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The Attack Of The Purity Police

Posted on December 04, 2019 by

One week out from a general election, the SNP are busy purging the “problematic”, as seen in this footage captured by a terrified bystander tonight somewhere in Fife.

The latest victim of the Waffen YSI, the party’s ultra-pious “woke” youth battalion, is Denise Findlay, a recently-elected member of the party’s Conduct Committee. She was targeted because she’s a gender-critical feminist opposed to the transgender cult which exerts a wildly disproportionate influence in the SNP upper echelons, supported enthusiastically by the First Minister.

She follows on the heels of Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath candidate Neale Hanvey, who last week was suspended from the party – without even a hearing – on a ludicrously trumped-up charge of “anti-Semitism” dredged up by SNP woke youth, namely that three-and-a-half years ago he shared an article (written by someone else) about billionaire financier George Soros and money-laundering, which at no point mentioned either Israel or Jewish people, even obliquely.

This led to the extraordinary farce of the SNP leader not only withdrawing all support and party funds, but publicly ordering party members not to campaign for Hanvey, in the near-certain knowledge that this would gift the seat to a Unionist party (it’s currently held, by fewer than 300 votes, by hapless Labour idiot and shadow Scottish Secretary, Lesley Laird).

Hanvey, like Findlay, was brought down not by political opponents or the media but by members of his own party, as punishment for signing the SNP Women’s Pledge.

This entirely innocuous document, which has been signed by over 3000 people, asserts the commitment to a number of uncontroversial women’s rights.

But it’s regarded with absolutely toxic fury by transgender activists within the party, who view anything other than complete and unquestioning submission to the claim that “transwomen are women” to be a thoughtcrime meriting instant expulsion.

Having failed to drive out candidates and officebearers for the crime of disputing whether women have penises or not, the trans faction changed tack last week and began scouring the social media history of “offenders” for content which could be misrepresented as “anti-Semitic”, since anti-Semitism is an issue which enjoys more widespread public traction, and Hanvey and Findlay are the first to be victimised.

(The tactic was likely inspired by last year’s Labour-driven witch-hunt against SNP member, former journalist and blogger Gareth “Grouse Beater” Wardell, although that case had no connection to the trans issue.)

Findlay’s tweets concerned the disputed definition of anti-Semitism which says that likening any actions of the Israeli state to actions of Nazi Germany automatically equates to hatred of the Jews, no matter how directly valid the comparison might be in any given situation.

This site has no intention of wading into the politics of the Middle East, but it is not controversial to note that some of Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people have been widely condemned worldwide for human-rights abuses on a massive and grave scale. It cannot be acceptable to simply forbid the observation of facts as intrinsically constituting anti-Semitic bigotry, because that gives one state alone a free pass to crimes against humanity.

But in any event, those attacking the likes of Neale Hanvey and Denise Findlay care absolutely nothing about Jewish people. Their sole goal is to use spurious allegations of anti-Semitism as a tool to purge the SNP of “wrongthinkers” – and in Findlay’s specific case to remove from the party’s Conduct Committee someone who might have blocked similar attacks by the Woke Thought Police on other “undesirables”.

This is the SNP’s own Night Of The Long Knives, but with more colourful handles.

(Naturally Wings itself has also been on the receiving end of these smears, but since we answer to nobody but our readers they have no effect.)

(We’ve also been the subject today of a lengthy renewed diatribe from the extreme trans fundamentalist currently ironically occupying the office of SNP Women’s Convener, Rhiannon Spear, who lambasted this site’s hundreds of thousands of readers – around a quarter of the SNP’s total vote in the 2017 election – as a slavish “cult” fit only to be condemned and shunned by all right-thinking nationalists.)

These activities would have been bad enough at any time. To undertake them days before perhaps the most crucial general election in living memory, sabotaging the party’s own prospects (Hanvey was suspended well after the deadline for replacing candidates, so there’s now no official SNP representative on the ballot) and very likely increasing the number of Unionist seats, is unforgivable narcissistic destructiveness.

We can only assume that the Woko Haram Misogyny Juniors in the party looked at the havoc a manufactured anti-Semitism crisis has wreaked in Labour and decided “Hey, what we really need is a piece of THAT super-fun action. Denunciations a-go-go!

All of it is taking place with the tacit (and sometimes explicit) approval of the First Minister. This site can no longer stand by silently and watch the Yes movement be destroyed by infiltrators and entryists who have hijacked the SNP as a vehicle to undemocratically force through their own massively unpopular agenda, with no interest in the party’s primary goal.

(Many have openly said they’d rather not vote at all than vote for SNP candidates who believe in single-sex rights for women. Others, astonishingly, have expressed a wish to go to Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath and actively campaign for Labour.)

So we’ll say what we’ve felt for quite a while now but bitten our tongue on in the name of the movement: regardless of the outcome of next week’s election, Nicola Sturgeon needs to stand down, and the sooner the better. In this site’s view, there is no chance whatsoever of independence being achieved under her leadership, and to be honest it’s been some time since we’ve believed she was even trying.

The woke-infested SNP is a trainwreck. It’s time to get it back on the track.

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316 to “The Attack Of The Purity Police”

  1. doug_bryce

    Sturgeon resign ?

    When Scotland on eve of independence.

    The mask has slipped!

  2. Patsy Millar

    I so hope you’re wrong.

  3. Dan Watt

    The comments following this article are going to be very juicy. I wonder how many SNP MPs/MSPs will read it or Wings regularly?

  4. Bob Mack

    Sadly I have to agree with you Stu. The SNP are being destro yed from within its own ranks and seem unwilling or unable to deal with the problem.

    Remember when we were going to shake up British politics?t
    I never thought that meant what is happening now.

    When the pafty thinks jt is above its members then it is in trouble. Forgeting your core support in favour of a minority grouping is never a good way to go.

    That favouratism also comes at the price of womens rights, and none of the women in my life support it at all.

    I will vote SNP for now, but there will have to be some coordinatsd plan to get things back on track within the party, before I vote for them in future.

    Do they really feel these isxues create no anger?

  5. Steve Brannigan

    Oh dear oh dear.
    She’s not perfect, who is?
    But at this point in time, it is absolute madness to be calling for her to stand down?

  6. wilma mcewan

    This has been on the cards for a long time.Expect hell to pay from the faithful and woke on an unprecedented level tho, no hammers required,no signature LOL

  7. Muscleguy

    I know Denise, we campaigned together for the same group here in Dundee in IndyRef1. She also very kindly gave me lifts home on more than one occasion. Saving me from the bus.

    She is intelligent, warm and friendly, so to see and hear people who do not know her attack her like this is absolutely awful. Especially by young people who were too young to campaign back then so have no idea what it was like or how we were received by people in the community.

  8. MarB

    vote for snp cancelled after 25/30 yrs.

  9. Dan Watt

    Actually Stu, I have a question for you. What would replacing Nicola Sturgeon achieve and who should be party leader?

  10. scotspatriot

    Vote SNP. People are dying under Tory Rule.
    Nothing else matters.

  11. fillofficer

    can’t disagree with any of this post, rev
    the timing of these activities is truly suspect
    its like custers’ last stand
    the infiltraters at their most effective
    thankfully the general public are outside this bubble
    the next 7 days will be even more interesting
    god only knows who’s really pulling the strings tho
    SNP majority on 12 dec, then one almighty purge

  12. mark johnston

    You’re a true indy supporter, Stu.

  13. Brian Doonthetoon

    I saw this retweeted on the WOS Twitter page this afternoon…

    “Ricky Gervais
    ?Verified account @rickygervais
    23h23 hours ago

    Ricky Gervais Retweeted

    It’s disgusting that a qualified gynaecologist can refuse to check a lady’s cock for ovarian cancer. What if her bollocks are pregnant? She could lose the baby. I’m outraged.”

    It struck me enough to mention to my boss, “See all this furore about gender self-ID?” He said, “What?”
    He didn’t see gender self-ID as a major ‘thing’. He, and my other workmate who was present, both opined that there are three genders: male, female and transgender.

    It’s up to members of the SNP to get rid of this preoccupation with self-ID before it destroys the party.

    As far as I’m aware, a consultation is ongoing. As the Rev points out, this witch-hunt in the days before the most important general election for decades would appear to be, ultimately, suicidal.

    It would seem that independence is not the priority of those targetting the likes of Hanvey and Findlay. Have the members of the SNP, who do not believe in the party’s raison d’etre, become members to pursue their own agenda, which relegates the fight for independence?

    “The management” of the party have to get a grip!

  14. starlaw

    Is MI5 now running this site . . BYE

  15. Red squirrel

    I never thought I’d say this but NS should go. She’s never going to stand up to those TRAs and as long as they pull the strings, independence isn’t going to happen.

  16. Helen Yates

    It really is heartbreaking to read this knowing that you agree with every word of it, I also believe that there is no chance of Independence being delivered under Nicola, there are those in the party who I strongly believe can see the damage being done but like most of us have probably been biting their tongues at least until this election is over, things must change at the start of next year and change drastically or else we can kiss goodbye to Independence for the foreseeable future. I will vote SNP in this election simply because as bad as things are within the party they are still the only credible option for Scotland and also because I find it difficult to let go of the hope but I honestly believe this will be the last election they will win unless radical changes are made.

  17. Iain More

    The SNP get my vote at this election but with great reluctance. The alternative for me is Douglas Red Red Card Ross who is a particularly odious Yoon.

    I for one wont be surprised if they end up with less seats than last time just for their obvious failure to actively promote Indy alone as they endeavor to be a Stop Brexit Party.

    I question again if the Thought Police now controlling the upper echelons of the SNP are not Brit State Agents such is the damage they are doing.

  18. alasdair galloway

    I agree with you about the “woke” influence in the SNP, but at the same time trans gender does represent a problem that cannot just be wished away, and needs resolution acceptable to all.
    At the same time, the manner of its pursuit by its zealots is unacceptable and needs to be faced down. Nicola has argued in one of the debates she has been involved in – so many it’s hard to say which – that she supports the rights of trans people but at the same time has been a feminist all of her life. In short, right now, she is trying to ride two horses and we all know where that lands you.
    However, it is hard to see how this issue has much relevance for independence, and indeed how much traction it has for the wider Scottish populace – the man/ woman on the Easterhouse bus? With regard to Hanvey there is a sort of moral panic – and indeed an over-heated sense of political correctness – about anti-semitism that has largely focused on the Labour. The chance to suggest that there are significant others in other parties – and up here particularly the SNP – is one that was too good to miss. If that had not been the case, I wonder if it could have been used against Hanvey? The origins of the anti-semite campaign against Labour are many – some outside the party, some within looking to get at Corbyn. Sadly while the pic you present of Shulamit Alami would be my view as well, the fact is that it is an argument that has considerable traction and used effectively by the Israeli govt. We are where we are.
    Stewart I have my gripes with the FM – I have had for the last five or six years about how for much of that time she has almost apologetic about independence – but for her to resign over this is too much of an over-reaction. Lets get Thursday week over before anything else. Then lance this particular boil. Too late now.

  19. WDC

    I’ve said it before. A number of the higher echelons of the SNP are happy to be a big fish in a small pond and are feart of the repercussions of independence when folk will then have a wider choice of parties to vote for.
    I’d include NS in this group.

  20. Mist001

    This brings us back to a problem that I’ve mentioned before here. It came down to a basic choice of voting SNP or one of the other parties. If you, like me, strongly desire Scottish independence, there is NO CHOICE in Scotland. You are forced to vote SNP.

    Again, as I’ve said umpteen times here and elsewhere, Sturgeon is a charlatan and has cost Scotland it’s best shot of independence with her crusade against Brexit. If there was a choice, there is no way on Earth that I would have voted SNP with her as leader.

    There was an article in the Grauniad a day or two ago where readers were offered to submit a question to the SNP. I asked a pretty hard question, so I expect it to be body swerved but if for some reason, it is selected to be answered, I’ll be broadcasting my question and their answer as far and wide as I can.

    Because Sturgeon deserves it.

  21. mike cassidy


    That’s definitely your church door in Wittenberg moment.

    Is this the time to put this link here instead of the previous thread?

  22. tridentitycrisis

    I do hope this site has been hacked. Timing? “One week out from a general election….” is how this article begins in rightly condemning the purge, then goes on to commit the same folly.

  23. liz

    I’ve been struggling for a very long time with Nicola’s leadership but like you have kept reasonably quiet until something like this occurs.

    I voted for Denise because something needs to shift in the Nat Exec, but she’s been got rid of, so when people say fight from within to change, I’ll say this, we’ve been trying but no one is listening.

    I really feel for Denise, she’s been telling loads of people in recent weeks who’ve had enough,, to hang on in there and this is her reward.

    There are dangerous toxic, racist, people in the SNP and despite not covering up any of their nastiness, they get a free pass because they’re part of the woke brigade.

    So for those saying people like me are plants etc,you’re looking in the wrong place.

  24. Colin Alexander


    I respect your right to express your views about the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon.

    As you know, I have had a lot to say about the SNP and Nicola too. I have also had to suffer abuse as a result of the criticisms I have made.

    However, I think the time to discuss these matters is BEFORE and AFTER the election.

    This election is for Westminster; it has NOTHING to do with the SNP’s Holyrood policies.

    For now, I have only one thing to say about the SNP:

    Please, Vote SNP.

  25. ClanDonald

    Completely agree.

    I was at a meeting the other with 9 other people round the table, all grown up professionals living in Scotland. Not a single one had heard about self-ID. Every single one was horrified when it was explained to them. None knew it was now the “establishment position” in the NHS, councils and public services. They thought it was a wind up.

    The SNP are finished if they proceed with this deeply unpopular lunacy.

  26. ElGordo

    Go on Stu, tell us, what did Alex tell you after the interview?

    Must have been something significant to have such an impact?

  27. Bob Mack

    Pointing kut the simple truth comes at a price Stu. Youve actually been warning about this for a few months now and have lost many followers because of it. However, what is true is true. The party has been infilfrated. Some cannot stomach that thought and wil! abandon Wings to keep their ilusions alive.

    The warning signs have been there but ignored by many but pointed out by you.

    We should focus on achieving indy
    That much is true, but it is more difficult when those who are our figurehead in that endeavour have lost their way .

    However it belongs to us not any party.We will follow whoever provides a clear route.

  28. Ian

    I don’t live in Scotland now (or even the UK) but, if I did, I would still vote for the SNP in this general election (albeit holding my nose while doing so).

    The SNP has gone far too left-wing for my liking now.

  29. Thrawn

    This is dreadful

    The Woke Brigade aim is to take control for their own agenda
    They achieve this by making rational SNP members give up in disgust or expel them

    Have raised this at local branch and will continue to do so again and again

    The purpose of the SNP is Independence

    We cannot bow to this

    We must reclaim the SNP, I think the Greens are too far gone

    Not giving up

    Better to lance this boil now than in middle of IndyRef -whenever that happens

  30. Ian Foulds

    Much food for thought here.

    Totally agree this new rabble need to stop tainting the SNP and thus the Independence movement.

    Although not totally agreeing Ms Sturgeon should go, I believe she needs to be more forthright about this matter – maybe she is but as usual has mny irons in the fire and is being more dept than we think.

    Not only have we this election to address as Independistas but hovering in the background is lso Mr. Salmond’s day in court which the media and the other Britnats will be salivating at.

    So let the SNP consider how the public and the rest of the Independence movement will view these matters, so they do not spoil our opportunity of Independence, in hopefully, the near future.

  31. Weechid

    Has the Jack Deeth character been suspended yet? If not, why not?

  32. Fran

    This whole episode stinks and all I can do at the moment is hold my nose and vote snp next week. If this carries on there will defiantly be a unionist FM at the next Holyrood elections. The msm are sitting on this till then and will let loose with all they have as it will have a bigger impact and greater ramifications for the drive towards independence.

  33. Jock McDonnell

    Now, I have to ask myself is the most popular pro Indy blog calling for this on the eve of a GE helpful ? I don’t agree with the leadership on everything, but I’m pretty sure we are closer than ever to the goal.

    Rest assured Stu, the woke folk will not determine our country’s future. They are pawns, It is abundantly clear that the TRAs are being used to close down freedom of speech, but they won’t be getting any benefit from that in the long run. The victors will be else where.

  34. Old Pete

    If you want Scottish independence the only, only party you can vote for is the SNP. Attacking the SNP at this point with only a few days left to the election would make me wonder of the true commitment to the ’cause’. We all need to come together against the foe or we are all going to suffer the consequences of a facist Tory government.
    Anyone know anything about Professor Philips of the IFS as he does not like the SNP ideas for an Independent Scotland. Apparently austerity would be even worse than under the Tories ? Papers throwing muck as usual, bit like here of late.
    So vote SNP as there is no, no other option for your country and it’s people and future.

  35. Reluctant Nationalist

    Haha, fucking hell. Time to take bets on where Nicola will end up. Some Carbon Capture gig (chicken licken the climate’s falling in!) or a ‘charity’ for angry afro wimmin’s literature.

  36. Pentland Firth

    Aye, let’s just blow up the SNP and defenestrate the First Minister on the eve of possibly the most important general election in decades. You’ve lost it completely Your Reverence.

  37. potter

    Trans shite, or Indpendence, what has this place become?

  38. John Moss

    Yep, freedom of speech is something we Scots have to learn does not belong to us.

    My granny’s arse!

  39. frogesque

    I will bite my tongue, hold my nose, keep my card and vote SNP.

    After the GE, very soon after the GE the gloves will be off.

    There are 3 ‘genders’ He, She and it. The rest is goblydygook alphabet soup.

  40. Skip_NC

    When “Wings on the List” was first suggested, I was sceptical. I still am. However, things have moved on. Has the time come for a pro-independence party in Scotland around which believers in independence can coalesce? Even from 3,000 miles away, I think it has.

    To be honest, I think the SNP lost its way after the referendum. Membership mushroomed as the hangers-on decided that the SNP was a better fit for their agenda than a fringe party (including Labour). How many of those signing up then can truly subscribe to the Aims of the SNP?

  41. Maren

    Suspending a GE candidate with an excellent chance of winning without following party procedure for something at least one other elected SNP member has also done (and not been suspended for) is unbelievably self-destructive. That the FM has taken it upon herself to castigate local SNP members for continuing to support Neale Hanvey is incredible.

    1. It keeps a story damaging to the SNP alive alive, not something one does during a general election.

    2. At the point of Nicola Sturgeon’s condemnation for local SNP members it had been the Yes Hub, not the local SNP, whose members had collectively decided to continue to support Hanvey. Yes, many of them are SNP members but the Yes Hub is not subject to SNP orders.

    3. The Green candidate has zero chance of winning Kirkcaldy. The fight is between Hanvey and Lesley Laird. If you want an MP who supports independence in your own constituency, it makes no sense to go campaign for someone in another constituency.

    4. What is more important to Sturgeon at this point – an independent Scotland or the SNP? It is likely that a proper investigation into Hanvey’s social media activity will conclude that he is not guilty of anti-Semitism but should more carefully weigh his words when commenting on the conflict in the Middle East. By then he may well have lost. Then they’ll have sacrificed a seat on the altar of trans privilege activism.

  42. Martin G

    If it wasnt for this Wings Blog and Rev Stu’s tweets, many Indy supporters wouldnt know anything about the trans debate. That is why people like Rhiannon Spears want people to stop following Wings. Most people outside the Internet arent aware how toxic this is in the SNP or how involved Nicola Sturgeon is in the Trans ideology and decisions being made to throw people like Denise and Neale under a bus.

    If i may answer Dan Watt above, the only sensible leader of SNP is Joanna Cherry and the leader should be at Westminster to tackle Boris government on a daily basis. As for a First Minister, it should be Joan McAlpine but frankly anyone would be better than Nicola right now. If Alex hadnt stepped down after Indyref we wouldnt be in this situation now. Nicola is a weak leader and poor judge of character for allowing the Woke Entryists to take over the SNP

  43. cynicalHighlander

    @Ian Foulds

    Although not totally agreeing Ms Sturgeon should go, I believe she needs to be more forthright about this matter

    She has she goes on their marches supporting the Woke nutters to the hilt.

  44. fillofficer

    it’s no coincidence that the newly elected 13 scots tory MPs took a jolly to jerusalem courtesy of FoI
    it’s no coincidence that if corbyn ever gets the upper hand, he is attacked as AS
    so who funds the wokes
    love to see that exposee

  45. mike cassidy

    Remember how Labour in Scotland insisted only a vote for them could deliver us from Tory control

    I keep hearing echoes of that in the insistence that only a vote for SNP can deliver independence

    The problem is the SNP has us over a bigger barrel because they are right.

