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Hostile takeover

Posted on June 17, 2023 by

Inspired by this tweet:

We thought we’d try the idea out.

We took the latest widely-used version of the so-called “Progress Pride” flag from here, which has an even more dramatic effect on the Stars And Stripes:

And we found that much to our surprise, there IS a way to make the Union Jack uglier:

But then we applied it to a few more Scottish symbols.

(All base flags were the same size and proportions – 5:3 – as the Pride one.)

That’s, um, yeah… that’s pretty invasive. No wonder gay folk are so upset.

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0 to “Hostile takeover”

  1. Lewis E See says:

    The danger of intersectionality. It’s all very well identifying links between things, which haven’t heretofore been recognised, when they are there. It’s quite another to impose links between things because you think they *should* be there.

    “Beautifully fucking illustrated”, as someone once said.

  2. Confused says:

    in other places –

    diversity-multiculturalism is our greatest strength

    go islam

  3. Republicofscotland says:

    I have to say it looks terrible super-imposed upon those flags, it even makes the Butcher’s Apron look worse, a difficult thing to achieve.

    This piccy reminds me of when Indiana Jones found himself in Berlin in one of his movies where Hitler signed his diary.

  4. twathater says:

    And so it goes on indigenous people becoming even more marginalised and ignored, multiculturism the progressives hand grenade so willingly embraced by people who refuse to accept reality

  5. Ottomanboi says:

    For a minority who may count no more than 4% of any population and of whom only a fraction actively ideologically propagandize the massive takeover of public life by the rainbow cannot have happened without some major support.
    The rainbow flag is even usurping the top place of the national symbols of countries during the month of «pride». Any critique of this fashion is deemed in the traditional language of the easily hurt to be «phobic».
    Public, not to speak of corporate, resources are expended in support of this sex cultism which ought never to have left the saunas and «back rooms» from which it seemingly originated.
    Time these priders put their cocky exhibitionist members back in their pants.

  6. Garrion says:

    Oh it gets better. Everyone needs their special real estate on a flag that originally was meant to define the celebration of inclusiveness and diversity. What a shame.,_intersex,_trans,_nonbinary,_POC,_sex_work,_HIV_%26_AIDS,_pink_triangle,_disability,_inclusive_diversity_pride_flag.png

  7. Ottomanboi says:

    The jackboot side of pride.

  8. Stuart MacKay says:

    Disappointed you didn’t do the montage with 4 flags at right angles to each other – yes, that one. The one that Laurence Fox posted on Twitter and got into a lot of bother over.

    “One flag to rule them all, One flag to find them, One flag to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

  9. Geoff Anderson says:

    Hence the constant chant of “No LGB without the T”. How could 0.5% dominate Nations without the gullible gays and Female handmaidens.
    They have convinced young Lesbians that they have Lady Dicks and are also lesbians.

    Keep fighting or we will end up like the basket cases of USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland.
    Protect children from their propaganda.

  10. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Three large flags, with the saltire in the centre, flanked on either side by a rainbow-banner and a union-jack are flying unmolested outside Paisley Council HQ and sending a powerful enough signal regarding being politically and culturally Captured! Not remotely representative of your average Buddy or his/her actual needs and desires, either, I would have thought.

  11. dasBlimp says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    17 June, 2023 at 3:40 pm
    I have to say it looks terrible super-imposed upon those flags, it even makes the Butcher’s Apron look worse, a difficult thing to achieve.

    Did you see trooping the colour today on the telly? All those Scottish guards and Welsh guards and Irish guards dressed up in their shiney uniforms and those funny hats being doffed to the English king Charlie 3. Strangely, in all of that, there was no mention of England or English guards at all. I wonder why that is?

    A lovely sight was all those butchers aprons hanging forlornly along the mall dripping blood onto the crowds below. But how hideously white they all looked. Hardly a brown face amongst them. Dont they realise that the uniformed ones colonised them so that they can lead better lives in the jolly old UK. I dont know – some people. Would it hurt to show a bit of gratitude?

