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How to lose forever

Posted on August 26, 2016 by

This is the demented, McCarthyite state of madness the Labour Party has reached:


This is a party now openly rejecting anyone as a member who has ever supported any other party. We’d take a minute to try to explain to them how the arithmetic of that one works out, but they’re a long, long way beyond the grasp of reason now.

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    1. 27 08 16 00:59

      How to lose forever | speymouth

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    1. ronnie anderson says:

      Que for a song On the Edge of Reason,an they lost that a long time ago.

    2. Clootie says:

      …oh no, I’ve run out of popcorn!

    3. blackhack says:

      wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang…untouchables.

    4. bobajock says:

      The painful guffaws as Labour crash, die, decay and evaporate. Then try to make sure they stay that way.

      Could you have made this up.

      A political irrelevance and those PhD’s on their demise will be books full of jokes.

    5. cynicalHighlander says:

      Is he the tape from The Man from Uncle?

    6. John says:

      There really is no real point in commenting on this, is there?

    7. David Smith says:

      I think ye mean Mission Impossible! 😉

    8. Tam Jardine says:

      Duncan is surely displaying a bit of bravado in front of a prominent Yes campaigner.

      I can’t believe that someone so prominent in Scottish Labour could genuinely believe that. If he does it may be that he is unwell. Perhaps he is so heavily invested in the slab project that Kezia being humiliated and his favourite for UK leader Owen Smith being humiliated last night and in the election to come is just too much.

    9. Onwards says:

      Beats me why anyone would want to rejoin the Labour branch.

      Corbyn has proven himself as just another UK nationalist.

    10. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘When they circumcised him they threw away the wrong bit.’

      Characters like McToryman and Hotdogbotherer are still Labour members, and still spouting hubristic shite whilst a spiteful purge of lifelong ordinary members is ongoing?

      It would be comical if it wasn’t so utterly fucking tragic.

    11. cynicalHighlander says:

      My mistake.

    12. heedtracker says:

      Its not even funny. Look at the red tory harm this crew have wrought on our country Scotland.

    13. Alex Clark says:

      Well what more can you expect when only the guards are left in the asylum as all the “lunatics” like me made their escape long ago.

      They have driven themselves insane. It’s all downhill from here too. OMG!

    14. Holebender says:

      I guess Labour doesn’t know the one about more joy in Heaven over a single repenting sinner than over 99 of the righteous, or whatever it is.

    15. Alex Clark says:

      “Self-cannibalism is the practice of eating oneself, also called autocannibalism, or autosarcophagy.”

      The Labour Party have a huge dose of the autosarcophagy and penicillin isn’t going to sort that out.

      Nope, the only cure is to cut off your own head? Or so John McTernan tweeted I’m led to believe.

    16. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      The problem with Duncan Hothersall is that he really thinks his Red Morningside model for Labour is the way ahead. He actually boasts on that his CLP is the best in Scotland as he has the only MP.

      He does not need any new Labour members as he can rely on Tory votes.

      But this is hardly a sustainable voting model for the rest of the country where the Tories may actually vote Tory?

      Bizarre – but then he is the leading light of Scotish Labour…

    17. Iain More says:

      This Party will self destruct in five seconds. Are they doing it deliberately?

    18. CmonIndy says:

      Someone mentioned Drunken Other stall. Well I would just like to say that the Abhainn Dearg whisky (Isle of Lewis) I am tasting is reminiscent of caramelised raw spirit, and it isn’t cheap. Unlike the Labour Party in Scotland.

    19. Effijy says:

      The Tory fuelled Bullingdon Drinking Club in their worst drunken state could never have dreamed up such ridiculous rules, and regulations for an imaginary Labour party devoid of policies.

      MPs don’t accept the member’s elected leader.

      Members don’t accept the MP’s treachery.

      Their executive committee decide to bar new members from voting, as they predict that they want to vote for who they don’t want to be voted in.

      Now you can’t join them, if you were ever a member of another party?

      How about you can’t join if you know an SNP member?

      Perhaps you can’t join if your married and divorced.

      How about if you lived for years as a heterosexual, but
      now you have changed your mind? (Nothing personal to several Labour MPs and Councillors nor Fluffy)

      The only conclusion I have is that Maggie Thatcher is actually alive and running the Labour Executive Committee

    20. scunner says:

      I’m sure I read somewhere that they bounced someone for using the F word in an old non-political tweet, another for retweeting something they construed as indicating past support for the Greens.

