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Sight unseen

Posted on March 12, 2023 by

Since you’d barely know that Ash Regan existed from reading or watching the Scottish media, here’s a chance to get to know her a little bit better before voting opens in the SNP leadership election tomorrow.

We hope Pete Wishart’s not too upset.

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0 to “Sight unseen”

  1. Bob Mack says:

    “Nicolas de facto referendum” my arse. She had no intention of having ANY referendum. That much is now very obvious .

  2. Giesabrek says:

    That’s real mature of Pension Pete, can’t argue with the message so objects to the medium the message was expressed in. Hope he’s deselected before the next UK election so his rapidly declining majority doesn’t cost the SNP his seat, assuming Ash becomes the next leader. If she doesn’t, then to hell with the lot of them.

  3. MrRocknRoll says:

    Ash Regan just has to become next leader of SNP before total burn out of the party occurs. Will we see an Ash rising to become a Phoenix? Never been so nervous/excited since I was part of team in East Kilbride checking votes for referendum, all those wasted years ago!
    Please all you decent SNP voters who actually care more for the people of Scotland than your party, make this outcome positive.

  4. George Ferguson says:

    Ash has had credible campaign. Even though Pete Wishart thinks Alba are reprobates. We are ex SNP members that were capable of Independent thought and critical thinking. Some brave souls stayed in the party. But the end is nigh for the SNP. If not after the leadership election than definitely at the next Scottish Parliament election. Labour will win perhaps with a Tory coalition. Enjoy SNP members you made it happen.

  5. Big Del says:

    Cozy feet prick.

    Got an email from Alba commenting on the National, no Alba coverage was the quick bit.
    Emailed National and told them cancel my payment because of this.

    Then got a angry rant back about equal play between SNP and Alba.

    Can supply a link if required.

    Sick of the supposed Indy movement pulling itself apart. Can someone please grasp this and sort it?

    Peace and love folks.

  6. Doug says:

    Country before party. Something Wishart will never understand.

    Whatever the result eternal credit to Ash Regan for having the guts to fight for Scotland’s independence.

  7. Contrary says:

    Aha. Yes that’s a good interview, and good to see Ash getting some positive media exposure. I really don’t care what Pete Wishart has to say.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    What a nasty auld fart you are Pete. For shame. For fucking Shame. You’ve none.

  9. Geoff Anderson says:

    Perhaps over the next few days the penny will finally drop for any remaining SNP Indy supporters that they have been conned. The statements are clear. The Party exists to maintain the Party…..nothing else.

    The Registered Name of the Party remains but the purpose and aims are NEW.

    I suppose members should wait a few weeks for the result before they walk…but walk they must.

    Now we need someone to bring the Indy family together. Can the various “leaders” of all the various groups at least get together for a coffee and discuss a way of building YES again.

    Could a UNITY Party form on the basis of folding post Indy?

  10. Astonished says:

    If someone told you cosyfeet worked for MI5 – Would you be surprised ? Me neither.

    Has he advanced the independence cause by one iota – No he hasn’t. And cosyfeet if I’m wrong – feel free to point out your actions furthering the cause.

    We can now say that about all of the nuSNP transcult.The transcult have simply been so ineffective that they don’t deserve the courtesy of qualifying that statement. That includes Kate Forbes.

    Ash Regan showed backbone and resigned. She stood up to Sturgeon.

    Ash is the SNP’s only hope.

    And to those many thousands( and remember the murrells denied our existence for years ) of good people who left the old SNP – I would humbly ask that you join Alba or ISP.

    Both have very good people and, in my opinion, neither party will betray you. I joined Alba.

  11. Andouilette says:

    Dear Lord. I hate Pishfart so very, very much. And no, it’s not because I am a Yoon, it is because he is a loathsome, be-slippered tape worm, feeding in the guts of the entire UK. I live in his constituency and would vote for anybody who could get him out, party loyalty be damned!

  12. 100%Yes says:

    If Ash Regan campaign has done anything its exposed the SNP leadership as not interested in Independence but more interested in devolution instead, how long will this last for Kate or Humza if elected, not long I fear.

  13. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Weet Pishfart claiming 20 odd years of MP salary, pension contribution and expenses doing and achieving fuck all for anyone but himself.

    The man is a fraud, like so many other SNP elected officials and office holders.

    One definition of fraud under UK law is “conspiring with others to commit fraud by agreeing to do something which causes loss to a third party”.

    Capitulation on Brexit causing loss to every Scot would hopefully be covered!

    Class action anyone?

    Ash should deselect all these troughing deadbeats and their hinger on staff on day one if successful.

