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Defining journalism

Posted on August 02, 2021 by

Craig Murray, a former ambassador to Uzbekistan, the father of a newborn child, a man in very poor health and one who has no prior convictions, handed himself over to the Scottish police last Sunday morning. He becomes the first person ever to be imprisoned on the obscure and vaguely defined charge of “jigsaw identification”.

Murray is also the first person to be jailed in Britain for contempt of court for their journalism in half a century – a period when such different legal and moral values prevailed that the British establishment had only just ended the prosecution of “homosexuals” and the jailing of women for having abortions.

Murray’s imprisonment for eight months by Lady Dorrian, Scotland’s second most senior judge, is of course based entirely on a keen reading of Scottish law rather than evidence of the Scottish and London political establishments seeking revenge on the former diplomat. And the UK supreme court’s refusal on Thursday to hear Murray’s appeal despite many glaring legal anomalies in the case, thereby paving his path to jail, is equally rooted in a strict application of the law, and not influenced in any way by political considerations.

Murray’s jailing has nothing to do with the fact that he embarrassed the British state in the early 2000s by becoming that rarest of things: a whistleblowing diplomat. He exposed the British government’s collusion, along with the US, in Uzbekistan’s torture regime.

His jailing also has nothing to do with the fact that Murray has embarrassed the British state more recently by reporting the woeful and continuing legal abuses in a London courtroom as Washington seeks to extradite Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, and lock him away for life in a maximum security prison. The US wants to make an example of Assange for exposing its war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and for publishing leaked diplomatic cables that pulled the mask off Washington’s ugly foreign policy.

Murray’s jailing has nothing to do with the fact that the contempt proceedings against him allowed the Scottish court to deprive him of his passport so that he could not travel to Spain and testify in a related Assange case that is severely embarrassing Britain and the US. The Spanish hearing has been presented with reams of evidence that the US illegally spied on Assange inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he sought political asylum to avoid extradition. Murray was due to testify that his own confidential conversations with Assange were filmed, as were Assange’s privileged meetings with his own lawyers. Such spying should have seen the case against Assange thrown out, had the judge in London actually been applying the law.

Similarly, Murray’s jailing has nothing to do with his embarrassing the Scottish political and legal establishments by reporting, almost single-handedly, the defence case in the trial of Scotland’s former First Minister, Alex Salmond. Unreported by the corporate media, the evidence submitted by Salmond’s lawyers led a jury dominated by women to acquit him of a raft of sexual assault charges. It is Murray’s reporting of Salmond’s defence that has been the source of his current troubles.

And most assuredly, Murray’s jailing has precisely nothing to do with his argument – one that might explain why the jury was so unconvinced by the prosecution case – that Salmond was actually the victim of a high-level plot by senior politicians at Holyrood to discredit him and prevent his return to the forefront of Scottish politics. The intention, says Murray, was to deny Salmond the chance to take on London and make a serious case for independence, and thereby expose the SNP’s increasing lip service to that cause.


Relentless attack


Murray has been a thorn in the side of the British establishment for nearly two decades. Now they have found a way to lock him up just as they have Assange, as well as tie Murray up potentially for years in legal battles that risk bankrupting him as he seeks to clear his name.

And given his extremely precarious health – documented in detail to the court – his imprisonment further risks turning eight months into a life sentence. Murray nearly died from a pulmonary embolism 17 years ago when he was last under such relentless attack from the British establishment. His health has not improved since.

At that time, in the early 2000s, in the run-up to and early stages of the invasion of Iraq, Murray effectively exposed the complicity of fellow British diplomats – their preference to turn a blind eye to the abuses sanctioned by their own government and its corrupt and corrupting alliance with the US.

Later, when Washington’s “extraordinary rendition” – state-sponsored kidnapping – programme came to light, as well as its torture regime at places like Abu Ghraib, the spotlight should have turned to the failure of diplomats to speak out. Unlike Murray, they refused to turn whistleblower. They provided cover to the illegality and barbarism.

For his pains, Murray was smeared by Tony Blair’s government as, among other things, a sexual predator – charges a Foreign Office investigation eventually cleared him of. But the damage was done, with Murray forced out. A commitment to moral and legal probity was clearly incompatible with British foreign policy objectives.

Murray had to reinvent his career, and he did so through a popular blog. He has applied the same dedication to truth-telling and commitment to the protection of human rights in his journalism – and has again run up against equally fierce opposition from the British establishment.


Two-tier journalism


The most glaring, and disturbing, legal innovation in Lady Dorrian’s ruling against Murray – and the main reason he is heading to prison – is her decision to divide journalists into two classes: those who work for approved corporate media outlets, and those like Murray who are independent, often funded by readers rather than paid big salaries by billionaires or the state.

According to Lady Dorrian, licensed, corporate journalists are entitled to legal protections she denied to unofficial and independent journalists like Murray – the very journalists who are most likely to take on governments, criticise the legal system, and expose the hypocrisy and lies of the corporate media.

In finding Murray guilty of so-called “jigsaw identification”, Lady Dorrian did not make a distinction between what Murray wrote about the Salmond case and what approved, corporate journalists wrote.

That is for good reason. Two surveys have shown that most of those following the Salmond trial who believe they identified one or more of his accusers did so from the coverage of the corporate media, especially the BBC. Murray’s writings appear to have had very little impact on the identification of any of the accusers. Among named individual journalists, Dani Garavelli – who wrote an infamous piece about the trial for Scotland on Sunday and Tortoise Media, as well as a lengthy article in the London Review Of Books – was cited 15 times more often by respondents than Murray as helping them to identify Salmond’s accusers.

Rather, Lady Dorrian’s distinction was about who is awarded protection when identification occurs. Write for the Times or the Guardian, or broadcast on the BBC, where the audience reach is enormous, and the courts will protect you from prosecution. Write about the same issues for a blog, and you risk being hounded into prison.

In fact, the legal basis of “jigsaw identification” – one could argue the whole point of it – is that it accrues dangerous powers to the state. It gives permission for the legal establishment to arbitrarily decide which piece of the supposed jigsaw is to be counted as identification. If the BBC’s Kirsty Wark includes a piece of the jigsaw, it does not count as identification in the eyes of the court. If Murray or another independent journalist offers a different piece of the jigsaw, it does count. The obvious ease with which this principle can be abused by the establishment to oppress and silence dissident journalists should not need underscoring.

And yet this is no longer Lady Dorrian’s ruling alone. In refusing to hear Murray’s appeal, the UK supreme court has offered its blessing to this same dangerous, two-tiered classification.


Credentialed by the state


What Lady Dorrian has done is to overturn traditional views of what constitutes journalism: that it is a practice that at its very best is designed to hold the powerful to account, and that anyone who engages in such work is doing journalism, whether or not they are typically thought of as a journalist.

That idea was obvious until quite recently. When social media took off, one of the gains trumpeted even by the corporate media was the emergence of a new kind of “citizen journalist”. At that stage, corporate media believed that these citizen journalists would become cheap fodder, providing on-the-ground, local stories they alone would have access to and that only the establishment media would be in a position to monetise. This was precisely the impetus for the Guardian’s Comment is Free section, which in its early incarnation allowed a varied selection of people with specialist knowledge or information to provide the paper with articles for free to increase the paper’s sales and advertising rates.

The establishment’s attitude to citizen journalists, and the Guardian’s to the Comment is Free model, only changed when these new journalists started to prove hard to control, and their work often highlighted inadvertently or otherwise the inadequacies, deceptions and double standards of the corporate media.

Now, Lady Dorrian has put the final nail in the coffin of citizen journalism. She has declared through her ruling that she and other judges will be the ones to decide who is considered a journalist and thereby who receives legal protections for their work. This is a barely concealed way for the state to license or “credentialise” journalists. It turns journalism into a professional guild with only official, corporate journalists safe from legal retribution by the state.

If you are an unapproved, uncredentialed journalist, you can be jailed, as Murray is being, on a similar legal basis to the imprisonment of someone who carries out a surgical operation without the necessary qualifications. But whereas the law against charlatan surgeons is there to protect the public, to stop unnecessary harm being inflicted on the sick, Lady Dorrian’s ruling will serve a very different purpose: to protect the state from the harm caused by the exposure of its secret or most malign practices by trouble-making, sceptical – and now largely independent – journalists.

Journalism is being corralled back into the exclusive control of the state and billionaire-owned corporations. It may not be surprising that corporate journalists, keen to hold on to their jobs, are consenting through their silence to this all-out assault on journalism and free speech. After all, this is a kind of protectionism – additional job security – for journalists employed by a corporate media that has no real intention to challenge the powerful.

But what is genuinely shocking is that this dangerous accretion of further power to the state and its allied corporate class is being backed implicitly by the British journalists’ union, the NUJ. It has kept quiet over the many months of attacks on Murray and the widespread efforts to discredit him for his reporting. The NUJ has made no significant noise about Lady Dorrian’s creation of two classes of journalists – state-approved and unapproved – or about her jailing of Murray on these grounds.

But the NUJ has gone further. Its leaders have publicly washed their  hands of Murray by excluding him from membership of the union, even while its officials have conceded that he should qualify. The NUJ has become as complicit in the hounding of a journalist as Murray’s fellow diplomats once were for his hounding as an ambassador. This is a truly shameful episode in the NUJ’s history.


Free speech criminalised


But more dangerous still, Lady Dorrian’s ruling is part of a pattern in which the political, judicial and media establishments have colluded to narrow the definition of what counts as journalism, to exclude anything beyond the pap that usually passes for journalism in the corporate media.

Murray has been one of the few journalists to report in detail the arguments made by Assange’s legal team in his extradition hearings. Noticeably in both the Assange and Murray cases, the presiding judge has limited the free speech protections traditionally afforded to journalism and has done so by restricting who qualifies as a journalist. Both cases have been frontal assaults on the ability of certain kinds of journalists – those who are free from corporate or state pressure – to cover important political stories, effectively criminalising independent journalism. And all this has been achieved by sleight of hand.

In Assange’s case, Judge Vanessa Baraitser largely assented to US claims that what the Wikileaks founder had done was espionage rather than journalism. The Obama administration had held off prosecuting Assange because it could not find a distinction in law between his legal right to publish evidence of US war crimes and the New York Times and the Guardian’s right to publish the same evidence, provided to them by Wikileaks. If the US administration prosecuted Assange, it would also need to prosecute the editors of those papers.

Donald Trump’s officials bypassed that problem by creating a distinction between “proper” journalists, employed by corporate outlets that oversee and control what is published, and “bogus” journalists, those independents not subject to such oversight and pressures.

Trump’s officials denied Assange the status of journalist and publisher and instead treated him as a spy who colluded with and assisted whistleblowers. That supposedly voided the free speech protections he constitutionally enjoyed. But, of course, the US case against Assange was patent nonsense. It is central to the work of investigative journalists to “collude” with and assist whistleblowers. And spies squirrel away the information provided to them by such whistleblowers, they do not publicise it to the world, as Assange did.

Notice the parallels with Murray’s case.

Judge Baraitser’s approach to Assange echoed the US one: that only approved, credentialed journalists enjoy the protection of the law from prosecution; only approved, credentialed journalists have the right to free speech (should they choose to exercise it in newsrooms beholden to state or corporate interests). Free speech and the protection of the law, Baraitser implied, no longer chiefly relate to the legality of what is said, but to the legal status of who says it.

A similar methodology has been adopted by Lady Dorrian in Murray’s case. She has denied him the status of a journalist, and instead classified him as some kind of “improper” journalist, or blogger. As with Assange, there is an implication that “improper” or “bogus” journalists are such an exceptional threat to society that they must be stripped of the normal legal protections of free speech.

“Jigsaw identification” – especially when allied to sexual assault allegations, involving women’s rights and playing into the wider, current obsession with identity politics – is the perfect vehicle for winning widespread consent for the criminalisation of the free speech of critical journalists.


Corporate media shackles


There is an even bigger picture that should be hard to miss for any honest journalist, corporate or otherwise. What Lady Dorrian and Judge Baraitser – and the establishment behind them – are trying to do is put the genie back in the bottle. They are trying to reverse a trend that over more than a decade has seen a small but growing number of journalists use new technology and social media to liberate themselves from the shackles of the corporate media and tell truths audiences were never supposed to hear.

Don’t believe me? Consider the case of Guardian and Observer journalist Ed Vulliamy. In his book Flat Earth News, Vulliamy’s colleague at the Guardian Nick Davies tells the story of how Roger Alton, editor of the Observer at the time of the Iraq war, and a credentialed, licensed journalist if ever there was one, sat on one of the biggest stories in the paper’s history for months on end.

In late 2002, Vulliamy, a veteran and much trusted reporter, persuaded Mel Goodman, a former senior CIA official who still had security clearance at the agency, to go on record that the CIA knew there were no WMD in Iraq – the pretext for an imminent and illegal invasion of that country. As many suspected, the US and British governments had been telling lies to justify a coming war of aggression against Iraq, and Vulliamy had a key source to prove it.

But Alton spiked this earth-shattering story and then refused to publish another six versions written by an increasingly exasperated Vulliamy over the next few months, as war loomed. Alton was determined to keep the story out of the news. Back in 2002 it only took a handful of editors – all of whom had risen through the ranks for their discretion, nuance and careful “judgment” – to make sure some kinds of news never reached their readers.

Social media has changed such calculations. Vulliamy’s story could not be quashed so easily today. It would leak out, precisely through a high-profile independent journalist like Assange or Murray. Which is why such figures are so critically important to a healthy and informed society – and why they, and a few others like them, are gradually being disappeared. The cost of allowing independent journalists to operate freely, the establishment has understood, is far too high.

First, all independent, unlicensed journalism was lumped in as “fake news”. With that as the background, social media corporations were able to collude with so-called legacy media corporations to algorithm independent journalists into oblivion. And now independent journalists are being educated about what fate is likely to befall them should they try to emulate Assange or Murray.


Asleep at the wheel


In fact, while corporate journalists have been asleep at the wheel, the British establishment has been preparing to widen the net to criminalise all journalism that seeks to seriously hold power to account. A recent government consultation document calling for a more draconian crackdown on what is being deceptively termed “onward disclosure” – code for journalism – has won the backing of Home Secretary Priti Patel. The document implicitly categorises journalism as little different from espionage and whistleblowing.

In the wake of the consultation paper, the Home Office has called on parliament to consider “increased maximum sentences” for offenders – that is, journalists – and ending the distinction “between espionage and the most serious unauthorised disclosures”. The government’s argument is that “onward disclosures” can create “far more serious damage” than espionage and so should be treated similarly. If accepted, any public interest defence – the traditional safeguard for journalists – will be muted.

Anyone who followed the Assange hearings last summer – which excludes most journalists in the corporate media – will notice strong echoes of the arguments made by the US for extraditing Assange, arguments conflating journalism with espionage that were largely accepted by Judge Baraitser.

None of this has come out of the blue. As the online technology publication The Register noted back in 2017, the Law Commission was at the time considering “proposals in the UK for a swingeing new Espionage Act that could jail journalists as spies”. It said such an act was being “developed in haste by legal advisers”.

It is quite extraordinary that two investigative journalists – one a long-term, former member of staff at the Guardian – managed to write an entire article in that paper this month on the government consultation paper and not mention Assange once. The warning signs have been there for the best part of a decade but corporate journalists have refused to notice them. Similarly, it is no coincidence that Murray’s plight has also not registered on the corporate media’s radar.

Assange and Murray are the canaries in the coal mine for the growing crackdown on investigative journalism and on efforts to hold executive power to account. There is, of course, ever less of that being done by the corporate media, which may explain why corporate outlets appear not only relaxed about the mounting political and legal climate against free speech and transparency but have been all but cheering it on.

In the Assange and Murray cases, the British state is carving out for itself a space to define what counts as legitimate, authorised journalism – and journalists are colluding in this dangerous development, if only through their silence. That collusion tells us a great deal about the mutual interests of the corporate political and legal establishments, on the one hand, and the corporate media establishment on the other.

Assange and Murray are not only telling us troubling truths we are not supposed to hear. The fact that they are being denied solidarity by those who are their colleagues, those who may be next in the firing line, tells us everything we need to know about the so-called mainstream media: that the role of corporate journalists is to serve establishment interests, not challenge them.


Jonathan Cook is an author and award-winning journalist. A version of this article first appeared on his website, and is republished here with permission.

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413 to “Defining journalism”

  1. bmc875 says:

    There is no such country, domain, realm as ‘Britain’. That is simply Tory-speak.

  2. Karen says:

    Nicola committed contempt of court when she kept urging Eck to apologise, when the court completely cleared him. In other words she did not accept the court’s / jury’s findings.

  3. Luigi says:

    The failure of “fellow” journalists to speak up in support of CM will come back to haunt them sooner than most expect. “…. and then they came for me”. They know full well what is going on. Cowards.

  4. Cath says:

    It’s the moronic idiots in the SNP who keep cheering on unionism’s many wins in Scotland since Brexit, just because the SNP are now the face of it how really piss me off. Go back to 2014 and tell people that by 2021 they’d have been convinced Salmond (who unionists had been trying to get on something, anything forever but could find nothing) is some mad sex pest (based on a consensual cuddle ten years previous and hair pinging); jailing pro indy journalists they were listening at yes events is totally fine; Wings is evil and you mustn’t read it, ever. Or any other pro indy blogger – they’re all evil. Except Wee Gunger Dug, you can read him, no one else Or better still, stick with the Daily Record who only ever tell the whole truth. That Murray Foote guy who wrote the vow is the best one to listen to: totally truthful and wholly pro SNP, therefore he must be pro-indy, honest. AOUB, Commonweal, Robin McAlpine…all beyond the pale evil old bigots, don’t listen to them. Just listen to us telling you endlessly what that nice Theresa May said in 2017…’now is not the time’.

    I’d be willing to bet any genuinely pro independence person, had you told them in 2014 they’d fall for that would have laughed and told you you were an idiot, of course they wouldn’t. But they have. And many of them seem aggressively proud of it.

  5. chic says:

    The other interesting dynamic herein is that as corporate journalism increases to ‘toe the line’ and ceases to publish what is really in the public interest, then the interest of the public in that form of journalism wanes. We are already seeing print circulations circling the drain, and weird and wonderful governmental funding models for dead tree papers emerge.
    These are not sustainable, the trees, the models or the papers.

    “May you live in interesting times” as was once written in a Chinese samizdat.

  6. Desimond says:

    Darkness falls across the land….

    Has Lady Dorrian got a new high profile job yet?

  7. Margaret Lindsay says:

    Excellent piece but the nail right on the head.

  8. Hatuey says:

    I get it but I don’t entirely buy it.

    Murray’s story was made in Scotland. Not by any nebulous Scottish establishment with ancient nebulous links to the British State, but by Nicola’s “government” which has us just enough power at its disposal to enable it to persecute opponents, if little else.

    I’m sure British Unionists are loving all this, just as they must love Nicola. But they didn’t cause or orchestrate it.

    Most appeals to the British Supreme Court are turned down, and that’s something people can validate very easily. I believe Peat Warrior has given a detailed breakdown.

    Craig Murray was always a hero. This makes him 1000 times more powerful, no matter what.

  9. TonyN says:

    Re Craig, Journalism, Scotland, Union etc.:

    Personally, I reckon Defoe was later employed to help set up Masonry across the UK as a spy network to keep an eye on the Jacobites and other ‘enemies of the state’.

  10. Cath says:

    I’m sure British Unionists are loving all this, just as they must love Nicola. But they didn’t cause or orchestrate it.

    There is no way on earth the UK state would allow a devolved SNP leader to seize control of all the arms of its state in Scotland – the civil service, the Crown Office, the media, the judiciary etc. Were The SNP leadership trying to do that against the wishes of the UK state – eg for the cause of independence – they’d be squashed like an insect in an instant. They’re not: it’s being done in the name of the UK state and crushing independence and its supporters. Hence it is the UK state behind it, with the SNP as its enablers.

  11. Breastplate says:

    There is no Scottish Establishment, there is only the Scottish arm of the British Establishment who will eagerly work hand in hand with our American cousins as Johnathan Cook points out.

    Those who believe Craig Murray’s persecution is born and bred only in Scotland are lacking, let’s be kind and say the ability to weigh evidence realistically.

  12. Stephen says:

    All bloggers should self identify as journalists ??????

  13. Zander Tait says:

    This is nothing more than a protection racket.

    Suppress the truth and report State sponsored lies and you will be afforded State protection.

    Do otherwise, and you are going to jail.

    What a most unpleasant wee country, Scotland has become.

  14. Mist001 says:

    I never used to think that the SNP could be working hand in hand with the British establishment. I didn’t credit them with the smarts to pull a stunt like that.

    I still don’t believe any of them have the brains or wits about them but now, I am 100% convinced that the SNP are controlled by the British state. As I’ve said before, I think Scotland is just one big experiment. As with the poll tax, I believe that what’s happening now is a political experiment to see what they can get away with before it’s introduced all across Britain.

    For what it’s worth and I should make clear that I have absolutely no evidence or facts to back this up, it’s only my opinion from reading and observing, that the key player in the actions of the Britsh state and the SNP is Tommy Shepphard.

    He’s the key.

  15. Alison Brown says:

    Excellent article. I hope main stream media journalists are holding their heads in shame.

  16. Janelochleven says:

    First they came for the bloggers, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a blogger.
    Then they came for the journalists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a journalist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unions, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade union.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    We all need to pay attention. Thankyou Wings for standing up.

  17. Josef Ó Luain says:

    A wonderful essay on the part of Jonathan Cook. There is, very clearly, a many faceted story to be told here regarding the ludicrous incarceration of Craig Murray. My fear is that unless the story is taken out of the UK and widely published abroad in the more enlightened nations of the world, the injustice underlying the whole affair and its wider ramifications, like so many other worthy stories before it, will be smothered and quickly forgotten about.

  18. Jack Murphy says:

    Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls, it Tolls for Thee.

  19. robertknight says:

    Thanks Rev for publishing here and thanks Mr Cook for an excellent summary of a sad and concerning state of affairs.

    Under Sturgeon’s watch we’ve become a Banana Republic, without the benefit of the bananas.


    They’re not “cowards” but co-conspirators whose silence has been bought. He who pays the piper…

  20. Gary45% says:

    Fantastic post, thanks for posting it Stu.
    Second last paragraph, “legitimate, authorised journalism”, will be/is the norm, it’s based not on your ability, but what school, Uni and who you or your parents know/knew. Whether you can spell your own name will matter not a jot.
    Establishment Churnalism 2021.

  21. Hatuey says:

    Cath, Breastplate, etc., I’m sincerely sorry that this is not a binary matter with high definition villains and the breezy simplicity of a Scooty Doo story. It’s complicated. Politics is always complicated. Nobody is saying otherwise.

    We can however say with near certainty that there would be no case against Craig Murray if there was no case in the first place against Salmond. In basic causal terms, that came first and everything rests on that.

    Of course, elements of the British establishment stood back and allowed ScotGov to go down this road, with the BBC playing a highly important supportive part and others suspiciously silent, content to avoid interrupting enemies when they’re making mistakes.

    None of this would have happened if Sturgeon didn’t go after Salmond, using and abusing the limited powers of the Scottish government in the process.

    Detracting from the above is a huge error.

  22. chas says:

    I want to see an Independent Scotland free from the shackles of cronyism and privilege. A country that stands on its own two feet, where every individual is rewarded appropriately for the contribution they make towards making Scotland a better place or ‘punished’ accordingly.
    I am realistic to know that this will never happen especially with the Murrells in charge. Too many are unable to see where we are and where we are heading. Brainwashed comes to mind as they wave their flags.
    Sadly Scotland is not unique on the World stage as many countries are in a similar position with ‘Leaders’ who are more interested in themselves and their cronies. Covid has certainly helped them in this respect. Most of the world’s billionaires have increased their personal wealth in the past two years.
    Do your very best to look after yourself and your family as no one else will.
    All very depressing.

  23. Robert Graham says:

    Every single part of the failed stitch up can be laid squarely on Sturgeons head and all the fallout is down to her personally , Craig is now a political prisoner and it’s all done to protect that fkn snake .

    Alex made a serious misjudgment in promoting voting SNP in the last election , he probably believes deep down she is a good person despite the personal attacks uttered from her own mouth.

    I really believe that stupid pills have been added to the water supply because normal thought processes have been removed from previously rational people , I gave up listening to the Radio and watching TV News channels because of the constant fear promotion that’s been going on for the last year and a half , yeah ok I get it something is going on I don’t need reminding every fkn 5 Minutes about doing this and doing that , FOLLOW ORDERS ,or else is the instruction .

  24. Cherrybank says:

    This article reminds me of an opinion column in the early days of the National by one of their bright young journalists.It stated that in the late eighteenth century/ early nineteenth century the British establishment became alarmed by the proliferation of newspapers and took legal and tax measures to cull their numbers.

  25. Hatuey says:

    “Alex made a serious misjudgment in promoting voting SNP in the last election”

    That’s conjecture. We don’t know what would have happened if he pitted Alba in opposition to the SNP. It’s possible Alba would have achieved less votes.

    We really ought to be looking at the biggest determinant of voting behaviour and patterns though, if we want to truly understand as much as we can.

    Alba was de-platformed and that was the biggest factor in terms of exposing the result. We can guess that a lot of people didn’t even know of Alba’s existence.

    The BBC have been supporting Sturgeon quite openly for about 3 years now. That’s another factor, of course, since a lot of other media outlets just unquestioningly and instinctively follow the BBC’s line on most things.

  26. colin lees says:

    the snp did”nt have to be in power in could have been different. all that people are concerned about could have been swept aside.but,lets not forget, that the snp have recently won a resounding victory in the recent elections.people were not forced to vote the way they did.they lined up outside the voting stations & in their hundreds of thousands all said “we want more of nicola”.well they”ve got it.(five years of it.)

  27. PhilM says:

    FFS…this is politics. Alex Salmond doesn’t have to believe anything about Sturgeon’s character. Why bother going there at all? What we know about Alex Salmond is he wants independence as soon as possible. What we know about Nicola Sturgeon is she is a glacialist on independence. What the last election was about from Alba’s point of view was putting pressure on an almost untouchable leader to get a fucking move on, to get her to commit to something positive on independence, and to put the notion of a supermajority in the minds of the electorate. Of course the broadcasters put their thumbs on the scale and helped Don Sturgleone out of her predicament but for that we would be looking at a significantly different scenario.
    anyway I doubt Alex Salmond thinks Nicola Sturgeon is a good person because he would have to be delusional or on shrooms.

