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Stories of the week, 30/3/2014

Posted on March 30, 2014 by

The top five most-read stories on Wings Over Scotland in the last seven days.

1. Going (on the) underground
The tangled tale of our first advertising campaign.

2. The ad SPT don’t want you to see
The graphics of our first advertising campaign.

3. Ironic timing
A juxtaposition to our first advertising campaign.

4. The Devo Nano Policy Explosion
A post not related to our first advertising campaign!

5. The Tumbleweed Files

This week’s theme: it definitely pays to advertise.

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20 to “Stories of the week, 30/3/2014”

  1. Morag

    Especially if you get ten times the exposure your contracted slot would have generated, and then they give you your money back!


  2. Les Wilson

    O/T sorry so early but you will want to see this

  3. Morag

    You have a death wish or something? 🙂

  4. BuckieBraes

    Looking forward to our next advertising campaign; what with the first one not getting much exposure, and all that.

  5. Cactus Jack

    Howdy and a good Monday morning to all you fellow Scotians n neighbours out there. Contained euphoria! That’s how I feel about our Scottish independence.

    Any and all undecided voters reading these five stories alone (c/w constructive reader comments) should really be beginning to ‘click’ with regards to the reality of the truth. See the thing is.. getting to know / learning about the truth is like a drug, it’s addictive. I imagine that’s why so many folk come here on a regular basis.

    So raise your hands fellow Scotians, cross arms, pull that lever and let’s get our beautiful Scotland walking again, cause you gotta be able to walk before you can run.

    Och AYE and simply YES,
    Chairs all, CJ

  6. Ukp42

    @Les Wilson Also in the Daily Rag, there is a Poll, asking,” Should Scotland be allowed to stay in a currency union with UK if it splits?”
    SO far its 81% No, 19% Yes!

  7. StevieMcB

    @les Wilson


    It may be OT..if you have no money you don’t get treatment,Labour think tank FFs

    anyhoo, My daughter was over for Sunday dinner. lovely,(well I would say that) well educated, hard working young person, she’s convinced 6 of her ‘dunno don’t care friends’ & 1 of her no way ‘it’s scarey & my parents think they will lose pensions etc etc to investigate for themselves & they all are going to vote YES
    Happy days.

  8. caz-m

    Rev, what have you done with all the regulars?

    The place is empty.

    Too many rules.

    You’ve chased them all away.

    I think you should relax the “No Videos Rule”.

    It’s turned into a pub that doesn’t sell alcohol.

    You need to bring a bit a “crack” back to the site.

    The “PC” brigade have won.

    And by the way, I don’t touch alcohol. but I like a wee bit of a laugh and a joke. (It must be a Glasgow Thing).

    Well that’s ma tupence worth said fur the nite.

  9. We Are All Bourgeois Now

    Sorry O/T, and sorry if this has been posted earlier (I couldn’t see it), but Westminster are wanting to know Mumsnetters’ views on the referendum!

    Discuss your views of the Scottish Referendum with the UK government

    “With fewer than 200 days to go until the Scottish referendum, UK Government has produced the latest edition, in a series of information packs, focussing on money and the economy in the context of the independence debate. The pack can be accessed here.

    UK Government wants to find out what Mumsnetters’ views are of the Scottish referendum coming up in September. When it comes to the prospect of Scotland going it alone and possible impacts on the economy, like changes in currency and taxes, what are your views? Whether you’re Scottish or not we’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury says, “As part of the UK the Scottish economy is growing, inflation is down and more people are in work. By remaining part of the UK, Scottish industry and jobs will be protected by the generous freeze on duties on spirits and the £3bn tax break for oil and gas industries we announced at the Budget, as well as the big cuts in income tax helping 2 million Scottish workers.

    This new pack sets out some key facts people in Scotland need to know before the referendum in September. I urge everyone to read up on the facts and understand the true benefits being part of the United Kingdom brings to Scotland.”

    Mumsnet will be hosting various content and activity in the run up to the referendum from all sides of the debate, so do keep a look out for these in the coming months.



    The comments are interesting! I wonder if Mumsnet have also approached the Scottish govt?

  10. Young NED

    REV you should have a look at Sky (pish, I know, but one clip caught my eye).

    Enlightening to listen to Caroline Flint on Sky News – “Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, myself and, you know, as well as my colleagues in Scotland, have been very vocal over the last few months about… the issues surrounding… the referendum in Scotland. Erm… We have all been putting a very positive message out, about the benefits we gain as being part of the union – we share the risks and the rewards of that.”

    She knows NOTHING about what has happened in the campaign and yet Labour’s London HQ still think she’s better than anyone scottish they could’ve put in front of the camera. Tells a story or two.

  11. molly

    les wilson,
    According to the Royal College of Nursing in their info regarding the no-payrise (down south ) “The NHS (I assume in England) UNDER spent by £3 billion last year and that money was given back to the Treasury,” Michael Brown Chair of RCN Council

  12. bunter

    Just caught R4 with a Naughtie/Darling love in athon, and seemed to me that Naughtie was quite keen to agree a line of, give the rUK a referendum on a C.U. but there was no sign of also including the line ”and do you want to take all the debt”.

    BBC continuing to help shore up the crumbling NO campaign methinks.

  13. bunter

    Hmm, time is a bit funny on the posts rev??

  14. bunter

    Ignore that oops sorry!!

  15. Morag

    Stu just tweeted that the fundraiser is standing at £108,652. That is phenomenal. And if you consider all the other successful Yes fundraisers it’s quite extraordinary.

    For BT it won’t be about the money so much, because despite their whining they are rolling in it, but about what it says about the commitment and enthusiasm and level of support among the pro-Yes people.

  16. Robert Kerr

    Indeed Morag.

    I am especially pleased with the Newsnet funding for further academic research into BBC Scotland bias.

    I didn’t contribute though. To many good causes and my funds are evaporating.

  17. Morag

    I didn’t contribute either because NNS pissed me off badly quite a long time ago. Not so badly that I don’t want to see them succeed though, and I was watching the appeal. I’m glad it was successful.

  18. Devereux

    Another Keir Hardie letter. Yawn. On behalf of Anne ‘I don’t understand our devolution proposals either’ Mctaggart, Labour MSP.

  19. Morag

    Same thing with WFI. I joined at the beginning, but a bunch of women with a huge chip on their shoulder isn’t an inspiring environment. I threw in a small donation at the beginning, but I think I’m going to have to swallow my misgivings and punt them a bit more.

  20. Croompenstein

    Nicola has sent JoLa a letter I wonder if she will get the cut and paste Keir Hardie number..

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