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Fears For Souvenirs

Posted on July 26, 2023 by

Allow us to present Exhibit C, if you know what we’re saying.

Won’t someone rid them of this turbulent priest once and for all?

Alert readers will recall that a couple of days ago we noted the terror visibly gripping the Unionist establishment at the resurgence once more of their bete noir of decades past, Alex Salmond. And nobody symbolises it better than Kenny Farquharson of The Times, who’s spent the last few months relaxing in dreamy fantasies about the imminent return of a Labour government in London and – dare he even dream it? – Edinburgh, and with it the safe and cosy days of harmless devolution.

But the increasingly regular reappearance on the airwaves of the former First Minister has put poor Farqsy in a fair old flap.

It’s worth taking a moment to look at that last paragraph, and in particular the scarequotes around “filming commitments” in relation to the Brian Cox story. Several of Scotland’s most conspicuously Salmond-averse hacks have leapt with undisguised glee on the Succession star pulling out of “The Ayes Have It” and made a big deal out of it, all of them using the same scarequotes.

(We’re deeply disappointed on a purely journalistic/artistic level to report that none of them led with “Cox Out”.)

The actor was only due to appear on one night of the two-week run, but was left with no choice after the BBC made a late change to his filming dates. (Conspiracy theorists, please form an orderly queue.) But he’ll still be appearing in digital form, having recorded a special video for the show’s introduction instead, so the implication that he was in some way disassociating himself is plainly nonsense.

Indeed, Salmond pointed out that the actor’s presence will now grace the full run:

“Brian is heartbroken not to be able to spend a night in the big chair. In fact he once played Commons Speaker Michael Martin and was looking forward to reprising the role. His filming commitments were simply switched by the Beeb at the last minute.

Most mainstream media in Scotland wouldn’t recognise a real story if it slapped them in the face. The joke is thanks to their silly claims Logan Roy will now appear every night instead of Brian for one night. Nothing will disappoint the unionist press more than to see The Ayes Have It become a Festival hit this year.”

Farquharson is so palpably discomfited by that prospect that he moves on to trying to scare away the SNP’s Kate Forbes, one of many other high-profile participants in the show. Indeed, so panicked is he that he flirts – for the second time – with the serious imprisonable crime of jigsaw identification by publishing personal details of the false complainers in Salmond’s trial:

And he ploughs on, imploring Forbes to have a change of heart.

The real reason is transparent – Farquharson was clearly delighted with Yousaf’s complete and abject surrender on independence, and in the light of a potential challenge to his role he doesn’t want any likely replacement backsliding on it.

So with all this in mind, Wings is delighted to offer readers another chance to see the opening night for free (congratulations to previous winner Neil Elphinstone, btw), because anything Kenny Farquaharson, Tom Gordon and Paul Hutcheon don’t want you to see has to be a worthwhile evening out, right?

The first debate will be on independence, and teaming up with Alex Salmond to present the case in favour will be a current Westminster MP. Guess their identity correctly and you’ll be in the draw for you and a chum to be off to the Spiegeltent on Edinburgh’s famous George Square on 4 August to hobnob with the hoi polloi.

(Please be sure to check whatever email address you comment with, as that’s where the winners’ notification will be sent.)

And if we’re sure of anything in this world, it’s that Kenny, Tom and Paul will all be sat there alongside you, so if you win, do tell them “Hi” from us.

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0 to “Fears For Souvenirs”

  1. duncanio says:

    You can smell the fear.

  2. Calum says:

    Neale Hanvey.

  3. Peter Duncan says:

    Joanne Cherry?

  4. Rab Dickson says:

    David Davis

  5. duncanio says:

    “In 2019 he was charged with multiple sexual offences against women including a number of SNP politicians and Scottish government officials”.

    Putting this last piece of information together with other source material I can now identify those women to which the article refers.

    Thanks Kenny.

  6. Ruglonian says:

    I’m guessing it won’t be a party MP, and given that personal promotion isn’t Margaret Ferrier’s style I’m opting for the independent MP Angus MacNeil

  7. Alison says:

    I read that last sentence as “If we’re sure of anything in this world, it’s that Kenny, Tom and Paul will be there alongside you, so if you win, do tell them “H” from us.”
    Odd how often the MSM seek to remind us of the existence of Chief Perjurer.

  8. Dickie Tea says:

    Angus Brendan MacNeil

  9. Sven says:

    “I thought Yousaf was admirably bold in the leadership election”, thus says Mr Farquaharson.
    To be honest, in view of the flagrant breach(es) of the SNP’s own electoral rules I felt that it was much bolder of Mr Yousaf to accept an unlawfully achieved Party position as Leader.
    A position which continues to expose his many inadequacies for high public office in my view.
    “Uneasy lies the head which wears a crown”.

  10. MajorBloodnok says:

    Dickie Davies?

  11. A Murison says:

    It will be Joanna Cherry

  12. Frank Waring says:

    Kenny MacAskill (he’s sat at my kitchen table!).

  13. Brotyboy says:

    Booked tickets for the 4th August some time ago. Alba members will also be aware that Alex has asked members to send him a copy of their ticket receipt to enter a draw to have dinner with the cast, I think on each night.

  14. PhilM says:

    This one’s easy…step forward…Angus Brendan MacNeil MP.

  15. alan scott says:

    Jacob Rees Mogg

  16. Johnny says:

    Angus McNeil.

  17. Black Joan says:

    David Davis

  18. Stephen Tait says:

    Dave Davis

  19. Iain Hamilton says:

    David Davis.

  20. Mairi says:

    David Davis

  21. Lee Dailly says:

    Joanna Cherry

  22. Geri says:

    Angus MacNeil?

    Farquharson would shit a brick if you made a guest appearance. Any chance of it happening? We’ll chip in & buy you a cone lol

    We know when these eejits start frothing at their keyboards that we’re on the right track.

  23. duncanio says:

    Joanna Cherry will be on the Independence side.

  24. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Bojo…!!?? 🙂

  25. Jenny Reilly says:

    Angus MacNeil

  26. Stuart Insh says:

    David Davis

  27. Beauvais says:

    It has to be Pete Wishart. He’s so committed to independence and a bit fan of Eck.

  28. Beauvais says:

    big fan

  29. ScottieDog says:

    Yes it appears contempt doesn’t apply to establishment journalists.
    I see the imperial pudding, Blair Macdougall is looking for a spot on the gravy train. Excess baggage charge applies..

  30. marion Collins says:

    Angus McNeil

  31. Andrew F says:

    Not really “off-topic” if you’re paying attention to the much, much bigger picture:

  32. Moreida Lord says:

    Angus Brendan MacNeil MP

  33. Cringe says:

    David Davis

    Brian cox would be a better dinner guest than say, Ken Stott.

  34. ScotsRenewables says:

    Angus Brendan Macneil

  35. ghostly606 says:

    Joanna Cherry?