  12. mike cassidy says:

    Check out the religious protest about gender ideology in Canadian schools


    Transactivism has given free rein to a staggering level of misogyny

    It must be worrying for gay people that they are getting close to being part of the target after the disastrous interlinking of the ‘T’ with LGB

  13. Stuart MacKay says:

    mike cassidy

    I expect to see the rainbow part get smaller and smaller until the trans part consumes it completely.

    First, they came for the flags…

  14. JGedd says:

    Because corporations and those at the top of organizations such as NHS, welfare organizations and varieties of NGOs have found the perfect vehicle to carry their own prejudices and secret desires forward. It might just be the illicit thrill that some of these people get from exercising power and controlling those under them while at the same time crowing with faux piety that they’re being progressive and kind.

    I don’t believe that many of these people don’t know what they are doing and are actually in on the grandiose joke at the expense of the public, on the receiving end of grotesque regulations which dictate what language is acceptable and having to accept intimate care from someone who claims to be the same sex as the recipient. I’ve met people like that in charge of institutions who certainly seemed to have sociopathic tendencies. Imagine if they could make life very uncomfortable for their underlings by policing the language and comportment of employees as well as the larger public. How satisfying for that ego that would be.

    Even people with commercial interests could share the same psychology, with the added perk of making money out of seeming to embrace a progressive orthodoxy.

    I thought that after all my years living among human kind I had learned everything that made me cynical about human society but this has exploded all my direst expectations. This Pride month has demonstrated just how anti-human a movement can become once it has fully parasitized all of the systems of social order and just like a parasitical wasp, can cause the body of the creature to be controlled to serve the survival of the parasite offspring until it is merely a husk.( It is sadly ironic that a movement that despises evolution in favour of mystical nonsense should find the best description of its methodology in an evolutionary process.)

    I am depressed about how successful this movement has been, already awash with money from billionaires, in being able to divert tax-payer funded resources to their aims and away from the ordinary public who continue to suffer from the financial hardship of a depressed economy.

    The media and many of our politicians choose to ignore their problems while giving publicity and attention to a movement which professes to be a marginalized minority one moment and then turns on the ugly aggression of massed screaming toddlers, AGPs, incels, fetishists and the shadowy cohorts of paedophiles against the majority of women. It does seem the world turned upside down but this time it is not the deprived and dispossessed taking to the streets. Instead, power has already been ceded to the trans movement from above while the majority is rendered passive and ineffectual, mere onlookers while the rights of women, patients, parents and children are unravelled.

    I have supported gay rights ever since I went through puberty myself and realised my sexual orientation was fixed without any input from me and that puberty was not only about body changes.
    I knew that that happened to everyone whether gay or heterosexual so could not understand why gay people were blamed for something that none of us, gay or straight, chose from a menu. Now even sexual orientation is denied to be fixed and like everything else is simplistically, supposedly a ‘feeling in the head’.

    It feels as if the former movement for gay rights, which was conducted over many decades with courage and dogged persuasiveness for simple equality for their sexual orientation, has been subverted by others with sinister intentions, one of which, worryingly, has been about indoctrination of adolescents into accepting medicalisation ‘to trans away the gay’. It also means to change society utterly where what were regarded as ethics in medicine, safeguarding of children, education and women’s sport can also be ‘transed away’.

  15. Robert Louis says:


    The original SIX rainbow flag colours mean the following;

    red-life, orange-healing, yellow-sunlight, green-nature, blue-serenity, purple-spirit.

    As you can see they were viruous and aspirational, they didn’t have a stripe per fetish, or a stripe for gay and a stripe for lesbian. No, the original flag was a single united whole, representing all the colour virtues as listed above.

    THEN, the idiot loonies who know nothing of gay rights or our history said, ‘oh, we need a colour for this group of people, and a colour for this group of people’ and so on, and then you have the truly awful mess as shown in the article above.

    One of the oddest things is this, when they added trans to the flsg, nobody was consulted. Their is not some kind of gay referendum process to decide. It was literally just some trans folk decided to hijack our gay pride flag. To make matters worse, Trans already have their very own dedicated pink and blue flag, for them, and them alone. Funny that, eh?

    More and more Gay (homosexual) men and same sex attracted lesbian women are waking up to the fact that the trans and ‘queer’ movement, and all the other strange letters have just literally hijacked our flag and our movement.

