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Balloon with a view

Posted on April 13, 2016 by

Dismayingly, this magnificent piece of virtuoso television interviewing from last night’s Scotland Tonight doesn’t appear to have been recorded in full splendid isolation for posterity anywhere, so it would be a grave failure of duty on our part not to preserve it for those viewers unfortunate enough to have been otherwise engaged.

Some more of Mr Coburn’s greatest hits are below.

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    209 to “Balloon with a view”

    1. starlaw says:

      The most useless windbag ever to grace the political scene.
      BBC Scotland should sign him up quickly

    2. People Carrier says:

      Jebus @*$%£”@@ Wept (with apologies to the Simpsons). This is quite simply stupendous TV. I actually don’t know how to extrapolate this out to a more universal consideration of the body politic……..I know, I know….I could try to fit RD and KD into the narrative ……….twisting figures, making up ‘stuff’ etc., but even they are less surreal than this.

      There’s something to be said for Dualism and parallel universes.

    3. Stoker says:

      Coburn – A soon to be unemployed member of the Homepride Brigade.

    4. Sandy says:

      Cringeworthy stuff. If only other parties received a similar grilling. This would throw the Checkalizer 5000 into meltdown.

    5. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      This is way beyond car crash stuff.

      The hoot is that he will have gone home whistling to himself thinking that he rocked the interview.

      What a lead balloon.

    6. It almost makes you want him to get elected so that we dont lose his comedic value. Sadly this interview reaches its apex early on when Bernard asks him when he makes a speech does he research it or just make it up? Coburn replies “a bit of both”.

    7. Sarah says:

      Sorry – couldn’t finish listening to the first example – TOO excruciatingly embarrassing for those not into blood sports!

    8. Ian MacDonald says:

      I had to stop watching half way through and have a wee break. Is there a word for when you are laughing hysterically and cringing with vicarious embarrassment at the same time?

    9. Colin says:

      Trouble is, if he is able to get I think is 8% of the vote. UKIP get a seat at Holyrood !! And remember, somehow got enough votes to get into Brussels *sad face time*

    10. Drew Adamson says:

      I thought it was a duel between the two Bernards : Ponsonby and Manning – great comedy, with a bit of racism thrown in.

    11. Nana says:

      Someone should stick a pin in him.

      Watched it last night, once was enough. Avoid the kippers, they give me heartburn.

    12. Giesabrek says:

      What a buffoon for not knowing any figures. However, I suspect his source for his figures was the Labour party website given they also come out with such wildly inaccurate numbers. Methinks he did get more of a grilling on his sources and numbers than his unionist bedfellows.

    13. bobajock says:


      Scary in the ‘Trump’ way.

    14. Macart says:

      I don’t use swerry wurds very often, but OMFG! 😮

      People voted for this guy?

    15. NeoconNat says:

      Kippers give you heartburn,… Tempting to go for a Willie Rennie joke but I’ll refrain.

      Does Coburn make a living in politics? What sort of payment does he get for that?

    16. Luigi says:

      What an embarrassment. I cringe at the thought of this clown stomping around Brussels, telling everyone he is from Scotland. Bernard Ponsonby must have thought: “this is just too easy, I’m bored already”. Shooting a bloated fish in a barrel ain’t much of a sport, after all.

    17. sandycraig says:

      Balloon, buffoon, bumbling idiot, a man completely out of his depth. Cannot think of any political interview as bad( or good ) as that.

      The sixteen year olds who have the vote are more intelligent and coherent than he is. Jist an erse wi lugs.

    18. Robert Roddick says:

      Just tried to post this to facebook as is my wont, with the
      comment ” Some of us will never forgive the BBC for their efforts in getting this oaf elected to prevent a third European seat going to the SNP.”
      For some reason it’s not working. Someone please assure me that Facebook are not in on the act!

    19. frogesque says:

      Elmer Fudd waiting for Wil E Coyote’s ACME anvil to drop.

      With apologies to Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner

    20. Robert Louis says:

      David Coburn (UKIP), dunderheid.

    21. G H Graham says:

      All Mr. Coburn had to do was refer his research to L****r’s north British branch spokesperson, Jackie “Five Bellies” Baillie & Mr. Ponsonby would simply have nodded knowingly & moved on to the next question.

      The viewers, having already been taken for idiots for years, presumably would then have concluded his proclamations as gospel & prepared themselves for marking a cross under anyone’s name, just so long as they worse a monkey’s red rosette.

      Scottish politics used to be so simple. Why are you trying to fuck it up, Stu?

    22. G H Graham says:

      And please fix my typos. I’m ill.

    23. Valerie says:

      @Luigi, exactly right!

      I’m the first to get tore into these clowns,but imagine we are judged by the conduct and slaverings of this t“t.

    24. AFewHomeTruths says:

      That was side splittingly hilarious. Not so much a car crash as falling out a fourth floor window on to an exploding bomb before being crushed by a passing stampede of wild elephants.


      That was the link I was looking for on BBC the other day. Thank you.

    25. heedtracker says:

      This one impartial unbiased BBC man put in a massive amount of BBC work to get Scotland to vote UKIP and in particular Coburn. Wonder if Naughtie thinks it was all worth it now, in the medium to long term.

    26. Betty Boop says:

      As I said last night when it was airing, comedy gold. Is there a 101 UKIP Fairy Tales foundation course?

      I had to remind myself, this guy is actually being paid by the taxpayer and that took the edge off the hilarity.

      @ BtP Aye, I’m sure he hears a lot of whistles in his head and it’s no’ tinnitus.

    27. Jamie Arriere says:

      Dearie me, no matter what you believe in, that useless bastard doesn’t deserve anyone’s votes.

      Next time STV, just interview his researchers

    28. Greannach says:

      This is the guy whose election as MEP was greeted so joyously by Margaret Curran of the Branch. Whether she was hailing a political familiar or wishing an intellectual equal well was unclear.

    29. bookie from hell says:

      Do torys hav to beat labour on total 2nd vote to be 2nd

    30. Luigi says:

      Aye, the yoons have plenty of useful idiots.

      They also have quite a few usless ones. 🙂

    31. Onwards says:

      I don’t know why Coburn tried to bluff like his party had done any actual research as long as he did.
      He should have just brushed all that aside from the start and stated, “Look – forget all that. If you’re a bit racist or hate the Scottish Parliament, you can vote for us. That’s about it.”

    32. Hugh Kirk says:

      Jesus H Christ on a bike with bells on. Who the hell would vote for this fucking arsehole of a clown? Apologies to any actual real clowns who wouldn’t be a fraction as dumb as that jerk.

    33. In modern TV terms it was possibly the nearest thing we can get to compare with bear baiting. Indeed if Ponsonby had been attempting to interview a bear last night, or even my daughter’s black labrador, he’d probably have got more sense than was produced by David Coburn.

    34. Ravelin says:

      You’ve got to give Coburn credit for one thing, he’s got some guts, or one hell of a brass neck, to continually put himself in front of a TV camera.

    35. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The Womble From Hell claims to be a businessman.

      Anyone know what his ‘business is?

    36. Dr Jim says:

      Polycees Polycees we doan hab no steenkin polycees

      We jus won to seet een Holleewoo for thee steenkin munnee

    37. Lollysmum says:

      Ye gods-that man is an embarrassment of the highest order.

      Those who voted UKIP in the EU elections should hang their heads in shame at the atrocity they have inflicted upon Scotland. This is your representative in EU-sickeningly not funny. This man is a buffoon. Imagine the damage this idiot can do to Scotland’s reputation.

      It just doesn’t bear thinking about. Thank goodness the other two MEP’s are there to counteract the view that this is what Scots politicians look & behave like. He’s a waste of space & it takes a lot for me to say that about anyone.

