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For certain purposes

Posted on August 31, 2020 by

We suppose we should be happy to learn that Scottish Government ministers are at least still sometimes capable of understanding that men and women are different and there are times when it’s inappropriate for men to be in women’s spaces.

We just wish they didn’t keep reminding us of something so much.

We really hope the 27% of Scots who already think the Sun revolves around the Earth isn’t getting bigger.

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    1. 31 08 20 10:56

      For certain purposes | speymouth

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    1. Fran says:

      Its ok, if the Scotsgov had powers over asylum they would stick the men in dresses, da naaa problem solved, no male asylum seekers.

    2. Alison Macgregor says:

      ‘Cloth eared’ doesn’t even begin to describe Yousef.

    3. Sharny Dubs says:

      An embarrassment

    4. Capella says:

      Or… Wouldn’t it be easier for asylum seekers to just change their place of birth on their birth certificate and thus become “British” instantly? Then the men can be locked up with the women without any further concerns over safety.
      Thinking outside the box.

    5. Colin Alexander says:

      I’m trying to be positive and on-topic. So, I have something positive to say about Humza Yousaf: he dresses smart.

    6. Stuart MacKay says:

      Yousaf is so out of touch. Rape Crisis centres have absolutely no problem accommodating vulnerable women and self-identifying men at the same time. I’m surprised he thinks there’s a problem.

      And he goes and uses that ‘w’ word again. Just another stale male.

    7. Polly says:

      Yes, total hypocrisy from the Justice Minister, and worse, either genuinely doesn’t realise it, or is willing to bulldoze his way through all justified criticism while proclaiming the two situations are different. It’s a ridiculous situation for any serious politician to have put themselves in.

      I’ve always liked this quote about Orwell for it shows he was a man very much to be admired.

      George Woodcock on Orwell

      “In his own way he was a man of the left, but he attacked its holy images as fervently as he did those of the right….His was the isolation of every man who seeks the truth diligently, no matter how unpleasant its implications may be to others or even to himself.”

    8. Oor Steve says:

      Flat Earth Society has members all over the globe!

    9. Stan Broadwood says:

      The SNP:


      Pro GRA

      Pro Hate Crime Bill

      Until this is reversed, I will not be voting for them.

      Sturgeon’s resignation would go a long way towards them getting my vote.

      But if nothing changes, then I will NEVER give the SNP my vote.

    10. susan says:

      Seems racist to me – female asylum seekers need sex segregated spaces but Scottish women don’t. Or maybe the “vulnerable” women are actually trans identifying males.

      Either way it is sheer hypocrisy and woolly thinking from Yousaf.

    11. iain mhor says:

      How does he propose to get the powers he wants then?
      Just Bubbly Jock for them I suppose, like all the rest. He’ll scweam and scweam until he’s sick or something.
      Go on Humza, go get them – I’m waiting.

      Where’s my Independence Humza? Where’s my Referendum? Where are all the Powers? Words which won’t be named Humza, not even in your greetin faced Tweet – do those words stick in your throat Humza – just like your principles.

    12. stonefree says:

      @ Stan Broadwood at 10:10 am
      I echo your sentiments and won’t be fvoting for Sturgeons SNP
      If she goes and Smith become leader , then they can shut the doors
      It would be surprise to me at least IF the SNP will remain in power, I just don’t see it. Wokies to the left and to the right , Wokies in command, dear goodness!!!
      Humza Yousaf…? he wasn’t always as stupid, Sturgeon is in control,

    13. Lorna Campbell says:

      “…27% of Scots who already think the Sun revolves around the Earth…”

      You forgot the qualifying word, Rev, between ‘already’ and ‘think’ – ‘sometimes’. That’s the let-out. Doublethink indeed.

    14. Garavelli Princip says:

      It really baffles me. Maybe it’s my age, gender and status (retired white, heterosexual male scientist and academic).

      But I just cannot get my head around the idea that I party whose sole reason for existence – whose ONLY (legitimate) purpose is to liberate my country – appears to have been captured (and enjoying it) by a bunch of sexual perverts, freaks and frankly insane people who fail to understand the excretory role of the rectum, the reproductive function of sex, and the immutability of the sexual soma engendered by possessing xx or xy chromosomes – and some who are sufficiently deranged to believe that you can wish yourself otherwise.

      I feel sorry for those afflicted with these disorders – but the compassionate response is to help them in their predicament, provide medical assistance and counseling where possible, treat those who are deluded, and assist them to understand what normal human beings are like.

      Instead we have a party that appears to wish to elevate delusions and perversions into an art of living, and one that we must all respect and, if possible, emulate.

      Doctor Campbell, am I mad – or are they?

    15. mike cassidy says:

      Its even worse than you think.

      The Home Office has issued guidance to the security industry

      Which – among other things – says it is sufficient for a man to say he INTENDS to ‘become’ a woman to justify his place in a woman’s toilet.

    16. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “You forgot the qualifying word, Rev, between ‘already’ and ‘think’ – ‘sometimes’. That’s the let-out. Doublethink indeed.”

      I felt that was already civered by the previous “sometimes” and indeed the entire point being made by the post, but I’m too subtle sometimes.

    17. Angry Weegie says:

      I wonder how many of these pro-women tweets will be permitted if Human’s Hate Crime bill gets passed?

    18. Stan Broadwood says:

      So will they be removing the “Ladies” and “Gents” signs on public toilet doors???

      It will now just be called a “Toilet”.

      A Free for all.

      Infact, some government buildings in Glasgow already have Unisex toilets.

    19. Stan Broadwood says:


      There are increasing numbers who say Sturgeon has lost the plot, and will not give the SNP their vote while these crazy ideas have a chance of becoming law.

    20. robertknight says:

      I too have huge concerns Mr Yousaf, but for me it’s that Independence is being pushed to one side by the SNP in favour of the status quo; where credit can be sought for all that goes well but blame can be attributed elsewhere when things do not.

      Is this the SNP’s version of the best of both worlds? Two troughs into which their elected representatives can dip their snouts, and a convenient ‘out’ for that which they can’t/don’t want to concern themselves? They’ll create a Wokeist-paradise whilst still having us shackled to Westminster; all that short money swelling the party coffers must be addictive – “we are bought and sold” once again.

      How long will it be before the ‘now is not the time’ becomes ‘there never will be a time’ for IndyRef2? Will the SNP eventually conduct a volte face and say that as we’re out the EU, Indy is no longer a viable option? Is the prospect of a hard border between the Kingdom of Scotland/EU and the Kingdom of England & Northern Ireland killing the dream in the minds of some SNP heid bummers? What will become the new rallying cry? A federal system within the UK, akin to Canada?

