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From March to September

Posted on September 27, 2017 by

It’s embarrassing to even have to point it out, to be honest.

Yet just six months later, with nothing having changed, everything had changed:

But when it comes to Unionist politics in Scotland, embarrassment is the default state.

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    48 to “From March to September”

    1. gordoz says:

      Do you think the punter in the top right hand corner was regretting the company he kept already ?

    2. You are wrong, when it comes to Unionist politics in Scotland, brass neckery is the default state.

    3. Macart says:

      Clocked this late last night.

      Mrs M was puzzled at the appearance of angry red weals on my forehead this morning.

    4. Robert Peffers says:

      Let’s just face it, Rev Stu, Dugdale has now joined that long winding rank of yesterday’s London Labour political figures who have become totally irrelevant to today’s politics and totally forgettable in the minds of all clear thinking people.

      Obscurity beckons for, “The Dug”, in the World’s best, and biggest, ex-politicians retirement club in London. Maintained and paid for by an unwilling, and uncaring, electorate.

    5. Brian Powell says:

      And for any who don’t look at the twitter feed, we have stuff like this in a ‘national’ newspapers, this wondrously stupid or disingenuous or lying comment from a contender in the Slab leaderless contest:

    6. bobajock says:

      I knew it would come to this, across the board, its Bombariering out of control and Scotland .. ohhh Scotland.


    7. Michael McCabe says:

      Oh the Labour pain is back again. And I am not even Pregnant.

    8. Capella says:

      It’s the internet which has made this sort of thing ridiculous. In the past they got away with saying the chocolate ration had been increased and nobody contradicted them. If you weighed your chocolate you were clearly seditious.
      Now it’s different and they are determined to silence the dissidents.

      Poor Kezia. Maybe Jenny is educating her about the real world outside SLab. Maybe we should be celebrating the dawning of the light.

    9. Doug Bryce says:

      Scotland voted to remain in UK (55% – 2014) and EU (62% – 2016).

      It is is inconvenient for UK nationalists that those two results are mutually exclusive. Any talk of respecting results is clear smoke screen. They respect the results that suit themselves.

    10. Free Scotland says:

      When we got Johann Lamont, people said Labour were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Then, they dredged up Jim Murphy, and people realised there was still something sticking to the bottom. Even after Jim Murphy had gone, the scraping went on, and Labour started gouging holes in the wood. Is that where Kezia comes in? And what’s the next stage? The bottomless pit?

    11. Proud Cybernat says:

      This is the problem when you tell lies – you tend to forget the lies you told and end up looking a complete eejit. Like this wummin:

      BREAKING from Pravda Quay:

    12. Giving Goose says:

      In Inverness last night and was approached by x4 German students who were doing some research on attitudes to Brexit.

      They asked what I thought of Brexit and the Scottish “Revolution”….I assumed that they meant Referendum but I do like the sound of “Revolution”!

      My answer to the “Revolution” question was to reply that I was in favour.

      So we had a lengthy discussion regarding Brexit, including the perception of English leave voters and the reasons for the leave vote, compared to attitudes in Scotland. I won’t bore you with the details of the conversation but suffice to say that the overwhelming returns from their interviewees on the streets of Inverness was against Brexit.

    13. Capella says:

      Top BBC website news item today:
      “England Ashes Squad revealed – follow the reaction” (but perhaps not ALL of the reaction).
      National Broadcaster.

    14. Andy says:

      This is the same double standard position as Willie Rennie..

      We can’t have a 2nd Indy ref because…erm because…(we got the result we wanted)..the people have clearly spoken and must never speak again.

      We must have a 2nd Brexit vote because….it’s just not fair,
      ok best out of 3, best out of goal the winner.. rock paper scissors.

      but definitely cannot have a 2nd indy ref..

    15. Its rather difficult keeping up to speed with all the contortions of unionists, particularly of the Labour variety here in Scotland are going through over Brexit and Scottish independence.

    16. Artyhetty says:

      The thing is the branch of the UK, London Labour party, ensconced in Scotland, are relying on enough people being totally blinkered to their outright lies. We know that the Labour office branch in Scotland have lied and kept Scotland poor while pretending otherwise.

      We know that Labour office branch in Scotland have even attempted to thwart the democratic process, project fear 2014, but many still wrap themselves in an invisible security blanket of faux Labour party socialism.

      It’s a bizzare situation, but then, looking around the globe right now, humans have gone stark raving mad.

      Oh and went to buy the National yesterday, local coop, it wouldn’t scan, not the first time it has happened. They said they would get another paper, same price to scan. Oh aye, 2 nasty right wing rags scanned as sold, while my National would be ‘unsold’. My son scanned the paper on his phone, nothing wrong with the barcode at all, so the shop till is rejecting the National. I have complained.

