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Down the memory hole again

Posted on January 12, 2024 by

The Scottish Government’s website about its controversial and extremely disturbing new “conversion practices” legislation assures citizens that the proposal was formed after consultation with an “Expert Advisory Group”.

But all of a sudden it doesn’t seem to want you to know who they were.

The page doesn’t identify them, but does provide a link where people can supposedly go to find out more about the Group’s work:

But if you click the link, something very weird happens. Or rather, doesn’t happen.

Not only does the page fail to display, but it attempts to redirect you to an archived version on the Wayback Machine, which also doesn’t work. Now, that’s very strange, because the link itself is to a page on the Scottish Government website, and there’s nothing in the URL that should be redirecting you to a third-party archive.

(Nor is that some kind of setting we have in our browser – it does exactly the same in Chrome on our desktop PC as it does in Safari on our iPad, and it does the same for other people we asked to check it.)

But weirder still is that if you enter the exact same link into the Wayback Machine manually, it retrieves an archive of it absolutely fine.

Wayback has saved eight versions of the page since 2022, and every single link works (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). So it’s quite mystifying how the Scottish Government website has managed to covertly redirect to a broken one, although it should be noted that it has extensive form in the field of hiding things on its website.

If you try to find the page by going to the “Groups” hub on the Scottish Government site, there’s no mention of the Expert Advisory Group On Ending Conversion Practices.

It’s most perplexing how the page has suddenly become so inaccessible. So to help the Scottish Government – which we know is committed to transparency and scrutiny, because it’s always telling us so – get round this doubtless temporary technical hitch, we’re going to preserve the list of Group members (some of whom readers may recall from our previous coverage) here.

We do this so that concerned voters can be reassured about just how meticulously fair and balanced it was, and how impartial and carefully-weighted the recommendations that informed the legislation were.

However, due to what we can only assume was some sort of unfortunate oversight it appears that of the 15 members of the group, a total of [checks, counts again] 15 are committed, dedicated transgender activists all known in advance to support the Scottish Government’s policy. Let’s run quickly through the list.

Cllr Blair Anderson of the Scottish Greens is frankly obsessed with conversion therapy and tweets and talks about it endlessly to the exclusion of almost all else, claiming that anyone opposed to a ban for any reason is a hateful bigot:

Anderson is fond of calling political opponents (including those in the Scottish Greens) “racists and bigots” if they’re deemed to be insufficiently “queer”, too interested in safeguarding children, or simply too old to be considered fashionable.

Dr Paul Behrens (pictured below) is a member of the Staff Pride Network at Edinburgh University, and he organised a “Stonewall Week” at the university in 2019, hosting speeches by among others, Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie.

Pritpal Bhullar is a “queer” bisexual Sikh who goes into schools to talk about gender identity and “diersity” [sic].

The Very Rev’d Dr Susan Brown of the Church Of Scotland is at odds with most senior Christian clerics on the issue in supporting the government proposals for a ban.

Dr Mhairi Crawford represents LGBT Youth Scotland, who Wings readers won’t need reminding have been at the heart of not one but two child sexual abuse scandals but who continue to be supported and promoted by the Scottish Government.

Dr Rebecca Crowther is “a transdisciplinary ethnographic researcher working between, across and beyond disciplines within the arts, humanities and social sciences”, and a “queer feminist”. She represents the Equality Network, an “LGBT” quango that’s funded almost entirely by the Scottish Government and is overwhelmingly focused on trans issues alone, with a pre-existing policy of banning conversion practices.

Richy Edwards is a “conversion therapy survivor” who wanted to make sure as a member of the Group that the proposed legislation was as draconian as possible with no exemptions of any kind for any reason.

But then, as he’s been an SNP employee since 2018, you’d expect him to be on board with whatever they told him to be on board with. It’s the SNP way.

Dr Amber Keenan works at the Grampian Gender Identity Clinic in Aberdeen, which is the NE Scotland equivalent of the controversial Sandyford gender clinic in Glasgow, which itself was the main Scottish counterpart of the Tavistock Centre in London, which the UK government recently ordered the closure of on safeguarding grounds.

Dr Keenan has written about “evidence indicating that transgender identity-recognition develops analogously to that of cisgender children” and that children develop a transgender identity from the age of seven. She specialises in gender identity issues and her work is “underpinned by the principals [sic] of intersectionality”.

Rev’d Mother Jide Macaulay of the House Of Rainbow is an HIV-positive “queer theologian” who thinks it’s bigotry and “gaslighting” to believe that human beings can’t change sex. (That’s quite a beard you have, Mother.)

Colin Macfarlane is “Director Of Nations” at Stonewall Scotland, so we probably don’t need to go any further there.

Reverend Elder Maxwell Reay is a biological female living as a “transman”, who is also chaplain at the Sick Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh. Last year she upset parents of dying children by festooning the hospital’s prayer room with contentious gender flags.

Dr Igi/Lyndsey Moon is Chair of the MoU Coalition Against Conversion Therapy and uses they/them pronouns, so we can probably safely go ahead and surmise their view.

Florence Oulds is the Policy And Public Affairs Officer for Scottish Trans, a project of The Equality Network. According to his LinkedIn page he’s the Disabled Students’ Officer at Cambridge University Students’ Union, but lives in Glasgow.

His only listed life experience is seven months of working the bar in a pub, and three months on the checkouts at Marks & Spencer.

Hannah Winter is an asexual and autistic young woman in England with a catalogue of debilitating mental health conditions, including “Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory (SDAM) […] a lifelong inability to vividly recollect or re-experience personal past events from a first-person perspective”.

(Aphantasia is “the inability to form mental images of objects that are not present. If counting sheep is an abstract concept, or you are unable to visualize the faces of loved ones, you could have aphantasia”.)

She’s on the panel for her “lived experience”, although without wishing to appear in any way indelicate it would seem questionable to rely on her memory of it.

And finally, Luis Felipe Yanes is a postgraduate research student at the University Of Essex, where he works alongside the excellently-named Paul Stickler Stickler.

Yanes’ long history in academia does not appear to include any time spent in Scotland, or any other connection to or knowledge of Scotland at all (although he apparently does know a lot about “issues of indigenous and tribal peoples in Latin-America, Africa and Europe”), but nevertheless for some reason he’s the Legal Policy Development Officer of the Scottish Human Rights Commission.

The SHRC also has a pre-existing policy in favour of a conversion therapy ban.

So with a fairly resounding 15-0 bias on the “Expert Advisory Group”, readers might perhaps feel like they understand why the Scottish Government is suddenly so reluctant to let people know who it comprised.

Luckily, as ever, Wings is here to do its remembering for it.

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0 to “Down the memory hole again”

  1. Wee Chid

    Can someone please explain to me why Transing is not in itself “coversion therapy”?

  2. Sven

    Maybe just say thanks once more for all this info you keep supplying, Stuart

  3. panda paws

    Whilst it is good you’ve done the work to prove the thesis, I think it was a “you could bet the house” certainty that the group would be comprised of people who were guaranteed to have the same view.

    Plus ca change, meme ca chose as the French would say.

    I’ve been an independence supporter since before I had a vote (18 was the age then). I’ll cheer when the SNP get gubbed in the UK GE, not because I have forsaken independence but because the SNP have and I’ll be damned if I’ll vote for queer theory.

    “No self respecting woman should wish for or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex”

    Susan B Anthony

  4. Luke Warm Dave

    This is first class investigative journalism Rev.

  5. Jim Bo

    Brilliant sleuthing Stu. Thanks

  6. Graeme Hampton

    Just for the gossip when working at Dornoch Cathedral Dr Susan managed to acquire the nickname Holy Spice…

  7. Nally Anders

    Truly excellent work Stu. None of these individuals are expert in fk all except having their heads up their arse.
    Panda Paws, I’m with you all the way.
    I can never vote SNP again.

  8. JGedd

    Grateful thanks for your investigation. It certainly lays bare the sheer effrontery of the Scottish Government in trying to conceal the undemocratic nature of how they proceed. This consultation is a blatant fix which they could usually rely on the lazy, complicit MSM to hide from the public.

  9. Republicofscotland

    Brilliant research Rev this so called “Expert Advisory Group” appears to be sham, is it any wonder that they don’t want anyone knowing who sits on it.

  10. Andy Ellis

    Wow…that’s quite some list, huh?

    The institutional capture seen in Scotland on this issue doesn’t bode well for the prospects of good governance in other areas post independence does it?

    Perhaps a task of the movement should be to ensure there is a strong independent and neutral ombudsman in place which can oversee this sort of thing and ensure all consultations and advisory groups have a statutory obligation to be balanced and fair.

    I mean… rational person could object to that could they?

  11. William Gibson

    This is just one of many multiple attacks on kids and is nicely in line with the WEF Depopulation Scam. If you mutilate them ‘down there’ they will never have a family notwithstanding the fact that their ‘born’ biological circumstance leaves them with the confusion of role switching! Check these people to see what their links to ‘Onkel Klaus and the WEF are! SNP are finished. Seems ‘Child Endangering’ comes in many forms but always from so called ADULTS!

  12. Young Lochinvar

    What a balanced upstanding cross section of society..

  13. Den

    The SNP/Greens are playing with a stacked deck. Unfortunately Labour are on the same path and intent pursuing the same agenda. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that the Conservative Party would be the only hope for your children’s future

  14. Shug

    These people are batshit crazy.

