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Baptism of fire

Posted on February 08, 2020 by

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    1. 08 02 20 07:56

      Baptism of fire | speymouth

    751 to “Baptism of fire”

    1. manandboy says:

      Your finger must be glued to the pulse, Chris.

      Accolades to follow I’m sure.

    2. manandboy says:

      Murray Foote will do well to read Wings today. Very well.

    3. mumsyhugs says:

      Into the lion’s den – och c’mon, our Hamish is a pussycat – to his friends!

    4. Sinky says:

      Good stuff again. Kevin McKenna’s article in the Herald this morning is well worth a read

    5. Ottomanboi says:

      As well as spinning for all he’s worth will Mr Foote be looking for the party’s weakest links?
      He’ll really need that protective gear if he does.

    6. Dan says:

      Ahh, an NHL (Nationalist Hockey League) net minder.

      Hope he has beaucoup skillz as we certainly need someone to stop folk who are supposedly on our side scoring own goals…

    7. Effijy says:

      I truly hope he is a reformed character?

      It really can take a thief to catch a thief.

      Personally I have no doubt that people like Blair,
      Brown and Darling have all been Tory plants to
      Keep their paymasters award of plans of their left wing opponents.

      Lord Darling the fake socialist claiming to be a Trotskyite while Flipping
      A £1,000,000 home at the Tax payers expense, wondering around the
      House of Lords in his Ermine Suit and earning fortunes from a part time
      Job with the corrupt banks he saved with our money.

      Let’s watch Mr Foote’s progress very closely.

    8. Abulhaq says:

      From the Herald.
      [You also wonder if, after 13 years in government with the virtual guarantee of six more, a sense of entitlement has begun to settle within the minds of those who have starred on that journey. Has the ultimate prize of independence detached the party from the moorings that tether the rest of us to reality?

      There is a growing number of disillusioned SNP politicians who feel that a poisonous group of ultras has infiltrated the party and hijacked its popularity to advance a threatening gender-recognition syllabus. The social media activity of these entryists is violent and designed to intimidate. They hunt as a pack and openly discuss ways of destroying their opponents. Several are close to the SNP’s inner sanctum and deep concerns have been expressed to the party executive about their vile conduct. Yet they proceed unchallenged.

      Concerns about Mr Mackay’s increasingly bizarre conduct have also been expressed for several years, but it seems they too went largely unheeded. He is a broken man now and it’s my hope that some in the party he gave his life to are offering him the help he needs.]

      Many will agree with that but as MacKay was seemingly part of that inner clique why should we feel anything at his departure?
      Is Mr McKenna going soft?

    9. One_Scot says:

      Lol, I really can’t get my head around this one. Either he is a born again Independence supporter looking for redemption of his soul, or he works for the Devil.

      Not sure which it is, but maybe time will tell.

    10. Republicofscotland says:

      Good one Chris, Foote will definitely need a tough skin.

      Meanwhile as per usual Englands propaganda machine the BBC, is up to no good again.

    11. Republicofscotland says:

      So Johnsons favourite House Jock Jackson Carlaw gave a Q&A session on Facebook from his kitchen. Carlaw only answered hand picked queries.

      Though some managed to ask where did the expensive painting go to, in reference to a company in which Carlaw was the director, it went bust, and the paintings disappeared.

    12. Republicofscotland says:

      Ex-Rangers owner Craig Whyte claims in his autobiography book, that he had the power of the Scottish newspapers to get stories changed from bad to go on Rangers FC.

      Whyte claims that it was especially true of the Daily Record and Jim Traynor.

    13. Big Jock says:

      He might be a double agent.

    14. Republicofscotland says:

      As a Scottish independence march gets set this year to march through Westminster, and one is also to be held in Berlin. Netherlands for Scottish Independence will hold a rally for Scottish independence on Saturday 30th of May in the Hague.

      The organisers are currently looking for and contacting speaker to take part. It wilk be a relaxed event with musicians playing various types of music.

      Our Europeans brothers and sisters are doing their part to help us gain independence lets get behind them.

      Check the National newspapers YesHub page for more details.

    15. John H. says:

      If it hadn’t been for Murray Foote’s “Vow” and the BBC, we might have won the referendum. He has a lot to make up for. He will have to be watched carefully.

    16. auld highlander says:

      Does a leopard change it’s spots?

    17. Mr Foote is gonna get grief from both Scottish Patriots and British Nationalists,

      maybe that`s his cosmic/karmic penance for the `Vow`,

      but as Jesus says,

      `I tell you, in the same way there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need to repent.`

    18. Welsh Sion says:

      Does the independence movement trust Mr Foote an inch?

      Open question – before anyone else ‘half-inches’ the pun …

    19. TheItalianJob says:

      @Effigy at 9.29am

      Spot on about those 3 including our own House Jock Paw Broon.

      As for Darling total joke as a Labour man. Definitely an establishment plant. Socialist my foot the 3 of them lording it up with all the can get out of the Establishment system.


    20. Ian Foulds says:

      I get the feeling there is a growing discontent with the ‘upper echelons’ of the SNP.

      As an Independence supporter but not an SNP person, would someone more in the know, care to comment?

      Thank you.

    21. I think M.,Foote..s appointment proves that the SNP is in a shambles as usual out of touch with the members to me it has gone down hill since we lost A.,S., I mean the real patriots marching in the streets to gain our freedom and the current SNP gov., appoint an known enemy to a position of trust ??? Please Stu., start up a new party for independence we badly need one cometh the hour cometh the man ???

    22. Josef Ó Luain says:

      His kind, with their all important contact books, are so well established within the media that they now form a conservatively, unified bloc. Expecting anything remotely imaginative from the current SNP leadership is an act of extreme futility, of course. So, expect very little to change, folks.

    23. John H. says:

      Seen on twitter earlier today.

      “Hey ‘HQ’ do you know the couple of barely literate idiots running your Women & Equalities FB page are telling women to leave the SNP if they question trans fundamentalism?
      Is that now the SNP position? If not, you might want to get on top of that. Like right now”

      What’s going on?

    24. katherine hamilton says:

      This appointment stinks. Is he the only unemployed journo in Scotland looking for a job? All converts are to be celebrated, obviously, as is he.

      But into the high echelons? Really? Why?

    25. CameronB Brodie says:

      Almond Chutney
      Contining from the previous thread, I did not call you a bigot, I simply suggested you lacked a practical appreciation of constitutional law, social epistemology, and stuff. The natural law grounds legal reason in empirical reality, AND EMPOWERS THE LAW TO BE IMPARTIAL. This is because the natural law is grounded in foundationalist epistemology, so is able to legally respect biological sex, for example.

      Anti-foundationalist epistemology is detatched from empirical reality (see Brexit), so is unable to respect the legal idententity of individuals or nations. Anti-foundational epistemology undermines the law’s capacity to be IMPARTIALITY, turnig the law into a tool of political oppression AND PROVIDES THE CONDITIONS FOR TOTALITARIANISM. The British constitution is now justified through anti-foundationalist epistemology, so Britain can no longer be considered a denmocracy.

      Constitutional law must be justified through natural law, as it is able to respect epistemological difference, which characterises open society. Without a legal respect for epitemological difference, enabled through the natural law, juresprudence becomes arbitrary and illiberal. So if your appreciation of constitutional law is as flimsy as it appearss to be, might I suggest you dissist from confusing the readers by spouting unsubstantiated pish?

      If you disagree, please provide evidence substantiating your position. Otherwise, I will be forced to consider you as not being of good character or moral intent.



    26. CameronB Brodie says:

      Re. Murray Foote. Everyone deserves a second chace, though some need closer oversight and supervision than others. I hope MF is accordingly monitored.


      Just because I know there are folk who ridgedly resist anything at all related to religion and moral order.

      The Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law
      Natural Law: The Modern Tradition

      Abstract and Keywords

      This article focuses on recent works on natural law theory, particularly those that concentrate on discussing positive law. It opens up with a brief history and overview of natural law theories. The modern legal theorists who identify themselves with the natural law tradition seem to have objectives and approaches distinctly different from those classically associated with natural law.

      This article deals with two different types of natural law – natural law as moral/political theory and natural law as legal/social theory – as connected at a basic level. It discusses two lines of thought, natural law and natural rights, as interchangeable, or closely connected and reflects a modern perspective.

      The most important idea modern natural law theorists have brought to jurisprudence is that views of law that take into account law’s moral aspirations offer a better understanding of social institution.

      natural law theory, political theory, social theory, modern perspective, jurisprudence

    27. CameronB Brodie says:

      Btw, does anyone know if the Church of Scotland has decided whether they are agents of moral good, or whether they are agents of English fascism?

      Natural Law and Modern Natural Right

    28. McDuff says:

      Beware this Trojan horse.

    29. manandboy says:

      If Murray Foote makes a statement on video and posts on social media, it would be a step in the right direction, especially for someone with such a damning CV.

    30. Breeks says:

      How hard can it be? These past three years, the SNP could have used Marcel Marceau as Press Officer.

      Scotland’s predicament isn’t the Press. Nor the BBC. Scotland’s problem isn’t what it sees and hears, but what it doesn’t see.

      Over these past 20+ years, Scotland has had it’s Constitutional integrity diluted, weakened, and rendered a little more obsolete, a little more obscure. We are being assimilated, not like the Borg on Star Trek, but quietly and surreptitiously, imperceptibly. All the hallmarks of Scotland are being eroded, and “Britishised”.

      ”Scotland’s tartans and clans? Oh didn’t you hear? It isn’t real. Queen Victoria and Albert designed them all.
      The pipes and drums? Appearing at any British military parade or tattoo you care to mention, even with UnionJack pipes on occasion.
      Scotch produce in a Supermarket? Why it’s all British really. Look at the Union Jack in the Corner.
      Scottish Government? Aye, they lap up the word “Scottish” but the British Government has them on a short leash.

      The Claim of Right? Fuddy Duddy tartan contract that doesn’t matter to anybody in Westminster.

      The Declaration of Independence? Apparently, the Scottish Government has no events programmed to mark the 700th Anniversary of the Nation’s Constitutional Birth Certificate. We only recognise the Scotland which was born in 1707. Everything else before that is just a curiosity that belongs in a curiosity museum.

      European citizens? Ha ha. They’re opinions don’t count. Their fish are ours, their waters are ours, their oil is ours, and their wildlife is such good fun to shoot on hillsides all owned by our wealthy elite country sportsmen.

      The clearances? Oh, don’t listen to the rumours. Go ahead and get the real story from Arran Museum.

      Culloden? Oh that was Scot killing Scot don’t you know? I’m sure the battlefield was around here, beside all those houses….”.

      We’ve all fucking heard it. Look at what passes for a newspaper these days, in the country which gave the world Rabbie Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J. M. Barrie….

      All of these erosions of Scotland are happening under our noses, a sustained denigration of Scotland’s noble history as a sovereign Nation which raised army after army to defend itself from molestation from South of the Border, boasted a colourful mix of culture and language enriched for centuries by it’s own sovereign interaction with fellow nations.

      Yet here we are, buckled and deformed and transfixed by “devolved” legislation as if it was a magicians spell, and an unbreakable incantation because we “apparently” agreed to it. Read it, “The Scotland Act”, and if you want some further light reading, go ahead and read the Act of Union, and learn what insipid wee words have kept our Nation imprisoned all this time.

      Scotland needs to stop listening to the euthanising language and culture of the colonial overlords and their ermine clad Gauleiters, and start hearing the rugged and stubborn resistance of the Auld Scotland which fought Tooth and nail for it’s existence. We fought that well for our existence the French threw a guard of Scottish Soldiers around their own Joan of Arc.

      It wasn’t a fluke like shitey Scotland winning at football, it was a Scottish culture that bred hardy warriors and stoic wives and widows of tremendous endurance and unbreakable spirit for decade after decade and century after century.

      How did the English master Scotland? They made us believe in a wee bit of shite on paper.

      That’s not the Scotland I want to live and die in. I want this whole sorry mess sorted before my time on this Earth is up. My Scotland is a sovereign Nation which the Abbot of Arbroath described to Pope in 1320, after it won it’s wars and repelled the colonial invaders. The British now call it the Scottish wars of Independence, but make no mistake, we were Independent and Sovereign throughout, and it was no more a war of Independence than the Soviets throwing the Nazis out of Russia in WW2.

      Don’t believe a word of the British propagandists whether they are Tories in a suit or knuckle draggers in a flag. There’s a wee baby being born later today, more than one actually, and for a few moments, that wee baby will be the newest Scot on the planet. And, they, he or she, be they black, white, asian Arab or Jew, will be the newest wee person to become a sovereign Scottish citizen, and sovereign because Scotland’s Declaration of Arbroath made it thus. That wee baby has a Sovereignty as pure and wholesome as she is, and no tosspot politician and wormtongue colonial overlord has any right to curtail the sovereign rights and privileges which Scotland bestows upon that wee Scottish baby. Not now, not ever.

      We will stand up for Scotland, because this generation is a stronger generation of Scots than the weaker ones before us. If we need a stronger government than the one we’ve got then we will make one. Recent generations might have failed to get rid of this all pervasive colonial invasion, but we will not. Your Britishness is alien and doesn’t belong here. It never will. This is Scotland. It’s our country, not yours. “Britishness” is your culture, not ours.

    31. Republicofscotland says:

      “Heres a turn up for the books.

      “THE former principal officer in Scotland for Barack Obama has criticised Westminster for its intellectual dishonesty over Scottish independence.”

    32. IAB says:

      Let him come up with a stunt as effective as the Vow to push a win this time and all will be forgiven.

    33. solarflare says:

      Just got a letter through from the SNP.


      “2020 is going to be a big year, as we build our momentum towards the second independence referendum.

      I know you will give as much time and energy as you can into that campaign. But I am writing to ask you to do just a bit more – by joining me in increasing your membership direct debit.

      At this hugely exciting time, every one of us must go the extra mile if we are to create the independent new nation, we all passionately want.

      That means we need to urgently double the budget for campaigning. If we all chipped in an extra £1 a month, together we’d raise over £1 million more to help the party win over the waverers on the case for an independent Scotland.

      By increasing your direct debit now, you’ll be helping us to encourage that movement towards independence. I promise every extra penny you give will be invested in the campaign for Scotland’s future.”


      I wouldn’t necessarily object to putting in a bit more, but I kind of want to see first exactly what the SNP grand plan is for actually getting this second independence referendum. Nothing really on that front to take anything away on.

    34. TinyT says:

      Listen to Breeks, Scotland’s very own Mr. Sovereignty.

      He knows you know, he’ll keep you right.

    35. Republicofscotland says:

      Well, it looks like no official/governmental body in Scotland will celebrate Prince Andrews birthday on the 19th of February, thank goodness.

      South of the Border St Pauls cathedral will ring out the bells for Prince Andrew on his birthday, he was a close friend of sex trafficker Jefferey Epstein.

    36. Republicofscotland says:

      Just how can Scotland go about building influence in the EU. If we’re to become an independent state, in a similar fashion as to that of Kosovo, and there’s no denying that it might come to that. Then the stratagies to get us there will need to be formulated now.

    37. Kenny J says:

      TinyT says:
      8 February, 2020 at 2:07 pm

      Listen to Breeks, Scotland’s very own Mr. Sovereignty.

      He knows you know, he’ll keep you right.

      What the fuck does that mean, Mr. fuckin Newcomer.
      Never read any shit you put up till a few days ago. Breeks speaks for most of us.Go back to whatever hole you climbed out of.

    38. Kenny J says:

      solarflare says:
      8 February, 2020 at 2:05 pm

      Just got a letter through from the SNP.


      “2020 is going to be a big year, as we build our momentum towards the second independence referendum.

      But not just yet.

    39. TinyT says:

      @Kenny J

      Have I touched a nerve Mr Tagteam LOL

    40. Colin Alexander says:

      A man who thought up a con, a deception, to deprive a nation of their freedom based on false promises.

      Signed up to work for a party who goes to court to defend devolution but who HAS NEVER gone to court to defend Scotland’s sovereignty.

      A party that promised they won’t allow Scotland to be dragged out of the EU, yet OFFERED to facilitate Scotland leaving the EU, with no mandate to do so.

      A party that has now allowed Scotland to be dragged out of the EU.

      A party that promised indyref2 and now tries to blame BJ for their own craven betrayals on the manifesto commitment for indyref2.

      Both claim to be pro-indy but are prepared for Scotland to remain under British Empire rule for a long time to come with the SNP acting as colonial administrators.

      Seems like the perfect match, if you ask me.

    41. TinyT says:

      Colin Alexander “claim to be pro-indy” an oxymoron haha

    42. red sunset says:

      Ref today’s letter from the SNP.

      If anyone wants to donate, or increase their donations, I would strongly suggest they give the money to their local branch.

      It’s the local branches that fund the campaigns, be it councillor, MSP or MP. The membership fees go to Edinburgh. The local activists perform electoral miracles with the tiny sums of money they get through their branch. Pennies really go a long way there.

      Any donations made online or in response to letters from party HQ go and stay with said party HQ. Be smart with your funding, put it where you can see it working.

    43. Kenny J says:

      TinyT says:
      8 February, 2020 at 2:49 pm

      @Kenny J

      Have I touched a nerve Mr Tagteam LOL

      TinyT says:
      8 February, 2020 at 2:56 pm

      Colin Alexander “claim to be pro-indy” an oxymoron haha

      Funny how these arseholes turn up at regular intervals.
      I suppose it gives them a buzz somewhere, Eh Tiny.
      Is that a reference to some part of your anatomy ?

    44. Kenny J says:

      Come on Tiny. Let’s have your reply.
      Or are you measuring your d*** to boast about it, Tiny.

    45. Abulhaq says:

      We need a leadership prepared to give Johnson and co sleepless night and should they perchance manage sleep, nightmares.
      Scotland should be something to fear, something impossible to ignore.
      That is where leadership ‘personality’ enters the political field.
      The reasonable approach has plainly yielded nothing.
      At the moment Scotland is just something adhering to Westminster’s shoe.
      We must be the Nemesis to such British Hubris.
      NB. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence, accomplishments or capabilities; see India.

    46. TinyT says:

      @Kenny J

      There was a time when this website was the most influential place to visit for solid information for those interested in the facts about Independence v Unionism.

      Nowadays, not so much. It’s become a hate fest for those that have nothing better to do than slag off the SNP and in particular their leader.

      Despite the best efforts of many posting here the support for the SNP and Independence continues to increase much to their disgust. If you believe that Scotland will gain her Independence by attacking the party that got us to this point and that slagging off the leader will make Independence more popular. Then I’m sorry but you are a fucking idiot.

      Don’t take it to heart 🙂

    47. Stoker says:

      TinyT wrote on 8 February, 2020 at 3:18 pm:

      @Kenny J
      “There was a time when this website was the most influential place to visit for solid information for those interested in the facts about Independence v Unionism.”

      It still is! The archive facility stores over 5000 articles the vast majority of which are laden with cold hard facts relating to Scotland and the fight to take back our right of self-determination.

    48. Dan says:


      Your post reminded me to have another look through the Crimes of Britain twitter account which was full of tweets enlightening folk to, well err, crimes of Britain.

      You’ll notice I state “was” because it now seems the page doesn’t exist.
      I wonder if pressure had been exerted to cleanse the internet of such damning material highlighting the past endevours of our establishment.
      A Google image search does still find some imagery though.

    49. Abulhaq says:

      @Dan 15:27
      Without subscribing to conspiracy theory uncovering the dirt on the British and American empires can be a hard slog. Google is susceptible to pressure. China effectively curtailed its activities.
      The US establishment is alleged to have ‘close contacts’. Whether the Brits possess the clout is a matter of speculation.
      Sometimes just reading the histories of the former subject nations gives adequate insight into the methodology of imperialist colonialism.
      Scotland, rather more than Ireland or Wales, strikes me as providing the blueprint for conquest by the back door.
      As to the US we might remember the annexation of Hawa’ii and Puerto Rico to name but two on going examples of colonialism. As for the ethnic cleansing of the native peoples of the ‘USA’….where do you start?
      It’s a back handed ‘compliment’ but the Brits generally appear to have had more finesse.
      Better at the schmoozing!

    50. Sunniva says:

      I do not trust Murray Foote.

    51. Effijy says:

      RE The SNP Letter-

      I normally would send more money but I just can’t without
      Knowing how are going to use It now to deliver Indy ref 2.

      Will the money print more leaflets, some billboards, an on-line campaign?

      Do they want more again for 2021 elections and if successful Indy ref
      Campaign 2022.

      I’v put a lot of money into a lot of Indy related projects but now all the stars are aligned
      For a massive push I want action now.

      Tory Gov again we didn’t vote for, a PM who lodged his hate for Scots, £billions to be wasted
      On new nuclear weapons to be stored here, paying £billions for England’s stupendous high speed
      Railway, being dragged out of Europe against our will, and being ignored or insulted in Westminster
      On a daily basis.

      What more could our enemies give us weaponise our Indy Campaign?

      The time is now. Name our next radical move and my money is on its way,

    52. Dan says:

      Crimes of Britain had loads of pics from stuff like the Irish troubles, and British army soldiers standing next to a load of heids they’d chopped off some locals that didn’t agree with them.
      Nowadays a “terrorist” cuts just the one heid off an unfortunate victim and it pretty much justifies a full on war due to the outrage, but back then a dozen or so nappers being removed wasn’t such a big deal.

      Here’s some early footage of Brits abroad as they spread their version of freedom, peace, and democracy to foreign lands whilst on their travails.

      Have to say, back then it would have been a hella lot easier on oldskool black and white “analogue women” if a trans women like Rachel McKinnon / Veronica Ivy had been doing the lifting.

    53. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      It’s always a pleasure to dip into the Chris Cairns website.

      (Though the btl, not so much.)

    54. Dan says:

      @Robert J. Sutherland

      Got a link to your own website please?
      I’ll check it out if I get a moment spare but kinda busy at the moment answering all the folk questioning me why I told them for the past few years Scotland wouldn’t be pulled out the EU against our will, plus of course Deek Mackay makes it into conversation for some reason…

      Just a bit o’ bantz by the way, I do miss reading your btl input (the less derogatory stuff).
      I suppose if folk still hold positions they can’t back down from, or reconcile their differences with other parties, diminished btl commentary is all we’ll have.

    55. Effijy says:

      Scottish Rugby- Absolutely shocking start and we have a gale on our side this half.

    56. Effijy says:

      Rugby match continues to deteriorate I’m afraid.
      8 Scottish handling errors in 30 minutes.

      Physical strength wise it’s boys against men here.

      Dreading the second half when our best player, the gale force wind
      Changes sides.

      No possibility of me listening to the English commentators worshiping the English team at half time.

    57. Republicofscotland says:

      Excluding the House Jock commentators, is there any Scottish rugby team member who actually belives in a independent Scotland?

      Or is the usual 80 minutes proud Scots routine.

    58. Pete says:

      We’re doing well now.
      Fancy us here

    59. Dan says:

      Cannae believe folk waste their time watching a InternationalRegional Rugby team from a place that didn’t have the gumption to think it would be better being a country in control of its own destiny, rather than being fleeced in an “equal” union with a bunch of charlatans and spivs.

      The only thing that marginally impresses me is that the team actually manage to pull their oan socks up and tie their oan boot laces without having to rely on some other entity to help seeing as it is too difficult to do such independently.

      Though to be honest wi youse, full disclosure n’ aw that, I’m only one and a half beers in a made a total cunt of serving my meatballs on tae ma rice with balls rollin all over the gaff.
      Maybe I should get masel in a union pronto so my partner could do these complex tasks…

    60. Capella says:

      For those who wanted some guidance on the Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition consultation, here is a link to Forwomen Scotland who have posted guidance on their blog home page. I recommend everyone read that and then click through to the consultation form.

      I would encourage everyone to take this opportunity to make their views known. The consultation is open to the whole world, which may seem odd as it asks about a change in Scottish law. So it is important that as many ordinary Scottish people respond as possible. So please pass on the link to anyone who would be interested (i.e. everybody).
      The closing date is 17th March so there is time though I wouldn’t recommend putting it off too long.

    61. mike cassidy says:

      An imperial manifestation of the ‘too stupid’ to run their own country meme.

      The human zoo.

    62. Effijy says:

      Good news from the rugby-

      Looks like some Scottish players couldn’t catch anything.

      No worries about Chinese Flu affecting the team.

    63. terence callachan says:

      Hey Breeks 1.58pm……..I thought you said English and British are the same thing
      English means british
      British means English

      Why do you keep using both

    64. velofello says:

      Rugby has developed into a boring game. A big heavy man ball in hand crawling a metre forward pushed on by more big heavy men. The big heavy men then are able to shield the ball with their big heavy bodies to prevent the opposing side to contest for the ball.

      Then there is the scrum, the ball put-in can no longer be contested, the scrum half feeds in to his side.

    65. Lothianlad says:

      I’m in Ureland just now and the commentary is such a relief. No slimy house jocks, and honors seeking g spineless boothroyd.

      Until were a totally I dependent, we will never psychologically be ready to not feel inferior. That game was there for the taking! They not us decided to go for it.

      I look at Ireland and as a country, they actually have belief! Time to ditch the reptiles and the Sru.

    66. terence callachan says:

      Tiny T…..I agree

    67. Lothianlad says:

      Damn predictive text!!!! Smart phones suck! You get the drift though ?

    68. Ottomanboi says:

      Scotland’s collection of would be ‘big girls’.
      Transitioning soon.
      Fried testicles anyone?

    69. Breeks says:

      One thing that has always confused me, because it’s totally mind-fuck illogical, are the advocates of democracy and referendum who seem to think that an assertion of constitutional sovereignty somehow undermines their argument and demolishes the principle of a democratic referendum.

      It’s like going to a medieval foot solder armed with a sword, and telling him you’ve got a brand new contraption called a machine gun, and he refuses to listen because he’s really, really, attached to his sword.

      But this machine gun will win your battle…

      “No, don’t want to listen. You just want my sword do you? I know what your game is”.

      No mate. I don’t want your sword. It’s a machine gun. Let me show you how it works. It means you win. It’s free, it’s yours, it’s locked and loaded and ready to go…All you have to do is point it and pull the trig…

      “Nope. No. We don’t want any machine guns here. We’ll just stay as we are and give old Excalibur another quick polish…”

      But they’ve all got machine guns on the other side, but not as good machine guns as this one here that I’m giving to you.

      “No, nope. No machine guns. You can’t stab somebody in the kidneys with a machine gun. Now can ye eh? Answer that clever dick. Eh? See? Ye cannae. Nae answer.”

      What the actual fuck do you do with an independence supporter who doesn’t want to know about Scotland’s actual, factual, written down and recognised lawful Sovereignty? I honestly don’t know. Do you give him a hug and warm blanket, or a slap about the head for being so fucking thick?

      You feel like a monster about to crush his wee dreams trying to make him realise that unless you take care of the nasty sovereignty business underpinning your wee referendum, the result is going count for absolutely nothing, because win, lose, or draw, nobody, you hear me? NOBODY, is obliged to heed the result. They can ignore it, ignore you, and turn around and walk away. You’re pissing in the rain, …just like the Catalans.

      Europe has been sitting there for three years trying to spell it out. Any dissolution of the UK of the UK has to be legal and constitutional!. “No, no, nope, none of that Constitutional malarkey here… we can maybe, possibly win a referendum if we can just manage to get agreement from our overlords to let us have a vote respect the result….”

      “Mate, what the fuck do you think Sovereignty does? Why do you think I’ve been droning on, and on, and on about Sovereignty for what feels like about 100 years? I’ve had to listen to hours and hours and hours of your utterly pointless pish and conjecture about Section 30 Agreements, a whole exercise just proved utterly, utterly futile, because Boris the overlord has just said “get stuffed”, and all the wheels have suddenly fallen off your wee wagon.

      “Ooh. Oh. What do we do now??”

      Face palm….

    70. Breeks says:

      terence callachan says:
      8 February, 2020 at 6:43 pm
      Hey Breeks 1.58pm……..I thought you said English and British are the same thing
      English means british
      British means English

      Why do you keep using both

      Because I typically mean British Nationalism, and, I find British Nationalism objectionable because it puts the interests of England forever first, and doesn’t give a monkeys about any fairness and justice for Scotland.

      You say I keep using both, but do I??…I hope I do not. I think you’ll find I very rarely use the world English. It isn’t the English I object to, absolutely not. Westminster, BritNats, British Establishment, are all terms I would readily to use to describe our “enemies”, but if I have used the word English in that context, then it was done in error and not my intention. I try to be careful.

      It is actually my genuine and sincere belief that English interests are being destroyed by tawdry British Nationalism just as much as Scottish interests, and maybe to a far more damaging and lasting extent, but we Scots cannot I fear save the English from their own demons. At least we Scots can walk away from it. The BritNats are shitting on their own doorstep and the stink is going to linger for a very long time.

      The BritNats won’t hear of it of course, but I genuinely think England needs Scottish Independence and an end to the Union at least as much as Scotland does, because the difference between Englishness and Britishness is burrowing into their psyche, giving them a real identity crisis from which we Scots are mostly spared. I honestly think the English Nation will heave a welcome sigh of relief when they can just sit back and start to enjoy being English again without all the complications and dark evils of “British” exceptionalism.

      I honestly think too, when we finally get our house in order, and the English get their house in order, it’ll be like neighbours at Christmas. Good times, bad times, funny times, or sad, but thank God we’ll have our own homes to go to.

    71. MorvenM says:

      Ended my SNP membership on Friday 31st January after 20+ years. That speech was the last straw. Got a letter from them this morning. Was expecting “Please re-join anytime, blah, blah…” Instead, it was Peter Murrell’s letter, begging for more money. They must have forgotten to take me off their mailing list.

      I suppose there’s no point in asking what happened to my contribution to the fund for the referendum that never was. Still, at least now I won’t be helping support the likes of Murray Foote and the woke brigade.

      I don’t always agree with Robin McAlpine and have laughed at some of his articles in the past, but I’m sorry to say he’s probably spot on with this one:

    72. Abulhaq says:

      Sovereignty: explain what that means.
      Power: also explains what that means.
      Unfortunately the eyes glaze over in the process.
      The masses would rather see repeats of Corrie, end to end.
      Unionism, it’s either intellectual laziness or incipient senility.
      Democracy? If only we could take the reactionary demos out of democracy!

    73. Dan says:

      Good stuff as ever Breeks.
      It really has almost got to the point of comedy now with many of our elected Scottish politicians finding the time to put a rainbow twibbon in their profile pic whilst ignoring their country is being systematically ravaged by psychopaths and crooks, which if allowed to continue will likely mean our politicians will have even less power and influence to affect a wide range of policy.

      Grabbing and igniting a candle on the 31st of January to leave a light on in Europe seemed like a rather inappropriate and forlorn last minute gesture when the big ol’ Sovereignty Spanner could have been picked up and wielded the moment the EU ref. result was in, to start undoing the nuts that bind us in the UK union, whilst simultaneously tightening the bolts to keep us held firm in European Union.


      You can try getting folk to read this old article.

    74. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Breeks (1.58, 7.08, 7.44)-



    75. Elmac says:

      MorvenM @ 7.45

      Ditto. Told them where to put their membership and the reasons why on 31 January and received same begging letter today.

    76. mr thms says:

      Cappella at 6:08 pm

      “The consultation is open to the whole world, which may seem odd as it asks about a change in Scottish law.”

      How can Scot’s law become compatible with the removal of the ‘gender identity disorder’ classification from the WHO’s next edition of the official manual of diagnoses?