      Barely believable. Absolute madness. They’d need a small army of nerds trawling the net. That level of scrutiny is worrying, although the SNP may wish they’d applied closer scrutiny to the 2105 Edin South candidate.

      I could try and join but I’d be rebuffed for mild vile cybernattery.

    21. Alex Clark says:


      It is worrying, seems having an opinion is OK as long as you keep that to yourself. Expressing that opinion openly might get you into trouble.

      Big Brother indeed. Fuck them. Guess I’d better tear up my Slab application form then eh? hahaha.

    22. K1 says:


      ‘That level of scrutiny is worrying, although the SNP may wish they’d applied closer scrutiny to the 2105 Edin South candidate.’

      You mean the completely unfounded allegations that were made agains Neil Hay last year on the lead up to the GE? That as you may recall is the only seat that Labour retained because of a well executed smear campaign against him.

    23. K1 says:

      ‘Scunner’ not ‘Scanner’ fkn autocorrect! 🙁

    24. Ruglonian says:

      I gave up trying to figure out what Labour are all about years ago.
      I’ve never supported them, but I used to be able to view them as a curiosity. Now it just feels like rubbernecking a car crash.

      The idea of a party existing purely on ‘glory days’ and media bolstering is really quite bizarre when you think about it. The cry of ‘we are the party of the people, we are the real socialists’ etc is just viewed as supremely arrogant to those outside the Labour bubble.

      A wee anecdote from the first day of the Holyrood election campaign: Kezia Dugdale chooses Rutherglen Main Street to kick off the Slab offensive and there’s a scrum of about 30 odd journalists and photographers to the Labour 15 or 20.
      I came out of a shop and saw this spectacle forming just up the road, and a wee old woman seen me looking.
      She said “Never mind them Hen, they’ll no mind you. It’s that new one that’s trying to lead Labour with her pals from the BBC. I thought it was that Shelter mob at first cos they’re all dressed up in those red coats. They’ll be gone in a minute when they’ve finished talking to themselves.”

      And she was right. I stood there for about 5 minutes, smoking, watching the whole show. After they got their shot they were all gone in a flash, and we all went about our day, unaffected by them ever having been there!

    25. carjamtic says:

      Working people created socialism,not SLab.

      This is confirmation of what many of us already know,we have already been,’excluded’ by the Red Tories (some voters,apparently, just haven’t realised it yet).

      These Red Tory bores,can go and just foxtrot romeo oscar,can you imagine attending one of their meetings…celebrity oxygen thieves,all lined up in an attempt,to bore you to kin death/into submission (mind wanders…to nightmare scenario,being trapped for 15 minutes in a lift with,Tim Henman,Roy Hodson,Diarmuid Gavin,Harriet Harman,Hugh Grant….).

      Nightmares now….


    26. Swami Backverandah says:

      Apparently they’re going through social media posts in an effort to block new memberships.

      Will they then go through social media posts of already members to give them the flick too?

      Rank hypocrisy.


      They’re in advanced state of paranoia.

      Maybe they’re just really really thick.

    27. Swami Backverandah says:

      They’re scrutinising the lives of their own members as if they were the lives of others.


    28. Mark Wilkinson says:

      Swami Backverandah says:
      27 August, 2016 at 1:50 am
      Apparently they’re going through social media posts in an effort to block new memberships.

      Will they then go through social media posts of already members to give them the flick too?

      Rank hypocrisy.


      They’re in advanced state of paranoia.

      Maybe they’re just really really thick

      That’s exactly what was going on with the SNP in Monklands.

    29. K1 says:

      Ruglonian, your anecdote reminded me of James Cook’s ‘Absolute chaos on the streets of Glasgow’:

    30. scunner says:

      You mean the completely unfounded allegations that were made against Neil Hay last year on the lead up to the GE?

      Everyone knows they were total horseshit. But a week’s worth of sustained horseshit was enough to do the job. I think I angrily posted such an opinion on here at the time, my constituency and all that. They’d no doubt try the same tactic again.

      The ideal candidate would have no internet history they can twist – we’re somewhat unsuitable…

    31. Alex Clark says:

      Alex Salmond started something back in October 2012 when he and Cameron signed the Edinburgh Agreement. He probably didn’t expect to win first time around just to further the cause for Independence and he has certainly done that.