      That’s democracy 21stC style, any tiny but significant obstruction is used.

    17. Ian McCubbin says:

      Gets worse and better. Tory councillor in Perth charged with holding indecent pics of teenagers. He has resigned from council and Conservative party.
      At last the rot is being dealt with.
      If an SNP candidate wins council is hung at 16 to 16 SNP Tory.We are on the way back.

    18. louis.b.argyll says:

      Who’s Kezia Dugdale?

    19. gordoz says:

      O/T – early I know sorry but..

      Desperation for a story from a non story FFS.

      Now there is smearing of SNP and there is utter dumbfuckwittery.
      Where are the press going with this pish ?

      Who still buys the RECORD FFS

    20. winifred mccartney says:

      I do live on a different planet – I would have thought Scottish msp’s no matter which party would be proud of scotland and to be able to say that Scotland has no tuition fees instead of lying that Wales is best. I would have thought labour msp’s would have been too ashamed to talk about equal pay in Glasgow Council considering their actions towards women over the last ten years and how they have dragged them through every court in the land rather than pay them. But no J Baxter stands up and takes no responsibility but instead blames the snp. Brass neck does not even begin to cover it.

      An then we have the Saltire incident from the leader of the council who voted to remove the Saltire from their office sending a tweet with a poundshop saltire and claiming it for labour.

      There is Sarwar in the picture grinning while he is running for a leadership with the morals or a man who should be in hiding and should never even have been considered as a candidate for any party. His ‘beloved nhs’ remember his quote Nicola Sturgeon ‘snp’ labour ‘nhs’ and yet he is happy to make his millions from the sale of tobacco with his family firm not only selling it but promoting it, not paying living wage so contributing to poverty, and no union reps in business.

      And of course the utterly unbelievable tweet from Miss Baillie that giving his shares to his children is a ‘sacrifice’ and ‘the sign of a great leader’. No the sign of a great leader would have been to give his shares to the underpaid workers in his business, make sure they are paid at least the living wage and get them union reps to support them.

      This is not about being rich, or even sending your children to a private school – there are rich people in every party who send their children to private schools, but surely how you make your millions is the question – just think of how Michelle Thomson was treated by labour.

    21. Robert Graham says:

      Who cares what kezia says , she had her chance and blew it big time .
      next liar take the stand .
      Just how many re-launches rebrands does labour in scotland need to do until the penny drops , it aint yer messenger its yer tosspot message thats the problem , maybe we shouldn’t tell them let them get on with it its worked so well so far hasn’t it.

    22. call me dave says:

      Kez just been on Radio 5 interview from the Lab conference saying new EU ref is a must. Bread and butter issue for labour and gets on well with Jeremy on a personal basis plus got a nice letter from him on her departure.

      (Gave up on shortbread radio this week and hid the Sweenie Todd razor away, too, too bad the SNPEEE)

      Even the Kurds have got their whey!
      We’ve got to get off our tuffet soon! 🙂


      First chuckle this morning. 🙂

    23. Ken500 says:

      The unionists are so divisive beyond reason. Their arguments are delusional. Lining their pockets on other people’s misery. Diabolical. Ignorant incompetents.

      Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Despicable.

      The population of Scotland is increasing. Slowly but increasing.

      Post pension age employment is 9%. in Scotland. In the rest of UK 6%. More older workers.

      Westminster policies depopulated Scotland. (Thatcher). Universities in Scotland are not allowed 2years extension Visas for post graduates. 4 Universities in England can offer post graduate 2 year visa extensions. Oxbridge, Imperial, Bath. More discrimination. The migration rules being changed by Westminster to throw residents out of Scotland.

    24. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Let us be generous to Kezia and understand that she was talking pish, realised she was talking pish and decided she could not honestly continue talking pish.
      Always a difficult step for a political figure to take.

      Cone on in, Kezia. You’ll find we are a pretty nice bunch

    25. mike cassidy says:

      Archived link to a Guardian opinion column the Rev drew attention to on Twitter.

      Little Englander mentality and socialist utopian thinking dance together on the deck of the UK Titanic.

      And unless enough Scots get infected by the radical virus and vote independence, we’re going down with them.

    26. Ken500 says:

      Aberdeen City Council. Unionists £1.2Billion in debt. Illegally sold the City on the stock exchange. Appalling, grotesque projects of little value, £500Million. Ruining the City Centre causing traffic chaos. People go elsewhere to shop etc. Despite the retailers appealing against road closure and disruption. Policies against the majority wishes and the public wishes. Refused a £80Million gift to pedestrianise the City. Closed and vandalised the Art Gallery. It will not open for years. Spending £5Million+ a year for a Hub for storage. Totally appalling. Music Hall closed for years no money for the renovations.

