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One nation under a jaikit

Posted on July 08, 2013 by

This is getting spooky now.


Scottish Labour quasi-leader Johann Lamont at FMQs last month.


Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson the same day.


And her predecessor Annabel Darling, at the Scottish Tory spring conference.


Labour MSP Jenny Marra, signing an autograph for a fan.


Big United Kingdom fan Rod Stewart.


Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran, on a TV debate.


Jackie Baillie cleverly accessorising outside the Scottish Parliament.


Alleged Unionist Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream at this year’s Glastonbury.


A quirky twist from Kezia Dugdale in a low-budget election broadcast.


Patricia Ferguson on Scotland Tonight last year.


Margaret Mitchell (Conservative, Central Scotland).


Rhoda Grant, getting a bit of fresh air at Holyrood last month.


Labour MSP Mary Fee on last weekend’s Sunday Politics.

We’ll stop there, because we’ve totally exhausted all the words we know for shades of pink. If anyone works at the BBC, can you do us a favour and go and check Glenn Campbell’s wardrobe? Then we’ll really be sure.

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    106 to “One nation under a jaikit”

    1. mogabee says:

      Ah! so pretty in pink (and shades thereof) hides their black hearts!!

    2. Do they come with a free shoogly peg?

    3. Bruce says:

      Woah! Hilarious. Top marks to whoever collated that lot. Snorted beer out of my nose when I saw this.

    4. GP Walrus says:

      Makes it less noticeable when they blush.

    5. Ericmac says:

      Well its clearly a case of the Unionist engine, ‘pinking’ (some of you old ones will ken what that is) 

    6. Hetty says:

      crikey I am glad I ditched that pink jacket last week…just joking! I haven’t spotted any in the charity shops lately or anywhere in fact, pink is the new blue I reckon…maybe its a sign of zombies taking over the asylum or something.

    7. sneddon says:

      But dahling everyone’s wearing it this season.  But seriously have aliens?  taking the form of these jackets,  taken over the minds of these puny earthlings and is sucking their intelligence from them.  Once these people (apart from the tory and Rod) wanted to help people but now thev’ve been transformed into what they hate 🙂  or have I been in the sun too long?

    8. Yesitis says:

      Pink is like so totally 80s.
      It`s like watching stills from a very drug dependent episode of Miami Vice. The baddies just keep on coming.

    9. Triskelion says:

      If they’re bitten, they turn.

    10. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Woah! Hilarious. Top marks to whoever collated that lot. Snorted beer out of my nose when I saw this.”

      Coming from yourself, Bruce, that’s a proper compliment 😀

      Still got a video of a BBC show of yours from about 1988…

    11. mato21 says:

      I actually thought Wullie Rennie suited the colour Why was he missed out?

    12. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Why was he missed out?”

      Too low-res. In real life as well.

    13. Shinty says:

      It`s like watching stills from a very drug dependent episode of Miami Vice.
      Those were the days, wrinkled linen jackets and all!

    14. Iain Henderson says:

      Pink just like the British Empire on maps! Subliminally cunning?

    15. EmbraBoffin says:

      Now we’ve had the Pink Ladies can we now see a collection of male Scottish politicians in leather jackets and Brylcreemed hair in a T-Bird stylee? I’m not a Grease fan but I bet Chic Brodie is 🙂

    16. Anne Toms says:

      Thank God I ditched ma pink jaikit!!

    17. ianbrotherhood says:

      Imagine Willie Rennie, ‘as Nature intended’, purposefully striding through the breaking surf, wearing nothing but his inimitable smile, come-to-bed eyes slightly squinted against the pulsing Ayrshire sun…and one of those jaikets slung casually over his shoulder.
      Now, the hard part – try and forget it. 

    18. Angus McLellan says:

      Dear Auntie Stu,
      I am so worried. I’ve got a magenta jacket. Does this mean I’ll have to vote No? Should I burn it just to be safe or is it too late already? Please, please help!

    19. Max says:

      50 Shades of Red

    20. handclapping says:

      Hunting pinks all of them. Hunting the No vote. Who said blood sports had been abolished?

    21. mealer says:

      Spooky ??  Too right!! The wife came home today with a pair of curtains in that colour.I’m keeping my eye on her.

    22. ianbrotherhood says:

      Donate them to Jackie Baillie – she can make matching breeks out of them.

