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Suspicious activities

Posted on May 07, 2020 by

Alert readers may have noticed that this site is once more under attack from Twitter. Following the suspension of the main Wings account last December, and one we set up for the prospective political party – suspensions which Twitter has never justified, because the Wings account did not break any of its rules – it has now suspended my personal account (@RevStu) and the account of old spinoff site The Sealand Gazette, both supposedly for evading the ban on the @WingsScotland account.

This allegation is clearly a nonsense, because the RevStu account predated the Wings one by years and was in constant use from its creation up until this morning, and the Gazette account was only used briefly as an emergency backup for the RevStu one when it was temporarily locked at the weekend for unspecified “suspicious activity”, which is a technical security issue rather than a suspension for supposed wrongdoing.

The actual reason for the suspension of all four accounts is this site’s opposition to controversial and massively unpopular transgender ideology, which Twitter supports and which is currently the subject of some hotly-contested and important lawmaking.

(It’s the same reason why Twitter has banned scores, probably hundreds of feminists for the most absurdly innocuous of tweets perceived as challenging trans ideology.)

In other words, these actions are direct censorship and deliberate interference in the political affairs of a country by an unaccountable and unelected foreign corporation serving the interests of a massive right-wing pharmacological lobby.

And even people who despise Wings Over Scotland should be alarmed by that.

By a remarkable coincidence, the new suspensions come in a week when it was known that Wings was about to reveal more polling data on the transgender issue. And it’s data Twitter won’t like one bit.

But we’ll get to that in the next day or two. For now, we apologise to readers that once again we’re unable to communicate with you by Twitter, through no fault of our own. It appears again that concerted efforts by SNP activists have succeeded in silencing the world’s most-read pro-independence website on social media.

Meanwhile, we’re sure that the Scottish press which this week expressed its indignant outrage at supposed interference with the 2014 independence referendum by “Iranian hackers” will be just as vocal about this case of an external organisation attempting to meddle in Scottish politics. We’re holding our breath already.



Peak Trans

Women And Girls In Scotland

Claire Graham (intersex voice silenced by Twitter)

Miranda Yardley (dissenting transwoman silenced by Twitter)

Meghan Murphy (Canadian feminist silenced by Twitter, also here)

RadFem Rebecca (Feminist silenced by Twitter)

4th Wave Now (US parents group silenced by Twitter)

Trans Crime UK

The War On Women

Pronouns Are Rohypnol

List of gender-critical feminists suspended by Twitter

Things that only happen to biological women

Statistics on the advantages held by biological males in women’s sports

The huge financial interests behind transgenderism

Two collections of violent threats from TRAs to women

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285 to “Suspicious activities”

  1. George Gordon says:

    If I were you Stu, I’d have a non-WP backup to this website prepared and ready to go.

  2. Ruglonian says:

    I’m outraged, but not surprised.

    You have my continued support 🙂

  3. Somerled says:

    Its really shocking that twitter has done this. Our politicians must act to protect free speech and a free press, including new media. The fascists cant be allowed to win.

    I’d be interested to know what Craig Murray has to say on your accounts being suspended, as he is a believer in free speech but also supports GRA reform and refuses to publicly condemn fascist trans activists who are responsible for bullying women and getting accounts like yours shut down.

  4. Alteredross says:

    With you all the way Stu, hope you get your accounts back up and running asap.

  5. winifred mccartney says:

    These transgender people are powerful and dangerous and closely linked to big pharma so money talks – amazing so few people can do so much harm. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  6. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “If I were you Stu, I’d have a non-WP backup to this website prepared and ready to go.”

    Our webhosts were chosen specifically for their extremely determined attitude towards free speech.

  7. FiferJP says:

    Look on the bright side, it’ll give you more time to spend on Facebook.

    Seriously I’m considering just jacking in Twitter, it’s clearly a peado supporting platform.

  8. fillofficer says:

    this just shows us how powerful they are
    many friends in high places
    you tried to ALERT us
    we doubted
    yet again

  9. Corrado Mella says:

    I know it doesn’t count for much, but the Mastodon instance at is still there, with all the Scottish Diaspora from Twitter still around.

    I’m sure that if you move up sticks and get over there, many will follow, especially if you punt it here.

    Twitter has been a cesspit for a long time and while is a powerful drum, as you know it can be taken away from you in a heartbeat. It’s not reliable and there’s too much background noise.

    Also, it’s a bit stupid to conspire for a revolution (because that’s what we’ll have to do) in the open on Twitter.

    It’s like shouting your orders to the troops in the battlefield from a helicopter above the heads of the enemies.

  10. Sharny Dubs says:

    If you’ll excuse the euphemism,

    Your obviously twisting someone’s nipples,

    Twist on young man!

  11. Andy Ellis says:

    As someone who has also had my account suspended, with zero evidence of any wrongdoing and no way having any meaningful appeal against Twitters random algorithm driven banning of accounts and/or the chilling witch hunting of the woke Stasi, it’s now surely time for those concerned about the direction of the Yes movement to establish an alternative?

    Just as a “list only” party is now essential to keep the SNP honest politically and in legislative terms, there must be an alternative to twitter which cannot be subverted by ill-intentioned thought police. The concentration for those who support Stu’s stance, and want to see a new movement, should be on establishing a platform which is immune to being shut down by TRA’s and their useful idiots in the SNP hierarchy.

    An open source platform like Mastodon (with it’s own Wings instance) or Patchwork is necessary. We can’t leave ourselves beholden to corporate forces like Twitter who are prepared to accept that anti-scientific, politically regressive men’s rights movements like those supporting self-ID and the trans-cultists can effectively veto opposing voices.

    I look forward to reconnecting with those I used to follow on twitter in a new forum!

  12. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    I considered the idea in January of a Wings instance on Mastodon, the problem with it is that it costs a fair bit of cash, you obviously don’t have the mass audience so you risk creating a fairly pointless echo chamber, and all the mobile apps for Mastodon are *terrible*. It may be that we have to reassess that plan.

  13. Fireproofjim says:

    Never mind. As long as Wings is with us we have all we need.
    Twitter, on the other hand, has become a weird sideshow and a home for the most revolting bearded, armed and threatening anti-women trolls.
    It will disappear and will not be regretted.

  14. Clapper57 says:

    Well yes indeed a concerted effort is being made to stop Stuart Campbell on Twitter and it is relentless is it not….I am not on Twitter…but to those who are….I say…be vigilant…as in…what’s good for the GOOSE is good for the GANDER…..of course for some it may depend on whether you self identify as a GOOSE or a GANDER…..or , as seems to be the case, BOTH…

    They… as in the him/her or she/he brigade think they have cooked his GOOSE….but I suggest you keep having a GANDER at their accounts….I am sure they will all eventually stew (Stu) in their own juices…and get a good ROASTING….eventually they will fall foul (FOWL) of Twitter rules….we have a GAGGLE who are currently having a giggle as they and those they support i.e. BIRDS (BLOKES really and the BIRD fanciers) of a feather FLOCK together… the Jury is out on that one….as in bearded ladies (or rather Blokes) doth not maketh woMEN…’s enough to make you want to HONK….

    One hopes that eventually they/them will all just gae us peace and decide to MIGRATE elsewhere politically…cause it is clear they only identify with pursuing their own me/my agenda….which is definitely not one which I self identify as being part of….

    Question…Are we getting our independence or what ???

    Answer…well it would appear, for some, that independence is lower down in the PECKING order ……and the TALONS are OUT.

  15. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Heads up for all those who use Twitter/FB and any other social media platforms –

    The Wokeists have shown, repeatedly, that they’re about as disciplined as a bucket full of froglets on amphetamines, so they will greet this news with unbridled jubilation.

    The gloating may contain valuable clues as to who ‘encouraged’ Twitter-support to pay attention to the @RevStu and Sealand Gazette accounts.

    Screenshot everything.

  16. Capella says:

    We need to find an alternative which isn’t dominated by US corporations. Is there a Russian or Chinese version? RT for tweeters?

  17. Andy Ellis says:

    @Carrado Mella 11.49

    My experience of Mastodon.Scot (prior to my own twitter account’s suspension) was that it was if anything more supine than twitter WRT “wrong think” on TRA issues. The moderators were terrified of their instance being blocked by the twitler youth.

    Any alternative would necessarily involve a dedicated, independent Wings instance, or alternatively involve some open source decentralised network like Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB)/Patchwork, Manyverse, Diaspora etc.

  18. Scott says:

    I must admit to wondering how long it would be before Twitter suspended your personal account.

    Where is Twitter hosted anyway? Who runs it? They certainly don’t respect the right to freedom of speech.

  19. GeeH says:

    Do you still have the Cybernat Controller Twitter account?

  20. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “My experience of Mastodon.Scot (prior to my own twitter account’s suspension) was that it was if anything more supine than twitter WRT “wrong think” on TRA issues. The moderators were terrified of their instance being blocked by the twitler youth.”

    Indeed, which was why the plan was to create our own.

  21. Andy Ellis says:

    @Stu 11.54

    I found the Mastodon apps for iPhone & Mac pretty good: they seemed to have an identical “look & feel” to the twitter one from what I can see?

    I hear what you say WRT operating in an echo chamber, but at least having an independent instance means it’d be immune from being taken down surely? Moving forward – particularly if it’s for a new list party – will at least require a secure platform for activists & the already converted…?

    Worth another look, definitely….!

  22. Betty Boop says:

    @Somerled, 11:41am

    Its really shocking that twitter has done this. Our politicians must act to protect free speech and a free press, including new media. The fascists cant be allowed to win.

    Can’t ever see that happening. Who knows how many of them might be right behind this nonsense. Anyone who deals in facts and exposes lies and corruption is a threat to such and the establishment. Free press? Despite the fine words from politicians, when was that ever a universal aim?

    Stu, more power to your keyboard. If you are a thorn in their side, you are on the right side.

  23. Lorna Nicholson says:

    It is an outrage. And as people were beginning to talk about a new Indy party.
    I am not on any form of social media it these massive companies have shown (Google, Twitter, Facebook) that they DO interfere in the affairs of foreign countries. Why can’t we create our own social networks? Or just stay off the corporate ones. People will begin to opt out of social media just the way they have opted out if newspapers.

  24. Rab Dickson says:

    What galls me is the ‘reasons’ twitter uses to suspend folk.
    Even if you prove (as I did) that what they said I was suspended for was absolute garbage and in no way a breach of their own rules….they ignore that and stick to the lie/reason.
    It’s a corrupt platform run by idiots and crap algorithms

  25. liz says:

    Our politicians must act to protect free speech – have you seen Humza, hate law proposals.
    That is guaranteed to criminalise free speech especially so called trans hate.

    Their definition of woman is anyone who says they are and if I say a woman can’t have a penis, I could face up to 7 years in jail.

    I’m afraid the SNP have been captured by the nutters in the wokerati.
    NS has had ages to deal with them but since she’s wokerati-in-chief, that will never happen

  26. MWS says:

    I suppose you could take it as a compliment. You are obviously doing something right and getting under the skin of the right people. I’ll miss your twitter comments but take comfort in the fact there will be a reckoning for all these Wokist SNP types. And I don’t think it’s too far away.

  27. jfngw says:

    The trouble with mastodon is that is a mesh of individual instances from which you can be excommunicated if the owners of an instance doesn’t agree with your posts. You also have to administer the thing to stop illegal posting, and it looks to be quite expensive if you have a large following (I think I read the costs around £25k/year, some time ago so don’t take that as 100% accurate).

    I have a account, never really post anything, but it seems to be mostly pictures of cats, although Arthur Stramash still posts there.

  28. clem fandango says:

    Stu, there must be another platform out there that’s a bit better than Mastodon. How much are they per month ? I’m sure we’d send cash, to help

  29. Lollysmum says:

    May not post much here now but still lurk & still support you. They’re having a go at you so you’re on the right track.

  30. Mialuci says:

    I have 5 friends on facebook, I do not have the inclination to try to get some more, so why does facebook keep sending me lists of candidates that I might agree to friend up with.
    Has the world gone completely stark raving bonkers, and as for twitter I have heard it described as not much more than a toilet wall, not being a subscriber of twitter or a reader of toilet walls I think I will leave both alone thank you very much.
    There are trolls and moaners all over social media, and yes there are those that would keep a psychiatrist in a full/time job on their own, my advice, stay well clear of it.

  31. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Cameron Archibald just can’t help himself.

    He’s already tweeted:

    ‘Amazing to think Stirling University is the most powerful lobbying group ever to be seen in Scottish politics’


    ‘Match Score

    Stirling University: 3

    Wings Over Scotland: 0’

  32. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Mialuci:

    The problem with ‘staying away from social media’ is that this is how people communicate and how political campaigns are operated nowadays, so if we don’t do this, ‘they’ will have won.

  33. IndyCrone says:

    I’m fucking raging as I’m sure you are! We are all under threat for speaking out against the SNP wokus deus, the hate bill and GRA reform/trans ideology, but having a bigger platform, you, glinner and a feW more notables more than most. Thank you for continuing to speak out and keep speaking, we’ll continue to share till you are hopefully reinstated.

  34. Andy Ellis says:

    @jfngw 12:22

    I thing the positives of having an independent instance on Mastodon probably outweigh the downsides? From memory, the discussions I had at the time with the mods of didn’t suggest the costs were nearly as high as you are quoting…but I don’t have any inside knowledge of how involved the process is and/or what hardware or technical expertise is required. I’m pretty sure Stu would have no problem crowd funding an independent instance and attracting the necessary technical support from the Wings network if necessary?

    I joined Patchwork, which is a Scuttlebutt SSB distributed network, but there aren’t many Scots on it yet. As Stu said the issue is that a lot of these “new” distributed networks aren’t quite as slick or easy to use as twitter.

    I’m not sure it would be that much of an issue for pro-Wings (or list only Wings party) folk if “some” people on other Mastodon instances refused to link with them, as unlike Twitter, it wouldn’t mean that they were just terminated and disappear as on Twitter, as you’d still be able to connect to others on the “Wings” instance?

  35. Peter A Bell says:

    I’m not sure it’s accurate to portray those seeking to censor Wings Over Scotland as “SNP activists”. That’s a bit insulting to the tens of thousands of SNP members who have been loyal supporters of this site. I feel quite confident in asserting that the vast majority of SNP activists are opposed to censorship in any form.

    It cannot sensibly be maintained that these people are active on behalf of the party when they do such harm to its reputation. Their activities are most certainly not in the service of any of the SNP’s stated objectives. Those activities are, it seems, intended only to promote (or protect from scrutiny?) certain policies of the SNP administration.

    The distinction between party and administration may seem nitpickingly trivial to some. But it is of massive importance to those of us who are committed to the fundamental aims and objective of the party. Those of us who maintain that those aims and objectives take precedence over policy. Those of us who are ultimately responsible for defining those aims and objectives. Those who insist that policy must be informed by those aims and objectives. Those who represent the heart and soul and corpus of the party rather than some malignant growth within or upon it.

    Those of us who are the real SNP activists.

  36. Bob Costello says:

    Stu, you may have already done this but can I suggest a letter direct to Nicola sturgeon outlining all the evidence you have, to prove that this is all emanating from within the SNP movement and in fact from the membership. Make it public along with the reply, if you get one.

