che. says:

      It is to be noted the new pretend trend of Douglas Ross calling for resignation of BJ is just tactics of self preservation, for if the Tory’s go down so does he,

      The secret union unit set up by Gove and, (another) one by, The exterminate the Scots spectator writer BJ was never mentioned or hinted at, to the Scottish people by either of those three musketeers.
      Behind the scenes Secret going ons to quell the Scots. Is as fresh today as it was in the parliament of England in the 16 and 1700s,

      The Great Britain Parliament is supposed to be an equally agreed treaty of the union between Scotland and England,
      But exposed here in these actions we can see the evidence that England thinks that it owns the treaty of the union and were sole inheritors of that 1707 treaty.

      By doing this within-the Great Britain Parliament It set into motion and set itself up as the old original antagonist, instigator of a secrete war with Scotland,

      For Scotland has been open and honest in chosen elections or referendums .
      Voting for parties that say they represent that choice to perhaps change the treaty of the union to further equalise the treaty.

      This is not a good legal look for the British Parliament to be acting as the old antagonist to the treaty.

    122. Ron Maclean says:


      Independence* campaigns and campaigners are likely to encounter opposition from some or all of the following;

      Scottish justice system
      Scottish media
      Other media
      Scottish government
      Scottish political parties
      Security services
      Armed forces
      Scottish education system
      The ‘manufactured native elite’
      Religious groups
      Royal family
      ——— and colonists
      Factions from within the Scottish public, the rest of the UK and beyond.
      Nicola Sturgeon and her acolytes
      And so on

      Their hostility might not always be obvious. It wasn’t dealt with properly during the last independence campaign or since. It will intensify when, or if, the next campaign gets under way.

      I wish I could help but for the moment at least we seem to have lost our way. When that happens it’s hard to get going again.

      We need to do much more than sit on branchy trees** aspiring to become the saftest wee country in the world. Too many, including our leaders, are doing just that. We could start by being more critical and encourage action from those in a position to exploit situations as they arise. That means more than asking questions in the House of Commons and taking no for an answer.

      If we do nothing, nothing will change.

      * Independence; Self-determination, sovereignty, as in ’The site advocates Scottish independence …’
      ** The Road-Song of the Bandar-Log

    123. Breeks says:

      Sarah says:
      13 January, 2022 at 12:55 pm
      @ Republic, Breeks, wull, robertknight: any ideas as to how we solve this problem that is NS and “clapping seals”?

      I have none, I’m afraid, apart from the one above, and independence parties standing in English by-elections in order to air Scotland’s issue – no-one I have suggested this latter to has liked it, sadly.

      For a while now, I’ve favoured the setting up of a Constitutional Grand Committee which declared itself the voice of the sovereign Scottish people, (full-on no-compromise red sovereignty if you’re familiar with my post on Barrheadboy’s blog), and tested Scotland’s unlawful and unconstitutional Brexit in the International Courts until Scottish Sovereignty was respected and the Treaty of Union declared breached.

      If that’s too big a step for the Pearl clutchers, then as a precursor to crashing the Treaty of Union, the Constitutional Committee could cut it’s teeth by forcing Sturgeon / Holyrood to respect Scottish Sovereignty, on penalty of formal impeachment if it refused.

      The Committee could demand Sturgeon ignores Section 30 of the Scotland Act and respects the ascendancy of Scotland’s popular sovereignty and has a referendum in spite of Westminster’s objections. The people are sovereign, not Westminster. That’s not so very different from what Martin Keating’s tried to do, but with no criticism intended, I think that action lacked ambition. Sovereignty must be seized by both horns without compromise and no small degree of defiance. It needs a determined Constitutional Committee or a Senate with the brass neck to defy Westminster and take Scotland’s Brexit subjugation to the UN as evidence the Treaty of Union has been breached.

      Truth be known, I had hoped this was perhaps what Joanna Cherry might have been planning, but like Martin Keating’s attempt, the brave stance or solo effort of an individual needs the solidarity of a committed mass movement backing it to the hilt. I don’t know if we still have that, because Sturgeon’s flops could try their hardest to derail the initiative, in the same way the SNP pulled the rug out from Martin Keating’s.

    124. North chiel says:

      “Surprise surprise” , Duncan Smith put up by Tory hierarchy with “ MI5 Chinese agent” smokescreen story . Obviously the bogeymen Russian “ scare story” is now played out & Conveniently now it’s the Chinese “ turn” . I suppose now that “ Chinese takeaways “ are off the menu at Downing st garden parties .

    125. Republicofscotland says:

      “It is to be noted the new pretend trend of Douglas Ross calling for resignation of BJ is just tactics of self preservation, for if the Tory’s go down so does he,”

      James Che.

      My opinion is that Douglas Ross is putting his political career on the line, for if Johnson survives this, and he shouldn’t if you ask me, then he’ll have Ross replaced as branch manager of the London Tories in Scotland, if Johnson is replaced by someone else say Riki Sunak, who appears to be lurking in the wings, (no pun intended) then again Sunak might think that Ross isn’t a loyal servant for calling for the resignation of Johnson, which he might well do to Sunak when the time comes, and have him replaced.

      Either way Ross’s political career is on the line, I certainly don’t trust the Tory branch office in Scotland to do its best for Scots, if however Sunak or Johnson or whomever is PM there’s a good chance Ross is history, would the other Scots Tories back Ross, in what could become a stalemate, and it could lead to the Tories in Scotland breaking away from London, a long shot I think, but there has been talk on the matter.

    126. Robert graham says:

      Watching Sturgeon today reminded me of one of those dolls that you pull the string and it says a message , over and over again the same fkn cringing message , in her case her programmed message is global pandemic over and over again I don’t think she answered a question today without saying that bloody phrase she must have said it 20 or more times

      Global Pandemic

      Global Pandemic

      She fears the day this contrived fkn plague is forgotten that’s because she has to admit that she couldn’t give a monkeys about independence that’s why NO fkn plans are in place there is no point wasting time on something you ain’t going to do, that’s her a fkn Fraud .

    127. Republicofscotland says:

      This will be lauded by Sturgeon as doing something, I suppose its better than doing nothing, however reading the website that deals with funding, it looks a bit like you’ll need to go through the Third Degree to get it. The total sum is nowhere near enough to put a dent in the many more folk in Scotland who’ll fall into fuel poverty next April when there will be bumper rises in prices.

    128. Republicofscotland says:

      AS my 4.04pm comment says that you might need to go the Third Degree to access funds, via a third party, Craig Murray has had a difficult time in getting a free bus pass for his child.

      How many Scots will have the relevant paper work never mind the patients of a saint to get to the end of it.

    129. Ruby says:

      Republicofscotland says: My opinion is that Douglas Ross is putting his political career on the line, for if Johnson survives this, and he shouldn’t if you ask me, then he’ll have Ross replaced as branch manager of the London Tories in Scotland,

      I was thinking more of his reputation in Scotland.
      There are probable a lot of potential Tory voters/members who think Boris is a clown.

      To be the leader of Tories in Scotland he would need their respect.

      I don’t think he has much choice but to condemn Johnson.

      Otherwise I think he would just be like the SNP Cozy Slippers.

    130. twathater says:

      @ Breeks 2.42pm A constitutional committee is definitely the way to go as is a citizens grand committee , BUT there is no one to organise it , independence has had the same problem since before 2014 , too many people pulling in too many directions , the organisational capabilities are multitudinous and available but there are too many individuals that want everything done THEIR WAY , that is why sturgeon is succeeding

      The nsnp has less than 90,000 members there are 5 million people in Scotland and if at least 2 million want independence they have to be shown that sturgeon’s nsnp is NOT the vehicle to deliver it , in hindsight Alex Salmond delivered sturgeon’s victory by encouraging people to lend their vote to the snp (which I couldn’t stomach doing) the idea had merit if dealing with a rational being , BUT having suffered her evil malice before he should have been more aware of her desire to destroy him completely and acted accordingly

      I truly believe that Salmond has to resort to sturgeon’s depth of hatred and vileness and expose widely and publicly what she has done and continues to do , surely the situation re the judicial reforms would or could encourage allies within the judiciary which would enable information previously redacted to become available , and surely the justiciary could be encouraged to review the perjured evidence submitted to the courts and take punitive action against certain individuals , and maybe they could encourage the copfs to encourage the police to make greater efforts to expose the leaker in the Salmond trial or even INVESTIGATE missing ring fenced funds . I’m sure Salmond and MacAskill know members of the justiciary who believe in honesty and integrity

    131. Ruby says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      Craig Murray has had a difficult time in getting a free bus pass for his child.

      Does he say if there is a question about their sexual activity?

    132. James Che. says:


      I have been thinking along similar lines with regard a (separate from devolved government ) SOVEREIGN PEOPLES ENTITY such as a people’s assembly,
      Or a citizens assembly.

      But there is a problem.

      I have more than one or two reservations about filling it with the same old advisors, lawyers, university grads and theorists, old or young past councillors, scientists, and reusable politicians,

      As this would not be a sovereign Scots assembly or a citizens creation in any thing but name,

      It’s proximity to the same old political governance would fail the very sovereign Scots we wish to free.
      scientists employed by the state having a set agenda, to hidden committees deciding what is to be withheld by way information such as the Crone report.
      Or inquiries around disappearing money,
      Or justice, such as the ALex Salmond case, Craig Murray case and all those others that are the victims of old politics.
      we are trying to eliminate these things and ways that are not working, from the top down,

      Surely the assembly should be full of the voices of the ordinary every day people. Run by the ordinary every day to day people and then if we want to call in a variety of unhindered advisors a broad picture and spectrum of a way forward would have healthy growth.

      This needs the ordinary Scots at grassroots to be the leaders. For a consensus with the people of Scotland And to become involved in fairness and justice.
      For long enough they have not had a say. And for long enough at the detriment of their prospective finances and land.

      WHY CHOOSE A DIFFERENT SET SET OF ELITES TO RUN US When you would be as well keeping the old system

      And from that old system has arose cancel culture, trans issues, no women’s rights, extremism in climate change remedies, no NHS, poor wages, loss of employment and jobs
      And watching our structures and societies being destroyed by a chosen few like the SNP or the Tories and labour.

      Let’s turn this on its head and start with people first. In a sovereign people’s Assembly.

    133. Ruby says:

      The £3 million Scottish Government scheme, which is to be run by Advice Direct Scotland, will offer payments starting at £100, rising to £500 to clear outstanding debt, and will be paid direct to suppliers.

      Is this to help the energy suppliers or people who can’t afford heating?

    134. Republicofscotland says:

      Ruby @6pm.

      Ruby click the link @5.35pm to find out.

    135. Republicofscotland says:

      Ruby@ 6.10pm.

      Again Ruby click the 4.04pm links to find out.

    136. Republicofscotland says:

      The head of the royal parasites Queen Lizzie strip her son Prince Andrew of all his titles except that of Prince Andrew.

    137. wullie says:

      Sweden to launch ‘exceptional’ measures amid 300% rise in electricity price

      The SNP are to busy giving money away to their special wee pals

    138. Ruby says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      13 January, 2022 at 6:28 pm
      Ruby @6pm.

      Ruby click the link @5.35pm to find out..

      I apologise for being rubbish at jokes.

      You obviously thought I was asking a serious question at 6pm.

    139. Republicofscotland says:

      Ruby @6.43pm.


      With what’s going on with the SNP, the awful questionnaire with lewd question for school children within it, I suppose taking it seriously is not outwith the realms of reality, not to mention Mhairi Black inviting drag queens into primary schools which surely must have confused the children, then to find out the drag queen had explicit photos on his social media account.

      I’d put nothing past this SNP government under Sturgeon.

    140. Ruby says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      13 January, 2022 at 6:31 pm
      Ruby@ 6.10pm.

      Again Ruby click the 4.04pm links to find out.

      Sorry there are just too many links I can’t possible read them all.

      I did however read the link about Energy prices and found myself asking the question that I posted earlier.

    141. Sarah says:

      @ wull, ruby, the ron, republic, Breeks: thanks for responding to my thoughts.

      wull – I thought that any English by-election would do to stand a Scottish independence candidate in. Not SNP any more but Alba or another – mainly to get some media attention on our issue. Could also include anti-corruption and pro-English independence in the manifesto! The Southend West [David Amess] by-election won’t have Labour or LibDem standing so a Scottish independence candidate would stand a better chance of getting attention.

      Breeks: surely a Constitutional Committee would have to include MSPs? Yet the SNP MSPs wouldn’t join so how could the Committee force an impeachment? As for Joanna Cherry, at the SNP forum last year she said that we aren’t ready to assert independence – I assumed she meant in practical organisational terms. So I don’t think we can look to her for any immediate steps to change Scotland’s status.

      Ruby: yes, small demos happening all the time would be helpful. Bute House would be a good spot!

      Republic: there are party rules about suspending members who break rules of conduct so I would have thought if the FM got suspended then she would have to resign as FM. I don’t know of any specific procedure for impeachment.

    142. Breeks says:

      It’s not the perfect solution, but reading up about Scotland’s actual Community of the Realm and the Three Estates, the Kirk, Nobles and Burgh Commissioners, Got me thinking. I wonder whether a new version of the Three Estates might feature particular interest groups.

      The obvious one is the Court of Session or Faculty of Advocates speaking up for Scots Law. Obviously people who want Independence, but not necessarily.

      I’m less keen on the Kirk having a roll in a secular Scotland, but hey, that’s just my own prejudice.

      The loss or erosion of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty is a diminishing of Scotland’s integrity in or out of the Union, and it could be some of the more enlightened Unionists might still want Scotland’s integrity respected.

      It’s a kind of thinking out loud suggestion, just to kick around some ideas.

      But if Scotland’s Constitutional Committee spoke for our MP’s & MSP’s, Scots Law, Scottish Health, Scottish Education, Scotland’s Energy, Oil, Renewables… A bit like the old concept of city fathers or livery Companies, like say the Nine Trades of Dundee etc, – only speaking up for Scotland, not a city.

      Standing up for Scotland’s “red” sovereignty, it would be kinda hard to ignore.

      It would take some doing, but seven years squandered under Sturgeon is too much.

    143. Ruby says:

      Republicofscotland says:

      I’d put nothing past this SNP government under Sturgeon.

      Agreed! You know what they say about many a true word being spoken in jest.

      Being that this bus pass is a green/snp initiative I wouldn’t be surprised to see ‘pronouns’ included in the bus pass.

    144. Breeks says:

      They say history repeats… but in 1320, Scotland made a representation to the Pope that they formed amongst themselves because necessity required it.

      We’d just be doing the same thing more or else.

      The strength of it isn’t in the Committee, but legitimacy in law. Scotland has been subjugated over Brexit, and there should be consequences for that.

    145. Breeks says:

      Sarah says:
      13 January, 2022 at 7:08 pm

      Breeks: surely a Constitutional Committee would have to include MSPs? Yet the SNP MSPs wouldn’t join so how could the Committee force an impeachment?

      Give them the opportunity to take an oath of allegiance to the Constitutional Sovereignty of Scotland. If they refuse, then we find people who will stand up for Scotland’s Constitutional Rights.

    146. Robert Hughes says:

      ” The strength of it isn’t in the Committee, but legitimacy in law. Scotland has been subjugated over Brexit, and there should be consequences for that. ”

      Another strength of it , possibly more potent , is the tangible , visible embodiment of a REAL Independence – and Independence only – vehicle ,an actually functioning engine driving the issue home relentlessly : one the MSM would be unable to ignore , though no doubt it will attempt to do so .

      Whether – so called – ” legitimacy ” resides solely with Holyrood/Scotgov is neither here nor there , such a Committee would definitely draw support to it , from all quarters of the Movement, thereby creating it’s own , indisputable legitimacy

    147. Breeks says:

      Robert Hughes says:
      13 January, 2022 at 8:17 pm

      Another strength of it , possibly more potent , is the tangible , visible embodiment of a REAL Independence – and Independence only – vehicle …

      I really like the idea of a Scottish Constitutional Grand Committee just laughing the Scotland Act’s Section 30 bullshit, which has Sturgeon totally flummoxed.

      It would be so cool to see them cutting to the chase with Constitutional ramifications for the Treaty of Union. “Step aside Sturgeon. You’ve wasted too much time already and you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ll take it from here.”

      Ya dancer!

      So much the better if it was Alex Salmond who delivered the news…

    148. Breeks says:

      The problem would be Sturgeon, like it or not, has a democratic mandate, even if she told porkies to get it and has no intention of delivering it, she still has a claim to represent Scotland.

      That’s where I think the red/white sovereignty thing would come into play, if you can demonstrate Sturgeon has not respected the sovereign will of the people.

      She hasn’t. She overruled Scotland’s Remain majority, so that should be grounds for Constitutional impeachment. That’s what I was meaning about the correctness and legitimacy in law being important.

      I’m not a lawyer, but I think the expression is legal personality. The Scottish Constitutional Grand Committee would need to have some degree of legal personality to be recognised as a”thing”, and have authority to speak on behalf of Scotland.

      But that I think is doable, because Scotland is the victim of an injustice in law, and victim of injustice has a right to seek / demand justice and the upholding of the law.

      I mean seriously, somebody like Joanna Cherry should be firing off shit like this in a massive legal howitzer.

    149. Sarah says:

      @ Breeks: that was what I was getting at when I said it would need parliamentarians to be included on the Constitutional Grand Committee and to impeach the current FM. The SNP got over a million votes – that is their source of constitutional legitimacy and that would be recognised by the people and internationally.

      The SCRG’s idea talks of all elected persons [MP, MSP, Councillors] plus reps of other civic groups as the source of constitutional legitimacy. I can’t see that a body without elected people would be acceptable unless it could demonstrate that about 1.5 to 2 million people supported them.

    150. twathater says:

      @ Breeks 8.53pm I respect your admiration of Joanna Cherry but unfortunately I don’t share that admiration , I was sorely disappointed that she invoked Scots law to defeat bozo’s prorogation of parliament then sat back down and has done nothing since , whereas she previously mentioned abuse of the TOU so you would presume if she indeed like us wanted and was desperate for independence she would be chomping at the bit to get it done by ANY means possible

    151. Alf Baird says:

      twathater @ 9:46 pm

      “get it done by ANY means possible”

      Have to say I too am still a wee bittie confused about Ms Cherry’s earlier legal effort on confirming the sovereignty of Westminster MPs over any UK Government of the day. I had thought that Scottish National Party representatives might be rather more interested in the matter of Scottish sovereignty, given their main purpose is to assert the latter.

      I did raise this with her, and received a fairly meaningless reply from her ‘Chief of Staff’, directing me to the paper by professors McCorkindale & McHarg, the latter actually confirming that as a matter of law a referendum is not a requirement for independence and despite this Ms Cherry and the SNP still place their faith only in holding another referendum!

    152. Sarah says:

      Re M/s Cherry: the anti-prorogation case had cross-party support to bring it, and was winnable.

      A case for Scotland’s right to withdraw from the Treaty of Union is unlikely to get support from the SNP, let alone the other parties!! Would it be possible for M/s Cherry to bring a case in those circumstances?

      I agree that it would be encouraging to have her join some of the research groups and other public discussions but SNP party rules don’t allow public disagreement by members with party policy. So it is an awkward situation to be in. She does say things in a very careful way about needing to look at other routes – has said so in her National column, for example.

    153. Robert Hughes says:

      With the Royal Slinging Under The Bus Ceremony completed and Ex Prince Charmless banished to a life of even more indolence in order to limit damage to the institution of the Monarchy ( Oh how we’ll miss him ) maybe more people will withdraw support for the whole decrepit , corrupt pantomime/soap opera .

      Could be good time to bring questions of Sovereignty, Constitutions etc to the forefront of public discourse in Scotland.

      The monarchy will survive this , alas , but could be grievously wounded , if so , the idea of a Scottish Independent Republic may begin to appear more attractive to many more people

    154. Alf Baird says:

      Sarah @ 11:00 pm

      “A case for Scotland’s right to withdraw from the Treaty of Union is unlikely to get support from the SNP”

      Jings, and there’s Scotland’s independence movement still thinking the SNP want independence!

      Its definitely time for other more serious National Parties.

    155. Breeks says:

      Yes, I cannot answer for Joanna Cherry. She seemed to be made of the right stuff and smart enough to steer something unpopular past Westminster’s alert defences. It really doesn’t help that these Trans nut jobs have forced Ms Cherry into being more cautious about who she meets.

      But if not her, perhaps there is another lawyer smart enough to get the job done, but dumb enough to risk a truncated legal career if it fails. Another Willie McRae type would be a godsend. We might also think about doing it the hard way, and start with a devout Independentist, and train them to become a Constitutional Lawyer. It sounds daft, but not if we’d started 7 years ago.

      I think the mistake we made with Joanna Cherry was perhaps allowing her to feel isolated and out on a limb, but I cannot say that with any certainty.

      Perhaps too, we can find out who the Chagos Islanders got as their legal representation. Our legal team needn’t necessarily be Scottish.

    156. Willie says:

      You have to laugh.

      Auld Queenie, sovereign by the grace of God no less, in a royal line of absolute hereditary right has just after 61 years found out that her son Andrew is a bit of a sleaze bag, and then some. So what does she do?

      Well she reserves back, or should we say, strips him of his Royal Highness status, makes him a private citizen, a reserves back all his multifarious position as Colonel in Chief of no end of British regiments.

      So why then if the people of Scotland are sovereign, can we not with our majority of elected representatives not just off hire Westminster.

      Otherwise, did we see the pictures of the auld bint sitting alone praying in the chapel at her husbands restricted attendance funeral whilst the night before the parties with booze, music and dancing raged into the wee small hours at Downing Street. Absolutely sublime, she’s a platinum geezer.

    157. Breeks says:

      Willie says:
      14 January, 2022 at 4:24 am

      You have to laugh.

      Auld Queenie…. found out that her son Andrew is a bit of a sleaze bag, and then some. So what does she do?

      Yeah, your dear old Mum seems convinced you’re a pedophile, but hey, best of British luck with your court case old bean….

    158. robertknight says:

      Sarah @ 11:00 pm

      A case for Scotland’s right to withdraw from the Treaty of Union is unlikely to get support from the SNP”

      There, fixed that for you – you’re welcome.

    159. Chas says:

      Just popped in the site for a wee keek. I see we are back on to Sovereignty, Treaty of Union and the desperate Scottish Constitutional Grand Committee. No indications of course of who appoints people to the Committee and airy fairy proposals of who should sit on it. Exactly what Scotland needs-another layer of Politicians, that is what they will be, talking of what they will or can do but no real actions forthcoming.
      The ONLY way Scotland will ever achieve Independence will be through the ballot box with real ordinary people voting for it.
      The SNP talk a good game but have no real appetite for it as the individuals within are too busy feathering their own nest. They have convinced the Scots who are unable to think for themselves that they are the ones to achieve Independence but the educated amongst us know this will not be happening any time soon.
      A wave of optimism swept through this site when Alba was founded but since then the tide is going out. Alba brought hope but now seems to be floundering. Alba and the SNP cannot exist together as long as Sturgeon holds the reins. It has to convince existing SNP supporters to switch and also to attract ‘soft’ no voters. I see no evidence of this. The first step has to be eradicating Sturgeon. Salmond has hinted that he has the means to do so but has been silent for months. Politics is a dirty business. He should know better than anybody. He simply has to go on the attack very soon or Alba is finished before it really got started. With the mess that is Westminster people are genuinely sick of Politicians and the way they act. Change is required and the timing could not be better than now. Be bold, be brave Alex. Change will not come without a bitter fight.

    160. Sarah says:

      @ Alf Baird and robertknight: I hope you aren’t thinking that I a] approve the SNP’s inaction on attempting to regain our independence; or b] agree that the case can’t be made?

      I am 1000% behind any and all steps being taken immediately, if not 7 years ago!

    161. Sarah says:

      @ Chas: one bit of good news to cheer us up today – Craig Murray tweets that his case to the ECHR is continuing – he and his legal team have been working on it for the last three days.

