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For their queen and their country

Posted on May 06, 2017 by

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    1. John says:

      Sums the Tories up perfectly Chris ,happy to oversee the old and weak in society struggle , while they stand idly by and think they are doing a great job by providing foodbanks !

    2. Fergus Green says:

      Just in case you read otherwise today, remember this:

      SNP won the local elections
      SNP increased their share of the vote
      SNP won an additional 6 seats
      The winning margin between the SNP and the runners up increased 5-fold
      SNP are expected to hold on to nearly all of their seats at the GE
      Scotland will vote for Independence in 2018

      Nothing else matters

    3. Michael says:

      Says it all, the OO and WATP crowd have abandoned common decency to save the Union. Oh wait they were never decent to start with. Shame on all who voted for this collection of Tories, who’d rather see people starve or dead than offer succour.

    4. Free Scotland says:

      Spot on! Ferguslie Park has its fair share of orange-order bigots, and more than its fair share of tory-induced poverty.

    5. jimnarlene says:

      Sadly, spot on.

    6. Robert Louis says:

      Excellent cartoon. The REAL irony is that many, many less well off families in Glasgow still support these orangey nutters, with a wholly deluded reasoning. They vote Tory, because of the ‘sash their father wore’, encouraging a rampant Lying corrupt Westminster Government, which ravaged Scottish industry in the 80’s and 90’s, and now has THEIR OWN NEIGHBOURS WALKING MILES TO FOODBANKS TO GET FOOD FOR THEIR WEANS. They are used like a modern day cannon fodder by an extremist right wing London Government, that cares not one jot for them.

      Then those self same people, following one of their many orange walks this summer, will stand, bedecked in orange collarettes and union jacks, sipping their cans of lager in Glasgow green cheering on the Tories, whilst bemoaning the lack of jobs, the cost of electricity, the cuts to disability and unemployment support, and the closure of their local job and community centres.

      It truly is a case of their is none so blind as those who will not see. The orange order is a blight on Scotland, and always has been. It creates and sustains division across whole communities. The weapon of choice of the English Tories, in their struggle to keep Scotland subservient

      You might have no job, and no money to pay the electricity or feed your kids, but aye, carry on, away and vote Tory, then march across Glasgow with your banners and union jacks and drums and flutes. Bang that drum loud, bang it really loud so people hear your cry; ‘Old ‘King’ Billy will make it better’.

    7. Breeks says:

      Scotland’s UKIP.

    8. chocolass says:

      Chris,you’ve nailed it as always!Good to have you back,by the way!
      Thanks Fergus for the facts,let’s keep the heid!

    9. Capella says:

      William of Orange was an immigrant. Tories today would deport him as soon as they’re out of the EU.

    10. donald anderson says:

      Wullie the Turd was not only an immigrant, he was a disabled hunchback on a black Hoerse. There were no white hoerses in Europe, at that time, apart from the Arabian Steeds of the Spanish Riding school.

      Here’s tae the wee gentleman in the black velevet jaikit.

    11. Robert Louis says:


      Looking for advice here.

      I have just been informed that the Labour party had a full campaigning stall out, tables and ballons etc on the street adjacent to the polling place at Craiglockhart Primary School, on Thursday (polling day).

      Can somebody tell me, is that legal? I had always thought such things were prohibited outside polling places?

    12. starlaw says:

      The guy in the cartoon looks remarkably like the twenty year old student who won a seat for the Tories.
      Well done Chris situation summed up in one …Lets keep an eye on what these new Tory councillors are actually going to do. Will they go and meet the people who elected them or do a Theresa and hide in a hut.

    13. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I think there is legally a 30 metre no go zone around the entrance to the polling station

    14. Marie Clark says:

      Oh how true, and how sad. Well done Chris, spot on as usual.

    15. Grouse Beater says:

      Difficult to tell the fascists from the newspapers, Chris, and the newspapers from British politicians. They’re all happy sharing the same lie. Of course, the perceptive know its false patriotism whipped up to teach Johnny Foreigner and the Scots their place, a version of British is best. The worry is which war will be dragged into, to keep us occupied, subservient, and some country devastated.

      Your weekend reading

      The attack on pensions:
      A woman for our times?:

    16. paul gerard mccormack says:

      IT IS ALL A LIE.


    17. Robert Louis says:

      What do we do?? Seriously, what do we do in Scotland when we have almost the entire media, and especially the liars in the BBC literally telling whole bare faced lies about election results.

      These Barstewards are just telling outright lies, which are the exact opposite of the truth.

      To re-iterate what Fergus Green posted above, the facts are these;

      SNP won the local elections
      SNP increased their share of the vote
      SNP won an additional 6 seats
      The winning margin between the SNP and the runners up increased 5-fold

      Previously the SNP had 425 councillors, now they have increased that to 431. What the BBC are saying is a lie.

    18. Ian McCubbin says:

      Such a shame the propaganda of ignorance and bigots will rise above true gain of SNP.
      Let’s hope we maintain seats at GE and take Dumfries Ettrick and Clydeside.

    19. Arthur Martin says:

      They truly are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. Mr Ian Archer you put it so well.

      They embarrass themselves and this country every time they take to the streets with their wee tin flutes, drums and sashes “celebrating” their culture and their “deeply held religious beliefs”. A wee homage to Robbie Coltrane’s character Mason Boyle there. 😉
      The occasional disgrace part of that quote comes into play on days like Thursday when the people went out and voted Tory. It is a comforting thought that they are a dwindling force and the staunch True Blues only amount to 25-30% of the Scottish electorate.

      Independence is a certainty, and it will be my pleasure to drag these unfortunates kicking and screaming into a modern 21st Century Scotland that will be forged by people infinitely more enlightened and progressive than they could ever be.

      We are in the dying days of this abusive one sided Union. Brace yerselves and gird yer loins folks, one last push and we will be there.

    20. X_Sticks says:

      That looks suspiciously like one of Ruth Davidson’s burly blokes to me.

      It is obvious the tories have managed to win themselves all the unionist support now, the OO and the WATP mobs, the ones who use intimidation as one of their campaigning strategies.

      The final showdown is coming and they know it. The british media desperately trying to portray the SNP (and Indy) as in decline. It’s not. It’s the two sides coalescing into indy supporters and unionists and it is truly a sad day when the unionists think the only political party that can defend their precious union are the tories. May their god help them all.

      Good to see that slacker Mr Cairns didn’t get off with re-cycling old cartoons, no matter how good! Cheers Chris 😉

    21. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      The BBC is reporting that the Tories “won a ward” in Shettleston and Ferguslie Park.

      They did not. They got one seat in two of the multi member wards with about 10% of the FPTP

    22. Arthur Martin says:

      Fkn predictive text! It is of course Mason Boyne and not Boyle!

    23. Calum McKay says:

      Perhaps the guy in the cartoon should be replaced by Davidson?

      She knows full well the impact of the polices her party is imposing is having on poor people!

      Are they or will they be held to account, at uk level no, at a Scottish level, partly because of the SNP’s limited powers in Government.

      The fight against labour is finished, labour are finished, we must get round the doors in the next month and remind the people of Mrs Thatcher. Mrs May is Thatcher 2017. She will be looking to get a war under her belt and how to further take money from the poor to give to the rich.

