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Like the rising of the sun

Posted on September 03, 2023 by

In the end, it only took 12 hours.

Bless his painfully-predictable cotton socks.

But hey, bold use of “leading”.

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0 to “Like the rising of the sun”

  1. And Spouse says:


  2. WingsOverFrance says:

    He clearly didn’t read your piece.

  3. highlander says:


  4. Graham says:


  5. Johnlm says:

    A symptom of Hypercapnia?
    He’s still telling us to all wear masks.

  6. twathater says:

    WHAT a pathetic obvious LIE that illustrates his jealousy is very deep rooted , James please don’t be a dick, read the fuc**ng article then be a man and apologise
    It is bad enough that the Scottish Nonce Party are deliberately sabotaging independence, don’t be like the snp James have some dignity and integrity

  7. PhilM says:

    The article in question was an engagement with current political realities, James Kelly’s response is based on a kind of faith, that reality does not matter. All those sharing online their disappointment with the SNP are not converts to unionism…belief in an -ism requires adherence to the ideology supporting it. The disaffected are not unionists, only an intellectual idiot would offer such a blunt, unthinking response.
    The shock involved in watching the post-Salmond SNP degenerate into an intolerant, undemocratic, lifeless corpse of a party should give any thinking person pause before letting such a monstrosity loose in an independent Scotland. Our movement was supposed to be different, right now it looks part of the same corrupt overlay of grifters we see everywhere else in the world.
    I like to make informed political choices based on evidence, others seem to like to embrace emotionally a type of political faith, whether it’s fervent or lukewarm. Faith-based politics tend not to end well…

  8. Alan says:

    You are a joke

  9. Jacqueline says:

    What has happened to you James Kelly?
    If memory serves me correctly Wings gave you, WGD and other independence bloggers money several years ago.
    Grow a pair, read the article and apologise!

  10. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Stu.,

    Thanks for a fascinating read on the previous article. As for James Kreepy Kelly and his weird stalking of other bloggers. Stuart, I think Kelly with his 30,000 site followers wants to grab some of your 980,000 readers.

    Kelly has been flogging his polling-fundraiser like a horse that is way past glue-time at the Bostick Factory.

    The ONE good thing to come off the steaming pile of manure that wee Kreepy Kelly website’s stalking of Wings has just announced is his (James Kelly’s) abject failure to raise enough to keep his TrougherSite going.

    Latest just in from James Kelly-Campbell. Apart from his Halloween Costume modelled on Kathy Bates from “Misery” and a James Caan costume made to measure for RevStu, is this announcement from the failed Scot-Goes-Splat Blogger…


    THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 2023

    The future of Scot Goes Pop: an update.

    First of all, for those of you who have been asking, the reason my blogging has been a bit light during most of August is that I couldn’t be bothered.

    I was away on a staycation last week and the week before. In fact I may have some photos and videos for you at some point of my fan-fiction scene with me in my Kathy Bates costume from the movie “Misery” and what I want to do with my arch-enemies ankles and a mallet.

    Since I got back home at the weekend, I’ve been doing some sums in my head (where the squirrels juggle their knives) and based on the state of my Scot Goes Pop bank balance and the current trajectory of the fundraiser, and I’ve been coming to the regrettable conclusion that we may be inching closer to the end of the road with Scot Goes Pop.

    When I launched the 2023 fundraiser in May, I said that if the target was reached or even if we got well over halfway there, I’d be able to continue indefinitely, and that if nothing or almost nothing was raised I’d pretty much have to stop straight away, and that if the fundraiser was partially successful I’d keep going for however many months the funds allowed and then stop. It’s that third scenario we’ve ended up with – my Scot Goes Plop fundraiser is only just over a pathetic one-quarter of the way towards its target, and that has allowed me to keep going for the last three months and may allow me to keep going for a few weeks more. But I can’t keep lurching from mini-crisis to mini-crisis, so if substantial progress isn’t made there’ll come a point in the near future where I’ll have to draw a line and start devoting far more time to other activities that will probably leave much less space for blogging, although I dare say you’d still see me pop up from the occasional dumpster or silage-pit every few weeks when I feel the urgent need to sound off about something!