      Now all we need is news that the case will be expedited by the ECHR.

    162. James Che. says:

      Some suggestions if I may regards a Constitutional Grand Committee.

      1). The very TITLE is required to hold the inclusion of legal use for it to survive legal challenge,
      May I suggest.
      The Scottish Sovereign People’s Grand Committee.

      2). The people in this Committee HAVE to be from all walks of Scottish life,
      not just higher ranking citizens ( although these can be included) for it to represent the sovereign people of Scotland. And thus the “ The Claim of Right “ where we can choose a new body to govern.

      3) the first purpose of setting up this body for the sovereign Scots is to question wether the parties that signed the treaty of the union in 1707 to present day have with upheld all those Acts in the treaty of the union with due diligence and respect,

      4) The Treaty of the Union would be “ paused “ from the Scottish Sovereign people until a thorough investigation had been carried out.


    163. James Che. says:

      The following suspected breaches.

      Changes to….

      1) interference or changes made to Scots Law. To include pre- union Scots Law.

      2) Changes made to religion regards primogeniture and inclusion of inheritance of the crown and monarchy since 1707.

      3) changes made to the original words of Treaty Acts effecting Trade.

      4). Investigation is required as to Wether either the agreed successive parliament to The Scots Parliament, also known as the “Three Estates” 1707 and the Parliament of England 1707 both as signatories to the New Parliament in 1707 show evidence of continuing to act in a individual capacity or manner of the old separate parliaments after signing in 1707.

      5) investigation is also required as to wether the New GB 1707 Parliament or any members in or of it has set itself up in secret and private for the manifestations and antagonist or instigator to the other signatory after 1707….. in which The Crone Report, or the Union Unit May be caused to be Investigated.

    164. James Che. says:

      If anyone is serious with The Claim of Right or wether Scots people have sovereignty.
      And wether people have the Right to Self Determination, This would be the Legal route to follow.

      And has the ability to leave in place the devolved government acting on a temporary basis, to run Scotland meanwhile.
      Thus not being inflammatory to the present UK Parliament or considered Treasonous.

    165. Chas says:

      James Che

      You have obviously spent a lot of time researching stuff from 300 years ago.
      What a waste of time and effort. Do you honestly think that there are millions of Scots remotely interested? Or that events that did or did not take then can now be challenged and investigated? Who is going to investigate and who is going to pay for it.
      May I politely suggest that you purchase some jigsaws to occupy your time and get some sense of achievement in doing so.

    166. James Che. says:

      This would mean the exclusion of any political party members acting at the time for a political party.

    167. Sarah says:

      @ Chas: lawyers and governments depend on old law e.g. Henry 8th powers. Most law is hundreds of years old.

      @ James Che: this is a debating site and informs people so please carry on!

    168. James Che. says:


      Stop sounding like an employed unionist.
      Of corse this can be challenged to day, no matter what year or month the May treaty broken have taken place behind closed doors,

      For we are expected to follow that 1707 agreement today.
      It is still extant today unless it has been breached or broken right up to 2022.

    169. James Che. says:


      Cheers, and thanks for the support.

      I have as Chas implies, spent many hours, days and months in the past researching these quirks in legislation and statues.

      Not so much time on my hands now that so many family members are ill,
      but at least what Is already researched can be posted here.

      It is interesting I find that those with unionist entrenched minds are quick to say, “ You Can’t do that”
      Thus trying to close possibilities and avenues down for the Scottish people.

    170. Chas says:

      There are some people who it is worth arguing/debating with. There are others where it is simply pointless.
      I will leave it at that!

    171. James Che. says:

      Scot Finlayson.

      Edinburgh Slavery And Colonialism Reveiw,

      I hope they are not racist when it comes to the Colonialism part and exclude white people in Scotland.

    172. Republicofscotland says:

      A excellent article by Joanna Cherry, in which its she states that the effects of Brexit will/are be much worse on the economy etc, than the Covid pandemic. The OBR report on Brexit says that covid will cause/has caused a 2% hit to GDP, whilst Brexit will/is be at least a 4% hit.

      Cherry also points out that Northern Ireland’s economy is doing well, as is the RoI’s having access to the EU market. Cherry reminds us of the new maze of customs rules which became active on Jan 1st, that affect EU countries wanting to export goods to the UK, goods from the EU now need immediately import declarations, previously before Brexit they could provide this up to six months after, food and plant products need to be notified in advance, and the only way a tariff free product can enter the UK is if information can be provided to show that the majority of the product was made in the UK.

    173. James Che. says:


      I believe I mentioned Trade (3) above.

      But forgot to mention how the election system in Scotland is biased and not the same as the rest of the GB parliament elections.

    174. Republicofscotland says:

      Boris Johnson is to be the chair of a new union council set up by Michael Gove, and remarkably Sturgeon has signed up Scotland to participate in it, is this the actions of an FM who wants independence for Scotland? I think not.

      The Tory government said that all four nations had signed the agreement.

      “Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “When team UK pulls together in common cause, spirit and endeavour we will always be at our very best.

      “We’ve shown time and time again the combined strength we have in facing off the shared challenges before us, while also seizing the opportunities ahead for the benefit of the whole United Kingdom.

      “Today’s announcements build upon that strength as we all continue to work together to deliver for the British people.”” said Johnson.

    175. James Che. says:

      The legality and signing up to the union talks is not a position that NS or the Scottish government can make on our behalf,
      Due to the Scottish devolved government actually being already a British government.
      It does not act independently as a country of Scotland or as a official Scottish government .

      The tricks of the trade is to imply such that it may seem legal a legal entity as separate from Westminster.

    176. Republicofscotland says:

      Prince Andrew to get away with everything and get al his titles back, how did he do it? he’s come out as Trans.

    177. Ron Maclean says:

      From the SNP’s Constitution;

      ‘s2 The aims of the Party are –
      (a) Independence for Scotland: …’
      ‘s4.2 Members must –
      (b) endorse the Aims of the Party: …’

      All SNP MPs and MSPs are bound by the SNP’s Constitution.

      ‘A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.’ Adlai Stevenson

    178. James Che. says:

      Some of the changes that have been altered to the treaty of the union did not all happen 300 years ago, although some did take place the year after the treaty was signed by the British New Parliament.

      The rest of these changes have taken place in the 1800s, the 1900s and into the millennium.

      One of the more recent changes to Scots Law abolished “ Scots law of Treason” which was retained to Scotland and still in place after the treaty was was signed.

      This became void with the Terrorism Acts passed by the British Parliament, altering Scots law.

    179. James Che. says:


      That may well be his position now,
      But a legal lawyer will have a heyday with that as at the time of the alleged abuse, he did not declare himself as Trans of Any of the wide spectrum of gender other than Male,

    180. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @2.43p.

      James, its sarcasm, its not true, I used it denote that if you declare yourself trans, as in many online cases, after an offence, you are likely to be dealt with more leniently than if you don’t declare yourself as trans.

    181. willie says:

      Here Breeks, here’s another inconsistency that will appeal to your logic.

      Big announcement at a time of big political upset to say that the MI5 have established that a Chines spy has been operating within the Parliament of Westminster but same MI5 can’t say if a party, or in fact parties ( Plural ) took place in Downing Street gardens in one of the most highly protected buildings on the planet.

      Strange that. I smell shite!

    182. Sensible Dave says:

      … its been a while!

      Just popped back to see what is happening. Nothing much it would appear.

      The only sentence I would highlight was by Chas above “The ONLY way Scotland will ever achieve Independence will be through the ballot box with real ordinary people voting for it.”

      I believe I have written a very similar sentence to that here on Wings on numerous occasions in the past. Its as true now as it was then. The only difference now, is its seems that its further away.

    183. willie says:

      Here Breeks and do the Metropolitan Polis not know who is coming and going in and out of Downing Street and when.

      Seems that the Metropolitan Polis are just a rotten a corrupt militia that covers up crime, protects the elites, whilst sticking the boot and the baton into ordinary folks.

      Mind you, not much different from the equally odious Police Scotland who are quite frankly just another gang of thugs.

      And meanwhile the world class Clown Prince and liar extraordinaire has gone into hiding. Not difficult to see how the USA constitution introduced the right for citizens to bear arms against governments who turn against the people.

      This is a brutal government with a brutal police and secret service who are against the people. Quite similar in fact to the old Royal Ulster Constabulary or the equally odious South African Police Service.

    184. Breeks says:

      Chas says:
      14 January, 2022 at 10:51 am

      ….. No indications of course of who appoints people to the Committee and airy fairy proposals of who should sit on it.

      How did they decide who should write the Declaration of Arbroath Chas? Does it matter now? Did it matter then?

      It was the principle in law which mattered, not the names of the signatories.

    185. Chas says:


      ‘How did they decide who should write the Declaration of Arbroath Chas? Does it matter now? Did it matter then?’

      How the hell would I know that? Do you? Does it matter then or now?-NO.

      It seems to me that there are several of you on here who want to revoke, amend or challenge something that took place hundreds of years ago. No indication of who is to do this or who will pay for it! Some of you need to get real. Apart from maybe half a dozen on here, nobody is interested. Your sooper dooper idea of some Grand Scottish Council is, I am trying to think of an appropriate word here-I’ve got it-MINCE.


      Thanks for informing me that most law is hundred of years old. I never knew that. I thought most of them were drawn up last week!

    186. Dorothy Devine says:

      Jings! I’m hearing a familiar echo round here.

    187. twathater says:

      @ ROS 1.50pm (an excellent article by Joanna Cherry re brexit and the impact on Scotland) just as I posted up thread

      Never mind the impact of brexit to Scotland Joanna what about the impact of the SNP TROUGHERS of which I now question your membership failing continuously to get or address ANY METHOD to get us out of this lunatic asylum , are you another one Joanna who will sign up to the new revised union agreement OR would you like to point out in court that even suggesting revising the TOU is ANOTHER BREACH OF THE TOU

    188. @James Che,

      Another reason why the Brutish Empire was an abomination and the Treaty of Union made us part of the Anglo Norman/Saxon need for plunder and conquest.

      Edinburgh Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review,

      Closes 19 Jan 2022,

    189. PacMan says:

      With this conversation about a ‘Constitutional Grand Committee’, I was wondering would it gain legitimacy if it’s findings where put to a virtual electorate and voted on?

      By a virtual electorate, I mean the ability for Scots to register at on online website to become a registered voter similar to what we all have to do for elections. While this isn’t a legal or legitimate voters roll, it’s sole purpose is to vote on issues decided by this Grand Committee.

      While in no way would it give this committee findings any legal authority, it will give it moral authority provided enough Scots register for this virtual voting roll and cast their vote when required.

      The argument is that unionists will never get involved in it so it is a waste of time but the Brexit referendum set a precedent where a small narrow majority decided it. If say, 51% of Scots registered with this voting roll and that 51% voted for the findings of this committee then it will put pressure on the Scottish government.

      This would be similar to the Scottish covenant where over 2 million signatures were collected for the petition for home rule.

    190. Republicofscotland says:

      Twathater ‘5.04pm.

      Yes Cherry is a peculiar one, in an article recently, again in the National newspaper, she appeared to be sympathetic towards juryless trials.

      One does wonder though why she isn’t a bit more vocal on independence at Westminster, still compared to Blackford and Co she’s miles ahead. I get the impression that Cherry isn’t one for doing anything radical with independence in mind maybe due to her legal stance.

    191. Republicofscotland says:

      The world’s largest international law firm and one of the world’s largest foundations teamed up to push the trans cause, and here’s how they done it.

    192. Republicofscotland says:

      More authoritarianism from Sturgeon’s government, Scotland is fast becoming a difficult place to live in and express ones self, without experiencing the wrath of the law. Sturgeon is making sure she’ll never lose another judicial review.

      “Fairness at Work took years to implement, but this has only taken them months, this entire document is a complete shambles with the Scottish Government reserving the right to raise criminal complaints with Police Scotland against current AND former employees – even if against the express wishes of any complainer.”

    193. Dorothy Devine says:

      RoS if that is so then there must be some very nervous MSPs – particularly the male of the species ( if I am allowed to say that!)

    194. PacMan says:

      Switching over to new profile.

      My new profile is PacMan2

    195. Brent crude been over $80 pb since the 1st of Jan,

      $80 x 13 x 1,000,000 = $1,040,000,000

      Over 1 billion dollars of our resources flushed down to Westminster for tax breaks to the Eton rich.

    196. Derek says:

      PacMan says:
      14 January, 2022 at 6:04 pm

      With this conversation about a ‘Constitutional Grand Committee’, I was wondering would it gain legitimacy if it’s findings where put to a virtual electorate and voted on?

      I don’t think so, because you’d disenfranchise those that aren’t online. My aunt for example; isn’t online, isn’t for independence, but deserves a vote nonetheless. It’s quite a small percentage nowadays, but you can’t exclude folk.

    197. James Che. says:


      Argggh, you got me,
      Mind you don’t go putting ideas in to his head, nothing surprises me any more with those who rule and are supposedly holding integrity and morals higher than ours. 🙂

    198. James Che. says:

      Scottish Sovereign people great Assembly.


      Getting organised would be the biggest obstacle, not wether it is legal or would not be taken seriously.

      As I mentioned above,
      It is legal to have the Right to Self Determination.
      It is legal to choose whom Governs us, under the Claim of right,
      It is Legal to question wether we consider the treaty of the union has been broken or breached regards it’s validity since its contractual agreement from 1707 to 2022.

      And I tend to agree with you twathater, changing the original treaty of 1707 would just annul or void the original treaty especially if signed up to by a devolved Scottish Parliament from Westminster’s own branch,

      It would be Westminster agreeing to a change on two accounts.

    199. wee monkey says:

      “Scottish Sovereign people great Assembly.”

      No thanks. Once bitten twice shy.

      @ Robbo. A great loss. RIP

    200. Effigy says:

      I see blackrock, who make money out of almost everything you do
      with major shareholding’s in everything you can imagine saw profits up
      15% on the last year of what we thought was devistation.

      The first investment house to have over $10 Trillion in their portfolio.

      Apple become the first company to be valued at $3 Trillion.

      The Government bought shares in Nat West to bail them out after their greedy Casino
      Banking exploits that sank the economy have sold off the shares at a dramatic loss.
      Any bets on which party the purchasers support?

      Strange how ordinary people are seeing their standard of living plummeting
      while the richest just keep rolling in it.
      20% of the U.K. living in poverty
      Ever increasing need for Foodbanks
      Fuel prices going beyond reach and energy companies suggesting you wear thick socks and
      Woolly jumpers at home.
      Inflation heading above 5%
      6 million waiting for hospital operations

      Levelling up anyone?

    201. Ebok says:

      You could have added ‘we’re all in this together’.

      twathater says:
      ‘@ Breeks 8.53pm I respect your admiration of Joanna Cherry but unfortunately I don’t share that admiration’
      Hasn’t anyone considered that JC may, in her own mind, already have left politics? She did say some time ago that it is not a given that she would stand for re-election in 2023 and was contemplating a return to law. And who could blame her?

      Chas says:
      ‘He simply has to go on the attack … Be bold, be brave Alex’

      Sure, we need to get on the front foot – and soon – but this is a burden too great for one man. We need leaders, as in plural, who can organise the fight on many fronts. Foot soldiers await their instructions. But where are the leaders?

      Ron Maclean says
      ‘s4.2 Members must –
      (b) endorse the Aims of the Party: …’

      Aye, that’s the problem with the party system: party first, country and ethics a distant second.

    202. Republicofscotland says:

      NHS personnel in Scotland are at breaking point some are working 60+ hours a week and some have committed suicide, staff say the NHS in Scotland is in state of emergency now.

      Of course it could all have been so different if Sturgeon had held an indyref knowing just how devastating Brexit has and will continue to be in Scotland. We could’ve attracted more EU workers here to work in our NHS to help replace those that caught Covid or were exhausted from working long shifts, we could also have invested more in our NHS, instead of waiting for the Tory government to trigger the investment via the Barnett Formula, and maybe this would’ve prevented the suicides of our NHS staff.

      But Sturgeon chose not to put Scots before the union, and things have steadily went down hill and will continue to do so as long as Sturgeon remains Scotland’s FM.

    203. Republicofscotland says:

      So the SNP are worried that the inquiry into Johnson’s BYOB party will be a whitewash, SNP’s shadow Cabinet Office minister Brendan O’Hara (shadow Cabinet Office minister, that’s comedy gold) worries Johnson will just be given a slap on the wrist, O’Hara knows fine well that he and his SNP troughers are powerless and are just at Westminster to make up the numbers, and give of an air of democracy.

      Of course you have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the SNP troughers, the inquiry last year held at Holyrood was an utter and total whitewash, with the SNP redacting evidence, withholding evidence, using the Lord Advocates advice to get around vital matter to the inquiry, coaching SNP staff at a cost to the taxpayers to avoid slipping up on answers and Sturgeon point blank refused to answer at least fifty times when questions were put to her, she replied I’ don’t know, and I can’t recall, and not to the best of my knowledge. The deputy FM John Swinney survived a second VONC on the matter yet again, the ultra woke Green party bailed him out, and have been rewarded with cabinet positions.

      That was a complete whitewash.

    204. Republicofscotland says:

      Jesus H. Christ the SNPs Energy Minister Michael Matheson, who failed miserably as Justice secretary, is back on virtually begging England’s Energy minister Greg Hands to use Aberdeen’s Carbon Capture storage facility that the Westminster government has already rejected and moved down to a second phase option, in favour of English plants.

      Matheson says that the Scottish government are even willing to offer up to £80 million of Scottish taxpayers cash in funding.

      Even after the English government slaps them down this shameless and gutless party that governs Scotland, still comes back and even offers £80 million of our cash as a sweetener to the English government, how much more of this kowtowing by the SNP government will Scots put up with before they say enough is enough.

    205. Republicofscotland says:

      Labour branch office manager in Scotland Anas Sarwar has insisted that no pro-indy candidates from his party will be allowed to stand for election, and this has infuriated pro-indy Labour activists, and they are fed up feeling like second class citizens within the party.

      BLiS isn’t a broad church as Sarwar claims it to be, its a narrow minded die-hard unionist party controlled from London, BLiS activists should switch over to the Alba party they support Scottish independence. Thy can always return to Labour after independence.

    206. Republicofscotland says:

      An interesting article written by someone in a local newspaper, says that Antoni Gaudi, the architect of the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, which I think is still being added to decades later, was arrested by Spanish police and thrown into jail (1924) for speaking his native Catalan language.

      The article states that even to this day the Catalan language is still discriminated against in Catalonia by the Spanish government.

      This got me thinking that the same applies to our Scots language that has no protected status in Scotland, it has been in the past beaten out of children at school and replaced by the now widespread colonial language of England (English).

      Even though there has been hundreds of years of concerted efforts to destroy the language, as in Catalonia with the native Catalan language Scots has remained, maybe not thrived but definitely still around in some quarters.

      Of course Scotland is overrun by unionist gatekeepers especially in educational institutions who do their utmost to promote the foreign English language over our own Scots language, and its unlikely that the Scots language will receive any help from the SNP government, of which you never hear or see our FM speak any of it, unlike in Wales where Welsh FM Mark Drakeford address the Welsh people in both Welsh Gaelic and English.

    207. Sarah says:

      @ Grouse Beater: re your quote from my short comment here the other day, I was contrasting the chances of Joanna Cherry being able to take a case to court for our independence, with the support she got for the prorogation case.

      I am not in any position to know, and am just expressing my opinion, which is that under the current leadership, the SNP wouldn’t help Joanna cross the road let alone take any steps whatsoever to regaining our independence, sadly.

    208. Robert Hughes says:

      Ros @ 2.59

      I spent 10 years in Barcelona and can confirm the veracity of that story about Gaudi ( still a national hero in Catalonia , rightly , his work is amazing ) and he was not alone , many suffered the same fate .

      The Spanish Gov even as recently as a few years ago during the Rajoy administration where making noises about reducing the amount of Catalan used in schools ie increasing the amount of Castillian , in an attempt to dilute the prevalence of it’s use and by extension the sense of Catalan identity distinct from Spanish .

      They failed , the Catalans are fiercely proud and protective of their language and identity and will never allow it to disappear .Free classes are widely available to anyone who wants to learn it and great appreciation shown to anyone – particularly foreigners , who do so .

      Wither oor ain Scots tongue ? Frowned upon , suppressed and penalised for centuries by our * superiors * , among whose number , shamefully , are past and present Scots

    209. Ebok says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      15 January, 2022 at 2:59 pm
      ‘Of course, Scotland is overrun by unionist gatekeepers especially in educational institutions’

      The first command in the ruling class instruction manual is: –
      DO NOT educate Proles.

      They understood, ‘way before Dylan said…

      Freedom, just around the corner for you
      But with truth so far off, what good will it do?

    210. Republicofscotland says:

      Scottish government minsters found guilty of withholding vital Covid information from the public, by the Scottish Information Commissioner.

      Its not the first time the SNP government has been found to have withheld vital information, and it won’t be the last under Sturgeons tenure.

    211. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Republicofscotland 6:31pm
      Of course we knew the SG was doing that. But it is nice to see it black and white. Thank you. Stick it on Gettr. Sturgeon won’t give out the data because it will reveal decisions were made on political grounds and not Public Health concerns. And it will get worse for her when the decision of December 21st is analysed in the fullness of time. The net is closing on her regime.

    212. Breeks says:

      Anybody have a link or archive to Alex Salmond’s mugshot being printed in the Herald I think it was, pictured beside convicted sex offenders I think it was on or just before the beginning of his trial, 9th March 2020.

      I cannot remember if the Herald pulled it, but I can’t find anything about it online.

      I’m sure I remember a Wings article, or BTL discussion about it, but searches coming up empty.

    213. Breeks says:

      Robert Hughes says:
      15 January, 2022 at 3:50 pm

      Ros @ 2.59

      I spent 10 years in Barcelona and can confirm the veracity of that story about Gaudi ( still a national hero in Catalonia , rightly , his work is amazing ) and he was not alone , many suffered the same fate ….

      If you Google Gaudi’s Casa Batlló in Barcelona, the work is amazing for one thing, but rumour has it, the roof is meant to represent Spain as a dragon brutally oppressing the lives of the Catalans, and the skeletal balconies below are the cracked skulls of oppressed. St George, who killed the dragon, is the patron saint of Catalonia.

      It’s on my bucket list to go and see it one day. I think it ranks as one of the best buildings I’ve ever seen. Something beautiful from pain and ugliness.

    214. Dan says:

      @ Breeks

      I’m using phone so limited search functions. The pic is in the following article. It states the article was printed on the eve of the Salmond trial so should be easier to find.

    215. Breeks says:

      Dan says:
      15 January, 2022 at 9:24 pm

      @ Breeks

      I’m using phone…

      And using it well, that’s perfect Dan, Thank you very much.

      When I searched, it seemed to jump from Cairnstoon to Cairnstoon, and I wondered if stuff had gone. But sorted now.

    216. Robert Hughes says:

      Breeks @ 9.21

      Yes , I heard of that * hidden * symbolism on Casa Batlló ( another masterpiece , not on the scale of the Sagrada Familia , but equally impressive ) . His work is full of such covert messages . As you may have read , he was a religious man but also a very committed Catalan Independista , both aspects informed all of his work .

      Definitely recommend visiting the city , it truly is a marvel , despite the ravages inflicted it on during the Spanish Civil War much of the architecture survived ,and RoS the latest completion date for the Sagrada Familia is 2026 . That building alone is reason enough to visit , but there is so much more

    217. Alf Baird says:

      Robert Hughes @ 10:08 am

      “Definitely recommend visiting the city , it truly is a marvel”

      Barcelona is a magnificent city and it is also a major trade entrepot. The modern port there is also masterpiece in a global sense, and puts our half derelict waterfronts of Glasgow/Clyde and Edinburgh/Forth to shame. I worked on several collaborative research projects there. Barcelona has everything – modern container terminals, cruise terminals, ferry terminals, car import/export and bulks. In addition the old port areas – Port Vell – has been very well ‘revitalised’ and is a major visitor attraction. Meantime Glasgow and Edinburgh waterfronts are a mixed bag of partial redevelopment and continued obsolete port areas, with very little use made of the maritime access and declining port/trade activity. One of the key reasons for this is that Scotland’s cityports were sold to offshore private equity funds whose only interest is profit, not development or trade facilitation, whereas in Barcelona like most cityports globally there remains a public port authority in charge which looks at things quite differently, including the necessity to take a very long term view, which is essential for new port development, and hence the trading competitiveness of entire regions and nations. Barcelona is a vitally important strategic trade entrepot for Spain, which is no doubt one of the reasons Catalonia is ‘haud doun’ by the imperial power.