    38. katherine hamilton says:

      Ach well we’re stuck with him for a while. It’s the fact he gets paid for it by me that annoys me.
      Mmmmm! Just a thot. I’m better than him. Mmmm. UKIP? Mmmm. Why not?
      Anybody got their phone number?

    39. crazycat says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Wasn’t he described as an “art dealer”? That may not be his only “business”, of course.

    40. mumsyhugs says:

      As E E Cummings said –

      “who knows if the moon’s
      a balloon, coming out of a keen city
      in the sky – filled with pretty people?
      (and if you and I should
      get into it, if they
      should take me and take you into their balloon,
      why then
      we’d go up higher with all the pretty people
      than houses and steeples and clouds:
      go sailing
      away and away sailing into a keen
      city which nobody’s ever visited, where
      always its Spring) and everyone’s
      in love and flowers pick themselves.”

      Aye this balloon’s away wi’ the fairies right enough!

    41. DerekM says:

      Sorry i just cant bring myself to watch it i tried honestly but the man makes me want to throw up.

      So i will take everybodys word that he got a right roasting well it wouldnt be hard since he is a right roaster.


      got some election bumf through the door which didnt come from the postman was about to do what i usually do when i see unionist propoganda and file 13 it,but low and behold i got a real surprise tucked inside the lib dem shite was some green shite,now when did they become best of buddies ?

    42. schrodingers cat says:

      scary to think this balloon might win a list seat in the highlands

    43. Nana says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Says on wiki he had a freight company, maybe carrying dog food.

    44. Proud Cybernat says:

      “FFS! Skelp ‘im, Rhona!”

      Cybernat and damn poud of it too!

    45. Astraea Nova says:

      I’ve been coming here since the referendum but this is my first time trying to comment, but I just couldn’t hold my words back on this one.

      Is this man insane? With every word it was obvious he was lying but he just kept trying to convince someone that he had a point to make.

      Really hard to believe he is Scottish, how can anyone born in this country believe we are all stupid enough to accept his drivel as truth.

      Sorry, I’ve had my rant now, I go slink back to my kitchen sink.
      Thanks for all the fun!

    46. Genghis D'Midgies says:

      “They* have got a Scottish parliament now” said Coburn

    47. Almannysbunnet says:

      The only politician in the world that makes the Donald look like a genius. This yoon loon must go doon never to resurface in Scotland.

    48. Kevin Evans says:

      Waste of time – the interview, the YouTube video and writing the artical on wings.

      UKIP is like shooting fish in a barrel. Not interested in there ideas. Now can we get back to grilling labour and the tories for the shit situation we’re in.

    49. R-type Grunt says:

      Thanks Stu, very timely.

      He’s a weird bugger, eh? In the first clip (the most recent) it’s quite easy to sit back and have a laugh at him. Thank God you provided his earlier Hits so that people can see what’s really ticking behind the jovial facade. As ignorant as he is he is by no means alone in Scotland. That he can seriously refer to me & my friends as a Nazi tells us all we need to know.

      By the way, what was (is) his “business”?

    50. And Jesus wept.

      If I were Ruth Davidson, I would hire giant screens in city anfd town centres throughtout this land and have this truly remarkable footage of buffoonery played on a loop every day from now ’til polling day.
      He has just gifted her 100,000 votes.
      Even the most Ultra Right Wing Little Briton would not vote for this man.
      Bremner, Bird and Fortune could not have dreamt up a more surreal and excoriating sketch.

      The Remain Team at UK level should also pay for air time to at worst sway the DK’s to vote to Remain, but also a few Middle Englander conservatives that UKIP is as deep as a fruit fly’s belly button.
      This may tip 2nd place in Ruth’s favour.

      I cannot believe how intellectually challenged this man appears to be.

      In a strange way I am heartened. We Pro Independence dog soldiers have thrown more out of the road to get to a fight.

      It ranks with Jackie Baillie’s ‘prevention better than cure’ solution to log jamming problems at GP’s, during last night’s EBC Health debate.
      We need to ‘educate’ people to tackle obesity, smoking fags and boozing, and stuff.
      Jackie Baillie and that lass from the Lib Dems whose name will forever escape me, a generously girthed figure of a politician, want to tackle obesity? Oh me miserum.

      If you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs.

      Where are the manifestos from Wullie the Falcon, Ruth the Tank, and Dugdale Guevara coming out?

      I hope that UKIP have a Malcolm Tucker. I’d pay to sit in on the feedback session.

    51. Dunks says:

      Can someone give me an alarm call on 6th May please?

      I seriously have to take a very long kip before my head explodes. My stomach’s in knots thinking.. surely the Scottish electorate are not that stupid to allow anything but a huge SNP majority in Hollyrood.

      Watching BBC et al, it’s like sitting at home on your own watching a horror movie. You know it’s scary to watch, but you can’t help looking through two fingers. Surely the stupid girl won’t go down the cellar stairs! Especially as in time honoured fashion, the stair light disnae work.

      Unionist parties? All they do is blunder about in the dark. And, as far as I’m concerned, all their lights went out on 18th September 2014

      Surely the Scottish people can’t be that stupid, can they?

      Sorry for the rubbish analogy, but my brain really hurts and I’m off to bed for 3 weeks kip.

      SNP x 2 (if I wake up in time)

    52. K1 says:

      Dunks ah don’t know how’ll ukip thru aw this…

      a’l get ma coat 😉

    53. The funniest thing would be that he prob walking away from his latest interview thinking he did well, well im sure thats what his sources told him lol

    54. wee_monsieur says:

      Wow. Just Wow.

    55. Scott says:

      Leah Franchetti Caithness, Sutherland and Ross for SP16


      New schools and hospitals were built and our Scottish Parliament was established.
      If asked will she answer why the Schools that were built are in need of repair.

      As for Coburn a waste of space can you imagine him in charge.

    56. shiregirl says:

      oh my.

      I was embarrassed for him.

      Couldn’t watch it to the end.

    57. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Says on wiki he had a freight company, maybe carrying dog food.”

      ‘Freight company’? Try dropping the ‘e’.

      Taxi for one cybernat!

    58. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Genghis D’Midgies said:

      “They* have got a Scottish parliament now” said Coburn.

      Oh, well spotted there!

      Says all you need to know really.

    59. Andrew Fernie says:

      I’ve stowed away for future enjoyment the memory of watching Ponsonby slowly pay out lengths of metaphorical rope for that clown to hang himself with.

    60. Peter Mirtitsch says:


    61. With the Media behind them anybody can stand against the SNP.
      Kezia, Ruthie, Oor Wullie and this clown can all have a go at Scotland.

    62. heedtracker says:

      Vote Brexit Scotland or it will displease your imperial masters so much, they’ll kick you out.

      “Ukip leader Nigel Farage, at his party’s Scottish manifesto launch last week, was asked about the potential consequences of England voting out in the EU referendum but the overall result being to remain as a result of votes north of the border.
      He said: “Ask me a week before the referendum.”

      That’s it.

    63. jcd says:

      …but..but.. Mr Coburn, is there ANYTHING you haven’t just made up?


      Bearing in mind that some morons actually voted for that specimen which confirms that the human capacity for stupidity is infinite. But then again we know that anyway.

      SNP X 2

    64. Cripes! – Katie Hopkins has fair piled on the weight!

    65. James Brownell says:

      Oh, wow!

      For anyone outside Scotland watching this, they’re going to think this is a sketch from a comedy show.

      I really do feel the only reason he’s getting so much air time is just to make Kezia look good.