  37. Awkward Westie says:

    Another platform to have a look at is Telegram (if you haven’t already). It allows you to set up public and private groups of up to 200,000 members and has public channels with unlimited members

    While it may not have the same reach as Twitter, it might be the least worst option

  38. Andy Ellis says:

    @ Peter Bell 12:39

    Sadly Peter many – if not most – of those at the forefront of the pitchfork wielding mob calling for Stu’s head, and those of any other guilty of thought crime, ARE SNP activists and members. What is worse, many of them appear able to act with impunity and quite obviously have the support of many office holders within the party.

    The fact remains that SNP branches and members have proven totally unable (or perhaps just unwilling?) to rein the Twitler Youth in. Why is that? What message is it sending? When the Woko Haram tail ceases to wag the mainstream SNP dog, get back to us by all means though!

  39. Jim Thomson says:

    I suppose we were all expecting this at some point.

    It’s notable that any attempt at flagging the wokerati as “bad” or reporting their bile laden posts never seems to result in anything even approaching a suspension let alone a ban. That speaks volumes about the Twitter organisation’s loyalties, which are certainly NOT towards free speech.

    I looked at the Mastodon offering a couple of years ago when this total ban possibility first raised its head and have to agree that it wasn’t very attractive from either perspective of being an echo chamber or from the exposure pov. The user interface seemed a bit clunky too and, if the running costs are as high as noted in a comment above, probably not the best use of time and resource.

    If you need output from your latest polling to still be broadcast via twitter, I’m happy to provide that service.

    Watching with interest and count me in for any support needed.

  40. Yona says:

    Barstirds. How can we get ye back?

  41. Athanasius says:

    I love the mentality which assumes that, while censorship and repression were features of foreign regimes in the past, such things don’t happen here and today. You know, like people today are somehow more evolved and sophisticated than their grandparents.

  42. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    I get the oddballs and strange people want to attack women and many of the bearded members of such groups with fully functioning penises want to be “ladies”.

    Most of these poor souls are quite clearly mad and most would benefit from being sectioned, under the mental health legislation, particularly the more aggressive ones.

    What I don’t understand is why corporations and government engage with this very small mad minority.

    I get some money can be exploited from these poor creatures but surely not sufficient to spend the time and effort involved.

    Strange how they have suddenly appeared, I trust they will go away soon.

    I hope the SNP rid themselves of any notion of further engaging with this madness or I with huge sadness will cease membership.

  43. Capella says:

    Perhaps, until this twitter decision is reversed, or another platform becomes useable, or the SNP deal with those in their ranks who oppose freedom of speech, then those of us with twitter accounts can tweet every WoS article. A series of short articles highlighting the realities of wokism may be called for.

    I hope those people will not become the only focus of the independence movement. I suspect that is one of their roles which the Establishment is quite happy to promote. Only the SNP can remove their poison from the independence debate.

  44. jfngw says:

    @Andy Ellis

    You can run mastodon in your house with a couple of servers, that works out cheap, but no internet company is going to tolerate the level of traffic that wings would produce. Something the size of wings would need to rent a server and ensure the data bandwidth he is adequate, that’s before even the administration of it is taken onboard. I think that the Rev will already know the level of expenditure that an instance would roughly cost as the wings site probably isn’t that cheap.

    I had this discussion with someone on mastodon when I first joined, he was going to set up an independence instance, then he checked out the cost off running it.

    Also it is no minor matter running a web server, I have one running one for my family, it is under constant attack from around the world (they will be disappointed if they compromise it) some are innocuous but many are malicious and some are just trying to use it as a relay.

  45. MaggieC says:

    Clappers57 at 11.55am
    Very well said , I was typing out to reply to you on the last post when I realised that Stuart had posted this one .
    As I said on an earlier post that I hope when Alex’s book comes out it clears out the Snp and it gets back to being the party of Independence and gets rid of the “woke “ and all the hangers on who have found themselves a cushy career within the Snp .

  46. Sinky says:

    Under 1% of the population has any interest in the massive distraction that is the twitter storm over gender recognition.

    The National is worth supporting as is the Scottish Independence Foundation which has now tied up with The National in supporting local grass roots Yes groups.

    Do not indigenous Scottish newspapers get a question at Scottish Government daily briefing? OK one now!

    Meanwhile Union Jacket Ian Murray claims Scotland’s care home deaths are twice the UK level. He didn’t supply any evidence for this and can any winger show stats that proves he is talking rubbish.

  47. liz says:

    @Capella I’m sorry but you have to open your eyes.
    NS encourages the wokerati, she will never speak out against them.

    She actively supports them, she signed the OutforIndy Pledge but not the Woman’s pledge.

    I used to think she was great as well but then I learned through actually listening to her and watching what she does, to realise she’s now stringing us along.

    She says we could, would, should, might, may but never we will.

  48. Confused says:

    trannies are now the most powerful beings in the universe – the new elect and justified by delusion alone

    the only solution must be : REV comes out as TRANS

    checkmate, dick emery tribute society …

    – we could then fund the indy movement with bucketloads of pritzker dosh

  49. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Peter A Bell;

    Thanks for your explanation Peter, but can I just ask you todo one thing, can you please contact Nicola Sturgeon and tell her you are an SNP activist who has seen a lot of damage being done to the party, including members and activists resigning from the SNP, because of the behavior of the ‘woke activists’ and the small number of MP’s MSP’s and SNP counselors who support them.

    Perhaps you can send Nicola a copy of John Nicolson’s insults to a number of women, as well as the disgraceful smearing from Pete Wishart over the past few days.

    It’s not as if these people feel they need to hide anything, they are doing it out in the open, so why?

    As an activist, I’m sure Nicola will respond to your concerns, which you can post on here to put all our minds at ease, however if you don’t get a response, your comments are simply pointless, because as far as the SNP leadership is concerned you are no more than a useful idiot.

    Sorry to be so direct, but I think you and we need to cut to the chase and start getting to the truth of the matter.

    So peter, do us a favour and email Nicola, so we can all see if SNP activists are valued members of the SNP,

    Or Useful Idiots!

    Then at least, we will all know for sure!

  50. Robert Louis says:

    This is very bad, in terms of the freedom of speech and freedom of thought. yet meanwhile racist, homophobic, sexist pr***s like Donal Trump, carry on spouting their vile abuse on twitter, day in, day out. Trans nutters continue to spout truly vile hatred, threats of violence and abuse at women, lesbians and other homosexuals. Yet twitter thinks that is just fine.

    The forceful way in which this idiotic and homophobic ‘trans’ ideology is being forcibly pushed on people, does make me think their probably is big money behind it, deploying’bots’ online. It is sad that so many who regard themselves as ‘progressive’ seem to have swallowed it entirely.

    But whether you like trans ideology or not, the very fact that twitter is arbitrarily silencing dissenting voices is a very bad thing. Those clown in the SNP screaming with joy, are really not very smart. History shows, that over and over again, first they come for the likes of REVSTU, next they will come for you.

    Think about it, what if twitter takes a similar dogmatic ideological stance against Scottish independence??? Will all the clowns in the SNP be cheering then??

    Meanwhile, sanity still prevails at the LGB alliance (set up by former stonewall and gay rights campaigners), which support gay, lesbian, homosexual rights, against these homophobic ‘trans ideology’ attacks. Having repeatedly had their funding pages taken down (by trans nutters), they now have a new funding link, not dependent upon other resources.

    If you want to do something positive, to show your solidarity with RevStu, one idea might be to donate to the LGB alliance (regardless of your sexuality).

  51. Republicofscotland says:

    Is there no way to appeal the Twitter decision, no panel made up of people unconnected with Twitter who can look at decisions from an unbiased point of view?

    Those ultra woke SNP activists are going to do considerable harm to the SNP. I could understand women not voting for them at all, yet Sturgeon professes to put women’s rights at the head of her agenda.

    Twitter has clearly shown it has its own agenda.

  52. Dog biscuit says:

    Cameron Archibald is not very bright.

  53. Dog biscuit says:

    Ian Murrey the tracksuit fae Wester Hailes

  54. Mike Lothian says:

    It wasn’t that long ago when public opinion was against equalising the age of consent, same for equal marriage.

    There is a huge lack of understanding amongst the general public over what SelfID is.

    By that I mean if you ask most people on the street what SelfID is – they probably won’t know what you’re referring to without being prompted.

    What you have is two polarized groups at either end screaming very loudly at each other and not listening to each other.

    It also makes for some interesting alliances, with right-wing religious groups partnering with women’s groups.

    Nearly all the criticism is directed at men transitioning to women, the usual claims it that the new laws will be abused – I do agree that abuse these laws of any kind must be considered and dealt with

    What is interesting is the lack of conversation around women wishing to transition. When discussed you can usually see the holes in many of the arguments with SelfID and the flaws in the current legal framework

    If a woman begins to transition and takes testosterone to do so, they will very quickly being to appear male. The proponents of SelfID however believe that as they were born female, they should only ever compete in women’s sports and have full access to women’s only safe spaces.

    We need to make sure that safe spaces are safe for anyone that needs to use them, male, female or however they choose to identify.

    Clearly we need a better way to have sports fairly divided, perhaps in a similar way that boxing uses the weight classes, maybe a muscle percentage could be used. Trans people that have been given puberty blockers until adulthood for example shouldn’t be denied the chance to compete.

    There are a lot of very complex issues at play here, I don’t think either side are entirely correct and Independence shouldn’t be put in the middle of this issue

    I’d also like to point out I was blocked by Stu for defending a charity that give advice to lesbians considering having a sexual relationship with a transwoman. No one is forcing anyone into doing anything they want to sexually, but if someone is considering it, having information out there is important.

  55. jfngw says:

    We are fighting against people like this.

    ‘Sex is absolutely invented. Categorizations are a human invention. You’re conflating the existence of physical realities with creating language and concepts to describe them.’

    So people can’t exist as this is just a word invented by ‘people’, oh shit how can they as they don’t exist, now I’m confused.

    This group, including a number of PIE people, seem to have infiltrated every power group. It’s going to be a fight to get them out.

  56. Dog biscuit says:

    Cameron Archibald,If you ‘re reading this you do realise that what you’re doing is worthy of the Third Reich? You do realise that don’t you? You are up there with with every other tinpot secret policeman,although you give yourself away online, who seeks to crush political diversity.You Will Lose. You and your ilk will come off 2nd best.

  57. Polly says:

    Sorry you’ve had this suspension or cancellation. Proves you’re annoying the correct people. The fact so many folk have been banned seems to make the need for a truly open platform essential, especially in he run up to next election.

    Good luck in setting something up yourself or finding something suitable.

  58. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Mike Lothian:

    I have a few problems with selfID, but I don’t want to get into that right now, I just wanted to thank you for at least trying to have some genuine discussions about the subject, which is something that those of us who do have genuine concerns, have felt are being denied.

    So, thanks.

  59. Republicofscotland says:

    “Where is Twitter hosted anyway? Who runs it? They certainly don’t respect the right to freedom of speech.”


    “Twitter’s “head of editorial” for the Middle East and Africa is an officer in the British Army’s information warfare unit the 77th Brigade.”

    Now imagine who’s in charge of running the UK’s Twitter. Yes the Rev can reach a larger audience with Twitter, but what’s the point of building it all up again only for it to be suspendec by them once again. Time to try a site where they cannot suspend it.

  60. Newburghgowfer says:

    Its why I moved to mastadon but I will never use Birdshit social media again. Mastadon is quiet but I had given up on listening to the Golden Nuggets that seem to run the Scottish Do nothing party but beg for money at every opportunity. They really have lost the plot and today is just another example of their incompetence

  61. One_Scot says:

    “What I don’t understand is why corporations and government engage with this very small mad minority.”

    That’s what I don’t get. I have looked into it before and all I could find is it seems to be something along the lines that it is to do with big business making money.

    Would be good if anyone can shine any light on this.

  62. Dog biscuit says:

    If I was a Man of any Religious faith I’d be tempted to believe there is a Satanic plot to undermine society, disorientate us. All the woke politics seem to go against common sense.Is it just to get us to nuy more useless shit?

  63. Dog biscuit says:

    If Stirling harbours shitehouses like Archibald then what value is there in Scottish tertiary education?

  64. Del G says:

    I may not agree with everything you say, but I support your right to say it. Despite the fact you blocked me on twitter 🙂

  65. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    That was interesting…

    The last question to Nicola at the press conference was from Kenny McBride, of Broadcasting Scotland. Back in favour? Watch for the MSM lashing out at the cheek of the amateurs.

  66. Dog biscuit says:

    Bams like Cameron Archibald are being used and abused by a higher political power than the Scunner Sturgeon. The willing victim a political gimp with no safe word. An insult to Scotland .

  67. Dog biscuit says:

    Dogbiscuit despises ("Tractor" - Ed)s.

  68. Dog biscuit says:

    Mialuci,you speak of people needing psychiatric help yet you are on Facebook

  69. PacMan says:

    I don’t really have any opinion on this particular subject but wanted to make a comment about the overall effect of identity politics.

    Going beyond the self-id/trans debate, given the level of power handed to certain groups that for exceed their actual numbers and how it is impacting on other people, I wonder how long the popularity of the likes of Twitter and other social media platforms will last?

    I’m sure I’ll be called a racist, transphobic, phobic this and that for saying such a thing. That is the opinion of those who would call me that. However, I wonder how long people will believe that once the platform these individuals have become irrelevant to the wider population?

    This identity politics is certainly a divide and conquer tactic fit for the twenty-first century. The illusion of ‘rights’ afforded to certain groups to the detriment of the rights taken away from everybody including those who identify with these groups. It is only a matter of time before people see through these individuals who claim to talk for them.

    That’s my two-bobs worth anyway.

  70. CameronB Brodie says:

    Scotland certainly appears to be facing a coordinated effort by government, civil service, and judiciary, to re-shape Scots law in a manner that is hostile to the principle of universality, and which is instead supportive of state authoritarianism. In other words, a totalitarian state.

    Studying the Brain and Behavior in Biopsychology

  71. Dog biscuit says:

    I still prefer mark1 women. The real deal and better quality all round even the nasty ones. Yes… you know who you are.

  72. Republicofscotland says:

    Rev, the injustice against you has made it into the National newspaper.

  73. Craig Murray says:

    Somerled at 11.41

    Don’t be daft. I hold opinions on a great many subjects. It doesn’t mean I would seek to deny freedom of speech to people of other views. Of course I condemn this ridiculous action against Stu.

  74. Liz g says:

    I’m wondering if there are “special” protections in place for Political Parties and for their leaders in particular ?
    Otherwise it would be easy to get E.G. Trump banned!
    So setting up a party could get and keep the Rev in communication with people who want to read what he has to say!
    Wouldn’t be ironic if these nutters and their censorship fetish were the tipping point that put Wings in Holyrood 🙂

  75. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’m not sure it’s accurate to portray those seeking to censor Wings Over Scotland as “SNP activists”. That’s a bit insulting to the tens of thousands of SNP members who have been loyal supporters of this site. I feel quite confident in asserting that the vast majority of SNP activists are opposed to censorship in any form.”

    After eight years, I cannot begin to tell you how utterly sick I am of people who DON’T KNOW HOW THE FUCKING ENGLISH LANGUAGE WORKS.

    The statement “all men have penises” is NOT the same as the statement “every creature with a penis is a man”.

    I made no assertion that all or even a majority of SNP activists were responsible for these actions. I merely pointed out that the people responsible are SNP activists. This is a simple fact, and its pertinence is that they’re people who ostensibly support independence, not Unionists.

