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Magnificent men and their lying machines

Posted on August 04, 2018 by

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    1. 04 08 18 08:56

      Magnificent men and their lying machines | speymouth

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    1. Baldeagle58 says:

      Brilliant Mr. Cairns!
      That must surely rank as one of your best!
      Now, if only we could get that on a mobile billboard and park it up outside PQ!

    2. The Isolator says:

      Absolute brammerthere Mr C.

    3. One of the Hundred says:

      Well i hope your next few stories are belters for your new visitors to enjoy.
      Nice and balanced and well toned lol.
      What a week eh. Well done.

    4. Robert Peffers says:

      As several Wingers have commented – You can’t buy publicity like the BBC provide for free.

    5. Arabs for Independence says:

      Simply brilliant

    6. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Great week for Wings – best free publicity ever – all thanks to a Labour Troll and the BBC.

    7. Robert Louis says:

      An excellent cartoon. The fact is, the BBC and their government managers have scored a big fat own goal this week. Their must be nobody left in Scotland who does not now know that the BBC are liars, they are anti independence, and are politically biased against the SNP and democratically elected Scottish government.

      I do not doubt that here or there, in wee corners of Pacific quay, their may be an odd genuine individual, but that is now neither here nor there. Their is no doubt whatsoever about what the BBC stands for in Scotland. It is a propaganda machine, designed to run Scotland down, and make sure Scots never view their own country as worthwhile.

      It is a colonial tool of the English establishment. ‘Keep the colonies’ subservient’, ‘make then feel they NEED England to survive’, make them believe deep down that Scottish culture, history and tradition is inferior’. That is what the BBC does in Scotland. It masquerades as impartial, in the very same way that cold-war U.S.S.R propaganda outlet ‘PRAVDA’ claimed to be impartial (Pravda in Russian means ‘truth’).

      Scotland’s media, film, entertainment, news gathering and general society well-being, would be so much better if we did not have the UK government-run BBC dominating our land.

      The BBC is no friend of Scotland. It is time for it to go.

    8. Smallaxe says:

      Low lying aircraft, liable to crash and burn.

      Well done Chris.

    9. starlaw says:

      Would make an excellent ‘flier’ or putting through letter box’s

    10. ScottieDog says:

      That’s fantastic. We need bloody billboards!

    11. Heather McLean says:

      They say no publicity is bad publicity and you couldn’t have bought the kind of exposure Wings has had this week.
      Even better that their bias against Scottish independence and SNP has been exposed for all to see. What started off as a feeling of incredulity and dismay has put a wee smile on my face this week. We are winning and independence is within sight! The BBC is not as smart as they think they are, their arrogance and dismissal of Scotland has cost them dear.
      A spectacular own goal from the BBC!

    12. mumsyhugs says:

      I didn’t think they allowed advertising on the BBC? Oh wait – it is a public service broadcaster though!!! Excellent service in pointing the way to the truth this week! 🙂

    13. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah wonder if we could get that Microlight pilot from the Trump demo to do a fly past of Pacific Quay demo with that banner on the 11th August 1pm – 3pm . Get your placards ready, well done Chris great toon .

    14. Gullane No4 says:

      The best publicity is free publicity as the ‘company in receipt’ are not seen to be putting any spin on it.

      Thanks to the BBC Wings just got the equivalent of thousands of trip advisor endorsements.

    15. Bob Mack says:

      “There is an art— to flying. The knack is how to throw yourself at the ground and miss”. ( Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy).

      Clearly the BBC have not learned how to avoid a crash.

    16. Clydebuilt says:

      FAO New Readers

      There are two demonstrations in Glasgow today.
      The BBC is only reporting on one of them, ie. the Afghan Refugees evicted by SERCO. They have even hold listeners where it’s taking place.

      There’s another demo it’s at Pacific Quay outside BBC HQ, funnily enough they dont want their Scottish audience to know anything about it.

      It starts at 1pm ending at 3pm

    17. Marker Post says:

      Just listened again to John Beattie’s interview with Scott Arthur yesterday.

      Does anyone really believe that Scott Arthur mentioned Wings to the BBC Legal Team in anything other than a derogatory light? He indicated that BBC seems more concerned with the full interviews rather than the clips. But then he said that most of the Wings stuff was clips “deliberately short so they could be taken out of context”. Contradicting himself right there. As well as being derogatory (he just can’t help himself). As a matter of interest, how long are the contested Wings clips?

      Also, it was interesting how Scott Arhur wouldn’t challenge John Beattie. It was after all John Beattie who mentioned Scott Arthur’s name on air … he admitted it to him right there and then… but Scott Arthur didn’t have the cajones to challenge him or demand an apology from him… instead focusing on Ian Small.

      Then John Beattie asked, “Have you had an apology from the BBC?” That was just surreal… if there was any apologising to be done, it should have been John Beattie right there and then… Seems Pacific Quay is still all at sea, they can’t even agree if they need to apologise or not.

      Even more surreally, Scott Arthur said he had apologised to the BBC Legal Team in London for the time they had had to spend “on the clarification of the issue around me”… Did they have to go back and forth several times agreeing a statement that both could be happy with? There are a lot of weasel words in that BBC statement, which contradicts official policy up until now.

      Scott Arthur let it slip too in his “lengthy and constructive discussions with the BBC Legal Team”, when he said something about how Wings was helping “drive people on to alternative news sources and social media… and all the issues with fake news related to that”. The ultimate aim of the BBC is to limit or even shut down social media sites so that they can control the news agenda. I fully expect that is what their policy review will be aiming towards.

      The funniest bit was actually right at the start when the new announcer read out the BBC statement, “The BBC takes action across the political spectrum”, and then had a fit of coughing as the words choked in her throat.

    18. Highland Wifie says:

      Brilliant on so many levels. Well done Chris.
      Who will the BBC give free advertising to next I wonder, WGD, Indycar Gordon? So many worthy people to choose from…

    19. almannysbunnet says:

      It will be interesting to see the “damage” the BBC has done to the viewing figures for your Youtube channel and the “downturn” in folks reading your blog. I must admit that I didn’t realise you had a Youtube channel. I have now bookmarked it so that I can make sure to never watch it. 🙂

    20. sinky says:

      Scott Athur backed by Tory Councillor John Mclellen in his Scotsman column today which attacks Wings and Rev Stu.
      While Brian Wilson backs the Scotland Office.

      Herald much better with good article by Kirsty Blackman on BBC and news that Tom Harris has left Labour doubt to join his Tory friends..

    21. Clydebuilt says:

      Ronnie I’m glad you posted the date of the demo , I thought it was today!

    22. Albaman says:

      I hope you are prepared for the B.B.C.s backlash, they may bind their time, but it’ll come.
      Marker Post @ 8:43 am, I thought John Beattie did a good job, under the circumstances,as for Scott Arther, I think he does protest too much, as a guilty person tends to do.

    23. carjamtic says:

      It’s a Bird….

      It’s a Scumble…..

      It’s Uranus Man….

      “Quick give the Daily Planetoid”

    24. louis.b.argyll says:


      Love the perspective.

    25. ahundredthidiot says:

      Had to start re-paying my tv licence (elderly relative moved in and needs his telly)

      For once, I feel like it is worth every penny.

      (ok, the grant then)

    26. heraldnomore says:

      Ooh, Tom Harris. Well well.

    27. Glamaig says:

      sinky says:
      4 August, 2018 at 8:54 am

      ‘Tom Harris has left Labour doubt to join his Tory friends..’

      I swear if I hear that guy on the radio again I’m going to complain to the BBC. I mean who the f**k is he. He lost his seat in 2015, and nobody had heard of him until he latched on to the Leave campaign.

      Just another unelected talking head on speed dial who happens to have views the BBC want to punt in Scotland.

    28. mumsyhugs says:

      Bob Mack @ 8.37


    29. Clydebuilt says:

      There is no Demo at Pacific Quay, BBC HQ. Today

      The demo takes place on the 11th August between 1pm and 3pm

    30. paul gerard mccormack says:

      This reminds me of a wonderful moment in scottish footballing history – when christian dailly at the end of a game with Germany walked off shouting ‘Fuckin cheats!’, ‘Fuckin cheats!’ in full earshot of the microphones and poor bertie vogts was trying quickly to re-write what he had just said and was shouting ‘ ‘Christian, Christian!’

      – as Christian said, fuckin cheats!

    31. Jomry says:

      Quite a dramatic front page of National today. Suppose it was unrealistic to expect Eamonn O’Neill to include it in his GMS review of papers. So back to normal. Problem goes away if you don’t mention it.

      In the context of BBC bias, it should be mentioned again and again that BBC Scotland is the only ‘regional’ BBC outlet that refuses to allow comment on its articles. This ensures that the only voice that is heard is the official BBC narrative. No dissent or alternative opinion is ever visible to casual readers. Once again, contempt shown to people in Scotland.

    32. Clootie says:

      …at last we have a name – Watkins!
      I only hope ,for his sake, that they don’t have a Watkins in legal!

    33. Capella says:

      Watkins from Legal has, indeed, nailed it this time. I’m sure the BBC “review” of its procedures will largely take the form of nailing Watkins to the wall. Nil points.

      Has the next AUOB march been changed to the 18th? if so, I will miss it again. Its the birthday season at the Capella residence.

    34. paul gerard mccormack says:

      In case my post went into the ether –

      This reminds me of a wonderful moment in scottish footballing history – when christian dailly at the end of a game with Germany walked off shouting ‘Fuckin cheats!’, ‘Fuckin cheats!’ in full earshot of the microphones and poor bertie vogts was trying quickly to re-write what he had just said and was shouting ‘ ‘Christian, Christian!’

      – Well, as Christian said, ‘Fuckin cheats’!

