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The ad SPT don’t want you to see

Posted on March 25, 2014 by

Y’know, in case you want to make stickers or something.


Right-click and “Save As”. PNG version here. T-shirt-friendly version here. Story here.

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    1. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      harharhar, nice 1.

    2. K Mackay says:

      good man Stu, I think I’ll make some somethings 🙂

    3. Yes Kirriemuir says:

      Will get this made into a banner sticker for the Yes shop in Kirriemuir. This will not be the last you see of this ad 🙂

    4. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      probably now end up with more on the subway, and all for free.

    5. Tam Jardine says:

      Stuart- can you organise one to sell from the Megastore to swell the funds?

    6. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

      There are 38 cars in the Glasgow Subway Laughing Stock.

      They go clockwise and anticlockwise. That is enough.

      Stop thinking and stand clear of the closing doors.

    7. Janine says:

      Someone had to approve the advert before it was rolled out, no? If it was deemed acceptable for approval i.e. didn’t contravene any ‘political advertising’ rules and regulations, why is it all of a sudden not acceptable? I smell a rat, a puppet’s strings have been pulled somewhere.

    8. Taranaich says:

      Proposal: every Wings reader gets a WoS T-shirt and goes on SPT. Bonus for flashmob. Take pictures, they stopped fining people for that now.

    9. Croompenstein says:

      Looked censorship up on wiki…mmmmm…

      Political censorship exists when a government attempts to conceal, fake, distort, or falsify information that its citizens receive by suppressing or crowding out political news that the public might receive through news outlets. In the absence of neutral and objective information, people will be unable to dissent with the government or political party in charge.

      The term also extends to the systematic suppression of views that are contrary to those of the government in power. The government often possesses the power of the army and the secret police, to enforce the compliance of journalists with the will of the authorities to spread the story that the ruling authorities want people to believe. At times this involves bribery, defamation, imprisonment, and even assassination.

      The word censorship comes from the Latin word censor, the job of two Romans whose duty was to supervise public behaviour and morals, hence ‘censoring’ the way people acted.

    10. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Could you not add a line that the advert was banned by the SPT, an arms’ length LABOUR PARTY piggy bank?

    11. the Penman says:

      The public gets what the public (transport) wants /

      But I don’t want what society’s got.

    12. Andrew Parrott says:

      I have submitted a request to SPT under the Freedom of Information Act, which I think applies to them, for a copy of the guidelines they give to their advertising agency for what ads they can accept and what they cannot accept for the Glasgow Underground.

    13. Colin says:

      Self clingy car window stickers, I’ll have two please and two self adhesive one for my motorbikes. Hurry up, quicker the better, I think vista print can do them???

    14. Jimbo says:

      Nice one Rev! Still can’t believe they banned it. But who knows, it might end up working in y(our) favour.

      I for one will be printing this and displaying from the end of my hospital bed tomorrow where I’ll be recovering in surgery!

    15. Hwanofbute says:

      Could you get them made as car stickers and we can buy them from the Megastore?

    16. David McCann says:

      Some months ago I contacted Media Lens about media bias.
      Pleased to say that they have taken up the cause and produced an excellent article, which quotes Wings, Newsnet, Bella etc.

      Good on them.

    17. Matt says:

      “Proposal: every Wings reader gets a WoS T-shirt and goes on SPT.”

      No chance! Have you got any idea how much a subway ticket costs these days? I wouldn’t give them the money after they scrapped the 20-journey ticket.

      In any case, I don’t think there’s much point making a fuss about this. They have rules against political advertising, and the advert is at least on the borderline. If someone makes a complaint they have to act, and is anyone seriously surprised that the No camp complained about it?

      They allowed it to go up in the first place, which at least helps our cause, just as long as we don’t make ourselves look bad with mock outrage. There’s plenty more places to advertise.

    18. K Mackay says:

      I resized and added some space around the text to make it fit the facebook cover photo space, feel free to make use:

      Let me know if the link doesn’t work, hopefully will work ok

    19. Andrew Bentley-Steed says:

      When The Independent launched, it ran with a simple photo of the newspaper rolled-up so that the banner showed on top followed by the simple strapline: ‘It is. Are you?’


      Revise the copy. Re-run the ad. Then get your Wingmen to protest every time a ‘Scottish’ newspaper runs an ad.

      Don’t get mad. Get annoying.

    20. Jamie Arriere says:

      Put the ad on t-shirts and have a Wings Flashmob riding the subway when you’re up on your “Talking Tour” in the summer, Rev.

    21. Steve B says:

      People in authority the world over never learn – the more you try and ban something the more publicity that thing gets.

      I’m sure that because of the storm this is stirring up, people will be learning about Wings who have never even seen a Glasgow Subway train before.

    22. HandandShrimp says:


      Tend to agree, there is a bucket load of free advertising in the fact that they took the adverts down. I’m not surprised the posters went up. They merely suggest that both sides of the argument should be heard. There is no political message as such. Equally I am not surprised that some Better Together person had an exploding head moment. There didn’t need to be any text. Just the Wings logo and the web address would have had them in A&E.

      Time for cool heads and of course maximise the opportunity it presents. 🙂

    23. Les Wilson says:

      I agree with other posts, you should make available larger sticky back copies for your megashop, we might see them sprout everywhere. Not least on cars, mine as example and I am sure many will do that if available. However,with much bigger hence more view able versions as time progresses.
      One high on BT HQ windows would be nice! Lol!
      ( would not be there long, but we could photograph it and put it on line!) now that WOULD be a giggle.

    24. Taranaich says:

      In any case, I don’t think there’s much point making a fuss about this. They have rules against political advertising, and the advert is at least on the borderline. If someone makes a complaint they have to act, and is anyone seriously surprised that the No camp complained about it?

      If the advert went against the rules, then why did they put them up in the first place? Surely if it contravened them they wouldn’t have been approved in the first place. They *don’t* have to act, either: what are people going to do, use another subway?

      They allowed it to go up in the first place, which at least helps our cause, just as long as we don’t make ourselves look bad with mock outrage. There’s plenty more places to advertise.

      There’s nothing “mock” about my outrage, and I have to wonder about other places. This is Glasgow City Council we’re talking about here: what would be served putting up Wings adverts in areas which already have a significant Yes presence? Glasgow and other Labour strongholds need all the help they can get.

      SPT advertises everything and anything, but they won’t advertise a website which, while politically biased, has a primary mission of holding the Scottish media to account in regards to its reporting of the referendum. It’s preposterous and insulting. While I won’t exactly be crusading against SPT, I do think it’s important to make my displeasure known.

    25. Croompenstein says:

      @Les Wilson – while we’re at it we could play chap door run 🙂

    26. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Complaint sent.

    27. stonefree says:

      as janine says, further It is a statement of facts unless they know differently and should say so and it makes no political comment
      Consider an american straight form Glasgow airport read it,could he see any political comment? No
      I have the feeling that would be a legal arguement ie a lay person can’t see any political comment,only facts ,therefore none exists………
      Maybe you should have gone easier on Archie’s missus?…..Nah

    28. K1 says:

      Well said.

    29. twenty14 says:

      @K Mckay – thanks now my FB cover photo

    30. David Smith says:

      Here’s what I put;

      “I wish to complain about the sudden removal of adverts for the Wings over Scotland current affairs site from Subway stock and would be interested to know upon what ground the action was taken since the advert had clearly been subject to previous approval. On September the 18th this year, the people of Scotland are to make a very important choice and they deserve a balanced flow of information; something which is currently not occurring with the mainstream media. For a link to an alternative news source that has a higher readership than many daily newspapers in Scotland to be removed on spurious grounds sends questionable signals about the integrity of Strathclyde Passenger Transport.


