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Baptism of fire

Posted on February 08, 2020 by

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    751 to “Baptism of fire”

    1. Al-Stuart says:

      Rm, your post got me thinking.

      Our MPs at Westminster have been treated with contempt ever since we sent the massive block of 56 down there. That means Scotland has been utterly disrespected too.

      The SNP have made maximum exposure of Blue and Red Westminster Tories braying like donkeys from yon green benches. The point has been well made, but now we should take the initiative.

      Mibees time to bring our MPs back to Scotland?

      It might sound a bit left-of-field, but…

      What do you think would be the reaction if we set up our own SECOND CHAMBER at Holyrood? That we, the people, create a petition to mandate all our MPs to sit in our Edinburgh Parliament?

      We are a sovereign nation. So let us take the initiative.

      Bring all of our MPs back from Westminster to sit in Holyrood. We can enact legislation at Holyrood to give legal status for our MPs to sit in the second chamber to help refine Scottish domestic (devolved) statutes and U.K. legislation whilst sitting in Edinburgh.

      That would be a Helluva slap in the face for all those donkey Tories at the Palace of Westminster. It would be quite a big 47 MP size hole on those green benches.

      It would also stand for more than just a symbolic 59 seat Second Chamber at our sovereign parliament in Edinburgh.

      Recalling all of our MPs to sit in Scotland would raise the international pressure on the U.K. Government and help explain the democratic deficit of that gerrymandered 59 Scottish seats of the 650 seats deficit. We can burst the Tory/Labour/Westminster myth that Scotland and England are two equal nations.

      I am fed up being told that 59/650ths is equal. The English/American Boris Johnson cannae work his abacus nor fractions.

      Yup, a Second Chamber and recall our MPs would be an interesting development.

      We could even let Westminster have our MPs one day a week, just to keep an eye on what they are doing down in that swanky private SW1A 0AA London Palace club for millionaires.

    2. Almond Chutney says:


      But why would you need a second chamber, it’s not like an indy Scotland will want to adopt a bureaucratic HoL counterpart as MSPs already sit and already govern Scotland on devolved matters, plus I don’t think Holyrood would need a further 59 personnel for legislature.

      I think, and purely my opinion that the SNP do not help themselves by even sitting in WM at all. They complain they are never listened to, which they are probably right, but still continue to TRY to be heard. They willingly acknowledge their seat at Westminster which is recognition of the Union and the legal and parliamentary procedures of the realm.

      Still I think a Sinn Fein approach is the other extreme, I mean, they refuse to take their seats in WM so also refuse to actually represent their constituents in London.

    3. callmedave says:

      Shortbread radio beaming about the High Speed Rail bringing Barnett consequentials to Scotland and what shall we spend our windfall on?

      £6bn or £7bn over 20+ years while the man from Wales says we don’t get any but how lucky Scotland is. Downside is the ‘Scottish debt’ will increase in the GERS figures. 🙁

    4. robertknight says:

      RM @ 8:45

      Farage, Trump, Johnson – bampots to a man who thrive on a cult of personality perpetuated by a servile media.

      We simply need an FM with the courage, intellect and conviction to raise the SNP’s game and take the cabinet, parliament and the country forward in the face of both a hostile media and a lying and manipulative Tory PM.

      A pity we don’t have those qualities in our current FM.

    5. Colin Alexander says:

      6 April 1320 in Julian calendar ?

      If counted using the Gregorian calendar ( which we use now) it would be 14 April 1320.

      So, I wouldn’t get too worried about exact dates.

      The important issue is the declaration was made and recognised.

    6. Dr Jim says:


      Shereen presents a weekly BBC radio *let’s run down the SNP* chat show every Saturday morning on radio Scotland with her permanent and constant guest Tom Harris ex Labour MP who now admits he’s a Tory (after he was voted out)

      This morning *Call Kaye* has decided she wants an MBE too so she’s inventing facts and putting words into peoples mouths all over the place to make the uncharged no court action Mark McDonald and Derek McKay SNP sound worse than the Aberdeen Tory councillor who committed and actual crime was found guilty and placed on the Sex Offenders register

      And the Tories are calling it a SNP witch hunt

      You’d think you couldnae make it up, but they have and the BBC are helping to defend them by saying maybe the guy shouldn’t stand down and try to be elected again because people with a political agenda won’t vote for him

      Well Aye, because he’s a ffffffg politician, so it’s political

      The BBCs *Call Kaye* thinks Scotland is far too political about politics and we should all pay less attention to it

      Aye right, OK Kaye

    7. Dr Jim says:

      Holyrood Parliamentary Labour party found to have direct links with online sectarian loyalist trolling of SNP council leader Susan Aitken

      Rupert Longshanks has been asked in a letter by Susan Aitken for an investigation and explanation into who in his party has been leaking FOI information to this troll

      So far the Labour branch manager has failed to reply despite newspaper evidence

    8. Effijy says:

      Hope most here can recall the US dropping Napalm Bombs on
      Civilian Villages.

      A famous picture of the time showed a young Vietnamese girls running away
      From the village naked as her clothes had been burned from her body and the
      Napalm gel clung burning on her flesh as it was designed to do.

      The Syrian situation is inhuman and it sits on a par with both US and English atrocities.

      I watched the Head of the East Kent Tory Trust on breakfast news today.
      No wonder there have been and are so many needless deaths there and so
      Many babies left with needless disabilities.

      The woman’s attitude and minimal management skills were blatantly unacceptable.
      I can only imagine she has kept her job as she balances the books regardless of the
      Consequences imposed on the patients.

      Aberdeen Unionist parties fighting to keep convicted sex pest deputy Mayor in office
      as his removal would open up the possibility of SNP taking control.

      Immorality and the welfare of Aberdonians takes second place to keeping the incompetent
      Unionists with their nose in the trough.

    9. admiral says:

      callmedave says:
      13 February, 2020 at 9:17 am
      Shortbread radio beaming about the High Speed Rail bringing Barnett consequentials to Scotland and what shall we spend our windfall on?

      It will be classified as “national infrastructure” so will not impact Barnett.

    10. Republicofscotland says:

      London Labours branch manager in Scotland Richard Leonard is being urged to probe into Labour councillors in Glasgow City council. Its thought his councillor’s sent sensitive information that could’ve only come from the GCC to a loyalist Twitter account in Belfast.

      Derogatory and personal attacks were then sent to SNP councillors from the account, including fornm of hate speech and what could be construed at physical threats.

      Englands branch office manager in Scotland denies any Labour involvement.

    11. Republicofscotland says:

      Londons Governor General in Scotland Alister Jack, comes under fire from unions as promised Tory work on wind farms goes to Asia instead of Scotland, a 1000 jobs on the line.

      Never trust a Tory, toom tabard or take his governments word as a promise.

    12. Republicofscotland says:

      So it looks like Johnson, who called Scots at PMQ’s yesterday “These People” is setting up a contingency plan, to move the COP26 out of Glasgow to London.

      Talks have already taken place with the venue ExCel in London. The Tory government has played down the talks as a back up plan.

    13. @jockmcx,

      thanks for link to Oxford Union debate 1964 with Hugh McDiarmid and Malcolm X involved,

      listened to whole debate, 6 very good speakers,

      Hugh McDairmid referenced the Declaration of Arbroath,

      ” perhaps the greatest democratic pledge of all time”

      `As long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours, that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself`

      “My people have done little but betray that oath ever since”.

    14. Republicofscotland says:

      Meanwhile the Tory government has rejected calls for the UK to remain permanently aligned with the EU on employment rights, environmental laws etc.

      Our work place rights, and our environment look set to take a big hit.

    15. callmedave says:


      I too was of the same mind as you as I had never seen anything about a Barnett ‘dividend’ but the BBC had two ‘experts’ on this morning telling us that there were. We’ll see.

    16. Republicofscotland says:

      Lesley Riddoch.

      Exposes unionist hypocrisy over the Queensferry Crossing fake saga. Illustrating disastrous construction cock-ups South of the border that have cost the taxpayers billions. That Carlaw and Cole-Hamilton don’t want you to know about.

    17. mike cassidy says:

      Occasional reminder that the Trans issue is not going away.

      Kate Forbes at centre of new SNP row over trans rights

      And Labour just can’t stop digging a deeper hole.

    18. Republicofscotland says:

      Stop dithering Sturgeon and do as the man says. For all our sakes.

    19. Ottomanboi says:

      @Republicofscotland 10:50
      The COP26 relocation was first mooted by the FT.
      The source is usually reliable.
      Johnson is teaching the Scots a lesson.
      In his universe we’re just a peripheral ‘devolved entity’.
      Sturgeon and her party need to get a firm grip on this new régime and cease acting like one.

    20. Ottomanboi says:

      Aonghas Mac Néill aka Angus MacNeill it seems has enough ‘backbone’ to furnish the entire SNP.
      Blackford and his ‘gold standard’, who does he think he’s dealing with in London? Winnie the Poo?

    21. Famous15 says:

      Javid was almost a good guy.

      Scottish budget hits the fan.

      Any sane person and honest person too please explain why we lost in 2014?

    22. Sandy says:

      Adolf making sweeping changes

    23. Clapper57 says:

      Do as we say NOT as we DO.

      “Former Aberdeen Conservative Councillor Alan Donnelly had denied kissing and touching a man who was working at an event in the city.

      He was ordered to pay compensation, but has resisted calls to stand down as well as saying he will not hide.

      Administration councillor Marie Boulton said she did not condone his crime, but that “harassment” had to be avoided.

      A three-day trial heard one of the victim’s supervisors say he was “trembling and shaking” when he reported the incident to her.

      The man – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said Donnelly approached him, made comments about him being good-looking, and asked him questions about where he was from.

      Calls for an Aberdeen councillor found guilty of sexual assault to resign must not become a “witch hunt”, it has been claimed.

      Former Conservative Alan Donnelly had denied kissing and touching a man who was working at an event in the city.

      Councillor Boulton, an ‘independent’ member of the administration, said: “What we can’t do is start a witch hunt. I think we’ve to be very careful that we’re not seen to advocate bullying or harassment.

      “That’s in no way condoning what Councillor Donnelly has done and been convicted of but we have to respect the the court’s carried out its role, we’ve carried out our role.

      “I think we just have to get on with business for the city.”

      Hmm…..Donnelly has now resigned from the Conservatives….so obvs Conservatives have NO control whether to demand he should resign his post….obvs….and also apparently obvs that as a ‘former’ conservative there should be NO witch hunt….and deffo should not be an ongoing story highlighted by MSM for like…days and days obvs.

    24. Al-Stuart says:

      The chancellor of England just resigned.

      Apparently BoJo the clown called him a “Chino”.

      That stood for “Chancellor In Name Only”

      BoJo has his oven-ready replacement already installed.

      Where on earth do the Tories dig up these numerical illiterates to then run the country.

      Full report of the chancellor of England’s last days…

    25. Republicofscotland says:

      Javids gone, now Johnson, his girlfriend and Cummings are running the show.

      All very Trumpian if you ask me.

    26. terence callachan says:

      Julian didn’t do much in NI
      He’s a Tory
      A colonialist

    27. Confused says:

      this dangerously persistent recurrence of trans-madness, seems so suspicious given :

      – how few real trannies there are
      – the mental problems they suffer (how?), self harm, attempts at suicide, hysterical behaviour

      how could they possibly become this terrifyingly powerful all-aspect lobby … well, it’s all depressingly obvious innit – there’s a hidden hand, organisation and money, tons of money behind it; this article “identifies” possibly the main culprits

      oligarchs who like to do social engineering, one of them him/her/it/them/they-self a trans-thing (see first pic – its like “tinder from hell”)

      – these foiks also expect to get a return; they are heavily invested in medicine and pharma; how much does it cost to “transition” and how much continuing medical treatment does it need ever after?

      – their ability to just buy medical/scientific credibility at top tier institutions via the cheque-book is alarming.

    28. Fireproofjim says:

      Sajed Javed appears to be a man of integrity. Refusing to continue after Boorish and Cummings insisted that he sack his advisory team.
      Perhaps a future English PM.

    29. frogesque says:

      Javid, now outside the tent pissing in.

    30. kapelmeister says:

      Larry Sanders, brother of Bernie, has told the Daily Record that he believes the Democratic contender would be in favour of Scottish independence if he was U.S. President.

    31. jockmcx says:

      Scot Finlayson
      10:51 am
      “thanks for link to Oxford Union debate 1964 with Hugh McDiarmid and Malcolm X involved”

      your very welcome,i put it up for u after seeing your earlier
      if anyones interested it’s here,
      Hugh 51 mins
      Malcolm 1hour 13 mins

      I bet old hugh was impressed.

