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The Box Of DEATH

Posted on May 03, 2018 by

Today’s Daily Record runs with a bizarre story lifted from yesterday’s Guardian, which resurrected the media’s longstanding but latterly-dormant hate campaign against the Scottish Government’s popular “baby box” initiative.

Universal free baby boxes have been used in Finland for the past 69 years with no negative consequences, and have indeed coincided with an absolutely enormous reduction in child mortality there. They’re being increasingly adopted all over the world, and are also sold commercially in the UK for up to £450.

Uniquely, however, in Scotland they’re bad.

Interestingly, the article in the print edition of the Record actually rather tones down the hysterical piece which first appeared yesterday on the paper’s website, removing references to “sensational” claims and “incredibly serious” questions.

This is probably because they were wild exaggerations of what the “cot death expert” had actually said, which basically amounted to “don’t oversell the safety benefits”. (In passing, we might note that the very existence of a “cot death expert” suggested that there were dangers no matter which kind of bed babies slept in.)

The “incredibly serious concerns” included:

“Baby boxes are not designed to be brought into their parents’ bed at night.”

Um, okay. That’s also true of every other kind of baby bed, and the general consensus of medical opinion is that babies should NOT be brought into the parental bed anyway.

“They are too small to be used for most babies older than two-and-a-half to three months old.”

Because normally babies never outgrow anything, presumably.

“There is no data on the durability of the boxes if they get wet or dirty, and could be used by family pets to sleep in.”

Other kinds of baby bed are also, as a rule, not meant to be used when wet or dirty, or to have pets sleep in them. (Though to be fair other types ARE almost 100% cat-proof, given how famously terrible cats are at jumping, climbing and finding places to sleep.)

“The unlaminated boxes could be potential fire risks.”

Other kinds of baby bed – wooden cots, say – are also flammable (if you’re the sort of person who waves a lot of naked flames around your child’s bedroom or is careless with their everyday household supplies of Napalm and white phosphorous). As, come to that, are bedding, clothing and babies themselves.

And that started us thinking about all the other LETHAL dangers that the RECKLESS, VILE, SEPARATIST SNP were submitting Scotland’s WEE INNOCENT TOTS to with their poorly-thought-out and divisive plan.

1. Boxes are UNLIKELY to protect babies from LIFE-THREATENING injury if THROWN from the WINDOW of a TALL BUILDING

2. Baby boxes offer almost NO defence against SHARK ATTACKS

3. The SNP have taken NO measures to stop RUSSIAN AGENTS from SMEARING baby boxes in NOVICHOK (causing the baby to become ILL for a COUPLE OF WEEKS and then make a FULL RECOVERY)

4. A baby could DIE almost INSTANTLY if it was placed in a baby box that was FULL OF SCORPIONS

5. Baby boxes are in NO WAY resistant to CANNON FIRE

6. While people were OUT with their babies at the SHOPS, their CAT might CONVERT the baby box into a DEADLY TANK


8. And that it would almost certainly NOT GUARANTEE the baby’s SAFETY in the event of an AVALANCHE

9. If left unattended OUTDOORS in a garden or wildlife reserve, the baby box would ONLY SLIGHTLY hamper the onslaught of a RAVENOUS BEAR

10. STURGEON has done LITERALLY NOTHING to prevent babies in boxes being PUT OUT FOR THE BIN MEN and CRUSHED to DEATH in a LORRY

11. Convenient boxes make it EASIER for EVIL CHILD CATCHERS to scoop up SEVERAL babies at a TIME and STEAL them

12. If you FIRED a baby into SPACE in a baby box, it would SUFFOCATE

13. A baby box LEFT on a LEVEL CROSSING could be HIT by a TRAIN

14. Even in the SUPPOSED SAFETY of the box, the baby could PROBABLY still be SHOT AND KILLED by a SNIPER

We see no alternative. Shona Robison, and everyone else, must resign.

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    291 to “The Box Of DEATH”

    1. starlaw says:

      How long would they float for. (considering all the rain we get)

    2. gus1940 says:

      If this is the sort of thing our desperately worried media are reduced to for an attack on The SNP it is a sure sign that the SNP government are doing a good job.

    3. Josef O Luain says:

      And the reply from the its critics is?

    4. Andy-B says:

      So the British Standard Institute, a Tory called Miles Briggs and some professor named Blair from Bristol all have concerns over the baby box.

      Even though the box attained the EN 1130 European standard award as a crib. The box also meets the British Safety Standard award as a crib the first non-commercial crib in the world to do so.

      I smell Britnat scaremongering shite again.

    5. Conan the Librarian says:

      If you put a baby box in a river by some reeds, there is ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE that the baby will be discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter.

    6. clan rossy says:

      yoon”s ye cannae beat them
      for years they have been telling us get back in yer box
      now they are trying to get rid off our box

      for f–ks sake make up yer minds yoons

    7. gordoz says:

      Clegg at his absolute finest.
      We are generally a welcoming people here in Scotland but I often wonder just what David Clegg brings to our society.

      His big gripe in the world is these days, as usual Labour originated, petty, spurious assertion based drivel as usual.

      Sure his mammy will be proud of attacks on a benign gesture envied by much of the world.
      But …. like our the Oil all things Scottish are pish.
      Sorry for the rant but sick of idiots like Mr Clegg.

    8. Dr Jim says:

      Eagles, the risk of Eagles swooping down and lifting babies out of boxes if you leave them in fields near where Eagles fly, is there a beware of Eagles warning on the box, are the boxes Eagle proofed

      So many unanswered question for the FM today about Eagles

    9. Red squirrel says:

      Baby boxes don’t protect against meteorites/ alien invasions/ global warming / Tory policy poverty

      Shona Robison must resign! SNPBad etc.

    10. Welsh Sion says:

      Do they think we don’t have access to the internet?
      Do they think we can’t read/do research?

      (The ‘baby expert’ quoted in the article, and featured in big splashes on the front pages of the Sun and the Daily Express is based at the University of Bristol. Perhaps he’s a neighbour of yours, Stu.)

    11. Calssic David Clegg demonstrating what a bitter wee Brit Nat Loyal Unionist he is.
      His paper is a deplorable wee police Gazette, bums and tits Ranjurs and Sellick rag. Trees died for nothing to produce this crap.
      But it’s all they’ve got left. Lies and exaggerations.
      Shipyards no more. EU no more. Civil Service Jobs no more. Devolution no more. Freedom to travel and work in Europe no more.
      Wine, cheese, and chocolates from Europe no more. Good Friday Agreement no more. Car Industry no more.
      Blair McDougall no more. Lord Darling no more. Clunking Fist Brown no more.
      But see those fucking death trap free baby boxes.
      David Clegg: some man to be all the one man.
      Meanwhile his English Parliament is reported to have killed 120,000 UK citizens since 2010 because of austerity cuts.
      They have nothing left but a compliant MSM willing to sell out their fellow Scots citizens for their precious English Masters.
      May they choke on their dinner tonight.

    12. John says:

      One slight corrected. It wasn’t Russian agents that poisoned the Skripals

    13. fillofficer says:

      these chumps really are flogging a dead horse, again.
      every time they run these SNP BAD yarns, they lose another batch of readers & possibly convert nays to ayes.
      come on nicola, set us free

    14. Big Jock says:

      If this is all the other side have got now, then winning indy-ref 2 will be a breeze. They are getting pretty desperate! Same old Daily Union giving these morons oxygen.

      Their Sturgeon Isolated headlines lasted one weekend! Wonder if Ruthie will be putting her box through a rigorous test with her jack boots.

    15. Iain MacEchern says:

      We’ll have to make sure baby doesn’t play with matches when he’s in the box.

    16. jfngw says:

      I would have thought the tank option would have swayed Davison’s support. Possibly not strong enough to accommodate straddling.

    17. Glamaig says:

      BBC a bit slow off the mark getting the Killer Baby Box story onto their website. Maybe theyre all too busy writing FOI requests.

      I’m sure they will catch up soon though.

    18. Big Jock says:

      Wonder if David Clegg thinks spending £32 million of our tax on a Royal Wedding is a better use of resources!

      Not to mention 8 missiles aimed at an empty factory in Syria at £800k each. Plus £35k per flight for the Tornadoes that dropped them. Yes folks probably close to £10 million pounds that we stunt!

    19. Bob Mack says:

      Anyone tell me what a “cot death expert” actually does?

      In all my many years in Health care I have never met one

    20. Spikethedee says:

      So, just to clarify: something that new parents have to apply/ask for, rather than being given to all, which contains some things that they might, or might not, find useful/helpful, but are not obliged to use, may not protect a child from things that it wasn’t designed to protect them from in the first place, and that are things that any loving parent would protect their child from anyway.
      Is this a story? Really??

    21. Brian Powell says:

      Presumably they will be making representations to the Finnish Embassy to stop their insidious campaign to destroy the infants of..well..only Scotland, apparently.

    22. Marie Clark says:

      Oh my, baby boxes, minimum price alcohol the other day. Rinse and repeat Yawn.

      The Britnats are indeed a very sad bunch. They seem to have run out of ammo as well. Very tiresome.

    23. Pat Crawford says:

      Keep up Wings! The Finns have been using baby boxes since 1938. Eighty years not sixty-nine.

      Not sure whether they have recorded how many family pets have slept in them but thank you to the Record for a great idea for recycling the box into a pet bed once baby has grown up.

      It does, however, mean that the young person won’t be able to use their baby box for keepsakes or take it to move their stuff when they go off to university. These options are both popular with Finnish teenagers.

    24. jfngw says:

      Just spotted the if Scottish parliament does not give consent the reason will be ‘laid before MP’s and Peers’. That’s a bit extreme, but I suppose it will be a change from some of the deviancies I’ve seen reported.

    25. Brian Powell says:

      Conan the Librarian

      Is that paper from 1998 the one they are using for the ‘articles’? The article doesn’t show with the link from Bristol Uni.

    26. Welsh Sion says:

      Bob Mack says:
      3 May, 2018 at 11:53 am

      Anyone tell me what a “cot death expert” actually does?

      In all my many years in Health care I have never met one.


      Here’s the ‘expert’, Bob Mack:

    27. Macart says:

      OFFS! They’ve not only jumped the shark, they’ve cleared the beach and the car park beyond.

      In the name of humanity, someone tell the government of Finland they’ve needlessly endangered babies for near seventy years.

      They’re seriously making this out as an SNP bad story? But a government that’s responsible for driving thousands to needless early deaths and millions to desperate poverty through draconian austerity legislation gets their backing.

      Laydeeez an ginnamin… Hay giff yooz, the British meeja. Selflessly throwing the public under a corporate and political a bus for generations.

    28. Albert Herring says:

      Right, ah’m definately no gettin back in ma box.

    29. Street Andrew says:

      The only real danger inherent in the Baby boxes is that parents might spend more time playing with the box than with the baby.

    30. Legerwood says:

      Josef O Luain says:
      3 May, 2018 at 11:37 am
      And the reply from the its critics is?

      Do you really think the MSM would give any prominence to the SG’s reply? Buried in last paragraph of the article if printed at all.

    31. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Keep up Wings! The Finns have been using baby boxes since 1938. Eighty years not sixty-nine”

      But they were only universal from 1949.

    32. Conan the Librarian says:

      @ Brian Powell

      It’s an SNP BAD article, it doesn’t have to be relevant 🙁

    33. Craig P says:

      There is NO WARNING on the side of the baby box that the contents of the box may PUKE and SHIT on you when handled.

    34. galamcennalath says:

      I think the entire BritNat onslaught, via their ever faithful media, can be summed up by The Rev’s ever accurate words …

      “Uniquely, however, in Scotland they’re bad.”

      This sentence applies to all sorts, not just baby boxes … we have baaad free prescriptions, baaad bridges, baaad free elderly care, baaad snow, baaad free education …. everything’s baaad, we are baaad people living in the baaadest country, ever. {stamps foot petulantly}

      This BritNat obsession with criticism starts to become dangerous, perhaps even life threatening, when it targets the likes of baby boxes. They are a viscous and unscrupulous enemy for any country to have to contend with.

    35. handclapping says:

      Pharohs are so yesterday DO KEEP UP!

    36. mogabee says:

      Great article Stu. Those idiots need their ideas laughed at more often, as that’s what catches folks attention.

      SNP, as you all know stands for SIMPLY NOT the right sort of PEOPLE… 😀 😀 😀

    37. Croompenstein says:

      An old lady may mistake the box for a big shoe box and move in with all her children who she whips soundly before putting them to bed!!. The baby could be mistakenly whipped by the old lady and die… FFS Robison has to go…

    38. Truth says:

      Saw one of the headlines on the newsstand this morning and chuckled. I thought what idiot falls for this?

      Then I had a moment of clarity and felt thoroughly depressed.

      Surely people have got to see through this eventually?

    39. Meg McLean says:

      I am the mother of a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome daughter. These idiot comment sand so called experts are the most hurtful, not to the SNP, but to parents who have lost babies. I would like to meet the expert. I know most of them personally.

      There is no certified link between type of bed, other than reused mattresses, and incidence of cot death.

      The way babies are laid and how they are wrapped has a far greater part to play .

      DO always put your baby to sleep on their back.
      DON’T put blankets or toys in their crib.
      DO use a pacifier at sleep time.
      DON’T smoke while pregnant, and don’t allow anyone to smoke around your infant.
      DO try swaddling your child.
      DON’T put your baby to sleep on their side.

      Notice any mention of what sort of bed? No.

      I really want to hurt someone badly for this article and its follow ons

    40. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      WHAT? Baby boxes aren’t resistant to cannon-fire?! Shock! Horror!

      Why weren’t we told about this before? We have been grossly misled. By the baaaadSNP. Again. Somebody must resign! (Whoever it is that’s supposed to be target du jour this week…)

    41. Bob Mack says:

      The research used to back up this claim is well out of date.