    Just for the record, ‘queer’ is STILL an insult to most gay people, and more and more are demanding our flag back. LGB, without the QTIAA++ (or whatever f*cked up group of new letters some clowns add).

    Just as women are sick of it, so too are gay folk. NOBODY asked us either. Gay folk are p*ssed off too. Pride always was, until just a few years ago, Lesbian and Gay pride, or LGB pride. NOBODY asked us before the fetishists, and trans nutters hijacked it.

    And, for the record, the stonewall riots (plural – lasting many nights in Christopher Street) were NOT started by trans people (who had nothing at all to do with it), they started with the arrest of a LESBIAN woman, who always self-described herself as a ‘butch dyke’, by the name of Storme De Laverie. Almost all the occupants of the Stonewall Inn that night, were homosexual (gay) men.

    Anyway, trans (and the 2sqtiaa++ etc ) folk need to do their own thing, and get off our flag, and stop leeching off our movement. Nobody asked us, and we don’t want them.

  16. SusanAHF says:

    Excellent post JGedd, I agree completely

  17. Anton Decadent says:

    One butchers apron attached to another.

  18. John C says:

    I liked the rainbow flag. Perfect bit of design, looked good and everyone could rally to it be they be gay, lesbian, bi or straight. As soon as the ‘progress’ flag was added to it the entire concept and purpose of a universal flag that all LGB people could come together under was now colonised by fetishists and Queer Theorists. And slapping ‘queer’ all over LGB people’s lives when many of them suffered ‘queerbashing’ or know people killed by homophobic assaults is to me, one of the most incredibly homophobic things I’ve witnessed. Yes, people were trying to reclaim the word queer, but it was also incredibly controversial and not universally accepted. Now it’s being pushed on them.

    Now the flag stands for a numbing authoritarianism where if you don’t comply then you’re potentially driven out of friendships, jobs, and families unless you bend the knee. If you’re a woman then you’re 100% likely to be bombarded by rape and death threats, even assault while if you’re a male you tend to avoid the worst of the TRA’s assault.

    It’s also a terrible design as are all the incredibly ugly designs for the 50 or so (and increasing) gender ‘identities’ we’ve got right now. We now have straight people calling themselves ‘queer’ because they’ve got blue hair (another thing this has ruined is dying hair now looks like you’re part of a cult) calling gay men homophobic slurs to try to ‘reclaim’ some of the worst homophobic slurs out there.

    Everything this flag stands for is wrong. I long for the day when it vanishes into history.

  19. John C says:

    The rainbow flag is even usurping the top place of the national symbols of countries during the month of «pride».

    You’ll be lucky to find the original LGB rainbow flag these days. The ‘progress’ flag has replaced it even to the point where some call the original flag ‘transphobic’ as everything has to centre Trans/Queer people. If you’re just an ordinary homosexual (another word now proscribed as ‘transphobic’ along with the phrase ‘same sex attracted’) because it again has to centre this ideology.

    Everything about this is drenched in old school homophobia and self loathing.

  20. Ottomanboi says:

    The mystery is why countries with problems of population replacement would be so macho about this stuff.
    Gay, is a relatively modern Western largely American/German northern country phenomenon. Homosexuality per se is probably as old as the human species. Humans in all cultures have accommodated the latter without much fuss. The former makes a great fuss about something few really care about either way. Is that the prob. I wonder?
    Going public in the manner of «pride», does that not suggest some measure of insecurity? Shout it loud, drown out the doubt?
    Ultimately, It is still a load of fuss about what bit goes where. In my culture we know «it goes on», but we seem more sophisticated and urbane in our discretion and circumspection, although shouty western American influence is changing that for the worse.
    Questioning the gay «worldview» is, btw, not the generic equivalent of anti-semitism as some apologists have tended to imply. Such an analogy is insultingly inappropriate. «Gay» is not an ethnicity but a sexual orientation, maybe even a temporary, passing trendy one.