    35. ronnie anderson says:

      Still selling the same message in 2018 , the only broad shoulders they bastards have is to carry all their ill gotten gains back to dear old blighty.

    36. One_Scot says:

      BBC Strengthening the union Brainstorming Session –

      Clown 1 – ‘Let’s face it, we all know we are going to have to deal with a Scottish Independence referendum soon, so we really need to neutralize this WOS rebel. Has any one got any ideas?’

      clown 2 – ‘I know, why don’t we try and shut him down, but do it in such a way that we make him the most well known blogger on the planet’.

      Clown 1 – ‘You know what, that might just very well work’.

      Seriously though, there is no way the BBC can continue to pretend they are not biased against Scotland, The SNP and Independence supporters. It is now a proven fact.

      We really do need a new path for Scotland. Let’s make sure we take it this time. #ScotRef ASAP

    37. jfngw says:

      The establishment down south have two objectives. First make sure Corbyn will never be in number 10. Secondly ensure that Scotland remains in the UK and the SNP are defeated.

      That’s why all the press and the BBC have rounded on Corbyn.

      This is why all the branch parties, financed from London, in Scotland plus the media are working to remove the SNP. Any smear is acceptable, this is why Davidson is under full media protection.

      At the next election if you vote Labour, Tory or Libdem, you are voting for parties that are near 90% controlled from outside Scotland. Only the SNP and Scottish Greens are actually Scottish controlled parties. Now correlate this with which parties are independence supporting and have Scotland as their first priority.

      At the next vote, chose a party that puts Scotland’s priorities at the top of their agenda, not one of the parties where at best it will be in the bottom 10% of them.

    38. ronnie anderson says:

      Ahundrethidiot Am elderly a bit of paper doesn’t stop people viewing a TV Dont pay the LIERS TAX.

    39. jfngw says:

      There is probably little doubt that the BBC beast has been wounded in Scotland, I suspect the rest of the UK are oblivious to most of this. The journos are only really interested if it is ‘one of their own’ that is under attack.

      I suspect at this minute there are a number of these journos racking through Stuart Campbells past to try and dig up something. Watch out for a patsy willing to say anything for a media bung. Beware if they start being nice to you, they like to build you up before they bring you down, it makes it all the sweeter for them.

    40. Jim says:

      Check out the vile paranoid cybernats at WoS and discover they’re not actually vile or paranoid after all. Find out the bbc and MSM have been feeding you bullshit about them all this time. And then wonder why. ‘Holding power to account’ my arse. An abuse of power. And no actual ‘complaint’ was made after all!? Stop digging, auntie!

    41. Sinky says:

      Thank goodness for The National which keeps Indy issues on front pages of newsstands (when not hidden by mad yoons as happened again this morning).

    42. David R says:

      I assume the great defenders of free speech in the yes movement have been giving wings their full support during these difficult times

    43. starlaw says:

      Listening to Radio Shortbread this morning and reaching the conclusion that they support entirely the formation of a One Party State under the far right wing banner.

    44. Dan Huil says:

      @ronnie anderson 10:40am

      Well said.

    45. You’d think the BBC would have learned this lesson after ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood’ – they really need to RELAX!

    46. Dan Huil says:

      The bbc: Dasdardly Dicks

    47. Patrick Roden says:

      almannysbunnet says:
      4 August, 2018 at 8:54 am
      It will be interesting to see the “damage” the BBC has done to the viewing figures for your Youtube channel.

      The last I heard (a few days ago ) the poor Rev had only had an extra 700 or so extra subscribers to his youtube channel.

      It’s almost as if the whole episode has done wings a whole lot of good.

      Surely the BBC / Labour Part aren’t this incompetent?

    48. Jason Smoothpiece says:


      Indeed the mad folk are out this Saturday morning found my National at the bottom of a large bundle of non selling types of newspapers.

      I dont know if this is Tesco policy or if there is a yoon patrol going in every Saturday and hiding the National.

      Whoever is doing it better get back to the paper stand as the National is now very much on top of the pile.

      Now part of my regular Saturday routine.

    49. Patrick Roden says:

      Quite a few ‘double comments’ and people mentioning that comments are taking ages to load:

      As was mentioned a few days ago, this site is experiencing far heavier traffic than normal, so be patient!

      Well done BBC, well done professor Arthur.

    50. Danny says:

      This will surely help us smash through the 50% glass ceiling in the Polls.

      Between this and Treeza’s Brexit, we are surely on course to see the Polls showing support for Indy regularly over 50%.

    51. Patrick Roden says:

      Tom Harris is the ‘quintessential Blairite Labour MP’

      Wasn’t it him who made the infamous statement when asked about the Labour Party’s support for Austerity:

      “The Labour Party is the party of the ‘working man’, not the party of the unemployed man”

      So by one quote, Harris proved that within the Labour Party’s Blairite wing, the belief was that the unemployed ‘chose’ to be out of work, so needed to get a job, to be backed by New Labour.

      Red Tories? there worse than the Tories!

    52. Frank says:

      The elderly do not need to pay for a tv licence.

    53. Proud Cybernat says:

      What Robert Louis 7:56am said.

      Spot on.

    54. Ian Brotherhood says:

      So, Shereen’s show, as cosy as ever, has Tom Harris talking about Vote Leave?

      How the actual fuck does that work then?

      It would be like having Rev Stu or Scott Arthur sitting alongside Cosgrove and O’Neill when the the BBC/Wings/Youtube stushie is ‘discussed’ with John Beattie.

      Can’t be sure if I’m overreacting here but it just seems such a fuckin obviously stupid thing to do – could it be that some management (editorially) in PQ have just given up even trying to pretend that they’re balanced?

    55. mogabee says:

      Ha! bloody hell Chris you been sharpening your pencils well these days.

      Absolutely nailed it! 😀 😀

    56. Proud Cybernat says:

      When this attempt by BBC to silence WoS by shutting its YT channel began last week, the channel had around 3,077 subscribers.

      As of 12:00pm today it is standing at 4,118 subscribers – an increase of just over 25% in a week. Thanks BBC.

      But let’s keep the subscribers rising folks – subscribe to WoS YT channel here:

      Click the RED ‘subscribe’ button on the page (Note: you’ll need a gmail email address/account).

    57. OT they are talking. about the Labour Party maybe splitting,well we will see how many votes the Blairites get and their friends of Israel get these people are in my opinion hiding in the Labour Party
      They do not and never have been for the workers as Keir Hardie was warned do not let the English join your party they will only join it to destroy it from within and that is exactly what has happened and as for the anti Semitic row is to condem murder and theft anti Semitic I think any decent person will condem these crimes no matter who is committing them

    58. Robert Peffers says:

      @Frank says: 4 August, 2018 at 11:42 am:

      ” … The elderly do not need to pay for a tv licence.”

      No but some of us do not claim our free of charge Propaganda and we don’t tell the BBC we are elderly. So the BBC’s contractor, (CAPITA), keeps breaking Scottish law by threatening us with legal action and £1,000 fines. This, threat of legal action is, “coercion”, and a criminal offence under Scots law.

      Furthermore, by continually sending these letters out without following through with the threatened, (and illegal), investigations by a group that, while implying they are some kind of, “Officers”, from a law enforcement group are simply, like anyone else working from an office, only officers from that group.

      That means they may be guilty of illegally impersonating a Police Officer and the welter of letters is probably illegally stalking of old and vulnerable and innocent members of society.

      Perhaps it may be long past time for a group action against these, (alleged), criminals.

    59. sassenach says:

      Frank at 11-42

      It is my understanding that the over 75 TV licence is then paid by the local council – but it’s still paid!

      However where that money goes has been excellently covered by MrPeffers – many times.

      Excellent toon, Chris (as usual, it must be said).

    60. sassenach says:

      Damn, I was beaten to it by RobertP.

    61. Luigi says:

      Heather McLean says:
      4 August, 2018 at 8:18 am
      What started off as a feeling of incredulity and dismay has put a wee smile on my face this week.

      The darkest hour before dawn. 🙂 Those beautiful rays of sunlight have caught the BBC-LAB vampire lovers with their coffins still open. Fully exposed, with nowhere to hide.

      We need to keep the pressure on, however. They have been badly burned, but they are still fighting. Become complacent and the undead will rise again.

      It’s been hilarious watching the BBC-LAB machine get into gear and test their damage limitation exercise. They are trying very hard, but it ain’t going away – yet. Keep the pressure on folks – they are melting. 🙂

    62. Thepnr says:


      The “free” TV licence for the over 75’s is currently paid for as a subsidy from the Department for Work & Pensions to the BBC on top of the licence fee money that is collected from all payers.

      This addition to the sums raised from payers of the licence is planned to stop from 2020 and the BBC will have to find additional funds from elsewhere if it intends to maintain it’s income at the current level.

      “The BBC is compensated by the Department for Work and Pensions for the television benefit. But from next year the subsidy will be phased out and by 2020 the BBC will foot the whole bill, which will cost the corporation about a fifth of its £3.7bn income.”

    63. I fear for John Beattie,

      although he is a deluded British Nationalist his Btitnatism is not the ugly violent,shameful and abhorrent type as seen by most on BBC Scotland,

      i think BBC will need a whipping boy to sacrifice in an effort to appease/defflect the rising voices of criticism,

      and with Beattie actually naming Britnat simpleton Arthur as a grass on air, i fear BBC will take that error of judgement and sack John.

    64. Marker Post says:

      Rev, have you been to copyright school yet? Maybe you will meet Watkins there?

    65. Rick H Johnston says:

      Tom Harris non politician quits Labour then today is parachuted onto radio Scotland. Ye cuidnae make it up.
      Defends Trump and Brexit.
      Are we peyin for this shit.
      Desperate stuff fae the BBC.