    66. Bob Mack says:

      Like the Red Balloon by Lamorisse, he was filled with Helium and floated aimlessly above mere mortals. Blowing in the wind ,creating figures out of nothing and hoping ultimately to find a spot for landing on terra firma.

      In other words—— a tube.

    67. Greannach says:

      Proud cybernat @ 5.02pm. I can refine that.

      1. Move ‘e’ to the end.
      2. Change ‘fr’ to ‘sh’.
      3. Drop ‘gh’.

      Wow, I’m good!

    68. Stoker says:

      Don’t normally give Kippers the time of day but i needed something to fill a 15-minute gap in my schedule so….GOOD GRIEF!

      Tell you what though, i like that ‘hotchair’ format Barney’s got going on but do you think i’m expecting too much by getting excited at the thought of ALL the others getting as stiff a grilling?


      SNP x 2

    69. Croompenstein says:

      I preferred him in Dangermouse..

    70. Bevrijdingsdag says:

      Coburn the Glaswegian balloon, Pffffft.
      Always letting himself doon.

      Whoever voted for him should feel deflated.
      Total embarrassment.

    71. Algernon Pondlife says:

      Thought for a second I was watching a parody of “Francie and Josie”.

      Shows my age I suppose..

    72. Linda McFarlane says:

      Coffee hits screen!

      The man’s a choke hazard!!!

    73. Davy says:

      I think he should join labour, he would fit right in as another lying dick.

      Still at least we now know what the top level of numptyness now is, its a “Coburn”.

    74. G4jeepers says:

      Down periscope



    75. call me dave says:

      Most of the remarks on the thread are comedy gold, for elf and safety reasons I put down my glass of the best red until I got to here.

      Somewhere in Scotland there’s a couple of Telegraph and Daily Mail readers completely oblivious to this characters real incompetence.

      Funny old world init…init!

      SNP x 2

    76. mealer says:

      He’s like a stupid version of Boris.I think his interview will go down well with kippers.

    77. call me dave says:

      I’ll hold my nose and take independence… Aye right so will we all!

      What’s he like eh! Gordon Wilson.

      Former SNP leader says Scotland could be booted out of UK if its voters block Brexit

      Good news… that wee boy has been found about 15mins ago.

    78. Cod says:

      If it weren’t the fact that he actually managed to get elected in Scotland (I’m still at a loss as to how that happened) I’d be falling over laughing at how pathetically bad Coburn was in this interview. He actually managed to make Kezia Dugdale look like a consumate professional – and that’s pretty damn hard to do.

      I’d like to see the representatives from the other parties get as severe a grilling. Then again, Coburn would make even the most gentle of interrogations look rough, due to his inability to convince anyone that he knows anything at all.

    79. John says:

      Robert Roddick
      I have just posted this on Facebook and it was fine , got message out there so no, they are not in on the act .

    80. schrodingers cat says:

      difficult to argue for a tactical vote in the highlands, with orkney and shetland being the 2 constituencies the snp are least likely to win

      this is an arguement for voting snp1&2 in highland since the snp will very likely win 2 msps from the list if they dont win orkney and shetland constituencies.

      but without a tactical vote, it is difficult to ensure this balloon doesnt get in. this is probably why coburn chose this region.

      tactical voting



      snp1 greens2

    81. Greannach says:

      I wonder if that really was a person being interviewed by Bernard Ponsonby or maybe one of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson’s puppets from the 1960s with better visual effects.

      My money’s on Jeff Tracy from Thunderbirds. That might also account for the weird.

      At least the Coburn puppet didn’t say “It’s a brrraw brrricht moonlicht nicht the nicht” to prove his Jocky Scotch credentials.

    82. Greannach says:

      ..weird accent…

    83. CmonIndy says:

      Rev you’re going to need a new category for archiving. I’m afraid ‘Idiot’ just doesn’t cut it.

    84. Nana says:


      700,000 postal ballot packs being sent out. Goodness seems an awful lot to me but I’m a suspicious cailleach.

    85. bjsalba says:

      Do remember his boss, Nigel, worked for Drexell, Burnham, Lambert…. (look them up).

    86. carjamtic says:


      League of Gentlemen

      Loco MP for Loco People…….’we didn’t burn him !’ ;-/

    87. HandandShrimp says:

      It is liked something from In the Thick Of It.


    88. Training Day says:

      Coburn has the intellectual capacity of a Brussels sprout that’s been run over by a steamroller, but the even scarier thought is that there are people who voted for this protozoon.

      These balloons float among us..

    89. HandandShrimp says:

      700,000 postal ballot packs being sent out.


      That does seem a lot. That could end up being 25% to 30% of the votes depending on turnout.

    90. Clapper57 says:

      Who needs policies when you have one agenda and one agenda only .
      The one trick pony party who recruits clowns in the circus that is UKIP.

      If you recall this is the party who were extremely vocal in their condemnation last year pre GE in what they perceived as the financial benefits Scots had over the English and who said the Barnett Formula should be scrapped.

      They may now try to distance themselves from these comments in order to try and sneak in a seat/s in the Scottish elections but fortunately there are those of us who know spiel bullshit when we hear it. They are relying on the ‘No Surrender’ mob and those who share their bigoted views on immigrants to try and achieve this.

      If you are brave enough to watch QT and have heard Carswell , Nuttall & co in relation to Scotland you will know that they are definitely NOT a party who champions Scotland. So if Mr Coburn could wake up from his delusional dream then perhaps he too would realise that his quest (not ) for Scotland (not) is a solo project and definitely does NOT have the support of the real UKIP party aka the English Nationalist Party .

      UKIP in Scotland is merely another Raving Loony Party minus the humour and more akin to the very very dark side of politics that Scots like me do NOT want anywhere near the Scottish Parliament.

      It’s bad enough having the yoon space cadets without having the yoon space bummy’s too !

    91. Stoker says:

      And now for their next trick – Slabber not to release manifesto until 8-days before the elections. Word on the street is that there’s internal strife and bickering over the contents.

      Apparently, some branch employees are not happy with the way it has been worded. They believe there’s too much use of unnecessary and confusing language contained within the manifesto.

      Judge for yourselfs, here is the full content:
      “We at Scottish Labour pledge to deliver whatever HQ commands.”

      MMmmm, i can see why some might not want that info made public.

    92. Phydaux says:

      Those who didn’t vote in the European Parliament Election in 2014 should also hang their heads in shame.The turnout was 33:5% with UKIP getting the biggest percentage rise in the share of the vote.It is our civic duty to vote and some of those who don’t then whinge and carp afterwards.

      Whilst it is galling to think that some of our fellow scots voted for this glaikit and obnoxious xenophobe,Mr Coburn’s success in getting elected is also our failure to prevent it.

      The inexorable rise of pro Indy social media sites has helped us to become more informed and educated.We never did what we were telt post Indy Ref.We never do.

      We must also do what we can individually.Here in PFI Edinburgh,the schools fiasco is the hot topic and I’ve had lots of opportunities to inform and educate about the truth.

      Stuart makes sure,with each and every posting,that we are all set for our journey.We are on our way.

    93. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Reminds me of some of the rig managers and OIMs I have had the misfortune to work with. Promoted roustabouts. Full of their own importance but zero admin or social skils. Fake posh accent. Let’s hope the other three get the shit ripped out of them as well.

    94. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s a medical opinion. 🙂

    95. Macart says:

      Just clocked on the Rev’s twitter feed the an amazing statement. Apparently Labour to release their manifesto only eight days before the day of the vote.

      Can anyone confirm? Absolutely incredible if true. I mean postal voting will be taking place between now and then, yes? Yet if true, one major party’s manifesto not there to be voted upon. A wind up surely?

    96. msean says:

      Can’t believe this guy got voted in. What happens if the rest of the UK votes out a month later,we’ll be left with a party that stands for nothing.