      What he probably couldn’t have expected was the chaos that has stemmed from that with Brexit and the implosion of the Labour party. Don’t worry we will have our day with the Tories too when aticle 50 is invoked. Even if it’s never invoked chaos will reign.

      In less than two years Cameron along with Osbourne has gone, Labour exposed and their nakedness on display for all. Considering where support for Independence started from back in October 2012 we couldn’t have hoped for better.

      Ever the optimist it won’t be long now, that’s a promise. Last man standing wins.

    32. Grouse Beater says:

      Does no one sleep? (I suppose I’m included in that question.)

      I’ve published two essays – one in condemnation of James MacMillan’s hysteria. Tomorrow I’ll send it to the newspapers and the Spectator, MacMillan’s pet periodical.

      Ho hum. Light the touch paper and retire …

    33. Grouse Beater says:

      Does no one sleep? (I suppose I’m included in that question.)

      I’ve published two essays – one in condemnation of James MacMillan’s hysteria. Tomorrow I’ll send it to the newspapers and the Spectator, MacMillan’s pet periodical.

      Ho hum. Light the blue touch paper and retire …

    34. They don’t seem to mind Tory and Lib Dem second preference votes, or even Tory policies?

    35. Grouse Beater says:

      Ruglonian: “they were all gone in a flash, and we all went about our day.”

      The fate of Labour in Scotland. 🙂

    36. Swami Backverandah says:

      @ Mark Williamson

      “That’s exactly what was going on with the SNP in Monklands.”

      Serious allegations of racism by public officials deserve investigation within any sphere.

      That’s obviously on par, in your mind, with liking the Foo Fighters.

      Good luck with that.

    37. Clootie says:

      …of course the rules don’t apply to the rich donors

      “Top Labour donor Baron Sainsbury’s grant of over £2 million to the Lib Dems this year means, without any doubt, he has broken Labour’s strict membership rules. The 2016 rulebook, Chapter 2 clause I section 4 paragraph B calls for the automatic exclusion of any members who “supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group”.

      £2,125,000 to a rival party surely counts as support.

      Now why would he back Red AND Yellow Tories at the same time – are the just puppets to the elite?

    38. jdman says:

      But but but, I just bought quails eggs and smoked salmon just last week ,surely that proves Im one of you?
      the quails eggs are AMAZIN btw ?

    39. Luigi says:

      I know its a tired old cliché, but:

      Those whom the Gods would destroy……

      It’s the only explanation for this exhibition of utter madness raging in the Red Tory ranks, like a forest fire out of control. I would liken it to a complete mental breakdown. Strategic thinking, rational thought, basic courtesy and manners: It’s all gone out the window, destroyed by an astronomical level of selfishness, corruption and pure, undiluted hatred.

      And all this in the name of The People’s Party. Who da thought it?

    40. Bugger (le Panda) says:

      I have run out of astonishment to what Labour, and especially their Scottish Accounting Unit, do and say.

      The truly are right down that rabbit hole in their own wee Wonderland, living their dream.

      They have the full cast, you know.

    41. Luigi says:

      I guess this is what happens when corruption and self-interest take over a party. When you put a bunch of ferrets, rats and piglets in a sack, there is bound to be blood. No more aspiration, no more vision. The dream has gone. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    42. Smallaxe says:

      Next thing is you’ll need a secret handshake to join their
      Moronic Lodge. 🙂 Peace.

    43. Stoker says:

      @ Smallaxe (6:52am)

      “Moronic Lodge”

      Brilliant! Nice start to the weekend. Thanks!

    44. Stoker says:

      I think Smallaxe has just hit on the collective name for BUM journos: The Moronic Lodge.

    45. Macbeda says:

      @Smallaxe 6:52 am

      Moronic Lodge!