    77. Dan says:

      Remember back in 2016 when Labour’s National Executive Committee decided to ban new members from voting in fresh Labour leadership contest.
      One wonders if it gave any other parties ideas…

    78. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Irish GE results due from 10pm onwards.

      Very important for us, so perhaps worth tuning in to RTE.

    79. Dr Jim says:

      In the Republic of Ireland the press cover good news stories as well as bad about their country
      In Northern Ireland the press cover bad news stories about the Republic and bad news stories about Sinn Fein

      Familiar stuff eh, but the British press isn’t controlled, Nah of course it’s not

    80. MorvenM says:

      Elmac @ 8.53 pm

      Would be interesting to know how many members they lost that day. Must have been a fair few when the begging letters went out so quickly.

    81. twathater says:

      Breeks @ 1.42pm a very informative and emotive posting Breeks and people like Tiny t attempting to denigrate your contribution shows that certain supposed supporters are quite content to delay and kick our dreams into the long grass in the hope that maybe bozo will come to their rescue and block our hopes and ambitions in perpetuity

      If Tiny t is not a brit Nat he certainly speaks their language

    82. TinyT says:


      Caught me bang to rights!

    83. Ian Brotherhood says:

      RTE reporting that exit poll shows FG, FF and SF all tied on 22%. (Margin of error is 1.5%)

    84. twathater says:

      Posted this on the arse end of the last post I thought I would add it here to annoy SNP luvvies

      twathater says:
      8 February, 2020 at 3:41 pm

      Breeks @ 7.21 am As you have stated time immemorial the fault lies with devolution and the incompetence of our representatives and negotiators to spot these TRAPS in the wording of the Scotland acts , the haste and desperation for devolution has cost us dearly

      But as with any contract there has to be a means and direction with which to nullify and dissolve these contracts

      The very fact that Scots have the LEGAL right to determine their choice of government is unarguable and is one way to drive the said coach and horses through these acts , it ONLY requires a referendum of the people of Scotland to determine their choice , there is nothing written in these acts to declare that we only have one or two chances or that a certain time has to pass before we can have another go

      The problem we have is that we have a FM who has declared that we cannot determine the wishes and desires of the people of Scotland through a referendum because she NEEDS the wastemonster government to agree to the outcome , which because of the narrowness of the last result and the ongoing clusterfuck they will never agree too

      It is a complete TRAVESTY that so much time has been wasted and it is not the buffoon bozo who is BLOCKING our road to independence and a better future for our children and grandchildren , but the very person we elected to get us our independence Nicola Sturgeon

      The other way as you say would be to resurrect the true parliament of Scotland and defy wastemonster

    85. terence callachan says:

      Breeks 7.44pm…

      But most of the people that vote for nearly all MPs in Westminster are actually English people

      Nearly all the British nationalists in U.K. are English

      You don’t have to hate or as you say “ object to “ English people
      But to ignore that Westminster and British nationalism would not exist without the huge majority of English people voting for it is to ignore reality

      Once Scotland is independent once British nationalism no longer rules Scotland you will be able to enjoy Christmas’s with English neighbours every bit as much as you can now but the number of English people still wanting to control Scotland will not have diminished

      British nationalism only exists because English people vote for it and there are more of them than Scotland wales Ireland added together

    86. Robert Louis says:

      Breeks at 158pm,

      What an excellent post, and the rest later today were as well. I too cannot fathom the reluctance of this Scottish Government to throw aside the chains THEY HAVE GIVEN THEMSELVES.

      It was NEVER Westminster that said Scotland MUST have a referendum for independence. It was NEVER Westminster that said their MUST be a section 30 agreement. Indeed, Tory minister after Tory Minister, including Thatcher (of all people) thought all Scotland needed was am ajority of pro indy MP’;s and that would end the union.

      But no, time after time, after time, the SNP hierarchy throw up some excuse or other as to why Scotland cannot become independent. It is the SNP buulding these obstruction and barriers, NOT Westminster.

      But what makes me angriest, is what Breeks constantly alludes to, the abject failure of the Scottish Government to even try to stand up for Scotland’s constitutional rights. Had they done so, Brexit would NOT have happened – at least to Scotland.

      Still the SNP trudge on, suggesting wee all just carry on trying to persuade people about indy.

      All Political parties in power, eventually lose contact with their voters and that is where the SNP are now. People still do not want brexit, yet it seems the Scotgov have decided they’ll just go along with it, and moan about it now and then.

      For a simple example, what is the Scottish Government doing right now, to prevent Brexit in Scotland? I’ll tell you, sweet f all, that’s what. The whole damn lot of them should be run out of the parliament. They have let Scotland down at its time of need.

      I was at the Hydro ‘do’ the day NS took over the reigns as SNP leader. A great day. Spirits were so high. Now, the SNP has become obsessed with idiotic and wholly unwanted Gender laws, whilst allowing our country to be dragged out of the EU against our wishes, and letting our consitutional rights IN LAW be usurped.

      Nicola Sturgeon, who PROMISED a referendum in 2020, should resign – after she has apologised to the people of Scotland, who are rightly furious at brexit being allowed to happen, and STILL NO REFERENDUM. And her husband, Peter Murell, really ought to go too.

      Oh, and why have the Scottish Government got no plans to celebrate the 700th anniversary of one of the founding pillars of Scotland’s consitution and Scotland itself, the declaration of Arbroath?? What a disgrace.

    87. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Dan @ 17:02,

      Don’t mind a bit of banter, that was a little tongue-in-cheek of me anyway, after all. =grin= Actually, I admire that way you and Dr.J can get over a point with a laugh to help it along!

      I’m all for debate about the issues, and I have been somewhat critical of the present SNP leadership strategy myself, even taken brickbats for it at times on here for my pains. That’s all as it should be. Even the usual concern trolls, who soon become well-known anyway.

      What really makes my blood boil though is that misbegotten offspring of BT who don’t come here or elsewhere in the social mediasphere to discuss issues (since they would quickly lose) but instead devote their energies to denigrating individuals in the indy leadership (especially SNP) via baseless personal insinuations. Their aim is evidently a deliberate calculated attempt to diminish anyone capable of leadership in order to harm and divert the increasing public shift toward independence. All done by unsubstantiated smears, nods and winks. A constant dribble of poisonous character assassination from people who claim to support independence but whose every effort is negative. We could call them the Proud Poison Dwarves (PPDs). As we have seen recently, as the polls have moved toward indy, the mask has slipped from some of the concern trolls and revealed PPDs.

      Another (relatively small) group are the disenchanted egoists (DEs). People who have had their nose put out of joint one way or another by the SNP, or those who have an attenuated following and bitterly envy the relative success of the SNP, or those whose zenith is long past and can’t come to terms with the loss of influence. I’m sure we can all think of particular individuals who fit into these categories. Starting with Jim Sillars, who is now shamefully reduced to writing pathetic letters to the Tory papers.

      In a way they are worse, because they are attacking the very cause they claim to espouse, motivated by mere personal pique. If they were truly worth anything, they would be far bigger than that.

      Lastly there are the dummy followers (DFs), the emotionally incontinent who voraciously and indiscriminately hoover up the crap from the others and gleefully regurgitate it with their own imaginative and equally-baseless embellishments. These are the useful idiots that the PPDs are targeting, the equivalent of zombie servers who unwittingly provide an increased background of confusion and misdirection for their manipulators.

      All of which has nothing to do with policy and issues, and everything to do with harming decent people’s reputations by whisper and innuendo. A continuation of the relentless negativity of the other side back in 2014, driven by an increasingly-desperate feeling that they are fast losing the argument, haunted by a graveyard of lies. Hence the waves of insinuation that magically appear these days in the wake of every good poll result for indy.

      If I get angry at such dastardly and underhand efforts, I do not apologise for it. You all should be helping to see these people off by appropriate public ridicule, which is what they fully merit.

      Oh, and here’s a quick tell, peeps. If you see the name “Murrell” in a posting (besides this one, natch! =grin=), you have one of the above right there in plain sight. Note them well.

    88. terence callachan says:

      twathater …..I think you are wrong

      I do not think NS has said that Scotland cannot have a Scottish independence referendum
      The exact opposite in fact
      She said there will be one 2020
      This is only February ten months to go

      I do not think NS said we NEED Westminster’s agreement to hold a referendum
      She said we WANT Westminster to agree to a referendum
      There is a good reason for that
      What we do not want is to leave U.K. without a deal

      It is in our interest to have an agreed separation so we can separate in an orderly fashion and split assets correctly

      If an agreed separation is not possible
      Because of continued refusals by England
      Which is very possible
      Then Scotland will leave the U.K. without a deal and will hold a referendum without England’s agreement

      BJ wants rash behaviour so he can turn the blame back on SNP

      NS and SNP are shrewd and clever you will. see that before the end of this year

      In the meantime you should respect their position as leaders

    89. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘Labour’ in Ireland is down to 4.6%.

    90. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Stand-out stat from the Irish GE exit poll (according to RTE presenter) is that 32% of voters aged 34 or less voted Sinn Fein. I’ve no idea what it was previously but that’s being billed as pretty important.

    91. Liz g says:

      You keep on keepin on my friend.
      While I’ve said in the past that we are not on that path at the moment… It’s still a valid route to Indy and should we turn to it your efforts will go a long way to the understanding of it.
      I know you think we should have been doing this along time ago…but we are where we are and as the section 30 route closes the more people that point to the constitutional route the better.
      That big dummy has no way out of this and his last best chance was to win another no vote and he is so caught up in sayin no he can’t see he’s practically sealing the deal. 🙂

    92. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Dunno if this will help support what Breeks has been saying or just muddy the waters further for some, but here’s what Lord Salisbury has to say about the referendum/sovereignty

    93. Golfnut says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood.

      Thanks for the link to the interview with Lord Salisbury. I mean he’s not exactly telling us something we don’t know, and if we know it and he knows it, wtf are the SG faffing about for.

      One other point which I think is rarely if ever pointed out is that where Westminster acts against our or our representatives expressed will in all constitutional matters then they must be acting unlawfully.

    94. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Remember, Friends of WOS get-together after the march/rally on 2nd May in Glasgow, in Dow’s function suite, for those of a similar persuasion. It’s across the road from the entrance to Queen Street Station.

      Contact Ian Brotherhood for further info.

    95. Dan says:

      Quick power update for folk staggering back from the pub and making a cuppa and toast.

      Environmentalists (not necessarily green voters) chuffed to see approx 45% of grid power being generated by wind.

      Brexitmentalists fuckin ragin to see approx 7.5% of grid power still coming from pesky furriners even when they’ve left the EU.

    96. Grouse Beater says:

      Foote and mouth. Thanks for that, Chris. Hope you’re keeping well.

      Your essential weekend reading:

      ‘The Road to Crieff’:
      ‘Parasite – a review’:

    97. twathater says:

      I will apologise for this bit of my post at 10.04pm

      ( thought I would add it here to annoy SNP luvvies )

      Everyone has the right to their opinions the fact that I disagree with them is my prerogative , After all I hope we all have the same thing in common INDEPENDENCE for Scotland

    98. twathater says:

      Capella 6.08pm thank you for that link again Capella , but I’m even more angry now that this consultation has been opened up to the world , WTAF are they now going to ask the world to consult or opine on all our laws now , what opinion does the world have on OBFA or any other legislation we deem pertinant , or is this just another way to skew the results asking trans from all over to pressure the SG to ignore Scottish womens deeply held fears

      Terrence being an avid supporter of Nicola and the SNP do you think the SNP SG should allow the world to vote on our independence or is that different

      Every day this more and more feels like one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

    99. TinyT says:

      “Every day this more and more feels like one flew over the cuckoo’s nest”

      You’re a star 🙂

    100. Al-Stuart says:

      Robert J Sutherland is at it again.

      Pontificating his view as the Gospel and anyone who disagrees is a PDF or PFUT or something else in his hew special coded language. EEJIT.

      Sutherland now pollutes poor old Chris Cairns thread. BobbyJ ignores the theme of this thread: the media Vow author being hired by SNP High Command.

      Yup Sutherland ignores that, immediately mounts his high horse and lectures everyone with hiis self-impotent acronyms for people who don’t agree with him. Robert J Sutherland, you are a hypocrite. You are the very troll that you claim to despise.

      Sutherland why are you posting your feckless guff on here?

      Have you not been reading Stuart Campbell’s blog? It looks like you come on here to stir up excrement, stuff your mindless views down the throats of others, abuse others, rant at them, then bu66er off.

      You COMPLETELY IGNORE the very germane points raised by Rev Stu,.

      I would ask you to reflect on two articles researched and written by Stuart Campbell…


      Robert J Sutherland, so far you have IGNORED the horrendous thesis put forward by WoS threat SNP High Command are stitching us up like Arbroath Smokies just so the SNP politicians can stay in high paid Westminster jobs led by fat banker Blackford and NOT allow IndyRef2.

      Why do you think SNP Spring Conference has been cancelled?

      It is to stymie a revolt in the ranks. Spring Conference are very likely to push the matter of IndyRef2 to a vote that is BINDING on the SNP Exec (without the illegitimate English parliament Section 30 Order).

      In fairness, it must be VERY difficult for SNP Fundies to admit the current leadership are as discribed by Stuart in the aforementioned articles.

      I can empathise as 23 years ago I voted for Tony Blair because so many people said: “give himself the benefit of the doubt.”

      We all know how the career of Tony Blair ended.

      The SNP grass roots need to get a grip of the current leadership, sort out the fifth column infiltration from the dishonest trans minority wreckers.

      Or the SNP will have the Hubris that Stuart forensically detailed.

      The SNP can go back down to 11 MPs. Holyrood can become a LibLab Scottish Executive again. Perish the thought. BobbyJ, go read WoS work on Hubris.

      Robbie Burns was write in 1791 when he wrote Parcel O’ Rogues In A Nation.

      Those words are as fresh now as they were 219 years ago.

      Methinks only Alex Salmond or Joanna Cherry can lead the SNP out of the coming storm.

      Robert J. Sutherland, you are losing many more voters as you switch them away from the SNP cause than you are recruiting. Maybe time for you to join your friends over at Scot Goes Pop.

    101. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Al-Stuart @ 03:17,

      I didn’t mention any names of posters on here, but funnily enough you seem to recognise yourself anyway, so I’m sure we’re all obliged for the gratuitous self-identification. You just can’t help yourself, can you? Loadsa black letter ranting as per usual and all.

      You are very ready to smear others without a shred of substantiation, you vile little creep, but you just can’t stand hearing some salient home truths, even when not directed specifically at you. That one must surely have struck home.

      I’m confident though there are plenty of lurkers out there who are not only well able to recognise what I’m saying, but can also see fine for themselves who is involved in this contemptible smear campaign directed against people whose shoes they will never be able to fill in a million years.

      Fool or knave, with types like you it doesn’t even matter. Fester away in your typical corrosive Labourite negativity. You’re history now anyway and we’re not fooled.

    102. robertknight says:

      Al Stuart @ 3:17

      “Why do you think SNP Spring Conference has been cancelled?”

      So that the replacement for NS can be elected in time for a big headline-grabbing welcome at the Summer Conference. I thought everybody knew that…

    103. Robert Louis says:

      And here, today, you see the problem folk have with the SNP. Lead story in the National newspaper, is about Holyrood just legislating for indyref anyway, and then letting Westminster challenge it via the courts if it wants to. Sounds good.

      But wait, that really isn’t the plan by the SNP is it, further into the article, Alex Neil, MSP says;

      “But I agree with the First Minister, we have got to give democracy every chance, so if we get to 2021 and the SNP win an overall majority on the back of a mandate for indyref2, then democratically and morally Johnson cannot say no.

      “If he continues to say no, and defy the wishes of the Scottish people, we cannot take no for answer and we have got to look at every possible legal way to force the issue.

      “But let’s try and force him into accepting the wishes of the people first if we win that mandate next year.”

      [my bolding]

      And there, for all to see, is the problem, people within the SNP think it is just quite ok to diddle on until 2021, and only then to start pushing for indyref.

      That will be too, too late. And besides there are many who will not vote SNP next time around. They primised a referendum in 2020, so they will not have my vote, if they do not hold it.

      How cosy eh? How slick. re-elect us, so we have another five years in our well-paid jobs, and we will really, really, try to have indyref. Honest.

      No. The SNP have been given electoral mandate after mandate after mandate. They just won 80% of Scottish seats at the election, but Boris still says no. So, why does anybody think for even one second, that yet another electoral victory for the SNP will change things. But magically, if the SNP msp’s all get re-elected in 2021, then according to Alex Neil, “Johnson can’t say no”.

      Utter, utter self-serving p*sh.

      Straight out of the failed Scottish labour handbook. Keep re-electing us, and we’ll keep aiming to hold indyref. Honest!

      The SNP can go swivel.

    104. Robert Louis says:

      Sorry, meant to link to story in The National.

      Here it is;

    105. Al-Stuart says:

      Oh dear me, Robert, you just can’t help yourself.

      It seems your “passion” has turned into a toxic brew of self flagelation and trolling others who are not members of your cult.

      Robert, you grandstand about being a person who loves to debate, but not once have you made an effort to answer my empirical point?

      Why are you here?

      You have made a virtue of abusing others. Your love is to troll people here who have a genuine interest at what is happening in Scottish politics. God help the soft no voters after they read your bile. BobbyJ, when faced with a Troll there is a mirror policy. I just give your steaming excrement back to you on a plate with a side order of facts.

      As with the site owner, I have little time for fools or charlatans and call them out.

      Before you splatter another bitter rant from a lost Fundy soul on what is supposed to be a HUMOUROUS segment about a cartoon on how YOUR leader has employed the AUTHOR OF THE “VOW”, maybe you could stay on topic for the attention span of a goldfish? Robert…

      What do you think about the FACT the current McWoke leadership at the SNP have employed the author of the infamous VOW that arguably cost Scotland its Independence?

      Are you not disturbed by that?

      As for substantive matters, Robert the master baiter and supreme troll leader, how about answering my earlier post?

      Do you accept the WoS article about the Hubris risk to the SNP?

      The same risk that saw ordinary voters of “New” Labour go from a great majority to ONE seat in Scotland?

      Do you not see the risks as narrated by this website’s owner. Or are YOU the plant? Is it your job to pi55 off and pi55 on those people like me who have been LENDING the SNP their votes for 14 years?

      I care about whether the SNP leadership can get their act together. Or more likely can get Alex Salmond or Joanna Cherry voted in as SNP Leader with a new team other than the McWoke Brigade and the Derek Mackay hingers oan. I trust the received wisdom that Stuart Campbell has assembled on and within this site. A bitter pill, but good medicine as it alerts those who can remedy the problems and helps them avoid another SNP meltdown in 2021. If we lose that election. IndyRef2 WILL BE OFF THE MENU footprint FIVE TO TEN YEARS. Ya roaster.

      Robert, is there any danger in you answering the elephant-in-the-room subject written by Stuart Campbell? How do YOU explain the article and FACTS as detailed in this WoS article…

      The Betrayer?

      Let’s face it Robert, you are a toom tabard, and empty vessel, a vacant shirt. All bitter key banging bluster foaming at the mouth.

      Robert J Sutherland, if you had any substance, you would debate the facts, not have a hissy fit!

      If you mattered one iota, you WOULD be concerned with the remedial action required to save the SNP suffering another defeat in 2021 at Holyrood,

      You SAY you are a fact based person. In 2017 the SNP went from 59 MPs down to 36 MPs.The party of Scotland LOST 23 MPs. Only the arrogant fool fails to learn the lessons of the past. For sure these losses are at RISK of being repeated in 2021 at Holyrood..

      These are the things that matter. Not you. Not me. Yet you drag these threads down to ad hominem attacks and set yourself up as the Big Troll. You’ve already been found out as wanting to be the pro team owner of WoS as per an earlier thread.

      Once you answer the facts as referenced above, then maybe you will get further engagement. Until then you are on the SCROLL PAST list.

      Frankly you have failed to understand all the research, time, effort and work into IndyRef1 and IndyRef2 by the real owner of this website. Are you sure you wouldn’t be happier with the McWoke McMoaners over on Scot Goes Pop?

    106. Breeks says:

      In simplest terms, although the reality might not be simple, I think the problem is our Scottish Government suffers from a glut of entitlement married to a poverty of ambition.

      It has a grand opinion of itself as Scotland’s Government, as would be fitting and appropriate for any National Government, but it seems to have neither the vision nor boldness to step outside the narrow parameters of Devolved “colonial” legislation like the Scotland Act.

      It’s happy to talk the talk as Scotland’s Government, but not walk the walk.

      Now, in their defence, there is a not unnatural fear that overstepping its remit from Westminster is inviting Westminster to take back the powers it has so “graciously” bestowed upon us, and refuse to recognise Holyrood as a legitimate legislature. Scotland would lose its devolved Parliament, and Westminster would impose direct rule.

      People might say that’s Boris Johnson’s intention anyway, and he has indeed installed a new Scottish Office for that express purpose, but I bet you big bucks he might pull the teeth and claws out from Holyrood, but he won’t close it, because Devolution gives Westminster a foothold to legitimise it’s jurisdiction. Colonial occupiers need puppet Governments for good reason.

      So, I do readily accept that for the SNP to overstep the boundaries of Holyrood’s devolved constitution is a huge step to take with ominous consequences, it’s the step Scotland has to take if it wants to be an Independent Nation.

      You can put it off, procrastinate, tread water, stall for time, but sooner or later, you know you have to gird your loins and go for it.

      Scotland has just been subjugated. The theft of our European Citizenship is now a matter of record. A winnable battle that was lost because our fightback never materialised. People are angry that the SNP has procrastinated for too long and is too comfortable wearing the clothes of a recognised and obedient Devolved Government, and hasn’t the fire in it’s boiler room to stand on it’s own two feet and not just challenge Westminster’s hegemony, but defeat it, roll it up, and send it packing back to Westminster.

      The Scottish Government is hiding behind the Scottish Act, “oh we cannae dae this coz the the Scotland Act disnae gie us the power”, because it’s quaking in its boots and afraid to put it’s faith in the Sovereign Constitution of the Scottish Nation. Scotland elected you. Scotland appointed you to defend Scotland’s interests, institutions and Constitution. You CAN act as a sovereign Government, and Scotland requires that you do.

      I understand. I’d be quaking too, like I expect William Wallace was looking out over the bridge at Stirling, or Robert the Bruce looking out over Bannockburn. Or even quaking in their boots at just putting their names and seals on the Declaration of Arbroath knowing the action might not succeed and that humble signature might invite terrible retribution and grotesque, obscene execution at the hand on an enraged colonial invader… I expect they all quaked in their boots a little bit, maybe a lot, but then they found their courage and stood their ground for Scotland.

      It’s time for Scotland to find that courage again. Step out from behind the Scotland Act Nicola, and defend the sovereign Nation of Scotland from this pernicious colonial assimilation. Or else get out of the way.

    107. Mike d says:

      Dr jim. 9.26pm. I remember growing up as a youngster in Ireland watching RTE. Never once did i hear them insinuate their country was shite.

    108. Mike d says:

      Dr jim. 9.26pm .good post.

    109. Golfnut says:

      Whatever self imposed restrictions we believe the SNP/SG have placed on themselves, whatever threats to our politicians and our Parliament that may or may not have been made, we know one thing for certain, that Westminster has ignored the democratically expressed will of the Sovereign People of Scotland and that alone is enough for the people of Scotland to act.
      Christine Graham was in no doubt as to how Independence would be achieved, people on the streets demanding it, and lets be in no doubt, in 2016, the FM made it clear that she would act when we told her to, it would appear we have shouted loud enough.
      Well, we need to start shouting now.
      On the streets, gathering signatures for a petion that orders on pain of treason that the Scottish Parliament repeals the Act of Union and withdraws from the Treaty, orders our MP’s home to form a second chamber, orders the Queen of Scots before the Scottish Parliament to account for her actions in direct contravention of the Declaration of Arbroath and orders a judicial review on what criminal action can pressed against Politicians, media and organisations which have corrupted the constitutional process using lies, misdirection, misrepresentation and threat.
      No easy task, it would require the Yes movement to mobilise and act as one, it will take time and effort, but without doubt it is a clear demonstration of Sovereignty in action, by the people, for the people.

    110. Colin Alexander says:

      If indyref1 was a sovereign decision because it was the will of the people of Scotland, and they are sovereign,

      how come the EU-Ref vote to remain in Scotland by a far higher percentage of the Scottish electorate who voted: (62% v 55% )is only “advisory”?

      If the people’s decision is sovereign in one constitutional referendum, then it’s sovereign in another constitutional referendum.

      The SNP ignores this, the UK Govt ignores this, UK Parliament ignores this, the EU ignores this.

      The Scot Govt only challenged A50 on Sewel, not on sovereignty.

    111. Rm says:

      Get Murray Foote to start a pirate radio station and over time see which government tries to shut it down, will the Scottish Government tell everybody not to pay the licence for Westminster’s propaganda machine, Scotland needs its own media outlets so Scots can communicate with Scots and people working and living in Scotland, so Scots can advertise to Scots and people working and living in Scotland, we’ll never get the truth from anybody unless genuine people start taking over our media and advertising outlets.

    112. Effijy says:

      Brewer in full unionist attack on Keith Brown.

      Another Tory plant who started out with that laughable claim
      Of being a Trotskyite.

      In Summary SNP Bad even though most people here pay less tax
      Than England, but the richer element pay more and in many cases
      Pennies more.

      SNP should be ship designers, architects and ventilation engineers,
      But not like Bojo the railway Engineer, Nuclear power plant engineer,
      NHS manager over the thousands of needless deaths and finance
      Genius taking UK debt thru £2.25 Trillion and accelerating.

    113. Willie says:

      Did anyone notice the Her Majesty’s Government full page advertisement on page 24 of the Scottish Sun yesterday advising that the NHS was prepared for the Coronavirus outbreak.

      Save for telling folks that the best way to avoid Coronavirus was to always carry a tissue to catch one’s sneeze before thereafter always binning the tissue the advert seemed purposely designed to show that HMG was in control and or that the Scottish Government and the Scottish NHS was not.

      Pure political advertising by HMG standing in the dog’s basket to show who’s master.

      And are we to expect more of this intervention from Boris Johnstone into police, education, and all the other areas currently governed by the Scottish Parliament.

      I know what I think.

    114. Stoker says:

      Retweeting the following for those who missed it. Feel free to participate and pass around encouraging others to do likewise. And to ask a seriously important question.Capella, you wrote: “The consultation is open to the whole world, which may seem odd as it asks about a change in Scottish law.” That’s outrageous if true. Will you or anyone else please point me in the direction of the evidence declaring this?

      Capella wrote on 8 February, 2020 at 6:08 pm:

      “For those who wanted some guidance on the Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition consultation, here is a link to Forwomen Scotland who have posted guidance on their blog home page. I recommend everyone read that and then click through to the consultation form.

      I would encourage everyone to take this opportunity to make their views known. The consultation is open to the whole world, which may seem odd as it asks about a change in Scottish law. So it is important that as many ordinary Scottish people respond as possible. So please pass on the link to anyone who would be interested (i.e. everybody).
      The closing date is 17th March so there is time though I wouldn’t recommend putting it off too long.”

    115. schrodingers cat says:


      this is all very good but you dont actually say what it is you want nicola to do??

    116. Republicofscotland says:

      The Attack the SNP show, I meant the Scottish Politics show, really had a go at the SNP through Brewer today. Keith Brown eventually did something very few SNP minsters have had the guts to do. He rounded on Brewer and opened up about the huge debts and the shambolic record in government that the consecutuve governments South of the border have accumulated.

      Brewer then wheeled the the three stooges Labour/Tory/Lib/Dem decriers of all things SNP on various screens in the studio, even Patrick Harvey put down the possibility of a consultative referendum, that Joanna Cherry had teweeted about. Though it turns out that it was just a proposition for a bill to go through Holyrood and wait to see if there’s a legal challenge against it.

      I say lets have our consultative referendum, Johnson will never agree to any independence referendum. If Kosovo can do it so can we.

    117. Effijy says:

      FFS Everyone with an ounce of sense knows even the best NHS in the UK
      has no chance of managing the Corona Virus.

      So people in England think they have it, they panic and head to A & E
      They are among the millions in work and food bank poverty so you can
      Forget any shit about them turning up with face masks, rubber gloves and
      Goggles to protect the eyes.

      They sit among all the other ailments and spread to all of them.
      It’s on the seats and door handles so it can be spread for days.

      The staff share it and they take it to the wards and then home and from their
      To public transport, places of work and schools.

      There is absolutely no chance of Bojo being able to support an epidemic with
      The resources he and his chums have decimated.

      Can we have that walk at the border now?

    118. schrodingers cat says:

      sinn fein romping ahead in the irish ge count

    119. SilverDarling says:

      Watching Brewer, Keith Brown was good and got some of his points over well. The point about staffing costs at the new Edinburgh Children’s hospital wasn’t clear. Was he suggesting there is a staff sitting at home being paid for nothing whilsts awaiting the opening of the hospital? Surely the vast majority, if not all, are employed at the old site or across other sites?

      They are really going for Joanna Cherry now. This is a witch hunt. I saw on Twitter someone showed a passage from the old accounts of the witch hunters of old in Scotland – they were known as the ‘common prickers’ after their practice of using needles to determine whether the ‘witch’ felt anything.

      I see we are back to compiling lists of who is good and bad on this site again based on our views of the SNP and whether this means you are not a true believer. ‘Common prickers’ is a good way to describe those who set themselves up as the arbiters of what is OK for others to say and believe. We can all be guilty of this. Let’s try not to be ‘common prickers’!

    120. Ottomanboi says:

      The huge Tory win in England and the fact that Johnson was probably responsible for it has upset the opposition. Neither the SNP nor Labour have worked out how to handle the man they casually dismissed as a buffoon.
      Who wears the buffoon’s hat now?
      Nicola Sturgeon has had a long innings and may well have run out of stamina. Certainly her approach to the arts of governance over the Brexit period suggests she lacks the sly skills of a strategist, being a play it straight lawyer at heart.
      She has also made errors of character judgment, as recent events attest.
      She should do the honourable thing and signal her intention not to lead the National party into the 2021 parliamentary elections, hang on and the internal unity of the party might be stretched to rupture.
      I believe many have had enough of London ‘wokery’ fouling the party apparatus.

    121. Joe says:

      Isnt it interesting. The left within the country are tearing each other apart with some showing themselves to be complete totalitarians. Imagine what happens when that ideology takes the supreme reigns of a countries power? You dont have to. Just read history. Maybe its time some of you started to consider what you think you know?

    122. Dan says:

      Aye Joe, and those on the right are doing such a stellar job…

      Jeggit article from Friday re. Mackay but worth a read for other other aspects.

    123. Breeks says:

      schrodingers cat says:
      9 February, 2020 at 10:41 am

      this is all very good but you dont actually say what it is you want nicola to do??

      I want the Scottish Government, that is Scottish MP’s, Scottish MSP’s, to step outside and away from Westminster, and Holyrood, and call a session of the Old Scottish Parliament, the original Scottish Parliament which has not sat since 1707, and swear in those MP’s as Scottish MP’s loyal only to the lawful Constitution of the Nation of Scotland, and the Popular Sovereignty of the People.