      The Lancet recently had a very good article which cited genetic mutation of the respiratory muscles as being in all probability the main cause of sudden death syndrome.

      Other factors were also given some credibility such as overheating, vomit us etc, but research is moving well beyond these traditional beliefs into human physiology as the primary cause.

      Nothing a baby box could or would change.

    42. auld highlander says:

      Another load of manure to clog up the minds of their misguided readers.

      Baby boxes are nothing new, just the modern day equivalent of a drawer in which my old man who was born premature spent a lot of time as he was so small, and that was nearly a hundred years ago.

    43. cearc says:

      I saw that it might not be big enough after 3mths. Perhaps that is because it is a crib not a cot.

      Nevertheless. this is a serious failing in all cribs. Perhaps we should commission an origami specialist to design a ‘box for life’ not just for babies.

      It could start as a crib, fold out into a cot and then again into a bed with the abilty to join it to another for a double. Then finally the box can be re-folded to make a coffin.

    44. handclapping says:

      If you havent already patented ‘ a viscous and unscrupulous enemy ‘ can we let holiday boy loose on it as a picture would be worth a thousand words 🙂

    45. Luigi says:

      Oh Dear.

      I understand the British Nationalist media’s desperation to create at least one SNP BAD story everyday, but to attack baby boxes is just wrong. These folk must be so so so unhappy. Why are they so unhappy with us independenistas? Because we exist.

      Incredibly mean-spirited, desperate stuff.

      Our continued existence will be the end of them. That is why they hate us so much. Keep up the good work folks – keep on existing. The dream shall never die (and it’s killing them). 🙂

    46. Legerwood says:

      I noticed that the expert on cot deaths had no problem with the baby boxes being used in emergency situations such as earthquakes.

      This is good to know especially if you live in Argyll and Bute parts of which suffered two earthquakes the other day. Just as well they had baby boxes then courtesy of SG.

    47. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Meg McLean @ 12:18,

      Truly sorry about that, Meg. I imagine it’s a loss you will always live with.

      We may joke, because such manufactured negativity is inherently pathetic and absurd, but to deliberately politicise human hurt like this is also truly low.

    48. Tackety Beets says:

      Maybe a bit OT.

      In early 90s I was involved in the restructure of an older building (circa 1850) which had to comply with all the usual regulations. Being unfamiliar with these matters I consulted the authorities as much as possible.

      We eventually rebuilt an internal emegency exit stairwell using 6″ concrete blocks & folded plate steel for steps & 1/2 landing etc.

      On arrival at the top of the stairs it made sense to me to have another steel plate floor which was then laid on top of the joists and mated into the upper floor boards without any lip, perfect I thought.

      On completion the Fire Service arrives and all goes well until we reach the toop of the stairs and the Fire person states that the thick steel plate which is not within the fire escape is not acceptable as “steel is flamable”

      In case you missed it “Steel is flamable”

      Clearly, I quickly retorted a list of points & a solution was found.

      Rev , I’m so glad we are not making them out of “Inflamable Steel, or metal”

      The loss of life, but especially a youngster is one of the worst things any individual has to deal with and any effort to prevent this should be applauded…….by everyone ?

      I am now totally sick of all the MSM which fail to realise SNP Baad is really Scotland Useless, I suppose thats their point. Grrrrr

    49. frogesque says:

      Can you fit wheels to a baby box, take it to the local bing and fill it with coal dross?

      Do you have to take baby out first?

      Why no H&S assessment?

    50. Returnofthemac says:

      Stop press!!! Horse’s head found in Baby box. A warning for Robinson?

    51. Returnofthemac says:

      Just watching Nicola put Miles Briggs back in his Baby Box.

    52. Bob Mack says:

      @Meg McLean,

      Me too Meg. Lost our first. Hopefully modern research ends such heartache for future parents.

    53. Conan the Librarian says:

      @ Handclapping

      *Rolls up sleeves*

      When putting a baby box in a tree top it is noticed that when the bough breaks the Scottish Government HAS NOT fitted an approved type of Parachute which has been packed by a certificated and appropriately rated parachute rigger within the preceding 120 days.


    54. Proud Cybernat says:

      BREAKING from Pravda Quay
      with Union Jackie Kim Ono:

    55. I know that WoS is required reading at the Raggard.
      I live in hope that at the tea break Clegg’s colleagues are ripping the arse out of him over this piece of shroud waving arrant nonsense.
      What a silly wee man.

    56. Stoker says:

      Folks, can you help this important hub to reach its goal? Turning all our cities into Yes strongholds will be key to our success. Please help if you can and spread this far and wide:

    57. Jim Bo says:

      As I was reading this article in a coffee shop, a guy sat next to me with a Scottish Sun. Front page is a similarly SNP Bad story re baby box.
      Having recently welcomed my own new baby into the world and having nothing but positive praise for our box and it’s contents, I felt duty bound to quiz the guy on the article.
      I leaned over and asked him if I could chat and he nodded.

      5mins is all it took to convince him that the headline and story was utter bollocks and he agreed that it was pure propaganda.

      Not sure if I converted him but hopefully a few seeds were planted in his mind if nothing else.

    58. jfngw says:

      I bought the Observer for nigh on 40 years, read the Guardian website from 2003. Ditched both in 2014, Severin Carrell, Mr McKenna and their coverage of Scotland in the run up to the referendum was chiefly the cause.

      This sort of story reinforces it was the correct decision. They never really covered Scotland when I first bought it, after seeing the nonsense they reported about Scotland I questioned how accurate the rest of the stuff I had been swallowing for years was.

      Switching to the Sunday Herald was only a temporary respite once I realised I was effectively helping to pay Leask, Gordon & Hutcheon’s income.

    59. Andy-B says:

      Next week on FMQ’s by the Britnat parties, how Scottish square sausages are a danger to your health, whilst these new British square sausages draped in the Union Jack are very beneficial to ones health.

    60. Colin Alexander says:

      Other countries have independence. We have the SNP, Labour, LibDems and Tories.leade

      The SNP, so-called leaderrs of the independence movement, who fight for devolution so they can provide cardboard boxes.

      Wha’s like us? Gie few. Nae wunner.

    61. Clootie says:

      …a box at Ibrox would be cheaper, sleep several babies and would not be criticised by unionists.

    62. Big Jock says:

      I hear Walkers are going to market a version of the Scottish Baby box with a Union Jack. Just a one off for overseas customers you understand. Because obviously they won’t buy Scottish ones.

    63. Bob Mack says:

      @Colin Alexander,

      You know there is more than cardboard boxes. I feel your pain.

    64. jfngw says:

      If we don’t have another indyref before the next Scottish elections I’m going to be a bit pissed with the SNP. But who else to vote for:

      Labour – can’t be trusted, unionist first and always.
      Tories – toxicity level way to high for me
      LibDem – Willie Rennie! come on!
      Greens – I could consider vegetarianism but they demand I’m a vegan.
      UKIP – just the thought loosens my bowels

    65. Ananurhing says:

      A bit difficult to take a leading academic expert from a leading English academic institution seriously when he can’t get to grips with basic English grammar.

      There ARE possibilities Dr. Blair. ARE possibilities. Now go to the back of the class.

      Good grammar don’t cost nuffin now do it Dr. Blair?

    66. Donald anderson says:

      The “Wright Stuff”, Channel 5 this morn had the usual Tory doctor guest attacking the murderous baby boaxes.

      Just announced ETA has disbanded. Can’t compete with terrorist baby boaxes.

    67. louis.b.argyll says:

      Tomorrow in the Guardian..

      ‘Cars, and how the SNP continues to allow them to be bought and sold openly.’

      Next week, power tools and how the SNP uses the tools of power, that it can use, to drill into the propaganda oozing from our socialist unionist newspaper.

    68. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Seeing one of the stages in the womens’ cycle race in the Tour De Yorkshire on TV, it was refreshing that almost all the flags waved by spectators en route were Yorkshire flags. A white rose on a blue background. Hardly a union jack on display anywhere.

      No doubt the Tory Culture Secretary will be demanding an explanation.

    69. Dr Jim says:

      The secret’s out, the SNP would rather have Independence, gosh who knew!

      Post FMQs watching Toodle oo the noo and his “journalistic” chums tying their necks in strangulated knots attempting to give gravitas and meaning to Ruth Davidson and the Labour guy with the red scarf has become a complete and total cringe fest and this latest attempt by Mundell and co to try sneakily blaming the FM for the no deal on powers with the UK is gigantically pathetic and childlike

      Mike Russell’s OK but it’s her Ma it’s her, squeaks Mundell
      unable to hide the rotten wee smirk from his ridiculous face as he implies the twisted attempt at his latest ploy of making the FM out to be dictating to her own party so that any minute the Tories and Labour can mount their No Surrender anti independence campaign with *See that’s what she was up to all the time* Obsessed obsessed obsessed!

      Any minute now

    70. louis.b.argyll says:

      Gie few?
      Fucking TIT.

    71. Ken500 says:

      More danger on a door knob. According to M15

      More threat from Hunt. Killing people. A computer glitch? For ten years.

    72. Anne Roberts says:

      Utterly priceless. Again Rev Stu brightens up the day.

    73. Thepnr says:

      Here’s Nicola Sturgeon during FMQ’s tearing a new one for Tory Miles Briggs over the baby boxes. All the Tories looking stunned 🙂

      The clip is from BBC Scotland News twitter though I don’t think you’ll see this tonight on Reporting Scotland.

    74. Murray McCallum says:

      Now is not the time for wild & meaningless comparisons, but I feel the SNP baby boxes would not offer very effective protection in the event of being hit by a falling satellite or meteor, let alone when the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies collide.

    75. Street Andrew says:

      Luigi says:

      “…. to attack baby boxes is just wrong. These folk must be so so so unhappy. Why are they so unhappy with us independenistas? Because we exist.”

      …… bad potty training. ?

    76. Ken MacColl says:

      Let us be grateful that the new Royal Sprog is highly unlikely to spend any time in an SNPBAD Baby Box!
      How relieved we should be that the highly esteemed, even handed, Severin Carrell has exposed this incredibly scandalous situation and that this has been advanced and fully exposed by those staunch unionist journals – The Sun and The Daily Wrecker.
      It seems that the BBC Scotland newsroom has not yet considered the item as superceding in importance the restructuring of the Board at Ibrox but they have been known of late to be a bit slow off the mark.
      We must now surely be told how many Finnish infants have perished as a result of this horrendous and unnatural practice.

    77. gus1940 says:

      Hollywood’s next blockbuster movie:-

      Invasion Of The Killer Baby Boxes.

    78. Greannach says:

      The Jock Boxes are an international scandal. Here at the Conservative Labour Party HQ (North Britain), we have tried them out and they don’t work.

      We put Annie Wells, Jamie-Lee Green, Neil Findlay and some of the other ones into their boxes and left them for 24 hours.

      Their IQs had not risen in that period and remained around 45.

      Shona Robison must resign.

    79. louis.b.argyll says:

      Which was more of a risk to Prince George?

      The baby box given to Kate and William by Finland.

      500 years of aristocratic in-breeding.

    80. Scotspatriot says:

      I detest these Tory bastards !!

    81. Archbishop of Dork says:

      The Scottish Tories just don’t know how to box clever.

    82. That fat ruddy bloated LisTory Boy looking every inch an escapee from a PG Wodehouse short story, Miles Briggs, was the rent-an-idiot given the ‘Baby Box’ question at FMQ today.
      NS duly wiped the floor with him, and quipped, perhaps a mother would have to prove that she had been raped before the Tories would ‘award’ a free baby box?
      Briggs sums up the dozens of List Hangers On who loll about on the benches at Holyrood. They take up oxygen and £1200 per week plus exes needlessly.
      Will that Dick, Leonard wheel in a cadaver on a gurney next week and blame the FM for the cadaver’s death?

      Richard Leonard is a sleazy little arsehole.

      I watch those around him while he stumbles and mumbles through his weekly shroud waving SNP BAD it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault crap.

      Ruth Davidson has become a cartoon caricature of herself.
      Crime down by one third, at a 49 year low, but Police Shite, and it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault?

      Somebody close to Brian Taylor should have a word with him. If he swells up any more he is going to explode. The man is seriously overweight.
      He is also a Brit Nat mouthpiece.
      The Post FMQ summary with The Guardian and Sunday Post Brit Nat hacks was the usual propaganda nonsense.
      A wee video clip of Mundell and Tomkins announcing that it was NS alone, and not that nice Mike Russell who was blocking caving into Imperial England and destroying the Scottish Parliament.
      Hit ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ at every opportunity.

      Aye, right. Mundell can’t even get into the room when Brexit is discussed.

      What a fucking Goebbels Tower production from Toodle Oo The Noo and his Brit hacks.
      We are being invaded and our rights seized from us by brute English force.
      And FatBoy Taylor murmured it’s a fuss over ‘labelling’.
      They are selling our country for cash.

    83. HandandShrimp says:

      I have this image of parents taking a pram or a wooden cot into bed with them and being flustered because it is not recommended that the baby box be taken into bed with them.

      Yesterday’s piece by Severin was in the Damien of Drop the Dead Donkey category of forced silliness. Quite possibly one of the most laughable articles I have read on the Guardian. It was Express standard which let’s face it, is not journalism.

      FFS! The contents of the box are what is being supplied, the fact that you can use the box as a bed for the fisrt few weeks until you are sorted with something better is just a neat bit of design icing on the cake. Talk about Jeramiahs? The desperation to be negative is palable.

    84. Fred says:

      The story of the Shetland bairn snatched by an eagle!

      Baby boxes were not available then but an eagle is very unlikely to snatch a bairn in a box!