    32. So it goes on day after day Scotlandk being insulted by the media mostly the BBC and their payed Scottish ("Tractor" - Ed)s who as I said are being paid their. Betrayal rewards under the guise of wages and the champions of the Scottish people watch and listen and do nothing,and by doing so are condoning it yes I mean the SNP for goodness sake do Something ??? Before the real patriots feel they must do something as I said before Beware the Fury of a patient man

    33. terence callachan says:


      T Sheridan is not being ground down don’t be daft

      He is a socialist first
      If U.K. had a socialist government that was likely to last more than one term T Sheridan would still be Labour

      He shifted support to Scottish independence because

      He knows that the tories will be in government U.K. for the foreseeable future
      That’s because England vote Tory every time
      And England has ten times as many votes as the rest put together

      T Sheridan supports Scottish independence because after independence he knows Scotland will vote for a socialist government as it has always done in his lifetime

    34. cirsium says:

      Has everyone read this? Now IS the time–first-minister-must-call-indyref2/

      and it ends with a great quote from Martin Luther King
      “Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right”.

      Use the mandate, Ms Sturgeon

    35. Dr Jim says:

      LGBGTQ and now LGBGTQK and by the time I’ve finished typing this they might have added more letters, and I didn’t even know what the K was for until somebody told me that meant KINKY, how’s that a thing? some people might say that’s just Tuesday

      Look, these folk have aready got all the colours, now they’re taking all the letters and anytime somebody doesn’t say the things they demand to hear there’s complaints and news stories and TV yapping about 0.02% of the population, that’s a really tiny amount of folk for such a hell of a lot of complaints about the rest of us who can’t keep up with the changes let alone begin to understand any of it

      And isn’t it all so coincidental that the SNPs Kate Forbes just gets promoted and within five minutes they’re complaining about her

      Somebody tell me this isn’t deliberate targetting

      If they want sex scandals or people to smear, take a look at the Liberal Democrats they hold the world record for it

    36. kapelmeister says:

      Joanna Cherry versus Ian Murray on Question Time.
      From Dundee.

    37. callmedave says:

      Pound climbs on Markets. All the FTSEs are down.

      £1 = €1.2

      £1 = $1.3

    38. robertknight says:

      Cirsium @2:59

      “Use the mandate, Ms Sturgeon”

      More chance of BawJaws agreeing to a Section 30 Order!

      She’ll be far too busy with LGBGTQKWXYZ issues to bother with trivial matters like Independence.

      I suggest that you’d be better off writing to Ian Blackford MP on the subject instead. Oh no, wait…

    39. terence callachan says:

      Today it is 75 years since Dresden Germany was bombed to rubble
      Many many killed
      In Dresden today a memorial ceremony to remember those killed

      On BBC radio 3 this morning a total lack of awareness
      on their news at 9am they say “ and now over to our reporter in Dresden “

      The reporter proceeds to describe the memorial and the bombing of Dresden !!!

      It was Britain that bombed Dresden

      Think about that……But think about it the other way around

      Britain holding a memorial somewhere in U.K. to remember those killed by German bombs
      And radio Germany send a reporter with microphone to report from the memorial ?

      What an inconsiderate thing to do

    40. Breeks says:

      kapelmeister says:
      13 February, 2020 at 3:02 pm
      Joanna Cherry versus Ian Murray on Question Time.
      From Dundee

      I predict an anti climax.

      And even if Joanna wipes the floor with all of them, NOTHING will be different tomorrow.

      We should play Question Time Bingo… Section 30, Boris says No, Bridge fiasco, we voted for Britain in 2014, Education and NHS are terrible.. Zzzzzz…..

      Will we learn anything? No.
      Will it further the debate? No.
      Will you be shouting and throwing things at your TV? Well, I won’t, because it won’t be on.

    41. James says:

      No self awareness, just arrogance.

    42. Republicofscotland says:


      Don’t you know Britain won the war, I mean every opportunity they get to tell anyone let alone the Germans is pounced upon.

      No mention of course of Russian troops taking Berlin, no, no no, that can’t be right.

    43. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon won’t hold a indyref, no matter how much we want it, or fellow SNP ministers or party activists or members tell her to.

      Simply because the ringfenced funds to fight it are gone,used elsewhere. It’s going to be quite some time before we see the FM do antthing positive on the indy front.

      No war chest no referendum its as simple as that.

    44. Socrates MacSporran says:

      We are five hours into the Cabinet re-shuffle. At least 14 or 15 of the jobs have either seen a change, or the incumbent retained.

      No mention yet about the job of Secretary of State for Scotland, or Secretary of State for Wales. The serving Secretary of State of Northern Ireland has been sacked, but, no replacement named as yet.

      I am beginning to think, Bo Jo will sack Jack and the Welsh Secretary and appoint one cabinet minister to look after the affairs of the other three countries – under him as Minister for htee Union.

      Know your place Sweaties – you don’t matter to us, is I fear, the message.

    45. John H. says:

      Republicofscotland says: 3.33pm.
      No war chest no referendum its as simple as that.
      If that’s the case, all she has to do is name the date and the money will pour in.

    46. Ottomanboi says:

      When might we expect a top down SNP reshuffle?
      How many in the party are actually nationalists?
      Rather too many Scottish labour refugees still dreaming of their ‘socialist’ Nirvanas.
      The SNP has become an amorphous catch all. Its rationale is hopelessly blurred, not so the reshuffled, to the BritNat right, bullish Tories.
      With accountant Alok Shama now in charge, COP26 will be in London, no doubt.

    47. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Question Time bingo – surely Question Time cricket would better reflect the English bias of the programme.

      Score six every time GERS or “Scotland’s deficit” are brought-up.
      Score four every time our “failing” NHS, schools or policing are mentioned.
      Every mention of the closure of the Queensferry Crossing scores two.

      Joanna |Cherry and Val Mcdermid are going to be busy against such a batting onslaught of pure pish.

    48. Sandy says:

      Republicofscotland 3.33pm.

      Blethering havers.

    49. sassenach says:

      Republicofscotland 3.33pm

      If that’s the case that there is no SNP money, why don’t the rest of the country (who believe in Indy) join in with their cash – or do we expect only the SNP membership to pay for an indy campaign?

      Join the Party and contribute, or stop moaning about lack of SNP cash is my view!

    50. terence callachan says:

      The declaration of Arbroath
      Scroll down to version written in English ( translation )

      When it was written 700 hundred years ago it is said therein that Scotland up to that point had
      a royal line of 113 Kings

      It also talks of how Scotland a peaceable country that wants only to live within its own lands and wants only to live on whatever its own lands provide

      is constantly attacked and raided by England

      These are parts of the declaration of Arbroath that we never get to hear about

      These bits confirm that England had always been the aggressor and still is

    51. robertknight says:

      Ottomanboi @ 3:41

      “COP26 will be in London, no doubt.”


      *No bankrupting of Police Scotland for the next 5 years.

      *No blocking of the M8 Kingston Bridge by Extinction Rebellion.

      *No Yoonyin Jackery all over Scotland’s ‘Yes’ capital.

      *No bitching about the Jocks being responsible for the logistic foul-ups which there will doubtless be – but all due to Whitehall/Westminster.

      *No BawJaws grandstanding on our doorstep.

      *No chance of the name of our largest city being associated with a failure to understand and act upon the biggest crisis in human history.

      *No public snubbing/sidelining of our FM – whoever they may be.

      London… you’re welcome to it!

    52. And Spouse says:

      Just looking at the cabinet shoogle and reading things these folks have done and how the judges and courts seem to be on the target line soon.

      I am reminded
      “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit” – an ancient Greek proverb?
      “It’s no longer how can we make this work, it’s now, how can I get on at the expense of you.” Ken Loach.

      What kind of Scotland do we want to live in, one that says, in peace within our own lands. I’m sure someone wrote that 700 years ago. Those Scots then were planting trees. It’s the corporations that are burning the trees and the future of our children’s children.
      Hail Alba

    53. Republicofscotland says:

      “If that’s the case, all she has to do is name the date and the money will pour in.”

      Yes she has named the date its the 6th of May, and she’s already asked you give a pound extra, but not for a indyref no, its for the 2021 Scottish parliament election.

    54. Republicofscotland says:

      Sandy says:
      13 February, 2020 at 3:42 pm
      Republicofscotland 3.33pm.

      “Blethering havers.”

    55. Republicofscotland says:

      “If that’s the case that there is no SNP money, why don’t the rest of the country (who believe in Indy) join in with their cash – or do we expect only the SNP membership to pay for an indy campaign?”

      “Join the Party and contribute, or stop moaning about lack of SNP cash is my view!”

      So you want folk to give more funds to the SNP for independence, yet hundreds of thousands of pounds that were ringfenced for fighting for independence can’t be located.

    56. John H. says:

      Socratese. How many points for “once in a generation”?

    57. Republicofscotland says:

      “Larry Sanders, brother of Bernie, has told the Daily Record that he believes the Democratic contender would be in favour of Scottish independence if he was U.S. President.”

      Sanders has as much chance of becoming POTUS as we have of getting a indyref this year, no chance.

      Even the DNC don’t want him anywhere near the Whitehouse, conning him out of his Iowa victory speech, no doubt the same will happen in New Hampshire. Sanders isn’t and never will be the preferred Democrat candidate.

    58. Republicofscotland says:

      Its no wonder the Rev’s taken a couple of months off from the site, some folk are so Sturgeonised, that the refuse to see that it will be at least another two years before anything will happen on the indy front and even then if the kitty is empty nothing will happen.

      Sturgeon conned us all, and there’s not a thing we can do about it. We can’t even vote the SNP out next year because of the consequences of doing so, and she knows it, the Rev knows it, Craig Murray knows it, Tommy Sheridan knows it.

    59. callmedave says:

      The Sec of State for Wales and Scotland still in post.

    60. Robert Kerr says:

      Brandon Lewis named new N I Secretary of State.
      Previously Minister of State for Security and Deputy for EU Exit and No Deal Preparation.

      Make of that what you will peeps

    61. twathater says:

      @ Republicofscotland 4.34pm , here , here , I also contributed to the ringfenced indy cause and am quite willing to do so again from my MISERABLE state pension , but I am not willing to keep financing a shower of woke lunatics that are hell bent on destroying my wife , daughter and all real females hard fought for and won rights .

      As I have said repeatedly on here I am not signed up to twatter or faceplook but I read the comments and believe you me if the outrage posted on these sites and the amount of people saying they will NOT vote for the SNP is anything to go by not only will we NOT win independence but we won’t even have a SNP SG in power

      ALL because a few woke entryists have infiltrated , commandeered and are setting about destroying the party from within ably helped and supported by certain senior members of the party
      I remember Robert Peffers telling ALL and SUNDRY that the SNP were the ONLY political party that were run democratically by their members , and it was the MEMBERS the hierarchy were answerable to , so what are the MEMBERS doing about this clusterfuck that is going to cost the WHOLE OF SCOTLAND IT’S INDEPENDENCE

      And before ANYONE posts about why would anyone sabotage their vote for independence by not voting SNP it is the SNP who are SABOTAGING independence by not getting rid of these fuckwits and listening to the people

    62. twathater says:

      Me @ 5.29 and according to a LOT of these twatter posters they have written or emailed their MP’S and MSP’S to vent their displeasure and STILL no one pays any heed at the destruction being caused , so just WHO IS IT THAT IS RUNNING THE PARTY OR RUINING THE PARTY , is it Nicola and her woke cabal or is it the REAL MEMBERS

    63. Socrates MacSporran says:

      John H @ 4.35pm

      To answer your question, I would reckon 11.

      One for a no ball, plus six for using that one, plus a further four overthrows for stupidity.

      I would love Joanna Cherry to respond with: “Margaret That her said electing a majority of pro-Independence Scottish Mps was grounds for Independence.

      That scores, albeit in a different game, as Game, Set and Match to the SNP. The Tory Unionists would ahve no answer to that one.

    64. manandboy says:

      With over 400 Councillors, 70+ MSP’s and over 40 MP’s, the First Minister has over 500 party representatives to keep her up to date with the groundswell of public opinion.
      Unless Nicola is seriously out of touch with this body, then she will know the score. She is not relying on Wings for intelligence reports.

    65. Dan says:

      Didn’t manage to get my Scottish Swimmer badge today as successfully drove over the Queensferry Crossing rather than having to swim across.

      Mid bridge a thought came to mind about closed infrastructure. How come if Yoons get so angry about a bridge shutting for a day, they weren’t doing their nuts in when BoJo unlawfully closed Westminster Parliament, which arguably actually did bring their “country” to a standstill.

    66. mike cassidy says:

      The trans reaction to Kate Forbes – and others like Joanna Cherry – makes you wonder whether this is their ultimate goal for the SNP

      Labour is proposing to expel anyone who accepts the biological definition of Male and Female.

      #expelmetoosnp coming soon to a screen near you!

    67. Republicofscotland says:


      That’s exactly what Sturgeons banking on, that those who want indy will dig deep regardless of what’s happened. She had three years to organise a referendum without Westminster, three years, and what did she do she ran on the save the UK from Brexit card, not the save Scotland from Westminster card, and where has that gotten us.