    Just to explain briefly how we’ve ended up at this point, until two or three years ago I was in an enviable position whereby the annual fundraiser was almost always hitting its target and I also had several other income streams from political writing that were essentially spin-offs from the blogging itself. The combined funds from all of those income streams made it reasonably easy for me to devote huge amounts of time to the blog, especially during election periods and at other times of high political drama. It also gave me the flexibility to just drop everything whenever a new poll came out and blog about it as quickly as possible. I used to earn quite a bit by writing extensively for The National – in some years I was literally writing dozens of articles for them, but that more or less dried up after I joined the Alba Party in 2021, which I assume is not a coincidence (although admittedly no-one has said that to me directly). For many years I was also earning from regular columns for the International Business Times, but that fizzled out gradually due to changes in the editorial team and my writing style being discovered as pi5h.

    One of them eventually ended up at the Talk Radio website and took me on again as a columnist there, although that time he wasn’t able to offer payment. And in my early years as an iScot columnist, I was earning from that, but as many of you will know Ken has been walking an impossible tightrope recently trying to keep iScot financially viable, so for around the last three years or so I’ve been contributing my monthly column for free. Basically what used to be an enviable position has become a perfect storm, with all of the income streams closing off more or less at the same time. And even the part of my income that has nothing to do with politics or writing has taken a big hit over the last three years due to the pandemic – that’s just a coincidence, but obviously it doesn’t help.

    I’m not quite ready to give up just yet, though, because I know from past experience that sometimes fundraisers follow odd patterns – they can appear to run out of steam and then there’ll be a sudden spurt for no apparent reason. So I’ll make one final push via this post, and also at the bottom of every blogpost over the next few weeks, to see if I can raise enough to just about keep Scot Goes Plop crapping on other people I stalk, or at least to postpone the final decision for a bit longer. Also if anyone has any brilliant suggestions that I may not have thought of about how I can find alternative income streams from the blog or from other forms of political writing, by all means let me know. People always suggest a subscription model like Patreon, but my strong suspicion is that if there isn’t the money out there to fund the blog by one crowdfunding method, it wouldn’t be there to fund the blog by any other crowdfunding method either. My guess is that Yessers are currently looking to fund blogs that tack to one of the two extremes, for want of a better word – either they want blogs that say the SNP leadership are saintly figures who can do no wrong, or they want blogs that say the SNP have stabbed the independence movement in the back and thus must be totally destroyed in an act of crazed revenge, even if that means installing unionist MPs and MSPs. Scot Goes Plop has a nuanced position somewhere in between those two extremes, and I suspect that’s why it’s no longer attracting the scale of support that is still enjoyed by certain other websites. I make no complaints about that – it’s a form of market forces in action, and ultimately independence supporters will end up with whatever alternative media landscape that they think is worth having. What doesn’t make sense is why my income is down the shittter and that vile Stuart Campbell keeps raising gazillions of pounds. I write wot he duz but I yam better. Obv.

    For direct payments by Paypal, my Paypal email address is:

    See ya around once I get a proper job. Lotsa luv from James at Scot Goes Splat. Parody. Obv.

  11. Robert Louis says:

    Ach, I find it quite sad that James Kelley has posted an obvious lie like that. It is all well and good for two folk not to see eye to eye, but posting full-on blatant, and very obvious lies is just childish.

    Personally, I thought that James Kelley and his blog was useful during the run up to 2014, but not sure why he despises wings so very much. Folk moan about how much Wings can raise, but honestly that simply would not happen if Rev STU were not producing exceptionally high quality articles (as he does).

    So, perhaps in all honestly, there is a lesson for any indy bloggers who cannot seem to raise funding – quality matters. The output from your pen matters. When I read blogs, I simply do not care about one person’s petty minded vengeance or hatred of another. I, like most folk read blogs for information, views and facts related to Scottish politics and independence. Spiteful, petty-minded nonsense is just a complete turn off.

    Maybe that is where James Kelley is going wrong, too much nonsense about this person and that, when really what he should focus on is what he did best, digesting opinion polling and other sources of information.

  12. Lyn Middleton says:

    Have to say I gave up on James Kelly a long time ago. What started off as snidey remarks has transitioned into full blown hatred of Wings. Quite frankly I have better things to do with my time & money than to support someone who belongs in a school playground.

  13. Dumbarton Rock says:

    When they’re annihilated at the GE maybe the truth will finally dawn on folk. Lots of begging e mails and letters going out to SNP members. Surely they’re not short of money?

  14. Morgatron says:

    James is more to be pitied than scorned. The poor mug is just trying to stay relevant to the show room dummies.

  15. David Holden says:

    James knows a lot of words and is not afraid to use them. Had a look at his post which is about the length of a small book so gave up half way through. God he has it bad when it comes to Stu. Anyway at least it reminded me why it is not a good idea to visit his site.

