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Posted on November 23, 2021 by

I’ve just remembered that I meant to leave this pinned to the front page when I shut Wings down as a blog, so here it is. It’s just a short one.

I am willing to bet anyone in the UK any amount of money of their choosing that there will NOT be a second independence referendum in Scotland while Nicola Sturgeon is First Minister.

If you still believe she’ll deliver one, now’s your chance to demonstrate your faith in public AND get yourself some free cash. (It’s a matter of public record that I’ve never failed to pay up on a losing wager.)

So come on, SNP loyalists and true believers, let’s see you. Put your name and the amount you want to bet in the comments below* and let’s find out how much you really trust her. This is an entirely genuine, serious offer and remains open to anyone** until such times as Nicola Sturgeon stands down as First Minister, even if that’s 20 years from now. Any amount you like. I’m waiting keenly for your responses.




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  1. John McDonald says:

    You’re on. £100.

    Hurry up Nicola, I’m a pensioner…

  2. Alison Brown says:

    £20 – when I lose (as I will!) please use it towards your polls. Actually are you going to do a fund raiser for your polls? Will donate.

  3. James Dewar says:

    £20, but I also don’t believe Nicola Sturgeon will come anywhere close to securing a second independence referendum. So I’m viewing this as a Wings crowdfunded

  4. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    C’mon peeps.

    Read what Rev Stu posted above.


    The lure has been fixed to the line to hook all those acolytes who believe in the cult of Nikkla. It’s up to them to put their money where their online mouth is.

    It’s not up to us to donate via a bet. As Rev Stu types,
    “Anyone who wants to contribute to our ongoing polling work can do so via the normal donations page ? “.

    Let’s see if the acolytes in and outwith the SNP are confident enough. This SHOULD BE front page in (cough) Scotland’s Nikkla Fanzine, and other MSM publications, tomorrow, but will it?

    Therefore, I will place a £10 bet, just for the hell of it, and to prove that SNP MPs and MSPs have no confidence in St Nikkla and that’s why they’re not placing bets here.

  5. Kat says:

    Put me down for £20 I don’t doubt you in the slightest but you can pass it on to any good cause you see fit to donate too

  6. paul says:

    I say,with great dread, all of the nuSNP’s efforts are to have a lacklustre call to armchairs.

    They will then claim there is no appetite for anything more than dependence.

    The reason that they will hesitate to deliver a full coup d’etat is that those funny people, the electorate, might actually confound them.

    I’ll stick a tenner on it, for fun.

    If I’m wrong, we will all be so glad, I will be forgiven.

  7. Al-Stuart says:

    I bet 30 shillings.

    That is all the bovine bloated is worth.

    It’s also the amount that CosyFeet Pete, the permanent SNP resident in the PALACE of Westminster sold us out for.

    Rev, once I would have hoped you were wrong on this, but there is far too much evidence that Sturgeon is a fake first minister, overpromoted and ruinous to Scotland.

    Stuart, this is a classic post. You are bowing out in style my friend.

    This post is pitch perfect for the Sturgeonite IndyDenying lobotomy jobbies.

    One day, my friend, free speech and a decent culture will return to Scotland. Until then, I will miss Wings.

    Your literary epitaph?

    You were, in fact, correct.

    Sturgeon is, in fact, a Betrayer…

    Hence the 30 old shilling bet. That really is all the Dreghorn Dirker is worth…

  8. Wendy Wood says:

    I’m betting £20 which I’m kissing goodbye to right now! I’ve actually never placed a bet before, and probably never will again.

  9. Shug says:

    I will have 30 pieces of silver

  10. Southernbystander says:

    You’re on.


  11. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

    1 Euro. At today’s value, natch.

  12. Masslass says:

    I can afford to lose my old plugged nickel otherwise known as a 5cents here in the US. Bet on

  13. President Xiden says:

    Sturgeon , the destroyer of the Scottish economy to a greater extent than Thatcher,

  14. President Xiden says:

    This is what happens when you are enthralled to a Clinton foundation drone.

  15. Gramj1307 says:

    Hi Rev, are you still as confident about this ? Has there been anything in recent events that might alter your opinion. Thanks

  16. David McMenemy says:

    I’ll bet you £100. Ehm up for a wee wager. I’d say its 50/50. She’ll want her shot but on the other she’ll no want to blow it.

  17. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Hi Rev, are you still as confident about this ? Has there been anything in recent events that might alter your opinion.”

    Yes and no in that order.

  18. Gramj1307 says:

    Thanks for the reply. How do you see this whole independence issue playing out over the next few years e.g if you had to bet where would you see this issue in next 5-10 years? Will we likely be in the exact same position as now do you think ? Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

  19. Tom Platt says:

    £100 from me, if your book hasn’t been closed yet.

  20. Mark Andrews says:

    20 Scottish Pounds, to the charity of my choice

  21. Oliver Drake says:

    I’ll go in for £10k

  22. Oliver Drake says:

    I know that there were 2 £10k bets from me – where has the other one gone?

  23. James+Dewar says:

    £20 paid up, have one of those fruit-based alcohol drinks on me

  24. Cameron Lochiel says:

    Are you there, Oliver? Oliver?! Are you alright? Is everything OK? Would you like me to call someone?

  25. Garrion says:

    Looks like Oliver has sorted out the tea and biscuit fund for the forseeable.

    I wonder if he was a nom de plume of ScottishSkier from WGD? If you want to know what pathological confirmation bias looks like, mosey on over to the BTL comments in the St Nicola fan page..

    Hilarious. Truly.

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