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Some things stay the same

Posted on March 07, 2021 by

An extraordinary find by alert reader Ian Brotherhood in the archives.

(Click to enlarge.)

The paragraph at top right is a particular eye-catcher.

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    232 to “Some things stay the same”

    1. P says:

      Very interesting find by Ian and thanks to his research we can “compare and contrast”.
      Nothing’s changed, nor will it ever change with this bunch of fake indy politicians.

    2. bmc875 says:

      Wee Nicky’s attack dog Gibson. When I was a member he refused to talk with me on the phone because he was busy writing a speech. I insisted. We spoke. He told me he ‘regretted sending me a Xmas card’.
      The end.

    3. Heaver says:

      So euthanising the SNP, like those poor cattle, is the only way to create an independent Scotland ?

      Hand me the bolt gun.

    4. Helen Yates says:

      Good god, this article could have been written today and it would be as relevant as it was then, there really is no point in voting for this pretend Independence Party.
      What a find.

    5. Mags says:

      Trumpton gestapo indeed

    6. Joan Savage says:

      I suppose, reading this, that I am baffled by Alex Salmond’s confidence in Nicola Sturgeon despite her history and her, hm, questionable reputation as a solicitor. Alex immaculately gathered the SNP together and was a force for unification for the purpose of Scotland’s self-determination and normalisation as a country… yet somehow seems to have missed a trick as far as Ms Sturgeon was concerned. Of course the skill of a successful phoney is to convey a persona of sincerity, which is Ms Sturgeon’s parlour trick as seen last Tuesday (and in deep contrast to her bullying of the NEC): the Woke weapon of emote over substance, but nevertheless…
      I suppose that we all have our blind spots.

    7. Cooper says:

      Could have been written today

    8. SilverDarling says:

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      Looks like old resentments are being revisited by the cliques who never got over being shown up by Alex Salmond. I never bought that ‘nicest person in Holyrood stick’ about Swinney.

    9. SilverDarling says:


    10. Paul McRae says:


      In fairness Brian, given how you tend to interact with fellow Yessers, you’ve probably been dropped off quite a few Christmas card lists!

    11. wb21 says:

      “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (Santayana, 1905)

    12. Tinto Chiel says:

      I always wondered why Margo MacDonald rejected the SNP in the end and, incidentally, warned of infiltration by the WM security services.

      Great catch by Head Archivist, Mr Brotherhood 😉 .

    13. Mia says:

      Wow! That was some amazing find, Ian. It seems every time this dodgy gradualist faction takes over they eviscerate the party and deliberately crash it against the rocks. It is almost as if they are deliberately driving the independentists away from the party to transform it into the party of forever gradualism and referendums that never materialise. There is a pattern emerging here and it has a whiff of British state’s manoeuvring to stop independence.

      This party is not going to take us anywhere. We need another one.

    14. Alain Mack says:

      Frank……….get the back door and the helicopter……tell Baldy Pete….whose in the fkn shower again…..I’m offski!!!@

    15. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Sorry about the quality of the photo.

      Shaky Scrumpy hands…


    16. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Ian Brotherhood 6:31pm
      No apology needed entirely readable. And I can’t even find an article Stu wrote. Night class in improving navigation skills coming up for me.

    17. Hugh Wallace says:

      There is a part of me that feels sightly better reading this. The SNP under Swinney & Sturgeon has been a cesspit for a long, long time. I should have trusted my instincts in 2014 & not joined the party (that membership only lasting until 2017 when they did the dirty on Grouse Beater) because I was right not to trust them. Ah well, live & (hopefully) learn.

      I also feel a lot happier about not voting for Kenny Gibson who I thought was essentially one of the good guys.

      The SNP are making it easier & easier for me not to vote for them ever again & certainly not in May.

    18. Robert Hughes says:

      If they were that bad then it’s not difficult to see how subsequent electoral successes , the demented fixation on the Cult of Nicola ( to the exclusion of just about everything else bar Identity Politics gibberish ) and an enervated , London controlled opposition has lead to the ethical vacuum that now constitutes the SNP ( Mis ) Management

    19. TNS2019 says:

      Could the VONC be a useful mechanism for us?
      Asking on behalf of a friend.
      Does Holyrood have the guts to do this?

    20. Mia says:


      I do not know if you are aware but in the previous thread (Blood in the water) somebody posted under the name “Stuart Campbell”. I am not sure if they are pretending to be you to make the link they post in it credible or the name is just a coincidence. In any case, it is just confusing. When I saw your name I immediately thought it had been you writing it but then I realised it did not have your red and black avatar.

      Stuart Campbell says:
      7 March, 2021 at 6:05 pm

      What they post in that comment (I refuse to give it more oxygen) is the same effing link about that alleged leak about Sturgeon and the judge that they appear to be peddling to make us believe that thing is what caused the leak of the info of Mr Salmond to the press in 2018. A link that clearly somebody is desperate to force fed us with judging for the number of times this thing is appearing in the threads.

      I see that Prasad has posted it here already. I am sure it will appear again.

    21. Tannadice Boy says:

      That’s the last time I allow McAfee to delete tracking cookies. Wrote a response saying No apology needed Ian B. Entirely readable. Lost in the Ether. I can’t even find an article written by Stu which is annoying me to distraction. Evening class on navigation skills for me.

    22. Ian McCubbin says:

      Did nt realise till now how dirty Swinney really is.
      He even in our area blames all wokeism in wee Nicky.
      Total waste of a vote for him in May, but feel have to to keep Unionists out.

    23. Ian Mac says:

      Great find. So 17 years later Swinney and Sturgeon are still up to their dirty tricks. Interesting to confirm how conservative they are, with a horror of left of centre politics – where most Scots naturally are, ie social democrats. And how their ‘trumpton gestapo’ is alive and well, lol, with zero interest in good campaigns, coupled with the hoarding of party funds. Truly, we have been conned for years, but we won’t get fooled again.

    24. Monica Worley says:

      Ok, I’m a dolt. I didn’t see this was already posted. STill, what the hell IS it? Is it real?

    25. Stephen P says:

      An interesting SNP government obfuscation from 2015 involving Maureen Watt as public health minister hiding stats regarding chronic pain relief from the campaign Dorothy Grace-Elder pursued for many years.

    26. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Does anyone know Dorothy-Grace Elder?

      Perhaps she’d like to comment?

    27. Lothianlad says:

      I always admired dorothy gracecelder as a principled independence supporter.

      The same can never be said of sturgeon.

    28. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      If there’s one name in my life I wish I had never heard, it’s Nicola Sturgeon. Heard it every day for years, now, too.

    29. Hatuey says:

      It sounds like Nicola has a thing for dirty tricks. Nice find, Ian, it’s helped me understand why Alex Neil refused to support her leadership bid and seemed to know she was a bad yin…

    30. Hatuey says:

      TNS, it’s got nothing to do with Holyrood having guts or not. It’s down to the Tories and the numbers. My guess is they’ll try and establish guilt before tabling it. And I expect that to happen, as I’ve been saying for months, around the ides of March…

      But it’s too late now to do anything to fix the SNP before the election. The choice that remains is a question of what sort of disaster SNP voters and members want.

    31. Bob Mack says:

      ____and the common factors are?

    32. Kenny J says:

      I realise this is off the subject, but I’ll try again.
      Has anyone tried, or been successful in getting cash back which was donated to the SNP “ring-fenced” Independence fund in 2016-17.
      And how.

    33. barrie gadgie says:

      gosh, an anti-snp opinion! what a find.
      this site has become such a gold mine.
      what would we do without it?
      probably become independent.

    34. Mist001 says:

      Since the SNP will never be disbanded, what I’d like to see is the UK Government branding it a ‘terrorist organisation’ which it is, since it purports to favour the break up of the UK.

      It would then be outlawed and that would prevent these people from wreaking havoc across Scotland in both political and sociological terms.

      I would also anticipate another independence party rising to take the place of the SNP.

      The reason I’m saying this is because I can’t see any other realistic way of replacing the leadership clique at the top of the SNP. Even if they were to go, they’d be replaced by people who have remained silent throughout all this and that proves to me at least, that they’d be cut from the same sleekit cloth as the current lot are.

      The SNP NEEDS to go and by any means, for the sake of Scotland.

    35. Black Joan says:

      The BBC said Dorothy-Grace Elder wrote an 11-page resignation statement telling Swinney etc what she thought of the Party:

    36. Elmac says:

      If the theft of the indy Ref money had been carried out by a charity the Charities Commission would have come down on them like a ton of bricks. Is there no body in Scotland responsible for monitoring the activities of political parties and associations? Oh wait, that would be the police wouldn’t it? Why are these thieves not in jail?

    37. Republicofscotland says:

      History repeats itself.

    38. wull says:

      Mia @ 6.42

      I posted a response to you on the previous thread – just when it was coming to an end since, unbeknown to me, this one had started. I don’t know if you saw what I wrote, or what you think of it.

      In any case, if I am getting this all wrong, and if the story about Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to fulfill her obligations towards a client when she was a solicitor, is some kind of scam, please accept my sincere apologies. It is indeed strange that it has now been posted here so often, and even stranger if one of those who posted it is an imposter pretending to be Rev. Stu when he is not.

      Thank you for warning myself and others to be alert – sober and watchful – on this matter, and any subversive attacks that may be lurking there.

    39. Ruby says:

      “A number of SNP MSPs realised we did not need a party machine behind us. We’d never had it. I was still in the SNP when I first took on the Carntyne cattle incinerator – suspect BSE cattle were being burned in the East End. So petty was the SNP mindset that two fellow Glasgow MSPs – Sturgeon and Kenneth Gibson – would not even sign my motion against this. It was always about who was doing something, never the importance of the cause.”

      Prima Donnas can’t stand it if there’re not the centre of attention.

      Denise Findlay got it spot on in her article ‘Winning is the only thing”

    40. Dave M says:

      Wow! The more things change, etc…

    41. Graham says:

      It should come as no surprise that Swinney, Sturgeon & their kinky inner circle behave like this.

      Where else would these bench warmers earn anything like what they receive from you, the tax payer?

      No level headed CEO would employ these chancers for a fifth of what they earn now because they are fundamentally interested in only themselves.

      The cause, the objective, the greater good, whatever you want to call it, is of no interest to them.

      They are consumed by their own interests; i.e. the money & the power that they can acquire by eliminating eminently more qualified & capable people around them. If they are required to hang their political coat on a gender identity peg for example, then so be it. They really only want to get what they need.

      You, me and the collective interests of the electorate are a nuisance to them right up to purdah.

      Then the begging hand is stretched out. Gimme your money. Gimme your vote. Gimme your trust. Gimme your mandate. Next time, we promise. We’ll deliver. Just gimme one more chance. Look over there, a Tory. Trust us.

      Like I said, fucking chancers.

    42. stonefree says:

      @ bmc875 at 6:08 pm

      Gibson is a piece of shit, and so is his missus

    43. Christian Schmidt says:

      Lol. This is good.

      I must admit I had forgotten the corporate SNP of the early naughties, despite it being a regular topic of discussion in the Scottish Green Party (‚with this McConnell government and this Swinney opposition, surely we should break through?’).

      I also like the bit about Sturgeon leading Swinney – how observant.

      The other thing this reminds me is that the SNP has only made progress when it was led by Salmond or when the voters want to punish a Tory PM for particular disgraceful deeds (Cameron 2015 & Johnson 2019, both for lying – note a pretty right-wing but personally decent May did ok)

    44. Cherrybank says:

      Baillieston SNP Branch were happy to welcome Dorothy Grace Elder as a ‘celebrity’ candidate and were pleased she was elected to Holyrood in those lean days.
      We soon discovered D.G.E and her husband were a nightmare to work with.She soon split Baillieston into two halves North and South Branches with her arguments. Hardly had we established the North Branch than DGE had succeeded in causing the new branch to form two opposing camps.The A,G.M was due and Christina McKelvie (long before transactivism had ever been heard of) went on a recruiting drive for new members and ensured that D.G.E’s supporters were defeated
      The vast majority of Baillieston’s members were glad to see
      the back of Dorothy Grace Elder and eventually reunited The Branch formed the backbone of the 2008 Glasgow East by-election victory. ( not before Dorthy made a surprise TV intervention in an attempt to sabotage John Mason’s canditature.