  21. Anton Decadent says:

    @Mike Cassidy

    A couple of years ago I had a conversation with a lesbian friend with regard to the trans lobby. The friend was conflicted as they were reminded of the stress of coming out in the 1980’s whilst from my perspective I was looking at it from a young family member who had a traumatic childhood and was fooled into believing that the trans cult were their friends/family and via them accessed life changing drugs from offshored sources which will have probably rendered them infertile amongst other problems to come down the line. I said to my friend that the trans lobby could not care less about her, they wanted to use people like her, female and male, as deflective shields whilst targeting the children and if things turned against them would try to drag them down with them and make it look like a homophobic backlash.

    Off topic, I would advise anyone who attends exhibitions to start paying attention to how they are laid out. Pay attention to the images which are placed if there is a break such as a door and/or the final image used. I am noticing that a number of protected groups are being used at these points at the ones I attend in different locations and I believe that it is deliberate placement of groups with a permavictim status which cannot be questioned at key points in the exhibitions.

  22. John C says:

    As you can see they were viruous and aspirational

    That’s the thing about the Trans movement overall. It’s virtue signalling without actually being virtuous and is as far from positive and aspirational as it can get.

    All my LGB friends wanted to just be like the rest of us. Marry, love and live without prejudice and that’s it. They didn’t want to force anyone to do anything that hadn’t been earned or debated for generations or even centuries.

    Trans want capitulation without debate. That’s why there’s such a kickback against Queer ideology now. People are tired of it. They’re tired of being forced teamed into the same group as these horrendous people. They’re tired of being told to change reality itself to placate violent men and their handmaidens.

    The damage done by these people to not just LGB people, but native populations, people with DSD’s, women and now the disabled as Transabled becomes more common, is horrendous. It’ll take generations to repair this damage.

  23. Republicofscotland says:

    “Antoine Roquentin”

    I can recall 5th columnist politicans at Holyrood and a plethora of Stockholm Syndrome embracing House Jock rail bitterly when OUR national flag the Saltire, was added to the livery of Scottish fire engines.

    Only in Scotland would Scots complain about the flying of OUR national flag.

  24. John C says:

    Gay, is a relatively modern Western largely American/German northern country phenomenon. Homosexuality per se is probably as old as the human species. Humans in all cultures have accommodated the latter without much fuss. The former makes a great fuss about something few really care about either way. Is that the prob. I wonder?

    Gay is another word for homosexual brought in at a time when the word ‘homosexual’ couldn’t even be spoken as anything but a mental disorder. It also provided a name for the civil rights movement that grew up in the 70s. It has nothing to do with 21st century Trans ideology.

  25. Republicofscotland says:

    “Did you see trooping the colour today on the telly?”


    I’d rather twist corkscrews into my eyes than watch that ruritanian bollocks.

  26. John C says:

    Stu, you’ll be interested in this. It’s a post linking to a video of a girl in a school being questioned to the point of bullying by a teacher over their refusal to bend the knee to Trans ideology.

  27. robbo says:

    Get in ya beauty!

  28. Republicofscotland says:

    Well done Scotland in beating Norway 2-1 away.

  29. James Che says:

    Mike Cassidy,

    Did you realise that it has been suggested that Canada is not part of the British Dominions

  30. Bob Mack says:

    Do “straights” have a flag ? Should we have one ? After all we are becoming a persecuted majority. Silly thing!!

  31. James Jones says:

    James Che 7:12 pm
    “Did you realise that it has been suggested that Canada is not part of the British Dominions.”

    These words used historically don’t mean what you think they mean in the modern era. Likewise ‘corporation’ and ‘Bank of England’. It’s a mistake you keep on making.,the%20new%20nation%20of%20Canada.

  32. Beauvais says:

    Quite appropriate that it obscures the S in the SNP flag since there’s nothing very Scottish any more about that band of troughers.

  33. James Jones says:

    James Che 7:12 pm
    “Did you realise that it has been suggested that Canada is not part of the British Dominions.”

    These words used historically don’t mean what you think they mean in the modern era. Likewise ‘corporation’ and ‘Bank of England’. It’s a mistake you keep on making.,the%20new%20nation%20of%20Canada.

  34. Charles (not the R one) says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    17 June, 2023 at 6:55 pm

    Well done Scotland in beating Norway 2-1 away.