    The question is how long can you keep voting for them while holding your nose.

    Ironically the answer is as long as it takes.

    Cos the SNP will cease to be relevant if independence is achieved

    Or it becomes clear their heart is no longer up for the fight

    At that political point, all the transcultists will be left floundering like fish in a drying-up pond

  46. Bob Mack

    The Rev is the problem is he ?

    Did the Rev try to get Joanna Cherry deselected ?

    Did the Rev trawl thrkugh twitter accounts to have SNP activists and candidates expelled?

    Did the Rev try to push through the GRA without consultation?

    Did the Rev write twedts from the likes of . Mhairi Hunter calling you all cultists and shedp.

    No he dudnt. Those all happened within the SNP itself.

    We want him to report truth dont we? Or is it only palatable truth you want?

    Vote SNP for now.

  47. Linda McFarlane

    I heartily agree Stu.
    I am a scientist and I am utterly shocked at the number of wokenats who deny science and claim that gender = sex.

    It does not!
    I am a woman. I am an adult human female. I rejected the “accepted” female stereotype years ago. I like wearing sweaters and jeans. I don’t like skirts or high heels. I have not been born in the wrong body. I am the mother of two sons.
    We are a sexually dimorphic species just like almost every other species on the planet.

    I fought for my sex based rights and I will not let these woke nats anywhere near them. Some of them would argue that because I like trousers that I should have been transitioned. Well I hope that some of them read this. They are so wrong.

  48. Mist001

    @ Bob Mack

    Agreed 100%.

  49. CmonIndy

    …bad enough at any time. To undertake them days before a crucial general election…This applies to Wings. Wings cannot deliver Independence, the SNP and only the SNP can, with all worms within. Give me some notice of your next crowdfunder Stu, cos it’s going to the SNP instead.

  50. Walker

    Sliding this agenda in, so that it’s accepted without full consideration, attatching it to a successful movement, so that it parasitises energy and momentum, is the strategy.
    Have we not got enough of a fight without allowing this bickerfest to gain traction.

  51. shiregirl

    Cancelled my membership today. I no longer recognise the SNP.

    What the hell is going on?

  52. Bugger le Panda

    I let my membership fall after the bollox of Grouse Beaters kangaroo court justice and having just received a St Andrew’s Day card from Nicola was open to rejoin.

    No chance now.

    Turning into the Judaen Peoples’ Front factionalisation just like the other left wing socialist movements. Possibly engineered by outside sources.

    Will still support them for Indie but immediately afterwards Nicola should leave allowing others to do the nuts and bolts of negotiating the split.

  53. cynicalHighlander


    so who funds the wokes

    A small group of extremely wealthy individuals with their own personal motives.

  54. ian stewart

    That’s Denise Findlay just fallen victim to the entryists. Anti Semitic being the spurious reason.

  55. Andy Anderson

    I appreciate your opinion Stu.

    I think the SNP is a good party and will get my support until after Indy. Once we have Independence I will still vote for them but only if the do not legally implement this self id nonsense. There are only two sexes. That’s it. If you feel male and female does not fit you, fine, your choice but keep it to yourself.

  56. scotspatriot

    Let’s give those Tory bastards a good bashing (metaphorically writing of course)
    We can sort out all sexual orientation rights or wrongs after 13\12\19.
    A lot of us are soaked to the fekin skin after delivering for SNP candidates today . We have no money to post the lit, like the Tory, labour and libdem folks….get a grip folks and get on message.

  57. Skip_NC

    “CmonIndy says:
    4 December, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    …bad enough at any time. To undertake them days before a crucial general election…This applies to Wings. Wings cannot deliver Independence, the SNP and only the SNP can, with all worms within.”

    It is not only the SNP that can deliver independence. In fact, I would argue that, if a majority of the party does not prioritize independence, it is not the proper delivery vehicle. The SNP seems to have forgotten that it is independence first. One might argue that another vehicle for independence would delay it. I would disagree. I think a party that prioritizes independence will bring it closer than we are today.

  58. paul

    I’ll still be voting SNP this time, though a thank you note from Hanvey arrived at the same time as a notice that my SNP sub had expired.

    The trans agenda, the cowardice concerning Michelle Thomson and the fact that the SNP who, along with the rest of Scotland, have been excluded from the Brexit process from day one persisting with the stop brexit message is all a bit dispiriting.

    The latter point is rather undermined by our leading euro mp jumping onto the westminster life raft with unseemly haste.

  59. Mr R6 Pilot

    Get the party started Stu. Single issue, continually developing manifesto. Fight every GE as a defacto plebiscite until we’re free.

  60. Athanasius

    Anything touched by the woke brigade dies. Either the SNP throws these lunatics out, or they’ll kill the party. There’s no accommodation possible and somebody in the SNP is going to have to…ahem…man up and take a stand.

  61. dakk

    Scotland’s future on the line, SNP riding high in the polls and all you’re interested in from Bath is sniping from the sidelines about transgender and SNP bad.

    It reminds me of the day Labour’s Ian Austin MP came out against Corbyn and Labour a couple weeks ago.


  62. Wynn Thorne

    Hi Stu – you have some points to make here – not about the trans issues (I won’t bite) but about this ‘woke’ stuff> The woke stuff should be your target not Trans and certainly not Nicola. Nicola WILL deliver independence but only if enough people vote for it. How about a change of tack – how about you encourage people to support independence parties at the ballot box? You used to do that at one time.

  63. Republicofscotland

    We need to stand tall, and hold on till the next indyref hopefully next year. The woke brigade won’t matter a jot if we can just keep it together till the indyref.

    Sure they will cost us a few seats here and there, however at present thers no other party capable of delivering a independent Scotland.

    We knew that there would be infiltrators within the SNP attempting to sabotage the indy dream and we must expect some collateral damage. I just hope Sturgeon et al can hold it together long enough to attain our goal.

    As for the woke brigade fuck them even if they are SNP in nature the goal is independence.

  64. Reluctant Nationalist

    I shot the IDF
    But I did not gas their ancestors
    Oh no, oh

  65. Robbo

    As a 70yr old I was just remarking to friends that Scotland in a football sense has a extraordinary capacity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I hope I am wrong but I sense de ja vu yet again.

  66. Weeme

    For me, NS is still currently the absolute best chance we have of achieving independence. Everyone and their grannie has an opinion on the best way to progress this, but only a few people have all the pieces of the puzzle. I have seen nothing to impress upon me that anyone could be doing a better job, in the toughest possible conditions.

    I can understand the impatience of many in these harrowing times…and I appreciate that the internal issues in the SNP have been escalated to flashpoint with apparently little consideration for those involved. However harsh, and however much empathy and admiration I have for those who have taken the hit, this week is not the week to sort it out. I will stand by and support those who have been harshly done to, but the greater good means momentum must be maintained.

  67. crisiscult

    I’m not taking too many positives from the state of the SNP nor Wings’ choice to deal with this at this moment. I’m puzzled also by how Alex Salmond seems to be somewhere just out of shot, but since that’s sub judice it’s obviously difficult to thresh that out here or elsewhere.

    I’m certainly not throwing my toys out the pram on this. Independence is going to happen if we will it. When Rev suggested a Wings party earlier this year, I thought it was pretty unlikely to come about. I hope he’s now working hard behind the scenes to make it a reality. I can’t see indy ref happening next year and the SNP will be in a bit of a mess by 2021.

  68. Derick fae Yell

    It’s extremely painful, after 31 years in the SNP, to agree with every word in this article. I start to understand how difficult it was for Labour people to realise they’d been taken for mugs by the Labour Party, all those years

    I only disagree on the timing. it needs said. But not now

    If things don’t change, and the Wings Party comes about, I guess you might have my vote.

    independence is receding by years, maybe decades. Hey ho

  69. John

    Your timing is impecable Stu , just as Nicola has battled her way through countless debates and stood head and shoulders above the rest with a good chance of returning more SNP MP’S ,you decide to berate her at every turn to get her vote down .Who are you ,part of the 77 brigade and now have to show your true colours now that Indy looks as if it’s within winning distance , have you been a fraud all along

  70. Giving Goose

    On the 12th vote SNP.
    Then in Indyref2 vote Yes.
    Then in newly independent Scotland vote for the party that best represents your aspirations for Indy Scotland.
    Simple really.

  71. Wee Alex

    Before I make up my mind, can we have sight of the email or letter from Nicola Sturgeon or from her husband expelling anyone from the party for supporting Palestine.

    As for the candidate in Cowdenbeath, I have great sympathy but in these days of political correctness, imagine what the other parties would have made of it, especially given the Corbyn attacks on anti semitism.

    I’m told Nicola Sturgeon has told SNP members in Fife not to vote for the candidate. I’ve done a Google search but can find nothing to prove this. Is their a letter or email that can back this up please.

  72. Papko

    That scene from “Downfall” is absolutely brilliant, how it conveys the utter meltdown of a society as it prepared for a second total surrender in the space of 30 years.
    I do realise Brexit is going to be bad, but is there anything comparable in British history to what the Germans endured in two world wars?

  73. Eckle Fechan

    SNP and NS shall prevail in GE2019 and pursue hotly all avenues towards securing another indyref asapp. Inshallah.

    “Now is not the time.”

  74. Harry mcaye

    First comment, “Scotland on the eve of independence” , really? When the majority of their candidates are too scared to have the word in their election leaflets. Don’t want to scare the horses now, eh? Fuck that. I’ll still likely vote for Margaret Ferrier but if I lived a mile away on the other side of Hamilton there is no chance I’d vote for Angela Crawley. She’s another one, did you read her Twitter conversation yesterday? She’s got a real problem with the Women’s Pledge. A lesbian who doesn’t want to stand up for women. That’s where we are.

  75. Liam

    Love them or loathe them. (I’m a member but have problems with some issues, like anyone who’s a member of any political party.) But at the moment the SNP are the only game in town.

    Just before the most important GE for decades is NOT the time to start pissing into the tent.

    It’s your blog Stu, you can write what you want but you’re playing into the hands of the yoons.

    I’m out of here.

  76. Muscleguy

    I’m sorry to have to say this but is Independence worth winning if it means having to kowtow to the woke brigade backed by the SNP who will not listen to ordinary women? let alone their allies like me.

  77. Papko

    As a long time reader of this blog (though not a supporter of independence).
    I have always been impressed by the Rev’s laser like dissection of news articles.
    It now seems that the laser beam is being turned on the higher echelons of the party.
    The problem is that there was no serious post -mortem analysis in 2014 as to why YES lost.
    Save the perfunctory “vow” and “lies”, which just papers over the cracks.
    In fact its completely conceited to think that no mistakes were made on the YES side, and why spite of all, an overwhelming turnout decided Scotland’s fate.
    The SNP may well be going into the GE with the most propitious signs of victory.
    It will be to no avail if the engine overheats a mile before the finish line.

  78. kapelmeister

    Keep the heid folks.

    Nevertheless, after the election time to start snarling at the wokes.

  79. TJenny

    Why aren’t more men standing up for their womenfolk in all this trans (lack of) debate, or, as they wont be affected by transw in their public loos and changing rooms, do they not care?

    I’m reminded of a New Year’s party in my house when I was @9yrs (in the 50s). One of the men there had stumbled, drunkenly, from the loo, and had forgotten to zip his fly. I think the only one who noticed was my dad, who was a 6ft 4in muscley docker, and took great objection to this, so much so that, whilst hurling very swerry abuse (my dad didn’t usually allow swearing when women + kids were present) at said guy, chased him back to his flat brandishing a bread knife and threatening to cut off his balls!

    I can only imagine the repercussions if my dad was waiting for my mum outside a changing room when a big hairy man in a frock tried walking in. There would definitely be blood and guts on the carpet and the transwoman might indeed achieve their self -id non male status. Thankfully neither parent is still with us, which is a blessing as my mum would probably be on permanent tenterhooks of my dad being arrested, as would I.

    No, I’m not advocating violence against anyone, but I do think that a huge trans contingent are doing more to harm themselves than anyone else with this self id nonsense. Go on, have the courage of your ‘feels’ men and get the chop-op. Sorted.

    Anyway, I’m away to self id as a princess, and see if I can claim an income from the crown estate. Fingers crossed eh.

  80. MorvenM

    Glad to see that Neale Hanvey reached his crowdfunder target with ease and hope the good folk of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath vote for him.

    Joanna Cherry also reached her target easily. I’d vote for her as leader in a heartbeat, but fear I might not get the chance. She’s already had fake bullying charges brought against her (dismissed), had her Wikipedia page hacked and is regularly attacked on social media. And this is not coming from Unionists.

    With gender-critical members leaving the party, I fear it’s only a matter of time before she’s ousted. Hope I’m wrong.

  81. Alibi

    I have myself commented on the similarities between the actions of the Israeli state and the actions of the Nazi German state. I am an SNP member. My father was Jewish. Ok SNP, expel me…

    I think what needs to be done is for someone to ask the FM directly and unambiguously what her views are. I would wait till after the election, but this bunch of weirdos and nutters need to be excised from the party. The vast majority disagree with their perverted agenda. Alyn Smith also has questions to answer.

  82. Glamaig

    Stu why dont you set up another website called Wings over Waxed Balls or whatever it is you are so interested in, and hand this one over to someone who is dedicated to Independence. Also your twitter feed is virtually unreadable these days due to all this shite clogging it up.

    I’d be interested to see your page stats for the last few months, theres fewer hits from me for a start and Ive been an avid lurker since 2014.

    Very glad I didnt contribute anything this year. Ive thought for a while you were losing the plot.

  83. RedStarTrout

    It’s perfectly acceptable to criticise the actions of the state of Israel. You can call them stupid, you can call them racist, you can call them dangerous and you can call them counter productive. That’s all fine. But if one of the accepted definitions of anti-semitism is calling them Nazi then don’t call them Nazi.
    You and I don’t get to define what constitutes anti-semitism any more than a player on a football pitch gets to define what constitutes a foul. If you don’t like it, tough. And remember, not all Israelis are Jews and not all Jews are Israelis, but comparing any of them with the Nazis is always anti-semitic.
    As for the trans issue, take part in the consultation if you can, go to party meetings, argue and vote if you can, and spread the word. In politics, if you sit at home and do nothing then you let the other people win. Get out there, argue, and vote, every chance you get.

  84. Glamaig

    All you’ve got to write about is this seriously??

    This sort of shite is going on at the BBC website –

    Plenty for you go at there

  85. Capella

    The Wokus Dei are most likely unionist infiltrators working to defeat independence and destroy the SNP from within. Why else choose this moment to start purging winning candidates.

    Yes the party should have reined them in. Yes they should be aware of the devious manipulation of state players in bringing down the leadership. Alex Salmond is only the latest example. I have no doubt their sights are trained on Nicola Sturgeon too. She is by far the most competent and respected politician in the UK. We would be mad to get rid of her.

    So I intend to vote SNP until the Indyref2 next year and then vote YES. After that, we can deal with the Wokerati. Nothng will annoy the Wokerati more than voting SNP and YES.

  86. crisiscult

    Just watched the C4 hatchet job. Wow. Nice set up. They even managed to leave the impression that the ordinary members campaigning for Neale are anti-semitic – bear in mind the word ‘allegations’ always accompanied references to Neale and Denise, so they weren’t actionable statements. They implied C4 discovered all of this, but that seems not the case.

    I’m inclined to trust Campbell on all of this more than the SNP but at this point I don’t really need to take sides.

  87. Tol

    I suspect, people will look back at the Michelle Thompson treatment by the party as the tipping point. It was where those with conscience acquiesced for expediency and this moment showed a perfect blueprint for elements to purge those who didn’t align with their own personal interests.

  88. Dan

    Ach, we’re all just willing arseholes pushing our way up the mountain that is Indy.
    At the start of our Indy endeavours we were all at the bottom of hill spread out around the large circumference, so there was plenty room for the reek from all the other arseholes to disperse.
    Now that we are near the top, the circumference is much smaller, so we’re just going to have to put up with the closer proximity and increased stench of those arseholes around us for a wee bit longer.

    Once we are Indy we can get on with floating all our polices in front of the electorate and they’ll decide what matters most.

    FYI I’m going to stand on a platform of legislating that all loaves of bread in an Indy Scotland must be sized so their slices fit properly in a fucking toaster, and more importantly for health and safety reasons, a toasty machine.
    I’ll not accept our future generations should have to tolerate part toasted bread, or third degree burns from magma-like molten cheese leaking from improperly sealed toasties…

    I reckon I’ve got this so in the bag. You may all bow down to your new leader now… lol

  89. Robert Louis

    It is very, very easy, when a person immerses themselves in selective viewpoints on social media, to develop a distorted perception of how important a specific problem really might be. I see all the rubbish on twitter about gender, and I see the same people getting all worked up about it.

    Folk should, genuinely take a step back from it.

    I now do believe that the SNP has been infiltrated, not by so-called ‘woke’ activists, but rather by people pretending to be ‘woke’ activists. It is a unionist means to an end. Make no msitake, they have been waiting for a ‘weakness’ for a very long time, ALL the London parties, utterly despise the SNP. I mean, they really, totally, totally despise the SNP. THIS gender rubbish is their chance. The Loony left (unionists) now have a tool to destroy the SNP from within, and the leadership has let it happen.

    Just imagine the conniving gits in London finding the SNP rock solid and invincible, but then, suddenly out of nowhere, comes a chink in the armour. A handful of gender nutters, getting many, many people angry – and it must be said, a leader, who is either oblivious to what is going on, or actually, naively approves of it.

    I think the SNP leadership really, really, rather urgently needs to get a grip on the loonies. That is the first point.

    The second point, and I do genuinely say it with the greatest respect, Rev STU should stop letting folk use him (and they quite obviously are), via this gender business. At last, the unionists have found a way to stop him attacking them. Look at the effect it has had. Getting played, big time.

    As a gay man, I agree wholeheartedly that this gender rubbish is nasty and exceptionally divisive, and it does nothing but damage the very hard won rights of gay and lesbian folk. The newly started LGB alliance cannot get going too soon. I am angry as hell about all this LGBTQQQaa+ or whatever nonsense, where every tom, dick and harry has jumped on the bandwagon, claiming they are some kind of ‘gender’ fluid, or somesuch cr*p. It’s baloney, is a complete denial of hard facts and science, is based upon supposition and ridiculous unfounded assertions and has sweet f*** all to do with gay rights.

    I must admit, I am really torn right now, but then I remember, that is EXACTLY what these unionist infiltrators WANT us to think.

    So, despite it all I’ll vote SNP and encourage others to do so. After the election, however, the FM either needs to get these folk out the party, and start standing up for gay, lesbian and women’s (actual REAL biological women) rights, or step aside. Thier is NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING progressivei n what these gender pushing groups are trying to sell.

    As for the antisemitism cr*p, all I’ll say, is that criticising the state of Isreal for its utterly barbaric treatment, abuse and wanton murder of palestinian men women and children, is NOT antisemitism. Those who do speak out about Isreali abuse of palestinians, should be applauded, not condemned.

  90. Jason Smoothpiece

    SNP are the only show in town as regards independence and a properly functioning government in Scotland.

    However we do appear to have been infiltrated as we near the possibility of independence.

    Is the infiltration the work of the security services?

    I fully expected some scandal to be generated by the Regime as we advanced, I thought “something” would be found on the computer of a senior party member or some other easy to arrange scandal.

    The WOKE folk I suppose do the job even better, look at the division which has been caused we should all be alert to this.

    The party leadership does stand to be criticised as they have permitted these nutters into areas of influence within the SNP. The leadership should also be alert to the danger from mischief from the regime.

    In the near future a change will be required at the top of the party.

    Here’s the problem many of us who are card carrying members myself included do not turn up at branch meetings and support the more sane members and ensure that nuttersdo not get el into potentially powerful posts.

    Following the GE and hopefully indiref there needs to be a taking of stock some robust action by the real members is required to save the party.

    For now vote SNP.

  91. Geordie

    Don’t friggin care. And NS should resign? Utter shite. Folks, regardless what you read here just keep voting SNP until we have Independence. Everything else is irrelevant.

  92. John H.

    I don’t understand why you couldn’t have waited a week before writing this Rev. We have got a G.E. coming up you know.

  93. mike cassidy

    Wee Alex 8.48

    Here’s the National reporting on Nicola Sturgeon telling activists in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath to campaign elsewhere.

    And to think the First Minister could tweet this in 2014.

