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Live and in pieces

Posted on July 01, 2019 by

We suspect that LBC’s Iain Dale might have been reading this morning’s Wings article before he interviewed Jo Swinson tonight.

We can only hope any subsequent Scottish interviewers do as diligent a job, and also pick her up on a few of the blatant lies she did manage to sneak past Dale.

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201 to “Live and in pieces”

  1. call me dave says:


    Nonsense on stilts as another rogue once said. 🙁

  2. Normski says:


  3. Cubby says:

    Praise be to the Rev Stuart Campbell from the ministry of truth.

    Britnat political liars throughout the UK your moment of damnation for a career of lies awaits you. The Rev is coming for you.

  4. bookie from hell says:

    so when snp gain seats 2021/22 indyref2 will be OK?

  5. Confused says:

    jo swinson from her time at the beeb

  6. kenneth says:

    I heard it live. She really needed to be taken to task on the whole, no mandate if No majority nonsense. Presumably she believes that any manifesto promises delivered by the previous labour government were illegitimate and an affront to democratic principles. I guess her vision for Holyrood is everyone sitting on their hands year after year until a majority government miraculously appears.

  7. Confused says:

    in the last thread someone who knew her teacher at school said she was described as –

    not particularly bright

    – in the old joke the idiot/waster would join the priesthood, now its politics

  8. Capella says:

    The SNP win in Scotland with a PR system which was designed to prevent a majority. If we had FPTP in Scotland the SNP would hold the overwhelming majority of the seats.

    The LDs say they want PR for the whole UK. But Jo Swinson, like all the other unionist politicians, ignore that and slyly make false comparisons when talking about the SNPs mandate in Scotland.

  9. Jock McDonnell says:

    I can’t stand that woman, stinks of careerism but thankfully properly skewered by an informed interviewer. Quite amazing how she turned to mush there. That aside, staying in the UK & EU is not on offer. Its one or the other & since we have too many of our economic eggs in the basket of the UK & gie few in the basket of the EU, its fairly clear where the biggest opportunities are to be had.

  10. DerekM says:

    Jesus Christ that was a hard watch,fair play to Iain for telling it as it is.

    Jo has gone full howling britnat yoon SNP bad no mandate screeching,watch out Ruth she is after your job and ermine jacket.

  11. kapelmeister says:

    Does anyone know, is there a condition called Multiple Accent Disorder or something like that?

  12. HYUFD says:

    The LDs are now arguably the most anti independence and pro Unionist party, just as they are the most pro EU party. Tories would like to keep the Union ideally but not at the expense of Brexit on a forced choice, if Scots choose the EU over the Union so be it, the same with Brexit Party supporters, Greens have some sympathy with the SNP and Corbyn Labour are not that fanatical about the Union either given Corbyn’s closeness to Sinn Fein and Republican sympathies, though he would like SNP MPs backing him to be PM

  13. Marcia says:

    She looked very uncomfortable and comes over as a chancer.

  14. Socrates MacSporran says:

    That wummin is even-stupider than Kezia Dugdale, Annie Wells, Jenny Marra or Ruth Davidson.

    In fact, she is even-stupider than Wee Willie Rennie, and that takes a bit of doing.

    Should she, by some misfortune, become Lib-Dem Leader, she will be a shorty-lived one, I am sure her constituents will not be so-silly as to send her back to Westminster.

  15. Bobby Klaus says:

    Iain did well but could have done much more to expose her – such as noting that the Scottish Government’s mandate is clear from the fact that it managed to pass its referendum bill through parliament, by noting that much has changed since the 2013 white paper, and noting that 35 SNP MPs is still a majority of Scots MPs i.e. the SNP won the 2017 General Election in Scotland.

  16. galamcennalath says:

    Surely no one could listen to that and conclude the woman makes much sense?

    Because the SNP went from an absolutely enormous landslide in 2015 to an just a normal landslide in 2017, shows a loss of mandate?

    And, the SNP are a minority government, so no mandate? She needs reminding we in Scotland have PR, you know, the thing the LibDems wanted but failed to deliver when in WM coalition. However, the Scottish Parliament has a pre Indy majority anyway – shame that point didn’t come up.

    Clearly she fancies a career in politics. News for her … she’s in the wrong party, in the wrong seat, in the wrong country, and has two constitutional positions both of which are losers.

  17. robertknight says:

    Is it too late to send the British Transport Police a text to report a train crash? I’m pretty certain I’ve just witnessed one.

  18. Morgatron says:

    Honestly, this woman makes me puke. She is devious and a fabricator of truths. I cant believe she was voted back in the Briggs region. Her voice annoys me and her reason for the SNP not having a mandate is just total bollocks. I have posted many times that it’s time for PR to be removed as Holyroods electrol system an change to 1st padt the post and get shot of these dullards

  19. Alison Brown says:

    Where is her accent from? I know irrelevant but would like to know. She is quite the anti Scottish wriggling snake in the grass!!

  20. Morgatron says:

    Stu , like the wee DB reference to the naming of the video too. She too is going round & round. Just comparing here to John Nicholson makes you wonder what the fuck the East Dumbartonshire electorate were smoking on the last election night!

  21. msean says:

    Wait,the Scotland’s Future White Paper was good?A credit to the Scottish Government you say?But…why didn’t BetterTogether say that then? Didn’t the better together dear leaders read it very quickly and denounce it?

    Never heard that from the No side,must have slipped their minds at the time,eh? Surely a keeper.

  22. Heart of Galloway says:

    I have a pretty good ear for accents and in all honesty Jo Swinson’s is fake news.
    Its latest reincarnation has a dash of Nor’n Irish orange squash in there. Where the hell did that come from?
    Too many voice coaches spoileth the child…

  23. galamcennalath says:

    Ask any BritNat about Scottish independence now and they go apoplectic. Irrational, illogical, and lies ridden responses as they clutch desperately for counter arguments. It’s pathetic to watch. IndyRef2 campaigning will not go well for them because their arguments are already evaporating. So their plan is to try not to face the inevitable.

    Changed days from 5-6 years ago when it would have been smirky faces, ridicule, and smarmy dismissal. We haven’t seen that from BritNats for a while.

  24. Brian Powell says:

    All Dale had to say was the SNP got 35 seats in 2017 and all the other parties got 25 together, and her argument would have totally collapsed.

  25. A C Bruce says:

    Dear God, what an embarrassment. As thick as two short planks. She must think Scots button up the back.

    What’s with the Shirley Temple ringlets?

  26. kapelmeister says:

    Her pronunciation of SNP is not essenpee, as almost everyone says and she used to say. It’s now essenpie. Eh?

    If she ever goes into a cafe and orders pie and peas it could lead to a lot of confusion.

  27. Iain says:

    Surely surely surely she must have cringed at herself when she played that back later in the comfort of her living room?

  28. Lochside says:

    A total phoney with irritable vowel syndrome.

  29. Calum McKay says:

    Where does that accent come from, it is utterly bizarre and affected!

    What I find strangest about the liberals is they point out nationalism in others whilst failing to recognise or appreciate the british nationalistic feelings that they nurture and cling to.

    What’s her name also fails to recognise the promise that was made to Scotland in 2014 on our EU membership, both strange and selective, key liberal traits when it comes to Scotland!

  30. Paul Miller says:

    I wonder how the UKs blueprint for Scotland is doing.

  31. DerekM says:


    Nope all you see is history loony and her cult trolling the crap out the SNP ,they really should just block them if only to drive them gaga and give us all a laugh.

    And of course the proud loyalists who are so loyal they are now on their 3rd choice unionist party to save the union which is split between the lib dems and brexit party a winning strategy if ever i saw one lmao

    The brexit trolls are a pest but easy swatted away as they are so stupid its hard to believe ,of course its just our pals from 2014 who are now having to try and defend brexit as well and i bet they still have not got that pay rise and to be fair they are so bad at it they probably do not deserve one lol

  32. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    OK, I will lick my left thumb, then wipe it down my lapel and refer to you this:-

    “Time for bed”, said Zebedee.

  33. galamcennalath says:

    I wouldn’t normally comment of people’s accents, however here we do have something rather odd and probably relevant.

    I was watching this on my iPad and my wife, who couldn’t see the screen, asked who that was with such a strange accent.

    I think the accent portrays someone who doesn’t know who she wants to be or where she believes she fits in. It’s full of intentional affectation combined with involuntary imports.

  34. Iain Dale says:

    You suspect wrongly, I’m afraid!

  35. Brian Fleming says:

    …irritating vowel syndrome.

  36. kapelmeister says:

    Swinso Marx. If you don’t like my accents I have others.

  37. Essexexile says:

    Good grief.
    I’ve voted Liberal most of my life but that woman could make a good man bad (ref anyone?).
    If they’re going after the ‘inside the EU and part of the UK vote’ they’d do well to find somebody who doesn’t instantly get your back up as much as she does.
    Or, well, perhaps they wouldn’t.

  38. Mary miles says:

    Her accent and way of speaking reminds me of the “blond bimbo” in the Vicar of Dibley! Although amusing in the series, hardly material for a politician!

  39. Sharny Dubs says:

    Ohhh I like him!

  40. Richard Hunter says:

    That Swinston interview in full: “aee ba goom, och aye the noo, Okay yaah!”

  41. frogesque says:

    Just in case I missed it, are the Scottish Greens still committed to Indy 2 as well as the SNP?