      Let’s face it, something doesn’t smell right at the heart of the SNP, it hasn’t for some time, and nothing would come as a surprise with NS and Murrell running the show.

    21. Stan Broadwood says:

      Humza Yousaf,

      Or as he is affectionately known within the SNP,

      “Hawnz up Useless”.

    22. CameronB Brodie says:

      Scotland already has enough clown-shoes judges, so we don’t really need any more undermining of the potential for justice in Scotland. If the Justice Minister is unable to see the inconsistency of his approach to the law, then he should not be allowed near the legislation of Scots law. The Scottish government has a duty of care for all, not just their pet ideologies. Especially ideologies that deny science and offend the majority of reasonable individuals.

    23. mike cassidy says:

      Legal comments on the Security Industry advice (11.21)

    24. Effijy says:

      Humza Dinger!

      How about all the men involved identify as women
      and all the women identify as men and then they can
      Have separate accommodation.

      I take it the men who say they are women are treated equally
      and have access to free feminine hygiene products?
      The former men will also qualify for The Pill on prescription as we
      don’t want any babies being born into utter confusion.

      Absolutely Bonkers from someone who seems to have sailed. over the
      edge of the Flat Earth.

    25. CameronB Brodie says:

      If the Justice Minister is unable to support the rights of all women, then how can he support justice in, and for, Scotland? If he is unaware of the harmful impact genderwoowoo’s introduction into Scots law would have on the economic, social, and cultural rights of natural born women, then I suggest he is being poorly advised, or has been promoted above his station. Possibly a bit of both.

      Under the knife: human rights and inequality in the age of austerity

    26. Ottomanboi says:


      and never a shortage of enablers. Coventry, OMG!
      Not just a Scottish problem!

    27. Stan Broadwood says:

      Nicola only has people around her who will not ask any awkward questions.

      Being a control freak, she hasn’t got time to explain to them all what she is doing,,, she just wants them to agree with her,,,on everything.

      Have a look at who she has around her,,, not one rebellious voice amongst them.

    28. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, but I’m not sure who you’re having a pop at there, Coventry or contemporary education.

      Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2015, Pages 362–376, Published: 26 June 2015


      This article reports on a research project undertaken to assess the implications and consequences of the Comprehensive Spending Review and associated Force Change Programmes upon the female police workforce in England and Wales, alongside wider policing reforms across the UK. The research examines the views of female and male police officers and staff with a view to updating and reviewing evidence of progress in relation to the continued development and achievement of the gender agenda aims (BAWP, 2006, The Gender Agenda 2. London) and the Home Office 2010 report ‘Assessment of Women in the Police Service’.

      Focus groups, questionnaires and semi-structured interviews were undertaken between November 2012 and June 2013, across 14 force areas, in addition to national policing bodies, local and national representative staff support associations, and diversity and equality practitioners. The findings underpin the recommendations Gender Agenda 3 launched in October 2014 by the British Association for Women in Policing.

    29. Effijy says:

      I’m reading a pensioners Evening Times to check up
      On the latest propaganda.

      Today’s issue abounds with Tories slating SNP.

      We have one Tory demanding SNP controlled Glasgow Council
      Don’t close the Citizen’s advice centres.
      They mainly deal with issues caused by the Tory Government cuts but
      More ironic is the dire financial state of the council is caused by settling
      The equal pay awards Labour fought in the courts for 10 years.

      Next Tory unhappy about the council cancelling bulk uplift services.

      Next unhappy at increase in landfill site at Broomhouse.

      Next we have a feature on Tory Douglas Ross launching his strategy for
      Jobs and investment in Scotland.

      Very good from that party that has given us record unemployment and
      Disastrous figures pending with mismanaged Covid and Brexit.
      To quite Boris, he would always invest £1 in England before Scotland.

      Not holding breath with excitement for this one!

    30. Stan Broadwood says:

      Why does Sturgeon front these Covid19 news briefings every single day???

      Corona Virus is a Health matter and therefore should it not be her Health Minister who fronts these briefings???

      Sturgeon could then get on with other issues, such as Brexit or Scottish Independence.

      But I think it is more proof of her being a crazy control freak.

    31. Beaker says:

      “27% of Scots who already think the Sun revolves around the Earth isn’t getting bigger.”

      Some of the remaining 73% think it shines out of someone’s behind.

    32. CameronB Brodie says:

      OK, I was edumicated almost thirty years ago, so my perspective probably can’t be considered contemporary. Judging by the Stirlingshire ‘colt team’ though, that might not be such a bad thing.

      Working towards a
      just feminist economy:
      The role of decent work, public services,
      progressive taxation and corporate
      accountability in achieving women’s rights

    33. Robert Graham says:

      Stan @ 1:04
      eh getting a bit Tory there Stan

      Stop it


    34. James Che. says:

      Infiltration seems to be the name of the game, none of these issues were ever snp issues for 70 years in the past history of the party,
      Is there any hope of an alternative for the election before they too are infiltrated in the future.
      The snp ended when they stopped listening to the grass roots people/members.

    35. Robert Graham says:

      Effijy @ 12:57

      Getting a bit suspicious of this split personality the Unionists are adopting , a kind of contrived double speak , on the one hand demanding the Scottish Government do this , while the Westminster part of this hilarious double act makes it impossible to do what the Scottish branch is demanding ,

      Kinda Confused just like this made up double Act

      I wonder if it’s all part of the great Union Plan just like plastering Jacks everywhere , maybe we shouldn’t protest to much because they are doing a great job of making a total Arse of it all by themselves , in fact maybe it’s a good idea to Cheer them on a bit of encouragement works wonders

    36. Lorna Campbell says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      31 August, 2020 at 11:15 am
      “You forgot the qualifying word, Rev, between ‘already’ and ‘think’ – ‘sometimes’. That’s the let-out. Doublethink indeed.”

      I felt that was already civered by the previous “sometimes” and indeed the entire point being made by the post, but I’m too subtle sometimes.

      Well, you may be, Rev, but sometimes I can be, too. I was referring to the stupidity of the ‘sometimes’ in connection with the statement I quoted. Sometimes, I think stupidity trumps other subtleties, don’t you – sometimes? Or, as in…’sometimes, it’s okay for men to invade women’s sex-based spaces’? No, it is never right – at any time, let alone ‘sometimes’.

    37. Republicofscotland says:

      Former SNP MP Michelle Thomson is bidding for a Holyrood seat in the 2021 Scottish elections.

      Thomson received prolong negative British nationalist media coverage long after charges of skullduggery were proven to be false.

    38. Clapper57 says:

      @ Republicofscotland @ 2:14 pm

      “Former SNP MP Michelle Thomson is bidding for a Holyrood seat in the 2021 Scottish elections”.