      The right wing press and bbc will go along with this portraying Mrs May as god like, this needs to be countered continuously!

      For too long the independence movement has focused on attacking labour when it did not need to because labour was imploding all on its own. The one true enemy of Scotland is the tories, all our focus needs to be on them, as a result, the hearts and minds of remaking labour voters will come tacross o the SNP.

    24. sassenach says:

      Yesterday I got a bit depressed thinking “My God the Scots are doing it again” – but thanks to Wings showing the bigger picture is looking quite good for the GE and then Scotref, I am much calmer – but am now more determined than ever to do everything I can to show up the Barstewards Broadcasting Corporation for exactly what it is, a LYING establishment weapon trained on us.

      Hopefully we can exploit this latest set of outright lies to further remove the ‘scales’ from many Scot’s eyes – let’s get to it, folks.

    25. Liz Rannoch says:

      Absolutely brilliant interview with Angus Robertson on EBC at 8.12

      Ya dancer!! Can anybody ‘grab’ this?

    26. Liz g says:

      Sums it up perfectly Chris.

      I am also raising a glass (as I do every time I see one of their walk’s) To the wee gentleman in the black velvet jakit.
      I call it conditional response training.
      See a band…..have a dram….. it’s almost kultural.

    27. Capella says:

      Gordon Brewer today on R Scotland hesitated to lie blatantly on air so couldn’t bring himself to say the SNP lost seats. However, the SNP are now “flatlining” according to Gordon.

      So Good Morning Flatliners.

      @ donald anderson – if King Billy was disabled the Tories today would take away his wee black horse, refer him to a food bank, then deport him.

    28. jfngw says:

      Davidson believes she has been triumphant, by taking the votes of those who have never voted and will never vote SNP. Hope she shows solidarity and turns out for her supporters on the 12th.

    29. Helena Brown says:

      Great cartoon as always Chris, funnily though it is the big bluff Orange Order type I see waiting on the wife coming out.Many of those who voted Tory yesterday are the very targets to feel the benefits of Brexit, I hope they will enjoy their results, cause the hurt is coming.

    30. Craig says:

      I think this “cartoon” would have more impact if it said Shettleston/Ferguslie Park/Ravenscraig Foodbank.

    31. Robert Peffers says:

      @John says: 6 May, 2017 at 7:09 am:

      Sums the Tories up perfectly Chris ,happy to oversee the old and weak in society struggle , while they stand idly by and think they are doing a great job by providing foodbanks.

      Whoa! John. Where did you get the daft idea that Tories, or the OO, provide foodbanks?

      They do not. They probably don’t even contribute to them.

      It is overwhelmingly concerned members of the public and charitable organisations that run foodbanks.

      The government have nothing to do with them.

    32. Ken500 says:

      The corrupt political system. Designed by unionists to rob Scotland of Demcracy. FPTP in the rest if the UK. STV and Hondt in Scotland. The Unionist screw up and steal Democracy from Scotland again. Is there nothing these crook and criminals would not do to muck up Scotland. It is totally disgusting.

      They illegally cheat and lie in every way possible at every election. Illegally cheat on expenses. Lie and cheat at Referendums. The Unionists are despicable.

      The SNP should get a majority in Holyrood again and change it to FPTP. Not some electoral system many voters do not understand. The unionists then gang up to keep the majority elected Party out. That is not Democracy. FPTP is supported by the majority for good reason. It is easy, simple. People understand it . One person, one vote. Not having to number anyone people can’t stand. The SNP would have a great majority. Instead of the usual 3rd rate unionist rejects regurgitating in. Voters cannot get rid of them. People are just annoyed again at the unfair result, which does not reflect the majority voter’s choice.

      The MSM refrain. ‘The SNP is the majority party but does not have an overall majority’. Without explaining the electoral system is STV. Introduced by the unionists so the SNP coiuld not get a majority. It is disgusting. More political manipulation from Westminster.

      The next Indy Ref should ensure Scotland is Independent in the EU. Shortly the Food banks will be gone. People will not be sanctioned and starved in Scotland. The bureaucracy costs more than the benefits.

      Now another GE to cover up the Tories fraud. The outcome could be influenced by the Police moving in to detain the participants. The Unionist fraudsters and crooks. They are despicable,

      The illegally, high unfair Tory tax on the Oil & Gas sector has caused loss of revenues in Scotland. 120,000 jobs have been lost. There are 120,000 unemployed in Scotland. Scotland could have full employment. Full employment could help to wipe out poverty.

      Minimum pricing could also reduce poverty and social problems in Scotland. Often connected to drink and drug abuse. Total abstinence, proper counselling rehab is cheaper than prison. More additional needs support keeps people out of prison. The Police should stop putting people in cells overnight on ‘charges’ which can never come to court. Trying to criminalise and traumatise innocent people. Leading to higher costs.

      Hope the Glasgow authorities and Scottish Gov move against the Orange Lodge and end the corruption. Stop the Marches etc in Glasgow. They are a private exclusive unequal, unfair club who are holding up the local economy with the disrupted marches every week. Supoortng tax evasion, HMRC has still to be paid by 2019. Private clubs in the UK being supported with taxpayers money to cheat the punters with over priced subscription. To let crooks and paedophiles run the Clubs. In order to line the (foreign) owners pockets. No wonder the terraces are empty.

      Some people have been brought up brainwashed. In poverty and deprivation. They just need some help and a job. Independence in the EU coukd achieve that. £20Billion the price of the UK Union. The EU costs nothing and brings £Billions of benefit.

      The Tories will negotiate less rights for more money with the EU. Then try to sell it through the propaganda MSM, as some victory. There is nothing surer. Cause a downturn in the economy. Just like they did with the Oil & Gas sector. . The Tories are increasing the debt. Not taxing England/Wales enough to cover essential services. Then giving Scotland the loan repayment bill (£4Billion) for money not borrowed or spent in Scotland. The Westminster crooks secretly and illegally (Thatcher) took all the Oil & Gas revenues.

      The UK is one of the most unequal, unfair place in the world. Being run by multimillionaire Hedge Fund managers. The PM spouse illegally not declaring an interest,
      At least Willy Young is out. Now for the rest in them. Aberdeen City left devastated in £1.2Billion of debt. Sold on the stock exchange for forty years,

    33. Famous 15 says:

      O/T Just quietly listening to results I have noticed some very odious candidates returned for the Tories.

      I wonder if the media will apply just a fraction of the attention they gave to the SNP. I worry that these

      Tory candidates , formerly of UKIP or worse, will disgrace Scotland. Sadly,Tories generally do not care for Scotland but if they continue to spew their poison then if it is criminal they should be exposed.

      BTW well done the SNP and now onward and upward to send a message to Theresa May?.

      I almost said “send her for the messages” but she would make a mess of that also.

    34. Brian McHugh says:

      Here is some proof that the goalposts were changed in this election…

      From 2012, Wiki, a simple last election to current election change is provided:,_2012

      From 2017, Wiki has an extra column added to alter the electoral change from an last election to current election change, to include all ‘allegedly’ intervening by-elections, therefore making the change, a last week to current election change.,_2017

      The problem with this, is that one off by-elections are fought on local issues; and that is assuming the figures on Wiki are correct. The bigger question, is why have the BBC chosen to change this methodology now (even assuming the numbers are correct)… I guess we all know why.