  36. John Main says:

    @Sven says:26 July, 2023 at 11:57 am

    Seconded, thirded and fourthed.

    Now Yousaf is First Minister in his own right

    Naw, he’s nae.

    Dare we dream that Forbes might have finally decided to say something along the lines of “See that election? It was an utter fraud, so it was. So Yousaf is no First Minister at all”.

  37. 1971Thistle says:

    Kenny F is the worst of the worst

  38. Graeme Hampton says:

    Aye Kenny has always struck me as a bit of a C but to the matter in hand.

    Its probably a small list of possibles so I’m going to go for a real wild card and say Jeremy Corbyn.

  39. Goatsdontsave says:

    Joanna Cherry

  40. Johnlm says:

    I’m never lucky in competitions.
    I’ll guess Ian Murray.

  41. Northcode says:

    (We’re deeply disappointed on a purely journalistic/artistic level to report that none of them led with “Cox Out”.)

    Was it wrong of me to laugh out loud? I don’t know, but now I have a plethora of potential headlines in the same vein running through my head.

  42. MuttersUWS says:

    Angus Brendan MacNeil?

  43. llornamac says:

    Kenny MacAskill 🙂

  44. Iain Hamilton says:

    The fear is demonstrated beautifully in the ratio of +ve and -ve replies to this tweet. When I looked at it (it may have evolved a bit) every reply bar one was from yoons. One reply from an indy supporter had seven replies to it from yoons.

  45. Jeannie the Vth says:

    Margaret Ferrier

  46. David Hannah says:

    It’s no surprise that the business community and the Independence movement are gravitating towards Alex Salmond as leader, the former First Minister of Scotland. He’s Scotland’s true statesman capable of real poltical and social change. He has the ideas for an Independent Scotland that we desire and policies that matter to the sma’ folk of Scotland.

    God bless big Eck.

  47. Billy Carlin says:

    Andrew F 12:29pm

    Yep you have just got to look at all of the organisations behind that Open For Business. LGBT+ etc – the same BANKING etc organisations that fund The Green Movement, Just Stop Oil, Climate Change/Global Warming, BLM etc SCAMS. LGBT, BLM etc are all registered as Private Corporations on Dun & Bradstreet and are being traded on the New York Stock Exchange for PROFIT just like the UN, EU, WHO and all of our Countries, Governments, Parliaments, Political Parties, Politicians, Councils, Courts, Police, Health Service, Hospitals etc are as well hence why they are all working to the exact same agenda as well – that IS the bigger picture.

  48. David Beveridge says:

    “…he was charged with multiple sexual offences against women…”

    Interesting choice of phrase. You’d think “cleared of” would’ve been better. Mind you, poor Kenny still hasn’t got over wasting all that time on the reams of copy he no doubt produced in drooling anticipation of a guilty verdict.

    “…like a bad smell…” Seriously, Kenny – just GTF.

  49. Neil Elphinstone says:

    I’m not letting the fact that I won the first draw put me off entering this one! With that in mind, I choose Patrick Grady……..:-)

  50. David Hannah says:

    Sir Kier Starmer has dropped gender self ID and has defined a woman as an adult human female.

    Now the SNP and Scottish Labour look like right pricks don’t they?

  51. David Searil says:

    Kenny MacAskill?

  52. David Hannah says:

    We know that Scottish Labour will have all their policies made in London. They are idiots.

    Time to ramp up the pressure on Scottish Labour.

    They are an absolute joke of a party, since Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale.

    Even their stalwart Jackie Baillie backed that Gender Self ID.

    She must be feeling like a right prick today?

    Scotland will take no lectures from the branch office. That’s for sure.

  53. stuart mctavish says:

    Top three might be taken but, since the will is clearly still there, how about chairman of the (much better) ways and means, Eleanor Laing.

  54. John Main says:

    Off topic, sorry.

    Excess deaths are rocketing all around the world.

    “UK excess deaths in 2023 have risen to levels commensurate with 2020 alpha variant deaths during the height of the pandemic, but the [ … ] 2023 excess is not due to Covid. Most concerning is the death toll in the 15-44 age group which exceeds 2020 and prior years, an age group which was mostly mildly affected by Covid.”

    Correlation is not causation as we know. But still, world-wide, mandatory injection with experimental, untested vaccines?

    Got to be worth a wee look.

  55. John Main says:

    @David Hannah says:26 July, 2023 at 1:44 pm

    Now the SNP and Scottish Labour look like right pricks don’t they?

    Language, David!

    Let me rephrase it for you.

    “Now the SNP and Scottish Labour look like right-on transwomen don’t they?”

    Now isn’t that better.

  56. Carol Jardine says:

    Neale Hanvey?

  57. Dick Wall says:

    Please tell me what is wrong with a “sustained settled will”.

    A significant constitutional change on a 50% plus 1 single vote feels wrong.

  58. Sven says:

    David Hannah @ 13.44
    As far as I’m concerned they required no assistance from Keir “Blowin’ in the Wind” Starmer to look like that … they achieve it as self made men/women/whatevers.

  59. Brian Fleming says:

    Farquarson’s like an snnoying floating turd that won’t flush away. He has the gall to talk of AS’s presence lingering like a “bad smell”. How’s that for projection?

  60. ScotsRenewables says:

    Shock, horror – Starmer is better at reading the room than Sarwar. Not a very high bar!

  61. Captain Yossarian says:

    I suspect that all of you are wrong. Sir Iain Livingstone, Alex Salmond, David Davies, Brian Cox and all the rest of them are going to present to the audience at the Spiegel tent the findings of Operation Branchform and they say it is going be very, very funny.

  62. The+Honourable+Yona says:

    David Davis

  63. auld highlander says:

    The good Rev. Stuart Campbell.

  64. Andrew Sinclair says:

    Is it possible to make a citizens complaint about the suspicion of contempt of court having been committed? Send a letter to the Fiscal, the Lord Advocate and/or to the Chief Constable of Police Scotland? Asking for a friend…..

  65. Republicofscotland says:

    The only bad smell is the smell of Farquharson shitting himself that there might be change in the wind with regards to Salmond getting it across to Scots that dissolving the union is the best course of action, and that some of the once apathetic and self-serving politicians in Scotland, might find themselves drawn to his banner.

    Go on Alex.

  66. John Main says:

    @Dick Wall says:26 July, 2023 at 2:06 pm

    Maybes you will have better luck than me getting somebody to tell you WTF 50% plus 1 actually means.

    For starters, 50% of what?

    Have to say though, by leaving it ambiguous, it’s a perfect subject for endless bad-tempered wrangling on here.

    Maybes that’s all that matters.

  67. 100%Yes says:

    Was a SNP supporter for 33yrs joined the ISP and then Alba, all my life we have heard nothing but “Scot haven’t voted for the Tories since the 1950”. I totally despise the Tories, I have no idea why Salmond wanted to do a show like this, the tickets could have been free and I still wouldn’t go and watch the AYE’S have it.