    46. Hello, again, Smallaxe.
      Did you catch the Queen Mary Documentary on BBC 4?
      I’m tempted to apply to join my local Labour Branch.
      Seriously, what has happened to the Labour Party?
      Short of Sarwar holding a banquet with lashings of Rogan Josh, pakora, and popadoms, in honour of the visiting Leadership Hopefuls, using the outstretched naked body of Dugdale as a serving platter at the head table, could the current presentational shambles of the Labour Party come across as any more ridiculous and farcical than it already is?
      September 18th 2014 is proving to be a significant milestone on the road to Self Determination. It has turned out to be a tremendous victory for the Independence Movement.
      We rocked the Brit Establishment to its core; all this People Power stuff.
      Miliband, Balls, the Clunking Broon, Lawd Darling, Murphy, Curran, Bayonet Davidson, Harris, Greatrex, Douglas A, Lamont, Gray, Mac Connell, Matheson, Purcell, Our Henry, Danny A, Cable, Clegg, the Mighty Ming, Moore, Tavish, Goldie, Cameron, Osborne, IDS, are now footnotes (but very wealthy footnotes at that) in history.
      That withering husk of Unionism Up Here, the Last Men Standing, Mundell, Murray, and the Liar, are impotent bench fillers,insignificant puppets controlled by their respective Branch Office handlers down there, London town.
      Yet the BBC/STV. Herald, Record, Sun, and the ‘regional’ rags, big the Union failures up as though they represented main stream Scottish politics?
      We now openly laugh at the nonsense spouted on Unionist TV and scribbled in the Dead Tree Scrolls. I wonder how the State Propaganda peddlers of Unionist nonsense self esteem is holding up?
      Winstons Smiths?
      A word of caution. If they consider using Kezia as a serving platter, they should make sure they stuff a Granny Smith in her gob.
      Even you, smallaxe, would be challenged building a bridge between the Blairites and the Militant Trotskies who now permeate the Party.
      Live long and prosper.

    47. Isobel McAllister says:

      Corbyn and all his followers should go join the Green party and leave “Labour” to it.

    48. Breeks says:

      Those 7% of Yes voting Tories and similar closet Yes voters in Labour must surely see the irony of a frustrated heartfelt opinion stifled by party diktat from an insensitive London HQ.

      Instead of asking these folks to jump the Rubicon and abandoning their respective pary ideologies, perhaps what is needed is a support group, “Unionists for Independence”, with advice and counselling on how to deal with a stubborn loyalty which defies all rational explanation.

      It’s ok to be a Tory even AND support Independence. After Thatcher and right wing Neoliberalism, it’s being Tory that most of us find a little bit weird, but all is not lost if you can move towards the light and at least grasp the concept of Independence. There is a cure. Rejoice.

    49. BrianW says:

      So what about MP’s who have ‘crossed the floor’ in the House of Commons from one party to another? Does this make less of a *insert party* MP?

      Always thought it was a bit of a coup if an MP did this.

    50. ClanDonald says:

      OUR voters who were stolen, yes STOLEN, by the SNP, can GTF, they’re not welcome back in our party, we don’t want them, you can keep them.”

      Haha, LOLZ, pmsl etc.

    51. Brian Powell says:

      So all the people they want to ‘win’ back in Scotland would not be accepted.

    52. Smallaxe says:

      Hello Jack:(I nearly said Hi Jack!)

      Missed that but I see it’s on i-player,thanks for the heads up.As for building a bridge between the Blairites and the Trots,as far as I’m concerned they can sink or swim,preferably
      sink.Kezia as a serving platter,at least that would be something useful for her to do but I don’t know about the Granny Smith it would take a turnip to fill That Gob.Peace and Love my friend.

    53. Muscleguy says:


      How old is this spirit you are tasting? Is it old enough to be whisky or is it sold as spirit?

    54. Jimbo says:

      Modern Labour have always garnered their votes through fear, never by telling people of the wonderful things a Labour Party’s policies could do for them and the country. Always telling voters that if they don’t vote for Labour they won’t get their benefits – They won’t get their pensions – They’ll lose their jobs – The sky will fall etc. etc.

      Maybe this is Hothersall’s (stupid) cunning plan to scare people into remaining Labour voters?

    55. Hugh Kirk says:

      Quite right, I wouldn’t join a club that have me as a member…..
      Thanks G.M.

    56. Chic McGregor says:

      At least there is never a haiver stall from Hothersall.

    57. Shex says:

      Labour only take in Torys nowadays obviously.

    58. Haggishunter says:

      LabServativeDems, right wing warmongering sycophants, their strings pulled by the establishment.
      Their greatest weapon is the fact they run the media in Scotland.
      But the average non politically aware person has become aware of this.

    59. Croompenstein says:

      Does his milkshake bring all the boys to the yard and Damn Right it’s better than yours ?