  28. Republicofscotland says:

    Yip I read this the other day on Consortium news, a great article by Mr Cook.

    Meanwhile Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots have invited Johnson to Bute House for “talks” Johnson will be in Scotland later this week.

    Sturgeon hinted that she hopes to discuss, not holding an indyref, or the drug deaths of young Scots with the PM, but strategies on the pandemic, take from that what you will.

  29. PhilM says:

    Tommy Sheppard??? Explain?

  30. Robert Graham says:


    Nope it isn’t conjecture it’s fkn fact

    5 years of bloody inaction , 5 more years of cover up , 5 more years of Independence supporters being threatened with arrest instigated by the liars who profess to be one our side while working to assist the British Establishment.

    Not one of these newly elected SNP MSPs have the spine or the guts to question Sturgeon ” eh what’s happening to the push for independence ? ) not bloody one of these cowards question the direction this party of government are doing .

    Naw not conjecture pal this is what’s going to happen .

  31. Al-Stuart says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see…

    The bitter irony that the polemic work called “1984” was written in Scotland and of all the countries on this earth, it is Scotland where the fictional novel of “1984” is being legislated into fact?

    Jonathan Cook, you like Craig Murray, Stuart Campbell, Iain Lawson, Robert Brown, and the iconic polemicist Julian Assange are very brave men.

    Fortunately, there are honourable politicians, Alex Salmond being one, who, once elected, do their job well and honestly.

    Frustratingly, there is a “lag” between a questionable and/or unsafe conviction becoming news and then evolving into action as we all witnessed with the Westminster Expenses Scandal.

    But of the following I have no doubt….

    Senior legal figures of honesty and probity within the Faculty of Advocates and Police Scotland are concerned at the fallout from this bourach that we WILL see remedial action. It is inexorable. Bad laws and unsafe precedents are eventually struck down.

    Sadly for the authors of these laws and precedents their legacy is tainted and what publicity does eventually gather around their tattered repute in the dusty footnotes of history is invariably soiled (as in her term applied to an involuntary bowel movement).

    Jonathan, thankyou for a landmark article. I know without doubt three things will follow your article…

    (i) The cowardly billionaire media hacks in the UK WILL studiously ignore your words on this page.

    (ii) Billionaires tend to be greedy psychopaths. The DSM 5 reference to mental disorder is not meant to insult. It is a fact that to make a lot of money, it helps to have sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies. The vast majority of millionaires and billionaires hold several DSM 5 descriptors.

    This matters, because avarice is in the mindset of your typical billionaire. Therefore an overseas medial mogul WILL eventually wake up to the travails of Craig Murray and the natural human interest story combined with the fact the nation where “1984” was written is becoming the poster-boy (or poster-girl or poster-noun) for the REAL life “1984”. Ergo the scraggy Scottish cat Bute House has locked in their dirty wee bag will get out. Assisted by an overseas media tycoon who does not like our UK media blackout of Craig Murray, Alex Salmond et al. I would reckon Dundonian Brian Cox and his incarnation as “Logan Roy” would be prime candidate to end Sturgeon’s career. Treat yourself to the DVD box set of nasty media billionaire series: “Succession” if you’d like a taste of how media tycoons bite each other with court writs.

    On the serious note: the affront to all that is right shall become a defining issue of the rest of this decade.

    Step into the spotlight Nicola. You are about to become world famous. Oops, there goes that cushy job you had lined up at the United Nations. They do employ the occasional pariah, but Ms Sturgeon, as the author of “1984 The Sequel” you ain’t the sort of CV job-grabber the Dreghorn Dirker needs. Nicola, you will simply be too hot to handle. Hot as in a bin fire. A dirty, minging bin of stale rotten veg. No more reputable than that.

    (iii). In the country of Iceland they jailed their authority figures such as miscreants, bent, corrupt bankers after the last financial crisis. This matters. As does the fact that Iceland rebuilt it’s economy through the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI)

    Why is this relevant? Because of IMMI, it is VERY difficult to take down a website or citizen media blog in Iceland.

    The fly in the ointment is the core citizen journalists who will become the rising stars of the REAL MEDIA, will move to Iceland, or to countries where they are afforded proper legal protections and inviolable non-extradition treaties!

    There will be efforts to de-monetise websites such as Wings, or Son-of-Wings, but as Stuart Campbell has demonstrated, people are essentially decent and will dig deep into their pockets to read the truth.

    Stuart, it’s a rude question, but to help new citizen journalists, was it £1,000,000 or more that you raised during the current lifespan of Wings?

    Surely whatever Stuart’s magic £ number is, it demonstrates that citizen journalism is viable?

    Bitcoin will ensure that the balance of justice and speaking truth to power continues.

    Jonathan, you were right to highlight that old metaphor about powerful States trying to put the genie back into the bottle. You can’t.

    Penultimately there is only one answer. If you are in a powerful position, YOU will be REQUIRED to become scrupulously HONEST, or prepare for PRISON. With the Internet, eventually there can be NO secrets. Another Scottish book focused on this. Professor Archie Roy’s novel: “Deadlight”.

    The professor’s book is a bit dated now, though has a reference to one of the things that WILL end Nicola’s career. It also has a “suspension of disbelief” element that readers need to get by. Many of us would never have believed it possible that electrons through the air would replace the Encyclopedia Britannica. But we now have the Internet.



    By that I mean there will be no secrets anymore. Julian Assange let that tiger loose.

    The truth is a twin edged sword. Who has most to fear if there can never, ever be any secrets anymore?

    We then have an epoch. A new way of living. Kind of refreshing to think we must all live honestly.

    That’s gonnae be Hell for most of the politicians in Scotland. Sheer bloody Hell.

  32. Republicofscotland says:

    On a wee bit more of a jovial note, the police mission to protect Johnson in Scotland this week was to be called Operation Bunter, but it sounded too much like the fat English school kid Billy Bunter, generally associated with greed. So they had the computer which generates the operations names come up with another one, and it produced Operation Aeration.

    Sounds about right to me as Johnson is certainly full of air, hot air.

  33. sarah says:

    ON Topic: Writing to Craig in prison cold be helpful to him in many ways.

    Several people btl on here want to do so but we need to know his prisoner number and cell number and building.

    I have tried to get those details from several sources including Prison service but no luck. So could someone here on twitter please tweet to Craig Murray Justice campaign’s twitter, please, and let us know the answer? Thanks.

  34. Cath says:

    Of course, elements of the British establishment stood back and allowed ScotGov to go down this road,

    They did a whole lot more than “stand back”. The Civil service, crown office and media are all British, pro union establishment. All that is patently obvious is that the senior SNP were working with them to stitch up Salmond, and take down the independence movement, split the SNP etc. And clearly still are with Alba, Murray and others. We have, in the SNP, another unionist party in Scotland, the new New Labour. And until people wake up to that and start getting angry about it, we’re fucked.

  35. Willie John says:

    In the name of the wee man will folk stop saying the ‘British State’. There’s no such beastie, it’s the English State doing what it does best, and that’s forcing the occupied territories to do what they are told.

  36. Breastplate says:

    I am in no way absolving Scottish participation in the sordid affairs of the British State, they are complicit and also more importantly, necessary for the British Establishment to have what it wants.

    That the hierarchy of the SNP have overlapping aims with a Westminster hostile to Scotland has become less of a surprise of late.

    But hey, perhaps I’m wrong and it was only coincidental that prominent pro independence people have been targeted for persecution and prosecution and that once these rogues of state are put in their place, we will have an indyref anytime now.

    I tend to think that the Scottish government have been the complicit sidekick to everything shit that has happened in and to Scotland.

    But what do I know? I also understand you may have a different view.

  37. Pixywine says: Welcome to the “New Normal” of privatised Health are. Don’t think Scotland is exempt.

  38. Breastplate says:

    Robert Graham,

    “Alex made a serious misjudgment in promoting voting SNP in the last election”

    I think it was important that Alba proved that they could put country before party. As a new party, there was very little downside to this as I believed that there wasn’t enough time to make an impact a few weeks before the election.
    Having called for a super majority and it failing to arise has allowed Alba the choice of not having to ask people to vote for the SNP again at the next election.
    Strategically speaking, choices are good.

    Alba has more time to build but it needs our help, so people should join up if they haven’t already.

  39. Pixywine says:

    An excellent and I hope timely piece.

  40. Pixywine says:

    A good way of safe guarding a loved ones we’ll being in prison is to strike up a correspondence with the prisons number 1 Governer. He or she is legally bound to reply to your letters. To find out who the Governer is go to the Scottish Office website.

  41. Shocked says:

    This has got nothing to do with the “British state”, Julian Assange or any of the other nonsense this article claims.

    Murray has been jailed at the behest of Nicola Sturgeon and her corrupt crown office flunkies, no one else.

    Making false claims and downright deranged conspiracy theories is not going to help anyone. It is possibly the most stupid thing Murray’s team could do. The moment you tell even one lie it weakens your case.

  42. Athanasius says:

    I notice how Mr Cook was careful to acknowledge the probity of the courts concerned in this matter. As, no doubt, do we all…

  43. Shocked says:

    And as an aside, I see Queen Nicola is about to do a deal with the greens and the fake indyref carrot has been brought out to distract the flock from her crimes.

    The vote New SNP 1 crowd must be so proud of themselves, imagine everything they were warned would happen happening and these dumb shits still won’t take any responsibility for what they have done.

  44. Mac says:

    I really don’t consider most of the mainstream journalists to be actual journalists.

    I have not bought a newspaper in so long I cant honestly recall. I will view stories online for free but typically through some news aggregation site and only if something catches my eye. Even then I only glean the uncontestable facts from what they say. Ignore the rest.

    I would honestly prefer to sit in silence for an hour than watch a smarmy BBC wanker like Andrew Marr… fuck no. Chomsky was bang on the money when he was talking to Marr about why Marr was in his job.

    I came to the conclusion a long time ago that listening or reading the MSM just reduces your understanding of what is really going. They supply misinformation, they misdirect you from the truth, they mislead.

    This is the direct opposite of what I think most folk would think journalism is about. Real journalists are actually pretty rare it seems to me. And you know it when you see it.

    There is a good definition of what journalism is and isn’t (IMHO) in Salmond’s interview of Wings on RT. They were talking about the difference between what this site does and what the MSM does.

    This site is open about being pro independence (i.e. declares its own bias), provides links and evidence for every factual claim made, allows the readers to draw their own conclusions.

    The MSM in contrast pretends not to be biased (the fourth estate pish is laughable), provides zero links nor evidence for the things they publish and they tell their readers what to think… they call it spin. It is propaganda.

    People who think propaganda does not work need to explain how the advertising and marketing industries exist. That is just commercial propaganda. Newspapers generally don’t make money on the surface. Yet billionaires are queuing up to buy them. Do you ever wonder why.

    Look at the number they did on Salmond… simply but reporting every salacious claim by the prosecution and then completely blanking the defense they imprinted the entire nation with the view that he must be guilty. People were surprised he was found innocent. I think they still are…

    The MSM did not explain that is what they were doing during the trial they just did it, en masse, in lockstep, as one. Craig Murray didn’t and that is why they are now more than happy to go along with jailing an innocent man, putting his life in danger.

    Because he showed them up for the stinking frauds that they all are. Journalists my arse.

    We are most definitely well into the formation of a what Gore Vidal (I think) called a ‘proto-fascist’ state here.

    Scotland in particular seems to be on the vanguard of what they are trying to do. It is very frightening.

    Craig Murray is clearly being sent to jail “pour encourager les autres”. We are all being sent the message.

    And these so called ‘journalists’. They are all eagerly going along with bar a few rare exceptions.

  45. John McNab says:

    The BTL comments here, nearly all classic examples of the Scottish secessionists’ favoured defence of ‘a big boy did it and ran away’.

    BMC 875 – you need to seek professional help, as a matter of urgency.

  46. sarah says:

    @ Pixywine at 2.37; David Abernethy is the governor of HMP Edinburgh [otherwise k/as Saughton].

  47. Scott says:

    John McNab says:
    3 August, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    The BTL comments here, nearly all classic examples of the Scottish secessionists’ favoured defence of ‘a big boy did it and ran away’.

    BMC 875 – you need to seek professional help, as a matter of urgency.

    Away and lie in yer ain pish, ya plamf.

  48. robertknight says:

    Somewhere, in the vicinity of John McNab, a bridge is missing its Troll.

    Thought about pricing up a run of “Release Craig Murray Now” car stickers – but figured the £ would be better spent donating to his legal fees.

  49. Boris says:

    Lady Dorrian questioned why the case against Craig had been brought after Mr Salmond’s trial. She said: “Both articles being addressed were published in advance of the trial. If the Crown was of the view these articles created a substantial risk, it seems strange the Crown did not take action at that time.”

  50. Boris says:

    Citizen journalism is the platform that provides solutions to the mistrust the public has towards the corporate controlled news media and government when discrepancies arise from government and other establishment bodies statements and actions.

    These civic minded individuals should be afforded the same protection from harassment and punitive punishment afforded to so-called professional journalists always provided articles posted to their blogs conform to the accepted “Principles of Journalism”.

  51. Fionan says:

    So Sturgeon the Betrayer has claimed another victim! Ken at iScot is now in hospital after having a heart attack. He has been bombarded with dogs abuse over the last few months, from snp cult members, and many snp members cancelled their subscriptions, claiming iScot was an alba propaganda mag – which is nonsense because Ken has always been fair and balanced, and pro-indy, not pro-any party. He has worked his guts out in the face of all sorts of unionist-manufactured obstacles (and even some Scottish-manufactured obstacles) to provide a pro-Scotland medium portraying all the very best about Scotland while completely avoiding the tartan shortbread image, in an effort to help people overcome the ‘scottish cringe’and to big up our wonderful country as it deserves.

    I am beginning to detest the NSP and all it stands for, as far as I am concerned any members who remain with StB are every bit as actively bad as she is!

  52. Fionan says:

    Clicked submit too soon – Wishing you a speedy recovery Ken and all best wishes!

  53. Republicofscotland says:

    Yeah good luck Ken I hope you recover soon, don’t let the b*stards get you down.

  54. Grey Gull says:

    Sorry to hear about Ken. Hope he makes a good recovery. Sending best wishes.

  55. Mia says:

    “But they didn’t cause or orchestrate it”

    Go on, prove it.

    Nicola Sturgeon has proven with her actions for the last 6.5 years that she is not the pro indy leader we thought she was and that she is far closer to the unionist ideology of New Labour, that sees Scotland’s assets as the property of England and therefore disposable, than she is to Scottish nationalism. Nicola Sturgeon, just like Lady Dorrian, have with their actions proven they are nothing more than useful idiots of the British state.

    The only reason why corrupt individuals like Murrell and Sturgeon remain in power today after the story of the ring fenced money, after the unlawful complaints procedure and the way information was suppressed, is because the British state, through its arms (COPFS, the courts, the civil service and the police) is protecting them.

    If a very high profile judge like Lady Dorrian has completely ruined her reputation as a trustworthy, impartial, democratic judge who protects free speech and has forever tainted the reputation of Scotland’s body of law and embarrassed Scotland, she was not going to do that to save the backside of a nobody like Sturgeon. She did that to protect the face of the british state.

    Let’s now watch Lady Dorrian rush through the ranks in the next few months.

  56. Mia says:

    “This has got nothing to do with the “British state”, Julian Assange or any of the other nonsense this article claims”

    Don’t be ridiculous.

  57. Dorothy Devine says:

    Where have all the good folk gone , the ones with the peoples interest at heart?

    Who believes in truth and integrity?

    Journalists given a collect 200 quid card and bloggers dumped in jail.

    The innocent condemned and the guilty allowed to swan around never to be asked an awkward question.

    An utterly shameful state of affairs in the country of enlightenment.

    I hope the SNP and those within it who do not speak out lose – they will so deserve the revulsion and disapprobation of the people.

  58. Gary45% says:

    Sorry to hear about Ken, hopefully a speedy recovery.
    RobertKnight @3.34
    I think you mean “A village is missing it’s idiot”
    The sticker idea is good, maybe the Indy Yes groups could produce a banner for showing in public areas like the Indy banners they already display.

  59. Mia says:

    “it’s only my opinion from reading and observing, that the key player in the actions of the Britsh state and the SNP is Tommy Shepphard”

    I however think, simply from reading and observing, that the linchpin that is bringing the big picture together and that appears to be right at the centre of the dirty network that moves everything is the ex-spook, crown agent that is hiding inside the COPFS. He appears to have had his finger in all the pies.

    It is my opinion that Murrel and the perjurers could be in prison today, Sturgeon would have been evicted for breaching the ministerial code, Mr Salmond would have not been prosecuted, Evans, Lloyd and swinney would be out of a job, Robertson out of the SNP, Craig and Mark would have not been prosecuted, and Martin would have succeeded in his court case if it was not because of the very forceful interventions by stealth of the COPFS to supress evidence to render the Fabiani farce a farce and to force prosecution, sometimes malicious, as we have seen in the case of Mark, Craig and, frankly, Mr Salmond.

    Sorry, I cannot see Sheppard anywhere near any of this. But I may be wrong. Somebody in London had to activate the metropolitan police against Mr Salmond. That piece of info is still missing.
    And we all know the copfs is one of the arms of the British state.

  60. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi robertknight.

    This is the badge we were able to get to the Police Station on Sunday morning.
    There will be more available at the three demos in Edinburgh – Bute House, Holyrood and Saughton – from Noon onwards, on Friday. Ronnie A is sending any proceeds to the Craig Murray Justice Campaign.

  61. Ruby says:

    I read this article the other day. It’s an excellent article.

    I am currently looking into what happen when Craig Murray applied to by a SNP Westminster candidate.

    If he had passed would he have then received the Joanna Cherry treatment.

    How did Joanna Cherry pass?

    I’m trying to find the article Craig wrote on his blog about his experience of applying to be a SNP candidate. Can you help?

  62. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Oh – and get well soon Kendomacaroonbar!

  63. twathater says:

    Great article Jonathan Cook very much in the mode of the reviled (by Sturgeon supporters) blogger Stuart Campbell ,NOW THAT IS WHAT IS CALLED INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM not some mish mash of failed lies and promises pushed by Sturgeon’s fanzine The National

    I wonder how much the herod and the national recd from Naklas £3 million bounty ,it must have been substantial as the whole lot of the SNP officials now use it to SPIN their lies and pish failed promises

  64. Grey Gull says:

    Saw this on the Craig Murray Justice twitter in response to someone asking about writing to Craig
    Thank you all for asking, that is very thoughtful! For now, please send all letters to Craig to and we will get them to him asap.

    COVID and other circumstances mean this is the most straightforward way to go about this for now.

  65. Ruby says:

    Is Craig able to write back?

  66. Stu, why don’t you have your site host random pro-indy bloggers from round Scotland on a daily (or whatever) basis? That would let people get to know who they were and where to read them, and keep your site ticking over until you maybe decided to come back.

    Just a thought.

  67. Republicofscotland says:

    So Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots will open the a anti-racist rally/festival this weekend in her Govanhill constituency, it will have a carnival like atmosphere.

    However, you’ll never see Sturgeon attend a AUOB rally for they are the enemy of her and he party’s ambitions as a colonial government.

    Meanwhile Humza Yousaf’s family looks like they’ve been discriminated against by a nursery, which is terrible, however Yousaf called in the arch enemy of independence the Daily Record to do an undercover story for them on the nursery that speaks volumes to me.

  68. Grey Gull says:


    I don’t know. I don’t do Twitter but you can read parts of it. Maybe someone has asked that question, but if so, I can’t see it. Some other news they have reported is that Craig will be treated as a civil prisoner.

    “ Craig *will* be treated as ‘civil prisoner’, meaning he will have access to books, own clothes, more frequent phone and visitation rights (pending COVID19 restrictions). Under the difficult circumstances, this comes as a great relief to Craig and his family.”

  69. Scott says:

    Ruby says:
    3 August, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    I’m trying to find the article Craig wrote on his blog about his experience of applying to be a SNP candidate. Can you help?

    From his archive: Disbarred, 27th December 2014

  70. Helen Yates says:

    This is without doubt one piece of brilliant journalism.

  71. jockmcx says:

    With friends like auld nic ‘sturell’ who needs unionists?


  72. ronald anderson says:

    Wee update on Craig Murray he’s been classed as a Political prisoner & with that he has certain privileges wearing his own clothes/own cell/letters & phone calls the rest of the prisoners know who he is & are sympathetic to him so he should be ok

    I will keep yous posted

  73. Ruby says:

    Scott says:
    3 August, 2021 at 6:28 pm
    Ruby says:
    3 August, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    I’m trying to find the article Craig wrote on his blog about his experience of applying to be a SNP candidate. Can you help?

    From his archive: Disbarred, 27th December 2014


    Thank you Scott. You’ve always got the answer for me.


  74. Ruby says:

    ronald anderson says:
    3 August, 2021 at 7:02 pm
    Wee update on Craig Murray he’s been classed as a Political prisoner & with that he has certain privileges wearing his own clothes/own cell/letters & phone calls the rest of the prisoners know who he is & are sympathetic to him so he should be ok

    I will keep yous posted


    This could end up being a positive experience for Craig.

    Every cloud………

  75. Robert Graham says:

    Republicofscotland @ 6:27

    I just noticed your post on Humza

    I don’t think he got the response he was looking for ( poor discriminated against me ) and after him running to the SNPs media of choice ” The Daily Record ” The Cops were pretty useless tracing the convenient leak to that rag from someone high up in the SNP so yet another favour .

    The comments I have read so far points out a convenient diversion ( drug deaths ) also the nursery school has a duty of care to the pupils and a prominent government Ministers child would pose a real security problem for the school , so fk off Humza with your sob story there is another side to this particular story that you conveniently forget pal .

  76. Nally Anders says:

    Re: Humza. Heard the story on the radio and I’m afraid my first thought was he was playing the race grievance card, again.
    Turns out all the nursery incident happened back in May. No headline at the time, but then the drug death figures weren’t in the headlines then either.
    Maybe there is a problem at the nursery but the timing just looks like pure deflection.

  77. Scottish Gov is looking more and more like New York`s Tammany Hall,

    systemic corruption from the councils to the judges and politicians,

    you`re either `in` or you`re nowt.

    (to be fair this is how it works worldwide but was hoping Scotland was different)

    She/Her/Boss Tweed.

  78. Ruby says:

    Humza is a huge disappointment.

  79. Scott says:

    Ruby says:
    3 August, 2021 at 7:04 pm

    Thank you Scott. You’ve always got the answer for me.


    De rien.

  80. Anyhoo,

    nice piece of journalism Mr Cook,

    journalism is nowadays seen as the work of the devil ,and rightly so,

    but there is some light now and again in the stygian darkness of journalism.

  81. You cannot hope to bribe or twist, thank God! the British journalist.

    But, seeing what the man will do unbribed, there’s no occasion to.

    Humbert Wolfe,

  82. Lochside says:

    I see the usual suspects are trying to narrow this all down to the Sturgeon glove puppets. Only someone of single digits I.Q. or more likely Britnat persuasion/payroll would try to play down the hand of Deep State UK behind all this. Craig Murray was a whistleblowing ex Diplomat and knew the machinations of what they tried to do to him first time round in his Uzbekistan revelations.

    Try this jigsaw: Harvie; Assange; Baraitser; Lord Arbuthnott; Sturgeon; Evans; Murrell and tell us that this is a caledonian only stitch up. I suppose the Ulster loyalists created the ‘Troubles’ all on there own then as well?

  83. bipod says:

    So much for Scotlands “freedom” day. I knew nicola sturgeon wouldn’t be able to give up control.

    We have now moved to below “level 0” whatever that is suppsoed to mean. We will still all have to wear masks indoors, large events will have to apply to nicolas government for permission, you still need to sign in to go to the pub, working from home is still required. Her below level 0 plan pretty much feels like exactly what we have now. What a joke.

    Unfortunately for nicola, just over the border we have an example of a place where all restrictions (other than the test and trace for now) have been lifted and the world hasn’t ended yet. There hasn’t been 100,000 cases a day that the doom mongers were predicting, it has surprisingly for many (though not for the people who have always been sceptical of the value of the restrictions) been going down since then. It is going to become increasingly difficult for nicola to explain why the NHS in maskless England hasn’t collapsed yet but mask wearing, invasive contact tracing and working from home is still absolutely essential in Scotland. This is just all about wee nicola unwilling to give up control, unwilling to admit the crisis is over.

  84. Pixywine says:

    Sara h. Then Mr Sbernethy is the man to contact.

  85. Pixywine says:

    Sorry. Abernethy. I’m a dolt.

  86. Pixywine says:

    Al-Stuart. I’m sorry but Sturgeons policies are in line with UN Agenda 2030.Dont laugh. Google it for yourself.

  87. Pixywine says:

    In 2014,during an episode of Reporting Scotland I got so angry at their blatent Unionist Orange Order propaganda that I kicked the TV off its stand and threw against a wall. I’ve never owned a TV since and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

  88. Pixywine says:

    So much for Human Rights lawyers in Scotland. Nowhere to be seen when a journalist is jailed. Fucking dog lackeys.

  89. Scott says:

    Pixywine says:
    3 August, 2021 at 9:08 pm

    I’ve never owned a TV since and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

    I stopped watching TV back in 2005. I own one but it’s used, mainly, as a monitor for my laptop (DVD player, PS2 & Wii get connected to it occasionally). Furthermore, I don’t subscribe to any streaming services either.

    If more people were like you and I, the ability to think critically among the population might reach a point that positive change could be effected.

    Alas, too may people are beholden to the cult of celebrity and “influencers”, with their concomitant vacuous opinions being taken as ‘gospel’.

    “Lock-jawed pop-stars, thicker than pig-shit, nothing to convey. They’re so scared to show intelligence, it might smear their lovely careers. This world is full of crashing bores” – Morrissey

  90. Meg merrilees says:

    Ruby @7.08pm

    So the prison service are not being taken for fools then.

    Craig Murray is unofficially Scotland’s first political prisoner for some generations.
    I wonder what the ‘high heid yins’ think of that – do they even care!

    That is a degree of good news for him and some comfort to his wife. At least the man will have some dignity and some possible protection from Covid.

    Someone has his back.

  91. stuart mctavish says:

    Below level zero is presumably a reference to our being the lowest of the low scum of the earth, most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization, etc.

    Not only we want the kids wearing masks in schools, we even jailed Craig Murray FFS

  92. Mia says:

    Here is a really cynical thought:

    We know that by accident or design, Sturgeon is absolute rubbish at bringing COVID under control, don’t we?