    97. HandandShrimp says:


      Now that made me smile. 🙂

      I had a similar face to the Captain as I watched the above.

    98. Cactus says:

      Ahoy there. Them four stills were enough for me.


      Seeing quite a few YES banners going up around Glasgow, so it’s time voters, of and for Scotland.. if they’re not already up, get your Saltire’s, SNP’s and YES posters where they need to be. This is YOUR country.

      Welcome to Round 3, ‘wing-a-ding-ding’ (with a special welcome to all of our first time voters too. YOU are the future.)

      For anybuddy that’s not received one yet:


      Who benefits most from our policies?
      We all do.

      Discover more than 100 of our achievements, visit

      Achievements are good.

    99. Thomas Valentine says:

      UKIP is an easy target. It helps make the typical propagandist media not look completely biased towards the Unionist parties. But the only people to gain here will be the Tories so actually VERY Unionist.
      They never bring the same scrutiny to either the Labour or Tories while letting them say unchallenged any claim.

      So very funny but where’s the scrutiny the rest of the time?

    100. Robert Urquhart says:

      Have laughed as much in ages. He should get his own series.

    101. Tam Jardine says:


      Amazing, eh! Why bother launching a manifesto at all- they’ve got no chance of forming the next government anyway.

      I guess eight days gives the BBC and the press less time to scrutinise it!!!!

      In fact- of ALL the parties slab are the ones who should be confident enough to release their manifesto well in advance – no-one in the press is going to go through it with a fine tooth comb.

    102. Returnofthemac says:

      Watched Mr Coburn’s performance last night. How dare Bernie ask him so many difficult questions. To think that this clown was elected to the European Parliament!!!
      He has no shame or is in the least embarrased about his lack of knowledge and understanding of politics in Scotland.

    103. Thepnr says:


      Turnout more than anything else will dictate the number of seats that SNP win at this Holyrood election.

      The most important thing we can all do is make sure that those you know voted Yes also vote in the Scottish election, a failure to get the vote out could be very costly.

      The apparent fact highlighted earlier in this thread by Nana that 700,000 postal ballot packs have been sent out is cause for concern, also pointed out by Handandshrimp is that this could amount to 25 to 30% of total turnout.

      Not really a good place to be, number 1 priority for all Indy supporters is get the vote out, there is no excuse really for any Independence supporter not to appreciate the importance of this. If you know any that fail to see this then our job is to convince them otherwise. Every vote counts, to avoid another debacle where the likes of Coburn get a seat due to low turnout.

      If we could do this well, Westminster could be in for a helluva fright, do it badly and prepare to be laughed at.

      Our No 1 responsibility is get OUR voters to put their X in the box.

    104. Legerwood says:

      Macart says:
      13 April, 2016 at 6:56 pm
      Just clocked on the Rev’s twitter feed the an amazing statement. Apparently Labour to release their manifesto only eight days before the day of the vote.

      Can anyone confirm? Absolutely incredible if true. I mean postal voting will be taking place between now and then, yes? Yet if true, one major party’s manifesto not there to be voted upon. A wind up surely?

      Of course it may be true. How else are they going to produce a manifesto that says: ‘ What the SNP said plus 1’ if they issue their manifesto before the SNP issues their manifesto?

    105. Nana says:

      O/T Just starting

      Should Scotland stay or leave the EU

    106. Arbroath1320 says:

      I love the idea that oor Mr Coburn has done a lot of *ahem* research. The only problem is the research HE has done is NOT the research required to get answers to ANY of Bernard Ponsonby’s questions.

      This Buffoon is giving all good Buffoon’s a bad name! 😀

    107. K1 says:

      Thanks for links Nana, opting for the commonspace as it’s happening… 🙂

    108. Thepnr says:


      Also direct link to Independence Live

    109. Nana says:


      I thought it seemed rather a lot.

      Does anyone know if that amount is more than last time.

    110. heedtracker says:

      Nice big UKOK boost for blue tory manifesto in rancid the Graun for teatime.
      Rancid The Graun really like the Stories with

      “The legacy from the referendum is that we on the pro-UK side have allowed ‘no thanks’ to be seen as a constant negative. If we are to counter the SNP’s constant misinformation, this must change. The case for independence is dead. The case for the union must now be made,” she said. ”

      “Davidson’s personal popularity remains strong, and polling for the Times on Tuesday revealed that Scottish voters view her as more genuine, competent and trustworthy than the Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale, and believe she would be better at holding the SNP to account.”

      Davidson got just over fifteen hundred votes and was made tory leader after 6 months, another wonderful triumph of UKOK unionist giving the Scots a sound thrashing.

    111. Marcia says:

      Coburn gives politics a bad name, so wooden he gives furniture a bad name too. He did predict he would win Falkirk last year, he lost his deposit.

    112. Thepnr says:


      Yes a good bit more. Around 25% higher than last time and last time was a record.

      ? Across Scotland, 558,202 postal ballots were issued amounting to 14.1 per cent of the electorate. This is the largest proportion to date.

      ? Almost 77 per cent of postal ballots issued were returned. Of these, 5.8 per cent were excluded from the counts because of failures relating to personal identifiers or non-inclusion
      of either a ballot or statement in the envelope.

    113. Cactus says:

      Do ye all remember the good publicity Wings got from the Glasgow’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ posters back in 2014? (that’s our subway system btw for all you international readers.)

      There’s been much discussion in these threads about promoting this fine place on billboards yeah..

      SO if they were strategically placed, you could maybe go for something snappy like.. (with a black border, dawn blue background and white text):

      “Are YOU getting this… yet?”

    114. Patrick Roden says:

      Just clocked on the Rev’s twitter feed the an amazing statement. Apparently Labour to release their manifesto only eight days before the day of the vote.

      I thought it was just Stoker having a laugh, surely this can’t be true, or if it is, what happens to people who vote Labour with their postal votes, only to find out they completely disagree with some part of the manifesto?

      Is this even legal?

    115. Cactus says:

      What about this one?

      “Are YOU getting this… yet?”

    116. Cactus says:

      Should also promote..

      “Are YOU getting this… yet?”

      Cheers tya Ken & Co.

    117. Breeks says:

      Never ever forget, the ONLY reason this arsehole was elected to represent Scotland’s interests in Europe was a direct consequence of the media’s manipulation of the political news agenda and the monstering of Scottish students “bullying” Farage, which served to scrape the UKIP vote off the bottom of the barrel.

      For all the embarrassment he is, he bears a mere fraction of the contempt I have for the interference from our domestic Unionist propaganda machine, the BBC.

      What must our friends in Europe think of Scotland when this comedian rolls up to represent us? He should be impeached for bringing Scottish politics into disrepute.

      The only chuckle I’ve had at Coburn’s expense me was the recent event where viewers comments convinced him his live sound link was dysfunctional, when in fact it was perfectly fine, and completely sabotaged his online webcast. Wicked, cruel, and absolutely brilliant.

    118. Nana says:


      That is very concerning. I’ll have an ulcer by the time this election is done.

      I can not watch any more of the big debate, seeing Lamont gurning and talking about austerity cuts just sickens me.

    119. Clootie says:

      …my first thought was imagine how far an able person could go if he selected UKIP for his party career choice.
      …I then realised no one has for very good reason…which therefore leaves the field wide open to ballons like Coburn.

      Why do people vote for an idiot like Coburn????

    120. heedtracker says:

      TNS not that interested in UKIP clowning about on STV
      In no particular order

      !The Conservatives scored 13% (down one percentage point), the Liberal Democrats 6% (up three points) and the Greens 3% (down one point).
      Support for Ukip in Scotland is “almost negligible”, TNS said.