      We clearly are not playing on a level playing field and the BBC cannot claim this as being fair and balanced as required by their charter.

    35. Golfnut says:

      Actually, here’s a thought. The con’s appear to have received a lot of Labour support just to lose the LA elections by the largest margin ever against the SNP.

      Does that not suggest that a hell of a lot of their own support, Tories, 1)didn’t vote for them, or 2)it doesn’t exist at the level reported in the polls.

    36. heedtracker says:

      Tragic. How many OO’s are there anyway? The Guardian tories got behind them in 2014, using them as an example of loyal Brits never surrendering. Its a mad mad tory UKOK world.

    37. call me dave says:

      Brewer when challenged by Steven Gettings about the total number of SNP seats won admitted that the BBC had adjusted the 2012 figures but agreed to call it a draw.
      Gettings agreed FGS!

      The Tory Graham Simpson thought he had nothing else to do except come on shortbread radio and extol the virtues of Ruthie and say SNP had no majority for indi2 was flummoxed immediately when Brewer reminded him of the figures and the SNP had won handsomely.

      But…but…the SNP flatlined etc etc. What a numptie. 🙂

      But hey! Don’t read the papers and be ready to correct all you meet this morning as I will.

    38. Liz Rannoch says:

      Right, now that I’ve got that wee bit of excitement (@8.34) over wi’, I’ve now looked at the cartoon and caught up.

      Excellent as usual Chris. Big fat bloated plutocrat. Poor wee wifie. Them and us. Had Spanish friends arriving yesterday so only watched bits and pieces during the day. Was left feeling truly gutted.

      Craig Murray’s piece is an ‘aye’ opener. Feel much better now.

    39. Marker Post says:

      Craig Murray hits the Ferguslie Park thing on the head:

      ‘My, how the ground shook. In future years, everybody will recall just exactly where they were at the moment the Conservatives polled 13% in Paisley North West, when that vast uprising of 657 voters swept their candidate to victory on the 10th set of transfers into the fourth available slot in a multi-member constituency.’

      Add that to the fact that it’s really Paisley North West with 65% owner-occupiers.

      How low can the BBC stoop?

    40. K1 says:

      Boycott and Bypass. The media isn’t working in Scotland. It’s broken. Why would we now expect anything different? After yesterday’s results, after the full on ‘no referendum’ lead up, back tae back monstering of SNP by that same media, Scotland said ‘fuck you’ to the lot of them. And still the same lamenting about their lying through their teeth and the drone of: how can we challenge them?

      Why bother? Could not give one fuck if they want to keep lying to the gullible, the ignorant and the too blind to see. The reality tells us whatever they are doing: is not working.

      The Tories remain toxic in Scotland. We spread the news, the reality. It’s working.

    41. heedtracker says:

      Oh look, BBC in Wales are at it too. Not as barking mad as Pacific Quay tories probably, not yet.

      LeanneWood?Verified account @LeanneWood 15h15 hours ago

      Dear @BBCWales – why are you reporting a mixed result for @Plaid_Cymru, when we are up 33 seats?

    42. galamcennalath says:

      Great toon as always.

      Last night saw a big, but far from complete, rearrangement to Unionist voting.

      Yes, OO and associated knuckle draggers are backing the Tories, but so what?

      In 2016 Holyrood, the Tories got 22.0% constituency and 22.9% regional.

      I very much doubt if they got much more this time.

      Anyone seen percentages based on 1st preferences yet?

      In 2012 the 1st pref votes were ….
      SNP 32.3%
      Lab 31.4%
      Con 13.3%

    43. Effijy says:

      Nicola on Sky News playing a blinder against UK Bullshit.

      She make it clear that the SNP has increased their vote on last election and have more seats than they did last time!

      The gap between Labour in 2nd place last time and the Tories in 2nd this time has dramatically increased.

      Yes the Tories have made good gains, but they come from
      the dying Labour party, not SNP.

      She also points out that UK Media reporting great victories for the Tories in Scotland, and disaster for Labour in England and yet Corbyn’s party has a great percentage of the English vote than the Tories got in Scotland>

      Game, Set, and Match!

      Nicola, you are the best thing to happen to Scotland since Bannockburn! xx

    44. bookie from hell says:

      I’m not calling bbc lying fcukers but on news channel calling snp result “stagnant”

    45. terry says:

      We are going to hit them hard with their own policies this time – yes, the positive vision will still be there – but this is all about Westminster. Not Indy. That decision is in the bag. It’s full on against the blue tories and they’ve given us the ammo with their disgusting policies to do so.

      If anybody doubts the serious nature of what we are engaged in please wake up. Do something. Get stuck in to the general election. Any help is appreciated. A non- party person? Find out where your nearest yes group is. What I’m saying is there is always something you can do – no matter how small. And it will be appreciated!

    46. Bob Mack says:

      It is difficult to accept that an event in 1690 would have any bearing on how you perceive the modern world, but it seems to be exactly that. Having worked in Glasgow East for many years I can tell you there are many decent people, but many more associated with the Lodge. I have met many of them.

      The foot soldiers are led by the more intelligent, whilst they themselves are not very bright. If not for the Lodge they would have nothing they describe as “meaningful” in their lives

      Bigotry and intolerance can be powerful allies when you meet folk of similar viewpoint. That is what the lodge provides. A meeting place for the like minded.

      They would be outcasts in any other field of life, but find acceptance and reinforcement of their tainted outlook among their brethren. It is past its sell by date.

      They will not stop us. I fear them not one jot. I am stronger than them.

      In time this heinous organisation will be consigned to history.

      I still marvel that Settleston could elect a Tory, but I know the power of the lodge in controlling people and their life choices. We shall overcome.

    47. ScottieDog says:

      So for perspective..
      SNP in govt for 10 years
      Year on year of media bias against SNP
      Tories stand on YES/NO ‘mandate’
      Local elections turnout normally older demographic (likely tories)
      BBC (London) commentator explains how local elections are normally a protest against incumbent govt.

      SNP WIN and increase seats and votes.

    48. Unicron says:

      Is it just me or are the Daily Record teetering on becoming an independence supporting paper?

      I’d never buy it but have noticed headlines like this in the last few days:

      I don’t know if my comment got published yesterday but I’m really sick of the pro-indy movement having to be so squeaky clean when the unionists are constantly using underhand tactics and outright lying to put their ‘case’ across. Especially when they have control of almost every media outlet in the country.

      e.g. In the council elections I think it was Labour in Glasgow that produced flyers saying that SNP would take away their bus-passes etc.

    49. Kevin says:

      Scotland naturally outraged by the very mention of our FM’s name eliciting boos on Question Time etc, I’m wondering how much the recurring insult actually works to our benefit?

      Since I were a lad, there have been a billion such incidences on telly and on the pages of news publications and I never, ever, did feel the love from our neighbours in the big part of the union. Apart from Westminster not being very inclusive towards us as an equal partner, is the daily diet of out-in-the-open bigotry from such telly progs the reason we simply refuse to do our bidding? I mean, is it any wonder, when the 53 million are encouraged to boo our endlessly popular Scottish FM (or FMs) on national television that Scotland lashes-out by voting for independence-supporting parties?

