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Pension Grifters For Devo Max

Posted on March 12, 2023 by

We’ve been telling you for quite some time now that after eight wasted years of doing absolutely nothing with endless mandates, the SNP establishment want to back away from the party’s defining goal of Scottish independence and settle in for some lovely cosy lifelong careers at Westminster and in the devolved Holyrood, with well-paid staffer jobs for all their pals, followed by tidy £50,000-a-year pensions.

Maybe some of you didn’t believe us.

Maybe you could have another think about it.

A really serious think.

You’ll have plenty of time.

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  1. 12 03 23 19:31

    Deflated, maybe defeated, certainly, depressive politics is colonial Scotland so! |

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  1. Stuart says:

    It has to be Ash.

  2. Bill Cowan says:

    Comfy Slippers Pete becomes Cozy Pension Pete.

    All it was ever about for him.

    Why else would he have put himself forward for Speaker of The House?

  3. Keefer says:

    New New Labour

  4. Karen says:

    “Independence in the UK” what drugs is he on?

  5. Graham says:

    I’ll give you that, when I first read on here that the SNP aren’t for independence I did not believe you. I do now (and have for quite some time.)

  6. Liz says:

    He makes me really angry.
    The mans a tube.
    He nearly lost in 2019 and apparently only scraped through with campaign help from Tasmina A Sheik’s team.

    We should have let him sink.
    Hes a despicable useless turd.

    And yes we all know you read WoS, Pete.
    So take a hike, you trougher

  7. One_Scot says:

    If the SNP no longer stands for Independence, what do they stand for?

  8. says:

    Pete Wishart and his kind are tractors. Pure and simple tractors.

  9. Geoff Huijer says:

    He’s right – it’s a ‘big moment’ right enough.

    But, for those of us that have been paying attention and not just blindly believing (like the Labour fold of before) it really is no surprise.

  10. Andrew scott says:

    Humzah has described Swinney the ninny as
    “A giant of our movement-a titan”

  11. Craig says:

    Is there any point in voting for politicians anymore?

    We voted them in on the premise that they try and get Scotland’s independence and now they are watering down everything that the SNP originally stood for.

    My biggest fear now is that if ALBA gets all the votes, will they go the same way as the SNP, be comfy being in power in a devolved government and pick up a good salary?

    Talk about being royally fucked by fuckin shysters.

    To think I actually helped my MP to pick up voters to and drive them to the polling booths so they could vote for him and he even said to me “Independence is coming”…I’m now blocked and he hasn’t seen my message to him saying “Is it fuck”

  12. Heaver says:

    Snouts in the trough, fingers in the till, arses on the gravy train. Worthless parasites, now subserviantly dependent on remaining in the union.

    Ash Regan is the only candidate that wants to wrestle the SNPs mission back to independence.

  13. GMac Dod says:

    I said at Prism after Alba Conference that Devo Max has never been taken off the table and it worried me that it was still floating about there especially with Labour gaining traction at Westminster.

    Its now as obvious as the nose on my face that the current SNP are hanging on for a Labour Westminster Government in 2024. Have input in Labour implimenting English GRA Reform as to come in line with Scotlands GRA Reform. As a reward Labour offer SNP Devo Max.

    SNP will sell it to Scotland, Scotland will fall for it and there will be concessions.

  14. Mia says:

    “Use labour’s constitutional review to argue for independence in the UK”

    WTF is that? What the hell is “independence in the UK”? That is an oxymoron the size of Jupiter. You can never have “independence” in the UK. Is this man taking us for fools?

    Labour’s constitutional review, he says. Whose review? Labour has ONE MP in Scotland. ONE. Exactly in what democratic position can Labour possibly be to conduct any “constitutional review” on behalf of Scotland? Who invited labour to the party?

    If there ever was any doubt the troughers are nothing but labourites operating under a false flag, I think Mr Wishart has completely dissipated that doubt in that tweet.

    “This is actually a big moment”

    Yeah, you bet it is. These disgusting betrayers are getting ready to deliver the killing blow by foisting FFA or any other crap form devolution on us. I knew it.