    218. Republicofscotland says:

      Robert Hughes @10.08am.

      There have been many dissidents over time who speak out or paint something or build something that pushes back on oppression or colonilaism.

      One that springs to mind because I like the piece, is Sibelius’s Finlandia, which is a patriotic Finnish piece that at the time had to be renamed to stop further Russian censorship in Finland.

      Its a stirring piece of music that you may well have heard, the founder of the Plaid Cymru party Lewis Valentine also used the music of Finlandia to pen the hymn A Prayer for Wales, he was a Welsh language activist as well.

      Some consider A Prayer for Wales as another national anthem for the country.

    219. Robert Hughes says:

      Absolutely Alf .

      The civic will and imagination in Catalonia – Barcelona in particular – puts our equivalent to shame .

      As you know I’m sure , one of the many parallels between Catalonia and Scotland is the ruthless will of the dominant power – Spain – to ensure Catalonia never becomes Independent , couched in the language of * National Unity * ( sound familiar ? ) : in reality the economic and cultural power of that * region * is just too great to let go – again , echoing our relationship with England .

      The colonial mindset in it’s duplicitous rapacity .

      Yes we know ” Catalonia is not ( technically ) a nation ”

      Try telling the Catalans that !

    220. Robert Hughes says:


      Indeed . Great to see Wales reigniting it’s identity , though I fear they have an even tougher task that ourselves owing to the large % of it’s inhabitants that identifies itself as English and have no interest , rather , is totally hostile to , Welsh Independence .

      Scotland seems to be following the same pattern demographically , making our cause more difficult year-on-year . At least Wales has Independence leaders who are willing to assert their ambition , whereas we’re stuck with hopeless appeasers who appear to care more about their careers and the interests of minority groups

    221. Republicofscotland says:

      “Scotland seems to be following the same pattern demographically , making our cause more difficult year-on-year ”

      And on the Robert Iain has an excellent and informative post up. It looks like genocide was committed on our ancestors.

    222. Republicofscotland says:

      SNP Treasurer still refuses to say where the “ringfenced” £600K is at, not only that he says that a fund raising drive will be needed by the SNP to raise cash for this years council elections.

      Surely no ones daft enough to give this lot anymore cash.

      “Despite this, the SNP has said the next fundraising effort they conduct will be to put towards the local elections in May, and not another referendum.”

    223. Robert graham says:

      As the UK Government are expected to remove most if not all Plague restrictions by the end of this month and the CDC in the USA have dropped their reliance on data gathered by PCR tests that have proven to be unreliable, I expect a announcement from she who must be obeyed the withdrawal of the emergency powers acquired based on unreliable testing data.

      Aye pigs will fly she will cling on to the power she and her government have granted themselves she will be hoping and praying some fkr releases yet another deadly variant

      I wonder what little surprise the panic merchants have up their sleeves to terrify the public because they know how easy it is to scare the shit out of them just look around people scared of their own shadow all avoiding any contact with other people.

      Aye this is not living it’s existing and waiting to be told when to piss Happy fkn days eh .

    224. Robert Hughes says:

      RoS .

      Just finished reading that article on YFS . Outstanding . All the more frustrating that such works and the history they contain is never taught , and never has been taught , in our schools .

      Another subject that is no doubt considered * not valid * by the geniuses in Holyweird

    225. Republicofscotland says:

      I eventually lost the rag with Sellout TV aka STV and emailed them about no Scottish content, the reply I got was short.

      “Thank you for your email, we are sorry to hear you feel this way.

      Please be advised STV is part of the UK Channel 3 network with commissioning and scheduling decisions being made by ITV on behalf of the network as a whole.”

      There you have it there’s no such thing as STV that produces Scottish content.

    226. Hugh Jarse says:

      Re Welsh vigour for independence.

      This is known as Sturgeons law.
      Inversely proportional to the proximity of a real chance at independence.
      The closer it is, the quieter they become.

    227. Republicofscotland says:

      This along with the Scottish Information Commissioners report, from my 6.31pm comment last night shows that Sturgeon ignored and covered up vital information on Covid.

      “One of Nicola Sturgeon’s most senior Covid-19 advisers will claim in an explosive new book that his warnings on care homes and against harsh lockdowns were disregarded.

      “Mark Woolhouse alleges he wrote to former chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood in January 2020 and urged her to begin emergency planning for a pandemic – but was ignored.”

    228. Chas says:


      I wrote to the BBC a few months ago with similar concerns. I eventually got a patronising response which basically said fuck off, we are right, you are not!

    229. Republicofscotland says:


      I’m hoping the BBC becomes pay per view, this looks promising but you never know. Anyway only independence will allow Scottish content on Scottish channels, I hope.

    230. Republicofscotland says:

      Two MPs to speak at Saturdays AUOB march in Glasgow.

      “Stephen Flynn, the SNP member for Aberdeen South will take part along with Neale Hanvey, the Alba MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.”

      “They are the first of six anticipated speakers at the event, which is being held in response to the current crisis under three slogans “Sack Boris Johnson, End Tory rule, Independence now”.”

      Sadly Flynn still believes they’ll be an indyref in 2023.

    231. Effigy says:

      Glen Campbell, Senior unionist and propaganda manipulator at BBC
      claims DRoss is a hero for stating the blooming obvious that Boris
      isn’t fit to lead anything.

      Funny how he was happy to get behind the clown when he was only a lying.
      Scot hating, racist bullying sex pest.

      What a difference a party has made to the London Tory’s party in Scotland.

    232. shug says:

      So when Nicola fails to call indyref 2 how we exit her.

    233. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi shug.

      I think we all have to attend as many AUOB marches this year as possible – my first will be Arbroath on 2nd April. There are others local to all parts of Scotland so we have to get out on the streets.

      We have to get out on the streets in support of ALBA. We have to let the “(wo)man in the street” know what the SNP have planned for our society and how ALBA are fighting back.

      The council elections in May will be crucial. We have to see ALBA making inroads but it can only be done with ‘feet on the street’ spreading the word.

    234. Jack Murphy says:

      Republicofscotland said yesterday at 11:15 am:
      “Robert Hughes @10.08am.

      There have been many dissidents over time who speak out or paint something or build something that pushes back on oppression or colonilaism.

      One that springs to mind because I like the piece, is Sibelius’s Finlandia, which is a patriotic Finnish piece that at the time had to be renamed to stop further Russian censorship in Finland.

      Its a stirring piece of music…”

      It is most certainly a stirring piece of music composed by Sibelius. I recommend this 9 minute piece with wonderful shots of the independent Finland countryside
      Highly recommended viewing.


    235. robbo says:

      In the Herald apparently.

      BORIS Johnson’s former top adviser has claimed that senior SNP figures have “made quietly clear” to the UK Government that they would be happy if a referendum on independence didn’t take place before 2024.

      Dominic Cummings, who quit as the Prime Minister’s top adviser last year, has suggested Nicola Sturgeon “just wants to be boss up there and whinge” instead of being serious about holding a re-run of the 2014 vote on independence.

    236. Republicofscotland says:

      As Thatcher stole part of Scotland’s family silverware with regards to North sea assets, so Sturgeon has followed in her footsteps by selling off the rest of Scotland’s family silver.

      Sturgeon has sold off huge swathes of our seabed via the Crown Estate Scotland to developers for windfarms, getting a one of lump sum instead of having annual payments, she has sold off our assets for a pittance.

      Not only that there’s no companies in Scotland (BiFAB) that can build the wind turbines, so those jobs will go abroad, also a third of Scots are in fuel poverty right now, with many more expected to join them come April when fuel costs are set to hit an unprecedented high, as Sturgeon sells of our assets at a bargain price, Scots have to choose between heating and eating because they can’t afford to do both.

      Sturgeon doesn’t care about Scots that is patently obvious, we must remove her at the polls before she does anymore damage start in May by voting for the Alba party at the council elections.

      What passes for a “Scottish media” including Sturgeons fanzine the National newspaper are hailing it as great news.

    237. Republicofscotland says:

      This article by Dougie Chapman ( I’m surprised myself) is a belter and I hadn’t realised just how far Scotland has fallen behind the Republic of Ireland.

      Excerpts for the lazy- it makes for grime reading for Scotland.

      “The Irish have seen a boom not just in their cross-border trade with Northern Ireland but also a huge boost in direct sailings from Irish ports to continental Europe, bypassing the old UK land bridge routes to avoid onerous Brexit red tape.

      The port of Rosslare in County Wexford has seen a 378% increase in the volume of freight to and from Europe, with a total of 44 direct routes now operating to the continent from ports in Ireland, up from 12 pre-Brexit.”

      “Historic Tory privatisation of our ports and the lack of any meaningful regulation and port expansion as a result has scuppered our chances of building our maritime capacity. Unlike the Republic of Ireland, we don’t have any state involvement in our strategic ports; they are all run independently of government whether they are trust ports, privatised or local authority.”

      “Scotland currently has no ambitious, over-arching state-driven maritime strategy like we see in Ireland or indeed with our Nordic neighbours. And, unlike our Irish cousins, we have not taken action on creating direct routes to the continent, as lorries trundle from Scotland down to the south of England to wait their turn in the expanding log jam at ports along the English Channel.”

    238. twathater says:

      It is all very well for the Chapman’s to come out shouting after the event, where is the likes of Chapman exposing the lies and corruption of sturgeon and her woke warriors

      Chapman was on Roddy’s prism and he was all gung ho about ports , shipping and ferries , are these troughers now starting to brick themselves that their jaikets are on a shaky nail or that the electorate are becoming more aware of the nsnp’s total ineptitude when it comes to governing Scotland
      Chapman , Russell and company have been at the trough now for decades WTF have they done to make Scotland better for Scots , ANSWER= NOTHING ,NADA,ZILCH, Now the likes of Chapman INSULTS US by pointing out the fucking obvious , his compatriots are more interested in talking about another round of BEGGING the electorate for funds to fight the local elections and the usual DAFTIES will probably cough up

      PayPal Paul might need tae eat breid for a while while the DAFTIES contribute to niclas fantasy indy fund for a fantasy indy ref , BUT don’t worry dafties the money will be ring fenced to pay for my new CV

    239. Republicofscotland says:

      Robin McAlpine points out in detail how the Scottish government has sold out Scots and Scotland with todays fire sale of our coastline for a pittance. The SNP under Sturgeon are doing untold damage to Scotland.

    240. Dan says:

      @ Ros at 8.18pm

      You’ll know I have regularly posted links to the energy dashboards which highlight both GB Grid demand and methods of generation / supply, and also Scotland’s energy generation which more often than not is exporting power down south.

      It’s absolute bullshit the way this is being handled. Who the hell are their advisors, and just who’s interests are they serving, coz it certainly ain’t in the best interests of the vast majority of Scotland’s population, both present and future.
      Mind you, this is all happening under the watch of the same twats that can’t even procure a couple of ferries… so the sooner people wake up to all this the better.

    241. Robert graham says:

      I assume all these details about the sale of the century will be reported in the SNPs paper of choice The Daily Record.

      If ever there was a need to undertake a search of every SNP Government ministers financial affairs it’s now ,every last place where money can be hidden , this is not fiscal negligence it’s probably criminal theft .

      Then again these crooks have had plenty practice I mean making £600.000 disappear and getting away with it by telling unbelievable fkn lies .

      Oh what exactly happened with the thorough police investigation ? , Aye fk all just like the money wasted by attempting to Jail Alex Salmond has that been recovered ? Has anyone been sacked or forced to resign,

      The buck stops at Sturgeons door what’s the chances of her going to prison yep no fkn chance and don’t mention the ferries anyone seen one never mind two , just how fkn useless can this lot be

    242. robertknight says:


      “Dominic Cummings, who quit as the Prime Minister’s top adviser last year, has suggested Nicola Sturgeon “just wants to be boss up there and whinge” instead of being serious about holding a re-run of the 2014 vote on independence.”

      Aye… ‘No Shit Sherlock’, as the saying goes.

      Nice of the MSM to finally admit what they, and visitors to this site, have known all along…

      Sturgeon is soft on Independence.

      Why? Because the SNP Turkey(s) would be voting for Christmas in the event that it happened…

      No room for the SNP in a three-party political landscape that would undoubtedly exist in an Independent Scotland, and certainly no money with which to run their Woke obsessed operation. Plus, in the absence of any upper chamber, the unedifying prospect of SNP MSPs and MPs at each others throats over the limited number of seats for their bums to warm at Holyrood.

      “Stronger for Scotland”? Aye, right!

    243. robbo says:

      The jackpot – ffs.

      William Wallace: Yes!, Fight and you may die. Run and you will live at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here as young men and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!

      Seems Robertson wasn’t listening when he sold our soul again for peanuts.
      Only 49% of this resource should have been available- 51% should have been kept by a Scottish Government holding for our country!

    244. North chiel says:

      Interesting “ debate” on Good morning Britain this morning regarding the BBC licence fee . Chap in favour of retaining the fee maintained that he was against “ all nationalism” ( Scottish, Welsh & English ) , and BBC was a force for the Union & holding “ our country” together . As I recall , certainly we saw the BBC “ at work” during the 2014 referendum campaign with the most blatant biased Propaganda campaign against Independence & Scottish sovereignty.
      This guy has the gall to say that the BBC news output was “ honest” reporting of news output . The truth being that the BBC is the “ propaganda arm” of the “ British establishment “ ie “ The “ BRITISH “ state broadcaster together with their colonial outposts in Scotland Wales & Northern Ireland , with their “ bought & sold “ house jock” reporters / broadcasters .

    245. robertknight says:

      BBC…BritNat Brainwashing Channel

    246. Republicofscotland says:

      Dan @9.04pm.


      The Britnat media in Scotland are hailing this deal as wonderful, adding that Scotland will now produce at least five times the energy that it needs, meanwhile Scots sit freezing in their homes which they cannot afford to heat as the profits from the energy that’s produced in Scotland heads abroad and down South.

      The Britnat media also says that this will create a boom in Scottish jobs, but part of the giveaway I meant deal, was that construction of the wind turbines etc, is that they won’t be built in Scotland, its in McAlpine’s article.

    247. Republicofscotland says:

      The Tories Voter ID bill heads to the House of Lords today to be scrutinised before becoming law.

      In essence the its all about following America in an attempt to disenfranchise millions from voting, mainly those who would vote other than Tory. Only four people were convicted of voter ID fraud in 2019, the last GE.

      Combine this with the Tories exerting more power over the Electoral Commission, and huge swathes of the UK populous could find themselves marginalised, Scottish independence minded parties will probably also suffer at the hands of EC with more Tory input on the cards.

    248. Dorothy Devine says:

      Watched London Calling again- for those who haven’t seen it nip over to Grousebeater nd fill your boots , my blood is boiling once more.

    249. Dan says:

      @ Ros at 9.13am

      Aye, The matter of supposed local jobs creation has been mentioned before.

    250. Republicofscotland says:


      Yes good previous comment, on the carbon capture in Aberdeen, it now turns out that the Scottish government wants to give £80 million of our cash as a sweetener to the UK government to reconsider using Aberdeen’s facilities, even though Westminster has already slapped them down and told them that English plants will be used and that Aberdeen will be in the second phase.

    251. Robert graham says:

      The Front page of the SNP fanzine The National.

      We are in the money wind bonanza for all Scots

      Just don’t look at the small print to closely or investigate exactly who benefits, yep princess Nicola really believes all Jocks are mugs.

      Police Scotland deny any investigation is taking place regarding the rumour that a french spy has been operating at the centre of the Scottish government at the highest level , the FM has declined to comment about her good friend who just happens to be the french consulate

    252. Benhope says:

      The price of Brent crude oil is now approaching $88 a barrel. This is the highest price since 2014 and is likely to push the pump prices even higher. The oil producers and the money men will be rubbing their hands as they make massive profits.

      Should wee Scotland where all the oil is coming from ask for a few more bawbees in our pocket money?

    253. twathater says:

      Re the givaway of Scotland’s energy , I saw the guy Anderson CEO from Scottish Power (Ibedrola) being interviewed on TV he was so enthused at the SG givaway , this is a guy and a company that I had a dispute with for 2 years who hadn’t even the decency or morality to respond to numerous telephone calls or emails , this is a guy who enriches himself and his paymasters whilst families with children in Scotland attending food banks (which is outrageous itself) are requesting items that don’t have to be cooked because they can’t afford to heat them and heat their homes

      This is Sturgeon’s Scotland a resource rich country that allows Scottish children and pensioners to suffer whilst our expansive indolent political arseholes enrich themselves and gorge on the benefits

      Roll on the revolution

    254. Dan says:

      Same as it ever was…
      In the 1930s… Scots head south to try to find employment in steel works.
      Big Country – Steeltown (Rev gets a name check! 😉 )

      Almost a hundred years later… Scots head south to try to re-find their job in a “Scottish” & Southern call centre…

    255. Republicofscotland says:

      Dan @5.44pm.

      Thanks for the link Dan, McAlpine points out that an FM who was serious about Scottish independence wouldn’t have given away that very valuable asset yesterday for a one-off pittance payment. I would have been retained grown and used to better the country for our people.

    256. Jontoscots21 says:

      Don’t know who saw the feature on STV Shortbread about the rape crisis in Scotland’s universities.? It centred on the worst offending campus Edinburgh. Simple Sandy Brindley was featured exhaling some air and some words with a pained expression. Now to talk to some students cue unhinged English (or Anglified) trans woman as the first vox pop and a couple of gen whiner blokes. None of them had any genuine anger or concern, they were just cued up to be mildly annoyed. Maybe the majority of the parents would be if they knew who heads up Rape Complacency Centre Edinburgh. That’s the Scotland Sturgeon and her enablers are building.

    257. Dan says:

      Fair Play For Women granted permission by Scottish Courts for Judicial Review of the Scottish Census.”

    258. Robert graham says:

      Just how many people are aware of what Sturgeons government are getting up to and how much of our money they are squandering in their pursuit of a frankly weird attempt to change nature and turn it on its head ,

      The mental trans mob have been posting images of JKs house in Edinburgh and out trusted cops are doing ? , fk all that’s what they are doing

      How much longer is Sturgeon going to cling on to get yer Jab mantra when the Scottish figures for infections of the plague are showing 1-2-3 injected recipients are the source of transmission and this is the exact opposite of what this lying fkr is saying

    259. Dan says:

      Can anyone recall the inclusion of “We will sell off Scotland’s renewable energy potential on the cheap” in the SNP or Green’s manifesto commitments?
      Asking for a nation so bound by mandates…

    260. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Dan 8:48pm
      Saying it is selling on the cheap is a gross underestimate. No golden share, no supply chain manufacturing guarantees, no indigenous support for local business. An SNP fuck up. We will hold them to account eventually. It’s only when we depart from the SNP as the party of Independence will we make progress.

    261. Dan says:

      @ Tannadice Boy

      Indeed, but how could too wee, too poor, too stupid, once renowned shipbuilding country Scotland ever manage to weld bits of steel together to make wind turbines.
      Manufacturing of that sort is just an impossibility within Scotland…
      Oh, but what’s this… We do actually have workers with the practical abilities to carry out such engineering endeavors, as can be seen by this stylish Missile Tube Array being built at Rosyth.
      Strange thing is my mate who was repairing the damaged in ocean transit Chinese wind turbine bases in Dundee, was also welding up some of those MTAs…

    262. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Dan 9:43pm
      Agreed it is incomprehensible to me. You forgot about the Chinese steel that built the Queensferry Crossing. Our youngsters can earn thousands on being an influencer on Tik Tok or Instagram. Why be a welder?. Actually good welders made a fortune consistently for many years. And still do but they are now in every other country except Scotland. The SNP don’t do industry in fact they only do gender shite.

    263. Cenchos says:

      The SNP don’t ‘do’ work as there is no working class in their world. Only themselves, their betters in Westminster, and the peasantry.

    264. robertknight says:

      @Robert Graham

      “Police Scotland deny any investigation is taking place regarding the rumour that a french spy has been operating at the centre of the Scottish government at the highest level , the FM has declined to comment about her good friend who just happens to be the french consulate”


    265. Dorothy Devine says:

      robbo , what a fabulous , articulate wee soul – loved her and her logic.

    266. Republicofscotland says:

      As Scotland’s energy is set to be pillaged by a plethora of foreign countries, sold by Sturgeon for a pittance. The London ran OFGEM has gotten into the act by launching a tender process to own and operate connection links for Scotland’s largest offshore windfarm, called Seagreen Phase one-its situated off the coast of Angus.

      Between Westminster and Sturgeon, one stealing the other one giving away our assets, is there anything left in Scotland that’s still to be stolen by England or given away by Sturgeon?

    267. Republicofscotland says:

      An excellent article over on YFS, which highlights that the SNP don’t want independence. We must hit them where it hurts at the polls and in the pocket no donations of any kind to the SNP.

    268. Republicofscotland says:

      Glasgow City Council, and the Scottish government claiming that Scotland and Glasgow has the lowest amount of rough sleepers in Europe.

      Homeless charities in the city hit back claiming that their claim is utter nonsense as they aid dozens of rough sleepers and homeless folk every week.

      I know who I believe.

    269. Effigy says:

      I can recall a claim that the specialist type of steel required for the Bridge wasn’t in production here so China were the cheapest option for supply?

      Listening to LBC radio and astonished at the number of callers who still love Boris?
      I’m sure the vast majority know the true fabric of this lying corrupt freak and realise finally that no matter which party Scotland voted for we always get the Tories ruling over us as per the English vote.

      There is only one way out and that is independence and then a clear out of the Holyrood miscreants.

      PS Tory on now demanding that Ukraine is a sovereign nation that must not be taken over by
      a neighbouring force.

      Just what Scotland thinks on a more local basis!

    270. Robert Graham says:

      Robert knight @ 8:19

      source ?

      Ha Ha it was a joke , yeh just like the plague a fkn joke

    271. Robert Graham says:

      masks for sale .masks for sale one carful owner can deliver

    272. robertknight says:

      #Robert Graham

      Bu66er! Had my hopes up…


    273. Republicofscotland says:

      So the Drugs Minister Angela Constance has appointed two more chief to oversee a plan to reduce drug deaths in Scotland which are three and half times higher than the rest of the UK, and are the highest in Europe.

      The last chief and deputy chief walked out after being frustrated at the lack of any movement on curbing the drug deaths by the Scottish government.

      The new appointees are Professor Fiona McQueen, and David Strang, the former a nursing officer, the later a prison inspector and former police officer.

      Lets see what happens, though I wouldn’t advise you told hold your breath on this one.

    274. Republicofscotland says:

      A change of leadership at the state owned Ferguson Marine shipyard, everything Sturgeon touches turns to dust.

      “Current chairman Alistair Mackenzie and board member John Hudson are both stepping down from their roles at Ferguson Marine (Port Glasgow) ”

      Turnaround director Tim Hair, left last year and he was on a whopping £790,000 a year paid for by the Scottish taxpayer, the ferries will be years late, and the Scottish government under Sturgeon has lost £45 million quid in loans.

    275. Alf Baird says:

      Republicofscotland @ 4:42 pm

      “I wouldn’t advise you told hold your breath on this one.”

      Correct RoS, SG trying to deal with the symptoms, not the cause – which is a people suffering from cultural dislocation due to colonialism.

      Rather like SG trying to repair the educational attainment gap for an entire people whilst continuing to deprive them of learning their own native (i.e. Scots) mother tongue language.