      Unionists Tory/Labour clinging on to power. Changing meeting arrangement to accommodate a two job Tory councillor/MSP. In case there is a council by-election which the SNP can win. An utter disgrace. Spending public money like there is no tomorrow illegally. Not funding essential services.

    27. dandy dons 1903 says:

      That Woman is an idiot.

    28. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Ken500 at 11.56

      Incorrect. The population of Scotland is not increasing.
      Were it not for the influx of around 500,000 people from England the population of Scotland would have actually seriously decreased and it is the only country in developed Europe where this is happening.
      These are not bad people who are coming from the south but they are generally non active economically and bring no children to areas in Scotland where our rural schools are closing.
      Were it not for the children brought by some of the 100,000 working EU arrivals the situation would be much worse.

      In 1925 the population of the island of Ireland was just over half of Scotland’s. The population of the island of Ireland is now higher than Scotland’s.

      In 1910 the population of Scotland was about 5 million; the population of England was 26 million.

      In 2015 the population of Scotland is 5.5 million ( 4.5 million native Scots); the population of England is 55 million.

      All the nordic neighbours have doubled their population over the last century.

      We do not have time. Scotland is moving steadily to extinction and only the return of the power and decision processes which keep our people constructively engaged at home will bring about a reversal of these figures.

      In the meantime we have to persuade those who have chosen to come to live with us that their interests are best served by what is best for the Scotland they have chose to come to i.e. independence

    29. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Is Wednesday the best day for the National? Kevin McKenna, Tasmina and Wee Ginger Dug and a great Letters section (blush).

    30. gordoz says:

      Would like to say – Kezia we are not interested who you were; we’re only interested in who you are right now.

      Only problem is regarding her integrity on the subject of self determination. Kezia was is and always will be all over the place till she calms down and chooses her path to follow.

      Until that time, she is at best a distraction. Davidson now that’s another matter she is Trouble with a capital T. She brings the Gentry, Sabre rattlers & Orange nutters.

    31. Valerie says:

      I’m with Dave McEwan Hill

      It’s no skin off my nose, I never believed her, so if she wants to change position, now that she is released from toeing the party line, so be it.

      Anything that undermines Tory policy, or her own party for that matter – good.

    32. Dr Jim says:

      The ultimate exercise in democracy, The Referendum, offered to the people to take a decision on something big affecting a country

      Usually that decision to offer this solution is taken by our representatives by voting for it
      In Scotlands case we did that for an Independence referendum and our parliament passed that legislation fairly

      However in Kezia Dugdale world referendums are not democratic until SHE says so and we should all respect that
      because she’s “The Leader”, Oops! ex Leader of the third party in Holyrood, a Parliament she has no respect for because she and her chums voted against it actually being a Parliament by denying it the obvious powers it needed to be one

      But still we should listen to Kezia, who is now only saying this because of her bitterness towards Jeremy Corbyn for engineering her decision to step down from her role as “The Leader” on personal grounds
      So just like Johann Lamont, Kezia is sharpening her knife looking for shoulder blades to stick it between

      Amid all this usual Labour bickering about who should be “The Leader” the usual thing that’s always missing with Labour is the consideration of the actual electorate, and it’s why Labour as an entity since the digital age has allowed for information sharing will always fail because they ignore the people and they lie like F..K and we keep catching them at it

      Especially, what’s her name again? I’ve forgotten

    33. Labour has never taken responsibility for any of the mess it has created, and it never will, it will always be someone or something else that is at fault.

      The Iraq War was Saddam Hussein’s fault, because he didn’t give up his WMDs, the banking crisis in the UK, was the fault of American sub prime mortgage lending, absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Brown’s light touch regulation of the financial sector in the City of London.

    34. Street Andrew says:

      Sauce? Goose? Gander? Puddleduck?

      All Brexit logic supports iScotland.

      (Not sure however that Brexit and logic belong in the same sentence)

      OT. Madrid having difficulty disembarking its riot (inducing) squads has decided to shut down Catalan finance.

      Should we all be buying Bitcoin to be able to survive similar Britnat tactics?

    35. schrodingers cat says:

      listen carefully to what kez says,

      “if single market access cannot be assured, the a 2nd vote will be necessary”

      she didnt say a 2nd euref, just a 2nd vote.

      if no single market or 2nd euref is forth coming, would she then support indyref2?

      i think this worm is for turning, gie her space……

    36. schrodingers cat says:

      Duncan Hothersall? @dhothersall
      Listening to the radio and swearing every time one of the front bench says “jobs first Brexit”.