  14. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Weet Pishfart claiming 20 odd years of MP salary, pension contribution and expenses doing and achieving fuck all for anyone but himself.

    The man is a fraud, like so many other SNP elected officials and office holders.

    One definition of fraud under UK law is “conspiring with others to commit fraud by agreeing to do something which causes loss to a third party”.

    Capitulation on Brexit causing loss to every Scot would be covered!

    Class action lawsuit anyone?

    Ash should deselect all these troughing deadbeats and their hinger on staff on day one if successful.

  15. gregor says:

    Sight Unseen (2023): Distant Images:

    “Can you hear this on your stereo
    Make you wanna scream and shout
    But you don’t know it’s subliminal
    Never gonna find me out

    It’s taking over
    I’m taking over now…”:

  16. Dan says:

    Prior to members casting their votes. Consider that this entire rushed electing a new leader in just a few weeks situation has been directly caused by the previous poor leadership and management of your Party.
    Why would anyone choose to vote for continuity and a semblance of status quo in the Party with Yousaf or Forbes when it clearly hasn’t been performing like any half competent democratic organisation should be run.
    That no new potential leader(s) had been identified and nurtured to develop over time so they were suitably prepared and briefed to take on the role at an appropriate time says it all.

    There needs to be significant structural changes to the Party if it is to survive. Ash Regan at least offers a chance of that. You won’t get any change by voting for a continuity candidate that is weak and compliant to the wonts of the current cabal that created and facilitated this whole sorry mess to occur.

    Scotland needs better stronger more robust representatives that are actually focused and willing to implement policies our Scottish society so desperately needs, not waste more time on imported globalist nonsense and shilling for corporate interests above our own citizens’ welfare.
    In an energy rich country there were 800 Scots admitted to hospital with hypothermia in December burdening our already stretch NHS Scotland, whilst oor parliamentarians were focused on and distracted by gender bill. Priorities eh?

  17. Gogsr says:

    Read the Revs web for a few years now and love the investigative journalism into the corrupt Sturgeon/Murrell empire but if you think Ash Regan is the answer our country really is fucked. She couldn’t convince a monkey dressed in an SNP suit to eat a nut. If that’s our best to lead the country to independence I hope you are more patient than me.

  18. Eddie Munster says:

    Pete seems to be full of hatred. Maybe he’s projecting to ignore what’s going around him.

  19. Charles Hodgson says:

    Stu says rejoin the SNP.

  20. Charles Hodgson says:

    Destroy the SNP. ASAP.

  21. Gordon Gekko says:

    Kevin clearly doesn’t understand money or government finances.

    The way he talks about deficits. Somebody needs to post him the deficit myth book by Stephanie Kelton. Ask him to read it.

    Or actually read some economic history.

    Or ask the chief economist of Goldman Sachs what a deficit actually is. When it comes to government finance.

  22. I’m beginning to think we Scots are to afraid to be independent

  23. robertkknight says:


    I’m beginning to think the SNP are too compromised, too comfy and too corrupt to seriously pursue independence.

  24. Tartanpigsy says:

    The more I hear from Ash Regan, the more the enormity of this leadership election strikes home.
    If she can somehow get herself into second or first place in the 1st preference votes then win it on second preferences we will have a whole new ball game afoot.
    If not things are going to continue their slide into the late 80’s helplessness vibe that took me out of the country, and politics for a decade way back then.
    I’ve got literally everything crossed for her pulling off the miracle it would truly be to rescue the SNP for the people after their slide into mediocrity of the last 8 years. I for one would rejoin in this scenario

  25. twathater says:

    That nonsense statement above from Wet Pishfart is an example of his STUPIDITY, the self same odious trougher was denigrating and demeaning anyone who was pushing or thinking about a defacto election, the evidence is widely available even on his twatter feed

    THEN !!! magnifique the reviled betrayer sturgeon falsely adopted the fake de facto election proposal and turned it into a defacto election pledge to BEG WM for a sect30 agreement, another manifesto pledge to add to the many others , AND LO and BEHOLD pishy pete then thought it was a great idea and started pushing it

    BUT unfortunately his arsehole boss the betrayer saw that the LAW was closing in on her and her fake husband so she shit a brick and resigned as FM

    Comfy totally confused then retreated back to his first option of defacto election BAD unless the sainted one proposes it

  26. Kcor says:

    robertkknight says:
    13 March, 2023 at 12:38 am

    “I’m beginning to think the SNP are too compromised, too comfy and too corrupt to seriously pursue independence.”

    Even the Messiah couldn’t redeem the rotten to the core SNP.

    Worse would be done to Regan than was done to Corbyn, should she win.