      Until further notice, put Holyrood in stasis, together with the Scotland Act and Sewel Convention, and reconstitute the “true” Government of Scotland through a Scottish Convention, and see that Scottish Parliament bound to only respect the sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

      Let me quote to you again the Scottish Government’s description of how it sees itself constituted…

      ”….the United Kingdom is found across customs, practices – some unwritten – and various accumulated pieces of legislation. The Acts of Union between Scotland and England are among those founding statutes.
      More recently, however, the Scotland Act 1998, the Scotland Act 2012, the Scotland Act 2016, as well as the European Communities Act 1972 form the basis upon which Scotland is governed.
      These statutes, agreements and associated conventions, such as the Sewel Convention, set out the roles and responsibilities of the Scottish Parliament and Government, and those of the UK Government and Westminster.Therefore, Scotland’s current place within the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom’s (and Scotland’s) relationship with the EU is formed from a combination of laws and practices built up over time, which cannot be seen in isolation.”

      I would hold a session of Scotland’s elected MP’s, call it a Constitutional Convention if the expression isn’t worn out through misuse, and denounce or purge from the Constitution of Scotland’s Government all “colonial” type legislation which is incompatible with or runs contrary to, the essential principles of Scotland’s Popular Sovereignty as defined in Scotland’s Lawful and Internationally recognised Sovereign Constitution as it stood before 1707.

      I would next run a similar exercise to audit the Treaty of Union for similar incompatibilities with Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution before 1707, paying particular attention to the “sovereignty by convention” which Westminster arbitrarily assumes for itself through ambiguous and unwritten protocols, and lodge a formal motion at the UN and Council of Europe that the UK Governments “Sovereignty by Convention” is nonsense, and UK Sovereignty is formally a disputed sovereignty, and that the UK seeks to unlawfully usurp and subjugate the formerly recognised and undisputed Sovereignty of Scotland.

      This action by itself would not itself end the Union, but a sovereign Scottish Parliament sitting in session outside a UK Parliament would if I’m correct, constitute a material breach of the Treaty of Union, but it’s arguable that principle was already broken by Westminster itself when setting up Holyrood. And that isn’t the only “asymmetrical” interpretation of Union which has taken place by Westminster’s hand. Brexit, EVEL, differing Tax raising power, NI’s trade deal… these are all technical breaches of the Union Treaty.

      Formally disputing UK Parliamentary Sovereignty would plunge the UK into a genuine constitutional crisis, with effective government largely paralysed until the dogs breakfast of the UK’s unwritten constitution, and in particular whether the Union does constitute unlawful subjugation, can be sorted out.

      It is my firm belief that Scotland’s case for National Sovereignty is beyond doubt, and I further believe that an English (or British) Parliament’s capacity to reign sovereign over Scotland against Scotland’s will is equally beyond doubt.. they cannot. The dispute of UK Sovereignty would focus entirely on the mysterious “convention” of the Union which somehow merges the Popular bottom up Sovereignty of the people of Scotland with the hierarchical top down divine sovereignty of a monarch and the monarchs Parliament.

      That “Sovereignty by Convention” by the way has just seen the emphatic democratic will of Scotland’s desire to stay in Europe arbitrarily overruled, which makes it quite a sinister and unscrupulous Convention which really needs to be audited for legality.

      I don’t think a Constitutional Court would be fobbed off with some unwritten and notional concept of abstract sovereignty, not when Scotland can describe and set out its own case for sovereign legitimacy in explicit terms and actual documentation, and make an equally powerful demonstration of our subjugation via Brexit.

      Even if that Constitutional Court baulked at the responsibility of declaring the UK Constitutionally unsound, and found a loophole to wriggle out in order to save the UK as an “established” convention, Scotland would have every right to demand that convention be properly codified, and the apparent subjugation of Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution explained in detail.

    124. cirsium says:

      thanks to Al-Stuart (3.17am, 8.25am), Robert Louis (8.03) and Breeks (8.27) for the well-argued comments.

      The key principle of Scottish constitutional law is that national sovereignty resides with the Scottish people. It is not clear why the Scottish government elected by the Scottish people is not acting on this principle.

    125. Capella says:

      @ Stoker – the previous consultation in 2017/18 had 15,697 responses of which only 49% were from Scotland. See the report on the consultation of the Sottish Government pages.

      Profile of respondents

      In total, 15,697 responses were available for analysis, of which 15,532 were from individual members of the public and 165 were from groups or organisations. Overall, 49% of respondents to the consultation are resident in Scotland, with 38% resident in the rest of the UK and the remaining
      13% resident elsewhere in the world.

      I have read that the current consultation is also open world wide though I don’t have the quote to hand. Will post if or when I find it.

    126. Joe says:

      Tried to post the youtube link but here but seems to have failed. This is a laugh mixed with truths:

      Youtube: Jonathon Pie’s HARD BREXIT

    127. Breeks says:


      Here’s another suggestion.

      Suppose a group of Scots take inspiration directly from the Declaration of Arbroath, which literally says our Constitution is valid and quorate for as long as there are 100 of us…

      Rather that setting up a Scottish Parliament superior to Holyrood, and create headaches for the SNP, suppose instead we set up a Scottish Senate, with 100 Scottish Senators satisfying the stipulated protocols of the Declaration of Arbroath, and setting themselves up as an upper house and second chamber for Scottish Government which is not answerable to Westminster in any way, and would be quite at liberty to veto any Holyrood legislation which threatened to erode or subjugate the Sovereign Constitution of Scotland.

      If the 100 Scottish Senators were to be the custodians of Scotland’s Constitution, using the established Claim of Right, it could legitimately expect or demand fealty and recognition from Holyrood, and thereafter the senate could audit and review all the colonial legislation like the Scotland Act, and provide the Scottish Government with an active Constitutional watchdog which wasn’t a Parliament itself, but was not controlled by Westminster, and didn’t give Westminster due excuse to shut down Holyrood and impose direct rule.

      How would we select 100 senators? Well they have to be sovereign Scots, but that’s the only stipulation. But maybe, here’s a cautious suggestion, we elected 100 Scottish Senators as a kind of Scottish honours system… Not like the House of Lords gravy train, but reserved for people who actually deserve recognition for their services to Scotland. No Royals in sight, and no wee animals skinned to make any robes.

      Bottom line is, we give the elected Scottish Government a Constitutional Big Brother to provide more sovereign muscle and leverage to Holyrood and if necessary overrule the Democratic Assembly if it acts outside or inconsistent with the Nation’s Constitution.

      Westminster says we need a Section 30… The Constitutional Senate says we don’t. Proceed.

      Westminster says Constitutional Matters are reserved. The Constitutional Senate says the Scotland Act and Sewel Convention have no jurisdiction or legal personality under the Nation’s constitution, which the Senate serves, only the devolved assembly, which respects the Claim of Right, as in fact does Westminster.

    128. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Joe.

      From the ‘Commenting’ rules:-

      “7. Don’t mess up the page for everyone else.

      If you post YouTube links with the http:// part at the start, they’ll embed on the page rather than being posted as links. That can lead to this sort of thing. So don’t include the http:// bit or you’ll find your video in the spam bin.”

    129. Lochside says:

      I contributed to this site for years until recently, when I became frustrated beyond hope by the SNP loyalists and their deluded optimism about Blackford et al ‘stopping Scotland being dragged out of Europe by Brexit’.

      I decided to wait, yet again, to see the ‘rabbit out of the hat’ moment occur. The only thing that occurred was another mandate was pulled out of the SNP’s collective library of feeble excuses. AS ever, decisive action, i.e. a move to dissolve the Union, never happened…more abject surrender by Manager Sturgeon and her acolytes. Lies, lies and more lies.

      In 2011, the SNP un-noticed by most of the nationalist voting population decided that the previously agreed UK wide basis for Independence, which was to win the majority of SEATS, was to be dropped in favour of a ‘Referendum’. This previous premise was consistent with the idea of the UK as a representative democracy. It was also the basis for every General election in history. Indeed it was validated by none other than Margaret Thatcher.

      Instead Alec Salmond, inveterate gambler, threw our sovereignty on to the table with the idea of the Edinburgh Agreement and the 2014 Referendum. Our freedom and sovereign status was thus put up for the throw of a loaded Britnat dice. The result sold us into devolved slavery. The Scottish people (apparently) were ‘British’ for a ‘lifetime’.

      Since then, the supine, spineless SNP have lied and misled our population. Frozen into suspended amber by the Westminster inspired trance of: privilege, (limited) power and wealth. A coterie of value signalling self regarding dilettantes disdainful of the AUOB and the ‘YES’ movement, fiddle away, literally, with many unsavoury ideas and behaviours while our Sovereignty burns.

      Our People voted in 2016 to remain in the EU. The SNP have ignored that decision in favour of currying favour with their masters. They have misled with false hope and affirmations that have proven to be empty, Their total disdain for their party rank and file, and the general public deserves to be challenged by the YES movement as the ("Tractor" - Ed)s that they are.

      Our country has been denuded of the talented, the young and the creative by the sloth running our country now for three centuries. With an elite that is anti-family,anti-Scottish and anti-self determination in the fullest sense, no much wonder our land empties of native youth and is supplanted by the sterile middle aged good lifers Brits and backed up by the brain dead orange dullards and self haters.

      We must act now judicially via the UN and , if it’s not too late, the ECJ. The Supreme Court is a modern Blairite invention and has no right to be involved in Scotland’s law or Sovereign status. If our institutions of law , religion and government had stood by our ACT of Union and Claim of Rights as those were and continue to be breached by our co-signatory to the Union,the situation we are facing today would have been put to the sword years ago. Johnson is planning a new constitution. It will castrate the talking shop run by the current dupes and placemen/women and we will be under effective Direct Rule. As it ever was, it is up to the PEOPLE of Scotland to overthrow our corrupt leaders judicially via Sovereign demands. Time is running out…we must act now!

    130. Dr Jim says:

      Much of the money to be spent on *convincing* Scotland to continue to be a colony of England will be targeted at cinema goers with adverts proudly boasting of how wonderful and prosperous our precious Union has been over the time since England has stolen everything Scotland ever produced, including large doses of how pathetic Scotland would be without Englands management of this theft

      I remember this same approach to cinema goers in the 50s and 60s after the war as the English government concluded that in order to maintain control and loyalty of Scotland like they did during the war they’d keep showing the same adverts (Pathe News) with the voice of the late Bob Danvers Walker who later went on to work in television on the original Michael Miles show *Take your Pick*

      At the end of the film in those days just as the credits were about to finish rolling up the UK national anthem would start, and this is the funny bit, during the war folk stood up throughout the music but post war they made a beeline for the door before it begun in order to avoid it, because nobody actually liked the Bringlish empire and all that was left were a half dozen *staunch* people stood with their hands on their hearts

      I wonder whatever happened to the at least 90% of Scottish people who knew what was what about the Bringlish then and who ran for the door because they couldn’t stand them or their anthem

      We knew in the 50s and 60s what England’s attitude to Scotland and the Scots was, so what changed to cause Scotland to lose its bottle

      At that time the only English person I knew was my Mum, with zero education, a great love of Scotland’s scenery but no understanding of it,she married my Edinburgh born father because he had muscles and an education and wanted her children to be born in Scotland so they could be educated like their father, and we were, but she always definitely knew she was superior to Scots just because she was English

      I loved my Mum but unfortunately she was thick and remained thick her whole life and would have voted NO in the referendum had she been alive, purely because of her place of birth and the divine knowledge sent from God that she was superior

      We should send the movie theatres a loud and clear message, show that shit in Scotland and we don’t turn up to watch yer movies

    131. Jack Murphy says:

      OT re the Independence March in Inverness a couple of weeks ago

      Scottish Drone Services have uploaded on YouTube a 7 minute clip of the march introduced by Phil Webster,a Londoner living in Scotland.

      I’ve never heard of Scottish Drone Services—-but I have now.Bookmarked.[smiley].

    132. Dr Jim says:

      Did you know that in the corridors of power at Westminster there is talk of putting the climate change question to the people in a *referendum* as to how far the government show go in tackling it

      Will Willie Rennie oppose it if it happens, will it be a good referendum idea as opposed to Scotland’s bad referendum idea

      No group as far as I’m aware has proposed this so to do it would be another example of England deciding something without the consultation of anybody yet they can ignore the wishes of least 52% of an entire country without a second thought

      I’m going to write a book on *How to replace a Monarchy* in one easy lesson without anybody noticing

    133. Republicofscotland says:

      You know anytime I feel a wee bit doon by the lack of movement from the Scottish government on independence.

      I just hop over to Colins Twitter page and realise the is a great wee country worth fighting tooth and nail for.

      Here’s one of Colins wee crackers.

      “Imagine if the UK had sent 100% of its revenue to the EU, got just 55% back to spend on itself, and was then told it was liable for a big chunk of EU overspend and debt interest. Imagine the anger. Yet it argues that this is fine and normal for Scotland.”

    134. Colin Alexander says:


      Regarding recognition of Scotland’s sovereignty. It is said by some we should not try to legally assert this through the courts in Scotland as the case will end up in the Supreme Court.

      Lord Reed has now replaced Lady Hale(of the Cherry case). Lord Reed and two other justices said at the time of the A50 Gina Miller case that the legalisation of political issues was not always constitutionally appropriate.

      “Coincidentally” if you believe in coincidences, similar sentiments have been expressed by Boris Johnson prior to Lord Reed’s appointment.

      The expectation / assumption by many is that the SP would rule that UK Parliament is sovereign. That may be the case BUT they would be required to justify such a ruling based on the legal arguments put forward.

      Usually, domestic remedies are supposed to be exhausted or used to establish a lack of domestic remedy.

      Politically, rulings that UK Parliament is sovereign because, for example,if the courts ruled the UK follows “Crown in Parliament” may bring it to the attention of more people how the UK is undemocratic and based on Royal power.

      It would bust the Brexit propaganda of parliament “serving” the will of the people.

      Of course, ultimately, acceptance of Scottish sovereignty is a political issue more so than a legal one – as countries are free to choose to recognise sovereignty.

      Arguments of Scotland’s common sovereignty, similar to France’s constitution of sovereignty of the people, made in courts in the UK, whether they are rejected by the UK or not, would showcase Scottish sovereignty to the EU and the wider world.

      Such cases, whether won or lost in UK courts would still serve another very useful purpose. It would prepare the groundwork for possible legal overtures to the EU and UN.

      It would also prepare for other countries to recognise Scottish sovereignty if it becomes necessary to unilaterally legally denounce the UK Union.

      But who would do that? So far no professional politician has been willing to do so. Sovereignty of the common people has never been defended in court by ANY of the Holyrood or Westminster politicians of Scotland. (The nearest is references to Claim of Right etc in the Cherry / Johnson proroguing Parliament case).

    135. Republicofscotland says:

      I’m a bit pissed off at Sturgeon leading us up the garden path for the last three years. Did David Cameron ask the EU for a mandate to hold a referendum, not he did not.

      Sturgeon should either grow a backbone and push on with a consultative referendum or stand aside and let someone who has a spine do it.

    136. Clapper57 says:

      Seems as if Eddie Jones ‘England’ Rugby coach was premature with his accusation of bottle being thrown at one of his staff by a Scots rugby fan pre match when England players and Eddies ‘staff’ emerged from their buses outside Murrayfield Rugby ground…

      A video has NOW emerged that shows plastic ( I think ) bottle ( pre match ) blew ,via wind, as in storm yesterday that EVERYBODY talking about… bar Eddie, and just so happened to fall, via being blown by wind, onto one of Eddie’s staff…

      Thus giving Eddie another opportunity to diss Scots….again the Scots attacked by Eddie…..Eddie says we Scots disrespect Rugby as a sport…this from coach who last week spoke, pre match, as if England were going into war with the French as opposed to playing a Rugby game…..he commented about ” unleashing brutality” on the French….is he the BitchFinder General ?

      Sports writer for BBC Tom English ( Lol )…had tweeted in response to ‘bottle throwing incident’..”Disgusting”…

      BUT now Tom has conceded that his premature disgust and assumption of Eddie ‘ No fan of the Scots’ Jones being right in concluding this was the case…was in fact WRONG…Tom has now tweeted ” Eddie was far too quick to allege the bottle was thrown”…ya thunk..though Tom yon Eddie does have form on this….agenda much ?

      Meanwhile the MSM darn sarf have us Scots pegged as beer bottle throwing thugs…

      Toxic Eddie strikes again….what an a*se of a man….meanwhile pre match English Rugby player Lewis Ludham explained how he HATES the Scots and insists they HATE us too….and how THEY, the English, will be BRUTAL in the match ” We’re revved up. We want to be brutal. We don’t want to give them an inch to breathe. We’re coming for them”….a bit thuggish Non ?

      Eddie thinks this is all just banter…as he did in the ‘banter’ he indulged in pre French match last week…only to be made to eat his words post match with French…ooh la la.

      Is Rugby the new boxing….or is just when Eddie is involved ?

    137. The truth is the English are jealous of the Scots they know we invented most things and have all the natural resources in abundance and we have a glut of tractors to back the English up yes we are so brainy that when given the chance of freedom we chose to remain slaves and a black man came from America to advise us to do so obamha

    138. Abulhaq says:

      Sturgeon is not the only one needing a backbone transplant. What use is that bunch in London?
      Blackford’s repetitious sniping at pmqs is rather pathetic.
      Honestly, is that the best we can do?
      Until we inflict ‘pain’ we will be ignored and even reviled and lampooned as ineffectual.
      We need a Salmond mark2.

    139. robertknight says:

      Sturgeon should just clear her desk – hopefully by the end of this month.

      If not, our ‘Lady Caesar’ should beware the ides of March; courtesy of AS.

    140. bjsalba says:

      @red sunset 8 February, 2020 at 3:04 pm

      If you are an SNP member how come you don’t know that the branch gets part of the membership direct debit money.

      In any case there is nothing to stop you sending money to either the branch or HQ whenever you want to.

    141. Colin Alexander says:

      Craig Levein when he was Scotland manager played a 4-6-0 team formation.

      11 players on the Scotland goal line trying to defend 0-0.
      No attempt to win. Letting the opponent take control of the game while sitting back defensively.

      It’s like Nicola on independence. No attempt to win independence. No attempt to take the game to the opponents. All defence, trying to hang on to devolution colonial power.

      Craig Levein was sacked as Scotland manager.
      Nicola Sturgeon should also be sacked.

    142. Capella says:

      @ mr thms @ twathater – re the GRA consultation being open to the world – I have no idea if this is standard practice in consultations, but if the SG are proposing to change Scottish law it seems irrelevant what John and Jill Doe in Tallahassee think. I doubt they decide over breakfast to go online and complete the form.

      But trans lobby groups will certainly recruit their allies worldwide to respond and boost numbers. Indeed, these lobby groups, funded by the SG, are involved in the consultation design and aware of the details of the bill before it is published. Many twitter threads explain the process.

      Here’s a twitter thread from Malcolm Clark with some history:

      I was going to stop reading twitter this year but, in view of the direction of travel on this blog, I have instead changed to twitter for my daily update. Anyone interested in keeping up to date can open a twitter account and follow people whose views you value (whether you agree with them or not).

      Will post a further update in March before the deadline of 17th.

    143. Golfnut says:

      Ian Brotherhood posted a good link to an interview with Lord Salisbury, he stated that because we had the referendum in 2014, that westminster had already conceded that the people of Scotland were sovereign by agreeing to the referendum.
      I remember on the lead up to the Edinburgh agreement, Cameron was never off the tv, telling us all that he wouldn’t agree to a referendum, but I aIso remember that everyone and his dog on this site and everywhere else were adamant that he wouldn’t dare refuse, because, well, because we are sovereign.
      That’s not the problem though, we need to act like a sovereign nation, if we want to be treated as a sovereign nation.

    144. manandboy says:

      PMJohnson, Ruth Davidson, Alistair Jack, Jackson Carlaw and so many more Tories, all have one thing in common – a public veneer, a superficial, cling-film thick camouflage, designed to increase their acceptance by the public, and, above all, to hide their core nasty, obnoxiously dislikeable and thoroughly dishonest selves.

      Whatever the new Tory ‘Big Plan’ is, these people know what it is and how to achieve it – with treacherous and ruthless single mindedness. In broad terms, it involves the ongoing transfer of the wealth of the population into the coffers of the Establishment Elite’s, while at the same, disabling their political influence through crippling the democratic process and increasing the ability of the Ruling Class to preset the result of any election conducted in the UK.

      But who in Scotland cares these days.

      Independence is gathering pace and support, and, despite the failings of our political leaders, for whom, sadly and regrettably, the clock is ticking, soon Scotland will join all the normal countries around the world which have no need whatsoever of being ruled, and exploited, by England’s corrupt, greedy and class-obsessed Establishment.

    145. twathater says:

      @ Capella 5.15pm I was aware from reading something online that the original consultation was open to the world for comments and at that time was equally outraged , I mean do other countries eg China , Russia , India or the good old USA open consultations whereby all citizens around the world get a say on what LAWS should be implemented in that country

      As I posted previously this to me is a DELIBERATE ATTEMPT to gerrymander the result of said consultation by inviting trans supporting groups from all erts and perts to FORCE Scottish people to accept this policy and law due to overwhelming skewed numbers

      As I have said repeatedly on here I am not a SNP member but I am a SNP voter and I watch twatter regularly and anyone on here that thinks this is a storm in a teacup should visit twatter and see the amount of VERY angry people who have vowed they will not vote SNP due to this abomination aligned with their disgust at Nicola and the SNP’S procrastination

      This is the REAL threat not the bozo

    146. Capella says:

      @ twathater – most people who post about this issue say that it is open worldwide. For example here on

      UK – Scotland. Women’s rights campaigners are urging mass participation in the Scottish Government’s online consultation on proposed reforms to gender laws, which were published in December.

      A draft Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) bill would reduce the age of eligibility from 18 to 16, cut the time required to live in their new gender from two years to six months, and allow people to change their sex legally by “self-declaration” rather than a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

      The consultation is open to submissions from anywhere in the world, and For Women Scotland has produced clear guidance on suggested responses for anyone with concerns about the impact of a change to self-identification.

      I haven’t resigned from he SNP over this issue – yet. At least they have launched a second consultation and let’s see what the outcome is. The Labour, Lib Dem and Green parties are all far worse in their delusional support of this fiction. But they are not the party of government. The SNP is.

      (Nothng would persuade me to vote Tory).

    147. Sarah says:

      @Golfnut 10.33: I have been thinking along the same lines about an alternative to an official referendum.

      A petition from the public to Holyrood instructing them to withdraw Scotland from the Union would show public support for independence if signed by enough. It would need to be Scotland-based signatories though.

      How could this Scotland-residents petition be organised? In 1947-50 the Scottish Covenant demanding a devolved Parliament was signed by around 2 million. We should be able to get those numbers much more quickly nowadays even if it has to be a manuscript, not on-line, petition.


    148. terence callachan says:


      What you want NS to do is what I want her to do too


      Not just yet

      She said there will be a referendum 2020

      As leader we have to give her 2020 to deliver

      Okay , you and others may think she can’t deliver in 2020
      That’s your opinion
      There are many opinions

      We will see

      But I believe we have to give her til 1.12021

    149. schrodingers cat says:


      some interesting ideas but they are symbolic guestures, I cant see why bojo would take any notice. but you could argue that bojos continual refusals is helping nos2yes

      it looks like sinn fein are going to win the irish ge, they have not only a mandate but a legal right to hold a ref in NI. Mary Lou Macdonald as Taoiseach will have no reason to agree to any deal for the UK. a brexit no deal looks even more likely today

      organising indyref2, i cant see why not, it may be granted a s30 between now and the actual date. a legal challenge, sure, go for it, if we lose i dont think we are any further back than where we are now.

      the momentum is with us. support for the snp on the constituency vote in may 2021 is at 50% and growing.

      bojo can only ignore us for so long. his position is untenable

    150. terence callachan says:

      Be aware
      But stop worrying about coronavirus

      There I are more people in the world with leprosy than coronavirus

      Wearing a mask isn’t going to make you safe

    151. terence callachan says:

      Dr Jim 2.28pm

      The difference between them and now

      Is that then , there were only about 100,000 English people living in Scotland

      Now there are between half a million and three quarters of a million

      And Scotland’s population has hardly changed

      The ten yearly census is to happen this year

      It will be interesting to see if they change the questions

    152. cynicalHighlander says:

      @terence callachan says:
      9 February, 2020 at 6:36 pm

      Be aware
      But stop worrying about coronavirus

      We used to drink it.

    153. PacMan says:

      9 February, 2020 at 2:28 pm

      Much of the money to be spent on *convincing* Scotland to continue to be a colony of England will be targeted at cinema goers with adverts proudly boasting of how wonderful and prosperous our precious Union has been over the time since England has stolen everything Scotland ever produced, including large doses of how pathetic Scotland would be without Englands management of this theft

      Considering how expensive it is to go to the pictures now and how shite the movies they show are, most people don’t bother going anymore and just wait until the movies come on to the Kodi box streams.

      A fool and their money….

    154. HYUFD says:

      Schrodingers Cat Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have almost certainly won more seats combined than Sinn Fein and both have refused to work with Sinn Fein but the Republic of Ireland left the UK last century and what it thinks about the Union is irrelevant. All Republic parties are ultimately committed to a United Ireland but it is Northern Ireland that will decide and the DUP still has most seats and votes in Northern Ireland

    155. HYUFD says:

      In relation to Scotland the Tories have a majority of 80 at Westminster elected on a no to indyref2 policy on their 2019 manifesto, respecting the fact the 2014 referendum was a ‘once in a generation’ vote as Salmond promised.

    156. cynicalHighlander says:


      Salmond didn’t promise once in generation it was an opinion of his and his alone. Facts please not spin.

    157. Colin Alexander says:

      HYUFD said:

      “DUP still has most seats and votes in Northern Ireland”

      The DUP got 8 MP seats out of 18 and got 31% of the votes cast.


    158. Colin Alexander says:

      In Ireland Sinn Fein fielded 42 candidates for 160 seats, so can’t win a majority, even if every one of their candidates are elected but, could have a major influence.

    159. mike cassidy says:

      The good ship Brexitengland sets out on its maiden voyage

      Captain HYFUD on deck

    160. jfngw says:

      I see the wanker from Essex is back.

      If you go to the cinema I would ask at the box office if they guarantee you will not be exposed to government propaganda during the adverts and if you are you will expect you money back when you walk out. The only way to hit the cinema chains is to not go if they are an arm of the British state, or start a Flower of Scotland rendition during the advert.

      It’s Boris Johnson, One Leader, One People, One Union.

    161. Famous15 says:


      Why does HYUDF,a Tory councillor from Essex spend so much time here telling lies and sowing discord.

      Why does he wish to cling to Scotland when he clearly thinks we are spongers?

      Perhaps the truth is Scotland is the modern jewel in the crown of British imperialism.

      We are too valuable to be allowed a democratic answer in my lifetime.Or can we speed things up.

    162. Golfnut says:

      @ Hyufd.

      So it’s NI that will decide, but Scotland cant.

      Watching a hypocrite dance on the head of a pin is really funny.

    163. HYUFD says:

      Colin Alexander The DUP and UUP combined got 43% in December in Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein and the SDLP combined only 38% in Northern Ireland

    164. Colin Alexander says:

      “The Good Friday Agreement states that consent for a united Ireland must be “freely and concurrently given” in both the North and the South of the island of Ireland. This is widely interpreted to mean that future border polls must be held in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland at the same time”.


    165. schrodingers cat says:


      we shall see who has the most seats, it is that party leader who becomes prime minister and then tries to form a coalition. there may be enough greens indys etc to do this

      sinn fein have a border poll in their manifesto IF the uk brexit without a deal. they as an eu member will have a veto over any deal. fact

      im really looking forward to bojo with sinn fein on the steps of 10 downing st for a photo op 🙂

    166. HYUFD says:

      Golfnut Most Scots oppose indyref2 for at least 5 years and regardless of whether the SNP win a majority or not at next year’s Holyrood elections

    167. HYUFD says:

      Sinn Fein can say what it likes there will be no border poll in Northern Ireland while Arlene Foster is First Minister and BoJo is PM.

      In fact Foster and Johnson have both said they have no fear of no trade deal if the EU terms are unacceptable, we will just trade on WTO terms instead while the Withdrawal Agreement Agreement protects the GFA

    168. HYUFD says:

      Colin Alexander The Republic of Ireland will always vote for a United Ireland, that was after all why the Free State was created in the first place leading to the Republic. Northern Ireland however has always had more Unionists than Nationalists and that remains the case

    169. Republicofscotland says:

      “Sinn Fein can say what it likes there will be no border poll in Northern Ireland while Arlene Foster is First Minister and BoJo is PM.”

      I’m under the impression that its written into the GRA that they can.

    170. Republicofscotland says:

      Should read GFA, apologies.

    171. Republicofscotland says:

      “respecting the fact the 2014 referendum was a ‘once in a generation’ vote as Salmond promised.”

      Of course you know fine well circumstances have changed weve been dragged out of Europe against our will.

      Add in that no government can bind the hands of its successor, and like your Vow, the words are meaningless. Otherwise Johnson would be dead in a ditch right now.

    172. HYUFD says:

      Republic of Scotland No they cannot, it is up to the UK Northern Ireland Secretary to approve under the GFA and appointed by Boris and with Foster First Minister they will correctly refuse a border poll

    173. Colin Alexander says:

      Re: N.I.’s First Minister and Deputy First Minister: The positions are known as a “diarchy” which means they are equal and govern together.

      The deputy first minister (Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill) is not subordinate to the DUP’s Arlene Foster who is First Minister.

      Unlike in Scotland where the FM acts like a dictator and the Deputy FM (Swinney) is just her toady.

    174. Republicofscotland says:

      FUDYH or whatever they call you.

      “DUP still has most seats and votes in Northern Ireland”

      According to wiki, the DUP and Sinn Fein are equal in seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

    175. Republicofscotland says:

      “Republic of Scotland No they cannot, it is up to the UK Northern Ireland Secretary to approve under the GFA and appointed by Boris and with Foster First Minister they will correctly refuse a border poll”

      The GFA does make a provision for it but you are correct, the The Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Tony Lloyd, has said in a Theresa May fashion now is not the time.

      So it looks like Westminster would deny democracy to NI, whilst denying it to Scotland. Is it any wonder 56% of Scots voted in a poll that the union isn’t a full democracy, how right they are.

    176. HYUFD says:

      Colin Alexander The fact a Unionist is Northern Irish First Minister and Unionist parties won more votes combined than Nationalist parties in Northern Ireland would be the Northern Ireland Secretary’s grounds for refusing a border poll

    177. HYUFD says:

      Republic The DUP won 28 seats at the 2017 Northern Ireland Assembly election to 27 for Sinn Fein

    178. Colin Alexander says:


      Who knows for sure?

      The Ulster Unionists were shafted by the UK Govt as soon as their votes were no longer required for Brexit.

    179. Republicofscotland says:

      “Republic The DUP won 28 seats at the 2017 Northern Ireland Assembly election to 27 for Sinn Fein”

      Yes they have one seat more, down 10%, further down the page it also says 56% of folk in NI voted to remain in the EU. With Johnson wanting an Australian type trade deal with the EU (Australia has no trade deal with the EU). This is simply the latest attempt to rebrand the phrase no-deal.

      Which might equate to folk in NI wanting a border poll and reunification. So I wouldn’t write of the possibility just yet.