    If Humza was as lucky as that, he’d be a happy Continuity FM.

  35. Iain More says:

    Scotland come from behind victory in Norway. Its a bad night for the Quisling Wokists Brit Nats in the SNP. They hate Scotland winning at anything!

  36. chossy says:

    A rainbow is sufficient to convey the beautiful diversity of everyones sexuality, be it straight ghey or any other variety on the spectrum. I’m a straight dude and can absolutely get with a rainbow. Although there is a straight flag, a rainbow is considerably better and more relevant to convey diversity.

  37. Lorna Campbell says:

    Great stuff again, Rev, and very flag tells a story.

    Ottomanboi: you are 100% correct. They could not have done this without megabucks backing them. For starters, Denton’s is an international legal concern and any advice from them would cost nothing under a million, probably considerably more. Then, there is the backing of political parties (the Lib Dems received over a million from a puberty blockers company, it is rumoured, and just coincidentally, that total wallie, friend of Beth, Cole-Hamilton, wittered on about ‘trans’ rights). They have them all, you absolute balloon.

    They could not have done this to any other group in society at this time, which shows us all just how females are perceived, and have always been perceived, even in the West. John Hopkins University has referred to women as non-men, so men still exist, just not women (or, by extension, girls). I wonder how any man would react to being referred to as a non-woman?

  38. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This was just a bit of fun, but interesting response all the same:

    ‘If you were Humza Yousaf would you prefer to resign before or after the special ‘independence’ convention in Dundee?
    Before 80.3%
    After 19.7%
    142 votes
    1 hour left
    9:56 PM · Jun 16, 2023

  39. Mac says:

    The LGB folks (who are a coherent demographic) better get the f**k away from the T demographic (who are not) and fast.

    Like run.

  40. Dorothy Devine says:

    Woman’s Day , Pride Month – just saying.

  41. David Hannah says:

    Get the saltire flying high. For Steve Clarke, Andy Robertson and the Scotland national team.

    Coming home from Oslo with all 3 points.

    Steve Clarke’s the man!

  42. PacMan says:

    This Trans and diversity stuff is getting pushed more in the private sector company I work for.

    It’s hard not to notice that now this Trans stuff is being questioned, those who are pushing it are doubling down and going overdrive with the propaganda. It will end up sucking in people to the debate who wouldn’t have given the stuff a second thought towards it apart from ‘Be Kind’ and force them to confront it and see it as the nonsense it is.

    This can be seen with the company Wickes accusing people who are critical of Trans being bigots and not welcome in their stores. Most people don’t know anything about the Trans issue but when they here millionaire bosses telling them what to do, they are going to get riled up about it particularly if other companies jump on the bandwagon.

    It does seem the saying ‘Don’t interrupt your opponents when they are making mistakes’ is apt here?

  43. Red says:

    I saw one of them gendergoblin-groomer-PS you’re a racist flags outside the Glesca IKEA.

    Presumably from the Hëlwörld line.

    Whodah thought a company started by Nazis would turn out to be evil, eh? Shockerooni, my fandabarinos.

  44. Tinto Chiel says:

    @JGedd 5.23: a typically perceptive and detailed analysis.

    However, I am also tempted by the perennial “Follow The Money” theory beyond all this as another driver, namely that Stonewall, having achieved all of its laudable aims re LGB rights, simply needed an almost inexhaustible number of “issues” or shall we call them “genders” to fight for to keep the filthy moola rolling in.

    Other initially noble movements like #Me Too and #Black Lives Matter have similarly become corrupted by forces which seek to divide us all along sex or race lines against the “elites” while the plutocrats driving all of this crapola further enrich themselves at our expense via e.g. the myriad “socialism for the rich/capitalism for the poor” schemes like Green Initiative/Carbon Capture/Green Credits und so weiter. At the same time the rest of society is expected to fight over the scraps.

    Meanwhile my perfectly serviceable 2013 diesel (which was sold to me as a car which was the “way forward” as far as its emissions were concerned when I bought it) won’t get me into Glasgow any more, which will no doubt contribute to the slow death of its city-centre before the end of the decade, given the very poor quality of public transport. I believe the vast majority of Glasgow City Council’s vehicles would fail my car’s emissions test but this doesn’t seem to matter much beyond GCC’s new Green Ideology.

