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As you would be done by

Posted on July 14, 2014 by

Below is a clip from the short report on social media in the independence referendum that appeared on tonight’s STV News, and will apparently also air on Scotland Tonight. (You can see the whole thing here.)

Like every other media report of our article about Alex Johnstone MSP, it omits the bit where we explained WHY we called him some rude names, but in this case we’re happy to accept that that was for reasons of time.

The more interesting bit is Johnstone’s own comments, because the MSP’s reaction is a breathtaking piece of hypocritical dishonesty that seems to us to be entirely in keeping with the character of the man.

Johnstone claims that:

“The kind of attack that was conducted on the Wings Over Scotland site is the kind of thing that’s designed to intimidate, it’s designed to bully people into not expressing their genuinely personally-held views. And we can’t allow that to happen.”

We’re not sure exactly what measures he’s proposing when he suggests that we can’t be allowed to express OUR genuinely held views, which are that he’s a nasty lying bullying scumbag. But let’s look at that quote in detail.

If you choose to become an MP or MSP – especially a Tory one in Scotland – it seems fair to say that you should probably go into the job expecting to be called a few nasty things every now and again. So it’s not very credible to suggest that one article on a website and a couple of tweets suggesting that you’re not a nice person should be enough to “bully” or “intimidate” you out of speaking your mind.

Chris and Colin Weir, on the other hand, AREN’T elected politicians. They’re ordinary people who happened to win a lot of money on the lottery. They’re extremely, almost pathologically, publicity-shy, and as far as we’re aware have never given any interviews or made any public remarks about their political views.

In other words, they’re exactly the sort of person you might well believe that you CAN bully and intimidate into silence if you smear and abuse them all over social media and national newspapers, as Johnstone and others did repeatedly.

And “genuinely personally-held views”? In the Daily Mail smear piece, Mr Johnstone professed to be concerned that the Weirs had been targeted by the SNP and duped into handing over their money. Yet if Johnstone didn’t know that the Weirs were lifelong SNP and independence supporters, he’s the only man in Scotland who didn’t.

The Daily Mail certainly did – when it reported their first donation to the party back in November 2011, it noted that:

“Mr Weir, 64, is a lifelong supporter of the SNP and stood as the party’s candidate in Ayr at the 1987 General Election – coming fourth in the poll.”

The paper also quoted a “party source” saying:

“There is no doubt Colin is committed to the cause of independence and he even has a life membership with the SNP.”

The couple’s affiliations have been endlessly sprayed across the media and also the Holyrood chamber, with allegations of impropriety when the First Minister invited them to Bute House for a cup of tea dismissed by the Parliamentary watchdog.

So we’re going to go ahead and assert with some conviction that Alex Johnstone did NOT genuinely believe that the Weirs might have been unwilling victims of the wily SNP leader, unless he’s a total idiot or has suffered some sort of recent brain injury.

We’re also going to suggest with a considerable degree of confidence and little to no fear of contradiction that Johnstone’s goal in repeatedly making them the focus of the media, when they patently have no desire to be, was in fact an attempt by him to bully and intimidate them out of making any more donations.

We, on the other hand, have absolutely no desire to silence Alex Johnstone at all. We made our comments specifically and deliberately to draw attention to him, not to shut him up. As far as we’re concerned, every time this deeply unpleasant man opens his mouth he condemns himself more, and we’re just fine with that.

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    171 to “As you would be done by”

    1. Dinnatouch says:

      Well said Rev.

    2. Good points – but do not be distracted from overall goal by sidelines. It maybe an intended result from tactics.

      Have to believe some in the No camp are sacrifical agent provocs…can anyone be that unbelievable and inanely uninsightful?

      BTW I thought you were much younger..

    3. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “BTW I thought you were much younger..”

      I’m 23, but I work REALLY long hours.

    4. Chris says:

      Did the cut you off mid sentence when you said the attack was justified?

    5. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:


    6. Croompenstein says:

      One of the most disappointing things for me was the way that the official yes campaign were quick to distance themselves from WoS over this.

      This man(if indeed he is a man) is a member of parliament and unashamedly slurred members of the public. He was rightly called out on it by Stu who didn’t pussy foot about with language, that ain’t bullying it’s setting the record straight.

    7. dramfineday says:

      Roars of laughter and delight

    8. Robert Peffers says:

      Och! Rev Stuart, You are preaching to the converted here. No one with the slightest belief in the truth doubts that Johnstone is indeed everything you claim he is.

      Nor does anyone doubt the MSP deserves everything he got, gets and will continue to get. Let me put it this way. He stood for office and if the conditions pertaining to that office don’t suit his thin skin the door is open to him to walk out, (before he is pushed).

    9. James A says:

      Good evening Rev. It was a curious wee piece on STV. But hearing that it’ll be on Scotland Tonight suggests it was a magazine piece trailed on the news at 6. Still it was balanced and positive (Troughing With AJ aside) with McKenna’s input welcome.

      It was a counter-balance to the process of de-legitimisation of Yes (online and wider) that ran out of steam late-June. Sociologists, god luv ’em, will have a retrospective field day compiling theories on the cyber-referendum. Far more important than the knock-about nonsense of tweetle-dumming has been the empowerment of ordinary folks sharing information at a click. Like-minded individuals no longer separated by geographic distance or party affiliation (or none) sharing ideas, alerts, heads-up in an instant.

      It is no wonder the Fourth Estate and Brit Establishment have railed against ‘cyber-nattery’. They cannot control it! Political opinion-forming was once the sole preserve of the established parties and their media hand-maidens…not any more. That’s gone – for good. More power to you my friend. Their curiosity is getting the better of them. That’s them inviting you into to play in their studios and interview salons. Proceed with caution whilst continuing to pull no punches.

    10. basilatwork says:

      This post reminded me to make another donation to WoS. Well done Alex Johnstone, you see what you made me do? Stu – there’s no such thing as bad publicity etc…

    11. john j says:

      I have seen and listened to him in Holyrood. Truly, he is an obnoxious arsehole.