    66. Giving Goose says:

      The National gets hidden in all sorts of outlets. I’ve seen it covered in railway station shops, supermarkets and in a hospital shop! All done by mad yoons.

    67. Andy-B says:

      Good one Chris, the BBC’s Biggles definitely crashed and burned on this one.

    68. Just read that Scots born Britnat George Cunningham had died on the 27th July,

      he was the Labour MP that advanced the 40% of whole electorate amendment to the 79 Devolution bill,

      Callaghan did not agree with the amendment knowing it would infuriate all patriotic Scots but he didnt force a No vote (three line whip) on the amendment,

      so Dennis Skinner and other Labour MP`s voted for the amendment,

      this lead directly to Thatcher being in power for 11 years,

      at least he had 40 years to think over his actions and hopefully he found some peace of mind in the end.

    69. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I hope Rev turns his attention to Tom Harris/Shereen and gives them both barrels – in any other week we’d all be talking about this.

      Outrageous behaviour (isn’t it actually a form of trolling?) by BBC Scotland. I agree with Scot Finlayson above (12.56) that BBC presenters who even aspire to an ‘appearance’ of neutrality will now have to watch their backs.

      We’ll be there at PQ next week, not only to protest about bias (now proven, not ‘alleged’) but also to send a clear message to BBC employees who can see the way things are going and are worried – we support you.

    70. Andy-B says:


      I see the Glasgow Evening Times carries a story, where the co-founder of the Scottish Football Supporters Association has a go at the police regarding the mass brawl and stabbing outside Ibrox.

      Two Croatians were stabbed (probably by Gers fans) but the whole incident is the fault of Police Scotland. Where have I heard this before.

    71. dakk says:

      Another cracker Chris ?

    72. frogesque says:

      BBC take careful aim with a steely in a guttie.


      Bugger. . .

      Snaps back and elastic plus steely smacks them in face!

      Feckin’ glorious!

    73. Confused says:

      Secret footage has emerged of the Rev dealing with those damn, pesky kids at the BBC

      “the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about” … then being talked about even more because people couldn’t talk about you … or something. Mangled plagiarisms, doubleplus good.

    74. Calum McKay says:

      “Taking over the reins from Ken MacQuarrie, who was recently appointed the BBC’s Director, Nations and Regions, Donalda will become the senior editorial figure with responsibility for BBC Scotland content across radio, television and online.”

      Since 2016, I can’t think of one instance when MacKinnon has done anything to try and rebuild trust with Scotland.

      MacKinnon, her predecessors and successors are in post until their tenure becomes untenable and they are shifted off to London out of sight on high pay on a job that does not exist.

      bbc / MacKinnon are to media in Scotland, what tories / Mundell is to politics in Scotland!

    75. frogesque says:

      @ Giving Goose 1.07

      Found my National in Smith’s (Glenrothes) today. Was on the top of a pile of Hootsmons, confess to having a quiet snigger!

    76. Clapper57 says:

      Last night on BBC Rep Scotland there was a report of the case involving John Wilson’s early release from prison.

      The report showed Michelle Stewart’s, the victim, family with Scottish conservative MSP John Scott who is ‘supporting’ the victim’s family and the BBC reported this story on their website with the following ( which also showed picture of Ruth Davidson with victim’s family) :

      Scottish Conservative justice spokesman Liam Kerr said the “tragedy” of Michelle’s death for her family had been “compounded by the lack of consideration given to them by the system”.

      He added: “Our justice system must always put victims at its heart, treat families with care and dignity and make sure that the needs of the victim and their families are always considered first, not the perpetrator.”

      Now this was indeed a shocking case as a young girl’s life was senselessly taken but what is also shocking is how the Conservative party ( and Labour on occasions) seek to politicise a tragic incident . Must one highlight the many victims of Tory policies such as the austerity policies with the perpetrators being the Tory party.

      The sensitivity of these cases is such that the opposition or target of the criticism, SNP, are left unable to retaliate that the motives behind these opposition attacks are purely political. However I am NOT a politician and thus have the freedom to be both suspicious and voice concerns as to the obvious ulterior political motive behind this ‘support’ being given by politicians whose own party voted for and implemented the widespread misery and poverty many people now find themselves in.

      I do concur that victims of crime should be dealt with consideration and dignity, but I say this as an individual who cares, not as a politician who is part of a political party whose policies treat people with no consideration or dignity. A politician who backs the Rape clause , PIP assessments , benefit sanctions and who through draconian implemented policies sees the emergence and necessity of food banks and also increased homelessness.

      I support Michelle Stewart’s family and their loss but I do so as a fellow human being who cares for their grief and loss and as such I can empathise fully with how they must feel.And I do this because it is the decent and human reaction to their situation and not because I seek any self- righteous cause to further a political point while simultaneously attacking a political opponent.

      This is unfortunately how politics is being deployed by unionist parties who choose to exploit the victims in society by using their personal situations to further their own political point scoring. Let us indeed support those who seek justice, fairness and change but let us do this without allowing political opponents to use people under the guise of caring when we all know the real motive behind their involvement…..especially if their party is responsible for the suffering of those most vulnerable in society and thus those most vulnerable victims become “victims” of a political party who choose to ignore their situation that they, the Tory party, have created by their own ruthless policies.

    77. Arthur thomson says:

      I don’t see any mention of the Wings You Tube shutdown on Common Space. Can anyone advise me if I have missed it or why it wouldn’t cover the story?

    78. Legerwood says:

      Tom Harris, ex-Labour MP and now ex-Labour, has been a regular columnist in the Daily Telegraph for some time now.
      This is the sort of company he keeps now – from today’s on-line edition of the DT a piece by Charles Moore entitled:

      “”With Etonians shunned in the modern Cabinet, where will the new talent come from?””

      The burning question of the hour…not.

    79. frogesque says:

      @Frank 11.42:

      True, over 75’s do not need to pay for a TV licence. They do however still need a licence (UK Gov permission that can be revoked at any time under any circumstances) to watch live transmission TV from any source including satellite, cane terrestrial or iPlayer etc. blah.

      Gov also issue licences to broadcast under very strict conditions including content and bandwidth. All their licences can be revoked at any time.

      That is, the gov have ultimately total control over what and who can watch at any time.

      From part or all of the licence money received the gov part fund the BBC.

    80. jfngw says:

      The BBC Scotland controller is not there to be the voice of Scotland, they are there to ensure that BBC Scotland adheres to the remit that London has decided. The direct equivalence is the UK Gov in Scotland Secretary, they are the London presence in Scotland, not the other way round.

    81. ronnie anderson says:

      Am scared shitless ( naw am no constipated ) before some smart erse suggests medication lol . I received a official notice that theres a official investigation opened , noo thats the latest letter today from BBC Darlington .

      I,ve had local investigation letters & visits letters , letters with my name , letters to the occupier letters to the legal occupier , will you be in on such & such a date letters noo after 4 years a official investigation letter its ah Court Summons letter ah want mibbees that Beeb Lawyer will catch oan lol.

      Sees Yous on the 11th Aug at Pacific Quay 1pm-3pm .
      ( swithering on whether to invite Donalda McKinnon to the microphone , she didn’t except the invitation last time ) .

    82. @Thepnr,

      `“The BBC is compensated by the Department for Work and Pensions for the television benefit.`

      the BBC is paid for through the State Consolidated Fund (Gov bank account),

      DWP is paid for through the State Consolidated Fund,

      it`s all smoke and mirrors with magic money trees and the power to create money out of nothing (fiat money),

      it`s not politicians or warlords or dictators or media barons that have f@cked this world it is accountants and their total lack of consequence to humanity in manipulating figures.

    83. Thepnr says:


      ”With Etonians shunned in the modern Cabinet, where will the new talent come from?”

      Yes, that’s an absolute peach and pretty much how a great deal of them think of themselves. Born leaders and so much better than everybody else.

      Those old Etonians and their peers are everywhere where strings can be pulled and favours returned. The government, BBC, military, diplomatic service and other civil servants.

      They’d like very much to keep things the way they are and that’s why we must support Independence. We don’t need them to tell Scotland how things should be run and the truth is they are generally useless at it anyway.

      Be shot of the lot of them Vote Yes next time.

    84. Robert Peffers says:

      @Scot Finlayson says: 4 August, 2018 at 12:56 pm:

      ” … and with Beattie actually naming Britnat simpleton Arthur as a grass on air, i fear BBC will take that error of judgement and sack John.”

      Unlikely, Scot. It is not BBC Jockland’s modus operandi – it is more than likely they will just send him to keep Izzy Fraser company in the wee broom cupboard under the stairs where they sent Izzy when she was thought to be far too even handed for TV use.

      They keep all sorts of necessary, but not spoken about, stuff in that broom cupboard – like toilet rolls, air freshener, disinfectant and black plastic bin bags.

      Mind you it does have the benefit that it is quiet, peaceful and smells better than other parts of Pathetic Quay, (if certain reports by commenters on Wings today are authentic).

    85. Jack Murphy says:


      ” There will be Wings Over Scotland, despite the BBC “.

      A 2 minute read.

    86. manandboy says:


      This very morning, I received the latest instalment of UK Government intimidation – but with a new twist. The envelope now has TWO windows, the second is long and narrow and reveals the headline of the enclosed letter, in red.

      The headline, in full view of the postman, reads:-

      Official notice: investigation opened.

      That must border on illegal.

    87. manandboy says:

      As ever, Chris, sharp as a needle. Superb!

    88. Thepnr says:

      @Scot Finlayson

      As you say the State Consolidated Fund is basically the UK governments bank account. All revenues collected from VAT, Income tax, TV licence, Road Tax etc are “deposited” there and all budgets for Defence, BBC, DWP, Barnett ect. ect. are paid for from there.