  27. Garrion says:

    Can we all agree that when the great day comes we send Pete down to London with a “please look after this complete fkn twat”, label round his adorable wee neck?

  28. Ron Clark says:

    The irony in all this is that with all the free thinkers leaving the SNP, we are now depending on members who are left, and asking them to vote against a Sturgeon continuity contender (Husaf).

    I mean, if they still support the Sturgeon government after everything that has happened, then I don’t hold out much hope of them voting for someone who is the polar opposite of Sturgeon, And, more importantly, a friend of the Alba Party.

    I hope to hell they prove me wrong.

    I hope they do the right thing and vote:-

    1/ Regan.
    2/ Forbes.


  29. Ron Clark says:

    Pete Wishart would just love to ovrrturn the SNPs ruling of not allowing any of their MPs becoming members of the House of Lords.

    He would dearly relish the feeling of being wrapped in ermine, (with matching slippers, of course).

    If you are reading this Wishart, you are one detestable little wanker.

  30. jockmcx says:

    I’ts funny,you know, i was born in 1961,my first memory of thinking
    about scottish independence,or a difference between being scottish
    and brittish,was at sometime in the sixties,probably winnie ewing’s
    by-election victory in 1967 had put it in my young mind!

    There was A conflict,stupid teachers pointing out the coloured areas on
    the atlas where the brittish empire was,or had been dominant!
    we should be proud?

    I clearly remember thinking, as i was walking up the hill to the primary school, that a country that had created the NHS must surely
    be a country that cared for all the people in the UK!…something good in the world

    In those days,if you were working class,there was no doubt about
    who representeted the working class,it was Harold Wilson,leader of
    the Labour party!

    In fact i remember as kids we used to sing a rather naughty song about the leader of the conservative party (Ted Heath)!

    Anyway i could go on and on about the past,it does’nt matter anymore,…the generations of the conned are all but gone,god rest
    thier souls!

    What matters is,
    It was all bullshit!
    And there must be no more generations of the conned!

    I am Scottish,I have a particular understanding of the world i am
    living in,And i want the best of what i understand to be the character of most of the scottish people i have ever known to be
    represented by the people who seek to represent us to the wider world!

    Now, we know that as supporters of scottish independece,we are being
    bullshitted by…What> careerists,idiots,paid shills,right wing fearties and thier media outlets,and more…dafties!

    They will not defeat us,
    (note to political representatives,”THEY ARE AFRAID OF YOU and you
    have nothing to fear!)
    the power lies with the Scottish people,
    it always has!

    But, as much as i admire the Rev Stu Campbell,and i really do Rev,
    so no hammers please!

    I need to see something that will at least try to heal the (in my
    mind, Brittish establishment manufactured dance of death,between nicola sturgeon and alex salmond)

    Am i making any sense,i dont know…i am just me.and i’m pissed again… seem’s to be becoming a habit!

    Anyway On till the end!
    No apologies,

  31. Zimba says:

    The whole world needs a miracle somewhere, however small. Ash Regan, straightforward, no nonsense, bringing a breath of common sense to a Scotland sorely crying out for one by now would be enough.

  32. Smitty says:

    Getting inside the Humza team is very simple.Just put up a picture of him on social media, then suddenly you have a friends request from his supporters.Have a few friendly conversations where you slavishly admire Humza then you are invited into WhatsApp groups. The WhatsApp groups are then asking you to share content, but also to smear the other two candidates. I have been told that the WhatsApp have councillors and staff openly saying things such as Ash Regan and Kate Forbes should be physically harmed and one from a government minister saying that they saying they should be ‘burnt at the stake’. Telephone canvassing is banned however Humza’s team has set up a network with his team of 200 to phone around. Membership data HAS been accessed with lists drawn up and they are also contacting members they don’t know and making Facebook friends requests then they will be pushing out the Humza message as from today. I was given screenshots from a WhatsApp group where details of the hustings were passed around hours before the tickets were open to the public with notice of when they would go out. His supporters were then told to get onto their own networks and to get everyone to get the tickets and to book in for multiple venues to flood the place with Humza’s supporters. Questions were pre -arranged with loyalists who were encouraged to mix in with the crowd and not bunch up together. Mike Russell is up to his knees in it. He has chaired many of the hustings, and he has been given a list of persons to ask. He meets them before and they all wear distinctive items of clothing so they can be spotted in the audience. All the questions asked are about Humza’s ‘progressive’ agenda and about LGBT (more T than LGB), council funding, same sex marriage and abortion where he can attack Forbes and talk about his ‘progressiveness’. Independence is discouraged as this is Humza’s weakest policy. One Edinburgh councillor was tasked with giving out leaflets at hustings which is illegal under the rules.