    45. Artur sweet says:

      The ignominious end of Sturgeon’s legal career is a great find.

    46. Ottomanboi says:

      Looks like the seeds MI5 planted germinated successfully.
      Just like Japanese Knotweed the real damage is initially out of sight, until…
      Beware merchants bearing novelties.

    47. Beaker says:

      @Artur sweet says:
      7 March, 2021 at 7:38 pm
      “The ignominious end of Sturgeon’s legal career is a great find.”

      Wonder if any journalist will be brave enough to raise this at the Daily Prayers.

    48. Artur sweet says:

      So in the article on Sturgeon’s legal shortcomings the newspaper must be the Daily Record?

    49. Prasad says:

      Thanks Mia. I see Alison Balharry is posting it and thought it was sound. Iain Lawson too linking to it. Apologies if it is a squirrel.
      I see the original from the original blogger blog has been taken down

    50. wull says:

      Thank you, Ian Brotherhood – that is a wonderful find. It has helped me to see better what has been going on underneath the radar for a very long time. As the pieces begin to fall into place (Swinney and Sturgeon and so on), it also gives a whole new meaning to the idea of ‘jigsaw identification’. Never mind trying to do ‘the alphabet women’ – that one’s too difficult for me (and the picture on the box isn’t clear.

      Instead, it takes me down to a much lower (primary school) level of jigsaw, which I can manage. Do the one entitled ‘Who has been ruining the SNP for decades?’ instead. So easy … and once you have got two of them (Swinney and Sturgeon), all the rest suddenly begin to appear out of nowhere. You just can’t help seeing them.

      Yes, that’s you, Kenneth Gibson! And … so many others. Wow!

      I used to hate jigsaws. Now I’m beginning to see they can be quite easy after all! Not such a bad way to while away the lockdown hours after all. Who’s Who in the SNP is a good one – and, so far, you don’t get prosecuted and sent to jail for doing it.

      But maybe you had better be careful about doing it all the same. When it does become an offence, it might be made retroactive – and be one of those offences that still counts if you do it in the privacy of your own home. Yes – you too! Even if you do live alone …

      Welcome to Brave New Scotland!

    51. Doug says:

      Maybe we should have a polluted poll like the britnats use?

    52. Strathy says:

      Well spotted, Ian.

      Sturgeon and Swinney will take much of the blame for the demise of the SNP.

    53. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Ottamanboi 7:39pm
      I never bought into the MI5 plot and I still don’t. MI5 listen and observe. It’s beyond incredulity that they set up the Scottish Parliament for a fall. Too many complex moving parts for their control. This shambles is down to oor Nicky. An own goal for the Scottish people.

    54. stonefree says:

      @ Kenny J at 7:18 pm

      It’s something I’m working on
      Very basically this is what you do
      You need to find out how much you’ve donated and the dates
      The you write and ask for the money back give them 14 days for a refund ( I’ve not finished the template letter)
      The correct procedure would then after 14 clear days send a letter before action repeating the demand give them 7 days .
      and then file a legal claim
      Of course you could complain to the Debit/Credit Card company and tell them it was a suspect transaction, in that the purpose of the payment was NOT what it was used for and “ring fenced money” appears to have been spent, therefore the money is no longer “ring fenced”

    55. John Cleary says:

      Why are these thieves not in jail?

      Because there is a protection racket in operation in Scotland.

    56. somerled says:

      Everyone who now votes SNP is a complete moron.

    57. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @wull (7.46) –

      What troubles me most about this is that Swinney, then-leader, waited until he saw the size of the crowd at the ‘Not In Our Name’ gathering at the SECC (the day Blair was told to deliver his speech early by the police) before openly stating that the SNP was opposed to the invasion of Iraq. He literally did it from the platform, that day. Until then, we just didn’t know the ‘official’ SNP stance.

      But if DGE is correct in her assessment, we have to ask – was it really his decision? And why would a 32-yr old Sturgeon, only a few years after ‘leaving’ the legal profession, have such clout?

      Plenty more bits of this jigsaw still to find!

    58. Willie says:

      Has anyone seen George Square tonight with a crowd reported at over 6,000.

      The Police have lost utter control. Sturgeon has lost control.

      And with street parties and fireworks now breaking out all over the infection spike is coming because of this anarchy.

      And make no mistake this was political. George Square could have been nipped in the bud when there was only a couple of hundred.

      But they didn’t, they stood idly by. So who in the run up to an election told the police to stand back and not intervene.

      Guess? NS?

    59. SilverDarling says:

      Wullie@8.06 pm

      ‘Stand down and stand by’ to coin a phrase?

    60. Lothianlad says:

      Sturgeon in the early 1990s was able (assisted) to totally control the YSN of the SNP. She made it impossible for any young talent to flourish that she didn’t approve off.

      With her pals. S Robinson, a. Hosie and others, she was given a platform to rise through the snp whilst stiffiling any future obstacles to the direction she wanted to pursue.

      Assisted by the leadership who wanted new talent to carry the torch, another group who saw the rising star as an asset for their ends was the British secret service.

      Their agenda was to control the future leader through bribery, coercion and blackmail so that when the crucial time was right, she could sabotage the party when independence support was at its highest.

      The doubters will label thus all conspiracy theories. I dont give a fruck.
      Plenty evidence of brit state control of their enemies at the highest levels existing. Look at how they I filtrated and I fluenced the irish Republican movement.

      Ian Lawson, Campbell martin and others also have implied this in their previous writings. It would be foolish to think sturgeon is not owned by her brit nat handlers.
      Look at the mandates squandered and the destruction of the party she presided over.loosing 40,000 members and not an eyelid batted? Etc etc.

      Sturgeon must go if we are to become independent. The indy movement really needs to know the enemy within.

    61. Ruby says:

      I have a post awaiting moderation & I wonder if that is because I mentioned the infamous blogger from The Scotsman.

      Speculation was that D.G.E. was that blogger.

      I found that more credible than it being DippyDug.

    62. holymacmoses says:

      Thanks a million for this Mr Brotherhood. It makes a lot of sense of what’s going on today tbh.
      Off-piste but concerning Ms Grace Elder I used to sail and one of my companions recalls her reading one of the best ever’Sailing By’ Met reports for those at sea.

      It was clear that the young Ms Elder was delighted to be reading the forecast but perhaps wasn’t totally au-fait with the meaning. The higher the Beaufort number, the more shrill and excited her voice became, and there were quite a few Force 8 and 9s on this occasion and she brightened up the proceedings for many, many sailors that night.

    63. Jimmy Mac says:

      “Trumpton Gestapo”? I wonder if D-GE got as much grief as Stu did over “Twitler Youth”? I doubt it though, there were a lot less self righteous prima donna’s taking themselves so seriously back then. Plus, no Twitter. 😉

    64. wull says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 7.58. Many thanks – that is very interesting. And very troubling. As you indicate, this is an expanding jigsaw. More and more bits to it. More and more ‘dimensions’ to it, if you want. In this (amazing-to-an old-guy-like-me) electronic age, why not have ‘multi-dimensional jigsaws’?

      Maybe that’s what politics really is: an ever-expanding multi-dimensional jigsaw. With galaxies upon (and within) galaxies. Incredible to see how things (how many things) begin to fit together … and fall into place with each other, in so many ways.

      It reminds me of how simple-minded and one-dimensional my own thinking actually is. Wow! Quite a universe out there. Beginning to feel the need for an ultra-strong extra-galactic political telescope to begin to see this jigsaw thing better and better, and better still. I hate Amazon, but all the same wonder if they have any for sale …

      Nah! The nearest I’ll get to such a thing is to keep reading this website!

    65. Effigy says:

      Rangers fans gathered in large numbers in George Square, Larkhall, Ibrox,
      the Training ground in Milngavie and thousands marched
      along Paisley Rd West.

      The police were active in selfies, high fives and elbow bumping before returning to
      Core duties such as fining pensioners for walking outside the 5 mile lockdown limit
      and some families for allowing visitors into their homes.

    66. holymacmoses says:

      I don’t think Scots need the MI5 or anyone else to destroy themselves. But I think maybe a helping wad of cash has gone in at appropriate moments

    67. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Willie 8:06pm
      And who told the police to idly stand by when obvious contravention and criminality occurred in our Parliament and their processes?. Unfortunately Police Scotland are a casualty of this process. Go back to regional command. Tayside Police were respected in the community. When I work in the Highlands, Northern Constabulary were respected in the community. Politicise the Police at your peril. Police Scotland are no longer respected in the community. And it doesn’t matter how much Sir Ian Livingston says so. But I don’t expect Nicola will throw him under a bus.

    68. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      Awesome crowd she says- hmmm

    69. Artur sweet says:

      The celebrations of Rangers fans in Glasgow is being replicated all over towns in Ayrshire, and probably throughout Scotland. It is due to a number of factors, but partly due to a loss of authority by the SG and NS in particular. You only have to look at the tweets fired back at AS and Humza Yousaf, on the lines of “Oh, I cannot recall exactly whether I was there.” This will continue until she is gone. This ridicule will corrode the SNP vote.

    70. Elmac says:

      Effigy @ 8.26pm

      The law is for everybody or none. Hopefully these events were covered by various video cameras in which case, despite the police refusing to intervene, there will be ample evidence of who broke the law. I expect a plethora of prosecutions to follow, failing which anybody else charged with breaking the Covid laws should stick up 2 fingers and refuse to pay any fines, let alone attend court. If there is any attempt at enforcement the rest of us should stand up and be counted. It is time to end the shit which is going down in this country.

    71. Dan says:

      Margaret Ferrier was charged with culpable and reckless conduct for breaking covid rules. Wonder if there will be any consistency in the way those that flouted the covid rules in Glasgow over the weekend are dealt with.

    72. Alastair Naughton says:

      The ISP needs to up its game and take on the SNP. It will have to be careful how it does it, because it won’t want to get labelled a yoon patsy, but it is a serious alternative, with a range of policies well worth consideration, including rejecting GRA and the hate crime proposals and automatic free vote in all matters of conscience. For the record, I am a member.

    73. Tinto Chiel says:

      Nothing done about Queen’s XI celebrations tonight. I wonder what would happen if Indy supporters turned up unannounced at The Meadows, Freedom Square or any other suitably large spot in Scotland?

      Nicola would obviously be peeved and so I would expect a fleet of police vans and a suitable number of police to be deployed to stamp out This Kind of Thing. Tonight, though: nada, niente, bugger all.

      The Covid Queen is in danger of undermining her very own Lockdown.

    74. wull says:

      But no, Dan, nobody flouted the Covid rules. They just fluted them, that’s all. What’s wrong with that?

    75. Al says:

      With very few exceptions, globally, modern politicians would not command the salaries and benefits that they are currently acheiving in the Private sector with the result being we are governed by inexperienced, sociopathic, air head dross with no accountability to anyone.
      The SNP problems are not unique, look at politicians in any country, Democratic, EU or Communist.
      In Scotland’s case the only way to achieve Independance is to have a concrete Financial strategy out to 25 years plus, with no wokery, to bash WM over the head with and persuade people that the plan is workable, many didn’t vote “Yes” as they couldn’t see a clear income V’s outgoings plan.
      Currently all we have is an outdated “Scotland’s Future” white paper which was flawed, and is very out of date which makes me doubt that the “New” SNP have any clue, intention or plan for Independace and are only interested in cudos, Gold plated Salaries and pensions.
      We have seen cash heomoraged over two ferries, Bifab, Prestwick Airport, Schools, Hospitals etc and the treatment of Alex Salmond with the total costs running to circa 250 million. This money could have been better spent tackling poverty, unemployment, organised crime, sex trafficing, etc instead all the Government is concentrating on is GRA, Hate speech and stoking division.
      Scotland was always an inovative country, maybe now is the time to lead the way by having a clean sweep and building a new over the next five years as, lets face it, the current Government is abysmal on all fronts.

