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The Bullshitter

Posted on December 31, 2021 by

We’ve had no takers from any Nicola Sturgeon loyalists for this yet, so let’s narrow our focus a bit and see if we can get some joy from the payroll vote.

The quote pictured below is an absolutely unequivocal statement, with no qualifiers or conditions, made during and with full knowledge of a major peak in the COVID-19 pandemic. The halfway point of the current Scottish Parliament is 9 November 2023.

So: I bet Pete Wishart £5,000 that he’s a liar.

I have the money, and on the £100K-a-year-plus-expenses wage he’s been stealing for most of the last 20 years (and let’s not forget the juicy £50,000-a-year Westminster pension he’s built up over two decades of totally failing to deliver the only thing he’s ever been elected to do), we damn sure know that HE has the money.

My bet is simply that there will NOT be a second indyref on or before that date.

Please, everyone reading this with a Twitter account, tweet this to Pete Wishart until he takes five seconds off from attacking real independence campaigners and gives us all his answer, and let’s see if he’s prepared to put a tiny little fraction of his money where his endlessly bloviating mouth is.

Because if he isn’t, we’ll all know why.

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1258 to “The Bullshitter”

  1. Robert Hughes

    Do you think Sturgeon and Johnson have a wager on to see who can create the most fuck-ups , make the most * pledges * ( and fail to fulfil them ), tell the biggest lies and fool the electorate the longest ?

    “Oor” wee Nicotine Stoogeon is winning this one hands down – granted she has a better supply of smoke and mirrors: the tears of a clown – crocodile variety – may soon be flowing in 10 Covid Party Street . Johnson doesn’t seem to understand he was only there to protect the sanctity of Tax Havens by ” Getting Brexit Done ” . The shelf-life of his clownishness has expired……

    That of his North British mirror image can’t have much longer to go , the catalogue of her and HER Government’s failures is surely becoming too massive to be hidden .

    ” Oh but she/they won the last SGE with the biggest margin since margins began ” squeal the Nicophants , yea , well , did you see the state of the alternatives ?

    You CAN fool a lot of people for a long time , just not forever

    Will she jump or be pushed ? Who cares , just get her and the circus troupe she commands tae fuck . Pronto

  2. robbo

    Don’t be too downhearted folks with the SNP being absolutely useless, really useless at everything. I hear they’re very good at ‘Baby Boxes’

  3. Republicofscotland

    At last some SNP MSPS/MPs stand up to Sturgeon on the GRA/Self-Id nonsense by sending her a letter

    “It has been signed by government ministers Kate Forbes, Ash Denham and Ivan McKee, as well as SNP MSPs Joan McAlpine, Ruth Maguire, Christine Grahame and Kenneth Gibson, and MPs Carol Monaghan, Angus Macneil, Patricia Gibson and Joanna Cherry.

    Four senior SNP councillors – Chris McEleny, Caroline McAllister, Shaun Macaulay and Lynne Anderson – have also added their signatures.”

    SNP MSP Ruth Maguire responding to Ms Sturgeon’s speech by posting “FFS” in a private online conversation with colleagues Ash Denham and Gillian Martin.

    “Ms Denham and Ms Martin then appeared to suggest that Ms Sturgeon, the SNP leader, is “out of step” with her party over the issue.”

    We need a hell of a lot more than this, they need to run her and her hubby out of the party asap.

  4. Tannadice Boy

    @Robert Hughes 8:18pm
    Until Sturgeon goes we cannot make the base case for Independence. It is that simple. So we have to draw out all of the failings before we can provide the necessary solutions. Because these failings are hidden thanks to the nodding vote of SNP MSPs. But we have the intelligence and wherewithal to do that as a population. But that regretfully doesn’t reside in Holyrood. It will be her handling of the infant mortality scandal that will be her undoing. A scandal that mums to be deserve our utmost support. In a party political broadcast tonight Patrick Harvie Scottish Greens said young people should get angry. Us auld bastards are extremely angry about infant mortality on your watch.

  5. Republicofscotland

    Anyone see the documentary on Brewdog and their plan to plant millions of trees in Scotland a tree will be planted in the “Lost Forest” every time you buy a Brewdog beer.

    Trouble is no trees have been planted yet, as Brewdog are waiting on a million plus grant from the Scottish government to plant the trees, in effect the taxpayer will be paying for it, yet Brewdog insists its planting the trees as a form of carbon offsetting.

    This the company that loathes meta-beer producers such as Heineken, yet it has been revealed that the owners of Brewdog have half a million shares in you guessed it Heineken.

  6. Dan

    @ RoS at 8.46pm

    That looks like an old link RoS from 2019.

    As soon as I read SNP MSP Joan McAlpine it clicked.
    She of course is no longer an MSP, with Emma Harper now being the sole Regional List SNP MSP for the South of Scotland after some jiggery pokery with Self IDing as disabled to get to the top of the list.
    A timely reminder of the piss poor worth of the #BothVotesSNP strategy which got a pair of Emmas for just over 1 million 2nd votes cast for SNP.
    Alert readers will no doubt recall the other Emma.

  7. President Xiden

    I see Sturgeon is preparing her very own enabling act to circumvent Parliamentary scrutiny by making these emergency powers permanent. Where have we seen this before I wonder.

  8. James Che.

    As to NS powers of authority to retain the emargancy powers in Scotland. She has a higher authority down south she must make that request to.

    Like I said earlier today, she a the puppet pretending she is in charge,
    But willing to work for the greater good of global ideology,

    Bj is the go between.

  9. Saffron Robe

    What Nicola Sturgeon and her acolytes are involved with as regards independence, and have been from the beginning, is a discourse of delay. It is the same technique employed by the major oil companies to prevent any meaningful action being taken on climate change, and a sign that those engaged in such a discourse have no intention of delivering, only of prevaricating.

  10. James Che.

    The two alternate between playing good cop bad cop to each other.

    But they both swore allegiance to the crown,

    Not a enough to to slide a piece of paper between them,

    Both use squirrels as decoys.

    Both went to far in thinking they are untouchable.
    Both have acted in power as dispots.

  11. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Dan.
    Spotted that as well.
    Joan McAlpine and Chris McEleny, the second being a ‘high up’ in the Albaparty.

    There’s a lot of regurgitating of old stories going on on Facebook and Gettr just now.

    What’s the point?

  12. Hatuey

    Tannadice: “I am angry about the unexplained infant mortality.“

    You have mentioned this more than a few times, tannadice. I suspect you have a theory.

    Of course, “unexplained” does not mean inexplicable.

    International studies and comparisons, particularly those relating to other first world countries, would be a good place to start if you wanted to rule certain “things” out (or in).

    I agree it’s another failure of leadership issue, of which there are so many in Scotland today. The only subject we seem to be offered leadership on is transgender rights.

    (Okay, I admit that’s a bit unfair… they’ve also taken the lead on trying to stitch up Salmond, throwing journalists in jail, and making “ring-fenced” donations disappear.)

    One of the reasons I think Boris will outlast Sturgeon, btw, is that I think people are starting to realise she isn’t interested in independence. Even Lesley Riddoch seems to be having doubts. If only they’d been more honest about that 2 or 3 years ago.

    I also think this party-gate stuff is a pile of trivial crap, but I’m sure nobody wants to discuss that since it’s been wall-to-wall for weeks.

  13. James Che.

    Saffron robe.

    As truths emerge around enquires, and truths of facts of covid, or partygate in Westminster.

    The truth about climate change will also come out.

    The truth on monies received from China into big politicians pockets from the Bushes to The Trudue family, Biden to peroxiding family.

    Just think how the virus may have started in wuhan, and then we buy ppe from China, masks from China, and even the needles to inject the western world with unlicensed vaccines, vaccines that are not due to finish being trialed until 2023.

    Things are about to change, and the connections between politicians, contracts, ideologies, bankers, biological warfare in peacetime, money and world power have already begun.
    Secrets are being unveiled.

  14. James Che.

    Saffron robe.

    It is meant to read, Biden to the Pelosi family.

  15. James Che.

    And of corse as recently mentioned in the news,
    We even had China sitting in Westminster.

  16. Tannadice Boy

    @Hatuey 10:31pm
    My theory is simple. The Scot Gov have introduced maternity services based on so called centres of excellence. For a couple of millennia women have have children successfully without intervention only occasionally do they need specialist intervention. So the infant mortality has spiked since the introduction of Scot Gov policies. And we still await their deliberations 3 months later. And the health secretary refused to engage with clinicians in the meantime. A spontaneous abortion does not equate to bleeding out in an ambulance to Aberdeen. And my wife will tell you that. And Douglas Ross referenced rural areas without specifically mentioning Caithness equally as bad as Moray. Women are frightened there to have children in these areas because of the lack maternity services. It’s a universal service or nothing. We can’t have Women in rural areas deciding not to have children because of the lack of local NHS maternity services. I suppose we have to wait until the infant mortality rate is worse than Burkino Faso. Maybe then SNP MSPs will take note. But an 80% drop in childbirth tells you what Women think.

  17. Breastplate

    You are quite correct, I should have made plain that I was comparing your example of a car crash with John Main’s point regarding 90% of the people who were attributed to death from Covid, when this wasn’t the case, after all, that was what you were replying to.

    My apologies for not recognising your incredibly small memory span.

    While we’re at it, are you still an anti-vaxxer who doesn’t think children should receive one of the spanking new vaccinations and the myriad of boosters?
    Does your anti-vaxxer thinking put you in a different group from the anti-vaxxers you chastise?

    No need to answer if the questions are too hard for you.

  18. Saffron Robe

    James Che,

    I agree with you. Mussolini said that “the definition of fascism is the marriage of corporation and state”. I think that is what has happened on a global scale between corporations/multinationals and the ruling class, along with what I can only describe as a belief in Sabbatean Frankism i.e. doing the inverse of what is right. As you say, however, the plot is starting to unravel and the truth is slowly coming out.

  19. Hatuey

    Breastplate, 90% will never be the same as 100%.

    My views on the vaccine with regards to kids have not changed. My position was/is based on the data rather than ideology (like yours) and, for the record, I made that assessment on vaccinating kids on here well before the JCVI came to the same conclusion.

    Tannadice, your theory is more palatable than some of the alternatives I’ve read. It’s tragic. I heard the number of babies being born addicted is also up, something like 500 in the last few years.

    In all of these things and more I see tribal loyalties and ideological crap getting in the way of people being honest. Until we are honest about the SNP’s failures, vaccines, etc., the failures will continue.

  20. Tannadice Boy

    @Hatuey 12:13pm
    I agree the failures will continue until Sturgeon goes. Maternity services is not rocket science. I get all the druggie stuff. After all I left Dundee because of that. But mums to be in Wick or Elgin are not homogenous with Dundee. And we do them a disservice if we attribute infantile death rates to that. I don’t believe that for a moment. It’s not drugs but the administration of maternal services. The SNP are on the hook for that. If only Public Health Scotland produced the report timeously then the argument is solved.

  21. gregor

    Here is a confidential report from Pfizer:

    5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports (see page 12. Table 6. for pregnancy data):

    Big pharma promises its disclosure process will be completed within 55 years.

  22. Confused

    Rabbie gets accused of being a rap-artist roundabout this time every year; usually in the guardian, making their own interpretation of some line in a letter.

    Sandy Brindley and Dana Scullivelli should form their own Scooby Gang and get on the case, along with 50 Police detectives, holding seances.

    new scottish procedures for rap artist trials

    sandly brindley acts as judge
    the jury get shown clips from the pinball table scene from the accused with jodie foster
    begbie QC prosecutes


    then the jury is dismissed and Sandy decides


    – she doesn’t.


    Scottish courts prosecute r4pes with 100% effectiveness, a new model to be used by the entire world

    Just occurred to me – “a mans a man for a that” – is probably “transphobic” too or “non inclusive” at least

    if she identifies as such, for aw that …

    – theres more …

    We were bought and sold for English gold:
    Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!
    pooling and sharing, better together
    the most successful union in history …

    (its a pity federalism and devo max dont rhyme with anything)

  23. Robert Hughes

    Confused @ 1.32

    LOL ! Aye that retrospective witch-hunting is a bit a a cerry oan eh ? The Torquemadas of the Neo-Puritan * Progressive * School have been chipping away at Burns’ rep for some time

    ” He thought about going to work on a slave plantation ” . So fuckn what ? He didnae go did he .

    Imagine if we were all held to account for the things we considered doing – but thought better of

    You can value judge the past through the mores of the present if you want . Still a pretty pointless exercise.

    That SNP Deid Witches Tsarina would be better employed finding ways to transmute Net Zero into Net Affordable Heating for the living

  24. Dorothy Devine

    Denigrate Scotland and Scots, pull down their heroes as thugs, liars and ingrates. Mess with the culture and ensure your own is sold as superior.

    I remember that great intellectual Jeremy Paxman describing Burns as ‘doggerel’- I can also remember him likening Alex Salmond to Pol Pot and some other despots prior to the referendum.

    So if and when you see him enjoying a quiet fishing session on one of our rivers , muster a great number of children , primed with loads of sugary munchies and loads of wee flat stones and set them off on a skipping stones competition.

  25. Tinto Chiel

    @Dorothy 8.21: never mind, Paxo was mightily smitten by the revenge of his bloodline on “Who Do You Think You Are?” when he discovered to his horror that his Scottish granny had lived up a close in Glesca and had had quite a complicated social life. His face as his nose wrinkled up at the smell from the drains was a picture.

    A “giftie” from his ancestors which he would rather not have received, I’m sure.

    A wee shame for him, soanitwas 🙂 .

  26. Breastplate

    Nobody said 90% was 100%.

    Regarding kids being inoculated with an unsatisfactory and unsuitably tested treatment of pharmaceutical roulette, I agree with you now and I agreed with you then, hence the point I made about your hypocrisy.

    If you believe that, as a group, kids shouldn’t take the vaccine then it’s logical and reasonable to assume there are other groups that shouldn’t take the vaccine also.

    Surely the criteria for your belief that kids shouldn’t take the vaccine is a simple risk/reward ratio, a risk/reward ratio that can also be applied to any demographic group.

    Chanting about anti-vaxxers being vile people when you are one of them doesn’t sound very logical to me.

    My ideology is that if you personally believe that you will benefit from this vaccine, then fill your boots. I believe this would address the logical aspect of where we are.

    My ideology is that people should not be forced or coerced into this new vaccination programme. I believe this would address the human rights aspect of where we are.

    My ideology is that we should not create a group of untermensch in our society that has parallels with 1930s Germany. I believe this would address the fascist trajectory of where we are heading.

    I wouldn’t expect you to understand, because of course, my ideology isn’t the same as yours.

  27. Dorothy Devine

    Tinto Chiel, I had forgotten that thanks for the reminder!

  28. John Main

    Hatuey says 27 January, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    “International studies and comparisons, particularly those relating to other first world countries”

    Let me stop you there Hatuey. Some time has elapsed since I last thought of Scotland as a “first world country”. Probably not third world, but must be second world by now with the trajectory clear to see.

    Not to be critical of you (again) but your post shows the cognitive dissonance common to so many. You drive your car, or crash along in the bus, along neglected roads barely passable because of potholes, worn-off markings and broken signs. You arrive in a litter-strewn, boarded-up, town centre with homeless beggars in every second doorway and weeds sprouting from every crack in the pavement. You spend your spare time posting about government incompetence, croneyism and criminality, and worrying about prices spiraling out of control. If you become ill, or even need just dental treatment, there is a very real risk that unless you can pay for it yourself, you will have an agonising wait while your condition deteriorates.

    Thousands of us go a week without power or water because the wind got up. Imagine that, blowing a gale, in Scotland, in the winter!

    But still, in your head, Scotland is a first world country.

    Aye, right.

  29. John Main

    @Breastplate says – 28 January, 2022 at 10:08 am

    100 upticks from me.

  30. Hatuey

    Public health isn’t an ideology.

    There are a multitude of medicines and treatments that are beneficial to adults but are not suitable for children, everything from basic pain killers like aspirin, cough medicine, and seemingly innocuous things like iron which is toxic to kids and kills many every year.

    It isn’t hypocritical to point that out. It isn’t inconsistent or contradictory. It doesn’t mean I’m anti-iron, anti-aspirin, or anti-anything. It simply means I have more than two brain cells and am able to imbibe basic concepts.

    The reason I see no need to vaccinate kids is down to the virus itself though, not the vaccine per se. The virus is much less likely to cause kids serious harm. Anyone that has looked at the data knows that.

    In short, I’m against giving the vaccine to kids pretty much for the same reason I’m against giving it to trees and combine harvesters. It’s unlikely to do them any good.

    Move on to some other tedious point now… pretend the new point was the one you were making all along. Whatever. I’ll make you look stupid even if you say something sensible.

  31. robbo

    Look at the state of this crazy woman. Mibbee didn’t like the last bottle she drunk from Aldi then!

  32. James Che.

    Thinking of people being forced into a situation against there will,
    due to another’s personal opinion medically, whom has no medical back ground,
    Or when a large per portion of doctors and nurses have their doubts about the medical procedure and therefore refuse to take the vaccine themselves.

    And as mentioned above, there is no point inflicting these injections on people that are dying of old age or other illnesses.
    Or on those in the front line since 2020 with covid patients on a regular basis and seem to have a very good immune system against the illness.

    Or those that have actually had the virus and sailed through.

    Nor should an unlicensed medicine that has not completed its trial period until 2023 be injected into any human
    As this would be considered crimes against Humanity.

    And perhaps those pushing this agenda should undergo Public trials akin to Nuremberg trials, which is now being spoken about.

    It certainly would question any doctors whom received payments for each injection they gave while medically ignoring other patients that died due to neglect.

  33. James Che.

    I forgot to mention the investigation into why the world wide medical practice by doctors in hospitals, whom had covid patients put covid patients into care homes.
    Knowing that elderly people in care homes were under lockdown,
    This in of its self borders on medically induced assisted death by doctors without the permission of their families.

  34. Ruby

    robbo says:
    28 January, 2022 at 11:38 am
    Look at the state of this crazy woman. Mibbee didn’t like the last bottle she drunk from Aldi then!

    ‘The Revenge of the Alcoholic’

    How did they know it was a woman?
    I think they may have misgendered this boy!

    I wonder why they hide cigarettes or not alcohol?

  35. Republicofscotland

    Dan @9.35pm.

    So its Dan apologies for that, and here was I thinking that maybe one or two of the SNP MSPs had grown a backbone, what was I thinking eh.

  36. Republicofscotland

    The USA and Ukraine were the only two countries in the world to vote against a UN General Assembly resolution last month, calling on countries to make the glorification of Nazism illegal

    The Great Satan (USA) and one of its puppet states thinking alike.

  37. Republicofscotland

    The Met comes to the rescue of Boris Johnson, any law breaking will now be excised from sue Gray’s report investigates.

    No doubt sly Sturgeon will use this trick if there’s a next time.

  38. Republicofscotland

    Yesterday Sturgeons fanzine the National newspaper had a headline that independence is on the way, today her fanzine has back in the EU in five years.

    Watch as the National’s headlines increasingly proclaim that an indyref is on the way, as we get closer and closer to May’s council elections. The same carrots are dangled out in front of the people of Scotland every time there’s an election of sort on the horizon.

    Wake up this time and say enough is enough and vote for the Alba party, if you want independence something the SNP will never deliver.

  39. James Che.


    In a very courteous manner may I ask why we should vote for Alba any more than the snp that Alba link themselves too?

  40. James Che.


    Are we to vote Alba and snp the same as the last election?
    Or are Alba going to stand on all accounts in their own right?