    180. Dr Jim says:

      Read carefully the Troll from Epping’s words as he advocates dictatorship over countries in which he does not live or have a vote, and what makes it even worse knows nothing about the peoples, the feelings or cultures of those countries except to say he went to the Edinburgh festival once

      Keep going with that attitude son because that’s what got people killed and blown up before and will again and England will call it terrorism

      Many of us are old enough to remember, many of us were there, and many of us watched and heard what you and your kind did and are advocating again

      I’m sure we’ll all be watching out for you, first in line no doubt when you come to Scotland to lay your law down upon us

      This is 2020 not the 1970s

    181. Dr Jim says:

      The EU ordered Herr Johnson to relinquish Northern Ireland or there would no deal of any kind and Herr Johnson did what the Bringlish always do, he put England interests in money first and dumped NI because Herr Johnson knows perfectly well that Ireland is heading towards being one country again anyway

      Sinn Fein’s election result demonstrates like a big shining light that that’s what’s going to happen and good luck to them for beginning the process to removing the last vestiges of England influence and the control and usage of bigotry out of their country

    182. Willie says:

      Yes Dr Jim, it seems that Sinn Fein May be on to get a bigger vote than either of the two establishment parties.

      It is indeed a shining light as to where Ireland is headed. But of course Sinn Fein is a truly Republican Party whereas in Scotland it does seem that the SNP, on current form, have become a devolutionist party.

    183. HYUFD says:

      Dr Jim No, Boris just ensured an open border with the Republic of Ireland under the Withdrawal Agreement while keeping it in the UK. The fact Sinn Fein got most votes in the Republic of Ireland, albeit probably not most seats, is irrelevant to Northern Ireland where the DUP have won most votes and seats.

    184. HYUFD says:

      As for Scotland it voted 55% to stay in the UK in 2014 in a ‘once in a generation’ referendum. Spain of course has banned the Catalan nationalist Government from holding any independence referendum at all if you really wish to talk about independence

    185. HYUFD says:

      and dictatorship

    186. Bill McLean says:

      HYUFD – hold that 0941pm thought – that’s where England is heading!Old chap.

    187. Dr Jim says:

      Christ, the Troll’s drunk noo

    188. jfngw says:

      It’s time for Wexit, when Scotland removes its elected representatives from another countries parliament and returns them to its own capital.

      As you can see from tonight’s display from Essex, you will never be able to remove the imperialist streak from many people in England, the superiority complex runs deep.

    189. Dan says:

      It’s Sunday evening so that means bath night for The Germinator aka Corporal HYUFD.
      So as his OCD like routine demands, he’s yet again playing his scratchy and worn out OIAG record, dug out the soap and jumped in the tub to scrub his redcoat jaiket and warrior (keyboard) like body clean from a week’s worth of staining caused in the line of duty by his internet drool dribbling and pish spouting attempts to deny a country he doesn’t live in determining its own future… but he appears to be stuck on rinse and repeat and got himself in a right old imperial lather…

      HYUFD continues to completely ignore the material changes in circumstance since 2014, and of course his own Conservative Party not adhering to the 5 year fixed term parliament act as they try to dig themselves out of the shitfest caused by them holding the EU ref.

      He’ll selectively spout either electoral percentages, or vote shares, or seats, or combinations or variables of all three.
      And all the time ignoring the fuckin mahoosif elephant in the room that the voting franchise for UK Parliament elections is gerrymandered to suit retention of power in Westminster by not allowing 16 & 17 year olds and most EU Nationals a vote.
      He’ll also state that every vote for Labour in Scotland is cast by a person who supports the UK union, which is also pish.

    190. Stoker says:

      @Capella on 9 February, 2020 at 1:36 pm

      Thanks for response. Seems blatantly obvious, by hook or by crook, they are going to try and railroad this extreme minority desire on the vast majority of us who don’t want it.

      As states: There is absolutely no need for change as we already more than meet all current criteria. It is an extremely bad waste of time and finances on this issue that will only bring an avalanche of negativity & ill-feeling down on those responsible. It’s absurd!

      @ Lochside on 9 February, 2020 at 2:16 pm

      Great post and even better to see you posting again.

    191. Davie Oga says:

      Whether as Taoiseach or Tánaiste. There is a very good chance Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Féin are in a position with which to extract concessions from Westminster in exchange for consent to any trade deal that may be negotiated with the EU. Sinn Féin will have a veto over any agreement.
      She’s also probably the best possibility Scotland has had for an international ally with influence, who also understands England’s colonial intent towards Scotland, and the subjugation of Scottish democracy.

      I fully expect The First Minister will keep her distance for fear of alienating the untapped hordes of pro-independence Orangemen and all her allies in the British media.

    192. Liz g says:

      Dr Jim
      Ye beat me to it… 🙂
      The claims,especially from this one are bordering on hysteria now.
      The people in Ireland look like they’re voting towards a United Ireland and what do we get…..
      ” The Minister won’t agree”, “Arleen will never allow”…honestly some off the planet stuff here !

      Ye know DR Jim I’ve never said it but I’m glad you stay here and put yer case up for debate,no matter how nasty some are towards ye…
      Ye have an enviable way of putting things across that allows other’s to springboard of yer comments…. Thank you…

      Some say, that BTL on Wings has changed..
      It hasn’t, it really hasn’t…
      Anyone can come here and argue their position. They will find people who will engage them honestly.Facts and reason are paramount.
      It’s not Wingers who have left most of us are still around.
      It’s the British Nationalists who have run out of road
      Any real argument for the Union was debunked years ago!
      All they do now is insult,shit stir and make stupid points.
      6 year’s on my questions are…

      Should the Union no have proved it’s value by now?
      If it is, as it’s supporters say,such an obvious benefit to Scotland… Then it’s continuation should no be in any doubt,so can ye demonstrate of what use it is to Scotland?… Because we’re missin it here!
      Where are these benefits of which you speak?
      Is this the real reason the British Nationalists want a generation to be indefinite? Do ye need some time tae work out- A – positive ? …jist one tae discuss??
      The quality of Wings commentators hasn’t declined… it’s just we have no more Union tae debunk anymore!
      Dae ye think they know it yet Dr Jim ?

    193. mike cassidy says:

      Most of Ireland’s far right candidates are polling below 1% in their individual constituencies. This despite Ireland having one of the highest rates of inward migration in Europe.

    194. mike cassidy says:

      For those worried about Scotland trapped inside the current UK.

      For the new right, Hungary is now what Venezuela once was for the left

    195. Old Pete says:

      Having voted in the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum I can say with hand on heart that nowhere on the paper where I placed my cross did “once in a generation” appear anywhere. Indeed don’t remember David Cameron and his anti-Scot helpers managing to force these words on the ballot paper that I placed my cross on ?
      HYUFD did your referendum ballot paper have different words on it than all the rest ? Take your Amotriptolean and get to bed, things might seem better and clearer in the morning. But then again for you maybe not.

    196. Liz g says:

      Old Pete @ 12.09
      Exactly !!

    197. John D says:

      At least whilst the Tory councillor is trolling the kids are safe. Not a joke

    198. John D says:

      Fucked now mind

    199. Dr Jim says:

      @Liz g

      The whole of Scotland’s getting angry now at what’s happening, some say it’s Herr Johnson’s fault some say it’s Dominic *Martin Bormann* Cummings fault, there’s even some who say it’s Michael Heinrich *the fish* Gove’s fault, some say it’s Nicola Sturgeon’s fault for not doing whatever they want her to do, or for doing nothing at all, and all while this is going on other SNP MPs and MSPs are saying different things to different people and Herr Johnson is so sure of himself by denying democracy to Scotland he’s gone so far as to authorise £5 million quid to be spent asking us not to vote for a referendum on Independence that he says we can’t have

      Then I begin to ask myself everybody in the UK is spinning around trying to make things happen or trying to prevent things happening, and in between all this the only one not panicking is the person everybody’s either trying to stop or trying to make do something and she’s off to Brussels tommorrow morning at the invitation of the EU council to meet and make a speech to EU leaders and businesses at a meeting set up by them on how Scotland can continue to move forward with the EU and once again no broadcaster carries the story of why the FM of Scotland is going to the EU if we’re leaving it

      Some folk will say I’m blinded by loyalty to the SNP or the FM, some folk might say I’m 100% wrong to think the FM wants Independence because she doesn’t and it’s all a big con trick and I’ve been fooled, but if those folk are correct why is Nicola Sturgeon bothering going to discuss stuff with the EU at all

      Then it makes me think the whole of the SNP at the moment are flying kites all over the place, legal challenges, plebicite votes, consultitive referendums, the BBC and STV news are making stuff up and doing programmes with guests answering made up questions with no answers, and the whole of Scotland is talking about what the hell’s going on even more than pre 2014

      But all sides are all talking about Scotland

      Is the FM a crafty sleekit bugger just like Dominic *Martin Bormann* Cummings, I have a feeling we’re about to find out pretty soon

      But if I’m lucky enought to be correct I won’t rub anyone’s noses in it because she’ll have played a blinder, if I’m wrong, then to the stocks with her and give me some soft tomatoes

    200. meg merrilees says:

      Oooh Dr. Jim – a new word – ‘Bringlish’!!!

      It trips off the tongue really well.

      ‘The Bringlish and their Precioussss Onion’ sounds like a sequel from a well known JK novel.

      Breeks – like your ideas of late. Especially the 100 chosen ones.

      Saving my energy just now as I don’t know when we will be expected to ‘fight’. Not much to say on recent events, McKay, moving conference…. let’s get the AS media fest out of the way and then the mists might clear a bit.

      Kate Forbes – amazing.

    201. Dr Jim says:

      @meg merrilees

      I’ve been watching Kate Forbes for quite a while now (not in the creepy way) and I had her pegged to be a goodun because she’s fearless and a sharp intelligent young woman

      So pleased she got her chance and took it with both hands, I hope she’s in line for the job she deserves the chance

    202. Still Positive says:

      Dr Jim @ 12.49

      Totally agree. She has a few 1sts under her belt. !st was a speech in Gaelic.

    203. North chiel says:

      Interesting post from “Dr Jim “@1240am. Agree there is much “ kite flying “ apparent at present . However, I have a sneaking feeling that things could change VERY rapidly in the coming weeks . We require “ fleet footed & nimble “ leaders if the “ apparent” stalemate with “ the English National Government “ ( and I use that term deliberately) , begins to unravel . One thing that I learned quickly in my “ younger days” was if it was a “ rush job” make sure that “ the paperwork” is prepared right “down to the very last detail” and you have back ups for everything “ you require “ for a successful execution & outcome.
      PS It is not always the person that does all the detailed planning that “ executes the job successfully “ . However, I do feel that we have an excellent combination of “ leaders” and outstanding teamwork is essential.

    204. North chiel says:

      Ps you are correct “ Kate Forbes is “ on the money” .

    205. Breeks says:

      schrodingers cat says:
      9 February, 2020 at 6:27 pm

      some interesting ideas but they are symbolic guestures, I cant see why bojo would take any notice. but you could argue that bojos continual refusals is helping nos2yes

      Those ideas to be honest were spontaneous ‘shooting from the hip’, but you’re quite wrong for it to be merely symbolic for Scotland to have a Devolved Assembly which recognises Westminster as a superior authority, to have a Senate which codified the Principles of Constitutional Sovereignty into a meaningful and wieldable instrument to audit ANY legislation for inconsistency with the Claim of Right symbolically recognised by both Holyrood and Westminster.

      The Senate would essentially be a Constitutional Regulator, outside the realm of UK control, like Scots Law, with the power to denounce as unconstitutional and thus unlawful, legislations or bills which erode the Scottish Constitution, whether Holyrood or Westminster. It wouldn’t matter a jot if Boris recognised it or not. I don’t expect he recognised Joanna Cherry’s motion to unprorogue parliament until he was bound to respect the potency of Scots Law. Next time, let him be bound over to respect the potency of Scottish Sovereignty.

      There would be times that Senate might overrule Holyrood on Constitutional grounds, but in Scotland’s immediate predicament, if Scotland had a Constitutional Senate, it could lay down Constitutional Red Lines obliging Holyrood to adhere to Constitutional doctrine, but allowing the SNP a degree of latitude to do so ‘reluctantly’ to pander to the notion of softly, softly political persuasion of undecided voters, rather than grim and authoritarian Constitutional edict.

      But we should not be afraid of having a rigid authoritarian Backstop, I mean, the “law” itself is an authoritarian Backstop. If both our ‘Scottish Government’ and our Scottish Law Lords are indifferent to the assimilation of Scotland’s National Constitution, then I think we need an authoritarian backstop and we need it rather quickly.

      I don’t necessarily like the idea of a Constitutional kill switch, but like even less the idea of a devolved legislature pandering to every whim of Westminster, overruling Scottish Sovereignty in order to capitulate and acquiesce to a UK Brexit, yet still calling itself the Scottish Government. That’s puppet Government / impeachment territory to my mind…

      If Scotland’s Devolved Government merely pays lip service to the Claim of Right and Sovereignty of the people, then Scotland needs an upper house or senate to reign in their departure from Scottish Constitutional doctrine. Farcical that we would need such a thing with an SNP Government, but our current predicament and the shameful capitulation over Brexit is beyond farce anyway. I still need to pinch myself yet.

    206. misteralz says:

      Excellent Irish general election results this morning!

    207. Brian Lucey says:

      Next Irish government will most like be Fianna Fail / Sinn Fein coalition, perhaps with Greens also. It would make sense to have the three from FF perspective, as it spreads the ministries. SF will not get near Defence or Justice. Theyll get the poison chalice of housing and health.
      I wouldnt bank too hard on SF in government coming out hard for Indyref2. A border poll, yes. Indyref2? Lesser importance.

    208. Breeks says:

      The other problem a Constitutional Senate might have, is finding a Constitutionally sound platform from which it can ‘recognise’ the essentially unconstitutional doctrine of a sovereign nation having any kind of devolved ‘parliament’ or dilution of Sovereign authority.

      It might conclude Holyrood is a Constitutional non-starter.

    209. Bill McLean says:

      Anyone got any more info on the “bottle throwing” at Murrayfield? Eddie Jones has form!

    210. jfngw says:

      Caligula appointed his horse a senator

      Boris Johnson sends Ruth Davidson to House of Lords.

    211. Dan says:

      @Bill McLean

      re. bottle incident.

      You’ll need a good eye but looks like it was wind blown off the gantry, it certainly bounces along the roof of the coach in first vid.
      With the high winds over the weekend it’s a miracle they weren’t hit by one of the many trampolines making a bid for freedom.

      Jeggit article on Irish Election.

    212. sassenach says:

      jfngw says: @ 9-16am

      LOL, perfect !

    213. Colin Alexander says:


      In England, with their “sovereignty of parliament: Crown, Lords and Commons”, it means, sovereignty lies with the state ( that was England’s post-civil war constitution transferred to England’s UK State).

      But, a modern state cannot operate on the principle of asking ALL the people every time a decision is to be made to establish “the will of the people”. That’s where elected representatives come in.

      For Scotland’s constitution, they are the ones mandated to act as the representatives of the sovereign will of the people AND the guardians of Scotland’s constitution of popular sovereignty.

      In England, the state itself is sovereign, so whilst England’s MPs are elected, their sovereign power comes from the state itself, represented by the Crown, not the common people.

      In contrast, Scotland’s politicians should represent the sovereign will of the common people. Their decision making power comes from the people, not the state. They are NOT just elected representatives of the people; they are delegates of the sovereign will of the people.

      But how do we establish the sovereign or popular will of the people? Democracy. In Scotland we have universal suffrage. Elections and referendums.

    214. Joe says:

      @ Mike Cassidy

      Yes the far extremist right. They are easy to identify.

      They see the only home they ever will have as the only home they ever will have and dont want to lose to demographic shift to a dark age, unreformed religion.

      They aren’t so keen on seeing a ‘place of religious worship by aforementioned religion’on every corner while being told not to criticize sexist, supremacist beliefs while their women are harassed by primitives that are raised from birth to see women as 2nd class citizens.

      They arent so happy that the banking cartels method of floating the markets is to make up for the demographic deficit by importing mass amounts of people who are, by any standards, led by religious supremacists. Just not the ‘white’ kind so that just fine.

      The moron left who will on the one hand howl like dogs about the rights of gays and women (quite rightly so) will at the same time attack people who aren’t so fucking stupid as to want to mass import people hostile to the rights of both.

      Thats you Mike.

      Ive seen what mass migration of a certain kind does. Women become afraid and lose the confidence to leave their homes at certain times while rape and sexual assaults increase.

      That’s the fucking truth. I absolutely understand the wide eyed, naive, do gooder morons who make up the majority of the comments section on this site will never look at it without the pink tinted glasses of progressivism until they are actually faced with the reality personally. Ive lived in these areas.

      All of this while the left are destroying freedom of speech, endangering women and girls with this trans cult pish and throwing insults at the people who werent so fucking stupid as to give any of these ideas breathing room.

      Wait. Maybe you lot need a ‘certain place of religious worship’ on every city block? It would certainly solve the trans rights issue.

      Honestly. Im ashamed to be Scottish when so many indy supporters are as thick as shite.

      Im actually having to censor myself here because thanks to the left its actually been made a potential crime to criticise an unreformed, sexist, supremacist, unapologetic dark age religion.

      Ive said it before – this toxic leftist progressive bullshit and its idiot proponents are my enemy. The UK has been budged into a firm 2nd place.

      Stick your ‘far right’ up your arse ya clown.

    215. Breeks says:

      Colin Alexander says:
      9 February, 2020 at 3:21 pm

      Regarding recognition of Scotland’s sovereignty. It is said by some we should not try to legally assert this through the courts in Scotland as the case will end up in the Supreme Court.

      UN and Europe.

      Joanna Cherry circumvented the Supreme Court, especially in her second case about prorogation.

      It is arguable the Supreme Court is given authority over Scotland in the same vein as Holyrood. It “appears” to be sovereign and granted potency, but it isn’t sovereign, and comes unstuck when actually challenged on Constitutional grounds.

    216. Bill McLean says:

      Thanks, Dan

    217. Colin Alexander says:


      In 2014, The sovereign people voted to reject an independent Scotland (if you believe the voting figures). What independence meant was never defined.

      The sovereign people voted for Devo-Max / Home Rule as that was the alternative offered to independence.

      In 2015, The majority voted for MPs that were supposed to deliver the Home Rule.

      In 2016, The people of Scotland then voted Remain in the EU.

      These were the sovereign decisions of the sovereign people.

      What happened? Scotland’s MPs and MSPs our guardians of Scottish sovereignty, failed to deliver Home Rule.

      They also allowed Scotland to be dragged out of the EU.

      Worse, the FM and SNP, even OFFERED to ignore Scotland’s sovereign decision to remain in the EU, if they could get a deal the SNP were willing to accept (single market and customs union membership for the UK).

      Elections and the Scottish Parliament have also voted for indyref2. The FM again insists this depends on approval from the UK State.

      I would argue the FM in particular has failed to defend Scotland’s sovereignty. I would go further, she has actively undermined and acted against Scotland’s constitutional rights.

      Where the will of the sovereign people of Scotland clashed with the will of the “sovereign” UK state, as a Scottish politician who professes the people of Scotland are sovereign, her duty was to uphold Scottish sovereign will.

      Her job was not to compromise Scotland’s sovereignty but defend and uphold it. But, her complete failure to uphold and defend the popular sovereignty of the people. Worse, her replacement of the sovereign will by what she think is politically expedient, is an abuse of power. It is a gross breach of the constitution of Scotland, which she is bound by, as she professes the people of Scotland are sovereign so is bound by the will of the people.

      The failures of SNP policy since 2014 are bad but far more serious is the failure to either understand or respect Scotland’s constitution.

      For the constitutional breaches committed by Scotland’s politicians and FM in particular, the FM must step down or be removed and replaced by an FM that recognises they are there to represent and be bound by the established sovereign will of the people of Scotland, not to act as the First Minister of English Crown devolved power.

      They must be willing to uphold Scotland’s sovereign will, even if that means it puts them in direct conflict with the UK State’s English constitution. .Sturgeon was not willing to do that. She sought compromise, a compromise that compromised Scotland’s constitution. She bent the knee to the English constitution. For that, more than anything else, she must be replaced.

    218. James says:

      The Irish can show you how it’s done.

    219. terence callachan says:


      Our day has come…Irish Election

      This from a year ago shows Scotland that England’s Westminster cannot be trusted

    220. James says:

      @terence callachan
      Good article.

    221. Breastplate says:

      That is an excellent piece and a year on shows how prescient the author was.

    222. Breastplate says:

      Sorry Dan,
      I see now that you had posted the link already to the Jason Michael article.

    223. Dr Jim says:

      As Sky news visibly panics over Sinn Fein’s success in Ireland the words they use to describe that success begin to alter and I just heard one presenter say “Will Sinn Fein give up the bullet and the bomb” “They are after all using populism”

      How typical of England controlled news that they use the words of bullet and bomb to besmirch someone else when they themselves have never given up the use of force to get what they, the *Bringlish* always use, or threaten to use

      And how typical of the England controlled news that they accuse others of populism when England embraced the populist xenophobic racist facist agenda of Nigel Farage, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, so they could eject anybody they don’t like from their country on boats planes or otherwise, promised to stop doing it but didn’t, and we now see yet another 50 people most with very tenuous links to Jamaica who have committed in some cases very minor crimes but as long as they’ve been charged with something is all that counts being ejected from England

      Some of these so called Jamaicans were infants when they were brought to England from Jamaica and have never even been back there

      We all know the phrase “First they came for”

      People from all corners of the British Isles have to wake up to what England has become instead of knowing it but remaining silent for fear of saying it out loud

      England is the problem

    224. Willie says:

      Too right Dr Jim with your comment about ….” first they came for…..”

      The noose is tightening, the surveillance state is fully in place and the controls and dark deeds are ready to go. Julian Assamge, Alex Salmond, the foolish Derek Mackay all have a certain mystery to them. Or look at history or Irish patriot Charles Stuart Parnell all those years ago. History does repeat and decapitating political leaders through tried and tested smearing is commonplace.

      And if that doesn’t work, the establishment can always take you out. Did Willie MacRae really shoot himself in the head, then drive the car and throw the gun away – leaving an empty brief case suspected to have contain papers about the paedophile ring at the heart of government. Like Assange revealing the truth did MacRae have to pay with his life.

      So will they come for us. Well, they are now two Independence march organisers who have been arrested by police for holding matches in Glasgow and Aberdeen. Yes the noose does indeed tighten.

      The secret war is underway and nationalists are the states enemy. Democracy is but a veneer.

    225. Golfnut says:

      @ jfngw.

      Boris Johnson sends Ruth Davidson to House of lords.

      Only because the buffalo told him to GTF.

    226. Breeks says:

      Colin Alexander says:
      10 February, 2020 at 9:47 am

      But how do we establish the sovereign or popular will of the people? Democracy. In Scotland we have universal suffrage. Elections and referendums.

      Not being facetious, but we need a mechanism whereby Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty is no longer marginalised and sidelined, but becomes central in frustrating and disrupting the plans of the UK Government and it’s obedient and demure Scottish Government.

      Whether that’s a referendum that conspicuously doesn’t even seek approval or recognition from London, which seems to be what Joanna Cherry is proposing. Or my own off the cuff suggestion of a Senate of 100 Scots physically enacting the literal Sovereign Constitution of the Nation.

      We need “something” derived from Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution which derails UK Government, renders the UK Governments Convention of Sovereignty as formally and properly disputed sovereignty, – an irreconcilable dispute which needs international arbitration to unpick, which leads directly to International Recognition of the “unpicked” Constitutional dispute. We should be adamant and confident that Scotland’s legitimate sovereignty would emerge from that process as confirmed and ascendant.

      All of these constraints derived from the Scotland Act, Sewel Convention and Supreme Court are diversionary distractions which need unceremoniously dumped into a skip. It is all such devolved assembly ‘colonial’ legislation which needs marginalised and sidelined, and the essential principle of constitutional sovereignty which becomes the mainstream dispute and focus of political debate.

      The “something”, whatever it is, must be Sovereign, Constitutional, authentic and legitimate, and it is vital that it is palatable for the International Community to digest.

    227. Breeks says:

      …. sad days indeed, but that “something” could also be a Devolved SNP Government deciding to defend the Constitution and Sovereignty, and the Claim of Right…

    228. SilverDarling says:

      Regarding Boris Johnston’s proposed bridge connecting NI to Scotland – it would give the orange marchers somewhere to go without clogging up Scotland.

      Back and forth, to and fro and then when they get into their stride the mechanical resonance could bring it down.

      That is if it ever gets past the consultation stage. No doubt it would then be added to GERS as another Union dividend.

    229. James says:

      World-renowned BBC Foreign correspondent John Simpson has triggered Twitter after claiming voters had “succumbed to populism” in the Irish general election, that saw left-wing nationalist party Sinn Fein make historic gains.
      Simpson — who has spent his working life at the BBC reporting from a host of war zones around the world — took to social media on Monday morning to ostensibly voice his dismay at the election results.

      He suggested the emergence of Sinn Fein to break up the duopoly of center-right parties in the Republic of Ireland was nothing more than Irish electorate caving in to “populism.”

    230. Abulhaq says:

      I empathise with the Rev Stu. Until the SNP makes the ground quake, richter mag.9, what is the point of posting further comment?
      Until then, ma’a salama! beannachd leibh!

    231. Socrates MacSporran says:

      BoJo has been repeatedly telt – because of the topography of the ocean floor, plus the millions of tons of discarded armaments and munitions dumped in Beaufort’s Dyke – it would be impossible to build a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

      But, Boris wants his bridge, so it gets the go-ahead. Aye, and they will charge it all to Scotland, right up until somebody accepts, the bridge cannot be built.

      But, if it gets BoJo good headlines darn sarf, what the Hell.

    232. James says:

      Look this way. The Corona virus fuckin guff. Look this way. Be afraid.

    233. Ireland can show Scotland the way ??? Ireland has already shown Scotland the way ie., Michael. Collins.

    234. Pete says:

      Willie 12.28pm
      So you’re saying that Mackay was set up?
      NS brought all this opprobrium on to the SNP by accepting his resignation without challenge?
      God, you must be a ‘sick’ individual if you think his behaviour is acceptable.
      With regard to AS he will have his say in open court.
      Don’t you trust the Scottish courts?

    235. HYUFD says:

      The European Commission reports the SNP to Belgian police over an unauthorised projection

    236. cirsium says:

      @terence callachan, 10.53am, 10 February

      Thanks for that link. Good article and an interesting link to a panel talk with Mary Lou Macdonald. That is a leader. Contrast that performance at interview and the performance of the FM and her speech on 1 February.

    237. Breeks says:

      SilverDarling says:
      10 February, 2020 at 12:58 pm
      Regarding Boris Johnston’s proposed bridge connecting NI to Scotland – it would give the orange marchers somewhere to go without clogging up Scotland.

      Back and forth, to and fro and then when they get into their stride the mechanical resonance could bring it down…

      They could go sea fishing off the the bridge, or C-4 fishing at Beaufort’s Dyke, and they wouldn’t need a boat.

    238. Republicofscotland says:

      So Johnson is offering more pie in the sky with the possibility of the bridge from Ireland to Scotland being looked closely at.

      Of course Johnson has form on bridges, the non existant Garden Bridge cost taxpayers £50 million quid.

      Then we had the hop off hop on London buses which you could do neither, but you could sweat buckets due to their flawed design. Then there was the water cannon trucks at around £300,000 each that were never used and were said to be sold as scrap.

      Yes whatever Johnson regales as his latest public adventure to woo the masses, should carry a health warning to the taxpayer, the mans a liability.

    239. Republicofscotland says:

      Glasgow City Council Labour councillors deny giving sensitive information on their SNP fellow councillors to die-hard Rangers FC loyalist troll. And sending the troll info before councillors themselves know about it.

    240. David says:

      As Alec Salmond said on his show Boris said no so whut ye gona dae aboot it

    241. Republicofscotland says:

      Former Labour candidate who twice stood for the branch office in Scotland leaves party members stunned when she joins the Tories.

      Why are Labour members stunned? We all know Labour have been in bed with the Tories for years.

    242. cirsium says:

      Lord Robert Salisbury of the Constitution Reform Group talking about the de facto recognition that sovereignty resides with the Scottish people

    243. Republicofscotland says:

      I take a certain schadenfreude from this, that the unionist propaganda machine in Scotland the BBC, have seen their outside broadcast staff heckled in public.

      The Scottish branch of the foreign broadcasting company, has decided to beef up security for outside propagandists, sorry I meant journalists/reporters.

      A BBC lickspittle said Giving our audience as much information and as many facts as we can is crucial to what we do.

      Yeah right.

    244. Dr Jim says:

      Update on FM talks with Michele Barnier in Holyrood this afternoon

    245. Republicofscotland says:

      Terence Callahan @9.17am.

      Good link, Sturgeon and the SNP can learn a lot, about the struggle for independence and to rid ourselves of Westminster created division if they sit down with Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Fein.

      At least Sinn Fein doesnt take their seats at Westminster. The SNP should do the same.

    246. Republicofscotland says:

      A brief overview of what Sturgeon will be talking about today at the European Policy centre.

    247. Colin Alexander says:

      We need the politicians we already have to uphold, defend and abide by the constitution of Scotland, which states the people are sovereign.

      So, it follows, they should also be bound by any decision made by the people.

      That’s why Scotland’s Brexit was a clear red line constitutionally as 62% voted Remain and nothing since has indicated the people have changed their minds.

      Yet, here we are, out of the EU, and the politicians of Scotland, especially the ruling party, at no point fought it on the basis that the sovereign people have decided they want to Remain in the EU.

    248. One_Scot says:

      Hey Fud, your tweets been deleted. #YoonRevStalkingMuppet

    249. Famous15 says:

      The Garden Bridge was a disaster for Boris so he has decided to “build” the Squirrel ridge to Scotland.

    250. Dan says:

      Ooft, it’s Ho Ho Ho as Jo lands metaphorical blow on dumbass bro.

      Reckon Jackdaw Carport’s gonna need more than T-Cut to sort out the dent in his veneer after that skirmish.

      And will Harry Hill be needed to sort this one out.

    251. Dr Jim says:

      Flags, who’s wavin em and why

      The world of Yoon is very angry with Scotland’s First Minister again, how dare she go to Brussels and have secret talks with EU leaders, we demand to see transcripts, they say

      The UK decides who goes where and when and for what, they say
      And the UK is England, they say

    252. Bill McLean says:

      Hyufd 0132pm – looks like you have been telling porkies! Who’d believe it from a Tory? Credibility shot again!

    253. Dan says:

      @Dr Jim

      Sounds like da Yoons are stuck in a retro Harry Enfield World.

      Women, Know Your Limits!
      (2 mins)

    254. sassenach says:

      I see BBC Scotland webpage appears to have no mention of our FM going to Brussels – wonder why??

    255. Republicofscotland says:

      Yeah its good intentions from Cherry, on holding a consultive referendum and waiting to see if Westminster challenges it in the courts. However its pretty obivious that Westminster will just pass a law preventing such a move, remember Sewell.

      Anyway in my opinion there’s no route to indy through Westminster. We had our bite of the cherry in 2014, through Westminster, the result was a close call for them, and they’ll never allow that to happen again via Westminster.

      However we’ve had an indyref, that shows that Westminster knows fine well that we have, and have had the right, to choose our own future, and will so again, but not with Westminsters accord.

      So the 2014 indyref established that we have the right, but this time around we must approach it from a different angle.

      This is where the SNP and the Yes grassroots movement sit down and plan a route, the SNP may well be the tip of the spear but the average indy supporter is the elbow grease behind it.