    For the faithful that still believes she has had real intentions of keeping tabs on Covid instead of managing it as a political weapon, here is the information today that might make them think twice:

    Number of cases reported in the last 24 hours in Scotland (as published by the National): 1016.

    Number of cases in the WHOLE OF CHINA within a span of 10 DAYS (as published yesterday by the BBC): more than 300.
    (as published today in Reuters): “The tally of local cases in China since July 20, when the first Nanjing infections were found, stood at 414 as of Monday”.

    Population of Scotland: a little over 5 million.
    Population of China: 1,444,216,107

    Has Sturgeon been protecting Scotland’s population from COVID or has she been managing it for her own political advantage?

    Response to infections:

    With 1016 infections in Scotland in the last 24 hours, what does Sturgeon do? She downgrades the restrictions.

    Meanwhile in China, the response to the detection of JUST 55 new locally transmitted coronavirus cases on Monday was: “Millions of people have been confined to their homes in China as the country tries to contain its largest coronavirus outbreak in months with mass testing and travel curbs” (as published yesterday in the Guardian).

    So, clearly China wants to eradicate the virus.

    What is Sturgeon doing?

    Last year the lockdown rules were downgraded for Christmas. The result was the biggest yet peak of infections in the UK almost exactly one month later. The peak of deaths per day follows 2-3 weeks right behind the peak of infections.

    We now know the jab does not stop infections, don’t we. Because if it did, with 60% of the population vaccinated in Scotland and the lockdown rules we should have next to no cases.

    In such circumstances, if you lift all restrictions, and there is already enough virus to infect over 1000 people per day, what should we expect in about 4 weeks’ time?

    Another mighty covid-19 peak

    We also know that the peak of deaths does not coincide with the peak of infections. Instead, it follows 2 weeks behind.

    4 + 2 =6 weeks to a peak in deaths.

    And what events are planned for 6 weeks’ time from today?

    ALBA’s party conference (11-12 September)
    SNP’s party conference (10-13 September)

    That an ALBA’s conference that sold out in 48 hours is a threat to the control freak and her masters in London stands to the obvious. But it may also be the case that the SNP members, fed up of the procrastination of this woman and concerned about the missing ring fenced money, may revolt if serious discussions about independence instead of the usual vacuous crap are not in the agenda.

    So, here is my cynical question:

    What is the likelihood that the SNP conference dates and the lifting of the restrictions have been carefully scheduled with the hope that another infection peak would “force” the covid queen to lock us down before the conferences are due and, oh dear, being forced to deliver the sNP conference on a digital platform where members can be easily muted by stealth or send them to break out rooms to release steam instead of having to address their questions face to face?

    I mean, after over one year with COVID in the population and after experiencing at least 3 peaks in infections, it is not like you cannot predict what is going to happen, is it?

  93. velofello says:

    Concerning the Humza playgroup affair – does a business have the right to decline an order, or an organisation an application for membership? I’d have thought so.

  94. Robert Hughes says:

    Brilliant piece of real journalism , incisive , honest and inarguable .

    The almost total capitulation of MSM journalists to the dictates of their Establishment – Political,Financial/Legal- masters has been accelerating at a scary rate and is now almost 100% . The Guardian and the BBC both recipients of the – of course entirely philanthropic – largesse of the omnipresent gollum Bill ( Elon ) Gates just one example

    What puzzles me is people reading that superb article above and agreeing with every word and still taking MSM as their main source of information about the current situation .

    Whatever you think about the viral outbreak it’s beyond question that the MSM has stuck rigorously to the * Official * narrative , any dissenting voices – even the most highly qualified – have been excluded , marginalised , scorned , often by sources that once praised and feted them .

    It’s all of a piece with what the article describes – and what we’ve all known , seen unfold before us these last few years in particular .The increasing control of the State over every aspect of our societies ergo our lives : the information we receive , the information we don’t receive , the * consensus * perception of events all comes via media , the media we consume daily , hourly .

    It’s hardly a revelation , but more apparent than ever ….whoever controls the media controls the message .

    Never did we need a truly free Press than in these times

  95. Robert Hughes says:

    ” more than ….”

  96. Mac says:

    Once they have you in prison they control everything you drink and eat.

    Who would trust them.

  97. John Cleary says:

    reposted from overseas:

    I’d like to table a few thoughts concerning the judge who has just sent Craig Murray to prison for a crime she can neither describe nor explain.

    With hindsight, we should have expected just such behaviour. The mistake was that, once Alex Salmond was vindicated by the jury, we paid less than proper attention to what had transpired day by day.

    I’d like to mention just this point. During the trial, Judge Dorrian chose to exclude all of the evidence that pointed to a pretty clear conspiracy. That is, the messages between the Vietnam Whatsapp group members.

    Then, at the end of the evidence from both parties, in her summing up, she chose to remind and emphasise to the jury the so called Moorov Doctrine.

    I can go into detail, but the Moorov Doctrine is predicated on the absolute independence of the acusers. The logic runs that if these very different people, who do not know about one another, are making similar acusations about a “he said she said” type of situation, then more than likely they are true.

    So you can see why I infer bad faith on her part, before we come to the lifelong anonimity she has awarded to those very same people.

    Judge Dorrian KNOWS that the acusers conspired to commit crimes against Alex Salmond. Yet she CHOSE to exclude the evidence, leaned on the jury to return a Moorov guilty, and then granted the conspirators immunity for life.

    So I think she is bent. Bent as a nine bob note.

    And she has a very clear personal interest in the incarceration of Craig Murray.

    The second point refers to this part by Craig:

    TextThere is an extremely important point here. I have always instantly complied with any order of a court to remove material. What I have not done is comply with instructions from the Crown or Procurator Fiscal to remove material. Because it is over 330 years since the Crown had the right of censorship in Scotland without the intervention of a judge.

    This is extremely worrying. I think I see the loophole they are sneaking through.

    In the jurisdiction of England and Wales, Queens Counsel are extraordinarily privileged.

    They have the absolute right to sit in the High Court as a deputy High Court judge. They have the powers of a judge, despite the fact that they are advocates. As you can imagine, this leads to an enormous amount of corruption, self-dealing and abuse.

    Craig is being directed to obey Alex Prentice.

    Look him up:

    Alex Prentice QC is a leading Scottish lawyer.

    Bang. It’s Honi soit qui mal y pense again.
    It’s trying to impose the English system on Scotland. Again.

    And it’s this Dorrian woman doing it all. For her Queen.

    Posted by: j | Aug 4 2021 2:10 utc | 218

  98. Breeks says:

    ronald anderson says:
    3 August, 2021 at 7:02 pm
    Wee update on Craig Murray he’s been classed as a Political prisoner & with that he has certain privileges wearing his own clothes/own cell/letters & phone calls the rest of the prisoners know who he is & are sympathetic to him so he should be ok

    I will keep yous posted

    That’s very good news, especially having the means to write.

    Provided of course it’s not turned into a torment of a privilege given one day and taken away the next, but it sounds compassionate, so we should be grateful.

  99. Breeks says:

    John Cleary says:
    4 August, 2021 at 3:32 am

    ….Judge Dorrian KNOWS that the acusers conspired to commit crimes against Alex Salmond. Yet she CHOSE to exclude the evidence, leaned on the jury to return a Moorov guilty, and then granted the conspirators immunity for life.

    Bad enough that she did this, did this and got away with it, did this and got away with it and rumoured to be the next Lord President of the Court of Session, … but under all that is the burning question of why.

    One possible answer to why, is that Judge Dorrian is an ardent Unionist with a ‘flexible’ definition of justice when administering “justice” on threats to her Union, such influential Independence supporters who are seen as a threat to the Establishment.

    Surely that must count as a prejudice, a conflict of interest when a judge is meant to be neutral, and if we have seen evidence this bias has impacted on more than one case, then shouldn’t Judge Dorrian be considered an unsuitable candidate to become Lord President of the Court of Session?

    Shouldn’t Dorrian be obliged to follow Wolffe and be put out to pasture? Step away from the power that has clearly gone to your head.

  100. Clavie Cheil says:

    I am an Alba Party member – I am not attending the sold out conference for health reasons as I am a high risk individual in relation to the China/Tory/Sturgeon Death Plague. I have 5 family members in quarantine right now having tested positive to the English Tory Death Plague. Yet Moray is level zero = Aye Right!!!!

  101. Scott says:

    Moorov is a statable precedent from a legal case in Scotland, not some arbitrary explanation from somebody on btl comments.

    Each case is treated on its own merits in Scotland. All law in Scotland is Civil Law, even the subset of Criminal Justice & Administration of. That’s what allows other cases to be used to influence decisions on related points of law, not the verdicts.

    Those having an Annie Rooney about her direction of the jury, while lauding the verdicts make no sense on any level.

    Grow up and stop conflating Alex Salmond’s case and your views of with Craig’s in the absolute. The former only exists as legal text and has no other standing.

    Scots Law is easy to understand.

    Posted without prejudice.

  102. Willie says:

    Velofello @10.43 re Humza Yousaf.

    Day in day out parent get declined when asking for a slot at their child at a nursery. Many nurseries are popular, are full and just don’t have the space. But not all nurseries in an area are full.

    And so, when Mr ‘ big shot ‘ Yousaf applies for a slot and is declined his immediate response, by virtue of his skin tone, is to cry racism in what comes across as a cheap shot malignant call from a second generation Pakistani

    How can Yousaf know that the rejection was predicated on racism, the colour of his skin, or his religion. Did the nursery say no places for people like you. Of course not. As a popular nursery they just didn’t have spaces – and the big shot Minister cries me poor oppressed racial minority.

    It’s people like a Humza who stir resentment, Stoke discord, and I’m sure there will be many in the Little Scholars Nursery who will be offended for being called racist.

    Well maybe some of them will complain to the police about Yousaf stoking racial resentment. Or maybe the nursery will take action themselves. I certainly wouldn’t want my child to be going to a racist nursery – and that’s exactly what Yousaf has said about this one.

    is just a skin tone individual throwing his weight about p, playing the race card, stoking resentment.

  103. Shocked says:


    I see you’ve really gone and jumped the shark now. For someone who sees conspiracy everywhere to actually believe China is quite something.

  104. Mia says:

    “For someone who sees conspiracy everywhere to actually believe China is quite something”

    As supposed to what, believing a political fraud who for 6.5 years has been taking Scottish voters for a ride, using pro-independence votes to collude with the British state in frustrating democracy, regress Scotland’s autonomy, remove our rights, hand over vetos to England to help it frustrate Scotland’s self determination, corrupt COPFS, police, justice system and civil service, and, by the look of it, has been for over a year using COVID-19 as a political tool of control?

    Frankly, compared with Sturgeon’s actions, China looks rather innocuous from where I am standing.

  105. Dan says:

    OT Currently 17% of GB Grid power coming from France, Holland, and Belgium. (scroll to right to see all gauges)

  106. Shocked says:


    Sturgeon is not colluding with anyone except Pete Murrell. They are a pair of psychopaths who have corrupted the legal and poltical systems of Scotland for their own ends, no one else’s.

    As for China, they released a virus on the world and killed over 4 million people in the process and have lied about it every step of the way. Effectively China has declared war on the rest of the world. So their crimes far exceed anything any of your crank conspiracies about sturgeon and the British state allege.

    You really need to calm down.

  107. Mia says:

    “Sturgeon is not colluding with anyone except Pete Murrell”
    Yeah, sure, and the moon is white because it is made of cheese.

    “As for China, they released a virus on the world”
    Prove it.

    I have entertained your deflecting game for long enough. I distinctly noticed that you deliberately focussed on the part of China regarding my comment, instead of the more crucial part of the comment, and the reason why I wrote it, which was that releasing restrictions now as Sturgeon has done, will predictably lead to a peak in virus infections in 4 weeks’ time, potentially threatening the face to face SNP and Alba conferences.

    Why didn’t you discuss that? Is that because, perhaps, you agree with me for once?

  108. Scott says:

    Shocked says:
    4 August, 2021 at 8:12 am


    1. I’ve left out the body of your reply for a reason.

    2. I’m not a grass, but if I was, I’d be having a chat with a yellow-vested polis next time I saw one.

  109. Shocked says:


    So restrictions have been lifted to scupper the Alba conference. If they hadn’t been lifted you’d claim they were to disrupt the Alba conference. Maybe China engineered the virus to disrupt the Alba conference? Seems perfectly feasible in your world.

    More likely they have been lifted because sturgeon has eventually realised that most people are not paying attention now and also it’s a nice headline announcement to win favour and deflect from the criminal investigation into the money she and Pete have disappeared.

  110. Robert Graham says:


    Back to the drug deaths deflection story namely poor me Humza Yousaf being discriminated against not last week but a good few weeks ago.

    Firstly the nursery involved is clearly named and by him labelled racist , he has identified his child as female so it wouldn’t take Inspector Morse to deduce a girl pupil with possibly a Asian appearance could possibly be his daughter therefore attracting attention also the parents of the other children for security purposes might have to be checked that’s of course if he gets his way and insists his daughter is enrolled in this racist per school nursery.

    This is yet another blunder by this hapless appointee who excelled in his previous post just like many other SNP placements when they probably draw straws for the least worst candidate who might make the headlines for the wrong reason , Christ would you really want this lot in charge of a country ? you might as well toss the dice and pick any passing person who looks like a Adult .

  111. sarah says:

    Emails ONLY to Craig, please, say his lawyers – not paper letters. They think a deluge of letters might harm their attempt to get Craig released on a tag in 4 weeks time. See BFI@Bridges4Indy twitter.

  112. Republicofscotland says:

    Waiting times at A&E are the were the worst in June since records began, Health secretary Humza Yousaf, was failure as Justice secretary, now he’s failing as Health secretary, maybe if he’d have spent more time concentrating on doing his job instead of foisting unwanted bills on the public such as the HCB, he might not have turned out to be such a dismal failure, though I have my doubts on that.

  113. John McNab says:

    Scott at 3.17pm on 3 August:

    Plamf? New one on me. Are you typing with your mouth full again, you naughty little spermophage?

  114. Luigi says:

    So Humza Yousaf is crying wolf again? He seems to be a master of deflection that one.I am getting really fed up with that guy. Someone I actually admired way back when he first appeared on the scene, until I saw through the veneer. A true career politician, a finely polished turd if ever there was one.

  115. Republicofscotland says:

    Almost two-fifths of cancers diagnosed in Scottish patients happened when the cancer was at a later stage, Public Health Scotland found that a third of patients were considered by GPs to have had an avoidable delay to their diagnosis.

    Shockingly these figure are PRE-pandemic, 2018-2019.

    I can only image how many later stage cancer patients will be diagnosed post-pandemic, the figures will surely be much higher.

  116. John Cleary says:

    Well, I think we can all go home.

    Someone has been to the summit and come back with the answer.

    Scots law is easy to understand he says. The grown up in the room says all is well, and this outpouring of disbelief around the world is all down to a simple misunderstanding.

    I take it lessons will be learned, exalted one?

  117. Luigi says:

    That’s the problem with the SNP nowadays: Too many career politicians focussed hell-bent on maintaining if not advancing their fortunate, privileged position. Too many career politicians – starting right at the top of the heap.

  118. Ruby says:

    “Humza Yousaf’s wife Nadia claims there is ‘an underbelly of racism in Scotland’ and says family have suffered ‘victim blaming at the highest level”

    Their story is confusing because they talk about race/religion as if it is the same thing.

    The word they are looking for is bigotry.

    Are they looking to sort out all bigotry in Scotland or just the bigotry suffered by people of a certain race?

  119. stuart mctavish says:

    Excellent news that Alba and SNP conferences on the same weekend.

    Flu fear notwithstanding, if more people turn up to see Alba than the SNP, a closer look at the Maricopa County audit might be required with specific view to revisiting the recent (surprise) Holyrood result.

    Maybe not feasible under Scott’s law, but a jury of laypersons that cannot be overruled by the UK supreme court (arguably established in case law (or relevant lack thereof) by the Murray precedent to be a checking authority rather than regulating authority) would be a de facto no brainer under Scots’ Law.

    Interesting times despite ourselves.

  120. @John Cleary,

    Alex Prentice QC was chosen to prosecute AS because they had no evidence,

    his claim to fame is obtaining murder convictions without finding a body,

    i would have thought that was near impossible but Alex Prentice QC has done it twice,

    (lots of circumstantial and independent expert witnesses)

    so his failure ,with the £millions in resources he had, in getting AS convicted has made him the laughing stock of the Scottish judiciary ,and there is a lot to laugh about in the Scottish judiciary.

  121. Ruby says:

    Are nurseries legally obliged to provide halal food for Muslim kids?

  122. Ruby says:

    Did Humza Yousaf or his wife speak out about the abuse received by Joanna Cherry?

  123. Breeks says:

    John McNab says:
    4 August, 2021 at 9:39 am
    Scott at 3.17pm on 3 August:

    Plamf? New one on me. Are you typing with your mouth full again, you naughty little spermophage?

    It’s a word, you obnoxious prick. Away and look it up, then come back and apologise to Scott, who’s vocabulary is obviously wider than yours. Whoever would have guessed?

  124. Robert Graham says:

    o/t but SNP related

    It’s a bad day when the British Broadcasting Corporation are questioning what’s happened with Indyref2 .

    Has it been settled ? has it gone away ? what exactly is the progress Princess Nicola ?

    I would have thought some kind of plan would have been presented to the public who put your party in office allowing you to continue as the first minister of Scotland representing a party who’s whole aim is a Independent Scotland .

    Ok I will make it simple no one is expecting you to divulge every single detail but a rough guide would be appreciated .

  125. Breastplate says:

    Nobody is guaranteed not to die of Covid if they don’t get vaccinated.
    Nobody is guaranteed not to die of Covid if they do get vaccinated.

    A very healthy 42 year old dying of Covid is newsworthy because it is not the norm, it is at the extreme end of the scale of normal, it is abnormal.
    How do we know this?
    We know this because we have the numbers.

    I think the point you seem to miss is that he chose not to get vaccinated because he felt the odds were very much in his favour if he contracted Covid, unfortunately he was wrong.

    The odds that he contracted Covid from somebody that already had been vaccinated are pretty good and remember Robbo, even if you get vaccinated, that will not guarantee you surviving Covid. It may make your odds better but will not guarantee anything.

    Robbo, as I’ve stated before many times, an emotional attachment to a particular stance is not conducive to logical thinking.

    That goes for all of us including me, so if I am wrong in my thinking I would very much appreciate a logical explanation why.

  126. Breeks says:

    Nice progressive stuff from Barrheadboy.

    I think French citizenship for Scot’s maybe isn’t in our gift, but affirming Scots citizenship for the French might set le chat amongst the pigeons. Lol.

    I’m wondering how many of the 67.4 million “new” Scottish citizens would vote for Scottish Independence…. I’m guessing roughly 67.4 million of them.

  127. robbo says:


    Aye thanks for your philosophical lesson for today.

    An emotional attachment to a particular stance is not conductive to logical thinking. WTF ?
    Have a look at the picture of the lady in the story( his twin I believe). Even the guy himself said he wished he’d got the jab.

    Personally I don’t give two hoots whether people get it or not but all I said was for pixy and you /similar minded are taking a big risk.

    I think if the bookies were heartless and ran a book on the odds, do you you think they would make it an even book on your first statement?

    I think not!

  128. Robert Graham says:

    o/t again
    And for the particular attention of Robbo

    Dragging the barrel if that’s the smoking gun example you have chosen to back up your comments , ffs you could spend a lifetime highlighting spewerous stupid examples to support a desperate argument .

    You keep it up pixywine because we are being bombarded with propaganda on a scale that I haven’t seen since 2014 when the biggest peacetime excercise was mounted to scare Scots into giving up their rights and allowing themselves to be scared into submission through fear .

  129. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    I sat my driving test in a Citroen 2CV for the tactical reason that no instructor would ever want to wallow around in one of those old jalopies again, so it would virtually guarantee me a first time pass. (It did)
    I owned a Renault once (it was shit, but I digress…), and my old man had a Citroen DS.
    I worked a summer in France and stayed inside the walls of Avigonon. I witnessed James Brown playing a concert next to half a bridge when I was there.
    I can drink red wine.
    I reckon that gives me legitimate grounds to qualify as a NouveauFrenchy.


  130. Dan says:

    Oh, and if more was required, I passed my French O grade and failed my English.

  131. Aunty Flo says:

    Mia says:

    “In such circumstances, if you lift all restrictions, and there is already enough virus to infect over 1000 people per day, what should we expect in about 4 weeks’ time?

    Another mighty covid-19 peak.”

    No, Mia, we should expect HERD IMMUNITY!

    Don’t believe all that pseudo-scientific guff about so called ‘infections’ which are actually positive PCR test results, which measures nothing at all of relevance, now even admitted by the FDA in the USA. It’s official!

  132. Breeks says:

    Dan says:
    4 August, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    … I reckon that gives me legitimate grounds to qualify as a NouveauFrenchy.

    Oh. Oh. I might have trouble connecting with my inner French. I was once stuck in a Citroen for about half an hour trying to find the handbrake. Lol.

    It was a conundrum, like the first time you’re confronted with an automatic car when you’re a manual kinda fella, except it wasn’t the clutch pedal that was missing, it was the handbrake… lol.

  133. robbo says:

    Robert Graham says:
    4 August, 2021 at 12:09 pm
    o/t again
    And for the particular attention of Robbo

    Dragging the barrel if that’s the smoking gun example you have chosen to back up your comments , ffs you could spend a lifetime highlighting spewerous stupid examples to support a desperate argument .

    STFU Robert. It’s not spurious stupid example dunnerheid. It’s a fact/result of a decision the guy made. An outcome he himself regretted.

    You do whaqt you want I don’t really give a fuck.

  134. Mist001 says:

    People don’t believe me when I tell them but you would be shocked at how many French people have never heard of Scotland and couldn’t point to it on a map. I’m talking native French people though. Every immigrant I’ve spoken to knows about Scotland.

    Where I live, the people think that Scotland is the name of a rugby team.

  135. Scott says:

    Dan says:
    4 August, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    I sat my driving test in a Citroen 2CV

    I owned a Renault once (it was shit, but I digress…), and my old man had a Citroen DS.

    4 August, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Oh, and if more was required, I passed my French O grade and failed

  136. Aunty Flo says:

    My post at 12.23:

    Correction: CDC, not FDA.

  137. Scott says:

    O/t – Don’t you just hate experiencing a tic while in the middle of things you enjoy doing….

    Last comment should have read

    Dan says:
    4 August, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    I sat my driving test in a Citroen 2CV

    I owned a Renault once (it was shit, but I digress…), and my old man had a Citroen DS.

    4 August, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Oh, and if more was required, I passed my French O grade and failed my English.

    My favourite car of all time is the Citroen BX 19, because it is the most comfortable vehicle I’ve ever driven and not because I’m a huge francophile. From Lot to the Pyrennees is my region of choice. I passed O Grade & Higher French.

    ‘No, Toulouse’ is my stock response to anyone who responds with ‘Nice’, on hearing me recount any France related tales.

    French wine is over-rated due to massive amount of choice in the shops rendering them all shots in the dark, yet for some reason the carafes of ‘house’ red and white dished up as part of the lunch menu in restaurants are magic.

    ‘Schrödinger’s Chat..eauneuf-du-Pape’ philosophers call that, down the pub.

  138. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    Aye, they love the quirky way of doing things. Pull and twist a hidden shaft to release on old cars, or the insanity of now having a “camouflaged” push button electric switch located somewhere inappropriate which powers a motor in the fucking brake calipers to exert pressure on the pads. What was wrong with a simple steel cable pulling a lever to rotate a helix thread…
    Top tip, for you. Don’t use an old SAAB as a getaway car if doing a bank job, as you’ll lose valuable time trying to find the ignition switch… 😉

    You may (or may not) be pleased to hear I scored a 25kg bag of cement a while back when I was alert enough to see the shortages coming. Just need weather to get a bit cooler before I get back up on the roof to flaunch the chimneys.

    @ Scott

    Aye, we can barely go out for a walk, fishing, or mountainbike ride around here without getting bloody tics.
    They are everywhere now, not helped by having a deer in my garden… I really don’t recall tics being so prolific when I was younger and us kids spent so much more time outdoors with few of us kids ever getting one attached back then.
    Quite a lot of folk getting Lyme’s disease now too.

    Aye, Citroen BX is a comfy car, if none of the many suspension pipes don’t start leaking! The 160bhp Mi16v engined version was a rocket, and we used to grab those engines for motorsport conversions.

  139. Breastplate says:

    Yes Robbo,
    It is important that you believe it is a choice.
    Well done for the progress.

  140. robbo says:

    Acht Dan

    Mibee yir no a country boy then? Plenty of ticks in my day when we went galivanting in the wids and fields. Best solutions for wan oh they nightmares is a lit fag end tae draw it oot then grab wae the tweezers. Works on yir wee boys and the dug.
    Who brought up ticks anyhow? I’m here scratching ma heid noo dam.

  141. sarah says:

    @ robbo, Dan – tick hooks are magic. Little plastic [ahem] items, 2 sizes in a packet, circa £3. I don’t know how we managed before.

  142. Pixywine says:

    Robbo. Thank you for your concern but I think I’ll take my chances with nature. It is indeed a matter of choice to take a vaccine or not and that’s why the growing compulsion from Government to take it makes me suspicious. For those who are already “vaccinated” my health should be of no concern to them if your Government is telling the truth about its efficacy which I doubt.
    There is also the underlying principle, for me, of a Government believing they have the right to effectively imprison us and hold us hostage until we satisfy the demands of privately owned pharmaceutical companies. Isn’t that the definition of Fascism.
    Furthermore maintaining mask mandates in schools is Child Abuse which is no surprise from the barren witch running Scotland into the ground.

  143. Pixywine says:

    Robbo. The Daily Mail? You should be ashamed of yourself. You expect anyone with intelligence to take the lying mainstream tabloid press seriously? No wonder Scotland has no chance. Hahaha The Daily Mail… Hahahahahahahahaha

  144. Pixywine says:

    Robert Grahame. Thank you man.

  145. Pixywine says:

    Mia. “Cases” rarely means people who are actually sick. The PCR testing and the way the results are reported is a sleight of hand. Cases give the impression of sick perhaps dying people in order to frighten the public into going along with this horse shit.

  146. Breeks says:

    Puzzle deepens about cement. I heard LaFarge cement factory in Dunbar isn’t working, but don’t know if that’s because of COVID or no lorry drivers.