      Cue….Alex Cole Hamilton Operation smear…part 2.

    39. SilverDarling says:

      According to the SG, we should only recognise those defined as vulnerable by the SG. It seems the definition of woman is very clear when they want it to be. Women in Scotland are not helped by those in power denying this for one group of women versus another. Or those who fail to recognise that there exists individuals in groups or agencies who would seek to exploit that vulnerability. Those very groups that take on the guise of being the route out of danger.

      Maybe it will be a lightbulb moment for Humza with so many pointing out his blatant inconsistency, if not hypocrisy. It is simply that there are those that would seek self ID as an opportunity to do harm and all we are doing is pointing it out and asking for appropriate safeguards.

    40. MaggieC says:

      I see that Neil Gray has thrown his hat into the ring to be selected as a candidate for Airdrie & Shotts in 2021 .I wonder if there will be an an outcry against him by the same people who decried Joanna Cherry for wanting to stand for Holyrood .

    41. Effijy says:

      How can any potential SNP candidate be smeared when we
      Have a racist adulterer and pathological liar as PM?

    42. Polly says:

      “Former SNP MP Michelle Thomson is bidding for a Holyrood seat in the 2021 Scottish elections”

      Very good. I hope she’s chosen and wins and is more supported by the party this time. All good luck to her, she deserves to succeed.

    43. Polly says:


      ‘I see that Neil Gray has thrown his hat into the ring’

      I know little about him but it’s not great to see some of the folk supporting him are that Kiehlmann and mags person, so makes me instantly suspicious. Also why should some MPs get to do this if Cherry isn’t allowed? Will he stand down as MP the way NEC insisted she had to? Will he be accused of putting staff out of work during covid as they said of her? Double standards are despicable.

    44. Rick H Johnston says:

      Hope Michelle Thomson wins the SNP nomination as MSP for Edinburgh Western.
      If she does and defeats windbag Alex Cole Hamilton it will be sweet revenge for the abuse she got from the LibDems in the past.
      Unfortunately he’ll likely be ‘elected’ as the LibDems head honcho on the regional list.
      A voting system (ploy) thought up by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

    45. Stephen says:

      And despite all this riding high in the polls? It would be good if the posts went beyond negativity and explained why this is.

    46. CameronB Brodie says:

      If the Scottish government was competent in its approach to the law, Westminster would not be dragging Scotland out of the EU, against Scotland’s expressed democratic choice. And in the face of a global pandemic.

      Convergencia vol.25 no.77 Toluca may./ago. 2018
      Crisis and austerity: threat for women´s employment in the European regions


      The objective of the study is to explore the relation between unemployment rates for men and women and the variation in public employment at regional level. To this end, a number of indicators are presented for the descriptive analysis of unemployment at regional level in the EU-15 and results are mapped.

      The main conclusion is that the marked sectoral segregation of employment by sex and the role of employment in the public sector for women should be taken into account when designing employment policies. On the contrary, employment growth in certain sectors and cuts in public spending in others introduce a bias that can boost male employment while delaying the recovery of feminine employment.

      Key words:
      crisis; female unemployment; sectoral segregation by sex; European regions.

    47. Oneliner says:


      ……don’t hold your breath.

    48. Stan Broadwood says:

      Robert Graham 1.22

      Please explain why it is “a bit Tory” to ask the Health Minister to front health briefings and let the First Minister concentrate on Brexit and Scottish Independence???

      After all, it’s our busy First Minister who says she hasn’t the time to concentrate on indyRef2.

      And it’s funny how Sturgeon has no time for indyRef2, but seems to have all the time in the world to put towards GRA and other unpopular Bills.

      You Sturgeonistas are a right laugh sometimes.

    49. Wee Chid says:

      Effijy says:
      31 August, 2020 at 2:47 pm
      “How can any potential SNP candidate be smeared when we
      Have a racist adulterer and pathological liar as PM?”

      Because the Tories just ignore any criticism and brazen it out. The SNP prefer to throw their own under a bus rather than to be seen as imperfect.

    50. Ottomanboi says:

      Time a new generation took over. One that does not give a fig for the ‘proprieties’.
      One that takes the raw politics of power seriously. The weak do not inherit the earth.
      May have to wait years for that though.
      The Irish waited 800….OUCH!

    51. susanXX says:

      I will vote SNP1 this time but this is the last time. How can anyone argue that Covid19 stops indyref2 but the biggest social engineering / gaslighting experiment passes with out comment. Fuck off. I will go to prison for biological reality.

    52. mike cassidy says:

      The symbolism getting heavy in the USA

    53. leither says:

      re mps standing down

      1. nec did NOT require mps to stand down to become a PPC, only if they were selected to be candidates. (cherry wasnt 100% truthful about this)

      2. I disagree with this nec ruling, it is pointless and counter productive. if and when we win the next holyrood election, few mps will travel south if indyref2 campaign is announced.

      3. the idea that office staff would lose their jobs is bollox. all the seats mps have chosen already have huge snp majorities, at most they would be unemployed for the duration of the campaign. secondly, the mp seats they’re vacating also have huge majorities, meaning an increase in the number of jobs and employment for even more people.

      4. the main reason this nec policy is counter productive is because all PPC coming forward at the moment, are only interested in standing in constituencies where they have a very good chance of winning. eg Michelle Thomson says she has moved from Edinburgh and wants to stand in Falkirk East. she lives in NEFife!. Roger mullins wants to stand in Kirkcaldy where there is already a standing snp Msp. No one, no one, wants to be a candidate in Orkney, Shetland, NEFife, Edinburgh Western or the borders constituencies.

      go ask folk in these constituencies whether they want a complete unknown or Dr Philippa Whitford as a candidate??

    54. leither says:

      Rick H Johnston says:
      Hope Michelle Thomson wins the SNP nomination as MSP for Edinburgh Western.
      If she does and defeats windbag Alex Cole Hamilton

      except she isnt standing in Edin West but Falkirk East (8000 snp vote majority) she lives in the same town as wullie rennie

    55. Skip_NC says:

      Leither, as I recall, Joanna Cherry’s point is that, once selected (not adopted) she would have to step down as an MP. The NEC’s intention is that any by-election would be on the same day as the Holyrood election (the SNP having first call on moving the by-election writ). So that seat could be vacant for several months and the MP’s office staff would be out of work.

      Mike Cassidy, as someone who lives in the USA, I really wish people wouldn’t pull stunts like that. I have this nagging feeling that left-wing activists and the media are going to deliver this election to Donald Trump, in much the same way they did in 2016.

    56. Alec Lomax says:

      Skip , the people who delivered the victory to Trump were the dimwits who voted for him.