      Support for the SNP continues to be very strong among younger voters who are certain to vote and express a preference – 71% of 18 to 34-year-olds, against 57% for 35 to 54-year-olds and 40% for those aged 55 and over. Among the oldest age group, Labour scores 32% and the Conservatives 20%.
      However, fewer of the younger voters say they are certain to vote – 52% of 18 to 34-year-olds against 67% overall”

      Not only has Labour’s hopes of a recovery in support been dashed but, even worse, it appears to have gone backwards.”

      Lots to do in Pacific Quay bunker.

    121. NeoconNat says:

      Watched some of that big debate there. Just dire. Even Johanne Lamont was there. Tommy, as usual, is talking about taxing rich people more than they actually earn.

      Scottish politics is dead without the jet fuel of the constitutional question.

      Everybody wants to increase taxation to some extent.

      How many people here know how demoralising it is to go on to those higher rates of tax?

      Just imagine for a moment what 40% of earnings means. And btw, once you take the personal allowance into account, you actually go on to the 40% rate as soon as you go over £32,000.

      It’s a crime against humanity to tax people like that.

    122. G says:

      “It’s a pretty straightforward question”
      “I can give you a pretty straightforward answer … I don’t know ..”

      I lost it.

      Let’s hope he demands the same clarity from Kez and Tank Commander.

    123. frogesque says:

      Patrick Roden says:
      13 April, 2016 at 7:43 pm
      Just clocked on the Rev’s twitter feed the an amazing statement. Apparently Labour to release their manifesto only eight days before the day of the vote.

      I thought it was just Stoker having a laugh, surely this can’t be true, or if it is, what happens to people who vote Labour with their postal votes, only to find out they completely disagree with some part of the manifesto?

      Is this even legal?

      Just put a message on SLAB Facebook page asking them to clarify if this is true. Potentially after 700,000 postal votes have been cast.

    124. One_Scot says:

      Just watched the Ponsonby video clip of David Corburns questionable figures. To be fair to the muppet, Yoons do have a proven track record of just making shit up.

    125. Jamie says:

      It was an enjoyable and entertaining program last night not least for David Coburn’s inept performance but also because of the fine showing displayed by Tommy Sheridan. The creation of a nationalised pharma company to produce generic drugs is a fantastic idea and one the SNP really should be thinking about.

      This is just one of the reasons why SNP voters should consider Solidarity for their number 2/peach vote. A Solidarity MSP could put this proposal in front of the parliament and parties would be invited to vote in favour or against it, much like the warrant sales policy that Tommy Sheridan passed saving many vulnerable people much stress, the big parties would not vote against it, even tough they may not put it forward.

    126. Chic McGregor says:

      “And now for their next trick – Slabber not to release manifesto until 8-days before the elections. Word on the street is that there’s internal strife and bickering over the contents.”

      Just too many different versions of the I Ching these days.

    127. Thepnr says:


      Well what difference will 8 days make? We all know the content.

      Page 1:





      Page 2:





    128. Jamie says:

      Neocon nat, it is not a crime against humanity to tax people, this is what pays for the public services, the free prescriptions, the NHS, schools etc.

      The tax rate was previously 80% which was probably about right, the %40 rate at the moment is too lenient. Maybe you should work for minimum wage for a year on a zero hour contract then you will learn what a crime against humanity is.

    129. Stoker says:

      Barney Ponsonby waved a Kipper manifesto in the face of Coburn and quoted items at him, we all seen how that put Coburn in a flap.

      Does anyone really think Dippy Dug is going to be allowed to be done up like a Kipper or even have her Wendy Hoose policies battered and chipped away at?

      Meanwhile, wee demented Ruthy’s policies are just a pig in a poke!

    130. Elaine says:

      The guy made sense. Bernard embarrassed himself! Common sense trumps pedantic figures – folk don’t trust them anyway or care. This is being seriously misread it seems by many commenting. But voters at home won’t have been put off.

    131. Arbroath1320 says:

      Macart says:
      13 April, 2016 at 6:56 pm

      Just clocked on the Rev’s twitter feed the an amazing statement. Apparently Labour to release their manifesto only eight days before the day of the vote.

      Can anyone confirm? Absolutely incredible if true. I mean postal voting will be taking place between now and then, yes? Yet if true, one major party’s manifesto not there to be voted upon. A wind up surely?

      Sadly Macart it does indeed appear to be true. This tweet came from Aidan Kerr.

      .@STVColin: 8 days before the election is when we will get Labour’s manifesto #SP16

      It does beg the question, one of many by the way. What is the point of Labour?

      Do not forget though WE already all have a copy of their manifesto in our homes. Oh yes we do!

      The blank piece of paper you have in your printer IS the Labour manifesto! 😀

      Just a wee aside but anyone in the Dumfries area around the 26th of April may be interested in this.

    132. Jamie says:

      Stoker, pig in a poke, 😀 Ruth doesnae half like her pigs in pokes right enough 😀 I just wonder if it is a Conservative thing, I mean after all we all know that Cameron likes to poke in a pig.

    133. Chic McG says:

      Wendy, like her fictional namesake, had the good sense to leave The Lost Boys in Neverland.

    134. Cactus says:

      There’s been much talk of this Wee Black Book thingmy, so did you know..?

      If you’re looking for one (or some, or many) and you happen to subscribe to the most excellent iScot magazine.. the May 2016 edition is printing the wbb in full!

      That’s some souvenir in itself, so get yours from all good stockists around Scotland.. or click on this:

      On topic, youkayayepee.. nah, I’ll stick with the S.N.P. times two.


    135. Betty Boop says:

      Re Slab not releasing a manifesto until the election is almost upon us. I reckon they might be having difficulty getting enough Slabbers round a desk to think of any coherent policies.

      As for Coburn, I don’t think he should be hanging his head in shame so much as those who thought it was a good idea to vote for him. Just what is his constituency getting for their money?


      @ Proud Cybernat

      Been meaning to say for a wee while that I like your Gravatar although, admittedly, at first glance I thought it was Batman! 😉

    136. defo says:

      Ian Brotherhood say

      “The Womble From Hell claims to be a businessman.

      Anyone know what his ‘business is?”

      Loitering. With intent.
      Allegedly, he keeps his sources written on a cubicle wall, in the cottage at the top of Easter Road.

    137. Cactus says:

      Hey @ Thepnr ~

      Cheers for Page 2 hehe! That was goooood (or bad!) 🙂

    138. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Thepnr ur you oan that SuperLager lol

    139. NeoconNat says:

      jamie, “it is not a crime against humanity to tax people, this is what pays for the public services, the free prescriptions, the NHS, schools etc.”

      Strictly speaking none of those things are necessities. People should have a choice when it comes to contributing to stuff anyway, regardless of how important the Socialists Worker’s Party think things are.

      Truth be told, if I was poor or lazy, I’d probably want to hammer tax on rich people too. Doesn’t make it right though. And lets not pretend that would be altruistic of me.

    140. scotsbob says:

      Release your manifesto 8 days before election day, that ensures all the Sunday papers have you on the front pages. All the weekend politics shows feature you.

      My opinion is that it is designed to monopolise the media directly before polling day.

    141. John Thomson says:

      OT sorry did I hear Patrick Harvie correct that he does not believe a second referendum will be called in his lifetime. Watch election face to face tonight 1030 near the end.

    142. Macart says:

      @Arbroath 1320

      Cheers Arb. Just incredible though.

      Folk voting without having a clue on the policy pledges of a supposedly serious political party. I knew Labour regarded the public as delusional and misguided, but if they go through with this then it can only be interpreted as an act of either desperation or contempt.