    Last I looked there was still a majority for Independence at Holyrood.

    It seems to be a Unionist tack, make it all and only about the SNP forgetting the Greens and all others unaligned to any given party.

    Not many I’ll grant but even some Conservative thinking voters support Indy!

    Aside from all that the Liar Party as always spouting a bucket of pish.

  42. kapelmeister says:

    Professor Higgins’ biggest challenge.

  43. Kangaroo says:

    Galamcennalath @10:47

    If you think they have stopped being irrational just read the comments on the National, the Herald or the Scotsman. Desperate and vile doesn’t come near enough. Their main argument seems to be “too poor – fiscal transfer of 15bn”. Asked to make a positive case for the union they have no answer.

  44. Brian says:

    Poor Iain. Having to see what it’s like dealing with the shite we get daily.

    Got to say he actually did a decent job of holding her to account and blowing the lies out of the water.

    On another note, I want to be paid to be a liar. Should I become a unionist MP or get a job as Trumps Press secretary? Which pays better?

  45. Mountain shadow says:

    Ross Geller’s English accent was more convincing that hers.

    Dreadful interview.

  46. Karmanaut says:

    A journalist calmly pointing out facts to an MP exposes her lies. What an utterly pathetic situation we’re in when you just can’t imagine something like this happening in the Scottish media.

  47. HandandShrimp says:

    Had almost forgotten the Fiberals were going through this dance of the living dead too.

    Perm any two from four, it really doesn’t make a blind bit of difference.

  48. Derek Rogers says:

    I’m an accent coach, so I’ll tell it like it is. Most politicians, when they try to exploit accents, are a howling disaster – look at Blair’s ‘ordinary bloke’ act, that got him slow-handclapped at the Womens’ Institute.

    Farage’s ‘ordinary bloke’, by contrast, is successful – his ‘You know what?’ phrase works a treat. Gove is another who’s changed his accent convincingly – it’s pure posh English (except when he got thrown out of the Cabinet a couple of years ago, and the ScotSpeak crept back in, as a result of personal insecurity).

    All credit to Farage and Gove on that score, because it’s really hard work, and you need to have a blazingly secure sense of yourself (and a brain to go with it) to manage it.

    Most ordinary people, by contrast, have pretty much one accent, because they believe that they’re pretty much one thing, and can’t be arsed to fake other identities. But some people acquire accents in layers, so their speech is a kind of munchie-box of all the places they’ve ever lived in. Jo Thing has this quality in spades – I counted six different regional and social accents in the first half-minute, and they were coming so thick and fast that I couldn’t even put a name to them all.

    So what person does she think she is? Where’s her core, her real self, the part that’s independent of, and more permanent than, all the bullshit? Hmm.

  49. Golfnut says:

    How many interviews has she done on this so far, and she still hasn’t managed to put together a coherent answer, never mind an honest one.

  50. kapelmeister says:

    A majority of MSPs voted for indyref2. 63 SNP & 6 Greens.
    Remember the Scottish Greens Jo? That lot that have 1 more seat at Holyrood than your lot.

  51. North chiel says:

    Gladstone must be “ turning in his grave” . The liberal party / The party of “ Home rule” ( Obviously Swinson doesn’t know where her home is . Hence her “ wandering accent”).

  52. Breeks says:

    I am so weary of this neverending shite.

    The Establishment media is treating us to yet another feckless, narcissistic gobshite to trumpet lies and distortion in the forlorn hope it’s going to resonate and make us all put Scottish Independence back in the drawer.

    There are 120 days to prevent a foreign government subjugating Scotland’s Sovereignty and removing our EU Citizenship, and we’re watching this rank amateur nobody doing pirouettes in a spotlight that only shines on the LibDem Liars because the Brexit Party turned the red and blue Tories indecision into a three horse race, which happened to make a Remainers minority look slightly more credible, and yet it’s hailed as the forgiveness and resurrection of the beige sell-out tossers who’ll lie through their teeth and snuggle into bed with a Tory Government which promises to respect them in the morning.

    I wish I’d bottled a drop of the essence of YES2014 just to have a wee sniff of it in times of emergency, like Frodo and his wee vial with the Light of Elindil. I never thought I be needing it, but Jeezo, I’m losing the will to live in this joyless purgatory devoid of leadership, momentum or positive direction.

    120 days until Scotland’s humiliation, and we still don’t know if there’s going to be a battle or a gutless, snivelling, impotent capitulation. I’m beginning to understand why William Wallace wanted a big fk-off 6ft Claymore.

  53. Well, that’s Project Laughing Stock well and truly launched.
    What a vacuous little nobody this woman is.
    Surely there was vote tampering in East Dunbartonshire.
    Who could possibly put a cross next to this incredibly stupid woman’s name.
    She can kiss LD leadership goodbye, that’s for sure.
    Davey must have pissed himself laughing at this performance.
    In the bag now, if there were ever any doubt before.
    Project Laughing Stock; laugh in their ‘ Scotland £15 billion deficit’ faces when they churn out their lies threats and warnings of retribution.

    They have nothing to defend their precious Empire now.
    Laugh at them and lampoon them at every lying opportunity from now on in.

  54. Clapper57 says:

    A Lib Dem talking about other parties inconsistencies…as opposed to blatant lying I suppose a la Lib Dem.

    The look on Iain Dale’s face as he witnesses the inconsistency and illogical thought process in her non argument is a picture and I am sure mirrors what many Scots faces, listening to this wee madam, must look like as she desperately tries to justify the unjustifiable ….for her tis the precious Union uber alles….same old same old….for her the UKOK comes first….the pro EU is simply a vehicle for her party to gain votes….votes which once were so elusive but now are there to be stolen from the voters desperate to remain in EU and who are unable to support their usual party thanks to their Brexit position a la Tory or indeed their ambiguous position a la Labour.

    When will people learn that the Lib Dems are as duplicitous as the Brexit party….just opportunists and liars feeding of those voters who are desperate….but come on no one can be that desperate to believe the Lib Dems are the answer …it seems the remainers are as fucked up as leavers if they do.

  55. Golfnut says:

    @ Breeks.

    Brilliant post. Might not agree with all of it, but just brilliant.

  56. CmonIndy says:

    Ok there is someone more detestable thsn Ruth Davidson.

  57. geeo says:


    We get it, you hate the SNP, but you like countdowns.

    Wanna bet the uk does not exit on Oct 31st unless the EU refuses an extension ?

  58. defo says:

    Essexexile says:

    “Good grief.
    I’ve voted Liberal most of my life but that woman could make a good man bad (ref anyone?).”

    I enjoy a good Smiths reference to myself too mate.

    Let me get what i want, this time!

  59. geeo says:

    Eeebagum, eckythump ‘aar !!

    3 different interviews today, 3 different accents, same utter horsesh*t.

  60. Den Cairns says:

    A flamin fluckin detestable bun wi no admirable assets tae boot. Some would argue mind you, she has twa…

  61. CameronB Brodie says:

    Now that’s what I call over the place and is indicative of trying to defend the indefensible, i.e. the LibDumb hypocrisy over the full-English Brexit and another indyref.

    The only way British nationalist are able to justify their ideology, is by viewing the world through their blind eye and forgetting that British constitutional law is justified through “natural justice” between Scotland and England. Subsequently, British constitutional law requires parity among the nations, though there has never been any English political apatite for such arrangements, and it has always been a cultural myth that this is how things are, IMHO. British nationalism is an expansionist form of English nationalism and Scotland considered a subordinate observer to England’s decisions (see the full English Brexit).


    Towards an EU Copenhagen Mechanism


    This study examines the triangular relationship between fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law in the EU and the challenges that arise in reflecting on ways to strengthen EU competences in these terrains. It analyses
    the current ‘state of play’ and provides a map of EU-level mechanisms assessing respect for rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights, and Article 2 TEU general principles, by EU Member States.

    Special attention is paid to crosscutting dilemmas affecting the operability and effective implementation of these principles. The study thinks ahead and offers possible ‘ways forward’ in EU policy-making for ensuring a more optimal respect, protection and promotion of the Union’s principles by Member States and the EU. It proposes the creation of a new supervisory mechanism – the Copenhagen mechanism – to effectively address the current rule of law deficits facing the concept of ‘democratic rule of law with fundamental rights’ in the Union.

  62. Betty Boop says:

    Let’s not be too harsh about what Dale missed. He gave her a much harder time than almost any media interviewer I’ve seen and made pertinent points. Not bad for an English Tory. I think he may have enjoyed that and maybe thinks he earned his pay just for that one interview.

  63. David says:

    I hope everyone enjoying the video remembers that:
    Iain Dale is a rightwing pro-Brexiter.
    Mr Dale writes a weekly column for the website ConservativeHome.
    He would enjoy demolishing an anti-Brexit LibDem.

    “In May 2005, Dale stood in the general election as Conservative candidate for Norfolk North, losing to the Liberal Democrat incumbent.”

    From what I’ve seen of him as a pundit on CNN, he is no friend of Scotland.