    I don’t even know if it’s true, but it was a rumour that might have some foundation to it. Not a concrete foundation obviously… lol.

    I’ll just get ma coat…

  147. Breeks says:

    No mystery….

    “ In recognition of the essential restrictions and measures imposed by the Scottish and UK Governments, we have closed all sites, depots and offices…”.

    Seems it’s Covid.

  148. Pixywine says:

    Ruby. “Humza is a huge disappointment” You wouldn’t be his wife by any chance?

  149. Dan says:

    @ robbo

    Bad technique trying to burn out a tick by scorching its ass as it is more likely to make it pressurise and puke its guts into you so more chance of infection.
    Same goes with squeezing the body with your fingers or tweezers and tugging it out, which also risks leaving its napper in you.
    Cars may have evolved into disposable piles of crap, put at least the evolution of tick removal tools such as the mini claws that go under the body then you twist is a good thing.
    My husky had hundreds of ticks over his life, never had one single head break off during removal with the special tools.
    Plus howz anybody going to heat a tick’s ass with a vape these days! 😉

  150. Robert Graham says:

    o/t Again

    Just when you think you have found a safe place away from all this Plague shite It pops up on Googles main website , it’s even interrupting Utube clips you have previously saved to watch later .

    24 Hours a Day 7 Days a week for a year and a half straight bombarded by its your fault if you haven’t been jabbed it’s all your fault for spreading the plague you personally are killing people.

    Aye the wonder fkn game changing vaccine hasn’t worked if we are still being asked to submit to some fkn Chemical that the manufacturer refuses to divulge the contents of and better still if it damages you tough shit the government and the chemical manufacturers are totally immune from any and all liability , what’s not to like eh step right up and hope for the best ffs .

  151. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    Bonus French citizenship points pour moi as I’ve used plenty of Lafarge cement over the years, so that’s yet another tick towards me qualifying as a NouveauFrenchy.
    If you can be born in the wrong body then I presume it’s not too big a leap that you could have been born in the wrong country.
    Think I’ll just rock up and shout “Bonjour mes maisonies” and claim a vote to influence France’s future, coz that’s the totes cool thang to do these days.
    Sit down Ellis, just some bantz. 😉

    I had heard there is possibly only one used tyre shredder in Scotland and it broke down a while back. No idea if that might have been the issue but Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) is used in cement production.

    Of course we could stop the speculation… What a time to be alive when yer local cement factory has a twitter account. Someone on the twitts could ask what the issue is.

  152. Mia says:

    ““Cases” rarely means people who are actually sick”

    And Thank goodness for that, pixywine. “Cases” means positive cases, which is a way to measure the prevalence of the virus in the population – how much of the virus is circulating through the population.

    1000 identified cases in 24 hours within a population of just over 5 million suggest a much, much higher prevalence of Covid 19 in Scotland than the prevalence in China, a country with a population of over a 1,400,000,000 where less than 500 cases have been identified in the space of 10 days.

    I am sure you will agree also that the response of both governments to their respective prevalences of Covid-19 is diametrically opposed. One seems to be happy for the prevalence to increase exponentially, hence relaxing all restrictions while the other one is determined to bring that prevalence to zero by implementing more measures.

    What motivation can each of those governments have for such approaches?

    China is far more advanced technologically than Scotland in many respects, so if it is dedicating a lot of its resources to quash the virus when it identifies less than 100 per day, it has to be because the virus going through the population is really of no benefit for the country.

    Therefore the immediate question here is: what benefit for Sturgeon’s gov has having COVID going through the population? What is COVID-19 being used as a smokescreen/shield/excuse for?

    Is it being used as a political tool to stop independence so Scotland’s resources can continue to be used as a floating device to rescue England from sinking in its own shit while going through the weakest point in its history due to its self inflicted economic, political, constitutional and diplomatic damage by the taxdodgers’ brexit?

    How important are Scotland’s resources (including the NHS, water, renewable energy, denomination of origin and brand of Scottish produce such as salmond, whisky, scotch beef, venison and lamb etc) in those dodgy trade deals that England Mps are rushing to agree with all those other countries?

  153. Robert Hughes says:

    Ticks n Cement n Le Rock et Roll

    Dan , you are indeed The Man .

    Maybe cement is in short supply due to the Sturell Gang using so much to deep-6 their opponents and/or the receipts from their recent new office splurge

  154. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Apologies if this has already been posted, haven’t had time to catch-up.

    It’s session 63 of the corona ausschuss, with Reiner Fuellmich and colleagues, talking to guest Bryan Ardis.

    Please try to watch it before it vanishes.

  155. Fred says:

    ‘ Scottish produce such as salmond’

    Ironic but that little typo did make me smile Mia ?

  156. Ruby says:

    Dan says:
    4 August, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    I reckon that gives me legitimate grounds to qualify as a NouveauFrenchy.

    I’m wondering why you missed the following from your list

    & fries.

  157. Mia says:


    oops! My bad.

  158. Scott says:

    In the interests of those reading btl comments concerning the Coronavirus related legislation as applicable to Scotland.

    In Scots Law, no legal personality is ‘beyond the law’ to use a colloquialism.

    The corollary being that UK Government indemnifying any supplier of service, at any time, is merely a related item in legal terms and not a bar on the individual seeking remedy via the Courts.

    In unrelated news, Boris Johnson has no authority as PM while he is physically in Scotland, so shouldn’t be engaging directly with the press on policy etc. His power over Scots Law remains within Westminster, such that it actually is.

  159. Ruby says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    4 August, 2021 at 4:21 pm
    Ticks n Cement n Le Rock et Roll

    Dan , you are indeed The Man .

    Maybe cement is in short supply due to the Sturell Gang using so much to deep-6 their opponents and/or the receipts from their recent new office splurge


    Passed the SNP office earlier today.

    All the windows are black out.

    No chance of getting a sneaky peak at the new office.

  160. Mia says:

    “we should expect HERD IMMUNITY!”

    Should we?
    in what century?
    How many rounds of virus and how many different variants do we need to be exposed to before we can say we have herd immunity? Because the virus that causes the cold, incidentally often another form of coronavirus, has been kicking around for an awful long time yet we don’t appear to have developed herd immunity against it, do we?

    There are people who already had covid from one variant that are
    being re-infected by a different variant of the Sars COV 2. There are people in ICU with COVID that have had both dosis of the vaccine. This means that being exposed to the virus or whatever antigen the vaccine is using to trigger your body’s immunological response, is not enough to stop transmission, which is no surprising given that this is a coronavirus.

    Already more than 7,000 people lost their lives in Scotland because the great pretenders in our government refused to depart an inch from the diktat of the blond buffoon and chose to keep the main port of entry of the virus into Scotland wide open: the borders.

    How many more need to die in Scotland for the sake of this so called herd immunity or whatever political agenda the powers that be are using the virus to hide?

    “so called ‘infections’ which are actually positive PCR test results which measures nothing at all of relevance”

    A PCR test is primed to a particular, specific, sequence. If the test is positive it means its primers have detected the sequence – for the virus it means that person has the virus in their body. That they have the virus and yet may not develop the disease or not is irrelevant for transmission and from the point of view of epidemiology. If you have the virus, even when you do not go on to develop the disease, means you can be a reservoir and pass it over to somebody else.

    Would you also say that a positive HIV PCR test in a carrier who has not yet developed the disease is “nothing of relevance” too, so the person can go on without informing his/her sexual partners and without taking precautions because, according to you “having a positive test when you don’t have the actual disease is meaningless”?

    “now even admitted by the FDA in the USA”

    I find incredibly hard to believe that scientists in FDA and USA do not know how a RT-PCR works. Because if they claim a positive PCR test with primers specifically designed against the viral sequence “do not detect anything of relevance” then they don’t have a clue how a PCR works. As I say, I find that impossible to believe.

  161. John McNab says:

    Breeks at 11.19am.

    Not that it’s any of your business, but I didn’t imply or claim that “plamf” wasn’t a word, I said it was a new one on me, i.e. one I haven’t heard of.

    And by the way, it should be “whose vocabulary” not “who’s vocabulary”, you stupid semi-literate arsehole.

  162. Republicofscotland says:

    AUOB organising a rally to Faslane naval base on the 28th of August at 1pm, AUOB might be putting on coaches for those who want to go.

    I very much doubt we’ll see Sturgeon the Betrayer attend, and possibly no SNP MSPs either. The SNP has given weapons manufacturers in Scotland such as Raytheon over £20 million pounds of Scottish taxpayers cash. This money should’ve been spent on public services in Scotland and not given to weapons manufacturers.

  163. Pixywine says:

    Mia. Stop being silly. Herd immunity is achieved every year after every flu season. It’s par for the course on this planet. We’re the planet Earth by the way.

  164. cirsium says:

    @Ian Brotherhood, 4.42

    Ian – no worries. The Reiner Fuellmich interview is available here

    His interviews with Dr Peter McCullough, Dr David Martin and Dr Vladimir Zelenko are also on this site.

  165. Mia says:

    “erd immunity is achieved every year after every flu season”

    The flu is not caused by a coronavirus. Colds are.

  166. Scott says:

    re O/T PCR tests

    They cannot confirm the status of the genetic material within the host, rendering them unfit for diagnostic purposes within an individual, so they can’t accurately assess risk to health or efficacy of treatment.

    There’s a statistical certainty that one test will return a “positive” due to contamination from outwith the host. Extrapolating that at a local level increases the probability of that one event being a cluster event containing no verifiable number of so-called ‘false positives’.

    Modelling a pandemic response in real-time isn’t what they’re useable for either. Anonymised data can inform future events, however.

  167. Republicofscotland says:

    From the SNP’s twitter feed, “No matter how much they try, the Tories can’t escape their long catalogue of broken promises.”

    Its obvious to me that the SNP doesn’t do irony.

  168. Dan says:

    Ros says:

    “…the SNP doesn’t do irony

    Continuing the French vibe…Au contraire! Have you forgot about she / her / queen of Morphy Richards.

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    No mention of independence anywhere, only talk of back building a fairer, stronger Scotland, of course Brexit has put paid to that, and we won’t reach a pre-Brexit economy without independence, Sturgeon knows this.

  170. Republicofscotland says:

    Nice one Dan, as for this guy, I used to think he was more than just a Sturgeon acolyte, obviously I was wrong.

  171. President Xiden says:

    Well at least that has answered the question of the wording of the Indy2 referendum ballot paper ,

    ‘Should Scotland be an independent totalitarian police state ‘ yes/no.

  172. Scott says:

    John McNab says:
    4 August, 2021 at 6:02 pm

    And by the way, it should be “whose vocabulary” not “who’s vocabulary”, you stupid semi-literate arsehole.

    Top tip: When addressing stupid, semi-literate arseholes it’s always better to write your phrases using the syntax they’ll actually be able to understand. “Whose vocabulary” is redundant unless it’s accepted that you are the stupid arsehole, plamf.

  173. Robert Hughes says:

    Ruby @ 5.30

    ” Passed the SNP office earlier today.

    All the windows are black out.

    No chance of getting a sneaky peak at the new office.”

    We can only wonder what’s going on inside that blacked-out office.

    Maybe they’re all huddled round a ouija board trying to contact the Spirit of Integrity

  174. Mia says:

    “They cannot confirm the status of the genetic material within the host”

    The PCR may not be able to tell you if the virus you have in the throat is dead or alive at the point you take the swab, but it tells you that at some point you got the virus. It tells you the virus is still circulating among the population. If in addition to a positive result you have symptoms, then it is very likely you are suffering from COVID-19.

    For the RT-PCR to give you a positive result, the fragment that you are amplifying with the primers has to be in the host. If I am not mistaken, they don’t just use a set of primers. They use several to know if the viral RNA is fragmented (degrading because the virus is dead). RNA degrades quickly, it does not remain glued to your throat for months to no end. So if you have a positive test today and then 7 months down the line you produce other positive result, then it is very likely you have been re-infected.

    The PCR can be used as a diagnostic to determine if you have been infected with the virus or not. It cannot be used to determine if you are going to have the disease or not, that will be determied by your symptoms. But in most cases, apart from health professionals and carers, you only have a PCR test if either you have a lateral flow test positive or you are experiencing symptoms or somebody in your household is.

    “There’s a statistical certainty that one test will return a “positive” due to contamination from outwith the host”

    contamination from outwith the host? What do you mean by this? The swabs are taken from your throat and nose. You don’t use the same swab for two people. If the amount of virus in the air is enough to contaminate the swab during the time that is needed from taking the swab from your mouth/nose and sticking it in the vial, then we all would have COVID-19. The other alternative to get a positive result is if the operator performing the PCR accidentally contaminates the sample or the test tube/plate where the sample is, for example by using the same tip when dispensing different samples, when using the same tip when dispensing the reagents and accidentally touching the droplet containing the sample in one of the wells or by allowing the contents of the wells of the plate to accidentally mix before putting the plate in the PCR machine.

    “Extrapolating that at a local level increases the probability of that one event being a cluster event containing no verifiable number of so-called ‘false positives’”

    Please explain.

    “Modelling a pandemic response in real-time isn’t what they’re useable for either”

    Assuming the operators processing the sample and performing and interpreting the PCRs are competent, the PCR tells you if a sample contains traces of viral RNA or not, it tells you if the patient has been infected with the virus or not. When you test extensively, you can from this determine the prevalence of the virus among the population. You can determine if the virus remains stable, if it is spreading faster or if it is dying off.

    Yesterday, of all the people tested in Scotland in the previous 24 hours, 1016 were positive by PCR – This means 1016 people had been infected with the virus. Those are the ones tested, the real number of infections is possibly higher.

    Today, of all the people tested in Scotland, 1271 were positive – This means that 1271 people, different from the 1016 tested the day before, have been infected with the virus.

    What does the PCR test tell you?

    It tells you the virus is still prevalent in Scotland
    It tells you that it is continuing to do its thing despite restrictions, despite over 349,286 people having already been infected with the virus at least once, and despite 60% of the population having been vaccinated.
    It tells you the virus is no going anywhere.
    It tells you herd immunity for COVID is most probably another red herring.

  175. Dan says:

    @ Ros

    Aye, but in this tweet bragging about breaking electoral records, he conveniently forgets to brag about the highest ever number of pissed away SNP 2nd votes.

    1.1 million 2nd votes for SNP only got a pair of Emmas that manipulated the manipulated selection process on the Regional Lists for their own electoral advantage.
    Were there not questions over the legality of the NEC implementing the process and potential challenges arising?

    Which leads me to wonder what Joan McAlpine is up to these days.

  176. If yer depressed as shit, hate Chuck Palahniuk, and want to read aboot him getting a Falkirk verbal slap:

  177. John McNab says:

    Scott says:
    4 August, 2021 at 7:34 pm
    John McNab says:
    4 August, 2021 at 6:02 pm

    And by the way, it should be “whose vocabulary” not “who’s vocabulary”, you stupid semi-literate arsehole.

    “Top tip: When addressing stupid, semi-literate arseholes it’s always better to write your phrases using the syntax they’ll actually be able to understand. “Whose vocabulary” is redundant unless it’s accepted that you are the stupid arsehole, plamf.”

    Bloody hell. Another one. Just as a matter of interest, are you the one who made up ‘plamf’, defined it and put it in something called the Urban Dictionary? I mean, anybody sane and with even the slightest sense of propriety wouldn’t invent a word that describes one of the more esoteric pseudo-sexual autoeroticisms. Arnold Layne didn’t go that far; although I would imagine it would have been one of the more ingenious explanations you would put before the court.

  178. cirsium says:

    @Mia, 5.59
    Already more than 7,000 people lost their lives in Scotland because the great pretenders in our government refused to depart an inch from the diktat of the blond buffoon

    Yes, one of the reasons for the death rate is that the Scottish Government has followed the UK Government’s policy of preventing doctors from treating the initial infection. Early intervention is a key medical tool whether the disease is cancer or heart disease or infection with SARS-CoV-2. Another contributory factor to the death rate and another breach of the Hippocratic Oath was the decision to send sick old people from hospital back to nursing homes.

    What can happen when the Hippocratic Oath is set aside is starkly described in Vera Sharav’s interview by Reiner Fuellmich.

  179. Ruby says:

    Those with O level French will know the French for magpie.
    Did you ever wonder why the French for magpie became the English word for stuff like mince, macaroni, steak & kidney etc cover in pastry?

    Is it true that ‘the Scottish dialect word for a magpie used to be “haggess,”?

  180. Pixywine says: I don’t know if this guy is for real or not. I thought the ladies out there need to hear this.

  181. Ron Maclean says:

    From ‘About us’

    The site advocates Scottish independence, but is not affiliated or connected in any way to the SNP, and neither gives to or receives money from the party, nor indeed any other party. We have an inquiring mind, and welcome intelligent contributions from all sides of the political debate.

    Got something worthwhile to say about Scotland’s future? Try us.

  182. Pixywine says:

    Mia. Give over. The PCR is being improperly used for political purposes. Don’t be fooled by a set of credentials. Everybodies making that mistake these days. People are being fooled by Government experts who have a political and economic objective. Mainly they wish to keep their jobs. Covid 19 was downgraded to no more lethal than flu in April 2020. Did you miss that?

  183. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The Oxford English Dictionary and the Dictionaries of the Scots Language do not have “planf”. The Urban Dictionary does not have it either.

    Onny chance of a link to where the meaning is defined?

  184. Pixywine says:

    Ross Colhoun seems to have missed out the part about the SNP having the biggest most ginormous and most popular Prick in charge of the party. Yayy.

  185. stuart mctavish says:

    The twins story is very interesting.

    Is it possible the pathogen could have been made considerably stronger by modified dna before finding a host with the original version of the dna it had just been evolving in?

    If so, it might help save someone else’s life if a formal complaint is raised against the distributor and manufacturer – especially if such a gain of function risk had been known beforehand and not properly explained (and if not why not, etc. considering how important twins would normally be to medical experiments of this nature).

    Further, the 10 weeks following her injection (ie week 21 to 30), when compared with the same time period last year, saw:

    infant mortality up nearly 50 %,
    child and adolescent deaths down about 10 %,
    young and middle aged adult deaths up about 7 % and (even)
    old folk deaths up 3 % overall despite (so called) covid related deaths being down about 40 % in over 75 age range

    Accordingly, irrespective of whether the accelerated trials could have anticipated such risks, clearly any regulatory failure to explain the difference at this point (especially whilst pushing ahead with forcing it on those not at appreciable risk of covid in any event) will surely constitute criminality far in excess of the charge that Craig Murray was required to answer whether it be recognised as such now or later.

  186. Scott says:

    a plamf says:
    4 August, 2021 at 8:09 pm

    Just as a matter of interest, are you the one who made up ‘plamf’, defined it and put it in something called the Urban Dictionary?

    That’s the plamfiest question I’ve ever read.

    Plamf was in the Scottish lexicon long before the interweb of stuff that’s essentialy just binary code involving 01…

  187. Scott says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    4 August, 2021 at 9:09 pm

    I refer you to my post containing the phrase Scottish lexicon.

  188. John Main says:

    Shocked – 4 August, 2021 at 8:12 am

    “As for China, they released a virus on the world and killed over 4 million people in the process and have lied about it every step of the way. Effectively China has declared war on the rest of the world. So their crimes far exceed anything any of your crank conspiracies about sturgeon and the British state allege.”

    I don’t have much to add to that, other than that your numbers are well off. India alone puts its death toll as a result of Covid at near 5 million.

    Death toll so far, that is. Just as with every other country in the world, the numbers will continue to increase for years, perhaps even decades.

    Much as it pains me to say it, it really is time people stopped blaming Bojo & Nikla QoS.

    Get them for other crimes. Covid is not their fault.

  189. Tannadice Boy says:

    Brian Doonthetoon 9:09pm
    Plamf is a derogatory word for Idiot. Of Scottish origin and it is in the Urban Dictionary or at least I found it. Try “plamf meaning”. Sometimes used as banter between males. In the big scheme of things there is worse insults. Hope your team is doing better than mine!.

  190. Mia says:

    “Did you miss that?”

    I didn’t miss this either:

    I didn’t miss either that each of the new variants (Kent, South African and now the delta variant) very quickly took over the previous variant in the population, with the overwhelming majority of the people testing positive being so with the new variant. So, where did the previous variants go? Did they just vanish into another dimension?

    What does this tell me?

    It tells me that what has been maintaining the flow of the virus through the population in Scotland was keeping those darn borders open allowing continuously new variants from elsewhere to come in and maintain the level of COVID-19 within the population high.

    China, Australia, South Korea and New Zealand have proven that you can eradicate the virus in the country if you really want it gone.

    I doubt the PCR itself is being used for political purposes, unless they are not doing it correctly. The PCR is just a test. But what I do think has been used for political purposes was the maintaining of the virus in the population via continuously importing variants by refusing to lock the borders while using the virus as an excuse to reduce our freedoms, to deny us our right to self determination, to delay Scotland’s independence, to force Scotland to remain in the union so England can continue taking advantage of its assets and to distract the people from England of the monumental mess they have made by voting for brexit.

  191. ronald anderson says:

    Sorry i have to make a amendment to a previous post re Craig Murray .

    Friday 6th Aug Demonstration

    Bute House 12 o clock for 2 hours

    High Court 2 pm 2 hours

    Saughton 4 pm 2 hours

    All welcome to attend .

  192. Mia says:

    “Covid is not their fault”

    Covid is not their fault. Keeping the borders open and allowing new variants to continuously come in killing more people, is.

    The Brazil variant, the South African variant, the Kent variant and the Delta variant entered Scotland because somebody brought them in.

    7,000 is an exceptionally high number of unnecessary deaths. When the first case was identified in England, Scotland did not have any. What the political fraud should have done at the time was what the other country leaders with a backbone and no interest in seeing the population of their countries dying of the virus were doing: locking the borders.

    She chose not to. She and Humza chose instead to insult the yes supporters who demanded the borders to be locked by calling them racists.

    So yes, I blame her for that excessive number of unnecessary deaths, the same way I blame the blond buffoon for the hundred thousand English people who unnecessarily lost their lives because of his pigheaded stupidity in refusing to close the borders.

  193. Scott says:

    With regard to ‘French for magpie’

    The word magpie can be expressed in French as

    ‘le moulin de paroles’

    which be expressed in English as…




    ‘Pété Le Magpie, a passing crow, dead Glen Michael’
    scenario anyone?

  194. Gary45% says:

    Plamph, (correct spelling) just look up the meaning.

    To all “anti-vax moon howlers”.
    How come you don’t recommend Unionist and anti Scottish Indy supporter Neil” its me wi the hair” Oliver as one of your bastions of Covid conspiracy?
    He’s been on GBeebies spouting pish about the very subject.
    Keep clutching at the straws suckers.
    Pixywhine get some of your fellow numpties to help find the keys to your spaceship.

  195. Tannadice Boy says:

    Gary45% 10:20pm
    Plamph is the derivative of Plamf. Plamph meaning smelling women’s underwear. I will stop there!. However plamf and it’s derivatives are of Glasgow origin and as an East Coast Scotsman I couldn’t possible comment. I am part of the 45% as well. But in the current circumstances if a surprised Indyref2 is held I would vote for Independence and be part of the 39%. Let’s change the leadership and direction and get some decent people in.

  196. Scott says:

    Mia says:
    4 August, 2021 at 9:40 pm

    Isolating one part of society from a ‘variant’ completely creates the perfect environment for the emergence of a vaccine resistant variant liable to create a worse outcome for that society.

    Herd immunity explains why flu deaths are so low in the asymptomatic.

  197. Ruby says:

    Scott says:

    Pété Le Magpie



    Péter wasn’t a word I learned for French O level but learned it when I researched the word ‘petard’ as in hoist by your petard.

  198. ronald anderson says:

    Wings is plumbing the depths wie you knicker sniffers Lol

  199. Fred says:

    Gary45% says:
    ‘How come you don’t recommend Unionist and anti Scottish Indy supporter Neil” its me wi the hair” Oliver as one of your bastions of Covid conspiracy.’

    I couldn’t care less about Neil Oliver’s politics, this is of far greater importance.
    Anybody brave enough to speak up against the cynical and systematic coercion of our nation’s youth into receiving an, as yet, still untested ‘vaccine’ has my vote.
    Neil Oliver speaks for me.

  200. John Main says:


    I get it – you believe that if a country seals its borders, then nobody in that country gets Covid.

    Have you done any research on that? I have. As of 31st July, here are the five countries in the world that claim to be Covid-free:

    North Korea

    QUESTION 1: Which one of the above is the role model you wish Scotland to emulate?

    QUESTION 2: Imagine the scenario where Nikla QoS has been so impressed by your logic that she seals the borders and by a relentlessly enforced policy of imprisonment, achieves what has so far not happened anywhere in the world – a state that has not only totally eliminated Covid, but keeps it eliminated – the fabled zero Covid. What happens next?

  201. Scott says:

    Gary45% says:
    4 August, 2021 at 10:20 pm

    Plamph, (correct spelling)

    You’ve added yourself to the list.

  202. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Weell, if peeps are gonna introduce a new word “plamf’ to our vocabulary, the correct spelling would be more than helpful…

    As I typed previously, various dictionaries could not find “planf”. I’m not even going to search for “planph: it doesn’t pique my interest to a sufficient extent…

  203. Hatuey says:

    John Main: “Have you done any research on that? I have. As of 31st July, here are the five countries in the world that claim to be Covid-free”

    I have too. Your argument here is rhetorical rubbish. Nobody except you has reduced this to the banal question of countries that claim to be covid-free.

    The goal, of course, is to minimise death and suffering. It’s odd that I need to explain that to someone that has enough intelligence to open a web browser and comment here.

    Scotland could have avoided all those deaths and all that suffering. That isn’t opinion, it’s fact. Singapore with a population almost the same size (only much more densely packed) had under 40 deaths in total the last time I looked.

    The new variants will challenge all countries, even those that had able leaders with humane strategies. But it’s unlikely that countries like Taiwan, Australia, Japan, and others who handled it humanely will go far up the death-toll league, thanks to vaccines.

    Some day sanity will return and we will look back on all this in horror at the way our leaders surrendered to the virus and let it kill so many. They let us down badly.

    The vaccine might stop people dying — and if that’s a priority now it only gives greater force to the question of why it wasn’t a priority before — but it won’t bring back the dead.

  204. Breeks says:

    If I’m joining the dots correctly here, it seems the cesspit just got a little deeper.

    Does anybody know a political party which conspires to dig up dirt on their enemies and smear them?

  205. JimuckMac says:

    Mia, nobody in Scotland has died of Covid 19. Only the cowards and the stupid believe in this Scamdemic.