    12. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m sorry this pathetic excuse for an M.S.P. is whinging because Stu called him a scumbag, SERIOUSLY? 😉

      This *ahem* politician was far more abusive towards a couple of people who have broken no laws, upset no one, other than him and his unionist pals, been abusive towards anyone and yet HE feels it is satisfactory and acceptable for HIM to attack them!

      As far as I’m concerned this objectionable excuse of a *cough* politician does not deserve the time of day. He is offensive, abusive and utterly disgusting. I want to boak every time I see him on a screen. The people of the North East have my full sympathies for their misfortune in having this excuse of a human being as one of their M.S.P.’s!

    13. Robert Peffers says:

      Just had a wee search round my archives and found this report from the Telegraph.

      Alex Johnstone, a Tory MSP and member of Better Together, accused the First Minister of trying to buy independence and said he was taking advantage of the Weirs. “While it’s the right of every individual to do whatever they wish with their money, the SNP is clearly taking advantage of these people,” he said. “Instead of trying to buy a referendum victory, the SNP should focus on answering critical questions about an independent Scotland on currency and EU membership. The SNP has not been transparent with its donations from the Weirs and the party should now stop taking money from them to fund an ailing campaign for a Yes vote.”

      It has to be said. Johnstone is indeed a very nasty, calculating, and shameless Tory Party Bully of the lowest and sleeziest type. Do you think he might bully me by threats to sue me for defamation? That’ll do his reputation the world of good.

    14. HandandShrimp says:

      If Alex thinks he got a nasty taunting last time..etc.,


    15. Gary C says:

      Before I read the article I watched the clip and immediately thought of the Weirs. Funny that innit? Nah, not really, we just remember when treacherous c**ts like Alex Johnstone Esquire open their mouths and verbal diarrhoea passes as political comment. Unfortunately the MSM seem to forget these things when the record is set straight. I thought the original peace was quite tame compared to the things I’d say to the tosser if given half the chance.

    16. ronnie anderson says:

      Rev, now they might just let you finnish your sentence at 10.30, but no doupt they will have the ScumBag live for interview.

    17. jim watson says:

      I think we should have tory baiting as an olympic sport – or perhaps inane twattery to give Mr Johnstone a chance of winning a gold (Oooohhhh I hope he doesn’t take offence to my suggestion he is an inanae twat – this was in no way intended to bully or intimidate him from speaking out!)

    18. BrianW says:

      You see, that’s the problem with being an unpleasant man*..

      The more you protest about being a ‘victim’ and really, a pleasant man*, the more it makes you look like an unpleasant man*..

      People see the pleasant man for the unsavory man that he really is, hiding behind the voice that the media allows him to hide behind (given that context is everything) where the pleasant man can give nice little sound bites to the camera and relish in the audience think it’s a shame what he’s been though.. Poor thing..

      What the pleasant man seems to forget is the public have access to the world wide web, where they can find out things about the pleasant man. This is where the people find out that he is an unpleasant man. They then wonder why he is able to appear on television and why what he has been saying has not been not in context of the truth of the story.

      This is when they realise that the pleasant man is more of an unpleasant man*, he just merely another Tory (insert expletive here).

      N.B * for unpleasant man please read “uKOK”

    19. Lesley-Anne says:

      Don’t you just love it. When a bully boy *ahem* politician is called out for being a bully the first thing that they do is go running and crying to media screaming foul!

      As a certain T.V. Corporal would say:

      “They don’t like it up them Captain Manwaring, they don’t like it up them!” 😛

    20. eddiefaeglesga says:

      how many hits does this site get every day always busy when I come here

    21. HandandShrimp says:

      Cameron is having a hell of a clear out by the way although one suspects Osborne, Gove and IDS will survive.

    22. ronnie anderson says:

      BT are delivering they’re Scottish Referendum ( Special )&

      another freepost address.

    23. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “how many hits does this site get every day always busy when I come here”

      Over 20.

    24. Nana Smith says:


      Lets get out while we can as seeing some of those tipped to be promoted in Davy’s reshuffle is worrying to say the least.

      Those tipped for advancement include employment minister Esther McVey – who was also seen entering No 10 – education minister Liz Truss and ministerial aide Penny Mordaunt.

    25. eddiefaeglesga says:

      ha ha ha cheers

    26. cirsium says:

      OT – interesting article by Glen Greenwald on The Intercept regarding the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group. Topics covered include manipulating online polls and DDOS attacks.

    27. Susan says:

      “Dog whines about bad name”, love it!!!

    28. Lesley-Anne says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “how many hits does this site get every day always busy when I come here”

      Over 20.

      WOW! That many Stu. Well at least that explains all the problems I’ve been having putting up posts then. 😉

      What’s that?

      What do you mean I’ve not had any trouble putting up posts, of course I have, it’s taken me all of 60 seconds to type this one. SEE! 😛

    29. Croompenstein says:

      I see one of Chris’s cartoons was featured 🙂

      @Rosa – BTW I thought you were much younger

      He’s only 25 but he’s working 16 hours a day delivering the good fight.. 😀

    30. Clootie says:

      Johnstone deserves everything he gets after his attack on the Weirs.

    31. Bunter says:

      Rumours rife that Hague going to step down according to some tweets. Just tittle tattle at the moment.

      If true, interesting that Clarke and Hague were around in Thatchers day, 30 years ago..cough.

    32. Robert Peffers says:

      Nana Smith says: 14 July, 2014 at 9:57 pm:

      ”Lets get out while we can as seeing some of those tipped to be promoted in Davy’s reshuffle is worrying to say the least. Those tipped for advancement include employment minister Esther McVey – who was also seen entering No 10 – education minister Liz Truss and ministerial aide Penny Mordaunt.”.

      As yon boy wha maks the afu braw cakes said, “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.”

      Oooerr! Missus!

    33. HandandShrimp says:


      Hague is going, as are a fair number of others.

    34. Robert Peffers says:

      Now who was it said, “Do by unto others as they would do unto you – but do it first”?