    143. Stoker says:

      @ Chic McGregor & Jamie:
      lol (canny dae a laughin heed thingy)

      (((((WARNING FOLKS)))))
      There’s a troll operating on the thread and it’s going by the monica ‘Thepnr’ (Prints Notorious Rubbish). It’s post at 8.19pm gives the game away. It claims to know what’s included in the forthcoming Slabber manifesto but if you take a closer look at Thepnr’ claims you will note a couple of inconsistencies:

      (1): Thepnr claims there are 2-pages worth of information but recent evidence has shown that Slabber struggle to put two sentences together never mind 2-pages.

      (2): Thepnr claims it’s all “SNP BAD” but once again this can easily be debunked because if you look at its post carefully you will see that ‘Thepnr’ has used a sentence and paragraph breaks format, something Slabber don’t have the IQ for.

      Be warned folks, dinny trust yon pnr’ claims, next ye ken it’ll be takin bets oan it, bet ye! Watch the odds!

    144. K1 says:

      Ah can only think they’re not releasing their manifesto so they are ‘not’ scrutinised about it on the lead up. Why else leave it so late in the day?

      More concerned wi what someone mentioned earlier, the postal votes will be in…’before’ they publish their manifesto…so how does this stand with electoral commission? If they leave it that late how can postal voters ‘know’ what they are voting for before they ‘know’ what the policies are?

      Are there any precedents for this?

    145. NeoconNat says:

      Thepnr won’t no troll. Even if he was I’d still support him.

      Any man that has the guts at his age to declare he wants to be considered a woman and go through all the pain of that procedure etc. has my respect.

    146. Arbroath1320 says:

      I have to admit Stoker I was a wee bit concerned about Thepnr’s claim there. I was sure I had the latest updated version of the Labour manifesto sitting in front of me. 🙂

      I can’t believe that Thepnr’s version is more up to date than this. 😀

      Maybe Thepnr has just picked up a copy of the branch office practice sheet for their *ahem* new politicians in May. 😀

    147. heraldnomore says:

      The following appeared on my faceache feed, courtesy of a good friend:

      “For the first time on my life I’m considering not voting in the upcoming elections. All the parties are a waste of bloody time. If they’re not fucking up they’re quickly blame the fuck up on someone else. All decency has left politics and all we are left with is a bunch of corrupt, self serving, lying, cheating arrogant and useless fuck wits!”

      Bites lip; thankful for one more vote that isn’t going to a unionist. But if Phillipa Whitford cannae save lives in Gaza in her time off, I despair. Tough gig in Eastwood.

    148. Iain More says:

      I cant believe that over 100,000 folk voted for him! Who is worse? Coburn or those that voted for him and those that will still no doubt vote for him!

      re TNS, It seems they have chucked a grenade into the Pacific Quay bunker. There will be much head spinning and projectile vomit on the Burd Show in the coming days as if there wasn’t enough of it already.

    149. NeoconNat says:

      There’s no law that says you need to have a manifesto, thus you couldn’t be punished for publishing one late. In actual fact they mean nothing anyway and don’t carry any legal obligations or weight.

    150. garles says:

      Now all you wingers have got the ballon all wrong
      Excerpt from Reuters ( comedy gold so it is)

      UKIP Hass around 1,000 members in Scotland, up from 600 in 2014. Growing support for the party in Scotland would be a challenge for British Prime Minister David Cameron who is campaigning for a “remain” vote in the June 23 EU referendum and is counting on Scottish voters to help him.

      Scottish membership of UKIP compares with around 115,000 for the Scottish National Party (SNP), which is set for another clear majority in the election for the Holyrood parliament on May 5 – seven weeks before the EU vote.

      Coburn is campaigning on issues such as “Saving the Scottish Pub”, which aims to allow pubs to reintroduce smoking rooms. The party also proposes raising the drink-driving limit.

      UKIP has an anti-establishment stance which makes Coburn a “Che Guevara in tweed” he joked, referring to the Marxist revolutionary hero and the traditional Scottish cloth.

      “People who vote for us are fed up of being ignored while the smart cookies have a laugh at their expense … we are the party of the oppressed,” the former city trader said.

      Senior politicians have said that if Britain votes for Brexit, or leaving the EU, but Scots strongly backed staying in, that could trigger another referendum on Scottish independence. But Coburn says that is unlikely, after secessionists lost a 2014 vote.

      “I don’t think (the SNP) dares have another referendum. (First Minister Nicola Sturgeon) offers the promise of it to keep her radicals happy.”

      Coburn says Scots are largely polite to him while campaigning, despite his unpopular and outspoken views in a more left-leaning corner of the electorate than the rest of Britain.

      “The worst thing anyone has said to me is “go boil your head” but most people just want to have a good old moan. I get a lot of people shake my hand and say “I don’t agree with your party, but I agree with what you’re saying.”

      (Reporting By Elisabeth O’Leary; Editing by Dominic Evans)

    151. Dr Jim says:

      Ruth Davidson has just announced she will finish second after having looked at a sample of the postal votes

      In the back of the van

    152. Cactus says:

      As this thread is well in and the ‘politician’ in subject is a joke, here’s some entertaining youkayayepee balloon faces you can try out at home:


      (courtesy of Patrician from quarantine)

    153. Tam Jardine says:

      Some truly bizarre thoughts floating about at that Glasgow hustings. The big issue of the day is the cut to the Glasgow council budget. No one in the room disputed that the Scottish Goverment’s budget had been cut. So the big idea to solve this problem, bridge the attainment gap and magically fix all kinds of social ills is to increase personal taxation at a time when the tories down south are cutting income tax and increasing the personal allowance year after year after year.

      Great. So we diverge from Westminster and become, in the space of no time at all the highest income tax zone in the UK. And I am sure that there would be an increase in the tax-take and we could go some way to mitigating the council cuts.

      What happens the next time Osborne decides to cut the Scottish budget? He would be insane not to- he has nothing to gain from protecting the Scottish budget and all the Scottish Government will do is tax people to make up the difference. He must be laughing right now.

      Folk in the hall were talking about cancelling the council tax in the same sentence as protecting the council budgets.

      I just don’t get it. The trap is gaping wide open and labour are leading the charge towards it. They want Scotland to be the highest taxed part of the UK even though that will discourage people from setting up businesses here or moving here. They want to keep APD high even though it discourages tourism. They saddled us with vast PFI debt for badly built schools.

      We had a chance to do things differently and increase taxes, increase the standard of living, increase benefits and pour money into healthcare and education but I cannot see how it is possible to do that within a unitary authority. We lost the fucking referendum and we need to hunker down and work out how to win the next one.

      George would love it if Scotland region destroyed itself to shave money off his expenditure but I don’t think it is going to be a wise move in the longterm.

    154. Cactus says:

      Sorry folks, dunno whit happened there.. new fonts?

      I’m off to quarantine:

    155. K1 says:

      ‘Senior politicians have said that if Britain votes for Brexit, or leaving the EU, but Scots strongly backed staying in, that could trigger another referendum on Scottish independence. But Coburn says that is unlikely, after secessionists lost a 2014 vote.’

      I’ve become so accustomed to the madness of Ukipian speak…that I read the first sentence in the above as ‘…if Brian votes for Brexit…

      Fur the briefest moment, I actually thought.. ‘who the fuck is Brian?

      A’m officially goan mad wi exposure tae this stuff. 🙁

    156. HandandShrimp says:

      I think SLab thinking is that no one will read it anyway so publish late, pinch anything that looks popular from the SNP and get the BBC to fan fare it for a the few remaining days of the election.

      It didn’t really work in 2011 but if it is all you have….