    76. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      And this on top of everything else!!

      Well Scotland is certainly a bonfire now. In spite of warnings from Wings and many others.

      My thoughts after winning Indy would be a big bonfire of all the shitey, shitey and start again, afresh and invigorated

      We will win at the end but nicla, orange, woo woo have set us back.

      We still have some big players, honest human beings. I’m putting my faith in them atm and give them all the support I have.

      “Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.”

    77. Kenny J says:

      “stonefree says:
      7 March, 2021 at 7:52 pm

      @ Kenny J at 7:18 pm

      It’s something I’m working on
      Very basically this is what you do
      You need to find out how much you’ve donated and the dates
      The you write and ask for the money back give them 14 days for a refund ( I’ve not finished the template letter)
      The correct procedure would then after 14 clear days send a letter before action repeating the demand give them 7 days .
      and then file a legal claim
      Of course you could complain to the Debit/Credit Card company and tell them it was a suspect transaction, in that the purpose of the payment was NOT what it was used for and “ring fenced money” appears to have been spent, therefore the money is no longer “ring fenced””

      Thanks for that. This is my third attempt at attracting interest.
      I got onto my bank, and they kindly dug into the archives, made monthly statement copies and sent them to me.
      I found I had donated twice, by debit card, so was unsure whether I could in fact do anything.
      I will give the bank a call, I think, and ask what they think. Since you need to know your legal position before starting. I’ve taken a note of your recomendations. Thanks.
      I’m not talking £20 s here.

    78. wull says:

      Were they singing ‘I belong to George Square, George Square belongs to me’? Funny how they always turn up there, right on time: just like Clockwork. Orange.

      ‘What’s the matter with George Square Clowns? They’re going round and round.’

      Just like the hands of that clock!

      Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

    79. Josef Ó Luain says:

      Once, as tragedy …

    80. Sylvia says:

      Artur sweet@8:38 Has hit the nail on the head..A few weeks ago the Lord Advocate and former Lord Advocate had to admit to the MALICIOUS prosecution of Rangers administrators – now we have the fallout of the Salmond set up – in addition- the Hate Crime Bill and GRA-

    81. tamson says:

      IMO the SNP never really outgrew the organisational culture it had in the 1970s: tight knit, small-c conservative and somewhat paranoid about views not conforming to the dominant narrative. Much of this was driven by justified paranoia about state security services – if they were snooping around Harold Wilson, you can be damn sure they were infiltrating the SNP at the time too.

      The small c-conservative thing might not seem to fit with the trans narrative at first, but what it means now is “fit with what we are told is modern progressivism without question ” – virtue signalling as policy,in other words.

    82. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Elmac 8:45pm
      But surely that’s the problem. The Law is for everybody or no one. This Scottish Government has evaded the law. They can do want they want with their accomplices. Police are a relative new historical invention. They Police with our consent. Speaking as someone who has a serving brother and sister. (We have a big family). So I am a natural supporter of the Police but there is a limit. It is well past the time Police Scotland carry out a Prima Facie Enquiry into Parliament activities.

    83. kapelmeister says:

      Hardly surprising that football fans are flouting the law when it’s become abundantly clear that politicians, senior civil servants, senior police officers and prosecutors have been flouting the law.

    84. John Martini says:

      “They were not serving the public interest, but their immediate personal interest, and it was nothing to them what the ultimate effect of their course on the general prosperity might be, if but they increased their own hoard, for these goods were their own, and the more they sold and the more they got for them, the greater their gain. The more wasteful the people were, the more articles they did not want which they could be induced to buy, the better for these sellers.”

    85. Boaby says:

      Lothianlad 8.16pm. Absolutely agree 100%.

    86. A Person says:

      Anyone else find the Rangers thing actually quite alarming? So widespread and the police doing nothing…

    87. Geoff Anderson says:

      I thought it was a recent thing. Thanks Ronnie! I’ve been a fool for much longer than I thought.

    88. Al says:

      Looks like wee Nicola used the word “disgraceful”
      Pot calling kettle, come in kettle do you receive, over.
      I do think they were out of order but cannot fail to see the irony.

    89. kapelmeister says:

      I’d heard of Cove Rangers. Now we have Covid Rangers.

    90. Kenny J says:

      The Rangers celebrations.
      Drumchapel yesterday was resounding with fireworks. Some Really loud bangs.
      So today, out in the garage, heard a series of bangs, came out and looked around.
      Now, I can see the two ? remaining Linkwood Ave tower blocks, now all renovated in the distance. I could see rockets, or perhaps these starshell ones going off. Watched for a wee while, and I think that someone had got access to the roof and was firing off the stuff up and off to the side of the tower. Everything was appearing at that level.

    91. SilverDarling says:

      Sectarianism tackled ineptly with the OBFA, malicious prosecutions at Rangers. a police force that is standing by seemingly paralyzed and unable to control a crowd that even in pre-pandemic times is testing boundaries.

      NS and her justice minister have lost control big time.

    92. Al says:

      I suspect the Rangers celebrations will keep us locked down longer and give NS an opportunity to subject Scotland to the Stockholm syndrome until the 6th May.

    93. Andy Ellis says:

      @Alastair Naughton

      I’m not a member of the ISP. After my experience in the SNP I’m not sure I’ll ever join another party. Like many who frequent this place I COULD certainly be persuaded to support the ISP. I get that it’s been a baptism of fire for the party given Covid, and the SNPs descent into apparent madness.

      However, the party needs to step up: it badly needs some big hitters, some financial backing, and to say openly that long term it aims to challenge the SNP head on. It needs to demonstrate clear ideological water between itself and other parties, and make sure it shows it will be more open in governance, policy formulation, voting. All it has to do given recent events is to point at the SNPs behaviour and say: “We won’t be like that”.

      Given the current situation, the ISP could be able to hold the balance (although I’m not sure it started early enough to get the recognition without a big name like Salmond or Cherry). If it does, it should be clear that the price of support is plebiscitary elections ASAP and ditching the HCB and GRA.

    94. Effigy says:

      It seems that the Police Helicopter and 14 Marked Police vehicles
      attended a raid on a group of youths illegally gathering during Lockdown
      in Giffnock last night.

      I look forward to hearing from Police Scotland why these kids were arrested,
      no roads were closed off for them, no flares light, no high fives or elbow bumps given?

      A law fit for all. F*** All.

    95. BLMac says:

      Ach well, the Rangers thing may lead to a few less Unionists out to vote in a few weeks time.

      Shame they can’t restrict the CoVid pox to just those there…

    96. wull says:

      With regard to my comments above, let me add my apologies to the many decent Rangers fans, who are as ashamed and disconcerted as I am by the louts on display tonight, with which their club is so unfortunately saddled.

      With regard to the many hugely overpaid, over-mighty and highly incompetent wasters and troughers who seem to inhabit the political sphere, I think there is a simple way to get rid of them. Or at least to reduce their number. This could be done by changing completely the salary levels and rules for elected politicians (especially at Holyrood level, but probably throughout all levels), as follows.

      First, no one should ever get paid a salary that is greater than what they were earning before they were elected.

      Second, for those who were high earners before they got elected, there should be a cap on what they can earn as elected representatives. This might well mean that these people have to take a considerable drop in salary for the privilege of serving their constituents.

      Third, there should be no rise in salary for becoming a Minister. The word ‘minister’ actually means ‘servant’, not ‘salary’. So, let them serve. That is what political office is – a form of ‘community service’!

      Fourth, no elected representative should ever be able or allowed to use his or her position as an elected representative for their own personal financial gain in any way, or by any means. That would have to be very carefully regulated and monitored, of course.

      Fifth, to be fair, there should be some kind of financial scheme for them when they cease to be elected representatives. For instance, they should be guaranteed a minimum pension, so that they can still support themselves if they have no other means of income, and do not find any employment that reaches the level of that minimum pension.

      Of course, there would be an outcry – how are you going to get the best people into politics if you don’t pay them properly, meaning very well, and handsomely?

      Answer: by not getting the worst people. Because that is what we are all too often getting at the moment by paying them far too well, and far too handsomely, far beyond what they are worth and what most of them would be able to earn in ‘real life’ as opposed to the make-believe world they mostly invent and inhabit. Often, moreover, while doing very little genuine work, or nothing at all, other than playing ad hominem political games with and against each other.

      Other outcry: But surely it’s unfair to pay people different rates for doing the same job. Agreed, the differential between the lowest and the highest paid elected representative should not be too great, and the cap on the maximum salary anyone can be given would help to ensure this. Nevertheless, it would be a very good thing if the inequalities in our society were represented in our parliament, for all to see, feel and be forced to acknowledge.

      The poorer of our representatives would remain well rooted in the economic reality of those who probably elected them, and better able to represent them. While at the same time the more financially privileged who manage to get elected might be forced to acknowledge the plight of others, less privileged than themselves, with whom they would be confronted on a daily basis, as they work with them or join swords. They might even develop some shame.

      We should not be ruled by some kind of highly paid, highly privileged ‘political class’, composed of people who (whatever their background) very quickly get accustomed to feathering their own nests. The kind of people who use politics for their own benefit, rather than the benefit of those who elected them.

      In no way should politics be about money, or financial gain. It’s about service, and genuine conviction, and serving the common good of everyone in society.

    97. Willie says:

      Absolutely concerning @ A person. The police standing idly by is a huge concern. But man’s no mistake this was a political decision.

      Someone suggested that it was maybe deliberate to let the virus take off to extend lock down to the 6th May. In these wild times you could just about believe that as the SNP campaign is all IT and requires no physical campaigning.

      Or it could be that for election purposes the Police were told to go soft, let it happen.

      Sturgeon has big questions to answer. All the effort, the frontine care, the hard hard social lockdown and then this.

      But you know what, all these nurses, care workers, and everybody else will now be saying what was it all for.

      So what was it Nicola as you alienate thousands who have striven so hard for this to happen

    98. Kcor says:

      Ian Brotherhood says,

      “And why would a 32-yr old Sturgeon, only a few years after ‘leaving’ the legal profession, have such clout?”

      There is something very very dark about her.

      I now regard her as the most wicked woman who has ever lived in Scotland.

    99. Paul McRae says:
      7 March, 2021 at 6:21 pm

      Harsh but fair 🙂

    100. Kcor says:

      Willie says,

      “Sturgeon has lost control.”

      Quite the opposite. She has more control within Scotland than anyone ever has had since the start of the union.

      She has corrupted and criminalised the SNP, the government and the prosecution service more than anyone ever did.

      Don’t give a single vote to the SNP until she and her criminal cabal have been removed and hopefully are in jail for a very long time.

    101. Kenny J says:

      Update to
      Kenny J says:
      7 March, 2021 at 9:05 pm

      “stonefree says:
      7 March, 2021 at 7:52 pm
      The “ring-fenced referendum money”
      Looks like trying to get a refund is a dead-end.
      Found this :–

      “From the Sun
      By David Bateman
      13 Jun 2017, 13:36 Updated: 13 Jun 2017, 15:05

      But the Electoral Commission revealed they will not be launching an investigation into the allegations because no rules have been broken.
      An Electoral Commission spokesperson said: “The Electoral Commission regulates the rules on political finance set out in the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, including those relating to the permissibility and reporting of donations to political parties.

      “The purposes for which parties seek, obtain and use the donations they have received are matters for that party.”

      At worst, they suggested the SNP’s fundraising could be considered misleading.”

    102. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Willie 9:52pm
      If you had any connection with the Police you would realise this was an operational decision and not a political decision. Sensible policing it’s called. But now we are on political decisions. Do you think the lack of Police intervention into the Scottish Parliament failings is a contributing factor?. I am sure it is. When people realise the law is for other people they react accordingly. I am glad a Granddad aged 51 has rejoined the SAS. Reinforces my argument. Voting SNP and Sturgeon will lead to a street strife. Seen it before. Got the tea shirt.