      100% smoke and mirrors right enough.

    89. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andy-B says: 4 August, 2018 at 1:41 pm

      ” … Two Croatians were stabbed (probably by Gers fans) but the whole incident is the fault of Police Scotland.”

      Of course, Andy-B, the present implication is that it is all the SNP/SG’s fault for setting up Police Scotland instead of the, mainly Labour, local authority controlled. Area Police Boards with Labour Council appointed Chief Constables.

      I expect they will get round to that wee Britnat slant imminently.

    90. Thepnr says:

      @schrodingers cat

      They don’t make them like that anymore. Wonder why? 🙂

    91. defo says:

      Those drawing classes really paid off Holiday Boy. Having a functioning brain must help, i suppose. 🙂

      Isn’t there another old-time Unionist troll due up for a legal doing soon too?
      Somebody buy Lord Foo a few, and see if you can get him to fess up to being bon bons handler. On tape.

    92. gus1940 says:

      Surely having Tractor Tom Harris on the Shereen show today was Donalda and co. giving 2 fingers to Indy supporters.

    93. carjamtic says:

      It’s a Bird….

      It’s a Scumble…..

      It’s a Wee Fly Man……

      “Quick,give the Daily Planetoid the Scoop”….


    94. bittie45 says:

      @Open assess on 2nd August 11:13

      Couldn’t agree more – if the powers-that-be are suggesting that “something is done” to tackle fake news, then the solution is stupidly simple, which is to record all news in perpetuity on an at

      least two independent servers (who said what why where how & when, date and time stamped and block-chained), and to provide a well indexed and easy means of public access which is available to

      anyone, anywhere.

      We’ve a huge area of land to person ratio, decent (still!) reserves of oil for NOT burning, massive wind resource, good legal system, brilliant people with a fantastic education and Scottish

      Health Service, and yet I feel powerless against the consequences of decisions made by a so-called united (hahaha)-kingdom government I didn’t vote for, especially when I hear their media

      constantly rubbing in the salt and relentlessly churning out depressing and verifiably misleading and false guff, making me feel miserable and worthless while trying to convince me that the

      Scottish Government that I made the effort to vote for is crap every single time I turn on the radio. I have to grit my teeth and remind myself that my Government are doing actually

      exceptionally well considering the financial constraints forced upon them by a mean, vindictive, insidious, chaos-causing and carpet-bagging set of elitists that I didn’t vote for and who are

      totally remote from me in every sense.

      Thinking of contacting MP about this latest disgraceful attempt at silencing, got to keep making a noise.

      Brilliant job WoS, thanks.

    95. David says:

      Mass boycott of BBC news , we need a petition .

    96. bittie45 says:

      Oops. Please ignore the “fake” new lines in the middle of sentences in my last post.

    97. Iain says:

      Mess with Rev Wings at your peril! 🙂

    98. Patrick Roden says:


      Just reading Revs twitter feed, seems he has had more visitors to Wings in the first four days of August, than he has had for any whole month for the past year!

      Those magnificent men, right enough!

    99. Danny says:

      Just a couple of days into his Presidency, Donald Trump singled out the BBC as a producer of “Fake News” and the BBC have been on his case ever since.

      They are obsessed with telling us how bad a President Trump is and how the Russians fixed his election victory.

      The BBC have three main targets. They are Putin, Trump and Scottish Independence.

      The BBC pump out Fake News and lies on all three on a daily basis.

      What a disgusting Union we exist in.

      And I speak as one who gave up watching BBC Scotland and STV News bulletins a while back to stop me from going absolutely crazy with rage.

      So my hat goes off to those who still have the stomach to watch the mince they produce.

    100. galamcennalath says:

      Chris’s cartoon is spot on and the visitor numbers to Wings will prove it!

      The Rev tweets … “Wings has served over 1.1 Terabytes of data in August so far. That’s more than the WHOLE of any other month this year except January”

      Round figures and a primative calculation suggest that visitor numbers/website traffic must be at least SEVEN TIMES typical figures.

      Let’s hope a lot of those folks at first timers and are willing to keep coming back for repeat doses of WoS reality!

      Previously, The Rev has said average monthly unique visitors are around 300k. His tweet implies this BBC/YouTube affair might have brought in an extra quarter of a million unique visitor so far in August.

      Unintended consequences for sure!

    101. Ken500 says:

      Ian Davidson bullied Isobel Fraser on Newsnight. Accused Newsnight and BBC of Independence bias. Stated that the Labour Party had complained many times. Still on Loonytubes. Farcical.

      Douglas Fraser blog is linked to Duncan Hothersall.

      Duncan needs help. Looks like he has gone to drink. Alcoholism. Pity.

    102. Footsoldier says:

      Still a complete blackout on STV.

    103. Hamish100 says:

      shereen -bbc review of the news— one contributor got married and it was really hot in the us of a, Harris, (really a tory?, but to get elected kidded on he was a socialist it would appear, loves trump , monty python and detests corbyn). Wasn’t he referred to in the unionist dark funding issue?
      and wee shereen bubbly support the brits in Euro championship she wishes. That’s it. No more news by the bbc . No wee stories in the past week about censorship, political bias or the like.
      Eat yir cake punters, harris and the britnats have decided.

    104. Liz g says:

      Frank @ 11.42
      Re the TV tax…
      While it’s true that the over 75 don’t have to pay,cause the local authority pick it up…
      If anyone else in the house is under 75 then the bill is still due… So that’s probably why anotheridiot is “required” to pay now that an elderly relative has moved in!

      Infact a young person cannot move in with an elderly relative,without costing them their TV tax exemption and single person discount on the poll tax…. even if they themselves are only on workfare and or still in education….. and it would save the tax payers the cost of personal care… The system is mad,bad and dangerous to be in!
      But the fools who make the rules don’t have to live in it!!

    105. ronnie anderson says:

      No comment from the Bbc re David Attenbrough.

    106. schrodingers cat says:

      Telegraph News Politics
      A Tory leadership contest is coming soon, and storm clouds are gathering over Theresa May

      wont link to this rag, but I believe he is right. none of the eu options available from the eu to treeza will satisfy the tory party, a leadership challenge is inevitable

      do i care, not really, but i mention this because i also believe a ge will follow very soon after and we need to be ready for this.

      i do not know who will win the tory leadership contest, they have a history of chosing complete unknowns, but mogg and the brexiteers are currently promoting a no deal ticket heavily in the media

      as for the tory remainers, this leadership election will not be about a future vision of a tory britain, but about which of the limited eu options one backs. will the tory mps vote for anna soubrey candidate and a “stay in the sm/cu option” ?

      bear in mind, these same tory mps were elected on a ticket of leaving the sm/cu only 12 months ago.

      i think much of the no deal scare stories actually come from no 10 and are aimed at these swithering tory mps

      with the fact that this senario is looking more likely, i think that the anti semitic attacks on corbyn, probably emminate from the remainers in the labour party.

      corbyn also backs leaving the sm/cu as well

      which now means no deal

    107. Proud Cybernat says:

      Test – 2 posts have disappeared into the ether. And didn’t, AFAIK, contain anything the WoS filter would ban. Let’s see if this post appears.

    108. Vestas says:

      @ Proud Cybernat 5:16 pm :

      “Test – 2 posts have disappeared into the ether. And didn’t, AFAIK, contain anything the WoS filter would ban. Let’s see if this post appears.”

      It didn’t appear so I’m obviously not replying to it 😉

      Seriously give it some time for comments to appear. Took several minutes yesterday & I’m pretty sure I’m not on RevStu’s naughty stair.

      Server load and comments being run through a filter pre-pub anyway…..

    109. Bill McLean says:

      o/t can anyone help? I installed an ad blocker a few months and after some problems thought i’d uninstalled it. Now when I visit some newspaper sites I get a message saying they see I still have an ad-blocker. How do I get rid please? On Windows 10.

    110. Hamish100 says:

      I think assuming May lasts to the Autumn Conference season we shall have the First Minister proposing to the Parliament a referendum vote pre brexit leave date

      Independence or Brexit

    111. manandboy says:

      A majority of voters in NI, Wales & England would nod to Scottish Independence.
      Q.So who wouldn’t?
      A.The Ruling Class, who alone knows the truth about Scotlands worth.

      People like Donalda Mackinnon.

    112. call me dave says:

      @Bill McLean

      Hi Bill I usually do.

      1. Bottom left screen click windows sign

      2. Click ’round rose’ shaped icon ‘settings’

      3. Open Apps and features. Look through list to find ‘Ad blocker’

      4. Uninstall

      Hope that works.

    113. Bill McLean says:

      call me dave – thanks a lot dave. Tried it and went through all apps and defaualt apps and apps and features. I have no ad block listed. Will keep looking around.Thanks again!

    114. HandandShrimp says:


      To be fair, I think they had Tom on to give two fingers to Corbyn, who is also on the BBC’s naughty list. Tom has just quit the Labour Party and is royally putting the antisemitism boot in.

    115. Thepnr says:

      @Bill McLean

      Might just be your browser preventing you visiting these sites as they can block ads too. Check your settings there also.

      Personally I prefer to keep my adblocker on, often you can visit sites that limit your number of visits per month or whatever by right clicking and opening in a private or incognito window. Have a go at that too.

    116. Juan says:

      For anyone unable to pick up their own copy of The National today, here’s the Rev’s article.
      It’s even been archived:


    117. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, on close inspection looks like Mundell and Bird. Surely accidental I guess.

    118. heraldnomore says:

      Bill, better getting rid of windows 10 – life improves so much with microsoft not playing a part in it

    119. yesindyref2 says:

      @Bill McLean
      As Thepnr says, it could be browser add-ons.