    Susan Brown should know better than get to close to these people.

    The joke is of course the uk gov introduces gender rights but the SNP gets the pelters for it, and with this advisory group no wonder.

    Not a shred of political sense among them.

  15. Davie

    This is sick. The (SNP) Scottish government is completely captured by freaks and paedophiles. Doubt they have a child between them which is why they’re desperate to access others’.

    Open revolt time.

  16. Shug

    Why wee dougie does not pelt them with it

    Well I dont really!!!!

  17. Milady

    What a gruesome bunch. Oddballs and zealots. We really are f*cked under this government. I weep for us.

  18. Sven

    Den @ 16.29

    Truthfully Den, I’m getting to the stage of disillusionment with pretty much all our political parties where I’m starting to believe that it’s not going to be until the general public get so angry and frustrated with all this nonsense we just say, “a plague on all your houses” and we start to see the kind of unrest we last saw with the Poll Tax.


    Gender dysphoria was once called gender identity disorder.
    The normalization of intrinsic «disorder».
    Playing sinister games with words, semantics, lives.
    Is Scotland a petrie dish for this culture?

  20. TenaciousV

    I too tried to find out who was on that’committee’. I am reminded of that consultation redo that was Internationally accessable. Despite their efforts the majority said NO! Now recruiting non Scots in order to get their way?

  21. Craig P

    With the management of Scotland being taken over by ideologues I am reminded of the Scottish army on the eve of the Battle of Dunbar (1650). The ministers of the kirk who ran Scotland decided that here was another battle against the Midianites, (when God ordered Gideon to reduce his forces in order to prove victory was down to God alone), and they went through the army purging it of those of insufficient faith, which naturally included plenty useful veterans. Guess what – that army lost to Cromwell.

    Our leaders are currently going through a similar loss of contact with reality and subsequent poor performance, the only question being, what’s going to be their equivalent Dunbar. The general election?

  22. Geri

    Holyrood desperately needs an overhaul if it remains standing. A higher level of government is needed. A permanent 2nd chamber of scrutiny & of professionals in that field.

    This shite shouldn’t even be considered in parliament & this group of fcktards should be nowhere near government policy & law making.

    As an aside, this is exactly what happened within the Catholic church. (Goodbye, Good men) Liberals got in to positions of power & ejecting the conservative following. Changing from within. The Catholic Church cracked down after scandals but the Anglican church embraced it with gusto. That’s why these eejits adorn everything, not with Christ message, but with LGBT shite in every building they enter. Their title means nothing.

    As for the rest of that litany of horrors – we’d have been as well down the gay club choosing them ourselves blindfolded FFS.

  23. MaryB

    Back to the Post Office problem.
    BBC Wales made a documentary in Welsh in 2009. The problems with Horizon had already been known about for a few years back then. It’s well worth a watch to understand the technical problems better.

  24. John C

    Blair Anderson shouldn’t even be a councillor, let along being let near any legislation that’ll affect potentially every single person in Scotland. He’s a zealot of the most extreme kind and it doesn’t shock me one bit that with him are equally rabid zealots though the large amount of religious people involved in this is something people unaware of what’s been going on with Trans ideology over the last decade should take note.

    A number of Christians, but also some other religions, have latched onto Queer Theory and the Trans movement as it’s a way to exert power over people. Traditional religions in the West haven’t the power they had even 40 years ago, but Trans does but as it’s all wrapped up in ‘kindness’ and ‘inclusion’ it seems innocuous but these people have found a way to inveigle themselves and traditional religion into a quasi-new age religion.

    Having no detransitioner, critic or anyone from a feminist group or even a lawyer on the group is shocking as is placing quango members in further positions of unelected power.

    It’s worth remembering Tony Benn’s five questions for democracy.

    “What power have you got?”

    “Where did you get it from?”

    “In whose interests do you use it?”

    “To whom are you accountable?”

    “How do we get rid of you?”

    This entire thing falls at the first question and of course, we get an idea of what power they wield we’re clueless as to how they managed to get into this position.

    And if ‘lived experience’ is essential then surely having the lived experiences of people directly affected by such legislation is also important? Except we know, like any religion, Trans ideology isn’t to be questioned. That’s the point of this. It’s to criminalise any sort of dissenting opinion regardless of how much it may be based in facts.

    However like a lot of Scottish Government legislation, I predict if this does pass it’ll fall apart after a number of legal cases as I’ve seen comments it breaks human rights legislation. Oddly enough for a pro EU party, the SNP seem intent on pushing European human rights legislation to beyond breaking point but that’s what happens when authoritarian ideologues grab enough power to push stuff like this.

  25. Billy Carlin

    Got to laugh at all of the QUACKERY about this transgender drivel. Dr Rebecca Crowther is a transdisciplinary ethnographic social researcher – WTF is that made up crap. I see that Dr Amber Keenan is a Psychologist – just shorten that word to Psycho and it covers everyone pushing this nonsense that those claiming to be trans. Psychology just like Psychiatry is total QUACKERY – go watch the video Psychiatry An Industry Of Death on Youtube and the many other videos etc totally exposing the QUACKERY of Psychiatry and Psychology etc where they MAKE up all of these mental illnesses etc. In that video they give a guy a set of symptoms and send him to different Psychiatrists who all give different diagnoses and drugs to “treat” their diagnoses because it is all QUACKERY.

    “Hannah Winter is a young woman in England with a catalogue of debilitating mental health conditions” – She does NOT have a catalogue of debilitating mental health conditions – she has just been brainwashed into THINKING that she has by QUACK Psychiatrists etc and then willingly stuffed herself with the many TOXIC drugs that these QUACKS get paid to dish out that are causing her debilitating conditions.

    Who is saying or convincing these people that they are trans – is it these same QUACK Psychiatrists etc. Funny how it was not so long ago that people like me never heard of this trans drivel – in the 1960’s we were aware of gays but not much about that and did not seem to many around back then and it was not all being shouted from the rooftops like all of this drivel now.

    Of course we are all grown up and more researched of what is going on in the world and who is funding all of this and the agenda to destroy the family unit and male/female relationships as George Orwell was warning about in his book 1984. People need to realise that “human rights” etc are part of this agenda to FORCE these other “rights” on everyone.

    You were born with inalienable rights that no one can take away from you and no can can force you to to take on anyone else’s so called made up rights especially this “legal” NOT lawful DRIVEL. Your children are YOUR property and no one including government has the power or authority to force anything on YOUR children including this DRIVEL and it is time that the people understood this and started to stand up for their kids and put a stop to all of this before they end up indoctrinated in this crap like they have been with the climate change pish and all of the other LIES that they have been indoctrinated with in school as well – of course this will be hard when most adults have been brainwashed as well.

  26. Anton Decadent

    Truly excellent work.

    I did not see that this had been posted and made this comment in the previous thread but feel that it is relevant here.

    I posted yesterday asking if anyone knew how many NGO’s are operating in Scotland but no one replied. I tried looking online but no success although there is someone registered in Bulgaria offering a list for twenty five Euros. Somewhere else you had to be a registered paying member to access their list.

  27. John C

    Can someone please explain to me why Transing is not in itself “coversion therapy”?

    Oh it is conversion therapy and exceptionally homophobic even though it enjoys dressing itself in the trappings of LGB culture. It’s end goal is to remove the idea of same sex attraction and replace it with ‘same gender attraction’. Right now if you go on any social media platform you’ll see people decry homosexuality as ‘bigoted’ or worse because it denies Trans people rights. It’s all regressive and echoes the sort of bigotry shown to LGB people for centuries that gay people can be ‘cured’ by a form of corrective rape.

    We have a generation of young people who’d normally grow up to be gay or lesbian being told that if they undergo hormone treatment and have extreme body modification surgery then they’re men or women. But they’re not & lesbians and gay men are rejecting them as sexual partners, hence the purple-faced anger you’ll see online from TRAs that people won’t have sex with them.

  28. The Flying Iron of Doom

    They’re using the wrong URL for the Internet Archive, though whether that is deliberate or merely another manifestation of SNP incompetence is anyone’s guess. The fact that the SNP has taken steps to conceal the identities of their freaky bunch of yes-men those on their “expert” advisory group is something which looks very< bad. Any explanation forthcoming, Humza? Maybe the iron-slinger can fill you in on what to say should that nasty Douglas Ross mannie gie you a hard time ower the matter?

  29. Den

    @sven , could not agree more re: civil action, when Sturgeon announced that anyone who disagreed with the SNP/Greens view of the world on the Gender reforms were doing so from behind a cloak of bigotry that’s when you know that the whole fabric of decent society is under attack .

  30. Ruby

    Imagine what would happen if they let just of one of those gender critical terfs asking awkward questions into their group.

    It would all fall apart if they had to answer the ‘what is a woman’ question.

    They would all have to call ‘The Samaritans’

    Wait a minute would the talking therapy on offer from ‘The Samaritans’ not be seen as conversion therapy.

    How dare they try to convert someone from being suicidal to being non-suicidal.

    I am not making light of suicide. I think ‘The Samaritans’ do a wonderful job and I believe just sitting down and talking to someone helps a great deal.

    Not that I’ve experienced suicidal thoughts but I have found talking to someone about a problem really help and so does the cup of tea.