    23. Dal Riata says:

      From an online site that deals with the psychology of colours and personalities:
      “The color psychology of pink is unconditional love and nurturing. Pink can also be immature, silly and girlish.
      Your deepest need is to be accepted and loved unconditionally.”
      Read into that what you will, especially that last sentence!

    24. HandandShrimp says:

      Oh is that what Kezia looks like. I’ve heard the name a few times but could never put  a face to it.
      Not sure they have Unions on Bobby Gillespie’s planet.

    25. G. Campbell says:

      It’s the same body in all those pictures; only the heads are different.

      From Wikipedia:

      “A walking, talking abomination, Worzel Unionist has a set of interchangeable turnip, mangel worzel and swede heads, each of which suit a particular occasion or endow Worzel Unionist with a specific skill.”

      Specific skills

      Johann Lamont head: invisibility.

      Ruth Davidson head: rapier wit.

      Annabel Darling head: Mastermind Champion of Champions 2010. Specialist subject: The Carry On films.

      Jenny Marra head: neat handwriting.

      Rod Stewart head: hypnotic swimming trunks.

      Margaret Curran head: power over matter, mainly used to teleport her servants to and from Earth and to manipulate the size of any of her ships or aliens.

      Jackie Baillie head: photographic memory.

      Bobby Gillespie head: Peter Pan of pop.

      Kezia Dugdale head: can intercept your family breakdown letters and post them on the internet.

      Patricia Ferguson head: I have never heard of this woman.

      Margaret Mitchell head: um.

      Rhoda Grant head: who?

      Mary Fee head: you’re just making these names up now, aren’t you, Stu?

    26. Dcanmore says:

      @Bruce …
      Bruce Morton? Quality! Listened to you on Off The Ball the other week, great stuff! You and the other Stu (Cosgrove) should resurrect Big Star in a Wee Picture and get some ‘Off The Wall’* comedy programming produced again. I weep for those long gone great Channel Four nights of the early 90s.
      *© me 😉
      @ Rev: how’s about Shocking Pink? Which is of course the colour that Johann Lamont’s boat race goes in full wasp chewing mode (she doesn’t know what black affronted pink is). 

    27. sneddon says:

      @ G Campbell
      ‘Rod Stewart head: hypnotic swimming trunks.’  That is disturbing, do you need some sort of help?  🙂  🙂

    28. AlexMcI says:

      Ericmac says Well its clearly a case of the Unionist engine, ‘pinking’ (some of you old ones will ken what that is) 

       Probably due to bad timing lol

    29. Dcanmore says:

      Love the facial expression of the guy over JL’s shoulder in the first picture, it’s of ‘WTF is she sayin’ noo.’ 

    30. Marcia says:

      the pink mini-skirt of the 60’s was ditched in the 70’s. So out of fashion. Now thinking of Jackie B in the 1970’s hot pants…………
      Sweet dreams.   🙂

    31. The Flamster says:

      That’s funny lol
      Pink is my favourite colour – Aerosmith 🙂

    32. Archibald Berwick Melrose [aka Archie] says:

      @ AlexMcl – Rotate your dist till TDC is found then wheech it roond till the ‘pinking’ stoaps. 

    33. a supporter says:

      Pink/pinkishpurple = mixture of blue + red with a touch of orange/yellow.

    34. AlexMcI says:

      @ Archibald Berwick Melrose, I believe about six degrees before TDC should do it.

    35. G H Graham says:

      Think Pink was started in Yosemite National Park in the 1980’s to relax your mind & understand nature. Also known as Californian free thinking.
      Shame then that hardly any one of these chubby old ladies has an original, spirit raising idea amongst them. (Apart from Jenny Mara. Quite a looker considering she’s a Labour MSP.)

    36. Bill C says:

      Sorry to go o/t, but Andrew Pierce from the Daily Mail has just described Andy Murray as “dour and dull” on SKY News paper review.  Kind of sums up the whole debate, don’t you think?

    37. HandandShrimp says:

      I had a look at that Ian Dunt thing and some of his other posts. I think it is part of a set he is pretty much having a go at every politician, the security services, financial institutes and the US. He is there to take an anti above the line trolling position and let the clicks flow in below. Being Yahoo the standard of debate below is beyond execrable. A sort of sub Daily Mail zone where the truth goes to die. I wasn’t sure if the OO post (lovely clean marchers) was just a wind up. None of his figures are right, not least the population of Scotland at 6m so he is either a wind up merchant or a moron (or both).