  15. Doug says:

    It’s the arrogance of the SNP hierarchy which sickens so much. They demand pro independence voters go out and persuade soft No voters to change to Yes while they, the poncing pension brigade, sit on their fat lazy backsides doing nothing.

    Up until now that worked as so many pro independence voters trusted Sturgeon et al to deliver. Well, that’s all changed now. The dangerous darkness of naivety is slowly lifting. Pro independence supporters won’t be taken for granted anymore.

    Country before party.

  16. Mia says:

    “If the SNP no longer stands for Independence, what do they stand for?”


  17. Merganser says:

    So how long will the £600,00 of donations for a campaign remain in an account somewhere waiting to be unwoven?

    I take no comfort from the fact that for a number of years I have commented on here that the SNP are not the party of independence.

    They have carried out a con-trick and taken people’s money on false pretences and have got away with it.

    If they don’t get their preferred patsy in place the lid will come off sooner than later and the full disgrace of Sturgeon’s Scotland will be revealed. Only then can the restoration begin.

    Remember Milliband’s ‘Ed Stone’? Sturgeon probably bought it and had her ‘legacy’ re-chiselled on it. Any offers?

  18. Ian McCubbin says:

    It has to be Ash.
    See now the other Perthshire grifter Swinney has come out in favour of Yousaf.
    It is so sad to see the gradualism and career saving mediocre MSPs and MPs backing this useless guy.

  19. Grendel says:

    Interesting that the right wing press are now stating that SNP membership is down to around 78,000. When can we expect to see THAT in lights…

  20. BroughtyBoy says:

    There must be a day of reckoning when our voters realise they’ve been conned.

    It was never round the corner, there was never any serious intention to use a mandate.

    MPs, MSPs & Party officials are all feart.

    Given the choice of risking their privileges & pensions for independence, they chose & always will choose UK Treasury backed silver.

    When will the penny drop on the streets of Glasgow or Dundee?

  21. Doug says:

    @Andrew Scott 5:45pm

    Maybe he meant a titian? Faded and covered in cracks.

  22. Den says:

    Slippers Wishart, the troughers trougher.

  23. Bill Cowan says:


    We know it is a rural constituency that Comfy Slippers represents, but ‘tractors’? ??

    Self-correcting text?

  24. Mia says:

    “So how long will the £600,00 of donations for a campaign remain in an account somewhere waiting to be unwoven?”

    To be honest, I am now more interested in finding out WHEN did these troughers decided they would never hold a referendum before 2021, was that BEFORE they launched the fundraiser or afterwards?

  25. Jeremy Wickins says:

    And yet there will still be idiots claiming this is the only way forward. The only thing Cosy-feet Pete is good for is as an indicator of what is absolutely wrong.

  26. akenaton says:

    “You can never have Independence in the UK”
    True, but neither can you have Independence in the EU.

    “We were dragged out of the EU against our will” is an oft repeated mantra.

  27. Stuart MacKay says:

    Come on be fair. The SNP have been busting their guts for the past 8 years. Exploring every avenue. Developing persuasive arguments to get the soft noes and all those southerners fleeing from Afghan refugees to consider independence. And yet, nothing has come of it. I imagine they’rre totally dispirited and realise the demographic tide is against them. Time to face up to reality.

    Alternatively, Wishart got honey-trapped by MI5 and there are compromising photographs of him wearing running shoes, which if released would totally ruin his public persona.

    Alternatively, the SNP have gone overboard on this trans thing and are now self-identifying as Labour.

    Good grief. Just when you thought they couldn’t get more useless…

  28. Republicofscotland says:

    Well there you have it, if Ash Regan doesn’t win the SNP leadership contest then its all over for the SNP, for they look like they are content to settle for a wee bit more devolution whilst mapping out careers as their priority.

    Its now or never for the SNP membership its Ash Regan and hope, or a longer wait for independence whilst Alba rises up, and political obscurity for the SNP.