  206. Pixywine says:

    Mia. Your information should also be telling you that no one is dying of the so called strains. Relax. You come across as terrified in your writing. Why don’t you look into the JFK assassination and sort that out for us.

  207. Pixywine says:

    Mia. For a conspiracy investigate? you don’t half swallow some shite from the Government. The “variant” tactic it was predicted by some online commentators that the Governments would use fear of “variants” in order to maintain emergency status which means massive profits for pharma companies with Tory and UK Government shareholders. I saw it coming a year and a half ago.

  208. Pixywine says:

    No. I don’t have a crystal ball I’m just intelligent.

  209. Pixywine says:

    Gary45. Try not to let your petty political hatreds cloud your view of the bigger political picture. Right now Independence for Scotland is an academic idea. The reality of our situation is that our Governments are clearly taking orders from private banking and business interests to the detriment of humanity. Why are you so parochial? How is Brigadoon these days?

  210. Pixywine says:

    Hatuey New Zealand and Australia are trying to achieve covid free status. You are the one using lying rhetoric. You always accuse others of your own tactics. The evidence of death and injury caused by “vaccines” is mounting.
    To everyone else. Did you know that Captain Tom was vaccinated shortly before his death?

  211. Shocked says:

    @john main

    I have no doubt the death figures are much higher but I’m using the worldometer figure as it seems to be about the only place you can find figures for around the world albeit they do rely on countries getting their own stats right.

  212. Pixywine says:

    Hatuey. Your black propaganda is straight out of the SAGE tactical manual.

  213. Shocked says:

    Mia ranting about borders again, of course this has nothing to do with covid and simply her being her usual ethno nationalist self.

    And claiming that China has eradicated the virus… oh my aching sides.

    Wee tip Mia, stick to your usual conspiracy theories about Queen Nicola and MI5.

  214. Effigy says:

    The good law project are after Lord bethanel he was health minister and filled his friends pockets, he was using WhatsApp and private email, the court told him to produce his phone, he said its broken, and the judge has warned him, the good law project have said they will go wherever they need to go for the evidence.

  215. Dan says:

    Why are our political elites SO obsessed with gender identity issues, and trans rights?…

  216. John McNab says:

    Scott, Breeks, Briandoonthetoon and now Gary 45% appear to have formed a very, very tight knicker sniffing catamite circle jerk, arguing over the origin, spelling and definition of the hitherto unknown – to me, and I suspect a significant number of others – word, ‘plamf.’

    Thus is the argument for Scots secession reduced, as usual, to mere stuff.

  217. John Main says:


    I don’t doubt your Covid figures (in as much as any country’s figures can be trusted) but my point is that the death toll AS A COLLATERAL RESULT OF COVID greatly exceeds the death toll DIRECTLY FROM CATCHING COVID.

    The figure of almost 5 million deaths from India contains 1-2 million who have died from malnutrition because the lockdowns have stopped them from working and hence eating. Hundreds of thousands more people who were ill have died as a result of their routine medical treatments being cancelled.

    This picture is replicated all over the poorer countries of the world.

    Credible analysis suggests that Covid will eventually kill, directly and indirectly, in excess of 100 million people.

  218. Dan says:

    Do a quick CtrlF search of “John McNab” on this page, tab through the results and witness the commitment of an individual and their relentless input of creative ideas and discussion points aimed at progressing the Indy cause…

  219. John Main says:


    If you think the answer to Scotland’s problems is to become like Singapore, you may well have my support. The Scottish out-of-control drug deaths will be fixed PDQ. So will our out-of-control littering and anti-social behaviour problems.

    For those here who may be unaware of the key elements of Singaporean government and civil policies, why don’t you use your virtuoso internet research talents to list them?

    I worry that they will be unpalatable to the majority of Scottish citizens, but then again, maybes the desire for real change is stronger than I recognise.

    Don’t omit the public birching of criminals from your list.

  220. Gregor says:

    Supreme Covid mouthpiece/Wuhan bio-lab funder/US Democrat political shill: Dr Fauci (re. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: $7.4 million), predicts new more deadlier variant on the horizon (re. the bad non-vaxxed):

  221. JimuckMac says:

    An Alberta man who was defending in court his invalid fine for being in ‘too big a group’ on social media, then subpoenaed the Alberta Minister of Health, who was asked to prove the existence of Covid 19.
    After the case was delayed and then attempted dismissal, it was declared that THEY HAD NO EVIDENCE THAT COVID 19 EXISTS.
    The lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing and all the other restrictions have been lifted in all Canadian provinces except Quebec. It’s over folks. The Hoax is over.
    Beware: They will attempt to do as much damage to you as they can, before this goes mainstream.

  222. stonefree says:

    @ Breeks at 5:23 am

    This surfaced about 10 days ago,(Guardian I think) not withstanding I saw similar in 2015.I believed then as I still do it was a method to control “their people”
    Might I suggest Mackay for one,and other whom the “investigation” has stalled
    If you are not the target, but suspect you know who the target is, Have a rummage about

  223. Republicofscotland says:

    So Boris Johnson is in Scotland, and he’s met with senior chiefs of Police Scotland, our colonial police force, why has Johnson met with them?

    Meanwhile the millionaire knight of the realm, and leader of the Labour party Sir Keir Starmer is also in Glasgow just now, Starmer says he’s in Scotland because he’s worried about climate change, hmm..

  224. Republicofscotland says:

    Dan @ 7.48pm.

    Dan I read somewhere that those 1.1 million second SNP list votes, got 46 unionist MSPs elected, in my opinion that was Sturgeon’s goal to keep the status quo, too many indy MSP’s including Alba ones would’ve forced her hand on holding an indyref.

  225. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Posted this link yesterday.

    Cirsium also provided alternative links in case this one doesn’t work or ‘disappears’.

    There are also multiple links available via Twitter if you search ‘Fuellmich/Ardis’.

    It is probably the most shocking material to have emerged yet from Fuellmich’s ‘corona ausschuss’, which is as close to an official inquiry as we’re likely to get.

    Please don’t ignore this, despite whatever characters like Hatuey say. The dam is starting to crack.

    The Scotgov has already given the nod to jags for 12yr olds. Sturgeon has already stated that she wants more children done.

    They can’t be allowed to go ahead with it – the damage already done is beyond imagining.

    It’s truly horrific, but please, please, don’t ignore this.

  226. Ruby says:

    Breeks says:
    5 August, 2021 at 5:23 am

    If I’m joining the dots correctly here, it seems the cesspit just got a little deeper.

    Does anybody know a political party which conspires to dig up dirt on their enemies and smear them?


    Does the party in question enlist the help of the Daily Record?

    Is the private investigator employed by the D. Record and does he/she get around the ‘no spying convention’ by claiming to be a ‘private investigative reporter’.

    I first became suspicious of the SNP when Mark MacDonald got fired for sending a text.

  227. Rogueslr says:

    Seen elsewhere – My gut feeling is that most conspiracy theorists have never been project managers.

    Their optimism is adorable.

  228. Breeks says:

    Dan says:
    5 August, 2021 at 8:14 am

    … relentless input of creative ideas and discussion points aimed at progressing the Indy cause…

    Thing is Dan, I’ve never met anybody describing Scottish Independence as “secession” who actually was sympathetic to Independence.

    In my experience, the expression “Secession” is a fairly reliable tell for the presence of Unionism / contempt for Scotland, a lot like the “pride” so many “proud” Scot-buts have.

    These words kinda brand the comments they appear in made, just like the Union Jacks on your shopping.

  229. Ruby says:

    What’s the reason for this article?

    Is Derek MacKay still a threat to the SNP?

    Can anyone remember which newspaper the boy in the Derek MacKay case went to?

    Was it the D.Record that Humza Yousaf contacted for help with his racist claims against a nursery?

    Looking for close connections between D. Record & SNP.

  230. Robert Hughes says:

    Ian B @ 9.21

    I watched that video recently , truly horrifying – if accurate ( essential caveat ) , and the guy seemed pretty legit with his facts and figures .

    What leapt out for me was Fauci’s seemingly sole control of vital policy decisions .

    That he was able to insist on the exclusive use ( in Covid protocols ) of a drug the FDA refused to pass when he – allegedly – knew of the problems associated with it , which – again allegedly – went on to cause the injury and deaths of 1000s of people ( rather than the * official * cause of death ie Covid ) if proven to be true will go down as one of the most heinous crimes of modern times .

  231. Republicofscotland says:

    Alba’s Neale Hanvey alleges that he is currently being spied upon, by a private investigator, in the interests of another political party.

    Hanvey thinks it could be MI5 spying on him, though the law might bar them from doing so. I doubt that will stop the domestic security services from spying on all Alba MPs and prominent members, to see what they are up to and to protect the union.

    They spied on, followed, and murdered Willie MacRae, and they’ve spied on Labour affiliates and MPs in the past. I’d put nothing past the security services when it comes to defending this rancid union.

  232. Ruby says:

    Is Derek MacKay still being spied on?

    Is the recent D.Record article a warning to Derek MacKay.

  233. Breastplate says:

    I’ve watched it and it is absolutely astounding what has been happening.

    Whether people believe these doctors and lawyers or not, this is a must watch.

  234. James Che. says:


    One to pay attention to.

  235. Ron Maclean says:

    From a btl comment on WoS about a year ago;

    ‘Should we continue to seek independence for a country with an unprincipled legal system, disreputable political parties, freeloading politicians and a compromised, inactive leader? I think we should, but first we must recognise the source of our problems and find an untainted, competent, ethical, determined and tough replacement leader capable of confronting our self-serving, deceitful establishment, running the country, promoting independence and going on to achieve it.

    That’s not likely to be easy but neither is breaking up a three hundred year old union.’

    Nothing has changed since that was written but in future we must be a lot more careful in our choice of leader.

    See ‘Alba or Alexba’ in

  236. Republicofscotland says:

    The Scottish government has its own security services linked to England’s, and the Scottish one has been spying on US since 2007.

  237. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Robert Hughes & Breastplate –

    What got to me most about that interview wasn’t the detail of what Fauci has been up to. (Nothing that creep does should be a surprise to anyone.) Rather, it was the reaction of Fuellmich and his colleagues. The blonde woman (sorry, forget her name) looked close to tears a couple of times, and no wonder.

    Even if this madness is stopped today, the damage is incalculable.

    But it’s not stopping anytime soon and we can see where it’s going – the next lockdown will be blamed on those of us who refused to take the fuckin thing. Nothing surer. Which brings us to the video Pixywine posted the other morning…

    God help us.

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  238. Hatuey says:

    Ian Brotherhood: “despite whatever characters like Hatuey say. The dam is starting to crack.”

    I’m pretty sure you could guess what I think has cracked, Mr. Brotherhood.

    For the record, I’ve already said I was against vaccinating kids. The data and science suggests it’s unnecessary.

    I haven’t commented on the use ivermectin and don’t have a view on it. I vaguely remember the FDA advising against its use in treating covid patients… I’m pretty sure they made a statement on that last year and will try to find the link.

    Thanks for the entertainment… you guys are up there with Breaking Bad.

  239. James Che. says:

    As To the end of all our problems, wether it is political journalists as prisoners or missing funds in the snp, or the breaking of the treaty of the union where now the crown runs the Scots laws under the devolved goverment accessibility which was supposed to remain separate to the new British Parliament according to the articles of the 1707 treaty,
    All that remains is for us, to use our legal sovereignty in Scotland to reset the most of these wrongs.

  240. Ron Maclean says:

    From today’s ‘Hebrides News’

    A resident at the Dun Berisay care home has died with Covid.

    A joint statement from the islands’ health board and local authority said: “It is with deepest regret that NHS Western Isles and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar can confirm the recent very sad death of a resident of Dun Berisay care home.”

    The death has been included in the national report which includes all Covid associated deaths.

    Twenty four people – a mix of residents and staff – contracted coronavirus at the residential facility operated by the comhairle.

    About a third of elderly residents at the care home were diagnosed with the infection.

  241. Breastplate says:

    You are correct, I acknowledge that you have voiced your concerns and opposition to vaccination of kids against Covid.

    Regarding ivermectin, although the video doesn’t mention ivermectin, it explains why the US doesn’t use any drug other than remdesivir.

    Also Hatuey, try not to be dismissive of people that are not as eager as others to swallow a certain narrative.

    Let me know if you watch this video because I would genuinely like to hear your opinion on it.

  242. McDuff says:

    This is a great article exposing the state of journalism in this country and the media as a whole. It is controlled by the rich few and in the case of the BBC, the state.
    I remember when there were hard hitting tv programs where proper journalists exposed wrong doing in the government and business and held them to account. It was a time when students and trade unions took to the streets to demonstrate for people’s rights and made their voices heard. These days it’s a nation in a come who simple can’t or isn’t bothered. Sad.

  243. Mark Boyle says:

    MCDuff at 11.13am:

    “I remember when there were hard hitting tv programs where proper journalists exposed wrong doing in the government and business and held them to account.”

    Clearly you missed Dion Hesson’s excellent programme a few days ago called “Instatraders” on BBC 1 about the ForEx pyramid scam being allowed to run unchecked (these have been declared illegal in Belgium, but nowhere else) – one of which is being run in Glasgow.

    Here’s a link if interested:

  244. Andy Ellis says:

    @ James Che 10.53 & Ron MacLean 10.45 am

    “All that remains is for us….” & “in future we must be more a lot more careful in our choice of leader”

    Amen to your respective comments. Therein lies the problem for the broader Yes movement? The “us” appears pretty divided and rudderless at present and future leadership capable of energising a renewed Yes movement doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon.

    There is little point in or prospect of convincing the section of “soft No” voters from 2104 that the potential risks the saw in independence are now more than offset by the risks of staying in the current union, if we simultaneously see sections of the Yes movement lose faith in the project because they have become scunnered at the prospects of constructing a better nation which may either replicate many of the negative traits of current governance, or actually be in many respects worse.

    It’s surely not possible that a nation of 5.5 million people is so bereft of political talent and innovate thinking when so many other smaller states with few of our advantages and many more systemic problems have both attained independence in recent decades and made a success of it?

    I don’t have any answers sadly. As the old Irish aphorism goes: “If I wanted to get there, I wouldn’t be starting from here!”. It’s hard not to feel disillusioned at present. We can only hope that the next few years see some changes and progress.

    I’m not sure how long a “re-setting” takes, or what might be involved. Like many others, I’m hoping Alba can shake things up a bit, but only time will tell. I’d like to have faith that something’s gotta give and there will be dramatic developments and speedy change, but I just don’t see it at present. I think we’re in for a hard few years.

  245. Ron Maclean says:

    Another interesting post – ‘A Bold Alternative Alba’ from Rob Brown @

  246. Hatuey says:

    “Also Hatuey, try not to be dismissive of people that are not as eager as others to swallow a certain narrative.”

    I’m dismissive of people who don’t know what they are talking about, especially when what they are saying is potentially dangerous.

    As it happens, a bunch of people who do know what they are talking about, from Oxford University, have investigated the efficacy of Remdesivir.

    They carefully scrutinised evidence a multitude of clinical trials (2752 studies in total) from all over the world and looked closely at the health outcomes of over 13 thousand patients who were given Remdesivir in an attempt to fight covid-19.

    (It should be noted that many of the patients referred to in these studies were elderly people on ventilators and/or at death’s door. The doctors involved were earnestly trying to save their lives which is a noble cause.)

    Guess what? In the words of those who conducted the study;

    “Although a previous study has reported severe common adverse events, including an increase in hepatic enzymes (32.1%), renal injury (14.4%), increased creatinine levels (11.2%) and respiratory failure (6.4%),36 this meta-analysis did not detect an increased risk of adverse events following remdesivir treatment when compared with the control. Furthermore, a lower risk of serious adverse events was observed in both the 5?day and 10?day remdesivir groups than in the control group. Therefore, our findings suggest that remdesivir could be a safe antiviral agent for treating patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

    In short, Remdesivir saved many lives and there was no measurable increase in negative outcomes (renal failure, morbidity, etc.) as a result of administering it.

    In case anyone is any doubt, that’s the Remdesivir debate over. It took me a whole 10 minutes to research it and put an end to this sub-chapter of madness and hysteria.

    I just hope the Yahoos are able to see what I’ve posted through their crocodile tears…

  247. Breastplate says:

    Well done for ending the debate about remdesivir.
    Have you managed to end the debate on anything else?

    You don’t seem to understand that debate is a good thing, everything should be approached with a healthy amount of cynicism, evidence should be weighed and opinions aired, however nonsensical others believe them to be.
    This should be considered normal.

    You yourself believe that children shouldn’t be vaccinated against Covid. Why would you believe this when your government has given the green light for this with the blessing of the medical and pharmaceutical industries?

  248. Hatuey says:

    Breastplate, the data suggests people under the age of 21 are at extremely low risk when it comes to covid-19.

    If you assume there’s no side effects, the data suggests really negligible benefits from vaccination.

    I don’t assume there’s no side effects. There’s always side effects. We should have solid data on side effects this far into stage 4 and the fact that we don’t is potentially worrying.

    I believe the Government is concerned about a surge in the autumn and that’s why they want to vaccinate kids, before they go back to school…

    Interesting that they all publicly acknowledge the important role of schools in spreading the virus today. This time last year I was a lone voice on here saying it was madness to open schools and described them as virus distribution factories… within a few weeks we were back into lockdown.

    I guess that’s the concern, that kids and young people will spread it again, like they did last year. News coming from Israel is relevant too to that concern; protection from the vaccine is starting to wane.

    Add it all up.

  249. Breastplate says:

    I agree with you, what I was suggesting was that you don’t agree with the government, medical and pharmaceutical advice for good reason.

    If we can agree that, we at least, believe the advice regarding children being vaccinated against Covid is flawed then it’s not much of a stretch to believe they can be wrong on other advice.

    If we concede that the advice is open to fallibility, it is also open to debate.

  250. North chiel says:

    “ Andy Ellis says@1128 am “ “ in future we must be a lot more careful in our choice of leader”. Yes agreed , certainly when the current apparently “ blundering floundering “pm “can make a fool of our current FM . When is she going to learn that “ there is NO COMPROMISE with Johnston and the elitist Public school junta” ruling the UK . These people have always been of the opinion that they “ were born to rule” and as long as they are in power they regard anyone , any opposition and any individual not within the Etonian elite to be subservient and inferior to themselves. When is NIcola Sturgeon going to show “ some Scottish backbone” and CONFRONT these arrogant Oafs who are presently ignoring her and the people she represents , and “ running political rings round her” ? She has been in power for six years now and has done absolutely nothing to stand up for herself and our people . Time indeed for a Scottish political leadership that will stand up for our sovereign people and NOT BACK DOWN ONE INCH in our fight to repatriate all powers of independence to our country . She has had umpteen chances to show some backbone against the Tory junta ; over the EU vote & Brexit, over the pandemic ( and the lack of any public health control measures at OUR SCOTTISH BORDER , despite Public Health being a devolved power) , over the continual breaches of the Treaty of Union by Westminster including trade within the U.K. , and the “ power grab “ post Brexit. Never again will she get my vote as until she stops prevaricating and starts CONFRONTING WESTMINSTER over the continued subjugation of Scotland and our people . She could start by demanding to know where the PR English Parliament is with the exact same devolved powers as Holyrood , as surely under the Treaty of Union this should have been established at the same time Holyrood was “ reconvened” ?

  251. James Che. says:

    Andy Ellis.
    When observing the yes movement which was growing and gaining strength just a year or so ago,
    If we were to take note of a number of things that intercepted that favourable growth they were as follows.
    1) the Alan Salmond court case
    2) covid lockdowns.
    3) the snp going against the Scottish electorate.
    4) some extra imported trolling into the equation.
    As political tools these major events have left the yes growth at a standstill and rudderless,

    The YES people are still here, around you and wuiely holding their tongues, when the right subject and topic is spoken about it is a delight to see the intelligent conversations, the research and links, the ideas that shared,
    however the trolls are loud, brash and verbally abusive to any seed that starts to grow.
    Sadly many of our side fall by the wayside and stop commenting due to this barrage of excreted verbal diarrhoea thrown at them,
    And due to this concerted effort by imported trolls the success goes to the opposition,

    Another tactic I noted that was effective is to try keeping our attention on the snp,
    Most of us have long ago ditched the snp and the Westminster parliamentary styled devolved goverment as a viable road to independence for Scots.
    But somehow they manage to keep
    bringing the topic back again and again to the snp. This is a waste of time and effort for true seekers of independence in the Scottish electorate.
    The trolls and opposition wish us to focus on only one possible route to independence,
    Begging for permission.

    When we have finally finished with this disguised false route we might get up of our knees and use our sovereignty to choose a new government.
    Not by the dictates of the devolved government or the one down south, nor by the electorial roll route,
    But by the people arranging it themselves.

    Governments can be charged with UDI.
    Sovereign people cannot be charged with UDI legally.

  252. Republicofscotland says:

    Its interesting to note that the Scottish Criminal Records Office in Glasgow down at the Pacific Quay, plays host to MI5 agents when they are in town.

  253. Hatuey says:

    Breastplate, I think our Governments and their experts have been wrong more than they’ve been right, on big stuff too.

    The central premise that “herd immunity” was based on, for example, was that we were all going to get the virus anyway and the Government should accept that and devote itself to simply controlling rate of infections so as to protect the NHS.

    Leitch and other experts are on the record saying exactly that.

    That assumption has cost nearly 200 thousand lives in the UK. And it was wrong, in every sense wrong.

    The anti-vaxxer brigade have also been wrong more than they’ve been right, verifiably wrong. And as I’ve been saying all along, their position generally is much closer to the Government line on key issues than they like to admit.


    1) they have routinely downplayed the deadliness of the virus. Actually on here some have even suggested it doesn’t even exist (pixy posted a video to that effect a few days ago). Last April they were blaming 5G antennas.

    2) They’ve consistently argued against lockdowns and suggested they did no good and were not necessary. I can’t imagine what sort of death toll we would be looking at without the lockdowns.

    3) On the vaccine, their opinions have ranged from secret plans to insert microchips to culling the human population.

    The data on the efficacy of the vaccine is now incontrovertible but instead of self reflection they have moved on to grander conspiracies involving things like Remdesivir. In the background they’re waiting on cytokine storms that will afflict and possibly kill everyone that took the vaccine.

    It’s unending madness.

  254. Breeks says:

    I dunno. Sometimes this mess reads like such a momentous fk up, you’ve got to step away just to recalibrate yourself.

    Take a wee Google and look through some pictures on the YES movement back in 2014, and you can literally breathe in the optimism and aspirations of so many happy, happy people coming together for the best cause in the world. What the fuck happened?

    Fast forward to 2021 and it’s like some kind of parallel universe / horror story. The “other option” world, the world where the bad guys won, “our” world but occupied by the Borg, Daleks, or Nazi’s who won WW2.

    You expect to see either Captain Kirk’s Enterprise suddenly entering orbit or Dr Who in his wee blue phone box turning up, to figure out the pivotal event in the great space time continuum where everything good came to an end, and everything fkd up took over, with devastating ramifications for the future.

    I am really finding it quite a challenge to believe that the YES Movement of 2014 and beyond has become what it is now without a malicious hand on the steering wheel. It’s just… not…. credible.

    I used to refer to polling support for Independence as where we’d be polling if we had a crash-test-dummy leading the Movement instead of Sturgeon, and doing absolutely nothing. But in all sincerity, I truly believe a crash-test-dummy doing nothing these past seven years would have seen Scottish Independence remaining united and determined as ever, if not in fact actually becoming Independent by now.

    That’s not an exaggeration. A crash test dummy wouldn’t have stopped Joanna Cherry derailing Brexit. A crash test dummy wouldn’t have stitched up Alex Salmond. A crash test dummy wouldn’t have handed out jobs to other feckless and useless crash test dummy “pals”.

    It’s not just all the totally unnecessary sticks in our spokes, and the interminable, feckless procrastination. It’s the reaction and attitude to all the sticks in our spokes and the interminable, feckless, procrastination. They’re taking us all for mugs. “Yeah, we are fucking useless, but what are you gonnae dae about it?

    How does ANYTHING with so much negative buoyancy stay afloat for 7 years? It’s an unnatural phenomenon. Nature has been stood on its head. There was no darkness in the hearts of the YES Movement. None. Something has gone wrong. A corruption has occurred. Go to red alert Jim. We’re not sure what’s happening yet, but the Enterprise is in danger.

    Have Spock do another scan for cloaked ships…. something was beamed aboard and has escaped detection…

  255. James Che. says:

    I could imagine the sort of death toll we would have had,
    We could detract the elderly death rates locked in care homes for a start,

    Then we could detract the suicide victims due to isolation and no medical monitoring.

    Then we could detract the cancer patients that missed out on medical surgeries.

    Then we could detract heart attack patients.

    Then we could detract the elderly and vulnerable who died of influenza.

    Then we could detract the renal patients that did not receive regular dialysis.

    Then we could detract accident and emergency patients.

    Then we could detract aneurism, thrombosis and clot patients.

    Spinal injuries patients.

    This list should be small compared to all the the people whom died of covid, but medically they all outweigh the route to saving the nhs or the morbidity of patients.

    I have not included road accidents, farm accidents, home accidents, suffocation.

    Lockdown has killed more patients than covid,

  256. Pixywine says:

    Hatuey. You’re not being entertained. You’re being worked off your feet

  257. James Che. says:

    by now we realise that such a happy emotive group of people did not fall by their own sword.
    It has been a concentrated effort from all directions to put a stop to Scotland’s people,
    And no amount of pleading to Scot gov, section 30s, Westminster, Scots law that is not our own any more, or the international community will save us,
    Politicians across the world keep an eye on what is going on around the world and leave ordinary everyday people lying in the dust as victims to globalism, knock it down and build back better.
    I have always questioned, “ better for whom”?
    No government will step up to the plate to help masses of people. As this lessens their power.

  258. Breeks says:

    Mike MacKenzie’s reasons for leaving the SNP.

    Sad and sobering read.

  259. Breastplate says:

    There will be extreme views on many subjects, that is to be expected, however having or not having access to all views including the extreme views is another debate.

    There are people who believe nobody should be vaccinated and there are those who believe everybody should be vaccinated, these are the extreme views.
    I am in agreement with you that perhaps the sweet spot is somewhere between those extremes.
    I would suggest the stats also agree with this.

    Regarding lockdowns, I note that your equation is lockdowns = lives saved.

    Your equation gives value to lives and I would say rightly so, but is there a negative or positive value to mental well-being, physical well-being, financial well-being, children’s education, is there a negative or positive value on present and future societal impact?