    120. Duncan MacMaster says:

      schrodingers cat says: 4 August, 2018 at 5:10 pm

      “with the fact that this senario is looking more likely, i think that the anti semitic attacks on corbyn, probably emminate from the remainers in the labour party.

      corbyn also backs leaving the sm/cu as well”

      Corbyn has more in common with mogg and johnson than the average working man or woman in the street in Scotland!

      For all his so called moral compass, he never had the guts to say he was brexiteer, especailly to young people.

      The attacks on Corbyn I used to believe were partly unjustified, now I believe they are fully justified and he is an opportunist leading a bunch self serving chancers!

      Corbyn and May, different sides of the same coin! Scotland demands and needs better, in Nicola we have it!

    121. Robert Peffers says:

      @Proud Cybernat says: 4 August, 2018 at 5:16 pm:

      ” … Test – 2 posts have disappeared into the ether. And didn’t, AFAIK, contain anything the WoS filter would ban. Let’s see if this post appears.”

      It’s nothing sinister, Proud Cybernat, Stu’s blog is having a transfusion of new blood and servers are just being rather more busy than usual. Anyone would think something momentous had happened to cause such an influx of new users.

      Oh! By the way new readers – you are very welcome and please, “bide a wee”. Don’t just stand there – say something?

    122. galamcennalath says:

      @Robert Peffers
      @Proud Cybernat


      … from what RevStu says on twitter, it could be as much as ten times busier.

      Hooray for the BBC! Opps, am I allowed to say that? 🙁

    123. Petra says:

      Has anyone heard how Peter Curran (Moridura site) is getting on? Is the BBC still discriminating against him? C’mon BBC cut out the carry-on and resolve this, ASAP.

    124. Petra says:

      Great to see that Dr Philippa Whitford is holidaying in Orkney (and holding meetings), as the National newspaper’s Roadshow stops off in Islay. Joanna Cherry QC SNP MP is on holiday there and will be joined, to spread the word, by the National’s editor Callum Baird, Paul Kavanagh with his not so wee dug, MSP Mike Russell and SNP Councillor Anne Horn. All working their butts off for us. Thank you folks.

    125. Robert Peffers says:

      @manandboy says: 4 August, 2018 at 6:51 pm:

      Q.So who wouldn’t?
      A.The Ruling Class, who alone knows the truth about Scotlands worth.”

      Och! manandboy, it is so magnanimous of those rich & famous Britnats to fight so very hard in order to keep on subsidising we workshy and spendthrift people of Scotland at the expense of the so generous English taxpayer while we Scots contribute nothing but just take, take, take with both hand in the English taxpayer’s pockets.

      You know full well they only do it because they love us so much that they are pleased to get the United Kingdom of England, Wales & Northern Ireland into such massive national debt while we ungrateful Scots don’t lift a finger to help ourselves.

      Unless, of course, you can think of some other reason they have, other than love, that they would sacrifice so much for a poverty stricken ungrateful neighbour.

      For the life of me I cannot envisage any other plausible motive they could have to want to subsidise an ungrateful shower of workshy layabouts like us.



    126. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, Beeb Boosts Campbell.

    127. Petra says:

      If you’re new to this site take a look at these two short videos. And for those who have seen Craig Murray’s (ex-UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan) ‘Stolen Seas’ before is it not strange that it’s now showing 36 views only, from thousands previously?

      ‘The Stolen Seas.’

      ‘And the Truth About Scottish Independence: The McCrone Report Scandal.’

    128. Petra says:

      Lots in the National today about the Wings / BBC debacle. Great article from you Stu X

      Before we know it the BBC will be offering you and Nana a job; replacements for Andrew Neil and Jackie Bird.


      Pat Kane: ‘This is what an independent Scotland can learn from the Wings/BBC copyright row.’

      ….”On even this minor issue, there’s a mighty example of how contradictory the BBC is. Guide your browser to the world-famous This is a beloved San Francisco institution which tries to record every webpage ever put out in public, and lots of other public-domain material besides. Search there for “BBC Sept 11 2001”. Instantly, you will find an entire archive of the BBC’s news channels’ output on that day.

      Does it bust copyright? In the strictest terms, outrageously so. Is it a vital public, indeed, civilisational record (along with all the other news channels that sampled that day)? Inarguably. I’d like to see them try a take-down on Archive’s redoubtable magus, Brewster Kahle….”

    129. stu mac says:

      @Andy-B says:
      4 August, 2018 at 1:41 pm

      Two Croatians were stabbed (probably by Gers fans) but the whole incident is the fault of Police Scotland. Where have I heard this before.


      Some footie bloggers have been highlighting the phrase “West of Scotland football fans” (or something like that) by many papers. I assume the polis are investigating Jags fans, Morton fans, Buddies, etc. who just turned up at Ibrox to cause trouble??

    130. Petra says:

      ‘Osborne and Cameron confirm Scotland better off outside the UK – scroll down for video).


      ‘And Boris Johnson: A pound spent in London is of more value than a pound spent in Strathclyde.’

    131. Robert Peffers says:

      @Petra says: 4 August, 2018 at 8:49 pm:

      >i>” … Lots in the National today about the Wings / BBC debacle. Great article from you Stu X
      Before we know it the BBC will be offering you and Nana a job; replacements for Andrew Neil and Jackie Bird.”

      That was a great comment, Petra but … …

      One wee (technical), criticism. I posted to this effect already but it bears a repeated comment.

      By its very nature any news item on any medium including broadcast and newspaper items is factually, and correctly, termed, “Publication”.

      i.e. it is placed in the public domain and the definition of Public Domain is the, “Published”, item belongs to the public and if it belongs to the public it cannot be copyrighted.

      This of course does not apply to such things as, for example, a photographer’s previously copyrighted pictures.

      However, such as photos, drawings and video/film added to the news item may indeed be a grey area.

      However if you publish a news item you gift it to the public domain.

    132. Petra says:

      Have you been led to believe the Unionist lies, that is that we have no oil now, lol?


      Another brilliant site, Professor John Robertson’s, that brings you the GOOD news about Scotland, that is the news that the BBC and STV somehow or another seemingly manage to ”circumvent”.

      ‘Wild West 3D Seismic Survey’ to unlock 320 million barrels of Scottish oil.’

    133. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Favourite line from Rev’s article in The National, referring to Scott Arthur: ‘Greatly piqued at being fingered by the corporation…’

      😉 🙂 🙂

    134. sandy says:

      Blair Paterson.

      PLEASE, PLEASE use punctuation marks!!!

      Many of your posts, most of which I agree with, can be misinterpreted by those who are not familiar with your outlook on Scottish life.

      Eg: Queen Mary walked and talked ten minutes after she was beheaded etc.

      Get my point.

    135. stewartb says:

      O/T Living in a state whose ruling establishment is presently so very concerned with its ‘one nation’ message, its even more odd than usual to listen to the coverage of the current European Championships from Glasgow. I note it’s still about something called ‘Team GB’ (Great Britain).

      What is this ‘one nation’ the Tory PM claims? Is it one that embraces the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland’ or just ‘Great Britain’?

      Who can explain this to me? For residents of NI who are also ‘Unionists’, why do they not react against their part of the state being left out? Or is it that NI never has any sportsmen and women selected for Team GB? So being missed out is OK. But if they do get selected, do those of a Unionist persuasion really not bother that the state chooses to call the team they are part of by a (geographic) name that does not include their own place? A price worth paying to be part of the greater England project?

      If the term UK of GB and NI is too clunky, perhaps to simplify matters the state should change its name to JUST the ‘United Kingdom’ and accept that NI is simply part of the Kingdom of England in union with the Kingdom of Scotland. Then Unionist sportsmen and women from NI would be (properly?) included.

    136. Cactus says:

      Saturday night…



      CC 🙂

    137. jfngw says:

      Some of the twitter posts by people who apparently have PhD’s leaves you wondering if being slightly unhinged is part of the requirement. They may be clever but they certainly do not reveal any signs of intelligent.

    138. Juan says:

      Another wee favourite from Stu’s WoS YouTube channel:

      Cameron admitting Scotland would be better off, without Westminster stealing Scotland’s revenues. Oh, and Norway has a population of 5 million, just like Scotland.
      If only more Scots knew how wealthy we’d be, if only we governed ourselves.

    139. Footsoldier says:

      Continuing blackout on STV on BBC v Wings stushie.

    140. Bill McLean says:

      Thanks all – problem with ad-blocker resolved!

    141. manandboy says:

      Scottish Oil – and Gas.

      Many Scots are like the couple who bought a winning Lottery ticket, but after being told they had won the jackpot, they threw the winning ticket in the fire, saying ‘it can’t be true. Let’s go down the Unionist Club for a drink’.

    142. James Westland says:

      jfngw @ 10:06pm Reminds me of something I heard when i worked offshore. I was a newly qualified geology graduate. Rough tough Yorkshire driller said to me “Geology graduates? All brains and no common sense, lad!” Actually true in a lot of cases… People like me however, brought up just a baw-hair away from Alloa’s infamous “Bottom End” were a bit more down to earth!

    143. One_Scot says:

      The fact the STV or STVNews will not acknowledge the BBC-Youtube-WOS debacle should tell everyone all they need to know regarding their stance on Scottish Independence and where they believe Scotland sits in terms of the UK.

    144. Thepnr says:

      Check the state of these three headlines from the Daily Fail for tomorrows Sunday edition.

      “Corbyn’s ‘jibe at Jewish MP’: Labour leader allegedly called Dame Louise Ellman ‘the Honourable Member for Tel Aviv’ as new footage emerges of him speaking at another event where Israelis were likened to the Nazis”

      “Corbyn ally who made furious rant about ‘Jewish Trump fanatics’ boasts about ‘going clubbing with Jeremy’ and taking young girls on nights out”

      “Far-left Labour activist ‘hit disabled Party member at pub quiz’ after row over Momentum campaign”

      As an added bobus you can get this on their online edition.