    It would be tragic if ‘The Samaritans’ were at risk because of another bonkers SNP law.

    The same would apply to ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ and even ‘Weight Watchers’.

    The doctor wouldn’t be allowed to suggest you should stop smoking or prevent a stroke etc

    I’m at the stage where I’m finding it hard to talk about any of this insanity any more.

    I’m struggling to find the answer to the question:

    What is trans?

    Is trans just men with various very weird & often illegal fetishes?
    I think it is.

    Is Cole-Hamilton’s ‘friend’ Beth a man who likes ‘sissy’

    Does being a ‘sissy’ require you to have a woman’s face so that the man attracted & paying to enter Beths ‘universal vagina’ (aka bumhole) think he is actually with a woman.

    Sorry to be crude but I don’t think you can understand what trans is unless you are ready for some adult content.

    Is Cole Hamilton attracted to the Universal Vagina.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s because you don’t know enough about ‘sissy’

    Do you need to know? It would be good if you didn’t.

    I’m quite broad minded and I knew of some fetishes but what I’ve read over the past year has sickened me.
    But sometimes it’s necessary to face the brutal truth.

    My conclusion is that ‘trans’ is all about ‘men’s very weird fetishes & sexual activities’

    They are asking us to be kind to the *flasher you know the one who likes to show you his cock, the guy who gets his rocks off going into women’s toilets to listen to women pee, the voyeur who who sticks his phone under the cubicle to film you undressing. They tell us to be kind to the child abusers, rapists, murderers & cannibals who were born in the wrong body & need to be in women’s prisons, the guy who masquerades as a woman to abduct and sexually assault children, to be happy to have our taxes spent on giving all these ‘trans people’ free plastic surgery on the NHS so that can have a ‘woman face’ in order to make all of the above easier for them.

    * Indecent exposure is not all harmless it usually leads to more serious crimes.
    See Wayne Couzens

    I thought female genital mutilation was illegal in the UK but like indecent exposure, voyeurism and police sexual assault (aka strip searching) it isn’t. None of it is illegal if you are trans.

    No wonder all the pervs are loving the ‘trans’

    Not looked at ‘transmen’ much yet. They don’t seem to be bothering anyone too much although seeing pictures of their mastectomies’ brings me to tears. It’s just tragic, someone needs to sit down and talk to them before they go through all the mutilation.

    Oh wait a minute don’t do that you could end up in jail for 7 years.

    “No good deed goes unpunished”

  31. The Forge

    When this insane nonsense (noncense?)is inevitably defeated and crawls back under the rock from whence it came, there needs to be a reckoning with the people, politicians, journalists and others who have been engineering this twisted fantasy.

    These people have deliberately sought to create a landscape where women, children and the vulnerable are put in harms way.

    The hard earned rights of women and their place in society is being purposefully eroded.

    Children and are being set up as prey for predatory adults.

    Those who are vulnerable or have mental health issues are being targeted for state sanctioned sexual abuse. In fact all of the above is state sanctioned sexual abuse.

    LGB rights – hard fought for over decades are being taken away and we have gone backwards to a time where homophobia has been legitmised. It may be covered in colourful flags and surrounded by the language of “kindness” but the “T” is complete homophobia to it’s core.

    So I advocate that a library of names and organisations be developed that can be used in the future to seek redress for the wrongs that have been done, the wrongs that are attempting to be done and to send a powerful message to all the homophobes, Queer Therorists, predators and wreckers in our society that this sort of manipulation will never be tolerated again.

  32. Stewar

    Gaslighting and grooming of the nth degree. For further advice on this see Jimmy Saville

  33. Jan Cowan

    A deliberate ploy to destroy our route to independence? Glad to say they’ll need to threaten us with something other than misguided pantomime dames.

  34. Ruby

    12 January, 2024 at 4:54 pm
    and we start to see the kind of unrest we last saw with the Poll Tax.

    Was there anybody in Scotland who was for the Poll Tax?

    There are a fair number of people who are very much in favour of ‘gender recognition’

    see my earlier post for a list of those who are loving it.

    It includes every single deviant in the land + all our politicians. Every single one of them.

    Not heard Tommy Sheridan’s views on it yet. Is he pro or anti GRA.

    Note I have written GRA and not GRRB.

    Basically I’m asking if he is in favour of sex changes as outlined in the GRA 2004.

  35. Geri

    Heart radio is running an ad for child protection.

    Can we all just report the Scottish government?

    Pretty hard to report child abuse when our government are on a mission to drop safeguarding, all child agencies are totally captured with this Queer theory bollocks & sexualising & indoctrinating children is rampant in schools.

    Yet more hypocrisy.

  36. Tommo

    God Almighty. The Editor rarely fails to amaze re the the SNP but this selection fairly makes my skin crawl.
    OK, I’m a Yoon but I have confidence that the electorate of Scotland will reject this rabble en masse at both upcoming elections-IF they come to know of this. What the hell is the Scots media doing ?
    I care not if people vote Alba, Labour, Monster Raving Loony or (in gest) Conservative (I omit the LibDems) but for heaven’s sake get rid of this lot-I suspect they have decided to burn the house down, knowing they will be evicted.

  37. Muscleguy

    Excellent sleuthing Rev Stu even if the revelation is unsurprising it is most depressing nevertheless. You might think after the debacle of the GRR & the Hate Crime Bill still not in operation that the idea that balance might be a good idea has not penetrated Bute House or Holyrood.

  38. twathater

    What strikes me is all these new Scottish names and titles, tenacious Val I endlessly highlighted the glaring anomaly of sturgeon the scum opening up the consultation to the perverts and deviants from all over the world , and guess what they have moved here with all their fake made up religions and positions to take advantage of easy access to our children, ALL with the permission of our laws and rules introduced by deviant fuckwit politicians
    Roll on the revolution

  39. dasBlimp

    Ignored says:
    12 January, 2024 at 5:55 pm
    12 January, 2024 at 4:54 pm
    and we start to see the kind of unrest we last saw with the Poll Tax.

    Was there anybody in Scotland who was for the Poll Tax?


  40. Ruby

    12 January, 2024 at 6:10 pm

    God Almighty. The Editor rarely fails to amaze re the the SNP but this selection fairly makes my skin crawl.
    OK, I’m a Yoon

    Sadly Tommo the truth is every single political party in Scotland & the UK supports sex changes, self-id and all the rest.

    The Posie Parker party is the only exception but I’m not sure she’ll be allowed to register her party.

    All this stuff plus the warmongering has come about because of you NO voters.

    I don’t blame you because I believe you were conned by ‘Better Together’

    Is there anything I can do to convince you to stop being a yoon and become a YES.

    We are all being conned now and have been for the past decade.

    Have you watched this:

    This doctor gives me hope. I wish him all the best of luck.

    Here’s his fundraiser

  41. Ruby

    I think the Rev Mother with the beard might have a point about Sunak gaslighting us

    He says

    “We shouldn’t get bullied” into believing that “people can be any sex they want to be” “A man is a man, and a woman is a woman, that’s just common sense,”

    He says this while the the GRA 2004 is very much part of UK legislation.

    This legislation says a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man.

    There isn’t a huge variety of different sexes Rishi only two. Male & female.

    You bully is into believing a man can be a woman by issuing them with official documents that state a man is a woman.

  42. Al Dente

    What a bunch of sickos.

  43. Ross Quinn

    Just as an addition to this the esteemed Conor Matchett had the cheek to write into Private Eye bemoaning the ScotGov’s openness about the recent lost case I couldn’t help but laugh at one of the pets of the Sturgeon era having the cheek to act like a journalist…

  44. Red

    It’s like Gremlins 2: The New Batch

  45. Mac

    Aye ‘expert’ if expert means unfit to run a bath. I wonder how long until we see someone killed for persuading someone’s child to mutilate themselves behind the parent’s back.

    This is child abuse that is beyond psychological damage. I am reminded of Hannibal Lector who drugged his victim with psychotropic drugs and then talks him into cutting off his own face and feeding it to his dogs. I really don’t see much difference.

  46. Athanasius

    The irony of LGBTQ-rest-of-the-alphabet being against “conversion” is the biggest laugh.

  47. Mac

    Aye ‘expert’ if expert means unfit to run a bath. I wonder how long until we see someone killed for persuading someone’s child to mutilate themselves behind the parent’s back.

    This is child abuse that is beyond psychological damage. I am reminded of Hannibal Lector who drugged his victim with psychotropic drugs and then talks him into cutting off his own face and feeding it to his dogs. I really don’t see much difference. None of these deviants care about their victims.

  48. Dr Yvonne Ridley

    It might be a panel of experts but they’re hardly impartial or without prejudice.
    This is deeply alarming and one has to wonder what other ‘expert panels’ the Scottish Government relies on for handling information and deciding policy.
    Such panels will simply be incapable of revealing an inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something, therefore leading to a deliberate systematic distortion of statistical results at source.

  49. Mac

    There is nothing more ‘conversion’ than persuading a pristine human being to mutilate themselves and convert themselves to be something else, an abomination. Be gay be whatever you want but if you are hovering over yourself with a scalpel to ‘cure’ yourself you are by definition insane.

  50. robertkknight

    Imbeciles marking their own homework… yet again!