  41. James Che.

    There are many old snp in the Alba party.
    I would like to see a more constructive totally different approach to gaining independence.

    I am not convinced as yet that the snp that flitted to Alba have improved their thinking, or have not influenced change of the original concept of Alba.
    But rather making it a new brand of the snp.

    There is no site for the public to converse on.
    There is no interaction between members other than reading bulletins or the odd video.
    They are as distant from the grassroots as the snp made themselves.
    And are as far as I can tell are making promises with no backup as the snp Do.

    We are as much in the dark with as little say in our future as we ever were.
    There needs to be a very distinct direct plan for the future that is less insipid.

  42. James Che.

    It is all very well promising what changes you will run on in an election, IF YOU WIN.

    But independence of Scotland should be the bee all and end all of their purpose first.
    There is nothing wrong with have a white paper for forward planning.

    That is would be what generates me personally to vote at all then I will vote for them,
    As this is one old voter that wants a political party to do as they promise for a change,
    And unless we end the treaty full stop as a reset button,
    Dividing Scotland from England will be as messy and damaging to Scotland as Brexit was.
    Entangling for years to come,
    And as politicians change with each election, there will be those that try to reverse or stymie any other way we do this.

  43. Republicofscotland

    “I am not convinced as yet that the snp that flitted to Alba have improved their thinking, or have not influenced change of the original concept of Alba.
    But rather making it a new brand of the snp.”

    James Che.

    What makes you think that?

    As for your other comments James, are you referring to Salmond asking us to give our constituency vote to the SNP and the list vote Alba as “they’re in it together” type thing and not in it for independence.

    As for giving Alba our vote, its clear that the SNP under Sturgeon has no intentions of holding an indyref, Sturgeon fears Salmond, (the fit up trial) and the fact that he’s the only person that’s come close to dissolving this rancid union in over three-hundred years, is it any wonder then that Sturgeon screamed with delight (their dead!) when the Alba party failed to gain a seat at Holyrood.

    Sturgeon doesn’t want Alba MSPs at Holyrood asking difficult questions at FMQ’s.

    Tell me James, what indy party does convince you.

  44. Republicofscotland

    “It is all very well promising what changes you will run on in an election, IF YOU WIN.”

    Very true James, however you need to vote for them first to find out, or are you quite content with the status quo at Holyrood. Lets no forget the entire UK MSM is in one form or another anti-Alba, ask yourself why that is.

    Sturgeon isn’t up for re-election until 2026, what if she decides to stay on as SNP leader, or even have Angus Robertson replace her, nothing will change for years even decades, we need to vote Alba now and keep on voting for them and then just maybe they’ll make a break through come the 2026 elections.

    If you have a better idea James I’m all eyes lets read it.

  45. James Che.

    I for one need some serious convincing,
    That the party I spend my vote on,
    Is actually for Independence Party as priority first,

    Other wise I will stay at home.
    As all Scottish politics is sitting in the same room, on the same bench eating from the same trough.

  46. James Che.


    Yes I have a better idea.
    Have a party that runs on ending the treaty of the union, and promise to act upon it with immediate action as soon as they are in office.
    There is a long enough list to state their reasons, why the consider the treaty has already been broken and ended its very purpose.

    You will find that those whom are genuinely for independence will vote for it.
    You will find that those whom are not genuine will vote against it.

    It is time to make the choice black or white.

    Seventy odd years of the snp pussyfooting Scottish politics has seen many with good employment and a nice retirement.

  47. Republicofscotland

    “I for one need some serious convincing,
    That the party I spend my vote on,
    Is actually for Independence Party as priority first,”

    Staying at home or voting for the SNP is a good as voting no in my book.

  48. James Che.

    Perhaps the reason this has never been done, is many a politician would be out of work across the board,
    From snp, Tories, labour, Lib- dems, and greens.

    However we the people in in Scotland are not only waiting for the never ending next election or the one after that,
    We have been waiting since the last election, or the one before that, or further back to 2014, or further back to when the snp first became a party, or further back to three hundred years ago, when no Scot wanted to join the treaty and rebelled.
    Over three hundred years of generation after generation holding on to hope. Or the next politicians promises.
    Many have died while waiting for promises to be fulfilled, And many have passed away since 2014.
    Yet still we trust politicians?

    No more for me,
    It does not matter which politician is left in office after an election if they are of the same quality as the ones that went before.

  49. James Che.

    The reason we are in a woke, crazy gender crises, climate change ideology, lack of free speech, totalitarian heading country is due to a LACK of backbone amongst politicians

    i want a sincere emphatic change in a politicians mindset and a show of Scottish politics that will take a great divergence from the old establishments.

    I want a politician that has morals and values for his countrymen and women before themselves.
    If this politician is lacking backbone,
    And therefore I do not go to the voting station.

    I have not lost my vote for them, but saved my own values and morals from electing another “ Ner do well”.

  50. twathater

    @ ROS and James Che, I do admit to frustration and impatience when there appears to be nothing happening within ALBA to EXPOSE and DESTROY sturgeon’s giveaway of £MILLIONS to the very parasites that are going to be responsible for more homelessness, more poverty,and more deaths of our citizens by the massive increase in energy prices which they are presiding over

    Why has AS NOT called a press conference of the world media to berate , castigate and denigrate sturgeon’s charitable giveaway of our resources to the energy privateers whilst her LOUDLY PROCLAIMED PROMISE in 2017 of an energy NOT FOR PROFIT company was thrown unceremoniously in the dustbin without any reason given
    WE ALL talk about sturgeon’s missed opportunities, this energy carve up is a fantastic opportunity for ALBA to GRAB THE HEADLINES and demonstrate to the electorate BEFORE the May elections that there is a FIGHTER on the independence side who is going to do things differently for the PEOPLE, AND whilst they are doing that they can TELL the world’s media that they are now stating that the next general election , ALBA will be fighting it on a plebiscite basis that if they win the most seats in HR that is an instruction from the electorate that they are withdrawing from the union forthwith

    Kenny MacAskill and Neale Hanvey moaning in WM is doing nothing to win indy, no matter what they do or say down there people up here don’t even watch WM chaff , they are wasting their time even the snp troughers walk out or play with their phones

  51. James Che.


    The reason I will not vote for Alba is they have aligned themselves to closely to snp
    And the snp have aligned themselves to every other political party sitting.

    This is why I consider for the first time ever in my life staying at home on voting day.

    Until we can vote for genuine new politics.

  52. Robert Graham


    THE MEDIA ARE DECIEVING YOU no shit Sherlock eh

    The biggest truck convoy ever seen is descending on the state capital of Canada Ottawa and the British media have introduced a news blackout as have every other western news organisation .

    The ones who do mention it refer to the truckers as a fringe element of deranged individuals , the go fund me website have stopped the truckers receiving donations I wonder why ? .

    This fringe element is now estimated to be almost 70 miles long and takes over 3 hours to pass any given point

    in the mean time Trudeau the Prim Minister is in hiding after contracting the plague despite being jabbed up to the eyeballs him and the other MPs who support are totally shittn themselves and well they should because when this Dam breaks there will be no where for these scabby liars to hide that includes our home grown liars .

  53. James Che.

    Robert Graham.

    Not so far of topic.

    People are fed with the politicians across the world and the way our governments countries are merging into politics of China and their treatment of their citizens,

    I watched the truckers last night when they were estimated 50 miles long.
    Trudeaus citizens were lined along the roads and streets cheering on support for the truckers.
    And yes the most vaccined politicians all conveintly catch covid time and again,

    Citizens all over the world are protesting, EU countries included.

    I could imagine, when protesters realise that their governments are not listening to them, citizens will go on strike as citizens eventually.

    No more taxes paid into the coffers and treasuries. Ignoring fines en masse.
    Withholding of all services to the elite.

    Ahhh, one can dream.

  54. Republicofscotland

    “The reason I will not vote for Alba is they have aligned themselves to closely to snp”

    James Che.

    In what way? a wee bit more info would be nice James.

  55. Dan

    I missed this from last week.

    SEPA Chief Executive resigns

    “Following conduct allegations, Terry A’Hearn has stepped down and left his position. SEPA has a clear Code of Conduct and takes conduct allegations very seriously indeed. In order to protect anonymity, SEPA is unable to comment further.”

    I note yet more protection through anonymity in play in Scotland.
    Is that card being played because an organisation or business requiring SEPA licensing, certification, of assessment was getting preferential treatment or a blind eye turned to their activities.

  56. Breeks

    James Che. says:
    28 January, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    …I am not convinced as yet that the snp that flitted to Alba have improved their thinking, or have not influenced change of the original concept of Alba.
    But rather making it a new brand of the snp.

    The “old” brand SNP before Sturgeon came along was ok. The Scottish Government under Alex Salmond wasn’t perfect, but it felt like a safe pair of hands, and fairly sensible for the most part. It’s Sturgeon who’s the lunatic, and a number of sheep in high places.

    Salmond’s SNP mostly delivered what it promised, frequently excelled above expectations, and gave people hope that Independence would make things generally better.

    The “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy might very well be a part of ALBA’s thinking, but there are other areas, principally of Constitution and Sovereignty where I think ALBA is much more alert and committed.

    But Sturgeon’s contempt for ALBA is a bit of a conundrum, in the sense that it’s not particularly clear how best to deal with it.

    If ALBA brings down Sturgeon, I’d personally be dancing for joy, but a large faction of the SNP would be more polarised than ever, and ALBA would never be forgiven for it. I’m not talking about the balloons like Pete Wishart, whom I think are a lost cause any way, but the more rational types who are still capable of critical thinking.

    Maybe the closest parallel in attitude might be the YES communities attitude towards “Journey to YES” ex-NO voters. There was a big temptation to be critical of their NO vote, but that just wasn’t helpful. OK, maybe they were slow working stuff out, but they have worked it out now. You can’t tell some people, sometimes they need to work it out themselves.

    I think that’s kinda how ALBA sees the rank and file of the SNP, good Indy supporters who just need more time to work out that Sturgeon is a dud and a fraud. I mean, behind the public veneer, morale must be dismal. They’re blaming ALBA for that, except they’re not. They’re monstering ALBA for things it hasn’t actually done, and projecting their own hatred on to ALBA, because visceral hatred towards the SNP simply doesn’t resonate within ALBA.

    There is a massive difference between irrational hatred (which as far as I can see doesn’t exist), and withering criticism of Sturgeon’s conduct and abilities which I believe is fully deserved and thoroughly warranted. But of course, judging by the delusion and denial, you’re clearly not dealing with the most rational of thinkers. I’m not saying they’re stupid, but they’re definitely not thinking objectively. The critical thinking and analysis is just not happening.

    If you’ll pardon the shameless self promotion, and maybe find the time to read my last post on Barrheadboy’s blog, you’ll understand why I think we need a Constitutional Grand Committee to tackle Sturgeon’s dangerous shortcomings. There’s no need for things to get personal. Sturgeon’s feckless Constitutional ineptitude is damning enough as it is, there’s no need to get personal.

    I apologise for the formatting not being right. Not sure what happened there. It’s still legible, just a bit harder to read than it should be.

  57. Republicofscotland


    Fair points there, I know Salmond was supposed to release a tell all book, however the legalities of it has forced him to sideline it.

    aS for calling out the machinations of Sturgeons SNP, many in Alba are doing it every day such as George Kerevan, Iain Lawson, Neale Hanvey and Kenny MAcAskill. Iain Lawson blog, has umpteen articles on the machinations of the SNP, here’s the latest.

    Salmond has called for Sturgeon to hurry and bring independence to Scotland, but his pleas have fallen on deaf ears, so why hasn’t he called a press conference to reveal all the dirt on Sturgeon, first off with Sturgeon so popular with voters right now, it would come across as petty and turn folk off from voting for Alba, secondly again the legalities of proving it all might put folk off from voting for independence, if the indy parties are seen to be at each other throats.

    You have to remember many indy voters believe Sturgeon can do no wrong, and that she will hold an indyref next year, it could be Salmond is keeping his powder dry until late next year when no indyref appears, and folk begin to doubt Sturgeons commitment to an indyref.

  58. Breastplate

    You’re havering.
    I agree, public health is not an ideology but one’s approach to it, is.

    The new point is the same old point that has been made for the last 2 years, more than 80% of the population will have either mild symptoms or no symptoms from Covid.

    What that means is that more than 80% of the population should not even contemplate vaccination, there is only risk and no reward.

    It is not only children who don’t need to be vaccinated.

    Perhaps, you and your brain cells can mull that over, take as much time as you need.

  59. Robert Hughes

    Breeks n RoS

    Your combined posts you make a sound defence of where ALBA are at right now : frustrating ( to put it mildly ) as it is , there’s not much more the Party can do , given it’s limited numbers and de facto MSM censorship .

    Someone made the point that mass disillusionment with the current regime may not translate into increased support for ALBA – not automatically anyway : it could just as easily translate into disillusion with the entire Independence project . I fear it already has to some degree .

    For this reason it’s imperative that ALBA not only appears to do things differently , it actually has to BE different .

    In reality , with the obstacles facing it , it has no choice but to be very different .

    Guerrilla insurgencies have had a pretty good success rate historically . ALBA may progress adopt/adapting a-non-violent- strategy along similar lines

  60. James Che.

    Robert Hughes.

    Robert you are closer in your commentary about the way I feel. And seem to understand the call for a divergence in politics in Scotland.

    I am an ardent supporter of independence, spent many a tired and long day leafleting. Missing meals and family.

    But politics in my lifetime has seen a shift. People are fed up with politicians all over the world, not just in Scotland.
    We no longer want insipid politicians chanting the same tunes with no backbone.

    As to trying to change the beliefs of undecided voters, that ship has sailed long since, and the reality of what is now happening is that people like me Say “ what’s the point”

    Voters are so disillusioned with old politics and politicians we are going to become the voters you lose that will not vote for any other party either.
    It’s a case of swings and roundabouts.
    Disenfranchised voters just stop voting.
    They don’t run off to the snp, Tories labour or greens.or lib-dems,

    You may make small gains in those you eventually persuade to vote for Alba,
    But not enough compared to the ones whom believe all politicians are in politics for a career and pensions.

    I have looked, studied, and researched for a Independence Party acting and behaving with strength an solid purpose with direct policy to independence.

    Even nice people, which Alex is, are not infallible to mistakes, and one of his mistakes was to think that the snp would behave nicely to Alba, because Alba had displayed no animosity to the snp.
    This new snp group hold no honours.
    As was in evidence before the election with the charges falsely layed against him,

    What should have evolved was an Alba party that held no punches, that ran solely on ending the treaty of the union.
    The constitution of Scotland is being demolished and subsumed into England’s Westminster/ British parliament culture.

    The time is passing an almost gone to get the YES votes up in Scotland,
    For the influx of people from down south has risen considerably over the last ten years,
    Every day reading of the MSM, we can read of an agenda to advertise Scotland, with Scottish property for sale, holiday staystations to encourage people to stay more permanently. where their money equivalent buys better property chances in Scotland.
    The MSM media are also busy teaching what our language and sayings mean.
    There is a predisposition of certain councils to employ over half their employees from down south.
    Not from Scotland, very similar to how Scotland’s people do not get large contracts they were promised, made in Scotland with employees from out with the area.

    Has this gone unnoticed, that Scottish votes will be severely diluted, or turned into a alternative vision of what Scotland should be or where it should be by these new voters,

    I tend to agree with a few others on here that a time limit for residentially living in Scotland should be applied to any independence vote in Scotland.
    Otherwise the result is a slanted version of what Scottish people actually voted for.

    I will not be voting in the next election for Alba or ANY Other political party in Britain never mind Scotland.
    If Alba do not become a true one track only Independence Party,
    I am getting to old to be led by the nose on promises that never appear in my life time.

    We went to a funeral this week of another person that had been convinced that Scotland should be independent,
    We are dropping like flies to be replaced with others from outwith Scotland.

    For all your gains in convincing the slow yeses you are equally losing the definition of positive yeses.

  61. President Xiden

    SNP = Scottish National-Socialist Party. They have an enabling act to prove it.

  62. Hatuey

    Breastplate: “more than 80% of the population should not even contemplate vaccination, there is only risk and no reward…”

    We got where we were going.

    Now, please explain, in light of your words above, why you’d be offended at anyone calling you a vile anti-vax crackpot.


  63. Saffron Robe

    I agree with the gist of many of the comments above. Alba should be speaking up for Scotland and attacking the SNP leadership at every turn. The SNP in their current incarnation are no allies of the Scottish people. It is leadership like Nicola Sturgeon’s that the Declaration of Arbroath specifically warns against.

  64. Breeks

    James Che. says:
    28 January, 2022 at 9:33 pm

    But politics in my lifetime has seen a shift. People are fed up with politicians all over the world, not just in Scotland….

    I wouldn’t be going soft on Sturgeon. I’d have a Constitutional Grand Committee going straight for the jugular to get rid of her, her idiotic stupidity, and backstabbing narcissism. I just wouldn’t have ALBA sticking the knife in.

    Anybody who cares about truth can learn enough about the Alphabetty saga to know there’s something absolutely rotten about it, and dirty people who need brought to justice. It’s the lightweights and news skimmers who just swallow whatever they’re told who are the problem. I’m not sure more truth would change anything. They’ll just shut their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears. A large component of the Indy movement cannot cope with Sturgeon being a rogue. They will always prefer the seduction of lies and falsehood rather the icy draught of an uncomfortable truth.

    ALBA could publish a dossier with all the dirt on Sturgeon, but it would be screaming in a vacuum because Sturgeon is also far too useful to the Unionists to ever face a hostile Press. They have Sturgeon suffocating the life out of Independence, so the Unionist media can just sit back and enjoy the reign of Queen Sturgeon, patron saint of betrayers and narcissists everywhere.

    A Constitutional Grand Committee, at least one as ruthless and rigorous as the one I would set up, wouldn’t give a flying fk about the media, and both Sturgeon and her crooks would be impeached for their gross ineptitudes and constitutional incompetence.

    It wouldn’t matter whether people flocked to ALBA. Sturgeon the Betrayer would be out of office, irrelevant to proceedings, and Holyrood would either be killed or cured. Hopefully cured, but I’m indifferent on the matter. I’ve no love for Holyrood. I mistrust it’s very existence and detest the pretentiousness of it’s fabric. It’s Vichy, and a Vichy type “government” simply has no place or function in a sovereign Scotland. I’d level the site where it stood, but hey, that’s just me.

    We are sovereign. We don’t have power “devolved” to us. If anything, it’s “us” who should be doing the devolving, but why in God’s name would we?

    The whole institution of Holyrood and Devolution is a scam, but a scam on such a monumental scale that it’s too large for most people to get their heads around.

    ALBA is a political party, and a necessary component in Scottish democracy, but I think the hammer blows to wreck the rotten Holyrood and get rid of Sturgeon the Betrayer must transcend politics, and need to be delivered from a Constitutional “super-user” shaking up the system rather than a conventional “user” operating within that system.

    I don’t Alex Salmond fears the Justice System. It’s the rabid “Injustice” System which currently dominates the field in Scotland. If Scotland had a serviceable Justice system, he’d never have been put on trial to begin with, and it’s the Conspirators and perjurers who’d have been prosecuted. It wasn’t “justice” which put Craig Murray behind bars. “Justice” would have given Craig Murray a medal.

    Scotland’s democracy is compromised by a rogue institution trying to sell us the pup that the 1998 Scotland Act is a superior constitution to Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution. In the metaphorical sense, I would thus burn Holyrood to the ground as a colonial outpost, and resurrect a Scottish Parliament which understands the concept of red sovereignty; Scotland’s Sovereign Community of the Realm.