    31. Roland Smith says:

      I would insist on not paying for the adverts, but as a thought how about an advert that just has Wings website on it with some innocuous statement encouraging people to visit the site.

      Something like “If you care about Scotlands future visit”

      WWW etc.
      I am sure others might have a better suggestion on wording.

    32. caz-m says:

      Advertising on SPT.

      Interesting SPT advertising info from their own website.

    33. Matt says:

      Really didn’t think I was saying anything remotely controversial which could provoke an argument, however…

      This is Glasgow City Council we’re talking about here: what would be served putting up Wings adverts in areas which already have a significant Yes presence? Glasgow and other Labour strongholds need all the help they can get.

      Do you live in Glasgow? Have you canvassed here? I canvass around the Charing Cross area, and it’s not unusual for us to come home after a session where we’ve knocked on the doors of double figures of Yes voters and not a single No voter. It’s getting more and more difficult to walk a hundred yards in the centre of Glasgow without seeing a Yes sticker on a lamp-post or a wall.

      Glasgow’s a lot more Yes than you think. In any case, this is one very small part of Glasgow’s infrastructure, it is not the entire city. There are Yes Scotland adverts on billboards in Glasgow, so this “no political adverts” rule does not apply across the board.

    34. caz-m says:

      I think that “A couldnae huv dunit withoot Erchie” has got a lot to do with this getting banned.

      Was Archie not on the SPT Committee. Him and Blair MacD are all over this.

    35. Betsy says:

      If it’s any comfort to you, I’ve just sent a wee bundle of wings cards I had made up a while back for a wee trip on the subway this evening. Stickers look like the perfect follow up.

    36. Desimond says:

      Hi, is that the Metro…..

    37. Vincent McDee says:

      Just in case you haven’t had enough of the socialist labour party:

      “We know controlling the costs of welfare will mean taking tough decisions. In June last year Ed Miliband called for a welfare cap on the overall cost of social security. On Wednesday Labour will support the cap on social security. However, a Labour government will go further by tackling the causes of rising social security spending. Unlike David Cameron’s government Labour will take the tough decisions that are necessary to control social security spending in order to build a better Britain”

    38. Kalmar says:

      I would guess the explanation is that the ad company placed the ads, SPT don’t review everything prior to it going up, but they did once they got complaints and decided it broke a rule.

      Little point frothing about it.

    39. Vincent McDee says:

      As the saying goes: It takes a tory to know a tory. Blues, Reds, Yellows and Purple/Yellow Ukips

    40. Les Wilson says:

      Croompenstein says:
      25 March, 2014 at 7:37 pm
      Looked censorship up on wiki…mmmmm…

      You might like to look at this, scroll down and you will see all the main points listed, it makes what is happening so much clearer.

    41. john king says:

      Taranaich says
      “Proposal: every Wings reader gets a WoS T-shirt and goes on SPT. Bonus for flashmob. Take pictures, they stopped fining people for that now.”

      On it like a car bonnet
      wifes already got a tee shirt getting made with the wings logo and my name so adding that to the back wont add much the cost tee shirt from the local cat protection league shop with wings logo and name is 7.50

    42. caz-m says:

      More info from SPT website on advertising.

      Advertising on the Subway and at Buchanan Bus Station is managed for SPT by Primesight. Contact Keith Lammie on 0141 559 6100 or email keithl [at] primesight [dot] co [dot] uk for details and rates.

    43. john king says:

      “I for one will be printing this and displaying from the end of my hospital bed tomorrow where I’ll be recovering in surgery!”

      That what I call a trouper,
      get well soon Jimbo 🙂

    44. christopher says:

      Matt its only £1.60 for a ticket much cheaperfaster and more convenient than a spt busticket although st georges cross station was honking this morning . I was on the underground today n smiled when i saw this ad inside the subway train . Right next to the bacardi ad talking about the.cubam revolution lol it isnt a false statement so whats theproblem ?

    45. Robert Knight says:

      Can we get a version of the graphic that will work as a cover picture on facebook?

    46. wee folding bike says:

      How about a smart phone and tablet wallpaper sized version of the Wings logo?

    47. velofello says:

      Pity the pair soul in SPT who accepted the advert. Could well have be wan o’ Erchie and Johann’a weans. Her being a mother an’ a that.

    48. The following blog has been blocked both by the Scotsman and the Herald… for obvious reasons. It is possible that the McCrone report is the most powerful tool that you can use to support independence and to combat the vast tissue of lies that are published against our country’s abilities and freedom. Spread it as widely as possible.

      Everybody who blogs on the question of Scottish Independence will find all the answers to the questions posed by those for and those against a Sovereign Scotland. If you have not yet read the full McCrone report then you must… if you care about our country and it’s future.

      If you are English and resident in Scotland for a year or more and therefore are able to vote against Scottish Independence to prevent the the huge loss of revenue to the the Westminster Government and thereby to England… we will at least understand your motive but stop preaching that the sky will fall down if a ‘Yes to Scotland’ wins the referendum.

      If you are a a temporary EU worker in Scotland with at least a years residence then you too can vote for or against Scottish Sovereignty… but read the McCrone Report first. When you do you will see that you will have chosen to work in one of the richest countries in the world. But you have to vote yes first.

      If you are a a Scot still permanently resident in Scotland and at this time opposed to Scottish Independence or sitting on the fence, for fear of economic loss then at least read the McCrone report fully… and wonder why it was top secret and suppressed for nearly 40 years. If you typically vote Labour or Conservative then remember that this vital information has been a kept a dark secret by by both parties as long as they could. Consider then, knowing this, why the the leaders of the No vote have rammed down your throat that Scottish Independence will be a disastrous failure.

      Finally, if you are a Scot and support Independence then you have a absolute duty to save your country from continuous decline. If you have not yet read the McCrone report do so immediately… and get at least ten others opposed or sitting on the fence… to read it too. The McCrone report answers every single negative thought about our country’s future independence.

      Remember that the Crone Report is not propaganda put out by the Yes people or the SNP… but the official report of a Westminster Government’s 1970’s Commission to evaluate the effects of Scottish Independence. It has been kept secret until 2005.

      You are now free to read it and I urge you do so as soon as you can.

    49. ronnie anderson says:

      O/T All kinds of BBC wrongs, actual Bbc newsreader

      reporting a fictional murder,in a Bbc soap River City,

      they’ve crossed the bounds of fact & fiction.

    50. Claire McNab says:

      The eejits did themselves no favours by pulling the ad.

      But why not resubmit it in a special subway edition without the 3rd line?

      Without “None of the 37 supports independence”, the ad still works. It doesn’t need to say why people might need to see both sides of the story — readers of the ad will figure that out soon enough.

    51. K Mackay says:

      Robert Knight, here’s my wee effort if you like 🙂

    52. JLT says:

      We really need to get these on the Billboards on the main road systems.

      Stuff the SPT. There’s more than way to skin a cat.

    53. Nicol Hands says:

      Perhaps you should give the ad over to YesScotland and let them have a go at SPT’s prejudices.

    54. EdinScot says:

      What a fantastically clever wings ad Rev, kudos to you. Seems with the pulling of the ad that we live amongst sensitive souls. Mind you the Unionist msm has controlled and dominated the agenda here in Scotland for so long that it even fooled them of what real democracy and freedom of speech is all about. As this whole sorry stitch up of a so called union unravels its really quite eerie how our Scotland has resembled the former GDR. The Unionists must be scared makes you wonder what their internal polling is telling them.

      It really does look and feel like the Yes side is winning despite the msm. We have to win.

    55. G. P. Walrus says:

      There’s a petition on calling on Better Together to publish an equivalent of the White Paper.

    56. Thepnr says:

      Another spectacular own goal by those who wish to curtail free speech in this country. I found my way to Wings over a year ago simply because I was concerned that there was something not quite right with the reporting of the referendum by the newspapers and television.