  76. liz says:

    @MikeLothian you’re a man,self ID doesn’t affect you.
    The reason no one discusses TM, is because they are no threat to anyone.

    Stop patronising us. Many who are against self ID are very highly informed, well read and know what we’re talking about.

    The reason, the person in the street knows little, is because that is exactly the way the SG wanted it.

    Lesbians are same sex attracted, not gender.
    I noticed your little dig at women’s groups and right wing blah, blah, blah.
    You’re fooling no one.

  77. Grendel says:

    Peter A Bell is right to say this can’t be blamed solely on “SNP activists”.
    I’m sure the Greens are at it as well.

  78. Neil G says:

    Is there no way of taking twitter to court over these bans? Would happily pay into a crowd funded attempt if its possible?

  79. Capella says:

    @ Liz – I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon is great. I think she’s a politician. I do think she sympathises with transgender people. Some people may do that for the most humanitarian reasons. I think it’s mad but not everyone agrees with me.

    What is unacceptable is persecuting people whose opinions differ from yours, banning freedom of expression, removing women’s rights and threatening people for expressing their view on gender politics. The woke faction in the SNP have done all of that.

  80. F Mooney says:

    You are outstanding. Iceland is good for hosting. Run a fundraiser and really piss them off.

  81. Marcia says:

    I don’t agree with everything written on any site. However the right to free speech is being attacked. If you don’t like what some has written then don’t visit and go somewhere else.

  82. CameronB Brodie says:

    Patrick Roden
    If you care to search back over the last year or so, I’ve posted enough scientific, ethical, and legal reason to bury trans-activism a hundred times over. I’ve not been stroking my ego, I’ve been outlining an ethical legal position regarding gender-ideology in law. Which is bad. Mkay?

  83. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Rev has set up another Twitter account and I’ve lost it already – anyone have the name?

  84. Liz g says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 2.36
    I’ll DM you with it?

  85. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Got it –

    We Are All @RevStu2


  86. Targaid says:

    Twitter, eh? I had my account suspended for ‘unusual activity’ before I even tried to send my 1st Tweet. Signed up last year to follow a couple of authors I like. Followed their pages, went to post a tweet and was shut down. Never bothered to try and figure out why.

  87. CameronB Brodie says:

    BIOLOGICAL WOMEN HAVE BEEN ETHICALLY DEFINED IN LAW. The Scottish government and civil service are functioning on the basis that this is not the case, and that self-ID of sex is legally rational. Of course, this position is complete legal bollocks. The Scottish government has been captured by hostile interests.

  88. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Wait…hang on…is that @RevStu2 really Rev?

  89. Patrick Roden says:

    @ CBB,

    I know you have Cameron, and many others have as well, but they seem untouchable because they have ‘money-men’ behind them.

    Even if I don’t claim to begin to understand it, I would have some sympathy for someone who felt more comfortable expressing themselves as the opposite sex,

    But when they start taking young children, convince them they must be ‘trans’, and begin carrying out irreversible medical procedures on them, then I think it’s time to dig deeper into who or what is behind this, and what is their link to our political representatives.

    Not long ago, the LibDem leader, who has been one of the louder advocates for trans ideology, was exposed as receiving thousands of pounds from one of the companies who benefit from this ideology.

    She won’t be the only one!

    ‘Follow the money’, as they say.

  90. Bipod says:

    So much for that “adult conversation” that Nicola sturgeon wanted to have with the public over lifting lockdown measures, instead she has reverted into this doom monger threatening a literal catastrophe if measures are lifted. Of course she has no evidence for her “catastrophic” predictions, she doesn’t even have any evidence that the lockdown even had any effect in the first place.

    The real catastrophe that Scotland now faces is an economic one and the longer this lasts the more permanent it becomes, Nicola sturgeons disinterested attitude towards these concerns is just astounding. But this is what happens when you put micro managing public health officials who have been consistently wrong (and hypocritical) in charge of the country. Nearly as shocking has been the media’s supine response to NS, no questions over if this lockdown has been effective they have just accepted NS predictions like they were facts. Dark days ahead for Scotland under this incompetent government.

  91. Richard Hunter says:

    It’s not that I necessarily disagree with the Rev Stu’s views on the transgender issue ( I think he makes some valid points), but I feel that the topic shouldn’t have been allowed to interfere with the main purpose of Wings (i.e. Scottish Independence). As a result, the Twitter account for WoS, an important resource, no longer exists.

    I get that Stu feels strongly about this, and most probably he feels a little bored with Scottish nationalism having dedicated his life to it for the best part of the last decade, and he’s right that it does have a relevance to our cause, but I do think he has to either keep these interests better separated, or else decide to do one or the other.

  92. Sandy says:

    What percentage of ‘people on the street’ are concerned about ‘cocks in frocks’?
    OK. Have self ID by all means but at the same time, have stringent laws introduced &, if broken, have very heavy penalties.

  93. CameronB Brodie says:

    Patrick Roden
    Gender-ideology is concentrated neo-liberal ideology that suggests humanity is not part of nature. Most folk are unaware of the ideology’s ethical and legal consequences, and uncertain of how other feel about. So they are uncertain about how they should behave and end up tending to go along with the flow. This is how “pluralistic ignorance” turns democracies into dictatorships (see Nazi Germany).

    Behavioral Neurobiology

  94. callmedave says:

    So the 4-nations meting which was scheduled for today and which was cancelled is now on and happening now.

    Boris who is keen to unlock the lockdown and had a big announcement on Sunday with changes released to the press all set to go….but reluctantly has now to ‘discuss’ it with others.

    FM not so keen to toe the line but pressure from MSM and probably most of the Scottish population shows how fragile the advice is in Scotland to hold on a few more weeks.

    Pretty tetchy questions this morning all about ‘what if’ the two countries diverge on advice on the virus.

    “Something must be done”! Boris will say and that agenda will prevail I think.

    Civil unrest in Scotland hinted at by one questioner.

    Tricky stuff in a 50/50 indy ref country not withstanding the medical aspects. This can go either way. 🙁

    Older non tech folk in ‘poorer’ circumstances in Scotland are to be offered an on-line connection and a tablet device to get on board the internet by the SGov.

    A ‘champion’ will guide them for a few months until they get the hang of it. That’s good. 🙂

    Pity the Revs Twitter accounts are suspended, they will miss the opportunity but maybe the champions will suggest a look at Wings.


    If the Rev does get up and running again can someone link to it.

  95. CameronB Brodie says:

    Richard Hunter
    Scotland’s democracy is under attack, I think that merits some protest.

  96. PacMan says:

    callmedave says: 7 May, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    Boris who is keen to unlock the lockdown and had a big announcement on Sunday with changes released to the press all set to go….but reluctantly has now to ‘discuss’ it with others.

    Or engaging public opinion as to what position to take? Not a very good course for a government who should be looking after the welfare of their constituents to take?

  97. Juteman says:

    Haven’t read any of the comments, but maybe concentrating on independence rather than trans issues might have been a good idea?
    This was an Indy site in the past.

  98. Mike Lothian says:

    @liz I’m a member of the LGBT+ community and the Independence community, both of which are being torn apart by fighting over SelfID

    I really don’t know where to being with your statment about transmen, they are very much affected by SelfID but are being made to wait

    I’d say some people are highly informed on the matter, most aren’t. Many are fighting purely on the spread of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt), which usually boils down to abuse of the new laws and saying lesbians will have to have sex with transwomen.

    The person in the street knows very little as it probably doesn’t affect them, as with many things, if it doesn’t affect you, you probably won’t care about it

    I do find it strange that women’s groups will side with right wing religious groups that want to control women’s bodies and take away their rights. Those groups haven’t suddenly become feminists.

    Can you see how the current laws are lacking? Have you got any useful suggestions on how SelfID could be implemented to better protect everyone?

    I think I’ve been very open with my last message, I realise there has to be discussions with people who are concerned about SelfID. I don’t agree with screaming with each other, I do think we should look at other countries that have implemented SelfID, see if there are any lessons to be learned, or perhaps use them as examples to put people’s minds at rest

  99. Andy Ellis says:

    @ Richard Hunter 2:55

    I’m sure many people agree with you, but there are also many who would disagree. As some others have already pointed out, they may disagree with Stu on the transgender issue (or any number of other issues) but feel passionately that it’s a discussion that needs to be had. Further, the way the SNP in particular and to a large extent the Yes movement as a whole has caved in to regressive, flat-earther TRA activists should be of concern to anyone who believes in free speech.

    A party or broader movement which is not prepared to face down TRA extremism isn’t worth supporting, hence the absolute necessity to ensure there is an alternative list only party to vote for in 2021. The ability of a small cabal of men’s rights activists to silence Stu and others who criticise their woo-woo belief system also makes it pressing to an have alternative channels to twitter, which it is now apparent is irredeemably captured by Woko Haram extremism.

    Like many I have my doubts the SNP can be saved from itself, or that Joanna Cherry and the remaining non TRA adults in the higher echelons can wrest control back from the sophomoric idiocy of self-ID, GRA reform and Humza’s neo-blasphemy legislation. I wish them well, but I’ve no desire to stand shoulder to shoulder with the kind of people who push that agenda.

    We need an alternative…..and quickly!

  100. Norma Ballingall says:

    Set up an account on as a back up. There are quite a few folk over there now and we could always still share your stuff on Twitter.

  101. Mike Lothian says:

    @PacMan That would mean minorities would never get any legislation, there would be no disability act, no equal age of consent, no equal marriage, employers would be allowed to discriminate by race.

  102. CameronB Brodie says:

    Introducing trans-ideology into Scots law destroy the potential of a universal and impartial application of the law. You might not realise that the potential for justice in Scotland, is hanging by a thread right now. The machinery of government has been broken and won’t be fixed without a proper legal respect for biology.

  103. PacMan says:

    Mike Lothian says: 7 May, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    As mentioned earlier I don’t want to get involved in a subject I have little knowledge in but I want to post this observation.

    You mentioned about woman groups siding with ones that are on the diametric side of their views. However aren’t you arguing for libertarianism i.e. the right of individuals to do what they want regardless to the consequences to the wider society might be a bit right wing in itself?

    The subject is complex but simplifying it to simple left v right traditional politics isn’t helpful.

  104. CameronB Brodie says:

    Mike Lothian
    Self-ID of sex is incompatible with global health law. You might be happy for Scots law to be trashed, I’m not.

  105. callmedave says:


    I agree but Boris is Boris and a gambling man.

    Who will count the dead afterwards and state he was right or wrong nobody. Of course the same can be said about the other option to wait.

    Tories can’t go on shuffling money at business and the population for ever it’s not in their DNA.

    He’ll be be hoping for a ‘Logan’s Run’ kinda thing where the unknown ‘outside the underground bunker existence’ was breathable air and the sunny uplands once Logan had escaped.

    @Meg Merrilees

    From the last thread ‘Kaye on Your Call’

    I heard that too exactly as you described it.

    The thing I found ‘funny’ was that the woman with the posh voice uttered her words without realising how biased and bigoted she was…it just came naturally.

    Anyhoo! She was quietly disappeared by Auntie BBC It was too much even for them.

  106. ReducedCapacity says:

    I’ll be on your site everyday. I’ll be posting your articles everyday whether or not I agree with the content. If there is any more I can or we all can do to help, let us know.

  107. susan says:

    So annoyed that you’ve been suspended from Twatter Stu. To those who say gender matters aren’t important – I agree! SEX matters and no man will ever become a woman. Fuck asking us to be “nice” be “kind” YOU budge up and recognize trans identifying males as expanding the MALE bandwidth.

  108. Liz g says:

    Mike Lothian @ 3.07
    Well,while the time frame…which is currently probably too long, as the self ID advocates argue!
    Could be Mibbi halved even as an interim and then looked at?
    The proposed few weeks seems quite a leap..
    There’s a start for change and Mibbi the ground a conversation could start from?
    Thing is how do you think we could get there from the ” no debate ” stuff?

  109. Mike Lothian says:

    @PacMan I was arguing for SelfID, and I don’t beleive everyone has the right to do whatever they want whenever they want.

    I literally said above that it was a complicated issue, it isn’t about left vs right, but usually these things tend to be resisted by the right for longer.

    When Thatcher implemented Section 28, who would have imagined 30 years later the leader of the Tories in Scotland would be a lesbian, with a home life that would resemble the book that sparked the whole Section 28 debate in the first place

  110. susan says:

    Due to the ridiculous shite TRAs have been spouting, I no longer acknowledge the existence of “transwomen”; they are trans identifying males. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

  111. PacMan says:

    Mike Lothian says: 7 May, 2020 at 3:14 pm

    @PacMan That would mean minorities would never get any legislation, there would be no disability act, no equal age of consent, no equal marriage, employers would be allowed to discriminate by race.

    Apologies. I haven’t explained myself properly.

    If you asked a white heterosexual male if they would like to have a beating by a random stranger they would say no. If that individual was then asked if they were to take to beating because they were perceived to in some way different different then of course they would say no. Universal rights enjoyed by everybody would not be denied by anybody with an ounce of common sense or decency.

    Lets look at this further, imagine I had an injury that made me permanently disabled. At the moment I am not but that doesn’t mean I could be in future which is why I am conscious that we need a more compassionate and diverse society so that if my circumstances does change, I am comfortable that I will be looked after. You can call it enlightened self-interest.

    In light of self-id, it doesn’t fall into this scenario because it falls into the legal sphere. Nobody is stopping anybody from transitioning to a different gender or living as a different gender. However, what is happening is the legal definition of gender which disproportionally affects woman which they have more than reasonable fears for such.

    If you could dispels these fears then I’m sure this argument can be easily resolved but hard won rights won by woman can’t or shouldn’t be expected to be given up or affected without reassurance that it won’t be. Surely you can see that?

  112. jfngw says:

    Maybe we should all open twitter accounts using RevStuXXX, create hundreds of them, see if they can keep up.

  113. PacMan says:

    Mike Lothian says: 7 May, 2020 at 3:27 pm

    Times change and in terms of societal attitudes that takes long periods of time for individuals and institutions to adjust. Are you suggesting that we have a ground zero scenario and forget the consequences that have aired especially in countries that have already implemented self-id?

  114. callmedave says:

    Meant to say that I can see a drive in ‘Corona Virus Test facility’ in the car park of the Glenrothes ‘Mike Woods’ Sports Centre from my back bedroom window. I live across the road.

    Not any queues though. Been there most of the day so far.
    So they do exist.

  115. innocent says:

    Just curious, what’s your source for “the world’s most-read pro-independence website on social media”?

  116. CameronB Brodie says:

    Mike Lothian
    Yes this is a tricky issue, but not from the perspective of ethical legal reason. Introducing self-ID of sex, legally consolidates patriarchal misogyny, and undermines the social position of women. Simples. 😉

  117. Colin Alexander says:

    Stu Campbell

    You have every right to hold the views you do and campaign in support of those views and exercise freedom of expression.

    However, like Craig Murray, it can become a case of fighting on too many fronts.

    You yourself once pointed out we can all fall out over whether we support nukes, Empress Elizabeth etc etc but we should put all other issues aside that could divide us for the common cause of Scotland’s freedom.

    What would you say to those who might say, you and the SNP activists you are in conflict with, are doing exactly what you argued we should not do (see above) and instead we should all focus on fighting the political war for Scotland’s freedom?