    “Today’s Telegraph names the 132 Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces since 7 July. This has to stop.”

    Can’t wait for those resignation calls!!!!!!

  94. Clapper57

    Please scroll by if you think post too long…cause it is.Sorry

    I remember the days when one could give an honest unbiased opinion…a measured,well thought out argument and one reliant very much on facts… via knowledge you held/learnt or sometimes via personal experience….an opinion given via a well presented non confrontational discussion… and those ‘other’ people who held an opposing view to you would debate and argue their point with as much passion whilst highlighting why they saw your opinion was wrong….not via name calling or labelling you but through the strengths of their argument…..those were the days indeed.

    Sometimes just sometimes either party may even concede… if…and only if they were presented with a good enough argument or evidence that supported and strengthened the opponent’s argument…or agree to disagree

    End of.


    We are sadly regressing back to the Dark Ages via this digital age into a society infiltrated by sneaky tell tales….tactical orchestrated witch hunts from those with dubious intentions…mostly self serving..and where our digital footprint is being used as a weapon of proof of the clear ‘evidence’ of ‘guilt’ that must ultimately result in our public exposure for the obvious ‘Dark’ allegiances we must hold…with our own words used against us with no testimony afforded to us to clear our names.

    This ‘offence’ is being perceived, mainly by those who appoint themselves judges of all things noble,the saviours against ‘phobic’ and ‘anti’ of all things in society deemed unacceptable and punishable by expulsion from decent society ……says no one really but THEM….they who scroll through the digital history of those they seek to target…..

    The context of the supposed evidence is superfluous of course…perception is king…. as tis presented by these self appointed ‘noble in cause’ band of offence seekers…… and dependent on what affiliation the media who find themselves in receipt of this information has….. then it becomes akin to a public hanging …where only the removal of the offender from public life is perceived as justice…though the offender taints those he/she associates with….obvs…after all tis the media here….so tis natural to tarnish the offender’s political party also.

    Political parties THINK this is a winning argument when they can weaponise words that have been used/said in the past/present by those in opposing political parties….if one can highlight words used as being in any way phobic or anti against some within society then they will captalise on this …not because they hold opposing views but because it is then a political weapon to use against their opponents….and allows them to win a battle and perhaps , they think, the war

    So anti-Semitic..homophobic, transphobic etc etc…on what evidence and who is accusing ?

    The war of words indeed…some said in haste…some said in anger…some said in honesty but with no malice intended…but it seems words matter…and words in a statement via a historical tweet , public meeting or a one to one conversation is suddenly overwhelming evidence that one is offensive and therefore unworthy because those who judge morality have presented their victim that they have carefully chosen to target as ‘phobic’ or ‘anti’ something.


    Who decides what the public will be offended by and whether they will care enough to change their opinion or vote ?

    Who decides what is offensive via ‘phobic’ or ‘anti’ ?

    Who decides who will be targeted and for what motivation ?

    I am intelligent enough to distinguish what I think is clearly a ‘phobic’ statement and what is ‘anti’….. as I am sure most people can also ascertain….and I have heard many of those within the media and prospective candidates and their supporters at this GE campaign speak, write and believe disgusting hate against those in our society who they judge to be unfit….because they are different, foreign or whose beliefs and lifestyles are the opposite of their own ( i.e. religious, sexuality and political).


    If those who judge do it with a purely agenda driven intention then eventually they themselves will find they too will be judged and the outcome will be that many will see the ‘Cry wolf’ tactics they have deployed to achieve selfish goals will not be shared … the many and only the few will agree with them…now and in the future.

    I vote SNP and currently I am also a member…but my vote and membership is not guaranteed forever should the party pander to those with ulterior objectives and in that I know I am not alone….so they, the SNP, need to tread carefully and a house needs badly cleaned out I think….better sooner than later….the enemy within cannot be sustained long term within the party just because they, the enemy within, have but ONE objective and ONE objective only…independence is bigger than that ONE objective…and it is NOT up for negotiation irrespective of how much any small faction try to dictate their issue as more important.

    Because within the YES movement, as it should also be within the SNP, independence is the ultimate goal we all want to achieve…those who are trying to muddy the waters by introducing faux outrage within the YES movement and SNP for their agenda well perhaps they are not as committed to independence as those of us who have fought so hard for years to achieve it.

    They may be seen as the pious ‘Woke’ brigade but I prefer to think tis people like me who ‘Woke’ up to this kind of underhanded subversive behaviour a long time ago….I have seen many an organisation being ‘taken over’ by a few who only joined to promote their own interests….never ends well especially for those who thought they could pull the wool over the eyes of the organisation they had infiltrated…I am pro Trans ( people who are post operative and considering transitioning fully) and totally against Self ID which I believe is for some self indulgent and self serving for totally dubious reasons…I also abhor whistle blowers who do this NOT for the greater good but for selfish and bitter reasons…

    Finally I hate it when decent people are (unfairly) outed by those whose supposed ‘decency’ is only dependent on them getting their own way and who do this via suppressing the voices and opinions of those who disagree with them….that is an alignment I cannot be at one with….irrespective of their gender or who or what they self ID as !

  95. Tartan Tory

    I’ve resided in the back seats for the past five years. The sense of grief in 2014 was only eclipsed by the loss of my dog a few years earlier. I still read Wings daily, sometimes with avid interest and occasionaly with a bit of confusion.

    Today is one of those later junctures. I’m not ‘up’ on the internal SNP machinations. I’m not anti-trans, or homophobic, or anti-semitic. The truth is, I’m really not that interested. I’d go as far as to say, I simply don’t care, not because I’m heartless, but because I can’t empathise and I have no experience with these worlds. I don’t know any trans people, or Jews, or Muslims. I know a few gay people and have come a long way from my (homophobic) upbringing.

    Anyway, the point of my uncommon interjection today is that this is obviously something Stu feels strongly about. It’s his blog and it’s absolutely his right to express his views. I can neither agree or disagree with them, as it’s not my bag.

    SNP will have my vote because I have no real choice. It’s either the Boris chump known as Andrew Bowie, or the ‘lets try here for a seat’ candidate, Fergus Mutch. I didin’t vote for Fergus to be my PPC, but that’s internal party politics for you.

    Stu, I see your passion on this subject. Like most things political, I’m sure you’re probably right. However, Nicola impresses me wherever she goes, so regardless of her particular stand on whatever nonsense this trans-guff is about, I really don’t give a stuff and it doesn’t make me wish for a new leader. The only (future) viable option I see on that subject is Joanna Cherry, but I’m sure she would have some views I wouldn’t care to join-in with if she were in Nicola’s spotlight.

    We are where we are, and so is Nicola Sturgeon. Let’s all move forward with the same goal. We can start the bun fights after the Independence hangover!

  96. Tam the Bam.

    Morven M @ 9-06pm

    I totally concur Morven.
    This lady QC MP SNP has more than proven her capability and ability to withstand attack…be it in house…or on-line.
    I fully support Joanne in every respect and hope she starts to shout ‘a bit louder’ than she already does (and that’s pretty loud!!!)

    p.s. Stuart…..I concur about the self-id…..but gonnae reign back on attacking the SNP….its my party…..and our ONLY hope for further progress.

  97. John Jones

    I live in an adjacent constituency to Neale Hanvey, I’m not a SNP member but campaign and support them to the best of my ability.
    I was very sad to hear and see a good prospective MP being victimised by idiots. I’ve been asked by many voters in the Kirkcaldy Cowdenbeath voters what they should do, my answer is support your candidate in every way possible including by
    when he wins the seat he can then tell the SNP to gtf when they want him back.
    Try asking 100 people if they have heard of Geoge Soros, 99 no chance,the final one won’t even know he is jewish.
    I’ve been bumping my gums about him for years due to his fingers in so many pies of countries.
    Try calling me antisemetic!

  98. McDuff

    As I have being saying for some time now , NS is not interested in independence , in fact she is terrified at the logistics involved in leaving the UK.
    She has done nothing to further the independence case other than react to events.
    I agree with Stu that after the GE she needs to be replaced with someone with passion and a strategy for she is devoid of both.

  99. Graeme

    Little over a week till voting day but as they say a week’s a long time in politics so I’m not sure now is a good time to call for Nicola to stand down.

    I saw her this week on a radio interview and she was asked how as a lifelong feminist can she fully support self id and to be honest she was struggling to square the circle so I’m not sure Nicolas’s come off the fence on this subject yet.

    Nonetheless after the 12th something has to be done to purge this infestation in the party or independence could be over

  100. mike cassidy

    Interesting these people who say they don’t care about this.

    Can you not take on board that this specific issue may have cost a very winnable seat here in Fife?

    If only independence counts, then its a specific issue that should be concerning you.

  101. MorvenM

    This is what Leeze, a supporter of Alyn Smith, wrote on Twitter:

    “I’ll be taking names and making sure they never get back in. Findlay was a prime instigator pushing the women pledge, they were warned that the party won’t stay quiet for long. Patience wins the race.”

    She certainly talks as if she is a member of the SNP, yet she has made blatantly racist comments on Twitter in the past. Some strange double standards going on here.

  102. Graeme

    This from the Herald

    “A MEMBER of the SNP who helped oversee party discipline has quit the party after it emerged she had compared Israel to the Nazis.”

    That is NOT what she said, that is a lie she did not compare Israel to the Nazis

  103. Dr Jim

    Well you’ve attracted them all Stu now ask them for money
    You couldn’t hold it back could you and now you’ve blown it
    Well you had a good run

  104. mogabee

    One thousand percent agree with this.

    If we are to save the yes movement she has to go and many of us have been uneasy for a while about what is happening.

    I am incandescent with rage at this whole episode and watching in disbelief as these woke eejits are seemingly supported by the upper echelons of the SNP.

    It’s got to stop…

  105. Wee Alex

    Mike Cassidy, thanks for link to newspaper article. It didn’t have to be said.

    The SNP has not covered itself in glory over recent events.

    It needs to sort itself out, once this election is out of the way, otherwise they risk losing long standing, hard working members.

  106. Yasmin

    Let’s hope Salmond is back in the driving seat soon.

  107. CM

    “Nicola Sturgeon needs to stand down, and the sooner the better”.

    So melodramatic from deepest Englandshire. Go down one Rev.

  108. TJenny

    Muscleguy – please convey my heartfelt support of Denise to her if you, or anyone else is in touch with her. I see she follows me on twitter, but, although I have a twit account, I’ve never tweeted, I just needed it to be able to vote in polls and see replies. I’m sure if I did tweet in this febrile faux anti-semitism – wokus dei atmosphere I’d probably have been booted off by now and/or arrested.

    We need more folk like Denise in SNP and less of the wee emperor’s new clothes brigade. Narcissistic fantasists that they are.

    I will hold my nose and vote SNP this time and YES always, but STU – we really need you to start your party as I need somewhere to place my x for a party that stands up for women as well as Scotland.

  109. Lenny Hartley

    Have been lurking for a while, sadly as an SNP member i cannot argue against what Stu is saying although I still think that Sturgeon is a very good FM. Not too sure about the timing off this article. However its in the public domain now so my tuppence worth is that Sturgeon has said many times that Corbyn has shown no leadership in the Anti semantic debate in the Labour Party. Its time for Sturgeon to show some leadership and take action against those who are intent on destroying the SNP from within.

  110. Jules

    Entitled to your opinion Stuart, but I’m entitled to mine too, which is that this is really unhelpful timing to say this, a week before a crucial election.

  111. Col.Blimp IV

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Back when the SNP were little more than a voice in the wilderness that was Thatcher’s Scotland, the cabal at the top of the then Youth Wing the YSN, was playing a similar game on behalf of their sponsors.

    Anyone who was more Nationalist than Socialist was by their warped logic, at best a tartan-tory and quite possibly a full-blown neo-nazi (not being able to lay a glove on the genuine right-wing bogeymen in Westminster, they felt the need to invent
    internal enemies they could vanquish and suppress by usurping control of the party machine).

    Here’s hoping there are enough “Fundies” left to stage our own version of the October Revolution once the Yoons have been dealt with.

  112. Col.Blimp IV

    Deja Vous?

    Back when the SNP were little more than a voice in the wilderness that was Thatcher’s Scotland, the cabal at the top of the then Youth Wing the YSN, was playing a similar game on behalf of their sponsors.

    Anyone who was more Nationalist than Socialist was by their warped logic, at best a tartan-tory and quite possibly a full-blown neo-nazi (not being able to lay a glove on the genuine right-wing bogeymen in Westminster, they felt the need to invent
    internal enemies they could vanquish and suppress by usurping control of the party machine).

    Here’s hoping there are enough “Fundies” left to stage our own version of the October Revolution once the Yoons have been dealt with.

  113. Shug

    Get on with wings party in case we are still in the uk
    If snp don’t get a good result in the ge Nicola is toast
    She seems to be doing ok and at a time like this there is no excuse for candidates to be going off message and getting involved in external issues like Israel. If snp supporters did trigger it they need to be dealt with
    We are either all on one side or none

  114. Thomas Dunlop

    It has struck me that Israel supporters and transgender activist share a very similar fault. They both use conflation of ideas as a central thrust to their justifications, to make people uneasy. Israel with conflation of Judaism and Zionism (colonialism), transgender lobby with their melding of sex and gender.

  115. Capella

    @ Dr Jim – Stu has been a critic of the lunatic idea that men can become women since c. 2010. I didn’t know anything about this insidious and covert campaign to make “women” non existent until I read Stu’s twitter.

    Once you read the mountain of research, reports, committee minutes, consultation documents and articles you understand what a monstrous and misogynistic movement this is. This ideological poison has spread throughout the UK, through the prison service, police, NHS, education and voluntary organisations, NGOs, Local Authorities and private clubs, theatres, shopping malls and restaurants.

    How this happened in secret, without the public’s consent is a matter of grave concern. I have no doubt that there will be judicial reviews being launched in the near future.

    None of this is the fault of the SNP or Nicola Sturgeon. It is the unionist parties who legislated for this and who proudly promote it. There are some outstanding SNP MPs and MSPs speaking out against going further down this track. But Nicola Sturgeon isn’t one of them. They deserve our support.

    The media would be better employed investigating this rather than hounding decent, honest and compassionate candidates standing for election. But the media are just as compromised and complicit as the UK establishment politicians they serve. They will attack honest citizens while protecting the devious manipulators.

    So let’s not blame the messenger. The fault lies with the politicians, and all of us if we allow this to happen.

  116. Col.Blimp IV


    My first comment did not post and I was given a message saying “it looks like you have already said that”.

    I edited and re-submitted.

    Then both more or less identical comments show up???

  117. TJenny

    There is much conjecture in the ether that Alex Salmond’s trial will be the end of Nicola’s leadership and if that happens, I hope Joanna Cherry gets voted in as the new SNP leader. She’ll deffo get my vote.

    These folk being unceremoniously booted out of SNP are good people – maybe a wee gold mine for WOS party candidates?

    Stu – you’ll still get my financial support if you require, as you are the only one with a reach that’s been standing up for women throughout all this hullabullo.

  118. And Spouse

    My worry for our new Scotland is that before we open the gate the “carpet baggers” will be in. I think we see them through and bolting the door shut here. If the SNP were to collapse, they’d join some other party to further their own cause. Why oh why is this being done now. I’m not sure I want to be part of a Scotland that lets activists take the lead. If they succeed, what’s next?

    I watched the Irishman by Scorsese last night, this is like it!

    This is not my vision. And I don’t think Wings is anything but a truth teller, backed up by evidence. I don’t always agree with the site or the subscribers but I will fight for their right to be heard. Politicians lie all the time, and somehow we have to be civil back! Double standards or what? Stu has done as much as anyone to further the cause.

  119. boris

    My blog from a year ago. Change is fine but it needs to be consensual. Forcing people to think differently takes time and persuasion. Attacking the Rev is counterproductive and divisive. In his posts, he is always at pains to advise Wings readers the views he expresses are his own.

    Many of the young activists he refers to are pursuing their own agenda and it is not independence.

    Nicola needs to pause and think carefully about the future of the SNP.

    If the Party is to continue to attract Scots to the cause of independence it needs to abandon the pursuit of party members who hold dear to their hearts views which might not compliment the leaders of the SNP.

    The time to take forward single issue matters such as transgender rights is after independence has been achieved

    I was concerned about this issue wat the time I wrote to my blog a year ago. My pleas fell on deaf ears. So sad.

  120. BobW

    @Dr Jim

    He’a still worth every penny I donated. When he asks, i’ll donate again.

  121. Alan Crerar

    Haven’t been on here for a couple of weeks (except to see the cartoons!). Same old recent irrelevant drek. The best commenters havs also absented themselves and been replaced by Yoons or aliens, aided by the Rev’s personal nervous breakdown.
    The infil("Tractor" - Ed)s (see what I did there?) will abandon the site when the daily traffic drops to double figures, then the sanity and the sane will return, maybe.
    See ya then. Its been a blast.
    Oh yeh….vote SNP.

  122. Dan


    I picked up a “Know your prostate” leaflet at the doctors the other day. It was produced by
    It contains the following section:

    Who has a prostate?

    Trans Women*
    Non-binary people who were assigned male at birth**
    Some intersex people***

    * A trans woman is someone who was assigned male at birth but identifies as a woman. Trans women can develop prostate problems, even if they have taken hormones. The prostate is not removed during genital reconstructive surgery.

    ** A non-binary person may not identify as a man or a woman.

    *** An intersex person may have both male and female sexual characteristics and so might have a prostate.

  123. Elmac

    There is little sign of Joe or Colin Alexander tonight. Wonder why – probably too busy banking their cheques from GCHQ for a job well done. They have sown the seeds of disruption on this blog for some time now and many of you have taken up the baton and ran with it. The SNP hierarchy are far from perfect. Their treatment of Neale Hanvey, Denise Findlay, Grousebeater and probably a few others has been reprehensible on the basis of what I know, the timing of the transgender debate is mind blowingly stupid, and their penchant for being PC in the face of media lies rather than standing up and kicking them where it hurts, is almost too much to bear. However, they are the only game in town and, for the time being, we need to close ranks and concentrate on maximising the SNP votes next week.

    For god’s sake stop giving the unionists encouragement by this incessant bickering. There is time enough for recriminations later and to hopefully sort out this self destructive cancer at the heart of the SNP before the indyref2 campaign proper starts. Maybe the SNP need to weed out a few individuals at the root of some of this nonsense and bring in some fresh faces with a bit of drive. Maybe we do need a new leader. But lets leave this for now and concentrate on what is happening in 8 days time.

  124. sassenach

    It’s true that nobody really knows who is on whose side, but the changes in Mr Campbell’s position do seem to indicate he is not an Indy supporter any more.

    It is unforgivable to choose THIS PARTICULAR moment to attack the SNP and it’s leader. For God’s sake we are only a short while from an election that has many vulnerable seats, and a former leading Indy blogger comes out with this??

    All those poor Scottish bastards out in all weathers trying to gain Indy and one ‘Fame-seeking’ reprobate from Bath sinks the boot in ( from the comfort of his own supporters subsidised abode in England!).

    Sorry but my money will never go south to you ever again. Traitor.

  125. Greig

    I believe I can agree with Stu and still be an active member of the SNP. But I look forward to being able to give my regional vote to the ‘Wings Party’ in 2021 though I think Wings should become an acronym for something – how about a competition for a 5 word phrase that equals WINGS.

  126. Reluctant Nationalist


  127. Reluctant Nationalist

    No way, since when was ‘("Tractor" - Ed)’ free from censorship?

  128. Reluctant Nationalist

    Ah, a capital letter.

  129. SOG

    The SNP is the only party I’ve ever joined and that was in retirement. I wish to make some protest but short of leaving. For there are individuals, starting with Joanna C, who need and deserve our support.

    I wonder if voting at the Conference is part of the problem. When ordinary members can’t afford to attend, whether due to time, cash, or distance.

    I feel we need a way of raising a row before the activists have taken over totally.

  130. James F. McIntosh

    Indie ref next year or Nicola has to go would be quite happy with Cherry as leader or someone with a bit more of an aggressive combatative nature.

  131. mike cassidy

    For those who are not concerned.

    The individual who has apparently replaced Denise Findlay on the SNP Members Conduct Committee.

    “The pledge was drafted with input from the group’s L,G,B & T officers to ensure it is representative across identity and orientation strands. We have come so far as a country, and as a Party in inclusivity but sadly, we still have work to do. Like all signatories of the pledge, I stand steadfast in my commitment to progress and party policy such as the proposed GRA reforms, Hate Crime Bill etc.”