    60. Robert Peffers says:

      @Swami Backverandah says: 27 August, 2016 at 1:50 am:

      ” … They’re in advanced state of paranoia.
      Maybe they’re just really really thick.”

      Your second option is a given fact and there are no doubts about your first option.

    61. Tinto Chiel says:

      Jack Collatin: liked your 8.06.

      So can we now officially call Mundell The Incredible Husk?

      I like that.

      While we’re all laughing at the state of Labour, just remember both it and the Ruthtastic Party need the constant life-support services of the BBC, otherwise we would have our independence on a plate.

    62. kailyard rules says:

      Brian W @ 8:23
      Didn’t Tony Benn “cross the floor”? Where will Dunkin Horsefeathers’ “stalinite purgers” now place him?
      Dunkin is a Fabian. A believer in Creepin Socialism. One step forward and three revised steps back.

    63. How does that principle work for Labour when a member of another party wants cross the floor and join Labour.

    64. JLT says:

      LOL!!! HA HA HA HA ….that is bloody priceless.

      So, if Scottish Labour finally come up with decent policies that attract interest, then it’s barring the electorate from joining them because they had the audacity to campaign against SLAB in a previous campaign.

      How the hell are they ever going to increase their membership if they veto folk just because they were members of another party or voted against SLAB?!?!

      Seriously …what!?!? LOL! No wonder their leader is Kezia. Utterly Clueless!

    65. Bill says:

      Glad that’s settled. I can never vote for or join The Labour Party even in an independent Scotland.

    66. Proud Cybernat says:

      “scottishlabour”? Shurely shome mishtake. Don’t they mean the British Labour Party in Scotland?

    67. Karmanaut says:

      Lord Sainsbury is a prominent Labour member and peer who also funds the Lib Dems. McTernan writes articles in the right-wing press that undermine the Labour party and show his support of Tory policies.

      All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

    68. Ixl says:

      Irreversible decline for Labour.
      Excellent ….exactly what Scotland requires.
      Let’s hope it continues LOL

    69. Hello, Smallaxe.
      TurnipGob Dugdale ? Straight out of Runyon’s Guys ‘n’ Dolls.
      I’m loving it.
      Sorry to anybody whose breakfast I spoiled by the image of Dugdale the serving platter.
      Roll on September. I might even make the rally 18th on the Green.

    70. Arbroath1320 says:

      I may be not quite up to speed here with regards the inner thought processes of Labour here. 😉

      I get the impression that according to a certain Mr. D. Hothersall if you do, or say, anything against the branch office then you are damned to eternity and will never be admitted into the inner sanctum that is the branch office. I guess he, and the branch office, were extremely busy the other night kicking folks out of the branch office then after yon non entity … what’s his name … was laughed out of Glasgow for claiming the current branch manager was doing a brilliant job. 🙂

      If Hothersall and co. keep going the way they are going then the ONLY people left in the branch office will be the few M.S.P.’s one M.P. a couple of M.E.P.’s and a fast declining number of councilors. 🙂 This is not exactly what I’d call a party moving forward more like a party of non entities doing their impression of a group of lemmings! 🙂

    71. Smallaxe says:

      I’m doing my best to be at the Green on the 18th Jack,it would
      be a pleasure to meet you there.Peace.

    72. Vambomarbeleye says:

      The unions are fast disappearing down the same rabbit hole. Their response to the North Sea workers was pathetic. Negotiations with the oil company’s instead if Osborne.

    73. geeo says:

      Regarding this rule quote posted above…

      . The 2016 rulebook, Chapter 2 clause I section 4 paragraph B calls for the automatic exclusion of any members who “supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group”.

      Would that include “scottish” labour as an “unofficial” group ?

    74. Tinto, @ 09.42 am, Smallaxe @ 11.27 am.

      Mundell as the Incredible Husk?
      TurnipGob Dugdale?
      We’re enjoying ourselves to much, lads.
      Classic Runyonesque soubriquets.

      As you are aware, Damon Runyon wrote in the ‘Historic Present’, although there is one verb lapse in his opus. I wish you luck hunting it down.

      WE are living in the historic present now.
      I’ll try to make the Green 18th September, promise. I’ll let you know nearer the time.. Should be historic.

    75. CameronB Brodie says:

      Keep up the good work bud, the cheque’s in the post. 😉

      P.S. Is this a purity of blood thing?