      Seek and you shall find I thought, didn’t take long to realise the amount of propaganda the electorate were being fed. This upset me of course, nobody likes the piss being ripped out of them. The result? They turned a non-activist and most likely No supporter into a fully fledged activist and Yes supporter.

      Now we have censorship and no right even to make a case in anything controlled by the establishment. Well aren’t they in for a shock, until they send the troops in we will be sending our own in, knowcking on every door in the country. How’d you like them apples Cameron.

      BT are the dogs, the sheepdogs that is, rounding up all the sheeple and forcing them into the WoS pen, here they are sheared and turned back into knowledgeable and able people who turn on the sheepdogs. They eventually scamper away, tails between their legs.

      Will they ever learn?

    57. Better Together St Kilda says:

      This will be the headline subject on the front page of the ‘St Kilda Express’ tomorrow, and I expect that will be the case with many newspapers tomorrow.

    58. Mary Bruce says:

      You can print your own T-shirts with transfer paper. When I was doing this last year the cheapest paper was from the supermarkets, Asda has them for about four or five quid for 5 sheets if I recall correctly.

      You just put the paper in your printer, print out your desired image and then iron on to your t-shirt.

      Remember and print out your text back to front tho so it is the right way up when you iron it.

    59. Croompenstein says:

      @GP Walrus – signed

    60. john king says:

      I think this issue calls for a crowd assault on the ODIHR again to get them to listen I promised them the last time I wrote an email the if you stand back you can “watch a travesty unravel” that email was sent about a year ago and my words to them have been proved to be disturblingly accurate

      this is the email I sent in response to a negative response to my first email

      BBC bias?

      john king 30/04/2013
      To: info [at] osce [dot] org

      In response to your recent communication to me,
      might I say thank you for your prompt response and I am grateful you should take the time to do so ,
      however I do feel the content of your response opened up a schism in the connection between the OSCE and the electorates they are there to protect,
      as in the case of Scotland the body who stand to gain by no involvement of the ODIHR is the only body you say is entitled to ask for your input which would be the UK government,

      As Scotland has a devolved parliament and the Scottish people (as opposed to Westminster ) are sovereign in Scotland I would imagine a case for your involvement of the basis that you have been invited by the sovereign masters of Scotland is justification enough for the protection your body offers,
      or is it the case that protection is held solely for the support of the governments who’s duplicitous actions are preventing (or attempting to) the right of the people of Scotland to fair and balanced reporting by using a corporation who demand our money on pain of imprisonment to support them but refuse point blank to honour their own editorial commitment ( present a balanced approach to reporting,
      might I suggest you cast your eye over this article
      which is indicative of the belief most Scots have of the BBC

      in summary I would strongly urge your office to take a stand in regards to the forthcoming referendum in Scotland or stand aside and watch a travesty take place
      john king

      I hate it when I’m right!

    61. john king says:

      mary Bruce says
      “Remember and print out your text back to front tho so it is the right way up when you iron it.”
      🙂 tn’dluoc uoy evah dlot su taht erofeb

    62. Thepnr says:

      @john king

      LOL :):)

    63. CameronB says:

      @ Rev Stuart Campbell

      Do you have a peak time for visitors? I’m asking as I have something important and new to share. TA

    64. Wayne says:


      Have you taken legal advice on this? Can you post a copy of the contract you signed with them? I’d be interested to read the precise wording of the contract so as to be in a position to assess the legality of their decision. Prima facie it appears that SPT are in breach of contract.

      I suppose in the end they might have inadvertently given the advert even more exposure by its suppression, allowing it to become something of a cause celebre amongst us YES supporters, or at least so we can hope.

      It was a wonderfully pithy advert and made the point very well. Why don’t you consider a specific appeal to have it put out there more widely, in places where people can’t have any grounds to object to it merely because it conflicts with their political views or makes them feel uncomfortable as they come to terms with the undemocratic nature of our unbalanced media coverage?

    65. caz-m says:

      I have emailed this guy Keith Lammie who seems to be the man who handles advertising on SPT.

      I have asked him why the Wings banners have been removed from the SPT subway carriages.

      He works for Primesight Advrtising and probably handled the Wings contract for SPT.

      Primesight. Contact Keith Lammie on 0141 559 6100 or email keithl [at] primesight [dot] co [dot] uk for details.

    66. CameronB says:

      Sorry, the uncertainty is killing me, so I thought if it is OK for Better Together. 😉

      “The Lawyers they conjoin”. Mkay.

      Things haven’t changed have they? Ironically this is taken from the album “English Rebel Songs 1381-1914?.

      Chumbawamba – The Diggers’ Song

      How about this one? Oh the irony. 🙂

      Chumbawamba – Song on the Times

      Chumbawamba – British Colonialism and the BBC

    67. Proadge says:

      Complaint sent.

    68. Robert McDonald says:

      Facebook page header now changed thanks to K Mackay and sent off a complaint to SPT. Will be printing leaflets tomorrow.

    69. Andrew Morton says:

      Here’s my suggestion:

      Resubmit the advert but take out all the stuff about newspapers. Instead have the following:

      “Want to hear both sides of the independence debate?”

      Underneath that have a QR code which directs to this site.

      Have nothing else. Curiosity will lead them here.

    70. Croompenstein says:

      As someone may say “It’s suppression…on stilts!”

    71. Johnny the Fox says:

      Orwells Ministry Of Truth would be proud …

    72. Fiona says:

      When did factual comment on our “free” press become political?

    73. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      When I heard Johann Lamont keep saying:

      “Pulling and sharing”

      I thought she was talking about what they get up to at the Bitter Together Swingers Club

      After reading this thread this evening I’m thinking SPT are guilty of:

      “Pulling not sharing”

    74. creag an tuirc says:

      I downloaded SPT’s Governance Manual, there’s a link in there about their advertising Code of Practice, but it doesn’t work. They will have to give Wings their reason for removal and what Code has been breached. A copy of this should be available via FOI to make sure they’re not making it up.

      On a more serious note, what happens if Newsnet, National Collective, Bella, LFI etc want to advertise? Will all pro-independence advertising be banned?

    75. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I have emailed this guy Keith Lammie who seems to be the man who handles advertising on SPT.
      I have asked him why the Wings banners have been removed from the SPT subway carriages.
      He works for Primesight Advrtising and probably handled the Wings contract for SPT.”

      It’s Primesight we’re dealing with. This wasn’t their decision, it was SPT’s.

    76. fairiefromtheearth says:

      So i take it they will stop showing BBC news at central station,stop selling alcahol,newspapers,well everything cause everything is political fekking bawbags.

    77. bookie from hell says:

      we don’t need no stinking badges

    78. HandandShrimp says:


      To be fair expressing an opinion in Glasgow is political. It was the city that took about 30 years to unban Life of Brian. The reason that Glasgow produces so many good comedians is because you need a sense of humour to endure their politicians.

    79. Kirsty says:

      I think SPT have made fools of themselves over this; it makes them seem a bit draconian and pearl-clutching.

      I think Glasgow is a lot more for independence than people think. I don’t even think it’s as Labourite anymore as people believe although I think the postal vote is a concern. As is voter apathy; many Glaswegians have been conditioned to expect Labour to get in, by hook or by crook, and therefore don’t bother to vote.

      If anyone in Glasgow has a window they can use, please consider putting up a Wings or Yes poster. It’s the best free advertising we can get.

    80. caz-m says:

      Rev. I contacted Primesight to bring to their attention what was happening and would they contact SPT in the morning.

      I realise that they are the middle men and not directly involved in the pulling of the banners.

      But I am hoping Keith Lammie gets onto SPT and finds out exactly what is happening here.