    As the Rev says…

    “It’s the SNP way”

  51. Mark Beggan

    This is what seeking Scottish Independence at all costs gets you. We are paying the price now. A snake oil salesman, rampant homosexuals parading their debauchery with pride. A web of lies. Imperial deviants on a biblical scale like locusts and famine. If there was any justice in Scotland it’s gone.

  52. Dan

    How do we even begin to fix this sort of crap. There’s so many folk getting paid to sit at computers doing “bureaucracy”, that there’s no money left to actually do the basic requirements that any functioning society needs to maintain its infrastructure.

    It’s a similar situation of over bureaucratic processes in many other areas of Scottish life now.
    Seeing as the council do next to fuck all in road maintenance around my way I put in a lot of effort and time maintaining my local roads to ensure the pavements are usable and the road gullies drain properly to reduce the flooding which causes vehicle accidents / damage, and to keep the roads from becoming waterlogged, so when the hard frosts hit (like now) the road surfaces are far less likely to break up which will cost way more to properly repair than it would to have kept the drainage maintained in the first place.

    So I recently started to lift the drain covers on a few completely choked drains and dig out the near 2 feet deep sediment bowls. I get a full wheelbarrow load per drain. Sediment bowls are fitted so that the debris being washed off the road settles in the chambers so the run off into the drain outflow pipework is meant to be cleaner and sediment doesn’t just flow directly into the outflow pipes as this chokes them and then requires the additional work and cost of having them jetted to flush and clear obstructions.

    The council haven’t cleaned the drains for years now and the sediment had built up to the point the sediment bowl was full, the outflow pipe was now completely choked, and the drain no longer functioned at all.
    So I have a chat with a pal that works on and maintains HGV gully emptying vehicles (a private company) about this. They only get the very occasional call from the council to do what is effectively emergency call outs. There is no general maintenance program in place.
    But my pal was stating that as SEPA now class gully waste as toxic the company now needs to cover all that additional licensing and administration costs to operate. And private contractors will without doubt be passing that additional cost onto their invoices they give to the local councils for any work done.
    There was also the significant and absurd issue that they also actually have to travel to a different local authority area to offload the waste collected by their gully emptying vehicle at an official site, as there isn’t a facility in this area. So that adds a couple of hours more driver time and fuel costs to drive to dump waste.

    My question is that if SEPA deem gully waste as toxic, then why aren’t they hassling and fining the councils seeing as this “toxic” waste is now lying for years in choked drains and sediment bowls, and all the current “toxic” road water is just flowing directly into fields, watercourses, and rivers.
    You can’t have it both ways, it’s either bad shit that needs dealt with properly in a timely manner, or it isn’t, and if it’s the latter then there should be no need to class it as toxic with all the significant additional costs and administration involved in licenses and official processing of the waste.
    SEPA love to go hard after the wee guys but rarely seem to go after the councils who have old legacy landfill sites still leaching all sorts of shite into our rivers.

    For information, the drains that I cleared aren’t on a busy road so no traffic safety issues there, plus they are choked with soil and leaf mulch and were full of worms so can’t be too toxic.

  53. David Hannah

    Dear SNP. You fuck wits aren’t banning anything.

    There’s no such fucking thing as conversion therapy in Scotland in 2024. It doesn’t exist. Hate preachers don’t exist. Homophobia doesn’t exist. It’s a fantasy.

    Your gender ideology pish is conversion therapy. Take Heather Pervert for example. He’s converted his male appendage to some kind of open wound.

    How in the name of fuck is that not conversion therapy. You stupid fucking twats.

    Get yourself to fuck Humza. And fuck the fuck off. Like Mhairi Black.

    Up the fucking Alba Party. Scotland says no to your fucking shite.

  54. Mark Beggan

    If a man is ruled by his own cock then free him and take his cock away.

  55. David Hannah

    Patrick Harvie is a groomer. He’s a sexual deviant. He’s disgusting.

    Maggie Chapman is autistic. She’s fucked in the head and has a black hole in her hairy hairy horrible untouched minge. She needs a straight jacket and locked in a padded cell. Horrible disgusting critter.

    And then there’s Ross Greer. Ginger pupes and micro penis.

    And, the fucking hell the rest. What’s her name. The closet lesbian from the island. The one that takes the pseudo seizures. You know the fake non epilepsy siezeres that attention seekers collapse with?

    She needs a good bit of crumpet.

    And then there’s the fucking horrible horrible leader.called Nicola Sturgeon. Orange is the new black series coming soon.

    Fuck them all. And fuck off

  56. David Hannah

    You will never carve up Scotland’s children. Scumbags. SNP out.

  57. David Hannah

    Take down the rainbow flag and hoist up the saltire on high.

    This is Scotland.

    Our flag is the saltire. You’ve got the wrong fucking flag.

    Fuck off

  58. Mac

    Re the court case brought by SA. I really enjoy listening to top quality lawyers expound a solid case.

    The quality, yet economy, of expression, the precision of words. I find it kind of beautiful. Like finding the straightest line between two points. Like reading a Gordon Dangerfield article.

  59. Mark Beggan

    Every time I watch The Last Kingdom where the guy gets his face eaten by wild dogs, Patrick Harvie always springs to mind

  60. Derick fae Yell

    Jesus Fucking Christ

  61. David Hannah

    Neale Hanvey was making an episode with Billboard Chris on all of this madness.

    I wonder if I can watch that?

    Well done to Wings over Scotland.

    Our children than you for being there for them.

  62. Lorna Campbell

    Brilliant stuff again, Rev. Every so-called consultation has been the same: all ‘trans’.

    John C: the Denton’s Document. If you have not read it, you really do need to, and you will discover how they did it. For anyone who still has doubts, access Reduxx. It will, quite literally (good ‘trans’ word there) make your skin crawl and walk away on its own to vomit.

    Maybe it’s time to start asking why, not how? Why? Queer Theory is as addictive as p**n to those with melted cheese for brains. It is eugenics by any other name and it is straight out of the Nazi Party handbook for psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists and sadists. Oh, and paedophiles. Keep them young in body and mind forever by blocking their puberty.

  63. John Main

    I’ve reached the point where I think the catalogue of horrors revealed by Rev Stu is a symptom of a society with too much wealth and too much free time.

    I know I’m going to get pelters for this, but the only answer I see is to drive our society into the same penury that afflicts most of the third world.

    The hundreds of millions of people living on $1 a day don’t have the time or energy for this reality denying shit. The narcissistic scum Rev Stu shows above are a ghastly symbol of our western decadent excess.

    It’s a tragedy of biblical proportions. For a few decades, unique in the history of human kind, we literally had it all in the west, and we could have used our extraordinary good fortune to build something of lasting glory and value.

    Instead, we did this.

  64. Karen

    That poor fish.

  65. John Main


    I heard exactly the opposite.

    I heard counsel for the Israelis explode the “genocide” claims for the hyperbolic, hysterical, over-the-top, desperate, barrel-bottom-scraping it has obviously been since Day 1, when Israel postponed its Gaza invasion for 2 weeks whilst saying “Look guys, just give us our hostages back and we’ll call it quits”.

    Still, your fantasy is dear to you and I don’t want to take any responsibility for destabilising your mental equilibrium.

    So keep going if it keeps you happy with my blessing.

  66. Ruby

    Mark Beggan
    12 January, 2024 at 8:14 pm

    This is what seeking Scottish Independence at all costs gets you.

    Did you miss the bit about the GRA2004 being part of UK legislation.
    Had you guys not voted NO we would be without the Gender Recognition Act, you know the one that Rushi & the rest of the Tories are trying to pretend doesn’t exist.

    Without the GRA 2004 there could be no GRRB, self-id, puberty blockers and all the promotion of transgenderism in schools.

    Voting for the repeal of the Section 28 was another of your mistakes.
    Had the Section 28 still been in place all this promotion of transgenderism wouldn’t have been allowed.

    Had we voted yes we wouldn’t be stuck with a load of Brit Nat parties who are, every single one of them fully supportive of the idea that a man can change sex.

    In an iScotland we could have had a referendum on whether we wanted folk to change sex.

    I guarantee the vote would have been NO. The polls would be in the 90s on day one of the debate with the wee secret group of deviants laughed off the stage.

    Your biggest mistake however was to vote to be part of this warmongering nation with their astronomical military budget and their weapons of mass destruction housed here in their colony.

    We would no longer be a British colony and we could vote for the party we wanted.
    How great would that be! Vive la liberation!

    How am I doing are you YES yet?

  67. Mike

    Please can we have our country back?

    I mean Scotland was once renowned for it’s straight forward, no nonsense, stoic approach to things.

    What the F has happened?

  68. Dan

    @ Lorna Campbell

    Ach, it’s amazing how things change… When I was growing up there was a UK wide campaign fronted by the school kids actors in Grange Hill – “Just Say No” (to drugs)… But now I wouldn’t be surprised if the biology lessons in schools were sponsored by Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

    I suppose like in many other areas, self-selecting eugenics will take a lot of folk outta the future gene pool.
    In a #MrBenStylée it’s a pity more folk don’t Self-ID as road maintenance workers instead of self-obsessed non-binary amalgamations of space compost floating about on social media. The former would at least benefit wider society in a more positive way.

    And on that note I’m off to watch Gattaca.

  69. Casper1066

    Good piece of work Stu, well done.