    276. Derek says:

      “A change of leadership at the state owned Ferguson Marine shipyard”

      Is the problem not more to do with the unneccesary intermediary and its diktats?

    277. Alf Baird says:

      Republicofscotland / Derek @ 10:21 pm

      “A change of leadership at the state owned Ferguson Marine shipyard”

      Here’s the shipyard leadership we should have had, and still could have.

    278. Republicofscotland says:

      Yes Alf I read that excellent article when it was posted, the guy (Stuart)even offered to give his services for free I think, but Sturgeon, being such an egotistical sociopath, would rather see the turmoil continue, than admit its not working and change course.

      Meanwhile the House of Lords is to gain more say over Scotland, The House of Lords Constitutional Committee, are to delve into devolved matters in an attempt to strengthen the union.

      Naturally the SNP and Greens have expressed their pretendy fury over this as they did over Brexit and the stealing of laws from Scotland coming back from the EU after Brexit. both the SNP and the Greens are good at feigning outrage.

    279. Republicofscotland says:

      Looks like this wee Welsh council has something that the entire group of SNP MSPs haven’t a backbone.

    280. Dan says:

      Glad Craig has the time to write this sort of stuff. I don’t, but hopefully he’ll be pleased to know that is because I am working on bringing one of Scotland’s old poorly insulated properties up to a reasonably efficient level, albeit whilst trying to do so within restrictive limitations of listed building and conservation area constraints…

    281. Ebok says:

      Wings down to a handful of comments each day. This time last year there were more than 500 daily.
      Heads are dropping, confidence is at an all-time low. Things have got so bad in New Scotland that even the Russians can’t be bothered interfering.

      As lies, misinformation, half-truths, and distortion are taken to the nth degree at both HR and WM, and MSM indoctrination obliterating the truth, our current leaders seem like docile, inert shadows of former trailblazers of the independence crusade.

      Without leaders, we are nothing. But when MSM fail to report, when opposition MSPs fail to scrutinise, when the party in power has no members willing to question, when there is no mechanism for challenging disreputable politicians, when public dissatisfaction has no means of expression, what then?

      Isn’t there anyone out there with enough influence and allure to bring our dormant energy and capability to the fore and reignite our hopes?
      Ideas anyone?

    282. Effijy says:

      Robert Peston suggesting Sue Gray has a copy of
      an E-mail to Boris warning against the party?

      Of course MI6 will prove a bad Russian did it while
      Boris was vaccinating orphans somewhere else.

    283. Effigy says:

      Robert Peston suggesting Sue Gray has a copy of
      an E-mail to Boris warning against the party?

      Of course MI6 will prove a bad Russian did it while
      Boris was vaccinating orphans somewhere else.

    284. Dan says:

      @ Ebok

      The long term established political parties appear to be totally screwed now due to the type of folk who joined them to use them as a means of rising to positions of power and influence.
      As I write this the Tories are currently tearing themselves to shreds. But hey, you have to hand it to them, at least some have the fortitude to step up and call stuff out within their Party, unlike pretty much the entire current crop of cowed SNP politicians.

      Mind there was talk last year that some SNP elected officials might defect to Alba. Yet even with the recent renewable sell off by our Scottish Government Administrators of Devolved Powers, they still sit in the SNP in silence. Utterly despicable charlatans, “Stronger For Scotland” was the slogan. What’s stronger about meekly allowing Scotland to be shafted.

      The only way I see forward now is for decent folk to step up rather than shy away and give up. I couldn’t envisage a better time for decent local candidates that genuinely represent their communities to stand as Independents. Honestly, how could any reasonable individual stand for local election for any of the political parties after what we have recently witnessed from them.

    285. DJ says:


      Don’t look for anybody to step up. It is in our hands. Just march, march, march and march until the powers that be realise you are not going away, and then march some more. It`s our only weapon, but a powerful one.

    286. Sarah says:

      @ Dan: totally agree. We are let down by all the SNP MSPs on independence.

      I wonder how long Kate Forbes will last now that she has spoken to Holyrood magazine about the GRA “debate” [i.e. no debate because a fleet of buses drive over anyone who defends women].

      Small piece of GOOD news today – Craig Murray is allowed to appeal in the Scottish courts against his contempt conviction. The Crown’s argument that the Scottish courts have no right to consider the human rights angle has been rejected by Scottish law lords. Of course the Scottish law lords will defend their position as independent from England. Will they find for Craig on 23rd February though?

    287. Republicofscotland says:

      Pete “The Prick” Wishart doesn’t want recognise this route out of this stinking union.

    288. robertknight says:


      Cozy feet Weak Pishart doesn’t want to have to pack his bags then drag his sorry arse up the Great North Road, away from the bright lights, baubles and hullabaloo of the Westminster trough, just to sign on the Buroo in Perth as an unemployed musician.

      Oh, and did I mention the other 44 troughers of that ilk?

      “We were bought and sold”…etc.

    289. Ebok says:

      Thanks Dan, PJ, Sarah.

      ‘I couldn’t envisage a better time for decent local candidates that genuinely represent their communities to stand as Independents’

      Totally agree Dan. Party politics is the problem, not the solution.
      This time last year I was hoping that a group of prominent individuals would emerge and do just as you have suggested and announce that they were going to campaign as independent politicians, and not become attached to any group. Instead, Alba was formed.
      Independents do well in local elections, but not in nationals because sadly, few care about local stuff and it has no impact at national level, while power players will throw bucketloads of cash at parties in national elections, squeezing the independents. The status quo must be maintained at all costs.

      If that were to change, independent politicians would be working and accountable to their constituents and country only, as they should be anyway, and NEVER be bound by a party doctrine. But that’s not how the system works. Those who pay the piper call the tune.
      A majority of independent MSPs at HR would have set us free of WM chains long ago, and though this may be pie-in-the-sky for now, as the country inexorably sinks deeper into the cesspit, there may come a point when voters realise that no party is worthy of support.

      Is there a huge political upheaval on the horizon, on just wishful thinking on my part?

    290. Dan says:

      @ Ebok

      Well something has to change or we’ll jist be stuck with ongoing fustian utterances from the likes of Bah Bah Blowhard and the cozy footed Baffyman.

    291. Sarah says:

      25th January – musical demo mid-day at Scottish Office, Edinburgh [QE House, off New St, next to Waverley Station] by “Singing for an Independent Scotland”. See their Facebook.

      Apparently some folk from Dundee and Angus will be joining Frances McKie to sing [and film] “Parcel o’ rogues” and other suitable pieces.

      Nice idea. Perhaps they might wander along to Bute House afterwards?

    292. Dan says:


      Who can recall when we enthusiastically travelled the length and breadth of Scotland to attend all those AUOB marches and chanted:

      What do we want?
      “A pardon for those historically convicted of withcraft!

      Nope, me neither…

    293. Dan says:

      Arse! I see a pesky modern day witch cast a spell to remove a c from my spelling of witchcraft to make me look a fool. 🙁

    294. Sarah says:

      Never you mind, Dan. All we Wingers are fools, apparently. I’d rather be a mad independista than a Sturgeonite.

    295. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      For someone, who is an elected MP for a party, whose primary motive, according to the party’s constitution, is independence for Scotland, to display such ignorance of international constitutional affairs – he should have a right ‘ridder’ at the moment.

      What a pile of guff he spouted at Dan’s link. And HOW DARE HE claim to speak for “the people of Scotland”.

      Bring on the plebiscite election! I think it’s what “the people of Scotland” need to clear the so-called constitutional logjam.

    296. Dorothy Devine says:

      Sarah , ditto!

    297. Sarah says:

      @ Dorothy Devine 🙂 🙂

      Wingers, what about a batch of letters to the National asking them to print the truth about it being solely in the FM’s hands and therefore her fault that we haven’t had another vote on independence in the last 7 years?

    298. Fionan says:

      Sarah says:
      20 January, 2022 at 8:36 pm
      @ Dorothy Devine ? ?

      “Wingers, what about a batch of letters to the National”

      a good idea but I suspect the National would encourage a right pile-on in the btl comments and would use the most lively letters as clickbait on social media and bin the rest. I remember when the controversy was raging about Trumps planning permission to destroy the dunes at Menie, there were huge batches of angry anti-trump letters to pnj, but they only printed the very few in favour of Trump (mainly local non-scot-owned hospitality businesses who stupidly thought they’d get lots of extra business) and they binned all the anti-trump development letters. I was told this by one of the reporters at the time. I would expect most of the unionist press would take the same tack, National included.

    299. BBC News (probably:)

      `Scotland`s Andy Murray is out the Aus Open`
      `Canada`s Emma Raducanu has also been beat`

    300. Sarah says:

      @ Fionan: that’s the trouble with the papers. They only print what their owners approve, not proper journalism.

    301. Robert Hughes says:

      ” going down this route would end any hope of ever winning ” . My knighthood

      Reading one more babbling idiocy from Sir Pete would end all will to live .

      On the plus side : Scotland is leading the way in posthumous witch pardoning . On it like a necromancer’s bonnet

      Maybe we should call-in an exorcist to expel the demons that have possessed the former Party of Independence

    302. robbo says:

      After Nicola Sturgeon walked back her 2017 pledge to establish a Scottish public energy company, Scotland’s offshore wind resources, a quarter of Europe’s, have, like our oil and gas resources, ended up in private hands. Not a single company is Scottish owned and many are foreign.

      There you have it .

      Sold out for £60 million. Same as ever. Parcel of rogues would have been proud of the current mob in Edinburgh.

    303. auld highlander says:

      Yesterday the heavy load carrier Xiang Yun Kou anchored at Nigg carrying another five wind turbine towers after a voyage of 12 days, 14 hours originating from port LAS PALMAS, ES.

      How many men could have been kept in work in Scotland with the construction of that little lot.

    304. Republicofscotland says:

      “NICOLA Sturgeon has said she is “shocked” by claims UK Government whips attempted to “blackmail” Tory MPs to save Boris Johnson’s job.”

      “The First Minister, speaking ahead of FMQs in Holyrood, said that the allegations were “gravely serious”, particularly as government officials appeared to be using public funds, and that there should be an independent investigation.”

      This is just breathtaking from Sturgeon after what her party did with regards to the inquiry last year, the SNP even sealed a deal with the Greens that made Swinney untouchable in his second VONC with regards to his role in the inquiry.

      Sturgeon is calling for an investigation into the blackmail to save Johnson from losing his job, Sturgeon added,

      “These are gravely serious allegations – intimidation, bullying, blackmail – and using public money to do it is the allegation,”

      Wring any bells back for you, it does for me, of course we all know Westminster is corrupt to its core Sturgeons know this as well, instead of finger pointing at Westminster it would fit Sturgeon better to start dealing with the problems we have here in Scotland including exiting this stinking union.

      But no she prefers head turning and finger pointing as Scotland’s problems within this union just grow and grow, we must vote Alba and get her out, and try and compel her to hold a plebiscitary election using the next GE.

    305. Republicofscotland says:

      Re the above article in my comment.

      Sturgeon said on Twitter according to the media. (its in the article).

      That the allegations showed the “moral decay” of Johnson’s government.

      I’m utterly speechless.

    306. James Che. says:


      I notice a lot of the original commentators no longer here,
      But when they were persistently abused with what was very close to racist and hate crime by the trolls and ogres by those pretending to be on the same side for independence for Scotland. Attacked the independence supporters.

      It’s just wiser to go to other sites or behind closed doors,

      And this long term is perhaps better, for those trolls no longer know what we plan or think.

      It is not strange that the major trolls for the last year or two on here are also disappearing as they think their job done.


      Let me reassure those trolls that behind the scenes, the old low standards of criminals within politics is changing, and it is not scotland they need to fear.

      One by one, old politicians are are being exposed failing and falling.
      From high political men to royalty. From scientists to local doctors.
      From bj to NS.
      Some rats are leaving the ship. But to late,

      No it is not scotland they should be worrying about,
      There is more to come.
      Slowly slowly, catch a monkey.

    307. James Che. says:

      Auld highlander.

      And of corse The turbine transportation across so many miles was not anywhere near green.
      Using so much fossil fuels.

    308. James Che. says:

      Just as we are finding out that unlicensed injections that were trialed on the public as a experiment and were all ready in the making before we even had the virus,

      It may be found that other departments pushing climate change may have mislead the public on real statistics too.

      Perhaps the first thing to be banned by way of vehicles affecting climate change.
      Should be the spray coming out of vehicles in the sky.

      Although I believe this is late in the day for my suggestion.
      As the preliminary investigations have already begun.

    309. James Che. says:

      See they are aiming at mr Gove for investigations.
      I have a feeling he may have to duck and dive a bit as old subjects of what he has been up to arise.

      Anyone heard how Hatuey and Andy are? Not seen them commenting for awhile
      Hope you are well, an haven’t got this virus.
      Take care of yourself s Hatuey and Andy, hope all is well.

    310. gregor says:

      Apologies for deviating off-topic.

      If the public are seeking something new, check out the latest Editorial from BMJ:

    311. Dorothy Devine says:

      James Che , you are far too good and kind a soul – personally , I was enjoying their absence.

      The wind turbines tale is a sorry tale indeed.

    312. North chiel says:

      “Robbo “says at 0616 pm “ . Yes Robbo “ bought & sold for peanuts “ The people of Scotland’s natural resources plundered as usual by the foreign owned multinationals and the London treasury . What’s new. At least with oil&gas there was some benefit as regards employment & supply chain , however with renewables , it is beginning to look like this will be minimal . Of course the usual claptrap emanating from both the UK & Scottish government about “ inward ( foreign) investment “ is ALWAYS about the JOBS to be created when the REAL MONEY is in PROFITS to these multinationals & the London treasury. ( The jobs being just another expense on the trading account of these “ money grabbers” behind these corporations and London treasury). All of these large corporations operating in Scotland usually have their administration outwith Scotland ( usually London) , which denies Scotland these admin jobs and the operating profits from Scotland then are syphoned off to pay for the HQ admin jobs in London & elsewhere . ( incidentally at a much higher cost than if based locally due to higher office , staffing & other overhead costs in London & other HQ venues outwith Scotland). This is a deliberate strategy, as the objective of this is to make the “ Scottish operation “ look” less profitable than it really is and of course to use the “Scottish operating profit” to create more admin jobs outwith Scotland .
      Ovo Energy in Perth is the latest example of Admin jobs being “ hived off “ probably down to England.
      This has been going on for decades and will continue until we ever achieve independence and compel these corporations to have registered companies operating in our country with admin as well as operations completely based here with all taxes going to our Scottish treasury . As and until then , the usual carrot of “ jobs” will be dangled to the locals , with the REAL profits and spending power of higher paid admin jobs “ transferred” outwith our country ( usually “ doun souf “ ). We are taken for mugs & have been since 1707

    313. James Che. says:


      No need to apologise it is Not so much off topic, as this all has to do with leaders, MPs, doctors going awol and leaving other patients to suffer, scientists, hospitals, statistics, mandates, unlicensed drugs and whom they trialed these drugs on?
      Was it a global experiment on us?

      More and more people and academics are asking for the background and origins of the virus, and how the people of all nations have been locked up/down and restricted of their liberties while the elites around the globe partied, went to gyms, hairdressers and took flights and holidays abroad.

      They blamed China, this might be true in a around about way,
      Depends who funded the research,

      But so far non of the worlds leaders all avoided getting to the bottom of what might be construed as biological warfare on all populations around the world until recently.

      This is now set in motion and happening.

    314. James Che. says:

      I have heard rumbles that trials will be held something akin to the Nuremberg trials.

    315. James Che. says:

      Dorothy Devine.
      Maybe, or maybe I have heard nothing is what it first appears.

      Wonder how the wriggle room is for Gove.

    316. James Che. says:

      Dorothy Devine

      Wonder whom gave the authority to spy on the other half of the treaty of the union, and authoritised a unit to do so,

      One wonders if that authoriseation would cause the Treaty to have been breached, due to the parliament of GB acting solely as a English Parliament?

    317. Robert graham says:

      The older I get the more I realise everything I thought I knew is totally manufactured rubbish Governments and the media have managed to fool the public about a la la Land that doesn’t exist ,it’s all a fkn illusion Holyrood is one example it’s a joke Parliament on a tight leash , no real power just the illusion to keep the natives quiet, it makes them easier to control that way.

      The signed up fools who finance Wee PayPal dug are totally immersed in the Lie of Indyref2 happening in their lifetime , Aye hopes a great thing eh .

      The worldwide farce that has gripped every country instigated by very few people in strategic positions in every government is now crumbling , normal people reduced to hysterical actions are there for everyone to see despite Nicola follow the ‘ science Sturgeon ‘ playing the same song over and over again the figures for Scotland don’t lie and the polar opposite from the crap she keeps saying , the best way to skip the long waiting lists is to get the Jab you are guaranteed a place.

      The party is over now it’s time to attempt to recover our money, by the looks of it it’s in the fkn Billions and every fkr involved needs to be tried and sentenced to a very very long time I only hope the people and there will be a lot the people who have been damaged by this Jab need immediate medical help because no one knows how much damage has been done.

    318. James Che. says:

      Robert Graham.

      Aye Robert it is beginning to look like the biggest crimes against humanity worldwide were endorsed by our political leaders all following and singing from the same hymn sheet.

      Very similar to the 40s.

    319. Republicofscotland says:

      “Why is a country so furious at its leader unable to take any action for years?”

      Says rejected SNP candidate and ex-editor of the National newspaper Richard Walker in an article in the paper today. Walker is of course speaking of Johnson, however the headline, could quite easily encapsulate Sturgeon, as more and more folk begin to realise that she’s sold Scotland out.

    320. Republicofscotland says:

      Some of the energy firms that Sturgeon sold off our coastlines to in a giant sellout of the people of Scotland, have terrible human rights records.

    321. Sarah says:

      Believe in Scotland poll: I answered it yesterday. Questions include whether I noticed splits in the Yes movement in 2021, and did it demoralise me.

      Also how I voted last time and what will I vote next. Alba, of course.

      And which are my favourite Facebook indy sites. Naturally I said Wings [I suppose I should have said “Over Scotland”].

      So Wingers, do the poll to give Believe in Scotland the full picture!

      O/T the latest Savanta poll on Holyrood voting intentions has Alba on 2% for the list vote, and Yes/No tied on 46% [50% excl Don’t knows]. Could be worse.

    322. Cherrybank says:

      Professor John Robertson attacks gutless MP Pete Wishart in his latest Talking up Scotland blog.

    323. gregor says:

      It’s becoming difficult to dispute that the world is being mass deceived by our overarching covid managers, messengers and vaccine producers.

      Public covid discussion/non-official covid narrative information is being systematically quashed on an industrial-scale, at a frantic rate.

      Identifying the most imperative covid factor (re. the actual virus pandemic origin) clearly isn’t a national/global priority.

      As far as I’m concerned, the massive ‘public Red-Alert’ is already here (not even mentioning the damning and implicating official covid data).

      It’s imperative humanity is duly informed (regardless of medical status, politics, factions & sides) so it can make the best decisions, free of coercion and subversion.

      In the mean time, we all suffer the unprecedented damage and dire consequences from such a deprived, systematically driven societal melt-down…

      Authentic Actors don’t treat humanity like human garbage while taking us all for fu**ing mugs.

      @James Che

      In terms of my personal pandemic origin views, on the evidence and information I’ve seen so far, I suspect a reckless and extremely dangerous joint ‘gain of function’ research scheme between US rogue deep-State/CCP (Fauci’s NIH $$$$/Wuhan Institute of Virology level-4 bio-lab) either went catastrophically wrong, or was maliciously engineered for universal public use.

    324. Tannadice Boy says:

      I have reflected on the sale of our natural resources for the less than the cost of the SNHS waiting list. 700 million versus 850 million. I have come to the conclusion it is a determined effort to make us rely on the Westminster teat. They sold off the future of our grandchildren. No cracking, piss poor renewable outcome. No dualling of the A9 or A96 surely the biggest bang for your buck. Instead a multi billion pound infrastructure project to a few thousand people. Reliance on Westminster is here for 50 years. That was the strategy and I accuse Nicola of not being capable of a strategy. I was wrong her strategy is now clear she is the biggest Unionist in the country even down to getting rid of Boris which I argued for him to remain. And that issue requires real strategic thinking. So Alf and Grousebeater were right Colonialism does exists but in Bute House and the SNP not amongst the populace. I am giving up! My priority is looking after my grandchildren and that is my colonial answer, getting away from these gender and industry destructive malevolents.

    325. Ebok says:

      Sarah says:
      21 January, 2022 at 3:15 pm
      ‘Alba on 2% for the list vote… Could be worse’

      Mm. I’m not so sure Sarah. I did wonder about Wishart’s gloating the other day.
      An increase of 0.4% in eight months is not encouraging. At this rate it would take seven and a half years to reach the 6% threshold to gain the slimmest foothold at HR. We are vegetating. But it’s not surprising with the bunker mentality being adopted by Alba.
      Unless we stop hiding from SNP, unless we stop nicey-nicey politics and get on the offensive, we will never make a breakthrough.

      gregor says:
      21 January, 2022 at 5:16 pm
      ‘It’s becoming difficult to dispute that the world is being mass deceived by our overarching covid managers, messengers and vaccine producers’

      You may have missed the link posted by BDTT
      17 January, 2022 at 12:50 am

      This is far wider ranging and long before the internet/social media era.
      After decades of denouncing conspiracy theorists as lunatics, more folks are beginning to wonder.

      They’re all at it. Fortunately, when it is no longer possible to distinguish between published ‘truth’ and propaganda, folk will start asking awkward questions.

      Thanks for the tutorial a few weeks back. If the above link works, great, if not, perhaps some more guidance?

    326. Robert Hughes says:

      ” But it’s not surprising with the bunker mentality being adopted by Alba.
      Unless we stop hiding from SNP, unless we stop nicey-nicey politics and get on the offensive, we will never make a breakthrough.

      I agree Ebok – or Ebook , as the indefatigable James Che referred to you upstream . Hope yr well James 🙂

      I’m reluctant to be too critical of what is after all a very new Party , the only one that offers any chance of fighting our corner , plus they/we face some serious obstacles.

      The prime one being penetrating the hypnosis the un-mesmerising dullards of NSNP have placed the Independence support under : a task made even more difficult by the collusive * Scottish * MSM effectively excluding the ALBA from exposure , unless to denigrate it .

      It’s also possible that ALBA’s * civilised * attitude to the SNP is in order to avoid an all-out conflagration breaking-out between the two : which would inevitably be leapt on by the Press as evidence of irreconcilable division .

      The thing is , as long as the Sturgeon-led SNP continue to behave as the thwarters rather than the agents of Independence there are and will be irreconcilable divisions . And the SNP doesn’t look like it’s going to change tack anytime soon . I doubt if it could even if it wanted to . ps it doesn’t.

      So , it may be worth taking the predictable * Indy Movement Civil War * headlines as a given and go for a more openly confrontational approach .

      Christ knows there is no lack of weak points in the SNP’s defences .

      We have nothing to lose , we’re going nowhere on the broken-down NSNP Donkey * Express *

    327. twathater says:

      @ ebok and Robert Hughes, I must admit I am frustrated at the softly softly approach by ALBA, the independence movement is being shat upon daily by the sycophants and apologists and that’s not even mentioning the heaped misery and financial pain being loaded on to normal punters by the gross incompetence and corruption of sturgeon and her morons

      ALBA have a golden chance to get to the top of the voters choice but they have to EXPOSE AND HIGHLIGHT the numerous FAILINGS that sturgeon has presided over , they must also vociferously expose sturgeon’s complete LACK of organising and educating people to the benefits of independence

    328. Tannadice Boy says:

      #Robert Hughes 8:25pm
      I take the Dan view in the forthcoming local elections I will vote for a competent local Independent candidate. Alba have no traction and as long as BBC Scotland will gave them no airtime its always going to be 2%. Your licence fee is supporting oor Nicola. As long as your happy with that.
      At least a local Council made up of Independent Councillors will stop the worse of the policies. The sexual survey of schoolbairns being an example. Alex Salmond was once the best European politician what happened to that faultless strategic mind?. Vote SNP 1 and 2 and get Greens.