  64. Dr Jim says:

    Why didn’t Ian Dale make her cry, she was right there for the taking, I spoke to her for nearly an hour one day five years ago and had her on the verge of panic (that’s when the accent starts going *boiing boiiing* and gets higher pitched

    The Lib Dems waged a nasty vicious campaign against John Nicolson who the people of East Dunbartonshire really took to till Rennie and his crew got started with their personal abuse round the doors, Oh not Swinson btw she wasn’t even there till the final week till photo time and her pictures only appeared in the final week, before that every leaflet was SNP bad wall to wall chokka with massive fat lies

    Liberal Democrats as we all know are a shocking bunch of lying parasites waiting to jump on the back of any dog for a free ride to power

    This is a woman who claimed parliamentary expences for tooth floss and teaspoons, she actually believes she’s a chosen one and she’ll do anything to get there, delusions of Thatcher

  65. Petra says:

    The woman who wants a statue of Maggie Thatcher to be erected, while she supports zero hour contracts, says it all for me. She’s also married to Duncan Hames, ex-Libdem, who’s now Head of Policy (UK) for Berlin based Transparency International a company thats main purpose is to take action against global corruption. The company however has been found to be corrupt. Like Breeks et al I’m now losing the will to live, lol.

    Let’s hope that Ed Davy is elected as LD leader. If so, that would take the wind out of her sails and result in another out and out liar getting no media coverage at all.


    Worth a read if you missed it. If we vote for Independence, Scotland can remain in the Single Market and Customs area from day one.

  66. Dr Jim says:

    The Britnats are Trolling Jackie Kay the Makar now
    that’s just taking their bile too far

  67. Col says:

    Can someone shed some light on this? Hugh Monro my electoral Registration officer has sent me ANOTHER letter asking who’s eligible to register to vote at my address here in Glasgow? I’ve registered countless times over the last few years. Same address so what is going on here? Are they trying to get folk off the register?

  68. Petra says:

    I shouldn’t really comment on someone’s appearance but don’t you think that she looks like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz? Between her manufactured looks, goody two-shoe act, her compulsive lying and suffering from multiple accent syndrome she fits in well at Westminster …. is a model of instability.


    WGD’s latest:- ‘Putting Tory words in Scotland’s mouth.’

  69. Col says:

    Every undemocratic move the Westminster parties now make we will have to counter.this is really like a game of chess now, I can see it play out right before my eyes.

  70. Petra says:

    Ha ha ha. Brilliant. She’s asking everyone to tune into LBC to hear her explain why she’s the best choice for the Libdem leadership post. She’s got the appropriate credentials right enough being a lying, hypocritical, corrupt, wee con wummin. I’m just wondering now if she’s the reason for Tavish Scott baling out?

    Check out the tweets. Seems they’ve all got her measure.

  71. geeo says:


    So what if he is a right wing zoomer ?

    He totally showed Swinson up as a complete arse. By doing so, he helps the indy cause.

    His own personal bitterness led him to help to advance independence for us.

    Now THAT is to be encouraged.

  72. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Breeks @ 00:12,
    geeo @ 00:23.

    Well, who isn’t weary of it all?

    Could be wrong, but I have a feeling that Halloween is finally going to be the end of the yellow brick road. Too much Tory reputation at stake now. If the new PM (whichever one) didn’t deliver then, the party would be toast.

    That’s when the No-Remainer hold-outs will finally realise with a horrible sinking feeling in the pits of their stomachs that empty-head Swinson and her fellow “best of all possible worlds” fantasy-merchants can deliver zit-all, and the dreaded Long Drop is finally upon us all.

    The tipping point. When the fond illusions finally crumble to dust.

    And who will be there, ready, willing and vindicated to offer these folk a viable way out?

    One guess who…

  73. CameronB Brodie says:

    re. British nationalism and the sense of “learned helplessness” that it has ingrained in the Scottish psyche. Ever heard of “battered wife syndrome”? Strongly related to the Scottish cringe, IMHO.

    Battered Woman Syndrome


    Serious, long-term domestic abuse can result in a mental disorder called battered woman syndrome. Battered woman syndrome, which is also sometimes called battered wife syndrome, is considered a subcategory of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    With battered woman syndrome, a woman may develop a learned helplessness that causes her to believe she deserves the abuse and that she can’t get away from it. In many cases, it’s why women don’t report their abuse to police or avoid telling friends and family what’s really going on.

    Battered woman syndrome is serious, which is why it’s taken into account in homicide cases when women murder their abusive partners….

  74. Petra says:

    Totally agree RJS. And when the horrible stuff hits the fan I’ve got a vision of people, en masse, south of the border stampeding northwards. Scrambling over Hadrian’s Wall like a colony of ants. The Westminster political system is breaking down at long last. The Union is all but over and out. Let’s just hope that something positive will ultimately emerge, metamorphose, from this ending for our nearest neighbours.

  75. Douglas Guy says:

    Criticizing Swinson’s accent is idiocy. Childhood in Scotland and adult life in Wiltshire does that to your accent. She still lives in the beautiful little rural Wiltshire village of Holt and works most of the time in London with visits up to her constituency in the northern suburbs of Glasgow. A single accent is impossible to maintain in those circumstances.

  76. Cactus says:

    SO the Swinson said (during the interview):

    “…Scotland’s place in the UK…”

    The boldened word above suggests perceived ownership by unionists

    How does “Scotland’s participation within the EU” sound folks?

    Stay tuned into Wings, Iain Dale

  77. Cactus says:

    To be precise… (cause we already are as we are)

    How does “iScotland’s participation within the EU” sound folks?

    Let’s paint more pictures of our future

  78. Cactus says:

    Potential pictures…

    – Jo the Swinson LAUGHED at with 12% of their final vote

    Future Indy Scotland… (more to follow, sometime)

    – The 100% value of Scotlands resources payable to Scotland only
    – Scottish DVLA office to replace the current Scottish Office
    – You get to get your international Scottish Passport
    – You can watch & listen to your own television for FREE!
    – Jo the Swinson will be long gone (politically)

  79. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Douglas Guy @ 02:51,

    More importantly perhaps, an intimate relationship with her distant constituency is arguably also impossible to maintain in those circumstances.

    Not least after an enforced timeout, when life in the West Country had to go on, and now having to share herself again – as needs must – with the many bright media lights of London.

    Personally, I would rather all our representatives were much closer to home, to voters and to their place of work.

    A win-win all round, I would say.

  80. Jimmy says:

    Can’t beat the old “How many apples in a barrel of pears” argument.

  81. Kangaroo says:

    The Hunt No deal plan includes “Emergency Powers”

  82. Ian McCubbin says:

    Whit a wee lying torag.
    She is one a one person trip to self fulfillment.
    I hope if there is an election she is gone.
    Have to say Dale nailed her.
    He got her on her hypocrisy.
    Clearly the inconsisty is her grovelling to the Tories.

  83. winifred mccartney says:

    jo swinson libdem liar – who would ever have thought it.

    Same neck as kez and ruthie and like them a one trick pony ready for the knackers yard once the yoons have had their fun with them.

  84. Athanasius says:

    Contemptible creature.

  85. Lollysmum says:

    Good morning Stuart, was there meant to be a video in this piece? A hint of a black video rectangle then it was gone. Are the powers that be gunning for you by any chance?

    Ah Well, makes life interesting I guess. No one could ever describe Swinson’s conversation as interesting – a total fiction maybe but interesting never.

    Keep up the good work. Good to see you’ve found a replacement for Kez already.

  86. Dorothy Devine says:

    Well done to Mr Dale .

    Would that Scotland had a few TV/Radio/Newspaper journalists with the same interest in exposing the ordure with which we are regaled daily from all sides.

    I wonder if he knows about the marches for independence not yet noticed by our broadcasters , who appear to accept the numbers ‘counted’ by a unionist in a dirty shirt with loud hailer and abusive supporters?

    I wonder if he knows the improvements put in place by the SNP Scottish Government for those who live in Scotland?

    I wonder if he knows how few times the First Minister mentions independence as opposed to every other Ruth, Wullie and the chappie who bobs up and down?

    I wonder if he knows how much I despise the Scottish journalists in broadcast media and print media ?

    He’ll ken noo!

  87. Ken500 says:

    What a fool. A complete ignoramus. She will be gone before long. Imagine anyone voting for that. They will find how many people in Scotland support Independence and how many support the LibDims. No one. They facilitated the EU Ref going in with Cameron. They should have stood against it,

    They lied and put up students fees. Betrayed their own voters. Perpetuated the Vow in Scotland. Lie after lie after lie. So they can line their pockets. On other people’s misery. They will soon be forgotten.

    Cameron, Brown and Clegg gone. Still embezzling the public purse. Tax evaders. They are shameless. The unionists could not make a bigger mess.An absolute disgrace. A complete and utter shambles.

    The UK GE FPTP. The Holyrood election d’Hond’t. A list system letting all the clueless numpties in. IF it was FPTP. The SNP would have a vast majority, Deans devised the system so the unionist would get more in. To muck Scotland up. Many people think they have to vote for them (2bd vote). They is why they get in. Fooling the electorate as usual.

    Tavish Scott gone. He knows he will not get in. The rats deserting the sinking ship. The unionists. Findlay. too. Another one gone, another one down. Another one hits the dust. How many will be left in Scotland? Not a lot.

  88. Robert Louis says:

    Jo Swinson the big fat liar of the Libdems, lying in an interview again.

    In every single election to the Scots Parliament, since it was re-convened, the Liberal Democrats in Scotland have LOST, and by quite some considerable margin.

    The SNP have more MP’s than all the other parties combined in Scotland. The SNP have more MP’s from just Scotland (36) than the Libdems have from the entire UK (11). The Libdems have just 5 msps in the Scots parliament, and as such they are the smallest political party.