    85. ronnie anderson says:

      Little boxes tae put yer nickity nackity noo nanoo’s in

    86. George says:

      Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt is at the dispatch box admitting several hundred women are prematurely dead due to the failure of the Breast Screening programme in England. I always imagine the hysteria and rage against the SNP government if similar situations occurred in Scotland.

    87. Footsoldier says:

      Does anyone know where we can find the original comments by Dr Peter Blair on which these newspapers have based their comments?

      It would be interesting to know what he thought of these articles

    88. HandandShrimp says:


      It seems to me that there is no evil, corruption, incompetence or lie that will have the press chasing the Tories but they will spend hours trying to manufacture outrage over any and every SNP policy. This has now almost reached Putin levels of media control in the UK.

      I am actually surprised that Rudd resigned and I get the impression that the Tories are absolutely furious that someone leaked the memo that showed she was lying. They are not indignant at Rudd’s attempts to cover up Windrush, they are indignant that she was caught.

    89. Dan Huil says:

      When Colonel Blimp announced her pregnancy the FM joked that the baby box was on its way. I posted a comment on the National which roughly said, “Misreporting Scotland broadcasts tonight: SNPbaaaad send parcel bomb to our wonderful Britnat Ruthie!”

      Little did I know…

      [I feel quite guilty]

    90. HandandShrimp says:

      Just had a look at Stu’s Twitter, someone is right…no thought has been given to a Zombie Apocalypse

      Robison must resign right enough.

    91. Ian says:

      Yet another example that whilst Scotland is by and large a forward looking and progressive country, so much of rUK only has the desire to be a backward looking victorian museum and will continue it’s retrogressive path, ending up as an increasingly fossilised and deluded backwater.

      Meanwhile it’s onwards and upwards for us.

    92. Les Wilson says:

      O/T this popped up as an advert via google. Thought some may like to read it.100% British oil found under Cornwall.
      Note this leads to a subscription, don’t buy. but you can read what they say about the headline, should you be enclined.

    93. velofello says:

      Bravely spoken Meg McLean. I’d say that on your behalf Nicola Sturgeon severely hurt Tory Miles Briggs’ ego in response to his question on baby boxes at First Minister’s Questions today.

      Ruthie’s mind does seem to be on other things these days,not an impressive performance. Just wait ’till she takes on the “concerned mum” gravitas. Labour do no favour to these unfortunate families enduring a loss “here today up there in the gallery”as examples of a alleged failure in service.

      And the stupid smirking Mundell – We know Mike Russell must take back any proposal to Nicola Sturgeon for approval – and Davis, Mundell, and whoever else do not need to refer proposals to May? And if correct would that be because there is no negotiation,the series of meetings are simply an attempt to wear down the Scottish government to Westminster’s diktat? The same tactic with the EU, how is that progressing I wonder?

    94. fionn says:

      Even Thatcher waited till the weans were at school before taking take their milk off them.

    95. Breeks says:

      OT kinda…

      I forget who posted the link a couple of weeks or so, but been reading the Jacobite Memoirs somebody posted a link to, – including amongst other things, the retribution visited upon the Highlanders after Culloden.

      It struck a note with what Robert Peffers said about the Jacobites not being rebels, because Charlie was their legitimate monarch. No treason therefore, although historic records would have us believe otherwise.

      The point is this perception of being “rebels” appears a lot in the memoirs. It’s was contemporary with the period that the Jacobites were described as rebels. Suddenly, you see something else… the very same BritNat Imperial mastery of the prevailing narrative. A practice which we see alive and well today.

      The didn’t have the BBC back in the 18th C, but if the British Establishment wanted the Jacobites denigrated as rebels, then “rebels” is exactly what they became. Kinda sends chills up your spine when you see the British Imperial mindset in action, the same now as it was in the 18th Century.

      It seems there is nothing in history diminished by the passing of time. It is all on continual repeat. The BBC is not a mere broadcaster, it is the hand and mouth of the British Establishment, and it has been playing with our heads for centuries.

      Part of me wonders whether we shouldn’t be setting up “shadow” organisations. Our own Bank, our own currency, our own defence force, our own news broadcasters, and perhaps most vital to combat U.K. PsychOps, we need our own “Counter Manipulation” type Security Service just to level up the playing field. Westminster has denuded Scotland of its own defence mechanisms. If we are indeed a sovereign nation, then maybe we should just start being one, and think about reestablishing these mechanisms at the soonest opportunity.

    96. Derick fae Yell says:

      On the positive side – you can keep a shit load of squirrels in a Baby Box.

    97. Dorothy Devine says:

      Do these baby boxes bio- degrade? How quickly? Could they do it if the nether regions of the occupant leak?

      The chap who apparently raised doubts over the efficacy of the baby box looks like a happy rugby player.

    98. Tinto Chiel says:

      That Magic Book looks pretty lethal: paper cut + tetanus= death.

      *David Clegg gets home and opens front door*

      “How did you piss all over Scotland today, dad?”

      “I was only obeying orders.”

      Beam us up, Nicola, please.

    99. geeo says:

      Surprised to find this revelation in the Hootsman rag…!!

      SNP set to become 2nd biggest party by membershio numbers.

    100. Artyhetty says:

      Anyone got a non bbc link to FM re baby boxes today? The bbc one via twitter has no sound at all, re; Threpner@1.36pm

    101. Balaaargh says:

      Totally OT.

      Went to see the new Avengers movie last night. “We will deep fry your kebab!” Was my takeaway from the Edinburgh scenes.

    102. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Breeks 3.17, I think it was auld highlander who posted that excellent link.

      You can buy the book but it has been difficult to find at times.

      Agree with much of what you say. After our democratic rebirth we need a re-evaluation of our historiography and more balanced works will be required which question the Unionist Version.

      Fortunately, this process has begun: Murray Pittock’s works on the Jacobites are excellent and ground-breaking.

      Don’t know how he could stand being BoJo’s debating partner at Yon Yooni, though.

    103. Highland Wifie says:

      Just noticed this afternoon that in my local Co-op the National was clearly visible on display instead of being tucked round the back where it was impossible to see and hard to get at. The Sun, with its ott headline of baby box fire risk or some such nonsense, was at the back.
      Has someone complained or has the shop staff finally seen the light?

    104. doug bryce says:

      not just the baby boxes but minimum alcohol pricing / A9 speed cameras / fracking ban

      these people are so blinded by blind hatred of independence they will attack *any* SNP policy.

    105. Jimbo says:

      And, apparently, unlike the military missiles used to blow up people (including babies) the baby boxes do not have a safety accreditation.

    106. Thepnr says:


      I just tried the link and it’s still working for me. You need to click the picture before you can hear the sound even though the pictures are moving the default is no sound.

      Sorry I can’t find another link yet, sure it will be on Youtube soon enough.

    107. Macart says:


      He didn’t look very far did he?

    108. Cactus says:

      Remaining topical:

      Hey parental people, maybe you could bring your auld baby box to The Green on Saturday and fill it with lots of indy goodies, or dress-up and ‘wear one’ whilst marching through the shopping streets of Glasgow.

      NOW is the TIME to MARCH!

      Yeaaaaah baby!

      V / V / 2018.

    109. Thepnr says:

      Talking of Independence marches, this film from Edinburgh at the March to Calton Hill from 2013 is easily the best film made. Many readers of Wings will likely have see it but many newer readers might not so worth repeating.

      Gives you a wee glow so it does 🙂

      It’s 16 minutes long but very well made and worth a watch. Try and spot the Rev handing out badges to Wingers on the Royal Mile.

      Also who said the SNP don’t support the grassroots on the marches? Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousef lead this one off.

    110. Robert Peffers says:

      Just turned on the radio and Newsdrive was on with some BBC numptie, I wouldn’t know enough about Newsdrive to know who the numptie was, was attempting to do a demolition job on the SG spokesperson and, of course, being the BBC, it was fire an idiotic question at the lady and then interrupt her before the lady had any chance to answer. This is the same type of attitudes they are adopting to the Baby Box daft accusations by the usual suspects.

      There was another item getting pride of place too. An item about the SG being baaad! in dealing with suicide in Scotland.

      This one is even more stupid as the suicide rates in Scotland have been declining under the SNP SG while those throughout the Kingdom of England parts of the United Kingdom countries are growing rapidly. Which, taking account of the Westminster persecution of the poor, disabled, sick and old is hardly surprising.

      The standard of BBC staff must be at an all time low. Bad mannered, bad questions and totally badly presented, by totally ignorant, biased and unionist slanted crap.

      Who, in their right senses, would ever believe such a poorly run organisation to ever be viable as a news outlet? The Unionist cabal are becoming increasingly strident, desperate and biased.

      To put it mildly the listeners are becoming increasingly aware of the unionist desperation and their anti-SNP agenda. It is reflected in the decline in listener and viewer figures.

    111. Jimbo says:


      Some-one said he was a Labour candidate – If so, that would account for his lack of socialist ideals, forward thinking and his need to hold Scotland back.

    112. CapnAndy. says:

      Shocked to find out that these boxes are a fire risk.
      The baby is not going to be amused if I take their cigarettes and matches away.

    113. Bobp says:

      Sick of the lying sh**e now being spouted by these rags and their so called “experts”

    114. Robert Peffers says:

      @Josef O Luain says: 3 May, 2018 at 11:37 am:

      And the reply from the its critics is?”

      No idea, Josef O Luain, why don’t you tell us what it was? This isn’t a news site it is a:-

      Wings Over Scotland is a (mainly) Scottish political media digest and monitor, which also offers its own commentary.

      It says so at the top right corner up there /|\ just under the wings emblem.

    115. wull2 says:

      Do I put the Box into the recycle bin along with the recycled news, or do I just keep it up loft, I cant make up my mind.

    116. David Murdoch says:

      Is the box fox proofed and if dropped from a hirise is a baby parachute supplied as standard

    117. Proud Cybernat says:

      At least before there was a slim chance…

      (Doffs cap to the talent of Mr Cairns).

    118. galamcennalath says:

      OK, a question. When did the Tories last do something positive for Scotland?

      I suspect it might have been state aid for the Chrysler Linwood factory which began to be constructed in 1961 (I had to check wiki for that).

      Mind you, they oversaw its closure a mere 20years later in 1981.

      It’s all a much easier challenge than the Life of Bryan / SNP broadcast style of question – what have the Tories ever done for us? Silence.

      Put differently, what have the Tories ever done TO us? Jeez, where to start?

      It’s no joking matter. The Tories bring nothing but imposition, misfortune and destruction to ordinary Scots. Austerity. What was that supposed to achieve? Then their latest madcap project – trash the economy and demolish our regulations, standards, and rights!

      Their goal is is make the rich richer and screw everyone else. Yet numpties who will suffer too give them their vote.

      As the saying goes …’hate the Tories for what they are, but hate Labour for what they aren’t’.

    119. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @ronnie anderson –

      ‘Aw naaaw, no nickety-nackety noo-noo-noos an aw noo!’


    120. Clive Scott says:

      If you check out the good Dr Pete Blair’s photo on his uni website you will find a tousled haired rather scruffy bearded bloke that looks none too hygienic to me. He may very well pose a serious health hazard to tiny tots in cots never mind boxes. Nicola or Shona should warn parents of this clear and present danger failing which must resign.

    121. Thepnr says:


      The Rev now has a link on his twitter feed to the FM’s response to Miles Brigg’s at today’s FMQ’s.

    122. Robert Louis says:

      Let’s be honest, the reason Tories are so keen, together with their media puppets, to criticise baby boxes, is for one reason, baby boxes are a very good idea but they were introduced by the SNP, so the Tories hate them. If you want a simple fact to help understand everything that is sick (and I really do mean sick) about the Tory party in Scotland and London, then this is it.

      Rather than perhaps offer up suggestions for making the box better, the Tories want to scare soon to be mothers into thinking they are dangerous.

      This is not simply a difference in political ideology, it is symptomatic of the craven, lying, deceitful behaviour of the Tory party itself. In Government in London, they have been shown to be the most incompetent, wasteful, cruel beyond words Government ever seen within the UK. They are worse than Thatcher, and she was truly evil. Condemmed by the U.N for their abuse of the human rights of disabled people. That is what the Tories stand for. And we see that same craven lying attitude in their miscellany of MP’s and MSP’s in Scotland.

      Why anybody who isn’t a psychopath would vote Tory, is truly beyond me.

    123. Robert Louis says:

      Thepnr, at 454pm,

      A great wee film, you can just feel the passion and optimism. A great day. Great times.

      Remember, March for independence, Glasgow on Saturday 5th May, Kelvingrove to Glasgow green.

      Just imagine what our independence day will be like when it comes. And it is coming.

    124. Welsh Sion says:

      Thepnr says:

      3 May, 2018 at 4:54 pm

      Talking of Independence marches, this film from Edinburgh at the March to Calton Hill from 2013 is easily the best film made …


      Also who said the SNP don’t support the grassroots on the marches? Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousef lead this one off.


      Agreed. I had my photo taken a-hugging Nicola that day, by Mr Murrell himself. Behind us, the red dragon of Cymru flies elegantly in the Edinburgh breeze. (Missus has been jealous ever since …)

    125. Jacqueline Harris says:

      Best post ever. Can’t breathe for laughing.

    126. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Thepnr 4.44

      Thanks a lot: a great day (when Adam Tompkins was a republican).

      Think my hay fever’s playing up…..

    127. Andy-B says:

      STV news now just parroting anything that sounds like SNPBAD. The onus is now on calling for the resignation at every turn of Health minister Shona Robison. Scots who seek a better nation through independence have no media outlet to speak of, the unionists can smear us at will through their media channels.

    128. Colin Alexander says:

      Herald Story:

      Family of suicide victim accuse Scottish ministers of treating them ‘like absolute dirt’

      My comment: My heart goes out to this family. They’ve not only suffered a tragic loss; they’ve also been subjected to the system of whitewash and cover-up that’s endemic in the Scottish NHS under successive Labour and SNP Governments.