  118. CameronB Brodie says:

    “enlightened self-interest”


  119. Doug says:

    Independence, first and foremost.

  120. Denise says:

    Make a new account it will easily get loads of followers. I know they will report it but twitter will possibly leave it up.

  121. CameronB Brodie says:

    Colin Alexander
    If we don’t stop the GRA reforms and the Hate Crime bill, Scotland’s democracy is dead. It’s as simple as that.

  122. susan says:

    As for the “cotton ceiling” I’m a lesbian so am not interested in men sexually at all but if I was I’d look for a man who thought he was a man, not some disturbed being that thought he was a woman. Who needs that high maintenance gaslighting.

  123. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    Hi Stu, are either of these your genuine accounts on twitter now so I can follow? @RevStu2 & @wingsoverscotl2

  124. Liz g says:

    Pac Man @ 3.17
    Totally agree Pac Man.
    The issues that Women still face from these right wing groups haven’t gone away.
    In fact the TRAs it could be argued have just opened up another front in women’s struggle for autonomy!

  125. Clapper57 says:

    @ MaggieC @ 1.06pm

    ( Apologies everyone for this too long rant below..scroll by if cannae be bothered…I won’t know …will I…unless you tell me…Lol)…here goes…

    Agree Maggie….well said.

    Waters are being muddied….waters which should be clear….which has resulted in the campaign for independence to be left to stagnate…for what and for whom ?

    Who next will raise an alternate campaign that will pollute the argument and stop the flow…I think we need some purification before everything we have campaigned for is flushed away…What do we want ?….Independence…When do we want it ?….Well not now Duh we have to address other things first…such as ?…Hold me Man/She-bag and I’ll tell you…Huh ?

    Soooooooooooo there are things I/Me feel very strongly about such as… my rights as a woman to feel safe in places that for safety reasons have been and still should be identified as women only places…not a free for all for people (Men with or without beards) who…let’s be honest…in the past (long long ago aka not THAT long ago) felt no compulsion to self identify as anything other than the sex they were born as…

    If my memory serves me well, in past times those men did NOT en masse publicly demand access to opposite sex spaces…I say ‘opposite sex spaces’ but obviously I really mean MEN who want access to WOMEN….who strangely enough they find in Women ONLY spaces…

    You know the kind of man who would get arrested for entering women only spaces…in the past anyway….but hey in the past we had names for men who wanted access to women and the spaces they inhabit….different kind of PC now though…way back then PC was seen as a Police Constable now PC is Politically Correct and thus we are expected to tolerate nay condone a man who really really wants to be a woman…in name only…obvs….and access women ONLY spaces but NOT be arrested….not obvs.

    I use , in the above paragraph, the term ‘self identify’ because we need to make the distinction between those that apparently ‘self identify’ as women and transsexuals who have become/are going to become women….

    This is an important distinction because , unlike those who self identity, transsexuals actually take the steps to transition to become the opposite sex and do so because they have always felt they were born into the wrong body….transsexuals have spent years trying to gain acceptance and are now being dragged into something which should be seen as TOTALLY separate and NOT connected..but I fear may not be , by those unenlightened members of the public, who may not see them as distinctive from those who supposedly self to transsexuals I give my total and utter support….always.

    Anyway I digress…was worth it though…because I am so so angry at this fake bandwagon that has hitched itself onto the independence movement and who diminish the argument that many of us have fought for years to try and realise…i.e. to gain independence…. and indeed they have also possibly diminished what transsexuals have tried to gain i.e. achieving acceptance by society for many years…..what a f**king mess…and so so unnecessary…and let’s be honest it’s also unwanted.

    So to cut, an overlong argument I am making, down…. as far as Stuart Campbell is concerned they who MUST be obeyed…for…like…reasons… have decided …if you cannot WIN the argument….then….SHUT IT DOWN !!

    Have a lovely day (evening) Maggie.

  126. PacMan says:

    CameronB Brodie says: 7 May, 2020 at 3:45 pm

    “enlightened self-interest”


    I had read that on a Tory site years ago but until a recent acceptance that from years of physical exercise in my youth which has caused a permanent physical injury which stops me from participating in certain physically extensive jobs in the future.

    I would like to think this coronavirus and it’s enforced period of isolation to contemplate their mortality and clear out the BS they have been force-feed by the media.

    They may be okay now but that doesn’t mean that they are okay in the next day, next month, next year or next ten years. That may be termed risk adverse but so what?

    The same needs to be said about so called minority rights. If the rights of minorities are taken away from them then how long will they be taken away from the rest of us? It is a case of the chip, chip, chipping eroding of rights which we all of us must be aware of.

  127. Colin Alexander says:

    CameronB Brodie

    Scotland has NEVER had democracy.

    Even the idolised mickey mouse colonial parliament is stuffed full of politicians that are not chosen and not elected by the electorate of Scotland.

    That colonial parliament serves an unelected head of state and is subservient to Lords nobody elects; and imperial parliament MPs, the vast majority of which are elected in England to represent England’s constituencies.

  128. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Just curious, what’s your source for “the world’s most-read pro-independence website”?”

    The fact that we are.

  129. susan says:

    Minority rights are NOT being taken away from them, what is being proposed (and carried out despite the Equality law) is the rights of a damn majority who are oppressed.

  130. Robert Louis says:

    Mike Lothian at 327pm,

    Yes, but the campaign for gay rights (gay relationships were illegal in Scotland, until 1982) and against section 28, has nothing to do with the current frankly vile and aggressive trans ideology that is being literally forced upon people.

    It all sound so innocuous the way you describe things, but gay people such as myself, who support the preservation of homosexual (not ‘homogender’) rights, can see the danger. This is why the LGB alliance exists.

    There is no ‘pleasant discourse’, there is no ‘open debate’, dissenters are literally shouted down – or worse, hounded out of their jobs. They DEMAND we use their ‘made-up’ special pronouns, such as ‘cis’. Dissent is NOT tolerated. And do you know what really sickens people? Most of the vitriol is aimed at women (often lesbians), by men.

    It is hardly surprising that people do not welcome it. Why would they?

  131. susan says:

    Rights being taken away from the female sex class I mean to say.

  132. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I get that Stu feels strongly about this, and most probably he feels a little bored with Scottish nationalism having dedicated his life to it for the best part of the last decade, and he’s right that it does have a relevance to our cause, but I do think he has to either keep these interests better separated”

    I’m also REALLY tired of patiently explaining why they’re intrinsically linked.

  133. susan says:

    Yes Stu they ARE linked.

  134. TooMuchMorgans says:

    Could you publish your thoughts on stories on a daily basis, in tweet form, for supporters to paste into their own timeline? Your message would get out and it would be harder to shut down all. Personally I don’t care if I’m shut down now. The platform is a joke.

  135. Robert Louis says:

    RevSTU at 407pm,

    Killer post. Almost fell off my seat. 🙂

  136. PacMan says:

    Liz g says: 7 May, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    Totally agree Pac Man.
    The issues that Women still face from these right wing groups haven’t gone away.
    In fact the TRAs it could be argued have just opened up another front in women’s struggle for autonomy!

    From my understanding libertarianism transcends both traditional. left and right.

    I had read about an American effort about creating a libertarian goal. It involved enough individuals with the right economic skills to move to an thinly populated American state where they could create a long term economic model that allowed them to change the legislature to enforce libertarian ideals.

    Think about it. You had an American state that is in effect a society on it’s own enforces it’s own rules as long as it doesn’t contravene the Federal government. In terms of womans rights, you as an individual could conform to your right wing ideals of protecting yourself against a wife beating partner but be protected by the left wing ideals of protection from the state.

    As I had mentioned, this framing of this argument in terms of left and right is meaningless. Of course right wing elements against womans rights are going to be against self-id as much as left-leaning womans rights are against those right (mostly religious) elements. Therefore, it doesn’t follow that while these two separate groups support the same outcome doesn’t mean they follow the same aims.

  137. CameronB Brodie says:

    In the UKOKplc. family of nations, those living in Scotland are a minority who’s human rights are being forfeited by Westminster, in order to satisfy the cultural demands of English exceptionalism. This is abusive constitutional majoritarianism in action. So we simply can not allow Scotland’s legal identity to be eradicated. If we do so, we would significantly harm the fabric of international human rights law. As would introducing the self-ID of sex into Scots law.

  138. Moreida Lord says:

    I’m really fed up and angry with he woke brigade antics and their targeted harassment… I noticed you set up @infernowingso, not sure is still there…

    I hope you find another forum Stu… we can’t let them win.

  139. CameronB Brodie says:

    Colin Alexander
    OK, our pretend democracy will no longer be able to pretend at being a democracy. Better. 🙂

  140. Effijy says:

    I was fortunate to have a reasonable return on some savings that I. had.

    I joined the UK Spanish owned Santander Bank.

    The account has a £5 monthly fee but that is pretty much covered by
    Rewards they have for Direct Debits including Council Tax, Utilities and
    Phone Bills.

    It payed out interest at 3%, which later fell to 1.5% until now when it drops to 1%.

    News now of an August cut to 0.6%. 6 Tenths of 1%.?

    I’ve shopped around and there is at best next to nothing on interest rates
    From UK Banks for anything above £2.5K for 12 months only.

    The lowest bank loan rate I see, and only for existing customers is 3.4%.

    The always there for you and always your friend ready to help you get greedier every day.

  141. MaggieC says:

    Rev Stuart @ 4.10 pm

    Thank you once again for standing up for women’s right and I’m sorry that you’ve lost your twitter accounts over it .

    What a lot of people don’t seem to understand that we we won’t get Independence while the
    Snp / Greens / Labour push for this Gra as the majority of women would rather spoil their voting papers in 2021 than vote for any of those parties .

  142. Stonky says:

    Stu – if you can’t join them, beat them.

    This may not be about TG and GRA any more. It’s about stopping a List Party. The Wokerati must fear more than anything else a large body of genuinely commmitted supporters of independence in Holyrood to hold them to account… “OMG – How long before it becomes a SEAT Party?”

    And they will have enthusiastic support from the Yoons.

    The critical thing is that there must be one List Party, properly organised, that we can all get behind. So take your politics back out onto the streets, where politics used to be. You have thousands of supporters to channel the message through social media. They can’t ban us all, and if they try to, we can just keep coming back again and again.

    Don’t waste your time and energy fighting these shites. There are thousands of us who can do that on your behalf. Focus on getting the Party up and running, organised, structured, funded, so that when the time comes we have one party to vote for, and we all know who it is.

  143. Ottomanboi says:

    Global government took a giant leap with this planetary panic. The fear driven global grounding has paradoxically suited many, particularly in the so-called developed regions. Many would not be concerned if physical distancing ie non-contact with other flesh and blood humans, became normative.
    Social atomisation creates forms of dependency in line with the notion of divide and rule. ‘Gender theory’ is a perfect vehicle for that. Absorbed in its self it ploughs its particularist furrow, attempting to turn over and trash millennia of human experience, knowledge, wisdom and common sense in pursuit of a fantasy, unsexed ‘cyber’ human type, the stuff of some graphic comix no less.
    Dictatorial systems are known to redact, edit and rewrite history and even redefine or proscribe the very the words in the dictionary, eg in English the word gender is fast replacing sex. The increase of conscious self-censorship, can I say that, am I allowed to say that, bodes ill for free discourse.
    As national economies ‘tank’ pressure to conform to the fabricated new norms will increase. The speed with which tv advertisers incorporated the state lockdown rhetoric into their media is suggestive. The social media accessed via smartphone are well placed to be at the cutting edge of sniffing out societal dissidence (ref. compliant Apple and Google in China) which as we know from this ‘experiment’ in mass herding Is textbook totalitarian social conditioning, a process of re-education. For some that’s progress, for the many that’s enslavement.

    “What a piece of work is man, How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, In form and moving how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel, In apprehension how like a god, The beauty of the world, The paragon of animals.
    And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me; no, nor Woman neither; though by your smiling you seem to say so.”

  144. jfngw says:

    Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP youth movement working to silence the opposition. Some may think that an over statement but if the leader says nothing that usually indicates acquiescence.

  145. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sorry if I’ve been a bit harsh, but I’ve no time for Rodger Scruton, who has no time for natural rights or Natural Law.


  146. Joe says:

    @ Dog Biscuit

    Noticing one of your posts and it appears you are a man with some Quality knowledge. Id Query you on it but I think the other readers would consider us as Quintessential basement dwelling conspiracy theorists

  147. CameronB Brodie says:

    Blair Paterson
    We don’t choose the hand nature deals us. Those suffering gender dysphoria are suffering a clinical disorder between their psychology and their biology. Would you be so harsh towards any other medical ailment?

  148. CameronB Brodie says:

    Not that I’m suggesting it is the gender dysphoric who are pushing self-ID, that’s a bunch a well connected totalitarians who are behind that.

    Critical Realism, Gender and Feminism: Exchanges,
    Challenges, Synergies

  149. Col.Blimp IV says:

    I was talking with an affable, articulate and opinionated young person the other day.

    We spoke of the virus, the lockdown and the effect it was having on us and society in general also how we felt the Governments were dealing with the situation.

    “Nicola” even got a namecheck (as if she was some kind of mutual acquaintance) and inside my head, a voice was screaming ” WHAT THE HELL DO I CALL THIS STRANGE PATCHWORK CREATURE ?”

    Voice – neutral. Face – clean shaven, no make-up, “pretty-boy”. Clothes – unisex. Hair – Feminine. Build – 36B.

    I have not been so confused since I bumped into the actual Quentin Crisp on Princes Street in the mid 70’s – He looked like a pale imitation of Dick Emery’s “Hello Honky Tonk” character.

    I really must try and improve on my Stroop Test times.

  150. Capella says:

    It is possible, even likely, that identity politics is a right wing plot to destroy left wing parties from within. Transgender lobby groups are funded by billionaires. Not exactly promoting socialism.
    That would explain why the right are not interested in allowing their power to be diluted by this nonsense. They are interested only in power and what furthers it.

  151. Wullie B says:

    #StirlingUniShitlerJugend Should get trending on Twitter

    Have you thought about MeWe Stu, I know its not Twitter, but its quite a good platform

  152. Roger says:

    Stu, get Rosie to open an account in Sweden. Don’t call it anything to do with you or Wings. Use a VPN when using it. Keep referencing Wings in your tweets and make a reference to the new account here – something like ‘This is an interesting account’ – do NOT identify it as being you. Never admit on Twitter – or here – that it is you. Refuse to either confirm or deny it.

  153. Still Positive says:

    CameronB Brodie @ 5.09 Well said.

    I have a much-loved grand-daughter who came out as gay a few years ago and the first time I saw her after I knew, I hugged her and told her nothing had changed. She seemed relieved.

    It has never mattered to me what a person’s sexuality is.

  154. Liz g says:

    Blair Patterson @ 5.00
    You’re disgusting….but I think you know that fine well and are looking for an argument that diverts the topic.
    Likely a poltroon of the highest order when it comes to Gay people….don’t think we don’t all know why that is…

  155. CameronB Brodie says:

    I suggested earlier that gender-ideology “suggests” humanity is separate from nature. That’s not quite accurate, gender ideology INSISTS humanity is separate from, and above, nature. This is the same ideological outlook held by Rodger Scruton, the philosopher of choice for the Tory minded.