      Let them boo

    50. SteveW says:

      There is one event back in about 1974/5 in Glasgow’s Union St that really filled me with disgust at the Orange Order.
      It was the the big March that’s always on the Saturday nearest the “12th”. The masses of flute band and walkers were streaming down through the centre of the city. I was walking up Union street and I saw a man, say about 30, trying to find a gap to get across the road to his wife and kids on the other side. The kids kept shouting “come on dad” and the guy was getting increasingly frustrated.
      He eventually made a move and ran in front of a flute band. At this point the members of the band stopped playing and prodeeded to beat the shit out of the man who had “broken their ranks”. There were two policemen right next to this and let it happen until one said “OK boys that’s enough”.
      During the beating the man’s kids kids were screaming for their dad.
      The guy got up and staggered over to his family. The band went back to their positions and started playing and they all marched off. As they marched off the sash wearing walkers behind the band gave a cheer.

    51. John H says:

      You make the point well Chris. The news outlets are desperately trying to avoid mentioning the Orange Order involvement. Maybe it’s just as well, whatever their motives. The last thing we need is sectarianism becoming a part of our independence discussion.

    52. Dr Jim says:

      Losing is the new winning:

      The Tories admit they ran the local elections as a referendum against Independence, well that being the case they lost
      and the SNP won

      So can we just have our Independence now please

      Its become so ridiculous now all of the losing parties are claiming they won and by delving into their imaginations they’re finding even more ridiculous reasons for claiming victory over the SNP who actually did win

      If this was the Olympics the SNP would be clogging up the podiums collecting their gold medals and greetin to the sounds of Flower of Scotland while the crowd goes mental
      But no, this is Scotland where even Einsteins theory of relativity would be up for question if it had any bearing on being an Independent theory because the very word now is used by Unionists in as sweary a way possible to make it sound worserer

      It all reminds me of the moon landings where to this day there are folk still claiming it wasn’t real, they must be Scottish Unionists I guess
      If the SNP are to win legitimately according to the Unionist party they must secure every vote in the land without exception and even then the Lib Dems would ask for another vote just to make sure the folk who voted didn’t have mental health problems
      Because voting on anything else in Scotland is perfectly acceptable but, on Independence like Meat Loaf says “We can’t do that”

    53. Dan Huil says:

      Britnats are foolin naebody – except themsels. That’s the way I like it.

    54. Darren Docherty says:

      Why ink hers

    55. Ken500 says:

      Voters voted for the wrong (Tory)John McIntyre.

      Pollster does not mention STV. Then tries to say the SNP did not do well. Making £Millions out getting it wrong. The piper calls the tune. Inquires all the time. A wee fine but no sanctions. Gerrymandering, electoral fraud is supposed to get prison.

    56. Dr Jim says:

      @John H

      Where have you been John, the Sectarian thing has been a central plank of the Tories campaign because without it they wouldn’t get any votes
      It’s who they are and Murdo Fraser shouts it as loudly as he can on a daily basis
      You don’t surely believe that all the folk who vote Tory actually like them or their policies of poverty or making sure well off folk become even more so at the expense of the poor

      No one could possibly believe the average bloke standing in the Copeland road part of Ibrox voted Tory because he thinks they’re really really terrific, or the OO didn’t remind everybody at the meeting to get out and vote Tory in the election

      This election was, as will all following elections be fought on the Ruth Davidson Queen and country ticket
      It matters not that the SNP are the most inclusive political party on the planet in terms of faiths and colour and creed

      The Tories in Scotland are not about inclusiveness they’re about something else and always have been
      it’s just becoming clearer to folk who didn’t notice it before

    57. Inkall says:

      On the knuckle dragger front.

      Going through the Aberdeen first preference votes I see National Front Leader Dave MacDonald’s close family is fairly large as he managed to convince 29 them to vote for him. Billy Watson could only convince 10 of his.

      Still 39 too many for my liking but certainly shows their mandate should MacDonald turn up at any Anti-Independence stalls again.

    58. Tinto Chiel says:

      Mr Cairns and Robert Louis at 7.40: you summed up the madness very well.

      Classic Tory divide and rule tactics for the working class and Scotland’s Shame.

      It’s not really surprising about the Ravenscraig (oh, the irony!) Tory result, given the proximity of the Orange Hall in Craigneuk, an ugly BA-bedecked sight which is sadly conspicuous on the main road to Wishaw.

      Sadly too, not one MSM outlet will mention or explore the nature of the Tory support in such areas.

      Vote Tory: it’s so seventeenth century.


      *shakes head in disbelief*

    59. winifred mccartney says:

      Anyone got a link to Nicola on Sky news pointing out the labour had more votes in England than the tories up here but was deemed by BBC to have lost soundly but bbc up here says tories are winners with fewer votes. And they still say the BBC is not biased.

    60. galamcennalath says:

      Glad to see Graham Campbell of Africans for Indy was elected.

      There are 18,000 Scots Africans and from what I hear fit in well. Being born in Scotland doesn’t make you a Scot, you have to think like a Scot. And to think like a Scot you certainly don’t need to be born here!

      It would be great to see Cllr Campbell highlighted in UK wide news to show those in South Britain who have misconceptions about what the SNP actually is. Nae chance.

    61. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Hugely supportive copy and editorial in the Sun today and the Record is wobbling as well.
      The next month will be interesting indeed.

      I suspect we saw peak Tory on Thursday and some figures for their vote are puzzling indeed. I have no idea how they achieved an election in the two wards here with absolutely no presence on the ground whatsoever. Must have been the postal vote. But 30% vote increase at a GE will wipe out much of their advantage if we get the message right.

      I hope we get independence before the next council elections however. Many, many questions to be asked about the vetting procedures which damaged us hugely in lots of areas and held everything back till in many cases too late to familiarise electors with our candidates or run effective campaigns.

    62. Clydebuilt says:

      Heard Girdon Brewer putting to Stephen Gethins that the SNP actually lost seats because of boundary changes , to which Gethins said “alright” , this was after S.G. stated that the SNP made gains.
      Why on earth did he not rubbish this.

      There would be a considerable amount of work required to come to the point about boundary changes. I don’t believe for one minute that this work has been undertaken, certainly not early after the numbers were out yesterday.
      An analysis that would throw much light on how the parties stand would be a totalling up of first preference votes expressed as a percentage of the total vote cast. This would allow an easy comparison to be made by the public. Of course that’s the last thing the State Broadcaster wants.

    63. izzie says:

      O/T will the demise of UKIP finally stop there frequent appearances on Question Time. Maybe the same could be said of Scottish Labour.

    64. Capella says:

      Funnily enough, Philip Sim (BBC Scotland Reporter) gets the no of seats won by the SNP in 2012 right i.e. 425.
      In an article written a month ago before he got the memo:

      The Nationalists took 32% of first-preference votes and 425 seats to Labour’s 31% and 394 seats, with the Tories trailing on 13% (115 seats) and the Lib Dems on 6% (71 seats). Independent candidates actually outdid the Tories and Lib Dems (then in coalition together at Westminster) put together, taking 196 seats.

      I am searching in vain for an official tally of the 2017 results with percentages of first preference votes. Must be TOP SECRET information.