    35. Peter says:

      A no vote will guarantee PM Cameron an overall majority. John Major managed it with a campaign based on The Union being in danger from Labour’s Devolution plans. Cameron will be the man who saved Britannia, exterminated the jocks and will be so tightly wrapped in the flag you’ll only be able to see his pink bald bit.

    36. Bunter says:

      Aye Hague resigns and stands down as an MP at 2015 election.

      Big smelly stuff going on. You don’t lose a Foreign Sec just like that without good reason, and a reshuffle does not cut it.

    37. G H Graham says:

      Hey Johnstone, I know you or one of your office rent a minute helpers reads these pages.

      You are a complete arse trying to intimidate a decent couple from Largs.

      Like them, we reject your preferred Westminster/BBC/Establishment criminality & corruption & will vote in September to begin extracting Scotland from the morally & financially bankrupt political system your Tory/Labour/Lib Dem chums are clinging onto.

    38. crisiscult says:

      cut-backs in media funding definitely resulting in crap editors. “I think it was entirely justify” (or Rev Stu doesn’t know his past participles).

      Why (he asks rhetorically) is it ok for print media to hysterically vilify people (pretty much anyone really, unless they’re very important shadowy businessmen like Bill Browder and Ian Taylor who they don’t like to upset) but when independent websites do it, “we can’t allow that to happen”. Self regulation seems to work for the MSM so what is our bullied Tory suggesting happens to online media?

    39. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Handandshrimp –

      Hague is chucking it because he’s been told by mischief-makers that he could earn a good crust doing the celebrity cage-fighting circuit.

      No holds barred, and no rules! Total martial arts!

      Watch out – Willie ‘Scalpmuncher’ Hague will karate the living daylights out of anyone who looks at him the wrong way, or questions his euphemisms about the slaughter of Gazans.

      Willie Hague versus Tommy Sheridan – who wouldn’t pay top dollar to see that?

    40. Muscleguy says:

      Nice to see an actual supposedly ‘professional’ journalist defend you and the necessity of you to boot at the end there. I thoroughly agree with him.

      If we didn’t have you then someone else would have been promoted by necessity into your place or your traffic will have been split by a couple of sites.

      Nature abhors a vacuum, this would appear to apply to critical political journalism. Ever since Hogarthian times this island has seethed with it in one form of another.

      Our newspapers and TV stations may be supine but the need will out. Maybe if the papers had continued with all this then their sales would not be declining as they are.

    41. faolie says:

      over 20 (hits) a day

      Eh? Gotta be more than that. Shurley shome mishtake

    42. Les Wilson says:

      Stv, when going on about you Rev, they showed what you printed about Johnstone.However, the did not point out what HE said about the Weirs. Funny that eh!

    43. Lesley-Anne says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:

      Willie Hague versus Tommy Sheridan – who wouldn’t pay top dollar to see that?

      Give 500 on Tommy to win in three rounds without a scratch on himself Ian. 😛

    44. Thepnr says:


      Missed it the first time won’t miss the second. Starting soon GIRUY. Glad that somebody still has the balls to call them for what they are and the means to do it.

      Your getting under their skin.

    45. Marcia says:

      The Tory Cabinet cull looks similar to the 1962 one that I remember. ‘Mac the Knife’ as a third of the MacMillan Cabinet were axed 52 years ago.

    46. pictishbeastie says:

      Alex Johnstone just comes across as the playground bully. Absolutely odious man.

    47. HandandShrimp says:

      I’m wondering if Cameron is clearing out to create a more UKIP friendly looking cabinet to lure the disenchanted Tories back but with more youngsters and women to look modern n stuff.

    48. Croompenstein says:

      Who the f*ck does Torrance’s hair?

    49. Les Wilson says:

      Lesley-Anne says:

      I think my fav debate would be T.Sheridan v George Galloway.

    50. heedtracker says:

      STV made complete fools of themselves by not reporting what this ghastly character did to the Weirs with the Daily Heil but McKenna had a go at stating the obvious. TeamGB media is so biased and so determined to annihilate Scottish democracy, they’ve ruined their own credibility. Good job WoS!

    51. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lesley-Anne –

      Hmm, I’m not sure – you know how much play-acting is involved, and they’re both great at it.

      The pre-fight trash-talking would be wonderful though – you can imagine Hague, with his quivery Brummie voice, staring hard into the camera, jabbing the forefinger, sweat coursing down his gleaming pate:

      “Sheridan, you phoney sweaty-sock c***, I’m going to rip off your perfectly tanned head and s*** down your neck, and that’s just for starters…”

      Sheridan’s riposte:

      “I’m no stranger to courts brothers and sisters, but this is special cause I’m off to do The Hague. It’s gonny be nasty. It’s gonny be messy. But that’s the way I like it! Oof! Oof! Oof!”

    52. Lesley-Anne says:

      Les Wilson says:

      Lesley-Anne says:

      I think my fav debate would be T.Sheridan v George Galloway.

      Given that option Les I think I’d UP my bet to £1,000 on Tommy winning in three rounds again without a scratch! 😛

    53. Free at 63! says:

      @ Marcia,

      That’s what I thought only it’s ‘Cam the knife’ instead of ‘Mac the knife’ – popular song in the 50s ‘Mack the Knife’ sung, I think, by Bobby Darin. 🙂

    54. Lesley-Anne says:

      I like the way you’re thinking there Ian 🙂

    55. Fiona says:

      IDS stays???

    56. geeo says:

      Ah…WoS, the home of cybernattery…!

      As opposed to Scotland tonight and Scotland 2014, the home of mindless twattery…!!
      (Delete in 12 months as appropriate !

    57. Bob Sinclair says:

      I think we need to take a wee wander round to STV studios at PQ3

    58. Les Wilson says:

      Lesley-Anne says

      I think it would be great TV debate though. They will be old friends or foes, either way they know each other very well.
      However, having directly opposite ( and loud ) positions, it would be a very big viewer proposition.