    Trans-activists are gas-lighting human culture. This is bad on a number of levels.

    The Influences of Sex and Gender-Role Identity on Moral Cognition and Prosocial Personality Traits

  156. CameronB Brodie says:

    Still Positive 🙂

  157. Liz g says:

    Still Positive @ 5.23
    As I told my oldest daughter….Those that matter won’t care and those that care don’t matter xxx

  158. callmedave says:

    BBC Figures: Had to go out for a while there missed update. 🙁

    N. Ireland………today……04……..Total……422
    England…………today….*383……..Total…*22432 *Hospital

    UK………………..539……. Total…30615 (all deaths)

  159. liz says:

    @MikeLothian I know what your agenda is. You’re pushing propaganda about right wing groups and feminists. So please stop with this crap.

    You’re fooling no one.

    The 2010 EqA states quite clearly TW with a GRC can be legally excluded from single sex spaces and I don’t need any bearded bloke telling either what a woman is or telling me to accept male bodied people in my spaces, rape centres, refuges, sports or being WO.
    Self ID is wrong,

    No human can change sex.
    The 2 year process includes counselling.

    I will fight you all the way on this and we will not give into to you woke nutters.
    Is my position clear enough?

  160. CameronB Brodie says:

    Gender-ideology is intrinsically neo-liberal but has been adopted by the left as a means of bring about radical social transformation. Because of reasons. The elephant in the room is, anti-foundational legal practice destroys democracy. And that’s what interests the right wing, though supporting transvestism will be a hard sell to Christian lobby groups.

  161. Col.Blimp IV says:


    You – a basement dwelling conspiracy theorist.

    Not at all, I read a couple of your rants on the last thread – and the only point I would take issue with, was your use of the term Communist Globalists to describe the bad guys.

    It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you – And if I was to be honest with myself, I no longer believe that British/English Imperialism is the principle threat to Scottish culture or the future wellbeing of the Scottish people.

  162. Pauline Boyd says:

    Too easy to blame this on the woke. I know of one person in yes who has a plethora of troll accounts and has targeted you quite viciously on two of them but who sucks up to you on their main one. You really honestly cannot trust anyone on Indy Scots twitter and I know that from bitter experience. People just like to chuck out names into the mix when they are basically blowing hot air out of their own backside. Indy Scots twitter is a cess pit. Full of people who think they are something. Trolls and two faced liars. Twitter don’t care that you made your Rev stu account before your wings one. They’ll see it as you were using that account to get around the ban. My mum lost her twitter account because a group of people told twitter I ran it when I didn’t. If you log in from the same device as your banned account it will eventually catch up with you. Indy Scots twitter is a miserable place and anyone with half a brain would be well served to swerve it for good. It got out of control long ago and nothing will rein it back in. Ever.

  163. Al-Stuart says:

    Twitter is a sewer.

    Twitter has only 321 million users.

    Whereas Facebook has 2,500 million users.

    Both platforms are shitty but politically essential at THIS time.

    Stuart, you will fight the good fight against Twitter. Even pick up a LOT of support in that fight.

    But why not use Facebook more UNTIL you and a group of like minded Ex-Twitterarti get together and form a new social media platform in ICELAND where they have the Modern Media Initiative…

    Where the trans-ss-hitler-woke infiltrators can NOT get free speech neutered.

    I am sure that you, as a one of the most brilliant forensic and IT technical brains I have seen, can make such a thing happen. Yes it is a big ask to create an alternate to Twitter, but a critical mass of ex-Twitters are utterly pissed off with that sewer of a social media platform.

  164. Colin Alexander says:

    Stu Campbell quoted: “I get that Stu feels strongly about this, and most probably he feels a little bored with Scottish nationalism having dedicated his life to it for the best part of the last decade, and he’s right that it does have a relevance to our cause, but I do think he has to either keep these interests better separated”

    Then said:

    “I’m also REALLY tired of patiently explaining why they’re intrinsically linked”.

    I’ve followed your arguments that the Trans issue will mean the SNP shed votes like snaw aff a dyke so that will harm the indy cause but:

    a) The latest opinion polls do not support your theory that the SNP will lose power in the colonial parliament as a result of their GRA policy.

    b) Whether the SNP drop the GRA or no, the SNP are no longer an independence party anyway. So, whether they get into power yet again in the colonial parliament is irrelevant as far as Scottish independence goes. The SNP are devolutionist Unionists. GRA or no, the chances of indy via the SNP are close to nil – under the current “leadership”.

    c) Therefore, the bigger problem is not the current policies of the SNP, such as the GRA but the leadership of the SNP / the SNP itself and its subverting / suppression of the whole independence movement.

  165. bipod says:

    Nicola sturgeon needs to explan why 1 week or 3 weeks extra of this lockdown is going to prevent her catastrophe. Does she expect the virus to have completely disappeared by the start of June? Thats unlikely the virus is already well established in the population its not just going to go away. By her own logic their will always be the risk of a “second peak” the moment measures are lifted.

    It look to me like she has completely lost her nerve, and is either ignorant or indifferent to the massive damage her policies are doing to Scotland. I am sure in a few weeks from now there will be another excuse to extend the lockdown, i.e test and trace resources are not yet in place to risk reducing measures or something like that.


  166. Sensibledave says:

    Difficult times. These issues are being faced in all parties but the SNP’s problems appear greater because, as a “single issue” party, any dilution of support because of “side issueS”, seriously affects It’s electoral chances and therefore it’s ability to achieve its main aim. At the moment, the Tories appear to have recognised that the extended trans rights issue is potentially toxic to the majority of its natural support, and appear to have kicked it into the long grass.

    I have met very few folk (of all sexual persuasions) that express support for extended trans rights. It is actually quite incredible that policies that have so little popular support have gained so much traction. In Canada, it came to a head when Jordan Peterson fronted up on the issue of enforced speech (ie a legal requirement to call trans women by a female or newly devised pronoun). It all kicked off and has become a big issue there now.

  167. CameronB Brodie says:

    Colin Alexander
    I’d suggest we need to stop the GRA reforms, which through sharp legal practice magically transforms legislation related to “gender” into law concerning “sex”, and the related Hate Crime bill. Otherwise there will be no chance of Scotland ever obtaining constitutional justice.

    Integrating Brain Science and Law: Neuroscientific Evidence and Legal Perspectives on Protecting Individual Liberties

  168. jfngw says:


    There is a simple answer but I suspect your not really interested and it’s been mentioned on threads you have been on.

  169. Col.Blimp IV says:

    CameronB Brodie says:

    “…though supporting transvestism will be a hard sell to Christian lobby groups.”

    They don’t have, too the aim is to promote One World Globalism and marginalise all who oppose it.

    Multiculturalism – sympathy for refugees – rights for minorities – sanctions against (selected non-compliant) tyrants and repressive regimes (real and alleged) – toleration of immigrants.

    Are all things that the right are traditionally wary of and the left supportive of.

    But they all serve one common purpose, which the right support – the dilution of the powers of the Nation-State and the free movement of money across borders

    The politics that the (call them what you will) help propagate, are not doctrinal but expediencies that maximise their power and profit at any given time.

    The left fell into their trap a long time ago, in increasingly large parts of the democratic world – the workers vote is meaningless.

    Elections are mostly a win/win for the Lizzard-men.

  170. Joe says:

    @ Col.Blimp IV

    Well thanks. Its appreciated.

    Westerners don’t understand communism.

    Communism for many western leftists is about sharing the worlds resources with everyone. Which is great. I love that idea.

    Communism for people who want power is the purest vehicle to tyranny the world has ever seen.

    This is because in order to share everything then the people who get to make the decisions have to have more power than any person or group should be reasonably allowed.

    That power is the power over food, housing, transport, education, health, everything.

    A misconception is that powerful billionaires are opposed to communism. That is utterly naive. Communism is the final play at depriving normal people of their freedoms and resources and turning them into dependent serfs. Further – it was always suppose to be a global revolution and it was what Orwell warned of among others.

    A quick look at history will show this to be the case. People say ‘communism never worked’. It did. It worked perfectly. It deprived people of their ability to defend themselves, their autonomy and their rights and sent 10’s of millions of them to their deaths. It wasn’t an accident or a by-product.

    People who want power don’t care about ‘left and right’. They use free market principles to gain wealth and then when powerful enough preach about equality to get people to then give up their individual rights for the greater good. Which is very powerful when people are being shafted by the rich already. The trouble is the proletariat really do have more to lose than their chains.

    If some decent group of people set about setting up a ‘good’ communist system they invariably get replaced (and often killed) by people who are more pure of heart in their desire for the great revolution.

    The fact that there are people openly calling themselves followers of an ideology that has deliberately murdered (not accidentally killed) more innocents than any ever attributed to the Germans is just another aspect of the sheer stupidity, ignorance and hypocrisy of the modern west.

    Ive literally had middle class westerners say to my wife, who grew up under communism (getting milk a whole two times a week with both parents working 12 to 16 hour days), that communism is the best ever system.

    Communism is something for comfortable little westerners who grew up with all the benefits of a free society and are too ignorant, uninformed and arrogant to see it. Western ‘communists’ need to try talking to someone who got out of communism what its like. Not the people with pink hair and gender identity issues.

  171. Mike Lothian says:

    @Robert Louis you’re literally spouting the things heterosexuals used to say about the word heterosexual – they didn’t need that name – they were “normal”

    I’ve seen the posts of the “LGB Alliance” so far, I haven’t seen anything from them that is actually for LGB people, it’s an anti-trans group pure and simple

    They haven’t tried to open up debate, they’ve stirred up hate

    What improvements have the “LGB Alliance” came up with for improving the SelfID laws? Or if they’re so against SelfID what do they suggest should be done about the current laws that aren’t up to scratch?

  172. hackalumpoff says:

    If you are on twitter retweet this to get Stu’s account back.

  173. Liz g says:

    Any Winger know *Petra* personally,or know how to get in touch with her?
    She moved from here months ago and hangs out now on Wee Ginger Dug….Anyhoo…she seems to be MIA for about a week now and it’s not like her.
    So if anybody does know her could they please ask her to let us know she’s ok as we’re getting worried about her…
    Thanks in Advance 🙂

  174. Rosa Alba Macdonald says:

    Dinna aye agree with you more recently but bloody Forgandenny Pittemweemed off your have been banned. Love you Ratfacexx

  175. SilverDarling says:

    @ Colin Alexander

    I wasn’t aware of the Icelandic initiative – that is something worth exploring.

    Twitter is a lost cause and it was convenient but increasingly problematic. My offspring in their early 20s despise it and see it as a cesspit for weirdos. Cameron Archibald, Pete Wishart and co are welcome to it. They constantly proclaim its limitations and then see banning as petty victories. As long as it is the easy source of tabloid MMS fodder it has a life but it makes no money and is increasingly a haven for all sorts of nasties who Twitter not only protects but promotes.

    If Twitter tolerates you it is not a good thing.

  176. Dog biscuit says:

    I wonder if the longer we’re locked up the longer Nicola Sturgeon can keep Mr Salmond at bay. I have no problem with a persons sexuality as long as their activity is legal. I have noticed the way tra has torn apart left(ish) parties but left the Tories unscafhed.Entryists in all senses of the word.And a threat to good order and disipline.

  177. Liz g says:

    Silver Darling @ 6.35
    The Icelandic data privacy thing came to light around the time the news broke about the US & UK keeping people’s data.
    And again during the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
    Another boat Scotland missed by voting No….we could have been to data protection what “Swiss Banks” used to be to money…..A place the world trusted with their privacy…
    Bit Naw we choose to lead the UK family..boak..

  178. Liz g says:

    Silver Darling @ 6.35
    Also my lot in their 20s & early 30s feel the same way about Facebook and Twitter they say “it’s only old people who still use it”….something to mind when we’re looking for the Young voters….

  179. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Joe says:

    “If some decent group of people set about setting up a ‘good’ communist system they invariably get replaced (and often killed) by people who are more pure of heart in their desire for the great revolution.”

    I have no first hand knowledge or experience of N Korea, Cuba, Venezuela or Chile etc but often wonder to what extent the poverty and brutality experienced by the common people in these places can be laid at the door of the US and their allies.

    For the astoundingly asymmetric military and economic warfare that was unleashed against them on the grounds that they dared to try and govern themselves in a way that did not suit the money men.

    My old man was a religious nutcase who did not vote on the grounds that God created mankind and it was only Gods rules that were valid.

    He reckoned that the only kind of government that could work was Gods Government – i.e. – A benevolent Dictatorship.

    So far nobody has proved him wrong.

    I’ve not completely given up on Manmade Government – But we have yet to come up with one which removes “The Freedom to Exploit” and limits the obscene disparity in remuneration for labour, without stifling enterprise.

  180. Clapper57 says:

    @ Liz G @ 6.50pm

    Hi Liz…how you doin ? Hope you and yours are well.

    If young people say only old people use Facebook and Twitter…then result…I use neither……Lol

    Take care and have a good evening.

    @ SilverDarling

    Hope you and yours are well too….. take care and have a good evening.

  181. crisiscult says:

    Just to add my voice to the others supporting your work and your freedom to do it. I’m sure twitter can still be a one-way forum for people to use a wings hashtag depending where your output is going to be in future.

    As I said to someone today, don’t get disheartened, don’t get angry, get even.

  182. Graeme says:

    Mike Lothian says:
    7 May, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    What improvements have the “LGB Alliance” came up with for improving the SelfID laws? Or if they’re so against SelfID what do they suggest should be done about the current laws that aren’t up to scratch?


    So what laws aren’t “up to scratch”
    Not being argumentative I’m genuinely curious

  183. Robert Louis says:

    Mike lothian,

    The two words homosexual and heterosexual existed long before the advent of gay rights. Their regular use within the English language was not something forced upon people, in order that gay rights be granted or for gay people no longer to go to jail. The meanings of either word was not changed. No new ‘made-up’ pronouns were forced upon people.

    The LGB alliance was formed by folk originally in the gay rights movement, including co-founders of stonewall. I’d trust their judgement before the gay rights history revisionists in the Trans cult.

  184. SilverDarling says:

    @Liz g

    Interesting about so many chances we have missed.

    My son had a twitter account a couple of years back for his artwork with 10s of thousands of followers. He rarely invited any dialogue with the TRAs who inevitably hijack anything they can. He was kind and tolerant (much more than I am) but found they put their own motives into his work and when he would politely challenge them the abuse was terrible. The accounts always had anime avatars and were full of pronouns. He would always try to be kind about people he felt were quite troubled and as an artist his peer group are diverse and colourful so he was not naive at all.

    He eventually shut down the account and found other ways to talk to his peers and customers.

    I really worried about him when he was younger as some of them seemed quite unhinged with really horrible stuff in their timelines. Now he just shrugs his shoulders and says no one uses Twitter or FB for anything normal! If most young folk think that way the Twitler youth are shouting into the void.

  185. SilverDarling says:

    Hi Clapper we are fine. Masks arrived today so we are all set. Take care!

  186. grahamlive says:

    I reckon I’ll just abandon my Twitter account now. I was spending most of my time on there blocking arseholes anyway. It’ll probably be good for my mental health. It’s shite what has happened to Stu but I’m sure he won’t go away. His input will be invaluable if we ever get another referendum. Leave Twitter to the loonies.