    38. HandandShrimp says:

      The Mail has always disliked Andy – the rotten sod winning the thing has really messed with their heads….I’m delighted to say 🙂
      Good enough for the misanthropist shower of curtain twitchers

    39. Bill C says:

      Perhaps I should qualify what I meant by my previous post:”dour and dull”. It was not a view on how the debate is going, more a reflection on how some right wing commentators view the Scots.

    40. Bill C says:

      @HandandShrimp – Yeah, bloody Scots!

    41. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      Blue + Red = Pink [+ Black for the evil of their hearts]?

    42. Jamie Arriere says:

      Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!
      Maybe the colour shade is called Screamadelic

    43. Bill C says:

      Just posted this on Facebook. Totally pissed off with unionist hypocrisy. Time to take off the kid gloves! 
      Further information has emerged regarding the unfurling of the Saltire at Sunday’s Wimbledon Final by First Minister Alex Salmond. Apparently Mr. Salmond was keen to support Prime Minister’s Cameron’s decision to fly the Saltire above 10 Downing Street. Unfortunately Mr. Salmond was not at home in Scotland, as he was supporting Andy in person. Hence, being a innovative sort of chap, our First Minister decided to take his Saltire with him to Wimbledon. Thankfully this new evidence has cleared Mr. Salmond of racism, pulling a stunt, being tacky and crass and all the other bullshit that the unionist media have thrown at him. Well done Big Eck you were only following the lead of our esteemed Prime Minister ‘Call me Dave’!

    44. Atypical_Scot says:

      The most haunting aspect about this sinister ‘coincidence’ is they’re all women.
      Save the teddy.
      I think.

    45. James Morton says:

      they were obviously all at the same sale at Primark

    46. Hazel Lewry says:

      *Quietly digs through contents of drawers, binning anything vaguely pink*
      TBH- I think it’s an Age thingy …. pink rears its ugly head between the ages of 3 and 9 years … then somewhere after 45, shit hits the pre-menopausal ceiling fan, and the wardrobe contents suddenly transmogrifies into a denizen of pink  (ish) articles …
      I also think it helps to take the eye away from the de-collagenised facial features which are rapidly drooping under the gravitational pull of the earth …. Not that I’d be talking from personal experience, you understand.

      However, this doesn’t explain Davison… has she smacked into 45 yet?

    47. Gordon Bain says:

      She’s certainly smacked into something.

    48. john king says:

      “Makes it less noticeable when they blush.”
      Are you serious? they wouldn’t know how to blush

    49. john king says:

      “Why was he missed out?”
      Too low-res. In real life as well.

        I thought it was just me? :O

    50. john king says:

      Thank God I ditched ma pink jaikit!!
      kin a hiv it?

    51. john king says:

      dear angus

      your not alone dear that’s the first thing you should realise,
      you should wear you jaikit when your feeling most glaikit and this should help wean you off it ,
      and you’ll find voting yes will free you from the glaikit jaikit forever 
      auntie stu

    52. john king says:

      @ AlexMcl – Rotate your dist till TDC is found then wheech it roond till the ‘pinking’ stoaps.  
      rin that by me agin?

    53. john king says:

      @mealer- Donate them to Jackie Baillie – she can make matching breeks out of them.

        wheres the major when you need him?
      okay I’ll do it

      ooohhh matron

    54. john king says:

      the pink mini-skirt of the 60?s was ditched in the 70?s. So out of fashion. Now thinking of Jackie B in the 1970?s hot pants…………Sweet dreams.   

      If I had known being part of an independence movement meant turning into a flagellant I wouldn’t have bothered 🙁

      okay give me the rose branches 🙁

    55. AlexMcI says:

      @john king, we were just being silly, as in engines pinking. TDC = top dead centre, and dist is distributer.
      ah know, ah know, I’ll stop it now.

    56. john king says:

      @john king, we were just being silly, as in engines pinking. TDC = top dead centre, and dist is distributer.ah know, ah know, I’ll stop it now.

      is that when ye pit the wrang petrol in it 
      ye ken when ye pit in 2 star instead o 4 star
      an a squirt o oil?