    Murrell should never have been allowed to organise this leadership contest, he’s helping with a active police investigation and he’s counting the votes on his wife’s successor.

  29. Cenchos says:

    When Humza called Swinney a ‘titan’ he was three-fifths correct.

  30. Jason Hoffman says:

    For once, Pete Wishart is being honest. If only he hadn’t blocked me, I’d tweet my congratulations to him. For his honesty. Not for his commitment to Scottish Independence.

  31. Angry Weegie says:

    “This is actually a big moment.”

    Has Comfy finally realised that stepping back even further on independence may lose him votes? After all, the Westminster election is just over a year away. Perhaps he’s thinking the party should leave the big devolutionist reveal until after the election?

  32. Tommo says:

    Mia says:
    12 March, 2023 at 5:55 pm
    “If the SNP no longer stands for Independence, what do they stand for?”


    And, to be fair, security in old age-with £50K pensions…

    PS- Bad luck Scotland- Ireland re hard to beat but a good match

  33. Daisy Walker says:

    Now people, please, please, please be kind.

    It must have taken ‘oor Pete and his thinking slippers’ weeks to come up with a different slogan for Devo Max.

    ‘Indy within the UK’

    Sadly there are quite a few sheeple within the SNP in Perthshire who will be happy with this – it matches their mood very well.

    I wonder if slippers will stand again in any event – his Consitutuency is up for major boundary changes – a very tory gerrymandering if it goes ahead.

    In which case all the more shame on him. Disgraceful little sellout that he is.

  34. PhilM says:

    If Starmer’s Labour Party are looking to give extra powers to the Senedd which has been Labour-run since its inception, then if he’s offering more powers to Holyrood, it might make much less political sense to vote for the SNP at all.
    A little thought experiment…
    Imagine the next election where you have a choice between Scottish Labour and the SNP and your overriding issue for voting for one or the other is which party will get you more powers for Holyrood. It seems to me highly likely that Starmer would promise and give more powers to a Scottish Labour administration than an SNP one. So why vote SNP anymore? Vote for Humza and get less of what you want is not much of a votewinner.
    It will be instructive to watch how the usual-suspect journos spin this…mature political realism, brave politicians, educating the electorate, the grown-ups are now in the room and so on and so on.
    What a shower of jaggy jobbies…

  35. John Thomson says:

    Just wondering which one will be the SNPs first Lord, Dame etc

  36. North chiel says:

    Sturgeon’s patsy now in panic mode “ promising” a Holyrood vote on independence. When 2050 ? Also MSM piling in now with endorsements from ( yesterdays man) Swinney and Flynn ( new leader of the Westminster retirement residents club ). BBC pathetic quay in full headline mode promoting Sturgeons patsy and ensuring minimal coverage for KF & AR . This reinforces my view that Sturgeon and her cabal have been bought & sold by the Westminster establishment . ( All the more staggering when you look back at the BBC& MSM coverage of the run up to the 2014 referendum where the propaganda channel was in full “ war footing “ mode promoting the “ better together “ campaign ). Thereafter , the “ hatchet job” on Alex Salmond, the abject surrender over Brexit , the complete failure of Sturgeon to confront Westminster over anything whatsoever, and the promised “ Defacto” election disappearing along with Sturgeon ( now being linked to a UN job to be approved by Westminster.).
    Recent revelations of P. Murrel’s links to GCHQ over voting and I am beginning to wonder how far back in time were these links established ? Pre 2014 ?
    Whether , it’s AR or KF its become obvious that a purge of these “ do nothing devolutionists is required immediately, starting with HY .

  37. Jacqueline says:

    Corrupt to the hilt and some.
    Totally fecked off with all the shite.
    Moderated anyway.
    10. 53 makes a wry smile.

  38. Ruairidh says:

    The whole of Scottish civic society needs rebuilt. If the SNP want to be part of that they need to select Ash. If not they will continue to be the cause of many of the problems and their removal will have to be the first step. Urgently address the struggle of many to hear and eat, but the rebuild has to end the ongoing disgrace of being linked to (part of) a nation that demonizes the weakest in society to deflect attention from the concentration of wealth in the very richest. We deserve a better society and change is long overdue, with the removal of Sturgeon the opportunity.