    It NEEDS to be a Constitutional Grand Committee with one almighty bee in it’s bonnet about the desecration of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty. Right now we don’t have one.

    I hope that CGC becomes a reality, and I hope the Faculty of Advocates present themselves as allies to it, because the red sovereignty which should dominate Scottish Government and politics is the same red sovereignty which gives credence to the independence of Scots Law.

    We thus have a common colonial aggressor as our enemy, and share the same power base in the “red” Constitutional Sovereignty of Scotland’s people.

  65. Robert Hughes

    Breeks @ 5.33

    I don’t know what you’re * on * currently B but you’re really excelling your already exceptional standards . That is yet another brilliant post above .

    What do you see as the first steps in the formation of a G.C.C , the praxis , has any preparatory work been done ?

    I’m convinced such an entity would be a game-changer and, among other things , get us out of the sole reliance on a political party to progress our cause .

    * anyone who hasn’t done so , can’t recommend Breeks’ 3 part essay published on Barrhead Boy’s blog highly enough .

    Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis . A blueprint for liberation *

  66. John Main

    FFS Everybody

    Right here is the world’s most read and probably most commented on Scots Indy site.

    So why isn’t there a guest article from AS, Alba, pro-Indy, non-SNP-troughers on here every, single week?

    People keep banging on about how Alba is getting no MSM coverage. So Alba should be using sites like this. Starting from scratch, it probably takes years to get a reputation and recognition like this site has.

    So why is it sitting here, abandoned and ignored?

  67. Republicofscotland

    The hypocrite Sturgeon is at it again, saying with regards to Johnson trying to squirm his way out party gate, “Its getting murkier by the minute”

    Sturgeon added that Johnson was trying to dodge accountability. This from the FM who knows all about dodging accountability.

    Meanwhile the millionaire knight of the realm and leader of Labour Sir Keir Starmer has snuck into Scotland but will only allow the Daily Record to report it, no doubt Starmer will speak to a handpicked few and at a closed shop in Scotland, I wondered where all the wind was coming from today now I know.

  68. Breeks

    Robert Hughes says:
    29 January, 2022 at 8:06 am

    What do you see as the first steps in the formation of a G.C.C , the praxis , has any preparatory work been done ?

    Thanks Robert, it’s appreciated, but I don’t know how to get the idea out of dry dock.

    I hope getting the matter enough attention will prompt the right discussions in the right places, but I’ve no strings to pull to make it happen.

    I know Joanna Cherry would be a terrific recruit to the idea, but I don’t know whether Lawyers for Independence are adequately rebellious. I can’t see it being a good career move, but that’s quite an indictment when you think about it.

    I’m also “assuming” the Court of Session might recognise the parallels between Scottish Politics suffering colonial encroachment and Scots Law suffering the same colonial encroachment, but I have no yardstick to judge whether the Court of Session has Unionist / Establishment leanings which are quite relaxed about a UK Supreme Court and the pernicious homogenisation of UK law. You’d hope not, but the Lawyers have been remarkably quiet these past 314 years.. The recent carry on with COPFS and Craig Murray doesn’t inspire confidence, but surely, there must be some “conscience” amongst Scotland’s lawyers.

    I’ve tried to contact a few people about it directly, but I find getting a reply is surprisingly difficult.

    I would love to have a quiet conversation with Joanna Cherry, Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, but I’m an outsider and have zero clout to make it happen. Not so much to get them involved if they don’t want to be, but start getting a network put together of more positive individuals who might be.

    Setting up Constitutional Grand Assembly is actually ALBA policy, but it needs to be done. I advocated writing an open letter to challenge Sturgeon’s constitutional illiteracy because that seemed an open goal that might help people see how a CGA could exercise some muscle and influence without actually doing that much. But the SSRG, Scottish Sovereignty Research Group have tried that, wrote a terrific open letter, but apart from a minor fuss on Social Media, consequences came there none… so far anyway.

    I’m losing faith in politicians frankly. They’ve surely known these Constitutional arguments for decades, but been singularly ineffective making any headway with them. To me, Scotland’s Sovereignty is like a Constitutional Cheat Code. Ultimately, we win. If you somehow DON’T win, then you’re not doing it right.

    You look at the edifice of power Westminster has built up based on nothing but whispers, sophistry, guile and bluster with no certified legitimacy whatsoever, then look at Scotland with a Constitutional Legitimacy to die for, written certification and 700+ years of provenance, but embarrassingly incompetent when it comes to making it mean something. It should NOT be Scotland of all places tied up in Constitutional knots. It’s the Union Treaty which literally beggars belief. That’s the work of fiction and fallacy, yet nobody has the cahonas to take it down.

    I’ve even contemplated just setting up our own Constitutional Assembly and just blagging it’s credentials in the hope that a proper, fully fledged Assembly would feel obliged to replace it and do the job properly. Somebody like a Martin Keatings, but who has the crosshairs on the Sovereign Constitution, not the much lesser and inferior Scotland Act. Good idea, but lacked ambition. Don’t ask Holyrood to heal Holyrood’s inadequacy. Don’t be reasonable with unreasonable people. Win.

    I think a big problem with a Constitutional Grand Assembly is ask 100 people what they think it is, and you’ll have 100 different explanations, with a lot of those explanations quite credible and realistic by themselves. You could just about do the same thing with the word “Constitution”.

    That’s why I thought writing an open letter to Sturgeon to chastise her Constitutional illiteracy might encourage people to start talking about actually doing it. Give the idea of a Constitutional Grand Committee of Assembly a bit of a prospectus and some positive direction. Let people dip a toe in the water before expecting them to jump from the high boards.

  69. Chas


    Yet again you promote the setting up of a Constitutional Grand Committee which, in reality, would be a Scottish version of the House of Lords. No indication of who would sit on it or, more importantly, who appoints people to it. We do know who would be paying for it and the shiny new building it would undoubtedly require.
    Another layer of ‘politicians’ is the last thing we need in Scotland. It looks to me that we are stalling and are seeking something, anything to get rid of Sturgeon.
    Change will ONLY come through the ballot box.
    Bunter and his pals at Westminster are in an almighty mess and are scrambling about using whatever means available to them to limit the damage but he will be dispensed with, if not now, in the very near future. We will then be sold the pup that the incoming PM will change everything for the better throughout the UK. The Tories however, will never convince any more than 20% of eligible Scots to vote for them.
    It is debatable if the SNP and Alba can co-exist. If Sturgeon remains at the helm of the SNP there is no chance. Alba is currently a small minority Party and if they are to attract a switch from the SNP and ‘soft No’ voters they simply have to start attacking the SNP. I see no signs of this. Salmond is supposed to possess the ammo but where is he?
    The prospect of an Independent Scotland is fading. No amount of dangling carrots from the SNP will change that for me.
    I would even go as far to say that an Independent Scotland with Sturgeon, the SNP and the loons in the Greens would be a disaster.
    Sturgeon is the biggest obstacle for Scotland.

  70. Ruby

    People keep banging on about how Alba is getting no MSM coverage. So Alba should be using sites like this. Starting from scratch, it probably takes years to get a reputation and recognition like this site has.

    Have you read Breeks’ post?

    “It’s the lightweights and news skimmers who just swallow whatever they’re told who are the problem.”

    The lightweights & the news skimmers don’t read ‘Wings Over Scotland’ never have & probably never will.

    The bigger problem is that there is ‘A large component of the Indy movement cannot cope with Sturgeon being a rogue.’

    Lets call them ‘The SNP Cult’

    The lightweights & the news skimmers are part of the problem but the main problem is those who manipulate the lightweights, news skimmers & SNP cultists.

    Even if the lightweights, news skimmers & SNP cultists did decide to read ‘Wings’ you would have to ensure the comments were of interest.

  71. Breeks

    Just to add, that notion of allowing folk to dip their toe in the water was exactly how I perceived Joanna Cherry actions taking the UK Establishment to court twice and winning. But rather than build on that success, JC has found herself demoted, abused, and and her career thrown to the wolves in the TransTaliban.

    The SNP is playing to lose, and wreck the dream of Independence. Joanna Cherry has better things to be doing to fighting the arseholes in the GRA crusade.

    JC should be amongst friends and trusted allies who look after her back while she focuses on bringing down the Union. Not isolated and embattled, and needing support which is never coming.

  72. Robert Hughes

    Thanks for that reply Breeks ( excuse the mis-ordered acronym – should have read CGC ) .

    I sense your frustration at the sluggish responses to such a proposal – so far . I share it .

    I suspect ( but hope not ) that little will change on this front as long the view – coincidentally expressed in the post following yours , that Independence will be gained ONLY * through the ballot box * .

    Yes , well , maybe ? Is this insistence not similar to Sturgeon’s S30 monomania though ?

    Received opinion solidified into unshakeable conviction : disguising a lack of imagination and willingness to take-on new ideas and approaches

    Every * weapon * at our disposal should be deployed . What do we have to lose ?

  73. Robert Hughes

    ” as long as ……….remains dominant “

  74. Ruby

    I wonder if it’s due to Scotland being colonised for so long that the Scots are always looking for someone else to take action.

    Any reason why we can’t be more like the French?

    ie. Put on our ‘gilet jaunes’ and get out there and protest?

    Whatever you think of Sean Clerkin & ‘Manky Shirt’ they both manage to attract media attention with very little effort on their part.

    The best Sean Clerkin stunt was the Iain Gray – Subway incident.

    Did he not also make a complaint to the police regarding the missing ‘Indy funds’

  75. Dan

    Ach, I see in a similar fashion to what they say aboot oor oil, Scotland now has the wrong type of wind!
    As I sit watching the unfolding carnage committed by a ream o’ marauding wheelie bins and the occasional nomadic trampoline, it was a pure totes stroke of luck we managed to punt off on the cheap aw they worthless renewables…
    Enough of this draft, I’m aff to shout intae the hills and tell those twats to switch aff aw their big fans.

  76. Robert Hughes

    ” Ruby says:
    29 January, 2022 at 11:26 am

    I wonder if it’s due to Scotland being colonised for so long that the Scots are always looking for someone else to take action.”

    I think it must be big factor Ruby . ” Learned hopelessness ” and the sense that people in positions of authority know best .

    If that last two years has taught us anything , it’s the magnitude of that fallacy .

    The last seven under Sturgeon even more so

  77. Robert Hughes

    ” the LAST two years “

  78. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Breeks.

    You typed,

    “I would love to have a quiet conversation with Joanna Cherry, Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, but I’m an outsider and have zero clout to make it happen.”

    AS and CM are both speakers at Alba Dundee’s Burns Supper next Friday. Both of them will speak to whoever speaks to them.

  79. Dan

    Not that it is a great loss as it had become evermore of a skipfire, but I see twitter has now created a pop up blocking function to stop non account holders reading the site.
    They did something similar a few months back, but pressing Ctrl F5 would hard refresh the page and allow you to read content, but this new thing comes up after a few seconds and can’t see a workaround to it.
    I don’t have or want an twitter account but there were a few folk that it was always worth taking a swatch at their feeds for interesting stuff.
    I wonder if twitter account holders know that they will be losing lurker traffic with this new blocking mechanism twitter has implemented.
    Time and possibly impetus for them to switch over to Gettr which doesn’t so far have similar restrictions on viewing their content?

  80. Dan

    Hmm, seems a full cache and history clear rather than regular partial clearing has got rid of that twitter page blocking issue.


    Fears for CalMac over radical plans to break up Scotland’s ferry network

  81. Robert Hughes

    ” So why isn’t there a guest article from AS, Alba, pro-Indy, non-SNP-troughers on here every, single week? ”

    Good point John . I suppose we’d need to ask Stu and those you refer to that question

  82. Dan

    There was this earlier in the week, genuine reason or could there have been differing opinion on matters pertaining to transport.

  83. Dan

    Ah, good old Labour promises… Groundhog day rolls in again…

    And a timely reminder that Labour previously voted in the Smith Commission against more tax powers being devolved than any other established UK based Party…

  84. Saffron Robe

    Breeks, I agree with Robert Hughes. Your comments are always excellent but have been quite exceptional lately.

    Brian Doonthetoon mentioning Alba Dundee’s Burns Supper, and the discussion about the bard farther up-thread, made me think that the SNP would probably like to censor and alter Rabbie’s words. A man’s a man for a’ that, except when he identifies as a woman!

  85. Ruby

    Now, please explain, in light of your words above, why you’d be offended at anyone calling you a vile anti-vax crackpot.


    Could it be for the same reason as someone being offended by anyone calling them a transphobe because they said ‘transwomen are men’?

    I wasn’t very open to reading the arguments of ‘anti-vax crackpots’ v ‘pro-vax crackpots’ however in view of the fact that I’m being told ‘men are women’ just because they say so I’m seriously questioning who the crackpots are.

  86. John Main

    Back online after a power outage lasting 4.5 hours. But it’s winter and the wind is blowing and it’s Scotland so I am grateful. In a first-world country I would be furious, but hey ho.

    Just over 2 months since Arwen. I recall an electricity supply cis-spokesman justifying that carnage by saying it was a “once in a generation” event.

    So there we have it. A generation in the new Scotland is about 9 weeks.

    What else are we told occurs just “once in a generation”? That phrase is so familiar, but damn it, I just can’t place it.

  87. Ruby

    “So why isn’t there a guest article from AS, Alba, pro-Indy, non-SNP-troughers on here every, single week? ”

    The more interesting question is why isn’t there an article from Stu & a cartoon from cairnstoon every single week?

    Chris Cairns twitter worth a read:

  88. twathater

    @ Breeks I agree wholeheartedly with the others your comments are always worth reading, but the articles on Barrhead boy and your recent comments are exceptional , what truly disappoints me is that Kenny MacAskill , Neale Hanvey , Angus Brendan Mc Neil and others have seen fit to have posts placed on the NEW MEDIA websites but NO ONE can tell me they don’t visit or read the comments BTL or that they don’t have friends or acquaintances who do ,I then ask myself do they REALLY want independence and are they willing to step forward and CHALLENGE the route that Breeks and others have proposed or are they content sniping from the sidelines while Scotland BURNS

    SO I appeal to anyone linked to Alex Salmond or Joanna Cherry please read Breeks posts on Barrhead Boy and his multitudinous comments here and elsewhere and ask Alex and Joanna to read them , and if they genuinely believe in OUR country Scotland surviving and prospering as a independent state I would appeal to them to contact Breeks and facilitate a meeting of minds to create this Constitutional Grand Committee where Scotland can be freed from the cancer within and without

  89. James Che.

    I have been reading the comments, slowly absorbing all that has been said. And reading between the lines,

    Apparently We are all waiting for a Hero.

    Breeks you almost hit the nail on the head then missed,

    A constitutional Assembly is a excellent idea, expecting politicians or lawyers to kick start The Assembly is where the hammer missed the point with regards to whom is sovereign.

    Why do we need to attach the Assembly to the Scottish government at all, that ( supposedly )passes our sovereignty over to someone else. Or so NS thinks.
    And as we can see from NS and the SNP they think WE have given it to the Snp to own, or handed it over to the devolved government.

    This is a utterly wrong perception on both our part and theirs.
    Sovereignty is ours to keep, sovereignty can not be borrowed, sold or lent to another group. Given to someone else then switched to some other body that may rule in government, wether Tories or snp.

    We voted as voters, to elect a group to act on our behalf.
    We did not vote on any question as to wether our sovereignty was entangled in that vote, or be freely given away to politicians.
    It is politicians alone that have these thoughts.

    A constitutional Assembly would set these matters legally straight. Sovereignty is ours and stays with us always. It can’t be bagged or shipped out. Passed around the country of GB to which ever political party wins an election in Scotland,
    So if Tories or labour won, are we saying our sovereignty has gone down south to where that party is established. Nonsense.

    Having taken the first constitutional step in recognising where sovereignty lies, with whom and where it remains, with the people of Scotland.

    We can take a different approach to a Assembly. Perhaps considerably different approach constitutionally.

    To give credence to an Assembly in Scotland we must recognise the sovereignty of the Scottish people and as individuals.
    That to gather together indoors or outdoors is our sovereign right.
    To set up an A sovereign Scottish People’s Constitutional Assembly needs nothing more than agree a meeting place,
    This is how it used to be done in Scotland long before red tape and ( government entities) took over.

    This is something original that holds simplicity as its foundation, The Sovereign Scots.

    IN those days not much was required, other than informing the people it was to be held.
    People took and prepared their own refreshments. Arranged their own travel.
    And it was seldom held in a city or town, but on a prominent piece of land such as a hill.

    Thinking of how fairs used to be held or private venues would by pass the councils permission,
    And today’s cars, and vehicles can be parked in the entrance to the fields, as the do in Highland games or vintage rallies.

    Thinking of organisation. Let’s go through a list.
    1) We need a private landowner/ farmer that supports Scottish independence, that will decide the venue.

    2) We need to get the message out there, Internet nowadays is better than leaflets, and less expensive with less work. The word would be passed around pretty quick I am thinking.

    3) We need volunteers in the car parking area. And hired toilets, (First expense)

    4) we need a generator for microphones and technical purposes.( second expense)

    5) We can invite speakers to the venue, as long as they understand that they are not hired, but speaking as a sovereign Scot at an Assembly of sovereign Scots. That should sort out the genuine from the disingenuous.

    6) All speeches are to be about constitutional issues and the treaty, not to promote political election parties

    A small platform and shelter with some stability for the speakers.

    7) bring a picnic the same as we did on one of the marches in Edinburgh. Bring you’re own bins or bags to take away rubbish.

    The point is we can do this if we have the determination, a sovereign people’s gathering full of volunteers and keeping it simple, no marches to organise,
    Perhaps making sure there are more than one or two accesses to the venue might be helpful.

    I am sure that some of you here have organised and volunteered for events before. And would have a wider knowledge of what is required , however the less complicated the better.

    When the word got out the Scots were organising themselves into a sovereign people’s Constitutional Assembly, I am sure the likes of Alex or JC or many other speakers would be interested.

    Change will not come through the ballot box, it never has in Scotland.
    It will come through the sovereign peoples voice on the Scottish Constitution and the predicament treaty of the Treaty of The Union in 2022.

  90. Republicofscotland

    Sturgeon is removing anyone even within her own party who speaks out her plans to sell off Scotland.

    “PLANS to set up two freeports in Scotland are set to be confirmed after an SNP minister was replaced by his boss in leading discussions with Westminster officials.

    Scottish Government Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, Ivan McKee has reportedly been dropped as lead negotiator after he claimed the UK proposal “does not respect devolution, undermines the Scottish economy and fails to provide equivalent funding to what is on offer for ports in England”.”

  91. James Che.

    Let us lead and encourage the politicians to follow For the Scottish sovereign people themselves have to start that change.

    When we look around for a Hero, We find only ourselves standing alone, we are the Heroes.

    And when I see the initiative taken by Canada’s truck drivers, or the yellow vests, or the mass of people across the world marching against totalitarian disputes leaders.

    We are pretty silent with our despot leader,

  92. Breeks

    Robert Hughes says:
    29 January, 2022 at 11:19 am

    I suspect ( but hope not ) that little will change on this front as long the view – coincidentally expressed in the post following yours , that Independence will be gained ONLY * through the ballot box * …

    I’m not anti-democratic, but I think there is a definite question to be answered just how corrupt and compromised an election / referendum needs to be before it ceases to be a democratic exercise and becomes something else.