  187. CameronB Brodie says:

    Mike Lothian
    Before you reply to Graeme, try to remember that it is not physically possible to change sex. So supporting this belief in law, destroys the principles of “universality” and “equality in law”.

    Neurobiology of gender identity and sexual orientation

  188. Liz g says:

    Mike Lothian @ 6.29
    That’s the second time you’ve asked for proposals for changes in the law.
    Don’t you think that it’s the people who want to change the law that have to make the case for it?
    This, it seems to me, is where the stumbling blocks really are.
    The Trans people presented the changes they want to see.
    But make no credible case for them.
    They don’t even seem to accept that Theirs is the case to make.
    Why ask to change Law’s before being able to justify the necessity of it to ALL those the change impacts.

    The “No Debate” thing has really hurt their case. …who says that to other adults?
    That,coupled with every question about this issue being met with more and more bizarre rhetoric,makes me question if, Trans people aren’t sure themselves what the problems with the current laws are, or what they actually do want…
    And that’s IMO what opens the door to others projecting motives on to them.

    You seem to think people like me just don’t understand and not that the message is incomprehensible!

    So fill yer boots..I’ll listen….and ask questions respectfully..

    There will be others here who will act up but you surely wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t handle that,so don’t try and answer everyone and a decent conversation is possible… what’s yer pleasure Mike?

  189. Mist001 says:

    It’s a bigger problem than anybody realises (just now). Look at this:

    1355 Market Street,
    Suite 900 San Francisco,
    California 94103

    That’s Twitter HQ.

    So we’re dealing with a few fucking American faceless nancy boys who are deciding what we can or cannot read.

    That’s a big, BIG problem for the world in general, not just Wings.

  190. Capella says:

    I would like to change the law. I think the GRA should be repealed. It enshrines in law a complete impossibility. That is the source of all the subsequent trouble.

    It was introduced in the House of Lords because the bishops in the Church of England, who sit in the HoL, would not tolerate same sex marriage. So instead of passing a law allowing same sex marriage, they passed a law saying a man can become a woman.

    That’s is how ludicrous the whole sorry saga is.

    I have no problem with men dressing as women and calling themselves whatever they want. But they can never actually be women. So stay out of women’s safe spaces. Use the men’s toilets and changing rooms and compete in men’s sports. What is wrong with that?

  191. Liz g says:

    Clapper 57 @ 7.01
    Hey Flapper….good to hear from ye 🙂
    We’re all well and I hope you and yours are too…
    You “young” thing you….IN my defence…I closed Facebook after Indy Ref 1 so I was ahead of the trend…LOL
    But it was the only thing that a few of my friends knew how to use, so I relented and opened another one up to chat to them…I have 10 friends on it :-).
    Joined Twitter this January…again to communicate with a different set of Indy friends, but am not all that fussed about it…. Might have a mid life crisis and find out where the Young ones actually are and hang out there… What dae ye think Flapper 🙂

  192. Joe says:

    @ Col.Blimp IV

    That’s the thing I suppose. If it was an easy question there wouldn’t be a problem.

    The only thing I can say im certain on is that anybody who wants to interfere with the free flow of ideas and free speech should immediately be seen as a tyrant in the making.

  193. Gregor says:

    I suspect politically ROTTEN Twitter MONSTER (BBC’s PRIVATE CORPORATE PARTNER) is positioning itself for the US 2020 Presidential election…

  194. Capella says:

    LGB Alliance is a group set up to support people with the protected characteristic “sexual orientation”. This was the original aim of LGB i.e Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people. BTW the term “gay” was apparently adopted because “homosexual” sounded alarming to too many people.

    I contributed to the LGB Aliance fund raiser. I’m not lesbian but I support their right to free association without being intimidated by TRA bullies. John Nicholson’s role in taking down their crowd fundraiser is appalling.
    Please contribute if you can.

    And if you are still on twitter you can follow them for updates. One of the main advantages of twitter.

  195. CameronB Brodie says:

    I honestly can’t believe the mess that money and politics have managed to make of democracy in the ‘western hemisphere’.

    Structural connections in the brain in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation

    Both transgenderism and homosexuality are facets of human biology, believed to derive from different sexual differentiation of the brain. The two phenomena are, however, fundamentally unalike, despite an increased prevalence of homosexuality among transgender populations.

    Transgenderism is associated with strong feelings of incongruence between one’s physical sex and experienced gender, not reported in homosexual persons. The present study searches to find neural correlates for the respective conditions, using fractional anisotropy (FA) as a measure of white matter connections that has consistently shown sex differences.

    We compared FA in 40 transgender men (female birth-assigned sex) and 27 transgender women (male birth-assigned sex), with both homosexual (29 male, 30 female) and heterosexual (40 male, 40 female) cisgender controls. Previously reported sex differences in FA were reproduced in cis-heterosexual groups, but were not found among the cis-homosexual groups.

    After controlling for sexual orientation, the transgender groups showed sex-typical FA-values. The only exception was the right inferior fronto-occipital tract, connecting parietal and frontal brain areas that mediate own body perception. Our findings suggest that the neuroanatomical signature of transgenderism is related to brain areas processing the perception of self and body ownership, whereas homosexuality seems to be associated with less cerebral sexual differentiation.

  196. SilverDarling says:

    @liz g and Clapper

    Liz if you have Twitter then I might reconsider my opinion!

    Being serious though I used to look at the Rev’s Twitter as a catch up and a starting point as he was good for capturing the mood and salient points of the day. There a quite few normal Indy folk on here who are also good for that too like Ian Brotherhood.

    As I don’t have an account I could paradoxically see a lot of the stuff people with banned accounts couldn’t!

    I think the youth thing is something political parties seem unaware of. I could never understand how wee Aidan Kerr got the ‘tone’ so wrong when he was SLab’s media goblin. Who exactly was he talking to?

    On another note Twitter is completely rubbish for selling stuff, lots of followers and viral tweets do not translate into sales which along with the abusive side was probably the main the main reason my boy left.

  197. Colin Alexander says:

    CameronB Brodie

    Stu Campbell

    I respect this is a big issue for you, Stu Campbell and others but, I don’t want to get dragged into the toxic GRA debate.

    What I would say is: the UK is legally required to comply with human rights jurisprudence decided at the European Court of Human Rights,

    For example: S.V. v. Italy (no. 55216/08) 11 October 2018

    “This case concerned the Italian authorities’ refusal to authorise a transgender person with a female appearance to change her male forename, on the grounds that she had not yet undergone gender reassignment surgery and that no final judicial decision had been given confirming gender reassignment”.

    “The Court held that there had been a violation of Article 8 (right to respect for private life) of the Convention”.

    Full judgment found here:

  198. robert graham says:

    Bawjaws is about to issue a get ready chaps message on Sunday , time to let rip and go on a Tour of Jockland first thing Monday morning if he does the M74 will be at a standstill by midday with cars all heading north , tell them to fk off Nicola .in the nicest possible way Please.

    Email, write to your MP , MSP . Phone or whatever and let them know you ain’t fkn happy

    Close The Border Tonight on public health grounds , its devolved after all.

    We don’t want the fkrs anywhere near our country, tell them to fk off to Europe or somewhere else, and see how warmly welcomed they are .

  199. Liz g says:

    Capella @ 7.33
    Firstly Capella are you actually on Twitter? There’s been a few things I’ve wanted to speak with you about but not here….

    I think the problem runs deeper than the first attempt at the GRA in the Lord’s.
    The source of the problem is representative democracy without checks and balances itself.
    The TRAs didn’t have to persuade all of society for change,they only had to persuade our representatives….which they did “seemingly on the down low”.
    They worked out what the corporations have known for years..

    Once persuaded there’s no bill of rights to check them.
    That’s why they and the politicians think they can forge ahead with it…we have no rights and our parliament carries our consent to make all the decisions.

    This works in the opposite direction with Capital punishment,should the people decide the current politicians will prevent it.
    Which is a good thing.

    I doubt that in the foreseeable future women as a class would get protection written into a bill of rights or our Constitution by ourselves as a separate class unless and until we as an electorate get some form of censure over our politicians and the lobbyist culture.
    Or become a mass movement our selves!
    There are currently very few if any MSPs who would support our rights to stand alone in our Constitution and that’s worth looking at going forward.

    While being mindful in the UK union we don’t even get as far as a Constitution.

  200. Liz g says:

    Silver Darling @ 7.57
    I could take it or leave it Silver Darling..and that’s only after a few months.
    If the other’s find somewhere else I’d move in a heartbeat….and feel all young again 🙂

  201. CameronB Brodie says:

    Colin Alexander
    The original legislation related to adopted gender, however, the proposed GRA reforms transforms “gender” into “sex”. That’s rather dubious legal practice, for a start. Then there the ‘difficulty’ that law which insists it is possible to change sex, simply isn’t coherent or compatible with international human right law.

    So the proposed GRA reforms aren’t coherent with liberal constitutionalism, but highly compatible with British constitutional law and practice. That’s not a coincidence, as the nature of gender-ideology is almost indistinguishable from that of contemporary British nationalism.

    Gender Perspective
    The human rights-based approach to social protection requires states to ensure that social protection programmes are designed, implemented and monitored taking into account the differences in the experiences of men and women.

    The impacts of social protection programmes are not gender neutral. As such, States must ensure that programmes address women’s specific needs throughout the different phases of their lives, from childhood to old age. The programmes should factor in women’s care role as well as the differences in access to services and productive work between men and women….

  202. Kevin Macdonald says:

    I don’t want to be a dick but being born male id like to identify myself as a shark. Is that ok?

  203. liz says:

    Sorry posted a banned word, feel free to delete my original comment.rev.

    @MikeLothian I know what your agenda is. You’re pushing propaganda about right wing groups and feminists. So please stop with this crap.

    You’re fooling no one.

    The 2010 EqA states quite clearly TW with a GRC can be legally excluded from single sex spaces and I don’t need any bearded bloke telling either what a woman is or telling me to accept male bodied people in my spaces, refuges, sports or being WO.
    Self ID is wrong,

    No human can change sex.
    The 2 year process includes counselling.

    I will fight you all the way on this and we will not give into to you woke nutters.
    Is my position clear enough?

  204. Still Positive says:

    On a brighter note I had my first ever Zoom party for my grand-daughter who is 8 today. She lives in Surrey and my other 3 sons live in Scotland, 1 in Broughty Ferry, the other 2 in Clydebank and my eldest grand-daughter in Alloa.

  205. Kevin Macdonald says:

    It’s amazing how a minority interest is suddenly thrust forward with Zero support outside of their clique of zelots. I don’t recognise someone born male being recognised as a woman and forcing other people to accept their view in a bathroom, changing room or school.
    I don’t agree with you but I respect your right to your opinion. The least you could do is not force your one back up by law down mine.

  206. Mialuci says:

    Its very disappointing so it is, I mean politics is bad enough with all its squabbling and boring repetitive arguments, people going on and on about the same old drivel, every day in the political arena, every day is a groundhog type of day.
    With that in mind I tuned into the Peter and Roughie show expecting excitement, revelation, all kinds of juicy stuff to get my mind from thinking about that big bar of chocolate I have in the fridge.
    Was I in for a rude awakening right enough, well, the Rangers dossier it turns out would have been better left in the toilet of the Ibrox boardroom, 200 pages of nothing but allegations, no proof of anything untoward happening, it seems that everybody in the high offices of scottish football have been behaving themselves, am right scunnered so I am, I was looking foreward to a good old moan about all that fitba sleaze, and there’s nothing for me tae moan aboot, ye know, sometimes football can be just as bloody boring as politics

  207. Liz g says:

    Liz @ 9.03
    I suspect that Mike was here to draw down some hate and nasty comments to show off around the web,to demonstrate how vile we all are too!
    Someone “reasonable” always shows up when any attention increases towards Wings to try this.
    Note, my pleasant questions have been completely ignored,but the more confrontational comments addressed.

    I could be wrong ( of course I could) and Mike is off composing a thoughtful reply…but that would be the exception rather than the rule on here..

  208. Dorothy Devine says:

    Still Positive , it is good to see them isn’t it – though goodness knows how we make up for all the missed cuddles .

    I must admit I worry for the kids , the gaps in their education both academic and social , not to mention the difficult circumstances in which some have to live right now – both kids and parents.

  209. cynicalHighlander says:

    Trans folk should be asking for trans separate places not invading someone elses space.

  210. CameronB Brodie says:

    That’s partly why this pish has institutional support, it cuts down on the cost of providing services if you can force women to accommodate men’s needs.

  211. jfngw says:


    The problem there is they believe they are women so accepting a separate place requires them to admit they are not women. When you are in a delusion the you can accept nothing that breaks it.

  212. Kevin Macdonald says:

    Can we stop this nonsense here please? I do LARPing and identify with the character but that doesn’t make me insist everyone refers to me as Grand Wizard Kev Emperor of the 10 kingdoms.
    If your born a guy who identifies as a girl or vice versa cool, more power to you I couldn’t care less. Just don’t make me or my kids acknowledge that despite a penis your Sharon.

  213. Col.Blimp IV says:

    I had to “Google” GRC, It wasn’t that easy to find.

    Just as well I persevered though.

    I was beginning to think it must mean :

    Greatbig Rampant Co*k !

  214. Del G says:

    Kevin Macdonald says:
    7 May, 2020 at 8:44 pm
    I don’t want to be a dick but being born male id like to identify myself as a shark. Is that ok?

    It’s fin by me.

  215. TJenny says:

    Kevin Macdonald – watch out for jumpers. 😉

  216. Still Positive says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 9.34

    Yes it was good. I just finished reading ‘The Mither Tongue’ by Billy Kay – a Mother’s Day present and for the first time since I retired in 2011 I had the urge to teach Scottish poetry. When my son took the Easter eggs up to his brother he put a copy of ‘Lament for a lost dinner ticket’ in the bag.

    I skyped my daughter-in-law and planned to teach it the 2 eldest but Christopher got bored after I explained what a dinner ticket was. I used to teach this to S1 and always got them to read it to themselves, then asked them to tell me what it was about and no-one could.

    However, when you read it aloud in Scots everyone understands. I’m doing my best to keep the mither tongue going via Gran. Going to ask my son in Broughty Ferry if I can skype him in the next few days to pass it on to his girls. Although that may be difficult as east coast language from Scotland to England follows the routes of the herring boats as I found out when I bought Lucy’s brother some Scots books when he was born. My son and I didn’t recognise some of the words but his wife did.

  217. Clapper57 says:

    @ Liz G

    ” Might have a mid life crisis and find out where the Young ones actually are and hang out there… What dae ye think Flapper”

    Glad you are well Liz…

    Well Liz since you brought up mid life crisis…when I went through a mid life crisis…I didn’t know where I was !…Never mind finding out where the young ones were…Lol

    @ SilverDarling

    Glad you are well…yeh I look at some peeps Twitter accounts…obvs when it existed, before being undeservedly banned, I looked at WOS, then Rev Stuart Campbell and then his subsequent account Sealand Gazette…he could be quite amusing with some of his comments via his Tweets…well I laughed anyway.

    I also look at Ian Brotherhood’s Twitter a/c and a few other Indy accounts….

    Occasionally I look at some of the ‘Liberal’ minded Remainer’s Twitter accounts..Ian Dunt, James O’brien etc…politically pre 2019 GE they used to be on the dark side i.e. Lib post 2019 GE they have gone over to the even darker side i.e. Keir Starmer’s New New Labour…same Labour different wrapping…Lol

    Funny is it not how some peeps seem to be relishing the Rev’s suspension/bans on Twitter just a tad too much..almost as if they have been nursing a wee petty grievance against him for a long long long long long long long time…..ya thunk am right ?