    It’s a funny old game, Saint.

  45. I refer to Ottomanboi’s and Mia’s comments – well said, both of you!

    Of course we have always known that we have gay people living in our communities. They have never bothered us and we don’t draw attention to them, as everyone is entitled to privacy in the safety of their own homes.

    We have also been aware of genuine trans people living amongst us. The majority of these people left it a long time before taking a decision. Most were married and had children. It must have taken great courage, with the backing of their loved ones, to make this change. These genuine trans people don’t boast about their achievements – they want to live a quiet life and come to terms with themselves. They cause no trouble to society.

    However, we now have mentally ill men, with weird sexual preferences (particularly aimed at young children) who have been encouraged to jump on the bandwagon created by Nicola Sturgeon and Lorna Slater to demand a certificate stating that they are female!!

    Please, men and women of Scotland who believe in Independence, let’s get rid of this Scottish Government who want to corrupt our children!

    I am quite amazed that Humza Yousaf is going along with this. I dont know of any religious order in Scotland who believes in paedophilia!!

  46. London Scott says:

    Red at9.45 mentions the flag at IKEA. Fir the third year running I have asked them on twitter if the sell their stripey bags and cake in their Saudi and Egyptian branches. So far no reply.

  47. George Ferguson says:

    There is no basis in science for this flag. So what’s driving the juggernaut?. The NHS have LGBT percentages on admission at less than 8%. Genuine trans cases are miniscule in comparison less than 1%. Who is driving this shit? Meanwhile real cases for Cancer and difficult medical cases can’t get near a Doctor. Somebody is having a laff. I suggest Holyrood.

  48. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Sunday Mail reporting that the campervan was a £110k ‘cash purchase’?

    Who signs-off something like that?

  49. dean says:

    who gives a flying fuck, flags are for fuckwits.

  50. charlie says:

    Tinto Chiel says:
    17 June, 2023 at 10:10 pm
    @JGedd 5.23: a typically perceptive and detailed analysis.

    Yup always follow the money, in this case troughers backed by pharmaceutical companies who will have a live long source of income from their customers/victims, if you can call it a life. [Sighs].

  51. J says:

    Going forward, the original rainbow flag needs to come with a triangle-shaped wedge.

  52. PacMan says:

    George Ferguson says: 17 June, 2023 at 11:09 pm

    There is no basis in science for this flag. So what’s driving the juggernaut?. The NHS have LGBT percentages on admission at less than 8%. Genuine trans cases are miniscule in comparison less than 1%. Who is driving this shit? Meanwhile real cases for Cancer and difficult medical cases can’t get near a Doctor. Somebody is having a laff. I suggest Holyrood.

    In a previous topic, I had put across the idea that these cultural wars that includes Trans, Meetoo & BLM is the same as the effects of colonialism that affects us Scots which is often mentions by posters on here.

    While both are different in such that colonialism involves the subjection of one countries culture by another country and the Woke ideology is driven by extremely wealthy individuals and corporations, the effects on ordinary people are the same where their culture is being shaped from outside entities.

    The question though is why?

    Given the amount of financial resources, political clout and reach that in our society that certainly the Trans ideology has in comparison to it’s actual numbers, there is ample evidence to say this is more than conspiracy theory.

    As to why, it may simply be a trend where we have moved from a conservative hierarchal society based on national boundaries to one that is globalised and due to the massive imbalances of wealth, we have lots of insanely wealthy individuals who use their wealth and influence to implement their trendy theories on the rest of us because they can.

    It may also be simply out of control to keep increasingly improvised first world populations under control through divide and conquer techniques.

    Regardless of the reasons, there is ample evidence that this is more than random occurrences or generational changes of attitudes. The first thing is to identify the problem and then find the solution to deal with it.

    In the post I had mentioned I had also put across the idea that both the traditional left and right should recognise this as a form of colonialism simply out of enlightened self interest as they have better things to fight for than being opposite sides of these wasteful and distracting culture wars.