    For any so-called ‘journalists’ reading this, here are the msp numbers by party in the Scots parliament;

    SNP 62, Tories 31, Labour 23, Green party 6, Libdems 5.

    Yip, that’s right the Libdems have the smallest number of msps in the Scots parliament, coming even behind the Greens. They are an irrelevancy in Scotland, a festering scab on the bottom of Scottish democracy.

    The Scottish government has the mandate for indyref 2 from three elections, the most recent being the EU elections, where in a proportional vote they actually increased their number of seats.

    Yet still, in full knowledge of this, Jo Swinson lies every single day, telling folk in England the Scots don’t want an indyref.

    I’ll tell you what they don’t want, is pseudo ‘scots’ like Jo swinson, with a big spoon in her mouth giving us her contorted fake posh English accent for interviews down in England, who lies repeatedly and daily about the country she ‘claims’ to speak for. A lying, careerist gobsh*te, if ever their was one.

  89. Ken500 says:

    Iain Dale is a gay Tory. He contested a seat in the 2003 election.

    Even he tried to give Johnston a grilling. The dope on a rope who wants to ruin the world economy. To line his pockets. The compulsive habitual liar. Murdoch sacked him for telling lies. A corrupt crook. Off with £30Billion. After destroying the world. Vine called Johnstone out with a anecdotal critique,

    Johnstone would not last until October. Then there would need to be another ‘leadership’ muck up. For those imbeciles. The Tories fighting who it will be to destroy the world. Clueless, ignorant beyond belief. No one will vote for them. Into oblivion and beyond. No wonder. What a complete and utter shambles. They could not make a bigger mess.

  90. Ken500 says:

    The video worked OK.

  91. A. Bruce says:

    Does she suck up all the different accents from people she meets? I only hope that she doesn’t go on holiday to New Zealand.

  92. Ken500 says:

    Electoral roll. They are including people (1/2 million? They have to send out to all residents. So they can be included. The extra ones will register. To extend the franchise. It is nothing sinister. Just inclusive. To keep the record up to date. More inclusive.

  93. Sinky says:

    Scottish interviewers will have little influence as long as BBC TV fail to challenge Unionist claims live on air.

  94. Jock McDonnell says:

    Well, its certainly true that a flimsy prospectus won the Brexit referendum & its also true that a flimsy prospectus won the first indyref. Discuss.

    Priceless too when Dale suggests that the EU & UK are completely different structures & the EU is about economic ties not political union. Sploosh, the dimwit jumped right in & made a total clown of herself.

  95. Jock McDonnell says:

    It was like that scene in T2 where Robert Patrick’s character is splashing around in the molten metal, or maybe Peter Kaye’s character in Dr Who.

    Anyway, hilarious.

  96. Ken500 says:

    Poopy pants leaves out an IndyRef 2020. That can be won.

    Changed the record. ‘The UK will be out of the EU in March 2019. May will refuse a 30’

    Time has moved on May is gone.

    No crystal ball prediction. Got it wrong, every time.

    Nicola is still there. Another IndyRef on the table. If people vote for it. Increasingly they will. Finally history will be made. Something to celebrate. Scotland Independent in the EU. Scotland will save the world. The Westminster malicious warmongering lying crooks will be gone finally. Gone into oblivion. Their power relinquished.

  97. Breeks says:

    So America’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez worked as a humble Bar tender? America, start double checking your other bars.

    So Davidson, Dugdale, and Swinson all worked at the BBC? Scotland, in future, mibees we wan tae no do that.

  98. Capella says:

    Remember Donald Tusk’s forlorn plea, “Do not waste this time.”

  99. Muscleguy says:

    She is ignoring the fact that the SNP lost seats in the last Holyrood election because their vote share INCREASED. Something a lot of us foresaw would result in them leaving the sweet spot they had hit and as a result we urged people to vote Green on the list to ensure a Yes majority in the parliament.

    Which result we achieved. There is a Yes majority in the parliament Jo, get that in your hard head.

  100. Ken500 says:

    ‘Rebranding the BBC’ video.. @ Confused 1 July, 2019 at

    Accurate. £3.7Billion for that nonsense. £Half budget goes on keeping up the estate. For the tax evading hierarchy.

  101. Mac says:

    The power has shifted to Scotland and few can see it yet.

    With one decent poll for Independence, with support from Remainers of all Nationalities and areas, with the SNP guaranteeing and committing a date on an Indy2, on the back of this false claim that Brexit is the democratic will of UK, and with Hunt and Johnson promising all kinds of business damaging initiatives…

    And Independent Scotland, or even a solid threat, will spike the guns of the Tories, Farage and Westminster generally. At the moment they are so immersed in their Brexit debacle that the ‘Scottish Issue’ has been pushed to the background as the lesser priority and something that can be fixed later.

    Now is the time for Scotland to get fractious and push the YES agenda. The polls need to show that Scotland WILL remain in the EU via Independence.

    Independent Scotland in the EU would be a haven for businesses, people who wish to remain and a ‘middle finger’ from the Remainers in the South to Farage and the rest of the Brexiter extremists who care little about democracy and more about England, (which is the UK) to them.

    It’s time to reach out to Remainers everywhere, as Brexit is a reality.

    And it’s time to convince people that better a part of the UK at least, manages to stay in the EU. It’s a convincing argument. These islands are always going to be the same.

  102. Golfnut says:

    @ Mac .

    Excellent comment.

  103. Golfnut says:

    Can anybody get on to Yes Dumfries site, they have posted a song based on ‘ who the f##k is Alice ‘, brilliant.

  104. Ken500 says:

    Are those UK purple passports being issued not illegal? The UK is still in the EU.

    Yet Westminster imbeciles are issuing fake passports. Criminal activities. From the usual suspects.

    Another total shambles. They could not make a bigger mess. They are a world laughing stock. A total muck up.

  105. Jeff says:

    Ken500 says:
    2 July, 2019 at 7:25 am
    “Iain Dale is a gay Tory. He contested a seat in the 2003 election”.

    What has his sexuality got to do with anything? Just asking, like.

  106. Greannach says:

    Where on earth did Swinson buy her accent? She should demand a refund.

  107. Graeme says:

    It’s the lies that slip through the net that gets to me

    ie She said and I’m paraphrasing here

    “In 2017 the SNP lost 21 MPs on an election campaign that was largely fought on the independence issue”

    That is a blatant lie in fact the opposite is the truth it was because the SNP did NOT fight the campaign on that issue that they lost these 21 MPs.

    She also forgot to mention we were told in 2014 that we had to vote No to secure our place in Europe.

    She also forgot to mention the broken promises her party and the rest of Better Together made to win in 2014.

    Why is this woman given so much airtime when she’s nothing but a lying insignificant nobody elevated way above her station campaigning to be leader of an insignificant political party.

    Come on Scotland we really need to get out of this shitfest

  108. Douglas Guy says:

    Greannach says:
    2 July, 2019 at 8:45 am
    Where on earth did Swinson buy her accent?

    Milgavie, London, Yorkshire and Wiltshire. (her partner and kids have Wiltshire accesnts). Try working abroad in a non-immigrant (ie. ex-pat) community and see how fast yours gets strange.

  109. Famous15 says:

    Forget her accent and examine what she says and does!

    See her true blue voting record!

    See her reluctance to do anything that benefits Scotland!

    See her eye shadow ,well you paid for that in your taxes.

    Jo you are so full of yourself it is a wonder you ever think of your voters up north somewhere oh of course you don’t.

  110. Was Jo Swindson’s and Fraser Nelson’s father a milkman?

    OR is Jo Swinson actually Fraser Nelson in drag/

    They both talk the same.

  111. robertknight says:

    Proves that an accent, however bizarre, is no impediment to the ability to spout utter tosh.

  112. AndyMcKangry says:

    Well said Robert Louis.
    Her constant lying in public office should be a criminal offence.
    Scottish Lib-Dems = BritNat Unionists with their heads up their own arses!!

  113. Artyhetty says:

    Swivelling Swinson. A Tory through and through. As someone mentioned, forget her accents, it’s the blatant lies and denial of Scotland’s right to self determination that needs to be seriously questioned and called out, as well as her voting record, plunging people into poverty.
    A nasty, self serving, disgusting human being indeed.

  114. James Caithness @8.56 am
    ‘Was Jo Swindson’s and Fraser Nelson’s father a milkman?

    OR is Jo Swinson actually Fraser Nelson in drag/

    They both talk the same.’

    Perhaps they are they devil spawn of Malcolm Rifkind, that other well known posh boy?

    They actually believe that by developing this Laughing Stock phony accent that it imbues them with some sort of authoritative superiority over the Great Unwashed.

    The Blue Tory Benches at Holyrood are full of them, as is BBC Shortbread.

    They are bred from birth to be elitist, and Scotland’s fee paying schools finish the job.
    Laugh in their faces when they speak in forked Gove.

  115. frogesque says:

    Don’t give a shit about her accent, its the devious conniving with the London elite that grinds my box.

    There is no logical or moral reason for her anti Indy2 stance other than UK good, SNP bad and I loath the fact that she is making it all about the SNP.

    Greens and many other non aligned folk support Indy. Why the big fear of democracy?

  116. defo says:

    Which flavour sexuality is massively over-represented in both Scottish and UK politics Jeff?
    Only asking out of interest, like.