    The Unionist every single day show us their in charge and why a nationalist would want anything to do with them is beyond me.

  68. Dave M says:

    Joanna Cherry?

  69. David Hannah says:

    George Folkes, Labour peer in the house of Lords says we’re not equal in the UK. That boils my blood.

    Time to smash the British State yesterday.

  70. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Without the slightest doubt, the “mystery” guest will be, David Davies.

  71. Chic McGregor says:

    @David Hannah

    Foulkes was a peer before he went into privileged home for the bewildered. (see Foulkes Zebedee)

  72. David Rodgers says:

    Neale Hanvey.

  73. Chic McGregor says:

    Blair was Tory plan B. They used him to pass things they would not get away with themselves e.g. Clause 28. When Thatcher was asked in an interview what her greatest political achievement was she replied “Tony Blair”.

    Still trying to figure if Starmer is Tory plan C?

    Have a look at this cut’n paste from the EveryDoctor NHS privatisation map.


    Starmer, Keir
    Starmer, Keir
    Holborn and St Pancras
    51.542952, -0.141479
    2020 (1)
    2020 (2)
    2021 (1)
    Martin Taylor. Hedge fund manager who established Crake Asset Management which has invested millions of pounds in United Health Care, Health Care Corporation of America and Elevance Healthcare – all private companies seeking to break into the UK healthcare “market”. Donation £95,000
    2021 (2)
    Trevor Chinn. Senior adviser to CVC Capital Partners which has extensive private healthcare and pharmaceutical/healthcare technology related investments. Donation £50,000
    2021 (3)
    2022 (1)
    John Armitage, Cofounder and chief investment officer of Egerton Capital, a hedge fund firm with $16 billion under management including $0.56 billion invested in United Health, a US based private healthcare provider that is trying to break into the UK “market”. Donation £12,500
    2022 (2)
    2022 (3)
    2023 (1)
    John Armitage. Cofounder and chief investment officer of Egerton Capital, a hedge fund firm with $16 billion under management including $0.56 billion invested in United Health, a US based private healthcare provider that is trying to break into the UK “market”. Donation £12,500


    Other prominent Labour MPs are, according to EveryDoctor, also in receipt of substantial donations from people with a vested interest in private health. Yvette Cooper and Wes Streeting to name but two.

    Doesn’t bode well for the survival of the NHS.

    I guess if none of this makes the MSM until after the next election, we’ll know the answer to the question.

  74. desimond says:

    Ian Murray?

    (I’m on holiday so deliberately throwing this one!…Im sure the winner will have a ball!)

  75. Robert Louis says:

    My goodness, they really, really are awfully feart. Scared of Alex Salmond. AND SO THEY SHOULD BE! Humza on the other hand, is seen by the unionistas as a useless bit of fluff – certainly not going to push for independence any day soon. Just how the England worshippers like it.

    The article by Kenny farqhharson is of course just yet another pro unionist piece of nonsense, masquerading as journalism. The whole article is designed to mislead.

    Their is more integrity and honour in Alex Salmond’s big toe, than could ever be found in the likes of Kenny the unionist. A tawdry wee man in my opinion, dancing to England’s tune.

    And then there is jigsaw identification. Off to saughton with him I say.

  76. AnneDon says:

    Angus Brendan McNeill

  77. Dave Llewellyn says:

    The lineup for 4th August is going to be brilliant. I got a ticket for night one and am looking forward to having the chance to have a wee word with Mr Speaker about an alleged event before Ian Vlackford took over as leader. ?

  78. Between Block and Follow says:

    I reckon Cherry too.

  79. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Philippa Whitford?

    She’s not the obvious choice like Kenny, Neale & Angus Brendan but she is standing down next year & she was supportive of Alex Salmond

    “Asked whether she would like to see the former First Minister come back into politics, she added: “Yes I would. It would be up to him where he should go.

    “I wouldn’t want to say where he should go. It might be neither [Holyrood or Westminster], he might have a different role, but I would like to see him back in frontline politics in Scotland.”

    Will Kenny, Tom and Paul takes seats or will they just slither about on the dirty carpet.

  80. Wee Chid says:

    Cox, the recipient of a gong from the British Establishment. Faux nationalist.

  81. Eric says:

    Michael Gove

  82. Craig says:

    I’m going to name Lord George Foulkes as the surprise guest.

    Please donate my ticket to the runner up Rev…Many Thanks.

  83. robbo says:


  84. George Ferguson says:

    Angus Brendan McNeill

  85. wull says:

    David Davis

  86. Kat I says:

    David Davis

  87. Terry Howson says:

    I have no doubt it will be Kenny, he is and was Alex’s right hand man, unbending allegiance to Independence and the”Gaffer”

  88. Derek says:

    Hadn’t made it that far through the Fringe brochure yes but had a look (listed under “Ayes Have It, The” in the index).

    The programme has it down as being at the Ashton Hall in Stockbridge, incidentally.

    John Bercow’s my guess; I know that both he and David Davis are among the guests.

  89. David Hannah says:

    Good to see Kevin Spacey accuited of all charges. Nine accounts of not guilty.

    There is nothing I hate more than seeing a good man’s name dragged through the dirt by conspirators and perjurers.

    We’ve seen it recently with Pascal Mendy of Manchester City. Johnny Depp. And of course Alex Salmond.

    It’s time for the male Me Too Movement.

    Fucking sick of it.

  90. David Hannah says:

    Time for the male Me Too Movement. The male, mental health movement. We need it in Scotland more than ever.

    We’ve had enough of this transgender bullshit, equal rights pish. What about the men, Me Too.

    Me Too.

  91. David Hannah says:

    No funding for the male men’s shed clubs. Because you’re not the right type of man according to this SNP. You’re not wearings a woman’s dress that’s all.

    Time for the male Me Too Movement. Hopefully Big Eck can be right at the front of it.

    God bless him.

  92. Tom says:

    Suella Braverman ..

  93. WingsOverFrance says:

    It’s going to be you Stu, isn’t it?

  94. Donald says:

    I think it’s the SNP that needs to shake off the baggage of Sturgeon and Yousaf.

    Or failing that, unionist supporters who need to shake off the baggage of the SNP.

  95. Contrary says:

    I’m sure I heard an interview on GMS a few weeks ago with Geoff Aberdein, commenting on SNP things. I only paid half-attention because of the name, Alex Salmond’s former Chief of Staff, the one that had a sudden change of job during the A.S. Whitewash inquiry, and sturgeon-lying inquiry, that meant he could not testify. Hmm, interesting I thought. Has he been allowed to go free because Sturgeon et al are already being investigated, or is it a coincidence his contract has ended, but that it could have precipitated a more nervous Sturgeon cabal, causing, say, resignations, and also maybe strengthens Alex Salmond’s political position because Geoff is available to testify or even speakout if asked? I was half asleep at the time so may have imagined it.