    Does any insider know whether this committee was the arbiter of whether one of its own could stay in the party?

    And who shoud replace her?

  132. Chris Downie

    Whether you agree with the Rev calling for the FM to stand down or not (I personally have said since 2016 that she won’t deliver independence and stand by that) the facts are staring us in the face, not least the fact Alyn Smith is hellbent on parachuting himself into a WM seat. Is this the sign of a party preparing to fight an independence referendum in less than a year’s time? Can any of you honestly say, with full conviction, that I am wrong to assert the SNP leadership have given more consideration to another five years at WM than they have about winning, or even advancing, the timeline for independence?

    IMHO it is the next FM who will make or break independence, but I hope with everything I have, that the present Sturgeon and Murrell dynasty haven’t blown it for us.

  133. Heart of Galloway

    I never thought that by posting on here would I feel guilty by association of collusion.

    Has the Duke of Hamilton returned from the dead?

    Having campaigned for weeks to expose unionist lies (remember that Stu?) I can confirm this shite has zero traction with the voters.

    The omens for an SNP win in D&G are good and the campaign is going great guns.

    So cheerio. I’m wasting no more time and energy here. The Rubicon has been crossed and Wings is now in a very strange land.

  134. Simon Curran

    I don’t know whether this controversy is conspiracy or cock up but I do know that this appears to be more of an issue in the SNP than any other party and I’d like to know why. I also know that if voters don’t vote SNP it will be taken as living proof that Scots don’t actually care about independence after all and chances are it will give Boris Johnson to do whatever he likes.

  135. potter

    Yep, theres a bad smell about this place, not a penny more from me. Sad.

  136. cirsium

    Thanks for an interesting post backed up, as usual, by links, Rev.

  137. Jim

    I think the message is coming through loud and clear, Stu. Keep your eyes on the prize. Agree that it would be good if NS could do the same. She is distressingly, bewilderingly incompetent. But now is not the time for a stooshie.

    99% of people are not even aware of all of the WOKE furore, let alone interested. It is a social media storm in a teacup.

    For now, get back to what you do best: exposing Unionist lies and providing ammunition for the activists of the movement.

    Hail Alba.

  138. TJenny

    Potter – ‘If you only like the truth when it’s a truth you like, you don’t like the truth.’ Pinned tweet on Stu’s WOS tl.

  139. Terry callachan

    SNP are the only party that will get us Scottish Independence

    There are always policies that SNP have that some of us are against

    Self ID of gender is an example

    When you choose to vote for a political party you do so because they represent more of what you want than the other party’s do

    You might not like the leader

    You might hate some of their policies

    WOS is right to report what is happening

    WOS is wrong to say a new leader is required because it’s playing into the hands of those who are against Scottish independence and is likely to cause more damage than SsNP decision to withdraw support for two candidates

    WOS is a great journalistic investigator but a crap decision maker this is just another poor decision by WOS like the decision to go to court about a comment by K Dugdale

    WOSs should stick to journalism and leave the politics to SNP who will no doubt have information about the two candidates that WOS do not have

  140. Capella

    @ Dan – yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous that the medical profession is obliged to kowtow to the idiocy. Even worse, is the possibility that doctors are ignorant of biology.

    But once the general public become aware of what is going on there will be one almighty backlash and then sanity will be restored.
    I hope!

  141. JGedd

    Somewhere in the heart of darkness there are those laughing uproariously at their success in concocting a means to split the left and have those who might endanger their hegemony, fight one another.

    Wiser heads might have been able to forestall this schism but after all, the elite have always been able to instigate dissent and thus fragment their opposition again and again. Century after century, decade after decade they have been able to rely on threatening movements blowing themselves apart.

    Welcome to the past. We are doomed to repeat it.

  142. Gfaetheblock

    Civil war, what civil war?

    Sturgeon is not expected by many to be in role post the Salmond trail, so this is just the start of the Salmodista vs Murrellist struggle. Rev, Cherry, macalpine and maybe salmond against the old guard. Nicholson and Smith are two loyalist that hint that this election is about consolidation of power more than advancing Indy.

    But re AS, if you don’t want to be accused of it, don’t use AS tropes and generally accepted AS stereotypes. Whether you believe them or not, it just leaves you open to attack.

  143. Capella

    @ Simon Curran – in fact, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and, especially, the Greens, are far more compromised than the SNP. It was a Labour Government which passed the GRA 2004 and adopted it into the Scottish Government via a Sewell convention.

    The difference is that the SNP is a party in government now and hence the vitriol surrounding them.

    The Tories were backing GRA reform until very recently when they quietly tiptoed away from it. Liz Truss cancelled their plans, just in time to step away from the mess .
    They’re just lucky aren’t they.

  144. cynicalHighlander

    @Heart of Galloway

    The sheep in the SNP are the problem in allowing this shit to become mainstream not those who have been warning on this for ages. So well done to your apathy and Dr Jim I will not condemn women into oblivion just for your own righteous egos.

    The SNP hasn’t had a LEADER since AS resigned what we have is a debater who reaped past rewards for her and hubbies place on the world stage, whilst saying Scotland should be independent for the next ten years.

  145. cynicalHighlander

    If you only like the truth when it’s a truth you like, you don’t like the truth.

    Pinned tweet from rev

  146. JGedd

    Luckily, in D&G I have an SNP candidate, Richard Arkless – the former MP for the constituency – that I can vote for without having to grit my teeth.

  147. Terry callachan

    I agree with many people commenting here
    I visit WOS because it supports Scottish independence
    Not to listen to personal opinions about self ID gender recognition

    WOS has a thing about gender self ID and a thing about gay people continually discussing and arguing these subjects more than anything else recently
    I was really surprised at the court case against K Dugdale
    What a complete waste of money
    Other people’s money

    But this report is shocking
    From a site that claims to support Scottish indepndence ?
    You are not supporting Scottish independence with this clumsy report
    Have you ever thought to yourself that DsNP might know more about what is going on with these two candidates than you do ?

    Most people are happy to trust the Scottish government and the law to make good decisions and good workable laws about self ID gender rwecognition

    WOS is obsessed with it and there have not even been any final d3cisions made about it yet
    WOS has lost its way
    Or maybe found its way
    You can’t claim to have Scottish independence ask your top priority and then issue a report like this a week before elections

  148. Dan

    @Heart of Galloway

    I’d agree that the wider electorate are generally unaware of this Self ID matter at this time.
    In fact I do wonder what this woke crowd think will happen when the wider small c conservative Scottish electorate gets wind of it. They must be in a total bubble if they they believe they could visit my local area and think there would be much support for their agenda.

    However the old saying forewarned is forearmed comes to mind: Prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems gives one a tactical advantage.

    As an aside, both Cameron Archibald and Jack Deeth attended The Gathering in Stirling for YES groups and activists a year or so back.
    Both seemed like nice enough young lads. Neither came across as particularly hardline or over confident in the albeit brief time I saw and spoke with them.
    I had been aware of Cameron for a while previous and thought he might be one to watch for the future as what he posted seemed pretty sane and measured.
    However, I’m really surprised how both these individuals have developed quite so rapidly in just over a year to be quite so confident and outspoken against folk with a great deal more lived life experience and academic study behind them.
    Looks like some in that group have way too much time to trawl internet looking for stuff they can use, as opposed to the real hard graft so many folk have to put in just to earn a living and get by, so if you happen to read this lads, I think it may be an idea to reel it in a bit, the phrase check yourselves before you wreck yourselves comes to mind.

  149. Tony Hay

    You think the FM should go a week before the election do you?

    What has happened to this blog,it appears since you met AS over a glass of milk your head has been turned….go on spill…..

  150. Terry callachan

    Hey all you crazies who claim to know the future
    Give it a rest
    You don’t know that N Sturgeon won’t get us an indyref
    You don’t know that SNP won’t get us independence
    You don’t know that N Sturgeon won’t be leader by next year

    Capella ..give it a rest too
    You also are obsessed about self ID gender recognition
    No decision hands been made yet
    And yet you go on and on and on about how you are against self ID
    Know what ?
    We come here to talk about Scottish independence
    Not your fears and obsessions

  151. Capella

    There is no civil war in the SNP. There is a small group of woke activists, most likely MI5 plants, determined to destroy the SNP and the Independence movement.

    Let’s spoil their plans. Let’s vote SNP, and Neale Hanvey in Kirkcaldy, at every opportunity and vote YES when the time comes.

  152. birnie

    Eye on the ball, please!

    In all 50 pages of the SNP manifesto I can find nothing on this gender matter. There is no commitment to any legislation on the subject. interviews Nicola has proclaimed herself a staunch advocate for women’s rights. She has also said that individuals experiencing gender identity crises should be treated with compassion and fairness – only that.

  153. Bob Mack


    Is that the (yes)Jack Deeth who is ta!king of going to canvas for Labour at the Kirca!dy election rather than the former SNP candidate or indeed for any other SNP candidate ?

  154. Meg merrilees

    This is a great message to read after spending hours pounding the streets in rain, wind, and freezing cold helping to get an SNP success at the next election – in one week from now.

    It’s time people realise just how lucky we are to have a leader of the calibre of Nicola Sturgeon.

    We could be led by a ‘Richard Leonard’ or worse still a ‘Boris Johnson’ but no – we have one of the finest politicians in Britain today leading the only party that can deliver independence for Scotland. How lucky is that!!!

    Gender issues are happening – fact.

    All parties will have to come to some sort of accepted understanding of this whole issue that works for everyone- it is NOT an SNP specific issue so stop trying to make this a rod to break the ranks, especially one week before the GE that is the most critical in our lifetime.

    Are any of the other Scottish OR UK parties discussing this? NO
    If Nicola did not dismiss Hanvey the SNP would be embroiled in exactly the same, never-ending vitriol which is being aimed at the Labour Party and it’s anti-semitism.
    Corbyn is not anti-semitic; Nicola is a feminist, we have to think longer term and get Independence first.

    Nicola is a feminist, she and Joanna Cherry have signed the Woman’s pledge – for which they are being persecuted – yet by even trying to navigate some way through this issue they seem to be getting it from both sides. Things are far from settled so everyone involved needs to take a step back and get the real business done – VOTE SNP next week or the outcome will be a nightmare.

    A vote for the SNP is the ONLY way to stop the Tories and help to set up Indy which we all want.

    Everything changes once we are independent – technically the SNP won’t even exist then so we can create the country we want, but we have to get through the next 7 days and most importantly, we have to vote for the SNP next week or no-one will get anything we want.


  155. Liz g

    Capella @ 10.14
    Well said…
    I can’t believe how many are so keen to
    ” shoot the messenger ”
    Even IF 🙂 the Rev turned out to be, 00W, a sleeper agent of the BrItish State (I know) it doesn’t make what is happening within the SNP any less true.

    No one seems to have noticed HE didn’t choose the timing of these expulsions.
    If the election is being used as a cover to get rid of people something needed said,and the members are being ignored.

    I’d be perfectly happy for Nicola to take a firm hand with these people and become the first leader of an Independent Scotland.
    But if she won’t step up she has to step aside.
    There are many ordinary members who have been biting their tongue ( up to and including having some questions over the election processes for the position of the woman’s convenor) and trying to slow down this push from the “science deniers” using the party’s own framework.
    They have kept it an SNP thing and the Woman’s pledge was a part of that effort
    They,as you probably know are getting no where…. ( my memory may be wrong but the girl who was pushed out today might,have been the main rival for the Woman’s Convener position?… I’m trying to confirm it…..)

    I don’t know why Nicola has got into this position?
    What convinced her to get behind this ideology?
    Can she distance herself from it?
    Either way there is a large part of her party who want this Gender thing examined more closely and not just waived on through.
    As for Indy….
    Why have only we to wait till after Independence to address it?
    Why are the GRA supporting faction not willing to reciprocate,they are ment to be Indy supporters too!
    They must know it’s controversial and could damage Nicola.
    Why are they doing this to her!
    They bring less Indy votes to the table than Stuart Campbell!
    They don’t seem to feel the need to let the election pass!
    They don’t seem to think it’s bad timing to push negative stories about senior SNP people and call for their job’s.
    And the Rev is not the one almost gifting Lesley Laird a seat….
    Your absolutely right Capella it’s no the messenger we should be focused on here…
    It’s the message…
    And anyone,absolutely,anyone who doesn’t want to see…. Trans Woman ARE Woman…
    enshrined in Scotland’s Constitution needs to speak up..
    Which is why as I’ve said before,I think we need a Wings Party going forward even if the referendum is next year.

  156. Capella

    @ Terry Callachan – I wish I had a shilling for every time some bloke told me to shut up.

  157. dadsarmy

    Findlay’s tweets concerned the disputed definition of anti-Semitism which says that likening any actions of the Israeli state to actions of Nazi Germany automatically equates to hatred of the Jews, no matter how directly valid the comparison might be in any given situation.

    That is what she tweeted, but it isn’t actually the full story. That in itself could be regarded as an argument for free speech. But apparently what she also tweeted previously was this:

    Israel with its treatment of Palestinians and latest apartheid laws is Nazi. It is not anti-Semitic to call Israel a Nazi state.” (19 July 2018)

    and this:

    Israel’s action against Palestine are definitely Nazi – This is all about surprising perfectly justified criticism of Israel” (23 July)

    and this:

    Israel’s behaviour towards Palestinians Is Nazi. It’s the truth call it what it is Nazi” (2 Aug)

    People should be given the full story to make our minds up.

    My personal opnion is that ignorance is no excuse, and only someone who is totally ignorant of the Nazis and has never visited a concentration – extermination – camp, would use such a comparison.

  158. Col.Blimp IV

    Dr Jim at 9:49pm

    I have only been reading this blog for a few months but have been a nationalist since the 70’s.

    Stu’s “sin” is promoting his personal views in tandem with the promotion of Independence.

    A result of which has caused the exit of more than a few SNP loyalist posters, many of whom were obsessed with a bonkers and extremely divisive crusade to weed out alleged fifth columnists, (more imagined than real) none of whom ever penned as much as a sentence in favour of the Status Quo.

    As a newcomer, I found the atmosphere here to be poisonous in the extreme and to be honest I now find it refreshing to see that at least some nationalists feel sufficient confidence in the movement to call “shite”, when that is exactly what the “Leadership” is advocating.

    For twenty-five years the footsoldiers have allowed themselves to be blackmailed into behaving like spineless nodding dogs by a de-facto dictatorship in the guise of “Party Unity”, terrified of reading “SNP Split” headlines in tomorrow’s paper.

    Twenty-five years where the leadership have ceaselessly promoted pet agendas that have little or nothing to do with Independence.

  159. Dan

    @Bob Mack

    Aye, same lad.

  160. Black Donald

    Sturgeon getting a lot of flak on here. Time to post this again.

    Let me just say that I love Nicola Sturgeon.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she doesn’t put me in fear of my life with plans to introduce a US style NHS. I get a very expensive drug that keeps me alive. My US relative says if I stayed in the US I would either bankrupt or dead.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she is not going to take away my European citizenship, with all it’s many benefits.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she is not going to take away my human rights.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she is not going to take away my employment rights.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she doesn’t have my neighbour fear being dragged from her home a 5:30 in the morning and put in detention before being deported to a country she hasn’t been in for 20 years, losing the business she has built up whist here.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she isn’t stripping powers from my country’s parliament.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she doesn’t maintain a nuclear deterrent that I’ve lived within 10 miles of for most of my life. She wants them to take it away. I want them to take it away.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she doesn’t want to give away my personal sovereign property of about £200K in oil and gas reserves to a bunch of near fascists in another country, for nothing.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she doesn’t starve sport in my country of investment, thus ensuring failure. Like tennis in Scotland getting 1% of U.K. funding despite supplying 99% of the success. Or Rangers football club getting much less U.K. television funding than Burnley (no offence) despite being the 18th most supported club in the world.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she doesn’t have the state broadcaster wipe my country’s existence,and that of its party of government, off the map, whilst pumping out anti Scottish propaganda designed to undermine confidence in my country. The result is young people so drained of their self belief that they can throw away a 3 goal lead with 20 minutes to go in a World Cup finals.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because she doesn’t systemically seek to close down my country’s economy. Like closing Longannet with a vital 20% generation capacity, whilst subsidising similar generators in England. Or paying companies to move their fish processing to Grimsby, the Brexit fishing hub. Don’t start me on the banks. Or the Post Offices.

    I love Nicola Sturgeon because her response to dissatisfaction in Scotland isn’t to create a regiment of trolls with the objective to undermine democracy in the nation, with every technological tool available. Throwing in their psyops wobblers, creating doubts, undermining leaders, encouraging extremism and creating dissent. The actual embodiment of the rottenness of the “precious union”.

    These are just some of the reasons why I love Nicola Sturgeon.

    Nothing has happened to change my opinion.

    I will not be deflected by a created crisis. I will not vote to give my land and my children’s land to a near fascist regime in another country for nothing. That is just plain unethical.

    I will be voting SNP.

  161. Terry callachan

    I agree with you

    What a daft time to come away with this report
    WOS obsessed with self ID gender reecognition

    There are a number of people on here who treat self ID gender recognition with more importance than Scottish independence

    There has never been a hope in hells chance of SNP self ID gender recognition policy sinking the campaign for Scottish independence
    Never ever ever
    It’s small fry compared to austerity , losing our NHS , mass unemployment , mass housing deprivation

    All these things and more will be controlled by us in Scotland once we get Scottish independence

    Self ID can be voted in voted out voted in changed changed changed by any of the political party’s that exist in an independent Scotland

    Scottish independence needs total focus on what is to be gained by having the control and power to decide things in your own country the power to decide and change and improve over and over forever

    And what do we get ? A week before an election ?
    This conceited self important drivel about getting rid of Nicola Sturgeon the one person above all else who has outperformed and outflanked the whole britnattery battalion
    over the last few weeks

  162. Jockanese Wind Talker

    When did the phrase “Pro-Palestinian” get replaced with “Anti-Semetic” by the media, anyone know?

  163. Terry callachan

    Capella…thick as two short planks with your blinkers on
    Get over yourself
    Nobody’s interested

  164. Sinky

    I agree with Black Donald. Some folk are getting side tracked from the main aim of independence .
    Too many people dont think twice before posting stuff on twitter.
    Everyone has their own vision of independence but none of that will come about if we fight among ourselves

  165. aldo_macb

    Stu Campbell has lost the plot. Calling for the leader of the SNP to resign, one week before a General Election. I call on Stu Campbell to resign. Stu, you’ve gone from being an asset to independence to a hinderance. Time to give up. The vast majority of people don’t care about your current obsession with trans rights.

  166. Terry callachan

    Dadsarmy…1135…Good points

    So many people talk of the Nazi regime but don’t really have enough knowledge to put it in context

    75 yrs have passed and yet Britain’s obsession with WWll continues
    It was in fact Russsia that sacrificed most to stop the nazis

    Comparing Israelis with nazis is common but factually incorrect
    Sure what the Israelis do to Palestinians and other Arabs is dreadfully cruel
    But it’s not nearly as bad as what the nazis did
    And let’s remember it wasn’t just Jews the nazis treated that way it was gay people Roma people and dark skinned people too

    A lazy SNP candidate spouting off on twitter or Facebook and caught out because once it’s on there it’s there forever
    These two SsNP candidates ought to have known better
    Support withdrawn from them because they’ve done something they know they should not have done

  167. Terry callachan

    Aldo macb…1153…well said
    The problem is
    There isn’t another website for discussion as open as this one

    This has become a gender self ID opposition website

  168. Liz g

    Dan @ 11.24
    I agree the the bulk of the Scottish electorate are pretty much unaware of the GRA and it’s implications.
    Your right that it won’t sit well with small c Conservative Scotland.
    That’s why I suspect this faction want it pushed through on the down low.
    It was female SNP members who caught it and delayed it.
    And it’s the supporters of it that are trying every trick in the book to push it through,before Indy Ref two.

    Mibbi it’s out in the mainstream is where it needs to be?
    Indy is all about the people of Scotland deciding things for themselves… Aye…
    So it has to be asked…
    Why can’t the supporters of GRA reform help to get Indy first and then put their case before the people of Scotland.
    We might be small c Conservative but we’re also pretty fair minded.
    Why don’t they prioritise Indy and lobby an Independent Scottish Government for their proposal.
    Why have we to either shut up or remain ignorant of the issue?
    Where have we heard that before…

    And just as an aside …. It’s easy for Nicola to say she’s absolutely a feminist if she believes Trans Women ARE Women.
    There’s is no contradiction…..