    81. Tarian says:

      This trampling of free speech is priceless propaganda but you could easily get a few million business card adverts printed off and distributed in key areas. Don’t leave anything to chance. I always believed the result would be close, but with a little directed effort it could be a landslide.

    82. David says:

      Some people saying it has been pulled because the Wings Over Scotland logo looks similar to a Nazi badge. If this is the case then the logo should be changed as soon as possible. Don’t give them a reason to attack or to deny publicity.

    83. joe kane says:

      The excellent Tariq Ali has tweeted a question to Glasgow subway –

    84. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The excellent Tariq Ali has tweeted a question to Glasgow subway -“

      I don’t think that’s THE Tariq Ali…

    85. turnip_ghost says:

      A flash mob with everyone wearing wings t-shirts/badges/yes badges would be amazing! :D:D:D

    86. CameronB says:

      Indyref has given me new insight into a my previously unrecognised Abrihamic leaning towards an eye for an eye.

      Katorga 😉

    87. joe kane says:

      Thanks Rev.
      Being Twitter, I should have double-checked the account.

    88. ronnie anderson says:

      How,s about a class action as we Wingers fund these Posters.

    89. HandandShrimp says:

      A flash mob with everyone wearing wings t-shirts/badges/yes badges would be amazing!

      We wouldn’t have dance would we, my kids have banned me from dancing. (Personally I think I can throw shapes with the best of them)

    90. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Tell SPT to send the Wings adverts they took down through to Edinburgh.

      They can be put up on the trams, to make the tram-testing more educational.

    91. CameronB says:

      P.S. Anton Checkov though the conditions in the imperialist katorga system were far superior to those of the Bolshevik Gulags he visited.

    92. boglestone says:

      I’m sure all of us here who donated to Wings feel righteously angry about this. It’s blatant censorship. No two ways about it.

    93. Ananurhing says:

      I agree with Andrew Morton. Resubmit the ad with the references to MSM removed, and introduce a “teaser” element.

      —————Wings Over Scotland———————–
      All the information you’ll ever need. To help you decide.
      Politician Free Zone

      or WOS
      Makes you think…Eh?

      Or something more clever and witty than I can come up with at this time of night.

    94. Thepnr says:

      @Cameron B

      Taking over your responsibility as official DJ just for the one track. It’s on topic, kind of!

    95. After all the dictator names our First Minister is relentlessly called, and then Labour controlled SPT bans an independence blog. Who are the dictators now!

    96. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Dear John King sorry to inform you that any alphabet soup is for the establishment MI5 MI6 bbc stv nsa cia kgb need i go on? their all for the establishment im only glad that they know they will have to come to my house with guns and will have to put me 6foot under.

    97. fairiefromtheearth says:

      unlike bob ive got a fekking BIG axe

    98. bookie from hell says:

      could do a poster of labours devo offer

      Shate on a plate

    99. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Its time for prominent buisnesspeople to explain what the value of monies is ie the prouduction resorces humane and natural of a nation is what makes its monies also why isent the scottish goverment saying they will sell 5 year bonds right now to the people who are living in Scotland right now? are they scared of the Billions that would flood to them?

    100. CameronB says:

      Glad to pass the baton on. 🙂

    101. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Thats whats going to lose this referendum the lack of vision to run our own accounts,to have our own central bank that issues monies to the goverment debt free,that loans to small buisnesses,a good 40% of the population cant understand the SNPs policy of a sterling union LOL because its a i said sell 5 year bonds see how many Billions you raise.

    102. caz-m says:

      Now that SPT have set the ground rules regarding their advertising criteria, it will be interesting to see what they actually consider to be “OK”.

      All eyes will be on their advertising space from now on.

    103. GrahamB says:

      I love the idea of stickers anywhere someone lingers for 15-20 seconds, bus shelters, ATMs, subway trains, pedestrian crossings, supermarket trolley handles, etc. there are so many obvious places that will present themselves during everyone’s daily perambulations.
      I’m sure I can get my crappy old printer to churn them out on a roll of stickers that would take me twenty years to work through for more mundane purposes. Wandering round with a supply of stickers in my pocket will remind me of old times in The Reclaimers in the hills after the 2001 Foot and Mouth nonsense.

    104. msean says:

      I think we need to have more ads pulled lol,they seem to get noticed better.

    105. Real Bull****, gives you Wings.

    106. fairiefromtheearth says:

      John Swinney do you not get it mate JUST ANSWER THE FEKKING QUESTION the answer was NO the BBC has not been impartial,NO we do not live in a dictatorship please explain to the STUPID KNOBENDS the Scottish parliment was set up in a way that it was nearly impossible for one party to win outright,as a matter of FACT we dont live in a dictatorship we live in a very balanced democracey the FACT that every other party has lost face in Scotland gave the SNP victory in the last elaction and will NEVER happen again,To me the SNP has brought their D game instead of their A game bought and paid for its the only way to run a democracey these days ask the Rothchilds.

    107. I meant to say “Read Bull****, I gives you Wings!

    108. Third try, “Read Bull, I give Wings” (Sorry, Burns Supper and whisky tasting, whit a nite.)

    109. Read Bull, I give you Wings! Nite.

    110. Thepnr says:


      Whats with the negativity?

      Here’s your earlier post.

      Thats whats going to lose this referendum the lack of vision to run our own accounts,to have our own central bank that issues monies to the goverment debt free,that loans to small buisnesses,a good 40% of the population cant understand the SNPs policy of a sterling union LOL because its a i said sell 5 year bonds see how many Billions you raise.

      Don’t sweat it fairie, we don’t all think like you. Have a kip. You might feel better tomorrow.

    111. caz-m says:

      That was a fine job you done on them Wingers Erchie darling. And fur yer trubbles erchie, am gonnae gie u extra chips the nite, ma wee cream pie.

      Aw Johann stoap it, a dunit fur the Party darling.

      And goat a wee back hander fur a joab well dun.

    112. Thepnr says:

      Yeh need yer bed forget the cuppa.

    113. Mary Bruce says:

      James has the results of a new Yougov poll over on Scot goes Pop. Just released, good news for yes.

    114. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Well im sorry for seeing what other people are thinking and saying playground ecanomics thats the SNPs policy and when they got the golden oppertunity to say well plan b is we have our own central bank.CMON now who the fuck do you want running your country? please do tell

    115. fairiefromtheearth says:

      the SNP want the bank of england running our country i want the Independant Central Bank of Scotland to run our country where they issue currancy DEBT free to the Nation.

    116. Morag says:

      I don’t see any point in setting out to vandalise the subway with stickers, or even to show up on the trains in t-shirts. We could have done that any time without paying for proper adverts. That’s not the point.

      These ads were professionally produced and professionally displayed. People pay attention to ads like that in a positive way. It makes the advertiser look respectable, mainstream and credible. Stickers disfiguring walls and handrails don’t. I think all these suggestions would be entirely counter-productive. They would put out a message of anarchic fanatics vandalising the subway.

      What’s needed now is an agreed redesign of the adverts so that even these cretins can’t object to it. Take out the stuff about the papers and replace it with a more general statement. Stu can do that stuff. Something like “The newspapers and the TV are only giving you one side of the argument.” I don’t know.

      The point being, Stu is trying to go for the respectable, establishment look. The look that says he’s substantial enough to book and pay for proper advertising space. Not the look that sticks stickers on windows for people to scrape off. Wearing Wings merchandise and displaying a car sticker is one thing, but vandalism is something else.

    117. CameronB says:

      Found some more. 🙂

      Syd Dale – The Hell Raisers

      Dominic & The Dominos Band – Dominic’s Inferno

      the rotations – heavies – enhanced sound (lumpy gravy sample)

    118. Truth says:

      Just to add that I too have sent a complaint and asked for specific policy details under freedom of information legislation.