      Yes, my money would be on Tommy, he is on fire just now.

    59. Indy_Scot says:

      For Scotland Tonight to only give half of the Johnstone story tells you all you need to know about how neutral STV are on the Independence debate.

      I almost wish I was legally bound to pay them money just so I could stop paying them.

    60. Robert Peffers says:

      Who cares how Torrance’s hair gets done. The guys as false fronted as Dolly Parton’s bumpy bits. A real poser he is.

      Did you notice that when questioned on STV ho more or less just repeated whatever the other guys said but with different words? He never seems to think for himself.

    61. Lesley-Anne says:

      Absolutely Les. Our Tommy is taking NO prisoners these days and anyone who comes up against him ends up being carried away on a stretcher. 😛

      Galloway *ahem* thinks he is the big cheese and big hitter in British politics but in reality he’s just a nonsense spewing halfwit! 😉

    62. Les Wilson says:

      Lesley-Anne says

      We are in tune!!

    63. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well who’d have thunk it Les, two cybernat’s on the same page and in tune at the same time! 😛

    64. Thepnr says:

      This is another victory for the Yes bloggers and the cybernats over the MSM. They can no longer ignore us or laugh so now they come to fight.

      Hahaha they are so behind the times, ordinary people being giving real information they cannot even handle the thought.

      The thought that the lies are being exposed daily.
      The thought that their shortcomings are exposed.
      The thought that they really have no clothes and are being exposed.

      The MSM is doomed, the internet will be the new MSM. Print and telly is so old hat. By 18th Sept no one will be watching unless a diehard No.

    65. Flower of Scotland says:

      I’ve just come off the phone to my son! Hey Stu was on STV! Good looking devil! It wasn’t all bad ! Kevin McKenna was ok? And after the Referendum, Stu they say you’ve still got a job in cybernatery! Not bad for STV! What’s happened to D Torrance! Funny sparkly t shirt! Just saying!

      Yes! We are conducting the quiet Revolution! Just Vote Yes.

    66. Robert Peffers says:

      @Free at 63! says: 14 July, 2014 at 10:47 pm

      ‘Mac the knife’ – popular song in the 50s ‘Mack the Knife’ sung, I think, by Bobby Darin. “

      Aw! Cummon!
      Sung, of course by the one and only, Louis, ‘Satchmo’, Armstrong. Always wondered how he got himself a Scottish Borders family name?

    67. ronnie anderson says:

      STV great expentations, damp squib other than kevin McKenna’s comments on WOS going further & becomeing a part of the Press Media, meethinks he,s been keekin roon the corners at WOS. Many of us have said that a long time ago.

      Want a job REV, you could start aff as a junior reporter & work yer wie up tae Editor,ah mean we canny be accused of creating jobs fur the boys.

      Am saving ma pennies & £s after the Referendum fur the Share issue of WOS.Awe you,s Wingers have a chance of getting in at groundfloor level with the share issue.

    68. Arabs for Independence says:


      My thoughts exactly.

      It’s probably not worth googling Hague and Coe though.

    69. Robert Roddick says:

      This story duly posted to Facebook.

    70. Lesley-Anne says:

      Personally ronnie I’d hope the one and only greatness himself, the Rev Stu, will have *ahem* put aside preferential shares for all Wingers who have stood by his side throughout this great fight we find ourselves in the midst of. 😉

    71. joe kane says:

      “Tory in Scotland Called Names Shock!”

      If the remaining survivors clinging to their careers in journalism in Scotland today think that’s a newsworthy headline then it’s no surprise print journalism continues its inexorably nose-dive towards market oblivion and the dustbin of history.

      The Media in Figures: Sales in Scotland of national newspapers

    72. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Bob Sinclair, I,ll pose the question to Moira Williams toot sweet,a whits a half hour oota our day lets them know they’re in the fireing line tae.

    73. Les Wilson says:

      Good news for Indy folks, Milliband predicted to lose to the Tories according to poll.
      Keep shouting, we ARE going to get a Tory government!
      Conformation of what we knew, but this helps our cause, big time.

    74. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Someone on the WOS Twitter feed has just announced that Jacob Rees-Mogg may be shuffled in to the new shiny Tory cabinet.

      Please, please, please, let it be true!

      This dude makes Boris Johnson look and sound like Ray Winstone, and the Yes campaign could never hope for a more powerful recruiting sergeant.

      If you don’t know who Jacob Rees-Mogg is, please YT or Google him, and enjoy the smorgasbord of (highly entertaining) nonsense he’s produced in recent years.

      Go Jacob!!

    75. Paula Rose says:

      I’ve got lovely fluttery wings on my high heels now!

    76. Kalmar says:

      That was entertaining! Plenty of good publicity there.

      I’d have said social media was an excellent means of quickly casting light on some of the propaganda and lies we’re subject to. Better democracy.

    77. Arabs for Independence says:

      Baroness Butler – Sloss stands down from child sex inquiry.

      There is something rotten going on and it could and should be one of the UKs biggest stories – but it is not.

      What can we do when the Politicians, Police, Royalty and the Media close ranks to protect this very dirty establishment?

    78. hetty says:


      I was passing Waterstones in George st today and saw that there is a book launch on the 17th at 7.30pm. The book? YES X NO by D Torrance and J Maxwell. Had a quick browse and it looks like it is trying to be balanced, the Scottish giv say this, the bt say that type of thing. The referendum for dummies? Anyone read it? Wouldn’t take long!

    79. Robert Peffers says:

      joe kane says: 14 July, 2014 at 11:17 pm

      “It’s no surprise print journalism continues its inexorably nose-dive towards market oblivion and the dustbin of history”.

      As I’m on a quotations kick tonight may I quote/paraphrase this one as an epitaph for the Scottish MSM?

      “No msm is an Island, entire of itself; every msm is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any msm’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Msmkind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee..”

      Apology to John Donne, (English poet and divine), 1572-1631
      I’ll get ma jammies. (Ah’m awa tae bed).