  70. robertkknight

    Yet again the MSM journos either asleep on the job or propping up some bar somewhere bemoaning their worthless honours degree in underwater basket weaving.

    Once upon a time they’d have nailed the SNP to the proverbial shithouse door over crap like this

    But what now?


  71. Confused

    if you can’t beat them – get a good joab oot iy it
    civil service 27% into your pension

    kirk baptiste is never wrong

    these holyrood committees work hard as we see from actual footage

  72. barelybare

    It won’t end until enough people vote for politicians who would end it.

  73. Kcor

    Another brilliant exposure.

    What would the country be like if the “mainstream media” were publishing articles like this day in day out?

  74. msdidi

    “Not looked at ‘transmen’ much yet. They don’t seem to be bothering anyone too much although seeing pictures of their mastectomies’ brings me to tears. It’s just tragic, someone needs to sit down and talk to them before they go through all the mutilation”
    Have you seen this?

  75. Mark Beggan

    @ Ruby

    What makes you think I voted NO. You assume too much. On the point of no. The majority of Scots voted no. That is true democracy. What happened after that was a Swindle. The country ripped apart by people who don’t know what NO means hence the freak show. Independence will never happen in this lifetime maybe in your next life. Are you YES yet.

    To tell someone you are Ignoring them is more sinister than it appears verging on
    bullying. When you ignore someone you don’t tell them you are ignore them.

  76. Ruby

    Yousaf tells independence supporters You must vote SNP

    That sounds very dictatorial. Not even a please or thank-you.

    I wish my German was better so I could translate his dictat into German
    I feel it needs to be in German.

    Anyway I’ll give it a go. Could be scheisse could be gut!

    Achtung! Achtung! Nicht abstimmungen ‘der Scheisse Nationalistisch Partei’ ist verboten.

    Sieg Heil!

    Ja, wohl! Herr Nutzlos!

    Die Schmetterlinge fliegen im Wald

    Herr Nutzlos! es freut mich sehr diese spitzname.

    Die Vogel singen und die Sonne scheint!

    Gute Nacht, schlaf gut, meine kleinen kohlrabis.

    Nicht Hinauslehnen!

  77. Mark Beggan

    Mein Kampf

  78. Mark Beggan

    Mein Kampf or Uncle Humza go’s to Pollock.

  79. John Main


    What’s the German for pretendy, fraudulent, outsourced and farcical?

    Feel free to throw in the Scots and Gaelic equivalents too.

  80. Geri

    The only party proposing to stop this is Alba.

    Public assemblies on contentious issues to find solutions.

    We can all see now, as if we didn’t at the time, Ash Regans vote was rigged & it was rigged because she’d have implemented it immediately.

    We know Sturgeon is still in charge. This is was her & Evans pet project to burn Holyrood to the ground.

    Only way out that I can see is Alba. The yoons allowed this. They’d at least six fucking committee’s where they were supposed to scrutinise the shit out of this along with lawyers, policy advisors & a whole army of civil servants. They obviously didn’t bother because it’s by order of the UK government to burn Holyrood & blame indy & charge us for the court cases.

    So when yoons dare ask Yessers about this shit as if it’s related to indy.. LOLz – the yoons have their names all over this shit. Some even thanking male prostitute’s by name & giving him a standing ovation in parliament .

    Don’t think we can’t smell britnat all over this abomination.
    The Brits do love a scandal straight out of the gutter to get their way. Sexual deviants is their Modus operandi & this shit reeks of it.

    Vote alba for proper public assemblies. It would kill this nonsense stone dead.

  81. Mark Beggan


  82. Graf Midgehunter

    John Main
    says: at 12:06 am


    “What’s the German for pretendy, fraudulent, outsourced and farcical?”
    That’s easy:

    a “Johannes von Main”

    “Main Krampf” (use a dictionary)





    There are many ways to skin a Main.. 🙂

  83. Geri

    Public assemblies would kill this stone dead.
    As thousands of Scots Mams & Da’s rushed to sign up.

    These pukes would run for cover, if they even turned up at all to face difficult questions, & the trans cult rein of stupidity would be over within weeks. It wouldn’t even survive the first meeting.

    Where is the lawyer? The teacher? The doctor? The policeman? Womens groups? Child protection agencies? Parents?

    Nowhere to be seen. A rabble of 15 nomarks plucked from the Trans cult with barbaric & regressive punishment for non compliance. Get them tae fck out of parliament & any law making decisions. They’re not qualified & a one sided rabble does not make an expert advisory group. They’re experts in fck all but down the shagging club, obviously.

    Next Indy government in Holyrood must implement public assemblies & public referendums on any future bullshit as a matter of urgency & written into law. This bullshit is allowed because we have a Yoon system in place that naw voters voted to keep.

  84. Anne Johnston

    Wonderful Rev.

  85. The Flying Iron of Doom

    John Main says:
    13 January, 2024 at 12:06 am


    What’s the German for pretendy, fraudulent, outsourced and farcical?

    Feel free to throw in the Scots and Gaelic equivalents too.

    Well, I keep thinking that “ersatz” would be a good word to apply to Hummy since he is an inferior substitute for a First Minister 🙂

  86. twathater

    Geri @ 12.17am I think you will find that ALBA through Alex Salmond has stated that any convention of the estates will consist of the greater good of Scottish society, those very same ones that are sitting idly bye while this deviancy continues and most likely will form part of the QUANGOS who will be paid for their ruminations, THAT is why I go on and on about people’s assemblies NOT a convention of middle class arsewipes

  87. Willie

    Excellent detailed research Rev Stu.

    Reading the profiles of these individual committee members it becomes crystal clear how the Scottish Government have utterly stuffed the committee then hide it.

    Without your expose’ the deception and fraud of this government would have remained hidden.

    Truly this is just another example of how rotten this SNP governed is in every aspect of process.

    Spin, spin, spin, ie, lie, ad criminally lie at that. The SG is pure poison. The SNP is pure poison.

    And so a debt of gratitude once again for this detailed exposure Rev Stu.

  88. Robert Louis

    Thanks for this article (and the previous one).

    This gender nonsense just never seems to stop. Of REAL worry is the absolute indoctrination of young people. Full-on propaganda in Scottish schools.

    ‘THIS, and only THIS is what you MUST think, kids’.

    I just cannot see what the SNP, a supposedly pro independence party gets from doing this. It is NOT a vote winner – to the extent they try to hide or play down their activity in this respect.

    Honestly, what business is it of any government, anywhere, indulging ridiculous, damaging policies like this, but hiding it from voters. Of course, the paid liars within the Scottish government will say they are completely transparent, but of course, as we have seen, they really, really are NOT.

    I cannot think of anything more stupid in recent memory, than this transgender nonsense. Most of these young folk wandering around now claiming to be ‘queer’, or ‘they/them’, or whatever, are doing so because it is seen as edgy and cool, just like every other youth trend. In a few years, they will of course look back on it and laugh as they get on with their straight lives, but those young folk, who really are gay or lesbian will in the meantime have had ZERO support in the meantime – or worse, been told they MUST have been born in the ‘wrong’ body.

    Meanwhile, organisations like stonewall and equality network, have completely abandoned gay and lesbian folk. I think almost all the folk in those organisations now regard the words gay, homosexual or lesbian as the work of the devil. ‘Surely you mean ‘queer’ dear?’ GTF!

    THAT is where this loony gender pish has taken us. Gay and lesbian rights ignored, and often sneered at by those who shout the loudest about, what they laughingly term, ‘equality’.

    As a gay (not ‘queer’ or ‘2slgbtqqiaa++’ (WTF??) man, who remembers the ACTUAL fight for ACTUAL gay rights in Scotland, and the legalisation of homosexual relationships, this gender sh*te (and the careerist clowns behind it) makes my blood boil. ALL our hard work undone by these stupid, careerist ‘gender’ fascists.

    This is why we now have the LGB alliance to fight for gay and lesbian rights. Stonewall, equality network and the rest have abandoned gay folk.

    Career advice: Are you a complete nobody, with zero qualifications or skills? Do you want a very well paid career talking sh*te, to gullible fools in the SNP Scottish government? Here is all you need to do.

    1. make up your ‘pronouns’ These can be absolutely anything*, so long as you can make up some daft backstory about them, to make you seem ‘edgy’, and ‘on message’.

    2. Start telling folk, you are a tran-humanist, eco-rampant, gender fuid, queer, 2 spirit, non gender-conforming, lesbian man – or some similar rubbish.

    Then send your CV to the Scottish government. A guaranteed well paid job or ‘consultancy’ will be yours.

    *Your made up ‘pronouns’ really can be absolutely anything, like ze, xe, zxhe, they, them, those, it, em, fem, and so on. Nobody checks what they really mean, just make up some sh*te. The stranger, the better, as it makes you seem more ‘edgy’ and ‘with it’.

  89. Dorothy Devine

    Robert Louis, thank you , that is a most excellent summary.

    I know you have been shouting this for some time and I was rather hoping that a larger body of like minded folk had gathered to kill off Stonewall.

    Goodness knows why parents are sitting numbly by at this abuse of their children within the education system , I would have thought they would have been shouting about it from one end of Scotland to the other yet they remain strangely silent.

  90. David Hannah

    Stonewall sicken me. Non binary now entails having a double mastectomy while maintaining female genitalia. I unfollowed a comedian called Sarah someone after she posted her mental health disorder online.