  39. stuart mctavish says:

    Mia @5:52

    My guess would be that first on the agenda will be a reform of the HOL of lords of the type that will enable annual appointments from the stakeholders in Holyrood.

    I thought it odd that both the competent and continuity candidates were allowed to dispense with the referendum/ defacto ref carrot, on vague claims about not being ready for it at the , without being pressed to identify who would be being deselected to ensure better performance in future.. but I guess it makes bit more sense if the cunning plan was always to promote them away once the option became available (also explains that little bit more about why such a plan might need to have been kept secret)

  40. Breeks says:

    And these wretches were so vocal when they condemned ALBA for actually being true to their convictions and standing by Scotland while these SNP wankers stabbed Scotland in the back, deserted their post, and abandoned their commitment to Independence.

    If I was the next SNP leader, I’d boot these troughing fkers so hard up the arse and out the Party they’d enter a low orbit.

    I can honestly say I hope I never meet Wishart face to face.

    And here we were calling the Tories scum.

    If these treacherous wanks have decided to abandon the cause they were elected to progress, why don’t these hypocritical tossers resign their seats and force a by-election, just like they demanded from Kenny and Neale?

  41. Merganser says:

    Mia @ 6.08.

    I think you probably know the answer to your question. Could you tip the polis off with the answer? They seem to be struggling.

    All the desperate people who want things to remain covered up are jumping on the lid now, but it isn’t stopping the stench from coming out.

    Which rat will be first to blow the gaff and say ‘she made me do it’?

    Sturgeon must have been so desperate to get out before her new job chances became scuppered by what is coming down the line. Let’s hope the lid is blown off before her appointment.

  42. 100%Yeds says:

    How long have we heard from the SNP membership that the SNP is the only ticket in town for Independence.

    Pete might have just given a good reason for the membership to get behind Ash Regan.

  43. Haagsehighlander says:

    I don’t know the collective name for a bunch of tractors, but for what they’ve done to Scotland, I’m gonna call them cnuts, thought about self exile you scum?

  44. Haagsehighlander says:

    I don’t know the collective name for a bunch of tractors, but for what they’ve done to Scotland, I’m calling them cnuts, thought about self exile you scum?

  45. Breastplate says:

    “The creatures outside looked from SNP to Labour, and from Labour to SNP and from SNP to Labour again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  46. Georges says:

    Exactly as the Rev has been predicting for the last few years. Vote for Sturgeon’s SNP, get the status quo.
    The writing has been on the wall for the last few years. The SNP have done nothing to advance the cause of Independence since Sturgeon took over. No strategy, no think tanks, no debate, no nothing.
    The career politicians in the SNP view independence with the same disdain that career politicians in the Labour Party viewed Clause 4. Something to mention at the annual conference to keep the hard core supporters onside then to be avoided the rest of the year.
    The career SNP politicians have done more harm to the cause of Independence in recent years than the Tory and Labour parties combined.
    Sad to think of how the enthusiasm and optimism of 2014 has been destroyed by these troughers.
    They have lined their pockets on the back of hard work done by ordinary people.
    Bought and sold for English gold…..

  47. Georges says:

    If Independence is no longer the raison d’etre of the SNP does that mean the £600k can be returned to those who donated it?
    Is it illegal to take money under false pretences?

  48. Republicofscotland says:

    Ash Regan rightly points out that she and many of us for that matter have serious concerns that Peter Murrell is allowed to organise this leadership contest, he should be nowhere near it.

    Scotland’s future is at stake here and it shouldn’t left to the likes of Peter Murrell to play a major role in how it turns out, simply because in one hand we have the possibility of Ash Regan being elected and that brings hope for Scotland.

    Everyone and their grannies know that Murrell and Sturgeon want Yousaf to win to keep their dirty little secrets hidden in the process if Yousaf or Forbes wins independence via the SNP will be over, then you have Murrell calling in GCHQ the enemy of Scottish independence.