    Take the media for example. Their coverage of the 2014 Referendum was an absolute disgrace, but not a single “journalist” lost their job. A corrupt media is bad enough, but the corrupt Scottish media is protected by the equally corrupt Establishment.

    They ahem, “won” the 2014 Referendum, but the result settled absolutely nothing.

    The Unionists didn’t fight for Unionism, they fought for Scotland’s subjugation rather than a Union of equals. The “Campaign” was rigged from start to finish, with absolutely minimal qualitative analysis of the real issues, and the Vow together with the breach of Purdah rules to broadcast it should have rendered the result compromised or void altogether.

    Funny how “democratic” the Unionists are defending the 2014 “result”, but faced with a rematch, the same Unionists suddenly want “democracy” punted into the stratosphere. Funny how that works eh?

    Personally, I think it’s a fraud even calling it democracy.

  93. Republicofscotland

    The Scottish taxpayer to be hit with a £5 million quid bill after the way the SNP government took over Ferguson Marine shipbuilding yard it infringed upon the insurance company for the yard.

    Meanwhile private sector companies will receive huge chunks of Scottish taxpayers cash to set up a National Care Service, instead of using the wealth of experience in Scotland’s social care sector to set it up.

  94. Scot Finlayson

    Brent crude at $90 per barrel,

    1,000,000 barrels taken from Scotland every day.

  95. Breeks

    James Che. says:
    29 January, 2022 at 3:31 pm

    A constitutional Assembly is a excellent idea, expecting politicians or lawyers to kick start The Assembly is where the hammer missed the point with regards to whom is sovereign…

    I agree kinda, but Sturgeon has a democratic mandate where a Constitutional Grand Committee would not. That isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, but I think there is a credible risk Sturgeon might attempt to do to CGC what she did to ALBA, and abuse her official status to put the interests of Nicola Sturgeon ahead of the interests of Scotland. I would simply truncate her capacity to do that.

    I would prefer to see Holyrood “diffused” as a potential landmine primed to go off at some point further along our direction of travel.

    We could even contemplate a reverse Ragman Rolls; a very public exercise to challenge each and every sitting MP and MSP to sign a register as to whether they respect the popular sovereignty of the Scottish people, or dispute it. No abstentions allowed.

    That would sort out the men from the boys so to speak. Even if the unprincipled Charlatans amongst them lied, and signed in bad faith, they’d still be be damned by their signature.

    I would rather Holyrood was on our side rather than theirs, but if that’s not happening, then I would neuter any threat which a hostile Holyrood might represent.

  96. @Tannadice Boy

    @Rublicofscotland 4:01pm
    Just wait until Audit Scotland produce their report on the Ferries in March 2022. You will delighted by this report. It doesn’t matter what the SNP touch. The Scottish taxpayers suffer everytime. Incompetent Government and the message still doesn’t get through to the electorate. Menstrual women in charge, aren’t things so much better? A world beating country with state of the art public policies. Do a wee shimmy and put your hands in the air. We are the best in the World. Aren’t we?

  97. Dan

    @ John Main at 3:22 pm

    Ach, 4.5 hours is beginner level coping without power. My relations in the borders had 4.5 days without leccy during Arwin. There’s a big windfarm a few miles from their hoose tae!
    They had to decamp and stay with other relations who still had power as they were totally reliant on that source for heat and power what with moving to the clean new future of renewables…
    I went down and fitted a wooburning stove over the crimbo period so they will in future still have some heat and be able to cook on it if needs be.

    Presume it will be trees still coming down and taking out the powerlines. It’s a pity they can’t train all these NuScot beavers to only take down trees next to the powerlines as that would be the eco friendly way to keep clear corridors along the powerlines if clean leccy is being pushed as the only way forward, but no, those furry gnawing feckers just do their own thing.
    I was oot for a walk yesterday and noticed another one had been felling and gnawing away at over a dozen trees on the river bank. It was in the river swimming about so I shouted tae it “Oi! Yer antics have fucked the carbon sequestering capabilities of those trees you’ve trashed ya radge.”, but it didn’t seem to care…
    I was on a kind of date at the time tae, and wanted to sit doon and take in the scenic spot, but couldnae as the bugger had sprayed its scent marking allover the place and it reeked worse than the toilet in trainspotting.

  98. Gerard Kelly

    You need to get back in the game Stu. Miss reading your stuff so much. The whole trans issue needs destroyed as we are sleepwalking into a country where thinking the wrong thing will land you in the jail. Your the man for the job.

  99. Effigy

    The reputation of the Met would need to grow if it were to reach the gutter infested by Boris

    Not only do they murder, r*pe, lie, violently attack and bodily search the innocent they prove
    themselves to be playing a supporting role in corrupt politics.

    Not only do we need to know what changed their mind in 24 hours from yes you can see the full report to no you can’t but has any their great detective minds thought about the suitcase used to hide and transport the drinks into the No 10 party?

    Individuals were dispatched From No 10 to fetch it.
    Now who would have a suitcase inside No 10?
    Does anyone actually live there, someone who would need it for free holidays?

    Perhaps a civil servant will come forward and prose it’s used as their very large lunch box?

    Without any shadow of doubt we have a full house with in-depth corruption in the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Tory Party, Civil Service and Police.

    I’m sure a half hearted apology, a redaction and a small fine and a sprinkling of scape goats will ensure they continue to flourish.

  100. Hatuey

    Chas at 10.52 was being very polite when he criticised this Grand Assembly idea as another unwanted layer of government. Apart from that, his comment was usefully honest about our prospects.

    But we should be probably grateful that Sturgeon will never achieve a second independence referendum.

    If Phantom Power reads this, might I suggest it’s time to consider moving on to “Yes to No” videos.

    In human affairs, everything is paradoxical… I forget who said it but that’s how it seems.

  101. Robert Hughes

    ” Chas at 10.52 was being very polite when he criticised this Grand Assembly idea as another unwanted layer of government. Apart from that, his comment was usefully honest about our prospects. ”

    Breeks may have included in his remarks the * possibility * of a CGC continuing into an Independent Scotland – in which instance it would be ” another layer of Government ” – though I can’t imagine it would be anything like the HoL and could in fact be an autonomous body quite separate from the Government .

    I see such a grouping’s potential value mainly in pre-Independence terms : another lever to apply pressure on and provide intellectual and political ( constitutional ) ballast to the current NSNP lightweights – whose rainbow coloured Indy balloon will be blown-away in the mildest critical breeze .

    If our only response to the current stasis is a fatalistic , nothing-to-be-done until Sturgeon goes shrug we might as well throw the towel in now : we don’t know how long she and her flock will remain in power , but we do know every day they are the threat from the dominant State grows stronger and our chances of regaining our Independence recede further .

    If we’re going down ? Let’s make sure we’ve used every weapon in our armoury to battle for our very continuing existence


    We’re NOT going down . No fucking way

  102. President Xiden

    What ‘science’ requires that the data be withheld for 75 years?

  103. Robert Hughes

    ” President Xiden says:
    30 January, 2022 at 9:41 am
    What ‘science’ requires that the data be withheld for 75 years? ”

    The same ” Science ” that is addicted to Pharma $$$$$ , demands any contrary opinion is ruthlessly suppressed and requires the complicity of deeply compromised MSM and feeble-minded politicians whose horizons stretch no further than the latest opinion poll

  104. Breeks

    Robert Hughes says:
    30 January, 2022 at 8:52 am

    – though I can’t imagine it would be anything like the HoL and could in fact be an autonomous body quite separate from the Government .

    I think the roll would change.

    Before Independence, the CGC I would like to see would be acting like Willie MacRae’s Scottish UN Committee, which did a lot of work behind the scenes, courting international support for Scottish self government. Like that, but on steroids, and focused on Constitutional Sovereignty and full Independence.

    Post Independence however, the CGC might still exist as a Constitutional Watchdog, which may or may not be necessary, depending whether Unionism dies out after Indy, or continues trying to destabilise an Independent Scotland. It wouldn’t be a second Chamber, (unless we decided it should be), but something more along the lines of a Scottish Electoral Commission with part of it’s remit being Constitutional.

    After Independence, let’s play it by ear. It’s this side of Independence where having a CGC really matters.

    I suppose one way to look at the CGC as a Constitutional Troubleshooter, with it’s responsibilities fluid and changeable, responding to the prevailing threat to Scotland’s Constitutional Integrity.

    IF, for example, Scotland rejoins the EU, the CGC’s roll might be to vet proposed EU Legislation for it’s Constitutional ramifications, so that the actual truth is reported to the people, rather than the right wing BritNat anti European rhetoric and disinformation which spawned Brexit and it’s bedrock of lies and hysteria.

  105. Robert Hughes

    Thanks for the clarification and added detail Breeks

    A CGC could contribute meaningfully in the ways you suggest

    ” I suppose one way to look at the CGC as a Constitutional Troubleshooter, with it’s responsibilities fluid and changeable, responding to the prevailing threat to Scotland’s Constitutional Integrity. ”


  106. Andy Ellis

    @Hatuey 12.31 am

    “In human affairs, everything is paradoxical… I forget who said it but that’s how it seems.”

    It’s Kant:

    But only a ruler who is himself enlightened and has no dread of shadows, yet who likewise has a well-disciplined, numerous army to guarantee public peace, can say what no republic may dare, namely: “Argue as much as you want and about what you want, but obey!” Here as elsewhere, when things are considered in broad perspective, a strange, unexpected pattern in human affairs reveals itself, one in which almost everything is paradoxical. A greater degree of civil freedom seems advantageous to a people’s spiritual freedom; yet the former established impassable boundaries for the latter; conversely, a lesser degree of civil freedom provides enough room for all fully to expand their abilities. ”

    Immanuel Kant: “An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?”
    Konigsberg, Prussia
    30 September 1784.

  107. Hatuey

    Thanks for that clarification, Andy, and good afternoon. It’s quite funny to think Kant of all people rubbed off on me…

    Now, then, Mr Hughes and others think that I am against the role they define for their Constitutional Grand Council and how could I be when it is glorious;

    “another lever to apply pressure on and provide intellectual and political (constitutional) ballast to the current NSNP lightweights – whose rainbow coloured Indy balloon will be blown-away in the mildest critical breeze…”

    “courting international support for Scottish self government…. but on steroids, and focused on Constitutional Sovereignty and full Independence.”

    Etc., etc., etc.

    And with God and his angels running it, how could it fail?

    But I’m not so sure we can count on God and his angels. And this question of who would take part is key. Without Unionists taking part, it would just be another layer of chatter and indulgence amongst those on the indy side who, for reasons unknown, think the subject of Scottish sovereignty is likely to win votes and lead us to the promised land.

    If it ever managed to be a thing to ignore rather than an idea, it would be ignored by almost everybody and certainly by those that mattered most (in the media, the SNP, the public at large, etc.).

    I don’t like to seem negative or critical, or that I’m pissing on anyone’s parade, without offering something constructive. It seems to me though, that if that there’s something or someone blocking the parade’s progress (on the road to the promised land), we should devote ourselves to working on the obstacle itself rather than the road.

    The road was fine before the obstacle appeared; I think we all agree on that, or at least we used to agree. Certainly I can’t remember anyone complaining about the road before.

  108. Ron Maclean


    Excellent posts, thank you. That’s what we need to get the site moving again. It’s been devoid of ideas for too long.

    @John Main 10:29am yesterday ’So why isn’t there a guest article from AS, Alba, pro-indy, non-SNP troughers on here every single week?’ Why not indeed?

    Given the snowballing corruption in our country a Constitutional Grand Committee needs approaching with caution. If we’re not careful I see the ‘manufactured native elite’, after objecting to it strenuously during its formation, waving their Scottish credentials as they queue for the gravy train.

    Everything has to be ready for independence, constitution, currency, etc before a referendum takes place. If at all possible a referendum should be avoided and shouldn’t be held if Nicola Sturgeon, or her acolytes, has anything to do with it.

    In the meantime we could look for ways of taking effective action. Think suffragettes, poll tax for non-violent methods of promoting a cause. After the inaction of the last seven years we can’t rely on politicians achieving anything which remotely resembles independence.

  109. James Che.

    Robert Hughes.

    Wether NS has a mandate at this time appears to be irrelevant, for she has had a jelly rubber mandate for long enough.
    And it wobbles this way and that with regards to it’s appropriate use for Scotland.

    As far as any politician goes these latter years, they all inclusively are going in the opposite direction for the good of their people.

    If the two groups are so far apart and dividing further by the day, then it is not for us to keep begging for better actions on humanity from them any more than NS begs for a section 30.

    The official government ballot box method is, corrupt as Robert pointed out.

    I still tend to dig my heels in when it comes to whom owns SOVEREIGNTY. It is always the people.
    For anyone holding a different opinion is more than willing to acknowledge there no longer is democracy and we are willing to subject ourselves to a tyrannical position and despotic government.

    To say our sovereignty and democracy lies in the ownership of NS, the Scottish government, or indeed any government until they release it, or sell it back to us with a pup, is nonsensical.

    Without sovereignty lying within the hands of people at all times, ( even between elections) leads to
    Unabated abuse to the people, and no checks and balances to a government to remember democracy at all.

    This is what is happening the world over. NS in Scotland, the Scottish devolved governments behaviour repeats another Justin Trudeau oligarchy in Canada.
    It is up to the people to retain themselves as sovereign.
    To step away from all abuse of human rights.
    And if that means stepping away and departing from government mandates, this is what a sovereign people must do and-maintain.

    Sovereignty lies with the people at all times, for the purpose of holding despotic governments in check.

    I do not believe WE have to ask NS to give us back our mandate or to wait until the next election, so we can move forward for the Democratic betterment of humanity in Scotland.
    Especially if all can see a totalitarian government developing at a quick pace since our last election,

  110. James Che.

    Once people recognise in what position sovereignty resides,
    We can move on.

    We can with confidence plan for the future, diverting away from subjugation, Colonialism, and despotic power.

    We are the mandate, we are sovereign people.
    And all the globe are protesting together at this very moment in time,
    Challenging their despotic governments mandates for their freedom.
    We in Scotland are just a little bit slower in comparison to other people in other countries.
    The regime change that the elite leaders are attempting to make… to steal that sovereignty from the people.

  111. Robert Hughes

    Hatuey , so let’s just keep talking endlessly about how awful Sturgeon is . That should do the trick eh ? Just like WGD and his pups think telling us what we already know ie the Tories are baaaad will miraculously lead us to the promised land .

    Good comments Ron and James .

    Sovereignty may be a fairly arcane subject – which we’ve already agreed above * most people * are either unaware or uninterested in , though how can we be so sure they WOULDN’T be interested in if it was more commonly discussed ?

    But , if it could be stripped down to it’s essence – we the people of Scotland can do whatever we think best for our country , anytime we like – if that simple fact could enter more peoples’ consciousness I , for one , am certain it would make an enormous difference

  112. Ebok

    Robert Hughes says:
    28 January, 2022 at 6:44 am
    ‘Imagine if we were all held to account for the things we considered doing – but thought better of’

    Yes, imagine if there was an offence like … thought crime?
    Maybe closer than you think, Robert. Just listened to an interview on LBC. Lady from Rxpe charity made some tweets expressing concerns of RCEdin., and soon after police appeared at her home to interview her.
    They made it clear that no offence had been committed but were interested ‘to know what her thoughts were’ regarding the tweets.

  113. James Che.

    When a government owns the media, when it owns the judges, and it’s laws,
    When a government uses and abuses those tools to subject its people to preferred story line, to quell free speech, to stop freedom of movement, to hold its people in fear, when it passes legislation to hold on to power beyond its original remit. When it insists you do not have rights over you’re body, When it declares it owns you and you’re sovereignty.
    We have a despotic government, a totalitarian state, a colonialism beyond what has ever gone before.

  114. Robert Hughes


    Oh absolutely mate . This is precisely where we’re heading via the New *Progressive* Authoritarians .

    Who could have imagined in our ( probably ) youthful readings of 1984 , Brave New World and other fictional dystopias we would live to see some of the horrors depicted in them realised in our own country ?
    Including what James refers to in the post above .

    If we are to lose sovereignty over our own bodies what chance of retaining ANY type of sovereignty over our countries and how we’re governed ?

  115. Hatuey

    “let’s just keep talking endlessly about how awful Sturgeon is . That should do the trick eh ?”

    Indeed. That’s what we should be doing. But 90% of the comments are about things like the Claim of Right, ethnic stuff, the constitution, and vaccines. People are impatient and looking for shortcuts, but they’re just prolonging the situation with these distractions.

    Regardless of what anyone on here thinks, Alba is now the only plausible route to independence and Alba can’t succeed until Sturgeon is toppled. I don’t see how the SNP can survive as a useful vehicle for independence after what has already happened, and after we bring down Sturgeon, but, either way, it’s a 5 to 10 year stint.

    With regards to Sturgeon, I no longer think it’s helpful or accurate to explain her antics and policies simply as self-serving. I don’t see how she served herself when she committed us to the Section 30 process, opposed Keatings in court, attacked the Yes movement and AUOB, contracted foreign companies to build ferries, handed our renewable industry to the private sector for peanuts, etc.

    As I’ve said, all of those things do real damage to our chances of achieving independence and do lasting harm to our country in the future, should it ever manage to achieve it. If the British State had will, these are the things it would will, for obvious reasons.

    It’s now time for intelligent people to consider, I would say accept, that Sturgeon is probably batting for the other side and that the SNP has been infiltrated. Nothing else comes close to explaining the damage she has done.

  116. James Che.

    Robert Hughes.

    Indeed it has been a slow and sly plan, Peace by piece, one would imagine them using Orwell’s book as a master plan,
    But they were scared before this, when there were talks held in the sixties and seventies how to subdue the revellers and music, seat belts, crash helmets. Health and safety, changing a light bulb,

    Laws passed to restrict freedom and the state of happiness.
    These health and safety measures & regulations are pretty much reaching its peak, whereby you need to have total government ownership of our bodies , a passport for permission to move freely in your own county and country,
    Not for drugs though, as this has blossomed under each government, due to the revenue turnover,

    New laws for road users,
    new laws for hate speech,
    New laws for citizen to be lockup under covid with fines for the disobedient.
    new laws for climate change that impoverishes the poor.
    New laws for new types of multi genders.
    New laws for prisons that are bad for women and safe spaces.
    New laws to stop you visiting relatives that are ill.
    New laws to stop you seeing friends or partners.

    They are pretty much outlawing citizens.

    Meanwhile they travel,
    They holiday abroad,
    Use a aeroplanes at the drop of a hat,
    Have convoys of needless vehicles.
    Go to test their eyesight.
    Check their second homes.
    Have extremely close contact when having extra marital affairs,
    Hold parties with many others, including with the media reporters.
    Go to the Gym.
    And do not wear face masks in Cornwall BBQs,
    nor while sitting next to David Attenborough.
    With royalty swanning from one end of Britain to the other during lockdowns fo covid.

    They employ the media and police on us as if we are in China.
    Mr Gove and mr Mogg still have solid fuel heating in their background videos during early lockdowns

    We are Sovereign. We Elect them,

    as Jacob reese Mogg says, they are exempt in Parliament from wearing masks because they are all friends that side of the house.
    They have exempted themselves from pretty much every rule they have imposed on us.

    The world luckily are beginning to wake up just before it was to late for them to complete their plans.

    But if we do not wake up in Scotland and follow the rest of the citizens around the world , we will become a dystopian Scotland.

  117. James Che.

    And this is where I think our Scottish political parties are seriously letting us down.
    Including those playing the waiting game until the next corrupt elections

    Judging by how quick Scotland is becoming totalitarian, We do not have time to sit this out until the 7 of May 2026.