      Making international connections, talking to EU and outside of the EU politicians regardless of Westminster (you want to be a independent nations you need to start acting like one) is the way to go, hell even make informal agreements with them to acquire backing for when the time is right to make your move.

      The most important thing in all of this is to note, to do nothing but wait and see is the wrong thing to do.

      But most of all don’t wait on Johnson changing his mind, he won’t.

    256. robertknight says:

      So, the Governor General for North Britain is off to the EU for a visit? Must be an LGBT rally somewhere. After all, can’t be anything to do with Scotland or she’d need an Order in Council from Westminster before doing anything…

    257. jockmcx says:

      Not a great video,but you might like the comment from…
      Auld Bob…now who could that be…i wonder.

      Auld Bob
      3 weeks ago
      Oh! Dear! I’ve only began to read this claptrap and have already detected some downright lies. Mind you although not paying very close attention I didn’t expect anything less. The first load of rubbisw was pure speculation in that Scotla would have to leave along with England. First of all we are here not talking about countries as the United Kingdom is legally exactly what it says it is in the title it has, “The United Kingdom”, which for those ignorant of the history is a bipartite union of equally sovereign kingdoms. The United Kingdom was constituted in 1706/7 by an international treaty called, “The Treaty of Unio0n”. Now I have looked at the document not so long ago on a rare public display.

      . I do not pretend to have been able to read it but I can attest to the fact there are but two kingdoms with signatures on the document and a moments thought says that if two kingdoms enter into an international treaty they must perforce be equally sovereign. Unlike the authors of this video I do not just claim something I explain why my claims are 100% correct or I give a cite to evidence. So we have a bipartite union of equally sovereign kingdoms and that does not form a country as the unionists so often claim. It forms a United Kingdom as its title correctly describe it.

      Next, (cough!), little (cough!), Unintentional error is to claim a certain, “José Manuel Barrosso”, as, “EU Chief Barrosso”. No! Sorry guys he is not an EU chief – so that is a lie. He was, “President of European Commission”, and not of the EU or in it. Nor has he any authority to state EU policy unless acting officially on behalf of the EU and specifically stating that he was stating EU policy.

      Allow me to explain for many thousands of times to unionists and Brexiteers. The EU are all elected to the EU parliament by their own member states. It is, after all a democratic parliament. but the term Barrosso had is, described as, “”President of the European Commission”, so obviously you do not know what a, “Commission”, is so I will tell you. A Commission is a group of people, (commissioners), who are, “Commissioned”, and a commission is being paid to do a job. The European Commission is the European Union’s parliament Civil Service and José Manuel Barrosso got himself rather a bad name for attempting to curry favour with people he hoped could influence international bodies he hoped to obtain a job with as his time as European Commissioner was running out. If his later speeches were listened to carefully and were not edited he invariable stated the views were his own personal views and not those of the EU. Furthermore on more than one occasion when being quoted by the English media he stressed that, I’m not speaking about Scotland here” , and was promptly quoted in the English media of speaking about Scotland.

      Which on at least one occasion prompted the Spanish Prime Minister to state that Spain saw the Spain/Catalonia situation as not being anything like that of The England/Scottish situation as the British kingdoms had a Treaty of Union but Catalonia was an integral part of Spain which has a written constitution that Catalonia is subject to and Spain would not veto a Scottish bid for membership as long as Scotland did so legally – and what do you know, The Scottish Government is doing things legally.

      Anway I’m watching no more of this trash and lies as I have better things to do with my time.. I only need to listen to this junk for less than a minute to be able to trash it. Do you think the reason you cannot produce a creditable case for the Westminster argument is because there isn’t one? Scotland holds all the legal cards and all the moral cards and Scotland will play them at the correct time. Also dwell upon this, if Westminster makes any rash moves, like for example, how Spain deals so harshly with the Catalans that it will not result in Scotland being backed by our many friends in the international community then think again.

      You see the EU will only deal quietly and behind the scenes with Spain for the EU has a rule that it will not interfere in the domestic affairs of member states but the United Kingdom is a bipartite union and both parts form the UK EU member state so which one do they choose? Westminster is NOT the legal parliament of England for there isn’t one. Westminster is legally the United Kingdom parliament so legally stands for both kingdoms and any court will rule them out on those grounds. This Scottish independence case is sure to go to the International Court of Justice and if nothing else will be won on the Grounds that under Human rights law any recocnised people has the right of Self determination and the Treaty of union itself is proof that Scotland is a recognised people. You really do not have a case but Scotland has.

    258. Dorothy Devine says:

      James , the best memory I have of the BBBBC”S Simpson is Putin putting him in his place neatly and exactly.

    259. Dan says:

      In a somewhat ironic twist, the road Alex Cole-Hamilton was on had to be closed for public safety / health reasons due to flooding, skid, and pregnancy risks after he jizzed everywhere on learning that the Queensferry Crossing closed the southbound lane because of risk of falling ice and snow that had built up on towers and cables in the storm over the weekend.

    260. sassenach says:

      Thanks, jockmcx , that was like going back a few years!! Hope he’s keeping well.

    261. Dan says:

      Taking Back Control…

      This time ship building as French firm wins Royal Navy Type 31 frigates contract.

    262. Colin Alexander says:


      So much for: “As the Defence Secretary has made very clear, complex UK warships are only built in UK shipyards and we have no plans to change this,” she said.

      “And while this contract has not yet been awarded, we have also been clear that from 2015 the Clyde will be the UK’s only shipyard that builds complex warships.”

    263. jockmcx says:

      shake off the dust

      Dusty Springfield – Goin’ Back Live from the BBC 1966

    264. Dan says:

      @Colin Alexander

      That story relates to Type 31 and not Type 26.
      Kinda hard to keep up with what numbers, type, and where they are to be built with the UK being so organised and strategic in their long term planning.*

      *This may be sarcastic…

      Anyway, seems a good time to link to that Bernard Ponsonby and Fallon + aide interview

    265. Dr Jim says:


      BBC Reporting Scotland gave full coverage of the FMs visit to Brussels in 12 seconds, STV was far more comprehensive on 14 seconds, I took a notion and counted for a laugh

    266. Lochside says:

      Stoker says:
      @ Lochside on 9 February, 2020 at 2:16 pm

      Great post and even better to see you posting again.’

      Thanks Stoker..and great to see you back as well…all we need is a few more of the stalwarts who made this site worth 300,000 hits worth reading.

    267. @Dan,

      Don`t think the French are building the ships i think they are supplying the electronics that run the ship.

    268. Golfnut says:

      @ Dan.

      The ship’s are being built at Rosyth, Thales were awarded the contract for management and guidance systems only. Thales are basing some of the work in the UK.

    269. Queensferry Crossing closed,

      Axil Bore Humblebum will be demanding resignations,nothing delights this House Jock more than seeing his country suffer.

    270. meg merrilees says:


      Thank you for posting that breath of fresh air. It’s so good to hear that Auld Bob is still posting and educating people with the historical, accurate facts about the Union of 1707.

      No flies on him. Come back Mr.P we miss you.

    271. wull says:

      Thank you very much jockmcx@6.34 for an excellent post that everyone looking at this site should appreciate. No one should scroll down past it just because it looks a bit long. Instead, pay attention everyone! Jockmcx is 100% correct, and has made all the necessary points with complete clarity.

    272. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Auld Bob should be allowed to do what he does.

      more power to our elbow!

      He’s not here but he’s still active.

    273. Dan says:

      re. ships. Cheers for correction Scot & Golfnut, and pointing out it’s only certain aspects of the build rather than complete ships.
      I should have looked in more detail but tbh spending hunners of millions on war and weaponry really doesn’t float my boat.

      Can’t help but think it would be more sensible, a great deal cheaper, and better for the planet to just by a load of tea, coffee, and biscuits and sit any protagonists down in a room to sort out their differences as and when they arise, rather than blowing up and destroying expensive infrastructure and killing people.

      Even if we had to increase the conflict resolution budget a wee bit to include some pukka MDMA to pacify the psychopaths so they actually developed a shred of empathy and morality towards others it would still be a cheaper in the long run than paying for a war.

      We always get the inevitable after the event inquiries, “lessons will be learned” bullshit, and resolution talks, yet still idiots lead us into endless conflict situations.

      Fuck it, psychos gonna psycho I guess, so they’ll no doubt carry on warring…bunch o’ cunts.

    274. Still Positive says:

      Jings you’ve all gone to bed early.

    275. Still Positive says:

      Oh so everyone has gone to bed early.

    276. Graf Midgehunter says:

      If everyone’s going to bed then I might as well in the hope that the Rev chucks out the britnats so that we can get back to being creative for Independence again and not wasting time pandering to the “disrupters”.

      Breeks, I’m with you. We don’t need a referendum, we need leadership with the steel balls to stand up for Scottish Rights and Sovereignty. Take the fight to the Britnats.

      We act, they react.

    277. ben madigan says:

      Some thoughts on the outcome of the Irish General Election and 2 songs I hope you will enjoy!

    278. TJenny says:

      ben madigan – thanks for the rundown. I’d wondered why folk were tweeting that SF 37 + FF 38, both got the same number of seats. but now realise it’s ecause one of the FF went through uncontested, as the speaker of the house, as it is at WM elections. (Why should that be anyway?) It’s good to see that again the younger generations are breaking away from the old tropes to look for a better future.

      Can I ask, is there a time limit on forming a new government before a new election is called and is it up to the speaker to decide? Do you think FF + SF + greens will join in a coalition?

      Oh, and do you know why SF didn’t field more candidates?

      Thanks,a lot, in advance. 🙂

    279. twathater says:

      Capella I don’t know if you are aware of this but you are not a woman anymore you are a non trans person

      but not to worry us men/ males will have a new designation too . ARE WE THERE YET NICOLA

    280. Sandy says:

      Trans-gender women, trans-gender men. Why not just call them “Hermaphrodites”.

    281. Breeks says:

      meg merrilees says:
      10 February, 2020 at 9:21 pm

      Thank you for posting that breath of fresh air. It’s so good to hear that Auld Bob is still posting and educating people with the historical, accurate facts about the Union of 1707.

      No flies on him. Come back Mr.P we miss you.

      I agree 100%, but I’d risk the wrath of Auld Bob by pointing out while I agree 100% about Scottish Sovereignty, I can also see ‘a glimmer of darkness’ that a Constitutional Court might also conclude there’s a degree of legitimacy to the Union’s, that is Westminster’s, sovereignty by convention. The judgement could simply repeat what the Claim of Right already does, that the people of Scotland are sovereign, but that it cannot revoke the Union for the very reason it’s a voluntary accord entered into by choice, (I know, I know, but that’s what the paperwork says), and furthermore, we chose to stick with the Union in 2014. Sigh.

      So, we absolutely should go to Constitutional Court, without delay, but go into it with our eyes open that while it is virtually certain to affirm Scottish Sovereignty, there is a credible possibility a Court might give itself a ‘diplomatic’ out, by affirming the sovereign convention which Westminster claims has some validity too. The UK has been around 300 years, so it would be a big call and quite a sensation to declare it all void and fictitious.

      However, that needn’t be the disaster it might first appear, because a modern, third party affirmation from the UN that Scotland is a sovereign Nation would affirm the Claim of Right in passing, but carry much more weight and international recognition. The Claim of right is arguably ‘a claim’, while an affirmation of sovereignty from the UN will likely secure “legal personality” for Scotland and international recognition. In other words, Scotland’s Sovereignty would be beyond dispute, and all the BritNat guff we hear about Scotland being extinguished in 1707 would fall apart.

      So we might be recognised as Sovereign, but still find ourselves trapped by the sovereign convention of the Union. But this too is not the end of the world. If you take a minute to consider what Joanna Cherry did when Boris Johnson was ordered by the Court of Session to un-prorogue the Westminster Parliament.

      Boris Johnson was using the unwritten constitution of the UK to ski off piste and make up rules to suit himself. He was exploiting an unwritten convention which didn’t say he couldn’t do it! – a chancer’s Charter. However, when Joanna Cherry won her court case, it was an affirmation of Scottish legal principle which was sound and binding in law, and Boris’ freedom by unwritten convention was instantly codified and declared unlawful. In the book of empty pages defining the UK’s unwritten constitution, Joanna Cherry wrote a chapter in indelible ink about vexatious prorogation of Parliament.

      I think something very similar would happen with the UK Parliament’s unwritten and ambiguous “Parliamentary Sovereignty by Convention”. That’s a chancer’s Charter too. If it survived a Constitutional judgement, I think it would be a straightforward formality for a newly recognised sovereign Scottish Nation to demand, and be successful in that demand, for all ambiguity in the book of empty pages defining the UK’s unwritten sovereign convention, to be written down chapter and verse in indelible ink.

      And IF it got that far, (because I think the Union would collapse before it did), the Parliament of Westminster (with dubious and shoogily sovereign convention) and Scotland with a watertight sovereign veto, would have to codify in explicit language how the sovereign convention actually worked. It would have to successfully answer the question of how to do a thing that cannot properly be done. The two incompatible but equal sovereignties of the Nation’s in Union cannot be joined as one without one sovereignty’s subjugation by the other.

      So while it is possible Westminster’s Sovereign Convention might, repeat might, survive the initial rounds of Constitutional Scrutiny, I don’t see the unwritten convention surviving many rounds of actual legal codification. A Court cannot rule upon a thing which cannot be done. It becomes void and unenforceable in Law. The United Kingdom’s Sovereignty by Convention would cease to exist if it couldn’t be codified.

      I’m not a lawyer, and maybe a lawyer could absolutely tear this logic to shreds, but you don’t need to be a lawyer to understand justice and tell what is right and what is wrong.

      I think a Constitutional Court would put a tick against Scottish Sovereignty, but perhaps give the Union a chance to amend its unwritten Constitution and evolve into a different kind of Union, with unwritten rules conventions replaced and properly codified, like the EU for example, with formal, written rules, conventions and Constitution, Agreements by consensus, and sovereign vetos.

      The United Kingdom Union might survive International scrutiny if it could prove itself to be fair and equitable arrangement. So yes, I think we can be pretty certain the Union would collapse very quickly under scrutiny.

      Be cautious, forewarned, take nothing for granted, but yes, let’s do this…

    282. Golfnut says:

      @ Breeks.

      Excellent summary, there is little doubt in my mind at least that much of Westminsters assumption of absolute sovereignty is unlawful. Just because Westminster does something, it would be wrong to automatically assume that it is acting lawfully. Producing GERS maybe unlawful, removing Scotland’s resources may be unlawful, removing the need for consent may be unlawful, refusing a Section 30 may be unlawful, it could turn out to be a very long list.
      Lord Salisbury was pretty clear that he believed that Westminster by agreeing to the 2014 referendum had already ‘conceeded’ that the people of Scotland were sovereign which incidentally would make Scotland’s removal from the EU unlawful.

    283. Effijy says:

      What if Thales Francais want Chinese Electronic in England’s war ships?

      We could risk the guns being trained on Bojo.

      That’s OK then. lol

    284. Rm says:

      Get Independence and start building our own coastal protection vessels built in Scottish Shipyards to patrol around Scottish waters, which will be fished only by Scottish fishing boats, crewed by Scots and people who would like to come and work and stay in an Independent Scotland.

    285. Rm says:

      Get Independence, open up and expand our ports, start trading with Canada, Australia and New Zealand and Europe join EFTA look at our vast resources ( Renewables, oil, Gas, fish, fresh water, Farming etc, etc, etc, etc ) build boats again to trade with the world, be an Independent Country with a bit of clout and say in the worlds future, instead we toady around what Westminster wants, our Politicians have to stand up and fight for Scotland’s future, get our Independence then decide what will happen after asking the people what they want.

    286. Ottomanboi says:

      Seems, according to ‘The National’, the ageing actor Brian Cox doesn’t like the name Scottish National party. neither does Sturgeon apparently. Has something to do with alleged negative implications and associations of the terms nation, national, nationalism etc among the woke.
      ‘Scottish’, how’s that for negative ‘vibes’, sounds really quite racist. ‘Party’, definitely an anti-diversity and anti-inclusivity term.
      While on the topic, ‘Scotland’, the very name reeks of the un-fluid and un-woke……
      British, on the other hand, a warm, fuzzy all-embracing, multi-ethnic type term.


    287. robertknight says:

      The National’s front page:

      “Sturgeon tells EU: We’ve never needed you more”

      Scotland tells Sturgeon:

      “You had your chance – You blew it! All the mandates you needed yet you did nothing as the country you purport to lead was dragged out of the EU. The EU will offer you warm words et peu d’autre. You should go and go now.”

    288. Pete says:

      The ferry contract didn’t go very well, did it?
      That was Scottish shipbuilding for you.
      I take it you’re a Brexiteer and don’t want to join the EU after independence?

    289. Republicofscotland says:

      So the light show projected onto the EU building in Brussels showing Scotland and Europe combined with a love heart, wasn’t reported to the police by the EU afterall.

      Yet the Herald and Express newspapers intimated that it was. However the Belgian police did look into the matter, but nothing came of it.

      Remember we cannot trust the media (National aside) in the UK.

    290. @Effijy,

      Chinese (state owned) company Huawei will get contract to supply 5G to UK,

      5G will allow all electronic systems to communicate with each other (like the toaster in Red Dwarf),

      China National Nuclear Corporation own 33% of ,being constructed, Hinkley C nuclear power plant,with investments in other nuclear projects in UK,

      while Germany and other western countries have turned their backs on nuclear, the UK is strongly committed to new nuclear to meet its carbon goals and this means, despite security concerns, the government needs Chinese involvement.

    291. Rm says:

      Most of Scotland’s Politicians have been educated by the British Establishment they think what they have read and been taught, they follow the party line, very few Individual thinkers, what Scotland needs in a leader is a Radical Independent Thinker who doesn’t follow party lines can think and do what Establishment people don’t expect him or her to do, all we have is a talking shop with no bite at all, why did the Scottish leader not go to Europe three years ago and ask for help, we’re not getting the truth at all.

    292. Rm says:

      I know what you are Pete.

    293. Dan says:

      Sandy says: at 3:54 am

      Trans-gender women, trans-gender men. Why not just call them “Hermaphrodites”

      Because they are almost exclusively not, and if the word “hermaphrodite” was used across the board to describe “trans persons” it would render its definition in the dictionary as bullshit.

      It’s awkward enough as it is trying to discuss the twisting of biological reality with the current attempts to conflate gender with sex, but if words are also to no longer have specific meaning then it’s going to be extremely difficult to formulate and operate any systemic or legal changes to societal order.

      The reality is we are all unique individuals and there is no way a society can function if we insist it is tailoured and run to suit our own individual specific requirements.
      Everyone has personal issues and concerns we have to accept and deal with, and compromises have to be made by us all to allow us to exist in a semblance of a functioning society.

    294. robertknight says:

      RM says at 10:12

      “why did the Scottish leader not go to Europe three years ago and ask for help”

      More to the point, why didn’t the Scottish “leader” not go down the road of the ‘constitutional court’ three years ago and determine, before Brexit-day, the legality of the UK Government ignoring the express wishes of the supposedly sovereign people of Scotland and dragging us out of the EU?

      Now she’s off to the EU with her over-used begging bowl for the sole purpose of window dressing in the hope the heat dies down back home. I wonder if she and her aides will be wandering the corridors looking for someone who’ll listen to her as she was supposedly doing at Westminster.

      Who knows, seeing as how we’re not even in the EU any more she’ll need to be an “invited guest” of someone or she won’t even get in the door.

      Far too little First Minister – and far too late.

    295. manandboy says:

      Establishment DNA on display in Ibrox statement.

      “Embarrassing, rangers must be turning in their grave.” (reply from ‘Spud Gun Murphy’.)

      “Now that the Police have charged an individual with racially abusing Alfredo Morelos at the Old Firm game on 29 December, it is necessary to state yet again that racist abuse, indeed abuse of any form, must never be condoned or dismissed.”

      “Finally, Rangers would be more than happy to accommodate the young person involved in this latest incident on one of our courses designed to help people understand why racist and sectarian abuse is unacceptable.”

    296. Colin Alexander says:

      What we are trying to achieve is to dissolve the UNION OF PARLIAMENTS, and establish an INDEPENDENT Scottish PARLIAMENT.

      So, “Should Scotland be an independent country” was the wrong question then and now.

      The focus should be on WESTMINSTER Parliamentary Union. Forcing the UK state and Scotland’s unionists to justify why England’s MP’s and unelected Lords and Empress Elizabeth should have the power to overrule the democratic sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

      Also, forcing the SNP to justify their subservient colonial administration, instead of asserting and exercising the democratic sovereign will of the people of Scotland.

    297. Colin Alexander says:

      I’m told the people of Scotland voted NO to:

      Should Scotland be an independent country?

      The people of Scotland never voted against a reconvened Parliament of Scotland exercising the sovereign democratic will of the people of Scotland.

      They were not given that choice. They should have been.

    298. Kangaroo says:

      Breeks and others

      Scottish Constitution etc..

      Whilst we are all on the same page and want Independence the problem is IMHO like a marriage partner(the Scottish people) going to a lawyer(the Scottish Government) and asking what can be done about the abusive spouse(Westminster). The advice is divorce, however the client is in two minds and isn’t convinced and does not want to go down that route(Polls at 50/50). Lawyer has to say “well go back and think some more, see if the behaviour improves”.

      IMHO that’s where we are currently and the lawyer can’t do anything until the client has provided clear and unambiguous instructions that divorce is indeed the chosen option.

      It would not be good to go through a legal divorce and then find the client has changed their mind again.

    299. Almond Chutney says:


      Well, if SNP is a lot like BNP by name, swap Scottish for British and vice versa, then why would you want to associate with a similar name to BNP., with the policies they held.

      Imagine if a new party called themselves ENP (English National Party) but claimed to be centre-left. Nobody would buy it.

    300. Golfnut says:

      @ Robert Knight.
      Actually she was invited by the EU, ok.

    301. Breeks says:

      Kangaroo says:
      11 February, 2020 at 11:04 am

      It would not be good to go through a legal divorce and then find the client has changed their mind again….

      Well yes and know. If it was a divorce, yes perhaps. But the Constitutional review I have in mind is more like checking whether the marriage was ever legal and properly consummated in the first place. If proved unlawful, the parties just stay unmarried and go their separate ways, or decide to marry if they like being married, … but the faulty marriage is annulled.

      OT too…
      There seems to be a degree of support emerging for a second party targeting List Seats. I’m sure everybody and his dog will be fulsome in their appreciation of Rev Stu taking all the heat for breaking the taboo of openly discussing it.

    302. Jfngw says:

      I think I’ve worked out the British Nationalist politicians strategy at Holyrood. They are trying to prove Scotland can’t govern itself because look we are total arseholes. How else could you explain the behaviour of types like AC-H and the mooth. Extatic at every minor failing in Scotland.

    303. Dr Jim says:

      Ah cannae be bothered, It’s aw pie in the sky, the government’ll dae nughin, I’ll believe it when ah see it, aye right so they wull, It’ll never happen

      All these phrases and more laden with cynicism brought to you from a 300 year old downtrodden Scottish population suffering from mental health depression

      Why is Scotland depressed, well we’ve been robbed by England, robbed by our own people on behalf of England, promised things would be better by both sets of these people and always let down and lied to by those people, so is it any wonder we are a nation blessed with the one liner cynical sarcasm that we’re famous for

      We have a comedy based on the truth of being suppressed, every pub in our nation is full of people who make the rest of us laugh at our own misfortune, we eat too much sugar,we drink too much alcohol, down to our last tenner we’d rather blow it on something to cheer ourselves up in the moment rather than save it for another moment because we feel a better moment won’t come

      Our country’s health depends on the hope that never comes

      This won’t do, it’s not normal and it’s not conducive to a healthy country

      Independence for Scotland shouldn’t be first about the money, that’s the wrong way to think, there are people all over the world who have far less yet happier than us, we invent fake happiness to mask depression then the next day we spend more money trying to recapture that comfort, I’ts why sports supporters are elated when their team wins and totally downhearted when they lose

      Independence for Scotland is an example of a new hope, and if we don’t get it I dread and fear for the future of Scotland without that confidence that other countries gained when they attained their Independence

    304. Golfnut says:

      @ Kangaroo.

      I like your posts a lot Kangaroo, and I agree with a lot that you say. However I personally think its Nicola that’s hesitating rather than the Indy movement itself. Clear mandates have been given for indyref but because an English mp says no, its somehow illegal for the Sovereign people of Scotland to have one.
      We’re circling Jericho waiting on the word to start blowing our trumpets and we don’t understand why it hasn’t come.

    305. Effijy says:

      The Independent reporting Boris is seeking a new law
      To be passed giving him direct control of the NHS.

      This obviously has great impact on Scotland’s NHS
      If Boris hasn’t put on another law to say we don’t exist.

    306. Republicofscotland says:

      So HS2 is to go ahead, at an unknown cost to the taxpayer, watch as the GERS figures soar to a unimaginable total, as part of this unfit for purpose.

      HS2 won’t benefit Scotland but we’ll certainly pay through the nose for it. And we will continue to see Scottish resources drained until we leave this shame of a union.

    307. Colin Alexander says:

      Breeks etc

      Step 1: Get rid of Toom Tabard Sturgeon.

      Step 2:

      Politically we ASSERT sovereignty by exercising sovereign power: the classic example being we can hold indyref2 without asking permission, cos we don’t need to, we’re sovereign. Let the UK State challenge it at court.

      Asserting sovereignty in other ways too: you just get on with it and let the UK State challenge it at court.

      Legal denunciation of a treaty, or part of a treaty, is also a sovereign power (as is signing a treaty in the first place).

      We legally denounce the one GB parliament and House of Lords Articles of Union and reconvene the Parliament of Scotland exercising sovereignty.

      Let the UK State try and prove it’s against the law of Scotland if they want to.

    308. Ottomanboi says:

      Before some of us get too buoyant over Sinn Féin this is a timely reminder of what might be going on in Ireland.
      Surprisingly similar tack to Farage. SF also has an anti EU tendency.
      No fan of Varadkar but think he hits the nail here.
      ‘Fascism’, however one might choose to define it is good at shapeshifting. It can be both left and right, moderate and revolutionary, conservative and progressive, woke and non woke. Hence its appeal. The punters can project on it what they please.
      The so called young, marginalized and ‘disadvantaged’ are especially seduced by such cut ‘n’ paste politics.
      We want none of that anti-intellectual, sentimentalist politicking here.

    309. Clapper57 says:

      As sure as day follows night….one can also be sure that when a Scottish ‘bridge’ closes…Alex Cole-Hamilton will tweet about it…

      Does he have some psychological condition which prompts his obsession with bridges being ‘closed’.

      Or perhaps he would prefer the bridges were left open in treacherous conditions or when crucial maintenance work being undertaken, which then resulted in an accident occurring on the bridge/s….which would then give him the opportunity to declare the bridges should have been……. closed.

      Many people online via twitter have reminded Alex C-H of the many many bridges built by the UK which are currently also closed….for Heath & Safety reasons due to the adverse weather conditions….obviously these people do not realise Alex’s obsession is confined only to Scottish bridges that have some link past and present to the current Scottish government….a specific agenda must be adhered to… promote fully the SNPBAD so fondly applied by many, like Alex, in the illiberal undemocratic party.

      Perhaps Alex could include in his campaign material for next years Scottish elections the words ‘ We will keep the bridges open irrespective of weather conditions or where crucial maintenance is required/being undertaken …I can personally VOUCH for that…see my historical (hysterical) tweets..’

      I can only imagine how traumatised he must be at the idea of Boris’s Scotland-N Ireland bridge and is probably writing, at this very moment, to PM requesting that, if bridge built, it better not be closed…like EVER….and sign it Alex King of the Bridges Cole-hamilton….or as Christine Jardine likes to call it ….”Usurper” of the Bridges….Lol

      One would have thought that Alex being the Lib Dem spokesperson for HEALTH…he would have considered the HEALTH and SAFETY aspect was a consideration in the closing of bridges in adverse weather conditions….or maybe he just prefers to be known as and referred to as the the chief carper from the sidelines….destructive as opposed to constructive…alas tis the Lib Dem way hence their minuscule representation in both Holyrood, Wales and WM…the minnows, Lib Dems, in the parliaments within the UKnotOK are indeed mirroring the minnows used in fishing….baiting…..difference is most of the public , unlike the fish, refuse to bite…hence they only get elected in small numbers ….Lol… Carry on Carping Alex…it’s obvs a winning formula….NOT.

    310. Joe says:

      Trying to work out how to convey something I just realised.

      Scottish nationalism in its current form is totally uninspiring. The concept of Scottish independence is always framed against either or both of –

      1 – the backdrop of British establishment criminality/oppression
      2 – how we are open and accepting to everyone else in the world because anyone can be Scottish so long as they come here.

      There is nothing in either of those concepts that might act to infect enthusiasm where it wasn’t before.

      In the first case its all ‘arent we the victim’. Which is largely quite right, but not something that gets people moist with excitement for the future.

      In the 2nd case it says tacitly – if anyone can be Scottish then Scottish isnt anything or anyone in particular. Our history, heritage and culture come 2nd to everyone elses who might want to come here. You might as well just call Scotland the northern part of a large island than an individual nation. Again, this does nothing to enthuse someone. Its totally uninspiring.

      Why is this the case?

      Because leftist globalism has too far infected the idea of Scottish independence.

      1 – is the victim narrative – essential for any leftist movement but odious to anyone not on the left.
      2 – the subverting our country and our people to globalist anti-nation ideology.

      That’s not withstanding the woke intersectional garbage those same ideologies are foisting on us that ive complained about at length.

      People are not inspired by a sob story or by portrayals of submission.

      We are the Scots. We were integral thinking to the industrial revolution, economics, medicine, architectural and more. We have a reputation as warriors on which empires faltered and who were the first in and last out of the battles that forged the largest empire the world has ever seen. Our history is the stuff of great stories and inspiring legends. The land we inhabit is rich in every possible way (barring sunshine). People sing our songs the world over and we are the source of mystique to other peoples and cultures.

      So why is then that we are being represented by a bunch of dumb, intersectional beta males and their screeching harpy 3rd wave feminist friends who inspire about as much fervor and vision as a bad case of athletes foot?

      That’s not even mentioning the even more extreme ones of which I will not mention.

      Even if the policies werent shite this is simply not a movement that will get anything except a pat on the head from the powers pushing international marxism and the end of all traditions and nations.

      Sorry guys. A total rethink is necessary.

    311. Republicofscotland says:

      So Finna Fail and Fine Gael, look like teaming up to form a government to block Sinn Fein.

      We in Scotland know how that works, with the Lib/Dems Labour and the Tories all teaming up at Holyrood to decry, our national party and Scotland on a daily basis.

      But also as Better Together to hold the development of Scotland back, for the benefit of England.

    312. Breastplate says:

      Is not your analogy closer to the client (the People) instructing (with a mandate) the lawyer (SNP hierarchy) to go ahead with the divorce but the lawyer telling the client that, although they promised to proceed with the paperwork, maybe they should wait a bit longer because……

      Perhaps I’m wrong and you can point out where I’m going astray in my thinking.

    313. Dr Jim says:

      @Clapper 57 1:31pm

      Maybe Alex Cole Hamilton is trying to make a case for snow or ice sliding off the roof of his house and landing on his head so he can make a claim against the Scottish government over their incompetent handling of the weather conditions

      The BBC even dug up a tame ordinary working man mutt to complain about the bridge *always* being closed when *they said it couldnae happen*

      This is the second time since the bridge was built that these freak weather conditions have happened, so always closed means twice

    314. Capella says:

      @ twathater 2.54am – interesting – I hadn’t seen that tweet though I do get other tweets of sofonisba retweeted by others. I will read the attached docs with interest. There is a tsunami of activity around this issue at the moment for obvious reasons. Difficult to keep up.