  96. Derek Rossborough says:

    Kirsty’XY’Blackman to be the WM MP.

  97. PhilM says:

    I don’t want to be the first to say this but I am very, very concerned about the security of this ‘draw’. Thae hackers, ken, get up tae aw’hing (‘to all sorts’…thanks Google translate) and to ensure an unimpeachable result, I think it’s only fair at this late stage to bring in the brave lads and lasses of GCHQ to oversee this delicate process or we’ll have John Gengulphus Main threatening to take a case to the Court of Session.
    The quickest method is if we alert Alyn Smith and/or Angus Robertson to take their union jack telephones out of the special desk drawer and then we just need that ‘memorable’ word or phrase to get that call relayed pronto to thon doughnut.
    Wait a minute…OK…I have it on good authority…it’s not a word but a phrase and that phrase is: ‘absolutely no-one has read Vienna’.
    Perhaps best leave the call to Alyn…er…touchy subject.
    When I win, can I take ASA as my ‘special friend’?

  98. Captain Yossarian says:

    PhilM – Well done. Written with humour. No friends or enemies – you so rarely see that these days, especially on here.

  99. DebzoHighland says:

    Hopefully Angus Brendan O’Neill.
    Oh, I got confirmation of who one of the perjurers were from the forced redactions in the Spectator article. I saw the original prior to the complaints & then saw the redacted one. One originally named person was conspicuous by her absence.
    So it was the Scots Courts that completed my jigsaw!

  100. sam says:

    @John Main 1.55 pm

    ““UK excess deaths in 2023 have risen to levels commensurate with 2020 alpha variant deaths during the height of the pandemic, but the [ … ] 2023 excess is not due to Covid. Most concerning is the death toll in the 15-44 age group which exceeds 2020 and prior years, an age group which was mostly mildly affected by Covid.”

    Correlation is not causation as we know. But still, world-wide, mandatory injection with experimental, untested vaccines?”

    The deaths this piece is talking about are likely to be “deaths of despair”. Such deaths are on the rise in NZ where the article was written.

    Calm down, dear. Breathe deeply. Try to answer the questions I put to you on the previous thread in response to your claim that the status quo prevailed? I think you’ll duck it.

  101. Anton Decadent says:

    Jamie Wallis.

  102. Derek says:


  103. Paul Newton says:

    The bould brexit bollocks David Davis?

    (I’m going on the 10th anyway)

  104. Ron Clark says:

    Just looking back at SNP leadership since the 1990s.


    Only ONE leader out of these four had the true fight in them for Scottish independence.

    The other three wasted the time and effort of every indy campaigner in Scotland.

    Swinney, Sturgeon and Yousaf should hang their heads in shame.

    Rot in hell you horrible bastards, and I hope you and your gang of troughers don’t live long enough to enjoy those fat pensions you sat on your arses to earn.

  105. And spouse says:

    Kenny macaskill

  106. And spouse says:

    To suggest Big Eck would want to dismember the SNP is such a joke. Restore would have been a better word!

  107. Carol Douglas says:

    David Davies

  108. Stephen O'Brien says:

    SNP has conveniently adopted the position of bosses in Westminster, that Devolution limits statute, not only in Holyrood but over the people of Scotland.

    There’s nothing within the Scotland Act, to prevent the people of Scotland enacting their given right to self-determination.

    Existing legitimate mandate for review of UK constitutional arrangements (by referendum) automatically superseded limitations placed on the Scottish Parliament. Sovereignty of the people, must be tested in Scots Law! #StirlingDirective

  109. George Ferguson says:

    @David Hannah 6:20pm
    O/T I don’t want to jeopardise my submission of Angus Brendan McNeill as the MP. But me and the wife have been debating which blockbuster to see this weekend. Barbie or Oppenheimer. No prizes to guess which movie we would prefer individually. I thought until this morning Barbie is not a movie males should see. Actually it reinforces the dynamic between men and women. We are going to see Barbie. Supportive of the male role.

  110. Johnlm says:

    Scottish excess deaths for 2020 were not above normal, except for the 4 months that they shut the hospitals, and sent the sick into care homes and elsewhere to die of neglect.

    Why the excess death numbers in 2021 & 2022 when 90% of the population had been jabbed?

    Last April ScotGov rejigged their monthly excess death stats making figures much more difficult to resolve.
    Previously, the data for the last 27 years had been simply presented on one, easy to read, page.

  111. DaveL says:

    Paul ‘I been everywhere man’ Nuttall.


    Paul will reveal that he is in fact the real Alex Salmond! and David Davis! and John Ber….and…

  112. Frazerio says:

    David Davies.

    Keep up the good work Rev. Might not be much to talk about or be too positive about at the mo, but the way u rip the absolute pish ooty these Yoons never fails to delight!!!!

  113. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I’d have a guess at Rev Stu or AB MacNeil.

  114. sam says:


    From GCPH.

    Background The contribution of increasing numbers of deaths from suicide, alcohol-related and drug-related causes to changes in overall mortality rates has been highlighted in various countries. In Scotland, particular vulnerable cohorts have been shown to be most at risk; however, it is unclear to what extent this applies elsewhere in Britain. The aim here was to compare mortality rates for different birth cohorts between Scotland and England and Wales (E&W), including key cities….

    Conclusions The overall similarities suggest common underlying influences across Britain; however, their effects have been greatest in Scotland, confirming greater vulnerability among that population. In addressing the socioeconomic drivers of deaths from these causes, the cohorts identified here as being at greatest risk require particular attention.”

    Socioeconomic conditions from this wonderful UK are driving deaths of despair

  115. Eric says:

    Nicola Sturgeon

  116. Johnlm says:

    I’m sure some of the excess deaths of 2021 onwards can be put down to despair.
    Unfortunately, Doctors and Scientists are ‘baffled’ and are unable imagine a plan to investigate the causes.
    They did look into the spike in infant deaths and miscarriages but decided not to ask the mothers if they had been ‘medicated’
    It looks like there is a real scandal here with the use of blanket DNAR orders and other malfeasance.

  117. Kcor says:

    Peter Duncan says:
    26 July, 2023 at 11:48 am

    “Joanne Cherry?”

    It is my belief that Cherry hates Alex Salmond.

  118. Kcor says:

    “The first debate will be on independence, and teaming up with Alex Salmond to present the case in favour will be a current Westminster MP.”

    Since when did David Davis start supporting independence?

    The Rev. Stuart Campbell a Westminster MP?

    Alba MPs wouldn’t need to team up with their leader.

    Any SNP MP supporting independence during their political careers wouldn’t be an SNP MP.

    The temporarily independent MP from Scotland who hopes be an SNP MP again by October so I doubt it would be him.

    My guess is an independence supporting Labour MP.

  119. Peter says:

    Angus MacNeil.

  120. Cuilean says:

    Been visiting Mum and listening to her old Jim Reeves’s records?