  118. Ron Maclean

    ‘JUDAS KISS?’ an important post by Mia raising very serious questions on

    Mia, among many others, used to comment often on this site.

  119. McDuff

    Yes I agree that Sturgeon has been got at but it doesn’t explain the deafening silence from the rest of the PM/MSPs. And the other thing I don’t understand is the apparant ignorance of AS as to the true nature of Sturgeon given the enthusiasm she
    Is demonstrating in destroying our hopes for independence

  120. James Che.

    Rather than protesting.

    I think it is time to call a basic citizens assembly, sooner rather than later.

  121. Robert Hughes

    ” It’s now time for intelligent people to consider, I would say accept, that Sturgeon is probably batting for the other side and that the SNP has been infiltrated. Nothing else comes close to explaining the damage she has done. ”

    I doubt many here would disagree with that , I certainly don’t . As you say , it’s the only explanation that makes sense . Other than hitherto unknown levels of stupidity and incompetence , Na , this is deliberate sabotage

    Other subjects may have came-in to fill the vacuum left by Stu’s absence – though that was the case even before he * retired * and , let’s face it , the last two years have thrown-up significant questions about , among other things , State Power , the role of MSM in providing honest , accurate information , failing to do so etc

    Still don’t see how focusing exclusively on the wretchedness of Sturgeon will get us anywhere meaningful if we all already agree on that and those who don’t agree don’t read WOS .

  122. Tannadice Boy

    @Robert Hughes 4:57pm
    I would like to agree with you but I think I have been given a red card by Stu. I am sitting in the dressing room. Game over for me.

  123. Robert Hughes

    Tannadice Boy .

    Early shower mate ? Damn ! Maybe Stu’s away checking the VAR and will decide in your favour . I hope so 🙂

  124. Tannadice Boy

    @Robert Hughes 6:10pm
    VAR in, downgraded to a yellow card but the referee has my number. I will have to be quiet for a few days. Fair enough.

  125. Tinto Chiel

    Robert Hughes: “But , if it could be stripped down to its essence – we the people of Scotland can do whatever we think best for our country , anytime we like – if that simple fact could enter more peoples’ consciousness I , for one , am certain it would make an enormous difference.”

    For all the words expended on this site since Stu semi-retired (including Breeks’ consistently excellent contributions), this simple truth needs bears repeating and emphasising.

    Of course, Miss Sturgeon has spent all her time since 2014 putting as many obstacles before the independence movement as she can (and obscuring clear and better pathways with as much fog as she can muster).

    Sadly, neither her nodding donkeys in WM nor Holyrood seem remotely interested in fighting for their country, its dignity and its ancient rights. Even some Tories in WM have spoken up against Boris and Covid assaults on individual freedoms, FGS.

    It seems our self-confidence and assertiveness have been continuously eroded not just by our education system and the MSM but by the very people we, in our naivety, voted for in every election since 2014 until 2019.

    I never thought the SNP would comprise troughers and careerists at every level like the unionist parties, but I finally had to face up to my sadly misplaced trust in January 2020 when NS raised the white flag on independence. To make matters worse, I am not convinced that my Alba membership will be used wisely and aggressively by its leadership either. I think AS feels he has been successfully smeared beyond redemption, despite winning against every specious charge against him.

    I’m holding on to cliches like “it’s always darkest before the dawn’ but the movement just now seems bereft of principled and committed leadership.

    Job done, O Great Leader.

  126. wullie

    James Che. says:

    They employ the media and police on us as if we are in China.

    Dear Dear James
    You are forever putting the boot into China. I can only presume you have never been there. I have travelled in China in recent years as an individual from west to east and parts in between. It is an ultra modern country and I absolutely hate coming back to this shithole that Scotland is. I do hope to return once the so called pandemic is over and if I was younger I would apply to go and live in China. I have never met such charming pleasant cheerful helpful people in my life.
    Oh and please no crap about there being no democracy, we after all live in the west.

  127. John Main

    @Ron Mclean

    “Mia” certainly used to comment on here a lot. She has now gone somewhere where her more dubious pronouncements cannot be exposed to the questions and criticism they often deserve.

    Ask her yourself why she can’t thole disagreement of any kind.

  128. John Main


    Good post. And you are right. Democracy, AKA the will of the people, is just SOOO over-rated.

    Let’s work together to ensure us Scots never, ever get what we want. You can be leader for life, just like they do in China. Have you got anybody in mind to run the concentration camps? Asking for a friend.

  129. Davie Oga


    Nice play. Praising China online and and denigrating western democracy. Big ++ on the old digital bio-security, interior passport, social credit thingy.

    Maybe the internationalist government of national liberation will recognize your Chinese points when they bring in the full on Scottish version?

    Gives you a little leeway in case you get snitched on for hate speech by saying something like “I’m only attracted to women” or ” Why did you empty the hospitals and instigate Do Not Resusitate care plans?”

  130. Hatuey

    Ron Maclean says:
    30 January, 2022 at 4:49 pm
    ‘JUDAS KISS?’ an important post by Mia raising very serious questions on

    Mia, among many others, used to comment often on this site.


    Important? That “article” was pure torture.

    Why would you tell anybody that was important?


  131. Brian Doonthetoon

    The problem we, in the independence movement have, is that we are all running around like headless chickens – because we lack leadership.

    The management of the SNP appear to have given up on achieving independence so no longer lead and the other pro-independence parties seem feart to stick the knife in.

    It’s time for the pro-indy parties to grow pairs and tell it like it is. Go for the jugular!

  132. Hatuey

    “Still don’t see how focusing exclusively on the wretchedness of Sturgeon will get us anywhere meaningful if we all already agree on that and those who don’t agree don’t read WOS .”

    It’s grim but probably the least grim of all the grim options we have.

    If you and others believe a constitutional grand council offers a solution to the situation we are in, the situation we are in is much more dire than I thought.

  133. robertknight

    Salmond/ALBA needs to tell Sturgeon/SNP to either shit or get off the pot.

    Have lost faith/trust/patience with one…

    Would hope not to lose it with both.

  134. Breeks

    Davie Oga says:
    30 January, 2022 at 11:21 pm

    Nice play. Praising China online and and denigrating western democracy. Big ++ on the old digital bio-security, interior passport, social credit thingy…

    I’ve been to China too, just a couple of weeks on holiday, but if you go with an open mind, it’s an amazing place, but tremendously industrious trying to catch up with what the West has enjoyed since the 50’s in terms of infrastructure. Paradoxically, because their infrastructure is new and modern, it often looks superior beside Western infrastructure that’s now 50+ years old.

    We spent time in Beijing, and a little time off the beaten track, and found the people very friendly and positive, with virtually no animosity towards us at all, although fiercely loyal to China. Which strikes me as fair enough. If you were to put a bigoted Chinese National beside a bigoted British National, you probably wouldn’t like either one of them. If you look for divisive issues to fall out about, you will find them, but you can also choose to embrace respect and empathy, and making the effort to get along is reciprocated.

    I suspect a big part of the British Establishment’s suspicion of all things Chinese is less to do with China’s economic might, and more the fear of “payback” for how the British tried to wreck Chinese society with Opium.

    China describes a “century of humiliation” where weak Chinese Governments were manipulated, corrupted and conned by Imperial nations, particularly Britain, then invaded by the Japanese with bestial brutality.

    It’s a big complex story to discuss, but in my opinion China’s mistrust of the West and outsiders is perfectly understandable, even warranted in many mays, but portraying China as the “monster” in the story is tending to gloss over who the real monsters were, and maybe still are.

    When the West acts so obnoxiously provocative towards China or indeed Russia, how in god’s name are the Chinese, Russian, or Arab people expected to react when the psychotic Western colonialists start inviting themselves into their air space and sea lanes, and start encroaching their National boundaries?

    If the West wants to rid the World of monsters, they should start by taking a look in the mirror, and try to relate to what the Chinese, Russians and Muslims see.

  135. Robert Hughes

    ” If you and others believe a constitutional grand council offers a solution to the situation we are in, the situation we are in is much more dire than I thought.”

    Christ ! That nuance filter you seem to have implanted in your brain is pretty effective Hatuey .

    No , not ” a solution ” as in the ” only ” solution : a contributory factor , a limb of the Independence seeking body politic , or , more accurately , the limbic system , controlling action and response .

    If a Constitutional Grand Committee sounds a bit , well , grandiose , we could call it the YOUNG INDY TONGS ( Ya Bass ) , tooled-up wae razor-sharp argument , constitutional axes ( for grinding purposes ) and bolt-cutters to sever the chains of Union .

    Pure dead mental – for Independence .

    Ur we geme furrit ?

  136. Dorothy Devine

    “If the West wants to rid the World of monsters, they should start by taking a look in the mirror, and try to relate to what the Chinese, Russians and Muslims see.”

    Just so.

  137. James Che.

    For those that took the “”China” wording literally.
    I could just of easily said Justin trudeau’s Canada. Or any other western country on a great list that is behaving appallingly to its citizens as China once did. As Russia once did, as we once did and still do.
    The wording is nothing more than a metaphor to envisage a situation. That is an indication where I believe Scotland is under Nicola Sturgeon leadership.

    I have lived in Scotland, England, Wales and back to Scotland, and have found most people are nice,
    Taking that to a larger scale, I imagine that is the case world wide.
    As history shows the Germans, Americans and British soldiers were ordinary people during Christmas in ww2. Playing footy and sharing cigarettes.

    The problem here is not specifically ordinary everyday citizens.
    But the leaders of a country.
    Hopefully that is cleared up.

    As no country has been more abusive to people the world over than Britain itself,
    We are still locking people up for free speech issues, and bringing new legislation in to being to ensure the Craig Murray’s and Julian assuages are stymied.

    At the end of the day I am hoping that those here are able to by pass the metaphor and see what Scotland is becoming at a exceedly fast pace.

  138. James Che.

    We are being re-taught that we are wrong about gender issue,
    We are of a new crime to even speak out and decuss it,
    The same goes for different coloured skins.
    Or hate crime introduced into Scottish homes.
    Locking sovereign people up.
    Fining us for sitting on park benches and having a coffee.
    tying down children’s swings so children cannot play in the fresh air.
    And drones being flown above to check how and where we walk.

    While leaders party and travel by jets and cavalcades of cars.
    Have touchy feels close contact during extra marital affairs. Etc etc.

    It is us that is living in a totalitarian state,
    And We in Scotland can only change our immediate country.
    Protest will get people physically abused in Scotland to day by authorities, fined or under lock and key.

    We have to do this legally and with peacefully

    The right to self determination.
    The declaration of Arbroath
    The claim of right, through the treaty of the union
    Human rights entered into the Scottish Parliament legislation from the EU.
    Citizens assemblies,
    The right to see family, Article ( 8) devolved government.

    Gives Scotland’s people a legal head start over many other countries.

  139. James Che.

    But where are our Scottish leaders to fight this despotic alternate reality on our behalf.
    Somewhere collecting a good pension for the future,? On holiday?

    If change has to happen, We as a free nation of sovereign Scots, have to start that change.

    The list of occasions where by the treaty of the union has been broken has been listed many times by myself and others here over the years, including AS himself.
    It is not that Scottish leaders are ignorant of these facts, or that lawyers don’t know.
    And Robert Pheffers, enlightened us further to the actual bi- partite of Britain.
    And Alf Baird on Colonialism of Scotland.
    And at present we have a tax payers payed for ( union unit ) set up by Westminster to ensure the that Scotland is prevented from leaving a broken treaty or holding a legal vote on on leaving.

    This is legally appalling for the Scottish constitution. And may I add to the British constitution.
    Where one signature within the treaty of the union is set up against the other, as if it were an enemy within that treaty.

    This treaty no longer represents Scotland.
    The treaty of the union is acting as a self elected English treaty only.

  140. Hatuey

    James Che, any chance of putting one or two milliseconds of thought into the junk you type? Finding meaning in what you say is like playing a game of Poohsticks on an open sewer.

    Have some respect ffs.

  141. James Che.

    We all want NS gone,
    But it fascinates me how the opposition would like that to happen before we have any other Scottish political party in the background ready to take over to represent the Scottish independence movement.

    Do not misinterpret my thoughts here, I desperately want the totalitarian acting snp leader gone.
    But it does occur to me about the timing in the media.
    Are they scared that because NS acted as turncoat once she may reverse again, do they think it possible she is unpredictable. Or that the other snp may take over the party.

    Is this what AS was hoping for when he suggested we vote for the Snp in the last election,
    Is this why the media were loud and abusive to AS during his court case, but silent on the Alba political party before and during the election.

    Amongst these chaotic thoughts running through my head, only one has held steady in foundation.
    We the people in the yes movement are the grassroots,

    We have remained steady in what we want, regardless of media propaganda, regardless of politicians, regardless of political manoeuvres.or political delays.
    WE have not changed.

    And we need to use our sovereignty to call a people’s assembly to ascertain how we go forward ourselves.

  142. James Che.

    Baiting ignored 🙂

  143. Chas

    The over riding sense I get when reading posts on here is that people are feeling powerless to stop the march of Sturgeon ruling Scotland as she sees fit.
    This then leads to desperation as evidenced by the number of posts regarding colonialism, breaking of 300 year old treaties and airy fairy Grand Scottish Constitutional Committees. If anybody seriously thinks that any change will be forthcoming because of this desperation-dream on.
    I reiterate that change will only come through the ballot box. If Alba does not make any progress in the May elections it is finished as an alternative to the SNP before it has even started. Alba simply has to go on the offensive or die.
    I know that the foregoing will not make good reading for some but reality is often unpleasant.

  144. James Che.

    I agree with you, reality is often unpleasant.
    And for those whom do not like what is said, they suggest others ignore history and facts,
    Thanks for pointing that out. I nearly missed it,

  145. James Che.

    See the Canadian truckers mention braveheart, and being like bravehearts. 😉

  146. James Che.

    Catch up with comment when I get back,

  147. Breeks

    James Che. says:
    31 January, 2022 at 11:20 am

    …The problem here is not specifically ordinary everyday citizens.
    But the leaders of a country.

    I kinda agree, but not fully. Some of the nastiest, petty minded and corrupt individuals who thrive in an atmosphere of endemic corruption are to found in Scottish Local Authorities, and often their cosy wee liaisons with quangoes such as Scottish Enterprise and the like, and of course their favorite contractors.

    I wouldn’t trust any one of the “ombudsmen” or regulators who are meant to police the conduct of these agencies either.

    It’s not just the leadership. The leadership is just the crooked nastiness which floats to the top, but in my experience it is kindred to the same filth you will find lower down the pecking order.

    It’s corruption’s capacity to sustain itself and defy investigation which creates the endemic corruption which plagues Scotland.

    All that carry on with Sturgeon and Swinney, ducking and diving to avoid interrogation, redacting evidence before a mickey mouse committee is just grist for the mill for public life here in Scotland. Your “justice” system isn’t far behind either.

    It is all too typical of mediocre nobodies promoted too far above their capacity, but through Scotland’s “government” you can witness how the talent, like Cherry, is ostracised and squeezed to the periphery, with complete non-entities filling the void. Then that’s the scum which gets promoted up the ladder, just because their face fits, certainly not their ability.

    I’m not right wing at all in my politics, but I’m not left wing either because I have a deep seated mistrust in the lot of them. Scotland has a very, very low bar when it comes to individuals in Councils and Government. It is about as far from being a meritocracy as it’s possible to be.

    A big thrust in my own desire for Independence is to remove the fallacy which passes itself of as “Government” which is largely a puppet show under the thumb of Westminster rule. If Scotland woke up Independent tomorrow morning, Scotland’s “Government” would absolutely shit it’s pants.

    I’m not sure whether it’s “the system” which creates the incompetence deliberately, or whether the system is so discouraging for decent and honorable people that they can’t stomach it, and the dregs are all there is left.

    Lets be honest. Look at the foresight and planning at work in the Norwegian Government, and what they’ve managed to achieve across the whole spectrum of Norwegian life and their nation’s prosperity, out performing the far eastern shipyards and keeping their economy prosperous.

    Here in Scotland, we built a bridge. Whooptie do.

    Do you begin to see the foolishness and poverty of ambition which holds Sturgeon in any kind of high regard? She is a dud. A charlatan. A Sunday League Amateur turning out for a Premier League position… And that’s just the dearth of talent, we haven’t even taken the lid off the corruption pot.

  148. James Che.

    A quick response as got an appointment to go to.

    I do not disagree with any of you’re comments.
    As mentioned in my posts further back, I have had a horrible experience with a corrupt council,
    They were not incompetent,
    They were just corrupt
    At it is often through the whole system of management in Scotland, and yes the ombudsman is a chocolate fire guard.

  149. Ron Maclean

    They don’t understand Breeks, they don’t understand Mia, they don’t understand James…

    ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.’ Upton Sinclair

    They’re only here for the sneer.

  150. Republicofscotland

    We know its very unlikely that Sturgeon will hold an indyref in 2023, Ian Murray of BLiS, has urged the Westminster government to block any attempts to hold an indyref.

    Union Jack suited Murray is so out of touch that even the nasty Tory parties former MSP Adam Tomkins said of Murray’s comments that he did know where Murray was coming from.

  151. Robert Hughes

    ” I’m not right wing at all in my politics, but I’m not left wing either because I have a deep seated mistrust in the lot of them ”

    My grandfather – alter boy turned fervent Red Clydesider Communist , friend and comrade of John McLean , self-educated to the point he was able to act as de facto lawyer for people in his community ( the Gorbals ) unable to defend themselves in the courts , though still unable to prevent his daughters – my mother included , spending time in the Poor House , for the * crime * of being poor – set the tone and temperature of my family’s political consciousness and affiliation .

    Axiomatic Working Class = Socialism . National and International

    My own trajectory , passing through the * acid * rain of the Counter Culture – where music,art and literature were as important- if not more so – than politics , provided other perspectives and ways of looking at and interpreting the world .

    Despite this I still considered myself Left Wing

    As time has went on though , when the betrayals of hope , the compromises , the dilutions , the accommodations , the utter hypocrisy of Labour Sirs , the * firebrands * swathed in ermine , became insufferable my former identifications changed .

    The fundamental question – politically anyway – is Power . Who has it and what are they doing with it ?

    The Right AND the Left are not immune to it’s seductions or it’s abuse .

    For which reason I’m more attuned to a type of Taoist Anarchism , and deeply suspicious of those who seek power . In particularly those who seek it having made no sacrifice to attain it and lack the character to see the pitfalls in it’s attainment

  152. Hatuey

    Everything you need to know about Boris and everything we did know about Boris before they foisted him upon us as PM;

    What’s changed? Why did they suddenly turn against him?

    I suspect the answer to that question can be found across the Atlantic, in Washington DC.

    Some day they will subject Nicola to the same sort of scrutiny. That’ll be fun. Because let’s be honest, we know they’ll find a lot more than cheese and wine parties.

    The big wheel keeps on turning…

  153. Robert Hughes

    ” The big wheel keeps on turning…”

    You quoting Massive Attack there H ?

    Yip , it appears dafty Johnson’s own arrogance in stating in a TV interview his * technique * of ” peppering the media ” with a dazzling array of gaffes is now being used against him and will likely be instrumental in his demise .

    There he was imagining himself the great Churchillian leader .

    Turns out all along he was the stuffed dog of the Churchill Insurance advert

  154. John Main

    Hatuey says: – 31 January, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    “Have some respect ffs.”

    Hatuey back at the top of his game I see.

    What was it you posted just before Xmas Hatuey? Wasn’t it that the unvaxxed should F off and die?

    Respect indeed.