    57. kapelmeister says:

      The SNP want to be reminded that their support comes from places like California, Stirlingshire and not California, USA.

      Scotland is a socially progressive nation. However, that progressiveness is the slower and more measured progressivesness of the reform-inclined social conservative. The full-on fanaticism of the SNP wokeists is out of place and then some.

      While Sturgeon indulges, or perhaps worse, eggs on the woke brigade, there is next to no groundwork being done on independence. Sturgeon’s persistent bad faith is jarringly obvious, yet still many people in the independence movement can’t bring themselves to contemplate it.

    58. twathater says:

      Does humza halfwit ever STOP and read what he has written or twatted , so his STANCE is that vulnerable female immigrants and asylum seekers should be protected and made safe within their accomodation from POSSIBLE sexual predators and abusers

      I would say that that is quite a thoughtful and considerate idea , but the unfortunate thing is that humza halfwit does not want to offer those same protections and safety to my wife , daughter or grand daughters from these same POSSIBLE sexual predators and abusers

      And do these same vulnerable immigrant and asylum seekers realise that when they leave their accommodations they will still be subjected to those same sexual predators and abusers that humza is so concerned about, and horror of horrors they may even encounter those predators in places where they thought they were SAFE, but that is only an ILLUSION created by humza and others to make them feel so PROGRESSIVE

    59. Skip_NC says:

      Alec Lomax, the media tried too hard to demonize Trump last time around and they have learnt nothing. The race is too close for comfort in the Democratic-leaning states Biden has to win and they are starting to widen in the Republican-leaning states, such as here in North Carolina.

      He will be helped in NC by having a Senate candidate, Thom Tillis, that does good “constituency” work. Tillis did good work getting Pastor Andrew Brunson freed from Turkey a while back. In the buckle on the Bible Belt, that is worth a few votes. His Democratic challenger is running a campaign where he is all soft and fuzzy but with no clear policies. The Libertarian is open to “Medicare for All,” provided it can be funded. Nothing wrong with that but not very libertarian.

      The one thing that might hamper Trump in places like NC is that there is no longer any “Party ticket” voting. Not too long ago, you could simply select a straight Republican or Democratic ticket. Now you have to vote individually in each race. We will find out at the end of the week how many races are on the ballot. In a presidential election year, it is about thirty, running all the way from president down to Soil & Water Conservation Board of Supervisors.

    60. CameronB Brodie says:

      I appreciate I’m farting against thunder, but the woke perspective is the application of critical race theory in educational practice. It privileges “embodied vulnerability”, so it does not reject biological reality.

      International Journal of Communication 14 (2020), 799–812
      Privileged Vulnerability: Embodied Pedagogy as Critical Rhetorical Praxis

      Contextualized within the space/place of the classroom, in this article we use autoethnographic, narrative inquiry as a method built on a foundation of critical rhetoric and feminism as intersecting orientations.

      This study demonstrates how critical rhetoric as an orientation provides liberatory opportunities for our pedagogy at this historical moment of cultural forces intervening in a misogynistic culture that antagonizes feminist inquiry. Through our embodied and privileged vulnerability, our stories emerge, which can lead to empathy and transformation.

      In the case of knowledge production of and about feminism(s), embodied pedagogy – revealed via critical rhetoric – positions educators and students as cocreators and critics of discourse and lived, bodily experiences, inside and outside the classroom.

      critical rhetoric, embodied pedagogy, critical communication pedagogy,
      feminism, misogyny, empathy

    61. CameronB Brodie says:

      This is such basic knowledge that the Scottish civil service had to be ordered to stop following a gender-critical approach to law and public policy.


    62. CameronB Brodie says:

      If the Scottish government is determined to support misogyny in law, then I suppose there’s nothing we can do. The trans-activists in the party appear to have insulated themselves quite effectively from criticism.

      Edmund Husserl: Phenomenology of Embodiment

    63. leither says:

      unsure why my last comment is in moderation, maybe a forbidden word??

      anyway, to re cap

      1 nec should reverse their decision

      2. Mps can stand for holyrood but only in unionist held seats.

      3. the snp could also make a statement in regards to mps elected that a wm bye election would only take place if after 1 year, no vote on independence has happened

    64. leither says:


      they would be out of a job for the duration of the campaign (6 weeks) but because the seats being contested have a huge snp majority. also, the wm seats being vacated have huge majorities pretty much ensuring gainful employment for a whole raft of new mp staff.

      thing is, i only mention it because it is a complete red herring.

      No, i oppose the nec ruling because it ensures that none of the big hitters in wm will even contemplate standing in marginals presently held by unionists,

      Alex cole hamilton,rennie,ruth davidson,tavish scott,oliver mundell,jackie baillie, Jackson carlaw

      I think these seats are exactly where the high profile snp mps should be standing. not untried unknowns

      thats why i disagree with the nec decision and the decision of the mps to carve out safe seats for themselves.

      why not angus macneil for orkney, Cherry against Alex cole hamilton, whitford against tory john scott in ayr, tommy sheppard against ruth davidson??

      it seems too obvious no?

    65. Effijy says:

      I See that Douglas Ross has been called as a liar by the national farmers Union
      On the John Unionist Beattie Drive Time Show.

      I was sent a link on WhatsApp but I can’t post it here.

      Is he in the job yet? Anyhow proved to be a complete liar straight off the bat.

      The Tories have 2 skills, lying and making money for the rich.

    66. Dan says:

      With regard to all this dual mandate stuff. I notice there are plenty current Local Councillors putting themselves forward for selection to be MSPs.
      All that time spent by many folk campaigning to get them elected to the local council because they were all for representing that area, only for them to jump ship to a different area to try to get elected as an MSP.
      I bet these individuals never printed and informed the voters that they’d jump ship and leave them in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose…
      Does a local Councillor have plenty time to run an MSP campaign with no negative impact on their Councillor roles?
      Plus STV bi-elections can be an arse to hold a seat so that’ll mean yet more work for already worn out activists to sell a new candidate with the line, “The last one was a dud, this next one will be better”.

    67. Effijy says:

      You have got to laugh.
      STV don’t want to cover the Douglas Ross proven liar story
      So they interview him with his “Yer Oil is Rubin’ oot” story.
      His research from Sweden shows that former oil workers there
      Who were made redundant had their skills matched in new jobs.

      So there it is folks, as oil job numbers were reduced in Norway, they
      Made the Swedish Engineers redundant.

      Who would’ve thought the Engineers losing one job
      Would look for another Engineering job?

      The big story for all the English working in the Scottish oil industry,
      Look forward to redundancy and universal discredit after Indy ref 2.

      You vote for the Tories you die with the Tories!