  121. Shug says:

    Is Nicola still attending NEC meetings.

    Letting unionist plants have access to your decision making process is not ideal. She and her supporters should be drummed out the party

  122. Johnlm says:

    ‘The Blizzard’ – where the horse rider dies 100 yards from his destination.
    – based on the SNP?

  123. Geri says:

    I know Rev Stu is a God

    But I don’t remember him being a sitting Westminster MP.

    Tho it’d be great if it was on his bucket list. Imagine the carnage every day of his opponents being handed their own arse before lunch time!? Delicious.

  124. Chic McGregor says:

    Sir Comrade Starmer

  125. Phil French says:

    Haha..,I’m loving this idea that we Yoons are all quaking in our boots at the thought of Salmond (the reincarnation of William Wallace according to this site) riding back to save the day and lead to troops to ‘Freeedom!’. Hilarious – he’d need a shire horse apart from anything else. As I’ve written before in one of the posts that you deigned to actually put up, yes, he’s a more serious, substantial figure than Sturgeon but that’s like saying Greenock Morton are a more serious, substantial club than Forres Mechanics. We’re not worried. Mr ‘sleepy cuddles’ may be a hero (desperate!) to some, but he’s a total turn off to many. And what’s more he’s old, old news. Alba has hardly fired up the nation and inspired a new generation of Yessers, has it? Oh, and, unless you were being funny, you wouldn’t ‘hobnob with the hoi poloi’ that would be a contradiction in terms. You’d hob nob with the ‘aristos’, except there aren’t any aristos, just sad has beens after a last hurrah.

  126. John Main says:

    @sam says:26 July, 2023 at 7:26 pm

    “deaths of despair”?

    In New Zealand?

    Ah, c’mon now Ted.

    Wasn’t NZ always being held up on here as a role model for Scotland, especially during the Covid Years?

    BTW, that’s not how you spell “fuck”.

  127. John Main says:

    @Phil French says:27 July, 2023 at 5:44 am

    Humza Yousaf is the actual reincarnation of William Wallace.

    If some of the people of Scotland are quaking in their boots, that’s the reason why.

  128. Captain Yossarian says:

    What Salmond has in his favour and what sets him apart from all of the others is his willingness to engage across the political spectrum. If you refuse to engage, then you fail to win over anyone and stagnation sets-in. That’s the best that can happen but when you elect a leader like Humza, it can be worse than stagnation.

    I am a Unionist to at heart but I have always had a great deal of respect for Salmond and I reckon had he stayed on in 2014, we would be living in an entirely different, happier, country today. I agree though that he is now seen as a divisive figure, I don’t personally think he is, but that has stuck post his trial and that is not going to change.

    He is seen on these pages as the Leader of the country in waiting and he is in that position because he gives hope. He doesn’t deliver enough answers for me, but he is credible and there is no doubt about that. MacAskill is another, but I cannot see any others, frankly.

  129. John Park says:

    Angus Brendan McNeil

  130. John Main says:

    @Captain Yossarian says:27 July, 2023 at 6:55 am

    when you elect a leader like Humza, it can be worse than stagnation

    And when that election process is a flawed and ultimately fraudulent one … ?

    And when ever afterwards, just about everybody colludes in the pretense that the election process was all above board and there is nothing to see here … ?

    What is that worse than?

    We all saw how the rules were bent and broken during the election campaign. We all saw at least one of the candidates calling for the process to be restarted in accordance with the rules. We all saw the resignations and the helping of the police with their inquiries.

  131. Ruby Tuesday says:

    David Hannah says:
    26 July, 2023 at 6:20 pm

    Time for the male Me Too Movement.

    What’s taken you so long? I thought the time for the ‘male Me Too Movement’ was way back in 2018.

    I thought the way men were being treated was absolutely atrocious I still do. I wonder if all the misogyny on display at the moment hasn’t come about in part as a result of the ‘Me Too Movement’ and the cruel actions of these ‘feminists to their fingertips’

    The question is David would the ‘male Me Too Movement’ ever get the backing of Kenny, Tom and Paul?

    Ha! Ha! Ha! The thought of that made me laugh!

    Anyway you’ve got my backing and if I win the lottery I will buy everyone a shed. 🙂

    Fancy a mobile shed?

  132. Ruby Tuesday says:

    I’m wondering if in order to be put on ‘the naughty step’ you have to be reported by another poster.

    If a poster is subjected to personal abuse on a regular basis by a whole series of different posters how often could that person report personal abuse without a moderator questioning what was going on?

    Could there ever be a situation where there might be only one poster left on the forum?

  133. William Pollock says:

    It has to be Angus Brendan MacNeil

  134. robertkknight says:


    “Is Nicola still attending NEC meetings.

    Letting unionist plants have access to your decision making process is not ideal. She and her supporters should be drummed out the party”

    You can’t polish a turd, and Nicla turned the SNP into a big steaming pile of them. Those still in the shit pile can stay there and rot as fas as I’m concerned.

  135. President Xiden says:

    Robert Knight says:
    “ You can’t polish a turd”.

    No, but you can roll it in glitter.

  136. Republicofscotland says:

    Interesting stuff, but will it amount to anything.

    “IS Humza Yousaf facing a challenge?

    Yes, but probably not for leadership of the SNP. In the past few days, there’s been surprise and some confusion over Chris Hanlon’s announcement that he has nomination papers for the position of party leader and is deciding whether or not to stand.

    It seems there might be sufficient backers within the party, but not enough time to zip around branches during peak holiday time before nominations close on August 10 – three months before the actual conference in Aberdeen between October 15-17.

    So, with the prospect of an expensive campaign he will doubtless lose and the certainty of mega-pelters for re-opening the painful election process so soon, it seems unlikely his nomination forms will be sent off to party HQ over the next fortnight.

    Hanlon is old school. He wants conference to be sovereign – or as sovereign as it possibly can be since the party leader is also First Minister and must solve daily problems without waiting for instruction by conference.”

  137. Cuilean says:

    I mean Ken Dodd’s records, not Jim Reeves. Smugly able to say I already have my tickets for Alex’s Show, on Sunday, 6th August. Can’t wait to see Auld Reekie and Alex again, God and Calmac willing.

  138. Sven says:

    Captain Yossarian @ 06.45

    How would you rate Neil Hanvey ? Surely a conviction politician, and comes across to me as fairly realistic and competent.

  139. Republicofscotland says:

    Energy giant Shell due to announce a massive £4 billion in profits over the last three months as many Scots struggle to pay fuel bills in a country (Scotland) teeming with energy sources.

    Its a sorry state of affairs, change is needed and dissolving the union is the way forward.

  140. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my earlier Chris Hanlon comment.

    “Humza Yousaf has claimed he is “not bothered” about the prospect of facing a leadership challenge to front the SNP months into the job.

    The First Minister brushed off the threat to his job after little-known Chris Hanlon hinted at a contest.