    We need a independent neutral body overseen by neutral observers to see this process through THERE’S FAR TOO MUCH AT STAKE to leave this in the hands of Murrell.

  49. Effijy says:

    Cosy Feet says we will use Labour’s constitutional review to argue for independence?

    Is that the London Labour Party that did nothing for Scotland since the 1960’s other than take us for granted.

    Maybe it’s the Labour Party who made the Shadow Scottish Secretary a Geordie who had no relationship with Scotland but Newcastle is in the North just like us lot.

    It could be the New Labour Party that Thatcher said was her greatest achievement.
    It left only right wing parties to vote for in England.

    The Labour Party who took a year to consider if they were against the Bedroom tax that mainly reduced the income of the sick and disabled.

    The Labour Party who ran Glasgow Council for 70 years and spent a decade and 100’s thousands to stop equal pay for women.

    The Labour Party who have controlled the worst performing NHS in the U.K. for 24 years.

    The Labour Party who stole 6,000 square miles of Scottish Waters the night before Holyrood opened.

    The Labour Party who made the McCrone report top secret.

    The Labour Party who built the Holyrood Parliament estimated to cost £30 million for £400 million.

    The Labour Party who took us into the illegal Iraqi war.

    The Labour Party of the promoted the lies and broke the promises of the vow.

    The Labour Party who promoted vote Tory is it stops SNP winning a seat.

    The Labour Party who sold the UKs Gold reserves just before its value doubled.

    The Labour Party who built £50 Billion worth of schools and hospitals that will cost tax payers an unbelievable £305 Billion.

    The Labour Party who at Indy Ref 1 stated that an independent Scotland couldn’t have a Blood Transfusion Service or Transplant list unlike all of Europe.

    Labour who promised a No vote guaranteed Scotland staying in Europe.

    Isn’t there a criminal gang or nest of vipers or tank full of hungry sharks we could trust instead?


  50. ScottieDog says:

    Wonder what the threats are here from the British state.
    Totally knobbled.

  51. Dan says:

    Seeing it’s still in my cache from the other day. Here’s a reminder of all* enhanced powers Labour were up for devolving to Scotland in the Smith (Pish) Commission.
    *fuck all
    Grousey’s tweet was obviously from back when Refluxed Langoustine was leader of the Labour in Scotchland branch office.

  52. Ottomanboi says:

    «A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the ("Tractor" - Ed) moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself»

    (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

    External fears cease of their own accord when once we have conquered these ("Tractor" - Ed)s within the camp.

    (Mahatma Gandhi)

    OH what a tangled mess is woven by deceivers.

  53. Haagsehighlander says:

    Apologies for double post,Ahm livid

  54. Derek says:

    From an article on yahoo (ahem) news…

    “The frontrunner in the SNP leadership contest has pledged to use “any means necessary” to break up the UK if he becomes first minister, ahead of voting opening on Monday”.


    I’m just about to settle down with the paper (been busy all day); there might be stuff in there too.

  55. Robert Louis says:

    It is not up to Humza useless, Comfy Pete, or Ben whatsisname to DECIDE when Scots can go for independence. Who the hell do they think they are, to PRESMUE to decide for us???

    The arrogance, ignorance and self entitlement within some in the SNP is breathtaking.

    Sorry, nae independence for you, Scotland, because Humza, Ben and comfy Pete say so. Is that what they call democracy??

    Ash Regan is the ONLY candidate standing to be SNP leader who actually understands that independence is not just needed, but also urgent. If you are in the SNP and want independence you need to vote for Ash Regan.

    Mind, if those three tumshies, Humza, comfy Pete and that other guy do have their way, and THEY alone decide independence is not a priority, then we all know a man who does see it as a priority. His anme is Alex Salmond, and the party is called Alba.

    What a right bunch of bed wetters the SNP have become. All feart, nae fight. Too damn comfy in their over paid jobs by far.