      Yes the polls are climbing in our favour but what good is that if we cannot act on it. The woke side of things is destroying not just the SNP, but Labour is now in a mess due to it, hos to purge the ultra woke is a difficult poser.

      I think we should be focusing on criticising not Johnson, but Sturgeon we don’t need the formers consent to move forward on a indyref, the latter however somehow needs pressure putting on her to remind her that we voted for her on the condition she keeps her promise of holding a indyref.

      I recall Sturgeon giving an interview in which she said that she’s obsessed with keeping the SNP in power, pity it wasn’t about keeping her indy promise.

    68. manandboy says:

      I’m with the women on this; they’re at the front line.

    69. North chiel says:

      Both STV and BBC Pathetic Quay both leading their “ local news” with the Westminster centric “ English government deck chair rearrangement” . Unionist dominated propaganda now the order of the day from the “London paymasters”. Of course “ No local news headlines” now as the Derek Mackay and Queensferry crossing “ SNP bad” stories fade . Expect more of the same as “ the unionist establishment “ line” is given “ top billing” in their “ Scotland region” unless of course another SNP / SCOTGOV “ story” emerges . ( as it usually does in the “ Britnat Propaganda manufacturing process”). The aim is a “ unionist coalition gov post Holyrood 2021.

    70. Ottomanboi says:

      The most worrying aspect of the Johnson/Cummings cabinet reshuffle, effectively a consolidation of centralized power, is that the ‘stick to rules’ SNP leadership has no answer it.
      Johnson/Cummings, a team for whom rules are ad hoc and casual, will wipe the floor with them…and us too.

    71. Simon Curran says:

      Meanwhile back in Englandshire, the glorious land of opportunity according to the Unionists we have social cleaning and mothers terrified to give birth:

    72. mike cassidy says:

      Here’s the expulsion-supporting trans view from inside the Labour Party.

      And Women’s Champion, Joanna Cherry, gets an unflattering mention.

    73. Colin Alexander says:

      Holyrood elections?

      You have the choice of voting for Unionist colonial administrators who say they are against indy and so bend the knee to the “sovereignty” of Crown in UK Parliament

      Voting for them = no indyref2


      SNP and Green colonial administrators that say they are in favour of indy and believe the people of Scotland are sovereign but, who also bend the knee to the “sovereignty” of Crown in UK Parliament.

      Voting for them = no indyref2 under Sturgeon as FM

    74. Stuart MacKay says:

      mike cassidy @7:12pm

      What an amazing article. Here’s a quote so you can decide whether it’s worth your time to click on the link:

      For this to happen, we will need to organise to remove transphobes and transphobia throughout the party. The NEC must be pressured to act against transphobic individuals and incidents, just as it does in other cases of discrimination. Support for organisations like Woman’s Place, which hate us for being trans, can no longer be considered consistent with the values of socialism and liberation.

      Well, based on this, the Tories are going to be in power, well for the foreseeable and then some.

    75. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I was Googling to try to find out how many people actually identified as transgender or transexual (apparently an outdated term) in the 2011 census.

      It would appear that the question wasn’t asked. The question was male or female.

      However, I did find this story from The Telegraph from two years ago, about the 2021 census. Here’s a quote from it:-

      “A third “two-step” option, with separate sex and gender identity questions, was also ruled out.”

    76. Colin Alexander says:

      James Kelly of ScotGoesPop says his interview about his opinion polls will be repeated around 8pm tonight:

    77. mike cassidy says:

      Brian Doonthetoon 7.33

      A lot of thought has gone into this area of the next census.

      This is a link to the guidance for just the rehearsal two years ago.

    78. Davie Oga says:

      I’m surprised that the missing “ring fenced” funds aren’t a considered a resignation matter. Non SNP supporters of independence gave money to this fund in order to fight a referendum. Not to pay salaries of people whose politics are completely at odds with what they believe.
      It’s a fraud.
      Also, why is Peter Murrell’s CEO salary not disclosed to SNP members and the general public? Other parties don’t have the same lack of transparency when it comes to executive salaries.

    79. TJenny says:

      Dr Jim – thanks for reply re Shereen N. How many listeners does her show have. Her show is only on once a week and she’s getting a shiny, shiny, yet Kaye’s on every day I think, I’m sure she’s beelin’, or waiting in expectation.

      As someone who hasn’t listened to radio for decades, I surmised that it was likely only drivers who tuned in as a kind of trapped audience, but as she’s on a Saturday, my theory doesn’t really stand up. I wonder what Tom Harris’s ex slab voters think of him now.

    80. Dr Jim says:

      Isn’t it strange that the folk who say the SNP have no money, have no access to that private information that only the chief exec the SNP finance committee and the bank would know
      and none of them would leak

      If these folk who say these things could only produce their evidence, but they can’t because they made it up for private agendas

      Just because somebody on the Internet tells you something doesn’t make it true, no matter who you THINK that person is, they’re doing just what they accuse newspapers and TV of doing when they say things like *critics of the SNP say*
      but never name them and never supply evidence and the poor old pensioners sitting at home fall for their big fat lies

      Folk on the internet are no different if they want you to believe stuff they made up too, just two days ago I sent in my doubled membership direct debit

      Viewers of TV will have noticed the latest SNP PPB featuring NO to YES voters pledging their vote for Independence

    81. Dr Jim says:

      @Tjenny 8:26pm

      I doubt Tom Harris will ever try for politics again, he’s shot his bolt with Labour and the Tories will never trust him so his income is probably mainly radio TV appearances and newspaper articles moaning about the SNP because he’s one of their *go to* guys for a bit of moaning, it’s about all he does now since he got the push

      It’s funny how you go off people when you think they were so nice then find out they’re raging Yoons and Independence haters, I used to enjoy Shereen when she did the news, who knew eh

    82. Republicofscotland says:

      “Isn’t it strange that the folk who say the SNP have no money, have no access to that private information that only the chief exec the SNP finance committee and the bank would know and none of them would leak”

      Christ no wonder the Revs pissed right off, you’re commenting on the man’s blog in which he did the work for you, yet you still, refuse to believe. That somehow, no one can get the info, or the money’s stashed and held by tongueless eunuchs who’d rather die that reveal where it is.

      The SNP are a political party whose main goal is to remain in power first and foremost, has the last three years taught you nothing?

    83. TJenny says:

      Re no to self id to keep women’s safe places safe. Perhaps all female SNP members, and other supportive members, who are against this and whose concerns appear to be ignored by the party, should cancel their memberships on 8 March, International Women’s Day! (How long will that be allowed to exist?)

      As SNP have been asking for increased membership fees, maybe hitting them in the bank is the way to get them to listen to us. Especially if done en masse on that date.

    84. Bozo's Doom says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      13 February, 2020 at 6:32 pm

      I recall Sturgeon giving an interview in which she said that she’s obsessed with keeping the SNP in power, pity it wasn’t about keeping her indy promise.

      Hmm interesting, don’t think I have come across that. Could you perhaps provide a link to a transcript, or at least the time, place and circumstances of the interview?


    85. Katie says:

      OK… confession time… I have a guilty pleasure….I watch Emmerdale. In tonights episode, one of the characters unleashes a tirade of banter/ anti-scottish racist abuse (delete as appropriate) to another (scottish) character. Now… to my knowledge if this level of racism on a TV show was directed towards any other race/community/group then there would be an uproar and probably wouldnt be allowed to be shown. How much longer is it going to seen to be alright to accept this ‘banter’ from our (superior?) English cousins?

    86. Dr Jim says:

      @Republicofscotland 8:42pm

      I’ve never met the rev, don’t know him from Adam, he’s an anonymous voice on the internet, I’ve no idea as to his leanings motives or preferences because I don’t know him just as I don’t know you

      If anyone has a claim to make about something then they should prove it, if they don’t or can’t why on earth should anyone trust them

      The rev teaches no one anything, he expresses his opinions on his blog for other people to reply to or not, if he produces evidence of fact then I’m all for it, but if not, it’s not a fact until it’s proven

      You’re not seriously suggesting that because someone writes a blog on the Internet that every word must be believed and accepted as truth are you, because that’s what Yoons do with the Daily Express and they believe that’s the truth

    87. Republicofscotland says:

      “You’re not seriously suggesting that because someone writes a blog on the Internet that every word must be believed and accepted as truth are you, because that’s what Yoons do with the Daily Express and they believe that’s the truth”

      Jeez oh, the mans been busting his hump since at least 2012 to try and inform us on the machinations of the unionists, we lauded him for it. Now he reveals rather painfully I might add that the SNP dropped the ball on the chance of independence, and all of a sudden he’s just some guy with a blog.

      You and half the others in here wouldn’t be as well informed of half of what’s went on in the past regarding Better Together/Unionist activities to thwart indy etc,and what going in now if it wasn’t for him.

      I don’t know how the guy’s put up with it for so long, I’d have told the lot of you to f*ck -off by now if I were him.

    88. Dr Jim says:

      Politics costs money, party political broadcasts cost thousands to put on the telly, the SNP have been denied consular assistance for travel and the logistics of foreign meetings by the UK, all of that is now paid for by the members because unlike the Tories and Lib Dems with bottomless pockets and millionaire donors the SNP only have mostly it’s membership to rely on, if they don’t have that then there is no money to fight anything with and we all go home and tune in to what the Tories or Labour or the Lib Dems will do to us without any reply whatsoever

      I don’t believe there is no money because if that were really true the media would be screaming those accusations every hour on the hour if they thought for a minute they had something on the SNP to discredit them to their supporters and their opposers

    89. Dr Jim says:


      I’ve been a member of the SNP longer than the rev’s been alive do you think I don’t know anything about my own party or had no understanding of politics and how they really work in the real world and not the Internet populist world of the nefarious soundbite snapshot and implied suggestions, you shouldn’t really get so annoyed at what I say, I could be lying too couldn’t I

    90. Sandy says:

      Is this blog being taken over by extremists from the extreme Scottish Socialist Party (SSP)?

      Does Nicola & her cabinet take advice from bar-room lawyers (of which there appears to be quite a few on this blog)? There are many, many SNP MPs, MSPs, councillors, activists, etc. with their ears to the ground. If you were in her position, whom would you believe to be the best to take advice from?

      By all means, correspondents, voice your opinions but face up to the facts that we’re slowly but steadily reaching our goal. “Bull at a gate” attitude seldom works.

    91. jfngw says:

      I remember when in the past when I saw a union flag my first thought was English football hooligan, probably with BNP sympathies.

      Now when I see a rainbow flag my first thought is, misogynist. Funny how the behaviour of people can colour you view of a physical item.

      Good to see some have promoted the Rev to infallibility level one, no doubt soon to be the first pope from Bath/Bathgate.

    92. Republicofscotland says:

      “I don’t believe there is no money because if that were really true the media would be screaming those accusations every hour on the hour if they thought for a minute they had something on the SNP to discredit them to their supporters and their opposers”

      Sturgeons already sent out letters to the party faithful looking for funds, and an extra quid if you can spare it. Does that sound like a party with their coffers full, no it doesn’t.

      And I couldn’t give a monkeys what the unionist media thinks, what matters is what are the SNP thinking, and if its not about independence, and it doesn’t look that way, then what are they playing at telling folk we’ll have an indyref this year when we clearly won’t. They can’t blame Johnson for not holding one. Though that will be the excuse.

      But hey the Rev, and Craig Murray have already told you this umpteen times, but still you think the indy coffers are full and we’ll have our chance sooner than later. I admire your misplaced optimism if nothing else.

    93. Dr Jim says:

      @Sandy 9:33pm

      When the party is convinced of a clean win it’ll happen, too many folk think because we’re above the 50% mark it’s time to begin the fight, and I admit to being a foot in that camp and a foot out because like the FM say’s we can’t afford to lose or not be decisive in our win or the UN and EU won’t give us their backing, we’ve got their support but not full backing until it looks right

      It all sounds and looks exciting to have a campaign but we all remember the result last time and how the horror of that had to sink in, we don’t want that experience again

      Much as I’d love to dive right in now it’s not me that has to carry it out, I only deliver leaflets and pound the pavements knocking doors, it’s the FM and her team that has to do the real work

      Lots of folk get more excited about just having the campaign, I’m more interested in the definite win and just hope I don’t die before it happens, I couldn’t bear another loss

    94. Papko says:

      “Rev to infallibility level one, no doubt soon to be the first pope from Bath/Bathgate”

      Not doubting papal infallibility or anything, but I think a Bishop will have more chance of being Pope.

      The Bishop of Bathgate.

    95. jfngw says:


      He calls himself Rev, but should it really be Father Stu. We have a right to know.

    96. Republicofscotland says:

      “Good to see some have promoted the Rev to infallibility level one, no doubt soon to be the first pope from Bath/Bathgate.”