      Video: Jeremy Corbyn speaking at a Palestinian solidarity rally

      Does anyone think the Daily Hail believes there might be a General Election soon?

    145. stewartb says:


      Just by chance heard a moment or two from this BBC Radio 4 programme tonight entitled: “Is English Nationalism Toxic?”


      This ‘moment’ I heard consisted of (Nick Cohen of the Observer I think) saying, in terms, that Nicola Sturgeon works hard to down play the ‘blood and soil nationalism’ prevalent in Scotland. And something about ‘Britain’ as a construct being able to rise above or avoid bad nationalism.

      Literally heard a few moments of this while getting ready for (early!) bed. Worth a proper listen – or maybe not!

    146. Pete Barton says:

      Stv, two cheeks of the same arse.

      Regarding Mr.Arthur, cast your mind back to Mr.Carmichael.

      Unwitting or not, I should hazard a guess he plays the admirable role of the patsy.

      The BBC in Scotland may or may not be in on this; it would make sense if they were not.

      Patsies, affords them credit in the public eye.

      In Mr.Carmichael’s case, there was no trail or link to Mundell.

      A tried and trusted pattern, a sting, if you like.

      I have no wish to defame anybody, slight a character etc.,

      But I smell s**te.

    147. Thepnr says:

      I can’t get why anyone voting Labour still in Scotland fails to see that they and the Independence supporter have a common enemy and it’s not the SNP.

      Our mutual enemy is, as it always has been the Tories and their right wing supporting media who enable them to win power and fuck over the rest of us with impunity.

      I’m a former Labour supporter as are a gigantic chunk that made up the 45% that did vote Yes. Open your eyes as it’s only with Independence will your voice ever count. We can do it on our own and will be much better doing so.

      Have some faith, grab the thistle and vote for Independence. This will be Scotland’s and your last chance to save ourselves from the wreckage that is the leadership of the Eton boys and their twisted media.

      Save yourselves and us, we need all the help we can get.

    148. One_Scot says:

      Pete, Carmichael definitely took one for the team to protect Mundell, no question.

      Probably took a handshake to boot. It’s how the British State works. But it’s go to know that more and more people are on to how the unionist system operates.

    149. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Pete Barton –

      STV don’t get a fraction of the grief levelled at BBC.

      That will be redressed, slightly, next Saturday, but the problem remains – STV (to people of my generation at any rate) has always felt like the slightly ‘backward’ sibling of BBC Scotland. Despite the efforts of top-notch journalists and presenters (and all the workers who supprt them technically) that image has persisted. One would imagine that any opportunity to demonstrate clear superiority over their PQ neighbours would be grasped but no, no, no, STV just cannot and will not seize the chance.

      That’s why, at PQ next Saturday, for the first time since these demos started, STV will get some overdue attention from protesters. Perhaps the management/editorialstaff/journalists will take it as a kind of compliment, then have a serious think about their role in this historic constitutional debate.

      We can but hope.


    150. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      A couple of things need to be factored into our thinking now and dealt with.

      It is only a matter of time before we are hit with a massive “we love you, we love , we are better together, how we value Scotland” etc., etc .The too poor, too wee too stupid campaign has run its course and it is no longer doing the job, though it still has some (diminishing)effect. As long as we treat that as the insult it is or suggest they are arguing that the “treasured union” is turning us into an economic basket case we are past the worst of it.

      Our response to the “we love you” is “and we love you too -and we will make the best neighbour you could ever hope for when we are independent. Rather that than a surly lodger,eh? “

      The other more serious concern is the possibility that the UK Government will refuse a referendum or refuse to recognise a parliamentary vote in favour of independence. Both would be entirely undemocratic and a breach of the United Nations Charter which is completely unambiguous in the right of any people to self determination without interference.
      There are a number of completely full clarifications of this in various statements from the UN at various points so we should now be referencing the UN Charter and assuming loudly publicly that the UK will not stand in front of the world and disgrace itself for all of history by suppressing democracy for Scotland.

      Start now and ask the major figures in UK politics if they intend to prevent Scotland exercising its democratic rights . Let’s see how they would deal with this.

    151. AndyMcKangry says:

      Andy-B o/t 1.41pm
      I had a raised voiced discussion with a Gers supporting pal today that any foreign team playing any team in Scotland would have a good experience in our country other than if they visited the Queens XI.
      They lived up to their stereotype, as aggressive, racist, bigoted, British Nationalist arseholes, to the shame of our country. As usual!!!

      Isn’t this always the case?? Their attitude to all things is the same, through all of history, wake up Scotland!!!

    152. Stephen McKenzie says:

      Dave McEwan Hill @ 11.20

      Well said and some good suggestions as to a positive way to progress.

    153. Danny says:

      Boycott STV News Bulletins.

      Boycott STV.

      Let STV know you are boycotting their channel and tell them in no uncertain terms why you are boycotting their channel.

      Watch the ITV England channel if you can’t live without your soap operas.

      STV rely on advertising revenue and they don’t want to start losing viewers. Their advertisers wouldn’t like it.

      Email them, text them, twitter them, phone them, but let them know one way or another why you are binning their channel.

    154. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Feel free to bombard STV with an example of Establishment Censorship etc. etc. etc.) if you can think one!)



      If you have a story which you think would be useful for our newsteams, please contact them directly:

      STV News

      Tel: 0141 300 3293

      Email: stvnews [at] stv [dot] tv

      You can attach pictures and video to your e-mails and you can also text us with pictures and video:

      Just in case their eyes and ears are painted on instead of them actually going out of their way to ignore (propaganda by omission for the BritNat Neo Fascist State).

      They can’t ignore shit loads of correspondence highlighting WoS Gate.

      Unless they to are a compliment Unionist mouthpiece.

    155. Robert Peffers says:

      @jfngw says: 4 August, 2018 at 10:06 pm:

      ” … Some of the twitter posts by people who apparently have PhD’s leaves you wondering if being slightly unhinged is part of the requirement. “

      No jfngw, that phenomenon has an entirely different explanation. There is something you missed that explains it for most such cases. The ones who seem a bit doo-lally have a bit of a different cause. These are the ones who leave secondary and go to University.

      Then they leave University but remain in the academic environment and go on to pass on their knowledge as university professors and never had experience of the real World.

      We had an annual influx of these people in the MOD. All great experts in the theory but useless at actually doing the job.

      Most, though, who were involved in the practical side went on to pick up the practice and they worked out well

      Those that went right into management or remained on the strictly the theoretical side were usually total duds.

      They weren’t stupid they just had no life experience and were totally impractical. Now these academics drew up circuits on paper and we had to lay out and design the copper plated circuit boards to plug into the racks on the working units.

      The problem we had was these guys & gals hadn’t a clue of the physical sizes of the discrete components and we knew at a glance at the drawn circuits that there was no way in the World to lay out and build a printed circuit board that would fit into the racks.

      Thing was that most of us doing the prototype work knew as much of the theory as the guys & gals right out of the University but we did not have the authority to change the requirements laid down by the MOD – only the people without practical experience were allowed to do that. We knew where to use a quarter watt rated component and were we could not.

      The work was eventually shelved until medium scale integrated circuits came on the market – and guess what? The integrated components on the chips were quarter watt except where there was a definite need for higher rated components.

      However, the real doo-lally experts are usually totally academic and without real World life experience.

    156. Cactus says:

      YES WE CAN.

      Daisy and Ayemail knows x.

    157. yesindyref2 says:

      Headline as URL.

      My gut tells me this is very significant, perhaps also in terms of sovereigtny, and the right to exercise that sovereignty, with the Independence Referendum itself having helped establish that ruling. Possibly yet another domino.

    158. Cactus says:

      Nae swearie words this morning, nae pinky promises like eh. nae need tae, wurr awe gathered here now like SO we say, remain alert.

      Did you hear that guy’s caged sigh after ra Beattie splinterview.

      Changing thread & digital device soon (to play U-tube channel tunes.)

      Wings WINS again! 😉

      See ye o/t.

    159. Cactus says:

      Dr Jim…

      Where art thou?

      An ah thought ye were just kidding around like..?

      Mibby ye still are doctor… October..

      You still read.

    160. Cactus says:


      Dr Jim…

      Where art thou?

      An ah thought ye were just kidding around like..?

      Mibby ye still are doctor… October..

      You still read.


    161. Petra says:

      Just in after having a GREAT night out. Great music, dancing brilliant, fabulous company and MOST of all MOST of the folks around me, everyone I spoke to, support Independence. Way to go!! We’re on our way.

      Then you come on here!

      And you think that you know people? People who post on here. People who wander along to the Wings over Scotland stall at events. Infiltrate. Make out that they support Independence. Work it out folks. Drive our ex-pats away in the midnight hour. You ain’t daft, FGS. Time to waken up now!

      And for all the new folks visiting this site:




    162. Breeks says:

      jfngw says:
      4 August, 2018 at 10:06 pm
      Some of the twitter posts by people who apparently have PhD’s leaves you wondering if being slightly unhinged is part of the requirement. They may be clever but they certainly do not reveal any signs of intelligent.

      The problem isn’t one of intelligence. The problem is stimulating engagement and getting these people, the brainy ones and not so brainy alike, to think about issues outside their comfort zone.

      If your “default” setting is Unionist, (and since we are all “born” British why wouldn’t it be?), then news, say for example that Alex Salmond was a liar, just reinforces your prejudices, whereas actually digging into the argument to establish it actually isn’t true feels uncomfortable and disloyal. You’re not going to think about it rationally. How many of us listen to what Ruth Davidson says and give her the benefit of the doubt? Ruth Davidson is no Alex Salmond of course, but I hope you get my point. “They” cannot reach us the same way “we” cannot reach them.