    329. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ebok.

      Your link worked!

    330. Sarah says:

      Alba’s leaflets aren’t softly softly. If the 6000 members get them delivered – and some areas are doing so – then the word will start to spread about the differences between the two parties.

      Raising the profile is the only way to increase that 2% share. My comment was in the light of the lack of public exposure in the media, Alba haven’t lost ground.

    331. Robert Hughes says:

      Tannadice Boy .

      I get what yr saying but it’s the old conundrum eg the MSM will justify it’s blanking of ALBA on the basis that the Party has insufficient numbers to merit the kind of exposure given to the established ( Establishment ) Parties : but how can a Party grow without that exposure ?

      It was possible in the past obviously , but our cultures are so dominated by media – public and personal , it’s more difficult to get your message across without access to it . Ultimately , it comes down to money .

      Which is not say a genuine ground-up surge couldn’t happen .

      Just not sure what the catalyst could be : more pain maybe ?

      We won’t have long to wait , plenty heading this way

    332. robbo says:

      AS I said up thread and a last week. 51% should have been secured on any deal being done. Like fools they’ve gave away everything for a few bucks. The protentional is enormous and all we get is 60 million with no control. Fecking scandalous it is.

      Peter Jones and Debora Meadan and all those other parasites from Dragons Den would have been jumping at the chance for that kind of deal.

      US(SCOTLAND) holding 51% of a holding company as Scottish public energy company and let those other crooks who took everything battle it out for the other 49% – commissions from that would have been £60 million a year min.



      robbo says:
      21 January, 2022 at 6:16 am
      After Nicola Sturgeon walked back her 2017 pledge to establish a Scottish public energy company, Scotland’s offshore wind resources, a quarter of Europe’s, have, like our oil and gas resources, ended up in private hands. Not a single company is Scottish owned and many are foreign.

      There you have it .

      Sold out for £60 million. Same as ever. Parcel of rogues would have been proud of the current mob in Edinburgh.

    333. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Robert Hughes 9:35pm
      Insightful. Perhaps we have to go down the road of hell in a hand cart. But there will be nothing left of the country to hold onto to. Scorched Earth policy of the SNP. My wife who voted for Independence is saying to me never again. Too much GRA. She is a Granny and that’s why I wonder why women are voting SNP. Why?. They can get an undeserved post on a board as a woman. They sold out their own sex. And now I have to sort it out. It was ever thus. A man sorting out the bins.

    334. Sarah says:

      @ TB: women are voting SNP for the usual reason – the MSM are hiding the truth.

      And why are they doing that? I’m beginning to think it is because the SNP leadership are being controlled by UK intelligence agencies.

    335. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Sarah 10;20pm
      I don’t agree, women saw advantage in voting for Sturgeon which is why I left the SNP in 2015. I saw it, I foretold it. A sociopath in need of a balanced approach. Men were good at paying their dues through industry. Women left men behind in their campaign for undeserved public service board positions. Are things better? It should have always been the best person for the job. Reap the rewards. So the wife presented problems to me around GRA and safe places for female grandchildren. Never ask an Engineer to solve problems. My solution leave Scotland. Still waiting on an answer.

    336. gregor says:


      I’ve not seen that interesting link, thanks (ditto original contributor).

      We’ve been shown that history, blighted by mass coercion, has bad habit of repeating itself, while our collective human ignorance and social dis-cohesion is a huge weakness (and potential target) to exploit, should we allow our key strengths (e.g. public awareness and solidarity) to be wasted and seriously hamper our prospects for public truth/human progression.

      At this juncture, I think it would be wise to embrace and utilise our strengths, and not loose sight and grip of our common shared goal/s.

    337. North chiel says:

      “ twathater@0850 pm” agree Alba needs to go on the offensive ( a ground grassroots offensive) , to counter any lack of MSM exposure . However, I would say that a “ positive” message should be delivered to the electorate ( and not a direct negative attack on the colonial SNP ). Emphasise continually the positives of Independence . Produce a strategy for independence ( which Sturgeon is completely incapable of providing), Spell out the location of thousands of new civil service jobs for the administration of our newly independent country ( Home office jobs for Edinburgh, Trade& Industry & employment for Glasgow, Defence for Stirling & Perth / perhaps they could take over the soon to be vacant Bristol OVO Energy HQ soon to be vacant , Energy department in Aberdeen Health & social security in Dundee , Tourism& Environment in Inverness, etc etc . Alba needs to spell out the local economic benefits of Independence. & provide a vision for our young people to give them hope for the future . I am convinced if they go on the offensive in a positive manner , the voters will respond . Alba does not require to attack the SNP directly but highlight to our people what the SNP continually fail to highlight . They have no vision , no strategy and that means no hope . Alba needs to provide Vidion , strategy & hope will follow on .

    338. Ebok says:

      AUOB marching season kicks off today, at 11.15am, in Glasgow. Hope all goes well.

      “It was part of a series of demonstrations called by All Under One Banner.
      We’ve a series of rallies taking place across Scotland this year”

    339. Republicofscotland says:

      Christ above the mentality of some in here is astounding, if you don’t vote for the Alba party then they’ll never get above the 2% its as simple as that, if you want change you must make it happen.

      How do you think the SNP came to power, people began voting in numbers for them, the more folk vote for Alba the more attention they will receive.

      Under Sturgeons tenure we haven’t moved one inch closer to independence. As for Salmond he’s the only person since the union began that brought us close to leaving it, if we can’t trust him to do the right thing then who can we trust, vote Alba if you want independence, its as simple as that.

    340. Republicofscotland says:

      Well being part of this fetid union has allowed foreign fighter jets (US F-15 fighter jets) fly just five-hundred feet above Scotland’s Central Belt, as they did the other day.

      We already allow foreign submarines (US) to enter and pollute our lochs and we host their WMDs and we’ll take a first strike as well when it happens.

      Voting SNP won’t change ay of this voting Alba will.

    341. Robert graham says:

      So called Indy supporters on PayPal Ginger dugs talking shop same shite it’s just different day they will be dead before Sturgeon gets off her Arse and stops working for Westminster ,

      They are mocking ALBA for only gaining 1% Aye well done at least they are trying to get her to move ,

      as for today’s march well done to all who take the time to turn up , but after seeing countless other matches I think that they are wasting their time, the marches have to be concentrated outside Sturgeons and her MPs and MSPs houses to make any difference otherwise it just annoys people who could talked into supporting a Independent Scotland

      Sturgeon mocked Bawjaws for delaying the inquiry into this Plague Pantomime I think she might come to regret that because her and her government have some very serious questions to answer about her Governments handling of the scamdemic particularly deaths in care homes Jeane Freeman has gone but her involvement won’t be overlooked .

      The Scottish government are still promoting jabs for children despite the WHO specifically advising against this practice they also warn against these booster jabs , if Sturgeon and her government continue despite these warnings they are open to prosecution.

    342. Breeks says:

      Robert graham says:
      22 January, 2022 at 11:32 am

      …They are mocking ALBA for only gaining 1% Aye well done at least they are trying to get her to move…

      Let them. ALBA had only been running a few weeks and was shunned by the media. The low % said nothing about ALBA, but spoke volumes about the extent the YES movement has been anesthetised and put to sleep by those who are easily led.

      Quite obviously VERY easily led.

    343. Sarah says:

      @ TB: I have to disagree about “women voting for Sturgeon …advantages for women”.

      I don’t think most voters have any idea at all about the women only lists [as in Mridul Wadwha included!] or would see it as vote-winning good thing.

      We who follow politics do know something about most issues but the female half a million of the SNP voters don’t.

      I am with you – the best candidate should be chosen, every time.

    344. James Che. says:

      Indeed we the people in Scotland always are on defensive non stop,
      Looking around for a politician with some decency and backbone,
      The problem is 99% of politicians are career politicians, perhaps within Alba too.

      And the others are feared to go it alone and stick their heads above the parapet.

      We have far to many that love the old system that involves a cliche. A regular pay packet, and some easy gained glory by becoming a government asset.
      Long gone is the believe that they work for us.
      They work for themselves once We have voted them in.
      And party whips on both sides of the border, make sure they are “all for one” “and one for all” scenario as far as keeping the Party together,

      Political change in Scotland will not come through political parties paid for directly or indirectly by Westminster.

      Do not take me up the wrong way. I oppose any form of violence, street anger or scuffles, or any form of illegal action.

      However there are things we can do that are not against the law,
      Alba seems to be following the early signs of organising, developing, growing into a political party that follows the norms of Westminster and the snp. Labour and Lib Dem’s,
      Full of ex politicians, scientists, councillors, universities, etc,
      This is not the voice of of the people. This is the same old, same old.
      All feared to stick their head above the parapet, playing the same music like stuck records.

      We all know that the treaty of the union is a busted flush, we can name many instances whereby the treaty was broken, and many in The Alba party have named these themselves over the years.

      I heard Alex himself mention that changing the royal boroughs was a breach, never mind Scots Law, Brexit, trade, parliamentary reform bills passed by Westminster etc,

      But Alba know all this, are well aware of all this.
      And they are well aware of the tools we have at our disposal that we can use to gain these goals.
      But they all follow the wait an see,
      They have no excuse for waiting,
      These are mostly older generation politicians with a vast array of knowledge in politics and law. An one even a FM.

      Are we being hoodwinked again? Is this not the snp policy.
      Promises, but no delivery,
      not in our lifetime is not only starting to grate. It is beginning to screech like nails down an old blackboard.

      Perhaps one of the reasons that MSM and Westminster ignore Alba,
      Is they have nothing to fear from them, no new headliners.

    345. James Che. says:


      They need to give us a serious reason to vote for them.

    346. James Che. says:


      I can only comment occasionally for family issues of health must come first,

      We have a funeral the start of next week, as a family member has passed away,

      But please keep up the good work on here and hold all politicians to account, including those we favour, hold their feet to the fire.

      For it is not them that suffer from nothing being done or achieved,

      It is you and I.

      I will post like crazy when time is available, but it is up to you to fill the shoes to save our children from trans issues our NHS, our employment, our mortgages, our industries, our farming, fisheries, quality of food, our women, our freedom of speech and liberties.

    347. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @2.30pm.

      James not sure who you mean if you mean the Alba party, isn’t independence a serious enough reason?

    348. twathater says:

      @ North chiel 11.48am I agree that the positive message is best BUT there is NO positive message coming from the snp or sturgeon and there hasn’t been since 2014 ALL there is is lies and unkept promises , which ALBA and Alex should be highlighting by dissecting and exposing the lying promises one by one , all the wasted and failed mandates , the LYING referendum framework bill often promised STILL not delivered , NOT one person working on indy for the last 7 years , the dragged out of the EU LIES , the capitulation on the IM bill ,working with lying liebour warmongers for 3 years to save england from their own stupidity whilst ignoring the DEMAND of voters who put her in office and who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU , and the devastating impact on Scottish families finances and food supplies as a result of her DELIBERATE LIES and inability to protect our country and citizens
      There is NOTHING positive about that and ALBA need to expose ALL the lies that she and her morons have FORCED on us and the lies she continues to spout , such as the GREAT ENERGY GIVEAWAY and how massive corporations none Scottish owned are going to rip off the public once again

    349. Ebok says:

      The vast majority on Wings will continue to support and vote Alba, but that does not mean that we must be nodding donkeys as in SNP.
      The successful route out of this malaise won’t just suddenly appear, nor will it emerge from the current far from inspiring strategy. The talking points from my Alba member messages from the past month are quite insipid and completely out of step with the big picture. This will not win hearts and minds.

      We must not be blinkered by wishful thinking either. I have repeatedly made points here that have not been addressed: –
      SNP is, in the Scottish mindset, synonymous with Independence
      Therefore, it is logical to assume that ‘SNP bad’ will equate to ‘Indy bad’ in voters’ minds. The evidence is clear. SNP LOSE 60,000 members. ALBA gain 6,000. Where are the others? Have they just given up and gone home just like former WoS contributors?

      This is a big problem for Alba and Independence. We have got to face the reality that as support for SNP declines, that support will NOT automatically find a new home in Alba. In fact, what these numbers tell us is that former SNP members see Alba as simply SNP Mark 2, and having been betrayed once, they are in no mood to be bitten again.

      We are in a bad way. Zero MSPs and 2% polling is a devastating fact, no one has been elected on an Alba platform, and no number of explanations can wash away these facts or sidestep the urgent need for a complete rethink on strategy.

      There is plenty of passion still around. Some favour the current gentile informative approach from Alba, others a hard-hitting aggressive style, but as some have pleaded for upthread, unity is essential.
      To lambast misguided Indy supporters who have yet to see the light re SNP is not the way to go. All that happens is that when they eventually DO get it, they, along with the other 50-odd thousand, disappear from Indy. Ergo close on 60% support a few months ago, 46% this week is no surprise, just another stat. to put in the mix.

      Lots of support still around for AS, but few willing to acknowledge that he has given very broad hints that destruction of SNP is not his solution: –
      AS was on Scottish Prism in December when this was said: –
      ‘There is more that unites us than divides us’
      ‘SNP is not the enemy of ALBA’
      ‘There are many good people in SNP’

      Make of that what you will. If you can go along with it as a route to independence, fine, if not, just sit back, hold tight, and wait for the whole rotten political party system to implode and await the fall-out.
      That implosion might still happen in any case as the impact of new legislation takes effect and the economy crashes on top of the usual suspects.

    350. James Che. says:


      Ebok, Sorry for alteration in your name.
      I have to use spell checker, and to get you’re name correct I have to do it twice. And I don’t often have the time, no offence meant by it from myself.

      Re you’re post above.
      You have read my mind an many others whom feel that fool us once was enough to swallow, for seven years at that.
      Many of us wish to disassociate our selfs from the empty 7 year rhetoric of the snp.

      But for Alba to be trying to find an old alliance in the snp is more than idiotic,
      For Alba to merge with the Snp further down the political road is like waving a red flag to a bull.
      After we watched so many of the so called good snp sit on their hands when allegations were dreamt up by the snp and court cases.
      When we see them closed mouthed at the treatment of CM, And all the others, when we see how none of them push for answers on where the money has gone,
      or they allowed the hate crime bill to go ahead, or the promised changes that land and tax reformation would happen,
      If they are considered good by there lack of backbone then I suppose we can twist the truth of all that has gone before
      They have proved themselves to have no morals, and no back bone.

      Do we want Alba to be joined to this stigma of a party?
      If I were asked to vote for Alba under those conditions I will stay at home.

      However as you say the mental link for independence is often linked to the snp,
      This however will stay the status quo for as long as Alba is trying to becoming the new snp.
      And the MSM can continue thinking AS is the snp, for he and his party are becoming the snp in the future,
      There are no challenges from any direction in politics to challenge the wrong doings of the snp, except from the union unit.
      Perhaps their are to many snp in Alba for it to become a party in its own right.
      And this would be their political downfall.

      Most of the independence supporters want change in politics, to see change in politics, to live the change,
      Right now no one is hearing change,
      And the advertising for Alba to be recognised across Scotland and in the mainstream media as the new party for genuine Scottish independence will be when they hold the SNPs feet to the fire, not by joining them.

    351. Alf Baird says:

      Ebok @ 4.42

      Insightful analysis there, especially the implication of pro-indy parties simply taking on the characteristics and structures of other British political parties.

      It might help if new pro-indy parties actually understood what independence means and why it is necessary. They might then be able to explain to the Scottish people our continued wretchedness and exploitation, as well as developing an appropriate strategy to secure national liberation. So long as the pro-indy parties have a limited consciousness of what independence is about then we really are in some difficulty.

    352. James Che. says:

      Alf Baird.

      Well said.

    353. Sarah says:

      Is there a legal route that can be taken against certain poisonous, and very influential, individuals?

      If such folk were removed would it make a difference – or are the rest of the parliamentary group not worth trying to retain?

      Second point: Two independence parties are essential, under the Holyrood voting system i.e. one for the list and one for constituency vote. So we can’t wish to destroy the SNP or discourage their voters – they need to exist. Unless we are prepared to wait many years for another party to replace the SNP as the “other” independence party? I imagine that this is the reason that Alba aren’t exposing all the SNP faults.

    354. Robert Hughes says:

      As Alf said , insightful comment Ebok , hard to find anything to dispute in that

      As stated earlier, ALBA are the only Party at least attempting to break out of the Sturgeon/SNP induced coma and we have to support them as best we can , try to keep our criticisms to ourselves – for now anyway .

      I do share other’s reservations about ALBA being just another anodyne , play-by-the-rules , tread the same water , above all don’t ask too many questions about the mechanisms of Power collective.

      Alf’s right too . Why the reticence to actually call it how and what it is . A struggle against colonial ( type ) oppression. A path trodden by millions before us .

      Whatever anyone thinks about perceiving/describing Scotland as a colony ( I admit to a degree of ambivalence myself, emotionally it feels like we’re colonised ,* intellectually * less so : at times also that dichotomy reverses ! ) every quote that Alf has included in his posts – by Post-Colonial writers – has contained clear and immediately recognisable parallels with what’s happening to Scotland ,right now . Often with uncanny precision .

      Whether we view ourselves and our situation EXISTENTIALLY as colonised is perhaps of lesser importance than using Colonialism as an explanatory principal that provides a wealth of experience and historical precedent to guide and inform our own struggle .

      Every struggle for Independence has evidenced similarities for sure . They have also contained the uniqueness of particular times, places and cultures .

      We may have to discover our own unique way . One that doesn’t- necessarily- have to consist of a conventional Political Party

    355. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Only my personal thoughts but I think the SNP incumbents in Westminster, many of them elected in 2015 on the back of the 2014 referendum defeat, have become a tad ‘comfortable’ with their current situation.
      They need a ‘waking up’. But how do we do that?
      The May 2022 council elections may be a way to to this, but it needs the electorate informed about the failures of the SNP – and who is in a position to do this? Alba.
      Time for “gloves off”.

    356. Saffron Robe says:

      Statecraft can be likened to a game of chess. A good leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of each piece, when to attack and when to defend, and how to outthink and outmanoeuvre their opponent. Unfortunately in Nicola Sturgeon we have a leader who barely understands the rules of the game, cannot utilise the pieces to her advantage, and has no knowledge of how to formulate a strategy that can lead to victory. She is outplayed at every turn, sacrifices her pieces willy-nilly, and finds herself in an ever increasing position of weakness. Not only that, but with our politicians under allegiance to the English crown, the most powerful piece on the board is effectively under opposition control. Even a Grandmaster would find it difficult to win in such circumstances.

      We need a leader who understands the rules of the game, how to use the pieces to their advantage, is able to adapt to changing circumstances, and can develop a strategy that ultimately leads to victory. Under Sturgeon’s tenure, the game can only end in capitulation and defeat.

    357. James Che. says:

      The complications of political strategists is they think first of how they would like to envisage the completion of that game in relation to themselves.
      Even in a game of chess,

      Where politics veers away from strategy quite remarkably so,…Is ,
      the pawns that fall for the greater good of the politics are in reality people.Families, ethics and moral values.

      It is not a game,

    358. Robert Hughes says:

      Hi S.R , been a while , good to hear from you again .

      She’s a pawn who thinks she’s a queen . Whatever game she’s playing we’re very unlikely to come out winners

    359. James Che. says:

      Sometimes politicians have no idea how the other half live, is an old adage.

      But that equally applies to middle classes sitting in their living rooms quite content with their lot. Playing the long game, Without fore thought to how quickly their life’s can change,

      Let me tell you the story of how on two occasions I became homeless.
      One of which I will save for another day,

      I had a sweet Victorian lodge house, the stuff dreams are made of, roses around the door, honeysuckle growing over the picket fence, a neat cut lawn, surrounded by well established woodland on a private estate, no public traffic allowed on the estate, and only three miles from the town for commuting.

      It was not in the best condition when I moved in,
      It had piles of rubbish in the garden, old soggy mattresses, an old busted settee, tin cans and broken bottles, with fire ashes thrown on fence or flowers,
      The paint was peeling of the door, eves and windows.

      Being newly divorced at that time, I convinced the landlord that I would look after the property better than the last tenants.

      After the first six months and as the place improved, the land lord said he was very impressed.
      Six months later he raised the rent, not out of my reach, but enough,
      Six months later he put the rent up again,
      With no where else available and all the work I had done convinced me to get a better job,
      This I did.
      However the rent continued to rise every six months, and I had to get a second job, this I achieved,
      So now I was working from six in the morning until seven at night, including every second weekend.
      With very little money left for everyday living.

      I decided to ask the council for a house explaining what was happening,
      The council refused on the basis officially I was not homeless YET.
      But I could go on a three year waiting list if I wanted to.

      So apparently the reason that my landlord was able to raise the rent in this manner every six months was due to legislation being passed through the Scottish government without protest for the new short assured tenancies agreements.

      After a few disputes regarding the level he was raising the rent, the landlord at the end of the six month tenancy agreement said he was selling the house, and not renewing my tenancy.
      He would not confirm this with the council,
      And made life difficult.

      A lot of People came to view the house, and as I had no money left for lawyers, I had to move out.
      I became homeless, the council said I had voluntary given up my home, so could not re- home me.
      The house was actually sold two days after that,
      It was only Later on I learned my landlord was on the local council. And sat at meetings with the snp member I had asked to help me,
      I was homeless for five years.

      During this time I met many other homeless people.
      Including a middle age gentleman whom had lost his job, and therefore fell behind on his mortgage,

      He was temporarily living in a stack of bales of hay with a tarpaulin thrown over the top to keep out the rain.
      And what did the council do for this gentleman,
      They sent him demands for a council tax bill, because according to the council, it had a roof and four walls. And what they decided was classed as a home was at the decretion of council officials according to new legislation.

      This is our modern day Scotland,

      Where legislation and strategy’s are played out by politicians for the long game.and for their own benefit.

      I never ever in a million years thought I would be one of the homeless statistics,

      Enough. Scottish politics has to drastically change, People are suffering now.

    360. North chiel says:

      Twathater @0354,pm , as I stated upthread , the positive message and vision/strategy for independence has to come from Alba . I never said that the SNP have made the case in the manner I proposed for independence ( quite the opposite ) the SNP has completely failed to make the positive case for independence under the recent leadership . They are completely preoccupied with the current devolved situation & the day to day “ running” of the country ( albeit I make allowance for the past 2 years Covid situation ) . This is exactly why I say that to attract the attention of the electorate that Alba must provide vision & strategy and a pathway to Independence.

    361. North chiel says:

      Ps I note that the “ UK” government has accused Russia of plotting to install a pro Kremlin figure as Ukraine’s leader . Perhaps the Russian’s could counter with the plotted Westminster subversion ( via propaganda) of the 2014,Scottish Independence referendum and the continuing “ propping up “ of the now “ devolved “ colonial administration.

    362. John Main says:

      James Che

      With respect, I find your tale of the guy living in a stack of bales and getting a Council Tax bill totally unbelievable.

      I am not saying the guy did not tell you that; I am saying the guy was spinning you a yarn.

    363. John Main says:

      Robert Hughes

      The aspect of “Scotland as a colony” that rings true to me is the financial drain from Scotland to WM. I could be wrong, but I believe that most Scots don’t give a scooby about 1707, or whether the Scots language is adequately taught in schools.

      We care about our finances, and about the things those finances should be able to buy; health and other services, decent homes, education, etc.

      Far and away the biggest story right now has to be the chronically mismanaged renewable energy disaster. Alba needs to be doing three things:

      1) Relentlessly publicising this story until it is the subject of conversation everywhere two Scots get together.

      2) Coming up with a credible, costed, legally watertight policy that the voters can see will be capable of reversing this disaster to the benefit of the Scots.

      3) Relentlessly publicising their policy so that voting Alba to fix the renewable energy colonialist plundering will be a no-brainer.