    I think tis they who should consider ‘he who laughs last laughs longest’…..I think we all know who eventually will ‘ Get the last laugh’…they will be ‘laughing on the other side of their faces’ soon…etc etc…you gotta laugh…if you don’t you cry…apparently…

    Are either of you ladies making bunting for tomorrow…’s Tory Corona f**k up deflection day tomorrow…apparently we all get to eat cake (best to ‘ration’ that if on a diet), get to drink some Ginger (Rodgers) or light ale or Heavy…ale ?, Jellied eels Wunderbar, boiled beef n Carrot vol au vents Bellissimo, Sherry Trifle or Chris Grayling’s Ferry Trifle…. all of the Huns will be at the starter gate already ….salivating so much in anticipation that they’ll wash away all of the plaque of their teeth….It’ll be…Union Jacks…Let me at em….a Jack fest for sure…Lol

    Anyway off to watch a film…foreign one….me good…Lol

  218. TJenny says:

    Kevin Macdonald – oh, and the soup makers. 😉 😉

  219. On a quite night in Bridge of Allan you can hear the faint sound of the middle class wokerati of Stirling Uni SNP Youth singing,

    The sun on the meadow is summery warm.
    The stag in the forest runs free.
    But gather together to greet the storm.
    Tomorrow belongs to me.
    The branch of the linden is leafy and
    The Rhine gives its gold to the sea.
    But somewhere a glory awaits unseen.
    Tomorrow belongs to me.
    Now , show us the sign
    Your children have waited to see
    The morning will come
    When the world is mine
    Tomorrow belongs to me
    Tomorrow belongs to me
    Tomorrow belongs to me
    Tomorrow belongs to me

  220. Capella says:

    @Liz g 8.20 – yes I’m on twitter as @capella. I don’t really tweet much, just retweet what I think is interesting. I only use it to follow people who have something interesting to say. So I resent twitter removing them. But you could DM.

  221. Stoker says:

    Peter A Bell wrote on 7 May, 2020 at 12:39 pm:

    “I feel quite confident in asserting that the vast majority of SNP activists are opposed to censorship in any form.”

    And i feel quite confident in asserting that you are so far up your own arse it’s hard to imagine.I further assert that you are a hypocrite of the highest order because you blocked me for merely suggesting we had our next indyref on St.Andrews day.

    Yet YOU are against censorship? Don’t make me feckin’ laugh you moronic egotist.

  222. Liz g says:

    Capella @ 11.09
    I think I followed you… don’t have a picture?
    I don’t either but it’s @ Liz g 1707
    Check when you have time xxx

  223. Ian Brotherhood says:

    For those who don’t do The Twitter –

    Jason Michael (@Jammach) started a twitter petition to have Rev’s twittery concerns restored and cited Cameron Archibald as the instigator of the ban(s).

    Whether Jason was right or not, looks like Master Archibald is now frantically covering his arse. (This after deleting his entire Twitter history just a few days ago) He’s denying having anything to do with fingering Rev.

    He also has to contend with the unfortunate fact that he claimed ‘Stirling University’ as the most powerful lobbying group in the country (i.e. because it got Rev removed from Twitter).

    Looks like his clique’s celebration might not last as long as he thought, although there remains the strong possibility that he’ll be up all night after all…

  224. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Ian B, and yon irish lassie in Troon, Ciara, has also locked down her account. She was crowing about Stu’s first suspension and encouraging others to go after Glinner next. Anybody in Troon ever heard of her?

  225. Iain More says:

    I never use twitter. So no great loss from my point of view.

  226. Millennium says:


    I thought your Twitter account was:-


  227. Millennium says:

    If Boris tells the English that it is ok to spread their wings, and Scotland is still under lockdown, then any English caught breaking Scottish laws should be dealt with the same as anybody else caught breaking lockdown rules in Scotland.

  228. TJenny says:

    Just cancelled my SNP membership. I’m so f*cking angry with them. Nicola and co were given it all on a plate, the huge surge in membership after the indy loss and then mandate after mandate after mandate, and they’ve just pissed it all away. Really, really hope Stu and or Alex start up a new party, otherwise I’m politically homeless.

  229. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Scot Finlayson says:@ 10:53 pm

    “… sound of the middle class wokerati of Stirling Uni SNP Youth singing”

    Yes, an odd bunch – While travelling home from Edinburgh on the train one night a bunch of them were whipping themselves into a drugged-up frenzy, with this belting out of their boombox thingys.

  230. TJenny says:

    I should also add that I now feel cleansed 🙂

  231. Effijy says:

    The people of Scotland are willing and strong
    The Stag and the Oil runs free
    So gather together and greet the storm
    For Scotland once more is free.

    Scotland Oh Scotland please show us a sign your children have waited to see.
    The morning has come when the world is mine
    And Scotland belongs to me.

    The Glens and the Mountains are leafy and green
    The wind and the wave fuels our sea
    Somewhere a glory awaits unseen
    and Scotland once more is free

    The Babe in the cradle has opened its eyes
    The blossom embraces the Tree
    Then up comes the whisper arise,arise
    and Scotland belongs to me.

  232. Effijy says:

    Just watched Question Time where George Eustice, Tory Minister,
    can be renamed Guff and Useless.

    He was asked several details about the new Covid App
    Going on trail in the Isle of Wight tomorrow.
    He huffed and bluffed and made obvious he hasn’t a clue about any of it
    and convinced everyone that latest hair brained scheme has no possibility
    of making any significant impact on our plight.

    The show also featured the Labour Shadow Secretary for Wales who loves
    Boris and all that he does.
    He should do well in the latest new Labour Tory Party.

  233. Craig Macbeth says:

    Can you publish the planned tweets here and we can all post it verbatum to our own accounts?

  234. Willie says:

    Truly, all of this GRA talk is driving me mad.

    Who is driving this micro minority issue. 99.99% of Scots have no interest in the issue. They do however have an interest in the 0.01% turning their world upside down. Indeed, as an example, legally allowing a man to self certify himself as a woman, thereby allowing him to do whatever women are allowed to do, is absolutely absurd. It at a stroke destroys all of the social norms, social protections.

    To use the current virus crisis as an example, would anyone of sane mind allow an individual contagious with COVID 19 allow such an individual to self certify themselves as virus free. I very much doubt it, but that is what you allow when you let people self certify on issues. They can be what they want, irrespective of what they are, and everyone else has to bear the consequence.

    Self cerify one’s gender, one’s age, one’s ethnicity, where does one stop.

    GRA Is certainly not a subject I was previously aware of. In fact I know no one who has any interest in the matter whatsoever. I do however know lots of people who are now annoyed wit( the issue, the profile it is taking, and how it could affect them, their children, and how they live their lives.

    Pensions, jobs, healthcare, raising children, looking after grandchildren, being able to pay the bills, having a holiday, education, going to church, eating out, watching football, seeing Celtic or Rangers lose, the list of things important in people’s lives are extensive – but for the 99.9999% is GRA in this list.

    That GRA has taken over the SNP leadership is strange, most strange, and then some. And like a virus GRA could kill its host. The SNP were all about good governance in an independent Scotland.

    On present form they are certainly not for that.

    But who or what had changed that.

  235. robbo says:

    I just found the Dog..

    Third one on video

  236. Millennium says:


    Wall to Wall Unionjackery this morning,,, it’s fuckin suffocating.

    And they have laid out a timetable for you today, just in case you still don’t get it.

    First up it’s the infected Prince.

    Then Lizzie

    Then tonight when they think you are drunk enough, they want you to stand at your door with your bottle of Buckfast and belt out ,,”We’ll meet again”.

    If you done that any other night you would get lifted.

  237. Dorothy Devine says:

    Still Positive , mair power tae yer elbow!

    I love the Lost Dinner Ticket!

    And The Whistle , the Puddock , even the Jeely Piece song .Many years ago – I do mean many – I had to recite a poem called Grief in a Speech and Drama festival in Aberdeen . The gist of that poem has stayed with me but sadly the words have departed.

    Maybe Voodoo for Miss Maverick might entrance your eight year old?

  238. Dorothy Devine says:

    Miss Maverick
    I dinna like Miss Maverick
    There’s cushions for her heid
    I’m jumpin’ aa my weicht on it
    An nou Miss Maverick’s deid.
    Ye’re deid, ye’re deid Miss Maverick
    An never mair ye’ll say
    I dance like a hird o Ayrshire kye
    On a mercat day.
    I’ll pit her ablaw the sofa
    Ye’re deid and yirdit baith
    An never mair ye’ll misca’ me
    Ye’ve drawn yer hindmaist braith.

    Or maybe not!

  239. Breeks says:

    With Twitter being susceptible to disruption by strategically orchestrated complaints, with Twitter Management apparently content to do nothing about it, (oh my, Twitter sounds just like the SNP doesn’t it?) then perhaps Rev Stu should perhaps think of setting up a Wings Forum, on servers with a bit of integrity and which neither the Wokists nor SNP Criminal Conspiracy Faction can get to.

    I don’t see Facebook as a choice frankly, because Facebook didn’t exactly cover itself with moral integrity over the data handling scandal.

  240. Sinky says:

    Scotland In Union’s prof Pennington again on radio as BBC Scotland’s main go to expert on Covid.

    Surprisingly he insists we must do the same as England and just rambles on without adding anything to human knowledge

  241. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Further to my comment on Twitters chief of editorial, I’d like to clarify that I don’t mean to suggest you were removed due to that fact alone.

    You were shining too much light on Scotlands top establishment lackey (or ‘Oor Nicola’ as some prefer to call her) as well as questioning Westminster troughers such as would be speaker Wishart, in the process possibly making other troughers feel uncomfortable.

    SNP are very useful to the british state but only as long as folk don’t get to see behind the curtain you were encouraging them too peek behind.

  242. Millennium says:

    It was London what won the War.

    It wasn’t the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish, the Canadians, the Polish, the Americans or the Russians.

    It was the English.

    That’s why it’s only English veterans of WW11 that you see on your telly.

    The other Nations only imagined they were in a War.

    Rule Britannia!!!

  243. Willie says:


    At least Pennington doesn’t come across as quite as bad as that Lord Haw Haw they call Prof Jason Leach.

    Now he is a bit of work, and then some.

  244. Mike d says:

    Wonder if there are any VE day celebrations in dublin ??

  245. susan says:

    I shall not be celebrating VE day in any shape or form.

  246. Mike d says:


  247. Capella says:

    @ Liz g – I managed to follow you on twitter and I think you’ve one likewise even though I gave a slightly wrong twitter handle. For some reason twitter added _e to my name. Pic is the same as for here. Now to find out how to DM! or even group DM.

  248. Capella says:

    one = done

  249. Grouse Beater says:

    Posted on Archibald Cameron’s Twitter site 07 May; ‘indy is last’ refers to the order of priorities Mr Cameron himself chose.

    “Indy is last

    By all evidence you’ve brought unwanted attention upon Stirling University by making a crass joke at a sensitive time. Excusing it by saying you have no influence is contradictory. @StirUni

    What I am keen to read is your denunciation of political censorship.”

  250. Ottomanboi says:

    One of the mega locomotives of the global economy running out of power.
    And all for the sake of containing a rather bad cold.
    The future is autarky. If you possess the knowhow, Make it, Grow it, Produce it.
    Trade, in the form we have known is over. Corrupt Globalist monocracy has dramatically failed. Through the miasma of one-world rhetoric, the rich still get much richer and the poor much poorer and the so called developing countries never develop beyond stage one dependency.
    Small amd medium sized countries have never looked more beautiful.
    A bright new dawn for those with the stamina and the vision to be up in time to catch it. Here’s a guy up with lark:

  251. Bill McLean says:

    Susan at 0832 – nor me Susan. Millions never got the chance “to meet again” ever. And our betters see it as a cause for celebration. Where were the Americans, Russians, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, West Indians, Welsh, Irish, Scots, Indians, Burmese, Belgians,Greeks, Free French, Czechs and Slovaks, Polish, South Africans, Nigerians, Kenyans while England was winning the war? (excuse me if I missed any nationalities). Sick of it!

  252. Tom Watt says:

    As a wee VE aside do you think that anyone in the 1945 crowd would
    Have said
    I can’t believe 75 years have passed since that brave General Custer was slaughtered by the Injun savages at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

  253. Stuart MacKay says:

    From the BBC:

    Germany passes law banning ‘gay conversion therapy’ for minors but it’s really not worth your while reading it. Typical information free waffle.

    The only item of note is that Spain is considering a ban also.

    Also interesting was the typical weasel way of the BBC to put everything in quotes when they want to obfuscate the real issue.

    So Scotland is going to be late to the GRA party and all the guests left a long time ago.

  254. Sinky says:

    Bill McLean, despite wall to wall BBC /ITV/ Sky/ Channel 5 propaganda and 95% of all newspapers I am pleased to report that while going to supermarket and delivering messages for an elderly relative in a very leavy part of South Edinburgh I didn’t see any bunting or Union Jacks in any window or garden.

    Also great to see that The national now has 10,500 subscribers

    Particularly liked this bit

    “That means we now have more digital subscribers than The Herald and Scotsman put together – not bad, considering they had a couple of hundred years’ head start”.

    Only £2 for two months.. you know it makes sense

    sign up at

  255. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Two thoughts on BritNat Exceptionalism regarding 75th Anniversary of VE Day:

    1. The WW2 generation fought fascism and militarism now the BritNats have turned Remembrance it into a loyalty test for supporting racism, deliberately created poverty and religious bigotry!

    2. The WW2 Generation fought fascism and militarism so that Scots could get a Section 30 if they voted for one.

  256. Jules says:

    I would support you Stuart but you blocked me on RevStu anyway for daring to have a different opinion to yours on the light cast upon Alex Salmond and his behaviour around women. I used to really enjoy and appreciate reading your insights and opinions on Twitter, even if I didn’t always agree with all of them. Obviously you can block whoever you want, but I wonder… if you were able to disagree with people in a slightly more easy-going manner, if you’d still end up in these kinds of situations?

  257. C C Lohmar says:

    @ Rev. Stuart Campbell
    I was planing to set up a Mastodon Server in the next 1 or 2 months. This is a part of a project ( to build a platform for true news and true journalism, that follows the Wikipedia standards.

    I would be more than delighted to have “Wings” as my first user on that Mastodon instance. Therefore, if you are interested, I would immediately start to build the Mastodon Server.

    Financial support – For now I have the funding to start, with growing popularity the platform may seek financial support through donations.

    Development support – This project follows the Open Source Principals! If any of the readers like to work on this project, please come forward. Any help is welcome!

    Thanks for reading – cheers CCL

  258. Marydoll says:

    O/T talkingupscotland2 has an article about cruise ships with up to 500 sailors on each docking at Greenock before being sent back to their home country via airports etc. The owners at Greenock are Peel Ports who have docks in England. Anyone heard anything?

    Also I heard that NS said on tv last night that #Scotland had a higher infection rate than England. is this true?

  259. Breeks says:

    I might have a lot more time for the VE Commemorations had it not been for the British Establishment doing it’s level best to cock it’s leg on the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn by conspiring to hold their Armed Forces day in Stirling. It was no concern of theirs, it was one of Scotland’s days which wasn’t in any way enhanced by cheap Union Jack bunting.