      At a rough count I’ve seen at least 20 complaints on here and I’ve only skimmed the comments. Well done everyone. Keep them polite mind.

    119. fairiefromtheearth says:

      ok i grew up in POVERTY i have lived in POVERTY my whole life even my 5 years in the army i lived in POVERTY thank GOD i never had children but i do have family and they do have children,you see people who live in POVERTY dont trust polititions they seem to want to better their own lives and fuck everybody else,we are fed up with their bare faced lies their spying SNP policy a minder for every child BIGBROTHER is watching,1984 be afraid be very afraid of your children they will drop you in the shit without even realising it and if your little darling is an evil little shit they can make your life hell or so a friend with children was telling me.oh im a yes voter i will be voting at 5 past 7 but untill all people are born equall i will rant on,and i will say it again why is someone who stole 100billion being allowed to spread scare stories about pensions?wheres the LAW wheres the outrage?

    120. tartanpigsy says:


      Here, get a wee listen to this, our wee axe is ‘well sharp’ and our arguments and information will no doubt ‘cut them down’

    121. Thepnr says:

      Agreed Morag

      Professional it should and will be. Still think he has having a bit of a wind up choosing SPT. Good choice if they stayed up, good choice if they got removed the first day they were up.

      What’s not to like? Win Win.

    122. CameronB says:

      Blank page black test…”This is where our add would have been. WOS”

    123. CameronB says:

      P.S. “So we decided not to let them make money out of our logo.”

    124. CameronB says:

      I might have reached critical mass. 🙂

    125. Calum Craig says:

      Agree with Morag. Watch this space.

    126. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Still plugging away at the BBC …

      Would recommend very body else to do the same. May make no difference but least it will get our complaints statistics up!

      This is a follow up to complaints about the Andrew Marr interview with Alex Salmond.

      The following link highlights further very serious examples of BBC bias against the Scottish independence campaign.

      How does the BBC explain these issues?

      Do these examples comply with the following BBC policy?

      “Impartiality lies at the heart of public service and is the core of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences. It applies to all our output and services – television, radio, online, and in our international services and commercial magazines. We must be inclusive, considering the broad perspective and ensuring the existence of a range of views is appropriately reflected.
      The Agreement accompanying the BBC Charter requires us to do all we can to ensure controversial subjects are treated with due impartiality in our news and other output dealing with matters of public policy or political or industrial controversy. But we go further than that, applying due impartiality to all subjects.”

      I believe there should be a full legal enquiry into the BBC bias against the Scottish independence campaign which is the most important constitutional issue affecting Scotland in 300 years.

    127. CameronB says:

      This is too easy. 🙂

      Rene Hall Orchestra – Night Fright

      Joe & The Furies – Weasel

      B.GOODE and band ‘ sabotage ‘ GEM 0100. original

    128. CameronB says:

      Byron Lee & the Dragonaires – Frankenstein Ska

      Skatalites – Simmer down

      Prince Buster – Enjoy Yourself

    129. CameronB says:

      The Paragons – The Tide Is High (1967)

      The Techniques – You don’t care


      I’ll sign out with….

      The Skatalites – Independent Anniversary Ska

    130. John Allan says:

      To grahamsimpson
      I am English I live in Scotland, my wife and son are Scottish.
      Less off the patronising, I may be English but I am not daft, you can see me all over yes
      Provan campaigning for a free fair and equal Scotland.
      The country that provides me with work. The country of my family and the country I love.
      VOTE YES

    131. CameronB says:

      I didn’t really toke to the JAM, at the time. Nice one. 🙂

    132. CameronB says:

      P.S. I wanted to post Chumbawamba’s “Hey Hey We’re the Junkies” from their WYSIWIG album but couldn’t find it on utube. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. :9

    133. CameronB says:

      Chumbawamba – That’s how grateful we are (Hungary 1956)

    134. Macart says:

      Apparently they don’t like it up em.

      They can dish it out, but they cannae take it and all that. Suppression of free speech – You won’t find a clearer cut case.

    135. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If this Subway Stushie isn’t enough to give everyone a boost, here’s a wee thought:

      The clocks go forward this coming Sunday, right?

      By the time we put them back again, the referendum will be done and dusted.

      Here comes the summer we’ll never forget.

    136. CameronB says:

      BTW, I hope folk are letting playlists run, you don’t know what you might find. I do do my best to avoid dross.

      Vote YES,/b> 🙂

    137. Seasick Dave says:

      Have a swatch at the figures on here.

      Don’t forget to pick your constituency.

      Its a wow!

    138. john king says:

      Handandshrimp says
      “(Personally I think I can throw shapes with the best of them)”

      I can through a shape, a ball that’s a shape.

      Croompenstien says
      “@Les Wilson – while we’re at it we could play chap door run ”

      Dont be so childish,
      I was thinking more like egging their windows 🙂

      Andrew Morton says
      “Underneath that have a QR code which directs to this site.

      Have nothing else. Curiosity will lead them here.”

      Thats a damn good idea.

      Turnip Ghost (really? ah nivver been haunted by a turnip, wait?)says
      A flash mob with everyone wearing wings t-shirts/badges/yes badges would be amazing!”

      Flash dance? I’m thinking half a dozen wingers in trench coats dancing around and then wham open the coats in sync and their only wearing teacosys, is that a flash dance?

      Cameron B says
      “P.S. Anton Checkov though the conditions in the imperialist katorga system were far superior to those of the Bolshevik Gulags he visited.”

      Never been woken by bloody seagulls at 5 in the morning Cameron?
      I bloody hate Checkov!

      Fairiefromtheheearth says
      “Dear John King sorry to inform you that any alphabet soup is for the establishment MI5 MI6 bbc stv nsa cia kgb need i go on?”

      I was only doing backward writing I learned at the Scouts in 1966, so what about NOT going on?

      The tree of liberty says
      “Read Bull, I give you Wings! Nite.”

      Read bull? I give you wings!
      fixed that for you.

      fairiefromtheheearth says
      “the SNP want the bank of england running our country”

      What is the with the Bank of England running our country pish?
      the BoE would have no more power over Scotland than it does over the UK currently it sets interest rates end of, it is not under political control, its no more being dictated to by a foreign power than us having to adhere to UN mandates,
      Lets get over the “being run from Westminster” crap already, its getting boring.

      Mcarts says
      “Apparently they don’t like it up em.”
      Ian Brotherhood says
      ” Subway Stushie”

      Where’s Lady Alba when you need her?

    139. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Seasick Dave –

      Wonderful stuff. (Ayr figure at 80%, but only 40 votes cast.) The overall figure is just stunning.

    140. CameronB says:

      Chumbawamba – Pass It Along

    141. CameronB says:

      john king
      hat tip. 😉

    142. CameronB says:

      john king
      For the DA clip. I’m not sure about interest rates being of no significance. I would have though the level they are set at will influence the rate and quality of development. That is part of Scotland’s troubles, the interest rates are set to accommodate the south east economy.

      I’ve hear that foreign currency traders can influence development as well. ;(

    143. Kalmar says:

      I agree with Morag. Let’s retain the moral high ground.

      Otherwise it’d be a nuisance, like scrolling past chumbawumba links every second post oh wait 😉

    144. bunter says:

      Rachel Reeves proudly stating on R4 this morn that it was actually Ed Miliband who first proposed to cap welfare, sounding rather pleased that they beat the Tories to the proposal.

      Will be interesting to see how the red Tories spin this down south and how it is spun up here with the aid of our ”trusted” media.

    145. CameronB says:

      Development? Don’t quote me on these figures, from memory, the quality of Scotland’s 1988(?) housing stock, achieved the same level as Sweden’s of 1938(?). A baw hair out either way. From memory.