    76. Arbroath1320 says:

      Sorry if this question has already been asked. 😉

      As most, if not all on here know, the RED Tories walked hand in hand with the BLUE Tories, talked incessantly supporting the BLUE Tories, took money from the BLUE Tories, carried out the “dirty” work of the BLUE Tories and “slept” hand in hand with the BLUE Tories. Given that this is an undisputed FACT can we all assume that the branch office will in fact be closed down by next Friday and ALL branch office “workers” transferred to the BLUE Tory party as a result of having their RED Tory party memberships withdrawn. 🙂

    77. Smallaxe says:

      As you say Jack,we are living in the historic present now but I refuse to do anything for posterity,it’s never done anything for me. 🙂 I will do the same as yourself and let you know if
      I’m going to be at the Green (some good days,some not so)but fingers crossed.Peace my friend.

    78. HandandShrimp says:

      Can’t help but feel that Duncan would be more relaxed about Owen Smith supporters joining regardless of previous political allegiance.

    79. HeehawBaws says:

      Has Labour got itself in a situation where it thinks it can’t acknowledge the right of people to change their minds with their constant “The issue has been settled” mantra?

    80. velofello says:

      I do not feel like trying to post witty comments about Labour’s difficulties.

      Labour aligned themselves with the Unionists to campaign against independence, and this by a party to claiming to support the “Brotherhood of Man”. By aligning with the Unionists they endorsed the the continuing dominance of the UK Establishment.

      We have simply useless labour MSPs sitting in Holyrood thanks to the inaccuracies of the D’hondt mathematical chicanery.

      “The Scots are not genetically programmed to govern”. Remember that by a re-elected Labour MSP? Meantime her hubby, not genetically programmed presumably to administer resources, earns a dollar on Glasgow city Council.

      Why oh why do people vote for Labour in Scotland?

    81. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Why oh why do people vote for Labour in Scotland?”

      velofello: it is inheriting much of the hard-core Unionist support who will never vote SNP and it has the iron lung of the BBC to sustain it.

      I know it’s incomprehensible to us but most people on here have arrived at our position through painful readjustment to a changing reality (eg Thatcherism) or a simple belief in independence on principle.

      Dodos didn’t realise their fate until it was too late, so I wouldn’t worry about Kezia et al.

    82. chris kilby says:

      Idiots. Proof.

    83. Jimmy says:

      Poor Duncan H. all that hard work to get to his place at the trough, only to see it disappearing before his wee eyes.

    84. Titler says:

      Karmanaut says:
      27 August, 2016 at 10:51 am

      Lord Sainsbury is a prominent Labour member and peer who also funds the Lib Dems. McTernan writes articles in the right-wing press that undermine the Labour party and show his support of Tory policies.

      All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

      I’m glad someone else mentioned Lord Sainsbury before I could; the sin is not voting for other parties, it’s for voting for the wrong kind of other parties, ones that might take Labour back to the place you moved it from. Also, not doing it whilst being a Blairite appointed Lord with a huge, huge wodge of cash behind you.

      But apart from that, Party disloyalty is absolutely a mortal sin. Absolutely. No questions asked. No historical excuses. No… ahem.

    85. Sandy says:

      Glasgow hustings. Keiza doing a great job!
      Sounds like the statement from a football club owner/chairman a couple of days before he sacks his manager.

    86. Peter Clive says:

      We’ve got to make sure *we* don’t lose Indyref 2. We do that by “turning the evho chamber inside out” …

    87. frankieboy says:

      Reminds me of a Hector Nicol joke where he is facing an Irish boxer in his first ever bout. As he sat in his corner he saw the Irish guy bless himself. He asked his trainer “What does that mean?” Trainer replies ” it means nothing if he cannae fight”

    88. Smallaxe says:

      @ frankieboy:

      Halfway through the fight the trainer says”your doing well son
      he’s hardly laid a glove on you”,the boxer replies”well keep an eye on that referee because somebody in that rings knocking
      hell out of me” 🙂 Peace.

    89. frankieboy says:

      @ Smallaxe ‘so here’s the plan, just keep swinging and with a bit of luck the draught might gie him pneumonia’ 🙂

    90. Smallaxe says:

      Hector gave us a few good laughs,sorely missed frankieboy.
      Peace my friend.

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