  169. Eckle Fechan

    Newsnight tonight, Wed, Matlis interviewed Dr. Sarah Wollaston on the Lib Dems manifesto position on this topic. No stats discussed, only conjecture on the likely impacts and effects / threats.

    Meanwhile, back on the meanstreets, respect To Meg, (11:34pm) and others padding the hoof canvassing in all weather.

  170. Liz g

    Capella….. Don’t rise to it 🙂

  171. Capella

    @ Liz G – don’t worry! 🙂

  172. potter

    WTF you on about?I work in the NHS, come home, speak to my family, go to the fitba, go to the pub….. A total of 0 people have mentioned Trans stuff. Sick of petty never-ending bickering over an non issue. This used to be a place of information and hope,not any more. Oh ,clue is in there.

  173. Portjim

    Lordy, Lordy!
    First – it appears that the rule is now “guilty until proven innocent “. Due process before execution (politically) seems to be a thing of the past.
    Second – all this gender alphabet soup baffles me!
    Third – too much self-indulgence and not enough eyes-on-the-prize focus on the first priority – which, don’t forget, makes our dreams of a better place possible. Your better place may not be the same as mine, but that is a matter for After!
    Fourth – timing of this sucks (and I mean all of it, from the witch hunt and suspensions right through to the revs response).
    Fifth – these ultra woke (I hate that effing word) / PC people may back Indy, but they have a queer way of showing it. If I was feeling charitable I might say their priorities were skewed, but since I’m not I’ll say they are as bad in their way as Boris, Rees Mog and Trump. They are narcissistic, hubristic and don’t care who they trample and betray to fulfil their narrow cliquish fantasies.
    Finally, and most importantly, vote SNP next week, or for the rest of your days you will live with the shame that you betrayed your country and your fellow man (I use the term loosely and, of course, inclusively) in a fit of pique.

  174. crazycat

    @ Terry callachan at 11.48

    Shame on you.
    You’re not interested so nobody’s interested?

    How very arrogant.

  175. Hairy Jack

    The only reason this is a supposedly ‘crucial’ election is because the SNP have spent the last three years squandering mandates and refusing to push for indy. Who cares whether they get all the seats in Scotland at this pointless charade of an election or not? Whatever the outcome, the answer to the craven indyref ‘request’ will still be “GIRFUY Jocks”.

    The SNP have already lost indy. They lost it when they failed to push for indyref2 before the first Brexit deadline and showed the unionist opposition they have no balls (which probably explains why they’re so into the campaign to deregulate single sex spaces).

    All you morons blaming the Rev for pointing all this out are shooting the messenger, rather than training your rightful anger on the gender cultists who’ve made the SNP completely unelectable for women like myself. I can move abroad and get a new nationality – eventually. But I can never stop being a woman. Sex is far more fundamental than nationality – which is precisely why this issue has been chosen to destroy the SNP from within. On Sturgeon’s watch.

    Her party. Her monumental failure. Her fault. Even if she goes now, the damage has already been done and our chance at ever being a normal country has been destroyed for at least another few decades.

    So save your anger for where it’s deserved. It isnae Rev Stu that’s been taking your votes for a ride and ripping the pish out of the electorate since 2016. It’s Nicola Sturgeon.

  176. Old Pete

    If you don’t vote SNP in my opinion along with many other folks then you don’t really want Scottish Independence. Plain and simple, Independence first and if you must argue then argue after we have won. Trying to destroy the SNP before this extremely important election seems strange especially when we could be so close to finally achieving our desired aim. Makes you wonder the direction some folk on here really want for Scotland ?

  177. Alba Woman

    Very sad and disturbing to read this piece and comments..,,,,,

  178. dadsarmy

    Interesting reading comments. In better days you could think that that was the real reason for the article, not to be taken seriously for itself, just one week before a General Election that could see the SNP with anywhere between 25 if people try to kill it off, and 55 seats if people stand behind it, even if they do hold their nose and use smelling salts.

    This is almost certainly the last chance for the SNP to come up with Indy Ref 2 before the Holyrood Elections, and if they betray their promises THEN IS THE TIME TO KICK THEM INTO TOUCH.

    Meanwhile the more wind in their sails, the more chance there is for Indy Ref 2 and Independence, and a YES vote.








    you get the message, but not in the article.

  179. Steve the pirate

    Not the first time Stu has steered off the course of independence to highlight his issue with trans folks. Calling on the first minister to stand down a week before a crucial election- what on Earth are you smoking??

    Have you even made the case for voting SNP in this election? Each Tory/unionist seat won undermines the case for Indy further. You’re an influential figure with enough intelligence to make a great argument for voting yellow and beating the Tories, which could easily make a difference in the marginal seats. Yet all you’re currently doing is stoking dissent. WTF man???

  180. jockmcx

    Terry callachan 11.08pm

    very good

    We all heard politics is a dirty business,but in the last 5
    to ten years we can see just how dirty.

    The people must be kept down at all costs.

    The use of anti semitic accusations is absolutely disgusting.
    The gender ID thing is a new creation,a new weapon.

    But if i have to go to the polls in the future indy ref
    dressed as a rabi wearing a mini skirt so be it…
    and i’ll be voting yes.

  181. Col.Blimp IV

    Hairy Jack says – “…a load of defeatist drivel”

    It is not Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP that will “win” independence it is the People of Scotland who will claim it.

    And the ONLY way that can happen is by voting for independence at EVERY opportunity – And if we do and the Man from Westminster says NO.

    It is up to US to say GIRFUY we are having it NOW – Regardless of what the Woman from Holtrood’s take on the matter is.

  182. jockmcx

    When we win ah’ll put ma kilt back oan mind!!

  183. TJenny

    Capella, Liz G + Crazycat – with you all the way. Why are we the ones being told to shut up, by mostly men it seems?

    Those who want this to be swept under the carpet as they think it’s toxic, that’s because it is toxic, to women.

  184. Onwards

    It seems that the biggest issue against trans women is the threat of predators and abusers taking advantage?

    Surely part of the solution is only giving access to female-only spaces AFTER the operation ?
    At least they are committed then!
    Sport is still problematic, but in most cases it would seem to alleviate most concerns.

    It’s unfortunate, but clever if an extremist trans mob are using alleged anti-semitism as a weapon, but it’s understandable why the party has to look squeaky clean on that issue, regardless of any double standards.
    It’s not a handful of angry shemales running the media.

    Sturgeon is most likely looking at the big picture, rather than scheming with them. I do think she should punt this trans stuff into the long grass, but independence is the priority and she is the best we have. She comes across as agreeable, reasonable and likeable to a lot of voters who were previously anti-independence, and that’s a huge positive.

  185. Sharny Dubs

    I joined the SNP because they said their aim was independence.

    For some time now I have the feeling that is no longer the case.

    12th I’ll hold my nose and vote SNP.

    Stu, if you get the Wings party up and running it will be the last time I vote SNP.

    Unless of course someone in the SNP gets a grip. But I believe it’s already to late.

  186. David Brackenbury

    Well said! We have to make a stand against the canker of the thought police. They have already made serious inrodes into the Labour Party, successfully removing Corbyn’s obvious successor for example, and now are successfully removing candidates from marginal seats in the SNP.

    (The true Liberal response is, yes of course everyone has the right to define their own sexuality and for this to be respected – but this respect has to be extended to all and alas, human sexuality is not a simple binary choice but a spectrum)

    Anyway I’ve now signed the pledge and hope others will do so too. Keep up the good work and we’ll have a free Scotland for all shades soon.

  187. Defo

    When an entity or person knows that they are the only game in town, that’s a license for them to do as they please. Liberties are taken. As we see.
    I smell’t merde when the massive rise in SNP membership happened, & haven’t changed my mind since. Carpet bagging heaven.
    I’ll be voting SNP next week, as per, but only because I don’t have any realistic alternative.

    Re NS. The call’s yours to make Stu, but a couple of weeks delay might have been prudent.

  188. dadsarmy

    Let me turn now to the relationship between gender recognition law and the Equality Act 2010.

    One particular area of concern that has been raised about gender recognition reform – both during and since the consultation – is the impact it will have on the provision and protection of single sex or women only spaces and services.

    Presiding Officer, it is vital to be clear on this important point.

    The Equality Act already allows trans people to be excluded, in some circumstances, from single sex services where that is proportionate and justifiable, including where a trans person has legal recognition. The Government’s proposals to reform the Act will not affect that position.

    There’s so much incorrect shite flying around, you’d expect a media fact-checking blog to do some research and tell the truth about it.

  189. dadsarmy

    The Government’s proposals to reform the Act will not affect that position.

  190. Capella

    @ dadsdarmy – unfortunately, while it is true that the door will remain locked, the keys will be handed out to all and sundry on demand. That isn’t safeguarding women and girls.

  191. Black Donald

    I’m in my seventies. In all my life I’ve only ever met one person whom I took to be a Trans person.

    Dressed like a woman and talked like a man. To be honest I felt awkward in dealing with them. I felt out of my comfort zone. I coped by dealing with them in a professional manner. I tried to be normal and friendly. In conversation it turned out the person was going for their operation. The person was quiet spoken and subdued.

    When they had gone, my overwhelming feeling was one of compassion and concern for a fellow human being going through a difficult time. I remembered my feelings in September 2014 when I felt I had lost my own identity. It must be doubly hard for a trans person dealing with their own identity crisis. I wished I had been friendlier. It must be very hard for them.

    I would also say that there is no way this quiet person would ever be a threat to anyone.

    Given my own experience, I feel the extremism on Twitter etc. in this area just jars, and seems not wholly genuine. There seems to be absolute hysteria from some people about this tiny minority. It only appeared when the SNP started to act in this area. I believe it is being used by unethical individuals as a means to undermine the SNP and its leadership. It seems to be succeeding to some extent.

    Based on my own limited experience, I think the SNP are strategically correct on this. I want these people helped. The SNP tried to do something, it caused a lot of (orchestrated?) and genuine concern, and they have put it out for review. Tactical modifications are required.

    I think there needs to be more compassion and respect on both sides. And some give and take.

    I don’t think it’s proper for someone with a male skeleton and a 10% inbuilt performance advantage to enter competitive women’s sports where prize money and medals are involved. I think Men Identifying as women should respect women’s rights and excuse themselves. Drugs and hormones don’t change skeletal structure. Mutually accepted casual sport is fine.

    Similarly with toilets. I think the answer might be to make Disabled toilets into M/F Toilets for all sexes and disabled people. The concerns of women need to be respected by all.

    This is not an issue for this election. It is not mentioned in the SNP manifesto.

    I have only had one encounter with a Trans person in 70 years. It cannot be a major concern to me.

    This is not an issue to end support for the SNP over. Other parties may also address this issue. The SNP position is still subject to modification. Everything may yet turn out fine. This may not be the case with other parties.

    I think people who are ending support for the SNP over this are letting themselves be played by extreme propaganda.

    Giving your country away over a concern with the still under review rights of a tiny minority, makes no sense.

    This post by the Rev would have been fine in two weeks time, not now.

  192. Onwards


    “including where a trans person has legal recognition” are the keywords that could cause problems – if a man can easily become legally identified as female sex merely by ‘identifying’ as female gender.

    If someone really thinks they are a woman, they can get the operation, the fake tits installed and so on.
    At least that weeds out the dangerous ones.

  193. Liz g

    Onwards @ 1.08
    That’s all we’re saying…. That’s all we’ve ever said.
    Trans Woman are Not a threat to women ( they really don’t need to be required to have ” the op “)…. But the law that their (apparent) advocates are pushing for is.
    It can and it will give legal cover to actual predators.

    T Jenny @ 1.02
    Exactly T.Jenny,not just to shut up but also that this is a non issue.
    The tone seems to be why is the Rev bringing it up?
    And not why are the opponents of it being purged right now?
    It’s not as if the SNP on what ever level,don’t know the Rev is around and is unlikely to miss it.
    They knew fine well that Wings would notice and that some SNP supporters would have to choose to silently comply or look like they criticised their party.
    As I keep sayn…. The “Why Now” question is not for Wings,that’s a misdirection, it’s for the people behind this party purge…..Let’s look at them!

  194. Maren

    Neale Hanvey did very well at the hustings on Tuesday btw. Lesley Laird just couldn’t shake off the persona of a grand politician. Too general, too grandiose, too many empty promises and slogans. It was a hostile crowd for her and she had a tough time.

    There was an honest and frank discussion of the accusations and Hanvey gave excellent answers to the questions he was asked. I was with people who had intended to vote SNP but who were put off by the anti-semitism allegations and Hanvey being suspended from the party. After the hustings, they told me that they would vote for him on the strength of his performance.

    He came across as passionate about independence, genuine and knowledgeable and will in my opinion be an asset to the constituency if he wins.

    Most importantly for me, he is willing to listen to our concerns about the ongoing, devastating consequences of policies adopted across the public and private sector in Scotland within the last ten years. These policies are already harming women and girls and Hanvey was willing to listen to the effect enshrining the basis for these policies in Scottish law will have on our existing rights under the Equality Act.

    FWIW, I was a lifelong Green Party voter, but no longer after they adopted a motion at conference that requires women to adhere to their quasi-religious transgender ideology and so agree to cede their legal protections under the Equality Act or else be barred from party membership.

    Even if that hadn’t been the case, it saddens me to say that I would have struggled to support Scott Rutherford. He seemed to me to embody identity politics. And it does not fill me with confidence to watch a GE candidate happily insult other politicians as “rotten to the core”. Not their politics or policies but the people themselves. In my opinion, he was also ageist and misogynist by implying we’re all too old, too ignorant and too unenlightened to get why eroding women’s rights in aid of a men’s rights movement is the right thing to do. The crowd unsurprisingly did not take to him, despite 16% undecideds he picked up no additional votes at the end.

    I realise that many Scots continue to be unaware of the issue, but we are facing the most sustained and gravest attack on women’s rights in 50 years. The FM is fully on-board with this and the SNP leadership was ghosting Hanvey before the anti-semitism story broke BECAUSE he spoke up in support of women’s rights. Anyone who thinks this is about anti-semitism is woefully naive.

  195. dadsarmy

    What the ScotGov is supposed to be doing is publishing the Bill before the end of this year, and putting IT out to consulation. Then there is a concrete Bill for people to make comments on. With any luck the whole thing will be delayed to beyond the next Holyrood Election. If the SNP betray their promise of Indy Ref 2 before then, they’re out.

    Whether people will vote for them or not if there IS any Indy Ref 2, who knows? It would depend on their Independence manifesto – or their devolution one. Indy Ref 2 would no longer be an issue because it would have been held.

  196. Robert J. Sutherland

    Oh, this is MAD: mutually-assured (self) destruction.

    Woke-ists seeking to excommunicate anyone from the SNP who doesn’t agree with their agenda, right at the time of an election, when they should instead be expending 100% of their efforts out on the streets seeking to get the precious vote out.

    Stu, with equally-inappropriate timing, calling for the resignation of NS without any evidence whatever that she is in fact instrumental in this side-issue. Nicola has achieved the enviable position of getting traction with the undecided and he would dump her right before a vote and replace her by exactly whom? It’s childish toy-throwing.

    It’s not as if we’re already so dominant among ordinary voters that we can afford to waste this precious opportunity. Thankfully this particular issue – which is important in the longer run, I don’t deny it – is currently unknown and immaterial to the wider voting public, and hopefully it will remain obscure and irrelevant to them through the coming week, whatever the keyboard warriors may think. The issue is not on the critical path, so there is still time to sort this out, not least in terms of dealing with highly-uncomradely behaviour from a bunch of minority woke obsessives.

    First things first. Keep the heid and don’t lose perspective. This will have to be sorted out, but now is absolutely the wrong time. On both sides. If you waste this precious opportunity to make crucial progress toward our prime objective, you won’t be forgotten and you won’t be forgiven.

  197. dadsarmy

    But it says that EVEN if legally recognised:

    “The Equality Act already allows trans people to be excluded, … including where a trans person has legal recognition. ”

    So it doesn’t matter for that even if it’s way easier to be legally recognised – they would STILL be able to be excluded.

  198. dadsarmy

    As far as anti-Semitism is concerned, whether real or imagined, look at the damage it has done to Labour – and Corbyn himeslf.

    The SNP high-heidyins have absolutely no choice, nil, zero, zilch, nada, BUT to be totally ruthless on anyone of theirs stupid enough to be anywhere near the edge. Specially just 7 days before the election which could be on the way to Indy.

    We, the non-aligned, could do it if we wanted. Pass, quite frankly, I’m trying to keep my eye on the ball.

  199. Robert J. Sutherland

    dadsarmy @ 01:40:

    With any luck the whole thing will be delayed to beyond the next Holyrood Election.

    As it very wisely should be. But that alone won’t sort the problem of relentless back-stabbing within the ranks of the SNP. These woke-ites are on a monomaniacal mission, and to hell with the consequences. If they won’t relent even during an election, whenever will they? To that extend Stu is correct in identifying the very real longer-term danger they (re)present.

  200. dadsarmy

    To that extend Stu is correct in identifying the very real longer-term danger they (re)present.

    Not 7 days before the day of the General Election.

    And with membership of the SNP having quintupled from 25,500 in 2014 to 125,000, it’s hardly suprising there are some bad apples, and some total opportunists out for their own agenda, and just altching on the the rising star (SNP).

    It has been said the SNP hasn’t coped with the increase of membership and normally that would be a grievous criticism.

    I suspect their eyes and efforts have been elsewhere. Or hope so.

  201. Robert J. Sutherland

    dadsarmy @ 01:54,

    Yes, I know. We’ve seen it before with Michelle Thomson, for example. It’s cold and clinical, and rather heartless for the faithful who have judged to have strayed even a millimetre over the line. But it’s about survival in a very hostile environment.

    Especially galling and unwelcome though if the targeting is coming from within the SNP itself. That is a very troubling prospect. With “friends” like them, who needs enemies? In the medium term, we need these minority extremists to be neutered =errm= neutralised.

  202. Robert J. Sutherland

    dadsarmy @ 02:13:

    Not 7 days before the day of the General Election.

    Oh, agreed. Absolutely. A crass and puzzling misjudgement. I can’t begin to fathom the mentality behind that, though it seems to be a feeling that is also bubbling up elsewhere. Due to a lot of pent-up frustration from glacial progress, probably.

    JK over at SGP has a far more mature response, though alas he also couldn’t resist another unnecessary personal aspersion directed at Stu.

    Just when we really need grown-ups, we have reversion to childhood.

    With one outstanding exception, of course.

  203. Maren

    And to those castigating Stu for breaking this story now – we are meant to ignore this purging of supporters of women’s rights. That’s why it is being done now. So that we will silence our dissent lest we damage SNP chances at the election.

    Those engaged in the purge however have no such qualms about damaging the SNP and the independence movement. They have but one goal and that is enforcing compliance with their ideology and enshrining it in Scottish law.

    And I am sick and tired of men telling me that independence must come first. No. An attack as the one currently underway on the rights of over half the population of this country is not some fringe issue. It is not trivial, unimportant or subordinate to independence. This is not about some poor suffering souls just wanting to pee in peace.

    And no, there will not need to be compromise. Not for manly men who merely claim a female soul, not for feminine men with fake boobs and a wig who have their penis inverted or chopped off. Why don’t you compromise so these men feel safe with all the other men? Why don’t you accommodate them?

    A man without a penis is not a woman. Woman is not a feeling in a man’s head. We are actual, real human beings distinct and separate from men. We are a whole sex class, a whole political category to ourselves. With our own needs and our own rights.

    Women as females currently have the right – in language and in law – to define ourselves in a category of our own, separately from males (however they identify). With our own sovereign spaces, services and sports and our own language to name our bodies and our lives and with other legal set asides necessary for our safety, dignity and privacy and to overcome the disadvantages we suffer for being born female in a male-dominated world.

    I will not give up this right and all that follows on from it. Neither will any of my fellow campaigners. It took your foremothers hundreds of years to gain these protections, we’ve had most of them for less than 50 years and we won’t yield, we can’t yield and look our daughters and granddaughters in the eye with a clear conscience.

    You underestimate the anger of women about this issue at your peril. Without women there will be no independence campaign. Not that Women for Independence are making any public statements about this as an organisation but I have lost count of how many members have told me that this is the first time they have encountered a political issue more important to them than independence and if they had to make a decision between independence and defending our rights, they will choose the latter. It is existential for us. Not fearmongering, not propagandising, not bigoted, not right-wing.