      It’s not madness or stupidity. Why would a single sheep decide to leave the flock when every instinct it has is telling it to stick with what he knows?

      If you study the growing number of NO voters now coming over to YES, nearly all of them to a man say they were too easily persuaded the NO arguments they accepted at face value, and simply didn’t engage with the YES narrative at all. To think like a Yesser felt like thought crime. They weren’t persuaded to vote NO, vote NO was already their default setting, and it was YES who was unsuccessful in getting enough of such people to open their minds and be susceptible to constructive persuasion and change.

      They didn’t question the NO propaganda they were fed, and they didn’t even open the YES box marked “dangerous”. They didn’t consider the arguments and reject YES, they ignored it.

      What Brexit is doing, which YES couldn’t achieve by itself, is to rattle the complacency which afflicted many people back in 2014. A NO voter’s stubborn instinct to ignore YES arguments is difficult for us to penetrate, but that isn’t what’s happening. What is happening is that the NO arguments they were spoon fed in 2014 have proven to be false and dishonest, and these revelations are “own goals” which are bypassing their anti-YES prejudices and causing consternation.

      For our part, telling somebody they’re wrong is nowhere near as powerful as that same somebody working it out for themselves, and that’s what is happening over Brexit.

      People provoked to anxiety and fear over Brexit will now be much more amenable to arguments that can save them from Brexit, and since Independence can save Scotland from the calamity of Brexit, we get a mind-switch in many people who are suddenly more willing to engage and listen to YES in ways they didn’t back in 2014.

      Maybe it’s over simplifying it, but in 2014, and YES vote was the rational choice, and a NO vote was emotive and gut-instinct result. In Brexit, a Remain vote was the rational option, and a Leave vote was the one fuelled by drum beating, Union flag waving sentiment. But now, for a “Brexit-avoiding-Independence”, both rational and emotive thinking is on our side. It is BritNat Brexiteering that is riven with delusion, incompetence, and recklessness, and threatens to deliver chaos and catastrophe.

    163. yesindyref2 says:

      If you’re talking about what I think you might be talking about, it’s what the cartoon says …

    164. Ken500 says:

      Obsessive. Do not like change. Blinkered.

      Labour dragging people off the street to stand. Low membership. No wonder.

      Another £46Billion? needed for HS2 which will make train journeys throughout Britain take longer. Hinkley Point a total waste of money. It will be years over budget. (Finland/France). A total waste of money. With better, cheaper alternatives.

      Claims an increase of £20Billion (a year?) needed for Defence?

      EU contribution £12Billion. Brings in £Billions In shared Defence costs, grants. Nearest biggest market, 400million. Stops starvation and wars. £15Billion in EU trade with Scotland. More Investment grants and funding etc. Westminster took CAP payments from Scotland, Mad cow came from Alabama. Cost £Billions over ten years.

      EU cost Scotland £1Billion. (Nothing) Brings in £Billions of benefit.

      Trident costs Scotland £1Billion.

    165. Ken500 says:

      SoS Hilarious.

      It will be gone soon. Worth £5Million, £200million debt needs reconstructed 2019. Asset stripped?

      Lease Faslane for £1Billion? It costs Scotland £1Billion. Dump it for free.

      It will be gone on Brexit.

    166. Nana says:


      Watch from 12 o’clock
      On this week’s Full Scottish, Cameron Archibald is joined by iSoct Magazine Editor and Publisher, Ken McDonald and by Professor Alison Phipps, Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Glasgow University and UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts.

    167. Meindevon says:


      Your take on the highly intellectual having no common sense in a practical world made me smile. My son is one of them. He’s got several Cambridge degrees (local state school educated), now a glaciologist. But ask him to get something out the freezer and I just know I’d have to go and check he had shut the door after.

    168. Smallaxe says:

      Good morning, Nana.
      Kettle’s on!

    169. galamcennalath says:

      yesindyref2 says:

      My gut tells me this is very significant

      Me too!

      ” Lawyer Aamer Anwar, speaking on behalf of McEleny, said:

      “Councillor McEleny welcomes this decision which makes legal history as it establishes in principle, a belief in Scottish Independence is capable of being a “philosophical belief” and therefore a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. This legal precedent now enables my client to pursue a claim for direct discrimination alleging that he was discriminated against because of this belief.”

      So, clearly the BBC and most of the MSM are discriminating against independentistas because our belief is a “protected characteristic”.

    170. galamcennalath says:

      Forgot ….

    171. Nana says:

      Morning Smallaxe, having trouble accessing Wings, likely due to increased traffic. I posted further links which haven’t appeared so maybe check back later.

      Tribunal judge: independence is a ‘philosophical’ belief similar to a religion

      For new readers

      Hiding the truth

      The Financial Times told us in 2014 that an Independent Scotland would be 11% better off, trading as an independent nation, than if we remained in the UK, by about £7 billion each year. Why did we not listen?

    172. ScottieDog says:

      ” … Some of the twitter posts by people who apparently have PhD’s leaves you wondering if being slightly unhinged is part of the requirement. “

      But much of the problem lies with what the university is teaching and who is behind the governance of that education.
      Economics is a prime example. Most universities teach from the monetarist textbook and pre-1971 when we were still on a gold standard with fixed exchange rates. the textbooks ignore banks, debt and money and dismisses them as neutral actors within the economy.

      The smartest kids get to oxbridge and are then sucked into the city of London on big salaries and then of course advise and educate the populace via MSM on the mythology they have been taught at uni.

      You’ll find many examples of economists who date to bust the economic myths blacklisted and frozen out of the university environment.

    173. galamcennalath says:

      Liam Fox sounds a very happy chappy this morning with the media widely reporting that he believes a no deal Brexit is now the most likely outcome.

      Meanwhile May is still wasting valuable time trying to peddle her unacceptable plans. Fox might be right.

      Restaurant analogies for the Tories and Brexit capture the lunacy well…

      TMay and friends sitting in an Italian restaurant repeatedly ordering Lamb Balti no matter how many times the manager tells them it’s not on the menu and the restaurant wouldn’t cook up a special just for them.

    174. Clydebuilt says:

      Rev. Stu Aye there’s no mention of Youtubegate in the Herald. . . . Hutchy and pals will want a lid put on this. It took the National 4 or 5 days to put it in print. They should have had the headline ” BBC Closes Independence Website” all over page one from the start.

      The blame should be firmly pinned onto tthe broadcaster, not lost in Alex Salmond writing a letter.

    175. heraldnomore says:

      Now let’s take Aamer Anwer’s comments in the McEleny case a little further:

      Remember in the last IndyRef campaign all those employers threatening their staff – no need to name them, I’m sure you’ll all recall and possibly still keep your business far from their doors – well the precedent is now established. Discrimination because of their beliefs…


    176. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says:

      Remainers have just six weeks to take back control of the European agenda.

      Thanks. An entertaining article telling it like it is …

      “…facing the end of all their dreams, we should expect a coalition of fascists, xenophobes, golf club bores, Russian stooges and right-wing Tory MPs to launch themselves onto a final no-deal death ride, to the combined soundtrack of Wagner’s Die Walküre and that BNP single “Christmas is a British Thing”.”


      “When we look back on the period between the June 2017 election and the day May quits, we will see it as a period in which a gang of chancers and incompetents, with few organic connections to British business and civil society, but with a direct line to US-funded think tanks and foreign crooks, led modern Conservatism to its doom.”

    177. Ken500 says:

      GE coming soon to get the Tories out of their mess. So they can lose. The poison chalice.

      Imagine Tom Watson as PM?

      Oxbridge unfair, unequal privilege. Often bought education. Then public funded. Funded 2000 to 1 of all other universities.

      The Tories ‘hard Brexit’ by ‘accident’. Rather by a bunch of objectionable, greedy, nasty chancers.

      The mathematicans that bought Wall Street down. Pyramid banking. Collapse. The cheating lying non regulated bankers and politicians. The major accounting firms corruption. Getting away with it. Government collusion. That was no accident. Electoral fraud. Gerrymandering. Buying elections and referendum. Totally illegal. Corruption and privilege.

    178. Footsoldier says:

      STV will be a tough one to convert. The new CEO, Simon Pitts, is unlikely to be sympathetic to indy given his background and he is in charge. As far as I can tell, although happy to be told otherwise, his experience of STV was through the prism of ITV where STV was probably regarded pretty much as BBC HQ in London regard BBC Scotland. There is still a feeling around which suggests, although denied, that he is readying STV for a takeover by ITV.

      Although not a public service broadcaster, if they are going to do news, it should be selective Scottish news.

      Time to turn things up.

    179. Danny says:

      Liam Fox blames the EU for leading us towards a No Deal.

      What are they Tories like?

      The EU will be made out to be the bad guys and the Bulldog Brits will be made out to be the heroes fighting the bastards from Brussels.

      “It wiz the EU what done it and then ran away”

      The English Establishment are experts in the art of deflection.

      Prepare for “EU Bad” to hit the airways, up there with Trump, Putin and Sturgeon.

    180. Footsoldier says:

      Sometimes I wish Wings had an edit facility. Last line of penultimate paragraph of my post at 9.58am should read “…it should NOT be selective Scottish news.”

    181. Ken500 says:

      In the late 90’s right wing economics Prof preaching Japanese economic success. Then the scandal of the Japanese banking/economic collapse. Falsifying of company accounts etc. Resignations and pleads of contrition by Chairmen.

      Politics lecturers. Despised Thatcher with a vengeance. One stood as a SNP candidate. Geordie and Oxbridge? grad.