      Oh please spare the sarcasm, he’s told you what’s most likely happened (That’s why you come here right) but you’ve rejected it.

      Fair enough, but dont say you weren’t informed when no indyref materialises in the next few years.

    97. Pete Barton says:

      Hmm..not much to add to the happy chat the now except..

      50% plus of our people want what you and I do.

      That’s the powers to govern ourselves as we see fit.

      We don’t go back.

      Some of the planning and strategy must remain vague, even if it frustrates us and as plan on having a open honest civic society in Scotland for the better we feel excluded, alienated and grumpy.

      Quite right, tell me about it.

      I didn’t spend the last 6yrs of my life learning all I could about what’s going on here in Scotland to just quietly forget.

      We’ll know more fairly soon.

      I have every sympathy with many like the Rev, Craig etc who do the hard graft, while I only read,contribute a few pounds now and again.

      Keep the heid people

    98. Northman says:

      I tried to read an article by Robin McAlpine at but the hole site appears to be down. And have been so all evening. I hope they are OK.

    99. jfngw says:


      You may not believe this but many of us can read the runes as well as bloggers. I read his opinion, sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. Yes it seems unlikely any referendum will happen this year and many of us will be angry/disillusioned but it doesn’t indicate that we have given up (although I may not see it in my lifetime hopefully my children will).

    100. Dr Jim says:


      I don’t believe any of those people just as I don’t believe newspapers or TV, I believe what I know or I accept the word of people I do know, I don’t give a hoot about people’s opinions I don’t know, so I don’t understand why folk take the word of people they don’t know who could tell them anything they like and could be having a whale of an entertaining time doing it

      I’m afraid we’re never going to agree on who to trust or not trust on who tells the truth or not, as far as I’m concerned folk on the Internet are no different to when your phone rings and and Indian voice from Delhi tells you his name is Barry and he’s concerned about the motoring accident someone in your home just had

      They are anonymous people with motives of their own, which might be good or might not, my point is nobody really knows and I’m not about to start trusting in that

    101. McDuff says:

      With respect Sandy we are not reaching our goal.
      Its the five years of catastrophic Tory rule that has increased support for indy by five miserable points, all Sturgeon has done is react to events. But I could be wrong , so maybe you could tell me what exactly she has done since `14 to increase the vote for independence.

    102. Colin Alexander says:

      “…in the name of the UK Government: whichever way you interpret the legalities of the Union, Scotland does not exist”.

      Posted on February 11, 2013

      and we have Sturgeon bending the knee and accepting this Great England as UK ideology. Nae wunner Stu took a scunner.

    103. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Al-Stuart says:
      13 February, 2020 at 4:49 am

      “For all his sins, Tommy is a remarkable person.”

      Hopefully there soon will be many more such repentant sinners in Scotland.

      Tommy was once guilty of the sin of Unionism, he was practically a full-blown Scotland Denier in his Labour days. he would come out with guff like “I have much more in common with the industrial workers of Liverpool and Birmingham, than I have with Tory farmers from Perthshire.

      It took him a while to realise that his vision of pan-British “working class solidarity” was serving the interests of the Duke of Buccleuch, better than it was, the rapidlly declining ranks of the industrial workers of Scotland.

    104. Sandy says:


      Yes, many of the Rev’s blogs are informative, some somewhat obscure to the general public & to which most of us are grateful.
      However, the sun does not shine out of his rear nether regions as you seem to think. Quite a bit of his dialogue is opinionated but, beware, should you disagree with his opinion, be prepared to be rebuked & told in gutter slang to “go away”.
      I fear for his funding next time around. In business, you treat your customers with respect. Same with this.

      As for a political party targeting regional votes known as WOS, forget it. Of the people I know, all are getting a bit dissatisfied with Wings & it’s content, tending to tune into other sites.

      On a personal note, an alternative to a WOS party, why not AUOB-Yes.

    105. sassenach says:

      Wings used to be a blog for indy-minded people – lately it’s becoming a vehicle for any anti-SNP types who are looking to derail the party with innuendo about money and the Leader.

      This is excatly what the BritNats want, we are doing their job for them, right here on this site!!

      They want us divided and people on here are stirring it up like never before. Are we ALL really wanting Indy – of course not , there are many forked tongues in action. And just when we are so close.
      I’m heartily sick of the situation.

      Why not give it a rest and have a little patience, if nothing happens within a couple of months then I’ll apologise and join all those determined that an Indyref will never happen in my lifetime – maybe I’ll even learn to love Boris!!!!

    106. Republicofscotland says:

      “Yes it seems unlikely any referendum will happen this year and many of us will be angry/disillusioned but it doesn’t indicate that we have given up (although I may not see it in my lifetime hopefully my children will).”

      Nor will it be next year, the Scottish parliamentary elections take place. Brexit was the ultimate opportunity to deliver independence and Sturgeon messed it up. No one is saying that we should give up, but will the Murrells deliver independence that’s the question. And the jury must surely still be out on that one.

    107. sassenach says:


      AS I’ve said before, Private Alexander should resign his ‘commission’ and go.

    108. Sandy says:

      Dr Jim @9.49pm.


    109. Sinky says:

      Fiona Bruce sets tone for BBC describes Joanna Cherry as a trained lawyer rather than a leading QC then points out there are more SNP in audience rather than just saying a representative audience

    110. robertknight says:

      Sandy @ 9:33

      You can only march your troops to the top of the hill and march them down again so often.

      The troops are understandably becoming less convinced in the ability of the general staff when being told repeatedly that…

      a) we won’t be dragged out of the EU,

      b) we will have IndyRef2 in 2020,

      c) we can’t have a request for a S30 order refused indefinitely.

      When Blackford, Sturgeon and Russell’s credibility is in doubt, is it any wonder that mutiny becomes a topic of conversation?

    111. Al-Stuart says:


      Question Time from Dundee started 4 minutes ago with Dame Fiona Bruce CBE., clearly stung by Wings Over Scotland and other BBC Scotlandshire criticism announcing…

      “Question Time this evening comes from Dundee and the audience is selected to represent the political nature of the area so we have more SNP supporters in the audience than any other party”

      I have never heard Dame Fiona, not her predecessor utter such words. Her face was a distorted picture akin to someone who has defecated themselves and then sat on a hedgehog.

      Well done to all those who have managed to get the BBC to actually go a few inches in the miles needed to fulfill their licence charter in respect of balance.

    112. twathater says:

      @ Mike cassidy 6.26pm I read most of that link you posted Mike but had to stop as I felt the absolute HATRED and VENOM being directed at people who disagreed or questioned the trans argument was actually palpable ,TBH I felt that merely reading the bile it was permeating the room

      My opinion of the writer Torr Robinson is that the words are designed to outrage and stir a very dangerous situation

    113. robertknight says:

      If it wasn’t for the Catalonia situation, I recon that the EU might have been prepared to go into bat for Scotland and state that continued membership would be a formality provided that a referendum was held before the end of the transition period.

      However, I can’t see them getting involved in any way as things stand, so warm words and nothing else would’ve been the sum of the FM’s recent trip

    114. Al-Stuart says:

      I really DON’T like BBC Question Time and Dame Fiona Bruce is utterly messing up her job, allowing al the Yoons to talk over Joanna Cherry and Val McDermid, but this is an excellent piece of television…


      I seriously doubt HRH Fiona’s assertion there are more SNP members in the audience than any other party. There are still the usual suspects and Scotland in Union plants, plus senile English bigots, but watching…

      Val McDemid asks Ian Murray what a MANDATE looks like and wee Murray flailing about like an Arbroath Smokie being readied for the smoke house.

      Much more entertaining than normal. Worth watching on catchup BBC.

      I have only thrown a pair of slippers, two tomatoes and three grapes at the tv screen 🙂

    115. BJ says:

      Seriously OT but It’s been annoying me all day, can someone please tell Beth Rigby that the large wet stain on her coat this morning has now turned into what looks like a dried in coffee stain.

    116. Fireproofjim says:

      Joanna Cherry is head and shoulders above the rest of the QT panel. She has corrected every falsehood and makes her points clearly and strongly. Every fact at her fingertips. She should lead any future Yes campaign.

    117. Fireproofjim says:

      Val McDermid was pretty good too and pointed out that 65% of the under 55s in in Scotland were Yes for independence and that it was inevitable, given the demographics. ( ie the no vote is dying off so patience is a virtue.)

    118. Sandy says:

      McDuff @ 10.09pm.

      Sorry, a bit late in answering.
      Since 2007, small & not so small changes for the better have taken place, police numbers, advances in education, SNHS, house building, bedroom tax, various mitigations of WM policies, no transport tolls, etc.
      We don’t really shout things from the rooftops but the general public notice these things, especially to those that it has directly affected. Call it a drip, drip effect but to my mind, it’s working.

    119. scunner says:

      Why didn’t Joanna Cherry at least attempt to scotch the lie that the 55% who didn’t vote SNP in December are all ardent unionists?

      We expect that bull from Ian Murray but audience members were spouting the same pish.

      I’ll admit I zoned out for a while there but neither Joanna or Val appeared to state that a sizable % of Labour voters are likely pro-indy.

      Talking out loud at the wife I postulated that it must be a psychological linking to the winning percentage in 2014. They’re soothed by a notion that support for independence has not moved one iota in 5 years.

    120. Dr Jim says:

      You heard it from Alex Massie tonight on QT Scots under the age of 55 are around 65% in support of Independence, and he’s no Independence supporter

      When you take a good look at that demographic they’re the wage earners and the majority of taxpayers but are being denied the correct say in the future of their country by pensioners who don’t pay tax or English settlers who by majority will never vote for Independence for Scotland because they consider they own Scotland because they’re English, and to them they will insist it’s all one country that’s why they sold their houses in England bought cheaper houses in Scotland and brought their diabetes with them for free prescriptions while voting against the political party that made that possible, then if or when England just takes over Scotland completely and abolishes the Scottish parliament those same people will complain about not receiving their free prescriptions anymore, or their personal care, or their secretly registered grandchildren so they can go to University free even though they actually live in England with their parents

      I am actually aware of someone who’s doing that very thing and they live in the borders in Galloway, and if there’s one there’s more, and all our taxpayers in Scotland are paying the price for this, in effect once again Scotland is subsidising England

      Any country with its own immigration system would never allow pensioners from another country to arrive in their country to not work and cost their health and taxation system more money by living off the hard work of the people already there

      Don’t mistake this for anti English, it’s not, it’s anti freeloaders from anywhere, if you want to come to Scotland but you can’t pay tax then you should have the financial means to support yourself privately or not come, we shouldn’t be a free Disneyland utopia for the dead the dying and the soon to be dead

      Scotland has enough problems with our home grown sectarianists and idiots without inviting more problems

      When you hear the Unionists talking about another five years and then we’ll talk again you know that they know it’s just around the corner because what they’re trying to do is work mind games on people to crush the desire and hope so they just give up, because it’s all they’ve got now

      They know they’re losing, they’re just trying to persuade us to mentally allow them to kick the can further away

      I was in a mood with my party about a month ago, then I realised I was beginning to succumb to the tidal wave of crap from within and without to create anger and despondency

      We mustn’t let them do that to us, ignore the naysayers, if you want it keep shouting about it

    121. robert graham says:

      Not posted for a long time.
      Dr Jim excellent post I hope a lot of people read I can’t disagree with anything you have said, so get a grip all you moaners the Independence movement are winning , the evidence is there to see in the total inability of the unionists on the Question Time panel to sell their Union.
      This Scabby Union is dead but hasn’t the sense to lie down .

    122. Al-Stuart says:

      Dr Jim, you are spot on. I agree with every word of your contribution.

      Of all the people on the Yoon joke that is BBC Question time, it was Alex Massie and the startling words HE as an arch Yoon scribe spoke (paraphrased)…

      65% of under 55 year old Scots support Independence.

      There is a painful dichotomy on Wings just now between Indy supporters who are pro Nicola Sturgeon’s form of government and those Independence supporters who are in agreement with Stuart Campbell’s analysis…

      But listening to Alex Massie and his quote opthat 65% of Scots (under 55 years old) who support Independence… does this lead to anyone on here thinking that this might be the policy arena Nicola Sturgeon is aiming for?

      Nicola may be stalking to hold IndyRef2 in 8 to 16 years time once the older NO voters have died off in sufficient numbers to make IndyRef2 YES pretty much a certainty?

      Who would have thunk it. An actual edition of BBC QuestYoon Time that gets the old brain into gear!

    123. Chic McGregor says:

      Joanna was not given the opportunity to point out that polls say for example that 30% of Labour voters support independence.

      On a positive note, the audience did seem to be more in balance with Scottish actuality this time compared to the complete stitch up last time round which mean Fiona Bruce had to work extra hard to try to quickly switch questions in an attempt to stifle applause for the indy panelists.