    Just women who know why we need these rights. Many who fought for them 30, 40 years ago. And I am happy to meet anyone to explain this in painstaking, minute detail with the evidence showing what we are talking about and why. I haven’t dedicated the last two years of my life to this fight for no reason.

    We are as a class of course well used to being told to fight for other aims first, that there’s always time to fight for women’s rights later. Labour’s been doing this to us for over a hundred years. Hardly surprising that independence supporters are doing the same now.

    Enough. I don’t want an independent Scotland where my rights have been eroded. Neither do thousands of women in Scotland now meeting and organising to stand up for our rights. We might have to do so in private for fear of losing our jobs, reputations or our safety. But more and more of us don’t give a fuck anymore and stand up in public, too.

    Purging Findlay and Hanvey is meant to scare politicians off in a desperate, revealing move, because more and more politicians and people are waking up to the danger. But this will merely shed sunlight on the totalitarian nature of those advocating for transgender ideology and legislation.

  204. Liz g

    Dad’s army @ 2.13
    Why not…. If there is a damaging serious purge of members going on under the cover of the election?
    How much more power could these people gain in the next week?
    And how threatened are others going to be about staying in line going forward?
    Calling for Nicolas job is a clear message and highlights the stark choice I suspect is in front of her.
    If she wants her place ( I think and hope that she does ) in Scotland’s History, as the leader who took us back to being an Independent Country,then she needs to understand that she needs to deal with this faction.
    I’ll not risk independence to keep her in her job and neither will many other’s.
    It’s not the nuts and bolts of the GRA that will do damage to Indy it’s the perception of it in the public’s mind.
    And it’s advocates are not prepared to wait for Indy to have the debate.
    The promoters of this don’t care about Independence,this is a drive across Western Democracies…. But there is no other Country where the backlash could cost it it’s freedom.
    Scotland needs a leader prepared to put the brakes on it till after Indy…. No a political blogger to shut up about it!
    It’s no Wings speaking out that could cost us our Country.
    It’s Nicola keeping silent…

  205. Scozzie

    Nah – I’ll not wait until after independence before challenging this regressive self ID policy.

    To those SNP members / voters who are critical of self ID:
    Mhairi Hunter calls you ‘trash’
    Mhairi Black / Rhiannon Spears calls you ‘Jeremy Hunts’
    Alyn Smith’s hangers-on call you ‘TERFs’
    A whole bunch of SNPers will not sign the Women’s pledge. And neither Nicola Sturgeon or Fiona Robertson will engage with grassroots women’s groups on this issue. Not to mention the woke SNP contingent who actively try to get gender critical SNP figures deselected and now this anti-semitic ruse coming from their own ranks! Frankly, the SNP are fucking up independence all by themselves!

    Those who say Stu is side-tracked with the GRA debate completely misunderstand how legislative changes to the GRA that will enable self-ID will impact on society:
    – It means women as a defined sex category (including our protective sex-based rights) will be completely erased. Biological men will have access to women’s prisons, refuges, sport, changing areas, toilets and more.

    – Gender critical people including academics, scientists and ordinary people will be silenced from debating and discussing this issue.

    – The biological sciences will be trumped by gender theory.

    – We will go down the track of Canada’s C-16 Bill and have enforced compelled speech regarding people’s preferred pronouns.

    – We will adopt a ‘gender affirming’ policy to enable adolescents to transition putting them on a path of puberty blockers, hormones and surgery; with no accompanying psychological / psychiatric support to attempt to treat the dysphoria.

    – We will enable trans activists to threaten women with violence verbally and physically, in person and online.

    – Saying ‘trans women are men’ or ‘woman: adult human female’ will be classed as hate speech and you may get a visit from the police.

    Does this all seem a bit far fetched? Well this is already happening by stealth and the legislation has not even been passed yet. Organisations are falling over themselves to change their policies to enable self-ID including: police, prisons, NHS, schools, women’s services and more.

    Independence is the main goal for the YES movement, but based on these last few years, I just don’t see it as the main goal for the SNP. If this policy capture by the wokerati continues, then we definitely need a new independence political party and soon.

  206. Robert J. Sutherland

    Maren @ 02:36:

    And to those castigating Stu for breaking this story now – we are meant to ignore this purging of supporters of women’s rights.

    No, of course not. Not at all, this is facile. It’s about timing, not merit.

    Nothing is going to be sorted within the next week, whatever. But there is an election coming along in a week’s time. Why damage our cause in that? Whose and what purpose would that serve, exactly..?

  207. Craig Murray

    I do not think anyone loses anything by the timing if all this gets a good airing in nine days time and not just now.

  208. Sandy

    How many trans-gender people are there in Scotland?
    Anybody know? I, personally, know of none.

  209. Onwards

    Rather than hearing ‘trans women are women’ mantra, it would be a lot easier if Trans people were simply proud to be Trans. The same as Gay pride.
    Confusing sex and gender is the part of the problem.

  210. dadsarmy

    An attack as the one currently underway on the rights of over half the population of this country is . . .

    … NOT being done by the Scottish Government CURRENTLY. And nor is it being planned to do – not without a further consultation once the proposed Bill has been published.

    A few extremists yes.

    see here:

    So far this is hot fearty air – THERE IS NO BILL BEEN PUBLISHED YET

  211. Onwards

    @Craig Murray says:
    I do not think anyone loses anything by the timing if all this gets a good airing in nine days time and not just now.

    yes, some common sense needed

  212. Maren

    Robert J Sutherland @2:56

    It’s not Stu damaging the cause. He writes a blog read by a few hundred thousand independence supporters. Many who may agree with him and yet still vote SNP as the only credible option.

    But thanks to those behind the purge “SNP anti-semitism problem” is now a front page story in print, television, radio and online media. By now most voters in the country have seen the story but not any of the background (because the decidedly anti-SNP media was always going to run with this).

    If anything, by exploring the background Stu highlighted that there continue to be dedicated SNP members and officials even if there’s a minority of extremists damaging the cause. And he may have netted Neale Hanvey some decisive votes to take the seat.

    If “most popular indy blogger demands Sturgeons resignation” pushes the “SNP anti-semitism” story off the front pages and the news headlines you may well be proven right. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  213. dadsarmy

    and the legislation has not even been passed yet

    The *proposed* legislation hasn’t even been PUBLISHED yet

    Unless you can provide a link on the Scotgov website?


  214. Onwards

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think Nicola would have thrown Neale Hanvey under the bus if it was a Tory marginal seat.
    She had to look at the bigger picture.
    It’s harsh, but whether that seat goes Labour or SNP won’t make much difference in a hung parliament.
    It is what it is.

  215. dadsarmy

    @Liz g “If there is a damaging serious purge of members going on under the cover of the election?


    One who apologised for “anti-Semitism” and got all our support, and one who actually said Israel=Nazi in 3 tweets a year earlier but didn’t tell us about them so we could make our own minds up?

    Any more? Are we talking thousands here? Tens of thousands of members? 124,900 members all being chased out by the unArbroath 100?

  216. TJenny

    Maren, Liz g + Scozzie – sooo well said.

    I can’t help but wonder if any and all complaints to FM and cab mins are being filtered out by the woke folk in her office admin. She may well be unaware of the strength of feeling on the self – id issue. If not unaware, she needs to state that self id is not on the cards, then set about reeling in the trans extremists in the admin.

  217. Scozzie

    Dadsarmy @3.21pm
    If you’re referring to my comment….
    That’s exactly my point. The proposed legislation has not yet been published or passed and we already have organisations redefining their policies to enable self ID.
    It seems bizarre to me that so many institutions are changing policies and procedures when self ID is not yet enshrined in law.

  218. Confused

    Israel – is a murderous, illegitimate, gangster-terrorist state – it is not a country like others, it is more like the global HQ of a crime syndicate; a fortress, nuclear armed, which does not extradite, even to their main benefactor (-and vassal), America. They terrorise their neighbours for fun, and it is no coincidence that every country around them is in flames, or wrecked in some manner.

    Jews around the world, mostly – mostly, and by which I mean overwhelmingly, support Israel by default, whatever it does. There are some prominant and notable jewish anti-zionists – but they get called “self hating jews”. Jews, for the most part, around the world, act as a zionist lobby in every country they reside in – and they are very effective and sophisticated, especially as they lobby across the spectrum; conservative friends of israel, labour friends of israel, libdem friends of israel – they cover all bases. They often, falsely, get accused of “dual loyalty” but this is wrong, their loyalty is exclusive – to Israel.

    One clever thing that the zionist jews have done recently is to -seize the dictionary- they now control the definition of “antisemitism”. In the old days an antisemite was “someone who hated jews” (simply for their jewishness) now it is “someone the jews hate”.

    – and of course, the above characterisation of Israel is now “anti-semitic” because criticism of israel has now been added to the definition.

    I don’t like defending Labour or Corbyn but the anti-semitism charge against them is bullshit. Seriously – what this means is – you have angered the jews, or caught them at something –

    “anti-semitism” gets thrown like a squid squirting ink.

    The best dismantlers of this rubbish are, conveniently, jewish themselves, the best being Norman Finkelstein and his “The Holocaust Industry” about the use and abuse of antisemitism; there is also Gilad Atzmon and James Petras.

    Finkelstein also made his name by exposing a literary fraud, a sophisticated operation which tried to claim “the palestinians did not exist” (- joan peters); Ken Livingstone should have defended himself to that kangaroo court by turning up with a copy of Lenni Brenners “51 documents : zionist collaboration with the nazis”.

    Truth is, the Labour Party has always been heavily occupied by zionists, going way back – when Ernest Bevin was trying to sort out palestine back in the mandate, his own backbenchers would attack him. The trouble with Corbyn is that he treats the israelis and the palestinians, equally – and that itself is “anti-semitic”; he also refuses to bend the knee appropriately as all western political leaders do – visits to auschwitz, yad vashem, the wailing wall – and no cosy meetings with the rabbis, the chabad etc. He will not meet them and that infuriates them.

    – this is a good strategy, by the way; if you meet the jewish lobbyists/rabbis/whoever – they WILL want something; and it can go two ways – you refuse it, and they make you an implacable enemy, “amalek” or – you give them what they want – THEN THEY ASK FOR SOMETHING ELSE; this is called “the ratchet” and it is a game you cannot win. If they offer you something – and you take it, then they now own you, and you will be forced to do a service, and contrariwise, if you refuse the offer – you are amalek. The jews either make you their pawn, or their enemy.

    If Labour do not have the wit to defend themselve with copious evidence, already existing, written by jews – that is their lookout; the way the british jews go on you would think that – gas chambers and new railway lines were part of the labour manifesto.

    – this is all well and good for the purpose of discussion among, mostly anonymous forum users.

    There is no rule that says : everyone must have an opinion (and the “right” one at that) on everything

    Anyone in the public eye, esp. nationalist politician – should never talk about jews, israel, the zionist lobby, historical events politicised for effect, ww2, etc – and never talk about the holocaust other than in the most general terms

    mass murder is bad, mkay
    we must never repeat the evils of history

    – then STFU, for your own sake; any infringement or idle curiosity about events could land you in big trouble.

    If you never say anything, then they have no ammunition.

    When israel inevitably commits another war crime – condemn israel, better still, the israeli leadership

    If you fall for the same trick, over and over – then your enemies will keep using it.

  219. Maren

    dadsarmy @3:12am

    I am engaged in fighting this on the frontlines. The bill is due to be published immediately following the General Election, we expect in an attempt to minimise media exposure and escape public notice as much as possible while everyone is busy with the aftermath of the election. The Scottish Government has refused any input from any of the grassroots groups it had promised to engage with back in June and we will once again have debates damaging to the Scottish Government in parliament and negative press because of this refusal.

    There will also have to be a judicial review on a related issue, which will cause major headaches and embarrassment for the Scottish Government as the Named Person one did. Only worse. Again they could have engaged with us but chose not to.

    If the Scottish Government come to their senses on this, if they have any sense of fairness at all, they will publish in the New Year. We are honestly hoping they will, but given their track record on this so far, it seems a forlorn hope.

    And to be clear, I’m not talking about theory, this isn’t conjecture. We understand precisely the legal implications and real life consequences which is why we are fighting this. We have read the reports from other countries who have implemented these policies with the predictable, bitter failures in safeguarding and other harmful results.

    There’s not a chance in hell I would have done and risked what I have this year if the threat to our rights wasn’t real and the damage caused by now not already providing us with reams of evidence going forward. All we got from the Scottish Government have been broken promises.

    However, I’d be happy to tell you about the work of about a dozen new grassroots women’s rights groups dedicating enormous efforts to this issue in Scotland and about all the myriad ways this is already causing real suffering among women and girls.

    But do you honestly think countless women across the UK would spend countless unpaid hours doing all this work for no reason?

  220. Robert J. Sutherland

    Maren @ 03:17,

    There isn’t an “SNP anti-semitism problem” because of the “efficient” way the party reacted. Wound cauterised. It is undoubtedly brutal to the people at the heart of it, but it is effective. Which is the best that can be done immediately when a nasty game’s afoot.

    Thankfully that won’t be the end of it, though it will take time. And the unjustly wronged can hopefully get by in the meantime with the assurance that they are not abandoned and have our best wishes.

    (I don’t disagree in the least with the rest of your comment above, BTW. Maybe I should have also made that clear.)

  221. Maren

    TJenny @3:43 She is aware and fully committed to self-id.

  222. dadsarmy

    That’s a different argument and yes, it does seem strange. But perhaps they’ve become aware that the legislation has been in existence since 2010 – and before that, 2003 I think, from memory, and that they’ve been in breach of existing legislation.

    Amyways, I’m orf to my scratcher as they say, which has self-IDed as a bed in a glamorous tropical 7 star hotel.

    Pass the caviar and truffles.

    Oh, one last thing. If less than 100 activists can scare the living daylights out of 124,900 SNP members who are all going to quit in fear, then if anyone can be bothered with this indigest… indefati… indom… ah, INDEPENDENCE thing any more, then have I got a deal for you.

    Independent Scotland employs these unArbroath less than 100 for our SDF (Scottish Defence Force) and sends them out on social media. That’s it, that’s all we’ll need to scare off 124,900 invading Russians, Chinese, Martians, Americans, North Koreans …, and we can save getting on for £2.8 billion a year on the defence budget.

    They’ll woke for kicks.

  223. Liz g

    Two… So far.
    One attempt at Joanna Cherry,and an attempt discredit Joan Macalpine.
    The jungle drums are sayin Collette Walker is being ” targeted ” all of them advocates for Women.
    Joan Mcalpine urging calm in the women’s group “allegedly” but I’m no a member so whit dae ah know?
    Are two or three no enough?
    Whit number do you suggest to
    A. Send a warning?
    B. To be convincing?
    And before ye say it again,we all know it’s not been passed into law yet.
    But we also know that government bodies are behaving as though it has.
    Nicola won’t meet with the women’s groups.
    It’s been more or less promised that it will go through…
    Do you seriously think the Rev is making it all up?

  224. dadsarmy

    @Maren “I am engaged in fighting this on the frontlines.

    Good, and genuinely good luck to you. Once the Bill is published I hope a lot of people have a look at it, and put in their own consultation if neccessary.

    Until then nobody actually knows anything about what’s in it.

  225. dadsarmy

    @Liz g
    But neither of them was directly pushed out because of GRA, they were pushed out because of unwise comments or retweets on Twitter about something completely different. Whether or not that was an excuse is anybody’s theory. It’s not just inside the SNP there are people out to get them.

    And perhaps Joanna Cherry and Joan Mcalpine were “clean” in their twitter feeds.

    Too many SNP politicians and officials have treated twitter as though they’re talking to a pal in confidence.

    HELLO, the whole world can read what you tweeted in haste. Clean up your act, or others will do it for you you for it.

  226. TJenny

    Maren – I was just clutching at straws to be honest. She really needs to listen to what women are saying. Maybe not enough are speaking out as it’s all been introduced under the radar. I must confess if it hadn’t been for Stu and WOS/twitter, I would be unaware.

    Do you or your group need any help with this? Is there a crowdfunder I could contribute to?

  227. Liz g

    T Jenny @ 3.43
    Thanks for sayin… Again 🙂
    As Maren @ 3.52 says,its my understanding that Nicola knows.
    I don’t know if,when she first became convinced that reform was necessary she saw anything other than another way to achieve a progressive first for Scotland she could boast about.
    I think the response to it did stayed her hand a wee bit!
    But I see no sign that she is anything other than determined that this will go through.
    Again if you have become convinced that trans women are actually women then there is no conflict.

    It’s like a belief in one of the religions and everyone is supposed to respect that no matter how wild and anti scientific the claim….
    I can’t,and don’t, but many do and I think this is the sort of narrative the Trans Activists are looking to insert into society!
    Some people can sit through a science class, even teach the stuff and yet, will give way to and humour the most fanciful notions when it comes to religions and most of them don’t have a pretty track record for Women either…But each and every one of them claim to be a force good.
    The parallels are uncanny….

  228. Liz g

    Dad’s army @ 4.09
    Now there we agree, social media has caught so many out you’d think they would learn!
    As a side point…. I’ve seen a program on council telly ( aka mainstream and considered fit for broadcast) a few years back.
    Jewish activists in Israel disgusted by the inhumanity towards the Palestinians by their government and they themselves making the comparisons with the holocaust….. Saying that if any people’s should have learned they should have…
    The point being …. Some people do think that …..
    And I can’t see how saying it warrants either an apology or a place in an election…. If he thinks it he should say it and all he needed to add was why he held that view!

  229. TJenny

    Liz g – aye, and yet it really is the emperor’s new clothes. How was that hoax revealed, through the eyes of a child – must be why they’re getting them young by introducing it in schools, again like religion.

  230. Dickie

    Either Sturgeon delivers by 2020 or she has to go

  231. Liz g

    Dad’s army @ 4.09
    They are not pushed out directly by the GRA agreed.
    They are being put under the microscope for any infraction and reported. The only common denominator is their support for Women’s rights.
    I’m sure you’ll agree that most will have something that can be made an issue of…especially when it’s a subjective subject like any criticism of Israel?
    I mean come on
    Since when was Fife ever a threat to Jewish people it’s a bit of a reach don’t ye think….but defiantly a fashionable slur!

  232. Liz g

    T Jenny @ 4.38
    Exactly…. It’s the play book of the religions and the group they had to undermine was the mum’s.
    I get angry sometimes at younger women who don’t seem to realise just what a short time ago their freedoms were so curtailed,and have taken their eye off the ball!
    Where you could go and what you could wear stuff like that.
    I never thought we’d be facing having to it all over again to be able to try on a pair of jeans 🙂

  233. Schrodingers cat

    Can you point to the place on the doll where the bad man touched you?

  234. Robert Louis

    Black Donald at 0129am,

    Excellent post. You have made a very good case, and argued it well. I think some pro-indy folk, especially those in positions of influence online, need to take a chill-pill on this. As you say, it is nothing to do with this election.

    They are getting played. Very, very obvious now.

    I will be voting SNP, and encouraging others to do so. The gender thing is a fight for another day. The wee pretendy ‘wokebro’ unionist sh*ts who have infiltrated the party will in short time, be shown the door.

    Bigger fights to win right now, like oh I don’t know, that thing called INDEPENDENCE.

  235. Dave

    What is interesting is the parallel this WOKE campaign has with a recognised and condemned torture technique. An episode of Star Trek second generation highlighted it perfectly.
    Captain Picard had been captured by Romulans who were trying to break his spirit and mind using a technique that required him to deny his own reality. He was shown 4 lights and told he was looking at 3 lights. Everytime he disagreed and insisted there were 4 lights he was punished. Only by agreeing and accepting he saw 3 lights would the punishment cease.
    His reality was being dictated to him by a controlling source.
    Thats whats happening here and if we allow reality to be dictated to us for the sake of somebody elses agenda then we lose our very own real identities for the sake of allowing other people to fake theirs.

  236. Scotspine

    Start the Party Stu.

  237. Maolbeatha

    Weird how things work.
    A minority issue, and that is what it is, has become front and centre the biggest issue.

    Because of a personal fixations’ on a flawed ideaology. The “personal” is the key part.
    Inflating egoes’ by fixating on an issue where the moral rules are not understood. One side can say, and apparently, do almost anything without question because they righteously claim the moral high ground.

    Anyone questioning this is claimed to be an “ist” of some kind, carrying out yet another “ism” or other.
    The accusation itself held as evidence.
    Our oh so impartial press slavering for just this type of thing as it is de rigueur at the moment. Perhaps encouraging it.