    157. Thepnr says:


      jamie, “it is not a crime against humanity to tax people, this is what pays for the public services, the free prescriptions, the NHS, schools etc.”

      Strictly speaking none of those things are necessities. People should have a choice when it comes to contributing to stuff anyway… Truth be told, if I was poor or lazy, I’d probably want to hammer tax on rich people too.

      Ruthie would be proud of you.

      Your obviously not poor but what makes you associate the poor with the term lazy? Most labourers and tradesmen I’ve ever worked with do a hard job for little reward. Unlike the CEO’s, bankers and Politicians that really run this country.

      What about inherited wealth, where that person may never have done a stroke of work in their entire life. Are they lazy?

      Whan talking of “poor” do you really mean disadvantaged or do you really believe that all are born with the same initial wealth and opportunity? I think you have to be clearer in what you imply.

      Is Coburn lazy though not poor or is he just thick as shit in the neck of a bottle. Is the guy who is currently Prime Minister lazy or just a pig lover. Please describe these lazy, poor people you talk of.

      It does seem to me to be a strange attitude to have that you are happy to share your views with readers of Wings Over Scotland in the full knowledge that most will reject them.

      Their content is poor and very lazy, you need to work harder.

    158. Cactus says:

      On reflection, It seems right the first time round, the joker an’ awe that.

      UKIP = ?

    159. Effijy says:

      Unqualified Imbecile’s Knucklehead Propaganda

    160. Stoker says:

      LA 🙂

      Kin we no jist yoos thur last yin is ah guide?

      Prepare yourselves folks for reverting to visualisation techniques when you read the following, just imagine DimJims head perched on a plastic rugby tee right in front of you. The rest is up to you. It’s a highly recommended stress buster.

      April 2015 Manifesto – No2:
      “More powers for the Scottish Parliament..”
      (Then we’ll stand with our Tory brothers and stop them)
      psst, I added the bit in brackets….BUT IT’S TRUE!!!

      @ scotsbob (8.51pm) – Yip, a la Vow!

    161. Scot in Sweden says:

      This is hard core awful TV. Why does this clown get any air time at all?
      Hats off to Ponsonby for not telling him to f_off and tell him to shut the door on the way out.

    162. Joemcg says:

      700,000 postal votes?? Getting a bit jittery. What’s the betting SNP just fall short of a majority? pnr I’m surprised you indulge neocon after that post he addressed to you in a previous thread, deffo the weirdest in the history of WOS! That was mental! Lol!

    163. Arbroath1320 says:

      If you wish Stoker then that is fine wi me. 😀

    164. Bob Mack says:

      There are according to Craig Murray around 800,000 registered postal votes in Scotland. That is not to say they will all be used,but if they are,I would be very very suspicious.

    165. Thepnr says:


      I don’t mind anybody insulting or bating me. “The “poor and lazy” though, a different matter.

    166. Inverclyder says:

      Makes you wonder how any Labour Branch Office pretend socialist can actually campaign not knowing any policies or ideas that the “party” have if Scotland was stupid enough to elect them.

      They are obviously taking themselves as serious as the Ukip inbred knuckle dragging Coburn.

    167. A2 says:

      “People just won’t come here”

      Sorry Dave, but is people not coming here not one of your key objectives?

    168. celt4life says:

      British toasters for British bread

    169. mogabee says:

      That Loonatic has no redeeming features…

      Not one single thing he was quizzed on could he answer.

      If anyone knows what “business” he runs, please inform us so I can avoid it like the plague!

      Erm ps..can someone supply me with black plastic, tape and a plane..I’ve got an idea 😉

    170. Lenny Hartley says:

      Heed tracker that poll was for the ge last year!!

    171. NeoconNat says:

      Innocent bystander: “caught anything tonight, mate?”

      Gunslinger: “no, not tonight… I’ve had a couple of bites though.”

      Innocent bystander: “Fished here before?”

      Gunslinger: “Yeah, it’s usually pretty good, as long as you know what bait to use — oh! Here we go.”

      So, Thepnr, according to what you’re saying the only lazy people happen to be rich. I’m willing to accept some rich people are lazy if you’re willing to accept some poor people are too.

      So, on you go. This is your chance to be objective.

    172. Fran says:

      He’s mental, do they just get him on for a laugh?

      But seriously, how can any sane person vote for that mob?

    173. Valerie says:

      Seems appropriate to post this here for those who may be curious about what other skippers get up to. I’m reasonably familiar with their antics south of the Border, as they feature on a page called Hope not Hate, an anti racist page.–WknozVSlZZ

    174. @mogabee

      Apparentlyhe runs a freight company, except you subtract the “reightcomp” and double the “n”.

    175. Thepnr says:


      I said nothing of the kind. You can fuck off.

    176. Dunks says:

      700,000 postal votes sent out?

      I smell sh..e

    177. Cactus says:

      Musical interlude..

      Here’s a song by Nena (ye ken the one)

      Three weeks tomorrow to go..

    178. Arbroath1320 says:

      Especially for you Dunks. 😉

    179. heedtracker says:

      Dunks says:
      13 April, 2016 at 10:53 pm
      700,000 postal votes sent out?

      I smell sh..e

      I’ve got one and I just do not trust them one bit. Not after their referendum sampling bullshit for starters. Then clearing the decks for a new electoral register was another very British creep out. Last GE SNP landslide couldn’t be stopped but if you were at it, could you have seen 56 SNP MP’s coming?

      800,000 postal votes last year, 700,000 last year in Scotland, if Mr Murray is accurate. 100,000 disappearing postal votes is quite a lot.

    180. Chic McGregor says:

      I thought the lol was for another post in response to:

      “Does anyone really think Dippy Dug is going to be allowed to be done up like a Kipper or even have her Wendy Hoose policies battered and chipped away at?”

      But notice that never appeared???

      So repeating it:

      Wendy was smart enough to do the same as her fictional namesake and leave the Lost Boys in Neverland.

    181. louis.b.argyll says:

      Neocon guy…
      Exit stage-right-wing.

      There is a big difference between..




      Some worked hard, got lucky and cashed-in.
      Consolidated legal gains, fair enough.

      Some don’t work hard, relying on previous consolidations to give them a privileged advantage against the rest, including those rich hard workers.

    182. NeoconNat says:

      Louis.b, and others, I understand that you might think it’s unfair that someone is born into money and wealth, but the remedy to that — commandeering people’s property and violating property rights — is much worse.

      You know, more generally, it’s just a fact of life that some people are going to be more fortunate than others. The disadvantaged just need to used to that fact. We can guess that in the state of nature amongst prehistoric people it must have been the same.

      I don’t think you socialists have really thought this through.

    183. CameronB Brodie says:

      It almost sounds as if you espouse social Darwinism. Your not really a crypto-fascist are you? You do recognise the need for an equitable social contract?

    184. call me dave says:

      Exams delayed as cost of Edinburgh PFI schools is revealed as £540m

      A Freedom of Information request to North Ayrshire Council reveals PPP/PFI contract costs for 2016-17 of nearly £12.9 million for the upkeep of four schools with a roll of over 3,600 pupils, said GMB Scotland.

      School closures: Faulty schools could be shut until summer

    185. fletch49er says:

      Dear me! What a fu@&in’ waste of fresh air. I can’t believe someone some where is responsible for voting for this man!

    186. NeoconNat says:

      I have no idea what those big words mean, Cameron. I’m just a poor farmer who came into town to buy some rock candy for my kids and gingham for my wife….

      Anyway, it’s true what I said about some people being more fortunate than others. I know that’s an affront to inferior people, but it’s just a fact. In the jungle it could only have been the same if not even more imbalanced.