    124. cynicalHighlander says:

      @Dr Jim

      Bollocks Iam English born been here for 53 years first person I VOTED FOR WINNIE EWING there are a couple of Scots born along the road who only listen and read Brit nat pish and will vote NO no matter what. So go and get to where you belong. Stop pigeon holing people to suit your woke agenda. Aka Sturgeon family.

    125. Dr Jim says:

      @Al-Stuart 12:37pm

      I don’t believe it will be that long Al I’ve a hunch the build up will begin around March this year to be followed by some sort of announcement towards the end of the year probably either right before COP26 or right after with right after being the higher bet and I’m guessing that’s why Herr Johnson was trying his best to keep the FM out of the conference to keep her from informing the the delegates from around the world right opposite the conference in the Scottish government pre hired event hall of their own festooned with Saltires and Independence for Scotland words all over the place

      The notion of coming to Scotland at all is making Johnson mental because he can’t possibly make any coherent sense on Climate change but Scotland’s FM is a veritable expert genius compared to him on the subject and pretty much most of the rest of the world knows it and I think she’s determined to make him look like the clown buffoon he is, that’s if he even shows up now that he’s hired that nobody guy who was a disaster in the head to head Brexit debates as all he did was keep parroting Tories good SNP bad and that was it

      I could be a million miles out but it looks to me like the FM is setting Johnson up by outstateswomaning him then sticking the knife in his ribs in public and sitting back watching while he loses it

      Or I’m indulging myself in wishful thinking, I can’t make my mind up

    126. James Barr Gardner says:

      RAF dropped 1 million tons of bombs on Germany during WW2 after the war the Brit state dropped 1 million tons of bombs on Scotland (Beaufort Trench).

    127. Dr Jim says:

      @cynical Highlander

      My own mother was English and would never have voted YES in a hundred years with a gun to her head because she knew she was superior to all Scots and she came to Scotland at 23 years and died at 84 years and half my relatives are English so don’t think I don’t understand how they feel about Scots and Scotland, but never once did I say all of them, but it is most of them

      Just because you don’t like it and squeal your silly wee snash won’t make you right and I am where I belong and there’s sweet fffk all you can ever do about it with your childish wee threateny rants picking out the bits you want to rant about out of context, that’s the epitome of Unionist behaviour

    128. twathater says:

      Interesting post on IN D Car Gordon Ross 13/2/2020 where he talks about 2nd indy party and asks for likes to gauge response

    129. MaggieC says:

      Found this just now on Kevin Pringle’s twitter , it’s the Great Debate from 25 years ago with Alex Salmond & George Robertson on Independence/devolution ,

      It was great to watch it again after so many years and on the comments to the link the name Lorraine Mann is mentioned and when I googled her name I found this –

      Enjoy watching it folks .

    130. twathater says:

      Hi guys can anyone help I am looking for the post that the Irish guy who is teaching or something in America done on the credibility of a second indy party to challenge the list vote he held a degree in political science I think , he collated and displayed the possible benefits of having the 2nd indy party

      He also outlined in graphic detail an idiots guide to explain the D’Hondt system and how it could be best used to benefit indy and rid ourselves of the tractors within the SP

    131. Rm says:

      The next Independence referendum should be for Scots born people, any person not born in Scotland should have stayed in Scotland for 15 years before being entitled to vote in the future of a country that’s not their own.

    132. call me dave says:

      Hark the Herald:

      Speculation and maybe’s no jam tomorrow on Barnett money HS2

      Further to yesterdays interview on shortbread radio.


      Royal Bank Scotland name change to Nat West darn South (but don’t worry Scots, we’ll keep the name in Scotland) 🙁

    133. gullaneno4 says:

      I live in a small rural village so favoured by English settlers.
      Four of my neighbours are English and support Independence. They decided to move to get away from what England has become, certainly not for the free prescriptions.
      It was an English person who persuaded me to recognise that Scotland could survive as an Independent country.
      Please stop this jackboot stereotyping.

    134. admiral says:

      Al-Stuart says:
      13 February, 2020 at 10:46 pm
      Question Time from Dundee started 4 minutes ago with Dame Fiona Bruce CBE., clearly stung by Wings Over Scotland and other BBC Scotlandshire criticism announcing…
      “Question Time this evening comes from Dundee and the audience is selected to represent the political nature of the area so we have more SNP supporters in the audience than any other party”

      They’re rattled, folks! Very rattled.

    135. Famous15 says:

      Was going to say something stinging and rude to those who criticise English Scots and whether they voted YES but realised it was St Valentine Day so


    136. Dan says:

      @twathater at 2.43am

      Think the comment you’re referring to was by Sean Swan.

      Plus a couple of other articles on the subject.

    137. Breeks says:

      Dr Jim says:
      14 February, 2020 at 1:51 am
      @Al-Stuart 12:37pm

      I could be a million miles out but it looks to me like the FM is setting Johnson up by outstateswomaning him then sticking the knife in his ribs in public and sitting back watching while he loses it

      Or I’m indulging myself in wishful thinking, I can’t make my mind up…

      Sorry Dr Jim, I fear that’s wishful thinking.

      The constitution of Holyrood, which makes it deferential to the colonial Scotland Act and Sewel Convention, is simply not compatible with the Nation’s Constitution, which enshrines Popular Sovereignty upon the people. The SNP pays lip service to the Claim of Right, then promptly walks all over it, and does whatever the Scotland Act and Sewel Convention “allows” it to do, even to the extent of declaring all other routes to Independence illegal. There is no evidence of “statesmanship” to be seen, and I would only use the word diligent under extreme duress.

      I certainly don’t recognise any genius in it whatsoever, none. If the SNP ever expect to rekindle any of my faith, then it’s high time they showed a bit of sparkle and a degree of Constitutional acumen, and did something more diligent than sitting on their hands because the Scotland Act says they must.

      I frankly don’t give a shit if the SNP’s docile plans don’t come to fruition before the Autumn, Christmas, next year, or Hogmanay at the end of the decade. Point is, they didn’t come to fruition at all before Brexit, when Scotland held a cast iron Constitutional and emphatic Democratic mandate to defend the principle of Scotland’s Sovereign autonomy and democratic majority to avoid the economic catastrophe of Brexit by staying in Europe and breaking the back of the Union in the process. Everything we had for victory was right there in the palm of our hand, but the SNP just pissed up against the wall.

      The great plans didn’t come to fruition despite repeated assurance that Scotland would not be Brexited against it’s will, and pedalling the lie to YES Groups and Indy Supporters that Nicola had a great plan which had be kept secret lest it revealed her hand too early. What a con!

      What bollocks. Sturgeon had no plan, and the only secret to be kept was keeping YES supporters hoodwinked into believing the myth.

      Now the SNP is beating the drum about No to Yes voters… what took you so long? Phantom Power was doing this three years ago, and doing it better.

      Very slick, but as you watch the video of former No voters repenting and seeing the light, pay close attention to the reason’s given for changing their minds. It’s all reactive stuff, no inspiration, just reactive to Brexit and the lies pedalled by the BritNats. Precious little of this delicate “tsunami” of 5% change in the opinion polls is down to any SNP action or inspiring initiative.

      It’s not good enough Dr Jim. It’s not gonna wash anymore. I’m blood boiling angry that my European Citizenship was stolen from me, that my Nation was subjugated by a colonial usurper of my Nation’s sovereignty, and despite having a bundle of mandates to all manner of things, the so called government of Scotland didn’t lift a godamned finger to stop it.

      If the Scottish Government hasn’t the brains or acumen to think it’s way past a piece of of colonial convention designed to exploit our Nation, I see no point in having either them, or indeed Holyrood at all. Let the Union run riot, and when the saltires rise again, it will be to fight for Scotland’s Constitution, Sovereignty and our integrity as a Nation. We will pick up the ball which the visionless SNP has dropped through their poverty of ambition and indolent complacency.

      Do you really think I’m waiting on tenterhooks for Nicola to name the date of a pathetic referendum to be authorised by Westminster and run uphill against the rotten British Media and corrupt BritNat Establishment which cheated us last time? I’ll place my faith in others Dr Jim. I’d recommend you do likewise.

      I hope Joanna Cherry will see the error of subservience to colonial legislation like the Scotland Act, and take Scotland’s Constitutional subjugation before the UN and Council of Europe. Joanna Cherry is Scotland’s best hope right now, not the only one, but the best I think, and it’s ironic that the SNP’s vindictive Wokists want her expelled for defending women’s rights. Kinda tells you all you really need to know.

      Put your house in order Dr Jim, or it will be left behind.

      Wake up Scotland. Holyrood is working perfectly, 100% as the British Establishment intended. It is making Scotland obedient and subservient to the will of Westminster, and Scotland’s First Minister has all the integrity of Oliver Twist begging for more. Westminster looks on, more than content for Scotland to swim to exhaustion in a puddle, so we Scots abandon our ambition of ever swimming in the sea.

    138. Mike d says:

      Dr jim, if this site had a like button. You’d be top of it.

    139. Mike d says:

      ……Along with breeks.

    140. gus1940 says:

      Surprisingly fair Qt from Dundee.

      Perhaps the BBC have learnt a lesson st last.

      Joanna and Val were streets ahead of the others while I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable Massie was given that he is an arch Yoon.

      The other 2 were pathetic.

      On another tack what has happened to Debate Night? I though it was supposed to be one of the most important stars of the the pathetic BBC Scottish Channel.

    141. Dan says:

      Re. QT
      I hear drug deaths were one of the topics.
      I optimistically imagine* Fiona Bruce will have stressed the point to enlighten viewers and the audience that in Scotland we use a different method to collate these figures so comparisons to elsewhere in the UK are not accurate or valid.

      *I can imagine my optimistic imagination may be misplaced…

    142. robertknight says:

      Breeks @ 8:49

      Couldn’t agree more.

      The acolytes of NS and their ‘jam tomorrow’ approach have left many supporters of Indy, self included, feeling cheated.

      The ‘SNP Leadership’, (a misnomer if ever there were), have removed any responsibility they had for the securing, via IndyRef2, of independence by willfully delegating control of the process to one Boris Johnson.

      This ‘we’ve done all we can be expected to do within the rules – the rest is down to Westminster’ approach by NS simply doesn’t wash.

      Is ‘Yes’ just expected to rely upon AUOB to express our desire for self determination whilst the SNP concern themselves with gender issues? Fiddling whilst Rome burns comes to mind.

      The SNP used to be a radical party with a membership active at all levels. They’re now just part of the establishment; having members required to be financially generous but politically acquiescent in equal measure.

      Changed days from my days as an SNP activist/member – and not for the better.

    143. Rick H Johnston says:

      Aye the BBC have learnt a lesson from the last QT in Dundee when they were found out big time.
      Who was the auld English guy in the audience? Didnae seem tae ken he wis in Dundee!
      The programme was a better representation of Scotland’s political position than we often get from so-called Scottish press.
      Ian Murray MP should tell us when Labour switched from a socialist party to a hardline Unionist one.

    144. Breeks says:

      Ha ha ha.

      “That crummy Scottish Bridge the peasants built over the Forth is closed”, says Hugh de Cressingham to the Earl of Surrey, – September 11th 1297.

    145. Willie says:

      Meanwhile the chaos of the moving of bums on seats carousel continues unabated in the Palace of Clowns in Westminster.

      With all off the sackings, a lot of unhappy people strong and stable it is not. One thing though, Johnson and whoever his team are, will be he’ll bent on destroying the Scottish Parliament. That is a certainty.

      And the new Chancellor of the Exchequer? Well he’s th3 richest man in the Westminster Parliament. With a billionaire father, finest private school educated before onto Cambeidge, he’ll know a thing or too about universal credit, and Work Fare – and we voted for it.

      Independence under Nicola. You’re havin a laff!

    146. Dorothy Devine says:

      May I plead with the sane to restrain themselves from commenting on the once mighty herald’s pages .

      Having made a brief visit, the first for many moons , I find the sane responding to the verbose and idiotic.

      Please to leave them to their own devices and leave the once mighty herald to its death throes.

    147. Colin Alexander says:

      Again Joanna Cherry has repeated the view that expert legal opinions support the view that it is within the powers of the Scottish Parliament to hold an indyref.

      She’ll even reference a source of expert opinion, such as Aidan O’Neill QC.

      Nicola Sturgeon talks about a legal indyref and says s30 is necessary to be legal and accepted but has NEVER cited any source that says it would be illegal / unlawful: she says on rare occasions it is HER opinion. She has never cited any source who said it would be illegal or they would not recognise the result of an indyref held without a s30.

      Nicola Sturgeon: the great leader. Aye, She’s led us out of the EU and led us up the garden path over indyref2.

      The SNP failed to stop Brexit. Failed to lock Boris out of No.10.

      Now Bojo has a huge majority.

      We’re out of the EU.

      No indyref2

      The only “plan” is waiting for England’s right wing Tory govt to give us permission to hold an indyref.