    The SNP may be in this bind now, to do nothing encourages these misguided, perhaps malevolent idealouges’ but to stand against them opens them up to classification by the harping press as a party of this “ism” or that “ism”.

    That may be the tactic, avoid bad press at all costs. ALL costs is a reckless limit.

    I must admit that our hosts comments on the SNP agitated me a while back but on the dangers of this strategy by the SNP I am thinking that we may be in agreement.

    I have read the EU policy on the issue and the explanation by the SNP on how they are handling this. It may be interpreted that they are doing what is recommended by the rules of the EU, and Westminster, but in a effort to be seen as being, perhaps, more progressive they may have let this go too far.
    By handing too much authority to misguided blinkered followers of a developing cult.
    To coin a well used phrase.

  238. Glamaig

    First headline on BBC Scotland Politics page: ‘will Scots vote tactically?’

    Second headline: ‘Swinson – SNP victory means fresh indyref2 threat’

    Coincidence I’m sure

  239. Socrates MacSporran

    In my ‘day job’ I write about sport, mainly rugby. The SRU has this season brought in a new competition, Super6, which is to be a ‘bridge’ between the amateur game at your local club and the full-time professionals at Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    Initially I was one of the leaders against this new competition. Then, I was sat down by one of the club guys leading its introduction and had the whole idea explained to me – whereupon it made sense. However, for all its merits and the hard work of the six clubs involved, some of the decisions made by the SRU could yet fatally wound it.

    But still, some in the club game: the ‘Aye Beens’ as I call them are rabidly against it and coming-up with any old excuse to belittle it.

    I have long held ‘Aye Beenism’ as one of the fatal drawbacks to being Scottish. We all know what it is about: “Ye canny dae that Son, it’s aye been done this wey, and it aye will be.” How often do you hear that in Scotland?

    ‘Aye Beenism’ is maybe why, in spite of being largely governed by the worst Westminster Government ever, the balance between pro-Independence Scots and pro-Union Scots remains, at best, at 50-50.

    The way Westminster has treated us since 2014:

    The Vow
    The refusal to give greater powers (other than income tax) to the Scottish Government
    The absolute refusal to recognise the 62/38 vote to stay in the EU
    The disgraceful treatment of SNP MPs at Westminster
    The Unionist parties refusal to accept the pro-Independence referendum mandate of the Scottish Parliament.

    given these downright insults to Scotland, the pro-Independence support ought to be about 75%, but, thanks to various causes, not least our pro-Union media, led by the BBC, the pro-Independence ratings stubbornly refuse to go above 50%.

    Now Nicola Sturgeon is a good FM, she is certainly, by a country mile, the most-able of the party leaders in Holyrood. When allowed on the national stage she repeatedly shows-up the pathetic leaders of the national Unionist parties.

    Inside Westminster, Ian Blackford, like his two predecessors also repeatedly shows-up the paucity of talent and argument on the Unionist benches.

    The SNP has a good number of more than competent politicians at its head.

    But, we are still England’s last colony. Do they have the single figure – the Bruce who will get us freedom?

    I personally feel only one man could do it, and that man is Alex Salmond – IF he can get himself out of his current fix.

    Our enemies at Westminster know, Wee Eck has to kept quiet, at any cost.

    They also must know Nicola’s weaknesses, and I am positive the current travails of the SNP have the fingerprints of the English Establishment’s ‘dirty tricks’ department all over them.

    The timing of the Hanvey and Findlay “scandals” is, I believe, significant. The Establishment knows the SNP are winning, and their plants within the Party have been activated to spread discord and to try to derail the coming SNP train. Classic Establishment tricks.

    Just remember, in 1707 England paid the equivalent in today’s money of £4 million to bribe some 25 Scottish politicians and deliver the Treaty of Union – they will spend even more to keep us tied to them.

    We must stay strong, and vote SNP.

    However, I have to say, if the SNP again delivers more than 50% of the Scottish MPs back to Westminster next week, and we are again side-lined and treated with disdain, then the SNP really has to up their game and come up with new strategies.

    I also agree with Dickie @ 4.41am above: either Sturgeon delivers Indyref2 in 2020, or she has to resign.

    Get this GRA nonsense sorted ande get back to Plan A –


    Nothing else matters.

  240. Nigel

    “This site can no longer stand by silently and watch the Yes movement be destroyed by infiltrators and entryists who have hijacked the SNP as a vehicle to undemocratically force through their own massively unpopular agenda, with no interest in the party’s primary goal.”

    Good. Spread the word. We cannot win independence with the party in this mess – it will soon become linked to the independence campaign and that will not be good for us. It’s vital that the grass roots YES movement does its best to remain independent and distance itself from the SNP. A chink in our armour will be relentlessly exploited by the unionist media.

    “Nicola Sturgeon needs to stand down, and the sooner the better. In this site’s view, there is no chance whatsoever of independence being achieved under her leadership, and to be honest it’s been some time since we’ve believed she was even trying.”

    Could not agree more. I have left the party recently over exactly this issue of lack of real progress on independence. Will always campaign for YES, but cannot bring myself to support a party that’s clearly taken it’s eye off the ultimate goal. I am delighted you are bringing these issues into the open before too much damage is done to the YES movement. Roll on the Wings party.

  241. Gavin Barrie

    “All these things and more will be controlled by us in Scotland once we get Scottish independence ”

    I’m afraid you are wrong. We have a likely second consultation coming up in December for Gender Recognition Act reform, tweeted by many of the known Trans Rights Activists, with reform and legislation planned before the end of the year.

    After the furore and resistance they had earlier in 2019, they planned to remove people opposed to them, to then do this under the cover of a general election and Christmas.

    Once the legislation is passed it will be very difficult to overturn, they know this. It’s all a coordinated plan that Nicola and the senior SNP leadership is allowing.

    You are being played for mugs and you cant even see it.

  242. Martin

    Good article Stu and you outline your reasoning very well. I must respectfully disagree with you though on the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon. I agree she ahs been weak/manipulated in this field but I have absolutely no faith in her replacement. Given how leaders are elected and the undoubted sway TRA entryists have within the SNP I suspect you may find any replacement is even more “woke.”

    I suspect NS has found herself backed into a corner by early attempts to be tolerant, which is of course the strategy these TRA people utilise (for what it’s worth I think these people are dangerous to both womena nd the more traditional trans movement who generally just want people to respect them as humans and not control our internal thoughts).

    I thought Maitlis interview with Lib Dem MP who’s an anti science GP was a good start in how this gets sorted- we need to get the wider public more ware what is happening and turn the tide before it takes root. The opposition to either self ID or the process by which it is being secretly pushed through needs to come from far and wide then politicians will change track.

    It is of course appalling that people are being targeted by the TRA element and being accused of things they clearly are not in response. Longer term I see the SNP breaking in two, but probably post indy.

    Indy is still tantalisingly close and I think we should actually be more supportive of SNP until then, as the longer it takes to get indy, the longer before the schism and the more damaging policies the woke wing can put into law.

    My own distaste lies within the non acceptance of differing views. I love speaking to people I disagree with- we both learn from it. Being surrounded by an echo chamber is completely dull and overall damaging. I know what one of my idols, Archie Cochrane, would say.

  243. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Post modern conflict “encourage dissent among your enemy and then exploit it.”

    Just saying.

  244. Ghillie

    You are like a dog with a bone Stuart.

  245. bobby mcpherson

    I SUPPORT NICOLA STURGEON & so does the Wee Ginger Dug:

  246. Slackshoe

    Why would the only UK party leader with a net positive approval rating stand down? Ever since joining the TERF club, Stu has completely lost his mind. I used to read this site every day, now it’s more like once a month and every time the decline is more and more apparent.

  247. Mitchell MacBeth

    Like the good Rev’, I also have no time whatsoever for these genderqueer fascists (as distinct from actual gay, lesbian and transsexual people). They are a toxic cancer that will, in time be the victims of a terrible backlash (a backlash that I can only pray does not engulf regular gay men, like me or lesbians and genuinely transsexual people).

    But to allow this cancer to open up gaping splits in the Indy movement is a mistake. This is not a reason to junk the First Minister at the present time. Calm heads. Eyes on the prize. These little woke fascists can be dealt with in time, maybe even once independence in achieved but we must not be the ones to undermine our own chances of independence by reacting emotively to them with hostility….not now…not yet…but soon.

  248. John Thomson

    Regarding this current issue, I am of the opinion that no news is bad news it will lose some and gain some voters, but overall it will get people talking and that can only be a good thing. The more people talk about this and other topics the more informed we become and right or wrong an informed population will make the right decisions when it matters till then vote in a GE SNP 1 and HR SNP 1 WINGS 2.

    Right or wrong we can only make an informed choice with all the facts the more we know the more informed we become. Truly believe the majority will make the right decision and if they don’t we will simply try again. Democracy is a wonderful thing.

  249. Stephen

    Sadly, it’s very hard to disagree with any of this.

    Nicola might be widely popular in Scotland, but that’s not for her passion or determination for independence. Just because she’s agreeable and can deliver zingy put downs does not mean she’s the person to lead us to independence.

    We need a leader with courage and intelligence. Someone with some metaphorical balls. Like Joanna Cherry.

    A lot of SNP representatives have become a little too comfy on the gravy train.

  250. sassenach

    Sharny Dubs says “Stu, if you get the Wings party up and running it will be the last time I vote SNP.”

    Just what is needed, a new Scottish party headquartered in ENGLAND!!! Have we learned nothing?


  251. Rick H Johnston

    Meanwhile, just one week to go and the once all powerful Labour Party are at 18%
    in Scotland.
    The days of weighing the labour vote are long gone.
    No more delivering 40 or 50 Scots Labour MP’s to make up the numbers for their UK masters. Changed days indeed.

  252. Papko

    It is a long term theme amongst contributors to the comments section, that the “Yoons are terrified”, “they are very scared now as they know Independence is inevitable” etc

    Reading the recent contributions here, its not just Yoons who have trouble processing data.

    If the SNP vote next week is region 1 million votes (like it has been in 2016, 2017)
    Then I can assure you Indyref2 is kicked into the grass again.

  253. Dorothy Devine

    Black Donald, thanks for that.

    Robert Louis , thanks for that too.

    Regarding ‘tweeting’ why in the name of the wee man do these MSP’s, MP’s not see it for what it is and NOT respond without a deal of thought or at all?

    Regarding trans genderism ,it has been allowed to fester and produce witch hunter generals who have been given far too much attention – there is a whole lot of nasty , evil stuff going on in the world which requires more immediate action.

  254. Famous15

    I had a nervous breakdown once back in the day.

    I thought my granny was blaming me for shoving her aff the bus.

  255. Alex Montrose

    Finally as the election campaign enters it’s last week, Thorin Cambellsheild, joins the battle, but he’s decided to fight with the Orcs, has all that gold gone to his head? has he found a new sponsor? wtf going on.

  256. Famous15

    The Daily Mail was right.

    What’s left?

  257. vlad (not that one)

    Luckily the candidate in my area happens to be Joanna Cherry, so holding my nose next week may not be necessary.
    However, a week is a long time in politics.

    You could not make it up, could you?

  258. Clive Scott

    Calling for Nicola to be replaced because of her inability to instantly slap down fringe nutters in the party whatever their body parts or views on centuries old faith conflicts with just a week to go to the GE is utterly ridiculous. Get behind Nicola, vote SNP at every election of every sort, vote YES in Indyref2 whenever it comes. Post indy I would like EU membership, no nukes, no royalty, no special privileges for religious faith of any description, Norway level taxes on alcohol, no state support for private education, and draconian anti littering enforcement. Other views are available. My vote for SNP/Indy (at every election since 1970, national or local) is not conditional on any personal preferences coming about. Getting out from under the wretched heel of Westminster is what counts. The first step is getting every Unionist MP out of office in Scotland on 12th December.

  259. Terry callachan

    Dadsarmy…I agree with what you say

    A final decision on self ID gender reecognition has not yet been made by the Scottish government

    What I say is why then so much said on this a Scottish independence website about it ?

    Surely we should wait for the Scottish governments final report before critical examination

    As for anti Semitic in Scotland , read this

    I’m disappointed that two SNP candidates have had support withdrawn by NS
    I do in a way understand that doing this is an effort to ensure that the british nationalist press BBC and STV etc cannot do the same to the SNP as they have done to the Labour Party in England.

    I have been to Israel and Palestine visited the Palestinian towns I’ve witnessed the awful behaviour of Israeli people especially their young armed forces people I agree that Israel is insanely cruel and uncontrolled but it’s wrong to say it’s as bad as the nazis were .

    The two SNP candidates should have known better than to say the things they said.

    I’m voting SNP
    Ads I’ve s said before on here
    NS isn’t perfect but when you choose a leader to lead your cause
    You back them to the hilt if you want to win
    You DONT just back them on the things YOU agree with
    If we all did that
    So many differing views
    You would never achieve having a leader with FULL support

    Scottish independence is what it is ALL about
    After that do what you will
    Support whatever you want
    By then only people living in Scotland will decide

  260. Famous15

    Those the gods would destroy , they first make mad?

    I am as mad as I wish to be , I can tell a heron from a handshaw.

  261. Terry callachan

    Well said Clive Scott

  262. ScotsRenewables

    From the article:

    These activities would have been bad enough at any time. To undertake them days before perhaps the most crucial general election in living memory, sabotaging the party’s own prospects and very likely increasing the number of Unionist seats, is unforgivable narcissistic destructiveness.

    To be fair, this criticism could also be levelled by some at the writer of this article.

  263. Bill McLean

    Sick fed up with the ongoing attempts to destroy our only vehicle to Independence – you’d almost think it is deliberate!!!

  264. Terry callachan

    Gavin Barrie 0829 hrs

    You are wrong

    If self ID legislation is introduced now or soon or next year
    It can be changed
    At any time
    Like all legislation it can be changed

    Scottish independence is at its height , it is more important and the result cannot be changed as readily

  265. naina tal
    I support Nicola Sturgeon and so does Ppaul Kavanagh.
    There’s an election to win and Independence too.

  266. Capella

    @ Maren – excellent comments above. This is not a fringe issue. This affects 52% of the voters.

    Re anti-semitism, the current definition, which includes criticism of Israel as a state, was adopted in Scotland in April, 2017. Many people object to its chilling effect on freedom of speech. Trawling through twitter accounts to find historical evidence of something which is not unlawful then suspending unwitting opponents under current controversial definitions is absolutely typical of the woke faction.

    Wikipedia has a good article on the current IHRC definition and its critics. Read it quickly before Philip Cross has time to edit it into oblivion.

  267. Al-Stuart

    Nobody said Indy would be easy.

    From within we have this woke takeover of the SNP.

    From outwith, we learn this morning how Mr John Curtice got his knighthood. By writing an utterly shameless piece for the Establishment and their propaganda unit, the BBC. Curtice’s article masquerades as a TACTICAL VOTING story. Yet the grammar, syntax and subliminal content is basically, VOTE TACTICALLY TO DEFEAT THE SNP.

    FCUK IT CURTICE, if I had any doubts about voting SNP, the likes of your excrement passing off as psephological wisdom has pressed my thrawn button.

    Even though I am angry at the SNP, I WILL BE VOTING SNP on 12th December 2019.

    To think I once had some respect for Mr Curtice.

    Away and bile yer head ya Unionist Boris fan bam.

    For anyone wanting their blood pressure raised here is what auld baldy brains wrote with his crayons and abacus dressed in a Union Jack suit he borrowed from yon eejit in Edinburgh…

  268. Bob Mack

    I will of course vote SNP. No doubts about that.

    What we al! must recogmise is the malign element within the party.It does exist, and it will eventually destroy the party from within. I think that is fair and true comment.

    We must win this election then deal with them.

    Remember, it was these people who posted their comments on social media about us who support Wings. They were talking about you and me.The Rev only rep!ied to those postings.

    The Rev is also highlighting the fact that even though we al! know this element within the party is disruptive they are being allowed to create that havoc without being reined in. In fact they are being allowed to chose members of their own committee who have “appropriate” views.

    This cannot be allowed to continue.

  269. Jacqueline McDowell

    I am fed up of all these folk coming into the party with their views and decrying anyone with different views. Of course we shouldn’t tolerate racism or any “isms”. But we are a party primarily for independence, of course we have to have policies to ensure we are credible and sustainable in an independent Scotland, but after independence some of us won’t be SNP voters as we have got what we have set our to get. I have been a member since I was 16 and I want the right of free speech in my party. I am a Christian and should be entitled to my beliefs but I would be terrified to post them as I would be judged and there would be no tolerance of my views. I am not prepared to be in a party that isn’t tolerant and those who shout the loudest get heard.

  270. Gary45%

    Eyes on the Prize.
    Remember divided we fall, we Scots seem to be world leaders in shooting ourselves in both feet, before cutting off both arms, just before attempting to swim the channel.
    He beats one, then another, the goal is wide open he goes to shoot and kicks himself in the bollocks.
    SNP until Scotland is Independent.

    Tried posting this already and it vanished.

  271. Fergus Green

    This pro-indy blogger does not want Nicola Sturgeon to resign:

  272. louis.b.argyll

    Now I remember why I stopped reading Wings, he’s obviously been nobbled, by gender activists.
    Seems like the article was planned months ago with ‘insert scandalous outrage here’ laced through it.
    Hope you like your new clothes Emperor Stu.

  273. Bob Mack

    @Louis B Argyll,

    You forgot to forget.

  274. Albaman

    Socrates McSporran @8:12 am.
    Largely agree with you, the “secret service” have practiced this before, so it would not surprise me to find them at it again.
    Stewart, if the vote for the S.N.P. takes a sudden dive, therefore loose the drive for independence,and the reason looks to be largely due to this particular article, how would you feel?.

  275. Bob Mack


    Hold up fella. This article may be read by a few thkusand and many will agree with it .

    The rights of women belong to over 50% of Scotlands population and many of them are unhappy about having their choices removed to suit a smal! group.

    Why you blaming the Rev instead of the people who are naking that happen? Easier?

  276. mike cassidy

    Maren 1.39

    Thanks for your report on the Hanvey Hustings.

    And thanks for this at 2.36.

    You underestimate the anger of women about this issue at your peril. Without women there will be no independence campaign. Not that Women for Independence are making any public statements about this as an organisation but I have lost count of how many members have told me that this is the first time they have encountered a political issue more important to them than independence and if they had to make a decision between independence and defending our rights, they will choose the latter. It is existential for us. Not fearmongering, not propagandising, not bigoted, not right-wing.

  277. winifred mccartney

    No doubt about it there are forces in all parties working against womens rights to safe spaces, safe changing room, hostels, prisons and womens sport – this is not just the prerogative of the snp.

    But since when does being pro Palestine make you anti-semetic – the narrative has changed, on here and in the media, how did this happen that we are not supposed to criticise the actions of Israel in Palestine – it is being used as an excuse to get rid of those sticking up for womens rights and probably used against those in labour who are pro Palestine and NOT anti-semetic. It seems to me if you criticise Israel you are deemed to be anti-semetic – ridiculous nonsense otherwise Israel can do what they like and if you criticise you are anti-semetic.

  278. Bob Mack

    @Mike Cassidy,

    Totally agree. It is taking me hours to convince the women in my life (all voters) that this wil! work out OK.

    My first two years of working life were spent in Glasgow Police where I saw first hand what women endured on a daily basis. Abused and beaten to a pulp because of some exterior event unrelated to their “home” They were helpless afraid and unable to seek justice because of inevitable reprisals.

    Women have had, and do have, much to fear with just cause.

    Their rights and protections have been paid for in blood and bruises and we have no rights to remove those precious hard won defences.

    We put them at risk if we do.

  279. Gary45%

    looks like you will be deemed Anti Semitic if you don’t watch Brenda’s blether on Crimbo day.

  280. Sharny Dubs

    sassenach @ 9:22,

    If it was based in Engerland it wouldn’t be an Independence Party would it?

    Come on!

  281. John D

    It’s like bog snorkelling here atm . Reminds of when the animal activists meeting was only attended by shadow men .
    Still, Vote whoever will beat the Unionist and Conservative

  282. The Man in the Jar

    I just want to say that I totally agree with Stu on this. I narrowly missed an opportunity to tell my SNP candidate Angela Crawley this yesterday. I believe that she is on the side of the trans activists. I would consider withholding my vote but it is a tight three-way contest here. I couldn’t live with myself if a Yoon candidate won.