    57. john king says:

      This is the only one left (you don’t even need to click the link – just read it) 
      its a pity
      wrang size
      I’ll jist hiv tae keep lookin,
      mibbies ma nixt door neighbour kin help ,he’s a nice auld sowel that JR Hartley

    58. AlexMcI says:

      @ John king Aye that could be it, 4 star lol, now there’s a blast fae the past.

    59. john king says:

      my first driving experience was when I was 17 and working away from home alex in 1973 and I was in Guernsey when I bought a Lambretta and the sense of freedom was a joy to behold ,the roads in Guernsey in those days were a lot less busy than I imagine they are today, and I’ll never forget going into the old petrol station with the attendant filling you up and he would put in a gallon (I suppose) and a squirt of oil and I was charged 38p I even remember the name of the garage it was Tostevins garage (an old Guernsey name) AHH THOSE WERE THE DAYS

    60. john king says:

      Rod Stewart head: hypnotic swimming trunks.”
      And how how long have you had this fantasy of Rod Stewart in speedo’s 
      omg its contagious I’ve caught it 
      don’t come near me
      this could spread like wildfire if it isn’t contained,
      save yourself its too late for me  

      just checking but was that aaarrrgghhh within the proscribed limits for an aaarrrgghhh rev?
      dont want to fall foul of the bin ,but on the other hand it might be safer for all of the others if you just quarantine me,
      see you everybody its been great 🙁

    61. AlexMcI says:

      @ John king, I wasn’t even born in 73 mate, but I wish I could get a gallon now for 38 pence, the wideos had changed it to litres by the time I was legal tae drive. But the first car I drove about in was a yugo zastava, me and the mates bought it for £20. It was an utter shed, and every now and then the drive shaft popped out and you had to jack it up and give the wheel the message with a big sledge hammer to get it back in. We had a great time with it till the polis took it off us for not having the proper documentation for it. But tae be fair to them we just got a clip round the ear for being silly and having no licence insurance or mot

    62. Juteman says:

      According to BBC News this morning, Andy Murray suggesting he shouldn’t get a knighthood.
      Maybe dropping a big hint? Don’t offer, as I don’t want to have to refuse?

    63. john king says:

      @ AlexMcl – Rotate your dist till TDC is found then wheech it roond till the ‘pinking’ stoaps.  eh? rin that by me agin?

        btw any fule kens ye dinne wheech it roond yer birl it gently or ye’ll knoak the timin oot,, remind me nivver tae bring ma wee cheeky chento (cloe, a call her cloe)  tae you

    64. Bow-Tow says:

      Am I mistaken or was not the British Empire on the old school wall charts coloured pink too?  The sartorial choice of colour must be Freudian!

    65. john king says:

      alexMcl says
      doesnt matter how old (or young ) you are, your first set of wheels is a magical time you never forget

    66. Vronsky says:

      It looks as if the jaikits, pink or otherwise, are really aff in the fight between NL and the Unions.  Milibum reported on the morning news as trailing an end to the political levy.  Basically he’s telling the unions they can go stuff themselves, in order to please English Tories.  That will cost NL millions, and that sort of funding can only be replaced by the City.  It’s already hard to tell Labour from Tory, but soon we’ll need high-tech tools.

    67. AlexMcI says:

      @ John king , I’m no fur touching cloe anyhow, I’m a wid butcher, no a mechanic. The only time I have to lie under a motor now is for my dad or sister. Faithers eyes are no sae great anymore.

    68. westie7 says:

      now im going to have to take Psychedelic Furs off my iPod as I just cant take it any more

    69. Atypical_Scot says:

      Holyrood festival of politics – three days of the year, some politics are done.
      BBC link has a very nice photo of Holyrood. 

    70. heraldnomore says:

      Ooh, Shifty Fades of Pink
      Someone should write a book about it
      I can just picture Jackie and Johann, wee Magrit too…..

    71. Doug Daniel says:

      I see the caption for Margaret Mitchell is “Panther”. I was trying to figure out why that was a shade of pink. “Panther? Panther pink? Pink pan… OH!!!”
      Does this mean Bret “Hitman” Hart (aka “the Pink and Black Attack”) is a unionist? He’s from Calgary, so I suppose he’s a Canadian unionist. He was always fighting against people from Quebec, after all.