      That’s no a plan to win independence, that’s a complete surrender of Scottish sovereignty to Imperial England.

    148. HandandShrimp says:

      I keep wondering when Ian Murray will move to the Lib Dems or something but I guess he will dig in and hope Labour will return to the centrist and unionist pitch he champions. He looks increasingly miserable though.

      Didn’t see all of it as the dog needed a pee but it seemed way more balanced than previous efforts. That said, Boris got it in the neck from all quarters so I guess Brexity Tories felt less well served despite the presence of Tom and Alex. In fact although right wing and unionist Alex Massie talked a fair amount of sense. I think he gets the Scottish Zeitgeist rather better than many. Ian Murray probably does get it but prefers to man the unionist barricades instead.

      Tom Tugendhat (representative from the shire…Middle Earth?) was circumspect from what I saw but seemed a surprising choice. No Scottish Tory MPs available?

    149. Clapper57 says:

      Surprised no one in the audience said to Ian Murray, when he was talking about mandates, that as the ONLY Labour MP in Scotland, that he himself has no mandate to tell the Scottish people they have no right to another Indy Ref….seemed like an open goal not taken…..indeed Tom the Tory’s party also a minority within Scotland so he too has no mandate to tell Scots they have no right to a second Indy Ref…..but as least Tom’s constituents in Tonbridge & Malling get what they want in this (non) Union as they voted 55.7% to LEAVE the EU… THEIR mandate is respected obvs.

    150. admiral says:

      Jackie Carlot elected as Tory Scottish branch office manager.

      What a shame that Mental Michelle didn’t get the gig! 🙂

      Just under 6,500 votes cast – wow, are the Tories popular in Scotland if that is anywhere near the total of their membership in the whole of Scotland. Loads of SNP constituency parties have many more members than that!

    151. Colin Alexander says:

      “Response received from the UK Government

      We have now formally had a response from the Advocate General of the UK, they state as follows:

      “We refer to your letter of 31 January 2020. The United Kingdom Government’s position is that it is outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament
      to legislate for and hold a referendum on Scottish independence.” ”

    152. Colin Alexander says:

      “It is now time to formally seek the opinion of the court and test the matter under judicial review”.

    153. shug says:

      I think as soon as the Salmond case is over we should crash the Scottish parliament, call an election and run an independence party on the list, and be done with Carlaw and his fellow puppets.

      Skip a referendum and make the key message of the vote this is a vote for independence.

      There is little reason to believe there will be a Scottish Parliament next year

    154. Almond Chutney says:

      Jackson Carlaw it is then, but he’s no ruthy that’s for sure.

      Shame, I actually liked Ruth, despite the blue tie.

    155. Effijy says:

      If 6,500 Scots Tories voted in the Head House Boy election,
      How many actually voted for Jacksie Carlot?

      Did he make 5,000 votes from Scotland’s population
      Of 5,500,000.

      Definitely not a shill in a million, but could as many as
      1 in 1,000.

      Now that’s what the Tories call a majority!

    156. scunner says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      For the first time in a fair while I found myself reading Herald comments, drawn to the ridiculous “Farce Road Bridge” non-story.

      Same Yoon moon-howlers as have been there since 2012 with one in particular feeling the need to respond to nearly every comment and always have the last word.
      I presume that poster must be retired, how else can you be on that site so often. Chap needs to get a life.

      That said, Indy-minded posters tend to give as good as they get on the Herald, which is vastly different to the Yoon-fest that is the Scotsman BTL.

    157. Pete says:

      Great result for Harry Miller today.
      At last, a bit of common sense from the judge.

    158. jfngw says:


      I just look at the front page (adverts blocked) and play guess the writer (not journalist with the Herald). It’s always easy to spot the Tom Gordon columns, the BTL comments are normally more balanced than the articles there.

    159. jfngw says:

      I was going to change my handle to Dicky McDickDick, but maybe not. You never know who you may offend.

      The pecking order as far as the judiciary is concerned is:

      Terry Jones impersonators

    160. Al-Stuart says:

      Hi Pete,

      You beat me to it.

      I was just going to give Stuart Campbell the heads-up that common sense has had a victory today…

      Maybe this will help to start a cleansing of the trans arrivistas who have become so toxic to the SNP in a similar way that Labour has been flucked up by that poisonous Militant group in the 1980s and the Corbynistas of the last few years. I would add the “Rabid Leopard tendency” in Scotland, but that isn’t really a proper thing.

      Joanna Cherry ripped into Ian Murray’s mince on BBC QT from Dundee about maybe him learning some lessons given he is the ONLY Labour MP in Scotland 🙂 so Ropey Lemsip can go take a flying…

      Much more importantly…

      It is distressing that many good and honourable SNP supporters have been placed in an invidious position by the current TRANS PC Brigade. When one of my friends had to go through that transition in the 1990s it was a difficult thing to empathise with and clearly a nightmare that tormented his/her mind and soul.

      If only the current TRANS PC Brigade would realise it: they are doing their own cause real damage by selfishly sabotaging the SNP and IndyRef2.

      So well done Harry Miller.

    161. I am fed up hearing on here about the English voters who voted yes in ref.,1 they were very few of them the facts are that 80per cent of them voted no and swung the vote to a the no side and this is not their country the only people allowed to vote should be Scots who are born and live here no one else has that right I hope the SNP adopt my rules for if they just allow everyone to vote again they will just get the same result as last time outsiders deciding the future of a country that is not theirs please let common sense prevail no other country would allow this to happen as I have asked before where does being nice end and stupidity begin ???

    162. jfngw says:

      Looks like the UK budget may be delayed, hardly surprising when the leader (English for Fuhrer) can’t count how many children he has or work out how his holiday was paid for.

      But I wait in excitement for his new boxing glove photo opt with ‘Get Budget Done’ on the gloves. Maybe he is thinking about just putting out some figures on the side of a bus.

    163. cirsium says:

      @Breeks, 8.49am

      Very well said.

    164. cirsium says:

      @breeks, 8.49am
      Holyrood is working perfectly, 100% as the British Establishment intended. It is making Scotland obedient and subservient to the will of Westminster, and Scotland’s First Minister has all the integrity of Oliver Twist begging for more. Westminster looks on, more than content for Scotland to swim to exhaustion in a puddle, so we Scots abandon our ambition of ever swimming in the sea.

      “swim to exhaustion in a puddle” – exactly. That is the SOP for the UK – loot to exhaustion. The following is an example of this practice

    165. auld highlander says:

      Had to laugh earlier today at a story in the New European about a brexiteer who had to wait in a queue for nearly an hour at Schipol.
      Just wait until immigration staff in the French ports and airports go on some kind of industrial action in the middle of summer.
      They voted for it so let them enjoy it.

    166. Almond Chutney says:

      Blair Peterson Says:

      ‘this is not their country the only people allowed to vote should be Scots who are born and live here no one else has that right I hope the SNP adopt my rules for if they just allow everyone to vote again they will just get the same result as last time outsiders deciding the future of a country’

      Right sure, that sends a great message across the world doesn’t it, and you can’t expect the Scottish population to grow and be more productive without people wanting to have the right to live and settle into it’s society, which includes the right to vote. Currently the amount of Scot’s leaving Scotland is initiating the concerns of depopulation, so immigration is important – but no, they get no right to vote on policies that also affect them according to your fascist comment.

    167. terence callachan says:

      Almond Chutney

      Don’t be stupid

      At present in every part of U.K. there are people who do not have the right to vote in elections

      It was your country England that decided EU citizens living in U.K. would not have the right to vote in the brexit EU referendum

      It was your country England that decided non EU citizens from other countries around the world who do not have permanent leave to remain in U.K. would not have the right to vote in the brexit EU referendum

      It is your country England that decided that people living in U.K. Evernote those living here for decades do not have the right to vote in general elections if they are not British citizens

      It is your country England that decided that British people who have not been in the U.K. for the last five ten twelve fourteen years and now live elsewhere in the world can still vote in elections in U.K.

      Are you nuts ?
      Or just a fascist ?

      I think you are both

    168. Jack Murphy says:

      Al-Stuart said at 10:46 pm last night:

      Question Time from Dundee started 4 minutes ago with Dame Fiona Bruce CBE., clearly stung by Wings Over Scotland and other BBC Scotlandshire criticism announcing…

      “Question Time this evening comes from Dundee and the audience is selected to represent the political nature of the area so we have more SNP supporters in the audience than any other party”…”

      That is shocking. Would she have said similar if it had been North Shields,Penzance or Labour London?

      The BBC is an absolute disgrace and an arm of the State.
      Switch them OFF.

    169. terence callachan says:

      Well said Blair

      Scotland 5 million people
      England 55 million people

      Hey all you English people living in England wales and NI come on up to Scotland for a day and you can vote in the Scottish independence referendum

      Yes we know you don’t let foreigners vote in your elections
      But hey

    170. Almond Chutney says:

      Terrence Dude, Don’t be so triggered, I was talking about the ‘rest of the world’.

      Read Blair’s comment and tell me there is no hint of fascism, it’s an insult to all of the foreign nationals that want to settle in Scotland, or anywhere in the world to be told they have no right to decide on policies that affect them.

      And I never said anything about England, jeez your obsessed (and I’m from Radnor by the way, but whatever)

    171. robertknight says:

      Just saw the news about Jackass Carcrash being new Heid Bummer for the Tory Branch Office for North Britain.

      Good luck to him. Truth Davidson left some big pants to fill and I doubt Jackass has the cojones to do so.

    172. Almond Chutney says:

      Terrence, if Scotland was run by you, it would be depopulated within the decade. How do you expect to become independent and alienate every person that isn’t a Scot, and be a successful nation.

      But sure, I guess your pride and the blood that runs through your veins is more important that social welfare standards.

      And yes I KNOW that the rest of the UK is the same, but you should set the example first and actually show the world you want people to come to Scotland… But then again, I think I’ve seen 50% of users on here show their utter disdain for muslims and immigration. That makes you worse than the typical little Englander.

    173. jfngw says:

      Jackson Carlaw a man that makes Michael Howard look charismatic. What’s the odds you will still see more of Davidson than him on the BBC. When he crashes and burns the Beeb will bring in the Ruth reinforcements.

    174. Keith Fae Leith says:

      Almond Chutney,

      Blair & Terence are well known xenophobes on here, many, many times have they been called out & lambasted.

      They make up the figures of “other UK” voters & claim that 80% of them voted no.

      As a democrat, most here, I believe, are in the same position as me: You choose to live here & pay your taxes, you get a vote.

      Facts still remain, that the number of Scots born massively outnumber those born elsewhere & not enough of them believe in the country or democracy.

      The seem incapable of reading, as these facts have been mentioned to them several times, blood & soil is the nationalism of Brexit not the Scottish independence type.

      If he’s still lurking, can I ask Welsh Sion to have a word, he’s remarkably well informed & a compatriot of yours, might make some of the communication easier.

    175. jfngw says:

      Not sure how they are going to claim National Westminster plc is still a Scottish bank and we would have to pick up all its debts at the next referendum.

    176. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Important piece published by Wall Street Journal – totally debunks all the TRA pish.

      Many folk have no interest at all in this stuff. Understandable, as it’s an unlit hall of mirrors filled with smoke and stink bombs.

      But for those who are, and have been keeping an eye on the Scottish woke brigade (especially those within the SNP hierarchy), this is the type of thing they cannot handle – well researched, calmly presented material which avoids jargon and name-calling.

      I urge Wingers, especially those of the male variety, to get behind the various women’s groups now pushing hard against the GRA reforms via social media. The disgraceful ‘red circle’ targetting of Joan McAlpine is just the most recent example of the intimidatory/bullying tactics employed by these zealots. They have to be called out.

      The easiest and quickest way to do that is ask them who they would like to see acting as a spokesperson. They can’t and won’t provide a name, and there’s a good reason for that – they know they don’t have a case.

      ‘The Dangerous Denial of Sex’

    177. Dan says:

      For the lady on QT last night that asked “why would Scotland want to leave the UK union only to be in the European Union.

    178. Almond Chutney says:

      Keith Fae Leith:

      I need to try harder to not poke the likes and aggravate further, but I imagine the ‘Blood & Soil’ is actually just remnants of colonial Britain, tainting all others and evolves over the years but it must stem from so.

      There are many racist Welsh, I hate to admit. Sometimes I think the Welsh can be MORE racist than the English, but what I realized over time that it’s not fair to judge them as such, based purely on their nationality. (e.g. The English are racist, and so on.)

      I appreciate your comment mate, I know I’m an outsider but i have been in/out reading wings stuff since indy1, just out of interest, but the comments have now drawn me in a bit.

    179. dakk says:

      New house tory Jackson Carlaw is the quintessential british ‘gammon’.

      As George Orwell said,

      Man looked to pig. Pig looked to man.
      They made love, and we get Carlaw.