    I really is depraved. Unfortunately for Patrick Harvie. Ross Greer or Nicola Sturgeon. There’s no amount of medical butchery in the world that will make their sex organs remotely palatable.

    Fuck you all. You disgusting pieces of Human Filth. And fuck off with the Saturday Girl Humza. You dirty cheating filthy adulterer rat.

    There will be no conversion therapy bill. Section 35 this fucking bill before it even goes to the next stage.

    SNP out now!

  91. Ruby

    Where did that post with the link to

    go? I can’t find it now.

    Thank you for that link.

    Posie is very disappointed with Devina McCall who she previously held in high regard.

    I don’t know much about Devina McCall. I knew she was doing stuff about the menopause and that her answer to all things menopause was to take drugs. I am not keen on taking drugs. By the looks of Devina in the video I think she might have taken too many drugs.

    As for the woman with the beard obviously she has taken a lot of drugs. The sound was bad on that video so couldn’t make out what she was saying although I wasn’t all that interested.

    I got the idea she thought she was born in the wrong body so turned to drugs & surgery to sort out that little birth problem.

    She is definitely winding up Posie and I understand why.

    Unlike the ‘transwomen fetishists’ I don’t see her as a threat. It’s tragic what is happening to these young women and any other young woman/girl/parent who might be influenced by Davina McColl.

    The more people who are going through the menopause the better for Davina and the drug companies selling HRT.

    Davina is all for young women going through the menopause when they are in their twenties it means more booksales, more attention, more people who think they need her help and possibly the backing of drug companies.

    Davina McColl and anyone else profiting from the genital mutilation & abuse of young people are the scum of the earth.

    I repeat what I wrote earlier.

    Female genital mutilation,child abuse, indecent exposure, voyeurism, sex abuse by the police all used to be illegal but now it’s all perfectly legal all you need to do to get away with it is claim to be a woman.

    Why would anyone think deviants are not going to take advantage of this? All their Christmases have come at once. Yippee I can go and flash my dick in the ladies changing room and nobody can say anything about. If these dumb women dare to complain they will sorted out PDQ. Be kind to the flasher ladies! He’ll turn out to be like Wayne Cousins but that’s not something you need to worry your pretty little heads about.

    Thank you for the link. Hopefully I can find your post later and by able to add your name to my thanks. Cheers.

  92. Ruby

    The thing I read about HRT was if there was a risk of breast cancer (family history) then HRT wasn’t for you if there was a risk of heart attacks/strokes then HRT was advised.

    That seems to have changed and now HRT is absolutely fine for everyone. Aye right! Davina McColl has made a career of selling the product.

    The other thing I read was that women in Japan didn’t suffer from any menopausal symptoms that required drugs. No HRT in Japan.

    I found that very interesting.

    Maybe the ‘menopausal cult’ hadn’t reached Japan. Might all be different now and Davina’s videos are flooding the market in Japan.

    I’m wondering if lot of the problems with the menopause might be psychological. Basically the fear of aging.

    What is so bad about a hot flush that requires you to take heavy duty drugs for the rest of your life.

    Maybe time to tell Davina McColl where to go.

  93. Ruby

    I found German quite difficult I did however enjoy studying it way back then. Now most of it has gone ‘down the memory hole’. See I am on topic!

    It’s interesting the phrases that stick in your head

    Die Schmetterlinge fliegen im Wald


    Die Vogel singen und die Sonne scheint!

    I learned from listening to an audiobook in German of Hansel & Gretel.

    I added them into my post as a bit of a joke. It’s so sad that there are people who didn’t recognise that. What must life be like if you have no sense of humour and can’t recognise a joke. Sad! Very Sad! 🙁

    OK my jokes might be rubbish but surely it’s possible for most people to recognise them as jokes even if they are rubbish.

    Anyone wanting to learn a language can’t go wrong listening to children’s audiobooks in the language they want to learn.

    Lots of good vocabulary can be learned. It is after all the way children learn a language.

    I did once know how to say ‘the lightening has struck the lightening conductor’ in German but that’s been forgotten. Gone down the memory hole. (on topic again) Never had an opportunity to use any of that vocabulary. But butterflies flying in the woods, birds singing, sun shining and Hansel und Gretel going everywhere hand in hand were pretty useful when having to write an essay in German.

    That along with my hyper active imagination always got me a pass even if the criticism was that I had lots of imagination and no technique.
    That the essay should be published but probably wouldn’t get me an O grade.

    That’s the problem I found with education. The sky has always to be blue and the grass green and if you miss a wee tiny little ‘umlaut’ you fail.

    I’ve missed all the ‘umlauts’ and accents in my btl posts ‘cos I’m not sure that WordPress can handle accents.

    Well that’s my accuse but the truth is who cares about such minor details. I can’t see the point in having them in the written word not unless you are someone who reads out loud.

    So yeah too much time spend in education can seriously damage your ability to think creatively. I’ve notice that here BTL on a few occasions.

    Fortunately there are those who spend on lot of time in education who haven’t been indoctrinate and that is probably because they have the sense of humour gene in abundance.

    Hoorah for the ‘profs’ who make me laugh!

    So no not all you ‘profs’ are androids just a couple of you.

  94. dasBlimp

    I can tell you have a hyperactive imagination, Ruby. It’s where all your information and facts come from 😉

  95. John Main

    Hey Graf

    How’s tricks in Germany?

    What’s the local dialect for “Professional Scotsman”?

    Any day you want to come to Bonnie Scotland, pay our tartan taxes and help build what we Sovereign Scots have got going on here, you will be entitled to an opinion.

    Until then though, naw, soz, not soz.

  96. Lynn

    I am hearing a lot of alarm with the Rev Dr Susan Brown involvement.
    But it better to know and work from an informed position .

  97. Merganser

    Freaks will appoint freaks. Not one normal person on the list.

    If you don’t know what a normal person is, or object to the use of word “normal”, you are probably a freak, or have been brainwashed into denying that people have a right to an opinion like this.

    Normality has been binned by the freaks in Scotland. Normal people will leave, increasing the freakish hell that Scotland is becoming under the SNP.

    If you identify as normal, you know who not to vote for in order to restore normality, if it is not too late.

    Scotland used to be governed by normal people, with normal policies relating to the economy, education, transport, health etc. on behalf of the vast majority of normal people.

    What’s going on now freaks me out.

  98. Ruby

    13 January, 2024 at 12:17 pm

    I can tell you have a hyperactive imagination, Ruby. It’s where all your information and facts come from 😉

    Better that than it coming from the planet Ura*us 😉

    or from a balloon filled with gas that ends limp 😉

    What would one expect from a British balloon?

    “British Class B airship” plus “limp”—i.e., nonrigid.”

  99. Alf Baird

    Merganser @ 2:11 pm

    “Scotland used to be governed by normal people, with normal policies relating to the economy, education, transport, health etc. on behalf of the vast majority of normal people.”

    In a colonial society it is highly unlikely that rule of law is the responsibility of ‘normal people’; colonialism is a racist and oppressive system aimed at subordination and exploitation of ‘a people’, and rightfully regarded as a crime by the UN and ICJ.

    In such a society a non-sovereign territory and its people are only subject to whatever the colonizer decides. Hence policies which ‘mystify the people’ and divert an independence movement ‘down a blind alley’ are part and parcel of colonial rule, according to postcolonial theory.

  100. Andy Ellis

    @Alf Baird 3.42pm

    In a colonial society it is highly unlikely that rule of law is the responsibility of ‘normal people’; colonialism is a racist and oppressive system aimed at subordination and exploitation of ‘a people’, and rightfully regarded as a crime by the UN and ICJ.

    You’ll be able to provide links to the UN and ICJ accepting Scotland as a colony or being on the non self governing territories list then Alf?

    Should be a shoe-in this independence lark when the UN and ICJ step in to recognise our colonial status, right?

  101. Ruby

    Typing the planet Ura*us without the * in the middle will get you modded.

    I prefer to use the planet Urasshole.

    Might be clearer if you replaced the planet Ura*us with the planet Urasshole in the above post and on every occasion you decide to write about that planet.

    I find it funny and I’m not at risk of getting modded when I used the planet Urasshole.

    I think Mr “British Class B airship limp & non rigid” could be a supporter of the “British Class B Labour Party limp & non rigid” and might be interested to know why we have to use ‘Planet Urasshole’ and not the correct spelling of that planet where all men come from. 🙂

    Since he doesn’t respect the facts I post I ain’t telling that big ballon anything. 😉

    They say;

    ‘Men are from the planet ‘Urasshole’ and women are from the planet Venus.’

    I’m not agreeing to that ‘cos that would make us all ‘space-cadets’.

    I think I prefer the garden idea or even the gooseberry bush/stork idea.

  102. dasBlimp


    Better that than it coming from the planet Ura*us ?

    or from a balloon filled with gas that ends limp ?

    What would one expect from a British balloon?

    “British Class B airship” plus “limp”—i.e., nonrigid.”

    I am crestfallen, but on the bright side…

    Mrs Blimp found that reply most amusing. That Ruby knows you well, she said. Ha ha.

  103. dasBlimp

    Step away from the Bucky, Ruby.

  104. Ruby

    I know someone how is defo from the Planet Urasshole.

    Inerastin’ that he’s suggesting that if Stu doesn’t come to Scotland and pay his taxes he should butt out of commenting on Scottish affairs.