    103. maxxmacc says:

      Lothianlad 8.16

      Yes spot on Lothianlad. I was there involved with the early days of NS. What I witnessed as NS climbed the ranks of the party was incredible (not in a good way). Thus I have not been surprised by what has happened to Alex, nor the direction the party is heading. But sadly as Dorothy’s testimony proves, there have been plenty of warnings along the way, which the party has ignored. Now the party is NS and NS is the party. It’s that simple and that grim!

      I dont think there is a security services involvement, – there doesnt need to be when someone is so driven to remain in power no matter the cost to the people around, or even the party.

      If NS isn’t forced to resign via a VONC then she will still be in charge of the SNP ten years from now, maybe fifteen. The only option is a new pro-indy party. No harm to the ISP/AUOB/AFI/ but without a credible leadership to bring all those groups together under one roof, they are all just wasting their time.

    104. Al says:

      Problem with Police Scotland- Lions led by Donkeys. To many fast traced graduates with no beat/real life experience.
      Disclaimer- I may be talking shite.

    105. sarah says:

      @ wull at 9.51: re limiting politicians’ pay.

      I suggest something much simpler – only allow them one term. After all, what are parliamentarians for? What need is there for most of them to sit there for years and years? If expertise is required, that can be obtained to advise the parliament – it doesn’t have to come from the MP/MSPs.

      Limiting them to one term would end the “career” politicians and thus reduce the dangers of lobbyists and all the other pitfalls of having a guaranteed “ear” in parliament/government.

    106. Dan says:

      wull says: at 8:59 pm

      But no, Dan, nobody flouted the Covid rules. They just fluted them, that’s all. What’s wrong with that?

      Fluting is even worse than flouting. Using exhaled breath powered pipes to blow germs everywhere rather than contain them in a mask.

      Even the quality polis have new breathalysers now.
      Burnistoun (30 seconds)

    107. Ottomanboi says:

      The main symptom of Covid-19 has been a complete loss of respect for authority among younger people. One of the reasons restrictions are unlikely to be lifted anytime soon.
      The fear of a complete breakdown during the spring and summer leading to ‘anarchy’ is another.
      As you sow, so shall you reap….
      Wouldn’t like to be Johnson or Sturgeon or Macron or Merkel….
      We do live in ‘interesting’ times.

    108. Al says:

      sarah says: 10:29 PM
      What you are advocating is the true meaning of Democratcy and has my vote.
      Would sort out the current global shit fest.

    109. Bill Buxton says:

      It seems to me that NS has achieved absolute control over the SNP. She has the support of a vast cohort of unthinking and blinkered supporters. In short she is going nowhere.She will only go when she decides to move on to bigger and better things. Whilst she is in control the Independence movement is on hold. Does she really want an Independent Scotland? I don’t think so. Like all dictators she just loves power. It’s a sort of drug and she is hooked.Its a real shame to see a movement with such noble ambitions brought so low.

    110. ahundredthidiot says:

      Thanks Ian B

      But BSE still exists…in the minds of sturgeonistas!

    111. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I make a point of avoiding the FM’s ‘covid briefings’ but tomorrow could be a bit tasty…

    112. Ian Brotherhood says:

      PS Point being…

      She can avoid any questioning about the harassment inquiry (unless it suits her, obvs) but the scenes in Glasgow today, and yesterday, could not be more relevant. Indeed, they may be the *only* line of questioning.

      More fireworks…if you hadn’t already heard enough of them.

    113. John Martini says:

      The snp are now blueanon.

    114. bipod says:

      We will see soon enough if the gatherings at george square actually do lead to a spike in “cases”. The huge BLM and extinction rebellion protests last year didn’t lead to anything but let’s not think about that.

      I hope they enjoyed there one night of semi-freedom they won’t get another one for a long time, auntie nicola isn’t pleased.

      In other news the great zero covid success story, the Isle of Man is already back in lockdown because it turns out “controlling” the spread of a highly transmissible virus that is already everywhere is next to impossible.

    115. alzyerpal says:

      Every day and in every way
      I hate Sturgeon more and more

    116. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Common sense needs to take control now.

      Unfortunately common sense isn’t that common.

      1970’s teachers told me I had common sense but it wasn’t common.

      My lovely neighbour, passed, ‘common sense, that’s all it is’ and he fought the Japs (no offence).

      Are we lacking common sense and plain speech?

      Yes we bloody well are.

      Well I’ll tell you all now.

      No woo, woo, hate spirograph or anything else we feel is not right.

      No men in our changing rooms, sports, toilets, hospital wards, women’s confinement areas, prisons, refuges, access to vulnerable children and women, nappy fucking changing areas (ffs), on and on.

      My friend who died 10 years ago fought against the ‘enemy’. He survived the 2nd WW. Not unscathed. Non did.

      He didn’t put his life on the line for this UTTER BULLSHIT!

      It’s crazy and horrifying. I’d like to see any one of you bullshitting men in makeup and cocktail dresses stand up to him as an 80 year old man.

      Nicla’s govt disturbs me as much as she does. It only takes 1 person to turn a barrel sour.

      Scotland’s politic is in a bad way atm. I can’t actually believe what I feel I must have to wite here, it’s fucking crazy, ffs.




      God Bless you John Jeffrey xxxx

    117. Liz says:

      My take on the Rangers thing.
      Humza has no interest in sectarianism as part of his Hate Bill.
      There is a different agenda for that.
      To do with orders?

      Lockdown, people are pissed off big time, this is partly a reaction to that.
      You cannot keep people lockdown for dubious reasons.
      This is part of the beginning of the end, IMO

    118. Breastplate says:

      I think a bit of anarchy can be a good thing, the French type would suit me.

    119. Lawrence says:

      Let’s be honest here, if anybody even tried to say a bad word against Sturgeon in 2014, they would have been ripped to shreds.

      She fooled Salmond, she fooled us, she even fooled her opponents.

      And before Sturgeon, I always thought Swinney was the most lacklustre leader we ever had regarding Scottish Independence, but just look what has happened since they combined forces.

      Maybe it’s some kind of long term plan the two of them have been cooking up for years.

      Whatever it is, it really is shit being Scottish, with Sturgeon as our political leader AND having a land border with the most detested nation on earth.

      Could it get any worse???

    120. John Martini says:

      The wee ginger dug see you jimmy scottish stereotype meme thinks we should haud oor noses and vote for evil. What a ginger snob.

    121. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Liz 10:56pm
      Absolutely my point. Sometimes the people will grab the agenda.I will defend the women in my life to the end. I fear we have Governing Party acting in their own interest and not the people’s.

    122. robertknight says:

      Let’s face it, the SNP under Sturgeon is a lost cause.

      Indy under the Government of the current SNP is also a lost cause.

      She gets another 5 years and it’ll be 5 years wasted followed by 10 years repairing the damage her and her Woke zealots will have inflicted.

      That’ll take us up to 2036 – 22 years since IndyRef1.

      According to Wikipedia, “the average period, (of a “generation”) generally considered to be about 20–?30 years, during which children are born and grow up, become adults, and begin to have children.”

      So perhaps it will be a once in a generation thing, all thanks to Sturgeon.

      Boris will be pleased…

    123. John Martini says:

      Sturgeons anti catholic policing is not going down to well. Why are the leaders of the snp all protestants?

    124. President Xiden says:

      Let’s just see how many Rangers fans end up in hospital as a result of today. Hard data does not lie.

    125. Fireproofjim says:

      John Martini
      Don’t think Humza is a Protestant

    126. willie says:

      Tannadice Boy at 10.19.

      I don’t know how in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of a lockdown, the Police allowing tens of thousands to totally disregard social distancing, breaking the law in fact, is sensible policing.

      Policing is a political issue. You know that. The decision to pursue Alex Salmond spending millions of pounds undertaking over 700 interviews is testimony to that.

      The decision to ignore public safety was today a political decision. Why it was done, many will postulate. But it goes up the line – political and of that there can be no doubt.

      Sturgeon needs to answer why – or sack her top police for incompetence, if it wisnae her.

      In the meantime Tannadice Boy should we all disregard the requirement to wear masks and socially distance. based upon sensible operational policing it seems not.

    127. SilverDarling says:

      When insecurity has to be bolstered by fake party membership sign-ups and a handful of people tweeting the same message then NS must know she is on a shoogly peg.

      The adulation of a few adolescents on Twitter does not make up for the bubbling sectarian hatred and blatant flaunting of her authority that has been witnessed tonight.

      This is the British state demonstrating ‘whit ye gonna dae aboot it?’ The police can’t/won’t do anything. The ‘fans’ are not listening to her and sticking the proverbial two fingers up at her. We see someone whose influence is fading.

    128. Confused says:

      SEVCO FANS out there remember – the COVID VACCINE CONTAINS HOLY WATER, if you are vaccinated you will AUTOMATICALLY BECOME A CATHOLIC and thus when passing, will not go straight to Hell with your heretic brethren, Luther, Calvin, Knox, Joseph Smith, Mahomet, Maimonides, L Ron Hubbard; instead you will go to Limbo (having done no good works), with all the unbaptised children, aborted babies and pre-christian heathens.

      Limbo – it’s not that bad, but it’s not that good either – you may get to play cards with Socrates. Limbo has a pack of cards, and a pool table; like a Travelodge you can never leave, in East Kilbride.

    129. President Xiden says:

      Amazing how much a new club like ‘ SEVCO’ as you term them, really rile you up. It’s almost as if there has been a rivalry between this ‘ new’ club and you for decades. How do you explain this ?

    130. ScotsRenewables says:

      John Martini says:
      7 March, 2021 at 11:19 pm
      The wee ginger dug see you jimmy scottish stereotype meme thinks we should haud oor noses and vote for evil. What a ginger snob.

      Aye, better to let a Westminster tory controlled administration run Scotland.

      Wise up man.

      Too many new posters on here, very suspicious.

    131. Tannadice Boy says:

      Willie 12:01pm
      Late in day you have responded. Unless you have served you won’t know what I am talking about. Covid? How about gross corruption?. Don’t you care about the law?. Worrying about a crowd gathering and in the meantime total corruption in your Government for years?. And you are talking about an ineffective mask? Of course as I law abiding citizen I wear my mask all of the time. But us law abiding citizens are the real ones you should be worried about.

    132. willie says:

      Without wishing to labour the point attaching with this link is that statement of the Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland Divisional Commander for Greater Glasgow issued today saying that

      ” we are aware of the proposed gatherings in George Square and outside Ibrox on Sunday the 7th May 2021 ”

      ” In line with current Scottish Government Regulations all gatherings are prohibited and we would encourage compliance with these regulations ”

      ” …..officers are already engaging, explaining and encouraging members of the public in compliance ….”

      Well they didn’t make much, in fact they didn’t make any, of a job of that. They let them rip without hindrance – look at the videos.

      But they had over sixty officers out the previous evening to break up a party of a hundred youths in a wood off the Busby Road.

      This public safety anarchy was planned to happen. Of that there is no doubt. Sturgeon must answer why. Or will she leave Chief Superintendent Sutherland to swing in the wind.

    133. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Ron nie Ander son phoned me a wee while ago.

      Apparently, there has been an incident in McAllister Avenue, Airdrie, where a number of folk were celebrating Covid Rangers’ success.

      It appears that a foreign national neighbour has been stabbed in the neck, to his terminal detriment.

      I usually find that Ron nie has his ear to the ground.

    134. Lawrence says:


      Vote Sarwar!!!

      Kick Sturgeon out of Scottish politics for good.

      Hold yer nose,,,and vote Sarwar.

      Decisions, Decisions.

      What do you think,,,are you up for

    135. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Sturgeon did not condemn the BLM protests-cum-civil-disorders, and said she approved and wished she could be there too. Now we have this free-reign arseholery tonight from Rangers chimps, who are an embarrassment to ostensibly modern Scotland. Get the feeling Sturgeon either doesn’t care about this stuff, because it does not directly affect her, or is scared to get involved in anything involving working class (though the BLM America-copying swill was much more middle class) men and masculinity as she fears and loathes and doesn’t understand it. Just not in her social worker-alike temperament to crackdown on dangerous, idiotic stuff like this. She is a weak, petty, fearful leader, except when her ego is being massaged by the Muppets she employs to make her look better. It’s easy to shine in shite, indeed.