  283. sassenach

    sharny dubs

    The point I was making was Mr Campbell, who you wish to start his new party, lives in BATH, and has shown no desire to move up here – so it WOULD be an England-based organisation, would it not??

    Besides that he has shown the ability countless times to be ‘marmite’, so getting it off the ground in HIS name will be very difficult now.

  284. Ghillie

    bobby mcpherson @ 9.05 am and many others, thank you.

    A blast of fresh air 🙂

    I trust the SNP.

    I trust Nicola Sturgeon.

    I am focused on Scotland’s Independence.

    This is not a game. Focus.

    We will argue out the details AFTER Scotland has the ability to make its OWN decisions.

    Until then, Boris and his ilk will do as they wish. Puke. puke.

    Enough nonsense. Let’s get on with the job in hand.

    Independence for Scotland NOW!!!

  285. Breeks

    A wee bit perspective here… Or maybe just a wee bit of “my” perspective…

    I don’t know whether SNP folk have short memories, or whether they harbour lingering resentment that they didn’t think of it themselves, but Rev Stu’s Wee Blue Book as almost the pivotal event in 2014, and was a spectacular resource in everybody’s pocket, and everywhere else from the office computer to the dentists waiting room.

    We also lose perspective of just how bad the media was back in 2013/14, and while precious little has changed about the rotten media, public awareness about the Press and the perfidious BBC is a world apart and unrecognisable from 2014. Back then, people were still writing aggrieved complaints to the BBC Commissioners waste paper basket. That change in perception is a healthy new dynamic for us, and Wings over Scotland has played a pivotal roll in bringing it about. Wings was the place where people dared to criticise convention and risk the wrath of those who didn’t want the boat rocked for fear we’d make it worse.

    But take a wee minute, and ask yourself what thanks or appreciation he’s had for his lonely dedication? What recognition there has been has been grudging and reluctant, with the Wee Blue Book acknowledged by private individuals, but from the “Official” party, virtually nothing. Scarcely a nod.

    Cast your mind back too, when the SNP lost it’s Holyroodwas given a thump for it’s complacency in Theresa’s “snap” election, which was more of a “dark money ambush” election, there was constructive and informed discussion and debate about whether YES should be politicised as a stand-alone political party to scoop up list seats from second preference votes and heighten the prospect of a Scottish Parliament denied an outright majority by the system, but a powerful pro Independence majority assured with YES list seats.

    It all made sense in 2017. If memory serves, there were even speculative YES dream team candidates in circulation.

    There were however misgivings about whether YES the idea would be strengthened or weakened by politicisation, as YES was a mercurial phenomenon owned and cared for by everybody and no-one, so YES the party never happened, but the formula was sound… using Holyrood’s system to suit us they way it has suited Unionist parties and list seats.

    But what the hell? When Rev Stu merely flies the kite to gauge opinion on the idea, and rekindle the constructive debate about having a Wings Party rather than YES hoovering up list seats, suddenly Rev Stu is the raving antichrist. Dear God, who the hell needs enemies when the SNP don’t like a thing?

    As for Kezia and the defamation carry on… well I dunno if Rev Stu was all that bothered about winning, but it was an opportunity for all of us to show a bit solidarity with one of our stormtroopers suffering a flesh wound… but all he got was vilification.

    And as for this woke shite and self ID carry on… I don’t know where to begin. For five years we can’t talk about Indy, Brexit is a perpetual enigma, and for chrissake don’t mention anything about Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty… but let’s allow the issue of Scottish Independence to be dominated by weirdos who want to deconstruct women’s sport and biological integrity.

    Oh wait, they wanna deselect Joanna Cherry? I cannot think of a finer ambassador for women, and gay women at that, than our own Joanna Cherry… a gay Scottish lawyer who nailed Westminster and it’s phoney Constitution to the floor and forced them to respect the Scottish Courts. Nobody else did that in the last three centuries of our subjugation. Deselect her??? Ya know what? Why don’t we deselect the lot of you, and start again from scratch with Joanna Cherry at the heart of us?

    It isn’t “our” Rev where the problem lies. It’s the SNP. The great billowing enigma where compelling warnings, constructive suggestions, illuminating conjecture, sound advice and legitimate concerns go in, but nothing ever comes out except “trust us, we’re the SNP. Who else you gonna vote for?”

    If Nicola is a great as everybody thinks she is, then either she’s content to throw away our mandates, or she’s living in a bubble or cocoon and unaware of people’s anxiety.

    Jesus H. Something has got to change. If it’s not Nicola standing down, and I think Rev Stu himself might agree that was said in anger, but once this election is out of the way, I hope Nicola doesn’t stand down exactly, but does stand sideways, and give over the Indy Campaign to a proactive fighter… and a big part of me hopes that is Joanna Cherry, with a roving licence to use every Constitutional and sovereign lever at our disposal to extricate Scotland from this Union.

    Let the woke brigade assemble around Nicola where they can’t do any harm, but let the Indy Campaign be relieved of this controversy and be free to light the beacons, unfurl the banners and muster the troops. Lead us to freedom with a ballot in one hand and our legal Constitution in the other… Rev Stu will be there.

  286. Fireproofjim

    Disagree with Stuart.
    Nicola is by far the best and most respected politician in the whole U.K. and we are lucky to have her. Now is just a stupid time to call for resignations. It’s like soldiers facing a battle against an invader refusing to fight because the cookhouse tea was cold. Trivial nonsense in the grand scheme.
    The Trans furore is something to be sorted on another day. Vote SNP and no other until Independence is won.
    To quote Margaret Thatcher -TINA. (There is no alternative).

  287. Breeks

    Sorry… correction… the YES party was discussed after the Scottish election in 2016, not the GE 2017.

  288. vlad (not that one)

    Breeks @ 11:47

  289. Graeme

    If you have an opinion on anything or believe in anything no matter how noble it is almost certainly gonna make you an anti-something, or a somethingist or a somethingphobe such is the world we now live in.

    we need to stop giving a fuck and say what we think and stand up for what we believe in

    I don’t agree with everything Stu says but I respect his right to say it

  290. cirsium

    great post, Socrates. 8.12

    I would agree that our “friends” from the various sections of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have been active.

    There are still assets to be stripped from this colony so it is not going to be easy to regain independence.

  291. JamesMac

    Denise Findlay was not “kicked out” due to transphobia. She resigned because she equated Israel with Nazi Germany. Could SNP have maybe backed her up a bit better? Maybe, certainly the debate around Israeli west bank policies should be discussed much more frankly. TBH though, Wings, you are writingmore and more anti-SNP bullshit factory and outright lies these days rather than exposing it

  292. Jock Tamson

    The beauty of this website lies in the fact that Mr Campbell has a nose for bullshit and corruption and has the balls to call it out because he does not belong to the careerist political elites. Most of Scotland is politically a bit left of centre and would encompass what could be termed old Labour basic working class values. All social surveys reveal Scotland to have no real difference on social attitudes to England. Most SNP members are ordinary people who genuinely want the best for this great country. Unfortunately the desire to virtue signal “ progressive politics” and be the poster girl for the Guardian, is leading Nicola up a road that is now cow towing to extreme identity politics reminiscent of the Loony London Left that alienated working class support for Labour in the 1980s.
    Essentially the equality agenda has been hijacked by a tiny minority trans activist zealot fanaticism that is being bank rolled by the Scottish Government. This is generating volumes of unreadable junk science based policy that is strangling the public sector and has serious implications for hospitals, schools and prisons. Rather than listen to the people who work in those institutions the SG has indulged this lobby to a ridiculous degree. That the leader of the SNP has not though through the consequences of this political direction does question her strategic awareness.

  293. Ghillie

    Again Stuart, your blog has worked well as a poultice for drawing the anti Indy implants.

    A useful insight. Clever 🙂

  294. Graham

    I agree with the list but it seems there’s one missing. Why not just come out and say it?

    “Women have the inalienable right to discriminate against women born with male genitalia with impunity.”

    Maybe some other of those “extremist fundamentalist trans activists” are actually just tolerant people who recognise the hell that trans people have to endure and want them to have protections too. God knows they need it. A trans woman is prone to be a victim in a male space and highly unlikely to be an offender in a female space.

  295. Graham

    Anyone notice that when any other country tries to influence our elections it’s called “Foreign Interference” but when Israel does it it’s called “taking advice from the Jewish community” ?

  296. Graham

    Oops I missed some… it should be “extremist fundamentalist fanaticist zealot trans activists”.

    You must know if you have to use terms like these to describe people that you are peddling the hate in the debate. It’s hardly conducive to a constructive conversation. A measure of respect would carry your point of view much further than the divisive hysteria.

  297. Graeme

    JamesMac says:
    5 December, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    “Denise Findlay was not “kicked out” due to transphobia. She resigned because she equated Israel with Nazi Germany”

    She did not equate Israel to Nazi Germany

  298. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “But to allow this cancer to open up gaping splits in the Indy movement is a mistake. This is not a reason to junk the First Minister at the present time. Calm heads. Eyes on the prize. These little woke fascists can be dealt with in time”

    Unfortunately it’s now clear that the First Minister IS one of the little woke fascists.

  299. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “In all 50 pages of the SNP manifesto I can find nothing on this gender matter. There is no commitment to any legislation on the subject.”

    Fucking hell, are you an idiot? Both Nicola Sturgeon and Shirley-Anne Somerville have EXPLICITLY stated in the last few days that they’re committed to bringing the legislation forward within weeks. It’s not in the manifesto because it’s Holyrood legislation, nothing to do with a Westminster election.

  300. liz

    well sais Breeks.
    I usedto think Nicola Sturgeon was amazing, I campaigned for her in all weathers.

    But she’s not the person she was.
    Did anyone ever hear her mention self ID before Brexit?

    I believe she realises herself she can’t deliver indy, so she’s choosing a new career path.

    The Rev has been highlighting this issue for at least a year,
    loads of us have been trying to ‘get our voices heard’, long before a GE was announced.

    I believe the woke brigade have infiltrators but also have pulled in some young naive idealists.

    The SNP should have shelved this until the 2021 election and campaigned on self ID, put it out there for the voters to decide.
    But they didn’t because they know it will be a deeply unpopular decision, so they’re trying to sneak it through.

    BTW Meg Merrilees, NS had not signed the women’spledge but the out for indy one.

    There is a lot of murky stuff going on regarding financing of these groups.
    So for those accusing us of ruining our indy chances, we’ve tried to reign in the woke nutters,the fault lies at the top of the SNP and I don’t know the reason why.

    The Rev is highlighting the issue and the woke nutters are the ones who’ve brought this up during the GE.

    Joanna Cherry is the star IMO, NS talked about stopping Brexit, Joanna got it done, at least for now.

  301. dadsarmy

    She did not equate Israel to Nazi Germany

    Yes she did, see for yourself – in 3 of the 4 tweets.

  302. Clapper57

    Have not added this to most recent thread out of respect for site owner as too soon to add an off topic .

    Otto English ( ‘liberal’ minded pro remainer) tweeted today :

    “4 Brexit Party MEPs Lance Forman, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, John Longworth and Lucy Harris have all given up on Farage’s party and joined the Tories. I hope they’ll do the decent thing and resign their seats. Oh – and that’s it. Game over for @nigel_farage

    2:35 AM – 5 Dec 2019”

    Oh my God…is he stupid ALL of these people are Tories ….just like Farage, Banks & Tice.

    If Richard Tice is elected as MP for Brexit party he will eventually defect to the Tories….this IS the plan…they are ALL Tories….AND the fact that Farage was mouthing off about NOT wanting a knighthood is most probably because he has other plans/ambitions….perhaps even becoming the UK Ambassador to USA….his beloved America with his pal Trump….where he can weasel a cushy job , in a country he loves and negotiate under the radar for the benefit of people like Banks his financial benefactor.

    Funnily enough all has gone quiet about yon investigation re leaks on previous UK ambassador on his comments about Trump as written in a supposed ‘sensational’ article by Tice’s girlfriend Oakeshott… no one joining the dots…perhaps Mr English it will be ‘Game Over’ for remainers like you if this is the limit of your comprehension on what is actually happening….

    Brexit party standing down in key Tory seats in GE was a DEAL…so what does Farage get for doing this…or rather what has he been promised…once GE over….a parcel of rogues indeed…

    Meanwhile In Scotland journo’s as per concentrate on tittle tattle to the detriment of the SNP and benefit of Unionist parties….not so much getting to the heart of stories but skimming the edges and like a pick and mix they choose the bits they want to promote via massive spin.

    Is it any wonder we read this blog and specific twitter a/c’s to stay informed….AND added bonus have a platform to air our opinions.

  303. Golfnut

    The membership should of course just stop this nonsense in its tracks. A petition from all the branch’s to FM ordering this Gi stuff stopped until its been discussed fully at conference, an enquiry set up to investigate individuals involved in targeting other members using spurious complaints, an immediate suspension for any office bearers involved. Should conference approve going forward with this GI stuff, then it must presented to the Scottish electorate via the manifesto for 2021 elections.
    The members need to sabre rattle on this matter before it goes to far which means start now.

  304. Maren

    Graham @12:48

    “Women have the inalienable right to discriminate against women born with male genitalia with impunity.”

    Women have the right to define themselves in a category of their own, separately from males. Which is what “women born with male genitalia” are. They are male. Men.

    There is no such thing as a woman born with a penis. And because the class of people born with male genitalia commit physical and sexual violence against the class of people born with female genitalia at great rates, the latter need protection from the former.

    There is no evidence that a man poses less risk to a woman after uttering the magic words “I identify as a woman”. There is copious evidence however, that men who claim a female identity commit crimes against women at the exact same rate as all other men, this includes men who have had their penis cut off and who have been convicted for heinous sexual offences against women and children.

    Would you like all safeguarding removed? Not all men violate women, after all, so why are you not arguing to do away with all of the laws that protect us from the worst of men? Law-making and safe-guarding works by considering the worst-case scenarios and then seeking to protect society from those cases. There are trans-identifying men who are a risk to women and children just as there are other men who pose a risk to women and children. Not all men. Not all trans-identifying ones.

    Yet we have laws and established safeguarding rules in place to protect women and children from both of these types of men by excluding ALL men, however they identify from certain female-only provisions. That is what we are fighting to uphold.

    And as men, they discriminate against us by demanding that we put our own rights aside, our safety, dignity and privacy in order to accommodate men who claim an inner feminine essence, some kind of dis-embodied metaphysical entity that is somehow female and finds itself stuck in a male body.

    I am an atheist and female. What makes us women are our female bodies, not some eccentric, unscientific, quasi-religious notion of a female mind.

    And for the attention of those who do not know: the people for whom the original GRA was written are transsexuals who often are indeed vulnerable. This legal protection has worked successfully for them and precisely as intended.

    It was not intended for the now prevalent self-identifying males who are for the most part crossdressers who have no intention of medically transitioning. They make up between 80 and 95% of of UK males identifying as trans (data from GIRES, a trans rights org). Most of them are straight. We now have of course increasing numbers of men who look, present and behave no different from any other men who are self-identifying as women by merely uttering the words “I identify as a woman”.

    And yes, not only do I know trans people as friends and family, we are also working together to uphold women’s rights.

    Sadly, I also have been threatened by trans rights activists, including self-identifying males. Before I even knew what was going on, I had young trans-identifying men in balaclavas screaming “fascist” in my face for wanting to attend a women’s rights meeting. One of my fellow campaigners has to be accompanied by security to move around at her place of work because trans people there have levelled so many threats against her. This is management’s only concession to her rights because they have been cowed into silence by trans rights activists. Others have lost their jobs for speaking out on the issue or given up on their career because of what they are now asked to do in aid of this ideology.

    And if you really thought men who identify as trans were actually women, you’d lump them in with us by ignoring their needs and rights just as you ignore the needs and rights of female people. You’re telling us to move aside for your fellow men, because they are much more important to you than mere women.

  305. Clapper57

    What’s happened to the 24/7 TV coverage with Mark Francois…like Mogg he seems to be missing in ‘inaction’….

    Aye in my day yon Francois was never off the telly noo he’s gone AWOL….his decision?….or advised to stand down into low profile category…..aye yon vocal ERG members seem to be awfy quiet compared to pre GE announcement…it’s like somebody disnae see them as an asset to the Tory campaign…

    Steady..steady….will they , and he, be back on Telly once election over saying same old same old about Getting Brexit done…..Bojo told them vote for the deal and we will be out with NO DEAL at end of 2020…hence their vote for Bojo’s deal…we’re in the money we’re in the money…always follow the money ….Get Brexit Done anagram of Being Extorted….Lol what a spiffing wheeze that is….

  306. Maren

    TJenny @4:10 am

    We welcome any help in fighting to uphold our legal rights. If you email, they can put you in touch with local groups (if you’re in Fife, ask them to put you in touch with me) and/or tell you how you can support the campaign. They also accept donations directly on their website.

    As for dedicated fundraisers, MurrayBlackburnMackenzie is a policy analysis collective who have published work on the policy and regulatory capture of public bodies in Scotland by those endorsing and advocating for transgender ideology and legislation. They recently had a peer-reviewed paper in Scottish Affairs titled Losing Sight of Women’s Rights which makes for chilling reading, especially the case study of what is going on in Scottish women’s prisons.

    Their work is incredibly important because they look at the law and then at the policies which have been adopted by public bodies in Scotland in recent years that are already causing so many problems and document not only what has gone wrong, but also explore what should have happened instead if the law had been upheld.

    They’ve been doing this work unpaid until now to the detriment of their paid work and careers and recently ran a crowdfunder. If you get in touch with them via their website, they would welcome additional funds as they are currently working on preparing a comprehensive analysis of the draft bill.

  307. Sharny Dubs

    sassenach @ 11:36.

    I think Wings has become far more than just Mr Campbell, he’s just the referee (for the blog that is)

    An alternative Independence Party is sorely needed, doesn’t matter what you call it.

  308. Old Pete

    Divide and conquer, sure this has destroyed Scotland in the past. Shame so many on here seem eager to fall into this obvious trap and are happy to see the dream of regaining our sovereignty defeated again.
    Only a strong concentrated voice on Independence will achieve our goal. Any vote against the SNP is a vote against Independence any spoiled ballot paper or no vote is a vote against Independence.
    Your either with us or against us. Not a difficult choice at least not for me.

  309. TJenny

    Maren – many thanks for info. I have ust emailed forwomen and trying to reset my password to donate to MBM.

    Thanks again, again. 🙂

  310. Tony O"neill

    I agree stu, I can see it now yoons and their media goons will cry during the next indyref2 snp are abandoning real women and girls to appease this trans cult. Divide and conquer at its finest, turn real females against independence. They will say vote for indy and lose womens rights.

  311. DW

    “there is no chance whatsoever of independence being achieved under her leadership”.

    I agree with this 100%.

  312. Bobp

    How much did they pay you stu?

  313. Corrado Mella

    It’s been brewing for a while, but please consider this: under Alex Salmond’s leadership, the SNP rose to power in 2007, solidly stayed there in 2011 with an overall majority of seats in Holyrood (with a voting system engineered to stop this happening!), moved from a meagre 23% Yes to over 50% just days before Indyref1 – what triggered the purdah-breaking VOW on the Daily Record.

    The consequences of such success are now weighing on Salmond’s shoulders, speciously embroiled in a legal battle led by – guess who – civil servants in Holyrood on behalf of the BritNazi Establishment.

    Under Miss Sturgeon leadership, the party has lost ground in Holyrood, in Westminster, and the Yes side has barely moved.

    The moment Ian Blackford led the MPs to theatrically leave the Westminster cesspit, there was a surge of membership.

    As I said already, good administrators are rarely good leaders. Proper careful administration is boring and not enthusing.

    We need a LEADER. Someone with the guts, the gumption, the strength, the clout and the chutzpah to LEAD Scotland towards its rightful future.

    Scotland is GAGGING for a true, inspiring Leader with more attitude and less platitudes.

    It doesn’t have to be the leader of the SNP. We’ve told many times that the Wider Yes Movement is a broad church, with an SNP backbone but arms and legs everywhere. Where’s the head?

    That broad church now needs a leader, committed to Scottish Independence and that alone, not encumbered by managing a Country.

    Exactly as we will need a Constituent Assembly to write the new rules of and Independent Scotland, while the Holyrood Parliament and Government manage the daily job, we need a Leader for the Yes movement to drive it forward and isolate it from the vagaries of the daily politics.

    Independence sits way, way above the petty squabbles around the GRA or other weaponized opinions.

    Where is that Leader?

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