    I don’t know if he is soz or not soz but definitely sozzled.

    Could the constipation have caused him to turn to drink?

    Syrup of Figs or those french petards that you shove up your planet could sort him out.

    A couple of these french firecrackers and
    boom all will be sorted.

    It’s terrible thing to be full of rock hard shit!

    He’ll ‘be hoisted by his own petard’ but will be fine in a couple of days. Some bleach, a good strong loo brush and some of the ‘banned’ cream for the piles. It’s called Assholeoil

    I’ll get modded if I type the correct name but you should be OK asking for it in the pharmacy.

    Back to my O grade french. I know the french word petard it means fart.

    I can even conjugate the verb ‘peter’ which is the infinitive of the french verb to fart.
    Well I used to be able to when I knew what a pronoun was.
    But hey it doesn’t matter ‘cos I have no need to be conjugating the verb to fart any more.

    I got the O grade so no need for anymore conjugation or stuff like that anymore.

    I wonder if there are plans to take over Wings by the constipated?

  105. Alf Baird

    Andy Ellis @ 3:53 pm

    “Should be a shoe-in this independence lark when the UN and ICJ step in to recognise our colonial status, right?”

    As yet no nationalist has taken Scotland’s case to the UN, though that may change as more Scots continue to turn the light on to reveal the reality of our captive colonial ‘condition’:

    I previously suggested a UN C-24 focus should be ex ‘Constitution Secretary’ Michael Russell’s role, but he seemed to prefer spending much of the last decade or so huffing and puffing and knocking on the door of 10 Downing St. for some bizarre reason; maybe he genuinely thought our liberation could be acquired within? And then they pensioned him off, only to return now to huff and puff about Scotland’s (stolen) land, again missing the point.

    Like you, he does not believe Scotland is a colony. He believes that we are something else; that we are somewhat ‘superior’ (to a colony) even, tho perhaps an ever so slightly junior partner in an otherwise ‘sort of’ equal kind of ‘union’, not a political hoax subject to bribery; or maybe a ‘friendly’ annexation, annexed by ‘good’ neighbours, and yes, Scotland clearly an ‘aberration’ of some sort – and what with all these old wars of independence and their aftermath long forgotten, and historically re-written – in the oppressors tongue, of course.

  106. Ruby

    13 January, 2024 at 4:18 pm

    Step away from the Bucky, Ruby.

    No way it’s Seturday night and I do all my best work on a
    Seturday after a few ‘Buckies on the Beach’

    and on top of that

    ‘When I get a couple of buckies on a Seturday
    Glasgow belongs to me’

    It’s just a pity I live in Edinburgh.

    Give these Buckie cocktails a try. Honestly they are much better than the old ‘Syrup of Figs’ or these ‘French Firecrackers’ for sorting out you out.

    They’ll not be just one boom. It’ll be the Edinburgh New Year fireworks display level of booms.

    Better pay for your lovely wife to have a week-end at the spa when you decide on doing the ‘Buckie Colonics’

  107. Andy Ellis

    @Alf Baird 5.04pm

    Much as I hate to find myself lumped in with the likes of Mike Russell, the issue for those ardently attached to the “Scotland as colony” schtick is that they have relatively few mainstream followers and, at least as far as I can see, absolutely no followers in any positions of influence.

    The UN won’t give standing or take any notice of a group or institution purporting to represent Scotland in any claim for recognition as a colonised country, or for addition to the list of non self governing territories, without clear evidence of popular support from Scots and also evidence that we’ve exhausted all other potential routes to exercise our self determination.

    Neither applies to us of course. Almost uniquely – even amongst the problematic examples of Quebec, Catalonia and Scotland which are often rather unhelpfully lumped together – Scotland is almost unique in facing a situation where the “metropolitan” power is on record as saying it has no selfish interest in holding us in a union if the majority want to leave.

    The same applies to Northern Ireland, though again that’s a somewhat different situation given the history of the island of Ireland.

    Most Catalans would give their eye teeth to be in a situation where all Madrid required was a majority vote in Catalonia in favour of independence for it to be granted.

    It’s not and never has been a matter of being colonised Alf, it’s a matter of not enough Scots having enough faith in their own abilities, or believing that another (better) future is possible.

  108. Dan

    Andy Ellis says: at 5:45 pm

    Much as I hate to find myself lumped in with the likes of Mike Russell, the issue for those ardently attached to the “Scotland as colony” schtick is that they have relatively few mainstream followers and, at least as far as I can see, absolutely no followers in any positions of influence.

    Hmm, and why might that situation exist? It couldn’t possibly be down to all the mainstream media narratives being predominantly unionist and therefore not properly informing Scots of the true situation.
    And the media and politicians that do supposedly purport to being nationalist in outlook is also highly questionable that their stated positions are genuine when one considers their actions.

    Scotland is almost unique in facing a situation where the “metropolitan” power is on record as saying it has no selfish interest in holding us in a union if the majority want to leave.

    Can you furnish a link to this please, it’s just that what you state seems kind of contrary to the likes of UK PM Theresa May stating “now is not the time”, and Reece-Mogg stating they need to repair the damage to the UK caused by devolution.
    And it also couldn’t possibly be a bluff position anyway when the likes of successful international currency traders like Jim Rogers state that England would be severely diminished if Scotland returned to self-governing status and the union ended.

    It’s not and never has been a matter of being colonised Alf, it’s a matter of not enough Scots having enough faith in their own abilities, or believing that another (better) future is possible.

    See my first response again.
    When did any of our supposedly nationalist politicians ever even begin to inform the Scottish electorate of stuff like this.

    The Kingdom of Scotland has a much better resources to population figure than the Kingdom of England.

    (Old stats so may not be 100% accurate but it gives the gist.)


    32% of the land area.
    61% of the sea area.
    90% of the fresh water.
    65% of the natural gas production
    96.5% of the crude oil production.
    47% of the open cast coal production
    81% of the untapped coal reserves
    62% of the timber production
    46% of the total forest area
    92% of the hydro electric production
    40% of the wind wave and solar energy production
    60% of the fish landings
    30% of the beef herd
    20% of the sheep herd
    9% of the dairy herd
    10% of the pig herd
    15% if the cereal holdings
    20% of the potato holdings
    90% of the whisky industry
    70% of gin production


    68% of the land area.
    39% of the sea area.
    10% of the fresh water.
    35% of the natural gas production
    3.5% of the crude oil production.
    53% of the open cast coal production
    19% of the untapped coal reserves
    38% of the timber production
    54% of the total forest area
    8% of the hydro electric production
    60% of the wind wave and solar energy production
    40% of the fish landings
    70% of the beef herd
    80% of the sheep herd
    91% of the dairy herd
    90% of the pig herd
    85% if the cereal holdings
    80% of the potato holdings
    10% of the whisky industry
    30% of gin production

    The revenue streams generated by the current UK government policies means the two Kingdoms’ combined resources help to serve the UK population of 67 million.
    So if Scotland returned to self-governance we could emulate current UK policies, which as a Conservative are presumably policies you are supportive of. So therefore with The Kingdom of Scotland’s much improved resources to population figures it would mean the larger proportional revenue stream generated by those Scottish resources would only have to serve 5.4 million.

  109. John Main

    Alf Baird

    My view is that your “Scotland As Colony” idea was floundering until the advent of oor ain pretendy FM.

    It’s easy enough to perform what we used to call a “thought experiment”. Envisage stopping a hundred random Pakistanis on the streets of Islamabad and asking them how they would see their country if a white Christian was made PM on a fraudulent secret ballot of a few tens of thousands of people – with no evidence those people were even citizens of Pakistan and thus entitled to a say.

    These Pakistanis would be in no doubt that was a colonising act. Once they stopped climbing the walls at the very idea.

    So aye, we’re a colony all right.

    But naw, we’re not the kind of colony you claim.

  110. Dan

    Edit to above post.
    Please strip out the following “which as a Conservative are presumably policies you are supportive of” as I omitted to edit that line of text out as I copied and pasted the stats info from a previous post.
    Informing Scots isn’t helped by the number one Indy site being horrendous to use due to loss of post preview functionality and time delay in posts appearing.
    On that note. Stu, is the delay in posts appearing due to you downgrading server performance and resultant costs when you were on sabbatical leave? I’m sure a crowd fund would raise funds to switch back to improved server performance if that is the cause of the delay in posts appearing.

  111. Andy Ellis


    Hmm, and why might that situation exist?

    No idea. Could be lots of reasons. But I wasn’t making a point about the admittedly dire state of our media. If those pushing the Scotland as colony concept as something useful in our search for independence – or even just something that needs to be addressed for it to make progress – then it’s up to them to increase their numbers. They’ve signally failed thus far, as they’re still very much a fringe group.

    Can you furnish a link to this please,…

    What am i your google chimp? Plenty of sources out there for Thatcher and other unionist politicos expressing the “no selfish interest” doctrine.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s a bluff, or if they try to back track for the purposes of international recognition, they’ll still expect us to have gone through all the necessary stages. However, if unionist DO go back on that it indicates lack of good faith on their part, which will play badly when it comes to an argument about recognition.

    I know the rest of the stuff. Many do. It’s not us you have to convince.