    Let’s be clear here, the WhatsApp teams were activated 10 days before Sturgeon resigned. His core team was created around the same time and preparations were commenced then. Sturgeon’s resignation was not sudden but pre-arranged at least 2 weeks before and infrastructure put into place for a continuity candidate.

    Robertson was favoured initially, however some of the missing £600k was funnelled to him to run a polling company after he lost his Moray seat. This tied him over financially until he got elected as a MSP. There is no suggestion of anything illegal, however he is now associated with money ringfenced for a referendum but is no longer there.

    The continuity candidate is in place, not to preserve policy or to preserve jobs but it is to continue with the layer of protection of some certain people who will be in a lot of bother once it is removed. A lot of bother. Everyone knows that Humza could not run and egg and spoon race. He really is the party’s useful idiot and he was the only one power craven enough to take this on. HQ and the leadership know he will be a disaster so he is going to be surrounded by Sturgeon loyalists to ‘manage’ him to prevent him from completely fucking things up if he was given free rein. I will repeat this again; his candidacy s not about protecting jobs or a brand, but protecting some people from from unwanted consequences stemming from actions they have taken. More to follow. A lot more.

  33. jockmcx says:

    It does’nt matter

  34. Tony says:

    I’m going to call it now.

    Humza wins in the first round by 51.3% of the vote. The votes are “checked” and “confirmed by the UK-Sectret Service, also known an GCHQ. NO numbers are announced, only percentage of the vote.

    By 2026 independence is back down at 35/40%.

    TRACTORS one and all

  35. Geoff Anderson says:

    MacWhirter – Times

    Bruised, bewildered and maybe dead, SNP members go to the polls

    Having watched the full video/interview of Ash. She is the best candidate to Unite the Independence Movement.
    Humza is being pushed to keep the bodies buried….it couldn’t be more obvious.
    The carrot was rolled out by the Humza campaign last night. One last time for a few decades if he gets in.

  36. Geoff Anderson says:


    Smitty post at 5:58 needs amplified….I’m sure you are on it!

  37. Dorothy Devine says:

    I cannot believe the idiocy expressed by Mr Wishart – his seat must be in jeopardy.

    Ms. Regan must win for Scotland.

  38. John Main says:

    Guardian reporting that WM intends to block the recycling scheme.

  39. Dorothy Devine says:

    Geoff Anderson , it does indeed – in fact it should be triggering investigation by the msm, if they had any integrity whatsoever.

  40. panda paws says:


    I did wonder if there was some advance notice re the resignation. It’d completely clear that rules are being broken left right and centre to Yousaf’s advantage. I don’t think he’ll win on the actual votes, I fear he’ll win on the reported ones though!

    Will he keep Forbes in his cabinet? If not who will take the Finance brief?

  41. Muscleguy says:

    The emphasis that she and Kate are friends is interesting. As you have pointed out Rev a three horse race can spike Humza. So it might be she is there to do that while flying policy kites to see how much support they garner for Kate to pick up after being elected.

    IOW the sisterhood has acted in concert. Be afraid misogynists, be very afraid.

  42. 100%Yes says:

    Just watch this interview with Ash Regan, thank you Wings for posting it. I 100% believe if SNP don’t elect this woman we have lost someone who would have been an extremely good FM and leader of the SNP.

    Listening to Ash you realize just how much the Murrells have destroyed the SNP.

  43. Alasdair Roy says:

    I attended the last hustings yesterday at the Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen.It was packed out. All three candidates performed smoothly, as to be expected since they have had two weeks to hone their presentations. But Ash Regan was the one who impressed me most, especially standing on the stage for her opening seven minute spiel. She is a handsome woman helped by a bit of power dressing and she has good legs. (It is of course an unfair aspect of life that such things are more important for female politicians than for their male counterparts, but I am not complaining). Her presentation was crisp and confident and she exuded a courage, honesty and straightforwardness that was certainly lacking in one of the other candidates. I do not think that she will win, but I hope that she comes out of this with an enhanced position in Scottish public life.

  44. Confused says:

    from what insider smitty says, you could think of the SNP HUMZA campaign as a


    (our jobs, and the obstruction of justice)

  45. Paulk says:

    Humza’s odds are shortening drastically with the bookmakers. 8-15 in places and as short as 1-4. Looks a done deal.

  46. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Humza’s odds are shortening drastically with the bookmakers. 8-15 in places and as short as 1-4. Looks a done deal.”

    Once again: bookies’ odds simply reflect what bets have been placed. They have no clue what SNP members think.

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