  56. Lorna Campbell says:

    I stopped believing in 2015 that here was any chance of independence. If it is not Ash Regan, there is not even hope. Ireland circa 1916, just before the collapse of the Irish Party under Redmond (he died, actually, but Sinn Fein was on the cusp of a takeover). Later, that is precisely what happened. I, personally, had hoped that sense would win out over stupidity and self-serving corruption. I think there is going to be a political bloodbath (metaphorically-speaking) very soon. ALBA is not in a position to take over yet, Alex Salmond has not been fully rehabilitated yet, but both are coming. The die will be cast if anyone other than Ash Regan wins, and, even if either Humza or Kate is elected, they will not last long as discontent within the SNP rises exponentially when everyone – with sense, that is – will see that independence was sidelined long ago – in late 2014/early 2015, in actual fact. They will tell us next that independence is impossible. They tried and tried, they will say, forgetting that they never tried hard enough or cared enough. Wait for it.

  57. gregor says:

    Will Atkinson (2020): Last King Of Scotland: Telescope:

    (…Telescope sees Will return to his Subculture roots…):

  58. Big Jock says:

    The Ship Of Theseus. A thought experiment where a ship has all its component parts gradually replaced over time. The question being, is it still the same ship?

    The answer is obviously no. The SNP are no longer the same party. Yet support for independence is at roughly 50%, and the SNP want to back off. They think Scotland isn’t ready.

    The truth is. It shouldn’t matter whether support is at 25% ,or 60%. The SNP’s remit was to campaign for independence at every opportunity. They have now become a defacto unionist party. Because when they stop campaigning for independence , they are just the same as SLAB, the Libs and the Tories.

    The consequence being that 50% of Scots will have no reason to support them. They are admitting they were beaten by the Brits. They are walking away. They have given up!

    The truth is. The people of Scotland are ready for independence, and have been since 2016. It is the SNP who are not ready for independence, and they have abandoned the people. The SNP haven’t the stomach to fight for independence. They want it handed to them on a velvet glove. They are run by cowards and career politicians.

    The people are suffering, and will continue to suffer for decades. Sturgeon’s legacy is to abandon the people who gave her their trust.

    It is simply unforgivable.

  59. Graham says:

    One_Scot says:
    12 March, 2023 at 5:37 pm
    If the SNP no longer stands for Independence, what do they stand for?


  60. robertkknight says:

    Utter utter utter utter utter troughing two-faced despicable surrender-monkey lying ("Quizmaster" - Ed) vichy turncoat benchwarming treacherous lazy useless incompetent selfish wokerati self-serving untrustworthy con-artist criminally-insane thieving w@nkers…

    Sorry, I’m simply lost for words…

  61. Robert Hughes says:

    Grifters Are Doin It For Themselves . YEAH !

    The Green Labour Trans Notional Party is on it’s way . Ain’t no stopping them now .

    There is now no meaningful difference between any of the * mainstream * Parties in Scotland . Or rUK either , really . The shame of it is any of the other Parties would be hard-pressed to make a worse mess of the country than Nu SNP have , and sooner than later one of them will probably * win * Holyrood on that assumption

  62. Geoff Anderson says:

    I should have been shocked by this. However, In reality we all knew this was coming.

    Even the carrot has been dumped.

    Join the SNP, the Political Wing of Stonewall. We are now open to a new name for the Party.

    The Scottish will have to go!
    The National will have to go!

    I’ve got it! The Serve Nicola Party

  63. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Bill Cowan at 6:05 pm

    You typed,

    “We know it is a rural constituency that Comfy Slippers represents, but ‘tractors’? ??

    Self-correcting text?”

    Rev Stu has a filter set up to change †r@i†or to (“Tractor” – Ed). Those who know this, use tractor instead of the original word.

  64. Tommo says:

    PhilM says:
    12 March, 2023 at 6:45 pm
    If Starmer’s Labour Party are looking to give extra powers to the Senedd which has been Labour-run since its inception, then if he’s offering more powers to Holyrood, it might make much less political sense to vote for the SNP at all.’