    Do all lives have the same value?
    Does the life of an 90 year old have the same value as the life of a 9 year old?

    Have you considered the wider ramifications of global lockdown restrictions regarding food and work shortages leading to millions dying of starvation, mainly children?

    Hatuey, as I’ve said many times before, I’m a great believer in Newton’s 3rd Law, actions have consequences.
    If you have considered the present and future consequences of our actions of today, then great, I would suggest that most haven’t.

  260. Breastplate says:

    Agreed, Nicola Sturgeon has been at the helm and presided over the whole sorry mess.
    Many people don’t seem to want to accept that reality.

  261. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Stanley Johnson, being interviewed in 2012 by John Vidal of the Guardian.

    Listen to what he has to say on population reduction, from approx 22mins on.

    This is the type of thing Boris and his siblings absorbed as part of ‘after-dinner conversation’ in their formative years.

  262. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “Ian Brotherhood says: at 9:21 am

    “Posted this link yesterday.

    Cirsium also provided alternative links in case this one doesn’t work or ‘disappears’.

    There are also multiple links available via Twitter if you search ‘Fuellmich/Ardis’.

    It is probably the most shocking material to have emerged yet from Fuellmich’s ‘corona ausschuss’, which is as close to an official inquiry as we’re likely to get.”

    I’ve kept myself to myself during all this debate about Corona as I’m much more concerned about getting Scotland back to its rightful place as an independent Nation.

    However, one thing does I think need explaining.

    Reiner Fuellmich, a lawyer, is not a household name who appears every day on German TV or in newspapers/magazines. He is however someone who’s well known as a very “controversial” person in the spectrum of conspiracy theories/ideologies. A bit of a grievence-monger.

    The “Corona Ausschuss” is merely a group of like-minded folk who have formed a committee and given it a nice, official sounding title. A bit like Tommy Robinson forming a “Brexit Executive Committee”. Make some videos and get them posted all over the world. Suddenly you’re famous and experts.

    R.F. likes to threaten prosecution charges with class action lawsuits which don’t seem to lead anywhere. He’s been threatening to prosecute virologist Christian Drosten und Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert-Koch-Instituts for a while now. His supporters are however starting to get a bit fed up cos nothing’s happening.

    You can take part in the lawsuit but it costs you 800 Euros + VAT per person.

    Apparently it won’t be before a court in Germany but in the USA or maybe Canada. It looks like he wants to attach it to another lawsuit in Canada which has already been rejected in court but could be re-vitelised for his lawsuit. The original lawsuit was someone who thinks the Canadian PM does not govern Canada but Queen Lizzie who is controlled from the Vatican which in itself belongs to the Family Rothschild…!! I haven’t even mentioned Bill Gates, the Jesuits or the Orders of the Garter yet.

    This is real screwball stuff and just one example of what exists in the world of R.F.

    The Tagesspiegel is a well known serious newspaper here in Germany.

  263. Breastplate says:

    Graf Midgehunter,

    Do you believe everything that is said in this committee should be censored, whether anyone believes it or not?

  264. Gary45% says:

    James Che@2.33
    I think you mean subtract rather than detract?
    Please provide FACT CHECKED data from a reliable source, don’t bother citing crap from the people who believe the “Queen is a lizard” brigade.
    Going by your latest rant, you truly have the ability of talking out of your arse, which seems to be a side-effect of not getting the vaccine.
    Ian B,
    I took a wee bit of time looking at the stuff in your post this morning.
    Typing in Cirsium, came up with stuff about plants, when I typed Cirsium conspiracy, low and behold Qanon and the buffalo helmet nutjob who stormed the Capitol.
    I then found something else about another medic accusing Dr Anthony Fauci being guilty of genocide. Absolute SHITE.
    Trump didn’t like Fauci because Fauci didn’t agree with “medical expert”!!! Trump on injecting bleach into people.
    Once again provide credible fact-checked data.

  265. Republicofscotland says:

    Since the 1980s, there has been over forty radio-active leaks of unknown quantities, into the loch at Faslane by British nuclear subs, the subsequent damage to the environment and beyond is again unknown by SEPA.

  266. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Graf Midgehunter (3.49) –

    In the time it took to compose that clumsy character assassination of Reiner Fuellmich, you could have addressed even one of the many points made by the subject of that video i.e. Bryan Ardis.

    I’ll leave it to others to decide why you didn’t.

    @Gary45% (4.10) –

    ‘Cirsium’ is the handle of another WOS regular. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

  267. Nally Anders says:

    Further to Pixywine’s comments yesterday.
    Chris Chan is indeed for real.
    Here’s Graham Linehan’s take on it. Welcome to Nicola’s vision for Scottish women.

  268. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Breastplate says: at 3:57 pm

    Graf Midgehunter,

    “Do you believe everything that is said in this committee should be censored, whether anyone believes it or not?”
    I haven’t mentioned anything about censorship, it’s there and whether you feel it fits in with your beliefs or not is up to you. Freedom of speech still exists here in Germany.

    Perhaps I should mention that I have had both “jabs”.
    1 Astra Zeneca
    2 Moderna
    No follow-up problems, aches, pains or loss of energy.

    I’m 74, top fit, mountain-biker, diabetes 2.

    Over half the population here is fully vaccinated or nearly two thirds the first “jab” and as far as I can make out haven’t yet turned into walking zombies.

  269. Pixywine says:

    You’re losing the propaganda war Hatstand.

  270. Pixywine says:

    Graf Midgyraker. So Feulmich did not win a successful class action suit against Volkswagon?

  271. Pixywine says:

    Tagesspiele. Not the German CIA outlet no?

  272. Robert Graham says:


    Fact check ?

    Gates has interests and control of many ” fact checking organisations ” first question WHY ? ,a why would he be directly involved in the Pharmaceutical and health care industry ? To help people aye ok .

    The esteemed Doctor you say is whiter than white is named and you can go and check for yourself the US records of Patents issued , 4000 to date covering SARS 2 Covid the First being issued in 2009 this is not a new phenomenon and why would anyone want to Patent on a life threatening virus anyway ? .

    A patent is issued because a discovery is made and the Patent protects the intellectual rights of the applicant , incidentally a patent cannot be issued on a naturally occurring substance , so if this Plague is not a naturally occurring anything what the fk is it ? and why would anyone want to adjust alter or refine anything that has a possibly of killing people.

    I suggest you do some research and find out what you are not being told and why before you start saying people don’t know what they are talking about , the information is all out there if you care to look the media and the government are brainwashing people and it’s not for their benefit .

  273. Pixywine says:

    Graf. I wouldn’t expect people to be zombied by the jag. My biggest problem with this covid business is that we are being railroaded and compelled into taking orders essentially from private industries in league with Governments. Did something like that not happen once before in Germany? The MSM and politicians are putting out a false narrative which seeks to blame the ” unvaccinated” for ostensible virus variants thus Othering and isolating scapegoats to blame for further lockdowns. Don’t you recognize the pattern from Germany?
    Geaf. Do you think Heinz Hohnes Work “The Order of The Deaths Head” should be required reading for all school children and politicians everywhere.? That book describes the process of Fascist takeover of society.

  274. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Ian Brotherhood says: at 4:22 pm

    @Graf Midgehunter (3.49) –

    In the time it took to compose that clumsy character assassination of Reiner Fuellmich, you could have addressed even one of the many points made by the subject of that video i.e. Bryan Ardis.
    Thanks for your reply.

    R.F. is not the great “Guru” here that some folk abroad think he is which is why I used the Tagesspiegel report as a simple example of his standing. Maybe I should have just said lizard.

    Bryan Ardis is however a different calibre than R.F. He is much more articulate and knowledgeable than R.F. and I could imagine him in a top quality debate with virologist Christian Drosten und Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert-Koch-Instituts or others.

    Now that would be much more interesting than some of the screwball stuff going around.

  275. Republicofscotland says:

    On Faslane and nuclear waste, it is interesting to note that once the radio-active waste is pumped from the British nuclear subs, it travels around a plethora of pipes before it enter the nuclear waste holding tanks at the Faslane base.

    Surprisingly and worringly there are no schematics available to show where all the pipes are, that carry the waste to the tanks in the event of an accident.

  276. Pixywine says:

    Funny. Lionel Nati was talking about patented corona viruses and how a natural virus couldn’t be patented, a year and a half ago. The information is not only “out there” it has been there to see all along for anyone who hasn’t been completely carried along by propaganda and the mood of the moment.
    There are so many alarm bells ringing on this “pandemic” bollocks I’m surprised there aren’t more posters on here at least raising an eyebrow at the inconsistencies in the Governments cover story.

  277. Scott says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    5 August, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    Surprisingly and worringly there are no schematics available to show where all the pipes are, that carry the waste to the tanks in the event of an accident.

    Aye mate, it’s shite that all the drawings for military bases are classified. It’s a good story, though.

  278. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Graf Midgehunter (5.06) –

    Interesting that you sing the praises of Ardis whilst trashing RF, who frequently reminds viewers that he has no medical background and has actually been persuaded to come out of retirement to tackle this issue.

    You also cite Drosten, whose ‘work’ on PCR testing has been thoroughly discredited. I suspect you know full well that the chances of him facing Ardis in anything like a normal’ debate’ are about as likely as Fauci facing a journalist armed with serious questions about his activities.

    (PS If you really are interested in having a serious discussion about this stuff, bandying around terms like ‘screwball’ doesn’t help.)

  279. Rogueslr says:

    Pixywine says:
    5 August, 2021 at 4:34 pm
    Good news from Canada.

    I’ll see your Alberta and raise you an Arkansas.

    Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Tuesday he regrets approving a statewide ban on face mask mandates earlier this year and has called the state Legislature into a special session in an effort to amend the law.

    You pays your money and you makes your choice.

  280. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Pixywine says:
    5 August, 2021 at 4:43 pm

    “Graf Midgyraker. So Feulmich did not win a successful class action suit against Volkswagon?”
    Yes he did if I remember correctly. Well done I would say for that.

    “My biggest problem with this covid business is that we are being railroaded and compelled into taking orders essentially from private industries in league with Governments. Did something like that not happen once before in Germany?
    Don’t you recognize the pattern from Germany?

    Do you think Heinz Hohnes Work “The Order of The Deaths Head” should be required reading for all school children and politicians everywhere.? That book describes the process of Fascist takeover of society.”
    Yes something did happen before and the Germans learned a very hard lesson from it which reaches out into the daily lives of folk here every day.

    The war and its aftermath is still a priority for schools with everything from Anne Frank to the Nazi system, concentration camps. School visits to the camps or holocaust sites are very common.

    A local school in Mörfelden discovered a “lost” Arbeitslager and spent two years digging it up to bring it back to the memory of what was done there. They put up a memorial and now there’s a museum there.

  281. Pixywine says: First ten minutes may be interesting to you Graf Midgehunter.

  282. Pixywine says:

    Graf. If only the British were as well schooled in History.

  283. Pixywine says:

    Correction to earlier mistake. Lionel Nation. He’s hilarious by the way. I hope you’re all getting your regular dose of Sleazy P Martini.

  284. Gary45% says:

    Ian B
    Thanks for the correction on Cirsium, although when you look at Cirsium conspiracy it does come up with some crap, there’s too much non-Indy related shite getting posted. I found the Ardis guy + others(bitchute)etc, one rabbit hole after another, its about an hour I won’t be getting back.
    My last comment on the Covid subject, “Names Not Numbers Covid”, look it up.
    The guy was on Jim O’Brien LBC today, have a look and make up your mind, don’t tell me your outcome, I’m past caring, that includes the rest of the non vax brigade.
    Believe what you want.

  285. James Che. says:

    Gary 45.%.

    That may indeed be the correct word,thank you.
    Now to use the word in its proper context,
    However You’re correction does not DETRACT from the facts that other patients are fallen out of favour yet have equally life threatening illnesses.
    Which I note you did not deal with in a professional manner if you’re word has to be taken as the word of god in this conversation,

    Talking out my arse as you crudely put might actually be a side effect of being one of the statistics in real life,
    Where the NHS failed to looked after this patient (myself) with a blood clot, enlarged liver and
    Enlarged gall bladder all happened during covid.
    No surgery or hospital appointments,
    Only a phone call,
    Told to take paracetamol.
    That is NHS failure big time due to covid lockdown.
    And there are plenty of other ill people not being treated due to covid lockdowns, I am a statistic, one of many.
    Now I can say you’re no better than others think you are are.

    And you should not be so arrogant and self righteously obnoxious without acknowledging those that took ill during covid,
    those that had serious illnesses before covid, and those that will suffer after covid due to the backlog of covid lockdowns within the nhs.
    You remind me of the thread spoken about earlier, where self righteous trolls that come here to dismiss a Scots voice that has lived that experience. And you shout shite! For the hell of it.

  286. Hatuey says:

    “Hatuey. You’re not being entertained. You’re being worked off your feet”

    This is easy compared to the real work I do, light entertainment.

  287. Mia says:

    “ethno nationalist”

    Are you Gordon Brown?

    I ask because your meaningless soundbite “ethno nationalism” brings a rancid deja vu to the “civic nationalism” and of course the multitude of vacuous, hyperbolic, hilarious, totally meaningless and absolute bullshit soundbites Gordon Brown has come up with in recent years with his desperate, pathetic at times, quest to undermine the strong feeling of nationalism in the UK, but more specifically of course, in Scotland.

    Here are some of his most hysterical examples:

    “clenched fist nationalism”
    “narrow nationalism”
    “populist nationalism”
    “divisive nationalism”
    “divisive inward-looking nationalism”
    “divisive continental nationalism”
    “narrow dogmatic nationalism”
    “isolationist brand of nationalism”
    “petty nationalism”

    Ironically, most of these memes clearly designed to demonise Scottish nationalism not even subtly, where included within one, yes, just one speech that Gordon Brown delivered to the Fabian Society on June 25 2019. Even more ironically, despite Mr Brown clearly attacking the political tendency of half the people in Scotland, his was the “Hope Not Hate” speech. You couldn’t make it up.

    But what was even more revealing in that Brown’s speech is that while he had not problems using the words “Scottish nationalists”, he did not have the balls to use the words “English” + “nationalists” together. Oh dear me no!. To refer to English nationalism, Mr Brown resourced to the absolutely hysterical, ridiculous, pompous, vacuous soundbite “English nationalistic fervour”

    But hey, of the multitude of vacuous, hysterical, ridiculous, hyperbolic bullshit soundbites Gordon Brown has come up with in his desperate quest to stop Scotland’s independence, my absolute favourite has to be:

    “extreme version of independence”

    This desperate, vacuous soundbite emerged of course when the powers that be realised yes supporters in Scotland didn’t give a sht about keeping sterling after independence. The problem with that is without Scotland’s natural assets propping Steriling, it will tank.

    Clearly either Mr Brown thinks the Scots are zipped at the back, or he is zipped at the back and didn’t realise by now that adding stupid adjectives to the word “nationalism” does not make the rotten UK and the rotten politicians the English people put in power look any better.

    So, are you Gordon Brown or just a fervent disciple that has developed a taste for generating vacuous, meaningless, bullshit memes?

  288. Scott says:

    I’ve just had a thought about moderation policy on the leccyweb.

    All the faceboak/tawatterygram sites have “strict policies”

    Blog sites that offer a comment section with a *reply* function seem to have a fear of litigation/income loss with regard to theirs.

    The papers & UK state broadcaster online sections seem to be based on the results of Bully’s Category Board, as a sop to the lefty liberal fascist elites in opposition and abroad.

    *USA subscribers and advertisers* suing an org founded by Royal Charter would make good TV, back when telly made spending time in a room with people you didn’t really like bearable.

    On here with no *reply*…Moderation is done in moderation in moderation.

    The Rev. has ‘retired’.

    If you feel strongly enough to encourage a change in policy, the BBC can be contacted at The BBC. They must be starving to retire at their age.

  289. says:

    Do not any of you dare speak out against the coronation of King Alexander in the grand setting of Greenock Town Hall. Members of the Alexba cult don’t want a fair and proper party leadership contest, apparently.
    Check out my latest posts on to understand why I’m suddenly being silenced on social media.

  290. John McNab says:

    Thanks Dan! Will do! Cheers

  291. Scott says:

    James Che. says:
    5 August, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    Not only is comment free, commas are as well.

    Were you using ‘take a paracetamol’ in the colloquial or medical sense? (I’m not medically qualified, but if I knew I had an enlarged liver I wouldn’t take one. )

    I take to your ok noo, aye?

  292. Gary45% says:

    James Che@5.39
    I’m already in contradiction territory (final comment on Covid)
    Apologies if I’ve caused you any grief or offence.
    I thought Covid didn’t exist!!( That seems to be the daily nonsense on here).
    Granted many hospital surgeries were cancelled although emergencies carried on, there is now a major backlog on certain non emergency procedures. I think Brexit( Doctors and Nurses going back to their EU countries) and Tory austerity, are also a major cause of the current problems, and it’s going to get even worse, but hey we were told, “We’ll not be dragged out of the EU”.
    That used to be the kind of debate this site covered.
    Ps Am I a troll????

  293. Scott says: says:
    5 August, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    to understand why I’m suddenly being silenced

    Yet here you are, all ‘not-silenced’.

    The stuff you write is, in my opinion, puerile gibberish that portrays you as anything but that which you claim to be politically. You seem more of a ‘Napolaeonic complex’ type, attempting to gather a following to enact a flawless plan to take Moscow after * checks notes* Greenock.

    Good luck when you pass through the 3 Toons.


  294. James Che. says:

    You will have to accept that not all have same education as yourself,
    Having said that, the little school in the forest never taught me to be ignorant of others that may have had a different upbringing.
    I couldn’t help it that my teacher came from England.
    And once again it did not teach me to be forgetful to trolls or self righteous people on a Scottish blog sites.
    Nor does it lessen the fact that Scottish people want their country to be independent.
    Nor does it alter the fact about NHS failures under lockdown.

    Distraction being the main aim and the use of verbal bullying through derogatory comment does not alter that this focus is on independence.
    It is interesting that as I have been speaking of alternative methods of independence today here come the attacks,
    Kind of proves the point I made about trolls, Thank for help.

  295. Hatuey says:

    “Am I a troll????”

    Sort of.

    The truth is all of those other debates are over.

    Brexit, independence, austerity, etc., all over since Nicola effectively surrendered with her highly suspicious commitment to the Section 30 process.

    Even the UK handling of Covid-19 could — and I would say “should” — have been been framed as yet another argument for running our own affairs. She effectively killed that possibility too.

    The only thing that makes sense for Wings now, the only thing that makes sense for anyone that cares, would be to devote all energy and time to the task of dismantling Sturgeon’s regime. It’s a worthy enough cause.

    If you care about independence, that’s all there is. Well, that and having a laugh winding up the covid crackpots…

    Welcome to the end of the world.

  296. holymacmoses says: says:
    5 August, 2021 at 5:58 pm
    Do not any of you dare speak out against the coronation of King Alexander in the grand setting of Greenock Town Hall. Members of the Alexba cult don’t want a fair and proper party leadership contest, apparently.
    Check out my latest posts on to understand why I’m suddenly being silenced on social media.

    The thing is Jaggy. You don’t have to attack Alba and what the membership accepts. There is at least one other Independence party to join (and I don’t mean the SNP). What IS the matter with you? Grown up

  297. Good luck St Johnstone.

  298. James Che. says:

    Gary 45 %.
    Thank you for you’re sincere apology,
    And no personal offence was taken by myself, were all entitled to have free speech,
    It’s just how we speak to others that matters.
    I personally am coping with everything one day at a time and try to be enthusiastic and cheerful in my every day life.
    I Try not to dwell on my unexpected illness by helping others,
    I NEVER let fear of living stop me living my life.

    There are however others that are struggling to cope physically and mentally with life threatening illnesses during lockdown,
    I don’t mind speaking up for them as a group, not everyone is made the same,
    nor has everyone had the same education, however the missed opportunities in life do not make us idiots,
    I will fight the corner for anyone that is put down, bullied, including yourself if you needed me to stand in you’re corner,
    All people should be able to live life to the best of their ability. With love and affection to their fellow man.
    Sadly we are taught hate before love, and the results are one crazy fck up world.

    If in any way I can make any difference on this planet to this little corner of the globe called Scotland I will.
    For all those that want to see a change for the better in the human struggle beyond politicians whom seem to have very little skills sets other than to ensure they hold on to their position of power.
    Respect to you, and our future conversations.

  299. Ron Maclean says:

    From; About us

    ‘The site advocates Scottish independence, but is not affiliated or connected in any way to the SNP, and neither gives to or receives money from the party, nor indeed any other party. We have an inquiring mind, and welcome intelligent contributions from all sides of the political debate.
    Got something worthwhile to say about Scotland’s future? Try us.’

  300. Ron Maclean says:

    I view independence as a high priority subject so I’ll post this again. I wouldn’t want independence to be deflected, Sturgeon style, towards the long grass.

    From a btl comment on WoS about a year ago;

    ‘Should we continue to seek independence for a country with an unprincipled legal system, disreputable political parties, freeloading politicians and a compromised, inactive leader? I think we should, but first we must recognise the source of our problems and find an untainted, competent, ethical, determined and tough replacement leader capable of confronting our self-serving, deceitful establishment, running the country, promoting independence and going on to achieve it.

    That’s not likely to be easy but neither is breaking up a three hundred year old union.’

    Nothing has changed since that was written but in future we must be a lot more careful in our choice of leader.

    See ‘Alba or Alexba’ in Rob Brown’s
    And another interesting post – ‘A Bold Alternative Alba’ from Rob Brown @
    And yet another, but this time more sinister, from the same source – ‘Alexba Cult Closes Down Debate’ @

  301. Ron Maclean says:

    From Rob Brown’s

    Alba Party members who desire a proper contest for the leadership of our party, not a coronation of King Alexander in the grand setting of Greenock Town Hall, should nominate the author and publisher of (ROB BROWN) for leader. They can do so by emailing Conference@AlbaParty.Org stating their name and membership number (which would be much easier to find if all party members weren’t still waiting to receive their membership cards!) Please also email so I can keep my own personal tally. Nominations will close at 5pm next Monday 9th August.

  302. Pixywine says: This is an hour and a half of audio.

  303. Al-Stuart says:


    I wouldn’t bother with the crusade that Rob Brown has invented to self-promote his own personal bog.

    If he were genuinely concerned, or if there was a real problem at the Alba Party the honourable way to highlight the perceived slight is to nominate SOMEONE ELSE to stand against Alex Salmond, other than for Rob Brown to martyr himself against Alex.

    The jaggy blog seemed a decent literary polemic to start with. But when you get growing amounts of anti-Salmond guff like this appearing…

    Jaggy quote from narcissistic Rob Brown…

    “Twitter seems to suspend first then investigate. But that takes time, which I don’t have to stop the coronation (of Alex Salmond)”


    It becomes clear that there is more self-interest in promoting jaggy readership numbers and parasiting off of publicity wherever Rob can hustle up readers. You’ll soon see solicitation cards I red telephone phone boxes next to the more exotic “Bendy Wendy” red phone box cards that regularly appear in such places where ladies of the night drum up business.

    Lest I be called “harsh” for this condemnation of Rob and his personal anti-Alex crusade, please let me posit this one fact…

    Not that long ago, here on Wings Over Scotland many BTL segments contained dozens of us begging Alex Salmond to come out of political retirement and “do something” to rescue Scotland from the toxic Sturgeon efforts to self-immolate the YES movement into oblivion. Is that true or false? Or did I imagine our pleas to Alex on Wings Over Scotland?

    Alex Salmond, fresh from an ordeal that would have broken many many others and with raw scars on his back, answers that clarion call with a resounding YES and starts a political party.

    It would be nice if a few folk actually said “thank you Alex”.

    It would be decent if some of us who asked Alex Salmond to start the Alba Party actually showed our trust in the ONLY politician who secured Scotland an Independence Referendum in several hundred years.

    Let alone the fact Alex Salmond got us to 45% YES.

    Also the small matter in that the previous 7 years of Alex Salmond’s First Ministership improved the Scottish economy and actually had the Scottish Government implement policies that we voted for.

    Yet Jerky-Broon the self-appointed arbiter of all that is right is now on a very questionable mission to fix imagined faults in the newborn political party many of us begged Alex to bring into existence.

    By the sickeningly self-absorbed, snide, sniping, self-serving agent-provocateur comments in the Jaggy’s rants, Hen Broon seems determined to do Nicola’s work for her.

    As for being banned from Twitter. That place is a sewer. I have no pity for Rob on his banishment.

    Sadly, I actually despise Brown’s ingratitude to the “retired politician” who answered our call to come out of retirement and do something about Nicola Sturgeon and her toxic regime.

    In September 2014, leading up to the ONLY IndyRef many of us will ever see, would Rob Brown ever have dreamt of impugning the integrity of Alex Salmond?

    Yet Brown has invented a word to help destroy the Alba Party. Jaggy now witlessly calls it the Alexba Party. Oh please save my sore ribs from the laughter of caused by the Broon scribe.

    How about I exercise my right to free speech and refer to Brown’s B(l)og as “The Jerk’s Blog”.

    There is a time and place to get yourself in a lather about a perceived slight.

    Yet once again the Jerk’s Blog strikes a bum note.

    It’s not a polemicist’s site. It’s just a poison-pen click-bait pit.

    For full disclosure, I will be keeping and renewing my membership of the Alba Party.

    Carping click-bait sites that post links to themselves on far more popular websites slagging off a man we begged to save us from Sturgeon can just fuck right off. IMHO.

  304. Pixywine says:

    Gary45. James OBrien is phony all soft voice caring with treacle. He like the rest of the bogus news media are buying the Governments line. The “rabbit hole” you describe is the only way a mature adult is going to find the news. You seem happy to be spoon-fed propaganda from mainstream opinion formers. If you remember the MSMs coverage of Scotlands Indepence vote then you really have no excuse for falling for the 100% flannel you’re ingesting at present. You’re too lazy to put in the effort to find the truth of this business.
    Its astonishing how many are being manipulated by 10 Downing Streets Press Office. Remember them? Durak.

  305. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Hatuey 6:38pm
    It doesn’t matter to me if you are troll. It is what you say that matters. The bit about dismantling the Sturgeon regime, I agree with that. It is fundamental to the progress of the Independence movement. Lot’s of people have commented on this site about the joy of the 2014 campaign at least from an Indy movement experience, including myself. It’s desperate now, Sturgeon has projected her limitations onto Scotland. And her foibles. Turned the country against itself. A long way back from here. Until she and her cohort are gone there will no chance of winning an IndyRef2. I doubt I will see it. I stood on the street at a stand to persuade people. I couldn’t do that now. How can you defend the crap performance of the SG? And their proposed leglisation?.