      Faced with an open goal like this one, if Alba can’t capitalise on it, then let’s face it, they will never get anywhere.

    364. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon making noises on an indyref, expect these noises to get louder as we get closer to Scotland’s council elections in May.

      Sturgeon will dangle so many carrots on an indyref between now and May’s elections that even Bugs Bunny couldn’t swallow them all.

    365. Republicofscotland says:

      The SNP Scottish government doing their utmost to turn Scotland’s major city centres into ghost towns, already over thirty-seven shops in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall street lie abandoned.

      “Thousands of drivers will need eco vehicle to enter Scots cities or face huge fines.”

      2023 will be notable for something, but not for an indyref.

    366. James Che. says:

      Many people like myself have been thrown to the wolf’s due to political manipulation and strategy.
      We are the victims so far,

      But if we do not change the way Scottish politics proceeds at a faster pace, and totally different from what proceeded it there will be other victims.

      I have heard many here, relating about the drug crises in Scotland, and think this is the only realty to why people are living on the street, and no doubt a good per portion are.

      It is not however the sole reason, a lot are due to bad politics and policies,
      I sofa surfed and slept in my car,
      However others slept with no shelter, no hot water, no regular food. Many were youngsters whom families had fallen out.

      For seven years we have not moved any further forward,
      Not improved the well being of the people in Scotland,
      Not saved our Scottish NHS,
      Not built any substantial housing,
      Not improved employment.

      We watch the new Scottish policies mentally damage AND not protect out children,
      We see a hate crime bill bought upon the Scottish people.
      We see our devolved parliament being run by civil servants distance and separate it self from the Scots,
      We see net zero climate change green policies enter our lives With no alternative structures to replace them here in Scotland leaving a massive gap between what we are forced to give up and do without, between no structure for roads travel, heating, or payments to replace your vehicles, or stupid cycle lanes for the Scottish hills.

      The snp with the help of civil servants have and are distorting and destroying Scottish society with as much enthusiasm as Maggie thatcher, Gordon brown and David Cameron,

      I for one do not see why Alba wish to have such a close affinity with the snp and civil servants.
      For it is a Parliament employed for England’s sake. Under England’s rules, with over half of the employees coming from down south.
      With Alistair Jack, the supposed Scottish secretary being a large wealthy land owner. Not Elected by any one of us.

      This is not Scotland’s devolved government.

      What happened to the vow.
      What happened to our promised referendum.
      What happened to our votes when our votes are to be counted by contracted company related to the opposition.
      What happened to the idea of setting up a assembly,
      What happened to the idea that the snp would be loyal to the Scottish people first.
      What happened to the idea, that a new Alba party would hold the SNPs feet to the fire,

      What happened is that we believe politicians are looking out for us,
      And I will never forget the results Carmichael court case by the people,
      Whereby it was judged politicians are allowed to lie to their constituents while canvassing.

      Do I personally have a believe that politicians will do as they promise, that is a resound no from me.

      Alba are fast becoming snp the second, to gain a foothold through the easy door to government seats.
      Tories, labour, Lib Dem’s , Alba, SNPs all Joined at the hip to save politicians first.
      What happened to changing the landscape of politics in Scotland.

    367. James Che. says:

      Robert main.

      They should give a Scoobey about 1707.
      Because without that supposed treaty we would not have the snp or Alba chasing referendums to free Scotland from the treaty,

      No one more than I would like to see that colonising treaty brushed aside.

    368. Sarah says:

      @ James Che: I think I must have missed what you and others have seen/heard about Alba not trying and being just like the SNP.

      I have seen their leaflets on the website about women’s rights. Seen articles/videos by Alex Salmond/Kenneth MacAskill and Neale Hanvey criticising SNP policies.

    369. Robert graham says:

      One of two scenarios are going to happen next month February.

      The UK Government have backed themselves into a corner by announcing a compulsory Jab for all NHS frontline staff just as they did with care home staff , the diktat about care staff went well didn’t it staffing difficulties in every care home to the extent the immigration law had to be changed to allow foreign workers to travel and work in the UK .

      This lot will go to any lengths to get their way spend any amount to cover their stupidity.

      Next month will see a battle of wills because the UK government can’t back down if they drop their insistence on no Jab no job mantra their whole scam collapses so they either wing it and hope NHS staff give in or they offer exemptions to save face ,

      These criminals would rather see people die rather than give in and accept their own data that being jabbed is now actually perpetuating this plague , look at Israel the most jabbed country on the planet and infection rates going off the charts , check for yourself the figures are published

    370. Republicofscotland says:

      “Faced with an open goal like this one, if Alba can’t capitalise on it, then let’s face it, they will never get anywhere.”

      John Main.

      How many times have you seen Alex Salmond on terrestrial tv over the past year or so, now how many times have you seen Sturgeon on the tv over the same period.

      Alba and Salmond have been denied any airtime, so its not so surprising that it will take time for folk to cotton onto Sturgeon and the SNP, that they are being fooled by them on an indyref and other matters.

      When 2023 passes without an indyref, and it will, many more Scots will realise that they have been duped, that’s when I expect the Alba party to make gains, we just have to believe in them and most importantly vote for them until the day comes.

      What’s the alternative John, if there is one? we’ve already witnessed Sturgeon waste umpteen mandates on independence, and we’re not one step closer to leaving this union, infact I say we’ve went backwards.

    371. James Che. says:

      Robert main, apology for above error.

      As you will read from the above comments by myself, I sofa surfed and slept in my car between three different counties,

      However the middle age gentleman did not, he was static in one place,
      I only believed him, due to seeing the council tax demand bills. Addressed to the mans name, and liable to the farmers address if he did not pay it himself,
      And that is a typical comment from someone who does not know what really goes on, and never lived that life,

      For your benefit and understanding To inform you better and supply more detail,

      This is what happened.

      When I got to my sisters house where I was provided with something to eat and a wash,
      I asked if I could use her telephone to try help the gentleman.

      When I phoned the council tax office and explained I had met this man living under a tarpaulin.
      The council asked if he was a relation to me, and asked for my name and address.
      I said no, and explained I had met him due to being homeless myself,
      They asked where I was phoning from as it was not a mobile number,
      I explained I was phoning from my sisters,

      They then asked if I was down at my sisters on the council tax records ,
      I said, no, I sleep in my car and sofa surf the rest of the time,

      They asked me for all my families addresses so a council tax bill could sent to them, as I must be registered for council tax,

      I was not about to drag my family into trouble of extra liability council tax, when they had helped me so much during this hardship.

      I never knew what happened to that gentleman,

      However when I eventually got an old caravan to live in, that had no running water, toilet or cooking facilities, and sat in the middle of a field with no access road, the council tax offices back dated council tax bills for the past years when I was homeless to the caravan,

      I had to go through hell for a year and a half, of threats and demands, I eventually threatened to go to the newspapers with my story.
      They dropped all back log demands and said they would send me a new bill for the caravan starting from that day,

      I can assure you it does not pay to rock the boat with the council if they do not get their own way.
      For the next few years they had all sorts of excuses for not providing me with even temporary accommodation, with running water etc,

      Hence I was homeless for five years.

    372. Robert Hughes says:

      John Main .

      I agree * most people * in Scotland don’t give much thought to the events of 1707 – or History in general – and are – rightly – focused on their present circumstances : the present being the only thing that is actually real , the past and future story and speculation respectively .

      Mores the pity . If people did see themselves and situation as part of a long , ever-changing ( not necessarily evolving ) process it might help to give context to their lives and circumstances . With a view to changing them for the better .

      ” Faced with an open goal like this one, if Alba can’t capitalise on it, then let’s face it, they will never get anywhere.”

      I agree and – without pre-empting the situation – if no breakthrough is achieved in May’s local elections serious questions will have to be asked about how best to proceed .

      Yes , including THAT one

    373. James Che. says:

      Robert main.

      Like I posted earlier,
      One half of this country do not know how the other half have to live, often through no fault of their own either.

      And how the precarious perched middle class treat those they consider beneath them that have no access to justice or lawyers.

      I once sat in that middle class.

      And have learned some eye opening hard lessons along the way,
      The system of politics, Councils, laws, voting rights, and politicians is set up to protect those very same people.

      Not the people.

    374. James Che. says:

      Robert Graham..

      I can’t dispute you’re analysis.
      I have heard rumbles in regards to investigations and inquiries around the vaccines.

    375. James Che. says:


      I have been reading and watching vids that Alba posts,

      So far they are like whispers behind the hands in the dark,
      It is like in-house politics.

      Nobody but us that voted for them pay any attention,

      It certainly has not caused a stir in any media mainstream or otherwise.

      I leafleted for Alba in the last election,I have met Alex on a number of occasions.
      But I have to say I had reservations about his policy on voting. As many on this site also openly voiced.

      The so called good people left in the snp sit on their hands when the evils of the snp were cast upon Alex himself.
      And we can understand him having fond memories of the old snp, therefore an attachment to forgive and forget.

      But this is not that same foundation snp of old that we have now.
      It is malicious and dangerous.
      It will use law to bring down old FMs , it will change law to bring down any one coming to close to upsetting their comfy positions.

      If Alba are to progress and survive they must become opposition to the snp. Not merge with them,
      And logically two separate entity independence parties in Scotland would achieve a better cover and better selection for voters to chose from. Perhaps knocking out Tories altogether in Scotland, ( if the snp remember their original purpose)

      The other unfortunate and unforeseen error of merging Alba and the Snp is that if one party goes under in politics, both will have the same fate.
      Leaving us all back at the start 70 odd years ago.

      However if Alba and the Snp acted as separate parties in an election we can be assured of either one surviving an election.

      The damage to the independence of Scotland should not be based on old fond memories, but on gaining more independence parties to the Scottish government.

    376. robertknight says:

      Family member just got their ALBA membership card… Number 115**

      12,000 here we come! Onwards and upwards!

    377. robertknight says:

      Apologies… 114**

      Should’ve put my glasses on… 🙂

    378. Ebok says:

      robertknight says:
      23 January, 2022 at 2:41 pm
      ‘12,000 here we come! Onwards and upwards’

      I think you will find Robert that the numbers being issued on the cards do not correspond with actual membership.
      There was a discussion about this on Wings more than six months ago when it appeared that there had been a huge surge, which turned out not to be the case. Someone suggested it might be an accounting number for monies received, but it turned out it wasn’t that. However, I don’t think we ever got an explanation.

      I posted a comment in Nov after being shown a new member card numbered 11,000 + and asked if anyone knew what the actual membership stood at, but no replies. Seems like no one from Alba logs in to WoS.

      AS spoke about membership last month but didn’t give a number though it’s very unlikely to be significantly more than 6,000 odds, as I’m sure we’d have heard if it had reached say 10,000 for instance.

      Sorry if I’ve burst your bubble.

    379. Republicofscotland says:

      From the Rev’s GETTR feed.

      Sturgeon has severely damaged the indy cause.

    380. Confused says:


      it’s coming, right after the singularity, but before the rapture

      checkout the “1000-yard stare”

    381. Sarah says:

      @ James Che at 2.01: Thanks for your thoughtful response.

      Arithmetically, for Holyrood elections, I still think that Alex is right – we need two different parties to vote for [tho’ I also think that AFI was the better option] and we surely don’t want to discourage the independence vote by violent disagreements.

      Having said that, under current leadership there is nothing good to be said for SNP policies. Shameful, sham, undemocratic, incompetent – you name it, they are it. But it will take years for a million voters to see it and I don’t think we can afford the time.

      The start is to find a way to get rid of the leader – a crack in the dyke. If I were incredibly rich I would be looking to see what legal routes I could take against certain individuals – apply some real pressure on them personally. I can’t think of anything else that could be done.

    382. John Main says:


      My alternative, since you ask, is that Alba push the energy sell-out narrative, over and above the Indy Ref one. Two reasons:

      1) “It’s the economy, stupid.” It unites Nationalists, Yoons, the undecided, the don’t cares and the never voted before. Those unaffordable energy bills won’t be discriminating between these groups, so neither should Alba.

      2) It is a concrete, easily understood, relevant example of practical colonialism, aided and abetted by an incompetent, financially illiterate, comfortably supine, bought-and-sold SNP.

      OK, three reasons:

      3) I don’t believe in the Indy Ref as a means of freeing Scotland right now, and neither do a majority of voters. Why bet the farm on something destined to fail?

      Alba has to put clear, blue water between itself and the SNP in order to get traction. I don’t believe that for the majority of unthinking voters, there is any perception that a second Indy party is needed. But a party with a viable and distinctively Scottish energy policy for now and the future? One that would benefit Scots today? That would put Alba in a league of its own.

    383. John Main says:

      James Che

      Apologies for my scepticism. I will freely admit that I have no practical knowledge or experience of homelessness.

      I think you might agree, though, that anybody quietly moving into a haystack and waterproofing it with a tarpaulin is unlikely to be billed for Council Tax. The problems will start when either voluntary contact is made with the bureaucracy (as happened in your example), or some snitch dobs you in.

      The bureaucracy can’t bill you for anything if you keep moving. Easier said than done though.

    384. Dan says:

      Some life perspective…
      What a refreshing and enjoyable weekend it was being away from the stinky dirty world of politics!
      I spent it in a sub-ground sewerage chamber which had total failure of both pumps.
      It’s quite the adrenaline rush fighting fatbergs, compacted shit, old fannypads (In NuScotltand so unsure if they were from a bloke or woman 😉 ), and the obligatory in these sort of situations, odd used condom…
      You just can’t buy that sort of extreme sport experience.

      Needless to say it wasn’t a completely politics free weekend as there were opportunities taken to discuss and inform various spectators in the crowd on the real shitshow unfolding of Scotland’s predicament.

    385. Robert Hughes says:


      Did you come across any carelessly discarded mandates in your shit-hole odyssey ? ” fannypad ” lol , not heard that in years : is that the name of Alyn Smith’s pied-a-terre down in Londinium Town ?

      John Main . Yip agree again – ALBA has to strive to create an identity very distinct from NSNP . That shouldn’t be too hard .

      The difficulty , as we’ve said , is getting the message out .

      Earlier today I watched a video by Kenny Macaskill/ALBA on the subject of the Great Scottish Energy Giveaway – good video , he made the relevant points well and emphatically – I shared it on Facebook , got 2 reactions , an ” angry ” emoji and a comment agreeing with the video .Not exactly an overwhelming response .

      There’s a lot of work to be done . Have to hope there’s time left for ALBA – or some other force – to make a breakthrough before the Sturgeon Sooty Show ploughs the country and Independence into the abyss

    386. Effigy says:

      Is there any money for polls left?
      I can’t believe the one that said Indy in Scotland is only at 50/50
      even with Boris handing out Billions to friends, taking £200k back handed for wallpaper,
      Not knowing a party when he is in one, lying in parliament, blackmailing Tory MP’s and now
      moving Tory Muslim women out of offices not to offend the white elite millionaire Tories.

      Really? A sex pest racist of makes it clear he hates Scots is fine for half the country?

    387. Fionan says:

      James Che, I also find it hard to believe your stories about homelessness. I have experienced it, including having to live in a leaky, filthy caravan with no toilet, water or power, and it did not count for council tax at all. Nor were the bins emptied as no council tax was payable. and as far as I understood it, If there are no services or power into a temporary dwelling such as a caravan, council tax does not apply. And the council made a huge effort to get me out that caravan too, by designating it uninhabitable. Which same would apply to your bales and tarpaulin scenario. I often wonder about people who try very hard to ingratiate themselves with others, there is something distinctly inauthentic about it. Therefore I always treat such comments with some suspicion if I even read them.

    388. Dorothy Devine says:

      Dan , goodness , that sounds like a spiffingly fun weekend – do you do these things regularly or was this just a super dooper prize activity?!

    389. Dan says:

      @ Robert Hughes

      I can report that no discarded mandates were recovered from the location in question over the weekend.
      Maybe we could ratchet up the pressure if we initiate the #ScottishNationwideMandateSearch hashtag, and btl commenters & lurkers, and folk on other social media platforms also started to post where they haven’t found them.
      This could become a new national pastime for the foreseeable, but at least it might highlight the plight of the lost mandates.

      @ Dorothy Devine

      This was hopefully just a one off, but I must have displayed a decent quality of technical knowledge and work commitment to the task as the slurry tanker company owner offered me a job within 15 minutes of being on site!
      I got called out to assist as used to own the affected property, and had previous knowledge of the pumped sewerage tank system from carrying out routine maintenance.
      Once the tank was emptied enough to get into the stinky chamber I removed and stripped down both electric motor pump assemblies. Managed to get one up and running again, which at least can be controlled manually for the time being.
      The pump that should run in auto mode controlled by a float switch is tripping the RCD on the leccy consumer unit, so that needs further investigation to see if the pump motor windings are done, or it may have a fault in the electronic control box such as blown motor start up capacitor.

      The property is actually where I spent 9 hours in 3 sessions clearing sections of the virtually impassable overgrown pavement a few months back, so the bairns could get to school without being forced onto the road to avoid being shredded by out of control thorned bushes.
      I’d already spoken to a lass that had contacted the SNP Councillor but they never even got a response (not a big surprise…), so learned today during conversation that they’d since contacted the Conservative Councillor, but the Councillor responded that they didn’t know if the tarred and kerbed pavement alongside the main road was private or local authority owned!
      This is what happens when Party politics is involved in local authority voting. You can get folk parachuted in as candidates and then elected to areas where they may have heehaw local knowledge.
      Needless to say I stressed this point (along with others) to the small crowd present to see if they were receptive to considering actually voting for a decent knowledgeable local individual standing as an independent that could represent them and their local views better than a dumb Party whipped toady…

    390. Robert Graham says:

      so the power mad FM recons all the shit was worth the pain

      who says she says .once this pantomime finishes people affected will give their verdict then she will find her fan club disappearing once the truth of the damage she has caused gets out

      the power mad bitch wont rule out mask wearing for years to come aye fkn right dear

      there aint enough polis to carry out that threat dear quite apart from these masks are poisoning people you aint supposed to breath in yer exhaust fumes its poison

    391. twathater says:

      Re the comments about ALBA being repeatedly vociferous about STURGEON’S GREAT ENERGY GIVEAWAY FIASCO where Scotland is once again ra+ed of our resources of energy which will continue to force our citizens into greater poverty whilst making Sturgeon’s friends even richer , Barrhead boys Prism at the end hosted an interview with David Henry a member and contributor to the SSRG and a ALBA party member seeking election for a Edinburgh ward

      David is an ex member of SNP and was extremely scathing of the moronic agreement made by Sturgeon for OUR resources , but this is only ONE example of the gross ineptitude that Sturgeon and her clownshow have shown in governing Scotland

      I wholeheartedly agree that ALL party members of ALBA and ALL officials within ALBA should vociferously and repeatedly raise this catastrophic (to Scotland’s citizens) agreement at every opportunity and issue statements and documentation outlining the possible earning potential for Scotland and Scots that is being stolen in favour of profit driven greedy corporations

      They should EXPOSE this corrupt lunacy at every opportunity and once again vociferously compare it to the OIL THEFT of our resources where the income from Scotland’s oil has been used to modernise London and the south

      The public ridiculing of Sturgeon’s agreement MUST reach the voters and ALBA MUST promise to overturn any agreement reached

    392. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Robert Graham 12:13pm
      It’s worse than you think. If the SG were following the science then that would take account of clinical observation. Week commencing 13 December, Scottish clinicians were reporting Omicron was less severe and optimism on positive health outcomes was high. On this blog before any decision was made by the SG. I said the Omicron variant was probably the ‘saviour’ variant. The day after the SG decision the formal report on Omicron being less severe was published. In addition SG statisticians were collating data that showed more patients were dying of seasonal flu than Covid that previous week (wc 13/12) But Sturgeon went ahead and took 1 billion out of the economy. Data was treated as SG/SNP property and not public health data. The decision was determined by perceived political advantage and not the public health data from the previous week. The infection outcome of 1 to 20 was no different to England. De Facto a waste of 1 billion. But more importantly the information and data was available for a more informed decision. These facts won’t be so easy to shred in Bute House. If only we had a functioning main stream media that wanted to act in the interests of the Scottish Public.

    393. Dorothy Devine says:

      Dan , you should take great pride in being able to turn down a job – jobbie wheecher springs to mind.

      Dreadful that you had to clear a pavement of growth so that kids can walk safely to school – I despair of the mess we are in and how it is manipulated by interested parties with no interest in the needs of the folk.

    394. Robert Hughes says:

      ” The decision was determined by perceived political advantage and not the public health data from the previous week ”

      Spot-on T.B .

      This has been the case almost from day one .

      Data – which should be a totally neutral , objectively verifiable basis for decision making has become whatever those in positions of authority decide it is , whatever is most expedient , for them .

      Data in itself has become politicised , arrived at by dubious methodologies ( * from * Covid v ” With * Covid * just one example ) distorted by selection and omission , spun through 360 degrees , elongated or contracted to suit different agendas .

      ” Science ” used as a bludgeon , rather than a torchlight

    395. Chas says:

      I would ask you all to remember that the needs of the Murrell family, together with the needs of the SNP MP’s and MSP’s far outweigh the needs of the Scottish people.
      Nothing good will happen in Scotland until Sturgeon is removed. Once she goes the SNP will crumble and there will be an opportunity to really press ahead for Independence. It will not be easy.
      We need a catalyst to start the ball rolling. Over to you Mr Salmond.

    396. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Robert Hughes 9:05pm
      I should add that the 1 billion price tag was put forward by Michael Glackin Scottish financial commentator, Sunday Times, 23 January 2022. I cannot challenge the veracity of his claim as he did not state his source or methodology. In an event it was an attempt to put a number on that specific decision. It was surely a substantial amount of money to preen the feathers of the FM.

    397. Robert Hughes says:


      That figure seems plausible to me .

      ScotGov also seem intent on pressing ahead with the vaccination of children : contrary to the medical advice from the same sources they have been so keen to claim were ” expert ” up till now : on the basis that the risk to that demographic from Covid is so minimal it makes the possible risks from vaccination greater .

      It appears the term * expert * is also malleable and open to various interpretations .

      The question is why is ScotGov still determined to do this against professional medical advice when other areas have abandoned the idea , or never had the idea in the first place , and at a time when infection rates are dropping rapidly ?

    398. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Robert Hughes 12:28pm
      This vaccine controversy for children will further erode confidence in the Scottish Government. On the decision to lockdown and apply further restrictions before Christmas. I said at the time to PacMan take note of the Tuesday 21st December 14:30pm and Sturgeon’s statement to Parliament “No intrinsic evidence”. I think a Judicial Review of that decision is needed. Perhaps a task for the Hospitality industry to recover some of the lost billion. By saying there was no intrinsic evidence (Basically to side step the evidence from South Africa). Did that statement mislead Parliament? Yes it did and therefore she is in breach of the ministerial code.

    399. James Che. says:

      1). To all those that do not believe a council could be so mercenary . Let me assure they were.

      I still have those bills and demands and photo copied twice over, I learned to keep all paperwork for ten years.
      If I knew how to Guard my privacy and knew how to convert them from paper to here I will do so.
      I am not on the computer it’s an I pad,

      For those in the know, How do I do that?

      And by the way the caravan still sits in the same place, not hooked up to water or electric. In the middle of a field, with no road to it, by bales of hay and cow manure.
      And to further back up my life story, at the time I was in the caravan, it sits between Aberdeen and montrose, still viewable from the duel carriage way if you want to go see it.
      And I have the letters to prove when the council retracted their stance.
      Like I said keep everything for at least ten years for record keeping,
      They can not be deleted like e mails, texts or phone calls.

      I have remarried since and moved away from the area. And the farmer says the caravan is not in his way,
      Wether you believe it or not, go check it out.
      Teach me how to put the evidence through my iPad.

    400. Robert Hughes says:


      Being in breach of ministerial code holds no fear for the brass-necked serial failure .

      She wriggled-out of the last such breach and would no doubt do so again : there being no checks or impediments forthcoming either from inside or outside of the SNP sufficient to hold her deceptions to account .