  117. Craig P says:

    I’d like an interviewer to ask her if she had to choose one union, which would it be? Will she stand with Sturgeon, or Farage?

    She couldn’t answer honestly, of course – admitting you’d gladly sell Scotland down the river in order to maintain the precious is a look that is increasingly past its sell-by date – but it would be nice to see it asked.

  118. Ian Paterson says:

    Where on Earth did that fake, made up, absolutely fabulous, mongrel accent come from?

    It certainly wisnae frae Mulguy or the tap end o’ the Switchback.

  119. Footsoldier says:

    I hope Iain Dale does not think I am lowering the benchmark too much but he is a much better interviewer than anyone on BBC Scotland or STV.

    It has been a while since I have heard such a calm interviewer who has done his homework and does not let personal or employer’s views colour his questions.

    Unfortunately I am a whole 20 minutes away from one of Scotland’s cities, so naturally digital radio is unavailable as is LBC and I do not listen on other mediums. Thanks to Wings for drawing my attention to it.

  120. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 1 July, 2019 at 10:32 pm:

    ” … And, the SNP are a minority government, so no mandate? She needs reminding we in Scotland have PR, you know, the thing the LibDems wanted but failed to deliver when in WM coalition.”

    Whoa! There, galamcennalath, all parties that get elected to government only have a mandate that is given to them from only the people who voted them into government – not by the entire electorate.

    So if a party gets elected from a list of, for example 4 parties, the total votes for three of the listed parties just do not count. That is they do not count until the party that is elected tries to push through something it was mandated to do from their manifesto. That is where the other parties get a chance to exercise what their manifesto promised their voters and that is the point where democracy comes in.

    If the opposition parties all agree to oppose them the bill fails but if the opposition is split in opposing that particular bill democracy comes into play and the majority of the whole parliament decides the matter.

    Seems to by a great lack of understanding of what a mandate actually is. It is only given by the voters for a particular party who elect that party on what that party says it stands for in its manifesto.

    However, in the particular case Swinton was talking about the SNP SG also put the matter to the entire house and a majority in the house endorsed the mandate the SNP SG got from their own voters.

  121. Frank Gillougley says:


  122. Mark Fletcher says:

    If you, me or Stu state the facts of the matter, our opponents ignore and deride them – and us, but when the likes of Iain Dale does, the effect is devastating. This, I think, is an important moment – it shows there is now some real cut-through.

  123. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Re Jo Swinson’s terrible accent. This is perhaps her way of dealing with a well-known English trick, kidding-on they cannot understand a Scottish accent.

    I got that from one or two people when work took me South: “Sorry Jock, I cannot understand a word you just said,” was a common experience for me.

    However, I quickly came up with the retort: “Well since I struggle to understand you as well, we’re equal.” It was amazing how quickly they began to comprehend after that shot across their bows.

    Failing to understand a Scottish accent is yet another example of English exceptionalism. You either go down the Swinson/Nelson/Lulu road and make an erse of yourself by trying to switch to something you believe they can understand, or you fight fire with fire.

  124. Alabaman says:

    Swinson ?, a complete arse of a woman, talk about the “gift of the gab”, or to put it another way,
    Total verbal diarrhoea!!!.

  125. Welsh Sion says:

    Did you all notice that Iain Dale actually comments in this thread (11.17 pm, 01 July)? 😉

  126. Robert Peffers says:

    @Brian Powell says: 1 July, 2019 at 10:47 pm:

    ” … All Dale had to say was the SNP got 35 seats in 2017 and all the other parties got 25 together, and her argument would have totally collapsed.”

    As I’ve pointed out already, Brian, a party publishes a manifesto of what it stands for in any particular election but there is also to be taken into account what that party’s basic raison d’être is.

    So it is only that party’s actual voters that mandates them if they are elected after the election and that goes for both winner and losers.

    However, in this particular case the SNP, after winning the election, put the particular matter in question to the whole house and the whole house endorsed it. There is absolutely no doubt the SNP SG have a mandate to hold indyref2.

    Their voters gave them a mandate by voting for them on their manifesto promises and the Holyrood Parliament has endorsed it democratically. This is not the same thing as an overall majority of the electorate which is apparently what Swinton thinks a mandate is.

  127. Alabaman says:

    “What Scotland wants” she said, so she’s decided that she knows “what Scotland wants” eh, reminds you of Maggie Thatcher does it not?.
    She and Wullie, are a gruesome twosome, holding treacherous views, certainly when it comes to Scotland’s future, and it’s place in the world of nations.

  128. Now that Jo and Ruth have blown it, who will the BBC now promote as ” Saviour of the Union”?

  129. Ahundredthidiot says:

    Maybe we should have Holyrood switch to a FPTP system….

  130. desimond says:

    To take over from SIR Vince Cable we have SIR Ed Davey or Jo ‘Expenses Schmenses’ Swindleson…even with her coat on a shoogly peg constituency return wise, she is sure to be looking at a Dame-hood…it really gies you the boak.

    Liberal?…what a lot of nonsense!

  131. mike cassidy says:

    So Ian Dale – if it is he – claims he hadn’t read Wings before the interview!


    Still doesn’t excuse the failure to make the obvious point.

    Are you saying that if your party had the number of seats at Holyrood or Westminster that the SNP has –

    You would not consider that you had a mandate to do what was in your manifesto.

  132. Hamish100 says:

    Swinsons accent?

    Mixture of I am superior to you and as I am embarrassed having a native Scottish ( various available) accent I shall hybrid a Bearsden and milingavvy , New town of the Mearns, Morningside with a wee bit of Wullie Rennie. Also add in a pinch of Anglo Scot cringe so my superiors in England) can understand me. I do live there after alll yaaaa!

    How else will I be understood!

  133. kapelmeister says:

    The inluences on Jo’s accent list:

    Bearsden & Milngavie
    London School of Economics
    BBC (recieved pronunciation),
    The Wurzels (minimal)
    Sloane Ranger

    The influences on Jo’s politics list:

    Nick Clegg
    The Fracking Industry
    Shirley Williams
    Nick Clegg

  134. Capella says:

    @ Welsh Sion – yes I noticed Iain Dale commented. Good for him. Comment didn’t seem to need a reply though. He was just pointing out that he thought of all those questions all by himself.

    Still, well done Iain for being a journalist. It’s a rare quality on the media nowadays. We don’t get digital radio in these remote parts though so I don’t listen to LBC. In fact, I hardly ever listen to any radio now that the entire agenda is devoted to the Festival of Tory Britain.

  135. Iain mhor says:

    Hmm Mr Dale gets it (most of it) and appears to be aware of Wings and read it and has no compunction about holding a Scottish politician to account.
    So what conclusion can we draw about our native ‘reporters’, ‘journos’ & ‘interviewers’? Ach well we know the answer to that one. Unionist politicians and the media are so incestuously embedded up here, that those who have managed to sneak under the radar are reticent for fear of their jobs. Perhaps Iain Dale is far enough removed not to have that Sword dangling over his head.

    Though it certainly isn’t ‘on message’ even South of the border, it may be the damage is limited as it isn’t directly consumed by a Scottish demographic.
    I’m sure Iain will let us know if it is a mere memo he receives. His Scottish counterparts would receive a rather shorter 3 character communication.

  136. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 1 July, 2019 at 11:14 pm:

    ” … I think the accent portrays someone who doesn’t know who she wants to be or where she believes she fits in. It’s full of intentional affectation combined with involuntary imports.”

    Now I could be totally wrong about this but I had an adopted son who had a strange affliction. If he was exposed to a different accent, even for a short time, he couldn’t stop himself from speaking with the new accent.

    On growing up he joined the army and, no matter where he was posted to, on his next leave he came home with a new accent. He honestly couldn’t prevent himself picking up accents.

    So after joining the army and being exposed to many different accents in his squad he spoke with a very strange accent that on one could identify.

  137. Graeme says:

    UK MEPs turn their back on European anthem Ode To Joy

    What an utter embarrassment they are, imagine if we did that to gstq (lower case intended)

  138. Through the wonders of I Player I just watched Emily Maitlis on Newsnight interview in succession Hilary Benn, Tony’s Boy, and apparently Chair of the Exiting the European Union Select Committee (FFS), Damian Green, of the porn on my PC in the Office which I didn’t Download or Watch liar, who is now supporting Johnson Le Turd Hurtler, and.. and Greg Hands, no I know nothing about him either, who is supporting The Swivel Eyed Loon, Jeremy Rhyming Slang.

    They are as mad as hatters the lot of them.

    Maitlis lost it as she suddenly realised that after 3 years of presiding over countless Brexit interviews this lot are thick, and hopeless, and the UK is being run by lunatics.
    Like Swinson, the Red Blue and Beige tories just open their mouths and crap seeps out.
    No Deal will happen.

    This lot have been mutually masturbating in a WM circle for 3 years now, while the UK goes down the pan.

    Laugh at them, guys, otherwise we’d cry.
    They are the world’s Laughing stock.

    The campaign for Indyref2 will begin by the autumn; a stick on now.

  139. Iain Dale should also have reminded her that in the Scottish Parliament a majority of independence parties sit. She was quick to point out the various parties of union hold the same view on independence as she does, but tried to misinform the listeners by highlighting the SNP number, as a minority.

  140. Camz says:

    “I’m not going to apologise” (for being a hypocrite)

    Swinson wants the top job, of the me2 party. Tory lite, yellow Tories. Pick your moniker.