    80. Caledonian Lass says:

      @ Thepnr at 11.05p.m.

      Totally agree with you.

      Incidentally, Johnstone comes across as being a nasty bit of work to put it mildly.

    81. geeo says:

      Lesley-Anne says:

      As a certain T.V. Corporal would say:

      “They don’t like it up them Captain Manwaring, they don’t like it up them!” 

      That is ermmm…NOT what has been reported this week!!*ahem*perverts*ahem*

    82. TJenny says:

      Ian, sweetie, unfortunately that spoof – tweet stated that JR-M was appointed ‘Secretary of State for the 19th Century’

      Although it would be good if he became SoS. : D

    83. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Bob Sinclair, looks like there,s a full events been orginized for PQ 3 Tommy Sheridan Mark Coburn + musicians.

    84. Lesley-Anne says:


      I wonder if this is why Cameron is having a clear out of all those middle aged whatsits in his cabinet. 😉

    85. John Young says:

      Catching up on Scotland 2014,Sarah Smith talks about “Africans or Yes” and “Poles for No”.

      Sorry unable to find the group “Poles for No” on facebook or Google although there is a small group “Polish Vote For The UK “

    86. Pete Barton says:

      What do you say to someone who cares so much?

      The time and effort you put in towards the kind of

      journalism we all deserve will not be forgotten.

      Thank you. So much.

      Without your dedication, I’d be a bit lost.

      Pete Barton

    87. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @John Young

      I thought their comments were rather..scripted ?

    88. TJenny says:

      Arabs for Independence ‘What can we do when the Politicians, Police, Royalty and the Media close ranks to protect this very dirty establishment?’

      Leave – by voting YES. 🙂

    89. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TJenny –

      I know, I know, but wouldn’t it be fantastic?

      Jacob Rees-Mogg is a living fossil, and there’s nothing wrong with that – he may well have BEEN THERE when the original 1707 Squadrone Volante backroom shenanigans was going on!

      Jacob? If you read this, please know that you are adored in Scotland!

      Jacob for Foreign Secretary! Then we’ll know we’re dealing with a real gentleman!

    90. Thepnr says:

      @Arabs for Independence

      “What can we do when the Politicians, Police, Royalty and the Media close ranks to protect this very dirty establishment?”

      We can vote Yes on 18th Sept and that will get rid of the lot of them. Don’t hesitate Vote Yes, more importantly persuade a friend.

    91. Free at 63! says:

      Robert Peffers @ 11.07

      I stand corrected but in my defence I was 6 when Satchmo released his version. I was born in September 1950 hence my nom de plume. I do remember Bobby Darin’s version released in 1959 and the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ happened on July 13th 1962. Such parallels – please google it folks, you will be amazed at what you read.

      Please tell us how he got his Scottish borders name, Robert.

    92. JWil says:

      I though Ian Duncan Smith’ head may have been on the chopping block, but we must remember that Cameron got his fingers burnt over his previous attempt to move him.

      On second thoughts Ian has made a huge ar***le of his work and we should be pleased that he is being left to dig an even deeper hole for himself.

    93. geeo says:

      If this is too harsh feel free to condem (sic) it…or delete it…

      What is (4 x 14) + (3 × 15) + (2 x 13) ?

      A Post Tory Conference get together…..!

      Absolutely no offence meant to the victims of this horror story.

      But lets be honest, who would bet that any fury at that post would be greater than the fury at those in power committing these alleged acts of depravity ?

    94. X_Sticks says:


      Got my Wings badges today AND two Keyrings as well. Thank you very much Ken, appreciated.

      As I’m now feeling guilty that I only paid for the badges I’m going to put another £20 into the Mark Coburn 500 miles appeal as everything raised now goes to Maryhill. I hope you find that acceptable Ken. 😀

    95. Thepnr says:

      @geeo must be a private joke you lost me after (4 x 14)?

    96. X_Sticks says:

      Oh, and I meant to say, don’t forget Margo’s bus appeal

      10% raised already.

    97. dennis mclaughlin says:

      Well said Stu, me and the Official YES Campaign parted ways over your description of this piece of human waste that is A Johnstone’s unwarranted attacks on the Weir couple.
      MSM should remember ‘ Live by the Sword’…..

    98. Tackety Beets says:

      @Paula Rose
      Go Girl Go ! Fluttery lashes to match ?

    99. ronnie anderson says:

      REV, whit the hell huv you goat tae dey tae git a decent
      interview on TV fancy a Absail doon BigBen, that should be at least 10mins worth an the Fines well covered.

    100. Grouse Beater says:

      MSM should remember ‘ Live by the Sword’…..

      Rather misplaced, Johnstone doesn’t deserve the implied status that goes with that phrase. Chivalry and code of the knights has nothing to do with his open hatred of his kith and kin.

    101. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @geeo –

      We may have to wait three or more decades before what’s happening right now makes any sense, but here’s an example which may help folk discern the outlines of ongoing cover-ups, and explain the extreme nervousness of Theresa May, Baroness Butler-Sloss, and everyone else who dreads being asked to co-operate with the (seemingly impossible) ‘inquiry’.

      ‘…It embodied almost everything that makes us cynical about politicians – the neat manipulation of events, the bland suppression of the truth, and the way the establishment protects its own. It is also a fascinating demonstration of the way the fault lines of corruption run in our society, how the law can be manipulated, how class solidarity is exerted, how secrecy becomes a curse and how power corrupts.’:

      And this ain’t no ‘conspiracy’ BS – this was published by the Independent back in ’97:

    102. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @X Sticks

      Glad you received them ok 🙂 Entirely up to you, however your idea of ‘paying forward’ is a fine idea imho 🙂

    103. Free at 63! says:

      The ‘Panorama’ programme tonight at 8.30 (of which I missed a bit in the middle, but still got the gist)and as an earlier poster said it was setting up the UK for a 3rd Gulf war and I agree on that.

      What do you think that the former Defence Minister is now Foreign Secretary?

    104. Paula Rose says:

      @ ronnie anderson – he would have to wear a superhero costume as well, and shave.