      Kezia Dugdale MSP@kezdugdale
      Kezia Dugdale MSP Retweeted Duncan Hothersall
      Yup – it’s the jobs that will go first.

      labour twitteratti beginning to turn on kez

    37. Andy-B says:

      The stench of hypocrisy surrounding Labour as a whole is unbearable.

    38. John Stewart says:

      I am convinced that Kezia will be changing her stance on Indy2 and that we might expect her application to join the SNP fairly soon. She has vacillated on the independence issue before and, like Johann Lamont, would view sabotage of Holyrood by Westminster justification for Indy2.

    39. Graeme says:

      schrodingers cat says:
      27 September, 2017 at 1:00 pm

      listen carefully to what kez says,

      “if single market access cannot be assured, the a 2nd vote will be necessary”

      she didnt say a 2nd euref, just a 2nd vote.

      if no single market or 2nd euref is forth coming, would she then support indyref2?

      i think this worm is for turning, gie her space……”

      Personally I don’t give a flying f@@k what that woman says or thinks, she is a compulsive liar without a grain of integrity or principle and I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw Jackie Baillie

      She’s heading for political wilderness which is where she belongs and the sooner the better for all our sakes

    40. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Honestly, who could make a decent fist out of representing BritLab in Scotland these days? I mean, it’s an impossible situation.

      There are honourable exceptions, I know, but a lot of the party faithful are into denial in industrial quantities, and their recent “success” with the Saviour has cemented them into the conviction that they don’t need to change, it’s the people that need to change.

      So now Kezia is free to speak on her own account, not that of the Party. Fair enough. Where she has got to now, as Andy upthread remarks, is just as hypocritical as Wee Willie and his wee band of nobodies, but at least it’s a start.

      Former opponents who shift ground cause ordinary folk to “unstick” as well, so are to be welcomed, not abused. While Labour at their junket by the seaside are pretending to be all good pals together and “ready for government” (just don’t mention Brexit), the actual cracks are being revealed up here for all to see. So thanks Kez for that little ray of illumination. Everything has to start from somewhere. (Oaks from acorns and all that.)

      Maybe what she needs now is to have a good sit-down chat with her dad.

    41. yesindyref2 says:

      This is good news because Dugdale has a direct line to the MSM at the moment, and a Record column. Keeping the idea of a 2nd EU Ref going, also makes people think “If a 2nd EU Ref, why not a 2nd Indy Ref?”. Not only that but if EU Ref 2 doesn;t happen, that just leaves Indy Ref 2.

      Indirectly she’s promoting Indy Ref 2.

    42. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Graeme at 2.03

      Goodness me. And here was I thinking we were a conversion operation.

    43. yesindyref2 says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill
      Indeed, and Dugdale could bring a few over with her. Personally if Ruth Davidson ends up supporting a YES vote because of Brexit, which isn’t as impossible as it sounds, I’d be delighted and welcome her – and those of her party that followed. Conservatives could thrive in Indy Scotland, well, if they do, that’s democracy for you.

    44. Graeme says:

      Yeah I know and you’re right we need to be inclusive and forgiving I get that but Kezia Dugdale pushes me to the outer limits of my forgiveness the damage that woman has done to this country in the pursuit of her own political career, and I don’t believe for one minute she jumped she was pushed and she’s bitter,

      Hell hath no fury and she is one bitter twisted individual who would do our cause more harm than good if she moved over imo

    45. Rock says:

      Dave McEwan Hill,

      “Cone on in, Kezia. You’ll find we are a pretty nice bunch”

      Isn’t that the same lying hypocrite of a woman whom the Rev. Stuart Campbell has taken to court for defamation?

      The woman who relentlessy attacked the SNP in parliament while being in bed with an SNP MSP at home?

      No, I don’t want that woman anywhere near the independence campaign.

      She is free to vote Yes if she wants.

    46. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Graeme @ 19:23,

      I don’t care how bitter and twisted Kez may or may not be. Her innermost motivations are of no interest to me whatever. But if she says something true about the bad effects of Brexit that the Islington Messiah is desperately trying to hush up, and makes some more Labourites sit up and think for once, all power to her elbow.

      It’s not personal. I’m proud enough, but not about that. My feelings could be as bruised as I allow them to be, but it still doesn’t matter a toss. What I want is for my kids to grow up in a Scotland over which they have full control. That’s all. The rest is just so much disposable dross.

    47. Cactus says:

      Aweright gordoz from the top ~

      Aye yer right, the labour dude at the top RHS of the picture looks uncertain about being there… on second’s, it looks like it might be the undercover Syrian president infiltrating their pack.

      You know the chap… Bashar al-Assad.

      Smile for Anas… extractions all round he he!

      For yer interest y’all:

      Six months have passed.

    48. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Rock at 7.52

      You obviously don’t grasp the essentials of politics. It’s not about nice.

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