      Blair/Brown illegal wars and banking crisis collapse. Banking deregulation Thatcher. Demutualised Building Societies owned by the members. Sold off utilitised. Major privatised railways 1992. Greenham Common closed 1992. 30 minutes from London.

    182. Phydaux says:

      You have done us all proud, Stuart, in the best sense of the word…heartfelt thanks and sorry you’ve been harassed and targeted, yet again. Great to see another intellectual giant, Alex Salmond’s timely and welcome intervention…all on our behalf and it fair gladdened my heart. A great week rounded off neatly with a delightful cartoon from one of the best around.It feels like the Indy movement has gained an unexpected advantage on a rival.

      The BBC is rotten to it’s stinking core and is losing its legitimacy and power to influence the behaviour and thoughts of the people of Scotland. Credit to John Beattie and Gary Robertson…it felt like they were trying to salvage some of their own personal and professional integrity.

      Trust the BBC? That ship has sailed…their abject failure to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults ,entrusted to their care, from the dangerous, deviant and predatory J.Saville and others was and remains unforgivable…as was the cover up to protect the dark heart of the Establishment connections to these serial perpetrators. The trust is long gone and there remains, to this day, a creepy and sinister cult of celebrity at the heart of the BBC.

      How to react to an institution which intentionally behaves in ways that harm others and who try to bargain with you or take the piss with its tokenism and sneering contempt? Maybe it’s time to hang up on them when they come calling. They can’t stand it.

    183. manandboy says:

      Imagine the damage that would be done to a child by parents who constantly lied about almost everything and denied the child even basic affirmation.

      Such is the relationship between England and Scotland, and about which the whole of England and half of Scotland is in total denial.

    184. Alba 46 says:

      Clydebuilt @9:29

      Agree with your comments entirely. The National missed a trick on day 1 with not going with the story. They redeemed themselves with excellent coverage on Thursday and Friday.

      Be careful Clydebuilt, you will be joining me on Dave McEwan Hills “list”.

    185. @ScottieDog

      All education systems stifle enlightened/innovative thinking,

      you teach what you are taught,

      education/teachers,whether accountancy,cancer treatment,mechanical design,(we still rely on the internal combustion engine first built 1859)have stagnated the evolution of new ideas,

      the `further` education systems main purpose is to make profit/money not advance new ideas.

    186. jfngw says:

      Giving the extreme right the oxygen of publicity just makes them into heroes. I’m old enough to remember this was the claim that Alf Garnett in a comedy was exposing the racism of the far right, he became a cultural hero. Racism runs deep in the ultra unionist, it doesn’t take much to let it out. Brexit is based on racism, the other arguments are just camouflage, and it looks like there are more than we ever imagined in the UK.

    187. Capella says:

      @ Yesindyref2 @ Nana – the judge’s opinion that belief in Independence is a protected characteristic is significant. Good for Chris McEleny in pursing the MOD for constructive dismissal. It’ll be interesting to see if he wins his case.

      Andrew Tickell (Lallands Peat Worrier) was on GMS today and mentioned this good outcome. A bright spot in a otherwise dire programme.

    188. Clydebuilt says:

      Re Councillor McEleny Case

      Is it not a disaster for the independence case that it is equated to a religion a philosophical belief. We want voters to understand our (economic) arguments that their lives will be better if decisions are made in Scotland. Putting out the message that Independence equates to religion will be used against us.

      Just look who the journalist is behind the article. As The Rev. Said not a word about Youtubegate,

    189. Capella says:

      @ Scott Finlayson – I really have to disagree with your assertion that all education stifles new ideas. You don’t just toss someone a ball of wool and some needles and urge them to invent a knitted jumper. You teach the state of knowledge up to this point. It’s up to individuals to innovate after that.

      And CLYDEBUILT – no it is not a disaster that belief in Scottish independence is a protected characteristic. It makes it possible to sue employers for disriminating against Indy supporters in recruitment, promotion and dismissal cases. There may be further areas such as refusal to print Indy adverts, hire out halls or offices to indy groups etc. These are real examples BTW.

    190. Capella says:

      Full decision and arguments here with MOD sneery dismissal of belief in independence:

      Had he only argued about economics he would have lost his case.

      (The judge) wrote that McEleny’s belief in independence is not simply an opinion or viewpoint based on the present state of information available.
      “He does not believe in Scottish independence because it will necessarily lead to improved economic and social conditions for people living in Scotland. It is a fundamental belief in the right of Scotland to national sovereignty.”
      The judge continued: “I also do not accept that because Scottish independence might not impact on someone living in Tanzania … or that Scottish independence is not of concern to a Tanzanian prevents the claimant’s belief from being philosophical in nature.
      “I am in no doubt that throughout a significant part of the last century national sovereignty and independence from British rule were weighty and substantial aspects of life in Tanzania, or Tanganyika as it then was.”
      She added: “The claimant has persuaded me that his belief in Scottish independence has a sufficiently similar cogency to a religious belief as required by Justice Burton in Grainger to qualify as a philosophical belief.”

    191. Robert Peffers says:

      @Footsoldier says: 5 August, 2018 at 9:58 am:

      ” … Although not a public service broadcaster, if they are going to do news, it should be selective Scottish news.
      Time to turn things up.”

      Whoa! There, Footsoldier. Both ITV & STV are indeed, “Public Service Broadcasters”, as is BskyB.

      It is a condition of their broadcasters licence that they must carry news, UK Government Public Service bulletins, traffic reports and disaster warnings and such like.

      I have a vague memory of BskyB attempting to legally wriggle out of doing so and wanting to remove their news channels. They were warned that if they did not carry Public Service Broadcasts they would be restricted to subscription only, encrypted only, services and promptly dropped their plans.

      Anyway, it is a fact that a news broadcast puts that broadcast into the public domain and thus it cannot be copyrighted as anything placed into the Public domain belongs to the public.

      As I posted already I have no information regarding such things as already copyrighted photographs or videos that a newscaster includes in their newscast. Anyway, it opens up a big can of worms for the broadcasters like the BBC as they could find themselves sued for showing members of the public on newscasts without members of the public granting the BBC permission to include their images in the newscast.

      Someone else commented that such websites as, “Archive is”, that archives newspaper, website and broadcast items would be liable to pay copyright for every download from their archives.

      So, if you publish a news item then you put it in the public domain and gift it to the public.

    192. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Things are certainly drifting our way first the BEEB shoot themselves in the foot with a decent sized shotgun now we have the McEleny case.

      This case is a bit of a scandal I have to say the allegation that this man has suffered because he supports independence is an outrage.

      The court decision may cause the anti Scottish lobby severe difficulties the Westminster Regime and all its associated parts including broadcasters and the press will have an arm tied as they plan attacks on us.

      This is so potentially damaging to the British Nationalists that I predict some legislation to lessen the effect of this decision.

    193. Petra says:

      Thanks for the links Nana, in particular those posted for anyone new to the site and the info on Cefetra using Rosyth to get our agricultural produce to the continent by by-passing England. No doubt envisioning trucks backed up down south with foodstuffs rotting away.

      Disgraceful that Chris McEleny was questioned in his own home by MoD representatives about his belief in Independence for Scotland. “Big Brother’s” watching closely right enough. I wonder if the MoD will now appeal this decision or back off rather than open a real can of worms?

      Indyref2’s doing a great job in pointing out once again the propaganda strategies being used by BBC Scotland. On this occasion “omission.” Remember the hoo-ha when Nicola Sturgeon introduced the baby boxes in Scotland? She was practically accused of wanting to roast new-borns to death and now they, the Royal College of Midwives, want them rolled out across England. Ruth Davidson was totally opposed to them (or rather just totally opposed to the SNP), citing data from a so-called expert. What about the BBC interviewing Ms Davidson to find out what she thinks of them now? Aye right!

      Thanks too for the link you posted yesterday of Nick Robinson questioning David Mundell who’s in New Zealand right now having a wee holiday at our expense … another one! NR trying to find out what the UK has to trade other than what it exports right now. Stuttering, dithering, blustering Davie having to admit eventually that the UK has NOUGHT more to offer. He’s just out there trying to get them to buy more of the “same.” Surely the bosses of such companies already trading with NZ could just pick up the phone or send off an email in an attempt to boost their sales? No doubt have done so already and in fact having DM out there could result in a massive drop in exports, imo.

    194. Clydebuilt says:

      Capella @ 12.16

      “had he only argued about economics he would have lost his case”

      The case for independence is more important than one man.

      I’ve just seen the S. Herald front page. . . . . The Journo recognised the damage to independence by equating it to a Religion.

    195. Cherry says:

      Just catching up and apologies to Nana if she has already posted.
      Long read but enlightening.

    196. Cherry says:

      Here’s the next instalment.

    197. yesindyref2 says:

      If STV were to get taken over by ITV, I don’t see Bernard Ponsonby going quietly.

    198. yesindyref2 says:

      There may be further areas such as refusal to print Indy adverts . . .

      Interesting one, specially remembering the clockwork orange refusing to use Rev’s posters. They could now be taken to court, and sued for damages – though of course the Rev is shy about court cases 🙂

    199. Clootie says:

      A great deal of spin on the ruling that Indepence should be treated as a core belief.

      Why have we gone from 50 “countries” to 200 “countries” in the space of seventy years. It is because it is a right for a group of people to seek self determination. It goes back much further than the UN. It pre- dates the Roman Empire. It is a value shared all around the World.

      To try and spin this to a comparison to religion is insulting. Would anyone compare a belief in the freedom of an individual as opposed to slavery is a religious situation.

      Why does such a simple concept require any explanation???

    200. Foonurt says:

      Whit’s wrang, wae ah wireless?

      Horse thae fuckin tellies, oot yurr windaes.

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