    105. WRH2 says:

      Jacob Rees Mogg…..gee. He who was after dinner speaker for Traditional Britain but didn’t know what they stood for….. If you don’t know who TB are, well worth a google.

    106. Grouse Beater says:

      Caught a glimpse of our own Clark Kent journalist by day, Superman by night, David Torrance, in on-screen interview.

      Same Dapper Dan hair gel to hold aloft the preppy quiff, Clark Kent spectacles in place as before, but instead of the conventional tie and tightly button shirt collar he sported a plunging neckline framed by a Ricky Gervaise V-neck jersey covered in spangles.

      I do believe Torrance is showing us he can ‘cut loose.’

      Either that or his missus forgot to iron his shirts.

    107. TJenny says:

      kendomacaroonbar – ‘Pay It Forward’, an excellent movie as I recall. : D

    108. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @T Jenny

      Kinda like what we are all trying to do on 18th Sept 🙂

    109. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Paula Rose, noo your jist wanting to see him in wan o they Morph suits,its no gonna happen,WOS has to preserve some dignity who do you think the REV is George Galloway or as he likes to be called Cat Woman.An you,ve hud enough titivation fur the day, the bare arsed kilty.

    110. Paula Rose says:

      I like the way we have to put a big kiss next to our favoured option – whoever said “no” to a lovely kiss?

    111. Croompenstein says:

      Google doodle is for Emmeline Pankhurst’s 156th birthday, The Brits brag about being one of the oldest democracy’s but in reality they fought against democracy and it’s less than 100 years since women over 21 could vote.. Rule Brittania

    112. TJenny says:

      kendomacaroonbar – indeedy. 🙂

    113. Paula Rose says:

      Ronnie dear – I’m off to play with my new pin-up.

    114. X_Sticks says:

      @Paula Rose

      Just make sure you kiss the right box, honey 😉

    115. cearc says:

      Robert Peffers, Free AT 63

      Slaves were given the surname of their ‘owner’ and of course it wasn’t uncommon for them to be actually related as well.

    116. Paula Rose says:

      Does lip-stick count?

    117. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Paula rose ,dont dey yourself a injury in the process

    118. Lesley-Anne says:

      Just reading the list of names of the M.P.’s *ahem* ousted in Cameron’s “long night of the knives” and it is quite a list:

      Dominic Grieve
      Kenneth Clarke
      Damian Green
      David Jones
      Stephen Hammond
      Alan Duncan
      Nick Hurd
      David Willetts
      Andrew Robathan
      Sir George Young
      Hugh Robertson
      Phillip Hammond leaves M.O.D. to become Foreign Secretary
      William Hague leaves Foreign Secretary post to become Leader of House of Commons

      Apparently it is rumoured everyone’s favourite Department for Work and Pensions Minister, Esther McVey is to become Defence Secretary!

    119. charlie says:

      completely off topic, can someone give me info on where the ‘Scottish’ banks are actually based? A person needs coverting! Thanks

    120. Croompenstein says:

      @Lesley-Anne – please let McVey be Trident’s new cheerleader

    121. Yesitis says:

      You`re getting the hang of this TV thing, Rev Stu 🙂

    122. ronnie anderson says:

      rite am aff tae the land of nod catch you,s awe the morra

      good nite all.

    123. Jamie Arriere says:

      A lot of people stepping down today – is this the ‘Ermine Rush’ before all the sexual abuse scandal manure hits an almighty big fan?

      One does wonder, doesn’t one?

    124. JWil says:

      The Independent has an article with a leaked list of software used by GCHQ, including this one.

      *UNDERPASS – “Change outcome of online polls”

    125. Lesley-Anne says:

      Croompenstein says:

      @Lesley-Anne – please let McVey be Trident’s new cheerleader

      I’ve just heard the two Muppets on SKY News doing the papers suggesting that it is Anna Soubry who will step up from Defence minister to Defence Secretary. Still it’s all guess work at the moment. No doubt tomorrow when the T.V. news channels see all the women marching into number 10 we’ll get the full results then. 😛

    126. Lesley-Anne says:

      Here’s a link to the article in the Independent that JWil is referring to.

    127. X_Sticks says:

      I’m with Ronnie (not literally, of course!) Night all. 65 days….

    128. geeo says:

      @ian brotherhood.

      Thanks for that link.
      A very well written and insightful piece there, despite the obvious unpalatable subject matter.

      The tragedy is, a few years ago most people would dismiss some of it as “sensationalist” in an effort to sell copy.

      Sadly, there is so much to recognise as entirely possible or indeed plausable in light of the current undercurrent of sleaze, smear and goodness knows what else.

      Reading that article and looking at what those hell bent on keeping the union at all costs have already seemingly been engaged in up to now, the phrase “tip of the iceberg” springs to mind.

      This “sex scandal” could seem to be more a distraction from the real story going on in the background.

      Interesting times ahead for sure.

      Thanks again for that link.

    129. silver19 says:

      More faked up BT propaganda being caught out about “93% of Leading Doctors are Voting No”

    130. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @silver19 –

      The comment thread you linked to is very interesting…esp re Glasgow.

    131. geeo says:


      I dont really want to spell it out too crudely, hence a wee bit cryptic.

      It is a possibly misguided attempt at black humour (too soon maybe) reference to recent stories concerning westminster some years ago.

      No offence intended.

    132. liz g says:

      @ geeo

      Misguided + Too soon = Wrong Blog

    133. Derek M says:

      nice one Stu shame on those bums for attempting to vilify you by a malicious down right underhanded piece of piss poor editing.

      Ah i see Cameron is doing a slash and burn on his own cabinet removing all those with the potential to stick a knife in his back after a yes vote,running scared so he is, makes me think he knows the writing is on the wall.
      Damn insomnia lol

    134. macart763m says:

      O/T Rev but this may be of interest.

      Anyone would think there’s a GE round the corner.

    135. macart763m says:

      O/T Rev but this may be of interest.