    65. Breeks says:

      So correct me if I’m wrong, but from the results sheet on Craig Murrays blog I’m deducing the much celebrated Tory Councillor in Paisley North West was the 4th Councillor of 4 elected, had a grand total of 657 votes, (that’s votes in total not majority), and was a mere 164 votes ahead of the 5th place candidate Labour’s Tommy Williams on 493 votes.

      Furthermore there were 2 SNP candidates splitting the SNP vote, 2 Labour Candidates splitting the Labour vote, but only the one Tory collecting the whole Tory vote. So crudely put, in a five horse race he came fourth.

      This??? This is the much celebrated greater Tory revival? The capacity to unseat one of two Labour candidates by 164 votes? And that’s in deepest darkest Orange Order territory?


      Quick pause for breath, and a bit more Hahahahahaha!

      ScotRef here we come!

    66. Chick McGregor says:

      Beware BBC manipulation.

      In 2012 the SNP won a total of 425 seats, in 2017 they won a total of 431, a net gain of 6 Councillors.

      However, the BBC in their wisdom(cough) have come up with a ‘notional seats won’ figure for the SNP in 2012 of 438 which results in a ‘notional’ loss of 7 Councillors even though there is in fact 6 more SNP Councillors than last time.

      Now such a ‘notional’ adjustment might have some justification if there were a substantial change to the total number of seats contested.

      For instance, if the total number of seats contested had increased by the ratio 438/425.

      Well lets look at that.

      In 2012 there was a total of 1,223 seats up for contest.

      So if there were now 438/425*1223 = 1260 or 1261 seats, depending on rounding, then such a notional figure would be justified.

      But, in this election there were only 1227 seats up for grabs i.e. only 4 more than in 2012.

      Even if all 4 of these extra seats were hindsight estimated to have been notional SNP wins in 2012, while still being a ridiculous thing to do, that would still only reduce the SNP notional gain to +2.

      I don’t know what kind of jiggery pokery the BBC used to conjure up their notional figure, but however they did it, it is obviously mince.

      Sadly, even Wiki authors are running with it.

    67. starlaw says:

      Beware the Labour party in Scotland, they are not finished not by a long shot.
      A new leader, wall to wall press coverage the full BBC exposure, always on the telly, and they are right back. Remember UKIP totally carried by the MSM until there worth was over.

    68. David says:

      The most important thing is not the unionist lies, its the fact that most of Scotland never believe anything they say anyway, and we have younger voters who pay attention to their mothers and fathers , most of my generation voted for a labour party that i new from the start was a branch office of westminster so i never voted for them and thats well over 40 years now Caesar! Gu snooker loopy!

    69. McDuff says:

      Robert Louis 8.18

      Exactly so Robert. The entire MSM is portraying the SNP win as a defeat with lies and distortions. The Heralds headlines are disgusting.
      Unless we can flood Scotland with a weekly WOS newsletter exposing the lies that is the daily diet fed to the general public I fear we will have a hard time achieving independence. Too many people believe what is fed to them as that is all they ever hear and see.
      We really need a raise some serious money to fight this Unionist government backed machine of misinformation and we need to do it now. This is it.

    70. Robbo says:

      I see that the polls a few weeks back have been somewhat modified now. Remember they said Tories are looking to tale 8-10-12 seats in the UK 17 election. lol now it seems to have been reduced to a mere 2 seats their targeting-and they’ll have two fat chances of getting them me thinks.

    71. John H says:

      Dr Jim. 10.04am
      I understand all that Dr Jim, but I still think that we should try to distance ourselves from it. Let them foam at the mouth all they want. We are, or should be, better than that.

      I don’t want to see our message about independence getting lost in any argument about religion. They would love us to sink to their level.

    72. Nana says:

      From the previous thread, some more info on the Ferguslie result

    73. Ken500 says:

      Ross Thomson is having a laugh. A member of the Aberdeen Council who illegally sold it on the stock exchange. Left the City in £1.2Billion of debt. On groteque projects of no value ruining the City Centre. Against the majority wishes and the public interest. No point of order there.

      Rumbles rumbles on.

    74. Robbo says:

      Breeks says:
      6 May, 2017 at 10:34 am
      So correct me if I’m wrong, but from the results sheet on Craig Murrays blog I’m deducing the much celebrated Tory Councillor in Paisley North West was the 4th Councillor of 4 elected, had a grand total of 657 votes, (that’s votes in total not majority), and was a mere 164 votes ahead of the 5th place candidate Labour’s Tommy Williams on 493 votes.

      Furthermore there were 2 SNP candidates splitting the SNP vote, 2 Labour Candidates splitting the Labour vote, but only the one Tory collecting the whole Tory vote. So crudely put, in a five horse race he came fourth.

      This??? This is the much celebrated greater Tory revival? The capacity to unseat one of two Labour candidates by 164 votes? And that’s in deepest darkest Orange Order territory?

      Yup seems to me like really SNP should have been fielding 3 or more candidates to eliminate this type of crap.So on future elections they should be doing 3 per ward in every ward.I’m no mathematician,but would that not sort this kind of shite out in a proportional election??? How a guy can get in ob 8th-9th count is just ridiculous.

      In a post/link above the guy who was running explains it a bit better ,forgot now Mcternan or summit-a few posts up.

    75. heedtracker says:

      Severin Carrell of the Graun also trumpets major tory win yesterday

      “Sturgeon hails ‘victory’ despite SNP failure to win overall majorities
      Labour’s Glasgow domination ends but Tories score biggest wins since devolution, including in working-class neighbourhoods”

      and today,

      “Local elections: Sturgeon plays down Tory success in Scotland
      First minister says Conservatives only achieved best results in generation by taking votes off Labour, not the SNP”

      Can the Guardian get any more dishonest in Scotland? sure they can.

      It is odd watching Graun become such a tory attack propaganda outfit these days. England is swinging very very right though.

      Nigel Farage was on BBC r4 Any Questions yesterday, explaining how the EU is run by scared, bad, anti democratic people with huge power, they are thugs and bullies and all round really unpleasant people and Maggie Thatcher and David Cameron never got any deal out them all. Other than the fact the EU gave the UK everything demanded of them, welcome to 21st century England.

    76. Ken500 says:

      Despite the onslaught of the Press. The lies and distortion. Despite the illegal manipulation of the electoral system in Scotland. The SNP are still winning. The GE. The 2nd IndyRef will be won. Independence in the EU is the prize, Scotland a more prosperous, fair, happy peaceful equal country. Like many small wealthy countries at the top of prosperity indexes.

    77. Robbo says:

      On other post actually

      Nana says:
      6 May, 2017 at 10:15 am
      Some more on the Ferguslie Park result

    78. Bill McLean says:

      This dis-United Kingdom is becoming a sad, sick place the agenda for which is led by a disgustingly dishonest media and the foul “world-leading”, impartial BBC – the lowest of the low. We are growing up so the OO, although still breathing, is on it’s way out. One last push folks!

    79. Capella says:

      @ Cadogan Enright – re Wiki – Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is campaigning to end “fake news” by launching an online news site called Wikitribune. The BBC must be listed now as an unreliable source spouting state sponsored propaganda instead of news. Have you been in touch with wiki?