    68. callmedave says:

      I have enjoyed Bruce Fummey’s ‘you tube’ Scottish History videos over the last couple of days. There are a lot to see.

      Give them a look if you can. They certainly added to the things I knew and are most entertaining.

      Knocks Neil Oliver into a cocked hat.

      A couple to get you started.

    69. Breeks says:

      Another stunning link I came across from Barrheadboy’s Twitter feed… (Actually someone called Traquir).

      To save you reading, the gist of it is, Bonnie Prince Charlie actually repealed the Union in 1745, in the name of his father, King James VIII, and forgave all acts of t(reason) against the rightful King.

      It looks a bit difficult to read, but not so bad if you remember an ‘f’ is the old way to write ‘s’. Hence a ‘caftle’ is a castle etc. Then, it is all quite legible and easy to follow.

      As Traquir says, this is more Scottish History suppressed and kept from the Scottish people, and the consequences and ramifications could be profound beyond measure. Just imagine, if you accept Charles Stewart, who was after all the rightful heir to the Scottish throne, repealed the UK Union in 1745, the United Kingdom didn’t last 40 years…

      It seems Scotland itself was one more casualty on the field of Culloden… our liberty and justice died beside our Highlanders.

      And yet, if the Union was repealed lawfully in 1745… then wow! That’s top drawer constitutional dynamite.

      A Jacobite “rebellion” eh? Time to rewrite those history books…

    70. Breeks says:

      There’s the Twitter link… I don’t want to be discourteous…

    71. Breeks says:

      callmedave says:
      31 August, 2020 at 7:37 pm
      I have enjoyed Bruce Fummey’s ‘you tube’ Scottish History videos over the last couple of days. There are a lot to see….

      You’re right callmedave, Bruce Fummey’s stuff is excellent and should be on our TV’s all the time.

    72. robbo says:

      Aye just read that one Breeks re

      Oh they damm schools of of ours.

      Most of the OO would actually puke buckets if this were spread to their faithful.

      I hope no one does eh- lol

    73. leither says:

      @callmedave & @Breeks

      the one thing bruce needs is patreons

      he presently has 15 🙁

    74. Capella says:

      @ callmedave I’ve watched Bruce Fummey’s history videos and agree – they are great. He’s up for making new ones on requesst too.

      @ Breeks – that’s great news about the Treaty of Union being legally repealed by Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745. So it’s all over after all. When do we set off the fireworks and get the party started? (Keeping social distancing of course).
      What about making St Andrews Night a night to remember?

    75. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      The sad thing like this is that thick-as-mince, middle-class careerist, jack-of-no-trades fools like Yousaf think they are fit to hold office of any kind. They couldn’t even spell ‘joined-up thinking.’

    76. callmedave says:


      Thanks for the link:
      I’m patron 16 now. 🙂

    77. Effijy says:

      Douglas Ross True Tory Liar!

      He could barely run a line at the football never mind a sovereign nation.

    78. James Che. says:

      OT and one to watch carefull, idox to run our elections or referendums in future are an English based firm contracted to all councils in Scotland to count postal votes (yep same one as Ruthie interfered with before the election was over)
      One off the people embedded in this company is Dominic Cummings sister, besides someone called mr Lilly.
      Why should the counting decision or referendum votes in Scotland on Scotland’s independence be counted in England,
      Pirates stealing Scottish votes maybe.

    79. robertknight says:

      Stephen at 3:32 pm (+Oneliner)

      “And despite all this riding high in the polls? It would be good if the posts went beyond negativity and explained why this is”.

      Allow me to explain Stephen…

      Boris in #10, hard-Brexit on the horizon, Sturgeon blowing cold on IndyRef2, easy ride from the Yoon press… rinse and repeat.

    80. CameronB Brodie says:

      Again, I probably appear way off-message, but not all queer theory is totally bonkers. That still doesn’t mean that it is physically possible to change sex. If the Scottish government is not aware of this, then who will protect Scotland’s civic society from expansionist and authoritarian English/British nationalism?

      Questions of embodied difference: Film and queer phenomenology

      A phenomenological description of the cinematic situation considers the film as a lived body. Just as the human lived body forms the basis for intentionality, perception, expression and action in the world, the film’s body – its technological and instrumental dimension – forms the basis for the films perceptual and expressive engagement with the world. Technological methods and processes thus correlate with modalities of thought and consciousness.[1]

      We do not ‘lose ourselves’ in the film, so much as we exist – emerge, really – in the contact between our body and the film’s body. It is not a matter of simply identifying with the characters on screen, or with the body of the director or camera operator, for example. Rather, we are in a relationship of intimate, tactile, reversible contact with the film’s body – a complex relationship that is marked as often by tension as by alignment, by repulsion as often as by attraction.[2]

      Phenomenology can offer a resource for queer studies insofar as it emphasises the importance of lived experience, the intentionality of consciousness, the significance of nearness or what is ready-to-hand, and the role of repeated and habitual actions in shaping bodies and worlds.[3]

    81. Lynne says:

      @James Che.

      That company is nothing to do with Cummings.

    82. James Che. says:

      Lynne, just acquired the information from in-d- car Gordon Ross,

    83. Lothianlad says:

      Breeks….re Culloden.

      Yes breeks Charkes Stewart repealed the act of union after the jocobites took Edinburgh.

      Scottish history must Not be suppressed any more.
      It’s a damn sin the SNP government is not promoting Scottish history, the true history of our nation as they should.

      Back to culloden. Having done extensive research on the risings, the battle of culliden was not as one sided as many people might suppose.

      Yes, disastrous decisions, lack of leadership, and bad luck also led to defeat.

      However one of the saddest and angry accounts I read, was that when the Stewart’s of Appin, attacked barrels infantry of foot, they did massive damage to the hanovarian rank.
      Cutting into them 3 deep, the advance was stopped only by one of Cumberland ‘Scottish” regiments. Those words still haunt me every time I read it.

      Hundreds of government troops fell mainly from that attack. Leaving the british to rewrite the history books in their favour.

      Culloden was the only battle the Highlanders lost. The consequences dreadful.

      Had they been led by William Wallace, or someone remotely like him…. well, we would indeed be free!!

    84. Kenny says:

      It is indeed true that Charlie repealed the Act of Union after they took Edinburgh.

      I have often heard the English say they have not been invaded by a foreign country since 1066. That is not true. In 1745, Scotland was independent and invaded England at the end of the year (whether wrongly or rightly is a separate matter).

    85. Kenny says:

      Personally, I am very suspicious of all the shenanigans with electoral companies, postal votes being opened by politicians financed by foreign countries…

      In my mind, the best thing for Scotland to do is for the Yes movement or AUOB (not the SNP) to start gathering a register of declarations of independence. Rather like the post-war collection of signatures for home rule.