    136. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Confess, that was one thing I did not miss living in America, dumb cunt sectarianism. When people asked me to explain it, I was fucking embarrassed. That will never change.

      The whole George Square thing is also a show of force by unionists, given added resonance by memories of the disgraceful and disgusting scenes of September 15th, 2014. Ruth Davidson and Douglas Ross and Turdo Fraser will have been sitting at home circle-wanking over the footage. Queen’s Eleven are tops, dahlink!

      This shit is a demonstration that these ‘people’ absolutely WILL NOT be ruled by Scottish law, a direct yob gob in the impotent gumflapper gub of Sturgeon and her party. Also shows they don’t care about anybody but bluenosers and orange trash. Even then they will endanger themselves for…whatever dumb cunt reasons they have. And yes, this braindead behaviour is also part frustration at lockdown, though these fucking idiots have previous form on being total bullying, violent clowns in public.

      The whole thing is a huge, disgusting clusterfuck, from the genetic debris involved up to the idiots at the top making no attempt to clamp down on it. Sturgeon allows crap like this to happen, but will still appear on The Nicola Show daily and tell us all to socially distance for health reasons. FUCKING JOKE.

    137. Toby says:

      Will says @9.50pm
      I agree whole heartedly with your opinion re.the inflated salaries of our politicians and senior civil servants.
      Way back around 2009 I heard Dr. Vince Cable of the LibDems on the radio one Sunday morning. It may have been Radio Scotland. It was before the LibDems and the Tories got into bed.
      He stated, that if he had his way, everyone who was in public service and who was earning more than £100,000 p.a. would have to reapply for their post at a much reduce salary.
      I thought what a great idea, that would separate the wheat from the chaff, unfortunately the LibDems went into coalition with the Tories and to to a great extent Vince Cable was sidelined.
      I cannot ever see how he could have pushed through such a progressive policy, but it was a great idea.

    138. Pixywine says:

      The mask is only really effective in a clinical setting such as an Hospital operating theatre. I suspect Ms Sturgeon may be milking covid for all its worth. A triumph of marketing over common sense. In Germany Reiner Feulmich the lawyer who took Volkswagen to court in the States over fuel emmissions- and won- is currently preparing a case against the German Government. Well worth following up.
      I fear as Independistas we are wasting our time with the SNP.

    139. Pixywine says:

      Im probably not flavour of the month here but I do enjoy reading this site. I often recommend it when I post on YouTube. I think UK ColumnNews are regular perusers of this site. They’ve given it a few mentions recently. They’re in depth look into Government policies are worth considering.
      We can disagree on politics but sooner or later the truth might bring us together.
      As for the Rangers crowd and BLM last year I don’t worry about that as we have to face life sooner or later. Also if peoples lives have been fundamentally altered say by long term lockdowns it’s natural for human beings to congregate celebrate enjoy living. We are ” social creatures” after all.
      ” Do not be afraid”.

    140. John Martini says:

      ScotsRenewables says:
      8 March, 2021

      Aye, better to let a Westminster tory controlled administration run Scotland.

      Wise up man.

      Too many new posters on here, very suspicious.

      You are paranoid mate. Anyway sturgeon is worse than the tories. Sure you are not blue anon?

    141. John Martini says:

      Fireproofjim says:
      7 March, 2021 at 11:51 pm
      John Martini
      Don’t think Humza is a Protestant

      Muslim is pretty close to presbytarian protestant.

    142. MaggieC says:

      Reading the above article about the Snp and especially Nicola Sturgeon reminds me of the saying ,

      “ A leopard never changes it’s spots “

      Meaning “ Something you say that means a person’s character, especially if it is bad, will not change, even if they pretend that it will “

    143. @ John Martini: Do you actually have anything positive to contribute? Every one of your comments above is aimed at stoking up division and sectarianism amongst independence-supporters. You’ve been rumbled. You are an anti-independence, anti-Scottish troll.

    144. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Michael Laing – oh come on, there is nothing in the world funnier than reading the ‘thoughts’ of sectarian clowns on social media:

      “Nicola Sturgeon hates Catholics!”

      “Nicola Sturgeon hates Protestants!”

      Grown paranoid, self-centred, self-pitying ‘men’ whining piteously about being ‘oppressed’ because of some bullshit religion they know nothing whatsoever about, and that nobody outside of their wee intellectual and spiritual gutter enclaves cares about, but that still makes them hate each other. Hilariously pathetic shite, a take-that-shit-back-to-Ireland William-and-Timothy-fest tumour circus all round.

    145. ebreah says:

      There are a few comment of Humza’s religion which I think are crass, ignorant and bordering on racism. Please read up or at least ask somebody who is knowledgeable on the issue before commenting.

      My two cents on the issue vis-à-vis Islamic law: I am rather surprised that Humza went along with this (ok not so). Sex of a person at birth is important in Islam at least in two aspect a) marriage and b) rules of modesty. A marriage is strictly between a biological male and a biological female. Even if a person is a transperson, they must conform to this interpretation if they are to adhere to marry. No ifs or buts or exceptions. Even is you are sympathetic to the legitimate concerns of transsexuals, a biological Muslim man technically cannot marry a transwoman. The same is applied to a biological Muslim woman. However a transman can marry a transwoman.

      Again this is also extended to the rules of modesty between persons. For example, if a woman becomes a transman, for the purpose of rules of modesty, the transman is still considered a woman and the rule of modesty of a woman still applies to the transman. Same for a transwoman too; he cannot touch another woman freely (as biological women are permitted amongst each other).

      The only exception is made for a medically ascertained hermaphrodite person and even then, when the person comes of age (or medically capable to make the decision to choose the sex), the sex must be finally chosen and conformed to for the rest of his/her life.

      As you can see the issue will be very problematic within the Muslim community in Scotland (and the rest of the world generally). I can already see a freedom of religion v freedom against discrimination issue coming up sooner or later.

      Whether this is capable of being fitted into the broader moral/socio-legal framework of Western society/country, I don’t know but this is how sex and gender is understood generally in Islamic legal framework. There is no distinction between the two, and if you are going to give primacy to either one, it will be sex at birth.

      p/s: If I were Anas Sarwar, I’d make some political capital out of this.

    146. John Martini says:

      Hey michael laing.

      Nothing left to destroy. Sturgeon has done a thorough job.

    147. John Martini says:

      Just for the record I am a follower of hermes and the green man osiris

    148. Glenislay says:

      If Sarwar did make political capital out of the GRA, he could probably swipe Sturgeons seat out from under her, but that’s never going to happen as he’s a puppet for UK Labour and they’re just as in bed with wokoharam as the SNP and Lib Dems.

    149. Larry Grayson says:

      Is that Asatru ?

    150. oneliner says:

      This is going awimmingly for the spooks (you reading this classic car boy?)

      Sex, politics and now religion – three in a row – coconuts all round.

    151. oneliner says:

      swimmingly – mea culpa (a bit of Latin for the OCTO contingent)

    152. Charles Hodgson says:

      Sturgeon is now a comical figure in Scotland, cf her latest threat that Rangers supporters celebrations may lead to an extended lockdown for all! Fucking hilarious. We are not going to take this shit anymore. COVID is over, no-one is frightened anymore, short of a few bed wetters.

      She is wrecking the country beyond redemption in so many ways. The piss needs to be taken out of this midget imbecile at every available opportunity. It’s the best way to persuade fence sitters that she should no-way-jose get their vote.

    153. Tenruh says:

      Reporting on Radio Scotland this morning 2 incidents of a sexual nature against someone by both a male and female SNP MP in Westminster.
      Ian Blackford has interviewed the alleged victim

    154. Mac says:

      If you don’t think the SNP is hoatching with all sorts of secret police and ‘security’ service personnel you are sadly mistaken.

      It is far worse than you can imagine.

      Do people not remember this story. The cocksuckers were having children with activists to bolster their credibility amongst the group they targeted.

      And the thing that you should really take home from all of the above is that these were peaceful, nothing protest groups, it was not the ALF, the IRA or anything remotely like that, just ordinary people.

      If you are in one of these protest groups I would say it is more likely than not that your group is crawling with Special Branch etc… absolutely crawling with them.

      Look at the resources and lengths they go to infiltrate these mild, nothing groups… so how do you think they view the SNP as compared to some wishy washy environmentalists?

      The SNP are a threat to national security, a real one in their minds.

      Swinney and Sturgeon. Very interesting comment about Sturgeon leading Swinney even back then.

    155. Robert Louis says:

      Never before have I read a historical political article that was so prophetic, and accurately predictive of current events.

      So, two people who were implicitly involved in the bourach and abject failure, namely Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney, are NOW the leader and deputy leader of the party respectively. And then we wonder WHY they are making such an awful mess of things?

      They, literally, put the ‘Trumpton Gestapo’ in charge. And now, we have the ‘referendum party, once again (as mentioned above), instead of the independence party. Cronyism, spite and back-stabbing writ large. Everything described from 2003, is actively being done once again by Nicola Sturgeon and her ‘cabal of cronies’. No wonder so many SNP MSP’s have decided to step down for ‘family/personal’ reasons at this election.

      Those who ingore history are doomed to repeat it.

      Please come back into Scottish politics, Mr. Salmond, Scotland (and the ‘referendum’ party desperately needs you. It is independence we seek, not a freaking referendum.

    156. Robert Louis says:

      Mac at 704am,

      Absolutely agree with every word of your comment, and it really is something folk should be aware of. It is very real, and like you say, special branch actually slept with and had children with activists of animal rights groups, just to bolster their credibility. So why would they do anything less with the SNP?

      It does make me wonder why the current SNP leader, is seemingly so absolutely determined to destroy Alex Salmond, and his legacy, going to the lengths of having his entire history removed from the SNP website. If alarm bells are not ringing, then they damn well should be. Does the civil service collusion make sense now???

      It is odd, is it not, that the same two people are at the top, actively splitting and destroying the SNP. Turning the SNP back into a fringe interest party.

      It’s almost like they are doing it deliberately..

      Why is Leslie Evans still in her job, ostensibly working for Nicola Sturgeon, yet travelling to London every week to Downing Street to meet the colonial government? Honestly, that could be one of those questions on the quiz show, ‘only connect’.

      I’m sure they will all be handsomely rewarded.

    157. McDuff says:

      The National again promoting Sturgeon with an article about a woman who voted No in ’14th but will now vote Yes because of Nicola. Barefaced crap.

    158. ScotsRenewables says:

      So many obvious new Unionist posters on here. We see right through you, you nasty little tubes.

    159. Douglas MacMillan says:

      Difficult situation for the polis last nicht, but one does wonder if there would have been more arrests and stronger action if they were fans of any other team ….

      PS BBC trying very hard not to get the Union Flag in their imagery

    160. Effigy says:

      Nurses pay in 2010 was £21,176
      In 2018 it was £31,909
      A rise of 3.46% turned into a 15% cut by inflation

      MPs Salary increased 17.7% over the same period to £77,379 plus expenses.

      Which group do you think earns their money and which group actually cares for you?

      PS laughing at the BBC saying the thousands at Ibrox breaking lockdown were only hundreds.
      The police were in hundreds but what use were they fir anything.

      Cant wait until they count the next 100,000 AUOB March being described as a group. lol

    161. stuart mctavish says:

      Do they still take £5K+ pa from every rep?

      That’d make a tidy sum over the years, esp if they’d ever felt obliged to hide it in crypto for whatever reason

    162. ScotsRenewables says:

      John Martini says:
      8 March, 2021 at 1:49 am
      ScotsRenewables says:
      8 March, 2021

      Aye, better to let a Westminster tory controlled administration run Scotland.

      Wise up man.

      Too many new posters on here, very suspicious.