    80. dakk says:

      Another cracker Chris.

      Billy is probably thinking,

      ‘Almost as good as the potato famine.

      Let the Micks eat spuds.’

    81. Brian Powell says:

      Guardian shuts down comments on SNP negative story after 1000 comments, then only prints SNP negative story with no comments section.

      BBC puts out complete drivel on results.

      They can’t contain what is happening in Scotland, and I wonder who is working them. It’s definitely a strategy at work, who’s running it?

    82. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Unfortunately as others have pointed out @John H says sectarianism is a part of our independence discussion.

      It is time to point this out at every turn.

      Union = Tory = Brexit = OO/Fascist/NF etc. = Protectionist inward looking Society.

      Indy = SNP/Green = EU/EFTA = Inclusive outward looking Society.

      Which kind of Scotland do you want for yourself and your families future??

    83. caz m says:

      Excellent quote from Nicola Sturgeon:

      Although the Conservatives did well “by their standards”, they did so by taking votes from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and not by eating into SNP support, the First Minister said.

      The Tories’ share of the vote in Scotland was no better than Labour’s in England, which was regarded as a “disaster” for Mr Corbyn, she said.

    84. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Agree that this is a Great result for SNP and show what we expected, Peak Tory/Union will be about 20% – 30% Max.

      Also the BBC/MSM, SNP -7 Councillors

      Conservative Win headlines on TV and in print are seriously helping highlight the UKOK Propaganda which normally get brushed off as a bit ‘tin foil hatted’

      Now is the time for a high profile non payment of TV Licence campaign using this example as a prime example. Tommy Sheridan anyone??

    85. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Ken 500 Like yourself Im not celebrating the election results. A BLOODY AFFONT TO DEMOCRECY . The SNP should get they’re fingers out & challenge the De Hoydt & STV ( the illusions of a democratic electoral systems ).

    86. gus1940 says:

      Capella @11.03

      Wouldn’t it be great if Jimmy Wales could be persuaded to carry Wings items(with comments)on Wikitribune whenever Stu is exposing deliberate msm lies.

    87. Legerwood says:

      This election has confirmed that Labour are in terminal decline.

      They now have two options:
      Palliative care = coalition with SNP in local councils in the hope that it delays the decline giving them time to find a ‘cure’.
      Euthanasia = coalition with the Tories.

      Of course, being Labour they might just go for a possible 3rd option: turn their face to the wall and give up.

    88. Breeks says:

      @Robbo.. No, that’s not what I meant. A third SNP (or Labour) candidate would have made it a 6 horse race but with the SNP vote (or Labour) split between 3 candidates rather than 2. The Tory, without a split Tory vote, would still have got in.

      The strategy was sound, but the Labour collapse just allowed the Tory to trip over the line.

      The strategy returned 2 SNP Councillors in 4. A third SNP candidate would have split the SNP vote across 3 candidates rather than 2, still allowing the Tory in, and possibly putting the 2nd Labour candidate in ahead of 2 SNP candidates too. It is highly unlikely you would ever get 3 of the 4 Councillors SNP.

      But don’t take my word for it. My appreciation of 2nd, 3rd, 4th preference etc and how these choices change the result is very superficial.

      My point is all the fuss being made about a Tory revival, when all they have won is a tussle for 4th place between ‘neat’ Tory vote and a split Labour vote. That’s a pretty crummy Tory revival by my reckoning.

    89. Tom Kelly says:

      A Majority of Pro-independence Scottish MPs or MSPs at a general election is a mandate for a referendum.
      But a majority of over 50% of voters for pro-indy parties in a general election is a declaration of Independence by the Scottish People. It’s time the SNP changed their policy. Put pressure on your elected members.

    90. Capella says:

      @ gus1940 – Wikitribune could be a fantastic resource. This website with its media monitoring mission statement would be a natural partner.

      We are all becoming deprived of objective, impartial news. It reminds me of what residents in the former USSR satellite states used to say. They felt we were in a worse situation. They at least knew they were being lied to and manipulated.

    91. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana Quik on the draw as usual i was going to post that video of Terry McTernan ( nae relation tae Johns of that ilk )


    92. heedtracker says:

      What a difference 15 UKOK BBC years dont make,

      “Mr Salmond added that “genuine broadcasting reasons” must be the basis for any new decision on a “Scottish Six” bulletin.

      A BBC spokesman said the BBC would not make an official response until Mr Dyke had received the letter.

      The BBC is committed to reviewing its Scottish programming after the parliamentary elections next May.”

    93. Faltdubh says:

      A Yesser/SNP pal although not that political, doesn’t read the blogs or that, but a committed Yes, and speaking to him on the text today.

      “I didn’t vote yesterday, was working and forgot, but I will next month. Absolutely. Can’t have the SNP losing seats”

      Me – we didn’t lose seats, we went up 6.

      “The Tories did well, did they not?”

      Me – they did reasonably well, but they still are 156 seats short of the SNP and they basically swapped votes Labour – who were the big losers.

      “Did the SNP not lose seats?”

      Me – No! Where are you seeing this? Their vote went up too. The SNP support was solid. Whilst it could have been a bit better, they won 50% of the councils in Scotland.

      “Ah, I need to read more and turn the tele off. All you hear is Tory this Tory that, I fucking hate it”


      Although he’s not a worry, just imagine how many folk think this thanks to our media.

      Any SNPers out there! Have a pint, wine, or even a water tonight and enjoy/relax the weekend, and toast another successful election, but back to the work on Monday ; we need to win again in 4.5 weeks!

    94. heedtracker says:

      As BBC Scotland pump fake news into Scottish living rooms, does the French state broadcaster?

      “Of course it’s fake news. So what?”

      “Here is the itinerary of the fake news that propagates Marine Le Pen on the pseudo-account of Macron in the Bahamas
      During the debate, the candidate relayed a manipulation imported by far right offshore networks.”

      Ruth Davidson and chums are doing exact same thing but they only have to go to BBC

    95. John McLean says:

      Having just read the article by Craig Murray the ‘spin’ and

      distortion of a Tornface being elected in Renfrewshire ward 4

      can only be described as duplicitous n tripe …

      As a resident in this ward I can attest that the ward is made up

      several income streams , political allegiances and an age range

      covering all demographics , although there is a large number of

      55 + .

      It is doubtful given the range of people and the size of the

      ward that the T*** was elected or even received many votes from

      the residents of Ferguslie Park.

      Is there a possibility that this T*** benefited from having the

      same name as an independent candidate AND a voting system many

      did not understand ? .

    96. Proud Cybernat says:

      Sums it up perfectly, Chris. Bigotry really is blinding.


      Clear proof that the Tories won CE17:

    97. Dr Jim says:

      Tim Farron claims he will be the official opposition at Westminster unless Nicola Sturgeon decides to pour over the border (his words)

      So there you have it an acceptance by a Unionist party that Nicola Sturgeon should she so choose could win in England as well

      Not that the SNP would ever contemplate such a thing but it does show how much the other parties respect the power of Nicola Sturgeons SNP that it would even enter their heads

    98. Auld Rock says:

      The thing that really annoys me about the OO is their complete lack of knowledge about their own history, like it was the Pope you wanted rid of James, the colour of his horse has already been mentioned. After James’s defeat and William established he completely abandoned his ‘Loyal Protestants Soldiers’ treating them as bad as the ‘Native Catholic’ population. His followers got so pissed off they emigrated to America and their off-spring threw out the English and many were to the fore in the writing of the ‘American Constitution’. What a pity the OO haven’t read it!!!