      Anyone would think there’s a GE round the corner.

    136. john king says:

      There’s a list Johnstone,
      and you on it,
      tick tock tick tock.

    137. john king says:

      TJenny says
      “Ian, sweetie, unfortunately that spoof – tweet stated that JR-M was appointed ‘Secretary of State for the 19th Century’”

      Ha ha ha ha
      Now that was worth getting up at stupid oclock for
      case of noblesse oblige perhaps?

    138. john king says:

      Stupid bloody laptop, I posted this on the wrong thread!

      “Either that or his missus forgot to iron his shirts.”

      Is that a euphemism?

    139. Brian Mchugh says:

      Nice to see Stu’s been away enjoying some fishing… and even caught a haddie. 😉

    140. schrodinger’s cat posted at 2.28am about the absence of the Herald and Sunday Herald from a list of national newspapers’ circulation.

      The two Herald titles voluntarily withdrew from consideration as “national” newspapers, since they no longer have significant circulation in England, prefering to concentrate on Scotland.

      As such they are considered to be “regional” titles for the purposes of circulation measurement.

      In the MSM, circulation is no longer so-important; there are so-many cut-price and bulk order deals on the go – the actual paid-for numbers are meaningless. Also, although some are struggling to come up with a workable model, increasingly, the big measurement is website viewings.

      It’s rather like that time when downloads began to overtake record sales in terms of the “Hit Parade” – change is happening, and it is proving very painful for many in traditional newspaper fields.

    141. thomas says:

      @ john king

      Talking of the missus , mine was doin my heid in when the world cup started.

      I said” och here hen , heres a hunner quid , away oot an gie us peace tae watch the fitba!”

      she laughed “ah`ll no need that much”

      A said” aye ye will. Its got tae last ye 5 weeks!” ha ha ha

    142. We really cannot blame the rest of the UK when they assume that Scots are too dumb to take care of ourselves, especially when rUK witness the likes of an incoherent SLAB Leader like Lamont.

      Like the tory weasel Alex Johnstone.

      Like wee willie rennie.

      Like roofie Davidson

      And all the SLAB rats who must oppose Independence because any idiot can replace these SLAB MSP`s.

      After Sept the SLAB Westminster MP`s will threaten every incompetent and incoherent unionist MSP at Holyrood by taking their jobs.

      It must alarm all new labour voters when Magrit Curran was not able enough to be SLAB Leader at Holyrood but holds a shadow ministerial post for Mibbeland?

      When the average Male lifespan in her constituency is 54 years. Nae pension problems for her male voters. They die long before reaching the qualifying age!!

      Rather than make the case FOR the union, MSM slowly highlights, illuminates the paucity of intelligent unionist political reserves within Scotland or Holyrood.

      WHO, in their right mind would throw slabbering Johann, weasel tories,pledger rennie or the tory dyke as representative of Scotland – upon the world stage.

      In Scotland we must sympathise with rUK when they see, on national tv, these Scottish models of their unionist mania.

    143. john king says:

      nice one

    144. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      OT. Remember the ridicule there was was when Holyrood backed a spaceport in Lossiemouth?

      I wonder when that will be repeated now that Westminster wants one…

    145. Defo says:

      Fox to do a Lazarus, is there a space for Werrity though ?
      Another pointer that there is a different set of rules for our betters.

    146. bookie from hell says:

      BT are trying to get cyber nat into the minds of the voter in a negative way(nasty,terrorist,hidden in some darkened room)where the true cyber nat is putting out facts,pointing out liars

    147. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland love a good poll result, but during an interview this morning with Torcuil Crichton of the Record, they forgot to mention that the ultra right wing Tory Party have taken the lead for next years GE in the latest ICM poll.

      Maybe they didn’t want to remind listeners that we could be in for another five years of Tory government.

    148. YESGUY says:

      Will folk vote No if the tory’s are fav to win the next election?

      I know a lot of folk that will change from no if so.

      The tory’s have no friends where i am

    149. Fiinz says:

      One of the consequences of Johnstones comments appears to be the demonisation of the Weirs by the more insalubrious elements of the blogosphere. The Hootsman in particular have allowed certain contributors to post personal insults, smears and allegations of criminal activity against the Weirs which would, I think, not come naturally unless there was a concerted and organised campaign against them.

      Such comments by Johnstone and Darling has encouraged those lower down the BT food chain to attempt to emulate their leaders as has recently been seen when the Labour PPC in Angus made her disgusting tweets…

      Monkey see, monkey do, I suppose.

    150. ronnie anderson says:

      @ John King. Quick phone Paula Rose,BBC Presenter in Downing St said ,anything that looks like A Woman is getting a Cabinet Post, hiz Paula goat a nice frock ah know she’s goat high heels, tell her tae git her erse doon tae London toot sweet.

    151. JWil says:

      The political parties are always calling for transparency in every part of public life. The latest ruse of putting Scotland in the forefront of contenders for the new space base is about as transparent as Cameron’s government is ever likely to be. It’s totally see-through.

    152. ronnie anderson says:

      Cameron shuffleing his deck of cards, they must be Tarro Cards,looking into the future ur we David,see they wan wie the manny in the Black Cloak n a Big Sycthe,he Bad, Bad, Bad, news.

    153. Patrician says:

      About Mr Cameron reshuffle, it looks like anyone slightly pro Europe is gone. An appeal to UKIP and their voters? Or an attempt to get the euro sceptics to return to the fold? Either way it is a winner for Cameron.

      Re: the latest poll, I see UKIP are down 7%. Funny that Nigel has been noticeable by his absence from the bbc lately.

    154. The Rough Bounds says:

      Re. How did Louis Armstrong get his Scottish Borders surname? Louis Armstrong was an American Black so the chances are that he was descended from black slaves.

      Many black slaves took the name of their slave masters.

    155. caz-m says:


      I think STV owe you an interview. They have to invite you back into the studio to finish off the statement you were making about that scumbag Tory MSP Alex Johnston.