    Hanlon, the secretary of a Fife branch of the party, posted a picture on Sunday of nomination forms for the SNP leadership.

    He wrote: “The job of Party Leader is to implement party policy, all of party policy, and nothing but party policy. Party policy is decided by Conference.”

    “If, like me, you are concerned that leadership spends too much time pontificating about what they claim party policy is rather than waiting for members to decide or telling journalists that the decision hasn’t been made yet and that questions about the specific details of the Independence Election will have to wait till Conference, I’d like to hear from you.”

  141. Captain Yossarian says:

    Sven – Yes, I agree. The right age, too. I find the message is sound enough but it needs a charismatic leader with gravitas that will build the case slowly and convincingly, like Salmond used to do.

  142. ScotsRenewables says:

    The SNP’s new White Paper on citizenship in an independent Scotland

  143. Alf Baird says:

    Cuilean @ 10:15 am

    “God and Calmac willing”

    I see an independent Fiji is following in the footsteps of many other former colonies (Bahamas, Oman, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE etc) by ordering (and building) catamaran ferries designed by a Scotsman, Stuart Ballantyne. Scotland’s colonial administration still ignores Stuart’s offer to do the same in Scotland, preferring its British exceptionalism heavy displacement prototype ferries, which cost much more, are less reliable and take longer to build.

    Amazing what liberation can do for a people no longer tied to a dominant alien political and cultural ideology and an imposed mediocre meritocracy, on most aspects of life and governance, including land reform:

    “One of the main issues that has fuelled Fijian politics over the years is land tenure. Indigenous Fijian communities very closely identify themselves with their land. In 1909 near the peak of the inflow of indentured Indian labourers (by British colonizers), the land ownership pattern was frozen and further sales prohibited. Today over 80% of the land is held by indigenous Fijians, under the collective ownership.”

  144. A Scot Abroad says:


    Shell’s profits are on a global basis. Over 95% of them from outwith the UK. They are somewhat disinvesting within the UK, not because there’s anything wrong with our oil and gas, but because compared with others countries, it’s quite difficult (and therefore more expensive) to extract, and we are high tax and high regulation nation.

    I’ve lost track of where their HQ is now. They keep moving it between London and Amsterdam, back and forth. But it certainly isn’t in Edinburgh.

  145. A Scot Abroad says:

    I see that Yousaf is making himself useful today by revealing that the future iScotland passport will be EU-compatible and coloured burgundy.

    There’s just about 3 million unmade decisions, undecided policies, and an unscheduled referendum between now and getting your new burgundy iScotland passport. But have no fear: you know what colour it’s going to be. That’s important.

  146. David Hannah says:

    After Independence British and Irish citizens shouldn’t be allowed to live and work freely in Scotland.

    I want a Scotland for the Scottish. No common travel areas. I want a points based system for the English and a hard border at Gretna preferably!

    Im shocked they’ve actually written something on Independence. Written by a Unionist himself

  147. David Hannah says:

    I don’t want the English writing the laws of our future Scottish constitution.

    They’ve had 300 years of doing so.

    A Scotland for the Scottish and of Scottish descent. And then a points based system based on years of residence.

    We must stop once and for all. English people stealing our islands our land our homes and writing our laws.

    I don’t trust anything they’re producing.

  148. David Hannah says:

    England of Scotland.

    End London rule.

    To borrow the Irish phrase. Get the Brits out Now.

  149. A Scot Abroad says:

    David Hannah,

    according to the last census in England, there’s about 750,000 Scots living here. I’m one of them. I suspect that most of us are unionists. Not all, but well over half, because we’ve chosen to move freely within the UK, and take advantage of that.

    Would we be welcome back in the land of our births, under your criteria? Or stripped of our birthright and possessions and title to land that we own in Scotland?

    And what about the English living in Scotland? Are you going to throw them out, onto the other side of your hard border?

  150. Stuart MacKay says:

    Scotsrenewables @11:07am

    I got as far as the summary:

    This summary presents the Scottish Government’s proposals for citizenship in an independent Scotland. It:

    sets out our vision for an inclusive model of citizenship after independence for people, whether or not they were born in Scotland or define themselves as primarily or exclusively Scottish, and

    describes who would become a Scottish citizen at the point of independence, and who could become a Scottish citizen from then on

    These proposals reflect an inclusive and welcoming approach to the entitlement to Scottish citizenship.

    So, self-identification it is then. I wasn’t hoping for proof through the maternal line of having been here for 10 generations, but I did expect a certain amount of “this is our part of the world, we don’t let people simply show up and get in”.

    It’s seems the globalist, countries are so 19th century, agenda is still alive and kicking. Where population issues are solved by immigration rather than providing the services and the spending the money so actually having a family is a worthwhile proposition – as opposed to DINKs flying around the world, having a great time and generally the only contribution they make is to global warming.

    “A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the Scottish race their personal responsibility.” 😉

  151. David Hannah says:

    You’re already here. A scot abroad. Under my plans we’d just not let anymore English in unless they meet a points based criteria to work in the country.

    No more holiday homes driving up house prices, taking the top jobs in companies like the new incoming woke chief of police from down south.

    I want to write my new Scottish constitution. I don’t want English writing it as they have no affinity to Scotland as a nation. You’ll need to have residency duration to protect the indigenous Scottish people. I like that vision of Independence the best.

    And I’d like a hard border. We don’t need thousands of refugees being put on a train and sent north when global warming really kicks in.

    Sorry but it’s true.

  152. ThursoBerwick says:

    I know what everyone is saying about English Scottish citizens in an independent Scotland. There are so many English living in Scotland now, many of whom seem to want to live in their own little part of England… in Scotland. Many of them are hostile to independence.

    But, once we are independent, have our own constitution, what political damage can they collectively do? We will be independent, the worst damage they can do is vote for a conservative party.

    I would include in our constitution an “eternity clause” like many other constitutions have. It would state that Scotland is an independent, sovereign state, and this clause could never be amended. That way no amount of unionist voters could never fprce us back into the UK.

  153. ThursoBerwick says:

    Ideally in the next referendum I wouldn’t let anyone from England, Northern Ireland or Wales vote as they are mostly unionist and swung the vote against independence last time, but that would be discriminatory and illegal.

  154. Ruby Tuesday says:

    “Footballer David Goodwillie may face criminal charge of rape”

    Prosecutors asked by accuser’s lawyers to consider serving an indictment as striker says he would welcome ‘chance to clear my name’

    The question is even if found innocent would he able able to clear his name?

    See recent articles about Alex Salmond.

    The other consideration would be if his trail would be juryless.

    I think if there is a chance he can avoid a criminal case he should take it especially because the football clubs are now supportive of him and the public or not impressed with the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon or Val MacDiarmid.

    He should let it go.

    I have no idea how civil cases work but in the event of him going to trial and being found innocent, not proven or insuffiencent evidence would Denise Clair be required to pay back the £100,000?