  16. Cath says:

    The conclusion James’s rambling and awful piece is frankly terrifying. He is pro independence with absolutely no conditions at all. I – and I know Wings – would both support independence regardless of what normal democratic politics it might lead to. If it leads to a resurgence in a new Scottish Tory party, so be it. Perhaps Scotlands farming, rural, fishing et communities need some new voices. If GRR was fully debated, opinions allowed and went through as the democratic will of an informed electorate, fine (I suspect if it did it would by then be decent legislation most of us could support).

    But I absolutely have red lines. Would I support independence if it meant democracy being shredded? No. Would I support an independent Scotland where, for those in power to get their way, it meant them becoming fascist, jailing political opponents, silencing debate? No. I don’t want to live in a country like that.

    James is saying he has no red lines at all. Our problem right now is we are already living in a country where dissent is silenced, “no debate” is a thing on unpopular policies, political opinions can get you prosecuted or jailed etc. All of that is happening within the union, and likely part of colonial rule. So I have some hope independence is the cure. But it’s absolutely not the cure if we allow those doing it to take us to independence.

    Because essentially what James is saying is “Even if we all know the U.K. state has entirely taken over our Independence Party and movement and will be appointing Scotlands “negotiating” team and setting up our new country to fail, that’s fine by me. I’m still happy-clappy all for it and everything else can be sorted out later.” That is frankly idiotic. If we are to become independent, we need to be very, very sure who is negotiating it and that they have the best interests of a new, democratic country at heart.

  17. Alf Baird says:

    Robert Louis @ 7:15 am

    “where James Kelley is going wrong, too much nonsense”

    If memory serves, SGP also ‘used’ to argue strongly in support of SNP 1+2 votes at Holyrood elections, which as we all know is a total waste of the List vote and therefore anti-independence. As did Bella C. Interesting both are now at the bottom of the list.

    Thankfully the real independence movement has moved on. The Rev’s chart on blog traffic suggests something like a 10:1 ratio in favour of ‘authentic’ pro-indy blob sites; i.e. perhaps 90% of the most ‘active’ and intellectual segment of the movement, or those most up to speed with events, has shifted away from the SNP and its S.30 ‘legal’ tendency. The falling National as SNP Newsletter figures is another indicator.

    This tells us the true extent of ‘the rupture’ in the movement caused by the SNP’s ‘take the people up a blind alley’ S.30 ‘policy’ and its intentional delay to independence and lack of innovation. It demonstrates the weakness of the dominant but now found to be compromised and perhaps ‘fatally wounded’ national party, also reflected in its worsening financial accounts and ongoing diminishing condition overall, incl polling, as WoS has expertly highlighted.

    Hence the reason Yousaf is now desperately trying to raise the carrot offer – but only because he knows that polling tells him the SNP is soon not going to be in a position to deliver – and at the same time is still introducing draconian laws to attack and hold back the ‘illegal tendency’ part of the movement.

  18. akenaton says:

    I still support Scottish independence but will not vote SNP until the present incumbents of Holyrood are put out to grass.
    It amazes me how gullible our young people have become, but perhaps as I cast my mind back to YCL days, long hair(LONG gone) and American folk music, it has always been so.
    But I digress, it is clear that the vile corrupt organisation constructed by the Sturgeons and the MSM are not about to slink away but are digging in for a survival campaign.
    Time to step up and support our real leader , Mr Campbell and contribute to the continuation of this forum which is one of the few really good things about the Web.
    One of the last bastions of free speech, compare it to others like Guido or Unherd and unlike Stork margarine you can tell it immediately from axle grease.

    So we must take the insults personally and dig deep in our pockets to keep this little jewel up and running, if it goes we will be voiceless all our views daft or highly intelligent will be locked in a cellar never to be heard.
    People like Mr Campbell put their ability to earn a living and personal safety right on the line so that you and I can express ourselves in print. Appreciate that fact because when it is gone you will never feel like a free human being again.

    I’m off to donate now please think about what the future could hold and do the same.

  19. Molesworth says:

    Pat Over the Back thinks Kelly is a ba’bag.

  20. Stoker says:

    “leading sites”???

    LOL doesn’t even begin to cover it. Serious delusions of grandeur. What Kelly does reveal, again, is further evidence that he is a liar. His lies once again also cast serious doubt on his reading ability.

  21. Republicofscotland says:

    You called it right Rev, as you did with Sturgeon.