    180. Republicofscotland says:

      We know last year that the Murrells shutdown a debate by Chris McEleny and Angus MacNeil, on the possibility of a Plan B.

      Now we’ll see just how important independence is to the Murrells, when McEleny urges Sturgeon to include a consultative referendum on independence in the SNP manefesto for next years election.

      If its not included then Scottish independence isn’t at the forefront of the Murrells agenda, and frankly that’s not good enough.

      Something tells me by the response of a SNP spokeswoman, that independence has been kicked into the long grass, for how long is anyones guess.

    181. twathater says:

      @ Dan re links for article on list vote and a new YES indy party it was indeed Sean Swan who exemplified and supported Stu’s assertion and that was the very comment , so thank you for providing it , it is appreciated

    182. Mist001 says:

      Sturgeons latest meaningless email is out today:

      “Change must come

      Post Brexit people right across Scotland are taking a fresh look at independence.

      As the Tories attempt to deny Scotland’s democratic right to decide its own future, three consecutive opinion polls are now showing a majority in favour for Yes.

      A majority are also in favour of Scotland holding an early referendum.

      The figures tell their own story – more and more No voters in 2014 are switching to a resounding Yes.

      In our latest film six former No voters explain why they now believe Scotland’s future must be in Scotland’s hands. You can watch it below.”

    183. Dan says:


      Nae bother, I decided to practice my searching skills first thing, before going outside in the cold to go psycho with a chainsaw and cut down a large conifer and remove the roots. Phew, quite the task… I am officially a bushhater now!

      Discussion on Proposal for YES Movement Management.

    184. Dr Jim says:

      The percentage of Mulims who voted for and will vote again for Scottish Independence is higher than Rangers supporters and English people and it’s not anti English to say that, it’s pro Scotland, in 2014 more EU citizens voted against Independence because they believed and were told they would have to leave Scotland, that was a lie, those EU citizens would now vote for Independence given the chance

      Folk are getting this out of context it’s not demonising English people to say that in general they don’t support Independence just as it’s not demonising fishermen in the North east who feel the same way, it’s just stating the facts as to who and which demographic supports what

      The differences in these groups as to why they vote the way they do and how to change that is the question to be answered not to demonise the question itself

      The whole point of these questions is people will vote differently depending on what benefit or loss of benefit they percieve to themselves and it’s the problem of changing those people’s perspective on the question by finding out their reasoning for why they do it and setting about targetting those reasons

      There will always be offence taken whether faux or real *I’m a Rangers supporter and voted Yes* or *I’m English and voted Yes* or even some fishermen with the same argument, but nobody’s arguing with them but by actually thanking them for voting Yes that in itself is recognising there are differences otherwise you wouldn’t thank them because you woudn’t even think of it

      If you were playing football aginst a foreign team and some of the folk from that country were supporting your team you’d be thanking them for doing it whether silently or audibly, it’s prefectly normal for people from another country to support their own country

      The difficulty in persuading people from somewhere else is that they don’t live in that somewhere else, so do they believe that the somewhere else owns the place they do live in or do they believe in the mechanics of the argument

      It’s human nature to be guided by differences of all kinds, it’s the people who created the differences who caused that, it’s up to us the people to recognise they did that to us and to find a way around what they did and get rid of those differences, not the people, we did nothing wrong

      Thousands of years of the same type of people in power controlling populations by creating differences so those people can continue to rule, the only populations of any country who don’t think about where they come from or their religion or colour are nursery aged children who haven’t been yet ruined by what the big people will do to them when they’re older

      A person is smart, people are stupid, governments know that

    185. TheBuchanLoony says:

      Would you agree a deal to buy a car that you know might not have an engine or wheels when its delivered?…well I don’t think the EU will buy that either! I believe that the EU will insist on ‘The Scotland Question’ being settled before ANY deals are agreed.

    186. Dr Jim says:

      @TheBuchanLoony 3:35pm

      That’s part of the plan for sure, and if the EU do their part Herr Johnson will be forced to go *no deal* and the setup’s complete

    187. Republicofscotland says:

      “Sturgeons latest meaningless email is out today:”

      I see she’s not asking us (Yet) to secure another mandate, though she is asking us to dig deep into our pockets. Most likely to fund the 2021 election.

      Every political party leader has a sell by date, Sturgeons was the 1st of February 2020. Her approval ratings might look good compared to other party leaders in the UK, but that’s more to do with them being utterly toxic to the masses.

      Now we wait and listen to the language coming out of Bute house, if the last three years is anything to go by, they’ll be a lot of indy this and indy that, Johnson better watch out blah, blah, blah, but no concrete action.

      It’s becoming tediously predictable.

    188. kapelmeister says:

      ‘Change Must Come’ appears to be the new slogan of the SNP leadership.

      Wrong, wrong, wrong!

      If you want and badly need change, you don’t wait for it to come. You don’t assume it will come. You go and get it.

    189. Ottomanboi says:

      Unionist criticism of the SG pales before the soaring costs of London’s Crossrail project and HS2, £5bn spent already on the latter without a sod turned.
      England’s police forces are underfunded and understaffed, its hospitals are sinking to ‘third world’ level and some of its major cities are becoming lawless.
      Contemporary Tory government is about minimal government but maximum hold on central power.
      This is country that needs foreign expertise in spades because in-house providers lack the necessary skills. Even the Brexit passports will be ‘made in France’. Its future is as a quaint appendage of the USA.
      How did Scotland get saddled with this old crock so stuffed full of conceit?

    190. twathater says:

      @ breeks 8.49am well said again , if only people would understand and would have understood what you have been asserting since Adam was a bairn that the challenge was to expose and illustrate that Scots SOVEREIGNTY takes precedence over anything to do with and by the wastemonster establishment , that challenge had to be fought as soon as the brexshit vote went against the Scots wishes .

      As you repeated time and time again if that challenge had been made THEN , then we would not be brexshitting and we would not have had to put up with the bucketloads of s*it we have had to endure and which will only get worse

      That is in the past and was IMO a grave mistake but I cannot understand why there is any dispute or hesitation in doing that now , this maybees we are or maybees we’re not or maybees we need bozo to agree to it is indeciferable

      I honestly ask sassenach and Scotsrenewables and the other objectors what is their opinion on what and how is NS going to get us our independence apart from waiting until she has 60%+ or seriously will it need more . I honestly don’t want to be negative or divisive but again I really think NS doesn’t know where to go from here and she is just hoping that bozo will cock it up and win by default

    191. Republicofscotland says:

      The penny’s finalky dropped for this numbskull.

    192. admiral says:

      kapelmeister says:
      14 February, 2020 at 3:56 pm
      ‘Change Must Come’ appears to be the new slogan of the SNP leadership.
      Wrong, wrong, wrong!
      If you want and badly need change, you don’t wait for it to come. You don’t assume it will come. You go and get it.

      Make Change Happen.

    193. Pete says:

      What’s your take on the ferries?

    194. jfngw says:

      ‘Change Must Come’ is not aimed at ‘Yes’ people, I’m going to vote Yes every time. It’s aimed at the soft No’s, the drip of it is to make it seem inevitable. You’re trying to persuade to jump on board not hold a gun to their head.

    195. Dan says:

      “Change Must Come”… Is that a subliminal demand for yet more monies?
      Coz Indy Change is all I have left now.

      I’m no accountant or strategist, but maybe if they hadn’t spent so much money sending fancy cards to over 100k members that one presumes were already in the bag Indy supporters, there would be more money left in the account to campaign and convince the undecideds.
      They do say a fool and their money are easily parted.

      Is Indy on the imminent horizon or is it somewhere over the rainbow…

    196. Colin Alexander says:

      Before the 2019 GE I was of the view that an SNP drubbing at the polls would be the only way Sturgeon would be shifted out of the leader’s position. (I was probably right).

      (Option A)

      Craig Murray and others argued we should support the SNP, as a drubbing for the SNP would be interpreted as a pro-Union vote and so no indyref2. (I accepted Craig was probably right about that).

      (Option B)

      I thought, all things considered, better to have a strong SNP and strong mandate, so it’s all set up and ready to go for indy under a new leadership: Easier to change leader than rebuild a mandate for indy at elections.

      But, Sturgeon and her hubby have closed the watertight doors and dived to the seabed to hide from the YES movement’s depth charges. Spring conference is postponed. The spring (moved to) summer conference will probably be postponed too, with Corona virus given as a plausible excuse.

      Many spoke of giving Sturgeon the benefit of the doubt till Brexit day, believing she would pull a Scottish constitutional white rabbit out of her hat or announce indyref2.

      There was no indyref announced. No plan B. No white rabbit: Just a white flag.

      So Craig Murray and the benefit of the doubt battalion, what now?

      Do the indy movement hope for the best, that the Empire will treat us gently till 2021 then again choose option B as the least worst option?

      (I ask for others, as I don’t and won’t vote SNP at Holyrood).

      I won’t be voting for any UK English Empire colonial administrators.

    197. Dorothy Devine says:

      I have just watched Wild UK on BBBC2 – supposedly from Glasgow or at least the presenters stood on a bridge over the Clyde .

      They’ve reported from London , Leeds , Newcastle but sweet FA from Glasgow .

      Typical bollocks from the BBBC.

    198. Effijy says:

      The Brexiteer at Amsterdam Airport pissed off at
      The length of queues at passport control should
      Remember to fill his case with Dutch cheeses, their
      Tomatoes, Cucumbers, fresh flowers and so much more
      As he won’t be able to afford them when the tariffs are
      Applied to the non EU Bonkers Empire.

      This should close down the Clog Dancing Classes. lol

    199. HandandShrimp says:

      Annie Wells is Carlaw’s deputy?

      What a team!


      Nicola will need to sook lemons just to keep a straight face.

    200. Robert Louis says:

      Breeks at 0849am,

      Totally with you. I too am angry at the utter betrayal by the SNP. And let’s be clear, it IS betrayal. Time after time, Iain Blackford stood in the house of commons stating, Scotland will not be removed from the EU against its wishes.

      On January 31st, we found out it was all hot air. In the months ahead of the last election, a gathering in George Square was held for independence, which NS spoke at. Talking of indyref, like it was going to happen. On that basis, I once again lent my vote to the SNP at the general election. What did we get for giving them 81% of Scottish seats? NOTHING. Just the wishy washiest, most utterl pathetic speech ever given by a political leader on 31st January.

      In particular, Breeks, I likes this part of your post, and it is worth quoting it in full;

      ” I’m blood boiling angry that my European Citizenship was stolen from me, that my Nation was subjugated by a colonial usurper of my Nation’s sovereignty, and despite having a bundle of mandates to all manner of things, the so called government of Scotland didn’t lift a godamned finger to stop it.

      If the Scottish Government hasn’t the brains or acumen to think it’s way past a piece of of colonial convention designed to exploit our Nation, I see no point in having either them, or indeed Holyrood at all. Let the Union run riot, and when the saltires rise again, it will be to fight for Scotland’s Constitution, Sovereignty and our integrity as a Nation. We will pick up the ball which the visionless SNP has dropped through their poverty of ambition and indolent complacency.”

      I couldn;t agree more with all of this. The SNP fully expect that in 2021, if they make vague promises of a referendum, that we will once again go out and vote for them, like sheep. I won’t. I think independence is wholly lost and dead under the ‘leader’ ship of Nicola Sturgeon. Mandate, after mandate, after mandate squandered. And those mandates were of the kind other parties could only dream. Every single seat in Scotland SNP, bar one, and what did the SNP do with it? Nothing. NOTHING!

      And herte’s the problem, that is EXACTLY what they would do again in 2021, if re-elected. Nothing.

    201. scunner says:

      @Blair Paterson 12.27pm

      Here, I’ve got some spare full stops ‘n’ stuff for you.

      … — … , … — …

      Wouldn’t want you coming across as a bit of a rocket.

    202. Colin Alexander says:

      Ba Ba indy sheep
      Now,What’s your role?
      Yes vote Yes vote you missed an open goal.

      Sturgeon has a master, Boris is his name, woke Imperial administrator that is Sturgeon’s game.

    203. Ottomanboi says:

      Golden ‘boy’, same old face of flatulent Unionism, Jackson Carlaw…the early years

      Carlaw was brought up in Crookfur, Newton Mearns and was educated at The Glasgow Academy. He worked for 25 years as a car salesman and was joint head of FirstFord car dealership in the west of Scotland until it was placed into receivership in November 2002. He was also a director of Wylies (Automotive Services) until it went into administration in February 2003. (Wikipedia profile)

      Then he went into politics.
      “Do me a lemon, guv” as they say in Downing st.

    204. shug says:

      Well RBS was run into the ground by a bunch of Unionists (their Board and the Westminster regulators), they painted it is a Scottish problem, now they rebrand

      Guess its not a Scottish problem any more

      Anyone working out at the Gyle wondering what happens next???