    There is also this article

    ‘How ‘humbled’ Kevin Spacey’s trial played out in the courtroom’

    The question is will the complainants/perjurers be charged or will there be zero repercussions.

    Will they like the ‘Alphabetties’ be totally protected with not even their names being published.

    PS Any know what has happen to Gordon Dangerfield he’s gone very quiet.

  155. David W Ferguson says:

    BBC Pull Cox Out!

  156. David Hannah says:

    *saying that about the future climate refugees 50 years away. At least we’ll have some people to look after us when we’re older. As Scotland’s birth rate is declining.

    My ideas are open to change obviously it’s a democracy.

    When I say Brits out. I mean out of making government policy.

    I want to build the Scottish state up first so I see real life benefits. Before we make it a free for all.

    When we take Independence, the English become a second country. You need to be living in Scotland and meeting residency points criteria. Every other country in the world is allowed it’s own border so should Scotland.

  157. Johnlm says:

    I wonder what Kevin Spacey’s 2018 Christmas message drinking from a Royal mug was all about.
    Maybe Goodwillie didn’t have the right friends.

  158. David Hannah says:

    *I’m actually not really sure if I believe everything I’ve written above ahaha…

    Well see what happens I just really don’t trust the SNP on anything when it comes to Independence. My fears are they are giving Scotland away and asset stripping it before we gain Independence and the benefits and challenges of doing so.

    As for Goodwillie. Sturgeon was behind destroying his life. And Jordan Linden he cancelled clyde football club if he turned up to training.

    Time for the male Me Too Movement.

  159. James Che says:

    There were a 106 random men from Scotland, that voted and entered into a treaty of union with the Parliament of Westminster January 16th 1707,

    The list of the individual names that voluntary entered the treaty of political union with Englands parliament after the ( Scottish parliament was closed) can be found on the records of the parliament of Scotland which is under Westminster legislation in the Scotland Act,

    These names are the only names that are entered in a treaty of union with Englands Westminster parliament.

    Westminster parliament records that that it was decided after much discussion and debate “NOT” to put the vote to join in the Treaty of Union to the rest of The nation of Scotland as in all probabilty they would vote NO.

    Therefore we have on record the evidence from Westminster parliament the % needed for those named individuals to leave the political treaty of union.with Englands parliament.

    Wether they or their decendents wish to leave the treaty of union or not is up to them,
    Wether they have to pay or return the money they received to join is up to them to discuss with the parliament of England.

  160. Republicofscotland says:

    “Shell’s profits are on a global basis”

    So what, a percentage of those huge profits will have come from Scottish waters, and before the Chinthes/useful idiots/ Britnat mouthpieces/House Jocks spout their nonsense that there isn’t any Scottish waters, remember that the English government of the day (1999) moved the maritime border with Scotland to steal 6,000sq miles of Scottish waters to incorporate oil/gas rigs.

    This is why King Charles cannot publicly swear to uphold the Scottish Claim of Right (all of it) because stealing Scottish assets as the English governments have been doing along with compliant House Jocks for decades, even for centuries, isn’t include in this political union.

    Oh and Centrica British Gas, made a whopping £989 million in profits in the last quarter. No doubt some of that huge profit will have come from Scottish gas fields.

  161. Alf Baird says:

    Stuart MacKay @ 12:36 pm

    “sets out our vision for an inclusive model of citizenship after independence for people, whether or not they were born in Scotland or define themselves as primarily or exclusively Scottish”

    Independence is dependent on ‘the solidarity of an oppressed ethnic group’ (i.e. indigenous Scots in our case) and their ‘national consciousness’, yet the SNP seem to prioritise other groups/identities? The SNPs allegiance is more toward a supposedly ‘inclusive’ political and cultural ideology than to a nation and ‘a people’ needing to get rid of an oppressor as the most urgent priority.

    As the SNP leadership and its colonial payroll can’t even define independence its no surprise they are unable to find the path to liberation:

  162. James Cheyne says:

    The list of names were not sitting as members of a active old Scottish parliament when they joined in the treaty of political union with Westminster parliament,

    What is the important message to be taken from the records in Westminster and in Scottish records?
    It is as follows,

    That the nation and Kingdom of Scotland were not asked to join in the treaty of union,

    And those individuals that did sign up and entered Westminster parliament were no longer members of the extinguished, Sine Die’d Scottish parliament when they took their seats in Westminster.

    How they or their descendants deal with their future personal attachment to the Westminster parliament is their choice and worry,

    Not ours.

    The kingdom of Scotland as existing in present day is evidenced by the present monarch of England and Annexed Wales along with Englands parliament of Westminster perceiving , recognising and acting in 2023 with a separate Ceremony in the kingdom of Scotland than the rest of the British Isles.

    Charles and his consort however did not give evidence in 2023 that they were Crowned king and queen of Scots in Scotland.
    He is allowed to view and look at the regalia of Scotland,
    but not Crowned with the Scottish Crown and regalia in 2023,
    Nor was his mother queen Elizabeth 11 of England.
    In Scotland at present we have no monarch of Scots,

    The great seal of Scotland that was thrown in the Thames river by king James has never been recorded as found, However there is on record that, a similar, but not identical copy was made during or after the union,

    So The Great Seal of Scotland is not authentic, but made by the new establishment for the sake of appearances.

    As a side amusement regarding the stone of destiny, it also lacks the same identifiable authenticity to its original discriptions as does the Seal of Scotland they feel impelled to use.
    However Westminster government still felt that a king of britain was not actually a king unless he had a piece of Sandstone block from Scotland,

    When the pieces of the coronation procedure of the king of England are puzzled together it requires imagination for him to be king of Britain with a separate ceremony taken place in Scotland whilst acknowledging that the Claim of Right is still extant for Sovereign Scots, and between who is actually signed up to the political treaty of union.

  163. James Che says:

    106 men men from Scotland are signed up to the political treaty of union with Westminster parliament.
    And Scotland has no monarch of Scots at present,

    In analyses it is difficult to find the Crown in Scotland,
    Or the authenticity of a treaty of union with the majority of the nation and people in Scotland.

  164. Another_Ian_Blackford_Speech says:

    AB MacNeil. Did I miss David Davis coming out as a scottish nationalist?

  165. Geri says:


    We seen that with Sturgeon inviting everyone to Scotland & also in the franchise.

    How can a part time student, on a visit from England for example, be a sovereign Scot with a right to vote on Scotland’s constitution? It’s ludicrous & a determined act of self harm.

    EU citizens may want Scottish independence but some of them may NOT. I don’t think it’s a risk worth putting to the test in any indyref2.

    Politicians serious about protecting Scotland’s constitution needs to stop finding ways to fck it up from the get go.

    Scotland will be a welcoming country but it’s constitutional status remains with its ppl, not on the fads of outsiders.