    72. scottish_skier says:

      My 5 year old daughter has her room painted that colour.

    73. Juteman says:

       Call UKaye trying her best to turn the 6 million investment in Scottish tennis into a negative story.
      Grrrrr. I hate that woman!

    74. Caroline Corfield says:

      deeply off topic here, but I was following up a BBc article on the UNESCO list of important ‘memeory’ documents, and on the UNESCO site look what I find; 
      I don’t know how to active this link for you all, but therein you will find what I presume is the submission bid info for the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies, submitted by RBS and the National Library for Scotland with a interesting take on how a poor country on the western fringes of Europe managed to raise 400,000 pound for the Darien project and how it shifted Scots identity. A load of pish if you don’t mind me saying.

    75. Albert Herring says:

      “Rotate your dist till TDC is found then wheech it roond till the ‘pinking’ stoaps.”
      Whit? Withoot a Rizla?

    76. Craig P says:

      It’s the Pink Order. Their marching band is a cut above other orders, they’ve got Rod Stewart and Primal Scream. 

    77. G. Campbell says:

      Bill Leckie: Clear your diary for Andypendance Day

      I hope Salmond DOES milk Murray’s triumph for all it’s worth. In fact, I hope every one of us does.

      God knows, we take enough of a battering about how crap our football is. And we’re going to have to listen to our southern cousins crowing for months if they beat Australia at cricket.

      So, yes, let’s have a bit of this while it lasts.

      Let’s be proud of a Scottish boy with a good old, bloody-minded Scottish attitude and just the right size of Scottish-farmed chip on his shoulder. Most of all, let’s make sure the whole world KNOWS he’s Scottish.

    78. Robert Kerr says:

      When your engine pinks the timing needs retarded a bittie. The three variables are timing, compression ratio of the engine and octane rating of the fuel. Come back 5 star 101 octane go-juice.
      Enough on this tech stuff.
      “The People’s Flag is turning Pink,
      It’s not so Red as some folk think.
      The Woking Class can kiss my ass,
      I’ve got the foreman’s job at last”
      Hail Alba

    79. Desimond says:

      Think its a bit unfair on old Rod the Mod, pretty sure he said he was for the union but fair enough if Scots voted for Independence as was their decision, dont think Bobby Gillespie was so giving.

    80. Luigi says:

      I’m voting YES next year because, frankly, I am sick of pink jackets.

    81. Max says:

      50 Shades of Mink?

    82. Max says:

      Minks in Pink?

    83. Luigi says:

      According to psychologists, the colour pink is a recognised sign of hope. It is positive and inspires feelings of warmth, trust and comfort: “a sense that everything will be okay“.

    84. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Spot on with the colour of Empire.
      Why does the sun never set on the British Empire.
      Because god wants to see what the English are up to.

    85. mato21 says:

      Pink to make the boys wink
      Well you have to try everything

    86. Max says:

      Scotsman poll reaches new levels of incredulity. 
      Is the tone of the Better Together campaign in the independence referendum too negative?

       2840 (9%)

       28852 (91%)
      Those boys at Better Together must have sore hands and fingers. 

    87. Bill McLean says:

      Vambomerbeleye- God that’s a moniker. The Aussies (who like us are much disliked and looked down upon) say; The sun never sets on  the British Empire because you can’t trust the bastards in the dark! – I don’t trust them in any circumstances. Vote YES

    88. handclapping says:

      I’m surprised BBC Scotlandshire hasn’t run one of their “polls” such that every vote goes to one “choice” just to shew up these chancers. Perhaps a “Which is the most trusted organ of the Press in Scotland?” with all the votes going to the Hoootsmon?

    89. Jeannie says:

      Opened up the page and saw a picture of Johann Lamont and read the headline as “One nation under a jaikie”.  Amazing how your unconscious mind works, isn’t it?

    90. Big Jock says:

      I always had suspicions about Primal Scream. They never talk about Scotland or where they are from. I always thought this odd when they were at their height usually Scottish bands are quiite proud. They must be nouvo Brits.

    91. Robert Bryce says:

      Juteman says:
      According to BBC News this morning, Andy Murray suggesting he shouldn’t get a knighthood.