      Health Boards investigate themselves. I don’t think I need to tell you that they almost always find themselves not to blame.

      The SPSO. They are a joke that’s not funny.

      Write to an SNP MSP about a complaint about the Scot Govt? Even bigger waste of time than the SPSO.

      Spend your time building up enough money and your case against the Health Board and SG. Hire a solicitor. Though even there the law is written heavily in favour of the medical establishment.

      Also, make complaints via opposition MSPs. Make FOI requests, SAR requests.
      If you write directly to Ms Robison or to the Scot Govt or FM you will probably receive a patronising fob off at best, usually from some civil servant.

      I am also disgusted with the lack of care from the SNP Scot Govt. That’s why I ended my membership too. Power tends to corrupt. We see that with SNP Govts.

      I still support independence but, the SNP devolution Govt are failing the people who put them into power and all the rest of the people too.

      In the meantime, it seems the only other way to have an effect is name and shame. Give the Health Boards and SNHS and Scot Govt the bad publicity when they deserve it.

      I also agree Shona Robison should resign: not for what she’s done. She should resign for her failures to act.

    129. Colin Alexander says:

      “OK, a question. When did the Tories last do something positive for Scotland?”

      They put pressure on Shona Robison to publish monthly financial figures about NHS Health Boards. I think that’s a positive step forward that would not have happened if left to the SNP.

      I believe it was Miles Briggs who raised the issue of free personal care for the terinally ill, that led to the Scot Govt bringing in “Frank’s Law”.

      So, occasionally Tories or Labour can do some good. Just like sometimes the SNP can do bad. Life isn’t all black and white except in Wingsworld.

    130. Hamish100 says:

      For the march – a wee set of wheels and the baby box is away. No nasty diesel!

      Tories are the pits.

    131. Thepnr says:

      Who left the back door open?

      Some creature has just walked in and shat all over the living room stinking the place out.

      Makes mental note to get some bolts for the door as well.

    132. Hamish100 says:

      colin alexander– are you taking some form of private medication?
      I worry for you

      oooh we asked for stats. The stats were there if the tories were bothered to count.

      Under the tories in England the nhs is worse – yip worse, policing is worse, education is worse. Brexit is removing democracy from our parliament with the English veto.

      But hells bells- baby boxes are baaaad. Please come back after you find a soul.

    133. HandandShrimp says:

      After 11 years in power the press and opposition are desperate for an SNP minister to resign. They have singularly been unsuccessful in achieving any traction on that front. The desperation to topple someone, anyone is palable and actually a bit sad. That said they are not exactly an opposition of any note. Miles Briggs today was roasted for being dishonest. Not a great starting point for trying to launch an attack.

      However, quite why they view Health as a target given Jeremy Hunt could be caught selling patient body parts to private clinics and still blithely ignore any criticism with a supercilious smile beats me. The SNHS has its pressure points and given they are dealing with people in often desperate medical condition mistakes will happen but the SNHS still looks like a haven of calm compared to England and Wales.

    134. Ken500 says:

      Suicide rates have remained relatively the same since 1985. They have gone up slightly since 2015. They were on the decrease. They tend to fluctuate. People can overdose on drugs unintentionally. Or under the influence of drink or drugs.

      Another gross over simplification.

      Why are there not calls for Hunt to resign. The Tories get away with anything.

      Javid was head of Deutsche Bank when they were illegally tax evading using the Caymans. HSBC was warned about their illegal tax evading accounts. Rudd father was a criminal banker.

      Mundell is embezzling public money at the Scottish Office. Using public money to get himself re elected. He has now illegally changed the name. Is it politically incorrect to say he should be put into a baby box.

      Tory councillor not paying his council tax on his castle. Another one.

      McDonald asking what the Scottish Gov is doing about H&S in the Oil sector. Reserved.

      Helicopter firms did not follow UK H&S rules. People died. The Westminster unionists refused to hold an Inquiry despite the UK Gov transport committee recommending it. The Scottish Gov had to hold a Sheriff inquiry to establish the facts. UK H&S rules being broken by no written record of any problems. Telephone exchanges no being recorded. Faulty helicopter flying instead of being grounded. UK Gov responsibility. The owners sold up for £Millions.

    135. Davy says:

      ? IT’S OFFICIAL ? ,

      Baby boxes will not save your baby from rabid Tory fuckwit’s.

      Only independence will do that.

    136. Thepnr says:

      The so called opposition parties and the usual posters on here are absolutely raging that for not much money the SNP seem to keep on doing things that are popular with those the general public and especially those that benefit from them.

      The big deal here is that this is not the first time there has been an attempt to discredit the baby-box initiative, so I’m wondering why now?

      Fair eneough it certainly has lots of people talking about it but as far as I can see those talking about it are mostly ridiculing the media coverage of it. No wonder, the coverage from the likes of Carrell and Clegg was absolutely woeful.

      These guys should be but probably aren’t totally embarrassed by this utter tripe they have passed off as journalism. Tell you what I’m waiting on, the repudiation of the story from Dr Peter Blair telling us “my words were twisted and I never actually said that at all”.

      We’ll see. Meantime don’t forget, get ready for Saturday.

    137. thomas says:

      @ Thepnr

      Ye hink thats bad?

      Last year i joined a Govan support group fur anti social people…….

      We`ve still no met up.

    138. Dan Huil says:

      Keep boycotting the Britnat media. The more desperate the Britnat media gets the better for the independence movement in Scotland.

    139. Bob Mack says:

      Quote ” They put pressure on Shona Robinson to publish monthly figures”

      You left a bit out mate—-whilst abandoning them in areas they control themselves.

    140. Alex says:

      You think thats bad we used to live in a shoebox int middle of t road

    141. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Man who’s C&A.

      At 6.47pm you typed,

      “I still support independence but”

      Can you tell us what YOU have done to “support independence” since September 2014?

      A few minutes later, you typed,

      ““OK, a question. When did the Tories last do something positive for Scotland?””

      I can correct that, imagined as you looking in a mirror, as you prepare for your daily desktop war against the SNP:-

      ““OK, a question. When did I last do something positive for Scotland?””

    142. jfngw says:

      I see some are now trying to change the claim that baby boxes are unsafe to there is no evidence that they are any safer.

      If a parent does not have a safe place for their newborn to sleep and decide to share a bed with the newborn then the baby box may be safer. My mum thought buying things like a cot before the baby was born was tempting fate.

      Who says it is unsafe under certain conditions for a baby to sleep in the bed an adult, not me but the Scottish Cot Death Trust. They don’t endorse the box but they have no evidence it is unsafe.

      If it only saves one baby from death then it has improved infant mortality (100% for the individual parent).

      Once the baby box has killed as many as Tory polices have then they may have a point to make.

    143. Robert Kerr says:

      Is this a coincidence or part of something sinister.

      Dr, Peter is part of the organising committee for the 2018 International Conference on Stillbirth, SIDS and Baby Survival hosted in Glasgow 7th till 9th June. Gala Dinner in Kelvingrove Art Gallery, 20.00 on 8th June, Conference held in University of Strathclyde,

      Note that Dr Peter is NOT a medical doctor at all. He is a statistician. As in “Lies, damned lies and statistics”

      I trust some representative of SG shall attend.

    144. HandandShrimp says:

      I see that Severin had a second bite at the cherry on baby boxes with comments open for a short period…bit like putting your hat up on a stick and then looking at the smoking ruin 10 seconds later and saying “yup they are still there!”


    145. wull2 says:

      A lot of us have not gone away, we are just having a rest before the big YES push, letting WM and our media do the work for us meantime.

    146. Macart says:

      The Tories are scalphunting. So far, so transparent. They’ve kicked the usual media stooges into life and hit the rinse and repeat cycle.

      The why of it? Take your pick. Windrush scandal, Brexit omnishambles, CA scandal, economic disaster on the horizon and massive budgetary contraction, election fraud, defaulting on the devolution settlement and the car crash of endangering the Good Friday agreement. Not to mention an impending court case against the Scottish government. You could add quite a few more to that list, but you get the drift. Look over here, not over there.

      The silence from the media on the impending hijacking of your powers and rights is deafening. Cue the box of death. Tomorrow it’ll be something else and some other minister will receive the outrage/fury treatment.

      The more desperate they become, the worse this will get. Calm, measured rebuttal and response is the order of the day. Remember who the real bad guys are and why they can’t be allowed to take what is rightfully yours.

    147. Legerwood says:

      Thepnr @ 7.49pm

      “”The big deal here is that this is not the first time there has been an attempt to discredit the baby-box initiative, so I’m wondering why now?””

      The ‘why now’ is because of the 450,000 women who missed out on their mammograms in NHS England.

      Whenever there is a scandal of any sort involving the UK Government you can bet your bottom dollar that some story however slight its similarity to the big story, such as baby boxes or Cambridge Analytica, two recent examples, will be pushed ad nauseam in Scotland. Even when it is a rehashed story as it is in this case.

      It happens time and time again usually involving health issues but can be policing or whatever so long as it has some connection however remote to the big, much bigger story in England. Generally it happens within a short time of the big story breaking.

      In part it is supposed to deflect attention from the big story but its main purpose is to try to show that Scotland, and by implication the SG, is no better, and possibly worse than the UK Government.

      This has been going on for years. The time scale between the big story breaking and some similar story breaking in Scotland has narrowed quite noticeably in recent years. I think they keep some ready just to dust off or rehash as and when required. If like me you read the papers on a regular basis then you become quite good at predicting when it will happen.

    148. Thepnr says:


      Yes, this continual drip of SNP bad has now it seems reached fever pitch. They have ran out of new ones to screech about so have to regurgitate old ones.

      That truly does does smack of desperation, as you say they are so many other actually important topics that could be covered in depth.

      Where for example is the reporting of the HoL debate on Clause 11 of the Withdrawal Bill? Maybe I just missed that. It’s pretty obvious for all to see now that the media have an agenda to follow. Not just in scotland but across the UK although in Scotland it is much worse.

      I wonder if any country’s have ever used journalists as agents for spreading propaganda on their behalf or is this a new thing? Hmmm.

      You’re not being lied to really, just given a different version of the truth. Nothing to worry about 🙂

    149. Capella says:

      These Tories are pernicious, wicked individuals, trying to suck whatever small iota of pleasure a young mother might have enjoyed from getting a bay box. Spreading fear and anxiety at a very special time in any person’s life. Nicola was quite right. They should be ashamed of themselves. Grim.

    150. Pacman says:

      I had the TV on last night on the background and I heard something on the STV news that the Red and Blue Tories were arguing about who had called for Shona Robinson to be sacked the most.

      With that sort of level of bickering and nonsense like this, even the most Red, White and Blue Meanie must be scratching their heads in bewilderment and frustration at how bad the SNP are being attacked. In fact, the RWB Meanies must have an inkling at the back of their minds that indyref2 will be won if this is the best they can do against the SNP.

    151. Bobp says:

      Legerwood 9.02pm. Ah so I’m not the only one to notice their brit Scot yoon msm propaganda shi*e

    152. Greannach says:

      Nicola Sturgeon needs to confirm if these Cybernat boxes can protect a baby’s ears if a Chas ‘n’ Dave tribute band gets into the house and starts singing Rabbit.

      Thought not. Humza Yousaf must resign.

    153. Orri says:

      Another reason being put about is that this is an over reaction to a Tweet by Sturgeon congratulating Davidson on her pregnancy. It ended with a leg pull about the Baby Box being on the way. That might have been taken more ways than one. There’s no proof Davidson herself instigated this shitstorm but there’s probably nothing coincidental about the timing.

      A cynical viewpoint might be that Davidson was miffed that her sharing the spotlight with the birth of a royal sprog was further diminished by what most normal people would take as a friendly joke. Or that her party just had to drag her into a fight she knew she’d lose. The mention of the Clause does have an element of fuck you, the horse you rode in on and the clown posse behind you.

    154. Bobp says:

      Pacman. After Saturday’s glasgow indy march.( me and my wife have travelled from dorset) These yoon scum will know independence is like the tide coming in .NOTHING CAN STOP IT.

    155. Big Jock says:

      Why are the msm not harassing May about the failed Syrian random bombing. Why are they not following up on Skirpals, where are They?
      I am pretty sure M16 have chapped a few of the doors of the millionaires who own the press. They have completely dropped any investigation.

      We have the Guardian printing scandalous bullshit about baby boxes. Last week it was Sturgeon isolated! They just move from one smear to another. But they are doing it in collusion with the Tory party. That’s obvious to me now.

      Why was the baby box nonsense even worthy of news. It was a non entity MP lying and frightening people. The story should be his shameful disgusting low life behaviour.

      The Tories are worse than I thought. They are amoral and inhuman. They are truly scum!

    156. Macart says:


      Misdirection, scapegoating, deflection. They’re past masters at all of those and especially when they’ve been particularly naughty themselves.

      They’ve racked up quite a list of biblical howlers and unlike Scotland the services and institutions which they have sole competence over are in critical condition. Transport, NHS, Foreign affairs, the economy, immigration. All in a state of near chaos or collapse. All mired in scandal of recent times and all potentially ruinous for central government.

      So yes. Yes, you can see why they’d be a bit eager to have folk look elsewhere about now.

    157. Big Jock says:

      Anything positive that comes out of the Tories pressing the SNP. Is actually purely a consequence of them trying to create an SNP bad story. They don’t do it for anyone else but the Tory party. If something good comes out of it they couldn’t give to hoots. It’s the SNP bad smear they crave. They duplitisus snakes.

    158. Rick H Johnston says:

      Me Miles Brigg, Me big greetin-girnin-peengin faced tory.
      Me wis skelped by SNPbad nanny.
      Ma cheeks are fair rid. Me tell ma mammy.