  155. James Che.

    Ron Maclean.

    They don’t understand,

    They won’t understand until it starts to effect their life’s, and at the moment it is just out of their understanding and view,

    First they come for the socialist, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a socialist,

    Then they came for the …..

    I like many here do not lean to the political left.
    I like many here do not lean politically to the right.
    I am not catholic, Protestant, I am not Muslim nor any other religion,
    Non of my politics is based on anything above.

    For god is not a man made construction,
    The books and churches came after god.
    And in the same time and on that same understanding.

    People came before governments
    With god given rights

    I believe in god , and I believe in humanity, empathy, morals and values. As a cornerstone for ALL mankind and womenkind.
    Not for the few.

    The governments are subduing all mankind.
    This is not democracy.
    WE hold the governments to account,

  156. John Main

    Dorothy Devine says: 31 January, 2022 at 10:09 am

    “If the West wants to rid the World of monsters, they should start by taking a look in the mirror, and try to relate to what the Chinese, Russians and Muslims see.”

    I wonder who said that? Maybes a Russian dissident in the USA. Perhaps one of the Chinese people I regularly meet in Scotland. I recall being told first hand by one that Chinese families often send their children abroad to ensure that if the state comes for the parents, the younger generation will survive and thrive.

    It could have been one of these Muslims occupying high office. London mayor Sadiq Khan for example.

    I don’t know where you are finding this mirror problem Dorothy. My mirrors are fine, and quite a bit better than any of the mirrors being looked in by the Chinese right now.

    I guess the people who crossed the channel today in their rubber dinghies will be agreeing with me.

  157. James Che.

    John main,

    I had forgot about that,
    being as we, have had so many hospital visits followed by funerals., the last one this week.
    All vaxxed by the way.

    Hatuey reminds me of what Ron Maclean was saying.

  158. James Che.

    John main,

    I had forgot about that,
    being as we, have had so many hospital visits followed by funerals., the last one this week.
    All vaxxed by the way.

    Hatue me of what Ron Maclean was saying.

  159. Republicofscotland

    Well it looks the NHS staff in England have called Johnson’s bluff, around 70,000 NHS staff who are unvaccinated were threatened with the sack if they did not get vaccinated, some staff were in the process of taking Savid Javid the English Health secretary to court on the matter.

    However it now looks as though Javid and Johnson are going to backdown. I agree that the staff should be vaccinated, however no NHS not even England’s can afford to lose 70,000 staff, even more so with pressures it faces now, and that pressure will only increase.

  160. Republicofscotland

    It might sound controversial but maybe we ditched coal too soon.

    “Russia’s Gazprom supplies about a third of Europe’s gas, with Western Europe and Turkey accounting for 78 percent of the state major’s exports in 2020 and Central Europe accounting for 22 percent, according to Gazprom data.”

    “In a bid to reduce this dependence—and get its European partners to agree to tougher sanctions on Russia—Washington scheduled talks with Qatar on alternative gas supplies. The talks are taking place today, but chances that Qatar can replace Russia as gas supplier are slim, at best. Per a recent Bloomberg report, the emirate is already pumping at capacity, and most of its gas is sold via long-term contracts in Asia.”

    “U.S. natural gas is, alas, not really an option. Like Qatari gas, there are other buyers ahead of Europe in the queue, and the Europeans themselves are not really willing to pay the premium for U.S. LNG. There is also the issue of import capacity, which is still rather limited in the Old World.”

    “Even Germany, the biggest buyer of Russian gas in Europe, does not have an LNG import terminal. Utility major Uniper planned to build one in Wilhelmshaven but in 2022 abandoned these plans in favor of a green hydrogen hub.”

  161. Ruby

    “I am also really sad because Scotland, this great nation, the one that gave birth to The Enlightenment, to great thinking, to new ideas, to challenging thought and innovation, seems so lost on this question and that’s a very sad place for it to be.” Kathleen Stock

    Scotland is in a very sad place overall.
    No sign of any great thinking, no new ideas, no challenging thought or innovation. A lost country being run by someone more suited to being a manager in Marks & Spencers.

  162. Dorothy Devine

    John Main , I did not say it .Had you paid attention you would have noticed that it was said by another further up the thread -hence the quotation marks.
    I merely agreed that the UK/British have much of which to be ashamed and rather obviously appear to have a vampire’s mirror.

  163. John Main

    Republicofscotland says – 31 January, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    “I agree that the [NHS] staff should be vaccinated …”

    Why’s that then Republic? I would have thought you would be instinctively on the side of working people facing down persecution and the risk of being sacked by a crushing bureaucracy.

    But you’re not. My my. What a fraud.

    Really hard for me to understand why you don’t support the rights of NHS workers, those who actually know from bitter experience the pros and cons of Covid vaccinations, to be free to make their own assessments of the risks to themselves and those they care for.

  164. John Main

    Dorothy Devine

    By all means you be ashamed if you want to be. You can have my share of the collective guilt and shame also. Fill your boots if it makes you feel better.

    I accept responsibility and shame for my own personal behaviour and nobody else’s.

  165. Dorothy Devine

    John Main , I completely agree with you on guilt and I am not accepting guilt for the actions of others , I do however wish that government would see their hypocrisy and keep their collective noses out of other nations or at the very least treat them fairly and with a little humility.

    My conversations with you are at an end – you twist and turn too easily for my taste.

  166. Republicofscotland

    John Main.

    I said should not must be vaccinated, its been widely touted that having the vaccinations reduces the chances of folk dying, as for your NHS workers rights, its goes without saying, and keep your virtue signalling on the matter for someone who actually cares what you say.

  167. Hatuey

    “What was it you posted just before Xmas Hatuey? Wasn’t it that the unvaxxed should F off and die?”

    I didn’t say that but am happy for you to attribute it to me.

  168. John Main

    Dorothy Devine

    Fair enough – you don’t want to exchange opinions.

    But you should be happy. You have an SNP regime in Hollyrood and Westminster “fighting” for Scotland with humility in spades.

    How’s that going? Last I heard, SNP humility was getting Scotland nowhere, but maybe things have changed.

    Apologies in advance for twisting and turning.

  169. Republicofscotland

    The SNP’s Angus Robertson is deeply concerned that freezing the BBC’s licence fee will undermine it. Robertson even penned a letter to the UK government department that deals with the BBC licence fees, saying that the arrangement risks destablising the valuable (BBC) asset.

    Robertson went on add that he criticised the UK government in its apparent attempts to undermine the BBC.

    Robertson is meant to be standing up for Scotland, not trying to save the BBC which has as Robertson puts it, undermined Scotland for decades. In my opinion this attempt to save the BBC’s increase in licence fees gives us a peek behind Robertson’s mask.

  170. Republicofscotland

    Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the UK’s formal withdrawal from the EU, yet Scotland is still not one step closer to leaving this union under the SNP government.

    To add to our woes the Tory government is bringing forward legislation, called the Brexit Freedom Bill, that will further undermine the devolved parliaments in the UK. Oh the SNP government are making a lot of noise on opposing it but in the end like Brexit the SNP government will just accept it.

  171. Hatuey

    RoS: “Robertson even penned a letter to the UK government department that deals with the BBC licence fees, saying that the arrangement risks destablising the valuable (BBC) asset.”

    It’s quite shocking sometimes to stand back and consider the position and antics of the SNP these days. They really couldn’t be more establishmental.

    They must hate the SNP convention of refusing honours and seats in the Lords. How long before they ditch that albatross?

    Meanwhile, Ian Blackford is swanning around Twitter bragging about “speaking truth to power”. In today’s SNP, suggesting that a habitual liar might have “unwittingly misled” parliament is a revolutionary act, up there with storming the bastille.

    “You’re no friend of mine”, he told Boris, after telling Theresa May how honourable and fair she’d been as PM. Now is probably not the time to remind him of her enthusiasm for a hard Brexit or of the height she shat on Scottish democracy from whilst in Downing Street.

    Call it what you want, Scotland is being run by the SNP on behalf of the British State.

  172. James Che.

    NHS or any other care worker should not be forced to have vaccines at such a late stage in covid,
    For they were working without protection for a full year with covid patients before we knew how serious it was as a virus.
    They put their life’s at risk for us and carried on looking after patients regardless.
    And everyone went out there battering their pots and pans, standing on doorsteps clapping their hands like seals in support of their hard work and bravery.
    Now some are acting like hypocrites.
    Telling them very same people, get vaccinated or loss your, job, your income, and possible their homes.
    Shame on you that follow that hypocritical leanings.

    Due to many hospital visits with ill and dying family members in wards in hospitals it also beggars belief that management in these hospitals were putting covid patients into the same wards as lung cancer patients,
    They were not separate. Or in a different unit with separate nursing staff.
    The nurses and patients had no choice.

    Then many of those covid patients were released into care homes where the residents were in lockdown, not allowed to leave or be safe guarded, trapped in isolation from families many of these care home residents caught and died of covid,

    If anything could be set up to quicken and end the lifespan of the elderly or the vulnerable, it was this.
    The increase of the elderly death rate, which curiously left the statistics for the elderly dying of covid above higher than other groups.

    There could not have been a better position than the singing from the same hymn sheet page across the board and incorporate this strategy in Scotland, England, Germany, France and America.

    The statistics are deliberately corrupted for elderly, in care homes and in hospitals.

    And one wonders what the real death toll would be if this plan had not been implemented world wide.

  173. Robert Hughes

    ” Meanwhile, Ian Blackford is swanning around Twitter bragging about “speaking truth to power”. In today’s SNP, suggesting that a habitual liar might have “unwittingly misled” parliament is a revolutionary act, up there with storming the bastille. ”

    Hahaha . Aye wee Che Blackfraud will be dining out on his magnificent display of fatuous finger-pointing for the foreseeable

    Dining out in the HoC restaurant , natch .

    The point , the BIG SWOLLEN PUS-FILLED FINGER point has been made elsewhere and leaps-out screaming at anyone not subject to the Sturgeon/NSNP mind-warp

    This mob having the gall , the breathtaking hypocrisy to claim righteous moral superiority about others’ lack of transparency and withholding of critical pieces of information , and , to crown it all ….


    If Glasgow can rename one it’s streets after Nelson Mandela will Edinburgh recognise the epochal significance of the (merchant ) banker’s heroic act of revolutionary self-sacrifice ( his seat on the bench losing a bit of heat ) and do the equivalent ?

    Sir Ian Blackford Passage has a pleasant ring dontcha think ?

  174. James Che.

    Conversations as to wether we have given up our sources of energy to soon. Is appropriate to ask.

    For when we see the how the finance companies, our industries, banks, police, transport, NHS, telephone companies,merged councils ,shops and businesses,
    Water supplies, and energy suppliers are all being reduced to a monopoly of larger umbrella companies, thus reducing our consumer selection and options, directing us down one road.

    We can see that one day we will have no choice left, but to pay the only price of whatever these large institutions or companies dictate.

    This has already happened with our media, and our social internet, where voice and choice can be deleted.
    This is also already happened with our politics, where the opposition is sitting on their hand or voting for the same passing of legislation.
    Where the two or three parties are so closely blended it is hard to make a choice on Election Day.

  175. James Che.

    I live close to some wind turbines,

    If there is no wind blowing, this turbines are generated by other energy,
    And if to much wind is blowing the brakes are put on to stop the blades turning in case of damage or safety issues,

    It’s a bit like Goldilocks and three bears porridge, two are not quite right, but one is ok.
    And of corse when the wind is not quite right the companies reduce power going into households,
    We often get a surge in power around cooking or meal times,

    What I find interesting all these years, is that when the big companies reduce the household power, when it is not needed,
    That this across the board reduction price is not calculated into your bills, it stays the same.

  176. John Main

    James Che

    Today is a Covid “Good News” day we should all be celebrating.

    The NHS has dropped its insistence that health workers must be vaccinated.

    And Denmark is the first country in the world to drop all Covid restrictions. Vaccine Passes are no more, and in fact, you are recommended to, but not compelled to isolate even if you have Covid.

    In other words, Denmark has announced the arrival of Herd Immunity.

    Now all we have to do is keep the pressure on the SNP regime to return our own stolen freedoms to us.

    Then the inquiries can start. And I don’t mean the inquiries into who has been eating cake.

  177. Hatuey

    Mr Hughes, let’s no contemplate such things as Blackford’s passage…

    Check out the exchange of looks between Boris and Raab in this clip @ around 3.30, right after Spartacus says “you’re no friend of mine”;

  178. Republicofscotland

    This is interesting as Sturgeon speaks out about rape, whilst men who identify as women have been allowed into women’s prisons and have committed sexual assaults, the men also are allowed into women and girls safe spaces and have committed offences in those areas as well.

    Meanwhile hundreds of folk protested outside Stewart street police station in Glasgow last night over Sturgeons disgraceful questionnaires that school children were asked to fill in regarding their sexual orientations.

    Many Schools have indicated that they will not ask children to fill in these disgusting SNP government questionnaires. If I had children at school today I’d be very worried indeed.

  179. Republicofscotland

    Hatuey @11.31am.

    Blackford played to the gallery its what he does, walking out before the Speaker put him out was all for dramatic effect. The idea is to get more Scots to rally behind the SNP, its all a show for our benefit.

    The charade will continue as long as there are SNP MSPs at Westminster, its been going on now for years, between Blackford and Robertson who led the SNP Westminster group prior to Blackford, and it will carry on until we vote them out.

  180. Robert Hughes


    I – only just – resisted prefacing ” Passage ” with ” Back ” : decided those words and ” ring ” in the same sentence was a pun too far .

    Yip , I clocked that look between Raabid and Bawbag and wondered what the sotto voce remark from the latter might have been .

    Maybe something like ….” he told me he loved me just the day , what a cad “

  181. Robert Hughes

    ” ….other day “

  182. Robert Hughes

    John Main @ 1.44

    Mon the Danes . Why is Scandinavia always ahead of the curve – in everything ?

    Meanwhile in the Antipodean Asylum the psychotics in authority have decided it’s a braw idea to prohibit unvaccinated parents from visiting their children in hospitals .Fair dinkum cobber ?

  183. Effigy

    Just had a 4 page leaflet put through my door from
    Pam Duncan-Glancy

    As it was red and white I presumed she was Labour but they get few
    votes in this SNP area.

    I couldn’t see the word Labour anywhere on it?

    Borrowing from Baroness Ruth who forgot to mention she was a shill Tory.

    Boris is off Scot Free if you’ll excuse the pun.
    Most Wonderful asset to Scottish independence.
    Vote for any London based party and you will get Boris who hates you for another 5 years.

    Couldn’t believe the TV news with so many English voters living him.
    Can they be given brain scans as well as vaccinations?

  184. Hatuey

    Aren’t we supposed to be seeing indyref2 legislation or some such crap going through Holyrood in the next few days?

    Does anyone even try and keep up with it nowadays?

  185. Breeks

    Effigy says:
    1 February, 2022 at 8:07 pm

    Couldn’t believe the TV news with so many English voters living him.
    Can they be given brain scans as well as vaccinations?

    Believe it or not, I’m not that left wing, but I find this whole pile of crap so bourgeois it’s nauseating. Where the fk are people’s priorities? I’m a revolutionary I suppose, I want revolution, but not anarchy or disorder, I want it delivered by the State being forced to abide by the State’s Constitution. If there are no consequence to breaking the rules, then they aren’t rules.

    That concept shouldn’t even be a revolution. What, just wanting things done properly, honestly, with open disclosure, diligence and integrity is an anathema to the UK, both amongst the UK Establishment and Scottish Establishment. Jail the seditionists for demanding too much justice! Vilify those who dare to ask for proof or evidence.

    Boris Johnson could be barbecuing children in the back garden but only find himself in trouble because his charcoal briquettes weren’t the smokeless variety.

    So Boris Johnson and his pisshead chums had a party eh? So fking what? Where does that rank beside Sturgeon and her weirdo chums selling Scottish Independence and Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution down the river while having a disgracefully corrupt conspiracy to jail an innocent man and protect the conspirators?

    In 1974, the Watergate scandal shocked the world and saw the first ever US President resign from office. 48 People ended up with criminal convictions on the back of it. The commonplace “-gate” suffix made it into common parlance because Watergate was the yardstick against which all political corruption might be judged.

    But now? Watergate looks like a plot from the Magic Roundabout, as we are blinded to whether London’s Westminster and Edinburgh’s Holyrood best resemble Sodom or Gomorrah.

    And the Scottish perspective? Scottish arch-blowhard Blah Blah Blackford, blows hard to the gallery, but we all know from his blowing hard impotence preventing Scotland’s Brexit that it’s all just waffle and pish.

    Consequences? There will be none.

  186. Republicofscotland

    So the Tories new Shared Prosperity Fund set up to match and replace EU funding after Brexit, now won’t match EU funding as promised, well, well, well, what a surprise not.

    Some areas will only receive 60% of what they’d receive if they were still in the EU, and the Welsh government are furious that they will lose over £1 billion pounds in funding that the EU would normally have given them. The SNP’s MP with the farcical title of Shadow Chancellor, Alison Thewliss has warned the huge shortfalls will affect key projects and communities.

    But of course Scotland is still trapped in this God awful union because Sturgeon doesn’t want independence.

    A vote for the SNP is a vote to stay in the union, a vote for Alba (come May’s elections) is a vote for a independence party.

  187. robbo

    And all the while while another oil field gets the ‘green go ahead as it’s not all that bad that black stuff after all’. More millions go south- remember they’ve got a levelling up to do!

    Will we see a levelling up here with our own doe? WILL WE FUCK.

  188. Republicofscotland

    Scotland’s FM has jumped on the Russia/Putin bad trope bandwagon penning an article in the Whitehall fanzine the Guardian. Sturgeon said that Ukraine must be free to organise its security alliances as it sees fit, this is a nod to it joining Nato of which Putin opposes, of course Sturgeon doesn’t mention the US orchestrated 2014 coup which kind of contradicts her point.

    What’s galling though is that Sturgeon goes on to say, I’ve spent my whole life campaigning for the sovereign rights of the people of Scotland to determine our own future. Sturgeon really knows how to kowtow to the right/wrong people, alas it for her own benefit and not for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

  189. Republicofscotland

    That’s right Robbo the Abigail oil and gas field will produce a minimum of 5.5 million barrels of oil.

    Roll up! roll up! take what you want, Scotland’s energy is fair game for whatever firm/country wants it and you don’t even have to supply it to the Scots at a fair price, Sturgeon will make sure of that.

    Has the penny dropped yet (not you Robbo) the SNP are not a party of Scottish independence they’re a party of self preservation, and wealth accumulation which they can only achieve by keeping Scotland in the union, vote Alba for indy you know it makes sense.

  190. Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile the SNP ran Glasgow City council claimed a few weeks back that they were no people sleeping rough in the city, only for several homeless charities to prove them wrong by saying they attended to over 200 folk a week sleeping rough in the city.

    Now Scottish (SNP) government figures show that homelessness is up in Scotland to 14,161 with over 4% of those homeless folk sleeping rough in the country and with Glasgow being Scotland biggest city its safe to assume that more folk sleep rough in Glasgow.

    SNP Housing secretary Shona Robertson accepted that the numbers of folk that are sleeping rough, and that are homeless are too high.

    So the SNP Glasgow City Council lied over the rough sleeping/homeless figures, what else are they lying about, the city of Glasgow is in a right state under this lot, time to remove them I think, come May’s elections vote for the Alba party to replace them, the SNP has failed to deliver we shouldn’t reward failure at the ballot box.