  141. kapelmeister says:


    The party that won the majority of seats in England at the Euro elections does something utterly deplorable by turning their backs symbolically on the European anthem. Music by the sublime Beethoven and words by the great poet Schiller. Two of Europe’s finest artists. Played by young musicians who must have felt honoured.

    All Farage and his bozos could do was spoil the occasion. If they had still to achieve their cherished goal of winning a referendum then it wouldn’t have been quite as bad. The Brexit Party have revealed themselves as the philistine wrong ‘uns they are.

    Scotland must turn its back on the increasingly nasty UK state and remain in the European family of nations. A family which btw includes the real England and not the Farage and Johnson version.

  142. HUGH KIRK says:

    And I thought Wullie Rennie was dumb……

  143. Willie says:

    Yup, Swinson is an odious piece is an odious piece of work.

    But she come from an odious party with a history of folk like her.

    Liar Carmichael et Al springs to mind.

  144. Welsh Sion says:

    Graeme says:
    2 July, 2019 at 11:07 am

    UK MEPs turn their back on European anthem Ode To Joy
    What an utter embarrassment they are, imagine if we did that to gstq (lower case intended)


    Been there, done that.

    Well, I sat down – during a St David’s Day Dinner held in a Masonic Lodge for Welsh ex-pats in England. I know, I know. But I had to go through the ordeal as I’d been elected Treasurer of the Welsh Society that year. Anyhow, I was roundly scolded by a Member, who said he’d have commended the lady opposite me for throwing her trifle into my lap had she done so.

    It’s not just Scotland which has its swivel-eyed yoon loons.

  145. mr thms says:

    In the clip Ms Swinson gives the impression the three parties of the union gained seats from the SNP in the laat GE not because of tactical voting but because of tactics. Were they actively campaigning against each other in constituencies, or just providing token candidates?

  146. Robert Peffers says:

    @Douglas Guy says: 2 July, 2019 at 2:51 am:

    ” … A single accent is impossible to maintain in those circumstances.”

    Balderdash! My cousin emigrated to Canada in the 1960s. He then got a job in rural West Coast USA. He then moved to New York and then Back to Canada before returning to Scotland in 2001 with the same Midlothian accent he had when he left Scotland.

  147. Petra says:

    It would seem that a number of politicians, including Jo Swinson, reckon that if they say something often enough (lie) the general public will believe them. It’s called brainwashing. They’re also totally reliant on the media being either biased and / or inept and as far as Scotland is concerned many of our journalists are both in support of the Union. It therefore makes for a pleasant change to come across someone, such as Iain Dale, who’s actually calling them out: Exposing extremely experienced politicians (18 years in politics), such as Jo Swinson, for what they are.


    @ Robert Louis at 7:19am …….

    Excellent post, that includes the facts and figures, Robert Louis. I just hope that Mr Dale (and others) is still ”lurking” and can see that Jo Swinson has a real brass neck to the point of being a total embarrassment. Par for the course now, when compared with other potential Westminster leaders who also seem to have a penchant for lying.

    Taken from your post:-

    1. In every single election to the Scots Parliament, since it was re-convened, the Liberal Democrats in Scotland have LOST, and by quite some considerable margin.

    2. The SNP have more MP’s than all the other (Unionist- Tory, Labour and Libdem) parties combined in Scotland (following 12 years in power).

    3. The SNP have more Westminster MP’s from just Scotland (36) than the Libdems have from the entire UK (11).

    4. The Libdems have just 5 MSP’s in the Scots parliament, and as such they are the smallest political party.

    5. For any so-called ‘journalists’ reading this, here are the MSP numbers by party in the Scots parliament; SNP 62, Tories 31, Labour 23, Green party 6, Libdems 5.

    6. The Scottish government has the mandate for indyref 2 from three elections, the most recent being the EU elections, where in a proportional vote they actually increased their number of seats.

    Add to that, the Scottish Parliament voted in March 2017, by 69 to 59, to support Nicola Sturgeon’s call to hold an Independence referendum before the UK leaves the EU.


    Plus she’s lied through her teeth in relation to other issues highlighted by Graeme (at 8:54am).

    ”It’s the lies that slip through the net that gets to me, ie, she said and I’m paraphrasing here, “In 2017 the SNP lost 21 MPs on an election campaign that was largely fought on the independence issue.”

    That is a blatant lie in fact the opposite is the truth it was because the SNP did NOT fight the campaign on that issue that they lost these 21 MPs.

    She also forgot to mention we were told in 2014 that we had to vote No to secure our place in Europe.

    She also forgot to mention the broken promises her party and the rest of Better Together made to win in 2014.”

  148. galamcennalath says:

    For a small party, the LibDems seem to have had more than their share of dodgy characters …

    Jeremy Thorpe
    Cyril Smith
    Mark Oaten
    Chris Huhne
    Alistair Carmichael

    … the thing which stands out in each case was how easily they turned to lying to hide their misconduct.

    Add to this, their time in coalition was marked by breaking almost every manifesto promise they had made!

    A party with no principles.

  149. Republicofscotland says:

    Toe curling there from Swinson, desperately trying to get across that there’s no mandate for a second referendum. Whilst bumming up her tiny minority of MSP’s in Scotland.

    Lets not forget the Lib/Dems will sell their grannies to get into power in any form of coalition, as they did with David Cameron.

  150. Welsh Sion says:

    galamcennalath says @ 12.14 pm

    The LibDems … A party with no principles.


    No. They are Marxist.

    “If you don’t like their principles – they have others.”

  151. Dr Jim says:

    Can you slow down when you’re talking said and English fella to my stepduahter, you Scots speak so quickly we don’t understand you

    She replied *listen faster*

  152. geeo says:

    Talking of car crash tv: I give you Jeremy *unt on independence/SNP.

    Why on earth would 2 Tory leadership candidates spend a second talking about the SNP to a tiny amount of people voting in a new leader, knowing fine well they cannot legally stop Scots exercising their Sovereign rights ?

    There is only one conclusion, to look tough. “Look at me, i will crush them rebellious Jocks, make me leader” knowing the arrogant little englanders who exist (maybe not huge numbers in Wider England, but certainly in huge numbers within the card carrying Tory membership) will lap it up.

    The buffoon about to slaver pish in Belfast Hustings, the car these feckers drive in has no steering wheel of brakes it seems.

  153. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Petra @ 12:12,

    See there you are, Petra, and you speak for (virtually) all of us in saying that we don’t ask for a slavishly pro-indy or pro-SNP media, just a media that (like Iain Dale there) has a decent stab at asking the pertinent questions of all actors on the political stage.

    If the Scottish media fulfilled their honourable calling properly, without fear or favour, we would all benefit, whatever our political stance.

    It’s shameful that it’s only been English or overseas journalists (think back to Emma Barnett interviewing Ruthie, or CNN’s Erin McLaughlin outside the factory on May’s last transient visit to Scotland) who have done that.

  154. donald says:

    What the hell kinda accent is that? Is it her way of saying ‘I might be Scottish but I really really really don’t want to be’ without actually saying those words.

  155. Scott says:


    Personal Details

    Born 5th Feb. 1980 Glasgow

    Born 5th Feb. 1980 Bath

    Which of the above is true like the rest of her statements all a load of crap.

  156. geeo says:

    Dr Jim@12.29pm

    Had that in London many years back, “You what mate, i dont understand Jockaneese” said a rather smarmy twat we asked directions of.

    Looked at ny mate and said “Check the nick of this bawjawed wan*er, thinks he is a comic, should we beat the sh*t out of him and hide the body” ?

    I think he suddenly understood ‘jockaneese’ as he turned tail and legged it rather sharpish 🙂

    How we laughed ah tell ye..!!

  157. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    me @ 12:38,

    Oh, though a memorable exception was STV’s Bernard Ponsonby questioning former Defence Sec. Fallon’s nonsense at the Clyde shipyard.

    And has Ponsonby been much on screen since…?

  158. Tatu3 says:

    Douglas Guy – rubbish ‘re losing accent.
    I travelled and lived in various countries after being born, brought up and educated in Scotland. I returned to Scotland with my two children for 4 years and I haven’t lived in Scotland now for 20 years and I still have my accent. Only this morning a lady I met commented on me being Scottish.
    Also my children, who now live and work in England, and only lived in Scotland for those 4 years have Scottish accents, which they must have got from me as their dad is English!

  159. Petra says:

    Something else that she won’t want to talk about. Remember how we were all bombarded constantly with MANY leaflets full of lies about the SNP in 2017? Where did that money come from? What did they do with their 93,000 ”unused” leaflets?

    …”The Lib Dems claimed that more than 93,000 leaflets and other material bought by the party for her campaign at a cost of £2,700 were not used so could be left out of the total.”..

    Aye right!

    ..”A spokesman for the SNP said: “Voters will find it hard to believe so much cash could be spent on leaflets that just vanished. It was an election, not an illusion show.”..


    And additional info from Boris.

  160. Dr Jim says:

    @geeo 12:44pm

    Ah that’s the Scottish threateny sound recognised the world over, no need for words, just make the noise accompanied by the face and the smarty pants generally visualise something bad is about to happen to them

    We Scots are undisputed world champions at that

  161. geeo says:

    RJS @12.38pm

    Not sure i could describe journalism in the uk over my lifetime as ‘honourable’ in any way.