      Scotland’s sovereignty belongs to the people. So start collecting a register of names who say they want independence. To my mind, that is only fair, even though it is very tedious (what if people change their mind back and forward)?

      I believe this could be done with a mixture of old fashioned written registers and new blockchain technology. In this way, it will be completely refutable, there can be no shenanigans and, most importantly, fully in line with Scotland’s ancient constitution dating from 1320.

      I do not understand a referendum at all. It is just a snapshot of a certain time and hardly democratic. Even for unionists. Say something happens to suddenly send the Yes vote surging (like BJ saying he hopes all Scottish pensioners die of the cold). A vote for Yes happens. Then it turns out it was some Russian hackers who put out a video (I know, they get everywhere!)… The pensioners are then feart of losing their pensions after Labour has been hitting the phones, want a No vote now…

      What I mean is, it cannot be a snapshot on a good day. This has to be a slow process, only not “Nicola Sturgeon slow” (as in going into reverse). So a register is the best way to do it. That way, we will know how many we still need to convince and not have to trust “polls”.

    86. Beaker says:

      @Lothianlad says:
      31 August, 2020 at 10:08 pm
      “Had they been led by William Wallace, or someone remotely like him…. well, we would indeed be free!!”

      Erm, without decrying his leadership skills, Wallace lost the Battle of Falkirk. He wasn’t really a battlefield tactician, despite what is depicted in Braveheart.

      If you want a more recent comparison, the French resistance, of the communist variety, decided to attack the town of Tulle in 1944, with similar consequences in the end. The main leader was Jean-Jacques Chapou who’d had previous success, only to be found wanting in battlefield tactics.

      A leader in the mould of James IV would be better, if you ignore his big mistake at Flodden.

    87. Kenny says:

      Other interesting snippet of historical information.

      In 1713, only six years after signing the Treaty of Union, every Scottish member who had signed the Treaty voted for its repeal.

      The Scottish politicians introduced a bill of termination in the Lords, but the bill was defeated… by just FOUR votes!

    88. Breeks says:

      I’m helluva curious now about how the Treaty of Union survived being repealed in a legal sense.

      Was it a failure to secure International recognition? Some legal technicality? How does a bilateral treaty legally survive being repealed by one of it’s co-signatories? What, if anything, made it unlawful? What shameful convention was invented to circumvent this truth?

      I know the reality is bound up in Charles Stewart’s defeat, and a British Empire’s rabid colonialism, but the Treaty of Union should not have survived.

      Jeezo, I get so angry that I don’t know this stuff, and that our whole Nation is anaesthetised and paralysed by it’s lack of knowledge about Scottish history. They’ve really done a number on us for decade after decade.

    89. Beaker says:

      @Kenny says:
      31 August, 2020 at 10:31 pm
      “Scotland’s sovereignty belongs to the people. So start collecting a register of names who say they want independence.
      I believe this could be done with a mixture of old fashioned written registers and new blockchain technology.”

      Your idea is fine, but the practicalities are immense.

      Your two biggest hurdles are cost and data protection.

      Blockchain is still expensive, so that leaves you to rely on cloud based systems, which are peanuts. However, you will be legally required to have effective data protection in place. It can be an expensive exercise if you breach GDPR, even accidently.

      A written register would be an absolute fucking nightmare, given the expected number of people who would sign such a register. And you would still need to conform to GDPR.

      I’m speaking from experience having worked with high volume data collection systems for 30 years.

      Read up on GDPR, then I’d suggest a petition… 🙂

    90. ben madigan says:

      @ Kenny who mentioned a “register”

      You and others might be interested in this initiative. In my view it deserves widespread support. They’ve also got a great song to the tune of “Way to amarillo”, but I can’t find a link. Maybe someone else can!

    91. Capella says:

      @ Breeks – I guess that, since the Westminster parliament had deposed James VII they wouldn’t recognise any edict issued on behalf of James VIII by Bonnie Prince Charlie. England deposed its monarch but Scotland did not. The Jacobites did not recognise the Hanoverian Georges as monarchs.

      The battle of Culloden and military occupation of Scotland for the next 50 years suppressed any historical memory. Tartan was banned, speaking Gaelic was banned, the people were cleared from the land, estates confiscated and new owners installed etc.

      But we can recover our history – as Bruce Fummey is doing.

    92. Effijy says:

      The link to the Indy walkers only works if you subscribe to the National?
      That must limit the number who can sign up with them.

      My congratulations to new Tory Leader against Scotland Douglas Ross.
      He has broken the record by loosing all credibility in less than 4 weeks of taking the job on.

      Out of the game before the coin is tossed.

      Is he the Tosser at the Football matches?

    93. ben madigan says:

      @ Effijy who says:
      “The link to the Indy walkers only works if you subscribe to the National?”
      I don’t know anything about that Effijy.I searched for them and the National article came up. I had no prob accessing it.

      I heard about the walks a couple of weeks ago but can’t find the original link or name of the group. The Covenant is associated with the walkers so as to collect signatures.Their target is over 2 million.

    94. leither says:

      callmedave says:

      Thanks for the link:
      I’m patron 16 now. ?

      aye i saw that 🙂

      i predict bruce will become a big player in the near future, i’ve been plugging him for decades now.

      he’s brilliant

    95. Stan Broadwood says:

      The little bastard who resides in Bute House will need removed before anything can happen.

      Sturgeon is the dead weight holding Scotland back.

    96. defo says:

      Tsk tsk
      Yon’s hate speak Stan.
      Humza’s gonna get ye.

    97. Stan Broadwood says:


      It would only be seen as hate speech if you were a mad mental Sturgeonista.

      Are you a mad mental Sturgeonista Defo???

    98. Observer says:

      I thought somebody here might have noticed the GRA Bill has been shelved

    99. Stan Broadwood says:

      Once Sturgeon steps aside, Scotland can move forward as one.

    100. crazycat says:

      re Idox:

      In 2014, they were not “counting the postal votes”.

      They were validating the signatures by comparing them with the official records created when the postal votes were applied for.

      That process is of course open to abuse, but all counting, whether of turnout or of the votes themselves, was conducted by council staff and overseen by scrutineers.

      Has that changed since?

    101. twathater says:

      People here talking about petitions I ask everyone to check out THE DIGITAL COVENANT

      It gives ALL the information on their aims and ambitions, that if WE get 2.5 million signatures of people who want independence in Scotland then there is NO requirement for a referendum

    102. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m afraid I can’t answer that, though I still appear more capable of supporting justice than the Justice Minister. That’s terrible.