  166. Alf Baird says:

    Geri @ 4:53 pm

    “Politicians serious about protecting Scotland’s constitution needs to stop finding ways to fck it up from the get go.”

    Correct, Geri. The SNPs ‘civic nationalism’ nonsense, which no other country is daft enough to promote, would easily leave our national sovereignty open to further abuse, assuming we manage to reclaim it. This ‘policy’ like all else in Scotland will have been drafted by UK civil servants, hence never in Scotland’s interest.

    The SNP hierarchy have clearly still to read up on postcolonial theory which tells us that “independence is a matter only for the colonized”. It also tells us that the settler, already a ‘privileged being’: “is not one of them and has no desire to be one. He vaguely foresees the day of their liberation and the reconquest of their rights, but does not seriously plan to share their existence, even if they are freed.” (Albert Memmi).

  167. A Scot Abroad says:

    The problem with trying to restrict a franchise is that it’s endlessly difficult to do.

    Residency is easy. But how on earth do you define who is Scottish? Everybody has a different situation: families get muddled through generations and ancestry. Then there’s step-children who have different blood, people who were adopted, people whose grandparents immigrated from eastern Europe between the wars. What about people who arrived 6 years ago from Sudan?

    No government department could sort out that in any effective timescale. At the other end of the spectrum, what about Scots living elsewhere in the U.K., even if only for a couple of years and with every intention about returning to Scotland.

    It’s all an utter nonsense. Residency (legally) is the only criteria that should count. Whatever your skin colour, or if you are Welsh, or even the English.

  168. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 6:19 pm

    “The problem with trying to restrict a franchise is that it’s endlessly difficult to do.”

    If New Caledonia can do it, and with UN agreement too, then so can Auld Caledonia. Liberation from ‘a scourge’ is more important than virtue signalling.

  169. John Main says:

    @A Scot Abroad says:27 July, 2023 at 6:19 pm

    Residency (legally) is the only criteria that should count

    Obviously that has a certain superficial plausibility about it, but don’t rule out an alternative franchise I have occasionally seen floated (seriously) on here:

    You only get a vote if you intend to vote Yes.

    That has a related, and administratively even more simple cousin:

    Everybody gets a vote, but only the Yes votes are counted.

    Don’t knock them, ASA, until you have thought them through!

  170. Bob Reid says:

    Joanna Cherry ?

  171. A Scot Abroad says:

    Well then Alf, let’s hear your proposals for the franchise of a future IndyRef that restricts the vote to the sovereign people….

    Who qualifies? By what criteria? How much Scots blood does one need in the veins? How does one prove that? And how much public administration is dedicated to confirming eligibility? And so on.

  172. Alf Baird says:

    ASA, I don’t make up the rules, the UK Gov does. However the UN-sanctioned ‘secondary criteria’ relating to the franchise applying to other colonies seeking independence should be of high interest to national parties. The fact that this is not being considered by the SNP suggests they are not really that interested in delivering independence. Much like Scotland’s elected majorities of ‘nationalist’ MPs repeatedly taking their oaths, seats and salaries at Westminster indicates they don’t really have independence on their mind. Postcolonial theory describes the behaviour of the dominant national party in a colony as: ‘first they hesitate then they choose neutrality’.

  173. Geri says:


    *You only get a vote if you intend to vote Yes.*

    Is there something inherent in Britnats that make them strangers to the truth? I’ve never seen such nonsense posted on here.

  174. Xaracen says:

    “You only get a vote if you intend to vote Yes.”

    It’s no worse than ‘if you are still on the voting register after you die, or you didn’t vote at all, then you voted No.’ And that one happened!

  175. John Main says:

    Is there something inherent in eejits that means that every time they encounter an idea they can’t understand or don’t agree with they reach for the Yoon or Britnat label?

    Or any of the other standard, abusive labels?

    I have a dream, in which every poster on here ups their game, so that all responses avoid the tired, lazy, knee-jerk, rote dismissal via labeling.

    Apart from the label “eejit”, obvs. Very sadly, we will still need that one.

  176. Alf Baird says:

    Geri @ 12:43 am

    “Is there something inherent in Britnats that make them strangers to the truth?”

    One obvious truth is that ‘No’ voters are decisively rejecting the offer of Scottish citizenship, which renders the ScotGov ‘Civic Nationalism’ ideology worthless.

  177. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    It seems to me that the franchise should be the same as that published for citizenship criteria published yesterday by ScotGov.

    Which would give the vote to 750,000 Scots living in rUK, of which I would suggest about 2/3rds are No. After all, if they automatically qualify for citizenship based on being born in Scotland, they should have a say.

  178. Dan says:

    John Main says: at 10:12 am

    Is there something inherent in eejits that means that every time they encounter an idea they can’t understand or don’t agree with they reach for the Yoon or Britnat label?

    Or any of the other standard, abusive labels?

    I have a dream, in which every poster on here ups their game, so that all responses avoid the tired, lazy, knee-jerk, rote dismissal via labeling.

    Apart from the label “eejit”, obvs. Very sadly, we will still need that one.

    Quiz time!
    Which prevalent btl poster uses the term “deplorables”, and lazily tries to blanket any supportive views on Scottish pro European interactions such as EEA or EFTA memberships as being full fat EU supporters.
    Might be an idea to spend more of your time digging a French drain around your house to help reduce its damp levels instead of digging a hole for yourself on here.

  179. Alf Baird says:


    Depriving ‘a people’, no matter how widely dispersed they may be, of their right to self-determination, might be regarded as ethnic discrimination. This would seem the current position of the UK Gov in regard to Scots. Its not a good look, internationally.

  180. John Main says:

    @Dan says:28 July, 2023 at 11:06 am

    No, never!

    Never a French drain.

    It has to be a Scotch drain, or nothing.

  181. Dan says:

    Rev has at least a sweet tooth or twa left so will slip this in.

    Jist no diggin’ this Milka chocolate at aw. It’s barely better than the Scotblock cooking chocolate I used tae buy as a young ‘un with my pocket money when quantity was a priority over quality.
    Any recommendations for a decent choco bar gnaw that I dinnae have to take oot a mortgage for.

  182. Geri says:

    **Which prevalent btl poster uses the term “deplorables”**

    Don’t forget his favourite ‘moonhowlers’.

    Gotta love his never ending hypocrisy.

    UGG, hated Scotblock.

  183. Paul Davis says:

    I’m not sure why everybody is so convinced Unionists are scared of Salmond. Wasn’t he at his pomp and running the show when the referendum was lost? The one golden chance to get it done was blown on his watch.

    I don’t see the Nationalist cause being in better shape now than it was then and would anyone bet against the SNP making it even worse whilst they still hold sway at Holyrood? Sturgeon and co have thoroughly poisoned the well and it’s going to be a very long way back from here. Seeing Salmond as the Messiah feels like clutching at straws.

  184. What Rot says:

    David Davis 😉

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