    Although, to be fair, there has been some really strong investigative journalism in the past.

    However, Leveson has shut that down, and the never ending threat of Leveson 2 happening should they (media) step out of line in future, has completely neutered the media, who now appear to be following a policy of trying to appease their political masters to avoid being hit by the big stick again.

  162. JLT says:

    She’s Ruth, but just from a different party.

    She despises Scottish nationalism, even if half of her nation advocate it, and she’s nothing more than a careerist opportunist. She be willing to throw all of us under a bus if it means getting further ahead personally.

    Sooner or later, her train will come off the tracks. Someone will eventually bring her to task and leave her hotfooting between polar arguments, thus exposing her for what she is …simply a chancer.

  163. Effijy says:

    Lib Dem’s are the parasite party!
    Team up with anyone for a handful of jobs in government.

    Just look at that Fanny Alexander who got a Knighthood for
    Doing what the Tories told him to.

    Liar Carmichael wasting £1 Million on French Gate.

    Falcon the anti-gay former leader.

    Their Lord Reynard accused by Lib party members of being a grower
    All forgiven for a larger party donation than normal.

    Cyril Smith – My dear God.

    Jeremy the closet queen who seemed have got away with attempting to
    Arrange his boy friends demise.

    Never have the Libs been given an election majority in over 100 years.
    Never likely to in the next hundred years.

    The SNP and Greens voted in Holyrood to hold an Indy Ref 2 if Scotland is
    Ripped out of Europe against our will.
    We won that vote in our Parliament.
    It is the will of the people and the will of their elected MSPs.

    Jolly Hockey sticks Swinson refuses to accept democracy!

  164. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    geeo @ 12:52,

    I know exactly what you mean, and don’t demur in the least. I just meant that journalism, the business of informing the public about what’s happening around them, is an honourable calling in principle. In point of fact, democracy cannot survive without it. However, the reality can indeed plummet far below the gold standard, and that’s nothing new in some parts at least of the profession.

    At the moment though the highly-partisan media in Scotland is a complete failure, and is a substantial part of the problem. It’s actually doing its level best to suffocate democracy.

  165. galamcennalath says:

    Scott says:

    Born 5th Feb. 1980 Glasgow

    Born 5th Feb. 1980 Bath

    Which of the above is true

    Joanne Kate Swinson born 5 February 1980 had her birth registered at Martha Street, Glasgow. So we can say with absolute confidence – Glasgow.

    So, why is the internet full of screenshots from the past claiming Bath?

    A mistake probably, however given the honesty level of LibDem politicians it could have been an attempt to increase acceptability ‘down sauf’.

  166. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Petra @ 12:50,

    My own guess is that the dosh came from the anti-Brexit campaign down south, Gina Miller’s lot and such. In a narrow English context that funding made a certain sense, as we saw in the recent EU elections, but the irony was that some of it made its eventual way to their North British Branch, which used it against the one party which was most resolutely and effectively attacking Brexit, the SNP.

    Just another piece of dastardly FibDem backstabbery that backfired.

  167. Petra says:

    @ Robert J. Sutherland says at 12:38 pm … ”See there you are, Petra, and you speak for (virtually) all of us in saying that we don’t ask for a slavishly pro-indy or pro-SNP media, just a media that (like Iain Dale there) has a decent stab at asking the pertinent questions of all actors on the political stage.”..

    That’s it in a nutshell Robert. We’re all in search of the truth, no matter our political stance. It’s the avoidance of doing so that’s led to horrendous decisions being taken with massive Worldwide implications, such as the Iraq invasion, collossal levels of lying and corruption, the current UK maelstrom and the forthcoming ending of the Union. There’s no doubt that the UK MSM has a lot to answer for.


    Robert J. Sutherland says at 12:48 pm …. ”Oh, though a memorable exception was STV’s Bernard Ponsonby questioning former Defence Sec. Fallon’s nonsense at the Clyde shipyard. And has Ponsonby been much on screen since…?”

    Yeah where is Ponsonby? On garden leave? The last I saw of him was when he was at the forefront of a crowd that walked out of the Pacific Quay STV office last year when the new boss from London, Simon Pitts, took over and announced that he was making dozens of workers redundant.

    That’s the Simon Pitts who made over £1 million in wages, shares and a “golden hello” when he joined STV. And of course this is the type of action that’s scunnering the vast majority of individuals living in the UK with over 14 million people, including 4.5 million children, living below the breadline. Time for change, on many fronts, Westminster. Time for we Scots to walk away from this and end the Union.

  168. Legerwood says:

    I do not think the accents matter but content does

  169. geeo says:

    Trump threatening further sanction on EU goods, like Scotch and Irish Whisky/Whiskey..says Sky News.

    No more details given.

    I can see it now “Scotland needs brexit to save whisky industry” being spewed out by BBC where we are, before the day is out.

    Or on Scotland Tonight on equally bad STV.

    Of course, nobody will question how WM expects a great trade deal (for uk) with the Orange Blimp Baby, post ukexit. No siree…nothing to see here.

  170. F I MacIllFhinnein says:

    Interesting to hear the admission of an (unpublicised) Unionist electoral pact for the last UK General Election.

  171. Giving Goose says:

    The LibDems are not actually Tory Lite, quite the opposite actually.

    There was probably a time in the distant past when there existed an ideological reason to be a LibDem (or Liberal); one party in a multi party system.

    The Yes movement and the desire for Independence has broken down the multi party system.

    In Scotland the LibDems are just one false facet of what is now a Unionist party.

    Think about it.

    There are really only 2 political positions in Scotland – Independence and Unionism.

    Unionism is represented by a false construct – 3 parties, Labour, LibDem & Tory but they are actually all the same.
    The false nature of this 3 party block is designed to give an illusion of a multi party system which at first glance looks like an extension of how things are in England.

    It is when the representatives of the Union are subjected to forensic scrutiny, in this rare example by Mr Dale, that the veneer falls away and the lies are exposed for all to see.

    This party of the Union attracts career mercenaries who are willing to do London’s dirty work in Scotland.

    The reward is career advancement, money and whatever gongs are available from the Establishment, e.g. a seat in the House of Lords, Knighthood, Damehood etc.

    Let’s be completely clear about Jo Swinson; she has no moral compass, she holds no heartfelt position on anything, because Jo receives her instructions from her London Establishment handlers and does whatever she is told to do, say or represent.

  172. Iain mhor says:

    It’s been annoying me for two days who Ms Swinson reminds me of, then I got it just now – Emma Barton, ex of Emmerdale*
    It’s uncanny.
    Now I can get their image out my mind and move on…

    *Don’t ask why Im familiar with that oeuvre…

  173. Tatu3 says:

    Think this may have been Mr Dale doing another good interview, this time with Jeremy Hunt who gets a wee bit tangled

  174. galamcennalath says:

    Petra says:

    There’s no doubt that the UK MSM has a lot to answer for.

    Jeez, yes. It is an essential element of a functioning democracy that voters are actually able to make informed decisions. They need established facts and a variety of opinions from independent sources. Or, even partisan sources, as long as there is balance. Democracies have media which fulfils that role.

    This whole system is now missing in the UK. Bullshit remains unchallenged and is allowed to perpetuate to the extent it becomes a substitute for truth. Yes, this cesspit of misinformation gets challenged online from blogs and twitter. However, it’s that versus a cabal of broadcasters and newspapers who no longer do their jobs properly. They undermine the democratic process.

    iScotland must be different. Democracy has to function effectively. Vested interests have to be exposed, challenged, and negated.

  175. Lenny Harley says:

    Best i had re folk not understanding us in a little Italian Town called Cerialle where we stayed for Italia 90 , in the bar met a rather well dressed Italian with blonde bimbo half his age attached to him, asked him what he did and he said import/export ,I said you sure its not Costra Nostra and two old guys sitting beside an open window bailed out said window, im no joking , he laughed my comment off and we four Arranachs enjoyed several drinks in their company but were finding it difficult to communicate as he could bot understand us very well. It must be said his English was better than our Italian. After several rounds he got up to go to the toilet and stumbled, one of my mates said “The wee mans steaming” and he immediately answered , I am not drunk I have a bad knee .
    Think he dould understand more than he was letting on.

  176. Dr Jim says:

    Trump and Westminster team up to threaten the EU and frighten Scotland

    Y’see that should be the headline on our TVs but no the great Scottish cowardly instruction taking media in our country report it like it’s a cat up a tree story so nobody’ll notice that we are being threatened
    because the questions then become this, are these the sort of people you want to have anything to do with, are these the people you really want to be in a Union with, do you really think you want America invading every aspect of our business and cultural life, do you really want cheap food but unaffordable medical care as a consequence

    Westminster representing England is bad for Scotland, Trump representing America is bad for Scotland, and you can plainly see the behaviour of both to get what they want

    These people will do anything short of killing us to own us and who knows they still might have a go at that too

    Compare and contrast with the EU who invite us to join with them for mutual benefit for all, no threats, no pressure, a clear open invitation, and with that invitation comes a vote equal to every other member state, so that no one country may advantage itself at the expense of another

    I know which choice I’d pick, the people who are standing right behind the Republic of Ireland right now and not the people who are consigning Scotland to the bin and selling us and our country like modern day slaves to American business for personal profit

  177. Petra says:

    Oh well I see that we’ve moved on but I’ll just post this anyway. A wee reminder of what we Scots have got going for us.