      You are paranoid mate. Anyway sturgeon is worse than the tories. Sure you are not blue anon?

      Ah yes, Martini – the sleek it, sneekit face of Unionist trash, any time, any place, any where.

      Go away and find some people whose heads zip up the back, you odious little man.

    163. Robert Louis says:

      As to police Scotland yesterday – epic fail. The red, whilte and blue untouchables, just like on 19th September, 2014. But, dare to say a woman is an adult human female (an actual biological, scientific FACT), and you’ll be off to Barlinnie, in a flash, if the SNP have anything to do about it.

    164. Mac says:

      Aye Robert.

      Worth remembering a comment from Craig Murray a while back (who has more experience with these secret services than most). I think it was in response to people asking if this was down to NS’s personality disorders or if she was working for someone else… his response was that they are not mutually exclusive, meaning I think, that there could be a cocktail of variables involved. Sturgeon’s flaws which were then exploited, and her path was cleared (as was Tony Blair’s).

      I suspect that is true because there seems to be two things at work which are entirely unreconcilable, as if they came from two entirely different sources.

      The first is that there seems to be a plan to poison the SNP and independence movement from within that is extremely clever, well thought out, very systematic and very methodical… and way, way beyond the intelligence of the Murrells.

      But then (and thank god for us) there is a real incompetence at ground level executing the plan.

      They just cocked it up. It was still really close though and had it not been down to a couple of honest judges and an awesome jury they would have got away with it.

      Look at the help Team Nicola got and they still cocked it up. A bent LA, a bent COPFS, a bent media, a bent civil service, it goes on and on… and still they failed.

      I cant imagine her handlers are too impressed with Nicola Sturgeon either. lol.

      They are not going to let us just walk Independence out of the door using democratic means. They are just not. You are not allowed that.

      This is what it really means to not be independent. Democracy thwarted and denied at every turn.

    165. ScotsRenewables says:

      Was talking to several staunchly pro-indy friends over the last week. None had a good or kind word to say for Alex.

      It’s a train wreck.

      Time for someone, somewhere to step up to the plate and take the reins of the ISP, a big name.

      Will it happen?

    166. Robert Louis says:

      Please ignore the obvious trolls citing religion. It is irrelevant. and let’s face it most of the red white and blue thugs from Steven Gerrards COVIDrangers, have never been near a kirk in their puff.

    167. gullaneno4 says:

      Some Rangers fans trying to ensure that Scotland do not host their Euro matches, that is sad. Either they are just a bit dim or are they being channeled by darker forces.
      Or is it that they do not care too much about the Scotland football team.

      Good league win and well done Gerrard..very impressive.
      Such a shame that some of the fans have let the team down.

    168. Mac says:

      What if we are missing the true horror of our situation.

      What if the last six years were the result of not losing in 2014 but were the result of winning in 2014.

      I’ve always strongly suspected we were cheated in 2014.

      I think it is not just possible but now probable that the extreme actions we have seen inflicted on the SNP and its figurehead, talisman, were the result of us winning and not losing in 2014.

      I would say to people you should at least consider it a 50/50 chance we were cheated in 2014. Because if you put the last 6 years into the context of being cheated in 2014 then I think a lot of what have seen since 2014 starts to make a lot more sense.

      Something gave them a huge fright, so much so they decided to lay waste to the SNP and the independence movement post 2014.

      I don’t think that was voting NO.

    169. Mia says:

      “I’ve always strongly suspected we were cheated in 2014”

      So have I. And that is why I got very nervous when I received from the SNP an application to vote by post without me requesting it nor having any intention to vote by post, without me being currently an SNP member and after I strictly requested from the SNP after the capitulating speech of 31 January 2020 to cut all their email or postal correspondence with me and to remove my name from all their databases.

      So far only I received this, by the way. My partner who lives in the same house did not so I am not quite sure they took this from the electoral register. Whenever they send us the polling cards, which go by the electoral register, they always arrive at the exact same time.

      I did contribute to the indyref “woven” fund, though. My partner didn’t. I wonder if that is where this comes from. It also makes me wonder, of course, who is paying for this correspondence.

    170. Iain More says:

      John Martini says:
      8 March, 2021 at 1:53 am

      Fireproofjim says:
      7 March, 2021 at 11:51 pm
      John Martini
      Don’t think Humza is a Protestant

      Muslim is pretty close to presbytarian protestant.

      Ah fuck off with yer insulting Yoon religious shite.

    171. ScottieDog says:


      I received the vote by post letter but my wife didn’t. I am a former SNP member but my wife is not. I expect they still have me on their database.

    172. Contrary says:

      ‘Disgraceful’ has been the quoted reponse for full-scale disregard of any Covid restrictions in Glasgow by the First Minister. Planned, full-scale disregard. The SNP, Sandra White, has decided blaming the police for it is a good idea. The police have decided blaming citizens for it is a good idea.

      You don’t have 8 hours of fireworks without planning ahead. Are there not restrictions on the sale of fireworks? I was beginning to wonder if we’d gone to war and I hadn’t noticed after the third hour. I checked social media (I don’t care about football so didn’t have a clue what was happening).

      My MSP, Bob Doris, still hasn’t tweeted anything (Maryhill area,,, ), while even Joanna Cherry has made comment on it. Bob Doris might be ‘the first SNP MSP elected to Maryhill & Springburn’, but I expect him to also be the last.

      An SNP MP – Kirsty Blackman has tweeted ‘it would be shit,,,’ – is that really the language MPs should use?

      So, I guess it’s our own fault, yet again, just for being citizens of this country, and we’ll have to clean up and pay for the clean up, bear the burden of virus spread, and pay for that too, in the aftermath of public disorder – because politicians and police are incapable of keeping order. The gov’t has ’emergency powers’ and disapproving words like ‘disgraceful’ are hardly going to keep order. Will the SNP gov’t grow a backbone? If they don’t – their popularity ratings are going to take a hit, I reckon. And I suspect this is just the start of the tactics to whittle away the SNP popularity.

      Do I care? Well, I don’t want an SNP government with the current lot in charge – so on that score, not really. I’ll wait and see what the SNP response is – but so far, it doesn’t look great. They don’t appear to be able to plan ahead, consider political strategies, or understand the consequences of appearing weak.

      I think that voting tactics – if you are interested in such things – should be planned on the basis that SNP popularity will drop & voter turn out will be low. We have to wait to see what other parties and individuals might be available to vote for as a pro-Indy alternative. We also have to keep an eye on unionist strategies – will they be planning on maximising the unionist vote on the list, or be going all out for constituency seats? Anyway – I think a lot will change before May, so it will be last minute decisions.

    173. The Isolator says:

      Mac @ 8.37

      I’ve often wondered about that possibility. In the aftermath of 2014 and especially at the AS speech conceding defeat he looked very shaken,almost to the point of total incredulity at the result,like he knew it was knobbled.In fact in my opinion he lost his spark and he was never quite the same after the attempt by an ” irate ” No voter to run his ministerial car off the road outside Dundee pre referendum.That was a warning shot across his bow no doubt about it in my mind.

      Interestingly the burly blokes in suits at the polling station reported by Davidson at the time were never traced either.I followed Alex around quite a bit during the campaign and he was always well looked after by security while NS didn’t seem to need any at all even when she was the ” poster” girl of independence and queen of the selfie.It always puzzled me that one.

    174. Mark Boyle says:

      Brilliant work by Ian Brotherhood and Petercherbi! It’s people like you that still gives me faith justice will be done.

    175. Mr Bonobo says:

      I’m normally no fan of the Teddy Bears, but my admiration would increase if they released an official statement refusing to apologise for their fans saying that their heids were spinnin after the team they had known for all their adult lives knocked them for six with news of their championship win and they had forgotten all the details of the coronavirus legislation.

    176. Mark Boyle says:

      @barrie gadgie – hey, I remember you! Weren’t you the guy who said:

      Barrie gadgie says:
      31 January, 2021 at 10:41 pm

      “Oust Joan mcalpine”??? Standing orders say sitting msp will be top of list. Fact check: you used to do this.”

      Seen the new Lists for Holyrood where even Dear Leader, Kate Forbes and Walter the Softy aren’t top of theirs – never mind Joan McAlpine?

      Feeling stupid yet?

    177. Stuart Campbell says:

      Reply to Mia

      I post under the name Stuart Campbell as it is my real name, nothing sinister, their are many of us, I am poised for the “Spartans Declaration”.
      I came across the link to the last legal actions of Nicola Sturgeon and posted the link here as if its true it would show her actions to fly in the face of her current “its all about the female victims” narative. Again, if true it claims that the FM took steps to Bury it, which is in line with her current behaviour.
      Just trying to play my part.

      Mia says:
      7 March, 2021 at 6:42 pm

      I do not know if you are aware but in the previous thread (Blood in the water) somebody posted under the name “Stuart Campbell”. I am not sure if they are pretending to be you to make the link they post in it credible or the name is just a coincidence. In any case, it is just confusing. When I saw your name I immediately thought it had been you writing it but then I realised it did not have your red and black avatar.

      Stuart Campbell says:
      7 March, 2021 at 6:05 pm

      What they post in that comment (I refuse to give it more oxygen) is the same effing link about that alleged leak about Sturgeon and the judge that they appear to be peddling to make us believe that thing is what caused the leak of the info of Mr Salmond to the press in 2018. A link that clearly somebody is desperate to force fed us with judging for the number of times this thing is appearing in the threads.

      I see that Prasad has posted it here already. I am sure it will appear again.

    178. X_Sticks says:

      Times article: “Scottish government officials tried to prevent Alex Salmond from releasing court papers showing that the lord advocate ordered a search of Scotland’s most senior civil servant’s office in a hunt for missing documents.

      James Wolffe, the government’s most senior legal adviser, instructed a trawl through the “entire electronic repository of the permanent secretary’s office” to retrieve material linked to sexual harassment complaints made against Salmond, transcripts from the Court of Session show.”

    179. Kiwilassie says:

      I came in blind to watch the referendum back in 2014. As I live in NZ I stayed up all night watching it all. As I had no knowledge of what people wanted the outcome to be I was looking in with an open mind.

      A couple of things that stood out for me was: As the count was coming in & going against Independence. There was a shot of Nicola standing at a rail with staff behind her. The girl behind her smiled when the union vote count came in. I just thought at the time she may have wanted to stay in the UK union.

      Remember I hadn’t gone onto any sites prior to Sept 18th 2014, so was unaware of all the drama that had gone on.

      Another incident I found very strange was the amount of men in black suits & what looked like their office girls on laptops. Quite a few times before the count was given out. one of the women would call a black suit over & they would go behind the screen. Only when they came back out did the vote get transmitted. Again a loss to Independence.

      There were a few other things that I found a bit off.
      One in particular, a few days after the count someone who worked with the firm that had always transported the the ballot boxes to the counting stations after elections in Scotland, had said on the Scot2Scot site, his firm had lost the contract that they had had for years for the Referendum.
      Now if folk remember, there were ballot boxes transported in private vehicles. People were saying their ballot paper didn’t have a bar code.
      Yes given all what I have learned about your politics & the deep research I have done over the past six years. I believe you could have been cheated.

      Keep in mind Cameron also broke purdah.
      I mentioned that on the Red Tory site. “It was a yes site”
      Someone made a big fuss that I had put it up for all to see.
      I remember thinking at the time Jack Straw “think that was his name” would set up a think tank to bring in a WM policy to make sure their wouldn’t be another INDY REF in Scotland.

      Also too, you have to remember Boris has given the union
      $5 million pounds to fight the Independence movement.

    180. ahundredthidiot says:


      Biden still not faced the Press (personally, I cant wait) and when he tried to do it virtually, his handlers cut his feed! – haha.

      Someone upthread said postal votes might be corrupt.

      surely not…..