      I went to Sainsbury’s today and couldn’t get parked. Then I noticed that about 20 disabled spots were sitting empty, right near the door too. Society tries to equalise things a bit and that’s good up to a point, but there’s no denying that some people are just unlucky.

      In some far-off brave new world, I’m sure an attempt will be made to equalise us all and even things out. Genetic engineering and as you say some new social contract that stops wealth being passed down might do it. Make us all clones, equal physically, mentally, and materially.

      Would that be an ideal society? Even if you think it would, we aren’t there yet. Until we are we need to celebrate the diversities and inequalities that providence throws up. Truth be told, maybe I do have a Darwinian side. I definitely enjoy looking over the garden fence at my neighbour’s inferior lawnmower.

    187. CameronB Brodie says:

      I must say, you don’t write like an uneducated tuchter, though I can appreciate you being on the defensive. If you re-read my post you’ll see it contains three questions only. No value statements or ideology was expressed. So I don’t know how you get the idea I’m a socialist. That’s too 19th century for a young hipster like myself. Anyway, I thought I had been categorised as a nationalist, so does that make me a national socialist?

      Anyhoo, would you proscribe work-houses for the feckless/less fortunate? What would you say is a equitable minimum level of social support? Just enough to prevent starvation? Do you see the bank bail-out as corporate welfare? Loads more questions like that but you get the idea.

    188. CameronB Brodie says:

      Two questions. 🙂

    189. CameronB Brodie says:

      Prescribe. Sheesh.

    190. Sandy says:

      Methinks the wrong bits were thrown away at birth.

    191. bugsbunny says:

      Got up for a piss, and can’t get back to sleep so switched this on. I wish I didn’t. And I;m talking about gormless David’s video crashes.

      To NeoCon Nat,

      I don’t know what you imply about 20 odd empty/unused disabled parking spaces at Sainsbury’s? Maybe disabled people shop online and have them delivered. I once had a heated argument with a Daily Mail Reader, a long time ago about how much disabled people are a drain on society. I won’t go into detail here. Anyways, are you one of those people who think like that? I had a relative die when he was only 5. Snow white hair, blue eyes, beautiful wee boy, who unfortunately couldn’t talk and could barely walk. Would you have saved 5 years worth of money by giving me a simple Daily Mail type answer? Perhaps an overdose of morphine as a second birthday present? You give landowners an extra hundred pounds each. Well worth it, eh?


    192. bugsbunny says:

      That first paragraph should read, “And I’m NOT talking about David’s gormless video”.


    193. bugsbunny says:

      To clarify, it was the heartless Daily Mail reader who was arguing about the disabled being a drain on the state. Not me. I gave them a fu**ing mouthful that day. That was 8 years ago, and I haven’t spoke to them since. I won’t even look at the road they are travelling on. Evil bastard.


    194. CameronB Brodie says:

      Hopefully you’ll come back with some answers, so here’s some more questions.

      Do you accept trickle-down economics is ideological dogma not economic ‘science’. As the wealth gap continues to grow, what would you consider as acceptable encouragement/coercion, to make those at the bottom of the ladder get out of bed in the morning, to work in near sweated-labour conditions of low-paid employment? Do you agree that disability welfare sanctions should be used as a tool to drive down general wage levels? Would you remove the vote from the long-term unemployed? What about the disabled?

      Your credentials as a neocon are under examination here. I look forward to your reply. 😉

    195. Going by the comments from all of the posters I am rather glad I missed Bernard Ponsonby’s interview of David Coburn.

      And I don’t think I’ll bother watching the video version.

      Life’s too short.

    196. NeoconNat says:

      Just a second, CameronB, this won’t take long.

      bugsbunny/Stephen: you ask, “I don’t know what you imply about 20 odd empty/unused disabled parking spaces at Sainsbury’s?”

      Then you must be thick. It’s clear from what I said that I am discussing how society attempts to address inequalities and I describe doing so as a “good” thing. I’m not using parking spaces as metaphors, that’s literally what they are.

      I have no interest in your experience of the Daily Mail or Daily Mail readers — anyone who reads that rag is ill — or any of the other stuff you inappropriately mentioned.

      Frankly, expecting me to answer to stuff like that is like asking the Independence movement to respond to charges of anti-English racism and I won’t reduce myself to gracing it with a response.

      Now, cameronb,

      1) “would you proscribe work-houses for the feckless/less fortunate?”

      No. You say you are to much of a hipster to describe yourself as a 19th century socialist then you talk about work-houses. Go figure.

      2) “What would you say is a equitable minimum level of social support?”

      I’ll assume by social support you mean welfare or what we call unemployment benefit.

      That being the case, for able bodied people in our society, nothing. Zilch. Not one penny. If people knew there was no safety net, they would learn to act more responsibly and wouldn’t need one. Any living trapeze artist could tell you that.

      3) “does that make me a national socialist?”

      If you are a nationalist socialist I’d be interested to hear your views and I’d defend your right to express them. But so far you haven’t said anything that suggests you are.

      4) “Do you see the bank bail-out as corporate welfare?”

      No, I see it as robbing ordinary people to pay for the mistakes of private tyrannies. I believe the banks should have been left to collapse — they’ve been preaching about Laissez-Faire for centuries, after all.

      I would also have looked into bringing charges against those responsible for the collapse, commensurate with the damage and pain they caused each individual affected, assuming they behaved irresponsibly. If there’s one thing we all agree on when it comes to social contract theory, it’s that one man’s freedom should not be detrimental to that of any other; on that basis the bankers are criminals.

      I think there’s a good case for nationalising banks and I always did. There are certain areas that are too important to be left to the free market and the will of individuals or specific groups, defence, law, health, education, etc., and banking is arguably one of them.

      There’s no contradiction in saying banks and these other things are too important to be left to the market and at the same time arguing, as I do, that welfare should be denied to those who are able to work. When it comes to the rules of society, we should only introduce solutions that serve society as a whole, not specific individuals or groups within it. Equality and freedom are paramount.

      As I have said before though, I’m not out to hurt anyone or punish them. Getting from where we are to where I’d like us to be would take a couple of decades.

    197. John McCall says:

      He’s like an evil Tunnocks Teacake, made flesh.

    198. G says:

      Social Darwinism is for people who don’t understand Darwinism. Have a look at what people like Steve Jones and Richard Dawkins have to say about it.

    199. Gavin says:

      Absolute gold! I think, don’t have the exact info to hand, but I am sure I have researched this and not made it up!

    200. Skooshbag says:

      UKIP Scotland, the physical embodiment of pissing against the wind

    201. CameronB Brodie says:

      Thanks for the reply. It spoke volumes.

    202. ann says:

      Kezias answer as to why the Labour manifesto is not being released until 8 days before the election was in todays National and she stated whether tongue in cheek or not “So that the SNP don’t cut and paste” for their own manifesto. Strange consider the SNP manifesto is due for release next Wednesday.

    203. HaggisHunter says:

      I’ve debated with Yoons, Brit Nats and UKIPers on the STV site in FB, and they are like this guy, cant give an answer, hate the SNP and hate Europe. Abuse and hate is all they can offer.

      There is no point engaging, every country in the world has a percentage of people like this voting for people like him.

    204. Bill Fraser says:

      What a chancer this man is Who voted for him ??

    205. Marconatrix says:

      Well I´ve just watched the first clip, I was going to say, ¨you just couldn´t make it up¨, but that exactly what he did, precisely which orifice is he speaking from?

      BTW try to catch the lassie´s expression in the final split second … it´s totally priceless 🙂

      I can´t remember where, but somewhere years ago someone described a project that never really got off the ground as a ´granfalloon´ (spelling??), which apparently is defined as ¨rather like a skinless baloon¨. Wonder what made me think of that? 🙂

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