      Auld Rock

    99. Macart says:

      Nailed that one Chris.

      It’s just that callous and just that tragic.

    100. heedtracker says:

      Auld Rock

      You’re talking about hard core far right UK, Daily Heil style, who’s editor Paul Dacre has destroyed everything and anything the EU actually is, while exact same Paul Dacre, has trousered hundreds of thousands of euros in EU farming subsidies, for his Scottish shooting estate, or his summertime open air slaughter house, in Scotland.

      All the OO marches in the world can;t explain why these guys worship their masters.

    101. Dr Jim says:

      Does anyone know the reason or excuse as to why the OO had a scheduled march past the city chambers in Glasgow this morning or what occasion it represented

      On another note, in future Yes rallies being held in George Square do we think the cameras will now amazingly start to work without difficulty

      I think they might

      James Mathews of SKY news forced to admit Nicola Sturgeon had the numbers to back up her claims
      The word he couldn’t manage to get out was “unfortunately”

    102. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bob Mack says: 6 May, 2017 at 9:37 am:

      “It is difficult to accept that an event in 1690 would have any bearing on how you perceive the modern world, but it seems to be exactly that.”

      Eh! Are you not aware. Bob, that you live in a KINGDOM? that has it’s roots in the very beginnings of our known history?

      Are you not aware there are Hereditary Peers dating back to at least the Norman Conquest still sitting in the Westminster Parliament’s House of Lords?

      The entire legal system of England is based upon the quasi-religious belief that the one and only true God in Heaven gave the Monarchy the God given right to rule over the whole of the kingdom, including every person in it, by choosing to have them produced from a royal womb.

      This has NOT yet changed under English law which still has the Monarch of England as legally sovereign even although the law of England made the sovereign monarch of the English, (three country), Kingdom legally delegate their sovereign powers to the Parliament of the Kingdom of England that ceased to exist on the last day of April 1707.

      Scottish law had legally rejected that strange notion of the Divine Right of Kings to rule over everything in the Kingdom of Scotland in 1320 by the Declaration of Arbroath made to The One and Only God’s representative on Earth, The Holy Roman Se, (the Pope).

      The Holy Roman Se, accepted the Scottish change in their law that made the People Of Scotland, the one and only God’s sovereign people with the GOD Given Right to rule the Kingdom of Scotland. The legal fact in modern Britain remains that it is the One And Only God’s Will that Sovereignty in the Kingdom of England rests with the sovereign Monarch of England and rests with the people of Scotland in the Kingdom of Scotland.

      As the Parliament of England ended on the last day of April 1707 there has been no legal parliament of England since that instant.

      On 1 day of May 1707 what began in Westminster was the Parliament of the United Kingdom – there is absolutely no evidence of any kind that it was the renamed parliament of England. Thus Westminster legally is the United Kingdom Parliament and it is a bipartite Kingdom with two diametrically opposite sovereign powers.

      King Billy and Queen Mary were imported as the joint monarchs of England and in 1688 the Kingdom of Scotland was still independent. What Westminster did in 1688 could not be legally applied to Scotland.

      Thus began the Billy Boys and their quite illegal mantra that is still their mantra in 2017.

      And you find it hard to believe that what happened in the, comparatively recent. “Glorious Revolution”, of the English Parliament is hard to believe?

      The facts are that what we Scottish independence seekers are fighting for today is to prove that on 1 May 1707 the parliament that sat in the Palace of Westminster was a United Kingdom Parliament.

      What Westminster is claiming is that the parliament at Westminster from 1 May 1707 was the renamed Parliament of England under the new name of, “The United Kingdom”.

      We have solid proof that it was a bipartite United Kingdom they have no proof of any kind that we are wrong.

      The Unionists and Billy Boys can only claim it is, “Because we say it is”.

      Anyone ready to prove me wrong? Please bring it on.

    103. heedtracker says:

      OO, BBC Scotland and God. A heady brew of great Britishness.

      In the pastoral letter to parishes and chaplaincies…

      The letter says the election “is being contested against the backdrop of deep and profound questions of identity.
      “Opportunities to renew and re-imagine our shared values as a country and a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland only come around every few generations…

      “If our shared British values are to carry the weight of where we now stand and the challenges ahead of us, they must have at their core, cohesion, courage and stability.”

      God is British and he also shares British values. Hope St Thatcher’s having a lovely time up in British heaven.

    104. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Is it just me or are the Daily Record teetering on becoming an independence supporting paper?”

      The Daily Redcoat is now, for the first time, seeing the writing on the wall. The SNP has taken Glasgow and, being the largest party, has first dibs at forming administrations in all of Scotland’s major cities.

      All of these City Councils place all manner of public notice s, thopusands of them every year, in these ‘news papers’, providing them with much needed revenue. The Daily Redcoat is now recognising that, for the first time, that much needed revenue stream is now under threat.

      I think The National could be the major beneficiary of this New Dawn at council purse-string level.

      Daily Redcoat – ye’ll have had yer tea.

    105. Robert Peffers says:

      @John H says: 6 May, 2017 at 10:44 am:

      “Dr Jim. 10.04am
      I understand all that Dr Jim, but I still think that we should try to distance ourselves from it. Let them foam at the mouth all they want. We are, or should be, better than that.”

      You are seriously misled, John.

      You really need to understand the entire political scene of the so called United Kingdom is very much based firmly upon religion.

      Fact – a Kingdom is a monarchy and a monarch is legally based upon the assumption the GOD had cause a sitting monarchy to have the next in line royal in a royal womb.

      Read my post 12:27 on this thread.

    106. Foonurt says:

      Belly tae yoan grun. Adder, wheiy ye abun mae.

      Al bae aff, tae git ma Irish Republic passport.

    107. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      The job now for all of us who find our Local Authorities have a Fascist, Racist, OO, Ex Kipper etc. representing us now need to ensure we get their views out in the mainstream.

      Now these creatures have crawled out from under the rocks and out of the sewers into the light we need to ensure that the light stays on them.

      Maybe, just maybe, voters who paid more attention to the Party rather than the individual may realise who and what they’ve put into power.

      Who knows if these abhorrent individuals continue to behave as they did before the Local Elections that may end up compromised and I’d fancy our chances at any By-elections.

      Let them reap what they’ve sown.

    108. Clootie says:

      …I think I recognise him!
      In fact he could be a family member…unfortunately.

    109. mike d says:

      Big headlines in the tory press today down south ‘ conservatives the biggest party in Scotland. Underneath in small print ‘after the snp ‘. Charlatans and feckin lying scum.

    110. Richar MacKinnond says:

      This cartoon tells you a lot about the artist. Its foolish and arrogant to stereotype people you dont agree with. Shettleston and Ferguslie Park, two of the poorest areas in Europe voted Tory. Maybe Chris Cairns knows something I dont? Why did the people of Glasgow’s east end and Paisley south vote Tory for the first time in their lives? Is it because the Orange Order mobilised and got their working class unionist vote out? or is there another reason?
      I will let Chris work this one out for himself but the clue is in the similar number of Pizza Express and David Lloyd Leisure clubs to be found in both areas.