    181. Fireproofjim says:

      Scots renewables @8.06
      You call for a big name to step up to the plate and drive the ISP forward for the May elections.
      It is far too late for that. Nobody outside the politically obsessed ( like us ) has even heard of the ISP and anyway there are now three small Independence supporting parties to confuse the electorate. If they really support independence and are not just an ego trip they would put aside their differences and unite for the cause.
      I predict they will get zero seats and so the only realistic route is Green on the list and of course, that means the flawed and damaged SNP ( or nothing ) on the constituency.
      Open your eyes friends, be pragmatic. The only alternative is the Unionists and that would be the end of Independence hopes for ever.

    182. Kiwilassie says:

      Correction. It wasn’t Scot2 scot site, It was the Red Tory site.
      The Scot 2 Scot site didn’t go online till just before the 2015 election.

    183. McDuff says:

      That’s an interesting thought and one I have never considered before.
      It makes a lot of sense though the unionists would have been worried anyway by the huge rise in SNP membership post ’14th referendum.

    184. Famous15 says:

      I know how Meghan feels.

      I used to be a member of the SNP

    185. Sylvia says:

      The Isolator @ 8.37 “re run car off the road”

      Do you remember this 6 November 2014 “Alex Salmond effigy was blown up in Lewes”

    186. Al-Stuart says:


      Why are you back here? Just to attack Scots Renewables?

      I agree with Scottish Renewables that we need aa big name to step up.

      Fartproof Jim has been drinking the Coolaid and has become a WheeshtForIndy lost soul to a lost Sturgeonite McWoke cause.

      FartProof, do you not read the words here that Stuart Campbell writes?

      I can well remember how QUICK Tony Blairs SLAB collapsed their ownership of the Scottish vote and went down to one Panda Labour MP in Scotland.

      FartproofJim it is a sad fact that the arrogance displayed by the SNP copies the same entitlement of those careerist MPs that used to infest the Labour Party.

      Except New Labour never tried to fabricate and solicit evidence to falsely jail its former leader. Care to explain that Hot Jim?

      Fartproof, you are advocating we vote blindly for the SNP and ignore the fact Nicola Backstabber wants this Wings Over Scotland website closed down so badly she has asked Humza to change the Hate Crime Bill specifically so it will ensure a custodial sentence for website owners absent from Scotland.

      Away you go Fartproof and peddle yer shyte somewhere else. Wee Ginger Pubes is better suited to your waffle.

    187. Ruby says:

      Mac says:

      Sturgeon’s flaws which were then exploited, and her path was cleared (as was Tony Blair’s).

      I would go along with that. Sturgeon was easily manipulated. She is only able to see one side of the story. Result current fiasco.

      Looks as if she is now being manipulated by Trans Groups.
      Result Hate Crime bill?

      What good is a leader who doesn’t recognise when she/he is being manipulated and is only able to see one side of the story.

    188. J Galt says:


      I was driving a bus in Glasgow city centre in the afternoon and evening of the day of the referendum.

      I had noticed what seemed to me to be several large and expensive looking 4x4s driving about the city centre festooned with YES banners and balloons and blaring out music (did anyone else see them?).

      At one point (in Uinion Street!) I was stopped at lights alongside one of them on my offside, I opened my sidelight to say hi and have what I thought would be friendly pro YES banter.

      I could not have been more more mistaken. I got a very frosty and menacing, in a sarcastic, smirking tone response. There were four young men in the car, the two in front about late 20s/early 30s and two younger early 20s types in the back. They all looked like fit army types with “squaddie” hair cuts. The one who spoke to me did not have a Scottish accent.

      Who they were and why they were impersonating YES supporters is anybody’s guess however it doesn’t take a lot of working out.

      The referendum was officially pronounced as “kosher” by mainstream YES supporters and the SNP and they were quick to direct their snarling anger at any YES supporters who pointed out any “jiggery-pokery” shouting them down with the usual “tinfoil hat” nonsense.

      Many YES supporters and commentators are very naive about what we are up against.

    189. ahundredthidiot says:

      any second now, Famous15 will say

      ‘Independence is normal’

    190. Davie Oga says:

      ScotsRenewables says:
      8 March, 2021 at 7:39 am

      “So many obvious new Unionist posters on here. We see right through you, you nasty little tubes.”

      The comments are a better read since the SNP sycophants have left. If there are unionists posting here, fair play to them.
      Whatever the future holds for Scotland, unionists and nationalists will have to share it together. No one should have to live under a regime that will imprison their political opponents on false charges or lock people up for what they think and say. Scotland is no longer a European country when it comes to the rule of law. They promised us Norway or Ireland and vrought us Albania or Belarus.


    191. ahundredthidiot says:

      J Galt

      I was also very suspicious of ‘red boiler suit man’ holding court outside Buchannan galleries, weekend before the vote.

      He was very articulate and making the case for No – several ordinary type blokes took him on, a large crowd gathered to hear the to and fro. The crowd were not on red boiler suit mans side, so he started laughing and walked off.

      There was no company markings on his overalls or his hard hat.

      Still sticks in the mind as odd.

    192. Ottomanboi says:

      Essentially, a great Scotland or a wee Scotland. A Scotland free and self assured or a Scotland bowed, cowed and suppliant.
      Unionist Scots and faux nationalists must have creaky knees with all that kowtowing.

    193. Ruby says:

      Everyone knew Nicola Sturgeon’s views on ‘women as victims’ when she fired Mark MacDonald for sending a text and perhaps even before.

      Not difficult to manipulate her into agreeing to a new procedure that included former ministers.

      Currently because of her views on transgender issues it would be easy to manipulate her into doing something very damaging
      to the SNP & Independence.

      Having an easily manipulated leader with fixed views leads to trouble.

    194. @ J Galt: I’ve commented about the day of the 2014 referendum many times previously, and if people are unwilling to believe what I’ve said, I can’t entirely blame them because it’s impossible to prove. I won’t repeat everything again, but will just say that I live in the the centre Edinburgh, supposedly ‘No’ territory, and there was an almost-carnival, celebratory atmosphere on the day. Everyone I saw was smiling, cars were going around with horns tooting, there were ‘Yes’ posters everywhere, and everything I saw reinforced my feeling that ‘Yes’ was on course for an overwhelming landslide. What actually happened at the end of that day was inexplicable and unbelievable.

    195. Wee Chid says:

      barrie gadgie says:
      7 March, 2021 at 7:20 pm
      “gosh, an anti-snp opinion! what a find.
      this site has become such a gold mine.
      what would we do without it?
      probably become independent.”

      Not under the Sturgeon led SNP. they’ve no intention of delivering independence. Time to wake up, not woke up.

    196. Willie says:

      Oh dear, surprise surprise, but just as we head to the elections the Daily Record has come forward with the story of an Alphabet Man. Yes an Alphabet Man.

      Seems that the individual who wants to remain anonymous was whilst out in a London pub having drinks with MPs sustained some inappropriate sexual advance – comment – suggestion from an MP in 2016. – male SNP MP in fact.

      Seems that some years later in 2018 whilst in the HoC Strangers Bar a very very drunk woman SNP asked him to go home with him.

      That the individual who worked for the party left some time back one wonders if this is the Dailly Record cuing another major Police enquiry – just in time for the election.

      Ya coulda make it up if you tried

    197. Wee Chid says:

      Kiwilassie says:
      8 March, 2021 at 9:51 am
      “Now if folk remember, there were ballot boxes transported in private vehicles. People were saying their ballot paper didn’t have a bar code.2

      Transporting ballot boxes in private vehicles is the norm to either the counting place or to a central location for onward transportation. This wasn’t unique to the referendum.
      As for the barcodes – given the training every presiding officer and polling clerk went through I find it very difficult to believe that ballots were issued with no bar codes. Staff were advised to flick through each book of ballot papers before issuing any, were instructed to ensure that each ballot handed out had a code and were asked to check for a code again when the ballot went into the box. Complete books without codes would have been discovered at the initial stage of this process. I think it is more likely that people were unaware that there is a barcode on the back of each ballot and simply didn’t notice it was there
      I was a presiding officer at a polling station during the referendum and I can guarantee that every ballot paper I issued had a barcode. I can also guarantee that I drove my car to the usual collection place for ballot boxes where the box seal numbers were checked ad recorded before onward dispatch.
      It would be far easier to rig an election at the registration of voters stage (multiple registrations and “away” voters) than on the actual day of the ballot and count – where the staff employed are ordinary members of the public.

    198. Ruby says:

      Willie says:

      Seems that some years later in 2018 whilst in the HoC Strangers Bar a very very drunk woman SNP asked him to go home with him.


      Is the last pronoun correct?

      Is it now classed as a ‘sexual assault’ if you ask someone back to your flat for ‘a coffee’

      Next it will be asking someone to dance at a wedding.

    199. McDuff says:

      The thing is, Sturgeon is not a bright woman and knows she is incapable of dealing with the logistics of a seperation from the union But she also doesn’t care about independence, Scotland or it’s people, its all about her.

    200. Famous15 says:

      The idiot called it!

      Independence is very normal.

      But make sure you have written fireproof,flameproof and chancer proof constitution! I can offer many options. Just pick any corruption free small country. You are allowed to borrow not just money but good ideas from elsewhere.

    201. A Person says:

      Some are talking about the possibility of the referendum being rigged, but let’s think of something more recent- the scenes in Glasgow and other places yesterday.

      Obviously Rangers fans are, ahem, not known for being the sharpest. But huge masses gatherings, tolerated by a police force which we all know is riddled with the “staunch” and “loyal”? Hmmmm. Something odd about that.

    202. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I have seen suggestions that Anas Sarwar might go head-to-head with Sturgeon in her Glasgow Southside constituency in May.

      The Tories and Lib-Dems might agree not to put up candidates, to give him a clear run at her, and loan their activists to Labour, in an effort ot topple Sturgeon.

      Seems far-fetched. But, on one hand, we hear Sanwar is not popular among the large Asian-Scots community in the constituency, while, on the other hand – there is no doubt the Unionists and the msm will throw all the shit they have on Sturgeon, but have been holding back on using, during the campaign.

      What I did find interesting, however, is that, in 2016 when Sturgeon won the seat with a 62%-38% split over the three main Unionist parties, the turnout in the constituency was only 47.8%. The turnout across Scotland as a whole was 55.8%.

      So, there are a lot of voters to be harvested in her constituency – it will be very-interesting to see what happens, and well worth watching.

      If it comes to a straight face-off between the party leaders for the constituency, Sturgeon will still be favourite to win, but, I would not say she is home and hosed this far out.

      A lot of light has still to be shone in a lot of dark corners.

    203. Daisy Walker says:

      re Police Scotland and the Rangers ‘celebration’.

      To be fair to PolScot – last time they arrested someone from Rangers… it didn’t end well (not for the tax payer anyway.)

      OT – there was news a while back about NS, when a new MP, attempting to intervene/influence the outcome of an ongoing trial, by giving a glowing reference for the accused, for which she was chastised.

      Anyone remember the dates, and the name of the accused/charges. I wonder if it is related to the other incident – still not confirmed as true – re her possible misconduct as a solicitor.

      I wonder also, how Judy Murray’s development project on greenbelt land is going, in the Dunblane area, ostensibly to be Andy’s legacy and a fancy training school, and absolutely, in no way, an attempt to circumvent planning laws, and build delux properties on pristine countryside. It was being held up/opposed by planning laws. Any progress?

    204. Ruby says:

      Did the same group/person who convinced her that the bonkers Complaints procedure for former ministers, the self id bill, was a great idea also convince her that Independence was a bad idea.

      I seem to recall someone mentioning an article that states she is not convinced of the case for Independence.

    205. Willie says:

      And meanwhile the Scottish Sun, another stalwart journal has a front page with a huge picture of thousands of unmasked fans massing in George Square with similar picture of scenes outside Ibrox on pages 2 and 3

      Passing pussycat dissembling comment Nicola Sturgeon declared the chaotic scenes as “ deeply unfair to the country “ adding that “ no one will argue with fans rights to toast success or demonstrate against failure “

      Too right Nicky Baby spiking back up COVID deaths is a tad unfair on a population doing its best to behave a stop the spread of the deadly virus.