  306. Pixywine says:
    Greta Thunderbox will be most pleased with the assault on freedom of movement.

  307. John Cleary says:


    Thank you for that.

    Saved me the trouble.

    There’s a gang of fuckwits on Craigs site who cannot understand why Alex is maintaining radio silence. Bunch of midgets.

  308. John Cleary says:

    Does anyone have a link to the records of the AS trial?

    I need to study the summing-up by the judge.

  309. Haud says:

    Pity. What a waste of effort typing all that shite. Jeezus.

  310. Pixywine says:
    This is what happens to dissident journalists.

  311. Pixywine says:

    Just popped over to Craig Murrays blog and it’s sad to say the below the liners appear to be losing their shit at Alec Salmond.

  312. John Main says:


    “The central premise that “herd immunity” was based on, for example, was that we were all going to get the virus anyway and the Government should accept that and devote itself to simply controlling rate of infections so as to protect the NHS.

    Leitch and other experts are on the record saying exactly that.

    That assumption has cost nearly 200 thousand lives in the UK. And it was wrong, in every sense wrong.”

    Breaking news, so pay attention.

    We are all going to get Covid, sooner or later.

    Just as we are all certain to get the cold, from the moment we are born.

    Ditto the flu.

    Wishful thinking won’t make it go away. Sorry to have to break it to you like this.

  313. Hugh Jarse says:

    Not quite “losing their shit” pixy.
    BTL measured and respectable, as it usually is.
    There’s a finer class of troll there too. Makes the diverters and disruptors in here look like rank, sub par halfwits.

  314. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi John Cleary,

    Thanks for that.

    Also I just looked at Craig’s websites BTL.

    Is there anyone who could get in touch with Craig’s family and have that (currently) risky BTL section put on ice until Craig is free to moderate it again?

    There is a serious whiff of something rotten lurking about Craig’s BTL comment section and I worry now about the fact Craig SHOULD be free in 112 days but may end up being shat upon via that BTL and having to serve the full 242 day/night stretch.

    One of the IQ-deficient Amadans or worse the well paid 77th Brigade will manufacture a scenario where Craig’s open-door Blog will see him incarcerated for the full 8 months.

    Worse still those who wish harm to Craig Murray, that BTL section on his rudderless Blog may land him right back in front of Lady Dorrian for a second helping of porridge.

    As a law officer, I would be a great deal happier if Craig’s BTL section was switched off until he is released and can moderate any idiot with an Internet connection who may cause Craig further distress.

    YES, I know that to suggest this IS curtailing freedom of speech. But at this current point, I WANT CRAIG MURRAY RELEASED FROM HMP COVID IN 4 MONTHS rather than the 8 month he is currently serving. Far better to get Craig free in 16 weeks by switching off a few idiots getting their undergarments in a knot on his BTL section.

  315. John Cleary says:

    Hi Al-Stuart.

    I love that comment section, but I have to agree.

    Protecting Craig is paramount.

  316. Al-Stuart says:

    For those Amadans here and on Craig’s BTL oblivious to the risk into which Craig Murray has been placed by incarcerating him in HMP Covid, here is the Russian Roulette STATUS and FACT that a building, almost perfectly designed to be a super-spreader of the lethal Covid virus brings…

    My fear is what will happen in Scotland, should the Covid outbreak, currently endemic in HMP Edinburgh, result in the death of inmate number HMP-ED42981522-Murray.

    Does anyone know of any political dissident who has been killed by state sponsored means? It does happen. Litvinenko? At least Alexander Valterovich got a nice cup of Earl Gray tea before he was killed.

    Scotland’s indelible shame of political prisoner Murray has to crap in a bucket and suffer Tetley tea.

    That wouldn’t be so bad, but the inmates in the next wing already have a menodge running on WHAT week number out of 35 weeks WILL Craig catch the Covid infection that IS STILL CIRCULATING around the prison.

  317. Fireproofjim says:

    Well done St Johnstone. A splendid result at one of the toughest away teams.

  318. Tannadice Boy says:

    Al Stuart 11:25pm
    More than interesting information you have posted. Hopefully the prisoners will support Craig as they have more integrity than the SG. We can only hope for an early release. A political prisoner in Scotland absolutely shocking. I take it from your comments Al Stuart you are from Glasgow. A great human rights heritage.

  319. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Fireproofjim.

    Yes, it was a great result. I’m in Dundee – my first loyalty is to DFC, then DUFC, then St Johnstone, Arbroath, Brechin, Montrose and Forfar. I like to see them all “gittin’ on”.

    But, what are the individual clubs’ position on how they will handle themselves in an independent Scotland?

    (Trying to get BTL comments back On-Topic.)

  320. Hugh Jarse says:

    Craig’s blog is moderated by trusted volunteers, and is currently pre moderated.

  321. Scott says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    6 August, 2021 at 12:31 am

    (Trying to get BTL comments back On-Topic.)

    The only section where the comments are always “on topic” is in Off Topic.

    If Scotland regains its independence, McDiarmid Park will still be the worst ground oota all the Tayside n Angus teams, in all likelihood.

  322. Breeks says:

    That’s us into August now. BE PREPARED

    We’ll be getting our GERS figures this month for COVID and furloughed wages, so we better issue an amber warning that Scotland can expect a severe deluge of seasonal horse shite in the next couple of weeks, followed by the hatching of swarms of Unionist bullshitters taking to the air armed with reams of GERS inspired disinformation and propaganda.

    The Scottish government is likely to augment this annual onslaught of misleading indoctrination by lending it credence it doesn’t warrant. So readers, you have the chance to be better informed than your government…

    Be ready….

    Ask not what the GERS figures say, ask to see the raw data and figures in unadulterated form.

    Ask about the VAT on goods and services and how this revenue stream is dissected and incorporated into GERS.

    Have a handy link bookmarked to reference arch Tory Ian Lang, instigator of the GERS figures admit the intention was specifically to manipulate the figures and explicitly forestall Scottish Independence. He is quoted in leaked correspondence the intention was to “undermine the other parties”, and remarked of GERS that “this initiative could score against all of them”.

    Have another handy link bookmarked where Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp has a written critique of GERS deliberate inaccuracies and how the truth is distorted.

    Have a third handy link bookmarked where Richard Murphy also attacks the GERS figures.

    And lastly, ask to see the GERS figures for England.

    These precautions will help you through this time of emergency, but special care should be taken wherever there likely contact with people who exploit COVID for political gain and self interest, and whom we can fully expect to use GERS and COVID as mutually supportive arguments lending credence to their own self-serving anti Independence narrative.

    You have been warned.

  323. Mac says:

    (I was going to post this on CM’s blog but I think everything is going into moderation now so I’ll stick it here and hopefully he sees it.)

    Without a shadow of doubt for me Craig’s (and a handful of others) reporting of Alex Salmond’s defense was absolutely crucial. Who knows but I think it will have given that jury confidence to reach the verdicts it did.

    And THAT is what really really pissed off Dorrian IMHO.

    They were so ready to railroad Salmond it was not true but Craig and others made it just visible enough to stop it. His card was marked at that point.

    For Craig then to be jailed by the same judge based solely on her quite frankly twisted legal views is shocking on so many levels. As Kenny MacAskill says in the Scotsman it is ‘vindictive’.

    Well if it is vindictive then it is malicious. This is yet another in a long string of malicious prosecutions to come out of a clearly rancid Lord Advocate’s office. Their actions in the cases of Salmond, Hirst, and Murray are horrific but it is their malicious prosecution and dreadful treatment of the Rangers Liquidators that provide the biggest insight into the ‘demographics’ of these folks. They really don’t like supporters of Alex Salmond and the really don’t like the perceived slayers of RFC. It is almost comical were it not so grotesque and frightening. They are playing with people’s lives here deliberately putting them into high risk situations. Jailing Craig is just plain disgusting to me.

    Ok I am an outsider but all this chat about Scotland still having great legal system seems like utter bullshite. It looks rotten to me and has done for a good while now. I think some of you legal folks are kidding yourselves on about this (looking at you Kenny), it looks bent as hell to me as a layman looking in.

    It has been very illuminating and educating all of this, just not in a good way.

  324. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    And just in case late of this btl parish “Don” was prescient enough to set up a sleeper account on a burner ready for GERS Day. 😉

    To save repetition, scrolling down from this comment was the start of a fairly extensive debunking.


  325. Mac says:

    The extremely aggressive and over reaching enforcement of the anonymity laws is probably the key enabling aspect of the attempt to stitch-up Salmond and now falsely imprison Craig Murray.

    Dorrian used it as an excuse to exclude all the evidence revealing the conspiracy amongst Sturgeon’s inner circle to stitch-up Salmond.

    Dorrian then allowed some of the same people involved in the conspiracy to become accusers and witnesses.

    Considering you just excluded all the evidence of them being involved in a stitch-up to have them then standing up in court making extremely serious accusations is staggering to me. To exclude that evidence was and is disgraceful.

    Also because some information could be used to jigsaw identify people it was blanket banned in all contexts. But those pieces of the jigsaw were part of more than one jigsaw.

    This alone should have been a massive alarm bell to people… we are not allowed to know those involved in the conspiracy to stitch-up Salmond because that information might enable us to jigsaw identify some of the alphabet women… you fucking what!!

    So the people involved in the conspiracy to stitch up Salmond are also partly the group bearing false witness against him in court? Really!

    And this was not relevant to Dorrian! I mean it is a joke… she was doing to Salmond what she did to Murray. The woman is off the scale unfair and biased.

    The media used the jigsaw excuse to report every salacious claim of the prosecution and then just close their notebooks during the entirety of the defense. O

    f course they knew the enormous damage that does to someone’s reputation in the minds of the general public and it was done in lockstep across all the MSM.

    The result of this is that people were gobsmacked he was found innocent on all charges. And the mud has stuck despite it. This is clearly very deliberate.

    Dorrian and the Lord Advocate (previous) and COPFS are up to their neck in trying to railroad Alex Salmond. And Dorrian… wow. Very similar to the one screwing over Assange. Just makes it up as she goes along and gets away with it.

  326. Pixywine says:

    Andrew Macintosh was driven to suicide by prison authorities in Perth in the 1990s He was a real Independence fughter

  327. J.o.e says:

    RE: Gordon Brown on nationalism

    This was another speaking about a New World Order (i.e corporate globalist governance).

    As for the general debate on nationalism:

    Ive been through how we find it natural to consider other peoples to be a distinct ethnicity or nation and would never dream of putting the shoe on the other foot: i.e Tunisia needs more English immigrants and the Tunisians aren’t even a ‘people’ anyway, anyone who thinks so is clearly a blood and soil type. Yet it is just fine to label any European nationalists as evil for demanding the same standards

    Ive also mentioned how the mass, demographic altering, immigration that is continuing now and can be seen in all our towns and cities is happening at a time when economic hardship is growing, there’s less jobs, less housing, less available services.

    Then we also have the minefield of political correct laws to negotiate when we discuss this as Scots.

    The main thing however is the deliberate efforts made to get every group, nationality and identity to think of themselves and act as a distinct grouping – while we, the people of this land, are attacked for doing so. This done by the same powers who have pushed the trans thing to the point where women are losing their rights and children are in danger.

    Honestly. Put aside your biases for just a second and try to look at this clearly. What is happening is a clear and concerted effort by the powers you KNOW cannot be trusted with issues of society (or anything else for that matter) and it is being done on a massive scale.

    To talk about someone as ‘blood and soil’ or ‘far right’ in this situation for being apprehensive is to display a lack of awareness on our situation or you are actually absolutely no nationalist and are pretending to be.

    I am a blood and soil nationalist. You probably are too.


    Because if blood (people) and soil (land, country) mean nothing then pick your destination and fuck off there. Norway probably. I guarantee you will be fluent in the language before Scotland is anywhere near independent. It wont matter that these people are not your NATION and that there land is not SCOTLAND because those things just don’t matter do they?

    We are in the situation now where we are waiting for addled liberals who make up the majority of Scottish independence support to step into the real world and drop the happy clappy illusions most people should have lost on entering their 20’s.

    Does Alex Salmond disagree? Then fine. He is wrong and is encouraging a narrative/worldview that will see Scots forever unable to pick a future for themselves because the fact is: DEMOGRAPHICS IS DESTINY and the powers that be know it.

  328. Mac says:

    It was quite an extraordinary result in so many ways.

    Look at the combined forces out to get him (Salmond).

    People in the highest positions of power in the SNP Government.
    People in the highest positions of power in the civil service.
    The Lord Advocate / COPFS.
    Police Scotland
    Every mainstream media outlet

    (It is not universal by any means, there are plenty good people still in all of the above, but key people in each played a significant role in stitching-up Salmond.)

    And even though Salmond won legally speaking as much as anyone could have… at the court of session and then with a jury at the criminal trial, he is still openly smeared and the public are mostly unaware of what really happened.

    Mud sticks under normal circumstances but these of course were far from normal circumstances.

    The jury verdicts in the criminal trial tell us clearly one thing… if you saw what they saw… all the evidence but also crucially the performance of the accusers on the stand, you would not believe any of this. And amazingly that is WITHOUT seeing the evidence of a conspiracy which Dorrian excluded.

    That message from the jury is in stark contrast to content and tone of the media reporting throughout and also tellingly, since.

    The court of session judges tell us also. Biased, unfair, illegal…

    This is how you know Salmond is innocent. If Salmond had been guilty of even 10% of what he was accused of they would never have needed to go such absurd lengths to stitch him up.

    They converted nothing events into serious charges and allowed obvious liars to commit perjury in court. Why would you need to do any of that if Salmond was actually guilty of what they said he was… attacking women left right and centre like Jack the fucking Ripper. It was obviously because they could not find anything. Salmond said it himself… he was the most heavily investigated politician and they found nothing because he did nothing. (ohh whoopy-do an extra marital affair, hang the man)

    In the end the jury saw through it ALL and so did the top civil judges in the country. In terms of winning Salmond could not have won anymore decisively yet why does Joe Public not seem to not know this.

    So even though he won as decisively as possible, twice… he still lost. And that is why this whole thing just reeks of a stitch-up. They have done a number on him. Now Craig is getting the treatment. They had a good run at SC in the past as well I believe.

    They are not even hiding it. Win or lose the Salmond stitch-up was a message, to all of us.

  329. Shug says:

    They might have kept the conspiracy out of court but you can bet the unionists have it and will produce it if indy ref 2 is launched. They will use it against nicola.
    She has given them enough rope to hang her several times.
    What’s the saying again “what a tangled Web we weave when we practice to deceive”
    Nicola is toast
    The only point of discussion is the timetable

  330. Gary45% says:

    I had to look it up, obviously my 5G injection didn’t translate.
    Seems to be Russian for fool??, a wee bit of advice, it doesn’t matter what language you use, you are still an arsehole.

  331. Gary45% says:

    Great post.

  332. Mist001 says:

    As many are aware, Scotland tends to be a proving ground for whichever party is in power at Westminster to test policies and decisions, to guage their practicality before implementing them across the entire UK.

    So, how long does anyone think it’ll be before there’s an attempt to either ban, or seriously restrict access to the internet in Scotland before it’s rolled out across the UK?

  333. Tom says:

    Roddy Dunlop QC interviewed on this morning’s Holyrood Magazine podcast, starting 14 mins in.

    For a figure at the heart of the Scottish establishment, he has quite a lot to say (although not enough for us Wingers, obviously) about the Hate Crime Bill, the separation of powers, and his absolute certainty about the a-political nature of the judiciary. But, overall, not quite ‘nothing to see here’, even if carefully expressed.

  334. James Che. says:

    Oh the irony of green global policies.
    Keir stramer, And bojo both in Scotland to promote the wind turbines future in Scotland,
    Meanwhile bojo head of the country pretends he does not know about the oil field of Shetland, and when pressed claims he does not want to rip up the contracts for the oil field.
    You can see why they want to promote a separation of parts of Scotland and place it under ownership of Westminster financial fingers.

    I looked for the mode of transport that bojo and starmer
    used to travel to Scotland,
    It was not a push bike, nor a low powered pedal assist car.
    They could have G- mailed. Skyped, E-mailed or telephoned their message.
    What in the world possessed the head of the Tory party and the head of the Labour Party to travel all the way from London in different vehicles to Scotland in the same week, with out at least car sharing to cut the cost of their carbon footprint.

    The travel methods for all of them that will arrive to the meetings on climate change soon to be held in Scotland will be interesting to all of us,
    I wonder if the food menu will be transported for miles as well,
    I would like to see them travel from London to Scotland on a e- bike in all weathers to prove they totally believe in what they are telling us to do. Lead by example.

  335. Gary45% says:

    James Che@12.59
    I think you’ll find that unless the oilfield is called Boris Johnson, he will certainly have no idea or interest in it.
    A pedal assisted Clown Car would be a great idea.

  336. James Che. says:

    How do you believe in a government that places us all under house arrest and fines for us if we travel, when they all were moving about behind the scenes,
    How are we supposed to believe in social distancing when we see (no metres) apart by the man telling us to do just that groping a female.

    How are we supposed to believe in climate change if the queen does not permit it, and the ministers are travelling in the sky’s and land, never mind bojo’s boat enthusiasm.
    In a Micheal Gove skype interview from his home during lockdown, I noticed an open fire in the background just over shoulder,

    Shutting down businesses under covid was detrimental in Scotland surviving financially.
    To tell Scotland to go all green in a short time period will be, as devastating to Scotland’s economy and businesses just as much.
    From Van and Mail deliveries , Food Transport. Farming, Harbours and Shipping, Airports. Medical suppliers. And finances plus economy on a massive scale.

    If you want to quickly bring countries to their knees, the two methods up above will be large instigators for destroying a country from within .
    And if you want to have control of the population these two methods above also fit that criteria,

    If the members of our governments do not follow the dictats they set for the people.
    It becomes an elephant in the room for the people.

  337. John Main says:



    That’s a great line. Rings true to me.

    So, given what we know of the demographics and how they are trending, what’s our destiny?

    I don’t see anything great lying ahead for your average indigenous Scot. Maybes somebody will point out where I am wrong.

  338. John Main says:

    James Che

    Climate change restrictions are like taxes. Intended for the little people only.

    Rich people will be exempt. Important people will be exempt. A number of supporters and enablers will be exempt; people like civil servants, industrialists, police, armed services, propagandists, etc. Those maintaining the continued security of the elites at the expense of the proles will need a certain level of reward in order to keep them loyal. Twas ever thus.

    Think of it as a new feudalism or a new Soviet empire and you will be able to predict much of how it will work.

  339. James Che. says:

    Gary 45 % .
    : -)

    It is a joke, the way they are controlling the economy and the people,
    but can be seen by their actions they do not to believe the rhetoric they are imposing on the country and its citizens.

    If small businesses collapse and go under it is apparently a good thing for them as they then supply the contracts to mates and friends.
    A buffer is a great thing if your a politician.
    But not a small family business or a small country.

  340. Hatuey says:


    There’s a very fine line between nationalism and racism. You goose-stepped across that line singing “Springtime for Hitler” months ago.

    Any update on the cytokine storms?

  341. James Che. says:

    John main.
    That is true, it has always existed.
    What is becoming unavoidable is to observe that what was once restrained to our country has in the last 30 or more years become joined up to become a global industry to control countries and people.
    Having been aware of this myself for some time, as many here are,
    It brings home to all of us that we are not just fighting the Snp, the Scottish goverment, Boris Jonson. Westminster, the British Parliament, but a global ideology.
    I have watched many law cases here in Scotland having an almost replica case in America.
    When you watched the Kavinagh case and the Alex Salmond case,
    Julian asssauge and Craig Murray,
    The list goes on and on.

    At first I was petrified at the big take on of Scottish independence.
    But then you see people in France fighting back,
    In Sweden, Germany, America, Italy, Australia,
    Non of it on MSM. It makes one realise how the interwoven web of politicians and media work.
    We all knew this is Scotland, but other countries are awake too.

    And with this knowledge, it brings our fight for independence in Scotland even more important,
    Because even if only one country and its sovereign people gain back their independence at a time, they are victories for all the people that are struggling against globalisation ideology.

    Independence for Scotland.: -)

  342. Republicofscotland says:

    “As many are aware, Scotland tends to be a proving ground for whichever party is in power at Westminster to test policies and decisions,”

    All very true Mist001, but also to test germ warfare weapons from Porton Down.

  343. Pixywine says:
    Are we seeing an insight into our current political problems here?

  344. Scott says:

    John Main says:
    6 August, 2021 at 1:42 pm

    So, given what we know of the demographics and how they are trending, what’s our destiny?

    I don’t see anything great lying ahead for your average indigenous Scot. Maybes somebody will point out where I am wrong.

    I’ll have a pop.

    1. “your average indigenous Scot” will always be average, by definition.

    Your hard-on for ‘indigenous Scots’ makes you come across as cycloptic in your thinking, thus unable to have constructive solutions with regard to the franchise for any referendum on independence.

    Scotland needs ‘immigration’ to sustain its potential, so advocating against some residents having a say in the future is most likely unlawful, most certainly procedurally unfair and absolutely tainted with apparent bias.

  345. J.o.e says:


    No, there isnt a very fine line.

    Nationalism is advocating that each nation have the power and freedom to look after themselves and their people. Its a universal principle. Im as much for the nations of Africa being free from globalist financial tyranny and manipulation as I am the Scots and other Europeans.

    That is not the same as assuming that myself or my own nation are inherently better than anybody.

    The charge of racism to strong nationalist beliefs is typical among people who are themselves anti-nationalist (usually falling for corporate globalist bullshit or are some PR shill) however it is easily dispelled by applying the spirit universally.

    Nation, like family, is a natural structure of common bonds from which a resilient institution can be upheld that resists international corporatism and the money-can-buy-anything approach of the financial elites.

    The constant propaganda against this is overwhelming and the charge of ‘racism’ is common.

    As for Hitler and National Socialism, I think it damages this site for me to speak of what I think of the subject and WOS deserves better. However what I will say is that we are instilled through our life with a 100% anglo/american (zionist) point of view on the subject. Any honest inquirer should probably not be satisfied with that. The upside being that everything today starts to make sense in a way it never could while you were still in the bubble. Of course people are free to retreat into whatever societal myths they feel at home in.

  346. Republicofscotland says:

    “Climate change restrictions are like taxes. Intended for the little people only.”

    Yes John Main, I agree with that, I also think that Global Warming poses a real threat to all the flora and fauna on this planet.

    However COP26 will change very little, with the likes of China not even attending it. Its a pipe dream to try and keep temperature rises to a 1.5 degree rise, its just not going to happen.

    Scotland and the rUK can virtual signal all it wants on trying to meet climate targets, it means nothing if other larger nations such as the USA, (Biden has sanctioned 6,000 licences for oil and gas exploration already) don’t toe the line as well. Mind you Johnson seems fine with the new oil and gas Cambo licences, its all smoke and mirrors if you ask me.

  347. Pixywine says:

    Gary45. And you’re still wrong.

  348. J.o.e says:

    ‘Scotland needs ‘immigration’ to sustain its potential’

    Only if we are going to continue to make it hard for young scots to have decent sized families

    Which mass immigration does.

  349. Scott says:

    J.o.e says:
    6 August, 2021 at 2:57 pm

    ‘Scotland needs ‘immigration’ to sustain its potential’

    Only if we are going to continue to make it hard for young scots to have decent sized families

    Which mass immigration does.

    Using some colloquialisms here, but back in the day most ‘indigenous male Scots’ would have shagged a barber’s midden or even a warm soda scone, given the chance.

    [I can’t speak for ‘indigenous female Scots’, but anecdotally they really liked to get their hole back in the day anaw.]

    Increasing the options pool via immigration leads to an increasing population, shirley?

    Better that than risk a modern day exodus to Caracas?

  350. Republicofscotland says:

    “When you watched the Kavinagh case and the Alex Salmond case,
    Julian asssauge and Craig Murray,”

    James Che @2.30pm.

    I’m not sure about Craig Murray’s verdict getting overturned, though it should, but Julian Assange’s on what I’ve read of late, doesn’t look like it will either, with judges in the High Court of Appeal, more often than not siding with the trial judges verdict.

  351. J.o.e says:


    Still doesn’t deny the fact that if we are worried about population the increases in population should start with helping young Scots have larger families.

    We don’t do that by constricting the available housing, jobs and services by importing others and making sure they are constantly aware of their own national distinctions while denying the same for ourselves. That of course would be white supremacy dontchaknow.

    As for the folk who shout ‘Yes but look at what the bankers have done! Why are you blaming the immigrants?’

    – because its the bankers and financial establishment (lets keep it to that terminology) who are now using mass immigration along with the naive good will of hapless liberal movements to make sure there are no nationalist institutions strong enough to properly oppose their ability to operate everywhere and in any way they like.

  352. Mia says:

    “Isolating one part of society from a ‘variant’ completely creates the perfect environment for the emergence of a vaccine resistant variant liable to create a worse outcome for that society”

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    For as long as the virus is circulating through the population and replicating like mad, AT ANY TIME, due to the rapid mutation rate of the virus, a “vaccine resistant” variant can emerge. And not just a “vaccine resisistant variant”, mind. A variant that is also resistant to the antibodies you generated to previous variants when exposed to them. It has already been shown that people who had previous variants of SARS-COV2 can be re-infected with this indian variant and go on to develop the disease.

    The key point in here is that if the virus is allowed to circulate and it is given plenty of hosts where to replicate then the chances of accumulating mutations that lead to another variant is higher. If you eradicate the virus, like the Chinese are trying to do by starving it of host, then no replication, no mutations, no new variants.

    Where is the Chinese variant gone?
    Where is the Italian variant gone?
    Where is the Spanish variant gone?
    Where is the South African variant gone?
    Where is the Kent variant gone?

    Now, we seem to only have the Indian variant circulating through our population despite a good chunk of the population already having had the virus and 60% of the population being vaccinated.

    This means your theory is flawed because:

    a) the vaccine ALREADY does not work against new variants (there were/are people in hospital with COVID-19 that had had both jags) – hence pigs will fly before you can achieve herd immunity with this vaccine if new variants are allowed to continue to come in and replicate increasing the chances of new variants.

    b) immunity to previous variants because you had the disease does not guarantee you immunity to new variants either.