    111. mike d says:

      Foonurt,ive already got an Irish passport. Thank god. At least when i go to Spain this summer i can hold my head up with pride,something those proud scot loyalists wouldn’t know the meaning of.

    112. winifred mccartney says:

      Thank you nana for the link – just seen it. NS is fantastic and the people of scotland are too. Wonderful to get a blast of the truth rather than the BBC lies and bbc radio lies we have heard all morning. I personally thank you for all your wonderful links – great informative reading – keep well.

    113. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Shettleston and Ferguslie Park, two of the poorest areas in Europe voted Tory.”

      No they didn’t. A proportional-representation electoral system let some Tory candidates sneak in on very low vote shares, in council wards which are PARTLY very poor but also partly well-off. There is no ward that’s just Ferguslie Park, it’s part of a wider area.

    114. CameronB Brodie says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker @ 11:09
      Social justice isn’t achievable without an inclusive and open society. As with Trump, the pro-Brexit lobby that tapped into latent English nationalism, was funded by big oil. Unlike Trump, it was sold by a corrupt corporate media. The likely effects of Brexit and the process that brought it about, exemplify the processes of social exclusion, IMHO.

      That’s right Dave, the people of Britain were excluded from the truth, yet you are ‘democratically’ respecting the will of the people. Fine, if logic and reason aren’t your thing and you live in England, perhaps. Scotland is a sovereign nation though Dave, allegedly. You really need to step out of the colonial past, when might was right. Otherwise, folk might suspect you of having right-wing tendencies, frankly.

      The concept and measurement of social exclusion

    115. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Fair enough @CameronB Brodie says at 1:52pm. But we’ll never get an open society as long as we have a corrupt MSM & State Propagandist BBC.

      It’s the poor buggers that the MSM/BBC will blame for the Brexit hardship which will befall the U.K. Electorate.

      Will it be foreigners, Separatist Scottish Nationalists or another scapegoat?

      One thing is certain it won’t be the Government or the media taking the rap.

    116. Jack Murphy says:

      galamcennalath said at 10:18 am:

      “Glad to see Graham Campbell of Africans for Indy was elected…..”

      Here’s the new Councillor Campbell being interviewed by the Mainstream Media at the Glasgow Count yesterday,captured on Independence Livestream film yesterday—-1 minute in 🙂

    117. Foonurt says:

      Guid on ye, Mike d. Thurr fluddin acroass, fae thoan noarth.

      Noo fur, yoan Scoattish wan.

    118. CameronB Brodie says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker
      Thankfully, I don’t think it’s wishful thinking to suspect Scotland is, at long last, waking up to her reality.

    119. heedtracker says:

      Graun slips the tory knife in again, for the weekend. Actually I dont know, as I cant be arsed reading what these horrendous phoneys of The Guardian are saying but check out their photo choice for their sleazy editorial.

      Why its massed ranks of ecstatic Scottish tories delighted to have won in Scotland last week, and thereby stamping out indy ref2 by er, losing! So its the usual clusterfudge photo of hysterical tory creeps and twits but Graun’s also cropped out BetterTogether Slovenia Branch manager,

      Prof Smirky does tweet same photos, but with him in them. Most odd from our imperial master baiters of the Graun. Bet my Slovene girlfriend’s puzzled too.

    120. heedtracker says:

      Had a go at Graun editorial and right from the off they piddle all over Scottish democracy, creepy old Graun style, captioned photo with Prof Tomkins chopped out says,

      “Conservative party members celebrate in Glasgow. Tories made gains in Scotland and across the UK. Photograph: John Linton/PA

      They are ofcourse members but its the tory winning candidates. Graun’s even reduced to lying about their own photos.

      Wonder Graun cropped out Prof Smirky though? He’s just as toryboy yoon mental as the tory creeps photographed.

    121. Foonurt says:

      heedtracker (9-06am) – if ah mine richt, foartae-thoosin in drappin acroass yoan noarth. Scoattlin – rid stane raw, Govan, hauft (?).

    122. heedtracker says:

      OO membership at foartae-thoosin sounds right, In Govan, who knows now, they bus in for Gers home games and its rapidly changing, as the RN vote NO promises turn out to be empty. But they make their presence felt, boom, tish, flute noise.

      Tory Prof Tomkins MSP from Dorset, has no doubt been in about the OO, via Ibrox and you have to admire their tory brass necks, as he RT’s,

      Cllr Colin J. Clark Retweeted
      ScotConservatives?Verified account @ScotTories Mar 28
      We’re not frightened to debate independence – but we are sick of it.

      And most people in Scotland have had enough too

    123. stu mac says:

      @donald anderson says:

      King William was a bit puzzled by the extreme Protestantism on display from the Scots parliament when he met them to discuss his being accepted as King of Scotland (as well as England). He told them “I will not be a persecuting king”, though in practice as long as he got his troops to fight his European war and had his northern border secured he had little interest in what happened in Scotland. He did however have the more relaxed Dutch attitude to religion. (Protestants who emigrated to Holland – in an earlier period of persecution – moved quickly on to America as they couldn’t abide the acceptance of Catholics in Holland).

    124. stu mac says:

      @donald anderson says:

      Meant to add, your Jacobite toast refers to the first time an undercover mole seriously undermined the establishment.

    125. stu mac says:

      @Chick McGregor

      Well anyone can edit Wiki, so what are you waiting for?

    126. Alba woman says:

      I think what is concerning is the efforts of the Tories to set up and legitimise Unionist enclaves in the West of Scotland . I was brought up in an area of OO allegiance. It was not a good experience. One thing in Scotland that the old Labour did was to integrate the council housing areas. That worked as people wanted to bring their children up in as much peace as possible.

      Scotland will not be best pleased that its historical and current efforts not to be like Northern Ireland are in any way risked for Tory political ends. Labour voters need to think long and hard in the next few weeks.

      Fantastic drawing . Wish there were prints.

    127. stonefree says:

      OO?? When I was in primary school a good few of my pal’s parents were in the OO and were Conservatives and Unionists, However what was different was they were all “good kirk goers” many temperance “they were the Working Tories”
      Very respectable , I suppose Good Christian people, they went to a walk in July and that was about it, none of the what happens now nonsense ,
      I noticed the change about 1970 , all the invites to join the lodge, come and see the “teddy bears”(never have I seen them and never would, I don’t do footie), and the move to more Labour party based
      I was thinking about it today and kind of think it changed with the Glasgow overspills relocating to the area. It’s only a thought

    128. stu mac says:

      @Proud Cybernat says:

      You make a good point. I recall that years ago the Herald used to be fairly even handed and often critical of the Labour apparatchik but then Strathclyde/Glasgow Council threatened withdrawal of all council advertising and that brought the paper to heel. Went downhill ever since.

    129. Ghillie says:

      Fergus Green 7.13 am Thank you for that = )

    130. Ghillie says:

      Chris, brilliant cartoon AGAIN = )

      You have a rare gift, able to say so much with the magic of your art. Thank you.

      A selected bundle of these really would be very very good on billboards or leaflets (especialy ones with Hamish in!!)

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