      But I get it too Nicky Baby your absolutely fabulous comment that it a right to toast success and to demonstrate against failure. And at a stroke Nicky Baby has justified the scenes and more importantly concomitantly laid down the message that it’s all right to “ demonstrate against failure “

      Whoooee, and then on pages 14 and 15 there’s a huge piece by the key Sturgeon advisor professor Devi Sridhar warning of the danger of relaxing the restriction rules to early and the risk of an under 55s spike.

      Be interesting therefore to hear what Shiite the FM spouts at her COVID briefing today. Absolute fucking charlatan, it’s difficult not to think she actually wants the virus spread.

    206. A Person says:

      -Michael Laing-

      Come on, don’t be silly. In 2014 we were vocal and vibrant and the No campaign was dismal and dull, which is why we made up so much ground. But for every group of attractive arty types with excellently-designed banners there were ten old folk who voted No unthinkingly; in fact the former probably terrified the latter. I should know, I canvassed plenty in boring, ordinary parts of Glasgow and its surroundings.

      I suppose the possibility of fraud can’t be discounted but good aesthetic standards don’t win elections.

    207. The Dissident says:


      It was long after she was elected but not long after she became a Minister, so there were no excuses for not knowing the rules of engagement.

      Click here for story

    208. @ Wee Chid at 11.01am: On the day of the referendum, I was not aware that the ballot papers were supposed to have barcodes. I think that would have been news to most people. What I do remember is that after I’d placed my ‘X’ for ‘Yes’, I folded my paper in half and checked it before placing it in the box, and I am certain that I saw only plain, unmarked cream paper. Nor did anybody check my ballot paper before I placed it in the box. In fact, I don’t think that has ever happened any time I’ve voted. I think the whole thing is highly suspicious, given the multiple reports of blank-backed ballot papers, and the fact that there was no evident support for the ‘No’ campaign. They even had to create fake campaigns to pretend there was any support for ‘No’!

    209. Breeks says:

      I hate to say it, but if ‘unease’ about Sturgeon and Swinney has been festering away since before 2003, doesn’t it speak volumes about the scarcity of ability in the SNP talent pool? Why weren’t these duds given the heave-ho when it became clear they were duds?

      Should we now expect to see the conniving face of Rhiannon Spears still be cropping up as an SNP hopeful eighteen years from now, with us then being the ‘told-you-so’ generation who tried to warn you about her?

      Kinda sad and deflated that the conversation about a Constitutional / Political battle taking place outside and beyond the realm of the devolved assembly on Holyrood isn’t fuelling any bodies ambition. Still flogging a dead horse it seems, and not getting any takers.

      Seems people are still content to back the same lame SNP, fighting the shape shifting octopus of internal domestic UK legislation, and just ignore the much maligned inconvenient truth about Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and the opportunity that provides us to raise Scotland’s Constitutional Rights and the UK’s unconstitutional wrongs with the International Community and their International Laws.

      But no, let’s get our priorities right, and win a token majority in a powerless assembly voting for a crooked leader and party having an identity crisis, which nobody now believes is serious about Independence, and who’s only Constitutional contribution to the struggle since 2014 has been to abdicate Scottish Sovereignty and present Westminster with veto over Scottish Democracy that allows Scotland to be denied it’s rights as a nation and to be mastered and subordinated by domestic UK internal legislation.

      I feel like Rip van Winkle. I want to go to sleep for 20 years while another generation of Scots talks the talk about Independence, but does nothing, and delegates the job to political minnows and imbeciles who steadfastly refuse to defend their Constitutional Sovereignty and charge down route 1 to destination Independence, and then scratch their heads wondering why literally everybody and anybody can push Scotland around.

      Maybe we can look forward to the big day of the SNP celebrating 100 years of trying to get Independence. Won’t that be fun? Not long to wait for that inglorious milestone.

      Or maybe we’ll be raising our glasses to the radical Constitutional Initiative which swept aside internal domestic UK legislation and broke the back of the Union Treaty in the time it took to present Scotland’s case and colonial subjugation to the UN, and thereby declaring the Treaty of Union breached and bust.

    210. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      If NS says it’s all right to “demonstrate against failure”

      I assume there would be no argument from her about a demonstration outside Bute House over her failure to act on the multiple mandates for Independence her Government has failed to utilise?

    211. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Especially since it’s IWD

      Sign petition please.

      Even some men in the mix, but mostly women who were tortured and murdered.

      It really doesn’t matter how many years ago.

      How about a John Knox Day?

      How about a Misogynist Day? That would be good

    212. Feliks says:

      Daisy Walker

      Re Police Scotland and Rangers

      It would be more accurate to state that Police Scotland arrested people for Rangers which ended badly. For those not up to speed to call this fiasco the Rangers Affair is akin to calling the current Holyrood Enquiry the Salmond Enquiry.
      Grier and Whitehouse were involved in the administration of the old club. Had guilt been established then civil action would have been taken against them and the first owners post-liquidation on behalf of Rangers thus benefitting the club (although it is more likely that the beneficiary would have been the king over the water).

    213. Fireproofjim says:

      Now .Now
      Rude nonsense will not cut it .
      I’m always prepared to listen and discuss with anybody, but I don’t insult them.
      However please advise me how you think I should vote when there are three small parties on the list, none of which are likely to get any seats. I have supported independence for more than fifty years,by the way, and have walked miles knocking on doors and manning stalls in all weathers.
      More than most. Can you say the same?

    214. Liz says:

      Can we please get something straight, the pandemic is over.

      I’m scared to say anything against the zealots on twitter as 99% still believe lockdowns are a good thing.

      Devi S works with the Clinton foundation.
      She is no more an expert on viruses than I am.

      She is a lockdown queen. Tbf to NS, who knows nothing about science, she is probably terrified there will be a big increase in ‘infections’ leading to deaths, re the Care Home situation back in April 2020.
      She still has that hanging over her head, it was a massive error.

      The PCR test is seriously flawed, it should not be used at the increased concentration it has been.

      Me & the OH got a letter from GCC to ask us if we were asymptomatic and if so did we want to go for a free test.
      It got ripped up and binned.

      The fear factor has been ramped up so much, I read of people who haven’t seen close relatives for a year, complaining about the Rangers fans.

      I’m sorry they are so scared but no one should let a poltician control your life to that extent.

    215. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Wings gave an accurate account regarding the Glasgow Rangers guff years ago. Still online. Go have a read.

      And Stu is a footy fan.

      I’m not. Bunch of millionaires kicking a ball about.

      Support Scotland’s team and remember 1978.

    216. sarah says:

      @ Fireproofjim at 11.53: if those three small parties on the list come under the Action for Independence [AFI] umbrella party there is more chance of their aggregate votes reaching 5 or 6% and hence getting a Region list MSP.

      That is the hope I am clinging to!

    217. Kiwilassie says:

      I’ll just leave this here. I don’t know how accurate it is.

    218. Dorothy Devine says:

      IanB , in the dim and distant past , prior to the referendum, I used to comment on the Herald site as Disgusted Dorothy .

      I was followed around on there by some balloon called Alan accusing me of being ‘Dorothy Grace Elder, a failed politician and a failed journalist’

      Despite my protestations he continued until the Herald asked us all to re-enter our details and I took a new moniker. I have often wondered whether the balloon was the highly esteemed Alan Cochrane.

    219. sarah says:

      @ Kiwilassie: thanks for your input. I always read what you have to say. I am a Kiwi lassie too – born there in 1952 but left in 1956 and not been back since, to my great regret.

      As for these figures, Mike Russell and Emma Roddick are denying them but they look plausible to me!

    220. Dan says:

      @ sarah at 12:10 pm

      Aye, they really need to get this sorted asap.
      Actual postal vote ballots will be getting delivered through folks’ letterboxes in a matter of weeks. Those ballots could be filled in with votes cast and sent off before those early voters fully understand the range of options and ramifications.
      This delay in obtaining a clarity of message in how any 2nd vote strategy is going to work effectively is crippling the ability of activists to inform as many folk as possible, especially when we are so restricted in our ability to campaign face to face due to covid restrictions.

    221. cirsium says:

      @Mac, 8.37, @Mia, 8.57

      I’ve always strongly suspected we were cheated in 2014.

      Ditto. Evidence? No exit poll.

      Exit polls are the key to determine if an election is honest and a check on the official count to ensure that the count is legitimate.

    222. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dorothy Devine –


      Being followed around anywhere by Cochers is truly alarming.


    223. sarah says:

      @ Dan at 12.52: postal votes being completed before polling day is another blindingly obvious weakness in our “system”.

      In other countries they have rules that allow postal votes to be received and counted after polling day. I think we should say that postal votes may only be completed on polling day – at least they can be issued to arrive on or just before polling day – and will be counted if received within x days.

      Other countries vote over several days and count over several days. Why shouldn’t we?

    224. Al-Stuart says:

      Now now FafferProof Jim.

      You were trolling pure and simple.

      I’ve supported good and decent politicians for 50 years and actually got several elected through hard work and determination if that’s what your asking. But you are not really asking that Jim are you?

      You are teaching folk what a master baiter a Sturgeon loyalist can be when you visit Wings Over Scotland.

      You know the truth. You’ve read it here. But you are in denial. So you lashed out at the smaller pro-indy to get some attention on yersel’.

      You’ve been let down by Sturgeonite McWokeists and are looking for a fight by planting shyte.

      The reason I am less than cordial to you is you are still punting a ton of horse manure that was exorcised a year ago.

      Fireproof Jim advocates…

      * WheeshtForIndy

      * Nicola really does have a plan B for Indy.

      * The £600,000 is safely in the SNP bank account.

      * Fireproof Jim reckons Alex Salmond was guilty.

      * John Swinney has released more than enough legal advice.

      * The NEC LIST vote with self identifying people with disabling freckles was a fair vote.

      * The moon landing was fake. Kez Dugdale beamed up to the moon first.

      * 10,000 new SNP members joined up after hearing Nicola Sturgeon says she loves Alex Salmond at Linda Fabiani’s Terf With Serf Whitewash.

      * Ian Blackford didn’t really abuse Charles Kennedy in the months before he died.

      * Ian Blackford HAS managed to keep his promise and stop Scotland being dragged out of the EU.

      * Nicola Sturgeon has NOT wasted FIVE mandates that should have helped Scotland hold IndyRef2.

      * The Hate Crime Bill is not really that bad, George Orwell would agree with it and vote for it from his home at Barnhill on Jura.

      * Jimbo reckons the GRA laws will boost the SNP share of the election on 6th May 2021 because Scots favour men that toxify adult female women’s rights.

      FlapperChops Jim, with the pish you believe in and the ignorance you splatter BTL will get rejoinders that are less than happy.

      The author of this website has waded through years of toxic shite from the Sturgeonite McWokists and pretty much all the folk commenting BTL having taken the time to read these articles. Have you?

      I don’t think you have. So you may get short shrift when you start up your crapometer wordprocessor or whatever excrement producing device you let your auld paws near.

      Away and light yer pipe, borrow a set of slippers from old Comfy Feet Pete and return to the political mind control department at Bute House.

    225. Kiwilassie says:

      sarah says:
      8 March, 2021 at 12:24 pm
      @ Kiwilassie: thanks for your input. I always read what you have to say. I am a Kiwi lassie too – born there in 1952 but left in 1956 and not been back since, to my great regret.

      Hi Sarah. I was born in 1948 & left Dec 1969. I too have never returned. I would love to see Scotland independent “not under this corrupt government though” It would also be nice to own a Scottish passport before I kick the bucket.

    226. Don says:

      @Mia 8 March, 2021 at 8:57 am

      “I’ve always strongly suspected we were cheated in 2014”

      Not very alert are you ?

    227. sarah says:

      @ kiwilassie: you are safe from being independent with this corrupt government – they aren’t interested in or capable of achieving independence! I am only sorry that it has taken most of us so long to realise it – we could have had a well-known alternative independence party ready by now if we had.

      I have got my Scottish passport cover – just waiting….

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