    146. CameronB says:

      I don’t always pick up on subtlety. I’ll happily stop.

    147. Patrick Roden says:


      The currency issue is a political not financial decision.

      The vast majority of voters don’t understand currency or financial matters, but should the SNP say that we would not have a currency union, the BT campaign would have a major scare story that might have some traction.

      The response that ‘we will keep the pound and Westminster can’t stop us, but if they try we won’t need to pay our share of the debt’ is easily understood by the voters and feels like even if we are not in a currency agreement we will be better off.

      Think political not financial, and you will feel better for it.

      Oh and stay positive, it’s that positivity that’s winning the campaign. 🙂

    148. Patrick Roden says:

      Spot on Morag,

      complaints should not be nasty as it gives them an excuse not to reply.

      The Streisand effect will ensure that ‘Wings’ gets more publicity from this ‘problem’ than they otherwise might have from the original subway advert.

      OT if any ones on twitter please follow me as I just joined yesterday and am still finding my way around.

    149. fergie35 says:

      Re-word and re-submit it?

    150. turnbull drier says:

      @K Mckay – thanks now my FB cover photo too 🙂

    151. Macart says:

      @John King

      Brilliant. 😀

      Classic Dads Army.

    152. Memphisto says:

      @seasickdave et al

      Just beware the is run by a marketing agency and asks for information that can identify you with data mining.

      Especially when in the terms it states
      “While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alterations of data will not occur, SCOTLAND’S VOTE uses its best efforts to prevent this”.

    153. scottish_skier says:

      James has the results of a new Yougov poll over on Scot goes Pop. Just released, good news for yes.

      As explained on Scotgoespop, the absolute numbers in Yougov should be taken with a handful of salt due to an unrepresentative panel (does not match Scottish demographic in terms of country of birth and natID) and odd weighting methods (2010 still partly used). However, the trend is clear with it now too. That’s the smallest gap its shown since 2009 I believe and well down on the No peak of late 2012.

    154. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Memphisto

      I use a cut-out gmail address and a dummied up address, nearby but not identifiably me, as my name is also not correct.

    155. Seasick Dave says:


      Fair point but I would have given the same info to any polling organisation.

    156. Dougie Douglas says:

      Crowd funded legal challenge: I’m up for that. This cannot be left unchallenged this is the thin end of the wedge.

      Private media companies having their own slant on the referendum is one thing and is,frankly, their prerogative, WoS having it’s differing slant is your prerogative Rev a body like SPT not being even handed in their approach to both groups is not theirs (prerogative).

      500 quid in from me straight away, this stuff makes my blood boil.

      Do it please.

    157. john king says:

      Cameron B says
      ” I’m not sure about interest rates being of no significance.”

      If you have a similar setup in Scotland where our central bank set interest rates just as the BoE does now, what benefit would it be to us, if one accepts the premise that the two economies are similar then rates set to and English Economy would be acceptable for Scotland as well surely?

    158. Memphisto says:

      Thats good as long as you dont connect that email address to social media esp facebook. I personally would also use a postcode far away from where I live.

    159. CyberNiall says:

      I think with Google and Facebook ads you can target regions. If you’re clever with your key words you can pick up people searching for better together info, as well as the undecided.

      Personally I would just have said “looking for answers and facts about the referendum?” It doesn’t potentially offend anybody, whilst appealing to what a third of Scots seem to want.

    160. Seasick Dave says:


      “looking for answers and facts about the referendum?”

      That’s fair enough but BT could have put up an advert like that but could never have put up one about newspapers like the Rev did.

      I’m amazed that they pulled the ad because of a complaint.

      Maybe I should call up today and say that I hate all adverts and please take them down.

    161. Graham S says:

      Rev – would you mind doing a version of the advert with the logo above or below the text that will appear nicely on a Facebook timeline?

    162. Gavin Lessells says:

      Apparently attacks on Millibands fitness to occupy No 10 all the rage in English newspapers this morning!

      More! More please!

    163. CameronB says:

      john king says:

      If you have a similar setup in Scotland where our central bank set interest rates just as the BoE does now, what benefit would it be to us, if one accepts the premise that the two economies are similar then rates set to and English Economy would be acceptable for Scotland as well surely?

      I’m not sure, I’ve been out of development (planning) for over twenty years. I would have thought that interests rates set to cool SE property baubles would kind of hold back Scotland’s development potential.

    164. ronnie anderson says:

      @Dougie Douglas8.10,an am in fur £100 tae,& anither £100

      on Projection Machines. What say You Rev,give the word


    165. Memphisto says:

      I guess thats why I dont do polls. Voting to me is a private matter and I prefer to keep it that way.

      Also this marketing agency cannot guarantee the safety of their data, doesnt that trouble anyone else? Unfortunately too many people are lazy with their private and personal information.

    166. Andrew Morton says:

      According to Alistair Darling, the North Sea is almost exhausted.

      According to Oil and a Gas UK, 25 new oil fields are to come on stream in the next two years and 40% of production will come from new fields by 2018.

    167. CameronB says:

      john king
      I’m all for transitional currency union, though wesexman told me it was England’s gift to decide what was and wasn’t on the table for negation. They have more people, see. Really sweat with it too.

      “We don’t want to sing along
      We know every word to the song”

    168. chris says:

      O/T There is a full page advert in the Scottish Metro this morning from an apparent no voter calling themsleves “ordinary man”. Faulty logic between the individual statements and a strange way of highlighting some parts of the text- if they were going for subliminal advertising their last point says “Referendum vote nationalist”. I can’t upload the picture (beyong my knwledge) but it links to a website www dot nupateer dot com.

    169. Roddy MacKay says:

      If anyone wants stickers, car bumper stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, or even pvc banners I can sort it for you, as long as I have the permission to use the images of course.

    170. Edmund says:

      Going for a redesign is pointless. The only political thing about the existing advert is the word ‘independence’. And I have never scanned a QR code in my life. I’m sure that 90% of people are used to filtering out such things, assuming they’re being sold something they don’t want.

      The existing advert makes an important point about media ownership and challenges people to think about it. Any replacement would have to make the same (or a similar) point, putting it back in the sights of the censors.

      A better approach is to complain, and to find existing breaches of their own ridiculous policy. The Metro, owned by the Daily Mail group, is all over public transport, and you can hardly say that the Viscount Rothermere is politically neutral, given the output of his media empire.

      I had never realised before how chilling a ban on political advertising actually is. Politicians are all over our TV screens already, disguised as ‘news’. If they’re the only voice allowed any exposure, no wonder nothing ever changes.

      Also, go look at Wesminster tube station in London. The adverts there are often completely different from those on the rest of the network. I have seen posters that explicitly ask MPs to vote one way or another on some bill or other. If that is allowed – basically blatant attempts to influence our elected representatives, who should be voting the way we ask – but the relatively innocuous Wings advert is banned, I despair.

    171. caz-m says:

      SSE to freeze energy prices until 2016.

      Another blow to Ed Miliband and the Labour Party, because freezing energy bills was one of Labour’s “vote winning” policies for the 2015 GE.

    172. CyberNiall says:

      @Seasick Dave

      I completely agree with you but unfortunately it’s not a fair fight. The BT team are fighting dirty and we need to counter that with solid facts and figures. We saw what people thought of the Sturgeon Lamont screaming match, it’s important to keep calm and not carry on!

      I have to remind myself sometimes that, sadly, the majority of people do not currently keep up to date on the referendum with sites like wings. It would be nice to see a page that covers the main arguments for new readers, a fact sheet, a myth busting page or a referendum review.

    173. Linda's Back says:

      O/T Good article on Business for Scotland web site

      And worth reading George Kerevan on Labour’s soul

      Herald Reports that Westminster has turned down Freedom of Information requests on how much they have spent on referendum campaigning.