    A wee reminder of what England will have going for it without Scotland.

    Jim Rodgers:- ”And when Scotland leaves and takes it’s oil little England won’t have much (of anything lucrative) left to export.”…

  178. Jack Murphy says:

    Re Swinson’s appearance on LBC I’m embarrassed,really embarrassed by her reasoning and logic.

    A proper interview by Iain Dale who has obviously done his homework,shining a beam of light on Swinson.

  179. Golfnut says:

    @ DR Jim.

    Absolutely, economic warfare waged by England and America on poor wee Ireland and Scotland and 26 other countries. Of course the EU has just opened the South American market, 500 million plus, which means we have actual trade agreements with a billion plus people. The problem of course is making sure people understand that when one door closes, very often another one opens. Wonder how the American corps working our oil fields will feel if we Nationalise all American interests, and BP of course because we could do if they aren’t nice.

  180. Dr Jim says:

    The Scottish Sparrow must fall so that the English Lark may rise

    It’s that simple

  181. geeo says:

    From Craig Murray, however, as i do not do twitter (the format it just fucking awful) this is no use to me, but to others…worth a wee read in my opinion

    It is a matter of simple fact that the British government employs a very large number of people whose full time job is to influence the political narrative on social media. The 77th Brigade of the British Army, the Integrity Initiative, MI5 and MI6 and GCHQ all run major programmes of covert online propaganda. These information warriors operate on twitter, facebook, and in comments sections across the internet.

    I have long been fascinated by the disconnect by which people, who do know and understand that the security services employ tens of thousands of people and have budgets of billions, nevertheless find it hard to accept that they may come personally into contact with their operations. Therefore when I state that the security services infiltrate groups including environmentalists and the SNP, and were involved in the Skripal story in ways not public, there is a peculiar desire among people to reject it as it is uncomfortable. Equally while people do know the security services are committing huge sums to social media influencing, to point out any of its instances brings derisive shouts of “conspiracy theory”.

    It was when I was pointing out the many omissions and inconsistencies in the official version of events surrounding the Skripals, that I first came under sustained attack from accounts on twitter, often making short and very sarcastic comments. I confess for a while this did actually get me down. I have no difficulty with people disagreeing with me, but I find it depressing to encounter unreasonably closed minds.

    But in quite short order I started to note a few defining characteristics of the scores of accounts from which I was being attacked. These are false accounts, but they are trolls not bots. There are people from the 77th Brigade, GCHQ or other agencies sitting behind a desk and running scores of fake accounts each. As there is a real human being behind them, unlike bots, these trolls can reply if challenged and attempt to promote a real identity. But there are a number of key giveaways:

    1) Many times more “follows” than “followers”.

    In establishing a fake identity, the first step they take is to follow other twitter accounts. This is because a percentage of twitter users will automatically follow you back, so if you quickly follow 500 people you will likely get 100 “followers” back immediately. That appears to establish a real identity with followers. There are some interesting consequences of this technique. These troll accounts remarkably often follow sports betting twitter accounts, for example – because those accounts automatically follow back.

    2) A tweet record consisting almost entirely of retweets.

    This is the most important single giveaway. If you select “tweets” under the account, these accounts have zero original content. Their timeline consists of retweets of pro-Establishment content, leavened with retweets of the single characteristic that was chosen to establish a “character” – eg “Everton supporter”, “gym fanatic”. They never initiate a topic or posit an original thought, but work entirely in “retweet” or “reply” mode.

    3 Follow and troll

    Accounts which had nothing in common with me in terms of interests or political views, would suddenly decide to post a brief highly disparaging or ridiculing comment, and always simultaneously would start following me. The motivation of somebody who opens with rudeness yet simultaneously starts following is plainly aggressive – and not usual behaviour.

    3) No convincing tweet history

    A great many of these accounts are very newly minted at the time of first propaganda use. Generally, even those routine retweets are few and far between. Occasionally the troll twitter account claims to be longstanding – dating from 2009 or 2010 – but there is no evidence of actual (re)tweets going back more than a couple of years. This either suggests wholesale sleeper accounts were established, or twitter is actively involved in helping produce fake ones.

    4) Lack of a normal “cluster” of followers

    On most real people you can look through their followers and spot a little cluster of family, friends or workmates. The trolls don’t have normal roots.


    How normal is this four point profile? Well, I looked through 200 entirely random twitter accounts and found 9 that would fit this profile – 4.5%. Yet surveying the threads from my own tweets, over 75% of the replies which I would characterise as hostile come from accounts that fit this profile. By which I mean meeting all four points. You can test those figures for yourselves by looking through twitter. That is plain evidence these unusual profiles are being deliberately deployed – and highly probably deliberately created – for hostile intent.

    I had spotted the giveaway profile of those attacking me a year ago, and had been mulling over posting on it. What determined me to do so was clicking on the “Mark Field” twitter trend following his physical attack on the female climate change activist. I was astonished by the sheer volume of tweets defending Mark Field. Clicking on them, I started to realise that what I was seeing was a massive deployment of twitter troll accounts all precisely following the profile I have outlined. They were putting out a unified message that the lady may have been an armed terrorist and that Field should be praised for his resolute, even heroic, action.

  182. Petra says:

    @ 5:47pm re. Craig Murray who says:- “Therefore when I state that the security services infiltrate the (environmentalists and) SNP.”

    Any evidence to support that statement?

    As far as the Independence cause goes who needs the security services “infiltrating and influencing the political narrative on social media” when we’ve got exactly that with site owners, like Mr Murray himself, constantly attempting to discredit the only party capable of getting us our Independence.

    How right Rabbie Burns was when he said, “O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us.”

  183. Jeff says:

    defo says:
    2 July, 2019 at 9:05 am
    “Which flavour sexuality is massively over-represented in both Scottish and UK politics Jeff?
    Only asking out of interest, like”.

    Dunno, pal. Yours? Enlighten me.

  184. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sometimes reasoned logic is all we have to go on because empirical evidence is unavailable or disputed, e.g. climate change.

    Ethics and the Logic of Life

  185. defo says:

    Really Jeff, you must have some idea?
    Onanist’s ?

  186. CameronB Brodie says:

    This might have been easier to access.

    Rationality and Logic

  187. Petra says:

    Cameron most normal people need, and more so use, more than “reasoned logic” when making serious allegations about an individual or group of people. And how the concept of “reasoned logic” actually connects with the issue in question is beyond me. In other words you’ve lost me with that one.

  188. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Does Craig Murray not understand that all of us who have been about for a bit understand fully that there is significant infiltration into all our institutions, PARTICULARLY the SNP. It would be very odd indeed if this was not the case.

    It is more sensible a lot of the time to leave them where they are and keep an eye on them than face the media feast if they are acrimoniously expelled.

    I have my own favourite suspects.

  189. Jeff says:

    defo says:
    2 July, 2019 at 8:51 pm
    “Really Jeff, you must have some idea?
    Onanist’s” ?

    Well, you would know about that one it seems…

  190. defo says:

    Expert level, after many years of intense research.

  191. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m on your side, believe it or not, see Dave McEwan Hill’s comment.

  192. Breeks says:

    Adam Tomkins tweets…

    “Scottish Tories, Scottish LibDems, and Scotland in Union all now saying the SNP’s citizens assembly is a Nationalist stunt designed to bolster its case for independence. Scottish Labour, as usual on the Union, offers no leadership. All unionists should steer well clear.”

    Terrific. We’re in the middle of an Independence Campaign with neither side prepared even simply to discuss Independence on the other side’s terms. It’s like calling a game of chess a stalemate before any of the pieces have even been moved. No wonder progress is glacial.

    And on the subject of chessmen… A medieval chess piece has been bought for a fiver, and sold for £735,000. Makes a change from a medieval Tory MP bought for £735,000 Dark money and sold for a fiver later.

  193. Petra says:

    @ Breeks says at 6:10am … ”Adam Tomkins tweets ”and Scotland in Union”..

    Since when did they become a political party in Scotland?

  194. Loquacious B says:

    You know, the interviewer could have nailed her to the wall with one f’n question;

    After the EU referendum, did a majority of MSPs vote that a new independence referendum should be held and a section 30 order requested to do so?

    The answer is, unequivocally, Yes and that’s how democracy works! If she’d then suggested that the vote didn’t matter or didn’t count in any way then she would be the one making a mockery of democracy. That, I feel, would have destroyed her credibility entirely.

  195. I know that we use a fairer system to elect our MSP’s in ‘proportional representation’ in order to give better representation to minority groups but, what would be the distribution of seats in the Scottish Parliament if we used ‘first past the post’ as is used in westminster? The reason that I’m asking is that those statistics might blow all of the “better together” arguments out of the water if the majority was for an independence seeking party.

  196. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I know that we use a fairer system to elect our MSP’s in ‘proportional representation’ in order to give better representation to minority groups but, what would be the distribution of seats in the Scottish Parliament if we used ‘first past the post’ as is used in westminster? The reason that I’m asking is that those statistics might blow all of the “better together” arguments out of the water if the majority was for an independence seeking party.”

    Basically the SNP would have almost all of the seats. Over 100.

  197. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    3 July, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    Basically the SNP would have almost all of the seats. Over 100.


    The advantage of that would be lots of the dross that is in there now wouldn’t be.

    Kelly, Fraser, Wells, Findlay, Tomkins, Carlaw, Whittle, etc etc etc no more.

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