      She obviously believes she is untouchable . She is only so as long as she is of use to the opponents of Independence

    401. James Che. says:

      Regards Alba party I am pretty much holding the same view as most others,

      The Alba party should stand as a Scottish Independence Party in its own right and not wait in the queue behind the Greens for a coalition with the snp.

      If the snp go down in the next election, so will other political party’s that pinned their dreams to the same mast,

      Leaving us with no Independence Party leader.

    402. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi James Che.

      If your iPad has a camera, take photos of the documents. You can then upload them to the likes of Imgur.

      If no camera on the iPad, take photos with a phone or digital camera. You can then get them onto your iPad via USB.

    403. Ebok says:

      Chas says:
      24 January, 2022 at 9:24 am
      ‘Once she goes the SNP will crumble and there will be an opportunity to really press ahead for Independence. It will not be easy’

      No, it won’t be easy Chas. What you suggest would be the perfect outcome, of course, but there are other possibilities that are not as agreeable.

      If you can imagine marrying someone who you love deeply and find out, say seven years later, that they have betrayed you, lied to you, squandered all your hard-earned savings, and much more besides, then after you dump them, what next?

      Would you immediately hook up with your ex’s identical twin? That’s the problem with being screwed. You don’t trust anyone the same, and you most likely put a pause on relationships before possibly looking for someone completely different.

      In the context of the unbelievably awful mess SNP has made of administering devolved affairs, there are other possibilities. Ex SNP loyalists may drift back to their old ways, or perhaps simply give up completely and become detached from politics altogether. Fifty thousand that are known to have disappeared and that number can probably be multiplied by a fair factor. They are either sitting on the fence for now or gone forever.
      Then there is the possibility that ‘events’ occur that destroys the credibility (yes, WE know they have none) of political parties altogether. It cannot be assumed that these outcomes will have a positive effect on independence. The positive case must be maintained at all costs.

      I think AS recognises these scenarios: how do you keep independence minded voters on board and simultaneously destroy this toxic administration? It’s catch 22, because Alex was instrumental in building the Yes vote and now must find a different approach that calls out what his dream machine has turned into, and yet offer an alternative strategy.

      This is a hugely significant period for Scotland: Alba also must attempt to predict where fault will be attributed following the inevitable outpouring of uncontrolled anger that will unfold as we sink deeper into the mire.
      So, I will temper my own frustrations and give AS and others a little more time to find solutions to this incredibly complex dilemma, though there are limits to the number of revelations and absence of reaction I can stomach.

    404. McDuff says:

      What I find difficult to understand is the utter silence from the MP/MSPs who presumably entered politics via the SNP to fight for independence. Are they really only interested in feeding at the trough and have no interest in securing our freedom from this filthy union, accepting the madness of the SNP leadership.
      They make me sick.

    405. James Che. says:


      Aberdeenshire Council said they based their council tax on wether it was a dwelling or not, wether some one lived in it or not, regardless of wether all services were provided.
      Like you I thought this was wrong.
      I requested a list for all services.
      I asked for someone to come out to check the caravan, I also wrote to Royal Mail to affirm to to council that the caravan had no official address, post code letter box or access road for the postman,
      inspectors for the electoral roll came out, linked to council tax by voting registrations.

      I felt that someone should speak up for the other homeless people,
      However it was after that that things got, well, bad I pretty much I became a target, for rocking the boat.

      I also have the paperwork for when the electorial roll put in their report to other departments of the council.

      I also have the list for each individual services we all pay for, which is very interesting,
      Do you know that people whom pay business council tax rates also pay council tax for businesses through their domestic house council tax.?

    406. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Robert Hughes 1:42pm
      Alex Salmond won his Judicial Review against the Scottish Government. The hospitality industry lost a previous court case on grounds of proportionality versus public health. A hard case to lose now when the cost of 1 billion is set up against what information and data the SG knew prior to December 21st. It was not a proportionate decision and luckily we don’t have to rely on the shredding capability of Bute House this time.

    407. twathater says:

      The unfortunate thing about any investigation into any corruption or breaches of the ministerial code is it is the taxpayers who ultimately pay for the faux investigation and faux outcome of these investigations

      You only have to look at the AS judicial review or the Rangers debacle to realise why Sturgeon and her cohorts feel untouchable , it is the same with police Scotland investigating police Scotland it should just NOT happen but these corrupt quangos have manipulated all forms of responsibility to mean nothing , and any form of criticism is just ignored

      The ONLY way that these corrupt and venal arseholes will be held to account is when ordinary people and ordinary voters feel sufficiently impoverished and betrayed by the LIES and failed promises made by these AMORAL politicians and their political parties and take to the streets in numbers to show their outrage and disgust

    408. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon’s treachery on not getting us out this union is costing us a fortune, Brexit is cost the UK in lost growth £727 quid a second.

    409. Robert Hughes says:

      ” The ONLY way that these corrupt and venal arseholes will be held to account is when ordinary people and ordinary voters feel sufficiently impoverished and betrayed by the LIES and failed promises made by these AMORAL politicians and their political parties and take to the streets in numbers to show their outrage and disgust ”

      Agreed T . The probable future problem in doing that is the planned Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which will make public protests harder , with even peaceful protesters liable for time in jail if convicted

      Given the recent behaviour of both the Scottish Police Service and Judiciary can there be any doubt these laws – if passed – would be used to eliminate any public expressions of dissent ?

      That said , Civil Disobedience seems inevitable as the only way to we can attempt to wrest back some degree of control over what’s being done to our country by an out-of-control political regime and it’s equally oppressive/collusive organs of State power eg Police and Judiciary . Who ALL seem to have forgot they are – supposed to be – public servants

    410. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Robert Hughes 6:00pm
      I have just watched the STV and BBC Scotland news. Celebrating the easing of restrictions which is good because I have been the biggest critic of the catastrophising narrative. Let the people enjoy. It doesn’t negate the 1 billion pound loss on a false premise. That evidence won’t go away and is available to an enquiring mind. An exchange? What was the Glackin source or methodology?. In exchange for the evidence on what the SG knew prior to 21st December?. Perhaps the intelligent Unionist media will cooperate on getting rid of Sturgeon. Because we won’t win if she leads IndyRef2. Forget BBC Scotland or STV to look after the interests of the Scottish Public. It will be a sore one for them. As a former serviceman from Northern Ireland I am not in favour of civil disobedience or violence. We have the evidence and it will come out. Patience.

    411. Robert Hughes says:

      ” We have the evidence and it will come out.”

      Hope you’re right T.B . Patience is in short supply

    412. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Typing about “Colonialism”.

      What was it that Nelson uttered? Oh yes. “England expects” and so on. No acknowledgement of Admiral Duncan’s success in The Battle of Camperduin. Admiral Duncan, born at Lundie, Just outside Dundee,

      Over a hundred years after The Treaty Of Union, it is still “England expects”.

      When will we Scots ‘get real’?

    413. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon 9:59pm
      When will the Scots get real?. Camperdown House is a beautiful house. Not opened to the public for many years. I went there on the one day it was opened to the public. Open doors campaign. Of course the SNP Council decided that security was paramount and they didn’t have the resource to keep it open. Another wasted asset.

    414. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Robert Hughes 9:42pm
      I know but I will have to compromise my sources. We have been through the mill on that regard. Judicial Review, hoping the hospitality industry pick it up, hoping that the intelligent UK media will pick it up, nobody wants to touch it. One billion lost on the vanity of one person. But the case is there. We can’t rely on BBC Scotland or the STV who have declared the winners of the May Elections already. Another example of freedom before an election. For once we are ahead of them. It’s the platform for disclosure that remains.

    415. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just popping in to say hello.

      Does anyone else miss Hatuey?

      Is it only me?


    416. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TB.

      When my erstwhile wife was studying for HNC in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management at Duncan of Jordanstone in the 80s, she had a summer placement in the cafe/restaurant in Camperdown House.

      It is, you type, a wasted asset.

    417. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Ian Brotherhood 10:33pm
      Yes I miss Hatuey. Because the Independence movement contains all shapes and sizes. Of all political persuasion we just need a leader.

    418. robbo says:

      New fire alarm law funding for elderly has ‘run out’ in parts of Scotland

      Talk about giving Unionists like the weasel Cole-Hamilton ammo to mock – ffs.

      Take the money off Stonewall and there shouldn’t be an issue Robison -what do yi think?

    419. robbo says:

      They can’t fully organize and fund the above fire alarms properly but can give freebies to young folk who are quite capable of walking at their age to places.

      Jeez when I was young we walked miles if we didn’t have money for a bus.

    420. James Che. says:

      The corruption within some councils runs deep and long, and wether that particular council still follows its 20013 agenda I cannot say. But it did prior to the 2014 referendum.

      As I said I later remarried and moved away..
      But at that time corruption was bad, and I had a hard time. Registering to vote, as I lived in no particular county before that.

      I had gone gone to a snp mp member eventually try get a home and register to vote,
      Which I believe I mentioned here on wings a year or two ago.
      That was how I learned that some of the snp were in the pockets of Tories and labour councils. Wining and dining in the same meetings. Doing little to help their constituents.

      Long before the Rev mentioned the corruption within the snp , locals around that area already knew.
      And how I first went to Alex Salmond house to see if He, as a ex first minister could help, or had any old influence within the snp still,
      Moria his wife explained to me the beginnings of of the troubles that Alex was going through himself with the snp at that time,

      I have been aware and learned the hard way of the corruptions within local councils and the snp since 2013– 2014.

      As had Alex and Moira.

      We have met on occasion since and hence why I leafleted for Alex in the last election, and could not understand his forgiveness towards the snp in his voting recommendations.

    421. James Che. says:

      Andy, whom named us all moon howlers and and knuckle draggers always wondered how I knew AS,
      Well Andy it goes back as far as just before the 2014 referendum when we were both being taken for a ride by the snp. Assisted by councils and civil servants, and set-ups to keeps the votes down.

    422. Republicofscotland says:

      John Swinney now dangling the indy carrots as he said yesterday that we can now move forward on an indyref, the tag team of Swinney and Sturgeon will continue down this road to nowhere until they’ve duped enough folk into voting for their party at May’s council elections.

      Post the elections, and the indy carrots will be removed and replaced with I asked Johnson for an S30 and he said now is not the time. I’ll ask again in a couple of years.

      Lets vote for the Alba party at May’s council elections and show Sturgeon and her sidekick, Swinney that we’ve had enough of their lies and deceit.

    423. James Che. says:


      As my story unfolds above people are able to see how I first had communications with A S.

      But also how corruption within councils ensures and manipulates potential voters and outcomes.
      It is not to be underestimated the part they play or where and how the votes are not counted under surveillance and in the open. Along with transportation of votes.

      I do not think the Russians had any need to interfere with the 2014 referendum, it was already set to lose within our own councils and by which company had the contract to count the votes.

      Yes I would vote for A S and Alba, again, but not as a prospect of joining the snp.
      Alba has to stand in its own right. As a Scottish Independence Party.

    424. Robert Hughes says:

      For a bit of light relief that story robbo links above is hard to beat . Dead Man Walking – albeit assisted by pretty unobservant relatives and the death itself not being funny .

      Got me thinking ….is it not on a par with Sturgeon/SNP knowingly propping-up their Gold Standard cadaver en route to WM insisting to the Independence Movement it’s still alive despite the absence of breath , heartbeat , pulse and the usual signs of life ?

      NSNP = The Frankenstein Party . The bolts through it’s neck bit of a give-away

    425. James Che. says:

      Tannadice boy.

      We will not win either if we are not aware of the corruption within certain councils to manipulate the Scottish independence votes.

      We trusted for a fair system in the last referendum,We were innocents in 2014. And did not question how votes were transported.

      Eyes wide open if we get as far as any kind of vote this time around.

    426. James Che. says:


      I like the story you linked to it made me smile.

      But I think Peader Doyle will be up there having the last laugh 🙂

    427. Republicofscotland says:

      “I do not think the Russians had any need to interfere with the 2014 referendum, it was already set to lose within our own councils and by which company had the contract to count the votes.”

      James Che.

      As far as I’m aware there’s not one shred of evidence that the Russian did interfere in the 2014 indyref, just as there’s not one shred of evidence that they interfered in Trumps election.

      As for the 2014 indyref, I’m under the impression that Scots vote yes, but EU nationals and Southern incomers swung the vote in favour of no. Ironically EU nationals would be shafted just two years later.

    428. Republicofscotland says:

      Well the Scottish Fire Brigade cannot identify the cause of the fire that destroyed The Glasgow School of Art, after three-years of investigations SF&R have drawn a blank.

      Four-years previously another fire damaged the Rennie Mackintosh building yet those in charge of overseeing the upkeep of the historical building failed to implement a policy such as sprinklers to mitigate any further damage by fire.

      The die-hard unionist and BBC employee Muriel Gray was the chairwoman of The School of Art when these fires took place, her incompetence is staggering and many great pieces have been lost from the School of Art for future generations to admire and inspire due to Gray’s negligence.

    429. James Che. says:


      I tend to agree with you that it was not Russians interfering,

      But it sets one thinking as to wether Russia IS bjs and America’s new Iraq. To distract,

      What happened to using diplomacy before assault language and pre-positioning chests out Ole Blighty.

      We learned Iraq invasion was made up, we are learning that bj may have lied about parties,
      We are now learning that some issues about covid deaths actually may differ from dying solely of covid. 17,000 is one statistic.

      Nothing surprise me any more in the way of rhetoric from politicians.
      I have become so cynical of political agendas and motivations and MSM coalition, the only thing that surprises me nowadays,
      Is how the people of our country fall for it time and again without questioning those leaders who spout this stuff.

    430. James Che. says:


      I tend to agree with you that it was not Russians interfering,

      But it sets one thinking as to wether Russia IS bjs and America’s new Iraq. To distract,

      What happened to using diplomacy before assault language and pre-positioning chests out Ole Blighty.

      We learned Iraq invasion was made up, we are learning that bj may have lied about parties,
      We are now learning that some issues about covid deaths actually may differ from dying solely of covid. 17,000 is one statistic.

      Nothing surprise me any more in the way of rhetoric from politicians.
      I have become so cynical of political agendas and motivations and MSM coalition, the only thing that surprises me nowadays,
      Is how the people of our country fall for it time and again without questioning those leaders who spout this stuff and then try cover their tracks, or get the knight of the garter, or ermine for in Ruthie case.
      Everything in politics is about feeding the ticket for a rich feather bed.

    431. James Che. says:


      Don’t misinterpret my feelings with regards politics and politicians,
      I am not despondent.
      I am angry.

      We need change and Alba could make that change by adding to the individual Scottish independence parties to the Scottish government.

      While still holding the snp to account.

      If Alba join the snp, and the snp do not do well, neither will Alba,
      We need one or the other as separate parties to survive an election for a continuing amount of independence seats.
      Alba May have the pleasure of replacing the snp that have gone of the rails in the Scottish government.

      As an aside, it leaves those that still support the snp able to vote without us needing to convince them to vote Alba,
      It also enables those whom are disinfranchised with the snp to vote Alba.
      Thus adding strength for the possibility of two independent parties in the Scottish government.

      I think this will work better for us as independence supporters not having to choose between them.
      But we can not afford to lose both if Scottish independence is to survive

    432. James Che. says:

      Robert Hughes.

      The comparison is uncanny 🙂

    433. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @4.07pm.


      I doubt very much that the Alba party would join up with the SNP, Sturgeon detests her former mentor, even more so that a jury of his peers made up of mostly women found Mr Salmond innocent of the ridiculous charges that Sturgeon must’ve known about prior to when she claimed she knew about them.

      In the wake of this Sturgeon won’t make the same mistake twice mores the pity, that’s why she’s pushing for juryless trials, do you think for one second Alex Salmond would’ve been found not guilty without a jury? Alas Craig Murray found out at great expense to his liberty, and without a fair trial I might add, of the direction that Sturgeon is taking Scotland in.

      Most of the decent folk have switched from the SNP to Alba, albeit one or two still remain, hoping to fight the good fight from within, though the SNPs MSPs who once again clapped like seals thrown fish at today’s Covid update at Holyrood, are spineless and gutless and choose not to speak out about what’s going on within the party that ails it terribly. Instead they keep their heads down and their snout firmly pushed into the trough, as Sturgeon takes the country into a steep dive.

      We must vote Alba at the council elections, and at every other election its the only way forward now for independence and to exit this rancid union. Already Swinney and Sturgeon are dangling the indy carrots and will continue to do so until May’s elections are over then like the umpteen mandates we’ve given them it will be dropped like a hot potato until next time.

    434. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @3.44pm.


      Russia isn’t the our enemy, you may have noticed the British or should I say English media push the Russia/Putin bad trope constantly that’s because Macron of France has cooled on pressuring Russia and a top German military general has come out and said its utter nonsense that Russia is about to invade Ukraine, the general later paid for his moment of clarity by losing his job.

      Westminster has had to up its propaganda to support the Great Satan (USA) due to this, and its the old chestnut of consent being forced down our throats by the media.

      There’s far more I could add that would probably give you a clearer picture but it would take another few comments. I should add that the EU has given Ukraine a £1.2 billion loan.

    435. Republicofscotland says:

      One of the SNP’s great proponents of disinformation SNP MP Stewart MacDonald, launches a disinformation competition.

    436. PhilM says:

      Just read an ‘interesting’ Guardian article…Women’s Health…Nicola Sturgeon being in the foothills of the menopause, yet it’s written by Scotland correspondent Libby Brooks…so putting all these elements together, I am led to ask…is there a Scottish menopause and if there is…does being in the foothills mean that this is a gradualist devomax Scottish menopause or is there a fundamentalist position on this new Scottish menopause?
      So many questions…

    437. John Main says:


      Can we assume that if Russia DOES invade Ukraine, you will be quickly on here apologising for getting it wrong?

      Or will you be back to explain that the advancing Russian troops and the fleeing Ukrainian refugees are all the fault of the “Great Satan”.

    438. John Main says:

      James Che

      The ONS has published some statistics (covering England & Wales) for a 3-month period in 2020 to determine the number of people dying from Covid.

      Not dying with Covid, or dying because of Covid.

      People of good health, who caught Covid and nothing else, and died.

      The numbers are easy enough to find online, and suggest that just less than 10% of the headline total, people dying within 28 days of a positive Covid test, die of Covid and only Covid.

      So yes, your figure of 17,000 dead from Covid in the UK since the start of the pandemic is within that ballpark.

      An online article in Unherd today, suggests that 0 healthy children have died in the UK from Covid, making it absolutely certain that the risk of the vaccines exceeds the risk of the disease for healthy children.

      Make of this what you like. Discount it all as tinfoil hat stuff if you wish, although you will have to also believe they have even got to the ONS now.

      But don’t make out this is all “new” stories. Much of this stuff has been easy enough to find for the past year or so.

    439. Dan says:

      Cannae mind us Scots gien a mandate for this sort o’ thing…

    440. Hatuey says:

      I just popped by to see how things were going and look what I find; the latest desperate effort by the anti-vax crackpots to crawl out of the pandemic with a few particles of dignity. Will it succeed? Let’s have a look…

      So, basically, too many people died as a consequence of catching covid and, instead of the usual point blank denials and conspiracies involving the whole health service, they decided to come up with a brand new definition of “case fatality”.

      Accordingly, if 4 people die in a car crash and 3 of them have any sort of illnesses or ailments, we don’t count them as having died in the car crash. We’ve to apply that “logic” to covid deaths and presumably everything else.

      Yes, we are going to have to go through the history books and revise all the death tolls down so that only those known to be in perfect health count as fatalities in wars, etc.

      Crackers, but good luck with that.

    441. gregor says:

      For those who are interested:

      Public Health Scotland COVID-19 & Winter Statistical Report (19 January 2022):

    442. Effigy says:

      Astonished to see that Looser McTernan dug out by News at 10?
      A Thatcher admirer advising the Red Tory team of Blair and Brown.
      A man you can depend on being on the losing side he says can’t fail.

      On the Radio I was very interested in the Tories who all demand sovereign
      nations such as Ukraine have the right to self determination without interference from neighbouring countries.

      Where were the SNP MPs to ask why it doesn’t apply to Scotland?

      Dame Dick the Tory Pick will now apply a couple of fines to scape goats
      who tricked Bojo into attending parties he would never know he attended.

      He can then get on with the job of making the filthy rich stinking rich.

      With regard the multitude of cuts to the U.K. military and their lack of equipment
      would Bojo ever be stupid enough to send them the their death taking on 100,000
      well armed Russians playing on their home turf.
      Would the soldiers even go after Iraq and Afghanistan farcical deployments?

      The British Army with the backing of US forces never did control Afghanistan but the wily
      Hat Taliban managed to capture all of the country within 2 weeks?

      U.K. secret services know all about Russia and China’s secrets and intentions but cannot provide any information on Bojo’s well attended series of parties?

      If U.K. puts sanctions on Russia, would Putin the billionaire have to go without anything at anytime. Most Russians don’t have much in the way of Western luxuries so they wouldn’t even notice it.
      Now if Russia cuts of its desperately needed Gas supplies to Europe I think people dying of hypothermia might just notice it hasn’t gone well.

      If a superpower like Russia, China or the US want to do anything against a smaller nation no one including the pretend United Nations would do anything but grumble in the background.
      Part of the Ukraine has already been stolen by Russia.
      China invaded and murdered the innocent and peaceful Tibetans.
      No weapons of mass distraction found although the reason for US/U.K. invasion.

      Our world leaders make the Game of Thrones look like a documentary about peacemakers.

    443. Dorothy Devine says:

      I read somewhere that there are only 22 countries in the world the British hadn’t invaded , presumably because they had nothing worth plundering – I’m sure someone will be able to substantiate or disprove it.

    444. John Main says:

      @Hatuey says: 25 January, 2022 at 9:28 pm

      “I just popped by to see how things were going and look what I find; the latest desperate effort by the anti-vax crackpots …”

      Haha Hatuey. No you didn’t “just pop by”. You have been monitoring here constantly to see if you could find an opportunity to twist what somebody wrote in yet another of your pathetic efforts to score points. Where that is beyond your limited capabilities, as is usual for you, you insert a sneaky little lie (“anti-vax”) and hope that nobody notices.

      I am not going to ask you to address the factual points I made. I have done that plenty of times already and I am done with that.

      I am simply going to repeat my factual points and leave people to make their own conclusions.

      1) The risk from Covid is enormously more serious with increasing age and with other co-morbidities.
      2) Younger, healthier people have little to fear from Covid.
      3) The risk from the vaccines is real and not quantified over the long-term.
      4) For many, the risks from the vaccines, especially, the risks from repeated doses of the vaccines, exceeds the risk from Covid.

      It is precisely because of point 4), that vaccine take-up is lower amongst those who have knowledgeable and vested interests in their own health, including medical professionals and professional athletes.

    445. James Che. says:


      Aye it’s not the first time they interfered with the laws of Scotland.
      They did it with the reform bill that passed through Westminster a good few years back.

      They took away pre- union laws of Scotland because Westminster considered they could not understand the old Scots wording,
      And some of Westminster’s changes to Scots law that broke the articles of the treaty of the union were laws Westminster considered obsolete pre- union Scottish laws.

      The treaty explicitly says that Scots law would be retained in Scotland as separate.

    446. James Che. says:

      I believe one of those pushing the vaccines down south that was not vaccined himself was Savid unjabbed.

    447. John Main says:

      Dorothy Devine

      I don’t doubt your numbers, so let’s accept there are just 22 countries never invaded by the British.

      How many of the countries invaded by the British included Scots amongst the invaders? Is there a historical cut-off point before which we say these Scots were “only following orders”, or “brutalised by the colonisation of Scotland”, so therefore innocent of guilt?

      Everywhere the Brits went, us Scots went also. The bastards. That’s one of the things that makes international travel so great for us. You will always find somebody claiming kinship from generations back.

      Is there a point to your post?

    448. Republicofscotland says:

      John Main@ 8pm.

      Why would I apologise did you apologise when the Great Satan (USA) manufactured yet another coup, in Ukraine in 2014?