      Maybe dropping a big hint? Don’t offer, as I don’t want to have to refuse?
      He was prompted for an answer on the one show last night by the nice wee Welsh lassie.

      He said something along the lines of “No I don’t think so” then promptly changed the subject.
      Regardless of what the boys feelings are on Scotland & independence It would appear the whole grandiose establishment thing doesn’t sit well with him.

      I suspect his Tennis is the most important thing in his life and everything else comes a very poor second. He even said he wasn’t planning on marrying his girlfriend anytime soon when asked about that too.

      I don’t blame him for that. His focus on his sport is the reason he’s at the top of his game.
      Lang may yer lumb reek big man!

    92. Dcanmore says:

      @Max … when you think about it, don’t you want the BT campaign to be MORE negative? It’s already at the ridiculous stage, I’m sure it will be even more detrimental to them if they continue down that path. I say let them be more negative, people will only laugh.

    93. Jeannie says:

      Seventh picture down should be entitled “Pinky and Perky” 🙂

    94. Helena Brown says:

      I too have just bought a pair of curtains in a startling shade of pink but last I checked there is not jaikit in the closet in that colour, and I will be keeping it that way.
      I concur that none of those wimmen would know how to blush.

    95. Vambomarbeleye says:

      When you think about it. Any one thinking of voting no must be weak in the head with a very poor grasp of reality. Does the mental health act apply in these cases.

    96. Chic McGregor says:

      Unfortunately for the U-Pack, the future is not fuschia (or orange for that matter).

    97. Everyday Sexism says:

      This is ludicrous, inane and sexist drivel. Are you going to do a piece on men who all wear black suit jackets?
      And to add:
      Why don’t you focus on drawing parallels based on arguments of substance and not this belittling misogynistic bile?

    98. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Why don’t you focus on drawing parallels based on arguments of substance and not this belittling misogynistic bile?”

      Oh, do piss off. You noticed that two of the people in the pictures were men, right? If we’ve really reached the point in human history where a post in our late-night comedy slot saying “Hey, a lot of people on the No side wear pink jackets and black tops! Ha ha!” counts as “misogynist”, then it’s time to release the poison gas and leave the planet to the fucking cockroaches.

    99. John Bell says:

      Would it be sexist to say that (apart from the delectable Jenny Marra) the best-looking – and most feminine – is Rod Stewart?

    100. Peter Macleod says:

      In defence of the wrinkled one.. not Mags Curran, Rod Stewart… I believe he was very selectively quoted by the Project Fear team, in that kind of Raymond Buchanan talking to EU Foreign Ministers kind of way.
      They left quite a big chunk of what he said out, mainly because it was along the lines of ‘if it’s what the people of Scotland want, then I’m happy, but I don’t live there so I don’t really have an opinion.’
      Do you have to wear that ‘interesting’ shade of pink if you’re a Scottish* opposition politician?

      * sort of.

    101. Taranaich says:

      This is ludicrous, inane and sexist drivel. Are you going to do a piece on men who all wear black suit jackets?
      He has done pieces on men who all wear blue ties. Because that’s the point here: politicians dressing the same, not women dressing the same.

    102. lumilumi says:

      😀 😀 😀
      I’m a 40+ woman and find this funny. Some comic relief, aye?
      About 10 years ago, I used to have sexy, tight pedal pushers in the exact colour of JoLa’s/RuDa’s jaikits. Wore them with a black jaikit for work and something less substantial for play.
      And to be fair, I think I’ve seen a couple of female SNP MSPs in pink jaikits. Are they insidious infiltrators, or is pink just a “fashion” colour, and usually quite flattering to fair complexions? I mean, even Jackie Baillie looks quite pretty in pink, certainly better than in blue, or any other colour.
      Poor male MSPs, they can’t experiment with colour, it’s all gray/dark blue… Maybe dark brown, at a stretch. Some of them would look a lot better in a different colour…
      Anyway, JoLa and RuDa wearing almost the exact same outfit for FMQs a few weeks back was funny. No woman wants to wear the same thing as another unless they’re under 10 and best friends. 😀

    103. John says:

      Wonder who’s turn it is this week for the timeshare jaikit?

    104. Can't tell you in case I get in trouble says:

      Spookier Still, spotted live this week: – Nicola has one as well, no snaps I’m afraid.

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