  112. Dan

    @ Andy Ellis

    So you’re back again and still using the antagonistic putdowns I see…
    Is Thatcher’s position not “ancient guff” and superceded by current UK politicians statements. She’s deid so can’t exactly or easily be held to account on her words.
    And you must be quite the fickle if you believe the UK establishment give a hoot about acting in good faith.
    And this “international community” that are to judge us aren’t exactly behaving in an impressive way.
    Plus I didn’t get a vote in determining who this “international community” are so that’s a bit of a civic globalism fail right there, and it reeks of an un-elected supranational world government overriding sovereign states’ democracy too.

    Out of interest have you ever tweeted out that stats comparison to your followers. A big Indy playa like yersel will surely be helping spread info that could help influence Scots towards returning to self-governance.

    As you so regularly deflect or try to find fault with so many btl commenters here on Wings; With your supposedly superior knowledge on all things then please explain to us dullard plebs how we can proceed in a way that is immune to the undeniable power and influence of UK state preserving machinations.
    This worked out so well after all.

  113. Alf Baird

    Andy Ellis @ 5:45 pm

    “holding us in a union if the majority want to leave”

    Well, that particular outcome remains heavily influenced by 1) a people with a colonial mindset and 2) a degree of occupation. Both are functions of colonialism.

    “The same applies to Northern Ireland”

    The major difference between Scotland and N.Ireland is that ‘the people of Northern Ireland’ are defined as those ‘who were born there’ according to the Belfast Agreement, whereas anybody from anywhere having an address in Scotland can be ‘Scottish’ and hence may influence the self-determination of the Scottish people.

    “it’s a matter of not enough Scots having enough faith in their own abilities”

    Which was Alasdair Gray’s conclusion in his ‘Se****rs and Colonists’ essay published prior to the 2014 referendum, and again a typical outcome of colonialism and related ‘appropriated racial oppression’.

    We simply have to objectively observe reality to reach the conclusion that Scots are subject to colonialism.

  114. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 6:27 pm

    “So aye, we’re a colony all right.”

    Some progress it would seem, although the ‘leader’ of the compromised national party seems immaterial; i.e. ‘continuity’ = status quo.

    The essential features of colonialism are well established, hence all an oppressed people need to understand in order to define their colonial status is:

    – that those exercising political control are outside of their country;
    – that their country is subject to economic plunder by those exercising political control;
    – that se***er occupation mostly originates from the country doing the plunder and exercising political control

  115. McDuff

    The SNP should have been highlighting Scotland`s wealth in proportion to population as you have done. It begs the question as to why they have not.

  116. Andy Ellis

    @Dan 8.02pm

    What’s antagonistic about expressing exasperation with your lack of ability to use google? Rather than whine about it, do your own homework. Thatchers words are simply the most obvious and frequently quoted example of the “no special interest in keeping Scotland in the union” principle: this isn’t rocket science.

    I’ve absolutely no faith in the UK government, but that’s not the point. Achieving self determination for non colonies (because whatever Alf and his partisans fondly imagine, few people in Scotland and virtually nobody outside it accepts that Scotland qualifies as a colony for the purposes of claiming self determination) presupposes exhausting all the other available routes.

    If and when we’ve done that, and the British nationalist state is still placing artificial barriers in our way, or if they were to use violence, then we’d have an even stronger case that UDI or non-conventional means were a legitimate route to independence, because they were frustrating the use of referendums or plebiscitary elections.

    The Canadian Supreme court specifically mentioned a duty on BOTH parties to negotiate in good faith in its opinion on the Quebec Clarity Act, but it also stipulated that such negotiations necessitated the seceding party having a clear majority in response to a clear question.

    The attachment of a handful of folk in Scotland to arcane analysis of 300 year old treaties and their ardent belief in the sovereignty of the Scottish people, Declaration of Arbroath, Claims of Right etc, whilst interesting and perhaps helpful in the preparation of our case, mean little when it comes to the most important part of achieving independence: gaining international recognition.

    Sophomoric whingeing about “un-elected supranational world government overriding sovereign states’ democracy too.” isn’t going to help. It is just those bodies who will (hopefully) be recognising the new Scottish republic one day, so unless you’re hanging your hat on waiting for some new world order to emerge, or are content to be like the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus without the sun, or a cross between Brigadoon and Hoxha’s Albania, I suggest you demonstrate the alternative route and show us where the popular support for your brave new world is?

  117. Ruby

    Which was Alasdair Gray’s conclusion in his ‘Se****rs and Colonists’ essay published prior to the 2014 referendum, and again a typical outcome of colonialism and related ‘appropriated racial oppression’.

    Alf is making damn sure he doesn’t get PMTed however I think he has gone a bit overboard with the *’s
    Some people might not have a clue what that book is about and think it’s about
    ‘Colonists & their Dogs’

    I’m a big fan of Alf. I read his every word and I fully believe Scotland is a colony. I can’t believe anyone thinks otherwise but then there are folk who believe a man can be a woman that he just needs a bit of lippy and a pink dress and hey presto he is a she.

    Alf is one of the good professors although he doesn’t make me laugh mostly he makes me cry. What a sad state Scotland is in.

    Deep in heart-wrung tears I’ll pledge thee
    Warring sighs and groans I’ll wage thee

    There are some I have called ‘professors’ they are not really professors they just think they are. The only seat they’ve got is a clapped out office chair where they sit all day lecturing to us plebs here at the ‘BTL University of Wings’

    I think you can type set*tlers safely or you could post a picture.

  118. Ruby

    Oh God!

    There’s a lot of dark sarcasm in the classroom here at the ‘BTL Univeristy of Wings’ again.

    I’m just glad I’ve got my O grades and I don’t have to attend their classes.

    Thank goodness for the X for exempt. I don’t need to forge any notes from my mother saying I have very bad diarrhoea?

    Diarrhoea because we thought the teacher would never think we could spell it.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! fooled you Miss!

    I’m off to see what’s in the news. Things are moving, very slowly but at least we are going in the right direct.

    Allons enfants de la Patrie
    Le jour de gloire est arrivé!

    It hasn’t arrived yet but it’s coming soon ‘For a’ that, an’ a’ that’,

    Bonne dimanche mes enfants. 🙂

  119. Duncan

    Getting back to Conversion Therapy…
    It is possible to see who the members of the Expert (sic) Group are by searching for the minutes.
    These tell you who was there and who sent apologies and what was discussed but as someone used to the recording of meetings, these minutes are appalling. They are jumbled lists of nebulous guff that got discussed with absolutely no record of what was actually said by the “Experts”.

  120. Andy Ellis

    @Alf Baird 8.39pm

    Well, that particular outcome remains heavily influenced by 1) a people with a colonial mindset and 2) a degree of occupation. Both are functions of colonialism.

    Perhaps, or perhaps not. You can assert people have a colonial mindset all you like, but proving it is true or actually the view of more than a minority is something you’ve signally failed to do. You and others saying we are occupied, even if only to a degree, is simply your “take” on the current situation.

    Lot’s of people would perhaps sympathise with the use of that kind of language as a rhetorical device, and even be willing to accept there are aspects of Scottish history and experience which are at least “colonial adjacent”, if not indicative of Scotland being an actual colony in the same way as African or Asian colonies of the Empire, or even Ireland pre 1920’s.

    You mention Alasdair Gray’s comments later in your response: remember how popular they were at the time? That hasn’t really changed. The same things Gray was complaining about happen all over England too: it doesn’t mean they’re colonised.

    However, you and your supporters haven’t demonstrated any measure of support for your world view, either domestically inside the movement or outside it, or externally in international organisations. Until that happens, your airy assertions and constant invoking of colonial theory don’t move us a scintilla closer to actually achieving our goal.

    The major difference between Scotland and N.Ireland is that ‘the people of Northern Ireland’ are defined as those ‘who were born there’ according to the Belfast Agreement…

    With respect to Ireland, it’s not really an analogous situation. As we’ve discussed before, the franchise for a border poll is in the gift of the Secretary of State who calls the vote: for all we know he’ll choose something other than all of those born (and presumably then resident) in Northern Ireland. Of course in the Scottish context, it’s quite open to the movement to try and alter the franchise for a future vote in the same way. Good luck with that. Let us know how you get on making the case, and how you think it will impact the chances of international recognition.

    We simply have to objectively observe reality to reach the conclusion that Scots are subject to colonialism.

    You realise that you appropriating the mantle of “objectively observed reality” to support you assertions and worldview doesn’t actually MAKE them objectively observed reality, right? It’s like TRAs insisting on the reality of their woo woo faith based beleif system, and about as convincing.

  121. lothianlad

    The sickness that has infected the so called scottish government is rife!
    Never would I have thought that the SNP would side with such depravity and criminality, through greed and fear.

    I am ashamed to have been an SNP member for so long!

  122. Stevie

    ONLY way for the SNP to avoid electoral disaster is to start treating the Brits like the enemies of indy they are ; demand (at every turn and obstacle) MORE money to pay for decent services that have been underfunded since 2008’s austerity till today – put the blame directly at the Brit fkr’s door.

    Lions or pussies – fkn choose.

    WE are not friends with the enemies of indy – identify the enemy, destroy or be crushed – cause, be assured, the Brits fkn hate you.

    THE BRITS will end Holyrood as soon as they can (the coming next 5 to 10 years) – go to war with the Brits to get indy – they are at war with you.

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