    159. boris says:

      I am assuming that Ruth Davidson will apply’s for and take possession of her “Baby Box”.

      If, as projected she subsequently transfers her employment to a safe Tory seat in England is she allowed to take the box with her or is she required to hand it back?

    160. ronnie anderson says:

      Wee update on AUOB March on Sat 5th May Route has been changed by GCC Gordon Fulton & Police .
      Thats the route set there will be no further changes so’s you’s can share this posting

      Given the significant number of participants taking part in the procession, Police have advised that in this instance the following route be taken;

      Assemble – Kelvin Way, Radnor St, Argyle St, St Vincent Street, Pitt St, Blythswood Sq, West George St, Renfield Street, Union Street, Jamaica Street, Clyde Street, Bridgegate, Saltmarket, Glasgow Green – dispersal.

    161. Northern Rock says:

      This BritNat nonsense just makes you all the more determined to fight even harder for our Independence.

    162. Indy2 says:

      O/T How Brexit will affect the Scottish Fishing Industry:

      The amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill tabled this week at Westminster expose the Scottish fishing industry to further betrayal by the Tories, according to the SNP.

      Last month the Tory UK government confirmed that the rights of Scottish fishermen would be used as bargaining chips in negotiations with the EU, despite Brexiteers promising that a Leave vote in 2016 would mean taking back control of our fishing waters.

      The latest Tory amendments to the Withdrawal Bill would prevent the Scottish Parliament legislating to protect fishing communities for up to seven years – with Westminster being able to dictate how we manage our fisheries and having the power to further barter away any of Scotland’s fishing interests during that time.

    163. Robin says:

      Breaking News:

      Twitter urges its 330 million users to change their passwords after ‘internal bug’

      Twitter has urged its 330 million users to change their passwords because of an internal bug.

      The firm said some users’ passwords could be visible on its internal network but said there was no suggestion of misuse or a threat to users.

      A message from Twitter Support read: “We recently found a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log.

      “We fixed the bug and have no indication of a breach or misuse by anyone.

      “As a precaution, consider changing your password on all services where you’ve used this password.”

    164. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      When I saw the daft baby box story this morning I knew Wings would have it covered.
      When I read the Wings coverage I nearly, broke wind laughing, I said nearly.

    165. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Greannach.

      Nothing wrong with Chas & Dave. Saw them more than once (3 times) at the Bowlin’ Alley in Dundee. Met them in The George in Castle Street after their support slot for Lindisfarne in the Caird Hall (’78 or ’79), where they had a pint or three and agreed to headline the Bowlin’ Alley’s “Snoball” the following night, for £250 and a crate of Nookie Broon.

      Good guys – and I never knew at the time that they had been major players in the music scene in the early 70’s. Check out this video – paricularly “Country Boy” and Clapton’s contribution. I don’t know if this is the whole show (the full thing USED to be on YouTube) but it’s probably worth a watch if you want to edumicate yourself in “british” ethnic music.

    166. Thepnr says:

      Regarding the shrieking coming from the British Nationalists based in Scotland that Shona Robison must resign! Uttered with lots of indignation.

      Why must she resign?

      For being the Minister in charge of the most successful of ALL health and quality targets in the four countries making up the UK.

      For making the conditions and pay better than those in the rest of the UK.

      For keeping Nursing education free and with a grant thrown in to ensure we have an adequate supply of nurses in the future while those numbers training in E&W collapse.

      For taking action when necessary and dismissing those on the health boards found to be not up to the job even if it is the top two people.

      She has done everything right and that’s what is pissing her opponents off. If only we had a media…

    167. Colin Alexander says:

      Brian Doonthetoon

      I’ve never voted Tory; I’ve nearly always voted SNP.

      However, Tories will have their place to play in an independent Scotland. It will be their country too.

      Tory voters should embrace independence and abandon the historical Unionist support. Likewise Labour voters.

      I voted SNP at the 2017 Council and General Election and tried to encourage others to do so too, despite the poor campaigns.

      I always speak positively about Scottish independence, even though I currently don’t feel inclined to vote SNP again, unless they fully embrace independence.

    168. galamcennalath says:

      Opinion. When the BritNats start shouting that an SNP government minister must resign, it’s probably a fair indication that they are actually doing a good job!

      Simple logic. Anyone making a better job outside the UKOK governing framework, than get’s done by those within, is an existential threat and must be opposed.

    169. Terry says:

      @meg McLean

      I’m so sorry for your loss. And thank you for sharing vital information about cot death prevention. Please scroll back everyone, read Megs post and educate yourself. It could save a life.

    170. Gary45% says:

      Brian Doonthetoon@10.08
      Don’t want to upstage you on the Chas and Dave gig.
      I saw them, and others supporting Led Zeppelin at Knebworth 79.
      Looks like another Iraq coming to the Western front sometime soon. It seems the “worlds 5” are hell bent on wrecking any chance of any kind of peaceful utopia anywhere. (War makes money.)
      I don’t want to sound like a broken record but the US and Zionist Israel are the main scumbags behind any unrest in the middle east/anywhere.(The proof is there)
      No proof of chemicals used in Syria by the OPCW but Israel are gassing Palestinians every day.(Where’s the justice?)
      The World is FUCKED by Zionism which blames everyone else.

    171. galamcennalath says:

      Some bedtime Brexit reading about potential options.

      The conclusion seems to be that any option will result in at least May’s downfall, and probably her government’s too!

      Would Corbyn take over the Brexit reins and achieve what May can’t? Or would be just decide that it is just all too damaging and call Brexit off?

      One huge advantage for the London Establishment of No Brexit … they get to keep their UK intact for a wee while longer.

    172. jfngw says:

      The first minister, speaking at the height of the 2016 Scottish parliament elections, told her party’s conference in March that year: “This simple but powerful idea originated in Finland. It provides practical help for parents and has reduced infant mortality and improved child health.”

      The above is from the Guardian, there is no transcript of this speech I can find so I had to listen to the whole speech on youtube. The above is not present in the March 2016 conference speech, or the conference speech later in the year.

      The wording in the Oct 16 speech is:
      “In the election, we promised a Baby Box of essential items for all newborns. It’s a policy borrowed from Finland – where it has contributed to one of the lowest levels of child mortality in the world.”

      The wording is significantly different to the quoted wording.

      Severin Carrell tweets but misquotes by missing out words from the SNP site. The original quote says the Finnish model has a proven track record of reducing infant mortality, not the baby box alone.

      You can argue the point about whether it has contributed but you can’t argue the point that it is not in the Sturgeon speech. If she said this elsewhere then he really needs to report accurately.

    173. Thepnr says:


      A most realistic Bloomberg article I thought. There don’t seem to be many options for May at all really do there.

      Ah well that’s just tough shit. Still the Britnats do have history to believe in so I’m sure they will carry on in their merry way. Worth a tune I thought 🙂

    174. Indy2 says:

      Tomorrow’s National:

      Tomorrow’s front page: Sturgeon hits back at baby box critics and says the Tories should be ashamed for trying to create panic over safety.

    175. Robert Louis says:

      No other country in the world, when presented by such a positive progressive policy as the baby box by the Scottish Government would behave as politicians and the pathetic ‘scottish’ media are.

      It is quite frankly ridiculous. Absurd newspaper ‘stories’ worrying about nonsense like the boxes going on fire. I mean seriously FFS, no wonder REV STU gets so mighty hacked off at these so-called ‘journalists’. It’s just nasty, anti SNP p*sh of the highest order. It is the ultimate example of fakes news, perpetrated by the main stream media.

      Want to tackle the fake news? Don’t read utter lying sh*te like the Guardian, Herald or the Times and their assorted ilk, and definitely don’t watch the blatantly biased paid liars at the BBC.

      The criticism of the baby boxes is just churlish nonsense. Absolute p*sh. Had they been introduced by any other party, those same so-called ‘journalists’ would have been singing their praises.

      Yet tomorrow, the very same authors of such rubbish in newspapers, will fully expect people to take their word on ‘news’ stories. They are lying today about baby boxes, so why would anybody ever again take them seriously. Peddlers of lies, each and every one.

    176. Legerwood says:


      Seems the Tories are revisiting another golden oldie – broadband rollout..

      Scottish Ministers spending too much time on independence apparently

    177. Lenny Hartley says:

      Gary45% . Forgot Chas n Dave were at Knebworth, i was there the 2nd Friday, and then to Silverstone on the Sunday for the bikes which was a very famous dual between Sheene and Robers, dont think I have topped that Weekend, Zeppelin were brill.

    178. Greannach says:

      Briandoonthetoon and Gary45% – OK, I’ll give you Chas ‘n’ Dave. But can Salmond’s boxes save babies’ ears from exposure to à Sweet tribute band singing Blockbuster?
      Vile, frankly.

    179. Robin says:

      BBC Question Time is sooooo English.

      They try to push the Two Party State scenario onto us. You are either a Tory or a Labour Supporter.

      No input from Wales Scotland or N Ireland, again.

      It’s England, England or …England.

      Take it or leave it.

    180. Liz g says:

      Just watched Fluffy in Holyrood this morning.
      He starts to make out that it was the First Minister who wouldn’t agree to the deal, and Mike Russell was ok with it by implication.
      Anyhoo a wee bit later he gets asked if the 7yr Sunset Clause was non negotiable.
      Well then he turns round and says that Mike Russell had such fundamental differences in other areas that there was no point in discussing the 7yr thing.
      Didn’t seem to realise that he just shot down his own earlier statement that it was all Nicolas fault!

    181. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Christmas in Scotland has been cancelled. Needless Scottish Government red tape over transport safety issues regarding Santa’s flying sleigh will not be resolved in time for Yuletide.

      SNP Baad. Humza must resign. And if there’s festive season snow he must resign twice.

      ‘Devolution Deals Blow to Next Noel’ screams the Daily Express.

      ‘Sturgeon. The McGrinch Who Stole Xmas’ thunders the Daily Mail.

      But wait…what’s this? Richard Leonard offers to stand in as St. Nicholas and deliver presents For The Many Not The Few. And Willie Rennie has volunteered to do the driving.

      ‘Unionists Save The Day With Xmas Cracker’ rejoices the Daily Record.

      ‘UK Parties To Sleigh The SNP Say Polls’ exclaims the Daily Telegraph.

      All made up of course. Same as the yoon rubbish.

    182. Rock says:

      This yet another absolutely brilliant article should be reprinted as front page headline news in the “independence supporting” The National.

      Unless of course it is a fake to milk the 8,000 or so of the most gullible independence supporters.

    183. Rock says:

      “3. The SNP have taken NO measures to stop RUSSIAN AGENTS from SMEARING baby boxes in NOVICHOK (causing the baby to become ILL for a COUPLE OF WEEKS and then make a FULL RECOVERY)”

      Rock (16th March – “The greasy poll”):

      “Nicola and the SNP made utter fools of themselves by supporting Saint Theresa, in my humble opinion.”

    184. mike cassidy says:

      Pop trivia.

      Dave Peacock of Chas and Dave was actually christened Chas.

      But Chas and Chas ….

      And they were around for the full sixties experience as well.

      Chas as part of Joe Meek’s houseband The Outlaws.

      And Chas and Chas as part of Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers – managed by Brian Epstein, biggest hit a Beatles song produced by Paul McCartney.

      Those were the days, my friend.

    185. Robin says:

      Our resentment of all things BritNat/English grows by the day.

      These feelings are reinforced by our BritNat English/London based Parties and their complicit BritNat English/London based Media.

    186. Robert Peffers says:

      @Colin Alexander says:3 May, 2018 at 10:09 pm:

      “I currently don’t feel inclined to vote SNP again, unless they fully embrace independence.

      Now I’ve heard it all, CA actually imagines the SNP don’t fully embrace independence. They came into being in 1943 by a merger of two former independence parties and have thus been fighting with one central aim – independence for Scotland.

      Everything they do is to further that main policy. Now here’s he stark truth for anyone daft enough to be swayed by Colin’s daft ideas. If the SNP were NOT showing they were not only fully competent at running Local Councils, The Scottish Parliament and being ultra effective within, what laughingly passes as, the Parliament of the United Kingdom but is really the de facto parliament of the country of England, then no one in their right minds would vote for them.

      You are a charlatan, Colin. Everyone excepting you knows it. You haven’t given a single bit of evidence to back up your spurious and insulting claims. Furthermore the only pointers you have offered for your claims would likely cost Scotland gaining independence.

      More battles, military and political, are lost by too hasty actions. Hence the advice, “Don’t shoot till you can see the whites of their eyes”. In other words wise people bide their time and maximise their effects of their weaponry. No one is better placed that the SNP to know what is going on and how to deal with it.

      Furthermore the SNP as a government are really democratic and they thus respect the majority of elected to office members.

      Unlike Westminster where a United Kingdom Prime Minister can take the United Kingdom to war without even the consent of the party in power’s cabinet. Which, in case you haven’t noticed is why the Tory party, at the moment, is tearing itself apart. The Parliamentary Tory Party are split over several issues but mainly BRUKEXIT.

      Mind you they are not alone in that for Labour are doing exactly the same thing. The Parliamentary Party are mainly anti-Corbyn while the rest of the membership[ elected Corbyn as their leader. It would be the height of foolishness for the SNP to rush headlong into a referendum and lose the vote. We have not yet seen the whites of the Unionist’s eyes and thus many of them would still be out-of-range when we fire the Referendum at them.

      Please just wait till our leader gives the order to fire and please, let’s not have hot-heads wasting their ammo while the enemy is still out of range. The problem of that is they won’t have time to re-load before the enemy hits them head-on.

    187. Rocky II says:

      Let’s hope the Rally at the weekend will highlight the need for Scottish Independence.

      We need to unchain ourselves from English Rule. As has been mentioned, England are our Colonial Masters.

