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Moodievision: Picture This

Posted on May 27, 2015 by

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  1. 27 05 15 13:33

    Moodievision: Picture This | Speymouth

21 to “Moodievision: Picture This”

  1. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Russ Abbots birthday was September 18th. Same day as the referendum. True Story!

  2. Muscleguy says:

    ‘More like drizzle’ brilliant. It’s certainly looking dreich for SLAB these days. Also they are keeping mighty quiet over Frenchgate these days. But didn’t they all appear on the same platform as Carmichael in the referendum? All Tories OUT!

  3. Luigi says:

    Deputy Dugdale was speaking far too slowly. Try speeding up to 5 words/second next time.

  4. mary docherty says:

    Ya shower a bams !!!! Cheers !!!

  5. My take on Carmichael and that Michael White interview …

    turnbull drier … there’s nothing in here that will put the keyboard at further risk πŸ™‚

  6. frogesque says:

    Do you mind?! I am having a cuppa – with Jaffa cakes! Near choked ma sel. (lol wee smilie thingy)

  7. Fiona says:

    @ James Forrest: good article and well said

  8. handclapping says:

    It is really difficult to make comedy out of nothing.

  9. paul gerard mccormack says:

    Aye, pure mad wae it, so he wis.

  10. mogabee says:

    “..grannies tips..”

    Hahaha oh I loved this.

    Greg Moodie is quite, quite mad…thankfully!

  11. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve begun to realise I’m living in that movie “Its a wonderful life”

    Every time Scotland is Insulted or Patronised
    Another person joins the SNP

  12. Tamson says:

    “We need to separate the Scottish party from the real party. Only then can we comprehend the true meaning of failure”

    The Scottish Labour mindset, summed up perfectly in 2 short sentences.

  13. Joemcg says:

    Wonder where the meeja’s darling Murphy has went? You could not escape his fizzog 24/7 pre early May.

  14. Fiona says:


    He is busy writing his party’s future plan for salvation. It isn’t easy, you know

  15. heedtracker says:

    Is Kez a Brownite, a Bomber Blairite, a Darlingite, a Lamontite, a Hothersallite, a Tridentite, an ite ite?

    No matter, and No doubt the whole of the Labour Scotland region will have Kez’s dulcet tones “pulling and sharing of resources across the whole of UK” burned into our souls by the BBC vote SLab Scotland freak show.

    Pull or Pool? you decide:D

  16. jackie g says:

    I see over on the good auld BBC that Lizzie’s speech contains the same drivel from the tories.

    An EU referendum by the end of 2017.

    Free childcare (does not say how much)

    An income tax freeze (again does not say for whom)

    The right-to-buy for housing association tenants.

    David Cameron said the 26-bill package was a “programme for working people” that would create full employment and “bring our country together”.

    I think the people of Scotland may disagree with you on that last point Dave ya patronising toff πŸ˜•

  17. Chic McGregor says:

    “Deputy Dugdale was speaking far too slowly. Try speeding up to 5 words/second next time.”

    She has to speak that fast or there is a danger of neural activity taking place between utterances.

  18. Capella says:

    What’s going on? Jim Murphy hasn’t been on BBC Scotland all week and it’s Wednesday.
    Glad Greg is keeping us up to date with the wisdom of Jim and Kez.

  19. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent, we certainly need to keep a sense of humour in all this, just for sanitys sake.

  20. Aidan says:

    McTernan spider + IB crates.

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