      Philosphy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine. 2011
      Body Awareness: a phenomenological inquiry into the common ground of mind-body therapies


      Enhancing body awareness has been described as a key element or a mechanism of action for therapeutic approaches often categorized as mind-body approaches, such as yoga, TaiChi, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Body Awareness Therapy, mindfulness based therapies/meditation, Feldenkrais, Alexander Method, Breath Therapy and others with reported benefits for a variety of health conditions.

      To better understand the conceptualization of body awareness in mind-body therapies, leading practitioners and teaching faculty of these approaches were invited as well as their patients to participate in focus groups. The qualitative analysis of these focus groups with representative practitioners of body awareness practices, and the perspectives of their patients, elucidated the common ground of their understanding of body awareness.

      For them body awareness is an inseparable aspect of embodied self awareness realized in action and interaction with the environment and world. It is the awareness of embodiment as an innate tendency of our organism for emergent self-organization and wholeness. The process that patients undergo in these therapies was seen as a progression towards greater unity between body and self, very similar to the conceptualization of embodiment as dialectic of body and self described by some philosophers as being experienced in distinct developmental levels.

    103. twathater says:

      Also on yatube their is another excellent site called TWA AULD HEIDS who have had video interviews with Kenny MacAskill, Mark Hirst, Chris McEleny very enlightening take a gander

    104. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think I may have just triggered a word-filter. There’s a post in moderation describing a phenomenological inquiry into the common ground of mind-body therapies, i.e. therapies that attempt an holistic approach to patients as cognitive, biological, agents who poses embodied AGENCY.

    105. CameronB Brodie says:

      Hopefully that post will clear moderation, as I’m trying to help defend justice in Scotland.


    106. twathater says:

      From twitter FOW from a times article

      The Times: Scottish independence vote is not imminent, SNP ministers tell court.

    107. Oneliner says:

      @Stan Broadwood

      I’m no Sturgeonista. I disagree with your evaluation.

      ‘Little bastard’ goes beyond pejorative and is an emotional value judgement straight out of the hate drawer.

      How about some constructive posts?

      What do you think of Ruth Davidson’s appointment as interim leader of the opposition at Holyrood?

      Do you think Richard Leonard is out of his depth?

      Do you know the whereabouts of Walter Jones or Jimmy Jo?

    108. Ottomanboi says:

      Vote for parties supporting it. They get a majority. End o auld sang!
      Couldn’t/shouldn’t be simpler.
      Refs, who needs them.
      Except time wasters….or double agents?

    109. Effijy says:

      Gathering 2 million signatures in Scotland would be
      A near impossible task.

      The elderly in the main don’t use electronic signatures and they
      Are terrified by the lie that there wouldn’t be a pension for them in
      An independent Scotland.

      We have kids under 16 that we can’t count in.

      The only way 2 million could be achieved is to seek the English
      Voter who fell for the “we subsidise Scotland” crap.

    110. Famous15 says:

      The Stan Broadwoods of this world are pure mental man!

      In simple competence terms try comparing Yousaf,Sturgeon and Swinney with the likes of the murdeous racist Winston Churchill,the financial genius Alex Douglas Home or Gove the Governor General and on the Labour side Neil Kinnock,Tony Blair and the cringingly absurdly stupid members of Labour’s Scottish contingent in Holyrood. Douglas Toss,the Moray hero and bully is just another rubbish Unionist control freak.

      To mis quote oor Nicola “ Ross is just another shouty wee Unionist shunt”

      Independence is normal and very desirable now!

    111. Famous15 says:

      Sorry spell check for Toss read Ross!

    112. mike cassidy says:

      I wonder who leaked this to the Times

      Scottish independence vote is not imminent, SNP ministers tell court

    113. Breeks says:


      Here we go again.

      We stand on the brink of our Brexit subjugation being complete, and what does the SNP telegraph to Boris Johnson in Downing St? “Gaun’ yersel Boris, and don’t worry about Scotland doing a single thing about it in protest. Just so you know, we’ve an active plan to do absolutely nothing”.

      It’s just a repeat of Sturgeon telling Theresa May to “Gaun’ yersel Theresa, and don’t worry about IndyRef2 because that won’t happen until I know the final details of Brexit. Just so you know, we’ve an active plan to do absolutely nothing.“

      It’s flat red lights and caustic rebuke for any initiative coming from Scotland’s Independence supporters, but green lights and capitulations galore for whatever Westminster wants to do, courtesy of Team Sturgeon.

      I don’t know what Martin Keatings can achieve for us in a Constitutional sense, but he’s surely doing a fine job exposing the wretches in Holyrood for the charlatans they are. Lead us to Independence? They can’t even conduct a negotiation without a capitulation in the first paragraph, and yet the audience cheers at the worthy leadership and greatness of Nicola Sturgeon as a strategist.

      All those happy to drink the SNP Kool-Aid? Before you get carried away, you do that drinking the Kool-Aid is a reference to the Jimmy Jones mass suicide in Jonestown Guyana, when his cult followers all drank the Kool-Aid that was laced with cyanide? Just thought I’d point that out.

      Are we Scots uniquely stupid? Are we for so long starved and unfamiliar with good leadership that we cannot recognise the distinction when it’s utterly craven and dismal?

      Please tell me, how the struggle for Scottish Independence is advanced by curling up into a ball and allowing Brexit to wash over us without so much as a stone thrown in protest? Is that the lesson our politicians learned from Culloden? They won’t shoot at us if we give in first?

      The only shrewd decision Sturgeon has made is shutting down SNP Conferences and heading off internal rebellion to unseat her. You can’t have Conference, Indy Campaign, IndyRef, or AUOB because of… (checks notes, scores out Brexit) …COVID-19, but in the meantime, here’s the Team of Woke Allstars and crank legislation we’re putting together for next years benediction Election.

      Apparently that’s “great leadership” in Scotland. In other places around the world, it’s called “taking the piss“.

    114. auld highlander says:

      Hey Deadwood,

      How many name changes have you had in the past year.

      How long are you going to keep your present nom de plume before you slither off under your little stone and emerge again with your new name and repeat your endless torrent of hateful bile.

      Yer like an old scratched record repeating the same pish again and again and again…….

    115. Margaret E says:

      Breeks 8.27
      I absolutely agree with every word. I am in despair – it’s not too strong a word. I have mentioned once before the disappearance of the kingdom of Aragona. It’s now happening to Scotland – the obliteration of a sovereign state and its fully-fledged re-appearance as a region(infrastructure in place and rolled out in plain view, personnel also in place and already working). I cannot understand why the Scottish people are blindly accepting this. And that is why I despair. As an OAP, there is not much that I can do physically, except to donate as much of my relatively meagre resources to those who have taken up the struggle for us. I have signed the digital covenant. What else can I do?