  191. stuart mctavish

    Setting aside any controversy surrounding whether and which big dogs or party animals can, or should, get their kicks from time to time – and/or more serious concerns about what it might do to otherwise healthy immune systems, unlikely hero of the week must be Justin Trudeau who, despite his current public meltdown (/ inappropriate sarcasm), has inadvertently exposed the medical incompetence of snake oil passports (and rendered them impossible to administer in any event) simply by managing to catch covid within a reported 3 weeks of his booster (which the ‘science’ elsewhere claims to be inactive for first 14 days) – thus giving a timely welcome and high profile example of the snake oil’s active ingredient half life being in the order of a rather shocking 2 to 3 days only..

  192. Robert Hughes

    ” So Boris Johnson and his pisshead chums had a party eh? So fking what? ”

    Exactly my own view on this storm in a wine glass pish . Just one more laughable element of the collective madness that has engulfed the world for getting on for 2 years .

    That the fat non-controller tries to extract political ( and personal ) mileage out this trivial aspect of it should come as no surprise , he , and his cohort will always choose the easy target whilst avoiding anything requiring unflinching confrontation with our oppressors .

    Just one point compadre – one you are probably aware of ….

    Anarchy properly understood is not equivalent to disorder/chaos : rather , the absence of an oppressive , centralised Power dictating actions and behaviour and predicated on trusting people’s natural decency and desire for harmonic co-existence to flourish if left unmolested by those with ulterior designs , vested ( malign ) interests or the conceit of thinking they know best .

    Self-help and mutual aid implicit in the theory and practise .

    In other words , the opposite of the interfering , * we know best , too bad if you disagree * superiority complex manifest in current SNP/Green ideology

  193. Confused

    – saw a miserably nasty cunt called Tobias Ellwood on C4 news last night – someone should give him a Lee Enfield, 3 clips and some kendal mint cake and let him at it; chickenhawk bastard.

    Little Nikki wrote a bit for the Guardian yesterday about Ukraine; it’s … bizarre … all over the place – russian oligarchs laundering money in London and paying off the tory party have led to Putin’s “aggression” (and the 3rd paragraph will make you laugh, then vomit) – no link

    The situation in Ukraine is morally disgusting – and I think in such a just cause, there is no limit to the number of English lives I would spend to ensure Germany doesn’t get cheap gas from Putin. Those rebel ukrainians who objected to their legitimate govt being overthrown in a coup in 2014 (orchestrated by the US), need to look at the big picture.

    We should commit our entire complement of elite forces, comprised of conscripts from oxbridge and the public schools, to get intae these russian bastards with their sa-80s and javelin missiles. The PPE undergraduates and journalism students can get first hand experience of what their future sophistry can facilitate.

    – and think of all the literary opportunities, in the ukrainian trenches; who can forget Rupert Brooke-Taylor-Cakestands unforgettably moving Great War masterpiece

    “oh look at the muck in here
    I wish I was back at cambridge
    bumming a fresher senseless
    in the laundry room”

    Never forget the national enemy and take inspiration from those who fought against it, e.g. skyhawk pilots coming in at zero feet into a hail of lead and missile. Balls like melons. And be wise to the signs of the Anglo – you can spot them with their spiked teeth, and they have a little mouth inside a bigger mouth which comes out fast to bite you.

  194. Republicofscotland

    Released by the Electoral Commission Scottish political parties spending for May’s elections.

    “The SNP’s total – £1,468,343 – is broadly in line with 2016 and works out at a cost of £22,942 for each of the 64 seats the party won.”

    Where did the SNP get the money from?

    Give them no donations for May’s elections this year.

  195. Hatuey

    RoS: “Sturgeon said that Ukraine must be free to organise its security alliances as it sees fit”

    Ukraine is free to join NATO, just as Russia is free to foment a ruinous civil war in Ukraine that will effectively destroy the country’s prospects for decades.

    Choice and the decisions that follow from it have consequences. I tried to explain this to the anti-fax crackpots — they have the right not to be vaccinated and the rest of us have the right to shun them.

    I see Gove is kicking around, talking about spending millions in Glasgow. That’s great news for Glasgow since it has been systematically ignored and left to rot for several years under Sturgeon.

    Of course, not so long ago the SNP would have had the indy movement supporting it and telling the Tories to fuck off in situations like this. Now all they have is their hollow-headed leader and a bunch of payroll scroungers that nobody listens to.

    Choices, decisions, consequences, get it? That’s the theme for today.

  196. Breeks

    Hatuey says:
    2 February, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    Ukraine is free to join NATO, just as Russia is free to foment a ruinous civil war in Ukraine that will effectively destroy the country’s prospects for decades…

    Ukraine is to Russia, what Taiwan is to China, South Korea is to North Korea, and what Israel is to the Muslim World. It’s a provocative enclave of Western belligerence plonked right on the “enemy’s” doorstep, screaming in their face, defying that enemy to react, then face the might of Western strike capacity “defending” itself if it dares.

    But look what happens in reverse, Ukraine is to Russia what Cuba was to the USA, and look at the paroxysm of panic and rage from the USA at the threat of foreign missiles on it’s doorstep.

    Now pick your objection. The brazen unbridled Western hypocrisy, the malevolent interference in other countries affairs, or the gun toting warmongering psychosis. It’s the West who are the aggressive trigger happy provocateurs forever spoiling for a fight.

    I’m not saying I condone the Governments or what goes on in Eastern Europe, China or the Middle East, but nor am I going to be a flag waving imbecile backing our own complicity with this dangerous and destabilising stupidity. Not in my name.

  197. Vestas

    What people tend to forget is that the UK did actually enter into an agreement to guarantee the sovereignty of Ukraine against agression.

    Obviously that agreement was broken in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea.

    For those with short memories this happened in 1994 when Ukraine gave Russia all the nuclear warheads it possessed after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact.

    Other signatories to the agreement were Russia and the USA.

    Moral of story apart from never trust the UK/USA/Russia seems to be that if you ever possess nukes then never give them up. Personally I reckon Canada will need some nukes soon the way the USA is heading.

    Given the Tories/LibDems broke the agreement the best part of a decade ago I can’t see what this has to do with the UK now. Well I can and its sticking it to the Germans re Nordstream but that’s USA driven anyway.

  198. Republicofscotland

    “Obviously that agreement was broken in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea.”


    Russia did not annex Crimea, prior to the 2014 US backed coup, Russia legally had based its troops in the region, and the Crimean people voted in a referendum to rejoin Russia.

    If Nato refuse Russia’s proposition to not have nukes based in Ukraine right on Russia’s border, then its will be perfectly fair for Russia to deploy its nukes in Cuba and Venezuela, it would then have the capability to strike the USA.

  199. Robert Hughes

    Stuart McTavish . Confused . Breeks

    YES . YES . YES .

  200. Republicofscotland


    Its the Great Satan (USA) that is the aggressor, if one spent a few minutes looking into US troop deployment and specifically why, you’d have a hard time coming to any other conclusion than it was to further US initiatives around the globe. What’s going on in Ukraine with Russia in mind is no different.

    “84 out of 193 UN member states have been subjected to US occupation or aggression to some degree. In the course of 20th and 21st centuries, American troops have been deployed in one way or another in 191 states.”

    “According to open-sourced data from the Internet, the United States maintains approximately 750 military bases in more than 80 states of the world. The total number of US military servicemen abroad amounts to 175 thousand, more than 60 thousand of them are deployed in Europe. The US military budget in 2020 stood at 778 billion dollars, whereas the Russian – at only 61 billion dollars, which is 12 times less. All these examples are clear and concrete threats to the international peace and security.”

  201. Republicofscotland

    Breeks @3.27pm.


    There’s a very distinct possibility that the Ukrainian president Zelensky may find himself deposed by the USA. Zelensky has openly said that he doesn’t think Russia will invade Ukraine and this doesn’t fit in with the Western narrative.

    At the UN Security Council meeting on Monday the Ukrainian delegate completely ignored his presidents stance and claimed that Russia was on the verge of invading his country, he reports back to the Ukrainian Foreign minister and hardliner against Russia, Dmytro Kuleba, some have claimed there’s a power struggle in the background between Zelensky and Kuleba-if the latter wins then expect the rhetoric on Russia bad to rise to even more dangerous levels.

  202. Republicofscotland

    Why is Sturgeon getting involved and what could look like defending the millionaire knight of the realm and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

    “However, the First Minister contradicted the idea that the Savile accusation had been normal discourse, telling LBC: “Boris Johnson’s performance in the House of Commons two days ago was one of the most shameful, shameless, utterly despicable performances in the House of Commons I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

    “She said that the comments linking Keir Starmer and Jimmy Savile were “utterly despicable”, going on: “It’s appalling that the holder of the office of Prime Minister is behaving in that fake news, Trumpian manner. This is about the integrity of our democracy.”

    “We’ve got to ask ourselves, party politics aside, we’ve got to ask ourselves as citizens, are we content to have somebody with no integrity and no shame occupying No 10?”

    The last sentence is totally fitting to be used, with the current occupant of Bute House in mind.

  203. Clavie Cheil

    Considering Scotland is presently occupied by a Foreign Regime I dont give a fuck for the Ukraine.

  204. Vestas

    Like I said above some people have no clue re Ukraine.

    If “Republic of Scotland” would like to peruse the aforementioned agreement he/she/whatever would see that Ukraine foresaw a lot of what was coming. It specifically mentions stuff like economic blackmail, moving conventional forces onto Ukrainian territory etc.

    Arguably its all been a load of bollox since it was signed – how many times has Russia threatened Ukraine via gas supplies for example?

    However the agreement was signed and then broken by at least 2 if not all 3 signatories so what does any of this have to do with us now?

    There is another treaty/agreement involving France at the same time (1994) for the same reasons (nukes given back to Russia).

  205. Chas

    Imagine if you are a soft ‘No’ voter, sick of the shambles that is the Tory Westminster Government but also not convinced that the SNP is the answer.
    You stumble upon WOS and hear that it the ‘home’ of the Independence supporting Alba people, therefore you have a look at the posts to see what it is all about.
    How long would it take you to come to the realisation that half of the posters are not quite right in the head and swiftly move on elsewhere?
    I don’t think it will be too long before I join them.
    It is the hope that things will get better which eventually kills you.

  206. Clavie Cheil

    When we had the 2014 Referendum we were on our own and we are still on our own. It is even worse now because we have an SNP – Green Coalition not even remotely interested in promoting Scots Indy or holding an ‘Honest’ Referendum. We are even more on our own than ever.

  207. John Main

    Hatuey says – 2 February, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    “Choice and the decisions that follow from it have consequences. I tried to explain this to the anti-fax crackpots — they have the right not to be vaccinated and the rest of us have the right to shun them.”

    Looks like Hatuey has found another tealight under his sink and is using it to illuminate the great philosophical and moral questions of the age.

    Hows your shunning going then Hatuey? Would it be easier for you if the unvaxxed had tattooed foreheads? I believe the wearing of yellow stars can be made to work.

    Even so, you might still encounter an unvaxxed begging on the street or something, having been shunned by virtuous, civic-minded role models like yourself, working behind the counters in shops. What about if the unvaxxed were given free train rides to a better place? Would that suit you?

  208. John Main

    Republic of Scotland

    There’s a small-ish country containing many patriots who are prepared to fight in defence of what they see as their nation, their language, their culture and their right to self-determination.

    They are bordered by a much bigger, powerful country, who are threatening to assimilate the small-ish country, dilute its language, repress its culture and kill any chance of self-determination for it.

    The threat is backed up with overwhelming military force, and if that force is applied, heavy casualties can be expected among the patriots of the smaller country.

    It’s not that you don’t see the obvious parallels with Scotland. It’s that you choose to not see them, because to you, your warped worldview and hatred of the “great satan” is all that matters.

  209. Republicofscotland

    Anyone see Sturgeon on the news jump on the Goodwillie bandwagon, and try and win back women voters that she’s alienated via her Self-Id and GRA policies that will/are deeply impinging on women’s safe spaces.

    I’m not defending Goodwillie, just pointing out that the sly vixen Sturgeon knows when an opportunity such as this arises, especially when her best buddy Val McDermid is fan of the club, that she knows how to play the to crowd especially women.

    It reminds me of the Mark MacDonald event, in how Sturgeon, the SNP and what passes for a “Scottish” media all came together to form a phalanx of voices.

  210. Republicofscotland

    Vestas @5.11pm.

    Hitchens Razors springs to mind with that comment in mind.

  211. Republicofscotland

    John Main.

    I suppose there are some parallels, though the Great Satan (USA) didn’t need to stage a coup in Scotland, Sturgeon’s allegiance is now well known.

    At a recent UN vote the USA and Ukraine were the only two countries to vote against a resolution calling on countries to make the glorification of Nazism illegal.

  212. Republicofscotland

    Anyone see this on the MSM anywhere, or is Whoopi Goldberg still on a loop apologising.

    “Our official new report looks at the decades-long suffering of Palestinians under Israel’s rule. We’ve concluded that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians throughout Israel & the Occupied Palestinian Territories amounts to apartheid. ”

  213. John Main

    @Republicofscotland – 2 February, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    “At a recent UN vote the USA and Ukraine were the only two countries to vote against a resolution calling on countries to make the glorification of Nazism illegal.”

    What did I just write about your “warped worldview”?

    A quick check online shows:

    1) Canada also voted against.

    2) The European Union’s member states abstained en masse.

    Maybes not quite as cut and dried as you would like us to believe, eh Republic?

  214. Robert Hughes

    ” Looks like Hatuey has found another tealight under his sink and is using it to illuminate the great philosophical and moral questions of the age.”

    LOL generator of the week , no contest .

    At least The Great Hatuey concedes people have the right not to be vaccinated . S’all we ask H – the * right * to be * wrong * 🙂

    Given our geographical disparity I’m feeling pretty confident the power of your shun will be negligible . But if you’re ever up by Loch Ness ask around for me , and if we should meet you can zap me with your double-barrelled shun gun

    Still feeling pretty confident my couldnae give a fuck shield will repel your shun even at point-blank range

  215. Republicofscotland

    John Main@ 7.49pm.

    Straight from the horses mouth John.

    “By a recorded vote of 130 in favour to 2 against (Ukraine, United States), with 49 abstentions, the Assembly then adopted draft resolution I, “Combating glorification of Nazism, neo?Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance”.”

  216. Republicofscotland

    Re my above comment, I have to say that there were 49 abstentions on that resolution which I find remarkable if not depressing.

    From the resolution draft.

    “By its terms, the Assembly expressed deep concern about the glorification of the Nazi movement, neo?Nazism and former members of the Waffen SS organization, including by erecting monuments and memorials, holding public demonstrations in the name of the glorification of the Nazi past, the Nazi movement and neo?Nazism, and declaring or attempting to declare such members and those who fought against the anti?Hitler coalition, collaborated with the Nazi movement and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity “participants in national liberation movements”.

    The Ukraine and the Great Satan (USA) had to vote no, they need their extreme Neo-Nazi Azov battalion to be able to keep pushing the anti-Russian agenda and somehow goad Russia into inavding Ukraine.

    Incidentally Roman Protasevich who was arrested in Belarus a few months back, was a member of the Azov Battalion.

  217. Ian Brotherhood

    Has anyone else been reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s ‘The Real Anthony Fauci…’

    Right now I’m only 100-odd pages into it, but have already started reviewing much of what I’ve been ‘told’ via MSM since, oooooft, the days when CH4 wasn’t long started and we were regularly assailed with terrifying adverts featuring icebergs, narrated by John Hurt.

    If Kennedy’s analysis is correct, Scottish ‘independence’ is a mere bagatelle. The constitutional status of a ‘wee nation’, regardless of how important it may be to us in here, matters not a jot when we have global forces conspiring to make – and keep – as many of us as possible, as ill as possible, for as long as possible.

    Seriously – has anyone else read it? Curious for thoughts.

  218. Hugh Jarse

    They’re probably no dancing in the streets of Raith the night.

    Where justice? Where redemption?

    The fascists of the left have already won. We’re fucked!

  219. Robert Hughes

    Ian B

    Not read it but read a few reviews – none on MSM , they don’t exist there, as you’ll know he has been systematically and comprehensively * cancelled * , so I can’t give an opinion on it

    From what I understand it’s a – excuse the cliche – ( exhaustively sourced ) damning indictment of corporate malevolence , unbridled greed and , more broadly , the sinister machinations of the financial/power elite : for whom, most of humanity are at best an inconvenience , at worse , a lump of insentient malleable material .

    I honestly wish all this really was * conspiracy theories * – I spent years saying as much . Not possible to do so now

    Greed and the abuse of power are perennial aspects of human history : so you may reasonably say ” what’s new ? no conspiracy required ” .

    What’s * new * is we are supposed to be living in enlightened , democratic times/countries , where no one is above the law and politics serves the people .Where truth is valued and honesty demanded

    What’s new is the technology-facilitated capacity for mass control of people’s reality through domination of information . What we THINK is happening v what’s actually happening .

    In our case, look how easy it has been for Sturgeon/SNP to create the completely erroneous image of competence and trustworthiness – at least in the minds of their * faithful * supporters and neutrals

    Does it appear to anyone it is even possible to know what’s ACTUALLY happening in our “Post Truth” times and when many of our elected political leaders/representatives are incapable of answering the question ” what is a woman ” ?

    Hugh J

    There is no room for forgiveness and redemption in Brave New Progressive Scotland .

    Calvinism never left the Scottish psyche . Now the return of the ( never quite ) repressed is manifesting again : this time clothed in rainbow tartan

  220. Hatuey

    Beggars belief really that an anti-vaxxer would walk into a room full of enlightened vaccinated people and ask them if they have read a book by the anti-vax crackpot in chief… like we are going to buy his book and line his pockets out of dedication to balance or something.

    And Robert F Kennedy JR is absolutely a crackpot, with a decidedly murky past;

    Most of these anti-vax celebrities are raking it in. People like Del Bigtree, posing as doctors, making tens of thousands a gig for speaking at flat earth events;

    Alex Jones is another that latched on to the entrepreneurial opportunities offered by taking pocket money from simpletons. They might not have much individually, but there’s a lot of them — seeds, gold, vitamins, you name it, these suckers will buy anything.

    Oh, you thought they were doing all this out of love for humanity? Lolz.

    So, no, Ian, I haven’t read that book.

  221. gregor

    An interesting development:

    “…HHS and NIH have chosen to hide, obfuscate, and shield the truth. This stonewalling is particularly troubling considering NIH’s direct involvement in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the agency’s policy or practice to destroy potentially pertinent documents related to grant making decisions…”:

  222. gregor

    Don’t worry about your future, World Economic Forum provides a strategic insight:

  223. robbo

    Chas says:
    2 February, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    Imagine if you are a soft cunt like you ever gets control of our country.

    Listen fuckwit if I want to support ALBA I will. Ram it. #

    Give it a rest CHAS

  224. Confused

    Ron Unz has a lot about RFKJrs book. The AIDS stuff is the biggest WTF. Curiously, there has been pushback against him, but no one is talking about AIDS.

    – yes I know “unz is a bad person” and his website is “rightwing” but treat the article on its merits, it’s long, nuanced, well argued (Unz is not, in fact, an anti vaxxer)

  225. Hugh Jarse

    What are words worth Robert?
    ‘Progressive’ was accepted to mean moving forwards into a more Liberal, tolerant and egalitarian society.

    New definition.
    ‘Progressive’ means what we decide it means.
    We decide what’s best for you, and we have the rainbow’s!
    Compliance is required, or be cancelled.