    174. john king says:

      Cameron B says
      “I’m not sure, I’ve been out of development (planning) for over twenty years. I would have thought that interests rates set to cool SE property baubles would kind of hold back Scotland’s development potential.”

      You are very probably correct but my thoughts are that in the medium term it would serve Scotland well to share the £ until such time as we are able (or even willing ) to set up a central bank and go our own way, which I think is the primary reason Osbourne and Balls say no to sharing the £ because the final outcome would be for us to have our own currency which would indeed be in the long term detrimental to sterling,
      but to deny us our fair share of our currency is tantamount to saying if I jump off the cliff now or in twenty years time I know I’ll eventually have to jump so I might as well do it now, not a smart move!

      But still not convinced that interest rates which the BoE set not parliament will be the dewfining factor in our growth will be increased in the medium term, in which case Scotland’s growth although not entirely in its own hands will still be within the scope of an independent Holyrood to influence with its own fiscal and immigration policies set to suit Scotland and not the South East of England.

      To my mind its a sensible compromise.

    175. Robert Louis says:


      O/T but relevant to events regarding the blatant media bias and propaganda found in Scotland. A very interesting article in the guarniad this morning, regarding the press manipulation in Spain, and how unemployed journalists are starting their own internet based media, which is free to ask the difficult questions that the government and bank controlled main Spanish press won’t. Sounds a little bit like the situation in Scotland, where the people are fed lies on a daily basis by so-called ‘newspapers’.

    176. faolie says:

      Re using the ad as a Facebook cover, I moved the ad details up a wee bitty so’s not to interfere with your profile picture or name.

      Download from Imgur

    177. Grendel says:

      A unionist mate of mine noticed me reading WoS on my phone the other day. “Ah, I’ve heard about that. He’s only in it for the money” he says.
      Nice that I can now point him in the direction of where the money is being spent and SPTs complicity in censoring any view other than the unionist one.

    178. john king says:

      Cameron b says
      “I’m all for transitional currency union, though wessexman told me it was England’s gift to decide what was and wasn’t on the table for negotiation”

      wessexman, westheadbanger, all wind and piss 🙂

    179. caz-m says:

      @Linda’s Back

      BBC Scotland could get the spending figures on how much the UK Government has spent on the referendum campaign.

      After all they seem to come up with spending figures for the Scottish Government in no time at all.

    180. CameronB says:

      john king
      Revolving doors. Public banking once up and running, IMO.

    181. CameronB says:

      john king
      Look at his reason WHY.

    182. Macart says:

      So what’s wrong with challenging the press? Are they untouchable? Didn’t Leveson teach people any effing thing? The press put their trousers on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. They are as opinionated as the next bod, work to their own editorial focus and agendas and have been categorically proven to break the damn law in pursuit of their goals. Jeez, there isn’t a title in the UK untouched, never mind Scotland. They have neither moral high ground or the right to tell anyone what to do with their lives or their vote. As for stifling debate and freedom of speech… don’t ever let one of those fekkers bleat about the fourth estate and its rights. Hypocrites.

      The UK press lost the trust of the people all by their effing selves. TRUST is earned and they’ve earned SFA over the course of this debate so far IMO. They have merely reinforced the image left by the Leveson inquiry.

    183. Robert Louis says:

      On the ad business. Depending upon costs, perhaps the back end of buses (Lothian and stagecoach?) might be a good option. The Edinburgh trams are also attracting lots of attention – so might be a good idea at the start of the service actually running – as lots of Scots will likely ‘try them out’.

    184. CameronB says:

      Where’s Beachthistle when you need him? He probably has an opinion on development. 🙂

    185. CameronB says:

      No need for a reply but I hope we are still speaking after I recommended design for print? 🙂

    186. Desimond says:

      It was a good attempt and good to see some decent coverage of the advert being pulled. Its done, point made, we move on to step 2 of Project Mayhem (copyright Fight Club)

      Right Rev. Tyler Durden, whats up that sleeve of yours bar an acid burn?

    187. Marcia says:

      The No camp seem to be very jumpy putting in complaints all over the place. I have heard of complaints against the Yes camp by local BT people where their speakers have had a hard time at debates. The recent debate in Irvine is a classic example. They are sore losers.

    188. Macart says:


      Youbetcha. 🙂

    189. Tamson says:

      On a more general point – if someone complained about one of the Yes Scotland billboards, would they be taken down? I wonder if any BTer has tried that?

      Anyone notice a Yes billboard that disappeared surprisingly quickly?

    190. Edward says:

      Chris – just had a look at that website, very very slick
      but most definitely anti independence
      The guy try’s to pretend some how he is an ‘ordinary bloke’ But the tell tale is that after lulling you in , then proceeds to attack the ‘nationalists’ the ‘SNP’ its the ‘nationlists that are conning you’ line

      Everyone is entitled to their say, we do live in a democracy, but the website, advertising and video (in the website, is too slick to be made by ‘an ordinary bloke’ smack of government propaganda that goebels would be proud off.

    191. Desimond says:

      The waves of negativity are crashing very strongly on the BBC Website today. Apparently nothing at all adds up in the White Paper (you can insert your own Labour Devo-Nano jokes). Its worth reading to remind ourselves how low they have sunk.

      If they honestly think people are buying this shite, theyre so very much mistaken. Hell mend em.

    192. Edward says:

      O/T Listened to GMS this morning they had the head of the CBI John Cridland on (before 8am) and Business for Scotland’s Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp.

      Listening to John Cridland reminded me very much of an old Enlish colonial governor telling the natives they are wrong and don’t know any better. He even had the neck to talk Gary Robertson down.

      The gem was when he came out with the ‘Scottish and British’ something about competing against each other, that told you all you needed to know about this guy that can replace English with British with ease.

      What, though found disgusting, despite having Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp on to argue the case against the twat from the CBI, the BBC played back a clip from John Cridland, quoted Alistair Carmichael, but didn’t bother playing anything that Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said – well that’s the BBC for you

    193. Training Day says:


      Wow, the BBC are giving it big licks with those top three headlines today, are they not? Allied to Glen Campbell’s contribution to GMS which was to roll his ‘r’s at the delightful prospects for his career ‘should Scots RRRREJECT independence’.

      We know from Derek Bateman that the BBC don’t do this deliberately, but gosh, what a muddle of incompetence they seem to be in when all their top stories have an anti-independence theme.

    194. HandandShrimp says:

      Anyone else catch John Cridland of the CBI on GMS this morning? What unbelieveably weak answrs to fairly simple questions. He was asked if the CBI would welcome lower taxes in Scotland. Nope he would only welcome lower taxes across the whole of the UK because if taxes were lower in Scotland that would be bad. Bad for whom might be a fair question. It was absolutely clear that he was there as a Unionist not a rational sane business leader. I expected the CBI to sound more authortative but he just sounded like a cheer leader going through the motions.

      Not that I am complaining 🙂

    195. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Edward –

      I heard the interview as originally broadcast, and GMK kicked the CBI guy’s arse up and down the place. They can spin it whichever way they like – all the participants and listeners know what happened.

      The MSM can only twist the reality via editing/censorship – the fact that they’re being forced to do it so blatantly and regularly shows just how feart they are.

    196. rabb says:

      I’ll chip my tuppence in on this!

      Firstly, no amount of re-writing the Wings ad will have it deemed acceptable to display on the tube or anywhere else that the unionists can control.

      The problem is simple. It’s drawing people’s attention to Wings. Wings is the boil on the unionist arse that they so desperately want to lance. It’s that simple.

      As for legal action. That would simply be a waste of time, money and effort.

      If you cut through the bullshit in the UK legal system (I am not a lawyer BTW) there are two distinct parts. The law of the land (Common Law if you will) & Corporate government business (Statutes and acts of parliament).