    Rather than be angry, reactionary ‘gammons’ as the MSM likes to call people on certain issues, wouldn’t it be better to stop getting gaslit by those pushing this Trans agenda and those opposed to it leave aside their personal ideological differences and co-operate on this in a more effective manner that ordinary people can relate to?

    As I had mentioned in a previous comment in this topic, a lot of people are going to get pulled into this issue that would normally be non-political and would have had a benevolent ‘Be Kind’ attitude towards the Trans issue. Once you get them onside, this Trans ideology is finished.

  53. Geoff Anderson says:

    Latest polling…….SNP in trouble!

  54. Dan says:

    J says: at 3:35 am

    Going forward, the original rainbow flag needs to come with a triangle-shaped wedge.

    But if it is a white triangle wedge then that would mean the flag will then represent LGBDairyLee!
    Plus Humza would probably then find it racist coz DairyLee don’t make cheese in black / brown and every other shade on the Pantone colour chart, and then there’s the lactose intolerant that can’t handle cheese to consider…

    TBH it’s a fucking minefield and I almost wish I was colour blind so I don’t need to put up with all this shite anymore.
    But at least I’m now happy to go spend yet another day on the roof slating to get away from it all.

  55. John Main says:

    Trans this. Trans that. When I was a lot younger, I used to have a Trans Sister.

    Permanently tuned to Radio 1.

    Boom boom!

    Seriously though, anybody care to outline Alba policy on the Trans shite? Looking for reasons to go around proselytising for Alba, and if Alba have a robust, reality-grounded policy, that would provide a perfect hook for turning conversations in that direction.

    Please tell me they do. Please also tell me they know what a woman is.

  56. Stephen O'Brien says:

    How can citizens plan for independence, while SNP hinders that possibility?

    They’ve made sure their ‘defacto’ route is now a waste of time. By their own actions, the party has no credibility.

    The next stage of this contrivance, to ditch the title SNP, while maintaining the illusion of enemy of the state.

    The current police investigation already creates the impression, among ardent supporters, of a witch hunt, to the point of destruction.

    It will be interesting to see if anyone is actually prosecuted for any wrong doing, while the party reforms under a different guise.

  57. johnlm says:

    I’m a Transparent. My pronouns are who? and where?

  58. John Main says:

    @Garrion 4:06

    Thanks for that link. I read it with interest.

    V disappointed to find no mention of my personal, favourite colour, gamboge.

    Gamboge occurs frequently on Family Guy, being the colour of the copious rivers of puke the characters emit more frequently than is strictly realistic.

    Anyways, I think all multi-culti-diverse flags would be greatly improved by a thick arc of gamboge puke, starting at top left, and curving down to a splashy puddle at bottom right.

    I don’t want symmetry fetishists left out, so could easily live with a second mirror-image gamboge puke arc from top right.

  59. willie says:

    Just listened to Anas Sarwar on Sophie Ridge show this morning.

    All big upbeat stuff about GB and how good it will be with things like Energy GB. But one thing that absolutely startled me was when our man declared that ” he was in charge of what happens in Scotland ”

    So there you have it. Folks across the UK will now think Anas Sarwar is the First Minister and no doubt with similar ethnicity to the real First Minister, many of the UK viewers will see him as the man in charge that he claims to be.

  60. Geoff Anderson says:

    From Guido Fawkes site…comment

    Have I got this right?

    Two “unidentified men” turned up at a Motorhome. dealership. They purchased a Motorhome but registered it in the name of Peter Murrell’s Mother ( who is in her Nineties). “There was no loan or credit required for the sale, it was a cash purchase. Not many people are lucky enough to have £110,000 sitting in their bank account.”
    Party insiders previously claimed that the motorhome was supposed to function as a campaign battle bus.
    However senior figures have said they were unaware of its purchase.

    Who are the two men?
    Why has the SNP not identified them for questioning?
    Why was it a Cash Purchase?

  61. willie says:

    The story of the motorhome purchase certainly has a smell about it.

    Who bought it, who paid for it, who was supposed to own it, why was it a Murrells mother’s house, is it linked to Murrell’s loan to the SNP that it seems no body knew about.