  226. Tannadice Boy

    @Hugh Jarse 9:45pm
    Your post requires several replies in response. I will start off with the football angle. I first saw David Goodwillie play football for Dundee United reserves. He was around 18. I turned to my fellow United fan and said another Scotland player in the making. Goodwillie didn’t get the nickname of Twinkle Toes for nothing. Excellent close control especially in the opposition penalty box. I have seen many United players go on to play at the National level. He was the one player that never realised his true potential. Perhaps because he ended up looking over his shoulder for the last ten years. The incident destroyed two lives. The subject of which I will address on Friday.

  227. Chas


    Thank you for your enlightened comment which, unfortunately, does not make sense.
    However, you do make my point perfectly but are probably too thick to realise it.
    Have a lovely day.

  228. Republicofscotland

    Neither Russia or the US will confirm that they might have come to an agreement with regards to Ukraine, its Nato membership and missiles.

    The supposed deal is one that if Russia promises not to invade Ukraine if certain types of missiles (Tomahawks) are removed from sites in Romanian and Poland, and the US would be given the choice of where it would like missiles removed from inside Russia.

    The Spanish newspaper El Pais, is said to have seen the secret documents (written replies from the US and Nato) and it has published them, the US document is marked as confidential “Non-Paper”

    The paper then goes on to add that the US will need to consult its Nato allies on the offer.

  229. Republicofscotland

    SNP and Green councillors at Glasgow City council asking the Scottish government to lobby the Westminster government to put the cost of petrol and diesel up to get Scots out of their cars.

    With cost of everything going up and heating fuels set to go through the roof in April this lot are way out of touch and we MUST vote the SNP and Greens out of office in May and vote for the Alba party instead.

  230. Republicofscotland

    Re my 10.58am comment.

    I’ve tracked down the documents.

  231. Jack Murphy

    Craig Murray has posted today a thought provoking article.
    Not on Scottish Independence but still well worth a read.

    ‘How the Establishment functions’:

  232. Tannadice Boy

    @Huge Jarse 9:45pm
    Events, events. I was in the process of researching other countries and how they are improving conviction rates, reconciliation and rehabilitation methodologies. In attempt to improve public discourse and suggest a possible route to consensus. In the bin now but no knowledge is wasted.

  233. James Che.

    The fear factor is ever present as a psychological war game on the citizen.
    It occurs to many on here the government media ramp up fear to ensure every one got vaccinated.
    Which for contractors, and investors in these vaccines was important to to their personal money building.

    Fear was used against Scotland in the Scottish referendum in 2014.
    Fear is used wether Russia interfered in American election,
    The Skirpals
    Meteorites hitting earth.
    Melting icebergs.
    Bird flu.
    Vaccines and passports .
    Uncontrollable spontaneous fires.
    Sadam Hussain and weapons of mass destruction.
    Tax rises.
    Fuel shortages.
    Sea rise.
    And on and on it goes,
    Hate crimes.

    People today are kept in perpetual fear as a method of control.
    But what if people had common sense.
    And could distinguish between natural events that have gone on for millions of years.
    And man made constructive fear and events.

    One could half their fear and then hold governments to account.
    For the planet they are ruining.

    For I am pretty certain that climate change is incompatible with bombs and mass destruction.
    As is weapons dumps when wars are over,

    And for every disaster financially on the people we can pinpoint a decision made by a mismanaged government that skims of the top.
    And help out their mates and big corporations financially.
    Aided and abetted by MSM.

    There is nothing wrong with the people.
    Only that they are innocently susceptible to propaganda. That instils constant fear.

  234. Hatuey

    “The supposed deal is one that if Russia promises not to invade Ukraine if certain types of missiles (Tomahawks) are removed from sites in Romanian and Poland, and the US would be given the choice of where it would like missiles removed from inside Russia.”

    Looks like a crap deal for Russia. I was hoping they would invade, though. Ukraine isn’t really a real country, more a sort of chunk of spare ground that nobody wants between Asia and Europe.

    Anyway, I don’t believe this story. If there’s been a deal struck, it wouldn’t need to offer more to Russia than is suggested here. Those Russians aren’t daft. And they fight for real.

  235. Republicofscotland

    I find it rather surprising that David Goodwillie has been playing football for Clyde FC for the last five years, yet I don’t recall Sturgeon taking to the airwaves to denounce him playing at the club.

    What has brought about the media frenzy over Goodwillie signing for Raith Rovers, I’ve come to the conclusion that Val McDermid is a good friend of Sturgeon’s and that McDermid’s distaste for Goodwillie gave Sturgeon not only the impetus to help her good friends cause to oust Goodwillie, but it also gave Sturgeon an opening to try and win back many, many women that she’s alienated with her GRA and Self-Id policies, by attacking Raith Rovers for signing him on tv.

    The Goodwillie event, shows just how quickly the MSM can get behind and praise or denounce someone or an event when they need to for whatever specific reason, unless of course its Scottish independence, or Sturgeon’s private life which we know absolutely nothing about.

  236. Tannadice Boy

    @Republicofscotland 2:48pm
    Politics aside for one moment. There is something drastically wrong with conviction rates. Here is an illustration, in the 1970s of the cases that reached trial 1 in 3 resulted in conviction. In 1990s 1 in 6. Now 1 in 15. This is leading to the narrative that the system needs an emergency overhaul. Hence the call for the elimination of Juries specifically for these cases. Wow thinking about the Salmond trial here, scary. And we are nowhere on reconciliation or rehabilitation of one time offenders and victims. I differentiate between one night cases and what is called multiple perpetrators. So we need a proper public discourse on the way forward. We ain’t going to get with the current players in office. Might as well get the ‘Jougs’ out for offenders. Another reason not to vote SNP. They are progressive alright progressively getting worse. So on this subject it is a sharp exit left for me.

  237. James Che.

    Trying to write when busy with one thing or the other right now and with spellchecker trying to out—think a person along with being dyslexic makes for jumbled reading,

    However my thoughts are more coherent than the writing, it’s just the translating from thought to words that buggers up the message.

    My apologies to all here over the last year. Life has not been easy.

    With the direction that governments around the world are acting, and the slow transgression that human rights as a society is being encroached upon.
    to the detriment the people world wide,
    by those governments to ensure an outcome of a broken down society.

    We in Scotland should mentally and legally fight our devolved government and the snp that seems to aspire to the globlest agenda and ideology.
    For it is an ideology,
    An experiment on society from all angles.

    At some point we have to recognise even voting or the vote counting has been corrupted.
    That this method relies on the same rulers setting up the system to save the status quo and their positions.
    It is a worry when we feel helpless.
    But this was the purpose of present governments, to instil that feeling through confusion and fear-mongering and threats that are illegal and not based with human rights or the Principles of the Nuremberg code,
    It seems strange today the Nuremberg code that was thought so appropriate after WW2 to maintain
    The right of humans from being experimented on Is suddenly ignored by those very same countries that wrote it.
    It seems strange we have undergone Genetic modifications to our foods, and with bulking that food up with emulsifiers.
    Loaded with fats, falsified salts, sugars and chemicals.

    These chemicals have had no long term side effects identified,
    but perhaps we are seeing these experimental foods having a impacts on obesity, on altering brain patterns, on cancers, on more strokes and heart attacks. on lethargic behaviour, allergies and breathing problems. And perhaps the rise in dementia patients.

    We the human race are subtly being experimented on by our governments without our consent, from food to vaccines, and psychologically.

    Is it not time for those whom have not fallen for the world dictators ideology to say enough is enough.

    We no longer want to be lab rats
    nor do we want to be an experiment in psychological warfare.

    Well the yellow vests.
    The Canadian truckers,
    The protesters in EVERY country have reached the same conclusion in their millions.

    The biggest enemy of the people is main stream media propaganda.
    And most citizens are not aware they are not alone in this thinking.
    Worldwide the people are rising in their masses

    And the puppet leaders to the deep state are panicking.

    Through the grapevine, I have heard that they are thinking about pulling the plug on all the social media outlets to ensure the people cannot connect with or inform each other around the world.

    We need to be ready.
    Don’t say you have not been warned,

  238. James Che.

    All Trials for the accused need to be open to the public, and with juries selected the old fashioned way.

    For who themselves would like to be stitched with no scrutiny or no voice.

  239. Ebok

    Well, we have the numbers now: £700 per year increase in energy costs for now, more to follow in October – just in time for winter weather.
    How on earth are the poor, and soon to be poor, going to cope with this outrageous increase on top of rapidly rising costs of food, fuel, and other increases of NI etc.

    This relentless attack on the poor must stop.
    If this latest attack doesn’t draw our ‘leaders’ out of their bunkers to spearhead marches in every town and city in Scotland, then a political earthquake is in sight.

  240. Dan

    @ Ebok at 5.31pm

    Ach, all ya need tae do to save yer dosh is switch to this company. (Though tbh I’m struggling to find the contact number… 🙁 )

    And here’s “too wee, too poor” Scotland currently generating enough power for oorselves and exporting more than we are using.

  241. Republicofscotland

    “How on earth are the poor, and soon to be poor, going to cope with this outrageous increase on top of rapidly rising costs of food, fuel, and other increases of NI etc.”


    Already a third of Scots are in fuel poverty the coming rises will tip may more families into fuel poverty and overall poverty. Who’s fault is it, well Sturgeon promised to get us out of this union due to Brexit, six years later we are not one step closer to that.

    If she had held an indyref or a plebiscitary election we’d have won it off the back of Brexit, and in the process we would’ve taken back control of all the levers of government, including energy.

    Scotland is swimming in energy sources yet a third of Scots (soon to be far more) are in fuel poverty, having the powers over this abundance of energy would’ve help mitigate the impact a bit, but we don’t have those powers because Sturgeon betrayed Scots in favour of the union.

    Now the Britnat media is currently bigging up that the UK government are going to give the power companies around £200 to £300 pounds and this money will be taken from our power bills, however its not a rebate or a grant its a loan and we have to pay it all back at a later date.

  242. Dan

    Jeezo, you take just a few days aff tae do some oldskool diy tae sort oot some mad “builder’s” previous work fuckups at a friend’s hoose, and come back to see Scotland yet again forging ahead with oor own unique style of “progressive” policies.
    So when you can’t be arsed fitting an extractor fan / ventilation system, simply cut an inch or so aff the bottom of yer fire doors…
    Don’t recall the dentists getting offered this cheap and effective solution to deadly virus control when we were all stuck in oor hooses with toothache for months, whilst they had to spend wads o dosh kitting oot their treatment rooms.

    Oh, and if any Local Authority is reading in, I’ve got a couple of chainsaws and be happy to bid a competitive quote for the job o ripping an inch aff aw yer schools’ fire doors.
    Or if you want to go full Greta T eco-warrior for environmental points, I’d also be up for trapping and supplying you with a few local beavers to let loose in yer schools as sure as hell they’ll make short shift of nibbling through the bottom of doors, whilst simultaneously supplying you with wood chip biomass pellets for the heating system boiler.

  243. Hatuey

    Confused @1.08 am posted a link to something worth giving emphasis to, so here it is again;

    The stuff about AIDS in that article towards the end is quite shocking, as is the stuff about biological weapons and China’s recent difficulties.

    Thanks for that, confused, very enjoyable bit of reading.

  244. Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile the dolt Shirley Ann-Sommerville who is the the SNPs Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, wants to chop off the bottom of school doors at a cost to the taxpayer of £300,000 to aid ventilation in schools in Scotland, completely ignoring that the doors will be compromised if a fire should break out.

    Somerville a pathetic wretch of woman has never been directly elected in Scotland (the female equivalent of Murdo Fraser) and her close friend Sturgeon even created positions for her within the SNP government. Somerville was in charge of the transfer of some benefits from Westminster to Scotland of which she made a complete mess of and the powers over these benefits have just been secured or are in the process of being secured at Holyrood years later than they should have been due to Somerville’s incompetence.

  245. Ebok

    That quote from Sturgeon, along with the coupon, should be put on a postcard size flyer and posted to every household in Scotland.

    We must attack this for all its worth. It is many times worse than poll tax and bedroom tax combined. I am so incensed, thinking about kids going cold and hungry, thinking about stressed folks and what it might do to their mental health, and having this following on from 2 years of the total mess of covid, the £billions scammed in the process, and the £700m extra Sunak will get from VAT just on the increase. That will no doubt fund a few party’s as bairns freeze.

    Aye, I noticed the 3-card trick with the £200 softener. How the F are folks supposed to repay that when they can’t afford the ruddy leccy in the first place.

  246. Republicofscotland

    The new British state propagandist replacing Sarah Smith as the BBC Scotland’s editor mouthpiece in Scotland is James Cook. Cook has been a BBC lickspittle since 2008-Cook will be based at the BBC’s propaganda staging post at Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

  247. Hatuey

    Can anybody explain why we are to expect a massive increase in the cost of electricity? Scotland produces more than it needs as it is.

    I think I suggested it was time to nationalise energy about a year ago on this website. The usual abuse ensued, from the usual negatively charged morons.

    Well, I suspect you’ll be hearing more about that soon enough.

    I’m half hoping life gets so miserable in Scotland that the people take to the streets and force the issue on independence, so I won’t pretend I’m too concerned about this.

    The puppet SNP government is going to find the role of colonial administrator a lot more difficult this year, that’s for sure, even if nobody expects a fucking thing from them as far as making life any easier is concerned.

  248. Republicofscotland


    The energy firms removing our resources from the likes of the North sea are selling it to the highest bidder, Europe isn’t the highest bidder, so to acquire some of our own energy that Westminster and Holyrood sold off to the big energy firms we need to pay far more for it.

  249. Tannadice Boy

    @Hatuey 7:15pm
    Well we had a Nationalised Energy Industry. In Electricity terms it was The North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board. From memory formed in 1947 and extended the grid to almost every rural community in Scotland. I am happy to say I worked for them for a time. We sold the crown jewels for a pittance. So what is the cost of a buyback?. Estimated cost 10 to 15 billion pound and that’s just for the Transmission and Distribution Network North of Perth. Of course we have the not for profit State Energy Company in the offing. Aw no wait. 5 years later and 500k spent on feasibility studies it’s been dropped. A real time energy trading company knocking out the big six at the time. According to the SNP Conference flagship speech by the FM. It was nonsense then and is still nonsense. As a citizen I would like to ask the Auditor General for an explanation. Who got the money? What did they produce? But there is no mechanism for such an individual enquiry. Thwarted at every turn.

  250. Hatuey

    Okay, thanks for the answers.

    Everything, as usual, depends on docile Scots putting up with all sorts of crap and a bunch of politicians doing everything they can to make change impossible.

    And I can only laugh because if the people of this energy rich country can’t add 2 plus 2 as they sit freezing and starving, then they don’t deserve serious consideration or sympathy.

    Interesting dynamics are forming. As the post-Brexit pain kicks in, energy and living costs skyrocket, now interest rates are rising, and I’m sure it won’t be long before unemployment follows, more and more people are going to look at Nicola and ask what the fuck she is doing…

    Events are greater than the plans of man…

  251. Hugh Jarse

    In a dim corner of my mind I seem to recall that Scotland’s waters cover recoverable gas fields sufficient to last the UK 400 years. ?

    Will file next to that classic ‘too cheap to meter’ atomic power ruse, which provided the U235 for Blightys bombs.

    Alba need to go large on the rip offs.

  252. Tannadice Boy

    @Huge Jarse 9:27pm
    Yes we do it is called fracking. Which we did in the Highlands for water. But we can’t do it for gas. We rely on quantities of fracked gas from America. Another virtue signalling failure from the SNP. It’s OK to import fracked gas. Remember the silence from the SNP when the first ship came in from America. The three Ds from the SNP. Deception, distraction and deflection. But never mind Raith Rovers a real community project except It’s ‘their’ community and not ‘thee’ community. My view Kirkcaldy, they missed an opportunity to lead the narrative. They took the easy way out. Supported by an unthinking MSM. I really miss Stu. It’s not Unionist but Nationalist communications that need to be checked. As ever a principled Independence supporter But losing heart.

  253. Hugh Jarse

    How could they not buckle TB?

    Resistance is futile.

    It’s the infection doomed Buffalo, wounded by the slavering Komodo dragon.

    Social media is a poison.

    Goodwillie could easily trace back timelines to find the instigators of his cancellation.
    He needs a good brief.

  254. Tannadice Boy

    @Hugh Jarse 10:30pm
    The answer is quite simple. Raith Rover’s should be more discerning where they take their money from. A novelist of 35 novels promoting every sort of crime. Murder, violence, sex of course and it’s always a female heroine. Her latest novel 1979 was a travesty of what actually happened. A trio of uneducated male hotheads versus a female investigate journalist the heroine. I remember the 1979 Scottish Referendum as a victory for don’t knows and don’t cares. But maybe I was living in a different Scotland. Poetic licence promoting violence?.

  255. North chiel

    “ republic of Scotland says @ 0647 pm “ agree entirely Sir , Sturgeon has done nothing but prevaricate on independence for the past 6 years . She has done absolutely nothing to challenge the UK government on Brexit, “ permission “ from Bojo to hold a referendum, the ongoing continuous Westminster powergrab , and now today the latest outrageous attack on our people with punitive price increases on fuel bills in our energy rich country . If she had any decency or guts whatsoever, she would tell Richie Sounak to shove his latest £ 290 million “ handout” to Scotland from the English treasury where the sun doesn’t shine and resign her government immediately and call a Holyrood election with a mandate for independence to be a majority vote .
    But NO , Sturgeon will continue to acquiescence, & as long as the Westminster treasury continues to “ cross her palm with silver” she will carry on with the “ Colonial subjugation of her own people “ . Consequently our children & grandchildren will be forced back into the “ Dickensian poverty “ always planned by the Tory hierarchy, who have always schemed for our working people ( peasants to them) to be ground back down into abject poverty. “ Heat or eat” the Tory choice for our people .
    Welcome to your gory bed People of Scotland “ chains & slavery “
    Now Alba needs to rise up & attack both the Tory charlatans in London & Sturgeon & her lily liveried colonial grovellers in Edinburgh .

  256. Confused

    – cheers, hatstand. 6000 words but worth a read I thought. The jaw dropper is how far the truth might be from the commonly believed consensus.


    I am sure we will be alright once the FM sorts out a national energy company – we are awash in hydrocarbons, with huge windpower and an excess of electricity; “too cheap to meter”, indeed – and only a fool could mess that up.

    I do feel sorry for countries with an energy deficiency, little resources and over-population; what can they do?

    It’s a tough one, in an ideal world one could imagine a perfect solution … a fairy godmother appears

    – someone with loads of gas who wants to sell it to you very cheaply


    – will even pump it to your door over a pipeline already in place.

    That would do it. Turned out nice again.

    OF COURSE NOT – ITS A TERRIBLE IDEA – when that fairy godmother comes to call what you want to do is call him a cunt and threaten him with violence.

    We should shiver in the dark for our principles, or rather the unclear reasons of people who won’t be shivering in the dark.

    – then we buy much more expensive gas in a form that is less usable, requiring infrastructure we have not built yet in sufficient quantity.

    (LNG from Qatar – another stupid idea from US foreign policy ideologues)

    (Tony Blair now works as a teaboy for the Qatari royal family.)

    News just in – David Goodwillie is to boycott Val McDermid’s detective fiction as contrived and derivative.

  257. Tannadice Boy

    @Confused 12:03pm
    News just in. Lot’s of parents and grandparents are handing over their daughters and granddaughters to a isolationist and separatist organisation called I am Val. Follow her. Everything will be OK. You follow it if you want to. None of female family will. Because they are females that can think for themselves. Raith Rovers what a mess. You took the money.

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