      Also, for those upthread conducting a tiresome vendetta against Nicola Sturgeon – if you had succeeded in getting her to step down the most likely leader of the SP at the moment would be Derek Mackay.

    315. robertknight says:

      Golfnut @ 11:39

      Thanks – confirms the arrangement that I’d only assumed was now the case.

    316. Keith Fae Leith says:

      I’ve just completed a YouGov poll.

      All relating to Scottish Independence, based on some of the options, I’m guessing it’s commissioned by SiU or These Islands type group.

      Asking in a loaded manner, what the positives are & what we would be willing to give up.

      Nonsense about the great protection provided by the UK. How much austerity or extra taxation are we willing to sacrifice, as well as who do we trust to make arguments on either side.

      There were 3 “no” politicians (How now Brown Vow, Truthless Davidson & de Piffel) but only NS listed as a “yes” politician.

      Be wary, if you do get surveyed then please read the questions very carefully.

      On a positive note, the fact they are asking what we fear & who should be their big hitters, coupled with the £5m propaganda blitz convinces me, that they know there will be a referendum soon.

      I really hope we do & finally get some form of democracy.

    317. Breastplate says:

      On the subject of bridge closures, the Severn bridge was closed yesterday both ways because of an accident. A truck was blown over in the high winds causing havoc and closing a main route in and out of Wales.
      Maybe somebody should gauge Ares Hole-Camilton’s outrage on that?

    318. Dr Jim says:

      I’m reminded of Michael Russell’s words last year when he said “There’s no rule saying a campaign must be a year, it could be 6 months so effectively we could have until March 2020 to call a referendum to be held in September 2020”

      Adam Tomkins and Murdo Fraser jumped up and down in a wee faux tantrum at that, but the referendums bill was passed by majority

      Could it be? who knows eh, it would be a laugh though

    319. Almond Chutney says:

      @Keith Fae Leith

      Trade perhaps? If UK trade accounts for 60% Scottish trade, then hit with a tarrif post indy, that wouldn’t be ideal for either side, plus Scotch will be more expensive anywhere else in the UK.

    320. North chiel says:

      HS2 apparently will rebalance “ the British economy” . Ie England is Britain/ U.K. and vice Versa .The “ North in this context is Manchester, Leeds & Birmingham ( really?) and of course Scottish taxpayers will be “ paying through the nose” pro rata in interest payments added to “ Gers” for the privilege. We really do not exist as far as ” Westminster” is concerned. Just so long as the oil revenues etc keeps flowing to the “ U.K.” treasury. Meanwhile Bojo simoultaneously launches a “ kite flying exercise re mythical bridges” .Next will be “ tunnels to Australia “ to lubricate “ frictionless trade”

    321. Breastplate says:

      There is no vendetta against Nicola Sturgeon. People are venting their anger at the inaction of the SNP.
      The leader of the SNP is being held responsible for the perceived ineffectual tactics undertaken.
      Of course there are different camps about what strategy to deploy but nevertheless it is an honest critique by non gradualist pro independence supporters and certainly not a personal attack on Nicola.

      I don’t believe your argument has the integrity you believe it does.

    322. Keith Fae Leith says:

      Almond Chutney:

      Funnily enough, a hard border between Scotland & England (please note that NI & Wales don’t exist) was one of the options.

      As you say “if” trade is 60%, if it is, then why does nobody show the full data?

      As other wiser heads than mine have pondered, ‘what does England sell to Scotland that isn’t manufactured elsewhere in the EU that could be traded free of tariffs?

      I feel a hard border (no other kind, is there) would be necessary, due to the discrepancies in standards, particularly relating to food safety.

      Single Malt Whisky is already a premium product, if Scotland is in the EEA (EU or EFTA) then it would still be a geographic protected product, the tariff would depend on the trade agreements that the KoE negotiate with the EU.

    323. Dan says:

      Kangaroo says: at 11:04 am

      …that’s where we are currently and the lawyer can’t do anything until the client has provided clear and unambiguous instructions…

      Which would appear a modus operandi almost completely at odds with say; the “lawyer” appearing to push through a certain agenda they and lobby groups want, without consent or a mandate from the “client base” of sovereign Scottish people, because a large proportion of those people are completely unaware of said agenda or the implications of it becoming policy.

      Hope you’ve has some rain to limit or stop the wildfires in your area.

    324. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland’s enforced contribution to Endland’s new HS2 vanity train set looks to be in the region of £10 billion for a train set Scotland will never get to have in our shed

      The UK has zero pension fund, y’know the one that everybody contributes into to get their pension in later life, because England used what was in it to pay off some of England’s national debt, and it didn’t even scratch the sides

      But hey as long as Scotland has all this worthless oil that’s running out a week on Tuesday HS2 can be paid for with that instead of using it for an actual real purpose
      then England can say Scotland has even more debt and deficit we didn’t incur as we subsidise England even more without our consent

      Cummings and Johnson have till around June or July this year then the shit will hit the fan from all sides of everywhere

    325. Dr Jim says:

      Brits always talk about Scotch Whisky as if that’s all we have, but they forget that 70% of all Gin consumed in the UK is made in Scotland, I could do a list as long as your arm but a better reference is to go to *Business for Scotland* website and all the figures and percentages are there for everything Scotland produces, where it’s sold how it gets there and and who’s buying it

    326. Almond Chutney says:

      @Keith Fae Leith

      With respect, Wales is just as good as a state as England and Scotland.

      ‘The whole of Wales was annexed by England and incorporated within the English legal system under the Laws in Wales Acts 1535 and 1542.’

      It was never a ‘Kingdom’ with the crown as the highest legal authority as was in both KoE and KoS before the union of crowns, but that doesn’t mean it was a country. We have our own deomgraph, culture and language.

      Apparently, only 60,000 people have the ability to speak Gaelic, yet the sGov pushes for gaelic only signage and compulsory first languages in certain areas of Scotland. Welsh is spoken by at least 700,000 people and have already intergrated into a large part of Wales as a first speaking language.

      Add that with an Assemly/Parliament, national flag, anthem and an international recognition that Wales is also a country within it’s own right, I disagree with your statement.

    327. Almond Chutney says:

      Dr Jim says:
      11 February, 2020 at 2:47 pm

      Assuming you were responding to my comment, it was just an example.

    328. Capella says:

      @ breastplate – we must be reading different comments 🙂

    329. Breeks says:

      I feel neither up nor down about Nicola Sturgeon.

      I absolutely do not like what passes for a strategy, which is beyond lamentable, but if Nicola was suddenly to realign herself with a resolute and uncompromising Constitutional Approach, and abandon this hokey dead end strategy of a Section 30 Approved Referendum, then keeping Nicola on board might be no bad thing to keep all the SNP believers on side. It doesn’t matter to me who’s in charge, provided they are making the correct calls.

      To be perfectly frank, I feel utterly bewildered that Nicola herself doesn’t grasp the mood of the troops much better than she apparently does. I don’t know if she is blind to the disquiet, or resigned to toughing it out, but the ‘blind faith’ balloon was burst for many of us on Brexit Day, and things have been pretty quiet ever since. I “hope” that’s a symptom of strategic rethink going on, but if it’s merely keeping the head down until the fuss blows over, then I suspect that might prove terminal.

      The same pretty much goes for all this Woke carry on. Who the hell does Nicola have advising her? It’s like a Mission Impossible script where the real Nicola who wants Independence, has been replaced by a doppelgänger in a latex mask who wants to poison the water supply with super-concentrated Wokishness. Can we double check security footage to check if Tom Cruise has been seen anywhere near Bute House? Pay particular attention to the sky lights for signs of break in…

      There aren’t many in the Devolved Holyrood Cabinet who I would rank as big hitters, and the Boss suffers from imposter syndrome… It’s a worry. It begs bigger questions – if the SNP can’t think it’s own way out of Scotland Act Straight-jacket, and doesn’t really grasp the concept of sovereignty, then is it really ready for life amongst the big beasties of International politics and foreign affairs?

      When Holyrood is manned by douche bags whining about a bridge being closed in extreme weather, or the First Minister daring to venture abroad to Brussels, you have to ask yourself what the SNP’s ‘A’ game against real opposition will actually be like. Hokey and provincial, or ruthless and streetwise? Frankly, I don’t think the four year game of Section 30 Scalextric augers particularly well, and Scotland definitely got it’s arse handed to it over Brexit Negotiations, and Brexit itself for that matter. And please, let’s not even begin to talk about self-ID.

      Westminster seems better served. Joanna Cherry is a powerhouse, and true high caliber stateswoman, and I wonder too if there is behind the scenes tension with Ian Blackford obliged to eat his words and abandon his constitutional rejection of Brexit to accommodate Nicola’s supine acquiescence. I wonder is Nicola is out of her depth? Or maybe just spent too long in the Holyrood Kindergarten?

      The funny thing is, that a Constitutional route out of the Union could be intense to say the least, and we can expect seismic movements in the tectonic plates of international politics, but I “think” events will move quickly, and after the Union is dead and buried, it is possible we will see Holyrood really begin to bloom as a modern, intelligent government on overdrive to get our Nation firing on all cylinders. I think Nicola would take to that like a duck to water.

    330. Clapper57 says:

      @ Dr Jim @ 1.55pm

      Indeed Dr Jim…closed once….twice….equates to ALWAYS in the Lib Dem book of contrived grievances….small small party BIG BIG mouths..Lol

      Meanwhile one wonders why he ,Alex, is not highlighting the clear lack of feasibility in Boris’s bridge too far fantasy…which some are concluding is a mere distraction ( a ploy often used by the Tories) to the news that there will indeed be post trade Brexit barriers imposed as confirmed by the physically unfortunate fish faced Gove…..UND the news of the HS2 project proceeding also way way over budget…plus many have commented that there will indeed be NO bridge to NI, but there will be feasibility and scoping works (£100m+), UND the contracts will go to companies close to Boris, UND his political master stroke will be to deduct the costs from Scotland’s Block grant…….seems as if Brexit means F**k Scotland after all…who knew….indeed.

      Just as well that not ALL Scots have been subjected to and affected by the Union Jack tranquiliser a la Tory/Labour/Lib Dem Bad Medicine Union Company….and some of us are still awake and alert enough to know when we are being badly conned…has Dominic Cummings not realised that his manipulation strategy is not a one size fits all in his UKnotOK…..also when will he realise that as a 48 year old man his clothes style reeks of desperation to somehow appear ….younger than his birth certificate dictates he is……pseudo cool to disguise the tool that is…Boris’s adviser….figures…..just like Tony’s Iraq War which prompted the Chilcot inquiry I cannae wait for the Brexit Vote Leave etc Inquiry…historical Inquries seems to be a thing in UKnotOK…..unfortunately never learn lessons until damage done……it’s the UKnotOK way…….innit…

      So much sheeite going on but distraction strategy deployed as per by same suspects….of which the Lib Dems MUST take credit for….well they at least have to be able to do do SOMETHING…even if it is of no advantage to man nor beast…are they too part of Dominic’s strategic plans….should be…as useful tools ( pun intended) in aiding Boris in Making Tory BRITANNIA Rule the Slaves (slang for BritNat working class UND all Scots obvs)…Lol

      Isn’t it time we had an Inquiry into the Better Together campaign…considering everything that is and has gone down pre/since 2014 Referendum….asking for a LOT of friends…Lol

    331. callmedave says:

      Susan Calman as the face of The Bank of Scotland now with James Cosmo no more!…. Phfft!

      It was good while it lasted.

    332. manandboy says:

      THE EU REF16 & INDYREF 14.


      The same people : starting with the Media, those whom the English Ruling Class assemble and co-ordinate to keep the Establishment in power, come every election or referendum, and including experts in digital technologies and psychological operations, notably Cambridge Analytica and a group of people from across the world who do the same thing as Lynton Crosby.

      Doing the same thing, applying the same approach, discretely and systematically, working in the background, in close co-operation with the Media, using Politicians and government think-tank ‘experts’ among others, to spread a web of slogans and catch-phrases, as part of a carefully designed, tried and tested marketing campaign, to hoodwink enough of the electorate into voting for what is in reality, the camouflaged interests of The Establishment, viz. power and control over the UK.

      The effect in both England and Scotland is a divided population, Leavers & Rejoiners in the UK, Yes & No after Indy2014 in Scotland.

      But, in addition, especially after the EU referendum, there remains a widespread belief that the result had been obtained unlawfully and to the certain detriment of the UK.
      With Indy2014, the skullduggery was less visible, as no one back then had even heard of Cambridge Analytica or Dark money, but even so, the campaign of lies, culminating in the notorious ‘Vow’, (devised by Murray Foote, then editor of the Daily Record and now barely believably, Chief of Communications for the SNP), added to the postal votes fiasco, the absence of any exit poll, no access to the data, or any audit afterwards, left more than a suspicion among many that Scotland’s Independence had been ‘stolen’ by Westminster. As with the EU referendum.

      One point, on a personal level. I woke up on the morning after the Referendum and so intense was the feeling of darkness inside me that I knew intuitively that Scotland was not Independent – that we had lost.

      It wasn’t till some time had past that I returned to that feeling of darkness and realised that I’d had it before in my life. That was on the occasion when my house had been burgled and valuables stolen, including an heirloom which was very precious to me.

      It is said that hindsight is 20/20, and that often only hindsight brings an understanding of what actually happened. At this point I would say only this: I am now with hindsight, certain that Indy2014 was stolen, and, that the EU referendum result was also ill-gotten. Both by the same organisation – the English Establishment, for whom the maintenance of their power, control and wealth, must be kept intact no matter the cost, by fair means or foul.

      Scotland is again confronted by the same English Establishment. It is deeply disappointing that the Scottish government seems, almost stubbornly, to maintain a level of trust in the English Ruling Class which is baffling. Such trust would indicate either amnesia, naivety, indecision or even recklessness.

      Whatever the actual explanation for the Scottish Government’s persistence with its present policy re staging a second Independence Referendum, it does not inspire in me much confidence in its ability to achieve it.

      However, we are where we are.

      Scotland may end up Independent – but it may just turn out to be in spite of ourselves.

    333. Breastplate says:

      Capella, I grant that there are Unionists that will attack Nicola personally but again I would suggest that they find who is leader of the SNP as irrelevant as they will attack any SNP leader personally or any prominent pro independence supporter for that matter.

      So although we may see things differently, we’re all in the same boat.

    334. Keith Fae Leith says:

      Almond Chutney

      Please don’t try to misrepresent me.

      I was quoting from whomever set the survey on YouGov.

      They asked about a hard border between Scotland & England, omitting Wales & NI, not me.

      I don’t dispute that Wales is a Country in it’s own right, my use of KoE, is, for me, a more accurate shorthand for rUK.

      United Kingdom disolves, then it reverts to KoS (including only the country of Scotland) & th the pre 1707 KoE (including the countries of England, Wales and the current annexation of the country of Ireland)

      I didn’t make the statement you claim to be attributing to me, so I’ll accept your apology.

      If you have any further queries or concerns that haven’t been covered several times, then please ask away in a polite manner & contributors here will answer as best they can.

    335. Colin Alexander says:


      I’ve no personal vendetta against Nicola Sturgeon.

      On the biggest constitutional and strategic decisions, I believe she has got it BADLY wrong.

      Eg No campaigning for indy for 5 years. Complete failure to assert Scottish sovereignty, except as points of discussion. Complete failure to stick with Scotland’s EU Remain vote being a binding sovereign decision.

      Meaning: if Scotland’s European Union membership ended against the will of the people, the UK Union would also be ended, by legal denunciation.

      She should no longer be responsible for those decisions due to her devolutionist subservient colonial mindset.

      She could remain as colonial compromising First Minister, as that’s clearly where her talents lie and let a real Scottish sovereignty leader focus on asserting sovereignty.

      But, I doubt she would accept decision taking orders from others – apart from her UK Imperial Masters.

    336. Almond Chutney says:

      Keith Fae Leith

      I appreciate the response and of course you have my apologies. I didn’t intend to misrepresent you, I guess it just really grinds my gears that a lot of UK based politics and ‘organisations’ seem to forget about Wales and NI, like we’re just extensions of England or the British State to be owned as a possession like some fucked up game of monopoly.

      I was quick to jump to a dire conclucion on that one so I’m sorry, but appreciate the civil response greatly.

    337. Breeks says:

      I don’t agree with this nonsense of naming storms and gales. It’s Scotland. We’ll run out of names by October.

      The only named storm I do want to see is Hurricane Joanna, taking Scotland’s Case for Sovereign recognition to the UN.

    338. Dr Jim says:

      @Almond Chutney

      I merely referenced *Business for Scotland* as a place to go for yourself or anyone who wishes to find out exactly what Scotland produces and how much it’s valued at

      I was intending no offence in the reference

    339. Colin Alexander says:

      Furthermore, it appears, for many in the YES movement, NS had her last chance saloon opportunity and blew it.

      She had the chance to assert sovereignty and tell UK Parliament: Scotland’s people and Scotland’s parliament has decided to hold an indyref (or my preference: reconvene the Parliament of Scotland to exercise sovereignty).

      Instead, she bottled it. Toom Tabard.

    340. Almond Chutney says:

      Dr Jim,

      No offence taken. Except for maybe the ‘Brit’ part, but I do seem to have an aptitude for renegade comment.

      Even still, I’ve said before countless times I support the Scots to choose their future, just as all of us probably should.

      I don’t understand why people seem to think I’m against indy anyway, I’m only ever critical of the EU.

    341. Clapper57 says:

      O/T ( like a lot of things just now…Lol)

      Arsenal chairman Sir ‘Chips’ Keswick donated £ 5000 to Alister Jack’s 2019 GE campaign he also donated £23,000 to the Better Together campaign.

      Why pray tell me…why does an Eton educated and British banker care so so much about Scotland remaining in the UknotOK and Scottish Tories being elected…..why he must LOVE Scotland so very very much to try and keep it within the UKnotOK and under Tory rule via WM and probably Holyrood too…..or hmm…….is it that his BROTHER Sir Henry Keswick owns an 18,000 acre shooting estate , Hunthill Estate, in the Angus Glens area of East Scotland; the shooting is mainly grouse.

      Scotland MUST be kept as a playground for the rich…….so here’s the money to make sure it does.

      There is so many reasons apart from Oil, water etc that ensures the continued support financially and also via verbal/written endorsements of those in positions of power outwith politics to STOP Scotland becoming independent from the UKnotOK….

      Thus we know the many reason why they, both politicians and self serving wealthy and powerful individuals are so very determined to keep us , the Scots, tied to THEIR UknotOK….do we not. Vested interests are indeed a compulsive argument that would sway many a charlatan to ensure their own continued interests and needs were met.

      Also where the f**k would the army,naval and air force go to in their many military maneuver exercises…. but to Scotland.

      Where for the Navy a freedom to maneuver in both deep and shallow water, a limited civilian population and low air and sea traffic provides ideal training conditions …and also too for the army training exercises to enable them also to practice their maneuvers in Scotland as there is also the conditions of wide open spaces with limited population.

      Plus we are home to their weapons of mass destruction….another thing we Scots are against but have imposed upon us… there a pattern here….or is it that some others are not seeing the BIGGER picture…..less to do with us needing them for subsidy and more to do with THEM needing us for so very much MORE than they concede…. and then of course there is also unfortunately some others within Scotland’s population who remain oblivious or remain willing to be brainwashed and who are then only too willing to concede… the BritNat side’s (Non) argument/s…..if only we had……..( fill in the blanks….a few options indeed).

    342. McDuff says:

      Colin Alexander
      Quite agree.
      I can never understand why NS when given the chance never mentions the McCrone report or questions where 50 years of Scottish oil money has gone. She never talks up Scotland`s rich resources and more importantly the complete absence of democracy in the face of England`s dominant population and MP`s.
      If you are genuinely fighting for independence and the aim is to inform and convince voters , why wouldn`t you scream these facts at every opportunity?

    343. Keith Fae Leith says:

      Much appreciated Almond Chutney.

      On your most recent point I agree wholeheartedly.

      Annoys me greatly when Wales & NI are ignored, I have good friends from both nations.

      I would suggest that it is another example of the blatant disregard the BritNat parties or pressure groups (dunno who commissioned the poll) have for all the constituent nations of the so called UK.

      Dr Jim has suggested the brilliant Business for Scotland website, the indyref2 website, that Nana et al have temporarily moved to is great for links.

      If you use twitter I suggest following Fintan O’Toole from the Irish Times, as a good outsiders look at UK politics in general.

      Searching the archive for some of the “greatest hits” that have been refuted/debunked by the Rev, it would take a lifetime to go back and read through them all (including BTL comments) but pick and choose the subjects that most concern you.

      As for your dislike or questioning of the EU, it’s a perfectly legitimate point of view, but some of the arguments you have made on your earliest forays into this site, were robustly & evidence linked backed up to be false information.

      No fault of yourself, none of us are immune to false information, but it is a fault of us all, if, when provided with evidence, we don’t change our views.

      We as members of the northern & western colonies, only have experience of how Westminster deal with the EU, there is overwhelming evidence that the EU has invested in our countries directly & have tried to invest further, but Westminster have “stolen” funds due to Scots, Welsh & N Irish farmers, just as an example.

      Any further queries, as above, please ask & the group of readers here, who aren’t bickering, can enlighten you.

    344. CameronB Brodie says:

      Justice and a respect for the rule-of-law in Scotland, are under intense pressure from two-cult like political movements. The auld enemy of British nationalism has now been joined by ‘woke nationalism’, which still has a legal duty to protect the biological integrity of those living in Scotland, from the threat posed by contemporary (white) British nationalism. Even if woke-nats object to a legal respect for bioloogical difference, or the the “Law of Persons”. Btw, there are only two sexes, male and female, just in case you were unsure. Unfortunately, woke-nats appear to think embracing trans-ideoligy, i.e. woke-politics, and adherance to British constitutional law, will liberate Scotland from English cultural oppression.

      That is a strategy that is doomed to fail, as it is impossimble to defend one’s legal personality and human rights through anti-foundationalist epistomology. If law is not grounded in social reality, the law is unable to respect epistemological pluralism, which characterises the complexity of “open society”. Oh, and the international rule-of-law.

      Scotland and England are not one nation, they are different nations with different histories and cultures, i.e. “social epistemologies”. Men and women are not interchangable meat-popsicles, biological difference is encoded into every cell in our bodies. Subsequently, men and women have different sexual histories and experiences of culture, i.e. “sexual epistemologies”. Scotland will continue to get pumped from both ends, until we are able to replace the current crop of woke-nats, with leadership that respects “Natural Law”, the “Law of Persons”, and the principle of universal human rights.

      Legal Subjects and Juridical Persons:
      Developing Public Legal Theory through Fuller and Arendt

      Do Human Rights Guarantee Autonomy?

      The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart

    345. JMD says:

      Keith Fae Leith 2.00

      The only remotely interesting thing about a YouGov poll on Scottish independence is why anyone looking for impartial info on voting intentions about it would bother commissioning them in the first place. As far as I’m aware most if not all of the others are just as biased and hence useless. We can only guess at the real level of support.

    346. Dan says:

      Not sure if posted previously but found this tweet from a week or so back with a clip from Bloomberg around “Brexit” Day, which has a relaxed Jim Rodgers, with a lass in a red dress trying rather hard to deflect or counter Jim’s straight talking.

      Focus was on oil as if it is the only thing we have…

    347. Keith Fae Leith says:


      I generally agree, but my main point was regarding the questions & potential answers that were biased.

      Pro Indy parties & groups like the Rev, Scot Goes Pop & others commission polls & given that there are very few polling companies out there, the only way anyone can get an idea is to use them.

      I agree with the general futility & that the only polls that count are elections – even they don’t get interpreted correctly, hence my desire for actual democracy, something we’ll never get in the so called UK.

    348. CameronB Brodie says:

      If you simply accept the way the Tories have re-writtent the British constitution, you are bowing down in the face of political authoritarianism. As such, you lack a respect for epistemic justice and the rule-of-law, seeking comfort in tradition instead, thereby assisting the creation of a state of totalitarianism.

      The new British constitution ensure Scotland has no hope of ever gaining epistemic justice. As such, Britain now displays all the characteristics of being a totalitarian state, and certainly not a social democracy. And woke-nats appear unfussed by this, largely due to woke-nats lacking a respect for ethical reason. Short-money and a healthy public salary might also have something to do with this tragic failure in accountablitity to a nation.

      The Erosion of Sovereignty

    349. HandandShrimp says:

      The Queensferry Crossing is a beautiful bridge. I can only assume the reason that the BBC (3 stories on it) and that dreadful waste of oxygen Alex Double-Barrel hate it so much is because it was built by the SNP.

      If the only thing in the locker is to go overboard on freak weather conditions then the locker is pretty bare. After 14 years in Government this would indicate the SNP’s opposition are shoddy hods short of several bricks (or any bricks in Alex Yellow-Tory’s case).

    350. Dr Jim says:

      @HandandShrimp 4:58pm

      100% correct, the SNP built it and all of the English parties were against it, hence it must be bad

      They even had Atwell Cobblers Himmler on the BBC radio just as I was coming in from shopping and his latest words “It will happen all the time now”

      The guy’s right out of his tree now

    351. Dr Jim says:

      @Dan 4:32pm

      I’ve seen this before and I think what Jim Rogers was focussing on was that without Scotland’s oil no matter the price point England is a bankrupt country due to it’s massive debt and balance of payments deficit and Scotland then becomes an eminantly investable country, and he said this a few years ago, although you will have noticed the English woman attempting to defend England by saying Scotland has a deficit because of fiscal transfers from England, but of course England transfers debt to Scotland that Scotland doesn’t incur

      If anybody knows world finance it’s Jim Rogers

      I believe Herr Boris Johnson and his new order are going to wave squillions of ££££ around in the hope of blinding people using £££££ signs everywhere finish his premiership then be off like a rat up a drain pipe leaving England and the rest of us buggered if we don’t get the hell out quick

    352. manandboy says:

      It was both unfortunate and disappointing that Ian Blackford MP, in the House of Commons yesterday after PMJohnson’s HS2 announcement, spoke of ‘The Bridge’ between NI and Scotland as being ‘across 20 miles of the North Sea’.
      PMJohnson could hardly contain himself when standing to reply, before reprimanding Ian Blackford on his poor geography.
      Not only did the MP for Skye miss an open goal on ‘the bridge’ , but to leave himself wide open to humiliation at the hands of Scotland’s enemy No1, was poor to say the least.

      It was little consolation that we all do the same kind of thing from time to time. But just not in the Hoc and on TV.

    353. Colin Alexander says:

      In Scotland, national constitutional referendums establish the democratic DECISION of the sovereign people at that point in time, so should be binding on Scotland’s parliamentarians, in accordance with the Scottish constitution which is based upon the principle that:

      The people are sovereign.

      So, it would good if we could stop speaking the Imperial language of “advisory or consultative constitutional referendum” or “seeking permission” or “be allowed”.

      A national referendum facilitates direct exercise of the sovereignty of the people.

      Put simply: It’s the sovereign right of the people to decide.

      So, establishing the decision of a sovereign people whether by election or referendum CANNOT be unlawful or illegal, except to those who seek to enslave and subjugate the people of Scotland by depriving them of their sovereign rights

      Illegal to those whose primary function is ruling a colonial administration, and who bends the knee to the ruling elite of Imperial England.

    354. Confused says:

      jim rogers dismissively shitting on post-brexit england if scotland leaves was one of the great moments

      – he clearly, being an american and on bloomberg, does not “get it” that – YOU CANNOT SAY THINGS LIKE THIS

      the chick in red is incontinent and having palpitations …

      – colin dunn made a great meme about this BTW
      – reminds me of something I wrote/posted somewhere else a while back, still relevant –

      How it works – the UK for dummies

      despite confidently venting forth at all times, few anglos know anything about how the country works – a short summary

      banking at the top (trading in claims on wealth, money laundering, tax evasion etc)

      oil at the bottom (real wealth) – and nothing much in between the two; this is deliberate

      the pound is effectively an oil-backed currency making it much stronger than it should be – thus we can buy all we need from abroad, relatively cheaply

      the middle part, now nonexistent, used to be filled by manufacturing – factories, in the north

      – this “real capitalism” is much too risky as where there are profits, there can also be losses; you also need to constantly reinvest in new technology and methods, which hurts the short term profit; british managers always hated this

      margaret thatcher and her friedmanites re-engineered the economy to eliminate the middle part

      – they also destroyed labour power, especially on the reliance on coal for power, and the threat this gave to the trade unions – this was class war, but the people affected voted for the labour party, so did not matter

      in the south east and london, a short range and highly selective form of trickle-down economics works

      – anyone who works in anything financial, media or property is making out very well
      – property bubbles mean anyone who simply owns a house can become “rich” (at least on paper)

      this is the tory system, the tory model – the default, which all parties implicitly agree to – party politics is simply a pantomime about a lot of non-issues

      immigration, of concern to the englander, is part of the deal with the tory model – free movement of labour and all that – elites and the middle class, who decided on these policies, live far away from the “bantustans” and do not use public services, so do not care

      this is the basic system, now add in various iterations of policy driven by technology and the stripping of labour rights

      brexit and the EU is too involved to go into, but – the anglo has a schizophrenia about europe – hates foreigners, but likes access to financial markets, foreign holidays, holiday homes, expat fun, visa free travel, skiing, cheap french wine, german cars

      mainstream propaganda, bbc, mail, telegraph, guardian, all style the city as an “engine of wealth creation” (extraction!) and characterise londoners and southerners are prosperous, hard working, virtuous and wise – my house went up in value (due to the bank of england), how clever I am. The englander, flattered, believes this bullshit, and, when interrupted from huffing his own farts, will then bombastically post online, things like :


      … er …

      – let me stop you there; or let’s play a thought experiment.

      If Scots are “living off the English” then by -getting rid of them- England will be richer!

      – so why not this : England, a signatory to the Act of Union, should dissolve the treaty, then the UK reverts to the original kingdoms of Scotland, England and Westminster becomes again, the English Parliament?

      – no English politican EVER suggests kicking Scotland out, no matter how awful he thinks us, how whining, how ungrateful for the firm but fair, pimp hand of the wise anglo …

      in 2014 when independence looked possible, the UK elite collectively shat its pants and sent everyone up to Scotland to stop Indy – Labour, Tories, Libdems – public figures, celebrities … but WHY?
      – ENGLAND WOULD BE RICHER, surely?

      Or, is there something they are not telling us, or not admitting to? A guess …

      SCOTLAND IS, IN FACT, A LUCRATIVE CASH-COW, which acts as a keystone to hold up the whole rotten financial house of cards

      – face it england, if we go : YER FUCKED

      the forex speculators will rape the pound (unless we continue to use it), then everything becomes more expensive and that massive trade deficit becomes an issue; and its not just toys from amazon and fancy german cars – 40% of englands food is imported – how will that work out for you?