    Hopefully the truth will soon emerge. But yes, there is a distinct smell about what has been going on.

  62. Chas says:

    I don’t know what LBGQTABCXYZ stands for. I am not even sure what TERF means but suspect it is an acronym for women who don’t support the LBG…………. shite.

    Then again, I consider myself normal. Anybody else in the same boat?

  63. Republicofscotland says:

    The NuSNP bumming up that they’ll be speakers from the wider YES movement speaking at their Dundee Convention, looking a wee bit deeper into the claim, two of the three people that will speak are journalist and author Lesley Riddoch and commentator Paul Kavanagh, the third person is Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp.

  64. Geoff Anderson says:

    Cash envelopes now…..

  65. Sharney Dubs says:

    Dorothy Devine says:

    Woman’s Day , Pride Month – just saying.

    18th Fathers Day… total silence – just saying

  66. McDuff says:

    Latest poll has Yes on 44% and SNP predicted to be defeated by Labour. Sit back and relax Nicola, job done.

  67. DMcV says:

    McDuff says:
    18 June, 2023 at 10:14 am
    Latest poll has Yes on 44% and SNP predicted to be defeated by Labour. Sit back and relax Nicola, job done.

    Meanwhile, ALBA support still averaging roughly nil. As it deserves to, given some of the Ukippy eye-swivelling in some posts here.

  68. crazycat says:

    @ Geoff Anderson at 9.33

    Your Daily Record link archived:

  69. chic.mcgregor says:

    That’s 47% with DKs excluded

  70. John Main says:

    @ willie says:18 June, 2023 at 9:11 am

    with similar ethnicity to the real First Minister


    That fraudulent election bourach just went right over yer heid, eh, Willie?

  71. Geri says:

    There is pushback coming in America according to some YouTube commontators.

    Lots of gays in outrage over the Pride flag & it’s events. Boycotting it on the grounds it’s just a deviants event now.
    Let’s hope it goes the same way as Budweiser.. ouch!

  72. Every Woman says:

    TRANS there is no such thing, a delusion in microcosm and a psych op in macrocosm and led by straight mysoginists (drag optional) It is about time that more people started championing women and the almost unchallenged attack on our legal rights and spaces and safety. Women just to BE .
    Peqce to walk, to speak, to breathe, to live.

    Remember that parallel to this; Feminicide is in the rise, and rape, domestic violence and serious sexual assault and murders have increased exponentially.
    Misogyny whether it be criminalising female disabled and elderly for requesting their right to same sex care, and wards in the NHS, social care including intimate care at home….. Safety and refuge from men when victims of male violence and sexual abuse even when it (AGP) wears a parody of female stereotype with gaudy dress and false breasts is still a hate crime.
    Silencing women and not prosecuting the thugs who make deaths threats and assaults still HATE CRIME. Only women are being prosecuted for daring to say sex is binary no man can be a women no woman can be a man. Nobody can change their DNA.
    They can co-opt the people rarest of medical conditions to cause mass hysteria and misdirection. Or is it miss, missed…
    Institutions were hijacked gay and lesbian culture hijacked but most of all the targets are women and more so cos women have been standing their ground.
    Misogyny has been left unchecked, the PC minutiae didnt help.
    It has led to men being offended because someone says hey you are a man not a woman.
    Isnt it anarchists who are always supposed to be the ones to
    Uppend society.
    The TRANS cult is cultural terrorism from within our midst but they don’t act alone even if they don’t know it.
    Power certainly had gone to some dicks’ heads… abusing women and children and they get off on it and authorities jump the bandwagon of misogyny.
    What a hate filled society.
    Human decency got abandoned.
    Police abusing their power to commit vile acts …. not much diffetence to some guy getting off on role playing women who he either envies , despises or feels the need to dominate.
    That young kids want to escape being women. That doctors think mutilating children is acceptable . That children feel disempowered and fearful of each other so they arm themselves with knives…. our trickle down society has trickled down the rotten core of the elite and causing this chaos with the genderwar might have been suggested in the 1960s as one of the prongs of reducing human fertility but now it is also being used to undermine our civil liberties especially the 51%

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