    There is the far more chance for a “vaccine resistant variant” to emerge if you keep its main port of entry wide open and allow the virus to run amok through the population replicating like mad and accumulating mutations than if you deny it of hosts were to replicate.

    Conclusion: it is keeping the borders open and providing plenty of hosts to the virus what is ensuring both, the survival of the virus through the population and the continuous risk of new variants emerging.

  353. Robert Hughes says:

    Pixywine says:

    ” Are we seeing an insight into our current political problems here? ”

    In a word ..yes .

    Whenever the State ( any State ) brings in new laws severely effecting the rights of citizens under the pretext of * protecting the nation * these laws are never rescinded ; except maybe after times of war . The ostensible threats of harm go , the laws remain , always .

    What we’re witnessing now is precisely this danger

  354. Scott says:

    Mia says:
    6 August, 2021 at 3:48 pm

    “Isolating one part of society from a ‘variant’ completely creates the perfect environment for the emergence of a vaccine resistant variant liable to create a worse outcome for that society”

    your theory is flawed because:

    a) the vaccine ALREADY does not work against new variants (there were/are people in hospital with COVID-19 that had had both jags) – hence pigs will fly before you can achieve herd immunity with this vaccine if new variants are allowed to continue to come in and replicate increasing the chances of new variants.

    b) immunity to previous variants because you had the disease does not guarantee you immunity to new variants either.

    Both a and b support my original point.

  355. crazycat says:

    Information about writing to Criag Murray (apologies if already posted and I’ve missed it in all the off-topic stuff):


    Craig asked us to say thank you very much to all those of you who have already written to him through us. We’re now able to pass on his direct contact information that will allow you to write to him in prison.

    Any letters to Craig can be addressed to

    157095 C Murray
    H M Prison Edinburgh
    33 Stenhouse Road
    EH11 3LN

    (Please remember, letters you sent to us for Craig via have already been forwarded to him via snail mail!)

    There also is a volunteer and family-service run provided by the below website, that allows users to send emails. A single message costs 40p and an additional 25p means a reply sheet is included.

    Craig’s prisoner # is 157095.

  356. crazycat says:

    @ me

    Who’s Criag Murray???

    Craig, of course. (:

  357. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @crazycat –

    Many thanks for Craig M’s contact details.

    Do you happen to know if he is allowed books/magazines by post?

    I did ask on Twitter and received approximately 25 variations, from ‘Yes, of course’, to ‘Don’t be daft’, and ended up none the wiser.


  358. sarah says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – being twitterati, you could ask Craig Murray Justice campaign.

  359. Republicofscotland says:

    The Great Satan (USA) carried out its largest naval exercise on the 3rd of August since 1981. The exercise was intended to show that the US Naval fleet could fight successfully on several sea fronts at the same time, including the South China sea, the Black sea and the Mediterranean sea, and the open ocean if need be.

    However the Great Satan’s navy is now on the wane, it has the fourth largest amount of naval units after China, Russia and North Korea.

  360. Karmanaut says:

    This whole thing has been gut-punch sickening. Those people trying to defend it really are the lowest of the low.

  361. ben madigan says:

    re climate change
    Seems to me that two narratives are being confused

    1) Humankind has trashed the environment since the industrial revolution. It’s now like a teenager’s filthy bedroom – littered with dirty cups, cans, pizza boxes and unwashed clothes. It’s long past time for a major clean-up job and a big change in habits to allow land and sea to recover its pre-industrial state as much as possible

    2) Cyclic geological changes are on-going (as always in this planet’s life).They cannot be stopped; only their effects can be mitigated against to save humankind. Mitigation measures will involve safeguarding crops and farm animals, sea and flood defences,new heating and cooling systems in homes and workplaces, and so on

  362. President Xiden says:

    Republicofscotland said:

    “However the Great Satan’s navy is now on the wane, it has the fourth largest amount of naval units after China, Russia and North Korea.”

    On the plus side, it’s military has a fabulous new range of maternity wear. Every cloud eh.

  363. James Che. says:


    The point is to send a message as said by someone above, to stop and derail any movement forward.

    What we have to acknowledge is that our governments are aiding this corruption by allowing the justice systems to close down free speech of all journalists and there should be no distinction between media choices and journalists blogs outlets,

    Those who control the media control everything else.

    For us we need to set right those wrongs against humanity in Scotland,
    If we follow their rules of bent laws being imposed to where they want to lead us, we will have a collapsed society and country.
    Our country more than ever should be pushing back with persistence to regain its independence, from the politicians, as that is whom is holding us captive.
    In my eyes if you hold people and a country against its will, it not only has alarm bells ringing for the colony status, but to entrap the people as being sold with that country to a treaty they opposed is personal enslavement, economical enslavement, and injecting people in that country ( if ) against their will, brings home to us, the question what was the purpose of the Nuremberg trials that Britain signed into.
    It brings into question not only the Scottish written sovereignty of the people here, but also every other person in Wales, England, Ireland, and all the other attached British islands and colonies left over from previous centuries.
    Are Westminster saying to all these people that they are not sovereign in their own right and over their own body.
    If so, in the future years we would expect to see something aquatint of that to the Nuremberg trials again in the future years to come.
    You can surmise that something is wrong with principle or mandatory vaccines roll out policy when the government has already put in place exemptions for the pharmaceutical companies to be excused from being sued by the people.

    This act of government does not instill confidence in the people to accept a vaccine whereby the products and sellers cannot be held accountable.
    This same bias influence is now apparent in our law systems, as can see.
    This is rapidly becoming obvious in the green climate change policies of do as we say, not as we do. The same happened with covid.

    The only route to correcting these ideologies of the wealthy powers is for us to use our sovereignty while it’s still in our possession,
    At this moment in time the people pushing the future ideology, pretend we are the power, we vote them in , therefore we are sovereign above them, and we may vote them out.
    How long this will last is anybody’s guess, corruption is never far away, if they were to change the voting laws to fit the covid narrative.

  364. Republicofscotland says:

    James Che @5.51pm.

    My comment on Assange and the likelihood that his trial judges decision not to extradite him to the USA, and that the USA’s appeal, which will likely fall on deaf ears, as High Court Appeal judges don’t often overturn decisions of court judges, is good news for Assange. Of course it didn’t do Craig Murray much good they rejected his appeal.

    Thankfully Assange’s judge listened to and heeded Professor Kopelman, that extradition to a maximum security facility in the USA would be extremely detrimental to Assange’s health. However when Assange will be liberated is another matter.

    The overhauling of the Official secrets Act by the Tory government will seriously impinge on real investigative journalism in the UK, disclosures or leaks reported by truth seeking journalists, such as Craig Murray, and even Stu Campbell will be seen as a form of espionage if the overhaul is successful. Prison sentences will jump from two-years to fourteen years if convicted-basically what they are saying is expose government corruption and you’ll go to prison for it.

  365. Republicofscotland says:

    James Che

    I should’ve added that the Police Crime Sentencing and Court bill, passed at Westminster not that long ago, allows police in England and Wales to break up and shut down demos and protests at will.

  366. stuart mctavish says:


    Je ne suis pas qu’un nombre
    Je suis 157095

    More to the point, wonder why Boris failed to take the media caravan to Saughton:

  367. sarah says:

    When I write again to Craig I will NOT address the envelope to:

    157095 C Murray.
    How demeaning and rude.

    157095 Mr C J Murray M.A.
    I just wish he had accepted an honour so I could tag them on too but he is too honest to have accepted the honours pressed on him by the Queen.

  368. Liz g says:

    Crazycat @ 4.05
    Thanks for the Craig Murray address , I just came across it on Twitter and rushed over to make sure we had it here…. 🙂 I should have known better lol… Wingers always keep everyone up to date xxx

  369. James Che. says:

    Yes I have been keeping an eye on that particular overhaul of the espionage bill.
    However I am curious how the sovereignty of people and sovereignty of a government to impose such change in the legal sense are at odds with each other, even according to themselves,

    This legal idea that sovereign people are allowed to choose their government through a vote in elections in and around Britain by the Westminster government, is in contradiction to themselves declaring that British sovereignty lies within the Westminster parliament.
    If that was so, why bother with elections at all.

    At present sovereignty lies with the people. And in Scotland this is confirmed in written history also.
    You do not have to protest, go marching around the streets with banners, get you’re head bashed in, or get manhandled into a police van to make your statement. To put your point across.
    There are other non violent methods I would prefer to see people use first.

    If protests and marches were pursued I think the goverment would take delight in squashing that by physically bullying with enforced police or army usage, battering the protesters into submission and then have it broadcast far and wide as an example to others.,
    This is happening in France and a lot of other countries at the moment, governments v the people.
    A fight for human rights to be maintained.
    The purpose of the divisions being instigated and funded by the hidden benefactors into society is to dissimulate the people into varying fractions, thus losing power of the people and thereby the route to stolen sovereignty.

    To take any one spoke out the wheel is to create chaos causing confusing in the centre of the battle for human rights.

    We must put our smaller differences aside, their is a bigger battle to fight to save our families, our streets and our nation.

    In the scheme of these things Scotland’s gaining independence is important, to have a right to change our politicians. To ensure the law works for human rights, that everyone should have access to a open jury led court case, that ALL evidence is heard. Not redacted.
    That policing is retained by consent of the people.
    That media is never controlled by one source or outlet.
    These are good beginnings to human rights in an independent Scotland.
    There are many issues we would need to sort out quickly if we gain our independence.
    But the ones mentioned above are fundamental for a country to follow human rights.

  370. Fred says:

    ‘ Do you happen to know if he is allowed books/magazines by post?’

    Prisoners purchase magazines and newspapers themselves via their PPC( works like a cashless bank account).
    Anybody is able to pay money into anybody’s PPC, and you can do so by post by writing to the prisoner and including cash, cheque or postal order( preferred method).
    Due to the unprecedented amount of NPS in Scotland’s prisons now, gone are the days of being able to post in local newspapers or magazines – as they can so easily be dipped in an NPS solution.
    If you do, they won’t be given to the prisoner but placed in his personal property, not accessible until liberation. Same goes for books.

  371. Republicofscotland says:

    “At present sovereignty lies with the people. And in Scotland this is confirmed in written history also.”

    That may well be James Che but, the fact that Parliament can make and (unmake) any law enforces its sovereignty.

  372. Saffron Robe says:

    James Che, I agree with your comments and analysis. Human rights of the people versus human wrongs of the politicians.

    From my own understanding of history, the key to positive change lies in organised, collective and non-violent action and protest. This is why Nicola Sturgeon is so afraid of the AUOB marches and other forms of organised protest in Scotland.

    And it is a race against time. The global ruling class need to be removed forthwith before they drive the whole of humanity over a cliff.

  373. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    6 August, 2021 at 8:06 pm
    “At present sovereignty lies with the people. And in Scotland this is confirmed in written history also.”

    That may well be James Che but, the fact that Parliament can make and (unmake) any law enforces its sovereignty.

    Aye, but does it?

    The “Government” has all the levers, mechanisms and franchise to make a decision that appears sovereign, and frequently that cannot be overruled by other Governments. However is that sovereignty, or simply another of those dreaded “conventions” on sovereignty?

    Sovereignty by law, lies with the people. End of story. But the people have no levers, mechanisms, or franchise to articulate that sovereignty and turn it into a sovereign edict which others must obey. Sovereignty is in dry dock.

    The people have the power, but not the means to use it.

    Scotland’s popular sovereignty is being usurped by Scotland’s government in exactly the same way as the Union does… by unwritten convention and relying on bluster and sophistry to discourage and undermine constitutional challenge. The are literally doing precisely that with Martin Keatings.

    What that means, is Scotland’s people need a mechanism to implement the Claim of Right, and thus impeach and remove from Office any “Government” acting unconstitutionally.

    Scotland’s people need an Impeachment Protocol, and a Constitutional Impeachment Protocol at that, specifically NOT a democratic one administered by politicians, but a legislative protocol which holds errant politicians to account.

  374. sarah says:

    @ Fred at 7.32: thank you for the info that we can enclose cheques etc with our letters to Craig.

    Should the cheque be made out to him, in the usual way, do you know?

  375. Breeks says:

    In fact, at the risk of giving succour to Scotland’s enemies, IF I wanted to challenge Scottish Sovereignty, I wouldn’t waste my time going to court trying un-invent Scotland. What I would base my challenge on is that Scotland’s popular sovereignty is to clumsy and unworkable to exist.

    When everybody is sovereign, there are some profound issues raised, -, how do you reconcile the effective subjugation of sovereign minority? Do they cease being sovereign? If we become sovereign by birthright, does that mean toddlers have a constitutional right to be heard and have a vote?

    A contract is rendered void if it is undeliverable. There is no contract which can bind someone to do a thing that cannot be done. So if cannot “do” sovereignty and implement it’s use, then your sovereignty might thus be challenged as undeliverable.

    I’m not saying this to undermine sovereignty. I am quite sure Scotland would carry the day in court. But I think Scotland would be doing itself no harm whatsoever by developing a series of Constitutional protocols which empower Scotland’s Sovereignty and allow it to be exercised.

    A good place to start would be marrying up the Claim of Right with an Impeachment Protocol.

  376. willie says:

    It goes without saying that the days of good natured AUOB or Yes marches are now gone.

    Such marches will in future be met with the utmost hostility from the authorities and the Police who are more than capable of turning from a friendly cop on the corner of the street to a near paramilitary thug primed to intimidate.

    And it is at this point that the Police and society come into conflict. No longer the guardians of society they are now society’s political oppressors. Police Scotland, a force driven by apartheid politics and political malfeasance this is now becoming clear for all to see.

  377. Republicofscotland says:

    Indeed Breeks the people are sovereign in Scotland, and they have the power, expressed at the polling booth, anything else and the Scots are just too apathetic to act.

    However if voting really made a difference to the system, as Chomsky said, it would be illegal. Politicians are not accountable for the promises they make prior to elections.

    However its parliamentary sovereignty that rules our everyday life, we didn’t vote for Sturgeon to have her foist the HCB or the GRA on us, but they are.

  378. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks @ 8.32

    On it as per

    ” Scotland’s people need a mechanism to implement the Claim of Right, and thus impeach and remove from Office any “Government” acting unconstitutionally ”

    The obvious question is how could that mechanism be created ?

    Would it not require a kind of revolution ? Not a violent one , but maybe a willingness to withstand violence if meted-out A great awakening of the people from their 300+ years of slumber , a revolution of awareness of the power we already have and how that power has been usurped from us by a succession of pretenders and deceivers both external and internal .

    The bitterest of ironies is the supposed agents of our liberation have become our most complicit jailers

  379. says:

    If you want a contest for the leadership of Alba, not a coronation of King Alexander in the grand setting of Greenock Town Hall, you need to read my most recent posts on
    The last one features a revealing email exchange with Chris McEleny, who told us on Twitter this week that Alba is “Alex Salmond’s party”. If so, I suggest the name of the party be changed to Alexba.

  380. Pixywine says:

    Mia. All the variants are hiding in Bozos clown pockets ready for future use. You’re befuddled.

  381. Scott says:

    Breeks says:
    6 August, 2021 at 8:54 pm

    In fact, at the risk of giving succour to Scotland’s enemies, IF I wanted to challenge Scottish Sovereignty, I wouldn’t waste my time going to court trying un-invent Scotland. What I would base my challenge on is that Scotland’s popular sovereignty is to clumsy and unworkable to exist.

    Republicofscotland says:
    6 August, 2021 at 8:59 pm

    Indeed Breeks the people are sovereign in Scotland, and they have the power, expressed at the polling booth, anything else and the Scots are just too apathetic to act.

    Re the sovereignty of the people of Scotland.

    It extends beyond the polling booth at all times, and works in practice.

    eg Judicial Review, Nobile Officium…

    Also, every legal case in Scotland is treated on ITS OWN MERITS.

    Conflating Craig Murray’s case with anyone else’s in the future is disingenuous as a result. It has not set a precedent, nor can it. Precedent in Scots Law is used to advise in procedural matters during legal action only and aren’t binding on any further cases unless issued as statutory guidance to the Judiciary.

  382. Republicofscotland says:

    “Would it not require a kind of revolution ? Not a violent one , but maybe a willingness to withstand violence if meted-out A great awakening of the people from their 300+ years of slumber , a revolution of awareness of the power we already have and how that power has been usurped from us by a succession of pretenders and deceivers both external and internal .”

    Robert Hughes.

    Y’know the 1789 French Revolution (there were earlier ones that failed) only succeeded because the bourgeoisie middle-classes in France rose up with the lower classes, and they only did this because their interests were also being badly affected.

    Sturgeon caters for the middle and upper class capitalists, and not the less fortune lower classes, for something like this to succeed there would need to be unity of the lower and middle classes, and I can’t see that happening. Yes there is across the classes agreement on Scottish independence, but that’s unlikely to extend to removing Sturgeon who was voted by Vogue magazine as one of the twenty-five most influential women in the UK, the Scottish electorate in most part are just not savvy enough see past Sturgeon, or they don’t care enough or they don’t want to know.

  383. Scott says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    6 August, 2021 at 9:43 pm

    the Scottish electorate in most part are just not savvy enough see past Sturgeon, or they don’t care enough or they don’t want to know.

    Nictating Sturgeon was elected leader of the SNP by the members of that party and First Minister by members of the Scottish Parliament.

    There’s no mechanism for me to remove her from Office.

    I’m not in SNP, Holyrood or somebody who has ever voted for her personally, so I share no blame attached by some to others.

    And finally…

    As for the “revolution” angle being promoted by some at the moment on here, you display your ignorance of Scotland by even referring to the word, violent context or otherwise or thinking there ever needs to be one.

  384. Hugh Jarse says:

    With Scotland more or less generating all our leccy needs from windmills, which have zero imput costs, am i alone in finding the price rises coming to be yet another Union ‘dividend’?

  385. Fred says:

    ‘ Should the cheque be made out to him, in the usual way, do you know?’

    Sarah best make it payable to The Governor HMP Edinburgh and write the prisoner’s name and number on the back of the cheque.

  386. ScotsRenewables says: says:
    6 August, 2021 at 9:15 pm
    If you want a contest for the leadership of Alba, not a coronation of King Alexander in the grand setting of Greenock Town Hall, you need to read my most recent posts on

    Do we really? I don’t think so. My own involvement as an ALBA party member has already alerted me to a bunch of cliquist nonentities seeking to take advantage of the turnmoil involved in setting up a new party to grab a slice of the imagined pie for themselves.

    I don’t know who you are or why you would ever deserve my vote for the leadership.

    Alex has a track record.


  387. Gordon Currie says:

    Jaggy blog

    Alex Salmond’s appearance on the political scene, just prior to the election, gave everyone a glimpse of a future without the malevolent influence of Nicola Sturgeon and her control freakery.

    He’s the best candidate as leader, on the basis of what he’s achieved in the past and his insight into the machinations of Westminster, and sadly Holyrood. Long term, I’d guess he’ll be happy to stand back once the next Alex Salmond emerges, then become a benevolent eminence grise.

    Right now, a few months after he resurfaced to give us all some hope, cut him some slack and acknowledge his total commitment to Scotland being an independent country.

    Your plan might have a bit more gravitas if you were extolling the virtues of another potential leadership candidate.

  388. Scott says:

    The University of Sussex is running a prize draw for those who can prove they’ve been vaccinated or exempt from vaccination.

    I fail to see how that can be in any way legal.

    Coupled with the ‘open letter’ to their unvaccinated non-doctor peers, published by some trainee GPs on behalf of a “representative” body (containing the phrase the “piece of mind it will give you” ) the Covid message from the brain trust isn’t being expressed ethically at all.

  389. Clavie Cheil says:

    Was that an actual Nat or an anti Indy Chick with a Dick that won the

  390. Clavie Cheil says:


    Was that an actual Scot Nat or an anti Indy Chick with a Dick that won the West Lothian Council Bye-Election yesterday?

  391. Robert Louis says:

    Firstly, I do not doubt that Sturgeon is wholly and completely compromised, dancing to England;s jig. Her interactions in public and the media with the likes of Westminster and Billy ‘let them die’ Bunter, are for show. The real discussions are being held behind the scenes.

    However, it is fundamentally clear that this malicious and wholly unfair jailing of Craig Murray, has the slimy hands of the English security services all over it. Wasn’t it reported, for example, that the second in line to the Lord Advocate at the Crown office is ex-MI5/MI6 (there is no such thing as ex in the security services – once a spook, always a spook).

    The SNP, however, are part of the problem, with their wholly unnecessary (and frankly draconian) legislation to block free speech, even at home. For what??? Seriously, for what??? That legislation was NOT needed. It is what might be expoected in North Korea or China, but happening in Scotland, in 2021.

    These are dark times for freedom of speech, not only in Scotland but also in England. Badly written laws to prevent so-called ‘hate-speech’, which in reality stifle freedom of speech and thought at every level.

    As for the frankly pathetic mainstream so-called ‘journalists’, who ignore JOURNALIST Assange’s plight, as a political prisoner in London, England, or the plight of the ACTUAL JOURNALIST, Craig Murray, they should hang their heads in shame.

    Make no mistake, with these unjust jailings for speaking NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (a concept which Scotland’s judges seem unfamiliar with), they are just the beginning. THIS, is how countries descend into totalitarianism by stealth. It is not necessarily intentional, but that is the result. History shows us, that this is what happens, and when it is too late, when the rights and freedoms have been removed, the people can do nothing. Over and ovber again this has been seen throughout history. Totalitarianism is like a slow-groing cancer, that keeps on pushing, even when not intended. Nobody in 1930’s Germany ever thought Hitler would do what he did. Bit by bit the laws were changed, freedoms removed, democratic checks and balances undermined, all in the name of the ‘people’. The people realised too late.

    Our rights and freedoms are being whittled away, day by day, in both England and Scotland, under the cover of covid. By stealth, they steal our freedoms, but in the name of ‘protecting us’. It is exactly as George Orwell predicted. Saddest of all, however, is thet Sturgeon and her conniving, lying coven of harpies are enabling it. It will be too late when people realise just what has been stolen from them. Speak out and get sent to jail.

    As for the mainstream so-called ‘journalists’, just as the zealots, spooks and corrupt officials come for Assange and murray today, so they will be coming for you next. Of that you can be certain. Teling the truth is now a crime.

  392. Pixywine says:

    Hugh arse. Climate emergency is a Tax racket

  393. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Our rights and freedoms are being whittled away, day by day, in both England and Scotland, under the cover of covid. By stealth, they steal our freedoms, but in the name of ‘protecting us…. ”

    Yes Robert Louis, the old ” for your own good ” justification ; as you also say , it may be the case they – ie those in positions of authority- actually believe that but we know by now , or should , what the road to hell is paved with .

    Excellent post

  394. Pixywine says:

    Robert Louis. I absolutely despise Boris Johnson but I don’t think he ever said “let them die” That highly emotive nonsense was used by the media to fool the public into going along with continual destructive lockdowns. Maybe youre happy to settle into your old age pish but our youngsters deserve their lives and freedoms back with no unreasonable conditions attached. This country does not need frightened old men holding it back. The jailing of Craig Murray is covered in “Common Purpose” fingerprints. Look them up

  395. sarah says:

    @ Fred: Cheers.

  396. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    6 August, 2021 at 9:12 pm
    Breeks @ 8.32

    On it as per

    ” Scotland’s people need a mechanism to implement the Claim of Right, and thus impeach and remove from Office any “Government” acting unconstitutionally ”

    The obvious question is how could that mechanism be created ?

    Would it not require a kind of revolution ? Not a violent one , but maybe a willingness to withstand violence if meted out….

    There is precedent.

    The Claim of Right has been enacted before, removing James VII from the Scottish throne in 1689 and it was enacted by a Convention of Scottish Estates.

    Rather than a Convention of Scottish Estates, in 2021, I think Scotland should instead establish a Constitutional Senate, which dedicates itself to Scotland’s Constitutional Rights and Sovereignty, and it NOT a UK institution but a Scottish one.

    It could be democratic, but the form it takes is less important that the Constitutional guardianship it would deliver. It wouldn’t exist to adapt Scotland’s Constitution. It would exist to enforce it and defend it’s sovereign integrity.

  397. Breeks says:

    In fact the Scottish Senate could wear three hats at the same time;

    A second Chamber reviewing Holyrood Legislation for Constitutional integrity.
    A Constitutional Civil Service, informing the Government of Constitutional responsibilities.
    A Constitutional Police Force ready to halt, and overturn unconstitutional misadventures.

    I would rather such an organisation / institution was professional, rigorous and diligent rather than democratic. Democracy is too corruptible, although currently, it seem Scots Law is little better.

  398. Breeks says:

    4th Hat…. Constitutional Education provider. To reverse 300 years of deeply embedded indoctrination.

  399. crazycat says:

    @ ScotsRenewables at 11.53

    Your Scotsman link archived:

    Well done for finding it!

  400. crazycat says:

    News as good as can be expected; I’ve also posted it on the new thread.

  401. Hamish Anderson says:

    Make no mistake: Murray is a member of the Scottish National Socialist Party. It’s that party’s understanding of justice that has put him in jail. Vote for them and get what you voted for.

  402. Al-Stuart says:


    I have supported Craig Murray and defended him many times. Both on social media and financially.

    But Craig has left an idiot in charge of moderating his website comments section. I would like to use less harsh words, but it is as if Craig left a squirrel in charge of his hungry pet python whilst the is at HMP Edinburgh (Covid Wing).

    Why is Craig WASTING £750 an hour on a top shelf Advoctae, yet allowing a pro bono clueless Amadan in charge of the very thing (his website/blog) that landed him with 8 month in prison?

    There are Trolls such as Ronan1882 and DiggerUK mixing it up with posts on Craig’s Blog that are likely to get Craig’s 4-month “Good Behaviour Remission” cancelled.

    Some decent folk such as DunGroanin are trying to balance things out over at Craig Murray’s Blog…


    August 2, 2021 at 16:52

    For gawdsakes, try and understand this is a LOT bigger than poor CM’s incarceration. Try this:

    What if Alex Salmond was being legally advised about any further legal actions that may being considered and which may become compromised by any comment at this time?
    What if CM’s further actions may also be?
    Would you back seat kids want to cause that to crash?
    My trust is unwavering on both their behalf and others who are involved in this fight against an ever more fascist war.”


  403. North chiel says:

    Absolutely no mention of the US civil lawsuit against Prince Andrew on the BBC State Propaganda outlet lunch time news today . Following on , with “ the news where you are” again no mention of this despite The Prince arriving last evening at Balmoral .
    At least Sky reported on this via local Scottish mouthpiece James Mathews

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