      – economic orthodoxy says the weak pound will lead to an export boom – but – you DON’T MAKE ANYTHING, ANYMORE – remember?

      the bank of england will try various measures, but the bottom line is massive cuts in public services and people will get angry

      – inflation may come back, hard; civil unrest, demonstrations, rioting may occur, then we get to see whether the experiment in multiculturalism has worked out – will the diverse communities all come together in times of hardship – or will they go for each others throats once the poverty begins to bite

      – the middle classes find their own safety compromised; constant calls for security and more policing – but what to pay them with?

      england enters a death spiral and scotland has to close the border to stop a tsunami of economic migrants


      – Bow to your Benefactors, the Philanthropists of Caledon, and thank them for their largesse, their generous bounty

      If it were not for English Looting, Scotland would be free to enjoy a standard of society which would make the Norwegians and Swiss envious …

    355. Colin Alexander says:


      No that I want to be seen to be sticking up for Mr Blackford but, mibbies he just mixed up North Sea with North Channel?

      North Channel refers to the area of the Irish Sea between SW Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    356. manandboy says:

      A reminder that the English Establishment is fighting for its life. No Scotland, no life.

      They can only become more and more desperate as the tide of events continues to run against them, notably in Europe and Ireland, as well as in Scotland, albeit at a snails pace.

      Even the most casual look at England’s colonial record of callous brutality, not least in Scotland itself, should alert all Scots to England’s capabilities in the face of the threat of Independence by one of its ‘acquisitions’.

      An administration of genuine calibre would already be making provision for ‘callous brutality’ from our Imperial Masters. However, it appears that we are doing little more than ‘hoping for the best’. Like being confronted by an approaching Great White shark and thinking to maybe scare him off with the bright yellow lilo you were floating on .

    357. manandboy says:

      Thanks, CA. Maybe.

      Or as more likely, he just didn’t know what he was saying, as evidenced by his reaction to Johnson’s geography comment. He seemed puzzled, as you do in such circumstances.

      Retail is detail.

    358. sassenach says:


      Give it a rest, you only ever post so that you can continue your boring “Sturgeon must go” line.

      We know your view , and accept it’s your right to have it – but, must every post you make keep saying the same boring thing, over and over?

      Maybe I’ll think about writing “Coco must go” every time you post anything.

    359. Republicofscotland says:

      Listening to the language used by the unionist STV news, is interesting. In an article regarding Ben Nevis, they couldn’t even bring themselves to describe it as Scotland’s highest mountain, instead calling it Britain’s highest mountain.

    360. Republicofscotland says:

      Over on London’s propaganda branch office in Scotland the BBC in Glasgow, the top story is the closing of the Queensferry Crossing bridge.

      I’m sure Alex Cole-Hamilton, will be slabbering like Pavlovs dog at this. What a sad insignificant wee man he is.

    361. Ottomanboi says:

      Johnson proposes, stark reality disposes.
      An idea that’s bombed, but more dosh for this:
      HS2 = £106bn….and counting. Scottish taxpayers rejoice!
      Japan’s HS rail service, on dedicated track, started in 1964.
      UK = Utterly Kaput?

    362. Col.Blimp IV says:


      Well it is an SNP ba-ad bridge after all and if they had spent the £250,000,000 that was saved from the original estimate on centrally heated cables, this disaster would not have happened.

      Any fool who knows nothing about bridge building techniques should know that – and it is the BBC’s duty to tell them.

    363. Famous15 says:




    364. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Has anyone told BBC Scotland what the organisations mission statement is?

      “to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain”.

    365. jfngw says:

      Lets be clear what the Tory agenda is here regarding the bridge, it’s to paint the ScotGov as incompetent to then claim that infrastructure spend should be transferred to London. It’s what is on their agendas, now they are building the propaganda to justify this move. No tweet is without a purpose, wouldn’t be surprised if the mooth is soon SoS from her dame-hood, if Tories can’t win an election to become FM they will just try and circumvent democracy.

    366. Col.Blimp IV says:


      I am informed that HS1 links St Pancras train station in London with the Channel Tunnel.

      I have no idea what economic benefits Scotland reaps from this.

      In fact I have never heard anyone claim that they have ever traveled on the thing, surely I have met such a person – they just didn’t think it was worthy of being brought up in conversation.

    367. Col.Blimp IV says:

      I’m not convinced there would be any benefit to Scotland, economic or otherwise from building a bridge to NI.

      Making it a bit easier for neanderthals to make a “wind up the Fenians/Prodies[delete as appropriate]” jaunt during the marching season – hardly counts as a benefit.

    368. Fireproofjim says:

      The Queensferry Crossing cost about £1 billion per mile in the shallow and relatively sheltered waters of the Firth of Forth.
      It is impossible to build a bridge over the 22miles of the North Channel for the same sort of budget per mile.
      The water is up to a thousand feet deep and it is exposed to the worst winter storms around the Scottish coast.
      Think more like double the cost per mile and you are still unlikely to be close. Say £50 billion or more.
      BoJo is just a blow hard. It will never happen.

    369. Col.Blimp IV says:


      Perhaps they want us to think it can only happen with a lot of help from our friends in Westminster, Scotland being to wee, poor,stupid, etc.

      Best to make out that it is a moronic idea – which it is.

    370. Dan says:

      Talking of bridges, I’ll post this link again to a 7.5min vid looking at Norway and their coastal highway project which looks at various ways they consider addressing the technical issues related to the project.
      Expensive stuff no doubt, but a mere drop in the ocean in terms of the return on investment the prudent management of their oil industry generates for them.

    371. Colin Alexander says:

      Sturgeon had umpteen chances to abandon colonial servility and assert Scottish sovereignty.

      She failed to do that.

      She’s had plenty of time to prove herself and achieve something lasting and meaningful, to create a legacy.

      Her legacy, is that she has allowed Scotland to be dragged out of the EU against the will of the people.

      Despite all the SNP promises that the SNP won’t allow that to happen.

      She’s achieved NOTHING positive – unless you were in favour of Scotland being dragged out of the EU against the decision of the people of Scotland.

      Ironically, Gordon Brown, Boris Johnson and the Evil Empire have done more to build support to end the Union, than the SNP have done in the last five years.

    372. Mark Russell says:

      There’s a climb high up on Ben Nevis, where the crux move is over an overhang at the top of a vertical corner six hundred feet above the screes. There’s a small hold for the right hand two feet above the lip, but you have to reach it in one move – and that means letting go of both hands that are wedged into the crack underneath the two feet of granite you keep banging your head on.

      Two feet out and two feet up and six hundred below. And you’re getting cramp in both legs that are spread as wide as possible so you can arch your back and peer nervously over the lip. Not a place for a selfie….

      What’s required is a huge amount of courage, determination, strength – and most importantly, belief. Belief that the hold is there and you can make it. Belief that it will give you the momentum to keep going up the steep crack above for the next ten feet to the big ledge and salvation. Belief you won’t fall off.

      It’s called the Bat (coined by Robin Smith on account of Dougal Haston’s impersonation of the wee beastie each time he fell off during the first ascent in 1959) – and I regret to say I’ve never been able to lead it and never will. Not through any lack of belief – only ability and strength. And decrepitude!

      But I still think about it from time to time.

      The difficulty with addictions is that they naturally obscure everything that doesn’t fall within the sphere. We are all addicted to some or many things – good and bad. Climbing, music, work, alcohol, drugs etc., Those reading these words are addicted to Scottish politics, republicans and unionists alike – views and opinions expressed and fashioned through the prism of the new media on the internet. It provides empowerment and enlightenment – but only up to a point.

      It’s just pub talk. Like what we used to do on a Friday night in the Clachaig before driving up to the golf course in Fort William and setting off up that hellish path to the hut on the Ben. Reality was, literally, just round the corner.

      I confess to having the same gnawing sense of despair, much like I did the last time I banged my head on Nevis granite before launching into the abyss. Only this time, it’s another addiction that’s brought me here.

      Mistakes have been made. We are consumed by the unimportant and inconsequential and forget that ‘courage’ behind a keyboard or banner is simply a statement of expression. Pub talk and banter. Sooner or later, if you really want to make fantasy into reality, you have to make that move.

      Clear heads. Learn from the mistakes and forget anything that distracts from the view and the feeling that awaits on the big ledge above.

      The English people have done Scotland a great favour by voting and securing Brexit. It’s happened. It’s not a bad thing for Scotland. It’s just changed the perspective.

      Lean back, look down then look up. Forget everything you’ve been told and been brought up with – the world doesn’t work that way. It never did.

      There’s a full moon tonight and another high tide down the North Channel. Maybe it will come over the dunes on this westerly. Who knows? But the high tide has already broken for Scottish independence – as we know it. The dunes around Her Majesty’s Kingdom are still intact, but only for now.

      All that’s needed is a change in the wind. And a sense of belief.

      Just. Do. It.

    373. England, with an area of 130,373 square kilometer,
      pop 55,000,000
      Scotland, with an area of 78,775 square kilometers,
      pop 5,500,000,

      we are well over half the size (60%) of Eng with a tenth of the pop,
      it is criminal to have the same imigration policy for both nations.

    374. Dr Jim says:

      STV and BBC going hell for leather over this bridge nonsense, they even dug up Murdo Fraser to have a go and at one point an interviewer was positively trying to coax people into complaining by saying *very disappointing eh”

      That’s not journalising that’s just plain provoking responses
      by inserting keywords and blobbing a big question mark with your tone at the end of a sentence, it’s up to punters to make up their own words of complaint, if they have any, and only one actually did, ordinary man mutt from BBC ordinary punter bystander unit

    375. There are over a million tons of explosives dumped in the Irish sea (Beaufort’s Dyke) which includes 14,500 tons of 5-inch artillery rockets filled with phosgene and tons of nuclear and chemical waste,

      any construction on the site or near the site could cause a massive chain reaction explosion which would ,at the least, decimate the West coast of UK and East coast of Ireland,

      there would also be a tsunami that that would destroy Northern Europe and Southern English ports and overrun the Thames flood barriers,

      Boris Johnson is a madman and surounded by madmen and madwomen and urgently needs removed from any position of power.

    376. ben madigan says:

      in reply to Jenny who asked about

      “Can I ask, is there a time limit on forming a new government before a new election is called and is it up to the speaker to decide?”
      AFAIK there is no time limit.After the 2016 election setting up the FG/FF confidence and supply administration as supported by Independents took months.

      “Do you think FF + SF + greens will join in a coalition?”
      FF can hardly form part of the opposition, can it? So it will have to come to a decision, one way or the other, but it’s not clear what it will do.
      Its leader is power-hungry and desperate to be Taoiseach.SF is proposing a “rotating” taoiseach-ship, something like 6 months you and then 6 months me. Would that be enough for him?

      Some FF members supported his line on not entering into coalition with SF. Since others are more “republican”- leaning, there might be a leadership change and then an FF-SF coalition. But remember SF has to deliver a left agenda while FF is centre-right.So it’s a hard call to make.

      “Oh, and do you know why SF didn’t field more candidates?”
      SF had done badly in previous elections and didn’t feel up to risking more candidates. See this post to get an idea of the sort of criticism they were facing (not only from me). They took some of these points on board and targeted their election campaign accordingly . And were very, very successful

    377. Dr Jim says:

      I watched a clip of that slimeball Michael Gove stand up at a meeting of the climate change people that Nicola Sturgeon had just spoken at and he said the words *The Scottish Nationalist government in Scotland* and he does it deliberately, fortunately The First Minister’s popularity in these circles is very high so those people knew Gove is a slimeball even though most of them hadn’t a clue who he was

      This COP 26 thing will not go well for Gove and he’ll be shown up for what he is because he can’t keep his slimy mouth shut as the bilge dribbles out of it, he’ll impress nobody

    378. Golfnut says:

      @ Colin Alexander.

      A very unfair comment Colin. Nicola has presided over a government that has delivered an extraordinary level of benefits to the population of Scotland. Despite sever cuts to Scotland’s budget, she has relentlessly pursued the goal of improving the lives of many of those most vunerable in our society, perhaps saving lives that would otherwise have been lost without those interventions. Education, the SNHS, Police, Fire and rescue, Housing, Green initiatives, and so many other services all out performing their equivalents else where in the UK, no matter what the media hacks and political dross that serves as an opposition say, she has without doubt delivered on the day job.
      Has she stumbled on the road to independence, perhaps, and if she has, is there anything we could do to help her. We should be thinking more on those lines Colin, we should have her back. This is a critical time for the movement, I for one would not like to walk a mile in her shoes.

    379. Mark Russell says:

      @ Scot Finlayson

      That sounds like a plan. If Blackpool and Belfast were obliterated and the rest of your analysis follows, get digging!

    380. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ Scot Finlayson

      Norway, with an area of 385,200 square kilometres,
      pop 5,350,000.

      Is that the bite you wanted? Just type it out yourself next time, save the wait.

    381. sassenach says:

      Coco is the original Tom Tabasco, and therefore “Coco must resign” from his regiment.

    382. meg merrilees says:

      Wow – the impact around Stirling and Bannockburn from the Queensferry crossing closure is really quite something. Huge traffic jams tonight tailing back onto the M9, M80, A91 all because so many people normally use the crossing and are trying to find their way around the diversion.

      All I can say is we have had tempestuous weather in the last week, enormous winds, rains, sleet, hail, snow, thunder and goodness knows what else so just have a little patience and tolerance and be thankful that people are concerned for your safety – which is ultimately why the bridge is closed.

      I commiserate with anyone whose journey has been delayed by the closure but, you know what, on a daily basis this bridge is normally creating a benefit for hundreds of thousands of people who a few years ago would not have had that benefit, not just the 80,000 who normally use it every day but all the people in the surrounding towns and villages, in the vicinity of the Clackmannan crossing and the Kincardine Bridge, and further afield. Who would have thought that the closure would impact on Bannockburn, Dunblane Keir roundabout, Stirling and countless other hill foot towns.
      I say ‘Well done ‘ to the SNP for having the balls to build this bridge which, unknowingly, has made my life much more pleasant, safer and less polluted because without it there would obviously be gridlock around Stirling every night.
      Let’s get some proportion here.
      No-one has been killed by falling ice causing an accident, the bridge is normally open when many other bridges, especially the Forth Road bridge is/are shut. There are extra trains and buses being laid on and how would you feel if your wife, husband, mother’s car had been written off by some ice falling on it.

      What’s that you say – ‘They should have thought about the ice and done something about it” – maybe they did, maybe they didn’t but as this is only the second time it has ever happened then maybe, just maybe, we can cut them a little bit of slack and say, aren’t we lucky we don’t get weather like this more often.
      People losing half of their house into the river Teviot… I don’t hear any interviews on TV from guests who had to be rehoused complaining that it is ridiculous to have to move out, why didn’t they think the side of the guest house might collapse into the river;

      Roads blocked with snow – people complaining that they shouldn’t have built this road from Cockbridge to Tomintoul – ‘it’s always closed when it snows’. Get real.

      Sometimes we should have a long hard look at ourselves and just not say the moany things – but apologies, I realise that I’m preaching to the converted on this website – for the most part anyway.

    383. manandboy says:

      I like what you say at 9.44, Golfnut, and certainly on the domestic front, Nicola is excellent.

      But as you will know, if your name is not misleading, lots of golfers are very good tee to green, but can’t putt to save themselves. The reverse is also often the case.

      So it appears with Nicola. We are on the ‘green’ of Independence. but can’t hole out.

      I have a feeling that Nicola doesn’t handle bullies very, well. Ruth Davidson and Jo Swinson both made her very uncomfortable with their bullying tactics. I suspect that with bully boy Johnson from No10, she is having a similar problem. Indeed bully-boy England causes everyone problems, not least the Europeans and of course the Irish. Wales too.

      You need to have your wits about you when dealing with bullies alright.

      Scotland has yet to show it has the wit to get a Divorce.

    384. Colin Alexander says:


      Perhaps I should have been more explicit. I meant nothing achieved regarding sovereignty / independence.

      Also, I’ve always said the SNP are the best colonial administrators.

      However, as the Scot Govt / Scot Parliament have done a reasonably good job under the circumstances, just think how much more could have been achieved even with the Home Rule / Devo-max that the whole Scottish political establishment should have insisted on in 2014 onward.

      And so much more could have been achieved with parliamentary independence / sovereignty.

    385. Kangaroo says:

      Breeks 11:42

      If just checking the constitutionality is your goal then fine. Hiwever withiut it leading directly to indy then checking is IMHO achieving very little other than to provide personal assurance that we have got the story correct.

      Golfnut @ 12:00

      I agree that an indyref was mooted for 2020, as a certainty, and NS is hesitating. IMHO because the client has not made it clear that they want the divorce. Polls are mystifyingly stuck at 50/50.

      Breastplate @ 1:47

      Only 50% of the client has said go ahead with the divorce.

      Dan @ 2:41

      Not quite sure what your saying there. IMHO Nicola raison detre has always been indy. We simply have to get the support of the people and we have not got that at 50/50 polls.

      If we hold a referendum and lose, by fair means or foul, it will definitely be over for a generation. It’s all very well for us to look at this through our own POV and think we can win this, but we can’t afford to get it wrong. Bojo made the mistake of denying a S30, now we can take aim when it suits us, regardless of Westminster opinion.

    386. Effijy says:

      Temporary Bridge closure to keep the public safe.
      How does that inconvenience compare to the floods
      In Yorkshire where people can’t live in their homes again
      And most likely it will happen future.

      How about the bush fires in Australia?

      Earth Quakes in Japan?

      A couple of hours in a traffic jam- they call that commuting in London,
      Birmingham and Manchester.

    387. Kangaroo says:

      Dan Thanks for your interest in the fires which have been horrific, the recovery effort will take many years for the people and decades for the wildlife.

      The fires are now out in my area 160km South of Sydney. We have had 332mm of rain so far in Feb which has broken the alltime record of 287mm and Feb still has many days left. My rainwater tanks are overflowing too. The vegetation has burst into life and the grass is a beautiful green same as my Scottish homeland.

    388. @Reluctant Nationalist,

      sorry you`ve lost me,

      not sure what Norway has to do with the massive differences in Scottish and English pop density,

      in England there are 430 persons per km squared
      in Scotland there are only 70 person,

      we need imigration England don`t,

      as for Norway , that is up to them.

    389. Golfnut says:

      @ Manandboy

      Aye, I’m a golfer and you make a good point with your analogy.
      I’m not sure about the bullying, I think its more likely to have been threats, and if I had to speculate on when, I would point to the meeting at the hotel with May, when May refused to go to Bute house. As to what, I’ve no idea. That the FM is unsettled and stressed is fairly obvious, perhaps constrained by circumstances that we are unaware of.
      What we tend to forget or perhaps fail to appreciate is that Nicola is not the enemy that Westminster fears most, that’s us. It’s high time that the people of Scotland started to flex our Constitutional muscles, but we need to use it against westminster, not the FM.

    390. Dan says:


      That’s good news with regard to the fires being out, and nice to hear some of the plant life has begun to bounce back already.
      The widespread burning must have wiped out so many insects and animals I can’t begin to comprehend how long any sort of recovery will take because of the complex aspects of the food chain that supports a diverse range of species.

      re. My post at 2:41 pm. Apologies if it was too cryptic. T’was merely eluding to the Scottish Government playing Wokémon…

    391. Breastplate says:

      The SNP were specifically elected to carry out their manifesto promise of an independence referendum.
      Surely you can’t expect that mandate to be negated by people who voted for other parties?

    392. North chiel says:

      Good point “ Kangaroo @ 1029 pm “ “ But we cant afford to get it wrong .Bojo made the mistake of denying a section 30 . Now we can take aim when it suits us regardless of Westminster opinion”.
      Also “ well said “ Effigy @ 1040 pm “ . Pathetic Quay nothing but a petty shower of bought & sold propagandists . Probably never been out of “ their own back garden “ , they really should “ get a life” . Pathetic.

    393. Dr Jim says:

      Now the Labour party in Westminster’s helping us out as the Shadow foreign Sec of Labour says Scotland isn’t unique and can’t have separate immigration policies or all the other *regions* will want that

    394. Famous15 says:

      Listening to Dr Philippa Whitford SNP in todays Commons debate on immigration i forgot all the negativity swirling about and was so impressed with her caring and compassionate and very intelligent understanding of the problems facing Scotland. I have a range of opinions of the SNP elected representatives but in comparison with other parties their standards are way above those who oppose us.

      If I dare mention gender, we are particularly fortunate with the women who support our cause. Merit of course must out regardless of gender but as an old crabit male I am just sayin.

    395. cynicalHighlander says:

      Mark Russel

      Full moon was yesterday we are now confronting a Waning moon gibbous. Just saying.

    396. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Scot, this…affectation of retardation – it’s charming. Worth a bob or two, I’d say.

    397. Breeks says:

      Yeah, about that chlorinated chicken being a euphemism for inferior animal husbandry under US styled deregulation…

      Don’t forget, the UK doesn’t recognise animals as sentient beings, and that isn’t just so it can torture foxes.

      Europe isn’t perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than this. Give yourselves another pat on the back Brexiteers.

    398. Willie says:

      Johnson has now confirmed that Westminster is to continue with a project that since its initial budget in 2015 of £30 billion to a now £106 billion.

      In spending terms that’s 106,000,000,000 which is an absolutely huge number which if divided by the Scottish population would equate to over £20,000 spend per every man, women and child.

      Good old England, and southern to midland England at that to have that level of economic stimulus injected into its economy. And remember HS2 isn’t England’s only mega project. There’s the ballooned £18 billion London Crossrailroject too.

      So where’s Scotland’s super mega construction project. Mnnn? that’ll be Finbar McCool’s fabled new causeway between Scotland and Ireland. Aye right as they say, just a bit of flatulence to ride Jocko over. It’ll never happen.

      Another Union Dizztdend.

    399. Breeks says:

      Kangaroo says:
      11 February, 2020 at 10:29 pm
      Breeks 11:42

      If just checking the constitutionality is your goal then fine. Hiwever withiut it leading directly to indy then checking is IMHO achieving very little other than to provide personal assurance that we have got the story correct.

      It’s not just checking, it’s securing International Recognition for the correct legal position rather than an unlawful convention which prevails at present. It transforms an abstract notion of sovereignty which doesn’t translate into power, into legal personality for Scotland, and that means capacity to enter into it’s own International Treaties and contracts as a sovereign entity.

      It would also curtail Westminster’s capacity to force Scotland into colonial misadventures like Brexit. Scotland would have a veto.

      It is arguable whether International Recognition of Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution is actually recognition of sovereign Independence, but perhaps, a sovereign Independence inside a bilateral treaty which is similar to EU Nation States in the EU.

      However, that kind of Union, essentially a Confederation of Sovereign States, is not how the UK Union is set up to run. If the UK was obliged to recognise Scotland’s Sovereignty in law, and lose the capacity to subjugate Scottish Sovereignty through the contrived convention which exists for that purpose, then the UK Union could no longer function.

      It would literally become ungovernable unless there were sweeping, existential changes. Indeed, those changes would be so profound, and require so many written doctrines, constitutions and terms of alignment that the 1707 Treaty of Union would be wholly inadequate for the purpose and unrecognisable after the changes.

      At the very minimum, the UK would need its own “Lisbon Treaty”, a fundamental update and reinvention of it’s own outdated Constitution. I find it difficult to believe that either Scotland wanted to end the UK, or indeed England being required to treat Scotland as a sovereign equal, would be willing participants in a modern Treaty of Union.

      The 1707 Union would fail under scrutiny for being unenforceable, and I doubt very much a “UK Lisbon type” Treaty to bring the terms of Union up to modern day standards and convention would be a practicable option.

      There is a rider to that however… If Scotland did become Independent through a Constitutional route, it is a racing certainty there would need to be a ratification plebiscite to ‘marry-up’ the constitutional conclusion with democratic approval. To keep the peace, and out of diligent respect for their views, that plebiscite would be lacking and incomplete if there wasn’t an option for maintaining a Union with England. However, that wouldn’t / couldn’t be the 1707 Union, it would have to be a new Treaty to which both Scotland and England agreed. Good luck with that.

    400. schrodingers cat says:

      @Mark Russell

      great analogy between climbing and politics

    401. schrodingers cat says:


      interest in irish politics here in scotland has never been higher, mainly because many see, and rightly so, that what is happening there is and will have a direct effect on us, re the border poll.

      we need a site which can explain the issues to us in ireland, and answer any questions, eg, you mentioned a re run of the election, how does that come about? what is the mechanism? who calls it etc?

      after seeing the result, i think this is the best route, it would ensure mary lou would become Taoiseach and push the question of a border poll up the agenda.

      it would also cause bojo the biggest headache of his life, i doubt mary lou would be backwards in coming forwards

      for the yes movement in scotland, another front against westminster opening up in ireland would be a real boost.

    402. Breeks says:

      It’s early to get bad tempered, but might I express simple disappointment that the SNP are in Westminster looking mighty sanguine about Brexit, and the desperate need for a Scottish visa in Brexitland.

      I take it our leadership has decided we’re staying then. We’ve all to put up with this shite. Here was me getting all excited about a quickening, and a Constitutional walkout from Westminster, before rebellious assembly of principled Scottish MP’s, and a maelstrom of pledges of undying allegiance to the Sovereign Constitution of Scotland forsaking all others.

      Nah, let’s fight another forlorn fight for a wee visa, just to keep ourselves amused, and just get back to sewing mailbags for the British.

      People talk about patience. I see patience in Sinn Fèin making a principled decision not to take their seats in the Government of the colonial occupier, even when it offers them tangible opportunity to influence events in the short term. They respect bigger principles than short term band-aids on the ongoing colonial injustice. I will see a United Ireland in my lifetime.

      Not so Scotland. We won’t step back and see the Scotland Act and Sewel Convention as contracts with the devil, where Scotland ‘wins’ a pittance in the short term, but which costs us life, soul and Sovereignty forevermore.

      I have growing doubts whether the SNP can be salvaged. This new Independence Party we keep hearing about maybe should limit itself to list seats. You can’t split the Independence vote if the SNP aren’t offering it.

    403. Rm says:

      The HS2 Rail project will end up costing over £300 Billion by the time it’s finished probably in 25 years from now, Scotland has no say yet still have to pay its share, which would be better being spent on Scotland’s roads and infrastructure. Why don’t the Scottish MPs down at Westminster move back to somewhere in Scotland communicate with video link, it would cut down on emissions with all the travel and all the money spent on houses, hotels, all the expenses could be coming to Scotland, and once were Independent we can keep the video link to keep in contact with Westminster but they’ll probably pull the plug.

    404. Sinky says:

      Do thick Tories and thicker Cole Hamilton not realise if sensors had been installed on Queensferry Crossing it would be closed earlier not kept open

    405. Sinky says:

      If it was a serious newspaper the Herald’s front and back pages should be swapped over and Ian McConnell’s article on zero UK GDP growth given centre stage rather than their ridiculous front page splash on Queensferry Crossing

    406. Golfnut says:

      @ Kangaroo.

      Breeks is right of course in highlighting what some of the problems for westminster would be, the union would I think end almost by default.
      The most obvious imbalances in the system, the reserved powers, controlling broadcasting and the media, fracking licences, oil and gas, the transfer of 6000 square miles of Scottish seas to English jurisdiction, trade negotiations, fishing rights, Westminster just couldn’t get away with producing GERS, austerity would be the first thing to go, no way would we accept a share of costs for English infrastructure projects or Trident parked 35 miles from Glasgow. Westminster just couldnt work if 59 Scottish MP’s had the power to veto any bill going through westminster that had any impact on Scotland. The demand for the return of almost all of the powers reserved to westminster couldn’t be refused.
      The Union just couldn’t survive.

    407. Ottomanboi says:

      @Scot Finlayson 23:05
      Scots need to get back into the breeding habit. Immigration would then not be quite so necessary. With a younger demographic Scotland would by now be independent.
      The profile of Scotland’s political leaders has certainly not been helpful in that regard.
      Gay and abortion friendly is the perfect recipe for continuing Unionism and ultimately, ethnic extinction.

    408. Kenny J says:

      How the Irish work the transferable vote system. If the Wings/Scottish Independence Party get up and running.

    409. Scottish Questions before PMQs,

      cue Scotland`s House Jocks to get up on their hind legs and say something derogatory about their country,

      all for the amusement of their English mastaas and BBC.

    410. Breeks says:

      Dr Philippa Whitford
      didn’t just fling together idea of #ScottishVisa but worked with
      @ScottishTUC, @FSB_Scotland, @LawScot, academics & Expert Advisory Group. #ScotlandNeedsPeople but UK doesn’t offer a visa promoting settlement and dismisses proposal in 20mins = without even reading it!

      Maybe if you’d drawn up proposals for English people needing a visa to visit or settle in a Constitutionally Sovereign Scotland which had stayed in EU, you might have got a more engaged response from both respective Nations in question.

    411. Colin Alexander says:

      In Ireland they have SF, FF and FG.

      In Scotland we have FFS.

    412. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Mark Russell (8.35 yesterday) –

      What a soo-perb comment.


      Have just finished watching the Netflix mini-series about the assassination of Malcolm X. Not sure ‘spoilers’ would apply to that one but it is genuinely shocking.

      I won’t go on about it, but it’s obviously replete with potential analogies. A charismatic and powerful leader, shunned and eventually wiped from the history of the movement. And no-one really cares enough to address the obvious injustice…

      ‘Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.’

    413. jfngw says:

      If you thought PFI was bad, have you ever considered the ‘Union’ where a single bribe to a few shysters has resulted in over 300 years of never ending payments to another country to finance their infrastructure and wars. From a country that had no national debt before joining to now being allocated highest deficit of the four countries and holding a percentage of £2T debt run up by this aforementioned country.

    414. Dan says:

      Every cloud has a silver lining.
      Loads of fuel burning and polluting cars stuck in traffic because of weather.
      Well that same weather is currently helping produce 32% of UK grid power through wind generation.

      If 1000s of commuters being stuck in traffic is such a horrendous issue, might it not be a stimulus to consider alternative ways in how we operate our society.

      EG. Car sharing to reduce traffic volume and fuel use.
      Apologies for the complex arithmetic that follows…
      My calculations and methodology to back up validity of statement.

      1 commuter + 1 car + 1 commuter + 1 car = 2 commuters + 2 cars
      Ergo two cars taking up space on the road and fuel burning to get two people to work = Bad

      1 commuter + 1 car + 1 commuter = 2 commuters + 1 car
      Ergo one car taking up space on the road and fuel burning to get two people to work = Good

      Now imagine if you can that there were larger vehicles on the road that could take around 40 to 80 people all at one time let’s call it a bus…
      Or even a bigger vehicle than that which could run on tracks that could take 100s of folk.

      It’s crazy out there stuff I know but as Ottomanboi points out, Scotland defo needs more oldskool shagging to create more kids so when they get older we can tax them to pay for all us old farts’ pensions and health issues.
      That may sound exploitative but selfish-minded twats need to realise that wider community and society only functions on a collaborative generational basis. But I digress.
      Back to Ottomanboi’s point, there are far more social opportunities to meet a suitable procreating partner when commuting with 10s or 100s of folk than there are stuck in a car by yersel.

    415. @Ian Brotherhood,

      `The Autobiography of Malcolm X` is a fantastic book,

      great insight into 50/60s America through the eyes of a black man,

      from young hoodlum ,to prison where he converts/radicalised to Islam ,to going to Mecca where he begins to understand that it is not the ordinary white man that is the problem but the Establishment,

      he takes on the Establishment and pays the price, shot by radicalised black Muslims at the behest of the Establishment.

    416. mike cassidy says:

      Two views of ‘nationalism’.

      From just before Brexit day.

      Independence Day will expose Brexit as a ruse to free an imaginary nation

      From today’s Guardian.

      Nationalism is winning – on both sides of the Scottish border

    417. terence callachan says:

      Dan 1025…

      Good point.