    Let’s face it-UK devolution has been a disaster. As a supporter of the Union I dislike it; nationalists hate it. It was only offered as UK Labour thought they needed the nationalist vote to win (They didn’t); we give these powers to WM so that-when they make a SNAFU of it-we can kick them out and let the other lot make a SNAFU of it for a while; not to give that power away to noddy assemblies which simply top-slice central funds for their own needs and distribute any leftovers to the sweating populace (After, of course, their Cyngor/Council acolytes have had their cut)
    We had two referenda-in the first we gave the ‘wrong’ answer. In the second devolution squeaked in. Will we ever see another ?-ehhh…No.

  65. Garrion says:

    Interesting how the apparatus of Scottish Labour didn’t ever really go away, they all just waited a couple of beats like any smart parasites, til the new host wasn’t looking and reinfested the Scottish body politic.

    Sincerely hoping that any future political force for independence takes careful note.

  66. Garrion says:

    @Geoff Anderson – how about, new scottish labour’ ?

  67. Luigi says:

    IMO it’s a combination of not wanting to jeopardise one’s comfy lifestyle and not having a scooby how to achieve (or at least fight for) independence. Quite a few of those elected in 2015 don’t really have the intellectual capacity or the imagination to earn half of what they are currently raking in (at taxpayers expense) if they forced out of the bubble back into the real world. Those lucky ones certainly landed on their feet. And so once elected, the intoxication begins. All this woke and net zero nonsense is because they are smart enough to know they must be seen doing something. Nothing too risky of course, but independence must be avoided at all costs. Far too risky, far too difficult.

  68. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    If Ash fails to get the leaders job the remaining SNP members must come across to Alba.

    Alba is where the real independence supporters are.

    The SNP is definitely going the road of Scottish Labour.

  69. AnneDon says:

    Indyref changed Scotland. We walked away from Labour because we realised they loved Westminster privilege more than they cared about the Scottish people.

    Don’t NuSNP realise the same fate will befall them? And they have far shallower roots in the Scottish psyche than Labour had.

    If Humza wins, we’ll have to show them how much Scotland has changed. I always thought I’d be one of those grannies who get dragged away by the polis for blocking nuclear convoys. It looks like it’ll be for blocking troughers at Holyrood and demanding our independence. But I’m certainly up for it.

    We have to TAKE out independence, and no politician who accepts Westminster authority over Scotland is capable is leading us. We have to do it ourselves.

  70. Luigi says:

    Surely it’s time for those that contributed to the missing 600k to get together and take legal action against those responsible for making it disappear? Someone must be liable.

  71. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Similarly, qüizl¿ng is changed to (“Quizmaster” – Ed).

  72. Doug says:

    I wonder if Craig Murray and his legal team are still considering publishing Stewart McDonald’s emails? We need a two-ton bomb of revelation to destroy the SNP’s unionism.

  73. Bortwhiskels says:

    Graham at 8:12
    You just beat me to it! The SNP will stand solely for election, just as labour have since the mid 90s.

    However, when NuLabour binned socialism and adopted neoliberalism it was borne of desperation to get into power after 18 years in opposition. The SNP have won every electoral event in Scotland for a decade (if memory serves), and the opposition don’t look like challenging in the near future. Moreover support for the SNP’s founding principle is steadily around 50%, so why drop it now?

    It took the Scottish electorate a decade to twig that labour were not going to make good on their historical promises of a socialist utopia, I hope the penny drops quicker when this carrot is retracted. Not to be a pessimist, but I see there’s still plenty of socialists clinging to Starmer’s party.

  74. Alf Baird says:

    ScottieDog @ 7:56 pm

    “Wonder what the threats are here from the British state.
    Totally knobbled.”

    The rewards for those co-opted to rupture the independence movement and undermine our nation are also becoming rather more obvious, e.g.: immunity from prosecution; a plum UN posting…. An thars nae doot an awfu lang leet o mair ‘operatives’, mony nae sae weel kent.