      STV must let you tell the Scottish public about the abuse that this man hurled at a couple who decided to donate some of their money to the YES campaign.

      Also highlight Alex Johnston’s support for the “Bedroom Tax”.

    156. Robert Peffers says:

      @Free at 63! says: 14 July, 2014 at 11:41 pm
      “Please tell us how he got his Scottish borders name, Robert.”

      Someone gave the most probable way the African Americans got Scottish names. Slaves were often named after their masters. However, there was another as I was surprised to discover. Long Story here.

      It came from a North American who bore my own surname. I got an e-mail out of the blue from the USA. It came from a someone trying to trace his Scottish roots. I told him the name, “Peffers”, was an old Scottish name. That there was a Scottish place-name, “Strathpeffer”. That and strath was a flat piece of land and Peffer meant between two rivers. This, for some reason, pleased him greatly.

      His research had traced his roots to, “some place”. near Edinburgh and had hit a brick wall. Now my search began in Haddington then Edinburgh, Leith and Lothians. I then managed to trace it back to Fife in the early 1600. I found the link to his relative was a family member who from my branch of the family. The guy was ecstatic as I’d saved him years of research. He said I should visit his cousins website as it had a section on, “The Tribe”. Eh?

      On doing so I found his cousin was a well known professor and the, “Family Pages”, were the known history of a particular branch of the North American Saulte st Marie tribe of Chippewa Indians who all have the surname, Peffers.

      Here’s the explanation – The early Hudson Bay Company, and their like recruited , “Bay Boys”, mainly in Scotland’s islands. These early hunter/traders were, unlike the later, mainly English settlers who, with their Redcoats slaughtered the natives. The Scots/Welsh/Irish early settlers didn’t kill the natives. They baptised and Christianised them, lived among them and married them.

      I then emailed the Professor, “Welcome to the Clan”. He replied, “Welcome to the Tribe”. Funny thing is there are now more Peffers’ in that Native North American tribe that there are now living in Scotland. So no one ever call me a cowboy – more like a redskin it seems. BTW: a genetc test in the Orkney & Shetland isles found a North American Indian link. Seems the Bay Boys, (Hudson Bay still recruited in Scotland right into the 1970s), sent the wives & children of deceased Bay Boys, “HOME”, to a land they had never set foot on. Hence the genetic links found on the Scottish islands.

    157. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Wanton Wampum, I was with you all the way rite up to the ( Tory Dyke bit ) Cut the kind of crap talk out.Gender is not a issue on this site, we can laugh & joke on gender issues,BUT NOT IN A SERIOUS POST.

      Rev I hope you remove that part of the post 7.49am.

    158. In 2010, Scottish tory voters supported the tory Mandate that promised to exclude,Bar all Scottish tories from having representation at Westminster – via Boundary Change Legislation.

      Via late collusion between all three unionist parties in the unelected House of Lords – it failed.

      It only failed after the unionists belatedly realised that they could NOT fight to retain the union,after tory leaders and LibDems barred 300,000 x Scottish tories from Westminster.

      In 2015 – only 8 x months after the IndyRef – BamCam promises to enact this same legislation that bars – excludes – all Scots tories from having rpresentation at Westminster.”Taxation without representation”

      Via this despicable act of treachery, versus democracy, BamCam CEDES Scotland to Mibbeland

      BamCam and the LibDems in COALITION attempted to disenfranchise Scottish voters.

      When Scots tory voters refuse Freedom – and – refuse representation at Westminster, they obviously want zero part of any democracy.

      But demand representation at Holyrood via PR – that tories OPPOSED for Westminster – LAST YEAR??

      “Freedom`s just another word for nothing left to lose”.

      Scottish tory?
      Scottish LibDem? (removing voying rights)
      Fucking Idiots !!

    159. SORRY – silly typo
      SHOULD READ -Scottish LibDems (removing voting rights)

      When “Liberal” “Democrats” support Boundary Change Legislation through “Second Reading” in the house of commons that removes the voting rights of Scottish voters – they must be abusing their political right to exist.

      ABUSING their own political TITLE.

    160. Camz says:

      When a politician screams “bully”, you know you have won.

    161. john j says:

      I just had another look at the video and Kevin McKenna makes a very good point about newspaper journalism versus on-line citizens journalism, his expression ‘particularly the better ones’ is a reference to WoS I think. I am a Herald subscriber since abandoning the Hootsmon some years ago but that Newspaper is now seriously beginning to get on my t**s with its biased coverage of the referendum, it’s unlikely to be dropping through my letter-box in the future, particularly if there’s a no vote.

    162. Alastair Bishop says:

      WantonWumpum: Ruth Davidson’s sexuality is neither here nor there, and from the context you seem to be using “dyke” as a pejorative.

      Please don’t.

    163. Wings Over Reality says:

      Are they more or less ordinary than Clare Lally?

    164. Croompenstein says:

      @Wings over Reality – I must have missed the yes launch where the Weir’s presented themselves as ordinary! oh that’s right they didn’t so please don’t compare the Weirs to Lally

    165. A. Murray says:

      Fatcat MSPs spouting lies about ordinary publicity-shy citizens that actually believe in a better Scotland with everything to loose from a Yes vote need to be called out.

      Good job Stu.

    166. Brotyboy says:

      @ WantonWampum

      I would like to echo Ronnie and Alastair Bishop’s comments on your willingness to remark on someone’s sexuality.

      As if that’s got anything to do with anything.

    167. Wings Over Reality says:


      You think Lally is less ordinary than a couple bankrolling almost the entire yes campaign.

      I agree Johnstone’s comments were out of order. So was the Wings piece on Lally and, particularly, the comments below it.

    168. Brian Mchugh says:

      Clare Lally was a quasi polititian, pretending not to be a politician…
      The Weirs are millionaire lottery winners, being millionaire lottery winners.

      The question is not who is more ordiary, the question is who is more honest.

    169. Rory says:

      23 year old Rev must have a brutal paper round. Probably cycled from bath to Scotland to hand out the good news. God bless the inter web

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