    188. James Barr Gardner says:

      Are the boxes waterproof, regarding possible tsunami occurrence!

    189. Northern Rock says:

      RE: Brexit and Irish Border:

      Unionist MP Lady Sylvia Hermon expects to see border poll,

      Northern Ireland’s only anti-Brexit unionist MP has said she now believes she will see a border poll in her lifetime because of the decision to leave the European Union.

      Lady Sylvia Hermon recently said a hard border would see a return to violence in Northern Ireland.

      Now she has told BBC NI’s The View: “I am worried about the consequences of Brexit.

      “In my lifetime I never thought that I would see a border poll and I am now convinced that I probably will see a border poll.”

    190. Phronesis says:

      Many countries are following Finland’s initiative, one part of a ‘mosaic’ of supportive and aspirational socio-economic policies.

      ‘People in other countries are tuning into the Finnish ‘baby box’ story with open ears. Reactions are a mix of mild interest to slight shock that the Finns would dress their babies in identical state-issued clothes and place them to sleep in a cardboard box; some appear jealous of the programme and wonder why it is not a common practice elsewhere.You see, the programme is almost a no-brainer. ..

      infant mortality is twice as high in the United Kingdom as in Finland and three times higher in the United States than in Finland (from 2008 and 2012, infant mortality was 4 deaths per 1,000 births in the UK, 6 deaths per 1,000 births in the United States, and 2 deaths per 1,000 in Finland…And let’s not forget that the ‘baby box’ is only small piece of public health care within a broader mosaic of political, economic, and social conditions in Finland. Finland has emerged from a poor economic climate in the 1930s, when the box was introduced, to being among the richest and most developed today. This shift likely has had a bigger impact on infant mortality and maternal health than the ‘baby box’.
      However, let us keep the Finnish ‘baby box’ in mind as an aspirational piece of legislation’

      ‘I’m still not sure why she preferred sleeping in the box, it might have felt more closed in and cosy, I can only guess. But I know that I felt reassured that she was safe sleeping in there – it was sturdyand unfussy – and every so often I’d hear a comforting tap on the side of the box, when she moved her arms about. Having experienced the box scheme for myself, I think it’s a great concept’

      Ewers, H 2017, ‘A safe place to sleep’, Midwives, 20, 4, p.27.

    191. Southern Rock says:

      Will the Tank Commander be applying for a Baby Box.?

      Excellent topic Rev.

      As per usual sir.

      What an asset the Rev is to our Indy Movement.

    192. Dr Jim says:

      I’ve got NI relatives and the opinion seems to be Brexit or no Brexit there will be a poll, they’re doing what we’re doing, biding till the right time which they reckon is imminant

    193. Robert Peffers says:

      @James Barr Gardner says: 4 May, 2018 at 12:12 am:

      “Are the boxes waterproof, regarding possible tsunami occurrence!”

      Nah! But the next batch of baby boxes are to get three coats of yacht varnish and they are going to come with an extra item – a paddle.

      Then, if there is a Tsunami, or even some flooding by rivers bursting their banks, wee new baby can just paddle their own baby box to safety.

      (cough!) I’ll get my coat.

    194. Southern Rock says:


      Once Indy Ref 2 kicks off, can I suggest a series of meetings by your good self at town halls around Scotland?

      It would be a sellout tour.

    195. Meg merrilees says:

      Quite astonishing sceneds in Scotland these days as the Tories and the media bend so fa backwards they meet themselves coming up again in they attempt to badmouth and smear the SNP, Shona Robinson and Nicola and anyone see they can think of.

      The fact that today’s Baby Box discussion at FMQ’s was a game was all too obvious when during Nicola’s brilliant demolition of Miles Briggs, Murdo Fraser and at least 5/6/ other MSP’s in that vicinity are open laughing and smiling – are they really so warped and twisted- sadly YES they are, in fact they are an obscenity.

      Reading through twitter comments a Finnish contributor has made the most succinct point:

      Do not argue about the cardboard box and whether it saves lives or not the REAL life-saving fact about the Baby box is that in order to get one you have to make yourself known to the medical establishment . This mean that from an early point in your pregnancy you are then being monitored and any problems will stand more chance of being picked up.

      This is the real baby life-saving concept behind the box scheme and no one can dismiss that.

      It’s NOT about the box, stupid, it’s about getting vulnerable women to have medical supervision during their pregnancy and the subsequent birth.

    196. Meg merrilees says:

      So Sajid Javit has done the dirty on the PM – he has gone from being a Remainer to supporting Rees Mogg, Johnson and Gove ( sounds like a firm of Undertakers)

      I suppose Theresa will be bemoaning “Et tu Sajid” ( Brutus) tonight as the Tories self -immolation continues apace.

      I note also that Stephen Kerr again has not represented the views of the people of Stirlng who voted Remain by supporting the motion AGAINST the PM. (t)Ruthless really has selected some pretty awful people who are NOT representing Scotland Might have to cal the tractors.

    197. Archbishop of Dork says:

      All the parties in England feasting on the carcass of UKIP. But the Tories look as if they’re getting the lion’s share.

      Labour need a awful lot of voters to defect or return to them from UKIP if they’re to have any chance of forming the next Westminster government. It doesn’t look like it’s happening though.

    198. Still Positive says:

      Archbishop of of Dork @ 1.13

      Totally agree.

      Unfortunately it looks like England is still voting Tory.

    199. HandandShrimp says:

      It looks like Labour are about fail yet again in England. If voters in Scotland ever needed reminding that we are not singing from the same hymn sheet politically then once again the evidence is there. Windrush, Grenfell, a failing NHS, incompetent ministers, ever increasing privatisation and an appallingly handled Brexit and still Labour can make no headway.

      For those on the fence regarding Scottish independence this must surely demonstrate that there is hope left in UK politics. The option is independence and our own path or endless Tory nest feathering at the expense of the ordinary people.

      Nice to see the back of UKIP, knowing the nuttiest of the wing nuts are almost certainly back in the Tory Party with more scandals for May to deal with as their extreme views become apparent.

    200. HandandShrimp says:

      “no hope in UK politics” that should read. Too late…I’m off to bed. 🙂

      If these results don’t swell the numbers on Saturday in Glasgow I don’t know what will.

    201. Tom McAlister says:

      Are we still the North British region of the UK? Just asking. have you seen this?

    202. ScottieDog says:

      I’ll bet they don’t float.
      Moses would never have survived in a baby box.

    203. ScottieDog says:

      Well labour aren’t exactly wiping the floor with the tories down south in the council elections.
      Time to don the Martin baker harness scotland..

    204. Confused says:

      JAYSUS … I see the internet satirists have been out in force all day on this, nothing I can top, so I’ll just SPEW BILE instead …

      Sometimes you think you’ve reached PEAK YOON SPITE only to discover new higher highs (or lower lows) – and all because this FREE act of humanity towards the most vulnerable and precious is NOT making some BANKER in the city a nice PROFIT somewhere
      … I am sure if the boxes were made COMPULSORY purchases and funded by PFI, and cost a grand each, then it would be a fine and good idea
      … of course a Yoon version would contain rusty nails, dishwasher tablets, razor blades and ground glass powder instead of talc … plus a tracking bracelet and a free membership of NAMBLA (for male babies and the equivalent for girls)
      – then they would increase the profits by floating DEAD BABY FUTURES on the stock exchange

      Still, it lets you remind yourself, when you ask that question – IS MY HATRED PURE ? – you can say – OH YES !!

      I like Nicola when she gets angry – when she tore into that tory prick today … wow
      – she could have had a bit of fun with this saying … “after considering all the opposition points and objections in future SCOTTISH BABY BOXES will be”
      – made of VIBRANIUM
      – come equipped with an INFINITY GAUNTLET (? WTF, I don’t really follow this shit)
      – and I have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the WAKANDAN govmint to facilitate this

      As for “ruthmary’s baby” announced a little while ago – it occurred to me, given the contrarian nature of children and their resistance to indoctrination (think of Crowley and his Plymouth Brethren upbringing) – it could be that the new child is NOT some antichrist, but instead a “messiah”, i.e. it turns out to be an ultra-hardcore style scottish ethno-nationalist whose idea of a political program is burning crosses on mountain peaks and burning holiday cottages (owned by English retirees) in the glens … who thinks William Wallace was a “pussy”

      – and for good measure the kid will probably turn out to be a serious “dyke-hater” as well – so much for “two mommies, twice the lurve … ” – how’s about – NAE FAITHER and THRICE THE HATE
      – natural law/ logos/ objective reality/ biological facts etc … takes your post-modernist “narrative” and “feelings” and parodic contortions – and TRUMPS It all with a massive dose of – YE DIDNAE EXPECT THAT, DID YE?! … you can “do your thing” – but Nature will “do its thing” as well – and who will win that one?

      Taking an overview – there are places on the internet that claim the world is run by, and this includes the TORIES as one mere front – by a SATANIC DEATH CULT … and while I am not yet ready to “go there” … all I can say is – it would ACTUALLY make a lot of sense … bayesianisam, ockhams razor etc – raging spite directed at mere infants – is this not the gold standard of evil?
      – and as if to tweak our noses – picture #1 in the article shows the Shard in London, a skyscraper with spikes on top – the same as the tower of Barad-Dur in LOTR, where Sauron’s lidless eye resides … hidden in plain sight, and all that … but this is a speculation too far, for another time, so – as Zebedee used to say – time for bed …

    205. Brian McHugh says:

      That is some result for UKIP, winning overall control of the Tory party.

    206. Ken500 says:

      Labour will never win in the rest of the UK with Corbyn as leader. UKIP vote went to the Tories. C’est la vie.

      In Scotland people vote SNP to get rid of Labour. Take the fight to the Tories. The SNP will win. FFA Independence, as the younger folk come on side. Get rid of Trident. No paying for illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. The Oil sector and renewables supported. Until there is a feasible alternative.

      The Tory unionists are appalling. So are all the rest. Scotland Is doing so much better and could be better still. Without the unionists councils keeping the SNP out. They get the highest number of candidates but are kept out of office by lying unionists. The D’Hond’t and STV.

    207. Ken500 says:

      What on earth is going on in Dunfermline. A person with additional needs has been taken to court for having a potatoe peeler and is being sentenced. The criminal justice system has gone. People need support not dragged through the courts. There is a major need for more diversity training. Starting with the education and healthcare system. Total ignorance. Some are very good but some are pathetic,

      The Poiice should get a gripe. Waste of time and money. Putting people in cells over night on complaint and ‘charges’ that can never come to court. Traumatising folk. A lot of police resigned when Osbourne put up their pension contributions. John Swinney wanted to alleviate it but Osbourne refused and said he would take funds from Scottish Gov. More personnel had to be recruited and trained. It left a shortfall for a while.

      Well done Scottish Gov introducing minimum pricing. That should make a difference.

    208. Robert Louis says:

      The council electoral failure by Labour in England last night, despite the evil perpetrated by the Tory Government has made it clear, Labour needs to dump Corbyn. Labour should have been able to clean up. They should be celebrating today, but they are not. What a mess England has become.

      Meanwhile, in Scotland, the Labour party really needs to get over itself and start attacking the Tories, instead of playing tag with them, in their many inane unwarranted attacks on the SNP. Despite having not voted Labour since 1997, I do genuinely despair at what has become of the Labour party. It is wholly ineffectual at holding the current ruling Tory government to account. Led by a marxist, who has little credibility or ability,, who appears bitter at those who do not agree with him, and who any sane person can see, is just not up to being Prime Minister.

      Scotland has a way out. A ‘get out of jail free card’ if you like. It’s called independence, removing England’s shackles. It is time we used it.


    209. Cactus says:

      A hey hey to the fine People of Suomi!

      Let’s twin up after indy 😉







      For Scotland x.

    210. Robert Louis says:

      LOOK! it seems the SNP have got the memo…

      ALL of them should be there, MP’s, MSP’s etc..

    211. admiral says:

      After having their scare story re safety concerns comprehensively demolished yesterday, anyone else notice the not-so-subtle shift in narrative by the Yoons today? Apparently, there is now “no evidence” that baby boxes “save lives”. Oh, aye?

      1) Presumably there is also “no evidence” that they don’t, either?
      2) No-one ever claimed baby boxes were introduced to “save lives”. They are about providing the best possible start in life for all babies, regardless of their parents’ individual circumstances.

      Just making it up as they go along.

    212. Robert Louis says:


      Aye, Finland, who just celebrated 100 years of independence last year, know what it means. Once independent, build the bridge to Ireland, then make our great celtic nations part of Northern European alliance – of modern progressive, intelligent nations.

    213. Ken500 says:

      Labour has still nearly twice as many seats as the Tories in England. The opposition has over twice as many.

    214. Cactus says:

      Each and every baby box is a time capsule.

      It is a gift from yer Gov.

      It’s a welcome in.


    215. Ken500 says:

      DUP are not progressive or intelligent. Racists, bigots and misogynists.

    216. Robert Louis says:


      In case you were referring to my comment, I totally agree with your view of the DUP. I fully expect Ireland to become a single whole nation again within a few years, certainly post brexit catastrophe, and the DUP will become a bad memory. I have no time for the racist, homophobic, bigoted DUP either.

    217. Gary45% says:

      Lenny Hartley@11.29
      I was there the first week, although I was a good bit from the stage it was still a classic gig and to say “I was there”.( Even slept out on Princess Street to queue for tickets).

      I missed Sheene at his best, {apprentice with garbage wages), Knebworth probably cost me about 3 weeks wages.
      I did get to meet and see Sheene race in the classic series at the Donnington GPs in 2001 and 2002, he was true gent and still a fantastic rider then, still sadly missed.

    218. Ken500 says:


      Child mortality rates higher in England than Sweden. Inequality.