  75. bipod says:

    This seems to be a persistent problem with the MPs Scotland sends down to westminister. It was sort of the same situation when Labour held a monopoly on Scottish seats. They didn’t do much, took the electorates votes for granted and came up to their Scottish fief once in a blue moon to keep up appearances.

    Its now the same situation with the SNP mps (with one or two honorable exceptions). Most live permanently with their families in central London in properties paid for by the tax payer, living the high life and enjoying all the luxuries the capital can provide, also occasionally getting to on a parliamentary jolly abroad. There is nothing Wee Scotland can offer that can compete with being a member of the mother of parliaments. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the SNPs opposition to house of lords membership was dropped soon.

  76. Alastair Bryan says:

    My father was a member of the SNP since 1949 he was also a founding member of siol nan gaidhead but gave it up when the it was band by the SNP.At the age of 94 he died shortly after the referendum he was ill for sometime but hung on wishing to see independence. He died a week after the referendum heart broken. All my family are independence supporters at on time we where all SNP members however the sheer scale of their Betrayal is Falabergasting. Sturgeon, Murrell, Wishart, and the rest of the spineless rat cabal. If we ever get independence they must be brought to book for treachery.
    These people are the worst possible scum their is.

  77. Anton Decadent says:

    One thing which is of interest is seeing the Tammany Hall spivs who have pretty much always been our political class, it attracts the worst type of people, just going with the flow of the weapons grade insanity of Queer Theory etc and thinking that the general public would just accept it.

    I have always been on the outside looking in re politics but for those with skin in the game what percentage of the SNP, as in those inside the party machine, would you trust and what percentage do you believe have to go?

  78. North chiel says:

    “ Luigi says @ 0841 pm spot on sir. Independence & it’s ramifications too much like hard work for them !

  79. Jontoscots21 says:

    Cenchos says:
    12 March, 2023 at 6:20 pm
    When Humza called Swinney a ‘titan’ he was three-fifths correct.

    Back of the net!!

  80. Alan A says:

    The house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Everyone looking forward to indyref2 2040?

  81. Achnababan says:

    To be honest I believe most senior SNP figures are devoted devo maxers. The only senior SNP politicians I have met that believed in independence were Roseanna Cunningham and Alex Neil. Swinney, Sturgeon , Russell and Salmond himself were the SNPs gang of four who surreptitiously migrated the party to the devomax position back in the 1990s.

  82. Auld Nickum says:

    Re tractors, I’d suggest a bonfire of tractors but that was traditionally reserved for heretics, to suit these times I suggest a Demolition Derby of said contraptions would be far more entertaining.
    Re Ash’s interview, she’s just too dammed sensible to be allowed to play at the Holyrood bowl and drain the spit-lickers trough. I had to chuckle tho’ when boosting up her credentials she said that Scots not living in Scotland become more Scottish, that can’t be true surely?
    Re Wishey Wokey, dumbing down expectations in preparation for the upcoming shit-storm when Mr Sturgeon discovers that you can’t fool all the people all the time.
    Why does the truth always out when it’s far too late!

  83. Oneliner says:

    Stick to playing keyboards, Pete Wishart – at least you were mediocre at that.

  84. mark says:

    He is just being honest. The truth is you don’t have the votes for independence, but of course none of you want to acknowledge that inconvenient truth. Because if you don’t have the votes, what is the point of the SNP (or Alba) holding office?

  85. mark says:


    Craig Murray is a fantasist and a conspiracy theorist. I wouldn’t place all my hope in him. Who knows if he even has any emails? He’s just a self-publicist.

  86. Jock McTavish says:

    The carrots are getting a bit turnip shaped these days and don’t they stink to high heaven. At least if they are being honest everyone can vote them out and it needs done quickly. Indy now, not tomorrow or in a decade, right f’ing now. Make it happen.

  87. Graeme George says:

    Ash may not have the gloss and presentation skills of Sturgeon but she comes across to me as honest and straight talking and I much prefer that, I’m hoping above hope those SNP members with a vote see the same thing

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