      In any case the English media are desperate to push the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to back their master the Great Satan.

      ” KIEV, January 25. /TASS/. Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov said early on Tuesday he had received no information so far indicating the possibility of Russia’s invasion of his country in the near future.”

      “As of today, the armed forces of Russia created no strike groups, indicating they were ready to launch an offensive tomorrow,” he told Ukraine’s ICTV television channel, adding that a scenario of a Russian attack in the near future was also unlikely.”

    449. Dorothy Devine says:

      John Main, yeah there was – I wasn’t discounting Scots as you appear to be suggesting , merely pointing out the hypocrisy involved over any other country having the temerity to copy our example.

    450. Hatuey says:

      John Main and other revisionists on the anti-vax side are now arguing that covid deaths only count if you are in perfect health with no underlying conditions. This allows them to reduce the death toll by 90%.

      I firmly disagree with that sort of logic. By the same token, I will strongly oppose any attempt to withdraw medals and acknowledgments from any soldier that died on any battlefield (just because some confused revisionist discovers he had underlying health issues).

      Pulling down statues of 18th century slave owners is one thing — the gloves come off if they go anywhere near our war memorials, commemorations, and statues.

      I’m sick of people twisting reality and history, fucking about with the fabric of society, to suit some narrow and confused agenda. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

    451. Hatuey says:

      On Twitter and elsewhere I keep running into people who think they are complimenting me when they tell me that they wish English politics was as clean as Scottish politics.

      It’s discombobulating.

      As I see it, Scottish politics is undoubtedly the most corrupt and sleaziest in the UK. In a European context, it’s up (or down) there with Malta.

      But how can that assessment be taken seriously when on TV every day we see layer after layer of lies being peeled from Boris’s Westminster onion?

      Well, the big difference is that nobody is peeling the Scottish onion. There’s basically zero scrutiny or accountability in Scotland.

      I had a chat with a loyal SNP member last week and she expressed great satisfaction with David Davis’s scathing attack on Boris in The Commons. She did this from the usual standpoint of superiority and delusion — independence is coming because we are pure and exceptional.

      I asked her if she had heard what David Davis had said in The Commons just a few months ago about corruption in regards to the Alex Salmond trial. That was the conversation over…

      It goes without saying, for obvious reasons, that the most effective con artists and deceivers are the ones that aren’t identified as con artists and deceivers.

      Yes, “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”, we all know that. But when will Scottish people know the second greatest trick?

      “The second greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he is the good guy…”

    452. Robert Hughes says:

      Could someone tell Hatuey San the war is over . *almost * 🙂

      He’s still in the info-wars jungle waging a heroic defence against his own shadow .

      John Main is correct . Case closed . Time to move on HATZ

    453. Ebok says:

      Good to see Alba at last getting on the front foot in member messages: –

      23 Jan
      ‘Another week has come and gone and yet again Scotland has been sold short.
      Scotland’s wind potential should be harnessed for the benefits of the people of Scotland – not corporations.
      Watch our Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill in this week’s video update’

      25 Jan
      ‘Looking for training on how to use social media effectively?
      Join us online this Saturday at 11 am.’

      I like the training idea. The establishment was blindsided by the true level of support for Yes in 2014 and Trump in 2016 because they were unable to factor in the effect of social media.
      That’s where Alba can get the message out and counter MSM.

    454. John Main says:

      @Hatuey – 26 January, 2022 at 11:57 am

      The gift that just keeps on giving.

      “I will strongly oppose any attempt to withdraw medals and acknowledgments from any soldier that died on any battlefield (just because some confused revisionist discovers he had underlying health issues).”

      See that last scrap you got yourself into Hatuey. Did the bad guy throw a left hook every time you threw a right hook? When you feinted right, did he feint left?

      I’m betting you both went down simultaneously from a technical KO.

      You are not fighting shadows, Hatuey, it’s worse than that. You’re fighting your own reflection in the mirror.

      But to be serious for a mo. I don’t believe you are capable of posting only mince. I believe you choose to post mince here for your own malign purposes.

    455. Republicofscotland says:

      The price of a barrel of oil just keeps on going up and up, pity Sturgeon betrayed Scots to save the union.

      Speaking of Sturgeon the Scottish government wants to retain the emergency powers it had during the height of the Covid pandemic, I’m not surprised by this, we have juryless trials on the way, the HCB, the GRA, Self-Id etc, Sturgeon and her spineless/gutless SNP MSPs continue to turn Scotland into an authoritarian country, and its ugly as hell.

    456. Dan says:

      BREAKING NEWS: EHRC comes out against reform of the Gender Recognition Act in Scotland. Will tell Scottish Government there is no case for legislative change.

    457. twathater says:

      @ Dan 4.35pm great news but does anyone think this will matter to the narcissistic messianic one , can she get her bought judges to jail everyone in the EHRC or will she just ignore their statement

      I notice her tartan taliban troops are already on twatter foaming at the mouth and SCREAMING PRONOUNS MATTER

    458. Jontoscots21 says:

      Interesting piece on STV News tonight. Now the MSM can’t report the daily fake doom toll from Covid (Thanks Robert Hughes), they have discovered real issues neglected by Sturheon and her clique.

      . Issues like the shocking state of housing and the related impact of fuel poverty. So the journos talked to a young working class woman in an Edinburgh scheme. However we all needed the contribution of a “campaigner” who to me was minority, (Asian I think), middle class, English and trans. They probably live in hipster Leith and are part of the SNP/Green plague of “activists” who patronise and despise working class people, while taking over their concerns for their own ends. It’s what I am calling “Govanhill syndrome” I know people involved in tenants rights who would have been much more credible but have been sidelined and often cancelled because they can’t negotiate the speech codes of the woketati. . A fellow winger may know different but it’s as if the cult are hijacking these groups to create their astroturf community organising. It needs to be challenged it should really be all about them their Identity and most of all slimy careers.

    459. Tannadice Boy says:

      Dan 4:35pm
      That is good news but the nuance of the EHRC letter is more qualified than I expected. More detailed consideration required etc. Still a big victory for women. A note of caution however, the push back has already started. The Scottish Greens are calling the EHRC intervention “deeply disappointing”. Other criticisms are flying about and include the EHRC are full of UK appointees invoking the constitutional question. Really? There is an office in Glasgow. Are they going to check the staff at the EHRC Glasgow office and their country of origin?. A statement is awaited from the SG. This may get a bit more dirty yet.

    460. wullie says:

      Perhaps the SNP could reflect on this.

      To quote one of the Founding Fathers of the United States who was instrumental in ending British rule, Samual Adams…
      “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.“

    461. Sarah says:

      @ wullie: That is a great sentiment beautifully expressed by Samuel Adams. Perhaps it could be printed on stickers and put on Bu… whoops, better not.

    462. Dan says:

      @ Tannadice Boy at 7.37pm

      Ooh, in that case I’ll counter the Scottish Greens push back with my own non contact push back and add that I am “deeply disappointed” with them!
      I’ll boost my disappointment coefficient higher by pointing out that a while back a few of the main players in the SG Party also breached covid guidelines and went to the pub for drinks…

    463. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Dan 9:06pm
      Ah but they didn’t have any cake. So that was alright then. Knowing Sturgeon I think she will double down and push ahead anyway with the proposed GRA amendments in Parliament. However the basis of a future legal defence against these amendments has been formed by the EHRC. Outlook optimistic despite the froth. But meanwhile will have to go through the wringer. It’s not imposter syndrome we are dealing with but a compromised set of SNP MSPs seemingly incapable of minimising the increasing waywardness of their leader.

    464. Robert Hughes says:

      ” It’s not imposter syndrome we are dealing with but a compromised set of SNP MSPs seemingly incapable of minimising the increasing waywardness of their leader.” Yip .

      They know they’ll all fall together if/when the spell is broken . when the Sturgeon bubble pops : so they must all cling together

      The end might resemble the Raft of the Medusa . Cannibalism inevitable

    465. Breastplate says:

      25 January 9:28pm

      “ I just popped by to see how things were going and look what I find; the latest desperate effort by the anti-vax crackpots to crawl out of the pandemic with a few particles of dignity. Will it succeed? Let’s have a look…

      So, basically, too many people died as a consequence of catching covid and, instead of the usual point blank denials and conspiracies involving the whole health service, they decided to come up with a brand new definition of “case fatality”.

      Accordingly, if 4 people die in a car crash and 3 of them have any sort of illnesses or ailments, we don’t count them as having died in the car crash. We’ve to apply that “logic” to covid deaths and presumably everything else.

      Yes, we are going to have to go through the history books and revise all the death tolls down so that only those known to be in perfect health count as fatalities in wars, etc.

      Crackers, but good luck with that.”

      No Hatuey, once again you miss the point.
      A car crash, in your example, doesn’t need any contributing factors for death to occur. Covid, on the other hand, does.

      No need for thanks, you’re welcome.

    466. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeons fanzine the National newspaper at again today with the headline INDYREF2 WILL HAPPEN IN 2023.

      With Mike Russell “confident” it will go ahead, the carrots are being dangled more and more as we get closer to May’s council elections, come the end of April Sturgeons indyref carrots will be right in our faces almost as much as the the UK’s MSM is on the BS story of Russia invading Ukraine.

      I wonder how many suckers will vote for the SNP in May thinking that she’ll deliver an indyref? Hopefully folk will vote Alba instead, and see through the smoke and mirrors of the SNP.

    467. robbo says:

      GRA reforms Scotland: Call to pause Scottish gender reforms named as ‘attack on trans rights’ by Stonewall

      Stonewall has claimed the EHRC’s approach focuses on ‘pleasing a noisy minority of anti-trans activists’ which ‘effectively seeks to exclude trans people from improved rights and protections’.

      Stonewall also called on the First Minister to “recognise and protect trans people, and progress rights for our communities by supporting these key pieces of legislation.”

      Prominent LGBT group the Equality Network accused the EHRC, of being “UK government appointees” who were “failing to stand up for equality for trans people”.

      The EHRC is funded by the Government Equalities Office, but insists that it operates independently of ministerial control as a regulator of equality and human rights law.

      Stonewall has called on the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions to ‘urgently review EHRC’ as it claims the body has ‘violated’ its principles.

      They claims EHRC’s approach focuses on ‘pleasing a noisy minority of anti-trans activists’ which ‘effectively seeks to exclude trans people from improved rights and protections’

      They must be fucking joking- It’s the other way round ya fake fannies!

    468. James Che. says:

      Women’s rights being stonewalled by trans rights,
      Which includes female children,

      This toxic coalition must have a friend or family they have given a contract to whom grows carrots.

      We prey that Alba wakes up and do not pin their colours to the same mast.

    469. Tannadice Boy says:

      FMQs: I have seldom seen a cross examination of the FM that was such a comprehensive slam dunk. Ross on maternity services in Moray and Caithness. Birth rates down 80%, personal statements from mums about travelling to centrised maternity services and yes the loss of babies. And we find out that Humza Yousaf ignored private correspondence from concerned clinicians. (I pointed out another example of ignoring clinicians a couple of days ago). Public Health Scotland are investigating the breach of upper control limits in new born infant mortality which cannot be accounted by random variation. Investigation was launched in November although their initial thoughts are it’s not covid related. Here is another slam dunk. Could it be related to the lack of local provision of maternity services? Meanwhile it is the end of January. How long should an investigation take. Instead the FM doubles down on the trans issue. If you are not angry about this maternity situation you should be.

    470. John Main says:

      @Republicofscotland 27 January, 2022 at 10:10 am

      “the BS story of Russia invading Ukraine”

      You sure are going out on a limb with that one Republic.

      I hope you are right and everybody else looking on is wrong. But if you are wrong, I hope you have your big, fat, abject, crawling apology ready.

      Cos your credibility will have taken a hard knock. Who knows long it will be before we can take you seriously again?

    471. James Che. says:

      One of our biggest problems is the setup of Holyrude itself.

      For this is full of civil servants attached to Westminster as employees through the back door.
      Alister jack is a good example,
      Even the crown sits as overseer of Scots Law through the back door of the devolved government.
      And of corse the set up of Scottish elections by the British Hondt system, in Scotland ensures an favoured outcome for south of the border.

      That all of these work towards the same purpose, it shouldn’t need to be mentioned. To ensure That Scotland and its people are stymied from having their own voice.

      The devolved government is actually a British government that sits over the north border in Scotland.

      We have many many obstacles in our path, from a corruption within the snp,
      A coalition with greens we did not vote for,
      A civil service sitting in the Scottish devolved government with its employees from down south in strategic positions.

      A group of so called Scottish independence political party’s wearing face masks.

      Accessing the reality,

      The devolved government in Scotland and its setup. The hondt system, our disappearing and changing Scots laws, passing harmful legislation that has to be given royal assent ensuring that Scots have no free speech rights, or women and young female children have a diminishing right in society.
      That a totalitarian government is allowed growth within this structure with no checks and balances from Westminster whom officially are the overseer of the Scottish devolved government.

      That our so called independence parties with all their lawyers and university graduates never ever tackle or undertake the biggest elephant in the room,
      The origins of the treaty of the union, the divergence and many breaks to that Treaty of the Union, the suppression of human rights, the colonialism,.

      For had any Independence Party worth their weight in gold would first and foremost challenge the very problem that ties us to a false narrative.

      This is not anywhere near close to being regarded as a Scottish government

    472. Republicofscotland says:

      “Cos your credibility will have taken a hard knock. Who knows long it will be before we can take you seriously again?”

      Joh Main.

      The day I worry about you taking me seriously is the day I’ll chuck commenting in here.

    473. James Che. says:


      Re- Russia,
      As far as I can see Russian troops are on the borders of their own country, which every country has the right to do.

      However our British troops have been sent to another countries border in a threatening manner.
      Going Along with this policy is America. Talking up sending their troops to monitor Russia staying within its own borders.

      The irony of all this rhetoric.
      Britain is unable to send troops to Britain’s borders to stop migrants crossing from France, whom slip through and disperse into Britain with no covid checks or accessing to define terrorists, or the people trafficking.

      And American troops are not sent to America’s borders to stop the influx of migration, bringing guns, drugs and people trafficking along with terrorists.

      This is typical of America and Britain to ignore the well-being of their own countries
      But wars create diversions and are money makers for these governments and has been their go to position for hundreds of years.

    474. Republicofscotland says:

      James che.

      UK troops are in Ukraine training soldiers, Johnson has already stated that UK troops will be sent to Estonia if Russia invades Ukraine, Johnson added that the UK is the lead group in Nato in Estonia.

      Meanwhile both France and Germany have refused UK planes loaded full of weapons destined for Ukraine, to fly through their airspace. Macron has supposedly cooled on pressurising Moscow and Germany has much to lose (Russian gas etc) if Nato crosses Putin’s redline. Though Australia the Great Satan’s (USA) tip of the spear in the economic war against China, has said it will supply Europe with LPG if need be, Qatar was mentioned as well as a supplier.

      Incidentally warplanes flew out from Scotland carrying weapons to the Ukraine, not in my name I say. Canada has sent 400 troops to Ukraine as well.

      As for SWIFT, I’m pretty sure Beijing and Moscow will be speeding up their plans to ditch it.

      We could be in for another lengthy cold war.

    475. James Che. says:

      Does the treaty of the union articles pacifically state that if Westminster or the British government instigate a war with another country Scotland has to go to war.

      What if the Scots whom are the only other signatures to the treaty of 1707 union and are more peaceful, put it to a vote and decided against going to war.?

      Will the British government decide it inherited Scotland and its people? Ignore the treaty articles.
      Would it ignore the Claim of Right, that Scottish people can choose a new government?
      That it would display colonialism towards Scotland.

      For prior to 2014 most Scots were politically unaware of their political position.

    476. Hatuey says:

      Breastplate: “A car crash, in your example, doesn’t need any contributing factors for death to occur. Covid, on the other hand, does.”

      What a bizarre comment. Clearly the force of my analysis made you dizzy and incoherent.

      1) you say that a car crash doesn’t need contributing factors for death to occur and we agree. Nobody anywhere said otherwise.

      2) you then say, unlike a car crash, covid does need “contributing factors” for death to occur. But the conversation on this started with the point that around 18 thousand perfectly healthy people (with no contributing factors) died as a result of contracting coronavirus.

      If you come back in here, and I don’t assume you ever will since I’ve never seen anyone so straightforwardly wrong, you should apologise.

      I’m done with you.

    477. Hatuey says:

      I want to bet that Sturgeon will be out of office before Boris will — anyone willing to take that bet?

      If so, let me know what sort of odds you are offering and I’ll propose a stake.

      Rev Stu?

    478. James Che. says:


      Instigating a war with Russia has been a long term plan. Years in the making,

      I saw the Henry Kissinger interview where He stated the plan was to take down the Arab world and countries, I believe he mentioned 7 in total,
      They? ( not sure which government) deep state perhaps: Would let Russia and China meanwhile build themselves up, and then take them down last,

      The uk and America have (for all to see) been following this agenda as a patterned plan,
      klaus Swab[ the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM and Gates, Zuckaburger, the blairs, royals, follow the other plan in which
      “ You will own nothing and you will be happy” while “They” keep buying new and large tracts of land,

      Two plans working in Tandem.
      To rule the masses and bring them to their knees.
      These elitists behind closed door in secret meetings.

      If you ask me they have read to many boys comic books where the baddies try take over the world,
      We need a Hero or two with a good plan,
      Perhaps that’s why they are getting rid of AS, DT, CM,
      Can’t have hero’s showing up and calling them out.

    479. James Che. says:

      I wonder where the Climate change and viruses fit into the plan for controlling the masses

    480. James Che. says:

      Perhaps we should all e- mail the snp as Bill Gates met with NS, and NS met with Hilary Clinton, and she seems quite happy to gain control over the the people with covid legislation and hate crime, trans issues,

    481. James Che. says:

      At least, the political connections the snp have attached themselves are a show of bad judgement on their behalf,
      for are not the these big names in question at present as Clinton’s , Bill Gates and certain royals by association attached themselves to the scandal of trafficking minors for sex,

      This may be the purpose of destroying women’s rights, and trying to change the age of consent of a child to become a adult.

      How demoralised is the snp ?
      Alba need to separate from this toxic group.

    482. Republicofscotland says:

      “Does the treaty of the union articles pacifically state that if Westminster or the British government instigate a war with another country Scotland has to go to war.”

      Traditionally the MoD would canvass poor areas (and Still does I think) looking for their next cannon fodder. Even today the British armed forces has the youngest recruitment process in Europe with sixteen-year olds allowed to join up, HRW and AI have condemned allowing such young folk to join the armed forces in the UK, some of which were sent to Afghanistan and did not return back home.

      “The army argues that it provides underprivileged teenagers with a route out of unemployment, but since four-fifths of disadvantaged teenagers now continue in school or college from age 16, their enlistment typically brings their full-time education to an early end”.

      In my opinion Scots should not fight in Westminster’s wars, the illegal invasion of Iraq, to the bombing of Libya and the occupation of Afghanistan Scots soldiers are little more than puppets of a foreign countries global ambitions, it needs to stop. Already Scotland is a first strike country because we allow foreign countries to park their nukes and nuclear subs just thirty miles from our largest city, and our own SNP government appears quite content with that.

    483. Republicofscotland says:

      “FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for the Sue Gray report to be released in full – but added that the Prime Minister had “misled parliament” regardless.”

      “Speaking ahead of First Minister’s Questions in Holyrood, Sturgeon told ITV Border that the report should not be redacted or edited, and should be released for public consumption “immediately”.”

      This is pure gold from Sturgeon, “should not be redacted or edited” you mean like you had done with vital evidence when you faced the inquiry at Holyrood, I’ve no time for the Tories full stop, but this hypocrite really takes the biscuit.

      The Holyrood Inquiry was so stacked in Sturgeon favour that its convener prior to the inquiry asked the former Westminster SNP leader AR if he or any of the SNP MPs knew of any dirt on Salmond at Westminster that they could use.

    484. Republicofscotland says:

      So P6’s and P7’s at Schools won’t now get their free school meals in August as promised by the SNP government, of course this SNP government has no problem giving Stonewall a £150,000 pounds of taxpayers money.

    485. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Hatuey 3:08pm
      I wouldn’t take you up on that bet. But that would require SNP MSPs realising who sent them to Holyrood. As the fog of Covid clears the performance of the Scot Gov will be under close social media scrutiny. I am angry about the unexplained infant mortality. Outwith random variation means something caused it and it wasn’t Covid as determined by the preliminary Public Health Scotland investigation. The Health Secretary by not answering genuine clinician concerns is an immediate resignation issue for me. Newly born children are dying in statistically significant numbers. Meanwhile we have an FM that is solely concerned by her Woke credentials. Something has to give.

    486. twathater says:

      I went over to niclas fanzine to look at the comments regarding Russell’s indy ref confidence , the sycophants and apologists are out in force ,the MESSIAH has announced that she will announce when policies will be put to HR to announce the start of preparations to announce what those policies will be but she will announce them when the the time comes to announce them , she will also announce a timescale for a proper announcement but she cannot obviously announce that at present due to the contraints placed upon her announcing the weakening of covid but she will announce that in due course

      I think that covers any announcement the MESSIAH intends for her groupies

    487. Ruby says:

      “Traditionally the MoD would canvass poor areas (and Still does I think) looking for their next cannon fodder.”

      They seem to find enough willing volunteers if they didn’t they would just introduce mandatory conscription.

      I wonder if you would be ‘excused boots’ if you identified as a ‘woman’.

      “Does the treaty of the union articles pacifically state that if Westminster or the British government instigate a war with another country Scotland has to go to war.”

      It might be different story if Scotland had armed forces but it doesn’t.

      Devo-Max option wouldn’t solve the problem. No control over defence or foreign affairs with devo-max.

    488. Dan says:

      @ twathater at 5.50pm

      I hereby announce that there’s more recorded announcements in the following article to add to yer list of announcements. 😉

    489. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Dan 6:33pm
      The operative phrase in the mcalpine narrative being “the self interest of the First Minister”. And the real issues that need to be addressed in Scotland. The publication of the audit Scotland report of the 20th January on the lack of skills integration. I will summarise. The SDC and the SFC were tasked in 2017 with integration of skills to serve the needs of industry for the 21st Century. Basically they fell oot with no leadership from the Scot Gov so little progress. Alternatively consider the FM proposal at conference about a non for profit energy company. 500000 pounds later and 5 years later it was dropped. No explanation to the taxpayer forthcoming. In the midst of an energy crisis these actions would have been more than handy. A plethora of such nonsense awaits the SNP. They don’t do industry, they don’t do economy, they don’t do skills development but they pardon 17th Century witches and die on a trans hill. And so do our infants.

    490. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @3.13pm.

      Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany reaffirm Ukraine ceasefire.

    491. Republicofscotland says:

      Dan @6.33pm.

      Thanks for the link Dan, from what I can tell the citizens assembly that we had high hopes for has been watered down and left toothless by Sturgeon, and although there were some very good idea, they might not see the light of day.

    492. Robert Hughes says:

      Do you think Sturgeon and Johnson have a wager on to see who can create the most fuck-ups , make the most * pledges * ( and fail to fulfil them ), tell the biggest lies and fool the electorate the longest ?

      “Oor” wee Nicotine Stoogeon is winning this one hands down – granted she has a better supply of smoke and mirrors: the tears of a clown – crocodile variety – may soon be flowing in 10 Covid Party Street . Johnson doesn’t seem to understand he was only there to protect the sanctity of Tax Havens by ” Getting Brexit Done ” . The shelf-life of his clownishness has expired……

      That of his North British mirror image can’t have much longer to go , the catalogue of her and HER Government’s failures is surely becoming too massive to be hidden .

      ” Oh but she/they won the last SGE with the biggest margin since margins began ” squeal the Nicophants , yea , well , did you see the state of the alternatives ?

      You CAN fool a lot of people for a long time , just not forever

      Will she jump or be pushed ? Who cares , just get her and the circus troupe she commands tae fuck . Pronto

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