    116. Bob Mack says:


      Clearly a referendum is not in the plans of the SNP.

      More interestingly was the objection claiming only MSPs could decide on referendums. That categorically shows that this statement coming as it did from the Lord Advocate,those in Holyrood do not accept the sovereignty of the people despite the fact it is the cornerstone of our rights as Scots.

      I think we should be taking note.

    117. Sharny Dubs says:

      Breeks @8:57.
      As Jordan Peterson (among many others) have pointed out, you cannot negotiate if you are not able to say no and walk away from the table.
      The SNP are not able or willing to say no, BoJo knows that, WM know that, the Tory’s et all know that.
      They are as useless as the tits on a boar.

    118. Muscleguy says:

      @ Stan Broadwood at 10:10 am
      I’m exactly the same. I have joined the ISP in thanks for giving at least someone I can vote for. I was facing the prospect of having to spoil both my ballots in protest.

      If the Hate Crime Bill passes with an un-amended Section 2 then I will be forced to shutter my Twitter account. I’m out as a Gender Realist Scientist. I own my own home but am on UC so I don’t qualify for legal aid if I was prosecuted under the act. It would bankrupt me and make me homeless (assuming I was not held at her majesty’s pleasure as a result).

      My account has gained me recognition amongst women fighting the good fight against all this gender nonsense. I feel honour bound to continue as long as I can. At least I will join an awful lot of women forced off twitter by the TRA’s and their cheerleaders like the SNP twitler youth. I will not go quietly.

    119. mike cassidy says:

      Going back to the subject of the article

      This is a genderwoowoo beauty.

      You wont be surprised to learn ‘neutrois’ is just word salad

    120. Colin Alexander says:

      It’s snouts in the trough time again.

      SNP v Labour or Tories is not Indy v Imperials at Holyrood.

      It’s which flavour of Unionist colonial administrator do you want?

      Independence via Holyrood from the Imelda Marcos Sturgeon colonial regime?

      Nae chance.

    121. Graf Midgehunter says:

      From the Times article:

      “There is tension within the SNP over the approach to a second referendum. Nicola Sturgeon has said that a commitment will be in the party’s manifesto, which she says will secure a mandate if the nationalists return a majority of MSPs. Polls suggest that at present such a scenario is likely.”

      Maybe I’m not quite up-to-date with the mandate hit parade, but will this one be the eighth, ninth or tenth?

      I’ve just gotten my yearly reminder from Keith Brown to renew my membership:

      “…95 per cent of our total income coming from voluntary contributions like yours.”

      I’m not paying for mandates, I’m paying for someone to represent my wish for Independence and to do everything possible to attain it.
      Breeks, Robert Louis and others think the same as I do.

      Whether I stump up the 25 quid + fees (Euros to GBP) or not, is for the first time very uncertain.

    122. kapelmeister says:

      Famous15 @8:44 am

      “…oor Nicola.. ”

      That’s so 2015.

    123. Effijy says:

      It seems to be established that the SNP are going for
      Yet another mandate hoping for a large majority of votes/seats
      at next years Holyrood elections.

      I expect that we will be forced to vote for them in hope of it being
      The shortest route to independence but we for sure require a list
      Independence Party to put pressure on them.

      It really needs to be one united list party not to dilute the number of seats.

      My fear, and possibly Alex Salmond’s fear, that if news broke that Nicola had
      abused her powers we would lose much of our momentum?

      Another fear of course is the Corona Virus is still with us so we can’t hold a referendum.
      This could never hold water if we just had Holyrood elections.

      When independence does come we would really need new politicians and new parties
      To form our new country.

      Perhaps a real Scottish Broadcaster could help us identify individuals who think
      The Hate Crime and GRA. bills are a priority placed before building our economy.

    124. Breeks says:

      Effijy says:
      1 September, 2020 at 10:32 am

      …Another fear of course is the Corona Virus is still with us so we can’t hold a referendum.
      This could never hold water if we just had Holyrood elections.

      But if we cannot have a referendum campaign or referendum because of Covid, then all things being equal, how can we have an Election Campaign or an election?

      If the SNP can have their Wokists stitching up big hitter like Joanna Cherry, while putting themselves forward as candidates, why is it they can’t they campaign for Independence? It’s bullshit, and they’re using Covid as a smokescreen.

      The SNP are taking us for mugs. They don’t give a flying fk in a hailstorm about Independence. Their No.1 priority is getting a cushy job for themselves and their pals at Holyrood next summer, and they’ll merrily exploit our genuine desire for actual Independence as their meal ticket.

    125. Nelson says:

      To use the language that is punted by the blogmaster: Speak about a bunch of fucking pussies who couldn’t hold their own in a fucking tulip fight.

    126. Effijy says:

      I see that Boris and Dominique have chosen Simon Case
      To be the Head of the UK Civil Sevice.

      He is yet another member of the Cambridge Cabal that works to ensure
      greater wealth for the filthy rich.

      You might be interested to know that the thesis he submitted was titled
      The Joint Intelligence Committee and the German Question.

      From what I can see he dissected the methods used by the intelligence services to
      Monitor and influence the Russian presence in Germany after the war and of course
      Interfere in the new German states about to be formed.

      Is this a recognised skill that is required knowing that Scotland is leaving England and
      Can they influence the EU with spy’s and corruption.?

      Aged 41 this is a very unusual appointment for this kind of skill set.

      You can bet your life the English secret services will have cart Blanche to frame, discredit, bribe or
      Kill if necessary to influence Scotland’s future and ensure the billionaires continue to flourish.

    127. Polly says:

      @ leither

      ‘2. Mps can stand for holyrood but only in unionist held seats.’

      What do you mean? Neil Gray MP intends to stand for the Alex Neil MSP seat since he’s stepping down. What rule are you quoting?

      Neil Gray’s decision to stand has been greeted with acclaim by some in leadership I note, very different to response to some others. Though I think I remember controversy about Neil Gray’s time in being elected MP too not only Craig Murray was concerned but a councillor/s stood down. Some seemed to feel he was being forced on local members then. He obviously has high command backing.

    128. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I thought somebody here might have noticed the GRA Bill has been shelved”

      If you believe that I imagine you also think wrestling is a real sport.

    129. CameronB Brodie says:

      The SNP a party of independence? Not with the NEC filled with anti-democratic science deniers and fans of legal parochialism. The SNP appears to be morphing into a friend of fascism. Just like all the other British nationalist parties.

    130. Lothianlad says:

      Beaker 1008

      OH DO FUCK OFF!!!

      Saying William Wallace wasnt a good battle field tactician is like saying you are a good political analysis.

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