  22. Dorothy Devine says:

    Robert Louis, I agree , James was handy when it came to statistics in the good old days.

    Now he’s irrelevant.

  23. Red Wall says:

    There’s a simple answer to your despondency Stu: independence, but not yet

  24. Red Wall says:

    Apologies for the reposts, damn Jetpack keeps telling me the comments aren’t posting!

  25. Matt Quinn says:

    What I’m struggling with is; who (and what) the flock is James Kelly? …What was ever ‘pop’ about him or his blog?

    Speaking as a bald man habitually seen in a bad hat (woolly, black, plain and Christmas present from my then-toddler daughter – literally before the turn of the last century) – WTF is that thing on his head? Is it meant to be ‘trendy’ or ‘edgy’ in a sort of “yong peeople” (circa 1985) yoof stylee? – As mocked long before Steve Buscemi nicked the idea.

    SCOT goes POP in much the same vein as Cheggers played it by the looks of things… Right-clicked and viewed in private mode; only to established how lame both “the Pleasers” (S1 Ep 1 – see YouTube) actually were – outnaffed only by Cheggers’ gold tinfoil jacket. And yet some do scream and swoon at all this…

    “English power pop” on the Thamesbeat label is what this is – a shoddy, shallow, transparently cheap and nasty copy of something that emerged from real grass roots a generation previously.

    Wings, Pop, Bella Couldnyboreyemore et al… it’s all one great steaming pool of self-serving pish in which strange fish of odd size bob aboot looking for maggots to chew on.

    Politicos obsess over statistics in much the same way as small boys (of all ages) in the 60’s and 70s obsessed over the highest speed shown on a car speedometer… A figure which, for the avoidance of doubt, never indicated anything real or achievable or of any matter. The tail of vacuous statistics wags the dog of function (I often point out)… “the alteration of the truth which is already manifesting itself in the progressive form of lying and perjury, offers us, in the superlative, the statistics.” (Magendie) – It’s an old and frankly dreary game.

    Pick-a-side, any side, chose your claque and cop yer whack… whether the trough’s the big yin at Holyrood or a lesser slice of eBeggar’s pie; it matters not.

    James Kelly – dreary wee stats clerk -has a go at somebody else by making some shit up to try and ‘boost’ his favourite team. Another day, another stairheed rammie. – And whatever cause there was back in the day remains lost as the troughers trough and most sane people distance themselves from it all.

    Excellent… well done… divide and rule, wi a wee tickly fur yersels! As I said; ENGLISH POWER pop!

  26. ronald says:

    Be of good heart Stuart they still fear You .

  27. John Moss says:

    Bloody hell, you are right. Scot Goes Pop promotes fake news.

  28. Stravaiger says:

    I followed Scot Goes Pop until quite recently but he developed a habit of replying to any post of mine that he disagreed with by misrepresenting what I was saying and then not posting my rebuttal. He’s done it once too often now.

    My abiding memory will always be the one where he posted a photo of himself on his hollibobs asking his followers to identify his location. I worked out the exact spot he was standing on and sent him a link to the co-ordinates on Google Maps. He just about shat himself! Still raises a smile now.

  29. Stoker says:

    David Holden says on 3 September 2023 at 8:38 am: “Had a look at his post which is about the length of a small book so gave up half way through. God he has it bad when it comes to Stu.”

    It’s a very clear indication, David, just how much Stuart is permanently camped in ‘Poppers’ head without even trying. He has to do something to feel relevant because his apparent rants and childish dummy-spitting writing style aren’t bringing him the vast reader numbers akin to WOS that he so dearly covets. Poor sod! LOL!

  30. Skip_NC says:

    I am not sure whether James Kelly is to be pitied or reviled. I stopped visiting his micro-site when we had a disagreement over the SNP accounts and he insulted my professional competence. I responded to that. Some wouldn’t have but I think that was reasonable to do. He didn’t publish my response and accused me of threatening him. (The only way I could threaten him is by attempting to knee-cap him with my walking stick but I’d fall over before I could swing.) He also didn’t publish my more conciliatory clarification and I haven’t been back since. It’s hard to believe anything he says. How many people have walked away from his site because of his attitude and selectiveness?

    On the other hand, he has mentioned, more than once, that he lives with someone at high risk of complications from COVID-19. Perhaps he has carer responsibilities. In that case, why does he keep running his micro-site with all the trials and tribulations involved? I rather think that has more to do with delusions of grandeur.

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