      Westminster hold tight the control of immigration to Scotland

      Westminster also control to a great degree emigration from Scotland especially from Scotland to England , a great many of our young people move to England for jobs and a lot of those jobs are government job or government agencies NHS etc etc

      By controlling the immigration and a large part of emigration Westminster can keep Scotland’s population at roughly the same level year after year and they can also change the make up of Scotland’s population with a higher number or lower number of older or younger people .

      By simply increasing the number of younger people leaving Scotland they reduce the number of births in Scotland which tips the balance over time to Scotland having a higher number of older people than young.

      This has worked in their favour in terms of voting too because as we know the older generation vote for Westminster and against Scottish independence.

      But things are changing

      As today’s middle aged people the majority of whom favour Scottish independence
      become older people
      Westminster will either have to change them from YES voters to NO voters a difficult task
      Or they will have to change the young who as a majority favour independence
      From YES to NO
      Again a difficult task

      The fact is as we have seen over the last decade
      Once people settle into YES or NO
      They rarely change
      Even when faced with catastrophe

      TIME is on our side
      Just a it is in Northern Ireland where those in favour of Westminster drop in numbers year on year
      Whilst new young voters see the light and cannot be brainwashed with a war from the 1940,s

    418. terence callachan says:

      With regards transport
      It was unthinkable a few decades ago for local government to set free bicycles around town for use by the general public but t is common across Europe now

      It won’t happen with cars not petrol / diesel driven cars anyway but
      When we move en masse to electric battery powered cars and these batteries become more efficient it is very possible that we will see more and more free transport around us

      Bearing in mind that nothing is ever really free
      It will pay society and government to have more electric trains more trams and shared small vehicles as transport

      Times are changin as they say

      Houses near busy roads will be more popular too once we have noiseless cars and fume free cars

      Our heart lungs and skin will benefit too

    419. Breeks says:

      The great poverty of Scotland is not the quality of our bridges, but the low caliber and dearth of integrity amongst our BritNat Shills in Holyrood and the media, where Scotland is routinely embarrassed and suffers permanent disadvantage.

      If I ever weaken in my resolve, or give in to despair about Scottish Independence, I only need to look at lightweight, talentless opportunists like Willie Rennie, Cole-Hamilton, Carlaw, Greene, Wells, or overblown charlatans like Ruth Davidson, to know beyond all measure of doubt that Scottish Independence can only be a good thing.

      These people are Avatars in our Na’vi population on Pandora Caledonia; uninvited alien interlopers who look like us, talk like us, and pretend to be like us, but only walk amongst us to facilitate our greater exploitation and the wanton plunder of our resources. Scotland ‘sees’ you.

      Incidentally, while happy to admit I’ve made disparaging remarks about a bridge to Northern Ireland, forget Boris the Ignorant, then part of me wonders whether it is actually practicable. It seems wholly impractical that such a bridge would reach the sea bed, but the fact a proposal is mooted at all suggests some unconventional techniques might be on the drawing board, like some kind of floating pontoon which can accommodate shipping. It might be a fascinating competition to see that suggestions take shape.

      A pontoon sounds a bit Mulberry Harbour I know, especially having seen Scotland’s weather forecast for the weekend,… Brace yourselves Scotland, not just for more extreme bad weather, but you can bet Cole Hamilton will be getting aroused about the bridge again, and the media will be mainstreaming the porn.

    420. James says:

      “…Scots need to get back into the breeding habit…..Scotland’s political leaders has certainly not been helpful in that regard.
      Gay and abortion friendly is the perfect recipe for continuing Unionism and ultimately, ethnic extinction.”

      Are you for real?

    421. Sinky says:

      Watching Scottish Questions and half way through only 2 SNP questions

    422. Colin Alexander says:

      A = (Young Yes voters joining the electoral register) + (NO to YES converts) + (pro-indy incomers to Scotland) – (Yes voters emigrating or dying or moving from YES to NO)

      B = (Imperial colonists moving to Scotland from other parts of the British Empire) – (deaths of elderly Empire supporters already resident in Scotland)

      x = Growth or decrease in support for indy via demographic changes

      x = A – B

    423. Sinky says:

      Scottish Questions getting worse following Evel surely only MPs in Scottish Constituencies should be allowed to ask questions to the Scottish Secretary
      Its now a complete farce with a serious of soft questions from English Tory MPs

    424. manandboy says:


      “The Tory leader has only two settings: frivolous and contemptuous.
      He visibly struggles not to despise those whom he cannot entertain.”

      (Rafael Behr: Guardian today)

    425. manandboy says:

      ‘THE BRIDGE’ ACROSS THE IRISH SEA linking NI & Scotland, is of course a political ploy, designed to soften Unionist anti-Johnson sentiment, primarily in the six counties of the Province of ULSTER partitioned by the English government on the 3rd of May 1921, but also, one must suppose, to acknowledge support for the Union in the Borders.

      To even begin to take seriously this latest fantasy project by the arch-fantasist, PMJohnson, is to step into the
      airy-fairy world of his narcissistic imagination, and give it some credentials of reality.

      Scotland – let’s be a serious country, not part of somebody’s ‘project’.

    426. Ottomanboi says:

      Financial Times suggests COP26 being held in Glasgow is now rather uncertain.
      London has never held this event, the usual load of functionaries blethering, so a new venue is mooted, just in case.
      Ought we to care? The Glasgow event, with no SG participation could be a BritState jamboree.
      The event is billed as taking place in Glasgow, United Kingdom.
      On the other hand if Glasgow wins out, what an excellent opportunity for a world wide media coverage, mass independence demonstration.
      Perhaps Johnson has already thought of that too.

    427. Mark Russell says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Thank you for the kind words.

    428. Republicofscotland says:

      manandboy says:

      “12 February, 2020 at 12:19 pm


      Many a true word is said in jest.

    429. Alan of Neilston says:

      Watching Scottish Questions usual guff. Thereafter P.M.Q’S and a dismal performance by Iain Blackford!! 2 Questions asked and nothing about Scotland. He only asked about Syrian refugees and the Assad Regime!! What a waste of space. Really getting fed up with our S.N.P Performance with him as Leader.

    430. manandboy says:

      IS PMJOHNSON NARCISSISTIC as widely reported in the Media?
      Make up your own mind.

      9 official criteria for NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) :

      * grandiose sense of self-importance

      * preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power,
      brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

      * belief they’re special and unique and can only be
      understood by, or should associate with, other special or
      high-status people or institutions

      * need for excessive admiration

      * sense of entitlement

      * interpersonally exploitative behavior

      * lack of empathy

      * envy of others or a belief that others are envious of them

      * demonstration of arrogant & haughty behaviors or attitudes


    431. Republicofscotland says:

      “If I ever weaken in my resolve, or give in to despair about Scottish Independence, I only need to look at lightweight, talentless opportunists like Willie Rennie, Cole-Hamilton, Carlaw, Greene, Wells, or overblown charlatans like Ruth Davidson, to know beyond all measure of doubt that Scottish Independence can only be a good thing.”

      Their modus operandi, is simply to hold Scotland back from not only independence, but from real development. They have no real interest in Scotland, doing Londons bidding and maintaining their snout slot on the gravy train, are the real reasons why they do what they do.

      Although Sturgeon has somewhat let us down a bit on the indy front for now, when you really think about it Scotland has come a long way since 2007. Even more so when you realise that SNP governments have been trying to run a country without all the levers of power and with one hand tied behind their backs, via unionist politicians at Holyrood constantly trying to undermine everthying they do.

      We’ve come so far, so soon, that some people and politicians ask why hasn’t the Scottish government did this or that without realising that, this or that aren’t devolved matters.

      Just imagine what we could really achieve if we cut loose the ball and chain that is Westminster.

    432. Mark Russell says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Original essay by Robin Smith at the end of this post.

    433. Stuart MacKay says:

      First they came for the Palestinian supporters, now the feminists are going to be purged,

      Labour is finished. Who’s going to be next?

    434. Socrates MacSporran says:

      If BoJo was serious about “strengthening the bonds of our precious Union,” rather than coming-up with a hair-brained scheme like this North Channel Bridge (no reputable civil engineering company will go near Beaufort’s Dyke), he should maybe be looking at two or three alternatives.

      He could resurrect the Solway Barrage scheme – witha spur of the M6 going off and across it. He should be talking to the Scottish Government, about funding the upgrading of the A75 to at least dual carriageway all the way from Gretna to Stranraer, or maybe even upgrading to motorway standard.

      He should be getting Network Rail to look at reinstating the Dumfries to Stranraer railway line, and upgrading the existing Ayr to Stranraer line, and extending it to Cairn Ryan.

      Moves like these would cost less than his hypothetical and impossible bridge and would make real improvements. But, it will never happen.

      he should also signal a genuine determination to take HS2 all the way to Glasgow and Edinburgh. However, HS2 is a typical Tory project. It is 20th century technology being used to try to solve a 21st century problem. Tracked railways are yesterday’s solution, this is the age of mag lev for high-speed passenger transport by “rail.”

    435. Dr Jim says:

      Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are using Nationalism to confect grievance against the Tories and the English, say English Newspapers

      That must make the SNP the most successful political party in history because Scotland has always hated the Tories since living memory, and Nicola Sturgeon must have been working very hard at it before she was born

      The English do come up with some crap to blame others for creating the grievances they started don’t they

    436. Scot_brand says:

      Ian Blackford there in HOC there blathering a load of ill informed sh1te about Syria! WtAF? The guys a total Tit! Useless…

    437. Dorothy Devine says:

      re the bridge closure faux outrage , I would have loved some engineer to say for safety reasons the bridge is closed but for all journalists from the BBBC ,STV ,The herald , record , Scotsman , courier et al and some MSP’s who jump on any old bandwagon- they alone are allowed to make the crossing and hope that the wind shoogled a plethora of icicles.

      I am weary of our wearisome media and wish them bad cess.

    438. Dorothy Devine says:

      P.S Something for you all to relish – Kirsty Wark , she of the broken glass voice , is doing a programme on the modern history of Scotland.

      That’ll be nice eh?

    439. Dr Jim says:

      It’s amazing the amount of people born Scottish then set about the rest of their lives trying not to be

    440. Dr Jim says:

      How many times have you heard “I *lost* my accent when I moved to England”
      My Mum was born and brought up in Wolverhampton Nr Birmingham came to Scotland at the age of 23 years and remained for 60 years until she died. and funnily enough in all that time never once *lost* her accent

      People decide to *lose* *get rid* of their accent

    441. jockmcx says:

      (FULL) OXFORD UNION DEBATE – Dec. 3, 1964 – W/ Malcolm X
      starts 1h 13mins


      Hugh McDiarmid
      starts 51 mins


    442. manandboy says:

      “Scottish Independence is Within our Grasp if We Heed the Lesson of Toom Tabard 35”

      Westminster’s primary concern is to retain possession of Scotland as a wholly owned territory. To do this it has chosen simply to ignore any and every move by Scotland to recover it’s Independence.

      Scotland’s political Class has so far failed completely to grasp the true nature of England’s imperial intent. For the English Establishment, Scottish Independence is simply not an option.

      Please read Craig’s piece.

    443. Fireproofjim says:

      Got to agree with the waste of time by Ian Blackford at PMQs today. Utterly pointless.
      OK, the Assad regime is a vicious, murderous gang but there is absolutely nothing the SNP can do about it and it is not the reason we sent them to Westminster.
      It was only a bit of useless moralising when there are a million Scottish questions to be asked.
      Sometimes they forget that the only aim of the SNP is Scottish Independence.

    444. Dan says:

      Training day for me as I successfully drove over two bridges, first a wee burn and then a river, building up my confidence and skillz whilst getting my A game ready for the big un over the estuary the morra.
      I’ll give Apex Troll-Hamilton a wave as I go by.

      Tune for the day. Simon and Garfunkel – Youse can guess the title…

    445. Pete says:

      For those ITK
      Just heard a story today from a normally reliable source that NS is shacked up with a French woman in Milngavie.
      Any truth in this?

    446. dr., Jim I moved down to Surrey from Greenock 40 years ago and my accent is the same as it was when I lived in Greenock those people who change their accent do it. Deliberately to try to fit in sad really ???

    447. Dr Jim says:

      Her Boris Johnson has just given himself the powers to shut down those parts of the Internet that he doesn’t like by issuing these new powers to OFCOM, while at the same time redefining the word terrorism to mean whatever the government says it means under a new emergency powers act

      So if Wings over Scotland Wee Ginger Dug and others vanishes from our screens the next time we tune in, Bye for now

      It really is the 1930s folks

    448. JMD says:

      Fireproofjim 4.00

      “OK, the Assad regime is a vicious, murderous gang”

      Yeh they viciously murder isis maniacs backed by criminal regimes like us uk.

      It really is quite curious how people like you who can smell the WM regime’s anti Scottish propaganda from a mile away suddenly start parroting the corporate media’s neocon line as soon as it comes to geopolitics.

    449. Dr Jim says:

      @ Blair Paterson 4:48pm

      That’s the problem though isn’t it, why do people feel or are forced to feel separate from others because of an accent, or indeed excluded because of it

      When people move to many other foreign countries they don’t end up speaking English with Spanish or German or French accents, or speaking English like ABBA, this mostly only happens in England and America

      We all know plenty of English folk living in Scotland whose accents don’t alter, so is all the evidence pointing to the fact that perhaps foreigners from anywhere that isn’t England are not really welcome at all in England but if you’re white and change your sound you can pass and be accepted

      A survey would be interesting

    450. Republicofscotland says:

      “For those ITK
      Just heard a story today from a normally reliable source that NS is shacked up with a French woman in Milngavie.
      Any truth in this?”

      I’ve just heard that Brigadier Daniel Reeve, is pulling you from this site because even he thinks your comments are laughable.

      Idiotic poltroons like you should have their Chinthes ripped off in public.

    451. Bill McLean says:

      Agree with you JMD – a lot of what we are told about Syria comes from an office in Hertfordshire (forget what they are called). The OPCD is currently in turmoil because some of their inspectors questioned the truth about bombs the Syrian/Russian forces have supposedly dropped. The truth about Syria is far from what we are told (there’s a surprise) and their big mistake of course is not to do what the West has told them and the West’s abiding obsession with the Assad family that must be brought down at any cost. What is happening in Syria is a terrible tragedy but you’d think people who read this blog,and others, would have sussed the constant lies we are told by now – about everything, especially foreigners and of course Scots!

    452. twathater says:

      Re Breeks calls for Scots sovereignty to be exposed , ratified and SHOUTED from the heavens through the courts , just imagine the volume of people who may then REALISE their actual power to shape their future if the KNOWLEDGE became widespread , unlike now when most are mushrooms , kept in the dark and fed shite

      Just imagine the 62% of people possibly more now who VOTED TO REMAIN in the EU , would that 62% still be happy to be breshited knowing that they have the sovereign right to say NO
      SOVEREIGNTY need not be about independence as breeks has alluded to , BUT imagine the outrage that could be generated if we constantly oppose or refuse to accept or accede to wastemonster’s diktat due to the FACT that the people of SCOTLAND SAY NO

      SOVEREIGNTY exposed would then mean that the GOVERNMENT we elect in the SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT is OUR government and they will do as we say not as wastemonster directs it to , consequently the whole kit and caboodle becomes unmanageable, what’s not to like
      We know that something like 79% of Scots voted for devolution and the right to make decisions in our Scottish parliament , so enlightened sovereign Scots would be making those decisions

      But the whole SOVEREIGNTY issue HAS to go through the whole legal system to the top , so Martin Keatings are you up for it I’m sure us Scots will support you

    453. Dan says:

      PhantomPower keeping busy.

      Ooh, and thankfully there’s slightly more activity on the SNP Rebuttal twitter feed these days.

    454. Dan says:

      @Dr Jim at 4:50 pm

      I’ll get IBTL, pretty sure Stoker spent considerable time archiving Wings articles a while back.
      Meant to ask him/her/them/it the other day were they were located.

    455. One_Scot says:

      With regard to Ian Blackford, I think they are stalling for time.

    456. Robert Louis says:

      So today, the moronic clowns in Scotland, who laughingly call themselves ‘journalists’, showed what absolute Scotland-hating diddies they really are.

      All across Europe and England, bridges have been closed due to bad weather, but in Scotland, magically, it isn’t the weather’s fault. No, acording to the thick as sh*t liars who call themselves ‘journalists’ in Scotland, it is all the fault of the SNP – more specifically one person, Nicola Sturgeon.

      Now, seriously, please don’t try to tell me the moronic diddies in Scotland who call themselves ‘journalists’, don’t actually know this is complete and utter p*sh. But, still they scribble away for their papers, writing what can only ever accurately be termed sh*te.

      Every one of them, with the honourable exception of ‘The National Newspaper (, indulged in this utter nonsense today.

      Oh, and let’s not forget, leading the way, the lying propagandists at the lying propagandist, Scotland-hating, blatantly biased, BBC at pathetic Quay.

      So-called ‘journalists’ in Scotland, really and trully are the meanest spiritied, craven, pathetic, London-worshiping, pig-ignorant wee t*rds on planet earth.

    457. Bill McLean says:

      Robert Louis at 0536pm. Totally correct Robert these cretins are a disgrace to democracy and their calling. While looking for some notes I have on Syria found a letter to the National from 2018 that my wife and I wrote about the murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The last paragraph reads:-
      “With the exception of the National, the media in Scotland, including the BBC and STV, are an embarrassment to journalism. How can these so-called journalists bear the same job title as the crusading Daphne?” – since then they have become worse!!

    458. Dan says:

      I see mention of our controversial state broadcaster aka BBC and “journalism”.


    459. Adrian B says:

      F***ing Priceless, Murray Foot has dug up some incriminating info about Jackson Carlaw and the Queensferry Crossing.

      “Delighted to have convened the Holyrood committee which chose the design & approved the route for this
      @FRC_Queensferry Crossing. Stunning.

    460. Liz g says:

      Dan @ 5.31
      Stoker run a series of past articles over on off topic.

    461. Republicofscotland says:

      For the umpteen night in a row the unionist STV news leads with the Queensferry Crossing.

      Bridges round the world close all the time in Winter, but only in Scotland is a particular bridge closing politicised. The Fifth Column, sorry I meant Scottish media (National newspaper aside) serve their London masters well.

    462. Dan says:

      @Liz g at 6:34 pm

      Yep, I recall Stoker’s links being posted there, but my point was that if Wings ever got taken down the links in off topic wouldn’t be accessible, hence wondering if they were saved off site somewhere.
      Mind that WOS twitter has already been shutdown, and that action was supported if not helped along by folk supposedly on oor side…

    463. Dr Jim says:

      Party Political Broadcast tonight by the *Scottish*Labour party featuring Rupert Lepton telling us about the new and brighter future they, the *Scottish* Labour party can provide

      If you want to join in with the *Scottish* Labour fight for betterness for the many and not the few you can join them by sending your money to the erm…..

      Offices of the Labour party in London

      Maybe they aren’t sure how to spell *awtonamay* or *Scoatlind*

    464. Dr Jim says:

      All it’ll take is for anyone to complain to OFCOM about online content and Biff Bang with this new powers act we’re all gone
      because it’s not about sweariness or rowdy behaviour anymore it’s about what they deem to be, well anything they want to accuse it of

      It was bound to happen sooner or later and we know which side they’ll target, and it won’t be their own

      They claim it’s about the Tech giants, I claim that’s a big long stream of wee wee

    465. Simon Curran says:

      @republicofscotland at 6.35
      Of course it Labour had been in charge there wouldn’t have been a bridge closure because there wouldn’t have been a bridge to close!

    466. Dan says:

      Building bridges? Labour’s too busy burning them…

      Right, I’m acutely aware I’m posting too much so off to watch more Altered Carbon…

    467. Pete says:

      We don’t seem to be too good at building ferries?

    468. After a few weeks of `no names` BBC/Mentorn/Tinopolis Question Time has some interesting guests this week from Dundee,

      Joanna Cherry,
      Val McDermid,
      Tim Tugendhat,
      Alex Massie,
      Ian Murray,

      three British Nationalists (four if you count Fiona Bruce ) against two Scottish patriots,

      BBC/Mentorn/Tinopolis will be coaching up the `Dundee` audience from darkest Essex.

    469. Effijy says:

      No Pete,

      There is no truth in NS living with a Blond French woman
      In Milngavie.

      Boris is the blond person as the hair was a disaster and the woman
      Was of small build and looked like Kim Jun Un.

      They pulled up into the driveway on a buffalo and Boris had
      His pigs head sex toy from his Cambridge days.

      May the Farce be with them!

    470. Golfnut says:

      Actually we’re great at building ferries, its the arseholes that keep changing the specification and then don’t want to pay for it, and no that wasn’t the SNP.

    471. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Adrian B @ 6.09 pm

      I fancy that was a different Jackass Carlot; that one didn’t have a CBE and wasn’t pushing to be Cabinet tea boy Alistair Jack’s deputy understudy tea boy for the Scottish region of Greater England.

    472. terence callachan says:

      This is exactly what our media are doing in Scotland

      News from USA election
      Media ignores win by Sanders don’t even mention his name

      rnie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary, but it appears this is such a hard pill for US media to swallow, that they’ve simply decided to ignore it — or at least frame it in a way that somehow makes winning sound bad.

      Perusing mainstream coverage of the night, the casual observer of American politics could be forgiven for thinking a nice smiling lady called Amy Klobuchar was the star of the show. In fact, the avidly centrist Minnesota Senator came in third place — yet she gobbled up a disproportionate chunk of news coverage.

      Incredibly, some of the night’s headlines didn’t even include the word ‘Sanders’ at all. “Amy Klobuchar gets her moment in New Hampshire,” gushed CNN. “New Hampshire gives Klobuchar major boost, puts Biden and Warren on 2020 life support,” Fox News wrote. “Pete Buttigieg finishes second in New Hampshire primary, Amy Klobuchar third,” a tweet from Reuters read.

      Sorry to be a bother, but does anyone know who actually won? Is “strong third” the new first? Is that how this works now? Apparently so, according to MSNBC.

    473. Gfaetheblock says:


      Bernie was always going to win NH. That is not a story. How the other fair vs expectation is the story. Do you understand how US primaries work?

      So if you mean the uk media are reporting the real stories rather then good on them.

    474. ben madigan says:

      @ Dr Jim who asked:

      “is all the evidence pointing to the fact that perhaps foreigners from anywhere that isn’t England are not really welcome at all in England but if you’re white and change your sound you can pass and be accepted?”

      Irish emigrants to England from the 1850s onwards soon learnt that changing their accents to the local patois was the easiest, cheapest and quickest way of circumventing anti-Irish prejudice, getting a job and being left to live in peace!

    475. Dr Jim says:

      @ben madigan 10:pm

      As a boy visiting my relatives in Wolverhampton my accent was mocked and derided by that branch of my family as something lesser than them and even then they claimed it was banter

      My father an Edinburgh man couldn’t stand any of them and they didn’t like him because he was an uppity educated Jock who thought he was better than he was, my father was better educated than them that’s true, and he left school at 14 years of age

      Cultural differences eh, it seems we’re the same colour but we might as well not be as the treatment dished out is the same if you don’t belong

      I like foreign folk and I like foreign accents and foreign food, to me it would feel odd if everybody was exactly the same, boring

      It’s strange how so many people who don’t like other people go on holiday to where the other people are and ignore the other people in those places too

    476. TJenny says:

      ben madigan – Thanks a lot for your reply and link to your blog. Enlightening breakdown of the issues. Will Micheál Martin’s lust for power allow FF to swallow an insistance by SF on a re-unification poll? I’d love it to go to a new election and see SF romp it.

      A re-united Ireland would allow BJ/Westminster, a way to get rid of an annoyance that BJ neither needs nor wants now he has his majority, but without the unionists in NI feeling they have been sold out/abandoned by the UK. Win, win for BJ.

      Interesting times both sides of the Irish Sea.

    477. Bill Hume. says:

      This internet thingy……I’m pretty sure Stu has heard of the onion network……just saying like.

    478. Clapper57 says:

      A ‘Sobering’ thought……….NOT…..

      I see BIG BIG belly and bulbous RED RED nose George Foulkes has tweeted the following :

      “Another SNP cock-up, like the uncompleted ferries and the unopened children’s hospital”.

      The sooner George gives birth to yon Elephant he’s obviously being carrying in his BIG BIG belly the better…at least when he does we might all get some f***ing peace…..long overdue…both the birth of the Elephant and the f***ing peace……..

    479. Dr Jim says:

      Shereen Nanjiani receives an MBE for services to BBC English broadcastings continuing endeavours to put down Scotland

    480. TJenny says:

      Shereen Nanjiani! Haven’t heard of her in decades. What on earth has she been up to, to get her member of british elites badge?

    481. Al-Stuart says:

      Thank you Twath ater,

      For all his sins, Tommy is a remarkable person.

      That article was enjoyable. Good news is in short supply these days. Your link is well worth emphasising…

      I think Rev Stu., may be working hard on contributing towards a Helluva change in Scottish politics during 2020.

      Plan A is that the real leader is returned to Bute House. Alex Salmond has had more political comebacks than Frank Sinatra’s musical versions.

      Alec brought in so much that was good about the SNP. First and foremost he GOVERNED SCOTLAND WELL. His political reward? The voters turned Alec’s 1 seat majority at Holyrood in 2007 to a 33 seat majority in 2011.

      Alec delivered his promise on IndyRef1. He took us from 38% YES / 62% NO in 2013..

      … to within a whisker of becoming free of Westminster and the lethal, cripple killing Tories ( The 45% YES result of 2014 will go down in history for centuries to come. Tragically, it is becoming clear that Nicola Sturgeon has betrayed that legacy on so many levels…

      Of course, we aren’t allowed to reference what has happened to Alec Salmond due to sub judice and contempt of court. But just as with the banned bagpipes of 1745, we all know what is happening to Alec Salmond. The fact Nicola Sturgeon has erased the finest First Minister Scotland has ever seen by removing all reference to Alec Salmond from SNP history speaks volumes of her agenda.

      It is not mainstream zeitgeist; yet. But there IS also a Plan B. A mighty impressive one at that. In the absence of Plan A and Alec Salmond being returned with his Dundee Bunnet, to Bute House, we…

      Elect Joanna Cherry as leader of the SNP.

      Joanna Cherry has impeccable credentials. Working against the full might of Westminster and the British Establishment, she led the legal charge and got Boris Johnson’s lies to the Queen exposed whilst also achieving the Herculean task of getting the U.K. parliament brought back from an unlawful prerogation.

      Joanna has the talent and ability to be Scotlands next First Minister. She has the leadership qualities to plan and call IndyRef2.

      Reading the political runes, Joanna tellingly advised she does not know Nicola Sturgeon…

      On 20th April 1320, we had the Declaration of Arbroath.

      Surely, 700 years to the day, on 20th April 2020, we WILL have an announcement about the future of Scotland that will have an effect of equal or greater moment than the Arbroath missive.

      This document is more than totemic. It matters. For example:

      US Senate Resolution 155 of 10 November 1997 states that the Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish Declaration of Independence, was signed on 6 April 1320 and the American Declaration of Independence was modelled on that inspirational document.

      I cannot wait until Stuart Campbell comes back from his “holiday”.

      There is a tragedy in the piece. Nicola has many good qualities. But she just lost her way. The current clique in SNP high command backed the wrong horse. The Fat Banker from Skye sat on that poor old nag and burst it’s back trying to save England from Brexit when he and Nicola should have been working to secure Scotland’s independence.

      The current state of affairs is shite-as Renton would say.

      It is political cowardice writ large to run away from IndyRef2 when the polls are close to 50% YES.

      Even the dogs on the street and haggis roaming the hills know that once WE declare, at Arbroath, on 20th April 2020, that the Scottish nation is calling IndyRef2, then the 2014 effect will come into focus.

      The current 50% will grow to an emphatic 60% YES. Especially as Scotland had a proper White Paper in 2014 and will have an Arbroath White Paper announced for the 20th April 2020 launch of a new Scottish campaign.

      Boris can take his NO and shove it in the same orrifice he shlat the unlawful prorogation from.

      Nicola, who was it that said…

      Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right”.

    482. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      The anniversary date of The Declaration of Arbroath is 6th April.

    483. jockmcx says:

      Scotland is’nt boiling up… it’s thawing out

    484. jockmcx says:

      And the baldy man’s hair restorer wo’nt speed up
      his download

    485. Al-Stuart says:

      Hi Brian Doonthetoon,

      Thanks for that. You are absolutely correct. The anniversary is 6th April 2020.

      Mea culpa on the dates.

      Just got off of a long night shift with sore brain. The weird 20/2/2020 sort of dates getting thrown up this year are melting the old gray matter quicker than ever.

      Should know better because I can see Arbroath Abbey from my house. Will write out 100 lines. My old history teacher would have gifted me 6 shots of the belt on my paws for quoting the wrong date on that.

    486. Mist001 says:

      Poor old Tommy, the best leader that Scotland never had. I find myself 90% in agreement with everything he says on Scottish Independence but his dreams of Scotland becoming a Socialist utopia stop me becoming a full 100%

      Sadly for him, deep down in his heart of hearts, he knows as I do, and many others do that what he’s hoping for in his article isn’t going to materialise with Sturgeon at the helm.

      I think the SNP are beginning to grind him down too.

    487. jockmcx says:


      a person who stirs up the passions or prejudices of the public, usually for his or her own interests; demagogue.

    488. jockmcx says:

      If there is such a thing as a rabble in Scotland,it’s
      not on the side of independance,thank goodness.

      cool,calculated and certain!

    489. admiral says:

      Scot Finlayson says:
      12 February, 2020 at 8:02 pm
      After a few weeks of `no names` BBC/Mentorn/Tinopolis Question Time has some interesting guests this week from Dundee,
      Joanna Cherry,
      Val McDermid,
      Tim Tugendhat,
      Alex Massie,
      Ian Murray,
      three British Nationalists (four if you count Fiona Bruce ) against two Scottish patriots,

      Two of the feistiest and most knowledgeable and intelligent women in the independence movement! I could almost feel sorry for the Yoons on the panel, as both are individually worth 20 of them (and that’s on one of their few bad days). 🙂

    490. Rm says:

      Watching Scottish Questions yesterday, won’t be long till Westminster go after Scotland’s renewables industry, the potential is enormous, they’ve took the oil, the fish ect,etc,etc but especially the heart out of Real Scots people. Get the SNP MPs down at Westminster to move back to Scotland they can’t get a word in down there, stop playing Westminster’s game we have to be in control, if they want Scotland’s renewables they’ll have to pay Scotland for them.

    491. Rm says:

      Scotland needs someone like Farage, he’s all for England but he’s a great speaker, Scotland needs someone like him to get the people behind them and get moving to end up away from the union and be a sole trader again, Tommy Sheridan might be the one to get things moving.

    492. Ottomanboi says:

      “OK, the Assad regime is a vicious, murderous gang”
      According to whom?
      The US of course, whose record on international relations is manifestly poor.
      No need to list the countries screwed up as a result of American incompetence.
      As for US internal relations, ethnic genocide, repression and land appropriation, illegal annexation of Hawa’ii, Puerto Rico, Philippines etc.
      Hardly a paragon of good behaviour or ‘rule of law’.
      Many believe that so called ISIS was set up by the US and partners to keep the Middle East weak.
      ISIS operated via America based social media, even ran human trafficking operations unchecked.
      Remember the horrors proudly posted on Youtube?

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