      They will promise you the world (see ship yard workers) I am sure it will be fine

    205. sassenach says:

      Colin Alexander

      Coco, you are now just getting silly – do your superiors think this is the best propaganda you are capable of?

      Resign, man.

    206. Lothianlad says:

      Alex Salmonds speech when becoming FM, ” we will never lack ambition for Scotland”!

      Under Sturgeon, westminster is recognised as Soverign.
      When will the SNP leadership and pathetic pocket lining MPs Actually proclaim the Scottish people are Soverign with actions!

      Poverty of ambition I deed!! Sadly!

    207. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Colin, that was quite good.

    208. Pete says:

      Maybe you’ve forgotten about Sir George Mathewson, former Chief Exec and then Chairman of RBS who was involved with YES Scotland.
      Please get your facts correct.

    209. Dr Jim says:

      STV news reports that 50% of the Tory MSPs at Holyrood support Scotlands right to a referendum on Independence if the majority of the parliament vote for it

      STV news went on to say there are large splits in the Tory party at Holyrood over this

      Annie Wells eh, the wee’s dribblin doon ma leg wae laughin that hard

    210. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I fear Jackass Carlot will prove as successful in selling Tory non policies in Scotland as he was selling cars.

      I can see the “Scottish” Conservative and Unionist Party being liquidated some time soon – he has the track record for this.

    211. meg merrilees says:

      I hear that the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is now just being called the Scottish Conservative Party. Bet they don’t call it the Jackson Carlaw Party.
      But same old, same old – Jackson is keen to get his manifesto sorted out for the 2021 elections where he plans to defeat Nicola Sturgeon with his plans to oppose Indy ref 2.

      ( Can come one tell him that they’ve tried that one already and they lost 6 MP’s)

      Interesting interview on the radio this morning with the woman leading RBS.

      RBS which has cut so many branches across the length and breadth of Scotland has just posted a £4.6 billion profit but she still insisted that they were providing a really good service to people. Oh and they’re changing the name to National Westminster Bank – must be some reason that they are bailing out of the RBS name. Maybe they’re not liable for the debts if they rename it, reconstitute it?…… or are they just so scared about indy coming that they’re moving the brass plate south of the border without anyone noticing.

      Really aggressive interview from the BBC to the man who just ‘got off’ an accusation of hate speech for saying that it is impossible to change your sex.

      Despite the court judgement to the contrary, the BBC interviewer kept on accusing him of trans hate and bigotry. Eventually the man managed to get a few words in and spoke his thoughts really clearly and stated the court judgement. BBC guy did not apologise or back down in any way.
      Obvious to see for all – the legendary BBC bias/unbias. You decide…

    212. Dr Jim says:

      The best the Toies can ever hope for in Scotland is around 25% and dropping because his demographic voter base is diminishing as more Labour folk are moving to the SNP and not to the Tories so all he’ll have left are the Liberal Democrats to support him

      He even blamed the First past the post system of General Elections on his loss of MPs in Scotland but is the system his party uses to win England

      Jackson Carlaw is trying to sell folk a second hand abused 5 owner Ford Fiesta to a Nation that’s got their eye on a new BMW

    213. Sinky says:

      BBC Reporting Scotland down coverage of twice bankrupt used car salesman elected leader of Tory branch office has Glenn Campbell listing SNP “failures” but not challenging Carlaw on Tory record.

      Then has RBS press release over change of name to Nat West without questioning news that new boss is now based in London rather than Gogarburn

    214. North chiel says:

      Surprise surprise “ Jackson Carloss “ given “ top billing “ from Pathetic Quay Britnat propaganda team . Latest branch office “ manager” for “ the Boris Tory Junta” . He’s the new “ Great white hope “ for the Britnat establishment in Scotland , as Richard Lemsip at present appears to be languishing with Britlab winter ailments since mid December.
      PS Apparently Holyrood is the new Scottish Tory HQ ? . Wishful thinking Sally ?

    215. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      I wonder if Andrew Wilson came up with the RBS name change. You don’t get that kind of genius from in-house, got to go the consultant route for blue-sky thinking going forward.

    216. PacMan says:

      I wonder how Gordon Brown will spin RBS would sink an independent Scotland if it went bankrupt again now that it is called Natwest?

    217. jfngw says:


      Well to be honest if they had to interrogate the Scottish Tories on their record when the were last a majority in Scotland we would be back talking about Suez.

    218. jfngw says:

      Not sure why RBS didn’t go for a compromise ‘The Royal Nationalist Bank of Westminster’ would seem more appropriate.

    219. Colin Alexander says:

      Reluctant Nationalist

      Thank you.

    220. Stoker says:

      I do believe this could bolster a case for Twitter reinstating Stu’s Wings account as they are interfering in his right to freedom of expression. There was absolutely nothing aggressive or sinister in what he tweeted and that puts Twitter in a very awkward place.

    221. Famous15 says:

      Jackson Carsale calls me a cult. Think he is a cult?

    222. wullie says:

      I was led to believe that RBS was an English bank. It was introduced into Scotland not long after 1707 to try and disrupt the official bank in Scotland that being BOS.
      Also this idea that RBS Scotland was bankrupted and had to be baled out is fanciful. The RBS bank that had to be baled out by the public was the RBS investment bank Registered and headquartered in London so that not one penny profit it ever made could be associated with Scotland. Of course we would always be lumbered with its debt.
      RBS Scotland the commercial bank registered and headquartered in Scotland had nothing to do with the banks collapse, but as is usual Englands little helpers in Scotland are always on hand to throw shit at us.
      Everything the unionists touch turns to shit.

    223. Bill Hume. says:

      If the best the Tory party in Scotland can do is Jackson Carlaw, then they really are beyond help.

    224. PacMan says:

      wullie says @ 14 February, 2020 at 8:40 pm

      Today’s announcement is only what we already knew. The biggest profits of RBS was due to Natwest and all the biggest losses was due to Natwest.

      If Scotland was independent last decade, rUK would have had to bail out the British part of the RBS operations. A iScottish government would have had a profitable bank in it’s territory but it would have would have had to throw billions into the pot to keep a whole UK operation going. It is a lesson that a future independent Scotland will need to reflect on in Scottish companies operating outside it’s borders, especially in finance and other sectors important to it’s economy.

    225. twathater says:

      Just met a guy from Motherwell who works in Coatbridge I commented on his english accent and said that I was supportive of independence , he responded that he had moved here 40 years ago and was still totally against indy , I naturally asked what his reasons were for being so adament against it , he responded that in his job in Coatbridge there were loads of people who would just not work from all over the place and the place was full of disabled people , he then went on to apportion blame for shipbuilding , ravenscraig and Fergusons shipyard on the SNP SG .

      He was also rather annoyed that disabled people had a choice in picking their mobility car and that he thought the SG should bring back the wee blue invalid car

      I raised the subject of bozo and he opined that bozo was very astute and intelligent but people mistakenly took him for a buffoon he also thought bozo would make a success of brexshit
      My wife fearing for my heart condition insisted that we had to go as we had stairs to wash ( kidding )but seriously she dragged me away

      Sorry to have to report my conversion was unsuccessful must try harder

      This report is true

    226. Elmac says:

      twathater @ 9.31

      There comes a point when you realise that you cannot have a sensible discussion with brain dead idiots. In these circumstances washing the stairs is better for your health. If we are lucky maybe this particular idiot will depart to from whence he came.

    227. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @twathater –

      You don’t seem to appreciate that the place-names you use represent large concentrations of neighbourhoods containing real people.

      The character you describe would undoubtedly be one of a very tiny number of ‘extremists’ in any community. As such, he would be well known, by supporters and adversaries alike.

      Ach…when the cat’s away the mice will play! Eh?!

      Have a splendid week-end sah! (and don’t forget to clock out…)

    228. shug says:

      and the board did not leak their plan to reregister in London for the at the same time as Salmond’s press conference.

    229. TinyT says:

      twathater @ 9.31

      Quality post, we should all comment on the accents of those that we meet. That’ll take us all the way eh 🙂

    230. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Stoker (7.41)

      ‘I do believe this could bolster a case for Twitter reinstating Stu’s Wings account’

      Good shout.

      Rev – doesn’t all this stuff merit an ‘occasional’ post? A lot of Wingers don’t do Twitter and won’t have seen your commentary.

    231. Dr Jim says:

      For those who don’t have telly or don’t watch it
      At the Prime minister’s cabinet meeting today Herr Boris Johnson the new Fuhrer had the entire cabinet recite his policies poetic style in a repeat after me scenario like primary school, and they all did it without question and smiled while they did it

      And do you know why,? Reich marshall Dominic Cummings has told them all if they deviate from the message they’re out. there is to be no altering of the message or they’re out, there are to be no press interviews that are allowed to go off message or they must terminate the interview, or they’re out

      Even the English press is beginning to notice what this is yet they’re still reporting it half jokingly, though it’s beginning to get uncomfortable for them

      Herr Johnson is now going after control of the treasury, that will be met with resistance, the treasury and the people who run it are the most powerful body in England, if the Fuhrer brings that under Cummings control to Downing street that will signify total dictatorship of these islands because the military will be next and England will have just sat and watched the rise of an actual Reich in the same way it happened in Germany

      You know what that means for us and no political party or movement will be able to do a damn thing about it, only Whitehall and the treasury between them can stop him because it’s all the never seen or heard Sir Humphrey’s that actually keep the UK running, can they keep the Johnson and Cummings Reich from taking it from them

    232. Dr Jim says:

      Bernie Sanders is pro Scottish Independence saying how could Americans celebrate Independence here but not support Independence for Scotland from the same people we took ours from

    233. Famous15 says:

      Jackson CARCARE “ In the name of Jesus I want you down on your knees. Cmon you cults,on yer knees cos I is talking in tongues.”

      Goobly goobly bodily boris coming comoing cumming boobly knobily!

      LOL phfitts. Go to jail.

    234. Dr Jim says:

      Carlaw’s feart of a couple of guys coming round his house with a Luger to tell him to say bye bye to his life

    235. MaggieC says:

      I see that Carlaw and his tories in Scotland are up to their “ dark money “ tricks again with their dodgy donations –

      So Ruth’s legacy continues as normal .

    236. cynicalHighlander says:

      @Dr Jim

      When you eventually get your blinkers off you might see the light but I have my doubts .

      As honesty and integrity is not part of your woke agenda. I will not compromise mine for the sake of empress Nicola who has sent me yet another email with a picture of a rally following a march for independence which she has never done as she wouldn’t get her picture on the BBC like when she goes on her LGBT marches.

    237. Dorothy Devine says:

      Incorrect Cynicalhighlander , Ms Sturgeon was on the march on Calton Hill – never say never.

    238. call me dave says:

      Sturgeon was at Calton Hill because I spoke to her there.

    239. Craig Murray says:

      Calton Hill was five years ago. There have been at least twenty marches since then. All studiously ignored by Nicola. But she has been on marches for other causes in that period, so it’s not a question of “the First Minister can’t go on marches”.

    240. Craig Murray says:

      Sorry six years ago.

    241. Dorothy Devine says:

      Craig , NEVER is what was said and that is patently untrue.

    242. Dr Jim says:

      These Internet trolls must think I’ve got special powers over what the FM does, I’m in no way responsible for what the FM does or doesn’t do and just because these Trolls dislike the FM, Trolling me won’t help them it just makes them look childish

    243. Craig Murray says:


      I quite accept that. Nicola once went on a march for Independence. Six years ago.

    244. ronnie anderson says:

      Craig Murray Thank god Nicola never fronted a march by Auob or she would have been accused of complicity in Scaming money from the Yes movement , you convenently ignore the missapropriation of donated monies & the 25% payed to the bucket collectors Mackay & Co were/are out to make money for themselves & You very well know the history of these Scams .

    245. Sinky says:

      Gordon Brewer pundits one Tory and one Labour with no rep from party with 50% support. Its bad enough when London current affairs programmes ignore the third largest party.

      BBC balance summed up here

    246. Al-Stuart says:

      On post. On message.

      SNP’s Murray Foote = New Labour’s Alastair Campbell.
      Both spin a yarn. Both are unelected politicians.

      SNP’s Alec Salmond = New Labour’s Donald Dewar.
      One DELIVERED IndyRef1. One DELIVERED the Scottish Parliament,

      SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon = New Labour’s Tony Blair.
      One is a closet Yoon in it for herself + pension + £££. The other is a closet Tory in it for himself + pension + £££.

      Both Sturgeon and Blair started out magnificently and full of hope. Both lied, schemed and failed utterly. Both are tractors (sic) to the very causes and principles that got them elected.

      Both Sturgeon and Blair have a legacy of utter excrement and will be loathed and outcast for the rest of their lives.

      Stuart Campbell we really need an Indy List party. For the sake of GRA relief and a decent First Minister, might I respectfully suggest…

      Joanna Cherry be asked to stand as leader of the AUOB List Only Party?

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