      The latter is where this would sit in a court so therefore would be adjudicated by someone (a judge) who is conducting private corporate business in the best interests of The United Kingdom plc.

      If you think the judge will act against the interests of the government then your on to plums so to speak!

      It would be akin to a SLAB politician going against the party in favour of common sense.

    197. Desimond says:


      What does the B stand for in CBI again?

      Think of the stationery costs having to change to CrUKI

    198. caz-m says:


      That BBC Scotland website this morning really is pathetic.
      FFS we really are all doomed aren’t we.

      Don’t go near the BBC Scotland website if you suffer from depression. it’s just one downer after another.

      And the crazy thing about it is that WE pay them to write it.

      Just think about it, where else in the world would you pay someone to write this shit about your country and your cause.

      And they have the cheek to pull the Wings ads.

      They should shut down the BBC Scotland website, that would be real justice.

    199. Desimond says:

      Just a thought on adverts.

      We could play it clever and go for Big Money style ads

      “GO HERE FOR £1500000000*

      *When they find out its all the Oil money, they’ll already be hooked!

    200. fergie35 says:

      Heard it on North Sound folks, Buisiness for Scotland pointed out that many of its 1500 members are members of the CBI, and none of them were consulted on this statement, also good that he pointed out that the same CBI member said devolution would be bad for Scotland, whereas its been good

    201. wee_monsieur says:

      enquiry [at] spt [dot] co [dot] uk

      Freedom of Information Request

      Please supply the following information :

      1. All information held in relation to the acceptance of the advert by ‘Wings over Scotland’ and instructions regarding their display in subway carriages.

      2. All information held in relation to the decision which led to the removal of the advert by ‘Wings over Scotland’ from display in subway carriages.

      In terms of the Act, this information includes any emails, letters, memos, written communications, handwritten notes and computer records.

      I look forward to hearing from you

    202. Stuart Black says:

      “We want a fair and honest debate” claim the Better Together people. Lamont never stops saying we have to talk; her way of avoiding answering the question, and that means any question whatsoever.

      All of the press, and all of the broadcast media, and the resources of Whitehall, and the dodgy money of the shadier denizens of the oil business, and their answer is to supress an advert for a pro-indy web site.

      Smell the fear, it’s palpable.

    203. Macart says:

      Anyone else having problems with Derek Bateman’s site. Last few times I’ve gone there the page and text Images as maths symbol gibberish.

      Anyone got a solution or explanation?

    204. SquareHaggis says:

      My two pee’s worth, for what it’s worth.

      The most successful advertising is subliminal.

      The Wings logo is a strong, stark image and is a good candidate for this advertising group.

      Image is word.

      If I were in this situation I’d be looking at damage limitation.
      I’d be proposing to re-run the ads on SPT with the logo and URL info only.

      They would be hard pushed to deny such a request IMHO.

    205. SquareHaggis says:


      Hi, I had this and overcame it by blitzing the cache.

      Hope it works for you too 😉

    206. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Jimbo. I hope your operation went well & your felling well

      all the best.

    207. MochaChoca says:

      Worth pointing out in any complaints, alerts to other media or if sharing on social media that the adverts (as well as the site and it’s other activities) have been crowd-funded by a large collection of average Joes (and Josephines).

      I’d think that will carry a quite a bit of weight with the Scottish public

    208. starlaw says:

      CBI are a tory organisation I don’t know what clout if any they have in Scotland, I have never worked for any company who where CBI members, including an American multinational in the oil business who on being approached refused to join them.

    209. Fiona says:

      @ SquareHaggis

      I do not think they would find it difficult to reject a Wings ad no matter what it looked like. Wings is political by its own admission: and that is all they have to say.

      Of course if you imagine that they approach the issue impartially and on the basis of generating advertising revenue alone then you are correct. Doesn’t look like that to me, though

    210. Malachy ( Mo ) Mooney says:

      Just found this site .
      Glad your here.

    211. Morag says:

      Anyone else having problems with Derek Bateman’s site. Last few times I’ve gone there the page and text Images as maths symbol gibberish.

      Anyone got a solution or explanation?

      At a wild guess, the explanation is that Derek really isn’t very techie and he’s been fiddling with the levers again.

      The solution is probably to wait till his wife comes home to sort it out for him.

    212. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “If anyone wants stickers, car bumper stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, or even pvc banners I can sort it for you, as long as I have the permission to use the images of course.”

      Go crazy 😀

    213. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Some people saying it has been pulled because the Wings Over Scotland logo looks similar to a Nazi badge.”

      It looks nothing like any Nazi emblem. It’s just an old smear.

    214. CameronB says:

      Malachy ( Mo ) Mooney

    215. liz says:

      @Morag – LOL – behind every successful man etc….

    216. CameronB says:

      I’m feart to tell you the first thing it makes me think off. :9

    217. Jim Mitchell says:

      Has anyone e mailed the gent in question to ask if he approves of this type of censorship?

      I think I will give it a go.

    218. CameronB says:

      Shall I tell you?

    219. Macart says:


      Brilliant. 😀

      I agree, does look like he’s been having a faddle and its gone wrong somewhere.


      First thing I tried Haggis. Thought my own browser had gone west, but every other site comes up just peachy. No, I reckon Morag has hit the nail on the head.

    220. Les Wilson says:

      Why not print all the names of the 37 at the top of the advert, in smaller print obviously.
      Then, who could argue as you are technically advertising them as well!
      Done in RED of course.

    221. Morag says:

      When Derek started his first blog he admitted he had little idea what he was doing and had to wait for his wife to come home to tell him, so it doesn’t take much skill in extrapolation to figure out what’s going on.

    222. AberdeenLoon says:

      Now posted on my Facebook page

    223. ItsAGoinWrang says:

      No worries Rev, it’s all over the STV AND amazingly BBC websites. Even better publicity as both show the advert. Result!

    224. Jimbo says:

      Thanks John King! Recovering nicely with my friend Morphine!
      Since I have a quite a bit of time on my hands I decided to write a song. Imagine David Bowie’s Golden Years…

      Scotland! Yes Scotland!

      MsM and their Thought Control
      Project Fear, what a rigmarole
      Ooh, I feel like I’m the army
      But I don’t like Status Quo
      Subs of mass destruction
      Have to GoGoGo

      U-KOK Head Mr Darlin’
      Get on yer Penny Farthing
      Keep peddling your Better Together
      Lest you all come crashing down
      But the pressure it keeps on pilin’
      A shared Pound is not worth tryin’?
      Those eyebrows on your face
      Tell me that you are lyin’

      Scotland, Yes Scotland

      Theresa May, what do you have to say
      You’re keeping my wife and my baby away
      One whole year,
      Of forced separation
      I trust you sleep well at night
      With your loving family nation

      The future’s in our hands that is plain to see
      A once in a lifetime chance to rewrite history
      So get on out there
      With your friends and with your voices
      Wings Over Scotland
      Is the site of choice Yes!

      Scotland, Yes Scotland!

      It’s not about Mr Salmond
      Or even SNP
      It’s just the voice of The People
      For The People democracy

      David Bowie don’t fall for Tory fears
      We’ll vote Yes in September
      And show you Golden Years

      Wah wah wah Scotland!
      Yes Scotland

    225. Dave T says:

      Here is a vector file if you want to create a t-shirt like the one below:

    226. chicmac says:

      Disgracefully undemocratic.

      Playing catch up, as I have been working on photoshop, producing material for the monitor in the Kirrie Yes shop window. Ironically, one of the animated pages is an ‘ad’ for the online pro-indy news outlets in which, of course Wings features along with the other 5 main ones.

      Hopefully, will get the brunt of it finished this weekend

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