    219. Cactus says:

      Aweright Robert Louis, aye Finland is a cracking place, ah made it over there once for an occasion. A beautifully cool, 21st century kinda country.

      Not a third countries-union like this ever decreasing 20th century UK.

      Just goes to show the potential for independence.

      We can learn SO much from each other.


    220. Robert Louis says:

      Cactus at 0811 am,

      If only Scotland had moomins too…

    221. Cactus says:

      Hehe the moomins were excellent, that’s one for the time capsule, howsabout the WotWots too.

      Imagine the cartoon network we could have here in iScotland!

      New series… The Quickenings.

    222. ronnie anderson says:

      Cactus Purloining ma Thunder ( the Quickening ) again I’ll sees U the morra if U staiy away fae the bevy tonight lol.

    223. Colin Alexander says:

      I don’t have a problem with a baby cardboard box scheme, as long as it’s suitable.

      My problem is that after almost 20 years of devolution, Scottish adults are sleeping in cardboard boxes and sleeping bags across Scotland and in cities like London or being driven to putting themselves into a wooden box to end their misery of poverty, draconian benefit sanctions and lack of hope.

      I’m no claiming indy is a magic cure, but surely Scotland’s people can do better than the UK Govt and UK Govt devolution system we currently live under.

      As for arguments about what the SNP have achieved under devolution, under devolution there is no guarantee what will be devolved in the future: Westminster can un-devolve or grab back powers as and when it wants to.

      That is precisely what the power grab is all about, as WM is not just grabbing back a power here or there but, is attempting to grab back powers on such a monumental scale that it exposes devolution as a mockery of Scottish democracy and Scottish sovereignty.

      That’s why Labour and the LibDems are up in arms: the Tories are giving the game away after Labour managed to fool people for 20 years with the pretence of democracy for Scotland.

    224. Proud Cybernat says:

      Tomorrow’s Glasgow weather forecast for AUOB march and rally.

      Dry, light cloud and breezy.

      Perfect conditions to get those flags-a-flutterin’ and those pipes-a-pipin’ !!

    225. ronnie anderson says:

      Robert Louis Here’s ah wee update on the national story Julie Hepburn has pulled out from speaking at the AUOB March , she has another engagement .

    226. Cactus says:

      Aye ronnie anderson, tomorrow is our HOMEcoming gig.

      Be seein’ yee’s…

    227. Famous15 says:

      The P in Psychcheo Ops I know where it came from eh petty officer Colin!

    228. Proud Cybernat says:


      “I don’t have a problem with a baby cardboard box scheme, as long as it’s suitable.”

      Are baby nappies unsuitable?
      Is a baby hat unsuitable?
      Is a baby cellular blanket unsuitable?
      Is Ph-neutral soap unsuitable?
      Is a changing mat unsuitable?
      Are baby scratch mittens unsuitable?
      Are baby clothes unsuitable?
      Is a side-buttoning vest unsuitable?
      Are baby boots unsuitable?
      Is a box of condoms unsuitable?
      Is a baby bib unsuitable?
      Is a baby bath sponge unsuitable?
      Is a hooded bath towel unsuitable?
      Is a baby toy unsuitable?

      THAT’S the Baby Box. WHY is ANY of that unsuitable?

      Or are you just a moaning-faced git whose only interest in this is to cause trouble and who cares little about this helping-hand for new babies? Away an’ chase yerself you utter weapons-grade cockwomble. You’re fooling no one here.

    229. Robert Peffers says:

      March! What march?

      Can’t find anything about any big march on Scottish newscasts on TV, Radio or in the papers.

      Unless, of course, it is a big march to Ibrox to welcome some English footballer – some guy called, “Gerrard for Ibrox”, is the big news on Good Morning Scotland.

      Will that march be led by a whole lot of flute bands?

    230. ronnie anderson says:

      Robert Peffers not to worry Robert Social Media & Flyers its well advertised , there’s even 16 buses traveling from the Nth Scotland so’s the word is out .

      Mind Folks visit IScot stall / AyeMail / & the Wings stall , looking forward to meeting new and auld Lurkers & Wingers .

    231. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      As I suggested last week it was naive indeed to expect the Tories to suffer any significant damage in the English local elections over the Windrush issue. Tells you all you need to know about what England has become and more reason for us to get out.

    232. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Labour’s leader has to go to Plymouth to be filmed celebrating a success.

      Hoe Jeremy Corbyn Hoe Jeremy Corbyn.

    233. galamcennalath says:

      English elections.

      Lab and LibDems made much smaller gains from the Tories than they hoped for.

      Tories got the UKIP vote in Remain areas which meant their overall numbers stayed the same. The Tories have really just absorbed UKIP, taking in not only policies but votes.

      Most of all it has been a triumph for the media who have continually shielded the Tories over their total incompetence with Brexit and their callous social policies.

      The result probably means the Tories wouldn’t be frightened of a general election, should that happen.

    234. Fred says:

      Anent fatuous speculation on the future of the Tories in an independent Scotland, the Tories have no future in an independent Scotland, & they know it!

    235. Famous15 says:

      The Tories must continue.How do we know the wrong policies unless the Tories guide us.

      Like my old Latin teacher said “We need the village idiot to light the road to enlighenment” But he said it in Latin but that is a fair translation.

    236. Bob Mack says:


      How disingenuous can you actually be? People are sleeping on the streets because of Tory Government policy re Benefits, citizenship and economics. We even have men from the military sleeping rough after years of service. Remember the Tory Covenant? Not supposed to happen.

      The SNP mitigate where they can, but in truth without complete financial control they are severely limited. You sir, are an arse, or stupid, or a combination of both

      I suspect I know which.

    237. 10/30 says:

      Saturday’s AUOB march….route and start time

    238. Colin Alexander says:

      Bob Mack

    239. gus1940 says:

      RP @ 8.55am

      Last weekend Misreporting Scotland had a long report complete with vox pops and a statement that the crowd ran to many thousands on a rally of all powerful cyclists at Holyrood.

      Surely that means that this weekends march and rally in Glasgow will receive at least as extensive coverage from our wonderful state propaganda service – or am I being naive?

    240. Colin Alexander says:

      Bob Mack

      Why the abuse? Take the time to read and think about what I am saying.

      I point out devolution is not enough to tackle the political,social and economic problems in Scotland and you point out much of the problems are a UK Govt issue, so there’s sometimes little the Scot Govt can do about it.

      You appear to be basically agreeing with that I said. But then hurl insults.

      Screw the heid doon, Bob.

    241. Bill Hume says:

      Sorry folks but I’ve just read Colin Alexanders post for the third time and there is nothing in it with which I can find fault.
      I know the reasons why people attack his posts. He spouts so much rubbish most of the time and thus it’s his own fault for being ridiculed.

      That said, I expect Wingers to read the post before calling people arses etc.

    242. Macart says:

      Saturday looks like a good day for a walk right enough.

    243. Archbishop of Dork says:

      In 1986 the Tories, who had by then been in government for 7 years, lost almost a thousand council seats in the local elections. Even then they went on in power for another 11 years after that.

      After 8 years in office that have been no less controversial than Thatcher’s time in government, the Tories do quite well and Labour fail to make even a slight dent. It’s obvious the Tories are going to be in for a good while courtesy of England. And will trash Scotland if we give them the opportunity by not choosing independence again.

    244. Have to say Joanna Cherry has been magnificent in UK Parliament recently,

      Hannah Bardell and Alison Thewliss have also become fantastic parliamentarians,

      with Alex,Angus and Tasmina gone (for now) these three have been most able replacements,

      sometimes a (quite understandable) loyalty to the `old guard` halts the chances of new talent to shine,

      Joanna,Hannah and Alison are standouts but there are others who have matured into articulate political fighters for Scotland and basic human decency (which is lacking in the entrenched Red and Blue Tory`s).


      Joanna said she was getting an Irish passport (one parent is Irish) so as to still be a member of EU,

      my Mum was born in Ireland (Armagh) does that mean I can apply/receive an Irish passport and how does that affect grandchildren of someone born in Ireland ?

    245. Ken500 says:

      The useless Tories in Scotland they had to illegally change the voting system to get elected. 3rd rate rejects. They only gained seats because people did not come out to vote. There was no swing. Absentee voters. 1/2Million. Apathy not sympathy. Or voted strategically. Labour in Scotland illegally telling voters to vote Tory. Losing a Labour majority in Westminster.

    246. TD says:

      Bill Hume at 10:01

      Don’t apologise Bill – you are absolutely right. CA’s post at 8:37 is quite inoffensive. It’s not particularly insightful – it basically says that devolution is not as good as independence. In the Wings environment that’s a bit “motherhood and apple pie”. But there is nothing in his post that merits abuse being hurled at him.

      Perhaps some commenters need to think about what they want to achieve by abusing people like CA. If they say something stupid, then challenge what they say and show why it is wrong. But if someone who has previously talked a load of mince then says something that we could all agree with, surely we should welcome that? If that happens, maybe it will be because of the power of the arguments that we put forward.

      I would be very disappointed if Wings became a place where once someone is branded an ****, then whatever they say will be shouted down by the self-appointed comment police. We should judge each comment on its merits –

    247. Colin Alexander says:

      Scott Finlayson

      Born outside Ireland
      Irish citizen parents born in Ireland

      If either of your parents was an Irish citizen who was born in Ireland, then you are automatically an Irish citizen, irrespective of your place of birth. If you are an Irish citizen, you can apply for an Irish passport. You do not need an Irish passport in order to be an Irish citizen but having an Irish passport is evidence that you are an Irish citizen.

    248. HandandShrimp says:

      Looking at the elections in England it strikes me that for weeks in the run up Labour were under a concerted media attack over anti-Semitism. Very little evidence was cited as proof of this apparently dire state of affairs of hatred and holocaust denial but the attacks were relentless from all quarters including the BBC.

      On the other hand the Tories have deported children of the Windrush generation, driving some to suicide, handled the Grenfell disaster appallingly and have treated asylum seekers with utter disregard.

      It goes without saying that anti-Semitism is not acceptable and that all parties should guard against and take action whenever it occurs. However, it seems to me that we just been subject to a media controlled propaganda exercise designed specifically to discredit Labour.

      This happened in England and it is a matter for the voters in England but we should take this, if warning is needed, that there is no longer any pretence that our democracy plays with a straight bat. We were subject to lies and propaganda in 2014 but I now feel that this was trial and error. The use of the BBC and other organs as a propaganda tool is now up to Russian or Chinese standards. We do not have a level playing field and Indyref2 is going to have to fight at a street level and fight hard. Yet I think we can use what has happened to Labour as an example and a warning to raise consciousness of the tactics being used.

    249. auld highlander says:

      HindandShrimp @ 11.14

      Funny you mentioning that about all the anti semitism prior to their elections as I was just thinking about it myself. Week in week out the bbc and sky news bombarded us with all that negativity&untruths in the run up to their elections.

      Can you imagine the constant deluge of blatant lies from the press and tv when the independence referendum is called.

      Be prepared as it will be a lot worse.

    250. Calum McKay says:

      HandandShrimp says: 4 May, 2018 at 11:14 am

      “Looking at the elections in England…….. there is no longer any pretence that our democracy plays with a straight bat.”

      the bbc appear to be under instruction, Police Scotland has been picked to death, despite crime being at a 43 year low and homicides halfed. Like Lockebie, the police are being used to hurt the SNP. The bbc still can’t believe they failed to sink the SNP over Lockerbie. I recall all sorts of shenanigans the Met have perpitrated, but the bbc do not seem inclined to linked blame to the uk government. Why?

      Anti-Semitism is plain wrong! Initially I thought the labour issue was conflation of Israeli government actions with alledged attacks on Jews in uk. I now lean towards the belief there is a nasty small minority in labour who are Anti-Semitic, and there is genuine concern in the Jewish communbity. I hope not in Scotland’s Jewish community! That said the bbc and others have picked at this to get at Corbyn and have exaserbated the problem.

      Then we have the tories, English public sector in crisis, knife epidemic in london, Windrush, , DUP buy off and referendum ecpenditure, Syria, Salisbury and of course, brexit, all clouded in secrecy and lies whist providing protection to the tories. Only this week we had bbc coverage of the return of powers from the EU as being an SNP – tory stand off, it’s not, it’s a Scottish Parliament – tory stand off.

      Democracy and fair play can expect nothing from the bbc or press when it comes to Scotland, Scots are in the firing line. Just think when Mrs May goes and is replaced by Johnson or Mogg, what extremes will this pair stoop to?

    251. Meg merrilees says:

      In case anyone missed it.
      Here is a comment from btl on the Guardian article about the Scottish baby box. It is written by a Finnish person:

      What is have wrong with you, people? Your dexision makers, your journalists, your commentators? Why are you talking about a ‘box’? The box is a carrot, for heaven’s sake, nothing more. If you seek formal medical assistance during your early pregnancy, you will receive the box full of goods for free. But – no- the box, obviously, in itself has not reduced child mortality, but getting to people to antenatal care has.

      This system was started by my partner’s great grandmother who was a midwife in the Finnish archipelago, where it would be a several day’s journey to reach people in need of medical care. Providing poor people with basic clothing etc did not save lives, but getting them to register and receive organised medical care in exchange for basic necessaries did
      the job.

      I find it saddening that at your end of the woods you actually discuss whether a cardboard box may or may not save lives. It contains a pack of condoms so at least that might save something.”

      Brilliantly put!
      Perhaps this is an angle that we could emphasise in any discussion.
      Mind you, at the end of the day, no-one tells it quite like Nicola!

    252. Dr Jim says:

      The press have no middle ground,if you don’t like something you must be anti that something in the hope that nobody owns a dictionary which clearly explains there’s a big difference between the two

    253. ben madigan says:

      @Scot Finlayson who asked about irish passports

      best enquire at the irish Embassy in London, Scot if you are really interested in obtaining an irish passport for yourself and your family.
      The rules have changed over the years to comply with EU citizenship regulations.