    Commemorate isn’t really the right word either. But I don’t know what the right word is. How do you mark the invisibility of so many brave Scottish Soldiers? There is barely a mention of the sacrifice of the 51st Highland Division at Dunkirk, but paradoxically, that’s one of the better remembered ‘forgettings’.

    It’s not that I resent Britain remembering it’s war dead either. It feels kinda up to them to do it how they please, and if I find it gaudy or tasteless, then that’s my problem not theirs.

    But what makes me angry is the taboo of commemorating the Scottish distinction of UK casualties. It’s fine if you commemorate them as British troops, but it’s frowned upon to commemorate them as Scottish troops.

    The weird bit is, the Canadian’s aren’t maligned for mourning Canadian losses, nor are the Australians or New Zealanders. And why? Because they’re not treated as second class nationalities inside their respective countries.

    Once Scotland is independent, we will be free to commemorate Scottish Troops for being Scottish, whether they fought at Bannockburn, served as escort to Joan of Arc, fought to restore the rightful lineage of Stewart monarchy, created the literal spectacle of the thin red line saving Balaclava in the Crimea, “saved the day” at Waterloo, suffered appalling loses throughout WW1, or put Scottish grit and determination into the SAS, Marines, Paras, LRDG, Chindits, and Desert Rats.

    If the UK Union was worth anything, it would acknowledge Scotland’s contribution and be thankful and appreciative of it, but such magnanimity is beyond the British Establishment. Scotland’s contribution to WW2 must be kept invisible, like the Russians dying in their million, the Poles flying their Spitfires, the Aussies and Kiwis holding Tobruk or winning El Alamein. Credit where it’s due? No chance, not if it’s in the shadow of the Union Jack.

    That’s a big reason why I consider it to be no flag of mine. I don’t hate it, though I completely understand why some do, but to me, it’s simply somebody else’s flag, not mine. I’m not French, so why would I drape a tricolour over my shoulders? Just so the Union Jack.

    I despise the Union which dooms my nation to eternal underachievement, so why on earth would I drape it’s colours around me?

  260. Doug Buchannan says:

    Pick a trivial issue, a trivial issue that divides, but is still trivial. Let’s be blunt, people don’t know or care even less in this trivia, people just get on with their lives.

    Try then on the back of this trivia to construct a political party to compete against the vehicle that will deliver the fundamental raison d’etre, independence, for which this new party states it believes in.

    Enter those opposed to independence who see a glimmer of hope to defeat the onward and compelling march towards independence. All of a sudden there are a lot of new contributors supporting the trivia whilst attacking the main vehicle that will secure independence – unionist trolls!

    There you have it!

    Yes I support free speech and yes free speech on trivia, hence my contribution here.

    Look at the SNP attacks on here, it is the same attacks by those on other blogs who openly declare as unionists. They are not subtle and use the trivia to undermine the independence cause. But I agree with free speech so it is their right.

    In conclusion, ignore the trivia, it’s being used by different forces to steer your thoughts and undermine your beliefs, don’t be mugs!

  261. liz says:

    @lizg you’re right.
    I’ve said my piece to him and will make no further comment.

    It was his lying that got under my skin.
    IMO all extreme trans groups should form their own party and persuade people to vote for them.
    Instead they latch on to an established party effectively stealing their voters.

  262. Fireproofjim says:

    Tom Watt
    The passing of time is interesting with your 75 year linking of VE Day with the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
    When I was a young boy in 1943 in Aberdeenshire, my Grandfather took me to meet an old man whose father was a boy soldier at Waterloo. I guess he was about ninety.
    So here’s me living in 2020 who shook hands with a man whose father was a soldier in 1814.
    We are not so far removed from the past as we sometimes think.

  263. callmedave says:


    Near neighbour along the road in a big corner house with three huge Saltires fluttering on long poles in his drive and triangle saltire bunting hung all along the guttering. 🙂

    Most impressive! Cheered me up no end.
    No red white and blue stuff anywhere local.

    I can hear big Auntie TV in the living room “how we won the war” and the London Blitz all conflated with the present corona virus lockdown and Hancock clips mixed in with old WW2 footage.

    But her indoors doing her Xwords seems impervious as I go to the kichen door and say WTF!

    She says Eh! and smiles…she’s winding me up folks. 🙁

    Pop up virus test unit thing there again today across the road
    in the sports centre car park vehicles turning up by appointment looks like. 🙂

  264. McDuff says:

    Millennium 8.17
    Ain`t that the truth.
    In 1939 the pop of England was 41m, rest of the UK nearly 9m, but that 9m have been completely eradicated from the UK history of WW11. Just look at any old war movie.
    Its the same with air raids, it was only England that was affected, yet on the 13th and 14 March 1941 1,200 people were killed in the Clydebank Blitz and the town almost completely destroyed, yet Coventry which is exclusively cited along with London as the worst examples of the Blitz, suffered 680 fatalities.
    These were all souls who all lost their lives but it seems that those in Clydebank or Cardiff and Belfast are somehow of lesser importance.

  265. Bill McLean says:

    Marydoll at 1116 – the “rate” the First Minister was talking about is the “reinfection rate” ie how many people an infected person can infect. If I have the virus and infect my neighbour only that counts R1. The R rate in England as of last night was between 0.5 and 0.7. Scotland’s is estimated at 1. Remember that infection started in Scotland after England that is why it is higher at the moment. I don’t trust the English figures. If they can “accurately” estimate theirs 0.5 to 0.7 how come our “estimate” is more precise. Anyway it’s higher only because we are, in terms of time, behind in the infection process. Hope that’s clear – i’m bambmoozled but that’s becaues as Millenium said i’ve “lived in England for too long”! Ha ha

  266. stuart mctavish says:

    @Tom Watt – Not sure why they’d care too much about that either which way.

    Bet they’d be more than a little intrigued as to how it came to pass that their great grandchildren could be persuaded to roam no further than the front porch while attempts were made to hold the whole of Europe under house arrest only 75 years later though.

  267. CameronB Brodie says:

    “And all for the sake of containing a rather bad cold.”

    This suggests very strongly that you are actually a man of the right, or simply ignorant of global health law. Either way, you appear to think that right-wing ideology is suited to supporting pro-social action. If that is the case, then you display a very poor appreciation of politics. Simples.

  268. Breeks says:

    Doug Buchannan says:
    8 May, 2020 at 11:39 am

    …Try then on the back of this trivia to construct a political party to compete against the vehicle that will deliver the fundamental raison d’etre, independence, for which this new party states it believes in.

    Two points Doug; first, I wouldn’t say it was trivial if the issue was controversial, easily manipulated into lewd and salacious scandal by the media, and had potential not only to lose the SNP votes but actually see it’s reputation completely and permanently destroyed.

    Point two, there is absolutely nothing trivial about the SNP’s unforced capitulation, to sit back and do nothing while the Sovereign Constitution of the Nation and the emphatic Democratic will of the sovereign people is overruled by Westminster. Why in God’s name are the SNP pissing about with this Gender Recognition horseshit, when the Union-busting colonial subjugation of Scotland just quietly disappears in the rear view mirror? This unlawful act of colonial subjugation should have formed the basis of a Scottish Backstop to halt Brexit, and the constitutional ramifications should have been put before the UN three years ago. Instead the SNP rolls over and plays dead. It is a shameful dereliction of responsibility on the part of the SNP. Shameful!

    The people of Scotland have been stitched up about ending the Union, and sold a pup by the SNP, and the forces who did that, are the same forces which wanted Alex Salmond smeared and jailed as a rapist, and who also want the SNP and what it stands for destroyed as the voice for an Independent Scotland and pilloried as the voice of science deniers, weirdy beardy social misfits and morally challenged cretins who see nothing wrong with primary school children being exposed sexual drag acts, and being exposed to dangerous advice that makes an enemy of puberty and encourages some kids to undergo treatment they do not require and sometimes cannot reverse.

    If you’re like Pete Wishart Doug, and believe everything is hunky dory, then you’re complacency is just as dangerous to Scottish Independence as an SNP Government that has been knobbled by the Establishment and is now in the process of destroying itself.

    If you believe in the SNP Doug, now is the time to raise your voice and save it from itself before it’s too late. Others, like me, think the SNP is already a busted flush, and we patiently await the foundation of a new Pro Independence Party which can at the very minimum, reconcile itself with Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty… something which the SNP has steadfastly shown no inclination to do.

  269. CameronB Brodie says:

    Here’s one for all those who doubt the need for a precautionary approach to policy, and the primacy of international law.

    COVID-19 Is Smoke and Mirrors — What Matters Is International Law

    Health is political, and the best political choice at the moment would be to strengthen WHO’s legal power — not destroy it

  270. CameronB Brodie says:

    Without a regard to international law, Scotland is at the full mercy of Westminster, which considers itself impervious to international law.

    The Outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus: are the International Health Regulations fit for purpose?

  271. Ruby says:

    What I was wondering about the trans issue is why transwomen & transmen cannot be called transwomen & transmen?

    Why the need to say transwomen are women and not just say transwomen are transwomen?

    Is being a transwoman or a transman something to be ashamed of?

    Is there any reason why there can’t be women’s rescues and transwomens rescues? Likewise toilets sports, waxing salons from transmen & transwomen?

    Why don’t the celebrate being trans and make demands for their own refuges, toilets sports, waxing salons etc etc etc?

  272. Mike d says:

    Dark forces somewhere must be pretty pleased with the disease they have unleashed within the SNP hierarchy. Now spreading to the ground troops. Methinks time for a new independence party.

  273. shug says:

    as the next referendum or Scottish election approaches there will be a very interesting challenge for Wings and every other nationalist outlet, as the 77 brigade of unionists start to shut down opposing voices.
    I hope someone has a plan B

    ps I think the gender selection will go the way of named person

  274. Liz g says:

    Capella @ 8.36
    Yes I think we’ve managed it…I’m trying to figure it all out too 🙂
    I really only ever messaged in the group,but we’ll figure it out…. ( or engage co-pilots )

  275. twathater says:

    @ Breeks 12.46pm well said again , my frustration with Doug and the erstwhile commenters who have left this site to go to others where the echo chamber is more amenable to their thoughts and beliefs is , why do they not do what SC , yourself and others do , dissect things , look at the history , look at the promises , look at the bold statements by Blackford and Co then look at the capitulation and subservience which is evident

    You have STATED numerous times that the 62% of Scots voting for remaining in the EU was a hand grenade which would have been instrumental in SHATTERING the belief that we MUST OBEY our masters , but what happened , instead of asserting Scots sovereignty to refuse to be DRAGGED out against our will through the International Courts Of Justice or the EU our leader REFUSED to CHALLENGE WM diktat

    Instead of coming on here accusing others of being trolls , yoonionists , 77th brigade , splitters or divisive , do a little thinking , is it us moaners who are PUSHING the GRA or the HATE LAW , is it us moaners who have promised give us another mandate and another term in office and we’ll give you a ref ( fingers crossed ) is it us moaners who have accepted brexshit exit , when you have thunk enough ask yourselves who has betrayed YOU and US independence supporters , is it us moaners who have NO POWER or is it the FM and her wokeist cabal of pronouns who have just shackled one of SCOTLAND’S most important independence supporting voices

  276. Muscleguy says:

    Just this week a straight pervert was convicted of placing unisex stickers on women’s toilets without the owners’ permission to attempt to perve on women users.

    We already know what self ID is doing. It is poised to ruin women’s sport. In the US there are young female athletes dropping out because they cannot hope to compete against the male bodied persons. There are hundreds of 14 yo boys who can run 100m faster than Flo-Jo can. Yet 14yo boys are self id-ing and running in girls’ races in the US.

    I’m a PhD Physiologist specialising in muscle, hence the monniker and I understand the differences between male and female muscles and biology. Men have bigger lungs not just because we’re bigger but because we have, on average wider shoulders. We have not just bigger muscles but at birth potentially bigger muscles. More fast twitch fibres. Testosterone makes our muscles stronger, our tendons stronger. Progesterone does the opposite.

    The minimum Physiologically safe level of testosterone for a male bodied person competing as female (regardless of what else they are taking or their stage of transition) is higher than the women are allowed to have. How is that fair? The answer is it cannot be fair.

    There are court cases all over about this. Did you miss the victory this week over Stonewall’s advice to primary schools? It has hit the legal trenches here and there are lots of cases waiting in the wings.

    I’m afraid you are simply ignorant because it does not concern you enough. The solution is like Para sport, we have a section for m-f athletes, those on Oestrogen and those not. Another for f-m ditto wrt testosterone because no amount of it will give a female bodied person wider shoulders or the same maximum muscle size or strength or speed.

    As a male athlete I feel no threat wrt transmen competing in our sections (I’m a veteran) but I completely an utterly understand that girls and women ARE threatened by Transwomen and that refers to the changing rooms and showers as well as on the track, the road, the country or the club run.

  277. Muscleguy says:

    Oh and there are trans people who think that the surgery is going to change their dna. The delusion over this is just horrendous.

    Trans is the only psychological condition which is pandered to. If I present with the belief that I’m Napoleon Bonaparte or a qualified airline pilot I don’t get to rule France and march a European army into Russia or take the controls of a 767 with passengers on it and neither should they.

    There are people with the delusion that one of their limbs is not their own and that it is malign and out to get them. They try and persuade doctors to amputate that limb, the doctors refuse, get sued and the courts side with the doctors. First, do no harm.

    There are lots of delusions about pars of the body and who people are. Only Trans is pandered to. Transition doesn’t even mean a cure and so we have detransitioners. It seems an increasing number of transmen are detransitioning into just being lesbians.

    And finally there is lots of evidence now that a big driver of trans is homophobia. People plump for trans after being bulled over being or seeming gay. It’s a way out. The solution is to end homophobic bullying and to support victims. It is not to destroy their biology with puberty blockers. Giving puberty blockers to prebubescent children will be seen as a crime against humanity because it is. It’s a ticking time bomb. The idea horrifies me as a Physiologist.

  278. Brian Macfarlane says:

    B’stardssssss! Anyway hope my new subscription softens the blow mate. Hope others do that too. Can’t you sue the b’stards

  279. Brian Macfarlane says:

    Stu is it not possible for you to have a page on your website here where you put your tweets where a select band of us Cybernatscum can go and copy and paste and tweet them on twitter telling folk who its from? I guess they might ban us too but I’m getting scunnered wae it onywey

  280. CameronB Brodie says:

    That’s the sort of ‘take-down’ I aspire to. 😉

  281. KraftyKris says:

    Don’t agree with you on the gender issue or with Twitter silencing your views on their platform. But I guess it is their platform and they can do what they like, just as you can do what you like on your website.

  282. The silencing of free speech in this country, and the encouraging of young people to call the police if they hear something they deem ‘offensive’…is an absolute disgrace. Nobody in this country will EVER tell me what to think or do or say. I have been a free speech advocate for my whole life, donating money to Jello Biafra’s ‘obscenity’ trial in 1987 as a teenager, and had to live through the risible ‘video nasties’ debacle of the 80s, so I’ll be FUCKING DAMNED if I let some mealy-moothed, American-brained wean (if they tried living in that increasingly third world hellhole, they would not be so hot on obsessing over it) tell me what’s what.

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