      Second generation (grandchildren of original irish citizen) who, like the first generation (children of original irish citizen), are born outside ireland usually have to be specially registered at the Embassy and extra fees paid.

    254. Meg merrilees says:

      Calum Mc Kay

      Well put.

      It’s obvious that the Novichok scare was to make the tories seem like decisive, protective strong and stable government that would always keep you and your loved ones safe and it allowed T May a frisson of a phony war to make her seem like Boudica.

      Meanwhile, trash Corbyn as much as possible;
      the anti-semitism fiasco has lost labour the vote in parts of N.London which have been traditionally Jewish Labour – I wonder how that came about?

      You don’t think that a rabble of hooligan shave joined labour under false pretences and have created deliberate anti-semitic tweets, statements and actions? NO, no-one would do that in a democracy, surely???

      It is frightening to see how twisted the political future is becoming in South Britain.

      On a lighter note I see there is a possible proposal to bring out a Cumbernauld sausage in answer to’ British’ square sausage.

    255. Fireproofjim says:

      Bill Hume
      Got to agree. There was nothing to object to in CA’s recent post. I have often disagreed with him but agree with every word in his last one. Independence not federalism. What’s not to like.
      Credit when it is due.

    256. louis.b.argyll says:

      Without the SNP acting where it can, as a proactive buffer to austerity and mismanagement, the Tories would be even more unpopular in Scotland.

      Only independent control of borrowing and spending, can benefits, pensions, health and education be safeguarded through ring-fenced schemes, tailored to our needs.

    257. Dr Jim says:

      Breaking news::::

      The UK have produced a new draft document over Scotlands continuity bill which says the UK will retain power of veto over Scottish waters through the secretary of state post Brexit

      I don’t think I have to explain to anybody what that means

    258. Doug says:

      Completely off topic, but with the English Local election results drowning out the news from anywhere else in the UK or indeed the world (Fingers crossed for those in Hawaii) I’ve got to wondering about the “trails” of voting rules in England.

      In any election in the UK there is postal voting – which supposedly is not a threat for fraud according to Westminster. Of course the handful of cases of in person voting fraud is of major concern and we need ID for voting according to Westminster – well at least they are trialing it.

      It’s my opinion (and one I’m sure is shared by many) that postal voting is open to fraud much more easily than in person voting. I won’t get into the examples of old folks homes full of folk with dementia and other memory issues all managing to vote some how (we’ve all got our own stories).

      In light of these circumstances it occurred to me that it might be a better idea to scrap postal voting and instead introduce in person early voting. Perhaps on the preceding 4 weekends at various central locations which could be a super hub for many stations in a region. With 4 weekends available before any vote the need for postal votes for those who are on holiday would be unnecessary etc.

      It would also reduce the chance of postal vote fraud and more importantly reduce the fear of postal vote fraud thus solving the problem and reducing the conspiracy theories about it.

      Obviously security of the ballots etc would be vital.

      However I’m not sure – is this something that the Scottish Parliament can introduce or does this sort of thing have to come from the electoral commission with Westminster backing?

    259. Calum McKay says:

      Meg merrilees says: 4 May, 2018 at 12:07 pm

      “It’s obvious that the Novichok scare was to make the tories seem like decisive, protective strong and stable government that would always keep you and your loved ones safe and it allowed T May a frisson of a phony war to make her seem like Boudica.”

      I’m your average punter, but dig a wee bit and read reasonably widely.

      I just do not understand how the press have not followed this up, more revealing is the “free media and press” do not seem interested in following it up?

      Adam Curtis’ “HyperNormalisation” and “Bitter Lake”, well worth a look. Documenmtaries are generally restricted to a place and time, a snap shot in time, Adam Curtis’ become more believeable, applicable and accurate over time!

    260. Colin Alexander says:

      I feel there’s a few on here that operate their opposite version of the Bain Principle.

      If anyone needs reminding of the Bain Principle:

      To bring it on topic: It may also be a large part of the reason for the criticisms of the Baby Box scheme: it was introduced by the SNP Scot Govt, so, applying the Bain Principle, it must be opposed.

      Whereas, if Labour had introduced the same scheme when Scottish Executive, it would have been worthy of adulation by Unionists and the MSM.

      It was Labour/ LibDems who brought in the smoking ban.

      It was the Labour / LibDem coalition that brought in free personal care – largely due to the LibDems. So, despite their many failings, occasionally they listened to sense and did something useful. (Even a broken clock is right twice a day).

      When the SNP came into power and continued to support it; Labour etc then opposed it because, it had become an SNP policy.

      Just wondered (joke): in the crazy world of Scottish Labour: if the SNP went full tilt and campaigned FOR the union, would Scottish Labour then pretend to be independists, just to be thrawn and oppose whatever the SNP said?

    261. Welsh Sion says:

      On the English election story, consider the poor dab who is a Member of both SNP and Plaid Cymru, but, because he lives in England can not for either Party, yet, an English tax exile who has lived in the Cayman Islands for 14 years can vote for the Tories.

      Great British democracy in action. Aye, right.

    262. ronnie anderson says:

      DON’T follow 10/30s link on GCC webpage . The route is as I stated .

      ronnie anderson says:
      3 May, 2018 at 9:39 pm
      Wee update on AUOB March on Sat 5th May Route has been changed by GCC Gordon Fulton & Police .
      Thats the route set there will be no further changes so’s you’s can share this posting

      Given the significant number of participants taking part in the procession, Police have advised that in this instance the following route be taken;

      Assemble – Kelvin Way, Radnor St, Argyle St, St Vincent Street, Pitt St, Blythswood Sq, West George St, Renfield Street, Union Street, Jamaica Street, Clyde Street, Bridgegate, Saltmarket, Glasgow Green – dispersal.

    263. starlaw says:

      Bad as the anti Semitism card used against Labour was I thought it would have been more than cancelled out by the Breast Screening fiasco.
      Is it Jingoism and the dream of an all powerful Britannia that is propelling Greater England on like lemmings.

    264. jfngw says:

      @louis b.argyll

      The SNP shielding us from the worst of the Tories may be a double edged sword. Some unwilling to vote for independence because they believe the SNP will protect them. Maybe a full dose of Tory policy would not be a bad thing for these people. It may come to a crunch at some point, the Scottish budget won’t be able to mitigate every future Tory cut.

    265. Dan Huil says:

      English local eletions: English nationalism very much alive. Anti-EU feeling still very strong in England. They don’t care about dragging Scotland out of the EU against Scotland’s will. The so-called Corbyn-effect is dissipating.

      Fluffy Mundane, England’s lapdog, actively encouraging Britnat arrogance and ignorance towards Scotland.

    266. Lenny Hartley says:

      Jfngw i know a few folk who vote SNP at Hollyrood but voted No in the referendum, i even know one who is an SNP member who voted No and would do so again (he likes Swinney )
      . Nothing as queer as folk.

    267. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Utter disgrace. Time the Express got onto this issue. Since the SNP came into power in 2007 about 670,000 people in Scotland have died. What is Nicola Sturgeon doing about this?

    268. schrodingers cat says:

      Welsh Sion

      it’s comin’ yet, fir a’ that

      our day will come, and soon,

      cymru am byth saor alba gu brath

    269. Fred says:

      A first-class “Long Letter!” in todays National by Ade Higney of Helensburgh on roaster Arlene Foster & her coterie of Rednecks!

    270. schrodingers cat says:

      the proof, if ever we needed it, the tories can run with any old snpbad shit and the msm will run with it.

      it is clear that this tactic works in england

      it works in scotland also, but does it work enough?

      anti tory sentiment runs deep in the older generations.

      the pro Oh jeremy Corbyn momentum just hit a brick wall. no surprise. momentum is an anti leave movement, if at its core, they are asking folk to back a pro leave leader, it is bound to fail.

      expect owen jones to be the 1st to turn on corbyn. again

    271. Sinky says:

      Baby Box latest. It only takes 10 seconds to turn a copy of The Sun into ashes.

    272. Sunniva says:

      Well the hoped for breakthrough of the Corbynistas didn’t happen in England did it? Despite the worst and most incompetant Tory government in living memory.

    273. Luigi says:

      RE: Labour’s poor show last night:

      It’s not all the fault of the MSM. Sure they played a part but something else is going on.

      The tory press will do as the tory press do. Sadly, JC is not a strong enough or charismatic character to be able to deal with it, and so he continues to flounder. Labour have been found out yet again and it’s another painful 40 years in the wilderness for them.

      The big Q is what happens to Scotland? Will the tory press, buoyed up at destroying Corbyn go gunning for the Scottish government? I think we all know the answer to that one. However, unlike Labour, the SNP have very strong, charismatic politicians who are extremely popular – if the tory MSM go too far (as they usually do), it could backfire spectacularly.

      I say let the media over egg the constitutional pudding – at the moment they continue to do all the heavy lifting for us, and they are annoying huge numbers of people.

    274. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bob Mack says:4 May, 2018 at 9:45 am:

      “How disingenuous can you actually be? You sir, are an arse, or stupid, or a combination of both
      I suspect I know which.”

      I more than suspect that so do the vast majority of Wings readers, Bob Mack.

    275. Cubby says:

      TD 10.48

      Disagree – there are paid to troll Britnats who are like a Trojan horse – they make the odd comment that might seem sensible or pro Independence but they are not genuine and just trying to wreck. Best to ignore them.

    276. Robert Peffers says:

      @gus1940 says: 4 May, 2018 at 9:57 am:

      “Last weekend Misreporting Scotland had a long report complete with vox pops and a statement that the crowd ran to many thousands on a rally of all powerful cyclists at Holyrood.
      Surely that means that this weekends march and rally in Glasgow will receive at least as extensive coverage from our wonderful state propaganda service – or am I being naive?”

      Yes I saw the reports and thought that it showed the SMSM and the cycling lobby up for what they showed themselves to be.

      They knew full well that if the SNP, with only the limited and, due to Barnett Consequentials, an ever shrinking total funding that is also shrinking due to inflation fund cycle routes then someone else has to do without and the cyclists do not contribute towards the upkeep of the roads.

      The best thing any government could do to cut down deaths and injuries to cyclists would be to make them pass a driving test and pay for a licence. When a pre-school child can climb on a cycle and venture unsupervised upon the highway there will always be cycle accidents.

      Make no mistake. I am not against cyclists but they must take more responsibility and contribute more before expecting the poor, sick, disabled and homeless people of our society to do without to improve the safety of cyclists.

      Then there is that other wee matter – cyclists on sidewalks and in pedestrianised areas.

    277. Gary says:

      Yes, apparently lighting something on fire can cause it to burst into flames.

      And THAT, my friends, is the fault of the SNP.

      Under a unionist leadership cardboard would NOT burst into flames even if thrown into a raging inferno.

      Remember, SNP Bad, Bad, Bah, Baaaahhhh, Baaaaaahhhh!!!!

    278. TD says:

      Cubby at 2:03

      I agree – ignore them. I fail to see how they can be both ignored and abused at the same time. CA’s comment said nothing that merited a response of any sort – it was not interesting, insightful or informative. Its tone was broadly pro-independence but it added no value whatsoever. Therefore ignoring it is absolutely the best thing to do. But if you call him names, that’s not ignoring him.

    279. Cubby says:

      TD 2.55

      By ignore I mean do not engage in discussion/argument with them.

      I reserve the right to identify them as wrecking paid trolls who should get a decent job. I also reserve the right to have some gratuitous ad hom if they are being particularly boring or annoying.

      Sensibledave = Rock = Colin Alexander = boring paid to Troll British Nationalists.

    280. TD says:

      OK – so you can define “ignore” in any way you want. But it’s not the definition most of us would use.

    281. Rock says:

      Robert Louis says:
      4 May, 2018 at 7:24 am

      “The council electoral failure by Labour in England last night, despite the evil perpetrated by the Tory Government has made it clear, Labour needs to dump Corbyn.”

      It is the Blairite Tories inside Labour which need to be purged and dumped.

      They are deliberately undermining Corbyn.

    282. Rock says:

      Ken500 says:
      4 May, 2018 at 10:27 am

      “The useless Tories in Scotland they had to illegally change the voting system to get elected.”

      More fake news.

      The Tories have never been in power in the Scottish parliament. How and when did they change the voting system?

    283. yesindyref2 says:

      @Bill Hume / Fireproofjim / TD.
      Most of the post is apparently harmless, but the clue about purpose is in this bit:

      That’s why Labour and the LibDems are up in arms: the Tories are giving the game away after Labour managed to fool people for 20 years with the pretence of democracy for Scotland.

      At the moment the game in town is the EU Withdrawal Bill and the Continuity Bill, and on both of these Labour and the LibDems are supporting the SNP. With the Tories against.

      So here hidden at the end of a seemingly harmless post about Indy and devolution not having worked – devolution not having worked as the Tories would like us all to think so they can ABOLISH it – we have a divisive non-sequitur aimed against Labour and the LibDems who are currently supporting the SNP and Greens to save Devolution.

      Don’t be taken in, and it’s exactly why people say “don’t engage”, and why others point them out as “trolls” – i.e., not genuine Indy posters.

    284. Greannach says:

      The Baby Boxes are a fire risk!? Oh heavens! Our 3 week old Louis is on 40 Regal a day. What if He falls asleep without stubbing one out? Sturgeon will be sorry if she’s placed our angel in danger.

    285. SOG says:

      Y’know, I believe the Baby Box would be unsafe if I gave it a crossie on my bike.

      And for Robert – I don’t pay bike tax. I do pay £150 pa car tax, and there’s not much sign of the Vehicle Excise Duty being spent on the roads where I live.

      But this is not the place for the eternal rantage about cyclists.

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